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riff'--'H - - .. 127. ,. . A .L v 4.32 n 4 92 ,gr 1 177 .- . .., gm ,1- '1:' Eff? Qli. F5 7 .,. Yi' ,,.. -.f. 22:- ple 1.3 S21 its ug ml - . '.'i .TJ '72 LET '11 14:1 IL T LTL? -I-I A1 -' LVL flf. -,, fn- - r. .y. fn. ,,., .pf -T: 'I QQ' .1. . -ff .., I fn., 'Fl .4.. Lf.: 5.3 Af .u.A -- .jf yi. ,,. I 1 . ,. ,T. . .FJ lgf VJ' rf ,gf V ll. . 4 .1. -Q .mf .r -.1 . . 4 7 .E 'ax 4 wfwfg-. - . 4 1, ,, L , V. 1 4 n-,.4. f -.q,.,,4 , qi.- . .71-1357 ,, ,717 ' . 1 f ...- EJ: ,,,-L -77 --- -'f , ,-gr..-- .-,.-,,,,.A...,.... -. ,...n... -1- '. ,.. ""'1'E.. '1 4' " .- . .... . ....-...- i -Lg pf' 4 v 1 -- '-".,.,.f- f- ,..4.,,-- --' ,Y ,,. ,,-,-.-. ,.-,-,., . --.... . , .,. ,. ,V ,,, ..- -'-"',,4..-1,-1-' 11,. .5-,-!L.L.!.1.f-g-g,.'L,. -,J..Wag.,-5-g,1f1,1.:1--. - -"' 'V-'4-J'-Mr . . , H - , 1 , ,. , ,, . A ff ,, Us ,.1 , 1 ,U -1 ,1.II. .1. Q " ' 1. ' "'-1 . ,. , 1 1 , . 'C Q' ' I . 1 g' .. 8 nr I. 1.-J . . - 1. 'a I 1 . -.I o' I 4 1 -1 I-. , u -A" -. 1 I. 1 1 .1- .II I 3, 1 . 1 .I- 1 . ..I II. . ,1 'nl., 1 '. I. I 1 'KD 1 ' A 1 . Q 1 . .' ., - ,, ' . 1 .-'g ' .1 a 1,..I1, I K .1 ,u 1.--' 111-1 s...' 1 -.1I.- . QQ i1,VI ' u .". I. 1 X .1 . , ',1,. . v ji '1 , .j ' I . II . . .III , I , ' 1 '-0 ,. . ' -' .' if . - i '- - . 1 . . ' . I U 1 I 1 . '-. 1 - .I,I .I . I . I. ,. . I - ' g . . -,o ' f- - I . I.,.- -I 1 'A TA ' I.. I. 1 1 I ' ' , . -I I1 . I 1 1 - I- 1 . I , .7 I II I. . I. .I.. 1 .I II '- 11 ' Q ' 'I . . .1 , 'a . 1 . - . . ' - ' 1' ' 1- 1' ' 1 K '....d . 1 , . - I .II I '1' I- hI!- ,I-,.' I 1I,.,II I 5 I. fa. - . . . I1 - ' - ' 1' 1 2 .' ' . ' . ,u " .-1, . .- - ." .... -..., , ' 1. I ' " ' 1 1 - I-.'- ' A ,I ,. . , I - 1' . ,. . I , I I -ar . . ,I .1 -. I Q. 1 ' 'ii 1 J- r. - ' 1 1' -' ' 2' .-.' K - I I 4. 'n ' ' . 12' .' " 1. L' . k .I 1 . n ,I , '- I '..11 1 v- .1 ., ..I -' - I 1 1 " . , . , , , In , ..- -'1, ... I , ' , . V 1 p- 1 ,' ., -I. I,y ...II , .I I ,I I.. I. , e h IO. I II I..I . . --. , - , ' '. .uV '. V I .' 1 '1 -'Y ' 1 ' -- '- 1 .I .11!' I-14 1 . ' . ' ' . rl '. ' . '1 . .I I.I' - lr ' ' '.' - p.,-'-" ' 1 , I .-'A . ' ,1 'wi - - K '. ' . ' ' " . 1. 4 "1 ' ' ' ' -: .- , I . .I1I I - 1' , a I. , , .."1 ' " ..1 . - ' ,I-I. , 'O . .- - .f 1 -' . 1 9 ' I' 4 .1 I f' 1 . I. 4 L ' ' . .I ..V ' I ' , .11 .I"' .I.'.".'.. I I II 1 I.I Q ' . 1 . I - 1- . -41,-I " . LY ' . ' .. ' 1 .1 I- - J. 0 . 1 . 1 , -I- 1 , I. II , l' ' 1' ' t. 1 .I .II .1 II',,. '- ' A . 1 ,- ' - 3. 1 . . , , I . . .A' . ..1 1. I.. I - I -II .11 ,,., .I ., 1, .- . . I. , . n .rI'." . I 1 '. x... 1 ' . . I 1.' 'I" - s 9 1 1' '.. 1-I . 5. K,. l 1 . . 1 . . , , . .1 1 I . I 1. ,. 4- 1 T ' ., , .',1. . Q , ,' '- I!I "X . c . I 1 ,I 1 I. I I I 1 -. I " . ' u, - ' '. .0 1 1 1I- I'- .- . u ' .' Q rs ..- 11 ' .Iv Q- 1 i '51 1 ,I" I 1 -, ' 1 - I 1 ' -I ' 1 , ,f L ,.1..-' V" .Mf- 1 3,-I -.f I -, I- . I I 1 .a- " K' I . Y ' ' ' ' . '. 1 -"-1 1 ' 4' 1 ' - 1 o 1, 1 '- I , ' ' .. .I I I I. I . I ,.. 1 , , I . Q I 1 I ., .I . 1. . " 11 1 , lu ' F - I ' .q ' I .4.,. - -I II. .. ' 1 , 1 1. 1 . IIII'I II I . F I .. , . 'l I. II r o I I. ' 1' O . 'Q 1 , .1 A ' '. II.. .. 1 . . I . -. 1 - '. ' '.V ' .. I III -1 1 - -I ,.' Ju '.- ' ' 4... .' . "1 ' - 1 1 . - -1 I. 'x - 1 ', 1'. In I A I 1- V 1- I u ' 1 ' .1 - - " 11 w . ' ' 1 ' '7. 1' .', ,Q . -11 ' ' 1 " - '.f I - I'1 . - . I 1, 1 1.11 ."' . . f c' ." . ' ' ' I: Q V 1f' ,. - 1, 4 f sI ls.I I. . I . I., ' . -.1-, ' . IL -Q '. I '- ' ' I,I1-I A . , A 'H' Y. ' nff. ' n . . 1' f 1 . 'I r, -I , I II.4 . 1I I . ' 1 , 'I ' ',- ' - 1 11 1 .1 ' , ' .- ' 1 . 1. I- .Vi , " 1 ' 1".' I-. ' 1 uI1 v, 'Z -- I ' , " . - r I - , 1 I I I '1 " 1' ."- . " lr '-, ' - W.' '.'1- , I 5 ,I-I -I 1 - 1 1 . z .,-I-'QI ' .. .' ,I . g'g- -': , f. '.f " . .r'1 L 1. Q . A NY' ' f 1 '1' W., ,' 1I,' -'a ' '. ' 1 x 1' ' . . I1I ' 1 :I .IA . ' II51. . ' -,' ' 1' . :,, 1 1 1 -'ny . 4 - . v - " .. I ' P ' 1 '. ',. 4. , 1 . .. , V - 1 1 ..,' L' . Y' - I ,. '01. , I - - .1 1 4 . - u' ' " I.I 1 .I Ir. ' II ,I I . ' -1 't'- .4 . " . '-11, ' 4 '1 1 1 In- 1I . 1 I., -4 I-' ' ..,' .I ', s , , - . I . 1 I. 1 1 'l II 4 fu 1- f - A1 I " -I1 I.,. .1 '. I , v 'e 4 ' I . 1' . ' -. 1-' ., .- '1I.. ' D . l ' 14 -I ' A ' ' . '. - 1 - ' f U ' '. V '. r- -, .. . - ' 1 an l I Ii ' l' .1 5 -. ' A - '1 -. 'i I- . . ..I - ," .11 .3 1 -1 ,. 0 I' ' -1- 1f- Il' .q. .' -' 1. .I 1 0- 'f .'. .II.' I I., ,I ,III I' II 1 . I ' 5.1-. , -I I --1, ,-In - . " ' ' ' 'o 1' ".. -, Q I ' I.: II " I--I' .I v '.1 " '- " ' ..- Q".- . 16-- ,'II I . I .,I ' . 1. II I 1. 9 1,I 1 1 . O . ' .4 , . I. ,, , . 4 . . . 1 ., - I. I . , . I . - - - v. - , ..' ' . ' ' ' . '.' .' 1 1 .II I. II I -, I . , A 1 ., 1 , ,' . K' ' - - ' 1 ' 1 .1 . V V I - Og' - -9 . 1 '. - '. 1 1'- s' N' :I ' , I , 1-. 1. ' -.I-I I' .. ,.I I .. '. '.. ' , z I 1 - .I u I - ' . . 7-4' 1 ' I.I . 1 - I 0 I , ,I 1 . 1 I " ' II 1I , QI II. I. In . I 1 II,I ,,- , . 'I .- , I 11 I , I .I I .II. . I 1 . II I I .I ' "- " 1 s. 1 '. 1 '..,. f' 1 ' ' -- ' 5 - 3 . of 15A 1 W 1' -1 . 1 QI . 1 A -1. . , Q - '. , ff' I , 'l. I , Q f n l , - '-' Lg, 4 4' .1 . Q, 1 4 . .. v-- ' 1 , . 11 . . v 1 , n . v, .a, ." .I I 5 1 " -a.' -"' 2 , - U x ' n v .- -- .. -4 ln I J f-' ' -' 1 ' A ' . . ' , .,. 5.4 1 . Q . ' a .- 4 , '4 ' ., .. 'W , , ea' - ' ' ' " . . ' -' 1 's a , . , O 5 . ' , vs' s , 0 9 - o1,':'. s . s , . . , O . ' .. ,, . Q . 5, .., A., . . - .. .i . - la. ' '69 .1 ' . .V-.4 1 5 . .4 -.1. QT'- fx v'g -a. , .K I .' 7 'J' 'L . N L ' ' . .,. u ,'. ' -v' 'J' .,.. N Q 1 . v .. 'O 1 x,- . K, I , . ,..-,f . H, f a i ' - Z ..' .. A 4-: 5.- ,. . 1 - v . -A ', In v -f ,- .. I ,, u . K. " . 55' ,.,.. . 4 1 ' "' . -9- , " . K-'.f"19 I. , - . ., -In 3 - .5 :.. Bi Tl., , 5.x .DFI .II . . ' ' . an . 4,., !- - nts.- : . N, 1. V-:gy ,' "'!.1 1 ."',. A .a" , to, ' L, "Y" "l "sf ix el' ,-. -,.., -0 . I-.0 ., . KA .l . Af' .. Y-4 r . -sw 1. '. . ,ffs. ,.. 1' ,lv !".x1Q:' -u - ,sf .. .. .t..-,xx " " 1 '?. .. V ,ff '.,'.x.X v . 'x .j' H-, , 1.1 '.. ' t ,. ' ",,, .'- lr. J.. .- I., -. 1' cl' ., , .., .-'., ,--lf 'Ll ' ' -V -,h 7, ".1 .y ' r , yu -x.' l.'4v IK, ,. 4: I V 4.'n , -'. Y- . 4-'ly ' . .r.v"p. t' '-0 'W uf. 1-' . .4 .., . Qu .v. I . .1 ..' 4- ri .i . 4 -vu '.v..J n . ' " ' oi. f's- M,. . .1 0: .,. .-Q, o .' .rx .. . 3 . ,, . '5 -v-.t LG - lu, J , , . '. :B ff 151421 "lr -,,' ,-1,7 4 iw-' K' ah' " 3' 2111?- V. 'il V 1 451. 'H . 'Q '.',, r sf- Q-'0 ,..' , .,, -, ary: 2, .'-,1 h .r- ' A S w x X X Smvq ! My W ' Xi k -X ff ' W H A X .ff x 53z1s'r45,?-gf' w g ,, I , J X kv-6 ffx i lg l ',y5 'R -- .W , Q I I , xl at .X M- ' Wm ' ' W 5 Wy NK! 7 471- .X 5 N, A a 1 H Y! X 'H' ,f ! V, 6 g - xx 'N , X F" - A25 lf! X ' xx X 1 9 Q- 1' lf' ff eq" 1 Nix df I ff fl 0 ' , X X X ' wk ' f I f Hg, 5' 5 A 'h, Q N Af. af" 'W , if 1 I p . -lE NN13RMiaik'hEiMJ6KW ' ' " if. " " ' TI-IE REMINDER PUBLISHED BY TI-IE STUDENTS OE ALDRICI-I cmd LOCKWOOD I-IIGI-I SCI-ICDOLS VOL XIV WARWICK MCMXXXVII RHODE ISLAND WARREN A. SHERMAN Superintendent of Warwick Schools HORACE E. HOBBS Supervising Principal of Aldrich and Lockwood Iunior-Senior High Schools THE YEAR AT ALDRICI-I 1 X f f . X, ' fl u- b Xxx fff Hl NML,LMiHHIEHDUfmLW , 'mul-"'1 N,'i'4'4'f"1 I' I. '5 ""A 'I In ' T gi V ' mf' 13' V' ji L.' f ' ufm' 'V' .fn I Q uf ,f 1' n 1,4 , , , 4 .Q , 1,11 T l Kf-K 1 'f - - M W , X ' QQ X V . ' k , U X? i 'J 6 I 7 ' I SK '1 4 'U I l QI X., 5 2 44 1 eff 1 . U. Lf if ' WW - WK-, - - it fr' gy 1 W' , . in ,, , f , In f4f'4 A X A L AA 1 4 hm hx flh- -fiwwlcx? Acetyl HAROLD F. SCOTT Principal of the Nelson W. Aldrich High School Our Principal, Mr. Scott, deserves much credit for our success at Aldrich. His never- failing interest in all our activities and his helpful cooperation have meant much to all ol us. RUTH E. SHAILER Adviser for the Class of 1937 We feel that we owe a great deal to Miss Shailer who has worked so faithlully in our interests. She has always been ready to give her helpful advice and we are proud to have her for our adviser. QNX I X rs X To PAUL GER!-XRD MORIN We dedicate THE REMINDER We appreciate this opportunity to honor the mem- ory of one of our teachers whose untimely death saddened us all. We shall never forget his cheerful- ness, his kindliness, and the inspiration he offered to both faculty and students alike. f' paw THE FACULTY OF NELSON W. ALDRICH IUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Principal HAROLD F. SCOTT, B.S. R. 1. State College Social Problems. Adviser oi General Organization RAYMOND S. AMEND R. I. School of Design, R. I. College ot Education Mechanical Drawing LILLIAN GERTRUDE ATCHISON, A.B., Ed.B. Pembroke College English, Mathematics, Iunior Business Training, Science, Adviser of Class of 1940 BETH BENNETT Farmington Normal School English, Mathematics, Social Science CECIL BRADSTREET Gorham Normal School Shop CLARENCE W. CAMPBELL Eastern Maine Normal School. R. I. C. E. English, Health, Mathematics, Social Science, Coach oi Iunior-Var ity Basketball and Baseball ANNIE I. CAPEN, A.B. Wheaton College, Harvard Summer School, Middlebury French Summer School, Brown University French, Adviser of Press Club ELEANOR L. CLARKE, A.B., Ed.M. University of Maine, Radcliffe, Harvard Graduate School Head 1' English Department Presid tCl935-19361, Secret - y 1936-193 f New England Directors oi Dramatics Dire o .i . ompetition Play I C ' ' Teachers College, Columbia University Home Economics, Cafeteria Management ANNA . COHEN. B.S.E.. M.Ed. ston University, Harvard Summer School, 6 niversity of Maine Summer School ' Social Science, English HENRY IOSEPH COOPER, Ph.B., M.A. Brown University, R. I. C. E. D f f Head of Science epar men Director of Dramatics, Director of Assemblies, Coach of Faculty and Senior Plays, Co-director ol Operettas LYN H. ULF CARQ osse i n ' 1A o e tra-Mural Brown Uni sity Head of Mathe atics Department ELIZA PINE DICKINSON. B.C.S. Bryant Stratton, Brown University, R. I. C. E. Bookkeeping, Stenography, Business Training, Business Adviser of Warwickite, Adviser of Senior Philatelic Club CHESTER G. DOUGLAS R. I. School of Desi , R. 1. C. E., R. I. State College Manual Training, Golf Cgach WALDRON E. FERNALD. A.B. University of Maine, Boston University, University ot Wisconsin, Columbia University, Universi oi Vermont, Brown University, R. I. C. E., Social Sci Adviser of Senior Debating Society, Class of 193 One-Act Play f I . , CARMEN FOWLER, Ed.B. - f .' '-I , R. I. C. E. , .- 1 English, Social Science, Business Training, Adviser ot Cgtisgluoi 1939 One-Act Play, Iunior Debating Society, Class o MYRTLE E. GODWIN. B.C.S. ' Bryant College, R. I. C. E. Head of Commercial Department, School Accounts, ghgirman of Faculty Committee on I ior Prom nd Senior a Egg u ,I er S L. MA DAILY. .B., M.A. Agriculture Agric Indoor ck NORA E. LYONS BEd R. I. C. E. Social Science, Mathematics, English EILEEN M. MacMANNUS, Ed.B. Harvard University, Brown University, Boston Univer- sity Music, Social Science, Adviser of Iunior Orchestra, Operetta for Music Assembly, Commencement Music f , ff , ' m c hi AVIS G. MARDEN, Ed.B. R. I. C. E. English, Mathematics, Social Science IOSEPH E. MCKEON, B.S., Ed.B. Providence College, R. I. C. E. Mathematics, Science Adviser of Photography Club, Coach of Baseball PEARL LOUISE MILLER, A.B. Pembroke College, Brown University English MARY G. MOURNIGHAN R. I. C. E., R. I. School of Desi n Art, Mathematics, Social Science, English Adviser of Class of 1940 One-Act Play I. IRVING MOURNIGHAN. Ph.B. Providence Colle e, Brown University Social Science, English CATHERINE T. MURRAY, Ed.B. R. I. C. E., Providence College English, Mathematics, Social Science Adviser of Class of 1942, Warwickite HAROLD L. PACKARD Castine Normal School Social Science, Mathematics ESTHER E. PEARSON, A.B. Upsala College, Harvard Summer School, R. I. C. E. Commercial Stu 'es, Adyiser hool anking MARIO PERA Qpbb Boston Un y, Ondricek School ot Music Music, Adviser of Operetta, Dance Orchestra ETHEL M. H. REID, A.B. Brown University, R. I. C. E. Spanish, French, English Chairman of Graduation Committee MARSHALL ROBERTSON, Ph.B., M.A. Brown University, R. I. C. E.. Harvard Summer School Head of Social Science Department, Adviser 'of " Reminder" CYRIL A. ROBINSON Farmington Normal School Science, Mathematics, Social Scienc Adviser of Good Will Society IOSEPH H. ROHLOFF, B.S., M.S. Missouri University, Carnegie I tute of Technology General Science, Coach of Iunior High Basketball IOHN R. RUDERT, B.P.E. Springfield College Physical ducation. Coach of Varsity Football, Basketball, Track Adviser of Boys' Leaders' Corps HAZEL SCOTT. B.S. n. 1. state College Home Economics GEORGE SENERCI-IIA R. I. S. C., R. I. C. E. Science tStudent Teacherl RUTH E. SHAILER, A.B. Pembroke Colle e English, Adviser of Tlllarwickite, Class of 1937 EDNA C. SHANLEY. Ed.B. H. 1. Harxardeumm hool, Col ' iver- sity ' English, Social Science, Ad iser of Class oi 1939, Coach of Class of 1939 One-Act Play BELINDA ESTELLE SNOW, A.B.. M.A. Brown University. Bryn Mawr College. R. I. C. E. Latin, English, Adviser ol Class of 1938, Librarian H. MARIE SONNE R. I. School of Design, Berkshire Summer School oi Art Art ELEANOR WADLEIGH, A.B. Wheaton College, Sorbonne French MARION ELEANOR WARREN, A.B. Pembroke College Social Science Teachers' Welfare Committee FRANK B. WIGHT. A.B. Boston University, Harvard Summer School, M ' S er School H I C owrys umm , . . .E. English, Mathematics, Social Science Coach of Iunior High Baseball E61 THE FACULTY We take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to the faculty. Their willingness to help, during school and after school, has been never-ending and we feel that few Faculties would have shown such a personal interest in all our undertakings. FACULTY First Row: Mrs. Reid. Miss Anna Cohen, Mr. Rudert, Miss Ada Cohen, Mr. Robertson, Miss Maiden, Mr. Scott. Mrs. Cult. Mr. Amend, Miss Daily. Mr. Wight. Miss Scott, Miss Capen. Second How: Miss Murray, Miss Warren, Miss Pearson, Miss Mournighan, Miss Shcxnley, Miss Shailer. Miss Sonne, Miss Atchison, Miss Bennett, Miss Godwin, Miss Clarke, Mrs. Dickinson, Miss MacMannus, Miss Miller. Third Row: Miss Fowler, Mr. Pera, Mr. Douglas, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Bradstreet, Mr. Rohlolf. Mr. Fernald, Mr. Hersey, Mr. McKeon, Mr. Campbell, Miss Snow. - . An. Q , Editor-in-Chief DONALD MARCH, '37 Assistant Editor CLAIRE TUTTLE, '37 Compiling Editor SYLVIA HOWLAND, '37 Senior Editor MILDRED RICHARDSON. '37 Art Editor ALICE HUGHES. '37 Snapshot Editor ALICE REYNOLDS, '37 Business Manager GUIDO GEORGE, '37 Secretary to Business Manager HELEN RICHARDSON, '37 REMINDER STAFF Assistants to Literary Editors Betty Potts. '38 Eileen Meikle. '38 Bernice Lambert, '38 Shirley Austin, '38 Grace Cottrell, '38 Hazel Wade. '37 Ruth Reynolds, '41 Marjorie Brown, '37 Assistants to Art Editor Virginia Files, '38 Mena Caputi, '38 Edna Hargreaves. '41 Pauline Cagnon, '41 Mary Iones, '41 Norma Hargreaves, '41 Assistants to Business Manager Helen Richardson, '37 Lloyd Noyes, '41 George Opdyke, '41 Ruth McAllister, '38 Betty Woodell, '41 Dorene Close, '41 Richard Tanner, '42 Betty Hallene. '38 Michel Ferranti, '38 Dorothy Capaldi, '38 Florence Gilbert, '39 Miriam Tarring, '41 Doris Dyer, '39 LITERARY BOARD First Row: P. Cagnori, L. Healy F. Woodhead, R. Reynolds. A McCarthy, Mr. Robertson, D March, V. Headley, M. Richard- son, M. Iones, H. Richardson. Second Row: C. Tuttle, S. Dwyer D. Peterson, B. Rubery, S. Austin B. Long, L. MCClean, I. Kendall, V Rondeau, A. Hughes. D. Hallene, B. Lambert, K. Gillis, A. Sheehan R. Sheehan. E. Meikle. Third Row: H. Wade, G. Tebbetts. M. Brown, I. Hampton. C. Ferelli R. Bennett, A. Hargreaves, V: Williams, G. Cottrell. A. Reynolds V. Files, S. Howland, P. Ferguson, B. Potts, E. Hargreaves, M. Caputi, A. Theroux. BUSINESS BOARD First Row: H. Richardson, G. Opdyke, G. George. Mr. Robert- son, M. Ferranti, G, Hill, R Tanner. Second Row: D. Capaldi, B. Hallene. D. Close, F. Parks. E. Charette, S. Woodell, M. Kene dall. M. Leacy, M. Tarring. Snapshot Stall Beverly Rubery, '38 Ruth McAllister, '38 Anna Sheehan. '38 Iune Kendall, '38 Pauline Ferguson, '38 Viola Rondeau, '37 Helen Richardson, '38 Lois Healy, '41 Typists Mary Leacy, '37 Gladys Hill, '37 Margaret Kendall, '37 Frances Brun, '37 l8l spin ,1.1A CLASSES 1937 19 SS 1939 , . I . f . .,,. 5 ix 0 f' 2 9 A 7, X' NQQL lslf MQ- G XXXL , ,, N 4 K 'N Z bxxbx, My 3 vi Q X xv N21 Y 93 X ikflx I m YL ,- l ,N 1 Lx , H ,f 1 - - ' ,QW ' . , 'v7Qf"'1,,. X 0 , ' 1347? X fi . -au ' ' ' f ' 7 'fa' ' ,, 11' g"fK,, fu ' .M- f I 1 ,P 4' .1 f 1 I , - 1 1 . 1. Mi 'E '11 1 Q 'il S-. ff ' Qnqsmg, ,j ,Ldv ff 1 ' gli, u J- ,wx XZ 1. - 3, 2 11 , - X f' X ,, , 0,1 yr ,W N-n NI: l '+. H651 11151. -W' , ,I .L :Y if - .QM 4 X W x W 3 ' 4 if ,I X w ' .yg"'f-X. A 1 ,Hx 1 - - '- X.. 4, M.:--, . . I 19-9 pf-,, :I . X A -313 113'-fem, 52:31 1 1 M1 1:-3 ya- 1,-11 f 1 wi 'vc Nfflfi' nm X 1 HY 1+ W 11 2 - W ' , X, X '- w- , ' 11:1 gy L x "M-'b 21 h 1 J .MV 1 if 5 ' -f fifbfhw ff N1"1""' M' fx 1 - fxifx ,gpm 31' ' ":.j.'...:7 . ' 'ff ,Y.'6.,g' X-:N .nk 'pa--,-1' '-Mc" K ' '4 1'f'fS.'a'ff2'fwt1f. . pe!-1 Sax- I' ,111-L 's A'9"'- Nw .,, .,.t.,, X, M, , , ,fx ,-V A . - .M 1 1A -. xx.,-L ,-LX, -N7 H , Wm. Lg N A vp wg-Q11 1 151.54 -umf-iffe' 4 'S -' -' ' ' :+R uf W ' .iq ' I 1' 11 X, f .Ai ,Ax . I X I ' N .-I-'Q 'S f , vm W W X V3 '31 -'Vw is 3" 'g"'0'-IV .' 417' 1 if 11 - .mags 1 vi 1 A 1 ". - '-'-'ff 'A v:2',+? "M:-ng - -4 f- if 1- f: SQL - ,-1 - -:-4f.-..f- 'f - ,Q , uf' .gigqwfi -,Q-.114 , 5' 1-3: af.,-'f S yt! ,V 4g,5gE5,..,,:b- :i.?-23:-7a':L:3 rl " ' --'Y 1 Vifgfigf-'ZZ1t2i?'f'1' fifizix' ,'fc97"-V ' ' -- .,......, ii HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1937 In 1934, we entered Lockwood High School. In spite of the confusion, we readily established ourselves among the other classes. We determined from the first to be out- standing in our school. We entered our Sophomore year with high hopes cmd were very successful in dramatics, debating, and other extra activities. In our Iunior year we were transferred to our new school. Aldrich, and continued on our successful school career. Our Junior Prom was the "high spot" in our Iunior Year. In our last year we climaxed our success with our Senior Play, Senior Hop, and Senior Ball. Our scholastic RHODE ISLAND HONOR SOCIETY First How: M. Richardson, M. Brown, D. Peterson, S. Ellison, B. Long, O. Martin, R. Burdick, H. lohnston. Secoria' Row: A. Reynolds, G. Kinne, O. Confreda, M.Chadwick, M. Ruck, W. Planka, D. Cagnon, G. Tiderrrtan. Tfrrd Row: F. Brun, S. Barber, R. Borker, T. Ashworth, K. Moultrop, R. Betancourt, D. Hall, S. Howland. CLASS OF 1937 Officers and Executive Committee First Row: C. Tuttle, G. Kinne, M. Chadwick,Secretaiy,A.Reynolds. Second Row: S. Barber, K. Moult- rop, President, T. Ashworth, Miss Shailer, T. Henry, Vice-President. D. Hall. ability was proven by the large number of members on the R. I. Honor Society, and by the number of students on the honor roll throughout the four years. We are now looking forward to our greatest achievement Gradua- tion! RHODE ISLAND HONOR SOCIETY We wish to extend our hearty congratulations to the members of this Honor Society, They have done out' standing work in their high school career and their scholastic ability is rated far above the average. We feel certain that these people are assured of success in life as well as in school. and we offer our best wishes for a successful future. IIOI THE CLASS OF 1937 MAKES A PHOPHECY An elderly man, formerly Principal of Aldrich High School. sat before the glowing hearth, and in his lap lay the 1937 Reminder. As he slowly turned the pages, his grandson, Iohnnie, listened intently as he pointed out pictures of that year's graduating class cmd identified them. "Well, well. here's Adeline Thurber. I remember she formerly worked as a chorus girl in the "Silver Queen" owned by Ray Smith. Donald March was orchestra leader, and Betty Machon the attractive head waitress. Thomas Jacques also worked there as hat boy. Betty's brother Charles is now salesman in Ian Hayes's shoe store." "Grandpa was this good-looking boy very smart?" "My, yes! Donald Hall made quite a name for himself in the engineering line. This boy, Tony Henry, the golf pro. spent many days trying to teach James Bryer to be a golfer, but Iixn would rather be an aviator." "Who is this girl?" "That is Lillian Coulthurst. She got married shortly after graduation, and is now living in California. Here is Mary Leacy. owner of a chain of beauty parlors. These boys, Duncan, Erickson, Tuttle. and Sylvia, all joined the National Guards, while Ralph Berker decided to loin the Navy and see the World. Oh, yes. this is Walter Tillinghast, president of the New York Advertising Club. His private secretary is Betty Long." "What is this boy doing now?" "Don Owen is advertising manager for Evans Adding Machine Co. This girl, Alice Hughes. was a companion to a wealthy woman who traveled around the world. She also was quite an artist." "Grandpa, is this one famous?" "Yes. Lillian Bennett's sketches are on exhibition in the Okerholm Art Gallery. New York City, and the girl here, Violet Ellis, is designer for Shirley Ellison's fashion salon. Beatrice Harrop became an accomplished pianist, while Marjorie Brown and Mildred Reddington became journalists. This boy, Harrie Wheeler, and Elizabeth McMannus became great opera singers. They have played opposite each other in many operas in Europe. Goodness me, Elsie Wilson opened an undertaking parlor in Chicago, and business be- came so thriving she had to hire Dorothy Cagnon as secre- tary." "What is this one doing now?" "Let me see. That's Dorothy Brown. She is Dean at our Alma Mater: Sylvia Howland taught Mathematics: Dorothy Peterson. Science: Alice Reynolds, French: and Claire Tuttle, Physical Training. This boy, Donald Wheeler, owned prop- erty in Texas, where, later, oil was found, making him a millionaire." "Grandpa, this girl's face looks familiar." "It should, she's your mother's favorite hair dresser, Hortense Clement. She took you to her Beauty Parlor the other day. Here's Alice Maxwell, your father's private secretary. This girl, Margaret Ruck, got tired of office work o started a home for old maids. She later became a Governor's wife." Here he paused to throw a log on the fire and then con- tinued. "This year your sister's class had their graduation pictures taken at Olive Martin's studio, where Velma Brush was assistant. These girls, Iola Hampton and Lottie McLean, ran a millinery shop in Providence and did quite a business. Located in the same building was Tate's dancing Academy. The last I knew, Regina Sheehan was teaching in Norwood Grammar School. This girl, Alice Murdock, became the dietitian in The Main Hotel. Boston. At this same place Helen Arnold was the well-known leader of the "Elite Orchestra." Milton Britcliffe is now an interne at Howard." "Grandpa, isn't this boy a surgeon?" "Yes, he is. Robert Betancourt is one of the best-known surgeons in the country. Assisting him are the nurses: Ruth Barker, Gwendolyn Kinne, and Madelyn Greenwood. The llll other day Lee Confreda, journalist, wrote me that Richard Rose and Robert Reed had opened a combination ice-house and hot dog stand and that Ernest Cone was a landscape gardener. This girl here, Helen Johnston, became a veter- inary. A few months ago l saw Ruth Iones, aviatrix, and she told me Mildred Richardson is now a missionary nurse and is in the southern part of Africa." "Why that's Hazel Wade! She turned out to be an interior decorator. and I heard she received a large sum of money for decorating the home of Thomas Ashworth, the well-to-do draftsman. Here is Lucius Eccleston. He was always a good sport in school and chauffered people to wherever they wanted to go. He now is taking an active part in the Salva- tion Army. I believe Raymond Iensen is sound effect man for the A. B. C. Broadcasting Co., owned by George Iohnson. Over this station you have no doubt heard this fellow, Guido George, the well-known crooner, also Ruth Neary, the silver- toned soprano of the air. Now Eva Church teaches modern- istic dancing, and only yesterday I heard that business was failing in the Logan and Wignot Auto Repairing Co. due to financial reasons known only to themselves. Traveling through Atlantic City this summer, I saw Virginia White chosen Miss America of the bathing beauty contest. Starring in the new RKO picture being released in Ianuary is our much-remembered Margaret Chadwick, playing the leading lady opposite Harvey Gustafson." "Grandpa, this face looks familiar." "It should, Iohnnie: you've seen his picture in the papers. That's Lindsay Parkinson, aviator, who recently set a new altitude record. Here is Ralph Erickson, better known as the star pitcher of the New York Yankees. Manager of this team is William Hughes. I recently saw Ruth Burdick, who is a remarkable piano teacher, and she told me Iohn Florence is bell hop in the White House. Now here is a memorable young man and one I shall never forget. It's none other than Kendall Moultrop, president of his class for four years. I hear that at the next presidential election he is going to run for President on the Republican Ticket. Gailey now plays for the New York Cubs and I believe he's planning to marry in March. Here's Sue Dwyer. She has continued on with her cafeteria work for she now is waitress in the "Bayside Restaurant" owned by Harold Morgan. Constance Ferrelli has earned large sums of money as a commercial artist: and this boy, Iohn Gallagher, is now an ice-cream manufacturer. Giordano is quite busy these days for he is a traveling salesman." "Who's this little boy, Grandpa?" "Gracious me. That's Saul Barber, District Attorney. When I went to his office once I saw Wanda Planka, a typist there. Oh! here's my broker, Robert Doeg. Gladys Hill worked for him as his secretary and Winifred Allen as switchboard operator. My goodness, I'd almost forgotten these two, but now I remember. Viola Rondeau and Adella Iohnson ran a dress shop, and these girls, Eleanor Smith and Louise Rose, are efficient librarians in one of New York's leading libraries. Well, these young women, Virginia Williams and Katherine Gillis, are nurses in the children's department at lane Brown Hospital. That new coiffure everyone is wearing was de- signed by Agnes Maclntyre. Rose Donnelly has also become quite an accomplished hairdresser, for she now has a shop of her own in Hollywood. Francis Brun. Dot Hallene, and Helen Richardson all went out into the business world after leaving school, but I haven't heard from any of them since. By the way, this girl, Gladys Tiderman, is now secretary for the Mayor of the city of Warwick." "Grandpa, who's the last girl?" "That is Marjorie Ward, the well-known public accountant of the City of Providence." After finishing the book Grandpa sent Iohnnie off to bed, while he sat at the fireside wondering if all the classes following had had as much success. HAZEL WADE, '37 WINNII-'RED ALLEN "Winnie" "Winnie" is one oi the most popular girls ot her Senior class. Her Ilashing brown eyes and charming smile have won her many friends. She loves dancing and is always ready for a good time. We wish you success in the future. Dramatic Club 12, 3, 41: War- wickite 13, 41. HELEN ARNOLD "Shorty" Here is our own blonde. sweet and lovable Helen. With her pleasing personality and art of playing the piano, she has won a host of friends. We wish you success, Helen, in whatever you undertake in the future. Good Will 13, 41: Jazz Orches- tra 121: School Orchestra 12, 3, 41: Gym Exhibition 121. THOMAS RAYMOND ASHWORTI-I Prop. Club 121: Warwickite Staff 12, 31: Cross Country Track 121: Orchestra 13, 41: General Or- ganization 141: Tennis 131: One- act Plays 13, 41: Senior Play 141: Class Committee 141: Dramatic Club 13, 41: Good Will 141: State Play 131: R. I. Honor Society 141: Gym Exhibition 11, 2, 31: Debat- ing Club 131. SAUL BARBER "Barbaso1" This argumentative young man has come to us this year trom Hope. He has a very likable dis- position and we wish him suc- cess in the future. G. O. 141: Executive Committee 141: Varsity Basketball 141: Dra- matic Club 141: Senior Play 141: Senior Competition Play 141: R. I. Honor Society 141: Intra-Mural Basketball 141. - - TI-IE REMINDER - - RUTH BARKER "Ruthie" Ruth is a very industrious honor student and a good athlete as well. She plans to continue on at the Homeopathic training school. Home Room Representative 111: General Organization 111: Inter- class Basketball 11, 31: Varsity Basketball 121: Dramatic Club 141: Leaders' Corps 12, 3, 41: War- wickite 141: R. I. Honor Society: Swimming Club 121: Interclass Volley Ball and Basketball 11, 2, 81: Gym Exhibition 11, Z, 41. LILLIAN EXZA BENNETT ,, i., Introducing "Lil" with her never-failing cheery smile, and lovely blonde curls. She has made many lasting friends at Aldrich, and many a male heart ilutters when "Lil" walks by. Riding Club 111: Dramatic Club 13, 41: Interclass Basketball 111: Warwickite 121: Golf Club 121: One-Act Play 141. 1 . X .Q cf 'N Q RALPH CHRISTIAN BERKER "Ralphie" Ralph has been a very popu- lar person in our class and the school will surely miss him when he graduates. Ralph has also done credit to our football team this year. Success in the Navy, Ralph, and we're sure you'l1 become an admiral some day. Football 13, 41: Glee Club 141: Indoor Track 141. ROBERT XAWCIEIRHBETANCOURT o Here's the brains of the Senior Class, Betancourt! Bob has brightened many a dull moment in our school life with his never- tailing sense ot humor and his almost uncanny wittiness. Bob is a real go-qetter and we know he'll meet success wherever he goes. Debating Club 141. 1121 wwf DOROTHY BROWN MDM., A warm, friendly smile and a gentle disposition are but two of orothy's many qualities. During her four years among us she has made many friends who will remember her for her quiet un- derstanding. Although "Dot" is undecided about her future work, we know it will be successful. Warwickite 141. MARIORIE ALICE BROWN "Margie" We have here a very sweet girl-our smiling "Margie." If you combine the three adjectives sweet, sincere and lovable you have "Margie." Although she appears rather quiet, her pleas- ing personality has gained for her many true friends. Warwickite141: "Reminder"141: lnterclass Basketball 141: R. I. Honor Society: lnterclass Volley Ball 141. FRANCES BETTY CHARLOTTE BRUN HFXUHI1 Here's "Fran," one of the quiet- est members oi the Senior Class. Her friendly smile has won her many friends in Aldrich. Al- though she has not taken part in school activities, her work and interests outside school make up for this. Best of luck to you, Fran, in the future. R. I. Honor Society. VELMA BRUSH Hver, Here is Miss Clarke's hazel- eyed attendance taker, who loves to be told that she is losing some of her freckles. Once she thought she'd like to be a school teacher but now the question is "What am I going to do. . .?" lnterclass Volley Ball, Basket- ball, and Baseball 13, 41: Gym Ex- hibition 141: Warwickite 141. NINETEEN Tl-IIRTY SEVEN RUTH ELISE BURDICK "Ruthie" Here is friendly, lovable Ruth, our prize pianist. Much of her time has been devoted to play- ing for the school, even though she is a mighty busy little piano teacher outside of school. Iazz Orchestra 13, 41: School Band 141: Accompanist Girls' Glee Club 121: Boys' Glee Club 11. 3. 41: Operetta 13, 41: R. I. Honor Society. Jgvv6"tg roi' DOROTHY CAGNON "Dottie" "With a twinkle in her eye" and they're big brown eyes, too. Her hair is the envy ot every girl in the class. May luck follow you wherever you go. Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41: Good Will 13, 41: Class Committee 131: Dra- matic Club 13, 41: Leaders' Corps 141: Gam Exhibition 141: Iunior Prom ommittee 131: R. I. Honor Society. MARGARET IULIA CHADWICK "Margie" Class Secretary 141: Executive Committee 141: General Organi- zation 141: Leaders' Corps 1 , 41: Dramatic Club 11, 2, 3, 4,17 One- Act Plays 12, 31: Promptress 11, 41: "Reminder" 141: Warwickite 141: lnterclass Basketball, Volleyball 12, 3. 41: lnterclass Soccer 1l, 215 lnterclass Baseball 1l, 2, 3, 41: Gym Exhibition 12, 41: H. I. Honor Society: Senior Play 141: Oper- etta 141. EVA ARIQEIEICHURCH V Sparkling blue eyes, brown natural curly hair, and tingling toes-that's our Eva. Although she is not interested in the boys, she is a staunch supporter of all school activities. Eva intends to teach dancing after she leaves school. We know she will be a grand success. Glee Club 11. 2. 31: Operetta 141. l13l .gf WJ, L V L4 J My ',,, .,L1 W I . N. VM I I 1- ,mf AA - 1 I HORTENSE LORETTA CLEMENT "Hottie" We next introduce our fun-lov- inq Hortie, who is always ready for a good time. Her plans run in the line of the business world and we are sure of her success. Gift Club 111: Interciass Voiley Ball 121: Interclass Basketball 1l1: Gym Exhibition 131: Usher Senior Play. WILLIAM COLLINS "Bill" William is seldom heard from around school. We don't know what he is like when school lets out. He has finally reached his last year, and he says he is not too sorry. His plans for the future are indefinite. Good luck and success, Bill, in whatever you may do. ERNEST CONE "Ernie" Introducing "Ernie," the best drummer in the school. Although he hasn't settled the question of his vocation, he likes landscape gardening. He is so quiet around school that we don't hear much of him. We all join in wishing him the best of success in life. Orchestra 12, 3, 41. sv ,I OLYMPIA CONI-'REDA ,.Lee.. "Someone nice, someone neat. someone fair, and also sweet." That partly describes "Lee" for you, She is ever ready to help and is a favorite with both teach- ers and students. Warwickite 11, 2, 3, 41, Editor- in-chief 141: Debating Society 11. 2, 3, 41: Dramatic Society 1 , 2. 31: Executive Committee 131: R. I. Honor Society. - - Tl-IE REMINDER - - LILLIAN BEATRICE COULTHURST ULN.. We all know "Lil" by her dancing talents and executive power. This is shown by her ac- tivities listed below, Executive Committee 11, 31: Good Will 11, 2, 3. 41, Secretary 141: G. O. 11, 3, 41, Secretary 131. President 141: Leaders' Corps 141: "Reminder" Staff 141: Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 41: All Star Basketball 13. 41: Dramatic Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Iun- ior Prom Committee 131: Gym Ex- hibition 11, 2, 41: Home Room Representative 111. ROBERT LINCOLN DOEG ,,Bob,, This young lad is one of the best-known and regular fellows in Aldrich High. Perhaps it's his light hair and blue eyes. He hasn't revealed his plans for the future, but we feel quite sure that he will make a success of himself. Here's luck to you, Bob. Gym Club 12, 31. ROSE ELIZABETH DONNELLY "Rosie" Rose is one of the quietest of the Senior girls. Despite her shy- ness she has acquired many friends, because of her readiness to help others. Her laughing Irish eyes will surely lead her on the road to success. Here's hoping, Rose, whatever your position. you may he successful. FREDERICK WILLIAM DUNCAN. IR. nf-redu A perfect gentleman! At least that is what the girls in Aldrich think. Fred has real school spirit: he always has time for the other fell w. He has all the qualities nee d to achieve his goal. S 5 Debating 13, 41, Pre i n Gym Exhibition 11, 2, 1: Stag ager 141: Intra- Mgal Ba tbcgffy ,, - i141 SUSAN ELIgg.BEfl'H DWYER U6 Introducing Sue, a happy-go- lucky miss with blue eyes and cheery smile. who is the life of every class room. Sue has won many friends during her stay at Aldrich. Operetta 121: "Reminder" 141: Debating 131: Interclass Basket- ball 11, 2, 3, 41: lnterclass Soccer 11, 21: Gym Exhibition 1l. 2, 41: Dramatic Club 1l, 2, 3, 41: Inter- class Volleyball 11, 2, 3. 41: Inter- class Baseball 11, 2, 3. 41: Cheer Leading 13, 41: Cafeteria 13, 41: Varsity Basketball 141. LUCIUS IEACCLESTON u Introducing "Lu" with his ever ready smile and pleasing per- sonality. He follows up all the school activities, and at the games can always be found in the center of the crowd that cheers the loudest. His future is undecided, but we feel he will succeed. Gym Exhibition 121: Dramatic Club 141: Senior Play. 1141 VIOLET IYIERIEL ELLIS 1 This dark-haired miss is none other than "Vi," who is a good- natured miss with a happy dis- position. She is a true friend and a real pal. Her ambition is to be a designer. We wish you the best of luck in the future, "Vi," Operetta 131. SHIRLEY EVELINE ELLISON "Bunny" Perhaps you will say that Bunny! is quiet and very studi- ous. ave you seen her smile and her dimples? One-Act Play Competition 111: Glee Club 11, 21: Dramatic Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Operetta 11, 2, 31: Or- chestra 12. 31: Warwickite 13, 41: Interclass Basketball 11, 21: Gym Exhibition 121: Assembly 11, 21: Interclass Volleyball 11, 21: Rhode Island Honor Society. g gg NINETEEN THIRTY SEAVELNWAM RALPH ERICKSON "Swede" "Swede" is one of the best athletes ever to attend a War- wick High School. He is quite bashful in the class-room but what a player on the football field. Football 12, 3. 41: Hockey 11, 2, 31: Baseball 12, 3, 41: Iunior Var- sity Baseball 1l1: Cross Country 11, 21: Indoor Track 12, 3, 41: Out- door Track 1l, 2, 31. WARREN DWIGHT ERICKSON. IR. nsonn "Son's" smile has brightened many a National Guard Parade, as well as our own athletic fields. Although he doesn't participate in any oi our sports, he is sure to be found on the side lines, cheer- ing our team to victory. Soccer 111 Iunior Varsity use ball 11, 21: Gym E 'b LLOYD GEORGE EVANS "Speed" Time marches on! Six minutes of nine and here comes a V-8 convertible coupe, flying around the bend. Why, it's none other than our own romantic, dancing Romeo. After graduation "Speed" plans to become a mechanical engineer and we are certain he will succeed. Gym Exhibition 121: Aviation ' ' ' 21g Stag? Manager Se ' : In-. lub 121. tra- ural B1q?et 41 ff Jf J- .. CONSTANCE A. FERRELLI "Connie" "Connie," as she is known by her friends, is one of the best hearted friends one could have. Her willingness to help and to cooperate in both -s c' l and scholastic endeavor e made her a valuable as o Aldrich. Dramatft'-C , 2, 31: War- wickite 13 4 ating 131: "Re- minder" 1 1'-5 ,i, A i151 11 v.vW Ui' - -"iu4Pff' IOHN FLORENCE ,flacku Iohn is another of our quiet boys: but we know that beyond that quietness is an urge to do something worthwhile. He is in- terested in both sports and agri- culture. Who knows, maybe some day he'll be an athlete or a larmer. Good luck to you, "Iack." Outdoor Track 111: Gym Exhi- bition 1l, 2, 31. ERNEST GAILEY "Ernie" "Ernie" is one of Aldrich's leading athletes, and excels in tootball, hockey, and baseball. He is a very popular member of the senior class and extremely good-natured. Keep up your good work, Ernie. Junior Varsity Football 111: Football 12, 3, 41: Hockey 12, 3, 41: Baseball 12, 3, 41: Executive Committee 131: General Organi- zation 131: Indoor Track 131: Sen- ior Play: Operetta 141. IOHN GALLAGHER "Iohnie" Small, dark, jolly, and liked describes our Iohnie from Warwick Downs. He is the hap- py-go-lucky type ot person e well nothing definite in mind. class of 1937 wishes him lots ot luck. Gym Club 1l, Z, 31: Home Room Representative 121: Interclass Basketball 141. GUIDO GEORGE "Guido" Short but exceptionally full oi lite. Guido has been a mainstay of the "Reminder." So lonq. Guido, and thanks a lot. Musical Dramatic Club 121, Or- chestra 12, 3, 41: Business Man- ager oi the "Reminder" 141: De- bating Club 13, 41: Senior Play141: One-Act Play Competitions 12, 31: State Play Competitions 131: Iazz Orghestra 13, 41: Dramatic Club 12. ,41- - - ,THE REIVHNDER - ' gg Ax MARY KATI-IE INS' LIS "LadyP g " A lady ike m ner, a sympa- thetic, ge tle ure, and a deep sense of u r, that's Peggy's person 1' L Although Peggy seems e demure, she ca alway depended upon i w l chosen quips ma Club 11 2 3 1 1 Reminder 141 e lor One-Act lay cx - ' . K , . 1 si -DramaticC1ugv : k C J ' rie-Act Plalyg 131i1 Pr p rtie S n-' 'x ALPHONSO GIORDANO ,,Bab ,, Well, here is o 'gst-dressed boy and o ol o best too.ball players. cer inly can throw them w'th 160 or more pounds. e n't krpw what his plans i the future are, but we wish hi success ' atever he u ke. o 11 41. ggi' 11 MADELYN GREENWOOD "Snoolrs" Here is the girl with the "mil- lion dollar" smile, known for engaging personality. M n has all the fiery ambit n be- come a nurse. Better w out. Madelyn: patients ite tall in love with th ' es! Warwic ' : Reminder 141: Gym . ition 111: Latin Club 131: oqraphy Club 141: DraiWC1u 141. HARVEY GUSTAFSON ,,Gus,, In "Gus" you will always find just that little humor needed to cheer you up. His "happy-go- lucky" dispositio alonq with his pleasing persq ' have and always will as re him ot many friends. As a nior "Gus" has made the V ity Football team. Here's suc s to you, "Gus." Football' 1. .J'H' 1" if l16l .ff jg 'Y ' P ,512 .Mft Elma!! DONALD HALL ..Don.. "Don" is our mathematician. Math problems never stick him nor any other problems for that matter. Don plans to attend Brown next year. Lots of luck, Don. and you'l1 be sure to suc- ceed. Executive Committee 141: Gen- eral Organization 141: Senior Play 141: Debating Club 111: Ha- dio Club 121: Marshal lor Class of '36: R. I. Honor Society 141. DOROTHY MI-ARIE HALLENE ., ot., Although "Dot" looks very quiet and serious she is really very humorous and combines her humor with her intelligence. Whenever you see a group of girls in the corridors laughing, you are sure to find "Dot." Dramatic Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Gym Exhibition 12. 41: Interclass Bas- ketball, Volleyball and Baseball 12, 3, 41: "Reminder" 13, 41. IOLA VIRGIIQAX HAMPTON Did you hear a giggle? That's just Iola strutting into class. She is a girl who doesn't take things very seriously, but everyone can't be like that. Mav you al- ways f'nd happiness, "I." Interclass Volleyball, Basket- ball 12, 3, 41, Baseball 13, 41: He- minder 13. 41:: Gym Exhibition 12, 41: Cheer Leader 13. 41: Dramatic Club 11. 3, 41. ,, ., ' BEATRICE MILDHED HARROP ..Bea.. Introducing "Bea," our attrac- tive blue-eyed blond. There is music in her soul as well as in her laugh. She will continue her education at some conservatory of music, where her fine quali- ties will surely be appreciated. How about the soldier in Pan- ama. "Bea"? Leaders' Corps 131: Glee Club 13, 41: Operetta 141. r IAN HAYES ANTHONY HENRY GLADYS ELIZA HILL SYLVIA ANN HOWLAND .,Red., HTC Y.. ..Tiny.. NSW.. lan was chosen the quietest I-Iere's y, be -natured It's nice to b t al when is a boy in our class, but we know fell yo find. you are nat nic . Gladys who is that under that silence is a char- T is as to his suc- possesses gr char , and dig- e acter that points to the best. We c e musical field. We're nity while Ing as well as do not know just what his plans p oi our y. typing. T e bies of this dain- for the future are. but we wish Orchestra , , 3, 4: Or- ty little is are piano-playing him luck in anything that he chestra 1 , 2, 3, : G , , 41: and typ' , in w 'c she excels. may undertake. Musico- amatic 1: Exec- She i t o i er her com- utive i 4: Vice-Presi- mer ' l 'n s somebody's Y' dent 1 tic Club 141: In- secr ry. tramur Ba 1 1 rn Ex- Ty t I r " em nder" 141. hibition 121: ' Y 14 . E171 4 ,J . ffzt 4 XV!! : f ya'fWf' gffl X Jjil 39 i21??l+iSi!Q1Q. ALICE LESLXIITEE HUGHES Alice goes off to the West ln- dies and comes back as tanned as a native, with stories to solve her oral theme problem in Eng- lish. Her ability to draw has caused her to be this year's Art Editor oi the "Reminder." Art Editor ot Reminder 141. WILLIAM HUGHES "Billy" Here we introduce one oi our small senior boys. When any- thing is to be done "Billy" is always around with a helping hand. His clear. blue eyes and light hair are indications of his good-natured disposition. We're glad you've been with us. Manager Football 12, 3. 41: Bas- ketball 13, 41: Track 13, 41: Base- ball 12, 31: Stage Manager Senior Play, Operetta 141. THOMAS IACQUES ,,Tom,, "Tom" is one of our members who is seldom heard from. He is inclined to be the quiet type: therefore he has not as yet re- vealed his plans for the tuture. Here's hoping that, whatever you may become, you will be successful. RAYMOND IENSEN HRUYU "Ray" is another ot our quiet seniors. Some day he might sur- prise us and say a few words. We understand he has done quite a business of his own in the line of printing. He hopes to have a shop ol his own when he leaves school. Here's hoping for your success. - - Tl-IE REMINDER - - ADELLA MAY IOHNSON ,.De1,, To somae "Del" may seem bashtul, but her friends know her as the good sport she is. Her good nature has won her many riends in her stay at Aldrich. She can be seen driving from Norwood every day in her "Ford." Best of luck follows you to Bryant College, "Del." GEORGE IOHNSON "Georgie" Here's one ot our classmates whose interests center around sports as you can see by his choice ot activities. George has- n't decided w t his career is to be, but we wi him the best ot luck in wl-rate ,he may decide upon. J Footb 13, 4 Hoclrley 13, 41: Basebal . 41. 1' JS 1 v 'X ' I -7 wif W1 ! ' s HELEN IOHNSTON 1 1 Good things come in small packages, so they say, and this petite miss is no exception to the rule. "Fifi," as some call her, is an active member of the School Orchestra. in which she plays the saxophone. Orchestra 13, 41: Operetta 13, 41: Iazz Orchestra 141: Photog- raphy Club 141: Rhode Island Honor Society. iw glvefb RUTH EILEEN JONES "Ruthie" This little blonde miss with the brown eyes is none other than "Huthie." Ruth has made many iriends since she came to us from Cranston. She plans to be an aviatrix, and we all wish her the best of luck. Happy Landings - Ruthie. Www! H81 v 7 f ' J-V 1 VV., . MMTQ' 'I-jr, V if J Q i Q ff -1. . X' H W, A X11 11 V , X ' -1 fc ' x. MARGARET MARY KENDALL Upeq., Margaret is a very "peppy" young lass hailing from Palace Gardens. Her cheery smile makes many a heart flutter when she passes. Her clothes are the envy of many a school girl. Her plans are indefinite. Cheerio! Margaret. Dramatic Club 111: Reminder Business Board 141: Typist for "Reminder" 141: Gym Exhibition 12, 41: Riding Club 111. GWENDOLYN IEANETTE KINNE NX "Gwennie" nd hair. blue eyes and ' over wth pep, vim, and v' or! That "Gwennie." With the rkling personality that she po es. Gwen has talsenk brich . as t 1 11, 2. . olley- bxcml 13, 1: Treasurer aders' Corp esident 141' matic Club 13, 4 r 1 : Base- ball . 41: ar ickite 13, 41: One-A Play 131: E cutive Com- mitgee 14 , enior Pla , R. I. Hon- or ociety. X MARY GRACE LEACY "Speed" Who is the fun-maker of our class? Why, Mary, of course. "Speed" can always be found in the middle of a group of laugh- ing friends. No one can resist her large, mischief-seeking eyes, and friendly smile. Girls' Basketball 121: Dramatic Club 141: Girls' Gym Exhibition 12. 41: Typist for "Reminder" 141: FRANK LOGAN ,,Hank,, Frank is a fine fellow and al- ways willing to help, He has not made any definite plans for the future, but we know that he likes to work around machines. May- be he'll be a machinist someday, who knows! Best of luck in what- ever you may choose as your life's profession, Frank. NINETEEN TI-IIRTY SEVEN ' J ELIZABETH HOPE LONG CHARLES MACHON GERTRUDE H AGNES BERNADETTE Personalitg plus!-that's Betty. Chafhe H H ' , MQgIN'lfXHE Whenever t ere is fun you are Charles fond of sports as HY f' AQ sur-e to find her with her winning you can see y his choice of ac- g B , t peppy During her three years with smile and sparkling brown eyes. tivities. He s not revealed, as lit er leade m wood. us, Agnes has ained many K3 Bcg.k3ba1lg2h?1S-41: Vogeygaall Yi? h la s for the, future. bult Sh has obbies. mong friends. Who coutld resist her . : YH! x 1 ion : en- w atev t y rwy e, we wis t em r ncing, skat' g, and friendly "Hi" and cheery smile. eral Organi ation 2311: Good, Will him e of success. swimgizg. She has finite Although she has not disclosed Qgc1ety541:n ixxders 81. -tg: d OutT ork gzack 135 263, 4? in-wis gcir thef re know hker fgture vocation. we know 9111111 91' , BIBIY a : - . oor r . : ym x 1- e wi succe t at s e will choose wisely. I. Honor ciety 141: Dramatic bition 11 31.' Interclass etball 12 3, 41: Dramatic Club 12, 3, 41: War- Club 1 I Cheerleader l,Z, 3,41: Int class wicki Staff 141: Volleyball 131: , Baseball 11. 21:Vo11eyball 11, 21: Gy xhibition 141. I warwickite sian 141. 1- N ' I ' 4 I 7 5 I I N. f , ' I- ' F 4 -- I H91 J? gk 1- iff? gf! ELIZABETH MCMANNUS "Betty" Here comes our songbird! No matter where she is, we can always hear Elizabeth singing a happy tune. Our social events aren't complete unless we call on "Betty" tor a song or two. Operetta C2, 3, 41: Dramatic Club: Interclass Basketball C2, 31: New England Festival Chorus: Musico-Dramatic Club C21: Iazz Orchest C41.' 15-W J' 'I 1 an WALLACE LEON MAIN ,,Bud,, Bud is an actor, athlete, and singer. With these talents he'll surely succeed. Football C1, Z. 3, 41: Operetta C2, 3, 41: Dramatic Society C2, 41: One-Act Competition Plays C3, 41: Senior Play C41: State Play C3, 41: New England Festival Chorus C3, 41: Indoor Track C2, 3, 41: Gym Exhibition C2, 3. 41: Boys' Glee Club CZ, 3, 41: Boys' Leaders' Corgs C41: Musico-Dramatic Club C2, . 1 DONALD MARCH ,,Don,, Donald is our master musician. You'll be sure to see him and his violin at all our school entertain- ments. Don is a jovial fellow and full of "pep." Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 41: Musico- Dramatic Club C21: Iazz Orches- tra Cl, 2, 3. 41: Senior One-Act Play C41: Track C3, 41: Dramatic Club C41: Editor-in-Chief Remind- er C41: New England Music Festi- val C31: Band C41: Intra-Mural Bas- ketball C41: Operetta C41. OLIVE RITA MARTIN "Lol1ie" Beautiiul hair, sparkling smile, twinkling eyes, a snappy class- room technique and wonderful personality-wthat's our "Lollie." Olive came to us this year from St. Xavier's, and has been a welcome addition to our class. We hope she will take awavtond memories of her year with us. B. I. Honor Society. Zu., - - THE REMINDER - - ALICE EVELYN MAXWELL "Kitty" "Kitty" appears to be quiet-- but she really isn't. Whenever anything exciting is going on, "Kitty" is always there and ready to add to the fun. She is one of our best typists. Success in the commercial world, Alice. Interclass Basketball C2, 3, 41: Gym Exhibition C2, 41: Warwick- ite C41: Dramatic Club Cl, Z, 31: Baseball C3, 41: Volleyball C41. HAROLD T. MORGAN "Shrimp" This smiling chap with such a pleasing personality is better known to us as "Shrimp." He always has a ready smile and a few kind words for everyone. "Shrimp's" plans for the future are incletinte, but his good-will- ingness will lead him to success. Senior Play C41: Track C41: Gym glut? C2, 31: Interclass Basketball , 4 . KENDALL MOULTROP ,,Ken,, "Ken" is a boy who needs no introduction. He has been presi- dent oi his class all during high school and we all know he will be a great success at H. I. State College. Good Will C2, 3, 41: G. O. Cl, 2, 3, 41, Vice-President C31: Class President C2, 3, 41: Hockey Team C2, 31, Manager C41: Track C31: R. I. Honor Society C41. f45fk 'Q www., ALICE M. S. MURDOCK "BiIfie" Here is the miss from Norwood who loves to argue politics. Her hobbies are sewing. skating and swimming. "Biiiie" is undecided what she would like to do after she graduates, but we know she will succeed. Operetta Cl1: Warwickite C41: Dramatic Club C41. i201 V - f Wi' -. -. LoTT11-3 ISAIRELL CIREA 0 Lottie is reat ort husi- ast and one t' ou be heer- leaders. S can al s be ties. Thes fe ds annot truly Good luck a' cces 'Lot ' lnterc Bask ball, Volleyball 2, 3. 43: "R Business1337 "Reminde ' Literary 143: Cheer Leading 13, 43: Gym Exhibition 143. seball. 'nder" found bac i o ctivi- e L ti RUTH NEARY "Ruthie" Well. here is Ruth, one of our very popular senior girls. Ruth has brightened many oi our assemblies with her beautiful voice. We don't know what Ruth plans to undertake after she graduates. Well, here is loads of luck, Ruth. Operetta 11 2, 3, 43: Secretary Musical Dramatic Club 133: Stu- dent Director Operetta 143. DONALD OWEN ,.Don,, to be quiet in he is one ot our His friendly smile a host ol friends at Don hasn't decided what career he will tol- low, but here's hoping he may choose a good one. NINETEEN Tl-IIRTY SEVEN LINDSAY PARKINSON uparkyf, "Parky" is one of our air- minded classmates from Conimi- cut who plans on attending the Parks Air College alter his high school career. Remember the saying, Parky, "whatever goes up must come down," but be sure you make your landings on three wheels, We wish you every success in your chosen lield. DOROTHY ESTHER PETERSON "Dottie" Executive Committee 11, 2, 33, Secretary 12, 33: G. O, 12, 3, 43: Secretary State Student Council 143: A. A. Committee 11, 23: Lead- ers' Corps 12, 3, 43, Secretary 13 43: Good Will 12, 3. 43, Vice Pres- ident 133: Dramatic Club 11, 3, 43: "Reminder" 143: Interclass Volley- ball, Basketball, Baseball 11, 2, 3, 43: Soccer 11, 23: All Star Basket- ball 13, 43: Gym Exhibition 11, Z, 43: Tennis 123: Senior Plav: One- Act Play 143: R. I. Honor Society. MILDRED AURORE REDDINGTON "Millie" " li " is wha ll a i .' ou fee aa ad humor, co sult " i .' guaranteethatshe'll fi er's troilaling you, and, on top t t sh sfer- sonality. Home Room e 'v 113: Committee Hal oween 113: Dramatic Club 11, 2, 33: One-Act Play 133: Librarian 11, 23: Student Supervise: of Library 13, 43. ROBERT REED ,,Bob,, "Bob" is also one of the quiet members of our class, but very lively when it comes to athletics. He does not know whether or not he will continue on with his studies. His one ambition is to be a motorcycle racer or an auto racer. Gym Club 143. . ,f,4,4o4AlvA"JfA.J- Za-9 ALICE CHRISTINE REYNOLDS "Cornellie" Alice is all the nice things rolled into one. Her brown eyes and dimpled cheeks make her the envy of every girl. Dramatic Club 11, 2. 3, 43: One- Act Play 143: Operetta 143: Lead- ers' Corps 13, 43, Treasurer 143: Interclass Basketball. Baseball. Volleyball 13, 43: Gym Exhibition 12, 43: Warwickite 133: Executive Committee 13, 43: "Reminder" Lit- erary 13, 43: R. I. Honor Society. fn! HELEN LYDIA RICHARDSON "Blondie" Introducing that sweet, lun- loving little girl, known to her classmates as "Blondie." She is very interested in sports. Her ambition is to be a private secre- tary. Leaders' Corps 12, 3, 43, Inter- class Basketball, Baseball, Vol- leyball 12, 3. 43: Soccer 123: Dra- matic Club 12, 3, 43: Operetta 133: "Reminder" Business Board 13, 43, Literary 143: Gym Exhibition 12, 43: Warwickite 13, 43. Q Ml RED MAE RICHARDSON "Millie" Blue eyes! Brown hair! That's our little "Millie." She has a kind word and a cheery smile for everyone. "Millie" is training to be a medical missionary and we know she will succeed. Art Metal Club 113: Property Manager 123: Dramatic Club 12, 3.43: One-Act Plav 133: "Reminder" 13, 43: Senior Editor 143: Gym Ex- hibition 12, 43: Warwickite 13, 43. VIOLA M65 -RONDEAU 1 Viola has accumulated many friends during her tour years in high school. She has combined personality and intelligence. "Vi" always has a cheerful and encouraging smile for every- body. Best of luck at Edgewood Secretarial School, "Vi," Dramatic Club 11, 23: Riding Club 123: "Reminder" 143: Prompt- ress 143. - - THE REMINDER - - LOUISE AGNES ROSE HLOUH "Lou" is a very attractive and petite miss, who has gained a host of friends at Aldrich. Her pleasing personality and ready smile, together with intelligence, will make someone an excellent stenographer. The senior class would not be complete without "Lou's" happy songs as she goes through the corridors. Librarian 143. RICHARD IOSEPH ROSE "Dick" "Dick" is one of our quiet members. He would like to be an engineer, although he is very much interested in athletics, es- pecially track. As tar as we know, he may run his way to fame. Best of luck, "Dick," in whatever you may undertake. Track 13, 43: Gym Club 12, 33: Interclass Basketball 133. ,sl MARGARETHIPIARSDEN RUCK 99 "Peg" is another oi our red- heads. She has a very delightful and pleasing personality that accounts ior her many iriends. She came to us from Classical in her sophomore year and has proved a great asset to us. "Peg" hopes to be somebody's stenog- rapher. Warwickite 143: Gym Exhibi- tion 12, 43: R. I. Honor Society. MURIEL ARLINE SELBY HMM., Folks. meet everybody's pal. This sunny. bright-eyed. good- natured gal. Presenting "Mer," the little heartbreaker from Hoxsie. "Mer" plans to go on to R. I. State. where we know she will succeed. Good luck "Mer," and our best wishes. Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 43: Leaders' Corp 13. 43: Gym Exhibition 12, 43: Cheer Leader 133. 1 it 'x l22l fffil WMM. 1' A M REGINA ANGELA SHEEHAN "lean" Here's lean with the sparkling blue eyes. Her favorite pastime is co-operative giggling with Alice. Dramatic Club 1l, 2, 3, 43: One- Act Play 113: Senior Play: Lead- ers' Corps 13. 43: Interclass Bas- ketball, Volleyball 13, 43: Base- ball 12, 3, 43: Gym Exhibition 143: Ooeretta 13, 43: Bus Squad 143: "Reminder" Literary Board 13, 43: Warwickite 13, 43. ALFRED SILVIA HAI., "Al" is one of our members who is very much interested in athletics. We do not know what his plans for the future are, but we do know that whatever he does he will always uphold the name of Aldrich. Track 133. ELEANOR MARIE SMITH "Sally" Eleanor is just another Hoxsie- ite, but is she fun! When she and "Tatesy" get together, there is bound to be a hand-holding and giggling party. When you see Eleanor's eyes begin to sparkle you'd better move alona for no- body knows what prank she will pull next. Librarian: Usher Senior Play. RAYMOND SUMNER SMITH ..RaY,. Here is a bashful boy from Pawtuxet. During his four years of school he has made many friends. He is undecided what to do in the future, but we know he will succeed in anything he undertakes. Gym Exhibition 133: Track 13, 43. NINETEEN Tl-IIRTY SEVEN EVELYN TATE HEVH Here is one of our studious irls, who has acquired many iiends at Aldrich. 'Ev" is the tops as a dancer. and her ambi- tion is to be a dancing teacher. We know that anything she un- dertakes, she will succeed at. Best of luck, "Ev," Glee Club 113: Operetta 1137 Dramatic Club 113: Gym Exhibi- tion 123. ADELINE THURBER "Addie" Adeline is a quiet miss, but very friendly. She doesn't partici- pate in many school activities, but you will be sure to find her in most of our operettas. "Addie" is busy preparing to be a dancer. May you dance your way to fame and fortune. Girls' Glee Club 11, Z, 3. 43: Operetta 11, 2, 3, 43 GLADYS TIDERMAN "Glad" The blushing miss with golden locks, a beautiful complexion, and sapphire eyes is Gladys in a nut shell. She spends most of her time in the typing room. "Good nature" is Gladys middle name. Bryant will welcome such a brilliant pupil whom Aldrich will be proud of. R. I. Honor Society. WALTER TILLINGHAST "Tilly" We know little about Walter as his plans for the future are very indefinite. He is a chap who is very fond of using large words where a simple little word will do. As far as we know. he is not going any further in school. ood luck in the future l23l jim! W3 -suf- I f Vsltx' I I Y six L, Ylnnlf fl . 4, , 515 ' 5 ...vfh , DONALD BLAKE TUTTLE ,,Don,, Here's Don, one of our star athletes. Although he appears to be rather qulet, his friendliness and dry humor have won him many friends at Aldrich. We wish you success at R. I. State. Track 11, 2, 43: Baseball 113: Iunior Varsity Football 11, 23: Varsity Football 13, 43: Hockey 12, 33: Intermural Basketball 143. ..Mm,,.pm I EAN CLAIRE TUTTLE HCIUIISH Claire is sweet, sincere. and, as her al Mar ie would staunch P Q - ly vouch, she makes an ideal friend. Executive Committee 143: G. O. 143: Warwickite 143: Assistant Ed- itor of "Reminder" 143: Leaders' Corps 12, 3, 43, Vice President 133: Gym Exhibition 11, 2, 43: Swim- ming Club 123: Interclass Basket- ball 11, 2, 3, 43: Dramatic Club 11, 3, 43: All Star Basketball 13. 43: Tennis 123: Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 43: Soccer 11, 23: Baseball 11, 2, 3, 43. HAZEL HARRIS WADE "Hazie" Here's Hazel. folks. the girl with the dark brown shining eyes,-good-natured, and a good sport, too. Her future plans are not definite but we're sure that she will succeed in all she un- dertakes. "May Old Man Time bring you success." Warwickite143: "Reminder" 143: Dramatic Club 11, 43. MARIORIE WARD "Margie" Look who's here! None other than mischievous Margie. Watch out. boys. when Margie's around. We hear she has an outside in- terest. We all wish you luck at Bryant and know you will make a very good accountant. Business Manager Warwick- ite 143: Swimming Club 123: Gym Exhibition 11, 2, 43: Dramatic Club 11, 2, 33: Debating Club 143. - - THE REMINDER - - DONALD WHEELER ,,Don,, Well, here's Don, the fiddler. Besides being very studious, Donald likes tennis best of all sports. He plans to enter Rhode Island State College where he will take up engineering. Orchestra 11, , 33: Iazz Orches- tra 133: Drama! Club 12, 3, 43: One-Act Play 13, Senior Play: llzsnnis 13 - Int ral Basketball 96' HARRIE WHEELER UDOCH Harrie has taken part in many of our school operettas. He played the part of Doctor Drinkwater in "Oh Doctor" and starred. He is always ready with a song when- ever called upon. Many an audi- torium period has been bright- ened by his voice. May you sing your way success. per t 12. 3, 43: Class Repre- se tiv 3: Junior Varsity Foot- ba 1.3. .1 lb .- X F 5 VIRGINIA GAYNOR WHITE ..Gin,, Everyone knows our "Ginny" with her sparkling hazel eyes, and her curly brown hair. Oh, that hair! How we envy her! Her ever ready smile, and her pleas- ing perscnality have endeared her to us. Luck, happiness and success in your future years- that is our wish for you, "Gin." Gym Exhibition 12, 43: Inter- aziiral Volleyball 133: Warwickite IO!-IN WIGNOT "lohnnie" A fine lad of high ambition. His warm friendly smile gathers him many friends. Naturalness, originality, co-operativeness, all mark him as an excellent fellow- classmate. Aldrich's loss will be the University of Tennessee's gain, and we wish him great success. Gym Exhibition 11, 2. 3, 43: Track 13, 43: Indoor Track 143. l24l wwf WANDA PLANKA Hwan.. Wanda is one ot our most bril- liant girls. She is always smiling and ready to lend a helping hand and is liked by everyone. Wanda expects to be somebody's stenographer. We know you will succeed. Best oi luck. H. I. Honor Society. 'lvl MJ vxnclygqt wriimms mqer Some like them light, some like them dark, but who can resist a red-head who looks like our Gin- ger? Gin is always eager tor un, and during these past tour years has made many lasting friends. Dramatic Club ll, 2. 31: Inter- class Basketball 12, 33: Baseball,- Vll bll 3 4'G Ehib'tion 0evf1l.l. vm x'1 Q2, 41: "Reminder" Literary 13. 43: Cheer Leader 132. WHO'S WHO I deal Aldrichite ...........,... ......,.... K endall Moultrop Most Popular Boy ,............... ...,. Most Popular Girl ............,....... Best Boy Student .... Best Girl Student , No1s1est Girl ..,.......... Noisiest Boy .....,..,,,.. Best Actor ......,......., Best Actress .........,..... Most Musical .....,..... Best Boy Dancer ..... Best Girl Dancer ,,....,...... ..,.. Class Pessimist ....., Class Optimist .... Most Argumentative ........... Most Dependable ........,........... Best Dressed Boy ...................,.,. Best Dressed Girl ........,......,,.... Class lester ,...............,.,....,.....,., Kendall Moultrop Dorothy Peterson Donald Hall Marjorie Brown Susan Dwyer ..,..........,Guido George .-.Thomas Ashworth Margaret Chadwick ..............Donald March .,..............Ernest Gailey ....,..Lillian Coulthurst .............Viola Rondeau ..-Gwendolyn Kinne Fred Duncan Mildred Richardson .Alphonso Giordano .,.,..Margaret Kendall . .............. Donald March Most Likely to Succeed .,......... Kendall Moultrop l25l Most Original ......... . .. Best Boy Athlete ,......,...... Best Girl Athlete .......,....... Best Natured Boy .........., ELSIE WILSON "Else" Here's a jolly member oi our class, always ready with a ioke. Her one ambition is to be an Udrtkr 'm 'ne't b tiind neae.xag1 i,u - ing that it was impossible, she decided to devote her time to b o ' t rekeeper.Cheerio, ec mmga s O "Muggsy"! Alice Hughes ...........Ra1ph Erickson Claire Tuttle .....,........William Hughes Best Natured Girl .,......................... Gwendolyn Kinne Best Looking Boy ............ Best Looking Girl ........... ....................Donald Tuttle ..........Alice Hughes Most Sophisticated ............................... Lee Confreda Most Gentlemanly ........................ Kendall Moultrop Most Ladylike ............... Neatest Boy ........... Neatest Girl .................... Most Bashtul Boy ..,......... Lillian Bennett Donald Hall Lillian Coulthurst Donald Tuttle Most Bashtul Girl ........... .......... A della Iohnson Class Grind .......,...... Sweetest Girl .....,...... Most Quiet Girl ........ .. Most Quiet Boy .........., Class Romeo ........ ..... Class Juliet ............ Shirley Ellison ...,.........Cla1re Tuttle .............,Violet Ellis Ian Hayes Lloyd Evans .,...........Winifred Allen THE CLASS OF 1937 WILLS IT We, the Class of 1937, in a sane and con- scious state of mind, do hereby, thenceforth, bequeath our most worldly possessions to those coming hereafter in this institution of education. l, Donald Hall, do bequeath my title of "Best Boy Student" to anyone who is willing to study. I, Dorothy Cagnon, do hereby bequeath my "Good Willingness" to Shirley Warwick. I, Kendall Moultrop, leave my popularity to Milton Searle. I, Alice Reynolds, do bequeath my dimples to Virginia Neary. I, William Hughes, do bequeath my good- naturedness to Thomas Forsythe. I, Alice Hughes, do hereby bequeath my most appreciated title of "Best Looking Girl" to anyone who can grow the longest eye- lashes in the shortest time. I, Harrie Wheeler, bequeath my ability to forget the words of songs in assemblies to Chris Iennings. I, Margaret Kendall, do bequeath my title of "Best Dressed Girl" to Mena Caputi. I, Warren Erickson, leave my ability to get permission to stay out of school on Mondays to anyone who would like to do the same. I, Olympia Confreda, do hereby bequeath my editorship of the "Warwickite" to Sue Byrne. I, Lloyd Evans, bequeath my title of "Class Romeo" to Lester Moultrop, I, Marjorie Brown, do bequeath my ability to get "H's" to anyone who wishes to give most of his energy to studying. I, George Iohnson, leave my ability to catch a pass that will win a Thanksgiving Day Game to Ioe Arnold. I, Betty Long, do bequeath my talented "gift of gab" to all shy Iunior girls who may need it. I, Wallace Main, bequeath my ability to argue when there is nothing to argue about to any member of the debating club. I, Dorothy Peterson, leave my very much- appreciated title of "Most Popular Girl" to the most deserving girl in the Iunior Class. 1, Saul Barber, leave my long role in the Senior Play to some up and coming actor. I, Muriel Selby, leave my ability to get H+ in Geometry to anyone who wants an atro- cious headache. I, Charles Machon, leave my ability in broad jumping to Theodore Secor. I, Claire Tuttle, leave my title of "Best Girl Athlete" to Doris Leonard. I, Frank Logan, leave my whole six feet and five inches to little "Smithy" who could make good use of it. I, Sue Dwyer, leave my title of "Noisiest Girl" to Virginia Shepard, who already has a good start. I, Donald Tuttle, bequeath all my blushes and title of most "Bashful Boy" to Alfred Volk. I, Margie Chadwick, leave my love for acting to Ada Austin. I, Bob Betancourt, leave my ability to make bright remarks, to Leonard Bowen. I, Lillian Bennett, am willing to leave my curls to any girl who cannot afford a perma- nent. I, Fred Duncan, leave my ability to argue to anyone who can think of questions and answers quickly enough. I, Gwendolyn Kinne, hereby bequeath my title "Best Natured Girl" to Helen Lawrell, providing she does justice to it. I, Iohn Florence, wish to leave my small- ness to Arthur Andell, who seems to need it. I, Elizabeth McMannus, leave my ability to sing to any up and coming "Nightingale". I, Iohn Wignot, am willing to leave my turtle-neck sweater to last year's clam. We, Helen Johnston and Tony Henry, wish to leave our ability to play the saxophone to Mr. Pera's Proteges. We, Swede Erickson and Ernie Gailey, leave our ability to do or die on the football field to Art Carlin and Donald Copp. We, Romeo and Iuliet, leave our title of the Immortal Shakespearian Characters to any worthy moon-eyed couple. We, the Senior Cheer-Leaders bequeath our ability to shout to Warren Coutcher. We, Ernie Gailey and Lillian Coulthurst, do hereby bequeath our ability to dance to Edward Storti and Beverly Rubery. In witness whereof, We the Class of 1937, have hereunto subscribed our hand and affixed our seal on this 23rd day of Iune, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-seven. We wish to express our deepest apprecia- tion for the work Miss Shailer has done while guiding us through these eventful years. It is with absolute confidence that we appoint her as sole executor of this will, to direct the carrying-out of these bequests and to dis- pose of all matter not mentioned as she sees fit. In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hand and seal this 23rd day of Iune A. D., 1937 before due witnesses. GWENDOLYN KINNE MARGARET CHADWICK BETTY LONG MARIORIE BROWN KENDALL MOULTROP THOMAS ASHWORTH 1261 W 27 U W EVX CLASS OF 1938 Officers and Executive Committee First Row: Miss Snow: D. Southeyp S. Warwick, Secretary. Second Row: M. Searle, T. Forsythe, President: C. Capatosto, Vice-President: T. Matthews, C. Vaughn. CLASS OF 1939 Officers and Executive Committee First Row: L. Moultrop, President: B. Fraser, Miss Shanley, V. Martin. Second Row: B. Bailey, D. Gallagher, N. Walstead, D. Austin, D. Hughes. 28 HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1938 September 11, 1934 marked one of the big- gest moments of our life, when we entered Warwick High School as Freshmen. With the helpful guidance of our teachers, we finally adjusted ourselves to our surroundings and completed our first year in a most satisfactory manner. The following year our class was separated and many of us had the distinction of entering the Nelson W. Aldrich Senior High School as the first Sophomore class. We were more than thrilled with the new school and the year proved very successful. Our Junior year has been a series of inter- esting events, among which were the class play and the Operetta. We are now looking forward to the biggest event of the year, our Prom, which will be a grand affair, we assure you. Since our Freshman year, we have taken part in all school activities, a large number have been on the Honor Roll and we have many outstanding achievements to our credit. On the whole, however, our Iunior year has been the happiest of our school life, and one which will ever remain a pleasant memory. In memory of ALBERT CREELMAN Always cheerful and friendly himself, Albert had many friends in his class, '38, and throughout the school. We have all felt keenly the loss: we shall always hold dear his memory. 41291 HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1939 Four years of high school an eternity? Hardly that, although it did seem so at first. As we look back upon ourselves in the ninth grade it rather amuses us to think how serious we were. High school life to us then seemed to be a life of responsibility, but as each year rolls on we enjoy ourselves more and more. Now as our second year draws to a close, we look forward to our two remaining years and our future activities-after all didn't we win the Iunior High competition plays last year? The "thirty-niners" can be expected to accom- plish great things in the future. 'I Hgh ik 1 L Law! Q up fvv'f4T ' X if ' , ,, . ' 13. K 'x . . ' . 1 V R '59 1' v . A up vw is 'Y L. f :H Q3 QW. 5 , w Q ,. an W V ' X fc 1 uf? CN' X ez Wave ,H .au i 9 A 2 ' A 'l H Q' Q w ESL sf. H Q L 1 vwmwm Q ky I N ,rt Q wax N V X' M" " N Nnfiu: one K f ' Q . - ,ff -.4 , , ,,f. - ' f i 11 K . 1 K 1 . gi . I ,, Q, t U :..: " ' l . Vs,l?'o F.. N ,.v. V, ar 'I . .. tx 5 f , R' ' A' : J .f gg ,,,.. - ,gg 30 CLASSES 1949 1941 1942 fr ,QR Q14 ,. 15 X , xxk '19 io :-15,9 vi p., I X145 3-31,4 'L N ' -. 11 1 x4 ! X xx 111 1 1311 4 K 431' ik 1'n1Q'lg-' Qs 11,1 4, 1 w1 MM ml H Q ' xv 'SM 151' '1 S 5 1. 'lf :NA J K W-I 1 '1 '17 1 X 1 A 1115110411 1 I I ,X ' in I f"'1 V A -TMS , '1 X ..,, ,' 'mf M I W ' X - --w' V N'1ww1Mw,Q+w -K T 'Q , :I 1 ' .- 45 I 5 ' N f p fm.. f N ,J f 41 'SEA L ' X ffix f N51 fwafs ' 1 1 jf-.0 4 ,f fi lx ' f.-N ,X V Ur K A I1 1 1 434,35-1 ff . fl rv .L 111 f fngf J 17.1,-Xvu. .1 ffu, N HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1940 The ninth grade has completed a successful year. Under the supervision of Miss Atchison, the class adviser, the ninth grade prospered. In sports, while we did not win all the time, on several occasions we did come out on top due to the coaching of the gym instructors, Mrs. Culf, Mr. Rudert, and Mr. Rohloff. The ninth grade competition play was directed by Miss Mournighan, and included a well-known cast. Although our play was not the winner we have the assurance of knowing that we tried. We look forward to next year when, glancing back, we will know that this year has suitably prepared us to enter the Senior High of Aldrich, where we hope to keep our record clean. HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1941 Much of the fun of doing things is in winning, and at the top of our list comes our victory in the Iunior High Competition Plays with "Lone Flight". The banner for support of the activities during the year spent much of its time in one of the eighth grade rooms. That and the fact that any of our most enthusiastic cheerleaders are from our class should speak for our good intentions. As the ninth grade we shall be the seniors of the Iunior High and, judging from our past record, our future should be bright. HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1942 The year seems short in looking back, but we hope our start has been a good one. The next few years will give us opportunity to do a larger amount for Aldrich. Our class participated in the Ha1lowe'en Party in October at which also some of our members entertained. Although we were not the winners in the Iunior High Competition Plays, we value the experience which our representatives received. As the youngest group in the school we have tried to show our loyalty by supporting the various activities and we feel we can take pride in our record in that respect. We promise for next year more active part in the social and athletic program of the school. 32 CLASS OF 1940 Executive Committee First Row: C. Fraits, Miss Atchi- son, L. Nelson. Second Row: I. Lucas, G. Leacy, E. McCabe, V, Mahoney. CLASS OF 1941 Executive Committee First Row: W. Leo, Miss Bennett, I. Bourqaize, C. Lamphere. Second Row: D. Brush, E. Brooks, B. Manchester, G, Opdyke, R. Sullivan. CLASS OF 1942 Executive Committee First Row: I, Beckwith, Miss Murray, D. Winslow. Second Row: E. Parks, C. Burdick, L. Wilcox, C, Winchell. l33l Zi!EeisR CORRIDOR COMMENTS Like all ambitious reporters, our two inter- viewers are always on the lookout for headline news. F rom them we have obtained an account of one day's detective work at Aldrich. One "cub" was found talking to Bob Willoughby of the ninth grade as he was emerging from the locker-room after a fast basketball game. First Reporter: Bob, you're not too tired to answer a few questions, are you? Bob: Well, I might manage to catch enough breath for that! What's up? Reporter: We'd like to know your opinion of our cafeteria. What do you think it needs? Bob: As a start I would suggest individual menu cards, waitresses, and a jazz band to play during lunch periods. Reporter: A very good beginning! Which col- lege in Providence is brought to your mind by the rice plant? Bob: Why - Rhode Island College of Educa- tion! Reporter: Fine! Thanks for catching your breath! Oh, there's Marjorie Ienkins! I bet she'd have some snappy comments. Hey, Marge, just a few questions on important topics of the day! Do you think Aldrich should have a student court? Marjorie: If you ask me, I think the students court enough already! Reporter: Right! Now, tell me, which of the Iunior High one-act plays in your opinion was the best? Marjorie: Yes. Reporter: No hard feelings, huh? Thank you. I've got to go and track down Iohn Crossley now. tThe reporter located Iohn mourning over the loss of two well-chewed pieces of gum, but his spirits were soon revived at the prospects of a chance to make a few wise-cracks!! Reporter: Say, Iohn, do you think Mayor Ruerat has decided to whom the honors for cheerleading shall go-the Iuniors or the Seniors? Iohn: The Iuniors, I would suppose, because he must have noticed that they were red in the face and so they must have worked harder! Reporter: There's something in what you say, which do you think is the sillier - Ed Wynn or Florence Woodhead? John: Without a doubt, Gracie Allen. Reporter: You don't mean it! Thanks for your time, Iohn. It's interesting to have the opinion of such an eminent person. Have you seen Virginia Headley? Iohn: About ten minutes ago she was around the corner convincing someone that boats don't really need bottoms. Reporter: Thanks. Oh, here you are debater. See what you can do with these. What are the favorite indoor sports of the Aldrichites? Virginia: Why, don't you know? Throwing spitballs and passing notes. Reporter: Yes, but you haven't forgotten water pistols? You went to the Hallowe'en Party, didn't you? What did you think about certain teachers doing some so-called dancing? Virginia: Well, ,...........,,,..... they have to watch the figures, you know. Reporter: Ha, ha! I suppose you're right. Well, well, hi, fellow interviewer! What luck findest thou? Second Reporter: Not so bad! I met Larry Wilcox and whenl asked if he knew Mr. Congdon's favorite saying, he said, "Sure! A jaybird sat on a hickory limb, Roll, Iordan, roll!" And when I asked him which he liked best: Iam, Raisins, Hermits, Ice Cream, Grapes, or Huckleberries, he answered, "All of them, be- cause they stand for Ir. High." First Reporter: You're doing fine! Whom else did you meet? Second Reporter: Oh, Beatrice Smith! She's a scream! I asked her if she thought good things corne in small packages and she said. "Ot course! Look at the evidence-Miss Murray and Ruth Lucas." She also said that if Mr. Scott did make a par 70 in golf we should have a double assembly and free Hoodsies. First Reporter: I wish he'd make it then! Second Reporter: I asked her what she thought she'd be in eight years and she replied, "Prob- ably still a girl!" First Reporter: We've been quite fortunate to meet so many well-known people in one day, but I'm really worn out! Let's go home. Second Reporter: Oh, I think it would be fun to go down and watch the teachers play ping- pong. We'll get enough boners for two editions! l34l QRGANIZATIQNS 1-'r , .WL ff ffhif . . 1 'Lg ,k ' f gif", V lvffivx V W ' A f,f' Yff v mx fm XX - L, w X - I 1 ln, A Nh Vfqlhll 1 J 1 , N 1-My i x Tri .fix Nj' XM j 1 -'yy x , " I M r flaw., 1: 7 . Q! 'A--W' X- ,.2.'527S.:li 'lzikyi N ,K lgsfiiiqff Q 'Q f y , f ' ef y . vu V 3 W-W. MI, , ng X5 Z5 :W J' "ff ,gl 53 ww ?"M ! W QTHQ fl".f lff'iE T49 ,.,k wA,g, -s' J X, my am L F-wVE m : 4w if ' WW qi' 4 p"'M'5',il'! FV. f f "JM" WY' ,Q ml f, , 'PQ f, ,. x LIXKX . - ' g'?qW an ' NV rf w'NYf' M,n:m ' fm mf' uf ,ff vy AWN z H - ff: - - N: "!3?g375,f, "1 ML L'-A 'ff"f'F1' v '- 'H' fx .. -,,,i5g fY , ,Ll PM A I J A 1 ,. ., XX , X Liz' sis f l GENERAL ORGANIZATION First Row: D. Winslow, V. Martin B. Fraser, E. McCabe, D. Bailey D. Peterson, G. Opdyke, I. Lucas Second Row: C. Tuttle, D. Hall, D Southey, T. Ashworth, Mr. Scott K. Moultrop, M. Chadwick, H Spencer. Third Row: L. Moultrop, C. Lam phere, M. Searle, N. Walstead, T Forsythe, T. Matthews, C. Vaughn S. Barber. G. Leacy. GENERAL ORGANIZATION The General Organization, representing the student body, meets with Mr. Scott, the adviser. The president is Lillian Coulthurst: Vice President, Milton Searle: and SecretaryeTreasurer, Harriet Spencer. It is the aim oi the General Organization to discuss school problems and policies, thus serving as a connecting link between pupils and faculty. If you have a problem pertaining to school government, make suggestions to the faculty through the G. O. This organization is important only in so far as it is active. GOOD WILL SOCIETY First Row: I. Lafley, L. Coulthurst B. Long, E. McCabe, L. Moultrop SOI1. Second Row: D. Birtwistle, L Crossley, B. Davis, S. Warwick ber. Third Row: M. Searle, D. Austin H. Anderson, H. Arnold, D. Peter: Mr. Robinson, E. Aldrich, V. Shepard, D. Cagnon, W. Macom- K. Moultrop, T. Ashworth, C. Vaughn, T. Forsythe. W. Nelson, H. Austin. GOOD WILL SOCIETY Our Good Will Society is one which has always been looked up to. lt is an organization of fine quality and the services which the Good Will members render us at all our events, social or athletic, are invaluable. We appre- ciate your fine work, Good Will, and we hope that you will maintain the high standard which you have set. The group has ci fine adviser in Mr. Robinson. I36l BOYS' LEADERS' CORPS GIRLS' LEADERS' CORPS Following competitive gym meets with Cranston and East Greenwich, two Leaders' Corps at Aldrich brought the indoor season to a fitting climax with a brilliant routine of gymnastic activities in the annual exhibition. Outstanding Senior High club performers were R. Reed. R. Tessier, I. Wignot, W. Byers, A. Cole, and K. Boss. The following were outstanding in the Iunior High section of the club: R. Babcock, E. Angus, F. Roberts, B. Perry, G. Dean, K. Carlin, A. George. and S. Iohnson. Features of their part of the exhibition were a Dutch dance, pyramids, and some excellent tumbling. BOYS' LEADERS' CORPS Seated: A. Coutcher. R. Hickey, C. Williams, R. Thompson, W. Cout- cher, D. Leach, F. Donnelly. First How: C. Iones, A. Lawrell, A. George, A. Carraccia, Sherman D. Garganese, H. Norgaard, S. Iohnson. F. Crossley, R. Babcock, I. Perrault, F. Roberts, C. Wilde, E. Major, C. Laffey. E. Neary, S. Miller, D. Brink. Second Row: A. Cole, R. Reed, W. Gilmore, E. Pothier. M. Ferrante. I. Rowell, K. Boss, W. Main. R. Tessier, I. Powers, W. Byers, F. Dwyer. W. Leo, I. Wignot, E. Ston- strom. T. Crafford, H. Austin, Mr. Rudert. Third Row: R. Lindstrom, E. Young, F. Gilbert, T. Ellithorpe, Otis E. Goff, E. Hansen, W. Keller, G. Dean, D. Bourgaize, M. Kane, A. Carlin, W. Leonhardt, I. Buteau, E. Cannon, F. Wheeler, H. Angus, V. Ellis, C. Walker, B. Perry, H. Deslandes. GIRLS' LEADERS' CORPS First Row: H. Richardson, R. Martin, B. Fraser, G. Kinne, D. Leonard, R. Sheehan, A. Sheehan, B. Kelley, M. Caputi, D. Peterson. Second How: H. Spencer, B. Davis, I. Kendall, D. Caqnon, Mrs. Cull, C. Tuttle, R. Bennett, W. Macom- ber, B. Hallene. Third Row: V. Shepard, M. Lincoln, V. Files, E. Aldrich, R. Hillstrom, S. Howland, M. Chadwick. A. Reynolds. M. Selby, R. Barker, S. Austin. l37l Our Girls' Leaders' Corps is rated as one of the finest in the state. It is composed of girls who are especially interested in athletics. lt is a large group, as you can see, and each one of these girls is a good athlete. Many excellent teams have arisen from this group. under Mrs. Culf's competent coaching, and we feel sure that the girls will strive to maintain their excellent repu- tation. A 4 ' 0 ... D--- ' ..A-- IUNIOR-SENIOR DEBATING SOCIETY This society gives students an opportunity to express their ideas on subjects of current interest. Debates be- tween the ninth and tenth grades, and the eleventh and twelfth grades took place, and the winning grades had a championship debate. An interesting debate was held between Aldrich and Lockwood. The competent coaching ol both Miss Fowler and Mr. Fernald has helped to make this society a success. OFFICERS President Fred Ducan Vice President Lee Conireda Secretary-Treasurer Ada Austin JUNIOR-SENIOR DEBATING SOCIETY First How: R. Tanner, T. Smith, S Iohnson, A. Hickey, R. Sanford R. Reynolds, V. Headley, G Opdyke, A. Swann, N. Andrews A. Iones, I. Rook. B. Wittonan, W Matene. Second Row: W. Knapton, M. Morrison, D. Tibbets. E. Church D. Di Lea, S. Wigham. M. Caster Miss Fowler. Mr. Fernald. G George, E, Hargreaves, B. Wood dell, B. Dillon, M. Ward, S Amylon, E. Matenius, M. Iones. Third Row: L. Healey, F. Lam- phere, I. North, H. lde, M. Bead L. Crossley, V. Erickson, N. Har qreaves, A. Austin, F. Duncan, L Confreda, L. Murphy. D. Southey V. Byrne, M. Turner, H. Sanford B. Boutin, K. Gustafson, D. Close STAMP CLUB First Row: I. Oates, R. Campbell, T. Ellithorpe, H. Anderson. R. Volk, B. Pollitt, H. Manchester, F Perreault, H. Planka, R. Tashian Second How: R. Potts, N. Gay, F. Martin, V. Iitland, R. Ellis, Mrs. Dickinson, A. Stevens, W. Guild, E. Sherman, N. Butler, I. Mulvey, W. Maynard. STAMP CLUB Our Stamp Club is ci newly-formed organization this year: but in spite of this, it is progressing nicely. Mrs. Dickinson, as adviser, has taught the children many in- teresting things about the ageeold hobby and we are proud to have such a fine Stamp Club in our school. l38l THE WARWICKITE This year the staff of our school paper has been concerned chiefly with perfecting its appearance and contents. An entirely new type of paper was introduced this year. As an added attraction colored ink has been used on several occasions. It is our desire that, as Aldrich High School progresses and becomes firmly established as a school, ranking among the highest, the "Warwickite" will share its fame. t Ruth Shailer Faculty Advisers , 8 Katherine Murray Business Adviser Eliza P. Dickinson Editor-in-Chief Lee Confreda Business Manager Marjorie Ward Publicity Manager Constance Ferrelli Typists Alice Maxwell, Marion Brown, Dorothy Brown, Constance Ferrelli, Marjorie Ward Cartoonist Madeline Greenwood Staff Agnes Maclntyre, Margaret Ruck, Virginia White. Mary Leacy. Gwendolyn Kinne, Claire Tuttle, Ruth Barker, Clarke Vaughn, Betty Machon, Alice Murdock. Guido George, Wilma Nagel, William Okerholm. Eileen Meikle, Betty Kelly, Ruth Bennett, Anne Brennan, Helen l . Richardson, Mildred Richardson, '- Sylvia Howland, Shirley Austin. Pauline Ferguson, Ruth McAllis- ter, Velma Brush, Shirley Ellison, Edward Metinius, Beverly Rubery, Mildred Turner, Helen Miller, Iames Robinson, Margaret Chad- wick, Sue Byrne, Shirley Warwick, Frances Gillis, Katherine Gillis, Burton Wilson, Marjorie Brown, Hazel Wade. THE WARWICKITE STAFF First Row: M. Greenwood. Mrs. Dickinson, Miss Shailer, Miss Murray. F. Woodhead, S. Horner. Second How: W, Nagel, A. Max- well, D. Brown, S. Warwick. O. Confreda, S. Byrne, C. Ferrelli, M. Ward. gi 'Il r W' iii lil- k THE DRAMATIC SOCIETY President Thomas Ashworth Vice President Dorothy Birtwistle Secretary Gwendolyn Kinne Treasurer Milton Searle Librarian Mena Caputi The Dramatic Society this year is the best ever. We owe much of our success to Mr. Cooper for his able leadership in all of our dramatic activities. The society is divided into six different groups, namely: Character-Interpretation. Stage-Managing, Costuming, Scenery-Construction, Prompting, and Directing. We will all remember the splendid performance put on by the Seniors in their play, "Seventh Heaven." The One- Act Competition Players also deserve much praise for their hard work to make this event a success. Everyone appreciates the wonderful work this club is doing and we all wish it success in its future undertak- ings. 1 A A DRAMATIC SOCIETY OFFICERS Standing: M. Searle, G. Kinne, D. Birtwistle, M. Caputi. Seated: Mr. Cooper, T. Ashworth. I 39 l IUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB Our Iunior Science Club is a newly-formed organization this year. In spite of this tact, however. the boys have pooled their interests and have formed an organization that we may well be proud of. President Howard Smith Vice-President Richard Volk Adviser Mr. Cooper IUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB Standing: H. Smith. Mr. Cooper R. Volk. , Seated: R. Tashian. CHEER LEADERS Machon, D. Hallene. L. McLean G. George. S. Dwyer, l. Hampton R, Benson. Second Row. W. Coutcher. V Woodhead. Mr. Wight. CHEER LEADERS Mr. Wight and his faithful Cheer Leaders deserve a cheer in turn for their work this season. We feel proud oi the new white sweaters that they are wearing to repre- sent Aldrich. May their good work continue through the remaining years. l40l First Row: N. Andrews. B. Headley. B. Boutin, D. Close. S. Woodell. A. Baguchinsky. W. Nelson. M. Tarring. L. Healy. F. SENIOR ORCHESTRA We may well be proud of our Senior Orchestra with Mr. Pera as conductor. The Orchestra is a hard-working group ot musicians and we are always proud to have them perform at all our social events. Violins: Donald March, Betty Kelly, Dorothy Cagnon, Rhoda Byrne. Brass: Thomas Ashworth, Kenneth Boss, Robert Potts, Frank Christoph, William Nelson, Ernest Cone. Wood Winds: Tcny Henry, Guido George. Helen Iohnston, Dorothy Southey, lean Baxter. Percussion: Arnold Cole, Olive Pierce. Piano: Doris Dyer, Charlotte Belle. is 2 IUNIOR ORCHESTRA The Iunior Orchestra, under the able leadership of Miss MacMannus, is improving very rapidly, These young musicians do surprisingly well for people ot their age and ability. They have practiced iaithfully and we are proud to have them play at our various events. Violins: Richard Tanner, Dorene Close, Hannah McLeod, Dorothy Grundy, Iohn Greer. Brass: Claire Burdick, Robert Farrell, Iohn Crossley, Harry Westcott, Frieda Wittum, Richard Goodrum. Wood Winds: Louise Crossley, William Lewis, Chandler Henley, Fred Wheeler, Harry Beecher. Piano: Betty Ortiz, Dorothy Schofield, Doris Close, Muriel Hopkins, Ieanne North. Percussion: Kenneth Reynolds. SENIOR ORCHESTRA First How: H. Iohnston, D. March Mr. Pera, D. Cagnon, B. Kelly. Second Row: A. Cole, R. Potts, O Pierce, T. Ashworth, K. Boss, W Nelson, F. Christoph, C. Bell. Third Row: I. Baxter, G. George, D. Southey, T. Henry, R. Willough- by, E. Cone, E. Weitz. lUNlOR ORCHESTRA First How: I. Greer, Dorene Close, M. MacMannus, H. McLeod, D. Grundy, R. Tanner. Second Row: K. Reynolds, M Hopkins, D. Close, B. Ortiz, D, Schofield, H. Wescott, I. Crossley Third Row: A. Swann, C. Henley L. Crossley, F. Wheeler, C. Bur dick, R. Goodrum, l41l ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS 1 Assembly of Welcome ..........,...,,................,...,,...........,...........,...,.........A,,..A........,..AAA44,.,.,,.., ..........., M r. Scott 2 Athletic Drive ................,......,...,..A....... 3 Faculty Play Previews ..........,,...4.... 4 Armistice Day Observance ,........,,.. 5 Health Program 4......,..........i................., 6 Athletic Assembly .....,,,t......, 7 Senior Play Previews ..,.......,, 8 Health Program ...,,.....,,,.,. 9 Christmas Play r...........4 10 Health Program .......,.rr..... ll Assembly Operetta .....,,......,, . 12 Organization Assembly .,,,,r.. 13 Operetta Previews ..r........,......,. Speakers from School Organizations ,......"The Admirable Chrichton" .........,,American Legion Program ......,,......,...,,.......Accident Prevention Awarding of Football Letters .......,"Seventh Heaven" ...............History of Disease High Cast Tuberculosis Prevention Nightingale" ,, ......,,. . Explanation of Activities Gypsy Rover" 14 One-act Play Previews ....,.,...4.................,....,,r..,.........,....,.,,,.r................,,,,........... Senior High School 15 Athletic Assembly ...........,.......,,..t.....,..... Awarding of Letters in Basketball and Track 16 Dramatic Society Play HARMONICA BAND Our Harmonica Band is another newly- formed organization but it has made a good start just the same. The members made an appearance at the Senior Play and at the Hal1owe'en Dance. The band is directed by Guido George. THE HALLOWE'EN PARTY The first Hallowe'en party at Aldrich High School was held October thirteenth in our gymnasium. The purpose of the party was to raise money for the athletic teams. Each class had a share in making the affair a success. The seniors had the candy booth: the juniors, the cider booth: the sophomores were in charge of the grabs: and the ninth grade sold hot dogs. The jazz orchestra also did its part in fur- nishing music for dancing. Various members of the student body took part in the entertainment which consisted of tap and toe dancing, singing, the ghost walk, and a monologue. The spirit of fun was helped along by mem- bers of the faculty. On the whole, the evening was a great suc- cess and was enjoyed by all who attended. STATE COMPETITION PLAY The State Competition Play at the time this book is going to press has not yet been de- cided upon. But we know that with Miss Clarke directing the play we have a fine chance of winning. NEWS FROM THE CLASS OF 1929 During the summer of 1936, the class of 1929 attempted a census of its members. Out of the graduating class of 84, 59 members were contacted by the census enumerators. 51 of the 59 interviewed signified their desire to keep the class together as an Alumni Unit. Approximately 2575 of the class is married. Nearly all of the class are gainly employed at many various occupations. We have one member of our class by the name of Archibald McDonald who at present is on the staff of WBZ as an announcer. We know that in the future he will bring much praise to our class through his achievements by way of the "air!" Our Class President, Kenneth Allen, is vitally interested in our attempt to keep the class together, and is ably assisted by the other class officers. 1421 EVENTS fr ff -'1Q'W',, 1-I Y' , 1 Xxx! wx , u ' , Us 1 f-' Q SWK. rf af Boul .. ,, ., Ernest Gailey .. 1 A 1 SENIOR PLAY Directed by HENRY I. COOPER The class of 1937 presented as its Senior Play "Seventh Heaven," a post-war produc- tion written by Austin Strong. The,cast is to be commended on the excellent performance it presented. It is as follows: " H SENIOR PLAY CAST First How: D. Peterson, D. Hall, H Morgan, M. Chadwick, D Wheeler, G. Kinne, R. Sheehan G. George, S. Barber. Second Row: W. Erickson, T Henry, L. Eccleston, F. Duncan Mr. Cooper. L. Parkinson, W Main, E. Gailey, T. Ashworth. I FACULTY PLAY On the evening of November 6, 1936, our faculty under the able direction of Mr. Cooper presented a whimsical farce, "The Admirable Chrichton", by Sir Iames Barrie. Mr. Cooper, who has shown us his dramatic ability pre- viously, played the part of Chrichton, a very strong and efficient character. Mr. Ferna1d's portrayal of the ardent lover in proposing to The Rat , ,, ,. Arlette .. . .,.. . Maximilian Gobin Nana , Regan . ., . Diane , . , Brissne ,. Blonde ., Pere Cherillon Sergeant of Police Uncle Georges . .,., . Aunt Valentine Lamplighter Chico . . Scenery . . Promptresses Stage Managers . ., . ...,.. .Guido George , Margaret Chadwick . ,. Wallace Main . ,.,, Regina Sheehan Donald Wheeler . .,.,. . Dorothy Peterson Lindsey Parkinson .Harold Morgan ., ,.,.,.. , Donald Hall , .. Tony Henry . Lucius Eccleston .. ..., Gwendolyn Kinne , , ,. Saul Barber Thomas Ashworth COMMITTEES Stagecraft group of "Sock G Buskin" M. Ruck, M. Selby, V. Rondeau F. Duncan, W. Erickson Costumes A. Mclntyre, L. Coulthurst, D. Cagnon, M. Ward. D. Hallene, M. Greenwood Properties H. Richardson, L. Bennett, C. Tuttle, A. Reynolds. S. Howland, R. Barker Ushers Members of Senior Class Programs , V. White Miss Murray was one of exceptional humor. Special mention is due to Mr. Amend who delivered his speech while standing on a small stool. Miss Murray as "Bashful Twee- ny" contributed much toward the humor. The love element was cleverly brought in by Miss Fowler. The play would not have been a complete success if it had not been for the support of the entire cast. Congratulations to the faculty! Chrichton ...... . .... , Hon. Ernest Wooley Lady Catherine Loam Lady Agatha Loam A . Lady Mary Loam ., Hon. Iohn Treherne Lord Loam ,,. Lord Brockelhurst Mrs. Perkins .. .. .. Monsieur Fleury ,. Rolleston .. ,..,. . , Tompsett ,.,. . Miss Fisher . . Miss Simmons ., , Mme. Ieanne ...,.. . . Thomas ...... ..... ,.,. Iane ,.,.. .. .... . Tweeny ., Lady Brockelhurst . Henry I. Cooper ., Waldron Fernald , Miss Annie I. Capen . ,. Miss Edna Shanley .. Miss Carmen Fowler .. Marshall Robertson ,. Raymond Amend , Cyril Robinson , Miss Beth Bennett , .. ..,,.Mario Pero Ioseph Rohlott Cecil Bradstreet . .,.,. Miss L. Mae Daily . Miss Esther Pearson , ,.., . Miss Hazel Scott . Ioseph McKeon Miss Mary Mournighan Miss Catherine Murray .Mrs. Eliza P. Dickinson l44l ONE-ACT PLAY COMPETITIONS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL The competition was held March 19th in the auditorium. All the plays were well re- ceived. Miss Gladys Peck, in announcing her decision for the Class of 1937, praised their fine character portrayals. CLASS OF 1937 "The Light In The Pumpkin" Daniel Farquhar .......,., .,...........,. .............. .,.....,.,.,.. D o n ald Wheeler Aunt Lou ......,.,.,..,...,....... ...,.,...,..,,.........,.......... . Dorothy Peterson Terry Farquhar ..........., .,......,..... T homas Ashworth Margot Graham .,......... ,....... .,........ L i llian Bennett Alex Withers .,............ ,............ D onald March Phyllis Maxwell .,.,....... ....,...,., A lice Reynolds Hyacinth ...,...............,...........................,,...............,......,.....,... Sylvia Howland Mr. Pewter ...............................................................,..........,......,.... Saul Barber Promptresses-Madelyn Greenwood. Gwendolyn Kinne. Director ,.....,,,...,.,.,.....,....... .......... ........... . . . ......,.,. .,... ........... . ....., M r . Fernald Margaret Chadwick Stage Managers ,.,...,......... .,Wallace Main. William Hughes CLASS or 1938 "Hobby Horses" Iohn 'Kirkpatric CAST Nurse Torrance ...,.... ..,. ,.....,.... ........................,.. . . .,.,..,,.,..,, M a ry Darcy William Carewe ...... ., ...,.,.... ,..... . ,. .,...... Edward McMannus Arthur ............,. , ......,.,...,. ...,.,...,.,...... M ilton Searle Mrs. Carewe ......... ......................, W ilma Nagel Emma ........................... ..............................,..., A nnette Theroux Anna Martin ...,.... ........................ .,....,... Dorothy Bertwistle Director ....,.........,........ ................,...,.,.,...,.....,............... E leanor Clarke Promptresses ....,......... ......... R uth McAllister, Susan Byrne Stage Managers .,.,...... ......., Leo Sloan. Harold Ragnell CLASS or 1939 "Gas, Air, and Car1" Bertram Block CAST Mrs. Plummer . . .,., ,.,..., .,.,....., . .,........... B u rnadette Boutin Kitty Carson ,. .. ,... ,.,, . Gladys Dorian Elinor Plummer .,... . ..,..., Audrey Torrey Bogg .......................,...... .,....... Alice Brown Cavendish .. ,. ,,,,,.,.,.. ., ,....... .,..,. ,. .,., .,.,..,Arnold Cole A Lawyer .,........ ..,.. ...,............. ................ , . .....,.,.. . . ...... , .. Emil Weitz Directors ....,.. ....... . . Promptresses ...,.,.,.,. .. .,., . , Carmen Fowler, Edna Shanley Bessie Bailey. Helen Sanford Stage Manager , ., ,... ...,.., ..... . .. . .....Iohn Sloan I45l IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL The Competition was held in the auditorium before an enthusiastic Junior High audience. Everyone is to be commended for the excel- lent producing and acting. The Eighth Grade is very proud to have received the decision. CLASS OF 1940 "Do You Believe In Luck" Drama Students-Louisville High School CAST Iane Bradford , .....,.,... . .. .... .. .... ...,. . ...... . ., .. Ada Austin Peggy Crandon ,.,.,,....,. ,,.,... ,.,., , ,.,.,. .... ,.,..,. G r a c e Tibbetts Iimmy Crandon ....,.... ....,...... H erve Cauchon Marigold ........ ...........,.. , .. . .Marjorie Ienkins Newsboy .....,.,......,.............,.,.. ,.,...,..... .... T e ddy Elithorpe Mrs. Crandon ............,....... ...,. .... . ....... I cr cquelin Donahay Professor Livingston .............. ....,....,.,.,,.... W illiam Nelson Penelope Crandon ...,....,..... .,,.......,.,.,..... D oris Pillsbury Mrs. Iones ....... ..... ............... .....,....,..., U r s ula Mahoney Sophy Iones .,........... ..,.,.,.,...,...,......,.,. D oris Neary Ned Brown , .,.,.,...,.....,.............,... ,.,......,.......,., ,....,.,.,., , . ,Charles Reynolds Bob Davis .......,......,...,.,..............,.,.....,.,................ ...,.,....,., E dward McCabe Director--Miss Mournighan CLASS OF 1941 "Lone Flight" Walter Beck CAST Bennie .....,.,.,... .. ,.,.,.,.,..,.. .. ...,. ...,.. G eorge Opdyke Steve .......,.,. .,.,.,.,........ . .. ........... Richard Goodrum Alice .......... Ruth Reynolds Helen .......,. ............., , .Betty Nichols Susie ....... ..., .,.,.......... . . Ieanne North Ioe .............,. ...,.,..... ...,......,..............,..........., . . .......,.,.,. ......... C h andler Henley Hank . .,.....,...,..,.,. ...,..........,...,......,.,.,......,.....,.,.,.,.............. .,.,. ....... A l l an Swann Director-Clarence W. Campbell CLASS OF 1942 ll I ll Polly s Hero CAST Polly ........ ............ ......., ..,.. , . . .. . Doris Maymon Iohn .. .,.,.,.. ,.,.,. . ,. ,, Robert Hottman Albert .....,.. .. ...,., Iohn Martin lim ,.,...,............ .....,. ,,..,.,., R o bert Petrie Ioe ...,.,.,........ .,..... Richard Tanner Mr. Anderson ,... .. ..., Lawrence Wilcox Mrs. Anderson ....... .... , ,.... Dalcie Ball Sue .............,.,...,.,...,.........., ..,..... , ,, Betty Copp Katherine .,.,...,....,., .,.,.,.. .,.,. . T helma Smith Marie .. ...,..... .. .......,.,.,.,.,......., .. .,.,.,..., .. .,... .....Audrey Iohnson Burglar .. . ...... ,.,.,.......... .....,.,.,.,.,.,, ..,.,.,.,.,........ . . . .. Iohn Moran Director- f 'Frank Wight Tf THE GYPSY ROVER Everyone says that our operetta this year was the best that has ever been done. With Christopher Iennings and Ruth Neary in the leading roles and a fine cast of principals and chorus, "The Gypsy Rover" was a marked success. IUNIOR PROM The Iunior Prom was held in the Aldrich Gym Friday, May 7th. Lockwood and Aldrich united in their efforts to make the affair a success. The decorations were very attrac- tive, the music excellent, the atmosphere very delightful. We appreciate the work of I. Bennett, M. Whitaker, I. Cooper, C. Godfrey, A. Goddard, and W. Vashey of Lockwood as well as that of M. Searle, D. Southey, T. Forsythe, C. Grant, C. Capotosto, S. Warwick, T. Matthews, and C. Vaughn of Aldrich in planning the Prom. OPERETTA CAST First Row: V. Ellison, D. Powers, L Marshall, I. Couture, M. LaChance F. Cagnon, R. Lucas, K. Loniield, I Morris.S. Horner,I.Vickers, P. Sears R. Tanner. Second Row: E. Hughes, A. Reynolds M. Chadwick, E. Gailey, D. March R. Neary, H. Wheeler, C. North, E McMannus. W. Main, P. Cole, O. Creswick, R. Sheehan, A. Swann B. Lindgren, A. Torry. Third Row: Mr. Pera, K. Davis, P Davis, A. Arpin, H. Williams, M Wood, D. Whitman, R. Berdick, E Major, R. McGrady, V. Gill, S. Wy man. D. North, B. Tarring, V. Daniels C. Smith, F. Melkonian, A. Iohnson I. Shallgren, A. Lopes. Mr. Cooper. Fourth Row: H. Hoffman, R. Bennett A. Barbour, V. Fielder, A. Thurber D. Brennan, E. Souza, D. Shaw, G Simmons, G. Marley, E. Tyler, R Ellis, C. Fraits, C. Andrews, E. Church, N. Budlong, H. Bagley, E. Pothier, A. Baguchinsky, T. Ferrelli, V. Neary. PRINCIPALS Lady Constance ,.,.,..., .,...., .. .......... . ...,.... .. .,., ...,...,Ruth Neary Sir George Martendale ...,.,.,.,.,.. .,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,. Harry Wheeler Sir Gilbert Howe Sara.. ...,. .,., . Meg Sinfo. .,.. .. ,.,.,. Christopher Iennings . .Elizabeth McMannus Regina Sheehan ....,.,........,.,. Clyde North I 1 Marto ,...... . .,.,......... ,.,., Wallace Main Nina ,...... .. . .,., ,.., .......,.... . , Margaret Chadwick Capt. Ierome ., .. .. .,.,., .,., E dward McMannus SENIOR HOP The annual Senior Hop was held December 23rd in the gymnasium. It was planned by both Aldrich and Lockwood Senior Executive Committees. Much Christmas spirit was in the air with Christmas trees along the wall and Santa Clauses hung around the gym. More than a hundred persons danced to Ernie George's orchestra, "The Vagabonds", until eleven-thirty when another happy time was ended. l46l ATHLETICS I 'W E Ghhlffffg-lr 'UF FOOTBALL Although not a title contender, our football team was noted as a "scrappy" outfit. Led by "Swede" Erickson, our all-state quarterback, the team romped to many victories, including the annual Thanksgiving Day Classic with Lockwood. There was much inexperienced material on the team this year and we expect that next year Coach Rudert will turn out a squad that will bow to none. At any rate, we can rest assured that the boys will fight all the way for the name of Aldrich and for the love of sport. FOOTBALL SCORES Aldrich Visitors Classical .,.,...,...,..,..,... ........ .....................,.,..,..................,.,.,...,... ,........ 1 9 6 West Warwick .....,...... .. 0 27 St. Raphael .........,..., .. 0 14 Central Falls .,.,,...... ,. 0 0 Mt. St. Charles ........ .,,.,... 0 13 Westerly .,.,.,...,....... ......... 1 3 0 Lockwood .,...,.,...... ., 7 6 BASEBALL Our ball team was not a title competitor but was a "scrappy outfit" just the same. These boys were playing on the team for the first time, in most cases, and lacked experience. Experience is the best teacher, however, and we expect a fine team this year. Mr. McKeon coached the team. 48 49 FOOTBALL First Row: W. Thayer, R. Berker, E. Roberts, A. Giordano, R. Erickson, E. Gailey, A. Bissonnette D. Tuttle. W. Dyson. Second How: C. Young, D. Copp, I. Arnold, I. Gregson, T. Matthews, K. Andrews, R. Gilbert, A. Burns Third Row: H. Stonstrom, V. McCrudden. R. Ienkins, I. Rowell, W, Bowen, E. Knight, D, Hughes, H Austin, Mr. Rudert. Fourth Row: W. Hughes. Mgr., W. Close, H. Gustafson, W. Main, R. Titus, A, Andell, R. Wilcox, G Iohnson, A. Carlin, I. Powers, I. Elmer, Asst. Mgr. BASEBALL First Row: C. Anderson, D. Austin, N. Fisher, A. Clarkin, R. Erickson, E. Guiley, S. Leonard, D. Copp Second Row: I. Lopes, R. Matthews, G. Anderson, M. Britcliife, Mr. McKeon, G. Iohnson, N. Walstead I. Arnold, R. Devaney. VARSITY BASKETBALL Although our Basketball team has not been very fortunate in winning many games this year, the boys have fought hard and shown their school sportsmanship. We hope that next year our team will be more successful. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES St. Raphael ,.,.,.,...,.. St. Raphael .,.........,. Classical ............. Classical ....,..,.. Westerly .......... Westerly ,..,.......,..., Lockwood ......,.,.... Lockwood .........,....,.,. Central Falls .......... Central Falls .....,..,. West Warwick West Warwick South Kingston South Kingston Mt. St. Charles Mt. St. Charles Aldrich Visitors 15 34 Z3 42 15 23 22 19 23 31 28 29 21 Z4 21 34 9 34 I7 37 15 32 24 30 22 17 29 30 , .. 19 11 . 15 33 IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Considering the fact that this year was the first year for the Suburban Iunior High League and therefore the first year for Aldrich as a member, our boys did very well to reach second place in the final league standing. All season we were fortunate in having a large group of boys out for every practice and it is due to this fine spirit that we were able to have such an excellent team. We lost only four out of twenty games. This is a record which any team can be proud of. With three of our regulars back we hope to have a team next year that will win the state cham- pionship for Aldrich Iunior High. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SCORES Aldrich Visitors Henry Barnard ........., .........., 1 0 6 Eldredge ,...,...,.,........... ..... 2 8 11 Riverside ...,......... ..... 2 4 35 Bain .....,,,,...,........,...,.. . . . 33 12 Briggs ....,.... ,.,.,..,.,.,... . , .. .. 28 5 Sockanosset .... ........ ..... 1 2 14 Bain ..........,................, .... 2 9 20 Eldredge .........,...... 12 16 St. Patrick ..,.... ..... ..... 3 4 14 La Salle ........................ ...., 2 O 1 W. Warwick .......,..... ..... 3 2 8 Lockwood ............. .. .. 21 5 Riverside ....,.. ,..., 3 6 9 Lockwood ...,.......,. 24 4 Sockanosset ........,..,. ...,. 2 6 13 Briggs .,.....,...,.......... ...,. 3 2 13 Bain ................,.....,.........,........................ ...,. 4 3 9 Eldredge .,.,......,...,....,.,. ,.....,.,..,.......,....... ..,. 1 8 9 East Providence Central ..,.,.,.,.... . . , 12 23 TRACK Our track team last year was one of the best ever. Led by Captain Kelley, the team sprinted its way to victory at the Brown Meet and placed second in the State Meet. We can hardly hope for many such victorious seasons. The team was ably coached by Mr. Rudert. 1501 VARSITY BASKETBALL First How: S. Barber, I. Lopes, T Matthews, W. Barnes, H. Ragnell A. Carlin, S. Stonstrom, D. Austin C. Gaffney, G. McLeod. Second Row: F. Roberts, Mr Campbell, H. Hughes, R. Wilcox I. Robinson, C. Carpenter, W. Flagg, E. Widergren, C, Young, R. Faulkner, W. Gilmore, R. Hughes, W. Hughes, Mr. Rudert. IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL First Row: R. Crez. W. Stafford, H Donabedicm, I. Grenier, E. Tyler C. Reynolds, C. Lamphere. N Auclair, T. Henry. Second Row: A. Mulvey, R. Lun din, B. Manchester, I. Mulvey, R O'Neil. Mr. Rohloif, I. England, R Willoughby. G. Simmons, G Leacy, C. Carlson, H. Cauchon. , TRACK First Row: K. Carlin. I. Mcxrmaras H. Nelson, I. Hughes, W. Stafford D. March, Mr. Rudert. F. Cranston G. Bell, G. McLeod, G. Simmons C. Anderson, E. Pado. Second How: W. Hughes, M. Au clair, R. St. Iohn, G. Bishop. I Gregson. I. Wignot, L. Moultrop A, Rose. H. Morgan, D. Hughes, R Thompson, W. Thayer, I. Mulvey Third Row: H. Duncan, I. Rowell A. Blake. A. Silvia. H. Ragnell, R Titus, A. Carlin. W. Main, W Dyson, V. McCrudden, Leo Hyder W. Saunders. l51l I xwi -T- ,W-, ol! if 1 -Swev-fhem-1' OF HH Em 71 M A 556 f' - rv' f" .5 if :TQ x 'V W' - 4 H! ,-.,EQ,-if 1 Qi Q i , Q K , ,, nldcg I' 759 U10 of Qlzfrxclq A If m Yala Sued.-,HE ur Haba ITAKMV' :A It ,X Iowa? Vosms. 5 ' ff ' ., i I X, S'f:iLiSt ,. V A 'imfzpa' '. 0 51 : f , ,311 .. any The Qs- ' me ,. v. r. YN .AA Q P: W. 5 -tive ms lid W hfsfvggfc, ,:,, - R? J Qs K. -- 4 Fl al .. I' H ' V K ' , 'dydhy T' r '45 ' .. Thi V- and Hia- 3:1 . O ,-gwggvx in ,Avg MIAFL, , pil? Jyzv' A ,M .gm-"LX 'Ln , Wfgf mr , 'M q ' W A Th I T G 6 w , ,mr ww- - '5'5'Nf3"35 1 , I 5 . FF or V15 -5,1101 W EI , f ll K 'Q In f . 'wg ff' Gufses " qs NGYGC-dy - Goody A -fmiov-N H vlfher-5" 52 Q '. Y I -J 1 ' . ' ' 'I . I U , ,, I , 0 . I I I . I I I , I . I II D 1 IvII- I -IQ. .I II - . .I-I, - -I u I' ' - . . . - s ', . ' I I 1. Inf . -I - - ' r ,P ' . ,I ' ' Q ' I I' 'V " "I ' I . 4 -I . , I., 1- .'l. -,:'. ' " '- I I . ,II Q, .-,Z I Q- . -.. 1 ,,o LI. I- I. . - . - -- - - .u,. , I I- . " A - - ' ' .51 ' - , - Y. ' 'O' ' . ' . . . as , V ' , . " '. H 5 ' I v.'eX-. , ' ' ' ' ? .. , ' . If ' f ' I.. . 4. I ' . . . - , . I .I. II , I I. II I . . I ' - C ' ea. .4 . ' . I . I , . ' . ' I . .A I. . II .'1 . I . . .. -'.I '1. 3 - 'v ' - ' .' I' . I . 'u '. L - . . v -1.4 I . 1 :-, .I Q r . . , .' K h In ' 'f n . .. . -I - .. . -' 1'- . ' . - ' ,. 'Q - . --. . X . I Q ' I . ' --, c 1 - ' - .I I ' 'I , . . - I - . - . ' ' U- . '. ' ' " ' ..-- L' ' 0' - ,I, . .. - "' - . ' . I . . I -, I I I I I .. I 1, - v -. . I -. '. '.I 'I. 'I '.-I ,,.- I . .,-. I, . 1 -.. . II - .-I .1 ' . 15. . . ' ' ' . . -' ' '. ,' ... ' ' " ' . ' ' . ' n . I- ' ..v. I -' -. U0 I - ' Y ,- .. I . Iv I 1 . ,II ,I .- , X I. I .I . II - .I .II., I I . . - I - , .I '. , . . y j -I A. .I In I. . JI I I ' gl. I. I ,'r. vi I :I N I .-In -Il- -1 'u ..' V, ' I . -4.- ' ' Q gs I ", . -' I 'I I. 1. I ' .'. . k- ' ' , , II I - . l '. ' ' . U' .1 . .'. u ,"' ' ,'I - 4' ' I I I-.I .I I I , . ,I ,, I , II . Q - I'- 'I I . D . 1. - - ,. I II I ,,I. ' ,I ' I' " ' I ' ,.-, U' - 'a - ' ,.. ' n- , .H . . - Q I.. , - I- I v . ' 8 ' -"' ' -7 . , Iv ' ' n - ' ' , o- ' 4' ' . - .,I . I I . I '- v ,- . ' - 4 .., M , o -.,, .I , J. ' ' '- '- ' ' . ' ' ' Qs- . .'- ,.o A' '.- ,' ' ' ' " - . I, I f. I QI. . -:I I-. 'Ii I '.I 1 . I 4 . ' . . . ,O 1 I . :I I I ' I .. . I I , .. I . Q .v It ' ' 1 , Q.: V I -'a W I I. Q ' ' - 0 I.sI I',- - I - , - ,I:, - my vf , - . '.I ' Q 5 ' Ifc' . , .- '- '. I U ' ' ,. I' - . be ' u ' '. - - ., - I , - x 'r I. . IQI 3 II . I f ' 4 . I I I , II. . .I A . v . . , - f .I , 1 I .,I , r o ' Ir ,. I A '-, . t ', '-A" M - - . ' - I I I - .I ' ', - . . ' .. ,5 v -' f 'A -' I ' v .' I , II - 5 I ' ' 'K 1. ' ' 1 . If " ' ", ' I . H .. ' ' . I - . III A- " v ' 1 U Q' . " I- F ' . - I.I:' II .I I 'vw '-I - ' - , . I . "- - .'. 1 ' - , ...,4 . .- . I 1 . I , ' 1. I ' -, 1 I ' I-. . 4. . I 1 -A II I - . ' . ' - . ,I II I I, If! v . I 0 - , II .I ' ' . I ' .- 3 - ' I .. . I' - ' . - I I . I II m .- 3 ' .I I I .n- I In , U 1 - u v-- . 5 , - .L . A . . I I. I -I , . I. , 'I I: ,.I. . r , " ' ' .-' lo I 1. . ,. h f .I , . , ' .' - tn. ,. I . ' u - - I ' -.' ,Ir 'I-' ' 'I I I . . I '-I ' II'g , Q ' f I',, . I .I ,Q 4, .. I Q, I -ll' 'N s I I .J 'I ' I4 ' ' ' . ' .' I' . -I 0 I . -. Y 7 1, w.. ' . I . -', ' 1, I r ' " 5 ', ' , I . 1. I I I - 4 1, ' ' v 1 ' 'Z I ' ' . ln,- - ,.. -1' '.- . '.. . , . I A n 1 I ,. I Q 1 I IIS I I - - .' - . . A r I - 'f , I. A-II' ' . - I - II . ff , ' - A .-f. 1 " . P u ,, ' Q . I . I , . . I. I , . I . , I. . I. I, - I ., I.. . '- - x ' . -' V . 1 v 1 .',. nu- 'II. ' v. I ' , u- II -- 1 - .4 .'. ' I ,- I A3 ' '1 I1 . 1 -.M . - -1 , QI' , - I , ' I, . . . .. , A. ..... p, .I , . I u " ' I ' ' "5 I .O v -, . V, I 0, . fI. II III. I . ' ' IA v'n'- ' 1 ,' ,- - A - 4v,'f"41. Su if" fn-f'f-.112 ,Q fi . f..4v.L:-e,g:"'L'f'-1,--1-' ',1,-'fwiyp L 4 fl 731. " ',41L4..'4f-ff' , 14' 4 ., qv' F9133-"ak Six. f'4',"i:-:fl 4g1f::- uc-L-H313 ' "3-5 NHL: QTMFLF- i?,..4f'5 "'L 725.-52 Q 14'-:f,"2?Y' -11? b,3??'affx'f"',-1"-if..-,..-LH, - w. zjsi, ' +..,.'vQ,Nf:w-- -. ,Ag , 3, M .-fkfyyf-5.4 ,.,f in-3.2! 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" -ffm' Q, -,,,',yL ., ..1 4- , , ---12:1 " .1' -4. .yivfagi 4- A fi Q' ' , T THE YEAR LCDCKWCDOD I 4' ?:f ' 4' A V 5gfwf4f 1 la. 2 XX, we-11, rf' fffic 'x,'fbXFff,'i7d'7 -' ,J pf 1 f 1. 'Q .1 'M' pkxf 6'IQ'52"-zfi -N1 2 -fqaiyffq' ' 'fwfr . , 2 HIqf'fI5?" " " Af . , is-fQe43Qf,fZ4TJ.'fAYy fZ4'Vf'AWV65 1 "I'fz1wQW4 Y' rw: ' F "Wie, frf'c4wef?:4f I u Nl .gm lIfm,'wff'.f , 4fffZzzM, iX'V'427' ' .-gag ll f Ir IlI 'l fp .eiiiiiii HQFEMWZQT + - Il f' ' .ff fv "2-3 -4-1.-fy 1 lllzlwll I " llll al ll 'UH lim 'gf' ' :film '- 4. Ill r' an gg! gm I Illllldl-" ,, f ll ,' ,5.f,g155Q:t:1 A-I 'X 'v' ,EW Q 541- " ' N - 2'il" ' ' "2 , , A HH L ' ,Q ' , ff ff gsm 5 :ff gt J ff x z', -' Li Q W 'vu ' ,?,1? ! MR. CHARLES A. SHURMAN Principal Iames T. Lockwood High School With Mr. Shurman at the helm, our school has gone serenely along the past year. His untiring effort and his abundance of good nature, supplemented by his ever-willingness to aid teachers and students, have led us through our difficulties and an unforgetful year of success. To Henry Iudson Adams, as a token of appreciation for his untiring efforts, friendly leadership, and genuine enthusiasm for the improvement of the class and school, the Class of 1937 respectfully dedicates this book. 5 F MR. HENRY l. ADAMS THE FACULTY Lockwood possesses a faculty of capable, sympathetic and loyal men and women. Through their instruction, advice and leader- ship the student body of Lockwood High has developed its high standards of scholarship and school spirit. To them - our friends and our instructors-we offer our most sincere gratitude for all that they have done to make our school years both profitable and happy. FACULTY First: Row: Miss McCabe, Miss Hinckley, Miss Wallace, Miss Burns, Miss Scott. Mr. Nordyke, Mr. Schurman. Principal: Miss Willard, Miss Trow, Miss Ventrone, Miss Tew, Miss Vacario. Second Row: Miss Demers. Miss West, Miss Lucy Miller, Mis Mulligan, Miss Koralewsky, Miss Shippee, Miss Compston, Miss Anthony. Miss Bertha Daily, Miss Hazel Daily, Miss Helen Miller, Miss Tilling- hast. Third Row: Mr. Griffin. Mr. McGivney, Mr. Barber. Mr. Barker, Mr. Adams, Mr. Herrick, Mr. Abbott. Mr. Wedlock, Mr. Downs, Mr. Carroll, Mr. Flanagan, Mr. Taylor. l56l THE FACULTY OF LOCKWOOD IUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL HORACE E. HOBBS, B.S., M.A. Supervising Principal University of New Hampshire, Columbia University, University ot Tennessee University oi Chicago, Harvard University, George Washington University CHARLES A. SCHURMAN, B.S. Principal University of New Hampshire, Brown University, R. I. C. E. LESLIE E. ABBOTT, B.S. Massachusetts State. Yale Agriculture, Adviser ot Emergency Corps. HENRY I. ADAMS, B.A., M.A. Acadia University, Brown, R. I. C. E. Philadelphia College of Osteopathy Head ot Social Science Department, 12th Grade Class Adviser, Coach oi Hockey, Assembly Committee CHRISTINE ANTHONY, A.B. Brown University, Katherine Gibbs School. Harvard University, Boston University, Columbia University Shorthand. Typing, Business Training, 10th Grade Class Adviser, Committee of Teachers' Welfare SAMUEL R. BARBER Gorham Normal School Shop PHILIP M. BARKER, IR. R. I. School oi Design Shop, Coach of Track and Cross Country ELOISE A. BURNS, B.S. R. I. State College 7th and 8th Grade Subjects RAYMOND W. CARROLL, B.S. R. I. State College, R.I.C.E.. Brown, G. S. Shop. General Science, Intramural Activities DOROTHY I. COMPSTON, B.S. R. I. State College Clothing, Health, Adviser of Home Economics Club, Coach of 12th Grade One-Act Play BERTHA I. DAILY, Ph.B., A.M. Brown University Health, Biology Library HAZEL E. DAILY, Ed.B. Brown University Social Studies, Committee of Teachers' Welfare SIMONE L. DEMERS, A.B. Trinity College, R. I. C. E. French DONALD DOWNS Eastem State Normal School English, Civics. Good Will Adviser, Sth Grade Class Adviser. Committee of Teachers' Welfare WILLIAM F. FLANAGAN, A.B. Providence College English. Coach of Ilth Grade One-Act Play, Assistant Director of Masquers, Adviser of Iunior Page of Warwickite ERNEST H. GRIFFIN, A.B. Bates College Head of Science Department, Chemistry and General Science, Athletic Director EARLE C. I-IERRICK, Ph.B. Yale University Arithmetic, General Mathematics, Science, Committee oi Teachers' Welfare, Assembly Committee DOROTHY HINKLEY, Ed.B. Boston University, R. I. C. E. 8th Grade History, 7th Grade Subjects, 8th Grade Class Adviser DAISY KETTELLE, B.S. R. I. State College Biology, Health ROSE KORALEWSKY, B.A. Boston University Latin, French, German, Italian, English, Assembly Com- mittee, Coach of 10th Grade One-Act Play. MADELINE McCABE, Ed.B. R. I. C. E. English, Social Studies, Director of Masquettes l57l IOHN I. MCGIVENEY, B.S. Providence College Mechanical Drawing, Health, Assistant Coach of Foot- ball, Coach of Baseball, Committee of Teachers' Wel- fare HELEN MILLER R. I. School of Design Drawing, Committee of Teachers' Wellare, 11th Grade Class Adviser LUCY E. MILLER, A.B. College of Mount St. Vincent Social Science, World History, U. S. History, Modern European History. Committee oi Teachers' Wellare. Coach ot Iunior Debating Club MARY V. MULLIGAN, A.B. Pembroke World History, English, Committee of Teachers' Welfare TED NORDYKE, B.P.E. Springfield College Physical Education, Coach of Football, Coach of Basket- ball, Coach of Track, Health Adviser HELEN I. PEARSON, B.S. R. I. State College Physical Education FRANCES P. SCOTT, B.S. R. I. State College, R. I. C. E. Home Economics DOROTHY F. SHIPPEE, A.B. Boston University, Colby College, Brown. R. I. C. E.. Columbia Mathematics RICHARD E. TAYLOR, A.B., M.A. Union College, Columbia Mathematics, Physics, Adviser of the "Reminder" ESTHER S. TEW, B.C.S. Bryant and Stratton College. R. I. C. E. Head of Commercial Department, Adviser of School Banking MARY TILLINGHAST, B.C.S., B.Ed. Bryant and Stratton College, R. I. C. E. Bookkeeping and Business Practice, Coach of 9th Grade One-Act Play MADELINE TROW Sargent School, Boston University Physical Education, Adviser of Girls' Leaders' Corps. Coach of Girls' Interclass Sports ' ALICE VENTRONE, B.S. R. I. State College Clothing. Vocational Geography, History. Geography, Health OLGA M. VICARIO, Ed.B. R. I. C. E., Brown University English Mathematics, Coach of 7th Grade One-Act Play ROSALIND M. WALLACE, A.B. Brown University English, Coach of Debating Club, Assembly Committee ELDON D. WEDLOCK, B.S.. M.A. Tufts, Brown University Head of English Department, Director of Masquers, Coach of Senior Play, Coach of State Competition Play BEATRICE E. WEST, A.B., Ed.M. Wheaton College, Harvard University English, Adviser oi "The Warwickite" MARIANNA L. WILLARD, Ed.B. R. I. C. E., College of Music, Boston University Music, Orchestra Uunior and Seniorl, Director of Glee Club. Band. Coach of Operetta, Committee of Teachers' Welfare BSHFBMWWQ EILMWJMVQ, .y I v, I . fL.m2Jw.m2 v.-:miI!rnA1h4':'..?1n:'hHi.fx4f,f4HEi2 LESLIE E. ABBOTT INSTRUCTOR or AGRICULTURE September 11, 1923 -May 8. 1937 IN MEMORIAM Qqzuclu he love Il1e gYOWI.VlQ flufngs Q71 earlI1: Olzqecllfng or Loyulze Lnew ikezlr Zulclcfen worlh. as was cz ,UQ of servzce wzilzoul enclf Ola found fn lzfm flzaf fnreczlous fling: a ,Alien Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Arnold '37 Assistant Editor Iohn Buchart '37 Secretary to Editor Aletha Binns '37 Senior Editor Delma DeLaskey '37 Literary Editor James Pettine '37 Assistants to Literary Rachael Dalgliesh '37 Virginia Lockwood '37 Mary Pettine '37 Sport Editor Gordon Smith '37 Ioke Editor Ruth Murray '37 Art Editor Katharine Brennan '37 Editor THE REMINDER STAFF Assistant Art Editor Arline Angell '37 Photo Editor Blanche Richard '37 Snapshot Editor Ruth Briggs '37 Snapshot Board Harold Iones '37 Gordon McClean '37 Vincent Payne '37 Literary Board Beverly Arnold '40 Velma Cookson '39 Carolyn Godfrey '38 Florence Hornstein '38 Louise Lepry '38 Westcott McAlpine '37 Business Manager Iohn Budlong '37 Assistant Business Manager Richard Fisher '37 Secretary to Business Man. Virginia Kelley '37 Compiling Editor Charles Main '37 Circulation Manager Charles Main '37 Asst. Circulation Manager Anna Healey '37 Typists Barbara Anderson '38 Francis Blais '37 Laura Brown '38 Mavis Manley '37 Marion Wilcox '37 Advertising Manager Charles Main '37 REMINDER LITERARY BOARD First How: Katherine Brennan Marion Wilcox, Mavis Manley Phyllis Arnold, Iohn Buchart Delma DeLaskey, Laura Brown Beverly Arnold, Velma Cookson Second Row: Iames Pettine, Flor- ence Hornstein. Louise Lepry Aletha Binns, Ruth Briggs, Fran: cis Blais, Blanche Richard, Arline Angell, Mary Pettine, Mr. Taylor. Adviser. Third Row: Barbara Anderson, Ruth Murray, Harold Iones, Gor- don McClean, Westcott McAlpine, Gordon Smith, Virginia Lockwood. Vincent Payne, Carolyn Godfrey. REMINDER BUSINESS BOARD First Row: Ella Read. Annie Papa. Ruth Williams, Charles Main. Gerald O'Brien, Iohn Budlong, Helen Byrne, Marie Izzi, Helen Nelson. Second Row: William Doyle. Chandler Lawrence, Louise Wa- terman, Siqrid Iohnson, Rose Lombardi, Dyllis Hannah. Anna Healey, William Somerville. Leo LeBeau. Third Row: Rose Ploeger, Claire Polis, Alice Carruthers, Ronald Vaughn, Richard Fisher, Edward Gillheeney. Harold Coftill, Francis Blais, Virginia Kelley, Vance Mayor, Mary LaPolla. Business Board Helen Byrne '39 Harold Coiiill '37 Alice Carruthers '39 William Doyle '40 Edward Gillheeney '37 Dyllis Hannah '37 Marie Izzi '39 Chandler Lawrence '40 Leo LeBeau '37 Rose Lombardi '37 Vance Mayor '37 Helen Nelson '37 Gerald O'Brien '37 Annie Papa '37 Rose Ploeger '38 Claire Polis '39 Ella Read '37 William Somerville '37 Ronald Vaughn '37 Louise Waterman '37 Ruth Williams '37 i6Ol 1 I CLASSES 1937 1933 1939 J. K Jffii 3 Axvwurfn wa rom RHODE ISLAND HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS First Row: Dyllis Hannah, Russell Carter, Doris Robarge, Mavis Manley, Blanche Richard, Ruth Briggs, Charles Main. Phyllis Staveley. Second Row: Delma DeLaskey, Phyllis Arnold, Iohn Budlong. Westcott Mc!-Xlpine, Richard Fisher, Florence Whitmarsh, Mildred Bush. RHODE ISLAND HONOR SOCIETY The Class of 1937 is justly proud of these students who have attained this scholastic honor. To be a Member, one must have at least an average of 85W or more throughout his four years in high school. We all hope that Lockwood will provide many more members in the future. M 62 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE CLASS OF 1937 First Row: Charles Main, Florence Whitmarsh, Iohn Budlong, Blanche Richard. Second Row: Ruth Briggs, Iohn Keenzel, Gerald O'Brien, Westcott McAlpine, Mr. Adams, Adviser, Stephen Briggs SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .. . ,. , . . . Iohn Budlong Vice-President .. . ., , . , . , Charles Main Secretary'Treasurer Blanche Richard SENIOR CLASS HISTORY September, 1933, saw the largest class, of freshmen ever to enter Warwick High School. For two months we had to remain silent: then with more honor students than any other class we were able to show our wares. In the spring of the same year Harry Ridgley won recommendation as an actor in "The First Dress Suit", our entrant in the class Competition Plays. Our Sophomore year made us more pop- ular. For here our athletes and scholars- some both- were truly able to compete with the other classes. Our actors and ac- tresses made our One-Act Play a great suc- CESS. ln our Iunior year, Warwick's second high school was opened. Here the roads were divided, for many of our fellow classmates were required to attend it. We continued to hold first place among the other classes, for with the support of Iohn Budlong and Blanche Richard in "Thank You, Doctor," the eleventh grade stole the One-Act Play Competition. The State Competition Play was also upheld by many Iunior Actors. l63l This same year we were able to give our Iunior Prom, the first ever held in May, and the best dance of the year. So, with a year certainly brimming over with entertainment, we departed on our summer vacation to re- turn in the fall of 1936 as Lockwood's second Senior Class, the Class of 1937. As Seniors we had another enjoyable year. Our first success was the Senior Hop in De- cember followed in Ianuary by a greater one, "Nathan Hale," our Senior Play, in which the leading roles were upheld by Iohn Budlong and Blanche Richard. Honor Day was held in the spring, at which time the Rhode Island Honor Society Members of the Class of 1937 were recognized. NEXT GRADUATION! From the platform, on which we received our diplomas, we marched into the waiting world, where we all hope the success we have had here at Lockwood may follow us through ife. DELMA A. DeLASKEY '37 Senior Editor WILLIAM ROBERT ALLEN A quiet, humorous, likable chap is "Bill," well-known to most of us and well-liked by all his classmates. Bill, outstanding in his athletic ability in baseball and basketball, is sure to do his best in whatever he undertakes. and his best is enough to assure success. Iunior Varsity Basketball 131: Varsity Basketball 141: Varsity Baseball 13, 41. LEONARD GODFREY ANDERSON "Andy" is the small blonde from Pontiac, who cares not if it rains or if it snows, for he takes things as they come and go. His reserved manner and never-fail- ing good nature are really sterl- ing qualities which have made him a good friend to all who have made his acquaintance. He is seldom heard from and usu- ally keeps to himseli pretty well. His interests lie in the field of business. ARLINE LOUISE ANGELL Arline is another of our quiet, but industrious girls. Although hardly ever loquacious, she has a pleasing and attractive dis- position which will probably carry her forward in the busi- ness world. She claims that sewing is her main hobby, but is also quite an able cartoonist. "Reminder" 141: Home Econom- ics Club 131: Masquers 11, 2, 41. PHYLLIS CELESTE ARNOLD In "Phyl," you will find many fine qualities which qo to make up her very charming person- a ity. Feel g oomy? Never, while "Phyl" is around. She has a sweet smile for everyone. With her high scholastic record, we know she is cut out for the big- ger and better things in life. Editor-in-chief "Reminder" 141: "Warwickite" 141: Aviation Club 111: Masquers 11, Z, 3, 41: Prompt- ress, Senior Play: Senior Play Reading Committee: Thanksgiv- ing Play 141: Gym Exhibition 12, 41: Girls' Track 141: Tennis Club 13, 41: Interclass Soccer 13, 41: lnterclass Basketball 141: Inter- class Hocke 141: Interclass Vol- leyball 141: Girls' Leaders' Corps 141: Promptress, One-Act Play 141: R. I. Honor Society. - - Tl-IE REMINDER - - ALETHA ELAINE BINNS "Lee," what are you dreaming about? This sweet little miss is one of Lockwood's gifts to the fellows and is seldom seen with- out her pal, "Ray." "Lee" is never seen without a smile and certainly knows how to "keep her chin up." After graduation she plans to be a nurse and we couldn't find another Lockwoodite who would make a better one. "Reminder" 141: "Warwickite" 141: Home Economics Club 141: Li- brarian 121: Operetta 141: Mas- quers 12, 41: Senior Play: Inter- class Soccer 121: Interclass Bas- ketball 121. FRANCIS GILBERT BLAIS Francis is one fine Lockwood- ite. Although. seldom heard from, he has a definite opinion on ev- ery subject. Francis has for his favorite studies, nature and man- ual training. After leaving us, he plans to further his education at Rhode Island State College and some day he will be one of our ace forest rangers. "Reminder" 141: Masquers 121: Gym Exhibition 11, 2, 41: Cross Country 12, 31: Indoor Track 12, 31: Outdoor Track 111. ELMER FRANCIS BLANCI-IARD Francis came to us in his sec- ond year from La Salle. He soon joined the debating team, and became a convincing debater. .Ask him how he liked being the only boy in the Virgil class? I-Ie is a studfous fellow preparing for college, but he also has time for many outside interests and is rarely seen without his friend "Tommy." "Reminder" 131: "Warwickite" 141: Debating Club 13, 41: Mas- quers 141: Gym Exhibition 12, 31: Interclass Basketball 12, 3, 41: Interclass Baseball 13, 41: Out- door Track 141. KATHERINE CROSBY BRENNAN Katherine is the little lady who does all the art work for the "Re- minder." How she can draw! She is already an artist and it doesn't seem possible that she could be taught any more on the subject of drawing. Her main sport hobby is swimming. We wish you a great deal of luck, Katherine, in your future art ca- reer. "Reminder" 11, 2, 3, 41. E641 RUTH LESTER BRIGGS Ruth is one of the "steadies" of our class and is always to be relied upon for a good recitation whether it be English, French, or Chemistry. Her good nature un- der all circumstances is a source of unfailing wonder. Ruth in- dulges in many after school ac- tivities, Dramatics being the out- standing. She intends to spend her time after leaving Lockwood, at R. I. State College. Class Executive Committee 143: Good Will 143: Snapshot Editor. "Reminder" 143: "Warwickite" 143: Home Economics Club 143: Aviation Club 113: Masquers 11, 2, 3, 43: Secretary 143: Senior Play: Property Mistress, One-Act Play 13, 43: Thanksgiving Play 13, 43: Property Mistress, State Compe- tition Play 143: Gym Exhibition 123: Interclass Soccer 133: Inter- class Basketball 133: R. I. Honor Society. STEPHEN EDWARD BRIGGS Meet "Bugsie," the life and wit of any party. "Bugsie," "Brigg- sie" and "Sam" are only a few of his many nicknames. His ac- tivities at school have been many, including executive com- mittee work, football, basketball, and baseball. But above all we must mention his popularity for their isn't one Senior who can't regard "Bugsie" as a friend. lass Executive Committee 12. 3, 43: Home Room Representative 123: General Organization 13, 43: "Reminder" 143: Masquers 143: Senior Play: Gym Exhibition 11, 2, 3, 43: Interclass Basketball 113: Varsity Football 13, 43: Iunior Varsity Football 123: Varsity Bas- ketball 13, 43: Iunior Varsity Bas- ketball 123: Varsity Baseball 143: Iunior Varsity Baseball 1l, 2, 33. VIRGINIA ANNABEL BRIGGS "Ginny," our dark-eyed lass, is of a quiet, care-free disposition. "Sti1l water runs deep." so her manners are really grand quali- ties. She has a flair for clothes and always appears well dressed and as neat as possible. After four years with us at Lockwood, Virginia is now ready to go into the business field and make a name for herself. Home Economics Club 143: Li- brarian 12, 33: Gym Exhibition 123: Girls' Golf Club 133. BERTRAM LEROY BROWN Of our many fine athletes, "Bert" will probably be remem- bered the longest. His well-built form appeared on the gridiron, basketball court. and the track for three full years. Although not of a studious nature, Bert is pop- ular with everyone and his name should go down in the history, as Lockwood's outstanding ath- lete of 1937. Interclass Basketball 113: In- door Trock 143: Varsity Football 12, 3, 43: Iunior Varsity Football 113: Varsity Basketball 12, 3, 43: Iunior Varsity Basketball 113: Iun- ior Varsity Baseball 113: Varsity Baseball 143. NINETEEN THIRTY SEVEN IOHN CLARK BUCHART, IR. Although "Jack" did not come to us until late in his Iunior year, he became well-known and well- liked. He immediately caught Lockwood's spirit by participat- ing in school activities. and we al agree that Cranston's loss was Lockwood's gain. The War- wickite will feel the loss keenly when "lack" leaves us to futher his education at Bryant College. Assistant Editor "Reminder" 143: "Warwickite" 143: Masquers 143: Senior Playc: Tennis 143: Iun- ior Varsity Bas etball 133. IOHN POST REYNOLDS BUDLONG "Bo" is equally poised, play- ing on the football field, acting on the stage, reciting in the class room or filling his role as Class President. He has shown his in- terest in our class welfare in more ways than one and is an ideal example for the undergrad- uates to follow. Class President 143: Class Exec- utive Committee 143: General Or- ganization 143: Business Manager "Reminder" 143: Operetta 133: Masriauers 13, 43: Senior Play: Sen- ior lay Reading Committee: One-Act Play 133: State Competi- tion Play 13, 43: Athletic Asso- ciation 133: Gym Exhibition 12, 43: Indoor Track 143: Outdoor Track 13, 43: Varsity Football 13, 43: Iunior Varsity Football 123: R. I. Honor Society. MILDRED FRANCES BUSH Here we have a girl who is ambitious in every sense of the word. All her idle moments are used to some advantage and her high scholastic ability placed her among the few members of the Rhode Island Honor Society. She was transferred to us from Cen- tral and has made many friends during her short stay at Lock- wood. We are sure that Mildred will succeed in being a very capable librarian. R. I. Honor Society. MILDRED CAMERON Mildred is another of the quiet, sweet girls whom we are cer- tainly glad to call members of our class. Have you ever noticed that twinkle in her eye so at- tractive to the male Lockwood- ites. We hear that Mildred is very fond of sin ing and dancing and mag' you and the road of life, Mil red, as easy to tread as the old dance hall. wGlee Club 11, 2, 3, 43: Operetta H-151 RUSSELL EVERETT CARTER Russell is one of our serious students in school, but outside-! His curly hair and pleasant dis- position make him popular with the opposite sex. You seldom see "Rus' without his inseparable friend, Iimmy. His high-scholas- tic standin gained him a well deserved pclace on the Rhode Is- land Honor Society. Although we do not know your future plans, "Rus," we wish you the very best of success. Class Executive Committee 131: Stamp Club 121: R. I. Honor So- ciety. PAUL BARNES CHESEBRO Meet another good looking boy from Lockwood. With his merry smile, blonde hair, and shining eyes, Paul has been very popu- lar during his tour years with us, with fellow scholars as well as teachers. He is always ready to give some schoolmate a lift in his car and we are sure there is a place for him somewhere in the commercial world. Class Executive Committee 1l1: Home Room Representative 111: General Organization 111: Gym Exhibition 12, 3, 41. HAROLD CARLETON COFFILL Harold is the boy whom we see everywhere, who knows ev- erybody and is liked by all. He has shown us his ability in studies as well as in football and baseball. When he leaves, Lock- wood High will miss a likable student as well as the best boy dancer in the class, for he is cer- tainly a grand partner ior any lucky girl. Radio Club 121: Masquers 141: Senior Play: One-Act Play 141: Gym Exhibition 11, 21: Interclass Basketball 13, 41: Cross Country 111: Varsity Football 13, 41. RACHAEL MAE DALGLIESH Do you believe that good things come in small packages? If you don't, take a look at this little miss. However, the innocent look is misleading, because "Ray" is bubbling over with fun all of the time. With red hair and a cheerful disposition, a very fine nurse she will be. Hurry! Get sick, boys. "Reminder" 141: Home Econom- ics Club 141: Cafeteria 13, 41: Op- eretta 141: Masquers 141: Inter- class Soccer 121 Interclass Basket- ball 121. - - THE REMINDER - - DELMA MARGARET ANNA DELASKEY "Del" is certainly our star ath- lete and takes a vital interest in athletics. A friend to many, a grand girl with a fine sense of humor, and a most popular Sen- ior is Delma. "Reminder" 11, 2, 41: "War- wickite" 11, 3, 41: Debating Club 12, 3, 41: Vice President 141: Avia- tion Club 111: Radio Club 121: Mu- sico-Dramatic Club 121: Masquers 11, 2, 3, 41: One-Act Play 13, 41, Promptress 131: Cheer Leader 11, 3, 41: G m Exhibition 11, 2, 3, 41: Girls' Golf Club 13. 41: Girls' Track 13, 41: Swimming Club 121: Tennis Club 11, 2, 41: Interclass Soccer 11, 2, 3, 41: Interclass Bas- ketball 1l, 2, 3, 41: Interclass Hocke 11, 2, 3, 41: Interclass Vol- leyball' 11, Z, 41: Interclass Base- ball 1l, 21: Varsity Basketball 11, 21: All Star Basketball 13, 41: Girls' Leaders' Corps 13, 41: R. I. Honor Society. MARGARET CLIMIE DINSMORE In introducing Margaret, who has been with us for four whole years, we feel that we are get- ting you acquainted with one fine girl. Margaret likes to sew, dance, and take part in after- school sports and we know she will miss the crowd after she leaves school and tries her hand in the commercial world where she hopes to be a secretary. Home Economics Club 13, 41: Masquers 12, 31: Tennis Club 131: Interclass Hockey 141. MARGARET CAROLYN FAGAN "Peg's" personality has car- ried her through four memorable years here at Lockwood. Her ath- letic career was shortened by an untimely illness but "Peg" has surely made a great come-back. We unders:and that her outside interests are occupied by one of last year's football heroes. With her ability to be a good sport. she should be very happy in whatever field she enters after graduation. Aviation Club 111: Operetta 141: Masquers 11, 41: Gym Exhibi- tion 11, 21: Girls' Leaders' Corps 141: Swimming Club 121: Inter- class Soccer 12, 31: Interclass Bas- ketball 12, 3, 41: Interclass Volley- ball 12, 41: Interclass Baseball 12, 3, 41: All Star Basketball 141. RICHARD CHARLES FISHER Where "Dick" obtained all his general knowledge we don't know but he certainly has an an- swer for almost any question. Besides his scholastic ability he is active in dramatics, basket- ball, and track. Great things are to be expected from him when he becomes one of the masterminds at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Reminder" 141: Assistant Ed- itor, "Warwickite" 131: Debating Club 141: Masquers 13, 41: Senior Play: One-Act Plav 13, 41: State Competition Play 13, 41: Gym Ex- hibition 121: Indoor Track 141: Outdoor Track 141: Junior Varsity Basketball 131: R. I. Honor So- ciety. IBSI ANITA MARTHA GARDINER Anita is a tall, auburn haired Senior, attractive to all. She is an excellent dressmaker and is fond of dancing. Anita is never without her perpetual smile and kind word for everyone. These qualities plus many others make Anita the excellent class-mate that her friends have found her to be. Home Economics Club 131: In- terclass Basketball 121. EDWARD FRANCIS GILLHEENEY Who is this young man with the brilliant red hair? Why, none other than the president of the Knute Club. Although the Knute died. the club has survived under "Red's" careful guardian- ship. Wherever there's nolse, confusion and plenty of fun we are sure to find "Red" as a leader. Red is looking forward to getting married the first. The first what? Ask hirn. "Reminder" 141. VERONICA MARIE GORMAN Veronica is one of our few tall, slim girls. She is quiet in appear- ance, but wait until You know her, for she is really ull of fun and always willing to help every fellow student. She is an excellent speller and can spell almost every word in the dic- tionary correctly! Home Economics Club 141: Mas- quers 141: Gym Exhibition 121. HERVEY IOSEPH GRANDCHAMP We are presenting to you one of the cgiiet boys of the class. "Van." e is one of our man! French students and speaks wit a delightful accent. Never would you see him upset or annoyed. always calm and serene. A few years hence, we will be looking back with a smile, wishing that Hervey was again with us. Mas uers 141: Senior Play: Gym Exhibition 121: Interclass Basketball 141: Cross Country 131. NINETEEN TI-IIRTY SEVEN JOHN JOSEPH GREENE "Iack" is one of our quiet, cheerful blondes. He came to us in his second year from La Salle and since then his quiet ways and good habits have made him popu ar and given him the title of "One of the Politest Boys in the Class of '37." With such fine qualities we expect to hear of him doing great things. Gym Exhibition 121. YVONNE ELEANOR GUENET Yvonne's ability in athletics and dancing will never be for- gotten. She never missed one of t e afternoon dances and she can surely show all the other Lockwoodites the light fantastics. With her pal "Kenny" and their ever amusin wit, she has made herself well inown and extreme- ly popular. Home Economics Club 13, 41: Gym Exhibition 13, 41: Girls' Golf Club 13, 41: Girls' Track 13, 41: Girls' Leaders' Corps 141: Tennis Club 131: Interclass Soccer 11. 2. 3, 41: Interclass Basketball 11, 2, 3. 41: Interclass Hockey 12, 41: In- terclass Volleyball 11. 2. 41: Inter- class Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41: All Star Basketball 13, 41: Banking 141. THOMAS AUGUSTUS HAMPTON Mr. Kriesler will be in oblivion as soon as "Tom" makes his debut, for he can certainly make his violin talk: for music, espe- cially the violin, is his one main interest in life. We were indeed proud of "Tom" when he re- ceived the title of Concert Master at the New England Music Festi- val at Hyannis this year and sin- cerely hope that he will make good at Boston University where he will further his study of music. Class Executive Committee 131: Iazz Orchestra 11. 2. 3, 41: Or- chestra 1l, 2, 3, 41: New England Music Festival 141: Operetta Ac- companist 11, 2, 3, 41: Musico-D.ra- matic Club 121: State Competition Play 13, 41. DYLLIS HANNAH Dyllis is a friend to everyone and a most popular member of our class. She is a good student as well as a fine sport. Har per- sonality and cheerful disposition will always help her in future years. As an artist she has great ability, as an athlete she excels. and when Dyllis enters the R. I. School of Design in the fall. all our best wishes go with her. "Reminder" 13, 41: "Warwick- ite" 13. 41: Press Club 131: Oper- etta 13, 41: Masquers 11, 2, 3. 41: Senior Play: Promptress, One-Act Play 121: Property Mistress. State Com etition Plary 141: Cheer Leadper 141: Gym xhibltlon 12. 3, 41: Girls' Golf Club 13. 41: Riding Club 121: Girls' Leaders' Corps 13, 41: Treasurer 141: Interclass Soccer 13, 41: Interclass Basket- ball 13, 41: Interclass Hockei141: Interclass Volleyball 141: . I. Honor Society. 1671 MILDRED IOSLIN HANTON Mildred's soft touch on the piano in the orchestra will cer- tainly be missed. She has been with us for four years and will be with us, in memory, that and many more. She is demure and a little lady throughout. Mildred deserves credit for winning sev- eral typing awards and with her fine scholastic ability she will surely succeed at Bryant Col- lege. 'Warwickite" 141: Iazz Orches- tra 141: Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41: Operetta Accompanist 11, 2, 3. 41: Musico-Dramatic Club 121: Masquers 141: Senior Play. ANNA PAULINE I-IEALEY What! An introduction? Surely Anna doesn't need one for every- one knows this little blonde miss who is seldom seen without her pal, "Lucy", When you first meet her you think she is quiet, but wait awhile and vou'll promptly change your mind. We are sure she will be welcome in R. I. Hospital, where she will make many patients happy with her sweet disposition and sparkling eyes. "Reminder" 141: Glee Club 111: Operetta 11, 31: Musico-Dramatic Club 121: Masquers 12, 3, 41: Gym glihibition 121: Girls' Golf Club IAMES FRANCIS HENNIGAN Well! Well! Here is Lockwood's star hurdler and high jumper. Iimmy did not go out for sports until half way through his high school career, but he has con- tributed much to the track team in the last two years. His athletic ability has won for him several "L's" and much fame. His plans for next year are indefinite, but whatever they are, Jimmy will certainly succeed in carrying them out. Interclass Basketball 131: In- door Track 12, 3, 41: Outdoor Track 12, 3, 41: Iunior Varsity Esotball 111: Varsity Basketball HERBERT WILMOT HOPKINS "Iake" is a studious and lik- able chap who has done well during his four year stay at Lockwood. Being tall, he is one of the finest basketball players we have, besides one of the best dressed seniors. He is musical and plays the violin. "lake" plans to study Business Adminstration in its more advanced stages. Orchestra 11, 2, 3. 41: Masquers 111: Gsm Exhibition 11, 21: Inter- class asketball 111: Varsity Bas- ketball 141. - - THE REMINDER - - CAROLYN MAE IOHNSON Carolyn is a charter member ot our class and has always been exceedingly popular. She is always ready to help her care- free friends in any difficulty. and is forever willing to transport her tellow students in her car, whether it be interscholastic con- tests or picture-taking. Much credit should be given Carolyn for her outstanding work in ath- letics. Class Executive Committee 111: Aviation Club 121: Operetta 141: Cheer Leader 141: Gym Exhibi- tion 1l, 3, 41: Girls' Leaders' Corgs 13, 41: Girls' Golf Club 13, 41: irls' Track 13. 41: Riding Club 11, 21: Swimming Club 121: Tennis Club 12, 3, 41 Tennis 13, 41: Inter- class Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41: In- terclass Soccer 11, 2, 3, 41: Inter- class Hockey 12, 41: Interclass Volleyball 11, 2, 41: Interclass Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41: All Star Bas- ketball 13, 41. SIGRID LOUISA IOHNSON Another of our little blonde misses is Sigrid, demure, quiet, and well-liked by all who know her. She is one of our many classmates who is deeply inter- ested in dressmaking. Sigrid's hobbies range from swimming to skating. She also is a sport en- thusiast but plans to become a secretary after she bids Lock- wood "farewell." "Reminder" 141: Home Econom- ics Club 141: Musico-Dramatic Club 121: Masquers 11, 2, 41: Gym Exhibition 121: Interclass Soccer 141: Interclass Hockey 141. HAROLD CLAYTON IONES A combination of modest ideas and quiet disposition has gained for Harold a host of friends. The "Masquers" and the various play coaches would not know what to do without Harold, for he has been one of the most faithful and most capable stage managers that Lockwood has ever had. With his many assets Harold has become popular throughout the school, and if ever a dependable friend is needed you can always find one in "Ionesv " "Reminder" 141: Aviation Club 111: Radio Club 121: Stage Man- ager, Operetta 131: Masquers 12, 3, 41: Stage Manager, Senior Play: Stage Manager, One-Act Play 12, 3. 41. IRVING TILLINGHAST IONES Here is Irving, one quiet but fine lad. He never reveals his plans and seems to believe in keeping things to himself. By his subjects we know that he is very much interested in agriculture. Irving's success is virtually as- sured and with regret we bid him farewell. Gym Exhibition 11, 21. 1681 ROBERT IOI-IN KEACI-I "Bob" is one of the more quiet boys of our class. During his four years here, he has made many friends among his classmates. Bob's activities here have in- cluded sports and class commit- tee work, but his chief interest is outside. With his fine personality and ability to be a gentleman at all times, his career will surely be a fine one. Class Executive Committee 131: Good Will 131: lnterclass Basket- ball 111: Iunior Varsity Basket- ball 11, 21: Varsity Baseball 131: Iunior Varsity Baseball 11, 21. IOHN EMIL KEENZEL Iohn's personality has carried him far. One only has to look at his record of activities to see that he has been one of our more popular class members. His abil- ity in track has often put Lock- wood out in front. Iohn's ambi- tion will probably be fulfilled because of his happy-go-lucky personality. Class Executive Committee 13, 41: Home Room Representative 121: General Organization 13, 41. President 141: Debating Club 13. 41: President 141: Operetta 13, 41: Athletic Association 13, 41: Vice President 131: Gym Exhibition 11, 21: Captain, Interclass Basketball 13, 41, Cross Country 12, 3, 41, Captain 141: Indoor Track 12, 3, 41: Outdoor Track 12, 3, 41. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH KELLEY We'll always remember Vir- ginia as President of the Home Economics Club and as the lead- er of the courtesy campaign. She is one of the neatest as well as best-dressed girls in our Senior class. Virginia has unusual ability in sewing but does not stick to the indoors entirely for she is a true Lockwoodite and may be seen at all our games. besides playing hockey and bas- ketball herself. She is one of the few in the class of '37 planning to enter the Katharine Gibbs School. "Reminder" 13, 41: Home Eco- nomics Club 13, 41: Vice President 131, President 141: Masquers 12, 3, 41: Girls' Golf Club 12, 31: Girls' Track 3: Tennis Club 131: Inter- class Soccer 131: Interclass Bas- ketball 12, 3, 41: lnterclass Hock- GY 141. EVELYN CECELIA KENNY "Miss Kenny!" Evelyxn raises her face and tries to loo serious. But outside of an occasional laughing fit, Evelyn is a worker and throughout her four years at Lockwood she has received ex- cellent marks. Evelyn has had much success i.n all sports and is a valuable member of the Girls' Leaders' Corps. There's not a person in the Senior class who won't remember Kenny and her perpetual smile. Don't you see that great big dimple? Gym Exhibition 13, 41: Girls' Leaders' Corps 12, 3, 41: Secre- tary 13. 41: Girls' Golf Club 13, 41: Girls' Track 13, 41: Interclass Soc- cer 1l, 2, 3, 41: Interclass Basket- ball 1l, 2, 3, 41: Interclass Hockey 12, 41: Interclass Volleyball 11, Z, 41: Interclass Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41: All Star Basketball 13, 41. NINETEEN Tl-IIRTY SEVEN RAYMOND IOSEPH KING "Ray" is one of the lads whom we see only during school. But to make up for this, he has manv outside interests. He is well liked and has made many friends here in the past four years. "Ray" doesn't take school very seriously but iust goes along in a happy-co-luckv manner all of his own, We wish for you a great deal of luck, "Ray," in years to come. MARY ELLENA LaPOLI.A Bright dark eyes and a charm- ing smile add to Mary's person- ality. She came to us from Crans- ton, and soon became interested in Lockwood and its activities, especially sports such as Hockey and Soccer. Mary is never with- out one of her pals and seems to get the most out of life and every- thing she does. At present Bry- ant College is her next destina- tion. Good Will 141: "Reminder" 141: Home Economics Club 141: Inter- class Soccer 131: Interclass Hock- ey 141. LEO IOSEPH LeBEAU Although small, "Frenchy," as he is called, is one of the best looking boys in the Class of '37. His readiness for all good times and mischievous smile will never be forgotten. Wasn't Leo cute as the little school boy in "Nathan Hale"? His many friends certain- ly indicate his popularity and clever wit I "Reminder" 141: Stamp Club 121: Masquers 12, 41: Senior Play: Gym Exhibition 121: Interclass Basketball 131: Indoor Track 121. EDWIN MITCHELL LILLIBRIDGE During his two years with us, "Ed" has made many fine rec- ords as well as earning letters in Cross Country. What would the basketball team do without Ed? Although we have not heard Ed's pans for the future, we hope that he is skyrocketed to fame as quickly as he runs across the country. Gym Exhibition 11, 21: Gym Club 11, 21: Interclass Basketball 11, 2, 31: Interclass Baseball 11, 21: Cross Country 13, 41: Indoor Track 141: Iunior Varsit Football 111: Varsity Basketball 141: Junior Varsity Baseball 131: Emergency Corps 141. l69l VIRGINIA EVELYN LOCKWOOD Virginia is the sweetest girl that any class could wish lor. There isn't anyone who doesn't find a place in "Pep's" list ot triends. "Pep" is active in the Good Will, Leaders' Corps and sports. We hear that her heart interest centers around a blonde at Brown. "Pep" plans to com- lete her education at Teller Funior College. Class Executive Committee 131: Secretary-Treasurer, Good Will 141: "Reminder" 141: "Warwick- ite" 131: Home Economics Club 13. 41: Girls' Leaders' Corps 12. 3, 41: Girls' Golf Club 131: Girls' Track 13. 41: Riding Club 11. 21: Swim- ming Club 121: Tennis Club 13, 41: Tennis 13, 41: Interclass Basket- ball 131: Gym Exhibition 141. ROSE IOAN LOMBARDI Efiervescent is the adjective to describe Rose. This care-free qirl has been very active in the Home Economics Club, and her sewing has been an inspiration to the underclassmen. Rose, with her natural wavy hair and cheery smile is a very popular girl. We feel certain that there will be a place for Rose to till in the business world aiter grad- uation and that success will be hers. "Reminder" 13, 41: Home Eco- nomics Club 13, 41, Secretary 131, Social Chairman 141: Masquers 12, 3. 41: Interclass Soccer 131: Interclass Basketball 12, 31. HOWARD STRONG MACREADING, IR. Just call him "Bud." That will be enough. We all know him be- cause of his fine disposition. "Bud" is a prominent member of our Track and Cross Country Teams and seems interested in all our class activities. With these qualities, he is sure to be one of Lockwood's best alumni. Stamp Club 121: Gym Exhibi- tion 121: Interclass Basketball 131: Indoor Track 12, 3, 41: Junior Var- sity Football 121. IAMES HENRY MAHER Jimmy is an excellent all-round athlete. He was one of Lock- wood's best baseball pitchers as well as a fine high-scoring tor- ward on the basketball team. Besides his sport interest he en- Joys dancing and he is one of the girls' favorite partners. Rhode Island State will certainly be getting a bundle of pep and vitality when Jimmy arrives on the campus next year. Agricultural Club 11, 21: Glee Club 111: Masquers 141: Gym Ex- hibition 1l, 2, 3, 41: Interclass Soccer 11. 2, 31: Cross Country 111: Iunior Varsity Football 11, 21 Varsity Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41, Cavtain 141: Varsity Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41: Emergency Corps 141. ' - THE REMINDER - - CHARLES HENRY MAIN, Ill "Charlie" is an earnest and untiring worker: whether it be math. ' Warwickitef' class Presi- dent, "Reminder," or Track, he never tails to do his duty. Our Junior class President and Senior class Vice-President has certain- ly made a record for himself. Class President 131: Class Vice- President 141: Class Executive Committee 12, 3, 41: Home Room Representative 121: General Or- ganization 12. 3, 41: Good Will 13. 41. President 141: Circulation Man- ager. Compiling Editor. "Re- minder" 141: "Warwickite" 13, 41, Sports Editor 141: Aviation Club 111: Gym Exhibition 121: Interclass Basketball 141: Indoor Track 12, 3, 41: Outdoor Track 12, 3, 41: Junior Varsity Football 121: Junior Varsity Baseball 121: R. I. Honor Society, Rhode Island Associa- tion of Secondary School Coun- cils 13, 41, Vice-President 141. MAVIS BEATRICE MANLEY Mavis is a quiet, sweet and lovable girl. She is one of our H students besides being an ardent sport fan. Mavis is a mem- ber oi the Girls' Leaders' Corps and plays hockey. soccer and baseball. With all these interests and her pleasing disposition, Mavis will surely be a fine teacher for some lucky pupils. "Reminder" 141: Masquers 141: Girls' Leaders' Corps 141: Inter- class Soccer 13, 41: Interclass Bas- ketball 131: Interclass Hockev 141: Interclass Baseball 13, 41: R. I. Honor Society. JAMES IRVING MANNING Being tull of pep and enthusi- asm. "Iimmy" has gained the acknowledgment ot all. His ex- cellent cartoons for the school paper have brought him the popularity that only we can ap- preciate. Besides his accomplish- ments in the line oi art, "Jimmy" is also a sport fan and attends every game. He is always iull of fun and guarantees his friends a good time. He intends to follow the art of cartooning and with the knowledge he has already acquired, he is bound to succeed. "Reminder" 11, 21: "Warwick- ite" 13, 41: Ooeretta 141: Gym Ex- hibition 1l, 21: Hockey 131: Indoor Erick 11, 21: Outdoor Track 1, LEONA VANCE MAYOR Have you ever noticed a cer- tain little brunette miss hurrying through the corridors? If so, it was probably Vance. Although she looks quite bashful, those who know her will tell you a dif- ferent story. Vance's pleasing personality, willingness to help others, and genial disposition have made a host of friends lor her during her sojourn at Lock- wood. "Reminder" 141: Home Econom- ics Club 141: Swimming Club 121. l70l GEORGE WESTCOTT MCALPINE It we remember anyone from the Class of 1937, it will be West' cott or "Mac." He is one of the main strings on our orchestra and who can forget his excellent acting? Class Executive Committee 141: "Reminder" 141: Debating Club 121: Iazz Orchestra 11. 2, 3, 41: Orchestra 11. 2. 3, 41: Operetta Accompanist 11, 2, 31: Operetta 141: Musico-Dramatic 121: Mas- quers 11, 2. 3, 41, Treasurer 141: Senior Play: Senior Play Reading Committee: One-Act Play 11, 2, 31, Stage Manager 1117 State Competition Play 13, 41: Thanksgiving Play 12, 41: Christ- mas Play 1l, 21: Gym Exhibition 11, 21: R. I. Honor Society. GORDON MILTON MCCLEAN Gordon is one of the gifts to the young ladies. With his smile and charming personality, how could he help being attractive? Have you heard Gordon sing? He not only sings, but acts and takes snapshots-good ones too. Gor- don plans to further his educa- tion at R. I. State College. Good Will 141: "Reminder" 141: Glee Club 11, 2, 41: New England Musical Festival 141: Operetta 11, 2, 3. 41: Musico-Dramatic Club 121: Masquers 11, 2, 3, 41: Class Sec- retary 141: Senior Play: One-Act Play 11, 21: State Competition Play 13, 41: Thanksgiving Play 141: Gym Exhibition 1l, 21: Tennis 141: Golf 141. THOMAS ANTONY MCKEEVER "Mac" is a joyful, ruddy- cheeked, and mischievous class- mate. He is always readv for a good time and knows how to make one, too. Although full of high spirits, he can be serious at times. The combination of these two qualities will probably carry him a long way. You can tell that he is popular and well-liked by the above description of him. Agricultural Club 13, 41: Gym Exhibition 111: Tennis 111: Iunior Varsity Football 111: Emergency ggarps 141: Arbor Day Program EARL LINDEN MCLEOD Here we have the villain of "Once in a Blue Moon." Don't call him Earl. call him "Mac." He has an answer for everything. When asked where he would continue his education. he re- plied, "Grammar School." How- ever, it is believed that he will continue in a Trade School. Earl is forever interested in the for- tunes of Lockwood and is cer- tainly cm A-l booster man. Operetta 131: Masquers 141: Senior Play: Gym Exhibition 121: Outdoor Track 131: Varsity Foot- ball 141. NINETEEN Tl-IIRTY SEVEN if LEON ERNEST MOBERG Leon is another of our tall Sen- iors. How he does love those experiments in chemistry! Al- though quiet, he is popular with all, and never tails to have a good time. May you be as suc- cessful in your career as you are in chemistry experiments. Debating Club 111. ELIZABETH MARIE MORAN "Betty" has been with us only one year but in this short time she has made numerous friends. and her pleasing personality is known throughout the school. She has quite a bit of talent for drawing4especially pictures of boys. Hope High certainly gave us a cheerful worker when they sent us "Betty". CHARLES CORNELIUS MURPHY We gladly received Charles from La Salle in our Senior year, and certainly don't regret it. "Charlie" is never seen without a smile which indicates his good disposition and fine sense of humor. His favorite subiect is typing and at present he is a member of the Bayside Volunteer Fire Company. Emergency Corps 141. RUTH LEMAN MURRAY Behold! Look whom we have here! Why, it is our own "I-lu'h- ie." She is one of the girls who makes the world resound with her delightful peals of laughter. She possesses that trait wh .ch is the envy of many Lockwood girls -v"The skin you love to touch." We are sure Ruth will brinq hap- piness to mary patients at the Homeopathic ospital. "Reminder" 141: Glee Club 141: Operetta 141: Swimming Club 121: Interclass Soccer 11, 41: Interclass Basketball 1l, 21: Interclass Hock- ey 141: Interclass Baseball 111. l71l HELEN DOROTHY NELSON Helen and Siqrid are always seen together. When one is with- out the other, it is usually be- cause of illness. Their friendship is one which should readily be admired. Although quiet at times, Helen is a friend whom no one would want to lose and is con- sidered one of the most ladvlike qirls in the class. Helen wishes to become a stenoqraoher and enter the business world. "Reminder" 141: Home Econom- ics Club 141: Musico-Dramatic Club 141: Masquers 11, 2, 41: Gvm Exhibition 11, 21: Interclass Soc- cer 141: Interclass Basketball 141: Interclass Hockey 141. EDWARD GERALD O'BRIEN What a thrill the girls received when "Ierry" came to us two years ago from La Salle! He has been one of the biggest assets any Senior class could possibly wish for. His talents go from dramatics and football to Adver- tising Manager of the "Remind- er." We hear that he sings a little, too. Next fall he will enter Providence Colleqe and further his chances for a brilliant future. Class Executive Committee 141: Advertising Manager. "Remind- er" 141: "Warwickite" 13, 41: Op- eretta 13, 41: Masauers 13, 41: Senior Play: One-Act Play 141: State Competition Play 13, 41: President. Athletic Association 141: Hockey 13, 41: Varsitv Foot- ball 13, 41: Varsity Baseball 13, 41. ANASTASIA LUCY PAPA "Annie" is a charming miss whom you rarely see without a smile. She has a great many "pals" and is never seen alone. "Annie" is a quiet individual al- ways working persistently and cheerfully. She is fond of all sports and can be seen as a member of almost all the inter- class teams. We know that "Annie" will make good as a hairdresser. "Reminder" 141: Home Econom- ics Club 141: Masquers 141: Gym Exhibition 121: Interclass Soccer 141: Interclass Basketball 141: In- terclass Hockey 141: Interclass Baseball 121. VINCENT ANDREW PAYNE Who is the popular fellow who can always be found around school with a camera under his arm? Why. it's none other than "Vin," Lockwood's outstanding Eagle Scout. We understand that "Vin" is planninq on entering the field of photography after graduation and that he is also skilled in Art Metal work. Good luck to the president of our new- ly formed Emergency Corps, a member of our class who has done a great deal for the welfare of our school! "Reminder" 141: "Warwickite" 141: Gym Exhibition 12, 41: Inter- class Basketball 141: Interclass Baseball 141: Manager, Varsity Basketball 131: President, Emer- gency Corps 141. - -THE RE MINDER -- WALLACE IOHN PEACOCK "Wally" is a fine fellow with sensible ideas, a genial person- ality, and a sense of humor that is never carried too far. He seems be everybody's friend and has the knack of getting along with all ---- an excellent trait. "Wally's" interests lie mostly out of school but he is also a qenuine supporter of the Senior Class. Masquers 141: Senior Play. EARLE MAGNUS PEARSON Behold! This young chap with the cheerful smile is none other than our well known class mis- chief maker. Earle is always ready for a good time and can be found as a leader wherever there is plenty of noise and con- fusion. By this activity list, we see that he is fond of sinqinq and music. He has no definite Dlan for the future, but we feel that his aims will be hiah. Band 13. 41: Glee Club 11, 3. 41: Ooeretta 11, 3, 41: Interclass Bas- ketball 131: Varsity Football 13, 41: Junior Varsity Football 11, 21. IAMES ANTONY PETTINE We were indeed lucky in claiming Iames as a member of our class upon enterinq Lock- wood from La Salle during his Iunior year. Iimmy specializes in poetry and has written many poems himself. He is one-half of the only brother and sister com- bination in our class. His per- serverance and many talents will carry him through Provi- dence College. "Reminder" 141: Debating Club 141: Glee Club 13, 41: Operetta 141: Masquers 141. MARY ANN PETTINE Mary is one of Lockwood's best natured girls and there isn't anyone who hasn't some qood points as far as Mary is con- cerned. She is always jolly and the life of the locker room. Her two weaknesses are foreign lan- guages and music. Next year she hopes to be a student at R. I. C. E. "Reminder" 13, 41: "Warwick- ite" 141: Debating Club 141: Press Club 121: Glee Club 12. 41: Oner- etta 4: Masauers 12, 41: Interclass Soccer 11, 21: Interclass Hockey 141: Interclass Volleyball 141: ln- terclass Baseball 141. E721 CHARLES LEWIS PHILLIPS. IR. Meet "Charlie," one of Lock- wood's best dressed boys. "Char- lie" is a tall blonde whom many of the girls smile on with favor but, no, theym receive no encour- agement w atever. Well. you have lenty of time, "Charlie." "Charlie's" activities are con- cerned mainly with Cross Coun- try. Sometime in the future we will hear about Charles as a physician which will bring to us the picture of a ruddy-cheeked lad in a stunning gray Plymouth on his way to Lockwood! Gym Exhibition 11. 21: Tennis Tournaments 13, 41: Finals 131: Cross Country 131: Outdoor Track 141: Iunior Varsity Baseball 131. EDWARD FRANKLIN PHILLIPS "Eddie" is another Senior with many fine pals and who is al- ways ready for a good time. He is the magician of our class. and many times he has entertained us with his baffling tricks and mysteries. "Ed" also has another interest, P. A. D. for he hopes to study law. In a few years, we will certainly know who to go to when in trouble. "Warwickite" 141: Masquers 131: Gym Exhibition 11, 2. 31: In- terclass Basketball 131: Iunior Varsity Baseball 131: Emergency Corps 141. ELLA LOUISE READ Ella is the little girl whom you always hear giggling with her inseparable friend Marion. She is ever cheerful and seems to make everyone laugh with her. She, like her chum. Marion, loves gym and all the sports that go with it. Her future is to be spent in the business world. "Reminder" 141: "Warwickite" 141: Debating Club 141: Operetta 141: Masquers 12, 3, 41: Girls' Leaders' Corps 141: Girls' Golf Club 131: Girls' Track 131: Tennis Club 12, 31: Interclass Soccer 11, 2. 31: Interclass Basketball 1l. 2. 31: Interclass Hockey 131: Inter- class Volleyball 12. 31: Interclass Baseball 11, 2, 31. DOROTHY AGNES REARDON "Dot" is a loyal rooter for Lockwood and a friend to every- one. Iust to watch her smile is indication enough of her iun- loving disposition. Although one of our better students, her inter- ests do not pertain entirely to school, for her outside activities are many. Dot's perpetual smile will always drive away our blues and will bring her much luck as well. "Reminder" 141: Home Econom- ics Club 13. 41, Vice-President 131: Operetta 13, 41: Masguers 13, 41: Senior Play. NINETEEN Tl-IIRTY SEVEN BERTA RENOLDS "Berta" is a fine combination of sweetness. fun. and perser- verance. Although small in stat- ure, her personality seems to stand out wherever she may go. Her extra-curricular activities in- clude mostly sports and she cer- tainly is an aid to every team. Her sweet disposition and jolly mannerisms will help her a great deal in succeeding after she leaves Lockwood. "Warwickite" 121: Interclass Soccer 12, 31: Interclass Basket- gall 12, 31: Interclass Baseball 2, MARIE BLANCHE MADELEINE RICHARD Blanche is one of the youngest members of our class, as well as the brightest, and most popular. Dramatics, athletics, and class secretary are outstanding activ- ities which Blanche has under- taken. Class Secretary-Treasurer 13. 41: Class Executive Committee 13, 41: General Organization 13, 41: Secretary 141: Good Will 131: "Re- minder" 12, 41: Photo Editor 141: Home Economics Club 141: Cafe- teria 141: New England Music Festival 141: Operetta 13, 41: Mas- quers 12, 3, 41, President 141: Sen- ior Play: Senior Plav Reading Committee: One-Act Play 12, 31: Thanksgiving Plav 141: Christmas Play 121: Athletic Association 131: Gym Exhibition 12, 3, 41: Girls' Leaders' Corps 13. 41: Girls' Golf Club 13, 41: Girls' Track 13, 41: Tennis Club 13, 41: Interclass Soc- cer 12, 3, 41: Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 41: Interclass Hockey 12, 3, 41: Interclass Volleyball 12, 41: Interclass Baseball 12, 3, 41: R. I. Honor Society, State Competition Play 141. KARL ROBERT RITTMANN "Bob" came to us this year and in the short time that he has been with us, he has made a remarkable lot of friends. His ready wit cmd flashy smile never fail to make him attractive to all. He has much talent in the way of Art, and will always be remem- bered for his wonderful poster work as well as an outstanding athlete on the gridiron. "Warwickite" 141: Tennis 141: Varsity Football 141. DORIS MABEL ROBARGE Here is one girl who knows how to don a smile and keep it on. Doris is our champion H re- ceiver as well as Editor-in-Chief of that splendid paper, the "War- wickite. ' Doris never fails to bring it out on time and we cer- tainly offer her our congratula- tions for her excellent work. If she keeps doinq this kind of work, throughout life, she can never know failure. "Warwickite" 11, 2. 3, 41. Ed- itor-in-Chief 141: Aviation Club 121: Gym Exhibition 121: Tennis Club 131: R. I. Honor Society. l73l LOUISE ROSE SHERMAN Here is Louise, a tall blonde, who hopes that some day she will become a stenographer. She is a lover of all sports and a real prize on any team. We will never forget her fine portrayal of "Mrs. Knowlton" in the Senior Play. It is a girl like Louise that any class is fond of having for a member. Masquers 11, 41: Senior Play: Gym Exhibition 121: Girls' Golf Club 13, 41: Interclass Hockey 141: Interclass Baseball 131. GORDON STUART SMITH Another of our diligent lads from Oakland Beach is Gordon. His accomplishments in dramat- ics, especially "Jasper" in the Senior Play, will always be re- membered. "Smithy" is well- liked by everyone-classmates and teachers, and is a genuine sport fan. He has found success at Lockwood, which with his am- bition, will continue. "Reminder" 13, 41: Sports Edi- itor 141: Debating Club 111: Mas- auers 11, 2, 3, 41: Senior Play: Thanksgiving Play: Christmas Play 121: Gym Exhibition 11, 21: Cross Country 12, 41. WILLIAM RALSTON SOMERVILLE, IR. Bill is cr care-free likeable fel- low who can be easily judged by his large number of friends. He is a good actor and a member of the Masquers, besides being a track man. With his combina- tion of personality and humor, he is attractive to everyone, but above all, the girls. "Reminder" 13, 41: Radio Club 121: Operetta 141: Masquers 11, 41: Senior Play: Thanksqivinq Play 141: Gym Exhibition 11, 21: Cross Country 2: Indoor Track 13, 41: Outdoor Track 12, 3, 41: Varsity Football 131. . -fm FLORENCE GRAYCE SPELMAN Here is "Spelly," the lite of any gym period. She is not noisy but has just enough pep and has a cheerful nature, which has won her many true friends. "Spe1ly" has not decided just what she wants to do but per- haps she will fill some qloomy office with plenty of sunshine. Home Economics Club 13, 41: Gym Exhibition 111. - - THE REMINDER - - WILLIAM EDWARD SPENCER, IR. Here's a boy whom we know very little about but we do how- ever realize that he is a very capable worker and a fine Lock- woodite. Bill's friends are many which shows that he has an at- tractive personality, his disposi- tion is ever cheerful, and his appearance is always that of cr neat and orderly fellow. With these favorable characteristics "Bill" is promised a most bril- liant future. HAROLD DAVIDSON STANI-IOPE Harold is our star swimmer and holds many fine records. He specializes in the back stroke and is a member of the Olney- ville Boys' Swimming Club. He is also a lover of all fun and is never seen without his smile which, when seen, is a sure indi- cation of the good time that is to follow. Swimming 141: Competed in Swimming Events, representing Lockwood. PHYLLIS ARDYTI-I STAVELEY Here we have one of the quiet- est and sweetest girls of the Sen- ior Class. In the cafeteria she provides us with humor while we eat. If anything is to be borrowed or a favor done. we always go to Phyl. You will never find her without her home work complete, and if she enters Rhode Island State in the fall, State College will be gaining one of the sin- cerest and most dependable girls ever graduated from Lockwood. Home Economics 13. 41: Gym Exhibition 121: R. I. Honor Society. BRENTON LESLIE SUNDEBLAND "Brent" has made many friends during his four years at Lock- wood, and will continue making friends for years to come. One of his favorite pastimes is writing plays, for which he has great ability. "Brent" plans to go to Bryant College and from there he hopes to become a Iournalist. We wish you luck, "Brent," and do not doubt but what you will succeed. "Reminder" 111: Masquers 141: Senior Play. 1741 IOHN I USTIN TRAMONTI Iohn is the grandest friend that any Senior could wish for. He is interested in track and cross- country work and is a valuable member of our team. Who can forget Iohn as the dashing sol- dier with the puffy white wig which he portrayed so well in "Nathan Hale"? Radio Club 121: Masquers 141: Senior Play: Cross Country 131: Indoor Track 141. RONALD SOWDEN VAUGI-IN Ronald is the blonde whom we see drivin around in a black roadster. lgle is another of our fine class members hailing from Greenwood. "Ronnie" holds quite a place in the lite of the female Lockwoodites and his romances are as numerous as the days are long. Another member of the art class, he plans to continue his highly commended work by attending the Rhode Island School of Design. "Reminder" 141: Masquers 141: Gym Exhibition 11, 21: lnterclass Basketball 131: Cross Country 131. RAYONA PEARL VICKERY "Ray" was with us for two years, then visited Aldrich for a year, but she just had to return and graduate with her Lockwood pals. We know her last year will never be forgotten, for here she has had many good times and her fine character has graced the class, making her one of the qirls whom we will remember the longest. Her one ambition is to become a successful stenog- ragher. ome Economics Club 141: Gym Exhibition 12, 41: Girls' Leaders' Corps 141. IAMES IOSEPH VOELKEL "Iimmy" is the Senior who gets such a kick out of teasing all the girls. He is never seen without a smile or is it sometimes a grin? His title. "The Noisiest Boy in the Class," is certainly not one to be ashamed of tor it only further illustrates his iovial personality and care-free dispo- sition, We Seniors regard "Iim- my" as a perfect example of a fun-loving pal. Glee Club 121: Operetta 12, 3, 41: Musico-Dramatic Club 121: Gym Exhibition 121: lnterclass Basketball 13, 41: Indoor Track 12, 3, 41: Outdoor Track 12, 3, 41: Varsity Football 13, 41. NINETEEN THIRTY SEVEN LOUISE MARY WATERMAN Louise is one of our fun-loving classmates whose supply of smiles never seems to run out. This added to her sweet disposi- tion and willingness to help oth- ers has won her many friends. It is needless to say that Louise's cheery smile will brighten some- body's office and make her a success. "Reminder" 141: Operetta 131: Musico-Dramatic Club 121: Mas- quers 12, 3, 41: Gym Exhibition 121: Girls' Golf Club 121. THOMAS EDGAR WHELAN, IR. "Tommy" is the care-free fel- low who is so often heard sing- ing in the corridors. He is our star acrobat and his daring stunts cause many to hold their breath in awe. Besides his gym work he is quite fond of the girls and a most popular member of any oang. "Warwickite" 141: Masquers 141: Senior Play: Gvm Exh-bition 12, 31: lnterclass Basketball 13, 41: lnterclass Baseball 131: Out- door Track 13, 41: Iunior Varsity Football 121. FLORENCE LOUISE WHITMARSH Florence or "Tootie," as she is known to her classmates, is an exceed.ngly popular girl. She is outstanding in athletics as well as being agood student. "Tootie" is one girl which we will never forget and "Tootie's" smile and giggle will live forever in the hearts of Lockwood's Alumni of 1937. Iust read the activity list. Class Vice President 1.11: Class Executive Committee 13, 41: Gen- eral Organizatron 12, 3, 41: Good Will 12. 3. 41: Cafexerra 131: Mas- quers 13, 41: Senior Play: Thanks- giving Play 131: Athletic Associa- tron 141: C eer Leader 141: Gym Exhibition 11, 2, 3, 41: Girls' Leaders' Corps 12, 3, 41, Presi- dent 141: Girls' Golf Club 13, 41: Girls' Track 13, 41: Tennis Club 13. 41: Tennis 11, 2, 3, 41: Inter- class Soccer 11, 2, 3, 41: lnterclass Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41: lnterclass Hockey 11, 2, 3, 41: lnterclass Volleyball 12, 41: lnterclass Base- ball 12, 3, 41: All Star Basketball 13, 41: R. I. Honor Society. MARION IRENE WILCOX Here is Marion, the second halt of the Read and Wilcox Co. She is a good student as she is an athlete. Besides these talents she is an active debater and often helps her team score a victory. Marion is also interested in dra- matics and will always be re- membered as the fine nurse in "Thank You. Doctor." "Reminder" 141: "Warwickite" 141: Debating Club 141: Cafeteria 141: Operetta 141: Masquers 12, 3, 41: One-Act Pray 131: Gym Exhi- bition 12. 3, 41: Girls' Leaders' Corps 141: Girls' Golf Club 131: Girls' Track 131: Tennis Club 12, 31: lnterclass Soccer 12, 3, 41: lnterclass Basketball 12, 3, 41: lnterclass Hockey 141: lnterclass Volleyball 12. 41: lnterclass Base- ball 12, 3, 41: All Star Basketball 13, 41: Banking 141. l75l IOSEPH BERNARD WILKINSON Introducing Ioe, the likeable and jovial student we all know him to be. I-le is always lull of fun and loves to have a good time. With his happy-go-lucky disposition he will Drobablv con- tinue makini even more friends and thus ma e a success of him- sell. Ioseph has proven himself a worthy member of Lockwood by joining the newly organized Emergency Corps. "Reminder" 141: Masquers 141: Senior Play: Gym Exhibition 121: Iunior Varsity Baseball 131: Emergency Corps 141. RUTH RITA WILLIAMS Let us present to you another of Lockwood's dancing girls. Ruth is certainly at ease on any ball- room iloor. She is one oi our more attractive girls and her lovely black eyes cause many male hearts to llutter. Her one great ambition is to become a school teacher and we sincerely hope that this will be possible. "Reminder" 141: Home Econom- ics Club 141: Librarian: Caieteria 141: Operetta. WILLIAM FRANCIS I OSEPH WILSON Do you hear someone laugh- ing? Don't be alarmed. It is just Billy having some fun 1as usual1. However, he has his serious mo- ments too as our left forward on the basketball team. Billy likes Latin, but his favorite subject is French. Ask him about it some- time. It you want to have a good time. folks, invite Billy up. Varsity Basketball 131: Iunior Varsity Basketball 121. ALICE MURIEL WOOD Quiet and reserved in manner is Alice. She had taken part in our last two Operettas and is an active member ot the voice class. She can always be seen walking through the corridors with her iriend Mary. Her future career will be greatly aided by her ability to remain "calm." cool and collected under any circum- stances. Home Economics Club 13. 41: Glee Club 111: Operetta 13, 41: Masquers 141: Gym Exhibition 11. 21: Interclass Hockey 121. - - THE REMINDER ' - GILBERT WILLIAM WOOD Gilbert has certainly grown up. It doesn't seem possible that he is now a Senior. He is quiet and a little bashful until You reallv know him and then how he changes. I am sure that all the Lockwoodites wish him a success as a business man in the big world which confronts him. i761 WHO'S WHO IN THE CLASS OF 1937 IDEAL LOCKWOODITE ....4..,.,,.4. Iohn Budlong GIRL WHO DID MOST FOR THE CLASS Blanche Richard BOY WHO DID MOST FOR THE CLASS Charles Main GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Phyllis Arnold BOY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Charles Main MOST POPULAR GIRL . Florence Whitmarsh MOST POPULAR BOY ..,.,,...... .....,. I ohn Budlong BEST GIRL STUDENT BEST BOY STUDENT. BEST GIRL ATHLETE BEST BOY ATHLETE .....,,..... BEST LOOKING GIRL, ...... . BEST LOOKING BOY ...,44....,, CUTEST GIRL II.....,,, .....,, .Phyllis Arnold ...Charles Main Florence Whitmarsh Bertram Brown .Virginia Lockwood ,, IGera1d O'Brien Dorothy Reardon CUTEST BOY ..,,,......., ...... ......,...... ............. .... L e o L eBeau MOST DEPENDABLE GIRL .. .... Phyllis Arnold MOST DEPENDABLE BOY. ,.I...,,.. Charles Main BEST DRESSED GIRL ...................... Phyllis Arnold BEST DRESSED BOY ..... . ...,.. Westcott McAlpine NEA TEST GIRL ...... ...... ..,,....,,... B l anche Richard NEATEST BOY ...... . ... ....,,.....,, Iohn Buchart BEST ACTRESS ...,.......... Blanche Richard l77l BEST ACTOR ............. ....,.,. ..... MOST MUSICAL GIRL MOST MUSICAL BOY ...... .... Westcott McAlpine Mildred Hanton .Thomas Hampton BEST GIRL DANCER I.......... .....,.II.. Y vonne Guenet BEST BOY DANCER ..r........,,,r..I.......... Harold Coffill BEST NATURED GIRL... Florence Whitmarsh BEST NATURED BOY .I..I,,VV ,.....,,,, S tephen Briggs NOISIEST GIRL I... ,. .... .. NOISIEST BOY. t,.,.... . Delma DeLaskey ...James Voelkel QUIETEST GIRL I..,,,I,, ,,,,n nI..,t.......s H e len Nelson QUIE TEST BOY ..I...,, nI...,,,,I....... L eonard Anderson MOST BASHI-'UL GIRL MOST BASHFUL BOYH. MOST LADYLIKE .I.........I.... . Arline Angell Iohn Greene ,I...........Ruth Briggs MOST GENTLEMANLY ,,,,......,. .,,t Iohn Greene CLASS FLIRT ..,V,.4t ,,III. CLASS SHIEK , ....,,V, .....,, , CLASS OPTIMIST ......,, ,... CLASS PESSIMIST I.... .. i..Doris Robarge II..,,.,.. Ronald Vaughn Charles Murphy Mavis Manley CLASS GRIN D ,,,II.,.,,,......,.,,..........,............, Charles Main MOST SOPHISTICATED tV,t.... ,Phyllis Arnold MOST ORIGINAL ..,,,,.....,t t,,,.r. , Richard Fisher MOSTPOETIC I , CLASS IESTER , . ....., Iames Pettine Stephen Briggs LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Class of 'Thirty-Seven. of Lockwood High School, city of Warwick and State of Rhode Island, being sound ot mind and memory. do hereby make. publish, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following. hereby revoking any will. or wills heretofore made by us. FIRST: We direct that all our just debts and good-time expenses be fully paid and satisfied, as soon as conven- iently may be, alter our departure. We. the Senior Class of "37" Do Hereby Bequeath Our Numerous Possessions Thuslyze- I, William Allen, leave my hank of hair to Milton Iohnson to keep his ears warm in the winter. I. Leonard Anderson, leave my ability to remain un- noticed to Iames Taylor. I, Arline Angell, leave my dear "1ittle" sister to Kings- ley Meyer. I, Phyllis Arnold, leave my modesty to Charles Tingley. I, Aletha Binns, leave my laboratory apron to Carolyn Godfrey, Al Martin, Louise Lepry, and Robert Hearn. They can all us it at the same time. I, Francis Blais, leave my hiking boots to Ray Mac- Donald of the Good Will society. I. Francis Blanchard. leave my selt-appointed vaca- tions to Ruth Granquist. I, Katherine Brennan, leave my art implements to Constance Briggs. I, Ruth Briggs, leave my tuna fish sandwiches to Mr. Griffin. Please don't us them all up, I may want them back some day. I, Stephen Briggs, leave my "Tarzan" like walk to Margaret Gorman. I, Virginia Briggs, leave my ability to wear clothes to Eva Cave. I. Bertram Brown. leave my "Swinging" to Jack Bennett. I, Iohn Buchart. leave my witty remarks to Morris Petrarca. I, Iohn Budlong, leave my reserved manner to Charles Bertwell. I, Mildred Bush, leave my genial attitude to Ieanette White. I, Mildred Cameron, leave my spiritual presence in Miss West's English Class to Thomas McCabe. I, Russell Carter, leave my shaker sweater to Ralph Pelley. I, Paul Chesebro, leave my faithful old double trans- mission vehicle to the Smithsonian Institute. I, Harold Coffill, leave my dancing ability to Iames Fisher. I. Rachael Dalgliesh, leave my red curly locks to Lena Santilli. I, Delma DeLaskey, leave one-hall of my noisiness to Signe Johnson, Annie Rogers. and Shirley Stevens: the other half is to be buried. I, Margaret Dunsmore. leave my height and slimness to Charlotte Mills. I, Carolyn Fagan. leave to Lockwood High all of the four other Fagans. I, Richard Fisher, leave my fourth dimensional brain to the good of Mr. Taylor's math classes. I, Edward Gillheeney, leave my ten-letter name to Fred Main. I, Anita Gardiner, leave my long tapering fingers to Margaret Wilde. I, Veronica Gorman, leave my quiet voice to Claire Perkins. I, Hervey Grandchamp, leave my French accent to Alice Carruthers. I, Iohn Greene. leave my bashfulness to Robert Barad. I, Yvonne Guenet. leave my twinkling toes to Priscilla Everson. I, Thomas Hampton, leave my adoration of a "fiddle" to brother Louis. I, Dyllis Hannah. leave my charming English accent to Florence Zorabedian. I, Mildred Hanton, leave my typing honors to Agnes Crocker. I, Eugene Hargraves, leave my Gillette Blue Blades and Palmolive Shaving Lotion to Iames Blasio. I, Anna Healey, leave my demureness to Frances Foster. I, Iames Hennigan, leave my ability to "clear the bar" to Iames Santilli. 1, Herbert Hopkins, leave my immense altitude to William Vashey. I, Carolyn Iohnson, leave my athletic honors to Mary Slattery. I, Sigrid Iohnson, leave my Bookkeeping ability to Ioseph Girard. I, Harold Iones, leave my disposition to Virginia Mac- reading. I, Irving Iones, leave my early retiring and rising hours to Marian Maynard. I, Robert Keach, leave my perfect manners to Stuart Northup. I. Iohn Keenzel, leave my radiant smile to Fred Burns. I, Virginia Kelley, leave my immaculate appearance to Florence Hornstein. I. Evelyn Kenny, leave my inimitable jovial person- ality to lane Ahlquist. I, Raymond King, leave my idea of doing homework to Annie Rogers. I, Mary LaPolla. leave my Good Will band to Marion Smith. l78l I. Leo LeBeau. leave my five-feet-two and eyes-of-blue to Richard Houghton. I. Edwin Lillibridge, leave my position as "captain of the bench" to Lemuel Downs. I. Virginia Lockwood. leave my name to forever grace our school. I. Rose Lombardi, leave my effervescent vitality to Muriel Anderson. I, Howard Macreading, leave by unchanging expres- sion to Ieanne Vaillant. I. Iames Maher. leave my gracefulness to Earl Audet. I, Charles Main. leave my brief case full of books to that big. strong fellow. Fenwick Lind. I. Mavis Manley. leave my dark glasses through which I view the world to the optimistic Margaret Blinkhorn. I. Iames Manning, leave my pose to Roy Halliwell. I, Vance Mayor. leave my dark curly tresses to Isabelle Dunsmore. I, Westcott McAlpine, leave my strut and daintiness and my spats to Arthur Wyss. I. Gordon McC1ean. leave my sweet voice to Emilio DiCarlo. I. Thomas McKeever. leave my constant grin to Fred- erick Phelps. I. Earl McLeod, leave my one shirt to Arnold Rice. I, Leon Moberg, leave my unruly lock of hair to Ralph Petrarca. I. Elizabeth Moran. leave my persistent chattering to Ruth Sandberg. I. Charles Murphy. leave my optimistic attitude to Laura Brown. I. Ruth Murray. leave my stature to Anna Goddard. , I, Helen Nelson. leave my polite manners to Cyril Moxham. I. Gerald O'Brien. leave my ability to rush the weaker sex to Iohn Cooper. I. Annie Papa. leave my fashion magazines and needles and pins to Pauline Williams. I. Vincent Payne. leave my self-assurance to haunt Lockwood High. , I. Wallace Peacock. leave what is left of the Chemistry laboratory to Bud Iordan. I. Earle Pearson. leave my faithful Ford to that peerless driver. Albert Martin. I. Iames Pettine. leave my seat in the bus to four little Natickites. I. Mary Pettine, leave my even disposition to Helen Byrne. I. Charles Phillips. leave my "galloping bedspring" to Raymond Fagan. I. Edward Phillips. leave my vanishing "Camel" to Thomas Cuddy. I, Ella Read. leave my giggle to Ethel Swenson. I. Dorothy Reardon. leave my curling iron and hairpins to Marjorie Siravo. I. Berta Renolds. leave my soft. quiet voice to "Skip" Iohnson. l79l f fl Nix I. Blanche Richard. leave my extra-curricular activities to Marian Green. I. Karl Rittman. leave by talkativeness to Lucy Wyss. I. Doris Robarge. leave my unlimited vitality to Ruth Hannah. I. Louise Sherman. leave my motherly attitude to Marian Maynard. I. Gordon Smith. leave my Southern accent from the Senior Play to that character actor. Herbert Abramson. I, William Somerville. leave my red plaid tie to Floyd Pelley. I. Florence Spelman, leave my ability to behave myself in Study Hall to Iames McKeever. I, William Spencer, leave my knowledge of Social Studies to Adolph Westberg. I, Harold Stanhope. leave my swimming achievements to Dot Buchart. I. Phyllis Staveley, leave my originality to Ruth Dell. I. Brenton Sunderland. leave my ability to faint grace- fully to Stafford Trapp. I. Iohn Tramonti. leave my curly hair to Charles Worth. I. Ronald Vaughn. leave my "line" with the girls to Fred Blum. I. Rayona Vickery. leave my ability in English to Iames Fisher. I. Iames Voelkel. leave my ability to just miss a track letter to Iohn Cooper. I. Louise Waterman. leave my chewing gum wrappers to the janitors. I. Thomas Whelan, leave my flashy socks to Barbara Anderson. I, Florence Whitmarsh, leave my cheer-leading ability to Gwendolyn Angell. I, Marion Wilcox. leave my friendliness to Wilma Iordan. I. Ioseph Wilkinson, leave my silly remarks to Philip Chenevert. I, Ruth Williams, leave my cafeteria trays to Marie Ford. I. William Wilson. leave my friendly personality to Stafford Trapp. I, Alice Wood. leave my inconspicuousness to lane Atwood. I. Gilbert Wood. leave my artistic talent to that would- be artist. George Therrien. In witness hereof. this Last Will and Testament is hereby published and signed this. the Twelfth day of March. in the year Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-Seven. in the year of our Lord. Signed: Lotta Hooey Fuller Bunk We Sing Low CLASS WILL COMMITTEE: Ruth Briggs Iohn Buchart Doris Robarge CLASS PROPHECY Grandma sat rocking in her favorite chair, surrounded by cushions, and holding in her lap a fairly large blue book, embossed in silver with the words. "The Reminder. 1937". As she slowly turned the pages, her little grand- son, Bobby, listened intently as she pointed out the pic- tures and disclosed the identity of each. "Well, well, here's Bert Brown. He's the proud owner of a poultry farm now. The biggest booster of his prod- ucts is Eugene Hargreaves, your mama's grocer. "My oh my, Delma DeLaskey! I remember that she formerly worked as a chorus girl at the "Stork Club" until she met Westcott McAlpine again as the leader of the new orchestra. "Gordon Smith, well! He was the head waiter. He had plenty of practice in the Senior Play." "Who's this girl, Grandma?" "Oh, that's Ruth Briggs. She turned out to be one of the brightest stars in the fashion world. She received quite a nest egg for preparing the trousseau for Ronnie Vaughn's wife, the former Anita Gardner. "Here is 'Bo' Budlong. He was the class president. but now he has a very enterprising business at 'Sloppy Bo's'-the corner hot-dog stand with Blanche Richard as head waitress. "Oh, Yvonne Guenet. She and Harold Colfill became a famous dancing team. The way he whirled her around was marvelous. She always seemed to be 'gone with the wind'. I saw them at the show in which 'Iake' Hopkins was a juggler. "Charles Main was elected principal of our Alma Mater two years ago." "Do any of the others teach there now?" "Oh, yes, Bobby. Mildred Cameron teaches English: Virginia Kelly, Home Economics: Wallace Peacock, Chemistry: Phyllis Staveley, Physical Culture: and I almost forgot. Raymond King is Head Ianitor. "Oh, and here is 'Buggsy' Briggs. He's one of the best clowns that Barnum and Bailey has ever had. "Tootie Whitmarsh! Whoever would think that she would be a pharmacist, and with a shop across from O'Brien and Maher, the butchers. "Vincent Payne became a missionary and is now in India looking for cannibals. "Well, Carolyn Iohnson and Vance Mayor were lucky enough to bag two wealthy old men who died six months after their marriage." "Grandma, what happened to this girl?" "Well, Doris Robarge edited 'The Morning Glory' lor five years until she married her head reporter, Earl McLeod, and later was blessed with six children. "Oh, yes, and this boy!-'Iack' Buchart-is now in the Foreign Legion because of a broken heart when he was jilted by Arline Angell. At last he has found a haven for his heart in an Oriental dancer, Dyllis Hannah. "And this is Leo LeBeau-he became heavy-weight boxing champ after taking Leonard Anderson's famous course in muscle building. "And Bill Spencer and Alice Wood operate a detective agency for lost dogs, children, and jewels. "Well, well-Edwin Lillibridge. Now he's the head warden at the State Prison and just last week he released Gordon McClean for shoplifting in Phyllis Arnold's Supreme Cafe and Delicatessen. Bob Keach, the burly policeman, who just recently married Mavis Manley, was responsible for Gordon's arrest. "Bill Sommerville flunked his Annapolis exams and joined the Navy to see the world. "And here is Dick Fisher. He's a Cod Liver Oil Sales- man for Iack Greene's new firm. "Bill Allen, our famous basketball player, and Iames Hennigan, a sports writer, are touring Europe on a per- sonal appearance tour. "loseph Wilkinson is the scout patrol leader for the Apponaug Troup. "Oh, yes, and here is Aletha Binns and Rachael Dalgeleish. They are now the managers of an enter- prising osteopathic business in Arctic. "Ruth Murray! She's one of the star trapeze perform- ers with Russell Carter and Iohn Tramonti's World Famous Circus." "What about this girl, Granny?" "Oh, Veronica Gorman. Well she's the Major of an amateur spelling bee over N. B. C. These have won first prizes- Francis Blanchard, Florence Spelman, and Charles Phillips. "Brent Sunderland opened an undertaking parlor and they say business is dead. "Gilbert Wood has turned out to be a man-about-town lately. His latest capture was Rose Lombardi. "Thomas McKeever and Charlie Murphy achieved their childhood desire of being the firemen who rescue the damsels in distress. "Whoever would think that Betty Moran would turn out to be an evangelist?" "And this boy?" "Oh, that's Bill Wilson. I-le's a Fuller Brush Man, the next best thing to a traveling salesman. "Helen Nelson is the leader of the Salvation Army Lassies. She can swing a mean tamborine. "Evelyn Kenny!! She entered a convent and is leading a very pious life. "Oh yes, and Annie Papa is the "Dean" of Howard: and holding another public office is Karl Rittrnann who is town dog-catcher. "And here is Rayona Vickery. She won the Atlantic City Beauty Contest. A close runner-up was Sigrid Iohn- son. "Howard Macreading is a bug hunter on Irving Iones's farm in Arizona. "This debater-Iohnnie Keenzel-is the Senator from Rhode Island. "This boy-Harold Stanhopeesowed many wild oats in his school days, but now he has settled down to cultivating wild grapes. "Earl Pearson and Iames Manning have been making crooked dough-'Pretzel manufacturers' to you." l80l "Who is this boy?" "This is Harold Iones. the popular historian. He has been having a heated argument with Iames Voelkel, the revolutionary dictator oi Cuba. "Leon Molberg is the author oi that column-"Helpful Hints to Harassed Housewives." "And Mildred Hanton is giving 'Sloppy Bo's' stand a run for its money with the famous 'Hanton's Harmless Hamburgers' - Z for 5c. "Edward Gillheeney and James Pettine are professional models lor 'Before and After' ads lor 'Blais's Little Liver Pills'." "And these two?" "Oh, they're Katherine Brennan and Paul Chesbro. They're the maid and butler for Mildred Bush, the wealthy perfume merchant. They're saving up to get married. "Oh, here is Margaret Dunsmore. She's a governess lor Edward Phillip's son." "And who is this?" "Oh, this is Thomas Hampton. He is a clam-digger in Oakland Beach now. "Well, well, Herve Grandchamp and Louise Sherman were married the year alter graduation. "Virginia Briggs has recently opened a 'Baby Special- ist Clinic'. "Margaret Fagan is now the proud mother ol quin- tuplets. The nurse you saw in the paper with the babies was Anna Healy. Q gil "This pretty blond girl is Virginia Lockwood. She raises lrog legs for Phyllis Arnold's delicatessen, and has made a pretty penny on trog's thighs alone. "Mary LaPolla! Who would ever think she would be- come a tap dancer in Zeigtield's new Follies, but things seem to happen that way. strange as it seems. "Mary Pettine is still a home girl but she spends most of her time writing poetry, her latest being "Gone with the Breezes." "Dorothy Reardon and Ella Read: These two girls have certainly settled down. They're both married and moved out West. "And here's Alberta Reynolds. She still works in the Variety store and claims she likes it, because variety is the spice of lite. "Marion Wilcox turned out to be a telephone operator and a very good one too. The reason must be because she always had a good line. "Ruth Williams, now let me see. Yes. Ruth became Mrs. Charles Murphy after he rescued her while her cigarette was burning. "Louise Waterman! She's the lady that stopped at the house today trying to sell your mother a pair ol stock- ings." "And who is the last one Granny?" "That's Thomas Whelan. I-le's the man that tells bed- time stories to you over the radio. Which makes me think it's time you went to bed. Run along now, Bobby." 1 - , " V .. . 1-:..'g'-zrfogf.-zzg' .f : H ,.1 ug- f. , 3 g .D ' 3 5... -Q' ,- ,z U, -' . .mlq I 'I "clue,-.'r. ' 'grf 3.,.l.:.,. -. - -I I U . I ,Q l8ll i l fi .. 4. 3 President Vice-President Secretary'Treasurer President Vice'Presiden! Secretary-Treasi1rer IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Iohn Cooper Anna Goddard William Vashey Stafford Trapp Ruth Granquist Frederick Phelps EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE CLASS OF 1938 First How: Anna Goddard. Philip Chenevert, Richard Houghton. William Vashey, Margaret Blink- horn. Second Row: Marjory Whitaker, Iohn Cooper. Ralph Petrarca, Miss Helen Miller. Adviser: Iohn Ben- nett, Carolyn Godfrey. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE CLASS OF 1939 First Row: Phyllis Lintlop, Ruth Granquist, Ioanne Chase. Loran St, Denis. Second Row: Raymond Davide, Miss Anthony, Adviser: Frederick Phelps, Stafford Trapp. William Reardon. I82l SEPEMBER 1936 HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1938 Back to Lockwood each his step retraces To hear old voices and to see new faces. OCTOBER 1936 Cider and doughnuts all over the place Devoured at the Hallowe'en Social with grace. NOVEMBER 1936 1831 And now for surprises to our classmates Who dread seeing those fatal report dates. DECEMBER 1936 At the Christmas Hop we do enjoy The fun prepared for girl and boy. IANUARY 1937 A new year to show to all who view The things that we, the Iuniors, can do. FEBRUARY 1937 In basketball, we Iuniors uphold The flying colors of Lockwood as of old. MARCH 1937 "Rich Man, Poor Man", our class play Comes through with flying honors on display LOUISE LEPRY, 'aa HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1939 In the fall of 1935 a class of timid freshmen entered Lockwood High, eager for the adventures which lay before them. They immediately caught the school spirit which is such a fine trait at Lockwood. Thus the first year passed quickly by. In the latter part of 1936 we again entered school activities, but this time with less fear of the upper classmen and a better feeling of security. During this year we have made numerous friends, some of which will probably become life-long associates. Nearly every organization in the school is represented by some of these ambitious Sophomores and we also have representatives in nearly all of the Varsity Athletic teams which makes quite a record for the Class of 1939. As our second year here at Lockwood draws to a close, we feel happy in the knowledge that we are one step nearer our goal of graduation. VELMA COOKSON, '39 A 'LQL' . SENIORS - Once Upon A Time limi f ? h - I Q' 'f A 1 . W Carnljvw -Dar Bchav-'Ire' D1-jllls C ' 'Phvliis Gov-J fancfwe O71 !DpcfK4 ji Fe Y I . Y 5 'Qk Mavis VOY1T1B "Ban Jun if I , A I . ' uTooTieM Ruth X. H 9 W Y7 'j J 4B U 9 9 5 3 P' LL1- ff 4 if g ff Q-sy 5 ,Q k W 4, G M.. 1 V',nC8nt VH-Sinld DCIWVG APePPjH l84 ,..Z-'Nif' CLASSES 19110 19111 1942 ,-,, ...f"-X-X HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1941 HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1940 Last year we entered Lockwood and although we had an extremely pleasant term, we were rather timid. This year we came back with a new zeal for learning and popularity. We have entered into many more extra-curricular activities and we now have some ninth graders representing every organization in the school. This year, as last year, our one-act play won the Iunior High School Competi- tion and we had the honor of again presenting our production on the evening of the Senior High School Competition. Under the fine supervision of our class adviser, Mr. Downs, we are certain to have even more success in the three years to come. BEVERLY C. ARNOLD, '40 In October, 1935, a group of ninety or so had the honor of being the first seventh grade to appear at Lockwood. As the year progressed many of the pupils took part in assemblies, plays, exhibitions, and some joined the various clubs of the school. Throughout the year the seventh grade was looked upon as a group of bewildered babies, but many times they set an example for the upper classes. The summer of 1936 flew quickly by and in September the old seventh grade, returning to Lockwood, was joined by about a hundred or more, thus forming the largest class in the school. In a few weeks the new students became ac- quainted with their surroundings and have already distinguished themselves in our clubs. With all these activities as recreations, and the teachers as friends, the Class of 1941 anticipates several more years of happiness at Lockwood. IOHN DOYLE, '41 HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1942 In September, 1936, when we entered Lockwood, we were at first bewildered after the small schools which we had previously attended. However, as soon as we were settled we plunged right into school affairs. Our dramatic and debating enthusiasts have shown their ability more than once and our gym classes are anticipating future combats with other grades. The seventh grade is known throughout the school as a most popular and genial group of students, good sports, and reliable friends. Although we have not won in all our efforts, we are glad that we have tried and we all hope for bigger and better times in the years to come. MARY FOSTER, '42 I 86 1 CLASS OF 1940 First How: Mathieu Iones, Olive Horr, Claire Perkins, Lester Dari- gan. Second Row: Raymond MacDon- ald, Mr. Downs, Adviser: Edwin Iohnson, Muriel Anderson. S f's 4 A CLASS OF 1941 First How: Robert Ellsworth, Miss Hinckley, Adviser: William Brag- qer. Second Row: George Williams, Louise Dutemple, Leroy Blackmer, Margaret Gorman, Henry Bood. CLASS OF 1942 First How: Norman Brassard, Miss Vicario, Adviser: Robert Lintlop. Second Row: Claire Brassard, Mil- dred Mills, Nancy Robertson, Avis Cochrane. I 87 1 CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES POEMS BY LOCKWOODITES "A SENIOR'S THOUGHTS" Soon from Lockwood we will go Ever forward to our goal. Never daunting in our tracks. If success we wish to find On the pages of future time Recalling days we did enjoy Such fun at Lockwood - girl and boy. To a college or an office. How different are our courses! One aim is in the hearts of all Unless rebuk'd along the way, for Greatness in this so small world Has been wished for by us all Then to Lockwood goes this toast- Success to all - teacher, girl, and boy" DELMA DQLASKEY, '37 IN THE STUDY HALL When at first we enter in The teacher says "Keep still" And so with mouths quite firmly shut Our noisy seat we fill. We sit right down and start to work No sound at all is heard But it isn't long till teacher says "I know I said, 'not a word'." A rustling of paper startles us And up from our studies we look But it's only someone picking up Some papers they've dropped or a book. People travel to and fro For dictionaries and papers And quite without the teacher's say Many boys are cutting capers. The teacher now walks up and down To see that we all do our work Then suddenly a loud bell sounds And we pick up our books with a jerk. Finally she says that we may go And out of that big room we mill We know we'll soon be back again To the tune of the teacher's "Keep still." ELEANOR WILLARD, '39 TAKING PICTURES Of all the days at Lockwood High If I am not mistaken Is the day when pictures For the "Reminder" are taken. If some one passing by the school Should wander in that day The photographer would pace the floor And they would hear him say - "Your feet! Your hands! Why don't you stand up straight? You sit, no stand Iust how long must I wait?" But no one seems to hear him The girls must fix their hair The boys fuss with their neck-ties They hardly know he's there. Again he'll speak or maybe yell Or on the desk he'll rap For just a moment all is still Then suddenly --la snap. The picture has been taken Lord knows how it looks Iohnnie Iones was laughing And so was Bobby Brooks. The photographer says politely "You're the best group I've had yet" When all the while he's thinking "They're the dumbest bunch I've met If any one should wander in I think without a doubt The wisest thing that they could do Is turn and wander out. HELEN BYRNE, '39 CLOUDS Sometimes light And sometimes dark I've seen the clouds roll on. Sometimes high And sometimes low I've seen them hurry so. Sometimes fast And sometimes slow I've seen them cross the sky. What I would like to know, Is where they come from And to where they go. IAMES PETTINE, '37 l88 CDRGANIZATIGNS Egfgjlg V 4. l ... GENERAL ORGANIZATION G. O. stands for General Organization, but it also stands for go. The appropriateness of this word is proved because the members are always on their toes. These members are chosen from every grade to represent their class in the government of the school. They are the voice of the students and are chosen by the students them- selves. Under the capable supervision of Mr. Schurman the G. O. discusses the problems brought before it by both students and faculty, and offers suggestions as to how they may be solved. A plan wherein the students co- operate in the government goes a long way toward building up a happy school. GENERAL ORGANIZATION First Row: Robert Lintlop, Lester Darigan, Blanche Richard, Sec- retary and Treasurer: Mr. Schur- man, Adviser: Iohn Keenzel. Pres- ident: William Vashey. Vice-Pres- identp Margaret Gorman. Second How: Charles Main, Claire Perkins, Ioanne Chase. Iohn Coo- per, Florence Whitmarsh, Ruth Granquist. Carolyn Godfrey, Rob- ert Ellsworth. Third Row: Iohn Budlong, Ralph Petrarca, Frederick Phelps, Steph- en Briggs, Philip Chenevert, Ray- mond Davide, Raymond MacDon- ald. GOOD WILL First Row: Normand Hollings. worth, Anna Goddard, Margaret Gorman, Ruth Granquist, Carolyn Godfrey. Raymond MacDonald, Blair Cobb. Second Row: Fenwick Lind, Alfred Bachelder, Marjory Whitaker. Vice-President: Esther Alquist. Mr. Downs, Adviser: Yvette Richard Ieanne Vaillant, Muriel Anderson, Charles Main, President. Third Row: Ruth Briggs, Florence Whitmarsh. Iohn Keenzel, Ralph Petrarca. Frederick Phelps, Gor- don McC1ean, Thomas McCabe, Virginia Lockwood, Secretary and Treasurer, Mary LaPolla. THE GOOD WILL We of Lockwood know how valuable is the work of the Good Will. Acting as ushers, guides. traffic directors. candy sellers, office helpers, and errand boys, the Good Will members make themselves indispensable to the school. Our version of the statement, "Where there's a will there's a way" is "Where there's a Good Will there's a Good Way." l9Ol WARWICKITE STAFF First Row: Mildred Hanton, Laura Brown, Doris Robarge, Editor-in- Chief: Charles Main, Miss West, Adviser: Dyllis Hannah. Marion Wilcox, Thomas McCabe, Mar- garet Blinkhorn. Second Row: Ruth Briggs, lane Atwood, Iames Manning, Barbara Anderson, Nora Horne, George Therrien. Delma DeLaskey, Caro- lyn Godfrey. Third Row: Iames Blasio, Thomas Whelan, Karl Rittmann, Phyllis Arnold, Edward Phillips, Irene Waterman, Iohn Buchart, Ralph Pelley, Vincent Payne. X, K, sins, Q. IUNIOR AND SENIOR DEBATING CLUB First Raw: Edna Barker, Kingsley Meyer, Delma DeLaskey, Miss Wallace, Adviser: Iohn Keenzel. Betsy Harwood, Vernon Wade. Second Row: Helen Byrne, Flor- ence Gref, Rose Ploeger, Robert Barad, Richard Fisher, Iohn Ben- nett, Evelyn MacDonald, Virginia Palm. SENIOR DEBATING CLUB OFFICERS President Iohn Keenzel Vice-President Delma DeLaskey Sec.'Treasuier Kingsley Meyer IUNIOR DEBATING CLUB OFFICERS President Vernon Wade Vice-President Virginia Palm Sec. TYPUSUYFI Claire Brassard THE WARWICKITE The aim of the "Warwickite" is to represent all classes and the general opinion of the students about the school. So it has been the aim of the paper to record the events of Lockwood which concern athletics, class and school news, This year "Roundabout", a column on the personal page, was started by a Senior boy and proved to be a great success. The "Warwickite" has been very popular in the past few years with pupils and teachers alike and we feel sure that it will continue as such in the future, I91l Q. 'gf , THE DEBATING CLUB The Debating Club this year under the direction of Miss Wallace, Coach, and Iohn Keenzel, President, was so successful that it began to foster debating clubs in other schools. Namely at East Greenwich and West Warwick, where debates were put on to show the two schools the method and to arouse their interest in interscholastic debating. Several of the four methods of debating were tried this year and proved to be interesting. The Debating Club is exceedingly educational and provides an outlet for those who like to argue. !'-L THE MASQUERS With Mr. Wedlock as director and Blanche Richard as President, The Masquers have had a very successful year. The officers were well chosen for they performed their duties faithfully and to the best of their ability. To relieve the secretary of her difficult task in taking the attendance at the regular monthly meetings, an attend- ance officer was chosen to represent each of the three upper classes. These attendance secretaries were Gordon McClean, Senior: William Vashey, Iunior: and Laurel Raymond, Sophomore. I am sure that no former dramatic club nor any coming one could have hoped for or can hope for a more successful year. MASQUERS KOFFICERSJ First Row: Laurel Raymond, Mr. Wedlock, Adviser: Westcott Mc- Alpine, Treasurer: Gordon Mc- Clean. Second How: Kingsley Meyer, Li- brarian: Ruth Briggs, Secretary: Iohn Budlong. Vice-President: Blanche Richard, President: Wil- liam Vashey. MASQUETTES COFFICERSD First Row: Vernon Wade, Librar- ian: Miss McCabe. Adviser: Helen Pettigrew, Treasurer. Second Row: lane Meyer, Presi- dent: William Axelson, Vice-Pres- ident: Dorothy Horton, Secretary. THE MASQUETTES This year The Masquettes was organized for the pupils of the three lower classes of Lockwood in order to give the younger students a chance to show their ability in dramatics and to teach them the technique of good acting. Under the supervision of Miss McCabe and lane Meyer. our President, we have had many interesting and enjoy- able meetings, and have discovered much talent among the members of this newly organized society, thus filling us with hope and ambition for our future dramatic career during the rest of our stay at Lockwood. l92l THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First How: Helen Iohnson, Vice- President: Virginia Kelley. Presi- dent: Phyllis Lintlop, Treasurer: Margaret Gorman, Secretary. Second Row: Yvonne Guenet, Ruth Briggs. Blanche Richard. Miss Compston, Adviser: Virginia Lockwood, Rose Lombardi, Chair man of the Social Comittee: Vir- ginia Briggs. GIRLS' LEADERS' CORPS First Row: Yvonne Guenet, Fran- ces Foster, Ella Read, Florence Cochrane, Betsy Harwood, Phyllis Lintlop, Marie Ford, Carolyn Fagan, Marion Wilcox, Elizabeth Wallis. Second Row: Miss Trow, Adviser: Mavis Manley, Marie Carney. Lucy Wyss, Constance Martin, Myrtle Barnes, Marjory Whitaker, Vice-President: Evelyn Kenny, Secretary: Ieanne Vaillant, Ray- ona Vickery. Third How: Delma DeLaskev, Blanche Richard, Virginia Lock' wood, Anna Cockrell, Phyllis Arnold, Della Readio, Carolyn Iohnson, Dyllis Hannah, Tre-as urerg Florence Whitmarsh, Pres' dent: Carolyn Godfrey. THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club began its second year in September and is now a well-founded organization in our school. The members elected very capable officers headed by Virginia Kelley as president: Helen Johnson as Vice-President: Margaret Gorman as Secretary: Phyllis Lintlop as Treasurer, and Rose Lombardi as Social Chair- man. Under Miss Compston's direction we have served teas to members, parents, and the faculty. We have been hostesses at afternoon dances which proved very suc- cessful, and we directed the "Courtesy Campaign" in which the politest girls and boys from each grade were chosen by votes from the faculty members. l93l THE GIRLS' LEADERS' CORPS The Girls' Leaders' Corps, under the supervision of Miss Madeline Trow, has certainly proved to be a success at Lockwood. The purpose of the club is to promote the in- terest of the girls who do especially well in athletics. Our first party was given for the new members and was in the form of an initiation and supper party. We later visited other gym clubs at various schools and they in turn paid us a visit. We sponsored an afternoon dance in the gym in order to buy Leaders' Corps emblems for those girls who had been in Leaders' Corps a year. The Leaders' Corps girls help with the gym classes at all times and also sponsor "Posture Week" and have cere tainly aroused enthusiasm and school spirit among the many participants of interclass sports. The aims of our new endeavor, the "Emer- EMERGENCY CORPS EMERGENCY CORPS First Row: George Iohnson, Ray- mond Sisson, Charles Murphy, George Therrien, Vincent Payne. President: Iames Maher. Ioseph Wilkinson, Earle Steere, Norman Sheldon. Second How: Edwin Lillibridge, Raymond Nelson, Arthur Babine. Edward Phillips, Frederick Phelps, Mr. Abbott, Adviser: Alberic Ba- dolla, Thomas McKeever, Carl Palm. gency Corps," are few and simple yet very beneficial to the welfare of our community at Lockwood. First, our Highway patrol is endeavoring to assist with our traffic about the building, load- ing of busses and also assisting outsiders on our school grounds toward the prevention of accidents. Secondly, to develop and maintain a fire-drill system where-by all fire extin- guisher stations are covered by boys who are instructed in their use and by so doing, remind other students where these are, so that they may be able to assist and act in an emergency. Thirdly, to have a squad of boys. experienced in First Aid work, on call at all times to meet any emergency that may arise about school such as fainting, cuts, and bruises and bus accidents. By cooperating with these boys you will be doing your part to make the Emergency Corps one of the most helpful and protective organizations of our school. The following are a list of our officers and other members who have served so faithfully throughout this past school year. President Vincent Payne Secretary Fredrick Phelps Fire Patrol Committee, Thomas McKeever, Chas. Murphy Highway Patrol Committee, Fredrick Phelps Norman Sheldon First Aid Committee, Vincent Payne George Therrien Faculty Adviser, Mr. Abbott Other members of the Emergency Corps Council are: Arthur Babine, Edwin Lillibridge, Raymond Nelson. Alberic Padula, Raymond Sisson, Ioseph Wilkinson, Iames Maher, Leon Moberg, Earle Steere, Carl Palm, Edward Phillips, Norbert Barrette, George Iohnson. l94l THE ORCHESTRA First Row: Edwin Iohnson, Robert Schafer, Miss Willard, Director: Thomas Hampton, Concert Master: Herbert Hopkins. Second Row: Eugene Martin. Freda Weiss. Albert Roberts. Ruth Granquist, Walter Iohnson, Flor- ence Gref, Mildred Hanton, Iohn Blum, Charlotte Mills. Third Row: Marian Maynard, Norman Forrest, Velma Huntly, Richard Houghton. Westcott Mc- Alpine. Student Conductor: Louis Hampton, Albert Martin, Aran Berberian, William Rossi. THE ORCHESTRA Our Orchestra, the spreader of sunshine at Lockwood, now contains twenty-two members and all the various instruments which go towards making up a good orchestra. Under the skillful direction of Miss Willard and the student conductors, the Orchestra has aided us in our oper- etta, Senior play, play competitions, and has provided music at most all of our ensembles. Its members rehearse and study long hours in order to entertain us with the best of music. This year they went a step farther and bought uniforms of black and white, which we all agree are exceedingly stunning and they certainly lend the Orchestra a very polished effect. Lockwood may ever be proud of her fine Orchestra! THE IAZZ ORCHESTRA The members of our Iazz Orchestra deserve much credit and we commend them highly on the excellent music which they have provided for us at the weekly after-school dances and other social functions. They play only the latest song-hits and are a decided asset to the school and its students. lt is with much regret that we leave them behind. THE BAND Who hasn't seen our Band, with its members all decked out in full array at some football or basketball game? Many new instruments were needed this year and with them, we now have a band which is to be greatly lauded because of its rapid growth in the short time that it has been established. Though it is still in the making it has often given our athletes just enough spirit to enable them to win agame. With such a fine record this Band promises to be one of Lockwood's leading organizations before many more years have slipped by. l95l SEEN ARCDUND SCI-IDOL X EVENTS ft ., , -. N is - - :ss-5 - 2. , .Lf ...K fi 5 ig... g gt. .. reins 1 THE FACULTY PLAY This year, after a dignified and professional period of inactivity, the faculty again donned the sock and buskin and under the leadership of Miss Rose Koralewsky pre- sented in November an amusing romantic comedy, "The Curtain Rises." Miss Koralewsky, herself, appeared as the charming heroine, Elsa Karling, and Mr. Flanagan, as the self assured, professional stage star. Wilhelm Meissinger. on whom Elsa had a decided "crush." Mr. Wedlock played the part of Franz Kersiman, the actor's understudy, while Miss Compston portrayed Elsa's friend Thona. Mr. Barker was Thona's fiance, Rudolf while Mr. Adams became the newspaper man, Arny Lander. The role of Poldi, the maid was played by Miss H. Daily. The scene was laid in old Vienna. Proceeds were devoted to charitable purposes. FACULTY PLAY CAST First Row: Hazel Daily, Dorothy Compston, Rose Koralewsky. Second Flow: William Flanagan, Henry Adams, Eldon Wedlock, Philip Barker. OPERETTA CAST First Row: Dyllis Hannah, Iames Blasio, Gordon McClean, Miss Willard, Director. Westcott McAl- pine, Milton Iohnson, Florence Zorabedian. Second Row: Christine Kinloch. James Pettine, Flora Marsocci. Kingsley Meyer, Stafford Trapp, Blanche Richard, Herbert Abram- son, Ruth Dell. THE CPEBETTA Under the able guidance of Miss Willard, the Glee Club presented on Feb. l2th a three-act musical comedy, "The Belle of Barcelona" by Charles Ross Chaney. The scene was laid in Spain at Festival time. Leads were played by Blanche Richard, the "Belle", and Gordon McClean. an American Army officer in Spain on government business. Other participants were Florence Zorabedian. Kingsley Meyer, Westcott McAlpine, Stafford Trapp, Ruth Dell, Iames Blasio and Milton Iohnson. The stage was appropriately and beautifully set and the performance was one of the best of Lockwood's long list of musical productions. A goodly audience came to see and hear and went away to praise and enjoy. l98l SENIOR PLAY CAST First How: Leo Lebeau. Mildred Hanton, Blanche Richard. Iohn Budlong, Mr. Wedlock. Director. Stephen Briggs, Dorothy Reardon, Dyllis Hannah, Florence Whit- marsh, Brenton Sunderland. Second How: William Summer- ville. Aletha Binns, Iohn Buchart, Phyllis Arnold. Louise Sherman, Harold Cotfill, Ruth Briggs. Thomas Whelan, Ioseph Wilkin- son. Third Row: Hervey Grandchamp, Gordon Smith, Gordon McClean, Harold Iones, Wallace Peacock, Westcott McAlpine, Gerald O'Brien, Richard Fisher, Arthur Babine, Iohn Tramonti. THE SENIOR PLAY Everyone will remember the senior play, "Nathan Hale", which the class of 1937 portrayed on January 15th. This historical drama, in four acts by Clyde F itch, brought many laughs in the first acts, however, by the end of the fourth act our audience was wiping their eyes. This was due to the excellent perform- l99 ance of the following cast: Talbot Boy ., Iefferson Boy ,, . TomAdams .. , . . School Children. Ioseph Wilkinson Leo LeBeau Gordon McClean Dorothy Reardon, Aletha Binns, Mildred Hanlon, Ruth Briggs, Herve Grandchamp Ebenezer Lebanon , Alice Adams . , Mrs. Knowlton , Angelica Knowlton Nathan Hale Guy Fitzroy . , Iasper .,..., ,.,. , , , Lieut. Col. Knowlton Captain Adams ,, William Hull ,, lst. Officer . Znd. Officer Cunningham . Widow Chichester lst. Officer , ...,., , Znd. Officer 3rd, Officer .. Sentinel .... ., Promptress ,. .... Stage Manager , Properties , Richard Fisher Blanche Richard Louise Sherman Florence Whitmarsh Iohn Budlong William Somerville Gordon Smith Westcott McAlpine . Wallace Peacock Gerald O'Brien Iohn Tramonti Brent Sunderland Thomas Whelan Dyllis Hannah Harold Coffill Stephen Briggs Iohn Buchart Earl McLeod Phyllis Arnold . Harold Iones , Ruth Briggs CLASS ONE-ACT COMPETITION PLAYS On March 19, the three lower grades each presented a one-act play. The ninth grade play was the winner and was again presented on the evening of April 2, while the judge, Mrs. Lucy Rawlings, Director of the Rhode Island State Players, was selecting the best play of the three which were given by the upper classes. The eleventh grade play was announced as the winner. This completed the Seventh Annual One-Act Play Competition to be held in the school. The casts, directors, and production staffs of the plays were as follows: Class of 1942: Class of 1939: "A POET'S BIRTHDAY" "LADY OF PAIN" by Edith Barnard Delano and David Carb P' .. ,...,.,... ....,.,.,.,,,.,. R b tr' 11 CP-ST GCZIKZ I Scif M5363 Mrs. Sherman .,.,., .,.,.., ,. .,...,,......., .,.. Florence Grei Gnome "'Miioben Limiop Mary Sherman .,..,....,., .,...,.... E velyn MacDonald Gnome 'V"' 'A """ ibseph Whitaker Mrs. Larrimore ............ ............. ,.,... R o se Ploeger Gnome .,........,. .....,.... .,...................,.,,.............,.......,.,............ L O :cmd Brown Jack Fisher llluulllulyluul I Aluuhyhuvl Vuylrllbvl B etsey Harwood . Bess White Helen M. Lawrence Director - MISS ga ' mano Brooks Rice .......,.,...... ...,...,.,..,........ E ugene Martin Class of 1941: "DANGER AT THE DOOR" Mike ...... . . Marian . ...... . Frances ....,..,.,... Iohnny ,,.....,. Bob .........,... Grace ............ Ann ............ Lucille ......,.,. Lois ,................ ......,... Oscar Bassett Catherine Iustise Marian Messer Willard Taylor Edgar Smith . .,,.,.,. Marcia Kettlety ., Phyllis Johnson Shirley Morgan Ianet Sweet Ioe ...,.,.,.,.,... ,...............,...,....,...........................,.,...,.,.,....,.,............ I ohn Gilheeney Director - Miss Madeline E. McCabe Stage Managers - Frank Lightowler, Harold Card Promptresses - Roberta Iackson, Louise Dutemple Class of 1940: "UNCLE BOB'S BRIDE" by Isla Paschal Richardson I. Wilson Dodd ,.....,,...,.......,....,............................,..,.,.,.,.. Norman Gebler Director - Miss Rose Koralewsky Stage Manager - Alfred Bachelder Promptress - Helen Byrne Class of 1938: "RICH MAN, POOR MAN" by Bertha Y. Burrill CAST Emma ,.,...... ,.,........,..,.........,.....,. . ..., ,.,.,. ,... , .Ruth Dell Kitty ...........,.......,.,.,.,....,.,. ..,. ...,..........,. ,..,.,.. C a r olyn Godfrey Peter ....,...,.,.,.....,......,.,.,......... ,.,..,...,.,........... A rnold Rice Yetta Goldenstein .,.,.... .....,......., A nna Goddard Mrs. La Porte ..,..,........ .,........... Ieanne Vaillant Mrs. Ole Oleson , ,.,.,........ ...,....... . .. ..,.., Constance Briggs Mrs. Patrick Haggerty .......,.,....... ......,........ L ouise Lepry Mrs. Tammas MacPhairson .. .,.,. ............ M arian Green Tommy Browning .........,...,......,...,..,... ,....,. ,.,.. . A lexsie Beron A Visiting Nurse .................. ......,.... M arjory Whitaker Mrs. X. Y. Smythe ,..............,........,.......,,.,.,...................... Laura Brown Largo Iohnson .,......,......,.,...........................,.....,...,.,.......... William Vashey Director-Mr. William F. Flanagan Stage Manager -Richard Hearn Property Mistress - Barbara Anderson Promptress - Margaret Blinkhorn Class of 1937: "LET'S MOVE THE FURNITURE" by Douglas Welch Betty Peggy Fahlrnan CAST Sara Uncle Bob s Nreces .,....,.,...,.,........ Sue Budlong First Burglar ...,......... .......................,........ ,.,..,... H a rold Cofiill Frances ShrrreY Shapiro Second Burglar ....,.,... ........,...,......., .,...,.... G e rald O'Brien Annie. the Maid .....,.,.....,.....................,...,...,... ....,.........,... L ois Northup Gladys De Voe lyluhllulbl ...,.-.....g B lanche Bichmd Aunt Eldora, Uncle Bob's Aunt ,...... . ...... ...... D orothy Horton Reginald 4lv.-........A....l.lA llvlllllll R ici-im-d Fisher Stalls' rrre Bride ----'--'--'-'-'--'-'-----4-4-4'-"-'-'-'----"- -'-'-'-4--'------ I Une MeYer Mr. De Voe ....,............,...,.......,.,....,......,.......,........,........,............. Gordon Smith Miss Arnold' Interior Decoraror -'-'4r-----'-r---r-------- Yverle Richard Mrs. De Voe ........,,.......,,...,.........,..................,...,...........,.,. Delma DeLaskey Uncle Bob .,..........................,....,.........,.,..................,.....,.,.,.....,.. Frank Martino Director -Miss Dorothy I. Compston Director - Miss Mary Tillinghast Stage Manager - Harold Iones Stage Manager - Marjorie Siravo Property Mistress - Ruth Briggs Promptresses - Esther Ahlquist, Beverly Arnold Promptress - Phyllis Arnold Il00l Il0ll SENIOR HOP This year the class of 1937 enjoyed its annual Christmas Hop in the Aldrich gym on the evening of December 23rd. A lively crowd of students and alumni danced under the arches of bobby Santa Clauses strung in colorful array across the hall. Ernie George provided his modern rhapsodies to the occasion and everyone had the best of times, drinking punch and dancing till 11:30. Then another Senior Hop was a memory and couples departed having had a pleasant and colorful time in souvenir of '37. The committee in charge of the dance consisted of the combined class com- mittees of Aldrich and Lockwood. HYANNIS TRIP On March 13, 1937, Blanche Richard, Iva Berberian, Florence Zorabedian, Thomas Hampton, Gordon McClean, Albert Martin, and Richard Houghton, under the supervision of Miss Williard, Music Director, represented Lockwood in the Third Annual New England Music Festivals for High Schools held at Barn- stable High School, Hyannis, Cape Cod. Thomas Hampton was chosen the concert master and Gordon McClean, a soloist. STATE COMPETITION PLAY On April 24, 1937, Lockwood entered "The Man Who Married A Dumb Wife" a farce by Anatole France in the Annual Dramatic Festival which was held at the Gilbert Stuart Iunior High School. The play was considered one of the best presentations Lockwood has ever produced and was declared one of the two winners. We owe a great deal to Mr. Wedlock, 'the director, and to the following who were in the cast: Blanche Richard, Carolyn Godfrey, Westcott McAlpine, Gerald O'Brien, I ohn Budlong, Arnold Rice, William Vashey, Kenneth Raymond, Norman Gebler, Iames Pettine, Kingsley Meyer, Gordon McClean, Milton Iohn- son, and Thomas Hampton. In the finals of the Interscholastic play Contest for New England, held at Pawtucket, May 15th, Lockwood took second place with "The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife." AFTERNOON DANCES "The Afternoon Dances" have been sponsored by various organizations in the school, the proceeds of these go to the club or class, to be used in bettering the school. These dances are not only an asset to the school but also to the pupils, for it teaches them to dance and promotes good fellowship through the school. THE P. T. A. DANCING SCHOOL The P. T. A. Dancing School, which was begun last year, was continued this year with quite a fair amount of success. Because of illness of the teacher, it was discontinued for a short time, but was begun again in a local Greenwood Hall. The attendance was better and we are now assured of this project's success next year. C A R T O 0 N S By ARLINE ANGELL and KENNETH PAYNE ' ra If LIS? , ' - OXUID lmrglmf 2... F f , " , f 'H 2215 Q f x al M? 5 YIVf,,.A,, ,.,.. 1' - R-Q JM : Z f A 5...,.y,,:., ,V L 'P If x 2 ff M 'X"' ' " ' '4 4 f Z X .9 ' 1-.f 2 x ff I 4 " X X - ' 4 'C' ' K, ' .Dc X Q f""' 'fqfvmqfnjpupp 5 3 x ,K qs " L A I Q' ' ' -7- X X xx fi ,hw ,V 9 I X 4uNvX?4X?Xfx VLXAVNNHJ , xx 'xxpx - 9 gf- x 4 X Kg QLQQQ--KL, A 5 4 5 . Prmu s mr gun MA mm l 3 "ggi, K ,.,..h,,...,,-, HLILPAYNE- 1dfZf f W 5 1' 4. up-fx! wa s M uf-'ff A' "V.,m.,f:5 'ff-wf1J5,f,, X 11 14 'li 2 ' -, V Q.. Q 'M Y Y I gin rem :mu Bl RT -BRo'.lrl y Y FA KKTU e T1PXMy-VHNHFR J X HIS- TH' THA T , .L Y' X NNN'NQ1 I A I.. f ' iff- 2 I vim, -. ..., 22fil1',.mi,i'1!if ' I Mu as : 'R Q6 ' 1 'x "FL bf!" 5-4' ,1 X' f 1 X n MQW B 47- Qxfu .J ' .110j' " -X 'pm' QQY ii' ' A-1 ll gg 7f7Zf7f,if, mg, I M., 0' 375' rag' +1.- 12 Q4 :I :Ii H K O- I fr N V on ey- URIEN f Howff Q42 ENN 'ig f1f5cHuRMAN is g"y bil , fV wvfilj EPWEFQ ,qgn 1 ,wr N l Xe f 7 H021 ATHLETICS AF'- A 'L -Nr -1-f" fm Y L - J fm s:..7f..f, bw- -..ql i f W V x W 1---P", A L.- ilf .X .,., , BASEBALL TEAM H9369 First Row: M. Di Carlo, R. Iohnson, E. Di Carlo, D. Santilli, C. Apponolia, R. Noonan, R. Davide. Second Row: L. Weeks, R. Petrarca, W. Allen, G. O'Brien, Mr. Carroll, Coach, A. Petrarca, A. Dahl. Mr. McGivney, F. Clark. FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Fred Burns, Karl Rittman, Albert Martin, George Therrien, Iohn Cooper, Earl McLeod, Stafford Trapp, Iames Voelkel. Second Row: Stephen Briggs. Charles Bertwell, Bertram Brown, Kingsley Meyer, Iohn Budlong, Arthur Wyss, Raymond Davide, William Vashey. Third Row: Lloyd Weeks, Gerald O'Brien, Raymond Anderson, Ralph Pelley, Earl Audet, Iohn McElroy, Ancel Dahl, Earle Pearson, Harold Cofiill. Fourth Row: Mr. McGiveneyg Asst. Coach. Mr. Nordyke: Coach, Mr. Griffin: Manager. H041 BASEBALL The Baseball team of 1936 was coached by Mr. Carroll and Mr. McGiveney. Even though Lockwood was really developing a team to bring laurels to the school in future years, the team of 1936 did a wonderful piece of work and ended in third place among nine teams of Class B. About 50 boys reported to Coach McGiveny's call for players, of whom only two were veterans, Diamond Santilli of the old Warwick nine and Al Petrarca, a former Iayvee pitcher. Out of them, the coach moulded a very successful team. Unfortunately, owing to an operation, Coach McGiveny was put on the shelf for a time and Mr. Carroll was pressed into service. The team took one of two games from Westerly, split even with Classical, took one from Central Falls and dropped two close decisions to West Warwick and St. Raphael. They registered two triumphs out of three from our city rival, Aldrich and in a perfect pitching duel, won the city championship and a trophy presented anonymously. At the close of the third contest which ended 2-l and was one of the best the writer ever witnessed, the cup was presented to Captain Santilli by Mayor O'Brien in the presence of the players and spectators. FOOTBALL Under the splendid coaching of Mr. Nordyke, the football team was very successful. Although not winning many games, and suffering several defeats the boys kept up their fighting spirit and played good, clean, football and showed true sportsmanship. ,The backfield was small but it was strong and fast. "Bert" Brown and Stafford Trapp starred throughout the season for the team. FOOTBALL SCORES Lockwood Opponents Central Falls ...,..,......, ............................,.....,.....,................ ,........ 0 1 2 Westerly ...,.......,.................. .......,...,.............. 0 13 West Warwick .,............. 0 7 Classical ,............,......... 13 0 St. Raphael ........... 0 7 Mt. St. Charles ......... 0 0 Aldrich .,.,.,.....,.....,..... 6 7 ll05l TRACK AND CROSS COUNTRY Front How: I. Keenzel, I. Cooper, E. Lillibridge, S. Trapp, I. Lord, W. Vashey, W. Somerville, R. Davide. Middle Row: W. Iordan, I. Fisher, W. Reardon, B. Brown, Mr. Nordyke iCoach of trackl, Mr. Barker KCoach of Cross Countryj, R. Weigert, C. Main, T. Whelan. Back Row: C. Maher, G. Therrien, G. Smith, R. Petrcrrca, R. Fisher, I. Hennigan, H. Macreading, I. Budlong, I. Voelkel. BASKETBALL Front Row: E. Lillihridge, W. Siravo, B. Brown, W. Allen, H. Hopkins, I. Maher, S. Briggs. Middle Row: Mr. Nordyke, CCoach7, A. Bachelder, I. Cooper, S. Trapp, I. Hennigan, R. Petrarca, L. Downs, E. Audet. Back Row: L. Weeks, A. Roberts, R. Morin, R. Rowe, R. Comsiock, R. Fagan, H. Card, C. Maher. .P Fl" llO6l :ll X TRACK AND CROSS COUNTRY The cross country team made a fine record with Keenzel, Lillibridge, and Reardon starring for Lockwood. Keenzel who placed second in the state meet at LaSalle and twelfth in the New England meet was captain of the team. Coach Barker is to be complimented on the way he developed the team. The track team has the makings of a good team and we have reason to expect a great deal from them this season. CROSS COUNTRY MEETS North Kingston at Lockwood ........,..,.......,...,.,.,.,..,.,.....,............,. ........,..,.,.,, . , ,.,., .. South Kingston and Lockwood at North Kingston ........ .. ........... .. Burrillville, N. K. Lockwood .,...,...,.,.....,.,.,,...,.,.,...,................,.,..., Lockwood at Moses Brown ...,.,., .,.... Lockwood at Classical .,..,.......,.,............. Cross Country Championship ,.,..,.,... , WOR Znd place 2nd place ...,.,., ..., . won . lost Sth place The season's track record in brief was as follows: Dual meet at West Warwick: Lockwood 92, - West Warwick 6. Dual meet at Lockwood: Lockwood 86-Aldrich 39. Interscholastic Relay Carnival: First Place. Invitation meet: Second Place. Interscholastic League Championship Meet at Brown University: First Place. In this meet Lockwood placed in every event. BASKETBALL Operating with splendid teamwork and quick action, the basketball team gained fourth place in the Class B division. No little credit is to be given to coach Nordyke who taught the team fair play and good sportsmanship as well as the game itself. Among the highlights of this season was the shutout Lockwood gave Classical when our Varsity romped to a 22 to 0 victory and the Iayvees 29 to 0. This at first was considered to be a world's record but it was found to have happened in one other similar case. The team won ll games and lost 7. Right Forwards ,......... ,........... ......,.,.,...,, P e trarca, Maher Left Forwards ............ ,.....,.,....... D owns, Lillibridge Right Guards .,.......,.,.,. ................................. B rown. Trapp Left Guards .,.......,. .,.,.,...,.......,.,.,.,..,......... ...,. S i ravo, Cooper Centers .,................ ...........,. A llen, Hopkins, Hennigan ll07l ' L.. A 4. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION COMMITTEE First Row: Lloyd Weeks, Betty Radford, Ruth Granquist, Miss Trow, Miss Tillinqhast, Florence Whit- marsh, Marjory Whitaker, Mildred Mills, Helen Pettigrew, Henry Brassard. Second Row: William Vashey, Iohn Cooper, Gerald O'Brien, President: Mr. Nordyke, Mr. Schurman, Frederick Phelps, Iohn Keenzel, Mr. Griffin. HOCKEY Front How: Left to Right: M. Searle, B. Hermann, A. Wyss, G. Therrien, E. Gailey, P. Chenevert, F. Burns, W. Newman, N. Walstead. Back Row: A. Rice, Mr. Adams tCoachJ, C. Bertwell, E. Roberts. G. O'Brien, I. Hess, G. Iohnson, R. Brown, K. Moultrop, Mr. F. Wight tCoach.l ll08l ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Athletic Association is a decided asset to our school. It is carried on for the purpose of discussing all problems related to both boys' and girls' sports. It has, during the past year, made valuable decisions on many questions of impor- tance to our welfare. We regard the opinion of its members highly and the thirteen members, representing every class in the school have, under the leadership of Gerald O'Brien, President, and the Faculty Advisers, Miss Trow, Miss Tillinghast, Mr. Schurman, Mr. Griffin, and Mr. Nordyke, had a most successful year in providing interesting sport activities and in solving athletic problems for us. WARWICK'S 1937 HOCKEY TEAM The combined Aldrich-Lockwood hockey team this year had a season of ups and downs, as is often the case with teams with no experience. This team started the season with only one of last year's regulars, Ernie Gailey, available. Because of this, in the first game with East Providence, the Warwick boys played about as ragged a game as any group in the last five years. The stage fright and inexperience didn't last long however. The result was that before the season was over Hope was defeated 3-l and LaSalle 4-1, although both of these teams reached the playoffs. Warwick would have undoubtedly done the same had it fared better in its crucial games with the weaker teams. Here again the inexperience showed up as the players tightened up under pressure. One day in practice, the team defeated Classical seven or eight to nothing and the next night couldn't do more than tie them l-l in a game that was needed very much. Gailey and O'Brien were outstanding at defense during the whole season. Each had a powerful body check and didn't hesitate to use it. In addition Gailey was one of the high scorers of the league. Of the forwards, George Iohnson and Phil Chenevert proved the rnost effective. Next year's team will have a number of experienced players and should show the effects of things learned this season. HOCKEY SCORES Warwick East Providence Z Warwick Central 0 Warwick Mount St. Charles 4 Warwick La Salle 2 Warwick Warwick Warwick Warwick Warwick Warwick Warwick Warwick Warwick Warwick ll09l Classical 1 fovertimel Cranston 2 tovertimel Hope 1 East Providence 0 lovertimel Central 0 Covertimel Mount St. Charles 2 Classical 1 fovertimel Cranston 3 Covertimel Hope 1 La Salle 1 gwggg 5, at LCDCKWQCDDITES Mila, Mx X f ,, E km A V1 V x fs A hi ji 5,3 1.3-'I' ' M 4' " wg 'uf W w Q' :MQHQW ' :5- ADVERTISEMENTS +4 .X if A9 f Iirmnar 1 fx Compliments ALUMNl U60 Hazel Scott Chester G. Douglas Ruth E. Shailer Marian E. Warren Marshall Robertson Henry I. Cooper Ioseph E. McKeon Hope Iewett Virginia Burnham Irene Bailey Marian F. Brown Edna Louise Bood Agnes Iewett Margaret L. Henderson Anna M. Ferrante George Senerchia Mary Clarlcin Muriel T. Cull Carolyn H. Cult Emily S. Place Compliments of Compliments of CLASS CLASS OF OF 1937 1938 Math. Student: "I've added these figures ten times now." Teacher: "Good." Math. Student: "And here are the ten answers." Compliments of Compliments of C L A S S C L A S S O F O F 1939 1940 Compliments of Compliments of CLASS CLASS OF OF 1941 1942 Anxious i?VIother: "What do average High School students do with their week ends. Mr. Scott: "We11, Madam, I think they sometimes merely hang their hats on them!" Aldrich High School Parent-Teachers Association OFFICERS President ...............t.........,,..,.....4.............,..........................,..,..,..... Mrs. Henry B. Ward lst Vice-President .......... ......,,...,...,.....,.,,,,........... M r. Marshall Robertson 2nd Vice-President 4....,.,,...t ..4s.........,., M r. Harold F. Scott Secretary ......,A..,A.. ............,A...A.. ..l...., ............... l fl r s. Lea Boutin Treasurer F...,,,........,....,......,...,....., .,,,.....,... . Mr. Frank B. Wight Recording Delegate t..,,.,,,......,.............,...,. ..,............ M rs. Frederick Owens Delegate .....r..r.....,.......r...r..t..,..rr..r...............,............,..,,...........,.. Mrs. Albin Rossiter COMMl'I'1'EES By-Laws Membership Mr. Waldron E. Fernald Mrs. Michael Dwyer Mrs. Allen Tripp Mrs. Alice Young Mrs. Howard Kelly Mrs. Marie Knox CHAIRMEN Program Music Miss Belinda Snow Mrs. Frederick Owens Publicity Sunshine Miss Anne Capen Mrs. lohn Birtwistle Hospitality Athletics Mrs. Carleton North Parent-Teacher Magazine Mrs. Oscar Hallene Mr. Gordon Shepard Dancing Class Mrs. Gordon Shepard THE CLASS OF 1929 Wishes the Class of 1937 GCCD LUCK AND MUCH SUCCESS C mphmemsof Bishop Auto Service I Main Street, at the Bridge George F. VVh1te PAWTUXET, R. I. and Sons Expert Lubrication T-A report card. If found please return to pupil at school. No rewczr returned to parents. Compliments of JOHN A. O'BRIEN LAKEWOOD AUTO MOVING CRATING STORAGE Telephone: Plantations 2121-2122 Residence Connection: Williams 2175 SUPPLY WARWICK AVE. Gasoline - Oil - Accessories Batteries lllll I I l v llll W E Vlnlr I llll Complete Auto Service WILFRED I. PAOUIN, Prop. 42 WESTFIELD STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. Hazel Wade-K to her sisterl: "I am as tall as you." Virginia: "No you're not. Stand up and see. There, you only come up to my eyes." Haze1:"We11,I don't care: I'm as tall as you are the other way. My feet go down as far as yours do." Pawtuxet Pharmacy 2206 Broad Sr. at the Bridge Tel. Greenwood 1450-W Fresh Killed W1-9344 Rhode Island Turkeys In sickness and in health let us serve you I' COMPLIMENTS PIONEER Foon sroRE GF I. A. Souto Oscar R. Hallene 1634 ELMWOOD AVE. CRANSTON, R. I. I-IOODS MILK An Ideal food with your School Lunch LLOYD W. HANG Providence, R. I. 4- 'N H' P- HOCD 6' SONS Best of Candy Supplied 135 Harris Ave. Providence, R. I. at Dexter 3024 Evelyn Tate: "Heard any stories about my teeth?" AI: "Yeah," Evelyn: "We1I, they're false." Compliments of COMPLIMENTS Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet OF Dancing Wednesday and Sat. Nights George I. E. Denicourt Why Not Arrange for Your Reunion D,M, at Rhodes LOOK FOR THE SEAL! It is your assurance of Genuine Pacific Clear Flame Range Oil R. E. E. MILLER 2 PECK STREET, PAWTUXET, R. 1. Controlled Quality from Oilwell to Consumer I X I firm 'Y ax -. Aixam. .- I 4 X CHOPS SEA FOOD SANDWICHES STEAKS At the Bridge in Pawtuxet After the dance take a voyage to the 7 seas '66Slfrv1.S5IE'L5 Congratulations. Graduates! - - and may we Welcome You To Fashion Center on the Second Floor A Series of Smart Shops Where You'll Always Find the Smartest Clothes DRESS FOYER MILLINERY FOYER COAT FOYER DEBBIE SHOP SPORT SHOP YOUNG FELLOWS DEPTS. Znd and 3rd Floors Call Hopkins 0890-For Free Delivery GROCERIES FRESH MEATS Pioneer Food Store Paul Miller, Prop. FRUITS VEGETABLES 595 Apponaug Road Norwood, R. I. Ade1e's Beauty Parlor at Pawtuxet Bridge is now ready to give you new zotos test curl. Come in and give us a trial. Experienced in all branches of Beauty Culture. Permanent Waves now from 32.50 up Call WI. 9568 Warren Erickson wrote at the end of his exam paper: "Miss Daily: If you send any of my stuff to the funny paper, don't forget me, and split my-fifty." Compliments of HOXSIE FII.LING STATION HIGH GRADE MONUMENTS Wm. P. Pellett and Sons, Inc. 1887 Elmwood Ave. Phone: Williams 2440 Walmac Service Stations INC. Hoxsie Four Corners Warwick, R. I. CERTIFIED MOBIL LUBRICATION MOBIL GAS MOBIL OIL Cars Called for and Delivered Tel. Dexter 3890 General Candy Company Successors to E. Rosen Company IOBBING DEPARTMENT 142 PINE ST. PROVIDENCE, R. I. Autocrat Coffee Roasted by Radiant Heat to bring out that flavor 1 lf? x X L ig Pg L -X Vacuum Packed to Preserve Flavor Brownell 6: Field Co. Providence, R. I. COMPLIMENTS OF APPONAUG PHARMACY Charles E. Morin Registered Pharmacist MAIN ST. APPONAUG Dr.: "We11, aren't you going to let me x-ray you ll ? Gwen K: "Yes, but I'm waiting for you to turn your head." Bryant College Providence, Rhode Island Beautifully located on campus in exclusive residential district, this out- standing college oifers exceptional two- year degree courses in Business Admin- istration, Accountancy, Finance, and Executive Secretarial Training. U Also 1-year Intensive Secretarial Courses. Co-ed. Efective Placement Ser-vice. Splendid college buildings. Gym. Dor- mitories. 75th year begins September 8, 1937. Summer Session begins July 6. 'A nt! 4-year Commercial Teacher Training Course approved by the State Director of Education of Rhode Island, fi - will also begin in Sep- tember. Catalog and View Book mailed free upon request. Address Director of Admissions, Providence, Rhode Island. f ' f" 'Q 22 -?'....g2 lil ' - 'l COMPLIMENTS OF George B. Salter H. P. SALTER coA1. - coKE PAWTUXET, R. I. Socony Service Station P. R. R. 81 Lubrication, Gas, Oil Tires and Accessories CORNER APPONAUG ROAD :S ELMWOOD AVE. NORWOOD, R. I. S. H. Robertson, Prop. Tel. WI. 9523 Tel. GAspee 6283 Call and Deliver Paramount Cleansing and Valetor Service Pressing in IU Minutes 73 UNION ST. PROVIDENCE, R. I. Christy's Restaurant ITALIAN SPAGHETTI A SPECIALTY CONIMICUT Central Service Oil Co. SERVICE STATIONS Gas-Oil-Greasing Range and Fuel Oils Delivered Prornptly Conimicut and Oakland Beach Warwick Neck 406 Warwick Neck 200-R Providence, West 4725-W Art Carlin: "Do you know the difference between a street car and cz taxi?" V. Williams: "N o." Art Carlin: "Then we'11 take of street car." Iohn B. Carpenter, Inc. Real Estate and Insurance 58 Weybosset St. Providence, R. I. MUSIC FURNISHED FOR ALL OCCASIONS "Ernie" George and his Vagabonds Tel. Ho. 1440 Compliments of Norwood Meat Market L. HUEBBERS, PROP. Phone: Hopkins 5767 Tiffany Printing Company EFFECTIVE COMMERCIAL PRINTING Warwick Ave. at Washington St. Lakewood, R. I. EDGEWOOD SECRETARIAL SCHOOL A Private School for Girls Intensive Courses in All Secretarial Subjects Placement Bureau -Individual Instruction Phone Williams 7210 or Write 198 ARMINGTON STREET EDGEWOOD, RHODE ISLAND Auto Repairs ataPrice You Can Bear E. W- IB-VINGIS GARAGE Piano Instruction IRVING BOSTROM, PROP. Accompanist Auto Re airin p g PI... 2842 All Work Guaranteed 178 BOWEN ST Phone Greenwood ll84 PROVIDENCE, R- I- Tony Henry: "Did you ever see cz girl who could keep her mouth c1osed?" Tommy Ashworth: "Sure, I gave my sect in the bus to a girl last week, and she didn't open her mouth." Compliments ROY A. STINSON Of FUNERAL HOME Arthur E. Hardy, M.D. IO BEACH AVENUE CONIMICUT, RHODE ISLAND 9 Hillside Grocery Store Ambulance Service Rock Ave- Conirnicut, R. I. TEL. WARWICK NECK 40 Telephone WK. NK. 396 NORWOOD MOTOR COMPANY 946 APPONAUG ROAD NORWOOD, RHODE ISLAND Tel. WI 2200 CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE HIGH GRADE USED CARS Pawtuxet Headquarters For Birds Eye Frosted Foods Andrew Lindsey 2180 Broad Street Pawtuxet Compliments of Dr. I. Bidennan Miss Clarke: "Gee, Harrie, you're cr nice-looking boy when you're dressed up.' Harrie Wheeler: I With cz pretty smile! "Oh gosh, thanks!" F. and W. Grand 5-10-25-1.00 Store 346 WESTMINSTER STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. Tel WI. 9533 Martin Auto Service Gasoline and Oil Accessories Corner ot Main and Fair Sts. Pawtuxet, R. I. Compliments of Capron's Pioneer Store 95 Fair Street BRUNO'S MARKET Meat, Fruits and Groceries 825 APPONAUG ROAD NORWOOD, R. I. WI' 9574 Te-1. WI. 3433 L. H. BELLIN, STUDIO A. BROUTH, Photog ph WD pfwfvqmplm gm gm 0,4 793 7 smwlu fha, gm og 7938 Compliments of Lakewood Garage, Inc. "At the Four Corners" Phone I-Io. 5230 THE REMINGTON FUNERAL HOME Ask Us For Rates Day and Night Towing Compliments of Bigger and Better Bingo Armory I-Iall, Apponaug EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 1604 BROAD STREET Admission 25 Cents Sergeant, to Titus: "What size shoe do you wear?" Titus: "Er-er-er!!!" Sergeant ILooking at Titus's feetl: "We1l, I'11 have to send to Washington yours." for Plantations 9222 Rover Beauty Shop PERMANENT WAVING Hoxsie Dairy F ann MILK AND CREAM Specializing in Beauty Culture 120 UNION ST. I' E' Mathewson 57 EDDY sr. ROOM 212-A PROVIDENCE, R. I. Compliments of GRANT 'S STORE HARRY B. sTocKARD, PROP. Ethel M. Aldrich Oldest Grocery Store in Pawtuxet MEMBER OF SCHOOL COMMITTEE TELEPHONE CONNECTION RENDINE'S GASOLINE 6. BATTERY STATION Esso Gasoline and Oils FLATS FIXED AUTO ACCESSORIES IGNITION WORK AUTO REPAIRING West Shore Road, Conimicut, R. I. Ben C. Coldwell AMERICAN on. co. Gasoline and Oil Expert Lubrication, Tires, Accessories Cor. Point and West Clifford Streets Tel. MA 6808 Providence, R. I. Referee: "Doub1e dribble." lean S.: "I didn't see any double dribble." T. Ashworth: "Maybe you blinked between dribb1es." Warwick Oil Co. c. D. CARLIN, PROP. Range and Fuel Oils 24 HOUR SERVICE Tel. WK. NK. 286 coMPL1MENrs or G. H. DEAN BUY WITH AN EYE TO THE FUTURE COOKING Is Going Electrical Buy an Electric Range to go with your Electric Refrigerator and enjoy maximum economy through full use of Electric Service. Q- The Narragansett Electric Company Part of New England Power Association USE GAS Jhcfdtmjucl for COOKING WATER HEATING REF RIGERATION PROVIDENCE GAS CO. Telephone Wllliarns 9130 ALEXANDER'S Iobber in Carnival Supplies G Novelties Bingo and Bridge Prizes 714 BROAD ST. PROVIDENCE, R. I. COMPLETE LUBRICATION SERVICE Mills Service Station 1893 ELMWOOD AVE., NORWOOD, R. I. Tires, Tubes, Batteries Tydol Gasoline - Veedol Motor Oil THE SERVICE STATION THAT SERVES Phone: WI. 9403 Ioseph Mills !Capotosto, Erickson, and Duncan-all talking about new cafeteria system.l Miss Clarke: "Well, Duncan, how do you like the new cafeteria system?" Duncan: "Swell, we'l1 have girls' cosmetics for dessert." Cherry 6 Webb's Iunior Shop Specializing in Individually-Styled Moderately Priced Coats Suits Dresses Sportswear Millinery FIFTH FLOOR May Your Future Years Be Happy and Prosperous Ones Gerry 6 Slocum Radio and Electric Shop 2159 Broad St. Edgewood Phone: HO. 9013 "ON SERVICE WE BUILD" Bernice's Curb Service To Q11 who have The Only One in New England Helped make . . Th R ' d Steak and Chicken Dinners e emm er a success: World's Largest Hot Dogs l0c MANY THANKS THIS YEAR'S RINGS madeby DIEGES AND CLUST Manufacturing Specialty Iewelers 10 ABBOTT PARK PLACE PROVIDENCE, R. I. Bef NEW YORK BOSTON CHICAGO PITTSBURGH X Qcwwo M Q1 0CAlU CU T V, QM MX L My M Y 'W ' U L 'E om mf Www an--Q fa CQ ' ,.,, 4 .. Q Q 4 Q .4 Tu M if Jffff K O Kim W "LV "H "" f 6??P':f2::v.vvx '--, M A i A VI IW "-I, : 1,-I ,, Q' ' T A W MV . 1:- UGK f i ff' . L' f ff Off I' ' ' E' x 2. . ff ff be en. 3: , W I X F S, Mfg N ,f f f X i X! f "a wif Eg W' My ,ffgf jf 5 if "" -W 4 F37 X !', 5Q ' If 1, R E'2YM6YYwer1'3 QlKFiCxx'1-VNQXUYX ' X 'nf l FoO'iPk3ouXE3?.1L.r5i,2LPyxwEx?Y,a5. ,..:1- -f::.,,.. 1 in Paar FRQEYWDK' ftllfk il j'P,R':g! A 0'-1 G I . MM ' , ' 4? 'NA L4 Q X L F F x, 11? ts-Q pndrmlq" 160 9 f- 1-V Q 1 7M 'gm-N' vw sm- ? ww ' J -4-' wx W 5 X X! A.-X 52-Janie. IQ S+11,L j I X' 'Za +1 MQ Q G v .J aww? S U he I 4 4 5- Q Q , , .Q I R 1 J gunfm, M MILDRED M. LINDSLEY Dresses - Accessories Tel. Greenwich 204 40 Main St. East Greenwich, R. I. Steve's Barber Shop 241 Main Street Apponaug, R. I. Union Barbers Steve's Hair Treatments Are to Preserve Hair and to Protect It For Further Cutting Compliments of GUS MILLER Barber EAST GREENWICH, RHODE ISLAND Betty's Beauty Salon 3 East Greenwich Rd., Apponaug, R. I. Tel. Greenwood, 1471-R EXCLUSIVE BEAUTY CULTURE FOR THE SMART WOMAN Doctor: "find that habit of talking to yourself. There's nothing to worry about that. Charlie W.: "Perhaps not, but I'm such a bore." BEN- Compliments of East Greenwich, R. I. Herman Silverman WE FEATURE GREENWICH WORSTED EVGTY Desirable TYPS SUITS of Graduation Shoes NONE BETTER FOR WEAR EAST GREENWICH, R. I. Compliments of TAILOR 91MainSt. East Greenwich Geo. A. Bergstrom 5: Co. Greenwich 326-W Cleaning-Pressing-Repairing, Alterations GROCERIES - MEATS Quick Service - Low Prices PROVISIONS SAVE Men's Suits Made to ALI. S10 '2i22'j,Qi,gh1?,9oS,2Q2S S25 EAST GREENWICH, RHODE ISLAND b Included Compliments of E. H. ADAMS Contractor Compliments of LAMBERT L. LIND Compliments of LONGMEADOW GREENHOUSES Compliments of BAYSIDE OYSTER CO. Telephone Warwick Neck 629gW Gerry O'B.: "How o1d were you on your Iczst birthday?" Marion M.: "I don't know. I horven't had my last birthday yet." Compliments ot EDWARD O. EKMAN PLOEGER'S LANDSCAPE SERVICE Gardening a Specialty Let us solve your problems by calling 4 Greenwood l692-R Architect Main Ave., Cor. 4th St. ' GREENWOOD, R. I. WARWICK EAST GREENWICH Morons, INC. MOTORS' INC- FORD V-8 Ford Dealer HILLSGROVE, R. I. LINCOLN ZEPI-IYR V-l2 Iohn P. Maurer, Manager Tel. Greenwich 550 SALES PARTS SERVICE 331112 illiluun LUNCHEON SERVED DAILY Dining Room Available At Any Time Compliments of Hillcrest Apiary for Banquets, Bridge Parties, etc. RALm1P.vAuGHN DANCING Tel. Greenwood 1112 H111SgrQve, R. 1. Pontiac Road Greenwood, R. I Compliments of The Corner Lending Compliments of Kings1ey's Variety Store Llbrary Post Road Greenwood, R. I 41 MAIN STREET EAST GREENWICH Tel. GR. ll58 Tom: "Whczt's the difference between you and a mouse?" Blanche: "What is it?" Tom: "A mouse harms the cheese and you charm the hees." Compliments of KOCH'S PHARMACY EAST GREENWICH, R. 1. DRUGS FINE SODAS, CANDY, CIGARS S. 61 H. Drug Company Apponaug Four Corners I. R. SENERCI-IIA REGISTERED PHARMACIST Compliments of THE SERVICE SHOE STORE Arctic, R. I. CALUORI'S Fmsr CLASS SHOE REPAIRING 223 Main Street tOpposite Methodist Churchl EAST GREENWICH, R. I. Use Texaco "F ire Chief" RAY REILLY'S SERVICE STATION Corner William St. and Post Road East Greenwich Prompt and Courteous Service Ray Reilly, Prop. Compliments of AL'S AUTO SERVICE PONTIAC ROAD GREENWOOD, R. I. Greenwood l 142 SUNTEX SERVICE STATION Norman Iacobson, Prop. Corner Main Ave. and Pontiac Road Tel. GR. 1006, Greenwood, R. I. Day and Night Service- Phone Warwick Neck 330 Warwick Neck Garage E. C. Lidberg, Proprietor GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING WARWICK NECK, R. I. ARCTIC MOTORS, INC. I-'onn v-a - cAns - TRUCKS GUARANTEED USED CARS l9l Washington St. West Warwick, R. I. Tel. VAlley 85 Compliments of I. G. Nathanson Compliments of HAROLD STENDER CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES FOR SUCCESS William C. Kindelan WARWICK POLICE CHIEF THE H. V. ALLEN ESTATE AGENCY INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 164 MAIN ST. EAST GREENWICH, R. I. The Theatre DeLuxe Compliments of GREENWICH THEATRE East Greenwich, R. 1. f J L f7Q".l" mimi . ' ' ,sL,, . 5 t . . . . , REFINED sURRoUND1NGs 5 :zz . UERWE HoME-LIKE ATMOSPHERE 'ifn ' K B00 PERFECT PRo1EcT1oN-WoNDER soUND p, K'4j1L.Qnosif1 if-.F VT Tel. Greenwich 698 TICKETS-TUURS-CRUISES "Remember," warned the teacher, "No person can work and play at the same time." Red: "How about a musician, teacher?" Compliments of Compliments of Dr. Harold C. Lockwood Dr. Harold L. Collom Compliments of Compliments Of Dr- Alphonse W. Lupoli Kenneth W. Scott, D.M.D. Compliments Of Compliments of F. B. RICHMOND 6: SON 124 EAST GREENWICI-1 ROAD APPONAUG, R. I. Curtis Hardware, Inc. APPONAUG, R. 1. CHAMPLIN LUMBER CO. WEST WARWICK-E. GREENWICH WARWICK OIL CO. CONIMICUT, R. 1. MASTER KRAFI' BURNERS C. D. CARLIN, PROP. Brown: "Where are you going with that clock, Pal?" Gillheeney: "Up to the top of the hi11." Brown: "What for?" Gillheeney: "To watch it run down." PETER A. SODERLUN D Contractor and Builder EAST GREENWICH, R. 1. Tel. E. G. 166 Compliments of HANSON 6 ERICKSON CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS Greenwood 1377 GREENWOOD, R. I. 1. B. ARCHAMBAULT Home1over's Paradise WEST WARWICK, R. I. EDGAR A. ARCHAMBAULT, MGR. "The Most Beautiful Furniture Store in New England" APPONAUG BAKERY "Good Things to Eat" MAIN STREET APPONAUG, RHODE ISLAND CERTIFIED MALLEABLE THIES DYEING MII.LS, CASTINGS INC. ' Madeby DYERS or YARN Rhode Island Malleable In the Wound Iron Works form 4, fs? HILLSGROVE, RHODE ISLAND WEST WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND Stafford I after assemblyl: "Those hour lectures always make a new man out ot me." Dot: "You mean they give you something you've been lacking?" Stafford: "Yes, s1eep." Compliments of , , , , Greenwood Bridge William s Corner Garage Garage L- H- Shippee WALTER RYDBERG, Prop. HUDSQN AND ESSEX AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING GENERAL REPAIRING O N A L L C A R S Apponaug, Rhode Island Ford Sales and Service -Machine Work Welding - Accessories and Parts Tel. Greenwood 1338 GREENWOOD, R. I. GENERAL CANDY COMPANY 142 Pine Street PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Tel.: DExter 3890 ALUMNI DOROTHY I. COMPSTON ROSALIND M. WALLACE HAZEL E. DAILY MARIANNA L. WILLARD BERTHA DAILY WILLIAM KEACH ARROW SYSTEM LAWRENCE, MASS. BASEBALL BASES DUFF LE BAGS GYMNASIUM MATS Ref We Are Pleased To Have Outfitted ALDRICH AND LOCKWOOD ATHLETIC SQUADS Q- HERB MURRAY 27th Year Selling Sport Goods Southern New England Supply Co. 72 Orange St. Between Weybosset and Pine Streets Miss McCabe: "What comes before six? Trapp: "The Milkmanf' Compliments of THE C. and W. CLEANSING CO. BROCKTON, MASS. Courtesy of L. F. PEASE CO., INC. est. 1866 Awnings Tents Silk and Bunting School Flags 152 SO. WATER STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. Phone Gaspee 7617 COMPLIMENTS OF Edward B. Mcl-ilpine IAMES T. LOCKWOOD P. T. A. Objects of Parent-Teacher Associations To promote child welfare in home, school, church, and community. To raise the standards ot home lite. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training ol the child. To develop between educators and the gen- eral public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advan- tages ol physical, mental, moral, and spiritual education. Westcott: "Say, you should hear me play that old song, "Petunia." Marion: "Petunia? How does it go?" Westcott: "Petunia old gray bonnet." Bryant College Providence, Rhode Island Beautifully located on campus in exclusive residential district, this out- standing college oEers exceptional two- year degree courses in Business Admin- istration, Accountancy, Finance, and Executive Secretarial Training.-. Also 1-year Intensive Secretarial Courses. Co-ed. Efecti-vs Placement Service. Splendid college buildings. Gym. Dor- rnitoriel. 75th year begins September 8, 1937. Summer Session begins July 6. 'NA new 4-year Commercial Teacher Training Course approved by the State Director of Education of Rhode Island, ,: y will also begin in Sep- tember. Catalog and ..t:,f5f'g' if View Book mailed free 51' Bpon requssth Address 7 Vu' ".- 9 irectoro A missions, 11 Providence, Rhode - ' Island. v GUING PLACES! Your class prophet needs no tea leaves, magic crystal, or psychic powers to discover that certain alert, forward-looking girls ot this year's class are "going places" in business. These smart young women are go- ing to Katharine Gibbs School tor two years ot secretarial training with col- lege subjects. Then, with the aid ot the Placement Department, they'll be off to a llying start in the preferred positions available to Katharine Gibbs graduates. CMore jobs than graduates last yearll Send for interesting booklet, "Your Next Two Years," for further light on what the future holds for you as a Katharine Gibbs graduate. Write to Entrance Committee, 155 Angell St., Providence or telephone Gaspee 0411. Intensive One Year Course also available IhlATlIA1ltItlEB GIBBS lillllilltll Compliments of A FRIEND CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES THE OUTLET COMPANY PROVIDENCE STATION WIAR Briggs: "Hey, Ierry! Yer engine's smokin'." O'Brien: "Well, it's old enouqh." 543' COMPLIMENTS 6 'IM f COMPLIMENTS gp I I OF 71 I I FATHER 6. SON WALD o RF CAFE C L O T H IN G MAIN ST. CO. APPONAUG, R. I. WARWICK DAIRY P. 1. NEWMAN 6. soN Pure f Dairy Products - Fresh from T. B. Tested Herds "A Bottle oi Milk is a Bottle of Health" MILK CREAM Call Greenwood 1419-R Compliments of MAIN STREET GARAGE, INC. "lt's Buick Again?" APPONAUG a EAST GREENWICH RHODE ISLAND Telephones Apponaug: Grwd 1245 East Greenwich: E. G. 371 Budlong: "She said she'd be faithful to the end." Meyer: "Why, that sounds great." Budlong: "Yes, but I'm the quarterback." Compliments ot KING UNION CO. INC. I-Iillsgrove, R. I. Compliments of Compliments of cLAss CLASS or or 1937 1938 Teacher: "And what is your name?" Dick: "Didn't you see my signature on my paper?" Teacher: "Yes, that's what aroused my curiosity." Compliments of Compliments of CLASS CLASS OF OF 1939 1940 Compliments ot CLASS Compliments ot CLASS OF OF 1941 1942 Hose D.: "Why was poor Polonius killed?" Miss Snow: "Why Rose, it's only a story." Rose D.: "Yes, but if I were to write the story l'd have him die a natural death." COMPLIMENTS OF Ernest L. Lockwood ke! We, the Staff of the 1937 "THE REMINDER" wish to extend our thanks to the advertisers and adver- tising solicitors who have made this book possible. We urge our students to patronize those who have been so kind as to advertise in "THE REMINDER." COMPLIMENTS OF HAROLD E. FLAHERTY COUNCILMAN FIFTI-I WARD Mr. Wedlock: "Louis, correct this sentence: 'Girls is naturally better looking than boys'." Louis: "Girls is artificially better looking than boys." HAROLD HOLT AND CO. mc. All Forms of Insurance Mutual- Stock I7I Westminster St. PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Telephone GAspee 7771 HAROLD HOLT Residence, Warwick Neck Telephone Warwick Neck 221 Compliments of THE APPCNAUG CCMPANY APPONAUG RHODE ISLAND Compliments of ALBERT P. RUERAT LSh bzpdgh d11f Rad Th Ittpth Compliments of PIERCE H. BRERETON PHENIX TRUST COMPANY APPONAUG RHODE ISLAND W APPQNAUG GFFICE H, E. MCGRAW, PRES. AND MGR. W. H. DEVOE, TREAS. EAST GREEN WICH DAIRY COMPANY ll QC llil fC R IE A M CTHE CREAM OF QUALITYJ Grade A Raw and Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Cream EAST GREENWICI-I, R. I. Office: Phone E. G. 337-338 Sales Room: Phone E. G. 739-715 Hilltop: Phone E. G. 383 Teacher I to Iimmiel: "Take the seat in the back of the room." Mac: "She's kidding you limmie. You can't take that seat: it's nailed to the floor." NEWITUXEDOS FORIHRE READ VVHHE Men's Formal Clothes Rented for All Occasions Woolworth Bldg., Providence, R. I. Next to City Hall GREENW ICH INN 162 Main St.. East Greenwich, R. I. SPECIAL PARTIES AND BANOUETS Serving Real New England Food Featuring UPDIKE TAP ROOM and SMART COCKTAIL LOUNGE Kenneth G. Allen, Prop. Class of '29 Warwick High 'Phone EAST GREENWICH 720 WWE? few " ,ga-Vw 5 Lu JPMMVUZZ Mm 5011 P gf Lo .7 Ckmvvmng New QMM5 XR X als and bw tbvawgb qflw Qlcwdmdvr 9- Ps. 'X 'IX YBOK ST.. 099509 GO . YSOQXDYXXGQ. YS. 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Suggestions in the Aldrich High School - Reminder Yearbook (Lakewood, RI) collection:

Aldrich High School - Reminder Yearbook (Lakewood, RI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Aldrich High School - Reminder Yearbook (Lakewood, RI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Aldrich High School - Reminder Yearbook (Lakewood, RI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Aldrich High School - Reminder Yearbook (Lakewood, RI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Aldrich High School - Reminder Yearbook (Lakewood, RI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Aldrich High School - Reminder Yearbook (Lakewood, RI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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