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an svn .wr 4119331 sf . -' Y' """2'N ipysqr' gf 1 .q 4. The TRUM 0f1942 PllhllNh?1l Bw Thi- Ne-nmr 1 lan Uf KLPDU IUMWII 'NIIY HH H Nl IUPUI Nllll 'VII' 23 Foreword mFlS fear the Struw stuff nas tried to make the annual mo e than just a boon oF pl tures de Fav had as our goal t 15 year a Jook wlth Y 1 e .Je 0' tne Staff' nope that we 'lava snceeded 1 this and that f? t LHP strl wlll a wa brln' back yleasano meuorles ol lledo Hl7h ., . F -.' ' J A L ' ' N . r . . ' ' - 'c . ' A e 1 h' ' ' " a personality typical of everyda school l'f . ' , L ' , ' , A L 'N 'n .' ' ,Mis edi ion of U. A vm " l ys l 5 ' ' I ' 9 2' ', . W DEDI CA TION We, the Senior class of 1942, do hereby dedicate this Astrum to Miss May Hartley, history teacher at Aledo High School for fifteen years, to express our deep appreclation of her efforts to help us galn an understandlng of past and present world problems 'P nf' K9 M' UH 5 tl'llIIl Seated Miss Middle Mary Harr "lap, :Qi - Bob Miller, Eugenia Mannon, L Boyd Finch, Bob Bjorkman, Ruth Martens, Miles row Stephen Pattison, Leon Weirather, Kathryn Bigham, Audrey Babcock Jane McNamara, Myrl Johnson, Rosie Essley, Paula Doonan, Blaine Rooth, y Close, Dean Morgan Back row Richard Gray, Dorothy Greer Phyllis witt, Doris Mc aw dith wing Many thanks to Phyllis for drawing the design printed on the back of every page. It wasn't an easy task but nPhilN drew it well and we, the Astrum staff, think she should be publicly thanked for her excellent work. Thanks, again, Phyllis. adltor in hief Asst ditor Business Manager asst Business Manager AYhl8t1C5 snaps Art Typists Literary Calendar oranizations L Boyd Finch nugenla Mannon Robert Miller Robert Bgorkman Rosie Essley stephen Pattison Blaine Pooth Audrey Babcock hyrl Johnson Dean Morgan Edith Ewing Leon Weirather Phyllis Hitt Harry Close Dorothy Greer Ruth Martens Doris McCaw Mary Jane Mchamara Betty Ramsden Paula Doonan Hazel Martin Kathryn Higham Dick Gray in AlllllllllStlHtlOH 19 ll ullw 4 O O O 'U Board of Eelucation Wa . - 7, J Board Of Education Q Faculty ,Q flfl James C, Graham Glen Stancliff principal Assistant Principal ,.,1v" Y.. Ruth Ketzle Dean of Girls Latin ggaw MII Ili! V K. D. Constant Manual Arts Dean of Boys George H. Pratt, Coach Biology Physics May Hartley History 'S Ruth Bjorkman R. C. Mortland English Commercial bramatics 5 Q Classes J unlors Sophomores Freshmen Junior Hlgh 3 ...F i' Robert Miller nHow'd Aledo ever get along without him?H A. V. C., Speech Contestant, Player's Guild Playcrafters, Football, WAstrumn staff, Student Council, Class Officer, Intermural sports. Rose Marie Essley HPersonality Plusn G. A. A., R. P. C., Latin Club, Speech contest- ant, Player's Guild, Playcrafters, Girl's Glee Club, 'Astrumu staff, The HStudentN staff, Book Selection Board, Four year honor roll, Student Council, Intermural sports, D. A. R. Award, Vice President, Class Officer. W If :ix Georgia Morev NA heart of gold under that quiet simplicity.H G. A. A., Latin Club, Intermural sports. walter Davison WI had good intentions but I'm afraid I didn't read the lesson.n Intermural sports. LeRoy Berglund Ndomeone said, 'A person learns more with their mouth closed and their ears open', and I believed it.u Intermural sports. Cleo Carver NHer initials may be WCW but her grades aren't. R. P. C., Latin Club, Intermural sports. Lowell Lloyd Nwhy don't people learn that Lloyd is my last name?' F. F. A., Intermural sports. La June Spink 'Chicago's the most wonderful placein G. A. A., The WStudentn staff, Joy one year. Doris Michels nOne redhead who doesn't have a temper.H G. A. A., R. P. C., Intermural sports. Earl Engwall 'It isn't what you say, it's the way you say it.n Speech contestant, Player's Guild, Football, Intermural sports. 2 if Q -1 Leon Weirather nHe's so bright, they call him Neon.n Player's Guild, Playcrafters, 'Astrumu staff, Book Selection Board, Band, Four year honor roll, Christmas Vespers, Stage Mgr. G. A. A. Carnival, Stage Mgr., Salutatorian., Dorothy Greer HMen don't interest mel' G. A. A., R. P. C., Latin Club, Player's Guild, WAstrum' staff, Four year honor roll, Intermural sports. Eugenia Mannon NThinking about those sheep, Peanut?H G. A. A., Latin Club, Player's Guild, Playcrafters, Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, nAstrumn staff, Music contest, Four year honor roll, Girl's Octet, Student Council, Intermural sports, Cheerleader. L. Boyd Finch NAll great men were born in February.n Latin Club, Speech contestant, Player's Guild, 'Astrumu staff, The Hdtudentn staff, Band, Four year honor roll, Student Council. Ruth Martens ' nBeauty and brains are an unbeatable combinat1on.n G. A. A., Player's Guild, NAstrumN staff, The nStudentn staff, Book Selection Board, Four year honor roll, Class Officer, Valedictorian, Amherst, Sask., Canada, one year, Reynolds, one year. Richard Gray Wwe knew the Secretary of Agriculture way back when he went to A. H. S.W Player's Guild, Playcrafters, F. F. A., Mixed Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, 'Astrumw staff, Four year honor roll, Student Council, Intermural sports. Stephen Pattison uFootball is a tough game and NPat's a tough man.' A. V. C., Player's Guild, Football, F. F. A., Intermural sports. , NAstrumn staff, Parlimentary Team. Audrey Babcock WHer heart belongs to an Irish lad.N G. A. A., Speech contestant, Player's Guild, nAstrumH staff, Intermural sports, Cheerleader. :ji aes Y O 'QQ gig i S-iv' ff 'mn SR: Kathryn Higham uThe funniest noises come out of her.n G. A. A., R. P. C., Player's Guild, Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, nastrumn staff, The nStudentW staff, Intermural sports, Cheerleader. Robert Bjorkman HOne word describes Bob: versatile.N Latin Club, Speech contestant, Player's Guild, Playcrafters, Football, Mixed Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, HAstrumn staff, The HStudentn staff, Four year honor roll, Student Council, lntermural sports. Dean Morgan Nwe've never seen him run down.N A. V. C., Player's Guild, Playcrafters, Track, F. F. A., Mixed Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, Hastrumn staff, lntermural sports. Phyllis Aint NPLEHJITGLY plumpu G, A. A., R. P. C., Jpeech contestant, Player's Guild, Playcrafters, Hixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, nastrumn Staff, The H3tudentu staff, student Council, Intermural sports, Girls Octet- Kenneth Taylor NA future oil magnate.N A. V. C., Player's Guild, Football, Track, Senior Carnival King, Intermural sports. Doris McCaw NAn aid in anything she does.n G. a. A., R. P. C., Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, 'AstrumH staff, The uStudentn staff, Book Selection Board, Music Contestant Intermural sports, Girls Octect, Christmas Vespers. Betty Ramsden NI wish I was a junior.u G. A. a., Latin Club, Speech contestant, Player's Guild, Playcrafters, Mixed chorus, Girl's Glee Club, uastrumn staff, Book selection Board, Intermural sports. Blaine Rooth HWe'll always be jealous of his hair.H A. V. U., Player's Guild, Playcrafters, Football, F. F. a., Mixed Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, Hastrumn staff, Four year honor roll, Student Council, lntermural sports. -3 ,.4lP ,1 3 ,.fga2E' , ki A fmii if r C , W 7 Mary Jane McNamara HAlways ready with a suggestion.N G. A. A., R. P. C., Player's Guild, nAstrumn staff, nThe Student' staff, Intermural sports. Harry Close nPhotography is my relaxation.u Latin Club, Mixed Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, 'Astrum' staff, Music contestant. Richard Sharp Nwhy is it that Civics and gum don't mix?' Mixed chorus, Boy's Glee Club. Helen Greeves uBoys and bees always swarm around the honey.' Player's Guild, Mixed Chorus, Hyde Park two years. Richard Taylor Ulf you want to find 'Tate' look for him beside the radio in Swen's at 4:3O.n uThe dtudentu staff, Book Selection Board, Freshman Program. Kathleen Schmidt NThose eyesln G. A. A., R. P. C., Latin Club, Player's Guild, Carnival Queen, lntermural sports. Mable Johnson nwhy waste your time with high school boys when there are men around?U G. A. A., R. P. C., Latin Club, Player's Guild, lntermural sports. Frank Bedford NAbe Lincoln was a Republican, too.W Players Guild, Playcrafters, F. F. A., Intermural sports. --in 'WV , , Nl! 1 'FP .gl RS, V sq AUQQ Wendell Peterson NOld cars and new girls are 'Pete's hobbies.n Player's Guild, Mixed Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, Band, Intermural sports. Martha McCreight WAS quiet as a little mouse.' G. A. A., R. P. C., Latin Club, Speech contestant, Intermural sports. Donna Maynard NThe more we know her, the more we wish she's been here all the time.' G. A. A., Four year honor roll, Intermural sports, Matherville. Forrest Stevens Uwe wish we had a new carl' F. F. A., Intermural sports. Esther Morgan HEdith is on the next page.N Schaefer High School, Ohio, one year. Richard Adams WHe'll be the first to graduate.H A. V. C., Track, F. F. n. Lasalle McKinney NI don't understand teachers.N F. F. A. Myrl Johnson uDid you ever see her without a smile?H G. A. A., R. P. C., Player's Guild WAstrumn staff, Band, Intermural sports. , X ,fl ,J ft 'ni 'aft' if pndif 'X S hi -mimic F 'Y M Edith Ewing WThere's a soldier waiting for her.n WAstrum staff, The WStudentu staff. Darrah Brown Nwow, that 'Chevyu convertiblei' Football, Track, F. F. A., Intermural sports Paula Doonan UI'm always ready to help.H G. A. A., R. P. C., Latin Club, Player's Guild, Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, nAstrumU staff, Book Selection Board, Intermural sports. Hazel Martin HQuiet girls are rare and hard to find.' HAstrumH staff, Joy two years. Marvin Johnson NHis heads full of wheels and women.u Track, F. F. A., Intermural sports. Betty Crawford nMen are like street cars, there's always another along in ten minutes.' G. A. A., R. P. C., Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, Girls Octet, Intermural sports. State Stallings 'Wouldn't the world be boring without men.N G. A. A., R. P. C., Girls Glee Club, Intermural sports. Nelson Morris WSlow and easy is my motto.W F. F. A., Intermural sports. -U' ra., :- 'Gil Mary Esther Gilmore Earl Hutchins Arlene Johnson Robert Fuhr Robert Boultinghouse Maxine Jproston Radcliffe Fraser Doris Nakeland X Idamae Kendall M 4 an .W Q Ala la Robert Winger 51. Ann Parkinson rf' Robert Kelly Colleen Rush Ellis Kell Billye Hampton Betty Fender Delos Hoder Jhirley Wagoner Ward Nest iaurice Lloyd Karqarec Bower Horrie ianterson Nancy Hclaughy David Maehr -, I Qi .dl in 'Qs Q-,, an -age. 'Q -1- , ba, ,+L Lawrence Tracy S b- jo 'Y' Q -'35 sr-' lv 1 Q Ronald Killer N Billy Iiillett S ' A Marilyn Johnston - Robert Gustafson A Arlene Parkinson Robert Ri cketts Margie biakeland 'J-T Boyd Kisler .Q ,, Florence Jennings as Darrell Hutchins Mary Burns ' hp Mary Eastman Walter Joseph Martha Kitchen Richard Seaton IS - QV' Us Phyllis Esreiforfi Liora-.Ln Jaokiion Ejlylisze Le .Jf',lT,i. -.ichnrci Jrcrvfw Beverly elhurrard A Q John Fisher 'gl Jmecvghino .hence 1' Imnali !.r1.ie1':1"1 X :rank .fLevans 0 R Hi, s Eurene Gray 3 6 A Lorraine Benson A' Richard Lialdwin Ruth Hugqles 626 Robert iierglund C' soy' .x ,Q viva ik ' 'i .l , I Y W 1 Q- Jw YN i QT' FQ ll' ull I - ,A Y-Q 'T -0 sl 1-I-fid 'T 'Q 1 1 f3V Q14 Harold Fender Shirley Bistline nelph Thornherg Georgia Staley Wayne itead Betty Hutchins Betty Berg Eleanor Jchmidt Lonald Lemon Iris Lang Lee Damp Barbara Haney Ralyh Spence Alice stead Hlvis Hildebrand Helena Hay Jerry iwank Yhrjorie burning Karilyn Uarlstron Curtis Qimpkins naCh6l J3iLL John hmerick Patsy ireeves Haxlne Jmith Donald Drown Phyllis Hciaw Harold hoard Eileen Kclwnn Edward Heeber vo 'S Margaret Griffin Lyle Fassett Ruth Elliott Bill Taylor Gloria Heachler Shirley Balmer Rowena Jcrenton Dorothy Dennini Paul Robison Florence Honynqe Kathryn Kisler George Hudson Betty Snell Lois McDonald Martha Spence David Tackson Dellagene Newswander Winifred burns Junia Hampton David Downey Anita Johnson lleen Nesbitt Robert McBride Clendus McConnell Mary Hildebrand Raymond Hccreight Alyce Ricketts Lloyd Kitchell Eleanor Dutton 5 Q Roberta Riddell Leonard McCaw Laura Nan Blazer Donald Baldwin Jane McFarland Wilbur Newswander Aldus Gridley Barbara Nakeland Tom Enrick Juanita Johnson Merle Bodeen Bethel Braucht Novella Hack Lewis McCaw Naomi Wakeland Fleming McKinney Evelyn Line Gerald Holt Jorothy Brown Jack KcNamara Stata Higham Genevieve Anderson Dick Greer Betty Jo Vance Gloria Lloyd Jhirley stone Betty Kell Gloria Reid Kathryn Fraser Marne Jane Fullerton Bonnie Jean Jpence Bill Hoseley Arleen Tiffin David Jherrard Joan Honson Doris Benson Carol Jitt Charles Lee Home .-.' akeland Lugene Jahl Eloise Hyett Charles Hciregor Bethel braucht Bob Carroll Florence hivens Lehman McClellan Colleen Anderson Ina Mae Cameron Betty bennison Fred Lawson Jo Ann Black Richard Cabeen Evelyn Brown John dtenfeldt Helen Dennison Q WJ RFQ, ,Q . 'Tw U I YZ.. N " V a. 1 ww 1 QA- 5, ,W yy S E , 2 ln! New nindsor ,IHLCOI1 E. Moline N. Boston Orion Knoxville Keithsburg Alexis Joy Avon Abingdon Roseville Honnouth Cnlva Jeaton Basketball R. H, A. LE1ZhSbUTQ Viola Koithsburg Alexis Knoxville Roseville Viola Abingdon Alpha Avon Joy Viola nlexis nledo won l d 'ost Fw Q ,A Q- .f f !6"'x ' 'Gia ,f .1 Q UT' IH W, i - --1-illi-. Front row: David Sherrard Bob Win er, B K West, Rad Fraser, Warren'Danford 8 ob elly, Bob Carroll, ward Second row: Don Baldwin, Lehman McClellan, Dick Adams, Harold Bogrd Bill Moseley, Curt Simpkins, Kenny Taylor, Leonard McCaw ' Thlrd row: Charles Lee, Lyle Fassett, Elliott Schrader, Ralph Thornberg, 523225 Newswander, George Hudson, Jerry Swank, Bob Gustafson, Edward Back row: Coach Pratt Elvis Hildebr ' marine, Bob Fuhr, Assistant coach 33?1'DEinl Taylor' Lee Dmp' Bob Front row: Coach Pratt, Bob Berglund, Fred Lawson, Don Baldwin, Charles Lee, Leonard McCaw, Lyle Fassett, Aldus Gridley, David Sherrard, bean Morgan Second row: Bob Fuhr, ward West, John Emrick, Blaine Rooth, Delos Xader, Bob Miller, Edward Reaber, Bob Ricketts Third row: Darrell Hutchins, Paul Robison, Bob Boultinghouse, George Hudson, Curt Simpkins, Donald Anderson, earl Hutchins, Harold Board, jtephen Pattison Fourth row: Earl Crawford, had Fraser, Junior Jpence, Bill Taylor, paw- rence Tracy, Maurice Lloyd, Bob Kelly, Bob Minger, Warren Danford, Jerry Swank, Lehman McClellan G officers--President Vice lres adviser-- The Girls' athletic association is an organization to further the partici- pation of girls in organized and un- orqanized sports. Zach fall a carnival is held to raise money. During the carnival a King and Queen are chosen. This year the carnival was very successful. Every winter members participate in a state basket shooting contest. This year aledo placed second in the state. Play days in various schools are held every spring and fall. also the 3- a. a. sponsors a jacks and marble tournament for junior high and grade school pupils. Various parties and hikes are held throughout the year. Officers and Captains First row: Doris McCaw, Ann Parkinson snirley Balmer Second row: Donna Maynard, Eugenia Mannon, Audrey Babcock, Kathryn Bigham Third row: Miss Headley, Maxine Sproston, Rosie Essley, Myrl John- son Fourth row: Ruth Ruggles, Mary Eggt- mBn,Betty Ramsden, Beverly Sherrard ---Rose Marie Essley .--Eugenia Hannon secretary-- ---Lorothy Hoadley -Mary Eastman pw our 1- .,,,.A Juniors and Seniors First row: Doris McCaw, Ann Parkinson, Lorraine Benson, Colleen Rush, Bettie Fender, Arlene Johnson, Billye Hampton, Miss Headley Second row: Shirley Wagoner, Maxine dproston, rhyllis Bradford, nuth Huggles, Myrl Johnson, Georgia Morey, Martha McCreight, Donna Maynard, Ruth Phrtens Third row: Ida Mae Kendall, LaJune Jpink, Mary Jane McNamara. hugenia Mannon, Rosie Essley, Audrey Babcock, Betty Ramsden, Mary Esther Gilmore, Margie Hakeland, Mary Eastman Fourth row: Paula Doonan, Nancy McGaughy, Kate Bigham, Dorothy Greer, Phyllis Hitt, Mable Johnson, Kathleen Schmidt, Beverly Sherrard, Martha Kitchen, Margaret Bowers, Arlene Johnson WN W HN I i--Pl: ..i T14 8 WS. ' Q, 95 2 "fS?f5 Gi 9' ET! Q s g-WY gli ai su, 5? is-' f 0 of x Q s L f 5 IWZN fV JIM? . ' Jjigif . Sb., ' H . if . ' f 4, - - ' , I QAM g. tymi 'url ' xg, - ' www ff - 2 I .V ' , g, , A " 'ag ' k u 5- 454 'Me-,mx "ff- ."'f 'gl74fV ' 1 ' 1 , A , ' .. f VL. 1 - fl... - ,, .NV .....Q.. M... .Ln . 11'm,M.u E K W1 A I I ll! lb 1 VY J . . ' L' " Lf. i Q fbias N 1-Q41-5 bfi, 5 , Pl , -.,, J W flf' 25,1 " ,A-1 ,s X: m, X:- Lw L-Q M 4 wff' A' ,, Aw .. ww f 1 9 A .S mn Q , Kg . 1 ' W- N-W-My W ,.,. ,, ,.L.,h-,, Mi , H I Z 5 1 , I v ffl , Ex ff fa -TQ., .Lf . I Q, r : 1 ' K f' C 3 'X S 3 0 Q 9 W ull r-'P':- in-LUG , I I -A ?4rif'?i'L W EW . Hx ,7Y, f -Ax wx -.4 1-. H ., , x H 1,14 . . C N 3 ' 2 in 2 2 ,in ! 5 . ix Xa if ,W W ,Q li? e ,f' Q ni fv Marvln Johnson on top wlth Darrah Brown below I Earl Hutchins, Pugene Dahl and harry Close 1 MUSIC B lllll Small C r0upQ 90101 sts z Cleo Clubs N I p N Drum Majorettes S Band , 5 . Officers: Manager-- Yresident---L- Carol Witt, Laura Nan blazer, Ina Mae Cameron, Shirley Reynolds, Barbara Vice Pres Nakeland Elbfaiian tires or- The band under the direction of Mr Zei , - - gler h d 5- at M - S ate Fair and the Mississippi Valley muslc festival and at the Mercer County Fair. ho In the fall members ofmthe organization played at all A me games and also at the nonmouth and Knoxville games A fall concert was given. In March the band played enoiher Concert here and went to the district co t t t F where it won second place. n es a Jeneseo - QA x - 4 Leon Weirather ---leon Heirather Boyd Finch .--Shirley Stone ---Alyce Ricketts ---Elmer Zeigler 4 First roi: Carol Witt, Barbara Wakeland, Ina las Cameron, laura Nan Blazer, Shirley Reynolds Second row: lary Hildebrand, Howard Danford, Junior Hiller, Lehman McClellan, leon Weirather, Ileen Nesbitt, llarthe llcCz-eight, Robert McBride, Judy McCreight Third row: Dorothy Ripley, Patsy Rooth, Elaine Indstrom, Joan Monson, Alyce Ricketts, Phyllis McCaw, Donald Brown, Warren Danford, John McC1eary, Bonnie Bailey, Dorothy Danford Fourth row: L. B. Finch, Richard Caboen, Fred Lawson, Lyle Faseett, David Sherrard, Donald Baldrin, Tom Emrick, Lee Damp, Beverly Sherrard, E10Uil9 De Smith, Dick Greer Fifth row: Elmer Ziegler, lendoll Peterson, Charles lee, Shirley Stone, Elvin Hildebrand, Richard Seaton, Raymond UcCrcight, layno Stoad, Helen Peterson, Ileen Dahl, Dave Hangul Q W f' ll I-Qs fx n".- W ,All - tttet petty Hut Mins neverly Jherrurd ide IAQ Kendall qhlrley 'agoner .-.' Florence Jonyuge Qoris HCCQW Eugenia Hannon Patsy Zreuves Mixed Octet First row: Ida Kee Kendall Jhirlev Xavoner Xary Eastman Betty Hutchins Jecond row: Eugene Grey Hgrry Jlzse Robert dinger bonald Brown .l0-0lSES lurene Tray UOris HCJHW Xerilyn Jurlstrom Kiss Heyn Betty Hutchins uhirley Aagoner Earl Hutshins Q a 3 3 4, nh' H35 4 .M '??,?2'f ll K Vs! vwy' is fiiwxgli 7 ' s qy 1f?V V ' HI W :ld W UH O1 ganlzatlons FPA RPC L ltlll Club Readers Selectlon Board "Tho Student " 1 W, N . I l I v 5 , xg, K 2 , A ,- Dean Xorgan, Lawrence Tracy, Dick Gray, Elaine Rooth, Bob Fuhr, FU. Hansen, Howard Fender X, Lfficers: President---Blaine Rooth Vice Pres.--Richard Zrey oecretary-- Treasurer-- -Dean Korean -Robert Fuhr Adviser-----Earl Lutz Donald Hansen In the fall the meat judjine team, compos- ed of Boo Fuhr, Eugene Gray, and Dick Gray, won second plac contest af e in the state the F, F, A. Blaine Rooth, lres- ldent of the local chap- ter, Staze vice-presi- dent, and Jtate Farmer, won seventh place in the national livestock judging CODCBST, BC tionaly. In Dec nual Parent was held. the Interna- ember the an- -ion banquet Earl Lutz, the uagn instru ctor, was called to the army in January, but the new teacher, Donald Hansen, has filled his place very capebly. First row: Howard Fender, Bob Fuhr, newis Hcdaw, Ronald Liller, Jack Y:Haxera, Fleming McKinney, wayne otead Jecond row: Pk. Hansen, aldus lrizley, Dien 4r'n1w, -eip T r en, pick Ur ', Lugene Lruy, bill Hillett, elaine hooth Tnlrd row: Lorrie iatterson, JoL Jzown, nag -ru5er, -u?re-. Iuiciixi, J el-e Iollnney, bob Carrull, John otenfeldt, Lyle Hesaett, anlter fzsegi Fourth row: Jtephen lattieon, bob Helly, Lawrence Tracy, lllis Hell, sob Gustafson, David Downey, John Fisher, Forrest stegicne, nzyne Leng son, Richard adams, Nelson Xorris Wg W ,l tudent Coun il Officers--President---Bob Killer Vice Pres.--Rose Harie Essley Secretary---L. Boyd Finch Adviser- ---- Ruth Ketzle This year has probably been the Jtudent Council's most successful one since its founding three years ago. It has been responsible for many activities and improvements during the year. In January, it sponsored a drive to sell defense bonds and stamps. The goal set was one thousand dollars. The students greatly exceeded this by sell- ing five thousand, nine hundred and eleven dollars worth. A new public address system was bought to be used for school dances and assemblies. Pep meetings were much improved through the work of a Student Council committee. These activities reflect very favorably upon the ability of the president, Bob Miller, and the organization as a whole. Ness- va-In-R 'W 5 P xmas S 'J "" 4 i 1 , I Til I ev--Q.Qp M- J 'ww' h..,4.-4-I'-7: ' .7 ' ' 'Hi fr First row: Lorraine Benson, L. Boyd Finch, Bob Hiller, H0319 Eggley, Eugenia Mannon, Miss Ketzle Second row: Mary Eastman, Curt Simpkins, Bob Carroll, Eleanor Schmidt, Betty Hutchins, Blaine Rooth Third row: Bob Bjorkman, Richard Baldwin, Bill Taylor W Q V Q Offlcers Dresldenf Vlce Pres secretary yn flSlEY Treasurer Jo otry Jroxm AdV1S9F 'ou1se Warrl ton The cldb held at least one ee+1nv exch month Talks, denonstratlons, and recre we e lncluded ln the meetin s nest F lo e ar ssle J s'1rley e oner ratrr enber were honored by e welner roasf VHlCh w held dffe school at the oodth 1 e Plrx hater, lH1t1BC1OW wee held The 1UfOF nl part consxsted of the new lrls co 11 school wearlnv aprons end CHTFY1U7 rolllnv fl Essl The formal candlellgbt servw e wrlch the followlng day was ve septenber 27 was the Dlstrlct Home c The g1TlS went 1D the school bus The 1 n wa bel ry 1mnres OHOWlCS 5 rls flxe clothes d 1ve nelly day 1+ oselwll U1 'ool d baskets for needy famllles at Chrlstnes tl e They donated , toys, and food The Home LCOHOMICS glrls served the P B Parent and oon Janquet on Deceuber 8th and entertalned the B F boys at a Chrlstmas party at the hlfh school on the afternoon before VHCHUIOH The mother and daughter banquet was held on ay 7 www' Dv Angerlo C 91.5-..n 3 angina, ' 11 a may H ' xx. morons auzsus' 9-my "nun xa web Epo gym. Ruth fl O 1 1A'1"' Vncgona ' EWU" en Tom' abr?" wh' QOH' U' Iri' x,ng' in Alice Siena' O neVi'V' k?a5:n'on.Yh1X1x' Rxtt' , I uv 0""v'3Qrf'L'gw3 Ewan' mm B'o'2Qmo11' Manx: Schmwt' O' Ps th uni nord' une- in Dorf' Mu, 30 7,,+.h1uGGa,,gh1' ut Y :Tauck sdkild- Evrgrzv Giuoaxlvofa ' fs' G"WT""'m Do gf UQ! itghf ' 0' Sl he nf-on' E-'tb dv ht 5 235 r L0 ser' 1511 5 H53 usyi 101095 Gr.gfy Bsrbbf oi 0151 xii 1 3fA T Dm. 3 Scum 5 an at n all nev hlke and S X51 I ini Roni' Es' 10 gush ' ith 1- Q1 gc' gin, W G AVfff 11 el Sfe pq A 1 UI' . , , , G ,fh'iQ'i' fTl wrffu, ,,,mI, ,X U t I V' AA B J " "" "'. f'1A ' M, X X n '- 3,3 fW,g' f'Sk?fball Quinfef Sw 1 ' f X .Q fi W-1 ' L1Q County T0 G rc? X1 f. Xxxiikx, ' ff X US A S 'ce" ' X .QgXYAKXQ3f,,f wfsaixr Qast Efloline nl rn C3 I7 fs -H lx 5 rl O fp 4 ff X Ak M XXSXQY X xi Xf:XfQmi "fP1r1. 4 , 1 ' h of P ay ik I, Be suvv O ,p Q pL 5 ' 0- ,Al , 4 , X WJ W I M , 'rww' 'X X, 'xwfif i .fg-'Y ' x wk" X , ' 1 W" X, -. KX' Qf y.X1'1'3'f NX ff, ,. " Lg 5 ,AP AP" ' , -X lg-3-I W Htin lub Pyesid P522 'SSCT-et - ary-- Egefxsufer VL5Gr-- A Nggiiigkinson Phyllis carlgtro Qlyce iiiiaifordm au . e th Ketzle ts Th th 9 pu Dugingeig TETTQLSE the Lati homes S sch in 1 H Cl of' O01 , I1 Hb has b Sevgral Oieaf Sevegair III studeen purel the membersparties wewts are S Social ere held embers at the X ard horn 95 JH1 1 "':5T1G9 HOP , 'ary H Uuuh L D, 'cew, Koen 0 'Haj Yon, A 'afen o at Ae 'o,Aa ' ofxb QQ of . 12' H, e .- , Zleo Zarver, ,. f ilcria halo, , .JOYUvu "C6Y, li X fc? QC LQ, e 'H , lst row: H ildebrl. , Yarxinsou, , + Ruwvl , Walmer, nichuri lag obe Zni row: Jxss KenL1e, Xia ian fer a 1, onco., Hyetn, Katy issuer A L10 fvxs some 4OJCT 3 wa E were, H Na SL n Un1rQ oHr,0 , 1 Bid row: ' "' 4 , Q0 JQAe'9U, ResbiL,, 0 0 u, D Hnbge Tohuswn, beverly JRerrurd Lib row: Juanita Johnson, 1 L1 A Ua,L5'fon, Lurgle irlffin, GQ V L 1 iove1La Rach, pau 4 HQ Wa,dwLL, 1 L Q 1 vm fwar PAJ Lonala. Readers' "Penn Se ection Day" Board Commlttee Boone :nro nnef EPIS rear J Stn ont no1n+ron, no chosen by ko ' 'H if 4 ron Board wore Oool46WC Orrvnt, of ato a ' . K, Jovnny Way, Cnjtn 1 prom neon ut, ds 4 a H er, otorj vorv av M fs, Lookinf For mrounr Pff 'ff lou ' L rrodn xuk Tan HF L , pr or 'S .ife in Ibm ufrxg , J 'tlnf Lttreo or 1aden Iovell o the Joy noon J, Jong of the Wen: The Jecret Lis rree, Tenerul alia, Typee, T beated Leor Weirather, Rlchard Taylor osie ss ey nee Qett Ramsden, Ruth Martens is, jowers deck row John Fisher, raula boonln Jlorla eed Dorls chan, ar nsther ollmore mnlta Johnson ndwqrd neaner Charles mu SPEECH DRAMA Junior Play of Class of 942 , , 2 3 S Q 3 1 USugar and Spicen Bob Bj 01-man Bob M1 llef Betty Ramsden Rosie Easley Phyllis Witt pepfnd LDSIF SSLPY Phyllls wltt PartVa Qtandlnv fad Eraser Job 1F eor e rafher, ar FlSh6P sob Agornman ss cuow ll First How: Betty Ramsden, Phyllis Witt, Job Hiller, Rosie Essley, Bob bjorkman Jecond Row: Blaine Rooth, Richard Gray, Eugenia Hannon, Leon Neirather, Dean Horgan, Frank Bedford, hiss Bjorkman First Row: He not giLLer, Jwcund pow: A Lean Qorqnn, Tnird kcwz Ha Labgock, Eau Fourth How: L Greer, Lick te ng Lh:-L LaLne Qiss ,v 7, lu Q: orwin Gray, an, gqjunia iannvn, Jetty snnliun, J f lb Hitt, Irrl Junnfin Goth, nos A Qrnxan, frank reiford, H-Un Ejorkman fcX21ara, Hulen Yreevuz, Lzhle foinxnn mn, Marl Mrjmlgl, QZSTFQC Tuttismx rackson, L. bcyi Flneh, Qtilaen Aciiijt 1 Kenneth .uy1cr, 4325 iartens Q u HUMUR W1 Prophf LW Sn lpbhol 'll ' I 'I ' ' Z W S feature brains Colleen abillty got tha for whl persona vehicle ways to on time Cafe to Seaton that he alone 1 to Lyle versatl manner I, Allce S handle leader ! curly w Will Dorothy Greer, do hereby will my long blond locks and my delicate s to Martha Kitchen Leon Weirather, will and bequeath my exactness and the block of that goes with it to Robert Boultlnghouse Paula Doonan do hereby w1ll my tall, lean and lanky figure to Rush Bob Bjorkman, will my fluffy blond hair and my graceful dancing to Lee Damp Helen Greeves, do hereby will my Irish cocklshness and what I' t makes men flght over me to Junia Hampton Frank Bedford, will my argumentatlve talent and the vocabulary ch I am famous, to David Downey Rosie Essley, will my numerous presldential offices and my peppy l1ty to Elo1se De Smltb Darrah Brown, will my dribbling laugh and my aff1n1ty for ancient s to Robert Fuhr Martha McCreight, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet, easy going Mary Eastman Earl Engwall, will my forceful ambltion to get to school and classes to Richard Baldwin Georgla Morey, Betty Berg sadly Cbut deflnltelyl wlll my Honey from Aledo L Boyd Flnch, will my drummlng ab1l1ty to John Emrlck basketball boys Cand howl to Florence Jennlngs Kenneth Taylor, will my track medals to Shortle Dahl with the hope wil w1n the pennant for us next year Stata Stalllngs, wlll my ' lamor glrl face and my ab1l1ty to get flfth hour study hall to Shlrley Balmer Dick Sharp w1ll my long curly eyelashes and my lnterest in ClVlCS Fassett Audrey Babcock, do hereby w1ll my lovely thlck eyebrows and my le disposltlon to Ruth Ruggles Dean Morgan, will my slick, black hair and my brisk man about town to Moe Lloyd LaJune Spink, do hereby will my Chlcago cousins to Shirley Bistline tead, Billye Hampton, and Nancy McGauvhy It mmll take that many to 'em Blaine Rooth, will all my ab1l1ty to photograph well and my cheer girl friend to Elllott Schrader Eugenla Mannon, w1ll my affection for sweet llttle lambs and tre1r ool to Beverly Sherrard 1, I' . I, , . .I' I, . ' ve I, 'A I' . . . . I, . I, I, ' . I, . . . H H I, ' . . . . . . I, Myrl Johnson, do hereby will my ability to get along with the I, . ' I, t . . g r - . , . . O n . I, , . A . . . I? ' . . 1, , - - . 0 1 N 0 ' I, . . . 3 I . m . . A. I YV 2 -- lf-v- hm: i .....................L ......a I Johnny P I Bradford honored I, sure the I Ann Park ln study I Margie D lnterest plays WP like I d Kendall Danford lips to nothlng Kiddoo my ntown as I do Johnston Mader so Stone stephen Pattlson, w1ll and bequeath my erect muscular physlque to lsher Kathleen achmldt, will my unique way of saying 'No to Phyllis , the Cheerleaders Audrey, Kate, and Eugenia do hereby will our posltlons to Betty onell, Helena hay, and Ruth Llliott Mable Johnson, will my Charles Monson to Novella Mack because I' y'll make a striking couple Lowell Lloyd, wlll my calm composed quletness to Harold Board Esther Morgan, will my Ed1th, my trumpet and my silent nature inson Le Roy Berglund, will my bwedish sllentness and my quiet behavlor halls to Dorwln Jackson Hazel Martln, will my gay nlght llfe to that llttle homegirl urning Doris McCaw, will my numerous plng pong champlonships and my shy in the junlor class to Bett1e Fender horn that girls Marvln Johnson, solemnly will my winsome dark eyes and my olly wolly Doodle to Robert Winger so he can serenade his o Kate Bigham w1ll my 'sweet squeek and my slim flgure to Ida Mae Ruth Martens, regretfully w1ll my llttle Dorwln and my lushy red Ida Mae Cameron Lasalle McK1nney, do hereby w1ll my abillty to talk on and mentlon in hlstory class to Ronald Miller Betty Crawford, do hereby will all my previous engagements to Mlss Wendell Peterson, wlll my imag1nary appllcatlon lnto the Navy and car' to Flemlng McK1nney so he can drlve up North College as often Donna Maynard, w1ll my Mathervllle man and my cute lingo to Marllyn Richard Gray, do hereby w1ll my scholastic brllllance to Delos he will have someth1ng to do nights Betty Ramsden, w1ll my sweeping sweetie, will all my love to Shlrley I, Richard Taylor, do hereby w1ll my short, short, semi yearly ha1r cuts to Bill Taylor because he lets his hair grow too long We, Doris Michels and Edith Ewing, do hereby w1ll and bequeath our soldier boys and the dlamonds that go w1th 'em to arleen Parkinson and Marilyn Carlstrom I Rlchard Adams, will my loud outspoken, mlschievious moments to Donny Lemon I, Cleo Carver, will my way with the men to Maxine Sproston I, Forrest Stephens, w1ll my knack of telling gruesome stories Abby Gray and my ab1lity to get along without buyxng notebook paper to Nancy I, Harry Close, do hereby will my tall, dark, handsome looks btead Mary Jane McNamara w1ll all my correspondence, especially notes, Moberg to Wayne Phyllls Witt, will my 'Bobs' to Juanlta Johnson and Josie Spence Bob Miller, will my flirtatious nature to Elvis Hildebrand, w1th I the hope that he will keep the string in order , . . . N We 'TA 'K m , . . . 1, ' , to . I, v N ' I , . . . , D . I, - . I - - I, ' I, Y ' v n ' I, Buddie Davison, do hereby will my Kelthsburg interests to Warren I, . . . . I, I . . . . I, ' I' . i . . . . . I, . h . . I, . . . . I, . . . 1 . . ' , to I, 1 I l Q I, ' ' . Off1C9 of Dean of Jomen Vassar College Poughkeepsle, New York June l , 1960 Dear Blaine and Eugenla, Your latest letter arrlved yesterday noon and since I have just returned from a vislt to the old home town, I thought you might be lnterested in the latest about all the old classmates You two are so far away down there on your bouth Amerlcan sheepranch that I sometlmes wonder just how often you re ceive news of Aledo First of all, you will be interested in knowing that my trip back was by 'Auto Plane Th1S ingenious mechanlsm is a combination convertible coupe and cub plane and was orlginated by that famous aeronautical engineer, Lasalle Mc Klnney It 1S belng produced by the Marvin Johnson Darrah Brown hotor Corpora tlon of Detrolt My secretary, Miss Betty Ramsden, and I met qulte a few of our old high school frlends while traveling among them was Coach Stephen Pattlson, who is now headlng the powerful Notre Dame eleven Coach was telllng us about a new interference he has perfected when the air stewardess approached us You guess ed it bhe was none other than Mlss Rose Marla Essley Of course our trlp was very pleasant for she made us quite comfortable Back home a new city block has been la1d out whlch does away with College Avenue One of the town's leadlng citizens, Frank Edward Bedford, bsq , who is President of the National Walgreen Drug Agency took Richard Deems Taylor and me on a jaunt through the surroundings Many new improvements were noted through He is somewhat of a celebrity now since he's the nat1on's number one jazzcritic On the site of old A C P S , dear old A C H S , now stands modern Sharp's Shapely Shlngles and S1deboards lumber Co wh1ch1sxnanaged by Mr Rlchard Sharp Dick told us that he had Just completed the town's newest theater whlch 13 man aged by the aggressive Mr Lowell Lloyd as an opening attractlon, the stage show featured those two lazy dark1es, nRastus and 'Liza Janen, whom you know as the Misses Georgla Morey and Myrl Johnson Myrl and Georgla had Just returned from a successful run on Broadway The plcture we saw was cleverly enacted by the two leading ladies, Dorothy Greer and Kathy bchmidt The next day, as I was enjoying lunch 1D a cozy little tearoom off Hebel bquare, I met M1ss Ruth Martens who joined me in a cup of tea I will tell you about Ruth presently, but for now let me describe the tea room It was bullt and is operated by the former M1ss Doris Michels and was decorated by Mable Johnson Monson A gypsy fortune teller brought in the tea and then told pleasant tales of schooldays gone by We thought it rather queer that she should be so well informed,but eventually Ruth discovered that our dark friend was none other than that globe trotter, La June Spink But Ruth, you know, is now employed as secretary to the President of the United States Many of her frlends are wonder ing when she will announce her engagement to Aledo's outstanding street cleaner Later on in the afternoon, she and Mrs Kate Bigham Kimball, who teaches phys1cal education at Aledo High left me to haunt the department stores in search of a present for Miss Donna Maynard Donna is being married next week to a successful business man from out of town Kate reported that the old lma Mater has another one of our fair classmates as a teacher, Miss Paula Doonan, who is teaching the sixth grade cherubs All afternoon it seemed that I kept running lnto people, for on my way to the barber shop I met that handsome dancing teacher, Robert Bjorkman Bob and I were both heading south along Graham Avenue when he called my attention to v - . vv ' ' the bus window as WDeemsn and I sped along. You remember Richard, don't you? n R I - . I ,, I I . . A W I I X I ff 195' LLL!! a new addltlon to the famlly of skyscrapers along the way This new structure bore the tltle of the G G Department btore Perhaps you're wonderlnp about the G G G well, It stands for Greeves Glamour Garments It 13 rather wldely known slnce Helen hlres only the best of help An example of thls 13 seen in her selectlon of Rlchard adams as chlef bookkeeper Dlck attracts a conslderable amount of trade as he wlggles h13 ears ln the show wlndows fter COUTIDU the store we sat ln on a style revlew in the maln audltorium Bud Davlson was along then, and every timedn attractlve model appeared he gave out wlth a shrlll whlstle dhen otata otalllngs stepped out onto the stave Mr D3V1SOH really outdld hlmself From there we proceded on our journey toward the barber shop owned lJ1Nelson Morris Nhlle Bob recelved a maricure from Miss Cleo Carver, I plcked up the daily paper whlch I notlced was orlnted by the aledo Tubllshlnf Co s you may already know, Leon Weirather 13 the edltor of thls flrm I few cllpplngs from the social papa ran like this senator harl fngwall, who 15 hivhly pralsed for hls bF1ll18Ht o tory ln the senate returned from the Capitol last evenlnv for a few weeks' VlSlt FIS latest bill authorlzed the dlsorganlzation of schools Mrs Edlth Lwlng Morgan, who is now happlly marrled and 11VlHg in nrpee, entertalned a group of friends last evenlng ln her home in honor of Mr and Irs Dean Yorgan, who were recently marrled Mrs Morgan was formerly of Iowa I note here though, that Dean 15 now the proud owner of Mercer ounty's largest herd of ansus cattle lde llne of the business 1S the productlon of a non greasy halr oil whlch Dean mlxes and uses on hlmself Do you remembel 1 Esther Morgano She too llves ln Aroee ns 1D the old days U13 oraen and her slster 1D law are lnsepaxable we noted that L B flHCh, Jr , B A , M A , Ph D Nho lS lnstructor of hls wlth Benny Goodman's orchestra was a recent VlQitOI here Kenneth Taylor has Just returned from the P n amerlcar Olymplcs where he is credlted wlth settlng the world's record in tle lOO yard dash Mlss DOT1S hcCaw competes CF1S week for the tltle of Nat onal pln ponv champion at Matrervllle and then I chanced to see an advertlsement whlch read llke this Hare you lonesome Do you want a husband wit? moneyo If so vlrls, apply to the Lonely Hearts Club, or in care of Betty Crawford, Aledo, Illlno s guarantee that once you've not a man he can't get away But gettlng back, we were chattlnp away, the four of us, when Hob 'lller entered to have hls head shaved Fe 1S the same rerular fellow and IS stlll in the dalry DUSIUESS Of course he talked about hls wlfe Phvllls ue told me that She 1S so handy around the barn and that she can drlve the mllk truck stralghter than he does also, those lOO pound mllk cans are very easy for her to throw around The afternoon was gettlng on so Bgorkman and I left for my hotel Y that 1S a new 1fSt1CUt1OH, too It lS in charge of Miss Hazel Martln and oc u ples the last twenty top floors of the new McCre1ght BU1ldlHg, owned by Fc Creight COFPOToC10H of whlch Martha McCrelght 1S chalrman of the board houses forty bOWllDg alleys 1D the basement We had just started to cross the street when Berglund's Breezy Bus, drlven by LeRoy, lumbered up to the stopllght From the opposlte dlrectlon the Illler mllk truck flew into vlew Phlln was COm1Hg on at a terrlflc rate of spe d The lnevltable happened After the rumble and crash of metal banglnv agalrst metal had subsided, we opened our eyes People were rushln here and there Dr Parry Close, of Dogtown, and Publlc dealth Nur e audrey oabcock Kelly were attemptlng to extrlcate the V1Ct1mS One of the flFSC to get out of the melee was Commander vendell Peter on, who leads tle Navy Band Pete was rather mournful because hls tattoo was completely rulned another passenger, Forrest atephens, who was on h1S way to his V9t1DBPi8H headquarters at Ames, Iowa, was slightly scratched I1SS nary Jane Ichamara, who 15 a reporter for the Aledo paper covered the story and I am sendlng you her account of the mlsfortune well, thls wlll have to be all for now as I am very busy wlth my sgrlnn dutles here at the college answer soon for your letters are alwavs welcome olncerely yours, RICHBPG Cray B S , , P " N . .G.W C , ' . ' ' , ' vv . . ln K. . . X ' . 0 . I . . . . . . A . 3 . . . . W N . L . h , I . . . . ,, , . . Q r, , A Q ' . Y . . . . A I A M , . ' l h ' . '. ' .4 . rx - .. z ' ' , I , . 3 . O A. . . . r? Z V . ,,. . . . . . . . . , A ' u n A ' l r ' " r r , . . - V Q J 5 ' . n S - . - ' ' ' ' ' . . -- H'ss , I . . n . . ,, , U. S ,Z LA , V H' s u V l Ac. u 1 4 V . I A A ' tory at Northwestern University, editorof the Chicago Tribune, and chiefdrummer . A Aa -. . A . .., 1 f . . y, , u . i . S- U I A 0 . ,.. . , , Y ' i.. I , , N , . . . I A I 1 K. . . x.. ' ' ' A . ' I 9 . ' ' . ' ' . . , .. I . , . . . - . - . . .A , es, . . . c - . A . . . Y A - F . . .1 . . ' G It . I , . . . H . . . . e . . , A ' rr . 'v ,U . . . s , 1 . I I , A L, S 1 . YV 'I v ' 1 v . . 1. ,Z v 1 . Y . , l U h . K V . H , , J , . , V n . ' .. ' . . 2.5. h.D. W E V' H4 I . I ' f U - . 11 i i M l 1.4 ,feprqn ,. 135, -3 C A ,- 14 ""- , .M 'J N y 3 M 55.-Q Q24 D m" og, ' V , 6, -Nu mx: v .TA it 'I ' 193' C P 'it . Y! I Q . -0'4" eb nf glw 4 4'- -sv db I5 ,4 H A Q -fff 1- in A, A, 1 ij F 9 "' qw- 123 X 23 Lookmg Backward To row o tland, Jetty n1.sden, Bwalne ooth t' c Lck Jkarp, Jeorge Prd't oecond row mHlFd row Vathryn blvham, 4 F1 c , Ida ue Yendaol Lwon nelra e Fampton, LeRoy Jervlun onlrley a onpr QIPFBYW 3 dw n mob Yelly, orena wlddell Bob 5OUlt1HPVOJSP, a 'man fevens, Jeverly Q Qrrard Ha cl 'fo H S r, r oowso rlej a mer, bob se Lund, rlej a1s' N 79 8SD1Dt, Jonald 'Gmon, Jetty aerg, UFUIS oxmpx To 3 'Y Jtchlns aymonc N P 'aro d doard, 1 136 Ije'f 13F18 lovd Vgffryr ber oeventb row oan Alack droara fnxeland Jane c arl dd Nan Blazer, Donald UuLdW4D, Ca ol N1tt, Ha H Fourth row rlft row olXth row nlchird Tailor, lhjl11S nltt, rorreot o'bJQns, Jjroj Ja'co K r 4 k SUI' K 4 Q .3 ' N 1 X , A 6 I ' 5- -' 1 , Al I i W W Autographs Q 4 U1 W PM QWQQY M4 C25 45 My W A WMM if 152, , 1 J' , X ,j A-0 QQ, C21 f W6 MW VU jf ZA Zicvfclff gwyiwfmfwgw MQW SZ Qfydai XG WMA QU! My sw X75 Af 1415f,i,L,,,04 fv xi M720 M fm QLQFJMSBZ MRM wg? J JL A V gm ,AMW X x A M' ffouwf fi f? O M ik if ,ffwy ff K MM CM Ns W7 W 711,141 1,-MM ' X X LV J v . , AM YQ J W , fy 3 myfw 1 if ,f , E g AMI , fy ,V UN? 1 W , 1 W W Wy ' cj ,Af f W! 0-LMI? y JA gf ffl Q f 0 O4 XV if 00 ' 9 rv X ' L ' , ' Thaw 'Sl K , MXL iiwl 4 ,Ky XX t ,X od ix .,607ftx 'Q ' ID. D oqvbgTf"LLLV0-1, XV Q ezfsxo' F CL I n Q ZZ A J 20 K' f 4 , ff! U QA 2277 - . . if , X ' 2By5,!LfDx L 15,6 w ju gyfvfxl L 1 U I' M A G QNWNA ' now xx Pu , . f Z MW W my xv N A + if aio f' 7 Q ' Q X 6 JU If fl 3 3:2 of . X 1 -wa W v H X Y' W Z fx' -O' - I -1717 77? qf J 'N k X . I 695 K Q' I f ' ip' Senior Junior and Group Photo raphs Ben Franklln Qtore b Calderone ouper Market Halnes and Robblns aarber Black's Feat Market Prank R NcHard Kroger ouper Food arket btop and ohop C Ba N1llet'S Heauty Shop A1109 Hall Hat ahoppe aledo Loan Company Blue Rlbbon Qtore Hall's ohoe otore Johnson's R9CT6Bt1OH Illlnols Northern Utlllty J C Penney Co ldward's Lumber Co Klstler Hatchery rmil Jgorxman Dave and Ld Altchell Rlley O Fo Vern F Moberg 1, B3orkmun's Palnt store D C Wil r waespe's 5 10 257 store Harney's Implement Cameron Motor Co Llngafelters' T1re Qhop Clark and Ch1ld's made by CARLSONS STUDIO Aledo Illmow otop Company 3tI'Ol1S Damp and nckhardt R G Davison Hyett dros Henry Iolscher J R Qherrard 3erglund and Qumbom Babcock Drug Qtore Jelaurlers Cafe Q n r6V1US NenDel's Foodland vir ll P Pen er U n Klmball and n Baldwln and Qcannell Acme reed otore Parold C Nesbltt aledo Cafe H H CIVBT otore Mason, Teweler lledo Flower Qhop western uto aseo store Fey Drug atore arter Damp R8dlO oervlce cHard's Cleaners L and C reed Company Lemon and Nesbltt Aledo News otand Benteco Food store Naymette Beauty ohoppe Walter Burton Odela Food ohop Ralph Thede B111 Br ught I O 9 1 ' ,4 A . 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