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W? ,Wffw XS! Slfiiiifff 4 W fyffiffwwf M 0ff..9,u1 EQNQSSISSS S5235 QM wig-wi F XN,,.,f' E-7' Mft? 395' 9 " ,fif AX M S ' N f. ff, Xxx 25 253 s X I 'E:"l"'f " X-A-4+ Afauw -L.wmq,M 5, s'm"'fv+wfwmwwwfww, K' ,,.. , g M MSWUMJV, :' : E 3 , i n E Ki it Lx, I. SLI 7 ' V f :fr M gi . X-, -f Quma., , :ww Ag! -1 EQ? i 3555, 2 5' is gf - , ' 9 1 Q : figs ' K .. i i i 2 ' 3 . gif: gli. fl fia ---M 1: f g QQ 2252514. 12 g gf' V 41? 2,31 y ffffrq, if 5 willy . WF a n: M f K M5 L-ff If ' Q ' " 11 : K M - Q , " + t , . ., li w Q. 1-5 aw '-, ffm if , ' 'IN W,.:,: V V ' 4 , , 5 J gg Vnfgmmvz L ' i ,, Tig A- , Qygu-.gmfif W fi -f V ' A " I , ? J wx-.J - - ' A V- . 35. I V ' -, . - In , ,V ,MR i N. ,A .AA ME" ' F , 'W.W'Wv1Y2 tiff ' 'A ' A 5 5i,.'g',.r3fQ! 2 'vs " 2' 'fA?1!'v W- -' f f . .,--.:- -,ff -We-if if -ffi-vfffmy fx' W. V+' 4 f' . -+'wf.w,f .. . ,- . , 'JM 3, - -,sighr-gy' ,-xgM,.yM4,.,v -JM . cum, rr,-wx ., , A A iL1 W V ZL, V, WL, ,, .L L ,M . , HIGH SCHOOL O ZITIIHAQT lhode Island Ill NSI D doa OU We, the class of 1951, dedicate this Reminder to john William Henry. Although jack graduated in 1948, we feel that he was just one of us. His magnetic personality drew everyone whom he met into his circle of many friends. Not only was jack noted for his friendliness and school spirit, but he was a top-notch athlete in many sports. One of the highlights of the 1948 football season was the selection of Jackie, our ace backfield man, to the All-State first team. It was the first time in history that an Aldrich player was honored in this way. His sports activities did not end there, however. His leadership and ability led the track and basketball teams to successful seasons. A sincere friend, with a never-ending loyalty to his school and classmates, and a will and spirit which has never been matched in Aldrich, is the description which best fits Jack' Henry. His name will live forever in the hearts of all Aldrichites, and in the future it will become greater, as he himself would have made it greater. 4 -'KU' ,gm Y MR. CHARLES B. MacKAY Superintendent of Schools o Y i Gifs ff' 5 xi 0'-mx Sak oo t .4 A ' NH! Qt,-of dmuu S .Je xQX1x1x w Q E IN-i f 5 tem L - 7 1 F 1 . f a fir . V I2 . MR. HORACE E. HOBBS Assistant Superintendent ... K Z MR HAROLD F. scoTT Principal M 4254? 1L'LTL".a x . ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 4.4 f I Cam! J 4 4' -iii MATH DEPARTMENT Standing: joseph DelVecchio, B.A., Ed. B., Thomas Lavery, Jr., Ed. B., Barbara Dill, Ed. B., Esther R. Conlin, Ed. B., Margaret E. Earley, Ed. B., Margaret P. Gannon, Ed. B., Mary A. Galiano, Ed. B., James Warren, Ed. B., Robert Casey, A.B. Seated: Mary G. Trefethen, Olga Nilson, A.B., Daniel Turner, B.S., CDC-partment Headl Catherine T. Murray, Ed. B., Edna C. Shan- ley, Ed. B., M. Ed. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Alfred E. Saute, A.B., Antonette E. A.B. in C. Ed M. Ed. Seated: Miss Rafanelli, Ed. B. Standing: Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Warren, Ed. B., Mr. Dunn, Ph. B., Mr. Rothemich, A.B., Seated: Robert Casey, A.B., Carmela E. San- rora, iDepartment Headb Ed. B., M.A., Ed- ward E. Hart, A.B. Standing: J. Irving Mournighan, Ph. B., M. Ed., Joseph DelVecchio, B.A., Ed. B., Fran- cis T. Crawley, Ed. B., M. Ed. GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT William Farrell, A.B., Alida B. Walsh, B.S., M.S., Margaret E. Earley, Ed. B. . Seated: joan Stender, Myrtle E. Godwin, CDe- partmenr Headb A.B. in B. Ed., Antonerte E. Cannao, A.B. in C. Ed., M. Ed. Standing: William G, Farrell, A.B., Eliza Pine Dickinson, B.C.S. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Q Q. 1 S o. Po ? 'I L. v.. 1- g - Qg Vu-if i J Eagag 1 Cc ,csc ,,,' . , 14, 'Qu BUSINESS DEPARTMENT 4 ART DliPAR'1'MliN'1' y Trefethen, Raymond Amend, B.S., Barbara D B.S. in Ed. MATRON ef-.QV f I L' i PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Hannah L. TIHPP Seated: Charlotte Opdyke, B.S. in Ed., Andrena Doran, B.S., M.A. Standing: John Rudert, B.S., M.Ed., George Nagel, B.S. LIBRARIAN MR. SCOTT'S SECRETARY Ada Cohen Mrs. Salmon SCIENCE DEPARTMENT joseph H. Rohloff, B.S., M.S. fDepartment Headj, A Mel- vin Blackwell, Ed. B., M.A., Theodore F. Hoffman, Ed. B., William R. Dunn, Ph. B. ECONOMICS SHOP DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT ' Msg, if v.-37 fy E. Turner, B,S,, Edith G, Ralph G. Scott, Chester C. Doug- Whitaker, B.S. las MUSIC DEPARTMENT AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT Mario Pera, Constance Turner, B.S. Stanley Madison, B.S. Class Though the expanse of our country separates him from us, we, the Class of 1951, will remember the patience and fortitude with which Mr. Sullivan guided our class through our four years of high school life. His faithful guidance continued, in spite of the fact that he coached both our baseball and basketball teams. Through his ceaseless efforts, our class rings were choseng our class bank well-stockedg our senior play rated as a huge success. May we express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation and wish him God's guidance in his new position. 12 SOVS In sincere appreciation of Miss Myrtle Godwin's unassuming role as advisor, we, the members of the Class of 1951, express our thanks for the part she played in making our last months at Aldrich successful ones. After taking over our class, she guided us through the planning of our Class Day, Senior Prom, and Graduation with patience and understanding, Mr. Sullivan was gone, but we had Miss Godwin's faithful assistance in his stead. 13 1h v Dolores Greer D. A. R. Each year it is the pleasure of the senior girls and faculty to choose a girl who in their estimation possesses the following qualities: dependability, leadership, scholarship, and patriotism. The recipient of this honor is well-known to her classmates for these reasons, along with her engaging smile and the sincerity with which she attacks each endeavor. Her natural leadership may be exemplified by her success as president of the Leaders' Corps and Co-editor of the Reminder. Even in her junior year her outstanding qualities were brought forth when she was elected Governor at the American Legion Auxiliary Girls' State. May she continue to be an outstanding success in all her future years. 14 11 S EX 'I ikg A Wx ff' I . X, R XXX ly Ray RAYMOND E. AMARAL 95 Hasbrouck Ave., Hillsgrove Resourceful Easy going Artistic ability Reminder Advertising Busi- ness Board 4g Reminder Art Staff 45 Aldrichite 43 Senior Play. Swede ELMER M. ANDERSON 275 Irving Rd., Lakewood Easy going Swede Mixed with fun Another "Hot Rod" driver Football 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3g Spanish Club 2, 35 Home Room iiepresentative 1, 3 3 Gym Club I iff' gf' S hirl SHIRLEY H. ANGELL 34 Frederick St., Norwood Short 'n sweet Honey of a redhead Ain't she cute! Sports Night 2, 3, 4, Aldrich- ite 4g Knit-Wit Club' 3, 4, Leaders' Corps 49 Cheerleader 45 Senior Executive Boardg Gym Exhibition 25 Musical Review 45 Y-Teen 29 Library Aide 1. Lee! Nan ROSALIE S. ARNOLD NANCY A- BACKUS 26 Edgeknoll Ave., Gaspee 37 Gaspee P0iHt DI'-a Gaspee Plateau Plateau Ready for fun Neat as 3 Pifl Sophisticated Amlable n Attractive Beamlllg Smile Library Aide 15 Cafeteria Corps 15 Sports Night 1, 45 Sock 8x Buskin 25 Band 2, Re- minder Advertising Business Board 43 Reminder Literary Board and Art Staff 4, Fash- ion Show 45 Gym Exhibition lg R. I. Music Festival 23 Musical Review 2. Senior Play, Fashion Show 45 Y-Teen 3. J 7 X . l l .-ff A 3 lv , Bm T f John WILLIAM H. BAKER K JOHN H. BALL 13 Canoncllgiet Ave., Gaspee , 239 Welfare Ave., Norwood ateau l Jocose Whimsical Helpful Igumorous 1 Bashful . .t ecommg persona I Y Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 1. 1, 2, 3, 4g Gym Exhibition lg 'I6 Speech Contest 45 Track 4. i .2 AV -V ' I i K. Bee MARLENE E. BIEHLER 95 Nolbeth Dr., Norwood Miss Cheerleader Engaging smile Blushing blonde Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Sports Night 25 Glee Club 35 Musical Review 3, 45 Y-Teen 25 Fash- ion Show 15 Knit-Wit Club 3, President 45 Gym Exhibition 35 Aldrichite 45 R. I. Music Festival 35 Aldrichite Sales- man 2, 3, 4. Barb BARBARA J. BITGOOD 14 Sandlewood Ave., Norwood Bubbling with personality Just a "Cutie" Bundle of joy Y-Teen 25 Knit-Wit Club 3, 45 Reminder Salesman 25 Gym Exhibition 15 Library Aide 15 Musical Review 4. Dick RICHARD E. BLOMQUIST 165 Puritan Drive, Norwood Rambunctious Easy going Blithe 'V' U Bettie dl W j! Ed x ELIZABETH M. BRINK M EDWARD H. BROWN 224 Tennyson Rd., Lakewood A VL, 222 Jefferson St., Lakewood Energetic N V0JsEndless fun Mischievous - OJ Happy-go-lucky Brown-eyed blonde IC, I Bashful Y-Teen 2, Gym Exhibition 15 , QM Glee Club 1, 4, Reminder Ad Knit-Wit Club 3, 45 Library X vertising Business Board 4 Aide 15 Musical Review 4. NV Track 35 Musical Review 2, 4 'I7 Af Francis FRANCIS H. BROWN 6 Manor Dr., Spring Green Friendly Headed for science career Bashful but becoming Science Club 1, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 43 Reminder Literary Board 4. Di DIANE E. BROWNING 80 Pilgrim Dr., Norwood Dynamic Miss Expressive charm Busy as Brown1ng's pen Home Room Representative 13 Library Aide 13 Reminder Salesman 13 Sports Night 13 Y-Teen 23 Fashion Show 13 Glee Club 33 Musical Review 3, 43 Aldrichite 3, 43 Reminder Literary Board, Chairman 43 Oflice Staff 4. Sue SUSAN J. CADY 16 Eleanor St., Gaspee Plateau Sociable manner J ov1al Carefree Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Musical Re- view 1, 2, 3, 43 Sock Ku Buskin 43 Reminder Literar Board 43 Aldrichite 43 Y-lI'een 33 Executive Committee 33 R. I. Band Festival 1, 2, 33 N. E. and R. I. Music Festival 1, 2, 3. Nan NANCY L. CARLSON 38 Prince St., Lakewood Nice to know Likeable Casual Knit-Wit Club 43 Reminder Advertising Business Board 43 Gym Exhibition 1, 33 Fash- ion Show 13 Reminder Sales- man 1. p'i A .v 18 Jack JOHN H. CHURCH 161 Canonchet Ave., Gaspee Plateau Jaunty Helpful Cheerful companion Spanish Club 3, 43 Aldrichite Business Board 4g Reminder Staff 43 J. V. Baseball 33 Base- ball 4. Carole CAROLE L. CROSBY 142 Elm St., Norwood Contented Liked by everyone Cheerful Gym Exhibition 33 Glee Club 33 Library Aide 23 Musical Review 33 R. I. Music Festival 33 Knit-Wit Club 4. Barbie BARBARA M. CURTIS 287 Pawtuxet Ave., Norwood Blithesome Mighty nice to know Carefree Cafeteria Corps 23 Fashion Show 13 Library Aide 33 Re- minder Advertising Business Board 43 Y-Teen 2. ,V,. , J Cynthia CYNTHIA R. DALLINGER 8 Englewood La., Gaspee Plateau Cute as a button Refreshing smile Demure Aldrichite 3, 43 Reminder Lit- erary Board 43 Gym Exhibi- tion 33 Knit-Wit Club 43 Fash- ion Show 13 Y-Teen 2. Eleanor ELEANOR G. DALLINGER 8 Englewood La., Gaspee Plateau Ever so sweet Gracious Q Darling twm Gym Exhibition 33 Aldrichite 3, 43 Reminder Literary Board 43 Knit-Wit Club Literary 43 Y-Teen 23 Fashion Show 1. , .vol 3 gvqgbgi N! ly Xp . 'F' , CYNTHIA J. DARLING 90 Birch St., Lakewood Career gal .lusta little "Darling" Diplomatic gig 19 Aldrichite 3, 4g Reminder Lit- erary Board 43 Gym Exhibi- tion 33 Y-Teen 2g Senior Play 4. O L. Mickey JOSEPH DEPTULA, JR. 173 Cottage St., Hillsgrove Johnny-on-the-spot Diligent stage hand Stage Crew 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Home Room Representative 2, 45 Musical Review 3, 4. Cafrol CAROLYN M. DI SAIA 1250 Post Rd., Norwood Cute Merry-maker Determined Knit-Wit Club 45 Gym Exhibi tion 15 Library Aide 15 Fash- ion Show 15 Aldrichite 45 Re- minder 4 5 Reminder Salesman 35 Sports Night 1. Bill WILLIAM DONAHAY 16 Hartford Pl., Gaspee Plateau Waggish Hot rod enthusiast Droll Football 1, 25 Baseball 35 Hi Y 3, 45 Track 25 Musical Re view 45 Speaking Contest 1. N. . xl A 1- . TLA K x 6,44 94 ,, N' lf- , . ii J JBa'rb Xxx! Corbeana x, K :BARBARA A.lI3'UNN xr' ROSALIE M. FALLON " 273 Egifts., bxorwood 166 Assembly Dr., Warwick Brown-e beauty . Downs Ardent igqgiigele' ' Reliable f Dynami, pe Mixed with fun 5,0 Band! , 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, !3' 45 Orchestra 2, 35 R. I. Mu' Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, N. E. sic Festival 1, 2, 45 Sock Ka kin 45 Reminder Literary B d and Advertising Board 45 ome Room Representative 15 Student Council 15 Y-Teen 35 Aldrichite 45 Gym Exhibi- tion 35 Musical Review 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Tri-Hi Re- view 2. 20 Friendly Library Aide 15 Gym Exhibi- tion 1, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Knit-Wit Club 45 Musical Re- view 1, 2, 35 R. I. Music Fes- tival 2, 35 N. E. Music Festi- val 2. Pup Bev Carol RICHARD S. FISCHER BEVERLY A. FRASER CAROLIN M. GANGE 136 Pocahontas Dr., Governor 99 Broad St., Norwood 341 Sargent St., Norwood Francis Farms I , , , , Brlmmmg over with mischief Calm, Cool, and Collected Reserved manner Always on the go Mighty nice to know So nice!! Fleeting as a second Genial disposition Friendly newcomer Reminder Literary Board, Art Staff, Salesman, Reminder Advertising Business Board 4, Aldrichite 2, 3, 4g Library Aide 1, 25 Art Staff 2, 33 Musi- cal Review 19 Knit-Wit Club 4, Y-Teen 35 Gym Exhibition 1, 3. Library Aide 33 Sports Night 1, 23 Sock Q Buskin 2g Re- minder Advertising Business Board 4g Gym Exhibition 33 Fashion Show 1, 4. Cafrol CAROLYN R. GARRAHAN 9 Kilvert St., Hillsgrove Cheery smile Refreshing Good friend to all Library Aide 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Musical Review 1, 2, 45 Sports Night lg Gym Exhibition 3. A0h01'E Pay I Af 21 I rene IRENE F. GASKEY 462 Warwick Ave., Lakewood Independent Faithful friend Good-natured as they come Gym Exhibition 13 Fashion Show 4. 4: . 4 11' , . f. 1. Barry Pete Bunny W. BARRY GILBERT PETER J. GIROUARD BERNICE A. GOUVEIA 33 Roseland Ave., Hillsgrove 160 Wendell Rd., Lakewood 133 Cottage St., Hillsgrove Whimsical Pleasing personality Bewitching Boundless energy Jack-of-all-trades Always ladylike Good-natured Good-natured Genuinely sincere Basketball 13 Football 2, Band Stage Crew 3, 43 Sock Sz Bus- Sports Night 1, 43 Knit-Wit 1, 2g Aldrichite 1, 2, 3, 4, Re- kin 4, Musical R iew 3, 4. Club 4, Reminder Advertising minder Advertising Business if ,fa , Business Board 45 Gym Exhi- bf bition 1, 3, 4 3 Fashion Show 13 Board 4, Musical Review 1, 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Spanish Club 43 Board 45 Reminder Literary 4 f' Gym Exhibition 1, 2. 4' W V, we P, x 'N J erfry GERALD L. GRAY 44 Blanchard Ave., Spring Gree Glee Club 35 Musical Review 3. DOLORES C. GREER 1688 Post Rd., Hillsgrove Good-natured Diligent and dependable Lackadalslcal Capable in all fields Genial Genial 22 Sports Night 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Corps 3, President 4, Aldrich- ite 3, 43 Co-Editor of Remind- er 4g Y-Teen 2, 35 Reminder Salesman 2, 3, 43 Glee .Club 3, Musical Review 3, R. I. Music Festival 35 N. E. Music Fes- tival 2, Executive Committee 13 Class Secretary 23 Class Treasurer 3, Student Council 1, 43 Gym Exhibition 1, 33 gngt-:Vit Club 3g Oiiice Staff Uinl nl . al1i1M,Jfb-' .4 , -1 V ' '. , YN ,Carol I 'L' , X1 '71 if Dick CAROL A. HATHAWQAYQJ 175 Pierce Ave., Norwood Cute as a buttercup Animated personality Honey-eyed blonde Y-Teen 23 Aldrichite 23 Co- Editor 43 Glee Club 33 Musical Review 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 13 Knit-Wit Club 4. Hamm B. BRUCE HOPKINS 87 Adams St., Gaspee Plateau Brisk jitterbug artist Boundless energy Happy-go-lucky Spanish Club 3, 43 Reminder iiiterary Board 43 Baseball 3, RICHARD L. HIGGINS 45 Osceola Ave., Gaspee Plateau Reliable as homework Liked by all Helpful Student Council 43 Aldrichite Sports Editor 43 Track 2, 4g Basketball 1, 3, 43 Science Club 3, 43 Junior Honor So- ciety. 23 Lynne LYNNE E. HOPPIN 167 Canonchet Ave., Gaspee Plateau Ladylike Engaging personality Happy as a lark Aldrichite 3, Gossip Editor 43 Gym Exhibition 33 Art Stafli 3g Reminder Literary Board 43 Knit-Wit Club 43 Y-Teen 23 Fashion Show 1. Charlie CHARLES S. HORTON 12 Bayside Avenue, Pawtuxet Comic character Sailing enthusiast Happy-go-lucky Reminder Advertising Busi- ness Board 43 Hi-Y 43 Gym Team 4. K Joamle Bob Margie JOAN M. HORTON ROBERT H. HORTON MARGARET A. HOYE 41 Snow Rd., Norwood 12 Bayside Ave., Pawtuxet 242 Milton Rd., Lakewood Just so Resolute- Most retiring Modest Miss Happy-go-lucky Amiable classmate Hospitable Hilarious prankster Helpful and co-operative Y-Teen 35 Knit-Wit Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, Vice-President 45 Fashion Show 3, 45 Remind- er Literary Board, Snap Shot Editor 45 Aldrichite Editorial Staff 45 Reminder Advertising Business Board 45 Sock KL Bus- kin 45 Office Staff 4. Aldrichite 45 Reminder Liter- Reminder Advertising Busi- ary Board, Senior Editor 45 ness Board Manager 45 Sports Science Club 4. Night 45 Sock Kr Buskin 2, 3, 45 Aldrichite 1, Business Board 15 Math Club 1, 25 Library Aide 45 Y-Teen 25 Competition Play 25 Knit-Wit Club 35 Taming of the Shrew, Senior Play. M afrge MARJORIE A. HULL Old Plainfield Pike, Scituate Mischievous Artisticallyn inclined Happy-go-lucky Cafeteria Corps 1, 2, 35 Debat- ing Club 2, 35 Art Staff 45 Gym Exhibition 1, 35 Remind- er Literary Board 45 Remind- er Advertising Business Board 45 Fashion Show 4. M wrgie MARGARET M. IDE 78 Lawn Ave., Pawtuxet Mischievous ' Makes friends easily Imaginative Student Council 45 Sock 8z Buskin 45 Cafeteria Corps 45 Reminder Advertising Busi- ness Board 45 Reminder Lit- erary Board 45 Knit-Wit 4, Gym Exhibition 3. George C. GEORGE JACOBSON 1138 Narragansett Pkwy., Palace Gardens Confident Good-natured J ocular Sock Sz Buskin 4, Hi-Y 4 Spanish Club 3, 4. I 1, X LQ!! kj!! ' xl' ' ' W ' X01 MAB Walt F. WALTER JENISON 152 Sumner Ave., Norwood M .Wx ' ,Z Betty BETTY E. JOHNSON 216 Milton Rd., Lakewood Friend to all Brimful of fun Whiz on the trumpet Ever attractive Just a "swell guy" Jubilant jf Band 1, 2, 3, 49 Jazz Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Reminder Literary Board 4, Aldrichite 43 Musical Review 1, 2, 3, 4, N. E. Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play, R. I. Music Festival 1 2 3' Cla President 3 Wit Club 3, 45 Fashion,'Show Student Council 45 Library Aide 2, 3, 41 Cafeteria Corps 1, 25 Aldrichite 3, 49 Reminder Literary Board and Photog- raphy Editor 4g Sports Night 4g Science Clubg Sock Kr Bus- kin 2, 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 3: Competition Play 1' Y Teen 2 3 Junior Honor Society Knit 1 Spanish Club 4 Taming of 'the Shrew 3. xi!!! Lol! 6 If Mw- f ,M ,L , ' f If I Efhfloynvgn-I Orme I 3 .-ii' A 3 Doris Jonesy DORIS L. JOHNSON CAROLYN R. JONES 129 Lavan St., N0rWO0d 292 Sumner Ave., Norwood Dependable Center of fun Lastingly friendly Raring to go Jocund Jumpy as a puppet on a string Fashion Show 13 Gym Exhibi- tion 15 Y-Teen 2. 25 Aldrichite 1, 43 Reminder Lit- erary Board 4, Class Treas- urer 25 Home Room Represen- tative 3g Sock 8x Buskin 43 Senior Playg Speaking Contest 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Gym Exhibition 33 R. I. Musical Festival 3, 43 Musical Review 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. I X V sl BM J ' B RB F- I .IOY Ann .. rown Dr., Q Gas - Plateau Bubbling p onalit Energy plus I Jubilan Y-T e 3g Exhibition 35 Al i ' ossip Editor 45 ior xecutive Committeeg ' er Literary Board and S xor Editorg Sports Night 43 S ck Kr Buskin Aldrichite lesman 4. Dick RICHARD E. KIESER 4 Apple Tree La., Governor Francis Farms Rollicking ribber Endowed with red hair Keen sense of humor Senior Playg Camera Club Movie Squad 4. ,J , Mfrs' 4: Don DONALD J. KING 106 Newfield Ave., Lakewood Dependable Just a good fellow Kindly Stage Crew 4. of 'K I C 1 s n, , 5 7 W .-ff Mike Eve DONALD S. KOLLETT EVELYN T- KRUGER 92 Yale Ave., Gaspee Plateau 65 Eaflham WHY, HillS8'1'0Ve Deliberate Easy going Sedulous Tall with little talk Keen at track Kind in her ways Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 49 Re- minder Advertising Business Board 4. 26 Rita RITA J. LEACH 17 Senaca St., Hillsgrove Ray of Sunshine J ocular Likeable Reminder Advertising Busi- 'ness Board 43 Reminder Liter- ary Board 43 Gym Exhibition 33 Library Aide 2, 33 Knit-Wit Club 3, 43 Cafeteria Corps 43 Cheerleader 3, 4. RAYMOND H. LEVESQUE JOHN P. 91 Thurman St., Lakewood 139 Gould Ave. Romanticist at heart Jollification plus t Happy-go-lucky Pleasing personality Lackadaisical Loads of fun Football 1, 43 Baseball 23 Bas- Baseball 1, 3, 43 Gym Club 4 Bob ROBERT W. LEWIS 129 Gould Ave., Norwood Rates tops Winning personality Loquacious Science Club 1, 2, 43 Baseball 13 Basketball 13 Football 1, 23 Band 1, 23 Aldrichite Business Board 43 Reminder 43 Gym Exhibition 13 Track 3, 43 Stage Crew 2. C. MANGIONE Dr., Gaspee Plateau Frank Capable Mr. President Science Club 3, 43 Aldrichite Business Manager 43 Debating Club 3, 43 Student Council President 43 Good Will 1, 2, 3, 4g Junior Honor Society. !cff-H1-r'7 czofg fra. 411 Q fi-17 Sf- Jim Gail Ken JAMES E. MARBLE GAIL S. MARSHALL KENNETH H. MARTIN 252 Fair St., Gaspee Plateau 107 Nogh COHIEETY Club Dr., 271 Irving Rd., Lakewood Jolly bl0I1d aspee ateau Kidding all the time EIQUIIISQRSM plus Genial Ham at heart Mile-wide smile Studious Matchless comedian . ethodical Sclence Club 3, 45 Aldrichite M 25 Baseball 3, 4. Taming of the Shrew 35 Span- ish Club 3, 45 Sock Kr Buskin 45 Senior Play5 Reminder Business Board, Literary Board and Art Staff 45 Stu- Football 2, 3, 45 Science Club 35 Spanish C1'ub 3, 45 Basket- ball 15 Gym Exhibition 15 Senior Executive Committeeg Aldrichite 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play5 Glee Club 4. dent Advisor to Junior High Assemblies 45 French Club 4. GLM 5 sw 1, gf X . I 3 xfii, Q , L i J ' X 'P' Q , x , 'XV J Peggy K 4 X J 55 .RHF thi Rall MARGUERITE W. MARTINK X ' . '3 J RAYMOND M. MARTONE 89 Yucatan Dr., Hoxie 's V5 KX PQ I' ' 43 Whitin Ave., Lakewood Magnetic personality 'YJ Y K 5 Xi " Rising vocalist Welcome as sunshine Q! w Adventuresome Measureless imagination J f 5, , Matchless way with a song Twirler 1, 2, 3, 45 Reminder XX. .QV Spanish Club 3, 45 Band 1, 2, Literary Board 45 Snap Shot Editor5 Reminder Advertising Business Board 45 Office Staff 2, 3, 45 Library Aide 15 Y- Teen 25 Musical Review 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 15 Sports Night 1, 45 Student Council 15 N. E. Music Festival 25 R. I. Music Festival 3. wr fl? 9 F . N 28 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 N. E. Music Festivalg R. I. Music Feitivalg Musical Review 1, 2, 3, . C' L40 x 'V U,s'f7vr' Norm NORMA L. MARX 59 Astral St., Spring Green Never a dull moment Lively Mischievous Glee Club 1, 25 Twirler 15 Bowling Club 45 Musical Re- view 1, 25 Gym Exhibition 2. ffff Wir' JV, Q ,,' JAKE!! .pd U John JOHN C. McGINNES 11 Star St., Palace Gardens J udicious Conscientious Mighty nice Spanish Club 3, 45 Sock 8z Bus- kin 45 Senior Play5 Reminder Literary Board, Sports Editor. Bob ROBERT A. McGOVERN 82 Louisiana Ave., Lincoln Park Reserved Affable Moderate Band 1, 2, 3. Dick RICHARD S. MILLER 130 Norwood Ave., Norwood Reserved personality Sincere in every way Magnetic smile Football 2. fx N0 gi ' fav W 5? . gl Barbara BARBARA A. MORRISON 224 Washington St., Lakewood Blonde atom Athletic Musical Leaders' Corps 2, 35 Treasurer 45 Sports Night 1, 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Music Festival 1, 2, 35 N. E. Music Festival 1, 2, Musical Review 1, 2, 3, 45 Reminder Literary Board and Salesman 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Library Aide 15 Y-Teen 25 Aldrichite Typist 3. 1 ,, YP l Moe NORMAN E. MOSHER 30 Aberdeen Ave., Gaspee Plateau Notable in sports Easy-going Mischievous Football 2, 3, 4. Taber Bernie FRANK J. MUENZEL BERNARD A. MULHALL 431 Post Rd., Lakewood 241 Holmes Rd., Lakewood Friendly Basketball enthusiast Jocose Always dependable Matchless Mighty nice to have around Basketball 1, 3, 45 Student Council 4g Co-Editor of the Reminder, Literary Board 4. W Q as ,fate Bev BEVERLY M. 0'BRIEN 346 Chestnut St., Norwood Blushable redhead Merry and mischievous smile Original humor Good Will 2, 3, 43 Math Club 1g Y-Teen 2, 33 Junior Honor Society, Fashion Show 1, 4, Sports Night 2 3 Reminder, Senior Editor 43 Reminder Ad- vertising Business Board. A 4. .0 I Tom THOMAS H. ODELL 413 Atlantic Ave., Lakewood . Tops with all Hearty Obliging Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Executive Committee, Senior Play, Gym Exhibition 2. 30 jf if 5 fl , l'-7 U' L 1 I ' lu , 7 1 ' ,, "Barb M . 1, f BARBARA M. O'DONNELL "" 109 Irving Rd., Lakewood Benign Magnetic Oodles of fun Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Leaders' Corps 2, 3, Secretary 45 Knit- Wit Club 3, 45 Sports Night 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teen 2, 35 Fash- ion Show 1, 45 Aldrichite 45 Reminder Literary Board 45 Musical Review 2, 4. Phil PHILIP B. PAIGE 414 Fair St., Gaspee Plateau Personality plus Born to be popular Promising athlete Football 2, 3, 45 J. V. Baseball 3, 45 Class Vice-President 33 Class Treasurer 45 Track 4. 8- FUSE' W Af I .--7' ,fi 1 'P ' J K. V, Bob ROBERT E. PARK, JR. 11 Palm Blvd., Lakewood Reasonable Easy-going Pleasant Hi-Y 45 Reminder Advertis- ing Business Board 45 Safety 'S Club 2. , V f' , , , IU H t 6 I I I Danny Z' f' 7, " ' ' , Pete DANIEL F. PERRY ' N ,JL fi ' NANCY 0. PETERSON 357 NaI'I'3g2HSett Pkwy., N 'J K , K 197 Harrington Ave., Norwood Warwick Downs Q, 'UM ' , i V Al I K Neat little Swede Dan-dy Clarinetist X If W Q Operation-fun Friendly attitude ff Petite as a Wren Placid I 3 I , XA l Sock Ka Buskm 15 Y-Teen 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 0I'Ch6Stl'a 1, U' ' N, Home Room Representative 1, 2, 3, 45 Gym Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Q 3 , 'iv 2, 3, 45 Aldrichite 3, Co-Editor Glee Club 45 Musical Review ' lj 45 Office Staff 1, 25 Knit-Wit 1, 2, 3, 45 N. E. Music Festival Club 45 Glee Club 35 N, E, 1, 2, 4. W Music Festival 25 Musical Re- R view 3, 45 Junior Honor So- 31 ciety5 Gym Exhibition 15 Fashion Show 1. Lo LOIS A. PONTARELLI 327 Pawtuxet Ave., Norwood Ladylike A Always a true friend C ., R X, w' 1 H4 ihob :N ' 'ROBERT J. QOWE 72 Puritan l?!Q5gNNOvTW , 55, , . d Round-the4clock sports he 0 Jolly good fellow Pleasing personality 1 Rrogressivet l N , 1 Y, Library Aide 35 Reminder Ad- vertising Business Board 45 Gym Exhibition 15 Y-Teen 35 Fashion Show 1, 4. bition 1 25 H Y :ZF S ' h Club 3, , ni , 4 gas. . President 45 Tra k 1, Football 2, 45 Baseball 1, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. 7 I 2, 3, Sonny EARL H. RAMSDEN 166 Audubon Rd., Gaspee Plateau Emphatic Happy-go-lucky Regular guy Baseball 1, 3, 45 Spanish Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 45 Student Council 4. Paul PAUL C. RADICAN 1314 Post Rd., Norwood Prankster Candid Ready for fun Sock 8: Buskin 35 Stage Crew 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Gym Exhibi- tion 2. we 5 ggi A S ii za ' xW -.. 1' ,M , gi' . i U if ,lu 'i Volk' il' Ch ll .r if 'fl " 1' xl, 5 fi, X lf CHARLES A. Rlx Ll' I K 42 Country Club Dr., Gaspee ', V ,V J Plateau UV , 5 J L Casual character ' 5 '- Lx' F ' All-Stater L ' K kt N Rugged individualist LK - i Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 4. L fl , . 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 45 1, lx Baseball 3, 45 Gym Club 1, 2, J 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Musical , 3 Review 3, 4. Q f LJ 32 g' ifw Muriel C .KL X G! Bob Momfe MURIEL A. ROUNDS ROBERT E. ROWAN MONICA G. RUGGIERI 135 Spofford Ave., Lakewood 13 Manchester St., Pawtuxet 571 Narragansett Pkwy., Matchless personality Rambunctious Gaspee Plateau A cute little jumping-bean Energetic Miss Prim Ready and reliable Robust Good Friend Sports Night 1, 2, 3, 4g Gym Football 4, Musical Review 4. Rehable Exhibition 1, 33 Spanish Club 3, 45 Knit-Wit Club 3, 4, Aldrichite Typist 23 Y-Teen 2, 35 Reminder Literary Board 45 Senior Play, Sock Kz Buskin 2g Reminder Business Board 4g Library Aide 15 Reminder Salesman 4. Library Aide 25 Musical Re- view 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Gym Exhibition 1. . ' JJM' 1""'77,7Af'i'UmfW lv, gomif 176' I Q. I Al Satch ALFRED W. SARNMARK FRANCIS J. SATCHELL 91 Norwood Ave., Norwood 800 Naivnquid DIE., Governor Always friendly rancls arm Winsome Flashing personality Sincere Just an actor at heart 33 "Satchel1" of fun Track 15 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Vice-President 2g Class Secretary 43 Aldrichite Salesman 25 Senior Play. Joyce f V Bill Smitty JOYCE D. scorr Q, 347 Fair St., Gaspee Plateau ' Jovial Debater Straightforward Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Reminder Ad- vertising Business Board 4g Reminder Literary Board 4, Library Aide 1, 2, Y-Teen 3, Musical Review 1, 2. WILLIAM F. SILVIA 126 River St., Lakewood Winning personality Forever tops Star athlete Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Club 1, Track 13 Class President 1, 2, Class Vice- President 45 Executive Com- mittee 3. NORMA E. SMITH 2 Phillips Ave., Norwood Nice to be with Enterprising as can be Sunny disposition Library Aide 13 Cafeteria Force lg Reminder Salesman 1, 3, 45 Y-Teen 2, 35 Sports Night 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4 g Knit-Wit Club 4 5 Reminder Literary Board, Business Board 45 Speaking Contest 3. Nan NANCY C. STRINGER 25 Cread Pl., Palace Gardens Naturally sweet Classy cheerleader Sincere Senior Playg Cheerleader 3, 45 Aldrichite 45 Reminder, Sen- ior Editorg Y-Teen 33 Execu- tive Committee lg Junior Hon- or Societyg Sock KL Buskin 2, Good Will 1, 2, 3, 43 Gym Ex- hibition 1, 35 Student Council 45 Reminder Salesman 4. l fl t - - X I cy ,Q . 66.170 34 Rich RICHARD H. THOMAS 56 Lincoln Ave., Lincoln Park Resourceful Horticulture Enthusiast True friend J oycie JOYCE E. THORSON 180 Massachusetts Ave., Lincoln Park Jovial personality Enthusiastic cheerleader Talented artist Senior Play, Good Will 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Re- minder Literary Board, Art Consultant 4, Y-Teen 2, 3, Sports Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, Class Vice Presi- dent 2, Aldrichite Staff 2, 3, Junior Honor Society, Sock Sz Buskin 3, Gym Exhibition 1, 3, Musical Review 4, Aldrich- ite Salesman 3, 4. TURNER ve., Norwood N orine NORINE J. UNDERHILL 579 Post Rd., Lakewood , fun 1101159 Never a dull moment Eau going Just our "Jill" fSenior Playl T 'UVB Unusually sweet Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Musical Re- view 1, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition 1, Baseball 1, Basketball. al' f' Senior Play, Reminder, Sen- ior Editor, Reminder Literary Board and Art StaH' 4, Re- minder Salesman 2, 3, 4, Y- Teen 2, 3, Gym Exhibition 1, 3, Sports Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Knit-Wit Club 3, 4, Sock 8z Buskin 4. Employmcrff OFFHC 'F ll l A I AN. ar V N Bo I Z7 YV, N, Marge f . C LAWRENCE A. WETHERBEE Cl U .Q X L 9 MARJORIE B. WYATT 7 I-a1"Ch St-, Lakewood ff. YV i' Q60 :Q Q HQ, 23 Dryden Blvd., Lakewood Iliackigaisical rg rl , lf ' Miss Debater mia e , C N Bl'the Waggish 'nblfg " ,,, 1 Q " Witty as they come Football 1, 2, 4? Glee Club 43 V Sports Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Al- Muslcal ReVl9'W 45 Track 1- drichite 2, 3, 4, Reminder Lit- 35 erary Board 4, Y-Teen 2, 3, Math Club 1, Debating Club 1, 2, 3, Knit-Wit Club 3, 4, Musical Review 4. S811 E ' I Ideal Aldricbiles Nancy Peterson Mort Popular Walter Jenison Cute!! Carolyn Jones Carol Hathaway Bobby Powers Francis Satchell MOU Afpiygif Mort Likely to Succeed Joyce Thorson Dolores Greer Raymond Amaral Francis Mangione Did Mon For the Clary Most Humorour Mort Musical Dolores Greer Barbara Bitgoocl Barbara Dunn Francis Mangzione Kenneth Martin Ray Martone XdTlChllQ Qutetert Muriel Rounds Bert Drerred John Ball Mort Happy-G0-Lucky Sue Qdy Carolyn Jones Donald King Bruce Hopkins BeJt Looking and Mort Attractive Mort Dependable Cynthia and Eleanor Dallinger Dolores Gfeef Rig!-,ard Miller Bernard Mulhall L ' Mort Vemxtile Mort Athletic Bert Actor and Actrerr Joyce Thorson Shirley Angell Carolyn jones Francis Satchell Bill Silvia Richard Kieser C an or IQ 1 SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Seated: F. Satchell, R, Powers, Mr, Sullivan, W. Silvia, P. Paige. Standing: S. Angell, K. Martin, J. Deptula, T. Odell, B. Joy, N. Peterson 38 - Q .. 3 4 First Row: N. Stringer, R. Fallon, M. Rounds, D. Browning, B. Morrison, M. Ruggieri, N. Underhill. Second Row: B. Fraser, B. O'Brien, B. joy, ll. Thorson, F. Mangione, B. johnson, C. Gange, L. Pon- tarelli, S. Cady. Third Row: W. Silvia, R. Higgins, M. Wyatt, T. Odell, D. Greer, J. McGinnes, B. Mulhall. S ncior Honor ooze! THE RHODE ISLAND HONOR SOCIETY We would like to extend our congratulations to the twenty-four seniors who attained membership in the Rhode Island Honor Society by maintaining honor grades through- out their sophomore, junior, and senior years. They have worked hard to keep a 7.95 average or better scholastically which is the qualification for membership. X Seniors who qualified are as follows: 1- Diane Browning Bernard Mulhall I Q Sue Cady Beverly O'Btien Rosalie Fallon Thomas Odell t. Beverly Fraser Nancy Peterson I, Caroline Gange Lois Pontarelli ll Dolores Greer Muriel Rounds Richard Higgins Monica Ruggieri il , , Betty Johnson William Silvia n- . Barbara joy Nancy Stringer I Francis Mangione Joyce Thorson John Mccsifmes Norine Underhill 9.517 Barbara Morrison Marjorie Wyatt 39 S nic ,PI SENIOR PLAY CAST In front: M. Rounds, N. Underhill. Seated left to right: C. Darling, R. Amaral, J. Thorson, N. Backus, W. jenison. Standing: N. Stringer, K. Martin, J. McGinnes, R. Kieser C. jones. SENIOR PLAY ACTION SHOT M. Rounds, N. Underhill, N. Stringer, N. Backus, W. Jeni- son, R. Kieser, C. Darling, C. Jones, J. Thorson. In front: K. Martin, R. Amaral. 'K Friday, December 8, was an important day for all the seniors. On that date they pre- sented, to a full auditorium, the senior play "We Shook the Family Tree", a comedy by Hildegarde Dolson. A remarkable perform- ance was given by the cast. Headed by Carolyn jones as Hildegarde Dolson, "the girl who had trouble staying out of trouble," they played their roles with ex- cellent acting ability. Sharing the supporting parts were: Nancy Stringer as Cally Dolson, who shares her sister's many problems, jimmy and Bobby Dolson, played by Francis Satchell and Ken Martin, whose wormer attracted more than worms, Mr. and Mrs. Dolson, played by Walter Jenison and Nancy Backus, who sup- posed they were a perfectly average family, Ellie-May, who in real life is Cynthia Darl- ing, Bob's heart-throbg jill, Norine Underhill, her friend, Paige Mason, Muriel Rounds, who played postman, Freddie Shermer, Richard Kieser, who wears short pantslg and Mr. and Mrs. Shermer, played by Raymond Amaral and Joyce Thorson, who can't stand to see their son ruined by Hildegarde. This senior play was certainly one of the best ever given at Aldrich. UDAGVCIHS STH BH S Q46 M J Class of I 52 .Q an A I l , X I ' JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Seated: L. O'Brien, A. Sharlcin. Mr. Hart, 1. Bolger, K. Gregson. Standing: -I. Mills, J. Hind, R. Fuller, R. Mills, E. Roy, J. Fish A Bowen. J l C ass of F153 .I 4 V 31? , o J' iw' ! ! CLASS OF 1953 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE U Q Seated: B. Lake, D. Peotrowski, Mr. Crawley, R. Schaller, J. Lynch. Standing: L. Taylor, S. Russo, J. Taber, J. Gillan, L. Hathaway, E. Coughlin, P. Bolger, Class DY lq Ll 7 an CLASS OF 1954 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 's 4, . Ov : A l g-1-Q. F ' Left to right: C. Jobe, P. Putnam, T. Cassasanta, G. Greenhalgh, L. A112 O o 2nd row: R. Hawkins, G. Vfentworth, Miss Gannon, D. Devan H. Parker. Class ON 55 CLASS OF 1955 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to right: C. Larson, S. Mitchell, M. Bloom, E. Fox, E. Gladding. 2nd row: Miss Gallano, D. Freeden, J. Gustafson, R. Boucher, 1. Klmger, R P l . all. Class 0 IQSB vw N an . l l .N t .QQ .H x X .iQ . Q' '+I' 7TH GRADE H. R. REPRESENTATIVES First row: K. Herbert, C. Strumski, B. Lawson, V. Nicholson, S. Stewart C. Bourassa, G. Lyons. Second row: W. Harrison, D. Therault, T. George, W. Hubbard, C Laycock. fi K, 1 J, 5 'K fl! ' f. WV ' C I 5 ? - A- X 1 'X 7 Q WUI 0 1 Q I S 2 X -gil 'Qi .11- c Qui 305 1:--K 4,4-f Ray 'Ama-ra. REMINDER EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: N. Stringer, B. Joy, D. Greer, Miss Conlin, J. Thorson, N. Underhill, D. Browning. Standing: J. McGinnes, R. Horton, B. O'Brien, Mr. Hart, B. johnson, W. Jenison, B. Mulhall. 'Th R mind REMINDER LITERARY BOARD Seated: B. Morrison, M Rounds, N. Smith, G. Mar shall, B. johnson, J. Thor son, R. Arnold, D. Brown ing, Miss Conlin. Second row: B. Dunn, B. Fras L er, S. Cady, M. Hull, Hoppin, D. Greer, C. Darl ing, B. joy, B. O'Brien, N Underhill, C. Jones. Third row: E. Dallinger, N Stringer, B. Mulhall, -I McGinnes, R. Horton, J Church, W. Jenison, R Leach, C. Dallinger. A A Q REMINDER ADVERTISING BUSINESS BOARD First row: B. Fraser, G. Marshall, R. Check, B. Dunn, M. Hull, N. Carlson, M. Hoye, M. Martin, M. Ide, R. Fisher. Second row: B. O'Brien, B. Gouveia, R. Arnold, R. Leach, C. Gange, L. Pontarelli, Mr. Saute, J. Gilkenson, B. Curtis, S. Fredericks, J. Horton, R. McManus. Third row: C. Horton, R. Amaral, R. Parks, H. McGuirl, F. Newton, E. Brown, D. Kollett, J. Swift. THE REMINDER REMINDER STAFF C0-EDITORS Dolores Greer Bernard Mulhall ART CONSULTANT Joyce Thorson SENIOR EDITORS Barbara joy Nancy Stringer Walt Jenison Norine Underhill Beverly O'Brien PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Betty johnson SNAPSHOT EDITOR Peggy Martin BUSINESS MANAGER Barbara Dunn FACULTY ADVISORS Miss Conlin Mr. Hart BUSINESS ADVISORS Mr. Saute Mr. Del Vecchio Our Reminder stands as a symbol of what co-operation and good fellowship can accomplish. Many long hours were spent doing this task, but it was well worth the effort. This book will be to all of us, especially the seniors, a "Reminder" of the many happy hours enjoyed together in our Alma Mater. THE REMINDER SALESMEN Seated: B. Morrison, N. Stringer, I-I. Kellerman, C. Barnes, J. LaFrambroise, R. Chentko, J. Allen, I.. Allen, D. johnson, D. Greenblatt. Standing: N. Underhill, S. Ceci, P. Harnedy, M. Rounds, N. Smith, Mr. Del Vecchio, D. Greer, B. Thompson, J. Tiernan, S. Wyatt, B. Fraser. ALDRICHITE EDITORS .-f-14 ..."',," .:"' :-Tl' .--1' ...5- .- ..- --.-- ...5 ,- ..-'-',4E'AMf ....-"-..- -- ...-,..."'--E ,...-' .-.,.-- ...- .1-.fli i ,..-2,..-' ,,.1' ,."',.-f ,- ::'.--z.-' -1:- ...-.- J. Allen, P. Daly, N. Peterson, C. Hathaway, L. Hoppin, B. joy. Standing: R. McDermott, R. Higgins, F. Mangione, Mt. Rothemich. THE ALDRICHITE The monthly edition of our school paper, the Aldrichite, has been one of the biggest hits in the year of '51. Its complete coverage of the news, whether dealing with school events or whereabouts of the Alumni, gave the paper one of the largest, if not the largest, circulations in its history. With the able assistance of Mr. Farrell, Mr. Rothemich, and our co-editors: Nancy Peterson and Carol Hathaway, the student body enjoyed the best school paper ever printed here at Aldrich. ' : ,,.,,pi. . sifcttfi i T 'Nl 'Nr' ALDRICHITE SALESMEN Seated: R. Derjue, G. Jenckes, B. Felice, M. Ashley, J. Lima, Mr. Farrell, 1. Taber, J. Greenhalgh, N. MacKay, B. joy, M. Biehler. Standing: K. Allstrom, R. Sorgel, V. Guertin, L. Leal, D. DelDio, B. Davis, R. Chentko, M. Saulnier, J. Silvia, K. Martin, J. Thor- son, J. Tiernan, B. Devaney, P. Williams, D. Shavers, M. Wilson, R. Marble. 50 5 -w-'44-4'W"""' ALDRICHITE STAFF CO-EDITORS Carol Hathaway Nancy Peterson BUSINESS MANAGER Francis Mangione PHOTOGRAPHER Richard McDermott SPORTS EDITOR Richard Higgins EXCHANGE EDITOR Pat Daly ALUMNI EDITORS Joyce Thorson Nancy Stringer ART WORK Edith Allard Pat Daly Raymond Amaral ADVERTISEMENTS Barry Gilbert Jack Church Gerald Scott GOSSIP EDITORS Lynn Hoppin Barbara Joy FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. Farrell Mr. Rothemich ALDRICHITE BUSINESS BOARD Seated: R. Lewis, F. Mangione, Mr. Farrell, B. Gilbert, G. Scott. Standing: Church. 111 nm mt ALDRICHITE iv . NIV? REPORTERS AND TYPISTS L. Hoppin, B. ODonnell. M Biehler, N. Srrin er. E. Dallin er, B. Joy, C. Igi5aia. C. Dai Im er, B. Fraser, A. Bowen, E Allliard, K. Gregson, J, O'Con- nor, D. Greer. S. Angell, D. Browning, P Perraulr, J. Knox. C. Peloquin Mr. Rothemich, Mr. Farrell, H Fallon, B. Otto, B, Lawson, J Knowles, P. Daly. . J. Trenholm, C, Jones, B. Dunn B. Roberts, K. Ulry, M. Mc Caffrey, J. Horton. S. Cady, R Chentko, R. Dexter, C. Darling M. Wyatt, J. Allen. I.. Allen G. Greenhal h P. Hard G Paige. N. MECKIY. P. William- son, B. Jones. F. Petrarca, B. Johnson, G. Scott, F. Wyatt, J. Church, B. Gilbert, R. Lewis, F. Mangione R. Higgins, W. Jeniwn. R. Hor: ton, R. McDermott, J. Thorson R. Fahlman. Stud ni Couucci This year the Student Council was reactivated and reorganized under a new con- stitution. Four oflicers were elected. Representation for the Council was staggered according to grades. Many activities were started, and in the future we are sure that the students will look upon the Council as their means of expressing themselves, and will use it to a great extent. The Council has been helpful in the organization and establishment of a Rhode Island Association of Student Councils. Supervisor ...,.., ,,., .,.,..,.. ....,..,.. M r . Scott President ,....,,... ....,. . . Francis Mangione Senior High Director .,.,..,.. Miss Santoro Vice President .. . ....,. , Lucille George junior High Director .,..,... ..,. M r. Lavery Secretary-Treasurer .,....,. ...Joseph Ferrelli v Seated: R. Higgins, M. Ide, D. Greer, J. Ferrelli, F. Mangione, L. George, N. Stringer, B. johnson, B. Mulhall, Mr. Lavery. Standing: D. King, D. Devaney, J. Bolger, K. Gregson, P. Daly, L. O'Brien, E. Cady, M. Ruggieri, J. Taber, J. De Pace, R. Peotrowski, W. Rathburn. llllflfi HOV S OCCFZ1 www Q f 4 - First row: J. Tabor, N. Freden, D. Brightman, J. Davis, N. Aldrich, J. Lima, D. Lundstrom, M. Hackett, H. Fish. Second row: M. Kriegel, J. Campbell, J. Cook, H. Magnan, J. Ferrelli, H. Ramsden, E. Haynes, M. Therault, J. Knight, S. Doodson, J. Drew. Third row: D. Fuller, D. Hindle, R. Peotrowski, L. Taylor, M. Musler, R. Connell, P. Henschel, R. Fallstrom, The junior Honor Society, organized in 1947, is comprised of ninth graders who have been judged upon character, citizenship, and dependability and who have ac- quired the line standing of nine out of eleven A's and B's. Nancy Aldrich, Dorothy Brightman, Jane Campbell, Wilfred Carpenter, Robert Connell, Jacqueline Cook, Joan Davis, Shirley Doodsen, Janice Drew, Robert Fallstrom, joseph Ferrelli, Hope Fish, Nancy Freden, David Fuller, Marguerite Hackett, Evan Haynes, Paul Henschel, Donald Hindle, Kenneth Kindlund, june Knight, Mary Kriegel, joana Lima, Dorothy Lundstrom, Joan Lynch, Donald Macaulay, Helen Magnan, Michael Musler, Richard Peotrowski, Herbert Ramsden, Janet Taber, Leon Taylor, Martina Therault. 53 'VPAIIII U 1 l Il .- it ll , l fs . K- 1 017: Yf'1,," R' fjffr . 'jf o Left to right, First row: B. Laycock, T. MacLean, D. Whittingham, Mr. Hoffman, E. Jansen, C. Magee, J. Swift. Second row: R. Hargraves, A. Williams, C. Bessette, F, Murphy, R. Haines, A. Halliday. SAFETY CLUB This club, with a membership of fifteen and a standing list of applicants desiring admission, has responsibilities which include the direction of pedestrian traffic at the Lakewood and Norwood lights, the maintenance of a well-kept bicycle room, and a safe parking lot. Sometime this year, the club will elect a member to attend the National Police Rally at Washington, D. C. The members are under the sponsorship of the Warwick Police Department and have Mr. Hoffman as the local supervisor. Captain, George Duke, Lieutenants, Edward O'Brien, Franklin Murphy, Raymond Boutin, Ronald Haynes. LIBRARY AIDES The library aides, under the lead- ership of Miss Cohen, have done an excellent job in the past year. These girls are giving their free time to help with the arranging of books and keeping the library in order. Many more students are coming into the library regularly for refer- ence, for reading, and for enjoy- ment. 54 Left to right: Miss Cohen, S. Ceci, C. Bonneau. , - THE OFFICE STAFF The office staff consists of a group of senior girls who spend their study periods helping in the office. Most of these students are in the business course and are well-trained in commercial subjects. While they are helping, they are becoming familiar with business procedures which will be of beneht to them after graduation. Aldrich is proud to have such willing, efficient workers on the office staff. Seated: M. Martin, Mrs. Salmon. erson. THE GOOD WILL Composed of boys and girls selected by the faculty and club members, the Good Will, directing traffic, is a familiar sight in the halls of Aldrich. This year as always the organization has continued to lend a helping hand throughout the school, in the classroom, and auditorium. With Mr. Amend as advisor, the Good NW ill hopes to maintain its beneficial program in order to aid the school in every possible way. First row: M. Satchell, G. Paige, D. Fish, Mr. Amend, F. Mangione, B. O'Brien, N. Stringer. Standing: J. Thorson, M. Petr, J. Collins. Standing: D. Greer, J. Horton, N. Pet- LCJ - f. JS Aff! .YQ I .M f C . 1 I ,U 1 . 'Jef'- af WW ,gb .IE . JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB Seated: J. Knowles, P. Haywood, J. Nyberg, R. Pett, Mr. Blackwell, S. Chrisholm, M. McKenna J. Knox, M. Dutton. Second Row: O. Thibault, F. Leach, S. Anderson, M. Graves, P. Wildprett, R. Nicholson, C. Wild prett, P. Putnum, B. Thornton, Scott, B. Laycock, T. McClean. Third Row: R. Sundberg, J. Swift, E. Hahne, D. Whittingham, J. Finney, F. Briggs, R. Cioffi C. Richard, E. Ferreira, A. Sampson, R. Paul, R. Grinrod. THE SCIENCE CLUBS The science clubs include in their membership those students interested in a more advanced study of the physical sciences than is afforded in class time. Their objective for the year, as always, is the Rhode Island Schools' Science Fair, which encourages scientific achievement among Rhode Island students. Mr. Rohloff and Mr. Blackwell donate much of their spare time and effort to the boys and girls. These clubs not only offer fun and enjoyment for the members, but also further their education in the field of science. The present officers are: Vice President .... .... ....,....,,,. E d win Cady President .,.. ,... ..........,. A a ron Shatkin Secretary ,. .. ,Richard McDermott Seated: J. Trenholm, J. Thorson, N. Phelps, A. Shatkin, Mr. Rolhoff, E. Cady, M. Taylor, M. Pett, B. Joy. Standing: J. jawoski, F. Mangione, W. Wildprett, T. Hull, J. McGinnes, R. Dutton, R. Higgins R. Higgins, W. jenison, R. Cunningham, R. McDermott. s uh " fr' 'U gx .. W Y 13' First Row: C. Whirringham, P Pertine, P. Daly, M. Rounds, J Mills, B. Dunn, J. Knight, C Langmfin, J. Taber. Second Row: L. Leal, E. Coughlin J. Whirtinghzlm. N. Aldrich, R Fuller, Miss Cannao, J. Horton C. jones, B. Chadwick, V Scott, M. Hackett, J. Lima, J Dolbey. Third Row: S. Anderson. I.. Ter- williger, M. Farrell, R. Cunning- ham, C. Wynaughr, L. Cole, M Saulnier, N. Phelps, J. Gilkenl son A Williams E ll , , . . Ode , G Marshall, B, johnson. Fourth Row: D. Chaplin, H. Sip- l . J- MCG' - J. Ch h p es innes urc B. Lewis, B, Polis. F. Brown, E Ramsden, B. Gilbert, R, Higl gins, R. Clements. Fifth Row: R. Fallstrom, M. Mus- ler, E. Haynes, D. Rowell, R. Malo, G. Jacobson. B. Hopkins, J. Bolger. R, Powers, R. Row an, E. Anderson, R. Martone, R, Harrison. THE SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is becoming more popular. Its purpose is to gain a social and cultural background of Spanish and Spanish speaking people. The club was organized on October 10, 1949. Mem- bership is open to students who are studying Spanish, those who may have studied Spanish at some time, and to ninth graders who expect to take Spanish in the tenth grade. The ninth graders are called honor- ary members. During this school year, the club presented a Pan American Day Assembly. This was made possible by . -tw? the untiring efforts of the Spanish Club. To further increase the interest of its members, the meetings are featured by speakers who offer the background and customs of some Spanish speaking country, which they may have visited at some time. Executive Committee: President ....... ..... . . .. Richard Fuller Vice President.. . ...,.. joan Horton Secretary .......... .. .......... Nancy Aldrich Treasurer .. .. .... ...... C arolyn jones Advisor .... .. ...........,. . . . Miss Antonette Cannao FRENCH CLUB Seated: J. Ferrelli, J. Fisher, R. McDermott, A. Shatkin, Mr. Saute, E. Cady, M. Lyons, M. Taylor, G. Marshall. Second Row: J. O'Connor, C. Sandberg, J. Drew, B. Schmidt, P. Thomas, J. Hind, C. Carter, C. Whittingham, M. Pett, S. Love, S. Strumski, D. johnson. Third Row: H. Fish, C. Barnes, 1. jaworski, T. Hull, W. Wildprett, R. Dutton, H. Ramsden, J. Gillen, D. Hindle, R. Peotrowski, E. Allard, J. Trenholm. This new organization at Aldrich finds in its midst all those who are either taking or have taken French. Speakers, correspondents, and records all aid in carrying out its purpose which is to develop social, educational, and cultural French interests and to foster better understanding between French and English speaking peoples. We all hope that our new activity will be developed into one of our most popular clubs. President ........ .Aaron Shatkin Vice President. Edwin Cady Secretary-Treasurer Margaret jo Lyon Board of Directors joseph Ferrelli Joyce Fisher Linda Hathaway Richard McDermott Publicity Manager Marilyn Taylor Advisor ....... Mr. Alfred Saute SENIOR DEBATING Seated: L. Hathaway, J. Allen, Mr. Warren, R. Chentko, P. Thomas. Standing: R. McDermott, F. Mangione, R. Dutton, A. Sharkin, E. Cady. DEBATING CLUB This year's debating club's activities have been both entertaining and successful. The senior debaters started their league debates with a victory over Classical. Since then they have acquitted themselves credirably. The nucleus of the senior debaters included Francis Mangione, Richard McDermott, Aaron Sharkin, Ed Cady, and Richard Dutton. As the season advanced, their membership increased by the addition of promising girls including Rita Chentko, Jeanne Allen, and Linda Hathaway. We hope the enthusiasm and eagerness shown in its formal activities will stand by its members in future years. JUNIOR DEBATING Seated: G. Arnaral, C. Pelo- R. Petr. Standing: P. Kingman, V. N. Wood. quin, Mr. Lavery, J. Knox, Wisk, J. Scott, J. DePace, Seated: R. McDermott, P. Radican, Mr. Blackwell, R. Parks, F. Newton. Standing: D. Kollett, G. Jacobson, E. Ramsden, C. Horton. THE HI-Y A masculine organization connected with the Y. M. C. A. and headed by Mr. Blackwell is known here at Aldrich as our Hi-Y. Its purpose is to prepare its members for Christian citizenship and brother- hood. Weekly meetings held both here and at the Y. M. C. A. have offered many amiable and profitable experiences. President ..,.......,..,.. Vice President ..,..,...... Secretary-Treasurer ....,.., Chaplain .... .,.. .....,..... . . Advisor .....,.., ..,.., ...........Paul Radican ....,...........Robert Park ....,,...Frederick Newton ,.........Richard McDermott .. , . . . .Mr. Melvin Blackwell THE KNIT-WIT CLUB The Knit-Wits are a group of girls who meet every other week to learn how to knit, crochet, or em- broider. Although this is a new club this year, many students have already indicated a keen interest in its activities under the capable leadership of Miss Cannao. xy ll is O X, 5 xx Seated: R. Leach, N. Carlson, M. Ide, C. DiSaia, M. Biehler, Miss Cannoa, Miss Stender, B. ODon nell, B. Brink, B. Bitgood, N. Peterson. Second Row: B. Gouveia, R. Fallon, N. Underhill, N. Smith, M. Wyatt, L. Hoppin, D. Greer C. Whittingham, j. Mills, I. Nelson, L. Cole, N. Freden, B. johnson. Third Row: M. Rounds, D. Johnson, E. Dallinger, B. Fraser, C. Dallinger, A. Bowen, J. Horton Seated: Miss Santoro, Miss Turner, Mrs. Doran, Mr. Saute. Standing: Miss Whitaker, Miss Davis, Mr. Rothemich, Mr. Amend, Miss Murray, Mrs. Trefethen, Mr. Farrell. THE FACULTY PLAY Under the direction of Mrs. Trefethen, our faculty portrayed its talent by their annual presentation of the faculty play, which was the first social event of the season. Their performance, "Apple of His Ey6', was a sparkling comedy by Kehyon Nicholson and Charles Robinson and certainly turned out to be a most gala event. It is the story of a middle-aged man, played by Mr. Farrell, who to his surprise finds himself in love with a girl played by Mrs. Doran, young enough to be his dauhter. The other characters of this play were: Stella Springer. ........,...........,......,.............. C. Murray Tess Springer ....,....,. ........... D . DelVecchio Lily Tobin ........ .,........, A . Doran Sam Stover ....,. ,. .,.,,........ W. Farrell Nina Stover ........, ,....,,... E . Whitaker Carol Stover .....,.,., ..... . MC. Santoro Ott Tobin ......, ...,...., A . Saute Nettie Bowers ...,... .,.,.......... C . Turner Glen Stover ..., ...,. ...,... V . Rothemich I l f' ,ff ' I ' , T K A L - A Seated: C. Jones, E. Cady, L. Leal, R. Kieser, V. Tarsa, Mr. Turner, R. McDermott, J. O'Connor, H. Sipples, M. Hoye, R. Dutton. Second Row: A. Fletcher, B. Dunn, N. Underhill, F. Barton, S. Fredericlcs, R. Derjue, C. Whitting- ham, N. Phelps, C. Langman, J. Collins, G. Marshall, M. Taylor, D. Greenblatt, E. Allard, R. Gange. Third Row: M. Petr, B, Johnson, G. Jacobson. T. Hull, J. McGinnes, A. Williams, M. Gordon, A. Shatkin, S. Love, L. Larson. SOCK AND BUSKIN The dramatic society, better known as our Sock Dear Departed", by Stanley Houghton. and Buskin, is organized to promote all dramatic Several loyal members of our Sock and Buskin have activities of the school. Through the tireless efforts earned membership in the National Thespian Society of Mr. Turner, its director, the society has presented through their outstanding work in plays and lead- two plays, "The Frogs", by Aristophanes and, "The ership in the club. STAGE CREW AND ART STAFF The success of all productions put on at Aldrich whether musicals, plays, or assemblies depends largely on the effi- cient, creative work of the stage crew and art staff. These are the people who work behind the scenes making and painting scenery, regulating multi-colored spot lights, running motion picture films and handling the props and sound effects. A vote of thanks is due these helpful students and teachers. 2? f 1199 A . r ' 7 ' -,,,, ..,, , , M.. l i i A X 4 W First Row: J. Briggs, P. Harnedy, V. Kitchegan, M. H ll, G. M r h ll, S. L - X G. Foster. u a S a yous v-5 ., ff J! . Second Row: J. Ferrelli, P. Radican, B. Doeg, R. Derjue, S. Love. O so Third Row: P. Girouard, J. Deprula, D. King, G. Manuel, D. Pratt, A. Williams, 0 G Mr. Douglas, Miss Davis. Front Row: S. Wyatt, L. O'Brien, M. Lamphere, B. Thompson, 1. Mills, J. Tiernan, P. Martin, E. Hanson. Second Row: W. Megarry, L. Hall, H. Kellerman, J. Lee, J. Harnedy, C. Scott, J. Taber, N. Aldrich, J. Drew, S. Cady, J. Knight, - B. Lake, B. Dunn. Third Row: L. Bricker, E. Jansen, G. Gallagher, D. Hindle, H. Brown, R. Ballou, S. Peal, D. Perry, T. Ryder, D. Peotrowski, G. Peloquin, E. Ferriera, E. Bourassa, R. Kenahan. Fourth Row: E. Carlson, N. Whitehead, W. Wildprett, S. Manuel, A. Shatkin, D. Rowell, W. jenison, R. Clements, R. Beaudet, F. Briggs, D. Chaplin, F. Dean, G. Amaral. SENIOR BAND Led by our cute drum majorette, Beverly Thomp- son, our band has participated in many spectacular events this season. With great spirit and music the band has carried the name of Aldrich to many. One of the main events of the season was its par- ticipation in the New England Music Festival at Boston, Massachusetts. The band played at the Musical Review and gave a concert in the spring for the Parent Teachers' Association. if bf' C, .E-M Probably the most memorable and colorful event was the annual Warwick Night which was held at the Paladium in Rocky Point. For the band mem- bers this has been a very successful year. Director. . ...... Mr. Mario Pera Secretary. .. . . . ...... Barbara Dunn Moderators . . ......,..,, ..Miss Constance Turner THE JUNIOR ORCHESTRA This organization acquaints the eighth graders with the activities and functions of a well-organized orchestra. By taking a half-year of orchestra, these young musicians can see the opportunity offered, and thus if sufficiently interested may continue on in a musical career. When they become proficient enough with their instruments, they will venture forth to play for junior assemblies. They are an inspiration to their classmates, for they show what can be done with a little interest, assistance, ability, and hard work. THE GLEE CLUB Our Glee Club has proved to be one of the out- standing features of the school. Not only has it per- formed at numerous assemblies, but very frequently has presented entertainment for organizations outside of school. A glee club, such as this, is certainly an asset to any school. We give our thanks to this organ- ization, and especially to the director, Mr. Pera, for his incomparable accomplishments. HE JUNI 0 ' ' ' e,,. -vw wg if ff v , . 111 Y' 4 ' 3" IUC' , Q A A gf ' X - W M WSE lr' ig? wr' xv il v 'V x .W 1 1 s N M -t ,ti t fx gg Q W! 1 1 ' v ' V W . Q ,hy Wg, V r . . .1if4a:f54ffiU vi N lil 'F' , Wi' is Q ff we gg W 9 E. i 5 X. if sk Q f QW QF Q, 4? if 'W . wi. Q 1 W V ,-,3 V sxiggfii 'sf' 'GB' Q,Egip,, -.. f 53? Ki! ww 'R+ ...iv THE MUSICAL REVIEW A gala musical production entitled "Swinging Along With Time" was presented by the music department of Aldrich as its annual musical review. Spectacular, thrilling, and just wonderful are the adjectives best suited to describe this outstanding festivity for the year of '51. Songs, dances, instrumentals, and colorful skits highlighted the march of music through the months of the year. It was indeed one of the best entertainments ever presented within the walls of our Alma Mater. The success of this review can be attributed to the ceaseless efforts of: Mr. Mario Pera .,,.,....,... .............. . .... .........,i..,.. D i rector Miss Catherine Murray ,.,....... ..,.,,.. C o-ordinatot Mrs. Andrena Doran ,..4.,.,. ............. D ances Mrs. Richard Opdyke ....,. ..,....... D ances Miss Barbara Davis .,t.,, ,........ S tage Mr. Ralph Scott ......... .,,.,.,.,...... . .. ..... ,... . ......,... S tage Miss Constance Turner .,.......,...., ..t.r................... Music plus the co-operation of the talented student participants and the dili- gent stage hands. Pr lf! v Fix 61 'Qi' :MWF RQ K Q9 v -lf,,,f. K 1 QR C - " 11.5 yx V ! A ii 5 T Q39 jnqdd B. Morrison, J. Thorson, N. Stringer, R. Leach, B. ODonnell, M. Biehler, N. Peterson. Center: S. Angell. THE CHEERLEADERS A short cheer for the girls behind the teams - the proud wearers of the Cardinal and Blue known as out cheerleaders. The girls who cheered as hard as the players played with an all-out loyalty to the school and team. Pep and a never ending spirit of fight and fun led eight Senior girls to their sparkling, cheering career. Cheering to them held more than just glam- our, it was the making of new friends, the designing of new and different uniforms, the continual practice of vigorous cheers, and the thrill of following our team through every sport whether in victory or defeat. 55 .D ll Another short cheer should be echoed for the junior girls who showed their abilities while cheering for the Junior Varsity. The cheerleaders include: The Senior Squad: Barbara Morrison, Shirley Angell, Nancy Stringer, Rita Leach, Joyce Thorson, Barbara O'Donnell, Marlene Biehler, and Nancy Peterson. The junior squad: Rosemary Dowd, Lucille George, Carol Langman, Lois O'Brien, jean Goffe, Joyce Collins, joan O'Connor, and Shirley Wyatt. , 9 ,Q j fi ss :X B. Morrison, S. Angell, N, Stringer, R. Leach, 1. Thorson, B. ODonnell, M. Biehler, N. Peterson. First Row: B. Morrison, D. Greenblatt, D. Greer, B. ODonnell. Second Row: S. Angell, C. Sandberg, F. Barton, L. George, J. Trenholm. Third Row: C. Langman, J, Collins, B. Thompson, J. Tiernan, L. O'Brien, R Deryue THE LEADERS' CORPS The leaders' corps is comprised of girls who are outstanding in many activities. These girls, as their name implies, are the leaders in the girls' gym classes and at sports' night. They aid Mrs. Doran and Mrs. Opdyke, by leading the exercises, acting as referees, and teaching rech- President ....,..,.............. Vice President, ..., . Secretary ......,.., Treasurer ......... N: -1-S!! .- :xxx -ll 4 "'p' : iuiigif Ye' mf niques on the apparatu s, in basketball volley ball badminton, softball, and archery According to the following qualifications: ity, sportsmanship and thoughtfulness dependabll leadership these girls are chosen to be in this worthy club Gree I' Greenblatt ODonnell Morrison alll! lilllnb llllllllb rlllllllll lllllllll llllllllll llllllllll vuglllll QQ I X 67 'Eff l t :: g,..3E-Eflzfx -: I --r:- ::' ' . N viii-i:E:f5:"'1:i Q lx ::5E::!::EEfSfug!!l sw A I X uttsglszc... L.. g l'5!:EE'5-g-.' P I N Sf 6 rf , ll, ' ,gg ,Q ll N I ' E ' 'A 6 U 1 First Row: R. Schaller, E. Anderson, R. Rowan, N. Mosher, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Rudert, W. Silvia, J. Donnelly, E. Roy, C. Rix. Second Row: J. jones, P. Paige, R. Palardy, P. Desilets, N. Patterson, K. Martin, 1. Silvia, R. Gardner, R. Levesque. Third Row: F. Rusiloski, J. Deptula, B. Burns, D. Macaulay, R. Powers, G. Rathbun. VARSITY FOOTBALL With only two returning regulars from the 1949 season, Bill Silvia-quarterback and Eddie Roy- halfback, our capable coach, John Rudert, molded a successful team. After losing their opening game to Mount Pleas- ant, the Aldrich Indians trampled over the league opposition for live consecutive victories. On Armistice Day, the undefeated Indians battled West Warwick for Class B superiority. The Valleyites defeated our boys 20-14 in a hard fought game. Our Cardinal and Scores: Aldrich 7 52 33 27 ....... ......, 27., 52.. .... .... . . 14 ....... ,...... 20. ..,. ...., , . ' Non-league Blue team completed the season victoriously with a triumph over Gorton on Thanksgiving Day. Scoring 79 points, Charlie Rix was an unanimous choice for end on the All-State team. Joe Donnelly, Bill Silvia, and Rix were selected to the All-Class B first team, while Bob Powers and Elmer Anderson were named to the second team. Other boys who were standouts were Eddie Roy, Norm Mosher, Ray Schaller, backs, Ken Martin, Bob Gardner, Bob Rowan, and jim Silvia, linemen. 'ML Pleasant 31 Central Falls 0 Pawtucket West 6 Mt. St. Charles 19 Woonsocket 6 Classical 20 West Warwick 20 Gorton 14 FW. 'xi N - 4 4, ,Bank A ,-mx Q., ,.l-W., R 1fyQUx - 3 F Q ' w , 'M f -f I7 A M 1 K ,fx 3 XX.fX h X 'A , Q.. Q. fx f'Zr'N it . 5 J I ., ,an E-'W I Q 'W A, M .- L ,KV4 rf 44 K .Q ' " , X- WI' T? .ic sizff' Q., W A M fl Kneeling: R. Greer, Mr. Rudert, R. Rudert. Standing: F. Satchell, J. Silvia, R. Mills, J. Ball, T. Odell, A. Proctor, C. Rix, R. Powers, B. Mulhall, W. Silvia. VARSITY BASKETBALL A glance at the record would not give you a true picture of the capabilities of this year's varsity squad. After winning the first two games easily, the team met a strong Gorton aggregation and was handed its first league loss in a 65-62 thriller. Because of this set-back the team went into a minor slump, losing consecutively to Lockwood and North Providence. The squad then overwhelmed its following five oppo- nents very convincingly. In their second meeting they lost to Gorton, who proved very much their superior. They held their own until with four seconds left a foul shot decided the Lockwood game. The Indians avenged the loss handed them by North Providence in their first encounter with an 87-82 victory. The remainder of the schedule was completed without any more setbacks. Although he took over the team a few days before the season opened, Mr. Rudert proved a commendable coach. This year's squad consisted of Captain Bob Powers, our all-starer and the state's leading scorer, john Ball, Charles Rix, Tom Odell, Bernie Mulhall, Bob Mills, Francis Satchell, Bill Silvia, Al Proctor, and jim Silvia. BASKETBALL SCORES ' Non-league Aldrich Aldrich " Pawtucket West 46 44 'East Providence 65 45 Central Falls 43 69 41 59 ' East Greenwich 37 51 Classical 58 71 54 94 Gorton 63 62 72 48 Lockwood 5 2 41 65 64 North Providence 7 3 5 5 82 87 Pawtucket Vocational 47 69 49 99 Sacred Heart 69 74 50 82 West Warwick 58 72 84 61 Bob Powers Fvancus Sai-.haH 'F il' Bob Mflls Jim Snlvla. 15' ar Baskdbgx Bob AFPOWQLTS f5core.d. SIS 'Posnts Shws if FH Pvocfor 7, Ball Silvia. 4 Thomas Odell Bevnavd Mui ha-N 'F 5 4 ,V L, ,W i""v., ' , Y 25 ,yr A, ..?s"Q,V5f li,-5? fr I IS qw A ,Q- 1 1, mi Hn ' .,1n',g' V "gf . ., W 3 iw 3257 '. - Wg .. i ' TM W X iz ' Y In 9 15' , 1 Q ,L ag --. 5 W a up . A . ie , v , ,N A ,, V, 'jf I , if 3 if :.,,1 'X f --s 7:N,. AW. ,arf N4 g S A ,I .,.. ..: gi' V Q Q V "" ' - K 1 Q V ' M M S +324 is gm , -. "F" ,,-ff Kneeling: J. Bolger, L. Hicks, R. Schaller, R. Fuller, D. Jones, W. Anderson. Standing: Mr. Nagle, D. Hindle, J. Jaworski, D. Macaulay, D. Brackenbury, W. Polis, R. Higgins, A. Shatkin, S. Manuel, L. Taylor, R. Fuller. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity had a very successful season because of the conscientious coaching of Mr. Nagle. The team lost some heart-breakers, but these losses were to capable teams. We hope the boys have gained enough experience to provide next year's varsity with a great deal of ability and aggressiveness to continue the fine record Aldrich teams have acquired in the past. The team consisted of: Donald Jones, Leonard Hicks, Robert Connell, Donald Brackenbury, Bill Polis, Jim Jaworski, Ray Schaller, Silvino Manuel, Jack Bolger, Richard Fuller, Leon Taylor, Bill Anderson, Gene Peloquin, Donald Macaulay, Donald Hindle, Robert Higgins, Aaron Shatkin, and Dick Peotroski. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL The record of the Junior High squad was fairly successful with four wins and three defeats. The team was well balanced with a good line and a fast back- field. They were led by their quarterback and captain, Dennis Fish. The leading scorer and most outstanding back was Lennie Hicks, an elusive runner. They also had a good fullback in Harold Johansen and these three along with J. Perry, R. Cote, in the backfield, and R. Nicholson, E. Johnson, D. Melder, K. Kind- land, M. Hawkins, I. Dwyer, R. Ellis, and R. Stringer will undoubtedly be of great help to the varsity during the forthcoming season. Coach: Mr. Crawley. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Some say that the record books don't lie, but in the case of this year's junior high basketball team a true picture is not given. The team's record does not reveal its capabilities because they were a scrappy aggregation. The experience that the boys received through the efforts of their coach, Mr. Farrell, will undoubtedly be of valuable assistance to them, when they wear the Cardinal and Blue of the varsity squad in seasons to come. Coach: Mr. Farrell. c " ' Miva fp' E5 ,M ,wk Q a if :ii Q 456 -I A 1 'U' I ?W.i 'RQ .2 1 , X R, . mfxov alqnd H V go . I9- rnva-1' Q 50 O Q06 X f fi ' Q' lf'l'f tt gg 59050 . b J 7 :Iwo V In 1 A . ,iff Eacanjpbffr fi gdifm. A -KCIP! E igfgfa M u' 3? Q 'I mm - f7 "QW 1 . Jaouafy N4 ,Wffa ' xwyupfffi i I7 x.,i1 iff, . X' S X rj I ' Ads N 4' I f'J, WW f If gay 9-DJ o 19,-, IB I ' I , aw. , I f .J 75' . - I Q.. nn , .l5,iio 5 an 6 W x ' "NlGhT'4' 1 ' .2 ' -1 , y - f W. - I f. X019 5 a H51 June, MSX o .o ,ff ', L ' A . U -. 5, Q I mi 213-,,,,x, X7 Y P 1 Y K farm TO SAIL THE SEAS OF LIFE, MY SON C II ll ll ll II By Chester F. Swenson, Jr. When youth has cast you free, young man, What wind will fill your sails?" Why that which blows the fastest course Without the hindering gales." Then tell me, son, who shall you choose For your captain and your crew?" "Nay, only I can plot her course And I must work her, too. For should she flounder on Life's great seas There's only myself to blame, And if success waits at the end, ' Then it's I who have made the fame." "Then tell me, son, what makes you think You can sail without the storm?" I shall ready myself while in my youth By the habits that I form." Then, if you're wiser still, my son, You'll pay heed to those who know, For we who've weathered the seas of life Can tell where gentle winds blow. When I set out, I stood alone, Not knowing where to sail, And drifted on a stormy sea Where there are no ships to hail. So store your cargoes now, my son, Before it grows too late, And bear in mind that only you Are master of your fate. And when your sailing time's arrived, Set forth on the ascending tide, When the sun is rising in the East And the wind's on your starboard side." . F. SWENSON INC. WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND 79 Established 1892 Publishers of Fine - Yearbooks A l STANFORD TE LA' 9226 0 Yearbooks by Offset n n 0 Quality Craftsmanship Dependable Facilities THE MARK OF INDIVIDUALITY IS A YEARBOOK By T. O'TOOLE 8: SONS, INC. NEW YORK TEL MELROSE 5 4Il2 PHOTOGRAPHS 'P 9 'P LUCKETT STUDIOS OF COURSE 75 Weybosset ST Providence Rhod Isl nd Le d'ng Wedd ng Phofog aphe s JAckson 1-3030 NELSON W. ALDRICH HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION 1950-1951 President.. .....,.............,.,..,..,. Mrs. Frank L. Cherms First Vice President ..........,.... Mrs. B. Harold Larson Second Vice President ............. Mrs. Harold F. Scott Secretary ...4...........,................. Mr. Stacey G. Swift Delegated ....... Mrs. Harold F. Scott, Mrs. John W. Hindle, Mrs. Clarence Taylor, Mrs. Charles H. Putnam, Mrs. C. Aldrich, Mrs. James C. Scott, Mrs. Barrie Hackett, Mrs. R. Greer. Treasurer ,.....,.,............. ....... M rs. Charles Briggs Alternates .......... Mrs. Thomas Dowd, Mrs. Alfred Recording Delegate .,..,,.....,... Mrs. John A. Bennett Pett, Mrs. Gustav Sundin, Mrs. Oscar Collins. STANDING COMMITTEES Membership ..,,...,.. . ,...... Mrs. Walter B. Marshall Dancing School ...,..... ......... M r. J. De Pace Program ....... ........ ........, M r s. B. Harold Larson Music ,,......,............ ..Mr. Mario Pero Ways and Means ..... ......... M rs. Barrie Hackett Hospitality .......,.. ..,....... M rs. W. Houston Sunshine .,.......,.. ,......,....., M rs. Donald Cady Budget ..,..,...... .,.. M r. B. Hackett Publicity ......... .... ............. M r . James D. Warren Radio ...,...... ....,..................,........ M rs. R. Trenholm Parliament .......,....,.....,.......,. Mr. William Flanagan Safety ....................,..,...................... Mrs. F. Sprague Magazines ..,.........,... ........,........,. .....,., f ...,.. M r s. Walter Walker WHERE YOU ALWAYS SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE 82 THE WARWICK LIONS CLUB thanks the fol- lowing merchants who are providing free space in their stores for gum-ball machines. The profits of these machines are used to support our chiIdren's summer camping activities. Auto Cor Sales 8. Service, Miss Cranston Diner, Jolly Chef Diner, Shamrock Cafe, Socony Station, Bald Hill, M. Erickson 81 Son, Edward's Drug Store, Kimball Hardware, Greenwood Market, Huston's Restaurant, Miss Apponaug Diner, WiIson's Texaco, Rao's Barber Shop, Diamond Match Co., Main St. Garage, MerigoId's Socony, W. C. Littlefield, Lincoln-Mercury, HoII's Amoco Station, W. C. Grube-Jeweler, Curtis Hardware, Apponaug Bakery, Richard's Rexall Drug, CarIson's Chevrolet, Duquette's Pioneer Store, Salik's -Oakland Beach, Bernardo Super Market, Cameron's Drug Store, MilIer's Liquor Store, Pellicano's Market, Ritchi-DeSilvo, Green- We sell FAMOUS BRAND NAME ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT from the Finest Makers RAWLINGS . . . REACH . . . SPALDING Names you KNOWI I Q I TEAM PRICES, SCHOOLBOY DISCOUNT l Q l HERB MURRAY 25 FENNER ST. CORNER POND ST. Second Floor if wood me Company' PROVIDENCE DE 1-5600 it ,,,, 55? y . ' ii PROVIDENCE 0 Wat Warrick I -.-,- . -I ---.v .q:-::g:f:::-3:55, ,. , ,,.. ., .. .,.. . . Z - 2s-I'g-:-1-:-:-:-:- Q:-:,'-1-:1:::-1595.4xgM-xg:::Az-rggcgzgzys:---:-:Az'g:gg:gg5:g,:xg-g-c-:-z-:-za-'43,-3.-, ' 5:-rl' X14-' .4----EI2122515221E2Efi-52322111:I41:2:1:2:f:E1E1:2E'ErEr11E2E2:1:r:-:r:':2:1.I-2211122E222251222-E1E1s:r1r:r:':I:I15:19:52::1iv513E5:1r:1:r:1'2:311:212:1'1:E'ErE12r:11-:f.2:z-5qggzgssfirsf:2:1:1:1:r'2:1:1.-123215:513:35:52::5:32:21:2s:3f:,:gQEg:5q:::E:-z2:Qzfzgaiiiz-:,25Ei:::sggz:f5z2?v'5:24:19-':,:::s::3:5:3:5:2:5:gs1,:1Q,fs'i.fl:gg:327ij 4 - .1,:,:::,:,:,:,:,,5-5-3,1I,Zg,13g::,:,',:,,:..,:,:,5:3:,:-I::11::Qf,:.1,1,:,:,:,:,:,:,: - f- '-15V:I12I.1.::-:.:A:5:Z1-:gg:Q::2:g11gr:C:2sr-11:+1,WegQ:::5.1nz:,:Q:1:V:A:-sz.:gf:,11:553:-..:-:sis:5was,wig5,::gags:-:-:4-1,2:-sz112:g:421,:1:zt+:-rim., ' " "R+ .1-:-.I'1'.-I-D'Z553:31gs:-1-1-1-I-I-i-P1335:5-Igi551:3gi12-1-1-1-l5gI,,.5IgZ513i',-if I-'-.5 -1-I+' 3.5-5:i:1:i:7" "- ' F252-131511315313 -' A4x:-:-:V:V:-:4-a5:-.-.f.-.-.:-mms:-.-.-,-u.-.--:,1-:-:A1-zu,.-.-.-.-.:Q-1-is-,viz-.-:-14.-22:3 ,zu4:iz-11:EI:44:a4-z-:':Ef35'l,IZ7i'l:1:-fe.:-1-:4,:A:-:gi - Wu 18600 H. 1 90 CAMPANELLA 84 CARDI CONSTRUCTION CO GENERAL CONTRACTORS 780 Jefferson Boulevard Hlllsgrove R I Compliments of ELMWOOD SPORT SHOP A Complete Lune of Sporting Goods Team Outfitters Club Jackets Trophies I6I6 ELMWOOD AVENUE CRANSTON R I Service and Repairing of AII Sports Equipment Sam Arlua Prop '- ' '. -21 St. I-9113 "Play For Health" 84 METAL PRODUCTS STEEL FABRICATION WELDING PIPING Hu 1 558 114 MINNESOTA AVENUE LINCOLN PARK R I WHITE PONTIAC 680 ELMWOOD AVENUE Providence R I ' -1 Complimenfs of , . .6 85 E. O. NELSON COMPANY WHOLESALE ATHLETIC Gooos 665 Atlantic Avenue - Boston 11, Mass. fOpp. South Stotionj Compliments of THE ORIGINAL PALUMBO MARKET GARDENS Operated by Phil Catanzaro MARLEY MOTORS STUDEBAKER SALES - SERVICE PARTS M. G .- RILEY - MORRIS SIMONE'S MOST MODERN DRUG STORE 1609 POST ROAD Lincoln Park, R. I. We Repair Am' FOREIGN Made Cc' COMPLETE srocx IN EVERY NEED 1776 POST ROAD HILLSGROVE UP-TO-DATE SODA FOUNTAIN Hl. 1-350 Lucian C. Simone, H- F- MUfleY Ph. G., Reg. Phar. Compliments of Compliments RHODE ISLAND CO-OP INC. 544 ELMWOOD AVENUE AL'S GOLF DRIVING RANGE 1922 POST ROAD Hillsgrove, R. I. GREER'S PUMP SERVICE REPAIRS and SUPPLIES 1688 Post Road Hillsgrove, R. I. Tel. Hillsgrove 1-1162W HARRY'S BROAD ST. SERVICE 1343 Broad Street Providence, R. I. Specializing I GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCTS MOTORS REBUILT BODY and FENDER WORK Wheel Alignment- Towing - Painting Stuart I-8878 C. H. Pontareli, Prop. 86 REMINGTON S DAIRY Producers and Distributors GRADE "A" MILK Hope Avenue Hope R Telephone Valley 1-1034 M A C S M A R K E T 87 DRYDEN BOULEVARD Lakewood, R I HOpklns 1 0030 MEATS and GROCERIES Carry a Full Line of Bards-Eye Frozen Foods 8K HARDWARE 2196 Broad Street PAWTUXET HOUSEWARES 2170 Broad Street Gifts Dinnerware Toys Greeting Cards Wallpaper Ho 1 8140 Firestone Tlres Batteries Accessories NORWOOD TEXACO SERVICE 1138 POST ROAD Norwood R I Sud MacKay 81 Don Vendresca I 1 ' ' of , . I. We ' ' Marfak Lubrication Car Washing ar WARWICK REPUBLICAN CITY COMMITTEE H WARWICK COMPANY 3 IDAHO AVENUE BRASS d IRON PIPES UNIONS HILLSGROVE LUMBER CO LUMBER cI BUILDING MATERIALS OPPOSITE STATE AIRPORT HI. 1-2368 H P HOOD AND SON ICE CREAM 395 PROMENADE AVENUE Complimenfs of T E THE Lincoln Park, R. I. THOMAS CASEY GREENE M""""c""e's of Chairman an 1 Complefe Line of an Providence, R. I. FORMAL WEAR for Weddings and Dances FOR HIRE Men 4 Wea EXCLUSIVELY Compliments of KING UNION COMPANY I-nLLsoRovE R I NORWOOD MOTOR 1338 P051 Road Nonwoon Tel. williams 1 2200 L G BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges Class Rings and Pms Commencement Invitations Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia Medals 81 Trophies Represented by TOM GALVIN Attleboro Office I, s' ll ll , . . O O ll II . . 89 GAS HAS GOT IT' or Cookmg or Refrlgerahon or Central Heahng or Wafer Heahng Miss Apponaug Dmer CATERERS Apponaug Rhode Island Hlllsgrove 1 1643 1 2378 Food for all occasfons Anywhere In R I Mass Conn Klfchen open for mspechon any hme Telephone Wl 14132 CARYS OIL SERVICE Heahng Olls Burner Sales and Service Bulk Plant Office 597 Warwick Ave 2201 Broad Sf Lakewod R I Cranston R I DON HUNTERS ATLANTIC SERVICE 2144 BROAD STREET Pawfuxef R I ..F ' ' ..F ' ' ..F ' ' ..F ' ' I 90 Compliments MAYOR JOSEPH MILLS ACME APPLIANCE 8. SUPPLY COMPANY I8 BROAD ROAD Pawtuxet R I Tel HopkIns 'I 5375 MAC KINNONS YARN SHOP 641 WARWICK AVENUE Lakewood Compllments of A GOMES CASH MARKET MEATS and GROCERIES Fru ts and Vegetables In Season 1389 POST ROAD WI 1 9846 Res Phone HI 'I 'I387 R Compllments GENERAL FITTINGS COMPANY BERGER SUPPLY COMPANY 654 Warwlck Avenue Lakewood R Bu ldmg Mater als Asphalt Slungles lnsulatIon Pa nts Poultry SupplIes Gram Lou s Berger HopkIns I 0600 TEDS RADIO SERVICE TELEVISION SERVICE 337 WARWICK AVENUE Lakewood R I Tel Stuart 'I 5630 LAKEWOOD GRILLE AMERICAN and ITALIAN DISHES 6 A M Breakfast I A M 7 P M Dlnner 7 P M 2 A M Short Orders ot I F. . i . . ' , .I. I' I of I' I I ' - I 2 . .-1- . . ' 91 Compliments of McCORMICK S MARKET 627 WARWICK AVENUE Lakewood R I WI Ilnams I 1909 WHITE FUEL COMPANY I3 EXCHANGE STREET Providence R I COAL COKE OII Burners Coal Siokers GAspee 'I 0943 PELLICANOS MARKET MEATS Enuns GROCERIES Compliments of J E A N S 242 PAWTUXET AVENUE Norwood R I ARROW SYSTEM LAWRENCE MAss EVENTUALLYI WHY NOT NOWII MEET YOUR FRIENDS EAST GREENWICH DAIRY RESTAURANT Serving Jumbo Coblneis Kung Suze Fronkfurfers AII Beef Hamburgs Club Sandwiches RICH CREAMY ICE CREAM Comphmenfs of H LAKEWOOD SHOE REPAIR Complrmenfs of SANTO IANNI Near the Bndge 1766 ELMWOOD AVENUE I, . . . I I I I Phle wlniqmi 1-3433 I . I A1 Ig Compliments of TIFFANY PRINTING COMPANY SOUL'S MARKET Eflective Commercial Printing 253 WASHINGTON STREET 455 POST ROAD Lakewood 5, Rhode Island Lakewood 5 Rhode Island Tel WI Iliams 1-9606 SANDERSON BROTHERS INC Compliments of 'NSURANCE DR HUBERT A McGUIRL 171 WESTMINSTER STREET Providence 3 Rhode Island 901 UNION TRUST BUILDING oven so YEARS coNTlNuous sERv1cE P"""de"'e PLAY SCHOOL KINDERGARTEN and NURSERY HERBERT E LIBBY Children from 2' School Committeeman M,-5 Jeanne C Bo,-,leur DISTRICT 1 295 SMITH STREET Edgewood 5 Providence Compliments of GEORGES KINGS SERVICE 5-I-A-I-ION AMOCO SERVICE STATION 2159 ELMWOOD AVENUE Gasoline Oil and Lubrication Service Norwood 7 Rhode Island Tires and Tubes Batteries Charged Rentals MAKE A DATE TO LUBRICATE Phone HI 1 1752 WI 1 9880 HO 1 3662 ' ' A-6 wi. 1-1281 V I I I 93 Under New Management Formerly Bessie s Grlll M 81 O RESTAURANT 854 PARK AVENUE Opp Cranston Cnty Hall HOME STYLE COOKING OenDally6AM 6PM lSa to4PMD Marguerute Mylod and Orlanna Pontarelll MITCHELL S SERVICES 1225 WARWICK AVENUE Warwick R I GAS BAG COAL 81 WOOD OIL RANGE and FUEL OILS WI 1 9484 Compliments of W A L T S M A R K E T MEATS and GROCERIES 1307 Post Road Norwood R Compliments of DUNNING LUMBER COMPANY 1559 ELMWOOD AVENUE Cranston R I WI 14677 WI 14678 Compliments of ROSWELL B LISCOMB REALTOR DEVELOPER GOVERNOR FRANCIS FARMS BUILDER OF QuAurv HOMES THE HERALD PRESS PRINTERS and LITHOGRAPHERS Complete Prmtmg Facllmes Dyer Street Pravudence R PRINTERS OF THE ALDRICHITE GAspee 1 4312 ALLEN SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS AIRCRAFT MECHANICS FLIGHT TRAINING ENGINE MECHANICS OFFICE AND AIRPORT STATE AIRPORT Hnllsgrove R I 12035 '-Il 1 O93 MR and MRS ANTHONY RICCIO Drrectors of Ballroom Dancing 61 WOODBINE STREET Cranston R I I p ' . .- . . 1. . . I , .L ' ' ' wl. 1-9663 ' ' ' ' 121 ' , .u. CO. HI. - I . -2 94 Compliments MAURICE CHAMPAGNE OTTO FRITZ Howsns coRsAcEs as you lake them HI 1 351 P S A L T E R WI 1 2154 coAL coKE GLADDINGS PHARMACY PREscR1P1loNs 2191 BROAD STREET Pcwtuxet Rhode Island The REXALL STORE Peter Gallogly oe Gunge HI LAND CLEANSERS PICR Up and Delwery 1347 POST ROAD Norwood 7 R I Telephone WI 16728 WI 118135 Res HO 17049 KELLY THE FLORIST FOR ALL YOUR FLOWER WORK 1415 WARWICK AVENUE Res 55 Dohhc Street MIDAIR CONSTRUCTION CO INDUSTRIAL CHIMNEY BUILDERS BUILDINGS PAINTED John J Morrlssey 1971 Elmwood Avenue Norwood R I GLADDING S ONE OF NEW ENGLANDS FINE STORES of . -2 I H . . C O . OIL ' .I Carolin Gange ' ' ' ' ' l I 52 1 95 CAMERON'S PAWTUXET PHARMACY, INC. 2216 BROAD STREET Cranston, R I. PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED CIANTIS BROS DAIRY west wAnwlcK R I Valley 10234 Compliments SENATOR WILLIAM B SWEENEY Compliments of REMINGTON FUNERAL HOME 1604 snow smear Providence 5, R. I. Compliments BOLGER S MARKET MEATS and GROCERIES Pralrle Avenue Providence DExter I 7770 Best Wishes from Uwfiuftlfetrmw., Rhode Island s Largest Department Store THE STUDENT COUNCIL APPONAUG GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRING 1303 G I H 'I To Our Advertisers The staff of the REMINDER wishes to thank you for your patronage ' of De . , INC. 1 , . . 304 ' ' ' of I , I Compliments of L. W. Rounds, Prop. reenwich Avenue Te . illsgrove 1- 082 96 CLASS OF 1951 cLAss OF 1952 cLAss or 1953 cLAss or 1954 CLASS or 1955 cLAss or 1956 1 RADIO STATION WIJEZ A FRIEND GINNY 8. DOT S F I N E C A N D I E S 727 WARWICK AVENUE LAKEWOOD SUPER SERVICE STATION AUTO REPAIRING GENERAL MOTOR SPECIALISTS 663 W TIWI1 31 COMP imenfs Complimenfs of of 1 Roy Hicks, Prop. arwick Avenue L Ir d R I e . . -94 97 IRVING'S GARAGE Residence: HI. 1-1781 Business: HI. 1-1863 Irving F. Bostrom, Prop. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING 1518 Post Road Lincoln Park, R. I. POP WlLSON'S VARIETY STORE 251 PAWTUXET AVENUE Norwood, R. I. M I L L E R ' S ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. Soles RADIO Service 1720 Post Road, HiIIsgrove, R. I. Hill g e 1412 J. J. Miller KIMBALL HARDWARE CO., INC. 255 PAWTUXET AVENUE Norwood, R. I. WHITCHER 8. PEARSON COR WARWICK AVENUE 8- POST ROAD SUNOCO STATION NORWOOD MARKET WI16922 NORWOOD PHARMACY P R PRESCRIPTION A onus sPEc1Aus1s HO 15460 BELL S MARKET EddyD LAKEWOOD TEXTILES WI 1 0150 1 LAKEWOOD HAY GRAIN 780 WARWICK AVENUE CHRISTYS FRUIT STAND 1043 wAPw1cK AVENUE FRESH FRUITS d VEGETABLES VIKING I780El PATENT MEDICINES FOUNTAIN SERVICE LAKEWOOD SPA WI 19626 588 W T I1 11802 I 1 6 LIBERTY FURNITURE COMPANY COMPLETE Home FURNISHERS EDGEWOOD CLEANERS O D y CI yC IIWI 18404 WI 14 t 66 hSt B d WATSONS GRILL 81 PASTRY 7 71 B I s rov Compliments of Lakewod, R. I. L. HueISber, Prop. 253 Pawtuxet Avenue . - Compliments of 1268 ost oad 1 an emarais, Owner and Proprietor Compliments of COMP Imanfs of CO. 1 Compliments of Lakewood, R. I. mwood Avenue Norwood, R- an - elep one East Providence - or W . -295 HOME MADE ICE CREAM 297-301 Waterman Avenue ECS? PY!-Wide Branch Store - 422 Warwick Avenue, Lakewood, R. Phone . - arwick Avenue Lakewood, R. I. Compliments of Guaranteed dorless, Shrinkless r eansing I Free Pickup and Deliver a . - - . - 660 Main OIIice and Plan - 7 Warwick Avenue 216 and 21 road Street PGWU Bram: ore - 1740 roa Street, Cranston 98 WEDDING a d BIRTHDAY CAKES AMORES HOXSIE BAKERY ROLLS - PASTRY - BREAD w i T I. Ay' -1252-J HIWAY MARKET 1153 WARWICK AVENUE TIS SERVI KENT COUNTY DET MARINE CORPS LEAGUE ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE COLLIER S BAKERY DELICIOUS PASTRIES B 104 R If h t Bruce Hopklns 5 Charles Horton 5 James Marble J BIDERM NORWOOD SERVICE CENTRE Sllllll, lWI1 W T I 951 MRS SEABURY JOHNSONS SERVICE STATION 1899 ELMWOOD AVENUE EXPERT LUBRICATION BARNEY and PETERSONS SERVICE STATION LUBRICATION TUNE UPS 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE 2150 EI RITCHIES AUTO SUPPLY AUTO SUPPLIES HARDWARE PAINTS 1 074 1 556 P ROLLINS VARIETY STORE 546 wARwlcK AVENUE MEATS d GROCERIES HILLSGROVE MARKET QUALITY MEATS d GROCERIES 114330 w ANTHONY J MOURA H 1 NEW d OLD FLOORS SURFACED d REFINISHED K I P p RICHARD o slLvA JR P o B p QUALITY BATTERY 8. ELECTRICAL CO wArcHMAxER d JEWELER GARAGE REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES R O B E R BATTERIES REBUILT RENTED 8. REPAIRED 2206 BROAD STREET HO 10066 354 W W k d St t C anst n 1 N P k 1517 arw ck Avenue e B view 1 Junmon mmgamell ur way Warwick, R I C l E C E Compllments of I 1461 road Street o e Street ,, ,I Was ing on Park Cranston, R. l. Compliments of Sir: Compliments . , .I of ' 1 D R . . Best isllex for he Class o 1 Disiribufors of Sunheat Furnace OII: ...., I lI:T:ll ' 1265 Post Road, Norwood, R. I. POST ROAD GIFT SHOPPE Te. . -5211 , 1 Norwood 7, R. I. - - - mwood Avenue, Norwood ' 1 Hi. -I on Road l.GkQWOOd, R. 1. Lincoln Park, R. I. 00 Stuar - ark Guaranteed - 25 Years Experienc an . 125 ivert Street Tel. illsgrove 1- 751 gn gn V0 - 0 I - . . ox 36 Gas ee Point, Station 5 . an , J. E. TI E . - arwick Avenue Beniamin W. Harwick War ic , R. I. Ed9'W09 U ion I' 011, R- l- 99 ER J BARR GILKENSONS GROCERY and VARIETY STORE 1119 EI T II w I PORTER and BRIGGS Iaoael CABINET MAKERS BREEZEWAYS ATOM DRUG COMPANY 104 R PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY opl NORWOOD SCREW MACHINE CO SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS 52 N HO 19355 D 81 K SERVICES INC 2284 IIIII 9 comme Auro SERVICE M GEOR INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS M I I HO12 6 ROYAL MOTORS KAISER HENRY J FRAZER 2027 EI h I GETTHE MARY S HABIT HOME MADE PASTRY SNACKS 2 P I R d H II g HOXSIE HARDWARE CO ct I I S I A P FISHING EQUIPMENT SPOSTING GOODS B I I OFFICIAL INSPECTION d HEADLIGHT STATION HILLSGROVE SERVICE STATION P I R H II g H O G A N S ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION LAKEWOOD FOUR CORNERS CHURCH AVE GREENHOUSES Ay 10366 7 Ch II A GRAY S PHARMACY re HGyReg N sANDsTIzoM CARBIDE PRODUCTS co THE SUBURBAN REALTY CO CARBIDE REAL ESTATE d INSURANCE P R HII 9 TOOLS DIES APPLICATIONS II gi Is 204 P fl! Gd Hills II I-II 12457 III I227aw 1 Comphmenfs of mwood Avenue Providence, R P E T ' E T T elep one I. -9467 Hoxsie Four Corners, Warwick mwood Avenue Norwood, R. I. eservoir Avenue, Providence C m Imenfs of Manufacfurels of Pcs' Road 5 revel R I orvvood Avenue Norwood, R. I. L . . G E 39 a'es9c Avenue Norwood, R. I. General Auto Repairing - Guaranteed Used Cars Associated wiIh Wheelock Ins. Agency mwood Avenue Nvrwvvd. R- Phone . - B0 Insure And Be Sure Michael James Rossi and Nic oas Rossi Hardware - Tools - Palnfs - Glass - Industrial Suppll " ' " Kitchen Wore - EIe r ca uppIIes Wal er N. Simmons, Mgr. 21 ir or! Road Warwick, R. 003 os aa i s rove, R. I. Aw ew- -150 Aufomofive Eleclricians CUMPIIMUMS of an ' 1965 ox ood i s rove, R. I. Complimenls of I And w . ra , . Ph. B view - 0 un: venue shawome, 930 arraganseh Boulevard Providence, R. an 2037 asf oad I s rove, R. I. - - Representlng Providence Was in on n . Co. 7 os o s rove, R. I. 1-,hp on, n , .. , , . 100 '1 Q, .il.' ' 4 . A L. ., as df L :Y of A , HWY 13, - ' mifqg -5 WE ... .-,. 1.1, ,J- ian 'r u, nw. - . JV- 1. - "E -wa, - - Y. .,AVhui,..x-4- . f? -avr -fr ., ,rr vu' .,r- Cjp? :S-we af 4 1. ,1 .'.,, 1 ., :L 'fy rr ' Hui 1 . -I . ,..- I .4 -: A , r .1 FZ . ,PJ W 0 Ufsyyw

Suggestions in the Aldrich High School - Reminder Yearbook (Lakewood, RI) collection:

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