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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1958 volume:

-4 v, Dedication thoughtfulness and encouragement and above all his genuine interest in our past accomplishments, present efforts and further achievements, we the Yearbook Staff gratefully dedicate our 1958 Roundup to Mr Roy Peters of Alex Hugh School In appreciation to our superintendent, for his devoted service, his Roundup Stabb ob I 958 Presented by the Future Business Leaders of America Alex Oklahoma Edntor Assocuate Edntor Sports Edntor Assocuate Sports Edstor Snapshot Edrtor Assocnate Snapshot Editor Typist Crrculatuon Manager Assocuate Csrculatuon Manager Advisor 'F '--1-K+ esp- Janet Lohner Saundro Goyne Wulson Smuth Wllma Wolfe Noella Wulkms Louuse Aldrudge Jeanne Peters Bully Lowther Mrs Dual Baker 1 ,J 3 - 5, 1 S ' .... . . Jerry Clyde Wolfe 2 ADMINISTRATION CALVIN ADAMS MRS, HERBERT w1LuAMs Mas, Jesse GARRISON MRS. CAP-ROLL HAD1-EY Vocational Agriculture Vocggignal Home Economics English at Speech Librarian rx ROY PETERS B,M. MCELROY Superintendent gush 521055 P'1nC1Pa1 oac tory MR, RAYMOND CULP MRS. RAYMOND CULP Junior-High School JAMES HOLDER MRS, DIAL BAKER Iunior-High School Bo 3. Glee Club Y Shop 8: Coach Business Education Gms- Glee Club Grade Music MRS. WORTH DICKEY MRS. HERBERT CHAPMAN MR-S. ROY PETERS 4th Grade Junior High English 8: Social 5th Grade Studies -if 1 :rf WORTH DIC KEY JESS GARRISON Junior High Principal Grade Principal Junior High sr High School 6th Grade Mathematics Mas. CuFFoRD BALL MRS. JAMES HOLDER Mas. s,M. MCELROY Mas, CLEO THOMPSON Junior High ar High School 3rd Grade 21d Grade Lsr Grade Science SE L IDRS 1 L 1 u V1 I s u , 1 x x 1 x Xu X .Xxx X X r m , Seniofta LLOYD GIBBS Football-3 years F,F,A,-S years Basketball-1 year DONALD LYONS F,F,A, -3 years Football-3 years Basketball-3 years Baseball-3 years Glee Club-2 years JANET IDHNER F,H,A, -3 years F,H,A, President 8: Pianist Student Council Pianist Class Reporter Glee Club-3 years Pep Club-3 years Editor of Annual F,B.t..A,-2 years Pep Club Reporter 8: Vice-President Junior Play ROGER SCHNEIDER Football-3 years F,F,A. -3 years CLOIS REPPOND Football-3 years Baseball-3 years Track-3 years F,F,A,-3 years Glee Club-2 years JERRY CRADDOCK Football-1 year Basketball-2 years Track-2 years F.B.L.A.-1 year Glee Club-2 years LYNDA LAWSON F,H,A, -3 years F.H.A, Reporter Softball-2 years Glee Club-3 years Basketball-2 years F,B.L.A. -2 years F, B, L. A , Reporter 8s President Class Vice -President 8: Reporter Pep Club-3 years Pep Club Reporter 8a Vice President Junior Play DAVID TOBEY F.F,A, -3 years F.F.A. Vice-President-2 years F-F.A. sentinel Glee Club-2 years Track-2 years Junior Play RICHARD JOHNSON Football-3 years Basketball-3 years Baseball-2 years Track-2 years F,F,A, -3 years VALVIA SUE MANNING F,H.A,-3 years Pep Club-3 years Glee Club-3 years F,H,A, Reporter Junior Play F,B,L.A,-1 year JERRY CLYDE WOLFE F,F.A,-3 years Football-3 years Baseball-3 years Annual Staff F,B,L.A. -1 year JERRY ROSS GOYNE Football-3 years Basketball-3 years Baseball-3 years Track-3 years F.F.A. -l year F.B.L.A. -1 year TOMMY JOE HARRIS F.F.A. -3 years F,B,L.A, -1 year Junior Play Football-3 years Basketball-2 years Track-1 year Class President Glee Club-2 years WAYNE MOORE Football-3 years F,F,A. -3 years Baseball-1 year Track-3 years Junior Class Secretary BILLY LOWTHER Baseball-3 years Football-1 year Class Vice-President F,B.L.A,-l year Junior Play Annual Staff Glee Club-2 years GAYLE DRUMMOND Cheerleader-3 years F.H.A. -3 years Glee Club-3 years Softball-3 years Football Queen F,H.A, Song leader Pep Club Vice-President Junior Play Basketball-3 years IRIS BOSWELL F,H,A. LEMAN SPOON F.F.A.-3 years Track-2 years MARY LOIS TEAGUE Glee Club-3 years Softball-2 years Basketball-1 year WANZELL WILKINS F. H.A, -3 years F.H,A, Historian Junior Play Glee Club-3 years Pep Club-3 years RONALD COLE JAMES MCCLELLAN F-F-A-'1Y93' F,F,A,-3 years Football-2 years Footballa years Junior PHY Baseball-2 years 5 DONALD BAGWELL F.F,A.-1 year F,B.L.A.-2 years Glee Club-2 years Football-3 years Baseball-3 years R.C. FONDREN 1' 'Q-4 JERRY LEE WILLIAMS F.F.A. -3 years Football-3 years Basketball-3 years Track-3 years Glee Club-2 years Junior Class President Senior Class Vice-President WILSON SMITH Football-3 years Track-3 years Basketball-2 years F,a.L.A,-1 year Student Council President Student Body President Glee Club-2 years Baseball-2 years Junior Play Annual Staff NOELLA WILKINS Pep Club-3 years Glee Club-3 years F. H.A, -3 years F. H,A. Treasurer 8: Historian F,F.A, Queen junior Play High School Camival Queen F,B.L,A, -2 years Annual Staff Student Council Representative Basketball-3 years HAROLD SPENCER Track-3 years Football-3 years Basketball- 1 year Junior Play Senior Class President Football Captain BETH GEYER F.H,A, -3 years F.H,A. Song Leader 8: Secretary Glee Club-3 years Basketball-2 years Softball-3 years F,a,L.A, -2 years Cheerleader-3 years funior Play Pep Club President Class Secretary-2 years MIKE McELROY F,F.A.-3 years F.F.A. President 8: Secretary Football-3 years Basketball-3 years Baseball-3 years Glee Club-2 years F.B.L,A, -l year Track-3 years MRS. DIAL BAKER Pep Club Sponsor Student Council Advisor Annual Sponsor F.B,L.A. Sponsor Business Education G Q A JUNIURS A . WILMA WOLFE President LA RRY FOSTER Vice-President LINDA GAY Secretary John Rodgers Bonnie Mitchusson Grady White louise Aldridge Jerry Spears Saundra Goyne Dale Mitchusson Earlene Srucks Charles Aldridge 'tim A rg qi' Q7 . . '.-A'-I A B fb 39" lax QQ-,Q Q r C' Est QQ is 'i J- 'VQ fi! NN if I 2 .ii ,zu 1 4.-I-L' - Lavoice Brand Frances Starkey DOD Tobey Jeanie Peters Jerry Williams Judy Lent: Loyd Smith Phala Newton Roy Peters, Jr, Anne Reed Freddie Simmons Sha ron MCC 1e11an Patricia Ann Ball Sammy Ramsey Zelma Rue Clark UI Qfs 'I I ,KV N v'-2 - K. .- fn- , 44 ap., 4, 1 .I -Fm ar E v F 1. V0 NY .I 6 Y 9 a -F17 A r if . Q,. Sin Q lhf. mn nigh figu l..m A 'Q 'ms 'I tr . , -f F 1 SOPHOMORES 40 3 Q N. A' M x qi X' , 1 b Alf 'N xy r ,- -ya '-1 f Q X aophomone CALVIN ADAMS Sponsor Lrndel Petugrew .4 bona Carol Roberson Carolyn Parsley GENE STEPHENS Presldent Henry Ketchum Jerry Wxlklns IoAn Gosnell NOEL PHILLIPS Vice-President Kathy Gage Barry Parsley LOIS HUGHES Secretary 18 Marky Chitwood Donna Lohner louise Grooms Donald lpwe Bobby Word Junlor Walker Glenda Wmlliams Glenda Kenh Dale Stucks Alma Hams Emma Lee McDon51d Almalme Dodd James Ketchum 19 Anthony Woolsey 'Nm F U NP S? UL 92 Y 5 Q ,saga Q33 iff? lr Q-Q21 'rf' as fx 1 ' ' ' QA ,fgexg :- lm' sud DFW N qouvl Ca LY L xxlxv bneahmen FIRST ROW Charles Anderson La Donna Abernathy Frankle Glenn Zelma Rene Clark Kenneth Morris Mary K Goodwyn SECOND ROW Warner Voss Clydene Ketchum Ray Stucks Phyllu Kllby Gregory Vrrgin Ahcla Malicoar THIRD ROW Wayne Gibbs Glona Massey David Earl Lack Peggy McDonald Dean Polk Floerta Overby FOURTH ROW Novella Stephens Barbara Hearon Pat Newton and James Holder Sponsor 22 GRADES X 1 9- S ' 3 .' 9 f X Q ' " Q: , I Xfl eighth qnade FIRST ROW: Marvin Dutton. Mary Ball, Buddy Gage, Renee Cofer, Pat Johnson, Chloda Craddock. SECOND ROW: Darrel Lowe, Carol Lee Flemming, Jacky Spears, Brenda Gay. Jimmy Smith, Alice Glenn. THIRD ROW: Douglas Virgin, Janet Harris, G.C. Alston, Diane Parsley, jimmy Moore, Neva jo Pearson. FOURTH ROW: Robert Stapp, Margaret Simmons, Otis Manning, Joyce White, Betty Sue Bagwell, Marilyn Cameron, Mrs. Clifford Ball, Sponsor. 24 aeventh qnade FIRST ROW: Phillip Chitwood, Carolyn Brooks, David Dickey, Barbara Davis, Freddie Foster, Janette Gage. SECOND IUW: Leonard Godwin, Rita Lee Holder, Jimmy Hobbs, Aline Ketchum, Johnny Hughes, Joy Dell Kilby. THIRD ROW: Jerry Lowe, Mary Bell Kilby, J.D. Srucks, Joyce Moore, Robert Williams, Vicky Phillips. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Johnston, Mary K. Stapp, Terry Lyons, Roxie Vaughn, Joyce Mills, Lewis Zimmer, Mrs. Herbert Chapman. 25 aixth qnade X A 9 FIIGT ROW Phyllis Anderson Peggy Lowe Johnnie McConnell Jimmie Rec McDonald Nell Overby Donna Baker SECOND ROW Rosemonda Voss Elaine Brooksher jr Robert Chapman Jim Foster Roy Smith Hugh Malicoat Johnnie Smith FOURTH ROW Roy Hobbs Jim Shaw Gary Williamson Dana Selzer Jerry Don Harris Tigger Chancellor FIFTH ROW jerry Hughes Jerry McClintock Leland Spoon Larry Parsley Belford Brashears Mr Jesse Garrison 26 at L "' A - N Craddock, Lana Terry, Alicia Lawson. Bill Gibbs. Troy Smith. THIRD ROW: Roy fifth qnade fx 'WP' if i FIRST ROW Sue Lack Gayla True Rita Stewart Donna Roberson Pam Story Ann Lohner SECOND ROW Mary Lee Ferrell Joyce Keith Charlene Goodwyn Doris Jean Adams, Mary Jane Hobbs, Tommie White. THIRD ROW: Paula Gage, Floretta Williamson, Phyllis Walters, Mondee Hooker, Russell Williamson. Richard Cox. FOURTH ROW: Joe Drennan, Wayne Woolsey, Kimes Simonds, Dale Peacock, Kenneth Timmer, J,W. Joy. FIFTH ROW: Sammy Rutledge, Mrs. Roy Peters. 27 'S f ik. Q. 5 F' 4 F?-3 'Q 5 F f 1 twat qfzade AP FIRST ROW Henrxetta Ann McKee Drane Lynn Stewart Betty Ann Adams Mary loulse Rlchardson Debbte Holder Gmger Kay True SECOND ROW Debra Lane Goble Karolyn Kay Hooker Gaynell Rogers Tammy Lyons Donna Gall Pearson Kathy Jean Shtrley THIRD ROW Gayla Ann Walters Lrnda Fay True Barbara Ann Walters R1Cky Dean Drennan Steven Joe Alcott Gary Cox FOURTH ROW Mike Wallen Chrrs Cecil, Kendale Bueford Brashears, Donnxe Lyons, Charles Ray Malxcoat, John Richard Woolsey. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Cleo Thompson. 31 S RT PO an 0 u unfgvw lllllllll Q 3353335352 X M Goofball 'vo K "Nan BOYS FOOTBALL FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Gene Stephens Jerry Spears James Ketchum John Rodgers Bobby Word Tommy Harrts Don Tobey Jerry Wrlkxns SECOND ROW L1ndelPett1 rew Henry Ketchum Donald Lowe Freddre Simmons Ronnie Cole Jerry Wrlltams Harold Spencer Pete rand Loyd Grbbs Don Bagwell NoelPh1ll1ps THIRD POW Coach Holder Larry Foster Wilson Smith Roy Peters Don Lyons Jerry Goyne Grad Whrte Jerry Wolfe Clors Reppond Rlchard Johnson Mrke McElroy Charles Aldridge Roger Schneider oach McElroy FOOTBALL l957 A season to remember This was our year Well, almost Pernell Elmore City Blanchard, Cyril Mlnco, Rush Springs, Lincoln of Chlckasha and Davis, all falling decisively before the stampeding Longhorns Then the crucial and deciding game with the Tuttle Tigers at Tuttle Both teams were undefeated in district play This game was for the district championship Forty eight minutes of Rochem Sockem and Alex was the new champ ion of District 9 C Every opponent was defeated by a decisive margin Then we took Yale In the Bl District, after losing our final gcrne of the season to rugged Maysvllle Thanks giving Day, and powerful Medford was mangled by a score of 26 6, and we were regional champions The following week we went to Beggs, and after a hard battle the Longhorns were Area Champions of eastern Oklahoma But all good things must end. The following Friday at El Reno, the below par Longhorns fell before the powerful Thomas Terriers. Still we were proud to be the second best in all the state of Oklahoma Our biggest hand to the fine boys who represented Alex High during the gloruous season of 57. SCORES A ex Pernell A ex Davis A ex Elmore Cnty A ex Tuttle A ex Blanchard A ex Maysville A ex Cyn A ex Ya e A ex Mmco A ex Medford A ex Rush Springs A ex Beggs A ex Lnncoln A ex Thomas 34 Baaeball Rim agp!!! f agp! by iii its BOYS BASEBALL h h dj h Cl Re d TOP LEFT TO RIGHT James Holder coach Don Bagwell Jo n Rod ers Ric ar o nson ois ppon Jerry Wolfe Wilson Smith Jerry Goyne B M McElroy coach BOT OM LEFT TO RIGHT Billy Lowther Don Lyons Mike McElroy James McClellan Larry Foster invoice Brand Jerry Spears sogwazz GIRLS SOFTBALL TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: James Holder, Coach, Noella Wilkins, Beth Geyer, Ga le Drummond, Almaline Dodd, Carollayn Peters, bona Carol Roberson, Judy bents, Louise Grooms, Ffoelta Overby, SECOND ROW: Lycnda Lawson, easy Ann McDonald, Alma Lera Harris, Wilma Wolfe, Linda Gay, Alicia Malicoat, Sharon ay McClellan, ary Katherine Goodwyn, Gloria Massey, Novella Stephens. 35 Basketball 1 an f'2"31"3?"r'1 I'-W'l'l-I tl'Ql'-I-'Vi-I ' vw L, sf . 'Elf V+-llwllf W WW ll ORGANIZATIONS S 9 A. 16, - Af 4? ' 9 3 tw Q gb, Q 1' v v 1 Q P 'Z , ' 1 V A var ' .3 , ' . Q T . 9' , E' W J , .. l - 0 Q he 'QNK '54 f-'Ai 54,535 - L f yy' -,fm annls.94qfr1ny"'w- 2, gm-H-lui M ,L '.m"v 0' If YJ' 1 I , tl 1 , a ' A b 7 ' , 'G Q' fm , Q Rwz ,f , s 4 I' 't V ' 0' A A, . , F I 1 . jg 4 I H . T ya , xo' Q as if Q 11-4. ,fe F-Q Q Y XM-.J 'Jutune '3anmena ob flmefuca - va rt" ARMEIB OF TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Noel Dean Phtllrps Henry Ketchu xte Tobe Charles Aldnd e James Ketchum John Rodgers Lavotce Brand Dean Glenn Grego Vxrgtn Adams SEC ND ROW Davld obey Donald Lowe Gene Stephens LlndelPett1grew Bobby Word Jerry rlktns Barry Parsley Kenneth Morrts Davtd Lack Dean Polk Charles Anderson Warner Voss Dale Stucks THIRD ROW Leman Spoon Lloyd Gtbbs Donald Lyons M1keMcElm Tommy Harns Jerry Wxlltams Jerry Wolfe James McClellan Wayne Moore Juntor Walker Ray Stucks Wayne G1 bs 'Jutune Buameaa Leadena ob flmefuca FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA fF.B.L.AJ TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Jerry Don Craddock, Wilson Smith, Jerry Coyne, Mxke McElroy, Jerry Wolfe, Roy Peters Jr , Tommy Hams, Billy Lowther, Don Bagwell SECOND ROW Saundra Goyne, Janet Lohner, Jeame Peters, Pat Ball. Zelma Rue Clark, Loutse Aldrtdge, Gayle Drummond, Beth Geyer, Phala Newton, Marky Chltwood. JoAn Gosnell. Judy Lents l.AST IUW Wrlma Wolfe, Lyn a Lawson, Bonnie Mrtchusson, Lmda Gay. Frances Starkey, Emma Lee McDonald, Noella Wrlktns, bona Carol Roberson, Donna Lohner, and Mrs Dtal Baker. 39 C vt F W - Of .. ' .""' , - "ha - . . ,s , 5 , Q, r - 19' if V. 1r'fL"1- 3 ,Z K gf-. m h , .. Q I . i .lb fi I . ' AW.. I v il X t . - 'U 5 .P - . 2 ' A 'HF H?-. 6551 5' Isr- O Q I ' ' - 1 ' ' 7 , -,-W7' Y l - wf-?i?"fT'1'S zl33!i'5':'? Q 1 ' I w -v Q S iigpf? S' L' ' .1 'V Q " Q Q- 1 ' Q If II f f' I J 1 55 9 .. 11, I 5 I N 0 a 5 g Q x ,-Q KJ Gia X, Q- wa sl .. - 0 f Miva .,3-,, IQ.. :el'Q , Q -.,-. if 'Uh v ' 'iq' ' LI N in I -3 X .4'-..,-egg' '1Q'!'-KJ. ' am' ffl ,v'W"' . V ,Q Y iff'-nQ.,'1 mf 50.81.55 . A w ' ff H gf, 5 SvZT2 ' 5 1 ,V V' ... ,- ' -6 an-14. ' ' 9 I n V X 5 1 6 I n 4' 'f f " ' ' . 5 Q. 'H .. ".-94" 'Q 2, L Q2 -.1 35' 1 14' fs ' 4 b ' I" H ' A3354 3 7' v W, 32 V t . :Qi p pf, . , asian. V if T as A I r A 4 . gg 1 3 r 1 14' V . Q - Y. - SN-11:4 1 ff 'dr ,- .z, mix - ' IV 19 fi' .0 M W1 ll Q Wm 3: Q. x . 3 4. Compliments STEPHENSON-BROWNE LUMBER CO Plumbing I-Umbef Gnd Building Materials Home Builders G A Goyne Mgr Phone Su5 222l Alex Oklahoma Compliments FOWLER S INC Phone I 700 WE ARE BOOSTERS FOR OUR SCHOOL The followmg who graduated from Alex Hugh School are connected wnth our bank Arlene Wslkerson Foster Reguna Chapman Evans Marulyn Peters Betty Ann Goyne Saundro Goyne Carolyn Peters Class C ass C ass C oss C ass Class FIRST NATIONAL BANK of l94l of T954 of 1955 of WW of l959 of l959 Alex Oklahoma Grady D Hams Presudent Member of the Federal Deposnt Insurance Corporatnon of l ' I of CIIICICGSIWG, Olqlchomg ' I ' I I I WONDER BREAD HOSTESS CAKES RENEAU'S Glfts Home Accessornes 27 South Mom Lindsay Oklahoma Compl :ments THE DIXIE Chuckasha Oklahoma Compl :ments VIRGIN LUMBER CO Phone Ca4 6282 Chuckasha Oklahoma SMITH S HWDE 8- GRO Phone Su 5-2521 Staple Grocernes Farm Suppl res SUE S BEAUTY SHOPPE Su 5-2551 Shampoos Haur Cuts Permanents Compl :ments of HUNTER S VARIETY STORE Support Your Local Store FREDDIE DENNIS SERVICE STATION AND CAFE Phrllups 66 Products Bradley Oklahoma BYRUM BROTHERS IMPLEMENT CO Your John Deere Dealer Hgwy 81 N E Frusco Ave Phone Ca 4 4499 Chlckasha Oklahoma PORTRAITS Photo Fumshmg School Photos GEORGE 8. SON STUDIO Corner of 5th and Guckasha Avenue Chnckasha Oklahoma ROBERSON BROS General Merchandlse Thanks for Your Patronage Phone Su 5-3261 Alex Oklahoma For A Good Used Car FULTON MOTOR CO Home of the brg M Mercury an Ouckasha 418 Kansas Ave Ph CAstIe 4 6141 81 . - . . of Phone 3 Box 224 GOODNER S IGA Where Your Dollar Does a Bug Job Every Day Phone 12 Lcndsay Oklahoma We Serve Good Food at Reasonable Prlces MAIN STREET CAFE Mrs Neb Hnggnns Manager STONEY S CAFE Eat Weth Us Home Cookung 8. Frlendly Servnce Alex Oklahoma Compl :ments of CHICKASHA VETERINARY HOSPITAL Chlckosha Oklahoma Ph 1704 or 2313 So Hgwy 81 FRICK S OIL COMPANY APCO Products Gates Tnres All Makes of Tlres Adlusted SU 5 2121 THE FASHION CENTER OF LINDSAY Famous for Best an Fashion House of Natlonolly Advertised Brands 100 N Mann Lmdsay Oklahoma Phone 345 BIRDEN S HOBBY SHOF 101 N Mann Llnclsay Oklahoma FRED STANDLEY OFFICE 8. MACHINES Sales Repanrs Rentals 521 Chlckasha Ave Chnckasha Oklahoma Ca 4 0819 lnternatlonol Paper Company LONG BELL DIVISION 116 West Creek Lnndsay Oklahoma SMITH PUBLISHING CO Publnshers of the Lrndsay News 128 N Mann Phone 15 Lmdsay Okla LITHOGRAPHING OFFICE SUPPLIES COMMERCIAL PRINTING WALKER S CAFE Open Day and Night Phone 3118 315 Owoctaw Ave Chlckasho Oklahoma Mr and Mrs C E Ratllff Owners ANTHONY S MOBIL SERVICE STATION Selling Magnolva Products 507 Kansas Chnckasha Oklohomfl l . I I . ll ' II . I I I - 1 I 1 c ' I I Typewriters - Adding Machines . I , I .- I 1 1 . I I I I T I ' 1 . a I . I Complumenfs MILDRED R POOL D JOHNSON S CREDIT JEWELERS Fnne Jewelry Watches Dncrnonds Jack and Freuda Johnson Chlckasha Oklahoma Compl :ments ROTHBAUM S Chlckasha Oklahoma CLAY NORTHCUT CHEVROLET Cars Trucks Sales Servuce 109 North Maon Phone Lindsay Oklahoma Compl umenfs YOUNT S DRUG STORE Phone Su 5 3881 Alex Oklahoma C RICHISON FURNITURE Buy Sell Trade New 8. Used Furmfure 8. Applnances Phone Ca4 2140 Compluments of PERDUE SALES CO 316 Ohckasha Avenue Chnckasha Oklahoma LINDSAY FLOWER SHOP Flowers Gorsages Sprays Grffs Phone Plaza 61186 16 S Mann Sf Lrndsay Oklahoma One Trnal Wull Convnnce Youl MODEL CLEANERS Phone 72 116 S 5th St Ownckasha Oklahoma Compl :ments A J BRUNGARDT D D Lindsay Oklahoma Congrafulahons BROVXN S FUNERAL HOME Chuckasha Oklahoma Phone Ca 4 4141 SAVE WAY FOOD MKT Everyday as Bargann Day af Save Way Lindsay Oklahoma of I I . 1 1 . .O. 1 I of ' ' 197 of 1 - , Chickasha, Oklahoma 0 I I I I . . . of . - , . . S . MILLER MOTORS T07 Soufh Mein Sf. Phone 250 Lindsay, Oklahoma BOREN MALONE CO Books School Supplues 5l7 Choctaw Guckasha STORY S GROCERY Alex s Qualufy Self Servnce Store Phone Su5-2233 Alex Oklahoma CECIL R DUNCAN General Dar? Work Box 224 Phone Su5-2463 Alex Oklahoma Congrafulahons FERGUSON MOTOR CO Your Pontnac Dealer Chlckasha Oklahoma POUl Ferguson n Fergugon Compl :ments DR J L HOOPER D D S General Procflce 2Ol Hall Brlsco Bulldung Telephone Ca4 2180 427 lf2 Chlckasha Avenue Chnckasha Oklahoma The House of Service I Do of Compl :ments BAKER S FOOD MARKET Help Your Self Phone Su5 2314 Propr Dual E Baker VELMA S BEAUTY SHOPPE The Best In Every Beauty Need Cold Wave Machme 8. Machlneless Permanents Phone Su5 2294 Specaaluze ln Hour Shaprng Velma lM'nte Mgr Alex Okl ahoma SCHNEIDER FARM SUPPLY J L Case Farm Machmery Phone 452 Lrndsay Phone Su 5-2535 A ex Route l Lindsay Oklahoma LINDLEY 8. FREENY LAUNDRY 8. CREAM STATION Phone Su5 2342 Alex Oklahoma O fe Tower? I ... ve Done All of These Thmgsl At Last We re Throughl We Hope You Luke Itl Edator an Chief Janet Lohner Assocaate Edntor Saundra Goyne Sports Edltor Jerry Clyde Wolfe Assustant Sports Editor Wllson Smlth Chnef Photographer Wllma Wolfe Assnstant Photographer Noella Wilkuns Chuef Typust Loulse Aldridge Curculatron Manager Jeanne Peters Assustant Circulohon Manager Bully Lowther Advusor Mrs. Dual Baker olf l Q fl l x . A BG .- x - " N 1 We' ' ' ' YEARIOOKS 0 f I 'ff 1 f,1,P?r'Ix.

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