Alexander Graham High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC)

 - Class of 1921

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Alexander Graham High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Cover

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5 x 3 1 I T' E w J V1 1 1' f Z '...Qfc. . '22-1 Cf bf .ck f92f I L 5 i r f N 1 J r i 4 1 QUE: N. Gausnnwtv N I Qrlntxqgdnmpantg, CHARLOTTE N C QJ THEYTXCULAR tv X R ' 4 4 - . . -,J ' 'if ... . me-05 5 K f f---- Y 0- , . , .... 'M , - Q Y IIBIU lll l.IllHHH1lII'lT LU Ll II- HH 11111111 IHIHD mI5i5IUQbrj?Um1HHH L1U UHmJ EEEHDIDH -Nj , bnips anh nts Pu6lz'.rhed fyfnnualb B Y THE Senior Glass OF THE Qlexanher Graham ilaigh Svrbnnl Giijarlntte, EB. QE. '21 ' Volume 12 JRg iQ1ImIDDImEEDI 1EID 1 i ,-- f ,S A , , X +- ALEXANDER GRAI-IAM HIGH SCHOOL . ..-MQW , .0 -b ..A.....,, , .Y --U, -vu-1 meetings The 1921 Snips anh Qlluts QS JACK B. LONDON Editor-in-Chizyf JACK W. MILSTEAD J. GWEN WOODSIDE Business Jiffczmzgers I1u A A -.. ,..,.....-,.-.-.. ... .s,.. , ...H ... , ...- .,.-....-,..?..,., Yu A , Behieatinn 'Gln nur glfzxilqers zmh gHHniIqer5 fnhu Iyahe been nur guihe,-as emit enum-aellurs zmh gentle nritirs ilqruughuui nur gears nf selqunl life- glillag fue enirlq the hisiun ilyeg hzrfre fur wa zmh refuarh them ihreezfnlh fur their Infre unit heimiiun Ullnilllnllmmmlmmmmnzlmlmnnmmngmg 'fwf- IIHDILUII Qiuntents BOOK ONE fXDMINISTR.XTION BOOK TWO CLASSES BOOK THREE ATHLETICS BOOK FOUR ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS Am. 11 sjfroJi'oq BOOK 1 cr-"'? I K 9 - A 'l ,. u. 4 -1 Fl lv 2,1 au' F, I. Lt ,E r I 5 k ..A.A .M ,-,,fij L V I4 ix ,J I ! r 4 w r 1 E 1 3 1 4 I A -i A I I gt W -u-...,.., ..LPM-N4 Qqvgg f U73 A X ffflffjr NR. .AXl.ExAxNDER GRAHAM .blssishlzzf SIIf'Cl'flIfC'Jldf?11l' History Jfacultp MR. LIARRY P. IJARDING S1lf7C'7'ilZf87ldt?11f MR. FREDERICK BAYS MCCALI. Pvfiilcijifll Latin 7 I 1 1 i i H S Lx i H I ii H R: H I Rd Q -,i " l 32 X A-WML w,,,,g f,-, D ig, xt, l I' flffbvgli MRS, HARRY ASBURY Commcwial Subjects MISS MARY AGNES CHALMERS Civics and English MR. JOHN N. COUCH Biology IWISS BERTHA M. DQNNELLY 1Uc1z'l1c'111c1fics INTISS BIIN NIE DOWNS ElIg'fl.S1I Y M 8 ...-x...---- I l I 5 I Y I 5 z I M Q I P i I L...- ,..---1.i,,, 1 m . . , K Huw K UlQXll', l'Ulil-f Mi: 5.3: um! lfnfffixlz Xin. Klxlcwx -I.G1u-:xfxl-3 .Uunzml lfilklfllilltf Miss ELLII-I P. Gmmz l.lIfl.l1 MR. O. PHILIP IXART Plzhvsics, JfUf1Il'l1lUfiCSV, Frcflch, HI-.9f0l'.X', and EILQUS71 M199 JESSIE HENDERSKJN English QLVJPJ !u 1q'm C1175 A X 9 'rg 11010 A 1lq'11l MISS CONNIE HORNE History cmd French NIISS CHARLEE HUTCHISON Mathematics MR. ROBERT L. KEESLER Rlzzsic NIISS SARA YATES IQELLX Maflzcazzafics 10 A' ' iiiiitgp -'AM --3' Miss NIAUD 1XfCIiINNON Latin M155 FANNIE B. MOORE Mavtlzematics and History MISS MARY ARMOND NASH History and Art MRS. ELIZABETH HOYLE RUCKER English and Spanish ,IDLE , ...J n. :L ,. ,..2.,,. ,- I sf if 1 'r ,M H, U75 MISS MARGARET ROGERS Domestic Art 1 MR5. MAUDE BEATTY SLOAN Matliezozozatics, History, and Physical Geography M155 IRENE TEMPLETON Mathematics and Clzouzistry , s 1, 'Z if ?' K M155 K1xT11.xR1NE YV.Xl.1iER 5 Donzosfic Scivlzcc' M155 LOUISE Youxo lfU1'1ICIIIcIffc'S 12 -,,1......1-- -,..... C.Xo.sses Boost 00 5 ,?-- f f ,.... ,,.l ,.f- ,,,--'- ,.-.T-..--' f,-,- ,..-f-' 1-ill.. S.. F44,, .-Lay. ..:L:Lv- ' .. ,f,,- 7 Q? ,f ,...:.msf' Y -, E 1 J 1 E n s L . 1 Q W A 'm Q. ' P ? v V -5 1 ' 4 . . 4 ' f r fw W-4-x L, X kfif -M ,ivfply : 'll'll fU75 ' GBM jllilasrnts Qi NEAL DAVIDSON WHITLOCK if E I i 1 Q 1 1 I K I I i X S 1 w E S 1 1 X x , 5 1 . F E WALTER SCOTT SHEPHERD v 9 A 4 .r .Zulu Q fp , I1 ' " ' ll!! ! 56'Hi0r 'N 14 I J ,men X "l1'lll w K Qeniur Qlllass FLOWER: Wh1fte Sweet Pea. COLORS! Gafeen and l17l1ite. NIOTTOZ Carpe diem. OFFICERS FLEMING GELDER ROBINSON . .. .......... Pvfesldent BIARIA IQIRKLAND RCJSE ...... ...Vice-President ELLA RTALVENA ALEXANDER ...... .... .... S e cretafy JOHN ALEXANDER RICNIILLAN . . . ........... Tvfeaszzrer MARGARET CONVERSE ROBERTS. . . ..... Class Historian DAWSON STAURT QUERN ....... ........ C lass LCl'ZUj'6'7'!l RIILDRED EMMA BLACKBURN. . . . . .Class Proplzetess I RICHARD FRANK IVY ..... . . .Class Oratoz' 15 '-".' ""'-1' " " 'Y 4?-Y 'angina 5 W5 . r H '-gn so - -5' dll' dl , V f E ' J ta? W A we " 1 ll tif: 'E l X X, . J. 'ii 2 lmwiigr 5 , - s- CAROLINE Fimsiiiz gXI.I2X.XNlJlfR Age 17. Weiglit 120. Height 5 ft.6ii1. Alexandu- Q1-aham Literary Society 13, 493 Athletic Association C3, 45- ' ffpffjmf wgigld we do ill High ,?C'1lQUf Illlllf 0,,f,',H,,0,is rlzaffcr, 7,ur'1'e Carrzv not ul l1c111d."' For C T0 look at Caroline you would not thirik her fi musical person, but oh! those "ragsl', X ou canst keep still when C.ar0l111C plays. We are Hfffflld Thai F A 5 she does not like to study as A-i' - M.- "W -i-s well as she likes to Dlabi- . ,ii., But, nevertheless, when ll stranger comes in, you can count on Carrieg she usually 'tcarriesu off all the honors of the day. We wish she would explain the mystery of it to us. Q Hxieiu' XY.x'rsox .'Xl.l'fX.XXIHl-fli .Xge 13. Xlfiglil li'3. Ili-iulil F ii. ll far C:u'niel lligli School. foiiiiiy 1l.J11 XM x.i: Qi' l'.1,,' , Literary Society R331 klziiiivi'-iii Xl--riiswi l,iii:..'-. w' K-Hg lleltgi Club 433: I.i-in-r Chai- 4.113 l'.-..:' QI 5. qu 1399 Varsity llzisi-hull 13. VH: Yqirsiiy lil.-it .." 1, ' if is i'.i'f.'lI.'11! In fm':'.' ii giiziif ,c .vii-.'1:,g7f:, lslarry czuuc lu us Illllh-rl mo xtyir- .loo if Carmel. llc is :i llig-llt'Q11'lt'ml. uiiix .iid 11 Chievous hwy, :mil liars the lllil ul- iiriltiiug iziti clown topL'l'lL'Ctio11. llc lim won :1 place in the lit-:iris oi his school-maitcs than will not Soon he forgollvli. Ili- wzls il star twirlvr .ii ilu llzlsclwzill uint mil tilliil lJlZlL'C Ull lllt' I-munllmgill lgfllll we kiioxx' of his :unlvili--ii i lllill lit' llupL'S In Iii-, 1 ipi'0:1t'l1t'l'. ll' lit- ram xiii CUllX'Cl'li :is 1--isilv 'is his M111 Illillit' lrivmls, uv gm- vim llflvlll of his Sllk'l'k'x5. l6 I surf. A-ww .sf-. vqsslw . is...-U.. . ff Q... :sv .pu an-.of vo ..- ,,,,,-., .,T.,. . -i t 04-4, ,, ,.,, ,, swf- 1 Q X a g Jl!ll l2l,,l,4X lXl.x1.vEN.x fkl,EXANDER ' .Ngo 17. NVcigl1t 1.20. 1lcigl1t5 ft. 6 in. .Xlcxander Gralunn Literary Society C3. 453 President Alexander Graham Literary Society C413 Secretary Senior Class: -Xtlilctic Association t3. 43. ','.'ll11a' still tlzcjv gasvd, and still tllv 'ZUOIlflC'l' grc'w Ilnzf om' .vnmll lzvafl could l'Gl'l'y all silt' k1zc"w." Everybody knows her! As a student she has been the most earnest of us all. From her Fresh- man year to her Senior year, nothing has been of too little importance for her to learn. If you want to know anything about his- tory, just ask Malvena. lf there is anything concerning the language of Uparlez- vous" that you want to know go to 'Malvna again. VVhen Malvena plays on the piano she holds her audience spellbound, and when the last note has rippled from beneath her capable fingers, her audience breathes a sigh of regret that she has ceased to play. LORAINE LOUISE BATES Age 18. Weight 103. Height 5 ft. YVestern Branch High School, Portsmouth, Virginia Cl, 219 Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth Vir- ginia Q3Dg Alexander Graham Literary Soclety C4D. "A fair, sweet girl, with skillful hand, And cheerful heart for tl'easll1fe." Loraine is the kind of girl we all want for a friend. Although a new comer among us, we all love her because of her win-- ning and charming ways. She is small and dainty, and presents a pleasing picture to the eye, as you can very well see. After having met her she is your friend for life. We only regret that it has not been our-privilege to have her as our campauion for a longer period of time. WW! WA gmmmza 1,3 ul 17 f? -, jlvpv 1 e W v m- J vig ' ,'1 . ext Q if I ml ' " 3 I' 'JI I' , x N64 , v ,vw y .L X Vp . EE , J 'ff li Q i 'i f gm!! pv 2 I e 161' " 4. 4, ll ll 'w'aUm.i IVIILDRED Eixirixrx liiL.XCKBURN Xge 16. Weiglit 114. llcight 5 ft. 4 in. Alexander Graham LifCT211'Y Sffcicty 645' fgey Smzslziize 12611-Vlllld eyes oi blue Clothe a fzafurc loyal and true. Wllen ..W1.itie" raises one of her eyebrows and that queer Clllizzical lltile expression comes into her eyes, you can mark it that she means business. SHICCY- ity and truthfulness play all important part in her makC- up, Indeed, she is a glfl who inspires her friends to dg bigger, better things and wins their love without the least trouble. Mildred is 11 "chum" Whom We will never forget. VVILLIAM CLARENCE Born, thi. Age 17. VVeight 135. lleight 5 ft. S in. Hartsville High School. South Carolina utl. JP 1 QU-init Editor Snips and Cuts C451 Iixchange Editor .Xl-t-ra-ll-y C4Dg Cameron Morrison Literary Society t-H: Senoir Hi-Y Club C453 .Xthletic Association QS. -ll. Hifi! lfV01'k is lifef' c Iiifc IIOf fo o1z1'5vl'z'f,v.' our Clarence or "Rhomboid," as he is atleetionateiy dubbed, can be seen here, there, and ei'eryxi'here around school. XVhen it eonies to raising money for school purposes Clarence is right there. lt is needless to say that he is popular, for his interest in the activities of the school as well as his always ready sense of humor makes hiin loved by all. Clarence is al- . Ways willing to lend a help- ing hand towards any more- 'iz ment in the interest of the school. Here's to your fn- ture, old boy, and may your outlook be as bright and cheerful as your past has been. 18 l l I i r ! l I i , IPJ' J'-Qu fo--, U75 S 1 'aqua f A NNA llillxig BROWN .Xge 17. XYeight 114. Height 5 ft. 5 in. iXlexander li1'lll1I111'l Literary Society 13, 41. "IIN -:wire -:wax 0-vcr ruff, I tfvfzflc. and lb-zu'.' and v.1'rcIIv'11t Ilflillg' in woman' .-X quiet girl with dimples! Such is Anna Mae. llcr disposition is just like southern sunshine, and her quiz papers always reg- ister the 111OSt excellent grades. If we didn't love her so well, our envy would make her conceited, but, as it is, our wonder and admir- ation accompany all of her success. We know she will win her way in the world and many friends, too, with that gentle way of hers, which has endeared her to all of her classmates. ' BIARGARET SHAW BROWN Age 16. Weiglit 122. Height 5 ft. 6 in. Freshman Clubg Girls HiUh'Schoo1 Club C2,' 3, 43: Alexander Graham Literary Society C3, 4Dg Varsity Bas- ket-ball CS, 415 Athletic 1XSSOC12lt101'l C3, 43. "They serve God well lfVh0 serve Ins cafcatztzffesf' This youg lady of the smiling face is Margaret Shaw Brown. How do you' like her dimple? Margaret is noted for her 1 intense enjoyment of a good joke-hence the smile. She is the right guard on our Varsity Basket-hall Team, and she can play! Margaret can be depennded upon al- ways to play her best and do her bit to aid the team to victory. She is as loyal as she is cheerful. .4... x simmer tj? v.. lmam ff- "1u. J ' xp, iw 0, - - 2 if wa? Q ' :di L W' ' X X' l it ,pa F my I' J if x h 19 -f , , ,, . - -. , .,.:...... .q-f., K.--. -, .,,..,.:,.,m-,,,,K..,-..,., .,..., wry? . a, ,. . ,............-,j.i...-.. '- an :J Q, 4 1 , n,,nA, -Q . . N D..- -.. .,. . Ti? ,. mf--..a,l.23F' s H"'i'1 --grsit., -:ai-fel'-I ' "' ' A ll or c.S4ffP.r g, , N Y AL X fU7.S .c l i CATHERINE EDITH CARMICHAEL Age 17, Weight 115. Height 5 ft. 5 in. . - ' h Sl 1 C1Jg llarshal f3Dg -Alex- a11diei'I1Eiii11li2fiie1EittEfjaE'y Scgciiiltjy C495 Athletic Association C3, 4?- "Whcn she depafff, , , ,, Sorrow abidgg and hajvjvzfzess lakes lzzs leave. "Diek's chief asset is her beautiful curly, brown hair. And Oh! those eyes-so dreamy and blue with mischief lurking far in their d6D'fh5- She 905' sesses a vast supply Of wlt, which she displays on! all ocg casions. S116 is Just ihC?fD5 of fun, with her queer little sayings and gestures. -Hel' sunny, UI'1SCll:1Sl'l d1spos1t1011 wins many friends for her, Yes, she contributes greatly to the honor and spirit of our class. LUCY HoLMEs Ctxnsox Age 17. XYcight 98. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Fresham Clubg.Girls lligh'School Cluh tg, 3, 431 Alex- ander Graham Literary boclctv 13, 41: l.1etr:1ry I-,tlm-x' Al-Gra-Hy C453 Athletic iXssociatiou 13. -H. "Her glossy 1101.7 was clmvfcrcd ffm' tl limit' Bright 'ZUIHZ llIfL'H1g1'lIc'L'c1lIf'f fun' mm' .9llI1'UffI.u Lucy Holmes is a friend wortli having. She is sweet, and dainty, too. .Nucl Lucy llolmcs cam talk to you on any suhject. XXX' womlcr how she manages to stand so well in her classcs and still have as much fun as she does at dances. But don't think she neglects her work for she is remarkably studi- ous. "Consistency in all things," could well hc Lucy Holmes' motto in life. She is both cligulied and jolly and she has the happy faculty ul' knowing just when to he dignified and just when 1 . I 3 f -A 14555553 4 j xc vj .Q i, l e ev on , Q lhiilliilfal Hr l I 5 1, 5. F l if be jolly. i j 20 E I JWIPJ' J ml 5. 0 W 'mlm 5075 Froiusucr: LoU1sE CLARK .Xge IS. XYeight 150. lleight 5 ft. 3 in. .Xlexauuler Grzilizuu Literary Society C-ID. "gl uuiidvlz calm, SC'I'c'lIf', and .rhy- 1'Ul't"Z't'I' -zuztlz a hook hawl by." llere's Loiuse, an all-round girl with a smile on her lips and a dimple in her cheek. We all know Louise, or "Squee" as we . usually call her, by her gen- tle manners, her willingness i to accommodate, and her good natured laugh. Louise has a wonderfully sweet dis- position and an attractive personality. She is very studious and, although she seems very quiet, she is really the jolliest ofthe jolly among her friends. We would like to have more like her. MARY CATHERINE CONLIN Age 18. Weight 126. Height 5 ft. 8 in. Saint Peters High School, Charlotte, North Carolina C1, 2, 3jg Alexander Graham Literary Society C4Dg Girls High School Club C4D. "Stately and tall She moves through the hall The queen of a thousand for grace." Mary is quiet, dignified, and modest, to a degree that commands admiration from her classmates. She has been with us only one year, but in that time she has proved herself ru" ' 'H so W or M' iff a good student, and one who is always loyal to her teacha ers. She is to be commended for her good behavior in the class room, since the worst thing she has ever clone has been to roll her wonderful blue eyes. We wish for her supreme happiness and suc- cess in the future. .X QYEZEIZIFQ - 4 ' Q ,A W 'rw X f 1 'I' E uh' " it fi' thinrgl fa 21 . - , f ' .V - -. - 'ff' V , f- ' -A -W - --- 4 -3-c. ...Q .. ,,.. .-. -., - fa.. - - - --1 -377-T, -, 3 -V ,- g Y-Y-- --.4,,,,,, ?.-4 ..x....--...-.. ... J .- . --. 1- -,fs-r 1.5" .fr K-. -so v 'x I I Q ! SIWPJ -1 4, , ll , Aj l l ! l x- grammar, . W 1 WM' 'HU . E 3 t ily F, 1 , 10 ' W' ,E 1 "H .,U"' ' P4 K . fn' 'gl ll , 'M 5117.5 MARY NELL CONNER Age 18. Weight 112. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Alexander Graham Literary Society C3, 43g Girls High School Club CZ, 3, 45- 'fM0d0st and simple and sfwccf, The qjgyy iyfw of P1'lSf'iHCl.H Nell is one who has the happy faculty' of always being the same, whether it rains or slnnes. llc-r smiling countenance and easy manners have won for her the highest esteem of all those who know 11611 She ig very studious, but fully enjoys all leisure mo- ments. She has a voice that rivals the lark, and playing the piano is also among her accomplishments. Her .sin- cerity and sweet disposition will strew her path as well as that of others, with roses all the way. GEORGE EDWARD CoP13L.xNn, DTR, Age 16. lVeight 155. lleight 6 ft. Greenville High School, South Carolina tl, Ji, I HTf10J mvdesl, 011 his Illlf'IlI1lcII'I't1.V.N'r'1l Imra- Nafmfe had wfzffvn-C1v11flu111u11," Edward is one of the "luckiest" fellows we know. VVhen it comes to a test, he can always guess the right answer. VVhile his hair is light, he is not light headed. Although some- what quiet, every one who knows him likes him, lf you want a thing well done, do lff Y0U1'SClf. or let lfclwzml do it. One can tell to glance at his high, intellectual for-Q- head that he will succeed in all he undertakes and win 11 name for himself. 22 , - 5,v,,J, ..11!u W S ELLA .XGNES CoRN13L1, X30 lb. XX eight 135. lle1gl1t 5 ft. 6 in. RUSWS lligll School, New Mexico tl, 253 Alexander ocietx Li -U li1t:1l111111 l,ilc1':11'y S D' ,, , "Of c1lI tlzv Indies in our land 1l11'l'1".v IIOII1' xo siuvvi as Ellaf' "Ever ready" is an expres- sio11 which could be applied to Ella for correctness, for she is one who is prompt in everything. She is sweet and lovable as even one who does not know her personally can judge from her sweet face. If her other charms were taken her voice would be an attraction great enough to win everlasting love. josEPH XNYILLIAL1 COWHIG Age 18. NVeight 117. Height 5 ft. S in. Cameron Morrison Literary Society C3, 453 Athletic As- sociation C3, 45. "Silence jvcrszzadexx' wlzcn speaking fails." Joe hails from the Capital of the States, though his four years of high school life have been at old C. H. S. 1-lis school life has been a great success. He has been a jolly, good as companion, full of life and 1 fun to all those who knew him, "Be square" and "Stick to it" must be the chief mot- toes of his life. He has a queer liking for Ben Frank- lin's great discovery and We hope he will make as good an electrical engineer as he does a pal. El P 'swan f U75 'S -E K W .- 51111311.15 M 14'L: 1 if X 53 1' ' 1171 l "4 4 ' 1 ' 4 ? lilwlfffil ff , 23 I"f f, Q. l lf ll l 'l ll ll, il. ,Il li ll ll :li l il' rf l ,ii l I l a l 1 l z l l . l I l l I S I A l l l l l, il ll Q. 1 l iQ H1 xr I V , i I l l , . l. 4fi:amr'4 f -.1-. J ' ,ll D c I N ' lE 'l If 1 J sx I X X: ' i '1 E .Q 4. lima l ag ff.: 3'9" 4 N 'll'lll' EDG1'XR l'lAROLD CURLEE Age 17. Weight 136. Height 5 ft. 10 1-Z in. , l 1 3 g Al 'de' Graham Literary Societv f3Jg Cacni2iioSg'f,oi'ri,so11 Iiictifary Society C493 Pulillclty Mimfl- ger Football OU. "His vzafmfe 1fese'11zblc?s the mid-day sun." Edo-ar is always eager to do his part in any kind bf school activity, and when it comes to sell- ing tickets to a school func-- tion, he has few close com- petitors. As a deahter, Ed-- gar is a very hard worker and even though he did not quite make the triangular debating team, he deserves much credit on account of his sincere and earnest ef forts along this line. lid gar is exceptionally good natured and wears a con- tinuous smile on his face. ' , 5 ROBERT FRAN KLIN D-XX'IDSON Age 17. Wlcight 118. Height 5 ft. 6 in. .Alexander Graham Literary Society Q33 :.Camcron Mor- rison Literary Society C-UQ Athletic .Xssociation QS, -ll. 'fT11e stroazgcsf Passion Iulzivlz I lziitu' is 110710710 A quiet, unassuming, resourceful, young man is Franklin Davidson. He is popular with all, though very bashful with the girls llc is ll steady and cheerful worker, and one who is willing to help at all times. He is popular with the teachers because of his faithfulness. judging from his su-ccess thus far, his pros- pects are bright, and we fccl sure we shall soon hcur ui his successful rise in the business world. 24 A 1 .,., f X -. . ie v Sfvff-ef - 2K R0lll'fR'1' Tom PKINS l3l'XON -NRC lo. XYL-ight litl. lleight 6 ft. 1--l in. Xljoliu Cliairles KlcNxeill Liturziry Society C333 QXIHHC-'Q1'O1l oiusmi l,itci':u'y Society t-U3 Marshal 1353 Vm-sity llqmll'-lll H52 lxllvl' Llub t-ll: Athletic Association 43, "llc Inu a .i-ufiu' Zum' of fv111pv1'a11zc'nt." 'Wlwn we think of Robert, we think of dancing. Xou know he was voted the best dancer in high school. Dancing, however, - IS not his only accomplish- ment, he is strong for ath- letics, too. In fact, there is not anything that Robert can not do, from getting good marks on all of his subjects-and that with ap- parently uo effort at all on his part-down to having fun in that quiet way of his. DIARY RUTLEDGE DUDLEY I Age 17. Weiglit 129. Height 5 ft. 6 in. Varsity Basket-ball Cl, 2, 3, 435 Manager Girls, Basket- ball CZ, 3, -U3 Girls' High School Club CZ, 3, 413 Vice- President of Sophomore Class, Alexander Graham Liter- ary Society C3, 433 Girls' Cheer Leader C4Dg Athletic Association C3, 4D. "Sweet pronzptings unto kindest deeds liVc1'e in her very l00le." This young lady of the sunny face is not Mary Putt-just Putt. Steadfast- ness, reliability, cheerfulness, and sincerity are all, figura- tively, her middle names. Perhaps some in looking over her athletic record may inquire if she really could play basket-ball. Now you just stop and think a minute -what in this world would We have done if faithful old Putt hadn't been on the job? Rutledge at all but il? Xi 4Wzmz:n'4Q y 'E' if xQl:3",J W, ' : v X my cal c QR, W I My? ai .fl y X 4 ' m ,, 'f' f ,v -La - n J 5 ,xl 25 'r ...fw ,WV W-, ..ffV ....-W 'd:,..,V""iP'.Pi?i'?.F's+'-1'T ':rvr-:'wff-w'-- ' ff- '- 'r'-'f"'- W" M" A Qu - in iffy fl - at 1 4 l 1 l l grammar, f Na . K if ' , ,Q iw 57 " QQ 1 Q! Vw! it ' X X A-m :"' I lluiygrga E 1 S.xR,xH BUFORD DUNLAP Age 16. Weight 116. Height 5 ft. 4 in. Girls, High School Club CZ, 3, 453 Vice-President Girls' High School Club C3Jg Alexander Graham Literary Qo- Ciety 13, 45g Secretary Alexander Graham Literary bo- cigty C353 Marshal C3Dg Tattler Start .6353 Secretary Tunior Class C333 Student Council C3Jg Triangular Debate 'C-ljg Athletic Association C3, 43. "Drink to 71167 011131 with ffziuc eyes." Sarah has a nice little laugh, which makes you Want to laugh with her. She has beautiful eyes and knows how to use them, too. She is serious with all We My he r attractiveness. You ought to hear her debate. and she conducts chapel as if she had years of experi- ence. She has the happy faculty of doing the right thing at the right time, in the right place, and in the right Way. We just love Sarahg sheys that kind. ANTHONY EDDY Age 17. VVeight 120. Height 5 ft. S in. Mitchell Military School, lXlassa'hugett.' KU ' F'sl ' M1l1t?31'Y 531201, lVaanesboro. Virginia td. Sli 'orrison 1 erary ,K ' tv 4 3 1: I K H I K . Letter Club Cllj. Ocle 3 Q J Got H .Nlurul Hi ' Ujlli1'1LI1, with 1'f1c'0 I IIIPUII to 11'-rv." Anthony, better known as Tony, came lo ug thig year from Fishburne, NYG do not see how we ever got along without him, espe- UHHY 211O11g athletic lines, for he was one of our star football players and is one of the valued members of the basket-ball team. Even though Tony does not like lu Study, he manages somehow to-get through and even snr- , prises us with nineties some- times-and once it was 11 hundred. X X. W 26 gtllwvl L'll1l1 kd. -ll. 5 "Fonts," 111111 "llil4y." XYllC1'l you lind one, the o1l1crs are hound to he near. Bonnie is dainty and Q IPJ' -Jill!!! Abi .1 !l"'1. llox N ll-Q 1,1513 l21,1,1o1'1' -X20 li. XXe1gl1t IOU. llcighl 5 ft. 3 i11. .Xlt-x41111lcr lililllllllll l,itc1'z11'1' Sogicty QA, -U3 Girls' lligh "Yin 111' Qllllll I'1YffIL'1' fflclll L't7l1.Yf7lL'Il0ll,Y.,y llouuic is ll lllCll1l1Cl' of the f21l1lOllSt1'lOI Bonnie, neat i11 ll61' dressg her 1112111- ncr and disposition are pleas- ing. Sl1e is 1llO1'C-CI'-SCP tled-than Toots and co11se- quently 1nore painstaking. Every o11e is in love with her hair. It's 11ot exactly red hut goldish and always looks pretty. FLoR.x Is.x BEL EL1,1oTT .Xge 16. XVeight 102. Height 5 ft. 3 in. .xlt'XU.l'lflCl' f3l'Z1l'l21lT1 Literary Society C3, 453 Girls, High School Club CS, 4J. 'Til be zzzcrry, I'll be free, FI! bc sad for uobodyfi "'Iloots" is Z1 real good pal. She ca11 just say the wittiest tl1l1lgS you ever heard. One lilies to be i11 her company, because she is so entertaining and always jolly. She likes to have a good time and does not he- lieve in studying u11til the night before exa111inatiO11S a11d very little tl1e11. She's a musician and can play the piano brilliantly. "Toots" is El real good cook, and is spe- cializing in candy. dl Y 4 4'mm?6pp ,W Eff? 1 -1 W3 ' : 41 1 X I B11 Q f- , Q ' xi ll' K ' , mr P .41 K 151 . , , I 1 1- , lsllidffll 5 27 1 fps' SJ' 5 -M0 I I 1 ' -4 1- gl 4 A 'lI'lll: , X CHAR! , W5 ' 'wffzj l lgwf z lqz -V. ': J I N ny, l X' , '.. nl' ' 'lbs S ' if ,I KATPIERINE VIRGINIIX FOIL Age 18. Weight 113. Height S ft. 3 in. Girls, High School Club fl, Zjg Alexander Graham Literary Society C3, 45- HLOZIQ, yweetness, g00d1flCSS in her person sfzilicf' "Kitty" reminds one of a pretty little doll. Her curls are brown and her eyes are big and dreamy. She is an appealing. little creature. "Little," dld We r say? Well, you mustn't tell her she is little. Katherine has an idea that she would like to teach school and we are sure she will succeed in this, for every one loves and admires her. ELIz.xBETII BEERY Fonli Age 17. XVeight 122. Height 5 ft. 5 in. Freshman Club: Girls' High School Club tl. 3. -U: John Charles McNeill Literary Society LSI: :Xlcxaniler Graham Literary Society C-ll: .Xthletic -Xssociation LS. -lr. HA f1c'1'fc'c1' 'ZU0lllCIlI, zzobly fllflllllfd, T0 warn, to vrlzziforf, and rolzznzuzidf' Aside from all the usual good traits fouull in any girl of high ideals, there is one which contri- buted so largely to Eliza- beth's attactiveness that we must tell you about it: it is her jolly laugh. lt is spontaneous, it is irresistible, and the way her eyes twinkle testify that it is natural and real. That laugh and those humorous eyes have prob- ably won more friends for her than she herself realizes. 28 a , IFJ :menu 'u.uo V75 lll'fNlJlCRSON SNELI, Fox .Xgc lf. NYcight 135. llcight 5 ft. 5 in. lYinston-Salein. lligh School, North Carolina Cl, Zjg .Xthlctic .Xssociation ts, 46, " 'Tix gum! 'zuill IIICIfCL'S i11ivII1'gv11cc." llcndcrson Fox is a vcry conscientious fellow. .Xlthough he tries to "shun" out of all he can, when cornered he will give the best that is in him. D Like his namesake the "fox," he is small and ever on the lookout for "sights" Une of his accomplishments is singing, and he does this very well, especially when any one of the fair sex is around. Fox hates mathe- matics. ZELDA BROVVN GARRISON .Xge 16. VVeight 110. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Alexander Graham Literary Society C3, 4Dg Athletic Association CS, 4D. "Your wisdom be your guide." lf you are seeking one who combines in herself the qualities of sport, a good student, and an all around good girl, behold her here. Zelda is ambitious, warm-hearted, and always eager to gain all knowledge possible, and she manages to gain it, too. Then, too, Zel- da is not only seeking wis- dom, but she is seeking for good to do in this world, and she has such a generous heart that she will do any- thing in the world for her friends, or for anyone who needs her assistance. 29 , . , . , . - , 5. ,.-Q4 .1 ': ,,, "' .. ..f......a..i.. "' F 4 ,v-,......r.--,----..-. .. .,- , .- r l r r V 1 i 1 N 'IRQ . 4. Q ,emu-.. graznrarzfg fl V 350 me 'r f 6,5 -at 1 '1::.::v,:g.g:f ..,',..!3Ef? Louise W1r.soN GIBBON Age 16. Weiglit 115. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Freshman Club, Girls' High School Club CZ, 3, 453 L'te1ary Society 649' Regmorter Al-Gra- Alf' lf G'l 1 ' , Oxam if lallalg' litor Snips and Cuts C4 g Basket-ball Q Hy C4D, Socia vc A , Squad QU, Athletic Association C3, 41. f pure and too honest in aught JJ J "True eyes 00 l , 1 T0 disguise the sweet soul shmzng flzro' tlzcm. 1 Have you noticed the twinkle in her eye? You lx Louise otherwise "NVeesef' QQ ttiest little C?j crea- , have, if you know ' ,h She is one of the jolhest, wi tures you have ever seen. She thoroughly enjoys fun ,W and all kinds of sports .and L is always in for a good time. 4 1 A Ask somebody who knows, k . ya i if she can dance. There is . much good, deep seriousness 1 ' - ' ce win in her and if you on her love she is your friend for life. Her attractiveness is proved by the fact that she was voted the most at- tractive in the Senior class. rl THELMA Lixvn.1..x Ginnie l Age 18. XVcight 97. Height -1 ft. 11 in. Girls' High School Club CZ. SJ: .Xlexander Graham - Literary Society 13, 43. "A friend in need is cl friend indeed." i "Peggy" is small but she has won a great, big i P1966 111 the heart of every student. ller sense ul i humor is 'unfailing and many's the time her merry laugh has cheered ns and driven those dreaded blues away. She is a happy- go-lucky sort of person who says, "I should worry," when M' 5111185 SQ wrong, but is for- 4 ever trying to do better. li g you are in trouble. she is l the person to whom yon can 'l fell your troubles, and from Wlmm X011 can gain svm- pathy. ' l 4 N 30 N fm .msn X 5 dl 4 'u1'lin lfl,l'fU Rl.xui:.xu15T 1l.x'N NON .Xgc 17. XYeiglit 94. llcight 5 ft. 3 in. .Xtliletic .Xssocintion C5, 43, 'b'l?t'11rufl1 flint mlm v.1'fcri01' 1lCli'I't' liar ll deal of dt'z'i1t7'y," - NCOIIIIC and trip it as you go on the light and tzuitastic toe" will give you a pretty good concep- tion of Kleo, as we know . her. Yet it is not all the "fantastic toe" stuff. It you could see her fingers Hitting lightly over the piano keys, with her body moving in tune, you would think she was music from head to foot. That would be just about right, too. Neither is Kleo all music, for she suc- ceeds in her lessons and in all she undertakes. EDNA GERTRUDE HARDY -Xge 18. XVeight 105. Height 5 ft. 2 in. XYiriterville High School, Mississippi C155 John Charles McNeill Literary Society C353 Alexander Graham Liter- ary Society C-Hg Girls' High School Club C2, 3, Mg Treasurer Girls' Choral Club C3Jg Athletic Association CS. -H. "Your words bring daylight with them when you speak." Gertrude is just a good, solid girl, possessing Being a good student she of course, makes good marks, and has thus laid a strong foundation for her Work in the future. Cn this account we feel assured that she will make a success of the future. Gertrude will always be remembered by her classmates of C. H. S. because of her kindly dis- position, and her uuselhsh- ness. good common sense. H .. grmmrzzr, f 'E wif? 1 - if my N ' X ,K 1 il, I .' i 5 ' ' C 4' v W" fi l lliiwl J E 1 mn f , K' b i 31 , A 'gli A S fr IP? 'J gl - 'vnqlm 51775 , X QWZEEFQ f Fr? Wa, Wu Zu J ' xl i IQ ip x p: ii p QI., I .. . lump A l l MARGARET VIRGINIA HARRELSON Age 18. Weight 123. Height 5 ft. 6 in. 1 ' iterar Societ C3D' Alexander G.LfflI2.Cti:Liz.2fC51,23i.3 wftfeshfiaa Clubi Girls' High School Club CZ, 3, 45 3 Athletic Association C3, 43. "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, divinely fair." Margaret is both a good student andla good sport, the choicest and rearest of conabinations. Although she devotes a great deal of time to her studies, Margaret is 3lW,3YS into all the fun that's going, even starting it if necessary. She has that contagious smile which is a certain cure for the "blues," Margaret'S hobby is teasing the piano keys-thus she succeeds In working off her superfluous energy, and has become quite proficient in this, the finest of the arts. Margaret IS just the kind of a girl all love. MARTH.A LAIRD HARRIS Age 17. Weight 95. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Alexander Graham Literary Society C3, -Og Athletic Association CS, 453 Class Poet CSU. "A good hearfs fwortlz gold." The most cheerful of the cheerful-the sunniest disposition-always happy and making others happy-that's Martha. Be- sides being a good student on Martha is very original and writes poetry. In a word Martha is an all around good girl. She has always succeeded in all of her high school work, and is one of the best of the Connnercial class. Her speed at the type- vyriter has become prover- bial, and she is bound to suc- ceed 111 the business world. 32 'll pl -a X l s'.mrSf'!" I i -5. 45 l ' 1 AIARCUS ERWIN I'lAVVKINS Age 17. XVeight 130. Height 5 ft. 9 in. -Alexander Graham Literary Society Q3D: Cameron Mor- rison .Literary Society Q-UQ Glee Club C353 Athletic As- sociation C3, 4D. "Sport that tcfrinkled care derides And Iazzgliter holding both his sides." Wfhen you want to hear the latest news from "Movieland," or to know the latest "Star," just go to Marcusg he always knows. Although Marcus is fond of picture shows, his favorite pastime is chewing gum. One wouldn't think such a quiet looking boy could make so much noise, but don't fool yourself, for he can laugh and cheer as loud as any of us. Full of wit and humor, he keeps us laughing all the time. Aside from the time given to pleas- ure we think he finds some time to study, for he always passes his "examinations" y.-.,.,- ..,. .....,,,,,...-.- ...,,.. ,,,,, ,I 1 . ANNIE MAY HAYES Age 16. Weight 130. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Alexander Graham Literary Society C3, 4Dg Girls' High School Club C3Jg Girls' Choral Club Q3Dg Orchestra C3, 41 g Reporter Al-Gra-Hy C4J. "Her memory to us is as ihe memory of exquisite music." Did you ever hear a lilting laugh? Annie May has one of the most delightful you ever heard, and a disposition as pleasing! Besides the algebra which comes from her mind, 1 there's music that Hows on and on, from her magic touch. With her music she has charmed many and we predict a brilliant musical career for her. Then, too, that sweet innocent manner of Annie May's makes her music all the more charming. We wonder how C. H. S. will have an orchestra next year without Annie May! l ,A J i fe- d ' ' e'g, , .- 33 ,Jglll 5 g "1 'pafU7-9 5-lf!! ' .,. , li X-L grammar, f W 1 'Vzyi ELLA FRANCES HAYNES Age 17. Weight 120. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Alexander Graham Lit61'-HFY S0CietY C37 47' f-The jgy of living doth nm like quiclesilwr in her veins." Ella is a type of girl who is never fully ap- preciated until she is known intimately. But once her friendship is obtained, it is never lost, for she 1S a - most loyal comrade. She has U ,. trait which most of us so 1 Alu.. a need-persistency. She has never learned the meaning of the word failureg it only means to her that perhaQS she hasn't done her best. su.. J ' Qyyv in if K . , ll" In J ' ., 1' f 1' 4 1511.154 f RUBYE JEANNETTE HILL Age 18. Weight 135. Height 5 ft. 1-2 in. Alexander Graham Literary Society C3, 433 Girls' High School Club C3, 45. "'Tis good will makes i11tvIIigm1rr." Jolly, good-natured Rubye! Wlhat a dismal World this would be if it were not for such bound- less enthusiasm as hers! Her presence is refresh- ing, for she's always bright and smiling. So it is not 4 strange that she's a girl who 5 f . . 4 suits us all. With her sunny 'Q 5 v q 5 Q 5 disposition and pl e a s in g .X I .. .5 l manner, tinged with a restful "'-f sense of humor, she has en- deared herself to every one P . . . . . 1 and we all Join in wishing 1 l l l herlthe very best of success in life. 3-1 :SVIPJ if J "K il 4 Ql'.". C U XVALTER NEXVMAN HOBBS Age 15. XVeight 115. Height 5 ft. 3 in. .North Charlotte lligh School Cl, Zig Alexander Graham Literary Society LSD: Cameron Morrison Literary C4Jg Athletic Association C3, 45. "My books are frielzds that never fail me." NYalter joined our ranks in his junior year, and he had not been with us long before we found that he was an A-1 student. Though he is smart, don't think he is always sol- emn and studious, for he is full of life and joy. He is "johnnie-on-the-spot" when it comes to downright school spirit. He is now learning to play a saxophone and we sincerely hope that when he goes to college he may win a place in the col- lege orchestra. VVILLIAM QRR HUNEYCUTT Age 17. Weiglit 115. Height 5 ft. 7 in. Alexander Graham Literary Society C31 g.Cameron Mor- rison Literary Society C4Dg Athletic Association C3, 4D. "Mine honor is my life, both grew in one Take honor from me and my lzfe is done." 7 Orr, better known as "Huney," "William Orr, and as plain "Orr" to his more intimate friends, is not one of these frivolous young sprouts, but a steady fellow who mixes hard work with his studies, showing gratifying results on his reports. Orr has a likeable manner W and has made countless friends within and without W7 the school. It may be said that he likes the girls Cor a girly and is a member of the "Jelly Roll Quartet." Al- though he spends much time delving into the mysteries of printing, he expects to direct his energies along the line of the textile industry, and some day we expect to see him at the head of one of the largest cotton mills in the South. X grammar, A Q W '14 . J ' iw lmwrir fir ' x 4 35 , X. QSIVIPJ -llgng, r W .. rw. Lors RUTH HUNTER Age 17. Weight 110. Height 5 ft. 2 in. C1 - 'll High School, COUWCY CUZ Alexander Gm' liaiiileffifrexilaiif Society C3, 4Jg Marshal CSD. "Roses are her cheeks I And a rose her mouth. - There is a freshness about Ruth which appeals to us as the freshness of a June morning. Her hair hangs in a mass of most beautiful brown curls, and her soft blue eyes catch. and hold many an HDPYHISIUS glance. If you ask her how long she has studied, she will probably tell you about' five minutes 3 however, 1sn't it re- markable that she never gets a poor grade? 'Wax f W N it ligmriq' ef- RICHARD FRANK Ivy 1 Age 18. Weight 140. Height 5 ft. 11 1-4 in. ' Binford Iunior High School, Richmond, Va., CUQ John Marshall High School, Richmond, Va., C2,3Jg Cameron Morrison Literary Society C453 Advertising Manager A1- Gra-Hy C4Jg Triangular Debate 145. "So kind, so noble, So generous and true." . Here is one who is a real honest-to-goodness sport as well as a splendid student. Did you ever hear any one say they didn't like his deep, coin- manding voice? His personality just shines forth -and talking about school spirit-Whew! He surely has it. VVhen a fel- low needs a smile or a kind word, Frank is always at hand to give it to him. The whole school is proud of him because he was one of our four debaters to uphold C. H. S. in the triangular contest with the other State high schools. .He is a 'line orator as is shown by his being chosen class orator. ..-...HTH 36 .. ..vL.,l. . -..Q-Pwr - sf 2 : f...vla:'2Il- V , ?S3'I.'.!5f.i1n5w..f-1-:.+mwwvpms-1:5 .Yr -- ..- .. ..-,,-,,.. 4 .... 4. , - -,aa,',., fy .qw vsx.::-:wrfv , 4 I L' ' ' r ' 1 7'E"K'l"' 'J' J. , ,,..,..,.s, , 1, N176 it Age 17. XVeight 103. Height 5 ft. 1-2 in. V'1r:ity lasket-ball U 3 45' Athletic Association C3 be 1 ,sn-fi' - W- fpor -alllll A 'A 5 il ' BLXRTHA ELIZABETH JAMISON 49 ii Mix " ' ' U ' 4 'liritudslzip is the urine of life. "XVell, here is little Martha, I.," all would say, but every one knows this only means in stature for Martha has a part in everything that goes on. She is a girl that every one admires and likes to be with, for Martha is a good sport and full of life. Every one knows ' MT that there are not many things that she can't do as a student and as an athlete. All those who have seen her play basket-ball and swim and dive, envy her because of her alertness and ability. We all know that Martha is a friend that can be depend- ed on through thick and thin. 3 CALDWELL PHARR JOHNSTON Age 17. Weight 100. Height S ft. 3 in. Cameron Morrison Literary Society C4Dg Athletic As- sociation C3, 4D. "Pay g00dly heed all eyes who read, i And beware of saying, 'I can't."' Caldwell is little but he's plucky, and nothing will prove this more than his high school record. His success is due, too, to . the fact that he never wastes a minute. Just watch him during his study period! He's as busy as a bee, and just on account of this very persistency of his, he is go- ing to win. We predict a successful future for him. X X gazmmzfgf W 'Way I W, up J ' re., ,fa 1 if W. ' , ' ' J 1 ' 'p i .,, . lhmy e A 37 i 1 I l i 4 I l I l A l 4 4 1 l I l -nl , , , -yv --naive - IFJ -'J , AL ' at rift -' ' 'TTB X ' H .- if 2 f.... -- ia .f A 'x 5 'Ill -mlm 5075 : Mixni CATHERINE JOHNSTON ' e 17. VVcight 109. Height 5 lt. Xlexander Craham LifCI'211'Y Society M73 Girls, High School Club C2 3D ' 'Athletic ASSOCWIOI1 C31 41' Those dar! eyes-so dark so dcepf' The first thing about Mary that attracts you is her jet black eyes, which mean .business at the proper time, and fun later. She 1S quiet with no nerve to speak ofg has 21 sturdy physical endowment, and common sense enough for two. She has a mind that is quick to grasp any- thing and which has the power of retaining what it graps. By means of her gentle nature, she has en- deared herself to her class- mates. MARGIXRET ELIZABETH JONES Age 18. Weiglit 118. Height 5 ft. 6 in. President Freshman Clubg Girls' High School Club C2, 3, 4Dg Secretary CZJQ President C459 Girls' High School Clubg Alexander Graham Literary Society C3, 4Jg Secre- tary Alexander Graham Literary Society CSD: Girls' Chief Marshal CSM Athletic Association CS, -Og President Ath- letic Association C3J. "Her air, her mamzeifs, all who saw adllzircdg Coufteous, tho' coyj and gentle, tlzo' rez'z'rc'df' To be called on to make a speech is what every- body dreads. If Margaret is called on to make a short talk, she doesn't seem an bit nervous. She calmly rises and delivers a talk which sounds as if it has been thought out and pre- pared before. But no, that's not Margaret's wayg she al- ways says just what she thinks, when she thinks it. And she always thinks just the very best things any girl at C. H. S. could think. Margaret is a girl, who is interested in everything that's worth while. . 38 , I-SNIPJ' -'JW' it , 54? L-Eff. '-F... ' 1 1 1 q'm f U73 Rllxnx' li2l,lZ.XBETlI IQEESLER Age lo. XYcight 115. lleight 5 ft. 4 in, Q .XlCXllx11LlL'l' llrzilinin Literary Society f4jg F1-Qghmgm Llulw: t-urls' lligh School Club 42, 3, 415 Repo!-ter A1431-3- HY K-ll' V'll'QiYV li'1Qk'3Th'1ll U 3 49' Cmtain Basket- " . .2'!.T.. . x'.,.s,. -1 fa. gan . -r " tx...-'Ava S ga - q X . , dl luill ml .xfiiik-rib .dgacianim tif ii. 1 'I "Tv fflfkvc' 'Zvfw klI0'Zi' fflvv 1101, no words can paint! .-l-nd flzoxc -who lcnatc tlzcv, know all wordg are fui11f."' "Oh, what a pal was Mary!" This is the senti- ment of all who know her. She is a girl that one can trust, go to for advice, and besides have a good time with. Can she play basket-ball? You should just see her play a game. If every one fought as hard as our "Little Captain" there would be no doubt as to which way the score would turn. Don't think that bas- ket-ball is all she excels in. She is a remarkably good tennis player, can swim and do almost anything that a real wide awake girl enjoys doing. Ai germany f of94 .Willa 0' "I ' ' A A in ff 1" 1 I if wi 1 EDNA CAROLINE LAMBETH Age 17. WVeight 128. Height 5 ft. 8 in. Trinity High School, N..'C.., CIDQ Girls' High School Club CS, 435 Athletic: iXSSOCl3.t1011 C3, 41. "In whom rcasouifzg and commoiu sense are com- billed." Although Caroline has been with us only three years, we feel that our class would be incomplete without her. She is a very attractive blonde, and with- out a inoinenfs warniiig hell' face wi Je coverec witi blushes. Caroline is witty, smart, independent, capable, and is juslt "lots of Erin" when you now ier. mg- lish is her long suit. She is certainly brilliant and it is a pleasure to hear Caroline recite. llhiuibgfv 5 '39 Awww, ' so W . ' 5 W . V! t Ll Ely 0 e " QLRB 9. ' 1 Q 1 .3 'l yy. ff I an I lglwg pl gg ll ! dl . 'sqm U79 . EMMA ELIZABETH LEDFORD Age 17. Weight 108. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Xl ' d G l L't S iety C439 Girls' High 5011033151312 q5,a2im45g1E21ilf-bill squad mpg Athletic Association C3, 41. "True happiness . ' Consists not in the multztude of fmefzds But in worth and choice." Some people go through life in an easy, quiet way without becoming exceedingly wrought-up over matters. This seems to be the case with Emma. he She is exceptionally good in Vergil. Combined with her sweet disposition and will- ingness to help she will al- ways be remembered by her classmates as an invaluable associate of their high school days. ELIZABETH LEDWELL Age 17. Weight 101. Height 5 ft. 2 in. John Charles McNeill Literary Society C333 Alexander Graham Literary Society C4J. "To 12110111 hw' is to love her." One may well guess by a look into "Lib's" blue eyes that she is true and sweet. She is always ready to lend a sympathetic ear to everybody's troubles and delights in helping all. With such characteristics as are hers, it is no wonder that she has so many friends. She is just a solid girl whom we can always depend upon, and one with whom we can have "lots of fun" in a good wholesome way. 40 Alxillll k'l1111'lCs NI1-Neill l,llCl'IlI'y Society Auexandm. liflllllll l11e1"11'v S1-eietv 1-U ' ' ' ..,. , -- V. 7. f'1.....:a..f.ov'1z54--.ftg.Qf.. Y f x ga. . '-5-mglj t J 1 , Q C Q gun fill? S1111111 lSl.l,l0'l"l' li.l'fDXX'lCI,I, 1 .Xgv lo. XY1-ight llll l-2. lleigl1t5ft.2iu, 'll true -gg-111111111-M111u1!'1'xf, .v1'111111c', and Sicltvlaf-J, llere you liuil l'L'X'L'lllCll :1 rare tvpe of 21 oiifl llllkl such llll one :is people like to eonie i11 Contact with. She is ll s111:1ll and dainty blonde and presents to the eye a pleasing pieture, which may be veri- tied by the o11e above. Sarah stands by all her teachers and always strives to do her best for them. ln l1er com- merical work she stands right at the top, and we pre- dict that she is going to be Z1 success i11 the business world. BIARTHA :XDALINE LINEBERGER -Xge 18. XYeight 130. Height 5 ft. 1 in. John Charles McNeill Literary Society C355 Alexander Graham Literary Society C-lj: Girls' High School Club flip Athletic Association C3, 43. "Here is a dear, a true, izzdustlfious friend." Martha is a girl of an usually sweet disposition, and every one who is brought into Contact with her learns to love her. And talk about fun! If any one has the "blues" she immediately goes to Martha, who soon makes her ,W forget troubles and feel hap- i ft py once again. Martha .is a ' mystery to all the SSIUOYS- While we can not exactly call her the Hteachers' pet," yet she certainly has won the love of every one Of her teachers, and, th6fCf01'C, never gets a scolding when her work is not done. Xi qazmnng A fi EV? 'Tw V I ' ' my ',. . I Ely 1 , ,LV 2 ' 1 V1 lg ' an -0' ' - Xi e I' i"m, ,, al" I 1 iq. ' J 1 ' lhlldhfv of 41 Q e gxmmnrzfg f vie 'H lgiwp 5 A i t J ' , ,e iw J' In Sli . H auf? WAA IPJ' full- gl O 'n'u,fu7.s j RICHfXRD LITTLEIOHN Agc 15. lVeight 108. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Cameron Morrison Literary Society C43g Senior Hi-Y Club C435 Athletic Association C3, 43. "I dare do all that may befonze a 7110111 Who dares do 711076 is none." "Rich" is little but he always manages to make himself heard. His sarcasm and terror of the Senior class. Even a haircut makes a target for him. "Rich" doesn't seem to study, but when a test comes along, he "knocks 'em coldf' He is a firm backer of the teams, and comes to all the games, where his loyalty and school spirit help to strengthen the players. is at once the delight JOHN BRYAN LONDON Age 17. Weiglit 148. Height 5 ft. 8 in. John Charles McNeill Literary Society C33g Cameron Morrison Literary Society C43g Editor-in-chief Snips and Cuts C435 Hi-Y Club Editor Al-Gra-Hy and Snips and Cuts C431 Senior Hi-Y Club C433 Athletic Association C3, 43. "A heart to resolve, ahead to cozzfrlve, a hand to execute." Of the several leaders in high school life and activity that '21 has produced, Jack is one of the most prominent. A ready smile and an attractivg personality, coupled with an ability for leadership, both in the class room and in the many other activities of our high school life, are the fac- tors that unite to make him a boy of true worth and merit, and an honor to the class of which he is a mem- ber. Some day in the near future We are expecting to hear of Jack's success in the business world. lack is go- ing to be an electrical cn- gineer and the class of '21 wishes him great success in his chosen profession. l 42 jswfef ...alll L 1 dl , V wqvu ,CUTS ' lx.x'i'l1i.1-21-jx Lum lf. Xxlvlglll LIU. lluight 5 ft. 5 in. lHci'il.1 lligh Suhnyl, kxyu 1. U 1 . , U ,- h.un l,lICl'.IlAX Sm-it-il' out H5 ' " M' 'xllxdlulu hm' "l'l'f'1.'r1.'.' ix thy luizrrzilrlgf llutll flzv mil U ur l'tw!:.v miryiiziicd !l1i' Illlfflllfflll oi1.' llcrc's to lizithlceul She has been with us only 0110 year. hut she has lound the way into Qui- llmlts- Shi' is 'Wm UPON RCUUIQ an education but we wonder if she will continue in the "way of scholastic knowledge," You should hour her debate, too! She was one of the eleven who tried for the triangular clehzitc this year. Although she diiln't come out in the lust four, we will always remember her as one of our dchuters. lVe are "mighty" glad Derita sent Kathleen to US. 1 Louisiz LoNG .Xge IS. XVeight 129. Height 5 ft. 5 in. Q John Charles lIeNeill Literary Society C313 Alexander , braham Literary Society 149. "Size could tlzifzk' and 11c'er disclose her mindg bve suzfors folloiuing, and not 10072 behind." Does she look serious? yVell, don't believe it for Louise is just about the jolliest of our class. She never grunibles, never worries, never lets her- self feel blue. Lovable and v altogether charming, Louise has stolen many hearts, Cnot always feminineb in her merry course through high schoolg but she is uncon- cernecl about such matters. Of her many charms, her sweet disposition is not the least. Have you ever heard Louise talk? VVell, Louise declares she has no talentg but take it from us-Louise is certainly gifted in the art of conversation. X,w4'mmrZH'5 .f f: W9 W ,I v , 5 - . X D, lj, V sri I I ' 1 A rl . ' vii: ' I 1 N, l 'ii ff if lqiwd 6 43 fer 'M t 1 i '-,Qu ., , W . , , . A4 a , v Q , ' ea.. , I- gvzmnng r Z' fm e lgmry e N rrz, 'iw ly I u .X rf 13, 1 ttf vvouldn't give Mildred baclq RTILDRED lXlELGREEN LUBBOCK Age 16. Weight 110. Height S ft. 4 in. Atlanta Girls' High School, Georgia, CZ, 33, Girls' High School Club HD, Alexander Graham Literary Society Q-U5 Athletic Association C4D. "She his pretty to walk with and attractive to talk with And pleasant, too, to think oh." Milderd blew in this year from Atlanta, as gentle as a southern zephyr. She has already worked her way into the hearts of her classmates. Mildred is a true and loyal friend, a good sport, ever ready for a good time. Al- though she vvas originally from the North she is now a typical girl of the South with her sweet and friendly , disposition. She has made 1 such a big place for herself in C. H. S. that We Won- der hovv Atlanta ever man- ' aged when she came to Char- f lgtte. Well, Atlanta, we to you for the world! A e Jessie MAE Mooius Age 17. Weight 103. Height 5 ft. 3 in. .lilgcander Graham Literary Society C4Dg Student Coun- ci . "She is bright, she is witty, she is pretty, it's true, And we w0uIdh't swap her for nifty like you." Although Jessie is not very large in stature she makes herself heard. She has won many friends in high school by her lovable disposition for she is always cheerful, happy and witty. Her chief ambitions are to get through school, to have a good time while doing so, and to be able to play a guitar. We are all sure that the under-graduates will miss this little "happy-gm lucky" creature when she de- parts. 44 -A, 'sqm W5 ,Sl f X Qgg.1f1TiT1:sQg-' 1 "W "Mi QYIQJ' i i llxs l'1-,s rns Nl.xl.l,1-:nr set- is. xr.-atm ian. 11.-1,4111 11 11. 'S -lull!! kiihuivs Nlvxvill l,iIs'I':l!'y Society tjlg fglnigrpn Xloriisnn l.llK'l.lly S--curly HT: llcclgnnntinn Contest ill' l It kh lli X l lm I .C l il- ijtg lk-lla kiiuh 1313 St-niiir '. ' Liu R415 Xfircilx l-in--tl-.ill if. 3. -H: Yzirsilv llziskelshall KA, -H1 kfu-t.nn lkiskct-I-.ill 1-ll: l!.isvlv:ill Squad tllg Ynrsitv lhisvl'-lu MQ. .ill l.vtli-r kiluh 1451 .Xthlelie .X5SllClllll0ll iS, -U. "X.u"l.' Fw- 1'1'r'l!1. yr! iinhlvr by grrn! d1'1'd.v." S ,Xhhiwngh ht-'s ziccusctl of heing' a laclies' man, Ilan is ll ninst ralinihle asset to our high school. Ile is generally there when . . C. ll. S. tries tn put some- thing across anal if he has inuch to do with a thing, you can count on its heing done right. lfspecially inclned to athletics, he has been a star from his Sophomore year and "caps the climax" as captain of tl1e basket-ball team. May he be as success- ' ful in life as he has been in 1 athletics! L ,Fr wiv, Xwrqmmmg f if 57 we se! 533, ai I, 17' . V .SW g, vX7IOL.'X GERTRUDE BIANER Age 17. XVeight 111. Height 5 ft. 2 in. omg' nigh sehooi ciub me John Charles MCNQNF Literary Society 139: Alexander Graham Literary So- ciety C423 Marshal CJD. "Haro is a maid with auburn hair, 1 H ll'iflz llll6'1l and manner sweet and fair. Viola is a little girl yvith a aa- ati big personality. That 15 suf- ' iicient to say of any one, but it isn't enough for Viola. She has a heart that is kind 1 and unselhsh and she is al- I ways willing to lend a help- ? ing hand. She is somet1mCS inclined to be serious bllt jollity soon appears.. Her hright, sunny disposition has won a place for her 1n the hearts of all. ... lyiiam 5 45 l WK! -Jllll 'll nn . l X. mm, r dy? -, "lf if i ' M I 2 'I 'J' I m e A-n-' RUTH ELIZABETH McCoNNELL VVeight 135. Height 5 ft. 5 in. Derita High School, County Cl, 2, 35. "Calm in appearal1zce,' 11z0tiz'cs 1lllkIZ0'ZUl1.U Ruth is wise, she is witty. She always gets her lessons, and in the morning when some of the rest of us reach school and sud- denly realize we have neg- - KR?,,s,.31 lected our lessons, we always 1 " go to Ruth, for she is kind enough to tell us all about them. lf Ruth isn't your friend you certainly have missed something for she is an old-time pal. At basket- ball she is a wonder and when she sits down to the piano, she just makes it simply talk to you. JENNIE W1LL1AMsoN 1XlClXl1CHAEL Age 18. Weight 135. Height 5 ft. 5 in. John Charles McNeill Literary Society C353 Alexander Graham Literary Society C4D. "Fair thoughts be your fair pillow." Talk about being quiet! Jennie never says a word that is not worth while. She may not use her tongue but she speaks with her eyes through those long, beautiful, black lashes. If you don't know her very well, she might fool you with that timid way of hers, for she is a wide-awake capable girl and a dependable student whom we all adore. r 46 l r -1 X :sms-1 45 :. ' l!ll - 'dl 'mlm- .louN .-Xl,1f3x.xNn1f31z l5'lC'l5'lill.l.AN .Xge 18. xxrkdglll 148. lleigl1t5 it. 11 1-2 in. ,lohnx Clmrlcs McNeill Literary, Society C35g l'residcnt ,lohn hilll-11'lCS McNeill Literary Society C353 l5elta Club 1,352 Llnct Al.I11'SllIll C353 Snips Zlllil Cuts Board C355 L 1l1llL'1't5ll Morrison Literary Society C453 'llrcasurer S611iO1' Class C451 Manager Football C453 Varsity llasket-ball CS. 45: Letter Club C45: Secretary-'I,'1'-easu1'er Letter Clul- l453 .Xthlctic .Xssociation C5, 45g Senior Ili-Y C-Hg Vice- l'rcsidcnt Senior lli-Y Club C-I5. "ll'!11'11 CI ftIll1j',S in H10 vase You lszzo-zu, all oflzvr flzwzgs give place." lyllell we start to write up Alex we don't know on what to put the 111OSt stress, for it just seems tllllt Alex is in everything tl1at l1appe11s at high sel1ool. Although l1e dicln't play on tl1e football tea111 he was their capable l511S111CSS n1a11:1-- ger. But when basket-ball started, lo! we see hin1 on tl1e first tea111. Books don't bother Alex, especially when therels anything more inter- esting to do. His favorite occupation is arguing, and we predict tl1at some day g Alex will be one of the lead- e-11- -' eev-e ing lawyers of l1is State. JOHN Wfooosoiv lXI1LsT13.xD .Xge 16. VVcight 150. Height 6 ft. .Xthens I1igl1'Scl1ool, Georgia C1, 253 President Junior Class: Delta Club C35g Clee Club C355 Football Squad C353 Basket-ball Squad C35g Marshal C35g John Charles McNeill Literary Society C353 Varsity Football C45g Var- sity llasket-ball C453 Business Manager Snips and Cuts C-15g President Letter Club C453 Cameron Morrison Liter- ary Society C45g Senior Hi-Y Club C45g Secretary Senior 1 1 l ww? , Ci :gl Gip- Hi-Y Club C453 Manager Basket-ball C45. "Look, his winding up the iuafrfz of his wifg By and by zz' will sfffzkef' Jack is an argum have tl1e last word, "Huh P" His love leties is his fllllllg' 5rVl1Cl1 l1e receives and races down tl1e entative lad, and must always even if l1e has to resort to of ath- passion. the ball held, the opposing team usually gives l1i111 room. He was never known to CO111Dl1111C11lI a girl, and l1e e11tirely disregards tl1e golden maxim, "Faint heart ne'er won fair ladyl' lele has been known to make a date-on a wager. ,laclc's loyalty to his friends is un- questioned. - 47 'Ill leg ff-" 1 , X QWZIEIIZIFQ f wi "Q 3' D J ' ,L ,Q ia 1 1' ' 4 ' ' ' 5 ' 1 '1 QW p ' x. A. ,. i' A I ' J. - lhwg 2 'wuqun 1075 . ' I -1 5 an Y ROBERT BRUCE OwENs Age 17. Wfeight 150. lleight 6 ft. lohn Charles McNeill Literary Society C331 O1'Ch4'SUf3 C32 47, Alexander Graham Literary Society C479 Athlctlc Association C3, 43. "Music 7'CSC'7IliJlCS poetry, in each are nameless Ql'ClC'C'.S' which 110 meilzods can teach." Have you ever seen the advertisement in the fl!-G1'a-Hy for J. Bruce Gwens' orchestra? Well, thatis the Bruce we are writ- ing about. He is a perfect V genius with his violin, but it is very hard to persuade him to play for us, especially when any of the other sex is about. He doesn't let music take all his time either, for he stands well in his studies, too. Whatever Bruce un- dertakes, in the future, we know he will succeed. w LoU1sE O-wENs Age 16. Weight 105. Height 5 ft. 6 in. 'Girls' High School Club Cl, Zjg Alexander Graham Literary Soclety C3, 45g Girls' Choral Club C3D. "Wlzate'er she did was done wiflz so 11111611 casa, To her alone 'twas natmfe to please." Well, Louise is well known in the high school, although she did not get the vote for being class loafer. When the clock i strikes the last hour, you will see her coming up smiling, those big brown eyes spark- ling with delight. As Louise has been in school quite a number of years she won a warm place in all our hearts. She is kind, sym- pathetic, and always talking about Mr. Graham so that we have about decided that she is his "special" 48 1 l A - :'24i!n N 45 FRANCES NN 1NsToN P.xuT1,ovv Age 18. Wleight 125. V Height 5 ft. 8 in. A C-irlS'1lligl1' School Club CZ, 3, 4Dg Vice-President junior Class: ,lohn Charles McNeill Literary Society C3Dg .-Xlegancler Graham Literary Society C433 Athletic Asso- ciation C3, -U. "Music van.. noble hints inzfvart EllQ'ClIdL'1' fury, kindle love." To know "Gee" is to love her, but, oh, how hard to lind her out! She goes along in her quiet, in- dependent way, for Frances E- has her own opinions of everybody and everything. i She is frankenss personified and for this very fact we all love her. You should note the lightness of feet when Frances plays for Chapel. Her beautiful brown eyes express her very thoughts. PRESTON HUGHES PARTRIDGE Age 17. Weight 140. Height 5 ft. 9 in. Soldan High School, St. Louis, Mo., Cl, ZDQ Cameron Morrison Literary Society C4Dg Football Squad C4D. "Olz! he is affected with perpetual spring fever." "Patil is certainly not a student who burns the midnight oil, but still he possesses the enviable ability of being able to absorb in its entirety, a full three months' work in a three hours' grind. His performance on the football squad is evidence in itself of his remarkable athletic abil- ity. Patls prowess in per- forming the "light fantastic" is quite the talk of the girls and incidentally, so are his lady-killing tactics. All in all i'Pat" is a most agreeable fellow, pleasant to associate with, and is popular with everybody. Nl gummy f 'awww EQ? Q WI! 3, l lww-i ' - ' 1 i 5 '42 . ' X ? up 'Iii' 1 I! 3 if . I i 2 in ' - iw' 4 I -1. .n 'u xl 49 12 IPS "In no 5075. H. Vw 'Wa g 1 ff- ' , 2 y f 5 1 Dawso N S'rU.x14'r Q UIQRN rx-fe 16. weight 128. 11e1gi115 ft. 10 1-1 111. lolin Charles McNeill LiiC1'f11'Y SUQUW fm 9 Cf1mUl"'ll xI2j1'1'i5OI1 Literary Society C719 g benior Class Lawytrg Tl.iau,,u1m- Debate C3, -Ng Circulation Manager Al-C1ra- lly C-rpg Athletic Association C3, 43. "lV1'1' and lzunzof' bvlcnzg to genius tllUllC.U Stewart is one of the class wits, and the Senoirs are always ready to smcker when he takes the can be serious, though, and in such a Hoor. He mood he can think up more ways to do it in two seconds than any of the rest of us in a week. He is reliability itself, for you can always depend on Stewart to hnish the job. These good quali- ties, together with his energy and enthusiasm, and skill as a clebater, make him de- servedly one of our ablest Seniors. ' JAMES ATICTOR QUERY Age 17. VVeight 152. Height 5 ft. 7 in. John Charles McNeill Literary Society CSB: Canieron Morrison Literary Society C451 Vice-l'resirlent Cameron Morrison Literary Society C-ll: Athletic Editor Snips and Cuts C4Dg Assistant Advertising Manager .Xl-Ora-lly C-U: Marshal C3lg Delta Club C352 Senior lli-Y Club C-lug Treasurer Senior Hi-Y Club C-Up Varsity llaseball C3. -ll: Athletic Association C3, -lj. "For lic who is lzozmsz' is nulvlu lfV11ClZ'U'Z1'C'1' 1115 fovfflzlzvs or ZviVz'!z." "Iimmie,,' although of a somewhat inischicrous temperament, has proven to ' 1 l ' l in our school life. He took be one ot the ear ers part as a member of both football and baseball teams, vii and was a vital factor in ,Q putting the Annual through 1 ii .+R X .X linancially. lt will certainly so . take a good man to lill Jim's S X shoesqafter he is gone. All . C. H. S. Joins m saving 5 . c . ' 'K good luckl' to you, Jim. 50 'Graham Literary Society Q-UQ Class Historian C4Dg Ath- os, cc, -SVIPJ J 92. R Wllllll f W5 I' .lonN lXllCl1.-XEL REED ' .Xgc IS. XYeight 129. lleight 5 ft. 6 in. Czimeron Morrison Literary Society C-UQ Athletic As- Uflllilklll t3, -lj, "Y'l11'i'v-Hhfiifzx gv1.'i.'.1v,' Iwo-fifflzs 'f11cigU."' llere we liave "John," l3on't think because he ooks serious that he's mad: it is only that he is sueh a determined sort of R ti fellow that he forgets to Q smile. 'lf you want him after school hours he can usually s so "l"'t?llffv1ff sros be found on the basket-ball Q eonrt or discussing the ped- igree of his favorite pup. He is good natured, though , C rather serious. "If John kQ e likes you helll tell you so ' ' and if he doesn't, he'll let X 3 is as you know. . W? if ii L. 5, Q, Q We . J ' i" itv s, . lvhwfgf ff- X gfizmmi 5 MARGARET CONVERSE ROBERTS Age 16. XVeight 121. Height 5 ft. 3 in. ll 'ils H' h Sci ol Club 2 3 43 Freshman Cubg GV ' fig io C, , Q lohn Charles McNeill Literary Society C353 Alexander letic Association C3, 4j. "'Hc'1fs is the Power to Ica1'11." Margaret is a capable girl. She is always ready to help when it is for the school, and when you ask Margaret to do something for you, you can know it will be done. Mar- ----eve ' 1 garet draws, too, and her work deserves credit, for it is exceedingly good. Al-- though lNflargaret didn't make the girls' basket-ball team, she has the title of the "custodian of the ball." She goes on the trips and she helps entertain the ont-of- town girls. The Senior Class is lucky in having her as one of their number. 51 4 In URS, 1- LJTIVIPJ 'J 4. 6 'sqm f . FLEMING GELDER ROBINSON Age 17. Weight 150. Height 6 ft. I N qvazmrzzzg J 10 W 1 'iffy e 1 A 19" . ef U. D. C. Medal C153 Declamation Contest C2, 455 President Sophomore Class C253 John Charles McNeill r Literary Society C353 Cameron. Morrison Literary Society C45g Secretary Cameron Morrison Literary Society C453 D. A. R. Prize C353 Triangular Debate C3, 453 President Senior Classg President Student Council C455 Delta Club N C355 Senior Hi4Y Club C453 Athletic Association C3, 45. D , "Errors, like stars, upon the surface flowg I i "He who w0uld search for pearls must dive ba- fy l0w." Gelder is Our President, and as such he has made a great success. We do not see how he can remember everything that has come up in our Senior Class meetings, but he has ei -4- 'eie V not forgotten anything. Gel- der is a typical high school student, too, for he not only does splendid work in all of his subjects, but he has the ability to just go ahead and do anything that we ask him to do. He has represented Charlotte High School for two years in the triangular debate, and has added much glory to the school by his orations and essays. 1 l 1 i 1 I l f MARY ROBINSON Age 16. Weight 123. Height 5 ft. 6 in. I Derita High S h l, C t 1, 2 3 ' Al J - , . ham Literary Sodzieijy? C45?un y C , J, exandel Cm g "'Her spirit is like flze larleg Her prznezples like the oak." You would not think that Mary is so witty but she is never happier than when in possession' of a Joke-and a good One, tOO. Mary dgeslft plmf basket-ball but she certainly ' does hollo for her home 1' 1 team! and this counts a great i deal. She always gets her lessons without much toil or , Q4 care, and when there is gi class meeting Mary is always 1 there. We will never regret 1 that Deflta sent this fair llftle girl with light hair and 1 blue eyes to us. i 4 i F 52 gb 1 1 4 . 1, ,. 1. 4 A 4 H.. 4 ...nt-is-..,,.. , Vwrir. , ' H- + "' Q hm , L SVIPJ Jlml il 1- 'wqnn 5075 ' ALXRIA IKIRKLAND Rosie: Age 18. XVeight 137. Height S ft. 7 in, Girls' lligh School Club CZ, 3, 43g Te - - G, H, S, C. Q55 1 ,loliu Charles McNeill Literary So2iel15?1Q4J3 Vice- llresuleut PQIQUQ 9121553 Student Council C4Dg Assistant lziliitgi'-111-Lliiet bl1l15S and Cuts C-Og Athletic Association HA:l'1Ill lzvr gmzfle mind was suclzt, That .rlzv g'l'C'Zt' ti noble lady, i-Ind flu' jwojvla lcwod her much." lf you want anything done, and done well, go to Maria. She has a way of getting work out of other people, too. This Annual teaches us this tact. She is a Senior officer and just has loads to do, so we will not ask her to do any more, but if we should she's just the kind of girl to go on and do it quietly and smilingly and it would be well done, too. Maria is not only a worker, but she's a girl who has an enviable reputation in Char- lotte High School because she has endeared herself to teachers and pupils by means of her sweet, gentle manner. OLIVER REAGAN RowE Alexander Graham Literary Society C3Dg Cameron Mor- rison Literary Society C4Dg Varsity Football C4Dg Letter Club C453 Delta Club C3Dg Baseball Squad C3, 4D. "He has done the work ofa true man Crown lzim, honor hzm, love him." Yes, wit is his middle name. Wheii all of us are worried over our lessons and examinations, Gliver will soon have our minds again on his witty talk and humorous jokes. Wlien he is around he produces an at- mosphere of jollity, but oh! he is smart. Wliy not tell us how you do it, Qliver? VVe would like to know how to study just a little bit in order to make as high a grade as Oliver. , I x QY1ZKlIL'?Qf J E 'fax . J ' 'iv A 0' ,fx W 23570 ' x, , ,. Hz- liiiliilllhf H r A C V 53 l 'Q . u p 1 f 1 1 I 1 X Sfvffzf -ami ,AL 1 QQ ,- N U5 w 4 O f S 511- ii '1 'lil Em EsTE1.LE RUssELL Age 16. XVeight 98. lleight 5 ft. 2 in. G11-1g 1110-11 Schtgol Club 13, 4Jg ,lohn Charles llcNeill 141101-81-y Soiigty t3jg Alexander Graham Literary Society C-lj. 'lwllflzozzglz size is small, and lmrdly grew at ntl, If size were not 011 flzt' list, size tufluld bc sadly 11zissedf' . Eva can work when she really wants to, and lie- lieves in studying hard enough to pass examina- tions. She enjoys life the i rest ofthe time. Her hohhy 1 is Freneht PD. Eva is a sian- cere and loyal friend, quiet and unohstrusive, and always ready for a good time. She is always in a good humor, sees the sunny side of every- thing, and has never been known to have a grouch. VVe think she makes an al- together agreeahle and satis- factory sehoolmate. THOMAS XNf1LToN SrvMMoNDs Age 15. VVeight 90. Height -l ft. 9 in. . 'Sharon High School, County tl. lj :4Cameron Morrison Literary Society K-lbg Athletic .Xssoclation L3. -ll. "In s11zaIlpr0p0l'z'i01z we just bvuirfivs sac, And in short 11z0czs1zrc'.vIzfv may fn'1'fvt'i Inf, You wouldnlt think to see XN'ilton that he he- longs in the Senior class hut height doesn't count for everything. VVe'll bet there is nobody who could stand up against him in a French match or would even try to, for that manner. A good disposition goes zz 1 long way in this world and ii ' K i Wiltoii certainly has the best disposition you ever save. Wiltoii comes in every morn- ing from the country and gets here on time, too- ' something we can't say for those who live only Z1 fexv hlocks awav. XN'e are proud to have VVilton a memher of our class. , K ,cv .. ,X1, 5 5-l , 1 ,X f QQVIPJ -snllgub Q 'un' H1719 f11.1X'lf SC.x11Rr3TT ARK' 17. Xvflglu 129. lleight 5 ft. 3 12 i11. I 1"1'csl1111a111 Cluhg Gil-lg' llkvl Q11 1 Cl 1 f , blfillll kll1ll1'l.QS McNeill, l,i1erlh'y igugiigty Qgjiz ciiciglnilllxf 1-1111111111 l,1lL'l'lll'X' 5.,U.lX. K-H. 13, .k,t-I . V . .Xthlt-tie .Xssoci:1ii1111 Q35-lj, i ls L ,all Squad C35 ' l 'fin 1110 .enldvlz t'11111'11 of life, frivlzdslzijv is 1150 f'1'1gl11'1'.1'f link." 1111. you vvant to laugh? She is a jolly person and 15 ev-er Cl1tC1'lI2111'l111Q' the Sgnim-S by relating some 111C1ClCl1t or joke with I1 regular old-fashioned laugh 111 Did you say class SDi1'1t? She is one of the upeppiestu and liveliest workers for the Annual in tl1e Senior Class. Added to I . . . Qlives other adniiralmle qual- ities IS tl1e quality of heing a sincere Elllil loyal friend. l l I l l 3lILDRED ELIZABETH SHEPHERD wt, Sfmt " i z? 1 1 1' 'Wg W . lb llglf A F 1 Age 17. XVeight 113. Height 5 ft. 3 1-2 in. Secretary Freshnian Clubg Girls, High School Club 12, 3, -Hg John Charles McNeill Literary Society CSDQ Alexander Graham Literary Society C4Jg Treasurer Sopl1- oniore Classg Marshal Q3Jg Business Manager Al-Gra-Hy 1-Hg Varsity llasket-hall 62, 3, 433 Captain llasket-ball 139: .Xthletic Association CS, 41. "lifes that muld see lzcz' 011 this SZIIIZHZK77' day ,lliglzf End iz' lzcwd to fzzrzz mzoflzcr way." lYl1C11 we think of Mildred, We just naturally exelaim: l'Oh! tl1at hair and those eyes !" That delightful little twist she gives tl1e hall in a game positively makes Olll' hearts jump with joy. Although "Sl1ep's" studying is not quite up to tl1e mark, when we look at her, we can scarcely keep back the l1l1OLlgl1'E-NVl12lt,S tl1e use of study? Mildred is j11st a happy, care-free girl, whoni we all love, and whose cheer- ful disposition we all envy. 55 4 6 vi ll 8 'mi J ' ,S ,A in KC? 2 2 , burma ,i IH! 5"!",. 'll'lll ' BTINNIE SII.vERsT131N Age 16. VVeight 129. Height 5 ft. 5 1-2 in. john Charles McNeill Literary Society C3Jg Alexander Graham Literary Society C4j. H111 her eyes a thought grew sweeter and sweeter, . 1 i Deepefzmg lzke the dazwz. ' How can we describe Minnie? Dark hair, dark eyes, always smiling, but these Words hardly de- scribe her in the Way we would like to. She is one of our most valued commercial students and will certainly come out ahead in the busi- ness world. As to disposi- tion, you would have to search far and Wide to ind a girl possessing a better one, and on this account Minnie is a favorite among her classmates. Z ROBERT HURDLE SMITH Age 17. Weight 135. Height 5 ft. 7 in. John Charles MCN 'll L't - - S 't 3 - C - Morrison Literary Soiiety ififny one y C D, amelon "Di!1'ge1rzee is the mother of good f0rf1z1ze." Robert, better known as "Bob," is one of our rnost industrious students, and has the ability to "stick to" his job, whatever it may be. If you want' a job done, and done well, just leave it to 'KBobg" he is al- vvays ready to help out will- ingly and faithfully. This "sticking to itw ability is rare, and will be of great value to him as he goes through life. 'lStick to it," "Bob," the class of '21 ex- pects great things of you. 56 8 .-.,...,.. .,....v-.,,....e L i 'o . ' JPJ' -inllgll X il 4 AIXRY LJLLY'SOSSOh1ON -XSL' lf. xhv6lgl1t 120. Height 5 ft. 2 i11. l,Gxll'lf' llish SCl100l Club ll, 3, -lj: Alexander Graham HYUUEY boclt-ty.K3. 41: Art Editor Snips and Cuts C433 .Xthletxc .XSSOCIZIUOII CS, -LJ. "I1'l1o d1'.1'vr-ws will, needs not otlzcrs' fwaiisef' Mary is all 0131111011 of her. right. .That expresses every one's She is as clever and smart as they i i make them and her art work is of the best. She has one of the kindest of hearts an-'l will do anything in the World for you. Mary's ambition is to become a great artist and in this she has our best wishes for a successful fu- ture. JACK SPENSER Age 15. Weight 116. Height 5 ft. 3 1-2 in. Secretary Sophomore Classg Tohn Charles McNeill Lit- erary Society C3Dg Cameron Morrison Literary Society C-Og Editor-in-Chief Al-Gra-Hy C4J. "His wisdom can 1-wt be judged by his staturef' Jack is undobtedly one of the best informed students in the whole school. He'is able to dis- cuss with suprising ability any subject brought up -eff' and is a very interesting con- versationalist. As editor-in- chief of the Al-Gm-Hy, he has 'made an enviable record in the promotion of this new school publication. He is an excellent student and re- markably original in his ideas. His future career is destined to be extraordinary if it can be judged by his ac- complishments thus far. X 41:1n1r:113.r 1F45 " fu vii ' 1 1 V in ily Q - V- 1 1 -- Qi ,.W ,w, ' Ui i l.'liqIf fir lhpLMg9 P 57 q .44 .w .Ag IFJ' 'J' tif, 4 un. X J ' , 1 iw K e s 0,1 ,,'5 as at f wi f Lx xi flI!llQ l 'll'lll 1X'lARG.XRET JANE SQU11u3s Age 17. xXvL'lgl1t1Z9. llcig ht 5 ft. -1 in. Gil-lg' High School Cluh C2, 3, -U3 John Charles McNeill Literary Society CS? 3 .Alexander Graham Literary Society Q-UQ Athletic Association C3, 42. "Tile uzildcsf lllU1l'lIl'l' and H10 gczzflrsf lzearff' Margaret is a kind-hearted girl, wavs ready to help some one. But docs love to talk in study hall! Talking is no job for Margaret becaue she always has something to say. Vile think she is going off to college next year, and she has an idea that she Wants to teach. Well, if she does, she certainly will he loved by all of her pupils, for she has a lovely disposition. lVlargaret is the kind of girl we Want for a friend. and she's al- oh, how she E xl I LETA MAY TURNER Age 18. XVe-ight 125. Height 5 ft. 3 in. Tohn Charles McNeill Literary Society 4351 Alexander Graham Literary Society Q-15. "fl trzzc 7,U0llZUIl,' nz0d0st, sinzfilv, and stuceff' Although Leta is very quiet, those who know her love her, because of her kindness and gentle dis- position. VVe have never seen a frown on her face. She stands well in her studies but, is ncvei too busy or in too big a hurry to listen to, or tell a good joke. If you want to hear Leta laugh, just let something funny happen in French class, and you will he sure to hear from her. NNe don't know how she can remember people's hirthdays so well, but she is always thc first to wish us a happy birthday when we get to school. Those who are with her next year may count themselves fortunate. .. X A. s. xxx as Xxx . t-L. c. A11,:-- -- if - N -NN ' ' 5 W 3 J ft -2 is " X v.,-yi . ,, xxx - 'H' 1 fs s A X .XM . . 1 - - " X B i it -s ws -'X X it ,Esta A ss N , X-.. -www . N X xv . Samckgs sxwx N- if X Xt N Q. 1 -X1 X ww Y fig, .. F-X -1 no . Q llij' -::ll!ll H x -an -, i 1l"'l.' 075' " .I .x Nl iris r1iRUT'1'liR i -X30 lo. XY-,-ight 118. llcight 5 ft. S in. ' .ll'll.H'lL'S Klcfieilll l,itL'l'Zl1'y Society CSJQ CQ1111Q1'O11 Xlorrison lnternry Society Hy. "iii-rw' him nl! A'fIIlll1I4'S.Y,I had ratlzcr have 5114-11 HIC!! lllj' jsrzvfzd, flnzu C11c11zics." :launes is ll hoy whom on lirst acquaintance you will "put down" a just quiet hoy. Upon further acqiiaiiitaiiee, however, you decide that he is "regular" hoy, for he really and trulv loves fun, and helps to make it. James is not all fun, how- ever, for he gets along well in all of his work, and with very little trouhle on his part. NVe feel that he will do credit to C. H. S. in the Cculliilg' years, 1Xl-XRTHA ELo1sE VVALL Age 17. XVeight 113. Height S ft. 3 1-2 in. .Xlexander Crahani Literary Society C4Dg Athletic As- sociation f-Hg Girls' High School Club C423 Fort Smith lliggh School, Arkansas Cljg Pryor High School, Okla- homa CZ, 32. "II'lmf'.r the use of 'ZU0l'7"j'ilZg, it zzcver was 'w01'fh ivlzile S0 fuzrlc up your trozzblcyalzcl smile, smile, Slllffdfliy There came from Oklahoma a beautiful little In- dian maid, who is so sweet and so attractive that we feel very fortunate in having her with us this year. She's the best old sport in this World-always ready to jump when fun and frolie are in the wind, but when study time comes, well, that's entiiely different. These qualities combined with her eleverness have won her many friends who will stiel-1 hy her to the end. Lois, we are all for you. f W9 Qigfv if 'M lfq 4 N' .f 3 5 H 59 ,jllll g up W 'lI'lll M ,Q Viv ,N , ,. , i ' i "i , V ' J 1 ' sf lgmrnf if MARY VVASHAM Age 17. VVeight 118. Height 5 ft. 5 in. Alexander Graham Literary Society UU. "Do 11015 smile at me that boast her off, U For thou slzalt find she will out-strip all p1fazst'." We call her "Our Maryu and. "Encyclopedia" Mary can always decide our English questions and use some big words in doing it. She has such a sweet disposition and win- ning personality that one can't help loving her after once knowing her. She is quiet, graceful, and studious and always has a sniile and a bit of wit for her friends. Although Mary doesnlt speak very often, when she does speak everybody sits up and listens. UNA MARIE XNELCH Age 16. Weiglit 140. Height 5 ft. 6 in. Derita High School, County Cl, 2, 353 Alexander Gra- ham Literary Society Q4D. "Size says what she flzizzlfs, And speaks it from lzcr lzcartf' Ona is a sensible, attractive girl, and you who are numbered among her friends niay be called fortunate. She believes in studying, but, "VVhen pleas- ure and study come to clash, she lets study go to smash." However, when Ona sees 'a thing niust be done she is a girl who can do it, and will do it. 60 , . H 1 J ,v I 'IVIPJ' as-Ulu . 5 T- A A 'sqm 75 l'Rl1iDiX hL1zAIzETII WIIITI5 -XSL' 16. XVcight 120. Height 5 ft. 3 in. john Churl M 'N "ll 't- -, - ' . , . . Graham l'itCI-my SLOCiLSty?lDc1'11y Society CSD, Altxandei IUFW' fllffvf solitude, and such society as is qzrzcl, IIILT, and goodf' l'1'lQClZ1 is a girl who is loved by allg one who is who always wears a welcome Wfe all envy her beautiful dark eyes. Frieda never says much when she's in a crowd, but when youire with her alone l1e's the jolliest of the jolly. She possesses a dis- position that is always and ever the same. If you should ever look for Frieda you would usually find her either playing the piano or seeing Norma Talmadge. quiet in iuanner, but smile ot triendship. black curly hair and XIIRGINIA L13 GRANDE WHITLOCK Age 16. XVeight 122. Height 5 ft. 5 in. Alexander Graham Literary Society C3, 439 Girls' High School Club C2, 3, 435 Freshman Clubg Vice-President Junior Class: Social Editor Al-Gra-Hy C4Jg Varsity Bas- ket-ball C3, 433 Athletic Association CS, 4Dg Secretary and Treasurer Athletic Association 145. "And Oflf she dances such a way, N0 sun upon an Easter day Is half so 76116 a sight." Bubbling over with fun-that's Virginia. Her hrst element of attraction is her winning smile. Her school spirit together with her care-free dis- position makes an impression upon every one with whom she comes in contact. Can she dance? It seems so, as she was voted the best girl dancer in Senior Class. Fond of athletics? The girls' bas-- ket-ball team couldn't do without her. Just note the whole-heartedness W i th which she goes into a game. Examinations never seem to worry herg she dives right in and comes up smiling. NE EW' -. sw' CQ ' ': 9 ' 1 l' .W at by , '-Lil 2 W " Jil I r N' . 2 J 61' A gazmmg f vip ' ffl, 2 lwhwpf 2 j V H . 'Ev lm I I g W- I', , M ' 'v lil I ' in pn - r I EUGENE XVII.l,l.XMS .Xge 13. XVeighl 167. lleight 6 ft. John Charles McNeill Literary Society C391 Qaineron Morrison Literary Society C-ljg Treasurer junior Class. U1:l'lUlIdS I lzczw IIICIUIU, zul1011z envy l1l1lSlf 1'011ze lIZCIlll7.U Eugene, better known as 'Tlleiief' looks a little hard at lirst glance, hut he is very kind-hearted i and harinless. l'le received the title of loafer in the Senior class vote, hut it would he more appro- priate for hini to be called the class chauffeur, he- rause whenever we want to go anywhere he is al- ways ready to take us. ln work "Gene, is a slackerg in M i athletics he is a synipathizerl in everyday life he is a lady killer and a hreather of niifl- night air. Notwithstancling his apparent laziness he will he some hig automobile man or something yet if he will only try, hecause in the words of Niss llertha "he has the brains and it is only necessary that he use thenif' MINNIELEE lVII,l,l.X3lS Age 18. VVeight 147. Height 5 ft. 5 in. Nevin High School, County Cl, 253 lohn Charles Mc- Neill Literary Society C3Dg Alexander Graham Literary Society OU. "The best lllll'I'07' is an old f1'ic11c1'." Depenclahility is half of MinnieLee's name! MinnieLee is a splendid girl and always does her best. She lends a helping hand to any one who needs her. She has such a sweet disposition and always has such a pleasant sniile on her face that she has endearel herself to pupils and teach- ers alike. Did you ever see her when she was not in a good humor? 62 C ' ,msn 5 'll'lll 5UDIE CORRELL WILSON X e 19 Xvfflgllt 137 Helght S ft 4111 l5e11t'1 H1 l1 School County C1 2 35 Alexa11de1 G1a 111111 L1tc1'u5 Soc1ety C45 Hu lzazr rv blacl lzcr eyes are br0w11 Siu lows to dance the whole yea: wand To look at Suche you would not th1nk she could Clleel so well 'lt a ball gan1e but wl1en you hea some one laugh loud Just open your eyes and you 11111 surely see Suche there Sl1e IS very popular 11110110 tl1e g1rls and e6spec1ally so a1no11g tl1e boys The two thmgs sl1e l1lxCS best are tellmg Jokes and dancmg Sud1e 1S one mem ber of our class who has put 1nto practlce the good old adage, Laugh and tl1e world laughs w1tl1 you Sud1e 1S not overly fond of hard work yet she even manages to pass Wl1Cf6XCf fortune may lead her we surely pre d1ct a path of S1lllSl'11llC and good cheer JOSEPH OWEN WOODSIDE Age 17 Welght 142 He1gl1t 5 ft 5 1 2 1n John Charles McNe1ll L1tera1y SOC1Cty C35 Cameron BIOYFISOH L1terary Soclety C45 Athlet1c ASSOC13t1011 C3 45 Marshal C35 O1cl1estra C3 45 COITIIC Ed1to1' Xl Gra Hy C45 ASS1St3Ht BUSINESS Mana er Smps and Cuts C45 Baseball Squad C3 45 Delta Club C35 Scmor H1Y Club C45 Pres1dent Sen1or H1Y Club Cheer Leader C45 Student COL11'1C1l C45 Descvzbe fum who can An abffrdgmeut 0f all that was pleasant 111 man Do you want to know a certam cure for tl1e blues? L1sten, I Owen 1S tl1e only certam CL11C for tl1e blues I k11ONV just talk to l11111 for about live n11nutes 'md ask h1m DVh0 1' fweet? a11d Im sure you w1ll go away s1111l111g He s tl1e sort of person that even a mere acqu11nta11ce calls fr1e11d for l1e 1S ex e1y one S fr1end and alyx ays O11 hand to do a good deed for those 111 need He l1as a l1'u1cl 111 ex erytl1111g from ou1 Annual on ClONV1l VVe expect g1eat tl1111gs of l11111 111 tl1e futme Q QWZEEVQ f llhllulf 19 63 Q M- CIQL' ,, Q 6 rw i Ya E 5,14 'll 'Quinn 075. f I! ,Q 'ani 4. 4 HENRY F ORNEY VVYLY, IR. Age 18. Weight 164. Height 5 ft. 9 1-2 in. H' 1-1 S h l, N. C., C15: Charlotte Univer 5it5rS2liZ1t,JirClll. C253 l?fFcGuires University School, Rich mond Va. C35' Cameron M , orrison Literary Soclety C455 Art Fiditor Snips and Cuts C45- "Haste thee, Nympth, and bfing with thee, fest and youthful j0llif3f-U Anybody who doesnlt want to laugh had better not come around Henry Cbetter known as C"Heinie"5, because if they do, they surelywill do something they don't want to do. iiH61U1C,, was not satisfied with graduating from a Richmond school, so he came to old. C. H. S. to finish his high ,. .4 .v'-a' -awva 4 school days Cwe think5.' His good nature and friendliness have won for him many friends in the school. He is a good artist, as one may ind out by looking at the drawings in this annual. He is also musically inclined, as every one knows, who has heard him play the drums in our orchestra. We are very glad to have you in the class of '21, "Heinie." DAVID WATT YAfrEs Age 16. Weight 147. Height 6 ft. 2 in. John Charles McNeill Literary Society C355 Cameron Morrison Literary Society C45g Glee Club C355 Marshal C35g President Cameron Morrison Literary Society C45-Q Delta Club C353 Senior Hi-Y Club C453 Student Council C455 Athletic Association C3, 45g President Athletic Asso- ciation C45g Cheer Leader C455 Football Squad C253 Var- sity Basket-ball C3, 455 Letter Club C45. "O, he sits high in all the pe01JIe's hearts." How hard a matter it is to be at the top in studies and take an active p ' ' ' life, too. But Dave does both. Being a born leader art in the high school and especially good in musi- is 1 cal and athletic lines, he is a real all around boy. He is called a "redeeming fea- ture," and such he really is. He is known to be a sticker and climber, and if he sticks and climbs in life as he has in school in a few years he will be at the topmost perch We expect great things from Dave. i 5 I 64 ' ,,:u!u Yr so p r r A 'sqm 1 I Glass bong TUNE: "A Perfect Day" NVhen we COINS to the end of our high school days And our hope on the future depends, May the good we have learned direct our ways, Keep our hearts brave and true to the end. O! Alma Mater, fare thee well, Thy praises we'll always sing, To thee we will be ever true, To thee we'll be ever true. ,Tis now farewell, teachers, classmates, dear, The parting brings us pain, May the chords of love bind us ever near, As in n'1e1n'ry we shall nieet again. O! Alma Mater, fare thee well, Thy praises welll always sing, Though we go beyond thy loving care, Thy interests we'll ever share. -RUTH BTCCONNELL, ,2l. I 65 1 r v A II il ge .r"' l E IQ as .5 IPL? ...u!Il a A 1 U79 W I r g l Qin QE. . 5. l V Oh dear old Charlotte High School days! As long as life shall last We know that we shall sing your praise ' And hold your memory fast. Oh High School forget not our presence hereg We'll crown thee as our queeng 5 For here since our early days of youth VVe've come and heard and seen. A bit of gladness after sorrow, E A bit of sunshine after rain, Q A bit of sports-football and socials, l While the studies waned. l You gave to us earth's golden lore And memory's golden lightg it To you we pledge our loyal hopesg ? Long be your glory bright! i l R . Q 1 But we've come to the end of our journey, li With an ache for the days of the pastg Let us pause for a fleeting moment, i l While the minutes so cherished last. g Charlotte High School and teachers dear, l Our thoughts with thee shall dwellg Q Sadly we turn and leave thee, Sadly we say farewell. -NlARTHA L. HARRIS, Class Poet f l 1 I l 66 l 1 I I s L n all fPJ' -sllgu 5. 1nvnfUm' 1 .llll aw 6 l ' .x ' ' .ff- ' ' , ,. .-.,. L .-.W . , , , .' L, I'.LL...L XII-.--'.. E us, 1 5 BII 7 5 irl I' X I' 5 l D-. 5,4-a I 4.1 V, in 71.-1 3. .A .-4 Cd 53 I '45 55 -as mf: 6 Fife' I 'U 52 1. 33333 233 565 '10 E.2+,g.2 5 as -0 Bae- nw Tw ug 15254: +2 ...YZ QL' 071247, US HEQ geo -+4 'or' 2 51. -ot' U 3 s-'nl-7 .Op, 'S E ' ... 0'-1 1-1 ru 53 cu 'V ff, O bn ru O Q '11 3:5558 'U -A-Us 34-.EO gg,-gi: 2150! m.,..Z U0 ,H H 93 Q ru 0 0,5 U' '- cg O :S ,U a-1 --O c wi- 5 --N PO ,Q-ei.-U, C11 f-' o.-sw Q :rv Scum "' "QE QE WOOD O.: U"'+-"UI gas: wage g-aw, aa ggea assi egatg -5EE?Z"5 QSZQ Q3-5.2m BW 3..o,gg"' 23" 07: 2,9 .DCE ""1-uae, NYT-' a.a"" .20 U 3'-'o..:' .S 'U H 5-5,50 5392150 Ugauw '--QI SFUTZ .Egfgmo 4-'-55315 wings fu-cw rs ap-2 U: oar U" -H o Do ,,, HC Z, o?5,eQ"' o-B' gag'-'H ::.,,sC"': L.: ,-E emma gage segsg sg? sis 5003 f: ease i3 E ma H E mi rn rw E P 3 Caroline Fraser Alexander "Carr1e,' Good-natured 'How scrumptuous' Music Latin To work algebra Ella Malvena Alexander "Bena" Accommodating "Goodness" Music Mathematics To be a concert pianist Mildred Emma Blackburn "XVhitie" Blonde "Good night" French Bugs To be a missionary Loraine Louise Bates "Kid,' Brunette "For the love of Peten Good time Snakes To finish school Anna Mae Bro vn "Annie" Brunette "I'll swan" Chocolate suckers To get up To be an expert typist Marga et Shaw Brown "Margaret Divinely tall A'Consider the source" Dawgs Varmints To be-rather vague as Shawb n" yet Catherine Carmichael "Dick', Slew-footed "You ole u U Orange sweaters School To be? P P Lucy Holmes Carson A Homery" Dainty "Honey bunch Dancing 'To be called Lucy To ride in an aeroplane Ca son I Florence Louise Clark "Squee" Round and jolly "I don't care" Music To study To be slim Mary Catherine Conlin "Mary" Brunette 4'You never can telln History Geometry -To be a teacher Mary Nell Conner "Snag" Modest "Where's Rubye?" Baby dolls . MCH To belsomething worth wh e Ella Agne Cornell "Sue,' Tolly "Oh yeahl' Boys . Examinations T0 be pretty Mary Rutledge Dudley ' Puttl' Good all around ' Isnlt that wonderful? Athletics Bad sportsmanship To be liked by every one Sarah Buford Dunlap "Sara,' A Spanish beauty ' How did it happen?" Boys Rain To be like Mrs, Catt Bonnie Lee Elliott "II-un' Neat "Toots, behave !' 'Fancy hose For Ikky to be 3135615 To be her own boss Flora Isabel Elliott "Tootsie" Lively "I dunno" Candy To study To own a red racer Katherine Virginia Foil "Kitty" Lovely brunette "Oh! dear" To eat VVo1'k To teach Elizabeth Beery Fore "Lib" Handsome "Oh! that womanv Davidson Lessons To have a new Buick Zelda llrown Garrison "Brownie" Good sport "Good night" lEverything To be hungry To be a college graduate I 67 ,- -1 1. ii K f . SIVIFU' -I ' 9 9 'lqlll - 4 . P1 I U' C: U u as .gn cv 5 3 .2 P CD Q .2 8' 5 5 O 0 0 : '- -Sl'lO111C1lLlX' m 5 ,E U fc .9 +5 2 -512 1911 A101111 3 W fv O 2 2 Q1 gg: 11: I 1.11 110.4 91111111 9111 111 GJ 1: 5 -5 U : 1' Q53 .v ll. - 0 1- Q, cv U U Q U -7- ,- Amp 911105 'SEL1 9115 119111.11 0 51, H w O ,A 11 0 ,-1 f . , 1 ' 53 1.1 gg .S rf 4-' 'D CI "' 1: 5111911z1 .111111991 9111 1111111 U, 5 U E In N M Q 6 A 2 SE? 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"Rhomboid" Sho t and square l"Darn it !" Gym. Idleness tTo go to South Carolina Geo. Edward Copelalld, If- "Ed" Tall "Gee YVhiz ll' Getting good marks LXVork To be a great man Joseph Wm. Cowhig 'Iosh , Quiet "Gosh Darn !" Eating To study 'l o be a millionaire Edgar Harold Curlee "Ed" Good-natured "Cuk0o I'm gt anthet-" A good looking girl Umbrellas To be an artist y P Robert Franklin Davidson "Frank,' Slender ' Oh, Gee! ' Keith's To get up To be a C. P. A. Robert Tompkins Dixon ' Handsome' Tall, slender "Censored" Girls To get his hair To make first all-State messed up Team Anflwny Eddy "Tony ' Medium "CensoredH Loafing School To do nothing? To be a dent st Marcus Erwin Hawkins "Wampusl' Cute "Don,t get fresh' May 20, 1921 IGSEmC't1fY . T0 UCVCF lack friends 4 mi 1 t1 VValtcr Newman Hobbs "Senorita" LOW, stumpy "I wouldn't for you" Geometry ' Study To be a banker VVm. Orr Huneycutt "VVm. Aw, Cute ' Aw, Louise" Jelly rolls Geometry To be exempt on examination 1 Richard Frank Ivy . "Frank" Tall "Miz Hart" Debating VVork To bc an orator Calflwell l'harr Johnston J Q. ",labo" Short "Crawl off" Eating GCO111Ct1'Y T0 Weigh 150 D0U11dS lficha fl Littlejohn "Peewee" Short llold'c1n cowboy" Eating EX211Ni11H'Ci011S T0 QYOW tall john liryan London ",lz1ck,' ln bctwccn "I'l1swear" Eating llcing editor-in- 'LO be 2111 E- E. chief of an znmual, llan Fenton Mallery 'liloiirlccu All around athlete 'Ccnsoreml" .Xthlctics and friend5iN0t 'CO be ill UTC T0 make football team thick of tlnngs at college next year 70 1 v b rffff 1 W ' IFJ' -sJ"'u,- f" w S 4-V L.. O '33 U Q UD K U: Pm CU 4.4 E f" 4-3 W-4 4-' Q C- 4-1 2 E U' 4: 'Y' +-' 3 vm UU 5 O 'FD 'V s-4 cd Q cd ..-. 'U on - " O u To .6 Q cv: 5 5 5 cu O -U 'N +5 E LI Il-T .Q P' U .N Q U fd 'ff O x-. U 550 3 5 Q H 455 rv C1 R, o E Q, '50 'Q E O o E O O I-4 cn O I-4 1-4 2 O H :A ed M 11 H E +5 o 5: eu 5 O GJ A- CD 1 U1 .-1 T4 n.. -2 i "" rn cs O O Z ..- a2 3 bb Lg bb 4 .E HG 3 -3 3 'U 2 2 :: 23 'S 2 6 o CD C CJ P1 Q 3 if CL. s-4 cz ff, O 4" - U1 2 U A :In 5 .3 as Q ,.. O 7, F3 2' FE 'O 5 95 '5 Q A '14 Na 2 32 4172 3 1, '12 cu 1-' 5 E5 E .2 S 5 M ' O vi 0,9 in an H rf. o L 'Q .H CZ 3 R 5 F L C " rd r Q 'S E, TE FS 13 an 0 E Q 9 : as ' 57, : 5 ff, 'E U, .E 172 , - ff 6 'C 5 U1 fd CP rs 514 " 'D U1 .. ' 3 3, 'T Q5 2 o " .9 ID E : is 51. g 2. Q., ' 'EE if 3 'S 2 H O u .- 2 0,1 -'S 3 ,ii bo cg 5 A ,U 5 s: 'C P- ,2 ' N t Z3 'O O III cd 5 1- .v-1 I 5 L .2 fl' O 1-' Q an 'L' as O an 55 4.3 ua L-4 ,.. L1 O A Ea 'G D v-A E 5 .v-1 ,Q 5 O 3 U: w Cf G5 52' U C4 O E U 'Z cd 2 2 "' gg C-4 H S. 1 V I V V VV V: si if VVJ VV' ,f ,V V 4 V i i 1 V V r V V 1 0 V V, ,F xy, I, ,IV V I it Ip V I 'V V, VV VV: V VV VV: V Vi 'V 'I li gl sg ir :Vi V71 V1 g.. V V V33 I: '. HV 4. V, .F ij if Vij NV V': ' V 5? VV 5 , J V V V V V V i V V V V V ' V A l r V f IE? psmggg llI.Ill o ' V If . ' y . i ff ,f ,f f , 7f7', ' Q- ' , 1 ,fx f' N, in Hx Ere f 4 fr, X- ft if ""'V V' l ' A V fe V ..M,mgAewLa+Mffrg I 1 A ilbilllil' Cn the fifth day of the ninth month of the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and seventeen, the good ship Charlotte High School stood 1noored at the wharf of a new school year. Many people, among the1n our parents, gazed at us in wonder as we stepped aboard the ship with our passports to the Eighth Grade in our hands. lt was rumored that we were going upon a voyage through the four seas in quest of a wonderful key, called a Diploma, which would open for us the doors toa wonderous place called college. Many passengers were taken aboard the ship and we each enrolled among the list of those who should make the voyage. As I was the first to enroll, upon me fell the task of writing this log for the voyage. VVe all made friends quickly with those whom we had not met before, and were very happy and enthusiastic, questioning everyone as to the captain and all the ship's officersg as to the incidents which might befall us, as to the duties aboard ship which must be performed to accomplish the voyage in four years' time. Qur fears of shipwreck were entirely wiped away in the assurance that so able a staff of seamen had us in charge. There were naturally a few cases of seasickness and various ones were tempted to throw up Algebra, Latin, and disagreeable dishes, and toss some of their best belongings overboard in times of a rough sea, but the stewardess assured them calmly but irmly that they would only have to consume these indigestibles over and over until they were perfectly assimilated, and so they bravely managed to hold them down. The usual intimacy of shipboard soon sprang up among us voyagers, and we have been loyal shipmates ever since. VVe crossed the Freshman Sea almost before we were aware of it, and had stopped at the first vacation port, and acquired some new officers, a few new shipmates, but lost more. We now entered upon the Sophomore Sea with great pleasure, ready to meet and overcome all new duties. 'KW e were neizflzer mam 1107' 'zcfomcmg We were neither brutes nor IIltlllU7I,,' We were Sojilzsf' , 72 A g , ' IFJ -'Agn 'X dl .- . ' rum A rule had been made in our Freshman voyage that, if every three months we made an average of ninety or over in our duties, we would be free from a day of extra hard labor on that duty. This rule was especially valuable to us now, as the duties were harder and we wished to get out of them. About the middle of this voyage, the. engine broke down and the influenza waves were rolling up on the deck of the ship, so we stopped at a halfway port and had a short vacation. We then started on, and towards the end of the year, a great banquet was given at the death of Julius Caesar, to which all the officers were invited. At the end of the voyage we stopped at the second Vacation Port, and here we acquired a New Captain and some new shipmates, and lost more shipmates than we gained. YV hen we entered the Junior Sea a great madness seized many of the boys and some of the girls, which the ship's doctor, called in to diagnose the case, pronounced to be "athletics" 'fThis is a disease," said he, 'fwhich must be allowed to run its natural course as no remedy is knownf, Among the boys this took the form of "football," and among the girls, "basket-ball." W'hile convalescent, many parties and dances were given on shipboard, "making a happy time for allf' Toward the end of the voyage, because of crowded conditions, we were trans- ferred to the beautiful new ship, "The Alexander Graham High School." There were many changes in our mode of living, but we enjoyed them and they were for the better. ,f We finished this voyage with great lightness of heart because we would soon start out over the Senior Sea. ' At the beginning of our Senior voyage, we placed at the mast-head, a great banner of green and white with "Carpe Diem" written thereon, which same we had adapted as our class colors and motto, to proclaim to all who we were. Then the "football" madness was growing worse, and so many were affected by it that there were chosen from among us: Gwen Woodside, David Yates, and Rutledge Dudley, to lead us in our shouts of joy and jubilation, at the games played with those stricken with this same disease and who were from ships in the same sea. At the basket-ball games we were also led by Owen in our rejoicings. Many were the parties as we sailed the Seniors' Sea, many were the good times, long to be remembered. And on this, our last lap, when we so reasonably expected our full share of the usual "Senior Privilegesf' as some sort of compensation for the sufferings in our past and which we had heard and dreamed of all through our voyage, what have we received? Alas! In Charlotte High School, "Senior Privileges" seem this year to have become as obsolete words and to have been stricken entirely from the vocabulary of the ship's officers. Is it any wonder that we are not always gay? Furthermore, we are graduating and we need many dollars to publish our 73 ' H C N IIKQ ,fag wil- , N 'Z-Xinnialf' And so a great atrocity, called a "Senior Play" will be given to help fill the coffers. ln the meantime, the girls sell sandwiches and candy to their ship- mates, who are always ready to eat, and the boys are selling bar-r-rels of weenies and "loads" of mustard and many rolls to rival the peanut man and fill the Senior treasury. lVe have found it difficult to persuade our officers that we are not the same boys in knee trousers and the same girls in pigtails and short dresses who first came to them four years ago. Some even yet address us by our Christian names, which otherwise we felt we might have entirely forgotten. It would take too long to read the complete log of this eventful voyage. It would be very interesting to tell the many delightful experiences, the many wonderful lessons, the many changes in the passenger list, but after all it has but little vital significance except to ourselves, the few who will soon land at Com- mencement Wharf. We must not divulge the secrets of our shipmates. We must not forget the loyalty due to our class colors, so valiantly flying at the masthead. The best and most vital history of any person or thing is never given to the world. So must it be with the Class of ,2l. It has been a most wonderful voyage and we have accumulated many sou-- venirs, striving, however, to guard against excess baggage. We have not faced any gale which we were not able to withstand. VVe have not been wrecked upon the shoals of any threatening task. The tides of our averages have continued to ebb and flow, the waves of mathematical problems have kept up their ceaseless motion and commotion, the billows of examinations have sometimes tried their worst to overwhelm us, but none of them has succeeded 5 we have astonished the officers with all our amazing knowledge and startling information that we have furnished them from time to time in our various examination papers. VVe have sympathized with the seasick passengers, that made up the various new classes. We have enjoyed the successful experiences of those who have landed on other shores. , We will go on writing new logs of greater adventure, and more wonderful discovery, for while the voyage of high school life is at an end, the voyage of real life will soon begin. "There was nothing more left for them to know- T hey must pass on Commencement Day." --M. C. R., Class Historicm, '2l. 74 dl H Y I 'quail U75 ,i vw - CLA55 WILL VVe, the Class of '21 of the Alexander Graham High School, being of a sound and disposing state of mind, but mindful of the uncertainies of this, our high school life, do make, publish, and decree this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all wills heretofore made by us. Item I: We do hereby will and bequeath to the coming lower classmen, namely, the Juniors, our precious Senior privilege, that of entering the chapel at recess, with the admonition that they do not neglect this priceless jewel and have it snatched away by the authorities that be. Item II: We do also will and bequeath to the said Juniors, the responsibilities which the Seniors by reason of their age do hold. We wish to impress upon the said Juniors, the influence which they will possess and warn them that this influence, whether good or bad, is reflected on the whole school. VVe do also leave to the said juniors the privilege of publishing an Annual and the attendant labor of holding rummage sales, beauty contests, and selling that article of food com- monly known and named as "hot dogs" for the benefit of the finances of said March 5, 1921. Annual. In like manner, we do also bequeath to the said Juniors the editing of our school magazine, the "Al-Gra-I-Iy,', with strict instructions that they publish regularly this world-famous publication. Item III: We do also will and bequeath to the heretofore mentioned juniors, the ood looks of the Senior boys, believing justly as we do, that such a property 8 should be bequeathed where it is most needed. Item IV: We do also will and bequeath to the heretofore mentioned juniors our Senior Announcement Board, with the most implicit command that they 75 c ' LBJ 5"!"Q . observe this board frequently in order that they may keep abreast of the tiH16S alid also that they may be reminded of a class meeting. We do also leave to our worthy successors, the Juniors, the privilege of missing their lunch twice a week by reason of their attendance at such meetings. Item V: Wfe do bequeath, with the greatest sorrow and reluctance, upon the heads of the often heretofore mentioned Juniors, our famous and oft abused Senior dignity and, likewise, our self-importance. It is our earnest wish and hope that our successors will at least make an attempt to reach the high water mark which has been set by us. Of our wonderful cleverness and ability we do make no disposition to the said Juniors, knowing full well the hardship we would thereby entail upon their feebler intellect in making the vain attempt to imitate our brilliant achievements. Item VI: VVe do hereby bequeath and leave to Mr. McCall-more like one of us than a stern, harsh principal-to all our teachers and to all the lower classmen, our most earnest and best wishes for the future. We do leave to the faculty our heart-felt gratitude for the manner in which they have led us through a miry road of difficulties into the pleasant paths of knowledge. We most sincerely hope that the faculty in the future years will not entirely forget the good wishes which the Class of '21 does now bestow upon them. -THE CLASS or '21 CSealj. Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Senior Class to be its last will and testament in the presence of us who, at its request and in its presence, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names, the day and year first above written. WITNESSES: D. STEWART QUERN, Attorney, BLXLVENA ALEXANDER, Secretary. p INDIVIDUAL CLASS WILL I The following members of the Class of 321 do hereby will and bequeath to their fitting successors, namely, the following Juniors, the following characteristics mentioned below: Virginia Whitlock to Ruth Nucholls: Inability to control her eyes. jack London to Robert Buck: His business ability. Mary Sossomon to Virginia Clements: Her Cleopatra-like vampishness. Gelda Robinson to Aubrey Chrismon: His high marks. Dan Mallery to Everett Bierman: His athletic ability. "Putt,' Dudley to Sarah A. Mayer: Her popularity. Robert Dixon to john Thompson: His famous toddling, LMI., 76 . 4- 3 :-1" we - 'll'IIli. V7-9 Caroline Lambeth to Marie Hagood: Her blushing. Preston Partridge to Robert Dye: His lady-killing tactics. Mildred Lubbock to Virginia Loving: Her attractiveness. Anthony Eddy to Allan Bryan: His habit of loafiing. Zelda Garrison to Susie Dell Chapman: Her skill in shorthand. Martha Harris to Myrtle De Armond: Her nimble fingers. Bruce Qwens to Hal Kemp: His ability to manage an orchestra. Margaret Jones to Elizabeth Gieger: Her ability in lecturing mere men. Jack Spenser to George Lowe: His brilliancy as a student. lVilton Samonds to Paul Carmichael: His size. Mildred Shepherd to Margaret Henderson: Her intelligence. Mary Keesler to Maude Roberts: Her good looks. Martha Jamison to Mary Edwards: Her cuteness. Jack Milstead to Tommy Clarkson: His nonchalance. -QSignedj THE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERs or THE CLASS or '21 77 'Qin I 'AFX fiffff X , HKU! W, 'lk ,, ff K 'nil I' I! - r x 1 A u'," " s .I 'N.- 'x .ik 6 f I xx XV. I XXNN 'X x f I I... : XXQ' 2 - ..- - va: fp " 1. Zvi- -X :lg ' -.. . , . 3-' s.."l:.-1 A g -1:-?"'f1 -..2.'a-,?,.T'... 1 1 'i I ' - .IFJ -3"'lQ P FFWPHECY' git. I- h It is Spring again, the earth is arrayed in blossoms and young foliage, and the air is laden with their fragrance. The fleecy clouds go swiftly by, and fre- quently we are sailing through them. The Trans-Continental Air Express is due in Ylfashington within the hour. Below we see valleys carpeted with green and dotted with wild flowers, the children playing in the sunshine, and the farmer's wife waving a salute as we sail byg a trail of smoke from the Railway Limited resembling a mammoth ser- pent crawling through space in the rear, and now, in the distance, barely dis- cernable, the dome of the Capitol-my first glimpse of Washingtoii, where Presi- dent Gelder Robinson, Congressman jack Spenser, Stuart Quern and Jack Mil- stead, the leading lawyers of the Nation's C'apital, are bringing to pass that which was predicted by the Class Prophetess of ,2l. Baltimore, our next stop. We tarry long enough to shake hands with Miss Rutledge Dudley, Physical Director of the Y. W. C'. A., and her assistants, Misses Margaret Brown and Mary Keesler, who inform us that Dan Mallery is Chief Playground Director of Baltimore. In Philadelphia, we are greeted by Miss Minnie Silverstein, Private Secretary to John Wannamaker, and Mr. Franklin Davidson, who is in charge of the mail order department. Arriving in New York, we attend Grand Opera and hear our old friends, Sarah Ledwell, Loraine Bates, and Elizabeth Ledwell sing, while Miss Annie May Hayes presided at the piano. Sunday, raining, and confined to our hotel, the Wfaldorf-Astoria, but heard the morning sermon of Dr. David Yates, of Trinity Church by Amplified Tele- phone installed in our rooms. 78 . ' - X . 5 .,.n!ll r N ' 45 'l1'lll Monday evening, we pressed the button and upon the wall was shown the latest movie, starring Miss Frances Partlow and Miss Viola Maner. During the same evening, we visited the Rappe Fashion Show at the invitation of Miss Mary Sossomon, the chief designer, and were glad to meet again Misses Eloise Wall, Elizabeth Fore and Margaret Harrelson, who are her assistants. As we were going down Fifth Avenue, we met Professors Richard Littlejohn and James Query, members of the faculty of Harvard. Atlantic City, with its throngs of hilarious humanity, is indeed a refuge to the soul with a melancholy inclination. We stopped at the Marlborough-Blenheim, of which Alexander MeMillan is the manager, with his able assistant, Mrs, McMillan Qnee Miss Mildred Shepherdj. o At the theatre, we found Henry Wyly and Marcus Hawkins star comedians. The next morning we received by mail, a Charlotte Observer, and in the social column we read that Mrs. -I. Owen Woodside Cnee Miss Mildred Lubbockj is visiting relatives in New York 3 that Dr. Woodside is a skilled surgeon, connected with the Mayo Sanatorium. We also read that Miss Olive Scarratt has accepted the position as head nurse in Bellevue Hospital, New York. The Governor of North Carolina, Frank Ivy, will speak at twentieth of May celebration and will be introduced by Mayor jack London. Miss Maria Rose, returned missionary to China, will lecture at the City Auditorium. Misses Lucy Holmes Carson, Louise Gibbon, Virginia Whitlock, and Margaret Roberts have returned recently from Washington, where they attended the Inaugural Ball. Misses Margaret Jones and Sarah Dunlap will attend the Suffragettels Convention at Los Angeles. Miss Malvena Alexander is spending a year in Europe for study of music. Read- ing further I notice that Miss Martha Harris has just completed a book of poems, which the critics consider excellent, also that Mr. Edgar Curlee received first prize in an art contest in Paris. . The day is ideal and as we rise above the city, homeward bound, we wave farewell to the boardwalk and its gaieties: just a few hours and we will be home again, andthe tales we'll tell of the sights we've seen will be varied and never ending, yet, with all the wonders of the larger cities, I still agree with John Howard Payne, that "There's no place like home" g especially when home is in Charlotte. -M. E. B., Class Projrlzetcss. 79 -zl.dei.f4...Q.w Best SfIICllClll .... Qzrietest ....... folliest ........... Faeultyls Pet ...... .U ost Busilzess-Like. . . Class Loafer ...... Long and Short. .. Best Leader ..... Most Original. . . Best Orator ..... Thick and Thin. . . 5 Ill ,mlm U75 ll- L e IPQ' HJ 4, I 5 1115132 bminrs ba? GELDER RCJBI-N SON . . . .JENNIE MCMICHNEI. HENIQY XVYLY 'XCK SPENSER GELDER ROBINSON .EUGENE XVILI.I..xxII-Q . . . .DAVID YATES-XNILTON SNNIAIONDS ..-......-f...-- ............-.- J. QWEN XYOODSIDE STUART QUERN GELDER ROBINSON . . .LOUISE CLARK-LXIARTHA HARRIS GIRLS Prettiest ....... . .... M,xRG-xRET JONES Most Popular .... . ..... RUTLEDGE DL'DI.EX' Best Dancer. . . .... .YIRGININ XYIIITLOCR Dairttiest ....... ...LUCY HOLMES CARSON Best Athlete ....... .. ...... BLXRY KEESLER Best All 'Roii1id. . . . . .RUTLEDGE DUDLEY Biggest Flirt .... .... S -xR.xI-I DL'NI..xII lVIost Attractive. . . .... LOUISE GIRRON Ciitest .......... . . .M.xRTII.x ,TNNIISON A BOYS Hfmdsome-'l ------- -------- .... R I WBICRT DINON Biggest Ladies' Mah .... . ...... DNN M .xl I I-'Rx' Best All 'Aroiirtd ..... T . ..l. QTWI-IN XYOOIISIIII-t gd Afhlefe '---- ....... I 3.XN Rl.Xl.l.lflQY ost Popular' ' ' .... OWEN XYOIIIISIIN-j Best Dancer. . . . . . .ROI:1fR'r DINON so 4 swf .zulu YI 'ln U7-LS' I S1 .. . ...... - ...----,,,, - . .L 4 'Ill Q1 fury Q J' -.46 S2 Q Q PJ mam , 51175 i ff! JIUN Gzovmarm f P Q3 A .A-.-1 ff---'. N W- , . ..,,- ,,. 4 ' 'wlqlun 4- , 1 Q 1 junior Glass FLOWER! White Rose COLORSi Purple and Ufizite MOTTO: Semper Pamtus 2, ' , OFFICERS BYRD CRAYTON ........ ............ ............. P 1 'csiczkvzt MARIE HAGOOD ................ .. ....... I 'ire-Presia'e11f EDITH GILCHRIST ......... . . .. ..... Secretary ROBERTA WALIQER .... . . .T1'c'c1s'11e1'er I R 84 P s 1l"". 5 iuninr Qlllass ilaistnrp One bright September morning in 1918 a crowd of eager boys and girls came to their future literary home, the Charlotte High School. Our foster father, Mr. Bill Davis greeted us smilingly, our elder brothers and sisters, the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors welcomed us with a knowing grin. As "Freshies," we were green, we admit, nevertheless we were thrilled with the charm of mystery and filled with the thought of importance. Life moved smoothly for three months until crash! "Exams V' How this ghastly figure startled us! But finally aftera horrible week, the terrible creature passed, the light of a new day dawned. How happy we were! How bright was the world! Before the close of our first year we had to meet two more such creatures. However, we learned one supreme lesson -the real joy of being a student of C. H. S. ' The next September we came together again, this time not as ti1nid Fresh- men, but as "world wisei' Sophomores. The year was marked by two important changes: first, the exchange of our father Mr. Davis, for a new one, Mr. Fred McCall, second, the transfer of our residence on Brevard street for a grander one on East Morehead street. What an air of pride possessed us! ln the morning instead of "Bang-Bang," we heard "Bing-Bing", at the close of each period a tiny brown bo-x on the wall sang "Buzz-Buzzf' When we assembled in 1920, we were Juniors! The history of this year contains two very important developments 3 first, the introduction of physical cul- ture in the class room, and second, the beginning of a student government system. We have, during our three years at High School, endeavored to enter heartily into every progressive measure, and we hope the school will fmd our presence as a valuable asset to its betterment now and in years to come. -M. A. H., '22. 85 1'?'lT"" ...Y WAV Y---WM -- -Y - M- --- --V . .-wsw . -H V V - :..- -A - - - -W:--:V V-V---'gi --L4"":1'I-"wg-q-,i,t- g,..':'::---V ff--2'-'-L' F, A , , VA P..- ,, . ,,. in . W Av , ,L.:.L,,, W I r 4 JUNIOR CLASS I 1 . , - , . - x . W QX W.1iM5W -Q QNKSX Xzwsx-Nxgwl X x Nix fx xx gQx5 Mi I Q9 f Q2 Q i Eg will ' 3 4, -..,,Q-' ---A 143- -- 0- 3 SIWP -nllill , X 'mlm fum Qlibief Marshals ROBERTA VVALKER MACLEIXN SINLCAIR Marsh BYRD CRAYTON MYRTLE DEARMON EDITH GILCHRIST THURSTON KISER ' I HAL KEMP LIARTHA LEE Speight Adams Mary Anderson Myrtle Armheld Frances Austin Helen Barnett Everett Bierman Martin Lee Black Sarah Black Hammond Booth Elizabeth Brents lfValter Brown Allan Bryan Robert Buck Alice Buchanon Katherine Burton James Burwell Sarah Campbell Paul Carmichael Claudine Carter Paul Chapin Susie Del Chapma Aubrey Chrismon 11 Catherine Clampitt Thomas Clarkson Charles Clegg Vidginia Clements Charles Couch Byrd Crayton Bessie Creighton Tallu Crumly Helen Dardine Jeanette Davis Ruth Davis Jack Denton Rue Emma Dickirson Louisa Duls Marie Duls Bull Jesse Dunn Robert Dye Mary Edwards Cynthia Elliott Harold Eskridge Edith Ezell Abbot Erasher Susie Gallant Henry Galt Thelma Gay Frank Gay Edith Gilchrist Elizabeth Geiger Adelle Glasgow Flewellyn Goode Charlton Grier Jeannette Gulledge Marie Hagood Estelle Hamilton Virginia Hamilton Aline Hargett Maud Haywood Lucille Helms Evelyn Henderson Margaret Henderson Edwyne Herefor Manuel Hicks Madaline Hoke Charles Holler Julia Hawkins Margaret Hollimon Margorie Hood Jack Houston Pat Hunter Sarah Jamison Frank Jones Nelson Jones als , GEORGE LOWE MAMIE MCMEEKIN MARION PETTUS THELMA SMITH MORGAN SPIER JOHN THOMPSON Hal Kemp Susie Keerans Thurston Kiser Madie Kistler Alva Lorance William Laslie Louise Lee Martha Lee Thelma Lewis Calvine Loos Sarah Lane Virginia Loving George Lowe Lucile Manning Marino Luvisa Emma Martin Elizabeth Mayes Effie Putman Blanche Reves Irene Rennie Thelma Rivers Maude Roberts Marion Robinson Mildred Rucker Kathleen Rucker Lester Rock Lillian Rogers Mary Ross Augusta Rose Corinne Rowe Marvin Rush James Shannonhouse Helen Nora Sherrill Katherine Sherrill Sarah Adelaide MayerMclean Sinclair Mathilda McClure Minerva McClung Mamie McMeekin Grace McMichael Louise Mitchell Marie Mitchell Julius Meyer Annie Nelson Mary Nisbet Ruth Nuchols Pauline Owens Bernie Page Daisy Belle Page Steve Partridge Marion Pettus Sadie Belle Phillips Susie Plummer Lucille Porter Cecil Price Jeanette Smith Thelma Smith Edgar Smith Morgan Spier Margie Snell John Thompson Christine Todd Edna Triplett John Triplett Hildred Turner Roberta VValker Mary VVhite Lillian VVilliams Robert VVilliamS Katherine Wfilliams Edward W'ilson Ralph lfVoodside Hatie Yandle VValter Yoos 87 4 IE fm at 54,1110 j vu' an 5 iliige gllklen what ZBun't jfit ilu Theres a race of men that don't fit in, A race that can't stay still, So they break the hearts of kith and kin, And they roam the world at will. They range the field and they rove the flood, And they climb the mountainjs crest, Theirs is the curse of the gypsy blood, And they don't know how to rest. H they just went straight they might go far, They are strong and brave and true, But they're always tired of the things that are, And they want the strange and new. They say: "Could I find my proper groove, Wliat a deep mark I would make V' So they chop and change, and each fresh move Is only a fresh mistake. And each forgets, as he strips and runs Witli a brilliant, fitful pace, It's the steady, quiet, plodding ones VVho win in the life-long race. And each forgets that his youth has Hed, Forgets that his prime is past, Till he stands one day, with a hope that's dead, ln the glare of the truth at last. He has failed, he has failed, he has missed his chance: He has just done things by half. 4 Life's been a jolly good joke on him, And now is the time to laugh. Ha, ha! He is one of the Legion Lost, He was never meant to wing He's a rolling stoneg and it's bred in the bone, He's a man who won't fit in. -ROBERT XN . SERYICI' 88 l O Q 1 L, 5 1 "u. 3 SOPHOMOHES 89 Q , , 4.3 n v1-off .1....9..m., N llllQ A mf A ll I - : , 'W U79 Supbnmure Glass FLOWER: Field Daisy COLORS: Gold and White MOTTO: Sempev' Fidelis GFFICERS JEAN CROWELL ............ ............ ............ P 1' csident WILLARD KEERANS .... . . .Vice-President SARA BELL ............. . ...... -.Secreta1'3' WAYNE DUDLEY .... . . . Trea-s111'e2' 90 Q IPJ' JW!" g J--N ,,. Q Qnpbnmnre Qlllass Zaistnrp It was in 1919, on a bright September amorning, that we all awoke with the happy thought that that was the day for our enrollment in the Charlotte High School. We went forth with the thought that on that day we vvere going to begin a new life and be the leading factors in the school, but soon we were doomed to disappointment, because before the morning was very old, some of us were very sore. All this soreness was due to the Soph reception held for us. After the first few Weeks everything Went along all right, but We found out that we were not as important as We thought We were. This year, all of us awoke vvith a very happy thought, but it was a different one from the one We had last year. We realized that We were Sophomores and that We were going to give the hard knocks, instead of receiving them. VVe had a very nice time giving them, too, and entirely forgot the "golden rule." The year has gone along very smoothly. One of the main things We have to look back on is the fact that the juniors were overwhelmed by us in the Class Basket-ball games. If We keep up the good Work that We have done for the last tvvo years when We are Seniors, Charlotte High School will have its best Senior Class. -G. M., 'Z3. 91 SOPHOMORE CLASS L12 ,' ,f N l x: W1 3 I mum E 2 W m Y 1 1 ! V i I 1 s I zVlPJ'- 57l"'l Fletcher Adams Helen Alexander Nancy Alexander Grace Anderson Mary Austin Dorothy Austin Hugh Barkly Esther Beaucham Bonnie Mae Beam Lorene Beam Sara Bell Spencer Bell Janice Bierman Pattie Lee Biggers Katherine Blackman Mabel Blythe Marguerite Boatwright Hugh Boyer Lydia Brasington Ellen Brantley Johnston Bratton Margaret Brewer Adelle Bridges Charles Brooks Dorothy Brown Elsie Brown Cornelia Brown ' Martha Brown Mamie Bruns Ralph Bullard Margaret Bundell Connie Butt Richard Cannon George Carmichael Harold Carter Marguerite Cashion Frank Cathey Ellen Charnley Elizabeth Clark John Clark Vivian Core Thomas Moore Craig Mary Creighton Elizabeth Crigler Jna Crowell Jean Crowell Cleo Croxton Sarah Daniel Frances Davant Elba Davis Ruth Davis Mary Davis Mav Devein Julius Doar Mary Doggett VVayne Dudley Enla May Duncan Fay Ross Dwelle Irwin Earnhardt Thelma Flowers Helen Eoil S '- ' vu Ill 3151311 John Forte Mamie Forte Ruth Foster Rose Gallagher Alice Gibbon ' Mary Lee Gilbert Jane Gilmer Elizabeth Gonzales Saul Goldsmith Sara Hackney Evelv Harris Hugh Harris Billy Harvell Mattie Sue Katch Ruby Helms Mary Lois Henley Gary Hessman Virginia Holmes Hubert Horn Margie Hunneycutt Annie Mae Hunter Mildred Hunter Le Grande Hunter Sarah Jamison Vlfalker Jarrell Jessie Jarrell Jewell Jett Sarah Johnson Lillian Johnson Jaurv Johnston Adelaide Jones Ruth Jones Minnie Jones Joe Joseph Margaret Kaderly Willard Keerans Douglass Kendall George Keller James Kinlock Caroline Lambeth Elsie Langford Sadie Lauring Hannah Little Pauline Laury Nannan Lindgren Kathryn Long Mary Lunpkin Elizabeth Mather Ruth Mathews Ruth Mayes VVilliam McKnight Robert MclXflillan Ralph McNeely Elizabeth Meyers Garrett Morehead Wfillie Morebeld Etheline Mitchell Robert Mitchell Grace Montgomery Florrie Moore VVilma Moore Worth Morris Thomas Moose Dorothy Mosteller Dorothy Muirheid Jim Van Ness Ethel Plummer Louise Pressly Josephine Price Annie Mae Pritchett Elizabeth Ramsey Earl Redfern Eli Redfern ' Rebecca Redwine Lena Reece Emma Rigler John Rike J Ruby Rives Gordon Robinson Oscar Roberts Hal Rogers VVilliams Sellers Lemma Shepherd Mamie Schachner Katherine Shoemaker Clyde Shuford Helen Shulenburger Taliaferro Simpson VVallace Smith Beulah Smith Margaret Smith Ila Mae Smith Nina Smith lsabel Smith Ralph Smith Mary Spier Mary Steward Sara Steward Elizabeth Stratford Gladys Taylor Mildred Thompson iyrai-gas Todd Mary Torrence V Morris Trotter Estelle Vaughan Terry Vaughan Robert Wlalker Wlilliam XValther Hannah VVearn Elora XVentz Lillian XVest May XVestmorelancl Virginia XN'iley XVellie XYilev Elizabeth Wlilliams Minnie XVilliams Mabel JVilliams- Elizabeth Wlilson Dorothy XN'hite Ruth XVeinhold Jennie XVolfe Jolm Yonan 93 si-1. II Y f i H x 4 , U,--,- ll M.-..,. i,,:.,A ,-.,,,,,.::i1,e,r.a---e- f M " 4- E- 4- s -,,,',,, gum Q C J J' ':. Q freshman QEIass4 FLOWER: fonquil COLORS: Black and Gold MOTTO: M eum Optiwmm OFFICERS CHARLOTTE MILSTEAD .... ............ .......... . P resident EDWARD GLOVER ...... ................... V ice-President OLIN WEARN .... .... S ecretary and Treaszzref' 96 - -- ----Y---- .. - -1 f , Q . sg l e vu 'lll :Freshman Qlllass laistutp All fresh and some fair, we, the Class of '24, have completed our year of planting the seeds of scholarship which we hope to see grow through the budding, blooming and maturing stages of our Sophomore, junior, and Senior years. Even now We think We see among us signs of genius, and perhaps of beauty, too, for was it not from among us that C. H. S. voted its prettiest girl? And was not our dramatic ability so appreciated that we received a prize on "Stunt Nightw? But modesty is becoming to the Fresh, so We vvill leave it to others to sing our praises, and We only hope that in the years to come they will have whereof to sing. . 97 .,...a--, . "N:- FRESIIMAN CLASS I i hurt, N FQ ,1 'Q Q ll T 5 '5 Q E3 x W .4 --Tim sr 1 1 4 1 1 V 1 v MQXKS f - I' ', " x ,If '. ' f W I .W if MAX ' My .5 H' ff' 'l7"!nQ5:"'5' ff ' 6 ?g!??5x5fi'll1W1llllll X ' IE' i' al kk X ' X N 3-53 -cf' xm2'i:.i Zz Qsilx I xc?" ' - "'-qgxx i . , - N sf ' " - wg, 1 I I '-,Ta-S V - Q tl ,IM x - C in ' Y fi f-. t ' -' ' I . - il ,S-ai-p'-vi" fl- ,',,.,fvfi ,.. I-E AAEQZIPJ' 'gn X " 'w g' gl gl 1' , Q BOS? s t H f msn wxowffe Hen BAIRD LOSES TO 1,3 wma id Baa SGW CHARLOTTE HIGH H 7'O, N Cliljlglliltnf 'lags Forward Se OISCYX' fcfown, asia Scggee is Eogmclzlj Greensboro, Conqnerors of Winston, Go Down to 13-O Defeat Before Local Highs Defeat? ookncofa, 28-OX iCan't Cross Charlotte Goan ?Je0x2f'WX OUR, QW We mans It-tmmtnrg esjqilgiia es t wr NW, r x X EHel1boim the Finals wax 'XG ' Game bvggggt CM- HBHT ,HIXHUTU R H SBUHHESS UE Hendersonville Machtne is w LNei"'i2'J'E5l'Ss E1?L3LZ"""e Stopped by Fierce Assault X L of Mnrrill's Highs 21 to 7 A 1 , I Ig 10 E X Cl.1El1'lOttC Cfiarl Cliarl Charl Cliarl Charl ,otte otte otte otte otte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Total-C'. H. S.. . 100l .... .... ..... High Sciool High Scfioo' High School High Scliool High Scl ' High Sclioof High School High School High School G 1 not swf ...nlu Jfunthall FQGTBALL SCHEDULE 7g Monroe High School ..... . . .. . O - ---- ---- 2 83 Concord High School ............. O Og VVinston-Salem High School ,,,,,,, 0 . . . .21 3 Charlotte University School. . , , , , , 3 133 Greensboro High School ,.,,, ,, O . . . . 65 Baird's Preparatory School.. . . . . . . O . . . . . . . .333 Vtfinston-Salem High School. . . . . . . O . . . .21 5 Carolina Military-Naval Academy. . 7 . .... 75 Greensboro High School ........... 13 . . .1365 Total-Opponents . . . . . .23 COACH HUGI1 BIURRILL, JR. Coach Murrill, one of the best coaches Charlotte High School has ever had, tool? a bunch of inexperienced men and made a football team that brought honor and glory to himself and to the Charlotte High School for its clean playing and sportsmanship. f'Coach" knows every clip and angle of the game. He believes in clean playing and in giving every man on the squad an equal chance. The school is indebted to him for giving up his business temporarily to coach the team. Here's to the team he coaches next year! 103 ' 1,1110 Q 'PJ Q 42? . -ix J--., , -dt ,u",, U75 like him. ALEX MCMILLAN Manager Did you ever hear anyone knock our foot ball manager? Nog and you never Will "Nappy" handled his job to perfection with the result that he is the best manager Char lotte has ever had. Not only did he arrange an excellent schedule and provide the team with the best accommodations and give them the time of their lives on the trips but also he succeeded in making the season the most successful from a financial standpoint Charlotte has ever had. May We have many ALLAN BRYAN HC' Weight, 150. Quarterback. Height 6 ft Our quarter was a man who had had a little experience, having played on the Duval High School team of acksonville Fla., for two years. He ran his team VK ell throughout the season, although he vias kept out of one or two games on account of sickness. He never lost his head no matter how much the opponent ragged him Had it not been for his coolness Charlotte s record of games won and lost Illlgllt haxe been different. He will greatlx stiengthen the team next year. EVERETT BIERMAN "C VVeight, 168. Halfback. Height 6 tt Qld reliable "Beefy." XYhen the team 1 in need of a first down, he is alnaxs called upon to make it and seldom t'nls t doesn't know what quit means. ln batlnn up a line he has few equals. llis remailt able line smashing was the outst tndm ttat ure in his playing' this year. The but nn in the State could not hold llllll it 1 heavier the line, the ltcavicr t was in the game from the start to t it tnn 1 and too much credit cannot ht 1 1 for his playing. 104 . M. ina.-- ' .-.. .hugs-Q-m . L o,--,.-ff'-M" gg Sfvfgy '. Jl!ll lxvk hlll.S'lll'f.XlJ "L"' XX1-igln, lPl3. llalfliaclc. lleight, 6 ft, -luck haul the lighting spirit that kept up lllc ti-xnn. Un end runs and intercepting toiwvzml passes, lic was unsurpassed. He was the terror of opposing ends. Jack was call-lcil upon to play quarterback in the Xlinston gzunc and with only three days' practice he lcd his team like an "old timer." llc leaves a hole in the team that Will be hard to fill. Next year some college is EWU! IU have a good man playing in her hack-tield. l'u1isToN PARTRIDGE "C" XYeight, l-10. Fullback. Height, 5 ft. 9 in. "Pat" came to us this season with a great reputation derived from his playing on the St. Louis High School team the previous year, and has nobly sustained it. In 'addi- tion to his work on the defense he is an unusually hard man to stop on a line buck or end run, in spite of his light Weight. His work in the NVinston game in Charlotte and the C. M-N. A. game deserve special mention, while his playing in every game of the season was of the highest order. BEN DOAR "CMH XVeight, l53. Fullback. Height, 5 ft. 5 in. Returning to school after an absence of two years "DeBose'l took his place to fight for the blue and gray. Having helped. C. H. S. to win two football championships, when We tried for the third it was no fault of his that we failed. He was a hard lfightef, a fierce tackler, and brilliant receiver of passes. He was the despair of many a back-field man. Being in the play every minute of the game, he would punt and then go down and make the tackle just to keep from being idle. He was a strong factor in the Charlotte line-up. 105 7,1110 ,Mlm 51175 BYRD CRAYTON "CW CCaptainj Weight, 147. Left End. Height 5 ft. 7 in. This year "Tootie', developed into one of the best ends that ever wore the "G" The man who could get around his end is yet to be found and the way he got down under punts was a delight to every lover of foot- ball. At catching forwards he is a "bear- cat." His tackling is absolutely sure. His playing was of that steady variety that makes football teams, and promises well for his future career on the gridiron. JAMES QUERY "C" Left Tackle Weight, 160. Height, 5 ft. 7 in. James Query, tackle! Those three words express much. He's right there with the pep, steam, and weight. He is one of the fastest men of his weight playing high school football in North Carolina. Jimmie is sure and reliable and when he is needed he is always there. He can't be kept back as many backs know to their sorrow and especially are the Greensboro backs aware of this. We expect some day to see his name thus: James Query, All-American tackle. GEORGE LOXVE HCTU Left Tackle Weight, 129. Height, 5 ft. 8 in. George plays football. "The heavier they are, the harder they fall," is his motto. George is right there when it comes to the goods for a football player. Although he did not make the first eleven, when he got in the game he was a tower of strength on the left side of Charlotte's line and many were the players of the opponents that came to grief just opposite the left tackle. He is the hardest tackler that ever came to C. H. S. and many are the men who have realized the fact from sad experience. His favorite pastime on the kick off is arguing with some one who says he will not get the tirst tackle. 106 NIP J "1 J J' -:.l.. ' E 1q"l. U75 Roulflrr D1xoN "C" XYcight. 150. Right Tackle. Height, 6 ft. l1ob's first year was a great success. Not only was he a member of the first eleven but he was our only representative on the All-State football team. He was a hard tackler. always causing the man he hit to be in no hurry to get up. A sure play in any game was off Bob's tackle. The team will certainly miss him next year. Tomlin' CL.xRKsoN "CX" CC'aptain-electj NYeight, 137. Right End. Height, 5 ft. 7 in. "Tail End" is around here when it comes to playing football. He tackles low, clear, and hard. NVhen an end run is made around his end the man that makes it has some good interference. Many a time he entertains himself by dumping the interference and then getting the man with the ball. Tommy was laid out of two games with a bad knee, but he made up lost time when he went in again. He was elected captain of the team of '22 and herels luck to him and his fol- lowers. GARRETT MOREHEAD "CM" Left Guard Weight, 150. Height, 5 ft. 7 in. "Tubby,' looks slow in a football game. but you'd be surprised. He makes it a point to get in every play no matter where it 1s. He doesn't know what it means to let a man go by. He is a hard and clean tackler -never hits above the knees. After he hits a man twice in a game a new man is needed. When he is set to break up a play 116. IS unmovable. He has two more years at high school and should develop into a wonder- fully live man. -1 107 wr fnllmn DAN MALLERY "C Weight, 150. Center. He1ght 6 ft "Blondie" is alxfvfays on the Job His passing was accurate and he seldom failed to open up a hole when he vvas called upon 5 or to break up any play directed his xx ax He just can't be kept from breaking up i plays. His favorite pastime 1S breaking up plays before they get started His defen sive work, coupled with his ability to open i holes in the opposing lines, has made him r one of the most valuable men C H S has ever had. He has won for himself a high l place in the high school football circles and if will be greatly 1nissed when the call IS sent out for next year. VVILLIAM L.xsL1E "C Left Guard Weiglit, 155. Height, 5 ft I in Bill plays. In his third year at guard he held down his position in such a xx ax a to reflect credit on his team and to cox er him self with glory. He presented a xeritable stone Wall to the enemy's offence and in turn opened many a hole in then line He has another year at high school and xx e are looking forward to his strengthenm the line next year. HARRY .ALEXANDER L Right Guard VVeight, 172. Height, 5 it N This was Harry's first year on tht x ll nx His playing was of the highest oidu and not a few guards have learned to then row what kind of a man he 1 1 single game has he failed to di tin I himselfg many are the plays th it h xx t ht n l the sound of their death-knill tlnx I what was supposed to be a h lt ll Lhn lotte's right guard. llc dcseixt r 1 1 the games he put np against ln mmm 1 xpri ienced opponents. His nnfz I good humor did much to str ii I1 11 . morale of the team. 108 .. .... A-.K-...-.EiL4. .L.. ...A .-.....,,,, NIP -sal .K X , "I, l Oi.1x'1f:R Rom: "'C"' XYeight, 145. Left Tackle. Height, 6 ft. This was "l3's" Hrst year in football and if he makes as good in his future years as he did this year, another college star will come into the limelight in about two years. He had the fighting spirit that it takes to play football. XVhen it comes to dumping interference and getting the jump on the other man he is hard to beat. He is a sure tacklerg he always leaves his feet to make a tackle. The team will surely miss him next vear. ANTHONY EDDY "C" Wieight, 120. Halfback. Height, 5 ft. 8 in. "Tony" came to us from Fishburne, where he was a member of the squad. "Tony" doesn't look like trouble but in a football game you'd be surprised how much trouble there is in him. He was in every playg he tackled low, clean, and hard. His Weight was the principal thing that kept him from making the first eleven. He was especially good at end runs, giving many a back-field man the scare of his life. HUGH BOYER "C" Weight-. Left End. Height- When it comes to catching passes "Hughie" can't be beat. The fellows all said he had Hjew blood" in him but whether he had or not he sure caught some of the hardest passes ever thrown on a football field. When he was on the side lines he played as hard as if he were in a game. He noticed where the enemy was making her gains and when he got in he was sure to stop them. He will run somebody hard for a regular berth next year. 109 L-l+:'.c.3"'- -. I I I 5 T 7 i HJ Ill a A ' ll . Charf Char., Charl F, Charf. h iarl C ar., Charl Charf. Charf. C. C. Char Char 1311 13.11 otte otte otte otte otte otte otte otte otte otte otte otte C' harl lotte lotte Charlotte Charl Charlotte Charl Charl Charl Charl Charl. Char l Charl Lotte Charl Charl Char otte otte otte otte otte otte otte otte otte otte High High High High High High High High High High Hig Hig High High Hihg High High High High High h h High High High High High High High School ........ School School School School School School School School School ....... . School ....... . School School School School School School School School School School School School School School School School Total-C. H . S. ........ 1009 s l'Denotes Senior Team. xDenotes Elimination Game. ,mi ?Ea5ket:haII BASKET-BALL SCHEDULE Churchland High School. .- Belmont High School ..---- Greensboro High School. -. Concord High School ...... Lexington High School .... Raleigh High School ....... Monroe High School ...... Carolina Military-Naval Academy Asheville School for Boys.. Asheville High School. . . Kannapolis High School .... Lexington High School .... Asheville High School ..... Concord High School ...... Kannapolis High School .... VVinston-Salem High School Huntersville High School. . . Dixie High School ...... Candler High School ...... Belmont High School ...... Asheville School for Boys.. Greensboro High School .... Leaksville High School ..... Chapel Hill High School .... Charlotte High School, l9ZO Charlotte High School, 1920 Charlotte Y. M. .C. A. .... . . Total-Opponents . . . 114 1 i it 'UF UTS 5 E51 - H f57l'!PJ ll W f'IfMI!I1afv q 55 5x , Hczrvefi 19 E Tw WFS' W? Q MWW5 VJ PM , fVll!S7lP11cf XG.- 115 It 'A"' -f"1f-inzmu .11-:,. H : , ,. Nr.. ..n5.-,41,-Q , lv ' , A x :mlm W A Zgashetiiall Season Playing and defeating every high school basket-ball team in VVestern North Carolina except three, Charlotte High School has made an enviable record. Although defeated for the State championship by one lone point, the basket-ball team of the Charlotte High School closed its season with a record unequaled by any other North- Carolina high school in the last ten years. Every team 113 VVestern North Carolina was played and all but three defeated. Of the. twenty- seven games played the team won twenty-one and lost six, three of which were played on foreign courts and one was played with a senior team. The strong team of the Asheville School for Boys was defeated twice and this is saying some- thing, for this team played and defeated the principal prep schools of North and South Carolina. The C. H. S. team at the end of the season had piled up a total of one thousand and nine points to their opponents' six hundred and sixty-three. The team was very fortunate in having one of the best coaches in the State, and if it had not been for him, Charlotte's "won and lost" column would have been different. Mr. f'Fessor" Faul, although student of the game, managed to find time from his duties as physical director of the Y. M. C. A. to put the boys through their paces and whip them into one of the most formidable cage aggregations Western North Carolina has ever turned out. Heres success to "Fessor" and he will always ind a hearty welcome at the Charlotte High School. The first game of the season was lost to Churchland. But the Hi's came to their own and defeated Belmont, Greensboro and Concord--all in a row. Lexing- ton Hi's gave us our next defeat, but the team came home more determined to win. and defeated Raleigh and Monroe. Then they left on their western trip. defeating the strong team representing C. M-N. A. The next afternoon they gave the Asheville School for Boys its first defeat. That night they lost to ,Xsh-eyille lligh School. After the team returned they won two games, but lost one game to XYinston- Salem. Then started the elimination series. llefore a week had passed the snappy Hiis had eliminated Huntersville, Dixie, Candler and llelmont. The team left for Chapel Hill Tuesday morning and defeated Greensboro that night, and after a day's rest eliminated the strong l,ealasx'ille team. The game was anybody's game until the whistle blew. Then the strong team repre- senting the eastern part of the State was met for the State championship. The game was a hard, clean-fought one. Charlotte had had luelq on shooting foulg Never a better game of high school basket-ball had been seen at Chapel llill. Neither team ever led by more than four points, and had the game lasted om- llti ,.L i dl mmutc lonou most p1obably the result would have been chfferent We let the Nt ltt th 1I1l1J1OI1Sll11J chop by one lone pomt but st1ll retamed the Western champion- slup 'lhus tlosed the best bwsket ball season the Charlotte Hlgh School has ever '2l. D xx NI XLLERY Captain Gzlavfd Guard Guard Guard if VH Q fr: 9 ml' ' X f I 1 fl wf QQ: , 'v-1 ,u f 1 ' X 'T 1 L 1-'4 1. I A33 - ..-T III, A sfvffaf Q Girls' Zgaskebhall P X - 0 . . . lhe prospects of a winning team for the girls were very bright this year, tor the same squad came out for practice that graced the positions on the varsity tor '20, and we hoped sincerely to make something of it. After the class games had been played and the Seniors had proven themselves champions, the varsity team was chosen. Then we found that the varsity of '20 was to be the varsity of '21 with the help of several substitutes, just to brighten things up. Each year the obstacles in the path of the girls' team are gradually being overcome, and we are proud to know that our team has been an active force in removing these obstacles, for by this have we not shown that girls, as Well as boys, can light for the honor and praise of the school they both love? In conclusion We would like to extend to Mr. Couch and Mr. Murrill our sincere appreciation for the splendid trainnig they so obligingly put us through, and to all the members of the student-body We extend our heart-felt gratitude for the splendid co-operation given us in all our contests with visiting teams. -M. S. B., 'Z1. Varsity Squaw MARY IQEESLER .............. ................ . . . ............ Captain RUTLEDQE DlUDLEY ................................... Manager MR. J. N. COUCPI-MR. H. A. MUIQRILL, IR.. .Coaches Centers VIRGINIA WHITLOCIQ MARTHA JAMISON Fovfwards RUTLEDGE DUDI1EY MILDRED SHEPHERD Guards MARGAIQET BROWN MARY KEESLER Substitutes WAYNE DUDLEY ELIZABETH GONZALES LoUIsE GIBBON JESSIE JARRELL ELIZABETH STRATFORD 119 Q my 5l"'lQ Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte High High High High High High High School School School School School School ........ 24 g School ........26, ........26: ........24 ........Z3 aa .g bnbehules nf Games ' Mooresville High School... Mooresville High School.. . 3 Winston-Saleiii High School 143 Greensboro High School... 32g VVinston-Salem High School Greensboro High School... Q Y. VV. C. A. ............. . 120 A .5 .., X .VN ' Mfmqwwmiif- ------ -.-I E r ' 3, Q limi !! X + ,gym .LZ 'lfgfffff i ,f - - ' " 'MH fun . T ,ff ffffprkg-U r, Y -t 1-.f1j,vfl'Lf' U- L'-fa-'U A. ..., , F X Q F -k -,,,-.kb , fi iff- xg, X 'nn' -if ' xxx ' ' ' -X X 'ii-"Hi . . AN -- Q-Q- 'ff-',,, ,, i ? 'Mg25qMxiQLMMm, - - ' , ,-.,fI""" " "" -"A ' ' " A ink gf " 'T' ' ' 'A ' ' V V Eg m , . ,V X xi 1 uv f' VY P' W as 22? ."' U PM G1:g flif-'E5 153 X 5 y X QSVVIPJ' -snll-K ,Q - N rf A Y L A it , A igasehall . The baseball season strated about three Weeks before the end of the basket- ball season. Coach Murrill called for pitchers and catchers first, and immediately after the return of the basket-ball team from Chapel Hill, practice was started in earnest. Practice started in full swing at Independence Park, Where, about forty boys were run through each afternoon. With Mr. Murrill as Coach, "TootieH Crayton, Manager, and Harry Alexander, Captain, our chance for the State championship looks promising. - The probable line-up will be as follows: HARRY ALEXANDER ..................... . . .. ....... Captain BYRD CRAYTON ..... ' ....... ....... JV Iazzager HUGH MURRILL, JR. '. . . . . .Coach ALEXANDER ....... .-.- P ifCl161' WILSON . . .... Pitcher BYRD , , , .... Pitcher BRYAN .... .... C a-tcher FORD . . . .. .... Catcher QWEN5 , U .... First Base ROWE . . . .... First Base JARRELL .. .... Second Base Second Base .Third Base . . .Shortstop . .Left Field . .Left Field Center Field .Right Field QSBORNE EDDY ..... - . HARVELL . . . - CoUcH . . . - - WOODSIDE. . . - - - QUERY .... ---- BIERMAN . . . ' - 123 ,-- ..i5a- - A -: VW v..,1-..::-Easy.-a:.s."" "W ' i Q 9 -4 X I x -i E 5 3, 2. S . X 3 5 w 4 - . w a w u. 1. i .. -. : ,. Q, 5 1 .. - A Q, -. Qi' .2-. .., L '- - 1 -. Q.. a. . -.4 4 - X... , YQ, ...f .. , " 2? .U ..S. .... n.. .,.-1' . .. . --n-ax f,,. .. ---Q: f1u..u --4.4 .-. A-,.n -1.- f..,...r-A . . md. .,J-.m.-- . -...nv , . 1511315 , .X fa-mm ' f,,,-..-1-.n-A "1 : - ...,.... A, , .--V.-1. ,., ,.1.---:pg 'fI!.."1..-"m.- if' . ---- r1'!,..Y.--r N-7 ', .1 .,.T.ZA . 1 '- . . ... .L ' , ., r - -A ,- .fl A I .4 H ,-:'.,, 2, 'my' "lx: -1- ' '-:If iff, wg If ,N '32, . 9".'I1I1l 'I .w ,,. . -'-" ". -.w M., .mv av.,A"f fill' zauqgggz... 1""' ,au- ,.,.- .w . -Q' ,...5- ,,.f. ,,,qgg,2f,.:L, ,uf-1 .,,,... ,,..--:Q ,mil IZLT-fn-f,:'... ,,,l'l',ff,,...1,, .l""' Q NIU" ... L, ..,..m , 'i:5:j12132'n U ,...g.,,:,.."".- , ...U ,,,..,.- ..,.....g1r-3 .. f-wg ..-ayf. M : ,- 1 . gf 'ffl-971 r,-. r"" ,W .,.sf" Ili ALL3xAN1n1w:R GRAIQIAM LITERARY SOCIETY -.--.V - -.. 1-,-,i Mw,.N,. A ,,,, d L: ,WL ,- 5 E 3 1 3 1 Y 1 s E ! 2 i J ,..a. CAMERON lX1ORRISON LIT1a31mRY SOCIETY V X V 1 , N N x w 1 , A fff Ql F s N w N . H2 X 412 Q l H H Cm Q x l N N WN 11 ul A: K ,..',- ,pf AM - 4'---A 4--6--4'-'-W f HM- -'A-'M-" ' "-' 'u""""" 5 I ...Ana t K 4 r. C X ,.. .C if -so 4, ut1.lua i K Ctlamszrun jftlurrisnn literary butietp 19204921 At the first meeting of all the students of the junior and Senior classes who wished to belong to literary societies, it was voted to divide the boys and girls into separate societies. It vvas thought that under these conditions the greatest possible development could be attained. 4 The boys' society at their first meeting voted to adopt the name "Cameron Morrison Literary Society." It was felt that this name was rnost appropriate because Mr. Morrison was the first citizen of Charlotte to be elected Governor of North Carolina. The aims which our society have endeavored to fulfill are to teach and encourage the students to express themselves in public and to guide their minds into literary channels. To these ends, our programs include debates, declamations, recitations, five-minute talks, topics of the day, and musical selections, spiced witi humor. In carrying out these programs it has been the policy of the committees to offer as many students as possible opportunities to develop themselves along these lines. -D. W. Y., '21. J l GFFICERS DAVID YATES ............. ............ .......... P 1 'csidcnt JAMES QUERY. . U l ..'.,, . .... l'viCC-Pl'CSl.dCl1f GELDER RoB1NsoN ......... ....... S ccrcfary SON ...... ....... I 1'c'a511rm' THoMixs CLARK ' EVERETT Br15Rixr.xN .... . . .Szzjwwzsor FRANK IVY ..... .... C Vlflff .4,' C 129 44-- X If A IQ ,lwm CUTS 5 The 1921 Qlriangular Eehaters Qpril 1, 1921 In the triangular debate this year our affirmative team, composed of Frank Ivy and Gelder Robinson, debated Durahmls negative at Raleigh, our negative team, composed of Sarah Dunlap and Stuart Quern, met Raleighis affirmative at Durham. Our debating team this year was composed entirely of seniors. Frank, a new comer in our midst this year, excelled in oratory as well as in presenting the argument convincingly for his side. Debating is no new field for Gelder, as he upheld the honor of our school last year. and this year has only added to his laurels as a declaimer and debater. Sarah, the only girl among the jolly four, captivated the audience by her attractive and forceful manner of pleading her cause. She holds tenaciously to her argument. Stewart, the wit of the quartette, proved a winning factor against Raleigh by his brilliant reasoning and his wonder- ful storehouse of examples. We predict a bright and famous future for all these youthful forensic artists. A IN RALEIGH CHARLOTTE faffirmativeb DURHAM fnegativej Frank Ivy Ludlow Rogers Gelder ROMUSOI1 Eunice Hutchins judges' decision-Charlotte, O, Durham, 3. IN DURHAM RALEIGH fEL1Cf:1I'11Tla'ElV6D CI1A.XRLQTTE Qnegatix-ey I- 0513 BEUICY Sarah Dunlap Everett McDaniel Stuart Quem Judges' decision-Raleigh, O, Charlotte, 3. IN CHARLGTTE DURHAM. Qafiirinativej RALEIGH giicgntiwy Annie Wall Foushee Hem, g MMYOU Saunders Alexamlcr Klzxrsli judges' decision-Durham, 3, Rglgiqlia Q. 130 I u S X Z! I! , P L H gi i. I I, i 1 V , 1. E , W i , a ll 1 1 4 1 I 1 I 2 w x E CW..- i 4 9' J Ff' cl u ,..., 1 V 1 f'?M: , rf -Y f-t,f?.,,G.4 WM . ...f,T,-1 s i . I 1 1 7 I . I f E 3 1 f i V 1 i I E g P 51.752-. 1 1, e 11' aim X731 f H Hfqlrxf Qx 2 I 1 1 i , 1, 1 z 7'if'?f'fEN 'N Q L,LNxif55 Q Q I DIQBATERS ,f:,f:fH-,---w, ., - , WM-.-Y HA -k ---A ' I QJ Q. K 1 ...-.Y Y....v- rw.. -. ,,-..,.. 1, - . .. , .1 .....-....,.,-n,Y , , ,Y , ,Y ,W , Y-. .- .v 7-97, ..-V Y-- YY M , .,., - , Y , ,.,, ,, ,, - - ff -A--f-4-----'vw -- ---Y ..-,--.....,,.,-,, ., . ...,,,,- , pry ,477 m .Wa mf. 35112-.7 if:-U fe! ,.-,J 4-A L if .M ,, S I ,QE ffi'-5 WW QQ Wimfigx Q ff C74 1 , W K O1zC11135'1'1e A , -Q I x L! X L A - IP Jl!'l I 11 5 , ,Af-Q E ORCHESTRA ANNIE MAY HAYES ....... ,,,,,,,,,, P 50,10 I. HAL KEMIJ, Leader .... ............ C' lariizct ROBERT BUCK ............ ........ . .Clarinet BYRD CRAYTON ......... ...... S axoplionc HAMMON BOOTH ......... . . .Saxophone I. QWEN WOODSIDE. . . . . .Cornet BRUCE OWENS ..... . . . Violiii PAUL CARMICHAEL. . . ...... Violin ELIZABETH MAYES ....... .... l 'ioliiz RALPH VVOODSIDE ..... ...... l 'iolim INA JANE PERKINS ..... .... B aizjo . . . .Drzrnzs HENRY F. VVYLY, JR. .... . . 133 A - ff- -,L-I Q ' ' ' ' uqllilif-' ' JL. , gli V--- . "JY u . 'Yv' . fm J-dl!!! 5 'mlm W5 Ciba Stuhent Qluuncil A representative body of the students of the school, known as the Student Council, was formed last fall by Mr. McCall, our principal, for the purpose of giving the school a voice in the internal affairs of the school. lt is sincerely hoped that this Council will form the basis of a student self-government system for the school, as it is a representative organization which endeavors to better the stand- ards and conduct of the pupils. The Council is made up of a boy and girl elected from each room, the presidents of the four classes, and the presidents of the Athletic Association and of the Girls' High School Club. OFFICERS F. GELDER ROBINSON .... .............. .......... P 1 'eszdenz' SARAH B, DUNLAP ,,,, , ..... Vice-President LOUISA DULS .............. ....... S ecffetary MORGAN B. SPIER, JR.. .. . .... Treasm'er MEMBERS SENIOR CLASS MEMBERS Sarah Dunlap F. Gelder Robinson J. Owen Woodside Maria Rose Margaret Jones David Yates JUNIOR CLASS MEMBERS Byrd Crayton Helen Nora Sherrill Morgan B. Spier, Jr. Jessie Mae Moore Martha Lee Maclean Sinclair Francis Beatty SOPHOMORE CLASS MEMBERS Nancy Dickinson Wallace Smith Billy Harvell Lamar Thomas Mabel Williams Lillian Johnson Harold Carter FRESHMAN CLASS MEMBERS Charlotte Milstead Margaret Bailey Corrina Laxton Sal-ah lvloody FTPUTCCS Henley Linn Garibaldi Albert Whisnant, Jr. Hugh Sinclair Worth Morris THE HONOR COMMITTEE Lucy Holmes Carson Agnsta R050 Rutledge Dlldley Ry1'd Qifnyton Gelder Robinson Maclean Sinclair Jean Crowell Olive Scarrett Elizabeth Ledwell Edgar Curlee Daisy Bell Page Maud Roberts John Jones Jean Crowell Elizabeth Meyer Vivan Core Clara Davis Porter Lilla Bnrwcll Craig' Shelton John Barrier XYillard Kccrans Charlotte Nlilstcad Linn Garibaldi 134 ' ,,J,,- ...using Hfumi 135 hHv,q, L -v ,.1fLL.., I E .7 V -' u- . ,. C 4 IIIQ if ,lpq am" a . I-HY UBS . JBL. This is the Hrst year that the Charlotte High School has had a Hi-Y Club, and this year has proven that the Hi-Y Club is an asset to any high school. Qur club is affiliated with the State and international organizations. The purpose of the Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity high standards ot Christian character. The slogan is t'Clean Living. Clean Speech, Clean Athletics, Clean Scholarship, and Contagious Christian Char- acter." Our organization is divided into three different clubs: The Senior Club, the Junior Club, and the Sophomore Club. Each club meets separately every week and is instructed in the Bible by their respective leaders. Qnce a month the com- bined clubs have a banquet which is followed by instructive talks from prominent Charlotte citizens. A -I. B. L., '2l. beniur itat? Qllluh OFFICERS MR. C. W. TILLETT, IR. .... ............. . . .......... Landm- J. QWEN WOODSIDE ..... ............ P 1-midvnf ALEX MCMILL.AN .... . . . l'irv-Pwsidczzf JACK MILSTEAD ..... . . . .Secretary JAMES QUERY .... . .Trcciswcr MEMBERS Gelder Robinson James Query Clarence Boyd Jack London Jack Milstead Dan Nallery David Yates RiCl121l'1l Littlcjolm Alex Nchlillzm J. Owen NYoodsidc 136 XT SN mv Www WM. MW -'ff N 1, .- L- min A S51 ,ff ' X ,, - pw "' 9- 2,15 Mi Q A 2 if Q 2 , 4. s . v I N 1 X X 5 X X I ' 1 S3155 ' ...-W.---X......n -OA but Aaiqgqh- FA- -,,p..1.,Q..,,-f?,'-.- , V L.. ........p. ---sq' UTS l R g B , X 1 Y if R -- f-fl R 'milpa i Zuniur lab? Qllluh MR. FRANCIS CLARRSON. . . MACLEAN SINCLAIR. . . NIORGAN SPEIR. . . ROBERT BUCK... Nelson Jones Ralph Woodsicle Morgan Spier Byrd Crayton Maclean Sinclair Spaight Adams GFFICERS MEMBERS .. .......... Lvadm ..... ....Pl'CSi0,Fl1f . . .Vice-Presidclzf ..Sec1'ctcw'y and TTCUSIIITI' James Slianuonliousc Robert Buck Hal Kemp Everett Bierman A John Thompson 138 , jg llkf gy' I I X 1-,, N- mm ,gp ',,g,:,,.-,,.,.. A A--fm---K----M-e-V--0-4--YN- Y . ,H J f--- Av yxlxr 1 W -iq., 1,1 nb ,-., ,g w-'X---e-N- , f xy! 'Q 'NN .auw.gX,g X 'Ek' bnpbumnre fiat? Qiluh OFFICERS MR. D. C. YOUNG ....... ................ ........ I . :adm ROBERT AICRIILLAN. . . .......... President JOHN YONAN .............. .............. I 'ffl'-IjI'f'SI-dfllf THOMAS MOORE CRAIG ..... .Scc1'cfa1'y and Y'1'cc1s111'w' BIEBIBERS Spenser Bell XYillard Keerans Leroy Vaughan Garrett Morehead Thomas Moore Craig' XYalker Jarrell Billy Harvell Robert Klcllillau Julius Doar John Yonan Gary Heisman Rrig'gs Marsh 139 ' Q A - -,.,......'- 3 lf- ' ' f "" " - f -- f - "-www-f-----gf- -K-A-Nu i-1-----W life ii? li I M5 'fT'Qgg.A., ,,,ig1gi j, g gf-N' "ig,g -' 5 " wr '11 E- P N I w W +5 GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL CLUB L l ' Y' ' 9 x,,. fx 1 - JI!!! 'Wi .. H 'Illini mn. ' V , . , , . s rmrtrnrimi 'f 'f ,-,lllll!'-.':i..rlli.1- l.l'll,- - l'v,,lt' flutli , i, n + QC-I-l l H ' r T i . . M a ' f 5 ll , ,Q fu. .. - H A in I t' ,f N t g , . t U 4, fi, . , T 1 sy , f 1 in i l lt 5 "".: 0 t' t 'N if f fgg l 'C W .t t T .1..ltxsl..'. .- ,a ff S a ' ' - V, ' A ,W GIHL5' HIGH SCHOOL CLU B The Girls, High School Club, an organization to which any high school girl above the Freshman Class may belong, was begun several years ago under the direction of the local Young VVomen's Christian Association. From the time of its organization, the club has steadily grown in numbers and in influence until today it is a factor of great importance in creating and maintaining high standards for our school. The yearly program of the club includes much that is helpful to the average school girl, and at the same time gives her the opportunity for social service of various kinds. At the regular meetings of the club, problems that are met at high school are discussed and as a result, important decisions relating to all phases of our social life are often reached. For instance, the Poster Campaign, urging the importance of a high school education, carried on in the sixth and seventh grades of the city schools, was a movement sponsored by the Girls' High School Club. And again the campaign for higher ideals in work and recreation was carried through by the club in connection with the Hi-Y Clubs. The high school girls, through the club, have been able to do much to help others. The Christmas tree gave a great deal of joy to a number of children who otherwise could have had no "Santa Clausf, The Christmas bags sent to some Indian children in Arizona also carried from the club a bit of the true Christmas spirit. I Of interest to others besides the members of the Girls' High School Club is the annual College Day which is held under the auspices of the Southern Associa- 141 ir 1 i i H 1:10 A - 4,35 s A 4 We , II ' 1 'un he Y. W. C. A. Most of the tion of College VVonIen and the Girls' Department of t leading Southern colleges send delegates and colleges too far away to send dele- gates send interesting letters. By 1neans of this meeting many girls are encourage to attend college. Now besides all these interesting things, there are the various good things to be enjoyed throughout the year, such as the picnic at Camp Latta for the girls in last yearls Senior Class, and the Hallowe'en party for the Hi-Y boys. In all these phases of our club activities we are striving more and more towards the accomplishnient of the purpose of the club which is "to create, main- tain, extend, and practice throughout the Charlotte High School, high ideals of Christian character, to bring the student to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to give her Opportunities for Christian service." 015132 Qiahimzt MARGARET JONES ..... ............. .... ...... P 1 ' vsidmzt EDITH GILCHRIST ....... . . .Vice-Prvsia'cnt MARGARET HENDERSON. . . ..... Sccmtary AUGUSTA ROSE ...... ..................... T l'C'USII7'CI' SUSIE KEERANS. . . ..... Clzczirman Sofia! Couznziftcv MARIA ROSE ...... ..... C l10i7'l1Zl171 P1'0g1'a111 COIl1II11'l'fFC' ELIZABETH BRENTZ. . . . ..Cl1CZi7'l7LU1fZ Social SC'7'i'1iC'C Conzmiffvv EDITH GILCHRIST .... .... C lzairzzzan ilfC'lIIbl'l'.S'1Zlif Conzuziffvv AUGUSTA ROSE ....... ...... C lzairnzalz Fizzcilzriul Cozzzazziffvr MARGARET ROBERTS. .. .... Clzairzlzazz Posfvr Llwlzzfzziffcv I 142 L x w 4 n 4 w 1 1 XY'-115 ,X 1 . ...,.,v,.-iw I ,fx , X i E, ,Mi 5:JwLl!!',fi 'ii Jxqigxxf 5 '-N-WW-.N D :11 E---' E- K-F K1 Qflmf' ,,.......A...-,...I" vi, ,gif qw"-,f EW E I L E! : Qx . wg , i 1 E s I 'e i P I E g 5 I f K l E 5 E - s 21 f E 1 5 ff f ! f f 1 I H I 4 I 2 I l . f 3 I 3 1 I Q 1 l 2 I . 5 Q ' 4 I 7 Q 1 E Q o 9 . 4 Q TIME AND PLACE OF MEETING: QIII-X'fI1IIC, UII,X'lfU'X', 4111-yn FLOWER: Hvilcl Unirm. MUTTU: D0 oflzvrs before flzv-v do -wzr. SUNG: "Hc1iI! Hail! ffm Gazzgfs all Hc'rv."' E COLUIQS: Bluffs and 191115. ig BIEMIZIETRS BIILSTEA-XD YATES NICNIII I xx QUERY limb I E,.,, ,,,,, ,.., --w---h......,-,,-E- -M .W ' ili ' 143 my -3" 'L I-EQ so 7 E 2 4, Uribe letter Qiluh The Letter Club made its appearance in the Charlotte High School for the first time this year. Anyone who has made a letter in any form of athletics is eligible for membership. The Y. M. C. A. has very kindly offered the club a fur- nished room in which the semi-monthly meetings are held, and where members may spend their leisure time. The object of the club is to show distinction to those who have spent their time and energy to represent their high school in athletics. There are eighteen football men and six basket-ball men in the club, and since this is the first year of the club, there are no baseball men among its members. Although the Letter Club has not accomplished much this year, we hope to make it a real organ of our school. -J. W. M., ,2l. Qhfficzrs ' JACK NIILSTEAD ........... ........ .... . . . Pacszdmzt ALEX MCMILLAN ..... ........ S ecrcfan BYRD CRAYTON. . . .... Reporter .lq....g.4l. Uliliearers of the "QL" FQOTBALL CRAYTON ALEXANDER BRYAN DIXON BIERMAN CLARKSON PARTRIDGE MoREHE.aD DoAR RowE WWE BOYER MALLERY HUNTER LASLIE MILSTE.-XD BASKET-BALL MILSTEAD in ,xr I FP ' MCMILLAN YQXTISQI A BIERMAN 1 1.xRvE1,1, 144 1 ! I Z I I i I f 2 1 4 n 1 I i 1 I 1 n I I v 1 i I 1 1 1 K 1 Y l F r I 1 Q L r E 3 i 1 4 ! E I g,,-1n L..,l W Af"-JL...,,,,,, ,-Aw-1" 'I R Q Nzgigif J' ,,,-,fc--M f'- C' Vx RLT il Hfigfff LETTER CLUB 39 f . -ei--s , 145 f IFJ' en!! S - !ll -T' J., dl 4 wuqumm? beer leavers DAVID YATES RUTLEDGE DUDLEY I. CJWEN XYUODSIIPI3 When yon're np, you're up! Rome, C?6521'1'- Cicero- Gi'-U!! When you're down, you're down. Charlotte l-ligh School But when you're up against Charlotte High You're upside down! Beats them all!!! VVash 'em out! Ring ,em out! Hang 'em on the line! D Boom chica boom, boom chica boom! Charlotte lligh School! Boom chica, rica chica! Boom! Boom! Boom! Any old time. Team! Team! Rah! Rah! Rooten, tooten, all a shooten! Sons of guns of Charlotte! Wild and woolly, full of Heasg Never been curred below the Halted once but never rode. Look out for us- WE'RE BAD ! ! -- is in a high chair, Who put 'em up there? Ma, Pa, Sis, Boom, Bah! Charlotte! Charlotte ! Rah! Rah! Rah! Ice water! Cold water! Hot water! Steam! fFoothgill tcznn knees. Charlotte lligh's ! Basket-l1:1ll 1c1111' L Baisehzill tczun Ray! Ray !-Rah! Rah! Clizlllottv-C1111rlwttt-wCl1411-lone ' '1 Cl1:11'-1'-1'-1'-long! Cl1a1'-1'-1'-1'-lotto! ! llolcl! 11.11111 11.51.11 l 146 ! , .u!u0 'l 'gn 751 , Q . PUBLICATIGNS 1ll'lIl illbe Snips auh Qlluts Staff 1921 JACK BRYAN LONDON ...... .............. E ditor-iii-Clzief MARIA KIRICLAND ROSE ...... ....... A ssistaizt Editor-in-Clzief JACK WOODSON MILSTEIAD .... .............. B zisiizess .Uaizager JOSEPH QWEN WOODSIDE. . . .... Assistant Business Manager JAMES VICTOR QUERY ....... .......... A tliletie Editor MARGARET SHAW BROWN. .. .... Girls' Athletic Editor LOUISE WILSON GIBBON. .. ........ Social Editor MARY LILY SOSSOMON .... .... , Art Editor HENRY FORNEY WYLY, JR.. . . .... Art Editor VVILLIAM CLARENCE BOYD. . . . . .Comic Editor MARGARET HENDERSON ....... ...... I zinior Editor GARRETT MOREHEAD ..--. .... S oplzouzore Editor CORINNA LAXTON ..... .... I Treslimaii Editor 148 Sfvfw -1 'K , Al.. Q 1 'mf U75 ROS XO 'fam Londo I 149 ,W --' -rv--,,.,.,. -vw- L N Qu X W ie- ' 'mlm 1075 The Qbgrailap The "Al-Gra-Hyu Cshort for Alexander Graham Highj is the successor to the "Tattler," last year's school Weekly. The magazine of this year is about six times as large as last year's "Tattler" and appears monthly. Its aim is to be a thoroughly representative school publication, portraying the life of the student in all its aspects: in school work, in athletics and in entertainments. The staff of the "Al-Gra-Hy" is made up Of elected seniors who are con- sidered competent to write in their respective Delds of actions, and who are noted for their enthusiasm in helping the school. Taken as a Whole, it is composed of the best material the school Offers. It frequently also calls in aid from various members of the student-body, and receives and prints contributions worthy of publication. The magazine has had an all-round successful year and hopes to bequeath a popular heritage to the future senior class. JACK SPENSER ....... LUCY HOLMES CARSON VIRGINIA VVHITLOCK. DAVID YATES ....,.... ....Ea'1'z'0r-ilz-Clzifj ....LitCrU1'y Edirol . . . .Social Ediiof . . . .filflllvfic Edffoz J. OWEN WOODSIDE. . . CLARENCE BOYD .... ........ .. . .E.1'CllGllg'C Edifoz JACK LONDON .... Hi 1' f1,,g, MARIE TJAGOOD. . . Business Staff MILDRED SHEPHERD. . . . . .................. ........ B ezzsizzvm FRANK IVY ........ JAMES QUERY .... D. STUART QUERN. . . . . . . . . . .fld-z'01'fisi11g . . . .Assisfmzf ,-lcz'i'c1'fi.wi11g .. .... .. ....Cli1'v11fafio11 I Reporters ANNIE MAY HAYES. . . LOUISE GIBBON ..... MARY KEESLER. . . ZELDA GARRISON .... DAISY BELL PAGE .... CECIL W. PRICE .... CLYDE SIIUEORD .... MARY MII,LS HAM. . . i 0 ...u......... ....Sl'IIf0I' . . . .Smziur ..-.Senior ....Sv11iO1' . . .,!'1111iOr ......fIHIfUI' Sofvlzoalmlu' . 1'll't'S1IIlIUlI .....C0111ic Edirol Ea':'fOr -..- ...Girls High 5611001 Club Ea1'i1'O.' .lftlllllxffl -l lamzgcr .lfalltlfyfr .llmzagcr 1Qc'f0I'fa'I' 1Cvf'orlu1' 1xi1'fUl'fI'V 1C4'f'or1'v1' R4'f0I'fCI' R1'f0I'fz'l' 1x,1'fm1'fp1' 1fm'f'OI'f4'l' 150 imwii paul bleu-J el ilsxvii I " X":m.sif .luck Lf: the ICH: rwefiwc ell. mn! .Lrnu'11 . 'E IFJ 5991? A f A 1 igqln. burial Qlalenhar September 7, 1920-School opening. September 25-Dance for Monroe football team given by the high school boys. September-Football team entertains Concord football team with a dance. Gctober 29-Charlotte High School holds a reception for the Greensboro football team. November l-Girls, High School Club entertains the Hi-Y Clubs with a Hallow- e'en party. November 12-Football team gives dance in ho-nor of Winston-Salem team. December 20 to january 4-Christmas holidays. January 8-Letter Club dance. january 21-junior-Senior party. . january-Girls' basket-ball team entertains Winston girls' basket-ball team and for Raleigh boyis basket-ball team. February 12-Stunt night. Ferbuary 18-Boys, basket-ball team entertains Winston boys. February 25-Girls' basket-ball team gave a dance for Greensboro girls. April l-Loud sock day. April 1-Triangular debate. Reception for triangular debaters. April 8-Davidson College Glee Club and Orchestra gives concert in high school auditorium benefit of SNIPS AND CUTS. April-Stunt night repeated. April-Seniors entertain Juniors. April-Hi-Y Clubs return party given by the Girls' High School Club. May 15-Baccalaureate sermon. May 19-Class day exercises. May 19-Graduating exercises. 152 X cufs A, fp., ...umm 'X an ' 3 ,: - ,sf-'O' 'ITT' SQETT. 153 'ff- 1 - qw, we burial DANCE FOR MONROE Saturday, September 25, 1920, the C. H. S. football team gave a dance for the Monroe football team, whom C. H. S. had defeated that afternoon. The dance was given at the home of Robert Buck. Dancing was enjoyed by many members of the high school until twelve o'clock. Refreshments consisting of punch and cakes were served during the evening. RECEPTION FOR GREENSBORO Friday, October 29, 1920, in the High School auditorium, C. H. S. gave a reception in honor of the Greensboro football team. C. H. S. had been victorious over the visitors that afternoon. The evening was enjoyed thoroughly by all those present. Ice cream cones were served during the evening. HALLOVVEEN PARTY The Girls' High School Club gave a Halloween party at the Y. XY. C. A. in honor of the Hi-Y Clubs, Monday, November 1, 1920. All attending were dressed in weird, fascinating costumes. Many Halloween games were enjoyed. such as, bobbing for apples and chewing the string. Throughout the evening iee cream and cakes were served. DANCE FOR XNINSTON FOOTBALL TEAM Friday, November 12, 1920, C. H. S. football team gave a dance at the Selwyn Hotel in honor of the VVinston-Salem football team. .-X large number of the high school set was present. Music was furnished bv Shadd's Orchestra and dancing was enjoyed by all until midnight. As we hail defeated XYinston that afternoon the dance was more than enjoyed by the Charlotte lligh School members present. 154 O L.. -Q 'Jn -4 ru--- . ss 1 i ffj' .Zulu 5 1 , 1, V - wnlllia L 749 5 1'lllQlS'l'Nl.XS IIOLIIIXYS, IDECEMIIER 20, 1920 TG JANUARY 4 1921 U 1 1' ' - - 1. ' .' . . - - . I Il llhlulllll 111 1111 1111111 llkdllllg 111 the school building tl1e Christmas holidays llxuilll llll-CC lilly.. 1-111'li11' lg 1- 1 1 A ' , KLITIHQ ' I ' I 'sw V 11.111 scheduled, much to the joy of tl1e students. Many 1 KKS 11111 p.11111s 11 eie Cll.IUf'CCl by tl1e high scl1ool set during the holidays LETTER CLUB DANCE The Letter Club gave a da11ce at VVoman's Club, Saturday, january 8, 1921, The Letter Club is made up of tl1e boys who have made a positio11 on tl1e varsity football, basket-ball, or baseball squad. The dance vvas a very enjoyable affair. Tl1e chaperones for tl1e occasion were: Mr. and Mrs. Sid Lovve, and guest, M155 Grier, of Fort Mill, S. C., Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Murrill, jr., and Mr. a11d Mrs. John R. Purser. Music was furnished by Shadd's Qrchestra. JUNIOR-SENICR PARTY The juniors gave the Seniors a party at tl1e home of Miss Minerva McClung, Friday, january 21, 1921. The house was attractively decorated i11 tl1e Senior Class colors-green and White. A merry ga111e of clap in and clap out opened the evening's festivities. After tiring of games, dancing was enjoyed duri11g the latter part of the evening. Delightful refreshments, cake and ice cream, were served by the juniors througl1out the evening. DANCE FUR WINSTON AND RALEIGH Un Saturday, january, 1921, tl1e girl's a11d boys' basket-ball teams gave a dance in honor of the Winstoii girls' basket-ball team a11d tl1e Raleigh boys, basket-ball team. The dance was given at tl1e l1ome of Miss Virginia LeGrande NVhitloclc in Myers Park. Dancing was thoroughly enjoyed by all until 12 o'clock. Throughout the evening refreshments, consisting of ice cream and cakes, WC? r ed b tl1e host and hostess Tl1e dance was especiallx enjoyed by the C. ll. C. se v y - M- I - , , , teams because they had been victorious over the visitors earlier 111 tl1e evening. 155 -, ... .A-1-7 ... .-.....-,..., ,.., T 4 IILQ . .O gg- . A QDJ' eslnv at f 1 'll'lll 5 STUNT NIGHT One of the most enjoyable events of the mid-term was '4Stunt Night," which occured on the night of February 12, in the high school auditorium. It was given for the benefit of the High School Parent-Teacher Association and a good sum was realized. Each class presented an original stunt. The stunt which received the first prize of five dollars was the one put on by Class 9-E, number two. It represented a group of little girls in an orphan asylum with Miss Jean Crowell as their matron. She put them through their usual morning exercises, much to the enjoyment of the audience. Class 9-E, number two-, presented their prize of five dollars to the Seniors for the benefit of the Annual. The second prize of two dollars was won by Class 8-A. The members of 8-A represented a school class with Miss C'lara Davis Porter as its teacher. She called the roll and the names of the students were the same as the names of the present faculty. 8-A also presented its prize for the benefit of the Annual. After the presentation of the stunts, ice cream cones and candy were sold for the benefit of the Annual. The evening will be remembered pleasantly by all who attended. DAVIDSON GLEE CLUB CONCERT, APRIL 8, 1921 Friday, April 8, 1921, the Davidson College Glee Club presented an entertain- ment under the auspices of SNIPS AND CUTS. The entertainment, which consisted of a concert and vaudeville combined, was held in our high school auditorium. The performance was enjoyed by all attending. The quartet was exceptionally good. The vaudeville act was also noteworthy, as well as the acrobatic stunts which were greeted with a shower of warm applause. The VVildcat jazz Orches- tra, which, by the way, certainly lives up to its name, sent the audience into shivers of ecstasy. The Glee Club Chorus, made up of nineteen men. sang many folk songs and popular airs, of which all were thoroughly enjoyed. Although the performance was very poorly attended, it proved the source of a great deal of pleasure to the few present. The time has come for the Annual to go to press and our spring activities have hardly begun. The Senior-junior party, class banquet, and many other parties and dances will be enjoyed by us this spring. Thus we will carry away many happy thoughts and memories of the years spent in the good old Charlotte High School. 156 I I I I I 1? I. 1 If I1 ,I I I1 I I1 11 I II II I1 I1 II IF 11 I: 1 1 I I1 1 I l I Il 11 1 1 I I I I I1 I .I 12 II 1 1 S My-,w,,,,kW,,,,M-,.---1.-M-f - -- I I Q44-W . ,,,, ' f ' 1 IHULI' 1....1 Il53iL-Rw.g - 'Wyy :II,IKTI,,Q,Q! N I H Ak h " R 'DOC 1 1 it 'HNM1 T K-Q, . -1 e" " . QQZIBJQ UAS 157 I 1 1 I 1 I I 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 I I Ili 1. 1,1 ,J Ii., IJJIIIIIIIII EIIII EE IIIDJIIIIII IIIIU EE EB llllmllll' ' " "Ill Hlllm Kwai MIX- ull 1. S E -9+ - . 'f, 5 ' wmlulllllaln... S. fb W Q S in f ? 7 E- BE 1 gg Z 4 : E xx 5 aa 4 .X S- Q 4 7 V 1 Q' 5 E 4 K NNN 5 5 WWX- .nflflwmp ...mmm I. T9 ,, E ,,H.Q!. , - .mlllllll Ima. ...11'l!Mxxuw as 5 Ver 1semen 5 cl 'E' JC 3 E na an LIIJ an s 5 2 5 s E ! E . 5 i , 1 5 , an an mmm UU DD - gg gmmmnmnnmmw-m' v -ummiH f1uum ICICI 161 fU7tS g h . Q l,ll - gi, -ani. 4. ' ll . RAY--ACTION Oh chemist of skill, investigate! . Answer this quiz of mine. I think I know what Carbonate, But where did Iodine? ..l-ii-- WORTH THE PRICE "I understand," remarked Callahan to his friend Casey, "that the judge lined ye S10 fOI' assaultin' Coughlin the other dayf, "He did that," answered Mr. Casey, Han' it was a proud moment, Iill tell ye, whin I heard the sintincef' "I-Iow's that ?" ' "I'm thinkin'," continued Mr. Casey, "that it showed which one of us had the best of the hghtf, The following paragraph recently appeared in a newspaper: "VVhile in New York City, a North Carolina man saw in a newspaper a statement that his home town had been en- tirely swept away by a hurricane. On return- ing he found that one mule alone had been lost."' Must have been a one-hawse town. PERHAPS THE SERGEANT, TOO It was Sunday, and Sergeant Jones was driving a bucking, one-cylinder Ford down the streets of the old home town. "Ought to put Lizzie's name on the casualty list," called a fresh gob who witnessed the struggle. "Whaddye mean?" hist the sergeant be- tween bucks. "Missing in action !" 1-1. , as . , Watch your step, Miss," cautioned the con- ductor on a street car. tc - y , . It isnt necessary," snapped the incoming P355C1lgC1', 'gthat bunch of sapheads on thc curb are doing that for mc." Q 'lil BACK-FIRED Wlieti the clock struck "l2" the other night father came to the head of the stairway and in a rather loud tone of voice said: "Young man, is your 'self starter' out of order tonight?" "It doesn't matterf, retorted the young man, "as long as there's a crank in the house." EVERLASTING FIRE Mistress Cto cook from the country l-Hell. what do you think of our gas tires? Cook-I think them wonderful. ma'am. Why, those in the kitchen hax'en't gone out since I came here over a week ago. VVho was the iirst man who came from the Ark if Noah came forth? HE SHOULD WORRY "VVhere were you yesterday. Tonnny Cribbs P" asked the teacher. "Please, mum, l had a tootliaclief' answered Tommy. "Has it stopt?" asked the teacher sym- pathetically. "I don't know," said Tonnny. "XYhat do you mean, boy? Yon don't know if your tooth has stopt aching "No, mum, the dentist kept it." NYilli:nn, aged six. and grandfather, aged seventy, had birthdays on snccessixe days. a matter of mnch concern to the'fornn-r. "Grandpa," he said one day after pondering on the subject in silence for scxcral minutes. "lf l'd waited a day for yon or yon tl lnn'ric-.i - . , . UP 701' INC. wed hayc been twins, xxotiltlnt we?" nxxillj' llliSp1tt'lggtgt' Ni tlltittpfi' "Postage due." lt 5 9..,,, ,- H.. ,.... ....,..,- 1 P r Get Busy and Keep Busy! Watching the hands of the clock never brings success. Work hard and direct your financial path to independence through INDEPENDENCE TRUST CO. Charlotte, N. C. Commercial Savings, Trust and Insurance Departments are always ready to serve you. - - - --J:----:3t:::: :aao -3t-3t-:c-- ---- 153 -4' .X 3. Q. 1 :VI . 4 , S .1 . 'H ,Y ' W i r 1 V Q. 'W spr- S' .L fa if? .'.c,Y', " M .Mg -gr, rm T . ,v , 1.3 -sb. .1 '.r -- QQgpi':x" if .-5, Vivf 'AQJ nnri 335, Q Ye' . -' 4 ff! 5, .H 1. .- f'-L Fr' fi. I or g- -: , I 1 -" . I' .4 V3-" va ,-.iv f . 1 .E f,r,,. 1 'W' . Wu . jg. ,,. : V lc, 4 .fx 'EFL ill: . W. fy.: . 1 .gf .51 ' ' ' Wk , .'. -as 2, , 'VL , . gh. qof , ,. YN 9' ..- . ,, f.'f"f ." -'L . s Crx .. K 'A !',, Ns ..4, . at, -1 af. 0 A v. .if 1 Q 14 ,dit 1 . 1-ff' "f' ' A . 'v"" -. L' gl ,Ef- ,,, we 111 3' ,l.. a glllllillllllllllllIlllmllllillllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIllI1lIl11IIlII!IlllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIII1HII11IIIIIllIII!IllllllllllllllllllllllllIIII E PHOTOGRAPHS OF ANYTHING-Any Where, any time GALLAGH ER PHQTOGRAPHER E CHARLOTTE, N. C. E I8 S. Tryon St. Phone 2468 HIE gllllllIllIlllIllll11lII1llIlIlIilIlll1lIIl111lI1lIlII1llllllllllillllllilllIIIlIIIlIiIIIII11IIIlIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIllllilllllllilllllg REAL ESTATE SALES City and Farm Properties RENTALS : Commercial Leases All Forms of Insurance E. C. GRIFFITH COMPANY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 214 South Tryon Street Phones 877 and 4208 : CHARLOTTE, N. C. JOHN W. POST 8: CO. 209-211 West Trade Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I WOODSIDE MOTOR CO. I0-I2 N. Church St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone 341 DISTRIBUTORS OF ,SJW f .f' , ' 9,5-ygnzov4"' IVEY 5 Listen to This' When you see an ambulance you know some one IS hurt When you see "Hurry Up Hanes you know some one is in Trouble-hut not for long HANES TIRE AND SERVICE CO j. CALDWELL M DONALD Tires-Gas Oils "A Service Station That Serves Phone 4450 614 S Tryon St X QHIHHIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllillllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIHllIlHIIII!IIIlIilllllllllllillllllllllllHIHIHIIHIIIIIIIIIIHIlllllilllllllllllllllllHHHQE l 1.1 E Qfjmen Lucms ef Libemfis E E ppvpxigk E E 9, GW QQ E if vp SQ "' E E 99, xxx.. S ' lg lglglglgl "1 U w Tliiii E 5 1 4 63 2,-QP Af 5 E .G-2. 4 gg iii E mm .mm ma x B11 E E El EIS! E1 5 E Ill! Il D 2 E - E E EI 1 2 5 Q, 2 E 3 6 E E fl f E 5 - D S 2 - I' - 5 1 F -rw.vf.+gu..-4- 1 .--"- E PLATES 'Fon ALL 'PRINTING 'Puaposss 5 E DIERMHN ENGRAUING Co., ET E CHARLOTTE , N. C. E ..,.- t1--' ..f. T- -- ..-. --- .1 ...- ,- gaHHHIlllllllllllllllilllllllIillilllllllllllillllllIIillilllllilllllllllillIililllillIIHIIIi!lIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllilllllllillIIIIHIIIIIHHIIHE 167 l i 1 l t l l l tl. 'z ll l lt X. '5 ww w K, 1 t gt ll lg li rt l l ls 1 t l H l l 12 lt t l x I 4 l ll Qzoitcgcso-39.93556-C "Stonewall Bob" lngram TAKES THE CAKE When it Comes to Baking HIS Bread, Rolls and Pastry are Just Like Mother Makes lNGRAM'S BAKERY "Sanitation and Service" IZM N. Church St. Phone 563 STRATEGY "Boy, take these Flowers up to Miss Dolly Footlites, Room l2f' "Gee! You're the fourth guy wot's sent her flowers today." "Eh! Wliatis that? VVho sent the oth- ers ?" "0h, they didn't send up any names. They just said: 'She'll know who they come fromf " "Well, here, take my card and tell her these are from the same one that sent her the other three boxes." HOUSEHOLD HINTS There are several ways of using baked ham. One of the best is to eat it. Honey may be used for sweetening almost anything but a traffic cop. Spaghetti should not be cooked too long. About ten inches is right. A cold bath will be found more pleasant if made with hot water. Hair tonic used to be used for shampoos. Now it is used for shambooze. "5 si 2,5 Xef'!!v , F Q E fl, Q a 945,-,il VM -45' ' ' ' Wifi? 'P'-fl bnbnltgr the jflnrft Incorporated Jflntners ani: bash 8 North Tryon Street Phones .HI and +41 166 Sktaaeggg Quality First COTTO BELT CANDY CC. WHOLESALE ONLY Schrafft's and Blue Banner Chocolates and Park and Tilford' s Fancy Package Goods Shivar's Ginger Ale Complete Line Prompt Service HOW DID SHE MEAN IT? , The small boy was being reproved by his mother. "Why can't you be good ?" she asked "I'll be good for a nickel," he said. ' "Ah l" responded the mother, "you want to be bribed. You should copy your father and be good for nothing." Mary had a little cow, She fed it corn and ryeg "America" she named it and The blooming thing went dry! . The Devil sends the wind That blows the skirt knee high But the Lord is just Who sends the dust That blinds the wicked eye. F LEE A ily and a flea in a flue: Said the fly, "Let us flee," Said the flea, "Let us fly," So they flew thru a flaw in the flue. 16 90 oUR "Money forAshes" POLICY Protects .Hgainst Fire Loss ALEXANDER'S F. D.-Thos. L. qi 'JI ff' . sr Q. 4, 9 ls S22 'r .Ll ,Q .-7, fi W, 'Q 'Q fe 'Et' . v r 'v 1 0 J-.U rw-A if ' .,a. .Q .gn 'F 9' iv -Fi" 1 :lg ' 2 r Y? Q fi5.tF', l S H, 'Aa i t f l r' :iw ' . I LQ - . I If :VV l i, I x "f:3I1 'F is if M Z' ' sf- V ' , ,.,.. I f: I , f Q jf, ' E! ri - . 115 1 --5. l ah? , I 'gf W ' fffi i f ' WQ ak " fri r I i f I 3. . . 1? 1 ff Q Y 5 ,4 2 Q l 1 .5 i',, E l ,3 g : sf 2 I I P I. 5 , I I x .. I 3 W '. '- L 1 j nf , 27, ,E I 1 L' , x . 4l I I Y 'Zi' C ll .Ll ' A 'l i f- , :ef ' I 2 Y l I I 4 , 5 1 Q Y dl lk ,,. A , . 5' ff, . .gf 1,'. . . I. QL... I .471 I-Iigh-Grade Commercial Printing H U N E Y C U T T Printing Company ZII W. Fourth St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. "Models of "Exclusive, but the Moment" not Expensive I I 5 fu, d v""' I wo 'Associated w-llv FLC. LONG- CO MISSES' SUITS, COATS, DRESSES MILLINERY, LINGERIE BLOUSES Second Floor, 33 E.. Trade St. b A ,z,,,9,,0,,9,49,,9 9,,9N9,.9H9 999 9 0 9 9 9 9 9 9 90.9 9 9 9 9 9 io 30 30 3. 3. 9x9 30 3. 929 9:9 so so so 3. 30 30 020 4 0 3. 0 . g Q ,090 0 . Q ,090 ,99,99,99,90,09,90,0-9,9'9.90. 099.9-9.9-0000.9-0. PEACE INSTIT TE, I. College Courses. II. Courses preparatory to Standard Colleges. . III. Four years preparatory school. Diplomas awarded in Piano, Voice, Art, Expression and Home Economics. Certilicates in Business and Secretarial Courses MARY OWEN GRAHAM, President RALEIGH, N. C. 00 990999999999999999999 ' v,u,N,+o,u,w,+o,w,+o,+o,w,+o,o4,o+,w,w,o+,+o,o+ vo oo u'o+'oo'n'o+'w'n'n'w 09099990909 fs H.. . , .,, 90 O OOO: iOOOc IOOOI 1000: 10001 1000: nOQQf yooot ,OOQ, ,ooO, ,OOQK ,OOOO Q e""Rm"4v Y 'A ' Q55 1'6" A lltkkkkkglk u V . . f-:Ox-:-:-1 f.:-:-:-:-:-1 f"f'f'f f if - asf. A It N, tm JoRDA . 5 'Q f gi W is iXz1.i.f-ti 5 g - 0, AN 4? Iyikx iffy - , ' - 'Q-'-.w ff -vi . ooo 9,1 16.2.5 3 0 an v- I NORTH CAROLINA MOTORS CORPORATION I S SALES AND SERVICE CHARLOTTE, N. C. Oooof vooof woooe looof -ooo! wooof wooof wooof nooor wooof 1ooof woooO STRONG ARGUMENT "Father, didn't you ever get licked when you were a boy?" Indeed, I did." "Well, then, what's the use trying it on me ?" A bride Wears White at her Wedding because it is a symbol of joy. Will some one explain why the groom is always dressed in black? GUMLESS "GUMMER" Small Brother-VVill you please give me a stick of chewing-gum, Mr. Blunderly? Mr. Bluderly-I don,t chew gum, Bobbie. What makes you think I do? Small Brother-Because I heard my sister say that when you were at the dance the other night you gummed the whole party. Said the raindrop to the dust: "If I drop on you you name will be mud." Em 'wo' W 'OOO' mo' mo' 'OOO' my 'Cm mo' mo' M5 5 IRWI -HE DERsoN co. Q M Wholesale Grocers Q 3 I I4 N. College St. Pl'10I1C 305 E... ..... ..... ..... 0... mo. mo. ao. W M mo. .mi Em' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'mo' 'Cm mo' mo' W W mo' M5 Z Home Real Estate 8: Guaranty Co. v Q REAL ESTATE, RENTALS, LOANS, Q INSURANCE, BUILDING Q For Rent Headquarters 2 J. ARTHUR HENDERSON, President - Phone 589 219 North Tryon Street gooof rooof :ooof :ooof fooof 10001 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOOO O S 5 3 5 .. 5 3 Q Q 3 -Q 5 ,ooof :ooof fooof iooof 'OOO' IOOO' 'OOOO OOO! lxof 'XOI WOOOK IOOOI Q A BOOK STORE OF RARE 3 EXCELLENCE f. nnn A - i i RVYH ' ' S ' ' 'L-Qi5L0'l"I'E, NORTH 13. 309 ix iyyl .an In , OFFICE SUPPLIERS AND FURNISHERS Oooof lOOOK IOOOI lOOOf IXOK iOOOf IOOOK YOOOK 10001 20001 'Off' 1 9:0 -llll lm ull ull ull llll llll llll n : : E : : : n : I ull ml llll nu ml We Invite Your Banking Business The jllilerrbants anh :farmers aliatiunal Eank W. C. WILKINSON, President JNO. B. ROSS, Vice-Pr d W. F. DOUD V' P d t J. H. MCADEN V P d J. A. STOKES C h I M. LONG I C BOOKER JOEL J M ADEN A t C h BECOME A PI GLY WIGGLY PATIIOII TIIE IIIG COST OF I.IYIlG AID TIIE COST OF IIIGII LIVING All FOIlG0'I"I'El WIIEI YOII D0 Piggly Llliggly .Hll Over the world E :x : 170 2' Bowclen's Shoe Shop 2375 West Trade Street F asnacht Bakery Phone 953 215 West Fourth Street WORK CALLED FOR AND Phone 328 DELIVERED I I I I Mmm! - C. H. ROBINSON CARS-TRUCKS Q PARTS and SERVICE H. J. LAMAR CO. BOOK PUBLISHERS AND JOBBERS 300 North Tryon Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. 173 Incorporated 39-41 North Colleget Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone 3043 McDaniel- Federal Company McDANIEL SCREEN AND FLOOR- ING COMPANY Window Screens A Perfect Home Plano Weather Strlps Our "Factory-to-Home Plan" of- Tile, Terrazzo fers very attractive terms. Cata- , logue on request. Marble, Mosalcs Tuning Repairing Moving CHAS. M. STIEFF, Inc. M- D1 MANNING, Manager Office Il Latta Arcade 219 S. Tryon St. Established 1842 CHARLOTTE, N. C. CHARLOTTE, N. C. L QHIIHIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIHIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIiIIlIIIIllHlIlIIlIlII!IIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIE ,. ...- E Carolina Storage Batter 2 Company 2 Distributors forl-I 5:31353 gill!!!IIIIIIIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIllillllIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIillllllllllllllllllllllIHlllIIIIlIHIIIHIIIIlllilllllllllillllillillIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIHE 172 C W ' fm mf' ,,g,"" ,,,,,,g"' "' QELLL.B1iiiiLQ'. .ui .N '...x,...L. l".a.nnvn-nun-.w-. r-- -w-- --.-f------ ---------.--7 DEPARTMENTS- REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE Contractors and Builders-Hauling, Moving Packing, Storing THE CAROLINA COMPANY CHARLOTTE, N. C. 328 South Tryon Street Phones 609 and 1430 Pay Cash CASH AND CARRY Pay Less HENRY HAYMAN'S FRESH AND CURED MEATS of Highest Quality-F ish, Oysters and Dressed Poultry 204 E. Trade St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone 933 lll ""' llllllllllm X nn I f I a esu t u -- V H, "" . 'jixgf ' ' Missmifid ll f ,A.: ,,. --:... r, f is '-:-1- f ' ' ' X f of , f .1 THE KIND THAT YOU X X X A WANT :I 5 Q N sai'r' Q. ., A' "" ,ite "V' ll I 3, 311, 3,ii.'J1:,:r':r.3jxiHA 3,5 gi iff: ssl 3 g :AA A M':f"""""" t t I 5 . G ggjgi t tq . N. . U XX f if ,ss isi s., 3 0 :Q 'N A ' 'WM . X U 331,855 X X ll ' X o The Charlotte " X X 0 XI x Yo Mo Co Ao 3 U X 22 West Trade Street X The home of the Hi-Y Clubs. Basket- X, lb ball practice, gymnastic instruction, Bible :P Phone X classes, religious addresses and many other J XX interests. p....::1::..:1:.c:1::1::I::t::4 175 SAME OLD STORY Love, Va. Spoon, Cal. Bridal Veil, Ore. Scrap, Texas. Goodnight, Okla. Little Mary-Mania, Mania, come quick! Nurse says sister has spit curls, and maybe she'll do it again." Teacher-Mary, will you answer the next question? Obliging Pupil-She's absent. Teacher-That's funny, she didn't answer "absent', when I called the roll. INFORMATION WANTED At a banquet given by a large body of edu- cators the speaker of the evening rose and began his address with the words, "Long live the teachers !" He was interrupted by a tall, emaciated young man who rose from the rear of the room and in a sepulchral voice queried, "On what ?" CANDIES Q, ml 1 :ln f 1lllVlake the home attrac- tive, beautiful, up-to-clate, and convenient with our various kinds of electrical fixtures and appliances. QU Come see us. WINCHESTER ELECTRIC COMPANY ll East Trade Street Saunfun un u - Lk STATIONERY Qrcahe Bbarmatp The place for the best of everything in the drug line PERF UMERY CIGARS -ooQ BURT'S PARKER- THE HOUSE OF VALUES f COMPANY SHOES 0 FURNITURE FOR THE FAMILY RUGS BURT'S PMNOS AND I6 East Trade Street Phone 792 DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR CARS SALES AND SERVICE PARTS CALDWELL, TREDENICK 8: LAMBETH, Inc. 8 West First Street Phone 724 CHARLOTTE, N. C. ' .-.---- - Nmm mm mm Em mm mE mm Em E NSURANCE E Perfect Protection Policies If You Get Sick E If You Get Hurt WE PAY YUU lf You cet old If You Die E ONE of these, maybe ALL, is SURE to happen to YOU Oflices I I I5-I 7-I9 Realty Bldg. Phone 1297 riiziinlii 1Si15"3IfnC51i1fF13?ESZCia1 Agent Till 2. VlW1l,EsIf.e9i'TlgiEfnt BROOKS HAYNIE, speciln Agent I E. L. JONES, Sp 1 Agent E G. C. CHALKER, Cashler Reliance Life Insurance Co. Athletic Goods WILSON SPALDING D. dr M. Everything in baseball and gymnasium equipment, tennis goods, fishing tackle and bath- ing suits. We sell and repair bicycles and restring tennis rackets. High School students are among our best friends. Carolina Sporting Goods Co. Everything for the Outdoor's Man 5 W. Fourth Street Phone 3248 Uust off Tryon, Ready-to-Wear and Millinery The Tanenllaus System TANENHAUS BROS W. G. KING, Manager 205 East Trade Street 1 99.999, Loans on Homes at 671 LOANS payable in small monthly installments. ln case of death before the loan is fully repaid, the mortgage is can- celled and every dollar paid on the principal is refunded in cash. THE EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society J. P. QUARLES, Manager l l07 Realty Building Phone 4I 3 . ff' THE PRICE' IS THE THING, 'ire X CLOTHING, SHOES FURNISHINGS We Make it Our Business to Please You I5 East Trade Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. ceo Vacation Tim Money saved during vacation days will make college days far more pleasant, by providing spending money, that means e so much to a college career. Four Per Cent Paid on Savings American Trust Company 206 South Tryon Street ,ooof ,goof ioooc :ooof iooof fooof fooof 10000 Oooof fooof 10001 'OOO' Q ' BUY YOUR DRUGS IN DILWORTH E M Q i E. F. RIMMER DRUG CO. . Park Avenue, Dilworth Phone 280 2 Eooof ,ooof ,ooof iooof 'OOO' 1OO0f 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOOO Oooot Jooot ,ooof iooof fooof 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 00055 I DAVIDSON 8a WOLF E i 2 WHOLESALE oRocERs 5 U 220 South College Street V Q , f Distributors for Q Corno Poultry and Horse Feed, "Old Trustyn Incubators, Grass Seeds and Fertilizers for Lawns B EOOQK :Oil N 10001 10001 10001 DOOOI IOOOK DOOO1 IOOOK POOOI IOOO1 wgogg AN OBJECT LESSON THE HURRY-UP KIND The patient teacher was trying to show the At the post-otlice it little girl tlt-pnsitc-l lt small boy how to read with expression. dime in front of the clerk and said: "PltAase. "Where-are-you-going," read Johnny labor- I forgot the name of the stznnp inqnnzi t--ld mt iously, with no accent whatever. to get, hut it's the kind that niztkt-s at letter "Try that again," said the teacher. "Read hurry upf, as if you were talking. Notice that mark at the end." Tcaclici'-XYIU' is silk inure expensixt- than ,Iohnny studied the interrogation mark a wool? moment, and an idea seemed to dawn upon himg then he read out triumphantly: Freshie-Ilecznisc it's so innrli inure timiii' O to shear a little silk worm than ai QYCLII hig "Where are you going little buttonhook?" sheep. 0 ooo: wooof vooo- sooo- wooot :ooof wooo. 000. ,Goof ,OOO OOO, ,C C i O 5 5 F THE SOUTH'S SUPERIOR SERVICE 5 THE BEN-VONDE co. S CLEANERS AND DYERS S U I8-20-22 West Fifth Street CHARLOTTE N C . . . S gooot 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 'OOOL 'OOO' Jooof wooot fooot wooof -avg 178 'OOO' 'OOO1 10001 woooa nooo- -ooo: 1000, .0001 1000. 000. O Paid on Savings Accounts and Certificates of Deposit 51.00 STARTS AN ACCOUNT THE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK Corner Tryon and Fourth Streets 'OOO' 'OOOK 'OOO' 20001 10001 vOOOf 10001 10001 vooof sooo: 'OOO' 10004 10001 20001 2OOO' IOOOK DOOOK IOOOK 'OOO1 'OOO' Attention, Truck Users! 1-II The International Speed Truck will solve as your delivery problems. Phone us to show you this truck, and Iet us demon- strate to you a truck that has years of service built into it. Remember that We can furnish the international in size up to 3M ton with any equipment you may need. SIMS-POTTS COMPANY 10001 1000: ,000 :ooom 10001 2000: rOOOf 10001 10001 'OOO' 10001 IOOOC 1OOOt IOOOG 1OOOf IOOOC J OOO' DOOOf 'OOO' 'OOO' Tucker-Kirby Hardware Company CEMENT-A Sack or a Carload Anything in Builders' Supplies or Contractors Equipment Our One Big Object-SERVICE Phone 4280 Corner West Ninth and Southern R. R. ,goof sooof vooof foooc sooo: nooof wooof 1OOO' 'OOO' 'OOO' 181 11:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 '1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Sheppard Drug Company PRESCRIPTIONS FINE CANDIES 7 West Trade Street Phone l2l 7 REPORTING T0 DAVY JONES Sam, on board the transport, had just been issued his first pair of hobnails. "One thing, suah," he ruminated, "if Ah falls overboard, Ah suttinly will go down at 'tenshunf' INSUBORDINATE F OWL Hiking through the small French town, an ignorant chicken, unversed in the appetites of American darkies, crossed the road in front of a colored detachment. With much zeal a soldier broke forth from the ranks and set out in pursuit. "Halt!" bellowed the officer in charge. Both fowl and negro only accelerated their paces. "Halt! Halt!" repeated the officer. The dusky dough-boy made one plunge, grasped the chicken by the neck and stuffed it, still struggling, inside his shirt. "Dere !" he panted. "Ah'll learn you to halt when de captain says halt, you disobedient bird." AROLINA i I GAR X ANDY " 393333 . anandhpnuug-r-fwwvan-.... -1, .f ....s..-4,' ,,.-.. . ,,..,...-..,e....,...........,.,,--. - 1' ' 1 'Q , . , p , . .....,,,...,..- ..... ...., . Smith -Wadsworth Hardware Co. "The ,Quality Hardware J'tore" 29 East Trade Street Phones 64-65 -.JNL an gn I' Q v ....,....,...- ., . ,.. v .,- ,Q-- -, I 5 i 2 if I 5 il T I ii li u 5 I L 1 I I I I x l . T v 1 . I s l 1 U 5 X gllllllllll Q - 1 1 -. 1 1 14 L i IIIHIIIIIIHIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIllllliIIIIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIIIIIIiIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL- PIANOS- Victor and Brunswick Records The Chickering Piano The Ampico Guitars, Mandolins, Ukuleles, Saxophones Sheet Music VICTROLAS -'EQ It :Engage g :Sf-2. ia. ,Cm L 'l I I X X ki' f'll 'isis 5 . N, E 'ff .J +Iannufvnwulfrlillalrll I 52 41. QMiifi,iiHMae fl "I I di ilyh E .',' 'v'l 'm' - It aasn , +i ' It IW IIIJIIII ay ,qiflh li Ii " ff'rlIlIfyflI1!Ir I " ,, ,,Z3 u fjll'l.1l Andrews Music Store, Inc. - 213 North Tryon Street alllIIIIIIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT WANT ADS Help: Colored lady needs washing. glllllIllIllllllIllllllIIIIIIHIllllllllllillllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE -Q Lost: Walking stick by a man with ivory head. For Sale: Second-hand table by a man with wooden legs and marble top. For Sale: Ford car by a man with shock absobers, electric lights and self-starter. For Rent: Two rooms by lady with elec- tric lights and heated by steam. From the Personal Items: "IVIrs. Smith, the young bride of Jeremiah slipped on a banana peel and got hurt on her honey moon." CAMOUFLAGE Little side-long glances, Little winks so quaintg Makes you think itis love Wlieii it really ain't. NATURALLY 'Twas midnight in the parlor, 'Twas darkness everywhere: The silence was unbroken, for There was nobody there. 183 ' IMPERIAL THEATRE Charlotte's Leading Theatre THE WORLD'S GREATEST STARS -in- PARAMOUNT PICTURES Make the Imperial Your Theatre illlllllIIIHHIIIIIIHIIIHIIHIIIIIIHIIllHIIHIIIIIHIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIII' Styleplus Clothes Q 4 Back to Pre-War Prices 525.00--530.00-535.00 New Models for School and College Boys. Knee Pants Suits, 59.95, 51250, il5l4.95, 5l9.95. Belk Brothers Tires Gasoline Tubes MOTOR ACCE8SORItS 00. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone 287 Carolina Up-to-Date Accessories Your Tire Troubles End When You Buy a Tire From Us Vulcanizing all Sizes Tires 3 to 9 inch All Work Guaranteed Ray Puncture Proof lnterliners Accessories Vulcanizing Oils EU11III IDI1Il lI11DI U11IEDJ EII1l l'.T1.'EUILuLu44.L.u.uJ" ' 'W' "M ""' "H "'i E glltlervhitb :allege for :Jung women E 111 Admits only those who have completed four years of High School work. Requires four years of genuine college Work for A.B. and B.S. degrees or for E a diploma in Music. I-H For catalogue or further information, Write CHAS. E. BREWER, President RALEIGH, N. C. mm mm mm mm Em mm m E E E E E E E ottooegg After Graduation and you are started in busi- ness DON'T FORGET that the place to buy your Bank Stocks Mill Stocks Bonds and Real Estate is at the oH'lce of F. C. Abbott 8: Co. Trust Building, South Tryon St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. 1 ZI IM North Tryon Street Telephone 3167 QQ oe Q Nin e, N I s Q 0 wYv"4'f Q' BMW www Nw N-rBQ5,5, N-BN, Nsi.,5Q sg BUILD WITH BRICK .lay I.. Woodside CONTRACTOR BRICK AND CEMENT WORK CHARLOTTE, N. C. Dlll1lIl llllfllll mllII I1llllll IIEEUIl lIUm W E 5 Officers President Q E W. J. CHAMBERS 1. : Vice-President ' . " " '-ww: X 5 .ff"" as--..--" A .B --BAM.- ""'-- M .: ' J. F. ROBERTSON . Gems I? vice-President iw! W- H- TWITTY E Vice-President and Cashier FJ: tif !! 5 c. W. BUTT H Tl lli .f f E Assistant Cashier , N' N 1. N 1 .,g1i' 1, in ,B+ Z. 4 ' l I Q , 2+ . Tu" yu . ly 'iEf -- W B McCLINTOCK A-1 'il l ' - It ' ICMA 1 tr" ' '. . 5:1 v 1 5 LI is - '--,N lql ,WN Ia .Dill I ' Assistant Cashier EEHM E1 T ei l? . ,rv . . . M. G. KIRKPATRICK -l l l ,BBr3i g M',,f!l.: , I - A W. H. NEAL , A ' KJ?" -Y-fig-+gi.ggTfG'T"" Assistant Cashier ":' V ""' i : YOUNG MAN When school days are over and you seek your fortune in the business-world your past accom- E plishments will count for much. The best recommendation you can give is a. bank book showing -, that you have saved a part of your allowance or earnings. 1 The ability to save is a .test.of character " which all business men are quick to recognize. The earlier you begin the easier it will be. - THE CHARLOTTE NATIONAL BANK y CHARLOTTE, N. C. E "National Bank Safety for Savings" BlJlIE1l llIllICl llllI11l MIILILul.l.4l..a.u.uuuJ+"1' ihuulhu' ll " II ll -ll Il-HID 185 Charlotte Wagon 8: Auto Company Manufacturers of "BETTER BUILT BODIES" for ANY CHASSIS AUTOMOBILE PAINTING AND UPHOLSTERING Distributors for .GOODYEAR SOLID TRUCK TIRES We Are Now in Our New Factory One of the Best Equipped in the South CHARLOTTE, N. C. Corner Mint ancI Bland Streets Phone 2683 QHYou Iearn some things from books. Some things The must be Iearned from ex- . - perience. Try us and you Lance Packlng will experience entire satis- faction and Iearn economy. COITIPHIIY L Manufacturers of gli 'A .Pure Food . V 1- , Products DTZINO B WLVIQ IW ZI5 North Tryon Street Phone 247 E' N' C' . L tt-0:9 184 . , I Q :nl-um--nnisr' Axmwrl.-"'ll0banheq-...Q-..-...a.-vnu. ang.. . L.-.V K, , El1IlT EM mm mm EDI! Royal Electric E leaners E CLI-:ANS BY AIR ALONE 3 E 4 The ROYAL ELECTRIC CLEANER El 5 is not a combination carpet sweeper and B 1 suction cleaner. The ROYAL has no B high speed beating and sweeping brush l to claw the nap out of your rugs. E THE ROYAL cI.BANs Z 5 BY AIR AI.oNI-1 E Rug experts have found the straight air 5 cleaning method to be the safest and best '- A way to clean Hne rugs. N eat, compact, always ready, the Royal elimi- ' I th d f na es e nee o ever using a carpet Sweeper or E broom on your Hoors. Phone 2700 for free demonstration. 3 E 5 SOUTHERN PUBLIC UTILITIES co. 3 L IQ7 EmH mm mM EE mm Wm mm mm E E E E E fthe. N5 '.k' E 'Qrmtmg Cliumpaqg, -ff CHARLOTTE NC E .Xl 1' . . Q ' e 'rf's . N QUEBHGIQ 5, 1 , dxf' if M E , mm mm Em E The Efird Chain Stores Charlotte, N. C. Concord, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Rock Hill, S. C. Durham, N. C. Columbia, S. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. High Point, N. C. Anderson, S. C. Raleigh, N. C. Greenville, S. C. Monroe, N. C. Greer, S. C. Spartanburg, S. C. at Laurinburg, N. C. C Lumberton, N. . Greenwood, S. C. Burlington, N. C. Lexington, N. C. Lincolnton, N. C. Cherryville, N. C. Lenoir, N. C. Forest City, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Danville, Va. Sumter, S. C. Wilmington, N. C. WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE, EF IRD' Department Store Charlotte, 699392339929 N. C. 9019999 E REENFORCED VIRTUE Teacher-ln what part of the Bible is it taught that a man should have only one wife? Little Boy-I guess it's the part that says that no man can serve more than one master. Don't Fall for this! "Nearly everybody has a well-developed bump of curiosityf' "And what does it lead too P" ,,'uAxop apiscln Jaded .hun Bugulm, O1 squnounz it 'asus sup, ui '.iuM,, Governess-Wfhen did XVilliam the Con- queror come to England? Pupil-l don't know. Governess-But cloesn't it say in your hook, "Willia1i1 the Conqueror, lO66?" Pupil-Yes: but I thought that was his telephone number. Ruth-I want to sec some mirrors. Saleman-ll llzmclmirrors? Ruth-No, mirrors for faces. i - I f.-J -e. :Q ' Fl N ', . 3, ' : Q kj pf 4' 0' , fig' , N I -.gee .- f T , 'lp QRBTNA, E ., GREEN - ' I ee--F' - 1 -. L I . ,.,. L., . yn: .,. 47-Q 7,4 . A .5 V A upfrge I, E. -.--s N . . ff?3Yi?Er.- ., ,. . , :-. .left-'32-: --ii! tw! fra '- Q I.,-Egg-jg-:1,gQg.:-.Qin V. -34: q',g,-,,f3'-.,,,M,N.g.:...-Q-egg'-?,., - m.,:5,- ist.: gs: -.R e at l d. k . .9 :. ,,.,.g,,.. 5-2.2 .L',,y-A.. -,,,,Q,m441,t,.,,.h,..,-,N ,km ,, A ,A 1,5 hs, -if V... A4 7 I - -' H0 :il-lzuu-nv .. 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Three On cars used for business or commercial purposes this fffyjgz e- is especially true. hardened And it needs only one or two unfortunate experiences Ffeel diss'-5 , with punctures to convince the average car owner that it is priilreegutfberl :re Wisdom to be on the safe side with Lee Puncture-proof tires. guilt into evefxtflfee We will be glad to demonstrate. V uncture-proo t1l'0 LEE TIRE SALES COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE Julian Herndon, Proprietor 500 S. Tryon Street - -N . - . , . . ' 1' '- r , .3'..rf.g'7.:::x' :zz .1--gf:--.v X--y11g1.:...,. ,,..A,.H,m R 5 Vt Vl a ,. gl ff' I 1 r 'fr lil it ti L! jx . ,Q ts i I! :W QAYWQNW2 IlllllllllIIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 1 1 .2 I W A , T 31 , : , Q . x , i ' E r f x I' 4 -1 b E 1 x 4' E 4 ' 5 .. ' ' : n If : 44, 4 t r 1 Y Q X, W1 wry? V, ,Y U A ulmul - - ' .M XQQN 450 -' 1 fli CF QF t 7 Q 75 02 at E ' . i , .ff gf : ,. rf w Q X4 5 f Ar "2 gf 9? 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Suggestions in the Alexander Graham High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) collection:

Alexander Graham High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


Alexander Graham High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 80

1921, pg 80

Alexander Graham High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 146

1921, pg 146

Alexander Graham High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 127

1921, pg 127

Alexander Graham High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 124

1921, pg 124

Alexander Graham High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 52

1921, pg 52

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