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QV 1 f ' vi, l ' XX XVDYIOXJEKQNDCQIJ l rMuf2f2fjYW?ZjO?g'ff26eg - Qwjlbxkj U ,BPD u R W? hd, f XX 1 wif M ff if Q Fw W Q MXL fm f ff , X I ' , F A l ,Q , ' ' 'QW Amit 'Ja' W W wwf Wy M JDM wwf ,,w'ffZZ,jZV, , jc Y JDM M4 1 M N mf Q W A W if W -I A.' , nb! QNOJVM it, pp 55, 1 r Q 3 V, I UWM, U J 2 X WW 3 Www W A ' ' , !'YV. vx0l,'f X ,, Vvfyvf K J X 497 -, 'fgf My W' 2M ' W V ff WW 'P if 4 f YMQ, N xy! oyx-QW. MV Q 5 4 Q4 .6wgwf0'gQfL V .wyffys fy 'jpg f9 A Cf HM wQQ,f1 A QM ff X Ml .7 yy" X0 JN QW X . W X fwlvfjgfw YJ yy J LA l gig, ff-141' f I J M- A 7 , ' AV f sfglfi-J ' L ' ,f 1 ' J , . l +24 X YN - I V A - Ju ' -4 W f Q, ,Q . 4,4 . Y, V, L I " ' L 'V ' ' ' " os, ' fa, , V ,ji X 'D yy I? if I Z5z,07'ff',cfcQc4 .LN ,Z-'co WM-ff "riff JL ,5z7f7n5 Ervin ' M. J jifwv ff! A ,mf wpiw -X N M 'N w ZW4M zfW mmwmfwmif WNW W M 3 wa ' Bpfmfghum W, M, jg MN M jalmymwf Muff ,LW to VANM'-:ev1u.E Wgwfpqffjfiiwww ESQMUV if S X 'Q , rs, 163 'Z 5 QN S H Gi X U Sejoewj 85 x NNXY2 N L 5 A , " A. ,. . N U NV? X 'VQ-,Qs-'5"f"" f NJ '-f f ' V ' ,, ff ff 4 f . + ' s ff' ,ffV' f, . .. 7 , f lx -R 'CY jzxllyd 'X Q fPf,,?1Qf'ff'! ,If ff! , if V YN LU W KO f ,W f , , .f " W9 J ' f' LM Q V A , JWWWX , f ff ., ' ' ' .- LV' , , f, 1 Q, F 1 X f gggfnf X f ,Q7f , 1 , f ' J' .u-' ,ff A, ' fn ffkjy 'wp f' Q' 7 7 fadcfff r M N "x fwwlw f fu ,f A ff' fy fi' W wx H 4, ff fl Q f , . -f N ' 1, Q, f7 ' f ,f'f5"" w L ' f 6X f f -5 U' v ,M ff If Q ff A4,gf-cndifv A f Sv .QM fkfyff f 7 ZJLQGIK 154 Q7 41,4 M X X - ff 57' A 7 ,f J, 77' f f -'K g - ,f f.':if"WgffQf- 0 -,--1 411151, A K7 f Aa 7f9aCf 1 d A ' fy A .f ,I-M fy 7, , V, V, ,! ,f, 1 lr , K, ,fy fy' fy? X ,f ,ff , ZZ, ,-.f. f X X' ff QiQf'7' 446, J ,X fag' ' . f 4.1.57 ,ff X , J Z ,f ,Af , 1 If 7' ,ff ff' .1 If' ,X ,, Ay , off 472:55 Wyabdi X91 ab jfffff if af 'J swf num mme ' rzlf Vi. 2 .II-'. 91,4 . 1: 1 f flaw, --Q-A .A ,Q , 1-'FI--X .455 ...,4,1 .- 'fx -- LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA um I-HGH SCHOOL JuNE.195a L 1 1 fn 1 fri X ft ttf T fi lf T , sy- , ,ff .f mt., 4 Jieclicafion Before Cappy begins his journey through Yankeeville, let us stop for one moment in order that We may meet and pay tribute to a person Who has constantly served Hamilton and its students. He is the fellow Whom We take for granted, and yet he is the fellow We know We could not do Without. Although We always see this person busy at work, it seems he always has a spare moment to talk with us. Therefore, the Caprisian Class dedicates this classbook to I-Iamilton's irreplaceable financial manager, ROBERT WEST, a man Who has given countless hours of service during these years of growth. it if 'N fm--Qf I fi? '7 U . f fx gf A f VM 59 fl" , Xl 'xg' , xlff If! X U nj!! Q, .Y x A .vt f Jchnowledgmen L4 We, the editors and staff extend our sincere ap- preciation to the following persons for their assistance and help in producing and publishing the Caprisian Classboolf. Many thanks go to MR. WALTER PARKER, our sponsor5 MR. ARTHUR SARNA, our Tuesday spon- sorg MRS. Lois VINETTE, Photo advisorg MISS ANNA NEFT, Sales advisor5 MR. ROBERT WEST, Financial advisor5 MR. VERNE DAVIS, of the Davis Studio of Ph0r0graphy5 MR. JACK CANNICOTT, of the L. A. Engraving C0mpany5 GARY BRANN, of the Culver City Star Newsg and the Southland Press, Inc. CAPPY TELLS HIS STORY Cappy the Caprisian is my name, My fellow peers, And although I haven't been here long It seems almost like years. When I came to Hami High School lust a month or so ago, To take the seniors to Capri Was my one and only goal, Yet they had to wait for Iune 19th. So while the time passed by, I was taken on a tour of this wonderful school, And a member ot the student body was I. But as I passed from class to class And joined in all the lun, I was no longer on the outside, For the class and I were one. I'1l remember the homework, senior prom, and Yellow stains from Nitric Acid, My be-bop records, and basketball With screams ol "Cappy, pass it." Diploma days are coming now But I'm not feeling blue. As I sail back to the Isle ol Capri This classbook will bring back thoughts ot you MISS MARGARETTA STEVENSON Girls' Vice-Principal 04 min iairaiion MR. RICHARD NIDA PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Caprisians individually and as a class have a great deal to be proud of and we have many fine things to share with our little host from that magic island. ln these times when education is under close scrutiny from all sides we may point with pride to the scholastic records, scholarships, and honors which Caprisians have earned in their short three years at Yanlceeville. Our Nevians, State Scholarship winners, Ephebians ,Mathematics and Pho- tography contest award winners, Art and Music, English and speech winners, Industrial Arts and Bank ot America award winners, Garden Club, Rotary Club, Lions Club, American Legion, Walker Brown Scholarship and Alumni awards winners are all worthy ol note. Caprisians have proved adaptable and understanding amidst a building program, an auditorium rehabilitation and a nine period day. While not always pleased with the necessary adjustments, they have held their heads high and have put blue sweaters on the horizon at Hamilton High as a sym- bol ot progress and perceptive leadership just as blue is a symbol ot beauty and happiness around the island of Capri. We at Hamilton are proud ot your achievements and hope you will continue to bring great honor to your alma mater. Sincerely, RICHARD H. NIDA MR. HOMER O. EATON Boys' Vice-Principal appy Jlleeb the acufig 4 mf 5 xy i 1 Q . . , ,fff A ...WA.,.,,.,, ' . t E As the visitor from Capri was being shown the s.chool by the Caprisians, he came across a meeting of the Hamilton faculty. This group proficient ' d d the members ot the Caprisian class so that they would become well-educated and good citizens on the Isle ot Capri in knowledge, ha prepare First row, 1. to r.: Mrs. Martha Barber, Miss Soledad Garcia, Mrs. Mary Wilshire, Mrs. Lucy Molloy, Mrs .Pauline Eckhart, Miss Harriet Perl Mrs. Alice Andre, Mrs. Blanche Pollock, Miss Barbara Fox, Mrs. Carolyn Clifton, Mrs. losephine Iimenez, Mrs. Gertrude MacQueen, Mrs. Ieanne McKinnon MIS Ronda Wisham, Mrs. Jeanne Friedman, Miss Pauline Kutansky, Mrs. Barbara Nani, Miss Anna Mason, Mrs. Blanche Bettington. Second row: Mrs- Sylvia Gaustad, Mrs. Hildred Nugent, Mrs. Eugenie Snelson, Mr. Donald Graham, Miss Deborah Bissiri, Mr. Royal Lowe, Mrs.. Florence Carlson Mrs' M' M ' na Gott Mrs Iosephine Crow Mrs Frasquita Leitch Miss Grace Haynes, Mrs. Iessie Clemensen Mrs Pauline Bogart- Florence Scalettan, iss arian , . , . , I ' Miss Ioanne Ansite, Mrs. Ruth Kent, Mrs. Eugenia Cole. Third row: Miss Nellie Rogers, Mrs. Emilie Spring, Mrs. Marie Yerkes, Mrs. Evelyn Wqterl M Alvin Henderson Mr Merle Smith Mr Don Daniels, Mrs. Margaret Hartwell, Mrs. Florence Weston, Miss Catherine McGrath, Mrsi Marie man, r. , . , . Smith, Mr. lack Brown, Mr. Harry Luitjens, Miss Anita Risdon, Mrs. Anne von Poederoyen, Mr. Arthur Sarna, Mr. Claude Durham, Miss Anna Neft Mlt Katz Mrs Margaret Davis Mrs Marion Kelly Mrs Ruth Stephens Mr Iack Straus, Mr. Gryan Webb, Miss Alma Hokinsonl Fourth row: Mr. i on , . , . , . , . Mrs. Marjorie Brown, Mr. Iohn Farrar, Mr. Raymond Ross., Miss Zelma Revier, Mr. lim Taylor, Mr. Warren Steinberg, Mr. Ivol Blaylock, Mrs Lois Vind ette. Fifth row: Mr. Eugene Broadwater, Miss Margaret Blomquist, Mrs. Marion Vree, Mrs. Thelma Stine, Mrs. Dalmyra Rhodes, Mr. Carl Link Mr IQ. seph Weston, Mr. Graham Harris, Mr. Francis Beal, Mr .Hugh Chock, Mr. Leroy Pool, Mr. Paul Kuhlman, Mr. Arthur Song, Mr. Robert McCau51r,-md Mr. Lloyd Souders, Mrs. Susan Weinberg, Mr. Walter Parker. Sixth row: Mr. David Rebd, Mr. Seaton Grant, Mr. Francis, Byrne, Mr. Ira Winn Mr' Richard Miller, Mr. Richard Gerten, Mr. Camillo Guercio, Mr. Iarnes Raddatz, Mr. Garo Armen, Mrs. Mildred Gates, Mr. Gordon Bruno, Mr Rifhgrgi Nida, Mr. Paul Linker, r. Harold Foster, Mr. Max gen. ' 439,13 QU C 4, - .- Q. 4...Al7A.J rot., l of-4 6 1 ' Mn. BLAYLOCK l A' . . - After returning from a successful career in X i CMAJ N X , K the Navy during wartime, Mr. Ivol Blaylock Q . Q became actively engaged for the next ten In years in counseling and teaching at Hamil- Y , dl ton. Although he will be a great asset as the A I an vice-principal tor Manual Arts High School ml his absence will be a big loss to the students and taculty members at Yankeeville X M s f 1 by 71 f NW 7135 .LF , ,. ' 47.,,,V ""r-'rv PRESIDENTS SPEECH After three years at Hamilton, I realized that my senior year has been the most valuable and rewarding year of my life. My cabinet and I have sought to raise the interest in student government to unprece- dented heights. From the modification of the House ot Representatives to the new Student Body Forums. we have tried to make the government more efficient and more truly a voice of the electorate. We have but made the first steps in a long process. It is up to you, Hamiltonians, to keep high your interest in student govern- ment and to continue improving the gov- ernment. I wish to thank the faculty and admin- istration for all their wondertul help and guidance. And to you, the student body, I shall forever be grateful tor your cooper- ation and response to our efforts. It has really been a pleasure and an honor to serve as your president. Good luck and best wishes to each one oi you. Sincerely, DAVID SPRITZER Student Body President Reading clockwise: Bonnie Sturner, Girls' League Presidentg Buzz Sobel, Chief lug- lite. Steve Speigel, Student Body Vice- iresnentp Nancy Feldman, Student Body secretory, Steve Loeb, Student Body Treas- urer, Tony Mellos, Boys' League President, QW N emi, T .5 ,x eye L f ff H ,7 WH l , T ' . lift ,rift , STUDENT BODY CABINET Comprised of the many efficient ap- pointed and elected Student Body offi- cers, the Student Body Cabinets efforts are evident throughout the school. The Cabinet has taken a major part in plan- ning the various activities presented this semester, and bringing about many improvements for the benefit of the en- tire Student Body. The Cabinet has upheld the principles of I-lamilton's staunch democratic government, of Which We can all be proud. First row, 1. to r.: Buzz Sobel, Chief Iustice of Student Court, Lorna Gerry, Under-secretary, Steve Spiegel, Student Body Vice-President, Dave Spritzer, Student Body President, Nancy Feldman, Student Body Secretary, Steve Loeb, Student Body Treasurer. Second row: Bonnie Sturner, Girls' League President, Elaine Part- now, Co-secretary of School Spirit, Kay El- gort, Co-secretary of School Spirit, Dick Met- zer, Co-secretary of Assemblies, Iris May- bloom, Co-secretary of Assemblies, Bonnie Graf, Secretary of Health and Welfare, Ted Margadant, Secretary of Organization, Ely Scharnis., Foreign Exchange Student. Third row: Bunny Weisbart, Speaker of the House, Bob Greenfield, Secretary of Grounds, Io Sue Wolf, Co-secretary of Publicity, Tracy Pulvers, Secretary of Athletics, Dave Rudnick, Student Body Historian, Carolyn Hazell, Sec- retary of Recognition, Mr, Gerfen, Sponsor, ul X Xl u V t ty v, ,J is f 91 , I Y .y 1 Fig T t X All JJ Tj ll X Ti .TJ lj I X if fa T Vi!! rr no C . t lt -. ,L . 1 ' .7 t. W' 'bfi N 'lf F ,Q 1 '11 , it Wg! Lf tx - . is :a T' 'ty T if ta -P i 'lt v L z f S if J J x Nw hxxxjif x, BOYS' and GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINETS Working together this semester, the Girls' and Boys' League Cabinets suc- cessfully planned and executed the an- nual spring dance entitled, l'Buckboard Bounce." Under the leadership of Bon- nie Sturner, the Girls' League organ- ized Girls' Week and Good Grooming Week, along with putting many hours into their annual Easter Welfare Proj- ect. The Boys' League, led by Tony Mellos, president, also had a full and interesting semester, including the un- veiling of the new Boys' League bul- letin board, and clirnaxed by the inter- class track meet. First row, 1. to r.: Tony Mellos, Bonnie Sturner. Second row: Mrs. Iosephine Iirnenez, Bob Ka- das, Sue Pollinger, Don Urfrig, Millie Mori- moto, Don Iacobs. Third row: leff Maler- stein, Bobbie Gerorrie, Nick Roberts, lt-ldY Levine, Dick Weidhoph, Karen Rapaport. Not present: Barbara Pellin. J Pt 'Cf ' gefl' eei4 lee rfeaclera, D-oo. t . gi: . 7 i ,,?,,t..., lj -4, sk Q -'i: ' , A3 "" If y .mu .zs 5 . xy ' . ' ' s . ik? Z A U 0, s"r v- 1 A xr A gr... if r" SV QE :'A.5 I T' tw 40 amilion Nearly 2,900 strong, we Hamiltonians were crowd- ed into every inch of space available on the campus this semester. We discovered that six minutes weren't enough as we floated with the crowds to classes. Our lockers were full of everyone's books but our own and the lunch court was so cramped that one way or another you couldn't go across the twenty-five yards comprising it in anything less than ten minutes. Nevertheless, conditions were to be alleviated- next year. Meanwhile, no one was able to think because of the noise created by the erection of the new 'pre-fab' building. This was a minor distur- bance compared to the aud repairing and the sound proofing of the halls. The results were worth the trouble, however. Activities and classes continued in spite of the interferences and the nine period day. Each week the activity case in the main hall featured many sports nights, rallies and assemblies. Although the Student Body Welcome Assembly and Installation Assembly were much the same as before, other assemblies took on a new look with the Student Body Nomination Bally staged in the form of a nom- ination convention. ln addition to "Faculty l:'rolic," a talent show was portrayed as "This ls a Life?" based on a take-off of "This ls Your Life." It fea- tured many versatile students by introducing the performers as acquaintances of the teachers whose lives were revealed. Our February Patriotic Assem- bly was presented as a time machine which took the audience back to the past of Washington and Lincoln, and honored Brotherhood Week, Negro Week and Foreign Languages' Week. . ,. . 1535 W Www vlan'-N ighlightr Student Government was at its peak with many new changes taking place. Student body commit- tee orientation and sign ups were held in the aud. Elections Went full steam ahead with candidates for Student Body Offices printing platforms and show- ing ingenious posters. Registration and voting per- centages reached an all time high for the school, Girls' and Boys' Weeks continued as before with various students taking over positions in govern- ment and industry in the city, home, and school during days in the Home, School, lndustry, Religion and Recreation. The Photo Salon Was carried off in a grand man- ner again this year, featuring many photos from state, local, and national Winners from our school. The choral groups at Hami along with teatured alumni, presented a three-hour program of classical and popular music. The School Spirit contest Win- ners Were announced at a Western-social sports night as having the most spirit for their various classes. Three more outstanding activities were sponsored by the A. F. S., Alumni Association, and the Girls' and Boys' Leagues. The American Field Service outdid itself with such activities as a "Report on Russia," Farewell Assembly and Dinner for Elida Schamis from Argentina and Bill Quadt, who is going to lapan this summer. fill Karlson reigned with her court, Linda Bayhi and Karen Rapaport, at the Alumni Dance following the Alumni Day ac- tivities-a Baby Contest and Basketball game. The Spring Roundup and Buckboard Bounce Can eve- ning box supper and dancel completed a Wonderful semester. V, Q 4 w 1 s p, . 'Af 1.' ' is 'B Cfaubook Staff I .---'M 0 CLASSBOOK STAFF Producing the Caprisian classbook required much work and time on behalt ot the Class- book Staff. Many spare hours were spent on the organization of the book. Striving tor orig- inality they had the tedious job ot thinking up new and ditterent ideas which could be used in the book, We sincerely hope that this classbook will bring you much pleasure and enjoyment. First row, 1. to r.: M. Small, L. Ferre-n, V. Miller, S. Freidin, S. Kadas, I. Tucker, B. Strote. Second row: K. Frimkess, S. Katler, I. Metzger, Y. Adler, C. Counts, I. Hill, I. Gendelman. Third row: E. Metter, C. Galley, B. Feldrnar, S, Berwick, C. Cetron, M. Colburn, C. Taylor. at AS? -. w x--.V -.,.:.t,,iwwnmwms1 X, i YN ,W X Q7 fi ,K .-,,.,i.,.,,..w.,.....t. ' W -. ...... ZX ? X K X. T .... , v"' X . 1 V ,t ,P AA ' :ssl ,,,, if S ' sf -. '4 , ,, ,A f . , ,ss zip , . - 'Q - f .... s Af f , .. .5-if , 'Ft-' f Q- ' 'sf' , :mm - 'X W sf " 111- .:::.::r: :" fi -' V " " - 2 4,4323 ' , ' 'f:2-iifrtffs-::-Ie: 1fmWM,"S.,ir "" i sis? YZ, S: - ' "" N . 9' ' "' HV' I 'QW X' . , , saw M , t .., W . , . asm ., S 4 'gvff '76, . Tu t u Y N tx W- i , .T.w-'-""- 'Xml ms " .-: 7' 1 -Q 4. t h , -f 73 'B .Twi n-,,.. .... p ' '-its 1 ' .f .v -Q ,ff - A ' .ff '7 '. ' G 1. -t T fa. - 1 ,2 X Q' 7251-lj 'Z ,Q i ffm' 1 YQ. fr P "" f C3 'L f ,pf ,s -5 X M' Z'-Gffis... .- . .. J' . " if ' - yep! ,ra 1 , -,,. ,,f. .if?..w"..',,J 5 SALES STAFF Tie puoiication of the classbook would not be possibie 1-.'ithout the many efforts exerted by the Sales Statf. They work exceptionally hard to promote and secure ads. The sales staff, under the direction and supervision oi Miss Anna Nett, also is in charge ot selling advance subscriptions tor the classbook. First row, 1. to r.: E Frznklii. S Klein, S Silberberg, S Fink Second row: P Ashby, Miss l-left, D. Bosner Third row: Tl vffiiiss S Sefton H Blau 14 - -sgse .-:fi-ff., t A ' iff: .y f ..,u.L', . ' viikx .I . X 4 'XV -'af k -f ' T PHOTO STAFF The Photo Staff, under the able leadership oi Mrs. Lois Vinette, spent much time taking the group and activity photographs for this edi- tion. Without their assistance it would not have been possible to compile this classbook. First row. 1. to r.: M. Segal, editor, S, loseph, secre- tary, B. Robbins, editor, R. Rhine, secretary, Mrs Vine-tte. Second row: E, Glivera, M, Pasarow, B. Day, photographers, B. LeVine, editor. Not in picture: S. Beller, photographer. X - A A if if F 'N t it 12421513599 Heavens X fx C G-"' f fda' x -X- gf U1 ,f f '7 ff Z i Y -at f f"'N f 5 gf K I STPART TRQQSUFA HUNT I H EH ' U Sf 'fm'- 'wr M., - 1? ' Qs- CLASSBOOK EDITORS 5 1 5 ,J L be Q L.. -Q -,-.- r t- ,-3,5 V ,ag ji Nxfl slim G ,Q 5 Follow the treasure hunt trorn start to finish in order to meet our hard working classboolq editors. Sales cmd advertis- ing-Sandra Silberberg, Sandra Klein, Sharon Finkg Photo-Richard Le-Vine, Marcia Segal, Barry Robbins Copy-Suez: Unickel, loan Engelg Classes-Susan Chernack, Mel Goldlarbg Sports-Phyllis Stuewe, Ditl-1 lzzi, Art-Estelle Roiihfz' Frank Taxerg Clubs-Sue Burke: Seniors-Linda Epply, Robert Re-ilel, Gail Adelniazi Coordinators-Di Shugg, Marc Norman, and Pre Etta Lund. IK Pwr--- i.,,. ..., ,,. Jus- LOWER AND UPPER HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Taking on a new look this semester, the House of Representatives became stronger than it ever had been before by putting into effect many new bills and standards. Electing Bunny Weisbart as the Speaker of the House was the first point of business, followed by using bill forms in order to swiftly bring a point before the House. The Board of Beview controversy was brought before the student body, along with other campus problems including service credit for athletes. Passing school club con- stitutions and discussing various campus prob- lems was all a part of the term's activities. Ioint meetings between the Lower and the Up- per Houses were held once a month for the purpose of discussing the latest bills. STUDENT COURT Student Court, as the Iudicial portion of our student government, approved constitutions of new clubs and held informal trials in order to correct problems detrimental to school life. Their silent job kept Hamilton's standards as high as always. L. to r.: Madelyn Sanborn, Mrs. MacQueen, sponsor, Ronnie Levine, Buzz Sobel, Chief Iustice, Iohn Green- wald, Elaine Sokolov, Ioan Thoreson. UPPER HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES First row. 1. to r.: S. Kopel, S. Roitblatt, I. Reims, K. Os- good, D. Spritzer, N. Feldman, L. Freidmari, L. Nagin, P. Greenberg. Second row: P. Shugg, B. Brown, L. Kahn, D. Laiken, P. Feldner, H. Erenberg, E. Sloan, B. Weisbart, D. Fierberg, E. Redholtz. Third row: B. Brilcer, C. Levine, I. Dennis, I. Ducat, P. Bush, B. Verity, L. Mosh, R. Goodman, N. Feinstein, H. Simons, D. Youkstetter. Fourth row: M. Gottlich, B. Newnam, S. Brown, P. Smith, L. Badagliacca, B. Wersen, M. Singer, I. Chaleff, I. Michaels, P. Erlich, R. Rouda. LOWER HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES First row, 1. to r.: I. Sherwin, S. Barnett, S. Mark, D. Spritzer, N. Feldman, M. Konner, D. Schnartz. Second row: P. Borns.tein, I. Eder, C. Herne, L. Aliber, S. Keal- er, A. Strongach, B. Simon, F. Fulger, IS. Salter. Third row: M. Brasler, L. Gould, S. Silverstein, R. Youtan, S. Friedman, B. Erlich, M. Horowitz, M. Lapes. Fourth row: D. Sullivan, D. Caspe, P. Bashook, S. Plane, G. Greenseid, S. Lippett, l. Fishman, G. Rosow, L. Nolan, B. Cooperman, L. Rosen. ,V , NX :yy , ,f 6 fy 4. 'Q-,M Q 5 g Qwfjfhf , If fm' f fl ,ff Z 5' fi-, Z, 'I ,, Z j ,, Www ,z ,J My g M , v , 4 Wffw wwf' ,f , ,Wy , fy: ' ,, 7' . 'Wk' vw ,gfwiffafzf ,gpiilif fzaiw A 5 I Y 7 , f- -' 4 W' 'Ziff' ' ,57 .gg 555354.12 ' ., . gvqliax .1 . 1 ?"3' "f 'F 5' .i, . -Y,, lacquelyn Abrams Elame AChlk Gaxl Adelman Lmda I-Xdelman Donna Adler Ronald Adler Sanford Adler Football Right girl College appy Meefd Yeh' Let's hear it. Patrlcxa Arrowood Roselyn Asteak Charles Astrm Murray Axelrod Carol Baker Mary Barber Dennis Barrett C I md , 1, , I i1x'ri1CT gricxllam Sen Club ,I my Milf gpm , grew U C L A Success B ,, ,.-. ,M - ' i -ir. Iack Barrish Susan Bass Ianice Bathke Loveta Battoe Carol Bauman Linda Bayhi Iulie Beard Electronics Girl? League Rep. Happy and succewlul Nladrigal Group Xliidelms. Ciflleqe llearri .311 116'-'33 B' f1f""'f"f T"'9' i Football NlOLlEllI'lg' fume Capriellei Clap aiu? Gm-,ri CVXYAIJ' l,nlr.iira'.if 1. N P Future Happy and Succewlul Capriellea Prei. Skating llappmc-X. '-uuwe wil Sei, ii Mrlvl iw' wr Tm if f- fr Marriage Daxid peaceuil '.'.fii'lfl falleue. f.l'.m,i Uh X Jeff'- ze en iora WayneBeauchamp Iudith Beck Barry Becker Margaret Belir Max llouxe fil Rep. Marine- Nly lamily l.'.S.C. Senior Tw ,Q XVorld pcacc Gull Narriaef A , Herbert Belinky Edwina Bentley Iack Berkus David Berman Safety Comm. Capriellei Naxy Ir. Ciiilleee Camera Guild Ken Sheila College U.S.C, R,O,T.C. C0-Ed Capt. Decorating for the Senior Bee Prom. Sonia Berman Lillian Bernholz Diane Bernstein Stephen Berwick Prom and Tea Comm. Girls, League Rep. Nevians Varsity For:-zball api Happy Marriage Barry Music Gymnaitics Ierry A Bener NVorld Edu-:alien Sludem Acuviriey People and the 5111 ' Iohn Beuerman Patricia Bilson Richard Blum Robert Blymyer Richard Bone Stephen Borowsky Siephen Baskin Swim Team My family S.M.C,C. Art and Lerrermz Spence Feel Styx ij V 5 i -V , H College HHDPY and successful Law Aura Blecliauicf Rr--:f.i:z1,1i.'r, Cqztv Lift-.IC Kev CQ: 2:--C-V V 1 Giflg future Poonball C15-'LQ yi ' ,. , L, Peace in the world M 'T - ,ul ,QW ' f tj WAS Y ww i Darlene Brass Anita Brenner Morely Bronson Ioe Browder Gary Brower Beriha Brown Iack Brown l9fV5f ,-lle-xinm Pm- F-ititlmill lluruxt' til Rep. A Cappellu A-12 Boys' VP MHFIHECEV Alumni Cwinni. Clit-rriixtry Cfillvgt- l.,A.C.C. Green Key FVUNW' Sfflli' New York. 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Vttrsitv Buxlxt-tlmll Liberal Arts Art School Claw Cmmcil ' First Latlics and Artie A family xian Trvzu Richard Cohen GUYle Cohn Mlchael Colen Ins Colhns Bob Colman George Colome S'ephen Comroe Qun LS C S lxrmclellex Mn C uh Vlusrf. rrrew 1 wnev lr'r'rfrnur flu ll r QWI aux rn Drrmauu fr x ,mrlx ' I l'1U ller 1 'IIXETSIIX lf rr lulurc Tfrxelinu ld Glona Coolln Lee Coombs loyce Cramer Thomas Davey MGICIG Dav1clson L C l ln l-x0 L enrr Recrremlmn Health aml l-lappine S Tennrx me e Par 4 lllnnnrarx l C4 rr m Beautician B Football Secrufrrx nf Ca Ho N ll lun Cr rr 1 Marriage Tnachf-r rue Dee Davls Donna DeFelice Ioyce Dench Edwln de Lcnx llfalth md l'l3IJIJlIlE'NN To work in an office Dermal Hxglenut Hall Cuurql VN rrld mace Happy lulure Crrli League Rep Nucce lul Iuturp 'VIurr1agc From Lynn. Mass, Peace throughout the L -X C C Davld Demmon Barbara Deutsch Arleen Diamond Larry Dzafnond S1gmoncl D1amon.l Zanderenes. Talent Bureau Prom Enlertalnrnent Sr, Tea Comm. Dancrng. happy and succesful future Dan Drbble Marlene Dzckman Roland Dlehl in ho xy DrF1 1poo Caqol Dowling Namr D cpl-crn R ha d D ow, " v X g Lili' T' . 'Y IM1 H 1 N x.L Ll l L f W' f 1 Z Z' .Lf 2 1 if ff Elliot Drucker Benita Dubinsky Gloria DuBoef Thomas Duliakas Michael Dunn Richard Dunner Iames Durand liezilth and VVclI:irv Delphi Si-rriqg Chili lfaxifms, llnuxt' ul Hop, llnyx' lyiigtii' Rr-ii, Spnrlx Classhrmk ffwflrdinat- Plymouthe CNYQUYTV Ir. Roll Kiwis Pies Alumni lii'ci'pthn1 Sports Clirlx ing lfilitur Service ,ll-C'-L-A llrgulth :intl linpplm-N IHA. ll-.iltgi-rx Printing-LJX. Truth: ll-I2 llzill fiuiirnl Someone Special SUCCQNN lu my lannily' Ti-Ch. lk-rl Stall Clnllegt' we MIPS' Gary Dye Rochelle Eder David Eisenberg Carole Eisenshtat Sovereigns President Zantlcroties Ollice Photography Prom Comm, Clhrmn. S.lVl.C,C. 14 sem:-stersb Salon'Comm. ll.CI,I,,A. M3VCl1llWE Band B-13 Hall Guard Happy and succtwslul Sr. Rr-t-ngnitiiuiComm. Happy and healthy luture - future-College and marriage f-war ,. y Kay Elgort Ioan Engel Robert Engel Lois Engelman Student Body Cabinet Girls' League Rep. Buys' League Rep. My Winer" and last- as Secy. oi Schvml Caprielles My future ing lriendships Spirit Clasxhnok Stalf Health, wealth and Recognition Cffnnm. First Ladies and Let- liappinexx tergirls Senior Service Society Roy Engoron Linda Epply Barbara Epstein Glen Epstein "f'hiirley's Aunt" Claiwhnfilg Senior lztlutni Tmxul 'lhi-:ltru Dre na Cluh Prrw. :X flgipptllla Chmr lite filth flw't1i1'x-livrx Dtixit l'iiia13rwj, Tir ww: 'he v.-rrlil Niziiiiutf Si-uinitx' t ,gg V 1.-' ' : V . gy A ,, ,--mx li' .. , ,M f f 'I' . i , "" 'i ' I V. A , ,av fi' .W ' ' ,J ., LK '4 '- "',,g17f ' T' ' ' Dedicated to world understanding: Ted Margadent and Ely Scharnis, Foreign Exchange Students. Rachelle Epstein Anita Erickson Roland Ethier Robert Fantl Phoebe Faulkner Lynne Fay Alan Feigen fri-'v1ti'11tuJ'rie: ' ft ,X A Kr nfriiwfi Ni'-1'f"'U'W Pfitlllllu ACi'llCXl'lll1'Ill Caprisian Class Pres. Appeared in "Cl1:irl0!"f Uh Us,-L, r 5 ,3,-1 ,V N1 nth,-r ni rjd,ifwi.ii flnll.-gi' Tfilgfancr- gy A41 Vp Aunt" 4.3 Y-fwqi ft Pr-rr, - N i 1,14-N lldppy :ind wticuc-sxltil Nlarrii-1150 Tri-C Pres. College , llnn-i wir C"ll'f'Y" iullm' First Lilclicx Employed HK True Oll Portrait Studios lune Feinstein Donald Feldman Nancy Feldman Richard Feldman Roberi Feldman Susan Fenster Murray Ferderber RhaVV"lf1?Y A lfriiverf-,ily Prffsrdffrit ffl Triirir., Hi wrj. f,aw.1.,-', Dfw n i Tr ree ','. ff- fir Class ACfiuneil P"-,ynliulogy Nierliniriff Vhiifi 1, i lJ'f.Ph gf f' .fir Cx ferr f- Alhleties Hrmhf-rhofafl Sf-ll-mfirf-rvrrfei. Pei To l' x are lif1C'f ' f- '.', rp E' " f f Linda Ferren Robert Fidler Marshall Field Sandra Fine Lf-'ierqirle Hugs League rg sernez- LJ'-nfisczjf Prom Ir: wi' r r, f,hu'elairie Sera f,lul7 IEYHI Sueeesiul iuiurf Cfirnfr., flliis-hfifil' Smit Santa Barbara Xezians Senior Tea f,i,ff.f, Success Happiness and 4 uf rflsslul lumrr- I MSW William Fine Brenda Finkel Lois Fischer Rachel Fishbein Nlriney and happy l,'.C.L.A, Ushers My family' marrige lfuture Teachers' Assln. Dental Assistant To end x-.f-rld sznfe Boxing marches. jazz. Iennelles Marriage "A certain someone" girls Boys' League. llfiuse ul Rep. Voting-a privilege and a freedom. Myrtice Fisher Iudy Fishgold Stanley Flaiie Ierry Fleischman Girls' Glee Cluh College Physics Success College Happy and exciting President of Heralds Football Have a very successlul life Cal. Tech Dentistry future Ciirls' League i Roger Fleishman Michael Fogen Ianet Forbes Carolee Ford Charles Frank Elizabeth Franklin Louise Freidin Flying Santa Barbara College Show business Drama. llruue. :Xri Xnji-tiff X . v- - if T-5, Cgllggg Theater Family Success as .i human gfglpligs N' r ' P W lv - v I, 5,4-in pfsrrc Teaching Farming, horses. and he-ing li i 1 N' T' - N E,3yfx,y5 greyhounds Universal iiiulersiaml- ing XLOST wx THE. Buns Quo-rTo C-'WWSNQN C.-.a1vPS Tow-1 Nr. SW. MUNU Om 2 BAYHI 5 5851951 QQLU E Xxf O XQTQT5 653' I YM FE L0 1-1 Mn TR RLY Nrmcq-L PXNERXQ QN X 'punvgqg D AvE 'Quo vu CAL Sswbc' H MXDES T WDRKEQS W F25 X K 431 X-Uwvxesw N49 VRKENDLXEST ' Bourne S1 Eve 9 Sx-oauev. 50'-E9 g 'Y PCI-99' 2 PTI, DLNE New Luc ew SPRXTZEK 9' 0 G X YL P? an ,ffl Q 'if I. if 9 fl Sox-xN 3 ,Vg pl'2" . fl K '5AC.v. Bqows X' 7 fi4"4 ' "5 gag KAY mixes xx: v BE A QENEE NM x-WNSON Fx MOST C QSXS N F9910 VQVY ES Nk0w?s9Q9 -X. GENT BE-ST 6? D :mess - K gsexiou, NT ELLX Q y, LUDVNMCV Nmu UKRYKKN Km vw Hein Fo mecm Exo-x Mx me STuDf Bev.-me ENQNN ELL DA Q3 E5 Txlocausw Sm MMS -1 W , ,M VA f jwief E , fir, H! -,, "--of fc, ,F 43 Q' if 9 i 1 me :CU Shelley Freidin Serene Friedland Elaine Friedman LawrenceFriedman Karen Frimkess Ruth Frisch Franklyn Fromann First Ladies, Zznmlcrottc Delphi President Zanclereliei Politics-XVi-rld Peace Conutais Cooking Pres. Happiness. lay VP of House Class Council Sewing Mllle Danny llappint-ss Sealbearer Girls' League Council Navy Santa Barbara Edward Fuersl Iulius Gabay S.M.C.C. College Printer Bachelor Stephen Galer Michael Garnet Ushers Public Speaking U.C.L.A. Linda Gehrman Bobbi Gerome Drill Team Chatelaines Dental Assistant Happy and succcwful Social work. Alexians future S.B. GovemmenrfS.B, Cabinet and Girls' League Executive Bd. t 'IDI A as lu if..." -J' 1' Best Dancers rtttr Complexion ,,... Dimples ,.r,. Eyes,. Figure ..,.r Build .e.... Hair ....,,. Laugh Legs ...,,.i Ears .e... Lips r.i. Nose .....iw.oo,.. Personality ..o,o, Smiles ...,.to,oo Claim Barbara Goldstein and lerry Fleischman ..r..,.ludy Glicksberg and Gary Hendricks ..,....Linda German and Bill Fine m,..Iill Karlson and Bob Beitel .t,..Stephanie Keller .. .i.LLLss,,,,oos,.......,...t.s...i.i Don McLarty r,..,.Stephanie Malin and Stan Romain .h.sSuzie Willen and Chuck l-lershon,s. ,..i,...Barbara Waldman Smollen ,..,oNorma Iohnson and Les Pasco ,m.Pre Etta Lund and loel Reims ...,s,....,Vicky King and Buzz Sobel ,mloyce Weinstock and Bob Fiddler 1 'NW' 4-4 ancine Gerson Ilarae Gindin Linda Gindy Bertrond Ginsberg Ioan Gitlin Iudilh Glicksberg Barbara Goldberg Svmitf-wiui Xl ir' it ' Haw 1 - l flllclllC4,'ll'YI'X Cap anti Gmini Comm. CuprisianClass C-.mimi Health Uj,,,f,Vj PNY, wr w 4, fl l,':,izw- fn wit 'l llhrltl Bi -llwrlw-til Class QI-mncil 34 Girls' A career and inm'xi.n:c llappiuess t lI,'p,'-Vp.. XI: 'r N Tm f-"l l l f,.l.,l.-llllvlii-ss lxxlgili' lisp. An Sli.--ZBT SLICCQNX UU lll'WllPll i Peg,-' ff-uw' lltlibllj gmt! succc-slul I uturt- IUTE uf Raymond Goldberg SharonGoldenberg Melvyn Goldfarb Arleen Goldlein Richard Goldin Martin Goldman Alan Goldstein 5PHll?5 S'31'V1C.E Club Tri-C Pres. and ffreas. Classbook Editor Senior Tea Comm. Medicine Eaml f. r.- Plavmg Ienrus Wisdom Sr happiness, Building. construction Delphi Service Club Surcefs Tlznn- Milli'-, A CHPPSIIH va successful ture College Future happiness Nerfar Tri r i',- . r' .1 lzuf' ' A. Xespers and school 1-lffrg lr ,Ffa Spirit. r Teeth ..,.l. Walk ,..,l.. Actress ...... Actor .,,..,l.. Orchestra ..... Beach .,..r......,,.,,,,,. Female Vocalist ,r,... Male Vocalist .... Movie ...,........... Radio Program .,,.V Song .,.............. T.V. Program ..,.. Vacation Spot ....t,. Poll .t,...,Estelle Roitblatt and Steve Soltan .,,..Iudy Levy and lim Clark ,muloanne Woodward ...,,Marlon Brando ,....nGlenn Miller ,..,.tn,..ts,..State r,.,.,.Bertha Brown ,...,Iohnny Mathis AW,.,...,V.,..n.,,,tat..nSayonara ..W,,Lucky Lager Dance Time t, t,.lsle oi Capri ,naplayhouse 90 ,.,nPalm Springs .T Barbara Goldstein Gerald Goldstein Mavis Goldstein Dental Assistant Happily married A life time of happi- TISSS Trade kiwi-cl Andi Mel Goldstein Travel around the world Happy successful fu- Future peace Spencer Goliger Harriet Goodman Spades t llagipuzess 1:1 llfe Sr. Recognition Lt College :wt a good Architecture :t.:u 1 Pi rittelire, Gxlr' l.r'.1!. T.4 Iris Goodman Bruce Grakal Paula Greenberg Rita Greenberg Stuart Greenburg Michael Greene Marshall Gross , . - - f N 1 N ' - Q ' luarti Pvvclz a1r1 -. 'r rt :"4sr':r'tf:rr." 1 Le C 1 H f Rep, bemor Senice botiety Iertellp, XP : lim Hall .LM ,Y,TW V N K I 1 V K L U . gciitzslelleggggrvicllemgilub Clgaliiellors Nevians C-1319567 fugccwb am' Eli? fiLEff'iR,., ' E Lf G A K' 5-Mig Health and Happiness Basketball Marriage-Ed Nefilgilgljad Com- X him 'f 'Vt' X r rncrtcemertt Cornrri. N Qfr' , - .,. JN 1 -irtff wwf lim Gauliiere Iim Gualtiere Glenda Hamilton Lucienne Handler Romaine Hanken Linda Harmell Ioyce Harris C"lll'E5Ui Cfnmnercv The luuirc- with .Xri Clnsslfunnk Ad ljrliinr ilnllvge Senior Tea Committee IVI3' family Girls' League Council LV- Hufl Varsity Foot' Marriage Ilrippy and in-L-msiiil llrippy and successful Prnm lnvitzuinn Girls League and Senior Tea Comm 1 ball Pnsiiixo iinkinig inarriage nnirrnnn- Cl-umm. Class Council Paul Nllffldl "'lW'1'i1C Xlinli-ling Kfnnuinis llrnalili ainil llappinoss Ernie Kaplan 1-AA Marlene Harris Steven Harris Howard Harrison Ierry Haselleld Cillna Cnuncil Certified Public Acct. Alumni Cnmmirrev Inlwix Girls lmrigiie Council L,A.C.C. Cinllege Clnllvgn llmlili and Happiness llappinrw and prius- Clirillenges llnpinni-s parity s'F"'A TT!! Dolores Hedges KakhrlynHeermance Brian Heller Gary Hendriks Sock 'n Buskin, Tra- First Ladies VP Spades YP ul "R" l,c1iifi'n1:1u Yailles, Alumni lenelles Pros. Suim Twain. Varsity Clulv Cfmum. Peace anrl Bnwlu-i' Capt. lxn-nili-ilgri llealili uniil happiness in Ilir' Xllvrlil Ci-im C-Qniniri' ll:-,il li .lil Owalr Linda Henig Artisians Senior Te-a Comm. Happy and successful life Bruce Henshel Sheryl Herne Girls' League Rf,-ri, Nly llnuw ug Rep, Ilfi Drill Team l XX 'Q x will MDF Letty Herron iiil1 pm' ni uilirt nl succi-ssliil L'L'I'IJill xiriiiviim' A ' P-11' i A N Sweater Night ai Disneylandl ,,,Q..p-5 Ny Chuck Hershson Marilyn Heyman Arthur Hirsh Karen Hjorih Robert Hobbs Ruth Hoffman Linda Holt Xli Qirl, Penvj. liajrj'-j, and Surge-s. hvappinerz ,mil A Clrinpr-ll.i Teaching iscimum- S Rondelles-Pres. Iunini' Collr-gc ifnllgqw :uiur-3. 21 'fedl-ihff li,1IL1i'+3V l.r-iir-ririrld 1 math! Cmninmlogy Ixlnrringg H,-,rim qi-.1 'Mrui'-r neaierrul nil-ii NNI, CC. and I ,1, 6,11 P-iii' Sum- Lnllege U,C,L,,y iicdlthym imma, future will llww- Nei' fir lfa 1 " L rl Success nnrl liipiiinux vi-,,,,, ..4i Aw' unil "lXlniu'y" -is-asv 'wwf QI- Q 1-'ff Eff, X I loan Holtan Pairxcla Hooper Donald Horowitz Daniel Horton Don Horlon Robert Isenberg Richard Izzi Chatelaine Pier.. Trea. A Cappella Choir Crgllege Cnllege M., V PM, 5 - f E 'n 'Kai' ,- and SEQ- Capriellei Service Club Money Nlarnaae f. 'fin l'-"-5" an Dldlflflgdl bingers A Prei. 8 Trea5. Nlechanicf lhippirfexi P3 O Tf. lv .T-C lm- "U - ' CHDPSUQ1 Cheir Eternal health and yi,,d,g,. '.,,,,i-fl ,M pf, Sr. Recognition Comm. happine-s p,Apg,1,-:.,.. V -,fi Envy fa, H, 'YHJYE Dale Iackson Donald Iacobs Iell Iacobs Ierald Iacobs Seniur Serwice Suciety "BU Football Pi: ar.-:tal Succew B055 Leuflue l. nder- Friends Ji l- YL' and pr-,ig Xeeretarx Surge-Nfiil Lie th 1: fax, Health. l'iur.ipii1eS5 G J Tr' ' 'I 'frealtli T' r .3 4 fl, 5 Lynne Iacobs Carol Iacobson Gary Iacobson Ianice Iacobson "Three Vlrhei for My marriage to Lenny Public Speaking- lamieh and a happy future Entertaining Student Court A Cappella Choir 1957 California Boys' A happy an clhealthy Senior Sonice Society State luture for all my College and happiness friend: and lamili' l'Put your left hand in-and put your . . 19 ,Av Linda Iensen Norma Iohnson Howard Kabakow Robert Kadas A kuccewful future Cqllege Creen Rey Eng! Leagxe Secre' A happy marriaue Water Skiing Qeallsearer Creerx Rey Club Hiirxeback ridimz A certain 5-pnieoiie Cal Tech-Pl:y,Li Prwi Ciiaintiar' ff" f W ' f a. 1 1, aa ,lefty .N isa ff' H-ai Susan Kadas Ernie Kane BarbaraKanvessar Diane Kaplan John Kaplan Michael Kaplan Tamra Kaplan - I C 11 S iii-:ir Serxiie S xiciv Suiiiifx LT QE, Yrff klegitiggls Hips? future Tit-CF YP twirl XSL-it Li ilu- Lara fe, 3- Class Council Big House Drill Team l'C.L..-X. Stu Sc, lxll Karlsen Sandra Katler Linda Katz Martin Katz Andrea Kauffman David Kaufman Iames Kaufman Caggslafl glass Delphi l llniverxity Clirntn, ul Iimurgency Talent Bureau Lawyer-Business Adm. R.O.T.C, H ESE?-3 QI' I,M.CC. S liappincw llzippinev Drillx Cnnim. Prnlesxinnal Dancing Camera Guild-Audio Chess Club Dome Ommg QUCQI1 VESIJGVH Claes Council lleulllt and XVc-llare Proxperoui Future Visual Crew B-12 Hall Guards ennl Y Cinnm. Sports College :intl Qitecem Norman Kava Stephanie Keller Alan Kerner Carole Kerner Robert Kimber Financial Rep. Alexians A happy and unrth- Suceesxlul career S,MiC,C, l0UTH5il1Sl'I1 World Peace while Alife Happy marriage Money Happmess and SPOU5 Mlkei' Success in businen XVurldpence-Capriellex Happy and successful R.O.T.C. Drill Team luture Lucy King Victoria King Lettergirls House of Rep. Caterettes C3 semestersi Class Council 12 semestersi Happiness, coll teaching: Sr. Service Society Howard Klarman ege and lack Klein Dana College Happy antl succesful future Everybody swing at the Caprisian Barn Dance Aaron Kligman Barbara Klinger Rosalind Koiikin Ronald Konowitz Stephen Kopel Teaching Girls' League Model plane bldg. Operatic career Photography Sr. Recognition Com. Flying Weiglit lilting College Ctjilleqe Plan to be an aeron- VP of lr. Phil Sherna Kopple Roberta Korda Future Teachers' Pres. Music Nevians B955 I-935'-19 B-I2 Hall Guard lJ.C,L.f"1' Arlene Koves Love Health and happiness That certain wmeone ziutical engineer --wi Norma Kramer Dorothea Krause Newton Kricun SusanKriegshaber Happiness and long Health Varsity Baseball President of Travailles life Happiness Doctor Service Club Marriage Marriage Swimming Elementary Education A certain someone Sealbearer .47 if Linda Kudler Kay Kulberg Howard Kurtz Lorraine Kushner Iohn Kusmiersky Lanae LaBoy Ed Larson Health and happiness Fashion Designing Successful Career itlinnl Spirit PC-all i r Ride Traveling Happy future S.P.T.A. Rep. Sgt-,ee-'il marriage Marriage Happy and successful Health Happiness marriage Harvey Lecker Lonnie Leeds Geri Legge Boys' League Rep. I..A.C.C. 'Water Skiing Girls Pharmacv Caprielles Accountancy Successful luture and happy marriage Sport Fishing 41" Sheila Leibowitz Murray Levin Faisons, Pep Club Varsity Capt, Baseball School spirit and Capt. of Basket- XVfirld Peace ball Team Happy and successful Athletic Committee lture. Art Bop? League ,av as 'rl 5 . ii All hands in for a Texas star." Carolyn Levine Doritt Levine Richard Levine Larry Levinson Health Drill Team College Girls Happiness Prom Imitation Phntography N.H,R.A. Successlul future Comm, Sovereigiis Naiy and marriage Happines Barbara Levitt Business Office 13 semestersj Girls Glee I-1 semesters? Have a very successful future and marriage Iudith Levy Iudith Lieike College Carines 15 semestersj Medicine Teaching A certain someone Happy and successful future with a certain SOITASIYIIIE Robert Lilley Andrea Lipsman Artisians Drill Team benior Tea Ccrnrn. Sheila Lipson Barbara Locke Stephen Loeb Shetfra Lond Iudith Lowndes Marvin Luckerman Al Ludwig ' ' "ass ' he future Happiness liexiids Serin: Ulf I HQ. S'M'C.C4 C011eg9 btudent Body Treasi butttv in t , an V Q K V V . .I bl - H' 1 Li, se if Ret t at s H L,-, PQESSZSF Surreal and my Ezzibezff-em NFQILETF sialic ,tst Register Nurse S93ll363r9fS img Q, SENIOR SERVICE SOCIETY For the purpose of recognizing those stu- dents who have Worked hard for their class and school, the Senior Service So- ciety was organized. These Caprisians have done outstanding service during their three years at Yankeeville. First row, 1. to r.: D. Spritzer, S. Freidin, D. Kap- lan, S. Spiegel, I. Maybloorn, D. Weidhopt, B. Sturner, R. Nathanson. Second row: S. Adler, B. Boss, S. Burke, D. Iacobs, K. Heermance, K. Elgort, D. Rudnick, D. Steele, P. Greenberg. Third row: S. Loeb, E. Schwartz, S. Schnitzer, N. Feld- man, S. Kopple, I. Vance, I. Holtan, S. Kadas, G. Adelman, C. lacobson. Fourth row: B. Sobel, D. Margolin, M. Small, I. Mernel, B. Strote, M. Bunjes, I. Beard, L. King, M, Cameron, P. Shugg. Meet Iack Brown Nancy Feldman Kathy Heermance Ted Margadant Tracy Pulvers David Rudnick Connie Rudow Founded in l9l8, the honorable service Ephebian Society in Los Angeles was created tor the purpose of recognizing leadership, scholarship, and service EPHE in those graduating seniors, SENIOR AYE CABINET The Caprisians' final semester at Hami proved to be the most exciting and tun- tilled one ot all as a result ot the hours ot planning by the Class Cabinet and Council with the never ending support ot their never-to-be-forgotten sponsor, Mr. Weston. The spirit which acclaimed us at Disneyland as the best talented and well-behaved group continually appeared throughout the preparation and execution ot such activities as the Senior Tea Ves- pers, Recognition Assembly, and Com- mencement. L. to r.: Gail Adelman, treasurer, Norma Circle, girls' vice president, Mr. Ioseph Weston, spon- sor, Lynne Fay, presidentg lack Brown, boys vice president, Bonnie Strote, secretary. SENIOR BEE CABINET As a class We had finally become known through our choice of the name Capri- sians, colors riviera blue and White, our rousing song and attractive emblem. We Caprisians can hardly thank the Class Cabinet and terrific sponsor, Mrs. Blanche Bettington enough for the tremendous job done in planning our great off-campus prom and directing our first recognition as a class. L. to r.: Manny Sedacca, boys' vice president, Norma Circle, treasurer, Dave Rudnick, presi- dent, Mrs. Blanche Bettington, sponsor, Ruth Bhine, girls' vice president, Robin Rush, secre- arv. ig Cuflzeela BIAN Patricia Shugg Steve Spiegle David Spritzer Richard Steele Bonnie Strote Bonnie Sturner David Youkstetter By accepting this honor the citizens of the future, who represent one out of every forty seniors, pledge themselves to bettering their city and community by giving service for the rest of their lives. SEALBEARERS To become a Sealbearer is the highest award, scholastically speaking, that a se- nior aye can receive. Each Sealbearer must have been a Nevian for four semes- ters, one of them being in his senior year. Besides a gold pin, each Sealbearer re- ceives the seal of the California Scholar- ship Federation on his diploma. First row, 1. to r.: B, Locke, H, Kabakow, I. Memel, B. Sturner, I. Maybloom, D. Rudnick, K. Heer- mance, T. Margadant. Second row: D. Steele, L. LaBoy, C. Peace, N. Feldman, B. Newnam, S, Loeb, K. Osgood, I, Shuman. Third row: M. Se- gal, L. Frideman, S. Kriegshcrber, R. Rouda, S. Flcztte, P. Roman, D. Sherwood, C. Ford. ,em W'-1? Pre Etta Lund Ieliery Malerstein Stephanie Malin Lyn Mandell Myrna Manolian Ted Margadant Diane Margolin Classlm.-lc flm'iril1i1.llf11' Spades Zfnnlr-rvlics S.Nl,CI.CI. Inn Student Cifnerrirrieiit Senior Service Sficiwp' Qallflvllvr Siicm-will iiimri' ji-lin liaplaii ,X pi-rr.nn wincnne liuriiinq xnanii--d A.F,S.I,S. Scholarship Qrchestm Yespvrs' fl-nw. Girls Trxnliing l linlurwirinilinq the Cinlluur- Diplomacx-l,'nitft-Ll l, .C LA xx-nlrl Nations Steven Marks Linda Marquisee Iris Maybloom Karen Mayhew Senior Ton Cwzixni. College Girl? League VP Anil Bnh Law Health and linppiiiuss Sncial Cllmlrrnan Happx .in-l sinh-wllll l.'.C.L,,X. lennelles scrxicv ululi Sem. ml .-Xwcinlwlies nn lnrnn- Slilni. B-lily' Calvin-I Lf,1pr:i'llr-N First l.,.lLllL'X iinil Lur- Icrglrls WAV! is f X xg gi' WSE. ef Deborah Mazure Thomas Mclilreath Donald McLar1y Barbara McManu Rondcllcs Pr-gs.. YP Cn-Clfipl. ul Ydrwj. Gyn. TL-ani U,C.L..-X. Fviorlmll Turin' Arr Ti-.icliinf Happy rnarrmu Lmterman Pres Cfnllvilr- ll xCI1llJxlL'l'si S lane McMillan Barbara Medniclc Ioyce Mednick Phyllis Medniclc Somenne syn-viii l'.C.L.:X. H..n..- nr Ri-n IIUIII51 Amil l1,rppim-s- Nlarridgs lleallli rinil XYv,-ll,ire- C-rl! l,v,w1n-- Nlcrlicril .lwislnnl Happiness CSOIHIUIIIP4' l'.l.f,l..:X. Inu' .inrl in.irri.igu lennelles alfpyz fain 'Smash it out in :Eff fieli Q- v- .Av ...ev .1 Audreyllfleisenberg Iudith Memel Paul Mendelsohn Ioan Merrick Earl Melter William Meyers Lois Michaels Xnrrmg A ffigiffihi -i-"1 TH -'l. I If-, XII' "X Drill 'liuiiri I-lull Kllmril Chilli-go llcnllll, ucallll and NIH!-ridge Xlirlr :il 4 'i L fun i' 1' NX .in-i Nknnu Cliiwlvnnlx Spnrls-B.1wlv.1ll happiness A Cigiwxnr 1 Ci' Y Sealhc-,irure S -' Xl? lVl"l"lN lNlNOI'lN'iM llappy rinil sucrcsslnl That ccrmriin xnnicone Saxwrw' is lulurc Tixnclingz X Yaleris Miller Gregory Mizer Sandra Mizrahi Zenior lin-.HXQ-rzgrrt. Pfwrball Norm Clawh-Jolt Na!! luture w Happy. heglrhy and :Xri lllmiultt r Tlie fwfr' girl successful marriage Ca-Ho? Service Club in the a4ciivitie.4 G6 ...Q 7 A ,I J! -5 Susan Monseirx Iohn Moore Tnrxti Rep. 4. i'.l?1rI'.LEfftZ"kl., FlKBl'.xl3l Rep. lrleagr, ai-' 'ff' Happy av tr vp' t,frr,n1. .LTL lf . Efiwf Ja -:sr -f .1 Francee Moser David Moss o, YT,r . .'x , -f'-r um. m A 'lOh, feel that beat." Irving Moss Dale Mowery Lawrence Nagin Renee Nathanson Abbey' Carl haf- are P l 'Q rf Pre-, X F Cars Eoars Prrezwl Cluh Pre, . A X life: 1 N Future liappizxess llfwe 5 Per. f wr- " . 1 ' -.I ..l Steven Newman Brian Newnam Thomas Nielsen Marc Norman L A,C.C, Green Key ComrnencementComrn, Clazrlt-3 -. Cure Edufaurgn Track Team XYorld peace Trirone Relaxation Nlarh-Science Lax Q xlE'KllClKt 'Wfrltz ter-terl Q .5 In X Iudith Oishan Arlene Olander Kathleen Olauson Michael Olxns Fmt Lathes Capriell-2s Pres.. Yes: Lum Gerry Xenzazis K we 1 ' liaviwux' ir r Ta'-el. irrrius. Lai? N and succefszul zur- e 'Sify -.. ,, ., "' fvx --au. fi C Elaine Olivera Iudith Olsan Russell Orr Cathryn Orrell Kenneth Osgood David Paley Michael Pasarov. C . ll P I C . He Pres. House Qf Rep- 14 Se, Qollegg V K Uv. x I Y Lettergirlsfsgt-at-Arms Class Council l0lf'?ff 9"m"'l' 'l 'L f " xv " t.. , NK' L .L i E , ,W raw-A Ierry Babkellfalldvafeilt' If-il-CVC. A Cappella Choir llrriltiiig Math Happy and succesgful of R p. Advertisirig Education U llnivcmty ol Mexico Capriellm Crm Country. Track luture House or Rep. buccesslul lite and Artist Ssailwuarm-X S.rut-iuml Engineering Peacelul world Jographer Boys League Rep. mamage Senior Tea Currim af X ixixgx 4 -3 5 Dj. 'X ,il X My ,L M . , i .mi 1. ., HJ M , f We 1 M i, tix! A f 5. Q - 5? i'-I -i ,fu f KW 7 JD I, NJ ix .jj K ix F5 N ft U U ri X. ri it-' rfb ' fl id pM , if ily X' r ' N fx. ti FN lv i - J f A :tiff Q1 Xia yi 52,1 . L, J, ii i ,.., If X ,X X . y we-' lit A KJ 4,fv' . A X , Iohn Powell Iarnes Previdi Michael Price Iohn Priebe Cars Church lliiuwe of Rep, L3-yr, Vanity lfiriiilmll Boatn Friends Biiyx League Leire mari Girls Succcxx Claw Ctrtiuuil Varxily l"iim'w:ill Cli- Capt. Boy. Li?:i':,ie xiii 1-r skiing Ioan Proctor Tracy Pulvers Ioanna Pupos Hilda Puro TravailleiS Serv. Club Varxity Baseball aiicl Capriellee. Arlisidiix VP, Basketball Cap aiirl Cimit Comm. Uiiixersiiy ul 'Xrimiia Senior Rcerrgnitiim Spades llfippy and xiii-c-uwliil llampi, liealtliy and Comm. ll.C.L.A. Iuiizc -,tra-.wliil lite Commercial artixt Anticipating Class Poll Results Milton Baabe Mona Rabinow Frazer Rader Tony Ransiord Spaflei Happy and succexxful Pliarmaui 'S-yr. Varsity Football Perbeverance in future luturc XViimeii and Track Niuclief Marriage Pliiiii. Snlim Cliiiiiiii My ivltl '-ll lfiirrl The right girl "Someone" ifiillvw' Cgfol Rqpkin Rochelle Rapoport Robert Ruskin Robert Reifel loel Reims Wanda Reinwald Hal Resnik Vdth frjdyfrfipllrr- Ser' 'QCiVl'il1 'l'elig-.1-mit aaiiivifiiimii .X-lil Cllxiv, YP lliulciwiantliiig Tritium Service Club 1-m,d:ii,,. Stir-.riiv flliile -Xilqleiiv P miiii nj. Drunk Drip' Imiigiii' 12 Nm-iii.J lmu Madrigal Choir iwvfmdu flmrei ,,., , llrigipirii-W xml vi rlil Siriiiiii' lriiltuil l5L'1lllNll'l Minis: Career i U X Q, f ijrwi.-C 'Q 4 A Marian Resmkofi Margaret Reuter Clifford Rhamy Ruth Rhine Toni Richey Michele Rigiani Beverly Rilling Marriage Church Karen fl-ll Girls XP Qltureli uwrl. dirt: lure 1: Trl., ir- llegji -'Q l NCVQTHYF Travaillet Service Club Cars llfippirit-is Bzntlwcrhnutl Serzfge flirt- ' Treai. and VP Printinz Sncce 1 ,X fQ.af1nJ:lia tx Xlfilrruul 'L dw f'w2' l Happy and successful lifwnj. .vu .intl-Nl,-l K. r.- L-fe: Vw r lil-1. life uitli a certain lil.- :Ul'Fli'u1ie Q2 Roy Rimbach i i: Rt, C-illege ' Teach i n u , Q 113' WI: I . Norman Roberts - r Cil1um'ellnr1 lrinuw Gil Rep. A P Buy Leaflue A3 ern r mf- .ff X-:J Barry Robbins Michael Robbins Nelson Roberts Class Bunk Ratliw Club President. League r Editor KKYQ,-KH Bdxlzetleal -T Boys' League Council Cnllege. Engineering' Cio'.err'ne:1t Pre-. .-Xrtny Signal Corps Sfivereigiix Pres. Estelle Roitblat Stanley Romain ,-Xlexid is Cla-N President Clay-if wh Stail lit? Ytltfclil Efttiy Cfrrb.z1e Etllt--rr l..1x-, flurxe-N Crowning a winner lor Neptune Court. A 'mf ,me "SL" W vx 4--31 I :S Peter Roman xealreare' li eri1'..l.u N Tri? Ecru .L - ..'-use N r :emt g R.: X -t , M lx 'rvvx A if Phillip Roman Harriet Rosen Michael Rosen Arlene Rosenheld Gym Team Singing College Qiiaw Lkpzi, College Studying Law Drnl Teena N10 ney Succeeding A Elayne lltmtflrxew e YG '- ll A. , 1-5. ai R thal Doreen Rosner Reisa Ross Sharon Rotblatt Richard Roth Michael Rothstein Robert Rouda Ioyce osen f Re First Ladies House of Rep, l-louse if Rei.. Q l ljeigse e V - Y f. Mugic Ililgrillsfh Ohappgness Artfisian Pres. S: VP Election Cumnl. K Eff? 3 Vw B-1tM"' fi rl l' College ' d Successful future Sr. Service Soeietl' HAPPY and 'L'C'39e5,fUl El"l"' R HGPPY mafffage an ' ' future and uorlc successful future peace N., 2' -P ,sf Arthur Rubens Howcrrdftubenstein Enid Rudelson Franklin Rudnick Connie Rudow Rochelle Rush Ann Russell Careers in Navy College Knowledge and etluca- American Field Service Student Court and B-l2 Class Secretary C fl Z College Success in life tion Foreign Exchange Girls' League Sec. A Cappella Choir- y I jf Rifle Team Idealism Student to France First Ladies Pres. and Happy and successful W Marriage and children B-ll Class President Alexian Pres. marriage 7? A ,, VV Varsity Tennis Capt. XVisrlom, understanding F I A, and Most Vlauable and happiness and a N I 7 I ,M Player peaceful '.-.orld J J U V if if ff! L 1 fl I if if ff -C jp ,U 154 , fu, , f xqyl ,li l I M X W if ld V541 ,f ' f' 1 4 .i ' , V' I kriuff RU K, 1 If f fjf ,f f ,i i f 1 1 ffy V, f I Q-fb' l I X' L if JMC Jjbf M' ' . f . ' J A '-fb ' l ,fx JUL Q F W F ff' f J 320' L ' yflfffv 7 ff! 7017 K ,L,f,f' . 1 f 1' ,W 1 , 7 l X 1 sy fl 0 I V7 B-10 officers A-10 officers 17 ff! I df! . , Pres.-Stan Romain Pres.-Dave Sprit er , , , 0 Mlchuel Sacks Michael Saks Vice.-Dave Spritzer Vice.-Steve Adler ,XV CCM! f CommencementComm. Boys' League Council Sec -Norma Iohnson Secy iconnie Rudow l 1 ' , College Skiing Y' ' f f . Future SIC. Treas.-Barbara Goldstein Treas.-Frank Taxer f B-ll Officers A-11 Officers X' ,XE J Pres.-Steve Adler Pres.-Frank Taxer , Vice.-eFrank Taxer Vice.-Lynne Fay 'J kj Secy.-Shelley Freidin Secy.-Gail Adelman Treas.-Louise Freidin Treas.-Carol Baker Y, ,ff cl-1 George Salomon Ruth Salter College Career Successful future Marriage Golf Happy future ff-7? lay Salzman Robert Sansone Dentistry Concert Ccllist, soloist Nevians Traffic and Safety Comm. f", B-10 Befuddled and bewildered, the Class of S'58 came to Hamilton, later becoming an addition to the three C's CCourtesy, Co-operation, Common Sense and Caprisiansi. Our first class contact with Hami's student body gov- ernment came when we held a rally in order to elect our class officers. This practice continued each semester until the last election rally in the B-l2. We were still a little foggy about this new life, but nevertheless excited when we had our first dance in the gym, sponsored by the Faisons. Later on we had the opportunity to have lunch with the A-l2's on the front lawn. One of the biggest events of the semester was our talent-musical show, "Tops on Broadway." A-10 Finding ourselves adjusted after twenty weeks, we went off to explore Griffith Park at a picnic. During the wee small hours at school one morning, we enjoyed a class breakfast. B-ll We tried our shaky legs at the Roller Rink, but we were off the skates more than we were on them. Later when We were on solid ground, we showed our terrific spirit at the A-lU and B-ll Football Game. Yvonne Sarns Sandra Saske Iudith Scrslow David Saul Elida Schamis George Schenecker Anne Schneider Lettergirle Caprielles R-nntlelle: Xlaurie. a happy and First Ladies Electronics Coininercial Artist Spiirfy Plirviwqrtiplij. l..A.C.C. suecewlul marriage A.F.S. Navy Bowling ' Quiet-e-X. marri 4 Cannes serrice club Architecture Fishing Howie Wletvv wifi lteultli .' GGIY Schneider Richard Schneider Sharon Schnitzer Iudi Schuman Elaine Schwartz Ruth Schwartz Sidney Schwartz College U Research Chemistry Premier Prez, Rondclles YP First Ladief Czrlk League irrfj- 1:02-r!'iE Water Skiing Nevians President Sr, Service Socieru' Lab Technician l,'.C.I..:k. Prom Inwitatiign rp' ri- Cafdmali Successful life and Helping others Fun and friend l.N'c'rl+i lar Cornrn. f l ae future Nursing Jvliaiory 4. 'Q "'f? B-L? Officers R A-12 Officers es.-Dave udnick Pres.-Lynne Fay . . . Girls' Vice-Ruth Rhine Girls' Vice-Norma Circle Phyllis gschwarlzer Fredenglcgscoheld Boys' Vice-Manny Sedacca Boys' Vice-lack Brown Secy.-Robin Rush Secy.-Bonnie Strote Talent Guild Xa-.y ' Treas.-Norma Circle Treas.-Gail Adelman B-12 Caprisians, Caprisians, yeah Caprisiansl Rallies, rallies, and more rallies were held as we chose our name, colors, song and cheer leaders. We had finally made it! Our spirit just seemed to be never-ending as we served as Hall Guards, planned and took part in our fantastic prom at the Riviera Country Club, and had another Roller Skating Party. A-12 But nothing could beat our semester as Senior Ayes. We painted the trash cans fand ourselvesl to show off the Caprisian colors before they were to be added to the school on our spectacular sweater day. Disneyland and the get-together at the Golden Horseshoe with entertainment and dancing really showed off our class spirit. Other activities included a snow trip, barn party, bowling pccrty, and the traditional Senior Reception, Alumni Home- coming Basketball Game lwhich we wonl, Class Poll, a picnic at Griffith Park, a beach party at Playa Del Rey, Vespers Service, and the Senior Recognition Assembly. The class was also entertained by a baseball game between Miss Gates' and Mrs. Demaria's Senior Problems classes. We enjoyed such privileges as sitting in the front seats of the aud at assemblies, ID. cards, eating on the front lawn and the senior court. Graduation came all too soon, but none could wait for the Caprisian Grad Night at the fabulous Beverly Hilton. As the evening gave way to morning, as we receded from Hamiltons horizon We all looked toward the new and better things of the future, based on wis- doms and friendships gained from our past. if Emanuel Sedacca Edmund Segal Anytown U.S.A, Schol- Health arship S'56 Happines Caprisian "BU Boys' Success VP, Head Cheer- leader QF Marcia Segal Ronald Segall College-Teaching Soxereign- Pres. Photo Editor 1.-3 Class- Nevzans book Elecrr-into Carines-Pres. ,ax Anita Sendrey Michelle Seskin Ierald Shapiro Nina Shavelle Shelley Sheinart Dennis Shepard David Sherwood - ' 5 d h ' ess A Cappella Choir Girls League Council Daria' Bargi-Prigrsy Searfarfrs Palgireglmerican Club glogtrugiiis Design ugieissa arieahhanrgilnure Sumewm marriage 12 Semesmw hi T H! L AL My education Happinggg S.M.C.C.-U,CiL.A. College HE-jlYl'1 Wil li-HD If SCH'-rf Nfei r "1 Acting Boyd League Council l -5-L N. Q .. mf " - nm RTXX, ig' X 16,1 EEZ 41. 'T . Ronald Shipper Susan Shorr Thomas Shryack Patricia Shugg Ierry Siemons Sandra Silberberg Arnold Sillman fm C-111636 C4--Ill-uw IN. Raril-:lull smlr-.lf ml, film.-1 lim Alcxianx College-JrV'1lNHfXlfF' Nall"-Inari, Bwxvlr,-ss Hxdlh .mil lmpplm- r.LlLlCIlllHlI fllllw lrague Scrxlrc- Trim-l I-I HLITYIDC Drill Twin SfJNCfUl2I'1i WWII Suu-K-sxllll lllluri' X vl lmiln- tllulw fllmrilllmlnr Sport vars Cllasslmmk lillllflf XX'urlll yu-H39 11 'll lim- lvllewl Q1.,1l'.s Cup uml Cluxxn Mus Anita Silver Norman Silver Martin Silverman Larry Simmons flOllCgC lVlClliL'llxf' Spades llulm Travel and people Enloymr-nr Clap 8 RlrnflellGS Service Clulw Family' ll ruse nl Rlrp ,fi l-rdf! if . . . . . will 51,3 ,Q Harvey S1ITlOVllCh Norma Sklbel DQV1d Slotmck Marsha Small Q 'njqq -lr Chairman A.F,S.l.S. Clirlx film- Prexidi-ul 51-ni-wr Serxiru Srluctv A Finance Cornm, ll.S,C. Tri-CX Cliancellors A lmppx' :mil sua-ucwlul C llipr 'I ul 1 li :pm Dcutislry at lV,C,I..xN. lulurrf amll wcurf- Iulurv mr , we WH Melodie Smilh Mike Smolen Samuel Snyder Arnold Sobel Caprisian VH,--rludalur Prcslilrm nl Spades Clair Ciiurll iflinvl Iusticvol Studi-nl 'lille Big I4 1.3-lll Skilm Tm rw Z x nw. Court llappy' and successful Claw Council iXlJLlICIHL' lim! l.e-ayuxv l'r-w. lururrf llcalrli cmd H3I'Il1IllL'1N Pics. -rl Spmlvs xxllli l'l'lC'IH lust loalin' on Senior Court Loretta Socher Myron Sokolsky Virgil Solomon Warren Soloski Sieve Sollon Armida Sosa Stan Sosa l71uau-:iul Rep. Clllclzw llwlfli Cflu-rlmlry A xpcuiul girl Pam American Club lluskellwall 2 yu. luiurv lily am lx I, l lla:'r:v'. l ' ll vl'fJl11v-- l3-'H lil'-HLL11' Culluuc VP. Prvx R Sponsor Gruuxuls Committee ,wi .,4f,g1 ffgrl iuiu Cwflll-uw C-mst Cuuril Icnelles Scrvicu Club- Girls I Xfflfx Uv' -llixl., Soc., Pres. First Iluliiw I -7 vi Steven Spiegel David Spritzer Stan Squire Marlene Siark Richard Steele Rick Stegall Marlene Stem Qtutlenr Emily, Y. Prea Srurlerxr E-,dy Premier.: Plzffzr-ui.iyl.i. ilrrl! l.Q3gi,lI'Z bmi-r.i..e1 Eli ' r 'Z V l . 1- ' 1 5PCHlN1WZ- llfllllll. Siurluur Brrdx Y. Pr-fe. lirrrriirrlixri I tmp 1 Nw. L f mllrlfl i Friqriiccririgi 1111. X. -li-rix, in rp 4 N',rllM.1Yv'T ' 1' ll. Lan. Dipluirnriq. or if 1495-9311, Rabbi v A .4 47' ,Zf Sharon Slein Gerald Sleingisser DonalclStockenberg Ronald Stolberg 5, i X .fn we . riraiirrri B ,ri l.ea'1ue C-luixcal Qlilleizc Tzqtel o Q L di C C , T -.ieliin L Semi rr C-rriir1ie1n'e'!'.c:iI Xie "Une V' 'Y 15,7 Xirfgevlixi ri ill lmppx' Cririirixitre 1 ff-'ff l Iuture I Health NE' irrccett Hai. lgfeir. ,Z .1 HX? V-1 -A 134-lay!! -' E lm f , -,fee , , , ' 4 A '1 3, -eg w L, ' A W l , :rr- ,Ev . Xu ,X , my J :HSE I 'WW 4 s xr A ifzgz 1 v if X 5 2 'M , A? t' fikwf 1, of ' if ,L We '51, ...1- -- fr ll X After ter. weeks of rain We lncjdf' get to eag cr. the freit lawn , timely CL I AU ' n Af., , M! f I , 1 L V x. "' 1 ,fp , are X. A f, 'J X WA, l Xl' , V Peggy Stracke Betty Straussman Bonnie Strote Phillip Sluewe - X 'f1r'ffl. :XII Lino Sezreuarx ul Traxriiilr-X Cdprixiriii Sr. Aye 'I' .,"'I'2llj"wl .X Cappella Cliriir NLl'XEFXY5Ll1lflCll Tedcln-r Secretfiri V ,.,- ,f db.. :X Certain S-rim-i+.ic Smut-Qllll Nlarrlrize Drill pl-Lkirlll Xlixzrew .rx gets. l" I ',, :i-Q15 r .A Loire girl- .mtl Fire: ' i""' N Li lm ,W RJ .4 'I iffy' 1, X V lt I ,. ff if FL Q 7 LJ i .' 'f i -, . ff' QVM 1 VV ' V". MU , l LM ' VJ l Jr' W V5 i f Aviv Cixi! H l fi v fi J fl if Y fly flf V, , Cl i LK ' il XV , i LLM lg X ' ,X 1, I N X! fin, AQ ,, l IL, ' I . C L J . G V Q 'V F UV' 1 Phyllis Stuewe Bonnie Sturner Ierry Sumners Mane Sweeney L wk' l .'Vfl' A U V 1 ,gl , jx VX! l.etlergirlQ Gill League Prexirlem l'lappEr'.r-W iii l.te K Lee gf fur 'Il I If H- L , GAA. Clieurlcritlcr .mtl Treafurer Sun-:Q-Html ,mliiefi Mme ' f ,lt l'-X U, fl ' fly 'i VX R XM Cfapriellex Vice Prci. Suirlsvir Emily Trerixurcr Air Fi.-rw .ini L. rl- ' e fb f l V gf U ' lg i-'ll rf XLJW I V x 5 3 llayipriiew and peace L, V ' 5 A v I ' r . ,' 2 ij xj ,D it f, v L aw r 'L if f 'x "Vg, .x-Q Charlene Sweet Benny Switzer Iames Tanembaum Martin Taradash Verlyn Tame Andrea Tavris Richard Taxe Ir Red Crow PWM Cars gm-Qgttful ,mrl pm- Qlinriiismuiiiex'' lure ' Leeal Stenoilrapher Mc-um' rlucrixe lilo .9-Ulllllfillee 'X V' ' ' " Vg -we ' ' Electmmcr rcxcarch N111-u krrium' l'f 4 "" ' dmag C-irirrilmtiig-vi io ihu hex- T-1 lw .1 fum-ex K term:-:it ul riiaiilcmll ggsv ..- -A ,way Frankli T . r - ' - - - . . 1 M I I ncqlfnlle L A C-'H TUXOII Chester Taylor Linda Taylor Iudxth Thomas Ricky Tous Richard Traux - flxrlr .EN tlll' VJ" ' , , ' ' . , lr?-Hlrmr I N QI C.evlr.aIm 5-Ima. 1- g,ll,,tlN,..lX NJN. Mvmw PWWICHI Peopleq good health L'flPrixiim Prom lieu: - il J ll? K' Al NILCLM1 Ill lllmlllhx ll"llL"l'll "I 5"if-"H H3l7l3ln9'N Anim Chairman . .. .fum .null :Xu It lurulmi ll?-'Tin mul mtlxly mu SUQQQNNIUI lulufg X-ll Cla-N Pre-itlqzwt li' Ioyce Tucker Girl! League Scnior Pr-fm and Tc-,l Committee ffftllege and lla ppine-Q T "Y Marvin Tulman Elinor Turner Mary Upton S,N'l.C.C. Rumlellux Vim' Pres. Cfalprlullus Svrtlu' Clltm Business or Lau dull Pltl7llCIIj Clmm. P14-sitlt-ut Succewlul luture University' -ll Arimuu Sunmr Tun Cimrxuvwle' llappy uml NLlL'CL'NRlLll lilturcli. ut-llt-fre, liupg lllC .1-nl stlc,'m.llll lu"llt Philip Urpin Ieanie Vance George Vanek Robert Vogelsang Cathy First Ladies Faiwm SIL-utly julw S.Nl.C.Cl. ll.C.L,,X. Electronics Co-Spf-muiur lfun VJINIU' lvakelwall and Quccew in lilc E.Y.U, Sl'L-new xnrsi'y lwzntlxcllwll Clliatelainl- Prcwitlum Sports Ioseph Walch Barbara Waldman Don Wannell Donna Weimer Spades Service Clulw Maclrigal if Semeatersl Se-Hy Clruerlunclcrs Cars Girls' League Council Cluprixinu Clleerleutlt-1' S,fX'I,C,C, A-ll Clam council Llizmlulzxirwf, Treasurer, -l "DK" Even the bus was crowded lor the snow trip ,.-N? S0ndrqWeinberger Myles Weiner loyce Weinstock Donald Weintraub Rickey Weiss SanclraWeissb1uth Ellen Weissler L-1,'IlC,,C El, Yr UN, Nw. College lluuw ol, Rep., Prom Cullo1I0 -X'I,m1,,, - r V- V I lgm., ,vt r'l,.-1-rlt-tit' Alklt'l'ltlHU limcrldimucm Corn. llculth uml happiness ilgumgvf' Y jp ftlr-mf, Zumlcrcttoe Succcxlul marriage Nlurriugv. lmnlllu. mul liallwpi new ,..-v Phyllis 'Nershow Richard Whitney Roger Whitson Patricia Wibe Delphi Prusident l .C.L,.X, iii' l'.S,C, X'.i'.j.' S'i'.:1qii1q,qg Drill Tenn Dssigzri ami imluxrrial ljuius lfgiiimr U,,i,g - ui llr-alzli mul hayipiiie., 3,-I IDNH DKK with "Hem" Siocewiul iuiuru hues " W' Martin Widiss Richard V-fiedhopl Susan Willen liealtii fzew iv. Pri- Q-. XP .K Ke' TQ fi , '-Y A ilfippiiie.. r 'I VZ QQ 1 rpu. fy! ' '- Pr-acc , ' ' ' ' ' Q sf, ,Aki Sf L W g-, r . , ., N1 " Q ,4, ,'w:.' gif ' ff i . ,:f.,',f:, V . -1 . . -if 1 f ja W . -Q7 ' , A K, Q lohn VVilliams Bee A Cas Ba kciliall Cl,-lluuv Busimw fy: 5, Ri' Kathleen Wilson Thar curtain 5-,miemie X Health and happiness to my iamily Caprisia: Favorites: A ff' Diane Wilson Ieifery Wilson Iill Wilson Caprielles CiiinmeiicenwriiComm. Caprielles Sec.AT:g4- Marriage Xgxy CLA.,-XA ii t.ggg,.5,y, Pacific Telepli-me Cu. LA, Trade Tech IC Happy and fyggfwixil ll-lhfi' :fi-f 'ns WJ Richard Winjum Barry Winn Arthur Winston Christianity H-iiuw of Rep. XY-,-znen S. .irhiet L- Cars Boys Club C'-uiicil College fiitomolosry Triifim Serxicc Clizli Siicccssiiil iuizzr Sr. Bee Sponsor, Mrs. Bettington Sr Aye Sponsor, Mr Weston . K ff Alan Wolen Xexianx Boy Club Council l,'.C.l..A. fy f-X8 Ianet Wolf Ierry Wolf Myron Wolfe AI'Ii5i8llN Sec. A Nlist. Nlusic lliiers Club Senior Prom and Tea Klear cutting Em ozizri ri Comm. Cirlt Succewiul and happy liie ixQ'.S-5 -fj' Theodore Woolery Sunya Woolf Roger Yoakum David Youstetter Robert Zachry Beverly Zahn Larry Zysrna: Charloue GMS League Qrudent VB-Jd5QIC,il'i'iet Dniv ' 1 xxx: 'Q .- Successful marriage Class Council great VW' ' ' i L and future Acoummg rar tum .mt Stage Crew 14 sern,l f .E .- I zffx., ' fm , I ' ,,--,, , 4, 1, S ,Q , ,Q ,b 4 fr 4 5 G. ' 5 ii L 51 -5 . 1' A SE' -- 'S3 ijt , ,fires U V fi,- R -tvfi-nfl 'U1..'+?X"A . t - F. .fix 'Q!.f-Wi im' 63" 'S ii V' if ,I Q ' X vw. .- 'Q .J Y s ' ,. 4 N A v E554 QW Sgr' . N . My ,,, , , X ft 5, , .t5..,N,, sqm xc 11.1 ' 'M at N a 1 S XLR? i ASQ R if i W ,WSF .deer rr . , , in- ,.,, . , Lb- .-1, . 4 rr ,Q Q, 1 M .,.,.,,,. ,, ...., ,.,,g ,,.. . , ....x ...,, . .. A C 'mel sfwlr 'ft M .ii SALUTE TO ELIDA SCHIXMIS This year Hamilton High has again had the privilege of being the host to a foreign exchange student. As the 1957-58 school term began, we welcomed ELIDA SCHAMIS of Mendoza, Argentina to our campus as a member of the graduating Caprisian Class. We were immediately drawn to her sparkling blue eyes, happy smile, and her genuine friend- liness. To Ely our community and city is a giant metropolis of honking cars, hurrying. pedestrians. and unrelenting bustle in comparison with her peaceful city of Mendoza-land ol health, sun, excellent wine, and eternal snows. She came to learn and to teach. Those who have had the opportunity of knowing her have realized that few differences exist among young people all over the world even though they may be separated by thousands of miles, strange languages, and different customs. The members of Hamilton and the Caprisian Class will never forget Ely and the im- pressions she has left with us. Even though she is graduating from our school, our country, and our lives, she will never leave our hearts. BUENA SUEHTE! -ww. P QS-EA ,fps-f Q , ' -. 54, ,g -211,1 , . ,MN V gig, gf Q W. ig. Q, SENIOR SPONSORS Cappy, we'd like you to meet our seven irreplaceable senior spon- sors, for without thelr help and guidance this semester the Capri- sian activities would not have turned out so well. Our sponsors were always there when we need- ed them, giving us advice and in- struction, along with added bits of humor, which made it fun to plan and carry out our successful events. Front row, 1. to r.: Mrs, Rodria Wisham, Mrs. Marjorie Brown, Mrs, Pauline Bo gart, Mrs. Mildred Gates, Mrs. leanne McKinnon. Second row: Mr. loseph Wes- ton, Mr. Paul Linker, Not pictured: Mrs. Xenia Dernaria, L v LUG Wx Caprisian Class Cheer Leaders W P c L A s s s o N cs ,V tlft 1 r I I Y Wig WWW --M , I R 2 l ' z IW pil v H lj lq 'Si 'i I Cllr.. 'ffl 'ri' "ii ,?gEn-eMss .wwf w ewwsffwmd fame-. fwfsfmsafrfmwzff Zhfyqfbffgr " A771244 ,sw fam rcwwfowiepgiffpway fl, MFE F09 7141? SKI' MVIIAPQVI vS.wA2 I-f'7ff7f !5 f?P 7192? 7c:A7!,?1f'6V'4g 13000 QQ I 0- ffm 7710 WA' Z1 Ay! Xqgiffvfvg 50966 ' D Q e , l . f , 1 1 i , s 1 ii ri" - w i ts e- r lf gala 1 mm. l I J i llvlgm F?ilrwJ" i , I L. -t 5 U ilu ' ,,,5,,,-555 flfffpi mm A , - Wm axfmwvw wmv 124' fwwf YW W WW fW9f'7f ffff wi WHWW75 WU-'4 'ff W1 1 7- I zffixzs wr mrs MAL 5.6 MWPEMT990- c , Rffffffgfgi 1 A . sa... Lllfllllrlll Il nl 'IIA If-IIIIWI I 6 " X Y ft X . W I y f 5 I, ' , I f - + ' ' H 'f .. - . ' , A w l!76'f5lM' ffvmfskr 5 570- guy Wg 40035721 uf!! x!AWfV6'fVI1U'f if-7lf,0fff9fl?f WFFPW5 17 :',q9f ima off! L flfi me iffvfnfgii 7W5 GA'9W5!f?l5oF' MWA TWV INS!! !f 44 it 2 mm Na-'AA I ff 4 Q, Wk, W.,,M, A Y' w ,gm 4 NT? fm gun-v"W"" -Q wavy ' V M ' a M. -M-...., ,. .1 4-V.-4 1, . W...--azz 444' am., 7 4, '? M, g 53 fi ,, ,lg E io 'tif' '61 The B-iris started their high school days with a class rally and a very en- joyable picnic. Leading Harniitans youngest class this semester are Larry Coffman, President Mariene Churno, Vice President Deanna Dunner, Treas- urerg and Carol Haiibera, Secretary. earl!! o , 60 4 Steve Zusrnan, Presidentg Fred Durlesser, Vice Presidentg Carol Olodort, Sec- 1 retaryg and ludi Kaplan, Treasurer have led their class through a semester of fun filled activities, These included a talent show, class picnic with the B-lO's, and a beach party. A nfl 9 V '60 The B-ll's, ambitious as they are, started the semesters activities with two rallies, followed with a snow trip, roller skating party, and talent show. To conclude the semester's activities, a joint dance C"Operation Mad Ball"J with the A-ll's was held. These activities would never have been carried out without the tine leadership ot Bolo Vinetz, Presidentg Ken Lezin, Vice-Presidentg Beverly Baumring, Secretaryg and Karen Schwartz, Treasurer, -- fvfffbkllif' Tri we-wily fre-Cafe fl Q 'wc - f d A 'c 1- jvc vm jclfvejfgy mbps Hfip ,avg 4,05 - IQ Q49 WW' ,Z7 fc' Q ff 5,55 Gfi-fEf4'Gfa, f S ic 7' ,A LL flkj Q, L fl , ff hfieefa ffffg 5 n 'fZ47fc ,f C4 Leif! WQJIQ7, V6 Q f yfb PFC-if UF GE K Y Wg 'N' fi? ,QZQD 1' 9 ggvfgjfilij Lfp ygcf C3 ic QOK7' V Q' ' '., - ,f , , o.f B C A C' S -if f475f7!fQ WMC Q!-13,7 !fC Lf' if - 5 C7 yo U 75 776 QVZ' Collhengojfri ass of S'59 opened the semesters activities with a noon rally and talent s ow. Being led by Darryl Chagi, President, Maxine Talbot, Vice- Q Presidentg Lois First, Secretary, and Io Ann Tarkington, Treasurer, these i mighty A-l l's continued with events which included: A snow trip, roller skat- ing party, luncheon on the lawn With the Caprisians, and finally a B-ll-A-ll , dance C"Cpe-ration Mad Ball"l. oe ,ro AJC f3?ST 'bca 70 Gfffifi 7 lil C Qjiffqffkffrcl UCF fF!fU fr' if ' f' V - ,, , X-. , 'ff' 7 7 TC + Qkjgyityf 15? Uri! 7, f I 66,0 D LC! Q ,Q f . 1 i QM U QLD fI7?y Yay -94444 7,6-1 517 C3605 L15-Ch' VZ Lf! ifwggifcff' flfjff 675' ?0?fy 7WffVi55 ' M2947 Lf QTUDD34 ijf-'!,7!f7 'lF,iJ:.1E!-fiilffjj mmm... , 3 fa S L 1 n 5 3 2 a . I 5 I i I i I ix .,--..-Enznknuv-ll'A-'-gb' F A vnu .umm-L 1 1 xperimen I4 49 3 :- M. ,--nwl m4m HEIWANS The enthusiastic B-l2's led by Caren Gallay, Presi- dent, Larry Diamant, Boys' Vice President, Barbara Peldmar, Girls' Vice President, Tanis Steiman, Sec- retary, and Susan Mann, Treasurer, are as ot this semester, recognized as the l-leiwans, class ot Winter '59, Among some ot the semesters most exciting activities was the selection ot the class name, song, emblem and colors ot aqua and charcoal. Striving tor originality they chose to have crew-neck style Senior sweaters. The most memorable event ot the semester was the Prom, Where in accordance With their name, Hei- Wans, the theme of "peaceful people" was illus- trated. Other activities included a snow trip, picnic, and class rallies. To conclude their many activities, the traditional Senior Aye vs. Senior Bee basketball game was played, at the final, Goodbye Caprisians and Hello Heiwans Sports Night ot the term. f' . C fit P ills? P 5 i ix .Xu x,s,f , M ,V , ,YW flffw , 1 :V , 4 1' f 1 54' 5 2 V 1 0 J 'V N 4 'fi 2 A f 4 ' X , bw Z , , V, ,,.,..,,,w4.--V I -f 71 'I' 1? . . . f iif ' Z, ,.. ,,,, ,, M.-V 1' 'M .Lwffff ' A Wrap!" ---7 ,W ' 'Wg f,jz WfW - ff M , ,, -, H I' -4" Q .' 5 L, I , , ' .. , " Q ., . f' 1 E was , ,, HV A ,M " AW 2, Q Z f , I f' W" ' .. ' M3 VV 4.7 4 Wx ,f 4 'D I. V WAV ,,,,fVf.,gmm, f ' Y .nwniy A V ml, I , V ,mf b M W ,, ,,,,, ,V M ., j f" V VV . ' 1 'ff f W , , 4, , D f 7' ' , 1, f I ' V. 'N-1 I " ' " Y ww V . '. . , . , I ' . C2 - ' iff 'W H A I 'ff asm A .. I WTI 'WWW'7"yv7 'f '1 . V - , ' 'F Q J, .V A V , V d,,- 'Qin ff, A V . .K . gf f f0.,p,,wfV V, , WV ZW V V 'I -'.., I H, A W fx , ,, Qfm , , 1 , 'Q-.Y ' 2 2,11 f ' 2 ,, - . I mf , " -- - , ,, M, , X ,.,, V:,V V 9 , 1 f 4, , 4 , .gf W, 'ff A I 2 Q .3 V, - ,Mfg Z V V V41 7. , V:m,,",11?1VjfVf In ,M 2 I, 1 Timj' '- ,, Q ,, 'Ms Q .V ,, f ,-Wh-ff f , w ff v ff f W f . ff W 31 f Z, Wiriw . Q A 'W ' " , f f "1 V , Vy ,QV , 4-if Vg' 2 W f f , ,,,, ,,,1M,5,,,,9 V, V , f 'f f my ,,,, ,M x ' vm:-My X ,rw wgffxfpfl 1 X , f . st . , M V VV 9 g , M' f f 'Xa has-mg, 4 ' M W V, f ff' I , ,.,,,, , AV n A ., ' ,, , 1 , , ' ' X , WIWWW f,, aww ,K 5 ,, 4, 'V ' . f fV V VV VV ,,,., , ,W EN , H, ' W 'f x 'ff' , ' V"ffZ,w4.g Q '. f , ,Q Q "" , f ' f ' ' ' --" zf.. ,, ' f, f, ' , -1 Z' 4752--1 'L 42 f , an V WWQWW -- ' -' A,Vjj,,c f f WM . ,' V , x. M X ' ' I- S ' ,.,1 f 1, X ' ,Q ff ,, J " V 1. A. 2 V V 7 fm VN ., ' W9 W f f " ,y,m,fVVVZ W X VW , V , V Wy? if I, ,m,,,0,VVWVVV MVVV .1 , I , W 'auf f Silica. GREEN KEY First row, l. to r.: Bi. Newman, S. Adler, B Greenfield, D. Weidhopl, T. Mellos, H. Kdbo lcow. Second row: D. Youlcstelter, D. Rudnick l-l. Gerstl, R. Kordos, S. Loeb, Spritzer S Roriicrin, D. Urlrig. Third row: R. Miller, sloon- sor, S Borowslcy, T, Morrgdddnt, B. Sobel l. Brown, F. Toxer ,D Dibble, S. Speigel NEVIANS First row, 1. to r.: P Greenberg, M. Segcrl, S Flclle T ldcobs, D. Schneider, L. Freidrnon, P. Heidi, D Sherwood, M Norman. Second row: C Pedte, S Klein, I. Schurndn, F. Vdles- to Fl Esirir. lf Leader, S. Denenburg, C 'ffdile S Krigshdber, K Heerrriornce Third row: B ffewiorr. L. Lo Boy, B Loclce, S. Pol- lgiger f l.f3g'1Cl:i:r: I. lrlemel, E Schwdrlz, Fl l:io'giv3' S lffdii, B Donz1r.ger,C Ford, N l7elif::f. E Sigrzier. Fourth row: R Feldrndn, KCbi:l::'.'.' K Osgood, D Rudnick, D. Steele, S .idler S Loeb T lffixrgdddnt, M. Seddccd, S Kiiei S Sj:1egel,T ffielsei, G X-Xdelrnon A CAPPELLA CHOIR First row, l. to r.: A. Meisenberg, M. Kirkharn, M. Rue dell, A. Hockman, P. Feldman, S. Ortmann, A. Kaba- kow, I. Fifer, E. Rapaport, S. Bornstein, I. Vance, Sec- ond row: R. Koftkin, C. Shapiro, F. Yagan, A. Hoyrnan, B. Stein, S. Vfeisman, I. Pittler, M. Wolins, P. Stracke, I. Borenstein, P. Wood, R. Kuchman, B Sabel. Third row: R. Goodman, R. Rush, I, Stuewe, M. Requa, C. Peace, P. Hopper, A. Navin, I. Thoreson, T. Richie, L. Iacobs, K. Hardin, N. Shavelle, S. Ferren, I. Valantine, I. Daniels. Fourth row: Mr. Vree, B. Cowan, M. Gold- stein, A. Latter, M. Perineys, I. Luhring, K. Lezin, D. Alpert, A. Marcus, B. Fisher, I. Evans, R. Levine, A. Katz, P. Huwe, M. Applebaum, N. Rater, I, Lave, D. Levenson. Fiith row: K. Hjorth, V. Nelson, B. Ioers, R. Kozleriko, G. Goldin, D. Nessit, B. Abel, M. Atkinson, G. Stanton, B, Bell, R. Bodart, B. Marder, I. McDowell, G. Mizer R. Astle I. Wolf, M. Garrett, B. Brown. BAND First row, l. to r.: S. Forshey, D. Fish, S. Bays, R, Roth, A. VVilderrnuth, R. Hougesen, M. Salkin, R. Silver, K. Rosenberg, R Knight ,G. Greeman, R. Kraus, M. Rich- stone. Second row: A. Goldstein, B. Palmer, D. Horton L. Robinson, C. Sarns., D. Adams, W. Brooks, D. Mar- golin, F. Spiegel, R. Critzer, B. Clark, G. Balian Third row: H, Krivoy, I. Hurson, G. Solk, M. Hast, D. Moran, S. Vtfaterrnan, M Larner, M. Wilcox, I. Weingart, S. I-fugit. Fourth row: Mr. Farrar, I. Madison, N. Oleesky, K. Mosher, G Moore, B. Glanell. YN WSL. I I l I I I J I .,x,'J4,.LA,.lQ,L..Q.L.,,lQ.,Q ,.,,4g.t,Ql,.-i, O O e rganzza bond gf H52 V f 325 ., ,, 1 'Z ' . ltf gt' , Q , Q .ggi Q v.:- VV I za ' Ag in 'HW 6 is xg!! 6 -. .. r .I " q . . K' Z5 'I 23 ' GIRL'S GLEE f ' I ' 5, , , I ' fy F' , 1. .: A D' . .d, S, F'n s ne F Miller 'R' I I6y 4' I M 5, f' P1r?orrSZ,evoyIoSr Klein,KiFOI1lictor, B Rfigtor Rose:- ield, S Rosen, B Friedman, L. Friedman, R. Goodlas Second row: S Snyder R, Ginsburg, B Simon K Md- larik M Weisman I. Berg M Patak K M':L:rrty G Sr.ede:or H Rosen, A Geller, S. Binder A Ioseph Third row: L Sommer, L. Glickman, L. Gould H Meadows, L Shatter, I Beringhause, B, Carr, S Gor- don, G Ianson, T. Dortman, M. Betkigian P. Zakiar. Fourth row: S Shapiro, B. Levitt. R. Kane S Unsw-forth G Blair I, Feinogld, P, Kriendel C.Dur:1ord I Cole- man M lfe-Wman,I Mabee, L Vesro SENIOR ORCHESTRA First row. l. to r.: H Gerstel B Crifzer I '.'.'::fer.ier I. Fraley' G Moore B. Woodman Second row: B R ' mer, IW Brooks S Lippe G Bishop Panossiari P Goldstein A Sauberiiari if Sirk Third row: R Re-dholtz G Tolin D Fish A G:l3.s.- I. VVcl: I Robbins F Spiegel Fourth row: G S M Wilcox lift Farrir Siiveriiaii I f.1:'51s:i Gordon B lfsiulei B 3131? ' 2551.551 LAFEDETTES First row. l. to I.: A. Navin, I. Molson, M. Daws, M. Witt, A. Miller. Second row: L. Dubins, L. Kahn, B. Sattrin, B. LaFon, A. Westerman, E. Cokin. Third row: N. Fried- man, C. Hazell, B. Dills, B. Grat, I. Green, R. Kornblum. Fourth row: D. Schwartz, B. Hamlin, V. Nelson, I. Levith. r U. k I Ni DELPHIS First row. l. to r.: S. Fenster, S. Barbach, I. Ducat, S. Friedland, S. Nemeth, S. Friedman, P. Wershaw. Sec- ond row: I. Altman, B. Decker, D. Estwood, L. Care, B. Blumenthal, I. Deutch, B. Blakeman, G. Arnt, T. Kap- lan, I. Aptel. Third row: I. Weiss, S. Davis, D. Leavitt, F. Bloom, M. Bernstein, T. Brooks, S. Simovitch, C. Fen- ster, A. Goldtein, L. DeVoin, S. Katler, B. Dubinsky. xii xx Q . . :ww nf if tl. . 5 gi "tt .rf-F. fl .1 1 I-. ARTISIANS First row. 1. to r.: S. Nowinson, B. Pellin, N. Circle, R, Ross., E. Alpert, M. Rubens, M. Colburn. Second row: I. Stark, H. Harris, C, Wade, I. Wolf, A. Lipsman, I. Flappan, K. Rapoport, B. Glickman. Third row: A. Shu- bens, P. Ellison, L. Henig, L. Berkow, T. Waldman, I. Leeson, C. Gordon, P. Pisek. Fourth row: S. Klein, M. Grean, C. Rubin, I. Osinov, H. Puro, B. Terrel, E. Bed- holtz, B. Baumring, C. -Sherrick. FAISON LEADERS First row, 1. to r.: M. Chumo, K. Bundy, S. Steinbaclc P. Stickles, M. Bernthal. Second row: P, Sargent, I.. Schoen, D. Howley, S. Heiserman, D. Michaelson Third row: T. Iacobs, T. Steinman, K. Rapoport, Mrs Molloy, L. Fay, M. Cameron, B. Graf. CATERETTES First row. L to r.: P. Shugg, Lucy King M. Bunles, D. Prudicrn, A. Markworth. Second row. P Widham, M Smith, I. Beard, P. Fullerton. Third row: M. Lesh T Repncru, F. Mason, C. Nord, B. Strote. FLEURELLES First row, L to r.: P. Barry, G Robinson P Kneilel, D Griffin, M. Walker, K. Sausville. Second row: P. Smith M. Kirkham, G. Sneclecor, I. Tarkington S. Teuiel, D Ridgley, C. Remus Third row: D. Kennedy, B. Wilde S. Ship, I. Russell, I. Stuewe, I. Noorda P. Ashby. f W' 7 I 3, ac, hr ,Mp , I A 2 RONDELLES First row. 1. to r,: E Scharnis, l. Fish, I SCn',:r.:1: P Hoffman, A. Silver, M. Davidson. Second row: H Goodman, I. Goodman, M. Harris, M. Dickman, E. Tur- ner, S. Saslce. Third row: G. Cohn, S Krause L Iacobe son, D Mazure, A Silver. CONUTAIS First row, l. to r.: R. Steingart, C, Orrell, L. LCIBOY, V Tarne, M. Leader, P. Zalcian, G. Born. Second row: S. Burke, T. Iacobs, R. Rubins, B. McMillon, L. Handler, R. Esirin, F. Valesco, T. Sullivan. Third row: I. Lewis. I. Epstein, C. Gcrllay, B. Danzinger, S. Mann. K. Frim- lcess, P. Grossman ggi. K1 L, 7 555 RR 3 rf IENELLES vt, First row, 1. to r.: E. Goldberg, G, Hoffman, I. Gwens, A. Sosa, D. Frierberg, D. Rosenberg, K. Heerrnaxce. ,Q Second row: B. Finkel, S, Fisher, A. Mucha, Mea- - nick, S. Kopple, A. Herkus, L. Marauisee. Thrrd row: Q rf 'Ll L:3:E' .,,, F' R. Greenberg, I, Green, I. Gendelman, I. Mallory, B. cohen, 1. Frshgord, B. Locke, D, Newman, B, Agar. g "un -is ' -X-425: fl I I ,I ll Ir ,, I I I I I I 56 ' X ffm 1 ,-r W TRAVAILLES First row, 1. to r.: L. Ragan, M. Reuter, Sue Kriegsha- ber, S, Straussman. Second row: C. Rapkin, I. Proctor, S. Denenberg, M. Rigiani, M. Barber. Third row: S, Iackson, S. Kliska, N. Noffman, L. Kramer, I, Iaeobson. appyz -Meet ZANDERETTES tr w 1 to A Green I Shechter C Eder L Firs o , . r.: . , . , , , Gerry, S. Freiden, R. Walker, L, First, S. Iawitz. Sec- ond row: I, Shipp, M. Shapiro, L. Sabot, M. Ioseph, R Kaplan, M. Magaxin, M. Ehrenberg, B Braelow, A Diamond. Third row: S, Kapp, R. Rhine, S. Weinberge er, S. Golden, S. Dalin, A. Kornbloom, L. Freiden, E Friedman. ALEXIANS First row, 1. to r.: L. Schwab, I. Radom, B. Gerorne I Thomas . Wolf, C. Rudow, B Felamar. Second row: , I I Metzger, K. Flgort, B Fllenbogen, II. Feldman, S Silberberg, I. Weirisloik K. Sakowski Third row? S. Monkarsh If Strasberg ff Lewrs A Brenner I Grsh an, G Grutrnan, S Keller I. Levine Fourth row: S Kadas, D Za',I'oll:c'.' l. lsfosh D Cone: B Werslzart, B Raft, S Bettis. f llarkrian E Sfgrxer We 44' f 2, f PREMIERS First row, 1. to r.: M. Bress, S. Stein, M. Rubin, G. Wol- gin, S. Schnitzer, W. Bereskin, M. Kcrlsmcrn. Second row: S. Hcirt, E. Dash, P. Wcrgner, I. Gordon, G. Morr- cus, R. Ginsburn. Third row: L. Adelrnon, G. Adelrncrn, D. Eisenstcrt, C. Icrcobson, A. Tcrvris. SHANTONAYS First row, 1. to r.: L. Spddcilore, T. Fczcht, S. Orlmorn, E. Meilstrup, C. Kimmel. Second row: M. Scrlton, D. Greenley, S. Buzin, M. Bickrnill, I. Daniels. Third row: D. Manby, M. Anderson, H. Fernandez, B. Menelson, K. Chcrgi. Fourth row: I. Slotnick, I. Miller, L. Morrriss, N. Weinstein, G. Ronsom. ,hi , our riencb ge wg, I :mf H- 9 . f X ' Q --. -,,.- .-r., V -f ., . ' ,..,z..f, , ,MM .,,.,. .f , J 1 QE , .. gr i X Ni M., - , ,f - f . 'QT' . fi . , , 72' lf? W , 2 g ., 'fz , , mm ff ffl 'P X CA-HO's First row, 1. to r.: G. Cooling M Cameron. if G -L 'ea'-- loerg. Second row: S. Freidrnan, Mrs. Stein P. Sclfwrztrt- zer. Third row: T. Mullin Pl.. W'eid.e TRI C's First row, l. to r.: L l'-'i'3SiZC'f.'1fZ G ::L:e7 3 Gieliiei: Q Brower, S. Golieilterg D Kcjslxr. Q fillet. E Erie Second row: E S:h'.-raft if S3111 G Fifi .l. 5:11. R. Tdvliri, P. lfogee li Ererjzx, Q F31 Third row: E Portnou-r. M Talbot S Hfffb D :iris If viz? bor: R Either S lfiiiell 3 T peep: Pollinzer. , Q Kx Qs ti si ... N .. I is ,S E . . 1 . . fi -Q-X ggi 1. I ,ww I - y ' ' K . A1 - .f 1. if L . ww-sg iss? 5' I I 1 ,Dx Q '-L. f Sw r Q fi E t X . K A A -.Q N ,gig . v . gs 1 X ' - C r X t . . ess. f I -- Fifi' x X .. , . i . L N do A A xi QCN . if Q sssxssassa ,K . . ,Ap . i X Q N, . tg. I. x if wt CARINES First row, 1 .io r.: M ,ChickInan, I. E-rornber , M. Se al Q Q , E. Williams, D. Laiken. Second row: C. Bishop, L, New- man, I. Winston, M. Zenderrnan, A. Live, D. Margolin. Third row: M. Morirnoto, M. Dinaberg, L Citron, I Liefke, M Burns. T 4 , ,N .h I , xi CJ! ' ' , . . VJ, I I MADRIGAL SINGERS First row, l. to r.: I Mernel, IJ Shavelle, F Aubel, Mrs Vree, I Levy, I Rapkin, lf. Feldman, I MacLean Sec- ond row: H. Burvrin, L Eatoe R Koflcii, T Richie, H Resnick B Waldrnan,I Luhring CHATELAINES First row. 1 .to r.: R. Rush, M. Guinney, I. Holter., if Requa, I. Lewis, M. Wood. Second row: I. Dennis, I Vance, D. Holton, L. Block, L. Ferren, S. Ferren. Third row. I. Nugent, L. Gehrrnan, D. Weimer, L, Holt, P. Sonshi C. Bartlett, C. Counts. Fourth row. K. Schwartz, C. Aslin, I. Hill, K. Holrnstrom, I. Karlsen, R. I-lynd, If Iohnson CAPRIELLES First row, I. to r.: I Wilson, E. Bentley, P Hooper, C Kerner, C. Peace. Second row: G. Legge, S. Sarnes S. Upton, I. Bathke, E Olivera, I. Pupos. Third row: L. Batoe. P. Stuewe, R. Nathanson, I. Olson K. Olauson. Fourth row: S Stein, K. Mayhew, P Lund S. Rappa- port, I. Engel. - spy. gi' may f PAWNS v f ff 65 Z Z Dt N r Rosenthal 'S Q W Z A C1 :iQ 3 spwlk Q Ycxrcxs. Second row B DA 3 471 Epste-1: 9 iz in HERALDS Gcljii A X 1 IOW2 . COUNTS First row. l. to r. B. Weiner, M. Raphael, I. Medway, H. Sherwood, M, Landman, P. Clar, Second row: I. ' Golden, R. Koslenko, D. Caspe, M. Berland, B. Iason, S. Greilzer. Third row: R. Kimura, F. Durlesser, L. Marshall, D. Bell, M, Horowitz, G. Rosow, B. Abel. MONARCHS First row, 1. to r.: I. Broder, R. Silver, R. Nelson, F. Ia- cobson, Second row: S. Helfend, W. Krasnow, R. Fre- rned, G. Lucas, R. Lebby. Third row: B. Cohen, R. Sai- ran, S, Honeyrnan, N. Paltiz. oin SPADES First row. l. to r.: I. Kaplan, M. Srnolen, B. Sobel R Taxe, R. Taxe, F. Taxer. Second row: I Brown, S. Goli- ger, S. Frieberg, H. Hollzman, R Roth, N. Feinslein, B Heller. Third row: S. Adler, C. Frank, R. Kaniin M Silverman, L. Coffman, M. Raabe, M Silverman. Fourth row: D. Spritzer, D. Wilson, I, Malerstein, T. Pulvers D. Rudnick, R. Goldenberg, S. Loeb, I. Walsh. APOLLOS First row. 1. to r.: K. Iose-ph, B. Grolch, M. Gottlieb, M. Prosin, B. Braiker. Second row: R. Clasky, L, Morse, B. Englestad, R, Metzer. Third row: I. Greenwald, P. Rosenblalt, G. Tolin, D. Chagi, N. Harmon. 04 Club SOVEREIGNS First row, 1. to r.: M. Eerderber, D. Ellison, R. Segoll, R. Stork, B, Robbins Second row: R. Levine, M. Ludon, G. Dye, D. Rotkin, H. Gerstol, Mrs. Bettington. Third row: R. Ethier, I. Luhring, A. Sillrnon, E Krohn. - ,,f . , ,, ' ,k,f .1 ' , 4 ..f ' , ,,f.! V' I V' f J , J' ,X ' I L' V 'I ' X I A . J J . af-f 1 . ' If . 7 K f f Y f 1 '. 4, . , V K V. , 4,7 JJ? W ' ' . f f K-1 , , A , lf, ' , JV I 1 gf Y I 1 'V .-, , ,M Z , V ,, iw- "I , ' f , J ' , I I . f J L ., I , ' 1 V' f ' -,J Ji-' A J' rv 'A , 1 ff I l j f ' L T CAESARS First row, I. to r.: P. Borio, K. Edwards, M. Stein, I. Blumenthal, H. Bcrrrnen. Second row: M. Scrlkin, I, Michaels M Sin er l Spiegel Third row' P Iacob' ,, , , Q , , . . , D, Lv! W L. Bloomer, W. Parker, Sponsor, I, Cholelf, F. Aubel. TRITONS First row, 1. to r.: L. Erie-drnon, P.. Woler. H Koborkow S Boroswlcy R Feldman Second row: H. Resniok D Moss, P Rorron K Osgood, S Motifs Third row: B Winn R Eeldrriozi, M lforrnorri D Sherwood RADIO CLUB H Carlin, K6MZAg H. Leight, KGPPH, Mr. Brown, WBEQH, M Robbins, KSQAHQ B. Wersen, KSCIH, L. Bodcrglicicccr, W6llH. Second row. M. Rosen, KGGCL S. Keller, KESLRU, M. Chernus, KBPZN, R. Cohen, KBDBR, M. Schwartz, KGMVD, L. Packer, WSRWY, L. Beilin, KBVDP, A. Berkowitz, KBQGI, D. Katz, E. Bledl, KSRCX, A. Rosen, KGPIG, B. Cooper, KSVHS, not pictured: M. Petroff, KBTZYg H. Berwin, KBKUG, R. Gibbons, M. Steineger, KESBEP, M. Rcrwilchg A. Winnoker. A INTERNATIONAL CLUB First row. 1. to r.: T. Iacobs, N. Freedman, C. Wade, C. Hazell, I. McLean, M. Landman, L. Gutwirth, F. Bakal M. Rudolph, I. Bryer, M. Abe-lrnan, T. Margadant. Sec- ond row: M. Bernathal, M. Churno, B. Carl, I. Miller, M. Young, B. Mendelson, M. Wolins, I, Slotnick, S Solit, A. Frimkess, M. Kahne, B. Quandt, B. Vinesburg Third row: D. Small, P. Sargent, S. Lippe, A. Ponedel, P. Liebowitz, M. Solton, A. Suryein, I. Lederman, B Mednick, M. Weimer, IS. Beller, P. Fulerton. Fourth row: S. Speigel, B. Ramoy, A. Glass, L. Schone, S Silver, K. Lezen, F. Velesco, N. Mandill, N Schuman. B. Friedman, E. Armstrong, E. Miller, L. Roos, D. Kim- melriesh. Fifth row: K. Bundy, C. White, B. Aronson, I. Goldman, L. Ke-ngla, A. Browdy, S. Lewis, B. Cutler, S. Glass, S Green, L. Iacobson, M. Schwartz, P. Clar USHERS First row. l. to r.: R. Critzer, M. Lesh, I. Altman, D. Rudnick, S. Monkarsh, D. Levine, M. Shapiro. Second row: L. Gerry, A. Navin, D. Salley, L. Schlecter, E. Redholyz, R. Day, M. Monkarsh. Third row: C. Remus, B. Erbson, I. Klapman, M. Iordan, D. Steele, L. Fisher K. Brand. mel og ws We , T 'Nw 6 wx' If 4 v sr. A S x f fp W WS , M zg.,-, - Nw N Y r Q f 4 ' W1 V RN sf X -fi' -1 . . v - X " J V - s rjiwrqg 'args ww X Sig WTB? X v 'Q X 1- . ,,f - t i 7" wi. WAX X .T -- as N , x . K QXANX N QL.. . . al v . . 1' l a' ' ' 1 2 I' eff ife' 'ssfi l f uifcf up PAN AMERICAN CLUB First row. l. to r.: A. Sosa, I. Gendelman, M. Collins, G. Ransom, I. Mallory. Second row: T. Pacht, H. Fer- nandez, M. Logan, I, Burris, K. Osgood, K. Brand. FUTURE TEACHERS First row, l. to r.: S. Kriegshaber, S. Schwartz, M. Press I. Owens, G. Hoffman, S. Garelick, D. Raikon, N. Rose: S. Kopple, N. Shuman. Second row: S. Medniclc, E Alpert, H. Harris, D. Schwartz, I. Mallory, B. Finkil, B Straussman, L. Wisotosky, I. Gordon, S. Salit, G. Will- ram. Third row: M. Denenberg, B. Sall, M. Shapiro, N Strasberg, M. Rubens, Mrs. Clemenson, I. Lederman M. Shulman, B. Surpin, M. Young. Fourth row: S. Sil- ver, S. Lewis., C. Grosman, S. Shaps, A. Gellem, B Okins, B. Anderson, B. Mednick, E. Vineberg, P. Kram- er, H. Handell. if our Jn tere4t4 TALENT BUREAU First row, 1. to r.: P. Schwarizer, C. Ford, G. Iacobson I. Abrams, A. Kauffman, I. Mernel. Second row: M Bunjes, I. Beard, B, Abel, A. Diamond, F. Aubel, B. Brown. Third row: Mrs. Yerkes, M. Blair, I. Luihring B. Botkin, G. Mizer. SOCK 'N BUSKIN First row, l. to r.: S. Martin, S. Klisl-ra, M. Cowift, A. Eskenasy, R. Engoron, G. Iacobson, I. Forbes, R. Coop- erman, F. Davis. Second row: E. Dash, P, Wagner. I. Kruger, B. Danzinger, N. Mandell, D, Rotkin, D, Si- dell, D. Howley, C, Wyse. Third row: I. Ostein, M. Wilson, U. Hoffman, M. Kessekiel, A. Bortz, I. Rosen- feld, L. Silver, S. Smith, M. Smith, C. Smith. Fourth row: M. Bitkower P. Elster, B. Kalsman, R. Solomon, S. Mayher, Miss. Fox. f FORFNSIC cms- 4 ' First row, l. to r.: .3 rcxiagr. - -ogii .I ,.L..1a"2 P Greenberg P Fesixai I Beiris. Second row: ff. FHVFT' frfrff' Q 'fem rar. I ."'.ft:: I.' 'ffei 3 f"',,,L"' T ig.,-5 D 'S--',,,,.Y. .2 .1.,...-.. , ..,f..- .. C. ,.. IUNIOR PHILHARMONIC CLUB First row, l. to r.: Mr. Farrar, M. Zicherman, G. Wol gin, G. Hoffman, I. Owens, S. Koppel, S. Eisner. Sec and row: S. Lippe, A. Pondel, lf. Shurnan, V. Tarne D. Fierberg, P. Barry, L Landsburg, B. Knight, D. Mar golin. Third row: B. Criizer, I, Woolfecien, B. Palmer E Solcolove, I, Liplcind, D Rosenberg, I. Green, S Iavitz. .?,k,, ,',zv,-' 'Z I Li l Y ' :Fi ' . .si Ll? WM' Q-if 1 FEDERALIST STAFF All the latest and most interesting news is presented to the student body in l-lamilton's Weekly publication, The Federalist. The staff has put forth much effort trying to meet dead- lines and issue a paper filled with articles ap- pealing to all. The Federalist staff Works under the able leadership of Editor Dick Steele, and their advisor, Mrs. Von Poederoyen. First row, 1. to r.: S. Borowsky, C, Wade, C. Gordon, D, Steele, I. Flappen, S. Squire. Second row: Mrs. Von Poederoyen, D. Slotnick, C. Resnick, I, Resnick, M. Leader, M, Zenderman, M. Colburn, K. Barsky. Third row: M. Paley, D. Fox, B. Katz, L. Pasco, B. Reifel, M. Robbins. STUDENT HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE First row, l. to r.: S. Klein, R. Rhine, E. Graf, S Stein, I Samson Second row: S Friedman, ll. Shuman, A Ponedel, B Dills, V lfelson, E Zebrack Third row: R Knight, K Osgood, P. Clar, P. Erlich, M Katz, E. Drucks er, T. Nielson. Fourth row: S Medniclc, D Laiken, I. Owens, E Meclnifk I Y'fir.stcn S Golden. S Kopple, E. Rappoport. Q' gtg- .vs .,,i 35 X f ,4j,Q?? 'WW R.O.T.C. 1 Our RCTC is made up of school students 'NDC are interested in acquiring military expert-enC6 before they enter the armed services. Among the informative and practical classes taken by the battalion are drill, military theory, weapons and marksmanship. First row, l. to r.: A. Kerner, I. Kaufman, H Klififflf. F Frohman, R. Bone, R. Schneider, MfSgt G. Gingras, M Bryman, R. Sansone, L. Coombs, D Allen, A Ri-- bens, Lenny Shaffer. Second row: I. Rosenberg, D Levitt, M. Kvitky, D. Ross, R. Feldan, I. Cohen, L. Robin- son, D. Eisenberg, L. Rosenblum, P. Daniels, I. Baker, B. Abrahams, S. Keller, M. Kavinoky, Third row: S. Gewirtz, A. Silverstein, M. Lucas, S. Del Rio, M, Adler, R. Gibbons, M. Delugish, E. Kopel, S. Del Rio, E. Martir., S Bloom, B. Wine, R. Henshel, Fourth row: H. Rose, F. Medina, G. Adaniya, S. Seymon, M, Kelemen, I. Sacks, I, Wright, B.. Iohnson, P. Kaestner, G. Salper, E. Light, I Bantels, M. Allen, S. Martin, Fifth row: R. Distler, A. Gerson, W Lowe, L Elowe, D. Blair, S. Grinlier, E. Kane, R. Yoakum, K. Sinclair. ,X X t IUNIOR RED CROSS First row. l. to r.: A. Leve, P. Fullerton, D. Salley, P. Zakian, B. Dubinsky. R, Tavlin, E. Yagari. Second row: S. Weisman, G. Adelman, I, Shipp, M, Magasin, I. Gordon, M. Leader, S, Cumings, V. Williams, P. Nogee Third row: I Ducat, M. Talbot, I. Deutch, W. Bereskin, N Strasburg, I. Bromberg, M. Erhenberg T, Steiman. 'lk N... 4 , - 1,51 , , , a w e 1 " , , f , mf A, f fy' m1..5Z5,f, X . 6 W MW' ,WWW ' A iw, 1, 7 ,fff V- f ,f fy ZW, "2 ff Dwi' Z' 5 Z' W ,., 15: nw.. 4, Iq- 9' ,-f in ff ,. ji I ,Jqrff . , if 71" ' i L . . PV, ' 3:5 Qgv- Qi i 7 -ig .::-A - "rf ri'TYfg ,iq i,.mf,,- if 1 x f fe i f S , , .V f " it A 2' . QAM I tugs, Z- Q3 I ,, P N ,ES 1 W rx px ,S K, V K 5- .. Q I .4 ,' J it V' K K ' I 'yn fi' . X A Jixngif ' E f , If Q ' f y yer 734 l , , LQ 'V . 5 X . ! mf n f M J E R 'N 'ff' z - J! ' lt' it 5Ef with , tx , . L ' 5 7 9 7-8 if Y' fbi: 4345.511 ?5 K? ,.:,: Q 4? ng Q if 5 ,, Kit .ig E - ' . , I 'ft fr f L. '57 g f l K - V f' 29"-Y 14 , . '-A-1 ,::: i S11 4 ' w..C...9 , 'Af . - if . f .,- if ...Q ' 1 - .J 'r -' ' -A -, K . , -t , -- , , " 61: Y J in ,E , , -A ... , Q , I E 4, A . x x ,fy ' ' V . , 'dw' . X 'T Annqq' A I , " , .. ' .1 ' ,Q . L Q , .. 'Hr-si. Qsfg 1 '-2 'fvy ,it -A--'Wi ' V is - W - , fi? ...f ,Q ..., ' ' A " V M' B B 'Juv i ard fb, M . .,. .L-f id, st .f ,,ff..:'f..', , rf., J .f , x., , vp Z W 1 Y L I.V. BASEBALL This year's l.V. team, plagued by the same fault as the varsity team-inexperience, also brought forth more than was expected of them. Playing with a tenth grade team, they ended with a .500 win- loss record. First row, l. to r.: B Aitken, B. Geller, B. Diamond, B. May, B. Wynne, M. Eis- enstadt, I. Wisman. Second row: B Haynes, B. Gazzam, S. Bell, N. Both, B Grotch, S Good, M Horowitz. Third row: L Berk frngrl C. Silverman, B. Dragin, R, Dunn, G Lucas G filewmar. D. Bell H Tarlitz tmgrji VARSITY BASEBALL This year's varsity nine did not have a very successful season, although they did much better than was expected of them while playing with an almost entirely unexperienced team. Mllhis sea- son's varsity team," stated Coach Bebd, "was a group of hard work- ing boysf' The improvement in the team proved that the season was not a total loss. The experi- ence gained by a few of the boys will help the team next season. First row, l. to r.: E, Saunders, l. Smith, I. Preibe, T. Pulvers, I. Brown, M. Levin, L, Diamont, T. Dolam, V. Schwartz, D. Cresap Second row: D. lzzi, F. San- son, I-l. I-loltzman, B. Meyers, ll Kricum, S. Bassin, S. Schwartz, l. Gershon, S. Zusrnan, M. l-lochberg. I, jf p if n ' - gi faiii ESE? .wfnerf 2 'Uar dy a4ciwn ,.. 222'?UlEg Q ff ilj gg, in ,.j,,4,,iA,A I ' ' ' i I 2 ' T ,1 gi 5,22 1 f , 'I 1 f - . ,AV 'fra Lk, . 2 VL W3 4,, 2Zxx 7 ml, ' ' Q Newt Kncum, Ycrnk outfielder, eta on base with cr r'fnv5g. 'ag f A ,gf 4 L Q ' ,.mZ,,mgd1yJ WWW .4 , , , - my V , . single ecn-ly in the season. gm, , , . ' I Q fl L J fx .5 I' . 2, fix V' .' 'J' 1 f .V ,, s :1 AL 2 1' , , if Q fi v f A . v . 1 9- i . i in f ' 4 f i if? Q. -... 1331.5 f- 1 A f, , , f- ,G -1 , f .fi . M - 1-A fmfi fwwfi , 'Qfwi www if. H gif , ,, A 3 , , ix lwwv, I, 'g .- f ' ' L iw W- f "' ,FHVQQFV .7 lyyj I f I Y , V ' l 1-fwwmw - 1 it '- :,. z3,,, 3 A ' , 6 fi, - -5- ' ,,.., - if w p f V j .f '44 ,, ' , f TM. ,f.1p3adfff5g,y - I , , ,W W Q -' H iifwi 4 1.,xa2L2- 1xx,'fwf'yf .W4weg Wg, ' iw f ru, .Jw -f iffiflf " M ,1 11 ' ' 1 ' M . ,mv fpvwff' -"tai J""'f" - H., ' ' ' ' '20 ,f , ' ,, 'I ' i- Fleetfooted CGILSA cut at the ball. Stu Schwartz, Bcmker first in the Hamilton infield. 3514? + 'iieidep Larry Dicmont, baseman, shown takes f: he - lvl, brigntiw' f . . , f 4, fjy: we, maf1...f.. f , 1, :fl , f ' vi iff i 3 i 2 1' L ,F Wv-or-f-wr" N is K X Q Xi. ,H if vimw 5' 4 4 C if It A-'I lil a . - ,K fi... If' . 1 if -.n-no it '-Q, if Q .fagmb ,.,.. i ,,, ,. W ""4"'1knw'l, , ,Q qv- 1- -1 ,. 5: 3 3 fwrris f'if'f ii gi. ff T l :wglm nr :ll A his y de. iv, r s n- Qczxg' 1 'r s ""if? 7 t" l it P .ra V if 12 - ,, Going over the bar for another Win- , f V3 ' 'uf 2 ning vault is Tom Tieman, Hamis 25 T A i f-d iv ' ace man in this. vital field event. X M .. 1, . ,t t Tony Mellos and Bolo Lilly match X M. , . .- ,fy . . ', :wif tj . 1 . . ' ' M I i A Y ET strides as they take the l2U yard g V . V. . ,, X, ,, gg low hurdles once again. as ,..,k , R... ,,,t,, W, . .. ,. , -r-' . ' '- it . f --.- Q 'Ualuiiy rac --:J Under the able guidance of coaches Frank Cullom and Eugene Broadwater this year's varsity track team had a satisfactory season. Paving the Way for many outstanding efforts were standouts Tony Mellos and Gary leager. lt is a young team with lots of promise-one our school may Well be proud of. First row, l. to r.: L. Higgins, T. Tieman, B. Tennant, S. Block, T. Mellows. Second row: M Hilton, A. Rosen, L. Primavera, M. Chorna, D Sildell, M. Atkenson, l. Hirsch, L. Lefkowitz M. Singer, R. Korniac fmgrj. Third row: Coach E. Broadwater, D. Waxan, T. Ransford R. Freedburg, R. Blum, K. Ellison, G, Russell, Coach Frank Cullom, S .l .- Q X X Qialk - - xx 9 x I xx X x uf- . Z. FNS "ff Y ef, , .. , V W ..,, 0 ,, ee l'6lC Showing great spirit and much desire the BEE track team produced many fine marks this year. Outstanding individual efforts were turned in by stand- outs Mike Shane, lerry Lazar, and Mike Stein. Hamilton fans can expect a line showing again next year, tor it is a young team with much promise. First row, I. to r.: D. Youkstetter, B. Steventon, M. Stein. Second row: P. Iacobs, G. Potik, A. Horowitz, W. Wershorzr, S. Martin, I. Chaldff, l.. Guenney, D. Kairnan, L, Caufman, B. Brunner, B. Abramson, T. Frazier. Third row: Coach Broadwater, B. Werson, M. Raphael, N, Robinson, G. Rosow, L. Leeman, ll. Sapitt, B. Iacobs, H. Kushner, K. Edwards, M. Roback, H, Sherwood, M. Ziontz, L. Freeman, R. Rolipsom, Coach Collum. W-,vj.,...,. .l .Eu ,,. if 'MW :,.-ffV"i9"wM' 1 1 ' . 1-,Qs X K ,. , 3121? M .m.xf.,f 1 WN' 'A 'W " -V --i- f , 5 ' 5 , ,.,. . , V , as l l l .. 'C EJ Q sm 1 -s V K an M. ,..,,. ,.-. -H" Y A ,. . X N . .... .. - A , g . . ,xx A i. V ' , gk xx... ', , . . x qw,- I . if 3,1 ., , .1 S' , 1 ' 1 Q X - 'v- ,. f - ' Q -. Q ,A ' ll , A V 'fr':+-W, - - - 9 mi if p . -I by M ,.. Z . g ., A g H X, 1 . Km, V-, 5 I A mi' xx i 'T V ' N" 'ix it " un -qu , ' sig s , X ,, - ' N '- , . , . . " gg . 0 - Sas uf: " ' . -' ' W- 1 ' . 3 . I V- V - af A . . , f Q V . as . A V . 'V M- f - ,, . X. 'S . QQ , sit '- ' i I W .Aoi t if 5 at S 4 E V A I E 5 V 'A mi. .. Q, X Q My g t W I . . 2 y V if 1 . X. ,WX 'N ' ' . its . 'wr ww,-5' me Q .X X V " V 5'52.' MQits' 'S . V K ' f is S I V A 'D , .,.. 1 ' f ' 'tr tx .: ' V- - X ' A V A ' , ......, , . 5 . V ' , r' . , W. g I 4 W .,... ,,.. . 7 A . .. Q it . ..... . , H N - - . .A A .... - - H V. X W - M ' -. . t K . . V V, , ,m . . 5 - "'- V .y X 5 A -. V 1 . . -, 4, .- . .. Q 4, Q' V TQ ,F ,nrynw , Q- X A V V' Q is . 5 . .,....,. , .I I -R -A Q Q- . ' .A ,isksiwgwikx .V V im, 4: Q i' 3, i A V- is 'S . 5 1 . 1: 'A Mi, 1 .Ag .. . X gli V' . E 4 5 ,, . :S M l ,. in-A , K ,B A N :Z ' .Q .. t "'-' f . T. Kit' + b A W ' 'f HZ-V.' AV , . - ---- : . ' ' ' f ' . rs s, . . .,, VX V Q Q N , , 3 ' X , . Q ., 2 "' -f...w,.,..1T Q., A- X ' ...Q A 5 R ' Q55 5 I Q . .-.. .,,. W 7 - , , ,lg -gstcuzx. - -sas , gs. g3,,N.,, I J, AR . .. :X , . V Q X Nw Q ... ,,. - . f V - . .1 ' A ' 'r p , V A kill A mr a '- 'f ' A ' . " " ws pf ,, - 4 XY- - ... ' 'Q X ' - ' kqt, , ' 1 git, , ' V' ,ng -. 1, . .1 W, ' . ' sa f .VfH.wvf. X, ' ' l J - .V A Kay., . . .. , , , -'Y V . -. ,. -,wry Vwwyis, is ffm fp. , ::'V, SSf ,V ,wr-',',V ,,V.,f-, - V - -. f' X sf..i,f-.1xv..s M. , , r A V. ., , .Vw V. V. .V,..,, 4 ,X A rv, sf.. , .. Nr, sm. .. Q MMM sw., sf'-f'f. 1- , is -Mxtfwgx ., .M V1 , .' ,FV M.. .Q'?"v,5V,F?Z.5V4 Y L If QW X ik ,V ,l.!n.5?5Qf Sian .Wh g TM. gigs? Ns.iiig3j?i:5.F l stavxs V V ' -- VX. 'K ffvff - ,f 710- diff? 12... A gi"'M,.Kt":r.,o Q--. t Q.. 'i ff'-'X -3' - ,, . . - v .v , , . ,. ,Q-.ff .9 r , f 'R . ' ,ive A93 . ' ,S.f1,s., .z,'..f+ ,J 1. k -wx -.f,.,g - V Wy- ..,, fr , 3- 1' V. V Y' i"'-xg' , x,f,1.,.g,33s4tgz,53,isvf' Tfhgf. ,gf 1?-V,'fGiAk.-iaaawrisk-: ,'3sES'TSf1 f-iii-5 ,ik ,, AQ 5 :,i1?g,m.:V,5fs'S'f.3+ .WV .L-- Kwsjytsg-2 were V .. N531-J5'3?WRgQ,4Q-g,,iS1?vEg,5fi55fI"4??'Qf"kf . 4 A. Q -sf,g+V.1rz'PQiRw we igsmugf . 5 Q , ,,ANW2.:S?.sxggtsx3N,:gQL QXQM., Xi, .,,,-W .e ,W,., V, 4 M .qv . EA Vf Q , , X-. 'A N 1 .. .3 -,xg My . , , X .... A if " K9 w f.5'51f1,, ,J .W . ,.,- gif, 3 w s : K PS' --w-ri-I -N , V' mdk.-V Y iff ...Q V 'A' ' 6 W5 V' .. ' ft' H. V 5 403 .- N , 55W12kff' Ql-if 'ui f f lvl V y CEE TRACK Our Cee track team rated among the city's finest this year. Stand- outs for the league Champs were Rick Small, Al Singer, Art Gorot- sky and Barry lrwin. Our Cee's have demonstrated once again how hard work and good spirit pay oft. First row, l. to r.: R, Small, A. Grofsky, A. Singer, B. lrwin, A. Weiner, S, Rolo- bins, I, Goldberg, M Steinenger. Sec- ond row: M. Berland, B. Ringler, S, McLean, l. Flaxrnan, L. Leinow, I. Gold- en, l. Honingsfeld, N. Fuerst. Third row: Mr. Broadwater, A. Hernandez, S. Marks, G Deutsch, A. de Boer, H Row- en, G. Iacobs, E Goldstein, Mr Cullom TK 4 ' 5 N E ...rj YES. . .F HX ZW N as , ""' A Y QP, , N... -- , WJ . sf- ' f SM, 'i , , A . - 1. ..... is . t. . i:,yx,,..... .. . t ,.... 4 . 'K' --we - 't'r ' a l Sw.. v-, - a -s N -N K C. . nl K .. ' .,,gw, . ' ' lx :EN - ve- q- Q Y w--1-NN--' I LNK 5 ,. g 1 Y r ff' 1 H , A J' I ,gs r r!Vzfff' if if-Q-w-4.M.........m-.a-ww - fs-A" .s s . so Q fx. W.. V " " W, 111 .WX .w..E?gs 5 1 st . . X i Q ,V -v-5.-ctr.. .. :gf ,1 . I . ,, ss . -H V s , V . A in . A " H SNS . - l""'Q'Rs r snub--v-. N ...paw GYM TEAM This year's gymnastic squad has done quite Well in competition. lt is a young team that shows great promise for the tuture. Capt. Don Mclsarty and Tumbler Dave Paley have performed brilliantly time and again. This teams spirit and quality Will certainly be hard to beat. First row, l. to r.: I, Brandt, B. Berman, A, Aguilar, B. Barak, D. McLarty, M. Lachman, H, Adams, D. Worsiold. Sec- ond row: I. Wiley, G. Brill, F, Brown, C Wherry, D. Paley, L. Monroy, P. Bren- nan, S. Bogartz Qrngrl Third row: Asst Coach B. Dinaberg, B. Cantos fmgrl G. Bibiat, T. McElreath, S. Berwick, E Beverman, M. Petroti, D. Kennedy, T Norman, Coach Bogen. 2 A . 2 ' ' gy. ,zu G. I I A 42 . H '.Z3.w, V , Q 4 I , . g6f.g2f?f -,f - 137 'yi ,K 5 f 2 .LH A,-vw-15767 I . r Z 7 7 'V 0 1 j, 'Qty ff' 4 4 if 7 V f f X 1 A 1 1 f ' Z v f V 1 X Z! ' X f f if A I f ff X 'ti .,f., Vf 4 1' z f f W Z Q Q 5 ann 1 EU Q ' M A 1 m ... 1 MF .HW W ag, ,l f W, -K , J hr X, .. it V W.,A.,, . S i S. ,V , -ss , , U . , 3 w X 5 ' if I Ei W -w if . ri F , ,,, if 5 . 5 ,4 J. ,, K f 4 R N 4 4 Q va v x f ' Q X 3 . X Q x 0 X K+ ' rx 'gf fx Q E , E' V: i , 1 R F 1 50' V' X. 0 lf l ' kk' U V J, Rel, X Lg .X 4 V i, tr, if it wr i ' 'K ft A IX ,P i W l' X Mix X, i QL If 'Xl l xx 7 if , If A 57 Xxx.. X J F r 'X My -. . , ,N , Q A ,MXL 1 , it , , vJ I 14,7 , 1 , ,I I , - f . , , , yr I V s A KT I' F, 1 X ff -1 . 'K f, I v M, M, , f r V. 1, ' H, Q- Sofornon returns :ci Yank netters. N ,,f JM ll il it QS Q T it UU J Yi y 'TV ct W lL NL! ' 70, L7 ' V X XX-7 J X tg gy Wt if X . : N ,uw i K V QV tb ' LY ' OJ X M U l fu V L OV 'lk KK ,VX lu f ly D SV gx J jf bf'j,V,, viz if 1 E ,if 0 kb 5 v .W cu Xbox ft k 'GX bid CJK' KJ f f X CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders started at the beginning ot the semester by in- stilling school spirit into the stu- dent body. They have cheered at baseball games, track meets, and basketball games. First row, 1. to r.: D, Weimer lfl Se- dacca, lf Feldman Second row: R Goodman B Weisbari P Srriith B Verity TENNIS TEAM First row, l. to r.: B, Quoxar L F' D. Schwartz, D Rudnick E Goldberg R Chadwick, B Laboschir. G Ca 1 Second row S Beller S Bcrov. Freeman, B Kaclas, D Ioccbs, M P row, B. Sumner, L Coher, Mr Wlla Crow, coach Third row: G H Solomon, S Berens, H l-lollweg Turnbull, L. Friedman Y map. Glass, B Sachs. ball Y I F Z wi S av 'QS -.-X -N' S 'N 4.--. L SEE: ' Q VARSITY LETTERMAN'S CLUB This semesters Letterman's Club has ren- dered invaluable service by ushering at assemblies, participating in noon rallies, and by supervising the outside hash lines and track meets. By giving athletes something to strive toward, the Letterman's Club has become an integral and important part of school life. First row, 1. to r.: T, Ransford, L. Higgins, T. McEl- reath, D. Heudy. Second row: D. Solomon, G, Tae- ger, D. Urfrig, D. Waxman, B. Adler, B. Paperni, M. Stein. Third row: M. Levin, C. Astrin, l. Priebe, T. Smith, T. Mellos, S. Berwick, Fourth row: Mr. Grant, A. Harawitz, B. Heller, M. Hilton, B. Vogel- sang, L. Pasco, G. Adams. 6 W I V A M 1 11,92 i --- .f f My l BEE LETTERMAN'S CLUB A new addition to I-lamilton's forces is the Bee Letterman's Club. This organization not only performs valuable services to Hamilton, but also is a goal for many young athletes. First row, 1. to r.: B. Hirschman, B. Schwartz, R. Boodaet, R. lzzi, Pres., G. Hendriks., S. Adler, D, Wilshin. Second row: C. Kodimer, G. Shaw, R. Werson, B. Haynes, I. Chaloff, K. Edwards, L. Bloom- er, B. Cohen. Third row: M. Blair, R, Churniak, M. Atkinson, B. Holley, B. Richardson, S. Freeberg, K. Yoshatani. Fourth row: B. Abrams, T. Moss, B. Iacobs, E. Karagozian, B. Coordt, B. Brunning, B. Hcrimer, D. Isenstadt. iiii ff T A Z 4 .a"l'1. 33 I NN' ' 2 ,XM , E E 2 L an-1 -1 Nw. a ... ...L ff-,nw-sf--1 LETTERGIRLS The Lettergirls, chosen for their outstanding athletic skill, have once again had a suc- cessful semester. Under the supervision of Renee Nathanson, president, and Miss Ma- son, sponsor, they have ushered at assem- blies, officiated at track meets, and gym meets. First row, 1. to r.: E. Olivera, T. Steinman, R. Na- thanson, L. King, M. Bunjes. Second row: M. Mori- moto, S. Kadas, l. Maybloom, E, Williams, C. Wilson, l. Borenstein, P. Feldner, P. Stuewe, S. Sarns. Third row: I. Molson, B. Strote, K. Kyson, K. Elgort, K. Heermance, G. Wolgin, K. Hjorth, L. Ferren. skit ,fe r-'-----MQ -ee-f,,,...-n,. Was... .s.....,,.,,,,.....-wu. E ,WM Mm 4 M an V 1 M ,,,,,,,,,,m T T 3 wr M ' - -S 'fir-Jie? 9 vs. M fr he .T . 4 Z i. W: Mu .. ,V . iw M . gig? . ,sl 7 .. T Hx,-W Y.: gpg ,a 'IV . 423f,9f,Ax y 3,0 M- X . rv Q Y T -3 If if if V A i 1 M , T ON a 'Q' 1- T L I5 sr Q. rpg givin ' -swf M .. :aw 'r CQ: T f .. W . :P to A - Xb L 'SM use If Q 1 'V x. n MQW, rj tt' i f ' iff X Z ' " 't A Ei Z' W5 o . 1 ,- 3 4,5 f J, s i 4 5 A 1 e S 1 .H . . .bt .-.x v C... J.. no .1 'Intl A Q sf A 1 A14 MORNING GJTLA. This is the last semester the G A.A. will be divided. With the Completion ol the new building, the G A A. will again be one group TV morning GAA. meets every Monday and Wednesday during 2nd period. 4 . .. ri G.A.A. CABINET Meeting every Thursday during 5th period, the G.A.A. Cabinet, under the leadership ot Pat Shugg, president, planned the GAA. activities and sports. Helping to supervise the volleyball and softball, they also made the arrangements, for the B-lO Grientation, St. Patricks Day Party, lntra- school Play Day, and the Father-Daughter Dessert. Back row. l. to r.: Iudy Stuewe, Donna Salley, Sophie Denenberg, Pam Kneitel, Pat Palamountain, Renee Nathanson. Front row: Pat Zakian, Lola Block, Karen Kyson, Pat Shugg, Sue Teutel. AFTERNOON GJ-LA. if an 44 . 55a A g "V PM QEYZW' N, Mm Q 'Jw' ' QI ' V' Wi? in ff! 1 ,QW . , ' ' r" K 'W mb' . f 'E 7 - fy f 4, X , is ,1..G'r.,. 35:5 if ' f , ',, , w g ,NW A e 3 .,, 1 - Q r ,,,. G.A.A. CHEERLEADERS This semester the G.A,A. Cheer leaders led the song and yells at the Hamilton playday, the Uni play day, and finished with the Father and Daughter Banquet. L. to r.: Bonnie Strote, Phyllis Stuewe Gayle Robinson. This semester the morning and afternoon GA A combined their teams and played tor competition at one ot the playdays. The arte noon GA A. meets every Monday during 9th period, and on Wednesday during Sth period Both GA A 's are gratetully looking tor ward for next semester-the tirst time they will be combined mm-1A l. .i,,: gf 3'-- , . V aSS. 1 iii? V23 a J 1 , :jg sg Y . if 1 1 . U I . ll i 211, ' u A 4: 1 ROHR'S FLORAL SERVICE Flowers for All Occasions Special Discount to Students Dreaming of those beautiful flowers. 5084 W. Pico Blvd. WE. 9-QI79 Los Angeles I9, Calif. CONGRATULATIONS CA PRISIANS from RALPH'S 5-I0-I5 STORES Everyone's clapping for Ralph's. 8768 W. Pico Blvd. 6I4I W. Pico Blvd. BEST wlsi-IES MR. AND MRS. R. FENSTER COMPLIMENTS or GRAND FURNITURE CO., INC. IIII Mt. Olive Drive Duarte, California GOODMAN CHEVIOT SERVICE I 0367 National Blvd. 41 ,. f 'T ,. AL You'll be crying too if you don't go to Goodman's. 24 Hour Auto Club Emergency SERVICE 8. TOWING vE. 9-9478 TE. o-383.8 STELLER 8. SKOOG HARDWARE POWER Toois - SPORTING Gooos 3825 Main Street Culver City .r- 5 K 'S' N x 5 . 35 . ,yr A 5.1 N my 5- H+ . X S S 5 fit T NM". " ., , ,vi . f. 0, . A Q 'Nt . ' P- . " el if ii 5 ,ass .s.1.xsi. ' , f Q 'M , at -' 1 , V ---' f ' "" ' tifgsxsijisi . i Ni' 1 ' Q -. V -Ss N J es I W. M. S Y AX ng gf 51. F 521 " ,- ' ' We lust bought our equipment at Steller 8. Skoog's. CONGRATULATIONS CAPRISIANS from lSENBERG'S Exciting New Fashions by Leading Designers GI' LOW, LOW PRICES O 2, 98 if i'?! ? ii ? 5? 55 : 4 : l V -v ,,,, - ,V,V 1 G -2--A 2.3 , 2 I 5, . J A I 'QAM - A,f-'V r .,., 1' w e 'i ,T il ,, In Los Angeles 35, California i443 S. Robertson BR. 2-2558 MIDWAY HARDWARE iff. ,I Q , P ia f I ZW , 1.1 V N Hit yourself on the head if you don't shop at Midway. 4972 W. Pico Blvd. WE. l-8l7l CONGRATULATIONS CAPRISIANS Just rambling along. from GEORGE ALLEN MOTORS RAMBLER HEADQUARTERS 3801 Firestone Blvd. South Gate CONGRATULATIONS CAPRISIANS BERT'S MEN'S WEAR STORE f I 3804 Culver Center 3834 Main Street EVENING STAR NEWS 4043 Irving Place Culver City 3 ' Bti. Maybe someday our editors will be writing copy for Evening Star News. 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M . .,1,.', :'.f,',s .1 ,, GX,Q,,. .., . , V. CMQM, msefszwfw R R f' I 'R 4353 Western Ave. Gregory Printing is the topic of everyone's conversation. Printers - Office Supplies - Office Materials AX' 4'8'l7 VE. 8-6989 TE. O-4539 CONGRATULATIONS CAPRISIANS COMPLIMENTS OF KENYON PRESS CRAFT MASTER OF CALIFORNIA 9325 Ver1lCe Blvd. 1329 Potrero Ave, TE. O-6854 El Monte, California CONGRATULATIONS, CAPRISIANS P I N K S I I N C ' Automotive Specialists HEADQUARTERS FOR Corvettes and Thunderbirds ' r .N MIM. X , ,, - re. . G .rx R- . I I A A 4 "Wi 'N if' mxglsvl-ii ' Q meme . ' - V 'V N we . I . .- bk- ...jig l le K ss.: Im Q - 1 I mi+.?, .11 . I X' ,M e -i .,9.......- .. f "R"" hi s r-i gwwcciqcodscs.-suse" P X.. G Q x ,ess Nm-: -...... ..-. I 'R Q ' Fuel Injection Specialists 0 Complete Automotive Service P L' ' Custom Body and Paint Work Build for the future. 0 Porting and Polishing - Big Valves: PUBLIC FINANCE CORPORATION 863OW'PicoB,Vd. Lo s Angeles 35, Calif., OF ALHAMBRA OL. 5-8236 ARGUS TYPESETTING CO. l080 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles 35, Calif. OL. 5-7368 JOHN ROBERT POWERS SCHOOL OF IMPROVEMENT FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS OF ALL AGES 8642 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills OL. 5-8307 PETE 8. PERCY'S "Best Durn Bar-B-Que Anywhere" l94I S. La Cienega VE. 9-7702 VILLA SAVOIA 2869 Robertson Blvd. VE. 8-9869 CONGRATULATIONS CAPRISIANS ROD-O-PAIR 10595 Pico Blvd. GR. 9-2758 CONGRATULATIONS TO CAPRISIANS from EDDIE JENSEN Painting Contractor MICKEY MOTORS We Buy, Sell, Trade Quality Used Cars 8655-8661 W. Washington Blvd. VE. 7-l27l COMPLIMENTS or REFRIGERATOR REBUILDERS 5723 S. Main St. Los Angeles 37 SMlTH'S SPORTING GOODS Home of H. L. Whiting Jackets, Letterman Sweaters, and Club Jackets I0863 W. Pico Blvd. GR. 7-I249 COMPUMENTS or THRIFTY DRUG 1 "Thrifty Welcomes You" 8708 Pico Blvd. OL. 2-9494 NATIONAL CLEANERS 8. DYERS 9235 National Blvd. OWL FURNITURE CO., INC. UNITED CAMERA TECHNICIANS 10941112 W, Pico Blvd. Aristocraft Royalty of Fashion Jewelry 8869 Venice Blvd. SMART SHOES for GUYS iN. GALS At Down-to-earth Prices - Timely, Current Styles and Colors - Savings Up to 60070 THE WORLD'S FINEST SHOES JANEL'S SHOES 8920 W. Pico Blvd. Parking in Rear CR. 5-9133 BR- 2-2703 DAYLITE SUPER MARKETS 1830 S. La Cienega Blvd. il0l6 S. Vermont Ave. 3800 W. Santa Barbara Ave. "It's Always Daylite Saving Time" MILLIKEN CHEVROLET "A House of Integrity" The Home of the New Impala-Featuring "Corvettes Waiting in line to view the Corvette. 9032 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City VE. 8-3166 TE. O-2721 HAROLD'S AUTO SUPPLY SPEED and MUFFLER SHOP 9054 Washington Blvd. Sir, we slipped out to buy a muffler at HaroId's. WE. 9-6735 TE. 0-5533 SINCE 1904 ROMAIN CLOTHES Men's Wear for Sport or Dress Everyone is hurrying to Romain's. H49 S. Robertson Blvd. liust north of Picol BR. 2-6056 OPEN THURS. TILL, Sb MAYLORD'S rov at CARD sHoP 2633 S. Robertson Blvd. Just looking for the best in toys. VE. 9-9073 Los Angeles CONGRATULATIONS CAPRISIANS from CAPITOL CHAIR CO., INC. 3578 Hayden Ave. Culver City SANSONE MUSIC CO. Musical Instruments - Hi Fi's - Orga 304 W. 4th Street MU. I9lI S CONGRATULATIONS CAPRISIANS CASTLE RESTAURANT 828 5. Robertson Blvd. oL. 7-0077 BEST WISHES from GEORGE OF CALIFORNIA Manufacturer of California Sportswear COMPLIMENTS or J. N. CEAZAZAN CO. See Olympic T.V. - Hi Fi - Radio PALMS LUMBER CO. lO32l National Blvd. TE. O-2590 WALKER DRUG CO., INC. THE REXALL sroae 8750 W. Pico Los Angeles CR. I-8955 A 8. A FURNITURE CO. B 8. B HARDWARE l245O Washington Blvd. EX. 7-7275 WE DELIVER GRAY'S JEWELERS 3867 Culver Center St. VE. 8-5588 TE. O-8441 MARLOW'S LAUNDROMAT Complete Automatic Laundry lO575 W. Pico Blvd. GR. 9-9623 PALMS JR. DEPT. STORE 3265-67 Motor Ave. Los Angeles 34, Calit. VE. 8-4386 NATIONAL LINEN CO. KEN CLARK'S CHEVRON SERVICE CRAFTSMEN CLEANERS A . .-, X, .,,.: fy-T ,,,,, . ,. 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OR Q J l I J ,iw-, QM N 1 , - - Q 1 Li 1 A " T. -L Yf,w,,u.l, ,,,-,WY , y E2 1 1 .an Ol ., f 3 I we ,W .J I ,, f 4- -W' l r M I 3750 OVERLAND AVENUE LOS ANGELES 34, CALIFORNIA 1,6 BLOCK NORTH OF VENlCE VE. 9-0934 GOOD LUCK ACTION IN ADVERTISING Anita Brenner Kay Elgorl Nancy Feldman Bobbie Gerome Sue Kadas Sfephanie Keller TO OUR SENIORS Joyce Weinsfock FROM 270 S. Alexandria Ave. T H E A L E X I A N S Los Angeles 4, California Judy Oishan Estelle Roifblat Connie Rudow Sandy Silverberg Bonnie Sturner Judy Thomas LASTING SUCCESS NOT JUST A WISH...AN INVITATION your success is our concern too! we invite you to become an important part ofthe fascinating well paid communications industry. I I lgiin yl liil in 4. f .l!l ""' ...Ts A 0 r X Rl tl '-I 5 in- n-MDG X av' 6"""' 3 fl l X KM fA4fVElN.f Y' xii .21-U i Z ff ' ' 1 lo.-T I-zflll I 52 , ga' L Q 5 1 'iz ,z ,Mg fi Ask your vocational counselor about positions with Pacific Telephone, or drop into one of our nearby Employment Oltices. WOmet'I men Santa Monica 208 Santa Monica Blvd 740 So Olive Los Angeles Culver City-1340 Watseka Ave. I I I Or ask your Operator for ZENITH 10,000 for the Employment Office nearest your home. r T I Lbngralula H0114 TO THE bancellurs FROM YOUR PARENTS FRED ALTSCHULER STEVE GALER BERT GENSBERG MEL GOLDFARB BRUCE GRAKAL DON JACOBS JEFF JACOBS Bos J KADAS STEVE COMROE JOHN KUSMIERSKY MIKE PASAROW : NICK ROBERTS NORM ROBERTS HARVEY SIMOVITCH MYRON SOKOLSKY cAPRlslANs CLASS OF SUMMER '58 J , ',.,.v-ty . , .yi ' 1 f A- A fi ' 1 1 , .fs f' ' f I , . i 1 y M. , - A I if ,, .. ,- ,V ,f at ,W ..... , in 1,-f ' -f ' "" X' ff' " .f ,, gf-,' , - ,mwmldf v 'L',,tty,t,t.fL-I Q, df ,,,,,L,fx,,,f ,., y r - ' rj , -3' , I ' . - ..,,, f f' LV, ,,-'if "' ff- f .iff --f swf-yi 4, ,,. -if gf' f ff pg' - ,, my K .W My J, QW, . K , X . W . J ,ff , , ' 5 ,Q 1 . f ' f- - . Q P. f ' V-P 1, ,fi it . if :Af riff '72 'f'-" . ff'f- ,V LMK ,QTEK an yvpxgy? K, Q ,, My ,194 . 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K I Q is eff . - s ff .s , fic .wx ry K ,,. f- V ,ff.f'x ,fl W' -'rj W x ,Q-,fgj gf-Qwfrfw r s V fr ffff "1.if?i we . ' f h W, . If J. . fy, ,f',,f-J ',f sf' V.: ,af gg A ' "M fi..-g.iK.f-"V f jf?-rlx, f ff", ffl- - 1, ,L.. A ,,,.-ff A ffl if C " ""B-- .. ,f ' s f V writ- ,we,g,.f ii..-ffjiiw L X me , ,Q a 5 fi rf? iffxt ' i f fi-1" M7-fix' ' ' r' " " t ' Rv" ' - - ff' ',-ft 'If' f-Ps ..,.,.,:tf- i . . , ,N , ...x V y x A X K. X Al 73s. ' ' r ' "x' X 'X-"+Qw.,AaQ.,..:x, .. W. I . - HX "We're leaving now for the Isle oi Capri. "Our Paradise with the sun in the sky." Every Caprisian has a dream island and a paradise. As graduation ap- proaches We come closer to this island. Gur three years at Hamilton have given us many things in order that this island can become a reality. We have been given the knowledge, friends, and experiences whlch will help us on our Way. We leave Alexander Hamilton High School with sadness, but we are eager and excited to see our dream come true and We Wish to thank Hamilton tor this assurance as our paradise becomes not a mirage, but a reality. Pre Etta Lund ,Qf L 26 ' 055 5 ggi, if f yi Q? X QP fa J? EQ 6 .I ,Q gf X Rf, rfQzgQfigiif5 es Qi 3 Q N FEXfCgi'AiiP E Xtixeifcg 2,6 C20 A w . , S52 X 1 5 X :XXX X glkinigk ii, W brig CW. 'X I V ' X,5L4,A.A,,.vX S' ,wut--rss P - I W XLL ix NJ Lwkj An 9.2 6 '! x " 1 -Q V L6 . A ,- !'L,.x.JR?-fl.4Lli-f1,,D,Xx 3 I . V f a""'Q-' wmv .Milf 'J 1 NJ h -. .. fifty Q -hwy 4 I ' M l ,f 1 LL4' ,CA-O"L... 'flaw - A V X X +-U 3 L C' r A ,. 'ffjfu-L.LL.1 '-1-PL-D"""'ND ' A 4 Q , 1 V Q' ,JQIL-, rhjsglgli-, ,'.zNgmdfi.f..:1 -has-1 gc' I P115-. 'N I ,. ru sf ! ' 1--f bf ,fq QL, P ix ' -Y C.w..2 - Q ' f5i.,xM--Y I " . luv.. vw " ...mflfg -- ' - 'f 14 H JK CM f' KM- iff ' ' Wy. 9' ,561 W W WW fiffw ififygiijjjfy ff Www wjf fjcf W fW5f fjMjfjijCfjf5Z3ffL ,Q 7bQ7Wi7ffQfy ff Zfiffffiffw MMM W iff My Wflfff Tf1ff7' lj ff W MAJ! xwmywiw W P ff MQW W!w6f,f7wJiHjW?LQf H f '45D JSA WW 'JMQW Q Ac ww my WA 0 70 ,ff K ' 1 QV U' f ,ff- -f"" ' WZWWZM if J if Mi v A ' 75 wfxwmwgywwf N9 ,fa M Q M U Nfgfjggggffn e?JZQmQN SPV 51lK?7l2fff' 1553 T ZQXZJ iX?2 J2WW?wJjUf H 3 eb 27 i CL W7 N Q ffwfx fiom jmcvfa ff QE3i?g2 iMM'WmwW'

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