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WW WM JM W W gl 27-P ww 1359" DL NQM 'MY Q N M n 254410. QQQQSQ BOOMOQ No n 7tW"6'L5 x ofok MM? away Xfdxfoilxoc W--... i ,,f M .lwjgii WZ by f .5 'L""'Uw Q99 CJMXV Q 9 In Wy ffm 6L'Q2BMHM,,Z b,jgJ vrfwjfzwcj-4 7 AD,11+"'I , 44-2 qw R ITMMQMQ i gofgaig 5 ' mug .62 NH, A 'QW R My M ML, , 75 HC my S' WMV W" MM oh! If ,LZQ KPN cg fr K 'H R uk Q W if R .H ennnnlnns gl: Alexander Hamilton Lnn Angeles, f I xl sg r 4 5 , , . J i, A 4 fffvpl. fgfwg v . , J' , X f V 47 rt Q I ' ' . H 1 fav ,ur ,yklfy A,-lfiyf, y My ' l H f. ' Y,-4.-V ul. . ,Q , X 'Q f If if .17-no , fbi fff, i W J I CL. fi yt' , f 'x MCOTC. lx N.: To live in a world-free of intolerance, free of dictatorship -is the ultimate goal of man- kind. In our day. we have witnessed the birth of the United Nations. the re-birth of international understanding. To this dream of a world free of intolerance, free of dictator- ship, this book is humbly dedi- rated. S 5 lligh rohool California Editor-in-Chief "Joe" Grossman Sponsors Mrs. Corolyn C. Clifton Mrs. Lois Vinette Photo Editors Phyllis Morks Bob Anderson Don Stonley Speciol Credits .leon Dolquist Joon Kerwin Arnold Adler Conn' dozen from Olympus and line among mortals- Sct your goal, see it clearly, follow it with cleanli- ness and strength. lvleet victory or defeat, as each may come, knowing full well zwhetlzer the gains be real, or the losses worth regretting. Wear your laurels with inner pride and heart-deep humility. On your marks, Olympians! Gertrud Addison 0LTMPIA.N"5'4, S'52. Ton have chosen for the , title of your class the theme of the Olympics. The Olympics mean perfection, and perfection is no small matter. It means pouring forth throughout your adult life plentiful amounts of interest and of ejfortg it means zcork. But it also means great satisfaction and ecen exhilaration. You know the Creator has given you talents to waste or to improze. When one sets at the adult task of making onejs ozen way, of building onels own good personality, and of seeking a true understanding of his ozcn soul, it can result in nothing but the good life insofar as that is pos- sible for us human beings. So have a good time at it and may your life be rosy. W alker Brown OL11MPIA.fN'.S'! A name which recalls all the glory of the old Grecian civilization! A name zehich has been an inspiration to the individual members of your class! It has been a constant challenge to us to reach the high level of sports- manship and scholarship exemplined by the Golden Age of Greece. Good luck to you and may you always remember to lice up to your name. Edward C. Thompson Page F o u r NH St- .N 3 ' Signs ' l Hamilton is truly proud of its excellent system of student body government. Olympian Bob Hubbell has led a dynamic cabinet to great achievements this semester. FIRST ROW-Charlene Lacey, Charles Wright, Bob Student Cablnet Hubbell, Myrna Stauber, Mrs. Gertrude Mac-Queen. SECOND ROW-Andrea Blough, Sonya Wakefield, Dolores Sloane, Verie Sinner, Carolyn lasater, Barbara Silveira, Jean Dalquist, Joan Kerwin, Joyce Marks. THIRD ROW-Gary Jacobs, Richard Barkin, Fred Gardner, Bill Heyler. NOT PICTURED-Steve lotterman, Richard Schulman, Dick McMinn, Ralph Anderson, Marvel Martin. FIRST ROW - larry Marshall, Barbara Silveira, Sonya Wakefield, Joyce Woolfenden. SECOND ROW - Gary Jacobs, Miss Anna Mae Mason, Isaac Bass. NOT PIC- TURED- Donna Bordeau, Ken Lewis. Student Court This able board of . iudges, headed by Bar- bara Silveira, has con- tributed much to the smooth functioning of our system ot student body government. PLYQLI F121 . To be selected for this honor organization a girl must rate high in character, leadership, scholarship, and service to the school. These girls have main- tained the splendid reputation ot the society this semester. FIRST ROW--Verie Sinner, Myrna Stauber, Gwen Price,Valerie Wright, Donna Bordeau, Jean Dalquist. SEC- OND ROW-Nancy Anderson, Mar- vel Martin, Dolores Jasperson, Bet- ty Jones, Carol Ann Bergh, Nan Breiseth, Andrea Blough, Donna Griffin. THIRD ROW-Mrs. Bruce, sponsor, Audrey Berry, Dolores Jac- obs, Charlene Lacey, Pat Minton, Janet Brown, Joyce Linsley, Bar- bara Silveira, Barbara Levin, Bar- bara Levinson, Carol Lasater, Mary Ann Moore. Page Six First Ladies The Ephebian Society is a Los Angeles honor organiza- tion. The students in schools who are most outstanding in leadership, service, and schol- arship are elected to life-mem- bership in this association. FIRST ROW---Jean Dalquist, Nancy Anderson, Valerie Wright, Barbara Silveira. SECOND ROW-Richard Schulman, Betty Jones, Miss Kellar, Andrea Blough, Bob Collins. NOT PRESENT- Bob Hubbell. Ephebians ,, ,.,,, , l IQ'-M I 'A W2 ,V .Q -' -f '-' 32 i " 1 - The Fashion Show and the Cotton Day Dance are the lead- ing achievements of the Girls' League this semester, while the Boys' League has sponsored the popular noon basketball games. FIRST ROW-Gary Baker, Ralph Anderson, Pres., Marvel Martin, Pres., Kerstin Pettrusson. SECOND ROW-Mr. Crow, Sponsor, Peter Banks, Bob Wells, Joanne Rudder, Kay Martin, Mrs. Elliott, Sponsor. THIRD ROW-Ray Quick, Judy Alt- house, Pat Knotts, Carol Ann Bergh, Don Moore. X Boys' and Girls' League Cabinets Green Key Club Top honor society for boys who have stood highest in leadership, character, scholar- ship, and service, this group has served Hamilton in many capacities. This semester the Green Key Club has sponsored, iointly with the First Ladies, the Springtime Frolic Dance. FIRST ROW-Don Lewis, Jim Hurst, Bob Collins, Mr. E. Thompson. SECOND ROW-Sheldon Freidman, Bill Heyler, Steve Lotterman, Bruce Collier, Richard Schulman, Mike Abarta. THIRD ROW-Harry Freis, Charles Wright, David Dirckx, Lar- ry Marshall, Bob Hubbell, Bill Hall. Page 51151: Page Eight FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mrs. MacQueen, Mrs. Smith, Miss Dunlap, Mrs. Bettington, Miss Mabee. SECOND ROW-Miss McNeese, Mr. Green, Miss Neft, Mr. Rosemont, Mrs. Cole. THIRD ROW-Mrs. Friedman, Mr. Koobatian, Mrs. Nugent, Miss Revier, Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Hartwell, Mrs. Clifton, Mr. Williams. FOURTH ROW-Mrs. Bogart, Mrs. Snelson, Miss Risdon, Mr. Harris, Mr. Maclean, Miss Mason, Mr. Westaway. FIFTH ROW-Mr. Souders, Mrs. Gaustad, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Ahrentzen. SIXTH ROW-Mrs. Starr, Mr. Silver, Mr. Guercio, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Andre, Mr. Crow, Mr. Minech, Mr. Blaylock. TOP ROW-Mr. Weston, Dr. Clemensen, Mrs. Kent, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Parker, Mr. McCaus- land, Mr. Martin. Q-- 'E' f A ta.. jj W QZQ e.,. ,,..... . 6 ,Q D f,,f M, TZ, V , fl: V' R J' ! W, 4 N X ,,r"l A H L, ,m My X ,stt X X- 7, gk X R," A-I2 Ulympzkm Officers B-I2 FIRST ROW-Bob Collins, Fred Gardner, Nancy Anderson. SEC- OND ROW-Georgiana Brown, Mr. Weston, Sponsor, Betty Jones. We thank these senior teachers for their guidance and help in our last semester here. We shall never forget what they have taught us. FIRST ROW-Miss Nora McNeese, Mrs. Blanche Beftington, Mrs. Eugenie Snel- son, Mrs. Gertrude MacQueen. SECOND ROW- Mrs. Pauline Bogart, Miss Anna Mae Mason, Mrs. Myrtle Starr, Mr. Rich- ard Miller. THIRD ROW-Mr. Joseph Weston, Mr. William Crow, Mr. Merle Smith. age Tc 71 001111512111 Ofjhkers FIRST ROW-Janet Brown, Mike Abarta, Larry Marshall. SECOND ROW-Nancy Porter, Mr. Green, Sponsor, Andrea Blough. Directing the activities in our senior year are these top-ranking Olym- pians. Our class will al- ways be proud of these leaclers. Ubfmpzkzn Class Sponsors ,fx gg an , ,009 T? F. "'7' I 59? ' ll, QQ' .50 :W ' A0 'kv MIKE ABARTA ACT: Sr. Bee Pres., Calif. Boys' State, Varsity Baseball, Boys' League Sec. INT: Betty, baseball as a career. NANCY DELL ACI-ISTETTER g ACT: A Cappella, Jr. Phil. INT: College, a certain fellow. ERWIN "FLASH" ACKERMAN ACT: Science Club. INT: Girls, cars, sports. ARNOLD S. ADLER ACCT:-lzdvertising Ed. Classbook, Rally Comm., House of Repr., Camera UI . INT: Sandy, sales, happiness, health, cars, money. NICK AGUILAR ACT: Fed. Repr., Financial Repr. INT: Money, a car. NICK ALLEN ACT: Camera Guild, Boys' League. INT: Being happy, to succeed in life. NANCY ANDERSON ACT: Girls' League Sec., Boys' League Sec., Pres. of Chatelaines, First Ladies, Girls' Vice-Pres. of Sr. A Class. INT: U.C.L.A., clothes. RALPH ANDERSON ACT: Boys' League Pres., Letterman Pres., Vice-Pres. of Barons. ROBERT D. ANDERSON ACT: Photographic Co-Editor of Classbook, Bee Football, Camera Guild. INT: Photography, money, girls. JIM ARCHIBALD ACT: Classbook, Prom. Comm., B12 Council. INT: Being happy, seeing the U.S., being successful. MARILYN ARMOR ACT: Prom Comm., Sr. Tea. INT: Paul, modeling, boats, Catalina, "Bop." ROGER FRANKLIN AVAN ACT: Fed. Production. INT: Cars, flying, girls. LUCILLE ANN AZAR ACT: Girls' League, Rally Comm., A Cappella, Theatre Guild, S.P.T.A. INT: To be a success, my friends, traveling, music, dramatics. BERNARD M. BABIOR ACT: Grievance Comm., Grounds Comm., Plant Comm. INT: Women, cars, baseball. THOMAS "BUD" BAILEY ACT: Varsity Baseball. INT: Baseball. BEBE ANN BALDWIN ACT: Cap and Gown Comm., Sr. Tea Comm. INT: Fords, being a success. ERNEST BALES ACT: Varsity Football, Barons. INT: Betty, football, printing. .IOAN BALIAN ACT: Sr. Prom Comm., Sr. Tea Comm., Carines, Rally Comm., Girls' League. INT: People, U.C.l.A. JOHN J. BALIAN ACT: Sr. Bee Class Repr., French Club. INT: To be a success. HARLAN MARTIN BARBANELL ACT: House of Repr., Plant Comm., Ground Comm., Nevian, Cap and Gown Comm. INT: Trip across country, college, my car. l!.,f4ylMllW 'MTW RICHARD DAVID BARKIN ACT: Sec. of Assemblies, Pres. Pon-American Club, Sr. Bee Hallguard Commencement Comm., Nevians. INT: Life, my friends, to become a teacher, and our "little cIicque." GERALD BECK ACT: Sound Crew, Stage Crew. INT: Auto mechanics and electronics. ETHEL BECKER ACT: Business Club. INT: Dave, BILL BELASCO INT: Cars, sports. BRIAN BENNETT ACT: Plant Comm., Latin Club, Rally Comm. INT: College, money, Navy, Cadillacs. CAROL ANN BERGH ACT: A Cappella, Sr. Service So., Girls' League Cab., First Ladies, Talent Bureau Pres. INT: Singing, acting, college, fun, a successful life. NANCY JEAN BERKAU ACT: Treas. of Carines, Corr. Sec. Jr. Phil., A Cappella, Talent Bureau, Sr. Service So. INT: Music, church, U.C.L.A. JO ANN BERNARD ACT: Sr. Tea Comm. INT: Dick, water skiing, Balboa. MARCIA ELAINE BERNSTEIN ACT: Sealbearers, Pan-American Club Pres., Carines' Usher. INT: An education, music, friends. SYLVIA BETTELMAN ACT: Zanderettes, G.A.A, INT: College, sports. MARCIA BJORKMAN ACT: A Cappella, Rally Comm., Pep Club. INT: Family, church, friends. DIANE BLACKMAN ACT: Sr. Tea, Sr. Girls' Glee, Fed. Repr., House of Repr., Girls' League. INT: "Donny Dupe," being Mrs. Peterson. CAROLYN ANN BLINZLER ACT: Chatelaines, Lettergirls, Girls' League, House of Repr., Sr. Teo. INT: Steaks, the future, mountains. CLAIRE AVON BLIX ACT: House of Repr., Girls' League, Financial Repr., Sr. Tea Comm. INT: College, clothes. ANDREA BLOUGH ACT: First Ladies, Student Body Cab., Sr. Bee Treas., Lettergirls, Bacco- laureate Comm. INT: College, for my M.R.S. degree. MARIJANE BODUM ACT: A Cappella, House of Repr., Girls' League Council. INT: College, clothes, ice skating, my custom Merc. JEROME PHILIP BOIME ACT: Speech League, French Club. INT: Speech, art, '34 bomb. DONNA BORDEAU ACT: First Ladies' Sec., Student Court, Lettergirls, Sr. Service So., G.A.A. INT: Stan, a trip around the U.S. MARSHALL M. BORDEN ACT: Bee Football, Plant and Ground Comm., Cap and Gown Comm., J.V. Football. INT: Phyllis, Cadillac. DON BOTT ACT: Varsity Football and Track, Service Club, Boys' League, Fed. Repr. INT: College, sports, U.S.M.C. JUSTINE BOWNE INT: Bowling and being happy. JOANNE E. BOYD ACT: Vice-Pres. French Club, Corr. Sec. of Cahos, Sr. Service So., Seal- bearers, Ed. of French Paper. INT: European travel, college, happy future, friends, teaching Business Ed. MARILYN BOYD INT: Don Buck, work and sports. DON BRADY ACT: Boys' League. INT: Chemistry, graduating. MARGARET ANN BRANTON ACT: A Cappella, Carines. INT: Music, teaching, Riverside, a certain guy. CHARLES BRASSARD ACT: Golf Team. LEO BRAUN ACT: Sr. Hall Guard, Camera Guild, R.O.T.C., Band. INT: Having a good time. NAN BREISETH ACT: First Ladies, Sealbearers, Pres. of Jr. Phil., Sec. of A Cappella, Pres. OFCC1I1OS. INT: Music, college, people. CLYDE BROOKS ACT: Gym Team, Track. CAROL SUE BROWN INT: Traveling, having fun, good iob. GEORGIANA BROWN ACT: Sr. Aye Sec., Lettergirls' Sec., G.A.A., Girls' League Repr., Sr. Tea. INT: Sports, swimming, Balboa. JANET DOLORES BROWN ACT: Lettergirls' Pres., First Ladies, Sr. Service So., House of Repr., Girls' League Cab. INT: College, traveling, a happy future, 95 If :WW flfwff JEANNE BROWN ACT: Business Club. K INT: Paul. SUSAN BROWN ACT: House of Repr., Aeolian, A Cappella. INT: George, Laguna Beach, my '51 Ford. JACK BRUKER INT: Sports, girls, cars, photography. JIM BURCH ACT: Gym Team, Track. INT: Money, girls, cars. CHASE BURNS ACT: Baseball. INT: Sports, cors. LORETTA BURNS ACT: Linparees, G.A.A., Baccalaureate Comm. INT: Working, church, Ted. ARLENE YVONNE CAPLAN ACT: Sr. Service So., Sr. Tea Comm., Pep Club, Ushers' Club, Rally Comm. INT: Adventure, travel, marriage. ALLAN CASEBIER ACT: Golf Team. INT: Music, sports, university. LEE CASELDINE ACT: Lettergirls, Pres. Sursum Cordo, G.A.A., Pon-American Cab., Latin Club Cab. INT: Boys, University of Kentucky, friends. RON CHANDLER ACT: Boys' League, Pres. of Camera Guild, Commencement Comm., Var- sity Track. INT: College, cars, and to be a success. LINDA SUE COCHRAN ACT: Recognition Comm. INT: Business college, music. SHIRLEY COCHRANE ACT: Cap and Gown Comm. INT: Bill, good bop. AARON GERALD COHEN ACT: Gym Team, Track Team, Art Club, Stage Arts, Board of Promotion. INT: Gymnastics, art, camping, our boat. ARMAND COLE INT: Cars, girls. ROBERT COLLINS ACT: Sr. Aye Vice-Pres., Track, Letterman, House of Repr., Nevians. INT: Stanford. CHARLENE GRACE CONSTABLE ACT: A Cappella, Rally Comm., Carines, Sr. Bee Holl Guard. INT: A certain guy, my future, friends, happiness, L.A.C.C. JANE CORDS ACT: Nevians, Linparees. PATRICIA ANN CORNETT ACT: Sr. Tea Comm., Girls' League, House of Repr,, Prom Comm. INT: Bob. WALTER G. CORYELL INT: Cars, girls, money. PATRICIA CREATH ACT: Classbook, Sr. Tea. INT: Good bop, drawing, good looking Jocks. I , X EVELYN J. CRIPPS INT: Ross, having a good time, iazz. EDDIE W. CROSTHWAITE ACT: Service Club. INT: Money, girls, to be a bachelor. BARBARA E. CRUZ ACT: Cafeteria. INT: Horses, travel, people. PEGGY DAHL ACT: Tamaracs, Tea Comm. INT: Tom. NANCY DIONNE DALEY ACT: Linparees, Prom Comm., Publicity Comm., Rally Comm INT: Fun, friends and food. JEAN ADAIR DAIQUIST ACT: First Ladies' Treas., Sec. of Publicity, Linporees' Pres Nevians House of Representatives. INT: Church, U.C.L.A., travel PATRICIA ANN DARTT ACT: Chatelaines, Financial Repr. INT: Don. E JoHN oAvls I ACT: Stage Crew, Sound Crew. ' W : INT: Mechanics, auto racing. Fiji-J I J in I- NHT It J U65 AK : , If BOB DAVIS 2' , INT: Girls, chemistry, more girlsmm 0 DOROTHY DE HART INORGARDJ 'i' I wx, ACT: A Cappella. INT: My husband, our happiness, a successful marriage CARL DEILGAT INT: Valerie, car, work, fishing, travel. ERNEST PETER DE LAURA ACT: Boys' League, Camera Guild. BARBARA DEMARIA ACT: Carines, S.P.T.A., Sr. Tea Comm. INT: U.S.C., Bob, skating, Catalina, having fun. BARBARA LEE DE PREZ ACT: Rally Comm., Carines, Fed. Repr. INT: Clothes, car, travel, to be o famous designer. EILEEN PATRICIA DESMOND ACT: Girls' League, Drill Team, Chateloines, Recognition Comm INT: Ken, travel, clothes, having fun. CHARLES DICK ACT: Gym Team, Wrestling, Letterman, Boys' League Rep INT: A rich wife. SHELDON DIENSTEIN ACT: Camera Guild. INT: College, photography, fishing. DAVE DIRCKX ACT: Varsity and Bee Football, House of Repr., Boys' League INT: Money, cars, college. PATRICIA COLLEEN DONOVAN ACT: Sr. Tea Comm., Girls' League, House of Repr., Fed Repr INT: "My Joe," bop, fashion designing. JIM DOOLEY INT: Bop. DUANE DORMAN ACT: Stage Production. INT: Photography. ARTHUR A. DUPRE ACT: Swing Band, Sr. Orch. INT: Music, success in everything. LILLIAN EARN ACT: Lettergirl, S.P.T.A., Carines, Sr. Tea Comm., G.A.A INT: People, having loads of fun, Canada. REYNOLD EICKE ACT: S.P.T.A., Football Band. INT: Bond and Navy. DON EKBERG INT: Cars, girls. RAY ELMORE ACT: Bee Football, Basketball, Baseball. INT: Judy, cars, success. JACK ENGEL ACT: House of Repr., Boys' League, Fed. Repr. INT: Cars, going to college. LARRY ENNIS ACT: Change Line, R.O.T.C., Lancers, Cap and Gown Comm Sr Sweaters INT: Army, coins, girls, science fiction. LARRY ERBSEN ACT: Sr. Orch., Football Band, Dee Basketball, Bee Track Ushers Club INT: A certain girl, my records, my car, dancing. LYDIA JEAN EWING ACT: Conutais' Pres., G.A.A. Recording Sec., Lettergirl Prom Comm ill Team. Dr INT: Catalina, making friends, college, fun. NANCY FAGAN ACT: G.A.A. INT: Church, sports, music. DEVON FAWCETT ACT: G.A.A. Sec., Lettergirl. INT: Ray, clothes, college, Balboa. PAMELA FEAR ACT: Plants Comm., French Club, Pep Club, PanAAmerican Club. INT: College, travel. GEORGE FENTON AG-T: Varsity Football, Fed. Sports Ed., Letterman, House of Repr., Boys ea ue. Q INT: Joyce, football, money, cars. GERALDINE FIELD ACT: Camera Guild. INT: Music, reading, having fun. LEON FINE INT: Cynthia, Navy, sports, cars. BYRON FINLEY ACT: Lancers. INT: Girls, cars, school. WALT FINNER ACT: Emer. Drill. INT: Cars, bowling, money. MARVIN FISCHER ACT: V.P. Business Club. INT: Girls, success in business, money. SONDRA JOAN FISHBEIN ACT: B-I2 Nevians, Sr. Camera Guild, French Club, Commencement Comm INT: U.C.L.A., good times, travel, marriage. BEVERLYE FISHER ACT: Good News, Aeolian, Girls' Glee, Caterettes. INT: U.C.L.A., music, clothes, travel. DON FISHER ACT: Fed. Repr, INT: College, cars, girls. GERTRUDE "TRUDY" FITTERMAN ACT: Seolbearers, Zanderettes, Tea Comm., Rally Comm. INT: College, clothes, friends, Great Lakes. TOM FITZGERALD ACT: Basketball lBeeJ. INT: College, basketball, FRANCES FLAKE ACT: Nevians, Sr. Tea, Sr. Orch., Publicity Comm. INT: Music, travel. SHARLENE FOX ACT: Fed. Staff, House of Repr., Prom Comm. INT: My husband, our future, lots of fun. CONRAD FRAMER INT: Business, money. HARRY T. FREIS ACT: French Club Pres., Nevian, Green Key Club, Oratory. INT: College, talking, people. MAL FRIEDMAN INT: Cars, girls. SHELDON FRIEDMAN ACT: Green Key Club, Pres. of Lancers, Swing Band. INT: Girls, U.C.L.A., Army. LORENZ FRIEDRICH INT: Rosemary. LOREN FRONK ACT: Camera Guild. INT: S.M.C.C., U.C,L.A., photography, electronics. EDWARD FRYK ACT: Bee Basketball, House of Repr. INT: Bowling, basketball, college. FRED M. GARDNER ACT: Sr. Class Pres., Football, Track Letterman. INT: Marion. RON GELLER ACT: S.P.T.A., Football Band, Sr. Orch., Pan-American Club. INT: Cartooning, basketball, swimming, bowling, girls. RICHARD GIVEN ACT: Track and Gym Team. INT: Girls, cars, going to college. ANNABELL GLAZER ACT: Lettergirl, Carines' Pres., G.A.A., Girls' League. INT: Tennis, having fun, going to L.A.C.C. JERRY GODNICK INT: Shirley, money, cars. CLAIRE JOYCE GOFF ACT: Sr. Service So., Girls' League, House of Repr., Linparees. INT: Church, people. MARTHA JEAN GOFF ACT: Cate Cashier, Sport Enterprises, Girls' League. INT: Following God's leading. LIA GOLDI ACT: Theater Guild. INT: Foreign Cars, George, Dagmar and Co., Englishmen, Ross Nicholas. LOUISE ANNE GOODHEART ACT: Talent Bureau, Sealbearers, Zanderettes, G.A.A. INT: Music, U.C.L.A., books, art. REGINA GOODMAN ACT: Carines, Lettergirls, G.A.A., Sr. Bee Hall Guard. INT: My future. ACT: Nevians, Commencement Comm., Cafete MARION DOREEN GOODWIN y ,,, G INT: Dick, S-Ports, my future. fjf A ' MARLENE "LYNNE" GORDON ' f' ACT: Pres. Theater Guild, A Cappella, Publicity Comm., Sr. Service So., Carines. INT: Dancing, music, people, Lionel. ROBERT GORDON ACT: Emer. Drill. INT: Fishing, piano, girls. RHODA GOULD ACT: House of Repr., Fed. Repr. INT: People, books, a certain guy. DENNIS GRAHAM INT: Mechanics and sports. CAROL GREEN ACT: Theater Guild, Commencement Comm., Cap and Gown Comm. DONNA JEAN GRIFFIN ACT: First Ladies, Lettergirls, Girls' State, Rally Girl, G.A.A., Vice-Pres., Cheerleader, INT: Marv, the twins, sports. TED GRONEWOLD SARA-FAYE GROSS ACST: Sealbearer, A Cappella, Zanderettes' Sec., Girls' League, Sr. Service D. INT: U.C.L,A., people, the future, music. GEORGE L. "JOE" GROSSMAN ACT: Fed. Ed., Classbook Ed., Fed. Sports Ed., Publicity Comm., Print Prod. INT: Journalism, administration, print, the future, the great and almighty draft board. JOAN JEAN GUIDRY ACT: Art Club. INT: Art, horseback riding, sports. JOYCE GUIDRY ACT: Art Club. INT: Art, horseback riding, sports. BUD GUTHRIE ACT: Co-capt. of Football Team, Pres. at Lettermen's Club, Barons. INT: Pat, college, sports, mountains. JOHN HAEGELE INT: Cars, girls. GIFFORD HAINES ACT: Swing Band INT: Body building, drums, modern iazz. WILLIAM DAWSON HALL ACT: Composed Alma Mater, Rally Chairman, Green Key Club, Sr. Service So., Talent Bureau. INT: Composing, singing, band leading, arranging, bachelor. DIANE LOUISE HANDELSMAN ACT: Commencement Comm., Baccalaureate Comm. INT: Eddie, my nieces. CAROL JOANNE HANDY ACT: Sr. Tea, Baccalaureate Comm., Girls' Glee, Cashier. INT: Church, people, Bible College. MARGEE HANNA ACT: Sr. Tea. INT: Grover, modeling, Balboa, bop, S.M,C.C. CHARLENE LEE HARRISON ACT: Girls' League, S.P.T.A., Prom Comm. CECELIA HARTRY ACT: Linparees, Publicity Comm., Rally Comm., Cap and Gown Comm Tea Comm. INT: Yosemite, music, fun. , , Ty" . II ' ,M ,u IJ ' If if ,I , y e ,IJ 'nf tj -an :luv P". Iv' If 'cz IRYNNE HASHIBA ACT: S.P.T.A. INT: Michigan State, tennis. RAY HASKIN ACT: Boys' League, Varsity Baseball, Barons. INT: Devon, sports, college. SANDRA MAY HAUGHAWOUT ACT: Moth. Tutor, Commencement Comm., Sr. Service So. INT: Nursing, sports, my theory, Barney. MARTIN J. HAUSER ACg:'II3ouse of Repr., Plant Comm., Ushers' Club, Rally Comm., Camera UI . LOIS HAZUKA INT: A happy future. DWAIN HENDRICKSON ACT: French Club, Camera Guild. INT: Eating. KAREN HENRICH ACT: A Cappella, Aeolian, Bible Club, Sr. Tea Comm., Medical Arts Club. INT: U.S.C., music, marriage, Bill. BOB HENRY ACT: Gym Team, Prom Comm. INT: College, girls. PHYLLIS JANE HEROD ACT: Commencement Comm. INT: Clothes, a gay time. BILL HEYLER ACT: Student Body Cab., Green Key Club, Nevians, Bible Club, INT: Republican Party, railroads, travel. JUDY HICKS ACT: Fed. Staff, Lettergirl, G.A.A., Team Comm. INT: Sports, writing, music, 'The Gang." MERRY HILL ACT: Lettergirl, G.A.A., Sr. Tea Comm. INT: Dick, sports, having fun. CLEON LEE HINES INT: A certain girl, money, cars. ELEANOR ELAINE HINKSTON ACT: Jr. Phil. Pres., Sealbearers, Talent Bureau, Sr. Orch., A Cappella. INT: My music, my future, a certain guy. JOANNE HOAG ACT: Linparees, Publicity Comm., Prom Comm., Sr. Tea Comm., Clossbook, INT: College, having fun. CAROL HOEPPNER ACT: Tamarocs, Jr. Phil., Girls' Glee, Rally Comm., Bd. at Health. INT: Career, camping, travel. LOUISE HOLLYWOOD ACT: Lettergirls, G.A.A., Carines, House of Repr., Sr. Tea Comm. INT: A certain someone. BETTY HOPPES ACT: Baccalaureate Comm. INT: Making life worthwhile. DAVE HOUSTON JEANIE HOUSTON ACT: Linparees, Financial Rep., Nevians, Cap and Gown Comm., Bacca- laureate Comm. INT: Making life worthwhile. DICK HOWELL ACT: Varsity and Bee Football, Boys' State, Boys' League. INT: U.S.C., money, sports. ROBERT HUBBELL ACT: Student Body Pres., Chief Justice, Nevians, Bible Club, Green Key Club. INT: The Republican Party, debate, history, theology. GORDON HUESBY ACT: Bee and Cee Basketball, Aeolian, A Cappella, Baccalaureate Comm. INT: Church, sports, music, and the gang, DONALD CHARLES HUNZIKER ACT: Lancers, Assembly Comm., Baccalaureate Comm. INT: Models, money, cars. JERRY HURLEY ACT: A Cappella, Swing Band, Talent Bureau. INT: Bob, singing, sports. JAMES HURST ACT: Pres. of A Cappella, Pres. of Green Key Club, Jr. Phil., Talent Bureau. INT: Music, drama, a certain someone. JEAN HUTCHISON ACT: Drill Team, Sr. Tea Comm. INT: Dancing, modeling, having fun. PAT JACKSON ACT: Sr. Service So., Sr. Bee Council, House of Repr., Girls' League, Rally Comm. INT: To always be happy. DOLORES JASPERSON ACT: First Ladies, Drill Team, Rally Comm., Prom Comm., Sr. Service So. INT: Occidental, sewing, people, travel. CHARLOTTE JESSEE INT: Having fun, iazz. HOWARD JOHNSON ACT: Boys' League, Bee Football, Service Club. INT: College, travel, girls. JIM JOHNSON INT: Cars, girls. JOYCE JOHNSTONE ACT: S.P.T.A., Girls' League, A Cappella, G.A.A. INT: A certain guy, swimming, having fun. BETTY B. JONES ACT: First Ladies, Sr. Aye Treas., A Cappella, Sr. Service Sa., Pres. of Medical Arts Club. INT: Walter Huhn, music, nursing. LUCIENNE KAHAN ACT: Sealbearer, Sr. Service So., Zanderettes, House of Repr., S.P.T.A. INT: U.C.L.A., my friends, a happy life, seeing the world. PAUL KALSMAN INT: College, Cape Cod, and Debby. TOBY ANN KANE ACT: Pan-American Club, Cahos, Sr. Service So., Library Assistant, Latin Club. INT: U.C.L.A., a car, boys, dogs. ROY KAPLAN TAUBE SYMA KAUFMAN ACT: Sealbearers, French Club Pres., Commencement Comm., Zanderettes, Rally Comm. " INT: The demolition of hatred on earth, law, music, a happy marriage. CLARIS JEAN KERN ACT: Sr. Tea Comm., Latin Club, Drill Team, Bible Club. INT: People, good times, U.C.L.A., music. JOHN KERR ACT: Camera Guild, Classboolc Photographer. INT: Fun, money, college. JOAN KERWIN ACT: Student Body Cab., Lettergirl, Nevians, Ed. of Latin Paper, Sr. Service So. INT: College, my brothers, happiness, my friends. FRED WARNER KINGSDALE ACT: Bee football, Bee and Cee Track, Cheerleader, Sr. Bee Council. INT: Girls, money, being successful in business. JUDITH M. "JUDEE" KLASKIN ACT: Ed. of Fed., Fed. Lit. Ed., Nevians, Commencement Comm., Sweater Comm. INT: Newspaper correspondent, marriage. PEARL KNOPP INT: Lew Burk, dancing, work. PATRICIA ANN KNOTTS ACT: Lettergirls, Rally Girl, G.A.A., Cheerleader, Conutais. INT: Ralph Anderson, the future. GERALDINE KOHN ACT: Zanderette Pres. and Treas., Lettergirl, Drill Team, Sr. Service So., Nevians. INT: Dancing, college. MARION KONIARSKI INT: Modeling, college, travel, success and happiness throughout my life. RALPH KOFALD ACT: House of Repr. INT: Girls, having a good time, a successful future. FREDA KOSLOW INT: Music. ROBERT B. KREHBIEL ACT: Bee Track Capt., Bee Football. INT: Dixieland Jazz, college, agriculture. DAVID KRUTAK INT: Mechanics, cars, money. girls. JIMMY LA RUE INT: Teresa, car. PATRICIA ANN LAWRENCE ACT: Classbook, Sr. Tea Comm., Prom Comm., House of Rear. INT: Phil, U.C.L.A. ANN E. LEAHY ACT: Chatelaines' Vice-Pres., Rally Comm., Cap and Gown Comm., Pub- licity Comm. INT: Balboa, college. JANET LE BECQ ACT: Clean-up Comm. INT: Bob, Pasadena C.C., the Future. BERNARD LEBOVITZ ACT: 10th Grade, J.V. and Varsity Baseball. INT: Going places, cold cash, good times. DICK LEHMAN INT: Cor, skating, girls. LOUISE LEMKER ACT: Sursum Corda Club, Business Office. INT: Iowa, a certain black-haired guy. ED LERNER ACT: Swing Band. INT: Carrying Gif'Ford's drums. DIANE JOAN LEVERETT ACT: Linparees, S.P.T.A., House of Repr., Girls' League. INT: College, being successful, bran muffins. ARLENE DONNA LEVIN ACT: S.P.T.A., Sr. Tea Comm. INT: Travel, be a good wife and mother. PAUL LEVIN MARVIN LEVINE ACT: Basketball, Track. INT: Girls, sports, cars, college. NORM LE VINE ACT: Lancers, Sursum Corda, House of Repr., Boys' League, Sr. Orch. INT: College, happiness. DONALD LEWIS ACT: Green Key Club, Lettermen, House of Repr., Nevicns. INT: Hunting. LYNDA LICHTY ACT: Tamaracs, A Cappella, Sr. Tea Comm. INT: Ronald Roase, happy future. BONNIE JOYCE LINSLEY - ACT: First Ladies, Lettergirls, Linparees, Girls' League, G.A.A. INT: George, college, happy future, having fun. JUDY LIPNEY ACT: Classbook, Theater Guild, Speech, House of Repr., Girls' League. INT: To abolish the inhumane in humanity. RICHARD LOMMEN ACT: Service Club, Varsity and Bee Football. INT: Merry, insurance, baseball. BRIAN LONG INT: Motorcycle, car, money, vocations. AURORA LOPEZ INT: A certain guy, knitting. i STEVE LOTTERMAN ACT: Sec. of Rallies, Green Key Club, Varsity Lettermen, House of Repr. Speech League. INT: Speech, U.C.L.A., radio. LILA KRISTINE LOUX ACT: Medical Arts Club. INT: Glenn, our future, happiness, sports, doing the best in everything. PETER R. LOWICKI ACT: Noon basketball. INT: Sports. OSCAR LOWRY GLORIA ANN LUND ACT: CounseIor's Off., Library, S.P.T.A., Sr. Bee Hall Guards. INT: Bob, our future together, music, friends, happiness. VIC MALZAHN, JR. ACT: Camera Guild, Sr. Orchestra, Ushers' Club. INT: Photography, girls, college. JACKIE MANNING ACT: A Cappella, Linparees, Rally Comm., Publicity Comm. INT: Music, bowling, lime rickeys, flying. ELVIN MARING ACT: A Cappella, Prom Comm. INT: Girls, money, art. PHYLLIS MARKS AZT: Photographic Co-Editor of Classbook, Girls' League, Camera Guild EC. INT: Saul, college, photography. SANDY MARKS ACT: Cafe, Orch., Fed. Staff, Advertising Manager, Sr. Service So. INT: L.A.C.C., my future career, success. LARRY MARSHALL ACT: Green Key Club, Speaker of House, Student Court. INT: Barbara. MARVEL ROSE MARTIN ACT: Girls' League Pres , First Ladies, Drill Mistress, Chotelaine Pres., Sr, Service So. INT: Lin, having fun, my friends. TONI MARTINEZ ACT: A Cappella, Fed. Staff, Rally Comm., Theater Guild Sec., Fed. Repr. INT: Writing, music, Europe, horses. LAURA MATHESON ACT: Prom Comm., Tea Comm., Fed. Repr. INT: Bill E., art, Bible School. EVA JEAN McBEATH ACT: girls' League, A Cappella, Financial Repr., Rally Comm., Theater Gui . INT: Music, traveling, my friends. DOUG McFALL SALLEE McFERSON ACT: Teo Comm., G.A.A., Glee Club. INT: Enioying life, that certain guy. RONNIE McKNIGHT INT: Photography, hunting, fishing. MARTHA G. McLEAN ACT: A Cappella. INT: Pasadena C.C., Tommie, the future. AL MERMELSTEIN ACT: Varsity Gym Team, Letterman, House of Repr., Boys' League. INT: Girls, parties, cars, sports. RUBY A. MILBURN INT: Raising fine clogs. HAL MILLER ACT: Fed. Repr. INT: Women, cars, iack, bebap. JERRY MILLER ACT: Varsity Football, Letterman. INT: College, radio. PATRICIA MARY MINTON ACT: First Ladies, Lettergirls, Chatelaines, G.A.A. Pres. INT: Bud, swimming, having fun, mountains. PETE MITTELSTADT ACT: Sr. Band, Sr. Orch., Jr. Phil. INT: Girls, cars, music. DONALD MOORE ACT: Baseball and Basketball, Student Body Vice-Pres., Co-Captain Base- ball, Letterman. INT: June Jarnagin, Baseball, Pepperdine College. MARY ANNE MOORE ACT: First Ladies, Nevians, Girls' League Repr., Classbook. INT: Art, success in Redlands University, having fun, observing other people, church. GEORGE MOORER ACT: Camera Guild, Boys' League. INT: Skating, car, girls, getting rich. LOIS MORGANROTH INT: Skiing, iceskating, money, travel. PAUL MOSHAY ACT: Fed. Repr., Financial Repr. INT: Music, my hobbies. MELVIN MUNMAN ACT: House of Repr., Camera Guild, Audio-Visual. INT: Beverly, Navy. JEAN NASH ACT: Prom Comm. INT: Univ. of Illinois, boo, cars. KEN F. NEIMAN ACT: Gym Team, House of Repr., Assembly Comm INT: Diane, college. BETTY JOYCE NELSON ACT: Sealbearers, Nevians, Cap and Gown Comm INT: Roller skaiing, L.A.C.C. LOUIS NEVELL ACT: Boys' League, Cee Track, S.P.T,A. INT: Going io I e moon in a space ship. DON NOACK ACT: Tennis, Hof Rod Jamboree. INT: Cars, making money Ion my own pressj NORDBLOM JACK ACT: Basketball, Pole Voulfing, Sr. Commencemenr Comm INT: Constance Cooper. EDWINA "SCOTTY" O'DONNELL ACT: Glee Club, S.P.T.A. INT: Success, see Scotland again, a certain guy dancing VANCE OLSON ACT: Cap and Gown Comm. INT: Money, girls, my cor, clolhes. SHIRLEY FALLEN ACT: Talent Bureau. INT: Being Mrs. Chuck Perry, bop, parfies. DON H. PALMQUIST ACT: Boys' League, Fed. Staff, Audio-Visual INT: Cars, radio and television, girls. PHIL R. PARISH ACT: A Track, Cap and Gown Comm. INT: Carol, money, sporls. MILDRED PASKAL ACT: Classbook, Fed. Staff, S,P.T.A. INT: To be successful and fhen get married swimming LARRY FRANCIS PATTERSON ACT: Sr. Bee Hall Guard, Lancers, Classbook French Club Camera Guild INT: U.S.A.F., ie! pilot, car, money, girls. GWYLA CAROLYN PEEL ACT: Cap and Gown Comm. INT: Travel Io Hawaii. DALE WARREN PETERSEN ACT: Military Band, Swing Band, Talent Bureau INT: Women, parties, cars, money. KERSTIN PETRUSSON ACT: Girls' League Vice-Pres., Financial Repr INT: A certain blonde, my fufure. CHESTER PETTIT ACT: Varsiiy Football Manager. INT: Sporfs, S.M.C.C. LEE PLAICE INT: Money, horses, cars, girls. NANCY JOYCE POLIN ACT: Vice-Pres. Carines, A Cappella, Nevians Sr Tea Comm an American Club. INT: Sfu, U.C.L.A., leaching, Io be successful in life JO ANN SHARON POLLARD ACT: Jr. Phil., Field Day Comm., A Cappella Cap and Gown Comm NANCY PORTER ACT: Sr. Bee Sec., Prom Comm., Commencemenf Comm INT: S.M.C.C., Social Welfare Work, and having fun LYNNE POSTMAN ACT: S.P.T.A., G.A.A., Sr. Recognition Comm INT: Joe, traveling, and having fun LIN PRANGE INT: Everything in general, nothing in particular LESTER JAMES PREMO ACT: Cafeteria, Book Room Financial Repr INT: Engineering, cars. GWEN PRICE ACT: Vice-Pres. First Ladies, Girls League Pub Chairman Pres Chute Iaines, Sr, Service So. INT: Making a success of life, happiness and my friends MARY DONNELL PRICE ACT: Tennis. INT: Dancing, parties, my future and a certain guy RAY QUICK ACT: Football, Track, Barons, Baccalaureate Comm Lettermen INT: Sports, cars. WILLIAM RALLS INT: Architecture, sports, cars, Lois CHARLES RANDALL INT: Money, girls. DONALD R. REAM INT: Hunting, fishing. KENNY RECTOR MARION REDFERN ACT: Rally Comm., Drill Team, Girls League Repr INT: Fred, food, and fun ROBERT REHMAR ACT: Varsity and Bee Track, Sr. Prom Comm Classbook S PTA INT: Girls, money. PAT RHAMY ACT: Cafe, Library, Sr. Service So INT: The future, success. ANITA RICHARDS ACT: Tea Comm., Girls' League. INT: Clothes, the future. DOROTHY RIFFENBURG INT: Tennis, swimming, skiing. ROBERT J. RINKE INT: Money, cars, girls. DON ROBBINS INT: Money, girls, sports. HARRIET ROBBINS ACT: Aeolian, Commencement Comm Girls League Theater Guild INT: Tennis, horseback riding, swimming JO SALMON ACT: Rally Girl, Soc. Ed, of Fed., Classbook Chatelalnes Sr Tea Comm INT: Balboa, bop, iournalism, chocolate pudding my 'Friends ROGER SANDVIK ACT: Recognition Assembly, Bee Football Lancers TOM SATCHELL INT: Girls, money. ALBERT L. SAVAGE ACT: Baseball, Sursum Corcla. INT: Mathematics, science, religion sports BETTY SCARANTINO ACT: Lettergirls, Girls' League Repr INT: Mike, sports. RONALD B. SCHAIN ACT: R.O.T.C., Speech Activities. INT: Electricity, social life. MARIAN SCHLESINGER ACT: Zanderettes, Sec. Rally Comm Tea Comm Sweater Comm INT: To be a good secretary, marriage U S A F SHEILA SCHNAIR RICHARD SCHULMAN ACT: Hearst Hist. Contest Award Sec of Student Welfare Green Key Club, Nevians. INT: H. T. and E. K. ARLENE MAE SCHUMAN ACT: Carines, Sr. Girls' Glea, G.A A INT: Horses, dogs, people, children DOLORES SCOTT ACT: Linporees, Prom and Tea Comm Girls League INT: Jim, happiness and fun, clothes BOB SCOTT ACT: Gym Team. INT: Brunette with brown eyes, getting married ART SEROTE ACT: Orchestra. INT: Aeronautics, dance band, girls BOB SHAPIRO INT: Money, girls. ARTHUR SHER ACT: Lancers. INT: Girls, nature, outdoors, money. LEONARD SHONE ACT: Noon Wrestling, Tennis, Camera Guild. INT: College, my future, success, and happiness. FRANCES DIONNE SHULTZ ACT: Fed. Staff, Zanderettes, G.A.A., Latin Club. INT: Being a reporter, going to L.A.C.C. BARBARA JEAN SILVEIRA ACT: Chief Justice of Student Court, First Ladies, Lettergirls, Rally Girls Girls' League Vice-Pres., Sr. Service So. INT: Larry, college, interesting people, clothes. BARBARA J. SIMON INT: U.C.L.A., dancing, music. RONNIE SIMON ACT: Baseball Team. INT: Woodworking, baseball, dogs. CAROL JEAN SIMPSON ACT: Carines, Classbook, Aeolian, Sr. Girls' Glee. INT: L.A.C.C., horseback riding, future. JOYCE SINGER ACT: Lettergirls, G.A.A., Girls' League, Cap and Gown Cornm. INT: Church, baseball, happiness. ELVERA AUDREY SINNER ACT: S. B. Cabinet, First Ladies, Lettergirls' Treas., Conutais' Pres., G.A.A Treas., Sr. Service So. INT: College, having fun, Paul, clothes. AILEEN SLOAN ACT: Writer of class song. INT: Knitting, a certain guy. ANNE SLUTZKY ACT: Cafeteria worker, Theater Guild, Sr. Service So. INT: That certain man, Brooklyn, horses. GERALD SOLENDER ACT: Boys' League, Football, Classbook, House of Repr., Financial Rear INT: Girls, cars, money, trip across country. 4. EDWARD SOTTO ACT: A Cappella, School Play, Rally Comm., Boys' League. INT: Bible, music, success. SANDRA SOURP ACT: Carines' Pres.: Girls' League, G.A.A. Sec., Lettergirls. INT: Sports, being happy. GARY SOWELL ACT: Track, Gym Team, Basketball. INT: Sports, money, a certain girl. CATHERINE SPADAVECCHIO ACT: Girls' League, Cap and Gown Comm., S.P.T:A. INT: Certain guy, having fun, clothes. NOEL SPENCE ACT: Science Club. INT: Hot rods, math, and science. DON STANLEY ACT: Photographic Co-Editor of Clossbook. INT: Photography, girls, cars. MYRNA LOU STAUBER ACT: Student Body Sec., First Ladies' Corr. Sec., Chateloines' Vice-Pres., Drill Team, Girls' League. INT: Dick, having fun, swimming. JOANNE STEWART ACT: Linparees. U INT: My future, having a good time. BARBARA JUDITH SWARTZ ACT: "Good News," Nevians, Zanderettes, Sr. Service So., Drill Team. INT: Bill. LUCRETIA SYMONS ACT: Carines, Jr. Phil. INT: Music. CHARLES SYNOLD ACT: House of Repr., Prom Comm. INT: College, ranching, success, and fun. SHERWIN TARSKY ACT: Golf Team, Camera Guild. INT: Photography. VALLEE THOMAS INT: Bud, music, sports. NORMA TRAUTERMAN INT: Traveling, parties, college, guys. DIANE JUNE TRENHOLM ACT: Nevians, Carines, Coteretles, S.P.T.A., Lettergirls. INT: College, car, Balboa. PAUL URPIN ACT: Varsity Football, Gym Team, Track, Lettermen's Club. INT: Gymnastics, my car, Verie, traveling, college. DON VAN SANT ACT: Swing Bond, Camera Guild, Sr. Orch., Gym Team. INT: Horse racing. JOE VARGAS ACT: Varsity Football. INT: Kay and the Navy. ADELINE T. VICTOR INT: Good iob, certain boy, travel. WILLIAM VOWLES ACT: Varsity Football, Letterman, House of Repr., Fed. Repr., Financial Repr. ELAINE WALTER5 ACT: G.A.A., Financial Repr., S.P.T.A., Caterettes. INT: Dancing, sports, having a good time. BOBBE WAHLSTROM INT: Dancing, swimming, Crestline and a good time. CAROLE WARGNIER ACT: Lettergirls, Tamaracs, Sr. Service So., G.A,A., A Cappella. INT: Lower Slobbovian He-man, flights to the moon. LYNNE RUTH WATSON ACT: Zanderettes' Treas., A Cappella, Commencement Comm. INT: Having fun., " zfQQ.f'.l-:Tx-ii gxZfQ.Lf"Cf34 fc: ,Q 1 , t Boa wArsoN gfrggflffy' -, A k, W -J. Int: Jane. ' "5 A SHIRLEY WEINSTEIN ACT: A Cappella, Zanderettes, Nevians, Ushers' Club, Girls' League. CHARLES JOHN WEISER ACg: Cap and Gown Comm., Library Service, Bd. of Health, Financial epr. INT: Stock Market, S.M.C.C., swimming. JANI WEISER ACT: Financial Repr., Fed Repr., Election Comm. INT: "Dick," bop, my friends. MICKEY WEISINGER ACT: Girls' League, Glee Club. INT: My darling Ronnie. JOAN WEISSMAN ACT: Sealbearers, Nevians, Carines, S.P.T.A., Commencement Comm. INT: U.C.L.A., teaching, happiness, success. JIM WELD ACT: Gym Team, Basketball. INT: Cars, money, certain girl. BOB WELLS ACT: Boys' League Sec., Varsity Track, Nevians, Commencement Comm. INT: U.C.L.A., cute little blondes, a new Ford. RICHARD VINCENT WEST ACT: Sr. Orch., Jr. Phil., Nevians. INT: Music, models, and selling sunsuits on Mt. Olympus. JOYCE WHEELER ACT: Tamaracs. INT: Hypnotizing taclpoles. ROBERT WHIDDEN ACT: Boys' League, Classbook, Camera Guild. INT: U.S.C., people, having fun. W DON WHITE ACT: Cheerleader, Drama, House of Repr., Tennis. INT: Camping, fishing, drama, cannibalism, head-shrinking. HERB WHITE ACT: Baseball, Tennis, Boys' League. INT: 'I8th Million. PAUL WHITE ACT: Lancers, Science Club, Radio Club, Rifle Team. ' INT: Mathematics, stamps, guns, fishing. CLAUDELL WHITEHURST ACT: Ca-hos Pres., Jr. Phil. Rec. Sec., Sr. Orch., A Cappella, Nevians. INT: People, camping, music, traveling, counseling. LEE WHITING ACT: Play Production. INT: Music, radio, T.V., travel. , 3 ARLINE WIBE ACT: Lettergirls' Treas., Conutais, Sr. Tea Comm. INT: People, having a good time, U.C.L.A. PAULINDA WILSON ACT: Lettergirls, Sr. Service So., Treas. of Tamaracs, G.A.A. INT: Flying, conasta, boys, having fun, money. JACQUELINE WINDER ACT: Tamaracs, G.A.A., Rally Comm. INT: Cars, swimming, traveling, happy future. ADRIANN JOY WINGERT ACT: Drill Team, Rally Comm., A Cappella. INT: Ronnie, the future, having fun. BETTY JEAN WOOD ACT: Pres. of 9th Grade Council, Vice-Pres. Carines, G.A.A., S.P.T.A. INT: A certain boy, traveling, modeling, the 'Future and success. FRED C. WOODLAND ACT: House of Repr., Lancers, Radio Club. INT: Navy, U.S.D., girls, guns, cars. RONNIE WREESMAN ACT: Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Lettermen. INT: Athletics, swimming, cars, chasing mermaids around Catalina for M-G-M. CHARLES MAYO WRIGHT ACT: Student Body Vice-Pres., Sr. Service So., Pres. Camera Guild. INT: Sonia, ranching. .Mn MARY WRIGHT ACT: Hami House. INT: Sequoia, church, clothes. VALERIE WRIGHT ACT: Pres. and Treas. of Girls' League, Pres. of First Ladies Pres. of S.P.T.A,, Lettergirls, Chatelcines. INT: College and making a success of the future. VERNON YUEN INT: Swimming, football, surfing, outrigger riding, and women. I ZARET A RONN E ACT: A Cappella, Boys' League, Varsity Track. INT: People, college, girls. JERRY ZIMRING ACT: Plant Comm., Sr. Camera Guild, Rally Comm. INT: Bowling, girls. MARYCE ZUCKERMAN ACT: Carines, Student Store. INT: The old powerglide, University of Hawaii, my friends. CAMERA SHY JOHN HEFFERMAN ALLAN MOWBRAY TOM HOOKER ACT: Sr. Play, R.O.T.C. INT: Cars, money, Navy. INT: Girls, cars, airplanes. ROGER KROEGER GLORIA ANN NEAL INT: Traveling. JOHN RUSH JO ANNE LIND INT: Hi-Y, girls, money, skiing. INT: Ronald Howell and our future. SfANLEY R. zlll RONALD MIAO INT: Amateur radio. ACT: Fed. Staff, French Club, Nevians, Athenions, Plant Comm. INT: Rolls Royces, writing, government, and a Ph.D. CLAS DMR Y September, 1948 Dear Diary, A few of our class arrived here at Hamilton as Bee Nines. September, 1949 The rest of our class arrived in the tenth grade. coming from the neighboring junior highs. There are over 400 of us who will graduate three years from now. September, 1949 to October, 1951 W?.l'P been so busy with homework and extra-curricular actirities that welue had no time for class social activities. November, 1951 lleee chosen our name at lastf Henceforth.. the graduating class of Summer, 1952, will be known as the c'Ol,YMPlAlVS.,, Our colors are powder blue and nary. Our class ojjzicers are President, Mike Abartag Cirlsi liice-l'residen.t, ,lanet Brown: Boys' Vice-President, Larry illarshallg Secretary, Nancy Porter, and Treasurer, Andrea Blough. December, 1951 We were supposed to have our Senior Picnic one special Sunday this month. but it rained and so rery few showed up at Crifhth Park. Those who did brute the elements had a Very good time. i January 26, 1952 Tonight was the senior Front given by' the "Ol.tMl'lAlVS" for the HTahitians.M It was decorated in our theme, as is customary, and a memorable time was had by all. February 21, 1952 Today was the day that all of the "lll,YMl'lAlVS', had waited for. Today was Sweater llay. During lunch we paraded around the lunch court and then ate lunch and took pictures on Elson Field. This evening almost half of the class cele- brated by going to Chinatown. Olrera Street. Hollywood, and Ocean Park l'ier. integrity. T Eugeme Snelson Page Tu'erzty-six March, 1952 We have just elected our senior aye ojicers. They are Presi- dent, Fred Cardnerg Girls' and Boys' Vice-Presidents, Nancy Anderson and Bob Collins, Secretary, Ceorgiana Browng Treasurer, Betty jones. May 25, 1952 Our Senior Aye picnic was held today at Crifith Park. All of us who came had a wonderful tirne. May 28, 1952 Today we entertained our parents at the traditional Senior Tea. June 13, 1952 Tonight was the Senior Prom given in our honor by the "Tritons.', the Senior Bee class, and decorated in their theme. June 15, 1952 Today was the inspiring Baccalaureate Service in the l ibrary. June 18, 1952 Today was the Recognition Assembly and many worthy "Ol,YlllPlAlVS,, receieetl awards for their services and achievements. We also heard, for the first time. the Senior Bee class song, and sang ours for the last time to the student body. June 19, 1952 Today was the big day. After three years of hard work and lots of fun we -hnally graduated from high school. Some of us are going right out into the business world: some will go to an institution of higher learning: and some will go into thc service of their country-but wherever we go. we know that llamilton's best wishes for success in the future will go with us. "OL1'JIl'lt-INS" Summer. l952 The time has come only too soon, when you, the four hundred-strong Olympians, will be leaving Hamilton. As you look back-almost everyone does-you will undoubt- edly remember the many pleasant experiences of your high school days. You will think of the friends you met at your locker. of the rallies, of the games. and of the many other worthwhile activities which you shared with your fellow students. llve.. your counselors, are saying good-bye to you with mixed feelings. Naturally. we regret to see you go. uve had the privilege of working with you individually, and it was through co-operative eforts that many problems were solved and difficulties ironed out. Mighty Olympians, you are on your way. History records that only Creeks of good character could compete in the Olympic games. W'e hope that your education has helped to build your character so that YOU may be able to compete successfully in the game of life. Your country needs you. It needs your willingness to work, your courage, and your HHHHNIIHHHNS olbffermen 2 Chl This organization is composed of the out- standing athletes of the school who have zvon their varsity letter. During the se- mester they have been seen ushering at many events and have also led a success- ful toy drive for an orphanage. Mr. Bill Silverthorn is the sponsor. enior eruice ociefy Z .6 ' ,cm , Hamilton is justly proud of its excellent service sys- tem, which encourages stu- Q re g dents to participate in school actzvztzes and render service to Hamilton. These are thc seniors who have contribut- ed the greatest ejorts to their school, each having earned a minimzmz of 35 service points. llr. Richard W... ,Uiller is the sponsor. ,' t' y na W' , . .'-., , :.- Hamilt0n's A Cappella choir is one of the finest in the city and has brought much fame to our school, through radio and televi- sion broadcasts. Jlrs. Martha Abbot is the sponsor, Page Thirty-zzco To the tune of 'Tlfl1l67Zfidn Olympians! We're the class thatis graduating summer 1932 Olympians! VVQ-'re the biggest and thc best, of that vou always can be sure. um 52 Olympians! ' mer aim Ong To our Colors light and navy blue For outstanding scholar- ship throughout their high fchool career, these students :till have on their diploma: the Gold Seal of the Califor- nia Scholarship Federation, and are granted life mem- bership in that orgarzimtiorz. FIRST ROW - Claudell Whitehurst, Lucienne Ka- han. SECOND ROW-Elea- nor Hinkston, Joanne Boyd, Betty Nelson, Gertrude Fif- ferman, Joan Weissman, Sara-Faye Gross, Mary Ann Moore. THIRD ROW- Donna Bordeau, Joan Ker- win, Andrea Blough, Bob Collins, Richard Schulman, Miss Mabee, sponsor, Don Lewis, Nan Breisefh, Louise Goodheart, Marcia Bern- stein, Taube Kaufman. YVQ all are very true. We will make a peaceful world for all of us to live in forever. Olympians! We-'re the class tliat's graduating summer 1932. Olympians! Vlfeire the biggest and the best, of that you always can be sure. Olympians! To our colors light and navy blue We all are very true. - hy .Aiken .SDAIU1 'x SEALBEARER5 Olympians, Three years ago we embarked on a new venture. You began a high school career which was destined to be one of the happiest periods of your lives. As your Grade Counselor it was my aim to help you plan your course of study in a way that would be most beneficial to you. The personal contacts with you have meant much to me. I considered it a privilege to know you and to work with you. Naturally, graduation day will be a happy one for youg I shall look upon it with sadness and yet with a feeling of accomplish- ment that you have reached the threshold of new aml unlimited opportunities. The Olympic Games with their competition are filled with touching examples of good sportsmanshipg in the same respect, your lives will be filled with competition in every form. Remem- ber, that in a game it isnit always important whether you win or lose, but rather HOW you won or lost. May you be rewarded with a place on the winner's platform in every event of life in which you choose to participate. Good Luck. 'X Richard M iller tit 4 ,ggi s IDEAL GIRL Hairflfebe Baldlvin Eyes4Nancy Daley Nose-Claire Blix 'Pat Domwan Lips Complexion-'Marilyn Armor LegsfCeorgianu, Hrozrn Figure!-Carolyn Hlinzler W'alkfVerie Sinner Personality-Kerstin l'elrusson Smileflanet Brown Teeth-Pat Desmond Dimples-Linda Cochran IDEAL BOY Ha-ir-Jimmy La Rue -Charles Dick Nose-Ray Haskins Lips-Don Bott n-Bob Collins Eyes Complexio Ears-Mel vin Munman Build-Gifford Haines Walk-Charles Randall Personality-Don Moore Smile-Bud Cath rie Teelh-firn Hurst Dimples-Cary Sowell il W! 'M . ii PIN-UPS THE BOY AND GIRL YOU WOULD HARDEST WORKING Girl-Pat Minton LIKE TO BE LOST ON MOUNT Girls-Barbara Siive Boy - Larry Marshall OLYMPUS WITH Boy - Chuck Wrighi Girl - Pai Lawrence Boy - David Dirckx CLA Songf"Cry" anrl "Tell Me Why" Orchestra-Les Brown Bea Cll -R oaa' .S id e Location Spot!-Balboa Female Vocalislf-Doris Day ,IIaIe I'oc'alisr-johnny' Ray SS FA VORITES Aclress-fanet Leigh Actor!-Burt Lancaster Radio Progranzffack Benny TI' Program.-MI Love Lucy" Favorite Cripe-Kids Who Cripe About Closed Cates il., l i Q Wm., f i,,,, A 1 '4""'l'lmlf"' BEST DANCERS Girl - Gwen Price Boy - Paul Urpin BEST DRESSED Girl - Dolores Jasperson Boy - Nick Aguilar 4- ,,, .WWW f MOST POPULAR Girl - Marvel Martin Boy - Fred Gardner HAPPIEST AND FRIENDLIEST Girl -Myrna Sfauber Boy -Mike Abarfa ALL-AMERICAN Girl - Paf Knoffs Boy - Ralph Anderson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Girl - Valerie Wright Boy - Roberf Hubbell MOST INTELLIGENT Girl - .Ioan Kerwin Boy - Richard Shulman Lucille Azar Richard Barkin Marilyn Boyd Joanne Boyd Nan Breiseth Jane Cords Nancy Berkau Marcia Biorkman Joyce Singer Erwin Ackerman Brian Bennett Charles Brassard Mike Abarta Nancy Anderson Marilyn Armor Joan Balian Carol Ann Bergh Carolyn Blinzler Donna Bordeau Georgiana Brown John Balian Mariiane Bodum Ron Chandler Arnold Adler Harriet Robbins Jim Archibald Marilyn Armor Carol Ann Bergh Donna Bordeau Charles Brassard fel, my M 2 COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE Sponsors: Mr. Guercio, Miss McNeese, Mrs. MacQueen, Mr. Weston, Mrs. Smith. Pamela Fear Joyce Goff Phyllis Herod Scotty O'Donnell Joan Weissman Marvin Fischer "Joe" Grossman Tom Hooker Nancy Porter Bob Wells Sondra Fishbein Joan Guidry Taube Kaufman Marion Redfern Adriann Wingert Harry Freis Joyce Guidry Judee Klaskin Harriet Robbins Richard West Louise Goodheart Bill Hall Steve Lotterman Richard Schulman Don White Gloria Goodman Diane Handelsman Sandra Marks Jody Stewart Claudell Whitehurst Lee Whiting Dorothy DeHart Marion Goodwin Charlene Harrison Sallee McFerson Lynne Watson Sandra Haughawout Louis Nevell Shirley Weinstein Andrea Blough Loretta Burns Lee Caseldine BACCALAUREATE COMMITTEE Sponsor: Mr. Crow. Nancy Fagan Joan Handy Jeanie Houston Chuck Wright Margaret Branton Lynne Marlene Gordon Gordon Huesby Norm LeVine Ray Quick Regina Goodman Robert Hubbell Frances Shultz Ronnie Zaret Jean Goff Betty Hoppes Charles Synold Bob Collins Linda Cochran Bob Collins Pat Desmond Byron Finley RECOGNITION COMMITTEE Sponsors: Mrs. Snelson, Mrs. Starr. Donna Griffin Pat Jackson Lucienne Kahan Joan Kerwin Pat Knotts Geri Kohn Toni Martinez Eva McBeath TEA COMMITTEE Sponsors: Miss Mason, Mrs. Bogart, Mrs. Janet Brown Arlene Caplan Pat Creath Nancy Daley Barbara Demaria Lillian Earn Devon Fawcett Gerry Field Gertrude Fitterman Joan Guidry Joyce Guidry Margaret Hanna Cecilia Hartry Karen Henrich Bill Heyler Judy Hicks Merry Hill Eleanor Hinkston Carol Hoeppner Jim Hurst Delores Jasperson Betty Jones Claris Kern Marion Koniarski Pat Lawrence Linda Lichty CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Sponsor: Mr. Smith. Chester Pettit Pat Rhamy Ronald Schain Stine. Joyce Linsley Jackie Manning Laura Matheson Nancy Polin Gwen Price Jo Salmon Betty Scarantino Paul Urpin Paul White Fred Woodland Barbara Silveira Barbara Swartz Diane Trenholm Arlene Wibe Paulinda Wilson Betty Woods Valerie Wright Marian Schlesinger Maryce Zuckerman Dolores Scott Shirley Cochrane Dwain Hendrickson Ann Leahy Mary Price Myrna Stauber Beverlye Fisher Joanne Hoag Marvel Martin Bill Ralls Charles Weiser Sara-Faye Gross Betty Jones Jerry Miller Barbara Simon Jackie Winder Larry Ennis Fred Kingsdale Jo Ann Pollard ALUMNI COMMITTEE Sponsor: Anne von Poederoyen. Chairman: Frances Shultz Janet Lee Becq Richard Barkin Georgiana Brown Bob Collins Pat Cornett Jack Edwards Jean Ewing Eleanor Hinkston "Joe" Grossman Susan Brown Joe Vargas Martha Mclean Marvin Fischer PROM COMMITTEE Devon Fawcett JoAnn Hoag Nancy Polin Dolores Scott Donna Griffin Betty Jones Bill Hall Joan Kerwin Charlene Harrison Marvel Mart Nancy Porte Gwen Price in Eleanor Hinkston Laura Matheson Bob Rehmar I' Barbara Silveira Charles Synold Bob Whidden Serving as sponsor of the mighty Ulympians has lleen a most pleasant anfl ren-arfling experience. I will always rememlzer the countless happy associations I hare hull with the members of this class. People like you have been largely responsible for making Hamilton the great school that it is. We, who remain at Hamilton. will remember your bright eyes, your gentle good humor. Your wholesome aml enthusiastic outlook on life, and your warm spirit of frienrl- liness aml good fellowship. May every thing fine and goorl come your way as you on through life. JOJCTIJ Wetlolz .. - f 1 -fr s XM V k-, .cg Jbffergir 6 s s Y Easily recognized in their green sweaters i with the Hamilton "H" are these sports- minded girls, who are active members of the G.A.A. These girls must pass rigid written and technical tests, and are eligi- ble for Lettergirls only after three semes- ters of G.A.A. The sponsor of this group is ,Uiss Anna lllae Alason. . eUlan5 ef if The Olympian class is MW proud to have such a large number of Nevians. To be a member of this scholastic society a student must have at least three A's and one B on his precious report card. Their outstanding contribu- tion to the student body is a tutoring service available in many subjects. Miss Cora .Uabee is the sponsor. This musical group, also a coict training group, performs at many of our school assemblies and at I, other schools. The choir often 20 lan blends its voices with the A Cap- pella Choir in special perform- ances. fllrs. .Uartha Abbott is the sponsor. r d ,., M Q we - Y 5 .sh -Q -. y.. Pagt Tlzirtlx'-tliru' -larry Ennis. These Senior Ayes have worked hard E y t lo edit and publish the Federalist by t'oz't'rlnlg all news for jluhlication and H rmtorirzg the Fwd to its former heights. 17 .llrs. Anne von Poederoyen sponsors this 'S group. , jederadal .Siu FIRST ROW-Mrs. Anne von Poe- deroyen, Judee Klaskin, "Joe" Grossman, Frances Schultz. SEC- OND ROW-lee Caseldine, Judy Hicks. THIRD ROW-Toni Martinez, Jo Salmon, Jerry Katz, George Fen- ton, Bob Rehmar, Jerry Godnick, Sandra Marks. ymlaian Cfaddhooh .Siu Editor ---- - - - - "I0e,' Grossman Sponsor - - ----- Mrs. Carolyn C. Clifton ff Editorial Staff - ,Io Ann Hoag, ,lullee Klaskin, Pat Lawrence, Jo Salmon, ,lim Archibald, Bob Rehmar, Gerald Solender H Secretaries ----- Mildred Paskal, Carol Simpson l Photography Editors - Phyllis Marks, Bob Anderson, Don Stanley Photography Sponsor ----- Mrs. Lois Vinette Photographers - - - Leo Braun, Sheldon Dienstein., Loren. Frank, john Kerr, Victor Malzahn, Sherwin Tarslfy, Bob Whidden Publicity Sponsors - ,lean Dalquist, Mr. Kenneth MacLean Art - - - Pat Crealh, judy Lipney, Mary Ann Moore, Aaron Cohen, Hank Shultz Art Sponsors - Miss llrace Haynes. Miss Lucille Schulman W 0 3 Advertising-Sales ------- Arnold Adler ' ' ' Sales Sponsor ------- Miss Anna Neft Valuable t,.,1,',,,,,g in leademhip ij Special Credit ---- ,loan Kerwin, Mr. Robert West, fumijhed to the bow of mg school by Mr. Thomas W'illiams, Mrs. Ruth Stephens the R.O.T.C. under Lieutenant Ka- nelis and Sergeant Cook. Hamilton is one of the few high schools in Los Tlzvsf' students have zz'orlf- Angeles to have a Reserve Officers cd hard to presvrzt a class- T1'az'ning Corps. A L book they hope will please adf, 00 C4 both students and faculty. R. O. T. C. FIRST ROW-Charles Wright. SECOND ROW-Harry Preis, 5 Larry Patterson. THIRD ROW A U - Byron Finley, Sheldon E 4 Q Friedman, Paul White. FOURTH ROW-Fred Wood- l land, Norman LeVine, Don Hunziker, Arthur Sher. TOP ,Ann-LisQvuww: EHMPUS IHHHS Stimulation of spiri- tual thought, and the understanding of dif- ferent religions are the airns of this active club. Each sernester the club giggggu ,J presents an outstanding ,fttf assembly, under the di- rection of Dr. fessie if Clernensen, th e clu b sponsor. 1 U,l"Cflfll'l'l, Corclcc Wechca! 14144 This club is organized for girls who have an interest in nursing. They visit diferent hospitals and receive the latest information on training schools and modern hospitals. Miss Alma Hokanson is the sponsor. angina e Cabinefa The Pan-American, the Latin, and the French Clubs contribute to the cultural de- velopment of Hamilton ana' promote understanding of other peoples. Viczuing for- eign language films. dinners at foreign rctsaurants. Uljlfj to art galleries, lectures, and programs in forcign lan- guagfvs arc some of their ac- tiiztzis. ,Um Rzsdon is the sponsor of thc Pnnzinier- iran Club: lfrs. Upitz. of the Latin Clubg and -Urn Clifton, of ll1:'Ffz'71LlZ Club. sf. i .. 2' inloareed The main service of the Linparees is to act as hospitality hostesses to new students, helping them to get acquainted with Hamilton. They also have numerous other services. Mrs. Mar- garet Davis is the sponsor of this group. arined Filing the sheet music in the music bungalow and serving at the prom and other school dances are but a few of the services rendered by this active service club. Mrs. Alice Andre sponsors this group. L"'vnn7 661, 'xN05 These girls are the cafeteria hostesses. They willingly give up their noon hours every day to help the cafeteria staj serve the noon meals. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Stine. gonquinri This recently formed group is onc of the many Horizon clubs on the campus. The girls perform, various services for the school, such as serving in the cloak room at the Senior Prom and at the Sock Hop. Mrs. Eugenie Snelson is the sponsor. 4. ,A ,, 's " 4 T ' T 'L 2 gn jf ' , 4 .' ,, .- , ,L V sgbgi . it G if .gtg 1 ZW 'W "" " ,Y S N 2 2' if Y W , 4 . 7 PL - .4 lblembership in this service club is open to BIO-B12 girls with a C' average. Working .hard to serve their school, these girls serve as cafeteria hostesses on Friday noons, help seniors with the caps and gowns at commencement, ana' work in the cloakroom at the school proms. Miss Carol Dunlap is the sponsor. ClI'LC2l'd This social service club, a fairly new organiga- tion, serves the school by caring for the school flag ana' ushering at assemblies. To be a mem- ber of the club, a boy must have belonged to the R.O.T.C. for at least one semester and be will- ing to give service to the school. Sgt. Cook ancl Lt. Kanelis are co-sponsors. wh, i ,.4 ,AQ ,Magyar Que Zafwlmfies This hara'-working club serves the school in many ways. The main project of these girls this semester was the planning and presentation of the spring fashion show. Miss Nellie Rogers sponsors this group. Conufaizi The members of this social service club work with Miss Zelma Revier in our library during their free time. Here they sort ana' label books and clo other chores. They also plan many social events during the semester. " . W ,.J A H I. " -. V, . f W, .f ' ' .px 4. 52" Q pf .,, 2. ., 4 rea in it , -WF Q, .pgfigf gg , , ri- I W! I A' Y ' ,K-55 - K gf- Af, A. I -. f' 1 ' ,-ww., ,',, 4 4- 3 3 .:' 3 H . , g .t . '- -- x . , .i r S-f P 1 , 9 jllillt gufeau One of the most recently formed clubs on the campus, the Talent Bureau, is composed of the most talented students in school. The mem- bers present the weekly noon talent shows and perform outside of school. Members of this group helped Hamilton win the Hi-Talent Bat- tle trophy. Mrs. Martha Abbott sponsors this group. My y 'T y s ,ll A xg ,lp 4 ' 0' 5 Jr VA . , 9 I7 J 4 f .. 4 77 -' Q 'f 1 0 CX 0 G MD Jr. lghifharmonic' 6 Sponsoring many outstanding musical events is the duty of this organization. It presents our annual junior Philharmonic Concert, and is responsible for the noon Musical Varieties. Mrs. Pauline Bogart is the sponsor. o c 7 en-lOl' QI' 5 ee This voice training group ojfers service to the school by singing at the Girls, League Instal- lation and various school teas. Girls are chosen for the Aeolian and A Cappella choirs from this group. Chafefaineri As one of the largest girls' service clubs, the Chatelaines give many services to Hamilton. Each year these girls take charge of the school- sponsorecl Thrift Drive and Red Cross Drive. M'rs. Alarjorie Eddy is thc sponsor. l l 1' lf" i"1'b 6- l .. -.V .f -5,4 s. .,mM, ......4,,' OFFICERS Pres. Barbara Levinson Vice Pres. Audrey Berry Vice Pres. Martin Adams Sec. Carol Anthony Treas. George Hall Page Forty , X .ff ' M i , ,, 4, ...f ' 1 1 'wh , jfifond if nga 3 V fffl' WU 9 . r" Lnfer 5 72' ,, ,sejyfs f M J t - J' Mr. Leonard Green Lia'-C, ff' " ' ' ' ' ' .1 J Mrs. Blanche Betfingfon X 7 77 J Z Miss Cora Mobee 1 Page' For A-11 W WP? ,Miva W 9 Q" Wwfu Nt -fa ' , :M j-fpff W MJUU ' L, S JW' . '- wweiigfv , f.M+f-'W AIO U dy A- D I o A f , I 5 A-IO PageF0ft'1-thi' asa figg-5 3 5 Q if'?'E ? EQ? ni " 'Pl 'fa Ab f 5' B.. Q 3 W N il Path 'ld ffl-w Q,,f144"'b'7:N. Q at gf. gg g Q sv IRQ' M wx F Q It Q, bf' Ia V V VV V V: . , ,. ., ,, ..e, c ,,1.,... .. , ,,.,. A VV: V , . , . V A Q E . ,-15' . .- , 9 8 " 7 A V xV V Vi V, V2 , .V rVVV1,Vs-QQ ,9. V . . .Eff-VV V! V V V It 1 15 . VVVVVVV V :M M V' ' 515 5 VL v A 'V V , V V' AV if wg .V V VQV Z . VV' Q ', EVA, 1 ,LV ,.. ,V VK.. .VV Y 4 e. :EV QV Li. si V V Vp . V VV 2.1 VV F V 1 ,.- V A ... ' V5"'i vf -5V'V u , ff V VV, A V L . ,V "g. iq. ggfww, V ,y ,jj . Ve, ' f' 1 . ' f "-3' 'rf , ' ' ,. .1 51 ,ju Q -8 A Vr 111 1 gg, I ,.,,, - ,wwf ' 1 , . . ' ' , f- '1 A . 1 " -1 , V . j , ' ,, .1 I - . , I 7, ?QW5fgkwjwQ Ww'Nif4fw fur .fZ+WvT wwmfwf. N ff 57, 11.7-'f' -1' 'V '- ' " if fl a ' I ' 1 ' -' -. J ' '- In . ,X 1 Y 1" . ' M , - ,' 5I"'fV ' ' .4 " . ' 1 J! H? " K' f 1 ' iff: "f -, ' W -V 2 . -V " ff, . Q VV -gs + 19 I 7, f' V ,, ,-V 3, ,y , VV.,V.V.. . V VE VV 1- V l-:: VV V . ,V Ml. V VV .L iv .VV V, ,- , V I, .Z Q ' f,. VW, ' ,, T if ,VV Vg! , ,f X - Ap . V r , . , ' Va' V. .Z V .Q V V V , ,. . , , Val . ,, V , L Vi. , jj ,, A V' I 1 ., f A , E , L, A . , 1 A ,' H, ,- U4 , X .,A. ., AA,:,,., .M V ,Why " - V5 , s - J 1 fa -6 In . . vw? W4 S V V fx V W ,. V! 9 , L , VV V , B-ll ,Va Tp , xj I 55 VV V , V I V Ur' WI' du! V- phi?" rv VgFfRV5AfpVML .,g "1,fj,'j5ff M 5 Ji' .V l I , 1' . 'I fJ.yiy, ' M , 1fMcl !f,vQ- luv, f."!Mu J ,yiyb vdi Q Lf. 4 . .z 2 52' I Q I 2 Page Forty-four B-IO K X x 3 X X Q Y x X XM , mi, ,Q 'Iii N fg S XX J Q X KX. NX X X X X t iw X X X AQ fx K xx X X X x UWA.. g . N ang: , Q is 5 L. , Q A r We , A LJ an fx ja. 1 f at is V ut.,,.,, . ytawwmvmsw W MIKE ABARTA g swings his big bat as he has for the past three years a varsity horsehider. Two of the three years have been spent as team captain. FIRST ROW-Ray Elmore, Ken Siein, Al Savage, Mike Alaarfa, Ron lucas, Harlan Cohen. SECOND ROW-Glen Posfon, Guy McElwaine, Martin Adams, Paul Mariin, Marv Sampson, Bernie lebovifz. THIRD ROW--Sheldon Kritzer, Dick lommen, Chase Burns, Bud Bailey, Don Moore, Ray Haskin, Coach Dave Rebel. A well balancwfl' and talented Tanker' baseball team fought through another season. The tram was foafhrd by f Q Daw' Rfbd and the l'Ilf7f!7i7l was Wlikc Abartzz. X X 'x X .V QM, gf! D y ' y 'ef 7. X ef v , e in iitt ft 1ne r D M X i l If f ' i i - 'fir ig M ML X 'ff -ene D 'ferfe f :,: ld! ,,, ,2,, Q .t,, , - , ' .:. , ,f,,. ,.:, V, fi-, ,. -- 1, S X 5, GLEN POSTON and PAUL has done Yankee base- - ' . " Y NWN . ' MARTIN-Hare two up-and- hall a great service this A MM ,LZ , mining hall players who year hy his announc- ' ' Z - have a great future. ing. P5155 Fnrty-six FIRST ROW-Ralph Anderson, Ray Quick, Bob Collins, Ed Lafferty, Gary Sowell, Bernie Polsky, Paul Urpin, Bob Krehbiel. SECOND ROW-Len Hunt, Don Hazard, Don lewis, Phil Parish, Mel Clierman, Don Bott, Coach Dave Patterson, Couch William Crow, THIRD ROW-Bruce Collier, Clyde Brooks, Dick McMinn, Peter lowicki, Brion Bennett, Bob Wells, Bob Rehmar, Fred Sattes, Bob Steiner. This yeafs track team showed that it wanted to win by defeating three lffeslern League track teams this year. The mercurjvmen were coafhed by Dave Patterson and Bill Crow. The co-captains were Ed Lajerty ana' Bob Collins. T cb' ., 1 ffff Z 2 , V . - f ,Wy , YV Y - nm W I' "7s,gwe,Wf I ' .,,,,ffe MM 'fm leaf' 4, ' ' Ab, " M,,,,,,tfffw4 , I ,. , me fr A-'wi s..C.,m-afawfwwf-W V e:!flj'f4zQa,1Z:. ' an , . L H344 we -..ff -71. RONNIE WREESMAN - has again been high point man this season. Events in- cluded hurdles, sprints, and high jump. 0' if i ? f e 5 milf-TJ Xi X jj, TT x 4. KJ A 1 X vi X Q , 0 ll 1' . ED LAFFERTY-smashed both school and league marks BOB COLLINS-has been with his league leading vault a steady winner in the gruel- -L4 - of 12 feet MTM inches. ling mile run this season. H. f+wLT-r.. Page Fo 7'f.l"5c'l'6IZ PAUL URPINgA1I- City long-horsc Chain- pion, brought their Yank gym tc-am at fourth spot in city. GOLF TEAM Our golf team is rated as one of Ihr best in Sozttlzcrrz California. The from is spozzmrerl by Dave If1"estau'ay. FIRST ROW -Charles Brassarcl, Don Thornton, Alex Sutton, SECOND ROW-Jerry Mook, David Felber, Sherwin Torsky. THIRD ROW- Bill Pines, Juck While, Alun Cczsebier, Bob Hume. if Forty-cfgfzt CHAMPIONSIHUP G YM T EAJII Hamiltonjs 1952 Cyrn Team, captainea' by Mike Fruebairn and Dick Given, captured another trophy for the growing Yank Trophy Case. This was the squaffs fifth league championship in the last seven years. City fourth place honors were brought home by fay Rosenburg, Paul Urpin, and Chuck Dick, con- tinuing the tcamis record of never having jinished lower than fifth in city finals since 1945-a tribute to the splendid coaching of CLAUDE TURLEY. DICK GIVENAAII-League side- CHUCK DICK- W, nt hom- champion, went through through thc season undt tht- entire Season without a loss. ft-an-dq playing Hfth in 5,11 City rings. 451,02 X If A ff faq, , ,g,g7l1f1' ,W fN.v' SR S WEA T ER DA Y "GOO NE WS" CAP GOWN DA Y mrfwwazmf "--- fffffff f "" P f A I A, ,,, , , " 'M' 2 7 5 L 4 . qw, f Wwffmfflwiifswmfr' 4 W! what l 1c M'lW Y WW ' A ,,G, f .,,, ff ,M ,,,, , M, , ,,f,,,2T":iffZfffVv7'YU, 54 ,, 0 ,LCV Y V !?,nf,,nfQflf!A MUN' fl y , ff,1,43f,. , ,.,,Z:,f f FACULTY BALL GAME , My .. .... h s 'SVMW M W' V? 57: I WZ, my 'fwmi , ,Q Af, J M v hwy' div? f '72 , 1, , V: W wwf, N ,,, ,W y Q 'UW , ,ff ff' if fm Aw?2Qf .Sincere Congrafufafiond TO THE HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS of S' 52 FROM YOUR HOMETOWN DAILY NEWSPAPER EVENING STAR NEWS R. L. CURRY, Editor and Publisher 4043 Irving Place Culver City Q Congrafufafiomi Ulynnpniainfns if Culver City Recreation 9524 WASHINGTON BLVD. CULVER CITY 'ik' 16 Modern Alleys ik' Students' Rates 'ik' TE. o-3220 'W a Southern California tradition va, E' A M oinistle just listtii KISS C0ngm1fulollz'0n.f OLYMPIANS 94 GILMAN 8m ADLER CO Congrafulolions . . . Arnold Congrafufafiond fo fke .S7ll,l'l'lI'l'lel" 6!Cl,55 of O GREGORY PRINTING COMPANY Prinling, Slafionery Ollice and School Supplies Arl'isl's' Maferiols 9364 Culver Boulevard c I City Mcelyn MOTOR CORPORATION ir Dodge and Plymou'I'h Cars Dodge Job-Ruled Trucks , ' Y V V f '5 ' ' ,,4e. iliw I f .ty CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS OIym pia ns Rcemeneys Flowers 157 Nw. La Cnmurg i . Bcvvrlv H IIS, C1.1If Br. 2-15721 cf. 5-3265 We' ljrlizw j7Ae Eat of gjueryflcing in fo fke Olympians, Class of S'52 WALT CASH your CULVER - PALMS STU DEBAKER DEALER Congmtulatiom OLYMPIANS 'A' Johnnie SiIveira's Ice Cream Formers Morkei WY. 6786 Congrafufafiond fo fke Olympians e MR. 3. MRS. MORT GREEN and MR. 3. MRS. IRVING NINBERG O Congrofulofions, Arnie if WM W TAMKIN PHOTOGRAPHY Towel Supply Service GLENDALE lOl8 Venice Boulevord jfy Los Angeles 15 A Photographic Service For Schools ik Our sixth year of service to H5l77li!f07lHigh, ik' Miniature and Senior PORTRAITS - GROUPS PRospec1 1787 BERT'S 3834 Main Sfreei' Culver Cify, Calif. LESLIE GRAY Jeweler 3835 Main Street Culver City R E D ' S DOUBLEDECK HAMBURGERS and HOT DOGS JOYCE'S Ladies' Exclusive Wearing Apparel 3833 Main Street Culver City DUTCH MAID ICE CREAM Howard B. Lawrence 3388 S. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles 34 Office Phone VE. 8-5588 ' WGSl PICO I CONGRATULATIONS T O B E S U R E COMPLIMENTS or Bob S Shoe 81 Golf OLYMPIANS I N 5 U R 5 Bag Repair Shop with UCHWA ARTHUR H. Any type of repair done on Golf Bags, Shoes, Saddle Bags, and Leather Jackets Venice Blvd. 2-I5 W. 7th Street R ' d 4060 cemanelq Blvd. epmre Neo' He'mS Room '207 Venice, Calif. 10594 W. Pico Blvd. PHONE 8801 Venice Blvd. Bus.-TU. 1271 VE- 843270 Res.-HU. 9-0139 Ayres Hardware 10577 W. Pic0 Blvd. Los Angeles Open Sunday 9-12 ARizona 7-1720 Ward's Hardware National at Sawtelle ARizona 8-3246 Hardware, Paint, Model Supplies FOR BETTER SHOE REPAIRING See JCE at 4254 Overland Ave. Culver City We Dye Shoes Any Color FRED'S BAKERY We Specialize in Wedding, Birthday and Party Cakes 2831 S. Robertson Blvd Los Angeles 34 VE. 8-1204 BLOOM REAL ESTATE COMPANY Houses, Apartments, Units, and Duplexes and INSURANCE COMPLIMENTS of Mr. 81 Mrs. Phil Feldman and Family COMPLIMENTS of Mr. 81 Mrs. S. Cadis and Family COMPLIMENTS of a Friend lt Pays To Enter Culver Center J. C. PENNEY CO. CULVER CITY It Pays to Enter Culver Center FREE PARKING 3824 Culver Center Culver City, Calif. HELLMAN HARDWARE Electrical Goods, Tools, Paint, Hardware, Plumbing Supplies, Builders' Hardware and Appliances 3857 Culver Center St. Culver City, Calif. VE. 9-5239 W. T. GRANT CO. Culver Center's Largest Department Store 3844 Culver Center Culver City CULVER CENTER FLOWERS Flowers, Plants, and Gifts 3855 Culver Center Culver City, Calif. Bus. Phone VE. 9-7I 'II Home Phone VE. 9-4898 Culver City's Own Drug Stores . . . Wellington Drug 4300 Overland VE. 8-3784 Sunset Drug 9555 Washington Blvd. VE. 8-4369 - TE. O-2484 Culver Center Drug 3839 Culver Center VE. 9-7668 Wellington Sepulveda Drug 5423 S. Sepulveda EXbrook 8-I3l4 :- WE FEATURE: lflizabetlz Arden P1'i1zrf'1I-Ialchabrlli Luclnz LRLQIIH Ken! Bruxhcs SL'lll6lfJl1I'Clll. Rubinstein ,lllllfllldl-ll Letztheric Guerlain Fabwjgg Yardley Chanel Ogilrif' Caron Coty Dana Revlon Evyan Larlvin DuBarry PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE FREE DELIVERY SERVICE From II A.M. to 6 P.M. Daily CULVER CENTER PALMS KAPI.AN'S STATIONERS J, L, SHULER DELICATESSEN Office Supplies Manager Co. Leather Goods "lf It's Lumber-Call Our 2815 So' Roberlson Blvd' G,ee,i,,g Ccrds SINGER sewmo MACHINE N,,,,,be,ff LOS Angeles 34 Social Stationery COMPANY Phones HONGTIZIIEZ-I2S':0d to Wedding Announcements 3867 Culver Center Culver City, Calif. 3859 Culver Center Culver City, California VE. 8-3475 0 TE. O-2590 I032I NATIONAL BLVD. Catering For Parties FREE DELIVERY VE. Q.5844 at Motor Ave. VE. 8-9964 ongralufalionft ymloiand MOORE 81 HAL BAIRD M. NOVICK COMPANY GAS STATION SALES 81 SERVICE KARL'S Mr. 81 Mrs. Freeman CLEANERS S. R. Rubin Furniture Co. -ws XJ TW, B LX, ' 'N S. N-N, ' N "" . . . and as the sun goes down on ' ' 'X ', M another day, we go forth into a I 'A lx ' J wide wondrous world. To the l 7 "' small world-Hamilton-from .W .. A . N 5 wx whzch we have now emerged, K X l C we say farewell. E -X XP. l 7' K 47 e N9 , 5 K X 5 X. o Q7 no 6 F A l of , , f,,, V ,, 'MWTZM 'V 'f ' "Sundown," ca Harnilion photo by Eloise Osborne, S'5I A WN W QL Qtr, 9 u s 94, 34212, QQ wifi? Qioiff af J fb ,WWW5 M Q X9 J Qfry MW ' ' J Wu w. vm : M C9 mf .. . ,Q My 2 Q5!U'!Qnl11 3535 sg! ,. ww WW QW -.fav 1 . A ,4,7,,7n.,,,,Mw BXBNWMN -ilk M 5 1 ,ji X Q dx - ,ok Www Ma M www , M57 X' 1 - - ., ' QQ" ,-

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