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Aledo High School - Astrum (Aledo, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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'fl r,, , F F Q N J 4,4 ' A 4 ill 4 O 14' Q mgrzggztm wg Y MUUUUI e!!!!!Jll Ei Q , X EQQUEMQ E 3- -in I?-12 'li?-5 ,m,, g,,g "' '-"": J W H E M P H I L L I UI' , 1 Qi, alive!! , . .-i-J The ASTRUM VOLUME XX PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1939 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL ALEDO, ILLINOIS Dedication 0 The famed statue, Winged Victory, has been characterized as the fin- est of Greek sculptures. One historian said, "It is her grand attitude of the 'onward rush' which makes us forget she is headless and armlessf' The goddess seems to say, "The spirit of victory lives on in spite of all handi- caps." It is this grand attitude that has brought these symbols of victory to Aledo High. Challenged by this predominating spirit, students have re- sponded with an ingenuity and resourcefulness which has brought wide spread fame to our school. It is to this spirit, the "onward rush", we wish to pay tribute in the dedication of this book. May it never die! N Q K ik .4 A 5, l-CDRILWORD We, the graduating class of 1939, have endeavored to perpetuate pic- torially through this Astrum those scenes, classmates, and events that have made our four years at Aledo High School so enjoyable. If in fu- ture years this book helps you in any measure to recall the pleasant me- mories of your school days, it will have served its purpose. ...M.. X it B O A MRS. C. E. BJORKMAN. SECRETARY LAVERNE MORGAN E D U cz A T 1 0 O DOM N THOMAS HARTMAN R. E. WINGER. VICE PRESIDE MRS. FRANK MCHARD RALPH MOORE IU PM 5.1-J I F G A H C QU 24 XT 5 . YN C2, x L.O.FLOMsuP'n E.H. ARFORDPRIN. XV L L ' K-D. CONSTANT MAY HARTLEY HAZEL VANATTA X 'D a J R.C.MORTLAND RUTH BJQRKMAN X GEO.A.PRATT DOROTHY TENNERY MARCENE ANN L.,ElN r' ZX MARY VINCENT CLARENCE J. KUSTER RUTH KETZLE R.M.M1l.1.1K1 DONALD F.oHl.sEN FE. GLEIZE , ALLEN D.wEAvER MARY BURGESS4 fkff, , J. K AK, ly 14,3 f 1 4 f QQ-vfffx,--f',A" A ff ff K7 L , J KATHERINE MORGAN LEONARD DAY f SN APS Q3 , I+ .-L, ILASSIES SENIORS JUNIO R S SOPHOMORES PRES:-:MEN GRADES -W' 1 in - . .. . 'L I , ., T ,, ,, , E ., J , f 324 L Q Aw 'N t fsvbwwr-4 ROBERT SEIVER ALICE GRITTON ROBERT KENNICUTT L,,,a-s WW W fre., mi JAMES RULE CLYDE HILLIGOSS JOAN BOSTROM 4 1. 4 A, -A-M.-M-L U we HARRIET HOFER MORTON MQWHORTER GORDON BATES in 51 N, :QW M Huw! MAURINE CLAPP MARY MEEKS WAYNE FLATT L w Q, W.. ,gm uf NORMA RIDDELL V. COLCLASURE JUANITA HAMILTON .MN +?lV"re . iii 151 , x gf K fi if . , 1559 . 'A , ' Qn'5 . MM Q .,1 1,3 12 :1-1 U' i S A 'gh 5 M M 1 'ai if - 5, ,... t M K ' o. 'V J F ig If ' Sz' 1' Q 4 x MERLE JOHNSON FAY CARVER NORMAN TRUEBLOOD M' fun. : 5, .I I 541-Q ,,, I-I . N' Q wb- EPS If an . If K " F' mww Y X ,r,"Xfsw-fx-A-ll ELAINE FRANK RALPH GILMORE MARY MQCAW 1, mv, fgfx C EDDIE VOLENTINE DONALD DRAKE MAURINE CAMPBELL A A V , , .. I I A ':.' I ' '.-1 ".-' I -Q,- 7 A 'AA A,.,. f?.I-191 , - . ,aw ww I I 1'1., If I AAA M' . I LL DLLL I - 5 gsm : , 'H V 4 ,M f f ' ww r MAXINE PETERSON BILL MARTIN DORIS KISTLER Tw If T, . TX QA Rf' 'T 1 it Qw.g nfw Y 5 X J ff mv, N4-Yf sg:-an-Mm", .WW R.GUSTAFSON DOROTHY BUTCHER MARY WOOD A dm X' .F-Mxmw K MLDRED STEVENS WRGL TRACY RUTH JOHNSON L . W? HELEN IWLLER LENA BROWN "5"Wf!,."f N,,,wP'Y MARWN MQWHORTER MARY LOUISE THEDE GEORG LUTZ MARJORIE GREER 2 ey 4? Li sf ., 4 ly an Wy. ,,,g..,..Y,a:.w'55l'K'i'P" vm VG MILDRED CANDOR ERNEST JOHNSON STANLEY SPEER 1' , as gn we if Mx-wg,,,5gA ,, f 1 ig M N W Q?iSffi?f1ff?w.,,. , z 2 '- gf-fsf ' ' ww V 12-.' 1:f:'- :eQQ.s:1. '. ' ' A," F135 zyfigfwif r J 1 , 5 .351 I - ' 559, '- ' FL ,X -wg: 01,5 1+-Q, 15 15 . - 41:37, WiS+gNW5V,vig,132fM 'Q fad!! 1 x f N . I M 7, N , - L " . 'f -'1,"Al",w1' 1.2, , TAT. Xu ' 1 X S' 153 ,-1542 zliil , .W ,Z- 'Y' :fl-::.,:'-g'f:' 2 E N-if if 4+-??TT'?f:1f,fvg.w2 f 1 ' ' fzl:f:Jf5Y913i .f W W' Y O V " iZQlf5fl3i'-Lil 'fV'55f3,Ti . ?LQ,'rsgfg'gEZf1fe ftifie. .1 A X 1 2'-we ROBERT ARTCHER MARJORIE HUTCHINS CHARLES FORD d r , rv 2.11 K. "vi gp-.W Aw- 9 , i -AR .I - fin GSX""5 I Mf ,O ,Z BILL HAYMAN ELLSWORTH BOWER BARBARA BICKETT M0,.,, v - ,,-awww ...W If I . V, My 5 S' BILL MORRIS VIOLET BONYNGE MINERVA BIVENS :Liu V an .F , W ,msn ma, , I M ' in Wif jv- GEORGE FRAZIER LAURA BARLETT KATHRYN BEARD J ggi .E I , A , fy- N QIIM W Q ig . 1 ,I I 1 6 ,ea-173' wwf -W ,rr Q' N- BII.I. MQBRIDE VIRGINIA RICHARDS WM WAGONER 'TU' EU GENE CASTO R "1l!f"""'i'3!"'N PAULINE TAYLOR MARGARET WARWICK JOHN GIF A a-aww' ,,4idW""' RUTH RIDDELI. DONALD PETERSON 5+ , .a"""' "fi:-."" QP!" REQ Qi LOIS REED FRANK MQFARLAND STUART HARBOUR --'- f ,:' K I K S' II ' . mf' M JUANITA HARTGROVE J.W.HEMPHILL BILL NESBITT . .1341 ' 'fir'-f,f , Wav 'QWW' STERLING RICHARDS DONA BROWN M- WOODWORTH 'N Q '-x FOUR YEAR HONOR ROLL Dorothy Butcher Maurine Campbell Mildred Candor Maurine Clapp Donald Drake Marjory Greer Harriet Hofer Ruth Johnson Doris Kistler George Lutz Bill Martin Maxine Peterson Robert Seiver W MEMO RIAL 1 IN LOVING MEMORY CF OU!-1 FRNEND 1 ' XNILBUR G. PATTERSON ' 1921 - 1936 i ' 1 f' SENIOR ACTIVITIES ASTRUM STAFF -- Bickett, 45 Bostrom, 45 Bower, 4 Butcher, 45 Campbell, 45 Candor, 45 Drake, 45 E. Frank, 4 Gilmore, 45 Harbour, 3-45 Hemphill, 45 Hofer, 45 R. John: son, 45 Lutz, 45 Martin, 45 McCaw, 45 Morris, 45 Nesbitt, 4 Reed, 45 Seiver, 45 Tracy, 4. ATHLETICS: Basketball - Ford, 1-2-3-45 Hilligoss, 2-35 McFarland, 1-2- 3-45 Marvin McWhorter, 2-45 Morton McWhorter, 25 Rule 3-45 Seiver, 25 Trueblood, 1-2-3-45 Volentine, 3-4. Football - Ford, 2-3-45 Giffin, 2-3-45 Harbour, 3-45 Hilli- goss, 1-2-3-45 Martin, 3-45 McBride, 2-3-45 McFarland, 1-2- 3-45 Morris, 2-3-45 S. Richards, 2-35 Rule, 3-45 Speer, 2-3- 45 Trueblood, 1-2-3-45 Volentine, 3-4, Track - Bates, 2-35 Ford, 25 Giffin, 1-25 Gustafson, 2 Harbour, 2-3-45 Hilligoss, 1-2-35 M, Johnson, 2-3-45 Lutz 2-3' Marvin McWhorter, 3-45 Morton McWhorter, 3-4 D. Peterson, 1-25 S. Richards, 2-3-45 Rule, 3-45 Seiver, 1-2: 3-45 Speer, 25 Trueblood, 1-2-3-45 Wagoner, 35 Volentine, 2. 3-45 Giffin, 3-45 Harbour, 3-45 Hayman, 45 Hilligoss, 3-4 Lutz, 3-45 Martin, 3-45 McBride, 3-45 McFarland, 3-45 Mar: vin McWhorter, 45 Morton McWhorter, 3-45 Morris, 3-45 S. Richards, 3-45 Rule, 3-45 Seiver, 3-45 Speer, 3-45 Tracy, 3-45 Trueblood, 3-45 Volentine, 3-4. BAND - Barlett, 1-2-35 Harbour, 45 Hemphill, 25 S, Rich- ards, 45 Woodworth, 3-4, CARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN - Clapp, McFarland, 4. Nominees - Bostrom, 15 Wood, 25 E. Frank, 35 Hilligoss, 3. CHEER LEADERS - Bostrom, 45 E. Frank, 45 Hamilton, 4. CLASS OFFICERS - Bickett, 15 Bostrom, 35 Candor, 45 E. Frank, 35 Hofer, 2-45 Martin, 25 McBride, 1-2-35 Seiver, 3-45 Tracy, 4. CLASS PLAYS: Cast - Beard, 35 Bickett, 3-45 Butcher, 35 Carver, 35 Drake, 35 E. Frank, 35 Gilmore, 45 Hamilton, 35 Hartgrove, 35 Hayman, 45 R, Johnson, 3-45 Martin, 35 McBride, 3-45 Nesbitt, 3-45 M. Peterson, 35 Reed, 3-45 Rule, 35 Seiver, 45 Thede, 35 Wood, 3-4. f Staff - Artcher, 3-45 Bates, 35 Bonynge, 35 Bostrom, 3-45 Bower, 2-3-45 L. Brown, 3-45 Butcher, 45 Candor, 45 Clapp, 35 Hamilton, 45 Hartgrove, 45 Hemphill, 3-45 Hofer, 3-45 Hutchins, 35 Kistler, 35 Lutz, 3-45 McCaw, 3-45 McFarland, 3-45 Miller, 45 D. Peterson, 35 M. Peterson, 45 Seiver, 3-4. DISCUSSION CLUB -- L. Brown, 35 Campbell, 35 Gilmore, 35 Hofer, 2-35 R. Johnson, 35 McBride, 1-25 McCaw, 35 Mc- Farland, 35 Nesbitt, 2-3 Wagoner, 3. F. F, A. - Artcher, 3-45 Castor, 2-3-45 Colclasure, 1-2-3- 45 Giffin, 1-2-3-45 Gilmore, 3-45 Gustafson, 2-3-45 Harbour, 15 Hayman, 45 Hemphill, 2-3-45 Hilligoss, 3-45 E. Johnson, 2-3-45 M. Johnson, 1-2-3-45 Kennicutt, 1-2-3-45 McFarland, 1-2-3-45 Marvin McWhorter, 1-2-3-45 Morton McWhorter, 1-2-3-45 Morris, 1-2-3-45 Nesbitt, 1-45 D. Peterson, 1- 2-3-45 Speer, 45 'h'acy, 2-3-4. G. A. A. -Barlett, 1-25 Beard, 3-45 Bickett, 1-2-3-45 Bon- ynge, 2-3-45 Bostrom, 1-2-3-45 D. Brown, 1-25 L, Brown, 1-2-3-45 Butcher, 1-2-3-45 Candor, 1-2-3-45 Clapp, 1-2-3-45 E, Frank, 1-2-3-45 Greer, 2-3-45 Hamilton, 1-2-3-45 Hart- grove, 1-2-35 Hofer, 1-3-45 Kistler, 1-2-3-45 McCaw, 1-2- 3-45 Meeks, 1-3-45 Miller, 2-3-45 M. Peterson, 1-2-3-45 Reed, 1-2-3-45 N. Riddell, 1-2-35 R. Riddell, 15 Stevens, 15 Tay- lor, 1-25 Thede, 1-2-3-45 Warwick, 1-2-3-45 Wood, 1-2-3-4. GLEE CLUBS - QBoys' or Girls' and Mixedj Barlett, 2-35 1 kett 2 3 4 Bostrom 2 3 Bower 4 D Brown 35 B'c , - - 5 , - 3 , I - i Campbell, 25 Candor, 35 Clapp, 25 Colclasure, fBoys'J 2-3-4 fMixedJ 2-45 Ford, 2-45 E. Frank, 2-3-45 Gilmore, 2- 3-45 Hamilton, 2-3-45 Harbour, 2-45 Hayman, 45 Hilligoss, 2-3-45 Hofer, 25 Kistler, 2-3-45 Martin, 2-3-45 McBride, 2- 3-45 McCaw, 25 Miller, 45 Nesbitt, 2-3-45 M, Peterson, 2-3- 45 Reed, 2-3-45 S. Richards, 2-3-45 Rule, 45 Seiver, 45 Thede, 2-35 Trueblood, 2-35 Volentine, 2-45 Warwick, 3-45 Wood, 2. v 7 A. V. C. - Bower, 3-45 Colclasure, 3-45 Ford, 3-45 Frazier, INTRAMURAL SPORTS - Artcher, 3-45 Bates, 1-2-3-4 Beard, 1-2-3-45 Bickett, 1-25 Bonynge, 1-2-3-45 Bostrom ! 1-2-3-4, Bower, 1-2-3-4, D. Brown, 2-3-45 L. Brown, 1-2: 3-45 Butcher, 1-2-3-45 Campbell, 3-45 Carver, 1-2-3-45 Cas- tor, 1-2-3-45 Clapp, 1-2-35 Colclasure, 1-2-3-45 Drake, 2-3 Flatt, 45 Ford, 1-2-3-45 E. Frank, 1-2-3-45 Frazier, 3-45 Gif: fin, 1-2-3-45 Gilmore, 1-2-3-45 Greer, 1-2-3-45 Gritton, 2 Gustafson, 1-2-3-45 Hamilton, 1-2-3-45 Harbour, 1-2-3-4 1 Hartgrove, 2-3-45 Hayman, 45 Hemphill, 1-2-35 Hilligoss: 1-2-3-45 Hofer, 1-2-3-45 Hutchins, 15 E. Johnson, 1-2-3-4 M. Johnson, 1-2-3-45 Kennicutt, 1-2-3-45 Kistler, 1-2-3-4 Lutz, 1-2-3-45 Martin, 1-2-3-45 McBride, 1-2-3-45 McCaw 1-2-3-45 McFarland, 1-2-3-45 Marvin McWhorter 1-2-3-4 ! 9 7 Morton McWhorter, 1-2-3-45 Meeks, 1-2-3-45 Miller, 1-2-3: 45 Morris, 1-2-3-45 D. Peterson, 1-2-3-45 M, Peterson, 1-2- 3-4, Reed, 1-3-45 s. Richards, 1-2-3-45 N, Riddell, 1-2-3-4 R. Riddell, 45 Rule, 3-45 Seiver, 1-2-3-45 Speer, 1-2-3-4 Stevens, 2-35 Taylor, 1-2-35 Thede, 1-2-3-45 Tracy, 1-2-3-4 Trueblood, 1-2-3-45 Volentine, 1-2-3-45 Wagoner, 1-2-3-4 Warwick, 1-2-3-45 VV00d, 1-2-3-4. MASQUE AND WIG - Beard, 35 Bickett, 35 Gilmore, 2-3 R. Johnson, 35 Hamilton, 1-25 Harbour, 25 McBride, 1-2 McFarland, 35 Nesbitt, 2-35 Rule, 45 Volentine, 35 Wood 2-3. OPERETTA - Barlett, 15 Bickett, 25 Bivens, 15 Bonynge J 5 x 7 S i 3 9 15 Bostrom, 25 Colclasure, 25 Ford, 25 E. Frank, 25 Gil- more, 25 Hamilton, 25 Harbour, 25 Hilligoss, 25 Hofer, 2 Hutchins, 15 Kistler, 25 Martin, 25 McBride, 25 McCaw, 2 M. Peterson, 25 Reed, 25 S. Richards, 25 V, Richards, 1 Thede, 25 Trueblood, 25 Volentine, 2. S 3 3 ORCHESTRA - Barlett, 1-2-35 Harbour, 45 Hemphill, 25 S, Richards, 45 Wagoner, 25 Woodworth, 3-4. PEP CLUB -- Beard, 1-25 Bickett, 25 Bostrom, 1-25 Bower 15 L. Brown, 1-25 Butcher, 25 Clapp, 25 Colclasure, 25 E Frank, 1-25 Frazier, 25 Giffin, 25 Greer, 25 Hamilton, 2 Hartgrove, 15 Hilligoss, 15 Hutchins, 25 E. Johnson, 1-2 Kistler, 15 Martin, 1-25 McCaw, 1-25 Miller 15 Morris, 1-2 1 r Nesbitt, 25 M. Peterson, 1-25 Reed, 25 Seiver, 15 Taylor: 1-25 Thede, 1-25 Volentine, 1-25 Wood, 1-2. PLAYCRAFTERS - 14th Yearj, R, Johnson5 McBride Nesbitt5 Reed5 Seiver. PLAYERS GUILD - 14th Yearl, Beard5 Bickett5 Bostrom 9 S Bower5 Butcher5 Carver5 Drake5 E. Frank5 Gilmore5 Ham- ilton5 Hartgrove5 Hayman5 Hofer5 R. Johnson5 Lutz Martin5 McBride5 McCaw5 MicFarland5 Nesbitt5 M. Peter- son5 Reed5 Seiver5 Thede5 Wood, R. P. C. - Bivens, 1-25 Bonynge, 2-35 D. Brown, 15 L Brown, 1-2-3-45 Butcher, 2-3-45 Candor, 3-45 Carver, 1-2 Greer, 1-2-3-45 Hamilton, 1-25 Hartgrove, 1-2-35 Hofer 3-45 Hutchins, 3-45 Kistler, 3-45 Meeks, 2-35 Miller, 3-4 1 9 ! M. Peterson, 3-45 Reed, 15 V. Richards, 3-45 N. Riddell, 1- 2-35 R. Riddell, 15 Stevens, 1-2-35 Taylor, 1-2-35 Warwick, 2-3-4. SEXTETTE -- Bickett, 45 M. Peterson, 4. SPEECH REPRESENTATIVES - Bates, 2-35 Gilmore 7 45 Harbour, 1-35 Hofer, 45 R. Johnson, 3-45 Lutz, 45 Mc- Bride, 3-45 Nesbitt, 2-45 Seiver, 4. S. P. Q. R. - Beard, 1-25 Bickett, 1-25 Bostrom, 1-2-3 e ! Campbell, 1-25 Candor, 2-35 Clapp, 1-2-35 Greer, 2-35 Hofer, 1-25 Kistler, 1-25 Martin, 1-2-35 McCaw, 2-35 McFarland, 2-35 Miller, 1-2-35 M, Peterson, 1-25 Thede, 45 Wood, 1-2-3 STUDENT STAFF - Campbell, 45 Candor, 45 Harbour, 2 v Hofer, 2-3-45 R. Johnson, 45 Kistler, 45 McCaw, 3-45 Nes- bitt, 45 M. Peterson, 45 Reed, 3-45 Seiver, 3-45 Warwick 3-4. STYLE SHOW - Barlett, 3-45 Bivens, 1-25 Butcher, 1-2 Greer, 1-25 Hofer, 3-45 Hutchins, 1-25 V. Richards, 1-2 N. Riddell, 1-25 Warwick, 1. 7 T S PAULINE ANDRESS FRED BROWN si AA, Www fsw fyjf K - ,- yW,f - iw iiwf, n ,Q-f.,1-k.,.,,f51, , 30 6 I Q my e' FREDA FISHER I ELAINE GROPPE MAUWCE HOOD wr'-fw G AVG NOSMV1 Us fp ins-' ik-f X1 V Z ICHARD KENNETH BROWN wiv ai' JOHN FRASER CHARLES GUNNEL AP'- JOHNNY JOHNSON ARMSTRONG L AHVW 337 :rm isifi : lf Q. . . Q61 . 5wfyg5 :' " 'iii E,V' H35 HELEN BAER iQi wm wyy ,K JK M Q wa A 5 4: lk iigqgx .liiziviigg ROSEMARY DUNCAN V Wits ,' , ,Y my ' X, 4 J ,A ,,.-df A m ,w , .dig MH -Afafs EER f'5B' QQN VERNA FRENCH Oua- BETTY BOGGUSS mmm 'QM K' ,. in-A WL..:r-X' ,ww Qs PERRY ECKHARDT Q' J Q J if Er' V! 1 x 2 : T O? . m 5 BOULTINGHOUSE . 'Q.' .WW ' 2 . 'W ff ,nfs kfT A V W . LkL h. JOAN ESSLEY 185' DELORIS GLANCY MTYRTIS GREER ' Q. DWIGHT HAMPTON JOHN HARBOUR jaw ,kg ax if PAUL HOLT if 'M as :ffm . A A 3 wg sax, saw 'G QW - , f 5 F525 A "- I ,f ww .f -vqewi ' 1 ,gsgwii Tw , W ' - .-.-I' X - T .:':5:a:ii:"?' -' .35 K .... I . 1' is , 0 . f Q, I E'iff Aiwa: 1. ll :Y X i ' Q N E9 uv I' 1, z m 72 m z U J, r' r- C. O 1 z E Z cn Jw r- r- rn P an 1- X AHEGDV NNf'1"1 B ' 5 rg "J-Fin Aim . as Q.-K Qyv TLER It .Z Y, ., .fn ,A Y 1 Wg, 6 . .Y 7 1 V f A lv' J. C. M QC AW I Q W- hi- QQ Wx. qi AH' I I QE K. PATTERSON GARLAND RUGGLES 3 Sli . HAYDEN SIMPKINS EDWIN THORNTON WARD WARNOCK , 1 ,I 'W M.. V ,. .1 Q, I I 'Y h az' ' - ,.,. . - 5. :" DOROTHY MFCREIGHT EVY- MCCREIGHT if fem Qi-. ' gg, ,P 'T' T ""13f'E W, . ,,, ww, 1 'I ' ...M , ,IKM E2 :,,L .4 , A W w 34. .K x '- f Ia 4 . :T 9 V L 'K' 3' 3- 3 f fa- fm- ,A .,.,, , , , , 4 I H' D. PATTISON ROSE PATTI N 13224, ORTALEE RUGGLES TYRA RUGGLES R xB I 113-Y Q1 W.. FRANCES SMITH 5255: SSSSZW SQ A wif Vjfif me pigffif ,....1. LYLE TSCHAPFAT as: 3 I ,'-If ::- .- ' 'Bidi' . '- 'M Q N ff ff,- N ROBERT SPONSLER ': 5' 2 5 fly' M A 'VS BETTY WAKELAND A I :: ri jan 9' IIE .'K ,fQ? Sw 5 Y vm Mg' "Wu-5 MAYNARD MINTEER MAJORIE PETERSON X EvQI5"j'gEn::-if hi V: ,...:, :'. 5-,L 'QMLT L,f:f::Qk, f5 , . Q.f,:, 17" , :.,:. ' FRANK SEEFELD 16- CLIFFORD STEVENS , Q, , vi M ,.,, 8 .45 . fa ,- 351 filfxizf? 'X IRI f I V. , X , L, NEWSWANDER CLAY RIPLEY GEORGE SHEATS MILDRED TAYLOR U O W U1 2 Iv I' -'I I'T1 I7 U1 SZ YJ' X Z I'Tl 2 gb D 2 O 0 K OODWORTH GW S N A , . 4 1 I I 1 5 7,3 - 'M yi, f I A ,4 ll as 4 F, I f 4 SOPHOMORES - A-L Back Row: Benjamin Burrows, Evart Gustafson, Aubrey Berglund, Frank Hines, Floyd Kniss, Dono- van Hutchins, Kenneth Berg, Robert Brokaw, Freddie Hemphill, Ivyl Anderson, Tom Bonynge. Third Row: Lee Gray, Jack Guthrie, Bob Fraser, Richard Brown, Ward Greer. Second Row: Marvin Benson, Merle Brown, Robert Anderson, Ernest Eckhardt, Junior Anderson, .games Kimball, Ruth Hofer, Evora Howlett, Julia Gridley, Mary Castor, La June Davison, Margie Ann jorkman, Front Row: Patsy Blazer, Maribelle Boultinghouse, Jean Hadley, Rachel Beachler, Betty Clapp, Emma Tfou Eastman, Frances Hudson, Betty Clauson, Nancilee Johnson, Irene Brown, Marena Johnson, Dorothy ohnson. SOPHOMORES M-Z Back Row: David McCreig'ht, Earl Stallings, Louise Thompson, Darlene Minteer, Dora Reedy, Mary Ellen Willem, Marjorie Thompson, Mary Lawson, Mary Helen Rose, Lois Malm, Eula McPherren, Phyllis Perrin, Leroy Whitman, Donald Rose, Walter Ruse, Bob Rose, Elmer Kuehl, Raymond Staley, Billy Mars- on. Middle Row: Lauren Whitney, Everett Parkinson, Glenn Tracy, Donald Vance, Louis Lloyd, Bob Lutz, Albert Ludwig, Vivian Lou Nichols, Dorothy Weeks, Mary Parkinson, Marjorie Pierce. Front Row: Vada Treloar, Maude McPherren, Alice Mae Lewis, Betty Wagoner, Violet Vance, Shirley Wakeland, Doris Tschappat, Helen Nyberg, Helen Tschappat, Dortha Ruggles. Juv .df QUEEN OF ANGUS WORLD Miss Irene Brown has brought fame and fortune to herself and this community with her internationally known Angus calf, "Mercer", winner of the title, 'ATHE WORLD'S CHAMPION CALFU. There are those who appreciate the the finer things of life such as symphoies, paintings and classics. In like manner, Irene Brown, our outdoor girl, appreciates and excels in the breeding and raising of quality Aberdeen Angus, a fine art in it- self. FRESHMEN Back Row: David Berg, Leon Weirather, Leonard Lemon, Kenneth Taylor, Lowell Lloyd, John Rooth, Richard Gray, Wendell Peterson, Marvin Johnson, Stephen Pattison, Merle Castle, Walter Davison, Phillip Willem, LeRoy Berglund, Richard Sharp, Billy Butcher, Third Row: Robert Thompson, Forrest Stephens, Robert Sheese, Darrah Brown, Richard Taylor, Frank Bedford, L. B. Finch, Bob Bjorkman, Dean Morgan, Nelson Morris. Second Row: Edith Ewing, Lucy Frazier, Doris Michels, Irene Hadley, Paula Doonan, Stata Stallings, Jean Tucker, Ella Mae Boyles, Rose Marie Essley, Betty Ramsden, Kathleen Schmidt, Doris McCaw, Beat- rice Plank, Betty Crawford. Front Row: Cleo Carver, Alyce Sedig, Frances Taylor, Mable Johnson, Phyllis Witt, Audrey Babcock, Dorothy Greer, Katherine Bigham, Myrl Johnson, Georgia Morey, Betty Fender, Betty Peterson, Martha McCreight. s 1 'F' extreme v, ' W . 3 - H ' VP? , QP as if -we 5,4555 if Q 5 flf tis wg M gg- , gr 4 ggegiiwifi ge, E 7 Phila 5 ks If 'fi' gif. , X Y, , A - g g-fl , ' f , v ,f me ' Y Y as is .fr . f va-r ' f - wma . : , :HSM 4 7 ' , .. 'Q K' '1: ' ' 'S we QL, Q 3 .3 l ij' H in 3 K , ,g 5-,, Yi ,S 1, ,, , lr, , .,'.,,,E, I A Zgyiby bazzlv Q Q ,,,.,, tv 2 I L gi M f ig 9 ' ., ,',Qf't' l ff'- if , , -5- Av Q55 .lf , V :. if ,w.jLm,:,i "'- T 4 Lil' D-U EIGHTH GRADE Back Row: Donald Anderson, Warren Danford, Ward Mumey, Dorwin Jackson, Frank Stevens, Harry Grimm, Earl Hutchins, Samuel Johnston, Boyd Kisler, John May. Third Row: Maurice Lloyd, Richard Bald- win, Robert Winger, Elliott Schrader, Robert Ricketts, Earl Crawford. Second Row: Robert Boultinghouse, Bev- erly Sherrard, Martha Kitchen, Helen Grit- ton Billye Hampton, Phyllis Bradford, Mar- garet Bower, Ann Parkinson, Lorena Riddell, Shirley Wagoner, Joan Thompson, Robert Kelly. Front Row: Donald Stoltz, Fred Frazier, Robert Berglund, Delos Mader, Ida May Ken- dall, Margie Wakeland, Patricia Dumas, Mary Eastman, Colleen Rush, Marilyn Johnston, Arlene Johnson, Kenneth Smith. SEVENTH GRADE Back Row: David Sedig, Lyle Anderson, Donald Guldenzolph, John Emrick, Russell Cooper, Dudley Staley, Harold Board, Clif- ford Hadley, Robert McBride, Edward Rea- ber, Charles Holt, Donald Mumey, David Jackson. Middle Row: Albert Thompson, George Hudson, Roy Mizner, Betty Berg, Gloria Beachler, Ileen Nesbitt, Shirley Balmer, Bet- ty Hutchins, Walter Boyles, Lee Damp, Gil- bert Barger. Front Row: Donald Lemon, Robert Prouty, Raymond McCreight, Rosalie Nelson, Kath- ryn Kisler, Helena May, Martha Spence, Cleo Mae Presley, Shirley Bistline, Marilyn Carl- strom, Anita Johnson. SAFETY PATROL Back Row: Lyle Anderson, Robert Mc- Bride, Samuel Johnston, Dudley Staley, Lee Damp, Elliott Schrader, Earl Crawford, Al- bert Thompson, Frank Stevens, George Hudson, Roy Mizner. Middle Row: Warren Danford, Robert Kelly, Donald Anderson, Dorwin Jackson, Maurice Lloyd, Robert Winger, Earl Hutch- ins, Walter Boyles, Raymond McCreight. Front Row: Robert Boultinghouse, Robert Prouty, Kenneth Smith, Richard Baldwin, Clifford Hadley, Donald Stoltz, David Jack- son. SIXTH GRADE Back Row: Miss Adams, Dick Greer, Fred Law- son, Tom Emrick, Ernest Dilley, David Sherrard, Rob- ert Woodworth, Richard Cabeen, Kenneth Denniston. Middle Row: Gerald Holt, Joan Black, Kathryn Fraser, Laura Nan Blazer, Novella Mack, Joan Mon- sog, Gloria Lloyd, Ina May Cameron, Marna McDon- a . Front Row: Stata Bigham, Zelpha Cooper, Shir- ley Willem, Betty Jo Vance, Genevieve Anderson, Eloise Hyett, Carol Witt, Barbara Wakeland, Sara Fetters, Roberta Riddell. FIFTH GRADE Back Row: Marvin Nelson, George McBride, Vir- gil Fender, DeWayne Clauson, Kenneth Greer, John McCleary, Russell Thompson, Richard Young, Eugene Leonhart, Lee MbDonald, Robert Cosrove, LaVerne Dobbins, Charles Talbot, Ralph Parker. Middle Row: Eleanor Anderson, Shirley Reynolds, Ina Johnson, Patsy Rooth, Donna Mizner, Dorothy Palmer, Martha Miller, Dorothy Danford, June Noble, Joan Davis, Pauline Ewing, Elaine Idstrom, Miss Ken- nedy. Front Row: Dorothy Ripley, Maxine Mack, Ro- berta Vance, Julia McCreight, Darlene Mizner, Ro- berta Juhrend, Marjorie Taylor, Rosalie Swem, Evelyn Walters, Katherine Mumey, Dena Wakeland, Carol Johnson, Margie Ann Stoltz. FOURTH GRADE Robert Bodenhammer, Richard Sedam, Clyde Kisler, Noah Presley, George Lemon, Roy Ewing, Jr., James Williams, Frank May, Bert Palmer, LeRoy Young, Martin Dale. Middle Row: Joe Reedy, Avis Schneider, Patsy Flom, Lois Crawford, Ruth Board, Donna Lou Mc- Pherren, Donna Riddell, Sheila Westerman, Evelyn Board, Margie Maynard, Nellie Frazier, Vernelle Carver. Front Row: Louise McCarty, Esther Boruff, Robert Vitato, Wilford Walker, Robert Simpson, Er- nest Rush, John Willem, Lawrence Wakeland, Ray- mond Bridgford, Betty Lou Simpkins,- Pauline Loucke, Mary Lamar Rudolph, Miss Dixon, THIRD GRADE Back Row: Billy Braucht, Paul Likely, Buddy Fraser, Gerald Giffin, Barbara Holt, Doloris Allen, Mary Mack, Audrey Brown, Richard Dilley, Junior Ramsden, Audrey May, Marion Guy. Middle Row: Donald Cameron, Pearl Reedy, Peg- gy Arford, Larry Gray, Kenneth Dilley, James Tschap- pat, Maurice Johnson, Jim McC1eary, Bobby Mortland, Ronald Hutchins, Don May, Dick Graham. Front Row: Beverly Greer, Donald Domeij, Rob- ert Byler, Edna May Taylor, Barbara Black, Vonda Swem, Reta Ouderkirk, Mary Rush, Anne Rose Bland, Eeggy Lou Juhrend, Marilyn Bridgford, Miss Holli- ay. 'Eau- ,.t- 1122252 FIRST GRADE Back row: Mary Mortland, Virginia Vance, Jan- ice Fell, LaVon Lundquist, Frances Williams, Clar- ence Mizner, Leonard Ringle, John Baldwin, Bobby Young, Ronnie Greer, Grace Tschappat, Jeannine Scranton, Winifred Weeks, Jack McLee, Jerry McLee, Gene Berglund. Middle Row: Gerald Fell, Dick Volentine, Everett Smith, George Martin, Deloris Ann Frels, Donald Fuhr, Eddie McCreight, Edward Lee Denniston, Bob- bie Lee Johnson, Frank Noble, Barbara Sandquist, Anne Melberg, Paul Ingwall, Raymond Jones. Front Row: Mary Katherine Burke, Earl Ether- idge, Lois Ewing, Mary Edith Parker, Billy Bridger, Marilyn Mason, Mary Lee Bodenhammer, Beverly Sandquist, Dick Huntoon, Edward Flom, Marjorie Rey- nolds, Martina Mack, Alice Bjorkman, Jimmy Rooth, Joan Boultinghouse. SECOND GRADE Back Row: Ruth Palmer, Janet Mizner, Marilyn Hill, Betty Lee Peterson, Margaret Ann Fisher, Cheryl Graham, June Hyett, Jean Hyett, Ethelyn Crawford, Judith Ann Moberg, Roy Letwiler. Middle Row: Kenneth Damp, David Noble, Wayne Groppe, Phillip Williams, Alvin Mizner, Lester Gust- afson, Daryl Lemon, Tommy Tucker, Larry Fullerton, Junior Fetters, Jimmy Dale Simpson, Miss Anderson. Front Row: Carol Sue Juhrend, Mary Anna Cun- ningham, Shirley Ann Guthrie, Mable Young, Mary Mizner, Lois Cunningham, Doris Bigham, Marion May. Jimmy Holt, Lyle Kisler, Jimmy Cooper. CDRGANUZATUUNS AND AGI t wg Z TUV UTVDIES AMW nf 'Twig A ,gy, , , ,I V 1, - "'W:,l'f-"lik 7 yy Sf 4 e v Q Y . Q- 3" 1 nan: - ' Hx-L ' L 3.g":xAf-: ., - 1223- " ., iw . K Hs - . 'af " A X' .-, Ha ' 4 1 v H X, ,K ? is 3 in fp iii fa 5, Fhm. 'N-. """'M-A , WM .. 15 SENIOR PLAY 'THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN' Mary Wood Ruth Johnson Barbara Bickett Bill Hayman Bill Nesbitt Lois Reed Ralph Gilmore Bill McBride Bob Seiver JUNIOR PLAY Cast I 'THE GHOST FLIES SOUTH' Maxine Peterson Bill Nesbitt Mary Wood Lois Reed, Kate Beard JUNIOR PLAY Cast II 'THE GHOST FLIES SOUTH' Bill McBride Juanita Hamilton Lois Reed Barbara Bickett Dorothy Butcher Fay Carver Bill Martin Donald Drake Elaine Frank Jim Rule Fay Carver Juanita Hartgrove PLAY CRAFTERS Ruth Johnson, Bob Seiver, Bill Nesbitt, Bill McBride, Lois Reed, Miss Bjorkman. PLAYERS' GUILD Back Row: Bill Hayman, Maxine Peterson, Doris Witt, Margaret Willits, Mary McCaw, Harriet Hofer, Fay Carver, Bill Martin, Miss Bjorkman. Middle Row: Ralph Gilmore, Donald Drake, George Lutz, Bill Nesbitt, Bob Seiver, Hayden Simpkins, Bill McBride, Ellsworth Bower, Front Row: Joan Bostrom, Juanita Hamilton, Elaine Frank, Mary Louise Thede, Juanita Hartgrove, Dorothy Butcher, Lois Reed. i ASTRUM STAFF Front Row: Mr. Stancliff, Ralph Gilmore, Bill Nesbitt, Virgil Tracy, Bob Seiver, George Lutz, Stuart Harbour, Bill Martin, J. W. Hemphill. Back Row: Joan Bostrom, Lois Reed, Barbara Bickett, Maurine Campbell, Dorothy Butcher, Harriet Hofer, Mildred Candor, Mary McCaw, Ruth Johnson. STUDENT STAFF Back Row: Maurine Campbell, Harriet Hofer, Hofer, Ruth Johnson, Mary McCaw, Ruth Hofer, Mil- dred Candor, Maxine Peterson, Mary Lewis, Miss Vanatta. Front Row: Maxine Warnock, Bill Hayman, Bill Nesbitt, Bob Seiver, Edwin Thornton, Ivyl Anderson, Margaret Warwick. F. F. A. Tigers Cwinnersj Back Row: Nelson Morris, Benjamin Burrows, Merle Castle, John Rooth, Dean Morgan, Frank Hines, Richard Brown, Merle Brown, Billy Marston, Mr, Kuster. ' Third Row: Eugene Castor, Lyle Tschappat, Frank Secfeld, Charles Gunnell, Merle Johnson, Stanley Speer, Raymond Gustafson, Richard Armstrong. Second Row: Kenneth Brown, Ralph Gilmore, Edwin Thornton, Bob Lutz, Marvin Benson, Louis Lloyd, Tom Bonynge, Bill Hayman. Front Row: Donovan Hutchins, John Giffin, Clyde Hilligoss, Frank McFarland, Vinten Colclasure, Fred Brown. F. F. A. V Heaclhunters Back Row: George Sheats, Frank Bedford, Earl Stallings, Lee Gray, John Kimball, Bill Nesbitt, Mor- ton McWhorter, Mr. Kuster, Donald Pattison. Middle Row: Stephen Pattison, Richard Gray, J. W. Hemphill, Kenneth Berg, LeRoy Whitman, Fred- die Hemphill, Harold Brokaw, Virgil Tracy, Robert Ks-nnicutt, Bill Morris. Front Row: Ernest Johnson, Marvin McWhorter, Jack Fraser, J. C. McCaw, Bob Artcher, Everett Parkinson, Bob Fraser, Robert Brokaw, Glenn Tracy, Blaine Kendall. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Back Row: Juanita Hamilton, Elaine Frank, Alice Mae Lewis, Helen Miller, Mary Lee, Joan Essley, Mary Lewis, Marjorie Peterson, Marjorie Thompson, Mary Lawson. Middle Row: Mr. Ohlsen, Barbara Bickett, Margaret Warwick, Betty Clauson, Margie Ann Bjorkman, Betty Bogguss, Patsy Blazer, Lois Reed, Emma Lou Eastman. , 1Front Row: Margaret Willits, Maxine Peterson, Doris Witt, Phyllis Perrin, Maxine Warnock, Mildred Tay or. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Back Row: Ward Warnock, Bill Hayman, Eddie Volentine, Glenn Tracy, Ralph Gilmore, Donovan Hutchins, Bob Seiver, Clyde Hilligoss, Mr. Ohlsen Middle Row: Fred Brown, Bob Lutz, Ellsworth Bower, Charles Ford, Sterling Richards, Stuart Har- bour, James Rule, Bill Nesbitt, Bob Rose. M Front Row: Tom Bonynge, Junior Anderson, Earl Kistler, Vinten Colclasure, Bill McBride, Bill artin. MIXED GLEE CLUB Back Row: Barbara Bickett, Margaret Warwick, Betty Clauson, Mary Lawson, Patsy Blazer, Emma Lou Eastman, Maxine Warnock, Margaret Willits, Mildred Taylor, Phyllis Perrin, Doris Witt, Maxine Peterson, Bob Rose. Third Row: Fred Brown, Bob Lutz, Earl Kistler, Ellsworth Bower, Charles Ford, Sterling Richards, Stuart Harbour, James Rule, Bill Nesbitt, Vinten Colclasure, Bill McBride, Bill Martin. Second Row: Juanita Hamilton, Elaine Frank, Helen Miller, Marjorie Thompson, Betty Bogguss, Mar- gie Ann Bjorkman, Mary Lee, Joan Essley, Lois Reed, Mary Lewis, Marjorie Peterson, Alice Mae Lewis. Front Row: Tom Bonynge, Bob Seiver, Junior Anderson, Glenn Tracy, Donovan Hutchins,, Ward Warnock, Ralph Gilmore, Clyde Hilligoss, Eddie Volentine, Bill Hayman, SEXTETTE , Left to Right: Margaret Willits, Betty Clauson Maxine Warnock Maxine Peterson Barbara Bickett Doris Witt LATIN CLUB Back Row: Georgia Morey, Verna French, Betty Ramsden, Ella Mae Boyles, Frances Hudson, Mary Louise Thede, Miss Ketzle, Vada Treloar, Bob Bjorkman, George Woodworth, L, B. Finch, Billy Butcher. Front Row: Lucy Frazier, Mary Parkinson, Nancilee Johnson, Maribelle Boultinghouse, Betty Clau- son, Margie Ann Bjorkman, Marjorie Thompson, Mary Lawson, Patsy Blazer, Emma Lou Eastman, Betty Clapp, Jean Tucker. SPEECH CONTESTANTS Back Row: Maxine Peterson, Phyllis Witt, Harriet Hofer, Ruth John- son, Doris Witt, Pauline Andress, Mary Lewis, Miss Lein. Front Row: Bill McBride, Bill Nesbitt, Bob Seiver, Ralph Gilmore, George Lutz. G. A. A. Juniors and Seniors Back Row: Mary Louise Thede, Elaine Frank, Joan Bostrom, Juanita Hamilton, Maxine W'arnock, Doris Witt, Mary Lee, Doris Kistler, Frances Smith, Mary McCaw, Margaret Willits, Miss Vincent. v Middle Row: Lois Reed, Maurine Ciapp, Barbara Bickett, Mary Etta Meeks, Violet Bonynge, Lena Ma- rie Brown, Dorothy Butcher, Marjory Greer, Harriet Hofer. Front Row: Mildred Candor, Maxine Peterson, Helen Miller, Mary Lewis, Mildred Taylor, Betty Bog- guss, Joan Essley, Audrey Lunn, Margaret Warwick. G. A. A. - Freshmen and Sophomores Back Row: Emma Lou Eastman, Betty Clapp, Mary Parkinson, Stata Stallings, Frances Hudson, Irene Brown, Phyllis Witt, Mable Johnson, Paula Doonan, Doris McCaw, Miss Vincent. Middle Row: Marena Johnson, Betty Clauson, Maribelle Boultinghouse, Ruth Hofer, Mary Lawson, Marjorie Thompson, Patsy Blazer, Margie Ann Bjorkman, Vada Treloar, Ella Mae Boyles, Audrey Bab- cock. Front Row: Dorothy Johnson, Julia Gridley, Alice Mae Lewis, Betty Fender, Rose Marie Essley, Dor- othy Greer, Katherine Bigham, Myrl Johnson, Lucy Frazier, Georgia Morey, Martha McCre1ght. G. A. A. fChampsJ Back Row: Pauline Taylor, Doris Walters, Georgia Morey, Evora Howlett, Dona Brown, Marjorie Pierce, Doris Michels. Front Row: Margaret Willits, Harriet Hofer, Ruth Hofer, Margaret Warwick, Mildred Taylor, Mary McCaw. R. P. C. Back Row: Mary Helen Rose, Cleo Carver, Marena Johnson, Pauline Andress, Betty Crawford, Doris Michels, Irene Hadley, Dora Reedy, Doris Kistler, Ruth Hofer, Marjorie Hutchins, Virginia Richards. Third Row: Dorothy Butcher, Margaret Warwick, La June Davison, Vivian Lou Nichols, Mary Ellen Willem, Lena Marie Brown, Marjory Greer. Second Row: Stata Stallings, Dorothy Johnson, Violet Vance, Phyllis Perrin, Dorothy Weeks, Mable Johnson, Kathleen Schmidt, Katherine Bigham, Dorothy Greer, Rose Marie Essley, Betty Clauson, Miss Tennery, Phyllis Witt, Harriet Hofer. Front Row: Mary Lewis, Mildred Candor, Maxine Peterson, Helen Miller, Alice Mae Lewis, Alyce Se- dig, Irene Brown, Betty Fender, Myrl Johnson, Frances Taylor, Audrey Lunn, Joan Essley, A. V. C. Back Row: Coach Millikin, Charles Ford, James Rule, Sterling Richards, Jack Guthrie, John Giffin, Clydg Hilligoss, Marvin McWhorter, Ellsworth Bower, Stuart Harbour, George Lutz, Richard Brown, Mar- vin enson. Middle Row: Floyd Kniss, Jack Fraser, Hayden Simpkins, Robert Fraser, Junior Anderson, Bob Seiver, George Woodworth, Glenn Tracy, Donovan Hutchins, Merle Brown, Everett Parkinson. l Front Row: Bill McBride, Donald Vance, Earl Kistler, Fred Brown, Eddie Volentine, Virgil Tracy, Vln- ten Colclasure, Morton McWhorter, Bill Martin, Frank McFarland, Bill Morris. All ll.lEll'llC5 s MIXED VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Coach Millikin, Vada Treloar, Stanley Speer, Bill Morris, Bill Martin, Hayden Simpkins, Cleo Carver, Miss Vincent. FOOTBALL SQUAD Back Row: Mr. Pratt, Merle Brown, R. Thompson, Riddell, Parkinson R Brown S Harbour J Gif fin, C. Ford, W, Ruse, D. Brown, B. Bjorkman, E. Holt, J. Guthrie, Mr, Millikin Second Row: E. Volentine, E. McCreight, V, Tracy, J. Fraser, F. Boultinghouse V Colclasure B Mar tin, C. Hilligoss, F. McFarland, B. Morris, N. Trueblood. H Igont Row: S. Speer, M. Benson, J, Rule, L. Tschappat, D. Vance, F. Kmss B McBride E Sedlg Don utc ins. Date Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. FOOTBALL - '38 Score Opponent Aledo Opponents 16 Monmouth 13 6 22 Galva 32 0 1 Knoxville 7 0 13 Alexis 19 0 21 Avon 35 0 28 Roseville 20 6 2 Weth'sf'd 19 6 11 Biggsville 28 O Total 173 18 THE STARTING LINEUP aww 17? BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: J. Guthrie, Marvin McWhorter, C. Ford, E. Volentine, J. Fraser, E, Sedig, Mr. Millikin Front Row: J. Rule, D. Vance, F, McFarland. B. Rose, N. Trueblood. BASKETBALL - '38-'39 Score Date Opponent Aledo Opponents Dec. 2 Rock Island 1 5 32 Dec. Joy 22 1 1 Dec. Alexis 1 6 20 Dec. Monmouth 19 36 Dec Reynolds 32 38 Dec. Knoxville 1 1 33 Dec. Keithsburg 21 35 Jan. Roseville 31 26 Jan. Alexis 19 24 Jan. Keithsburg 22 21 Jan Viola 25 14 Jan. Biggsville 27 24 Jan. R, M. A. 28 26 Feb Reynolds 29 30 Feb Sherrard 18 28 Feb Avon 28 31 Feb. Alpha 30 48 Feb Alpha 33 30 Feb Viola 28 30 Feb Knoxville 13 25 Total 467 562 aw 5 1+ Www Jem.. 3121 ,, P457 ,B x ' gl u , f ,ff ' -:-:-':-' I 1 TRACK SQUAD Back Row: Morton McWhorter, J, Fraser, G, Lutz, Johnson, Marvin McWhorter, S. Harbour Middle Row: Mr. Millikin, Seiver, J. Harbour, G. Tracy, B. Fraser, R. Brown, Mr. Pratt. Front Row: F, Brown, Rule, Boultinghouse, Trueblood, Richards, Q! ik , S S z 'M '1. ipaq: , .- r -2 5.1 . f 12 5 2 1 if 2 A K ' Q , 3 ' f www? q, W mil 5' Q .gm at-Vg V .... 7 ,lg Q , . , A, ,ww 2, A -, X KPN , M' " ' 4 5 . . 6 f 1 ff, . 4 f -. ,W 7,7 5 . af , Q' nal A-': 91 Av., 5- af Mwwwwwxflwfm fWMMvfwfAhfWf4W w,, ,..,.,.,,. W ,Wh mm RULE Lomsaseo -WGEGRGE DIC KATE BIGHA M EW DIN QQTZ Boa LUTZ CORK"I-IAYMAN .KENDALL .HLQLQLC :D agqtggm MAQ?FfF?wE 'Q- Wgkwgggi , X am was Qlwg 2-55 j5Q5m':'wM ,I -PM J W ,wifi .r SW Mgt, mvfiv M. M f A -4, , .AA4 LA,.,l, , +Qif'mv ' 1 53? g'As2a'a gg, X jfsa vr My 1: Q A..w,fgff 3325-f-'fix 6355 I 555-2. ffiisgi , A LH Lpg Q ? nfs 2 ' 2 I pm Q - , ,te . , ' . ,MN 2 iw 'Y , MK' 'QW SN APS ,qw ,si I VSNAPS SNAPS 'S in-5 "Aw , ' 7- , Q. Q: wah, f i Z' ' au W 1 iw, ,J ? . . -,x,,:Qf M .. .. I . 1 6 A fw Q.f,:'g5 4,,M ' M 'K WP A gf-- ,, , W fbfigfgg F Y ., z V, L .as QM- 'inn-1 Q 555, ,,,,. if af? 7 N ',,',fj flq' fbya-diff ,X - f, 1,911 1 f' ,ffff - - f 27' HJJ. ,f 1, Aff 1-1 Lwbfxfyifffv- jwm f WMM- ff -f . I 1' ' ,X jf, J' ,-, ,r ,5,c!,7 J' f - U Judy' jG,,,,,V7 ,J wJW'4ffff ' J QM! diff' YLQWQJM W y .-fftwlvfaxgf if fl I, Mpffv in awww-V 18 ff fliiiffv MWWWLM H ' H Jfpfb' alfkg , f -X M ' A f Yfwh mQ..6QWwW j, 1mq,y Mfg, f M f fl , X ' jo-wafizfgfzfmwvkx - muff QQWW 7 !,,,f-s A rf. I W ff' ' h ,Af X M V 342 Xt MYIKQW, v3 K-,xyfwqgi F0 , Q Q! , "ff aria .,,, y,m ill, A9 u 1!y, 7-MI 224. 1? fy " X jZgL'Hf4h6Z 6fE:252l2gS:5 JK 4f 9,4, , ,Z X. J 1, I 4 , , i if V35 ' ' 'Q, f'f , . tigqvjqxgaxjhxbjf , aw'-17414 K :I '- 0 - W aWvx.ov, ' P ' " '! rv 'fd- ' ff fra awflifwwi 5jW fffj3QQ1f ff . fm, Fx zz Mfg, aww" Q f . figbj ,f , wffvg, K ' Q ., - f XQX N'ff 5'f f i .,,,

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