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THE T948 MOCCASIN THE SENIOR CLASS OF ALEXANDER HIGH SCHOOL NEKOOSA WISCONSIN PRESENTED BY 3 t MOCCASIN STAFF The Moccasun Staff, under the devout drrectaon of Mr Hoke, has worked very hard thus year to put out a successful Moccasin The staff IS composed of Edttor rn Chlef Betty Braun Advertlsmg Harold Coyer Assistant Edltor Elleen Clbula Advertlslng George Buehler Lay out Edltor Arleen Grldenzoph Subscnptlon Manager Jum Crowns Art Editor Lewus Koehn Sports Edltor Don Carl Typlst Estelle Wlcklund Sports Edutor John Voss Busaness Manager Leonard Oltesvlg Photographer Norbert Brost Advisor .................... Mr. Hoke PAGE TWO Qw :pf vxljx , , 5. 'V' Q -- Q my ,-:Ky ' 1gw.,, x 11 -. , ARNOLD D WICKLUND Superintendent We the Sensors of l948 dedncate thus Moccasnn to you Mr Wlcklund rn appreciation for all you have done for us and the entrre school during the course of thus year We are grateful to you for the fine Interest you have shown nn all our endeavors and for the flne fellowship and encouragement given us we truly feel more than lustlfned uedncatmg thus 1948 Moccasm un your honor PAGE FOU BOAR MR. WALTER KERSTEN Chalrmcn MR A C FREEMAN Clerk MRS GLEN BUCHANAN Treasurer MR ALSON COLE Trusiee MRS MOLLIE DUNHAM Trustee D OF EDUCA i E FIVE Lx Q-w MARY BABCOCK English CHARLES FAGERLIN Musnc L Englush ADOLPH KOZLOVSKY Science L Math. FRED BREKKE Physuccl Educahon FLOYD BRITTEN Manual Aris NELDA DOPP Phy I 8- Sclence 163 .,o-ani RUBY FEMLING Scuence 8- Moth HELEN FERKUS Home Ec. IHERON HOKE Mmhemotics , 'Q 46 JOHN OSTRUM Social Sludiex 5. Phy. Ed. RUTH RASMUSSEN Music GRETA BENDIXON English L History FACULTY W PATRICIA ULRICH Social Studues CAROL ALBIIECHT KmdergarIen ELSIE DRAGER Commercncl Su bleds HILDA HAUGEN Ist Grade GEORGIA GIES 2nd Grade MINNIE HENTCHELL 3rd Grade H J SCHUREN Musuc Ass? Sup! THU! TINGLEY Social Sfudles 8- Math MILDRED KEITHLEY Ist Grade INEZ MERTENZ 38-4 Grade RUTH POTTER 2nd Grade LU ELLA LEVERENCE Mh Grade MARY HALE 51h Grade vw Qs-41 JULIUS VIOLET HORN 58-6 Grade ELLEN JACQUES 61h Grade JANET KRUBSACK EY A O SER Office Girl LUTZ T ENGWA PAGE EIGHT BRAUN BETTY Braun A good worker a good friend and full of fun What more could one wish lor? English Social Science Moccasin Staff Sludent Librarian Dramahc Club 4 Pep Club 'I 2 3 4 Forensics BROST NORBERT Norb No fourth lerm Science English BUEHLER GEORGE Strawberry All great men are dymg and I dont leel so well myself English Math Social Science Science Foolball I 2 3 4 Boskelboll I 2 3 4 Ba ball 34 Debole 4 Sludent Council I Sl den? Council Presudenl 4 Dramoluc Club 4 CARL DONALD Don I om n oralor as B ulus was l on speak right on Molh Social Science Science English Band l 2 3 4 Basketball I 2 3 Football l 2 Track 2 3 4 Pep Band 3 4 BAUER MARVIN Dlnky es c Q fer la o whelher he has somelhnng or nothing I soy English Malh Social Science Pep Club 3 4 Football I BECK WILLIAM I Without music life would be a muslake Math Science English Social Science nd i234 Pep Band BLACKBURN MARY LOU Mary Lou Pep is the spice of Isle English Social Science Chorus 34 Cheerleader I 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 BRANDT GENE Corney may do something sensahonal ye? Pep Club 3 4 PAGE TEN .. - .1 , ....... "He lik lo hl and lk II day, , . . O , , f-Q HB-H. , ......,... , . 1 4 1 I 1 I . Bo , , , , 3,4. .. .. I . r . . - l, ,3,4. .. , , ....... English, Social Science, Malh, Science I ' ' .. .. , ........ . , . A . I . . I . I . , , . . , l.2.3- ' .. .I , ....... , . .. .. , . . . I I . . I . I 1 1 , 1 l 1 1 50' , , . , U- , 4 - I N I I .. .. , ......... " o r , ly I . I I - I . 1 , . . , , , , . . , , , - CHRISTENSEN JOHN John Bessed as he who lust Invented seep Engllsh Math Soctal Scnence CHRISTENSEN KENNETH Chrus I could study and be very smart but to take a book home would break my heart Englush Socual Scnence otball I 23 4 B tball 2 3 4 Ba b 2 3 4 CLEVELAND SUSAN ue Wlth her knndly ways many trtends shes w n she s full of muschret and full of fun Englnsh Socual Scuence asquers 2 F renstcs I4 Pep Club nd l 4 Drama uc Cu 4 Stu ent until 34 Pep Band 2 CIBULA EILEEN e r mend here bt her heart IS e where Englnsh Science Soctal Scrence 4 Masquers 23 Ex Speakung 2 Moccasin Staff 4 E PAGE ELEVEN COYER HAROLD Teeny Greater love hath no man Soclal Science English Math otball l 2 3 4 Bask ball l 2 3 Chorus 3 4 Speech 3 CROWNS AELRED Duck lf thus rs laberty gnve me deah Soctal Scuence Math Engltsh orus 3 4 Basketball I 2 3 4 Foot o 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Speech 3 CROWNS DONALD JAMES AJ The world knows not tts greatest men Soctal Scrence Scnence Math Englnsh otball l 2 4 Basketball l 4 n s Chorus 4 Speech 3 DeROUCHEY, DEAN Duke Quvet9 Yes un school Social Scnence Math Scuence Englxsh Mens Chorus . ' . . . I , .. Fo I , , , , aske l, , , , se- oll , , . , ...... "S " V 0 , l I A , .ll M , 0 ' ,, 3,4, Ba ,2,3, , t' I b , d Co ' , , ,3,4. , .....,.... "lk " ,V "He ' is , u ' lse- Pep Club 2,3,4, G.A.A. 1,2, Dramatic club Q Z ml I . g B.. , ...... ll ll E' . . . . Q, Fo , , . , et , , , Q I J, .. . , ...... Ch , , , , , , b , , . . Fo , . , ,2,3, , Me ' .. GRODE ROSEMARY Rosle A very pleasant combnnatron of good sport and good frrend Englush Socral Sclence Science Cheerleader 2 3 4 GA A l 2 Masquers Dramatlc Club 4 Pep Club l 2 GRUNEWALD ROBERT o Gnrls'-' What are they? Englush Socnal Scrence C orus l 3 Pep Club 34 HEEG JEAN Jean A lolly grrl wnth a broad smlle for every one Englush Socaal Scnence Club 2 3 4 A l Masquers Chorus 4 HOWLAND JEAN Jean Shed look sweet upon bicycle burlt for wo e eat t Englnsh Socral Scrence Chorus 3 G A A ELSEN RICHARD Deac Many great men were bashlul youths Englrsh Social Scuence Math FALK GERALD Swede Why wasnt I born rrch unstead of hand some? Sclence Englush Social Scuence Math Speech l Student Councrl 34 Basketball F all 2 3 4 Drama rc C u One Act Play 4 FULLER MABEL Mabel The muldest of manners the gentlest ot hearts Englush Socual Scnence orus 4 GAA Pep Clu GILDENZOPH ARLENE Grlde She may be small but oh m know her and you know why' Englush Scuence Socral Science Debate 4 Forensrcs 2 3 Mosquers 2 3 Pep C b 34 GAA l Dramatlc Club 4 PAGE TXNELVE 1,z,3, obtb 1, , , , ' 'r I b 4, by Ch ' , . . . 1,2,3, b 3,4. x, - t Y' , ..... 2,3, M ,,3,4. 9 3 , .... "B b" ' If ' ' J Hx h . , , - Pep 1 , , , G.A. . , 4, 6 Q V 3 " ' th s o Q . . ' D L.. ' ,4, . . . 1, gt L Vi JOHNSON, EUGENE ..... "Jock" "Never a care, never a hurry, good looke ing girls are his only worry." English, Social Science, Science Baseball 2,3,4, Men's Chorus 3,4, Bache- Ior's Club 3, Football 3,4. KOEHN, LEWIS ......... "Buck" "lt takes more than a teacher to change his mind." Science, Math, English, Social Science Cheerleader 2,3,4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Art Club I, Dramatic Club 4, Declams 4, Men's Chorus 3, Men's Quartet 3. KUHN, MARIAN ...... "Marian" "The course of true love never did seem smooth." English Social Science . .A. u 34 Speec Student Council 4 Student Librarian. KUHLKA JANE KoKoMo lformerly of Pittsville High Schooll Every girl has her devilish moments English Social Science nd I2 Glee Club l23 Cheerlea 'C PAGE THIRTEEN if MANSKE RONALD Ronnie A still tongue makes a wise head Science Math English Social Science MARTINSON HAROLD Harold Have a good time while you re living for you are a long time dead English Science Social Science Baseball 3 MATHEWS ARDEAN Boots ltranslerred from Wisconsin Rapids Highl Her hair is too dark to make a good angel Forensics 2 Chorus 3 4 Dramatic Club 4 Pep Club 4 Radio Workshop 3 GAA 1 2 3 Foods Club 3 MICHAELKAMP MICKEY She may be modest reserved Mick and shy But she studies because her aim is high English Math Social Science M squers 23 P p Club 34 Chorus 4 GAA I Forensics 23 GA l,2,3, Pep Cl b ,, h 3, .i 1. ,- , ..... H i in ff , . I . . , , i Bu , , , , , der f L 3 'l,2,3. M .. - .. , .... ii .. V , . . .. it , .... English, Social Science 1 , ll ' ll , ' ' .l, , - Ugg. C , , 'e , , , 'Ne REJZEK DOROTHY Skippy ln her quietness there is charm English Social Science Math Band I 2 3 Pep Band 3 Dramatic Club 4 Forensics 3 Pep Club 2 ROSS DONALD Don He cannot flatter he is honesst and must speak the truth English Math Social Science Science SANGER MARJORIE May Shes got the red hair but where rs he temper? English Social Science GAA l Student Librarian 4 SCHROEPFER JAMES nm Where there is leisure there Ill be. English Math Science Social Science Football 2 34 Baseball 4. MILTIMORE ROSS Rusty Another day of dodging girls gone English Socnal Science Math NEUMAN DOROTHY Dottie Some say quret others know er English Social Science orus l 2 3 u OLTESVIG LEONARD Tricks l never let my studies interfere with my education Science Math Social Science English Moccasin Staff 4 Pep Club 34 OLTESVIG LEONE E ry to bed early to ne lYawnl darn those guys Leone Engllsh Social Science Math Pep Club 34 PAGE FOURTEEN SCHWEISS GENEVEIVE Jenny ont ay uch but d lot of I I tn Englnsh Socual Scnence Chorus I4 SEVERSON DOROTHY Dodo A good dusposthon as more valuable than gold English Socnal Sctence Sclence Dramaluc Club 2 3 4 Pep Club 3 4 Chorus G A A SMOLAREK EUZABETH Betty Darnly demure and darling Engltsh Socual Scuence Chorus 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 STONE GALE Buster Though hugh school days have thenr delight they cant compare with hugh school mghts Scnence Math English Socnal Scuence Student Councul Basketball l 2 Baseball 3 4 Moccasun Staff 4 PAGE FIFTEEN THOMPSON IRENE Tom Never In a hurry unless there he goesllll Math Englush Socnal Sctence Chorus 4 Pep Club 3 4 Student Councnl 4 VAN RUTH MARGARET Mugs Ltle us what you make nt and I prefer to make mme unterestung Englush Socual Scnence Chorus 4 Pep Club 34 Cheerleader 3 A WALRATH DONALD Rock You have to be a football hero to get along wnth beautttul gurls Englnh Socual Scuence Math Bas etball l 2 3 4 Football l 2 3 4 a ball 34 Student Councul 4 WICKLUND, ESTELLE te Uransferred from Washburn Htghl Washburns loss as Nekoosas gasn Soclal Sclence Engltsh Debate 4 Dramahc Club 4 Forenstcs 4 One Act Play 4 Duet 4 Tno 4 M YER FRANK We wnsh to congratulate Frank on the fine effort and splendld work done on all has sublects Due to rllness, Frank has taken many subgects at home and mdeed has set forth an excellent example of true workmanshup and achleve ment Although he wont be graduatmg this year, we know Frank will be among the outstandung sensors of next year s class and so extend our heartuest congratulations to a fnne student PAGE SIXTEEN WIRTH MARIE Marne Fu of fun and muschnef too doung thlngs she shouldnt do Engllsh Socual Scnence Chorus ld Forensrcs 2 Masquers 2 3 u 2 3 WIRTH VIRGINIA Vnrgrma Good thrngs come In small packages Socual Scrence Englnsh Math Band 2 3 4 Orzhestra Band 3 4 WOLF ANTON Anton Tell me the way to garn knowledge wuth out studymg Enghsh Socral Scrence Football 34 A WOLF BETTY Bets e l ks like n angel e a s I e one too But you never can tell what an angel will do Englrsh Socual Scaence Debate 14 Forensrcs 3 4 One Act Play Dramatuc Club 4 Student Lnbrarran G A A l Betty Braun was chosen by her classmates as the glrl m her class who excelled IH the qualltles of loyalty patrlotlsm leadership and lnltlatlve was awarded thus also actrvely partuclpated nn Masquers Forensics Chorus G A A and the Moccasm We the semor class are proud to acknowledge that Betty as a member of our class PAGE SEVENTEEN . . . I . . I . I . . . . I . year's D. A. R. award. Betty is not only an outstanding student in her studies, she . . . . ' . I I . . .I . I I . I . ' C The enrollment of our class un furst year hugh school was seventy Since then sux have transferred to dufferent hugh schools fuve have uouned the servuce seven left hugh school careers unhnushed and four have loaned us from other schools En rollment ofthe graduating class totals fufty two The senuor class us one gufted wuth many talents These were excessuvely shown un varuous actuvutues such as football basketball baseball track band chorus forensics and dramatucs Seniors have made up more than one thurd of all malor actuvutues Durung our Junuor year we sponsored the annual Junuor Prom whuch was a gratufyung success The bug gym nasuum was decorated to the theme of Brazul Our Senuor Ball was held un January Due to cold weather and we mean cold when we say that temperatures dropped to 35 degrees below zero that nught the couples were few and scattered on the dance floor Musuc was furnushed by Howard Sturtz and hus orchestra The center attractuon of seniors thus year was our senuor class play Mystery un the Lubrary whuch was held Aprll l3 The play was a huge success and all those who partucupated certainly exercised excellent acting abuluty The class has made a fune representatuon of themselves and we wush to express our suncere congratula tuons to the several honor students Competutuon for furst and second places were hugh Wuth muxed feelungs of regret and antucupatuon we the Sensor Class of l948 bud farewell to Alexander Hugh School PAGE EIGHTEEN THE SENIOR LASS Ab" ,. '- Q, - :. Il -... .P-A. , -K ,..,,. '1 'A -..m:,9se1--5 -XT," -s 1 f --. , ' ' ' -4' ' "4 -' --I--M' , Q l l . 52Ei it7-- f - -- -5- 0-1.- o Ro 1 ns ns e ennett e n A erg e s R Haas :ond R w D Er G eclx R Le ns G Fr sch T Lanrour J Buchanan F Helms I Bros ottom Ro Y o n H ncock E ar s P A derson C Benner A se JUNIOR C Vtce President ROBERT LUTZ Secretary and Treasurer DOROTHY REZJECK Student Councul BOB GUSTIN KATE STEPHENSON MERLE SARVER Class Advnsors MISS FIRKUS MISS BENDIXEN MR KOZLOVSKY PAGE TWENTY T p w: R. lot , J. Klo I In , R. B , J. K0 h , R. Guslin, R. ob , K. I. wi , . . Se o z . win, . B , . w' , . i , . , . , . , . t. B w: . H wde , J. a , J. dw d , . n , . , . EI n. President ............................................ GERALD FRISCH .Zl'2L.l.x.'1.'i': 113. l' 22. aww Top Row A Ulrich A Schmidt M Sarver J Tracy D Tracy H Parlrey R Magee Wypyck Second Row ll Goats D Oleson K Stephenson J Voss H Mlsna B Taylor D Somerville D Regalia Bottom Row A Rice G Wilhorn G Winters E Schott B Soward M Mortinson D Stewart JUNIOR CLASS The Junior class has done a swell iob in carrying out school activities. The boys, especially have been outstanding in sports, namely, basketball since fifty percent of the 'A' team basketball squad is composed of Junior boys. The class has taken an active part in all other activities including band, chorus, forensics, football and cheerleading. The Junior prom was a big event this year and certainly deserves praise. The gym was decorated to the theme of "Moonlight and Roses." PAGE TWENTY-ONE 9 A fr i Fm, Q- Top Row G Joeclzs A Grutzlk R Alnes A Garvnn D Gustm B Amundson A Frmberg B Falkner J Chnstensen H Hancock Second Row D Coerper B Anderson H Allwarden L Lancour N Femlnng A Bogdcnsky L Klappa M Berg E Folv J Fnday Bottom Row G Brooks B Losey J Johnson E Jorgensen S Cole M Gorectkn J Drews J Gavre C Braun H Emerson SOPHOMORE CLASS Presldent JOHN STEINBERG Vuce President FRANK VOTAVA Secretory and Treasurer CAROL BRAUN Student Councll NORMAN FEMLING JANICE JOHNSON Class Advusors MISS DRAEGER MR BREKKE PAGE TWENTY TWO 1' W .51 . ' x X 4 v 1 u . - c 4' - 4. ,u H K ' i -Q- . Q - V ' L v qw ,Q . ., ." ' ', sw- O 'U 9 , .V 4. . 543 K rc -.-: 1. 4 , Q k , I I b fr s, All :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . ,. ,. ,. 2. ,. , . ,. , . , . ,. , . , . fe :. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . ,. ,. ,. ,. . N06 Top low B Jaborek J Wolf W Thelaen J Mullen W Nobles F Votava B Schouers J Wrrth J Manske F Wlttenberg Second Row I TaborJ Zurfluh R Olson J Manske J Mulkey l. Oleson C Mortmson J Morhnson J Yukon D Brandt D Muller J Stuenberg Thnrd Row N Stone D Rnckel D Schmudt M Weaver B Scott D Phoro I Schmldt B Zombowsku L Hotchkiss J Muller B Moody SOPHOMORE CLASS We the Sophomores of 48 are proud to tell you of a few of the many QCllVllleS we ourselves have taken a part ln, thus year We welcomed the freshmen with a Get Acquamted party comblned wlth thelr mltlatlon Games were played, such as Truth or Consequences followed by dancmg and refreshments For Home commg we dlsplayed a beautiful float whnch took fnrst prrze of S5 OO The float, a torpedo boat, was bullt around the theme, Torpedo the Tlgers wuth the purple and whlte colors bemg carrled out very effectively Many of the members In our class are octave an Band, Orchestra, Athletics and Choral Ensembles There are also a great number belongmg to the Dramatlcs Club which encourages students to take part an Debate Forenslcs and One Act Plays The One Act Play The Devll and Danlel Webster took first place In competatlon with Marshfield The cast Included several Sophomores. These and other actlvltles have made our year very successful and enioyable one, and we hope to make next year even better. PAGE TWENTY-THREE Top Row R Buchanan C Votava J Foley D Brunner P Frost M Gust C Fntz A Mertes R Emenck R Smlth Second Row L Glldenzoph G Murray L Goodness C Kung D Hustedt P Arendt W Egland R Jaborek R Emerson Jnm Noble Bottom Row D Krubsock M Fuhl R Elsen N Cie elond C Klappa V Pper M Schm dt V Johnson E Johnson E Mons J Oleson FRESHMAN CLASS President GENE KRCMAR Vice Presudent JOYCE FULLER Secretary ond Treasurer JAMES VOTAVA Student Council WAYNE FREEMAN and MURIEL WEAVER Class Advosors MISS MARY BABCOCK and MR JOHN OSTRUM PAGE TWENTY FOUR :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,.,. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. :. ,, ,. ,.v ,. ,.l,. l,. ,. ,. 1 v - s . W .1 :....,.. Top Row left to rnght O Strand P Zleman W Freeman J Mertls S Wnlczynslu D Tracy R Tuttle E Koehn l Zurlluh James Bey Charles Von Eunem louls Hamel Second Row J Ross G Krcmar G Kltrush J Votova G Erwln B Wncklund M Weaver J Fuller l Marth D Lawson M Soward Bottom Row L Henne M Crowns G Francls B Buehler A Herms A Kuhn M Oleson M Amundson V Holden B Kuhlko R Goddard FRESHMEN CLASS The Freshmen class thus year has several students actnve In varlous extra currucular actuvutnes Bonme Wncklund played an excellent role ln the one act play and several have gone out for forenslcs The boys seem to be especially good In the sports held The class was entertalned at a party given by the tenth grade Englnsh class last fall All Freshmen are Iookmg forward to being Sophomores PAGE TWENTY FIVE 1 3 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 f 1 - 1 - 1 . 1 . 1 1 - : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . Top Row R Alnes J Shaw G Blackburn K Buchanan F Pesula H Slmek K Kepler G Mclean D Thompson H Harrns H Hotchkuss T Blackburn Second Row H Stemert M Marth J Drews F Gnese E Weaver F Stensberg D Baldwm D Ferkey H Hutchmson D Berg Hmkle M Koehn E Haas Bottom Row I. Gaylord B Hancock I Fnday L Coerper P Brooks S Walrath L Henne K Gaxeley B Ernckson D Copek C Herd M Kung EIGHTH G President KEITH BUCHANAN Vlce Presudent FRITZ GIESE Secretory and Treasurer LENORE GAYLORD Student Council DAWN BERG and MARVIN MARTH Class Advnsors MISS FEMLING and MR FAGERLIN PAGE TWENTY SIX :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . ,. . :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,, ,. ,. ,. ,. J. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. .. . ,.. le ' I- l i First Row V Slmlt J Sparks K Benner L Therber B Gust S Seebecker G Gray N Stone D Falrheld G Goese P Kopelka L ONeul H Stlckney L Stlckney Second Row B Polansky J Young E Schmudt S Falkner R Ruder G Cole P Bppler D BI ndt L Carl L Leach W Murray D Saeger R Allison A Schaffenberger Third Row P Scholl E Murray K Hmkle N Fuller B Thomas R Plenge F Race G Oleson D Applebee R Barley D Fleece L Kuhn SEVENTH GRADE Vlce President KERRY HINKLE Secretary and Treasurer PHILLIS BEPPLER Student Council DEVON SAEGER and NATALIE STONE Faculty Advisors MR BRITTEN, MISS DOPP MR TINGLEY PAGE TWENTY SEVEN :,.. ,,.- ',-. ,. , . ,.e ,. o,. ,. , President ........................................... NORMAN FULLER Standing W Freeman D Berg J .Iohnson N Femlmg S Cleveland G Falk M Sarver D Walrath N Stone Mr Wucklund STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Councul IS organlzed for the purpose of gavmg the student body traunlng on democracy The Councnl consvsts of sux seniors four lumors two sopho mores two freshmen two students from the seventh and two from the eighth grades These members are elected by theur respective classes The Councul had charge of the selection of cheer leaders and the Homecomlng parade George Buehler IS president Merle Sarver vlce president and Irene Thompson IS secretary PAGE TWENTY EIGHT Seated: Saeger, D.'Gustin, Weaver, 'G..BuehIer, K. Stephenson, I. Thompson, M. Marth. ' I I - I I I I I I ' Top Row B Beck, B. Bennett, D. Larson, J. Tracy, J. Steinberg, D. Bey, C. Votava. Second Row N. Cleveland, G. Winters, B. Soward, G. Blackburn, C. Arendt, T. Blackburn, B. Wicklund, J. Wirth D Relzcek Third Row L. Carl, E. Haas, E. Schmidt, B. Buchanan, D. Carl, K. Buchanan, B. Zombowski, M. Martinson, M. Soward J Bey Fourth Row M. Buchanan, P. Buehler, S. Cleveland, K. Hazley, A. Freiberg, D. Seebecker, S. Sanger, V. Wirth J Ku st I I I I SENIOR B The Senior Band IS one of the most successful and outstanding organizations of the Alexander Hugh school A history of the present band should perhaps start with the 1947 band tournament and festival at Reedsburg Wlsconsln where the Alexander High school walked off with honors too numerous to mention Some of the winners of the 1947 band have graduated but others remained to form the nucleus of the present organization Outstandung in the present band are William Beck Virginia Wirth and Dorothy Relzeck William Beck has been energe tic having attended a music cllnlc at the University of Wlsconsn an 1947 along with other students from our school Bill also has directed the pep band for pep meetings and he has directed the regular band an Mr Schurens absence Much very favorable comment has been given our band by visitors from other schools and communities As this book is being written the band as preparing for the spring tournament at Wausau We congratulate the Alexander High school band PAGE THIRTY VIRGINIA WIR H DOROTHY REJZEK W LLIAM BECK ORB Top Row left to nghl G Duckey W Ducky S Seebecker Second Row H Enerson P Band! C Bond! H Blanchard B Jepsen BoHom Row W Wnrlh C Jensen G Schotzke R TuI1Ie K Marco C Duckey R Smolorek ..........i.........,.....:... in-'ln Bi' vo. 4 'fl 0 se' PAGE THIRTY ONE nfl' .IL 4 left to nght Carol Braun Dawn Berg bhurley Cole Fredruch Gnese Marvin Marth Mr Fagerlm Frank Votava Lenore Gaylord ORCHESTRA Though the orchestra has presented few performances thus year we are all very much satlsfled wrth the progress that has been made Mr Fagerlun our dnrector has directed his effort, thus season, toward buuldlng up and perfecting a flne strung sectlon We have especially studled such works of muslc as "Marronettes," a plz zocato novelty number, "Princess Trlptoe," one of the harder pleces, "The Srlken Fan," Russian Chorale and Overture, and numerous Gavottes and light melodies We have also been mstructed rn the vanous arts of bowmg and In positron work Mr Fagerlun as to be congratulated for provldtng background for the orchestra Next year when the woodwmds and brass are added, we hope to have one of the finest organlzatlons that the school has ever had PAGE THIRTY-TWO K1 Top Row l. Brost H Coyer W Egland N Femlmg J Z r uh A Ulrrch D Ross K Lewrs D Muller D lrwrn F Wrttenberg Second Row A Grutxuk G Brandt B Falkner D Oleson R Tabor G Jaeks D Goetz R Corper Thurd Row B Magee K Christensen .l Crowns A Crowns J Voss M Sarver R Lewrs G Beck M Bauer A Schmrdt Fourth Row Mr Fagerlm M Weaver A new cddltron to school known organlzatuon Under the chorus consusts of thrrty three mal program last winter and plan on annual Musrc Festival Good strength and ablllty conttnue to CH actuvrtles, the boys chorus has become a well excellent drrectlon of Mr Charles Fagerlrn, thus e vonces The chorus partlcupated rn the Christmas travellng to Wausau, May 8th, to take part In the luck to this young orgamzatron and may your grow rn the years to come PAGE THI RTY THREE a J tr 1 ' - ,' ,s f A . , 9 , V' - ' 1 - .R - , - 'K ' 1 X, .X - 5.8 . .X J 1 . ' , . r - r f 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - - . I . , - l 1 I 1 ' I ' I ' I ' I I 1 1 I . : . , . . ,, . . ,, . . . Top Row J Manske J Edwards E Johnson M Scon u rnaro m bust D Severson J Johnson R Mnlkey M VanR th B losey P Frost J Mulkey P Anderson M Gorectkn Second Row V Paper M Oleson J Werner E Wncklund M Wsrth M Mayer M Weaver M Fuller L Oltesvng J Frlday M Mlchaelkomp J Drews C Benner B Schmidt Thlrd Row J Gavre M Weaver M Crowns J Howland M Blackburn S Cole V Johnson I Thompson G Schweuss Hotchkuss B Smolorek A en J Mn Holden M Schmldt S CH A H S has turned out one ofthe blggest and best Glrl s Chorus nn a number of years thus season and we are also proud to say that we have had more re quests for choral ensembles than ever before Three solos, two duets two truos, two sextets and one triple trlo have been worked up and either one or the other of them has appeared for the Catholic Chrustuan Mothers at the Booster Club, for the D A R of Wlsconsnn Raplds and for the P S A Most of these groups are also entered In the Sprung Festlval However these various ensembles along with the huge chorus would not be possnble If It were not for the flne leadership of Miss Rasmussen our Instructor We extend to her our heartlest congratulations for bulldlng up this picked group of 56 gurls An msplred choir of 75 85 mixed voices presented a most beautlful Chnstmas Cantata entitled The Lost Carol at Chrust mastume No one could have been more pleased wnth the excellent performance than the Instructor Mnss Rasmussen and Mr Fagerlun of the Men s Chorus Next year they hope to work up an operetta All In all we hope to wlnd up a very successful year by coming through the Musuc Festuval to be held ln Wausau Aprll 24 and May 8 with flylng colors Here s wlshnng the Chorus all the luck ln the world PAGE THIRTY FOUR : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' , . u . , 1 , 1 . , 1 , 1 .1 : . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , . , . , . , . ' , . ' 1 I , 1 , 1 , 1 A 1 ' I 1 , . , . , . , . , . , 1 , 1 , . ' l. ' , . , . Els , . 'ller. Bottom Row: Miss Rasmussen, D. Rickel, B. Wicklund, B. Buehler, A. Rice, C. Braun, D. Neuman, J. Oleson, B. Kuhlka, V , . . GIRL ' ORUS . . , , . 1 1 - 1 1 1 . . . , . . . 1 - 1 . . . ,, ,, . - 1 1 . . . , 1 1 . . , . . . , . . RLS TR Soprano I Bonme Wlcklund Soprano II Shrrley Cole A to Estelle Wlcklund Accompanlst Ruta Mllkey RLS DU T Soprano Dorothy Neuman A to Mabel Fuller Accompamst Ruta Mllkey RLS SEXTET Soprano I Soprano Il Alto Accompamst P TR Janet Drews Phyllts Frost Joan Mllkey Carol Braun Shrrley Cole Jamce Johnson Barbara Buehler Nancy Cleveland Gertrude Frances Ruta Mllkey PAGE THIRTY FIVE Soprano I Soprano II Ato Janice Miller Betty Smolarek Betty Braun Mabel Fuller Mary Ann Weaver Joan Werner Accompanrst Joan Gavre I W I GI .I ...... 'TE' I TRI.-L'E'f. IO. . 'wr J' 9 1.2 6- ill xl ll?-u Zdlll? N!! .H WSIITD Top Row Dorothy Regzek Dorothy Larson Jim Tracy Edward S hoffenberger nooert Bennet Second Row Keith Buchanan Marlorie Soward Gwen Winters William Beck Donald Carl Virginia Wirth Ashley Fneberg PEP B This Pep Band, better known as "Bill Beck and his Rootie-Tooters" have been especially active during the course of this year. They have performed at all assem- bly "pep" meetings and basketball games, Bill Beck being their leader. A line of praise goes to this little group who have enlightened the spirit of A. H. S. PAGE THIRTY-SIX 'QW Front Row: Coach Ostrom J. Crowns T. Christenson G. Buehler G. Frisch G. Falk J. Voss B. Gustin N. Femlin J. Buchanan 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 91 D. Tracy, A. Crowns, Coach Brekke. Second Row: T. Lancour, A. Wolf, D. Gustin, J. Zurfluh, J. Tracy, I. Anderson, G. Jaecks, D. Walrath, H. Coyer, C. Jaecks Third Row: J. Wolf, B. Taylor, J. Schroepher, B. Alnes, J. Klonsinski, B. Arberg, B. Lutz, H. Allwarden, A. Garvin, L. Good ness, R. Lewis, F. Votava. Fourth Row: O. Strand, J. Murray, G. Krcmar, E. Hotchkiss, R. Goddard, J. Foley, J. Wypych, B. Nobles, Manager. FOOTBALL SEPTEMBER l2 RAIDERS SCORE 25-0 WIN OVER NEKOOSA A non-conference tussle, originally scheduled for Friday night but postponed to Satur- day evening because of a heavy downpour, attracted one of the largest crowds in Nekoosa's football history. The crowd was estimated at well over 2,000 fans for our first game of the season. Good blocking and an alert, hard charging line gave Rapids domination of the play. The Red Raiders halfback, Mike Johnson, circled left end on a reverse play for Rapids first touchdown. Another added in the third and two more in the last quarter assured the "Man- dersmen" of the game. Don Walrath and Harold Coyer stood out in a stubborn defense. Being that Wisconsin Rapids was champion of the Wisconsin Valley Conference, it is inter- esting to note that Rapids lead only 6-0 at' the half of this game. SEPTEMBER 19 MOSINEE EDGES NEKOOSA 7-6 Nekoosa fans and members of the "Pep Club" traveled to Mosinee to see this close- ly matched game, which was played in the afternoon with the temperature about 900. Fem- ling ran 77 yards, on a delayed reverse play, for a touchdown, but Lancour's extra point hit the crossbar. After holding us for three downs we were forced to kick. They returned our punt for a touchdown and made the extra point. Although we had gained more yard- age and made more first downs, it seems as though luck favored Mosinee. "Rock" Walrath and Coyer were co-captains. SEPTEMBER 26 NEKOOSA OUTSHINES RIPON I2-7 Nekoosa rang up its first football win of the season, when our boys defeated Ripon in a hard fought, well-played game on Ripon's field. With not much yardage gained in PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT e flrst quarter the punters of both teams had qulte a 'ob to do To start the second quar er Buehler Fnsch and Walrath sparked Nekoosa to Rrpon s eaght yard Ime where Stoo ue drove nt over Extra polnt fauled The thnrd quarter started out wuth a bang when Fresch e und superb blockmg sknrted from our nuneteen to Rnpon s one yard llne After a fuve yard penalty Buehler worked has way to the three yard llne and agaln Stoogue carrued lt over or the second tume our extra point falled ln the fourth quarter Rlpon succeeded an scor mg a touchdown and the extra point but Nekoosa held them to that and came home wrth a vlctory Thus game adds to our pralse smce Rlpon became Co champlon of the Little Ten Conference OCTOBER 3 NEKOOSA SCORES A 20 l3 VICTORY OVER WAUPACA About one hundred and fnfty loyal fans followed our boys to Waupaca to watch Nekoosa rack up a vlctory Buehler and Femlmg showed a great exhlbltlon on offense whsle Tracy Coyer and Walrath did a fme qob of stoppmg Waupacas advances Matching each other with touch downs In the furst half the score stood Nekoosa 7 Wau along wlth good blockmg rn the Ime enabled Femlmg to run 85 yards for the second goal Hrs extra pornt was good A pass from Frisch to Buehler put the game on Ice for Nekoosa although Waupaca did succeed In scornng ln the closung seconds against Nekoosa reserves Waupa ca s team averaged over 200 pounds per boy whlle our boys average was 152 OCTOBER 10 NEKOOSA TOMAH TIE 7 7 IN RUGGED CONTEST The Tomah Hugh school grldders although they up peared weaker than Nekoosa chalked up seven polnts In the closlng mnnutes of the game to tue the score 7 7 Gerald Fnsch and Don Walrath sparked up the offense whsle Jack Buchanan was strong on defense George COACH QSTRQM Buehler was handlcapped by unlurues most of the game but received our scormg pass ln the last seconds of the frrst half In the flrst period the teams appeared evenly matched Tomah looked stronger durung the fourth perlod however Thus proved to be a wonderful game and showed a great Improvement ln the team OCTOBER I7 NEKOOSA VANQUISHES TOMAHAWK 34 0 A score luke thus shows Nekoosa can really play football Nekoosa was host to Toma hawk for thus game We received the startmg klck off and began a dnve that netted our flrst touchdown A pass which was the result of a double reverse was complete from Frlsch to Walrath for a second touchdown The score at the half was l3 0 The klck off by Femlmg was good Frlsch trled the same play from the 40 yard llne and went through for 60 yards and a touchdown The flnal score gave Nekoosa a 34 0 lead Many of the substl tutes saw action ln the last quarter of the game Nekoosa earned 8 flrst downs while Tom ahawk chalked up fave Co captalns for thus game were Gerald Falk and George Buehler PAGE THIRTY NINE th ' , ' ' , - b - I - - - 1 . . . paca 6. To start the third quarter the entire backfield, ' . I ' I - I OCTOBER 24 SPARTA TIPS NEKOOSA 20-I4 Although defeated, the team exhibited a fine brand of football. We were out-weighed considerably by the Spartans, but certainly not outfought. Sparta had the strongest line attack that the team has played against this season. Our passing attack was very effective iust as it was throughout the season. Six pass completions out of eleven attempts were the main factors in both of our touchdowns. Norman Femling converted both extra points. Don Walrath and Harold Coyer were co-captains. OCTOBER 31 TIGERS NIP NEKOOSA IN HOMECOMING TILT 12-7 The Marshfield High school gridders, due to the aerial work of Charles Specht, edged out a I2-7 victory over a stubborn Nekoosa eleven. Buehler stood out on offense while Frisch and Walrath took charge of the defense. In the first quarter, Nekoosa drove to within I8 yards of the goal, but lost the ball on downs as the Tiger defense stiffened. After a pass interception by Duane Hein, Marshfield put in a sustained drive from their twenty to net six points. A similar drive a short time later gave Marshfield a I2-O lead. In the closing seconds of the second quarter Frisch clipped a pass to Buehler and he thrilled the fine homecoming crowd by scampering seventy yards for a goal. Femling's extra point was successful. The second half was full of action but neither team could push the ball over that white line, so the score stood at I2-7 with us on the narrow end. The Tigers had IO first downs while the Papermakers earned 8. Nekoosa enioyed a fairly successful campaign this year with 3 wins, 4 losses and one tie. COYER ' WOLF PAGE Fonrv lm. 4:9 4 x if "2 9 . fe' . - lb 'rs A FS WALRATH .gulf lv W ' 4 I FALK .J uf' lg LIL Nw' . 5 . B U E H L E R Top Row Coach Brekke R Gustn T Lancour G Fnsch D Walrath J Voss Bottom Row N Femlng A Schm dt J Crowns G Buehler K Chrlstensen A Crowns B Nobles BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL GAMES NOV 14 NEKOOSA VS PORT EDWARDS The Papermakers successfully opened thus season wlth a 32 30 vlctory The boys started slowly but with the and of a last quarter rally they were able to overtake the Port Edwards fave NOV 21 NEKOOSA VS RHINELANDER The Nekoosans opened therr conference play rally the Papermakers fell short of overtaklng the Hodags the fnnal score beung 45 32 NOV 25 NEKOOSA VS ANTIGO Agarn the boys showed flghtung splnt and determnnatlon by comtng from behind to topple the hrghly favored Red Robms The final score was 25 21 DEC 2 NEKOOSA VS RIPON For the furst tame thas year the Papermakers started very strongly and lumped to a slzable early lead Despite a determined second half rally the Rrpomtes were unable to overcome the Nekoosa flve whlch trlumphed by a 40 34 score DEC 9 NEKOOSA VS MERRILL Nekoosa s thurd conference start resulted rn a close hard fought 28 27 vnctory for the flght mg Papermakers The Nekoosans continued their tight defensive play and together with frne team work they emerged the vlctors DEC 12 NEKOOSA VS TOMAHAWK The Papermakers traveled to Tomahawk to annex thelr thurd stralght conference vlctpry by a score of 31 28 Thus vuctory pulled them up to thurd place In the conference At this gan calllng the Papermakers the surprise qulnt of the conference DEC 18 NEKOOSA VS WIS RAPIDS The Papermakers set out for Wlsconsm Rap :ds determrned to keep up the fast pace they had been setting The game was a close hard fought affair for three quarters but the Rand ers pulled ahead In the last quarter The flnal score was 49 35 .IAN 6 NEKOOSA VS MOSINEE The next game that our boys played was a non conference battle wrth Moslnee The rest that the boys had dunng Chrlstmas vaca tlon must have done them good The Paper makers were ahead all the way and the final score was 29 22 PAGE FORTY ONE , . . . I . . - . . ' I ' I I ' . ' . at Rhinelander. Despite a strong second half time the larger schools in the conference be- , ' . . . ' . I - u . I . - I . ' Q 1 1-!s.-L.: .ISD SH TOP Row Coach Brekke D Tracy A Garvin D Gustin D Alnes D Oleson A Grulzak R boddard Bottom Row F Votava L Klappa L Lancour J Buchanan B Anderson B Schauer H Hancock "" TEAM BASKETBALL JAN 9 NEKOOSA VS MARSHFIELD The Papermakers returned to conference competition to meet a tall Marshfield team In this game the Nekoosans were victims of a cold streak of shooting in which during the first half they garnered only one field goal The Papermakers kept up their determination and put up a good second half rally but when the final gun sounded they were behind 36 25 JAN I6 NEKOOSA VS STEVENS POINT The Nekoosa Papermakers entertained the Stevens Point Panthers in what turned out to be a red hot battle There were a total of 76 personal fouls and 3 technical fouls called in this game This game was not nearly as rough as the fouls indicated The score at the end of the regular time was 45 45 Then in the over time Pomt made two free throws to win the game The Papermakers outplayed the Pointers all the way until the team was upset in the final minutes by the loss of six men by the personal foul route and the committing of three futile techmcal fouls JAN 20 NEKOOSA VS MAUSTON Nekoosa entertained Mauston in a non con ference battle For the first three quarters the game see sawed back and forth But in the last quarter the Papermakers put on a big last quarter surge and won the game 38 31 JAN 23 NEKOOSA VS WAUSAU This game was a very tight affair during the first half with the score at the half being 2l-17. In the second half we fell victims to the most phenomenal basket shooting ever witnessed on a basketball floor with Wausau making 8470 of their field goals attempted The final score was 73 33 JAN 27 NEKOOSA VS RIPON This was the first non conference game that Nekoosa lost during the season Ripon second in the Little Ten won by a score of 34 27 The fine team play that characterized the Nekoosa team during the first half of the season was not evident in this game The game was close throughout with Ripon winning in the last mln utes JAN 30 NEKOOSA VS TOMAHAWK The Papermakers continued their mastery over Tomahawk by walloprng them 39 T9 The Nekoosans played good team work and shot very well to ring up a very convincing victory FEB 3 NEKOOSA VS MAUSTON Nekoosa traveled to Mauston to meet a very tough Mauston team The Papermakers led Mauston until the middle of the fourth quarter Then as the boys were fighting so hard to win they became lrttery and lost by a score of 5l 47 This was the highest score that Nekoosa had all year FEB 5 NEKOOSA VS STEVENS POINT Stevens Pomt used a two team system against us and won by a score of 45 26 The Papermakers battled the Point first team on even terms during the first quarter but the Point second team did the most damage during the second quarter. PAGE FOIITY-TWO FEB IO NEKOOSA VS PORT EDWARDS The Papermakers entertained the Port Edwards Blackhawks The Nekoosans defeated them by a score of 4l 33 Two nights later the Port Edwards team clrnched the Bug 7 C conference FEB I2 NEKOOSA VS WISCONSIN RAPIDS The largest capacity crowd ever to wutness a basketball game an Nekoosa came out to see the Nekoosa Rapnds game Nekoosa battllng luke demons possessed and all but upset the Raplds Red Ralders voted No I In the state Thelr margun of victory was accumulated through a last quarter surge for which the Raplds team was famous The final score was 52 4l FEB 7 NEKOOSA VS MOSINEE Thus was a very close game and a halr ralslng thriller The Papermakers established a lead which they managed to protect FEB 20 NEKOOSA VS MARSHFIELD The Papermakers frnlshed their regular season In a blaze of glory by defeatung the Marshfield Tigers nn their own back yard 29 I9 This enabled us to clnnch a 5th place tue In the Valley Conference standings W I A A REGIONAL TOURNAMENT NEKOOSA VS WISCONSIN RAPIDS This game proved to be a top notch thriller Nekoosa had the Raplds really scared all through the game Also we held Rapids to the lowest score they had been held to untll they reached the state tournament The frnal score of thus game was 39 35 NEKOOSA VS WAUSAU In thus game Nekoosa started very slow and the hot and cold Wausau team was again hot making good on 451: of theur fleld goals The flnal score was 54 45 nn favor of Wausau WALRATH I I CROWNS LANCOUR BUEHLER I 1 ' . down to the final hour. The score was Nekoosa's favor 40-39. I 4 I o , Lael 'i 301i 544 Top Row R Smith J Bey L Zurlluh B Buchanan W Egland P Arendt J Foley C King J Noble Seated Mr Kozlovsky G Murray G Krcmar L Goodness D Brunner D Tracy G Ktr ch W Freeman FRESHMAN BASKETBALL DECEMBER 18 1948 The first game for the Freshmen was played at Wisconsin Rapids The first half was a mp and tuck affair with Rapids gaining an early lead This however was cut at half time with Rapids only one point ahead 11 10 Our Ne koosa Freshmen did It up right when they ran away with the decision 26 22 JANUARY 9 1948 The Marshfield Cagers came to Nekoosa for this game which was hard fought and in doubt all the way In the final two minutes the Marshfield 5 pulled away to win by a score of 35 31 Freeman scored 18 points JANUARY 16 1948 This game between Stevens Point and Ne koosa was fairly even most of the way with Point taking an early lead but the host team commg back to nearly even the score Pointers fought back to win over Nekoosa Freshmen 28 21 Goodness and Cable tied for scoring honors with 11 points each. JANUARY 23, 1948 At Point to battle the host team, Saint Peter's Freshmen, the Nekoosa Freshmen couldn't seem to do much as they fell behind a final score of 33-19. JANUARY 30 1948 Saint Peter s Freshmen boys of Stevens Point came to Nekoosa for this game Our Freshmen started the game with a rousing scoring drive to assume an 1814 advantage at halftime However the visiting team rallied to come from behind to wln 29 27 FEBRUARY 5 1948 Nekoosa Freshmen were guests of the Stevens Point Freshmen at Point this time The game was very close all the way with Point leading at half time 15 14 We lead most of the last quarter only to be nudged out again in the last seconds with a score of 29 27 FEBRUARY 10 1948 Rapids freshmen came to Nekoosa for re venge and held the upper hand most of the way leading at halftime 1913 The young Raiders won 31 22 FEBRUARY 20, 1948 ln hopes of a victory the Nekoosa Freshmen traveled to Marshfield for their last game. The game seemed to drag as the Marshfield Fresh- men led 12-8 at the half. Final score was close with the "Tigers" winning 17-15. PAGE FORTY-FOUR ... ft MAH Top Row Fuller Lancour Polansky Carl Saeger Second Row Mr Br tten Murray Plenge Thomas Guese Gerrutts Hnkel Thurd Row Shaw T Blackburn Stensberg Buchanan Arendt G Blackburn Glese SEVENTH 8. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL The seventh and elghth grade basketball squad got off to a bad start this year but showed up very well un their last fave games Here as the complete lmeup of all the games November 25 Lowell I7 at Nekoosa 9 January 6 Mosmee 19 at Nekoosa January lo Stevens Pomt 27 at Nekoosa February 5 at Stevens Pomt 38 Nekoosa 22 February 10 Port Edwards 15 at Nekoosa 23 February I7 at Mosmee 2l Nekoosa 19 February 'I9 at Port Edwards 'I7 Nekoosa 2l February 24 at Lowell 21 Nekoosa 43 March l West Sude Lutheran 22 at Nekoosa 28 Throughout the season Frank Stensburg and Kelth Buchanan stood out both on offense and on defense Tom Blackburn showed up very well nn the game at Lowell cashmg In on ten baskets and one free throw for a total of twenty one pomts The seventh and elghth grade also had an actlve football team PAGE FORTY FIVE , . A - ' ' L ' ' ' W .L t 1 , by . V O - IT: I ..-.. 9 . , E -VV A' " F ' 4 ' ' ' N.: L ' tl ' ' ' u l A ' - , . - A ' .L I 4 -A - M , -- s , yr If 0 6 . -'M F I A Q - w 4 ' 4 Lx ' ' I L 1- A .1 1 - . v Y 1 : 'n I 4 1, 1,1 tl - f fr . ' N, A L 1 . I , not 1 lo',V' ' 5 1 1 1 I - 1 - i 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 I - 5 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 - , ..... ' I I . . . . . . ' ll . . . ' I8 . ' ' ' --Q---1-warn iw WZWW M446 WW: 9 L .-. 1 4' I 4 Top Row M Sowara, E. Schott, C. Fitz, L. Oieson, B. Zomkowski, M. Martmson, D. Rickel, J. Fuller, N. Cleveland Second Row C. Kloppa, N. Stone, G. Brooks, J. Friday, E. Wicklund, P. Anderson, E. Cibula, R. Grade, B. Sorver, C Benner A Elsen, B. Braun. Third Row L Hotchkiss, D. Neuman, L. Oltesvig, J. Heeg, M. Van Ruth, J. Milkey, J. Howland, M. Blackburn, K. Stephenson M Berg, S. Cleveland. Fourth Row V. Johnson, A. Rice, J. Viken, E. Johnson, l. Thompson, Miss Depp, 5. Cole, J. Miller, J. Drews, C. Braun D Sever son V Piper. GIRLS SPORTS Progress is being made on recreation interests for A. H. S. girls. Many opinions promoted the kinds of recreation that are most desirable. Most of these desired recreations involve strenuous physical exercise. The first step undertaken was the organization of a G.A.A. On March 9, a meeting was held in which officers were elected and it was decided by a majority to revise the old G.A.A. Constitution which is form read and voted as acceptable. Officers are as follows: President .. Beatrice Zombkowski Secretary .. .. Mary Lou Blackburn Vice-President . .. Marie Martinson Treasurer .. .. Joan Werner The second important episode in girls activities was the opening games of basketball, stacking up thrilling scores. In short, girls basketball proved itself worthwhile, in more ways than one. April 21, the G.A.A. sponsored a concert by the Girls' Glee Club of Central State Teachers College. PAGE FORTY-SIX 'W-L3 V55 X00 00 D 1 9 l 9 U -1 S 4005 Gyll ts Ok 0 1 , siKi,"Q-ix Xhd 'F if L iq' 1 V ' anus ,, MXN ff 9 9 lf M 455134 f- "W" N V Xl l rpwffiifl f ' s ifvaalse ff' ' vw Q. 'M' MQW xv T' 'HM l W tl VIOALXXN -fyizbt-4 -if nw X " if fir, Back Row Coach Ostrum R Lewts R Bennet D Walrath G Johnson J Voss Gustrn A Garvtn A Crowns Coyer Mgr R Goddard Front Row W Freeman L Lancour A Lancour G Falk T Chrustensen G Buehler BASEBALL Slnce baseball has been started In Nekoosa and an the Valley Conference the Papermakers have taken second place the fnrst year thurd place last year and wnth a very good lmeup the squad thus year has set nts goal for flrst place Last year the team lost three Valley games and won fuve gam s In the Valley play whsle wlnmng three non conference games from Port Edwards The purple and whlte have been the only team to defeat Wausau rn conference play Nekoosa defeatedgthem 2 to 3 last year In a druzzllng ram Thus year s team got off to a good start by defeatmg Port Edwards In a flve lnmng game 'l8 to 2 and later defeated Polnt 6 to 3 Our next foe IS Rapids a team we have never defeated PAGE FORTY SEVEN .. .1 ' ' Q .1554 L if A A A mg: .R I I . . V' . A ' I , 'E 'visit-f. '. 7 ' - ' FV.: X , . 'S T' K' 4 h C.: . 1 ,ylfs . . . be - - . , sz, . . g I 9' ' V f , . . I A J, B , P 3 A -1 Z A' V , -V F t' 0 ... L A -. - T X 1 - . 2 ,4 , ' I ll N A 'yy . - Us 1 NN U9 ' 3 f Q Us tky T J Q " lx ! ll ' X' x U SA , f OSI. T v ' . ' Q ' , f T 'A r . f A , A., . -.f -. -Q - . L is -1:-A , , Y ,4 x -1",g 1-', N ,- L ' - ' f ' ' n - I I ' " " is I V 5 . ,.' . s' 1 . I ' -' Xj ' f - V in ' .' X . T - - -.-. ' .r W A an um was e L r , .. . L y - ab, - - , . , v ,nw 1 T " J I f . ,, 4 T - L 1 , ,- fr, ,rf ,5 ,Q , 4 -- . , . 'V -' a 1, , g . V V ,Vg-V., xv Q, A V . 4 ' , .. .9,i , r ','g,'?1. 553' J .., I - .Ecru Y , A ... TNN 1 A 4 il! I I H W X. 1. L, .M "' -f 'VT ' " .-, VM, "- .- we , - f' f'- 7--, " T' S ' " v . 'Qilff ob' fr' 5.2, i,.zie-'.'.,- T".-s fu' , " , 1 fff' . '-M" 9 ',.-.' '- " fx' A Q l 1 . 1 Z' Lvei gg-A-,Q :- :M ,":" Z rf"ygit?l?.2"l".,vr,.-' fini., -1' fig -A ,"-3, ,f,-22'9:,- . ,:f:l17f7" if ag. --.-A A , 5, ,,'-.. ' ,r,'H,1 f'.,,y - - , ,: . 1. 1 - ' W- 143 ,,-.P A 3 -19 3- 4 -J ,",w'-' .. ,A .,. ff-1-.f'.g.1y.,, A ,,, ht, up , K H My gg' 71 ' . L-'.',' l,,',W 'vg.,,,',Y"H:-fb'-',l,".'.,Lolf., ' ffgrhlfi' fwfvi. "fi, f,L,'f,. I-mb' 'ff A-L3i',g:,,!m:',1?. ,Hg -5- H W tw' L I ' 1' g:-'- .av f -fffg. f f.,.'ff-- - , f.- 1 'fm 2' - - - fi' J-W 4, . I" WA' ' '-.'f.f. A' . U" -1 W2 'ill'-v:,J.'L ..., 5? -ug. 4...-, -4 -'ww V . 4 I , - ', . , - . - , - , D- ' , - ' . . I H- : . , . , . , . , . ' , . . I I I I I . 3 . . . . . . . . , . , ,,,,,.,--- Standing D Muller R Aaberg D Gustm A Garvm D Walrath Coach Brekke Kneelmg W Taylor D Carl J Tracy D Oleson D Tracy TRACK Thus ts the thlrd year that the track team has been organized The team has two lettermen returning They are Don Carl and Bull Taylor Thus year the team has more equlpment behund them The followung boys were out for track and the event or events un whnch they competed Bull Taylor half mule and broad lump Don Olsen dash and hugh lump Don Carl 440 dashes 81 broad lump Bob Gustln male Arnold Garvun hugh lump Dave Muller Don Wclrath Duck Tracy Bob Aaberg Gerald Frisch Howard Parfrey mu e shot put 44 440 44 shot put Thus far the team has partucupated un one meet and have some more sched uled before the end of the year PAGE FORTY EIGHT - z -. if W I ':. ' ,. , . ', . ', . , . . , , . ' . ' ' ' ................ 'l JimTracy .............,..... mile ............ . , , ' ............... .. ' ................. ' ' ............... . O ,I hu? A-l FORENSICS The annual forenslc contest was held on March 23 In the school assembly room The following persons participated ORATIONS SERIOUS DECLAMATIONS Orlgunal Our Future ln Balance The Tntamc Duck Tracy Estelle Wucklund The Shrlmp John Steinberg Non Ongmal The War lnevltable White Lllacs Bonme Wlcklund Jack Buchanan T e Tell Tale Heart Carol Braun The Amencan Way Ardene Matthews HUMOROUS DECLAMATIONS The Bug Game Jrm Zurfluh V h China Blue Eyes Carol Klappo T e chem Ralp Tabor Shirley Cole Betty Braun Maxme Gust Lufe Wrth Father Byron Amundson Murlel Weaver Dorothy Regzek Jack Buchanan Estelle Wncklund Jlm Zurfluh Duck Tracy and Betty Braun won furst place at school and went on to the sectuonal contest at Wrsconsnn Rapids A Ratmgs there were given to Estelle Wlcklund Jack Buchanan and Jum Zurfluh Duck Tracy and Betty Braun recelved B Ratmgs On Aprnl 2 the remalnlng A Raters traveled to Stevens Point for the DISTFICT contest Estelle W and Jnm Z received B Ratmgs and Jack B a C Coaches for dramatncs thus year were Mass Babcock and Miss Bendlxon PAGE FIFTY V DUAL WIN JACK BUCHANAN Orchon BETTY BRAUN Extemp Recdmg DICK TRACY Serrous Declo ESTELLE WICKLUND Orahon JIM ZURFLUH Humorous Declom PAGE FIFTY ONE INDI I NERS IN FORENSICS W OR CLA The senior class play this year drew one of the largest crowds in school history Over two hundred advance sale tickets and one hundred at the door play mght filled the gym to seating capacity The cast did exceptionally well and thoroughly convmced the audience in their character parts portrayed Those who took part in the play and their roles are as follows Don Carl as Ellsworth Larson Editor of The Little Moccasin Estelle Wlcklund as Clarbeth Harris Assistant Editor of The Little Moccasm George Buehler as Duck Martin Sports Editor of The Little Moccasm Jim Crowns . . Eileen Cibula Harold Coyer Gene Johnson Louis Koehn . and an love with Clarbeth Ken Christensen .................. as Jay Manson, the lt ' boy of the school Gerald Falk ..... . as Shorty George, Business Manager of "The Little Moccasin," and eternal pal of Jay Manson Arleen Gildenzoph ..... as Doro Dean, Society Editor of "The Little Moccasin," and Jay's chief cause for worry Arclene Matthews .. as Margaret Allison, Literary Editor of "The little Moccasin" Susan Cleveland ..... as Annie GooPY, - the three Chinese monkeys in reverse, She "Sees all," "Hears all," and "Tells all as lnspector Burke, of the Police Department as Dean as Swenson, PAGE FIFTY-TWO Hartman, Dean of the school dumb sock of the police force as electrician and policeman as Heinrich, the Mystery Man ACT Thus years one act play was a real success Those who partlcrpated nn the Nekoosa competed with Marshfield In the local contest and won first place The cast conslstlng of twenty one characters traveled to Stevens Polnt on November lO and received a B ratmg All those who saw the play engoyed tt and students partlclpatung benefnted by the experuence PAGE FIFTY THREE play worked hard toward getting a high-rating in the one-act play contest. E Wicklund R Tabor G Buehler S Cole Mss Babcock J Tracy A Guildenzoph D Severson DEBATE There were long hours of hard work spent in Debate The sublect for Debate this year was Resolved That the Federal Government Should Not Requrre Arbltra tion in the Basic American Industries Those who made up the A team were Affirmative Estelle Wlcklund and George Buehler Negative Arleen Gildenzoph ative Betty Wolf and Dorothy Severson The B team did very fine work which made it difficult for Miss Babcock their splendid coach to choose which team was to be the A team The two teams went to Port Edwards for a practice Debate There they won one debate tied in one and lost the third On January 3l the A team accompanied by Miss Babcock and the members of the B' team traveled to Stevens Point to the sectional contest Although they were not able to go to a higher contest the debators feel as though they have received a great deal from their work In addition to those shown above Betty Wolf also did excellent work PAGE FIFTY FOUR and James Tracy. The "B" team, Affirmative: Shirley Cole and Ralph Tabor, Neg- 'T vm?- it .av affair fi"""'v ,,,,aw-W-ummm., .4-r .Wm o Row lel to rrghl Murray Jaecs Ga B Gu Mnss Jacques R Blont G Powell D Applebee D Fe :ce Second Row S Sanger N Wnpfln F Race M Holchkrss J Nugenl M Edwards M Sablovmtch S Sablovulch ...J-'fr SCO WNIE SCO Spill PAGE FIFTY SIX 71- , - 1 W F - , J 4 . v vf . ' - 5 J 1 5 i v- Q 2 1 W d V ,, , f 1 N ' . S do , M4 ev I Y 1--f 'M ,, J ' l Lx , '-sv Q f r Y K W .rfffan-'V Wg if V vw I r - r it , A'-1-. 7 K W , ' L A Tp , 1 ':B. ,L. u,s. fy,. n,' ,. ,. ,. ,. r. . - ' . r N4 f, - rr' . ', Q , , ny , GNN' -. ' . , i 1 j 9 ? . f L ' f I , 7 x ., ' ' " 'E - 4 A .1 , v i A . , 1 '54 .rs-1, I X 1. x , K' k K 5 Q , p-1 l r X X, K . ' M, f . . M , - f ' ' , 1 I v. l ' " N" -' ' ' 1 ol -1. ,yew in all 431 :mania .ans H111 .ur LI 53' Lefllo rught Mr Kozlovsky K Hunkle K Benner W Murray B Dickey H Slemerl W NODIC U lsalawrn B nes D Guslln anan R ansky R ge Bos E Weaver Alnes G Krcmar J Sparks SCO SCO Back Row J odvnn S rl Ro erls Bec G ONer J Cole J Schatske P Sloe e Bottom Row P Band! F Cleveland J Rlppeloe D Ruder H Blanchard C Band! Murray J Nobles D Saeger PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN H, - RAH, NEKO QF-9 vii i PROM QUEEN PROM KING Kane Stephenson Gerald Fnsch JUNIOR P io o M Blnckb W e ss UI DENT HELO C w 1 I1 PAGE snxw S W Marvan Bauer wall my bag smale to Oran Strand Wallaam Beck wall my bass horn to James Tracy Mary Lou Blackburn wall my cheerleadang abalaty to Joan Malkey Gene Brandt wall my army pants to Emme Faavre Betty Braun wall my free haarcuts to Jean Fraday George Buehler wall my 'ob at the cemetery to Bob Gustan Donald Carl wall my track shoes to Dale Irwan John Chrastensen wall my good tames to Harold Mlsna Kenneth Chrastensen wall my garl fraend Sharley to Ronnae Lewas Ealeen Cabula wall my dramatac abalaty to Sharley Cole Susan Cleveland wall my part an the Senaor Class play to any goopy person Harold Coyer wall my athletac buald to Louas Hamel Aelred Crowns wall my thard base job to Gene Krcmar James Crowns wall my crew cut to Ball Taylor Dean De Rouchey wall my absences to Keath Lewas Rachard Elsen wall my abalaty to study to John Koehn Gerald Falk wall my ways wath women to Howard Parfrey Mabel Fuller wall keep my dates wath that certaan person from New Maner Arleen Galdenzoph wall my anterest an target practacang to Joan Werner Rose Grode wall my promptness to anyone who wants at Robert Grunewald wall my black haar to Phyllas Frost Jean Heeg wall my rades to Skyway to Mona Berg Jean Howland wall my letter wratang to Marlene Oleson Eugene Johnson wall my sade arm fareball to Jere Katrusch Lewas Koehn wall my fortune spent on gum to Mr Hoke Maraon Kuhn wall my walks an the halls and dateless naghts to Darlene Pharo Jane Kuhlka wall my ballerana skart to Bebe Zombkowska Ronald Manske wall my tardaness an the mornang to my successor at Freemons Harold Martanson wall my fash storaes to Louas Brost Ardean Matthews wall my beautacaan traanang to Dolores Steward Mackey Machaelkamp wall my cart abalaty to Mass Bendaxen Dorothy Newman wall my saze 'fave shoes to PG Fatz Leonard Oltesvag wall my partaes to Donald Gustan Leone Oltesvag wall my dances at Hallsade to Anna Elsen Dorothy Reazek wall my three years an Hagh school to Gert Walhorn Donald Ross wall my dastanguashed looks to Gene Peltaer Maraorae Sanger wall my ways wath Mr Hoke to Nathane Stone James Schroepfer wall my two years an Geometry to Stoogae Genevaeve Schweass wall my long haar to Doras Krubaak Elazabeth Smolarek wall my dork haar to Janet Oleson Gale Stone wall my praorataes on Chrastmas trees to Merle Sarver Irene Thompson wall my heart to Alaska Margaret Van Ruth wall my changeable ways to the weatherman Donald Walrath wall my nackname Rock to Jerry Murray Estelle Wacklund wall my everlastang conversataon to Lenore Gaylord Marae Warth wall my motorcycle rades to Bob McGee Varganaa Warth wall my band anstruments to any new Freshmen Anton Wolf wll my sound proofang aob to Harold Hancock I Betty Wolf wall my As an Englash to Bob Lutz CLASS MOTTO We have crossed the bay, The ocean Iaes before us CLASS FLOWER Yellow Rose CLASS COLORS Blue and Gold PAGE SIXTY ONE I, ,' '. I, ,' '. I, ,' ' . I, ,' ' . I, ,' '. I, ,' ' . l, ' ,' .. I, ,' " ".."'. I, ,' , :f f I l, ,i " . . , Standung Y Howaen A Guuldenzoph E Schott D Severson L Koehn E Cnhula J Voss R Grode R Tabor A Elsen Buehler Muss Benduxon Mass Draeger ated M uller B Baun K Stephenson D Tracy G Falk D Car J Tracy D Relzek E Wnck un LITTLE M AS S Under the excellent dnrectlon of Muss Greta Bendlxon the Luttle Moccasln staff has put out a flne addutlon of school news and notes on the average of every two weeks Those who hold posmons on the staff are as follows Dorothy Relzek Busuness Manager Duck Tracy Asst Editor In Chief Don Carl Boys Sports Edutor Typusts Emmy Schott Yvonne Howden Dorothy Relzek Ardean Matthews Girls Sports Editor Newsmongers Rosemary Grode Bryan Amundson Lewus Koehn Co Luterary Editors Estelle Wlcklund Proofreaders Yvonne Howden Anna Elsen Stencnlmg James Tracy Edltorlals Ralph Tabor Katle Stephenson A t Edt I ' or Feature Wrtters Betty Braun Arleen Glldenzoph Elleen Cxbula John Voss Columnist Dorothy Severson Mabel Fuller Run off Edntor PAGE SIXTY TWO G se:.'v,.f',. ,.,.l,.,.',.'1d. Gerald Falk ........ Editor-in-Chief ' ' SCHOOL CALENDAR September 3 Well the Junlors are Senlors and the Freshmen are fresh September 4-OOHU the teachersll September 5 Helgh ho back home for two days we go September 8 Today starts the flrst week of school September 9 Elected class offlcers Stoo gle prom klng September 10 Cheerleaders trled out to day George led hls flrst assembly September 11 MISS Femllng told Boyd he should let Emmodelle sharpen her own pencll September 12 Freshmmen are gettlng used to school now September 13 Raplds came down tonlght for a good game September 16--OOH' We lost 25 0 September 18 Cheerleaders are looklng for a rlde to MOSIDCC September 19 Cheerleaders stlll looklng for a rlde September 20 We re off to Mosmee Sue Arlene Betty Rosle and Elleen spent the nlght at Grodes cottage Sue complalned of the broken sprlngs September 23 Shucks' We lost Frlday nlght 6 7 George has a sore eye from the game Glrls9 September 24 Pep Club meetlng We are golng to Rlpon September 25 Senlor class meetlng Mr Schuren talks to us about our annual September 26 Boys go to Rlpon good uc September 29 We won lt was a swell game too Don Carl got cold on the way home September 30 Two bus loads are golng to Waupaca Julle Hlnkel IS hoplng she sees a certaln redheaded Freshman Oh' those red heads October l Hot lunches start and so does the magazlne sale October 2 Plctures came oh MISS Ben dlxen October 3 John and Gene are havlng a wonderful tlme wlth chemlstry problems October 5 We beat Waupaca 20 13 MISS Flrkus engoyed the game but Arlene G en toyed the rlde home so much more October 6 Play tryouts for one act play Merle S IS golng to try out for the devll s part October 8 SIX weeks tests today October 9-Our opponents tonlghtl Tomah' October 12 Swell game boys 7 7 October 13-Qulet day Ardean lsnt here October 14 Classes plcked homecomlng candldates October 15 Another Pep Club meetlng October 16 MISS Flrkus gave assembly a speech durlng the Pep meetlng October 20 Homecomlng rumors are fly lng now October 21 Tomahawk was smothered 30 0 MISS Bendlxen was so hoarse October 23 Very QUICL day for everyone but the seventh grade October 24 JUHIOFS played Plttsvllle today 2 21 Ooops' October 25 B team plays Polnt October 26111111 Crown broke hIS collar bone tough luck Jlm Votlng for homecom lng queen took place October 28 Kelth IS back now and Emma delle sald WELCOME October 29 The workmen have started re pdlflng the new gym October 30 Snake dance and pre pep ral ly IS planned for tomght Rosle has another party October 31 We play Marshfleld tonlght DICE parade November 3 We lost our game 17 12 The dramatlc club gave a nlce dance November 4 One act play today Basket ball starts November 5-One half day of school today Teachers are QOIDQ to conventlon November 10 TB tests at Raplds today and OOH' those Raplds boys November 11 Everyone IS wonderlng about Mr Tlngley IS that so Rose? November 13-Coaches were gone today sklpplng'9'-"9 November 20-Could lt be those frequent trlps up to B A s house at Raplds that makes Ken C sleep flrst perlod November 26 Rock gets hls deer December 1 No no VOCGTIOD starts week after next MISS Dopp December 2 Antlgo tonlght no breath lng wlthout permlsslon ln the study hall flrst perlod lsnt that rlght Mr Tlngley'9'9 December 3 Everyone IS talklng about the new cheerleadlng outflts They sure are nlce December 5 The freshmen are Iearnlng December 9 Tonlght we play Rlpon and George B plans on renewlng some new qualntances December 10 The two Mlss B s slng good together December 11 Dorothy S trled out the new recorder ln Engllsh today and now lt IS broken December 16-Mlss Bendlxen IS slnglng Sllent Nlght already December 18 Rosle and MISS Femllng dls PAGE SIXTY THREE T I i . T t I l . - ll ll . I - , . . . 1 D I , , I I I ' , . . ,, I . I T T , I I . . - v . - I I 1 r - . . , . . . . , . . . I . . T . . QC- . . . , . , . I ' ' - . . , . . . . . I - , . . ll - - ll SCHOOL CALENDAR agree on Rosse December 19 Home for two weeks and we all need a vacatson MERRY XMAS' January 5 All those new sweaters flashsng around The snow storm dsdn t hold any teach ers Some luck' January 6 Nekoosa host to Mossnee Fsnal score was 29 22 sn our favor Sensor Ball comsng up soon January 7 Pat Anderson s team beats Joan Werner s team sn basketball January 9 Nekoosa lost to Marshfseld to nsght Dance afterwards sn old gym January 12 Lets not talk about the fsnals of the game Everyone ss gettsng ready for exams January 13 Marvsn B appears speechless over Shakespeare Boys are busy asksng gsrls to Sensor Ball January 14 Gsrls take thesr Phy Ed exam Shsrley Cole says st was easy Teachers up tsll all hours gettsng ready for exams January 15 Msss Babcock and Mssss Ben dsxen got locked sn the Janstors room last nsght What good ss a flashlsght wsthout a battery'9 Exams prove to be harder each year January 16 Who can thsnk at 20 below zero2 Basketball game tonsght wsth Stevens Posnt January 19 Game wsth Posnt Had to play overtsme and Posnt won by 2 posnts Sensor January 20 Nekoosa host to Mauston Good game and super playsng We won 38 January 21 Coach Ostrom sprasns hss back lsftsng Coca Cola cases January 22 Weather remasns at 15 200 below zero January 23 Nekoosa plays at Wausau The fsrst half was real good Nothsng more sasd January 26 A cold Monday mornsng Looks lske no one s cars were startsng thss mornsng Duck Crowns had a nsce week end by all snds catsons January 27 We play Rspon tonsght sn non conference tslt Msss Bendsxen sounds happy 7th persod January 28 We lost to Rspon Dead Eye Dsck rsdes agasnl What colors would you call that eye George9 Must be a bsrthday present New Msner Hep Cats play Andys Hot Dogs tonsght Was that a scare' The score was 29 28 wsth Hep Cats sn front January 29 Rosle sn hospstal wsth appen dectomy Is that a contagsous dssease'3 Dsck Tracy started st wsth Mursel Weaver brsngsng up a fast second January 30 Tomahawk defeated by our team 39 19 Good work boys That s the way st should be done February 2 Whole Nekoosa goes to Dyra cuse Mound to attend sks meet yesterday February 3 Team goes to Mauston tonsght February 4 We lost sn last 4 msnutes of game Tough luck boys February 5 boys travel to Stevens Posnt tonsght Pep Club chartered a bus February 6 We lost the game Should we blame st on the weather? Was pretty cold' Band mothers sponsor a teen age dance to nsght February 9 Who dared C Braun to cut sn on Coach Brekke and Msss Bendsxen at the dance Frsday nsght? February 10 We play Port Edwards to nsght Sensors are to sponsor a dance after wards February 11 We defeated Port Rsp roarsng game Fsnal score was 41 33 February 12 Psctures taken for Moccassn today Boys all wore susts and tses for the occasson Wonder where Swede got the bow tse'9 Pep meetsng skst today presented by sensor boys for Rapsds was a scream February 13 Everyones on thesr guard to day Frsday the 13th The game last nsght was sust wonderful Our boys gave them cs real scare and really made our school feel February 16 Sensor play ss chosen to be Mystery sn the Lsbrary February 17 Junsors holdsng secret meet sngs sn Kozys room February 18 Katse S stsll on crutches and Coach Ostrom ss home recoversng from pneu monsa February 19 Stoogse and those new gsrls' February 23 Freshmen boys beat the B team sn basketball after school Sensor play cast apposnted February 24 Blackhawks play famous Red heads tonsght Whats Gert so happy about today'9 February 25 Say those tall Redheads are really neat' Engwall how do you rate? February 26 Nekoosa to play Rapsds to nsght at Posnt sn W V tournament Pep meet sng thss noon was good C Klappa looks sleepy today Wonder why February 27 Game last nsght was dyncs mstel Nekoosa played a good game all the way through and sf luck would have been on our ssde lske Rapsds on some of those roll a round rsm balls we could have won Fsnal score was 39 35 March 1 Nekoosa played Wausau Frsday PAGE SIXTY FOUR . . O . . . Ball Saturday was froze out at 350 below zero. proud. This was our final game. 31. - ' ' - F lx 1 s v - . ii I SCHOOL CALENDAR afternoon School raduo s really buzzung Good thung we caught up un the last quarter March 2 Faculty us to take part un Donkey basketball game tonught Beebe Zombowsku vs .loan Werners team and Mentone Monutors vs New Rome Sandburs March 3 What s Ray Oleson lumpung around for? March 4 Why was C Klappa pullung J Fruday s hour? Gurls please March 5-N Brost comung to school for more than one subuect A Guldenzoph and Physucs March 8 Who s the Sophomore gurl keep ung Duck Tracy so occupued'-' March 9 Bachelors Club makes chulu9 March I0 Muss Dopp sungs The Wundow She ls Open and Pat Anderson us to blame That furst peruod gym class' look un skurts Boys feelung mughty low March 15 Forensuc contest un school thus afternoon Wunners were Jack Buchanan Duck Tracy Estelle Wucklund Betty Braun and .lum Zurfluh March I6 A Guldenzoph takung up the pruntung trade these days March I8 Forensuc contest held at Rapuds .lack Buchanan Estelle Wucklund and Jum Zur fluh receuvung A ratungs Other two receuved B ratungs March I9 Could ut be sprung fever we re catchung as vacatuon comes up? March 29 Luttle Sur Echo goes out of the halls Euleen C the name us 'Murphy Mus takes do happen March 30-How does ut feel to be an Aunt Pat'-l March 3l-Carol K stull has curcles around her eyes Cant be from Sunday or can ut? Aprul I Muss Dopp your pockets open' And thats no Aprul Fool lake' Aprul 5 Sugns all over the buuldung praus ung all four Republucan candudates Aprul I2 Tucket sellung contest between Senuor boys and gurls boys won Aprul I3 Senuor Class play tonught Play Port un baseball after school Aprul 'I4-Class play huge success Senuors moral us hugh now Aprul I5 Whats that motorcycle hangung around on Skunk Hull for? Ask Betty Braun Aprul 21-GAA sponsored a musucal pro gram Aprul 22 Another program a Sculptor thus Aprul 23 Report cards come out today' No wonder there are so many unhappy faces Aprul 24 Another bug day Tournament at Wausau for all musuc solos and ensembles Junuor Prom Katue S and Stoogue F are Kung and Queen Aprul 26-Prom was a bug success The decoratuons were gorgeous and all had a good tume May 8 The Band and Chorus groups went to Wausau for annual tournament May I7 Plans are under way for all gradu atuon exercuses Senuors look a luttle dazed May 23 Baccalaureate exercuses May 27 Commencement exercuses Senuors bud farewell to good old A H S RADIO OPERATORS Donald Olsen Donald Carl George Buehler PAGE SIXTY FIVE ' ' . ' - 2 ' March I2-Senior girls getting that "new llme- ' I I I . ' l ' I I XI I' XANIDFR Illl ll QCIIOCDI 4 n WICBIIND S pf f m M Ss- uno:-I x WS lr-u ns:-ux April 27, 1948 ln Appreciation to Our Sponsors As seniors, we have come to realize that both school and community are inseparable The life of each is fused with that of the other The school looks to its community for moral and financial support The community looks to he school for recruits in the world of business, and good citizens to take their places ln a d m ocratlc world We are indeed grateful to the business and professional men of the com unlty who have given so generously toward the support of the 'l94B Moccasin We trust you will find your reward in the appreciation of the student body with which you have cobperated Sincerely, THE MOCCASIN STAFF 4 PAGE 5'XTY sax !,,f' ,,X,,,,. L s E -5- in --fe C H Pt l f.'--4 was ' ' v wilson s ,sc con 1 v v 4 A 1 I I4 A I ' 5 7 I ,'.".,u rinmc . 1 A 1 v 1 -' .' . I . T, e 1 W u l A X V X N X N Q u l N SPONSORS Backus 8- Werner M D s Beauty Nook Ann Henschel Bentz Tavern Beppler Roller Mllls Doly Drug 81 Jewelry Dr Walter Blgford Brandts Market Braun s Barber Shop Cattanach s Store Cleveland Insurance Agency Cnty Servuce Service Statlon A J Crowns Attorney Crowns Auto Sales lWlsconsln Rapldsl Curts Cream E Way Dairy Dems Pharmacy Dlesburg s Tavern 8- Lunch Dixon Hotel lWlsconsln Rapldsl Mrs Henrietta Eckardt Wlsconsln and Palace Theatres KWISCODSIH Rapldsl Emmons Stationery 81 Office Supplies Electro Appllance Company Fey s Photo Art Shop lWlsconsln Rapldsl Fllm Art Service lMadlson Wlsconslnl First Street Market lWlsconsln Rapldsl Gambles The Frlendly Store G E Marvnn Company Germanns Jewelry Store Grode 81 Nash Paper Company Guernsey Daury E D Helke Attorney Donn Hougen Archutect Hubers General Merchandise J 8- J Koffee Kup Johns Coal and Fuel Company Johnson 8. Hull lWusconsln Rapndsl Jerrold s lWlsconsln Rapldsl Kellogg Lumber Company Korbol's Motor Sales Marvun Wenger Company Mullsnde Barbershop Mlsna Electric 8- Plumbnng Shop Nekoosa Bakery Nekoosa Beauty Shop Nekoosa Cnty Service Station Nekoosa Dry Cleaners Nekoosa Edwards Paper Company Nekoosa Floral lWalter Mannsl Nekoosa Foundry 8. Machune Works Inc Nekoosa IG A Store Nekoosa Press Nekoosa Shoe Servuce Nekoosa State Bank Nick Muchaels Paper Inn Parkvuew Restaurant Peltier Electric and Plumblng Pharo Grocery Store Polzun s Hardware W A Radke Insurance Agency Rapids Beverage Rapids Furniture Store Rapnds Sport Shop Resheske Brothers Grocery 8. Servuce Statlon Rialto Service Ruvervsew Servlce Statnon Rogers Economy Store Sampson Canmng Co lWlsconsun Rapudsl Schroeders Varuety Store Smolarek Depot Timber Tavern Trevelen 8- Korbol Store H H Voss Hardware Washburn s Garage Wnsconsm Raplds Trlbune Wood County Telephone Company Loop Tavern Andrew Zurfluh PAGE SIXTY SEVEN - 1 , . , . . - , . , . I . . . . . , , . . . - f . ' ' , ' Polzin's Restaurant I I - , . . , . . . . , F'-revs' fw- y.vfr,.e ,. Ny, U K Q AHC free A 4 ke .CE P CJ! I fzf f. ,Y ,fX,,,,-xI l-f.fX,- .,,,., OLJ frwdf

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Alexander High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Nekoosa, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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