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'V i U L ' , V .Q k f A ' K ' lf ' , L I- ' , L' fb ' H x J" ,' I 1 1 K 'lf C' M U'-4 fl ' f V W J 'L ' 1 ff' . , Im ' JL U if KV : H , if x L J V , ' ' L , 5 U ' - U ' ' -'L Cv , f M f , if . j . ' C. L 1' I I L , jf HI ,Q ' 1 L I I 'I I V f fi' ," ' ' , ,L N 1 ,," x 'V fx X ' L-, i ,' V :If f I 1 fi! ff 1 1 , P Av X xxx 5 , J x l 1' ! I A L I IJ, .5 ix I 1 . X, ' A J v , W f X V If , L , X F Q If r 59 Tx f N IM Y L' , 1 1 + 0 lf' 'Ib 'J I fIIIf cl 4 I I, f - I X II ILIf LI? I IA! LLIJ II, , .J 1 f-I LIX1 J I P V I L I X X n A A , 'V 5 'U IQ' 1, 'I' ,E L, 'I I '- X I E'XI I 'U If, ' V QL It I ' III KI XX, x A, 1 ' I I FN K X x rx- M L 1 W . L1 w S J ' x by A M YA ' A if X kk is ' X 'TXI ' - W 4' ' H1 I X ' X YXDU 1' A Hy fb L A M KJ f ,jfv ,'L L , , if I ' ' TN V f "mb , . ' X 1' XJ J if QL Q K ' I I M v I J L J X, I ' 2 , ,f I Af , ' I , V lf U ,Lf r K 1 H g X J A ff A YJ ,Ildf -I wvv my .' V X , I I I J J 3+ Y L - a 1 l . 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If fl S I f Ci ITVQ 1 V11 rpm mf f ,QX A t f 111 c 11 f AYN1 f J H61 T1 1 1 1 2 CWI x fx 11 1 B Us 111s 15511 '21 C15 vC11o11 1 d T1 1'1ef ds of HGIU1 of 1' 'H 1119 'QXCW1 eQ11191Q 'lvl Flxwrr CICISQ d9d!CCIT9S 1 nw 100 10011 wfOT1SO' H2901 G f, Q 1 pffff A In 4 , .i I , 1 1 5 ' 1 ,-7 ' -. 1. X ' N '11 A -4 2 . Q., 11 ,fax 1X, . 1 N I f N T X9- ' Z' V rl " Q, V ' ' :Hx A 1'1e",1..Sfe 1113 H5 .ini 1. 41131, Q11 HT t'1,01ti ' , ' ' f ,MP f' ,, L '.'J?11'f1 11: e., fT'OT"'1 1111- :tsl of Q11 ' I J ' . . . . ' ff 1-' 'V EYLL, 1 tc 5111111 H1131 .,,. ' 1,1 11111110 'tml J ' X-, H A X is 1,,1,..,1,1.1 w 1 x pf 1 . 1 . , . ' xx ,x 155-:1'11sf10f 11115 111--,fss se, "Q 1' 1 1.,'gf' 5 X -X b I ff in lI"'I tizokw ff df 1 Ov: 11, xxx ' , f 1 . - . . 1 " ' eric 'Q Q1 Q '11 1 1.1 1 II 311 - ' . . 1 A-xx' s',1,1111'i:'M , ,W 1 Q1 3 " .11.. L , ig.. ,Q 1 . 1113 1 1:11 .iilf 11 '1 .jg ., IV. .,, 1 W sion. 5 5 ' v 1 5 . r W 1 . . . 1 ,1 . if d 1 ' S Q 1: f1I1','S1f1:1 C111 '.'.'1:s11 to e:x,g11fs.- Oklf SIT!! Q ' UPDY if'1'111 11. T11 TI161 ffzllou-.'11i: for 1fL'f,f 111111110 gas ' rid iff-3 ,1 191. T., TVLY F'1"1T1'J f1f113:"-1 M' Wi:I1f11 Pfrffiw' To Mm' A111 fr N411 311112 .3f'1iQ?1 fi M19 1.217 1-iif' PJ111' 1lyg'J1Sf1 VT, ff? Fir' Y' ','."-is? if 1' ff : ,i.'1'.',:s--' " Ur . 1 Hlwfi ' '11 f 3 ' in :r 1 , 1 a4clminiJira tion MR. HOMER EATON A familiar face on Hamilton's campus is that of the Boys' Vice Principal, Mr. Homer Eaton. He is supervisor of the boys' activities and advises the boys on their problems. Mr. Eaton is one of the busiest men around school, but he always finds time for a cheerful greetlng and a friendly smile. MISS M ARGARETTA STEVENSON Miss Stevenson, Hamilton High's gracious Girls' Vice Principal, is supervisor of all girls' activi- ties on campus. She willingly offers sugges- tions and advice to girls, and is anxious to see that each girl is made to feel a part of Hamilton life. RICHARD H. NIDA Elysians are aware by this time that they are going out into a remarkable World-a world of fantastic contrasts. The overwhelming bigness of atomic power and the very selectivity of the minuscule elec- tric gadget are side by side. This is a new world of massive size and miniaturized elec- tronic controls. Man possesses far greater pow- ers than ever before. Peace for man holds great promise but Elysians will have to help lead mankind to an under- standing of how to harness these great forces for the world's best interests. This means sim- ply that we will all have to start by under- standing man first-right here at home. This is a challenge to each one of you! Elysians, you have made a fine start at Hamil- ton Hian School. Go further in the interests of all humanity and let your ideals be tem- pered the realities of a scientific '.-.rorld '.-riiicli can lighten mans burdens or could reduce mankind to a cave-like existence. Our best wishes and faith in your future lead- ership go '.'J1lllYOl,1f Sincerely yours, RICHARD H. NIDA Principal ' .1-,1 , ., ,N ., -, ,L f- : iff' . ' 1 1,1 -'M ' I . 4 'fx N xL'LL I ! f I 11 ', ' W 5 y Q K p 1' L IL kfxfw I . KKV11 1 I ,L ft' 1 Afnfvy J J ' - ,L X ' ,f1,i--ff-'W-'PCI' '- , 1-fx 1 , ., fx 1 M111 I V .XII ,f A 17 ,f F .I , Lkikw IIS. A! I MMU' A Q. 4 ' X 1 , , 1 ! W 7 1 A-1' K CJVVV gilt ,U 6, C 1 j 1 1 1.!"" JI-J 'Vx V 1. 116 r 1 e e ree o 1 v ua 70D P T1 a demo aff P eparml E115 ons to meet the respoh 1b1I 1f odd c s been th C1111 ot the aCu1ty They have aa ded 11s a omg the QH11 to a f e I att tudes ot mderstahd 'ra The apporec at1or1 o1 each Class member aces to e ac1,11t1, tor a vha us sound adv1ce and for Sharma many happy exper1 ences du 1 a e DF Left to ngh F1r t row J 1 Ioseph1 re s H JI1 s e e F e 1 K ree Chatterton Mrss Ma 1a 'ta Gott Mrss Margaret B1oon e Seco1 row 14' 11 Ger e 11' s Je -ch I s 1 e s e Ca '1 g s J s A fl e Mr Do Da 1e1s Thlrd row a111 1.1 e e He 1: Mrs I KeI1 M s Ewelv Water c1'1 V s essre me s o sao Lo s V1 ette ee Fourth row 1' H ,1 e M s Rsxth Stephe s Mrs A e Vo Poe ero e s ode 11' s Jje e e s s o1o I' rv P 6 enb ss av o 14 tv' I.1o1d Souaers M Romer' 11' Ca s a a r csec es 1 row 1 e o 11' G 4 5 ore e esto rs a or1e of CI 'J e o'd err'e J' es aio Mr F xh row I e rt 11' N' C1aude Durham M G 1 1' Vvebb 11' Ira 1N1r M I Q: e I . - ,y W., :Qld , w Q 4. ..- 1 ,here-1" Kjlkk -is C,Ye11YilT1 d 111 ',f-Ceg'1t f 11d idx 1C1t11 311 1 o11 er ,V r A Q 1' Q 1 v . .s' t1,-s of J '1 6311121113 ha. e ' f , 1 1 141 .1 1 1 r:11 1 r,eof:efu1 wor1d b 111'3tiI1 1 1 11 '1' . 1 ' ' ' 1 A 1' th for ' 1 ' ' ' 7 o rlha th Aast three 'years ' T-- ':. : Mrs Milaxed Fife: Mrs P':x1:ie fogart M1ss Ahh ffeft Ars 1 me I:me,. z, Mr, arr1eI Per1, 1.1s- Soledai Gartza, Miss I iii T1 drtzfuri 1:3 aff -H 1 rf r1. , '. r V QLLQSI Mrs Elzrfhe B ti1r.gtori Mrs Sylvia G':g.g"'i 13 : if Hiohcr' f rx 1? V' rtrude MafQ'1ee: Mr Fisk Stags Mi' PC'.L11f.G E'f1arT Mrs E'1rb':r'1 Po! Mrs ,fary IN111hr , Mr F1orerie rfsoi Mrs M r1"ref Hart- '.'-'e11 Mrs '.'.'1r.1frefi Hailey M157 Praie H'zyr1e1: Mri l311i'3e .YTVT , YK T1 1. ' ' : Mr P ' 'nk r Miss Hazef Eeebe Mrs Lgey Mofoy Mrs Marie Smith Mrs Ashe!! C' 1 .lfarrah 111, r ' 45 ' tri 1, 11r Gary Liptoi Mrs Lorie Moi1co'1.'1'z Mrs Pfaqxia Leitoh Mr I ' C1e rise: Mis Arm! H: ' H, Mrs 11 ri Mr Leoiard Greer Mr Merfe Sriifh : ,fs Hired fl' g rif, rr. ' Tl , ITT! Ti d - ye: Mrs Czrolyi Cliftof Mus ffeifze Pegzgs Mrs 1fa1:1y'a Rh ' s .r' E"',f11 S: Lo: Mrs Elznfhe P ' H11 Mr P.1yf:E 1,o'.f.'e Miss Zelrrfz .e'.'1fr Miss 12 ' era 31 1r1 Mr Ivof B1 A1 C .r Q ' ' , .r1 I 1. -rf' u 1 rf M I ' HV, Toi F'fth : .fr Wah r P rker 1? orsori Bruio Mr P1 TTT W 1 C, M . M rj Br vri, Mr Ham' Koebatrzx Mr Leroy Ped Mr Iiizes Ra 'iatz Mr Riehard M111 r Mr Har 1 B 1 r, 11r Iam T 11 r 1 Har- o1d oster Si 1 Iaek Bron-fi Mr K iief' .aC1.e'1h 1r , 1 .r r1a1 ' , .r 1 I ' 1r1, r Pz'11Kyh1m1:: Mr Gare Artie: Mr Czmeho ILI re1o . - ' ' ,, 1 Qzvx 'K STUDENT BODY CABINET C,.'orf.r,:.sed if tnt- :nan ',,' hard '.-,' crktit. 1 do fflITi"tC,l fird elwted Student ltodx' Qffi- 'wrs tiff Stixdizt lilody Cfibiriv-t's 6-ffir-tent '.-fork t'T"T'Vf1llSTIITOUCIHOIJI thcesrrhool HYIIYI' ,lton has 'if'.'."i 'A.f s been able to bofist of its fine df-niocratic school L,IOVf1TItIItfEYtl, :ind the Student Body Cabinet this se' mester has indeed carried on this trddif tion Bottom row-L.-R.: T Sarders ll 'ffiifci P SW: A Brown S Zerifiell, l, Snyder, H Katz Midd'e row: Ii Hoffierg l Davis L ffewfz S Yafro' 3 Topps S Rozzfzine lJ Sprztzer T15 Gfrif-'. Top row: H Hersfh, M, Safran, I Viner F Mur- ::f:', l Kchf-ri M Fr1e'ilan'i B ffet-Jirfn l l'i"'lfff.'1fI STUDENT COURT Alhtough the Student Court is not often publicized, its duties are many. The Court is responsible for checking all club con- stitutions, and for trying, in an informal manner, all cases in law and equity at Hamilton. lt has done a fine job in elimif nating many of l'lamilton's campus probf lems. Bottom row-L.-R.: C Rudow, D, Wilson, B Sobel, L Iacobs, L Diamant Top row: C Curwnirigharrz P Tcorvafd GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET The activities of Hamilton's Girls' League are efficiently planned and carried out by the Girls' League Cabinet. Girls' Week, the Easter Welfare Project, Campus Cruise, and the Honor Assembly were some of the successful League activities enjoyed this semester. All of these events were planned so that every girl at Hamilton might realize her importance in the Girls' League. Bottom row-L.-R.: T. Sanders, S Frze irzar. Mid- dle row: C Rudow, K White, B Swrrier Top row: K LeFf.-Ta l lffaybloorr. lffrrz Smith BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET l-1'1f",' DCIS? 'J .":'iQr'-f I.'I'ff- 1 't.i1T.'.' af ii' 'K Y- f Sf, ,Myres BNF Y .H in wa Liwf, sci ,, 01 ,, ner: ...,,,L,g . ,i , L ,nd .,,,i,,s .. ' 1 ,fi-gg Lf- sf. tie Lamp is C7413 ,,,,g . ,Y WLS. Men,--YQ 5-,Q , nfmn Bottom row-L,-R.: f.ff . wtf-r H if V: L fi'-' "-'Toprowzll L C' i Uv I sv I I im QW-1 ff from if mud A.. V L 'W QW I .L ,J QQ ff X M5-17 ,Z ggi SENIOR SPONSORS The entire Elysian Class has gained much from the ' instruction and advice which the Senior Sponsors have given us. They have led us through difficult situations and have prepared us for the future. With- out their assistance and support, none of our activi- ties would have been as successful as they were. We will always be grateful for the guidance which they have given us. Bottom row-I.. to R.: Mrs. Marie Yerkes, Miss Harriet Perl. Mrs. Gertrude MacQueen, Mrs. Marjorie Brown, Mrs. Alice Andre, Mrs Sylvia Gaustad, Mr. Harold Foster. Top row: Mr. Garo Armen, Mr, Walter Parker, Mr. Paul Linker, Mr Leonard Green, Mr. Hector Davis, Mr, Kenneth MacLean Mr. Merle Smith, Mr. Ioseph Weston M jv if . 'lv tl' N ye" and H ee" Cfabinef if ., fgxktf X63 AL AJ, if JNENL , ,vwxbj ,I NJ fad Y-J Xie? 'NR gf ' X . X 131 N ' x t ft V P tr " K' Jill szmon 'AYE' CABINET . NJ ,D-' A ong' the many activities in the Elysian's success- SY Jul Senior 'Aye' semester, which we will never for- Qget, are our terrific Senior Tea, Vespers, and our , X, .gf final appearance before the student body at the Recognition Assembly. Every Elysian will long re- member these events, as they were rnade possible by our cabinet's many hours of hard work, and also by Mr. Ioseph Weston, the best Senior 'Aye' spon- sor we could ask for, who kept us on the right road towards graduation. Bottom row-I.. to R.: C. Sacks, I. Marks, Mr. Bernstein Sec- ond row: D. Ratner, Mr loseph Weston D Spivek SENIOR BEE CABINET Q 4 off with a bang, for we chose our class name, colors, ff I ' NX When our Senior 'Bee' semester began, we started ,ff at . emblem, and song. We gave the senior 'ayes' one the Senior 'Aye' and 'Bee' Basketball game. To Mrs. Blanche Bettington, the best Senior 'Bee' 'law- yer,' every Elysian would like to say Thank you,' for all your support and valuable time in helping us to have such a happy and succesful terrn. f Bottom row-L. to R.: Mrs Blanche Bettington, fl. ileurnanr. A ,X ' K Second row: C Griswold D Wilscr. M Safran H Hersh I., KX I U 5 10 of the best prorns ever held at Hamilton, and won f K xx X Q its glyuan ,fvlwlorg nterlng l-lamtlton as B10 s we started oft wxth a bang by havrng a dance ID the aym to the musrc ot the Swmg Band 250 Mothers and Daughters aathered lor the Fa1son s Mother and Daughter Tea rn the Cafeterla tvma rt up ln the A10 we nad another dance and a very successful talent show whlch brouaht the class closer toaet e We closed the semestte mth a plcmc held at Rancho Pa lc o ll al emembe me wonderful breakfast we had e ente ed the B11 no ln our class Splfll we had a terr1f1c talent sho I that ratsed S45 00 to ou t easury ndustr1ous Elysrans planned the greatest prom ever held at l-lamrlton for the Futuwans W '37 w1tt Grec1an style that took us back to the tune of Apollo and Atnena s we entered the B12 we chose our colors song emblem and became known as the Elysrans S 7 othlng can compare wrth our fabulous sweater rnght held at Dlsneyland The waves of blue and lass poll was announced on the lront lawn where the deservtng Elys1ans rece1ved scrolls and gold wreaths astmg memorles mclude our many class act1v1t1es durlng our Semor Aye semester Our Skatmg party at the Rollerdrome our d1nner at Knotts Berry Farm and our beach party at Playa del Rey made us proud to be members of the Elyslan Class t the xnspxrmg Vesper Servxce held the Sunday before graduatxon every Elyslan felt a wave of sad ness about leavmg Harmlton Th1s was closely followed by the Recogrntxon Assemly where worthy class members recewed mementos oi the1r h1gh school years en1or Tea was enyoyed by all as the class member gathered wxth the1r guests ln the cafetena o our three years end They are termmated Wllh our beauhful graduatton and our fabulous Grad Nlght held at the Chase Hotel yuan ang v-,gel-ll? "" 3 Jusv LIKE A amacun cones :mums oven Au. ms IS 'rue cuss we A 'menu was us mswn smsuevw n muuuav Arouos uowv we .JJ um sugrnss AND av: 'MM un Lmvn nu. les an E Ano mms ova. comms vs A 51101 or 'nee rur me THATS Msn A1-vuovw wi Lk DE MMU' 51" lb 9-0 GLEAHIK an vue, Sum we Axe ELYSIANS 1 NME cm suv E UG WILL Pkoumd NUM el l.t.u,.vlJfl 1.1 A101 LYSIANS' so-amen. Pufrv stvsw, Hers we eanr' may NULMRNN L. . W , . 'V . y A ' . v Y u'. 1 r vr 1 A A as w r . A M Sl g ,. A ', " 1 ' . r r r ' A 1 , , , r , '5 . N 1 1 1 1 1 white could compare with the Waves ot the never ending sea, A I I . . .. ' . . I -. . - s y , 1 1 1 1 -A A . ' el J 1,1 1 - ' 1 1 . A 1' 1 I I 1 1 G 1 1 W- l ' . l 1 ' Ln. .fei there be fence ABRAMS, RITA S.P.T.A, Ienelles, Ir Philhar- monic Social service, photography ABSTON, CAROL DENISE Chatalaines, Aeolian Cl se- mesterj College, success and hap- piness, health AGAR, EMILY Senior Tea Com., Pep Club, Future Teachers Health and happiness, U.C L.A. ALCOULOUMRE, VICTORIA SB. Cabinet, All Class Pres First Ladies Moe and happy marriage, elementary school teaching, progressive jazz ALTERMAN, LARRY Girls, cars, L.AC.C AMIRA, VIC Class. council, House of Rep. Normans Girls, success ANDERSON, IAMES R Boys' State, Nevians, Tennis Team Church, education, happi- ness APT, RICHARD KURMAN Boys League Cl semesterl, Ambassadors U, of Calif. at Davis, suc- cess, veterinary medicine ARKIN, ELAINE Ushers Club, Rondelles Piano, college, successful fu- ture ASTLE, RONALD A Cappella Choir Music, new car, girls BAGGIN, MARILYN Artisians, Ir Red Cross, Civil Defense Legal secretary, music, mar- riage BARAZ, ALLAN Yorrrzans, Boys League Rep Aeolia: Choir Engineering, successful life math BARRAD, EVELYII Cafeteria worker Prorr. Corgi Hank Seligsohi sv 'frniig college RAUM HELEN House of Rep Election Corxrr, Class council Health happy and success:- fcil future ABRAMS, STANLEY Sealbearers, Varsity Swim team, Civil Defense C4 se- mestersl Swimming, engineering, UC. LA. ADAMS, LINDA Tondalays Vice Pres., House of Rep., Class council Travel, Tommy, happy future ALBERT, SUSAN CAROL Drill Team, ,Girls League House of Rep. Health, success in life, hap- piness ALLEN, WADE House of Rep., A Cappella Choir, Football Cars, college, future AMATO, IAMES VINCENT Senior Orchestra, Ir. Philhar- monic College, violin, classical mu- SIC ANDELIN, LONA KATHLEEN A Cappella Choir, Aeolian, Marching Band Music, sports ,success in the future ANTONOFF, CYMA Girls Glee Health and wealth, happi- ness, ifHim" ARATIN, HARRIET School Spirit, Financial Rep., House of Rep. A happy marriage, Henry, health and success ARENSON, RONNIE Band schol, Dance Band Girls, travel, science AUDE, PAT A Cappella Choir I2 semes- tersl Reaching the one supreme goal ,travel, happiness and love of life BAKER, SANDY BIO Class Treasurer, House of Rep, Artisians Sgt at Arms and Treas. Porky," a healthy and hap- py life BARNETT, FRANK A Cappella Choir, drama Lynn a life of happiness and success college BASS, LORETTA Tr. Cs Corr Sec Gir.s League Plant Comm College happy and success- ful life BAYS ROTIIIIE Football :motorcycles Bar- bara BEAN, DAVE Gym team track Cookie, printtria attlrig-'iarzff :ng RERLFEHJ GARRY Gloria happy future BERTISTEZTI l.lURlEL Gtrls League K2 semesters' Prozr. lxvttation Comm Ves- pers Co::.::. 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Eletttorg Comm , Sock YL Rus- lczi Tea Comm. UC L A '1 happy Zutpgre A BlORKl A lA A G A A College p ple 't BOP EDWARD L6 e tub sen Le J College spo r BO HELL LOR A Vespers Cor m Cut lfo Ames 1 h est to Colleac BRODER ALAN Rtlle Team Emergency Drllls Comm Dtsaster Comm Gtrls Hypnousm boatt a BROTHERTON RICHARD K A Cappella Chotr Vespers Comm MUSIC church BROWN ARVIN Pres V e re Bll Class Pres Arvtowrt USA people Col lege BROWN FRED Sage Crew Audto V1 ual ars a h1 er BROWNSTEIN HANK Bee Basketball Cee Baske b T po ts oael a 1 BULGATZ MARVI G Bovs League Ba ke DG D ttst V USC photoa PHY BURGESS KAY Ct e es O S GCE' BYROCK SA DRA Y E c s o ese ec e hart P fel at 6egm wall: ua I3 ' C1 J .fl D II K Terms tear. H--me lit my-W - A-ts f W., Ms .f.a.,.o . .,..-.9 spa . r' eg A Cys: UM, S'.1f'f9S5f',1l life Lt. ., .. ,. , , L ' Att rrrzeh C" Varsity' Ba' ' all Boys af! ,LC rts 2 avel . .I , N NN , ll . , N .. X . - . 5 H .W Q At I YT C ' Chu? W : rr nt C' K- :rt r ' 1 .. I . A, , . , , . I ' U - ' n ., I ln, , S.B. , SB. ic P s, , .- 1 ,. N I . ,S . , 1 ' , C , C 'H y fr' X .t ' ' 1: ., . , A I S, I . ,, , 1- . ' all, ennis . , , ' C . S r m ' m kig in s .v ,- .. , .A t. , . .. t ru is , ' ' 5 t' ll ' en " r , , . ra- cc rw ' . , co - ' Y Ca- 's l if Pr s arf C, Ca er tt rchestra Prcrf. Sr Servit- Society, E H .l Corxzr. ar' Suftessiul Career :Harm 4 x , Hurst: , ' 'r., s :xy friends ,m , , . C .1 A. .-.1 Varszty Football Boys flevrzxs Gr urii C League Letterrnexs Cla' Gzrls League f3 sem Z rs' Tj -gg A Certain sort. : 'j ',' Sktzxg Cars':ge peaseiul worl: i K O 0 O eace requzred un emtan mg CAI-Iii. BEVERLY College. rny family Ronnie CAMPBELL, KEITH W. Boys Medical Aids Sports cars, hunting, happy future CARLSON, MICHAEL M. Happiness, adventure, avia- tion CASS MONA LEE Tri C's. lr. Red Cross, Elec- tion Comm. U.C.L.A, men, a happy fu- ture CHALK, CAROLYN IO ANN A Cappella Choir, Elysian Class Council, Sr. Recogni- tion Comm. Music, church, college CHARYN, ROCHELLE lenelles, French Club, Drama A happy marriage, children, world peace CHERN, T-IIKKI Ca-Ho's Pres., Stardustf Vespers Comm. Roger Sock nl Buskin, the theater COHEI-I, ROBERT H. Accounting, music, happy and successful future COLBERT GLORIA Vespers Comm. World peace, happy and successful future, Neil COLTOII EUGENE I L.ACC electronics 1 suc- 'tessiul future CUOMLER WILLIAM D Radio Club Electronics Club Oczrxera Guild 'Jars girls happy and suc- 'essful lite QOOPER MARCIA Girls League Class council House cf Rep Lfik- future health ,ML ,., ' 1 OCOPERTJAY GARY Oar: ' ' ccci future OORI ROCHELLE Prczzg Qecoraiiori Ccrnzzl S ll O O' marriage, nappi- 1953 CAMERON, MELISSA Torzdalayes Cabinet, A Car- pella Sec, Aeolian Choir A certain someone, happy rnarriage CAIITOR, LARAINE Tondalayes, Girls League lr Red Cross Mike college, marriage CARRINGTON, IOSEPH E. Chris " money, good future CHALFIN, LARRY Saracens Bee Basketball Collecting popular records, basketball college CHANDLER, DAVID Anytown US.A., Toastmas- ters, Erench Club UCLA medicine, hi-fi CHERMAN, NANCY RUTH AIU V. P. House of Rep.. Prom Comm. Chairman Music, college, happy and successful future COHEN CHARLES A Saraceris, Camera Guild Nevians Sports, travel, engineering COHN, SEYMOUR IV. and Variety Basketball, Boys League Sports printing. successful life COLLETT KEN lokers Success in future college Edwina COMES, HELET-I College, piano happy arfi successful future COOPER HARVEY Boys League Bee Football Sports girl: COOPER SYLVIA ESTHER Ariisicis Bll Class Council Happy and successful life, :..,..,G ' wcrla peace "fWf7'C'1K"Y'r DOCKTTK' V .fi .u...r..-.. .I ,O:xL.iL. SB Publicity Class Publici- tv Schccl Spzrgt Art hcppywand successful future wcr.: az peace arf: 1.,.,,,uu.v, coR2:i.f.:.f: cA.RoL urzigs. Glass ccuzfril House ct Rep Girls Le g . Z, .An The luture :arh ir, people -..MG CHEATH, KATHY Tonclalayes Pres Civi-:ie- Aides Pres , G A A Historian Legal sefretary happy ara peaceful worla CHEECH, CHERYL LIYIDA A Cappella Choir Prorzi Dei- eratiozz Cornrn Prcrr. Clear,- zgp Corr.::. Hapjrtrzess "ef ' CUTLEH SHELLY DA . ct awarer.-1 IEAVEQ MICHAEL. l3o'.'s League Hcage :Z k.,.,--CQSMU .. Law happy ture iollege etiutatior. DAVIS IOAIQ SB Cabinet First Laay Hrs- torian Chataiaines Pres U S C happy ana suoaesst' marriage .... ..-su .. .ai DAY IAYINIE Aeolian Choir Sr Tea Cornrrt A ferrair. 5fCff.i'Cf.r3 happy life IDEAYQ PAT Girls League Dave, getting to know peo- ple church DELLE ALEX Cars, girls DENTIY LYNNE Larry marriage happiness DESMOND, IUDITH House ot Rep lazz a certain someone, happy and suscesstul future DIAMOIJD AHLYFI Tondalayes A FSIS Seal- bearer Seience university sports Cars IIYITZER DANNY Elettzors House :Z Hep SPTA La:-.' coca tu 'ra Germ ILOITIEH BARBARA Girls Glee Thrift Hep Legal secretary' Monte rzaae ana suofessful fat DREBII LITIDA lEAfI Ca-Has Corr Ser Sock r, Euskpr. Treas ffeviar. Cab- lf.Cf vvf-' A . 'i . '.. CREBEH IAMES T Varsity Football He.:ff 7 Rep Class Coaxial Arshiteiture warm r GRIPE MAHYAIIIE Caterettes Girls Leaai 'fespers Coznrr. Happy ara suiaef gl ' i pea:e"" s AHA MIKE FGEEFT fetierrzieis Club Pres f 'Qty' Easketball Capt - '1",' Farfekall :fha :Tease .r E 1 IS EARTGTI :wee Football Tratk f: ' Q' Tiers Hone'-J azrlf DAWSOII Allfl Classboclc foorazzatcr Gzrls League Tea Detcratior, Cornrri U S C advertising worla peace DEAN, MARTITI Prom Entertainrrient Erenih Club Pres UCLA, aoting TY' 'i cf'- tior. VE LA MARE PEVERLY Conutais Pres. and Sec, Girls League Cabinet lie- vians UCLA happiness friends DE LONG, DIANE Caterettes Pres and Sec Vespers Coram Girls League Cabinet Peaceful world, success and happiness in the future, my friends DES BAILLETS, GREG Hunting, fishing skin aiving as YouNG Bos Printing girls :money DICKINSOX KATHY Girls Glee Vesperf Cerzr Drama Writing travel QCTIAHUE PATRICIA llfrll Stardust G A A S I Spirit Ccr:.::. Modeling happy - Tessful future DUBAI Allll Elysiar. Class Ciarfy C154- 'azs Freifh Gigi Happzxess 'ust h DRCTMAII GEEK 'jxls League Stnocl : fr e Art Lfoaerr. aarfpia Q.m...,s wwf-- ..A IQ.: V DRUECKER ROBERT A ROTC, Choir, Civil De- tense Air Force, police, girls DUFCYI SHARON DIANE Aeolian C6 sernestersl A Certain someone, happy and successful marriage EATON, THEROFI Auto Shop Air Force, test pilot, cars EFRON MARY House of Rep, I3 semestersb, Nevians, Girls League Berkeley, my friends, books ENTIS, STAN Happy, successful iuture cars, college EPSTEIN, GEORGE Camera Guild Accounting, business cess, happiness SUC- ERVING, SHARON ANN A Cappella Choir, School Spirit, Ir. Red Cross Music, boys, travel EVANS, MICHAEL Iokers Sec., Football C2 se- mestersl, Stage crew Industrial engineering, out- boarding, Hallie FAABORG, RANDALL Track, Art Money, ears girs FEICHTMEIR, ANNE E Tondalayes, Girls League Civi-ae-Aides Swirnznirzg colleae, happy ara .auciesstul TJTIJTC FELDIAAII IAARTY Iriperials Revs 'Thr "fer -ofa v.A- Wea.- aixator Senior Sponsor Sxicezs ' U S C araaua.. FENSTER ALAN "o"v"'w Bow' I4:2"'5",: bln-' ..--iam., oss ,A u- ,,...,., .,,,,,v CO, '.'fr1t1:g nutlear physitzs ., a healthy' 111 'flea .i f f-rr erie' f FINE l.'JRRAIfIE 'ULITH Q,i,,,u,,- q,,,,i ..:,,v, T: .,,..u-. ,,y..... , Hall Tiara T- ,, ,Jun vw. DUFFY, SHANNON T House of Rep C3 sem.D, Ne- vians, Homecoming Court Russ, happiness, college DUNNER, IUDY Zanderettes Treas, Sr Tea Comm., Faisons College, my friends, happy and successful future ECKSTEIN, FRED S Nevians University, accounting, good music EISNER, BARRY BRIAN Boys League, House of Rep, Saracens College, dentistry, happy fu- ture EPSTEIN, ELAINE Sr, Tea Comm. Successful future EPSTEIN, HARRY Friends, health and happi- ness, successful future ESAIIAN, RICHARD N. Football, Stage Crew Cars, football, flying EZRALOW, BERNUSS A happy future, marriage, a ertain someone FAUSIIAUGHT, ROGER Cars, money, girls FELD, ELAIIIE SUSAII Girls League Prom Decorae iiorm Comm, Sr Tea Comm Fred, successful marriage health and happiness in the TLTLTG FELDTIER ROSALIE IREIIE Girls League, Thrift Rep Ezll Forcazie health and happi- r.e.s.z dental assistant FILDERIZAN ROBERT T Cars fooa parties FYTIE ROBERT S Szeer, K+-3' ' Eff. 'rr i Se" 'I' Raqelzail Tr':'.'ul rf 1 FILEQFERCZ iff FERT if gg., fy, f,.,r,, ,,,,, TNI, M Flflfl 'v'.'lLl.lAl.f A Tr'1:'k Football Pwr. :iollene ihigrqi. FOGEL PAUL Ekrfrczizts Cl'..L '2.:ir.1tg C RS 11, eifzi' 1 A17 fI.1f1cr.:Q T FTRCAI EI '.'lILl.lAl.f Chix fcqrfxl Fritz, Llflfif 11:3 Ccrziizi Thrift Rep Ccllege 91.1-:ess z vertxir :TCILCOEE FOX SHEILA IUDITH fejerclist Ce-ejitcr -axes Tciccizi-'es prexy :Iv G, fv fvfvveev ,iv u....1x. LL.. . Firri h,pp, ififzrrzcge wcrld ',:1tv and pezee FRAZEE LOGATI ZC..,,-.R Speficl eiiects ski: FREEMAFI, STUART All Vice Pres Class Couri- :1l Sehocl Sp1r1! Feeple career rf l'RlEl,b RRETQLA ZfZT.'l0YOffOii Tu.-11: , :tie PW-g Pier' Prcrzi lr2v1tc1icr. Comix. R12 Hcll Grlfxrfi people Zuture hzppiries, v.'1th Arch UCLA FRlElJMAl-I SUSAII G1Tlr3 League V136 Pres Cid ,, . Servlfe Club L,:cr21riofor L-l!'f'l Lcales Tcidclcyes P793 Kxowleagc- hrippzriess rel: Jicizr tclerurigie GARRETT GEORGE Lf Teiiis tezrri Ushers Friar, 'i':f Rep Sgcrts lcv: Arrziy Reserve '3EfITlLlfll VERI-JE ffizhirc :mls iifzrf SERSHOTI LAWRETQCE E Frerich Clqh Pres Golf lfemfirie UCLA tins" -FSEQTZ CHARLES L ff-:.1,iricr,f Tiff' gxlf QACC ISFURG HCRFERT "f:e7r. .'c..r.,:f Lilith: ..,W.AV bw, .. ....v-, in, ...L . .. ,A FLElSHMATl LYTCII House of Rep lr Rei Cfc--v Ueher l!lj:f',i1'1rf- heclfh l1f1p'gir.f--, ?OL'v'.'EQ,l. HELETC RERfIlCF CZ? flfil GCWT. CCHS, lr Rc-I CTCFI' R1-if-Tiliff My hii:'L':' i l:"ff ' 315. fi Lzrf FQRTJ.-lfl FAfI'1'.5 Z'zf,'iercite: , Cciriiri Pizhli :ity Citi: LACC :xiii til iff vrirq '1 FX. FRAVEL Ill-f CCfT.ff',Cf.l'C'II.6f.f Cizziiz Pier: fefcrctiig i::r.r', Arfhzteefure .,-.,. cv-vvfe i,,C4..w3 ?'REEl.fAfI GARY Pn,.,,.,ph, LU, 1 ., .WG qevpg. FRESHMATI, ZELDA Clcssbcck Stcfi Fircriirz Rep G1rls League My Fuendf happy' gpifessfpxl fgfgre Tri.-si. FRIETLLTATI PAR?-ARA Trl Cf' Hoixfe ff Rep 2 , rriestersl A F S l S Ccrxrz Cl1ClTfHGn A Suuiesslul Grd happy Zu ture UCLA peczeiul vrorl GARFITIKLE, DAVID R Sfhccl Spmt Fixcrimcl Rep Prczzi Deforcfici Cozriir. Rhysijs zimlfherxcztiift l'l1'1llC eduictloh SELLER SHELIQOI Clcssbcok phdcgrzgher Stetk market exgiieerira photcgrcxphy GERSHMAT-I Sl-LARTIA E Dcrifirzg 1r. sihecl percriz cites Sr Tec Cctizz, Pcul SLlf1'QSSfL.l and Ffzgp life SMCC SETZ ARLEETI Tcidzlsiges Still tecif. girl League Peaceful wcrlc happy cr, suite-seful future loci: C 'QILTIER HELAHIE LOUlSE lr Re: Crew Girls Leicgc Eletticns Health CI hippy rri'1rri"ZfA sufiessful :rd irmtfxl 3l'.'EffTER l.fARIL'1'fI A .. A ,zrirf-5 szers ,,'1:i:::x He':Q':'.' iff: ,, .. . :CII i, ::.c:rri'::e -A R HH P -.L.f.f1 ,,T,-I-:.:w L- ,., -Q-- .---Y-..v. fi, Li-ffl. ' 1. , ' '.'EffEfQ f"-,. , hfvlr Y 1 .HCC ,.,1, ..H...... ......",.. ,.T,i.'ZCfrf L"TIf GLESSER, MARILYN SANDRA Ca-Ho's Corr. Sec., S.P.T.A. Vice Pres. Senior Service So- siety U.C.L.A., teacher ,successful and happy marriage GOLDENBERG, STEVE A Cappella Choir, House of Rep., Prom Comm. Phyllis, cars, a happy and successful future GOLDMAN, LEE Baseball, Basketball U.C.L.A., coaching, music GOLDMAN, STEVE Swing Band, Football U,C.L,A., coaching, music GOLDSTEIN, MARTIN NEIL Boys League College, happy and success- ful future, architecture GORDON, MICHAEL A. Key Pres., Boys Sec., Normans Green League U.C.L.A., accounting, success GORDON, PATRICIA ANNE Election Comm., School Spir- it, Publicity Comm. College, happy and success- ful future, peaceful world GRAY, SHELDON Bee and Cee Basketball, House of Rep. Success in life, cars, profes- sional golfing GREENBERG, PATTI M. House of Rep., Prom Decora- tion Comm., Elysian Cheer- leader Horses, college, success and good health for the future GRIMALDI, ELISSA Girls Glee C4 semestersl, of- fice work Music, travel, money GRITZ, ELAINE BARBARA Artisians Pres, Vespers Comm., Prom Invitation and Clean-up Comms. College, happy and success- ful life, peaceful world GROSSMAII, LETTY ANN My new car, bowling league, happy and successful future HALLETT, BETTIE MARIE Ccnutais Pres. and Vice Pres , Drill. Tearn, Girls League Cabinet College- marriage, happi- ness ar.: nealfh I-IAIIELING, EEATRICE A Cappella Choir, Girls lfeagufl, Chatulaixes College, international rela- tzcr.: l'::tir.g marriage GLICKSTEIN, ADRIENE ILENE Prom Decoraiton Comm., Commencement Comm., len- elles Hale Palley, college, eternal love GOLDEARB, LARRY Boys League Future, friends, peace GOLDMAN, PAULINE Happiness, success, the fu- ture GOLDSTEIN, HAROLD Sr. Tea Comm., Band My friends, College, suc- cessful future GOOD, ENID Zanderettes, Talent Bureau, A Cappella Choir Love, happiness and a suc- cessful future GORDON, MICHAEL M. Bee Basketball, Financial Rep. K2 semestersl, Boys League Sports, S.M.C.C. GRAHAM, LINDA LEE Conutais, Business Club, Ne- vians Work, future, friends GREEN, SANDRA A Cappella accompanist, Nevians, Ir. Philharmonic Marriage, successful future, health and happiness GREENSPAN GERALD Basketball, Class Council, Prom Decoration Comm, College, happy and success- ful life, Normans GRISWOLD, CAROL ANNE Elysian Treas., A Cappella Choir, Tondalayes Pres. College, successful life GROSBERG, MORRIS Gymnastics World travel, LA.C.C., the theater HALL, IAMES Gym team, Swirn team Cars, girls, college HAMICK, WEEIDELL House or Rep., A Cappella Choir Forestry, girls, Cars HANIIAII, KATHLEEN Sr, Scfrvzce Soczety, Tcriia layes Vice Pres. and Sec, A Cappefla Choir I5 sexe: ters, Chuih p-3':"c-ful world, rr.:- HARMAN, KENNETH M. lmperials Comrnencernent, Girls, happiness, future Comm, HARRIS, SHELLY Library and Cafeteria Work- CI' Engineer, success, happy life HAZELWOOD, SAMMY Health, wealth happiness HELLER, RONALD Varsity Football, Varsity Track Love, adventure, sports HELMER, EDWARD Boys League Vice Pres., Ne- vians K3 semestersj, Bee Football U.C.L.A., science and medi- cine, successful future HERSH, HOWARD DOUGLAS SB. Cabinet, Green Key Club, Elysian Vice Pres. Education, happiness, suc- cess HESS, ALVIN Calif. All Youth Symphony Orch. My Plymouth, boats, drag racing HOFFBERG, ESTHER First Ladies Sec. Sec. of As- semblies, SB. Cabinet, Sr. Service Society Psychology, modern jazz, peaceful world HOFFMAN, RICHARD CLARK House of Rep., Track team, Thrift Rep. Successful future, money, all my hobbies HOLZBERG, SHEILA CAROL Long, happy, successful fu- ture, my family, lon ISRAEL, HAROLD Aeronautics, knowledge, food JACOBS, ROBERT A. Bee Football, Grounds Comm., Ir. Philharmonic Becoming a success in life. good music, health, wealth and happiness IAFFE, SUSAN CAROL Health, happiness, world peace IASOII, CAROL Travions, House of Rep Girls League 1 Health, wealth happiness HARRIS, LARRY School plays, club, Class council Dancing, sports ,music HARTSTEIII, GARY BRENT Sr. Orchestra Sports, college, future HELDMAFI, EVELYN Conutais, Ir. Philharmonic, Girls League Music, architecture, tennis HELMAN, BARRY lAY Boys League, House of Rep. My friends, cars, successful future HENDLER, IACK ALAN Hall Guard Capt, Normans, Football Future, happy and success- ful lite, peace on earth HERSHMAN, ROBERTA HOCKING, EDWARD Gym Team Aircraft mechanic, cars, per- sonalities HOFFMAN, EDWARD L. U.C.L A., future HOLMSTROM, GRALYN A. Elysian Cheerleader, Chata- laines, House of Rep. College, art, skating INNES, MARILYN Sr. Tea Comm., Tondalayes Sec. Happiness always, Ierry IZEN, DAVID Boys League Girls, sports, animals IACOBY, MARCIA Aeolian Choir Marriage happiness and success, Garry IARVIS, DORIAN LINDA Pan American Club, Ne- vians, Toastmasters Life in Spain or Iapan, an exciting lite, helping others IOERS, BETTY LEE Faisons, Girls Glee, Aeolian Choir Work, marriage, happy fu- iznfe ,ffffzc-'Q me ,Wa pdl 5421 fffdffi f'fff'55?7 4 r ,cl ,eww OYZZMM A 744,14 yea Q jfgyiflzdfgfgaq 'fifdffjffdq A ,444dr'2'f f QZ4046 ,W 'W0 X X, g 3h'W K, ,' c eace requzrea co operalwn IOHIJSOYI CLARA IO Sr Service Society, GAA cashier, school cafe UC L A, mathematics, sports IOHICSOYI RICHARD E House of Rep, Boys League Normans College Air Force, success and happiness IOHI-ISTON, BOB Varsity Basketball, Boys League, lay Vee Baseball Racing cars, girls, motorcy- cles IORGENSEN, EDDIE Sr. Orchestra Aviation, architecture IOSEPHSON, NORMAN L. Radio Club Pres., Co-man- aging Editor of Fed., Sports announcer Ham radio, non-conformism, science and math KALIN, MARIAN MOLLYE Ca-Ho's Vice Pres., Girls League I2 semestersl, Elec- tion Comm. I5 semestersl Lou, happy marriage, music KAMIN, STAN Boys League, House of Rep, Lettermen's Club Football, full and successful lite KAPLAN, ERNIE Boys League, House of Rep, Audio Visual Sports, girls, happy future KAPLAN, IOYCE Aeolian Choir Modeling career, marriage, happiness KAPLAIJ, PETER DAVID Health success ancl a hap- py life sports KARASIK LOIS MARCIA A Cappella Choir, Talent Bu- reau, Sr Tea Comm Show business, singing and dancing travel KATZ ARLENE MARCIA Classbcok Acl Editor, Prorn LQECCYTZTQCTT Cornm BIZ Hall Pebble places, progress KATZ LITIDA SPT A School Spirit Thrift Rep Freddy happy :nar- r1aae children KAUFMATI, BARBARA Election Cornrn, Sr Tea Gcrgrn Ir Philharmonic fi ' , ' College, happy ana success- :ul future piano IOHIISOII GWEIJ Drill 'ff-arri Caterettes Ely- sian Class Council Skiing, The Four Steps, air- line hostess IOHIISON, SANDRA I Elysian Cheerleader, Chata- laines Vice Pres and Treas Girls League Traveling, Frank IONKE, GARY IOHN Rain-Beaux, A Cappella Choir, Talent Bureau Public relations, UCLA, entertainment lsingingl George Anna IOSEPHSON, ELAINE Ca-Ho's, Civi-de-Aides, Ves- pers Commr Love, a happy successful life a job KADLEC, SALLY Tondalayes, G.A,A. Bobby, Air Force wife, chil- dren and happiness KALUSKY, ROSLYN Successful future, happy marriage, travel KANE, SUSAN Sr. Tea Comm, Election Comm, A happy and successful fu- ture, college, a certain guy KAPLAN, EUNICE Zanderettes C5 semestersl, Girls League C2 semestersl B12 Hall Guard Rick, happy and successful life children KAPLAN, LORETTA IEANNE Aeolian Choir, Sr. Tea Comm. Happy and successful future a certain someone KAPLOWITZ, BERNARD Imperials Girls cars, health, wealth, and happiness KASS MARTIN STANLEY Normans House of Rep., SPTA Girls college, success in life KATZ, HARVEY Boys League Pres Boys League Under Sec lrnpe- rials Pres Stanford, engineering indi- vidualism and a purpose in we KAUFMAN ARLEIIE KAUFMAN PHYLLIS Ir Philharmonics First Vice Pres Future Teachers Ca- Ho's Teaching happy and suc- cessful future, Karl KAY STANLEY Boys League Projeitiori Crew, Prort. Tlecorafiori Collllll Girls 'ars .ff -f'll f'.1t1:re KING, IEFF Claxs cc'.ir.1'Ll Hfigsf cf Rep. Boys league Frif'-rid? hfilfh wc 'rlth LIC. LA KIRNER IIAIQCT Faisons Cariics Sr Tea Corrirtx A certair. someone happy and successful marriage KLEIN, FREDDIE Tri Cs Pres, Sr. Service Sc- ciety, Seglbearer College marriage KOGUS DAVE Boys League Basketball House of Rep: College girls :..:'fe s KOREY, MICHAEL F Toastmasters Verge: Cornrri Health, happiness fl si ressful future KOZLENKO PAUL ERIC Boys League Drama Fcot- ball learn A Skin diving sports cars tn girls that got away KRAVITZ RICHARE Prom Decoration Comix Saxons Sec Girls Navy athletics KRITZER, ESTHER MALA S Sr. Tea Comm., Ir. Red Cross, Prom Decoration Comm. Dental assistant, travel, a happy and successful futur KRUTAK, RONALD PATRICK Recognition Comm Art success KUCHTA, DUANE VLADIE Election Comm Commercial art new cars LACKMAN, VICKY CasHo's Corr. Sec, Publicii Comm., Election Comm. 9 .I Commercial artist singing college LAMBERT, BARBARA LEE Girls League Vice Pres First Ladies Pres, Anytown U.S.A. People college, universal peace LAIQDFIELD IOE House of Rep Boys League Bee Football team LACC UCLA Iudo KEGEL, LARRY Sales Marlow workin: 7 'ars 'iargcirza KITIGSLEY GEORGE Varsity Terinis LFirsf .rom blesf Toastmasters SPT A Sufsesm in life girls law KLEIN ALEX fforrzians Mechanics science KLEINMAN, IACKIE School Spirit My husband a happy riage children KOHLEN, IUDY GAIL SB Cabinet, Sr Service Sc- :iety Alexians People places progress KOSSIN, SANDRA H. A new car. bowling, a hay- py and successful future KRAKOVER, ROBERT MARTIN Varsity Football Marsha, success security Coast Guard KREINDEI., ROBERT Saxons Pres., Boys League Sound Crew College, Sandy happiness KRUTAK, LUANNE Prom Decoration and Clear,- up Comms. A special guy, my family the future KUCHENSKY, FRANK W. Sound Crew, Boys Medical Aids, Rifle Team Capt. Electronics future, success KUPPER, SAMUEL Y. Toastmasters Pres., Civil De- fense Council, Emergency Drills Comm. Politics, public speaking girls LA FEVER, MINARD Cars, girls, outdoor sports LA MELL, IRWIN R. Boys League, Varsity Foot- ball team, House of Rep. Sports cars, boating, suc- cessful future LANE, ROGER Normans, Aeolia: Choir, Bll Class Council College, success boats eace requzrea a uaitment LARSEN IUDY Prom Comm Sr Tea Comm Carines A happy and successful life Gary LASAROW, RlTA LEE Sr Tea Comm, Prom Re- freshment Comm, Zander- ettes Fred, happy and successiul marriage, college LASHER, ROBERT Track Microtechnique, photogra- phy, traveling LEEMON, BENNETT A Cappella Choir, Class Council, Elysian Recognition Comm Bobbie, sports, Three Wish- es for lamie' LEIFJOW, MARILYNN SHEILA Sr Tea Comrn, lanelles, lr Philharmonic A certain someone, a suc- cessful, happy future, cos- tume designing LEVINE, GENE Track team Sports, girls, future LEVY, BARBARA Drill Team, l-louse of Rep Thrift Rep College, marriage, success- ful future LEZIN, BARBARA First Ladies, lenelles Pres Sr Service Society UCLA, lasting friendships a happy and successful future LINDELL, LOIS Zariclerettes Prom Decora- tion Comm, Sr Tea Comm College, marriage, happiness l.lVlflGSTON, EVERETT M R O,T.C Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team Art Army aviatior, LOBEL FREE TJACCABEE RUTH F1rstLa'iies Future Teachers Pres, lenelles Pres Eaucafior. rrraihernatics f.':J,,i': 3AAQ,.AQGH-lj. QjLARlE B13 Vice Pres School Cheer- Ieaaer Classbcck Sprts Ea:- Q , ,Q f",.'i,,,L L .,o..-,: . .e,...... ., Lf.:-.IRTESSE CECILE L-ftiergirlfi Tcr.aaiau'e,: Glaxboak Eafar , :rl-ear: ' . ' f.. Q1Zf- LASAROW, EDWARD lmperials, House of Rep Class Council UC LA, health and hap- piness LASHER, RICHARD Centurians, Civil Defense College, engineering, cars LE BECO, KARIFJ GL Service Club Coordina- tor, Tondalayes Pres., First Ladies Music, people world travel LEHER, STEVE Lettermen's Club, Tennis Team Tennis, girls theater LEVE, RONALD BERNARD Sealbearers, Saracens, Ves- pers Comm. UCLA., sports, happiness LEVITT, BEVERLY DIANE Election Comm., Prom Deco- ration Comm, l-louse of Rep U S.C., my friends, happiness LEW, SANDRA Drill Team, Prom Decoratior. Comm., Vespers Comm. Marriage, happy future peaceful world LIEBERMAN, SHERMAN Cars, money, Babs LINDLEY, DAISY Sr Tea Cozrizz. Civz-de Aides, GA A. Nursing, life, successful mar- riage LLOYD, BONNIE G.A.A. Cheerleader, Class Council College, art, happy and sut- cessful future LYflfl MICHAEL R l Swim tearrg Letterrner. .1 Club Grail Night Comn' College Werner. scr e f1ACHADO lREfIE Girls League ,4 sezriestersi Prom Decoration and Clean- up Cornrrs gene cur marriage nappi- ness .-fAGlfIfflS PAULA ANTI Dr1iiTearr. Ushers Conu ais Sec Christ church college MAR.-AIITZ GEORGE Ea,1eb':li 3:I?fT',QSl6:Y?' ffcfr- rzrarsg lrlcare cf Rep F ihaii UE C lffarii MARCUS MICHAEL 'Hyip fcrzrrz A Cappella Choir Talffrif Guild ,2 .L :t1cf'Tc-fsf I-fcjifinc opera fishing l.fARGOLlll ALATI Sari 'fr' 5 l:lA1T'.f C::r.1:. S P T A 166.1517 "Q as Q l.fARC:Ol.lS lvlvlllal.lAlvl Eosfhrzll Rfiselczll lrloizec Re: Sport: college sucies MARKS IEROME Sr, Aye arid A-lf Class Pres Greer. Key' Club llcr IJ C L A happiness l.fARKSOfI ARLEYIE Tondalayes A Cappella Choir, Sr, Tea Comm. College marriage, iuture happiness MARSOUN, ROBERT PAUL Varsity Track, Football Boys League llavy, college, health, wealth happiness MASON, MARVIN I Ir. Philharmonic, School Band, Elysian Band Music, dramatics, drums MC GILL, ROBIN A Cappella Choir, Aeolian Choir A certain girl, work, music MC LARAND, CARL E Orchestra, S P.T.A. Engineering, university, suc- cess MC PHAIL, IOAN LORRAINE Conutais Sec, and Treas., Sr, Tea Comm, Ushers College, happiness, success- ful future MEISTER, NAOMI DOROTHY Zanclerettes Corr. Sec., Plant Comm Chairman, House of Rep. Elementary education, a cer- tain someone ,college MICHAELS, GEORGIA GAA, Pres and Sec., Let- tergirls Hist, A Cappella Choir Sports and vacation ,college happy' and successful fu- IQTE r.4iLLf5R Lorrie Q I Federalist staii Leitergirls Alexia: V:-e Pres, Writing happy marriage "':'.'el MILLER LEOTI A13 Cliff '.'.:e Pre: Ecyrg Leaauc A Cappella Chczr ,, , . .. . .ff jg' l .KG .'l'."v' 'llflf' MARI,-ER SI-IERRY Artisians Pres Sr Tc: Cczrlrrg Prorr. Comix. Marriage rr happy lifrxltfijr future MARGOLIS HAROLI Head Cheerleader G','z:.'.':fr- tics Imperial? 'l '11rl -1-ri TJARGOLIS TRULY Ground ocrxzz. .lfrdzzlrz Cl u L ,s-s. .. an--wwe -v LH- - -nee MARKS LA'.'.'REfICE House Cf Rep S P T A acens Track research U C L A MARSI-I MIKE l'Iur.ti:g swim.: rr ' a MARTIII ROBERT A Varsity Track lokers, Sr Recognition Comm A successful life Stanio health MATTESOIJ IJIAICE Classbook Art Editor, Sr Publicity Comm, Pron. Comm Health, happiness, marria MC KEE BRIAN Rifle Team Capt. ICI QC National Guard electronics L A Trade Tech MC MILLEN, IOEL Drafting, engineering, aut mechanics MEDNICK, IEEE Photo Club College, cars, girls METZGER, MICHAEL IAY C A Cappella Choir, Cap ana Gown Comm., Rain-Beaux College Laurie success in life MICHAELS, DAVE Rifle Team, Civil Defense Rifles cars, drafting MILLER HOWARD L Ezre Drill Cornrn Cars v.'crr.en coll "c LZILLER LHIEA l,lAflE Cannes 4 semesters, School Spzrxt Aeclrarl Cncgr Collide ,rd :.. Iii' ' ZYYITCE' ,fel u.4 acyuat to ollzera eace rqeuirea lzoneaty MISRAIE, STANLEY Cars, women, money MONTERO, GLORIA Drill Team, Chatalaines Prom Comm. College, happy and success- ful future, marriage MOORE, DIXIE LEE B12 Class Council, House of Rep., Sr. Recognition Comm. Church, a happy and suc- cessful life, mathematics MOORE, RICHARD O. Audio Visual, Alumni Comm. Radio and television, col- lege success MULLENHOUR, ROGER S. Basketball, Varsity Track B12 Hall Guard College, photography, Navy MYERS, BOBBIE Federalist staff C5 semes- tersl, School Spirit, Pep Club Dwayne, happy marriage successful future NATHAN, DORE Lettergirls Pres. and Vice Pres., Tondalayes Friendship, health, wealth, happiness, successful marriage NEEDLEMAN, IOAN LEE Successful marriage, that certain someone NELSON, Pl-IYLLIS lOYCE Class council, Prom Decora- tion Comm., Sr. Tea Comm. College, happy and success- ful future, my family NEWITZ, LOUISE TRINA Girls League Pub. Chair- man, SB, Co-sec. of Publi- city, Sr Service Society Clothes horses, art NILSEN MARIE First Ladies Tondaiayes Sr Tea Corn' People AgAOA'lflIKQ IIOVECK PATRICIA MAXIYIE MIZES, ARLENE GAY Publicity Comm., Ca-Has Family and friends, college the future MONTOYA, ART B12 Hall Guard, Boys League Tomorrow, college, the oppo- site sex MOORE, DOUGLAS Radio Club, Electronics Club Sound crew Electronics, hi-ii rnusic, hot rods MORLEY, VICKI LEE Chatalaines, Commence- ment Comm., Ushers Aggies-Val, friendship, happy and successful mar- riage MULLIGAN, MARYANN S Happy, successful marriage and farnily, rny family NASH WALTER fSKIPl Cross Country, Track Cars girls sport-: TIEAL, IUDITH ANN Chatalaines, Faisoris Prom Comm. Marv, happy and successful marriage NELLIS, SIDNEY Bee Football, Civil Defense, lay Vee Baseball College happiness, science TIEUMANN, NANCY SUSAN SB., G.A.A., and Elysian B12 Class Sec. Tondalayes Sec. Friendships IIEWMAN, LARRY Psychology, work successful life NORVICK, ADRIENNE NADEL Cap and Gown Cornrn Sales Dance Marriage to Chuck, wealth health and happiness NOYES MICHAEL mf. Prom Decoration Ccrrirn. Sul: Cl'l55b00k Stull' Sew-S fe Chairman, Elysian Class Phllhgfmwllc ,- Council House of Rep PQTVPIG, hofflfh lf'fT'f"'Pl'1?n People places DBERMAN IUDT JBERSTOIIE, STUART ffe'.'i'1r.:3 Grcurfis Ccrnrr. S'r1r1.iecrz. Prcrri Ccfxit. frcftzria City Coiled UCLA Roster Mass Force DRRIEN BILL FDQOTJT RETINY LFE '."f:r.'1i',' Fcctrill 3 , -ar' Tfzlafr' R'lf':'1il Rei:- Prcrr. Glfar-'Lg Chaim" '.L'1cr. Gorrzrz. 51711: 1 GNL, Rf,"'c':r1':cr1 Cornzz. Q -fgwpw - v f- UCLA cc't':li v r 1 ff A' C 'DESLICK ROBERT Greer. Key Club Soufrfez ,:f'ZIf.t'3Y4'I Guild Geofcoy languages to .... iftl :sctexse URTISTEITI IUIJITH I. 'If. 'P The xr' 'PTR 75' RREIUA .-ni.. , .:, Sei 1' 1 Tru 'f , .C,-..,. A-.. .. VCIIG' C ILGEEICIQL :ryi :1xg"eSSful lt-ff' PARISH LARRY Eisebtzll Trzvel happy fut PEARSOYQ IAMES TI-IOM Trztk Cross',' Chlsffll people hcpptxes: 'If' r"Lf'C'9SS PEfJMAIQ, ROBERT L Ctvtl Defense Cclleoe mohey Tr J PERRY LEE Buff: Volkswoqorts brood ei' N- Tzor. travel PEZZYJER BRENDA Aecltcxr. Chotr Ierrp' ictructng 'zz PIEPER THOMAS Letterzperfs Club Foothill 7 jsecrs' House of Rep Qzxdfz happy ILZIUYG PLOTKITQ LARRY AESIS Civil Defense Ghcif E'JLLf""'f' I3zr.1lw' POHTIEL TERRY Class Council SPT.-5. T.'lT.f1'll Rep College happy' :rc FQ fu. future RURTEER ROBERT 12:3 iuture ::1:t:rN to tebit JRLIKOEF MIKE Boys Lectqzue House- :t Rf Colleoe zrlwofg- bxgszi- f 1: URTISTEIYI IUI ITIS E It Rei Cross Sf Tf'-'zCf"' Rep Clxtk UTT TIICA Ccguffzt Trexz. 312: Pre-rf I4-ffm: li TOUPNF FAULL GARRET R Bitte Ccrf hip? e ' f'.1i11'e PEDERSEIQ, IJIAIIA Sr Tec! Cozrzzx Girls Lo ,- Conutcts College su set: 'rrr-. future PERRAULT PEGGY Toidcloyes, Usheri My Career future hcppzry- successful life PETZ RONFJIE House ol Rep. Bee Ecotl: Me-dictne, success tr. lute enough money to support family Comfortably PHILLIPS FREDERICK A I'-Iouse ot Rep Eleftior. Comm Sr Service Scftet' Colleqe fur. suites: PIIQATARO ERATIK Cars plmres erigzhee POESKY ROY Scxrcxcens I-louse ot Rep T, 'atoms College c success, . rzoge health iid 1.::,:re 1: family POHLLOCK RICI-IARE 3.1 l'.lGff'Of,IC5 Cruz ,. ,,. .,,. ,,., ,.,.,1 LIe-tror.:,: f ..e.,-e J.. .vi 34. ,-C PRITIKIYC SPEYICER Sr Bee Cliff HCI' Spzrzt UCLA 5: YQ: f',lI'..TP P3555,f3gI'lAU',,Ii"t'fl51 QUITELL LOUIS Liang' octoztvg -ewerrzfzr H6356 C: For I A-- .tzFIfQO'JIT2R 3141-5 ,:,L,L,j, L,Z.1:Lf':' Cezgrx . Tf T573 pe! " ' ,YF ' If H ,.V,f!v,v . eace required foyaliy 6' 1 RAND, CHARLENE Alexians. School Spirit, Fai- sons College, marriage, wonder- ful future RAPOPORT, RICHARD BARRY Sr. Service Society, Class- book Photo Editor Photography RAWSON, DONALD FRANK Varsity Football, Varsity Track Team Capt., Letter- men's Club Successful future, college, friends REDMON, PATRICIA A Cappella Choir, Conutais, Girls League Books, nursing REMEN, IOAN UH" AIO Class Sec., School Spirit U.C.L A., phychology, music RICHMOND, BRYANT Sports posters lill, commercial art, 'Sl Hucl- son RISCHALL, GERALD A. Gym team, Math Club Gymnastics, U.C.L.A., chess ROBERTS, DIANA A certain someone, college happy and successful future ROBERTTS. DOUGLAS Tennis team Co-capt. C3 yearsl, S.P.T.A., Financial Rep. ROGERS, IUNE DELIGHT Sock n' Buskin, Ienelles, GA.A. College. travel, music ROSES EUIIICE Thrift Rep, Financial Rep., Aecliar. Choir Travel aanczrg a certain SOTYIGCFQ ROSETIBERG BARBARA The righ' guy lots cf ina: people ROSEffBI.Ul.f SEYMOUR A lag' 'fee aia Varsity Basin bali. ffcr 1 B12 Hail JAC.. A c-News -W- ROSIJARIII SUE Frei Lf:'i1e.. Curl. E Szigzl Gi' ::.'::. Al-1-241 'ffm' 'Kirk 1' :aff itapri ,,.. RAPHAEL, IUDITH DONNA Tri C's, Bll and All Class council, llPunches from ludy" College, travel, the World I live in RATNER, DIANE Elysian Class Treas., Alex- ians, A Cappella Choir Ronnie ,happy and success- ful marriage, peaceful World READY, FRANK Varsity Football C2 yearsl, Bee Football fl yearl, Boys League C5 semestersl A happy life, Sandy REIFMAN, IRVING SB. Cabinet Sec. of Athle- tics, Green Key Vice Pres, Sealbearer Law, athletics RICE, DIXIE First Ladies, Sealbearer, Conutais Pres. Public speaking ,U S.C, tra- vel RINSLER, PENNY Sr, Tea Comm. Phil, marriage, modeling ca- reer ROBBINS, IEFFREY NED S,P.T.A., Swim team mgr. C2 seasonsl, Toastmasters Girls, music, sports ROBERTSON, CHARLENE House of Rep., Alumni Comm., A.F.S.I.S. Sec. Sid, happy and successful marriage, successful future U.C.L.A., sales engineering, currency RODMAN, DUANE E. Cros.s Country, Electronics Club Roller skating, automobile mechanic, successful life ROSCITTO, FRANK Sucessful future, mechanics, friends ROSETI, SI-IELDON Lettermen's Club, Boys League Athletics Happy marriage. make the Olympics, traveling ROSEHBERG, HOWARD M Hornxans Pres, Varsity Bas- ketball and Tennis, Letter- rr1e:'s Club A happy life i Arlez. UCLA. HOSQLH Hl:.f.Ll:. Sr Tea Comix Eiciti. ru., ,. 'Rf-'l N fs. ff.. fy.--I vcilfitfc h,.,,!.,...':rs ROSE GERAI.DlfIE is vk N - V Hill- 'TTT .2'gi"'f'.'.'f" .,,,., ' ,-,", , , A A I 4M..1,Vi ROSS, RONIIIA Nevian Pres, Toncialayes Vice Pres., Drill Team ff - A v College. international rela- tions, sports cars ROTHSCHILD KEIINETH flevians, Orchestra an'i Rand Tennis Team Sport: cclleaf- RUSSELL PATRICIA Ronny, long and happy :tiar- riage, successful future SACKS, CAROLE FAY Sr. Aye Class Sec, First Ladies Sat at Arms Alexian Pres Education health end world strife SAFRAN, MADELIIIE LOIS First Ladies, BIZ Class Vice Pres., S.B. Cabinet College, happy marriage, unseltish lite SAITMAN, IOEL EUGENE Girls, S M C C loyce SALTZER, EUGENE Talent Guild, Sr Recognition Assembly Comm. A happy and succesful lite, medicine SAMUELSON, PAT Chatalaines GA.A. Q3 se- rriestersl A certain someone, happy and successful future SANDERS, TOBY GAIL Girl League Pres. and Treas, SB. Cabinet, First Ladies Cabinet See the world, see people happy, Anytown, U.S A. SAUL, VIVIAN CAROL Carines, Business Club, Band Marriageyffeal, L.A.C.C., happy and successful life SAXOTI, IIIIIA ROSALIIID Pep Club, S P.T A. Tony, successful rnarriage health and happiness SCHECHTER PHYLLIS A Cappella Choir, Buiness Club L A C legal stenog- .a .1 ..., ,nphv v,,.v,...,.,, SCI-IOU, HORMATI R Sealbearers Track Football Sr Recogniticn Cornm College, success happiness SCHULMAII LORETTA AIII. Civt-ae-Aides Business OZ- Zice Attenaance Office 8', Elvis happy and s"c cessful future ROSS, STUART MICHAEL Camera Guild, Classboolc Ast. Photo Editor, B12 Hall Guard Photography, rnedicine U C L.A ROWE EUGEYIE Varsity Swim team l2 year:- BIZ Hall Guari Fishing Travel U. of Cclcra- 'io SACKLER SUSAII MARLA Girls League x2 semesters Class council fl semester College, marriage, Speer SADLER, DEE lolcers Mechanics rocket propul- sion, auto racing SAFRAIC, MARTIN Sports, Normans House of Rep. Track college, successful tu- ture SAKOWSKI, IUDY Girl League, S.P.T,A lr Red Cross College, interior decorating, marriage SALTZMAN, MORTON L Federalist Sports Editor Hami Press Agent, Boy League UCLA, journalism happi- ness SANDBACH, ROBERT Art, car, college SATZ, STEVE SAXON, ANDREA Girls League, Pep Club Ross, our marriage, literature SCHATCHTER ROY C, Gyrr. team, Commencement Cornm Ellie. college successful life SCHISSEL, RICHARD Swim team Capt I3 yearsy, Letterrnens Club Swirnrning happiness girls SCI-IIIEIDER. IERRY PAUL School Spirit, Sports Sr Recognition Comm College, engineering, happi- USES SCHULTZ PETER A US .Army a true girl wuccft Ci9'Yt!l'lll'- L!!fQgt'i'L74,,,1.,l'fC ,PQ 4,1 5 ,,4'd44.fZ1.7J v Q , S Ld L4 A ,iffy-p'fLffm6 rmfffwgg ,u'2'ew+f:'6w4f,ff67AAl,?yf :Rags SCHWARTZ, BOB Sports fformans Boys League A certain girl, success col- lege SCHWARTZ, I-IARRIET Girls Glee, School Spirit Business Club Marriage business career, a happy life SCHWARTZ, ROBERTA Prom Invitation Comms Ne' vians, Future Teachers UCLA people ,happiness SCHWARTZMAN, GLENI Classboolc staff, Commence- ment Comm, House ol Rep College, art, happiness SEIDNER SANDRA SELKO, MARTIN PHILIP Happy arid successful future S.M.C.C, Karen SHAEEER, PAULA House of Rep., Girls League Class council U S C, happiness, marriage SHERMAN, IERRY Federalist Editor and Sports Editor, Green Key Sec, Sa- racens Pres College, advertising, suc- cess, health, happiness SHULTZ DAVID Sound crew Uchieff' Saxorgs Women sound SILVERSTEIYJ ILYNE ANTI Artisiari Sec, Prom Decoraf tior: Corrxiri Sec, Election Comm College future happiness health SIMPSOI 'JALERIE A happy future, Ronnie 1: he successful ir, life SKORTIECK LYTIDA Pep Club Art ccuege happy ana s Tessful zriarriaae SMITH TUQY LEE Lettf-rg.rl5 ful u-rl' T-aaa rf' Historian T ui' fly Zrieiag happy tu! re SIJOOK fIL'DTffIE IIILL Ca-Ho: lrfrry his one our marriage l happi rffgai '1l'lf"1'g'S together lf? SCI-IWARTZ, BRUCE IAMES Varsity Basketball I2 semes- tersl, Lettermen's Club Boys League SCHWARTZ, IRWIIII Carriera Guild A happy, healthy su n tul future SCHWARTZ, ROZALYII SEARS, MARYL CMARDYE Ir Red Cross Pres , Artisians Civil Defense College love, marriage SELIGSOHN, HENRY AIO Class council, Com- mencement Comm. Evelyn, college, drag racing SERBER, ADELE ROSE Zanderettes, Ir, Red Cross, Prom Comm. College, healthy and happy marriage SHEARER, ERAN Girls League, House ot Rep Commencement Comm University, happiness a cer- tain boy SHORT, MAVVIIFI Loriie frellege, marriage SIEGEL, SANDY Carines, Sports Night Comm Friends and family happi- ness, success SIMOYISOII, IAMES S Talent Guild, Aeoliar. Choir Pres Ir Philharmonic solo- ist Music soloist, 'Jar business marriage and childrer. SIRES IOATJ LEAH Girls League, Sr Reogniric. Cornrrz Carines Health wealth, happiness SMALL ELLEN SANDRA Civil Defene Girls League Eiectior. Comm Golleae future happiness nealfh SMITH MARGARET House cf Rep Girl: League SQ'fQl, :,,,,,,.q 5. 6 -o3,o,..p ...-..,- . ,.'i'LER IOE STIYIIER, IUIQY Aeoliao Choir, Girls Giee My love, happy avi success- til riarriaae :ty bird Petey' SOI L ARLETIE FAITH Hcpise of Rep Proxy Ilecorzi- ticr. Cc::.:u Cct:.::.ersee:.T f- , co .... r. College si special qiiy har- K.. ,.,,q ,.,,...fAC,x,.' .Y-,nfrifvfvfe If .ima ... . .... .. aa, SOIAERS ROBERT Varsity Baseball t2 years Saracers Letterrpeis Club Cal Pcly health ard liappz- ness sports SPEARS RILL Sports Navy ccllege SPIVEK, DAVIIT Elysian Boys Vice Pres Greer Key Club Treas Sf:- racens Track, medicine travel STADLER, RONTIIE Girls cars a happy ip. e STAHL SATIIJY Ca-I-los Pres., S PT A Pre, Sr Service Society UC L A , happy aria success- Iul marriage medicine STARR PEGGY SUE SR Sec, Girls League Sec First Ladies People places progress STEIN, IUDIE Houe of Rep., A ES I S., Prorr. Comm. UCLA., a happy marriage health and security' STERFAJ. IERRY R SB. Treas., Boys League Treas, Class Pres and Vice Pres. U C L A mefiicine, success STIIISOII THOMAS Enairges. body work STRUHL STAIILEY F, Sealbearre, Civil Defense Council J3 semestersl, Scliocl Spirit Q Erzgixeerixg UCI- A.r1app:- r.e:fs ir. 'I peaceful wcrlc STUEES RICHARD Lyhri bcatzig a happy arc successful future SUTTOII IV WILLIAM Civil Eeiexse lffarchixg Sara, Elysiar. Bard Aariculture cars electric SOBEL ROIIALE N Classbook stalt, Boy: League Electiorp Corr.i:. Sports college happy' a successful lite SOIJERS RICHARI Varity Baseball 2 year. Saraceris Colleae Jresstpil 'ut' srcrts- SOI-IMER LARRY Saraeris Green Key Cltil Boys League Ses f- t . cars gigs swinzmxac SPENCER I-IAIICY IEANNE Drill Team I2 semestersl House ol Rep Commence- ment Comm My friends happy and suc- cessful marriage SREDEYI SYLVIA Class council Sr Tea Corrtrr. Les colleaes happy life STAFF, CHARLOTTE ELAINE A Cappella Choir lertelles Vespers Comm. People travel educatior STARK HAROLD MEAL Letterrrierfs Club Gyii. tearr. Sealbearer Swimming and aivirtg gym.- nastics ritathematic: STEIYI EDWARD Federalist sports stail, Prorr. Comm , L A Examiner S S A reporter College sports success and rtappixess STEIII RAE A Cappella Choir, School Spirit, Commencement Comm People. jazz, U.C.I.A STEVENS, RANDLE lr. Red Cross, Emergency Drills Firiaricial Rep Sports college STONE MARVIN SIDNEY Boys League, Prom Comm Coast Guard cars future STRUMATI DONNA Tondalayes. Sr Tea Comm. Happy and successful future college SUSSMAII, KARL LOUIS Boys League Toastmasters Coast Guard success travel TABOR, CHERYL Cliatalaixes, Girls League SclicoIvSpirit Art cciieae e.4- let there e peace TAXE MARGOT Sr Tea Cornm , Tondalayes College, a certain guy hap- py and successful marriage TE MAAT, IUDITH ANN Tondalayes Pres Lettergirls A Cappella Choir College, my friends, a happy future THOMPSON, BARRY Cross Country, Nevians, Ves- pers Comm. College, physics, scouting TOORVALD, PHIL Football team Capt., Student Court, Green Key Pres. Sherry, Mike, education TULP, SHARON Tondalayes A certain someone TURNER, SHARON Classbook Ad Editor, Ca- Ho's Vice Pres., Business Club Pres. Career, love, marriage VAN EVERY, GREIG WARD Rifle team, Color Guard Navy, college, traveling VERB, BOYD 'Verbally Yours,' Business Office Show business, comedian college VOGEL, DAVID ALLEN House of Rep, A Cappella Choir U.C.L A, swimming, fishing WALDNER, DONALD M Federalist staff, Lettermens Club, Sports Corr Iournalism, college, sports WASHINGTON, HOWARD W Boys League I2 sernestersl Aeolian Choir A Cappella Choir f2 seznestersl Swimming, singing art 'JJEIFJER ALLEN Skin diving UCLA Navy '.'i'EIffSTOCK TIORIJATI B Business administration Safes staff Suctessfc.. Lure gxls money " ia of-RRAFH ... .. TAYLOR, MYRA MARCIA Girls Glee Success, happiness THOMAS, l LEWELL College, cars success THORNTON, ROBERT Boys League Treas, Letter- men's Club, Elysian Class council College, baseball, successful future TROTTER, DENISE The better things in life TUNE, BRUCE M House of Rep., Photography, Sealbearer College, success, medicine TUTUNIIAN, ROSEMARIE First Ladies Vice Pres, Caterettes, Recognition Comm. Music, traveling, swimming VELPOUX, LINDA First Ladies, Faisons, spon- sor, Tondalayes Education, teaching, happy, successful future VINER, IO ANN SB. Cabinet C2 semestersl. First Ladies Sec., Sealbearer Teaching, friends, a happy and fulfilling life VOGT, LEARY Varsity Basketball, Elysian Basketball team Sports, electronics, future ir: Missionary Evangelism WALKER, MARLA Lettergirls Conutars B12 Hall Guard College, happy and success- ful future WASWO, RICHARD A Saracens, Boys State, Ne- vians, Travel :pusic .P-at-Miro' 'NEITISTEIN DIANE House of Rep Classboolc staff, Girls League College successful life :marriage WEISBERG GERALD HARRY Sports College Sandy happy 7' successful life ELLS BARR - .WELLS GAIL PATRICIA l Aiexian Pres A10 Class Tre-as All Class S6 ' law people Tell-sae '-'v'HllViDEfI BARBARA GA A Che-frlcrzier Tcita layer Classbfck f":It USC harry 'il 111176- 1'-'ILEETQ SAi.l.':' Tcraiilayes Gif.: ' :ae G A A A Cotta: 'z happy .zirce-sful future '1'v'lESEi.l.fAff l'vfAXlfQE Ca Res Girls Leaaue Plant lffazfitenarce Cc::.::1 Colleae : fall and happy -G WILSON MARTY Baseball, Basketball Plant Maintenance Comm Girls driving horse racing WOLLSHLEGER LARRY T Cars, women WUNDERLICH IOHII Band Drum Major, Orchestra Pres , All-city Orchestra Music, travel, U S C YOUNG, IOHN Gym Team Air Force, girls, money YURE, DENNIS ALLEN Sports, Toastmasters Drafting, electronics, boats ZAZOVE, ELINOR SANDRA 'The Night Before Christmas' Toastmasters Shel, happy marriage, health I I .VERIIER lOAEl ATQII A Cappella Choir lexelics Res Sec Vesporf Cazxrrx Music folleae fr:er'.'i:'hip fiffl llYf36I'Sif'1Yf'31T .'fHlTE ED'J'fA.Rl7 Thrift Rep h Boat: su:'i'ri.1.' 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AR BRO v WOYWRS - MAomsSAW-AN X Jkuszv Vmvxwz, 5 7:13 i i egg 'f' f : VOPULAI2 SUNG Gwxm- YAVOR-ITE ozcuEsT12A GLENN MILLER FAVORU E VACATIUV SPOT PALM SPRINGS FAVOIUTE BEACH QTATE VOPUUXR IVIALEVOCALIST HAQQYQ O TE POPULAR FEWALE VOCAUST Dome Dm FAVORITEAURESS K NOVAC FAVORI 1' E ACTOK Xin. Env VAVORITE RADIO PRQQEAM LUMLAGE DA J FAVORITE NOVXE Qmm FAVORITE T V VROGILAM Vmwu C90 FAVOQJYE QJUPE Noosa. ww LLE M S FASNMABLE Dm RA F41 S LAR3 A gm 8 G7-'23 mln Q gpm LOABD1Mb S 591, BA X YR? g LUV Dmzuwxwoooi Emma ICMDLAN N NJ XAFXHZ PEGGY Qw-Rv LLON Maui? 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V f 1. 1 A 'N-,xx E Q .1 V ,4 1 'X F' - K N ,Ax xox, 'V 5 I ,' 7 'fs , 1 O x N, - , , ,, A A , - ELDA IAAN1' ut aaseeic, X U I ,k yr A - NDA EZINER ve fgrq Q xr Q A 'j Ax k X j X tg A ' fi 5 5 5 X 3 4' js' , , ., f It . Si ' 1 E ' r A ' ,Aff 7 ' G I A Y R 1 X if P1 I . 'T ' ' J J y , 1 f I . - - fr 5 56 . ! f i l Xxwis W -J I A 5 .-.........-A T, L -' -it-d "' -4, Pmbif XX., we Jggww 'Yami 4 M , pw ' 'tr-- K' 9-.., Ldf X -'19 fs. 'D EPHEBIANS The Ephebian Society ot Los Angeles is a city-wide honor organization which pledges itself to better the com- 't M b muni y. em ership in this society is based upon outstanding leadership ability, scholarship, and service to both the school and the community. They are elected by members of the senior class and by the faculty. Above-I.. to R.: V. Alcouloumre, M. Bernstein, A Brown S Fox, H. Hersh, B Maccabee, I. Marks Below: D. Bice T Sanders P Starr, P Toorvald. I Viner. D Wilson, S Zendell I I laik gj SEALBEARERS To become a Sealbearer is the highest award lor scholarship which Hamilton offers. Each Sealbearer must have been a Nevian for at least three semes- ters, one of them in the senior year. Each Sealbear- er receives the seal ot the California Scholarship Federation on his diploma to testify his attainment. This year there are nineteen Elysians who have earned the much coveted title 'Sealbearerf Bottom row-L to R.: A Diamond, R. Ross, H. Stark, K. Han- nan. Second row: B, Tune, S. Friedman, N. Schou, S. Stahl Third row: H. Hersh, B. Maccabee, V. Alcouloumre, S Abrams R Leve. Top row: H Katz D Rice. B Lezin I Viner S Zendell, l. Beitman 1 i SENIOR SERVICE SOCIETY The Elysians below have been selected as members of the Alexander Hamilton High School Senior Serv- ice Society. These young people have given their time, co-operation, talents, and enthusiasm to their school and their class. ln recognition of their fine contributions, they are honored with membership in the Senior Service Society. Bottom row-L. to R.: R. Rapoport, T. Sanders, M Safran I, Viner, B. Lambert, A. Brown. Second row: M. Glesser, S Stahl, K. Hannan, D. Bice, E. Hofiberg, S. Zendell, I. Davis Third row. l. Bullock, B. Lezin, P. Starr, I. Kohlen, D Miller N Neumann, C. Griswold. Top row: F. Klein, I. Velpoux C Iohnson, I. Sherman G Michaels, l, Newitz B Maccabee S. Friedman X x -swf if 7 , ff bf R fy ' U .3 Le' ff ka C2 C' Q CX Mx R 'N '? T' 'H- "S K '42 C' 5 -x X, Vx 'R N Q. Q Tx- K F Xb L ig L4 L'-:Ov NU L L be yfcaa M444 W L L l" ffzfhfwf WLT! 'J fZ24,,Af,CC6144fDf fin 'Q ZWQQZK Jvlfcf cffg 5 P 6 ,af L jf' VL AM wg WM VM? it MLwWfQ " ,M J fggfcfdf jf Al i J',:ad L Mi? f ff-1-fb-f-,fvq QJQLJ V4 KKJA kv T H in kj fwu 45 WO JY f JJM7, LLMWV fab! fxgisg ,Nijfj 7 -Lv-vxfk px? K- L' Cx- gigs YFJKK A ., 1 X r 7 fi" A V X. YN Hfx qi YK. iw xx? S - 7 'Xu F CM ' Y! Inge X K Q. "5 X KAN J '1 , cf f VN 'VT' K aww, 'f M f MA f .,'ff?"krlj fvxbgg' h KY - f XFX' 1-K, - , kg, - xb, QQ -C, , ij , 'Q V- , fx , . figs?" 114' N9 f SRX . G Afiiakxk KF -7 iwxyl' fx, r fy - k gn VX fl ww ' of Ln I F XY' ! ti x gf! ' 1' . X w H ' 0" ' JJHJJO .1 U 'wb MVN ' nfv LD' X I hfmwv , 'X' QU N W h K 1 L R A 'J 'W 1 W' AW my ,U A, ' ' 4, 15' U U' .f,,z4.4 QW A G f L Q V ,ij WU 1 lf"74 fy ' xncfd Ay I Qu! Ley .-J! ,pf VX ' V f 'WN ' ,, i 4' 4' f v ' 1' C V' 'nf MNA XVL LVN V 2 - K I , f , N fy, 1 -'J u N A ' Q' 7' C0 , fp 'Inj XJN AN I! jj I r, V . v f A f x A, -mf V W JJ L W' Jg L ' K .L 1 W M V fl w P -M mv f . i X KNAW ybuiijr uh DN ' W ! ' ' ,J AL LM W 2 J JV -V 1, Wy , + L f AZ Q M07 Cuz, AV! J! N .X I I I ,, V' 4 ,A 41 I - VJ? my .Gy LVM 1' ' xr '7 V ,f U! Noyi A .1 2 . I I rx J, N N If JI f ,Z ,I Lx, . 4. . V J AV X- ,lvl 4-1 623 NL 'MLM Pg ,XJJJQK IIVVO' f 7 1 W, ' J Aw W A f' , 1 LW U' W fly Uk' 4 fb L ls W f M! kj 'I V ! . l 4 ff? 'I ,7 YV LJ J" 1 ' I V D L Pj ' ff , Av MV' fbi L --JJ iw i , 0 If , A1 ' J f ' '-J' v H4 WAX, ' ,L I JJ J A, R I -1 f 1 Juv l Q ,sl .J ki! If f 1 'lf 4 I K, .4 Aga ji X X-VC MIN Lv in A L!! ' l If U , 'G 1 A - M jf f f a ., J L ,, , JAM , ', , ,W li 1' ', jx 0 I ' Xi . 5 I I' ' JB, 44 1 , v - 'I ,vi s I, . XY f if 4 f 4J1,k,,3 H,x,N7 J VM4 I Li A if W :V S wg A . , Jfviibtk Lvl V Q ' ' ' A Nj, 1 V Q! 1' ' if i -' fr 5 4 , f Q of If' ,- MJ-xf 1 I X n ,' l' ,N-A ' x' 3 gflvgfif 37 '-Oli sz fa wr ester proved very s lccessful for the A-10 class ,under the leadersh1p of Norm Feinstem, Class Presxdent, The class Ja' d Alf camp 1s activhr-s such as a picnic, and a beach party, alona with a noon rally The other class aff cers are Ken :rt 11 , Vwe Prcsidvntg Mllllr Moromota, Secretaryg and Anne Kabakow, Treasurer, .. P Yr I 1 4 1 4 4 I 1 4 1 I gd' 4-5- E E ms: S2 GJ OJ L.. O E -.... V1 CD GJ O O 5521 WU CD L.. Q E? EE u no IDI-1 gm 65 55 Q5 QB Wm 4-'42 W 5" . I-'m .ZZ E .Q D cv m Q 5 'UE 85 s E H Hg E 55 -o .gc so qg- H3 CDO mg: ""'!lJ EE 4,32 UQ E.: EE ,-54 50 Oi' Q O- 'Q 3230 OIII 5,2 U8 QOUJ go of cluding cn rn U in U S, GJ .Ci P' tie s: .Q Q. 1: Q32 Q. 2 I-Ll CD s 5 gs NUJ .9 C1 o 5 'U CI U 5 S-1 S CD E E ,-54 VJ 5 2 -54 U ID 5-4 Q Q. .-4 I-. 4- 3 O C rn un U VJ CD ..-4 4.4 S ..-4 4- U U 4: U :s U2 xi .Q '5 S-4 GJ Q 9 o U 'o s: U -4-1 54 U1 E U L. O -..- had SS the clot '5 -E F-4 2 U1 QD E KD ID 1-4 v-1 'QC ng the was dun classes. It all with hip DS ndly relcrtio CD ..-4 I-. -... U .-CI .Q E .Q rn KD ,-4 S-4 'U - CD m 9 Q9 S cms h ri Futu Z U GJ CI an -E 5 'C 3m U si 2 E U III dat ts kin 1rst charity project of i cn.. C Q GJ U15 +4 ggi.- 02.2.3 5+-Sb H3 U2 gm E325 1:50:10 :SGJCC U"'D'-if .Emgpg gimm Egffgw 2555 U o'csL-Em MUEB ,Omdm CD E255 mg, Z'-Cro Emgo Simmc -cscn.-'Ecru s: .J- C5:w'-5 Swag Ezggog CD giifh 'AUQJQJPUE 311355 50535 cD'U.,.2.Q .QSOSQ W "'5.ZClJ 52565 'EOD-mf -g,.cw:- 'Dv-DE'-' E550-cn 214,413.5 USESW 2,5 03509 cnc : 25508 mi92g LIJGJQJQJO -Qs-.3.-CO IIIFQ CD,-. ocggm 4-50 cv 2.21096 IEUQHO wuU2 P-'cgvxai 4-ACI U -G.22:f- XQQWES? Ama! Qc, 5 333.50 owE'r71.Q gavfg 45+53aa"' 'E'52'E:- 3 -ow: Qqpgfv OM ,Q Z.':E 3:12 'Q' X, ,.-5 ff X 'X N 1 46' X5 'X W x 2.47 N PCL G OMSYUYT SLYSXAN i l'N"ll if' kwft ff Xtfflf 13551 fm ty' V W 4 A AQ, ww f UP N M fir X: Jf' 45 C:lfASS'BOOK Dnoas XTH Elysxan Classbook S 57 three years caught between two covers These three years were good ones to each of us rneanrna sornethrng d1fferent to each ot us rrnportant It was our Job to capture the tndtvldual mernorles IU a general book To catch the essence of three years 1S not an easy task to crystahze memorres 1S even more dlttlcult Smce February when we f1fSt met rn bunaalow fourteen and aot our ass1an ment we have been snapprnq plctures wrltrna scratchlng out and re wrrtrng Around the desks of the edrtors has re volved a mad clrcle ot staff members and photoaraphers rn th1s drn a classbook has been created We arve you the Ely s1an Classbook a story ot these years for the years to come Column one Top bottom S Tu er A Katz G Har rlto H Rapoport Column two A Dawsor L Velpouy C Matresse C Ma L ughhn D Mat x ,..- o'xTORS Staff CLASSBOOK STAFF This semester, as usual, the job of the classf book statt has not been an easy one. It has been hard work, but it was fun, and they did their job well. The staff, ably assisted by 'Ace' Parker, has produced a book that cannot be surpassed. The Elysian Classbook, S'57. Bottom row-L. to R.: B. Lloyd, B Whidden, I. Stein Second row: B. Odom, A Tarsky, B. Balian, M. Glass Third row: B. Eisner R Sobel B Cohn S Bay D Dunner, M Moyes Qzgu-,, favvrwu, S11-'Q Qmm, ilfifcff 'F Aff 3fffuZ O4 faffhftj lacy. alwiutcd, M17 JP -Wfuw- V65 ' It I S -'JAH' Mix? aft,-A Ag ,L Mmkgww.f0fizc2ALA90m45n, aN PHOTO STAFF X ' wb Pm A good classbook needs good photog?'aglfyf?"'1f0ZYZ5" This semester Mrs. Lois Vinette and her class- LX book photographers have outdone thernselvesc g to produce exceptionally fine photographic Work. Editor Richard Rapoport, ably assisted by Don Lauritzen and Stuart Ross did a ter- rific job of catching the essence of Hamilton lite in pictures. Bottom row-I. .to R.: H. Belenky, D. Slotnick, S Sarns, Assistant Editors: S. Geller and S Ross. Second row: Photo Staff Secretary M Giventer, M. Segal. Third row: D. Ruston, D. Lauritzen, B. Zintgratt, E. Olivera, S Beller. SALES STAFF The Elysian Classbook could not be the suc- cess that it is Without the help ot Miss Anna Nett and her Sales Class They put in many long, hard hours ot work selling ads and or- ganizing the ad section of the classbook. This year they have surpassed all other efforts Bottom row-L. to R.: l Collins A Katz S Turner L Drebir. M Wielzlezxar. Second row: R Berg S Klein V S':ul, fl Weiristock S ldolzberg R Yuster Top row: Mizz.: Anna fleft C Kerrfr M Field f 'flrifghf 1 -' - c M GO.1IUYD .J Freenet GIRL'S LEAGUE COUNCIL This active branch ot I-lamilton's Girls' Leaaue is made up of representatives from each congressional room. The girls helped carry out the activities of Girls' Week, the Easter Wel- fare Project, Campus Cruise, and the honor assembly. First row-I.. to R.: R Kornbloorn, P Cher. I Olson, S Fox, K White B Sturner, S Friedman, T. Sanders C Rudow l Maybloorr., K Ln-Berg Mrs. Smith, D DeLong. G Wells, B Fried E Gritz Second row: W Bere- skin, G Montero, G Michaels, M Kaun, E Kaplan, S Erving, M Cripe B. De La Mare I Sakowsky, R Klein, R Shoenbrun P Schwartzer ff Chern, E Rudelsor., B. Graf, S, Dildine, D Grittin, K Creath, M Shore Third row: A Tauris L Grant, B Silver M Bilkiss C Kaplan, P Redman D Rice, B Hanfling E Feld,I Wright, A Iohnson L Velpoux, M Bern- stein, K. Burgess, S. Wideen, D Pederson, M Kalin, M. Talbot Fourth row: N Freedman D Schwartz, S Pyster S Chelnick B Strote, P Wall M Cameron, I Goldstein, I. Gittliri, S Iowitz, R Abrams, S Rosrriarin l. Goodman I, Beard, S. Upton, I Karlson, F Neiman, P Aadlana M Kirkharn, D Currie, C Atherton C Rubin. Fifth row: T Brooks, I Radom A Tavris, M Morimoto, H. Goodrnari, K Mayhew, L. Henig, H Puro I Wolf, S. Keller, l Markman, B Feldmar, I Oberman, S. Leibowitz, R Winner, B Hamlin, T Witkin, G De Rerner, I Goldberg Sixth row: M Shanbaum, B, Glickman C. Cameron, F Yagirt, I. Poizner, R, Tavlin, FI Iohnsor., I Valentine, I Weinstock, S. Maer, P Barry, R. Klein, E Dash D, Rosenberg, M. Iosephs, S. Weissbluth, T. Waldman, M, Bress. Seventh row: S. Dobkin, I MoGuigan, C Murphy, S Ferrin, P. Knietel, R Walker L Brower, M Delson, C Nord, I. Beringhause, L, Gerry, T. Waldman, I Oishen, N Circle, E, Gealer, L. Katz, M Colburn, H. Weiss, B. Persky H Cohn, S Bertisch, M Miller, C Sherick, I. Ludwig, NEVIANS The Nevians are I-lamilton's chapter ot the Cali' tornia Scholarship Federation. The highly hon- ored group is made up ot students who have met the arade requirements ot 3 A's and a B in class- room subjects. They render a valuable service as tutors to students who need help. Among their semester activities were an installation and Sealbearer tea. First row-L. to R.: B De La Mere, S Zenaell D Iarvis B. Thompson, S Stahl A Diarnond R Ross S Burke, L Drebin T. Sackeft R Leve, S Struhl Second row: K Luhring, S. Appell, L Gunther B. Macoabee, I Reiner l-I Katz B Hanfling, C Griswold, S. Aronwitz V Alcoloumre, K Hannan M Bernstein, Third row: B Abell S Byrock F Echstein, D Rice, C Sacks, A Brown, S Bbrahms, T. Saunders, I Colon, B. Lezin, I Brown F. Klein I Stein Fourth row:l Reiiman B. Tune S Duttey, I. Davis, L l-lewitz M Safran, I Viner, D Waswow ll. Shou, D Mizes., H Stark, K Rothschild S Friedman Fifth row: K White, B Schwartz, E. Hottberg I Oberrnan E Agar, F Yuster, B Ostrow S. Cooper, C Cohen, R Glickrnan, P Weisbart, D Fisher, S Rosrnarin, L. Liebman, B Bloorne Sixth row: B Henningson, ll Goldstein, L. Diamond P Brunner, S. Feiger, G Teplin, L Gary B Mears, A. Iohns, S Ianis, fl Baker, S Eisenberg, R Abrahrns, M. Levin, ,M , , ,, f . A CAPPELLA CAOIR Gnce aaain the Hamilton Hiah A Cappella Choir, under the direction ot Mrs, Marion Vree, displayed the fine ability which has made it the most outstanding choral aroup in the city. The hiahliaht ot the choirs season was the spring concert presented by the vocal aroups ot the music department First row-L. to R.: R Steir. C Staff M Cameron, S Fr'.'i:.1r I Goosen C Creech M Reiter I Rabkir. A Markson,I Werner. E Gealer L Karasik Second row: S Burke S Willen, M Kirkhan: I Clubb H Berwin B Lee-man F Aubel fl Feldman, B Williams, B Lezin, L Ruby Third row: D Ratner B Mook, C. Cameron, B Stanton, M Otkinson, R Goldberg, B Abel K. Luhring, P. Stracke, A Kabakaw, W Reinwald A Glander, G Michaels Fourth row: P Reed,I Barnstein P Wall, M Stone, K Lezin,I McDowall R Kozlenko R Astle, S Kopel, S. Grenburg, B Mears fl T-Ieu' mann, B Hantling I Holtan Fiith row: M Maxwell, R Levine, H Resnick, L Schumacher B Ioers, D. Brotherton, B. 'Washington F Barnett, I Luhring, I Ewens, L. Epply, C Griswald, Mrs. Vree Sixth row: A Glass B Waldman, I. Memel, L, Battoe, K Hyorth, L Andelin, M Metzger L Miller, P Aude S Pollenger, M Re-qua, T Richey K Hanrtan I Te Maat SENIOR ORCHESTRA The Senior Orchestra, made up of skilled players, per- formed tor the first time in the Ir. Phil Concert. They also brought listenina pleasure to Hamiltorfs students by par- ticipatina in many assemblies, Mr Farrar is the teacher and Iohn Wunderlich acts as president, First row-I.. to R.: G 'Nolazrx P CQCff.lCT M Salkir. Lf Mason Second row: L Manaell R Burstein R Kcraa V Tarne R Sar- sone B Grotah I Aaiafo M Small G Tolin B Dragzn S H312- :nan M Kanter Fourth row: Mr Farrar G Harsfein I '.'.",nier lzch K Rothschila R Herzog T Sacheif 3 Moore Q., za." 11 an-JIUQQ W 11 .1 --I AEOLIAN CHOIR The Aeolian Cnoir, under the able direction ot Mrs Vree, is well known to be the best in the city this year. The choir was entered in the Lona Beach Music Festival, competing aaainst tive A Cappella Choirs, and rated very highly. The choir had two more performances to make their schedule complete, one of which was the Sprina Concert and the other the Elysian Graduation First row-1. .lo R.: I Vance, B Pach M Morimoto, G Freidman, C Lee, W Fcrnow, S Bornstein, M. Solotn, B Whidden M Bog- ianott, M. Talbot, P Goodman Second row: M. Wilder, I Rogers, M Rudell, I Wischer, F. Redd, C Phillips, H. Hanlon, L Brooks, I Orsotn, M Ferraro I. Valantine. Third row: S Fink, C Treines, I Pittler, L. Henig, I Daniels, M Wolens, I Pedigo, I Hunt, M Olins, D. Crogan, I Wilson, P. Hooper, M. Sanborn, O. Levine, I Filer. Fourth row: F Moyer S Weisman, N Chern, G Legge, B .Ioers, D. Holtan I. Kapler, D. Stinson, A. Lunwig, S. Dun, L. Michaels, D, O'Keite P. Asby, R. Lasarow. Fifth row: P. Erlich, A, Hynd, L Herron, S Hagny, L Taylor, I. Molson, R. Iohnson, E Lapin, L, Plotkin, I. Simonson V. Nelson, I, Russell, N. Ott, L Andelin, S. Upton I Saslon BAND The band, which plays classical and semi-classical music, contributed its talent to the Ir. Phil Concert this semester. ln addition, they played in many assemblies and brought enjoyment to the students at Palms, where they aave a concert Iohn Wunderlich is the student leader of the band First row-L. to R.: Lf Saikir, W Suvcr, M Mason K Rosenberg Second row: If Shul S Maer B Felarnar, R Hcaghenser. R Gillis R Knight A 'ffzlaerrrguth Third row: Mr Farrar B Glanell I Herson B Fine B Critzer R Sirnrns R Clark Fourth row: K Rothschild ff Gordon T Snicket! H Lappin C. Muraahanian I .,, . . .,, . , V.-re:ngart,I Resnick , vvurfiertich any GREEN KEY CLUB FED STAFF P I K IUNIOR RED CROSS This semesters Ir. Red Cross, under the capable leader- ship of Mardy Sears, president, has participated in suc- cessful record and fund drives. The fudge sale l'tasted" of success too, and the Ir. Red Cross is looking forward to another hard-working semester. First row-I.. to R.: R. Walker, S. Kadas E Yegew, M Sears, l. Miller S Hoffberg, S. Gorden. Second row: A. Serber, C Sham- lock P Nogee, N. Scibert, M. Shostieg. W. Bellshen, I. Oishen Third row: M. Leader, S Mednick, T. Shemter, I Docat, M San- born B Bloom, P Brunner, P. Shugg, L Smaller Fourth row: Mrs Snelson R. Klutchman. A Gleckman, B. Waletlet, S. Wesman M Talbet If Calsmen S Bradow M Shambown The Green Key Club is Hamilton's honor organization for senior boys whose service and scolastic records have been been outstanding. The Green Key Club's main proj- ect for this semester has been an attempt to eliminate the smoking problem at Hamilton. They also served on cafe- teria duty and ushered at Open House. First row-L. to R.: D Spivek, l. Beifrnari, M. Gordon, I Sherrriar. P Toorvald. Second row: L Sornrner, H Hersh B Fine, B Mun- rnan, B Abell, I Stern, D Wilson Third row: M Freedland, B Ooslick, T Sackett I Breiseth A Brown S Goldertberg I Marks, H Katz mum. Malik L IR. PHILHARMONIC The Ir. Philharmonic Society, sponsored by Mrs. Vree, became one of Hamilton's most active clubs in its 15th year. lt enjoyed a Concert and poll of musical interests While doubling its membership, it had four noon con- certs which drew almost l,UUO students, and it also be- came affiliated with the Philharmonic Symphony Asso- ciation First row-L .to R.: E Heldrnan, G. Hoffman, T Sackett, D Mar- golin, B. Tezin K Yoshytani. Second row: R Abrams, M Mason, N. Sherman, I. Werner, P. Kaufman, B. Kaufman, I, Slotnick, I. Pitter. Third row: L. Landsberg, M. Solton, M, Noyes, I, Vance, B. Kordo S Eisner I. Amato. Fourth row: M, Ternow, S Kopel, I MacLean, B. Steiner I Owens, B Iacobs S Kopple K Heermance M Wolins Democratic nations everywhere benefit by a free press. Here at Hamilton the Federalist, printed weekly, tries to reflect the ideas and beliefs of all Yankees, and the poli- cies of the Student Government. The Fed Staff, under the direction of co-editors Sheila Fox and Ierry Sherman, and adviser Mrs. Anne von Poederoyen, reports every newseworthy happening at Yankeeville, plus writing en- tertaining features and editorials. First row-I. .to R.: l. Meyer, D Stele S. Fox, I Sherrrrar. M Saltz- man, P Shugg Second row: I Standard, M. Friedfeld B La Fon. D Miller, Mrs Anne vcn Poederoyen, C. Rabinovitch, K Kandler, C Leanse M, A Aubel C Wade S Borcwsky. Ding l -.. 5 , TALENT BUREAU The Talent Bureau is a special interest organization They donate their talents to all organizations and the school, when needed. They have been to the Elks' Hall, San Fernando, Veterans' Hospital, Saw- telle Hospital, Culver City Womens Club, Holly- wood Elks' Hall, and have shown their talents here at Hamilton. First row-L. to R.: A Diamond, G. Iacobson I Van:e R Rine N. Neumann. Second row: I Memel, A. Kabakow, C Ford, M. Sutton, L Iacobs M. Maxwell. Third row: I Born- stein, I. Beard, ll Cherman, F. Aubel, I. Simonson M Mar- ius B Odom L Karsik M Bunies B Brown ALEXIANS The Alexnians have long been known at Hamilton for their attractive good grooming posters. Under the leadership ot Gail Wells, their president, they have completed a term full of services and activities with other service clubs. Included in their program was a speech by a member of the anti-Defamation League. Their sponsor is Mr. Lucy. First row-I.. to R.: T Sanders, B Gerome, G Wells D Mil- ler, A. Brenner, A. Tarsky Second row: S Feiger, N Baker C. Ianis, B. Neworth, I Kohlen, P. Starr, N Feldner, L Silver- berg, B Gordon Third row:I Oishan, S Rosmarin C Sacks I Weinstock K Elgort, S Kadas S Keller BUSINESS CLUB The Business Club members, under the leadership of Vivian Saul, president, and Mrs. Carlson, sponsor is composed of hard-working students who do secre- tarial for teachers. The club did the clerical '.-fork for Girls' Week and took a field trip to one of ine points of interest in the business field Filrst row-L. to R.: I'-' !3.:'::r.i L Grahrr. If Crt U' S141 Q .l.r.':c-Igr. F .Qppei Second row: S Turner I Bullock S Kerr. B I Boserfild T. Greencirk Third row: G ii I '.'.'ri':hi A Sthnirir C lchnscn B I-'f'LlQc:r..f F in ,',,, ,Q T, ,4:, V' 'l'.":,.,,, 1. ' ..s.. ,. -.-. ... -. tv .... An... lim. s IENELLES The Ienelles are highly respected by the entire stuf dent body. At the school dances they can be seen Eielpinu out in the cloakrooni. Also, they help in the text book room by returning all lost books. Their outside actzvities included a Father and Daughter barbeciie, a slumber party and a Senior Aye fare- well party. First row--L .to R.: B if f-fi :heir K Hr-erzvir. X F: L5-:g:: A f.f'.f1.'f.'1.r,f-r: I I'-'err1f'r Second row: Fzf-rbiirs if Bose-if Left I FfC'!ff. I T1f'l'l.i."lf. S Koppel Hoax: .fi GQ::k- stf-ir F Filrk Third row:I Owens M T.ftf'.O'A' C Stiff B 1' ir.iTk 1. T-T'IYZ'.llS0 B Ag1r,B Macncibee Z' "1 L 3 r , 1 -. ' ' 1 S , 'uv gifs it 5, illill r I g.,li ,. ftnnvfttlmit ARTISIANS With the help of Mrs. Chatterton, their sponsor, the Artisians made posters to promote cleanliness and proper health habits at Hamilton. Their off-campus activities included an installation, snatch breakfast, cake sale, and slumber party. This semester the president of the club was Elaine Gritz. First row-L. to R.: C Wade, H. Purd, N Circle G Blau E Gritz, R. Abrams, R. Ross ,M. Bernstein. Second row:I Lee- son, M. Reiter, I Wolf, S. Schwit, S. Kuplan, M Levin, E Redholtz, W, Schneider, D. Ross, L. Henig, I. Silverstein, B Ostrow Third row: P Ellison, B Bernstein, M Rubens, S Marder, A Lipsman, I Fappin M Sears, M. Baggin M Col- burn, S Nowinson M. Safran TRI-C's The Tri-C's have completed another successful se- mester of servie to Hamilton. They served in the milk line, put up the March of Events, and worked in the Teachers' Cafeteria, The service club was under the able leadership of their president, Freddie Klein, and the sponsorship of Mrs. Kelly. First row-L. to R.: L Ruby, S. Klein, S. Pollinger, A Glick- man, F Klein, S. Goldenberg, E. Gealer, L. Moscovitz, B Weiss, Second row: C. Ford, I. Memel, E, Hoffberg, V. New- man, C. Bloom, S Ioeph, C. Baker, M. Cass, Third row: E Schwartz, A Kabakow, M Talbot, A. Smith, S Zendell, D. Berres, L. Brower G Teplin, L Fay, D Kaplan, M Sanborn. M Small GIRL'S GLEE Adding beautifully to the final Girls' League pres- entation assembly was the Girls' Glee as they sang. Mrs. Vree leads the group, Membership in the Girls' Glee requires no special qualifications other than a good voice and liking to singing. First row-L to R.: I. Conrad, A. Schwartz, I Schireson, I Noorda, B. Pellin, D. Olefsky, R. Kane, C. Vieina, N Circle, I. Conger. Second row: I. Russell, E. Lee, I. Massey, N. Ski- bell, S Altshuler, B. Goldstein, E. Cohen, A. Hockrnan, B. Dells, B. Wilson, B. Levitt Third row: Mrs Vree, L. Betkiiian M. Goldbloom, M, Simpson, B. Ramizem, H. Benk, L Grant, R. Kluchman, P. Radner, M. Schulman, R. Ostroff, Miss Horne Fourth row: H Goldberg, M Barber, I. Bromberg, B. Shapiro, gl II1-iarwin R Bubetslcy, C. Dally M Dusick G Gindy E o n. 5 L 1 1 A I , f 5 iz is ' I ig 1 I t E -E-i P -1 if 'hai' 'f,.:y, The Ushers committee has been noted for its cour- t I I . teous and helpful ushering at all the school func- .- I - r tions in the auditorium. Mrs. Moloy sponsored the group, and Bob Munman was the president. The group did a very efficient job this semester. First row-I.. to R.: S Rcsrenzweig P Lancer., E Agar,I Stein M Cass, D Prediar., B Mur.:r.a: C Eisenshtat D Kapiar. A Kornbloozri, D Berres, B Wautelet Second row: L Fisher I Wolf I Sarnsor. K Sghwartz L Clixe E Lee I Alrzzrgr. M Shapiro E Kiretrxcr. Third row:I Slctiiclc ii Hcrxzfk L I-izrpiltof. S Kriegshiber M Kirkharz. P Zakzzr. E ','v'e1i- rfr E Arkir. S Mcnskuir. M Freedman K Salcowski, M Mor.- A Hyii C Bartlett I Wilsor. D Axelrod Fourth row: G Cxiiey A Cberfitezr. L Urfrig, M 'ffitt S Iackrxar. , I . , . . J .ffcxey M g,:'.':isoY. l SHILP I Fifer D Zfzvsclkcm' E 'NaZiiCiC, I ' i L Golirzrrr. I Fpaf-f S 'Nezsrrfzx R Critzer H Berriar S Half lf Sar:.c'.'iti'h D e i 4 H I W TONDALAYES Trie Tondalayes Horizon Club, S'57 has performed rtiany services to Hamilton. Under the able leaderf ship of their president, Kathy Creath, they have decorated the Horne Economics' showcases and served at school teas. Thelr sponsor, Mrs Hoyt, has been invaluable in aiding them. Among their many ofi-campus activities were a slumber party, a ban- auet, and a snatch breakfast First row: I.. to R.: S Tulp M Carxeror. A bxazgord, K Creafh, fi flexrnarrn K Hanna? M Taxe Second row Mrs: Hoyt S Kadlec M LQ ffathar. I Smith, B 'Nhirif der. C l-fa':L2'4ghlir, S Wide-er. L Strgrzrar. A Markzor. Third row: M flilscr. I TeMa':t L Atari: P Perreaulf A T'e1'hirr.c1r L Carlcr A Getz C Griswold S Fox S Fried- rxrir L Velroix C Pffazrertse ZANDERETTES The Zanderettes are an active part of Hamilton, They have served the school by taking care of the trophy case and keeping the caps and gowns in order. Also, the'-' have helped out with the Girls' League activities Their outside activities included at pot luck dinner rollerfskating party, induction tea, i scfioo. service parties, and an installation banquet. First row-L. to R.: V Alcoulouztxre L Gary I Dunner B Friezi l. Friedin M Goldbloorzi I Cohen Second row: A Kornhloczi L First S Iawitz F Yuster fl Meister C Treinis B Brziov: ll Field M Sharzbaurri Third row: R Epstein ll Ioseph S Frezjir. E Good A Server I Shlpp Fl Rhine E Frzeirxan P Brunner S Golderberg A Dzazrxond CHATELAINES This semester, under their capable president, Karen Luhring, the Chatelaines continued their service of keeping the sewing boxes in the Girls' Vice Princi- pal's office and the gym equipped. Also, they made new pom-poms for the drill team and had their an- nual stocking drive. Their outside activities consist- ed of a pot luck dinner, snatch breakfast, and in- stallation of new members and officers. First row-I. to R.: V. Morley, D. Weimer, R. Rush, K. Luh- ring, I Holton, B. Hanfling, E. Peters. Second row: L. Holt. M. Maxwell, I. Cook, G. Montero, B. Lambert, L. Bayhi, I. Currie, I, Vance. Third row: P. Samuelson, S. Armishaw, C. Atherton, S. Iohnson, Mrs. Hartwell, D Lasater, L Ferren, D. Cole, A. Erickson, C. Tabor CONUTAIS The Conutais service club works in the library and is in charge of the library showcase. Their activi- ties for the semester included a snatch breakfast, banquet, and a senior farewell dinner. They are under the leadership of Beverly De La Mare and the sponsorship of Mrs. Pollock, First row-I.. to R.: V Tarrie, B Dartzinger, S. Burke, B De La Mare, S Mann, I. McPhail, R Estrim. Second row: D Peder- son, G, Michaels, T Iacobs, D. Rice, L Brode L Graham P MacGinnis Third row L La Boy, E Heldrna: C Coo- r, H Zeeman, TI Ott, L ffewitz, B Hallett C Gallay, M alker P9 wh, wi? in 1 rf Q tr 1 I ' w l . ' . if A T i .. L A . ' .lj l 3 1 Q I . Eli .3 is l 'f- ? r 3 , " , ' I I A G3 ' ' I' W7 w ', 'Ti 4 Q ' in ' x 'E i 5 ' I . - A - 1 4 LETTERGIRLS A The Lettergirls, chosen for their athletic skills and school services, have kept up their high standards of service to Hamilton this semester. They have ushered, served at teas, officiated at sports events, and helped with the smoking problem The able leadership of Dore Nathan, president, and wise counsel o the sponsor, Miss Mason, have carried them through a suc- cessful semester. First row--L. to R.: B Williams, B Nathanson, D. Nathan N. Ott, N Phillips. Second row: K White, B Strauss, B Mears. G. Michaels D. Cole, l. Maybloom Third row: K, I-Iiorth, B. Strote, M. Walker, S. Kadas C. Cunningham, I. Brown, I. Orstarp. Fourth row: S. Friedman, I Te Maat I Smith B Lambert D Miller N Feldman C Mairesse 4' f FIRST LADIES im The First Lady Organization is composed of senior :iirls recognized for their outstanding service and XX X scholastic records. This semester, following their X semi-annual pot luck dinner and their installation, the girls assumed the responsibilities of sponsoring Faison Committees, serving in the cafeteria, ushering at as- semblies, and revising their constitiution. The semester's social events included a progressive dinner with the members of the Green Key Club and a slumber party. First row: I.. to R.: E. Hoffberg, B. Tutuniiari, B Lambert, K. Luhring, G Teplin. Second row: C Cunningham, L Newitz S. Feiger C Sacks L Velpoux, S. Friedman, K LeBecq. Third row: Mrs. Hoyt, I. Viner, M Safran. L Diamond, P. Starr, T. Sanders, S. Zendell, F, Yuster. Fourth row: B. Maccabee, M. Nielson, B. Newman, M. Bernstein, S Rosmarin N Baker S. Ianis, R, Bloom, D. Rice, I. Davis , 1-new SOSK 'N BUSKIN Tre Socic 'n Busl-:in drama club nas entertained CIVII. DEFENCE The purpose of the Civil Defense Council is tc Harniltorfs student body witfi their dramatic pro- work for the safety' cf tiie student body Tc do duction, I-hah Window." Tne play was also J this, the council must work hand in hand '.-:ith vi entered in the Pasadena Flaynouse contest Out- the different civil defense organizations. This side activities incligdedatour of Fararncunt stud1o council is responsible for tne drills and their and attendance at collede productions. Tneir president was proiect fcr the term was the mock drill. Mel Blcrnerthal ar-d their s cnscr. Miss Fcx. . . T A I p J First row-I.. to R.: M Leader KS large Lf Sdirar' F Lflff. Second row: First row-I.. to R.: S K.1s5'1 i. lrfrzr. YJ':l Q KTLMTY H E Sli'-'5ff1'l3 S K195- L P5757- E 3537-' I- riiflfif- Third WW: 5. Fried I Roger: Second row: C Fcrf: L lffeyer M F11gr.1i. lJ.Cf,'.'.':tt FTE' Ft F3-iii' l GLTTY S KCFYV' If GYTTT MY P?37i'i'lTZ Q '."i1":hir. E Pdr'r.c'.': ff Ch'-rr. F Kreifzfr '17 Third row: B F524 ff .edges 'FS I':"iL.fc' T1 F'e-':Q':'i I i":i'f.f:rf-7 B TlT'A1Tff M Tzili F lfcrarue G if' I NORMANS The Normans have served the school by working on the lunch court and in the cafeteria. Their activi- ties included an installation and a number ot parties. Led by president Howard Rosenberg and their spon- sor Miss Perl, this club has really shown Hamilton's spirit with their participation in student body work. First row-L to R.: I. Hertdler, I Dobkin, H. Rosenberg B Berton S Goldenberg Second row: B Schwartz, M Kass D Galinson, A. Baraz, B Munman, D Iohnsorz, B Fine, C Cooper, I Kestenberg Third row: M. Gordon, I. Kerner, D Solomon, V Amira, S Rosenblum, B Schwartz G Marantz I Greenspan, R I.ane,I Stern SPADES Here is a club active to the last man in both sports and leadership. As a group, they have otticiated at track meets and served cafeteria and lunch court duty. They enjoyed a trip to Palm Springs, a picnic, and regular parties also. Mr. Gerfen is their sponsor and Mike Smolen is their president. First row-L. to R.: R. Goldberg, D. Spritzer, M Smolen, H Altman, F. Taxer, C. Frank. Second row: I. Kaplan, H. Holtz' man, B. Sobel, S. Adler, R. Taxe, B. Heller, S. Romaine. Third row: I. Hirsch, C. Lefkowitz, G. Russell, S. Goliger, I. Walch, M ilver an D Wicshin Shan 1N Feinsteprii R Roth. Y Q3 sit I ri? viii VSV o , x D vrljjv - r I I .Vp Jomans gif 4 rme is he Iokers' sponsor and Dave Aikins eir presi t. They cleaned up the lunch court n e duty. A picnic, a party with a rl lub nd regular parties were their events. ti e ' utside work, they helped collect clothes ee people and worked on Hungarian relief. t L. to R.: T. Pedigo, I. Hunt, D. Aikins, M. Evans, . enecker. Second row: I. Clark, R. Orr, E. Bohn, B. M er, D. Crogan, B. Evans, F. Rodriguez. Third row: B My in, D. Parr, K Collett, B. Davis, I. Haydel, G. Cudney I1 Haselfeld J T AMBASSADORS The Ambassadors ,led by Richard Weisbart, have completed a great semester of service to the school, officiating at games, cleaning the grounds, and working in the cafeteria. They have also contrib- uted to various school and community drives. Their outside activities included a progressive dinner and an installation. Firs trow-L. to R.: R. Rimbach, I.. Zysman, R. Weisbart, T Sackett, R. Apt. Second row: B. Solomen, M, Cooper, M Checansky. Third row: S. Cooper, B. Fineberg, B. Sardell, M. Shapiro. IMPERIALS The lmperials, under the leadership of Harvey Katz and the guidance of Miss Mason, have officiated at sports events and done work on the lunch court and in the cafeteria. They held several parties and had a grad-night farewell banquet. Knowing that they are the oldest club on campus, they feel that theirs is the most closely knit organization and feel loyal to one another, First row-L. to R.: H, Margolis, I. Wellborn, I. Snider, M, Feldman, V. Cardenas. Second row: B. Brunin , R. Weinberaer hr g J , N S ager, K. Har- mon, R. Wiedhopf, S. Berman. Third row: I. Reinus, E. Vishoff, L Rig- gins, G. Iaeger, H, Ionesberger, E. Lasarow, B. Kaplowitz. SARACENS The Saracens, in their Senior Aye semester, have had many members active in student government and athletics. They have done work in the cafef teria and on the lunch court. The club is unique in that all are Elysians, S'57. First row: B. Leemon D Somers, L Chalfinl Sherman, R Leve, R Waswo Second row: B. Leemon D. Somers, M. Saltzman, D. Spivek, B. Tune, H Hersh, A. Brown. Third row: L Marks, A. Margolin, L Sommer, C Cohen, B Eisner l Reifman. R Pofsky. WW E H 'lit K an iii' FK' A it' 5 .sz 4 I J ga- N ' f' W .J-'fy lf. 2v,.- rttt t A .111 5 ""' A it f . CHANCELLORS The Chancellors have had another useful semes ter, rendering much service to the school and the community. Their services included workina on the lunch court and in the cafeteria and ushering at athletic events. Under the leadership of Dave Rudnick, the club has participated in many activities such as a Valentine's party and inter-club sports First row-L. to R.: E Ginsberg B Kodas, D. Rudriic' acobs, S Lo Second row: D Horowitz D Feldman M. Pasarcw, Weissrnull r Galen Third row: M Rothstein Mr Daniels, II Roberts l lacobs M Sokolsky 54 ,J X., S OVEREIGN S The Sovereians under the able leadership of Bar ry Robbins have done much service for the school They have aided in the lunch court cleanup NO -qed in the afetera helped RTA on tneir rumma e sale arid ushered at trafic meets l addtion they have Kept themselves bus socially JJIUT tneir installation and a party ever, month st row-L. to R.. A 5.1 . .i-tl, li no 1..- Le wr. Pfefferriai econd row: lf Feta! r, e a . .' r AQ. 7 Third row: K Frlcdrian, D llis .. . L Oe- iclc, G. ' ALADDINS The Aladdins, an A-10 club at Hami, started their semester's work by assisting with grounds, in the cafeteria, and at track meets. The club, led by Ierry Rosin, has had many activities, including a swim- ming party. First row-I. .to R.: Fl Koretz, T. Rosin, E Horowitz, S. Marks Second row: M Suden, B. Pollock I Miles, T, Iacobs, T Maas L Morantz city park. and they SAXONS The Saxons serve their school by lunch court and cafeteria duties, besides special duties by each in- dividual member. They have had a hay ride, and a party or dinner at least once a month. They are the only Mon campus" club that is sponsored by a They believe in complete democracy in their club, try to carry this out in their daily life. First row-I.. to R.: R Mossrnan, E, Fuerst B. Kriendel, I Simon, M Noyes t 1 X a x Second row: W. Brady K Kravitz, K Shultz, I Barrish, L Carlson 5 2 i I f l 5 R5 TRITONS man, have had another successful semester. They served the school by helping with lunch court cleanup, in the cafeteria, and with other work. They have a well-rounded program of sports and social events, and athletically they had a victorious season in inter-club competition. The Tritons, under the leadership of Robert Feld- First row-L. to R.: A llfzler. H Feldrrrzr. M flcrrxar. Second row: K Osgood H Kabakow P Rorrxar, S Eorowsky K Moss Third row: E Wirzrz D Sherwood L. Friedman S Marks. Si ,I , fl S 'Nt wir , , 'Q Iliff ,J 5 W 5.1 Q f--Al flvlffff . f if ., , . o ,, , , U I x A CAESARS The Caesars, with Larry Bloomer as president and Mr. Parker as sponsor, did their services to the school in the form of lunch court and cafeteria duties, They have had three parties, two ban- quets, an installation, car Washes, and a drawing for a turkey. First row-L. to R.: P Bart: Fl Fox L Elocrxer Lf Stezr. Second row: F Aubel F Mzlpera S Frie' I Efflfiif K Eivvxrds Third row: M Feldnor I, Blumenthal I Chuleft K Yoshitaix Mr Parker. QZLYGIF. 55 . "li , . 3' CAPRIELLES Under the leadership of their president, Iudy Olsan, the Caprielles work in the student store and business office. Their off campus activities have included miniature golfing, a slumber party, a bake sale, and an installation. They are a horizon club. First row-I.. to H.: P Steuwe, I. Bathke, I. Olsan, G. Legge Second row: S. Rapoport, K Mayhew, I Wilson, S. Upton Third row: S Sarns, K Olauson, E Olvera, P Hooper KARANOMES The Karanomes, a horizon club, were led by presi- dent Pat Wibe this term. They had a busy round of events. For their service this semester, they helped with all the student body drives and assisted the student body treasurer. First row-L. to R.: G Williams, P. Wibe, D, Salley, Second row: B. Armstrong, T Varley, P. Fullerton, H. Goldberg. Third row: I. Rosenfield, P Stracke, C Swanson, M. Schliff, K Olson TRAVAILLES The Travailles originated their service club last see mester under the sponsorship of Miss Bisirri, The members helped at the prom, made fudge for the Red Cross, and stuffed toys for the Childrenfy Hose pital during Easter. After an installation at King's Tropical Inn, the Travailles planned a picnic and hike at Griffith Park Zoo. First row-L. to R.: I Proctor S Denenburg, M Rigiani Sec- ond row: C Haplcir. K. Hagar M Reuter S Kriegshaber I Iacobson SPTA The SPTA, a group chosen by the students, connect the student body with the PTA Hamilton can be proud of its SPTA which is the only one where the PTA and the students are combined. The SPTA helps to promote membership drives and attendance at meetings. The group was under the leadership of Sandy Stahl this semester. First row-L .to R.: M Glesser S Stahl M Palley Second row: B TIC'-N'If.fZT. A Wachtir. G Ratisozri Third row: F Abrams L Schwab P Ianis E l1e:ls'trup 2 49544 CARINES f The Carines service club oriainated with the inten- tion ot promoting friendship and service. The club has held true to that idea by working with the nurse- ry children, taking care of them during graduation exercises, and qivina parties for them. Experience and satisfaction are both gained through the project. The Carines were led by their president, Sally Dildine far, First row-I.. to R.: E Henningsen, B Williams S Dilaine I Wright 2 margolin. Second row: N. Kirner, C. Bishop, A. Audel, I. Larsen, M Segal Third row: D Hornick, S Gordon I. Lietre Mrs Molloy, V. Saul I Sasicw LAI-'EDETTES The Latedettes serve the school by working in the Lost and Found. They have been under the capable leadership of their president, Bonnie Graf, and their sponsor, Mrs. Sprina. Being a horizon club, the Lawedettes give many services to their community, too. On their aaenda for social activities this semester was a trip to a dude ranch and a harvest dance. -fv- First row-L. to R.: fl Freedrrzart I Green B Gra: I. Thoresori I Mais-.. Second row:H Budley T Russell M Witt T Steiner B La Fon T Dawes av' V flelson Third row: S Bosenzweig E Cobin C Hazell A ff L Kahn I Levitt B Saftrin E. Cohen wt 4 -. 4 x 7' FLEURELLES The Fleuerelles Service Club is a newcomer to Hamiltons campus this semester. They haven't any special service yet, but the girls have been busily working on rnakina baskets of food for needy families. A trip to Crestline and a Christmas party were among their offfcarnpus activities. Deanne Grif- fin was their president and Mrs, Weston, the sponsor. First row-I.. to R.: I Russell IStuev.'e B Griffir. K Olleli S Sh1pp Second row: B ','.'1lie S Teigftel M Petra: fi Bader. G Robinson Third row: P Ashby' I Tfzrkirfcr. P Smith P Kieifel Mn: 'Nestor SATYRS x i, Mr. Bobinette is sponsoring a new club, the Satyrs, and to help him is their temporary president, Mike S .. Steiniaer. Already they have had lunch court clean- up for service to their school. Sports such as base! ball and basketball were riaht along with parties on their list of activities. All these A-lO's hope to have a very active Bell semester. First row-L. to R.: Q' Boss L Pr:::.a'.'era H Berwzr. I1 Sieirgger ond row: B Cohen H Rosenthal B Sthoexburg S Morse Third - - " ' ' 1: B .f-.zranarxs S Amer. L Packs. Brs'.'.'r,sfe1r. Sec- row: .1 CA-HO'S The Ca-Ho's Service Club has been a hard-working group this semester, giving service to Hamilton in the faculty cafeteria. In addition, they have assisted in the student cafeteria. An installation of new officers and new members highlighted the season. The Ca-Ho's were led by their able president Nikki Chern with the help of their sponsor Mrs. Stein. First row--I.. to R.: A. Weide, S, Friedman, N, Chern, I. Bullock, M. Came- ron. Second row: L. Drebin, S. Stahl, M. Glesser, C. Leanse, S. Turner, M. Barber. Third row: V. Lackman, L. Fine, S. Zweig, Mrs. Stein, L Andelin, C. Iohnson, M. Weiselman, S. Byrock. PREMIERS The Premiers service club, sponsored by Mrs. Rhodes, had a very successful semester. Under the leadership of Phyllis Cohen, they kept the girls' gym supplied with health posters and the administrations' offies stocked with magazines. Their off-campus activities have included an installation, pos- ter parties, and a skating party. Q First row-L. to R.: A. Tavris, S. Dobkin, P. Cohen, G. Adelman, C. Eisen- stat. Second row. M. Rubin, S. Stein, C. Sandler, T, Barrett, W. Bere- skin, I.. Adelman, B. Wagner. Third row: S. Marcus, G. Wolgin, C. lacob- son, C Nesbitt, C. Paller, S. Aronowitz, N Goldstein, F. Neiman Q-ju-J CATERETTES The Caterettes serve at all school functions. In their neat blue and white uniforms, they have served at the First Lady Tea, P.T.A. Meetings, Senior Tea, Senior Prom, and Faisons Mother-Daughter Tea. The Caterettes are sponsored by Mrs. Leitch, and Diane De Long is president this semester. First row:-L. to R.: I Beard, B. Strote, D DeLong, K White, C. Cuning- ham. Second row: B. Mears, A. lohns, N. Phillips, P. Wall, L. Wallace, P. Aadland, L. Ring. Third row: P. Shugg, M. Burges, M. Smith, G Iohn- son, Mrs. Leitch, M. Cripe, P. Didham, K. Burgess. RONDELLES The Rondelles are a new service club at Hamil- ton and have not as yet had their services as- signed. They started their career at Hamilton with an installation of new officers and charter members at an afternoon tea. The club sponsor is Mrs. Demaria and the president is Enid Rudelson. First row-L. to R.: E Arkin, C. Mazure, E. Rudelson, R. Hoffman, M Davidson. Second row: E. Turner, S. Krause, I. Rish, C. Sweet. Third row: I Sherman, N. Shavelle, G Cohn, H Goodman, A. Silver. lg FHJ 741 ,- , A lm Y V Swivel aw N X A ,T gf" ",,...-f- L-'7 Af X L A 91 Lq W IA! 'M 'Lf vb JV' JW sf L L VP fvv LUV V gjif QL Lkwb JNXWX UVM" UVZLMXC PM J ff f 'AJ Uv 1, rw X . 0 C X I ' J "- fb V L , 1' I 1 xl I X 3 .4 l K ., 1, . 1, 4 A A l I f J' -. ,-AX Jpj fqx mf I . fJZg,fA'J, , . J . . , Aj! , G ' ,V 'b 4 ' 'A , x tx Aff! 14 ' Y ' H fl!!!-I ,VAL-y I I ,4 , '31, , -LV ' If 5 N VT 4 f AML! L NL A . QL TUV V f 1 V L VCV f V , , i W V1 VC '7 Lf ' if , ,, ' jllff' J E 71 jbfi ,, ff flfnal , .sq ia. -- U if 'N lvl 3 X LIL! X ,' 'Vo W ' v ' . I 1, V lx - ri V ' V L A f U ' L QW V- I ,7 - . A 1 A pf ' , f N 1 ' , I , ,WIVULU if LX! pit ' ufcq 5 'A r 4 , 4 If ij WM Q 4 LLL L v K Y 3 L 17111 JV' VZ TM' 'V L I 4 x, ff Ll fjyf 1 A 6 IL fx , 1 L, Xxx ' Ml. VUL W X, VV ,J Q Li WL tf flbffxj V LJ X W 'JV fin ,A wx ,SW . flip Y 9 f' LI ! v J l -1 1 f LAW! A 4 K1 Q ' W 4 A I, A , 4 1 ' . 7 1 A .V K , - iw ww . 1 L V . T 4- bb -.X X V ' ' f ui 'U . kj ' . . , 1" , . UU Q 1 I V v'M'1 D J KW. ,l V' I V '. . I I Y I JJ! , 'K fr Xl V x U , W' VW V. ' 71 WU' 5 LVM! ' .V " "M AU. k Lu'Lf'J X ,tb ' " , ' -1 ' ,x X , 11, fb ,Lk lv A - A k uw! A M ,LwL, xg ,N AIM I A , 'NAA . f A. ff' 1 Y . K ' X Wiz, I jjj R , -N Vfx K VARSITY TRACK Harntltons varstty track team tts best tn many years placed second tn Western Leaauc dual meet competttton Paced by sprtnter broad jumper Don Rawson the Yankees tlcd fcr second wtth Fatrfax 1n the league ftnals Raw son alona wtth Bob Marttn Gene Levtne Btll Ftnn and Shell Rosen were the matn rea sons for the ftnal Hamtlton showtna Fxrst row I. to R F Butterworth M Atktn on M Sa fran I Marks D Ruedy R Mullenhour I lack on Second row R Wetss S Sosa mgr E V1 hkoff B Ftnn D Rawsor B Martln T Mellos I Retfmar W Jas R Fasher mgr C Pemberton Third row Coach Cullorr L Waxnar E Cohe L Blackmar 'I Schow P Schenck R Heller A Rosen D Ne et Coach Broadwater Fourth row F Carlson V Amtra M Kass H Katz R Marsourt M l-ltlton S Rosen M Sokalsky M Checansky BEE TRACK TEAM Thts years Bee track team really dtd not ltve up to 1ts expectattons They were a great bunch of boys stated coach Broadwater but ,ust dtdnt qutte make the mark Three of the outstandtng athletes on the Bee squad were Lanny RIQQIHS Bob Steventon and Std Tessler Unfortunately an tntury occurred and Rtqgms was stopped before the btg meets Btg thtngs are bound to happen next year to our Bee Boys. Front row-L. to R.: L. Bloomer, S Tessler, L Riggins, l. Kestenberg, L. Marks, D. Youkstetter. Middle row: Coach Cullom, K. Osgood, B. Shane, S. Nunim, N. Schrager, H, Hommnick, B Fineberg, Coach Broad- water. Top row: S Berrens, M. Myer, M Brewer, T. Cooper, T. Teiman F Taxer, B Blomquist T Trark- T se B Stever. .. CEE TEAM l'lamilton's Cee team led by Elysian Dave Spl- vek, who broke two school records in the IUU and 180, and went on to win first in the l8O in City Finals, and Mike Stein, undefeated in the l32U, enjoyed a very successful season. The miahty rnidaets defeated most of their Western leaaue foes. Bottom row-L. to R.: R Fadbora A TvYCfSlC'1' B Altar:- scr. IJ Spivek B Rzchariscr. lff Steir. Middle row: H-.. h.,.. -,.. . t.,'4..:t:. L S. neue? r. -pin-:za A l'f'1f'1'NQfZ B Pelerrff Cf ll-l'1lLC'T'l lffr Brc':ii'r."11ef Top row. B zen: K Yosrrztar N Lzt- .,,,L,-,, D H,, I' V,,,- U ff. ., r- f-Lg, ,Mecca .. ...H L .cene ,. L. -,...,, r-1, M w JL N ,J ' if Xf 4' vo 0 'I 10 'Q -of Q .f' MQ' P FAQC' 'YA x-JO N 4, V x2 ,L X QFMJJ I 'Q' fl Q no ,,...f- 9-""' HAMILTON TRACK STARS f Wan 3? VARSITY BASEBALL JM .QE ,MIKE r h ' f X This season has been very successful for our Varsity horsehiders. The two E J I games that they lost, Venie and University, both were lost only by one run, -, Q and both ran into extra innings. Q! I 0 f 'fi Front row-L. to R.: M. Levin, B. Somers, E. Bohn, T. Pedigo, V, Schwartz, L. Goldman, I. ' 5 J Malesrstein. Middle row: B. Fine, B. Margolis, L. Parish, T. Pulvers, L. Diamant, Top row: '- C1. Marantz, D. Melindez, M. Dana ,D. Somers, I. Cook, S. Greenbaum, B. Tennent, B. Weisbart, I. Smith. 'J 5 fi' LV. BASEBALL TEAM "This seasons I.V. team," says Coach Grant," are a bunch ot hard working boys." Although their won and lost rec- ord is very poor, they have been playing in bad luck. They have a record ot six losses, three of which were lost by one run. Two boys have come down from Varsity ,and the team hopes this might strengthen their team. Bottom row-L. to R.: S. Morehouse, A. Friedman, Ft. Izzi, E. Saunders, A. Soloman, T. Dolan, S. Bassin. Second row: I. Priebe, F. Sanon, D. Cre- sap, B. Vinetz, B. Grotch, S. Schwartz, I. Brown, Coach Grant, Third row: H. Carlin, mgr., B. Vogelsang, A. Blumenthal, M. Silverman, M, Sol- ovy, S. Boskin, M. Rothstein, B. Wynne, mgr, 62 it 11 1 ' f X Yxfi ':'f'fA . , fytfffv trys.: I rl-vy1,,r,6,,',i V v F-,wffgf fy 1 1 e 1 1 ' 1' ' ','.' ,w',1,f.',-fm 1' f' 5-r,w:,fvy1: f Bob Thornton, shown hustiing dow to first base, took over the catching C es for the varsity squad tihis year. Be ' i a top receiver he wa utstan ' i e hitting I aigzrtgdti 'Mi X b D' v N pa ,lf 1 I I, tix! 1 in X A 'N tw . xx Dy. y L Xt W ' WL ijm Writer LK VARSITY BASEBALL STARS Nike Lana, :howii here krting in the sect-rid Hazziiitcz pra:tif:ci game, is one o' the stami- outs or the s Qjfld Lana a retmrrxing lfit'f-:A than gfay, ie-it field Bill Margolis, shown here starting to slide into first base tri one oi the iirst practice games of the season, is another standout of the varsity squad Margoiis, a returning ietterrnan plays second base, w,.,A . GYM TEAM ed by Elysmms Mike Yours cmd lim Hall, Gnd Nth urcder, Dom MCLGY1'3' Hurrzilfcrfs Gyrrp Te-Uri C'YI'Of-'CCi Czicther fine- Sensei They lost but one duff 'nor-I, but wont Or. To vin the Western Leanne Finals VJIUI e-Use r f L 1 'Miki' fu ' f,":,fr it' mm Elf' H' I F 'I 'I 'f"'I I T-fflff. .YY', .' 'I ' f.'-'f' I 'Sy' ,: 1 t fgzf. L 1' 1 :rf Hn' Ufinw V. "J 'E I I I f 1 ff fI,'1f. 'fl'f1f'If,'I1f,'I YYTC-CPI f'.6,'Y, I1 F' r:1' p ,, .11 I SWIM TEAM Under the fine coaching ot Richard Gerten, our swim team was greatly improved. We have several men on the team who are outstandina. They are divers, lim Hall and Mike Youna: lreestyles, lohnng' Weismuller and Richard Schissel, back stroke, Stan Abrams, butterflies, Chuck Butler and Gene Rowe, breaststrokes, Core dell Shonbera and Alex Balian- ine div1d'aal rreajxlist Roger G1llis Next 'year we have areat hopes for the teari, 1-.ritli three to: comina to varsity. Trieg' are Dave Wisnen, l-lartljx Bro:-fn and Rfhara Carlson As this Joes to press the team has only one :rreet and has suffered four defeats 'lg one meet left to olau' First row-I.. to R.: E Hare: Q Tzer, ff Evarf 3 E K::.he1r:1 Second row: Rfowr. .-5. Katz E Felariar G Koaixer L ZQ"i:.2'7. T Frazee Third row: S, Snyder, S Cher :re f ','.'.if:r K .l.7"h-'fr F flu'- :1'T T, '.'.'.1.ih.r. S ,5.'r':i:f.y G Shf,f.T.r"T Fourth row. R Czerier. :oaChJ I, Wers- r:.a.ie7 G R S'r'.i.ieQ YJ l.'rr.r .. Sala' G -7 Z I llf, R fill: T ' Kwrl ' F111 ' :'.'::.':af-' TENNIS TEAM The Hamilton Tennis Team, for the tirst time in many years, managed to stay out ot the cellar as they defeat- ed a weak Venice team 4 to 3. ln the rest of the leaapxe matches they were defeated 6 to l by University, 7 to O by Fairfax, 5 to l Holly'- '.-rood, and 7 to U by Marshall, The team was aaain coached by William Crow. The captain '.-:as Steve l.eher, the co-captain '.-:as Dona Roberts, and the rnanaaer was Ioel Standard. Bottom row-I.. to R.: l. Grizzkzikle G Kira- sley S Leher, C Cavardzsh W Crarxrjzti D Rudn1ck,G Garrett R Goldberg Sec- ond row: S Bushmann, P Mosser K Roth- fhtld I Snyder I.Ar.:ierson S Stufz B llruzriann l Shades I B6I'liVv'1iZ,T Racket? Top row: I. Standard H. Hopkins, D. Davis, R Keller S Eisenberg S Smith S Plate l lrtobs Ccath William Crow f 3 Sf 2 f 1'- ,Y tj, 1 X Y ' fl f lt J v Q , ell r jj 1. Xi.,-, . -.fu . , ,t , , f f g y ,f ff ,-,I ff ,A . , V N if It LXL1 44. ML. L of-Q if A -f f . 54fc5?4?1 - X xx ,IYMQ C ! V ,X 3 if 1 ff' ai. 4,1 QL j A Z J fz M,-ly if "I, . 4 , n , -ff eff ,ik f' fb if V Qi C 2 fi, 64, Z! cf ff- 51-4 :ffl 'jlFLf'9!i! fjlfvwiv' C2gKf,4!fZX Lf 1-. Li f we '. fs LN-1 I J ff f H r f I -4 , It ' , In K 1 , ,, A., V ,v f g-L J .arg y, , 1, f L. - fr ff- f f be fe- 'ffl to Q' i- f K Z i L f ' g Q 1 L ' ' Q, f, I I E V!.,,A,gpf-A. ,..QfL.? A v ' V f A , y , if 5' I . L ,Lg 4, , f- --ff Y , - jf, X 0 r -,4 .fL2QC.f1' A 'L 'Q-'fl 4 L Q-?'f if 0 .M if C fvf. Y ,A LC ' L' " M' :Bl L 'J +,. .V ' , Lgyb af , off if QR Q iyf,v,.Q1,- 1 , li 'J if 51,2 c n 1 , , I f T, f , fyq, A, , 1, "A ,. . 1 ., 1, 66 t r CHEERLEADERS This year's Cheerleaders started off by promoting great school spirit at the Welcome Assem- bly. They rallied at basketball games, track meets and base- ball games. Recentlyu they chose a new crew to get up the spirit to cheer on our next year's All City football team. Bottom row: ll, Felarnar., M Sedacca Second row: C Macl.aughl1n, ll lleuf mann S Dildine D Wermer u i . ,GA3 CHIHNET viva an The GAA Cabinet, led by Bar-.,.',?f bara Mears, President, plannedfffwl a full semester of Wonderful ac- by , tivities lor the GAA girls. ld-7 0' A' cluded in the program were anfj ,A Easter party with an egg hunt, if a play day, and the traditional fy father and daughter banquet. 4 W., 4 ,, X" E!L4.f?Lffe 'flf47l"f'!LK' X ff f L, tgljt, f which closes the semester. Inffll QU? addition, the cabinet takes care ot all the GAA business, lvnifff, First row-L. to R.: C. Cunningha:nfi', 4 B Mears, B. Strote Second row: Gf A4567 Michaels, M Ferrar, D Nathan, lt-L42 A Ott. ,V , .ffafffti f , ,. pw j,1x2,1v,' f nz 4 X l 4 IZ' 1 'Lf I 7' . J . C' fw.fZC,,-W.i.! aff? f f 1 f ,Ji ,'4y I 'ff "' 'I , ' ' f 'fffffn f fpffl ,f tnf ,t,,..,fr-,f f ' f f, ts- fr so M do f V- .2 , , , ffm' f M A f, ff 1757 5LfQ,L14,!6C,fZ4L1cf14,.zf 441 41,5 -:ff ffm Milf IL ,MQ f Q- df via jc, 4 IJZ41' 4, I Viafpkdz Vg,e,47Q24Z'e,6 fu! wif-w af1oLId4M?l,,64U.4 A-fbi J dl .M m J vw ad J if bug U MHQ2? I 4 1 bw Qi, 'K bmivwiixx ' wbmlvlw-4, gy f I 44,0 ba c W4 111 Jamjf CKCALPFLAJJ 6444644 AMJZAVJMM iii! U df-fm, M6633 :Mug AT LI ckfyrc 44 kwa! Nuo-f 5 wtf-A Cff. ,ILZLIZZ Lu4uZ72 1 ,yi myX w JUQ f 4Ic,i'l:ciA5d'Q,gnzf ffigtyfd gpfdgsfxxx-f Qf 4402 44 Lid-41,0 M147 i9gYfM iZi?Z??52hL TX Umm! JQLQCZDZQLZK, Z-ij page 3'ACJUWHq01m3H'x-om E66 14, lj T 4fdZJQJ Q06 MM' ?JfwWxv1QFwWfmdL dgnfcc, gf L 1 -1,f,c4 4 f flfwg-,M VV? 71 f , .TJMQXL , ' , iw' f X J V I, h. 7 A ' . 3 A -I A u n ' F ' ,, A -, 1, V. .151 I r , - ' H '5 I I I dl . , A 5 n i f X 6 ' . , 1 .,- jd ' I iz! X I , fi ' ' V ' . I X, 4, -14 1 ' X' A"V f ' f ,I I Y . - ' X Ak ' Q 4, , .4 1 fu 4 ' - - - - -' ' .I I I t ., f- , 4 , - - , , 1 S , . 1 , s. ' f , f, . - . ' A-4 ' A X , ' 5 - ', .3 '55 I - , 4 f 4 I 1 I . , I A - .- ,5 x x- 'J K :A ' , RA It ! II D X i - 'N 1' n F. lv-I1 E ev L A ff ' I ' y . 1 h , ., ' ' "Eff - . 1 ' 1 ""k b 1 11 1 - , ' .f 5 u . ' ff W Y -' 1 : ' hw J fl 'I J r 1 I . Y 2 V .2 -.. ' Q ' ' .-'AL ' ' Z 'X . -. ,- ' . ft' n I . ,6 X 5 S -U, 5 gfbu fig .- - 1 kv 5 1 ' If L 4 l Z' A -7 f ' ' 1 . ' , ' f ' - - I fb L Lo Z f f ff Zo M' ' , ' . . ' 1 ' , ', . an U 0 4 Of j I I 1 I 1 , 1 ' A " kd-'lf k ' ' ' I my N 4 - A X ' l A 5 J " ww' Q G' f 1 , A ,MM fm 1 v J J ' 'pvc M , M , QP W 4 49 Y A , , , Q f . - 9 I 1' , ' 1 X ' , . f , 1 I ' ' ' 'f- lv I 1 , 1 ' J f- ' ' z - ' jk I X ' f f ' C " f Q4 f - ' wx , 1- L- 144741 I 1 J , L tit! 170 ' Vp Y 1 ' I J 7 J ' l Vjagl -,444 2,5 . f 1, I . ' 1 VC 7Z'6L2.'l?,!.ff.QJ 57 24.4K Q! fvff 1,77 5,1 -k76,,f7fXZ,'J'T, CYRIL S WILSHIRE RALLEN CUSTOM ACCESSORIES SMART GIRLS PREFER CYRILS' DUALS FORD 81 MERCURY 49- 53 532 00 CHEVROLET 6 Cyl 39 50 CHEVROLET 8 Cyl 35 90 CHROME TIPS INCLUDED Complete Ime of SPEED Equipment Mufflers Headers Chrome Goodies 5531 West Paco Blvd WE 6 3821 Congratulations ELYSIANS IDEAL CONTRACTOR SUPPLY 9218 W Plco Blvd Los Angeles 35 Calif 3752 Wilshire Los Angeles 5 Calif DU 7 8166 Cyrll Myers COLLINS PAINT 8. HARDWARE 4619 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles 16 Calif PLANT ON PREMISES 3509 Motor Avenue lat Stllsonl Los Angeles 34 Callfornla ve 8 6921 CLEANERS Home of 3 hour Specials BROWN and HOVLAND 214 W Prco Blvd Los Angeles 15 RINGS CARDS PINS ANNOUNCEMENTS Rep Herff Jones Co BIG TOWN MARKET BEVERLYWOOD PHARMACY 9427 W Paco Blvd PALMS .IEWELERS 10428 National Blvd VE 8 0100 SAMS RECORD SHOP . RE. 4-8764 CO. FRANClNE'S STUDIO ' BALLET TAP MODERN INTERPRETIVE 2855 Robertson VE 91766 WILLIAM S. YOUKSTETTER JEWELER 8775 West Plco Blvd 6 4930 Establrshed 1933 BEVERLY SQUARE MARKET 9238 W Puco Blvd Los Angeles 35 Collfornuo Phone CR 5 9431 PALMS JR DEPT STORE 3265 Motor Ave VE 8 4386 Complete Lne of School Supplles CHAS L DINGLER JEWELER 30 Yeo s on Mo n Street 3811 Mann St Culver Cnty VE 8 2320 ELITE HALL Pato and Bar B Q Portles Dances and Club Meet ngs DISCOUNTS FOR CLUBS REpubllc 4 9397 4958 W Adams Open Monday W 8 5773 MACS BARBER SHOP PERSONALITY HAIR curs Cl SO cnewcurs FLAT Tops 2 BARBERS Corner Hauser 81 Son Vlcente CHANCELLORS ROMAIN CLOTHIERS 1149 S Robertson Blvd Heodquarte s fo Angels Sharp Sh rts Ivy Tapers Su ts Sport Coats Slccks BR 2 6056 Congrotulatlons ELYSIANS MR and MRS BEN SHAPIRO GOOD LUCK ELYSIANS THRIFTY FOUNTAIN WALKER DRUG COMPANY INC THE REXAI.I. STORE 8150 West Plco Blvd Los Angeles CR 1 8955 WE 1 8469 WE 5 3944 Established 1935 S GERSON WHOLESALE PLUMBING SUPPLIES 5521 Vemce Blvd Los Angeles 35 Calnf EXPERT AUTO REPAIRS Overhaul ng our Spec alty All Work Guaranteed' LEOS AUTO SERVICE LuaRlcATuoN BAUERIES Accessomes VE 9 3494 2520 So Robertson Blvd Los Angeles 34 Calif COLOMBIA WRITING STORE 2830 Robertson Blvd PICO REDONDO PHARMACY 5083 W Paco Blvd Compluments of MR and MRS SAM B CHERMAN Congratulatlons ELYSIANS MR and MRS D WEINSTOCK - 1 CR. - : . - I . i - - . r i i E. - T - I - Iiust north of Picol r r " " - I - i - - ' 1 ' ' a s . T Greqory printing DESOTO ART FROST PLYMOUTH OF CULVER CITY 9364 Culver Blvd. 9076 Washington Blvd. Culver CNY VE. 8-3103 TE.0-2161 -...JJ F1'l!"'f'5 Used Car Department PRINTER - office suPPuEs - ARTISTS MATERIALS Motor Ave. 8, Wcshingwn VE. 8-6989 TE. 0-4539 CULVER MOTORS Smart Shoes THE VOLUME FORD DEALER f or IN THE LOWEST RENT DISTRICT Guys D' 8960 Washington Blvd. Gals at down to earth prices Timely, current styles and colors THE WORLD'S FINEST SHOES II-LNEL'S SHOES 8920 West Pico Blvd. OPEN THURSDAYS 'Tll NINE NEW 8- USED CARS CR. 5-9133 BR. 2-2703 VE. 9-7523 TE. 0-2181 Congratulatlons to the DISTINCTIVE SPORTSWEAR 1309 So Baldwun West Arcadia 3866 Culver Center Culver Clty ELYSIANS RHOADS ERSKINE CHEVROLET 9022 Wllshlre Blvd 3113 VE 95257 CR 62011 B 21 3 Congratulatlons ELYSIANS from RALPH S 5 10 25 STORES ELYSIAHS 6141 W Pico Blvd 8768 W Paco Blvd 2039 S La Clenega Blvd MILLIKEN CHEVROLET 9032 Washmgton Culver Cnty VE 8 3166 TE 0 2902 NEW 8. USED CHEVROLETS SALES 81 SERVICE 1? 1 1. - . - H 6 . - R. - 15 S ,J As 'k MAIN OFFICE 5680 Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of the Miracle Mile RESEDA OFFICE 18260 Sherman Way at Etiwanda RANCHO PARK OFFICE 10682 West Pico Boulevard at Overland LONG BEACH LAKEWOOD OFFICE 4248 Woodruff Ave at Carson Member Federal Home Loan Bank System Federal Savings 81 Loan Insurance Corporation TOTAL RESOURCES OVER S192 000000 HUDSON RAMBLER Headquarters In Culver City RAMBLER METROPOLITAN 9037 WASHINGTON TE 0 2755 VE 8 4483 HORNET REBEL . 'I . . I I L' N a, , . I' 1, , . , . , l , 4 'Q ll: 4-I -V M fx, ' A . 3 I an 1 'W IV kv I K 1 , 1 ,wg 5 K 1 7' A z ' . Automotlve Carburetor 5,-1-L N, 9 Ste-Her 8: Sl-xoog Hardware CARBURETOR SPECIAUSTS POWER TOOLS SPORTING OOODS TUNE UP BRAKES CLETE PARSONS HOLLIS DLSNEEFE 3825 Mom Street Culver Cnty "vu-.5- in ex X ws. 3- 'fl' 2310 So Robertson TE 08101 COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ISENBERG S EXCITING NEW FASHIONS Leodnng Designers Low Low Prlces Smcere Washes for Hcpplness Ln the Future 1-1 fJ i .xx-.4 Q1 Los Angeles 35, Cczlnformo 1443 Robertson BR 2 2558 'I he vacksons if Congratulations ELYSIANS Sleek, Smooth Styling Beuerlgulood Flower Shop t' for that 2470 So. Robertson Blvd. VE. 9-7353 " Well Groomed Lookl 5 .0 :risk f igfxg, kfgfiswk Q4 XR? x egress 9, I eiuunpfl - I .7 I f' JI. . . ' ' :ia...f"V.. 'A-1 of ' 1. . . . 4.,A.,,...4 . ,.,. , ,,., Q ,,,, N, I, ,, I, 1 'fs ..... 'wenl '. - .ca-.4 , If- 'Sw ' .'5+:,,:,-::.-:-': f - l' A .- ' "4 'ui-1 -'-" zigsiiigzeiszigfigt-:E-:Ii-:kt-I1:-fi-:za 1 Z - . F6 .... 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TELEVISION I I I nb Y N ,J . 3834 Main Street HaruId7s Congrotulotrons to the Speed ond Muffler Shop ELYSIAN CLASS 9054 Wcshrngton Blvd WE 9 TE O FERROUS AND NON FERROUS METALS 2l7l E 25th Street LU 26211 Illaglards Ilatmnal Restaurant TQY and CAPD 55-10p 8947 Nohonal Blvd 2633 so Robertson Between Venice onrl Robertson Fecturlng Fomlly Dinners Speclolrzmg on ROAST PRIME RIB RA'NBOW TROUT STEAKS CHOPS SH S KEBOB ALA TANG ER CHICKEN ?0lIO V000 CQO March C9 wf Complete Dunners from Sl 50 to Sl 85 I ' Chuld's Plate SI oo VE 9 9023 Los Angeles TE 0 234C VE 8 9942 ,fx . .Q ' ' A fi . . I I 'I 4' . Q SY 'IQ 3. 6 ' Q n I , V - I 3 A ' ':.1,, I I V , Q',7,v,- 6 ! R 'I I 'gsm .5 J I 'Is X If 'A :C fig ' A k ,. K I K, ,N X v V- fs' X f gs -. , . ,Z W .I Wes I 1"f"f-' - 4, Z ' ' 4 ,, 3 M S 1 . . . ,nf N1 . I ' , "' 5 A N E ' 1 .rf aw V A ' .Ni . . A . , 1 . Y . . A . . . A ' I. in 4 , I I . 1 !, Would you like to develop your: Goodman Cheviot Service IO367 National Blvd. , Confidence . Appearance ' Personality ' Poise We would like to share the secrets which have made the POWERS GIRLS the most admired girls in the world. John Robert Powers School of Personal Improvement Classes limited to eight students to Insure individual attention ADVANCE RESERVATION NECESSARY 8642 WILSHIRE BLVD OL 5 8301 BEVERLY HILLS Bee Kay Laboratories Congratulations TOILETRIES OF MERIT and the Greaseless Hairgroom Oil and Lanolln Best of Luck ELYSIANS ASK YOUR BARBER Bee Kay laboratories Mr and Mrs Nllltan Erueker and Family 1533 So Robertson L A I i - j , i x Xvll ,i A 'f .' a 1 . I .. I ,, . . ' - ' , . .35 Congratulations BARONS 01 01 huul Prlntw s we 'www 1 'I-nrv A, Y 'gf-we 3750 Overland Los Angeles Nell Taylor VE 9 0934 Everything for the Home MODERN MAPLE PROVINCIAL 1505- R Freeman Furniture Uumpang 9543 Culver Blvd., Culver City Bob Musselman Plumb1ng 3392 Motor Avenue wb. Siu Freeman VE. 9-7593 TE. 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I Jerr Sherman President JW , ' .---.- , Jerry Bergstein 9,5 N, - - 1 A 'fa ' A , ' A ' ' Arvin BYOWN W V Dick Patman Larr ha in A gf' K Ro ofsky UC en Q Irv Reifman BUVVY Eisnef . . . - Mor Salfzman 'Tyr Jeff, e',U " I . , I e A - o omers Howar ers x . . A A , Dic Somers Ben Leemon - ' 1 ' , Larry Sommer Ron I-eve 3 H 4 ' Dave Spivek Al Mar o in , ' K .. - ' 'A - . - Nl h N 31 . ov--V I I IC ar aswo , I - Cfvkf ml - , l'0 K . ' Q jfpavvcgy-P f-' l 1 , s X I' 78 'LQ I QM ,CILQP QZkq4AVn 7 A- , DZ'A'5k'a'C"-""2fP"-fJ"L. fQJ'o-U-54 M 'VVYQ ,ov-cfe.c,44 A-Q4-vz-'74 .ifw-J, Wy 7yLr1j9i-jfbdfylj ff M if sfbffrvjlc success VL LQ if Nor Jusr A wrsn AN mvrnrron 1 X' your success IS our concern tool we mvute you to become an Important part of the foscnnatmg well pond communlcotlons lndustry I f Q. 'Wg mr L V ,X was Ask your vocotnonal counselor about posmons wuth Pocufnc Telephone or drop unto one of our nearby Employment Offices c c women men Santa Momco 208 Santo Momco Blvd Inglewood 335 E Queen St Culver Cnty 3840 Watseko Ave Hollywood 1546 No Highland Ave Or ask your Operator for ZENITH I0 000 for the Employment Olice nearest your home M W 2 1 , W y, . l .4 ,1 f , I fl ' X I 1 M! Z , . Q ,gf r . . . . . ,L J . . . t jfs af J Y y l 1 ' l 4- A M A 1 -Wl klll 5Z"'? V 41 4 s f l X Q . l fvzlllgll -K fi L V -A l - ll X X I Q, 1 ,il-is i.1 r A L b n I , f l W . ' lla ili 1 1 N J ,fXVxf'fg A JJ 3 -J Xa -J '-vxu F x .Y NXT. x XV Y Q 'Q ' Q2 Y gi 5 u 'F' 'KJ XLS s. Y J -2 2 L is 3 -9 Q w "' WS: AW , NJ xr, JJ A i W 65 xx D 'I NA V2 w Rf 55 'XY - 'QV' v - f -, X.: 5 ii A Jxf , . - ' x , . XJ , W ,5 J In U Q . 9' -at :J ,I 'Q ' . V' '-J - X, T TX Y ,y XJ X if .1 T W X, xx X, 'J R X '7 .1 5.x ' X vi N F Q W K' V 'X 'f wt .U i X A J 'J - . 3? 'T A fu V11 ' "' v '- X NN, Y . 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Suggestions in the Alexander Hamilton High School - Castilians Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

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