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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1938 volume:

Munu VIII 1937-1(138Because of more than 25 years of unselfish service, not only to the city and community, but also to the State, we dedicate this volume of L'ECHO to BENJAMIN RUSSELL 2J. M. PEARSON SUPT. CITY SCHOOLS H. L. NIPPER PRINCIPAL 3ELEANOR DAVIS P. B. YEARGAN EUGENIA FOX ANNE HARRIS HOWARD BURTON HAZEL HEWES MRS. OMER McGHEE 5ALMA MATER DEAR OLD HIGH SCHOOL WE LOVE HER OUR IDEAL AND PRIDE WE WILL HOLD UP HER STANDARDS WHATEVER MAY BETIDE. WE WILL FOLLOW HER COLORS FLUNG OUT TO THE SKY. WE WILL GIVE OUR HEART'S DEVOTION TO OLD A. C. HIGH. o -0 .A 8 m c t-xjU g JL Ldu- ri -Z-A 4J ( fr-oybJ-As $ 1-4-1JS-rtJ O AjA-s $'1 nJJ-fO QglaJ qJ SU 9 C A - yy JUV fTlX X UaJl jLUJ L 4- Tnj dUxJu fiuuu v CJL Jj y £L.$l«s«,,'jjfr. n yyJLt 10 tJtAjdL 6a -rv LAjlXju rj n . Vo ijUljL j j JULsul c?) -S- ■ 'luUsli, TyifAJL 'U ftj-yV ll( cTT dLM-ijLj ' x y r xJLJi ' vu UXuryO 12 A x£T ( j J AJL) —C—ZJ r a ou -€XX-- 13 y iAJLs —r jix - liAJL yo C y jzJtiJ 14 XaJL iJjr JLSuJL ri) yy JUO UJ xa Jjl d 15 77l 4 tX Ltl i-- 1 JLs 5-£-t!Aj to y6al cj£j JlQ- 04lriyl (j%O0 - sx cilfi-jLst a u£ 3 6Us, — . P-Zt-Lajts M- 1 to Ujl -M kulc - ’! 13 'JV D - t AJ £ QeX-ty s -0 £-4f- t- £s £ c te :£zj-, ' - y. - - — - - y — £0 jg u VUJi tip » 7 l -A Lct V jtT rfx2- ev V A lJ- - xjl sloA u. 60 3$x - Z3tou ■£u 4-+'i s -t? -tX-A-t-y1 KT-bc dt i-sdLs a J 'Att rr C - n • {Ax£oCLg s hq x 3a-JL y- A. , fo $o q (pLdiUayCo jt 2 0 rt y L G A u yP «-A. KX C j XJi £t- OL riZyCyCoP 6L0CaC c fs 2 0 p - p rUL 2 (Pmt t- 4JLy O LCLOlA; OOrz gs S M E ‘1 ??7 L OL Q oa '. to CP A ACij0 Ac oA £l Z- L- L 3A 4C M, M Oou - V £ 0 to J t tx oo 7 .'. .» «j (Pa J £j xi; +AeP £ ep OP odQPcty S jd 5 o? { dO(pd- rU? U' 7 -01 t jLoy £• v, j; A - 60 C t 'jt (s LstfLJLS • AmI Las JU cux e A jfa { 4 m JP-r C X to ?7yLy -£iO+ Cyt- U )L tyC-0 . 3 X s VC 2 g t=JLoo] C 2 ly% s 16 Xo t J UJLCJ.ryuA, 'yy Oe-ot tfittrA CZiO-Jt cYfaj r t -t , sLOL+gtco ■ aO.■ + % teHOt L to - j£Uje cP r r » 4L r -£ O O-flOO) • p4-Att o oo . ay - » ', v ctO- -S A Z{L t Aaa oJ A a- oZ t I . ,- -. }±A- j utJ V (icK 4- Ca 4- £' £ caa- i7 m cjLe to (jfau y yy'X XAA. -A-col (j( - -— ■ 'AOIaLaO' C.-c- -v -£ t to Z OL iSte- t ’ 'Yt ■oe o 'rr 4 Ito to tt) Ah - + oa y ' U- - -A UZrjLtaYo ’- OA AlO V tf- -Z- -y-Z At m-O Yo L-O-O - e- L o to (A-ooo a- 0 to p-ToXl y OlO tioaS 6U40 bios U- £'Y t.S. C-Oy - ru 1, -ru f YZ)a t-4j £ttcsr Z 3 ot Aj mot xioo-ots yZ1 0- 0-A- +0 i-Z4fCy( t au-J -CU A O a-aaOU O- - tocaI o i tOp AZA- S y4-£ toYjZ-AAo-AOo ' to , 7 ' 'r' (j V-twao to lu i Z ZZaa s-ttf. aJjuJ 1 A Zyf-' O-O Lo to C7 ZiJ-0 to YZa. to tmoc As c jaUoO m aacO to t Z -AAjO C-tn-v - 'ttJLt OjL 14—t- U- to COttA-A O l$Orf-td rO | -tstto i aoK Laauo Qto . 4ao+oe Jt) 'tjo y as- a a to (2Z- —s--to, 4 JLst U aZkO tz JaX CKA-Z-lSto- ' CLAO tor ota-o O t As JtaUA-tot- - 0 4t to A r UO £c vtca-t o+o" tyot .%UI 3Ueto --rrrOL h!c-y -ttA eA OOjLOlA- -- iuX a- t-@AZtUj -to CJL - ZZLloA t)-LoJlo aoJLaa aaa OXzJI JLla oo-so+ l O to Jtoo-O aot 771 e. Al +oxj£o 0-tZ 0 yrx y - OSi-O r -O tA tZLj x 6 SsO-ttcyC A to - ctttZ ttt.f»« X iW ' ltA o(LtJ-J2o tt orsjf o r 1Y AySooto ' to 7t?e 2Zt+o cMojo j cttoo Al-oJL C tcy ot ZO+ OtY £trrO . ZT X ottoc o CU4LA - y -yY" AjI a—tctyS ts 'ttOL Jo AO-a wO to t Lo h $ ?o otcto' -yeYLzt 't l U ato r3 -0 Au • ZTY Ola t, met r'ot y ro tco t -] to tile Aooo + je-A Q oaaMto 'os 1 o+ -a oa a s au ZAJsJli Z- to Z Aao aO UJLa- JL) AZAZ OtASL-atYcO az Za L+ tYca to XlaJhA S+rdcXto , -j7 y CJ ■■ ' AAUCj y AC A-A JLA . ftoArjA Z C d An — 17 §[ to OOUtXL+t tU-s A -?(s oQixn -I 6-oi . Z es » -6 LtZyCj Ct-c-t-V° «-i tT xl jtkx OtX- jcAy Ax Ci xJLtjt 1 ■£ a-cx , az-nots I " £0 £ uu uj£t jr nzJu ■ tlo O aU - tOXX X CKx jO 'O u jLo c f-jL f Zr JixxtX--Ztz ott td ’ y y WaUx i Ux - - - £ xixuxt t -m uj cxtxts xxc-£c x • 'Oftitdx-Xtxes y (t(c r' » £ t' I •uy 'fU AJZJ. Axx to 1 id Cxx Ucx to rrx1 V Av -A' fx rx £a £jL to JL L ; zcLj- . - '. i u f -V- H(CLL n 4J u-tJ ttx rZouxO w ■»£ tctxxt x I tAX xrx tx ftx r t£lx L OOJ , I x yloC J - rix txx- xx | xAXXxyuJ to (s LC£L £ S 4a cz£ -iJLL AoxujoxA oio-t- lJxx scZct-£x txlxxrx to - x-x0 •TT). 7 Oxi XA-ttjls'x £xXLttxlt x£jLt O to Jf x«x -X c£x XKujyUMxi j I 1 tJLxi-t xJ rnAxx u,i£ oaS tdLtAJ- -- a.xLt rrZAa x %x £txxxJbr I —txX-tLt x.Xj) -vijfc ,C S—X s A-r oL • t —jL £ X- ( x I Txxt.xJx- 7 Z£ J £j-XUU x- xt- txX-t7 txJLx ojdytl-J' te C-£x2 j( xx2 zJ A tcxc dLxXxrr lXX Lt -«, »G i J z ce t -£££s 'Zd Z o oa ' J2t-xt- xx Jtf xix X l f 37t to y Aj AL LxPlx Axx-oZ yc yL£s to L AXi yita O x" tnS cc A £ta cta. f U CxC ££Lc£x' Z]xxxy 4XX-C,- ZOUs4 JPi-tStZ -Jko a v 1,8CLASS PROPHECY Being gifted that way Into the future I can see So I111 tell you today Of the things that are to be.. Lemuel Coley and Maribeth Thomas are the folk of the age As dramatic actors on the New York Stage. Thomas Chappell a ferry boat will row Martha Davis will learn to cook and sew. This may be true and it may be a rumor That Cooper Brown will edit "College Humor". No hospital in Alex City could run a single day If it weren’t for the nurses Hazel Adamson and Gussie Mae. In Kellyton you’ll learn the mayor's name It's Charles Thomas of A. C. H. S. fame. Myrtle Wesson and Eloise Hix Are teaching school out in the sticks. Charles Dean to our relief We see a capable fire-chief Her fortune has never been told for fear it would alarm her But Virginia Mitchell will surely wed a far- mer. Philip Adams talents now a side show adorn You can hear his "Buy your ticketsi" from nite till morn. Mable Hornsby is a composer; Madeline Davis is on the stage; As a hot song and dance girl Leola Bowers is all the rage. C. M. Maxwell is an ice man and it knocked him off his perch When he learned Earl Towns had quit work and joined the church. Mary Jo Dean by her charn got a husband to feed her And now she’s.known as a social leader. 19Jimmy Carlisle with his "Service with a Smile" Decided to get busy and earn his living for a while. Frances Dean and Sara Brown will surely hold their sway In a famous ladies journal setting fashions for the day. Carrie Alice Maxwell has the easiest lot I see her sailing her private yatch. Since the return of short skirts they’re valued highly The garters made by Frances Riley. Clara Jean Liles shall be a lady of means And furnish inspiration for Bevelle’s basket- ball teams. Hark to the sound like thunder’s rumble You can hear Jack Dean and Elmer Hassett grumble. Evelyn Clark who loves Jack still Is now residing in Flint Hill. At last I’ve been able to find Doris Ham She’s working in a factory bottling straw- berry jam. Ira Gunn Is a farmer and he thought 'twould do no harm So he took Inez Waites and put her on the farm. Edith Lindsey whom our youth doth scorn ■Shall marry an ambassador English born. Hazel Rich, with her hair all a-curl Has never married and Is still a "Rich" girl. Then there’s the presidential candidate of the "No-Not" Party—• That A-l know-nothing, Billy Hardy. Many a child for his sin atones By studying Math under Fatty Jones. Willis Fuller from the bottom has steadily risen ’Till now he’s the ward of Kilby Prison. Sara Knight, Ethel Eason and Marie Waldrop- why 'tis a shame 20I cannot see their future, for each has chang- ed her name. Addle Mae Radney will be a school teacher1s wife And so spend her time grading papers all her life. Clarence Phillips is a preacher, Oscar Cohen owns a store Lewis Harris runs a butcher shop and Vonceil Turner scrubs the floor. Minnie Lou Anthony and Linda Cromer to the best of knowledge Are studying hard on their Ph. D. at college. In the intervening years since leaving our walls Far has gone the fame of Julian Rawls. As a secretary to a lawyer I see Sarah Yates She takes all his letters and writes his de- bates. Lessie Lee Graves has risen pretty high Shefs gone to Montgomery and learned to fly. On the radio Jack Sellers speaks for chewing gum If you send five wrappers he111 send you some. Forrest Meigs shall be happy It seems Managing Mary and football teams. Mary Ellen Welch and Geneva McAlister have a chain of beauty shops They1re up to the minute and considered "the tops"• Floyd Mann more famous than Hoover Shall make a fortune with freckle remover. "Fess" Coley our teacher so dear Has never resigned and is still teaching here. Class Prophet 21SENIOR CLASS HISTORY ' Twas only twelve short years ago. In 1926, if you would know. Our class embarked on its career A band of eager, restless youth, Who'd never cut a wisdom tooth Eut recognized as gospel truth The ancient pedagogic creed That learning's road is rough, indeed. ’Twould take too long for me to tell The strange adventures that befell Our gallant class ere we attained The lofty heights that now we've gained. The faculty were most forbearing Although they must have found us wearing They never acted autocratic But always wondrous diplomatic. Though treating us with hopeful kindness They never to a fault showed blindness. Our social life was very vital And worth a place in this recital; Our dances each a great event. To which the school's elite all went. Our Senior play showed gifts surprising And talent quite beyond surmising; Our banquet, food and fancy blended. By far the best the town's attended. When business troubles caused distress Our president, with great finesse. Just called an extra meeting. Then He told us what to do and when. And how each question to decide. To—Oscar Cohen—we point with pride. 22We’re cultured, really most polite. And very, very erudite. And, with our higher education. Acquired broad-minded toleration. Our store of knowledge is so great We fear lest we confuse it. But when we take our place in life We’ll have a chance to use it. We have, although a trifle checkered, A most extraordinary record. Now comes the longed-for gala day; The auditorium, in array. Is crowded with spectators fair Who all their festal garments wear. And on the platform, side by side. Behold our class, aglow with pride. Where they sojourned a little space. And hoping life will be as kind As these twelve years they've left behind. Oh, class of 1938, Look downward from your starry vision. Assure me you do not infer These lines were spoken in derision. I know that you are wise and good. Abhorring falsehood, sloth, and pride. That wisdom is your daily food. And justice ever is your guide. Offer all of these, your best, to the world. And the world will salute you with banners unfurled Senior Class, Forward!24SENIOR I GIRLS Clark, Hollis Drake, Ruth Forbus, June Harris, Elisabeth Herzfeld. Elisabeth Holley, Clara Mae Hooton, Slgna Jackson, Harriet Ann King, Avinell Lane, Bertha Mallory, Margie Ellen Mason, Helene Meigs, Edith Meigs, Edna McCullough, Lois Newman, Pauline Patterson, Kathryn Pearce, Moselle Pearce, Morelle Pickens, Annie Dee Pike, Kathleen Price, Elaine Rawls, Wanda Sellers, Helen Smith, Lela Mae Spraggins, Frances Tate, Evelyn Thomas, Mae Towns, Jo Ellen Waldrop, Leila Mae 28SENIOR I BOYS Pitta, Otia Powers, Billie Reed, Claude Ballard, Henry Bentley, H. B, Bowen, Emory Brown, James Carlton, Ralph Dean, Carl Dean, Walter Futral, James Gunn, Grady Holman, Rayford Kimbrough, Max Lamberth, Bob Lamberth, Lewis Mallory, Larcus Mann, Guy Mullins, Josh McClellan, James McGill, James Scott, Billie Scott, Jean Scott, Judd Se:iers, Billie Spraggins, Thomas Spraggins, S. J, Steverson, Ralph Tucker, Gordon Turner, Holet White, Andy White, Jack Jones, Gladstone Ray, Edward Murohy, Hudson Eason, Rubbin 29JUNIOR III GIRLS Allen, Celeste Arnold, Elizabeth Bailey, Margie Bishop, Sue Colvard, Virginia Duncan, Hazel Havens, Ruby Lane, Elsie Mae Lightfoot, Celia Locke, Ruth McCullough, Marie Neighbors, Justine Newman, Mary Allen Owen, Beatrice Thornell, Patterson, Mathel Pendley, Jeanne Riley, Hazel Robinson, Geraldine Scott, Mary Beth Smith, Charline Schoenbaum, Marjorie Schoenbaum, Clara Stowe, Helen Speake, Mary Edith Thompson, Ruth Thomas, Mavoureen Warren, Hilda Yates, Ruby Wonnie 30JUNIOR III BOYS Bailey, Charles Belyeu, Austin Black, Garland Bolan, Eldrige Brown, Burl Coggin, Gaines Cohen, Herbert Cotton, Virgil Dean, Leon Forbus, Reginald Fuller, Andrew Galloway, Ralph Godfree, Lewis Hall, E. 0 Holman, Vernon Jones, John Robert Mann, Marlyn Mason, Hoyt McCullough, Esrie Neighbors, Larcus Paulk, Thomas Pitts, Maurice Porch, Gene Ray, Charles Rhodes, Pete Scarborough, I. B. Smith, Houston Story, Doyel Swanson, Charles Thomas, Wyatt Thornton, Dayton Vernon, James 31JUNIOR II GIRLS Baker, Inez Berry, Elizabeth Cheatwood, Evelyn Davis, Corinne Dean, Sara Nell Dennis, Margie Drake, Sara Fomby, Christine Forbus, Mozelle Fuller, Claire Nell Fuller, Louise Futral, Hilda Graham., Mary Nell Hallman, Pauline Hix, Bernice Horsley, Mary Lizzie Horsley, Mary Lucy Jones, Margaret Mason, Levis Pitts, Frances Plasse, Mary Lewis Porter, Anne Riley, Inzer Robinson, Suzanne Sellers, Wilma Speake, Charlotte Spivey, Christine Stewart,' Minnie Lou Thornton, Annie Ruth Thornton, Katherine Waites, Anne Walls, Julia Williams, Jacquelyn Willis, Louise 32JUNIOR II Arnold, Henry Bailey, Kyle Cole, Robert Davis, Charles Dean, Billie Duncan, Frank Farr, Johnny Gaston, Ralph Goodroe, Paul Hassett, Robert Hawkins, William Johnson, Evans Jones, James Keel, Jack Mallory, Morris Mask, Therman Meacham, Robert Woody, BOYS Newberry, Thomas Nolen, Stanford Oliver, Reginald Pitts, Walter Scott, Edwin Scott, Harold Scroggins, Morris Sewell, Larkin Sorrell, Andrew Sheppard, Waddell Speak, John Stewart, Morris Talley, Raymond Thomas, Ralph Thomas, W. D. Waldrop, Therman Williams, Tommy Robert 33JUNIOR I GIRLS Ballard, Carolyn Best, Aileen Bolton, Wadynne Branch, Emma Lou Brown, Mary Lou Chamnion, Louise Cochran, Ruth Daniels, Daughtry Dean, Elizabeth Dean, La Rue Dean, Robbie Deooister, Lurlene Duncan, Elizabeth Puller, Catherine Fuller, Vera Gardner, Catherine Gunn, Kathryn Harris, Eloise Harris, Marjorie Havens, Mary Holt, Flossie Ingram, Genelle Ingram, Wiliodean Keel, Frances Lumpkin, Anne Mason, Jeanette McAlister, Sara McCullough, Dorothy Moncus, Sadie Newman, Ruby Nell Patterson, Joyce Peppers, Geneva Porter, Mary Reynolds, Marie Rigby, Lois Self, Louise Sellers, Mae Speake, Voncille Still, Nellie Thomas, Anne Thornton, Louise Turner, Euline Vernon, Madolyn Weldone, Hable 34junior I boys Abernethy, John Allen, L B. Blair, Raymond Brown, Cooper Bryant, Morris Carlton, James Cox, Johnny Davidson, Joe Davis, Horace Farrow, Joe Gooden, Jack Jones, Paul Byron Keel, Paul Wolfe, Knight, J D, Mann, B, L Maynard, Ray McCullough, Felix Nolen, Thirwell Pemberton, James Scott, Byron Sewell, Harlan Smith, Alfred Tanton, Morris Whetstone, Guy Willis, Clarence Willis, Henry Eugene 35FOOTBALL 1937 September 1. The football team was greeted by a new coach, Kamp Lyon, from the University of Alabama. He threw himself wholeheartedly into the game, and made a good team from small, inexperienced boys. October 1. Finally came our first game under the new lights on Pearson Field. The boys took Wad- ley to ride — 38 to 0. October 8. The next team to tackle the Wild- cats was Lanett,a bigger,more experienced team. The Alex City boys put on a fine display of all-around playing, tieing the Lanett team 6 to 6. October 15. The Wildcat’s first taste of defeat was handed them by Fhenix City. After a hard fight the Alex City team lost by a count of 19 to 6. October 28. The boys traveled up to Linevilie, where they were overcome by the Aggies with a 13 to 9 score. October 29. One of the stronger teams in the state came to invade Alex City, but were outplayed and out- smarted in every phase of the game. Selma lost by a 19 to 12 38FOOTBALL 1937 November 5. Dadeville,our 15 year rival in the great and most "looked-forward-to" gridiron classic of the season, was next to fall before the maddened, on- rushing Alex City Wildcats. Score, Alex City 18, Dadeville 0. November 12.Tallassee came to Alex City and af ter a hard game lost to the Wildcats 7 to 0. November 19. In freezing weather,through a first quarter break.,the Wildcats were de- feated by Bessemer, 6 to 0. J .Williams. Deserving high recognition on this page are the managers, Karris and Fuller,the band, who at all times forwarded the team, and Percy Year- gan, who because of love of the game,did big things in helping Coach to have a good team. Also we thank the Officials and Cheer Leaders for their excellent work. November 24-. Again Alex City took to the road,this time going to 0pp. Af- ter a hard fight the Bobcats emerg- ed with a 19 to 0 victory,closing the season for both the teams. 39Philip Adams Mary Jo Dean Addie Mae Radney Lemuel Coley (Head Cheerleader) Cheer, cheer for Orange and Black, For whom "Ole” AC always will back, Wliile our colors float on high. We'll chase the others from the sky. What though the odds be great or be small, "Ole" AC High will win over all. While our loyal team is fighting, ONWARD TO VICTORY lilt II WAR EAGLE I I i » I Rammer Jammer, Best team in Alabama RAH .'I!!!!!!!!!! YEA i I TEAM 11 I I I Beat'em. Peat'em, Eeat'em. Touchdown, Touchdown, That's the way To treat 'em. 40a42nSf WMYlWla 1 ncMiniuunc Addie Mae Ra. Cutest Best all-round Most popular Jack Sellers Favorite Senior Most popular ' Leona.rd Robinson Favorite Junior 44Jimmy Carlisle Moat h nd-some 45Barbara Carte r |)ue.en 3u)tiie |!ae fbbnei) 3 Elizabeth Jjetgfeli) .beteLEMUEL COLEY EDITOR ADD IE MAE RADNEY ELIZABETH HERZFELD WANDA RAWLS 48ADELE FOX BUS. MGR. MARIBETH THOMAS JOHN WILLIAMS REGINALD JONES BUS. MGR. RUBY FRANCES DEAN JOHNNY FARR 495051BAND John Farr Otis Pitts Billy Sellers Thomas Spraggins Howard Vickers Miss Hewes, Dir. BOXING Ira Gunn John Williams Wm. Hawkins Kyle Bailey Ralph Thomas Leonard Knight Morris Scroggins Carl C. Brown Mr. Burton, Adv. CLUBS G. S. C. Sara Nell Dean Ruth Locke Caroline Ballard Wadynne Bolton Ruth Thompson Katherine Thornton Inez Waites Clara Jean Liles Gussie Mae Guyton Annie Dee Pickens Jimmie Sue Smith Eloise Hix Margaret Graved June Forbus Miss Price, Adv. ROSALIE Daughtry Daniels Eliz. Duncan Caroline Ballard Kathryn Gunn Louise Thornton Wadene Bolton Anne Thomas Aileen Best C. C. Addie Mae Radney Mary Joe Dean Barbara Carter Cooper Brown Wanda Rawls Adele Fox Clara Jean Liles Eliz. Herzfeld 52sept Si October 1. October 29, ■ottp|| 3. ;v' .' . " o 13. Jo fi December 18. December 18. January 18. 24 • Mare% 24. 'r lb M X mmtr e. 1TV- ’ April 25. May May May 20. 22. 27. CALENDAR OF EVENTS School opened First football game gS00 mifk Big game with Selma and Vi 'apple after Thanl felv i 'holidays start Southwest VS.'Troy State Teachers in a post season game. Players complimented at dance. Christmas holidays and Chrdstraa spirit "Lau fT Clown" presented f) J 4 3 ' « H J' II 3 14 New style semester tests given 22:23 24 125120 27 2S Ar iHiiELl sent to press % A. E. A. holidays start ' Junior-Senior dance Presented VSv -' Senior play presented Junior play presented '»« JANUARY mi Baccalaureate Sermon 3 3 4 5 o 7 s Grad Wiipjii night " • " • 2S 2ft 27 2 »«Miss Edith Peters GRADUATED FROM MASSEY 1937 GRADUATED FROM ALEXANDER CITY HIGH SCHOOL 1936 NOW Stenographer In the Office of V. W, Wood and Company. For fifty-one years "MASSEY1’ has trained young Men and women for executive positions. THEY CAN TRAIN YOU CALL OR WRITE MASSEY BUSINESS COLLEGE Birmingham For InformationCOMPLIMENTS OF AVONDALE MILLS H. G. HALES MOTOR COMPANY PONTIAC-WILLYS CARS G. M. C. TRUCKS SALES AND SERVICE DRINK IN STERILIZED BOTTLES At a dance the couple step- ped out on the porch for a breath of air. He: Dear, I can't offer you a fine car, a beautiful home or a lot of money as this man Gotdoe can, but I do love you. She:(turning toward him and softly whispering) Where Is this man Gotdoe?"A. A. WORTHY SONS PHONE 374 FANCY GROCERIES WESTERN MEATS FEEDS BUD’S SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR PRODUCTS GATES TIRES ALL-ROUND SERVICE PHONE 390 COMPLIMENTS ALEXANDER CITY WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. OF DR. J. M. LANGLEY HOME OF SAUERS AND POLKADOT FLOURCOMPLIMENTS OF THE RUSSELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY THE ALEXANDER CITY CREAMERY THE RUSSELL LAUNDRY THE ALEXANDER CITY BAKERY THE RUSSELL HOTEL THE ALEXANDER CITY OUTLOOKGILLESPIE SHOE SHOP SHOE REPAIRS FOR ALL KINDS OF SHOES WE APPRECIATE YOUR WORK CLIMAX CAFE GOOD FOOD SWEET TEMPER SATISFACTION EAT HERE MEADOWS GROCERY STORE FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES DUNCAN SON FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTORS 24 PHONES 89 COMPLIMENTS OF ELMORE1S 5-10-25 STORE COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA RESOURCES OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS MEMBER F. D, I. C,WATSON’S ALL BARGAIN STORE YOU HAVE HEARD OF BARGAINS WE HAVE THEM COME GET THEM COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR LOCAL A. P. FOOD STORE REMEMBER YOUR FOR ANYTHING IN FRIENDS THE JEWELRY LINE AT GRADUATION INCLUDING PHILCO RADIOS SORRELL’S STUDIO WATCH REPAIRING, ETC. HOUSE BROS. DEPENDABLE JEWELERSThe couple took their baby to the movies, where they were warned that, unless the child was quiet, they would have to take their money and leave When the feature film was over the wife turned to her husband and whispered: ’’Veil, vot you tink of it? Good?" "Rotten" "Okay Pinch the baby." Professor: Surely there's some book you've read in school that's given you more pleasure than any other. Charles Eason: Yes, this one I've written all those tele phone numbers in." "Hezzie" Chappell: "Say, Billy—you say your girl friend, Christine, is going to inherit a lot of money. And you say you've got the right dope?" Billy Hardy: "She'll do 'til another dope comes along. 'Fess" Coley gets out of his car and looks in garage. Seeing that it is empty, he runs, gets in his car, rides to the police station, goes in and says, "Mr. Allen, Some- one has stolen my carl" Celia: "Weren't you thrilled when the taxi driver drove around the corner- on two wheels?" Jimmy Carlisle: "You bet. Hie meter stopped ticking!" Virginia M.: Our best foot- ball player ran in the wrong direction. Edith L.: Oh! Towards the opponent's goal? Virginia: No, toward the church! Celeste: My little brother is a student of erosion. Johnny: Really? Celeste: Sure, when he washes he takes off only the top soil. Miss Harris: "Lois, did you wash the fish before you baked it?" Lois McCollough: "No, mam! What's the use of washing a fish that's lived all his life in the water." Addie M. Radney: "Say, I just got strict by a heet car. I mean bit by a creet car. That is, I got carred by a strept hit. I mean a street car ran into me. What do you think I should recover?" Lawyer: "Your composure!"CARLISLE DRUG CO. ON THE CORNER WHERE FRIENDS MEET PHONE 168 GUNN BROS. PHILLIPS’ IT PLEASES US 5-10 25 STORE TO PLEASE YOU PHONE 87 WE APPRECIATE OUR CUSTOMERS COME TO SEE US OFTENHUNTINGTON COLLEGE MEMBER OP THE SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES Courses leading to the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Physical Education Art, Speech, Public School Music, Theory and Appreciation, Applied Music, Commerce. Piano, Voice, Violin, and Organ Outdoor Sports—Tennis, Hockey, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Hiking. For Catalogue and Viewbook Address- WALTER D. AGNEW PRESIDENT W. A. MAY AND GREEN MONTGOMERY, ALA. ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS TO: THE LEADING COLLEGES THE LEADING HIGH SCHOOLSFROHSIN’S ALEXANDER CITY’S BEST STORE DOBBS CHEVROLET CO. NEW CARS TRUCKS NEW AND USED PARTS SERVICE CHEVROLET-OLDSMOBILE COMPLIMENTS WHITMAN'S PANGBURN' CANDY S OF FOUNTAIN SERVICE WATERS’ STORE FINCHER DRUG CO. DRINK R C COLA BROAD STREET GROCERY GOOD THINGS TO EAT 74 BROAD STREET PHONE 182 NEHI BOTTLING CO. M. Z. WAITES, MGR. C. A. LOCKE JOE SPIVEY CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN PRESSING KEEPS THE CLOTHES LET US DO IT FASHION CLEANERS PHONE 270THE FAIR STORE EXCLUSIVE AGENTS: FLORSHEIM AND FREEMAN SHOES f MANHATTAN SHIRTS, KNOX HATS TIMELY CLOTHES COMPLETE LINE OF GIFTS IN BOTH MEN’S WEAR ITEMS AND JEWELRY BULOVA AND ELGIN WATCHES A SPECIALTY BEARS' QUALITY STORE. CITY DRUG CO. WHAT YOU NEED WE HAVE DRINKS, CANDY, COSMETICS COMPLIMENTS OF DEAN HENDERSON INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS BEFORE BUYING SEE THE NEW 1938 STEWART-WARNER REFRIGERATORS RADIOS CHRISTIANS FURNITURE STORE L. B. COLEY DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS SCHOOL SUPPLIES GARDEN SEEDL. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS LEADERS IN THE MANUFACTURE OF CLASS RINGS AND PINS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS, DIPLOMAS CUPS, MEDALS, TROPHIES SENIOR RINGS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR ALEXANDER CITY HIGH SCHOOL MADE BY BALFOUR REPRESENTATIVE - J. F. GITTINGS, ROANOKE, ALABAMA1 ' O I T" I I E FUTURE I -L there were not a difference in quality... an extra JL I Paragon-Printed Annuals...would so J many customers have stayed with us for periods of ten... twelve... fifteen consecutive years? ©fje Qaragon Qreste c‘Pioneer cPiinters of School and College oAnnuaU 14 Adams Avenue Montgomery, Alabama 1 

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