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'QW 'W sig.. 1, jig? 'suxxk K g 1: 'X-. x K . , L OS Q- X + q vwrid N .. Q 35k Afi WI w if 1 X Q- KHK If Q 1 N X " x v-""' ,2,. X05 WU?- K 1 g Q k 'Q X-TW 1,1si+. . A Foiiuzwtmo... As we look back over the three years already past and the fourth one nearly gone, we realize how much our high school days have meant to us and how badly we shall miss them in the future. Many thanks should be given to Miss Miles and Miss Bowers for their time, patience, and ideas which they devoted so willingly to the ASTRUM in an effort to make this book ll pictorial meni- orandum. And you remember our candid cameraman, Fred Ziegler, who is now in the Navy. Take a look at that picture of the school house across the page. Pretty spiffy, isn't it? Well, you can thank Fred for that picture as well as several other grand pictures throughout this hook. It has been our desire in this twenty-fifth volume of the ASTRUM to illustrate the good times we had, the knowledge we acquired, and the school spirit we attained. Sometimes when there wasn't anything else to do, we even studied for a change. If this annual will help you to recall these things, we will have accomplished our purpose. Vs Ng X NNQNW x ' N X X X 5 Q 5 X S. X if x.,.. X w A w 'N gg X E- mx X S xv nnnumsm it MN. Q 5 A X X X xxx X. LX W NX ax Qx Q Muwmws 5 K+!-2. "EI 'E 2 x QS NX A, X , NX as wmwmmqpnww 3 3 Q. Q xv. N X N X s Q 9 X S X X X x N EPMI 81111111 o our alumni in the armed forces, who are so nobly serving our country, and to all who will become a part in our natlon's fight for freedom, we dedicate this book. Serving Our Country, . . 1941 Forrest Anderson ljr.J Ivyl Anderson Robert Anderson Forrest C. Baldwln, lhonorable discharge! Robert Basala Aubrey Berglund Rlchard David Bigham Thomas L, Bonynge Harold Brokaw Darrah Eugene Brown Merle Brown Ben Burrows Arvld Decker Allen Lee Gray Ward Greer Fred Elvls Hemphill Richard Hildebrand Ernest Holt, Ex. Don Hutchins James Kimball David James McCrelght James McFarland Everett Parkinson Thomas Plemmons, Ex. Gerry Potter LaVerne Rlddell Donald Rose Robert Jackson Rose, Ex Walter Rule Richard Shaw Raymond Chester Staley Glenn Tracy Helen Tschappat Donald Eugene Vance Donald Eugene Wagoner, Edward Weeks, Ex. 1942 Frank Bedford Ewald LeRoy Berglund Robert Bjorkman Harry Close Earl Crawford, Ex. Walter Clinton Davison Earl Engwall Richard Gray Roy Bernard Kisler. Ex. Leonard Lee Lemon, Ex. Robert Miller Wendell Peterson Blaine Rooth 1908 ack Emerson 1916 rank M. Brown 1918 aul Brldgford swrence E. Brown. Ex. smes Cooke. Ex. orrest Eakman 1920 on Duvall lenn R. Lana. Ex.. honorable discharge 1921 dwin E. Carroll b aul Cooks. dled in service lmuol Lawrence McHard arold Swanson, Ex. obert Te'rrey 1922 orrest Anderson heodore Greer. Ex. arl Jobusch yle Parkinson. Ex., honorable discharge sul Steed. hon. discharge 1923 lbert Dunlap harles DeBord. honorable discharge 1924 dward Watson. honorable discharge 1925 larold Clarke so Damp harles Sabbath 1926 heodore Mobsrg larry Olson In our four years of high school we have known the following as schoolmates: A Serving Our Counlry . . . "But the glory of the Present is to make the Future Free,- We love our land for what she is and what she ls to be." Henry Van Dyke Richard L. Sharp Kenneth Taylor Richard Taylor Phyllis win 1943 Donald E. Anderson Richard Leo Baldwin Robert Berglund Robert Boultlnghouse LaVerne Dahl, Ex. Wayne Dennlson, Ex. Radcliffe Fraser Robert Fuhr Eugene Gray Harry Grimm, Ex. Robert Gustafson Darrell Hutchins Earl Hutchlns Walter C. Joseph, Ex. Ellis Kell, Ex. Robert Kelly Maurice Lloyd Wllson Delos Mader David Maehr John Arthur May, Ex. Ronald Mlller Morris Patterson Robert Ricketts Orville Calvin Sims Frank Stevens Donald Leroy Stoltz, Ex. Ward West Robert Winger 1944 Harold Board Donald Brown Leonard Dellitt. Ex. Elvis Hildebrand, Ex. Charles Holt, Ex. Curtis Slmpklns, Ex. Jerry Swank Ralph Spence Wllliam S. Taylor Ralph Thornburg, Ex. 1945 Wllbur Newswander, Ex. Fred Ziegler, Ex. 1946 Gerry Holt, Ex. We are equally proud of these former alumni whom we have not had as fellow schoolmates: 1927 LaVerne Enstrom Robert Boyd Findlay Walter Rush 1928 Richard Duncan Paul Faslhleht Thomas Lunn Harold Paul Scranton 1929 Orvllle Carlson Arthur Minteer Leo Wlllard McCaw Frank Robb John C. White Wllllam Whiteside 1930 Paul Baker, Ex., mlssing in action Clarence Edwin Brown Chester Chandler Davld Clarke Everett Oscar Dahl Donald T. Marquis Elnar Olson Everett Bonynge Smith 1931 Lowls W. Carver. Ex. Glenn Davls James McHard 1932 Joseph Boller, Ex. Ralph Chandler Lee Edgar Harold Fortner Kenneth Lyle Gustafson Kenneth Mlntoer, Ex. George McNall, Ex. Walter Scannell. Ex. 1933 James C. Allen George Bentley Ernest Brown Bernard Gllllland Willard Ernest Drake, Ex Willlam Graham Qjr.j Ralph Hodgson Arthur Laverne Johnson Lawrence Milligan Thomas Murphy Robert McCreight Lewis F. McGuire. Ex. Harry Skinner John Whitehall 1934 Karl Berg Frank L. Brown Leroy Brown, Ex. John Hayes, Ex. Frederick Howlett. Ex. Wllliam Longley Ralph Mayhew Glenn H. Moffitt Charles Sedig, Ex. Clarence Spence James Stanley Howard E. Swiger Robert J. Thede Vernon Tracy Paul Vance Clyde wigglns, Ex. 1935 James E. Blrd John P. Boruff' Morris Bradford James Crawford Rachael Fisher Robert Gllllland Lloyd R. Mangrove Donald L. Johnson Drucllla Kendall Marvin Lloyd Jay Medford Issac D. Parker Donald Rader Don Spence Davld Weeks, Ex. Edgar Wilson 1936 Wayne Aubrey Wendell B. Aubrey Robert Black, died in service Charles Bogguss Donald Leroy Boyles Harold Brown, Ex., died in service. George Close Lawrence R. Coffelt, Ex. Charles Edgar Cook Robert Danford George Fortner John Hemphill Vlrgil Hood Rollin Johnson Gilbert Kuehl Lytle Lambert Robert Marshall Lutrell Maynard Marquis George Delmar Milla, Ex. Joe McCrelght Robert Ernest Nelson Morris Riddell, Ex. Frank Smlth Gerald Edward Stephens John Taylor, Ex. Gall Waespe Gerald Wakeland 1937 Eugene Allen, Ex. Richard B. Allen Chris lven Balmer Wendell L. Bergstrom, Ex. Richard Davison Thomas Earl Day Edward Leroy Gibson. Ex. Milo Hines Otis Ho t Lee Y Robert Donald Litzenberger John Lloyd Benjamin Marquis Lee Morgan Julian Morrls Myron Mueller James Lloyd McGaughy Hugh Rex Nesbitt Richard Quinn Max Relander Earl Seiver, prisoner of Germans Sidney Snell Clair Tracy 1938 Marlln Boruff Lawrence Bradford Joe W. Close Wllllam Carter Dilley, Warren Allen Frick John Vlrgll Gustafson Raymond Hemphill Raymond Holt, Ex. William Elisha Lee W. Curtis Lowry Lawrence W. Morgan Eugene McCreight Claude McKanna. Ex. Keith McQuady, died in Robert Parkinson Wendell Perrln Richard Sawyers Ernest Sedig Robert Smith Jack Snell Harry Swlger Un! Robert Taylor Paul Thornburs. Ex., died ln servlce 1939 Robert Keith Artcher Gordon Bstss Ellsworth Bower Vlnton Colclasure Wayne Flatt Charles Ford John Glffin Raymond Gustafson Leroy Hadley, Ex. Stuart Harbour William Hayman Ex. serv. William Donald Herat. Ex Clyde Hilllgoss Claris Hyett, Ex. Robert B. Kennicutt Wllliam Dean Klsler. Ex. William F. Kouskle George Lutz Wllllam Martln William McBride Frank McFarland. honorable discharge Morton McWhorter Wllliam John Nesbitt James Rule Robert Solver Wendell Sharp, Ex. Hayden Simpklns, Ex. Virgil Raymond Tracy Norman Trueblood Eddie Volentlno Willlam LeRoy Wagoner Marshall Woodworth 1940 Richard Armstrong Allen D. Bailey, Ex. Dean Beachler, Ex. Frank Boultinghouse Jack Fraser Charles C. Gunnall John Harbour John Everett Johnson. Ex Blaine Kendall Glen Earl Klstlor Davld Lawson Maynard Mlntoer J. C. McCsw Everette McCroight Dean Robison Frank Seofold William Sloan Robert Sponslsr Clifford Stevens Lyla Tschlpplt Bettv Wakeland Francis Ward Warnock Curtis .mpkins ibn' w---- During this school year, the seven boys pictured on this page enlisted in the armed forces before April 1. In the Navy are Fred Ziegler, A.S., completing his boot training at Great Lakes, Illinois, and S. 2Xc Curtis Simpkins, a gunner on convoy duty, who has left the states. The Marines have claimed Pvt. Ralph Spence, who is now stationed at San Diego, California. Two of the boys are with the Army Air Forces: AIC Jerry Swank, Columbia, Missouri, and Pvt. Harold Board, Tyndall Field, Florida, who is a tail gunner and has recently received his wings. Bill Taylor and Don Brown are finishing their 8' school year before beginning actual training. Bill leaves 9' July 1 for N.A.C. train Bill Taylor ing. Don has enlisted in the Navy and will leave on May 20. Fred Ziegler Don Brown Ralph Spence Harold Board Jerry Swanl LL D MITCHE FRE Q 'X 411 wiv K .""""" b ,gr b Ku A S 5 fl .' 'I V ' w I . Graham, .Super-m1e:,4,.,,,. Joh' Em . , ,I ' 'l 'C She:-rrfq ','cCI"2 14319, ,Z ,SM ' WW'-'lll. 'oil Se,-q.1a,.J,'. N EDUCATIO QF 'WR mm i Xi J. C. GRAHAM Superintendent 1 an ...W X..-Q-nuff pf f 'ff e ' I , N 4 X Q ' ' waxy X ' wwf " 'N 'www ' +:+,.xgyyx- ws NQMQ, awww rnnlm-wk Q N YNNX 1 -3- T . GLEN s'rANcl,lFF-Dean or Men RUTH KETZLE-DN" of w""""' N l'I..KRl'I JEAN VONRAD Girl! Phvsiml Education 1 l.l'l'l LI ,E STH! PINS-llislnry ,ik .Wwww-N - . Y' 9 QQ X0 fi .5 Y' 1 QQXVAEGSQ ,N x 96 -4366 ROBERT V. MORTLANII V- - . - up-n--'f K ommerclal Rl'Tll Il. THOM.KN-English and Dramalics IVEI, HOWTIRS-l'IngIish and Social Sludifs fx" ' X X X Mk x . S SSSNNww. XiKSSg?w X, ggiggwq 4 ,,x.Xx Xxxx W. v Xmx, .. .Q N ,W Q h GICOIIGIN A SM l'l'll-llomc l'Icunnmivs :wg 45, - .. vgx DONALD HANSEN Agriculiure N-.AP x Q LENORE SHERRARD-Music V-Yfvx fa Wk W5 00' , ' Z xNWHY' 21,0 .ce . wwf? C wg. FLOYD R. l"l'SlNGER-Biology and Assisizmt Coach E S -1 S 3 v-df I MAIULKIII-IT MILES Mathcmutirs and Science ff . If -X, X 'I i 'Q 'iff' s 4 f lr 'X f u V X X 1, 5 if A ? 'Xi XS Q fx, ww. mix. V! W ' df i'L.KRK H. lgRf,w'N-Nlilllllill Ar I-.LMER LIEGLER Band .94 069 IWQ 0' via '56 9'1- 3 A 4 J N556 Nfgeyw X. M N.. WY-XSS' .X ' 'kitfg , mjggga 3,-Q ' I I 2, if K, -,X LEONARD DAY-Custodian ' 8' MARY BURGESS-Junior High xx Y 1 :ep ave' ETHYL RICHARDSON-Librarian W'- Q?!qQ-4 'fn we wut tyhjdmpfg axes 3 .1 Tas, ff!-" 0 Y 5, 713 '2gf"f'f.'s 1 ml' ffkfff ?gf ?F+f'1' i, fl .Fi,grlLyf,bx jjhxngi -1 fu J, U5 .fx 5-:aw,,,. fc 'J4 IVY.,-'sw'?.y ILT' f ,X J' x QQ qv OW A 'S vi' x 9 'ado' .1 u ,or .V 1,1 U ,. I A ' ' Q5 1 x , fri 'Q ,, al ,.." .Q 1 -xx x 3 A vb ,A X6 M4 Q A Wx. in 3452 1-L. Q, .,. - , ,g-:fu .f:,ey. 3 fi' : ff M1 1 -:TIF 2 .QLAPQ K , . ,.,a ,,, :.,,if. , f ,gf .V . .. 'Q' .I-'W'-1,'fNi':',.'A',r'f,', 1 I l 'N tI'1'f!.f f- ' 1 Q-3: . ,.. ,,..l.Ai!i ul p, xl : ,A Aw il ,Q -3':Q,Q5 it 1" Wx". " W 'N . T7fffq,1:g3j,g3zw .. Q- A -A dv- le .' x 9 2 Q 0000 X M' i x XA V ' Y' 7' x Q N Ygx 01' X ' 43' . x i " , Q ,- E ,, xv X 4, ,I on Q 5, . S . Q 4' '44 5 Q 25: w NJ' N", Na X451 ALEDO CoMMuNl'rY HIGH SW 'F MCCHW. - """'5CRl Sth A . 2 T REPORT TO PARENTS 'OF 6 WEEK PERIOD Phyllis IGH SCH OQL C IW SCHOOL .ulgcio C llTEDfTS X :A r I 14 0"1f U Il t Y, I.'cCaw, Phvllis ' AMI' lic -JTE'f9.'3T Qi: -' v ' 4 f X RR+-AW - -f'v--- FRESH NO. The-l:1ucrig?4nE:?:?ATlv MAN 'L il, X SU BJ ECT 'N . fll'd'?2..T2Qth 'W 4 "-'-'Q CLASS g JUNIOR w pRlNg -M .- ,- Wk pw- I SENIOR EX-Iiiflg C J 6 fra. ! X I 1 Bglish Lf fd 1 W A Physics X S 0 "-' -"H """ X" a I Vi', 'A 1 V 6 Phys. Ed. B 7 3- ' -5.912 X sggf I 1 + X if W' Rffw-f'vfQf,lF 93a Club -.ff ' 6 , r 1' .lf AM MVA AM- V, ,I 0 I' V " XR X f '- SEEN ILZESY Sq ' 1 ' 99 EMARKS: 'I' "' "st ' Y I ,Q .,--.-v.--"' -V :-- 1 ,-4.,:.,. ..:: -. is ,, -Q :::-' A. ...,:. I ,..., JT i :..' il: Msg. Wk x , + E- A: , IQ K ..: li R R R 4 Aix 5 5, 348 1. x ": :':' R , ,- wg kg 1,,,-. -.f ,,.. If 1 ' R kg ff 9 W M' 1. 'Ri Q 11' if 2, ALEDO CU HIGH S Ale-dm sy .1 A 4 'gd , V. file' W . ik 4 M. f' 'Q 1 X .. 3' --uv 7 tl, 4 'L resident ol 7 yd? Eduvllfivfl E Sezr df Boafdrof Educdmm N M11 I 2 -6 .lag nf Cmzxg, 1944 heir bg ilye nnl Principal ANITA JOHNSON "l cannot check my glrlish blush - my color comes and goes." lllln l'lnl+ l,!1 G.A.A. l.2,Il,l: lll'.l'. J,2Ll, till-e lluh 2l,lg Mlx:-ul l'hlll'llr4 3,01 ll A..-L l'alI'Illx.ll l,!.Zl.I. ullvll! Stuff lg Plum l'umlnlllu'l- Zig lnllumul-ll umln l,2,Il.l, Vllws l'lny 4. l'lnyvrx' llnlld 1. Sinn! In-1..1.z,n, ,xsarmn so-rr u, l'vm1vllux vnmnnrz.-1-:,::' Pl-IYLLIS McCAW To do my best l'rom dawn till nlghl- this is my task. Spvltw H1-and 3,82 G.A.A. 1,251.43 Hand 2.52413 Illrlrl' Glu-0 Ulub 4: Studs-nt Stn!! I: lmlin Vluln 1.2: 1iA..X. Carnival l.2.1l,I: Intramural Spmls I.!.Ii.lp Flaws 1-my lg Plnyl-rs' liulld li Hand 1'--nn-in :1 vnw urnv.-r 4: l'rum Unmmiltw- :xg Aslrum srnrr ag Hand Officer 4: Clarlnn-K Qnnrlol -lg Pvnny Day Commlllec 3. BILL TAYLOR As staunch and dependable as his nanw. lllll has brought our class much fume. Flllllllalll l,l,Il,l2 lilllll Ullllr 1,11 A.Y.1' l,l,1lJI 'I'r:H'k l,2.I!.l3 Nuys' Glu- Vluln l,!.IlJ1 Mlxn-ll Ullulllrl IILIQ Ulurs Plays 3.01 Chllbilmlls Pllly 1. Flaws tif- fivvr l.J1 Slutlvul Vnullllvll l.J.Il.l, 1lA,A. l':unix:nl lf: Illlrumural SWn'l:4 1.2.3 I3 I'hyf4ll':ll I'14llln':llinll Show R2 Prom l'0mmillvv Zlg l'l:lyrl:4' lillllll SLI: l'lu3's'I':lfl4'ls I: I-'oollulll l':llr!alIl I2 Lillla- Six Hmm! Roll 3,12 Vulllvsl Ph!! I, Aslruln Slalff I, llunul Drne Vhallrman 1, MARJE DURNING This clynnmit' lilllv lass is known as the- wit of our class. l'IlTlllY:llQll1nIl I, Hlrlw' llln-1-K'lulu lj Mluwl l'h0lll9 0,Aslrlllnit.1ffl,Sluul-'nlSl:lf!I,l. I.nlin l'lnIx LI. Vllux tlfflwn-I I, H A A l,l,Zl,l. Claris l'l:lyv :lil l"lny4-V4 Gnllnl ILL l'lAlyr'lnfl4-is l. lnlrnlnlllnlS1nuls 1,212 1, Sgunls llv-:ul Il, H A A L'alr1llYall l.2,Il,lg l'1-mn l'fnnlnl!!a-v 3 X jeff ,wr FRED DRAKE Work so fasclnutes "Dub" that he can all and look at ll for hours. Virrlvu High Lf: Frlollmll KJ. lluskvllmll Il.-li Tlwlrk 3.4: Vlnss Ufflcr-r 3, Studs-nt 1'nunu-ll Ufflror I: limul fl: l'llu4M Pluyn 3,43 Pluyvrrl' Guild 3,41 I'l1lyl'l'uflvrS 4, lloys' Gln-r Vluh 3.4, Mixvsl 00101 3.03 Mlxvtl Vhullls XJ, A.Vl'. 3,01 A.V C. Ufflver I. l'0nfPH! Play lg Fnlllvsl Sololrll I1 lrlllll' Six Hnnnl' Hull 42 G,A.A. Vnrnlvl-ll 3.0: nnyx' Ovlvl Ill Mvssluh Sulfu- lnl 4, Prom Vnmmltlu- Il: Aslrum Staff 4: Hoya' Qllzlrlvl 3.1, Uhrlsllhlls l'li1Y I, aww ELEANOR SCHMIDT Her friends are many. and her foesf are there any? fi.ll,A' 2.Ll,l: nl-1' l.:,:zq Snmvm :mum-11 2. Phn- .Lm f.unrl- .:.u, m:.A A run-nil.n :,:x.4. lmmnmm-411 fgxwrf-4 l.!.!.l. 1'l1wsurfi--.4 1: srylf-1-ahnw 1, ,knlrurn Tguff :g ll.l'.i'. urfif-1-r 1: Smal- Mnnilgvr1'hrlslnms ' ily . ALYCE RICKE'I'I'S 'Tm sorry, l can't tonight, l've got a date with Dorwin." G.A.A. 1.13.43 G.A.A. Offivvr 3,41 Lalln Fluh 1,23 Hand l,1I.fl3 Studi-nl Stuff 43 Astrllm Staff ll Girls' :Ile-e Plnh 2.3.45 Mix--d Fhurus BBA: Uluss Play 3.4: l'l:Qyvl"-1' Guild 14,87 l'luy4'lafh'rS 42 Vlnsei Ufflver RL Stnmlvnl Councrll 3.43 G.A.A. Carnival l,1,3.43 Intra- mural Sports l,2.3,43 Sports Hvad 3,43 Prom Com- mittee 151 l'hrh4tmas Play 4. 'gp-...vf CLIFFORD HADLEY Cliff conlrl sf-Il an drink nf walvr to :A drowning man. Foullmll ll 'I'l.l"k Jji, Adllllll Slnlf lg l'l.l5rrs' lllllhl I. .. -. X '-., ,J-wV'v ' H, ' 5 1 X 5, N ,, . A . X . ' sq t T E A"" QR :,:' 'S-1-. .: :i i NET? ,- x. , 1 '-"'-' 'f 45 5. I BETTY BERG Always ready, ever willing. G.A.A. 23 G.A.A. Carnlvnl L21 Aslrum Stu!! 4 5? ig ROWENA SCRANTON Mon- pop than Quaker has oats. li l' l' !.Il.l, G A A. J,1l.l:lllrlkliln-1'l'Iulll1 Mtx--tl Ullorus I, l'l.nx'vts' Guild Il.-11 Prom l'ulnmllt1.4. 3: - " rwmnm nn -4 " Q w r.,-xA t.ulm.ll ...LL Im. .1 2-.1 z. l.L..t.4. LYLE l1A5SE'I'I' styh- sn-tw 1. sp...-tw lll-ml :mg Snr---t-n twmu-wt 4. Astrnnl Slnfl l, l'l.u'vluYt4-l's lg Vlalsw l'lny:4 11,15 Ill- has at heart. this curly-halretl lad, SWF" M4"""'7"'- ""'lS"":'5 l""l' '- but it belongs to another. 3: lmfltt-tmtll 1.1: I'F.A l.J.::.l, lflmx. GEORGIA STALEY ::,o. vnu, l'l.t3 zu, l'nn.-ls' tiullll sm. Platy-, 1. l'.nll.nn.-hunt lmw-ttnr.Xf'l'--n1ril1.:i ln' .. . , . .. , Q . .- " tv-:nun-1.1 sp.-ln l,2,ll.4, Asnnm Stn f 4: nm .:. Ah' would that I NN' 'l mmboy 'lglun' Ll.. Vrtlnl t'umtnlltt-t- liz Statue- lklunaulm-r. t'h1'lstlnns . . - - . 1 1 ll.lX 4. 1. .X A. I..,...l. l..ttln llulu l... t.A .L tnrulxnl LJ .I I, lllll:4l!llll'.ll Slmtlx l.J,.l 1. lhllnl l. Aslllllll Stuff I. Sluvrts ll:-zu! ILI. lilll Stunts l if S Q ILEEN NESBI'l'l' She says what she means, und means what she says. LEE DAMP School ls a grand institution--during vacation. llnnd 1.2.33 C.A.A. 12.3.15 Intrnmurnl Sports l.2.3.4: G.A.A. t'nrnix'ul Il. Studs-nt Uuuvwil lg Astrum Staff 41 Sparse Head 2.3.43 Sm-evh Conti-stunt 4: Contrast l'Iny lg Class Plnys 3.4: Players' Guild 3.4: l'lzAyl'l'uflut's l: Lltlin Club 1,2. 1l.4g Physlral lC1lut'atlon Show 31 Aslrum Stuff I RALIIH SIJENCE llaxul Contvst 2. Don't be bashtul. boy! I-'tmtlnnll l,3.:l,l. 'I'rm-k l,!.II.l: lntrnmurnl Sports 1.2.1311 A.V.l'. l.2,il.4. Football l.Y,Il,43 Hand l,2.fl: 'IY:lck 2.3: A.V.C. 1.2. f4'f"Qx BARBARA HANEY The objective of "he" ls "she," Il.A.A l,2.3.4g R.P.C'. 1.13.42 Girls' Glee Club 3.45 Player:-' Gulld 3.4: Ulm-n Olflrvr 2: Prom Commlttee 3: G.A.A. Carnival 2.Zl.4: Intramural Sports 3.4: Style Show lp Astrum Stn!! 4. Clans Flay 3.4. ,E Ac Q PATSY GREEVES Sha'n Ilttle. but nhe's wine--a terror for her size, G.A.A. l.2.14.4: R.P.C. 12.3.41 Latln Club I: Class Plly 3.4: Glrls' Glee Club 2.3.43 Mlxed Chnrul 2.3.4L Girls' Bextet 45 Prom Fommltlee 3. Players' Guild 1.4. Contest Snluhll 4: G.A.A. Fnrnlvll 3.41 Aslrum Staff 43 Sparta Head 3.4: Student Stall 4: Intra- mural Sports l.2.3.4. DWIGHT WELCH Like a powder puff, I am for the ladies. Seaton 1.2.31 cm-naval Kung 4. Players' Gund 4. Class Play 4: Intramural Sports 41 Class Ufflcer 41 Astrum Stuff 4: Christmas Play 4. HOWARD FENDER "I guess I just waan't able to make it to class that hour." F.I".A. Officer 2.3.41 F,F.A. I.2.3.4: F.I".A, Public Speaklng I.i!,3,4: Intramural Sparta 1.L!,3.4g Physical Education Show 3: Astrum Sta!! 4. EILEEN McEWEN Love Ia what makes the world go 'round. Tony High, VVlav4m:4In Ig Glue- Club 3,45 Axtrum Staff I: Mixed Chorus 3.4. I RACHEL SMITH Education and love can mlx, can't they? Vlola l.'2Z R.l".C'. 3.43 G.A.A, 3.42 Astrum Staff 4: Glee Club 3. SU' -Www FLORENCE BARNHOUSE Red hair does not always mean a flery temper. K4-llnslunrp: l,1Z,3: Student Stnfl' 4: Astrum Stat! 4. DAVID DOWNEY "Fear not-I'll play the lover-yet." lhlnd I: F.F,A. I,2.3,-42 Huy:-1' Glee Club l.2.Zi.41 Mixed Chorus I,Z!,3,4g Mixed Octet Il,-li Messlnh Soloist -13 Cla:-ls I-'lny 3,41 Players' Gulld 33: Prom Commlttn-e 3: Football 4: Astrum Staff 4: Contest Soloist 4: Penny Day Commlttee 31 Intramural Sports 4: Boys' Octet 3. SHIRLEY BALMER "I got a letter from Junlor today, and he said--." G.A.A. l,1I.3.42 Gtrla' Glee Pluh II,-li Student Ununvll 12.4, Lntlll Club I,1!g Student Stuff 2.42 Mlxvll t'h0rur-K 4: Intramural Sports l.25,3,41 Class Plny 3.1: G.A.A, Carnival 1,2.3.4: Players' Gulld 3.4g I'lnyr'ra!tvrs 4: G.A.A, Otflver 4: Prom Fummlttet- 33 Sports llentl 13,45 Astrum Stat! lg Contest Play 4: Chrlstmax Play 4. 0 N. Maw. 'N MARTI-IA SPENCE "Whispering" should be her theme song. Student Shaft 4: Antrum Stuff Ol lntrnmurnl Sports 3. ROBERT MILLER "They say worry kills people-I'm in the best of health." Joy 1.25 Class Play 4: Astrum Stat! 45 Intramural Sports 4. KATHRYN KISLER K-K-K-Katle, always sweet and smiling. lt.P.C. l,2,3,-l: Girls' Glen L'Iuh il: Mixed Chorus 3 Prom Commlttev Il: R.P.t'. Ufflver 2,3,4: Pgsay Con test Winner lg Style Show lg Astrum Stan' 4, GEORGE HUDSON Usually found around the gym. Football l,2.3,4g Track 4: Intramural Bporta A.V.l'. 1.23.41 G.A.A. Camlval 8: Physlcal Educa- tlnn Show 2.3. Prom Commlttee 3: Altrum Staff 4' Lllflc Slx Honor Roll 4. ' fav A man of experience ln affection. C1395 Play 3.4: Basketball l:'Football 1.2,3: Track 2: Prom Comrnlttee 3: Band 1: Intramural Sports 1.2. 3-45 PlUY9l'3 Gund 3.42 A.V.C. 1.2.35 Student Staff 4. RUTH ELLIUIT "Well, where are we golng l.onlght"1 H.P.C. 2.3.41 G.A.A. 2.3.4: G.A.A. Carnival 2.3 Intramural Sports 2.3: Astrum Staff 4. 1' 'Q""' DOROTHY DENNING "Well, John would be glad to help. Shall I uk hlm"'! l!.l'.L'. 2.3.41 G.A.A. 2: Girls' Glee Club 2.3.43 Mlxed Chorus 2.3.41 Band 2.3.43 Glrls' Sextet 4: Astrum Bluff 4g R.l'.C. Style Show 1: Contest Soloist 4. kv!- PAUL ROBISON "They say the world la a stage, and l'm the clown." 0:101- F fb ll 2.3.4. Bask tball 2.3.42 Cl . Offl . 41 G?X.A.? Carnival 3: Llitle Slx Honor R531 4: Bgcallcet- ball Captain lg Astrum Staff 4: A.V.C. 2,3.4. Alwalg in 3 flurry-never stops to worry. ' - l ' GI Cl h 11 Mlxed Chorus ll vom 1' Gu B Asmlm usmu 4. Ill 1. X s HAROLD BOARD "I have a man's might and a man's mind and K 11- S one of my own too." Foolhnll 13.3.41 'l'1'a1'k l.2.fl: A.V.l', 1.2,3.I: lnlrzl- muml Slmrtx 1.2.31 Physlv.-al l-Iduvnllon Show 2.35 RAYMOND MQCREIGHT u.A.A. Carnlvnl 3. "Now, here'n my advice." l'l11yvl'x' Gullll 33 Band l.2.Ilg Band Conlvxt 2: Class l'l:1y 11. Aslrum Stuff 41 Physalvul Education Show 2.3.13 lnlr11m11rnl Sports 4. R 1 N c", "': 'ff fue- BE'I'I'Y HUTCHINS 'Taln't lnlr for one gal to have a prlorlly on so much poise. personallty and charm. 1'1111111 Offlfer xg G.A.A, 1,:,:1.1g 1:.A.,1. 1m11-1-1- :1.1: G,A.A, l'11r11Iv11l l,2.3.I: Girls' S1-xtet 2.3: S1111r1.1 Head 2.31 MIX1-11 0011-I 21 Mvsslnh Sullulul 3.4L Mlxwl Chorus 2.3.-5: Ffinlesl Snlnlsl 21 Mlxvrl Fhnrus Ol- Ilvvr 3.4: Glrls' Glee Plulr 2.21: Lntln Club 1.2: Players' Gulld 3.4: l'lnyvr11!le1's l: Plnss l'l11ys 3.4: Student Counvll 2.3.-l: Slullvnl l'o11u1'll Hlflw-1' 4: Studvnl Staff lg l1111'z1xn11rz1l Sporks 1.2,3.4. MARGARET GRIFFIN Men may come and men may go, but I dream on forever. Vl 1. 1: R.P.C. 2.1.1. 1.111111 C11111 1.2: 1:.A.A. 2.3.11 ALICE STEAD U9 A V' - - - A quiet llttle girl wlth a quiet way. Style Show 1. KC. 1.2.35 Glrls' 1111-c Fluh 2: 11:41-11:11 Stuff l: t,.A.A. Ca111l1.1l 3.4. Asuum Slat! 1. Band 3. 1. JERRY SWANK Alas, the love of women! It ls known to be a lovely and A fearful thing. F0.,n1.11l 2.3.11 'l'1-111-k 2.11: A.V.l". 2.Zl.4: lnlrnmuml S11111-13 :.:1g 1'111y1-111' 1:11114 :1g 1'111.-13 may :xg 1101-11' mee c'11111 2.3.11 M1111-11 11101-115 :.:1,4, DONALD BROWN "Where there'n the most excitement, ln the midst ol lt hP'll be." llnnd 1.2.3. w:,x.A, 1'urnlxuI 3.4: mum- Pun- 1,2,::.lg Mlxnd Uvtvl 2: lu.,-H' ut-nt 3: Pl-'A 1.2.45 Boys' Quartet 4. Stuulvnt muh.-nl 1.4: mary Judging 'I'pnm I- lllvul Jmlxllu: 'I'c-um 2: lmml Sulnlslt 2: llnnd Von- ln-nt 2: Vlnrw Plays JJ: l'lnyn-rs' tlullrl 3,43 Play. rrnllolu 41 Plum Unmmltlvl- IK: l'hyr4lm-ul I-lrlursltlon Slum Il. Snwt-h l'4mtv-ct I: twmtvxl l'Iuv l. Asn-um Stal! 4: Christmas Pluy I: Q ,R lx .. ,X ,I - 2' 1 . ' Qi-I qi!---H Whims- MARILYN CARLSTROM "Nothlng'll stop the NAVY Alr Cory Gln 1- Uluh Ai'A'umll:lnlSl 2.3.11 ll,A.A. 11 Latin Clllu 1.2: Class Play 3.0: Stull:-ut Stuff I: Astrum Staff 4: Play-Q-I-ea' Guild 3.1: G.A.A. Uzunival 2.3: Plano Sulolnl l. WAYNE STEAD "There may be greater men than l ln thla world. but l doubt ll." l".F.A, :Jig lntrnnuwul Stunts J,:l,l: Flaws l'l:ny 3.l: l'l:U't'lsA Guild ELI. llunul 1.21.85 film- Fluh 3.13 Mlxvd Phmus 2.41 l'mm lmmmlttm- :11 ti A.A. Uurulvul li Astrum Stn!! 4: llruss Quurlcl 4. ROBERT McBRlDE "Don'l rush through this llfe-fthe next may be worse," Fmvllmll .LL llalukt-lhull li ling-1' Glvl' Plub 3,42 l'l.nw I'Iny .i.l: l'lztyo-rs' llulld ll.l: lmtlu Flulr 1.22 A Y,1'. !.2l.I, Tru:-k Lil: Intlumurul Sports l.!,Il,4: Ilunul 1.2.35 Phyulvul I'2ltlr':lllull Shuw 2.33 Plxly' 4-lultt-rn li Sp:-f-rh 4'uulest:mt 4, Antrum Stuff 4: Mlxm-ml Fhmun 3.0. hug iii: SHIRLEY BISTLINE "Variety, she says, ls the splce of life." Mm-a Chorus 3.4: ull-IH' 1:11-f-f'1ub:x.4: r:.A.A. 1.-1,45 Mm-d of-lt-1 4: Ulrls' st-xref 4: l.atln Club Ls: Plans Play 4: Players' Gulld 4: Astrum Stal! 43 Plano Solnlst 43 G.A.A, Furnlval l,4. "Qulet-but ads perfume." Glrls' Glue Club 12: Style- Show l: Astrum 4: Band 1. tie M. . xt 35 my--t Q M.. RICHARD MONTS "The worst part of doing nothlng ts that you cnn't stop and rest." Reynuldn l,2,3g Astrum Staff 4. wt.. t NN wsttty -'Q K , DAVID JACKSON 'l'here's nothlng I love better than to argue" Astrum Stuff -lg lntmmurnl Sports 2.312 Student Councll 1. HELENA MAY 'When she makes friends. she keeps them." lntrsmurul Sports l,2.3: Student Stal! 4: Astrum Stuff 4: Style Show 1. CLAUDIA HAMPTON 1 "D0n't csll me Junlasthe name is Claudia" G.A.A. 1.:.3.4: Latln Fluh 1.21 Asn-um sum 4' Prom Lommlttee 3: G,A.A. Csrnlval 2.3. ' FLORENCE BONYNGE They say gentlemen prefer blondesflucky girl! tile? Pluh 2.3.0, Glrll' 0016! 1.3.51 Mhtvll 0019! I1 Student Uuunrll lg Girls' Svxtel 2.3.-I1 Mixed Chorus 2.3.4. style snow 11 Asn-um sum 41 Prom Pom- lultuu- Il. IRIS LANG Her eyes speak volumes, und they're easily read. " n, 231,41 as A 4: Asn-um smfr 4: Glrls' mee 'lub LILO: Mlxed Vhorml 3.4L Student Staff 4: Prom Fommlttm- 37 Style Show 1. Cllaaa Banu: The difficult we do at onceg the impossible takes a little longer. Ollann Olnlnra. Red and White mis Gllaaa Jilnmm White Lily Mem 'Q M mm Rim fuk as w"""'N 5: Junior Q lengt! l"I,URl'jNl'l-I IHX ENN Al.lDl'S GRIIIIJCY NANVY NIUIIHRG KATIIIIYN Il'R.kSl'Ill l'll XRl.l-IS ll0l,'l'0N .I XNIC M4-l"KRl.KNIb IN X MAE VXMHIKUN Il XR!! XR K MOSS DUN l!.KI,llWlN lQI.UllI.X REID VU' r-- - , ,Rik l"I.l'IMINl.l MvlxINNEY M XRILYN ,KNIPERSON MARNX Fl'l.l.ER'l'0N ISHN!-IX IEYI-I .XNIDHRSUN R0liEll'l'.X Rllllll-JLI, FRED LAWSON lf-'Q SL DAVE Slllnlllllklill ICN EIA N HRUWN LICIIM KN Mrt'I,l'II.I,AN LEWIS Slc-VAN ' 9 Q. 4 ' , 9 I I , fcouglk ar- 101 'E " I 1 EZ' V emo f IRIS BENSON 'l'1I.YN LINE 'GENE IMHI. ll.I.lil-TN .KNIIIHIRSUN Y -G' fw- .p-aw' 'mv-ref Q 1 RUB l'.'kRROI,I w I.Al'RA N .KN IHAZER '31 fy-Q G' sulunm' s'roNl-1 , ,. Mfr S , W 5 5 QQ A ge , wg 2 it 3 PM anim Q- ff .fy 'Nm' Q, 'ln""1x X M y A R EX IR -"- 54" f ug i X3 nr EQ xf-,D Q . www? N : . .' ' ...,. I ap.- XWZ J: :,:, ,,,,. I H: '.::i, 4,i if ,gf :., , .fi 2: ::Q,, g ' Y f J ,, :.. Q ' if x 12' " ig , f ? , vQi ,ff N fi Q X, E E :.,:: -5 :Ag ,, ,.,, , ii,. E': .- x if HILL NIOSLEY I-Il.l-IANOR MORRIS JOAN MONSUN . ff Q vgffin , f 1.3 f lil-I'l'l'Y KI fin ,W WK!- ' f. QE TOM l'INlIlll'k li.KliIl.KR.K W.XKl'Il,.1 Rll'll.KRD PAIN' S'l'.k'l' .K IIIGII itll. Wl'l"l' .KRl.l'2l-IN lill-'Fl if QXQWQ 35 'K .Vik X933 ,Q 1 X X me X X Sf X X ' 'fx is Q YS Q Q R ., zu. R ::' fa:- Q . ,. Y fx Ngfv K x MW- sx s GENE X W W.xx NR ,,., sv' ,pw mw- X x I ,ee x Se KN . a IT F S A ff is S M8 Zi P 3 if t 43, S aff' - . ff an iff Jae mlqqlee nelllnl Murqm Dvvllw Slewlrl 532211. . . ' . R Q l 1 X gg X . . 'MIK '??::,'.:2L , 3' .. J ' " l 2551 ? l . V- - --4. ,s e ,. - X - . ,,.:. ex A ,X A ,. V, " P -- Ziff ' " -ws, xl .Q . 3' M ' 5 N iififgf M 1 XA' Q X. 3 31,35 '-I: :. :-be . lg X . M we K -X 44 rvblfl JU"'fnU Bull DDwllrY Davlene Mllchell 1 'f 2 :Q ' f ix 'li , lu., Q ,Ji L. 9 Q' ,R .:.. K ,EE .. 2" R 1. , e 1-. HV? , al. l 1 3 Q' e .21 x 5 l ' , fx e X ' , ' 3 fs A 5 lm N hw? A Sk Hull Ullllun Lum KA,-elq Bull Mcflatlqhy V .5 . .A::.-,:,. e jN'.j'Z:-2:59 I" ' 2 . H , ,4 if X' -f 'ar' X, ' 'x ' 'V' .: f'5::,r:? : . ' ' QJTQ +L?- We -W Q 7, . eg E f 0 I 'G al.. 1 ul.. umm. ul-.lfleu Lawn.: wmlun is gi f' .fx 'mmm nal -lf. ll., rnmleell Pal-ulrleull Mm, Ewen, Q 4 gl, - el. 2, le: ff 'Sl Jf. X , V 4 R 5 N 'PV M1 Llilldll 'Vlalqz hahlrll Hgnglg MCNIII f if Q I""J 'l""""1' Mefvm Meme ml wenlem. , Q R , N, L si , , 'sk , i .Q S ,,,. '- ,L 1 l I., W ' A ' 2. Q 136' we A, I ,Z Q f Q A " iviiif Q wg. san-ne mer, Lemee aqua nu mul Merge smlu sflwm Neeuln X r ' A gi' 3 , 5 Q Flouelu. Vance Aidfiaes f 1 vm V fx i gi g wg-e KI ?s:5E52?EiE'E15 mal: 1 wire.. X :si-fl., 5-.4 : -Z. Allen ullsmlsou Deweyne cleueen ,N , 5. 2 2 'P e kk if J Q ll f Helen sleau Gem ue Mesflue ne.-en., mlm., 'F 95 .N ,K - - X . A l 1-er S Duck Carroll me .lem-een N f. 'S 4 3 5 z we 1 '-" A ...- "" Z , g - .:!: Eg Jenn Heier RW Allee Drake I '4 - ' '5 '-rr '1- Laverne Dolan-ws Elalrle Idstrom Kymeqn Mciwzfl : "XI: ' ,ei x lf-sr: 'A' e. ' A e l A 1 'L , Flaymellel smele Kemlyll Benson ::2:-.fb v if 0 , fe-1 ? 3, - June Meclelgm PM Hmm- Joh., Mecleery ,..l 3 "N , 4 " ' "N" wi '. Z.. ' ......., ' 34 ' - ,- "IT W, , sw: . ,. .,,, j ' Q pg ' ' " 'l ' f 1 . g 'gg e ,- l ,asf - ff 'f , -3 ii 1 , e 7" i X fs ' 3 3 le - 2' ' Belte Holman ek smrley Reynolds Dellnn Decke. V -we ..., : is. M 'f l , Q' ' 3. ' .M ::eg.s:as:,.EsSS: 3- -M .,. .e R yn. Q 54 3 vlrqll Fenner ,. 1- .',,:::- . .. - - ":.-5.5: ' A-.v.. . 5 Mal-gle oermlwn Reno Franke ABSENT: Riu Gray Wendell Haney Wlllilm Aliil clnr 'rnamnwn Darlene Mlmer 5e:5:e:5:5 -'- "2 g ': fe Qi' S 2 in Q- - V 2 -A 3 5 "T?' .1 Mar, BM:-ne Meulam :www . iii E22 . Q7 2' af' .5185 . .. w faaidsxi li 'xl mfmen ruey .fw- .vl -3' of E47 v g I 5 0 Eonml Ballli call E... mm.-se F Q N " Q fv. 'IP' Y Delllmy onlmlln Q 'fi5F':.: i: :,. ..,: N .- ew e -l e S . ':::, 'Z M47 :K I"--fi E Emma Lee smlm l Y V an ., W 1 K5 f t X Dleu ounlell 3. Q. X A .,. -,SIE , I - , l Hewaln Danlnl-41 Lzun Conurlwe Dllna Wlkullnd 3 , Q Q , l ,l HAIQ e N x -1 N Dnrn 4 s....., e.. 0 l e, lvllel-llyn , .. pw., i I Elellvlr 'Q 1 ,, tm . 5153.7 JJ' f' 534. June , s f - Shun K ,iw . wg. Q Y Q as ,. kwa :ss QQ' A Sw :awp -1315? X S' Freshm NY llll Mew norhr In Johnson 1 Pllmlr ln! Ylylor ly lllllr 'lrd Fwd ..,,, x Q 2 51 12 + . Z 3355 I Q V' Lvnl Hana .I-mn wlllinms Paul snail Clyde Kinler . 'fk:.:EEi3 - 'W , f . "ia 12 3 ' 0 ii 255- Nagy x - f' ' " ..:1 , W , wg - wg ,.. fxsw. s . -2: 'ilsms , Mliy LOU Ruqqlll Bob Dunn '33 S22 V. , .Y l Pixar' , '. :V Q , : xii l ga, v N A Milan L. Peterlnn Evelyn Board Donn! Mllllr Alin Rickalll Q 14:25:25 -D -sz ' . .N l .jg xv. N A lf' A 5: xi f , We ff:-,W g - 1-' Q' , x. V1 1 af' .Q 'F' l' Q liwls gg.. ez? ' 5 if Mertifi MCNIU John MDBl'ldl D'-77"-7U"Y sfbld CIIUUH1 Anderton ' 33" s .1 11- ll -ez . E1 4 v Q' 2 '1gg, ' ?"M M X 5 J' 4... wi , i- f M y 3- , -, we ' 'f y . 5 "' ' 'J-fl' Q i , . A: , I , X T A 5 in ' 'H' -' W xx-. N , tu gy' -5 4 1, :ph ' Kenneth Waugh , A SK t W ,+I N 5:53. Q92 in 6 xl X 2 Eg w J. Lame Mccany s. ol-ummm ggi .. I all QQ 1.-wx : 'sx3z,. --Q .5 ' g ig , X I V, 221,53-S '- J xl - N ,il,f jgw.1' 'T W L X I X' ,,,E K 3 5 Bene slmpklnn Ned Brown mum aumulm Em, ,,,,,,,, - Raymond Brlaqlora Rum Board Ruth steven: Yi? . 1:5 x A , sf X -.-. . i 3 " , 4 ,..f- A 'V Q Knhryn wagner W w... X 'W " ,... , ' ,A Blrbiri Linu 4 mv' .Q A F 1, 5 r Q' A n. , -. Sam Nellon in 'Q 3 F X -4. Su' .' Kenneth Betdirlg Audrey Hnbbl wands Thomann L Wikellnd .hm slum sally Gllnen " E' "IQ, ' X, ' Assent: , - 1 J' '05, 1 :umm Doll amy xml 75" ,I ' - 1 N' . Martin mu Damn PI " Rm 1 N """5 -'- 7 'C' 5 4 Y 'MO V Raymana Enola Shell: wenel-mm ' ' X ' 'A " 'iff-l' ' ' . . ' " 'J . l 4 , . ' x l .ig Y R 2 x l XE ,,, , f QQ nn. ser-mu Mlfwe Maynard RW, p,,,,,. wlllurd wnlkur is kg l Mary s -f 1 . ar Vlrnon vi Lnou I l 'N l- an ' f 1. ' an Georg! wi if-S we Mlry And 5 . N l sf,- .lg ly ,N . A X . Eugene WA Q Yi Vlrgiml TN V I N Junior High EIGHTH GRADE i Fourth row: James Tschappat, Larry Gray, Maurice Johnson, Jerry Giffin. 'I'hird row: Marian Guy, Marilyn Moss, Buddy Fraser,,Audrey May, Ronald Hutchins, Richard Dilley, Roy Ewing, Helen Jean Taylor, Margaret Bell, Donna Ferguson, Donald Cameron, Jim McCleary, Bill Braucht. Sec-ond row: llob liyler, Anne Rose Bland, Twila Mae Murdock, Mary Mack, Mary Jo Fey, Charles Soseman, Richard Holman, ltod- ney Cook, Floyd Miller, Junior Ramsden, Donald Domeij, Paul Allan Likely, Bobby Mortland, Don May. First row: Patricia Palmer, Marilyn Ilridgford, Barbara Holt, Edna Mae Taylor, Lois Stevens, Barbara Black, Peggy Juhrend, Rita Ouderkirk, Mary Rush, Pauline Stead, Donna Lemon, Junior Elliott, Everett Dellitt, Dick Grimm. SEVENTH GRADE 3 . Q Third row: Cheryl Graham, Kenneth Damp, David Noble, Doris Bigham, Audrey Brown, Arnold Fetters, Daryl Lemon, Marian May, Della McEwen, Jack Moss, John Fender. Second row: Fern Stone, Ruth Palmer, Marjorie Morris, Marilyn Cherry, Doris McBride, Judith Moberg, Mary Mizner, Shirley Dellitt, Leo Sabien, Philip Williams, Roy Letwiler, Bill Wolfe. First row: Gene Miller, Verla Sage, Carol Sue Juhrend, Richard Ricketts, Jimmy Holt, Charles Drake, Marvin Sims, Bob Maynard, Betty Lee Peterson, Mabel Young, Lyle Kisler, Janet Mizner. 23 i ,- ' N "W : M 1 . "kip, n X , . ml.. W , .W x I w fi X . '53 Swv 'w h 'Sr 325: .. , v -wa x av 11:55 5 pw 1XL5CfH'C -wb? A Z 4 Z , ,ff M YQ? - X , 12? :md :,. 1 2212 ,E E v is 1 N X x x X A R X . ' N QQ . I NIB. as QR xx X tifaffs' '23-:.'.,.1 nas 1 - 'E If-Sf .X 5. W Q X I I NX A Q.. X w 3 xx: 'i xx I QQ Xe X I Q X' 6 ' x x , v xx I N 5 'Q Y? C X in X' ' Q X ' Ne X X R ix 'R ss? I X Q 'S X K I I NSN W xx IRQ N Q T -xx 2.1 '1:,f' :,f ' - f X X ww A ACTIVITIES E Q 4 ....: xg ...,4" A ' xv l ..Jf,,L' xi by .,,i ,,v1s A 4' ..f dh: ""'N X- f 5 3 1 It -Q Y a ,- SS x .fx +I? 5 'Stlulentu luigll X 1 I more. "Two and two Hal' 4, "Dead snIiJ+'f'i STUDENT STAFF-St nling: Mlss Van It Il I M y J I If rick, Shirley Balmer. Martha Sl I-I D Il I I 2 'll J ll I pz A lt J h FI Il house, Belly H l h Q t I Patsy Greaves, Marilyn Carlstrom. Phyll 'tl C u ' n S T U D E N T Since the early nineteen twenties, Aledo Community High School students have successfully edited a school paper. In the beginning the paper was called THE A and was published about three times a year by volunteer students. Later a journalism class was organized by Miss Hazel Vanatta. When the paper was changed to a monthly in 1934, the name was changed to THE STUDENT. In the school year 1942-1943, the journalism course was combined with the senior English course, and the editing of the school paper was taken over by the members of the English class. x This year the editors-in-chief of the paper are Shirley Balmer and Marje Durning. Other staff members are: Phyllis McCaw, Anita Johnson, Helena May, Martha Spence, Marilyn Carlstrom, Iris Lang, Florence Barnhouse, and Patsy Greeves. During the first semester CXN Betty Marie Hutchins and John Emrick also acted as reporters. f' Agric 'F ,Q ulr 'O , 0,6543 o Overalls, Gingham On Prunliilg G0 Qi 4561 OYQQIK9 Go To Barn Dance qwee S -3 'Q Q lg 09.456668 e fakes' Qxeiv A 'Z' Eve S 41.86 cpl fig:-Ealgients, Sent To New eww Ga ,O gf 2 Navy Iinlbrs P 059 ,3 tgxeiocee s In Service Conte OO-266 32 Q . . ,Q 'O 0 1' ,. 5 fesfass 6 9' 961,090 Phyllis Macaw Heads def 556. fir 1 Xe Astrum Staff des ynsmlv was 0-Jgbog . Service Flag Stars Q A fame' To Sa '90 06 T al 301 ' A' Pla 9 fried Atv! Sells 6' ot K. A nn wa . 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Annu .ll-hnmm. hh: Lung. Icwlyn mm- luuv ln.-mummy. H . :nu-I Putt:-rsun, Imrmm nvnmmg Third vnw Ilarlmra ll1ml'yV MRD' hull!-an lhvud, I'Imm:l lm: Smith Knlhlvvn Purktrwml I-'xvlxu Hlnmu Irul u Xl , , , . . . VV . . lm-mll !-VVVVVVNVV Ima. HIHIH4 Knlhrvn llvnemn. Elewnul' Svhmldt. Sf-vom! row: Pnt Rm-th, Mnrmue-1 lfiwlmz I,1Vi-V I-UNQVV11 ln-nun' Nun imln mmm- Hail v ' I V V - V 1 f V V ' ".. Y'-lil Ulf' IKNIDVIH Ilm .lvuhuxuu 1 n xv x Vlnxlnm SV-hmmm, Rm-hu-I Smith. I-'mn 1-V-w lmwln Wnugh. lunlmra .lurm-ml, Inns, :zum-V-N .lmm MV-Vnigm lclwuu-I Sw.-V-nl-V, m'VVnVVlV xVVV1.VNVn, xlu Txulm. Mmy lllvvnw, Miss Smllh. VI l4.lV,.VVVVV MVVVVIX Mum. -V IVV-rmhp l'ulmVVv. AVIVVVV xuV1.VVx.VV. knllmn KI-:VV IVVJVVVV u.Vx-VIVVVVVI, xnuuv. - ' 4 x Q,,x,N V x. SN . .Vv N x X.-' X9-Qx X V vpxw hx' -V , , X fvvi wb ,w Q Q X X X X e .Ps N. 1, XV- , 'V' O' s G' F,F.A. OFFICERS Iiiwli run' lfhlulu Nz-shilt, .lnhll l"l'nnl llllr- Yl'Jllk lllvrl- AHF' lllrm- :xgl'1n11lIl11'v vlxlvvx P mulm-1' lll4'1lll'l'l'lIIIII UI llmunlml llmvwn, llnl tlmw' llzxfsl-f:11'1-3vl':1ps1nrulsu1ls.xxlxlwlmxxlzlmrllt lw ilu- lllwlllllllll vlznwg zmlmzxl lmslr:1ml1'5', :1 wplwlmwlw- xmlllywl 1 :xml llnrm slump lm' ll1'1lu1'szmll wznilrw In ilu- l':xrm flmp l'l2l55 Ilu- Imp lmill X2ll4lUllS lxllllls ul 4lll'4l4IlIInl lIUllv'x:xQ4vIIx'f1l ilu-1u'pn-1-wl-ls lu1'll11'y:':xl'. liuvlu boy lu1'111Nl11-ll ll1vmalIv1'1:ll llvx' s nun lmillling, lh-pzliriulg lvlll I'zu'm m:u'hi11l-ry nu: Illllllllvl' alum zlvtixily. lllt'lltIl.'fllUllrl'rllllNKll Illllll'pltllll'1'l5i1I14lI'lLfv ul l'UllSll'llK'll4lll l.m'1lllll'lI1l1 l:m1in:1tl-ll xxmlll. 'l'l1is llll'l1l'lllSll' lllllllllllgf xnxx :1 p1'uyu'l lu-lullmllg lu llmullwl l'1'lItll'l', 'l'l11- nllu-1' In-1 vlqnsws in qlglwlllllxrw- llnlgwl llXl'Sl4l1'lx, lIl4lllll'1l ll'ti4'r1lll1l fl1l'11lvlw1'5,:1ml Nlulllvll tx pm ol s111lvl'v1slul1:1l11l lop soil. " R+ v ...- fs swQ?3 L' .xr f llufn-1. Imla- I-'uhr, Mr. Hzmsun. rum' Hob C:n'x'oll. Lylm' Fussvll, Iluuzunl Fvllllxw. F,F.A. lhull nm l,xl4 I-Ilwwtl. lhlll Iwumx .lm lluppln-X lmn livwulv,.l1-lm Ilwflv, lhlxlll llzuvsllq, ,Xlulux llllull-'X Iwllllliln M1114-Il Al. , I. IL.-ll. .-n I,-,wx All xtlw 'I'llIl4I lun Ilmxcllvl l'vlvulm, Vlilfnlll Xllllelxwrl .Xllxll 4lllxl.llsull. lhulwl Srlnnll IMI4 Fllllr, Hull Vzlllurll. l'14lwlxx Nvwlnll llulmlll Slvh: Illnmlll MnN:ull S1-vnllnl nm Snm Nl-Iwun, Flrlnlm: Mr'Klllllzx', .lnvk Mr'N,lllx.ll':4, lilll M:'1i.ulgllx, Smfll, ln llwrl IPv4'kvl', lhulv llullnu XY:-nfl' Il lI.4Il .Lwk M4'lKx'iuh lfnsl ruw. l,uuln-lu'n- NYzlkvllllul, th vu' M1XXIwx!vl', N-'ll lllnwll. lil nm-III Xkumqll. .Xllm ICI: lu HN, ti-nrgv Sl'-xnxx. I'I4lwllv1'nl4' Ml. llalllk Q , b Q, Nxfg . bg, 3, H 5 Six? h A l 'Q' 'z 5' -'Q f 'Q , ,V E . X ,.,,,.: x nl: .l 4 GJ' ' . T A X 1 '-S., ' STUDENT COUNCH STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS--lit-tty Hutchins, Fred Drake, Miss Ketzlr, ,nw ., ,fs J - at e . ..,. .. ' K - ' . H 5' gi " t MW T - , ri"-2 'W X - 'ma ,, ..-.' 1 ,. .... : .:"15- -'s:s:1.,::'-:I- .': .W :I ..j,',a:gs?g.,:,.:s5:f:151s1'-" "i ,A Q ' ',':Q:S:s:Q22.I.'. i l-ei x " "Q f1'fve.::2- '? , V' A , few' -.-., , . 3 " 4" "WV 4 " M. w. --.Q f "ii X W - " '- -. it 1.4, S ww ' ww.. ,. : .v ,Q , Y V ' -we t 9 ' X 4 , STUDENT COUNCIL-St: li H1 Fr 1 Drzk -, Don llaildwin, Miss Ketzlc. Sum Nelson. John llofer. llulv l"ulir, llcrt l"ultn4-r, Seated: Don Brown. Bonnlirel l?ailey. elilancpi lilloht-rg. Donna Mill9l'. Rob C1ll'l'4Yil. Jflhn Ml'l'lf'2H'5'- l'h1ll'llm' live. Alyct- lttckctts. Shirley Ballmer, Bill Taylor. STUDENT COUNCIL -Rack row: Jim Shaw, Dale lfuhr, lion llrown, in llofer llili 'l':iylnl'. John Mn-Ulezily, Fred Dttlke. Middle mn' Miss Keizlv. Satin Nelson, lit-rt Palmer. llvtty llutchins, thmltp l,.-,-, lion ltnlduin, ltnlu Vnrtoll. Front row: lmnnu Mlllci. lionnie lluilcy, lfloi'em-t llonyngc, Shirley THE STUDENT COUNCIL The 'Student Council is the governing body ot' the -1 ho I l . . , , . o nut deals with niuny problems that arise during the year. lt is composed of four nienibers chosen from each class, with Miss Ruth Ketzle as the adviser. Prominent in the t'onncil's wsu activities this year was the Fourth War Loan Drive, in which juniors and seniors canvassed the town soliciting war bond pledges to meet the county's quota. The Student Council also keeps the Service Flag up to date as a complete record of all those in the service who attended Aledo Community High School, Tlllfl S'l'lllllfIN'l' has been sent by the Student Council to last year's seniors and this yenr's seniors in the armed forces. Other Student Council activities include the posting of weekly calendars, presenting an assembly program every two weeks, posting football and basketball schedules, keeping a scrapbook of school activities, sending flowers for illnesses and deaths, sponsoring noon dances, taking charge of the activity ticket sale, and supervising the election of class officers and cheer leaders. DRAMA g. wages. X 06,320 et ow 'J rx Q +125 9 kGY K, ni Lee Yaccfexg oft AQ' 95 e5tttt,xg,,vfi,,1-no JUNIOR PLAY- 1943 Wen T1 Ywtcxwxxetl- Wxg,X9ex.K7J hugo The stage setting is a room in the boys' D Qigaixgfv A 925 dormitory at Winsocki Prep in the present mod- ' 509 N Ste? ' ern times. sf' .9 we N4 GFBQXWZQWQS Act One: The afternoon of the big dance. me 92,0001 0019 Act Two: That evening. .lU2xN,,o:g wafxe Act Three: A short time later. .- K ' letgfyxcg' PRonucTloN STAFF 90 Director ....................... ...... M rs. Ruth Thoman Poster Committee .....,.. Iris Lang, Patsy Greeves, Business Manager ...... ...,., R obert C. Mortland Shirley Bistline, Kathryn Kisler, ' Georgia Staley. Director of Music ....... ,...... C lara Louise Parry Assistant Business Managers-H --,.-- Stage Manager .....,.,......................,,.,.... Robert Fuhr ......i....... Marilyn Carlstrom, Phyllis Mccaw, Assistants ..,..,.,.. Lyle Fassett, Donald Anderson '--'---------- Dellagene Newswandef- Head Ushers,...Anita Johnson, Howard Fender Property Managers--Q --'------ -----'-- ---4'--4-4--4 --H--idt Assistants .... Kathryn Kisler, Claudia Hampton, owena emu on' eanor C m ---...A....r....Fl0rence Bonynge, Rachel Smith, General Assistant ,,., A ..........,..,.....,..... Ileen Nesbitt ..........,..,.. Margaret Griffin, JUNIOR PLAV CAST AND PRODUCTION STAFF AND FRESHMAN CHORUS-On stage: Ruth B. Thnman, John Emrlck, Ileen Nesbitt. Dave Downey, Curt Simpklns, DOH BFOWI1. Jerry Swank. Shirley Balmer. Blll 'l'8Yl0l'. Betty Hutchins, Fred Drake, Pat Greeves, Alyce Ricketts. Bob McBride. Marie Durning. Wayne Steed. Barbara Haney, Raymond McCrelght, Eleanor Schmidt. Rowena Scranton, Lyle Fassett. On steps-Back row: Dale Fuhr, Dlck Carroll, Clara Louise Parry, Dorothy Palmer, George McBride, D1-Wayne Clauson, Bob Downey. Howard Danford, Lee Ward Butcher. Second row: Kathleen Parkinson. Kathryn Benson, Allce Drake, Bonnie Bailey, Marge Stoltz. Suzanna Lloyd, Ina Johnson, Emma Lee Smith, Shirley Reynolds. First row: Lois Fassett, Mary Louise Doud, Mary Blstllne, Darlene Mitchell, Judy McCrelght, Eleanor Ann Sweeney, Peggy Clapp, Pat Rooth. lk KITCHEN SCENE: Hill Tatylnr, lhltty Hutchins, Ilnb l'art'0ll. Dun liruwn, H0011 Nesbitt, Wztynv Sta-ml. Dztvitl llowlwy. .lnhn Elnrick. qw GW 'fine rqlafo Semitic Glam Tlll'i l"lYl", Ulf Sl. TXINRK is this wztr's lirst scrions plztr, lr is 11 plnyr1t'A1m-rim tt Hclny tlt-:tling simply :incl sincurcly with thc ym111g lmys going to the nrniv, their pxtrcnts, swuctl1L'zu'ts, ymtngt-r lvmtltcrs, :intl tinztllv with tI1vi1's11ltlicrhntltlit-s. lflliing his title frmn Kcutls Imcln, 'l'Hl'Q l+IVli Ulf' ST. XIXRK, .-'txttlcrsnn nsus thc lcgnntls rhut ghosts uf pur- wns slzttetl tts thc appear on thxlt night. Quin Wust, at Hvung fxtrni lmy tlraftctl from :1 1-Inscly knit fztxnilv :md .1 swt-utln-:irt, t-intl: himst-lf on :1 much lmmlu-tl islztntl in thc Pltllllpincs un the cvs nl St. hlalrk lApr1l Qll. ln xt stirring tlrcatni sctlttt-xtct' ht' tull him whether he shonltl tight Spicml with crisp snltlicr tliztlng, than plut,1s warm in c11mr1m1s. frunt :is txt-ll :ts thu fox lmlcs. plczttls with his girl tu Ill' lAClrCilf. this play hats inure ntnml :mtl 1-1nhr11ccs the home Tlll' liYl-f Ulf ST. Nlftltli is :1 tlilvuglttfitxl :intl inuvingz tlrttntxt of .Xliicricat .. ac en v f - ' 4 I4 m . 71 .tt it .11 . 1 , 111.11 .11'1""'lim nxt. xkrwl V 1, Uni - 5 . X . 11. N' ' N Mt t- WW Maxwel! iqn-cfeI1.4an'4 l Y A ,XM t "K - Sk . U -tkntxtttxx HOW tw Rl!-'lk- A , , Q10 .t X XlXl t N 4 .X W X . YN NVQ Ulm X k,w..,i., ae Symga nl guna t 'X , t 65,9 tttttw ncwtx . 'IM' ..x . ut lll X M XXX Xu' X 9 Nl X .. tggtltl ytll ' 1 y , K l l WHA 1 Hut, 3 - ell ll t-Sys Kit nl xt-'tx bv ,X xttl 2, lmff fg,- ., K """ iw! 'll ' will -gt it--lr" -its-"l xx - IW- Mwst UI XXL YHA L- . tll g lxnchcn . 1 A it ' Y . ' ' ' , Nell' Q A V , -xwl li llnril tht- .luslt tw t' lUll hu tl.l!'lx l- Hit- Alfitm, s tx tx t ti lon R -- tt xwatt xuwutt K t. Mx V , ,, 3' NUI., , tst:1ur.1n1, A -ww WS- 1 XUV-l l tum tltt' lvgt-ml til Nt, hlilflx. s lxvrt-lm, Q, UM ,X-twtivl Vick 'XX 'X - tim ml-1-r 'H ft-tw , b sv X Um, tw Flwllll sim.-n t1"l'Ul ytxtttxf I 1 p- 101' ll VYW' mtg ' , B l ' l'-"1 0111111 L ' 4 ,yt-X ,gtk I ,us 3- Y. ,l V tl' ll. l'Y'lvlU Utttxt-at klxlxxity VNV W fi, llilils lkH'llu11. Vx-Atvntu Rutxq ' A -K, Dutmi f and 1, X I, -5 ':"l, .lln-il '12, .A my ' Nvyvtl ' K Xwutt h 1.llC . tzluu. gqvilvl ' . SU 4 -1. H111 I-jx A H MXN Vwltftl ltlumlm . LHYUVXLS 800 l' ilillk' lxxrriiliiil lun 'l ' . lx V-ANY fx ' - L U, . Vw tt-W X1 stil ,vu . will nint- - . USN WMA XM it lull ln- 1,1 H N y wiv' Vi- V txt K st- J A A-1--wt . , my . x X llwlillxl Xntt-t . . Ulu l'l'l "l" SNIA lu' Xl.1riliiiIi'ihL lilrmus Vim . kt W '1'1 1 1-' l't'I wt sip xii 14 it tm ,t11..1...t11 in - -tlflm-ffm. U-mxvlff' V ,Nun SN Ygtx lurk In tht- l'l1tytt1-mlitsL-11np.111t 111 tht Kurt CWM lux l'ltc:1trt', 1111 tlrttilut 1' T, ltll ' lr xt ts tILtltt'.ltL'tl tu . .. . 565 St'rgc.t1tt l.t-QtI1:t111l1t-1-smnitt ot thu first in Uri. vnu t't'Vll'l X H 1vt'tl1v fiist tu tlvt- that xt mu lwvp this f-.nth tin- xsll . 41 wxvttl-K trct vm-it p iliht- pit-wiit xursnivv l n -.wut-ti l1,it rwstlilitwl D111-WI S ' X . 1' . . . " if 2 ji Q .ttwtxst-111 hluh xslitiulf, X t llflltllitwt ll 0 J , 1. , gi X ox ,I A , - . .11 tif Q S P t , "fm--' 'wtf Q X v- N t 3 .- 1. 1-I1 , 13 Eg g A ' tl, fm, ,.. Si Q . N 5 is 3 Lax - J1.,i:W mnkl V ' X f k 1 ': 5 L'-lift, Ulm! N ,cunt R11l111'f ilfhlx llhln .. ,ss it - tx I 1, yn , . , X. ,Q 5, 1 I h "1l,,Hk - 'M im 'I .Nl-ml In 1111-flu, 1- it .,.. - qs K 5 - . Q -nt, '11 1,1 1ff1,, I, It-117. 1 X .QQSN 5 A 1 1 K' t .,., 4 '111t1,,, ' In 11- -ft-Q, s t f '1 ' i t 1 X S - W'w111f iIil"1114 I-11,1 ' 'S .lll-1-' L X f ' Q S5 . ' ' 5 aria. X - . . gf . i "" - ' 7 ' '-'lt y, Ili t st 9 . - ,Ei tg - . , 3 - f ' . "Iv , -iff: . 1 ' R 1 xl 1 si- -'Q' 1 ff ' Q -.sf I HW lI.,, im 1 41111.11-1, ' vw i t , ew, - . If 1 , X ,. i 11, Q i: -is llfumtx 4 ' IJ,-mm, Sl,,',,lw lil.-HHN , ' :j 15:-ig, -. N - . '- V' t. . 1 'll' I 5fl1 , x X -S X V: W. is C .N r.. . Q ,V X 4 x ' ll, M M U lJ,,,.ml'u'l I1,,m."4 E ii ' 5 l , tb ill I Q w MH-li "" If ,I Ii!"'i" ll i!i'lL'l'1it Nil I,L'1l111llHg fx ,, ii: LN , V . 1 . ,X 1 1' ' it In rf-9, - 4. Y ly' at 1, F Q A t s .t V it t 1 uf, lmllh-11i,,f111,f.l Iy,t11l.1111ll,r tt 'ii t . "' lt: 4111 S115 , s t t. S ' W 'VM .""' S. . -I 5. ji-is 1 t 1, fmrr-Mill. f Hi - - 1" T . , .. X N ' ' N4 -1 .:. f' t 1.5: gg w-A f 3 2 1-f 5' 'Q S N - S ' .. , Q . , , i ,, . :J i' 'K - x x "" ' ' . . ,,,. . N . X V .- -. . 1. ' ' - ---' -. , '- , RESTAURANT scams' nttigm tvt-lvh. oem-ge Mcllride, mlm-1-1 lla-r. Patsy the-1-vu-s, tt:u'lmt'11 llunvy. I-'rvnl l.:w1's0n, Bill Taylor. Marje Q r11t11g, l'llt'IlIl0I' Schntltlt, l"1'v1l Drake, Alyrf- Ricketts. 1 Q -, , ft X ft f ,st 1 'i il 'fax .. - K 1 " -x 1 : S- . :,--2: Q ' X ' Nisf: K it ISLAND SCENE -Statntlingz Dwight Welvh. 'QL 'ga , Itnhvrt Miller. Gvorzv Mvhritlv 4 , K 'Q ' Slttlng: Bob McBritlt-i, Shirley halnwr, Frm! 'A . Luwsun. Hill Tnylnr. Pu-at Ilrukt-, Cl1u1'lc-is Lee. it A S J A 5 'f sv-A ' ,aj t I CONTEST PLAY Don Ilrown, Laura Blazer, llill Taylor, Shirley Balmer. Fred Drake, lleen Nesbitt. Synopsis For three days six persons have been trapped in a family air-raid shelter, a building having erumhled over the entranee. lfaeing what seems inevitable death, these six persons react differently. Esther Hale tShirley Balmerj, a woman whose sueeessful dress shop has lmeen homlmed out of existenee, is dominated hy fear and hatred. Her sister, Mary tlleen Neshittl, widowed hy the war and now earing for her siek son, Ilanny tl"red Ilrakeb, maintains her poise and eourage. The others, Peggy tliaura Blaze-rl, Mary's daughterg Alec tliill 'l'aylor7, l'eggy's fianee and a lieutenant in the Royal Air Foreeg and Stephen Hale tllonald Brownj, the father of Esther and Mary. are swayed he- tween these two. To drive away the gloom the family try to play games. They begin hy recalling their happiest memories. Under lCsther's domination. however, this is soon disearded for an alphabetical game in which each person tells why he hates the dictator, The game of hate mounts toward a elimax until l7anny's nerves give way. Mary, the mother. now takes command in order to save her son and to prevent the whole group from sueemnlwing to fear. Out of the mood of hate she leads them in singing a Christmas carol and in repeating, in verse-choir fashion, some of the great promises of the Bible, until faith and hope are restored, ami spiritual dignity reasserted. "Eternal Life" won first at the Sectional Con- test at East Moline on March 255 and then was entered in the State Contest held April I4 and 15 at Urbana. 'kii Contest Play, 1944 "ETERNAL LIFE" A Drama in One Act ny i-'nl-in i4:,xsTMAN gl Under the Direction of Mrs. Ruth Thoman ll THE CHARACTERS S'l'l'lI'llICN Il.XI.l'I .... llONAlill IIHOXYN F MANY lI.Xl,l1I IlllXX'IKl.XN . lI,l'Il'IN NIGSIKITT Q l'IS'l'lll-Ili ll.Xl,l-I . . SHIItl.l'ZY HALNIICIR E l'lCtllIY ll.Xl,l'I IIOXYMAN . . LAVRA Ill,AZl"lll 5, Al.l4It' Mar-INlNAl,ll . . . llll.Ii TAYLOR 5' DANNY ll.Xl.l'I IHHVMAN .... Fltlflll IDRAKIC 'l'he seine is a family air raid shelter soniewhere in ldnpzland. CONTEST PLAYiFred Drake, Donald Brown. Ile-en Nesbitt, Mrs. Thoman. Lau Blazer, Bill Taylor, Shirley Balmer. WMM 4 ffafz Q6 14-on 7 ' ZL.4,?.-QA. 421.7 g : ij ,,,a,,,,, 'fc'-fc 771-:fry-fful9,,,l. Mya? ,L 4c,.,,4 M1 Q. 7064 , gf zg : 2 , i 7.1, 4, 711, W! 77 64,4 ,441 .4 fyfoafzig, 4, ,..,4, ,oar-Q-,.,d6-Q20-v.1f..4.L.f4 K ,A-alma, 'ZZ M" E if-71,0 M I Z zz? HAL "a"'f'Ff' Lf Mr.. -rr: 2,,c,A. ion-,f-rv.-2, 4 Laffy! . ,. ?657"""Y""" ' 7, 211.- A4-CLM i 5 fL4-.ALJ fvaxfv-f.J ou-+:,4.,..7,,,,,,,VZ,-,Q ,d7Lcoo4, 2 : bql lz bcglk MAMQY' A q"' '- qq ' Z sl... ZA. . A-LL ,Liga-Q 1 QQQQL 0 .- L Z A i,'Se'ih.H V 424-.e. yn 2 7am4JJL4.eL4Z4.,, fZ,..?wffZ,.M,,2,f WQAAQ -mf4,,,.1, ,ayw-LQ-4 flfvf FGM WMWWJZV. M M J ' 2Q4, .,.L1,6Q4..f57wi4i',,.4 ZZ'.f'ZM4f, ,V PM t tp.-. : kr L t - x f X. iw, ww PLAYERS' GUILD Stnmling: Fre-ml llrnko, Chnrlvs Lew, linbt-rt Mvllriflv, lmnulrl limnnt X Ilob Mills-r, Imw- Downey, Iinymontl Mr'tTx'Pight, Iilll 'I'z1ylm'. llob t':u'1'nll, llwight We-lvh. XVnynP Stn-sul. Gvorgv Mvllritlv, Frml I,nwsnn, Lyle- I-'axsse-tt. Mrs. Thrnnlsts. Sitting: Pllvztnor Srhmitlt, llzu'h1u'n llznwy, Phyllis ltlvtkm, x Shirlvy llnlnwr, llvvn Nesbitt. Shirlvy llistline, Marllyn Caul- strmn, Anita Johnson, Rowena Scranton, Alycv Rickvtts. 2 - -. Q i X , 2 1 7 E X t Q Si , ig! ' X' ty ' . l l i x ,' aa? 22 I M Q, l fa' ann " , ff l i ig' N X ' . - x 1 , Q Kr' W y Eb:-' ia , I ,il , Q X 47 Q. xt t lx X i. x 4 3 lf L, 3 l ,K fr , l is X 4 it. r ,xx X 1 t ' xxxwxx -.1 l V A " 3 m f ' ,A 0 XV' ' X .. " . .- 'lx " 3 Y b V ' I 'U HUM' WN' XM l l 2 ,, . vi' , wl' Hi- 53 ,gk 1 , .,, -. J: xt Vdvye. savvy? . . . if .. , N . 1 W my V wywi . I 'V vox, xxqnxfvxixtwx x M.,,,awf:PfN ,ff-" N X ' .,.., V ' ' vow ' NV9' , VN XQWM tc! f ' Yakov qekb XWAV' ' af , 1 .a-- in .I -5350" A E'- ' ,, 4- 5" ERS X9 VQVYQA vt, gg, X . AQT vi NUM tv J :.g.,:..Yj.,: Q., Tri: MP4 Ggngxxltxgix V50 1 -ZTQQ' -'fi,"' " P me . X 6. I .2 XVU5 vow . - .,,, . . , V AA X. ai, QX S 09' it VPSBSMQ- 1 MIXED OCTET .......I In... .......... WIA, W, W., sI.........I ,I...... :II.........., sm.-I.-y IxIaIII...- I-'I....-...-. I.....I..-. xl... lI.,.I..- 'IIIIIIIUI K':III:1II'uIII. IL... ..... V..-.I Inn..-, II.......-.I II....I....I. In...- wx ' OX X . N' XI,-N9 xx W5 Q95 eva ..- 'Ww- Xo, ,. O?f.x"xN we V 9 s O M' :DA N' MIXED CHORUS I:...I. ..... I'...I X...I-. I.... I'....... II.,I. I...m... II...........I sI....- I:..I. NI I' ..I. II....I II......-. II.II I'.II..r Im... SI....r,.... II........I II....r....I I:..I. I',.....II I-'...l I....k. -. .. ,.I I:..I....I .'.I...-.. II..-.I ..,.. xI....I... I'..I-........ l.......I.. I..........u II.......,. s......I-... x.I-... ...Ir... SI.I.I.. s......, I' ..,... II .I..I.....I I... IN..I.: M...J.- II.........4 I.....I.. 5... III.L.. xl... I..,.I... I...II..... If...... x...I. I... ... --V-....I ...v. ,I..,... M.-I.-.-.. II... MI... I'nm.....n, I-I.I.... AI. I1..,.. .:I..rI.. II...I sI..rI I II..I.... I:.... II..I.v.I..s I-'I........ .I I.-II.... W... . ........1. J.. .I.... III:..k II...l..I. M..rg,... . . -. - - ' II I.. I ..-.. I'..-I .:.....x I'II..I..... Q. I .I... . I .I . II XI un.. l..I Ic..I-Iv... A,..... M..I....: MIM SI..-r....I rI...I.. ,... II.-Illn.. I'.....x IYIII w K I ,R . X f ...wi X s QL , -Ia Y. , s1s V136 SWNS OX wg? ' . 00 .IX 5 155-:Z WV' Govfk X ox' WH ow 1 VAQXXII x . .in ' In , N Q N t S N35 X x Ns. x S E qua e '. , 'ill . iw.. -vi, T li,,, ' A , I ,, i1,,,,M'.r,lll'll7:. ,W In ' ' ru -nz . .Mm 1, ,,,,, sf,-HI Inu ,. f'.,. f,.,, R ssc. hx way. tt CNYQX ,t evil- ,a,, Gln-LS. Nob li II If' SE . , ., '11, XTE x ,Mmcfl lf,lf,"" .i1l,f""f1lf,,f mi.-4, X ug , Im.. U08 sp,,,,lfiLl1,N' Winn ,LH X S xw X "U 1l,.,,H'k':'1.u,.:"flf1?:N g',:'ij'UA--.,.Nv Y' ,Dex Q-wr. o,,K,.H A ii',,'44.jeA:l1, on. will Emew K' 5""'f--,f"""f nb" X nv- .X f wo gt . 0 .QKXV so-X .XMI 6. 69,1 ' L , x Wil MUSIC Vocal groups and soloists from the music i-partnient, under the direction of Miss he-nore herrurd, presented several programs during ie year and participated in other musical ac- vities. The Mixed Chorus gave the Messiah at the resbyterian church, December 19, 1943. The lusic department also presented its annual mncert in the spring. lflntrnnts in the music contest held at alesbnrg, April 22, included the mixed octet id girls' se-xiet, :ind soloists as follows: Patsy reeves and Dorothy Denning, girls' high voiceg mn Monson, girls' inediuni voice: Nancy M0- vrg and Carol Witt, girls' low voice: Fred rnliv, boys' high voice: llavid Downey, Hob owney, and David Sherrard, boys' low voice: hirley Uistline and Marilyn Carlstrom, piano. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB l!.llk 1-tix Almllxll tililslriim Jun- Kohl. Iulrililii Iv it I I um I mmllv, lil-lim ll.-ld. .In wp lil.i.u !, .I.4n-- Al- I-' Luo . lcmzii I ii ll i hm li u mln lrvnvvlilpg Slulvl-i l1.ilm.l lxnllvlxli I-'lm--I l'lixlIi- M44'.in 'Imp-l ron xlnii. luppuig, Malt lung. ln-.ull li,.1l.l..l. l-.okp.g.l.l Sim Aim, lions lc.-ng.,u. ll.irmo.l Xhlk.-l,-ml ll...-lol Smith ml-.ll Mil x li I l ,xii-up Milam sv-lou-1 ron Alu- lvmlw, lc--vi--na slum:-m snnl-x ln-mp. ln.. Mo I lm I n Il i Il i 1 xluiilin llolnp- I-'lol.lp. lronxngv, lnrulali Aloigail Msn insulin. luiu If-ll I usa I A x g s i- s ' 1- 1 v - ii .1ls.lw-nan! l..igt null- lmiruli. llupi l.iil.u. xliillull l il il I l,.lll.i Haig. swim lui lc.-lo-on Noni xl-ill.-U4 sui.ip.i lu.iil.,p. Xi 1 I xx in l i BAND BRASS OUARTET 111111 1211-11 I 111111111 S11-. 111111 1 .1111-1-11 'l'11111 l'111111 11 11l, is ,,,,.,.w1 1' F ,I egg 35,1 fs 45222 ea lv E in-n1j1Q'-1fif1f'5?fja1,,, 1- 95 Qi -1 - . 1.11. 1111. 1 5 1 ""- 511253 SS? +21 was U11 E fb 9 'Ng 2-A5131 if Y Q X 1, 1 SQ t 15 1 1 lyk 1 J.. ..,. ., gf. My 1-5 1.1 1 . .,. I S 1 BAND OFFICERS AND SECTIONAL LEADERS Nllllf ,lo 17115, .x1l1'l'll lI:1l1l, l'l15ll1s N11' C 111 1111s11l111I1 ilqlllll l'fllll'l1'li, F11-11 21111111- 1 1111 11l1NllI1'I'j 11211111111 11lst1'o111,111111111211 1 l111l1:111l1"1lw1-11 1111111 Tho Almlo Community High School l-211111, 1li1'111't11cl by Elmvi' Zi11grl1-1', has mz11l11 11 lilllt' l't'L'1ll'll 111' :111l1i1-11111111111 in 1111- past y1-ar. In tho summer of 1913 tho 11111111 won first place for th1- s111-ond CO11St'l'1ltlYt' yvzir at th1- fllllliljlillilllli Music Fvstivzil, 1-on1p11ti111,z with six other hamls in thv fll2lSS D section. r1 1. ,,. . Two C'0I1C'01'tS w111'1- 111'C'St'l1t01l to tho public. tho first i11 Now-111111-1' with E1'111 st 1.15 loi, t11h.1 111.151 1. is 1111 lt lllll1 soloistg tho Sl'COl11l in March with Miss Mary Louise Kennedy, SilX0pl1U1llSl, ILS tho guost soloist. 1 1. 1 -rv my ll. O -F81 S 'I' 'bv 'Rfb' lm ii N1 jfxlf Nut Sf 1 Q""'n 1 Y. ,vi '1 17" WE' -fish' 1' WNW fi '11 ,MQ -H 1-Qi Milli may ,M Km af 11 1 ,1. , Kiss... .1 11,0111 1 1 1111 lx.1Il1l1'+-11 l11l1111s1111 ll1l111 111 1111111111. X111-1-11 lllllll, XK113:11- 511-1111 5,111 1 - 1 11111 NI1., I 1111' 1'1l1 1, 1 1 1 1111111111 1111!111,l11 Nl-AI NA, i . 1. ..1. 91.111111 1.111 I..-11 s11111 ll 1':11 I 1111111 l'll'lIl1t' 111 1115111 xl'llX Xll1ll'I'SOIl, I11111:1I1l 11111111-111. I,1-1- S 111111'. 111111 1.1-11 N11 71141111 . 1 ..1- lllhl 11111 I 111I1 111111111111 5.111 llll+1 I1.11'I1-1111 IX11t1'l11ll Nlzirgii- 5:11111-11. 311111111 Stoltz, Ku len Il 111111 X1 1 111 I11111111 11111111 N 1111 1 ..1's11' 1 1', N . XSEEETXSX x .KS K RX, Q x X .. X kai. - X X .Neg .N , 1x1 I . xv wx . x xxx Q x xx x XW 'Q x X xxx x L XX x xx. M N Q . Xmx Ss' -MF' .ly-5: .XX-55.5 fm 'MX ,. 1 x Xixexs " T. ,MX xg .XX.1X,XXX- . 'X 1' - wx . X wx--xx xl.. X X WW X Xsfxxfw X X , -XXSQQX Nix. .. f SY NX M .,,x X N ., XN... -xx. . 1 X J - X ' Q ix Efiil EP . x ' S -K - K X X . X . ,.,. X Ne xx X X Q X X xx Q X XXXZSX R , ---. A L' Q.MsXXxs,gXQmX.. new ,x. wx , . .03 .z w qefl gw 5 -M vbxif .' A333 X" E52-.I'i:Z:'f+-22-"1-':1::-':-:haf:si555fsi:-xS:s's:f:s:'-:2:-,'::-'-55:5.Q " x' ,- H - ..,.. 1 X.:.. ..:.Q.X.-X , , , 2 X e-.i 'Is -. - E' WEE' .:..:::. A - ':s:sfi.i.,51fe-f.:..:.a::e-Sk Ns- Q N SL V X X C . X. ..,,, . .. ,X-.3 ,my - - . X . Q .X .. X x ... . , .Q Wd., xx X X x .XX X A XX X X X .,...,. mi W .gi X N 2 X x X, X O RT , QS Y FOOTBALL TEAM Second row: Leonard McCaw, Red Robison. Don llaldwin, Dale Fnhr. First, row: .loe Rnggles. Lee Damp, Fred Drake, George Hudson, Hill Taylor. Ralph Spence, Howard Danford, 'M X- s., 5 1 ' 1' A xi E. if oooo oo o f' 1 Bovs' ATHLETICS it ,iii 0 ""-',, , 1 I 'if .t , Q The Green Dragons had a successful season, W L E. W 'gy winning five out of eight games. After opening the ,P q-f-'..e ' 4'. fs ,gf season with ,: ' -' 3 a 13-0 victory feats for Ab- f 'ii' W' in a night ingdon and ' , game played Alexis. Then 5 ' on the Galya the Dragons G N field, t h e successfully G Aledo team i n V a d e d g gf, 1 f X, lost a hard Avon, win- 'Q lg? T ' b a t t 1 e to ning a hard EEVWY' . Ei . , , Knoxville, 19 game by a xy c to 20. Two score of 13-6. we N home games R o s e v i l l e -gt 1rr"1fs, followed, re- was their ,M if t,.f2 ef e suiting in de- next oppon- J 'r x - ff-'- e -rrrr1-- ent, and the X ' 5 Green Dragons were defeated, 20-6. At Wethers- fl M i , e field the Aledo team nosed out the Zippers, 21-6. 'G Q, The season ended at Momnouth, with a 14-0 defeat ' ,Q for Aledo. X N W, Five Aledo boys made the Little Six Honor Roll: - f m K A 1 1 Howard Danford, end, Paul Robison, right halfg Bill Q, "ii Taylor, guardg Fred Drake, guard, and George Hud- son, center. Bill Taylor, senior, was chosen team captain. All-.. . FOOTBALL SQUAD---Third row: Assistant Pom-h Vtsingt-r. Fred Ziegler, George Mcliride, Virgil Fender, Roh Carroll, Alan Ricketts, Rohr-rt llownt-y, lllrnlt- Rush, Illvk Unrrull. Kenneth Waugh. Lewis Mcfaw, Uharles Lee, Couvh Van Dorn. Sem-und row: Don Baldwin. John Hofer, Howard Danford, Joe Ruggles, Lee Damp, Bill Taylor, George Hudson. Ralph Spence. lied Rohl:-ion. Fred Drake. IA-onnrrl lNloFaw, Dale Fuhr, Dave Sherrard. First row: Lee Ward Butcher, John McCleary, Dewayne Clauson, Bill Mosley, Bert Palmer, Allen Gustafson. Tom Emrlck, David S1-hroll, Bob McBride. fl u if ' X . X F. Nm S pm,-.s 4 The Stores of Glmel Played Are: N1-xv Windsl 11.414-14 lslunnl I'Iu:41 Nlullnv Yinln . . . . xl' ll. M. A. . . Orion ,... Alvxis . . . hilllv York 1111110 York Ab1m:41un . Svulml . . A11-xis . Joy ,,... Nvw 1141:-stun S111-l'1':11'41 . . 5 F f f k . 1 . 1 141 A11-do . 411 Ala-4141 , 211 A104111 . 11 A101111 . 28 A14'41u . 1122 A194111 . 23 A104111 .1-v . ..- .fX1f'41n . . A141410 .,1 . 1 I1 A104111 . 16 A1e'410 . 131 A1z'n10 . ZH A194111 . 34 Aledo , . . . . 19 Aledo X X N NNN Novvmbs-r . 19 Nnvn-mbvr . 26 In-ve-lllbm' , . 3 114-1-4-mb4-r . . 7 In-4-enxber . . 10 154-vvnxbs-r . . 14 lTm'4-xlmbvl' . . 17 lblwe-nxbvl' . . 21 .luxumry . . , 11 Jauuuny . . . 1-1 .lauuury . . . 19 Jzuuuwy . . . 21 Jnmmry . . . 25 January . . . 28 February . . 1 f ,W I 1 1 1 fs 2 Avon . . . Monmouth Viola . . Rosvvillv 11. M. A. .105 '..,, .Xlplm , . Iilmxvillv BLIND TOURNAME A14-xis .,,.. IN Ah-1 All-410 . . , All-410 Almlo Almlu .X1v414x A14-410 Almln A14-110 35 I-'4-ln mug . "li 4111 1n,...1, N:-xx Huston . . IN Almln 'rg REGIONAL TOURNAMENT JUN . . . . . 21 A111410 .... 511 .xlphza . . . . 41 Aledo , . . 3:1 if BASKETBALL TEAM 80001141 Nm: 1"1'1'l1 1114111442 11011 11u11ls4m. 111111 11zl111uin, L hzlrln-S 1,1-4: 1111H.1111 11. hh 1'11'Sl mu: lirxxiv Rush. 11111 Mosley, Ile-Wuyllv f'11l11SIl11, 'Vvun 14111111411 ll-mvv 1'1'1'i11'11, L'o:u'11 Vim Dorn. '1nfol'41, Gvorzl' 1V1r'111'i41P 14'4'11l'1m ry IT 14'4-lrrumrv 14"-hxuznp . 14'vb1lml'v 14'4-lwllsnlw 191-hl'1l:ll 3 , . M1111 11:1 rv NT .1nl1l1:al'5 .lunuu ry ,Q . X N . .K .... .- ,:,:.:f,,g, , . EN . gg - N I"n-bruzuy . , 211 I1lz1rr'11 .... 14 4 Fw" f .. N . .4 ' fp " .4 I 4 J. BASKETBALL LfiI'Sl fiVf'1I Cozwh Van Dorn. Fred llmke, lion llulmlnin, 114-11 lluhisun. 1'11:lrl--s 1.1-v, 11ou4u'41 1111110111 m.1m.l.. x,..,:1. uw: ....4... A, Tu.-mln ,mm Xlulm Mlm XII l'u.'..0... Nl.. 'I irxv-Im Mm 13 .r TRACK li1'l X ,, .,x EW Hg .X yur.. is n., sw K X f-ML ' -. 51-,fix , i g Y Ai f -'f ' QT. V A S . ,. 4' Q89 4r . 4,5 A' -flgqlohfl 1' O "4pf4ro 4. 04. 0. 4 1. , Qflu 5.4 I- "'+C'4f umm., muy. lhmmoulh, than . . Joy, lhrre R M A -Joy-Aledu. hrrv Lllllr Sax MN! ll Knoxville Dhlnrl MR! nuns- POLE VAULTING Ik W lynv L l xuwn 'Sk 0 43,4 x 1 'Y ,bl ey, fe Yi 0' ',. ! I s 1 4 1 1 X FRFKHMIEN AND 505-HOMQRQ g,.,.,,,,,I ,,,,, Yup!I-'vwln-1.IlanirlSrluulI,HuuurmlD:u1lurd,J0hn H..I'.v 1... V ..'.-u.- I. I. x1.w.... lh'NX.nlw1I.mfull 'Q l.ul Klum, M11-n Hmlnfxnll, Hvnu l"l'nnk:, I'll'nu- Rush, Alan r,...w. NI Im-lv ummg.-1, su pg,.g.lg. pc.-nw l.m'..l I ..hX.ml1.m JUNIURS AND SKNIORS Snow! um Lvhmzuv Mcl'l1-Il.m, Fu-al linxmn, Tum Hmrlck, Dave Sher- nmt lhll'I'ulu IMI NI Hull' r..1..... .,.-W.. x1.n...s. m x.... nu... .umgm lixll Nl-mlm, Ihm liulflmn, l.mmaml McCau, Frm! Drake, Con E . , if ,rg S5 wx x . X X gx S Q? X SX SS Xi 5 X. S. Mg ,, Sm 3 M S xx XQ lil xxx X, B 'R x ,R 'N x R x. Y ,MQ I X5 INTRAMURALS Z. N, ws., . we 3 Q -Q 5 Ni x M EM, 15, XE, iw x 'SS gi -Nh x Q-www :www 1 '4 ,,'z,"1,,4 'fm 1141, '11 M. 41. ii, v, -1 1. 111 ' '-1 '1 1 'l1.L' '1 i ',1,1f1,,1f111. 4slv'1-K ' ,Ly 117 r1,, mn 41, .1 ,I- G. A. A. .gf '4',l1,l"1 Q -m wap . ' 1 1- 4 .- f 0011, ji, I-1,w1,,l, l54,11,,i l,f'1,' LQ. r. 1 1 1., 1, 41 '- 'fq "1,,'la 'Wo f 7lf.iU'l xf'1,"'11Q hi mwwm4w1'111 'A -'1- .114'.. 11 -11 "1, ' 1,4,,'f1.,, -Sy '11, '11-7 '1 I f Q. '1 ,I 1 1 . 16, 11,1 N' ,,,"1,?'f1, .ii 61,1 '11, ff, L1 ' qw , 1. '01 -W, 11 3 'Sf'-, 71,111.1 Q10 1,701 I '51, 111, f147!f:f 4" s"'1, "'e,, "uh 11 , . 4,-QM Q 1. "9 f4vP"'1. "41?1l1qf'1' 4'1"'7 U 61. If 1' '91 ff, 'ffl "f1.'3 019 ,fit -4 1,'V:y ,,fl'1?l1Z, l7:Vr',,f'l?j3'1,.' 04113100 . - -- , 1 , . '117r1S"+ "fini if '- 'ff A 'Vx' 11 C fo '11- I--,Iv 101.1 gr., Q' 1h"'f1u" .1?f'17 291 'A'7.v0 I ff1,,,v4n1evL ,x,s11,61lmY 1111 via., 1. . 1 '01 f'1,'4 6'gv,,f1,,:5 J 116744, Q . 00011111 151:11 1f.'1.,, '10 4' Q11 1-' I 41 6' 11 "ll lr ha '01,'iG' 'VJ 'ol "01,'1,7"l,,I'29 I3-,991-Q "11,,Z'14, Fr tv 9 11 , 'rt ' 411,95 4,'?,,t7r-f,'7f A Cynor Q1-"'e 01.1" 'V' -9 "0 91. '-9,,' -syfffq' 11,55 gal? We " .4 "'1.?'Hf"fi"fv"'7,L"11 "11'l,"tv 'af 1,1014 9 - 11,4914 Yoq 4v,0A:Wyf'1 gpg, 01, 'l G.A.A. OFFICERS AND CAPTAINS-Standing: Joan Monson, Betty Hutchins, Barbara Moss, Anita Johnson, Kathryn Fraser. Sitting: Carol Witt, Shirley Balmer, Ileen Nesbitt, Phyllis McCaw, Rowena Scranton, Patsy Greeves, Miss Con- rad, Marje Durning. 0 '11 4v,,"'11- 4114, !1,. ' If '11, 41 1 A - 1- rv,-1.4 '76,,Q71Q0"g Q0,?'VoS'e l7'jg.' lfl, ea,,e,,,,11a,, 11 1, 41, 01- sv 4' 414 5. 5243 I 4 I' ' , . 'lair-17,0 xiyilaq-,h"1,,h, -tw , ' Grd, J: Sa, 1, ' e . 5 rj '. 111, GIRLS' BASKETBALLXNanc,v Moberg, G M1?I4'!iI'lHIlf1, Rn wena Scran ton. Doroth eorgia Staley, Darlene M ,v Palmer, Alice Drake, S ' itchell, M hlrley R , azje Du eynolds, F ' ming, Ph .lame lrl yllis MCC strom, Sh' ' HW, Captain of second team: Jam 11l9.V Balmer, captain of first team. MIXED VOLLEYBALL CHAMPSXDavid Sherr lleybau' l .xed Vo u Taylor, Captam of M1 Bi ard. Bar bar-fl Mo ss, Barb ara Han ey, Ph yllis Mc-Ca W, Ele amor Schmidt' Betty Hutchins. 'ae Erwin On the evening of October 29, 1943, one of the most important events of the high school year took place. This was the annual PG. A. A. Carnival. The theme of the show was a. short wave broadcast from a boat. The fea- tured attractions were square danc- ing, several group songs, Hawaiian dance, and roller skating act. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the seniors, Dwight Welch and Marje Durning, Carnival king and queen. Music was by Ziegler's Zombies, and Fred Drake was master of cere- monies. Shirley Balmer was carnival chairman. Q9 fb ab 1 v .N 69 5 X21 ,bi G9 . A ' A 'veg 0 O O O '51 Q Quit Y 0 59 Qbcffgel 'Quer 5fQ,05c:gX9g Q 4 gb exotgvx Q9 X269 N 0 '59 036 9 xy' fb X X9-b Q4 'S Q1 O ox 4 'WV x . s Ptxgoxgpoc 0949 9-5 '90 Q' 'io xo Z 13' X4 vol P 315' ez X555 on 9 '. 4- bv Qo pf Qe 96 41" 9 ,Q zoo 90004 ,ve 'E 6' A. V. C. OFFICEF-lS'Coach Van Dorn, Fred Drake, Don Baldwin, Charles Lee. Kev sg-S? X Q W? E ii in :S in f 'keel 'W' A. V. C. FRESHMEN AND SQPHOMORES-Back row: Bob Downey, Dick Carroll, John Hofer, John McCleary, Coach Van Dorn, Allen Gustafson, Lee Ward Butcher, Virgil Fender. ,Second row: Dale Fuhr, DeWayne Clauson, Bert Palmer, Bob Cosgrove, Joe Ruggles, Howard Danford. First row: Alan Ricketts, David Schroll, Kenneth Waugh, George McBride, Martin Dale, Ernie Rush. An intramural basket shooting contest was sponsored by Coach Van Dorn. Hob Cosgrove was the winner of the contest, defeating Shirley Balmer, winner of the girls. Runners-up were J. C. Graham for the boys and Dorothy Palmer for the girls, X V' s 9 x N xx o Xeiu k V6 X-INA i Q .X - xx- ' Vbxf' N , vi is . 40r,v'lA. le' xxfxrxf - eoloh vi "' '59 4'- 'ivff wb so xx SOFTBALL The softball tournament, sponsored by Stuart Van Dorn, consisted of four teams, one from each class of the high school, with the juniors winning the tournament. The victorious team consisted of Charles llolton, captaing Bob Carroll, Charles Lee, Richard Cabeen, Dave Sherrard, Merle Rode:-n, Fred Lawson, Eugene Dahl, Dick Greer, Tom Em- rick, Fleming McKinney, Jack McNamara, and Lohman McClellan. Q INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL: Rex Dahl, lloh Downey, Carl Harnhouse, Murvln Martin, Dwight W1-lrh, captain ol' Ihr Iirsl I1-any its-urge Hudson, captain ol second lei-img Jim Shaw, Eugene Walters, Delbert Decker, George Lemon. M xx Qvoie wel , ex X -gm SSwKosA,Q50X 'S-A-gxov , Geoivye Qsome-oo, we Qixixz, 'ixiwb io-211 fiiefo v-w4eov,44'p5ve Gbvzfm, 'YOQ -Mb Xksxcjcei. Koa. X Nboxx. 10411 rod o ' Qfql Qi 00 960 ye QQ, Nw 93? v-71 9. 046' Qaeoooh to'-14 ', Cixik Q-oQz,fxX-awgxvfy. 906 Qgvgxgx eww. 3-vQl'wNcSfa 255, 0. fi o 9003 1? fgvwixbf YXWSQA , Boa Q-XSQQ -M6 45 2,066 . YJOKRO 40-wa , Sx0?N?f3 . A -v -c . GY M SHG w PROM... is l t N --'ww HIGH SCHOOL THOUGHTS TURN TO FORMALS, CORSAGES, DATES: FRIDAY NIGHT IS THE PROM By Marje Durning and Alyee Ricketts Despite llitler and his "well-loved" friends, the junior-senior prom of Aledo Community High School will be held as usu: this year. The gala affair will take plaee Friday evening. May 7. in the gymnasium. At 24:30 the prom will start with the junior president. Fred Drake, and the secretary, Betty Hutchins. leading the gran mareh. Seeond in line will be Vice-l'resident Alyee Ricketts and her partner, Dorwin Jackson. Following these will be Treasurer Curt Simpkins and Senior Secretary Mary East- man, Acting Senior President Lorraine Benson and Darre llutehins. ex Senior President David Maehr of Moline and his partner, and Senior Treasurer Lorena Riddell and Law- renve 'l'rar'y. l-'red Lawson, under the tutelage of his father, Post master C. D. Lawson, Aledo's dean ol' circle two-step c ers, will lead several of these dance mixers. Intermission at Ten Intermission will he at, ten, at which time there will be a short program and refreshments. Appearing on the program will be a junior chorus composed of Sh' ' ' l'I', SIIIYIQ' I ' ' ' nley Balm- y istlinf, Harold lloarfl, Florence lionynge, Don- ald llrown. Dorothy Denning, David Downey, Fred Drake. Marje Durning, Patsy Greeves, llarbara Haney, Betty Hutchins, Anita Johnson, Kathryn Kisler, Iris Lang, Rob- ert Mrllritle, Phyllis Met'aw. Raymond McCreight, Eileen Mcltlwen, lleen Nesbitt, Rowena Scranton, Alyoe Ricketts, Curtis Simpkins, Wayne Stead, Jerry Swank, and Bill Taylor, accompanied by Marilyn Carlstrom. They will sing a medley of George M, Cohan songs from the movie, "Yan- kee Doodle Dandy." Following this. Lester Schroll, secre- tary of the Aledo Community lligh School Board, will give a short talk on the theme of the prom, "V for Victory and Vision," A solo, "Old Glory," from the movie, "Star Spang- led Rhythm," will then be rendered by Miss lletty Hutchins. Those exported as guests of the juniors include sen- iors, faeulty members. board of edueation members, and their wives. Strains of "Star Dust," the final number, will sound out at twelve bells. The prom is under the supervision of the following faculty members: Mrs. ltuth Thoman, Miss Clara Louise Parry, and Robert C. Mortland. Mr. Mortland will act as master of eeremonies. Nea hw uw!-5-oo x ' whxw x ' vxcys Q xanga nw: . vm ykxxm mv. 9 mmm. Cmu 'mmgoy Bova mcvxems mkv, x'x+xng.eo. ifvea X. mx Q-N41 Qxcgxx xf.-um-v wkxe-A -amxkm. Dame fum WXXQQA, N4 wine fbxezm KXAXAB Svevv-AWGN, 'Yom V40 WM. K 1 xfm X95 -Exxwvv-.wh WN KH . U5 ' 'xxx N Dum Ont aw, Q0- Q0 - x ,exx 505 , WN. 4 an wwe GMM: Bowl ev-sd. QM-3. 'wma W cvev K9 Bio-:Iss , X cs: nm, mx-fem. New wwe mlkxmww, ex me Convww. mee Vvux xc- Vnvin . XrCXeXXnqx g wxowxn nb 900 Oysvlew WM. um: Wavmx QM. OMS. x'-on-A wkee Ylek CNC QXO RMK! HUMQR Bio H10 . 'I-X6 , 9 do East will anh Elratamrnt We, the Senior Class of Aledo Community High School, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-four, do hereby make, declare, and publish this, our Last Will and Testament, in manner as follows: First: We will our ability to get along well with all other classes to next year's senior class. Second: To Miss Vanatta we will our faith and trust in all that's good and beautiful. Third: To our dearly beloved superintendent, Mr. Graham, we will our love for Clark candy bars. Fourth: We will a large supply of sleeping tablets to Miss Miles and Miss Bowers, to store up until next yea.r's time to work on the Astrum. Individual bequests are as follows: I, Shirley Balmer, will my interest in the Navy to Laurie Blazer in the hope that she can carry on the Navy wives' traditions. I, Florence Barnhouse, will my little brother to 'Audrey Hobbs. I, Betty Berg, will my ushering job at the opera house to LaVerne Dobbins. I, Shirley Bistline, will my knack for impersonating to Darlene Mitchell. I, Florence Bonynge, sadly will my junior steady to any sweet junior lass, providing she's not a brunette. I, Don Brown, will my wavy blonde hair to any girl who will come and run her fingers through it. I, Winifred Burns, will my job at DeLauriers to Mary Lou Ruggles, 'cuz she'd make such a competent waitress. I, Marilyn Carlstrom, do hereby will my beguiling glances at the men to my protege, Ina Mae Cameron. I, Lee Damp, will my timid, shy, and bashful attitude to Merle Bodeen, because Merle is such a devil. I, Dorothy Denning, will my tall, slim figure and my sweet, quiet way to Hazel Patterson. I, David Downey, will my tall lankiness to Gene Dahl. I, Fred Drake, will my plaid shirts and bow ties to Bert Palmer. Maybe they'll help make him a ladies' man. I, Marje Durning, will my love for Dutchmen and their bewildering ways to anyone able to wear wooden shoes. I, Ruth Elliott, will my road map with the path to Reynolds to Suzanna Lloyd. I, Patsy Greeves, will my lasting love for a short, dark, junior athlete to someone who will abide by my rules and return said person at said time. We, Rowena Scranton and Lyle Fassett, will our maroon Mercury to Evelyn Board and her dashing cadetg so they won't have to walk. I, Margaret Griffin, will my affections for uniforms to Shirley Stone. I, Clifford Hadley, will my salesmanship ability to Bernard Drefchinski, who needs it, I'm sure. I, Claudia Hampton, will my other name, Junia, to anyone who will take it away from me. We, Barbara Haney and Eleanor' Schmidt, will our ability to get the giggles anywhere at any time to Betty Dennison and Eleanor Morris. I, George Hudson, will my position on the football team to Eddie Cole. I, Dave Jackson, will my love for a good argument to anyone who will argue with me. I, Anita Johnson, will my frequent blushes to Bette Simpkins, in case she needs any. I, Kathryn Kisler, will my constant smile and always happy look to Bill Mosley. I, Iris Lang, will my sophomore lad to anyone who can keep him from skipping school. I, Helena May, will my truck driver boy friend and my long curly hair to Elaine Idstrom. I, Betty Hutchins, will my winning ways and my gym shoes to Peg Clapp. I, Phyllis McCaw, will my frequent trips to Seaton to someone who can change a tire. I, Raymond McCreight, will my famous views on life to Dale Fuhr. I, Eileen McEwen, will my policy of being true to just one man to Betty Kell. I, Robert Miller, will my curly golden locks to Howard Danfordg so he won't have to keep his clipped off. I, Richard Monts, will my way with the women to Virgil Fender, so that maybe he won't always be fighting with them. I, Ileen Nesbitt, will my versatile hairdo's to Mary Anderson. I, Alyce Ricketts, will my blonde curls and patient nature to Pat Rooth. I, Paul Robison, will my Model A to sister Pat, hoping that maybe she can be on time, 'cause I never was. We, Rachel Smith and Howard Fender, will our deep devotion and lov- ing glances to Jim Shaw and Leota Lang, 'cuz a little love would do them good. I, Betty Snell, will my quiet ways to George McBride. I, Ralph Spence, will my shuffling walk and cast-down eyes to Sally Blazer. I, Martha Spence, will my grocery girl job to Jo Ann Black. I, Georgia Staley, will my athletic ability to Dorothy Danford. I, Alice Stead, will my constant grin to "Jughead" Stivers. I, Wayne Stead, will my best girl friend, Matty, to anyone who will treat her right, according to my rules. I, Bill Taylor, will my passion for blondes to Don Baldwin. I, Dwight Welch, will my variety of women to Charlie Leeg maybe he will help me make up my mind. I, Harold Board, will my knowledge and love of airplanes to my two sisters, just to keep it all in the family. I, Jerry Swank, will my love 'em and lose 'em policy to Fred Lawson. I, John Emrick, will my ability to bluff the teachers to Jack McNamara. I, Robert McBride, will my awe-inspiring middle name to "Pedro" Knox, then he will have the distinguished signature, "Pedro" Cooke Knox. Lastly: We hereby nominate and appoint Mr. Mortland, attorney at law, as executor of the above, and sign our names as attesting witnesses. The Spider and the Fly. E M E M B Wyx x W'Q""K ' 4 an Q s Q as ' Q fs 945. as, ,l""'R"x 1.,,3,,M fx "fu r W, "VS lstukk an 5 "hm a nm, 1: 'D an ' 4' fwvnz .UL :ka uw x,,,iWlQ QQMW' aw, v .5 ws " Q w k lx 5 A QS X ,-, I E "The Lump Went Out" CULTY en . f , zo . - , . FACETXOUS Fay Zu-IGDERYS Z:JS':1.:1xxz x "s'rxmuNG" W W QR ' tertained ,, . CRS 1 QMS U num Name Shirley Rainier Florent-e llarnhouse llolty llerg. .. . . lf'lorent'e Ronynge lion Drown . .. Marilyn Carlstroni. NVinifred llnrns Lee Danip Dorothy Denning David Downey .. Fred Drake. .. Marje Durning Ruth Elliott.. John lflmrick Lyle l-'assett lloward Fender Patsy Greeves.. Margaret Griffin .,r., Clifford Hadley... .. l .. .. .- .. "Dub".. .. .. .. -fs 'hilt' POLICE COURT RECORD Nickname Squirly "i,i .. l-'lossy". .. Bergundy ".. lllondie ".,... Lolly Pop"... XVinnie" ,,.,..... lieetle Brain" Occupation Flirting... .. .. .....VVho Me'?. .. . . Taking It All ln. .. . .Studyingw ,,.,, .. . . ,..... Conibing His Hair. .. ......PI'lIll1lillg .. .. . ........Wa1tiess....... . l,2lIllblklllSH ....,. . .,.,, Man and the Motorcar .. ' .- Dottie ....,..,. Ilppy". . Luella". .. Ruthie" Cy".. Orville" Colonel". . Patty ".. Marge ".... . Cliff" ...... Claudia Hampton.. .... "Junia"....... Rarbara Haney ,,,,. .. George Hudson.. . Detly Hutchins ..,.,... David Jackson ....., Anita Johnson.. .. Kathryn Kisler... lris Lang .......,....... Helena May ...,.,... Robert Millet '..,..... Richard Monts ...... Robert Mcliride.. . Phyllis McCaw ..,, ,... .- .. .. .. "Dickie" ..... Herb" .,.., Rastus" ..,, "Hutchie". "Runt".. .. 1. Red .. Katie "..,. Arsie ".... Lena "... Atlas "., Ozzie".. "Phil"... Raymond McCreight ,.... .. . ."Fuzzy"...... Eileen Mclflwen ........ Alyce Ricketts ...,.. Paul Robison ........., Eleanor Schmidt... Rowena Scranton . Rachel Smith ..,. . Ralph Spence ..... .. Martha Spence Georgia Staley. Alice Stead ....... . Wayne Stead ..,... llill Tayloi '....,.... . Dwight Welch. lleen Nesbitt.. .. . Shirley llistline. . Jerry Swank.. . llarold Roard.. lla-tty Snell. .. .. .. .. .. .. "Lynn".. .. .. .. nlky.. ..Ricky.. Rub" ....... Shiny" .... Reona' . "Smitty" Junior' . Marty "...... George".. Al" "Smiley" Willie" ...,. Dike". Nebby"... Swankie".. lien" ....... "Bet" .. .Loving Her Puppy..... ....Romeo's Standein.. ... Delivering Love Letters.. .. Acting Up... ............... . .. ..... Standing Dy ....,,....... .. .Studying Fair Sex.. -.....Skipping School........ . ......Attending Hog Sales.. ....Dress Designers... .......Writing to Wayne..- .. .. .... Huh? ............. ,.... . .. . ...... Trying.. ....... Patilotism. .... . ........... . . .. Ducking Under Low Doors . ...... Angel of Mercy ............. ........Arguing. .. ...... Farmerette ........................ .. ........Walking at 3:00 A.M. .........lSlushing........................... Assistant Driver ...... ..Shadowing Dave-..... . .Variety of Girls ..... . ...Better Movies ....... .........Paging Someone......... ........Philosopher.. .. . ...... Enjoying Life ....... . ........Writing Letters....... .Teacher's Pets... .. .........Dreamiug............. , . ........Mgr. R. S. Denning 8: Co........... ........C0llecting Books......... ........Making Gloves...... ........Wearing Rings......... ........N01semaker!!!.. ........Forging Autographs........ ......Campaign Manager.......... Making an Impression....... .......M1l1tary Secret................ ........Marching in Step......... ........'I'he Man Behind the Gun.. Pleasing the Twins.. ................. . . .. Gabbing ...... ... ... Usually Seen Doing Same Making Good --Dut Not H4-ard VVith Chuck On His llicycle Alone?'??'?'? ....At Sam's Driving With Shelley With His Side Kick --and Heard Too ln the Halls Around Very Little Ry Locker No. 25 Just Find Rachel With Midnight With A Man ....Changing Tires ......Studying Giggling .ln Van's Room In Old Missouri Wiggling His Ears Blushing ....At Bert's Place tSeatonj ...Calming Down ln a Truck Behind the Present With One of Them Talking ln Seaton Studylng?? ......Dreaming Out Loud ......In "Napoleon" On South College Avenue Waiting At The Dock In a I-llurry Thinking About Howard ln His Coupe .........Oh, That Trio Making New Friends With Seaton in Keithsburg With Matty With a Lolly Pop With the Opposite Sex U..-Going Home for a Tel. Call In the Music Room Swans On Eight Wheels Running for the Bus PROPHECY... Aledo, Illinois June 21, 1954 Dear Marje: Well, I received your letter the other day and am glad to hear you still like California as much as ever. We often see your name in the pa- pers. So you want to know what happened to your old classmates? Well, I'll tell you all I know. Of course, you know Junior and I got married as soon as I graduated. In fact, we were married exactly ten years ago day before yesterday. Last night we went to the show. Yes, the Opera House. By the way, Betty Berg is owner of the Opera House now. Winifred Burns sold us our tickets, and we were ushered in by the chief ushers, Lyle Fassett and his wife, the former Rowena Scranton. They've been married a year now and are still as much the lovebirds as ever. We sat up in the balcony, as is still our custom, and sat right behind Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fender. You remember, she was Rachel Smith. They brought all their children, and, honestly, they took all one row. We have a big rolling pin factory here in Aledo now. Dub 8z Dub, Inc., owned by Fred Drake and Paul E. Robinson. Fred and "Red" live to- gether with their families and wives, Barbara and Nancy, down on South College Avenue in a big white asbestos house. They really throw some parties, too. We went to one last Saturday night. Bill Taylor was there with one of his numerous blondes. As you no doubt know, Bill is running for governor-on the Republican ticket, of course. Patsy Greeves, the fa- mous Chicago artist, was down for the week-end, and came to the party escorted by that man about town, Ralph Spence. Spence is certainly a playboy these days. There isn't an eligible girl in town that he hasn't been out with. We never see much of Marilyn Carlstrom any more. She's always go- ing to Paris or London or some place on a trip. She's really a woman of the world with all that money. Shirley Bistline is her secretary and al- ways accompanies her. Do you remember Eleanor Schmidt? She and Bob were married as soon as she graduated, and now they have a prosperous farming business of their own. Eleanor usually has Barbara Haney over for the week-end, and they sit around and giggle just as they always did. Barbara is in the fish bait business. Could you ever imagine her picking up a fishworm??? Well, she sells them by the bucketsful now. I read in the paper the other day about Claudia Hampton coming to see you while she was on her personal appearance tour on the West Coast. She's certainly made a name for herself as a magician, hasn't she? Did you know that Dave Jackson had married a rich Russian countess and is living on an alligator farm down in South America? Well, he is, and his old buddy, Bob Miller, was so broken up about it that he lost eighty pounds. Dwight Welch is employed as a shoemaker down in Sea- ton by the Hudson and McCreight Shoe Company. Dwight has been try- ing to court Katie Kisler, who is bookkeeper for the company, but Katie will have nothing to do with him. The phone just rang and it was your old girl friend, Alyce Ricketts. She's Alyce Jackson now and the proud mother of two boys. I told her I was writing to you, and she said to give you the best of her love. PROPHECY... Ruth Elliott, the famous blues singer, was up in the cities at the Or- pheum a while back with Lee Damp and his orchestra. We all went up to see them. They were very good. Between songs, Dorothy Denning and her husband, John Shelley, did a tumbling act. Wayne Stead was master of ceremonies. Still the same old "Grinny". He had the audience in stitch- es. He also did a tap routine by popular request. Last night I saw Eileen McEwen and guess what she told me!! Phyl- lis McCaw eloped night before last with an Italian ballet dancer. She told Eileen that he just swept her off her feet. My! Say, we have a new doctor in town, and it's none other than Ileen Nesbitt. She is known to have a great secret cure for biting of the fingernails. Her first patient was Alice Stead. Leave it to Alice. Harold Board is driving in the midget auto races and has won sev- eral championships. Florence Barnhouse owns a big estate down by Keiths- burg, and Marge Griffin and her husband are caretakers. Florence says they really do a nice job. Marge keeps the hedge trimmed, and Wayne mows the yard. The other day I was shopping down town and ran into Jerry Swank of the Swank Motor Sales. We stopped to chat a while, and whom should we see coming down the street but Robert Cooke McBride. Mr. McBride is a big man these days with his chain of theaters. Aledo is proud of him. You'd never guess who's teaching English classes up at the high school! Richard Monts! And Anita Johnson is teaching solid geometry. Betty Snell is their office girl. I read in the Peoria paper that Georgia Staley is going places with her own roller-skating rink. She's quite a skater. I also read about Martha Spence opening up a grocery business there. I got a letter from Helena Whitman the other day. She used to be Helena May. She and her husband are missionaries down in Africa. Clif- ford Hadley is a traveling salesman and is really making the money. Our mailman is Iris Lang, and she takes her work very seriously. Dave Downey, now known as "Slippery Dave", is owner of quite a number of apartment houses in Chicago, and he's known to be quite tough about collecting his rent. One of his gunmen is "Dead-eye" John Emrick. - Well, Marje, I really must close. I'm having Ladies' Aid this after- noon. and I must get ready for it, Don Brown is going to speak on his tour of Asia. You know he's a great opera singer, don't you? His accom- panist is Florence Bonynge. Why don't you come back and visit your old home town some time? We certainly would like to see you again, we've read so much about you in the papers. 'Bye now, all my love, Shirley Holman. P.S.-I just saw Betty Hutchins through my new television set while she was singing over an Egyptian radio station from Cairo. Rumors are that Betty plans to marry the junior assistant director of the Egyptian Radio Corporation as soon as she has made her name known throughout all Africa and the rest of the world. Q -wt 2' 1 my Q aff was if is-F wp if V ALE 194 AUGUST Sill lfavulty nn-4-tiiiprn tuwlim-l's on :la-ck. 31 Studi-nts arriveffllappily we skip to svlioolfff "' Short assembly. SEPTEMBER SE Freshman swimming party-ducks! T Student Council inet-ting-the law! il Class meetiiigs-It-t's get in the groove. IU Studnnt t'ouns'il offivial l1allot4VVhat'.' No lh-inovrats or Republicans? H G.A.A, meutimz- -Superwomt-nf li.P.C. ms-eting-Homemakt-rsY 15 Faculty party---with wt-inc-rs and be-ans. 16 Student Count-il met-ting. 17 AssemblyA-Eve-ryborly was the-re too. First football game with Galva---ther1- at iiiglit wt- won. 20 lt.l'.f'. initiation-K,P. duty! Il Class mt-etings---will you vots- for mo? 22 Ki.A.A. initiation--oh, those dainty ft-vt! 24 All school assembly, 28 A.V.C. initiation-Gl.AM0l'lt GIRLS! OCTOBER 1 Roller skating party- anybody got a pillow? Abingdon hero. Pep assembly-Yea? rah! Aledo! 4 F.l+'.A. initiation-till:-rs of tbl- soil, ' Student Counvil met-ting Alexis hvrs-'that old rivalry! N No sc-bool: lklavlchawk inn-t-tinx.:'. llurrayf 12 Traffic Safety talk-state polir-t-man. li l'.S.U. assi-inblyffor tht- good of llu- Pause. 15 Hand danceAwhere was the band? Avon there-A Hyun". in l',S.0, tlrivt--iny dogs arm- barking! ll Studi-nt Counvil meeting. 22 Roseville here --band played, too. Freshman-Senior party-fun, too, wasn't lt? 35 lt,I',l'. mt-1-ting--fdisbpan hands. 29 NOVE 18 i., it -., 21 25 26 29 Illl DECE 1 -i T 10 ll 16 17 19 21 123 G.A.A. Carnival-King and Qui-1-n. too. Wethcrsficld tht-rcfvvu we-athi-rm-tl tht-ni. MBER Assembly. Monmouth there. Class im-t-tiiigs'f"l'le-an up," say the- frt-shit-s. Surprise 2lN4t'l"HlilY'fA"l'ilflK'ilkt' 1'ac'kln' Papa." il lil Mortland. Juniors sponsored all-svhool tlanm- bow divinely you datum-I Assembly-Dr. Robert Smith, spa-akt-it Student Count-il mm-ting, liaskelballe-New XVindsor lit-rt-fa l-ani.: of a start! Sophomore party after gainc-f-XVlnkuni, lllinkuin. ami Nod! Little Six t'ont'erc-ns'e Suppervtlhb. I atm- too many I-'ie-nvh fried onions! R,P.C. met-ting-when-'s your rolling pin? St-nior playf"'l'ht- Eve of St. Mark." Senior Play again. A lot to be thankful for. Var-ation-Ah, a whole day to sleep. Rock Island the-re--out'li! F.F.A. meeting-f those farmers again! R.P.t'. meeting-"XYhat shall I wt-ar"? Faculty party- the dignitaries trip the- llprbt fantastit-. MBER All sc-bool dancw- waltz me around again, XVillit-. Hand com-t-rt and tht- band played on. Senior class meeting-Hmm. must have bw-n important. East Moline- there-what a game! Viola tht-re--we tuk her in. Roosevelt here- forget it. Orion heri-4:1 bad last minute. Stud:-nt Council mee-ting. Fhristmas assembly--mistletoe. too! Alexis here-our victim. Ve-sper servirc-!"Mm-ssiab." Grade sc-bool pro,.'i'am- fc-aroling. Christmas vacation-tl0n't want much for l'hristmaa'??'? 5 -I NDAR 1944 JANUARY T Assn-lnlrly -"Das Iss Mm-in 'l'I'lIlllllllllU.n Iilind 'l'4Illl'll1lllltilll. N lilinml Iournann-nt still Iwlinnl. IZ! Sludvnt Count-II rm-I-timx. II Alvingainn Ill1'l't'-Illl top again. IT I'ai't-nl-Son llllllllllvl an 0Xt'I'll4'lll prugranl. St-niur and Jnnim- I-lass int-I-tings-wanna' buy u mag- azinv? il .XII-xis tin-rm-. , I".l".A. asse-nllsly -'ullllllll tn' l'0IlSI'1lllt'llI'l'u''Ch1lI'l'0lIl, in-nnivs. anti I'l'1H'l'il'l'S, ton! 25 .luy lv-rv' luvhum. IN Asst-nilrly lim-xx MI-wlfurml. spa.-ali:-l'. N1-w Ihlslun tlitlw. Ill I".A.A. im-I-ling 1l.1'.t'. mt-I-ting Ilusim-ss as usual. ti..-LA, im-I-ling: FEBRUARY I Sin-rrarti Im:-l'I--'limi-v Inu-tm. 5 I Avon in-rv 'too muvh. Musit' assi-lnbly tra-la-la-la. 1-5" 5 liiumnrnilh Ilu-rt-- tlu-y gut I-vt-n. ' 5 Viola Iivrv wt- Iikn- tn mlatr Viola. 4.55: II Nu svlmul. 4SNuwl:ul'Nlw ll-II Img! It.I'.l'. Yalvntim- tlanvv- -will you In- my yall-ntins-'I , llosvyilln- lirrv ton goud. gill? Qi II Lina-mln llay :uldrt-xx Mr. Plum-. 3 32' I5 Iimus-wt-It In-rv-V Ifllvanor stayt-II Imim-. IT tI.,X.A. party swing your partm-rl ' IX Assn-mlily. Q Joy Ilu-rv -Juy In-ro. W 21 Ifavulty party Uh. thosn- vliivkvn and luisvililsl Z2 Alpha livl'm-- fnrgvl it! QI Hand siippvr. 'I'1-ac-Iwrs' institutv--mm sc-Ianni. '5 'l.l'ill'lll'l'S. Instituto---Ah, the- lt'2Il'lIt'l'S havu to gn tu sa-hnul. Knuxvilln- tlivrt- not su gmail. 39 Julitl M1'l'l1-al'y'S f0tlI'lli lrirtlulay -llsrlxlviilg tht- l'l'illlll'7?', MARCH N Library opt-IISANOW, l van't skill study hall any murc. llantl t-01101-i't -and a star lblJlj'C'l'. tim, IT tl,A.A, swim: and sway. IK Asst-inhly -buys alias tvau-lu'i's. UI Assf-lnlrly -I"ath1-1' XVissini.:. slum-akm-r, 25 Sm-I-ch I-ont:-st --Uhhhh. l'x't- gut thi- jittn-Is. Play vmitw-If Did you svn- our haunt-r'? R0 Gratlv svlmnl apt-iw-tta -fAruuml thu XVui'ltl in 'l'w0 Iluurs III ILIVLA. 1'0lll'1'l'l"f0l' tho Rui Cross. ll,I',I', assvmlvly fllas-k in tht- "g'mvd ull- tlayxf' Mr. lIrahain's luirthclay -misscd it by a day, APRIL -I A:-nsvmlxly. li Gym slmw --Shorty t--- u- 'ni lm --Inf-0-f-S. IZ! Assembly- I.I. Morris lmvim-. sgwakvrf-'tcntionl I4 Juninr High narIyAjust wait till wv'r4- froshic-S. l",I",A.-lt.l'.1'. hay rimlt--r rain. rain, gn away. Sm-I-vii 4-mm-sl -Hmmm. state' vontest, lun, Asst-inhly--I'tsy dm-s things up right smart. I5 Gvm-sn-0 Rvlays V-Ilash away. :lash away. tlash away all! Iii Monmouth 'llflilllglllill' nwvt lu-rv. 22 Musin- 4-mm-st Iiwt-'s win-rv wt- Iry nur lah-nl. 25 Joy tram-k mm-I the-lv watt-h maui' hm-ls. 2X Sprim: I-mu-vrt IIIIISIC' slmtiws tht- savage. MAY I! It.M.A.-.luy-Almlu Iwre- the gang"s ali In-rv. Ii l,itIlt- Six Iran-k nn-1-I fin-rt-'s wlwn- wv slum' our lah-nt, I2 Disirivi tra--k im-I-I--'nuff said. X l'i'um llamlsumo .laws and Janus. I4 lialt't'alail1rvat1' Alvlaylm l'll graduate- yn-I. II! Ulass night strivtly seniors. IN Hull of svliunl- Uh, Iluyl Iii I'mmm-m-rxnvnt Ihat's all. folks! 20 Alumni yu- juimwl thi- aged! S S X wif Yin l WN l 9 AST v x '- 4' R ff 3 WK 9,2213 S F. ,. ,W M I-1'-F!" 5,1 s V ,.,,,--and FUTURE Studying yet . . . Still teaching . . . Librarian now . . . Pin-up girls . . . Prof. of Math-VaS- sarg retiring. as 152' S. e PRESENT Sweet sixteen . . . No letters today . . . Hungry . . . Posing . . . Wall flowers . . . That gleam is here again . . . Usual scene. S -S 3 5 5 S wsu!! um zu Wk i ww ,QL 'Ca J We .R av 'Wd --vw Ns. X S Q . K , eikmfg' W. N Q Q M xiig 'ff ' X wfwxawr X ' , iigifg K 3, Af' ff se aw .f Humlsonm llrutm-sl Wm-rv's Shollvy and lloward? Is the- snow bright? 'l'h:1I's our se-L-rotary! Iluvc Il llt'Ill'lf Hungry, Smilvy? Shopping! XVhat's so funny? Is that poison ivy, Betty? ll. S. Nz1vy'???? Ex-Con! Don't fall in. Dunn's hscfste-uk. How :lid Dura gl-I la-fl nut? XVhut are you looking ut? Nom-yi!!! Glamour Girl!! Juv T.0wis2'?'?? I1-in-If--4? Yvhucli plus M4'lll'i:l4-. 'Fuufgh vlimlu, huh? Huw alivine-ly ynu mln sl:uu'c-I XYlmt 1ll't' you thinking :nhout Dnnnil-'F Are you ufmiml of 1-:wh othvr? Having fun? ' iz- : - ' we we ,Q X Q x 1 . xx 4 , . my ,fav 1 N 1.,. if x Y A E K' N 'L':k,:-, ,. , X 1 v M 'ii K i-.aursn..-Mia-wswa M fl l F A. . 'xx i 4' Q J S X N X x wg?- ...,..,-w xwm SSN Ration reminder Vdeatloning Iireqnently seen about school. lletter halves. Three high. Foursorne. Fish story. Serious. Jersey fed! A little help, please? Summertime. Bert. Oh, boy! "Red"-afraid! Could Pin4up girl! Good by now. it be? link n-ul-nl 1 sw.. -'-ef -- .. W. ii? , .M H. ,K 4. 1 ,Q I v . Hx K X A3 asv ak :':'ESz:.2:- 'IT K . .. ,. . ' :M f Q gf ffw x Q w . - -we f 3 K i Q , w 5 Yfwvw wx 'S 1-.ww-wmmwm Xxx, HE Xi x X p Q X --up A! ve- ,ii 4 ru, KJ? an E ff X' Donors to the Astrum Kroger Store Stop and Shop McHard Paint Store Calderone Food Market Tillie Anderson Luella's Dress Shop Gamble Store Babcock's Drug Store Swan Drug Store D. E. Farr George Miller Dr. V. A. McClanahan Dr. G. L. David Aledo Cafe Aledo Newsstand H. D. Cooper J. A. Lofgren Dr. M. D. Guy Paul Graham L. 8z G. Feed Co. National Bank of Aledo Sanitary Dairy Bar Alice Hall Hat Shoppe Willett's Beauty Shop Allen and Allen Haines and Robbins C. C. Barr B. E. Huntoon Mercer Hospital Trading Post Maymette Beauty Shop Moss Variety Store Dew Drop Inn Harney Implement Co. Wells-Lamont Corporation Lingafelter Tire Shop Clark and Child R. G. Davison Charlie Kincaid Harold Ranney Cameron Motor Co. John Vance Henry Holscher Sherrard Furniture Store Berglund Cleaners Dr. M. M. Marquis Hall's Shoe Store Johnson's Recreation Paul Cabeen Otis Kimball Edwards Lumber Co. Virgil Fender Mrs. J. W. Edwards Thede Implement Store Detwiler Brothers DeLauriers Cafe Sam Nevius, Prop. Illinois Northern Utilities C H. and H. Aledo Flower Shop Fey Drug Store Bjorkman Paint Store Dr. T. N. Danford Odela Food Shop Bill Braucht Ed Vance Wilbur Seivers Tracy Morris Coal Co. Baldwin and Scannell Farmers Grain and Coal Co Aledo Machine Co. Sponsler's Service Station Malone Brothers Bell Telephone Co. Virgil Anderson McKay Service Station and Grocery Shaw and Fell Klip 'n' Kurl Mrs. Grant Wolfe O Zl0fl'd!UAd Ad Wrdfp wx . k A fr' wwf! iv Wwe 7' , ' UG l ' 5 A ,, 5: is 1. .Xi 1? fi I . ffgi 5 5 ,,--"W Q-9019 wi? ..,.uea-..-K-.--,M

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