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FOREWORD lt has been an arduous task to prepare this volume: yet, it has also been a pleasure. And why? Because it was our desire to portray for you the achievements and the events of the past year and we are made happy by the hope that we have been in a measure successful, and that you will be pleased with our efforts. I THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL l ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 2 Mary Alice Clarke : : Editor-in-chief Helen Stead : : : Assistant Editor Ralph Monson : : : Business Manager Leo Johnson 1 Assistant Business Mgr. THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL TI-IE ASTRUM E23 Volume V 1924 '2-3 ALEDO, ILLINOIS Publzkhed by The Class of Nineteen Twenty-four THE ASTRUM 3 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL l 4 DEDICATION To our Principal and friendly adviser, Al- vin T. Almer, who has so faithfully and will ingly aided us during our High School ca- reer, we, the Class of 1924, gratefully dedi cate this volume, the "Astrum." THE ASTRUM THE ASTRIJM ALEDO HIGH SCHO OL 5 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 6 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOI SCHOOL BOARD President : : ' ' : G. W. Allison Vice-President : : R. B. M. LeMaster Secretary : ' . : Mrs. Blanche Wells -0- Finance Committee E. Boultinghouse Dr. M. M. Marquis R. B. M. LeMaster -0- Building and Grounds R B. M. LeMaster E. Boultinghouse Mrs, Jennie Gi. Morgan -O- School Visitation Mrs. Blanche Wells Mrs. Jennie G. Morgan Mrs. Friend Church -0- Purchasing Committee Dr. M. M. Marquis Mrs. Friend Church Professor Roberts io- Heat and Lighting R. B. M. LeMaster Dir. M. M. Marquis Mrs. Jennie G. Morgan -0- Library Mrs.'Jennie. 'G.Morgan Mrs. Blanche Wells THE ASTRUM 7 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL w . 8 TO OUR PARENTS Who have helped us in every possible way to obtain a High School education, and to whom we are greatly indebted for their efforts to aid us in our school life, we take this opportunity to extend our thanks. THE ASTRUM THE. ASTRUM CONTENTS Faculty. Senior. Junior. Sophomore. Freshmen. Athletics. Organizations. Literary. Calendar. Feature. Alumni. ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 9 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL ODE TO THE FACULTY Who is it that helps the students sog Did you ever stop to think? Who is it that helps our minds to grow, And lifts us as we sink? 'Tis the faculty pushing and urging us on 'Til the top of the ladder we gain, In the years of our life from our high school days. We'll see you've not taught us in vain. Without teachers the world would indeed be dull, For all men must teach in a way, But the faculty takes this up as a task, And teaches the truth every day. Although we are teachers it may not be By our actions we teach the right. For we sometimes teach evil, and sometimes teach good, While the faculty brings them to light. The students and faculty are as a houseg A house with a. foundation firm, The walls are the students tha.t may be weak, And leave at the end of a term, But the foundation, strong, stands through many a year, Though the walls break down and build newg The foundation, great, should be given a cheer, For the good and the worth that they do. -IVY DRAKE. 10 THE ASTRUM SCHOOL ALEDO HIGH Facult ,rg 1-oi. !!! JL,-.i 452, NX ,. , - 4 X, X ff Nxfgf----J 5: 7! is T!-g T V 2 L i l A SX ,Xl ".-, f r H3 . no A -if 'iff T . as L59"1iiLW1L 15 ml ' H IM 'vii Ywqf 5'f 'V' My 7'7fji 'f., , L w" , Y 'ESL-f,,?N 'Kim .fm w p, H yn fth ?'f 1A"4"J'fi'l?fiirf ?1-1:5 W IT sw 3 A f' X l'A'j'L' H H Nggg Q ' ' ff 44 fify, fVHH' , , 4,15 ff, I ,W .035 ffijlj 455 Q --f gl M9 aa if gf-Y--fly, -gf 7, , H A-., 5-xiw . 1232 .Q f f XX" X 235 Wy, - yg Z ' zz f iywfg f" I-,V f J 3 g a gm? -1- 5, ' " R if XX A X L M., 5.- X J I ff, Af '09 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL A. T. ALMER English Senior Adviser B. A. Augustana College Graduate work University of Wisconsin "Prepare yourself accordingly." 12 D. N. ROBERTS Physics B. O. Hedding College B, A. Hedding College Post Graduate work Northwestern University "I'll attend to that." THE ASTRUM THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL RUTH HARRIS Mathematics Sophomore Adviser A. B Augustana College Post Graduate Work Iowa University "Everyone take their own seats." -01 E. W. GEARY Science ' B. S. Ohio State University "Now 1et's everybody settle down." -01 STACIE A. TEDFORD Language Junior Class Adviser A. B. Maryville College Post Graduate Work Peabody College "Don't forget, everyone who missed any- thing write each verb fifty times and hand it in at four o'clcck." ,0- LAU RA WALK ER Domestic Science A. B. University of Illinois "Please stop talking, girls, and come away from the window." -01 HARRY CROYLE Commercial De-partment Carnegie College Greenfield Business College Oskaloosa College B. C. S. A. B. "Ob stac' le and Ar tic' cle." ..0- BERTHA GERTRUDE SEXTON Civics History Economics Debate Coach Hedding College A. B. Cornell College If you're absent be sure to come to me." 13 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 14 KENY D. CONSTANT Coach Manual Training James Millikin University Notre Dame "I'll bet yo'g That's what they say." --0? IVY MAE SMITH English Freshman Adviser Dramatic Coach Rockford College Northwestern University Lummock School of Expression "People, you're not excused yet. Seniors, ,, please stay out and keep the door shut! -OA EDWIN BAY Agriculture B. S. University of Illinois "On the other hand." iol PAULINE A. LeMASTER Music Knox Conservatory of Music Augustana Conservatory of Music Macomb Normal Northwestern University -.O,- PHILIP LICATA Orchestra Augustana College "Readyl Play! How do you ever expect to play if you never practice?" ,,.0-,- DENA WHITESELL Physical Training Western Illinois State Teachers College, Macomb, Illinois "March, 1, 2, 1, 2, Attention." THE ASTRUM Senior .-0-. 1 A - - j 4, X, 7,1 f X . ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL ,-Q.,, , U -Leaf'-f l ' if mx E X -:ja E :'S , Z ZXNL 2 2 5 S R f ? il ,Q-in ff ,... ---144.1 rf ,, ,, A , fffl WW " X If f 1 W0 fi iff 7 Z W f f ii 2 N I 'CL1 5271? f A f 1- H, '11 N Q ,gf 47 ,' Q -'X-f-fx., 44" fx 'yt '92, 1' gf. Q K I M, Eg: ' 5 fx- 'Z ,w Hf -N-s Q 4,,,A 31-' 4? - "- i.. S, 'Z sksfg , Q x... -s.. K 4 i Q"6 - THE ASTRUM it ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL i N l 5 MO- ' William Hawks : : : President Colby Pinkerton : : Vice-President , Helen Stead : : : : Secretary I Harvey Thompson : . 2 Treasurer X COLORS Black and Gold FLOWER Pink Tea Rose MOTTO Finished to Begin V l l l 16 l THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Wi, WILLIAM HAWKS 1 "Hail to 'Willyum' our president dear, l-le's always merry and full of good cheer, I And the noise that he makes let's you know he is near." President Class 143 Secretary Class 133 Basketball. F0otba'l 13 and 43 Peg O' My Heart 133 His Majesty. Bunker Bean 143 Asst. Business Manager "A" 133 Business Manager "A" 143 HELEN STEAD "Tho' she looks so bewitchingly simple, Mischief lurks in every dimplef' Glee Club 113 1333 Uke Club 123 G. A. A. 133 1435 Sec. 143 Basketball 1433 Baseball 133 143 Commercial Club 133 1433 Sec. 143 Secretary Class 143 Peg O' My Heart 133 His Majesty, Bunker Beau 143 Asst. Editor Asti-um 143 GWENDOLYN WILLITS "Here's to a maiden, lithe and tall, To one who is a friend to all." Glee Club 113 123 133 143 Yankie San 123 Commercial Iluh 133 1433 Pres. 143 Basketball, Track 133 Minstrel Show 133 Art Editor of Commercial Success 143 HARVEY THOMPSON "Harvey's long and lank and lean, Bright and shining, verdant green." Kemper Mil'tary School 113 Cripple Creek 123 Basketball 1333 Fcotball 133 Peg O' My Heart 133 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 143 Secretary Ag Club 143 Treasurer Class 143 ' Commercial Club 143 FAITH COOKE "Bright as the sun her eyes the gazers strike, . And, like the sun, they shine on all alike." Glee Club 113 123 133 Yankie San 1233 G. A. A. 133 Peg O' My Heart 133 Minstrel Show 133 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 143 MILDRED THOMPSON "You might think that Mildred's shy, But mischief lurks within her eye." Cripple Creek 113 123 . Glee Club 133 i Basketball 133 143: G. A. A. 133 143 Commercial Club 143 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 143 Public Speaking 133 THE ASTRUM 17 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL CLARENCE STEPHENS l "When Joy and Duty clash, A Let Duty go to smash." E Basketball 115 125 135 145 1 Football 115 125 135 l Commercial Club 145 1 Ag Club 145 N Class President 135 Track 115 125 Baseball 115 YVONNE BERGLUND "All that is good, and sweet and fair, Are folded in, and nestled there." Glee Club 115 125 135 Commercial Club 135 145 Literary Contest 125 Basketball 135 145 Editor-in-chief of "A" 145 Treasurer Class 135 G. A. A. 135 145 Secretary of G. A. A. 135 Vice President of G. A. A, 145 Orchestra 145 Track 135 Snap Shot Editor of Astrum 145 LEO JOHNSON "God bless the man that invented sleep, So that I late hours may keep." Football 135 145 Commercial Club 145 Ag Club 145 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 145 Asst. Business Manager Astrum 145 MARIE PERRIN "So prim and pretty is this lass, That we're proud to have her in our class." Monmouth 115 125 Peg O' My Heart 135 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 145 G. A. A. 135 145 Glee Club 135 Basketball 135 Baseball 135 Commercial Club 145 COLBY PINKERTON "Much of wisdom, worth and tact, A handsome lad well liked in fact." Vice president Class 135 145 Ag Club 145 Track 135 Basketball 145 GRACE SEIVER l "A brow that knows not how to frowng A dimpled face ne'er solemn." Glee Club 115 135 Yankie San 125 G. A. A. 135 ' Commercial Club 145 18 THE ASTRUM THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL DONALD DURNING "His limbs were cast in manly mould, For hardy sports, or contests bold." Ninth Grade School 111 Track 121 ,131 141 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 141 Commercial Club 141 Ag Club 141 OPAL BROWN "We've all a liking for Opal Brown, Who has always a smile and seldom a frown." Glee Club 121 141 Yankie San 121 G. A. A. 131 Commercial Club 141 BERTHA DUNGAN " 'Johnny' is quite fat, and yet she likes to eat, . But a jollier disposition you very seldom meet." G. A. A, 131 141 Basketball 131 Literary Editor Astrum 141 HARRY O. BROWN "Always asleep in Civics class, We almost wonder how he can pass." Football 141 Commercial Club 131 141 Ag Club 141 ANNETTA SEEFELD "Always smiling, never crying, Always trying, never sighing." Glee Club 121 131 141 Yankie San 131 Minstrel Show 131 G. A. A. 131 Commercial Club 141 IVY DRAKE "A blue eyed Miss with yellow hair. This lass is blessed with wisdom rare." Glee Club 111 121 G. A. A. 131 141 Baseball 131 Basketball 131 141 Commercial Club 131 141 Vice Pres. Commercial Club 141 Peg O' My.Heart 131 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 141 Calendar editor Astrum 141 Debate Club 141 Valedictorian 19 ALEDCIPHGJISCTKMDL l i 20 BESSE HODGSON "Besse is our newspaper worker, You'l1 find her never a shirkerf' New Boston 113 123 G. A. A. 133 143 Basketball 133 Asst. Editor of "A" 143 Editor-in-chief Co1n'l. Success 143 Commercial Club 143 Debating Club 143 Kiwanis Essay 133 LARRY MORFORD "Larry Morford is bashful and shy, To make a speech he'd seldom try." Football 133 143 Ag Club 143 MARY HOLMES "High flights have shown both wit and will, And so her tongue is seldom still." Viola 113 123 133 G A. A. 143 Commercial Club 143 His Vfaiesty. Bunker Bean 143 Cartoonist of Astrum 143 FRANCES RUSH "Has the Irish spirit and tho' t'me flies, She's not in the hurry her name implies." G. A. A. 133 Glee Club 143 Commercial Club 133 143 ELWIN WHITNEY "Elwin's so bashful, poor Elwln's so shy, lf a girl should smile at him he sure would die " Football 143 Track 133 143 Commercial Club 143 Public Speaking 133 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 143 FRANCES HARBOUR "Modest, quiet, and ever kind, A nicer girl you ne'er will find " Glee Club 113 G. A. A. 133 'rl-in ASTRUM THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL MARY BUTCHER "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, your you must hate, lessons Or perhaps you never study, because you have a date." Glee Club 113 Baseball 133 Commercial Club 133 143 CARL ANDERSON "Kel1y's our basketball star, We hope his fame he'll never mar." Seaton 113 123 Basketball 133 143 Football 133 143 Ag Club 143 Commercial Club 143 GLADYS MINTEER "A saucy maiden with hair of gold, It shines so bright she should never get cold." Glee Club 113 123 133 Yankie San 123 Minstrel Show 133 Commercial Club 143 EDWARD WATSON 'Ohg that I had a thousand tongu which to speak." Glee Club 123 133 143 Public Speaking 133 143 Yankie San 123 es with His Majesty, Bunker Bean 143 Commercial Club 143 MARY ALICE CLARKE 'Mary Alice, calm, sedate, Lots of brains in her brown pate." Glee Club 113 123 133 Yankie San 123 Public Speaking 133 Her Husband's Wife 133 G. A. A. 133 Basketball 133 Editor-in-chief Astrum 143 Orchestra 143 Debate Club 143 Salutatorian RALPH MONSON "We all have to look up to him." Glee Club 123 Yankie San 123 Minstrel Show 133 Commercial Club 143 Business Mgr. Astrum 143 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 1 22 ELLA LITZENBERGER "Short and jolly and rather fat, But Ella cares not a snap for that." Glee Club C13 C23 C33 Yankie San C23 G. A. A. C33 C43 Minstrel Show C33 Baseball C33 Basketball C33 C43 Public Speaking C33 Her Husbands Wife C33 Commercial Club C33 C43 Debate Club C43 JOHN LEMON "I don't hate the girls, But I lack the nerve." 'Glee Club C23 Yankie San C23 Commercial Club C33 C43 Ag Club C43 FERNE THOMAS "Fernie is liked by one and all, For her bright smile and merry call." Muscatine C13 C23 G. A. A. C33 C43 Commercial Club C43 Track C33 MARGARET GILMORE 'A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warn, to comfort and command." Commercial Club C33 C43 G. A. A. C33 CHARLES DUVALL "His accomplishment is tickling the 'Ivories'." Glee Club C13 C23 C33 C43 Boys' Quartette C23 Yankie San C23 Literary Contest C23 C33 Minstrel Show C33 Peg O' My Heart C33 His Majesty, Bunker Bean C43 Commercial Club C43 . Uke Club C23 ETHEL PARKINSON "Variety is the spice of lifeg here's a variety. A girl who is quiet." Glee Club C13 C23 Yankie San C23 G. A. A. C33 Commercial Club C33 C43 THE ASTRUM 1 l THE ASTRUM - ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL FLORENCE HYETT "Florence always wears a. smile, It's a fashion that's never out of style." Commercial Club C31 C41 G. A. A. C31 FRANCIS JOHNSTON "Happy am I, from care I'm free, Why a,ren't all content like me." Reynolds C11 C21 C31 Ag Club C41 His Majesty, Bunker Bean C41 Football C41 Basketball C41 CLIO MCINTYRE "Quite the sweetest lass, That ever had a looking glass." Seaton C11 C21 C31 MARY WAGONER "Be to her virtues very kind, Be to her faults a little blind." ' Glee Club C11 C21 C31 Yankie San C21 G. A. A. C31 C41 Track C31 Basketball C31 Baseball C31 LYLE BRADFORD "Lyle with Mabelle always is seen, Mabelle thinks he's pretty keen." Commercial Club .C31 C41 Ag Club C41 Orchestra C31 C41 Football C31 C41 ELSA PETERSON " 'Mutt' moons each day in the study hall, Her mind nine miles away, I wonder whom she dreams about, Or if her dreams will pay." Commercial Club C31 C41 G. A. A. C31 C41 Glee Club C31 C41 Minstrel Show C31 23 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 24 DALLAS BROWN "Though Dallas is small, not so his wit, His size doesn't bother him a bit." Glee Club 123 Yankie San 123 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 143 Track 123 133 143 Commercial Club 133 143 ANABEL LITZENBERGER "Tall and slender, divinely straightg And for an appointment was never late." Glee Club 113 123 133 Yankie San 123 Commeical Club 133 143 ELVIRA KINDLESPERGER "Though she seems shy at first sight, After acquaintance proves delight." Seaton 113 123 133 Commercial Club 143 ROY YERKEY "Most contrary man I know, Always saying, 'That's not so'." Peg O' My Heart 133 Football 143 His Majesty, Bunker Bean 143 Joke Editor of Astrum 143 Commercial Club 133 143 HELEN THORNTON "Very quiet, manners mild, In fact, she's a perfect child." Glee Club 113 123 Commercial Club 133 143 G. A. A. 133 Basketball 133 Baseball 133 N-ORA PENMAN "No, no, Nora, we couldn't forget you, For we're so glad that we have met you. Williston, N. Dakota 113 123 133 G. A. A. 143 Commercial Club 143 vv THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL ODE TO THE SENIORS '24 S is for Seniors, For that are weg E is for Earnest, That you may seeg N is for Naughty, For sometimes we areg I is for Innocence, Which we shall not marg O is for Order, And that we do keepg R is for Reward, That we'll surely seekg S-E-N-I-0-R-S, spells Seniors, The dignified We. -FRANCES RUSH. THE ASTRUM 25 fi, ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL uuicnrs ...0... xf fj ggox J f 4 E 3 ,mf-' '12 I 5 Y Q 'ig . if y V fi: Q55 xfw X N '49 X 7 l Z f p X gr xl T1 : y 1 F95 J fav ,j X' ,1 Jay, I 4 fm S. 44' A fd ff, 5 5 gif, f CW an 2 TR, J 5- ' ' M 's Q +2 . ' v E E l X I X X X W QQ f I xi is 1 QX X 2 4 A ff . ,f,,- f Q? 2 wx, 'Sf Q X ' ,f sf A HU. . 1 +1f4,.q I, :H , ' ni, f" A L. VL Wf'-1 f ' 5 Q 'ff-1 M-,fQ,,xX7 D ,gf 'QL "f,. "-7.1.--.1 1' Q - Gab ' n ,W V: , W2e,2f.,' Q f l I , I 1 , 2. ' . ffm X- , .'e'?f MJ-f ""fe+X. , qx 1 'l -. me 1 'M . ,. 150' If U Q Q Y . 1 --f-F d , 1 f"' X--'y,wlJ , ' k w w' xx H- Y fgf f' 94. 3 'f'f ffm!! gf f 'i gfff , 'Viz' ,z , , 1,1 fix' AMT gr' H f AX - -who 7,5 gn?, , A414 ri J: .az If 7 ,, ., 7, 2 :,,,v.,,, u ky, f ' 45 Ugf, - 9 'cf-f A L ff ff ,W W I ,, fk, ' J i F! high 47 ff Q ,if 'I ff, ' A45 V 2- A an ' jg., M, If ,, "' 6.4 "V 57 2517 ' ' F, .aiu dl wg, 1 f 1, ,. ..f Q l 5 5145! I 'f ' 4 ' 1 , . 44 w K W Af ' - ff, 22:3 ' , fn H K ' - - 4 f ,J K Eg ' 'X QXXA if 4-A f- ' f f fx! K x XX V ,f fr 75' s g x THE ASTRUM R S iii Q 'Y '09 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 28 JUNIOR OFFICERS Ralph Sheese : ' ' : President Mabelle Butcher : : Vice-President Margaret Clarke : ' : Treasurer Harold Hofer : : : Secretary Colors Purple and Gold Flower Violet k Motto Excelsior THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL TO THE JUNIORS Here's to the class of '25! Every member is quite alive, Ready and willing and full of pep, Working together, and keeping in step. True to their classmates and teachers, too, Doing well what there is to do. May they win in every strife, And learn to play the game of Life. Here's to the class of '25! Always busy as bees in their hive. Honest as Lincoln, everyone, But full of spirit and ready for fun. In athletics do their best, Work and win for A. H. S. Our prayer that in time we shall pass. And that some may profit by this class. -MILDRED DRAKE JUNIOR ROLL Yirgil Anderson Frances Bailey Helen Baxter Decker Berglund Leona Bivens Ruth Bjorkman Paul Black Kathryn Blayney Ruth Bonynge Veneta Braucht Berne Brown Mabelle Butcher Alice Cabeen Margaret Clarke Hazel Chandler Leo Damp Pauline Dorothy Mildred Drake Lyle Durning Marjorie Edgar THE ASTRUM Anna Lee Garrett Harold Hofer Ira Hofer Helen Johnson Verne Lemon Irene Lenz Leota Lenz Mina Rae Morfort' Beard McCreight Helen Newell Lyle Newton Nathan Sabbath Ralph Sheese Lucille Sherer Clarence Thomas Ernest Walters Richard Warnock Raymond Wells Rowena Wells Ruth White A f Sophomores 401 2443, 'X 5 Y-5' I N 7, Q wx fl 4 , V g Q IX X f J rdf fish? X MX A , ' I -V v I XX 4' X Y Xgw, '-ff' f -N, ' - ,Xw Ah iii H Y f f , ff -5 Q -if 'Q , HM : ,. FX ' N N M ff, 1, nf- Q , 5 U, ,' f S a 2, y 41 icffff ,I -75 XX -,'B'wN ,QM I ,fir ml SX 1 H: 1W p3'w Irv' , Mn X X Q X .dei f if J' F ' x S9 lg ig qv, s I xx ,451 'XX-X. ffiiiiif- QR ko' 5 X X Q 5 ' 'H V , '- A' "ff X x 1 35+-.N , 12117 L'9jh5j51 ,: 1341"-Y' 3 - - ' '31 1- A W-f - Y-,V, ' ,. ' ,Qfgx I -n 43:56, Y, - I V K J n A , iii I 4 'f Q 1:1 ,le . Q2 -Q fwgfky M5922 -na I 'ff .f Y ,fi "Tig ,rf .gh ' v . Q4 W 57 ,' ivfig,-Q rdf 35, 1 ' rl ,- , W s f ' .3 , gjzff I ,. ' cd Y an f "Eg :2 5 fx- 52 ff M ff Y ir QW fl .Z Zi" 5 f iw M X 3 1. Z! if f" Q.. I xy sss lr -x.. Z K g THE ASTRUM '09 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 34 +nii 'Asfizuiw . K ., ra! ' x Nl 0 W F5 L I y. ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORE ROLL Francis Barnes Marie Barrell Edith Baxter Florence Bear Hugh Cabeen Hayes Calhoun William Chinlund Vivian Decker Edna Dungan Ruth Dunn Dlale Fender Herbert Fisher Stanley Foote Cecile Gorman Verda Gorman Gerald Greer Opal Henry Opal Harris Donnie Heck Mary Heck Esther Johnson Bernice Kennedy Helen Sutton Katherine Whitehall Rachel Lemon Sara Lemon Dorathalene Litzenberger Beulah Lunn Myrna Mayhew Theodore Moberg Glenn Monson Mae Morgan Josephine Morris Jennie Murphy Dorothy McPherren Alice O'Day Donne Olin Harry Olson Leonard Olson Ruth Perrin Anna Ruse Arthur Rush Charlie Sabbath Gladys Scannell Velma Scull Laurence Skinner Florence Thornton Allen Morford 'rust ,-5 fi 7 1 if -T 4 'ff' ,mi F1 15 .17 35 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Freshmen HO- Z ff?f X A ii gix 7, A 22 lil if 5 g f 'jg 22 V - , Q 5 ' ' 5 X -1 l A ,f f 1 - fifwfq ' " ,Z:. X? V A , 'iff- 4 1 rf 1 Q f Y +u RH , ,ful gi Q Q ,U N ,...'s,. 4 '54"jIz- 5,mg+ fm I n mf H: . ff:fV', 'ld M : 'Hx Ni E 5 634 A ff- f- T4 ' f ,f A ' ' L ,N 1 1- , .-:Af 1 ff if fm-If Q V 1 4 MZLZMQ My f QM mv- ,9 Z A417 Z' ' , 4, ,g ll Wg? 11 'gi is 'I ww' 55 5 Y! f 5 1 . eil 2' - I Z ff W rf f 'hx 9 1 440 f -Z! .Z-"" ' fgf4 E H 'H gms' fl, X a ,OO Nl Sss an THE ASTRUM Q si 5 im ' 'Y '69 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 1 38 THE. ASTRUM QQ fe Ax f AW 3 .bil RQ? fl f .u. 7 XX Q M THE ASTRUM F RESHIVIEN ROLL Margaret Amlong Fred Anderson Gale Anderson Kathryn Arrick Fred Bahringer John Bell Allen Bennett Teckla Berglund Ola Bigham Mary Bivens Holmes Black Irene Bonynge Vera Boyles Harry Brower Rex Brown Valance Brown Homer Chandler Mabel Crawford Rose Dagan Juanita Dixon Roy Duffield Gracie Downey Leroy Egbert Edward Emrick Lee Fender Bruce Fleming Evangeline Gustafson Dale Guthrie Rolland Lyons Kermit Mason Adria Mayhew Verle Miller Wilma Minteer Myrtle Mizner Kathleen Morford Bert Morgan Donald Moseley Norman Mumey William McHard Lorna Parkinson Donovan Pullen Edgar Rush Walter Rush Edward Sharer Ruth Sharer Harold Sharer Ardis Sheats Harry Smith Roy Stephens Lucille Tyler Twila Vance Everett Wakeland Harold Walters Elizabeth Wilson Hettie Yerkey Marion Yerkey Irwin Hamilton Lenore Hawks Bertha Johnson Dail Harris Lydia Jackson Forrest Kindelsperger Leslie James McDonald ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL will 95,4 I Swv- H -I! 0.0 Lge fx M, 'ks ff 25.1. CPG? 39 Auano HIGH SCHOOL Athletics Pb .Tog- ,, r-!Jr.,., - - - f'2f -N Z7 4 3' . f'-' - - :AQQ-V M I A L ..-:ff ff N ' I 5 y ii. Q- I 4. E 2 W ff :E f 4 if f Z Q S - ,217 :T- g ' ' 'W x A 2. A 'Wjffl 'Zz' x Wm V - 14,, , 1 , . . f 4 A Q gan , Q 1 1 3 5251,-. 1, f 1 N ww ,ff ,f ,',,1g,fff,f,, If ,f Q: KQ4. AQ- A x 15 A may ,' VN, y -- - A -- , 1 1, -- , M ' 1, 77 X AJR-w. ff M f 1222 2 QW, , I ,f H J fy Mfafm 'Z n !? Y ff? I 1 -- ' F2 211515 ' Z f ,sn 35 iv C S I ,f Eg v0 Z 'N-.5 6 fa fJ ,- IW Z' ' x, Nl 'Q,. W 8,55 1 , i -, 1 s-5 5... THE ASTRUM .49 qi 41 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL x 42 923 I ALL SQUAD TB FOO THE ASTRUM THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL COACH CONSTANT Under the direction of Coach Constant A. H. S. turned out as good a football team as it has had for a number of years. He had to work hard as he had quite a. number of inexperienced men to train. Neverthe- less, he brought them through quite a suc- cessful season in good condition. Too much credit cannot be given to Coach Constant. 10-. LEO JOHNSON 1CaptainJ Capt. Johnson led the team through one of the most successful seasons that A. H. S. has had for years. For two years he has fought his way on the gridiron and he has given all that was in him. He was sure of his tackles and used his head to best ad- vantage. He was hard to beat at half- back and his loss will be greatly felt. .-01 RALPH SHEESE fCaptain-Electj Sheese was our plunging fullback. Ow- ing to lack of experience at the first of the season he was slowed down some, but he soon learned the game. He hit the line hard and made good gains off guard. He will be a valuable man on' the team next fall. -0- CARL ANDERSON Anderson was right there when it came to playing center. It was around him that the line was built. He found little difficulty in breaking through and getting the opponent before he started. He out-classed any man that played against him this year. He will be missed next fall. , -.Oi LARRY MORFORD Morford- was a remarkable end. He was an experienced player and was very success- ful in running down punts and breaking up plays. He was a hard tackler and it will thus be hard to find a better man to take his place on next year's team. .-0... FRANCIS JOHNSTON Johnston was handicapped at the begin- ning of the season through lack of exper- ience, but he developed into a wonderful guard. He was unable to be moved and tore an awful hole in the opposing line. His shoes will be hard to fill next year. ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 44 VIRGIL ANDERSON Virgil was a real guard. No man was too big or too hard for him to handle. He was a fighter to the very finish and a bear at tackles and at recovering fumbles. With his two year's experience he should be one of the outstanding players next year. ..O-. WILLIAM HAWKS Hawks was our brainy and speedy little quarterback. He ran the team in an ex- cellent manner and was a hard man to stop in running back punts. It will be difficult to find a man of his speed and ability to run the team next year. .-O.. EDGAR RUSH Rush, a Freshman, has begun his athletic career in fine style. As the season ad- vanced he developed into a real tackle. He had the fighting Irish spirit and surely ought to tear things up next fall. ...Oi ROY STEPHENS Ted was a wicked man to carry the ball. H0 filled his position at halfback well and he made some long gains off tackle, He had a mean straight arm on end runs and was very hard to down. Next year Ted ought to be one of the stars on the team. 10... DALE FENDER Fender was a new man and therefore a little slow at the start. However, the coach worked with him and developed a. good tackle out of him. He has the bull-dog spirit and will show up strong next year. .-0.- LYLE BRADFORD Bradford easily captured the other end. He was noted for his speed and never fall- ed to get down the field on punts. He was especially good at breaking up runs: then too, he could be shifted to the backfield without weakening the team. He also is lost through graduation. THE ASTRUM THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL HARRY BROWN Brown was always ready to take his posi- tion at tackle. He was a hard fighter and was always ready to give his all for the A. H. S. Another Senior which means an- other loss for next year's squad. .-OQ. FRED ANDERSON Freddie was always ready to take his p'ace in the line. He could be put in with- out weakening the team a bit. He ought to be a main cog in the machine next fall. Lo.. ELWIN WHITNEY Whitney was also new at the gameg how- ever, he had that fighting spirit which all good football players have. If he orily had another year he would have been a star player. 107 HERBERT FISHER Fisher was the best trainer on the squad and he was ready to get in and fight any minute. Next year Fisher will probably take his stand in the gridiron as a regular player. -0- LEE FENDER Lee was small in size, but he deserves much credit for his peppy spirit. Lee is a Freshman and with three more years he should be a big factor in Aledo's coming elevens. I io.. ROY YERKEY Yerkey was also a line man. He was lacking a little in weight, yet whenever he got a chance he demonstrated that he had ability. Yerkey deserves honorable mention for what he did last fall. ALEDQ 1-ggqu scl-1001. AW! ff LQ41 R Q - AE 5 tb x ix N- ei ' 46 fm: Xsimiki ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL THE FOOTBALL SEASON ..0.. BIGGSVILLE 0, ALEDO 0 The game was held Friday, October 5th at Biggsville. It was a hard fought battle for both sides. Neither team was able to gain any scores although Aledo had the ball most of the time and was near scoring once 3 hard luck, however overtook them. Biggs- ville was outclassed by the Aledo squad and could not gain ground to any extent. The game ended 0 to 0. OAKVILLE 0, ALEDO 40 The game was held at Oakville, October 19th. The first quarter was terms, but the second, third and fourth quarters Aledo did some mighty as the boys managed to pile up 40 points to Oakville's none. Oakville passing, but in this she did not have very much success as Aledo was held on even good playing tried lots of always right there to break them up. Aledo went home that night feeling fine over the victory. WOODHULL 0, ALEDO 20 Friday, October 26th, was a cold, rainy disagreeable dayg nevertheless a game was held with Woodhull which ended in a victory for Aledo by the tune of 20 to 0. Here The first quarter gained nothing were still evenly matched. In the points. Neither side gained any- a hot battle. again Aledo displayed their determination to win. for either side and at the end of the half the teams third quarter Aledo did her work by pulling in 20 thing the fourth quarter which goes to show it was ALEXIS 6, ALEDO 0 The Alexis game was held November lst and was the biggest game of the season. Much enthusiasm was aroused among the football fans of the county. The first quarter Alexis made good gains and at the end of the first quarter were within a few yards of the goal. The half ended with Alexis gaining 6 points. The last half was a harder fought battle than the first. Aledo showed strength by keeping Alexis from gaining any more points during the rest of the game. Alexis won, but it was no dis- grace for Aledo as she was beaten by one of the best teams in the state. EAST MOLINE 17, ALEDO 14 This game was held November Moline, the score being 17 to 14. First quarter Aledo gained two half ended 14 to 2 in favor of East to 14 to 14. The last quarter East a good game all the way through. KNOXVILLE 6, ALEDO 0 10th at East Moline and ended in victory for East points by a safety and East Moline got seven. The Moline. The third quarter Aledo evened things up Moline got a drop kick making it 17 to 14. lt was This game was held November 16th at Knoxville, and was a very exciting game. In the first quarter Knoxville got six points, but no more were earned by either side from then on. Most of the playing was done in the middle of the field, neither side being able to break through its opponents line. CORPUS CHRIST! 0, ALEDO 31 On October 12th, Corpus Christi was the attraction. The Galesburg lads could do nothing with the strong Aledo line. The first quarter ended 6 to 0 in favor of Aledo. The second quarter Aledo crossed the line twice which made it 19 to 0 at the end of the half. The third quarter was the hardest fought, neither side gaining any points. In the final quarter Aledo crossed the line twice, thus finishing the game 31 to 0 in favor of Aledo. KEITHSBURG 0, ALEDO 46 November 23rd Keithsburg came to Aledo to play the Aledo high school. She was outclassed by the Aledo aggregation who in each quarter managed to pile up scores. It was quite an exciting game from the first as both teams did their utmost. Keithsburg went home with a defeat of 46 to 0. This was the last game of the season and the Aledo boys made a good job ending the season. THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 48 THE ASTRUM THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL WILLIAM HAWKS The captain of this season's teamg he was always shifty and had plenty of fight and basket shooting ability. He is a sen- ior this year and will be missed in next year's line up. . ion- CLARENCE STEPHENS Ever since his Freshman year Clarence has been on the basketball teamg he was always full of pep and very efficient in handling the ball so as to score points. He is another man who leaves this year by graduation. -01. CARL ANDERSON The running guard who had the big fight for QA. H. S. ln this position he can hardly be outclassed as it is very hard for the op- ponent to get a shot when Carl is near at hand. He leaves another large hole to fill next year. -O.. VIRGIL ANDERSON tCaptain-Elelcty The standing guard who is right on the spot to grab the ball off the bankboard and throw it back in the other direction. He will be a great asset for next year's team. -0-- TED STEPHENS This is his freshman year and he has showed up remarkably well on the floor as a forward. His basket shooting ability has changed the course of many a game. He will be a good man for the teams in the next three Years. ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 50 FRANCIS JOHNSTON Tarzan has gone to school at Reynolds for three preyious years and came to Aledo in his yast year. He has showed up well as a center and his absence next year will be felt. 10, LYLE NEWTON A speedy and shifty forward with a dead aim for the basket and always ready to do his part in the game. Next year he will be a good man at the forward position. ,0... NATHAN SABBATH At the forward position he is beyond cri- ticism due to his alertness and basket shoot- ing ability. He will be another good man on next year's basketball squad. 10- CHARLES SABBATH He is quick and full of action, ready at all times to lend his hand, in the games. He is another member who will take a part in next year's team. 10.1 TEDDY MOBERG A Sophomore this year who has the mak- ing of a good basket shooter. Although he did not play in any of the scheduled games he will make good timber for next year. THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL The Basketball team was very successful this season, winning eleven games out of nineteen. Aledo took the county tournament and also made a good record at the Rock Island district tournament. In all the games played the boys did remarkably well and at all the games held at home, the gymnasium was filled with a crowd full of peppy rooters. There four seniors on the team who have made high honors and their absence will be felt next year, but there remains other good players who will make next year even a more successful season. The players who graduate are: Clarence Stephens, Francis Johnston, William Hawks and Carl Anderson. For next year's squad there are: Virgil Anderson, Lyle Newton, Nathan Sabbath, Ted Stephens, Charlie Sabbath, Teddy Moberg, Donovan Pullen and others who should come out of the kinks next year. -0- SEASON'S RECORD Aledo 12, New Boston 14. Aledo 39, New Boston 7. Aledo 15, Viola 5. Aledo 20, Sherrard 15. Aledo 6, Moline 23. Aledo 17, East Moline 21. Aledo 12, Viola 8. Aledo 16, Rock Island 19. Aledo 11 Sherrard 19. Aledo 19, Woodhull 14. Aledo 16 Orion 15. Aledo 14, Sherrard 15. Aledo 13, New Boston 12. Aledo 7, Corpus Christi 13. Aledo 23, Corpus Christi 16. Aledo 14, Orion 15. Aledo 24, Seaton 12. Aledo 14, East Moline 9. Aledo 16 Viola 12. Aledo 14, East Moline 10 THE ASTRUM Aledo 13, Rock Falls 25 59 41 A 43' - 51 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 52 Hebel, Monson, George Ralph John Vance, Peterson, 66 urning, L Top Row-Harland Lane, Donald D Mr. Geary Qcoachj. ewton, Lyle Durning, Dallas Brown. yle N Whitney, L Davis, Elwin m Row-Meredith Botto THDE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL TRACK I 923 After a week of hard training the inter-class meet was held. This caused much interest among the pupils. After all was over the Seniors were found to be first with the Juniors a close second. A week later a dual meet was held with East Moline high school which resulted in victory for East Moline, the score being 62 to 55. Next came the Military Tract at Knoxville in which two men from Aledo each captured a second 3 John Vance in the pole vault and George Hebel in the half mile. A few weeks later the county meet was held. It was supposed to be held May 12th, but it was postponed until the following Wednesday. In this event Aledo had a little hard luck as one of Aledo's contestants was unable to enter in all his events. Joy was a decided winner of the day. T'hose composing the team were: Vance, Hebel, D. Durning, L. Durning, Newton, Peterson, Monson, Lane, Davis and Dunlap. Peterson, Vance, Davis and Hebel won letters. The following is Aledo's standing in the East Moline meet: 50 yard dash 1213 100 yard 1313 220 yard 1tie for second1g 440 yard 12-313 V2 mile 11-315 220 hurdles 1215 running broad 111g running high 12-315 pole vault 11-213 shot put 1215 discus 12-313 javelin 11-213 mile run 12-31. 'D Results of the County Track Meet: 50 yard dash 1315 mile run 1213 440 yard 1315 pole vault 1215 javelin 1215 220 yard hurdles 1213 relay 131. 13,0 ,gass- THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 54 SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM WINNER INTER-CLASS TOURNAMENT THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL F RESHIVIAN BASKETBALL TEAM WINNER INTER-CLASS TOURNAMENT Standing-Wilma Minteer, Margaret Amlong, Evangeline Gustafson, Miss Whitesell, fcoachj. SeatedwVera Boyles, Kathryn Arrick, Mabyle Crawford, Teckla Berglund fcaptainb. THE ASTRUM 55 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Years and years ago, when the Grecian people possessed the highest civilization of any country, there existed a belief among them, that somewhere on earth was a magic fountain of youth. The fountain perpetuated life and bestowed happiness to the ones who were lucky enough to find it and drink from its springs of sparkling water. We have learned from our ancient histories, and from the legends that have come down to us, that the Grecian people were a strong race. In battle they were hard to vanquish. Some of their esteemed leaders lived, as history tells us, to be hoary-headed men, and still retained the vigor of their youth. But had they drank from the waters of a so-called fountain of youth, whose waters were kept running by the mysterious legendary Gods of the Ancients? No such miracle existed. The secret was this: From the time of infancy, boys were trained in gym- nastics, so that they might take part in the tournaments, to which all the people flocked, to see them exhibit their strength and to out-do each other. But sports were not the only things which they had to know in those days. At the age of eighteen years, they were compelled to take a course of training in the army. The result of this rigid training was a race of strong, muscular men who wielded the battle-axes with a mighty swing. This physical training was not only for boys alone, but also the girls. They had their part in sports too, although they did not make public exhibitions. We know that the Greeks are a sturdy little race of people, and very strong for the size of their country and why? Because physical training made up a great part of the lives of their ancient fathers and mothers. That was their fountain of youth. There is no reason why the young people of today cannot be on equal standing with their Grecian brothers and sisters. In schools of America, the opportunity is given to every student to become as mentally and physically alert as it is possible. Compulsory physical training is a blessing, but perhaps the day will come when it will not have to be compulsory, especially among the higher grades. Students of Aledo high school, drink from this fountain of youth while it is within your reach and help make the coming generation fit to combat with the greatest forces of the world. --GLADYS MINTEER. ig., , ,th W k THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Urganizatiion f A r' " ' f 4fSN Kr' f -le Ay!! -I 5 J ' A' HX, 3 1,1733 ig Q4 - f 4 V fn J, -4 22 W ifi Q 3 E Q. H I iQfx5X A ,aff s -,, wif H--' f f 'f ' H --.L X -5 -fn - . ff A N M S , iiwfn ::2 ,,jf:,mwi?7i H 1 IWW! X . ,HH Q. , M+Hrw '+ in X?Wf1E::fiZ1l? M !'!f'Lk'4lax ,4 xv Q H - flu- N3 ' Ae f1" x , K 'P- wil 'Zi L -M if ' ,ff gf? Hgfnm M . ' W 2 ,u '11 .ffliie -i Af 1' 'z ww W- f ,. 'EG' 5, , M 4 : . egg -- , Z 122, W rf f 'NN f f J! f-- ' Z' mf. EEL ri. fd -in .sb gl'7-I Osisb I 5 QO H .. Af '619 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL G. A. A. CLUB -0- Gwendolyn Willits : President Yvonne Berglunrl 2 Vice Presidellt Mabelle Butcher : Treasurer Ivy Drake : ' Secretary ig? A ff 4 L -2 2. fn 58 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Yvonne Berglund Roy Stephens Lyle Bradford : Harry Olson 1 Ralph Monson 1 Floyd Weihler Margaret Clarke : Velma Scull : : Phillip Licata THE ASTRUM ORCHESTRA --01 Piano Banjo Cornet Cornet Violin Violin Violin Violin Edith Baxter Fred Bahringer : Virgil Anderson Raymond VVells : Beard McCreight : Lee Fender : Mary Alice Clarke Stanley Foote : : : Instructor Violin Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet Saxaphone Saxaphone 'Saxaphone : Drums ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL COMMERCIAL CLUB .-3.- Lyle Newton : President Ivy Drake : : Vice President Helen Stead 1 z Secretary Virgil Anderson 2 Treasurer 60 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB Theodore Moberg : . : : President Ruth Bjcrkman : : Vice President Kathryn Blayney Secretary and Treasurer L Z-N THE ASTRUM 61 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL "AG" CLUB FII'St Semester Colby Pinkerton John Lemon : Harvey Thompson Harry O. Brown 62 Second Semester : President Lyle Bradford : : Vice President Ralph Monson : Vice : Secretary Larry Morford 1 1 Treasurer Donald Durning : : "AG" CLUB ACTIVITIES Coon Banquet. Father and Son Banquet. Corn Exhibit. Judging Contest. President President Secretary Treasurer THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE CLUB -O? Coach... ,,,,.,,..AA. , .... Miss Bertha Sexton Affirmative Team- Alice Cabeen Roy Yerkey Besse Hodgson Alternate- Mary Alice Clarke. Result- Alexis 2, Ale-do 1. THE ASTRUM Negative Team- Ella Litzenberger lvy Drake- Mary Holmes Alternate- Bertha Dungan. Result- Knoxville 2, Aledo 1. 63 Literar 10... f . . ., . ff? X f Xp!!! X X, 4: 1:-, if : f- zllkiss F ' --' 1 fi, 2 A 23. +I Q A , f f , Ig ' eg fm iq kkhi 3 Nkxi xX jg-V Ii I yl 1 gi ry JL QI WE M W fy W IM 5 '35 iff" S P , Vx!! 5 W f 1542 f Nw 4,f!0 55 W 0 -'fv FX ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL S. 5 'ZX--""g-f Z-5. fzyf fs- fxgfjf!-,,'X5 W .skssw XXX n. 5 ' X Nw-,s ..L, X X 3-R4 '.w xp !":1'.T T..' S ' wY'XyfNX',1K3Ex..:QX QN' 1 -- ' QFTT-::::A? x7g ,Xb 2, Q. N R., 5 5K-?Q2'f'e..f5? s 1- -, xg W ' 5 I, 11423 1 XX N, X N55 ff' Lgfffff HQ X5 fi fwwrcf f f ' , ,Z ff I ff f f 4 i i -eg Y Q f Xf fi I I ififxg HQ X Xi '- Q 935:51 ' A X Q ,, 1-1 T ff ff ,aiu 11 A 1 we .45 . X v X l:A:uLA i4 . ,A " Q-QX QAQ? X X M' f ip ' A V- 15: X 'N V frmsw fp x 1 l' AM4,::'FQx59f'l!+ix :wx W , K-XY 9 'fu' X -. XM, WYS N x,,iq!XlW,,A h Yykgf, : x .L YQ QS-bf" Q ' -A1 ,N Wk, Xvxb ZNEQQ: X Q S S' , A Q Y NN 'MX' XXXXEX .fa J N '. YEMEN X .gggw w S ! ' L ,Hx I X I wi, . l i I s-u. 's.- ,s b NX ,Q THE ASTRUM 'Y '69 65 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 66 923 NTEST, I CO ERARY LIT TY UN IN THE CO RS WINNE NJC! BIO ,B if CD no U2 III D O.. CI N F- O E.. SI Q2 -OJ be-. lm TJ -40 0-PEI 33 II QE gp!!! om Declamation wena Wells Ro THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL "SUNSHINE OUT OF DARKNESS" Nestled away in the big city of New York, is a little house where Tommy Lane lives. It was the evening before Christmasg the snow had fallen steadily all day until the streets were blanketed with a. cover of soft, white, gleaming snow. Tommy was sitting by his window with his little curly head on his sister's lap. He was a cripple, and the doctors had once said that it was almost impossible for him to ever become entirely well, but in time by careful nursing he might be able to walk on crutches. Tommy, however, did not think he would ever be of any use to the rworld, and so he didn't care to become wellg in fact he sometimes wished for death as a welcome relief from his suffering. Now on this particular day Tommy happened to be in exactly that state of mind, Alice, his sister, was trying hard to cheer him, but Tommy was cross, and his pain was somewhat worse that evening. Finally Alice left him and went to prepare their supper. Just at this moment Tommy happened to look out of the window, and lo! what did he see? Just across the street stood a little old fashioned church, in front of which many happy children and older folks were gathering for an evening of merri- ment. Tommy was able to see through the window to one corner of the room, where there stood a stately Christmas tree, with its branches fairly sagging from the weight of the gifts, but the one thing that attracted Tommy's eye was a big shining star at the top of the tree. "Oh! sister come quick," exclaimed Tommy in an excited voice, "come and look at the purty tree in the old church." Alice looked, and the same sight came to her that had come to Tommy. All was still for a momentg then Alice felt Tommy's arms creep about her neck, and she was forced to turn away her head to keep him from seeing the tears in her eyes. "Sister dear, will you tell me what Christmas means, and about the purty star on the tree?" "Well," began Alice in a trembling voice, "You know that Christmas is the birthday of our good kind Jesus, Tommy, and-and-somehow I always think of Him whenever I see the beautiful stars shining away up there in heaven, for it was a star that guided the wise men to Jesus when He was in the manger." "Oh tell me more about him won't you?" pleaded Tommy. Then Alice told him in her simple, ignorant, childish way about the Christ ind his final crucifixion. When her story was finished Tommy lay still without speaking, and slowly, slowly, his sister's sweet smiling face faded from view, andla beautiful glittering star seemed to step out from the heavens and come right down to him. He watched it for a second: then beholdg a beautiful little fairy stepped out of the star, and beckoning for Tommy to follow she led the way through a beautiful golden gateway into a garden of glowing sunshine, and to his utter surprise he saw millions of little flowers in the form of stars blooming everywhere. At last they stopped before the largest and fairest flower in the garden. "This," said the fairy, "is the flower of sunshine, Tommy, and it means that- there is always sunshine in every little corner of darkness." Then the fairy knelt, plucked the flower and held it out to Tommy. As he reached out his to take it, fairy, garden, flower and all disappearedg then Tommy opened his eyeslffp find himself lying in his own plain little room. Q9 "Tommy, just see!" exclaimed Alice when she saw that he was awake. "This little THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL girl has brought you the grandest little Christmas tree with a pretty star, and it's all your own." Tommy opened wide his eyes at this and looked up at the sweetest little girl he had ever seen. "Why yer the fairy queen ain't yeg well lots o' thanks. Where is it Alice?" "Oh!" he exclaimed when he saw it. "How awful nice, I knew you was the fairy all right as soon as I seen ye, some day I can go to fairy land again with ye can't I?" "Yes Tommy not only to fairy land, but away into the country where you have never been and just think! you are going to have a doctorg then you will be well some day real soon." "Oh! oh!" was all that Tommy could say. A week later found a little party of four including Tommy, Alice, Betty and her father, all journeying toward the Lee's beautiful country home. "I can hardly sit still," exclaimed Betty excitedly. "We are going to have so much fun, aren't we Tommy?" i"Ye betcha an' when I git well, just watch me, for I am a goin' to walk clear round the world." This remark brought. however, a chuckle from the whole group for Tommy, when relieved of his pain was really a bright and witty little boy. Tommy's treatments were begun almost immediately after the party had reached their destination and for weeks the poor little fellow lay in his bed suffering from the terrible pain which he himself, had to bear. But Tommy knew a secret which was shared with no one, and that was what the little fairy had once said to him: "Tommy this is the flower of sunshine, and just remember that there is always sun- shine in every little dark corner." It was again nearing the Christmas season and the doctor had said to Mr. Lee. "I think sir, that.Tommy can be up and walking by Christmas. That is when we shall see whether our patience, and hard work are of any worth, for if he does not walk the chances are that he will never live through the shock." The crimson sun had faded, and once more it was Christmas eve. The little family were waiting with anxious faces for the morrow when they hoped that Tommy could arise from his bed. That night Alice tip-toed quietly into Tommy's room. "Oh, is it you sister dear? I thought it was Santyf' "You did? Well that's a joke on youg I came to kiss you good night dear before old Santa does come." "Please don't say good night Alice, I wanna tell you soinetliingg will you listen?" "Yes dear," replied Alice anxiously. "Well, I-I had another one of them dreams about fairies, and the same purty star come down and danced around on my bed, then a sweet little fairy stepped out agin and come' over and whispered in my ear and said: 'Tommy sleep well tonight and remember what I told you for tomorrow you will really walk." Won't that just be grand Alice?" Alice was so excited that she hardly knew what she was doing, but finally she managed to get to her own room and dropping on her knees she prayed as she never had before. When the Angels came down that night with their little flower-sprinkled baskets to gather up the prayers, T0mmy's and Alice's must have been the first ones accepted, because on Christmas morn, Tommy arose from his bed, and walked. And just as he stepped into theliving room, the family heard him say: "There is sunshine in every little corner of darkness." , ,V , , . -MARIE PERRIN. THE ASTRUM WHEN TEACHER LOOKS AT ME ...O-. I throw a note across the hallg I'm mean as I can be. But Oh! I sit up straight an' tall, When teacher looks at me. When we have visitors at school I look around to see. But I stick my head down in my book When teacher looks at me. When I sit in the seat with John, We laugh an' talk, te! he! But the corners of my mouth go down, When tea-cher looks at me. I copy tests 'most all the time. I'm slick. Oh yes, very! But I feel a little nervous, When teacher looks at me. When I get big an' manly, I'll be a teacher too, An' maybe you'll feel guilty, When teacher looks at you. -IVY DRAKE .-...0.... TO A FOUNTAIN PEN Toi lOn taking possession of one found on a deskj Wee fountain pen, O thou self-filling, I could not leave thee there so willingg Thou need not spill thy ink upon me, 'Tis useless tryingg I wad be laith to rin and fill thee, There's no use sighing! I'm truly sorry my beginning To take thee with me starts thy sinningg Thou spilt thy black ink all upon me, My clean white dressie. Ye spoiled my appearance to assembly, I look sa messy. Thy gold band top does shine sa brightly Thou dos't not live on that desk rightly But 'round the neck of some fair lassie O wee bit pen! The maiden's now gone off and let' thee ' But ne'er again! -IVY DRAKE THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL A FfRESHMAN'S BRAIN -0- tln Imitation of Addison.J Accounts already having been given of the dissection of the beau's head and a coquette's heart I shall here enter upon the dissection of a Freshman's brain and communicate such peculiarities as we observed in that curious piece of anatomy. Our operator, having with grea.t difficulty severed the skull, he desired us to ob- serve the extreme thickness and solidity of this outer protection. Upon close exami- nation we soon found why it is so very hard for anything to penetrate into the mind of a boy in his first year of high school, the bone being everywhere an inch in thick- ness, and sometimes even two inches thick. We next came upon a colorless, gluey fluid for which we saw no use except, per- haps, to keep the mental organ from rattling against the bone. Having cleared away this outer material, the brain itself was revealed. At first glance it resembled a smooth, gray ball, but was, however divided into two parts: the cerebrum, looking somewha.t like a cap, and at the back a small mass called the cerebellum. One thing we thought queer, namely, that this center of thought was hardly wrinkled at all such as we knew other brains to be. The surgeon merely said, "the more wrinkles, the more wit." Everyone knows that this gray matter is very thin and that inside all the fibres are white and these nerves connect and transport the feelings received from the different organs of sense, such as the eyes. Upon tearing apart the tissues we found these nerves to have a greenish tinge and from their position we could tell that the cells had never moved very rapidly in their transportation of this Freshman's sen- sation. ' As we were minutely observing these cells, the brain itself seemed to enlarge and become a creature with one large eye which seemed to be looking directly at me. I awoke with a start! I have never since been capable of meeting squarely the gaze of a lower classmate. -ELSA PETERSON. , . W X H Nl -,R 7 Q3 ff! wg- se- ,band THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Yvonne Berglund Besse Hodgson William Hawks Stanley Foote Decker Berglund Elizabeth Metcalf THE ASTRUM "A" STAFF lo... : Editor-in-Chief . Asst. Editor-in-Chief : Business Manager Asst. Business Manager : : Joke Editor : ' ' ' Alumni 71 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 4 ANNUAL ,STAFF Helen Stead Ralph Monson Leo Johnson Roy Yerkey, Ivy Drake 1 Mary Holmes Yvonne Berglund Bertha Dungan 72 id.. Mary Alice Clarke 2 Editor-in-Chief Asst. Editor-in-Chief : Business Manager Asst. Business Manager Li Joke Editor Calendar Cartoonist Photographer terary Editor THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Scbciety -0.. L., ,V jj .f - ' y 4, -X ,A , x x 4 E1 lg HL f H, 13 E Hx 15 X!! . X " , 4, .X 1 V 5 ' .Q V 1 Y ,6 ?i X f I - zrgff- A T' ,, ,, X 2 I S I xi X H SX lid 4554, A F ,Xu - .. . 5 Tiff , 'l l-41 ' f ' 75 , 1 U ,- H 3' ' , fL,f1'Jf?7?" :.fW'51Y" X ff I ' ,?',?w'?'f,I7. -,g,ZC1,j "Wi xx g 1:33 'Wwe' V- N f I ' 1 N WA . ,,,ilTfl'pgirgy Q M, LE if '-x. X -11, ,?i:,F- K 'QS' f, -rx, f K f f' Ass K xg, - W 5 5:6-' f Lf fi 'V 5 . 5, gILL: 5 ,ff W 42' XJ,-fi 72 4121- QW 411 1,7 QUZWW W al- Q : -url 1 X ff 77 27,7 "Z-Y--"' Xu, ui ' Q ,. , H 2 . Q f ,A -. I. 112- . f "' 'ea 5 ei! 0+ -- Eb 5 rf, -xx I 4? fl Z"" ff.-9 ' wit? j .J if, f 'Q, E XZ sss k X... -X.. THE ASTRUM Af '69 J ' R -, ii ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL "PEG O' IVIY HEART" ...,O.... By J. Ilartly Manners Presented hy JUNIOR CLASS OF 1923. CAST Mrs. Chichester . : : Jarvis z z : 2 Ethel, Mrs. ChiCl1GSt6l"S daughter Alaric, Mrs. Chichester's son Christian Brent 2 ' Peg : : Montgomery Hawks Bennett : 1 Jerry ' ' . . SCENES ACT' I-The 'Coming of Peg. ACT ll-The Rebellion of Peg. ACT lll-Peg O' My Heart. Faith Cooke William Hawks Helen Stead Evart Bjorkman Charles Duvall Marie Perrin Roy Yerkey : Ivy Drake Harvey Thompson The entire action of the comedy passed in the living room of Regal Villa, Mrs. Chichester's home in Scarborough, England, in early summer. 74 THE. ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL HIS IVIAJESTY, BUNKER BEAN" ,OT By Iflarry Leon Wilson. Presented by SENIOR CLASS OF 1924. CAST Pops . Roy Yerkey Bulger - Dallas Brown Larabee Donaltl Durning The Flapper Helen Stearl Mason 1 Francis Johnston Bunker Bean Charles DuvaYl The Waster Colby Pinkerton Big Sister Marie Perrin Mops : z Faith Cooke Grandma, the Demon Ivy Drake The Countess : . Mary Holmes Maid : : Mildred Thompson Balthazer : : 1 : Elwin Whitney Greatest left-hand pitcher in the world : Harvey Thompson Janitor : : : : Edward Watson Lizzie Boy . William Hawks Very Young Minister . Leo Johnson SCENES ACT I-P0p's Office. ACT II-Scene 1. Psychic Parlor of the Countess. Scene II-Bunker's Apartment. ACT III-Living Room in Pop's Country Home . ACT IV-Same as Act 2, Scene 2. THE ASTRUM 75 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL 1923 JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET .494 MENU Fruit Cocktail Radishes and Olives Creamed Chicken Patties Mashed Potatoes Green Peas Lettuce and Tomato Salad with Thousand Island Dressing Orange Pudding Wafers Coffee -0- TOASTMASTER-M R. ROBERTS. 1. Welcome 2. Response Clarence Stephens Warren Graham 3. Piano Solo Yvonne Berglund 4. Realities Miss Blish 5. Junioralities Faith Cooke 6. Senioralities Harland Lane 7. Instrumental Trio I 2 Hope Stevens, Beulah Bolton, Helen Ash. 8. Parting of the Ways : Mabel Day 9. Life's Aim z Mr. Almer 76 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL HALLOWEEN PARTY -0- A Halloween masquerade party was held in the high school gym for the entire student body and faculty November 30th. The party was given by the Juniors and Seniors who had the gym decorated in black and orange crepe paper. Games were played a greater part of the evening and refreshments were served about 10:30. People of many characters were assembled in a variety of costumes and the evening was enjoyed by all present. THE ASTRUM 77 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PARTY lSocial Doings of the Year 19235 Last October on a moonless night The Seniors assembled with hearts quite light. To the Old College Field they all did repair, And soon a bright bonfire was kindled there. 'Fhen the dear children with their guardians mild Into a circle all were piled, The little dears, and the chaperones too, Amused themselves as children will do. They played their games for an hour or two, And then they all craved something newg So to the fire they all did run, And each one grabbed a Weiner and bun. They ate until they could eat no more, Then into the autos they all did pour, And each little one on his homeward way Said "'twas the end of a perfect day." For excitement these children were greedy quite, And they all agreed that the Seniors might Have another party, and lots more fun. The thing was no sooner said than done. And so one night they came to the gym So bright and shining the lights grew dim, About the "Snake Dance" they all went quite wild, When they needs must quit they were unreconciled. But "refreshments" soon left them all smiling and gay, And each one remarked as he went on his way That the night was another bright star in the crown Of the Seniors, the best little class in the town. The parties were many, the parties were long But never yet has one been called "Mah Jong." Of the masquerades, Weiner roasts and the rest, No Senior can yet say which was the best. -MARY HOLMES. 78 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL TO THE JUNIORS f0n their social activities J Onc't we had a party. A few months agog We 'vited all the faculty. Us Juniors you know. An' I's on the committee, I was, you betg An' when We's makin' sandwiches, I et and et and et. An' that night at eight o'clock, We's all there on time, In our bestest nicest clothes, And a fresh shoe shine. Purty soon we played some games, One called Skip-come-a-Loog And anothern you winked at a boy, An nen he came to you. Nen we played catterpillerg That's hard on your chair. And purty soon I'd find myself Just sittin' on the air. Then came 'freshments, yum! yum! Our appetites were keen, Sandwiches and wafers, too, And then some brick ice-cream. A.ter We's all through eatin' And it was purty late: Mr. Almer says as how We'd better all percolate. So then we all went home that night. Thru the driving rain. To dream of mountains of brick ice- cream, An' that winkin' game. An nen when it got nice and cold We had a Weiner roast. And of weiners, marshmallows and buns There surely was a host. We played lots of purty games Then round the bonfires sat. And sang "Old Hogan's Goat," And other songs like that. We also had a bob sled ride, When the streets were full of snow. We got a couple of bob-tailed nagsg Crack! and away we go. But the sled went all to smash, 'Cause of the heavy load. And me'n Decker an' some more, Were sittin' in the road. Nen we went to the school house, And had a little lunch. So here's to the members of the Junior Class! They're sure some jolly bunch. -M. DRAKE. THE ASTRUM 79 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL S0 F RESHMEN OF '24 lOur Partiesj Our class held a weiner roastg And 'everyone will willingly boast, Just like all the rest, 'Phat ours was the best. Weiners were many, we ate and ateg Weiners, and bonfire, and we sat up late. When we had finished our -veiuer feed, We went home to dream of the fun of our deed When the Halloween party came along, We ate confetti all evening long. In the games we did our partg Played and yelled with all our heart. -EVANGELINE GUSTAFSON ..0...- SOPHOMORE CLASS Qlts Social Activities! In our Sophomore year, which is almost completeg A Halloween party was quite a treat. Some were dressed up fit to killg And others it seems, were dressed worse still. The Sophomores had a weiner roastg It nearly was a marshmallow toast. We enjoyed ourselves until we were full, But then to get home, it was a pull. -MARIE BARRELL THE ASTRUM Wifi V' ' W 23 x Eglk il M F l figi- V U, Z! ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL SEPTEMBER 3-School doors open wide, and stretch their Welcome arms toward the timid Freshman, on Labor Day and everyone must labor. 4, 5-Assemblies crowded! 6-Gym begins today. 7-"A" staff begins its work. 11, 17-Get a cupie! Yes, we have no bananas! Fair week! 17--School starts in earnest. 18-Seniors elect officers and plan for play. 19-G. A. A. organizes. 21-Senior party! Mr. Almer is hard on chairs while Mr. Geary is hard on the floor. 24-Freshmen and Sophomore classes seem to be rooooolllling along nicely. 28-High school students assemble in auditorium to learn A. H. S. songs. OCTOBER -0- 1-Commercial Club organizes, elects officers, and plan for a peppy year. 2-Big night! Senior weiner roast! i-5 3-Juniors follow suit. Another Weiner roast! J, 4-School begins at 8 bells. Big baseball game! Aledo QLD! vs. Chicago Cubs. 5' 5-Football game at Biggsville. 'At's a holdin' them! Tie game! - 8-Tests are ENJOYED this week. First issue of "Commercial Success." 11-Weiner roasts are popular, Sophomores have some fun. 12-Aledo vs. Corpus Christi! Did we Win! l'll say! 31 to 0. 15-Senior play practice starts. "His Majesty, Bunker Bean." 16-First Freshman meeting. Found written on the board, "Seniors Keep Out!" 17-Public Speaking class is begun. 18-A. H. S. Orchestra tours to Burgess. 19-Good time is had at Ferryland while going to Oak- ville to play. Another victory, 40 to 0! 23-Arithmetic class is divided. "We were too much for him." 26-Woodhull at Aledo. Score 20 to 0. Our flavor, Ice Cream. 30-Freshmen and Sophomores break into society at Halloween party. Main attraction--doughnut throw! THE ASTRUM 31 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL NOVEMBER 1-Season's first defeat. Alexis beats Aledo 6 to 0. 2-No school! Teachers try to learn more to teach us. 5-Teckla names a cow as an insect in General Science. 6-"Don't ask to speak without permission in assem- bly." ' 9-Father Higgins gives armistice address. General assembly! 10-Ball game with East Moline. Another loss, 17 to 14. 13-Famous interpreter of great authors by Sidney Landon. Footie has narrow escape with a box of matches. Too green to burn! 14-Seniors give dinner in Gym. 15-Aledo school greatly honored today by being vis- ited by Len Small, Governor of Illinois. 17-Aledo at Knoxville. Aledo 0, Knoxville 6. 21-"Ag" Coon Supper. 23-Keithsburg visits Aledo. We won! N DECEMBER fl-N 5--Ticket campaign for play. X ff ,x X X 6-Senior play! 1 f 5 f Q'-lk L xx ' gi f "' 1 Vbiff 11-Gym classes hold party in auditorium. ,UW I . l .X 7-Rev. Domeij gave talk on immigration. Senior play again! 'Great success! 12-Basketball game, Aledo vs. New Boston. First V 'N' failure 14 to 12. Besse starts stock in candy. 13-Glee club party. 14-Commercial frolic. 15-Speech on Morals-Mr. Croyle. 18-Viola at Aledo. "Ain't it a grand and glorious feelin'?" We won! Score 15 to 5. 21-All out for Christmas vacation! Santa Claus came today and left all the pupils presents. We had ex- changed names. 82 THE ASTRUM I. - .Q-www-sg X f. . . .. .is f - may 1 7 1 ' t ' gg Atano HIGH sci-lool. JANUARY -.01 6-Aledo vs. Moline. Boys about froze, took all ev- ening to get them thawed out. 7-Charles Duvall resolves to go to English the fourth period. 8-Aledo at Viola. Another good game! Score 12 to 8. Ted gets excited, forgets his clothes. His parents were along also. 11-Sherrard at Aledo. Loss! But we'll make it up at the tournament. 14-Rains hard all day. Mr. Constant comes to school with his little friends. 16-Orion at Aledo. Breath-taking game! 16 to 15. our favor. 17-Semester exams! Rotten! New Boston never beat us this time. Score 13 to 12. Sidelines sat in the middle of floor. 18-Another session of exams. 19-We even take them on Saturday! 21-Start new half year subjects. Too many in Com- mercial class. Croyle stayed up the night before so he would look cross. He just wanted them to drop that subject. 22-Economics crowded. Harry Brown is still with us to keep us in ready entertainment. Corpus Christi at Aledo. Irish on the run! 23 to 16. 24-Kelly wants to know iwhile studying propertyp if wild women are original acquisition. V 25-Two Litzenbergers come to school with their hair bobbed. Vonnie did it too! Faculty play A. H. S. team. Say maybe they didn't play! Team won. 28-Mr. Croyle to Pauline LeMaster: "I see your bright and shining face this morning." 29-Orion at Aledo. Fight! Fight! and we beat them, 16 to 15. 30-Fine speeches given by B. B. boys and coach. Pep meeting followed. 31--Tournament. We're winning! FEBRUARY Q K- a l ? -01 S' 2 me W .cm Q 1-T'hat blue and gold banner got the Aledo printed 7 A fff- on it. B. B. boys said they never got kissed so much. , Qs in M L K 4+Mr. Bay really got boots big enough to fit him. l-J ,gl ' 'L 5-Senior girls give candy feed to B. B. team. 2. if fb,-'EA ' 6sJuniors have bodsled ride. ' ' 1- -uqiy .fan 8-Aledo 17, East Moline 21. Boys lost pep at tourney. 12-Rev. James Durden of Galesburg gives Lincoln speech. 14-Mr. Croyle and Mr. Constant invent the Croyle- tone and Constantone. 15-Sophomores present first class program, "In 21 Picture Gallery." 16--Aledo 16, Rock Island 19. Curtain raiser by girls B. B. team. THE ASTRUM 83 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL FEBR'UARY-QContinuedj 1ol 18-Six weeks tests again. Another spasm. 19-Evangelist, singer and Rev. Arrick attend pep meeting before Woodhull game. Woodhull vs. Aledo. Train late, but show gives boys pep. 19 to 14. 22--Special train hauls H. S. students and B. B. boys to Sherrard, where they lost 16 to 15, but played hard. Rev. Domeij tells the wonders of Washington's life. Lots of fun on 5th floor at Custer Hotel. People below look like peanuts. 26-Aledo 7, Corpus Christi, 13. 27-Debate between H. S. teams on Immigration. Neg ative wins. 28-Class program by Juniors. "Hanging Out the i Clothesf' Decker was a good looking announcer. Couldn'i see his face. 29-"Br0wnie's Whiskersj' by Junior High and grades. The air was blue when Footie's drum fell. MARCH ..0, ,-Xb 1-Team beats Moline. guilty? 4-"It ain't a gonna snow no more!" ogy is practice in Economics. corns and is awarded prize. lost 2 to 1. Subject: Immigration. team's fault. 3-Someone swiped lvlr. Croyle's dictionary. Who's 6 and 7-District tournament at Rock Island. Sociol- 11-Ag club gives corn show. Larry produces best 12-Debate with Knoxville. Stood a good fight, but 13-Tubb has measles. We miss him in Economics. 14-Debate at Alfxis. Lost again, but it wasn't the 17-Hoo Doo day. French sharks not hoodooed made to recite lesson. 18-New dancers of night before have sore feet. 20 and 21-Class tournament. Seniors first. 27-Miss Sexton finds mouse in her desk. High school entertainment. 1-Astrum goes to press. 1 qufg' 24 and 25-Junior Play "Wedding Bells." . . lj, 0' I 11 , ' ' . . J u 1 MAY H lm 1 16-Junior-senior Banquet. fi? 52' ' 19-Class Day, 23--GI'8.dl1Hti0I1. 84 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Features ?.0... Z, I. - . Q 1,-,X my f F A X .,,.f-2? ? 1 2? 7!-is 4- ff V .xxx XX ,X V x ' 5'f iii 2 ' l g i E55 2' I A Qi- if V QVTW MX I 14 1' .yy A ff' 6 J 6 N w aw fq4'!,fwa xx xx K, zfg3f:,:fz1..'f1a?1A:3p,HH,?. f Q I .fg W u pg , m m NN wil A K f iiib 2 FQ? ,ii fi? z 'J Q 1 iz 3 wwf! 55' 5? kj' 'f,?-- EQ. I ' ' ' A! '15 F22 f ' '. if '-aiif ' S-' w 5 ' ..- , fi! 9 E ' wi! flkf -is, 'Quik .2 Qs un-5 'bn- 9 Q X L iii THE ASTRUM 4419 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL CLASS PROPHESY One summer, after a tour in Canada, I decided to return to my old home town, Aledo. I arrived in Rock Island at 2:00 p. m. and found that the Rock Island Southern was the cnly means of completing my journey to Aledo. What was my surprise, yes, and astonishment, to find, on boarding the train Harry Brown, conductor. He pom- pously strode down the aisle, and thrust a newspaper into my hand. Glaring head- lines greeted me. Edward Watson, fol'owing in the footsteps of his father, was re- cently elected Justice of the Supreme Court on the DEMOCRATIC ticket. A commo- tion across the aisle diverted my attention. 'Here boy, paper, paperg what's the matter with that kid?" This voice sounded decidedly familiar, and looking up I saw Roy Yerkey. His hair had begun to become gray at the temples, but otherwise he was unchanged. I found out that he was a successful business man, situated in the Wrigley building, and needing a rest, was returning home for a visit after ten years absence. BUMP. VICLA! Who is that out- side of the window? If it isn't Bertha Dungan and Elsa Peterson who have taken up a life-long residence in Viola as successful housewives, although, Bertha outside of her homework, is running a dietician parlor. Bumpety, Bump, on we go. Hopewell! here indeed is the great surprise. John Lemon and Clio Mclntyre are running a truck farm here, much trade goes on in this teeming city for them. Across the fields I see a quaint bungalow and upon inquiry, find that Helen Stead and Evart Bjorkman are at last united in the holy bonds of matrimony, and are living in a house by the side of the road letting the rest of the world go by. Ah! happy wedlock. Aledo! I fall off the train into the arms of a portly gentlemang no, yes, it is Ralph Monson locking for his daughters returning home from boarding school. Leaving the station I turn a corner very hastily, only to bump into a cop. I back up respectfully, for you know with police this pays. When instead of a forbidding face I see, Harvey Thompson, successor of Trigger Leg, beaming jovially. He apprises me of the fact that Mildred Thompson and Carl Anderson are peaceably living on a 160 acre farm east of Aledo. How times do change. I leave him, picking my way carefully, for a sewer trench has been dug here recently, a face appears over the edge of the trench preparing to cast a shovelful of dirt upon the ground. Old memories surge back. I've seen that face before. Yes, it is Charles Duvall. day laborer, living happily with a wife and ten children on twelve dollars a week. I am so overcome that I walk in a daze only to violently collide with a stern visaged person coming down the street. I expect to hear reprimanding words, but instead I see, Ella Litzenberger, matron of a girl's juvenile home in Aledo. I find out from her that Mary Alice Clarke and Bill Hawks were happily married until Bill fell out of the back of the wagon and fell in love with Ivy Drake, the Russian heiress, now Mary Alice is suing for divorce. This shocked me into silence, and I walked on saying nothing until I paused, by instinct, in front of the Aledo Opera House. Here I soon found out that Larry Morford was manager, with Ferne Thomas and Margaret Gilmore as assistants in the infant's department. As I glanced across the street I saw blazing headlines. Besse Hodgson, Editor of the Scandal Monger, the weekly newspaper. Beside this building was a bakery run by Frances Harbour. A voice arrested my attention. "I don't have to sign up for your paper. I took it once and I can't tell you half what I think of it." Gladys Minteer was telling a newspaper man where to get off at. She is running for the State Legislature on the new women's ticket. I found out from her that Helen Thornton had taken over housekeeping long ago, and is now living in St. Louis. Anabel Litzenberger is a missionary in the South Sea Islands, and horrors THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL of horrors, Marie Perrin is a telephone operator in Africa. This shocked me so that I did not notice at first the huge placard displayed in full sight. Lyle Bradford, repre- sentative of the Curtis Publishing Company. Get your subscriptions here, Country Gentleman. As it was the annual fair time of Aledo I decided to ride down to the fair grounds to see if some of my former classmates were not roaming around as in the days of yore. I went to the airplane grounds and walked up to an aviator, asking how much the fare was for a ride. He turned around. Dallas Brown, who served the government for five years, was now in the U. S. air mail service. I walked out on the grounds. A gypsy fortune teller was mumbling some incoherent words. Bending down to hear, I heard a familiar voice. Mary Holmes, now a fortune teller, had decided to retire on what she had acquired during her years of hard labor. She looked into her crystal and what do you suppose she saw? Annetta Seefeld teaching geometry in Shelby, Montana. This was a knockout with me, and my attention and I walked over to the carnival. Thinking I could get inquired of him if he had seen any "Yes, I saw Nora Penman as I started out to see the sights. A crowd attracted see Donald Durning, the great boxing champion of some information about my classmates from him, I of them on his extensive travels. a cowpuncher in North Dakota, Frances Rush is assisting Mr. Croyle in a bookkeeping department in Chicago. Florence Hyett and Mary Butcher are conducting a tea room in Sherrard. Grace Seiver and Ethel Park- inson are in Zeigfeld Follies. And what do you think? Yvonne Berglund is con- ducting a column for broken hearts in the Herald and Examiner. Francis Johnston is coach on the Harvard football team. And let's see, Opal Brown is teaching French in China. That also brings back to my mind that I saw Colby Pinkerton in Omaha selling celluloid arrow collars, guaranteed not to burn. Clarence Stephens is at the head of this firm and is conducting Cannibal Islands introducing dolyn Willits are conducting Whitney contribute daily., I business on a large scale. I saw Faith Cooke in the jazz music to the cannibals. Mary Wagoner and Gwen- a matrimonial bureau to which Leo Johnson and Elwin guess that's all I've seen." I thanked him cordially and proceeded, a wiser and happier person. THE ASTRUM -FAITH COOKE. -MARIE PERRIN. N-V.. ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL CLASS WILL We, the Class of 1924, of Aledo High School, in the County of Mercer and State of Illinois, being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of re- maining in this sphere, do therefore make, brdain, and declare, this to be our Last Will and Testament: - We, the Senior Class, do give and bequeath Ralph Monson's ability to hit the high places to Laurence Skinner: Francis Johnston's delicate appearance to Rex Brown, Leo Johnson's skill at football to William McHard, A dictionary to Stanley Foote so he can know as much as he thinks he does, Lyle Bradford's ability to hold down a hall-corner to Fred Bahringer, Ferne Thomas' natural wave to Nathan Sabbath that he may not burn himself on the curling iron, Mary Holmes' ability to argue to Dr. Croyle, C. D., Carl Anderson's plug of Climax to Dale Harris that he may have ONE manly act, Our knowledge of the Butcher Trade to Keny Constant, Bill's popularity with the opposite sex to Bon Homme Richard fWarnockJ that he may have success with girls of '25, Ethel Parkinson's ability to pick out a beauty in the opposite sex to Helen Sutton, Roy Yerkev's contrary nature to Donnie Heck that it may come more natural to him to be obstinate, Carl Anderson's love for his brother l?J Virgil to Anna Lee Garrett, Our footprints on the sands of time to the Freshmen, Our ability to pull A's to the Sophomores, Yvonne's constant care for the lower class-mates to Allen Morford, Edward Watson's big understanding to Norman Mumey, Bertha Dungan's ability to wear other people's rings to Alice Cabeen, Anabel Litzenberger's ability to read essays to Kathryn Blayney that she may get A's in English, Margaret Gilmore's powder puff to Alice Cabeen so that there will be one less shiny nose next year, Helen Stead's surplus energy of the jaw to Hazel Chandler, for whom we have great sympathy, Harvey Thompson's play wife, Mary Pickford fMiss Marie Perrinl to Bill Chinlund, Elsa Peterson's ability to use large words to Decker Berglund so that he may use them correctly, We, the Senior Class do give and bequeath our PEP to the Junior class so that they may show some signs of life next year. Lastly, we nominate and appoint the following to be executors of this, our Last Will and Testament. -DR. CROYLE. -HON. RICHARD WARNOCK. -KING TUT. THE ASTRUM 39 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL AN ABBREVIATED DICTIONARY A-Letter used to represent the grades you don't get in Chemistry. A-See school paper. Agriculture-Subject devoted to the study of crops, butter, goats and other animals. Algebra-Biography of the A, B, C, brothers. Alumni-Old style graduates. Almer-Former inspector of the R. I. S. railroad. Ammonia--Refer to chemistry labratory. Bay-Man who writes all Agriculture exams. A Basketball-Gameg ball filled with airg see checkers. Bookkeeping-Ask Croyle. Botany-Devoted to study of skunk lettuce, roses and other flowers. Civics-Study of laws and other advice. Chemistry-Study of poisons and other elements. Commercial Department-"See Commercial Success." Constant-Look for football. Croyle-Commander in thief of tl1e Commercial Department. D-Most used letter on Freshman report cards. Debate-Training for future wives. Economics-Teaches you how to spend a nickel twice, then bank it. English-"Nuff" said. F-See your report card. Flapper-Ask Chas. Duvall. Football-Game used to make touch downs. French--The general definition has been censored. Freshman-Produces 107 per cent of the Flappers. Geary-Chemistry shark. General Science-Judge for yourself. Geometry-Study of figures. Harris-Figure acrobat. Hoodoo Day-Not room to print meaning. Javelin-Instrument used for throwing. Juniors-The ones who think they know it all. Kitchen-Part of the Senior play of 1923. Labratory-Room where apparatus, poisons and other articles are stored. Latin-Dead subject. Lectures-Stack the books-then listen in. Letter-Only 26, take your choice. Locomotives-See yells. Manual Training--Teaches you how to saw off boards without hitting nails. Negroes-Refer to Senior and Junior inter-class plays. Odors-Part of Chemistry. Physics-Book you fcrget to take home and study. Quarterback-See football. Report card-Thing to be heard but not seen. Roberts-Physics expert. Rouge-See Flapper. Seniors-The ones who know they know it all. Shorthand-A longer way of writing English. Smith-Ask Shorty. Sophomore-The ones who are positive they know it all. Track--Trail used by athletes. Team-See horses, athletics, football, etc. Tedford--Teacher of the dead language. Typewriter-Complicated apparatus used to transcribe shorthand on. U. S. History-Book containing 572 pages. U-rah-Refer to locomotive. Volume-Word used in Geometry. Water Boy-Ask H. Fisher. Work-Term used in connection with shorthand. X-Used to spell saxaphone. Yells-See locomotive. Zoology-Buggy study. THE ASTRUM 91 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL JUST A FEW TOUCHDOWNS Todd Dorothy: "Where is Larry Morford?" Alice Cabeen: "There he is with seventeen on his back." Mabel Butcher: "That bump you got on the head in the Knoxville game must have hurt you terribly." Lyle Bradford, fmodestlyl: "Oh no, it was next to nothing." "Speed" Anderson: "Hey don't step on my feet gn Coach Constant: "How could I help it." Fred Anderson: "Darn you Johnson, I just had my mouth all set to catch that ball." Edgar Rush: "Loosen the string on my head gear I can't get my Wind." Pops: "In other words you can't talk." "Cap" Johnson: "So you got a new tackling dummy after I got laid out." Coach Constant: "Yeah, you see when you 'was' playing we didn't need one." Coach: "When you make a tackle always leave your feet." Rush: "Coach I never can hit them half as hard when I leave my feet." 101 TESTIMONIALS I used to eat onions and read novels, but owing to my two years in Latin I am now able to keep books at the oil station. --HELEN STEAD. I was flat-footed and had to wear glasses, but after taking your course in French, was able to get a position at Detwiler's Hardware. -CHARLES DUVALL. Before I entered high school I was unable to wear wool sox, but thanks to your Typewriting Course I am able to run a lawn mower. T -JOHN LEMON. I always drank red pop and wore suspenders, but with due regards to playing with the Crchestra I now have a permanent position with the Kewanee Boiler Works. -STANLEY FOOTE. Before I took your wonderful course in Agriculture I was cross-eyed and ate beans with my knife, now thanks to your elevating course I can now play a saxaphone and crank a Ford. -ELWIN WHITNEY. When I was a Freshman I wore a No. 8 shoe and a seven'size hat. After complet- ing two years of high school I still wear the same hat and No. 10 Oxfords. -HAYS CALHOUN. 92 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL JOKES . 101- Prof. Croyle: "Mr. Gregg found America a more fertile land than Europe for in- troducing Shorthand." Editor's Note: "Yes, Europe has enough trouble of her own without Shorthand." Francis R.: "Want two more sheets of typewriting paper: how many can you use in one period?" Ralph S.: "Any given number." Prof. Croyle: "The Commercial Department is going to be full of good things." Bill Hawks: "When is the party going to be?" Papa: 'Why doesn't that fellow go home, it is near midnight?" Little Brother: "He can't, sister is settin' on him." Old Maid lcoylyjz "I want to get some powder." Clerk: "Insect, face or gun powder?" His Wife: "You always act like a foo1." Mr. Meek: 'Well, my dear, I always follow your advice." Al: "In the old days the governor would yell, 'send that fellow home Mandy, d0n't you know kerosene is eight cents a gal1on,' and she would send him home." Falfa: "Now days the Mandies save trouble by turning out the light first." "Poor old Ben, he is out just 310.50." "What! Ben gamblin'." "No, he lost a ten dollar bill and put a fifty cent ad in the paper for it," Miss Tedford: "This is the worst recitation this year-I've had to do three-fourths of it." L. Newton: 'Wh,at, wearing an overcoat to school?" Tarzan: "Yep." e L. Newton: "If I lived as close to school as you do I wouldn't' wear anything." STEVIE MIXES CHEMISTRY AND CHORUS Prof. Geary lin 1-heniistryjz "Can anyone describe Ethylene?" Clarence: "Wasn't she the one on the left end-the one with blonde hair?" Bay: "Animals can be trained to do anything." E. Whitney: "That's right because I just got a horse trained to go without eating, when it laid down and died." Chemistry Prof.: "Name some combustible materials?" Harvey T.: "Dishes, glass and ---." Bill Hawks says there's nothing closer to his heart than his shirt. Paragraph taken from theme written in typewriting speed contest: "We are not sent into thus world to do anttgubg into which we can not put our hearld. We have certaon woek to do for our briad and rhat is to br done sorenuously, other woek to do for cur doliht and tht in to be done hertly neither into---." Marg, Gilmore: "How are you supposed to hold your pencil to write Shorthand?" Croyle: "It is supposed to come back over your shoulder." Chemistry Shark: "If clay is 80 percent aluminum, what makes a brick-bat so heavy?" Croyle tin Commercial Lawl: "Put up those pictures, you can look at them in some other class." IHE ASTRUM 95 he uilg QBahahuut ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL CLOUDBURYTDROWNSMIL GREAT CALAMITY IN KANSAS Prohibition. Kan.-As a result of the greatest shower happening here in years. a million Frogs have quitted this dreary world. all because they had neglected their swim- ming lessons after leav- ing the Ark. FORD RUNS FOR PRESIDENT Washington, P. S.-The world can now cast a specular eye on the great- est event that has ever happened since the in- vention of the cork screw in 32 B. V. Hermont En- gate of the Gadabout staff has a friend in Washing- ton who saw the Presi- dent fill the gas tank. 1-ut his wife in, pull down the spark. and the Ford ran at the first turn of the crank. PUNKIN CENTER LEAPS TO THE FRONT Punkin Center, Texas- Uriah P. Topnott, post- master - general of this city reports since the opening of gold mines in Alaska, there has been noted a vast increase in business and crops in gen- eral. He dutifully report- ed before the notary pub- lic this, the 31st day of February, that on the af- ternoon of the p r e c e d- ing Saturday, all previous records were shattered by selling seven two -cent stamps and posting four letters, this breaking the record made in '72 by sell- ing seven stamps and posting three letters and a post card. THE ASTRUM LIONFROGS Postmaster-general Ur- iah Topnott hereby gives the public dne notice that upon the third day of the following month there will be held at the Cigar store on the corner of YVashington Avenue and Dugan's Alley an exami- nation whereby an assis- tant postmaster Will be duely installed. BEEF STEAK JUMPS A NOTCH Experts at Washington declare that the high cost of beef steak is due to the fact that the U. S. Caval- ry is laying in an extra supply of saddles in case ol' a, future war. PROMINENT ALE- DOAN INJURED Miss Ella May Litzen- berger, widely k n o w n student of the Aledo high school, was the victim of a disastrous a c c i d e n t which took place at :he high s c h o o I auditorium last Friday. While Miss Litzenberger way trying to break the Talk Fast Speed Record, h e I d by Miss Mary Holmes, her tongue stripped gears and fractured a lung. While physicians declare her out of danger she will never again be able to talk above eight-hundred words a minute. SHERIFF NABS SHAKEALEG While Congress is busy w i th their oil scandals and Henry is busy mak- ing Fords, Pete Shakea- leg is spending his spare moments in the Mercer County Hotel as a result of making illegal Gout Lin a m e n t without the personal direction of the county sheriff. CROYLE MIXED IN INSURANCE SCANDAL It is reported that one Harry Croyle, professor of the Commercial depart- ment of the Aledo high s c h o o I, rejected a per- fectly good insurance po- licy on account of not hav- ing a widow to endow the a f o r e mentioned policy, should he suddenly pass away, his sudden depar- ture caused by violence or otherwise. Now I'm not the editor of the "Heart and Home Problems," but I heard aforesaid P r o f. mention the fact that Mr. Gregg went to his home town to secure a spouse sol would advise Prof Harry C. Croyle to spend his va- cation in his little home town Augusta, and so would hence - forth and hither be duely q u al i- ed to take out life insur- ance policies or take part in any other political af- fairs. LOCALS Prof. Bone Head of the Rural school dept. of Un- Skulle. gave iversity of an address at the open- ing of the nery Ball. Salmon Can- -0- Rev. Balpatch will open the D0Dular evening ser- vices with the first ser- mon, subject: "Fools and Idiots." A large number are expected. E I1 Ill Ammo 1-11011 SCHOOL 'E 1 .1 THE ASTRUM O J S'l99J1S 9111 110 l11n0u1 .1e1-1 luseamgi enS.1V 1-1.101111 3u11111a,1,3 Seu110H 5.114111 311111111 e11u1s .1eH sseu1e1n131 ses.1oH uew 21111111 11:mqes.1oHq ueuxued 210111 euxoq WW sxem .1e1-1 11sn1q .1e1-1 1 smoued op 01 1 111111 11101 eq 0,11 2u1111e,1', I .1eu0S'e,y1 A111111 S111211 e111 ul! u011 f:'1ds1.1 e111edde 1941.11 ung :1u1a1e V s11pe1o .1eq Su11u11o3' .1n0q.1'r-JH seem-1.1111 .1eAeNN .zapu mn e111 111911 S111 2u1111A.1e113 pe1dn.1.1e1u1 eq 0111 2u1x111.1,1,! u01su11of s10ue.1111 deewvi 1 D101 Sugdeels' deeqs s11.1 1e1nb eq 01114 u011reu s1z,1e0.1,1' umoag '0 A.1.mH 11100911 S9u11,L1 eng 1.1 .111 wsnemes .1eHN pes1ae1 eq 011 xes e1m11 e111I u0111a1o1p 3u1:11z,1, u0s31101-1 esseg 549-lCl!1 9111 JVQ .101u1111 1009 2111111129101 enB.1'e 011, wegeq es1m :Su11100f1Q Ae11.1eg1 A011 511911 9111 UI u0111sods1f1 X112 LUSBH1 1112q1e11s1ag e1p1 eq 011, SL11111e,-1, u01u.10111L 11e1e1.1 D9-IPHW 11111111 9111-US S!H1 159119 SEHN 11011H'I XPMS 2199-LL UMOJEI SBIIUCI M0119 9111 lvl 111211 1eHl 9Z!S 191-11 s1ue11111du1oQ 111211 peg! 2u111ee.1q 1.11-:e1-11 sewoql, eu.1e111 s,e2.10e9 1111 111.1011 A1ueW, sseue111o1gQ s1.10dS x1un1g 0111! 11Uq1ey1SH9i s11M1f:H 1113 11se1J .req 1V s.1e1110 5u1d1eH1 1sed 1: Su1eg! und ,gwqs pgugg eq 0111 ' 2u1s1-:e,L 1 e.1A1u10p11 01113 S1eS.10e19 1171 51.1001 g1H1 sse111e111Z91 1112q1e11s1f:g1 1no pe11eq eq 0114! 21115111115 u0S.e1JuV 1,1123 3l1!x11'e,1,1 Su1311q0 Su1e11 11131911 ,1e1-11 se111H se111ee,1c1l S111Apn1S 1 Jeqelng A112111 I0011DS JV1 Alam 1eeMs .1eHI Sse11mo1g1 10Bd1,u0Q pes1ae1 eq 01111 8u111114,L1 e.10u1119 1e,1123.113W 311118011 ed1d s1H1 Su1dee1g Su1111AuV 11.10111 011' 21111110N1 uosd 01111, Ae11.11:H woo-I 319150-IO '1IA1, .10u1r111 11009 11211121 1e1-1 91101 V A111115 011, 2u111'e1S' 931946 5,11 111001 s,uo1xeS ss1W 1111 ,mm MH uxseoaes 51,113 911114 pe 01p ,nuns eq 0,1 me 12 3u1.11v1qj u0s1BM p.wMp1:1 10011 s 1v, sseu11101' ezeeus .1eH ugm HH 1e1nb eq 0111 eu111 11003 H SUEAHH 11s111-1 seoumg P9.L 1111111 1 5111gu'gq u.10qqr11S Sugeg pgl 11eue.1g se1.10.x1 e111 S1I1I!lD!.L pun131eg euuoA11 eu1011 3111092 ee1oA .1eH u1n.S 2u1me11Q 1e1nb eq 011, 111:11 A1m1s e11,L 3'-IEAPHIS .1eS.ledse1pu1p1 14.11.1151 111110 911.L sseupe1.me11 11009 11 eu1S1eu11 n0A ueg 101111195 peuno eq ol pepp111 eq 011, 1101111111111 uouxeq uqof VSIH 111118112 1ed 1ee.1 V Su11.I11,11 11121 eq 0111 511.121 eq 011, 311131118 e110oQ 111195 UBL UUJ 3111151411111 e.1n11au 11009 Aura 1,use1-1 qn1.J 1-11.111 euo1e eq 0111 311191-1 -1904 uosuqof oeq 9111011 1V' 1,1sn1q s1H A:Jue1s1s.1e,1 S1115 eqg, umop peu1n1 eq 011, 1,113 12 1eS 01 311119-IJ. 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Su111e1 1J.1'e1-1 311111111115 umoxg 19110 9101A 01 ITEM 1911 UO S11001 P003 -I9H 311113310 50101193 Se11s1p op 011, S1111111211, 1mSunq 'e111.1e-51 ' s.1eqa1ng 01 Kem u0 1911 11003 V 1991111111 909115, I-113 111911199 V pe1e11JBJ11u0e eq 011, Su1.1el1e1ng , p.10J1J'e.1g1 e1Af1 1100q 'e 1111113 1ueu11.10dep J1eH SS91111l!-ICI 1113111 5911!-Id sseue1p1 2u1Apn1S .1eA1eS eemg SHEOIYBLI .10u.1n11 1:-009 9191 1110 3U!1iB1S 3111011911 eu111 peg Su111a51 11eAnq se1.1m1g x100qe1ou Jeq 11111111 sseu.11'e1 .1eH 1131191 -I9H 'XPS -1911 311!59Id eu1ose1101 eq 011, 2u1p'ee1:1 e111e19 ee11V 5.113111 1o1edu10o .1e11 1111111 sseu11pue1.1 ,1eHI ez1s .1eH L Hug sr1o1,1es eq 011, sez-101 3u1Ae1c1 p1egeeS 1z11euuV s11e11 e111 111 seAe .1e1-11 11Sn'e1 .1eH 119M9I.' 91111. mem 011, sA0q e111 01 Su1111e,1, u0su1:1.mc1 1e1111g ee'e1d Auv se111oe.1-1 S11-1 11Sn1q S111 811511119113 11.101111 s1'e1.1o11pe 2u111.1AA 11031101111 11d11ag if ue1eH 1111111 spun 11e1-1 sseu1nJ11seq .1e1-1 sz-111101.51 sno1.1es eq 011, 311113219 110sd1.11o11,1, 1Je.1p11Wg" . -? ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Jokes Tcl Bay: "What is a cow?" R. Munson: "It is an animal with a leg on each corner from which we get butter, milk and eggs." Simp.: "There seems to be a great bond of sympathy between them, like two windows, wonder why?" Pelton: "That is easy, they both take Shorthand." Freshman: "My Grandad is a distant relatives of Miles Standish." Sophomore: "My Grandad is a Southern planter." Freshman: "Haugh, where is his plantation?" Sophomore: "He doesn't have a plantation, he is an undertaker down in Georgia." Freshman fmanual training classy: "I've cut this board off three times and still it's too short." Wife of Physics Prof.: "Who is this Violet Rayuyou are always talking about?" Freshman: "I saw a girl, looks enough like your self to be your sister." Da'las B.: "Is she pretty?" Ruth B. says the distance down hill ought to be greater because you go faster, but if she had to help push a dead Ford up the same hill, the converse would seem true. A cannibal is a heathen hobo who never works, but who lives on other people. Herb Fisher was assigned a three thousand word theme for skipping a half a day of school, but the sentence was revoked when it was learned that he was employed hunting in the vicinity of Aledo for a wood stretcher. Dallas Brown took down the question for English in his newly acquired art-- Shorthand. Next day he spent thirty-five minutes translating the notes and had ten minutes to study English in. ' Donald D.: "Had an awful accident this morning." D. Brown: "Ah, I don't believe it." Donald D.: "It will be all over town tomorrow, Mary Butcher saw it." Prof. Geary fin chemistryl: 'What is Iodine used in domestic science for?" Bill Hawks: "They use it to color cakes with don't they?" Roy Yerkey: "No, they use pulverized brick-bats to color cakes." Remember the time you mixed gunpowder with your Dad's smoking tobacco? You don't! Well I do, and every time I think of it I look for a cushion before I sit down. THAT PROVES IT Anabell L. CCommercial Lawlz "He signed a contract in fun, that proves that the man wasn't bright." Croyle: "As to whether the man was all there or not I don't know. I wasn't there myself." Chas. Duvall: "What do we take in English besides the History of England?" Stud: "We are studying a breezy subject in Commercial Law." Dent.: "Impossible" Stud.: "Drafts" Formic acid has the chemical formula, HCOOH--I wonder if you'd make the acid backwards-would you get-HOOCH? f Remember the bow-legged floor-walker who said: "Walk this way madamf' 100 THE ASTRUM ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Alumni io.. X X I L.,-i X NX -x Y if Qifffin 2 , W A-S 5 W1 N A i X l S X f ' Fisk I 5.-X 4 H lv K? 4 , ,H - w ww . X Hy H3 H2f3,1a.W'Z nf, IH E WL ,,14g,,i'5z4b',5gf1v'L,5:L,,HL 55 f - , V,Vv:r,,,,ffff,,yf,5g,5V WEE Vf Lizsffl 5. , WH ' H 5 XS A --X ..,f' i , 'ufff 3 5-5' X f I ,im a7i"i5 fa fs gf' I 1 4 ' e f .XX-,,.V ' .L 0, -' A ' r Z -is va l E20 fn IJ Q Y 4 , .-7 1.-' gf' ff 6 ' A Nz .gf MM ,, 044, gg. 2? 1 if fa yy, 4 f' Z? WNV f - ff ' Mfg? ,li 2 J !! xy, gg: ff 2 '7 I g I. is f QQ. ff q, f fa, " f ' 4:1 ' as "V if ,gn Qi Vg, .A 5 hgh .R A N ' Q 22:5 . f ... 5 . X, A 2 ,ix X... X.. X 2 Qsss 5 Q if-fir' Ar R g fi S i V' - THE ASTRUM Af '69 101 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF I 923 Dorothy Almquist-Employee of Illinois Northern Utilities Co., Aledo, Illinois. Martha Anderson-Finch Grocery, Aledo, Illinois. Ruth Artz-Macomb Teachers' College, Macomb, Illinois. Helen Ash-First National Bank, Aledo, Illinois. Florence Berglund-Forber's Studio, Aledo, Illinois. Beulah Bolton-Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. Lyle Boultinghouse-St. Viator's College, Kankakee, Illinois. Harry Brown-C. B. 85 Q. Railroad, Galesburg, Illinois. Olive Brown-At home, Aledo, Illinois. Alta Butcher-Mrs. Leonard Dahl, Aledo, Illinois. Charles Carlstrom-Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. Harland Lane-Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. Merwyn Cain-At home. Harvey Dahl-At home. Meredith Davis-University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois. Mabel Day-Mrs. William Rush, Aledo, Illinois. Charles DeBord-At home. Leonard Dorothy-At home. Albert Dunlap-At home. Robert Felton-James Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois. Ralph Gustafson-The Times Record, Aledo, Illinois. Margaret Haverfield-Macomb Teachers' College, Macomb, Illinois. George O. Hebel-Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. Kenneth Johnson-At home. Clarke Ketzle-Aledo high school, post-graduate. Ruth Ketzle-At home. Helen Harriott-Macomb Teachers' College, Macomb, Illinois. Mary Marple-Mrs. Charles Kellogg, Aledo, Illinois. Elizabeth Metcalf--Aledo High School, Aledo, Illinois. Marion Mulligan-At home. Madeline Powers-Aledo High School, Aledo, Il'inois. Post-graduate. Marie 0'Day-Aledo High School, Aledo, Iliinois. Post-graduate. Annita Strachan-At home. Hope Stevens-Stenographer, Hoover Co., Des Moines, Iowa. Pauline Terry-At home. Bessie Turner-Mrs. Perry Whitney. John Vance-Winders 8: Hayman, Aledo, Illinois. Frances Wharton-St. Luke's Hospital, Davenport, Iowa. Perry Whitney-At home. -01 CLASS OF 1922 Anna Allison-Monmouth, College, Monmouth, Illinois. Marie Andress-Teacher. Lillian Berglund-Mercy Hospital, Davenport, Iowa. Bessie Bistline-At home. Mildred Bjorkman-St. Francis Hospital, Peoria, Illinois. Carl Borklund--University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois. Thankful Cooke-At home. Harry Cook-Detroit University, Detroit, Michigan. Leah Damp-At home. Ralph Damp-James Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois. Grace Decker-Bradley Polytechnic, Peoria, Illinois. Pearl Drake-Augustana Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. Marie Edgar-The Times Record Co., Aledo, Illinois. Lois Gridley-At home. LaJune Harney-University of California, Los Angeles, California. Ruth Idstrom-Teacher, Augusta, Illinois. Edwin Jackson-At home. Karl Jobusch-Chicago, Illinois. Elva Pulliam-Teacher. Lillian Scranton-Mrs. ,Raymond Gourley, Quincy, Illinois. James Morgan-Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. Alberta McClurkin-Reporter, Davenport Daily Times. 102 THE ASTRUK4 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Margaret Petrie-Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. Jack Prouty--Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. Paul Stead-The Times Record, Aledo, Illinois. Robert Moorhead-University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Lola Smith-At home. George Stephens-Aledo, Illinois. P Bessie Stevenson-Mercy Hospital, Davenport, Iowa. Evan Thompson-Compton, Illinois. Frances Watson-Ward Belmont, Nashville, Tennessee. Floyd Weihler-Aledo High School, post-graduate. Everett Wells-University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois. Gladys Winders-Ward Belmont, Nashville, Tennessee. Vernon Bigsby-Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. Forrest Anderson-On farm. --o- CLASS OF I 921 Katherine Amlong-Teacher, Keithsburg, Illinois. Ella Anderson-Teacher. Leslie Baldwin-At home. Myrtle Barrell-Teacher. Helen Boylan-Rock Island, Illinois. Edna Baxter-Iowa Wesleyan, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Hazel Butcher-Office of Dr. Wallace, Aledo, Illinois. Edwin Carroll-Carroll Lumber Co., Aledo, Illinois. Paul Cooke-Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. John P. Cooke-At home. Ross Dahl-At home. Willet Downey-At home. Roy Duffield-Jewelry Store, Houston, Texas. Maud Dunlap-Teacher. Edith Ericson-Teacher. Ralph Ketzle-At home. Pauline LeMaster-Teacher, Aledo High School. Jean McClurkin-Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. Lawrence McHard-Proprietor of Cleaning Shop, Aledo, Illinois. Marie McIntyre-Mrs. Gale West, New Windsor, Illinois. Ben Mawby-C. B. Sz Q. employee, Galesburg, Illinois. Mary Montgomery-Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. Martha Montgomery-Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. Gertrude Montgomery-At home. Edna Parkinson-Teacher. Helen Pinkerton-At home. Marie Schrader-Iowa Wesleyan College, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Vaughn Seiver--Aledo, Illinois. Robert Terrey-Gem City Business College, Quincy, Illinois. Lucille Thornton-Teacher. Dorothy Wait-Teacher. Frances Wait-Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. A01 CLASS OF I 920 Virgil Carlson-O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg, Illinois. Kathryn LeMaster-Mrs. G. A. Stephens, Aledo, Illinois. Alice Morris-Mrs. R. G. Parker, Rock Island, Illinois. Rex Petrie-Davenport, Iowa. Anna Grace Philleo-Teacher, Arlington Heights, Illinois. Olive Reed-Teacher. Ruth Shult-Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. Glen Stancliff-Teacher. Cora Stephens-Teacher. Leonard Swanson-Geneseo, Illinois., Elizabeth Townsley-Teacher. Frances White-Stenographer, Lincoln, Nebraska. Aylifte Willits-Teacher. Fred Babcock-Johnsto.l's Drug Store. Bessie Berglund-Berglund's Tailor Shop. THE ASTRUM 103 ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL Gladys Bjorkman-Pekin, Illinois. Charles Bonynge-University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Margaret Boultinghouse-At home. John Cooke-Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. Richie David-Farmers National Bank, Aledo, Illinois. 'ois Daymude-Teacher. Grace DeBord-At home. Carrie Dorothy-At home. Ben Duvall-University of Illinois. Donald Gibson-Chicago. L. B. Jobusch-Chicago. Dorothy Johnson-Mrs. Tracy Morris, Viola, Illinois. 10... CLASS OF l9l9 Mary Baxter-Mrs. John Warnock, Keokuk, Iowa. Beulah Berglund-Mrs. Clarence Runbom, Aledo, Illinois. Clair Boruff-Instructor, University of Illinois. Mary Boultinghouse-Mrs. George Baker, Aledo, Illinois. Ivan Brown-Macomb, Illinois. Curtis Davis, Woodhull, Illinois. George DeBord-Aledo, Illinois. Florence Dool-Galesburg, Illinois. Josie Dorothy-Mrs. Thurlow Morford. Gladys Felton-Stenographer in Friend Church's office. Hobart Harbour-At home. Enid Henderson-Teacher, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pauline Johnson-Graduate Nurse, Dr. G. H. MUore's office, Aledo, Illinois. Vida Lutrell-San Benito, Texas. Lucille McHard--James Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois. Raus McWhorter-At home. Mildred Mannon-Teacher, Carthage, Illinois. Olive Metcalf-Office of Winders 85 Hayman. Eling Monson-Teacher, Aledo, Illinois. Navola. Painter-Stenographer of Graham SL Werts, Aledo, I'linois. Delpha Rehn-Stenographer, Walter Mannon, Aledo, Illinois. Leitha Schrollf-Teacher. Grace Stephens-Mrs. Elmer Patterson. Florence Thompson-Teacher. Hazel Vanatta-At home. Arthur Wharton-Veterinary. - - CLASS OF l9l8 Stuart Boultinghouse-Auctioneer, Aledo, Illinois. Mabel Bower-Aledo Post Office. Clarence Bowers-Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fred Bridgford-At home. Paul Bridgford-Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. Stuart Brown-Farmer, Aledo, Illinois. Thelma Colclasure-At home. Boyd Cook-Chicago, Illinois. Eva Decker-Mrs. Joe Hayman, Aledo, Illinois. Vesta Duvall-Mrs. G. C. Harman, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Glen Hartman-T'eacher in Sherrard High School. Marion McKinney-Teacher, Des Plaines, Illinois. Catherine Mayhew-Mrs. Robinson. Kenneth Minteer-Chattanooga, Tennessee. Letha Morford-Mrs. Harold Morgan. Margaret Morford-Mrs. Stuart Boultinghouse, Aledo, Illinois. Emma Murdock-At homer. Doris Pease-Mrs. Carol Shult. Eunice Sterner-Mrs. 'George DeBord, Aledo, Illinois. Tillie Swanson-Mrs. Croft, Muscatine, Iowa. Nina Vanatta-Teacher, Akron, Ohio. Lloyd Weisel-Galesburg, Illinois. Bernice Bistline-At home. 104 THE ASTRUM May We Anticipate the same pleasant relations next year? Without Apology, we believe our ser- vice to you has been the kind that you have a right to de- mand and expect of your engraver. We Are Grateful to you for the pleas- ure we have enjoyed in serving you this past year. Fd- gk .ss ,..., .rf-5.4: 'C-4-BL.. ...ff - -Q sez- .-w as , : .V e' ' ' ' -x ' ' - V -' f - b , b. .-...sw',.4f-faani.-f-.-ff-: -1.4,-.,J.. -wg . .-.V ,A 3. .' fl.. .1 ' 1 ' ft-' 'i, . 3' v 5 R -' 11, !"1-A I I-fly' , - .-rrzffkkfv, ...- -f ,ff ,-.-L f , A 4 4 F f Q as ,Jn 4 f4',""' ,f. C' .- ff 1 'A , , --, : 9, V, . v . . - . .. 4 1 "5 am wr. ffm' 'Q In 1 ff 13:1- - - . . ,. .77- S' 'Z Q-v-, . -. 4-.VY fx, 14.1 :Q 'f - 1 . -. .. v-.f .. 1' ' " '. ffgfifu f . '-f 4 'Y'- ' 7 5' " ' L 4.3 ' :x 'T gi., . ,, 'f' , rj' pi- . nr. Y ' . .. '3- 2 -' , 1 ' ...A "1k?'fif L ,Y , , - , E ' , ., iv: - - .1 1 4 , , , N.. , w -' N. 6? ,'.. N ,- 3 X. . 3.4 .5 .4 ,. ir. 1 Iwi. V, A, fy fx., -2,- H ' " -G1 -,:.f ,F V . 1. -w gv-21 A' 5 - 1.-1-,, 1 '70 ,ag -311 5 ,rn sf' S 1... .T jif 1.1 ' . - .1 1- . 4- -x ' fa- ' 'rf J' - ' . - -1 , 5 1 -1 . -- - - f. ,- ,. r . . . - ' 1 - ' ' 5' 1 -f ,C .lf - L , -wr 1. . . , '- ' ,. . 'r '24 Q-,' .. ' ' 'f' , , Vg - .F q . . 4 , V ' f- 'f fig .- -- 7 ' - ,J If - ' , 1 , . '- 4 P L ' 7 ' Jw , ,J-mf.: 'fulv' . - - V-, Q., , ,fe -- . . .7 Q, if iw fi' t ,:f" nf ,f 15 , ' j ,L ' ' 'S' 1' 'f ' W' '. 1 , . ,nf :,j 5 'HN- -. hr .XJ ' 1 . f' . , - ,v, f -- - A -. , id, - - .. - '-1,1 ,:f1 ,-, ' Q N' ,Q ,- g 5 7.7 1' . Y.. ' , - --- - K V N ' .hs J af 'L,. 1 J. Q' . -'gf V fi : I .il Qi' X ff I ,jf 'fi .- .f .7 f 'L ,fly .1 .5 . 1 .. " .F ' - is ,fr 1 . - 1' 5 .A - 4. 5 f , ,. f -.. '41 . . I . , , ,. , . , . .,,.A , .f A 1 - 4. y, if - 5 . U ' ff , -.f - 'fs ,,, f. ,. . V gc . 3-,V ,I ,H 1 7 if f-:QL in 4 . " ' 5- 39,7 , . L Qi 4' , L' -1... 4 ,F Y, 2 .V U fb., 1 , .A 1, ,I V. .. ,, I 1 , . +V , f ff v :ff f -f ff. 1. ff f."-Xi. V 1 i 15 -v V 1 Q-I . .5 f, ' .. " " - , 5 'Z rw ' . ' if. 7'-1 7 1 F, J' i f ,gf ...g ' :V .i .2 :uf ,J A 2 .k 5 . Viv.

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