Alexander High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Nekoosa, WI)

 - Class of 1937

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Alexander High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Nekoosa, WI) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Q ug A a Fl. F 2? , sf 'fs 1 . 1 ix 1-'81 :, +4 , ..'4- 4, 7 . p '.v f.. Y ,- I 1 F- f -1-1. 'f- , , , ar , .Y .- L V K 1,i .A , .v 174 g '- .fri 41. 5 mf-x7'1 F, , 4-av 5 km .1 . , K SH- ' 'nf' J-. 1 iw' Q,-mrs ,y V' ,. su'- A-.3-3 T 1 .2 Vffg.-I 'ig ,-4-Zgjf ,. 1. sw , '..s A ,, Agri Lim 11 'xi sh' ' J Hwy? 4: ix.-Ji . nzg 113 X-'S-.f .. Q .r sv 1,71-v A yah? 1 4 ' f -,Q + -15' Ig il H? A if if Qfgsny 'Ee I iv'l 'VB' 1 ,,: eirff' f ' sv ' . '2 'SH'-Q fa ry . 1 ' 1'9 1A,. ,Q .rg Ffa ' '-rs5fg,+vQ N, . +f'5'a -- is -gf a. 1 ,.. 7, . Sf -I .L ,, .'fQ!D.-e.-34- .--, .M--,Yu , , ' ff? , :lip ,fig ,K fr 91?5fu 5 Q wifi Av 'B' '4 'Fx ef H ' ' 71 , ' ft ., 5 f 1 1 wig ' ,sy .xl 4 2 . ig fi? 43 . if-1 Q 1, fi T-. 1 as ' 1 A ',,'eV 'F .iii ij? 'SQ' Jw- 41 -7'4:, f 2 J A 7 gh gi --my Q figs., I, 5' - ','.' Z. ,Eh '- - - ' ,. 4 -1- -Q ff 5.4. Ai? 4.53151 uf -Y' '-Q T f': '4 gmyrii, .49 si P-' 'x'f. x1 :' A 1 xy? '75 v,f1f'.2ff:g: t I. ,xx I , I . 'Jes .sf 543 Q S if , ., 2. - 1-7 f2. 'Q vig? . 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THE MOCCASIN Published by the Class of 1957 of the Alexander High School 'A' . 4 it A I H s Q1 1 P Nekoosa -I Uisp V- .- !, ,5,M 4 I Q v o r - 0 qgil t 1 'M K H fin 1, .M-O CL A 55 N oan:..n.nq::uou::so:'sZo'o anen i:aos::suuucuoiuessno 2 5' F' 1 DlDloAflON - Q Appreciating sincerely the 1 part which they have played in our high school careers, we, the Class of 1957, do hereby dedicate this volume of the Moccasin to the 1 Musical Organizations of this fi school. May they always maintain ' their'high'standurds. :Lrg , - gl f'f a!iV 33 I --IN . WD ,L papsvi 65 l XNCkyf XLHM7 JNQ6Eg' w3? ?3?T , QA N-9 FV QQE23L. f--22232. ff' NN- ,f Quiet? ,wi NThrough me, spirits immortal speck the mes- sage that makes the world - Heep and laugh and wonder ' and worship. I AM MUSIC.n 5 E, 5. 5 4 Q i E 3 s 5 fi 3 Z E 2 E 5 Q 5 2 5 E 5 5 T HE MC2CCf5N.Sl N SUR H l f' N P' Jxfi.. JCJA3 M i lx i 5 QA HAS the director wields his baton, blends the many sounds into one perfect mony, so hcs the faculty with its baton leadership and wise counsel, wielded th Alexander High School student body into harmonious ensemble of cction.N , -, , ,f 1 iv, nad G 5. B end har of O. E 3 v il E J. E. R0llr Superintendent of Schools. Ruby Femlmg Sixth Grade N5 fs T Severn Koch Ruth Slmtla, KlIFf H bT4i:Jb4.S'JA Hu-iet Larson Fll7St Grade Mrs. Ruth Pofier Second Grade fifflfmf Verna. Tlmmer Lucille Rochlus Music - German Lf,M1,2ffZ'WW ?'f?f,m M nglis rchestra. Commercialig g ' 1 em? Home Economics - BerniCe Halverson Physical Wil ,wsvi Clara hmm Social Science fl i ,gee V15 ' .f J'fJ ' XXL Aff' Frances Korbol Chu-le, Mingst Ruth Manual Arts, - Coach Third Grade Alice Fluke Fourtlhl Grade 'FEE' lMll'v Hale Fifth Grade Adolph Kollovsky Science - ,Assistant Coach Latin - Li Sjcm. of- 1 4 Qu!-Q' Rose Schaffenberger Office- Manager ' Ll: 'I' 1 H l .5 .5 L Jx5.1x.D'C.., khfxx bf fl X GLW, DEQU M MA J GRS I Qmg fgg 1.. Sw E -Q1 QA Qqgfkj Qgffw ,ff dw Ffh AQ? Rib ' fnk I SS--1,ff9'f 2k3P'Z'fQ:'.:1f1'- I ff:- zifwgffb mfs: ,MP L.y2,f1? ff?-fe vfififwk ' -REMV -.. LA, -,' -57:3 H ,I T xv' ir.:-'ff TMJ N-3 'S x YQ35 x X . N I HUG today's procession heading, Set the rhythm for the band.W , v 1 L 1! Vivian Allen M Don't take life too seriously, way. General Course, Entered from Adams-Friendship 35 Prom Queen 4: Play: The Poor Fish 45 Commencement Editor 4. Gail Auglley My old tin lizzie'S lots of fun, Though it was born in 1901. Commercial Course, Honor Student: Masqers 3, 45 Dec- lamation 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Plays: The Poor Fish 4: Dormitory Dub 45 Three Taps on the Wall 33 Dram tic Editor 4. ffailf L is like the pink eye We all have lt. English cours Ch ius 1 Play: The Poor 4 Class Editor, 4., Mary Why worry life is short? Commercial Course: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 43 Mas- quers 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 23 Debate 43 Declamation 23 Plays: Ghost of a Chance 25 Elmer 43 Patterson Din- ner 4, The Poor Fish 4, Clarient Quartette 4, Sen' r Editolii XJMIL '-4 - ik, V- ' 1 ' . '5 N Mar reg - l 'ff M A ' should I 'I mme z Course, d -2, J, 1 Srchestra A asqu ' ,. , V 3 Chorus 1: Debate eclamation 2: y 1 Poor Fish 43 X a et Q tette 4, Senior E itor 4. ', GraCe Boyer Two blue eyes that seem to S3-Y, Smile and chase the gloom away. Commercial Course: An- nouncement Committe 43 Humor Editor 4. Ruth Braun She can dance, she can sing, She can sew like 'every- thing! General Course: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Plays: Three Taps On the Wall 33 Chorus Ed- itor 4. I Marion 'Carlson Much can be said about her, But more by her. General Course: Glee Club 15 Announcement Editor 4. Humor Editor, 4. George Carteuson A loyal friend and a good scout, Always ready to help you out. Science Course: Football 2, 3, 45 Basket ball 1, Bac- calaureate Editor 4. Estlner Mle Clark In the future take a look in Who's Who, And I'll bet Esther Mae will look out on you. Commercial Course: Mas- quers 3, 4, Declamation 3, 43 Plays: The Poor Fish 4: Three Taps on the Wall 35 Patterson Dinner 45 Liter- ary Editor 4. Class Songf 4. Elsie Elmer Art is her hobby and every- one says, That it's really Surprising' the talent she has. Commercial Course: Chorus 2: Business Manager, Senior Class Play, Art Editor 4. Belton Ferkey Delton is the original collar ad, Why does he often look so sad? Science Course, Basketball 1gBusiness Manager 4. Harlan Fluno Hle wouldn't be good if he he could, And he couldn't be good if he would. Science Course, Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. An- nouncement Editor 4. Lorraine F0ley Began talking when she was six months old. and T11-1Sn't stopped yet. General Course, Play: .El- mer 4, Baccalaureate Editor 4. Donald Giese 'tNever a care never a hurry, Good looking girls are his only worry. Commercial Course, Hockey Editor, Band 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Play: Poor Fish. ' Allen Greene I like work it fascinates me, I can set and look at it for hours. Science Course, Football 1, 2. 3, 42 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Humor Editor 4. Francis Grode Do not today, what you can put off until tomorrow. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4,Play Poor Fish 4, Ceneral Course, Marionet- tes 4, Humor Editor, 4. Harvey Grover She's just too marvelous, too marvelous for words. Commercial Course, Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Play: The Poor Fish 4, Orchestra Editor 4. Floyd HamrG Floyd is a boy wvho'll not pretend, But be a truthful, loyal friend. Commercial Course, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 4, Or- :hestra 3, Play: Elmer 4, Advertising Manager-Senior Class Play, Band: Edirtor, As- sistant Art Editor 4. Erma Helke Sweet, demure and shy is she, Always ready a friend to be. General Course, Commence- ment Editor 4. Class Song Committee, 4. Donald Kin! I always did like lots of noise, For then you see it at- tracts the teqchersf' Science Course, Football 3, Chorus 1, 4. Senior Editor 4. Charlotte Lellner French for Charlie is as 'visy as can be, You'd think she was born in gay Paree. Commercial Course, Marion- efts 4, Masquers 2, 3, 4, Declamation, 2, 3, Plays El- mer 4, Patteretts dinner 4, Ghost of a chance 2, Seven to one 3, The poor fish 4, Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Editor. Jen Long Here was a Caesar! VVhen comes :such another? Science Course, Class Presid- ent 1, 3, 4, Prom Chairman, Student Council President 4, President of Boy's Dramatic Club 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Plays-Elmer 4, Poor Fish 4, Marionettes 4, Football and Basketball Ed- itor 4. Tlxada Morse Thada Morse is a lovable lass, A favorite in the Senior Class. Commercial Course, Holnor Student, Marionettes 4, Vice President 4, Mimeo- graph Editor 4. : an , ,, J, , ,-,- ww? f 'fra self' 1 , 4 ' aw ' A A x 44 T 1' . 11.5. . Q 5 'Q , . .' . er . 1 -,ll L , 1 I ' , mi If ri LL... 'Q Y? 5 'lyk P I , V 'L-gf.-f Q35 ,V 1? 1.-Ili.--r'7g?i!?Q,i 531. h X ' A'T V P. J? N .P 'ygfl 54'JLV 4 -, It f -gg rs , Q '14 gl 5 -- fl 41 5 A g ' . U- 35, 1 1- .ww -film. f E5 'f' '-'eef-,g i,43Q',7EJ:. -H -'-if L U 1 I : -,,g3,,5w' 111 1 - ' , , . : 13' 'I -,Le ,zu ,f ' ' , '55f1,i?9'sv -, ,A , 5.5132 , Xa -' f - i .4'1Nf.- A' I F . E ', F'lf1 LL, :Ie W 2: X' Y, X 1 ,J - 7. J, I ? Q T 4.1 1 :A - F-SQW, ipgmf , 5 F221 A V 1,1 4 IF'i?.Q5 if ' U 'L55 ,ix - I i' -.if , . I ,vi - gs, 7 . L y -15' 1 Q , 1,3-xi Z Q, . 'LJ 7 ,, - I 4551.7 ,- -rv X ' fig , ,J 1, -.ff Q xr. 1-gf ., 1 ' .' 'i -ifh' '-'fi ' ' An.Q 9u.-31 .',, 1 , ,.,. F A V Y. ,f 4 , A 4 5. n ,v ,- .MA 1 n., -'uw - i..-1 V, .!egK,.,:.l .VN I. I . V : .7-+4--F-1255, .?fr,.fL LYS! ' f- .:. Q15 I f .A,. . . - , 1.. zu, V g 4. 1 1 Wsiffiwm I if . H Q , . -1, , A ' F 1 .f .. . 4, .I A r 44 - av A JH' fjl yr Q' . . , A q - F w-1 Y, . 1 . M ,-gs. A35 . 1 'fslgl ' ' P-,f',m2:u , 'ff-mfVE1 ff 4 'FJ- 5?' gf-I H a- 5 '?.fl'?fif ,V ning:-If : ' aaa ,ef ' E ,45- fa I 5459 151,11-,V. 'F' 5? M. ' .v. fx . Q mf , Q., 7551 L X ID -I ,. 1 w n V' X lg --5-,-,,',,.. e i if V if ' . 4 1 n ' tix v fig' ' 5- -' w 1 .iv nfeffli! X. fl ' 1 .4-Q., A-' ' ' ' Lf! 1 L . fly- nie 1 1' U f ' 4 N5 J t 0 ,sf g. .:? rf 'Kiss' l .4:,1 Y 'j,.:K5'l- r ' 'ik 3.i1f'fv ,' I . A 1WlP ,, :l f ' AE , . ,.,,,r a f4, , -' . -? N 7 4 :4.q,',ffr-Q. Msg-'A 1: 3,5 'V' , ,nf ,., , ,:- , of u gpg, Eg: 1 .1 .J- ' ' 1 N - .ig Fw . -1 933,41 ? ,jd 33 u ef . I r- , I 1 V - 3: ' . 2 -q .W WF :Zim .f!',-'ity , N ,Q -1 1 wjy'L,'k,5?g,1vf ' ' mi' f55e jr.LG3ef 'V afii'35.r A ,ne ., V 3 1 gif' Z-' 1?-'L' 3,5 ,j ,Q . . .1 n,, ' 1 A- Douglas Relin My only books are women's looks, And fo1ly's all they taught me. General Coursey Football, 15 Senior Class Play, Thle Poor Fish, 43 Literary Ed- itor, 4g Boy's Dramatic Club, 4. Fl0r'enCe Robinson Oh for a reason to call a strike, Then I could sleep as much as I like. General Courseg Band, 3, 4, Masquers, 3, 45 Declamation 1 LA. FJ, 3g Oration, 2 QA. 10.13 Debate, 3, 45 Student Council, 4g Forensic Editor, 43 Plays-Seven to One, 3, Elmer,4, The Poor Fish, 4, Dormitory Dub, 4. Lucille Sanger Everybody likes her pep and zest, Her life is one big laughing fest? Commercial Courseg Debate 4, Oration, 45 The P1 or Fish, 4, Forensic Edivtor, 4. . X . gg' ' fl -' Dorafhy Server l. 'Love stole into her heart one day, Just for a visit, but decided to stay. General Courseg Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 45 The Poor Fish, 45 Chorus Editor, 4. Maude Ida Sullle She takes delight in domes- tic Science, She's learning to cook for two General Courseg Masquers, 2, 3, 45 Plays: No Saiue, 3, Dormitory Dub, 4, Elmer, 43 Chorus, 1, 25 Declamation, 35 Assistant Business Manager, 4. 1 Edna Urban 'She opened her mouth with wisdom, And in her tongue is the law of kindness. Commercial Coursey Honor Studentg Play Elmer, 4, Mimograph Editor, 4. ' F .FQ S Ernest Vehra Greater'men than I might have lived, But ........ ? Science Courseg Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4g Debate, 43 Oration, 3, 43 Extemporaneous Speak- ing, 3: Elmer, 43 Hockey, 45 Hockey Editor, 4. Cartrbelle Warner Don't argue with her if you except to win, For you'll be beaten before you begin. Q Commercial Course, Chorus, 1, 3, 45 Calandar Editor, 4. George Winker Beware of the quiet ones, girls, Sometimes they get you un- wares. Science Coursey Basketball, 1, 2, 3g Football, I, 2, 39 Assistant Business Manager, 4. Florence Wintlyn You Gotta quit kicking my dog around. Commercial Course: Chorus, 1, 2g Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Commencement Editor, 4. Arthur Wittenberg Seems much inclined, To improve his mind. Science Courseg Honor Stu- dentg Chnorus, 1, 2, 3, 4. Commencement Editor 4. Class song. Leonard Wrysinske Not a sinner nor a saint perhaps, But, well, just the very best of chaps. Sciewnpe Course, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band, 1, 2, 33 Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 45 The Poor Fish, 45 Boy's Dramatic Club, 4. Baccalaureate Ed- itor 4. Jake Wolke iCe'nter Bottomj Attention, Girls! He makes good fudge. Science Courseg Basketball, 3, 4g Football, 2, 3, 4, Mar- uonettes, 4g Football and Basketball Editor, 4. V y I .. il , In F .., , V.. -. n 1 ' ' V, - ' 5' . Ss ' -1 k 4 , , .. ffl , U' ' . . 2 ,Q-M -f Q 7, f - X,- 1' . r -J: - 'rf-'12 , .vf. '- 1- ' X 1 X 5 1... g , L -+ Q t f 1 u l 5 , X ' ,vp 21.16 fy 'IQ Q M x Q51 W I 4 4 . Qi w 5 if-s' , ,xv .ul 4 .,x4, 3? .Ju-. ,, .4 -1. wish . Uu- g,.q .v v I, 9 , -- .A ' li . .NAR 1 V' . ' . 'WE i, - 1 4 if - -- 5 . '. 'liflfi ' . api .fx fp' 41-4- . . -v f ' lar ' . A' : . 7' E wQE2..i- 5 ' 7, 1 .Ii I . . -A.: . i- Y: 'I-Jil! r' ' ,,, , 1, ' '-f' 'I -' 4. J' mid Q -..-af .U . f 1' vw- 'L 1' N if ,': 1'-, , f-1,11 ,'Y.,5, W .13 ,H '1f14'.-',',.,' N, Z ., X . -gg. . , .W -- -,-. , .Q I 1 'f,.. c sf-- ': w, -,ifif .xp .1-rf---.. . Qu' , 1 . by - ' MLWFPN-7' '- LM' S - ' ., , g pm. if . . 1 .wo '. ' f31I,'rfF.w .-'r W' '. '--- .N 2 ,4.,5:g: any 4 S:- ..- A ri iiffgxs,-.R 3' - - J' V ' 5. f P1 , if T - 551 f X . . '-'JT ,Q , -- Q, ii , 2 , -' rl' rar.- Q.: ,f:,.,3f, ,. .,,,,. , . U P - Q, A In 1 44 , . TEQQL3 Q ' 4 '. f.. ., : .f - - ' 5- .. V - 'ui , 14,2 ' 4. ' wi- '.f ' v f' '.,iA'.f: -,, A ff T YA 5 . 5:-:mf -x.. ,I 'V D ,aj-qifggmgslz 5, - fi., YC 'I -1 ' -.iiqgai f lv: . r4t'f', : 1 - ':Eiv'i 4 .ig-. -,fp u ,,,, , ,J - rg E MU. .E3:fg1!ggii2, . -. 1521 Q - , ' :if 4 1 1 1 . - 1 fyff' 513 1 ' I 'Z A ' '.g'.f- . ' . b. g Q41 if - - -ff af 5 .. 4 - fa f zf .5 ,4 1-1 ? -- V ' 4'-o if ,:f.,:!. ' -.3 1 1. .- w 75, fi.-1 . 1- ,, -,Es-'w f 55-if ,..- ,I-4, - ,A 'Q-N ' -.. +199 . ,. '-4:,.?,f5 4. L 1 ' ,Q TF--1 ,, ,M - 35 A ,1 xwhlf ,g I.,: - 1 345.1-,- f' , L- :gas-..5L.fif, - -'uw -111:13---V 1 ' , M ,. F 'f . 'j ' FA. lf' ,. .- . 'Hp i 'ff-?1' , PM L-.L C 14 , . L E.,- ' Q:-, 1 - '. . + - I ig-if -X : -1 1 lv-' ' ,x 4 Liig Lf?-f'r5 .gtyif - . . f--- sf.--- . ' '- - ' ' 4 ig! 1,1 g H rj, il2,:.1 ' .?g' .M 4 '4 '1 i' E- Q! ,N '-25M ' -'Q f' 5 'Z ' - . 'ff V Iv ' ,sg , ' ' Q' 3-..f,.s ff' , 'f- .- . 'Q 1 . f 1' -rg .. - - . 'x .. e . I:-,I LBP' g ' - mug-Ei.- . ' ' , ,fur-,L Y If 1 ,V QL .L . r T HE MDC-C A S J N semen: cuss AUTIVITIES l After Christmas the Senior Class, as a unit, took a little time out, as so many of the individual members were busy in debate, oratory, declamation,'centest plays, orches- tra, band, and chorus, and, of course, there were such trifling matters as semester examinations. By the end of February, however, the group was 'raring to go again, and so they invited themselves to give the pep meeting for the last home game of their high school careers, February 26th, when Antigo came down to play a return game. As this was the Senior 0Swan song,H they out-did themselves. A marion- ette show with living puppets enacted the history of the famous basketball team of 1957. From the first act, which showed Jess, Jake, Allen, Sonny, and Butch in their cradle days, dressed in the traditional white with pink and blue ribbons, with sweet little bonnets of lace Ccurtainsl to the last scene which showed the prom of yesteryear, the Seniors carried their audience with them in a whirlwind of pep and good fellowship. The clown band, our blues singers and the ever-faithful Donald Kirst with his guitar enter- tained between acts to make the affair one of the crowning events of the year. , ' ' The Senior Class Play WThe Poor Fish,W which is re- viewed in.the Dramatic section, was the next activity to occupy the time and interest of the class, and this was a true artistic as cell as financial success. The cast ap- preciated very much the sincere effort expended by Miss Bjerkeng in bringing this production its high level of accomplishment. The past month, the class has spent every free period and a good many evenings in Room B and in the Typing Room, getting ready for the publication of this annual. Cem- menconent'events have occupied the earnest efforts of the speakers, soloists, and the various com ittoes who are making arrangements. It's been a busy time, but it's also been a very happy time, and there is sincere regret in the voices of the Seniors when they cem ent that after ' another week they'll no longer be Seniors, but instead, they'll be numbered among the ranks of the Alexander High School Alumni. Q ' JUNIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES The high point of the yea:-'s social calendar began at 9:45 on Friday, May 14th, when Burnell Goodness and Viv- ian Allen, king and queen of the Junior Prom, stepped for- ward at the head of the Grand Promenade. For this occasion the Alexander High School gymnasium was transformed into a California vineyard, and the romance and glamour of an ' ancient southwest enhanced the beauties of modern costume. Excellent music was the order of the evening with Tommy Tate's Madison orchestra playing. ' E H if, M U LL fl 5 I N simian. -CLASS 1LcTIvIT1Es'L The Class of 1957 started the year off right by electing the following officersg I President-- ------ --------------- Jess Long Vice Presidents-------------Thada Morse Secretary-Treasurer ------ -4Mildred Benner Student Council Members--Maude Ida Sultze The first big t coming. After weeks dawned to find ideal game and dance. All --Leonard Wrysinske ask confronting the Seniors was the Home- of preparation, the day of November weather for the pep meeting, parade, the classes and organizations of the high school, and even the third and fourth grades, had planned and constructed beautiful, or comic las the case might bel floats, and shortly after four that afternoon, the towns- people were delighted to view the stately procession led by the poppy band in clown costume. Prizes were donated by the local merchants to the best looking, the funniest, and the most original floats. Before the parade left the high school, the student body was entertained at a riotous pep meeting staged by the Seniors. A. H. S. Barn Dance was the setting, but it is suspected that much was borrowed from the good old W. L. S. Barn Dance, as one could recognize the Hoosier Hot Shots, Uncle Ezra, and even Lulubelle, though she was minus her flaming ringlets. The square dancers brought down the house with their stomps A as well as with their identity, and ther were a few anxious fans who wondered if Corky, Jess, and Sonny would have any energy left to make touchdowns, but their fears were needless as the score that night gave Marshfield the small end of 55-7. The next project sponsored by the Class of 1957 was the entry 'E1merW in the Masquer play contest, which was presented before the main room audience, December 15th. It wasn't just the fact that the Senior class was well provided with talent, but in addition every member of the cast put forth his last ounce of effort. Underclassmen still comment on the forceful- ness of F1oyd's Sh-sh-sh's, and Charlotte's ability to win your sympathy, and Lorraino's utter disregard of the law of gravity, and the gallantry with which Jess adjusted his fair lady's galoshes. Edna did the nrheumaticksn so well that one admirer sent in her name for a Sloan's ad, themselves wide open and the twins laid to August's HI always said so,W for weeks afterward because they did the selfish sisters act so capably. Florence with her worried mother's role made the visiting parents feel right at home. Much wasn't seen of Ernest, but he could be heard tooting his horn, as :usual, only this time it was attached to a pooch, did her part admirably, but it is said that she battery, backstage. Minnie, the Billings ,turned up her nose at the hamburger so faithfully prepared by Mildred Benner. Kwarnings, Buteh.J The stage hands, property managers, curtain pullors, etc-, worked like Trojans to make the project a success, and then the curtain finally dropped on the happy ending, everyone went outgte do his Christmas shopping in the best of spirits. L.-rf? J fa i7'17 7 255 7g I :fs ' R' 3 L ' Q, d -v I K X -.,, fj',F XM' 1 ' Af' v I ...f N'-qjxhgi 'fu .1-,SSJJ , A U '1'OGRA?I-ES 6 . If-o 'A-a X N Q HE iw CJ-.1 -., .ADJ N . , -H A X IJ 1.15517 JA5 U 1OGJPx.AS?J JD '- g4 fs 1: A is v- i-'QX .Sv Q . , N.. xxx X ,,'x ' V 'K X vi Q O '11-15 11106-CAS1 N ff ..,ff . - ' ' ' ' ' 11112 1 1iAN11f 1 A1-1 D .F A fx , un 1546? 'gun RH 'W?igafLJ!11 'n 111,11 Q 141Q51g1g?f51f1151, 151 95,113 511 'f IU 'J' U 111' 115 11 11 L1 19 2' E5 si 93 9 1911-0 1 19111 19112 I-lark to tho tread of many marching feet Onward to victory as the drums boat. .Q ,. , viz2 f .- ,-W -Q. . W V . Q 1' Q 5,31 'Malia-1' '.- Ml, i Q. Q ,U .yi 1.51 , 4 ME frgngfiirg '1WQ.1.:X- L '1x'. 1 K .:.,?'.2.,f x .21-gf Q A fr 1 K+.: . ' u5.j,4F'55' '- J -A A. w r' 5.Q.i .:x. fill' W 3 Mfg V M - 5:5 ii?- 3 J figs ' .H Y ,Um ,n , 5 ' vffl 1. , fs' . A ., gig ,Ein t r Tres bm-rf-gt' -fsfiihgfiifi' mix, 53:44-arg .wif MMM? -gr.,-44 -Lass.-. nip--ug.-2,4 -vs e . f' iw T' J :fi-' .. wx Lf 'q?'f-.535 f , , uk A., ...A .,:. A, , Y, 1. ,ff-,p4 Q A 1 Fi ' faq ,..,-- ,- V, 1 .,,f,,'. - 4, -T Ex A , ,, , J.. -,., ,g , ,gf r .V 5? K . ,...,.. ,-, ,. L vi vm, w' ' I ',. ' .I ,Y i5,L0t f' rg, 'A f I .- I v',,- I V, tg ' , 4' -'- -4' 1 1 I if J C 1 JUNIORS Top row: Harold Freiberg, Leon Vandenberg, Vernon Weber, Donald Piot, Alfred Arendt, Joseph Klein, Allen Worth, Burnell Goodness, Wil- lianli Frazier, Melvin Stensberg, Howard Kuehl, Ivan Sanger. ,Middle row: Foster Caylor, Leona Elmer, Myrtle Schaffenberger, Louise Ward, Ralph Babcock, Elizabeth Bowes, Marian Albrighrt, Evelyn Randecl-ter, June O'Neill, Charlotte Manske, Shirley Bentz, Nevis Moe, Madeline Lewis, Sylvia Danno, Marie Lancour, Genevieve Szyka,Iola Long, Robert Fagen, Margaret Frazier, Mildred Fahl, Ina Mae Blackburn, , Bottom row: Miss Koch, Lorraine Zettler, Genevieve Rawlee, Gearld- ine Gorde, Dorothy Menke, Marjorie Wells, Jeraldine Wipfli, Frederick Korbol, Mary Ann Youngcfhild, Lloyd Smedbron, Beatrice Polzin, Gaylord Johnson, Dorothy Hoffman, Norman Casey, Edlith Lutz, Miss Halverson. Vivian Allen ' Burnell Goodness Prom Queen Prom Chairman 'J ng'-rg -- - W, , Tk .Q A -..Q .1-N nfs: - o 2. .51- D-5. 'S Tia ,A Tn r N QL A 'wwmmw :if ,f .f . ,YS . U Q 1 1',1 A I: r' . .' lf 1 ' ' A A Jr . ', N L . s V nl 'ax M x I I Y li 'i :- Juli 'MFT ki' .-1: , ,. 1, A A 'f .iv .rl 4-L AY' Vx: . kk.. egg' -5, 5. . V Q siwfvi 33? -- gg -. 'S f-is-'ff , 14 1514 5,11-zff.h.4f':,::i, ,L 43,-if T ,V V2.1 G A :ful Q , , my ,f i.'Mv.-6 -w 1f'-iz-yi., L -4- 'ff z w x '- Via W 'Q - f 1v- . ' 3- f ,. -' r- -:11wf,f.f '1 72:1 1-2 11' . F f 5 ' :,4:? ia f ? .-. -- - .- - -' rf A -1.1 f,,.: - - ' Q .:-M.-' - Q W' 5- 'H ' . . fra'-I ' ' - Z' - W -- I-1. ,Mi H ,. ':. ',1f ,. A - - 14.1 E5 1 . 1,J,qs W fs, 1: jg! ' ' . I1-.,ff :4? h ,i in J ia:-,:,.v,. 571 I V QW: AA QIFTSE if +L V 0 fi X ' .z,EvN.l' .. 1 5 X EMVHL I , ' W i ! ' . 2 it l fl. F . w ' , 'Elf F, wg ' Q: ' pf. I 'sf' ' ' -- , -' 2 4 -Zgff , A gf. fl'--vu --fv -Q 'H' - ' .g J' .. Tilik-.3-s-rT2', 1' ' v+ .. . P ' . Z 'f f ' Wi ,',..'Z-J ' .MH QF' 5- va in an 'A'-f',. V. , ' ' ' Q iq, -ggi' ,.,- if -4,4 ,3g4,g'A'if -65 -,-ni. 'gg +,.+,.,,-1 , --vt . 1- fm' 1' ' '1 ' ' iw Af, s..' Ni.. '.,', B51 V M 4 if 1 ' - 3 '4 W, , - 1 A M . s? '??fiQl Q. fi!-ZFQX. H-'Li ' , .4 U ,IF I ' 'f ig, f, , NM ! AQ. 2:1-Wfi2,v--b:-:.- lv'-.ii 1 --Elf ,-7:1 ' qw 1 ga buf.:-E?-' -' fm- ,s-,,mg1g Jf'?'f'La..1- 'V ff 1- wt- ' ,- , H' ,+ ,Q . ' 'W 'U ' m, 1 , 'f' gf As- , f , 3 -1. ,. ,H -,Q -V., .. -:, ' J fl , 1 ' 3 -'FH I '51, Vs hi W' 5, 'ff ' 4 K fe? 'gl 4: 1- -1, I 4, x .-,J -' - 8 -- ' A. 4-. - N. cg. ' .I J, 'Q g:'i?.+J,1g.h4. I, 8 V li: , P E V., v -L D Zzxrg,-31-13: ,I-4 ik? pl A Pl Y - . li-513 L, - 1 ' ' 'M' . gt . fr i . M fl. :.,u A. ' -1 -gwf-q w i- 5-Q. . F We 1? f9!Q' -F 1 fit 1 ij ii , xf.--,4.-:ig ' 5'Mi5, '1nwz, lg r- E- fum In .W ,,12,,j -di s-, ,- rx SLT' 15: --J, , , wi- - - f- .1 4 ' --'Q - 4717+ ' ,Qpgfgiy ,I 'Q ff' ni. Z 1 -U-MQ? sig., 1:-:ti if --9 X, . . V . X 4 1 f 11sg.4+' iq S- fig I 'W' an X 1 SOPHOMORES Top row: Robert Grode, Charles Stevens, Raymon Shea, Robert Behling, Ivan Jlackson, Olga Martlhf, Esther Marth, Phyllis Fickert, Emma Blanchard, Bonnie Wood, Dorothy Platts, Charles Reichert, Roy Kruck, Howard Crowns Charles Foley. Middle row: Arnold Krehnke, William Benz, Fred Bentz, Edmund Gavre, LeRoy Ruder, Merle McKenzie, Vincent Smorynstki, Geneva Jackson, Erwin Vehlrs, Jane Rezin, Dorothe Zurfluh., Marion Polzin, Denna Jean unham, Marie Stensberg, Edna Elmer, Edward Ferkey, Clarence Zastava. Bottom row: Miss Bjerkeng, Arbulah Rounds, Evelyn Haverberg, Mary Wiley, Doris Blount, Gearld Wipfli, Sylvester Wilczynski, George iryka, Agnes Boyle. Vera Roberts, Burr Clark, Donald Johnston, Miss immer. FRESHMEN' Top row: William Wittenberg, Chelsea Saylor, Faye Byers, Eunice Larsen, Mildred Moe, Maida Edwards, Dorothy Kirst, Glenn Sommer- ville, Elwood Larsen, Donald White, George Walters, Lewis Layton, James Sarver, Edward Karpinski. Second row: Wayne Overturf, Erma Lowell, Dorothy Belgert, Thomas Brown, Catherine Allison, June Sultze, Muriel Rezin, Mildred Smedbron, Gearldine Crowns, Jeanne Mary Kaseman, Betty Snider, Norlin Hofmeist- er, Frank Rusch, Kenneth Sarver, Bernard Felice, Robert Leder, Clar- ence Bowes Third row: Miss Ledwell, Donald Randecker, Harvey Gaedtke, Zella Hoffman, Frances Holden, Elinore Marth, Sylvia Boyer, Kathleen Gilbert, Myra Lutz, Dolores Henscnel, Alice Wipfli, Luella Farrell, Bernice Faal, Eunice Grode, Lilian Elmer, Dorothy Retzlaff, Jasper Egland, William Gilbert, George Kitrush, Mr. Kozlovsky, Miss Eubank. Bottom row: Edwin Carr, Joseph Just, Alexander Zimmerman, Gearld Salter, Raymond Kuehl, Jerome Bartlett, Mary Jane Pazurek, Patrica Hostetter, lla Sorenson, Juanita Keenan, August Bentz, Daryl Hagen, Dale Staege, Frank Casey, Irving Larson, John Podvin. c ix 4- I 3 4' M, ..f f p A -FL' 1 E n -4 .11 11 .gg A . .. 4 ,fu r 1 X .51- 5 .iv ,lf '1 ' - 1 , Q . 1 - 1 . '- - .twl .. 1, N - -I1 ' , 5 J. ., .V 3- 1 A 1 1 - W ' pn 14?-114 mf' 4 'X 3 :J . A 1 A ' 'Q..i5..: UL h -m ., -inf! A .vu at J M:-1 1 i n , 5 .4 u i - Q., W gjizf A A -4, , YW .H'Aii?'f61 ' vnu . 1 .1 Q. HN M , . E ,l H1 . I ji f WW- , .fu , 'V Y'- ,Q f. -D' :N , - +-- , ffgpgz- . . -' ... r , -H- Q5 . C ' w , .. nj .Q .2-lv ,V .bw . ,fu .. N 1 9955 1 '- fbi gin? SEVENTH GRADERS Top low: Richard Nyholm, Thomas McLean, Lyle Westover, Harland Spry, Lawrence Ward, Carl Layton, Robert Ulrich, Donald Frazier, Gerald Cattanach. Middle row: Oscar Washburn, Loreen Hofmeister, Mildred Henschel, Garnetta Fitz, Phyllis Behling, Victoria Szafka, Kaffhlleen McCoog, Lois Hagen, Audrey Sarver, Eva Roberts, Elaine Randecker, Jane Grode, Joh-n Kirrst. Bottom row: Betty Salter, Betty Grey, Robert Farrell, Ruth Hen- schel, George Michels, Bernice Johnson, Eldon Cleveland, Evelyn Good- ness, Keith Warner, Ruth Bowes, Garth Lowell. EIGH TH GRADE Top row: John Jacks, Phillip Moody, Wilbur Oleson, Arthur Crowns, Vernon Robinson, Robert, Searls, James Henderson, Roscoe Wilke, Walter Giese. Middle row: Byron Crowns, Robert Cole, Caroline Vehrs Denise Pharo, Delores Sclhruman, Carol Wood, Doris Kuhn, Betty Jane Pierce, Dorothy Schaffenberger, Irma Nickel, Bernard Michels, James Retzlaff, Miss Rochlus. Bottom row: Clifton Trute, Earl Goodness, Marvin Westover, Donald Stensberg, Alfred Lewis, Robert Kitrush, Donald Oleson, Betty Jane Marker, Gloria White, Lillian Schaffenberger. THE MOCCASI N EIGHTH GRADE ACTIVITIES The Glass of 1941 is a particularly lively one and it has participated in all pep meetings and programs with a very gold school spirit. Tue school parties were en- joyed by this group. The first one was given as'a wel- come party for the Seventh Graders, Gctober Slst. As this was the first experience for then since they entered Jun- ior High School, they were very much thrilled. On Febru- ary lZth they returned a party to the Eighth Graders, showing very good school spirit and sportsmanship. The Eighth Grade wishes to thank Miss Rochlus for all she has done for the group during the year she has acted as ad- visor. The officers were: President------------4Walter Giesc Vice President------ehlfred Lewis Secretary-Treesurer-N---Donald Olcson Student Council Members---Doris Kuhn Phillip Moody SEVENTH GRADE ACTIVITIES The Class of 1942 was much delighted to come up to the second floor and become numbers of the Junior High School. Some of the group get seats in the Main Room, but others have kept Room A as their home room throughout the year. Everything that has gone on in the Alexander High School this year has received the enthusiastic sup- port of the Seventh Graders, Their first big event was the party given then by the Eighth Graders, at Hal1owe'en time. Every one attending had a lot of fun with the games and stunts that were played. A supper was enjoyed at I about six ofclock and the rest of the evening there was plenty of entertainment. The next event was the play, 'The Cardigan Kidn which was given before a large audience in the Now Gym, the evening of February End. Miss Bjor- keng coached the play and the cast presented her nith a box of candy in appreciation. February 12th the Seventh Graders entertained the Eighth Graders at a Valentine ' party and a good time was enjoyed by all. ' L The following officers were elected in September: President----4 ---- ---------Garth Lowell I Vice President ---- - ---- -- ---- Betty Salter' ' Secretary-Treasurer- -------- -Audrey Sarver 1 Members of Student Council ---- -Jack Kirst Eva Roberts i ul THE MOCCA SJ N JUNIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES The Juniors have been quite active this year in pro- moting school activities in general. Their entry in the Masquer Play Contest, WDumb Doran was very much enjoyed. The Commencement activities will call forrnuch effort from the Juniors as they will carry on the traditional custom of decorating the auditorium for the Baccalaureate Services and for Commencement. Class officers were: President-he--------Burnell Goodness V V Socretaryl-Tree.surer-----Shirley Bentz SOPHOMORE CLASS ACTIVITIES The Sophomore Class has been working hard this year in supporting every extra-curricular activity. Their on- ontest was the first one to be try in the Masquor Play C V presented and so they had to set the standard by pre- senting a particularly good piece of work. The name of their play was UDinner for Six.U Later in the year they used Edmund Koehn's marionette show in presenting a play- let for a pep meeting. Their officers were as follows: President-- ---- -----------Edward Fcrkey Vice President-1:-ess:reefs:-fs:-Bonnie Wood Secretary-Treasurer-------Marion Polzin Student Council Members-----Geneva Jackson Clarence Zastava FRESHMAN CLASS ACTIVITIES One of the first things the Freshman Class did was to decorate a float for the Homecoming Parade. Their float represented a hay rack filled with hay and a dummy repre- senting a Marshfield player in bad condition after the ' game. On both sides of the rack there were signs saying, WWe'1l Make Hay Out of Marshfield.W The next Freshman event was the pep meeting for the first game of the bas- ketball season, December 4th. The girls of the class put it on, and the singing and tap dancing made a hit with the lkudbntuhady and the visiting alumni. The entry of the Freshman class in the Masquer Play Contest was entitled ' WKeeping Kitty's Datesn and was presented on January 22nd, With a good beginning, the Class of 1940 hopes to do ' great things in its remaining three years in high school. The following officers held their positions well: President 4Kathleen Gilbert Vice President-----Patricia Hostetter SecretaryJTreasurer---4Kenneth Server Student Council Members---Ila Sorenson Daryl Hagen 1 THE. MOCCASIN 'Q in ,1 1-1 u 'ESPN .. ,V - ,tw 114 , ,g f .5 -fifs-Q15-X 'fm XX--f L 1 f2.iv 7'51 NCQ' wff cf? K Elf-XXX s 35,5 xg? A' ff Ny + x 5 1 5 , , If gg: Xi . X I , X X ' 5 fi gg WN 5 Lffff Lff'fT:f fg, ffvk gf' b f-- - f J'1 ' SVMPHQNUQS P x AND m l SEIQENADES K X My J J 9 Q JN r f I fy f 1 QW? FEDCGN J My rf-'X 1 Q ss Q QQv1,,w '- ' Y. LIL- V1.2 ,Y bin 1l,,, , Lo, and tho multitude of sounds, . Merged into 51 mighty harmony. llL,Ud E r 1 MASQUERS Top row: Kenneth Sarver, Chelsea Saylor, Gaylord Johnson, Charles Stevens, Leroy Ruder, Raymon Shea, Ralph Babcock, Miss Bjerkeng, Edmund Garve, Howard Crowns, Leon Vandenberg, James Sarver, Erwin Vehrs. Vincent Smorynski, Charles Foley. Middle row: Tom Brown, Denna Jean Dunham, Edith Lutz, Jearldine Wipfli, Elizabeth Bowes, Iola Long, Marion Polzin, Dorothy Platbs, Shirley Bentz, Charlotte Manske, June O'Neil, Dorothy Zurfluh, Merle McKenzie, Geneva Jackson, Beatrice Polzin, Sylvia Danno, Nevis Moe, Marie Lancour, Burr Clark, Donald Johnston, Sylvester Wilczynski. Bottom row: Burdett Zellner, Dorothy Menke, Leonard Wrysinske, Florence Robinson., Esther Mae Clark, Gail Aughey, Jess Long, Charlotte Lehner, Mude Ida Sultze, Mary Bentz, Douglas Rezin, Margaret Bentz, Donald Giese. DEBATE TEAM Top row: Sylvia Boyer, Marie Lancour, Eunice Larsen, Fred Korbol, Muriel Rezin, Lucille Sanger, Florence Robinson. Bottom row: Miss Halverson, Burdett Zellmer, Mary Bentz, Geneva Jackson, June O'Neil, Elizabeth Bowes, Margaret Bentz, Jeraldine Wipfli, Ernest Vehrs. Miss Iverson. i JL?if N 'se--f'f Ncj Nj .3 -.5 LJ .ft:'.f .y' 'sl 5.1 .f-J ,J .I Tbnnmrics On October 27th the Masquers produced three excep- tionally good enosact plays under the direction of Miss Synnovo Egerkengo They were: THE TOY HEART Cast: ' Cho Cho San-m-Danseuse in the HTheater.of the Blue Dragonn -4Merle McKenzie Loo Moy-uber maid-0 ------ ---w- ----- ---Geraldine Wipfli Katherine-W-of another norld------------Shirley Bontz Ann--her friend---A-1-sfssssA-s--3---is----Edna Dunham Time-The present. Late afternoon. ' Place-The theatre of the Blue Dragon. The reception room of Cho Cho San, pref niere danseuse. The unusual staging and costuning of this play made it unusually interesting to the audience. THE DORMITORY DUB Cast: . .,. Irene Graves ----- - ----- --- ------- -----Dorothy Menke Francis Barton--:ssc---11s-s-ss--:L-A-2:22---:f:Burr Clark Marguerite Williamszfs--ns:ssssz--2---ss:-1-Geneva Jackson Gwendolyn Harriman-sssfs--L-T.-f:-ss---as-Charlotte Manske Ann Drew-asses sssss::::e:-1:1--1.l::---fMaude Ida Sultze Bertha Mills--a naidssm----fsss--fsrfsj-eff-June O'Nei1l Mnmmy Grandy-N-a colored woman---N-------Gail Aughey Miss Beebles--the owner of the school--Florence Robinson Time--Shortly before 10 p.m. Scene--Gwendolyn's and Francis' sitting .room in Dormitory 4. The wholesome college attitude and the discovering of what made Ann Drew the nDormitory Dubu made this play a delight- ful comedy. THE PATTERSON DINNER Cast: Mrs. Gilbert Patterson--an ambitious mother-Bethel Jackson Royal Patterson--her youngest daughter--------Nevis Moe Helen Patterson--the next in line ---- --e--Elizabeth Bowes Barbara Pattersons-the eldest----e-----Charlette Lehner Clara Weeks--eMrs. Patterson's sister--f--Esth r Mae plark Evangeline--the maid:s. ----s ss-- -fs--f-s f:rsf-en5Mary Bentz Time--an evening of late fall. ,,. . V Scene--The entire action takes place in the dining room of the Patterson none, ' situated just outside the city-limits. - 'Ft TH neo: A sf r-1 b PLAY CONTEST The Musquers also sponsored a contest between the six classes in which e delightful group of plays were present- ed to the mein room at different dates during the winter. L synopsis of each fellows: Sophomore Entry---------DINNER FOR SIX-- ----- Dec. 4, 1936 Cust: Lois Osborn--herself------ ---- --. ---- Donna Jean Dunham Jin Osborn--her fatherm-m----- -------- -----W-Roy Kruck Dolly Osborn-M-her mother ---- Q-M--Q-w-we--Phyllis Fickert Mary Wilcox?-n friendsseisssu:::-Q-T:-s-s4Merle McKenzie Edgar Barton--soho knows Jimum-N-MN ---- -M--sHoward Crowns George Stewart--who knows Mary-LW-----0---Edmund Gcvro Times-The present. A morning in June. - Place--The living room of the Osborn's' h x C T10 0 UDinner for Sixh started the inter-class play contest off with e bang. Senior Entry----------ELMER------4Dec. 15, 1956 Cast: u Elmer Colliers-----14 years old- ------ ----W-Floyd Hamre Susan Collier-N---H-16 tomorrow--u----mchnrlotte Lehner Jeanie Celliorm--+-w-seventeen-M--Q---4--Margaret Bentz Janie Gollicrm--Q-u-her tuinwh-w---s------4Mary Bentz Miss Luisa Finney-ma-e dressmnker-no ---- m-- ---- Edna Urban Mrs. Collier----M-her mother------wFlorencc Robinson Fannie Bellew-M-A-N-the maids--N-Q--Q-w---Lerrainc Foley Russel Jameson--n---sovonteen--Q--------Ernest Vehrs Hubert Browne----Q-seventcons:-ss-1:-ssfsm--KTJGss Long Pansy---------the pet dog-0---MM-AMinniG Billings Timemn5:50 of a Winter afternoon. Place--Combination sitting and dining room. The play centers about e young man whose life has been blighted by twin sisters. Junior Entry-----------DUMB DORA-------Jan. 8, 1957 Cast: Dora----------4--the mnid--------- -------- Nevis Moe Mrs. Hartsall-----the mother -------- -- ----- Edith Lutz Mr. Hnrtsall-----the husband ------------- Alfred Lrent Lrline----as----her dnughter----- ---- --Edna Dunham Lawrence------flrlino's,sweetheart--Lloyn'Snodbron Tim --Present. Early afternoon. Oh my! Oh my! But this was a good play. Did you notice the fntherly instinct in Llfrod Arendt? M .Al THE MOCCASI N SENIGR'CIASS PLKY7' NTne Poor Fish'--Hey 4 Cust: Florence Lrlington--who runs the WRest Cured Senitorium Lucille Sanger Mariposa Smith ------- --f- M-the mCid-- ------ Vivien A1103 Margaret Letters---- ---- --e patient et the nnest CUTSN Margaret Bentz Ella Shayne----who suffers from e number of ailments Jstber Hee Clark Garda Jewel--who is afraid of germs--Florence Robinson Sue Bickford---uho suddenly becomes a nurse--D. Server Billy Bickfcrd ------ ----her brotherw--Leonard Yrysinske Sylvester Fish------the poor f1sh--- ------ Hervey Grover Dr. Aubrey Iutt ----n- M--his pal ---- M-----Donald Siesee Francine Peyton----u jilted bride-U-Qmchurlotte Lehner Greco Fletcher--who meets with en eccidontw-Mary Hentz Lola Peinen--an inventive young lady----Mildred Bonner Justus Smith-----M-M---e detective ---- ---Francis Grode Rendell Chase ------- menu wealthy men ---- - ---- Jess Long Mrs. Sylvester Fisnmnith a temper of her own-Geil.1ughey Sylvester Fish, Sr.--the edoring husband--Douglas Fezin Synopsis of Scenes: The entire ploy takes place in the lounging end re- ception room of the Nuest Cure Senitoriunv e mountain resort, somewhere in the west. Tino,-The Eroscnt. not I-0--The afternoon of Friday, June 15. get II--ukelf an hour later. Act III-Mnvening of the sane dey. The WPoor Sishu proved to be en eye-opener for those who believed Utnere nes nothing new under the sun.' L charming girl entered her which she found turned into u restmcure ssnitorium, and is forced to pluy e role of which she knows nothing. She accepted the task in or- der to get some Hinside depen and then the riot began. The door began to open and trouble kept popping in. A maid, looking for en easy Job, learned that it nas easier to take care of one nut than a factory full of them. The nbrido-groom to ben who owne to get the place in order for his bride was captured instead on Friday the 15th by alluring Sue, who claimed to be the onncr of the estate. A young men who was e pal of Fish came along to serve as best men. no not only served as doctor and as e rescner of the bride but walked into enough romance to keep himself busy the rest of his life. A jilted bride uno entered it need of rest went out ?evin5 found her ' lost treasure on ?ridey the 15th in u new fern. A de- tective who was after a counterfeiter found someone to' help him find his supper in the ice box. n society ue- tron with u temper of ner own serdshe would never doubt her husband again. Ln adoring husband found new to hu- mor his wife. Fe may have been a Wfishn but no vesn't fff a suc!cer. in 1 THE MOC-f1fXS1P-I PLAY conrrsr Ccont 'ay Q Freshmen Entry-0-KEEPING KITTY'S DATES----Jan. 22, 1959 Cast: Kitty Brooks-U-Q-----who can't keep her dates straight Jeenne MeryiKeesman Evelyn--N-H--e-N---H ---- 0-n----U ------- 'qhildred Smedbren Ninn-0--Unw-ewuhmwe-W-M-Mm-Q-M ---- W--Petricix Hestetter Flo--mmwum-M-''Ile Sorenson Cwho are tired of keepingjhittyfs dates! Stanley Dupeyum-HM-the date they keep---Q-H--nJim Server Nr. Rowlands- of the Uplnn Life Insurance Co.Donald White Mr. Fleningm-Quo? the Famous Love Stories Co.w-UwE.Larsen Mg, 1 g1......-:... L-,,,,,,-,-,,,,.-,.,,..,.........,.....-:: A A- -f ess- - A -,.My3'n n .Lut Z H Place-uThe living room of a dormitory at Brin- ton Gollege. H TimemwThe present. Late afternoon of e spring dey, The ease and aptitude with which the Freshmen carried on their actions with the opposite sex shows that they must have had some experience in real life. Seventh Grade Entry'-THE TARDIGLN KID----Feb. Z, 1957 Cast: Lefty Cardigan-EditCrminuchief of the Wildfire--L. Ward Mngsy MCCaffreym-neue'-ureperter ---- W-M--e-Jack Kirst Tattles O'Tools-w-me-msnreporter--1--M ----- JChomss McLean Joey Curtis-Q-H-me---l-qeporter-NmWw--eNOscar Washburn Glxsses McGeeMmm Gus Uestcott--- Edna Yestemw-Us Deane Phillips- Mary Lou Curtis Butcher Gredymm- .... -. -. .-.-.-. -ygpg-11 ig C11-.-.-. ..e........... ..-.....G'1 1111 L Q U31 1 ...4..-...-..... -,... . ,Q 13 ul ly..- -... W... ......-....- j-4,311 ffgrngr he-H-WHO gives a partym-new-Audrey Server L-.L ----hnvewher guestmem---New--N4Lois Hagen W-M-me-M-her friondsw--we-Bernice Johnson -1-M-meme crock---M--Q-0-H-Lyle Uestover Place--The second floor in a deserted barn. H Timeh-The present. Late afternoon in spring. 'The seventh graders can feel very confident that their play was a success and that it sets a precedent for the seventh grade classes in the years to come. Eighth Grade Entry-----THE DUKE-------Mar. 5, 1937 Cast: Martha Webster----a newcomer to Hill Cove with social ambitions--mCaro1 Wood Oscar ---- the Uebster's man of all work-- ---- Robert Cole Estelle---The Uebster's pretty maids----Denise Phare Henry Uebsterh-a business mnn with opinions of his own '-Phillip Moody IVQR-----H-------Q stranger--- ---- Bernard Miehels Mrs. Cora Vnnderspoon--leader of Hill Cove's social set . --Dolores Schuman Mr. William.Vanderspoon-fMrs. Vanderspoon's ditto marks --John Jaecks Place---The dramffing room, of the Webster Mansion Hill Cove, New York. 1 Time--nbeut six-thirtyro clock in the evening. THE. MO-CC A S IN ' Places were given as follows: Humorous--Geneva Jackson, thirdg Juanita Keenan, secondg Tom Brown, first. Non-humorous --Edna Dunham, thirdg Sylvia Dannc, second: Gail Aughey, first. The district contest was held at Marion, April 19th. A place was given to Gail Aughey in the Non-humorous division. A QP!-Llfisafi This year about twenty people tried out for debate. They met in Miss Iverson's room and were given the question to be debated: Wkesolved that all public utilities should be govern- ment owned and operated.H Everyone was to make up a speech, approximately three minutes long, to be given about a week later The Judges were Miss Koch, Miss Halverson and Miss Tim er. When their decisions were read the first team consisted of Margaret Bentz, Mary Bentz, Jeraldine Wipfli, with Ernest Vehrs as alternate for the affirmativcg Phyllis Fickert, Burdett Zel- lmer, Geneva Jackson, with Elizabeth Bowes as alternate, for the negative. Due to illness Phyllis Fickert was replaced by Elizabeth Bowes and June O'Neill became alternate. A second team under the direction of Miss Halverson was as follows: , Fred Korbol, Lucille Sanger, Florence Robinson, with Sylvia Boyer as alternate, for the affirmative, and Muriel Rezin, Marie Laneour, June O'Neill, with Eunice Larsen as alternate, for the negative. The first team had a practice debate here on January llth with Wisconsin Ra ids as the opposition. The Masquers composed the appreciative ??J audience. Miss Halverson arranged for the SOCOHG team to debate with Port Edwards first teamq Margaret Korbol and Douglas Resin furnished transportation up there. There were no decisions but Nekoosa had the better of Port be- cause one of their speakers could not furnish a rebuttal speech. A few days later Port's first team met our first team.' One de- bate was held in Room A and the other in the Commercial Room. On Monday night the second team gave a panel discussion for the Masquers. It was a heated argument. I -1-Jffl- The district debate tournament was held Saturday, February 15th, at Stevens Point with Nekoosa winning all but one of its debates to make an impressive record for interscholastic com- petition. The negative team lost to Marion 96-lOO, but won from Greenwood 100-96. The affirmative team won from Red Granite 100-95 and from.Plainfield 100-98. This was the final ape pearance for the debaters for the season. ' in T 1-iii MDC-C ASIN DECLAMATION -The number of contestants competing in declamation this year exceeded that of any other year in the history of the school. ,Beoause of the large number of students entering in humorous deolamations a separate contest was held on February 25, when five were chosen to compete in the next contest. Those taking part were as followsz' Little Shaver ------------ -----Denna Jeanne Dunham The Cat Came Back- ------------------- -Muriel Rezin Flaming Youth ---------- ----- ----------- Nevis Moe Tipping Off Teacher ----- - ----------- Juanita Keenan The Yanks Are Coming- ----- ---------June 0'Neil M ,The Widsw's Mites ------------------- Geneva Jackson Resting Easily--w-4--- --------- f---Elizabeth Bowes Smarty's Partyn ------------ ------------- Edith Lutz T At The county Fair- -..---..----. .- --.-- -Tom Brown P-Pearl's Evening O-Out ----------------- Burr Clark Gertie Gets Going- ------ --H ----- e-Esther Mae Clark y Junior's First Date--W ------------- Beatrice Polzin I Greenback Luck ----- - ------------------- -Mary Wiley Wrong Number ---- ---- ------m-- -------- Marie Lancour Bobby -------------- - -------------- 9Mer1eHNmKenzie The five chosen from this group vrerez' Juanita Keenan, June O'Neil, Geneva Jackson, Edith Lutz and Tom Brown. J The second declamatory and oratorical contest was held March 15. At this time one contestant was chosen from each group comp peting--oratorical, humorous and non-humorous declamations--to represent the school in the district contest held April lO, at Stevens Point. yselections were as follows: h ' 'A humorous H 7Kf'THe County Fair- ----- ------- ---- ---- -Tom.Br0Wn The Widow's Mites ---- -------------- -Geneva Jackson ' The Yanks Are Cominge-eef---::-e,eff- fJune O'Neil -Juanita Keenan ---Edith,LutZ Tipping Off Teacher- --------- --- A Smarty's Party--------- ---------- Non-Humorous - The Blessed Damosel---------------- , The Patience of Toku-- ----- ----- The Button --------- ---- -------- +- ----Edna Dunham ---Sylvia,Danno --Gail Aughey ----Erwintvehrs -+Howard crowns ---Ernestlvehrs Enough of This ------ - ---- ------Margaret Frazier Oratorical: f The White Peril ------------- ------ - The Family Taxes a Ride ------ - ----- The Vision of a Scientist- -------- - Green Pastures--------Q:---------Lucille Sanger ' Y -A-'-It 1---Y., V gl. - .ui Jin-, V 'I H E MO CCASJ N THE DEBATE BANQUET Came the night of Thursday, March 4th, and came to the Home Economics chambers some seventeen long-winded, empty- stomached ibut net, we hope, goyerngentally-ggggdl qxponqnts of the ancient and noble craft 5? wrangling. 'with Srlemn .hh dignity and 1.-:ith many a learned quip and quibble 'thdyevaitod their long-promised feast. Q Came at last the feast. Olympian!! Chile, pickles, and -as if that worenft enough-crackers!! But what paltry lane guage can describe the mirth and jollity that attended the A dispatching of this argument of the rebuttal, a heaping dish of ice cream! Came, then, one of those delightful blossomings of jokes speeches, and things that pass for jokes and speeches. Came next a session of suing, with a phonograph on duty in the parlor and Swingmastcr Vehrs Kdishcloth in hand! and his assistants in swing so working that in the cups Uther was no ferthing seno of grece.W Noble work that night did Suingmaster Vohrs! Came then the Wanderlust and our seventeen descended in masse upon the Rialto. Throughout all HGod's Country and the Uomann Swingmaster Vohrs behaved with admirable decorum. But pleasures are like poppies spread, and soon left only a confused memory of chile, ice cream and jokes that should be Jokes and aren't. CAST SELECTED FOR WGONE WITH THE YIND.N Why has Hollywood made such a fuss about casting uGone With the Uindn when they have the debaters and actors from the Class of 1957 to call on. Here is the all-star cast selected after great deliberation by a group of experts. Rhett Butler -------------- ------ -------- ---Jess Long Scarlett ----------- ---------- - ---- ------Charlotte Lehner Melanie ----- ---- ------------- - ---- - ---- - -------- Mary Bentz Ashley --------- ------ ---. --..--------- ---- Douglas Rezin Gerald O'Hara .---------- - --.------ ------Donald Kirst Ellen O'Hara-----------.. ---- ---------Gail.Aughey Charles Hamilton------ ------ ---------George Carstensen Frank Kennedy---ess:-C:-ess-s--3-B-ff--Lss:+ssHerlan Fluno Mrs. Payytpol-------------Q--- ---- Esther Mae Clark Wade Hamiltonf---:ss-fs-ss.s::-ss- -:ss-2:-f-Harvey Grover Bonnie Butler-s ---: 211:-ses 1-fsssnsszss-fmaude Ida Sultze Arehiessssfe-sfses--:As:s-s::s -s-s:- -1:-----Ernest Vehrs Suellen--ss:-s:+f:sesf:c1eAoHo111-- tele-sMargaret Bentz Mammy-sssssss ss-s -sss s-2 ------ -.------Lorraine Foley Us understand that offers have been pouring in from Warner Bros., M G M, R K O, Paramount, Universal, Samuel Goldwyn and hundreds of other great producers, from Europe Asia, Africa and every known country under the sun. The cast with the expert advice of their faculty advisor, Miss Clara Iverson, is undecided as to which offer they shall accept. 'gf'f,5' xltfxfdfd .f'.4.., ff.1kJM.vN.:J S-S.: AUTOGRAPHS , 7 X if v W S.. .xi . fv 3 Y1 W, N... z I BAND Top row: Harold Freiberg, Edna Dunham, Eunice Grode, Marie Lan- cour, Marie Stensberg, Elwood Larsen, Derma Jean Dunham, Mildred Moe, Daryl Hagen, Maida Edwards. Third row: Lois Hagen, Florence Robinson, Robert Grode, Iola Long, Burdett Zellner, Donald Giese, Dorothy Platts, Harvey Grover, Dorothy Menlie, Patricia Hosetter. Second row: Eunice Larsen, Alice Wipfli, George Kitrush., Duane iiiellmacher, Tom Brown, Denise Pharo, Bonnie Wood, Fred Korbol, Merle McKenzie, Margaret Bentz, Mary Bentz, Mary Wiley, Geraldine Grode. Bottom row: Floyd Hamre, Arnold K1-enke, Marjorie Wells, Doris Blount, Gaylord Johnson, Daro Buchanan, Roy Kruck, Gail Aughey, Myrtle Schaffenberger, Sylvester Wilczynski, Jeraldine Wipfli, Mr. Schluren. CHORUS Top row: Edwin Carr, Joe Just, Jerome Bartlett, Norlin Hofmeister, Jasper Egland, Charles Stevens, Clarence Zastava, Purnell Goodness, John Hendricks, Leon Vandenberg, Ernest Vehrs, Lewis Layton, Arthur Wlitte-nberg, Donald Kirst, Alfred Arendt, Charles Reichert, Donald White, Erwin Vehrs, William Wittenberg. Middle row: Juanita Keenan, Eunice Grode, Lillian Elmer, Jearldine Wipfli, Edith Lutz, Alice Wip1fli,,Agnes Boyle, Marie Lancour, Marian Polzin, Lorraine Zettler, Geneva Jackson, Madeline Lewis, Mildred Moe, Myra Lutz, Dorothy Sarver, Leona Elmer, Jeanne Kaseman, Betty Snider. Bottom row: Ruth Braun, Iola Long, Beatrice Polzin, Doris Blount, Arbulah Rounds, Genevieve Rawlee, Mary Ann Youngcfhlild, Charolotte Manske, Sylvia Danno, Louise Ward, June O'Neill, Eunice Larsen, Emma Blanchard, Nevis Moe, Charlotte Lehuer, Dorothy Platts, Dorothy Belgert, Dorothuy Zurfluh, Miss Rochlus. TH E M O if Cl A 55 I N BAND The Alexander High School Bend under the direction of Mr. H. J. Schuren has a membership of twenty-eight girls and seventeen boys and is an organization of which the entire city is proud. In the spring of 1954 the City Council of Nekoosa appropriated funds to buy new uniforms which were badly needed at the time. A West Point military style uniform was selected with the color scheme, purple and white, and when the band is on parade they make a very impres- sive appearance. The first Drum Major to wear the new uniform was Ferdinand Milkey. In that year, 1954, the band attended the State Tournament at Green Bay and won third place in concert and first in parade. The next year, George Polzin was appointed Drum Major and led the band at the State Tournament at Wausau, where second place was given to Nekoosa. In the year of 1956, the State Tournament was held-at Madison, Nekoosa receiving third in concert' and first in parader Gordon Baierl acted as Drum Mejor. This year the band attended the Tournament at Yis- consin Dells and came off with flying colors, receiving first places in concert, parade and sight reading. Floyd Hamre is the present Drum Major. Band soloists who won first places were: Oboe, Myrtle Schaffenbergerg Baritone, Denna Jean Dnnhamg Clarinet, Thomas BrmJn. The Woodwind Quintette composed of Myrtle Scheffenberger Geraldine Grode, Marjorie Wells, Merle McKenzie and Marie Stensberg, won first place, as did the Clarinet Quartette, composed of Mary Bentz, Margaret Bentz, Mary Wiley and FLoyd'Hemre. Soloists receiving second places were: Clarinet, Mary Uileyg Bassoon, Marie Stensbergg, Trombone, Edna Dunham. ' ' n ' ' 5 The week before the State Tournament the band at- tended the Music Festival at Stevens Point, an event shi is held annually in order to give the musical organiza- tions of this district helpful criticism to prepare for the state event. The musical organizations of the school would be unable to partake in these various meets if it were not for the hard Work of the Nekoosa branch of the Miscon- sin Parents of-School Musicians. This was started first in Nckoosa as a Band Mothers' group, April 18, 1952, and since that time has expanded to take in the parents of the children in all musical activities. The purpose of this organization is to sponsor projects to raise - money for the purchase and upkeep of uniforms, for trips to musical meets and to develop a desire for good music and an appreciation of the same. ,The directors of the three musical groups in the school appreciate greatly ' the cooperation of the organization in promoting the best interests of all musical activities. 7 ch THE M CJ L Q A ill N cnoaus , The high school a capella chorus under the direction of Miss Lucille Rochlus has enjoyed a most successful year With a membership of fifty-four, the organization is play- ing a very active part in the musical life of the school. In its first appearance of the year on Feb. 25th, in joint concert with the orchestra, the following program was pre- sented: ORCHESTRA PROGRAM, Overture to 'Poet and Peesantn------------F. von Suppe Liebestrsumr----------0---- ------ --- ----- Franz Liszt Valse des Fleurs----9------from HThe Nutcracker Suiten --Tschaikowsky The Skaters----e--1eff:-fe-ef----T-ee: ---- -Waldteufel Blue Danube---Q--H--n-------------- ---- J. Strauss Solo for Piano---HCantique d' nrmourn- ------- Franz Liszt Mies Rochlus Turkish March,--from WThe Ruins of Athensu ---- -Beethoven Schubert Suite----ee-e-e-1e:-2---f-Q---Q--Franz Schubert ' Kal Marche Heroique A Ib! Ballet Music from nRosamundeH CHORUS PROGRAM Swansea Town----------- ---------- ---English Folk Song The Boll------------m-----------Frcnch Folk Song On Wings of Song---for female voices-----Mendelssohn The Vcsper Hymn uasian Air Solo for Violin-HPraelud1um und AllegroU4PugnaniNKreisler Bundle, Soloist Miss Rochlus, ncoompanist Jeanie With the Light Broun Heir-N--H -------------- Foster Ave Maria-----5-n---Q-B---M---w-N--u-N--Lucille Rochlus In These Delightful Pleasant Groves- ----- f- ----- --Purcell At the district-music festival held at Tisconsin Dells, May 7th and Sth, the chorus achieved second di- ' vision receiving excellent ratings in accuracy, diction, rhythm, interpretation and stage department. In the bac- calaureate and commencement programs the chorus completes this Interesting year. The senior members sincerely hope that this organization will carry on the good work of the past and be even more successful in the future. ssl, . L I ORCHESTRA Top row: Burne-ll Goodness, Fredrick Bentz Third row: August Bentz, Patricia Hbstetter, Dorothy Menke, Robert Gorde, Leonard Wrysinske, Elwood Larsen, Donald Giese, Dorothy Platts, Burdett Zellmer, Betty Marker. Second row: Mr. Rundle, Harvey Grover, Thomas McLean, Louise Ward, Marjorie Wells, Myrtle Schaffenberger, Mary Wiley, Mary Bentz, Margaret Bentz, Doris Kuhn, Lorraine Zettler, Erma Lowell, Gloria White, Jere Herrick. Bottom Row: Lloyd Smedbron, Garth Lowell, Donald Bentz, Shirley Bentz, Roy Kruck, Gail Aughey, Gaylord Johnson, Florence Wintlyn, Edna Dunham, Norlin Hofmeister, Marcile Bentz, H O C K E Y Top row: William Bentz, Bernard Felice, Charles Stevens, Mr. Schur- en. -- Bottom row: Gaylord Johnson, Donald Giese, Leonard Wrysinske, Ernest Vehrs, Charles Foley, Robert Grode, LeRoy Ruder. I .. lg K ,.. 'c Tin! tf M if! C CA SL IN . oncnnsrm. Q . The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Urvin Bundle, did not make a public appearance until its ' playing of an overture for the Christmas Operetta, Dec. 17th. On February 35th,,the,grcqestra and Chorus, with Miss Rochlus addHMhe Rundleld- soloists, presented a joint concert in the nlexander Gymnasium. The orches- tra traveled to Stevens Point, April 25rd, to participate in the Music Festival. At the senior play, May 4th,' the orchestra played an overture and entr'acte-music. This year's concert orchestra carried thirty seven pieces. Five members of the orchestra will be lost through graduation. On May Bth the orchestra went to Wisconsin Dells to play in the District Tournament and won an undis- puted first, scoring first in both sight reading and concert playing for Glass C orchestras. Shirley Bentz cellist and Frederick Bentz, violinist, scored first and second, respectively, in solo work, Class l com- petition. - ' Q That the orchestra has been doing work of a type equaled by few, if any, high school orchestras through- out the country is attested in the written critical comments of Mr. J. Et Barner, Judge of the orchestras playing at tho district. Mr. Barner's comments were: WVHISG Triste-mGeneral effect splendid.. Prelude ir C--This orchestra gives nice symp phonic effect in second selection. Very nice balance lower voice of striras,t Ihtpnatdonwvery much softer 1n.this orchestra and director is to be complimented on being able to make sure and effective balance., Overture to Petite Hiensmevery nice work and shows study of symphon1c'requirements.W General Comments Weak points--None. ' Strong Points--Apparently is bring to these boys and girls as near a symphonic balance ns is, possible. THE 'MOC CAS! N HOCKEY The conference season opened with the team going to Wausau. The team was handicapped by the fact that as yet they had no'ice for practice. Coach H. J. Schuren, in- capacitated by an autombilc accident, was unable to ac- company the team, so Carlton Topping and George Winker served as coaches in his absence. Yausau won--9-1. Stevens Point came here January 16th and defeated our boys in a thrilling game. The game was anybody's until the final signal, but Stevens Point had the lone score to win the game. On January 19th the team.went to Marshfield, where an excellent game was enjoyed on good ice. Marshfield wen 4-l. Nekoosa was the guest of Uisconsin Rapids, Feb. 2nd. Snow madehplaying very difficult. The Rapids scored six goa s. cn Feb. 4th, Wausau journeyed here and defeated our team in'a game played during a sixty-mile gale. Wausau won 4-0. . Marshfield met Nekoosa on Feb. 10th, and the tables were turned, with Nekoosa winning, 5-l. For the season's final, Nokoosa traveled to Stevens Point on Feb. llth and lost a hard-fought battle, 3-1. PLAYERS Captain Leonard Urysinske--CLenI------------Center The star player, who handled the stick well and who played a very cool, steady game. He will be missed very much. Donald Giese--CDonJ--------------------Right Wing Our flashing right ning who caught the 'flu, but was undaunted by such minor trifles and completed the schedule with flying colors. He also will be greatly missed next year. Gaylord Johnson--lJehnsonJ----- ---- ------Left Wing Johnson showed up well in all games and remained cool, reliable, and fast with his stick. He will do great things next year. Ernest Vehrs--lVehrsJ------ ---- ---------Goalie Vohrs played an outstanding game in front of the cage. He stopped almost everything that came at him. Ue'1l miss him. Charles Foley--CFo1eyJ----------- ----- -4Left Defense He messed up many a shot at the goal,'and proved to he a good, fast stick handler. He has two more years to develop into a star. William Benz-lBillyJ-:T-1-s-fffzsf--ff:-Right Defense Billy proved that the bigger they are, the harder they fall in every game. tOne characteristic-he would always have to get his two minute rest at least once every game. He has another two years, and what will he be like then? LeRoy Ruder-lRuderQ-2:-fssc:-e-:::::---ff:es-Left Wing Ruder played his first year on the team in.a very fine way. His speed and stick handling together with his sprightly spirit did much to help the team. He has tUDdmDTO years to play. Ghnyies Stevens--fstevieI----------------ADofense iaggriharles played in a few games and in his remaining aging- ALA.: A n 0 an 11 rs nnnn mon FOOTBALL Top row: Frank Casey, Wilbur Oleson, Chester Van Ruth, Norman Casey, Donald Oleson. Second row: Mr. Kozlovsky, Vernon Weber, Arnold Krehnke, Robert Grodse, Frederick Bentz, Mr. Mingst. Third row: Howard Crowns, Lewis Layton. George Carstensen, Roy Kruck, Leon Vandevnberg, Harold Freiberg, Francis Grode. 'Bottom row: Charles Reichert, Alfred Arendt., Ivan Jackson, Joseph Klein, Allen Greene, Jess Long, John Hendricks, Jacob Wolfe, Donald Pilot, Melvin Stensberg. BASKETBALL Top row: Mn. Mingst, Howard Kuehl, Leon Vandenberg, Robert Fagan, Harlan Fluno, Ivan Jackson, Byron Kuehl, John Hendricks, Edmund Garve, Mr. Kozlovsky. Bottom row: Donald Oleson, Howard Crowns, Jacob Wolfe, Josefph Klein, Jess Long, Allen Greene, Melvin Stensberg, Francis Grode. 3- .. E., X in 'ML' i. 1 1 If-1 1 . .v.,,,. fir' . ,lx h T :Wg . .fn Ia, u. R 4 if Lp f.2q. 1.-hi ,w k 1-QffA1.,w, ', yf'wdw,.,, .- ,f V-1. W ' ex X -'4 -P I - - H , 1 , I P I , r ' . ., , ? ,P 4 N4 ' farfg Q13 ,, ' ' ' , 1 51 Q, J ' 1 W7 E . 561535, F 22-f : gif E' QS? 'lf ' wk . Q . v 1 vp. f- .- 4 , , 'M' .tx N ,Q si 2 ' A 'G f- .Q if if 2 . - -1 -,. 4 L- . s, - a 3 5 r 55,2 .Fi-iii? C ,, .... . ,., 3 ., 4 . ,fn T HE MOCC ASI N y FooTBf.LL The opening game of the 1956 football season was played at Antige under floodlights. The game was a scoreless tic at the half. mln the third quarter Lntige scored and made the extra point after the touchdown. The score was 7-O. Later in the fourth period, Nonoosa, fighting hard, brought the ball for a touchdown but failed to make the point after the touchdown. Nekocsa played with a saddle soaped ball which caused the defeat for the fighting Nokoosa Ironmen 7-6. The second game was played at Wausau. It was a real battle between the large school of Wausau and the small 1 Nekoesa school. The score was 20-6. This victory placed Nckoosa in the 50092 column. - ' The third game was played with Rhinclander. It was the first heme game. Nekoosa nent in fighting and get a strong lead which enabled our coach to send in his second team. The first team completed the game with a score of 27 for Nekoesa and 7 for Rhinelander. ' The fourth game was played at Stevens Point. Nekoosa made its seven points in the first quarter and had many other chances to score but failed. In the last quarter Stevens Point made a touchdown and the extra point to tie the game 7-7. A .' The fifth game was played at Vis. Rapids. The Rapids U s the victor. Nekoosa played good defense ball but failed to hold the . The final score was 7-6. The sixth game was played with Merrill on the Nckoosa home field. Nekoesa won from the weaker team 20-6. The second team played part of the game. ' The Homecoming Game with Marshfield was the last game of the season. It was a big success. The score was'55-7. This was also the last football game for the seniors. Theh seniors on the team were: Jake Yolfe, fullbackg Allen Greene left end: Jess Long, tackleg Francis Grode, quarter backg and George Carstensen, guard. After the game a dance was given in the new gym, e PLAYERS Jake Wolfe In his senior year, Jake, as fullback, filled the position particularly well. It will be hard to fill his shoes in the backfield as he nas one of the hardestshitting fullbacks in the Valley. L11 the fans will miss his spec- tacular plunges. by Lllen Greene V Allen Greene, also a senior, played at left end. He was a good pal as wellies a good player. .He took much in- terest in the.5ame, playing to min every time. His pres- ence will be greatly missed. I PLAYERS fcont'dJ - Jess Long 4 Jess was another senior Whose loss will be o blow to Nekooso's football hopes. Ho played left taeke and was a very good msn who took eoro of his place in the right men- ner, His blocking of punts and his readiness to help in every emergency made him.inveluable to the team, and the 1937 season will surely-notice his absence. Francis Grode A Francis was smell for e senior but his lock ot size was made up for by his fighting spirit.. Ho was herd to stop when he get started. Tho will they find to toke his plsce this fell?Q ' V GcorgG'Gerstensen l ' ' .A D A.heqvy.set guerd,'Georgo held down his position very well in his senior your.. Thc.l957 line-up will miss Weorkyr Melvin Stensberg 5 Melvin was o sensation es helfbock throughout the season. His ebsolute disregard of the odds he might moot in any game mode him much feared by opposing teems.p He has one more year to ploy end so he will be back to fill on important position this fall. Joseph Klein '- A - ' .A ,Joe, a Junior, played right end. He has another year and should be hard to stop in the next seesonfs games, as he showed up very Well lost fall. - John Hendricks R - A heavy set junior, John played the center position. Ho was d,good.pdl-in every may and n good reliable player who will be missed by his senior associates. Hero's luck tot John from his-'-senior pals. .' ' ' Charles Reichert . l -7 ' t Charles pluyed,guord in his sophomore.yeor. Ho was a good playorQ but as he has quit school, he also will be' lost to the '57 line-up. ' , Ivan. Jackson , V . , . s p ' Ivon, also s sophomore, played good bell at guard position. He should make o valuable player for the coming Alfred Arendt, - . ' ' .f Alfred was e fast, heavy msn for the halfback position. He will be very badly missed aqring the coming season as his speed was quite on-asset-in getting the bcll'dotn the field. Howard Crowns - V ' Howard was e sophomore who sow service in several games. 4 Other players . p hUnder-elassmen who did good work were: Loon Vendenberg Arnold Krohnke, Robert Fagan, Ralph Babcock, Robert Grode, Vernon Heber, Roy Kruok ond Harold Froiberg. , W . - 'fFIE'MCJCCAS1N CLASS B DISTRICT BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT - Marshfield, March 10, ll, 12, 15 The opening game of the tournament hns'botween Adams- Friendship and Manawa, It was quite a novelty to watch the type of basketball played by these schools, but the outcome of the game was never in question, as A-F had the superior team and won 30-ll. The second game of the evening was between Marsh- field and Medford. It was quite a disappointment to the home town fans to have their team out of running for the championship this early in the tournament, but the score of 21-14 left no room for doubt about the fairness of the chance. The next evening the losers of the first two games played. ,Marshfield was the victor, 24-20, At 8:05 the same evening Merrill met Mosinee and de- feated its small neighbor 22-10. ' The third game of that Thursday evening was the one that held the interest of the Nekoosa fans, because champ- ionship hopes for our team depended on a victory over Tomahawk. As we had already played the Hatehetmen twice during the season with a victory apiece, the hopes of ' each team mounted high. After an exciting four periods, Tomahawk emerged with a chance at the championship, win- ning by 28-15. ' Friday, Mosinee and Nekoosa met in the first game of the evening and Nekoosa won the right to appear in the finals by defeating Mbsinee 19-15. The second game of the evening was played between the winners of the March lOth game, Adams-Friendship and Medford. Adams-Friendship marched toward the champion- ship by edging Medford out, 14-12. The third game decided that Tomahawk would also be represented in the championship finals, as Merrill suf- fered a bad defeat at the hands of the five fighters B from the Northwoods. There were two consolation bouts the final evening, March 13th, before the championship game was played. Nekoosa and Merrill came out the victors over their respective rivals, Marshfield and Medford. Excitement reigned high in the bleachers that were filled-with A-F and Tomahawk fans as each hoped that here at last had arrived championship honors for their school. Tomahawk soon demonstrated that this was its year for accomplishment and the Green and White team from the south bowed to the Hatchetmen 25-l2.. ' BASKETBALL U The opening game of the basketball season was played at Antigo, Dec. 4th. Though an interesting game kept the attention of a large crowd throughout the evening. Antigo capitalized on its advantage of playing on the home floor and beat Nekoosa 18-10. ' 'Nekoosa was host to Marshfield for the next game, Dec llth. The visitors were outplayed and out-scored in a bat- tle that was very pleasing to the first-nighter fans of Ne koosa. As this was the initial appearance of the team on the home floor for the season, everyone was interested in the new line-up which consisted of Jess Long, Allen Greene forwardsg Joseph Klein, center, Melvin Stensberg and How- ard Crowns, guards. The smooth work of the five promised great things for the season. When the final light went out, the scoreboard sent a thrilled crowed home happy with a score of 20-15. The next conference game was played at Tomahawk, Dee. 15th. After an interesting game with many exciting mo- ' ments, Nekoosa journeyed home to tell of another victory, with a score of 22 to the Hatchetmen's 16. ,During the Christmas holidays Nekoosa played two non- eonference games. Baraboo came up to meet defeat with a 35-21 score, but Neenah using the zone defense came out on thewlong end of the 18-ll record. On Jan. 8th, Nekoosa played a return game at Marsh- field and again defeated the Mnrphymen. The game was ex- citing even though there was quite a margin between the scores, 51-26. The most thrilling game of every season is the Rapids encounter, and this year's proved no exception. The first half, it was anybody's game, but the Jinx that so often accompanies us when we most desire victory came along and the score at the end of the game gave the Rapids 50 to our 17. However, the dance sponsored by the Seniors was very successful socially, and a great surprise financially as the profits hadn't been expected. Jan. 22nd Nekoosa played host to Stevens Point, and as the team had shown up so well against the Rapids every- one expected an easy defeat of the Point, but that was just one of those upsets that the least said about the better. The score was 17-4. Merrill camo down to play Nekoosa, Jan. 26th, right during the thick of exams, but even though they proved a hard fighting team, Nekoosa vanquished them 14-15. When Nekoosa went north to pay a return visit to the Rapids, Feb. 5th and a huge crowd of fans accompanied the team, hoping to avenge the earlier defeat. The game was a'thriller and the boys had nothing to be ashamed of even if the final score of 22-15 favored the Rapids. Nekoosa's return game at the Point resulted in a defeat with a score of 28-ll, Feb. 19th. I M Tomahawk came to Nekoosa to play its return engage- ment and defeated the Purple and White, 15-ll, Feb. 12th. The last home game of the season was against Antigo. They played a'fine brand of basketball and though the score was very close throughout the game, the visitors made a final spurt that netted them 18, Nekoosa 15. This game was played Feb. 26th. ' The final conference game was at Merrill, Mar. Gth. An overtime period was necessary, but we won 22-19. , - 4 - ' inf ' ' V QL,EgVf Wm T .H E M O C A51 IX-I c N2 f X? Q, 'IQ 6LZ,LN0 EY' 3 .KNEW HAPFY DAYS ARL? HERE AGAIN Q F-1 w- -WT swff, Q-3 '11, W,-A ,v,, , ,,, Mg, i 'N 47 D I I 'E I xly 1 X ff.ff9!1fg.L1Qf. 4.1! LT J fxuf HMusic doth soothe the savage breast and botimos awake a joyous mcrrimontgn NAU!-if-ddr!! is v . W JJ ,WJI-lun-r 4 5,' ,N .a ,. .1 ' T HE M0 'J ' 'X C i N Miss Ledwell asked her class .to.Urite an essay in QS1fGU W noris as possible on two of llfe's greatest preolems.i Guosie non with o composition o?'three words, NThe Bentz Tvlns,H A f'1 i V , . 'ioinny J,-yiot's shoot some crops, V' Lillian Sl-WQD, Johnny! Please don't7shect the little crepsof Remember, life as much es you do. tQ,i ff ZF? A Gordon Beierl-NCl94VIh-Ex- pense go hong, Charlotte! ' Give the canary anothcr.seed. Mr. Vondenberg sont this note to Locn's sociology teacher. nDoer Miss Iverson--Pardon me for calling your attention to the fact thmtlyou have pulled Lecn's right ear until it is getting longer than the other, but please pull his loft one forma while so hc'll look more symmetrical. Miss Halverson-Who was Tal- leyrond? Harlan-A fun dancer--and cut the baby talk. Douglas--Doing anything to- night, Kirst? Donald-Well, I was think- ing if yeu'd lend me your cor, two dollars and your girl Ifd gc to the Prom. ff i Nt, ?S'9g5?W -V- Lbfel Benner-bI'vc chewed my gum for two weeks new and heven't get caught yet. M A SmeQbronnmLct me chow it a- while. It must be good by nov Miss LedUellsHE1wood, you may leave the room. ' Elwood-wD1d you think'I'd take it with me? ' Burncll--I cun't seem to get electricity through my headg Zes2evemwThet 1sn'tustrenge. Wood is a nonscenductor. Meuie Ido--Does my dress look like it's slipping eff my shoulders? H Jehnny1QNo. Lctls gc. Maude Ida-NThen you'1l have to wait. It's supposed to look like that. -,I Miss Halverson--Cerebollo, woke Urysinske-up, will you? Cerebollc--Wake him up your- self. You put him te sleep. Doris Blount--Was Harvey on his knees when he proposed? Gerry Grodc-Neg indeed! I was on them. ' Dorothy Bclgert--Is he dumb? Leona Elmer--Ho is so dumb that he thinks the St. Louis Cardinals are appointed by the Pepe. ' Mr. Bundle--what three nerds do you use most? ' ' Gail--I den't.kncU.' Mr. Bundle--Correct.M' A Mary Ann Ycungchild--Did you ever kiss another girl? Geo. Carstenson-Nopeg I never aids Mary Ann-Well then just stop kissing me. You cnn't use me for practicok A THE MOCC ASI N HUMOR Miss Halverson--lafter fifth hour history classl-NMany stu- dents are like coffee--985 of the active ingredients has been removed from the bean.' Harvey Grover--fin chemistryl How can I make anti-freeze? Kozy--Hide her woolen pajamas. Lost-A Waterman fountain pen by a young man full of ink. Bundle-If I had been Landon's English teacher, he would have been president. Flo. R.-Why aren't you pres- ident? Bundle--They wouldn't give me the chance, Florence, they nouldn't give mo the chance. 'MD N ilggg , Miss Halverson-what happened in the year 1809? Harlan Flunos-Lincoln was born. Miss Halverson-Correct. Now, what happened in 1812? Harlan Fluno--fafter a pauseJ- Lincoln had his third birthday. Flo-4Your dress is too short. Lorraine-I don't think so. Flo-JThen you must be in it toe far. Peewee-I don't see why you haggle so about the price with the tailor. You will never pay him anyhow, Donald--But I'm conscientious. I den't want the poor fellow to lose more than is necessary. Beauty operator--I have some- thing that changes the color of a person's hair over night. Mrs. Caylor-eYeah, I've got a son in high school, too. Cop-Move that car along. Gail-Don't get fresh--I'm masquer Cop-AI don't care if you were a whole peninsula. Move th t wreck. c:::x ,,, ' Mr. Rundle--ihaving forbidden the eating of candy and chewing of gum during his English class, one day became suspicious of a lump in Lu- cille's cheek.J-Lucille, are you eating candy or chewing gum? Lucille--No, I'm just soaking a prune to eat at noon. AT THE SENIOR CLASS PLAY What made Lucille so mad? How did Esther Mae get over her ailments? Why was Doug so happy? Bundle-How do the girls keep those dinky little hats on? Len. W.-Vacuum pressure. Miss Iverson-What is mostly raised in damp climates? Jake--Umbrellas. SSTQJJJQK 1' S' . ' ' 4? Harvey--I'm thinking of asking some girl to marry me. What do you think of the idea?. Gerry-It's a great idea if you ask me. Fluno-when is the only time a woman is justified in Spitting in a man's face? Grover-When his mustache is afire The Voice of Experience--Mr. Rundl I k'f ' Y vp 'T .,,x .J lx 'meaon-or,Qf,1s1rs, WHY CAN'T--- L eevslup under P fence? iodine at e ieetnurent? Ln oirnione o'bocrd? iunduet the furniture? , vindhrret out with smell jftf L boardwalk? A cniuneymsweep? i L kitchen sink? , - A postage stamp get licked? Wloko, deer,W said JaKe's aunt, naren't you sometimes afraid yonfll lose control of the motoreyele?H WConetently,W replied Jake, UI'm two installments behind alreody.lf1QF lE?Qj N7QEfI3 ,-x u ML, sw ...-x X W TVN .-is iff- 'FS' -QGJ Leslie ,euby--Ifvo found e four leaf clover, dear. . Elsie Elmer--Oh, that meenst, we will soon be married. Leslie--Oh! but I thought it meant good luck. . Alma Lowell-Jfould you marry n man who lied to you? Vera Roberts--You don't think I want to be an old maid, do you? ' Doctor-mMy dear Miss, there is nothing the matter with you-you only need rest, Iolo Long--But, doe, look et my tongue. Doc-That needs rest, too. Ivnn 1,5-Could you suggest something suitable for a girl' friond's birthday? - Clerk--How about some book ' ends? Ivan--Just the thing! She always reads the ends before the beginnings. lMer1e MeKenzie, I betche.D Rey end Dorothy were sitting cn the verandah in the moonlight No words broke the stillness for half an hour. She began to yawn HI sey,W Dorothy said suddenly, 'suppose you hed money, what would you do?W Roy threw out his chest monfully ,Ulf I had money,W he said, UI'd trevol,n - He Tolt her warm young hand in Q hiss He closed his eyes and -D sighed happily. When he lookedi up again she was gono,t In his hand lay e niehgl. , Nox.2m . Floyd Hamme--C turning from ai visit to Broun's barber shop and referring to the use Of'thC' electric clippers on his neck remarked to his mother!--I know my neck was dirty because he used the vacuum cleaner on it. Don.Giese was shy but he ren spendod nobly when Doris gave him on opening., NI hcpe,n said Doris, UYou will invite me to your wedding when I you get married,W h fd ' Ixigiixxgg X p.H. f,-gs igk ggfqq tg 9 -o4 ?' HYes,H said Don, NI'll invite you before I ask anyone else, and if you don't accept there won't be any wedding.n f i 'THE' 'MOVCCA S I N Lady Collector--Hill you please help the UUorking Girls Home?n Mr. Rundle--Certainly, where are they? Miss Iverson-Jess, what does the buffalo on a nickel stand for? Jess-.Because there isn't room for him to sit down. Burnell Goodness-+Shall we take T5 the shortcut? Vivian Allen--No, I'm expected home early. , We at s dx V' - X' -.- figs Wheer Teacher,W wrote Mrs. Crowns who evidently disapproved of cor- poral punishment, 'donft hit our Sammy' we never do at home except invself-defense,W its Joew4Please, honey, just another kiss before I go. Marian--Well all right, but you must hurry. Pepa is coming heme within an hour. Katherine Allison-4Your Alfred looks like a brilliant young man: I suppose he knows everything. Juno Sultze--Don't fool yourselfg he doesn't suspect a thing. Vernon Weber--Goodnite, dear, l'll see you in the morning. Betty,Pierce--Goodnite, Vernon, but before ybu go, I think you have my gum. Jake was rather shy, and after Marian hed thrown her arms around gi? eng kissed gi?if3r brigging e a ouque o oers, e jumped up and grabbed his het. ma.e o e ,oo n mean to offend you.n Oh, I'm not offended,H he replied. I'm going for more floners.' Patty--Deer, tomorrow is our tenth wedding anniver- sary. Shall we kill the turkey? ' Toms-No, let him live. He didn't have anything to do its NBetter lower the shades, Geneva.U YWIW. S0-fully? nTwo below outside.' Jake--Where ye been the last two years? Jesse-In school, taking medicine. Jake--Finally get well? WHLT'S BEING HEARD IN THE LOWER HALLS Miss Timmer--WSh-sh-sh- quiet, girlsln Conch--NFinish up new and get up to the Main Room.W Miss Halverson-enGet in the Main Room and make it snnppy.n Kozy-NYou need a flag to lead that procession.W Dorothy Server--I'm sorry, dear, but dinner is e bit burnt tonight. Bud Frost-4Uhat! Did they have a fire at the delica- tesson today? Miss Ledwell--ite ticket agent!--I want a ticket to New York. Agent-Uhich way do you want to go? By Buffalo? Miss Ledwell--No, by train for the Prom? ,vb gh? Kdivllrei f WHO blew up the balloons? Wh ways put e circle around our merksv I 'H I fl 'L fd 3 fi L wlf.D1,xCA Si N 5TEvEm I' 0,5 Muser. FESYIJ M ,,. ' - Q.-excusing cm I fy, 159, AK K CHO RV S I 3' FG?g mT'.T?'y 3,4 vb QS- P MV' ' l X kg s A N... LQ .. 0'-FALL Q ,W I O R iff, LN R 4 o by i'-foT' 60 Lode AGC I 5 ,M i ' if W -nv' ls. Qu . Q-U-Y... 'I Z! ? -fix ?'1 f5 V -X gf 1 ,JN ,J ' 3 I ff 'H f fm f fx- 1' an '4? 5 n '9x'i,f'N P 52 f fifbgi Nfgwfx Bj Guess WHO- ' - Ei-Lf-4 P'f'f1 +'V' N iff . El'lfl'V3l5RQ. ' . ' - '. E! wiv? S G1?0Df1rseEA4E?rJe5T . f A .QQ If BKJLMY SWDE H1301-3 'Ne V I ' , Rilcgidy I V1 VL E. Lgfj cg gm- ' 5 C. . - F53 TW WW ' 73' Z . lv' TH-3 1. X- WATL H T H if 5 5 1 A?-'Ji?Q ,Nfl u TLP RS Ru LL. Q L1 Xu ws Dom-JN W, H E N i Milk,-I 'S l'x S Q.. TH 1355 AY? E: in-N---vfj' 5' K i :-- fa in fy nw UN ! H A N QED uuT Q - .. f A 'JN I- -----' 'I HE MOCICASIN Irfs THE mn-- I. For pupils to chew gum in class. 2. Leiter in the halls instead of going to the'main room. 5. Bring'bacK their report cards a day before the beginning of the next sirneeeks period. 4. To skip school. Gail-Let' .out English and take a little stroll. Floreneef-Can't do it, old girl, I need the sleep. L. Ward-4My pet billy goat is ser- iously ill from eating a complete leather bound set of Shakespeare. What do you prescribe? K. Warner--Get a Literary Digest from the library. Norlin Hofmeister told Miss Led- ivell lest February that his reason for not getting his outside read- ing in was that it was too cold out on the porch. 55--. .W 2- 'a - .5 ,B MI.. T ,,,.... . 1-lv-T-1-'xxx Lb Q : A inf' 1'- i.U. :gy, it I ,M'.Nv, l 1 . -xQ ' J M ml 1 -Q .. ,... .- u , - ' . - H. 5 N... . Gail--Are you yawning? 'rf' Douglas-No, I'm giving a silent Indian war hoop. Miss Lednell-Define trigonometry. Jake W.--When naman has three wives it's trigonometry. Pete L.-4Where's your brother, Daryl? ' Lois Hagen-dHe's in the house play- ing a duet. I finished first. Shawn Ferkey-I guess you've gone out with worse looking fellows than I am, haven't you? Silence from Burr. Shawn repeats his question. Burr Clark-I heard you the first time. I was trying to think. Miss Eubank-Where do the jellyfish get their jelly? Flo--From the ocean currents I guess. Miss Bjerkeng--Gussie, if I said NI am beautifuln what tense would it be? Gussie--WPast.W Miss Iverson-Jack, come to the map and point out Aus- tralia to the class. Jack did so. Miss Iverson-dwho discovered Australia, Oscar? Oscar--Jnck did. 4, ,, ,-. -,-,.. .. .,.... . ,.-,..:..-.....,.m 3-.Z 4, f f .-.--.a-....... , ,ff ------Q--ff! fm 1,5-ff., fUe.,,,1 ,-wh Mfr- ,,,,,,.' 3 65,3 'h ,f 41' .1 .',,,f' .-354 - 2 Q' A IA xy, l I. I f I , - x '- ,' S2354 , 5' un ' Voice on phone-eHeUard Crowns is sick and cen't be at school today. Mr. Rohr--Alright. Who is speaking? Voice--This is my mother. Jake Wolfe get heme at six Weeks time. WDid you pass evorything?0 asked his mother anxiously. WEverything but 7alter's V-8,W answered Jake. Heard at Uis. Dells- Mary Ann-4Why are you eating with your knife? Burdett-My fork leaks. Jimmy--Are you fond of in- door sports? Ila--Yes--providing they go home early. 'IH E. MO C C A S IN X FAMOUS FOLK OF 1957 We understand that Supa 4,'qg,,?',gf Lorraine Foley is getting 53952, N g her punishment. All nine f- P Q- . if of her children inherited I'1 . her ability to talk, and, Q V ,Q - , nine at once, what chance f, ' v has she? ALR C IEE al 4 m 1 x SLK is-X Mildred still tt Butch a thing o Marion Carlson meets De you know that two! her ideal man after twenty we hear Ruth Bruan years of exploration. has been a bubble ' ' ' vY dancer in Paris 'P 'F ' since 1938! The Hollywood sc gy sation of 1957 is pio- Vivian Allen, we 5 A thrower Douglas Rezin, understand is spendi V ' who is that wa about a ng oxey ar a aye. e er- 1957 le ai c 'sg ij M tn R 5 una Army Promenade to stand it was his suc- Washington to ask for cess in winning her chocolate flavors on from Jake that sent the three cent stamps. latter to the Vehr's By tho looks of pasture in despair. this Mrs. Maude Ida Ks will soon be planning a June wedding for her eldest daughter. o X KE'iZFg s x x A H 1957 is a great year 5971, GET , for Babcock, as its fa- j mous daughter, Lucille C L63 GUM- .. Sanger, has been e- 19,1-F 47' I lected first woman AILfg president of the U- ' nited States. C? s x x Florence Wint-' Erma Helke is lyn's deg has grown President Sanger's first Gail's and Char up and new scares appointee as G-Woman-in- lette's browbeaten away the naughty Chief. husbands compare hobes who flock to notes about these her back door to taste managing Wives. hers famous pics. bib 9 at V ak at m 1 x ,,., N K K 'R sl Aff' .6 g l 5 ' if E . Jess takes his better half for a ride one find Sunday afternoon in 1957. 2 FAMOUS FOLK OF 1957 x3,Wi Elsie Elmer, the C 4 X3 .Lrt Editor of the Mocassipf Q 4.,-1 H F X 'Way back in '57, has U 'WX?2ff1gf'Cf 44, gained fame and fortun 0 5'-T, -f .-fi, ,' as head cartoonist for 0 4 iq' the skunk Hill Gazette, QL! X edited by our former I rf N Ku,f we friend, Shawn Ferkey. s 3 'lsbff Q r ye.- lf' N' Q an an 4: ,f' ' f XX .., Florence Robinson if 4 w has been visiting Nekoosa ,,, A 4 after a twenty year absence General Vehrs spent in investigating Krehnke and Smedbron ' has talked himself the profound prob- brag about having been into a commission lem nihere do anglein S. P. Class back in in the Skunk Hill norms in the caves '57 with Officer Fluno. Lrmy. -troughs come fromfn fe gvrqfhlywqpx, Greet good fortune has. f,'ZQQe-' Xzyy come to d former Alexanderite, Mrs. Dorothy Server F. has just Ji, won the 97th prize in the shiver-y 4KlV,,.Ll3..3 Jell Jingle contest, a beautiful can opener, which, it is sem, . lui her adoring husband finds very Hervey and Floyd putting po 'ltetoes in the cellar for the 'long, cruel winter ahead. ' George Uinker very close to heaven, . x, -.1 g e useful. A Jake hunting big game in Vehr's pasture. 1 F, gf U U. ilfxd-xx h L QE...-f xl EFPOQS4 H'iZ. .lVJLJLL1f x2:.I H FAMOUS FOLK OF '57 s ,a-Of 'jiizffip C , JI. Axmx. f 'T' .-f j T. .- xx.. --'It'-'NI ,fa ...- ,sm-N' --.A X 5 Q5 'X'- My 454. .:.....,........ .lr--.,-.lTjQ:4-V x qw ff ' vgg X ay t,:iuh,.- , - V dv Kip Vkpwz, E11-.N x qt' I xv?xpbr x llf r'rt1E?RXf3 'Q ,Ji if Don :first Sells his thumb L' ' 1 k f forty times 0. day and charges Q - sir-loin steak prices for it. 'Rl' K3 They say that Missionary Hermit Greene 171:-o en- Delton Ferkey is doing very Joys his perfect solitude nicely in Waikiki, directing free from all those desiggniiig cz hula hul:1.schoo1 on the side. fenmls. Bing Crosby game him the idea in 1937. We understand that the private secretary oi' the above-ment ioned Hermit Greene, a Miss Thada Morse, tours ,QD -'GJ-E? Africa again this year, as the ENQJN tf Hermit pays her by distance LX and dictates by remote con- -2. trol radio. , While Miss Morse is in is Africa she plans to drop f PT ,FDM-Vx down to Zululand to visit J 45? ,. X 73 Madoxne Estermrvy Ltlarlfe vrhof Xxx oi has c. permanent freving 'i ' X '-.Q a establishznent fer the 'fxxlk natives. A I '-4 1 '?'-- .J s b- X NQQQ ' N ' T f 4 Q J , O W r it ' tt O ' x X IP 4 O p O 1 - .5 Q ' .' I T , y , , U. f' is xi ' i A . X4 The Misses Bentz, dress Edna Urban, premier models extraordinary, ere TI. L. S. Huyloft organ beck in Nekoose for 1957 . pusher. Can she play Hot and see them ritz Babe and Time in the Old Town ' hiS pal. TO1'ligh'b'? '?????'?'??'?'??? A .-.gx THE MC1CCASl N FAMGUS Poms on 1957 The Turkey Gehrlce 2, , of 1957 is our son 'f .ff . :J A vt'c Y .4 1117 Grede of '57, ?f'.,,7, X X Instead of having UD X l N ,f to get up ever 'ia 2 . D morning every :layf S. cnX7,f'2f5 he new sets the g ,,,.f 'f alum for May 15 Af, 7 , and settles dorm forgo. longwin-.K V 1,--rf ff' . ter's snooze. I e 1 CM 5 f'Ux d MVA ' ' Aye, aye, Sir, says Seaman Qgf fA'Q?' Giese as he nops up the deck if 3233 3 of U.S .S. Nekoosa. W. N Q. :hx Ik an It U,2'l--- ' if f'.,:.' - I X- -fQ t x Who is this 'Trent in AQ 5' inent f'e1'1..LI-e 1?.1sef5u1's--gli? dx ing on tae price of rctiu Z i I in kussln? None other g I than the former Ceraboll 3 llarner, next' Comrade Tier- N , ,Q 3 sniskgikoff, fourteenth 5480 assistant to Stalin, with X '91 - Q 1 nea3.quo, .vladivosto , Siberia. ' wk wr at lk A The latest bulletin from X X Grace Beyer is that she is A I chaperonlng, the Dionne quints ,' XX on u rocket tour to, The -' I quints are getting pretty old 5 ,Qffpf . to be still single but it's 1 K ' ' hard to find enough oligibles W to suit .Grc1ce's tastes. Cf... ',- 3. Prof. Ulttenberg warns his pol, CQ V' X Leonard Yfrysinske, not to waste ' f sv , energy in pursuing the frail but . , F, f o Vs -N-f f ,fj fair Rapids dense-ls. N. ' 1 Ll Q n be- x 1 -1-5 Q t ki.- we- Corky's Model T is still going ,Q 'X fl strong, but he's had to add an JL Q extra H. P. to take care of the A V family. 4 9 og Q, u I .A ill. Mon. Tues 1 . Fri. Mon. Sat. Fri, Fri. Fri. liozl. Thur Fri- Sat. Mon, Thur Mon. Fri. Fri. Tues Thur Fri. Fri. Thur Fri. Mon. Tues Ffig Sat. Fri. Sat. HX 'Q C' 'fri-.!Z 111-C'4..CA...f5 N CALENDAR September L3b0T Day, ...ol N School starts. What a bunch of kids! We lose our first football game, with Antigo. Mr. Zahl Football Football leavesg Mr. Bundle takes his place. game at Wausaug the boys bring home the bacon. October game with Rhinelanderg the boys keep the bacon Football game at Stevens Point--a tie. Football game at Wisconsin Rapids--we lose. Second six-week period begins. Jake makes good resoa lutions. . Football game with Merrillg victory is-ours. Homecoming game with Marshfield. Masquers give a H dance after the game. ' I Seventh and eighth graders have Hallowe'en party. Oscar has a wonderful time. 1 ,J November Lost, strayed or stolen--three Weeks' old gum from under a desk in Miss Timmer's room. Finder please see Lorraine Foley for big reward. 3 Thanksgiving! Too much turkey? Third six-week period begins. We write letters to Santa Claus. December We win basketball game at Antigo.- Pep play-?Luncheon For Sixn given by Sophomores. ' f ' Basketball game at Marshfield--we Win. . Basketball game at Tomahawk. Pep play NElmerH given by Seniors. Jess is a gallant squire, but Floyd , shoots the Works. : Christmas operetta-Jack Kirst plays 'Santa Claus.Wf Last day of school before vacation. A party in nearly every class, and peanut shells up to your ankles. ' Christmas-4Kuba Wolfe over-eats. ' New Year's Eve. What was Alfred Arendt doing at Minor? January 1 ' A 3'. f Resolved: That no resolution shall be broken this year School starts again. A large display of barrell ie sweaters - Hockey game at Wausau. Oh, those blends, eh, Donald? Basketball game at Marshfield. Juniors put on pepg play Ubumb Dora.W She wasn't so Wdumb.V , Q Hockey game with Rapids.H ' 4. , z Basketball game with Rapids. Seniors put on a dance after game. Big financial success. Profit, 32.70. Hockey game at Stevens Pointi i M4 i THE MOCCASI N,1- V-V -V--A V W Af.. - 1 COMPLIMENTS Q of HUBEIUS Good things to eat. F ,nano-1 l: 5 : 1,:.::-:-ff' ff .:g.---U.-.-if .-.- 6 n e .,., .e i gi 1' , -coNGRz.TuLf.T1QNs is ,class of 1925? ii .- . - r,W,?QLL1N gl Q2 ig Uisconsin Maid Ice Cream 1 A V 5 1 :f 'T L'f'M'k f'11T f 'ff:i ll 1fQ1f' A e T Q i ':im JT ' Q' 4 i BEST KJISHES 4 CL,'Ml'fLIi.lIE'.IffTo A from ' i 2 0 J f' VW TTPNI 1 Wi' 'lf' 'lflfT Tf ' .x....fJ. JJ Q fVJ1Q.I'.x...I xJ.J!'.. LK i A 2 I - 7 f Dentist Q Atiaornoyept-Lan I Q 1 Nekoosa Bank Building? ' ' Nekoosm Bank Building f 1 Q iff.'.Q..l,QQl.i , l .Lf . lf.7f.g..Tf' w e - e e..lig-1.gll .H ve 'Tm q E 'yf l1c.1':' S rl r V' P F K' a c 111.1 Glwm. 3 2 n hoe , 4 a X1 K i Qlf hop . . Staple 85 Fancy Groceries' i Qggfity Footwear Clinton Pharo, Prop. I I Guaranteed Repairing 1 . 1 ilffffff Tiiliil i' gif f j........... 71f' ,fl 341115: 1J...... ' 'Z I........ 'f' H U A v li in-'I b r' f ' I' 'I I' ' V F F LLr.x.,f1UC 5140! fi IW. 1x ALVIN mi J' Jo C P 4 ' 'mes ' SH ' mp' GLOVER FQLRIVI stvonm firing, Plumbing, Heat- Qi ing Contracting I 5 I YOU 9-TG P-S 1109-I' GA E Refrigerator Q gli to us as your telephone ' Maytag, Tfzishoig f ----f- ----- - ' 4 X 3 iP1'lO11G 43 KA ,....e f.. ee.. -ll 1 f A-' Hff- ' -. l. 'fmt Mocaixso N If ln- lxf:,fgE3i:,L 21 FANCY M ATS A GROCERIES Phones 51-49 Served the Community for 29 Years - F .ECI-I H E LMS GIKCJCEKY Alex Fechhelm, Prop. I Phono----7 QAJJGI IIN HARD I .RE Phono 100 if 1 'Q f 5 Y 5 -lad :Q rf LJ 111 , ,J f -r Y smncsr .swrqm V i GLS OILS WASHING GEASING Agency for WSchult Trailersn WA Home on the Roadn Geo. Larsen PARK V1 EW KIiSTAUKAN'f Joe Edwards, Prop. cl.ig.- POLZIN3 GIQOCEKV GROCERIES M MEATS Henry Polzin Z E S gf ge fa gl rr 5 4 1 . , L - o gVN-,rur ,, . ,whim a k TuesQHh VM, Wed. is Thurs 1 iF?i- iifixwfy L'- 5+ vc l 9 ii Tues. is lSet. E 1 2 ii Tues. Q Blris ig ' I 5 5 Set. 1 Thurs 4 1 1 n 19 20 21 28 fa 1. Y,-K-. 25 26 50 2 5 6 ll -riogr-I 151: V. --l'.n Nga X i lisf, 1:11-CJLQ .fiklfilil ' A CALENDAR S January Heeveyrgins at Mnrsnfieiux' Justices fight after the other. ,': if ig Reviewing for semester exams. Eiyhteen weeks of Work in three days. Q1 Semester exams.. Wan looks and headaches. 1- 'Semester examsgz Basketball game with Pointej Freshmen give pep play DKeeping Kitty's Dates.H H3RQSWdftOT gemeigiven by'Mesquersg ,Tom Brbwn does fhe'FleaZHdp with magnificent Second semester begins. Sure, Ue're all going to do better this half. 57 Basketball ggme with Merrill. :Z Hozkey game with Marshfield. s Februery Q Mesquer plays.- Which one did you like best?i Basketball game qt Vis. Rapids. Wefll beatffem yet. fv :Q Hoekey game Uith?Weusau. 35 Hockey gpme at Stevens Point. Seniors dressiup, get booed in the main room, and no photographer comes. Mr. Bundle puts Q circle around the l twenty-second..i Q l2wm'BESKQKbk1l some with Tom5heUk.m'EighfhQgrede, gn..- is 22 25 25 26 Z 6 10 12 15 26 ' 2. if: 315 M ,,.,,i.. ii ,,.. ,.,. W 5 1 f gg Tuesg :W ' 2 is Mon,p gg g1fgg1. 21. Tues. 39 Thurs. ig Fri. af . Q ai' ri. M if lg Ned. yg Fri. if i w F5 Fri. F .em . ..-.Ms--.4f- -,V-,-.. q .M as saw- 1.- G+ - 'gives pep-pluy,fNThe Duke.W- Johnny Jeoeks is on his may to HQllyUood.1, U , 1. ,, fi' Greet Mystorysi Trailer on playground-end nohody knows anything dhout it. ff eSeniors dress up Again and photographer uocsn't arrive. f'5 Q? 2- ' 'i-- -m'?T- Seniors and some groups have pictures tokens, Orchestra endjGhorus concert. fi Basketball gamoiwith Antigo. Pep play givehiby the Seniors., Those quints are just adorablei And did We S0GfSGmO QXQQI?.V9P'Q2nQQ25iMMwMIi . .,.., , ..- Q -.Besketbell'gsme'oi Merrill.i J, A ' p' Freshmen girls skip school to visit at Wis.3g Rapids. Whnt did that excuse say, Patty? fi Busketbfll tournament begins, .2 Nehoosn gets comsnlction, Mr. Rohr announces that there shill-be no more shipping. 'f Declam ind ordtoyy contest. 'Did you find that bnfreu, e iiegg Q M 13 Mies Hmlversonffhlls out of her ehiir. Can she ever groan. QQ' ii QQ - 5 1 . , . Z. ., - ....m.,.,,,.,., .. M 7 , , , . ., ., ..... . .J .., ,., f .. I . .. . .. ..,..,- ...J lg f H QE MOC CAS IN Q 1 ,, fd, L ,, W V W V 2 . 'lr' :sans-4 , coMPLn.mJTs or Til ! 2 T X r, V F f H W P Q 14 LJ,QO5fX N l 3 I .5.A.Df,P:1b ig: ,J Qi 5 lj'T 'f'3.lP U 01 , if J JNL wlfJZ.jf ng THE REX!-LL STORE J' ' ---.wer .T Cunoermon L f W .'9L-- I 'A . Ls , H ft I i Prop. g gs TlreS-I3C.tteries-Gas-Oils P Q r ' gr--,,g:1' Y- ' .Q-Y :W 4 Q Ll- -. Y W -gg ,v, rf, +V P V Y X N f-Y - , ,.-,-:,..n -. A in , -M .W ,A 5 V , or W , .W ro, or or P P. or P L'- ,:l Y H, -f -- f 43-1'--if--rv-:-1 r' ,f ' , :pp Y' , 'Q 3 5 Q ui if CCNGRATULATICNS r' r' r' r' H I a r G f + COf'rL.f3 fJJ'!'C73,-if rom - if ' ' X P C C Arthur Buchanan, Prop. :QVC fJ-fJ- ! j'J-J P ' !f5 ' unchos R Fountain Sorviooifi 1 g 3 fL'.RD'ifx.RE g 2 '9 Ll'W175a' 35? J ' Q '53 A -smile. 1' -.v, a- ----Y-, , ,, PA-pf ,,,.g,,W-.-:, H -.........., 'dest TIi-g1:1wog-JfTro1E'M- P 1 P in PP P ' X rl VP Ax H If 55 COMPLINIEZNTQ or ' 'L WU PM if C faowjfrisocl515315g I BEAUTY si.:-from , T l 4 il sr I LL 311. 'iix ,P 'J 1 LQTTCRNEYS -,'.TF-LII! J '14 -:fn ' 94111-4 - A ..- -bf-: ,-,fr--v L-J-n:1,:a :zz - 4 X i r Mrs. Mildred Foldnor, gig1 Prop. ff5 .' P 'P..iffT:mf'frQgf:'WniJn ' .f'4 QMP'fQQjwrf, ,r li J- --lf'- -'Iii ooNGR.'.TUL'-TIoNs, ' P 5 Seniors iw - H r VrrX MQDLL .dfxlillgf i Lloyd Harnish, Prop. A L f f f ,K K ,,.., Y ..-J ' BEST UISHES FROM JOHNSON HI LL Nckoosa 4 1 Wisconsin Rapids -as Leann-4:1-'Ji 'T 42 ii w , . 1 , V 1 Thurs. Mon. Thurs Fri. Mon. Fri. Tues. Fri. Sat. Wed. Fri. Mon. Tues. Thurs Fri. Sun. Thurs THE MOCCAS1 P-I D April Nlid we have e good time at the Port Promlv. Lest six-weeks period begins. How do you get rid of incompletes in English? ' Grudc.0perette. Bend and Orchestre go to Stevens Point. What hep- pened to everyone else??????????? Mr. Rohr spends the day writing excuses. KSotisfact- ory?D And some people get plenty of exercise. Did you go te the Rapids Prom? . , Moy Senior Class Play, NThe Poor Fish.W Oh, those bud- ding romances. ' Soloists go to the Dells. ' Bend, Orchestra end Chorus go to the Dells. Radios at school to listen to the coronetion of the King of England end the best of static. - Junior Prom lcd by King Burncll Goodness and his ' Queen, Vivien Allen. We have to give the Juniors credit for their grand decorating. Lawrence Ward takes e front sout fifth period. i Fish bait passed around to Mr. Rundle. Did he catch anything? No, but e lot of Kids went up to the desk to talk to him. KGuilty?D Where is all the green paper going? Oh, we under- stand--the exhibit is tomorrow night. EXITi Lucille Sanger and Mery Bcntz from English class. Mr. Bundle kicks the cup from the radiator and produces some hot air. 2 School exhibit--everyone's memmy and poppy comes to see what their little chillun hes done during the.p yeer. The style show creates quite a sensetion. 3 We're crying all ready because of the thoughts of leaving deer old A. H. S. June Commencement. J,f fc 532532 'N--3 f iles-'rx' H .' tv, P- 's VI X f p , U. S 0 47 A Ei- iii 54- g1'1'i.i.,, - F 'H 4 K I 0 .1 R, . X. ' S-X' ,f'x.,-g.5y'15f' K X, x , ,,. - ' U 1 '1u' X Eg fa. THE MOCCASIN lexander, Pres U . . A. RHGKGQ Sec'y-Treas L. E. Smith, Vice-Pres. L Y uc111e Konash,fAaa't Sec'y NEKOOSA-PORT EDWARDS 5 BUILDING 3. LQAN ASSOCIATION H OUR SLOGIJJ vo L , WN YDUR OWN HOMEW NEKOOSA, WISCONSIN Illini in ,, nn-' hu- ' ,L-its ,............. '1 NEKOOSA STATE BANK H CAPITAL AND SURPLUS S70,000. U. A. Radke, Pres . L. Mohlke, Cashier I John E. Alexander, Vice-Pres. L. Konash, Ass't Cashier I Member of Federal De Maximum insuranc 'itll' .ig .buf -li Y posit Insurance Corporation e 535,000 .each Depositor , '-J ' ' ,- -tg' ,'t-4aul ,,-inn' ,l',4: I H L , m., ..p LEE Hi 'lf' 3, ' , , 4' krl?34:.'F44rfl- , If fl , . . - J., vI,Q.,v la. a A:-.f.w1 A au: 1' , r. x ak .F v H 5 si 1, -1 -gngplll! ' w1f'Cr. a N Q IQQB 5lRb33 ul QU E 'Hf?i3iLf?E'ZHgfCEAIL 2 rpg ilasrroi aillavl Games rm:H 'A?'W'Uf' gQn'm:v,zzA mom ,fa awsxanua mf .Q J y sl- 1.2 H , .ig 'r E z ml. . v i ? H 54 3 ,N 1:7 5 4 , 1.1 - 1 L fvfmmHs,'e6 waffle we 'T n V an of materials 8966 ' in the publicat mn MAA ATM mimi G1 33 ..H'Q'Q?y gv. -J' f- ' ' if 1 l ' ,:'f':-5l ',1f ,-5 ' ai1i0- 3 , , , f 'Buda if ' 7f' ' i w.f1w-A -1 'L 2 . Q W.. Q. 5. 1, .. .. .. 1 f f ? 1.312 A9- ' ' H01S2TPQTmU CQZAH Q , MhfJ-'M J V ' . X , . Q mga? ' . w f, nsusmuanl mvmi 753186196 n5su,J39xh L'1 , ' ' ' I ' is gd E' MMV .ug ' 3 ,gr F' 'S ' ' b 'L H I 'gg -,,.. ,Q ., 5, . , r , - . . Jg1W V A h !, . QM. 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Suggestions in the Alexander High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Nekoosa, WI) collection:

Alexander High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Nekoosa, WI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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