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v aduli lunA S ' 50 ►W f , MEMBER OF THE PRESS ;; NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC » A S S ' N . ' ' - ' 1 csDedi tii Lcctuon When night departs in silence, she leaves upon the blossoms Her beauteous tears in dewdrops that have no colors bright; But when the dawn breaks brightly, they turn to pearls of crystal, Fair, luminous and shining, the blossom ' s crown of light. So likewise my poor verses, that have no hue, no lustre. Upon your album ' s pages are poured out freely here; But if your eyes cast on them the brightness of their beauty, they will be pearls of friendship, most pr ecious and most dear. — Manuel Duque • ■» r . • dministrci lion ur I rlnclpal and Uice j rlnclpats ipt To the Castilians, aristocrat of classes: May the grace of old Spain and the blessings of the New America attend your progress into a future of happiness and fine achieve- ment! GERTRUD ADDISON Girls ' Vice Principal CASTILIANS: Many years ago, a man of cour- age and determination sailed for Spain and found a new world. The odds of history, ignorance, and fear were against him. But on ship or on shore he could stand on his own feet. At Jamestown, in 1607, G small bond of Englishmen was almost wiped out. They learned to stand hardship, disease and death. In 1620, at Plymouth, another group almost succumbed to cold, starvation, and attacks from na- tives. But they, too, survived. America, even now, offers oppor- tunities for those who can take it; those who are independent; those who can stand alone against dis- couragement and defeat. Such Americans discover their own America. They are Americans — even as you. Sincerely, WALKER BROWN Principal The Castilians of old were great adventurers and boldly pressed their quest for new fields of en- deavor far and wide. May you, as the bearers of the proud name of Costilian, pursue your quest as successfully along the course that lies ahead of you. We who remain on the near shore will watch with keen interest, and some anxiety, perhaps, as you leave us. What- ever your course may be you take with you our best wishes for your continued success in your worth- while accomplishments. H. O. EATON, JR Boys ' Vice Principal Senior Ar K ablnet Bob Ohnemus, Midge Wilcomb, Gene Chamberlain, Margaret Cull -S enior - and (aD LJfficeri Ranking Castilians of the A and B semester are these fine class officers. They were re- sponsible for the success of our many and memorable class ac- tivities. Senior 9 L abinet Front — Jim Hughes, Ann Soltz, Barbara Miller. Bock — Midge Wilcomb, Bill Douglas. en ior ponSord Closest of our faculty friends in our final semester are always the Sr. Problems teachers. They sharpen our ambitions, direct our enthusiasms and give a hand with our class activities. We shall always thank them for their friendship and help. fenior ' eacheri Front — Miss Wilson, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Wyvell, Mrs. Bogort, Mrs. MacQueen, Mrs. Goetten. Bock — Mr. Patterson, Carl Brown, Mr. Bright, Mrs. Dinsmore, Miss Gregg, Mrs. Hortwell, Mr. Broadwater. J 5:= £ — 4bAS«- acuiu . ' - ■ i 3 .- ( .tf- , Our days here at Hamilton will always be remembered as happ onfes. We-, have our wonderful faculty to thank for being our friends as well as our teachers and making our stay here at Hamilton one that will never be forgotten. Kyur ( ic CLdd LYNN ABBOTT Act: Science Club, A Cappella Choir Int: Sciences, music LEONORA ALBERTI Act: S.P.T.A.. Sr. Tea Comm, TONY ACCETTURO Act: Football Int: Football, being Jack Schlafer ' s assistant JERRY ALEXANDER Act : Sr. Classbook Photographer, Camera Guild Int: Photography, drafting, sports VERNON H. ADAMS Act: House ot Rep., Board of Health Int: Girls, clothes, making money DOLORES ALEXANDRE Int : Roller skating, dancing DOROTHY AHLMAf Act: House of Rep, Fin. Rep., Fed. Rep., Board of Health, G.A.A. Int: Phil Hazard, sports, fun MARY ALFANO Int: Whitey NtCOL C. ALLAN VALEtRA ALLAN JEANNE DOROTHY AMORE Act: Boys ' League, Act: Board of ALSOBROOK Act: Girls ' League, B Track Promotions, Fed. Act: First Ladies Cap and Gown Int: Art, music Rep. V.P., Lettergirl, Comm, Int: Bill House of Rep. Int: My dog. Classbook Staff, a certain guy Charelles Int: College, Photography BRUCE ANDREN HENRY APPLEDORN BARBARA A. LOUIS ARNOLD Int: Girls, cars. Int: College, ARMSTRONG Act: Varsity footbal sleeping new car Act: Theatre Guild, Lettermens ' Club Football Band, Treas., Barons A Cappella, Med. Int: Football. Arts Club, Jr. fishing. Barons Girls ' Glee Int: Food, my club. men, Farley PATTI ASHBY NANCY ATWOOD ABE D. BAKER HEIDI BANNASCH Int: Art, music, cats, Int: Radio, literature. Act: Board of Health Act: Jr. Ph. I. Pres money, Tom music, anything Int: Girls, cars Cahos, All that makes me Council happy Int: Music, literature, teachin JACK N. BECKETT Act; A12 Council, Grounds Comm., Board of Health, Boys ' League, Camera Guild Int: V omen, cars TINSLEY CORENE BELL BECKWITH Int: Bob, Act: Cap and Gown ' 49 Mercurys Comm., Varsity Football GENE BERGHAUS JACQUELINE Act: House of Rep. BIANCA Int: Cars, hot rod Act: First Ladies races, women Sec, Sealbearer, Nevians Pres., House of Rep. Int: College, to be a successful actress TOM BIRCH Act: Dance Band Int: Music SANDI BODIAN Act: Med. Arts Club Act: Lettergirl Sec, Girls ' League, Cahos, S.P.T.A., Orientation Comm MAXENE BOETTGER GEORGE L. BOLAND Act: Classbook Staff Nevians, Sr. Girls ' Glee Int: The " Baker Boy, " college, music MARY JEAN BOYD Act: Fed. Staff, Dance Comm. Int: Being Mrs. Gene Donovan Cap and Gown Comm., Publicity Comm. nt : Harry A., music Int : I ' m not choosy SCHAEL BERG Act: Basketball, Track, Lemac Club, Boys ' League Int: Women HOWARD BLOOM Act: Key Club, Sports Ed. Fed., Sr. Service Society, House of Rep., Boys ' League TOM BOLIS Int . Women, Fords, IRENE BRIGGS Act: G.A.A. Int: Bud. sports, clothes, animals DEBBIE BRANDMEYER Act: 812 A12 Council. Girls ' League Cabinet, Fed, Staff, First Ladies, Sr. Ser. Society Int: People, writing, traveling PETE BRITTAIN Act: Football Band, Sr. Orchestra Int: Sports, falconry TUDY BRANDSTATTER Int: Jack, swimming, Catalina, Lake Hughes DAN BRITTEN Act : Sr. Orchestra Int: Minister, re- search in the Bible TINY BRANDSTATTER Act: House of Rep , Girls ' League Int: My friends, good times, Lake Hughes EARL BROCE Act: Camera Guild Science Club Int: Religion, photography, aviation, radio GLORIA BROWN Act JOANNE BROWN KEITH BROWNING EARLE BRYENTON First Ladies, Act, G.A.A. V,P., Act: Swing Band, Act: Track Lettergirl, Sr. Service Society, Girls ' League !nt: Ernie, traveling, making friends Lettergirl, Girls ' League Int: Mason, knitting, skiing Football Band, Orchestra Int; Music, women, money, cars EUGENIA BUCHEN DICK BURDICK Act; G.A.A. S.P.T.A.. Girls ' League Int Bowling, Ronnie Act; Varsity Basketball, Boys ' League, Vikings Int: Everything RONNIE BURNS Act; Gym Team, B Football. Vikings Int: Money, cars. more money, food Int : Women, cars, football, track DENNIS CAMPBELL Act; B Football Int : Money, girls, college EVA CAMPBELL Act . House of Rep., 5r. Tea Comm., Girls ' League Int; Bob. knitting, s.wjmming RICHARD CARPENTER Int : Auto racing, money, girls ROBERT CAMPBELL ED CANDLER Act. Varsity Track, Act; B. Football, House of Rep. A12 Council, Int; Studying rabbits Vikmgs and their habits Int: May SYLVIA CAPETILLO Int: Boys, money, Acapuico, law AIDA CARILLO Act; Jh. Phil. V.P., Cahos, Election Comm., A Cappella Int: Traveling, singing JOYCE CARROLL Act: Lettergirl, Nevians, G A.A,, Girls ' League, Sr. Sweater Comm, Int; Art, a good marriage, trip to Europe PATRICIA CARTER AUDREY CASMAN DAN CATHCART Girls ' League, Financial Rep., G.A.A. Int : Pete, Catalina, dancing, swimming Act: Med. Arts Club Act; Classbook, Int: Learning, Science Club enjoying life Int: Jackie JO ANNE CARSON Act: Publicity Comm., Fed. Rep., Cap and Gown Comm. Int: Tex, nursing EVANGELINE CAVELARIS Act: Med. Arts Club Int: Housewife, learn to speak more languages CHAMBERLAND Act: B Football, Boys ' League GAY CHAPMAN Act: First Ladies ' Pres., Sealbearer, B10 Al 1 Cabinet, House of Rep. Int: U.CL.A., Chem. building, brunette males, dancing ALLAN CHATKIN BOB CHESLER Act: Boys ' League, Act: Boys ' League, Board of Health, Camera Guild Int: Sports, travel, girls, new cars Board of Health Int: Cars ROBERTA CHESLER WALTER CHILDRESS SHIRLEY Act: Girls ' League Act: Key Club, V.P., First Ladies, Student Court, Girls ' League Publicity Int: Going places and having exciting time Football, Lettermen Int; Cars, sailing, girls CONSTANCE CLARK CHISTENSEN Act; A Cappella, Act; Nevians. Bowling League S.P.T.A. V.P. Int; Music, bowling, Cahos, French Club U.S.C. Int: Art, drama, people JOYCE CLEAVE Act: First Ladies, Co-editor of Classbook, S.B. Cabinet W ' 50, Literary Ed. of Fed., Charelles Int: Pomona, traveling, good times CARMELITA CONLIN Act: Baccalaureate Int: Pastry cooking CARLTON COUNTS Act: Varsity Baseball Football, Boys ' League, House of Rep. Int: U.C.L.A., girls MARGIE CLELAND Act: Girls ' League Pres,, First Ladies, Charelles. House of Rep,, BIO Cabinet Int; U.C.L.A., my car PAT COCHRANE Act; Cap and Gown Comm., SP.T.A., Fed, Rep, Int ; A certain guy JACQUELYN CONTERNO Act: Girls ' Leaque Sec, First Ladies, Lettergirls. Charelles Pres. Int: College E. ALFRED CRAMER Act; Rally Comm., Science Club, Camera Guild, French Club, Bible Club Int: People, college, money, women MICKEY COOK Act ; Theatre Guild Act: Girls ' League MARGIE COLEMAN Act; Charelles, A Cappella Choir Int ; Richard, knitting, vacations SHARON COOPER V.P,, NFL,, Baccalaureate Int: Bucky, nursing STUART CRANE Act: Jr. Phil Club Int: Music, literature Pres., Sec. First Ladies, Lettergirls, Nevians Int: College, people, a trip to Europe DAVID CROCKETT Act: Chairman Emergency Drills, Camera Guild Int: Photography, mechanics JIM COMPTON Int: June, motorcycles, fishing with Locksey BOB DAHL Act: S.P.T.A. Int: Girls, radio, cars, swimming PEGGY CRONISER Act: Sr. Tea Comm. Int: Swimming, Styling hair MARGARET CULL Act: First Ladies. Lettergirl. A12 Sec, Sr, Ser. Society, Rally Girl I nt : Swimming, mountains, sports, hiking, trout fishing DONNA DALTON DON DAVIS Act: Med, Arts Club Int: my car, girls, music DON CUNNINGHAM Act: B Football Int: Boats, skiing, Sierras JOHN DAVIS Int : Retiring you long vacations MARLY5 DAVIS Act: Lettergirl, G.A.A., Cahos, Girls ' League Int : Don H., music DOLORES DAWSON Act: Campus Comm,, S.P.T.A.. Red Cross, Board of Health, Girls ' League GLORIA DIAMOND Act: S.P.T.A. Pres., Sr. Service Society, N.F.L. Int: Music, L.A.C.C., Bob Ackrich SHIRLEY DOBSON Act: Cap and Gown Comm.. S.P.T.A. Int: Dick, clothes, vacations BARBARA DRAYMAN Act: Fashion shows Int: Boys. Lincoln convertibles SARA DUNLAP Act: Girls ' League, Board of Health, Financial Rep. Int: Westend, cars, music, food, a certain guy ALBERT DENTZ Act: Noon Basketball Int: College, photography, traveling WILLIAM DOUGLAS Act: SB. Cabinet, 812 V.P., Boys ' League, House of Rep., Key Club Int : Boats, women DOVIA DUNN Act: Sr. Camera Guild Int: Larry, vacations, ceramics MARY DE PREZ Int : Money, cars, clothes DONNA DOYLE Int; Argyle NANCE EARENFIGHT Act: Publicity Comm.. Red Cross Int: A certain blonde " BILL EDMONDSON Int: ' 50 Cad, Balboa, travel STEWART ELLIS Act: Swing Band, Sf- Orchestra Int: Women BARBARA EWING Act: Med. Arts Club Pres., G.A.A.. Cahos, Speech League A Cappella Int: Tucson, Ariz., a certain Phi Delta Chi BOB EZZELL JIMMY ESTES Act: Football. Letterman Int : Margo, sleep, money LILA FALSTEIN Act: Girls ' League V.P-, Rally Comm,, Theatre Guild Int: Acting, Theatre acting KATHLEEN EVANS Act: Fed. Staff, G.A.A.. All Council, Rally Comm., Fin. Rep. Int: Balboa, skiing MARY FARCELLO Int; Don GEORGE FAY Int: Nan, printing, trucking JUNE M. FEARNLEY EDWARD FELDMAN BURTON FELLMAN Act; Charelles Int: Traveling in U.S. and Canada Act: Key Club, Act; Baseball, Speaker of Int: House. House of Rep., Boys ' League Int; Baseball, journalism, a certain girl Gym Team Girls MARGARET FLINK Act : A Caoella Sec. Sursum Corda, Nevians, G.A.A. Int: Singing, sports LILYAN FRANK Act : Lettergirl. Girls ' League. House of Rep. Int: College, having fun, traveling BEVERLY FOOGERT ELAINE F0S5 Act: BI2 Council. Act: Bible Club Fed, Staff, Int: Bob Hall Guard Int: Travel, boats, people JO ANN FRAZIER Act: Girls ' League Int: A happy marrriage WILLIAM FREDGANT Act: Boys ' League Int: Girls, money, cars DON FOY Act: Varsity Basketball, Letterman, Nevians Int: Sports, college, boats, cars LAWRENCE FREDRICK WILLIAM FRIEDMAN Act : Camera Guild Int : Radio, cars, girls HOWARD GARBER Act: Football Int; Football, cars, money, girls FRANK B. GABBY Int: Travel, women KENNETH GAINES Act: Varsity Basketball. Letterman. Camera Guild Int: Women, money EILEEN GARBER Act: Ai2 Council, House of Rep , Prom Comm., Girls ' League Int: Marty, college, vacations JERALD GARBER Act: Boys ' League, Track Int: Hunting, fishing, women JOHN GOETTEN HOWARD Act: Classbook GOLDSTEIN Staff. Science Club Int: Music, Oscilloscope, girls ROBERT GARDEN Act: Gym Club, Boys ' League Int; Gym Club ALAN GOLDMAN Act - Science Club, House of Rep. Int: Hunting. fishing, U.C.L.A. DAVID GLICKMAN Act: Boys ' League, K.F.L. Int: Cars. wom;n ALLYN GOODMAN Act: Drama. Football Int: Ranches, s-or.s ARLENE GORDON Act: Rally Comm., Med. Arts Club, Aeolian Choir Int: M.R-S. Degree, U.C.L.A. THEODORE GRANT Int: Cars VICTORIA GORIN Act: B12 Sweater Comm., A Cappella, Board of Health, Election Comm., Change line Int: Boys, Mexico City, a home of my own THOMAS GREENE Act: Classbook Staff, Service Club, Football Int: Flying, hunting, test piloting SANDRA GOULD Act; Med. Arts Club, Pan American Club, Zanderettes Int: Music, books, college BARBARA GREGORY Int : Paul, sports, clothes MELBA GRANGER Act: S.B. Cabinet. Nevians, A Cappella Int: Snow, beach, singing RICHARD GRIMALDI Act : A. Cappella, Jr Phil Club Song Comm Int Janet mus c choral con ' ucting CHARLES GUERENA Money, women. HARVEY GUSSMAN DONALD HADEL Act: N.F.L-. Act: Sweater Comm. Sweater Comm. Int: My car, my girl, Int: Girls, swimming, money horseback riding ROBERT V. HALE Act: A B Football, Sweater Comm., Vikings LINDA HARKINS Act : Girls ' League Treas., G.A.A. Treas.. Prom Chairman, First Ladies Int: Music, my friends, sports JO ANN HARRIS Act ; First Ladies, Charelles. Jr. Phil. Club, Ai 2 Council Int: Music, dances, " a pianist " CARLEEN HELMAN GORDON PAULETTE HENRY Act : House of Rep., Fed. Staff. Rally Comm., Hall Guard Int: Diving. U.S.C, Male athletes MILLIE HOPPER Act : Theatre Guild Pres. Sec, N.F.L. Sec, Cap and Gown Comm., Girls ' League Int : Dramatics, people, being happy JEROME HOFFMAN Act: Cap and Gown Comm. Int: cars, Bev JIM HUGHES Act: BI2 Pres., S.B. Court Cabinet, Varsity Tennis Int: Music. beautiful women. journalism DON HURST NANCY HUTCHINSON Act: Classbook Staff, Sr. Service Society, Nevians, Song Comm. Act: Camera Guild Treas., Cahos, Girls ' League Int: Photography BARBARA HOLLAND Act: Lettergirl, G.A.A., Pan American Club Pres. Int: Boats, cars CHARLENE HULTSCH Act: First Ladies, Charelles Pres.. Jr. Phil. Club V.P., Sr. Service Society, Nevi ans Int: Oxy, Balboa, one swell guy MARJORIE M. IGO Act: Cahos. Camera Guild, Bible Club Int; Photography, Church HENDRICKSON Act: Baseball Int: Baseball. basketball, girls, printing WARREN HOLMAN Int: Piloting PATRICIA HUNT Act: Camera Guild, Tennis Club, Sr. Tea Comm. Int: Nursing RAYMOND INBODY Act : House of Rep., Boys ' League, S-P.T.A., Rally Comm. Int: Basketball, playing piano DIANE INFIELD TANIA ISRAEL Act Med. Arts Club Int: Getting the Int; People, Marty most out of life ROBERT JACKSON Int , Art, track BARBARA JASPERSON Act : Rally Comnn., Card Stunt Comm. Int: Having fun, Long Beach LORNA KAMENS Act. Fed. Staff. House of Rep., Med. Arts Club, Nevians, Orientation Int ; That certain party, U.C.L.A. STERLING KLEIN Act : Sr. Camera Guild, Classbook Int: Photography OLETA JACOBS Act: B12 A12 Cabinet. Girls ' League Cabinet, Med. Arts Club, Prom Comm. Int: Having fun, Laguna Beach KATHY JEFFERS Act: Zanderettes Int: Norm, golf MARVIN KARNS Int : Body building, girls STUART KLINE Act; French Club Int : Dog training, art PHILIP ITKOFF Act : Science Club, Camera Guild, Boys ' League, Theatre Guild Int; Dancing, girls BILL JACOBSON Act: Fed. Staff, Football. Baseball Int; Cars, girls, sports. Catalina BOB JOHNSTONE Act . Eovs ' League, Fed. Rep- Int; Motorcycles, swimming, skiing, girls BOB KELLEY Act: Boys ' League, Al 2 Council. Fed, Staff Int; Hunting, water skiing, girls. Lake Arrowhead CLARENCE KOCHER JR. Act; Boys ' League Int: Radio MAY JACKSON Act: Cap and Gov. Comm,, Fin. Rep. Inr: Ed PAULA JARRETT Act : House of Rep., Fin. Rep., G.A.A., Board of Health, Rally Comm. Int; Skiing, flying, a certain guy JOHN JONES Act: Naturalist Club, Science Club, Financial Rep. Int; Skiing. motorcycles, swimming JOHN KLEIN Act : Gym Team, Letterman, Vikings Int : Sports, cars CAROL KOHL Act; House of Rep., Jr. Phil. Club, Red Cross Int: Ken, ballet SHELDON KONBLETT Act: Varsity Football Int: Girls. L.A.C.C. NEIL KUSHNER Act; House of Rep. N.F.L., B Basket- ball, Boys ' League Int: Sports, money, eating, sleeping FRANK LERNER Act; Boys ' League, House of Rep., Rally Comm., C Basketball Int; Girls, basketball, homework SYLVIA LIEBGOLD Act; Sr. Service Society, Lettergirl, G.A.A., Cafe Cashier, Zanderettes Int: Sports, Muscle Beach, The-Car-l- Hope-to-Get-for- graduation. MICHAEL LOCKWOOD Int: Skiing, hiking, hunting STAN KRUSEMARK Act: Swing Band, Board of Health Int: Girls, teaching music JOAN KYKER Act: Lettergirl, House of Rep., Girls ' League, G.A.A.. Camera Guild Int: Walt, bowling, good times BILL LEUSCHNER Int; Painting, tennis, dancing, cars HERBERT KUGEL Int : Electronics DAVID LANDY Act: Boys ' League Int : Women DON KUIST Act: Varsity Football, Letterman, Barons Int: A certain girl, women NANCY LAWLER Act : Charelles, G-A.A., Classbook photographer, SP.T.A,, Camera Guild Int: Photography, sports WALTER LEVOFF Act: Varsity Football, Letterman, Barons Int : Mechanics, girls NORMA LIEBERMAN Act: Financial Rep., Sports Night Comm. Int: Getting a car, U.S.C., the opposite sex BETSY LILLYWHITE NORTON Act; Jr. Phil. Club, Girls ' League Int: J.W.B., skiing, dancing, music LIPSCHULTZ Act : Track. Al 2 Council, Board of Health Int; Girls, boxing movies, cars ROSEMARY LITTY Act : Girls ' League Cabinet, First Ladies, Courtesy Comm, Int: Don, Catalina PAT LOEFFLER Act: Camera Guild, Girls ' League, Al 2 Council Int: Teaching, to be a U.S. Senator JUDY LOFCHIE Act; S.P.T.A.. Sports Night Comm., Hall Guard Int: Mort, U.S.C. JANET LONES Act: Girls ' League Dues Comm., SP.T.A. Int: Jack JOAN LONG Act S.B. Pres., Rally Chairman, First Ladies, Sr Service Society, S P.T.A. Int Swimming, fishing, Ross ANN MATHERS JOHN LUCAS Act; Baseball, Key Club, House of Rep. WILLIAM MASTERS Act: A B Baseball, Camera GuilcJ Int: Photography, sports ROBERT MAY ND Ti incil, y ' Ai ■ rench ' ,, ; ' lntj Girh ,A -getting xijducation ' W. STANLEY MacLACHLAN Act; Stage Crew, Camera Guild, Commencement Comm. Int: Having fun, College, traveling ANNA MATTHEWS BEVERLY McCOY Int: Cliff, dancing Act: Zanderettes, G.A.A. Int: Drawnig, marriage BERNICE McMINN Act : Letterqirl, SB .Historian, G.A.A. Int: Bill, snow in the winter, beach in the summer lO ARMAND McMANUS Act: Football Int; Di, sports, money BEVERLY McNAMARA Act: Med. Arts Club, Bowling League Int; Bob JIM McSHANE RHODA MELAMEDE DAGMAR MELING Act: S-P.T.A., Track, Act: French Club Service Club Int; Fellows, sewing int : Ann, auto r acing, college DOLORES MERKLING Act: Jr. Phil. Club. Sr. Service Society, A Cappella, Swmg Band, Bible Club Int: U.C.L.A., mus;c. Ken, happiness LA VON MIESBACH Act : Lettergirl, G.A.A., Cahos, Dues Comm. Int ; Music, Hawaii, travetmg. Muscle Beach BARBARA MILLER Act: 812 Treas., House of Rep., Girls ' League, Cahos, Hail Guard Int; College, a certain guy, people in general Act : Lettergirl Sec. Pres., House of Rep., Latin Club, G.A.A. Int: Good things in life, certain persons FRANCINE MILROD GLENN MINER Act: Board of Health. R.O.TC. Int: Hunting, girls, fishing JIMMIE MITCHELTREE Act: A Cappella, Bowling League Int: Pauline STUART MODDER Int: Fishing, sports ROBERT MORRIS Act; Sports Int; Sports, having a good time MARILYN MOWERY MARJORIE MOYER JOAN MURDOCK WILMA NAPPIER Int: Chuck, costume Act : Sec. Service and Act; G.A.A., Ilustrating Recognition, First Ladies, Charllees, Assembly Comm., Sr. Service Society Int: Music, ceramics, water skiing, traveling Lettergirl, Sursum Corda, Sr. Service Society, S. P.T.A. Int: Sports, music, Ted JOE NAVARRO Int: Baseball, girls MAXINE NEUMANN Act : Girls ' League, Cahos Treas., G.A.A. Int: Santa Barbara, swimming MYRON WIESLEY Act : Track. Assembly Comm. Int: Fishing, skiing, track, girls EDWARD NEILAN Act; Fed, Editor, Key Club V P., Letterman, Varsity Football Track Int: Sports, writing, girls, Barons JACK NEWFIELD Act: Gym Team, Student Court Int; Girls, Catalina, cars, sports HARRIET NORMAN Act: Tennis Club, S. P.T.A. Int: Cooking, Dan BARBARA NELSON Act: S.B. Cabinet, Prom Comm., S-P.T.A. Int : Jim, knitting, Bobby DICK NICHOLS Act: Drama Int; Girls, cars, Vikings DON NOSSECK Act B Football Letterman, Vikings Int: Marilyn, sports, motorcycles ct : Girls ' League, G.A.A., Commencement Usher Comm. ELAINE NESTLER Int: Dancing, my marriage DOROTHY NICHOLS Act: House of Rep, Int; Marriage to Bryan, graduating JACK U NOUNNAN Act; Commence- ment Comm. Int: Sports, girls ROBERT OHNEMUS DICK ORMAN Act: A12 Pres., Sutdent Court, Key Club Int : Jazz music, girls GLORIA PANZA Act: S.P-T.A, Int: Clothes, food, vacations DIANE OUELLETTE BEVERLY PACE Act: House of Rep. Act: Cap and Gown Act: House of Rep., Int: Nancy, boats, cars, motorcycles, college VINCENT PARDEW Int ' Blondes, hot rods Com., G-A.A. Girls ' League, House of Rep. Int: Friends, art, t good times, clothes, Lake Hughes Financial Rep., S.P.T.A. Int: Jerry H., clothes JUDY E. PAYNE Act: Financial Rep. Int: Bill Brown RONNIE PEYTON Act: Boys ' League Pres., Key Club Pres., Student Court, A B Baseball, Basketball Int: Sports, money, girls ELIZABETH POLK Act : Girls ' League, Med. Arts Club, Zanderettes Int; College, knitting, dancing LOYE PEPPIE Act: Sr. Service Society, Fed. Staff, Rally Girl. AI2 Council, Prom Comm. Int: Catalina, campus clothes, swimming RONALD PIANA Int: Photography, making jewelry RICHARD PARKER Act : Classbook staff. House of Rep., Gym Team Int: Beve JOHN PERKINS Act: Science Club, House of Rep., Boys ' League, Fed. Rep. Int; U.C.L.A., cars DICK PIERCE Act: Board of Health Int: Women PHYLLIS PARKINS Act: G.A-A., House of Rep., A Cappella Choir Int: Church, sports EDWARD PERRY Int: Sports, medicine ROBERT PORTEOUS Act: Art Comm., Cartoon Club Int: Janet, Rocket " 88, " Doug ' s Whizzer CHARLES POSTIL Int: Athletics, science PAULA PIERSON Act: Lettergirl, Cahos Sec, House of Rep., Girls ' League Int: College, swimming HOWARD PRESS MONTE PURCELLI Act : Nevians, AI2 Council, Camera Guild Int: U.C.L.A., photography RONNIE REUBEN ROBERT RILLING Act Baseball Int : Girls, fishing, hunting, hiking RICHARD ROGERS Act ; Swing Band, Track, Letterman Int: Florine. having fun NORMAN RUGH Act : Dues Comm., Boys ' League int: Vacations RICHARD A. RAY Act: Gym Team, Letterman Int: Sports, girls, cars, money MARGIE RHAMY Act : Cafeteria, G.A.A. Int : Reading, marriage MARY RINTOUL Act: French Club, Pres., Campus Comm., Board of Health, Camera Guild, Med. Arts Club Int: My friends, singing, dramatics, traveling FRANK ROSEN Act: House of Rep., Prom Comm., Track, Hall Guard Int: Girls, good looks, records RICHARD RUSSELL Act : Track, Science Club, Thrift Comm. Int; Cars, girls MARILYN REED Int: Boats, swimming, water, paddleboards RICHARD RENNER Act: A B Basketball, B Baseball Int: Major League Baseball, girls MARY RICHARDS Act: First Lades, Cahos Pres., Sr. Service Society, Sealbearer, Prom Comm. Int: Sailing, college LYDIA ROGERS Act: First Ladies, Lettergirl, Charelles, Pan American Club, Nevians Int: State of Georgia, reading, traveling, B.C. CHARLES BETTY ROZENDAL ROSENBERGER Int: Tennis, Act: Football horseback riding Int: Making jewelry, women JACK D. RICH Act : Gym Team, Letterman Pres., Boys ' League V.P., Key Club Int: Pat JIM ROBISON Int: Football, basketball, girls NORMAN SALISBURY Act; Track Int: The Yukon, sports ANNE SALTZ Act: G.A.A. Pres., B12 Cabinet, Sr. Service Society, S.P.T.A. Pres. Int: Commercial and life art, Elsinore, horses ANGELA SAMSON JOAN Act: Girls ' League SANDERHOFF Int; Dancing Int Swimming, cars, eating RAY SATCHELL Act ; Boys ' League Sec-, B Football, C D Basketball, Vikings Int: Football, Vikings BOB SAVAGE Act : Boys ' League, Baseball. B Football, Vikings NOELLA SAVOIE BETTY SCANDLYN SUE SCHELLSTEDE JUDY SCHICK Act: Jr. Phil. Club. Latin Club, Campus Comm., S-P-T.A. Int : Music JACK 5CHLAFER Act: Track, Fed. Rep. Int: Raising Siberian Wombats for vivisection PAUL SCOTT Act: Stage Crew Audio-Visual Int: Dry cleaning, business, friends a nice, happy life HARVEY SHAMES Act : Sealbearer, Nevians, Grounds Comm,, Science Club Int: Putting Thrifty Drugstores out of business Act : House of Rep., S PT.A., Girls ' League Int: Chuck BERNARD SCHNEIDER Act : Sound Crew Int: Radio, swimming, cars, girls Act: First Ladies, Orientation Chairman, Fed. Staff Int: Wayne, homemaking, clothes Act . Nevians, Lettergirl, G.A.A., House of Rep., Rally Comm, Int : Veterinary College, sailing fishing GILBERT BOB SCHRAM SCHNEIDER Int. Brown-eyed I nt : Being a business brunettes CARMEN SCOVILLE RICHARD SEABURG BARBARA SENF Act Camera Guild Pres., Cahos, Classbook Photographer Int ; A certain guy, photography BARBARA SHAW Act : Girls ' League, Prom Comm., Sr, Tea Comm. Int. Bernie, Balbcfe, clothes SAM A. SHIRLEY Act: All Council, Sweater Comm., Science Club .■ :i ' Int: Nanc P., swimming, sports, ,, science, ice cream Act: Sr. Society, Girls ' League, Med. Arts Club, A Cappella Choir Int: Church, Bible school LARRY SHULER Int Dovia, vacations, cars d:ck sicard Act. B Basketball, Varsity Track Int ; Minnesota, Coast Guard SUZANNE SIMON DORIS SIMPSON Act: First Ladies Sec, Lettergirls ' Pres., Charelles, G.A.A., Cheerleader Int: Music, swimming, skiing, college, my friends MARILYN SINGER MARY SKINNER Act : Girls ' League, House of Rep., Financiel Rep. Int : Dick, skiing, music CHERIE SINGER Act: Med. Arts Club, Bowling League Int : Nursing, modeling, friends, sports Act : Dues Comn House of Rep. Int Sports, clothes. Don JIMMIE SMITH Int : Engineering,, sports ODON P. SKUPEN ELAINE SMALL Act: Lettergirl, Nevians, Classbook Staff, G.A.A. Int: Hot rods, custom-made cars. KEITH SMYRES Int: Anne, Frances, Klema Int. Flying with the U.S.A.F. SID 50FFER Int: My ' 40 Ford JAY SOGG Act : Nevians, Camera Guild TAM SMYTH Act: Cap and Gown Comm., Charelles, G.A.A. Int: Cataiina, L.A.C.C, waterskiing A. SOIBELMAN Act: House of Rep-, Financial Rep, Int: Shirley Green, cars, Frank Wiggins Trade School, money Act: Med. Arts Club, French Club, Board of Promotions Int: West Point, music JACK SNYDER Act: B Baseball, Board of Health Int: Carol LARRY SOLIG Act: Boys ' League, Camera Guild Int: Finishing college HERBERT SOLOMON Act : Science Club, Board of Health Int: School, homework, g ris, living ALAN SOMERS Act- Varsity Basketball, Letterman. Bowling League Int: Sports, boats HERBERT SOSNA Int: Football, cars TRUETT SPARKMAN Int: Being a Texas oil man PEGGY SPELLMAN Act : Classbook Staff, Cap and Gown Comm. Int : Swimming, dancing, vacations in the desert , WB ' - ; ..lic iSifatiaka M. CHARLES STEPHENSON Act: Key Club, Bovs ' League V-P., B Football, BI2 Cabinet Int: 32 ' s, tuna boats WILLIAM C. STUEWE, JR. Act; SB. V.P., Football, Track, Letterman, Key Club Int: Mary Lou, tishing, Alaska, money VI TAYLOR AUDREY SQUILLANTE Act: A12 Cabi net, G.A.A., Prom Comm. Int: Knitting, dancing, activities, the car I ' ll get someday GEORGE STICKLAND Int: Scouting, girls LEE L. STANDER SHIRLEY STEINER Int: Writing, ice Act: Board of skating, swimming Promotions, Fed. Rep. Int: Bill NICK STILLWELL Act: Classbook photographer. Tennis, Camera Guild Int : Tennis, math, photography, chess PHYLLIS STRAUSS Act: S.B. Sec, 812 Council, BI 2 Dues Comm. Int : A certain someone, argyles, photography, swimming, tennis PAT SULLIVAN Int: Charlene, Plymouths PHYLLIS SWANSON ROSE TAMAKI Act: Lettergirl, Int: Interior G.A.A, decorating Int: Sports, knitting DAVID TEMPLE Act ; Camera Guild, Vice Pres. Int: Photography, . tennis, music, speech MARY TEMPLEMAN WEBSTER Act: Lettergirls ' Treas., G.A.A., Camera Guild, S.P.T.A. Int: Photography, sports TERWILLIGER Int: Myra, Catalina, my limousine, peanuts BARBARA THAYER Act : Cahos, Bible Club Int : Eating, sleeping, being happy BARBARA THRASHER Act: Girls ' League Int : Television, swimming Zuma Beach ' LYNN TILLINGER DIANA TISDELL Act : Sr. Service Society, S-P.T.A., Rally Comm-, Dues Comm., Assembly Comm. Int; U.C.L.A., Catalina Act : First Ladies, Camera Guild Sec, Cahos Vice Pres., Charelles, Sr. Service Society Int: Traveling, Yosemite, clothes CAROL TOLLER JO ANN Act: SB. Treasurer TOMLINSON Int: Kenny, knitting Act; S P.T.A. Int: Grady JACQUELINE TWEEDIE Act: Med. Arts Club Int: Swimming, skating JACKIE VANNI Act: House of Rep., S.P.T.A., Med. Arts Club Int: Lee, art, books, dating, tennis MARTIN VOGEL Act: Fed. Staff Int: Sports HARTLAND UKES Act: Boys ' League, French Club, Science Club Int: Dancing, girls, flying, cars, money JEANNE VELASCO Act: Prom Comm., S.P.T.A., House of Rep., Cap and Gown Comm. Int; Doc, nursing, Russian River GERRE WADE Act: Girls ' League, House of Rep., Board of Promotions Int: Fun, going on trips, Laguna THOMAS TUCKER Act: Classbook Staff, Jr. Phil. Club Int: Music, aviation, girls, a car DON VASQUEZ Act: Jr. Phil. Club, Sr. Emblem, Talent Show, Stage Crew Int: Music, drama, art EUGENIA VILENSKI BETSY TURK Act: SB. Cabinet, First Ladies, Sr. Service Society Int: U.C.L.A., Y.M.C.A., Joe VICTORIA VASQUEZ Act ; Pan Americat Club, Red Cross, Fed. Staff Int: Dancing WILLIAM VOGE Int : Money, wome MILDRED WAGNER LARRY WALLACK GENEVIEVE WALTON Act: Pan American CtubSec, Zanderettes Sec. Int: Sailing, dancing MEL WASSERMAN Act: Varsity Baseball Int: A new convertible Act : Camera Guild, Board of Health, Sr. Tea Comm. Int: Roller skating JUNE M. WATSON Act : First Ladies, Lettergirl, Charelles, Cahos, Sr. Service Society Int: Traveling, dress designing, people, eating Int; Sweater girls, cars, eating EILEEN WEINSTEIN Int: Nursing, music jtT iiii i CLARENE JAMES WELCH LARRY WELLEN DIANE WELLS WEITZMAN Act: House of Rep., Act: Varsity Act: Classbook, Int : Bill Davrs, Boys ' League Basketball Capt., Assembly Comm., having fun, clothes Letterman, Sr. Tea Comm., Fed- Staff Rally Comm , int: Toni, coaching Nevians basketball Int: Traveling, people, U.CL.A. BARBARA BERT SHIRLEY WETZELL BOB WHITMAN WESTBYE WETTERHAHN Act: First Ladies Int: Dancing, cars Act, Cafeteria Treas., Cahos Service, Historian, Recognition Comm. Charelles, Int : Art, career. Science Club. travel Nevtan, G.A.A. Int: The ocean, college. Beany WALTER MIDGE WILCOMB ANN WILLIAMSON BARBARA WILSON WHITMAN Act- A12 Cabinet, Act: Lettergiris, Act: Cafeteria Act : Track, Varsity Lettergirl, G.A.A., G.A A., Nevians, Service Basketball, N.F.L. Charelles, Int: Art, costume Carnera Guild, Int: Tom, Alaska, House of Rep. designing Financial Rep. people, the future Int: Huntington Int : A new car. Beach, fun. staying out at graduation from night college RONALD WILSON STUART WILSON LEO WINDSOR JULIA WOODRING Act: Fed. Staff, Int- Big Bear, Act: House of Rep., Int: Clyde, dancing. Boys ' League, money, girls, cars Science Club, music Sr. Council Court Financial Rep., Int : Hot rods, girls. Nevians, money Camera Guild Int; Dancing, swimming, cars, girls ANNE RHODA YUSTER TED ZELLMER SHUTTER SHY WOOLFENDEN Act: Sr, Productions, Act: Football Act: Lettergirl, Theatre Guild Int: Cars, girls JUNE GREENBERG Classbook, Nevians, Int: U.C.L.A., Publicity Comm,, psychology. DALE HACKLER Sweater Comm. canasta Int: Stanford, sports. PHIL WELLINGHAM having fun C mJJ favorites V Popular Song Orchestra Vacation Spot Beach Female Vocalist Male Vocalist Actress Actor Radio Program Gripe My Foolish Heart Freddy Martin Stromboli Roadside Rest Doris Day Frankie Laine Ingrid Bergman Howard Duff Sam Spade Closed Gates 17 odt J opuit lar mi Joan Long, Bill Douglas. . 2), ' ancerd Eileen Gorber, Bob Ohnemus. Od f oLihelis to Succeed Gay Chapman, Eddie Neilan. J ardest WorKerS Sharon Cooper, Jim Hughes H s. enior wi in a in wnom uou would llhe to be iocfied K adtCe ower Leonora Alberti, Webster Terwilliger. it oDreiSed Rosemory Litty, Hoyt Adams. 18 L iadd l- oii deal Ia5ou and L irt QJ Eo Hair Donna Doyle Hair Jim Hughes Eyes Audrey Squillante Eyes Bob Ohnemus Nose Barbara Nelson Nose Ed Neilan Lips Dorothy Amore Lips Ted Zellmer Complexion Midge Wilcomb Complexion Bill Douglas Legs Margaret Cull Ears Mickey Wellen Figure Loye Peppie Build Bob Garden Walk Leonora Albert! Walk Milt Philips Personal ity Midge Wilcomb Personal ity Bob Ohnemus Smile Debby Brandmeyer Smile Bob Hale Teeth Kathy Evans Teeth Gene Chamberlain Dimples Heidi Bannasch Dimples Jerry Garber J applest and friendliest xpp Midge Wilcomb. Bob Hale. rmerican I If lost nteliiaent It I b ' -f J. r- r ' -a Margaret Cull, Bob Garden. Shirley Wetzeli, Lynn Abbott. 19 L lCLdJ J idtori ¥ September 1946 September 1947 November 1947 April 1948 May 29, 1949 September 1949 November 1949 Our advance forces arrived at Ham- ilton to scout the field and establish a foothold for our coming years in high school. The rest of our class tied their chargers on the front lawn and joined their friends to form a mighty army — strong. We chose the officers who were to lead us in our initial campaign. They were : Ed Neilan, President; Tom Metcalf, Boys ' V.P.; Margie Cleland, Girls ' V.P.; Gay Chapman, Secretary; and Lynne Rogers, Treasurer. We paused on our course to so- cialize with our teachers and par- ents at the B-10 Tea. We made great advances using a new weapon — roller skates — at a party at the Culver Rollerdrome; however, we returned to our pran- cing chargers, deciding that they were a somewhat less painful means of transportation. This warm Sunday found us roast- ing in the sun at the Del Mar Beach Club (minus our long winter armor of course) . This event was planned by our A- 1 1 officers: BobOhnemus, President; Bill Douglas, Boys ' V.P.; Joan Long, Girls V.P.; Sharon Coop- er, Secretary; and Gay Chapman, Treasurer. With the end of our conquest in sight, we marched onto the campus OS mighty Senior B ' s. Our officers were Jim Hughes, President; Midge Wilcomb, Girls ' V.P.; Bill Douglas, Boys ' V.P.; and Barbara Miller, Treasurer. We revealed to the student body that this greotest-of-all classes hod chosen " Costilians " as its name and maroon and white as the colors to appear on its emblem. January 1950 February 1950 February 1950 March 1950 Moy 1950 June 1950 June 1950 June 15, 1950 We ushered in the half-century with prom complete with all the traditional splendor of Old Spain to honor our departing cousins, the Loanions. With but one semester left, we threw our campaign into high gear and elected our Senior A officers. They were Bob Ohnemus, Presi- dent; Midge Wilcomb, Girls ' V,P.; Gene Chamberlain, Boys ' V.P ; Margaret Cull, Secretary; and Au- drey Squillonte, Treasurer. In our striking white sweaters with their maroon emblems, we took the campus by storm and that evening invaded Olvera Street, followed by a trip to the Ocean Pork Pier. Our forces took a well-deserved fur- lough to spend the day at Griffith Park hiking, eating and playing a strange American game called baseball. We gathered again for one of the high points of the year, the Senior Tea. Our mothers and teachers met over the teacups to speak with pride of our accomplishments of the last four years. Our little brothers, the Highlanders of W ' 5 1 , presented us with a plaid prom, enjoyed by all to lost detail of its gay Scotch theme. The Senior Recognition Assembly will long be remembered by all, as outstanding Costilians were deco- rated by school and community or- ganizations for valor in various fields of endeavor. Today we pass in final review to re- ceive our diplomas, and though we will scatter in many directions, we hove each set up individual goals which we shall strive to reach with as much diligence as we have dis- played in capturing this fortress of education. 20 Kyraaniza tiond ' 9 21 Front — Gay Chapman. Row 2 — Shirley Wetzell, Suzy Simon, Jeonne Alsobrook, Lynne Rogers, tiloria Brown, Chorlene Hultscli. Row 3 — Diana Tisdell, Debbie Brondmeyer, Jackie Conterno, Maggie Cull, Rosemary Litty, Joan Long, Joyce Cleave, Margie Moyer, Margie Cleland. Rov 4 — Jo Ann Harris, Befsy Turk, Sue Schellstede, Mrs. Goetfen, Roberta Chesler, Sharon Cooper, Mary Richards, June Watson, Linda Knrkins irit oLadi led The First Ladies are everything that their name implies. They continue to serve and lead with the same friendliness and dignity that made them First Ladies. — WMtMBiMMMgl L reen -J eu. L iub The Green Key Club is Hamilton ' s honor society for boys. These young men are chosen for their outstanding, continued service and leadership in their school. Top — Mr. Patterson, Ronnie Peyton, Mr. Eaton. Row 2 — Jim Hughes, John Lucas, Jock Rich. Row 3 — Bill Douglas, Gene Chamberlain, Ed Neilon. Row 4 — Walt Childress, Bill Stuewe, Howard Bloom. Row 5 — Bob Ohnemus, Ed Feldman, Steve Stephenson. 22 w3e eaWearei ' d These Sealbearers have achieved suc- cess in the classroom, as their four-term membership in the Nevians testifies. They have earned a special gold seal on their diplomas as well as lifelong membership in the California Scholarship Federation. fw • Front — Gloria Brown. Row 2 — Sharon Cooper, Anne Wolfenden, Goy Chapman. Back — Jackie Bianco, Harvey Shames, Mary Richards. Absent — Joyce Cleave, Shirley Wetzell. Row 1 — Lynn Abbott, Gay Chapman, Joan Long, Bob Ohnemus. Row 2 — Bill Douglas, Joyce Cleave, Gloria Brown, Miss Wilson, Ronnie Pey- ton, Lila Falstein. Absent — Jim Hughes. C phebians As elected members of the Angel City ' s community honor organization, these Ephebians of S ' 50 have assumed a lifetime of civic responsibility. They are chosen by their classmates and the faculty for their scholarship records and promise of leader- ship. 23 eaque Directing the activities of the Girls ' League during our senior year are these members of the Girls ' League cabinet. They plan such activities as the welcome party for all new girls, the annual Sadie Hawkins ' and Cotton Day Dances and our party for the East Side Settlement House. Row 1 — Rosemory LiMy, Morge Clelond, Shoron Cooper, Jackie Conterno. Row 2 — Linda Harkins, Debbie Brandmeyer, Lilo Folstein, Oleta Jacobs, Roberta Chester. CaA ine ' t student Supervising the many departments of our school government is the task of these hardworking seniors who moke up the Student Body Cabinet. In addition, they advise the president in matters of government policy. Row 1 — Phyllis Strauss, Bill Stuewe, Joan Long, Marie Slater. Row 2 — Betsy Turk, Lila Folstein, Morv Zigmon, Sharon Cooper, Margie Moyer. Rov 3 — Mr. Broodwoter, Jack Rich, Ken Bremen, Jim Hughes, Bill Douglos. ' . o i oLeaaue k ablnet T ■ ' - ' " ' Doing their best for the boys of Hamil- fcm, these members of the Boys ' League cabinet sponsor a program of interest to all boys. Noon sports and movies have had top billing this semester. Front — Steve Stephenson, Walt Porker, Ronnie Peyton. Bock — Jock Rich, Roy Sotchell. student L ouri This group is an example of student government in action. They serve as the judiciary bal- ance wheel for the executive and legislative branches. Front — Marvin Zigmon, Roberta Chcsler, Bob Ohnemus, Miss Mason, Jet Black. •stiniinouie r Science t alent S eafcn Hamilton ' s participation in i his annual competition is spon- sored by our Benjamin Franklin ' -Science Club. The Castilians added to past laurels by placing four of their members in this nation-wide contest. Joyce Cleave, Shirley Wetzeil, Mrs. Davis, Lynn Abbott ' , Gay Chapman ationai forensic cJLe eaaue r Hamilton has a special right to be proud of its members of the National Forensic League. They ore a talented group of young people who hove cdded to the many honors won by our school. Seated — Millie Hopper, Dave Glickman, Barbara Miller, Mickey Cook, June Watson, Gloria Diamond. Standing — Frank Rosen, Harvey Gussman, Neil Kushner, Debbie Brand- meyer. Row 1 — Margaret Cuil, Jackie Bianca, Joan Murdock, Margie Moyer, Joyce Cleave, Gloria Brown, Chorlene Hultsch. Row 2 — Linda Harkins, Sharon Coopci, Jackie Conterno, Ann Saltz, Suzy Simon, Debbie Brondmeyer. Row 3 — Marge Clelond, June Watson, Jane Merkling, Barbara Senf, Lynn Tillinger, Mary Richards, Diane Tisdell, Nancy Hutchinson. Row 4 — Betsy Turk, Joan Long, Roberta Chesler. Loye Peppie, Gloria Diamond, Sylvia Liebgold. Absent — Howard Bloom, Bill Douglas, Ed Feldman, Jim Hughes, Ed Neilon, Bob Ohnemus, Ronnie Peyton. Senior en ice S octetu In recognition of outstanding service to Hamilton, seniors are made members of the Senior Service Society. They keep track of the service records for the en- tire student body. These seniors serve as presidents of various campus clubs which give service and cater to special interests of members of the student body. 26 Row 1 — Bill Douglas, Ronnie Peyton, Jack Rich. Row 2 — Gloria Diamond, Anne Saltz, Suzy Simon, Barbara EwJng. Row 3 — Margie Igo, Dogmar Meling, Jackie Bianco, Heidi Bannasch. Row 4 — Chorlene Hulfsch, Mary Richards, Eleanor Rintoul. cJLetL ermen 6 y lub The Lettermen ' s Club is an organization of outstanding athletes who wear the green H and have met other qualifica- tions of personality and sports- manship. They usher at sport events and rallies and help en- force the laws of the school. Front — Bill Stuewe, Howard Garber, Walt Levoff, Don Kuist. Richard Ray, Jack Rich. Row 2 — Mickey Wellen, Ronnie Peyton, Bob Morris, Ed Feldmon, Wolt Chi ' dress. Row 3 — John Klein, Unidentified, Bob Garden, Al Somers, Don Foy. Row 4 — Louie Arnold. Myron Neisley, Ed Neilo.T, Jim Estes. Row 5 — Armand McManus, Neil Burns, Bill Mabry, Dick Parke ' , " " . , ' ! ;a y ' A O- This Lettergirl Club is on or- ganization for girls who hove earned the hiamilton H through active participation in the G. A. A. for at least three semesters. This club serves its school by ushering in assembiles, deco- rating for dances:? and referee- ing in G. A. Row 1 — Marlys Davis, Gloria Brown, Jackie Conterno, Joyce Carroll, Suzy Simon, Midge Wilcomb. Row 2 — Mox- ene Boettger, Lil Frank, Joanne Brown, Nancy Hutchinson, Ann Woltenden, June Watson. Middle — Dogmor Mel- ing, Lynne Rogers, Ann Williamson. Row 3 — Jeanne Alsobrook, Margaret Cull, Mary Templemon, Phyllis Swan- son, Sylvia Leibgold, Bernice McMinn. Row 4 — Mary Jane Skinner, Barbara Holland, Joan Kyker, Joan Murdock, Paula Pierson, Lan Von Miesboch. Ab- sent: Sharon Copper. ' .-i Row 1 — John Gcetten, Don Cofhcart, Joyce Carroll, Ann Williamson, Margaret Cull, Pegge Spellman, Nancy Hutchinson, Eugenia Buchen, Jeanne Alsobrook. Row 2 — George Boland, Tom Tucker, Anne Woclfenden, Diane Wells, Mary Jane Skinner, Miss Wilson, Sterling Klein, Dick Parker, Joyce Cleave. Absent — Tom Greene. K iaidoooK ta The ciassbook staff offers an excellent opportunity for students talented in art, writing, photog- raphy, or publicity to combine their talents and energy in one fine project. The members of the staff have all enjoyed working on the book and have done their best to make it a success. Good sportsmanship is just one of the fine qualities of these sportsminded seniors. They hove shown their interest in athletics by coming out for G. A. A. activities after school. b ' i- Row 1 — Marlys Davis, Joan Murdock, Joan Kyker, Ann Saltz, Dagmar Meling, Judy Schick, Ann Williamscn. Row 2 — Mary Jane Skinner, Maxene Boettger, La Von Miesbach, Jackie Conterno, Margaret Flink, Joyce Carroll, Sylvia Liebgold, Shirley Wetzell, Phyllis Swanson, Mary Tempieman. Row 3 — June Watson, JoAnn Brown, Lynne Rogers, Jeonne Alsobrook, Shoron Cooper, Maggie Cull, Linda Harkins, Audrey Squillante, Paula Pierson, Moxine Neumann, Kathy Evans. Bock — Suzy Simon, Midge Wilcomb, Anne Woolfenden, Barbaia Holland, Nancy Hutch- inson, Gloria Brown, Barbara Ewing. 28 ed. S taj-j- The Federalist helps to keep the school informed about its members and activ- ities. Performing this won- derful job of getting out our high ranking weekly paper are these journalistic minded Castilians. Seated — Loye Peppie, Ed Neilan, Mrs. Von Poederoyn, Kcirhy Evans, Joyce Cleave. Row 2 — Pa ti Ashby, Sue Schellstede, Debbie Brandmeyei, Jim Hughes, Howard Bloom, Lorna Kamens, Beverly Foogert, Victoria Vasquez. Row 3 — Mickey Wellen, Ronnie Wilson, Bob Kelley, Bob Chesler, Ed Feldman. a By maintaining good schol- arship, theseCastilicn members of the Nevian Society hove helped to keep up our high standard of scholarship. They worked hard to achieve require- ments which are necessary for membership in the society. Front — Joyce Carroll, Shirley Christiansen, Sharon Cooper, Gloria Brown, Lynne Rogers, Anne Woolfenden, Jackie Conterno, Betsy Turk, Charlene Hultsch, Gay Chapman, Joyce Cleave, Jackie Bianco, Mary Skinner, Shirley Wetzell, Harvey Shames. Back — Roberta Chesler, Margaret Flink, Sandi Bodian, Lorna Kamens, Mary Richards, Jim Hughes, Leo Windsor, Jay Sogg, Don Foy, Monte Purcelli. 29 s» 4 £a»- Left to right — Nick Stiirwell, Carman Scoville, Jerry Alexander, Wolt Whitman, Nancy Lawler, Jeanne Also- brook, Morgie Igo, Stirling Klein, Bill Masters. Shutter shy — Mrs. Vinette. Senior K taiihook otoarapneri An interest, a hobby or perhaps a profession lies ahead for these class- book photographers. Their artistry runs through these pages for all to enjoy. P ' ' „ }l. , ' V- -mn i n .c The Hamilton Reserve Officers Training Corps offers the opportunity to develop leadership through group participation. Our Senior A members have served the unit well. Bill Koehei, Major C. Brown, Sam Shirley, Don Cunningham, Stan Krusemark, Al Cramer, Dave Crockett. 30 Senior K ommitt Senior K ablnet and ( ounctl baccalaureate Jreaiurer i K ommittee Co Sponsor: CABINET President: Girls ' V.P.: Boys ' V.P.: Secretary: Treasurer: Mr. Broadwater Bob Ohnemus Midge Wilcomb Eugene Chamberland Maigaret Cull Audrey Squillante COUNCIL Jack Beckett Debbie Brondmeyer Eddie Feldman Linda Horkins Oleta Jacobs Sam Shirley Steve Stephenson Ronnie Wilson Sponsor: Mrs. Dinsmore Robert Campbell Joyce Carroll Evangeline Cavelaris Mickey Cook Cormelito Conlin Elaine Foss Linda Horkins Barbara Sent Mary Jane Skinner Eileen Weinstein -S Co sponsor: Mr. Beck — Business Off ice Audrey Squillante Dorothy Amore Eugenia Buchen Donna Dalton Kathy Evans Charles Guerena Nancy Lawler Beverly McCoy Barbora Nelson Barbara Shaw Julie Woodring enior ea (committee Sponsors: Mrs. Wyvell Mrs. Bogart SERVICE COMMITTEE Sue Schellstede — Chairman Jackie Bianco Peggy Croniser Shirley Dobson June Feornly Jo Ann Frazer Paulette Henry Pot Loeff ler Beverly McNamara Rhode Melamede Marilyn Reed Angela Sampson Shirley Steiner Mory Templemon DECORATING COMMITTEE Roy Inbody — Chairman Leonoro Alberti Abe Baker Gene Berghaus Mary Jean Boyd Tiny Brandstatter Tudy Brondstotter PotCorter Audrey Cosman Shirley Christiensen Margie Coleman Beverly Foogert Bob Hole Carleen Helman Paula Jorrett Borboro Josperson Rosemary Litty Janet Lones Wilma Nappier Barbara Show Marilyn Singer Elaine Small Jock Snyder Phyllis Strauss Barbara Thayer June Watson Clarene Weitzman Diane Wells PROGRAM COMMITTEE Richard Grimaldi — Chairman Morgoret Flink Eileen Gorber Linda Horkins JoAnn Harris Pat Hunt Noella Savoie Diana Tisdell PRINTING COMMITTEE Borboro Thrasher — Chairman Sandra Bodian Eva Lynn Compbell Audrey Cosman Harriett Norman Francine Milrod Mildred Wagner BUDGET COMMITTEE Barbara Gregory c ommen cent en iC ommillee tte Sponsors: Mrs. Goetten Mrs. MocQueen Mr. Patterson SETTING Sponsor: Mr. Bright David Crockett Don Cunningham John Davis Nancy Earenfight Bill Edmondson Barbara Ewing George Fay Bill Friedman Frank Gabby Sylvia Liebgold THEME Sylvia Copetillo Gay Chapman Connie Clark Joyce Cleave Margie Clelond Gloria Diomond Bill Douglas Dove Glickman Arlene Gordon Harvey Gussman Jim Hughes Chorlene Hultsch Phil Itkoff Lorna Kamens Neil Kushner Jane Merkling Barbora Miller Ed Neilan Moxine Neumon Myron Neisley Ronnie Peyton Betty Scondlyn Judy Schick Don Vasquez PRINTED PROGRAM Sponsor: Miss Wilson Roberto Chesler — Chairman Nico! Allan Dovio Dunn Bill Jacobson Bill Leuschner Jock Nounnon Lorry Schuler DETAILS Mrs. M. D. Smith Aido Carrillo — Chairman Irene Briggs Gloria Brown Joanne Brown Marlys Davis Bill Fredgont Lorry Frederick Jerry Garber Victoria Gorin Sponsor: (Continued on Page 36) ' t ZZ l f p n -I ■f I Tiiifiiiiii i I i •Ite 0pt i 0f f ' • r ' i. — ' , V kili.A. ( la66 S on f 3 Vc QE C S- r L- j ou UucM rHEi H£m 05 , TIC us H fL TO THE €)C ouf: DEN HOLE 43 u £ LeflUE oa TL 5 SCHOOL GE OUU MOTTO V5V LOW L TCP we OIV CAS 3 a O EV T L- TRUTH W Ek - Dt:A - OR, M GHTY C 1S- TiL- I A 5 nc- fi Yj kjE fiiGNi PW(yDM -t ooN mo mfrs.itf OLOUO tjf Li E fitlE T £ BEST, 5T f Vp f l ecY TEsr f fOQs Bm N ) i ± 34 Senior L c wnior ommuleed ( Continued from Page 3 1 ) Ml Se enior l ecoqnltlon (committee 9 L ap C L own L ommittee sponsors: Chairman : Members: Mrs. Margaret Hartwell Mr. Carl Brown Marjorie Moyer Howard Bloom George Boland Jackie Conterno Sharon Cooper Lila Falstein Lilyon Fiank Alan Goodman Allyn Goodman Nancy Hutchinson Joan Kyker Dagmor Mehng Paulo Pierson Mary Richards Elinor Rintoul Frank Rosen Jock Schlafer Harvey Shames Mel Wasserman Barbara Westbye Bert Wetterhohn Ann Williamson Leo Windsor Anne Woolfenden Barbara Wilson Rhoda Yuster Sponsor: Mr. Merle Smith Members: Dolores Alexandre Dorothy Ahlmon Henry Appledorn Tinsley Beckwith Maxene Boettger Joonne Carson Pat Cochran Walter Childress Cormelito Conlin Sandra Gould Melbo Granger Don Hadel Jerry Hoffman Ray Inbody Beverly McCoy Marilyn Mowroy Doiothy Nichols Dick Ormon Diane Ouellette Charles Postil Ray Sotchell Paul Scott Cherie Singer Tamie Smythe Mike Soibelman Peggy Spellmon Jeanne Velosco V : . Kyur riencld 37 J iahlanderS y ' T 38 t W -JI |J!«UiS. . . Our last semester at Hamilton has been a wonderful one. We are sorry to leave but we know that a great class is taking our place. We know too, that you, the Highlanders, with your Scotch theme and gay class colors, will have just as successful a semester as we have had. Bueno Suerta ! 39 S cruwtd % t . - ; ' •Iff -iWf y ' ■i I- 1 -y lltleticd ¥i 43 ' f ■♦•-♦ i Jim Hughes Jennii Inspired by our new courts, Hamilton ' s racket men rose to new heights in this sport. Since we can now practice locally we look forward to increased popu- larity and improved material in the coming year. Hamilton ' s future in the world of tennis looks bright. Nick S»illwell 44 Cf, m ZJe The Hamilton gym team finished its 1950 season with second place in the Western League and fourth in the city. Many of the team ' s outstanding men hove given their last performance for Hamil- ton, but we look forward to an even better team next year. Row 1 — Gordon Shulfz, Ricky Roy, Bob Chclew, Mark Lenis, Bob Garden: Captain, Allen Mermel- stein, Don Van Sant. Row 2 — Keith Barker, Bernie Swartz, Don Barns, Tom Birch, Bob Dallons, Mike Freeboirn. Row 3 — Jerry Porter, John Ahern, Bob Morris, Grant Propper, Terry Meode, Niel Burns, Jock Newfield. Row 4 — Don Furness, Mickey Wellen, Jock Rich, Frank Nix, Dick Given, Bob Henery, Bob Hartz. Bob Garden 45 Photographs courtesy of Bill Mosters. . • ' . ■■■, ' I , y heer oLeadt erS Row 1 — Marvin Zigman, Jock Rich. Row 2 — Rose LoplaceHe, Loye Peppie, Margaret Cull, Joyce Hackett. 47 v adebali The horsehide season saw many mighty Castilians starting on our nine. The Yanks stayed right up with the best this year, finishing second in the league, and as this goes to press, they are competing in the Dorsey tournament. Bottom row — Bill Masters, Bill Glickmon, Dove Demotte, John Lucos (Copt. I, Joe Novorro, Dick Renner, Tom Feldstein, George Poole. Top row — Mike Aborto, Don Sorno, Mel Wossermon, Jock Slotkin, Ronnie Peyton, Carl Counts, Don Moore, Eddie Feldman, Glen Poston, Coach Kris Koscle. Ronnie Peyton 48 tach On your mark! Get set! Go! The ]950 track season started with a bong. Improv- ing as the weeks went by, our Yank cindermen smashed school and league records, and took points in the all city meet. Row 1 — Ed Lafferty, Bill Stuewe, Bob Troino, Walt Whitman, Ed Neilan. Row 2 — Ronnie Reuben, LeRoy Case, Norm Salisbury, Bob Campbell, Dick Shoue. Row 3 — Ronnie Simon, Bob Cadell, Jack Schlaefer, Ronnie Wreisman. Row 4 — Mr. Potterson, Bill Adier. Ab- sent: Mason Benner, Armand Mc- Manus. Myron Niesley, Norm Salisbury. 49 i BROADWAY KINITTING MILLS Manufacturers of SWEATERS Club and Senior Sweaters Our Specialty 27 Years in Same Location 4754-56 South Broadway Los Angeles 37 CE. 2-0675 i Compliments of STATIONERS CORPORATION School Supplies 130 South Boylston - L. A. Manufacturers of Graduation Announcements Diplomas School Annuals 3L owerd Next to Metro-Goldwyn-Maycr Studios loweri bu lAJi ire AL O. SIMON 10117 Washington Blvd. Culver City, Calif. TE. 03211 • VE. 8-4151 50 THE CITIZEN Printing Stationery Engraving A Newspaper of Character Rov E. Donovan Publisher Culver City California VErmont 8-3151 TExas 0-2221 SHAY ' S Television Appli tances Gifts 9441 Culver Boulevard Culver City, Calif. VE. 8-2151 STUDEBAKER AUTHORIZED SALES SERVICE 24-HOUR TOWING COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE ON ALL MAKES BODY FENDER SHOP GUARANTEED AUTO PAINTING RADIATOR REPAIRING FREE ESTIMATES WALT CASH Motor Co, Inc. 10003 Washington Blvd. CULVER (The Studebaker) CITY Congratulatiojis to the Graduating Class of Hamilton High School from Vern Libby of the Television Mart Some of you soon will be starting homes of your own. Let us help you plan on the " most at the least " in home appliances or television. " Television is a Builder of Home Life " 9715 W. Washington VE 9-0902 51 CONGRATULATIONS TO SUMMER ' 50 CLASS THE CITY MART WHERE CULVER CITY BUYS ITS GROCERIES 9809 Washington Blvd. Culver City GUN REPAIRS • OUTBOARD MOTORS • FISHING TACKLE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT The SPORTSMEN ' S CENTER S. E. BROOKS Brook sie i VErmont 8-1720 3022 S. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles 34 Serti 3834 Main Street Culver City, Calif. GUYS MERALTA GRILL Fountain Service Delicious Food 9552 Washington Blvd. Culver City, Calif. CONGRATULATIONS CASTILIAN SUMMER ' 50 CLASS BRUCE RADIO WALT ' S— YANKEE TREAT CHEVIOT FOOD CENTER STELLA ' S MUSIC STORE JEANNE ' S SPORTSWEAR CULVER CITY PHARMACY SOWELL ' S MARKET FRED ' S BAKERY MOORE CO. 52 THE LOS ANGELES CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC AND ARTS an accredited college of music offers to High School graduates each year toward The Bachelor of Music Education and Bachelor of Music degrees OVER THIRTY PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS Violin Viola Cello Bass Voice Opera Piano Flute Oboe Clarinet Composilion Conducting Write or phone tor applications 845 So. Figueroa Catalog on Request French Horn Trumpet Trombone Drama MU 8141 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SUMMER CLASS OF ' 50 Gregory Printing Co. PRINTING • STATIONERY OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 9364 Culver Blvd. Culver City VE. 8-6989 STELLER SKOOG COMPLETE HARDWARE AND HOUSEWARES VE. 8-2456 TE. 0-2879 3825 Main Street Culver City, California STUDIO CAMERA SUPPLY " Everything Photographic " Dealers in Eastman, Ansco, Defender, Rolex, Ampro, Sterio, Realist, Revere, Keystone, etc. A complete line of photo supplies for both amateur an-d professional 24-hour Photo Finishing 9705 W. Washington Blvd. Near Sunset Drug and opp. Meralta VE 88104 Open every day including Sunday 9:00 A.M. -9:00 P.M. 53 GUN REPAIRS OUTBOARD MOTORS FISHING TACKLE i CONGRATULATIONS FROM Austin Coller s iV AUSTIN COLLER VErmont 8-0210 9806 Woshington Blvd. Culver City Telephone TExos 0-2331 FARM HOUSE SAUSAGE SHOP 2608 South Robertson Our Sausage Is 100% Pure Pork J. G. DUNN Wholesale and Retail COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Girls!! We ' re Style Specialists in Junior Dresses and Sportswear priced to fit your purse No Fooling — Come in and sep for yourself Wo arren J DEPARTMENT STORE 3845 Main Street, Culver Citv CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS 1950 FREDERICKS and CO. ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY SPORT TEAM PRICES TO HAMILTON HIGH STUDENTS AWARD SWEATERS CLUB JACKETS 8560 W. Pico Blvd. BRadshaw 2-5 16 1 54 PAUL G. HOWARD " California ' s Flowerlaiid " WORLDS LARGEST NURSERY Barrington National Just look fof the fields of flowers CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HAMILTON GRADUATING CLASS OF SUMMER ' 50 COMPLIMENTS W. T. GRANT KNOWN FOR VALUES New Culver Center Store We wish to thank our advertising subscribers for making this yearbook possible. Their loyal support was appreciated by all. Your patronage will be appreciated by them, for they all carry quality merchandise. THE YEARBOOK COMMITTEE. 55 Ji lOd As the sun sets on these waters at the close of day, so it sets on our high school life. But while the day closes in our part of the world, another dawn is breaking over the far distant horizon. Thus, this sunset is just the dawning of c new and wonderous day of life. THIS 3 2 7 T 56 ,.K ■ IS A PRODUCTION OF THE CALIFORNIA YEARBOOK GUILD OWNE AVENUE • LOS ANGELES 13, CALIFORNIA • MICHIGAN 6441 1 c ' 1. T

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