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'MW WZQZMQUQMX7 HZWXWM 1 fx MW A 9517? 77 ' ll ff?:':4"". If . J I , 47 I at 4642 ' - - 1 -Ld-'-IJ J ,if ffl ' 3 f QM, f 6 , g,,,. ,Q , ., 4. ' A' :ff-uf 441 - 'xxfj V X I 4 F'.C,iCC , t gf!! 51 ,fl,f"g1 L- yL:1.f, I il: ,- K 'IU ' I Q lil CQ?" jr L' f" f mf- lfif " gt - :L - cl, . N, ' 2 cf 7M A Ai--jw , A -X Q, ,.'11fqf ' j ,K W 'D C' - , -r ' , C , .. C c XF 5465,-A 7 P, f cm 5 f f" PW 81 , -A -.Afl - 9 Y U Y U lgtuiw f Q 4 ,O + - A I if- IE' - Zen Qi W A E 0 l l f C Q 3 ' if 1 2 Q 2 Ill fffLQ I5 253 556 'S PJ is ZZ CQQDIETUCCOE C13 i UD ll E QQ- Q? ep L' ll R1 ll A X X' 'WV L ' , X" of if-'X U V f qi 'if zz: wwf f w ,. sf. , x 1 ' X ml MA xj"f-X I x'llI2b If Lfj ,'Z'fl'g-6 Armftw 'gl-jmiukqck HA, -N I ' 47' J 'XX' f , X A A Xl. , A I lx ...figgf -f R, ",7Qf, f,x',U.k,f ' X' " , Q f 'ffff f f f ' f if H ,V LM V- M' Xi?f -mg, iU,'x C V V A ' x L' V4 ,QL 'bf chic L Q + Ny fAr Q f' 2 1 mf lnffr f 1, U , X V77,f,4lfl!1 4, ! J, . 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Ov-v' , 'nf-ae,..,,I I A Im, I I I I I I I I I I ' I I S , 1 , ' , 4,1 QQ . 419' 5 5 ...-'lf' ' -fu -' .-N. E" '41'fa!1:g""' ' 'f' yi ' 1 - -Qfrr Q Q Q . -- , V. f 1 'Q 1 ' . v I- ' hi: . ge 1 1 Haag. ' QA... Q 'Q X' ' Q. ,,- .Q - . I 32' , " '. -. - 1 . A ' K? - ,WK fi ' :.' '- ,Q 2, K ,CT T, Y ' Y- A iQ. Q Ig.-Q,Af tq. S, -- ' . V5 Q:,:f: -Laid: nhl-5: xg- - ,Q ., M45 jiih, .,, 4,,-.,' , , Q'QTQ1, 4,15 ' . - Q , f Qx Q. -I ,Mg ' ,ff f A Qi t 7 -, 1 - ' Q . ,ji 7121- fa,- 75:21 - ' ' , ' , 'fn-'wsi Ln-'f?1r"m Q 'L f ' 11 ' V ,P N: ' Q , 1 1'-'14-1-' ' mar 5 V' a ,fff i -1 -J, an I- 5,37 ,i, .TQ 1' A,-!..... ,L Q, Q4 ' -- ,Q 1.-Q" 5" - fu -a?Q'5f++2 , TY wma? if. .1 ' '2:.""5 'i""" P Q V "LJ . if?-,QQ-in Q. 'Q V- D- Q . vffff ff. ' Q Q . IQ, Q Qi A U V , - Q nv Q ,Q QQ an K A ,Q A Q Q Q , MJ, -.. . ,Q Q-M ,I 1 -- ' uf Z, ' - ' ' 'ff 1, - V1 ' - , , b-1-wtf. ' - -- , ,2 .,. 43... 6' . rl ,ff jug J Y 5?-,I-lk 1 1 -... ff' 'Q --mv'-pi! Jan", P ' 7, 'fl' " nz 'eigpgl' - 'Z I M - '-.f -f 'V 4-1 Q5 A l-if -fa f .Q Q .I j A - . Q!-Z .W I If W 7 59' . , ,.a 'K '- t ' Q 453 : ' V' ' ,-1" f"w M 'X I -4 Mfg fm, ,,.., , lf' ' V. ' V , . ' "V .. 4, -R :K -1 kr' 5 uf-.1 in , ' r LA JK. 3, 9 Q. , , H . Y f '- E' bm. f - . Q ' -FK"-Q-SN, if ' fi'-1-V ' '-'t" --1 " .. -...M ,- '-- "M-N., . - ff -we - 'f ,.'-.1C.? -- . Q - . ii., -1 . Q - f 4- Awfgsqgbx 7, N4 ,""h"M r- . af - QQ :r' ry.. , -I 75- .UQ ,V ', "'Qf?Q:ff'- 5, Q: 'A t ' QQ 'f "X ' fi H QM, . 4? QF is--X I-'I gf - , A ---N-NM4L, ' ' . , Y f - - V-.,. '-- . 1 1 ' ff? RS g:.jf?Q, , f . 4' ,'6'fTf?E','-r-QM ,f'ii,fY ""-M V' "'4 w+-'W- --Y ' I ' .. 2' - ATL? Pig! .,. Q - Q - ff.. Q Qf.A.,. ,,, f---SQ... FZ' - -.1 gn 1 Q -I W , j 1,4 ' ' ua 5'-1-ef., Q Y N ,, 1- -Hx ,,,Q QA A .,Q-""- 5-Q N,QQ+ Q ,4 , . ca, .f H. xiii.-- F ,X Q-H Q "' Jngsgg ' . ' tf xmss- ' Q f 14. , i , s x N " if Wm, ' --A 1, . A Q .wx Gs. 9 l' a . ' P '- Q f "'x "lx , Q ' - ' 'Qui-f ' " A .Q Q I. H V 5 . 'P ' s , A -- ' - . 'v Q g 3' ef ' -.Q Y ' -Q "M , Q I --. 1 I 51, ' vf HQFQ F 2-r, , . "'- ,QQ 4 5 Q ' , 24 9 55 ' Avrgfg.-,. - ' f Tx-N '- . , -If f . - ' ' Ns ' - Xu-wx af x , f " K4 Q .V ' Q X' Q ' '-N'-NSQQ , - Q f.- Q "- Q Q 4 gg Q Xxx QX X Fu LJ - fa -- dz , K - -f ' ' f.. f , fm- WV 4 W f ' J... N 1 Z"-,af . ii E' ' V "" Cafuisitmt, bruising - - 4 Opening Norman Normal - a C student who has just less than too many tardies, never breaks enough rules to be sent to the office, has 7 absences, all excused. He always buys tick- ets to assemblies but never joins a club. He cruises through the system. At noon, co-op students cruise from the school parking lot to their jobs. They give up much of their involvement in school life outside of their vocational programs but learn about some of the bruises in the out- side world. Cruisers escape many bruises. Bruises come when one loses an election, wants to change the system, fights injustices, tries, cares, excels. Right: Involvement in the ag program takes up a lot of time, jun- ior Kervin Buckner uses his welding skills to finish building a fence. Below: Cruisin' for a bruisin' - well that's exactly what we're talking about! fThe heavy hand of assistant principal Mr. Hill swatting someone.l Above: Students who got off course cmised into SAC to help them get on track again. -,, Senior govffrnmenl cla:scQ renew the Halls 3LllYiliC'5 of the U S Congrcis durmg a classroom QIIIIUIZIIOII. Lohhusl Jones 1K4 Ill Leilerj reporter for the San Aminin Lngh! lMana Walls! and lobbusl Harper QGIQ-nda Vallhm rj nan 6 Opvning ,M City sllieker 9 U 5 country kicker Half in the Houston city limits and half out, the population of Aldine Sen- ior reflects the dichotomy. On one side of the fence, disco lights danced, movies flickered, and cars jammed the streets. On the other side, cows grazed, trucks raced, and cowboy boots shuffled across the dance floor. City life moved in and crowded out much of the country culture in the Aldine area. However, a rebirth of the cowboy scene produced a renewed interest in the country culture. Continued interest in the ag pro- gram, high fashion western clothing for men and women and progressive country music merged the two lifes- tyles of city slicker and country kicker. for is it country slicker and city kicker?l Leh: Sophisticalion! No more second rate sounds for sen- ior Todd Dobie as he listens to his elaborate stereo. Below: Junior Kandy Cockrell models a city slicker style, straight-legged designer jeans, a silk blouse and heels. 197. two different lifestyles in cars. , s OPC ning7 8 Opening Hills, itatllittm How one copes with the hills and bumps of life both influences and reflects one's character. During the adolescent years students are faced with new situations that are ranked among the challenges of life. Establishing their independence and identity away from their parents, develop- ing new relationships between members of the opposite and the same sex, finding a peer group to which they relate and which meets their needs are among'the most challenging of the choices made during the high school years. Graduation often brings the successes or disappointments in these choices to the surface. Students look back and eval- uate many of their decisions, while they must make choices about where to go from here - a job, college, marriage. For some students the trip is a breeze, for others a bumpy ride. ,,1g,z+'f.g-3-.4..v.tg1 ",. '- Q iiE,111l4:.rT'fE,1EZ . V' ' 111351 t1.',':', -"2 . ,nat ., 5-. JL- ---:ff-Neff' "7l3?i5'i'T'7 ir'-E if ' " " of Above: While visiting North Harris County College. senior Greg Capers reads through some of the literature. Right: Anxiously awaiting to see the prince at Ihr- Ball, Cin- derella lsenior L4-c Ann Portiel waits from afar. iii' EWS? E 3353451 Liff We 55 fiv- 1532! ,, fb 3 fa Elisa BE X4 5 123 i'?,'?75-is E3 M fig '21 N? J,4,,,,,mfv 5:21135 Qi Ying-rw' K iii!! N' ' if fuggt aww -f' 309' Gmduauon a mxlestone on lifes road Semor Dxane Beneslante I S - Opening 9 ffm -i f ' . , it 5 4 2 F 1 " ' s l L, ' 5- , .J . , 1 , - 35 VL Nag, m in - ' 'Y -215' Q ,L 1, jx K W' - .? f Fi Lax? ff! ,v,k f i wx, tv L " . .., - f ,, if , 9 -ik, Q ., 1 ' W w in. My 4A ,A N , Vg H jg ii, my Q2 1 ' ' ' ti Z , . ,A ' XS? ' , - , ?' " -' , ' . 40171 :if , - A EQP- H v, xW1,.9g , , f , 2,f p1 wi ig - '.,p2+L'r,- 'h 322, V. 1 i5.7,4 , ' gr f z ' ' G - -i ,T ,Q i 1 5 'Eg' 13,5 An Q " 4 : 1 -T , - - - ' ' ' . f- f f A vb fgA if H, ,f1 , L, f?fk QF gf ii. 4'k'k I Hi: iI","kf-, H'-, ffl: ' Y L Af , f 'Q . q ,:i,,'1':fM.L!'f5XfgM I x. , 'I y lxvvijv Alix' k 'V 4 P. -' E:i iifiiii i ,sv I ix 1 1 ,- ,P V 1 53? 1 - Liskr. wk -. 1 -. M , ,h,A A ' rr 54 .3 I Q - A uf . QfTi"5MA 5- Y A 1 Lv! , , tw 1'-W ' M- ,Q-.X ,: 'M WA A .,1- avi". - 4- ' ' A f .. :xiii ' - Af - ggi?-Q 1' I ,AH W . - . I g eq . . -:Q w 1 N ' . 'r.-.f- ,R X k P In nil' "5-:E . 'y ff' , I f l k F U .5 .' K i - M U ., L. gg Ei? I "" Q. 1 ' J 233, 5 if . Q. I i . L h - Q - -3 A 1. ,i, J, K , 1 -fl 5, . ,W xl H kilyzv . Q I. , . N ij eii, .5 :. V JM" . Lf, ,V . -, ' ' 10 Student Life I "' 1 1 ..v ., -an f--in - - -1. .- Ahwe: Perfonning in the Camival of Favorites, junior Reginald Hunter dances with his group, The Mechaniwd G.Q. 's. STUDENT MFE u . 5 me '- ,r ,fry 'f-T. A xx ,4 , . fbi: X 'E 3 ay J IAJV ff? 9 Al' E' l Left: Kissed by a Renaissance wench, junior Billy Frey enjoys the atmosphere at the Renaissance Festival. Below: Whether or not senior Ricky Marshall's serve is good. the students lost every game to the faculty team at the student vs. faculty volleyball game. ,vfl-A M ...A Q Above: Practicing before and after school, senior Marla Heinz and junior Darrell Howsley prepare for upcoming Left: During the Christmas season, senior Robin Lambert cuts out snowmen ornaments for teachers during her VOE Student Life 11 12 Homecoming!Spirit Varsity recovers at Homecoming . . . Pep rallies, mini-rallies in the cafe- teria, a chance to win district in foot- ball, a new stadium ,... all the ingredi- ents for a spirited football season. But, something was missing. Varsity's inability to reach the play- offs and new district administrative restrictions seemed to inhibit spirit. "They didn't do as much as they did last year, support-wisef' senior Ricky Marshall said. For some students one reason was "because we lost the first three gamesf' junior Stuart Cummings said. Attendance at pep rallies remained about the same. However, it seemed that "they were there waiting for them to put on a show, not for participa- tion," cheerleader sponsor Jacqueline Davis said. Spirit reached its heighth during MacArthur and Homecoming weeks, although neither seemed as spirited as they had in the past. Students were not allowed to dress in clothes of the Twenties for Homecoming because of a new policy limiting dress-up to one day a year. The Sadie Hawkins dance in the spring seemed more appropriate for dressing up, principal Vernon Lewis said. "The best part of Homecoming was winning the game," junior Gino Locas- cio said. The 14--3 victory over Bay- town Lee was the first district win for the Mustangs and was to be Lee's only district loss of the season. cont. p. 14- Lefl: Homecoming Queen Kelly Keys is crowned during halftime activities. r x ik. 5'1- 1 Ml. Q 'i if ' K -I V' fr.. - .. -3- f' Y? IA w U ...-, X-2, ,V 2 + A .5 X' ' 'aim'-., f if Lg 5:25. F ii,-ii , l . ' FJ- ' ' ss V 5 I sc, Y,., 1 ,, X . . I xi fl I 'J ' 'tw 2,1 ' ' i. - ',3':!"':':EQNH," A I in'f +.5 a'f Y ,. J ,Qi wg .- X fl? " Qi , xx 1, eitifm " 'Q 221: A- mg, 14,1 'rdf 1 44 14 r A L -,g3'jx'5'w' K -' 1: , Q. rg ,- , iam'-fdiu K f f- .,.. , . -lx . -Ml xv-1. 'x no 3 S , . Y 553. 151: :z N J.. fn ., "'?"' '23 'E I ,...,.. fk , Xin 'M X N H x 'X W . is' 'FK t 5 9 ft- -irq. f'XN lm-mn1ingfSpirit but spirit doesn't Faced with problems of showing spirit without posters in all the halls, yells after roll check and dressing up, the juniors received the Pegasus award on the basis of a door decoration con- test sponsored by the Student Council. During Spirit Week students were encouraged to wear blue and white, however, few students actually got involved. The sophomores won the spirit stick for the MacArthur game. "People just don't care. They donlt want to do anythingf, senior Debra Phillips said about the spirit apathy. Traditionally Spirit Week, the week of the MacArthur game, had been plagued with destruction to both schools, but the vandalism didn't occur this year. Playing the game at the new Thorne Stadium, a more neutral site than the stadium at Aldine Senior High, proba- bly helped control vandalism, Mr. Lewis said. "We worked to de-emphasize the MacArthur gamef' Mr. Lewis said. "We should display the same spirit toward all the schools we're playing. Spirit Week should be every week," he said. Left: Although injured while on duly at the Nimitz gamv. senior Loretta Kirsch could not be stopped from doing what she could at the MacArthur pep rally. an 41 Left: Football players rise to the ner-asion when the eheerleaders start throwing out small souxenir foolhalls during a pep rally. Below: At the end of the Mat-Arthur pep rally. choir members Buster johnson. Troy Truss:-ll. Marla Heinz, Carol Lowe, Karla Timm and Marsha Norris sing the school prayer. They also sang a song on the morning announeements using the 0iler's fight song tune with new fighting Mustang lpries. L , Above: The Pump Squad. symbolized by a plun- ger. was formed this year to promote spirit. Fresh- man memher Patrieia Mewhirter dresses lo shov. her spirit and stops in the hail to laik to junior Denise Jaeger. dressed in blue for the oeeasion. Left: While playing in the Mustang Band. sopho- more Sam Cooper and junior Mark Stephenson wear he-addresses showing their enthusiasm during Spirit Week. Homeeomingfspirit l 16 Inflation The value of a dollar - not much "I remember when Skoal cost 450' a can, now it costs 850 a can," Mark Topping said. Mark wasn't a grandfa- ther reminiscing about the good old days but a high school senior com- menting on the increased cost of living during the last few years. The majority of students com- plained about increased gas and cloth- ing costs. "There are longer intervals between buying things," senior Cindy Clements said. Going out was limited. "1 have to spend more money on gasoline instead of fun activities." senior Marlin West said. Dollar values had plunged dramati- cally during the decade to the point that a dollar in 1970 was worth about 50 cents in 1979. A combination of devaluation and increased interest rates. rising to 20 per cent this year. put a strain on families and teenagers. In a random survey of AHS stu- dents, the majority of students working made 252.90-33.50 per hour. Students indicated they spent 310-320 on enter- tainment and another 3510-3515 on gas- oline a week. Fewer students had been applying for work programs such as Distributive Education. vocational counselor Hattie Lee said. The decline was probably because of student's opportunities to attend ACE and the flexibility allowed for work hours there. she said. Cooperative Vocational Academic Education QCVAEJ programs were not included in thc decline. She said she thought the more relaxed requirements for these classes was probably the cause. Many students were not as inter- ested in their school work as they were in their own jobs. "1 go to work because I hate going to school," junior Bradley Pilkington said. Bradley gave up athletics to get into DE. "The majority of students that d0n't get their work in on time complain about not having time to do it because of such late work hours." English teacher Beverly Creeney said. When jobs were not part of the school curric- ulum, grades often suffered. 'fy S' ,Aw 4. Iwi I. l' , gl! Zi E . t t 9 t Above: Filling up his self-made S350 custom-designed sis as he pays 816.50 for gas. truck, senior Mike Henry feels the sting of the energy cri- Left Sharing their wardrobes is a way lu overvome- the- ris- dll'l0rI. Rubin Rvaves. Krnilh Orlowski and Ke-rvin Buvk- mg C051 of Clmhfs for Sisgersv sgnjor Karen Vaughan and ner pick up lhcir ordvrs from vlass pn-sillr-nt Sh:-rry Kou- jumor Lisa Vaughan Vwka' J , o Wins, .x P n 9 '-v .F-. : :uv 1 mm P' ff! A !'7j I ,xx S N 48' Above: Expressing his apprz-rialiun. junior Sam Bosworth gives rose-S to his Vaquvra. junior Shelly Andrus. During football season. c-arh Vaquvra has a football playr-r for whom she de-coralvs his lockrr and bakcs food. Lefi: Cars. jowvlry. lapvs and rerords, concerts. gamvs. food, and magazines arf' what most te-enagors spend thvir nlonvy on. X X Where the .-kcliouis at here the actionis at Crazy Charlie: Bye. l'm leaving. Don't wait up. I'Il be home late. Mom: Where are you going. and who are you going with? Crazy Charlie: A bunch of the guys are going out to eat, and then. we'll decide what to do. We'll either be at a movie or at a dance hall. Mom: Well. have fun. be careful, and don't drink and drive, son. lShe watches him leave.l lAfter eating at the local pizza parlor. Passive Paul. Intelligent Ivan. Warped Willie, Middle-of-the road Miles and Crazy Charlie argue about where to go.j Middle-of-the-road Miles: I'm in a dancing mood tonight, let's go to Western Swing. Warped Willie: Yeah. that sounds pretty good. I'd like to see some pretty ladies tonight. Crazy Charlie: A movie sounds pretty good. l've been wanting to see "The Deerhunterf' Intelligent Ivan: Look. before we get into a big argument, let's do this democratically. We'll vote on where to go tonight. Passive Paul: Who's driving. l'm out of gas. Middle-of-the-road Miles: l drove last week. ltis not my turn. Intelligent lvan: Well. what now? Where the action's at . . .that's where you'll find mel For the upperclassmen. dance halls. restaurants. shopping malls and the theaters. or a combination were favorite meeting places. Because of a problem with transportation. most of the freshmen had to choose activities where they could be more stationary. such as skating and play- ing electronic games. For those looking for action on Sunday afternoons. there were always pick-up games of football and softball on the schoolgrounds. Other more personal hangouts included friends' houses which were used for party- ing. studying or just a quiet moment away from it all. ln an unscientific sampling. students said they let their parents know where they were going: they were affected by the gas shortage. the bills for their activities were usually paid out of their own salaries or by dates: they usually stayed out until midnight or later: they either gath- ered in two's or small groups up to 103 and n st io activities were planned ahead of time. Left: When thcrcis nothing better to do. there's nothing better to do than to go kicker dancing. Sophomores Brenda Zaborowski and John Wendt are regulars at the dance halls. john spends most of his time tht-re playing in the band. .V A 15' 0 -U' v r u M- Q Vin, if 'V sv A us, 'I Above: Spvnxling murh of his lime- on mlm-lf. sophmnnre- Mark Burton prarlirvs afln-r srhuul for vunlrsls anal lhn-n usually joins his l'FiQ'll1lSf1lF a Siilllfflllj al the' skuling rink. ,,,..,,,,,......--- : Left: Alla-r ai hanl :lui ul wlmol. suphnninrv Ran-ly Haul- rlivk vnjuys a unrkmil on lhm- pinhull inavliine-s an n lwul gann- room. Below: Aflvr a 6 aun. j.x. lmzm-hall przxvlivv. fre-fhlnun Bohhy Williams. mphmnnn- Guy Kvy and junior Run Esinan nivvl al Me-Don11l1l's for u quivk lirvukfusl lu ri-xiw lh4'I11sA'lvn's lwfun' rlassvs lwgin. fV11'D0nal1l'5 if 11 fznurilm' galhm-ring plan- ln-fnrv sn-huol and afler a1lhll'li1'n'u'I!lS. P I Left: Tvrm papvrs arz- slightly morn- fun wh:-n you 4-an -A- . :ju vmrk lugi-the-r. Lilirurn-s and frn-nnls hunn-s ure- flu-5 fur A slumlying on nc-1-In nighlf anal Sulurrluy uflvrnnnns fur wu- iors Susan Kl1'1'r1'lmpvr anll Rancly Walkvr. I ill n-r1'lln'Aa lon N I THE DS 20 The Setettties I .531s'fwze1" .,.x5g5E,5.,.,. I . k . Q 39 5 v as .5 -5, . , . . 3 Vu ' ' .xfll . x 'onli' lixfddnlg, I 15 J Q , K ky ,. A 5 QS' . ..--' f. -2 . -'A f ii ,-'Q -" ' NQ. ' 'ff 4. 1 we F 8 ' -.4 , ,Z 3-QQ, s l N ' flgj - 1 t - V 5,0 'z K A In " -L snpii 5-w1.-it.iii.tit..mi.t..- Above: T--hirts ren-aled personalities. expressed opinions, showed spirit The SCVCIIUCS, the first full deeade of our lives, saw people ehange from the marehing. protesting aetivists of the Sixties into an introspeetiye, isolationist generation, eausing Tom Wolfe to eall the period the "Me Deeadef' With the end of US. involvement in Vietnam and the beginning of detenle to the threat of global discord in Rus- sia. lran and Afghanistan and a renewal of the Cold War, our world swayed frotn quiet to ehaos. While getting into toueh with themselves. people began plaeing less ialue on traditional institutions and pushed for their own indixiduality. Traditional morals fell by the way- side as almost anything was adapted to by the publie. What had been outrageous behavior in the Sixties was soeially aeeeptable in the Seventies. T-shirts and boots joined blue jeans as the mainstay of fashions and of self expression. Faney designer stlies made or whatever else one wanted to tell the world. them flashy and dressy. Skirts went from mini to maxi to lcnee length to split up to the thigh. The personalities and events ranged from Riehard Nix- on's downfall resulting in a decay in political faith to Aya- tollah Khomeini and his young radieals' antics resulting in renewed nationalism. The US. control on the world eeon- omy dropped as she drowned in a sea of oil and bowed down to terrorists in foreign governments. Frustration was evident as a total unknown named Jimmy Carter made it to the White House. Brief exhibitions of nationalism rose from fields of apa- thy. Ameriea turned 200, and the country partied. Hatred for Iran. sparked by the terrorist kidnapping of 50 Ameri- eans ami demands for the return of the shah, brought a brief ban on eritieism of the Presidf-nt's policies. C0n't. p. 22 f gr ., 454. 'Q 1 an , - ,A ff ff Q 1 , I f x wx Below: More students had their own cars with Firebirds, like Richard Gon7ales', being one of the most popular. QGJREGULARS' to A t t s oo s' l-it-S' mm Above: The public extolled thc extremes. Barbara Walters became the first female national network anchorperson. However, cars became burdensome possessions as the gas cmnch, beginning with the 1973 Oil Embargo, took the price of gasoline to more than a dollar a gallon by 1980. 1 f evans-- -efyfw Z. ,'A -7 Sex symbols came and went. Bo Derek was the rage at the end of the decade. Pope .lohn Paul ll, the first Polish A Decade - The Seventi More terrorists marred the '72 Olympics, killing nine Israelis. The nation look pride that year in the seven gold medals of Mark Spitz. The '76 Olympics saw the defection of a Rus- sian athlete and perhaps the last of the Olym- pics as we know them because of increased political influence in the games. Television became an uncontrollable mind- bender and a part of almost every home. The sitcoms were the most popular shows with "Mary Tyler Moore" and "All In The Familyu on top. Innovative events hit the tube such as 22 The Seventies "Saturday Night Livel' with silly man Steve Martin. Barbara Walters became the first national female anchor person. "Roots" was the most watched show in history. The movies brought us stars ranging, from the obnoxious .lohn Belushi to the serious Lenord Nimoy. ,lane Fonda mellowed politi- cally and became a leading female star with her political activism worked into such movies as "Coming Home" and "The China Syn- drome." Decade favorites at the theaters included pope, inspired the world, and John Belushi. star of "Satur- day Night Live." grossed us out. es: Culture Star Wars, The Godfather, Star Trek, Kramer vs. Kramer, laws, Animal House, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo 's Nest. Lifestyles tended to divide along the lines of musical tastes. Hippies, kickers, discoers and Christians were several of the musical divi- sions. Disco emerged as a popular fad, but Rock-n-Roll was still King with new waves and good ol' Heavy Metal. Progressive country made Waylon and Willie household names and the Southwest a center for the music. 'SIT' Left Below: "The last great American hero," John Wayne. died of lung cancer. It was often easier to list the notorious than the noted. lran's Ayatollah Khomeini and Jim Jones of the Guyana suicide fame were at the top of the infamous list for the decade. " 'wa' rs sc'- Emi Ii' Above: Dr. J. "sky wall-:edu and "slammed" his way through basketball in the S1-vfrntie-s, while O. .l. Simpson ran with the football. lgft: Art-his Bunker in "All in thc Familyn used a sitcom formal to comment on controversial and relevant issucs, Hurry! Hurry! Step right up and see the greatest show on earth - the Carnival of Favorites. Telling bad jokes and juggling balls, the Ringmaster and his assistant guided thc audience through a tour of the fairgrounds. Attractions ranged from a caged gorilla and a rollerskating clown to a hot air balloon and much more. In a carnival atmosphere, entertainment was provided by singers, dancers and acrohats. Newly reated categories of Best All-Around and Culest Couple were announced at the morning per- formance, along with other senior favorites. Feelings about the new categories were mixed senior Andy Johnson liked the Best All-Around but disliked Cutest Couple. "The way high school kids are, from the time nominations are made to the time of the coronation, some of the couples have already broken up. Imagine having a cutest couple who hate each other's guts!" Most beautiful, handsome and popular winners from each class and Mr. and Miss Aldine were announeed at the Saturday evening performance. Mrs. Julie Pederson was recognized for her work as sponsor of the Roundup staff. Standing in front of 1,000 people and waiting anxiously to see if they were the winners or losers was usually a nerve-racking experience for the participants. For freshman Shawn Meider, his first year in the presentation was "the worst two days in my life.', Three year participant senior Tammy Kitchen said, "Being in the Coronation is an honor whether you win or lose but it can be embarrassing when the judges look at you from head to toe. This year I was more embarrassed than nervous." she said about the juding of the most beautiful category. Left: Dressed as a roller-skating clown. junior Mark Crasso adds some frivolity to the carnival. x. Ax X ' 4. 595 ' n 4. ,,. , J 5 ww, , ..,,.: Mao Left: Cafping ami vrying al lhc anm1unr'z-nu-nl ol he-r num:-. lhrw- limi' noniinm- fur Most Bvauliful. junior Dvblrif- Forfl if rmisolc-cl lvy Most Handsmm- juniur Larry Lal7rvnic-rv. Below: Fr:-shman 1-anrlimluu-5 for Beal All-Arouml anxiously await thx' announri-ms-nl uf winnvrs in thi- newly l'l'E'i1lt'll vat:-gory. Above: Entertaining with bad jokes and juggling. si-niorb Ring- maslc-r Darrell McFarland and his ashislanl Diane' Coyne :'nu'm- Ihr Carnival of Favorites. Left: Aflvr living announrvxl Must Popular junior girl, a aurprisvd Dc-anna Def-5 is applaudvd hy her pe-4-rs. Carnixal of Favurilcfs tl P lllilllll s ' t p O4 fCLL7,H fafa L WW A, iff ,. K Z ,Q Q x it X V r ' 1 x 1' x 5 1 l 1 V L X N . ,Q .I Once upon a time in a school known as Aldine, the l ' ' l . ers and Hammerstein musical "Cinderella" Everyone heard about the wonderful idea. and about 75 students decided they wanted to help. LeeAnn Portie, who loves singing and acting with all her heart. wished she could get the role of Cinderella. Troy Trussell also dreamed of being in the show and decided to try out for the role of the prince. The day for tryouts came. As other auditioners gathered in the room to wait their turns, LeeAnn and Troy waited anxiously for theirs. Finally the results were announced. For LeeAnn and Troy their dreams had come true. But, they didn't live happily ever after, not yet anyway. drama and music departments decided to present the Rodg- l They practiced every afternoon from 3:00 to 5:30 for two months. When the night of January 21 arrived a nervous director and cast watched the clock for the stroke of 7:30. The hour finally arrived. and the magical musical they had worked so hard on came alive. LeeAnn received the Indian Award for most cooperative east member and Becky Serres received the Charlie Award given to the most cooperative crew member, for her cos- tumes. As for the rest of the cast and crew, well, they lived hap- pily ever after the play was over. THE END ll W ,- Above: "The Prince is giving a ball." announces the Herald fjunior Mark Crassoj while the townspeople murmur about the news. Sophomore Danny Phalen, juniordeff Amerson, freshmen Jeff Harris. and Deena Wornat, senior Kellie Lester, junior Lisa Webster. soph- omores Jennifer Perryman and Lynn Redmond, and senior Mary Figueroa, 26 Musical Below: Cinderella tsenior LeeAnn Portiel sings "ln my own little corner," as she helps her stepsisters prepare for the ball. at u 0 of Ong! Q 0 OA' Y 4 hifi -. TTY" alibi, Left: Sh-psisu-rf Portia Ljuniur Connin- llilll and joy ljun- ior Carol Lum-l figlll mr-r lhr' quvslion uf who is lhz' mual lu-uuliful. Below: As ilu- qnmfri ljunior fihvryl Turke-rl giws llu- king ls:-ninr Darrell Ms'l"urlamll Ihr- third rl:-grvr ulmul his xiail lu Ilia- xillaigv. lln- Chumlrc-rluin fjunior Mark Slt'l7lll'Il- soul laps out 1-mln-il unsxwrs lu llrlp llu' king uul of llu' lriml. , F. ii' -Ov 90 vi gr i0 s Q .ii 1 bra. Above: "Tru nlinuh-5 .Ago l um you. l luuki-ml up nlir-il you mlkml in Iln' morn." sings thi- Primm' ljuniur 'l'rm Truswlll In Cinmlvrm-llu I-1-riizrrl.4-141111 Purli4'l.1sl1e'nl1irls hvr urnuml Ilia' lrullrmim. lA-'fix "Your Royal llipllluvss. 'lilll' Prilinxii lwllmw Ilia' Clulillwrlgxiii Olurlx Slrpln-llmlil as Ilia- vmlrl pri-parm lu grv:-l Ihr- lmnurm- ljuniixrlmy Truss:-lI.l lsivu Topsy-turvy ending for decade 19 9 1980 28 The Year Wars and rumors of wars made our heads reel as we made war on the economy and watched the world situation. Violence swept the globe in the form of ter- rorist activities. Closest to home was the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini and his students' kid- napping of 50 Americans in Iran in their hope of getting the deposed shah back to their coun- try for trial. After five months of waiting, Car- ter broke diplomatic relations with Iran. Then a disastrous rescue attempt failed. embarrass- ing the U.S. more. Another terrorist group held the U.S. ambassador to Colombia and oth- ers hostage at the Dominican embassy in Bogota. After seizure of an embassy in Cuba, Castro opened the door in his country and allowed thousands of Cuban refugees to come to the U.S. Fear of the draft arose when Russia invaded Afghanistan, and the U.S. stood firm against their actions. Students protested, and women wondered about their futures. Carter ordered a boycott of the Summer Olympics in Moscow. The inflation rate and interest rates hovered at about 20 per cent. Gold reached more than 3800 an ounceg silver 350 an ounce. The silver crash caused havoc on Wall Street. The Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, saw Americans run away on the ice. Eric Heiden's record-breaking five individual golds and the college boys' hockey gold over the Soviet team were astounding. Pittsburgh won the Superbowl and the World Series. but the Oilers and the Astros were contenders to the end in their leagues. Favorite movies varied from "Kramer vs. Kramer," a serious movie about fathers and child custody, to "IO," a story of a man's search for the perfect woman. ln the record industry all types of music competed for the top. The Doobie Brothers' "Minute by Minute" was a favorite incorporat- ing a rock, soul and jazzy blend one could dance to. Kenny Rogers was a favorite in the country market with his albums "Kenny" and "The Gambler" up in the running. In politics President Carter handily forced Senator Edward Kennedy to the background. Ronald Reagan easily took the lead among the Republicans - forcing two Texans. George Bush and John Connally, to take a back seat in the race. On top of it all, Mount St. Helena erupted covering much of the state of Washington in volcanic ash and left us wondering what could happen next. Right: The Doobie Brothers and K4-nny Rogers wtrc favorites on the turntables. Below: Reflecting Americans' anger with Iran and the Lxpressms the feelings of many students with hisT shirt controversial issue of nuclear senior Paul McRae ll A Below: Seniors Chandra Nelson and Lorraine Bonds read a movie poster about the Acad- Below: Electronics could do anything it seemed by 1980. ,lunior James Davis emy Award winning show the home and family living classes viewed on a field trip. quick electronic basketball game in during class before he goes to a real practice. liraigaer Kram CI' y, wma W- Nl1'N"" l n-au.--.s-,. Must-u ,N .nt . ,A ,am .. me-w.1g,,,, ,,, F l J 0 ,-4 fgaf' J' li 4' ' 7" 4 , rv "" , ,,"4'4:4' V - 4.--' 4 4 A 7,.' -j -' 1' A',..::,f-4 J f 4 "1 1' l Above: "IO" star Bo Derek made braids vogue, Senior Aldine Campus Braiding was done by C0Sm,.t,,l0gy Sm. Janelle Frie models the most elaborate style- seen on thc dgm Ricky Salazar, sneaks a The Year 29 30 Academics Qi li '04 PV, l 3' lf , 4. I Z- qff' ' - . 0 I r --1 N Cs' A gp': wx' ' - WIN 1 .K A + -4 1 . , ',11ff"" .- is ' 5 'E 1 4 ' ,. EE E355 ' 51. .: 1 " ii Q 5. lie, X "'" 23 mf XX iii ,, I Q. Z in up ,,, ,... -xg , in nf' Above: In a student modeled fashion show, senior Annie Hfrris wears the latest fashions for her advanced clothing 1: ass. HCCA EMHCGS -il ni... i 5 -8 A v 5 if Left: Preparing an art object for child development class. freshman Kathy Wiley displays her Potato Martian. ,A..4-nh Above: Working on the CPR dummy, sophomore Michael .lenkins practices the one-man rescue in health class. Left: As part of their government project. seniors Chuck Shell, Mark Evangel ista, Robbie Roberts and Robbie Bou- dousquie re-enact the raising of the flag at Iwo .lima. Academics 31 Below: During he-r fhnrthaml rlass. lmsim-sb tt-avlw Wilma Straw:-nvr dictates lu ln-r students. about thu' onli way for lhvrn to learn shorthand. E f z Z Left: During salt-5 4-lan. jnninr Dt-n-k Nl:-Cravkvii trim to at-ll tl1t'1'lasstm liiwprmlttrt. hiflnrx lmnks. i Below: Visiting Bn-at Stull Bniltlingf. cmnml by Travis M Harris. fallin-r of at-ninr Mark Harris. business manage- fl' ' int-nt wtudvnls lnur the' favilitit-5 antl learn the- vmrl-tings of a lmuaint-ss. 4 W -I Q' as , if' L- ? QE ma i ,L .. . ,WNNN ,lr 45? va, WIS ww mv rf' will A M ,,,...- Above: SQ-tting up arvmirits. debiting. vrecliting and all the other jobs involved in selling up ontfs own buaint-ss takes at-ninr Ronald Bnrskfs conf:-ntratz-rl study. A f Right: Mnving up from ffl' fjfjfj. junior Lou Ray takes a timt-d writing ot' real sentences A in he-r typing rluss. 32 Businr-M Below: U.I.L. PARTICIPANTS Front Row: Freshman Trudi Popeszku and sophomore Leticia Jimenez. Second Row: Juniors Janet Jones and Girey Townzen. I fy I t , I ff ,- uf h . .. A 4 S ,,. KIIQL .4v' Y ,vp "' , s- e --1 ,474 s ' ia f- i r W., fqijig. x Ygaikf X' qs. it SSFV, . 'LFS -:LZ ' A , ff-8 'v2 ': , ' ff w f-i1gj? , '+"f-Y-'jf K A f ' ,, v ' -Q X f r N - 1 f "' , ' I I?i' I jf' - H. - , Q N M, M ' QM " ' j' ft. ' ffl, t -:ff s I ' i 3 1 ' - ' ,f OW to balance our books Business classes were practical for life as well as for developing skills for jobs and college preparation. Bookkeeping prepared students for college accounting and for general clerical jobs. Seniors Marla Heinz and Jonna Atkins said that the course helped them balance their checkbooks better also. Junior Carol Mills said the practical record keeping course helped Above: BUSINESS AWARDS seniors Rica Martin, short- hand: Stuart Hall, bookkeeping: and junior Carolina Her- nandez, typing. Left: Freshman Byron Thomas holds a giant 1040 form while general business teacher Aretta Carden explains the form to the class, her to improve her math skills. General business and business law classes taught students awareness of worldly situations that concerned them, such as court procedures, con- sumer protection, contracts, applica- tions and tax forms. Typing was the most popular busi- ness subject, a practical skill for every- OHS. Busines 33 ART! PHOTOGRAPHY Splash 81 flash Broadening horizons and service to the school were the major activities of the art club. During the course of the year the club took two field trips to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Armand Hammer exhibit and to San Jacinto College to see various art exhibits. Most of the members found it enjoyable. Junior Mark Grasso said about the museum trip, "It was a good chance to see a wide collection of great artists, workf, During third quarter the members constructed a wooden sculpture. This piece of art, located in one of the school courtyards. was called "Students' Onef, Several students said this was one way to express their artistic abilities for the school. Below: Sophomore Bryan Thompson and senior Gina Bowen discuss the design for the club's sculpture with art teacher Mark Crayne during a meeting. 'ki ,Q , 4- .- "'.4f ,H , A ar lui Above: For recognition in watercolor, senior Cordon Jones received the an award. Right: During Art Day, freshman Ronald Brogdon watches sophomore Robert Bales create a pot out of clay. I 34 -XrtfPhotogr1tphy Below: Freshmen Dale Templin and Scott Greer and sophomore Cary Templin construct th an club's sculpture, "Students' One" in one ofthe school courtyards. i l l I u J I B i tri 'ai jk T e .gf lg. .asm Ixft: While on an art club field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts junior Kellie Creeden casually strikes a pose with one of the exhibits. Below: ART CLUB Front Row: Brenda Grimes isponsorj, Pham Linh, Venessa Holl- ingsworth ftreasj, Melody Prescher Qsec.l, Garry McDugle Qv. pres.l and Mark Crayne fsponsorj. Second Row: Todd Scott, Carrie Day, Ronnie Bills, Bobby Engel and Lisa Hitt. Third Row: Mark Grasso and Bryan Thompson. Fourth Row: Billy Sandstedt, Jimmy McQueen, Gary Templin and Dale Templin. Above: PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Front Row: W. G. Wilson fsponsorl, Greg Bumham ipresl, Kellie Lester 1rep.l, Kim Allen 1sec.l and Randy Walker lv. pres.l, Second Row: William Shepard, Debora Bryant, Don Graham, David Jones. Francis Chanee, Becky Ser- res and Mark Evangelism. Art! Photography 35 We are famil Below: Keeping her french horn parallel to the ground is one more thing junior Cynthia Thompson must remember during halftime performances. ,aa-'A "Band is like one big happy family. Most of my friends are in band, and we are all very close," junior Sherri Con- ner said. This quote summed up the thoughts of many band stu- dents. An average day during marching season to a band student meant spending 11 hours a day, four days a week and as much as 16 hours on game days at school or with other band members. Junior Karen Groschke said, "his almost impossible to Below: As a versatile musician, senior Suzanne Marion switches from clarinet during concert season to the bells during marching season. Above: Practicing during class in the halls and after school during marching practice, the Flag Corps perfected their flag routines. Senior Janet Staha concentrates on her next move during a halftime performance. 4.919 Dyafaig BAND 36 Band have real good friends not in band be-Cause all my time is spent doing something for band." But was band really worth all of this hard work and dedi- cation? Junior John Penewitt said, "Band is certainly worth lit because that senior jacket in your senior year sure is nicef, All the hard work and dedication resulted in four No. l's at the Ull., Marching Contest for the fifth consecutive year. Below: Dancing to the drum cadence lfronl rowl freshman Mary Collins, junior Di-anna Hartnup, lsccond rowj sophomore Leigh Ann Brevard and sophomore Kissy Wood help pheer in the stands. law fs" s 'Was " 0 c Below: "Drum Major Camp was like enlisting in the army and going to boot camp." drum major Susan Drymond said, and cofdrum major Dean Theiss agreed, 01? .im 5'T?2s2 ' -E i' Wg: ,N 'vs Q Bfg eff Above: Award winning twirl:-r Mirhelr- Cilln-rl said lhul she was embarrass:-d at firsl lvul slim- got used to lu-ing thi- unly lwirler. Band 3 Relief spelled S-i-X F-l-a-g-s To raise money for the band trips to Six Flags and Gal- veston, the symphonic and concert bands sold cheese, sau- sage and tootsie rolls. Also, as a major fund raiser, the bands had a flea market and carnival in the stadium parking lot. The results of the trips were excellent ratings by the symphonic band in Dallas and superior ratings by the con- cert hand in Galveston. Below: Seniors Janet Vela and Rochelle Evans relax on the bus after a long weekend at Six Flags, the reward for a hard year of work. f i ' Below: One booth at the carnival was the county jail. People paid 501 to put their friends in jail. Senior Tommy Pagel contemplates his revenge as he serves his sentence. N, 4 " f 'Ni ' . i . 1-f 'E LL. Symphonic Band 38 Band i' 'I WQSWS' -' W , J J Ph. ' -4. 1 ., K Y K W9 . N.. if 1: .f fu ,fl I 1531 S la , J ,. 1' f A 51, ' x,-dn -I any 'Q wg 'X'-aux et out of the wa , the Flags are coming! Taking detours down out of the way halls was common while the flag corps members practiced their routines in the halls. Freshman Mary Collins said she wanted to become a flag corps member because "it looked like fun, and I didnat want to march with my hornf, But being in the flag corps meant a lot of hard work along with the fun. Flag corps members attended flag camp at Stephen F. Austin during the summer to learn the basics of flag twir- ling. Sophomore Leigh Ann Brevard said, "We fought all the time at camp. We didnit really know each other, but after camp we had a blast!" Making up their own routines was a major task. Junior Kathy Kelly said, "It took a lot of long weekends making up routines, but it was a lot of fun per- forming and having everyone yell and scream for usf' "I had no choice but to be in the Below: BAND OFFICERS Cindy Jenkins fsec.j, Greg Goodman lpres.J, Traci Tiger! frep.J. Karen Groschke ftreas.j and Mike Mushinski Iv. pres.j, flag corps, but I don't regret it," Karen Groschke said. She played a bassoon during concert season which was not suitable for marching. Right: Performing in stage band, saxophonist Terry Burn- side switches from the saxophone to the piccolo during a show. Below: Senior Annette Sanders said, "I liked being a flag corps member because I didn'! have to wear those hot band uniforms." Cadet Band Below: Flag corps members Susan Smalley and Karen Groschkc perform ripples during the contest show. Band A l Stage Band If Band Succeeding at what we do best Below: As a symphonic band member and stage band member, junior Chris Drews was picked as the outstanding band member. He plays trumpet. - ,415 4. 9 Y Left: DISTRICT AND REGION BANDS Front Row: M. Collins, region: T. Tigerl: S. Kleerekoper. region: S. Rodriguez: K. Lester. region: P. Perkinson, region: S. Dry- mond: S. Kelly, region. Second Row: S. Maxwell: C. Drews. region: l... Brevard, region: K. Pierce, region: S. Marion. region: F. Cooper. region: M. Wilson, region: K. Wiley, region, area. stale: M. Mangum. region: D. Haining. Third Row: S. Conner: S. Smalley: D. Hartnup: M. Grasso, region, area: P. Mc-Rae: N. Jenkins: D. Freeman: M. Chambers. region: ,l. Slaha, region: B. Frey. region: G, Goodman. region: R. Castillo. region. Fourth Row: S. Sommeryille, region. area: T. Godwin: K. Groschke, region: K. Hagan, region: T. Burnside. region: R. Victor, region: E. Coon, region: M. Musliinslci. region: D. Theiss, region: G. Repka: C. l.andwehr, state orchestra. Fifth Row: A. Hindman, region: D. Lyons: B. Patten, region: P. Kopeeky: R. Boudousquie. region: C. Goodman. region: R. MeClere, region: G. Vans, region. area: T. Godwin, region: R. Corgey. region. area. Sour notes played by students with droopy eyes at 7 a.m. to blisters and blown lips by quitting-time at 6:30 p.m., band members quit their jobs, flunked tests and devoted themselves to their horns. Long hours of being locked away in the back practice rooms of the band hall produced numerous awards and trophies. John Phillip Sousa Award Russell Corgey, Sheryl Sommerville Outstanding Band Member Chris Drews Symphonic Band Award Greg Goodman, Cindy Jenkins Concert Band Award Jerry Mangum Cadet Band Award Sally French Louis Armstrong Award Craig Landwehr, Terry Burnside Cindy Jenkins, Russell Corgey Sweetheart and Beau Below: Practicing marching for up to 12 hours a week, test at Pasadena Stadium and returned with three No. 1's the marching band competed in the U.I.L. Marching Con- from three different judges. , V, 3, - M Q K 1 W., Y '...,,u QE, .. .,,, ' ,. ., .5 L1 A i mich! W My .vii fa. 4 11,1 ,I i . ' :fan ,A X- 'I r 1,11 64,5 K-1, , -. . 5 N V . y , g .-.M we s. mt i i Q Alix 4 ', ' E- ! . .- iig. A ,L A ,, . - 2' . it 5 . f ' 1 A. 'R Q il isa.. 4 . 2... A ,E " i . .-. v A ws- gqgegf -L- : ' N.. Ea f? - K i L Q. 'QE..mj , 1 5 , ,. I .gf , g W ' ' JV Q 3 ' ' at 1'ffi?""""" g .-ts. . 1, 3 if-X J ie. ' '-' K fa. Q A ..a.:.1 . ,IA KVM, X fy . . . . , Q -sw we in r . v - S' it mmN MV"'WJWrwwoW 't 9. ' r -"est ' 'F' ' . .. if' ' - 'P - : t :Af 5 wisnsyl LSA .-LM . ww Q x 5 . A W , .6 1- if -. . them ram K, I E , c : - ' 1 N4 . K . w rfe "V,'w'fymws f ji M Dy , f . . , . . ,i - .9 , -if lewis f .yt ,, --'A t .A N' is - . . 'fi - A . X' .. 2. .41 if - 4 - sl, 5 'Qw. ' 5-4' 1' -J ' f v' .cnt "QAM --" -he ' nik ..' I -i, 'raft 4, . ,.v , . x ., , . , Fo .1 ..., - A K -vw.. 39. i z ,, f , .QN- , . s.. ' 1 K 6- , W , fe- , . . .c:"i.I.?, ' , . .4 - Q 'J X X X I ' !"S?'iQ. .-he 1,153.1 ' :5 E g i," ' . l g Ab 5 " ' ,, A' i kk ,Q ,Q Y - .. :fan A.v.'t-F. 'ikm' . E in-kfit 'Q . ' ' ' '- Z. ' '61 iliqtiagi BAND 42 Band Left: Drummers have lo learn hom lo play many rliflvrvnl perrussion inslrumvnts. Rolwrl Bourlnusquir' pravlivvs on the tympani. Below: Hours of practiving oarnr-fl junior Craig Landwvhr and freshman Karon Wiley a 1-hair in Ihr stall- nrvhz-slra and band. pw '1I ' It r -,rf .-0"n Above: Wearing his medals from solo and ensvmble con- tr-sl. frrshman Kvnnolh Farraro proudly shows off his rlwst. uv"" ,- Bunll -1-3 gt it ,E if Q e 51 Y 4 ' i 1 .gf Above: Singing "This ls My Countryu from the heart is easy for the senior choir mem- bers. Paul McQueen, Pat Singleton and Elmira Jimincz, at their last perforniancc during graduation. Right: Standing on a stool for a better view, choir leach:-r Ms. Davis uses facial expres- sions to get the stud:-nls involved in thi- music. CHOIR 44 Choir Back to basics A new teacher, new music, and a new approach to sing- ing greeted choir students this year. Ms. Vicki Davis' emphasis was on sight-reading. "This is the first year out of twelve years that I have learned to sight- readf, choir president Marla Heinz said. The choirs started with the basic sight-reading book and advanced to contest music. Ms. Davis said that with the understanding of the basic concepts of music the choir would become stronger as the years progressed. She stressed that it was important to understand and feel each piece of music in your heart before it would reach perfection. "I like the fulfillment you get when you finish a piece of music, and you know it was your bestf' freshman Robert Johnson said. "This choir is more professional than any choir I've been in, and you get a lot more done," freshman Ricky Huerta said. Ms. Davis tried to keep spirits up with her optimistic approach. "ills a fine day today," classes sang each day as a warm-up exercise. Junior Buster Johnson summed up most of the members' feelings, "It's been a super year for a Super Choir." Left: The Spring Show was stopped momentarily for president Marla Heinz to present Ms. Davis with a gift of appreciation. Gtillil i Below: VOCAL ENSEMBLE Front Row: Marsha Norris, Marla Heinz. Paula fVirQuez-n. Walrhing the dirvrlor ami thc- ll'lllSil'Z1I lhv samn- tinu-" is the' mos! difficult thing Karla Timm and Carol Lowe. Second Row: Troy Trussf-li. dirvvlor Vim-ki Davis and a Choir, sophomore- Nanry Ye-rkvs said. Buster Johnson. Above: A CAPELLA CHOIR Fronl Row: Dirvrlor V. Davis. D. Howton, C. Hill. M. Norris, P. McQueen, M, Finrh. M. Heinz, G. Bowvn, E. Jiminvl and R. Marqvz. Second Row: A. Wilvy, A. Broussard, C. Pitman, F. Ds-Alha, B. Johnson, R. Wolf:-. A. Muvhailu. C. M1-ek. K. Timm and N. Yefrkvs. Third Row: C. Lowv, L. Pnrtiv. E. Tann. M. Topping. T. Brown, R. Berry, T. Trussvl, C. Baker, L, Wvbsu-r. J. Carnvy and D, Largvnl. 4' 1 ' ,5':. ik fl 1 Q... .--army -riwwnwwv qu--1 1 5 A 3 i 2 iii' is 4 v 5 I w .tn Above: "John Sm, thy Numln.,-" Sing, Ihr T,-,mr BMS Choir at th:-ir Spring Show pn-rforlnanve. Choir 14 3 ALDINE HOIR if .1 Y -f 5 Above: Logo for the 1980 Aldine Choirs. 5 Left: Singing the low notes in the Trebles' choir contest song is not easy, but Marla Heinz and Connie Hill seem to be doing it. Q,,,,. fbi" , Q5, Xb T'-N V .pi ii min. ll lf me ng B1 :buf mm' ' .JUN bnllm Above: Practicing for better vocal quality, the choir uses muscle exercises to enhance their singing. xxx -wawk if 46 Choir elow' "Not getting on earh others' nerves i' is the most iliffieult thin about nrformin - A - -i - - il t' g ith the small Vocal Ensemble group, junior Carol Lowe said. W A fs "hx ' l U.I.L. CQNTEST A fi Q I . ' I . C. , W:,, 'Ter xiiiigf l Id Medalists ,.ff.'r,1ft1+f i : M -we ' ' L., -' . .Sis r Clautlell Baker. Daryl Howslff5 i : f , fKjmGh-011, Sergio Machado, A . Paul McQueen. Nuns-3 Ye-rkeS" O Tra "'Li'TerreI. ' ii1i??Fellers. , l it as - I www ,lll l I I ' I edalists f Ricky Berry. Karen Hex. J' i 1 'y Hut-rtu. Abel Machado Jg f gy . . 5.5-il an Smith. Elizabeth Tann I i Troy Trussel. ' 1 ..,, ' ALL R if 10N CHOIR ' . Q Paul McQueen kt ' Buster Johnson ii Ri1rkyHuerta H 'V K l Outstanding Soprano - Clautlell Bak:-r President - Marliaiiieinz 5 Vice President - Lf-i:Ann Portie Secrelary - Karla Timm Treasurer - Foy Day Librarian - Buster Johnson Student Director - Nanry Yerkes Outstanding Alto - LeeAnn Portia- Outstanding Tenor - Troy Trussell Outstanding Bass - Mark Topping l l Gioir Sweetheart - LeeAnn Portis- ' Choir Beau - Paul McQueen Outstanding Freshman - Rl uf-rta I Outstanding Sophomore - Na ' Ye-rkes ' Outstanding junior - Buster Johnson .,. Outstanding Senior - Paul Nil-Quef-ng? Choir Award - Paul Ml'QLlt'O'Il .I tbove: FRESHMAN CHOIR Front Row: Dir:-1-tor V. Davis, K. Carroll. N. Smith. J. 'erez, J. Young. J. Fellers. F. Day. D. Nr-niiiaii. C, Iio und P. NI:-Cluskm-y. Second Row: '. Cray, J. Rowe, S. Niarliatlo. B. Diiilbiss. T. Terrell. R. Huerta. R. Johnson. A. Miller nd B. Cooper. Above: TENOR-BASS CHOIR Front Row: P. McQueen. J. Perez, S. Machado, K. Pins son, F. Di-Alba. J. Fells-rs. D. Newman and M. Finch. Second Row: J. Young, B. John- son, B. Divilhiss, H. Wolfe. A, Marhado, R. Hatldivk. R. Johnson and F. Day. Third Row: D. Fowler, M. Topping, T, Brown, T. Terrell. R. Berry, T. Trussell and R. Huerta. Above: TREBLE CHOIR Front Row: D, Howton. C, Hill. M. Heinz. C. Bowen. M. Nor- ris, N. Smith. E. Jiminez, R. Marquez, K. Carroll. B. Cooper and P. Mr:Cluskey. Second Row: Director V, Davis, A. Wiley, A. Broussard, C, Pitman. J. Rowe, C. Meeks, K. Timm, N. Yerkes, A. Miller and C. lio. Third Row: V. Cray. C. Lowe, L. Pnrtic, E. Tann, C. Baker, L. Webster, J. Carney, D. Largent and P. Singleton. Above: "Love makes the wnrlml go round," sings the Voval Ensemble at the Carnival ot' Fanorites xxhile they wear their newly won U.I.I.. awarrls. -4 lp Choir -1-T 48 Drama Below: "Bump her on the head with a pumpkinl", says George Topax Uefl' Amersonj to the Executioner QCathy Deanl in "The Revenge ofthe Space Pandas," ., 1,4 .e .Y al I Above: Vivian lMichelle Kinnardj and Bob the sheep lSalvador Garciaj run into more trouble on the planet Crestview as they are captured by a space panda Uennifer Perry- manl. Working out stage fright Performing and acting for friends was a routine and great help to cure stage fright, senior Darrell McFarland said. In order to become another character in a play, one must think about what one's character would do, give the charac- ter a personality and a background. An actor must be open minded to any character, Darrell said. Being an experienced actor Darrellis mistakes weren't usually seen on stage. "In practice is where I mess up," Darrell said. The only big scare he had, Darrell said, was when he for- got the first word of a song in "Cinderella" and the music had already begun. Much hard work was involved in putting a play together. It took four to five hours each day just for studying lines. Being in drama for four years and president of the Thespi- ans for a year, Darrell was the recipient of the drama award. among other awards he had won during four years of partic- ipation. A if f ff . Above: Earthling Vivian fMichelle Kinnardl prepares to fight off the Crestview citizen to save Bob the sheep from the shears oi Topax. LAN- Leftx Tlw l'Lll'lllllHgZh' unplvufunl visit by may nf gi two- spvwl vlork spin-off, rvaulla in Bir1lu'y'S llc-ff llarrisj vxplaiiulioii lu Cn-urgv 'lbpnx lla-if Ama-rsonj Ilia! the-y want lo gn hmur ln-raliav the-y Ulive- llu-rm-.' Below: Thu' Puliu- lmpm-rlur flllark SlPplli'l'lSUlll in "l"raIllu'l1slm-ill" furvrs ll1f' gypsy girl lDlll2lll Valli-sj lo tvs- lify about the whurvins of ilu- monster. f vhm f f i pf, Left: THESPIANS Front Row: F. Humln-rt, fm-as.j, C. Tlll'kPl' fm-4-J, D. Nl:-Farlancl lprcxj, Nl. Slvphvnsnn lv. prz's.l uml A. Nll'IHllOl8 1rvp.l. Second Row: M. lriguvrua. Nl. PLlt'IllC'. l.. Wilson. C. Hill. D. Valles. C. Sm-ll. D. Driscoll, S. Mmm, S. Cass, I. Pvrryman. P. Find- lvy. Y. Awila and R. Nlurqiwz. Third Row: C. Dram. C. Sluvyf-r. D. Pom-rs, l., Wilson. T. Hawks. D. Wornul. .l. Harris. S. Carvia anal C. Bula-r. Fourih Row: L. Rul- monfl, R. l'lu4'rla. D. Cc-rman. .l. Anwrson. T. Trussvll anzl V. Cobb, Drama 19 Frankenstein cont. Right: Hn-iiry Clvrvul Gal Curviail iz- at thi- nivrvy of tht- monslvr lDarrt-ll Mrirarlandj until Vivtur Fl'ill!kQ'l!!'lt'illl'UlI14'bl0liN' re-sriin-. Below: Frau Frankenstein tLisa Wilsonj prepares to tidy up her son's study, while he is busy working in the laboratory. Right: After tht' wedding of thi- Frank:-nsteins, Victor fVill4'l'I'll Cohhj ri-vs-als Ihn- svvrt-I of his hideous experi- mt-nt lo his new hriric- fTinti Hziwksj. DRAMA! SPEECH 50 Drama Psyche out eanat intimidate debaters lnexperience didn't intimidate the three freshmen and ne sophomore who made up the debate team. The team didnlt make it past the first round in any meet ut they enjoyed the competition. "I like debating seniors and putting them downf' said 'eshman Willie Fuqua. "They would psyche you out with a it of equipment," freshman Joe Henderson said about the pperclassmen's presentations. l The team had good facts and good arguments but their peaking points and presentation needed improvement, ponsor Claudia Bond said. ight: Practicing her presentation junior Della Chavez reads aloud for hor oral reading gsignment. ef-fx 4:3 fig' U- ., it ,ff Y 4 i 1 'si -4:.ll- 'NL lk' , M- 90. ff-nw M3631 Above: DEBATE TEAM Willie Fuqua, Joe Henderson, Shannon Baker, Willie Foster and Kirk Godkin. Left: DEBATE, DRAMA AWARDS Shannon Baker, debate: Darrell McFarland, drama. Dl'amalSpeechfDebale 51 VOCATIONAL l orking da and night "I-leyl Where are you going? We ean't leave for lunehf' Students in eo-op elasses left sehool at noon to go to work and sometimes went out to luneh with friends. Student work programs have flourished. voeational eounselor Hattie Lee said. The rea- son. she explained. was that students were heeoming more independent. "l thought the program would decrease with the energy erisis and the constant rise in infla- tion." she said. Health on-eupations eo-op student Shawn Harris said he was in the program heeause nl plan to go to eollege. so l work to take the bur- den off ing parents." The joli training that the students got was often viewed as a stepping stone for their futures. "lt would give me an edge on something l will plan to do in the future." Shawn said. "lt also gives me a firsthand look at the hospital scene fwhere he workslf' There were disadvantages though. Being in the work program. students were only at the school for four hours. Voeational Office Education student Tressa Williams said she only had one regret about being in the eo-op program, "I ean't get involved in any aetivities during the day. and I ean't vote for elass favorites and other things." she said. Left: "Singh-. Everything." senior VEH student Tammy Colbert shouts out as she ealls in an order on her job at We-ndfs. :reality nal Above: After simulating offire experienees in her VOE 1-lass. senior Tre-ssa Williams uses her skills working after- noons for an insuranee 4-ompany. Right: Senior HOSA student Shawn Harris reads a list of ingredients for an IV fluid while working in the pharmaey at Parkway Hospital. Q i 1 I A me me. , Left: Working the register and working with people were what senior Debbie Mattern enjoyed about working at Ricardo's. her HECE job. Senior Terri Brauer, also in thi' program, has Debbie ring up her customer's bill. Below: CVAE coaop student Cina Locascio usually goes home for lunch and sometimes has time to rest before going in to her job at Weiner's. 1,3 ix 35, it sf W. fi, ss f ia Left: Practicing his salesmanship routine which he learned in his DE class, senior Richard Maxie sells a cus- tomer on a pair of shoes. - TIONAL 1 Peace at hand - Battle of sexes ends in draw Although the Equal Rights Amend- ment had not been ratified yet. the effects of liberation were evident in the classroom as traditionally segregated classes began to integrate during the Seventies. A court decision required equal ath- letic programs. As society changed, more women began working outside the home while men began assuming more responsibilities inside the home, creating more interest for males in the homemaking classes. Vocational pro- grams such as cosmetology, radio and TV, printing. drafting, CVAE foods lab, and HECE classes also revealed the changes. As the integration process changed the makeup of the classes, prejudices v-1 5 8 , , , W in Yocatio M., - ,,,:'f'W , ' ,M ,... . 5,725 Q . Leaf' .w ,M Above: With several other girls in the class for support. junior Brenda Cantu took printing as a background for a career in commercial ar1. She and junior Madonna Hein- eike work on a machine in the shop. nal and stereotypes were altered. Printing, a work area dominated by' men, had been integrated since the program began at Aldine and had overcome the acceptance problems. junior Brenda Cantu said of the boys in the class, "There is really no problem. They treat me as an equal." Cosmetologist Ricky Salazar was an example of a trail blazer for males in the cosmetology program this year. He received some teasing from students outside the program, teacher Dorothy .lackowski said, but was well accepted by students in the program and had opened the door for other receive training in this lucrative voca- Lion. "There is one advantage to being the males to only boy," Ricky said. "They seem to baby me more than anyone else in the elassf' Mrs. ,Iackowski said the girls usually cleaned up his messes and gave him a lot of attention. Above: No one ever gave junior Roben .lohnson any trou- ble about being in CYAE foods lah, he said. But, he said, it wouldn't bother him if anyone did because he is doing what he wants to do, Rigll: Heavy work is part of the job. Sophomore Denise Blanchard helps junior jimmy Sandstedt load boxff of oranges for the annual ag fmit sale. Radio and TV students did not like having a girl in their class. Several stu- dents said they thought junior Lena Brinkman received a lot of favoritism in the class. Lena said her classmates were upset because "my work is just as good as. or even better than, theirs. But it doesn't bother me." Home Economies Cooperative Edu- cation had had boys in the program since the program began. Home and family living was a popular course in the homemaking department for both sexes. This year one maverick even joined the sewing class. Males had been involved in the CVAE foods lab program for several years. .lunior Robert ,Iohnson joined the program because he liked to cook and be around the girls. he said. He was also preparing for the future and possible bachclorhood, he added. ' i -4 5 'C' i X K. Lf s 1 s. Left: Senior Ricky Salazar braids junior Kelly Cox's hair as junior Shelly Loukanis watches alter her own turn, After Ricky received his license in April he began doing style shows. fr I M f' . X X X X 1 t it fl l Left: "Boy, I was tricked," junior Sam Bosworth said about being in the sewing class. He transferred from an overcrowded sociology class with Phillip Nevlud. "Phillip chickened out," Sam said. "I had my material bought and everything. My momma bought it because it was due that Monday." His project was a sweatsuit. Below: Child care is the closest he could come to a teach- ing experience which is what he wants to do, junior Wade Fannin said. Through the HECE program he took a job at the Busy Bee where he helps plan lessons that help pre- pare the students lor kindergarten. W if vwE'2tgFaf i' e 9 ,A v .1 If Vocational 55 reporter Diane Gov ne deln er the ceremonial opening and Below: During vicit meetmg president and me Keeping up with the ever-changing times. vocational industrial classes and their corresponding club. YICA. applied their skills to trends of today. Auto mechanic students began working with foreign cars: radiofTY classes used their knowledge to build disco strobe lights: cosmetologv classes experimented with hair braiding. pop- ularized bv the movie "ION: air condi- tioningfrefrigeration students worked with the alternate source of solar energy: printing classes produced numerous "Love Ya Bluei' Oiler foot- ball items: and drafting students stud- ied the construction of lie detector machines. YICA reorganized this year concen- ' 551.3 In P R I , N T rf fjifstift ff? 40 . m' i ttf?-'e X Q trating on individual work areas rather than combining students from all six areas in activities. They joined together for meetings on club days and for a banquet. Other activities were carried out in the separate work areas. Several of the areas formed softball teams and competed in intramurals. Air conditioning classes donated a repaired refrigerator and food to a fam- ily as a service project. Competitions for VICA contests were a major focus all vear. Note- books, projects. skills and leadership development were worked on for con- tests where numerous awards were won in district and state competitions. si ei 2 E.. Q -E bnngs the meeting to order E E v .,- . x we X A ft ff ' s g 21? --in-"' My s it wg?" M ' V '55.J3,,'l Above: Junior printing class members Foy Day and Jaye Woolverton relax as they show interested students am- hl bo ' ' d ' h 06 Y otatlonal p p ets a ut pnnltng unngt e vocational career fair :inf l V -4 42 Q '1'N- 4. 5- I 5 uf, D Above: Air conditioning student John Pri-slt-5 shows inlt-re-sled students hom lo solder and light a lorrh at the voralional c'ar1'1'rfa1ir. l Above: AUTO MECHANICS Front Row: J. Nolder lsponsorj, R. Wiederhuld ftrvas.j, B. Oliver frvpj, T. Ortegon lv. presj, J. Mclchvr lsotzj and H. Williams fsgt. al armsj. Second Row: R. Bracewcll, B. Goldsby, D. Lukrr, S. Moore. C. Wright. P. Em:-st. M. Smith, D. Robertson. C. Levinson and S. Haddick. Third Row: R. Reavvs, G. Cook. D. Torrenve, C. Kowis, B. Johnson, M. Hein, S. Green and T. Hicklin. Not Pictured: David Cana lpreaj and S. Rhodv 1parl.J , 5... Q F 6 5. , A .zz fi, 5 - . .5-gg 1- 1 , :ei . M F 7 --. I-5. ' - 7 i . 5 . -W .-v 6 . . A , ,S . . V N, A fzg' x. 1 v 5 A , 3455 1455 , X gxx .gm si Q -Qfff .uagg,i'l J 1 F1 Y Fiji" 5 d .W K .V -.T M l . Alai., , V .h - .-X N : r vsp-55 I is A al 7 121. 1 t -f? i', :"LA -- V 'V -H : I 1 .fe fr I. f I was ' if V 'ev 1 " -- v A 11.3 gif, 'Q . . 'f f x N. Above: AIR CONDITIONING Front Row: N. Kalson lsponsorj. L. Pohlmeyor fparl.j. C, Dunn ftrf-as.j, J. Fellman fpresj, C. Bundick iv. prvs.j. J. Meek and T. Nitrholvs lsgt. at armsl. Second Row: D. Andreoui, T. Saragc-, J. Westbrook. T. Berry, M. Brinknu-yer, R. Middleton, J. Fellman, J. Locke and C. Ncvley. Third Row: R. Robertson, R. Fincher, S. Roberts, K. Orlowski, J. Presley, M. Meeks, P. Wehunt Isecxl and R. Bruct-. Above: RADIOXTV Front Row: M. Burl-cnt-r lparl.J. K. Witcher tlreasi, D. Wisvnvr lv. pri-sl. H. Buck lprcsl. C. Harding lsetxj, l.. Thompson lrz-p.j and W. Franklin tsgt. at armsl. Second Row: F. Socor lsponsorj. D. Crvvn, P. Siu-oski. S. Buhrlc, C. Hillman. l. Serrano, J. Alford, R. Brandon, C. Pawaloski, K. Rightmire- and L. Flora-S, Third Row: T. Cre-rn, W. Roberts. D. Jones. K. Holden, R. Parson and D. Wane-ck. Vox ational 5 Skills pa off in dist , state Contests Above: Taking adiantagi' nf fellow vocational sludrnts' skills, drafting stud:-iil Richard Gonwlvz I4-ls cusnielnlogy alurivnt Ariiwtli- Sandi-rs roll and style his hair. Right: VICA DISTRICT. STATE WINNERS Front Row: M, Tugli-. L, Brinkman. C, Knight, IVI. I'Ii-ineikm-. J. Wnolwrlnii, T. Wvsllirouk. A. Sandi-rs :ind IVI, Dunn. Sec- B C nlu R Gon7,aIv7 R Wane-Pk ond Row: D. Cuyin-. . a . . ., . , E, I'fIiznmIo. R. Whillvy. S. King. C. Cuvrro and S, Capt-rs. Third Row: L. Pnhlnii-is-r. B, I.i-tn:-3. K. Vanghl, R. Whilli-5. A. Vx-ls-z and G. N4-fili. Fourth Row: ,I. Fc-Ilman, ' ' ' ' E. KI 4 K. Koliich-ji'e'Ii, M. I'4Ic'in. I. M1 4 K. R.IVIirI1IIflnn, 0 xp- pvr, A, Burk. C. Davis and B. IVIiddIi-lon, D8 Y ni .alinnal Below: Juniors Rolibyn Ruffin and Ronie Germany and senior Annette Sanders display a roller-set at the career fair in the student lounge. Vocational students were encouraging undcrclassmcn to consider their progranrs at the fair. 4: , , 1 W0 nf' v... 0' 'Q' ,,.gv1"1" N 3 J 5 NX xxx "--' Nf.5,r .T .-za" 'N ' N S W ' ...-1 at J' !'h.d. .IW Above: Junior Andrew Votvz, gets assislanrr- from drafting instruvtor George Cummings. Above: COSMETOLOGY Front Row: K. Hampton fsgt. at armsj, M. Doyle ftreasj, B. Mosley, N. Grimes fpres.j, D. ,lackowski fsponsorl, A. Sanders fparlj. .I. Matlock, T. Clark lrep.J and N. Neel tv. pres.j. Second Row: T. Baldridge, J. Milsaps, G. Hamhy, S. Toupin, S. Jarvis, C. Matlock, I'I. Caesar and M. Rendon. Third Row: D. Brandon, T. Snell, R. Massey, L. Junious, T. Westbrook, M. Rimmer, R. Germany and J. Riley. Fourth Row: V. Safranek, J. Gomales, M. Rodriguez, R. Ruffin. C. Guerrero, S. Capers and S. McClanahan. Above: DRAFTING Front Row: R. Waneck lparlj, E. Kloepper ltreasj, R. Castillo lrep.l. I. Eddins fpresj, C. Knight fsec.j, R. Gonzalez lv. presj and M. Henry fsgt. at armsl. Second Row: G. Cummings fsponsorj, W. Grossman and V. Rosado. Third Row: R. Hoffart, B. Iio, A. Velez, B. Middleton, B. Letney, R. Whitney, C. Lopez, B. Bang and K. Slatton. Fourth Row: C. Salazar, R. McNair, R. Balli, G. Davis, L. Jordan, R. Hudson, K. Vaught and A. Burk. Above: PRINTING Front Row: J. Hickey 1treas.j, M. Tagle tv. pres.j, B. Rocka lparl.j, D. Goyne lpres.l, L. Ritchey lsec.j, B. Guice frep.j and D. Wadsworth fsponsori. Second Row: M. Heineike, M. Price. F. Day, B. Cantu, J. Woolverton, S. King and B. Ennis. Third Row: S. Walker and K. Boyd. Fourth Row: J. Grant, D. Dorsett, T. Cooper, R. Aldridge, R. Snow and N. Miles. Vocational 59 Performance - goal of year Right: Practicing l1low4dry skills. junior ,lanir Gonzales works on ax Clivnl during a supervised vlass period. Ili i I Qk? at Above: Junior Mn-lissa Rodriguez plays the- roll- of vlienl while rlassinalv junior Maria Rendon rombs out lwr hair, 60 Vocational if Li Above: Junior Madonna H:-ineike works with ax printing machine while doing an assignment in vlass. Right: Working on an assignment during vluss. junior Foy Dan vorre-lan-s a book, one of lhv final su-ps in thx' proflurlion. x ,gs H, U55 V o s -cn. i- ,. ssss ' f "q"5'3k:,::., as-,ir r . ' fr: ,-1 A . M sf i W h 55 N ,. A ,, . W Cr-1? . is I 5 l , , A.-sf f , . , ' 1 . ,id ix ,rj , u h I . i . Q , Q .4 ' ' Left: Senior Brad Letney, winner of the vocational draft' 5 ' N" " ' J jj 5 'i ' ing award, works on his project which he will be taking to , , - Q. f-""' national competition in Atlanta, Ga. , Q, -W 'fpi ,, - " f. ,IV K ' ' A f it.. ...Q i Below: Junior radi0fTV students Kirk Rightmire, Doug In - f .1 Hoffard, Tim Yeager and Jacques Alford help instructor ff ffl' 7 A 'Z Frank Secor plan an upcoming field trip. ...I i 4- ft! 11 W 'N ff-f"'.X f' Y W. J -,gi A V I, .f , Vocational 61 CO-OPXVOCT Learning to earn Unlike other vocational classes, CVAE co-op does not pertain to any one aspect of the business world. Students who were interested in going to school for a half day could acquire jobs in almost any field. Junior Richard Presley said that he joined CVAE to get out of school a half day and to work and make money. "ltls the only thing that keeps mc in schoolf, he said. During class, Richard explained, the students learned about the duties of working and what it takes to be a respon- sible worker. Students in CVAE also belong to Vocational Occupation Clubs of Texas in which they participated in activities other than work. During the ycar, the students attended district and state competitions. At district Billy Lee, Arthur Alfaro, Richard Deltenrc, Dionel Alves and Ricky Alexander placed first in their individual job exhibits. Dionel Alves, Arthur Alfaro and Ricky Alexander went on to win first in statc competition. The year ended with an employer appreciation banquet at Airline Methodist Church. Right: Outstanding VOCT studs-nl Gina Locascio receives a trophy at the banquet. Above: VOCT I MEMBERS Front Row: Keith Graham lsgt, at armsl. Dudley Parshall ltr:-as.l, Lisa Praclorious lprf-s.j, Antonio Rodriguez lsponsorl, Gina Locascio lsr-c.l and Linda Nlcliachcrn lrep.l. Second Row: Gina Kowis. Donna Dowies, Charles Dixon. Cavino Basquez. Richard Deltenre and Dionel Alves. Third Row: John Spurlock. 62 Vocational Stabley Ray, Richard Presley, Carl Garrett. Ricky Alexan' der lparl.l and Marcus Patterson. Not Pictured: Ivy Ran- dall lv. pres.j. Right: At a luncheon honoring employers, senior Todd Bradshaw helps himself lo the barbeque. R. l i AX f RWASK' --.. aqygvi I. G, I -i it 'ix' u 4 f visa b k ' x, ,K , .sis 'rs Left: VOCT ll MEMBERS Front Row: ,lames Coleman, Debbie Cuidry. Chris Stocrner, Glen Murphy lsponsorl, Domingo Luebano, Todd Bradshaw and Troy Gooden. Second Row: Dean Hanna and Linda Manguia. Third Row: Billy Lee, Tommy McNichols, Richard Trevino. Arthur Alfaro. James Pickett, Charles Bryant and Walter McGinnis. Below: During a job fair in the student lounge, teacher Antonio Rodriguez and senior Carl Garrett make them- selves available for students to question about their vora- tional program. Left: Working at Classic' Marble Company, senior Arthur Alfaro prepares molds for vanity tops. Hr' was one' of tht- studenls who won first place for his job exhibit at district and slatr- oompt-titions. Vorational 63 41" CVAE FOODS LAB! CONSTRUCTION obody can do it like CVAE can Utilizing their skills in service and money-making pro- jects the CVAE foods lab class and corresponding Future Homemakers of America chapter provided services to the district and individuals. Cooking was only a part of the Curriculum which also included decorating serving buying and planning. The class catered meals for district and school functions including preparing fruit for the senior breakfast. Weekly the class members prepared salad luncheons for the teach- ers. Individual catering jobs were taken by the students which allowed them to practice decorating and baking skills. CVAE general construction trades focused on developing carpentry skills. ln a lab setting students learned the basics of wiring plumbing concrete work and other areas of car- pentry. The students made individual projects utilizing their skills as well as class projects which included the building of a storage shed. Both foods lab and construction provided opportunities for the students to begin jobs with the CVAE Co-op, pro- gram. Right: As an assignment for CVAE construction sophomore John Nuec and freshman Phillip Jones paint a waste basket they have made. :K Above. Teachers and CVAE students favorite recipe contributions formed the basis of a cookbook put together by the CVAE foods lab. Junior Joseph Vaughn and freshman Bonita Andrews put the pages of their cookbooks together for sale. Right: Delicious cinnamon rolls and punch are served to parents and teachers at the PTA Open House by freshman Connie Biggs anrl sophomore Rhonda Kammon. X ot .nional Q- l71"?' 6 es.- ,,..,,A., Q' -vu. Left: While posing as nutritionist informants freshman Connie Biggs and Anita Brandon, sophomores Phillip Boss and Stephanie Taylor, and junior Alicia Gilmore set up a booth in the Cafeteria to answer students' questions about nutrition. Below: CVAE CONSTRUCTION Front Row: Edgar Walker lsec.l, Bruce Gibson lprcs.j, Allen Justice lsponsorl and Stewart Davis ftreas.l. Second Row: Kenneth Woods, Roy Malone, Victor Lawson iparl.j, john Nuce, Guy Herrin lsgt. at armsl and Jon Garland. Above: CVAE FOODS LAB FHA Front Row: Sherry Cole fsponsorl, Terri Ball lparl.l, Rhonda Kammon lv. pres.l, Sharon Stone lpres.l. Phillip Boss and Greg Nation ltreas.l. Second Row: Terri Harperson, Suzie Witt. Kay Harrin, Connie Biggs, Vivian McBride, Paulette Raymond, Robert Johnson and Sherry Smalls. Third Row: Tina Weaver, Shir- ley Fangman, joe Arriaga and Kris lmes. Left: Catering is an important aspect ol CVAE foods lab. Junior Greg Nation measures ingredients into the mixing bowl while he reads directions from the book propped up on the mixer. Vocational 65 . ug Q ,:, ,yr I-li 1 14 i. 'af by Above: As part of HOS.-Ts initiation. junior Tina Parks is required lo wear surgical cloth- ing lo all of her 4-lassos. Right: Al the can-z-r carnixal, tht- HOSA booth was 11 popular one. Junior Judy Lambert conducts a blood. pressure' srre-ening on freshman Cary Baker in thi- studs-nl lounge. Vocational Heart of the matter Health awareness was the focus of health occupation classes and Health Occupation Students of America. With an opportunity to learn some basic first aid methods and to work in health related jobs, students were able to involve themselves in possible career choices. "lim going to North Harris County College. I'm going to get into the A.D.A. program to become a registered nursef' senior Gwen Barker said. Several of the member's activities helped to promote health. They conducted blood pressure screening tests for students and teachers at school. Parents could have their blood pressure made at the PTA open house. Also a blood drive was sponsored on Valentine's Day with more than 100 seniors donating their blood. ln order to increase their knowledge and to understand the medical fields the members visited Baylor College ol Medicine in May. Junior Sherri Millantz said that the class "shows you a lot about hospitals and what it would be like." Students also "learn how to relate to patients and how these relations can be beneficial to the patients," junior Keith Evans said. Below: Al open house senior Angela Whitton shows her mother what shi- has learned by taking a blood pressure screening test for her. .fm 'KZ 4- 5 i ' if f K' , P i tn 1 1 P i f A' ,PMI 9 ' " .. 1 i.. nf , Left: During a club meeting seniors Yvette Rodriguez and Shawn Harris and junior Keith Evans discussed past and present activities with other members. Below: HOSA Front Row: Denise Bugaj tcorres. sec.J. Shelley Andrus lhistj, Keith Evans Cv. pres.1, Shawn Harris lpresj, Yvette Rodriguez lrepj, Robert Turner Qparll and Andrea Doane ftreas.j. Second Row: Nannette Garrett, Denise Templet, ll Choi, Rhonda Falls, Lisa Hitt, Debbie Knnvicka, Gwen Barker, Cassandra Buchanan, Rosalyn Gonzales, Judy Lambert, Shui Wong and Nancy Sandoz Qsponsorj. Third Row: Dellianira Chavez. Rhonda Ballard, Karen Coon, Carrie Pohlmeyer, Angela Whitton, Cheryl Neal, Sherri Millantz, Judy Fincher and Tina Parks. . 1 1 1? 1 3 f. s-ol' Viii D-11515. gf' Kbove: During a unit on CPR, HOSA teacher Nancy San- soy Burhanan and Robert Turner how to perform CPR on loz explains to st-niors Cwcn Barker, Angela Whitton, Cas- an infant. Vocational 67 edication, xcellence, onsistency : wards Transition did not affect the effec- tiveness of Distributive Education Clubs of America. With the direction of two new sponsors, the club won the J. G. Hailey Award for service to the school for the second consecutive year. ln the D.E. class, students were taught different selling methods and techniques and were dismissed at noon to work at different jobs. Using their classroom and work skills DECA members made and sold coupon books for their major fund- raiser. Funds were used for the service pro- jects of the club. For teachers, the club provided free coffee one day each week and also gave them Valentine candy on that day. Thanksgiving baskets were il . :lf ' :X fi 5- A , f f " -N ,P 5 w 2 : 4.3 4 .Y . V R Above: Hosting a new members' luncheon, junior Bill Spears introduces himself along with juniors Barbara Luksa and Allyson Boyd to the rest of the table. Right: Proudly accepting the J. G. Hailey Award, president Jennifer Whiteman and out- standing vocational student Terri Sides receive congratulations from principal Vernon Lewis. 68 Vocational given to the custodians, and club mem- bers gave a party for Special Olympic students. Another fund-raiser was the first legs contest. Students voted on the legs of their choices. David Soliz was the winner. Senior Jennifer Whiteman and juniors Sam Hendrix, William Spear and Debbie Clifton participated in the annual Muscular Dystrophy dan- ceathon and contributed to the fund for the club. The DECA display case was used to explain different areas of DE through- out the year. Students did displays about the various aspects of their work. Right: AREA WINNERS Second Row: Diane Benes- tante, finance and credit, Robin McCabe, advertising. Front Row: Terri Sides, apparel and accessories: and Barbara Luska, petroleum. MP-4-at .,- is-ff? 1 l 1 V, ix 1 ,Q ., .D R 1 Q n 7 X H .j B .L ,, .l, M. V' ,I ,. dt. K - v .w,. 1' f .au any 7 . f VNS, .Jaw . .gr ,wh .A js.. A K - rf.-4-- .xii .N -. '3 Y Q .... ,N ' s...,w- Q " f.'i"kV.k ., M '3 ""'f - - in if f -en f. M .K . s .fl wa. Left: S4-niors Jennifer Whiteman and Steve Milli-r lSantaj rvvit-w the table before thc' teachers file in for the Christmas party. Below: As u part of thx-ir si-rvivc projects. senior Richard Maxiv and juniors .lanet Salinas and Barbara Luksa prvparr for the tearhers' apprvciatiun lunchvon. Othvr avtitilies to show thvir apprvviation wt-re giving randy to lvachvrs, Thanksgiving haskvts to thu fusio- dians and Halloween party to the students at lane Cent:-r. .1 Y is--. 5 s A 9 l, , .xi , X i l-rn- 5. ENN-.. .'gl "Y 3 ff Above: Encouraging studt-nts to apply for D.E.. senior Stew Miller and junior David Soliz talk to junior Sokralha Tea about thu- opporlunitius available- in their program. Left: DECA Front Row: sponsor N. Conlin. D. Soliz lrt-p.j. R. MvCal:f- llrvzasj. I. Whit:-man lprvsl. S. Hon- drix lv. pres.l. D. Ba-nc-stante' Ksvc.l and sponsor D. Pvter- son. Second Row: T. Kuvhn. B. Luksa. W. Spvars and H. Maxic. Third Row: D. Patrivk. S. Joseph. T. Sides. K. Moor:-, C. Cutivrrvz. J. Salinas. M. Randall. R. Horn. D. Okahayshi, L. Undt-rwood. I. Pc-rams, T. Burns. C. Duna- waj' and S. Welder. Fourth Row: M. Varnt-r. S. Sludvr. K. Sanrhvz, S. Hr-nirk. M. Rivvra. G. Smith. J. Brooks. C. Nations, F. Monk, D. Cut-rrc-ro. G. Cuties. S. Le-nnon and L. Ge-t-sy. Fifth Row: L. Nlikolajvhaz. M. Turn-ntinv, S. Vaughn. R. Nc-1-l, T. Rhvin. B. Mt'Frrrin. M. Edwards. S. Nlillvr. R. Mawy and B. Pilkunton. Vot-ational 69 Minding their own business Job skills and service were the focuses of Vocational Office Practice and its corresponding club, Office Educa- tion Association. "I enjoy OEA because, while it is a regular class, you still have the fun and activities of a clubf, junior Genoveva Val- dez said. c'We have many extracurricular activities which is a big change from doing school work day in and day outf, Service projects included making coloring books for chil- dren, hosting a Halloween carnival at Lane Center, giving Thanksgiving Baskets to area families and Christmas trees to needy families. Also a scholarship was given to senior VOE student Robin Drummond. Junior Melissa Jasso said she enjoyed OEA because she liked to see people happy. "I really think we have tried to help those that were in need. Also it makes me happy to know I help put a smile on someone's facef' she said. OEA students worked half a day in business offices and Right: Senior Robin Drummond gives her report from the previous club day activities. sci mil? K Above: Showing nff a stuffed animal that was in her B- Craft kit. senior Denise Bretting tries to sell her favorite one. B-Craft kits and spirit chain contests were the elub's fund-raising projects. ot itional Above: JUNIOR OEA MEMBERS Front Row: D. Bed- narek 14th v.p,l. A. Bahr f3rd v.p,j. P. Bielamowicz tlst v.p.l. C. McElroy trep,l and R. Anderson ttrt-as.l. Second Row: D. Calaviz. B, Collins. G. Valdez, D. Johnson, M. used the skills they practiced during class. Cenoveva said that. "ORA is preparing me for the outside world. Without OEA, I don't think I'll have the job opportunities I have now. ' 3 . X., 3 1 3, McBride, D. Zadik, M. Nino, S. Murdock, N. Pavelka, I. Rios, L. Timmins and M. jasso. Third Row: K. Smith. C Davis, C. Valenzer, ,l. Gipson. A. Wilson. S. Cox. M. Fos ter, C. Suarez and M. Riley. i 'Sl 5 'Ins 1. A Q md 1 I ,.Yk 7 K 1 Q W W ' -' Q ' K C 1 S 51 33: fs, ' Q. X ' fi? ' A A' I 1 N --mutha 1 T l I Left: Hvlping lo raisz- inure- lhun 32.700 011B-Crufl Kita. wnior Tn-ssu Williams shmxs uff um- uf thc- pnslvrs from lhm- kit. Below: Cumming more- than 385Oufspiri1 uhain inunry. juniors Natalie' Paw-lkai. R1-iivr Amh-rsnn and Chris Mrlflroy rh-lerminv that Ihr' N-niur vlass has won with 3500 mxrlh ui' nickvls. .Q fu IATXAICG-Y 4 I xi' Above: Svniur OEA ni:-nilwrs clwnrau- Ihr' Euwl:-r huskm-lf lo ht' lakvn to Blahwk Nursing HUIIIV, xi purl of Ihvir wrx- h'l'pr0j1'l'l. Left: SENIOR OE.-X MEMBERS Front Row: K. Niatluvk fre-p.j, R. Whiu- Hin-s.l. D. Bn-lling. C. Pxillun. R. lum- ln-ri1hisl.b.j.Tm-km-r1hifl.iand D.l1r1-mi 11Ziuix.p.l.S?1'- ond Row: spmmmr N. Pon. 31. B1-sm-Izny. J. W:-ighul. K. juhna. S. Cm. M. Shah-r. S. Crahani. K. Moore-. D. Cul- lins. K. Howard. T. Nhnnii-h, R. Drummumi. T. Ward anal A. Cuflvllm-sv, Third Row: R. Hunlvr. D. Hilal. S. K1-nb nard. P. Cn-gory. S. Fnglrz D. Hliimrv. T. Willizunf. fl. Wilson. S. Hurri- limi S. Slukcw. Yu muslim DATA PROCESSING Right: Cuorl grooming is essential for the husincsswoman. Learning the basic Steps of applying makeup, junior Susan Murdock listens to Rene Traweek from ,lafra cosmetics. Below: Senior OEA members listen to the representative from the B-Craft Company, on the proper way to approach their customers while selling his product. Left DATA PROCESSING Front Row M Mays M Do V Swlestal and M Garcia Third Row R Poole K and L Vaughn Second Row D Wall J Riley T Ruemke R Borski P Lewis S Bates B Forehand and Calhey S Smalley H Bla L Pham N Troung Y Kim N Kyle 72 Vocational I 1-S t, Vocational Awards VOE - Rhonda White OEA Scholarship Winner -- Robin Drummond DE - Terri Sides Health Occupation - Yvette Rodriguez Data Processing - Kenneth Ruemke Cosmetology -- Norma Neal Vocational Drafting - Brad Letney Air Conditioning - Gene Dunn Radio! TV - Henry Buck Woodshop - Richard Gonzalez Auto Mechanics -- Richard Weiderhold Vocational Printing - Beth Guice Drafting - Lisa Friedrich VEH Building -- John Garland CVAE Construction - Fred Reyna CVAE Co-op - Gina Locascio zz V A 17? Ap -We i 'r john Garland l F lg int- in mond. Y Yrllt' Rodriguez and Te-rn Sulvs. A-fur Happiness is contagious Helping others and serving the com- munity was thc goal of the Future Homemakers of America and the Home Economics Related Occupations club. Senior Ivy Randall said her rea- son for joining the club was: "FHA helps a lot of people, and I like helping peoplefl Each month was full of projects such as parties at a nursing home, Texas Childrenls Hospital and Lane Center. "lt's fun going over to the nursing home because they need some- thing," said freshman Catherine Gray. Members watched films during meetings before going to Lane Center to better enable them to help and understand the handicapped children. Opportunities to watch skits, listen to guest speakers and sign up for projects were available also at meetings. Homemaking classes contributed to club activities by making shrinky-dink toys, collecting food, clothes and toys for needy families, making pine cone turkeys and answering Santa letters. Right: Peter Cottontail, better known as junior Sam Bos- worth. makes the children smile at the Easter party at Lane Center. was is , ts Above: Rcminiscing about the year, outstanding HERO member. senior Michele Horgan, looks through the HECE scrapbook. Right: H1-lping a student at Lani- Center play games. freshman Judy Meador teaches the spoon rare to tht- willing participant. 14 Home making ,Q- Abovez FHA CLUB Front Row: S. Bosworth lparl.-hist.j, D. Whitf-horn fx. pres. puhlim' rvlationsj, S. Cerari lpn-sl, D. Ve-rrhor ti. pros. proje-rtsj, and P. Nz-vlud lv. pros. socialsl. Second Row: M. Do. S, Patti-rson, S. Ford. I, Ushz-r. C. Cz-ssman. J. Meador, N. Milos, T. Grantham. D. Vcrrltt-r. K. Corley. S. Muc'ha1lo.V. Virtor. B. Lynrh. D. Griffith. P. Ranglv and sponsor J. Mt-Coy. Third Row: sponsor J. Davis. T. LaCrom-. T. Film-si, D. Tyson, P. Campbell. T. Blavlx, L. Smith, C. Math:-vis, K. Cunnels, R. Bullock. S. Arosta. l. Ranmlall, D. Day. S. Olixvr. C. C-ray. and T. Taylor. Fourth Row: sponsor C. Rvnauclin. L. Rolwrls, L. Mm'Cullough. C. Clark, P. Parks, C. Snow, T. Crowds-r. S. Cray, V. Mt'Britlv, S. Konvirlca, C. Carnpln-ll. M. Brunilxvlom. B. Phillips. C. Sutton anal P. MvMulli-n. Fifth Row: sponsor M. January, S. Alllridgv. C. Stvvsarl. li. Evans, P. Portor. R. Hairvlli, S. Left: During Christmas season, senior Barbara Phillips unloads boxes of pn-sc-nts whit-h wt-rc donated hy stuelvnls for a nerdy family. , .A mr 7 '95 Below: Rolling a cart from room tn room, juniors Susan Caldwell and Melissa Wright dc-liver somv of tht- 2,800 carnations ordered for Valentina-'s Day. JMC:-f is C+ 24 ,fi T . ' umm. Y ' -lhgv-i.-V . 'T ' ,Av t "xv Young. A. Eistz-rhold, D. Hild, M. Harris, D. Hvrrcrra, R. Flon-s, P. Slatton and sponsor C. Staxinahn. Above: HERO CLUB Front Row: R. Mykylyn lhist.l. M. Hicks lhist.l. J. Uvnson ls:-maj, T. Steptov lv. pres. sovialsj, L. Danforth lpn-s.j, sponsor S. Caldwell. T. Lvwanilowski ltrt-as.j, K. B4-nlhall lx, pres. projvrtsl, anll C. M1'Donal1l lrvpl. Second Row: M. Hor- gan, D. Brunilow, D. Mil-tlais, C. Dowdvll, J. Bush, D. Matte-rn, C. Tolar, K. Rumfolo, S. Caldwell, and M. Wright, Third Row: N. Vaughan. D. Furr, T, Braue-r. M. Coycl. anzl R. Tolar. Honietilakilig Right: Dancing around tlu' room, child development stu- dents pravliee the Bunny Hop before leaching it to chil- flrcn. Below: Christmas pictures made in the laps ui Santa and Mrs. Claus 151-niors John Crnut and Kelly Keysj recreated memories of childhood days. The money was used for a Christmas service project. Q97 Above: Dressed in a clown vostume, senior Renee Horn participates in the Halloween party at Lane Center. Right: Welcoming junior Judy Dvnsun into HERO, senior The-rt-sa Steptov surprises her with a rose for an initiation present. 16 Hmm making 5 Y N l l .1 Tr 1 'ff r slimy' it ? i xx i , X 7 . N v A ,.,.-J .-. 4 x "rv to Left: HOMEMAKING AWARDS Homemaking - Stephanie Cemci, VEH Foods - Elizabeth Davis. Not Pictured: HECE - Michele Horgan and CVAE Foods - Rhonda Kammon. Below: Preparing to go to Lane Center, FHA members meet on club day to watch a film about handicapped children. 1 A A fr M Q, A! . 'Q5vy1.,- . ,Af "Wi ,1 'Q ' , . gr R , ,f -X fffiffft. 2 ma. is y W K -' 5 N. --J 0- . Above: Cutting out pictures of furniture- to plat-rv on an Reyes work ona project for their home furnishings class. hpartment floor plan, seniors Sylvia Mat-hado and Caroline Homemaking 77 -95 4 M " 5 if V93- Eafl to bed, 8211157 to 1'1SCQ the hard work pays off if you Win a prize Ag meant raising a project animal and that meant a lot of work and long hours - hours of routine care, hours of grooming, hours at shows. But if their animals won shows all the time and effort paid off for ag students. The area in which they lived limited stu- dents in their choices of animals they could raise. "I raised rabbits because I canlt raise any other animal in my neighborhood," fresh- man ,lay Sanders said. Reasons for taking ag differed among the students. Some took ag because of their love for animalsg others were interested in veteri- nary medicine and needed the experienceg and, others wanted to learn more about agri- culture. Ag students participated in various competi- tions. During the summer the ag band won the state talent competition and then a gold medal in national competition in Kansas City, Mis- souri. In September, 12 steers were weighed at the 21st annual weigh-in. Topping the scales were two steers belonging to Kervin Buckner and Debby Schill. Students participated in five shows. No one placed at the Waco Heart of Texas Fair but at the Harris County show, Terri Priesmeyer won Grand Champion penof frier chickens, and Debby Schill won Grand Champion and reserve breeding heifer. In San Antonio at the Southwest Exposition Debby Schill. Robin Lewis and Rhonda Chandler placed in junior heifer class. They also participated in the Houston Livestock show where ,lohn Wendt and Russell Christ won also. At the Aldine Ag Show students had five record-money-holders for grand champions. Preparing the animals for shows was the ,- sas if I? I fs 9 i most important and continuous goal. Fresh- man Rhonda Chandler, who raised a Cham- pion Charolais heifer said "in preparing my animal I had to brush her all year round and clip her." Sophomore Jimmy Harris said, "Before the show I have to bathe, sheer and brush my lambs. Also I have to tame them enough to hold while the judge feels their mus- cles." " . . . I came out 351,100 richer than when I startedf' said freshman Kelly Weiershausen. And that made it all worth the hours spent. Below: The Grand Champion turkey cooperates in front of the judges for sophomore Andy Miers during the Aldine Ag Show. Below: AG DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS senior Dawn Peebles, ag coop, and senior Greg Capers, agriculture. yr.: f IVF if' 'x F' I 233' J. 1 1 if ' t 9.4-:af were 3 RUBY RED Gllllllllll 4 - RUBY asp xg autumn ,ff :S e- x M r Above: Helping unload 1.650 boxes of fruit, honorary chapter farmer George Atkinson helps freshman Jimmy Sandstedt transport some of the boxes. Left: From national competition, ag band members senior Linda Maxey, senior Mike Pavlik, sophomore John Wendt and senior Doyle Hayslip retum with first place trophies that they won. Left: Sophomore John Wendt who won second place in his class of Polled Hereford bull, discusses his winnings with the officials and his father at the Houston Livestock Show in the Astrohall. Below: She felt like a fool, greenhand freshman Trina Brinkman said about standing in front of the judges to recite the FFA Creed for contest. ,fs "'? -fa 'ILA t Vocational 79 Right: Tradition continues as sponsor Mike McCown ini- tiates freshmen Charles Smith and D. ,l. Diamond by paint- ing their hands green. Below: AG OFFICERS Debbie Mittelstedt frep.j, Linda Maxey fsec.l, John Wendt lv. pres.l, Greg Capers lpres.l, Bubba Priesmeyer 0reas.l and Russell Christ fsent.l. Not Pictured: Tony Chu fparl.j and Kay McDonald fhist.j. Above: Ag sweetheart sophomore Brenda Zaborowski poses with freshman Diana Haba and her champion broiler and a representative from Edgar Reeves State Farm Insurance who bought the broiler at the auction, Right: Struggling during the weigh-in, seniors Greg Capers and Angel Gonzales fight a steer that does not want to get in the trailer. 80 Vocational .,. .. 'tuni- D J N. 5, l.. F' it-. wh- as -v 4, ...' fag pa.- Left: ln last minute preparation for a shun. svninr Rc-nee Horn leases lhe lail of ht-r steer. Below: AG CO-OP, MEATS LAB Front Row: Linda Maxcy, Doylt: Hayslip, Kervin Buckner, Natalie Svarlrurnugh, Dawn Pvt-bl:-s. Floyd Wamlile. Richard Key, Shelley Nveley. Cindy Clements, Sharon Self and De-libie Mitu-lstm-dt. Second Row: Larry Roburk. Vent-tia Johnson, Mike Pavlik. Kay McDonald, Bubba Priesmeyvr. Greg Cape-rs, George- Blanchard and Bubba Sritzlr-r. x fx X . . f Above: FFA Front Row: B. Zahorowski lsweelheartj, and M. McCown lsponsorl. Second Row: J. We-bb, J. Wingo, T, Grant. T. Brinkman. M. Hutson, L. Smith, S. Childress. R. Atkinson, C. Smith, M. McCauley, J. Sanders, S. Brawley, R. Chandler. R. Watkins. M. Bran:-r. R. Horn and P. Diamond. Third Row: V. Randall, R. Christ, A. Malrangt-, J. Sandsledl, D. Opt-la. B. Bell. C. Key. T. Kuhn-vkza, T. Chu, T. Gene, A. Nleyms, and T. Cnlbf-rl. Fourth Row: J, Ryals. D. Halma. C. Young, C. Cochran, C. Noafk, R. Gonzales. T. Booker, C. Hendon, T. Randolph. A. Brinkman and D. Blanchard. Fifth Row: J. Diehl, J. Mails, E. Olmns. K. Wiesshausr-n, L. Wilson, K. Bacon, J. Harris, K. Coon, D. St-hill, E. Stavinhna and D. Fairman. Sixth Row: M. Pratt, R. Lewis. B. l'lt-ndon, R. Harris, C. Allrorn, R. Brut-e, W. Hayes, C. Mrlflroy. W. Redding, E. Walla. T. Privsmeyvr and J. Wt-ndt. Left: Freshman Rent-c Watkins listens attentively while- her sister Jodi Watkins. Aldine alumna. hm-lps her prepare hvr she:-p for the Aldine ag show. Vovalional 81 P'fl.4 "I like 1-omposition and literature and don't like grammar." - Freshman Donald Jones "I like the fact that I was pretty mueh on my own because the teaeher allowed me to practically do the work that I wanted as long as I satisfied the requirements." - Senior Ed Cavaria "I hate reading and answering ques- tions." - Sophomore Caroline King "I like literature because of the inter- esting stories." - Junior James Davis ,gb Above Studung Romeo and Juliet freshman English help them visualize some of the more difficult language of Shakespearean England yeft: As English tc-zivlii-r Chvryl Caudin i-xpluins the- lrs- Belgwg Listening 10 i-3554-tip laws hi-lpg juniors Kim Hung Lam in thvir English as ax Svvond languagvrlass. im-jUf1i0fT3mmY G0'lV'ln 1iflf'f1SHll1'H1iif'Is- Truong and Sandra Ayula and freshmvn Thuy Dua and 'M-Qzksi 1 .,t if 3 -4 ff' f-X -' 'I i Castillo. 'SAD 117 so X 1 ,Vx S " -----.. rs. -V if -'- ,, Left: Aftcr ri-ailing "Pygn1alion," sc-niors Buster Wilson. Linda Danforth and Defliru Phil- lips art out u srvnv from thu- play in Claudia Bond's English class. I Left: ENGLISH DEPARTMENT AWARDS Front Row: Suphomurz- Diana' Lewis and freshman Mirhavl Di-lfon. Second Row: Junior Brian Ainsworth and se-nior Runnin- -,chin li Above: Concvrnvd about having to take their thiril quartvr finals, st-niurs Ruilnt-y Cult" man and David Crm-n clisruss their grail:-s with English tvurhvr Virginia Pvrryinun. English Dvpu rl nwnt 83 h no-o-ol - a deadline "Y'all c'mon," begged editor Patti Patterson as she stressed the impor- tance of getting in gear to meet dead- lines. Six returning staff members encour- aged the 10 rookies who were in a state of confusion trying to figure out the standards of the staff. Yearbook atmosphere was one of casual fun metamorphosing into ani- malistic terror at deadline. Deadlines made senior Alice Alvear "hyper," she said. And the feeling was common. Senior Traci Tigert summarized the feelings of new staff members as she struggled through the first few weeks of class: "I was beginning to becomi depressed, frustrated and real inse cure. I was seriously thinking of quit ting because l felt I was letting the staf downf' Even the experienced members hat some difficulty in assuming their nev positions. Business manager Terri Honicl- said, "l feel like l'm new like everyoni else because I'm doing something com pletely different." Right: Discussing cover ideas, business manager Teri Honick and senior Anthony Milligan plan what ideas the will present to the class after attending the Harris Count Department of Education Journalism Workshop. 'wer 'Q try- if.-X Above: Senior Mike Chen and junior Annette Mikeska are shown how to crop a picture by people editor Teresa Ward. Right: Editor Patti Patterson and assistant editor Bonnie McKeehan help bag 3,000 fortune cookies to be distrib- uted to study labs for yearbook sales promotion. 84 language Arts is as V- ,as an-wr 'Q' 5,l,nRr!.I 24 m' - .f-ego--v-w"""' efwwt Jaan! gps. . gore, I have-as rifle 4 Sis 1 Below: ln the mithlle of thi- night. seniors Claudell Baker and Alive Alu-ar work on their layouts to he submitted to thi- Texas ASM summer yearbook Camp competition. Claudell won first place for her sports layout: Alice won first for her farulty layout. F'-1 "Pi, I :ik 5' - 1 . X 1115 Above: Checking their daily assignnients. senior photog- aphers Mark Humphries and Allen Burk fiml the nega- ives and prepare to lurk themselves in the darkroom. Tl X X Q Above: ROUNDUP STAFF Front Row: Traci Tigert, Alice Alvear, Mike Chen and Ronnie Castillo. Second Row: Beth Tann, Teresa Ward. Kenneth Tullis, Claurlell Baker. Cindy Fujimoto and Anthony Milligan. Third Row: Annette Mikeska. Terri Honick. Mark Humphries. Patti Patterson, Bonnie McKeehan. Rieh Hornbuckle and Allen Burk. on Tj. Left: After a rush of students have rceeived their year- , books, senior Kenneth Tullis takes a breather and waits My for the next group to arrive. i Q '- 5' Language Arts 85 Read all about it --....g..., x N Above: Junior Faith Humber! interviews Vickie Alsina, the new Spanish teacher, Right: Editor Mark Evangelista talks to senior Debbie Brake about the last issue ofthe paper. Language Arts Yes, a class was meeting in Room 507 even if there were no students there. They were probably out hustling interviews or taking pictures for the upcoming edition of the student news- paper, "The Mustang." The process of writing, taking pic- tures and putting the paper together took the full three weeks between edi- tions. Junior Debbie Ford explained that to get a story the reporters first had to track down the person to be inter- viewed and get them to answer ques- tions. If they didnlt cooperate the sto- ries were no good which was frustrat ing to the writers, she said. Once the story had been written ant Checked for grammatical errors, it wa prepared for the upcoming deadline. Meeting deadlines was the test c whether the paper would be delivere- on time or not. Editor Mark Evangef ista said, "Meeting deadlines is hart for the new members, the day of reels oning for the old staff." As soon as one paper was distril uted, it was critiqued by the class an assignments made for the next publicz tion. ' 4 ti""'!' ,N I-.uf 'ix ,-416' I, X, 4 5 ,YQ ig 4 Left xidlldglllg ulnur L4 mm Pall: rsun and 51-ninr Diane- ghvrn M,.Duni,.l- Toni plum.. Lurmim. Bonds. I-'uhh Hinniivrl. Chandra Nvlsun. Lvnila Pallvrsun and D1-iibiv Brukr, Second Row: Jvff Turnlium. Mundo Ti-llo. Churk Below VILSTPKNG STAFF Fronl Row: D1-liliir Ford, Sh1'llunfiMark Eianigr-lisla. A71 .wh 7.7- cz: VJJQ.-' , , .L -A 5 iicii kf' - Ax.: it-. .3751 I if Above: Upcoming Skating vvvnls is lhv mpir junior Chi-ryl Tuvkm-r inn-rvim-wa junior Kim Mrcaghrvn about for hor mass mi-dia Vlass. Olhvr sludvnls i ish-olapvd thu- vwnl, ' il rxii win h ' quvslioning :opho Left: in journalism rlass junior Daxid Crvgg prui-lin-vs ni 4- ' ' g y N - more' Jvrry Florvs ahoul himself. La nguap A rl 8 ction, growth - goals of French, German X 1 Above: To celebrate a German Christmas, sophomore Elyse Albert, senior Janet Sandoz and sophomore Mir-hvlv Lee make traditional advent wreaths during a club meeting. Right: Getting ready for the For:-ign Language Fair. junior Denise Templet and sopho- more James Goldy practice dancing the "schottishe" for which they won first place. 88 Language Arts French Club Wanting to be a more active club this year, the French Club set the unity of the foreign language clubs as their goal, president Dennis Davis said. The club sponsored a party for the foreign language class at Fun Factory Pizza and participated in the Foreign Lan- guage Fair and International Banquet with the other clubs. They also attended the French Symposium in Austin. Selling foreign candy and baked goods helped pay for a French Club Scholarship that was given to Ricky Huerta. German Club The goal for the German club was to grow this year, and they accomplished it. The German club doubled in size. One of the activities was to make traditional German advent wreaths. They also had a guest speaker who spoke about Germany during,World War Il. They participated in the Foreign Language Fair and International Ban- quet and ended the year with a ban- quet at Bavarian Gardens. din Left: Earning mont-y for tht- French scholarship, sophomore Maris Davis and juniors Cherie- Manuf-l anrl Tammy ,lanak st-ll bakery goods during lunches, Below: During the International Banquet, juniors Ronnie Williams, Margaret Wunder- lich, sophomore Maris Davis aml junior Dennis Davis help themselves to samples of for' eign dishes prepared by language class members. X1 Left: Helping to win Sweepstakes for the foreign language department, junior Margaret Wundvrlich dances to "Cabaret." Below: FRENCH CLUB Front Row: T. Parks fhistj, T. Janak fhist.l, D. Davis lprcs.j, M. Wunrlerlitth lv. pres.l, D, Lewis fsec.ftreas.j, and C. Brady fsponsorl. Second Row: T. Maxwell. C. Hill, C. Manuel, E. Bohorqtgez, E. Nguy, R. Schaefer, E. Eseobar. L. Bre- varrl, D. Kolodejcak, D, Cola-grove, A. Pham, C. Thorp, M. Day and M. Fountain. Third Row: C, Hyde. B. Cantu, S. Capers, J. Fincher, M. Clemets, T. Boyd, P. Harris, Cv. McDaniel, S. French, B. Iio. S. Blakesberg and T. Lartigue. Fourth Row: R. Williams. M. Grosvhke. B. Raabe. D. Griffin, ,l. Amerson. V. Cobb. R. Huerta, M. Davis and J. Mushinski. I w f ftkunm ,H ,, Y' V Above: GERMAN CLUB Front Row: S. Laird lsponsorl, E. Albert ltrcasj, D. Gates lpn-s.l, A. Mikeska fre-p.j and K. Ingleburger fsec:.j. Second Row: T. Calloway, L. Wil- son, ,l. Cuillot, A. Doane, W. Jaogar, M. Lee. C. McMaster and C. Cordon. Third Row: R. Victor, C, Bridges. J. Sandoz. S. Rodriguez, J. Starks. C. MCDugle. S. King and K. Hagan. Fourth Row: J, Kit-ibn-r. R. Young, V. Cobb, C. Evans, D. Colver, K. Brantley, H. Bigley and C. Burnt-tt. Language Arts 89 Spanish, Texas' second language, was Aldineis largest foreign language program. The classes wrote newspa- ' pers, made tortillas, had show and tell and conducted debates, along with other daily class activities. The students dominated the win- nings at the Foreign Language Fair d which helped Aldine win Sweepstakes. 0 in Two guest speakers, the husbands of the two Spanish teachers, Mr. Burgos and Mr. Alsina spoke about Mexico and Spain at club meetings. The Spanish club sold stationery to . help sponsor Jose Maldonado, a young th boy in Guatemala. They also partici- pated in the International Banquet. Right: Carrying out a traditional holiday custom. junior Dennis Davis attempts to break a pinata at tht- lnternaa tional Banquet. -A,,..v .rf T 1523" fa W 1 f g 'M M. ,pg 'T Above: For show-and-tvll senior Branda Garrett tells the class about tht- features of her stuffed panther in Spanish. Right.: Learning about Spanish cuisine. sophomort- David Ainslie' flattens his dough for the tortilla. Right: As the instructor for the first place dancing team. senior Cindy Rf-its shows a tothe dance teams as they practice, 90 Language Arts Q . 3 n e 3 alia Left: Translating a Christmas carol, teacher Janice Burgos accompanies the Spanish class Q5 ' , while they sing in Spanish. C X-'mi' ,Sl . E Below: During the International Banquet students gathered around to fill their plates JL' V1 with Mexican cuisine which they had prepared. K!1L,X,- 5 X Ji ix K a f up :F Y - ,L y 'us . iw A' .. . - ffm . Q, ' N -- lr 7 I r 1 Lf I K L NYJ, .-p I 4 ' -, 1 1 ... i, 1,5 ,, gy u ,J . 5 if ,' K V g. .... ' .H A ,fl 5,1 ,M W N N ,M ' t . 4 ,..,. , Y ,kr jk ,W Q 1 , A ' - , x .3 Bali- lf. 1 ,. A 'i' 1 +. I F . J , , Vi . Y 1 ,Q Q . ii .L av- Eff- it 'i' ' ' . ' .' uf , ' . f S ,J . T" ,ff 'l is 3 ' ta. 1- if, Fi- 'ez tx i l ' a - E3 1 ef- mm Above: SPANISH CLUB Front Row: M. Brubaker, S. Rice, K. Mann, T. Cathey ltreas.l, N. Vara lv. pres.J, C. Pumphrey lsponsorl, V. Alsina fsponsorl, J. Burgos tspon- sorj, A. Hernandez, M. Ingram and A. Cerda. Second Row: L. Venegas, J. Biedrzycki, S. Chen. V. Rodriguez, P. McQueen, S. Wong, J. Kuhn, C. Suan, J. Riettie, S. Palacios, L. Spiller, M. Rios, R. Gavira, G. Walther, M. Valles, B. Pavelka and C. Gentle. Third Row: V. Boyd, B. Schweter, E. Luna, P. Harding, D. Dodson, P. Burgos, C. Fonseca, L. Wilson, E. Jimenez, C. Garcia, M. Gutierrez, I. Gurjardo, K. Trimble, R. Swattes, D. Blatt, M. DeLeon, L. Vasquez and M. Potter. Fourth Row: L. Webster, T. Jones, T. Bohac, D. Gonzales, M. Melchor, S. Welder, D. Doree, A. Guarjardo, T. Jefferson, R. Hester, R. Brooks, G. Rosado and C. Montelongo. Fifth Row: K. Fields, B. Wyatt, W. Wong, P. Holiday, S. Konvicka, M. Sheppard, S. Bailey, K. McCaghren, S. Roth, J. Campbell, C. Roth, J. Cargill, V. Carpenter. K. Timm, and D. DeLeon. Sixth Row: L. Corcorran, T. Jefferson. C. Cooper, K. Knesek, L. lngram, B. Roberts, S. Ayala, B. Garrett, L. Flick, C. Knight, S. Rice, J. McCormick, J. Pierce and R. Alvear. X . Above: Wondering what there is to eat, senior Susan Welder reads the menu at the Spanish banquet at Ninfas. Language A115 91 The foreign language program grew beyond the projected expectations, curriculum principal Kitty Spence said. She said she thought the growth was "due to students becoming aware of the importance of the knowledge of other languages in the modern world." Culture was an important emphasis in language classes. Cultural knowl- edge and skills as well as languages skills were the basis for competitions at the district Foreign Language Fair. The classes were required to take an objective district placement test this year. The test included oral dialogue, answering story questions and culture questions. gComo esta aria? aj Maria es bonita. bl Ella esta enferma. cl Maria esta contento. dl Ella es alta. Right: FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS Front Row: Dennis Davis, French. Second Row: Kelly Harrison, Latin, and Denise Templet, Ger- man. Not Pictured: Deanna Wall, Spanish. i f lm ' ,sm inte. ,y 1 -. it 'Magi .tip t E, -ii ix , .. . V , it P,s,..... 5 , ' 1 I' -"' I " "ii . .ffl 1 .:, . X ' - ' tt3I,r.x Lg,.g , ily- k . Q ta. Q 1' ,f f- X -. .. i ,Y . 95 8 b . X v --'Q . ,fr - ,Q z, N J 1 4 If .t . t ., .e ,vs-la Qi f5'!.,yq, 1 ' if .sf f " ., r W A , X U gt J? if .1 Q V . g W P 1 if r YLFFPAQI . j 'S If f f A ' z. 4 l 1 ,i t Right: Even though a small clu' , the Latin Club participated in the Christmas dinner. Senior Donna Collins and teacher Mary Shao help themselves to a Caesar salad. Below: Teacher Sharon Laird trim-s to explain the forms for German club stationery sales to junior David Flick while junior Denise Templet and senior Wilma Jaegar look on. 3- " .. .V , R'-.xAfE..j',.4.. t T JT H, z' Above: LATIN CLUB Front Row: Deanna Hartnup, Mary Collins, Sharon Kelly, Leslie Miller, Il Choi, Kari McWest, Angela Henry, Susan Kleerekoper, Cassy Buchanan and Linda Elizalde. Second Row: Keith Evans, Steve Bates, Ronnie Castillo, Jeff Amerson, David Strickland, Guy Garibay and Jackie Grant. 92 Language Arts - 'WY' V . 1, Z Q' nf Nil 'f Q at t i N at M E f 7 0 I I I G I I it Below: To better understand the concept of probability, sophomore Leon Truley and get enough Relief, two years of required math and science classes were over. After the sophomore year. science and math classes were electives. They, no doubt, were the most difficult electives. Reasons for taking the electives in these fields included: lj they're interesting fto some peoplej: 21 they're more useful than other electives: 31 they're required for college: 4j they're important for an indix'idual's chosen field: For those who are really crazy about math and science, there were clubs and U.I.L. teams available. These clubs par- ticipated in contests and field trips. occasionally. This year, the math and science learns won the Aldine l.S.D. meet. During the season. these two teams competed in four practice meets. At the A.I.S.D. meet. the winners were: Frank Chen, third in calculator: Yong Kim. first in slide rule: Guy Garibay, second in slide rule: Lihn Pham. first in number sense: Mike Chen, second in number sense and first in science reading. After the district meet. the teams competed in the U.l.L. district meet where Lihn Pham receixed first in number sense, and Mike Chen placed second. In slide rule, Yong Kim placed third: Mike Chen placed third in science reading. These win- ners then went to regional contest where Mike Chen placed fifth in number sense. Below: SCIENCE TEAM Front Row: sponsor A. Wolfer. Second Row: M, Valles and R. Gaviria. Third Row: F. Chen, M. Chen and D. Brozak. Fourth Row: J. Lewi, R. Hornbuckle, S. Smith and R. Walker. D ' ' :W T A 1... freshman Roger Jones roll the dice. n-.x i Y ,S . ,Ar X 2 5 Above: Senior Tuamanh Pham uses wax paper to prove some of the formulas for cunit sections in calculus. Left: MATH. SCIENCE DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS Andrew Chu, general physical scienceg Steven King, junior math: Jack Lewi, physics: Mike Chen, senior math and biol- ogy: Daniel Brozak, chemistry. No! Pictured: Sui Wong. algebra 2. 5 MathfScienu 93 Right: Freshman Thang Bui tests a solution to determine whether or not it will conduct electricity, an assignment in a general physical science class. Below: Algebra teacher Johnnie Stewart explains an equation on the board. He will proh- ahly have to explain it to each person individually later. .Q rv 5 . L i Above: MATH TEAM Front Row: Sponsor C. Farley, J, Ru:-mke and A. Wong. Starr, C. Trinh, M. Chen, S. Blake-sberg, T. McCowe-n, C. Gnfflon- F- Chen- Y- Klnf and I-A Phaffh Second ROW: R' Right: Junior Susan Murdock focuses the microscope sn Poole, A. Chu, E. Gaviria. P. Lewis, D. Mr-Ich:-r, K. that She may View th.. Object on the screen- MATHXSCIENCE . H 94 M.ith!Sf-iencv ghl: Seniors Chvryl Nval and Carriv Pnhlrni'y1'rc'xpc'ri- nl with the wave marhinf' to help lhi-m undvrsland fe propvrlies bm-llc-r. low: Cutting opvn a ral, svniors Shawn Harris and rid Strickland lake part in the physics lah assignm:-nl. -79 4 ei A '- .fi ik .appal- nanny'- wma ---as Malhfsrivnrc Interaction enhances stud Manis interaction with himself and culture, past and present, was the focus of the social studies department. A wide variety of electives, besides the required American and world histories and government classes, were used to accomplish the study of this interac- tion. World problems and psychology, economics, Texas studies, geography, sociology allowed students to choose their areas of study. National and Local Close Up pro- grams allowed students to get a first hand look at the workings of govern- ment. The trip to Washington, D.C., was for many the most exciting experi- ence of their lives. Senior Ann Brady said she enjoyed the learning experi- ence and all of the people she met. Local Close Up was more affordable at about 320. The sessions were at Albert Thomas Convention Center and acquainted students with the workings of local government. Geography club gave students another extra-curricular activity to broaden their understanding of the world's cultures. The club members experienced some of these life styles at the Greek and Renaissance festivals. Model U.N. was an independent study program requiring hours of research and ending with delegates representing countries they had researched in the citv wide Model United Nations program at the Univer sity of Houston Aldine students repre sented the countries of Benin, a mill taristic Marxist nation in Africa, and Romania, a communist country in east ern Europe Aldine students had more resolutions debated than any other school at the meeting Rlghl GEOGRAPHY CLLB Front Row D Hartnup R Randolf sponsorR Allen T Woods T Janak L Kirsrh R Horn Second Row A Luna D Luker K Cullotta K Harrison L Rushing D Sanchez M Salats D Col- grove S Godfrey .l Garcia G Gilpin T Honaker ,I. Row C Ellis T Boyd C Antlcrson P Harris R. Brooks S French .l Ettner G Sawyer M Hornbuckle, D Woods T Hickman D Perrard C Baugh A Luna. Fourth Row K Meters L Watson W Hogg P Phil- lips D Powers P Brown J Waxler C Melder K Cas- tillo L Seals D Verwold R Germans SOCIAL STUDIES McFalls,. M. Hale,lM.' Boritig..B. Cooper,lD. Daker. 96 Social Studies Left: The Middle Ages live- as Teresa Honey from ll Texas Renaissance Festival speaks to world history rlasst about the period. Below: The formation of a Social Studies Fair causes flurry of projects to be constructed by students. Soph mores Terri Black and Cindy Riley put last minute toucht on their lnca Indian project. itil Left: Role playing is one of tht- vxpcrie-mos in pisrhology Class. Junior Kr-van Alger, tht- frog, waits for a kiss from senior Cathy Sfhuebf-l. the prinress. while junior Rub:-rta Barnett, svnior Kathy Buchanan, junior Faith Humbe-rt and sc-nior Mark Evangvlista providf- the harkground. Below: When they rt-'turn from Washington. D.C.. Close Up students r'an't stop talking about it for weeks. Arling- ton National Cemetery is one of the favoritv sites on the trip, ' ' 'x i ., 1' ., f if - -. K I . M ' 1, 5. , A . t ' , . " I . i. np-Q.-fi' 'i's-nl-11,44 :rn 'ami Left: CLOSE UP Front Row: V. Daut, D. Michel. M Barvalc. C. Hyde, T. Maxwell, sponsor R. Winn. S. Martin E. Cuttierrvz, .l. Riley, A. Brady, ,l. Ramos and D. Kon- virka. Second Row: S. C-arria. P. Slatton. .l. Pierce. P. Matthews. F. Day. I. Peraza, D. Vt-rwold, C. Cordon, C. Stokes, S. Marion, M. Mathis. and S, Cox. Third Row: C. Baker, B. Rocka, R. Crcvn, J. Staha. C. Goodman. D. Thi-iss, H. Bigley, K. Alger, S. Miller and W. Granger. Sorial Slllflll ,Q-. Tales of Lone tar tate li Below: Ask him anything about Te-xas. and Texas history teacher ,lor Karkoslca van probably come up with an wr answer. Telling endless details about the state, he encour- home state. ages his students lo become better acquainted with their , .W ,r.,, " 'ATAJXML f ss - 4 a ge - if v uf' :T T M.. Mr 3 . 0 x, v I Q 9 - iw . 7 A 5 si Q t Wy 8 . g 'I 1 A i 3 .. . 5? , t . C' - '15 i f 3 ,,,,, sa ra, .4 iffy, , Adm ,, , .A Li ff" '. , 'T ' - 1 , A a , Q + sfmtfms Q. 1 -asf ,. .,. C.: 'L . , fl V . . We 1 'fr ,ygyf ' I g', gg . .. 2:,ii?'..., , . i V " S A i. ff, -1- 'Q j l n get . A yn, . V .z .N Q! ,' .8 A K ,vwgk I A ,ll If ,ef ,.., , awww va' ' , X.. 2-V sifif' , thguj r , 3 '4 T , :wfff ' ,I 1 v 'T aff as Num ' T 4' V - gvpu, ly.,-it 1 V, . - ' t ri! , , a,A, , sw... . , b- .gf L Above: Lecturing and reading. lt seems those are tht- mainstays of history classes, World history teacher Sandra Acr0man's iilass works on an assignment. Right: SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS Mi:-hael Delmon, American History: Ann Brady, Government: Deon Doree. World History. SOCIAL STUDIES I 98 S01-ialStuilies Left: MODEL UNITED NATIONS DELECATES Front Row: Claudell Baker, Gvnoveva Valdez. Myriam Nino, Susan Murdock and Ann Brady. Second Row: Str-vv Smith. Mark Evangelisla, sponsor ,lames Curtin, Ronnit Parker and Rich Hurnbuvklv. Below: Model U.N. Romanian Lll'll'g3l.C5 Rich Horn- bucklf-, Myriam Nino and Dennis Davis along with the other delegates received tht- best dressed award for com- munist nations for their gypsy costumes. , I we-QA Y K 4...- Left.: Group projects and individual projects helped break the lecture routine in history classes. Students in Ameria can history teacher Gayle Rickard's class work together on a project. Social Studies Above During his VEH ila s freshman Stacey Pamulc works on a coffee table he is con- Rlght Before an wt ring tumprehension questions sophomores Thomas Bowden, Connie Sutton and Ray Huggins work on their assignment in the NFL reading lab. Because of its location Aldine Senior became the home of a five-district program for auditorily impaired students, a natural pro- gression from the elementary and junior high programs, principal Vernon Lewis said. The 16 students in the program would have gone to Houston schools for resource facilities had the Aldine program not been started. -Often the students were accompanied by interpreters to electives and physical educa- tion. Their basic subjects, such as history and English were taught in their resource room where total communication, using sign lan- guage as well as the spoken word, was used. Another new program at Aldine was the addition of a speech therapist, available for a half day. These expanded services were pro- vided to meet the needs of the school's popula- tion, Mr. Lewis said. Q fix W . :im .V - L 'N Below: "We're No. ll" Special Olympians R. Huggins, coach Mary Jefferson, C. Sutton, E. Davis, S. Ford, W. Sloan, T. Taylor, F. Reyna, I. Usher, D. Moore, W. Taylor and C. Left: With finals ahead, freshmen Melvin Chambers and Karen Perkins and sophomore Cray said as they left for the state basketball meet in Austin. They returned with seven Rose Williams help each other study. gold medals. if isnt' N inn ELT XT ""N l -vw-at Above: Incorporating their interests with an assignment, freshmen Curtis Williams and Craig Hooper keep busy working on a radio. Resource 101 Right: About four hours a day are spent in the resource room by auditorily impaired students. Sophomore Edwin Phillips .md freshman Melvin Chambers work on the filing system during class. I ., A Q M , 1 qua V, 7, -...x 3 4 1 , Above Helping freshman Kathv Balka with health education and has not only Kalhy's attention but that of the whole rlass ' lt's all part Fourth period P.E. was the best, many stu- dents thought, because students could use their study labs to dress and also had a full f' period for activities. In other periods most of the time was taken up with dressing and undressing. During second quarter the P.E. teachers , allowed students to sign up for the activities they wanted rather than assigning them to a specific teacher. Basketball, softball and swim- ming were the most popular activities, coach Dee Moses said. Alternatives to P.E. were vocational classes, of the game health, drivers, education, band, Vaqueras and athletics. Right: When students get to choose their own activity for the quarter, softball is among the favorites. Boys and girls can participate in the sport together relatively easily. Dressed out in blue and white. sophomore Jackie Falls pitches the ball to the batter. ,Ai J". 'iiaraffss 'ff' --l.- 9 'S Q lifflt ' Q' N , x '. A.. ill ,--.,.a, , .Ji . kai' f, e iw as its I Above: When a student sees, "Bring pen and paper. and mect in thc cafeteria" written on the P.E. board. it means test time. Sitting al thc cafeteria talzlcs sophomore Paula Hamil- ton conccntrates on her test questions. Left: With overcrowded classes, waiting in linc is part of the P.E. expcricncc. Sopho- mores Russell Mcconnicl. Michael Walzlavick and Harry Grulibs combine resting and watching while they wait for their turn at bat. ma- V . -'- -gs 1 .3 'dns - "QQ ',...-Ss Physical Education 103 AWARDS ources of stud If you were in need ot a quiet plaee to eram for a test, do last minute homework or eateh up on your notes for that research paper, the Learning Resou ree Center was the plaee to go. But there was more to the LRC than just a quiet retreat for studying. Someone had to take the responsibility of keeping the LRC organ- ized so that teaehers and students could find what they needed. Student LRC aides spent much of their time shelving books, filing, and checking books in and out, junior Lisa Vaughn explained. Not everyone enjoyed working in the library. .lunior Rush Evans said, "l dislike reading the shelves of the whole library to get the books in the eorreet order." The next time the bell rings in the middle of your studies, and you shove the books any- where, think about the unfortunate aide who will be trying to figure out how that World War II book got stuek in the Lively Arts seetion. Right: Keeping traek of all the films and guides that the teaehers eheek out. junior aide Mark Williams files a returned guide. Above: Besides their other duties in the library, junior aides Lisa Vaughn and Rush Evans put up a bulletin board. Right: With reference books gathered. sophomore Mivhael Knight prepares to work on his assignment. 104- LRCfAwards N ,.,,f i t . Y 2 t felt j tn' -,i ,...-i...-. fi ,ww-.4 4- xl' tl i i Principal? Service Award i i Anthony Milligan Patti Patterson '-'N 'I W- i If 3 . 5 W5 , ' ' 1 ' . f XM ' . ' A lf ii ' YEAR AWARDS Front ow:'P f ia U , ik Row: Jagkie Gram and Te ,ly . A 'Y I t w: Rhbbif- Pierce and , i Mike Chen, ff., 'Y H I '- H K if fi' VVV I X X Above: SECOND YEAR AWARDS Front Row: April Bussey, Rubin Hester. Claudell Baker. Beverly Caswell. Deon Doree anil Chris Drews. Second Row: Ben Wyatt. Kath- leen Turrenre. Diane Lewis, Sain Cooper, Rnehelle Evans :ind Di-an The-iss. THIRD YEAR AWARDS Third Row: Cindy Fujiinoto. Bonnie MeKeehan annl Susan Kleen-- knper. Fourth Row: Daniel Brtmak. Terry Braclforrl, Mike Mnshinslci. Jaek Lewi, Steve Smitli and Frank Chen. Not Pictured: SECOND YEAR AWARDS Robert Boutlousquie, My Duien Do. Jill Pit-ree annl Nlonarisfa Valley, THIRD YEAR AWARDS Brian Ains- worth. Travey Ray rnonrl. Cathy Ss-huvln-I and Margaret Wunflerlieh. Below: STRAIGHT A'S Front Row: Jack Lewi. Second Row: Athena Williams and Deon Doree. , - 3 -Vniiznwasr L 'T fav VPATL 'Q af- , -- ' I-rv A 'I 'Lge 4 ii 4 l H it 3 . 5 1 iii' -5 ,W z Ififutls . .INUIIH 5 .""U""x V, , 'i RQ? i' ll Above: FIRST YEAR AWARDS Front Row: Pat Harding, Tracy Maxwell, Leigh Bre- vard, Teresa Moore and Michelle Horgan. Second Row: Molly Day, Annette Mikeska, Dt-ena Wornat. Sonia l-'ujiinoto and Kerry Green. Third Row: Susan Chen, Lori Dau- hert. Karen Wilt-y, Lauren Callemore and Athena Williams. Fourth Row: Erik Bolslord, Eric Coon. Steve King. Roehelle Benson and Cherie Cooper. Not Pictured: Lisa Bun- dick. Cynthia Eythcll, Lisa lfliek, Cynthia Fonseva. William Fugua, Edward Gaviria. Ruth Caviria. Carolina Hi-rnanilez, Suzanne Kennaril, Patil Kopeeky, Michele La Marche, Dean La Malo, Dung Le. Ruben Pena. Linh Phan. Traeie Sharp. Lori Smith. Cuong Trinh and Sui Wong. 106 Organiznlimis Q - 5. 9 , . 1, Q ' 0 ,v I sm :I J: "JA - Q A I ,.C""scv5L" 3 J 'J' X' A, ,, ,, v r 4' A ' fy. . - W 4 Y I - - v 4, A V' VA 1, ' AVG- W , 3.1 YQ oar "4 f J 4.9! 1 . 1 M. . 5 fvy. A-.-1 ol.. N.. 1,3 ,Q v , , J.- KV an v-..' .T A-if' Y a HHN fl ff, A 53" 51 r . gras," ,. 'iff' a .f I -0. n. X i i V E N, f V f XX ' f"w.' ".Ft'ff4f.-i . X . . . 3 " -i.:52:gj ,4,v 4 Q - rf. Q X- ,tg 'iw in iff." - . 'I ii .. , - ,'5f2"S?'9f ' i "1 X' m - - --f -+5 ""'N-up AQ Above: Working together lo promutf- spirit, senior cheer- tail on thc- new mascot uniform. lead:-r Mc-lissa Tiiglf- helps sophomore Sandra Vela pin the QLRRQGEANHZATUQNS 5 74 14 Xu - Ifelow:YDiscussing Ybrofixglior hegp Votlners, sophomore Y Y Y Left: Staying late alter school with other student council Debbie Howton, juniors Michael Balkcom and Foy Day, members, junior Sheryl Bailey decorates the cafeteria for and freshman Tony Hill and Sergio Machado gather for a the Homecoming dance. Christian Student Union meeting on Tuesday morning. ..,, ga! x Y. K 1 iii. I t A ei ' n ' a ' , I J 'w Above: Flowers given to senior Debbie Vercher by her secret sis remind sponsor Janie Cooper of her days in the Kilgore Rangerettes. Left: Taking a moment to rest, senior Silver Spur David Elizalde watches the game while sitting on Pegasus. Organimlions 107 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY S on the run National Honor Society was more than just a bunch of so-called smart-alecs in a club for themselves. The purpose of Honor Society was to serve the school. Head sponsor Barbara Rourke said, 'el had a fine group of students to work with, and I appreciate all their hard work." Secretary Steve Smith said, "Honor Society is one of the few ways a student gets recogni- tion for hitting the books." Members must have 32 points each grading cycle and no P's or U's. Teacher recommenda- tions and student-written essays were used as a basis for admittance. Honor Society members were inducted at the beginning of the school year and must maintain the standards to remain in the club. The organization earned 35150 from a bake sale and 35900 from a walkathon to finance the NHS birthday party and the new trophy cases that were in the student lounge. Right: Top money-maker Brian Ainsworth jogs for another money project. The walkathon raised 8900 which helped pay for school trophy cases. Below: Induction ceremony practice during second hour makes the night program less frustrating for new mem- bers. 4441 ,sim Above: Joey Lf-ll. Frank Chen and Daniel Brozak deal baked goods atlunch forthe Honor Society, 108 National Honor Society ,sf Il Right: Head sponsor Barbara Rourke and teacher Beverly Creeney help during the last locker clean-out. lb.. MT? w r N' 1, , t 4 sl 4 Left: Books you thought you lost. clothes that smelled. trash that's sticky, and notebooks you needed are collected by president Jack Lewi during locker clean-out. Students might recover some of the items from the cafeteria shelves at lunch. lt was a bad day to be absent. Below: NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: R. Castillo lrep.J, sponsor B. Gree- ney, J. Lewi lpres.j, sponsor B. Rourke. M. Chen lv. pres.i and S. Smith fsec.j. Second Row: F. Chen, C. Fujimoto, G. Ousey, M. Do, M. Valles, P. McQueen, N. Pavelka, C. Hill, D. Dees, P. Perkinson, T. Tigert and C. Drews. Third Row: S. Murdock, R. Pierce, D. Brozak, M. Nino, C. Landwehr, S. Andrus, T. Raymond, R. Poole, J. Grant, E. Burton, D. McKeehan and P. Patterson. Fourth Row: K. Peters, A. Bahr, R. Drummond. K. Harrison, M. Wunderlich, M. Mangum, J. Vela, G. Webb, D. Farley, S. King, S. Kleere- koper, R. Evans, P. Matthews and D. Collins. Fifth Row: E. Gaviria, B. Frey. R. Horn- buckle, R. Walker, C. Neal, E. Kloepper, D. Bretting, R. Boudousquie, T. Godwin, B. Gar- rett, S. Rodriquez, S. Marion. J. Atkins and C. Schuebel. Sixth Row: T. Bradford, B. Ainsworth, K. Brantley, J. Fellman, T. Pagel, J. Staha, D. Davis, R. Williams, J. Lell, D. Strickland and P. Lewis. Prep Bowl knows What is the square root of infinity? The quiz team of Prep Bowl can tell you. Once a student passed the test. made by sponsor James Curtin, he was a per- manent member. "lt's a challenge trying to know everything," junior Joey Lell said about being in the organization. Practice was on Mondays after school for the meet at Lamar in March. The Aldine meet was cancelled because of lack of funds. Left: PREP BOWL Front Row: P. Stone. C. Hill. S. Murdock, S. Chen and L. Flick. Second Row: sponsor J. Curtin. P. McRae. K. Hagen. R. Cas- tillo. B. Ainsworth. J. Ng. M. Evangelista and M. Chen. Third Row: S. Cooper. J. bell. E. Cvaviria. J. Lewi. S. Smith, R. Hornbucklz' and R. Walker. National Honor Society 109 110 FFA FTA Right: Providing teachers with snacks on spa-cial occasions is one way of showing appre- ciation. ,lunior Tracey Jefferson brings more sandwiches for senior counselor ,lean Marvis. Below: During a membership drive. freshman Kerry Green spends her lunch hour writ- ing receipts for new members. ji. X,- g fl R ,V YH. , ,.,. ,. .M-s.. . , , I EW f, .-ff ts- ve. M.. "-fm Above: Staying after school. freshman April Ratcliff, jun' decorate the teachers' loun e'at Halloween. 5 ior Susan Murdock and sophomore Annette Mattern he-lp Msg :. g ? . Conventions - focus of year Because of the lack of sponsor supervision, Future Teachers of America members were pretty much on their own until after the end of the first month of school. Club meetings were spent getting organized and preparing for teacher appreciations. junior Genoveva Valdez explained. The club soon got underway with prepara- tions for conventions. Each member was eligi- ble to attend district and state conventions. At the district convention at Bellaire High School, freshman Melissa Perez was runner-up Miss Junior F'TAg senior Janelle Fric and freshman Teresa Perryman won second place for their bulletin boardg sophomore Jennifer Perryman received third place in theme writingg sopho- more Lyn Redmond was chosen as a delegate to state conventiong and sophomore Dale Mel- chor was elected district parliamentarian. ln February the members attended the state convention at the Astrohall where they spent much of their time attending workshops. "We got to meet all the FTA members from differ- ent high schools. We attended several work- shops about different subjectsf' Dale Melchor said about the activity she liked best. Left: Taking a rest from the activities at the stale conven- tion. sophomore Annette Mattem and freshman Sharee Payne read through brochures and schedules for conven- tion workshops. ,. Above: FTA MEMBERS Front Row: sponsor B. Allen, A. Mattern ttreasj, D. Melchor tprog. chmn.j. J. Fric tpres.j, S. Murdock lsec.l, C. Valdez tv, pres.l and spon- sor L. Sagstetter. Second Row: L. Crisp. A. Ratcliff. T. Grantham. A. Busscy. S. Payne, T. McGowan, L. Vaughn, Left: At monthly meetings members organized future club plans. President Janelle Fric and sponsor Bob Allen dis- M. Salais, P. Harding, E. Hscobar, M. Perez and C. Mulli- gan, Third Row: D. Bealis, K. Wood, R. Pierce, J. San- doz, D. Davis, T. Brown. T. Perryman. D. Harris, L. Red- mond and K. Green. cuss the meeting's agenda with other members. FTA 111 112 Studen STUDENT COUNCIL Elected for service "You can't really categorize the council's functions as one main one,', president Terri Payne said. "But you could say that it is to serve the school." To remain on Student Council, members had to earn 10 merits per month. They worked before and after school, during study labs and sometimes on Saturdays preparing for the Back-To-School and Hawkins dances, Homecoming activities and service projects. Members visited adopted grandparents at Thanksgiving and Christ- mas. Several members agreed that visiting the DePelchin Faith Home was the most enjoyable activity. Brenda Cantu said, "The best part was playing with the little children. All they wanted was attention and some- one to care." During Mental Health Week, supplies and clothes were gathered for mental patients at Austin State Hospital. As a service to the student body, the council presented several films during study labs including "Great American Smokeout" on smoking, and "Champions," a presentation about being a winner. Right: Providing students with supplies, junior Deanna Dees helps run the school store during lunches. 'Q fb' A Above: Singing Valentines surprised and embarrassed receives his message during English teacher Gina Flores' Pierce. students and teachers alike. Freshman Ricki Caribay class. sung by junior Debbie Ford and sophomore ,lill tCoun1'il Right: Members of GSL, junior Annette- Mikc-ska. ss-niors Rich Hornhuvklcz Taming Kitrht-n und Kvlly Kvyf gn-vt and exchange- gifts with tht- Baytown Ln- lHQ'ITIiWl'S at Humeroming. Below: Awaiting her ride, junior Shvryl Baile-y holds ht-r fruit baske-l which sht- is giving to he-r anloplvd grandpar- 'ents at the Aldine Community Cart' C6-ntvr. 5-an L' -1 ' iQ.. f 1 Above: As om- of Studrnl Crniiivill h3fl'lj projn-1-tx. junior Tram-5 Raymond. -1-nior Cathy Svhut-lu-I and junior Mur- gurvl uillI1til'l'iit'i'I 1ic'n141nstrutu' tht' projwr CPR mf-thozl in li1l'Slllli4'IllIllllllfllk Lvfl: Portraying lwyplonn- rops. junior Tran-5 Ruynioml, sf-nior Chandra Ne-lson. juniors Kfflli De-xillv and Shvrry Komivku :uni-rgv xii-toriouf in 11 shootout with thu- notori- ous Bonnif-un1lCl51l4' fsvnior Dvhhit' Konvivka unll sopho- niorv l,i-ldon Hanniltonl Killfiltgllilt'H0lY1l'l'0I!1iItg1lwllflllij. Sunil-nl Counril STUDENT COUNCIL Right: STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD Front Row: Sponsor Rosemary Winn. W4-ntly Allin-rt. Shvrry Kunvivka lsmzl, Kelly Ke-ys lv, prexi. Tvrri Paym- lprvml, Tammy Kitvhvn ltr:-as.i, Bnnnim- Ml'KQ'l'll3Il and sponsor Sandra A1'r4'mz1n. Second Row: Ri:-h Hnrnluwklm- fl!11I'l.l, Ann:-tte' Mikuska. anfl Mark Evangel- isla. Third Row: Stvvt' Smith. Below: As part of tha- Suulvul Cuuncilk svniu- atrva. junior Kclli Dc-villv hvlps juniur ,luyco Brown. a visually impairs-nl stud:-nt. .- Vm- ir WA A ,vworldl 5 ' rs- i Via, 1? Z' Q i 'V-, A 'V C . N V' fav F w ii 7, ' ' K 5. www 594-n x, fi' .ff Y Above: With aid from hpunsnr Sanulru Avr:-niun. pr:-siflvnt Tvrri Paynm' sorts through nntvs from nu-clings tu plan future- urlix ilit-5. Right: Slaying aft:-r st-lmol. juniurs Dvunnu Dws Luul Rush Exuns trim tht- vafvlvriu fur lht' Sucliv Hawkins' Dantrv, 114 Stuclc'nlCuun1'il nr: CSU, BOWLING CSU responds to national crisis "hir, l Sensitive to the needs of the nation, CSU ponsored a eard vampaign for the 50 Ameri- an hostages in Iran. Several thousand Cards iere purchased hy' students and were sent at hristmas time. Students were eneouraged to suggest speak- irs for the weekly' Tuesday' morning meetings. ne of the favorite program topies. which was i'sat presented as a series of meetings, was about Christian dating. Fund-raising activities helped students pay for gifts to residents of the Aldine Community Center and for a spring retreat. Picture: CSU Front Row: Sponsors D. Moses. J. Burgos. M. Cvrasso, D. Hutton tsetxl, M. Balkeom 1pres.l. V. Holl- ingsworth ttreas.l, J. Perez lv. pres.l, sponsors T. Judd and S. Cole. Second Row: Ford, C. Holiman. R. Brown. Honaker. M. Do. C. Hill. M. Third Row: .l. Houston, L. fuente, S. Sarchieri. P. Cudd, C. Woods, T. Payne. L. Perez. C. Knight, L. Rumfolo. S. A. Houston. S. Delaney, T. Benthal and T. Grantham Hitt, J. Fincher, C. Dela S. McDonald, S. Konvicka F. Farraro and M. Knight -w 79 Fourth Row: C. Cooper, M. Wells, L. Hamilton. B. Pugh L. LaFreniere, W. Berry, S. Bosworth, W. Carter, R. Holk R. Hammonds, and R. Kirkland. uioe, Poole split team honors you. what van you do?". she said laugh- owling "gave us something to do," senior business. She had the highest average and high Cuiee said. "Of eourse when your teacher series among the girls. Among the boys, senior Robert Poole had igiy about sponsor and printing teacher Don the high average and sophomore Henry' Bigley' adsworth. For Bt-th. the game nas serious had the high series. The Pea Bowlers came in Okuma? first among the teams. Picture: BOWLING Front Row: A. Burk, N. Grimes. sponsor D. Wadsworth. L. Boyd, E. Phillips and D. Attaa way. Second Row: K. Vaught. M. Henry, R. Gonzalez, R. Wonirk. H. Bigley and B. Rocka. Not Pictured: R. Poole. 5 CHEERLEADERS wr lf, Beth Collins, Amber Collins , Q 2 .. X 116 Cheerleaders Melissa Tagle in-, ranking up spirit Oiler and Cowboy spirit was some- times more evident than Mustang spirit, head cheerleader Patricia Mat- thews said. After three consecutive losses at the beginning of the football season, the student body's spirit seemed to burn out. Patricia said it seemed "no one was concerned about the outcome of the " ..t . . Q - R W k.:: ,: NN A5 , season and no one really cared." Even though enthusiasm and spiri were difficult to inspire at some of thn games, the cheerleaders worked during first period and two afternoons a weel and began football game days at 6 a.m. At summer camp the squad was selected one of the top five, along witl other spirit and competition award: they received. MASCOTS SPURS Left: Before the gamc si:-nior David Elimlrlc and sophomore Prissy Richardson go Below MASCOTS Ann Brady. Amber Cnllins and Sandra V1-la. through om- of their routines. P t t fxfa-L, ,,,a.:"'s igi'35eQ2::?. ' for fa ti w,,g.g1,g wg t 4 i ., L.. P51 , P+ A Q - 'N i 1 Al Q. sf Above: SPURS Front Row: Mike Mathis. Second Row: David Elizalde and Greg Burnham. Third Row: Philip Cash, Tracy Kirsch and Greg Capers. Left: CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Bernadette East- land, Loretta Kirsch, Candi Matlock and Linda Elizalde. Second Row: Prissy Richardson, Patricia Matthcws. Beth Collins, and Melissa Tagle. SpursfMascols 111 Snuheanywayl With new members dominating the largest drill team in the school's history, the 68-girl squad gained the extra confidence needed by winning several ribbons and two trophies at summer camp. Using money-made from fund-raising pro- jects to purchase new props, the Vaqueras experimented with beachballs, washtubs and helmets in their routines. Tension was a way of life for girls who chose to be Vaqueras. High standards were expected of every member. Trying out and performing for dances and maintaining good grades and conduct reports were constant pressures. Added pressures included the overall inexperi- ence faced by the dancing-marching unit and VAQUERAS the conflicts created when 68 girls worked together. The most difficult part of the year for sopho- more Debbie Largent was "keeping quiet and doing everything expected of me," she said. Practicing four days a week after school for football and basketball games and weeks of night practice for competition was often a bur- den for those who tried to work or had home- work to do. Summing up the feelings of most Vaqueras, junior Donna Whitehorn said, "There are a lot of hard times in Vaqueras but it helps you to grow a lot as a person." Ri ht: Receiving their new uniforms 15 minutes before E game time gave the Vaqueras a shaky start at their firsl game, but it was uphill from there. Freshman Rochelle Benson su rts the Mustan s in formation. PP0 S i L X vie iq 1 'Mx , Q 0 +G i ,i . Q Above: Performing a routine learned from summer where they received 188 blue, 61 red, and 37 white ribbons, the Vaqueras open the season with a high-kick routine. Right: Keeping knees high, chins up and smiles on faces isn't always easy when Vaqueras spend up to S-6 hours at a football game, but senior Nita Vara does it as she marches into the stadium. ., 118 Vaqueras V Left: The- last bask:-lhall game- of lhe season brings wilh il the traditional Uili-IT1k'll1ill'l' tianvc' as pvrfornieci by junior Robin Brantley. sopholnorz' Tina Film-si and junior Kandy Corkrvll. Below: VAQUERA OFFICERS Front Row: K1-lly Keys KCoIon:-lj. Stephanie Cc-ravi lCaplain Company' Aj, Tammy Kilfhvn lCaplain Company CL Bonniv MCKN-han lCap- lain Company BJ. and Dvi1hicV1-rvhe-r1Ll. Colon:-U. Second Row: K1-lli Dm-ille1Captain Company Ej, Robin Branlle-y lCuptain Company FD and Trarvy Raymond fCaplain Cum- pany Dj. . . ,M , NLE' , I A M A' , ASS ff I ry! if Z .1172-Rl'-f no :-.: Q94 -feif-A-cf'-1 K ' f ninn W' . i 1 ' ' i nf' f he f.,ri.f5f 11' ' 3 :K"'ii,, 1 SG ,Q .4 -1 J , ' A r K 1 V 4? AY.: A i Ii ' .. - aff , A f 'f . W , ' 1' pf ' L , , A in fi' ggi f - -R X M QL, ' is ' ,, -fs 1 "-Sf Q, W y ., .. ? Qi f 54.-.equi fffx F, if ily vw. ' HA' . 'lg , Ls: Above: EXECUTIVE LINEMEMBERS Front Row: Angrla Wilvy QChiz'f .-X4-voliiilanlj. Cathy Sfhuvhel lChief-at-Arinsj. and Chandra Nm-lmn lChiz-f Corn-spmuie-nlj. Second Row: Margaret Wundz-rlivh IChivf Corrf-spnmh-nll and Donna Whila-horn 1Chi1-I Wur- ranll. Left: Kem-ping with lhv Honu-ruining lhernr of Ihr Roaring Tywinivs. junior Junvl While- pvrforms In "Thoroughly Mori:-rn Millivf' N , l x Qxx? ' 2hfsff51i MEN if , , o . i , 4 . .gg 0 . Q IJJ 1 'af' " 6 Q 51+ g f ml In H 'X x n T? -K V ll' x 2??a' ,. 4- . , ,. N V. M eHL.,,mSW ww gf' fx f ers perfect and teach dances to the linemembers as well as learn a dif- dance themselves to perform at half-time. Dressed in brightly colored onel Debbie Vercher performs the Homecoming routine. ng enabled the Vaqueras to buy new props such as washtubs used to arned at camp. Left: 1979-1980 VAQUERAS Front How: K. Keys and D Vercher. Second Row: S. Geraci, B. McKeehan, T. Kitchen, T Raymond, K. Deville and R. Brantley. Third Row: M. Wunder- T lich. B. Molina, C. Walker, M. laMarche, K. Cox, J. White. Filesi. K. Cockrell, D. largent, K. Roberts, R. Arredondo, L Diaz, N. Vam, C. Manuel. M. Puente, V. Ledesma, D. Cantu, C Cantu and A. Wiley. Fourth Row: Sponsor Ms. J. Cooper. S McEachern, K. Harrison, J. Jones. S. Konvicka, S. Andrus. A Mendiola. L. Johnson. D. Fichter, C. Mishler, M. Alexander, R Benson. T. Parks, R. Boyd and W. Albert. Fifth Row: R. Barrett S. Bailey, K. Castillo, N. Brennan, C. Woods, K. Allen, M, Davis D. Lewis, L. Hendricks. E. Tann, D. Jordan, S. Young, J. Pierce N. Jenkins, D. Tello and T. Watkins. 4. ma, 1 .f 'ii - S Q C QC- . -I mx' O Q 9- .-Q 122 Sports f 1-f.,.v, in an iw New T' - Above: Walvhing for thm- rr-lnmmd aflvr a foul shol. sc-nior plays-r. Rim-lx Berry tries to ke-ep thx- ball away from :1 Fnrvsl Brook ,L X , ,- -,H ,:,4gf.-'f " 'I"F'i'2Pi,Qfji' ' ,, .Q - ' '. .-x: -h :f V. - 144 w..,,., l spears Left: Waiting for their turns on the field, junior Tony Pub lins and senior Mike Hernandez watch the offense move against Conroe with coach .lim Linnsteadter. .E uv Q-.,,.,- , ?""' t P""'0"" ., t s N mx, at we -,X xX.,,s.xX, Above: Participating in a bowling tournament, one of the Special Olympics artivities. sophomore Fred Reyna wins first place. Left: Serving the ball, freshman Yenni Avila helps her leam's effort in their 12-7 season. Left: As one of the star runners on the girls' track team. senior Kathleen Hrozek runs the last leg in the mile relay. Sports 123 l B27 .NX Above: The mighty mustangs defensive line digs in to hold the Smiley Eagles to one touchdown with J. Crout, M. Humphries, H. Williams, M. Hernandez, J. Pace, and G. Garibay. 124 Football FOOTBALL Mustangs lose district b pts. A 5-5 record was not what the ,79 varsity edition of the Aldine Mustangs was all about. It did not reflect their power. Captain Robbie Roberts called the team the new breed "because everybody left C78 Bi-District letter- menj, and we didn't have any big names left, and we had to start out new," he said. The Mustangs boasted the highest per carry district offense, led by the No. 2 per carry district runner, Andy Johnson, who averaged 7.2 yards per carry. "Consistent running and blocking were our strong pointsf, head coach Bill Smith said. The young defense, that so many said died at the '79 graduation, had no T.D.s scored against them by the district's No. 1 and No. 2 teams, Baytown Lee and MacArthur. They earned three shutouts, and placed third in the total defense in district. With district hopes high after a scrimmage win over state champion Stratford, Aldine was dumped by area ranked Conroe, 4-0-14, in the season opener, losing seven fumbles to the Tigers. Klein and Forest Brook had similar wins but Aldine had close to or more offense statistically in all three of the games. Winless in district and facing the district leading Baytown Lee Ganders at the Homecoming game, a vic- tory would boost morale and put Aldine in the driver's seat in the district race. The overwhelming 14-3 vic- tory gave the Ponies renewed confidence and a win- ning streak that lasted through two more games against Galena Park, 29-7 and Nimitz, 33-0. The team members pride was on the line at the Bay- town Lee game "because the district team from last year was watching us," Steve Bates said about the number of varsity alumni in attendance at the game. The Mustangs were halfway to a district crown until Smiley crushed them in a heartbreaking 7-6 loss. Again the Mustang statistics were overwhelming in their favor, and the defense held the Eagles to one touchdown. Darrion Boyd said, "We lost because the offense failed to capitalize on the scoring opportunities, and our minds werenit ready for it." fContinued on page 1271 9 as . 5 VARSITY 5'-.M Left: First team all-district punter Mike Belnoski prepares to practice kicking off before the Baytown Lce game. Below: The Mustang offense with D. Strickland, H. Williams, A. J. Johnson, R. Roberts, 1 R. Thomas. R. Walker and C. Davis map strategy against Galena Park during a timeout. ,pi-ur ' VI! 6 ' J in i S I .. '3 i . AI K V fa-Q. iq a V . .4 an 1 Si S S9 iz. A S A 1 ' .40 gigazf Q aa.. . i 3 ' ' if' E3 xii... 1 V . 5 " - , M i tw 'ffl "2 ,-sm. n 4. ' ' 1 MQ.-.3 f Is' -Nbr' I t ,. we I , . I :!fj"f' .A ,..,,- 1' af, ie SJW? ,A 'mf":., JI SH" augjgf ' MII- ' ' T ,I ,-.. I ,II I1 I I I 'I I-II 1 I , r ,V . 5 4-gn. urge 0,4-A , . T It:':fIiII":4J,, FII I I . , I 4 S- 1 f ' . ' it . af. af W- 'A - -+ '27"?'f3'.." - ,ff-'ll' 4 QT . "Q" , . . ,N -ag , . .. I ,I H--gI..-I. , . ' .. X I.' .5 -V T-.ra Ij ' i P' 1 is . , I . .X I II X I I II . i ,-' I II . I . . " 9 'II -- I 4 . III3 iq.. IQ' I It . . S . . I -I -mx xi f I I I II I I I I YK IIN .4 'f X -3, , 9 , 1 -L .SML ' ff Q.-Q el Q "i A t .A 4. 'U I , 4-if Q -, ' + f f Yu, . . A fi, '-1--1 A I, - uf' A 'V i ' ' ' 1, 5 if . V.. Ll ' 1 'J i Qi SIT H A sei ' I -, - ,I fx . 3' ., ' A ,. , 1 ff "err "1 si ggi 'ifzxif rig' f, t .gh mf if If f -e.. ff -2 H 1 ' 1 A if Above: VARSITY FOOTBALL Front Row' Manager N i Miles. R. Robles, M. Evangelista, R. Boudousquie, S. Bul- ler, C. Devenport, T. Twardowski, A. J. Johnson and stu dent trainer B. Ennis. Second Row: Head coach B. Smith, C. Williams, M. Jones, R. Hornbuckle, J. Turnbow, S. Bates, J. Baker, M. Belnoski. M. Hernandez, coach G. Strickland, L. Franklin, R. Marshall, M. Harris, C. Wright and Coach J. Linnstaedter. Fourth Row: R. Thomas, J. Gordan and trainer S. Vallenti. Third Row: coach D. Smith, R. Comalez, D. Sharp, M. Humphries, L. lafreni- Pace, J. Crout, C. Davis, T. Garrett, T. Pullins, R. Roberts, ere, coach P. Patterson, Coach L. Denley, R. Walker, D. S. Bosworth and H. Williams. Football 125 Right: Second team all-district nose-guard Mike Hernan- dez cheers on the offense after holding the MacArthur Generals one more time on defense. Below: Coach Bill Smith directs the Mustangs in their first win of the season against Lee. x A- ' if- XM .. . ,f Above: Second team all-district Mark Harris bangs in a T D on a quarterback sneak putting the first score on the board with only 2 15 left in the MacArthur game 126 Football VARSITY Scoring record set against North Shore Next arch rival MacArthur was deposed from the ranks of the undefeated after "we made up our minds we had a good football team with complete concentra- tion and dedication," coach Smith said. A defensive shutout had all the scoring take place in the last two minutes of the game. Failing to score when a 50-yard touchdown run by Mark Harris was called back after a clipping penalty in the second quarter, the Mustangs put together a drive with 6:00 minutes left and 79 yards to go. Craig Wright ran an interception back to the Generals 18 yard line and the Ponies scored again in the last minute. The resulting kickoff was run back by MacArthur for a final score of 14-7. North Shore was a chance for fun. They were clini- cally dead at the half with Aldine, 48, North Shore, 0. "lt was a game we could have scored 150 points in if we wanted tof' coach Smith said. Technically one could say the Ponies were the best in the district by beating playoff bound Lee handily. "lf we could take two plays back we would have been district champs," defensive coordinator Jim Linnsta- edter said of the 5-3 district showing. It was ironic we had so much talent and potential and we ended like we did, but we had fun," senior cen- ter Randy Walker said. IS' -fl Iv Above: Tony Pullins 360 and Mark Evangelism 336 close in for a tackle against the MacArthur Generals. left: Bill Bates runs around the end for a few yards as the second team Mustangs help destroy North Shore, 68-0. Football 127 Below Wanting for the ne-xt defensive series. hnebacker Clyde Wnlhams watches the dns appomtnng Baytown Sterling game which put the Mustangs out of dtstrlct mmpehtnon U 'I t N, A, .QF , 0 x 1 p ,S .4 1 's ,x U' 5 X ,xt 5 K 0:0 xt, xv .. Q -.vw Ox '1 t . l I Q ,, if 40" -Z Right: Defensive coordinator Jim Linnslaerller leads his defense in holding Baytown Lee lo three points. VAR Below: In lhc newly dcdiralcd W. W. TTIOFDQ Stadium, the Mustangs remain unde- feated. 'fi 4 lx..-Rx Football 129 VARSITY AWARDS Andy Jolmlon, RB, Co-MVP. 2nd Tum All-dint. Ink llurh, QB, CoMVP. 2nd Tum All-dint. f , Wg,-f-Y' ,W gg,-a.ff ,, W H2 2 Fa W' -A -----:A ' -I ,JK ,.- -4 ,Q -1. A " 1--Q.-Ez ff. ' T14 .Sf :.,3?i-' ,............- i . ' tx 1 A W F f s ' ,s va AW fa ' N' N, ., ,M Y.. . 'iff 'Q .. Q an S 1. S W'1 7 J' .- 1. Q14 4 ' , f i n sf' 4' P J N 9 , w 'fi " PF ' 5, 1. WISH, J ' -'..nfsf". 1. Herbert Wlllhls, FB, Capt. .:...:...-4- ,:,.g3z..i-A 4 H,,,Z,,,.... John Cmnt.. DE. Opt.. ln Team All-Dist.. ost-uma., Han N 2 M. 2 SM , - E , L ' 'ff-1 54,,fg,.!i L ,, ' ,gg ci?-5 -. - . W-'f' :J U lla ' ' ' s...,' " "' .Q- z4.:Q2aCs. Wal:-. nmaywuk Q, C, All-dist. Hon. Men. lily-.. :,...- .1,...:. 1-'Q A ltmni """,- . P In r PM1 .W,. , .ff-li, i . ,??T"'r 'T-'fakiiiw ' J'-"Q"1:lf-Q, .s , 1" vm.. l ,431 . if 1' , 49 .4 i'iT1'f"' 41 A -- ii all'-2.2--. 'rr .- 1 'S-, v.,-1 1- - FV - - ., 1-4.--,F 'P' f-v..,71'?-ff.:if.,' tif'- cni, Wish. cn apt., Anaan. Hon. Men. gina. 47:1 gi in V-.. M5 .. --V Ig - Iliff? diiizlfii , -ln", ,X lllller Fnnklln, TE All-dist. Hon, Men. fa? -1- .. A-. . ,M A ,-Q z ,- - ,, , V A A ,..W , A :MA ,kia 2 ..,,- 'X 9? 35... ,Qia- -ff .cf-2, ga- ' K V, ,-.1 --qw, f' . vor.----. Ng ,-Q. -1 Tony Plllinl, LB. lsl Team All- dist. ig: 4, TI ' 7 7 J.. ,N 2 ff as -A it 5 ,J ... vid, :WR Q Lx- l 13,1421 A r,. w-mai K 4' l -Y uf" f 4, , 1. A U lin lcdllll Tlo-nl, G. All-dist. Hon. Men. if-2--.Slat 'L' A, f- Y ggi-N . Q - 1-flip- n . , -. V- .S ,,5,m-. A .- . X s Y faq L ,fn , . -1 gg.. 1-,qu 527:'i2-:.,xj 3 E-.Q 1-' fs, ' Zi as-an My ,wi . Lyn ., F H '55 Y - Mike Hernlnds. NC, 2nd Tram All-dist.. Co-Best Lineman 130 Football 8 , . -, ' Q' ' 'num Ha. - Ar.. 4 .Wi :ffffim ,, M, J ! V, , - - .S ,t r- P1-'fi' I in . . A, ,, Q- .-,-L sg.. 'Y E - ,, f5l"'f- 'if-'lla 'Q ' 1, wiv. , " . ff K .M wr 11452 Rich llornbuelde, UT. All-dist. Han. Men., Co-Fighting Heart 'N' , '- Robbie Ruberb, OT. Capt.. lsl Team All-dist., C0-BtSll.lltCmlI1 come 14-40 Klein Forest Brook Baytown Lee Galena Park Nimitz MacArthur Smiley 7-29 14-3 29-6 33-0 14-7 67 Baytown Sterling 1824 Nortlt Shore 68-0 ln a dedication ceremony involving all district schools the Mus tangs participate in the pageant opening the new W. W Thorne Stadium. like Bdnooki, FB. K. Gpt.. lu Tum All-dist. J. V. W. Collins, D. Walton. Third Row: R. McCullough. D. Below: J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM Front Row: coach L, Alfred. G. Keys. J. Garrett, K. Ballard, D. Flick, E. R T B. Bates. D. Hamilton. C. Garibav. R. Evans. F. McCullough- T- Traylor- P- Nevlud- F0l-'nh Row: - ' Martinez. D. Waneck, T. Bradford. R. Schroeder. . Cooper. M. Brubaker. R. Hall, T. Chester, S. Kirk. Q. coach P. Patterson, Second Row: P. Kopevky. Andrews, T. McKinney. R. Shaw, K. Muse. W. Barrett, 37' s- .,. tl' l 0 t 1 w 5, Above: Quarterback Tim Cooper warms up before the Above: Thomas McKinney shows his powerful running Galena Park game. a 46-8 victory for the Mustangs. while Terry Bradford blocks and Rush Evans, David Flick and Terry Chester pursue the play. Wins district One touchdown in a must-win situa- tion against Baytown Sterling gave the .l.V. the district crown. Sterling was the last game for the undefeated Mustangs. Both teams went into the game with undefeated seasons and a district title on the line. Three scoreless quarters of football had been staged for the final play. With 4-5 seconds remaining on fourth down quarterback Tim Cooper found wing- back Philip Nevlud open and the Mus- tangs found themselves with a 6-0 vic- tory and a district championship. They were hungry coach Pat Pat- terson said explaining the success of the team. The strongest point of the team was the defense and how aggressive they were he said. Team scoring was distributed rela- tively equally among the players. In the largest margin of victory 4-6-8 against Galena Park sophomore Bill Bates car- ried the ball five times for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns. The season ended with 8-0 district and 10-0 season records. skill kicking extra points, . q H ,- t ff -- , q Left: Guy Garibay holds as Wes Barrett shows his f ,J J.v. scones Aldine-Conroe 26.24 Aldine-Klein 15.14, Aldine-Forest Brook 35.66 Aldine-Baytown Lee 22. 6 Aldine-Galena Park 46. 8 Aldine-Nimitz 27. 0 Aldine-Smiley 13. 7 Aldine-MacArthur 25. 7 Aldine-Baytown Sterling 6. 0 Aldine-North Shure 7. 0 "Go reckless abandon," coach Pat Patter- son said as he encourages the district champions on to victory. Football 131 FOOTBALL B team wins district SOPHOMORES "The kids did an exceptional job because they were extremely competitive," coach Ron Galindo said about his sophomore foot- ball team's season. The team finished the season ranked second in district with a season record of 8-2, and a district record of 6-2. The sophomore team had an outstanding offense which aver- aged in excess of 25 points per game. Coach Calindo said the defense played very aggressively, and never gave up. The defense proved this by holding the opponent to an average of less than 7 points per game. FRESHMAN The freshman blue team finished one game under the 500 mark for the season. Except for costly turnovers in key games the team played real well coach Charles Fitzmorris said about his team s play in the 79 season. An exciting time of the season came when Conroe s freshman team which always played well came to Aldine to play the Mus- tangs in their season opener. The score ended 21-18 in favor of the Mustangs. Byron Lee scored two touchdowns on kickoff returns and Ronald Williams scored the game winning a touch- down on a pass play. The freshman white team coached by Jerry Jones won the dis- trict championship for the 79 season. The team ended the year with a 6-2 season and 4-1 district records. The only district loss was to Forest Brook who finished second in district. The kids played hard and got after it said coach Jones about his team s play this year. vey. -- - ,Q - Q , , f - , - Q - 7 ff as , - - Right: Taking instructions at halftime are sophomores James Meehan and Lee I t rg ' 1 'I t - ' ,' it v Rf l , 91' xfgy i 1, , . F l v E .E 1 : Hogg, Mais-AQ? 5 t ip. Q. 'Q A " il, -f' ' i X5 f ' c. 'M - ll : rf . '6.,f., L.: Q. e -a Q 6 ,z Q 5' f' 'T ' p g - , 'egg ' U. -' ,Mit eg 5 U ' . ' , -, ii . JTO ' l ...ein --'S . O i ii t'l' QW i - V , , ' 1' lg 5-if ,g ' -as ,K-1 r te p s f Q 1- . f L , , X . , , . ,. L . A 6' I . .A e ' . iii' -t "'i' HL3. ' gf. is ., , ff. .t it ... . 7. 1' 1 7 at f T5 :fi if Hx.. A "- ' Us - 132 Footbal Above: SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM Front Row: K. Stewart, coach J. Karkoska and coach R. Calindo. Sec- ond Row: H. Eastland, .l. Hollenburg. .l. Miles, K. Jones, E. Villarreal, C. Burkhalter, D. lnman, G. Boudousquie, E. Davenport, M. Luchak, and S. Cervantes. Third Row: G. Sanchez, F. DeAbla, M. Parker, R. Kennard, L. Battle, J. Hubbard, J. Muller, B. Kirkland, M. Mathis, and ,l. Shot- tey, Fourth Row: G. Key, M. Wells, S. Boniaby, L. l Vaughn, C. Wallace, A. Sauceda, R. Rodeya, L. MacD- onald, R. Alvear and C. Porter. Fifth Row: P. Wright, R. Machado. Sixth Row: S. Brantley, D. Bingly, S. Louis, K. Williams. L. Ivey, W. Carter, R. Johnson, S. Turnbow, R. Holt and B. Pugh. Right: Sophomore Lance Lynch practices before the last game with North Shore, a 27-0 victory for the Mustangs. SOPHOMORESXFRESHMAN Below: FRESHMAN "A" TEAM Front Row: voarh C. Below: Freshman running back Byron Let- takes the ball Guiton, K. Taylor. R. Cremolge. D. Jackson. R. Lamb. Y. around the left end for a big gain as the Freshman "A" Philapondo, R. Winkler, J. DeC-eorge, J. Garcia. J. Mush- leam defeated MQCA,-1hur28.0, inski. Second Row: J. Cervantes, D. Jones. R. Ester. C. I fl. Y 439, A in 1 f-Y' I 4. 1 j2",.f' i - V WSF t Above: During the last game. sophomqre Porter Wright takes a breather. Wright. B. Lee. B. Bunn, T. Smith, T. Cash. R. Bailt-x. J. Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine SOPHOMORE SCORES - Klein Forest - Forest Brook - Conroe -- Baytown bee - Galena Par - Nimitz - Smiley - MacArthur - Baytown Sterling - North Shore 34- 0 7- 8 26-24 13- 6 48- 26- 0 14- 6 1415 48 27- 0 Evans. Third Row: P. Ferrell. L. Washington. R. Hud son. J. Orgeron, G. Could, S. Mt-nrhado, S. Me-ider. J Ledbetter. J. Philpot, M. Pillhread. Fourth Row: M Thomas. C. Baxter. R. Williams. M. Thomas. A, Fowler. N. Everet, J. Henderson. J- Jackson, V. Rodgers. Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldins Aldine Aldine Aldinc Aldtne Aldine FRESHMAN A SCORES Conroe Klein Forest Baytown Lee Nlmlll Galena Park 'VlacArthur North Shore Smilu Forest Brook 21 18 7 6 182.5 4 0 13 8 28- 0 16-18 Bay tom n Sterling FRESHMAN B SCORES Conroe Klein Forest Bawtown Lee Furr MacArthur North Shore Smiles Forest Brook 0-2 27 0 Cancelled 12 6 20-29 Aldine Baytown Sterling 1410 Above: FRESHMAN "B" TEAM Front Row: J. Mills. A. Arbry. coach J. Jones. F. Twardowski, R. Garibay. B. Castle. Second Row: A. Hayes, M. DeLeon, T. Hickman T. Raymond, J. Jackson. D. Darilek, C. Wilson, D, Hanes B. Brantley, R. Hitchcock. Third Row: C. Diamond. K. Hall, C. Cooper, T. Garcia, R. Gonzales, M. Wiederhold. C. Slreetman. W. Fuqua, D. Temple, M. Fisher. Fourth Row: D. Harvey. M. Jackson, P. Harding, C. Vassel. J. Hogat. C. McGehee. T. Payne. A. Henderson, J. Stephen- son, R. Young, Football 133 las .. , 4 Y M' 3 - 2 ..M. Above: All Greater Houston Second Team senior Frank Anthony Milligan, Rick Berry and Charles Garcia eye the ball. Gonzalez shows his skill al free throw shooting as seniors F . WM - W M f BASKETBALL 134 Basketball ew coaches spark team Inability to win the close games and injuries proved to be the weaknesses of the '79-'80 boys' varsity bas- ketball team. "I was so happy that we did so well but I feel that we should have won it all,', coach Joe Main said. This year's team was under the supervision of new head and assistant coaches. The two coaches came to Aldine from Huntsville where coach Main had led one of his teams to a state championship, and coach Thompson had a perfect three-year record at a junior high. For the first time in a long time Aldine went into a game expecting to win. ln past years Aldine had always played teams which were less than average non-district teams. But this year it was different, the Mustangs battled against three teams ranked in the top ten in the city and defeated Dulles, 69-64, which was at one time ranked seventh in the state. After the first round in district, the Mustangs had won six straight games to finish in second place with a 6-2 record. The two losses the Mustangs suffered in the first half of district were to MacArthur and Forest Brook, by a total of five points. In the MacArthur game Aldine led most of the game only to lose 56-57. The team members felt no advantage when they played on the home court mainly because there was lit- tle fan support this year, senior John Skillern said. Now that there has been a winning season at Aldine in basketball maybe the students will show a little more consideration and attention towards this winter sport, he said. The second round of district competition started against MacArthur. The Mustangs battled the first round winners but lost in triple overtime by a score of 62-64-. The Mustangs played great defense in that they held their opponents to just above 50 points per game while averaging in excess of 55 points per game themselves. Major strengths of the team were their abilities to rebound and to play good defense, coach Main said. sg VARSITY s Li g V' A gill. Ji X ' ,. 1 e N ' 5 .' i I 1 'Y . L 5 ,L . S' ,, Rfgyv 17 . wg a V ff V Y? 1 "Q, Left: Sophomore Darrell Anderson and senior Keith Hickman work together as they dou- ble-leam a Nimitz player for a rebound. Below: New head coach Joe Main and assistant Rick Thompson go over the game plan at the final game ofthe 18-13 season. 1' 'N willl' K A 4. Q ,Q . v--W rx I 1, - Q lg: Q 6 Above: Preparing for a fast break seniors Frank Gonzalez and Charles Garcia get ready to aid senior Anthony Milligan as he gets the tip from senior Rick Berry. Left: Senior guard ,lohn Skillern shows his defensive ability as he forces a Smiley player to pass the ball. Basketball 135 BASKETBALL Right: Seniors Charles Garcia and Frank Gonzalez play defense as the Mustangs hold Smiley to 34- points. Below: Senior Charles Garcia and junior Kenneth Miller turn their attention to the ref- eree as he calls a foul. ...MQ- .ual 3 , 0 ' 1 ""' ii i if Q Yf K' C 1' ' . R , XS 3 gs? , L nuns- 3 V , it Q , S , I ., i f t I , 4, ae 'wil ' I l 'Q it Q55 i V l Q fi' , L- Above: Sporting new uniforms, sophomore Darrell Anderson. senior Charles Garcia, jun- ior Kenneth Miller, and seniors Rick Ben'y and Frank Gonzalez prepare for pre-game warm up drills. Right: Senior All-District honorable-mention player, John Skillern, blocks a Smiley play- er's shot as junior Kenneth Miller, and seniors Charles Garcia and Rick Berry prepare for the rebound. 136 Basketball , Wgww 'ia LU l 4. ...rf ta' fu e 4. . 2 f-Y-4' tiki VARSITY 1 sr i 1 X ., n 3 5 e .av-'f "?-1,0 Q if 3 light? I -,., ...,..a., K 3 Above: As a Forest Brook player shoots a fret' throw. wn- iors Rick Berry, Frank Gonzaltfz. Anthony Milligan and Charles Garcia position themselves for a rt-bound. Left: Seniors Charlm-s Garcia and Anthony Milligan fhow their intensity as the-y play in their final game-. at xi:-tori over Forest Brook. 73-66. Basketball 13 BASKETBALL Right: Senior Frank Gonzalez, leading freevthrow shooter, hits a free throw as the Mus- tangs defeat Smiley, 42-34. Below: With an average height of about 6 feet, rebounding was a major part of Alrline's game as shown by junior Kenneth Miller. ,Mfr "', xx, W .,.. w Right: Senior postman Rick Berry outjumps a Forest Brook player for Control of the ball as the Mustangs win thi-ir final game, 73-66. 138 Baslwtllall , A arf ff VARSITY low: VARSITY Front Row: Coach ,lov Main, ,lohn Stcvr Batvman. Second Row: managcr Paul Lewis, Steve Kenneth Mille-r, Charles Garcia, Krnnelh Tullis and illern, Mike Che-n, james Walker. Ke-ith Hickman, Smith, Darrell Andi-rson, Frank Conmlvz, Rick Berry, Anthony Milligan. ian Ainsworth, Coach Rick Thompson and manager i R lun? 9 if I Q Q Left: Sccond Team All-District Senior Charlvs Garcia pri'- parvs to ri-lrountl as senior Rirk Berry shoots against For- est Brook. Above: ln a 68-58 victory over Nimitz junior Kcnncth Miller tips the hall to sf-nior Km-ith Hickman as sophomorv Darrell Andcrson and scnior Frank Gnnml:-z anxiously view thc play. Basketball 139 BASKETBALL Above: Seniors Kenneth Tullis, Anthony Milligan, Mike Chen, and Keith Hickman collapse around the hall in a 68-58 victory over Nimitz. Right: Senior Mike Chen harasses a Nimitz player for control of the ball. When the Mustangs play Nimitz, they are competing against relatives and friends who moved to Nimitz when the new district school opened. 140 Basketball X vspi-ing Woods Baytown Sterling we 39-40 52-45 68-58 7247 73-66 Tied for second "We were like good wine, we got better with agef, coach Rick Thompson said about his ,I.V. basketball team. The team started out slowly but by the time district games started the team was playing much better ball, he said. The team's hard work paid off as they tied for second place in district with a 13-3 record. The J.V. had an overall record of 22-9. Taking third in the Smiley tournament, Steve Burns and Clyde Foster received all-tournament trophies. Unselfishness, good leadership, and good team defense were the strong points of the team. Weak- nesses were that they had little killer instinct, speed and depth. The J.V. averaged an excess of 59 points per game while holding the opponent to an average of just over 50 points. Smiley Klein Conroe Clear Forest Baytown North Shore Lamar Smiley Waltrip Baytown Lee Nimitz Forest Brook MacArthur Baytown Sterling if X North Shore Smiley Baytown Lee Nimitz Galena Park Forest Brook ,I I' 57 44 4-5 S3 63 47 65 53 54-48 47 63 52 56 51 50 57 46 48 47 66 4-9 52 63 49 56 59 58 63 55 64 31 64 57 63 44 57 61 80 42 66 55 59 82 77 50 68 53 60 49 4-1 40 60 61 97 63 72 39 Forfell 'x V, A I Galena Park V '75 60147 Above: During after school practice, junior Fmnk Chen checks the court for an open player to pass the hall to. Left: J.V. Frou! Row: Frank Chen, coach Rick Thomp- son. Bill Bates and Steve Bateman. Second Row: .lon Walker, Otis Wiley. Hayward Chauncey, Randy Kirse. James Davis and Clyde Foste Basketball 141 Below SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Front Row P and L. Hamilton. Second Row: R. Martinez, J. Miller, T. Casares T Kirsch Coach Thomas Johnson R Criswell Cooper, Davis, K. Williams and L. Lane. WM.--......,,, 1 Focused on skills Sophomore The sophomore basketball team was one of the rebuilding programs installed by new head coach Joe Main. The team had talented players such as Jonathan Miller and Ray Criswell. The objective was to teach younger players the basic offenses and defenses of the new system. Coach Tom Johnson said the 8-12 record was "pretty good." The team progressed throughout the season. Coach Johnson's major disappointment was not winning the Clear Lake Tourna- ment, which they lost by one point in the second round. They won third place at Clear Lake. The team lost three one-point games while winning only one of those games. Freshmen It was' not a good year for the fresh- man team, which ended with a 5-12 sea- son. "Although the team didn't have a win- ning season, the players progressed," coach Clarence Guiton said. Rebuilding was the focus of the year as new head and assistant coaches entered the pro- gram. The younger team did not aim at win- ning, assistant coach Thompson said. Instead, the goal was to allow as much exposure as possible. Cedrick Diamond and Calvin Jackson were two of the play- ers who progressed well during the sea- son. Left: Sophomore Larry Lane watches the ball after he has taken a foul shot. Ray Criswell gets ready to play defense after larry's shot. SOPHOMORE! FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL SCORES Conroe ' gqila-54-32 Conroe I A 4-1-52 K ' Dulles 71 9' Clear Creek Smiley A l 4-9-54- Galena Park 52-51 Nimitz 4-0-58 North Shore 62-61 Forest Brook 46-64 Baytown Sterling 4-9-58 Baytown Lee 39-48 MacArthur 62-35 Smiley 46-59 Galena Park ' 45-46 Nimitz f kj-fig. M 57-59 North Shore CCL, 2 gil. fi- ' A 4-4-46 Forest Brook A ii,, i6.' A 58-77 ii Baytown Sterling ww, Q V 67-72 MacArthur 'eti . . FRESHMAN BASK I Conroe liz' 113 35-51 Forest Brook 40-54 WN .f ' f Z9 fs? N551 Galena Park 39-30 MacArthur ,E N 59-79 Smiley Q 3946 Galena Park 4-9-43 Nimitz 39-4-2 North Shore 44-6 Forest Brook 43-58 Baytown Sterling 4-046 Baytown Lee 4-2-61 MacArthur 62-80 Smiley 36-45 Galena Park 4-9-29 Nimitz 41-28 North Shore 44-4-9 Forest Brook 44-4-9 Baytown Sterling 37-47 Baytown Lee 47-52 MacArthur 51-65 ' Left: Sprinting to the side on a fast break. Shawn McAfee gets ready to assist in the play. Below: Joseph Elmore, Calvin Jackson and Ronald Williams battle for a rebound in the MacArthur game. . 'ef Q BZ 1, Iavltson, C. Diamond, K. Hudson and S. Mi-Aft-r. Second Above: FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Front Row: C. Row: C. Vassel. K. Brautiganul Elmore, C Jackson R. Above' Freshman Shawn McAfee shoots for two h' ' - 1 1 W l Wright. K. Price. J. Mills. Coat-h Clare-iii-v Guiton. R. Williams. E. Powell. and C. Knight. avoiding a block shot attempt from a MacArthur player. 'S wt 1 le Basketball 143 5 'S P . 144 Track W f fe-NM is 'M inks a k d D R - Klein when weather prohibited the track from being com Above: Accepting their medals for fifth place in a relay, ior Craig Wright, juniors Wendell Jac son an ana an at the Jetero Meet at Klein are sophomore Otis Wiley, sen- dall. The meet scheduled to be run at Aldine was moved to pleted. TRACK Potential encourages new coach With the hiring of a full-time track coach, new emphasis was placed on varsity track. Mike McCracken, still an active track man, has led students to state in the past and began working on a team at Aldine this year. The 1980 varsity track team didn't do as well as predicted, coach McCracken said, but there were several individual stand-outs. Out of a nine-meet schedule, including district, the Mustangs had three notable finishes at Baytown with a fourth out of seven teams, at the Jetero relays with a fifth out of 11, and at Spring with an eleventh out of 21. Many outstanding performances led to these accomplishments, however, the success failed to materialize at district. At district, here at Aldine, proven sprinters Rodney Coleman and John Crout missed regionals by tenths of seconds, getting sevenths in the 800- and 400-meters, respectively. Dana Randall ran a 4-9.5 at district, good enough for a second but came up ineligible at the last minute and had to run ,l.V. ln the field events Kevin Green led the high jump with a 6'4" for a second at the Spring Meet the week before district. Clyde Williams' shotput of 4-7 feet got a third at the A.I.S.D. Champion- ships along with other weightman Luther Franklin whose discus throw of 140 feet placed a fifth at the ,Ietero Relays. School records were broken by several stand-out performances. The 1600-meter fmilel relay team of Dana Randall, Rodney Cole- man, Wendell Jackson and John Crout set a record at 3:23:3. John Crout, who received the most valuable player award, also personally set two school records in the long jump with a jump of 2l'2" and the triple jump with a 4-3'2" jump, a foot farther than the last record. Jack Lewi set the 3000-meter 12 milesj run school record at 10:02:2. Coach McCracken said, in his new position, "It is very encour- aging to come in where the athletic director is making moves to upgrade track. The new track was very encouraging, and some- how with 3,000 students and a nice facility there is much poten- tial." ow: Pouring rain during the pn-liminarivs at thr- r0 mvvl at Klein niadz' tht- vvvnts more' trying. Sprint- sc-nior ,lohn Crout and anplioniore Olin Wilvy, wait for nts under the shvltvr of the' stands. fy., QE 3 -kill-n ' I r I .,.41nv VARSITY 1. ,A Q ' qu ' 1 , - 1 . 1. ' 1 5 'I ,,.,, n t f .E 3 ,ir A 5 K .----an-. 6 r o 'J an '-"Sd'W' fin fw Left: Junior Mike Parker coasts past the finish line in the 800-mvters at the Aldine Distrirt Mes-t, The distrirt ms-vt was the only meet at Aldint- where' rain had dclayvd the rompletion of the new trark surface. Below: VARSITY TRACK TEAM Front Row: manager C. Wright. .l. Lvwi. C, Wright. W. htrksnn, M. Parluvr and 0. Wiley. Second Row: roach M. lVlcCrarkf'n. L. Frank- lin. J. Turnbow, R. Coleman, K. Grucn, J. Cruut. .l , if fl 2' .5 St Left: Setting his personal record of 6'6" at thx- Baytown Meet. junior K4-vin Crm-n was disappointed with his 5'10" jump at distrirt. Travk lil-5 Relay teams consistent JV The 1980 junior varsity track team was not outstanding, but was very consistent. The ,IV team, as most JV teams, was a farm club for varsity. Coach Charles Fitzmorris said of his group of about 15, "To be such a small bunch we performed admirably." One of the best showings was the Baytown meet where the team placed fourth of twelve teams, scoring 48 points. Helping at this meet was the consistent 1600-meter Qmilel relay team of Don Taylor, Jim Miles, Mike Parker and Joshua Hamilton who placed second with a 3.29. Another high point was a second place of six teams at Nim- itz. The performances by Mike Parker in the 300-meter hur- dles with a 4-1.4 and the sprint relay team of Taylor, Hamilton, Parker and Porter Wright, who ran 45.3, highlighted the meet. FRESHMEN We had a good group of fellows," coach Joe Karkoska said of his freshman team. Although the team did not consistently place in competition, several individuals stood out in several of the meets. The sprint relay team of Kenneth Hall, Byron Lee, Mike Gross and Billy Williams set a school record with a 4-5:3 in the 400-meter relay. Lee also set a school record with his 4-0:1 in the 300-meter intermediate hurdles at the A.1.S.D. quad meet. The relay team also did vsell with a first at the meet. Allen Hayes was a major achiever by consistently pole vaulting in the 10 foot area and placing in every meet. Right: Freshman Bobby Williams crosses the finish line first in the 100 meter at his home track in the district meet. Right: FRESHMAN TRACK Front Row: K. Jackson, S. Machado, K. Hall, B. Lee, M. Gross, B. Williams and T. Cash Second Row: Coach .loc Karkoska. R. Young, J. TRACK Below: Freshm meet. 1 1 5 r xx x . w x,' 0. .V 5. an high jumper Harold Jackson practices his form at the Aldine dlstn Q l an 4 Q ,RY vii tx Hsmw- T YA, I . K ., t W , K . . 4 W , M, v ft ya Ledbctter. M. Thomas, C, Knight. T. Smith and A. Hayes. X, , .,.,, r xi 'M,,sf. r' Wa' ll Q er we Y 1 3 GF x.i nk Q Q , 4 t -r 1 at N g, 1 6. Xa: X We left: Sopihomore Porter Wright braces the starting blocks as junior Stuart King practices his take-off for the J.V. all-meter dash. 3 I v Q asf J .. W X tw" -l-,. M s1f,' 32364. ff K 1 3631. ' M gg... 'gh , . .. TL .x me , , ..V. an Av,hk 5 s b N .xg . N ,H w .. QA wwgxz. .,. , if ,W Q E a- : . ff Kr. ' , WM, L.. Above: Taylor Cash practices vaulting before the district competition. Left: J.V. TEAM Front Row: S. King, C. Burkhalter, I.. Buller, J. Miles and J. Hamilton. Second Row: W. Bau- dal, A. Main, K. Ballard. M. Frost, C. Andrews and P, Wright. Not Pictured: coach C. Fitzmorris. lclme e D gthe only bright pt 13olos t M Arth t sta gs lt S Bat aflerhehtat ho eru BASEBALL 8 lettermen lead team to district championship With eight returning lettermen hopes and expecta tions were high for the 1980 baseball season But the Mustangs finished the first half with a disappointing record of 4-4 and fell short of the first half champion- ship. The second half was a different story when the team went undefeated and beat first half winner Baytown Sterling, 2-1, for the district crown. The team's leading hitters were brothers Steve and Bill Bates. Their district batting averages were .480 and .472, respectively. The Bates' older brother, James, had been an all-state player when the Mustangs won the state championship in 1970. Bi-district started in Nederland where the Mustangs met the 22 AAAA champs only to lose 12 3 in front of more than 1 500 people When the team played in front of such a big crowd it made them tighten up, honorable mention short stop Wes Barrett said. The second game of the best of three games was rained out three times but was finally played at Lamar University. Nederland once again prevailed over the Mustangs, 6-1. "The rain delay hurt us because we didn't get much practice inf, sophomore Bill Bates said. All-district first team second baseman Bill Bates said, "We went from four wins and four losses to eight wins and no losses. I think we accomplished a lot." 148 Baseball VARSITY , f 5.3 , at xo, f4'i?'1i'37Sl'g' aw.- .sg f , ' -fe . . 'f 4 V -1 M N V r Yr, ' ' e- gg' 'rm-rfxszfd ,, ' W V att.:-1'x'.L',ff, 11" il... ' T. i ' Q .vi me . ,W Qi'-erm' 'if "5""'i, 'Ti -Y 5 . g,,4w,j W: nf.. 1 .:iX"..:',eNf' 'I ,kg .Sl x, ,, A . 1 S. ,W ,..,.,. ,, , . A. .nw X . umm. 4. 6 nj "f K ,yuan ' .' ' .xlmik 'f ' 2. V f , 'aw ,, , . - . . Mmggmty, A-LV , -ttissti.. .' - aff?-firl9',, N ,K NA. K ,, F -,V A swf V, iw je .4 1 ' ' " ", Y' - G ,,z,3.f,v. - wg 55 ' 'Li Jlfw- , 'S ' fx' 1 s, 'MQ .. "Y2t,w,,. r' .lof--fl?-3 r 1 i V: Q-ew Q.. - Qin. -time iv.: - Lhviiiwi 4iA.'i,,.: Jr.. pl dl, 9 ,- .d,.,, Above: Junior centerfielder Mike Brinkmeyer shows his speed as he beats out an infield hit. Left: Coach Landis Denley tells sophomore Scott Brantley to remain on the base as Baytown Sterling's third baseman prepares to receive the throw. BASEBALL '552 Right: With a 9-7 r1'1'or1l. juniur pilrhvr Guy Cariliay ' pilvhcs Aldine' I0 a 5,1 win owr Baytown Slvrling. Below: Eym-ing thu- hall. junior Miki' Brinkmc-yer pre-pare-s lo swing lhv but. K y, H 1f'Wu,. 414 i 1 wh ,Q 4' I , if 'lf' Q , . A i 5. , KN .1 'kA. br , Q , gb fi 5 'Q ,i '7fM IW 'e , Aidif-Q . W 1- - if . .. ,M -M. '- ' - ..,WY. ,4 ,fx .JJ E 1 if Brian Ainsworth W1-slvy Barra-It Bill Bates RF12l'lliTQ'11IlIAlI-Diil. SS1Hun. Mun. 2nd B: ISI Tram All-Dist. 150 Basvlmull V , W., U iw 1221 ' i if i A' . .u L if. . ,x.,4Mu.,.,. . l i Slvvv Balvs C: 1slTe-am All-Dist.: Runnm-r-up disl. MVPg1s1 Tc-am All Crealcr Hnuslnn v -Y W vt .1540 '-:N .ky ldhe , ' f J? Srolt Branlly 3rd B 'xx i 5, , ' iffy fe l ' vi- Q, W- L i ii fii gi A , K, A h Mike Brinkmvyer CF Hon. Men. VARSITY 4 if., Ml we - S 3"-F3 , Q mt H at 5 A.-F .:9"Q'w ' Q.. U NX A .. W in f . ,S W.. "" ff fin, X 'H - W . I' Y, 4 .lohnny Fellman P: Hon. Men, Guy Garibay Larry Lalrreniere P: lst Team All-Dist. RF Left: Senior first baseman Greg Neeley shows his agility as he leans to his left to catch the ball. Below: Sophomore Scott Brantley ducks out of the way ol a wild pitch in the Aldine vic- tory over Nimitz, 9-3. ' 1 N5 1' , .,' T 'F' 'K - W- u " 117 Y ' 1 " c v S . . 1 '1 v ' I - rig ., lla: 1 1 "1 1 " , ,4.'f fa, .Q V ?4,qaa,.t4,,sw-og' ,Tv 1 'Q ff, I '32 4 W G , A . v--rv-X--, VJ-g .W-fm 3-for r t . 3 I fig - , 5 KV- lg ,,Q,.,g 1, . 5 . T t . N- . . ,, I w. :.,.,f Vx A V ,.,. M 3 I .7 A L' z ' A f an-. 1: 1 Y t - t , v t , if LQ It 1. . , 1 x 5 'tu n I- 'Z VH 3- ,. U -' - -' -,' . ' 1 1-.- 4. . A Jud n'-' D " t' 41. ' " 'i 631.-.,r"?1,f' ' 'Q 8 ' " ' ' , , 4.4, '-.QQ ' . .ww Y , J Ek Y. ' t W v ' . - s -- X y, -B, N A, U.. , ,,5gzsw-,-.-- -Y. X , ' ,.. f Y- . .L .--,wmv -N Eg-,'?3e'f1"Pf." .' Q- , , "'7 'i' . . J, as N ' 251235:-v' fir q I 1 ., ' M .. 'Vi 1. .,, Q . -M s.:.',g..a- ' -t W , 1' e ,., - . N.-ag,-ft, W 'H Q", , Q " , t ' I N y i Q W4 Q., . .V .ygggf h 'Qs'-yQ1?2?fe..Lf' we 'W -",1'?f ug' if '4Q,,gg',, A, , K ff Q.: age- Q , 4, "1 iff' t 1 :W- ' .,1:as..ih'41f2uu.1.4.is3" ,Q -Q .M ,krpvg :- f . -K u V , ' sf I ,t ,,. f. v - ' ' ' ' Q., Above: In a 5-1 victory over Baytown Sterling, sophomore Bill Bates takes a breather on third and contemplates his run. ,X A yy f f :Q .-filj' ' p it A ' -- , A Aldine 'Gi yrs 'gif il ,Z ggi. Q' vi , ah f ' Vi 'B - , ,L 'Qt-V .loey Lell Greg Neeley C lst BQ Hon. Men. Bruce Raabe 3rd B Baseball 151 BASEBALL Right: After defeating Baytown Sterling for the district championshipg the Mustangs shake hands with the Rang- ers. Below: Sophomore Mark Wells takes his turn at bat in a game with Baytown Sterling. .Mx t ma x lf f ark- Nimitz Smiley x .M -an s 1 1 ,N wt: Q' N A x MacArthur 7. 2 A Baytown Sterling 5. 1 N . orth Shore 6 3 g Playoffs Baytown Sterling 2. 1 Nederland 3.12 ,ir QR Nederland 1. 6 - t ' .f x T fm ' Above: ln the district championship game at the Univer- pitches the Mustangs toa 2-1 win over Baytown Sterling "W"""V' ' t K K sity of Houston Stadium junior pitcher Guy Garibay Mark Wells LF 152 Baseball 1... - 51- ..Av'-l""' ' Lane, MacDonald - 2 no hitters, Boudousqme steals 1 The junior y'ar:ity "had a good team. but t'ouldn't put it together became of too many error:." catcher Randy Coekrell xaid. The IX. ba:eball team. eoached by Dan Smith had a fair Qeaion. endinff with a '-15 reeord. Blaminv him- :elf for :ome of the problems. eoaeh Smith :aid the team "did not have a yery Good year. Althouvh we dit n't hit well. didnit field well. and didn't run well. we had a lot of fun." coat-h Smith said. The hivh point: of the :eat-on were gophomorez Larry' Lane's and Larry NIat'Donald's no-hitter: again:t Nimitz and Forest Brook. reipzctiyely. The two begt hitter: were :ophomorei Alike Sewell and Gerry' B0udou:quie. Boudouqquie led the team with 1' :tolen baie: for the year. Left: As shomtop Gerry Bouduusquie looks on as frehman John Ct-ra yantes throws the ball to first base alter picking up a routine grounder at third. .,. .. -4' 0 I c 5 g 5 ff - y . I N N N N N B' c ' c- l N N N N """"' C C A i i F N NN N N N N xx N N lk N N N ,N NN N 1'-4 'K Q f -L,Y-,M V--V 1 N....,.e..-. 5.4.,,, -L ,r- may ' fy-fff' lp-fjil J ."-: . rAO,. f- 5""'1'2j-rLg'- y ' 513, 'J' .VJ '-, 1 A -UA ,T ,fi W:-,. JJ',- -L I K .if'K:4JJa.... -,AJ g-'ire'.:w-' -A 'bg ': .' 1 ,Y- - ' r--N V . gl-, Q , 113' ' 2 Q . '. V- -S -A N ' N i . i Y .S f lr A-1. 14 'b l 'i :I A f 3.. . , - K QW X., -f a N ,u i f, p f-4' 4, . ,S b y y Q in . isa-4 ,f-rg'4ty.,'i: BT f A , ,.. A ' . . Above: JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: L. Hudson. C. Boudous- quie. R. Garibay, R. Esman. D. Rabbe. G. Key. J. Cervantes. B. Cat:-vt-ood. L. MacDonald. and R. Alvear tmanagert. Second Row: B. Williams. B. Brantley. B. Dickey. R. Cockrell. A. Morgan. L. Lane. M. Sewell. A. Hemandez. L. Lynch and D. Smith tcoachj. Left: Sophomore Lance Lynch stretches for the pitch during a game against Galena Park as junior Arnold Hernandez waits for his tum at the plate. Baseball 153 CROSS COUNTRY for themselves As a fall sport conflicting with football and basket- ball workouts, many of the eross country team mem- bers were more interestfd in an individualized sport than a team activity. Top-runne r ,lack Lt wi said tht individualized sport reflects more of my attitudt towards everything knowing that I m doing it for myself rather than hav- ing other people dept nd on me to eomc through. The 79- 80 cross country stason consisted of eight meets. The cross eountry eourst s wert sct up usually at a distance of about two miles. The best showing by the tc am was at tht MacArthur mcet where senior Jack Lewi finished fourth, and scn- ior Ernest Klocpper finished thirteenth. In the district meet the team finished seventh as predicted. Coach Mike McCracken said the problem was that there was a lack of interest in track among Aldine athletes. Most of the runners set personal goals, he said. "Some kids were involved in the sport of distance run- ning for the first time and progressed very well, and this was encouragingf, he said. 7 ,Xi Above: "Mostly agony and the thrill of being able to run" are what junior Paul Lewis gets out of running. Right: CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Front Row: Stex e King. David Camel. Roy Ledesma, Walter Baudat and Brock Oblaek. Second Row: Coach Mike MeCraeken. Anthony Her- nandez. Jan-k Lt-ui. Paul Lewis. Mark Frost. Andy Wisenbakerand Robert Broom. 154- Cross Country Below: ' l'm an independent person I enjoy being by myself and being able to think jatk Lust said about his interest in running. His real interest is in long distance running . R un U ers C0 In Pate ratherthan the2-milc country. , , . 1 . s 4 FF 9 7 , , 75 7 9 , , .. , , - xv Q l -ll -'I "X ' , 5 ' ' 'LHS-:fl s..' :V K Y 1 I K , 1 , f ' 19 s FY es-----lf ' i i' " i i -..-:::3 3'-'.....::I. " ..... - J 'Y 1 1. , ' " ". gy 5,,.Tfs 5 1 3 g E . -if. : ijt:-S 4 gg 'ii if lk: t ,gbi iyyl f . Qt I av, ' tn, . ws., , K ' 1' R 4 ,, . R i "-.1 , -" ,K A , iss ,. si it -3- v3' at ?'. M.. JD X A I :x,tagQ,z ' . is T ' ' t . y . 5-4 ai. ' Q 'f , X Q ' Q- N 2 . .,. 5 X ,J V' . N , qs H g iw. , NW, + 5 A A J . . K ' ,, i t , , satt X if at n z f 1Jx 'l9I'?t"" ' ' " Q-...H - I + 'vw A -' APR - '-f .f - iw' - . Finished as predicted As he had predicted, the golf team finished fourth in district. coach Ron Galindo said. "With a team of younger players I would have been satisfied, but I had all seniors." he said. The team consisted of five seniors, all veterans of the team. Since there were five returning seniors, and only five could participate in a tournament, the under- classmen were discouraged from trying out, he said. The team played in seven tournaments, and had their best showings in the Clear Lake and district tour- naments. David Swesey and Tom Green finished sev- enth and eleventh respectively at the district tourna- ment at Waterwood Country Club. The major weakness on the team was that they were too emotional. coach Galindo said. The major strength was the team's experience. 1, W tr" N' rl: 7 f' A '..,Q:leq W ' ,, l-"'54"'!9vae1- .f I , s..-:: ,t K. Ag .. ,i A, " I N' tg? .F li'-A 'xalxixs' " -'Une 14 e 4.5 '. "' ' N ". --13 te- Fen Below: VARSITY GOLF Front Row: Robert Balli, David Green. Second Row: jimmy Eddins, Tom Green, David Swesey. coach Ron Calindo. f, W2 if .. NN flf -s G 5 Q . , "lr, X y. my ., , 'MQW X ',, -tm.s..,Mvw M...- ,air 'i AJ. :,-yi L ..'a Above: CONCENTRATE! Senior Robert Balli putts the ball in practice after the district l0Ul'l'lalTlCnl YNHS rained out. Left: Senior Tom Green chips the ball out ol the rough as senior David Swesey eyes his swing. Tom and David were named co-most valuable players. 155 lVIu tangs bring home 7 gold But if I cannot win Let me be brave in the attempt. Let me win . . . was the oath of the Special Olympi- ans. But the Mustang Olympians usu- ally won and won big. The Special Olympians participated in bowling, basketball and track setting records for percentages of awards the students won in state competition coach Mary Jefferson said. In basketball competition the stu- Above: Sophomores Edward Davis. Fred Reyna and Wil- lie Sloan were selected to the LAS. Spef-ial Oli mpics tram because of their performanres in basketball during the state tournament in Austin. Right: Earning mon:-5 for trips. sophomore Connir- Sut- ton and Edward Datis wash a rar during their car washing fund raiser, while sophomorr Sharon Allen and 1:oar-hji-f- ferson look on. 156 Special Oli mpir: SPECIAL OLYMPICS dents received seven gold and three bronze medals and five team trophies. In bowling, gold, silver and bronze medals were won. The track team returned from state competition in Aus- tin with nine gold, four silver and four bronze medals. Coach Jefferson' said that track was the main strength because they had longer to train for the events. The two-year-old program steadily gained recognition throughout the year, culminating with participation in the spring sports banquet. Catherine Gray and Fred Reyna were named most valuable players at the banquet. To help finance some of their trips the students washed cars in the parking lot and sponsored a basketball game between administrators teachers and senior athletes. Right: Freshman Catherine Cray bowls with her opposite hand because of a wrist injury she receive the day before the bowling tournament. She won first place in the regional competition. '76 fe: t te fpfw ,gf g la SPECIAL OLYMPICS .V QQ- Lf-V' e I' 1 OE: -.Nu of' 'FU' "' n , ., -1' .. ,, 1 Left: Sophomore- Brenda Joni-s and freshman Ora Morris practice lhvir hand-offs fnr Ihr' upcoming relay. Thv If-am of Branda. Ora. Connie Sullon and Calhvrinv Cray wun a gold medal at the slalv meet in Austin. f-N l Above: SPECIAL OLYMPIC TEAM Front Row: Tam- mara Tay lor. Cunniv Sutton. Sandra l"ord.Call10rinv Gray, Edward Daxis. David Osbnrm-. Roller! Huggins, Willie Sloan and Thomas Buwrlvn. Second Row: John Walton. Brenda Juni-s. Willif- Taylor. David Morin. Frm-cl Rryna and vuavh Mary leffvrson. Left: .Mvraging 10 points u gamv. sophomorr' Edward Davis gow up for a shul, f5 A , 4 " 158 Tennis Hamilton, aughn lead teams BOYS The boys' tennis team, coached by Rusty Russell, had one of the best seasons in its his- tory. The team finished district in third place with a 6-2 record. Several team members placed well in tour- naments. David Hamilton placed third in the district tournament and reached the finals in two other tournaments. The A doubles team of Kurt Mann and Mark Spoonts was one of the top teams in the district. They defeated Bay- town Sterling which had not been done by the Mustangsin ten years. Another outstanding player was Stuart Cummings who had a 6-1 record in the B division singles. GIRLS The girls' team, also coached by Russell, had one of its best seasons also, ending with a 53 record. With this record the team finished fourth in district. Lisa Vaughn was the leading player with a 4-1 record in A singles. Lisa Seals and Shelley Loukanis ended the year with a 5-2 record in A doubles. Below: Number 1 singles player. Lisa Vaughn chases the ball at a tournament in Bastrop. Texas. il. 1 www ky VV fi .... ,L : Above: Kirk Mann, teaming with Mark Spoonts, returns a volley on their way to defeating Baytown Sterling, 7-5, 61. Right: Mark Spoonts, part of the A doubles team, fore- hands the ball. This is the first time Aldine has defeated Baytown Sterling in ten years. 'PYP' E -I". 4' if a 'i -'l JM 'Q-M -, , " pi' if 1 ay ' X211 flisrl ., , 1 . g .:g .x:.--'W--was 3 -f. ,."f'-' , :-, ., v W.. 1 ' . ...Ji , K- ,. w -.L -f - .- 4- -.. .. Z- 255344455 ' i L T A ' ' A .,: , mga' . I. Q.: ' .Jag . i., PTY . 4 , ,,,,,,W X, ll W i ' V "' v is 'nr' io. r I Q: 3 TENNIS 4 .fr -' If ..--"""f-'J'-rglltri-,.,Ay gv+.gM.' wdiw I ,., ,iii Am:'--9g,!,.aan...f,.- ,. ,gan ff- Left: In IIN' Singlm Invilalional Tolirmxrmwil al Bastrop, Ta-xas, David Ilamillon rm-turns with a Imvkhumi in lhe' finals, Hi- is II11' lr-anfs nina! valuuhlm' playa-r. Below: BOYS' TENNIS Front Row: O. Rudrigum-1, I.. Pham. B. Rogcrs, M. Spoonls, J. Flon-s. I. Sofia. I. Starr, D, Hamilton and J. Cruwv. Second Row: I.. Colgin. K. Algvr, D. Lyons, M. Crosrhkrg G. Capers, IVI, Williams. S. Cummings. K. Mann and Coach Rusly Russ:-Il. Above: GIRLS' TENNIS Front Row: L. Vaughn. A. Brady, E. Luvhak, I.. Danbefrl and S, Loukunis. Second Row:Co:1m'h Rusli Russc-ll. A. Eistfvrhnld. E.Alb1-ri. S. Alcirvmigv. J, Cox. I.. Sa-als and D, Svliill. Left: Lisa Svals walvhrs on ag In-r A doublvs lm-uni partner Sh:-llvy LoukanisIwa1'khamI:- an voII1-3 nn llwir way In fiwvpillg Fnrrsl Bmolfs train, 6-2. 60. T1-nni That both boys and girls swimming teams qualified for reglonals in eight events and that seven school records were set made this year one of the best the school had ever had coach Mike Selby said Both teams finished fourth in dis trlct competition With only two Junior boys and two Junior girls and no seniors the team of mostly sophomores and freshmen engaged in a year of rebuilding coach Selby said The team practiced from 3 to 5 30 each afternoon swimming from 5 000 to 6 000 yards a day uahfying for regionals 1n girls competition were the 200 meter medley relay team and the 400 meter freestyle relay Both set school records Junior Patty Kasbarian qual ified in the 200 meter freestyle and Susan Wiederhold broke the 200 meter individual medley school record Sophomore Chris Hyde qualified in tht 50 meter free style and sophomore Glynis Sawyer qualified in the 100 meter butterfly Sophomore Anna Brlttian qualified ln the 100 meter backstroke setting two school records Freshman Kelly Hicks also qualified in the 100-meter backstroke. The boys team qualified in the 200-meter medley and the 4-00-meter freestyle relays. Sophomore Warren Tann qualified in the 200-meter medley individual. Junior J. J. Alford set a record of 53.0 in the 100-meter freestyle. The 4100-meter freestyle relay team of J. J. Alford David Fox Ronnie Wolfe and Warren Tann set a record with a time of 34-9.9. District was the best meet overall for the team because the team worked toward that one meet coach Selby said. All the records were set and the best times were swam at district. Below: After a race sophomore Ronnie Wolfe a member of the 400 meter freestyle rm lay pauses for a rest. 7 records set 'q...' .Z '. ., l-...U Above: SWIM TEAM Front Row: Kelly Hicks, Susan Wiederhold, Glynis Sawyer, Patty Kasbarian, Chris Hyde, Cheryl Ellis, Ronnie Wolfe, Anna Brittian and Bobby Saltwood. Second Row: David Fox, Jerry Walker. Denise Bourque lmgr.l, Richard Evans, Linda Stone, J, J. Alford, coach Mike Selby, Warren Tann, Betty Kelley and Rick Barley. Right: Mufflcd cheers reached the swimmers as sophomore Anna Brittian, junior Patty Kasbarian and freshman Kelly Hicks give support to team members. 160 Swimming ,, 7 W all fi 7 Left.: Splashing flown hi-r lanv, sophomore Clynis Sawyer, 4' who qualified for regionals in the 100-meter butterfly, strives for a victory. Above: As he gvts set for a racv, junior J. ,I. Alford waits .ur thi- gun. Left: Before' a cmnpvtilion Sophomore' Anna Brittain. the holrlvr of two school rvvords, concentrates on the racrv ahead with junior Patty Kaslmarian in the background. Swimming l6l VOLLEYBALL lnexperience costs games It was a sad year for the two returning seniors on the varsity volleyball team. Senior Kathleen Hrozek said the players got used to losing by the end of the season. Coach Susie Lynch said the team's major weakness was its lack of experience. With only two returning let- termen most of the players were new to varsity compe- tition. Three injuries added to the problems with two start- ers out early in the season. Coach Lynch said the play- ers handled the situation well. It had an effect on the girls but not as great as it could have been she said. By the second round there were no bench because of the number of players out with injuries. The team had one victory at that time. The second round was all spirit and we tried to do better senior Lisa Tucker said. In that round the team won three of the eight games. We played as a team and the second time around we knew we could do it, ' she said. After placing last in the first round the team man- aged to end the season sixth in district competition with a season record of 4--15 and a district record of 4- Varslty Aldine Hastings Aldine Forest Brook Aldine Pasadena Aldine Baytown Lee Aldine Galena Park Aldine Nimitz Scores Aldine MacArthur Aldine Sterling Aldine North Shore Aldine Forest Brook Aldine Lamar Aldine Baytown Lee Aldine Galena Park Aldine Nimltz Aldine MacArthur Aldine Sterling Aldine North Shore Loretta Kirsch sets the ball up as Lisa Tucker prepares to slam the ball over the net . - . 0-2 ' - 2-1 ' ' - 0-2 ' - 0-2 ' - 1-2 . - . . 0-2 Aldine-Smiley 1-2 ' - 0-2 ' - ' 0-2 ' - 02 ' - 2-0 ' - 1-2 ' - 1-2 ' - 0-2 . - . . 0-2 ' - 1-2 ' - ' 2-0 ' - 02 162 Volleyball Below: Most valuable player Kathleen Hrozek selected second team all-distrirt pauses for a quick break after a play. I' Left: VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Front Row: Lon-lla Kirsrh, Chrislim' Buugh. Donna Pvrranl and Kalhlvvn Hrozvk. Second Row: Coavh Susie Lynvh. Lisa Tuvkm-r, Dm-rm-tla Griffin. Barbara Fon-hand, Lou Ray. Sandra D1-wnporl and manage-r Elysz' Allwrl. , 54. Above Lou Ray splkas In lvad Ihr' lvam lo a svvollfl vivlnry uvrr Furvsl Brook. Lefl D4 rm lla Crlffm jump high lllg1'llht'lv:1ll0vl'r and srorl Yu ulull I 1 N VOLLEYBALL Short bench hurts teams The J.V. volleyball team ended its season with 5-14 season and 5-11 district records placing seventh in district. Coach Mary Alice Justice said the team was hampered by a shortage of players. Good fundamen- tals was the team s main strength but the short bench outweighed its strength. The shortage of players made each team member indispensable to the team. If one or two people gives up it affects the whole team sophomore Debbie Schill said. The highlight of the season was the victory over North Shore. We only had six players and we beat Freshman Hours of hard practice paid off for the freshman volleyball team which tied for third in district. Coach Vicki Parks said she was pleased with the girls records of 12-7 for the season and 10-6 for the district. With only seven players the members had to sup- port and strengthen each other to play as a team. Coach Parks said the strength was good serving techni- ques. The highlight of the season was the victory over MacArthur after failing twice earlier in the season to defeat the team. Below: Sophomore Amber Collins aids sophomore Marcia Day as she spikes the hall 0 er the net to Forest Brook, one of the teams they beat. xxx We-so s -- - t i V JV 7 ff 77 7 ff 9 them," Schill said. A l l 5 , . 'X NM l K 5 x X 5 Aldine Sterling Aldine North Shore '0-2. L 241 02 as gg., 02 t . -g . g 0-2 . ..r. . 5 ., X 2'O 164 Volleyball Above: ,IV VOLLEYBALL Front Row: Amber Collins, Linda Weaver, Regina Atkinson and Loretta Vasquez. Second Row: Coach Mary Alice Justice, Susan Clifton. Debbit Schill, Robin Hester, Marcia Day and manager Elyse Albert. Lehg Sophomgre Debbie Schill goes up for a spike, helping the team defeat Forest Brook. ,X , c 912, ' 351' . l it A M Q . jf .1 , 'ghtz The freshman volleyball team takes a timeout to plot their strategy as coach Vicki arks outlines procedures. low: Freshman Renota Gaudet prepares to serve the ball one of the strengths of the Freshman scores Cam strategy. . Aldine-Hastings Aldine-Forest Brook Aldine-Pasadena Aldine-Baytown Lee Aldine-Galena Park Aldine-Nimitz Aldine-Smiley Aldine-MacArthur Aldine-North Shore Aldine-Forest Brook Aldine-Lamar Aldine-Baytown Lee Aldine-Galena Park Aldine-Nimitz Aldine-Smiley Aldine-MacArthur Aldine-Sterling Aldine-North Shore lf' lk ' 02 x 20 i 20 ,gi 2 2 1 " is 0-2 .B 02 20 1 X 0-2 5 Aldine-Sterling 2 0 1 20 M, 20 f 1- as 1 'A 2 1 1 2 L 20 2 1 20 ti 3 1 2 5 .ff 3' e Above: Bumping the ball, freshman Kim Patterson sets the ball up for Deena Wamat in the last game, a disappointing 1-2 loss to North Shore. 1'E.K-.:Z""'h Left: FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL Front Row: Carolyn Clark, Vicky Miles, Sonia Fujimoto and Yenni Avila. Second Row: Coach Vicki Parks, Kim Patterson, Vanetta Williams, Deena Womat, Renata Gaudet, Lisa Spann and manager Elyse Albert. Volleyball 165 BASKETBALL Tucker, Grant lead team Finishing the season with a 12-11 season record and a 7-9 district record the varsity team placed sixth in the nine school district. Seniors Lisa Tucker and Jackie Grant were named sc cond team all-district players. Also Tucker rect ivcd the most valuable player award and Grant rfceivcd the award for best free-throw percentage. With four returning lettermen the seniors led the team with their strong techniqucs and ball handling coach Jim Bars said. The team s weak- nesses were that they couldnt move the ball against the zone and the scorers couldnt pene- trate, coach Bars said. Thr, team did well at the New Ganey tournament where Grant and Tucker werc named all-tournament playtrs. R' uP1r'-' - -- V VARSITY SCORES Aldine D0blC Aldine Elsenhower Aldine Aldlne Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Dickinson Sterling MacArthur New Caney Smllev Galena Park Nlmitz North Shore Forest Brook Sterling R. E. Lee MacArthur Smiley Galena Park Nimitz North Shore Forest Brook Sterling 66 54 gy'-...., K .. .L VAR low: Drilililing Ihr ball, senior Kalhlf-svn llrnzvk runs clown thi- rourl for a fast hrvak as 5 ,S 4 0 I 5 .lackie Grant waits for a signal. md -an i 'C Above: Junior Deborah Parker out jumps a MacArthur loam mrmber lo gain possession of the ball. Left: GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Diane Mazyn, Kathli-on Hrozek. Yolanda Johnson, Sharon Sacchieri and Carey Townzen irnanagerl. Second Row: Sandra Dovvnport. Lisa Tuckvr, Jackie Grant, Babara Forehand, D1-borah Parker, Dervlla Griffin and voach Jim Bars. Basketball 16 BASKETBALL D U 0 0 1S2lppO11'1lQ1f1g SCHSOHS JV Starting two freshmen and playing three girls that had never played before, the team did not have a lot of depth, said Coach Susie Lynch. Beth Sacchieri led the team in defense and had a consistent shooting average. Rebounding and shooting percentages kept the team members from performing well, but they did a good job with the personnel that we had, said coach Lynch. The team finished the season with a record of 5-15 and a dis- trict record of 4--12, placing seventh out of nine schools. The team entered two tournaments, placing third at Klein Forest Tourna- ment and doing well as Jersey Village, coach Lynch said. The season went smoothly for the team even though it wasnit that good, coach Lynch said. "I feel we did a good jobf, Freshmen "We almost wonli' Donna Baker exclaimed as she told her fam- ily about the next to the last season game which the team came within one point of winning. With a season record of 0-23 and a district record of 0-16. the young team had many disappointments. They lost four games by less than ten points and lost four games by 40 or more points. Their major weaknesses were offense and shooting, coach Vicki Parks said. The defense was slightly stronger, she said, because the team hustled. Losing was discouraging but the girls kept each others' spirits up. "We never fought, and we practiced hard," Shae Ratcliff said. When the season was an obvious loss, the girls just enjoyed play- ing together regardless of the outcome of the game, Shae said. "Everybody liked the sport and we wanted to win. Towards the end we thought we had a pretty good chance." Yenni Avila said. FRESHMAN SCOREBOARD Aldine 7 A A6 A. A 221.17 Aldine 20 Aldine , 19 7 ' Swllst A 1' if Aldine .9 '-Eisenhower, Q 1. K Aldine i 36 Aldine 29 Elsikij.. 41' ig Aldine 28 Klien 1 -i'- 56 V Aidane B 18 Mwgnhur c A f 62 Aldine 30 Sterling, Mig f 47 Aldine 24- North Shure "iii K 33 Aldine 36 Smiley , ' 57 Aldine 22.f, R. E. Lee 62 Aldine 27' Nimitz , K 4-7 Aldine 36 Galena Park K 4-9 Aldine 22 Forest Brook ' ' 71 Aldine 30 MacArthur 4-9 Aldine 19 Sterling V, i 68 Aldine 26 North Shoref' K 4-0 Aldine 16 Smiley 38 Aldine 20 R, E. Lee 52 Aldine 32 Nimitz 62 Aldine 36 Galena Park 37 Aldine 38 Forest Brook 43 168 Basketball Below: Freshman Bridgette Edwards, the high point person in every game, dribbles thi ball down the court as freshman Kim Patterson waits for the fast break. t 2 .s. sjlilit 2335 W bmw, ,aw , ,ggi H Y ,M . X . YQ 5 W 4. as a -14.4- iii, f yr yywtt if g Above: FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Front Row: Shao Ratcliff. coach Vicki Parks Donna Baker and Betty Kinard. Second Row: Lisa Spann, Yenni Avila, Kim Patterson Dianne Spates ahd Mae Henderson. Left: Two. four. six, eight, ten, come on Mac, sink it in," shouts the crowd as fri-shmai Mae Henderson shoots a free throw. Q 1'A' r .Mg . NEIL.. 5' ""W"'-lnnq..,-- ., JVXFRESHMEN 'flu r.4pq,.n.,, 'J 'wfvvd-.qv 9 3 4, I 5 if J V SCOREBOARD Aldine Aldine Aldlnf- Aldim Aldm: Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine ,Aldine , , I ine 1' dine , Aldine Aldine 1. dine P-,. mm? Aidan? Alding , by K 1 l X Doble E Slk Exsenhom er Dickenson Smiley Galena Park Nlmltz North Shon Forest Brook Sterling R. E. Lee MacArthur Smiley Galena Park Nlmitz North Shore F crest Bmqk Sterling R.. Lee MacArthur SSSSBKKEESESSBBSRSGB J L '?VW5f ?Ck?rW?Q ,ifsuiw S NSGMM- Left: Suphmnmm- Both S2l1'l'llil'Tl Spflllli lu ga-l ilu- lrull whill- frm-slimun Carla Wilvy anml snplmmurn- Lincla Wvuvz-r awail ilu' avlium. Below: Frwhnian Kim Pulll-rson govs up fur an 1-asy lay up and anollu-r lwu points on llu- hoard. .,. N W,-,.u,-.,-,W , Y, W 45. X lt' z Above: ,IV BASKETBALL Front Row: Carla Wilvp murlx Susin- Lynrli unzl Dvnisr Y:-rn-llo. Second ow: Tvrvsu Pike-. Linda Wm-an-r, Paul:-th' Wilrhvl. Palrinu Sin- gle-lon. Sandra Dm-wnpurl. D:-lllmiv W4-Isl:-r unml Both Sar- m-hivri, Left: Soplmnmrc- Pulrinu Singh-lun slums llc-fm-risiw fkille as SlN'jlIII1llSlllgll lo pull dm-.n Ll rn-lruuml. Rusk vllmll 160 170 Track 1 Sacchem and senior Patricia Cudd after running the 1600-meter dash at the Jetero Varsity Breaking eight school records and placing two girls in regionals were the highlights of the season. ualifying for regionals were Cathy Dean in the 800-meter dash. The 4100-meter relay team of Carla Wiley Chris Baugh Kathleen Hrozek and Yolanda Johnson set a school record with a 41-94' the 800-meter relay team of Carla Wiley Cathy Dean Chris Baugh and Kathleen Hrozek also set a school record with a time of 1469. Claudell Baker broke her own and the school record in the long jump with a distance of 16 0. Chris Baugh set a school record in the 100-meter and the 200-meter dashes. Sharon Saccheiri also broke her school record in the mile with a time of 5.4-5. Susan Clifton tied the 5 10 record in the high jump. Desire Sol- tan set a school record in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of .2. The team placed second in the New Caney meet and fourth in the Klein meet. The team compensated well for not having a track or a sand pit to work on during the season coach Pat Patterson said. lf the team members had realized earlier in the season their own potential. their confidence would have given them more suc- cess. he said. JV With a team consisting of mostly freshman and sophomore members who had never run track before. the team placed fourth in district. The team did well at the Cy-Fair meet but the best overall meet was district. coach Jerry Jones said. LaRonda Conway placed first in the 4-00-meter dash. and Denise Luker placed first in the 100- meter hurdles. Beth Saccheiri placed second in the 800-meter dash. The 4400-meter relay team consisting of LaRonda Conway. Andrea Hutcherson. Jackie Falls and Likitia Jackson placed sec- ond in district. The 1600-meter relay team of Vicki Miles. Denise Luker. Beth Saccheiri and LaRonda Conway placed third. Right: Junior Lavenia Boyd concentrates on hcr stride as she starts tht- 200-meter dash. Relays. 55.1 fu Y. P . 1 Below: Senior Sharon Saccheiri collapses on the shoulders of her sister, sophomore Beth 1 , 7 7 K aw 3. as . t y + 1 I I 16 ' xt Right: JV GIRLS' TRACK Front Row: Denise Davis, 3 5 S Andrea Hutcherson. Vit-ki Miles, Kathy Loukanis. Alesia Boniaby and Denise Lulu-r. Second Row: Michele Bent- hall. Jackie Falls. Larcnia Boyd. Rochelle lngram, LaRonda Conway and Sonia Fujimoto. Third Row: Coach Jerry JONES. Likitia Jackson. Beth Saccheiri, Lil Roberts. Sandra Vela. Mary Adams and Coach Pat Patter- SOIL N,.: l Q W, 4, k Left: As anchor of the 1600-meter relay, senior Kathleen Hrozek sprinls her quarter for a victory at the finish line. f-1,1-1-'H l 5 g, l we 1 5 Gy' 7 ' ,J v ,Q A4 4 li, left: Junior Chris Baugh, district champ in the 100-meter dash, flies toward the tape for another win. Chris was the team's most valuable player. 6 .. Above: Practicing handing off, freshman LaRonda Con- way and sophomore Likitia Jackson prepare for the 400- meter relay. LaRonda was the winner of the 4lX1meter dash in J.V. district competition. Right: GIRLS' VARSITY TRACK Front Row: Amber Collins fmanagerl, Patricia Cudd, Desire Soltan, Kathleen Hrozek, Rhonda Wolfe and Carla Wiley. Second Row: coach Jerry Jones, Cathy Dean, Claudell Baker, Vanetta Williams, Yolanda Johnson, Chris Baugh. Sharon Sacchi- eri, Susan Clifton and coach Pat Patterson. 4:1 ,...,,...f- 49" " .V-4,. ' K -IM,.' A Q 3' ,WY 1 Y 543' l., ' LX PEQPLE -.. . 4 el 2 a t a -- s rea 2 as I t. O 1 F . Q 0 , lu- ws.. 1 W t i f .xsooai i l .V X 3 Above: Bringing some humor to the lirst days of school, Special Education Department Chairman Roger Price scares his students and co-worker Marie Matthews with his mask. left: Citizen of Crestview ljunior Dwayne Germanl cap- tures earthling Binky Rudich lfreshman Jeff Harrisl as he tries to escape the planet in the play, "Revenge of the Space Pandas." presented on November 13 and 15 by the drama department. left: Sitting in the hall while going over assignments, ESL teacher Joan Hill makes sure sophomore Kuy Heng under- stands the English words. Above: Volunteering to help decorate the throne for the Homecoming court. senior .lanet Sandoz hangs up colorful lights. People 173 K i w Nix. Q t ,ash IQ, The pa off What is the most rewarding experience in teaching? Being able to get ideas over to students. - Thomas Johnson, physical science When kids get excited about what s going on in class and psychology I had some part in preparing students for the future. - Barbara Rourke math Seeing the direct results of what you do. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. - Don Webb, math ff 5, ff 9 and like to participatef, - Janet Mathews, economics If 77 9 ff 7, l5' Xan 1 Q T M uttu M P-tToNlan1INita Pou 4 - - ' " X F gt. ' 9 'wg-as zfiis, if ' I . xii, if., . ' Mi we IW .:,...-M -.L ln' i Q ., N .4 ,A . Q ii V .f- .,-u-Q 1 i il wr' ill' as ,iqvh i ,, Q. an F ii ,- C U' -s' , ,I ' l va' ff' is W2 ff afx ,z 5. -N i -v . f -1 fi. V fr by Acreman-Ennis Mrs. Sandra Acreman World History, Studcnt Council Mr. Robert A. Allen Ann-rican History. Geography Mrs. Sells C. Allen languagellrariiing Disability Rt-source Mrs. Vickie Alsina Spanish, English Mr. Matthew J. Armstead World History Mr. Jim Bars Physical Education. Biology. Basketball Mr. Michael W. Belmont Vocational Education for Handicapped. Wood Shop and Building Maintenance Mrs. Pam Bei-tone Cove-rnment, Social Studies Chairman Mrs. Claudia Bond English, Debate. Public Speaking Miss Cynthia Brady Beginning Drill. French. Foreign Language- Chairman Ms. Betty Bullard Math Mrs. Janice C. Burgos Spanish Ms. Aretta Carden Business Math. Sales. Management, General Busim Typing Ms. Sherry Cole Food Service, Coordinated Vocational Academic Education Mrs. Nancy Conlin Distributive Education Ms. Janie Cooper English. Vaqueras Mr. Mark Crayne An Mrs. Sally Cullom Vocational Education for Handicapped Homcnialting Mr. George B. Cummings Vocational Drafting Ms. Ja ueline Davis Homemcailiing, Cheerleadc-rs Ms. Vicki Davis Choir. Guitar Ms. Nancy Drabek Biology Mr. Wilmer C. Easton General Physical Science Mrs. Betty Jane Ennis Vocational Adjustment Coordinator Faculty 175 176 Faculty Dail rind 6:30-6:45 A.lVl. - Arrive 6:45-7:00 A.lVl. - Coffee, Staff meeting 7:00-8:00 A.M. - Patrol areas 8:00-11:00 A.M. - Offices 11:00-1:00 P.M. - Lunches, Duty positions 1:00-2:30 P.lVl. - Offices 2:30-3:30 P.M. - Patrol areas 3:30-4:00 P.M. - Staff meeting 4-:00 P.M. - Home After nine and a half hours of school, it was time to relaxg that was, if they didn't have to go back to school for an evening activity. At home principal Vernon Lewis enjoyed doing yardwork. Watching football was assistant principal Emmett Hill's favorite pastime: assist- ant principal Kitty Spence said she and her fam- ily enjoyed sports too. But she said, "Mostly I just wash, iron and cookg but, that's not funf, qw 'P ws' 11 giw R Above: After observing the facts of 25 to 30 students' cases each day, assistant principal Emmett Hill calmly issues his verdicts. Right: Emerging from athletic offices to supervise the cafeteria, head coach and associate principal Bill Smith takes a break for lunch. Below: After working with student discipline for five years, assistant principal Fred Richardson wanted a change because of attitudes he was developing. "My view was that all kids were bad, and I wanted to change that," he said. He exchanged jobs with Mr. Hill and became the building superviser. i s l E I 1 i i i 1 1 is L 4 l l i i fi J as X si V., . , . 1 59 I.- f li.-Q.5 Q. S .us 247 l Above: BOARD OF TRUSTEES Front Row: Superin- tendent Nl. O. Campbell. Second Row: Walter Slmull. Bill Wilson, A. W. Jones, Oliri' Park:-r. l4xwrc'ii1'e- Evkvrl and Thomas Grantham. Right: Scheduling, vounseling and helping lc-ache-rs keeps rurrirulum principal Kitty Spenvf- buried in paper work, She- spends a day in mffulinga explaining class count forms lo teachers. Left: "May l lima' your alla-nliun lnr the- morning unnoum'e-nu-rits prinvipal Ya-rnnn Le-wif any mu-lu morning folluvwd ln an ovraaiolial fide l'0lIllHt'l!l, 'il hupv you haw an vnjuyalxli' m'4'ke'nrl and hnpi- to sw- you Mon- day he' rulivlllrli-5 on Fridays. Below: R:-spnnsilrlr fur 20.000 books in lhz- fuluml. aasiflanl prinvipal Darwin Link loads a loarhvrk van with Studi-nts' hooks at the opt-ning of school. ,.,,.-,4-. I .D , -J l J 5 Q 5 1 ,fl rw' Y 9? xg Faculty ITT 1. U 09 Help 1S on 1ts W Y Teachers, please do not send any students down for schedule changes until they are called for, a voice begs over the intercom Schedule changes are a year ln, year out occurrence in a quarter, senior counselor Jean MHYVIS Sald about the quantity of paper work required of the counselors They also took time to advise students who had per sonal and academic problems Counselors Joyce Royal and Debbie Vercher said that for them pregnancy and drug problems were the most sensitive and difficult areas they dealt with O O ff . ,, . for all of the counselors. "There's just not enough time . ,, . . . .fl ,ki Above: SECRETARIES Front Row: Clara Florence, attendance clerk. Second Row: Alice Wishard, attendance clerk: Joyce McKeehan, principal's secretary: Lil Fogle, regist- rar: Marie Beezley, bookkeeper: Margaret Kocian, assistant principal's secrelaryg and Car- rie Tillis, counselors' secretary. Right: With massive numbers of schedule problems at the beginning of school, senior counselor ,lean Marvis works with a student in the makeshift counselor's office set up in the LRC. 178 Faculty Below: To prepare students for meeting graduation requirements freshman counselor F G. Bryant and junior counselor Debbie Vercher check records to evaluate student credits iw? 's i E 1. -Z is is 'K I '.' J. 7 ,ac -v v....,. , T I is I vt ,f , X ..4r"""", -" f,.,,-.4O"'i '11-I Va' ,,,,,of 'Qs ff Left: To mt-vt statc requirements nurse Phyllis Campbell administers a vision tt-st to sen- ior Melody Mangum :luring her English class. Below: During the course of a busy day. diagnostician Sharon Hensley and special educa- tion counselor Pat Nash discuss student needs. 1 X ,V .1.-2 I :la ,b 1 Fl' ' Q . is 'l 'E' Lili W X. sr, .. s, 3 F, i - -Q 5' af: 'Ms ....-..-,-. l gi' p Above: With approximately a thousand new hooks in the library, librarians Doris Fox and Lilian Washington spend many hours updating library files. Left: Helping to select classes necessary for preparing students for jobs, vocational coun- selor Hattie Lee and sophomore counselor Joyce Royal discuss vocational programs with two sophomores as they select classes for their junior year. Farley-Judd Mrs. Carol Farley Fundamentals ol Math. Algebra Mr. Charles Fitzmorris General Physical Scienceglrootball. Track Mr-st Cheryl Gaudin English Mrs. Molly Covella English Ms. Angela Creams Fundamentals of Math. Algebra Mrs. Janet Green Home Economics Cooperative Education Mrs. Beverly Greeney Englis Ms. Brenda Grimes Art, Crafts. Textiles Miss Brenda Griswold Intensive Learning Center Mr. Clarence Guiton American Hiswfy. Football, Basketball L t Mr. Carroll Haisty t ,f - ' Biology Miss Rita Harding English Chairman, English Miss Joan Hill English as a Second Language Mrs. Shirley M. Hill Fundamentals of Math. Algebra Mrs. Elizabeth Hilton Drivers' Education Mrs. Mary Irvine Math Mrs. Marjorie lsgitl Business and Personal Recordkeeping. Typing. General Business Mrs. Dorothy ,Iaekowski Cosmetology, Vocational Chairman Mrs. Mary E. Jefferson Special Education K Mr4.'Tl'tomas Johnson General Physicalsciencr. Basketball Miss Karen Johnston Band Mr. Jerry .lones Health. Physical Education, Football Mr. Gerald W. Jordon General Physical Science. Football Mr. Timothy E. Judd Gena-ral Drafting 180 Faculty 'I' Thu ,av ,. , an-14 ax, K A 9 ' avg Above: Always athletic. coach Vicki Parks enjoys the individual sport of roller skating which, occasionally. stu- dents could find her doing in the gym. Right: Using her knowledge about plants as a biology teacher, Ann Wolfer grows roses and gardens for her own enjoyment. 'H U 7 1 ff 7 7, ff 3, f W re s 5 7 7, 7 , , a 7 9 7 ? , N I 6 Gettm away Believe it or not teachers try to lead normal lives after school. Several students interviewed said they felt sorry for teachers having to put up with 150 stu- dents a day. Cherie Atkinson said They proba- bly take nerve pills. Curtis Davis said that after school teachers were grumpy. I know I live with one of them. I figure its boring. They go home grade papers, fix dinner take a shower . . . Patty Hen- sen said. Many teachers let their steam off on the way home with their carpoolers. Teachers said they relaxed after school with such activities as read- ing, television sports and musical events. Some of the more uncharacteristic hobbies were history teacher Robert Allen s auto racing shop teacher ,lohn Thames stained glass work and CVAE teacher Antonio Rodriguez s lapidary. Many teachers travelled and attended classes dur- ing the summer while they prepared themselves for another school year. left: In her spare moments at school English teacher Claudia Bond puts last minute touches on the silk flower she enjoys making for recreation and mad-money. . l ' Q lx 1 a l 'S 5,3-nav-' l tw 4 tif' 0 After a day' of school some teachers had the luxury of going home. But often their responsibilities didn tend at 2:55. Many teachers ended up spending at least a few late afternoons and evenings at the school for one obligation or another, sponsor- ing class activities ehaperoning dances working with students for contests and PTA open house were responsibilities that no one escaped completely. Other teachers involved in such areas as drama music and ath- letics worked with students before and after school almost daily. But choir director Vicki Davis and drama teacher Russell Sanders said the final product was worth the time and effort. Common problems for all teachers involved in these activities were finding enough time to work with every one, working around students' schedules, and their own family lives. Teachers didn't necessarily have to remain in the school build- ing to carry out all of their responsibilities. Grading papers was an obligation they could not escape but that could go home with them. 8 hours - dream on Q 182 Faculty cv Above: As a class sponsor in charge of the Junior Follies, business teacher Ann Plummer clears up plans before tht- dress rehearsal with senior Angela Wiley and freshmen Jerry Fcllt-rs and Ricky Huerta. Right: After a long day at school, coach and math teacher Pal Patterson grades his stu- dents' papers at home while lic watches television, lNote to students: Teachers can grade papers while they watch but they don't recommend that you do your homework while watching television.l Below: Sporting her fashionable slippers. band director Karen Johnston makes her long hours more comfortable. 'X-fi AL '5- t ! 1 r '9 .Aj ' x I L, . gk .F , It N. ' x fx T7 .ah I 3' 5 r 'Uh .' L -v I 491 Justice-Patterson Mr. Allen Justice Coordinated Vocational Academic Education Constmction Ms. M Alice Justice Physicglrbducation, Volleyball Mr. Joe Karkosln American History, Texas Studies. Football Misa Karen Kriegel Health, Physical Education Mrs. Sharon Laird German Mrs. Rowena ljghtfoot Joumalism, Mustang, English Mr. .lim Iinnstaedter Football. Special Assignments Class Mr. Lindsay A. Lovell Vocational Academic Constmction Mr. Joe Main Math., Physical Education, Basketball Mr. Frank P. Martin Geometry, Algebra Ms. Janet Mathews Psychology, Economics Mrs. June L. McCoy Homemaking Ms. Janie Miller Health, Health Chairman Mrs. Debbie Mirenr Geometry, Algebra Mrs. Cathy Monell Math Mrs. Kay Morrow English Mr. Dee W. Moses Physical Education, P.E. Chairman Mr. Robert Murdoch General Physical Science lah Mr. Arval G. Murphy Coordinated Vocational Academic Education Coop Mrs. Clmrlsie Neatllery English Mr. J. C. Nolder Auto Mechanics Mr. Harold W. Osterlmout General Physical Science, Chemistry Misa Vicki Parks Physical Education, World History, Volleyball, Basketball Mr. Pat Patterson Computer Math, Algebra. Football, Track Faculty lB3 In p1rat1on Maybe thc subject was boring Resource teacher Roger Price said he felt that was the reason motivation was sometimes a problem But teachers tried to mott vate students anyway Teachers had manv wavs to stimulate interest The science teachers usually assigned projef ts the students must work on during a quarter The students were gen erally allowed to choose a subject of their own interest Laboratory experiments were also employed to inspire enthusiasm Sociology teacher Rosemary Winn and psychology teacher Janet Mathews asstgned students to take pub llc opinion polls on subjects of their choices Math teacher Debbie Mlreur often used math games to entertain her students and teach them at the same time Mr Price said he felt that teachers should show as much interest in the subject as they demanded of the students He also said he believed in a competltlve atmosphere One turkey trying to outdo another one, he said I I a 1 ' ' i . 1 s 'i ' .H . as - 184 Faculty 5 ff Above: "Six Little Ducks" sings child development teacher June McCoy as junior Novel Sims illustrates the song on the flannel board. Right: Spanish teacher Janice Burgos stimulates interest in the Spanish culture by bring- ing her husband, a naturalized citizen from Mexico, to lecture the Spanish club. Below: An avid runner himself. track coach Miki- lVlcCracken runs with senior ,lack Lcwi during cross country workouts. ,,,..-- 1- 1 , if .fgf C IL. ag "bb Y!! .Q-fa., .JT N... Z +1 'L 111' f n ll e 14 2 if ma.. Paul-Selby Mr. Steven J. Paul Band Mrs. Julie Pederson American History, Yearbook Mrs. Virginia Perryman English Mrs. Dianne Peterson Disnribulive Education Mrs. Anne Plumb Deaf Education Mrs. N. Ann Plummer Typing, Business English Mrs. Carol Powell Vocational Office Education Lab Mr. R. W. Priee Visual Deficiencies Resource. Special Education Chairman Mrs. Cheryl D. Pnmphrey Reading, English Mrs. Carolyn 0. Ragslon l.anguagcll.ea.rning Disabilities Resource Mrs. Paula Ramirez Typing, Office Practice Mrs. Genie Renaudin Home Economics Mrs. Debbie Reynolds English Mrs. Gayle Rickard American History Mr. Donald L. Roach Biology Mr. Antonio Rodriguez Cooperative Vocational Academic Education Coop Mrs. Barbara Rourke Trig. Calculus, Math Chairman Mr. William R. Russell Biology. Oceanography, Tennis Mrs. Lynda Sagsletter English Mr. Russell J. Sanders Drama, English Mrs. Nancy Sandoz Health Occupations Mrs. Beth Schifani Special Therapist Mr. B. Frank Seeor jr. Radio and TV Mr. Mike Selby English, Swimming Faculty 185 to our tennis team because he s always willing to help us in any- thing we do. - Sophomore Jerry Flores. About social studies teacher Janet Mathews: She s easy going and knows how to relate to her students. She makes it interesting to learn. - Senior Sherry McDaniel. About homemaking teacher Mickey January: You learn a lot from her and have a real good time in her class. She listens to you and cares about what you say. - Senior Diane Beneslante. Mr. Johnny Stewart is one of the coolest teachers in school. He s so fair. - Junior DeAnna Hartnup. Ri t: Senior Anthony Milligan said of govemment teacher .lim Curtain: "He gets the point across and wants you to get involved in the conversation so you can get something out of it." Teachers are great About tennis coach Rusty Russell: "He is like a second father Eh l Q-...,.., Above: Senior Natalie Grimes said of cosmetology teacher Dorothy Iackowski: "She has been a great teacher, also sweet and understanding. Sometimes I haven't felt like working, and she's pushed us through our work, and l'm glad that she did." Mrs. Jackowski super- vises as junior Ianath Riley works on junior Helen Caesar's hair. Right: "Coach Linnstaedter is not only one of the finest coaches in Aldine, he's also a good friend and adviser." said sophomore Richard Alvear. po.. Us 1'-X T' .,. i :Li x is 5- Q A f f 'U' Q - Y AA' ' Q ,,. .- 4' Y T' 'X ,ffr is .'T"T' tru- '-' at N 'ie f. c.. Y Setliff-Grasso Mrs. Ginger Setliff langttageflfarning Disabilities Resuurc e Mr. Dan G. Smith World History, Football. Baseball Ms. Evva B. Smith languageflxarning Disabilities Resoun e Mrs. Janice Smith General Physical Science Mr. J. L. Stewart Algebra Mrs. Wilma Stracener Shorthand, Typing, Business Chairman Miss Elizabeth Strickford Deaf Education Mr. John E. Thames Wnodshop Mr. Rick Thompson Physical Education, Basketball Mrs. Barbara J. Thornton English Mr. Stephen Valenti Health, Athletir Trainer Mrs. Anastasia Voight Biology Ms. Roxey Volkmer English, Government Mr. Donald Webb Algebra, Geometry Mr. Gerald Wesbrook English Mrs. Rosemary Winn Sociology, Amerit-an History, Student Counril Mrs. Barbara Wise Algebra Mrs. Ann Wolfer Physiology, Biology Mrs. Comelia A. Wright Health Mrs. Jo Zider Pottery, Art. Crafts, Art Chairman Mrs. Shirley Buxton Audio Visual Aide Mrs. Margaret Chevalley E.M.R. Aide Mrs. Wanda Clover Rcsourre Aide Mrs. Ma Anne Crasso Atlaplivt'a'havior Aide Favully l8T As students and teachers worked together certain relationships devel oped between the two Both teachers and students affected that relationship Respect for each other was an important quality History teacher Robert Allen said that teachers and students had to remember the fact that each IS human We all have to work under certain guidelines and should realize it You an her relationship with Spanish teacher Vicki Alsina l dont think of her as only a teacher but as a friend also She s easy to talk to 1, Respect for students leads to fair ness by teachers in classroom relation ships Freshman Brian Thomas said of history teacher Ron Galindo H wont cheat on your grades you get what you earn He s pretty cool man, said freshman Marcelma San chez, even though he sends me to the office Communication and involvement in the classroom and on a personal basis helped build good relationships Sen lor Jackie Grant said English teacher Mary Shao tries to make work fun Writing compositions really isnt fun but she tries to make everything fun She acts silly sometimes Jackie said bers don t like on other students Junior Rush Evans said of English teacher Rita Beth Harding, Ive had problems and she understood and knew what was going on Sophomore Fred Reyna sald he appreciated his Special Olympic coach and teacher Mary Jefferson when she helped him study for h1s driver s test av - - . . . ,, , . ' 75 YC QQ ' . I . . . . . , . ' 7 . . . . . ,, . . ,, . . . .l ' 7 7 M Sophomore Kook1eTorrencesa1d of blaming assignments the class mem- . . . . , . e, . . . ,, , . . . - . 9 ' ' ' ff 9 ' s i ve . ' 5 ' - ' 9, . A . Q, . , e a D - - s , . 5, C! 7 ' 7 188 Faculty et We ll-pu-on Above: Seniors Susan Kleerekoper, Becky Roberts. and Kevin Vaught informally exchange their ideas on women's rights with sociology teacher Rosemary Winn. Right: Dressed for their skits, FHA sponsors Connie Slavinoha, Jacqueline Davis, Genie Renaudin and .lanet Green conduct a membership drive, showing students a side of them not usually seen in the classroom. 3 5 it -5 'Q Ki' Below: Informal occasions outside of school provide stu- dents and teachers opportunities to know each other on a .1 X Q person-to-person basis. During the Latin banquet at Mary Shao talk with each other about the occasion. Mamma Mia's junior .leff Amerson and latin teacher t K iff 4 0 5 gglisl, 4, , 1 . ,asv Above: Guiding her students' artistic abilities, pottery teacher Jo Zider shows freshman Dawn Crate how to attach modeling features to a mug. Left: Through personal assistance, respect for teachers is developed by students who real- ize that the teachers care. Sophomore Elyse Albert carefully listens to algebra teacher Don Webb explain a class assignment. Faculty 189 "1-.JL l 190 Favulty Hgrt-Maitthews i i EMR Aide lill a Libfary mag wi f- MPIUICWS Right: In tha' lunvhroum math teavlu-r Barlzara Wim' vhats willi studvnls whili- wining hi-r duty. Below: Twin- a we-1-li lc-arht-rs takz- their turns al xarious tlutp positions amunml the- srhool. English learhvr Mary Shanrlucsoni-ufl1r'rdutim's in thx- lunrhroom. Right: While guarding thi' 300 hall during D lunch, Eng- lish tearher Rowena Lightfoot approves a pass for junior Mark Williams. Above: While on duty in the student lounge, English teacher Virginia Perryman uses her few spare minutes to grade papers. ., f Munch out, mop up, move out Food service, custodians and bus drivers serve us promptly Left: BUS DRIVERS Front Row: Betty .lean Burmetl. Linene Morrisy. Opal Currins, Linda Luker and P. E. Marion. Seeond Row: Edith Howard, Shirley Williams, Valerie Hairgrove. James Nolder, Mary Trevino, Marie Alfaro, W. G. Wilson and B. Frank Secor Jr. Above: "Handy man" Harry Elliot attaches a yearbook sign above the classroom door. Harry can do anything! Left: FOOD SERVICE Front Row: F. Liner, E. Frank- lin, R. McAnally, R. Durden. R. Davis, V. Van Ness, E. Urban and T. Woodmff. Second Row: J. Bowden, R. Fountain. T. Roach, V. Bashinski, M. Slockert, D. Haba. L. Brown, E. Stewart and M. Branch. Third Row: S. Der- lath, L. Chen, E. Shoemaker, I. Soliz, L. Phillips, F. Koen- ing, C. Gorski, P. Walker and L. Waller. 192 Class of 'BS' I , ,,......- . ......--v - .,...--- ' ,.,,..-- Egos rated Do you feel like a high school student? I feel like a high school student because everyone treats me that way. - Keith Brautigam I feel like I fit in. QI m only 4'1I so it doesn t really matterj - Randa Shafer . . . Someone smaller because when I was in the eighth grade I felt big. - Darrin Riettie I worked my way to where I am! - Bruce Ray Yes because I act like a high school student. - Elissius Sims S+ D Joey Ybarra gg ' sf , gjzfgry f 55135555 Q. .:. A , Fi 1 '- 'W is - X , If f aj' Am 1 , , x 12. 1 1 Us . ' .- l', 5- -V- L. Q fl 'I JP. 5. tis. 1-.1 l 0 xv - A . Q Z .ii Q? f Lx Y. fi ' v N' Ml , 1 M A-'ff-f4+. i - ,A f 1 . X, ,i 'Kgs , - ,,V' wg A - fl-gr fi '71 sw' 1 , ' 'G' I ii. if XXI ., Y Q, Sl , f ,. ' I x 2 , if ' . f BQ" e Yqffvfji' A Acker-Brandon lkvid Azker Sherri Amana Donna Adams hhry Adam: Michael Airuwnnh Alben Mejmdm Jann Aleman Marvin Allam Waller Alluu Cynthia Allred Randy Augmd Mari Andenon Troy Anderson Kenneth Anllmny Donna Ar-ispe Sally Arriap Tammy Alhlord Sherry Atkinson Billy Aubert Anthony Aubrey Yenni Avila Kenneth Bu-on Abdul Bach! Cheryl Bailey Sheryl Bailey Donna Balmer Cary Baker Shannon Biker Bnbefw Bsldares Kathy Bulk: Gwendolyn Eli Rimnie Bunk Rusty Brier Rick Lrley .lumen Bamen lulie Errier Bobby Bnmrn Patrick Buqun Cary Bun Kathie Bain Kimberly Balm lawrence Bnlille Sydney Bnurnhnck Cary Lxter Lin Bela Ronnie Bah Gnyla Bard Ihvid Beasley Russell Beeern Sum Benner Rochelle Benson ldln Bensul Michele Benlhall Christina Berckenholl ,lnnnn Biedrryeki Kenny Bielamovia Connie Big Sheila Bivem IUCN! Black Tevul Blair Troy Blair Sunil Bllkmbel-5 Denies Blanchard Kevin Blanchard Terry Bauman Dhaheth Bohofquez Pau-ici: Honey Nancy Bonnelond Philip Bonnelnnd Troy Bnoher Mark Borirg Michelle Boa Erik Botslord Tenaa Bourlne i Denise Bourque .lameu Bmvden Terri Boyd Erica Bunch Amila Brandon Sharon Brandon Class ol' 83 193 lBrantleyfCrenshaw Bn-ix Bmnxli-, S1-on Brantley Krilh Brautigam Cheryl Brawl:-gs Edwin Bmwlry Eva Brire' Trina Brinkman Krnng.Briuow Ronald Brugdun I Rabbi Brook James Brown Kendall Brown Paul Bmwn Ros- Brown David Bmuk Wayne Bnimlou Grvg Bryan: Fabiana Bulla Glenda Bulkin ' Ann Bullrr Rllliniila Bullork Tiwesa Bullorlc ' ' Lisa Buudivl: ' Christine' Bufllvss K Peter Burgos 'Vunda Burnham Lisa Bun James Caldwell ' Karen Calhoun Sflestlnr Campbell Rosie Campou . Cindy Canlu Prisrilla Canku lrent Card Gm-v Cardona . Briefly Carlson Cyrie Carlson Andrsra Carper Cn-gory: Carr Kim Carroll Chris Carson ,la'nier4- Cam-r V1-mon Cash Calvin Cassvy Bn-u Casin' Erwin Casin: Liz ummm lda Cerna K Joh n Cf-rvanlvs LaDonna Challmr Mvlvin-Chamhrrs R hunda Chandler - Rivhsnl Chapman www-.-ni Chapprll Gary Chilzk lulm Chisu m Wing Chu Caroly n Cla rk K James Clark Tina Clark Mnamla Cinmn ann nm Cnr-hmn Manli Cohn-n ' Tina Cnlhnn Pam Coleman ' i Karen Collier Kim Gillinpwonh .luliv Collins ' Mary Collins Ti-rry Ounni-r lzlinnda Conway Brvnda Cooper Chi-riv Coupn-r S1-lina Cwprr Jams-n Cnrdniia Karen Corlvy .lvnnili-r Cox Ernrnl Cmwforrl , Kmin Crredi-n - William Crvnshaw 194 Clas-1 of '83 , 2 , , mmfa, . , il 5' , 3 :fi ,, fn l , 4 K 4 r in X ff wg, -,k , .N 4-:fin L ,, 'L 4' A ll I ., ll U Va. f K 55 -. VV an ,gvjnnl . lf xi xx X ' 4' 1 A W' Lv V A as n ' ' 5 Q H A -X' .. - in 4, K lx ll i , fl nl . l in ,- , Q " , w ' We-.l ' 5 y ' x 1 l 17, 1 'l' l l A F43 1:ar . N K ,A 1 ' I , l. l ,V 0 I It ' ' -. Q L :JAAX I Q N'-3 W ' w. Q:-7 Q-"fx s... k K. lx, r , ,V r ' , ,jfs Y 5,41 - A 4 .i A fs L 'il T' nw SQL, lf. ., ' Y ' 530' 13 1 -K . n Q - A 4- ... K ,X W F 5, .rf " N ' 5, 'jf K ring 3- I 4 if K H 1' W I Q. ' f rw 1 K at ' l' 4 ff 'x any . 'U G? :ll -x ' xx! 1 F , 1 4 ' if A W J! A I E I' 4 ,x in Z 1 , I A N if l ' 4 A 1 rt? vb! -w 5-ii.. 'tr Celebrate new home Homecoming was a new experience for the fresh- men Though manv of them did not participate or attend the homecoming ZICIIVIIICS, those who did attend enjoved the game and half ttme presentation Karen Corlev said she liked the elections of home coming queen Seeing evervbody dressed up was Teresa Jeane s comment Dean Freeman enjoyed winning and school spirit that accompanied the game, he said coming week Lana Crisp Kelli Hicks Phoung Nguyen and Angle Rublo put fm tshmg touches on the door Below FRESHVIAN DLCHESS KTTEND-XVI'S Lana Cn p Angie Ruluo an DLCHEbS Tammt Grantham 1 . . H . ' is er Q as 1 . 1 , , . ,, . . . . ,, . 9 Left: Study lab students decorate- math teacher Mary lrvine's door during home- : . . 1' ' . .' . .' - ' S . ' ' li ga ,Z ,, , lrfl: At the homecoming dance Darla Herrin and James Barnett look at old ycarbooks. Class of '83 195 Selectlon by election The freshman class began its high school activities with class elections. After elections meetings were organized to establish class fund raising and to encourage school spirit an participation. The class raised 351 000 by selling stationery as a fund raising project. Robert Johnson the highest salesman was awarded 3550. Tha- top 10 salesmen were taken to Stea and Ale for lunch. Below: During their English rlass Edwin Brawley and Rhonda Bullock vote for class officers. . W VLW,,f p p g 1 41 1 in QV ,L 3 , 1 5 , f gzljiuf ii i if ' . fa? s 1 1 ' if 3 if H ' . t t 1 .4 52.4 X f .J- Abovez STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Tina Hawk. Tony Hill, Silutmn Camplnll and Tammy Grantham No! Pictured Regina Harnmonils 196 Class of '83 V l 'NX -'ff Il ...- N. 7. S 'Z 5 3, ,I ff , 'X "' 1- MV! i I ,- F- , F - - 'Z' 2 V r 1 A v , 'J A A 1 A l 32, T, . ,vu ., l. 1- l v 3- 1,5 X. X J. 12 v,-va v . w ,iii ! L, .ff DL ew- f 5 f l R XA I , I A , 45" fa , Q , - A-2: 4 i . , i 4 F ' if 44,1 H -L 2 V ' il' ' F M2 I A A fi F v-.Q .Al f E , ll XR Z4 f X y z f :fi ' 'li vn ,f A -I -2 '5' ' fi l X ff l fi , ' Av L A I 4 gi? F A , .41 L93 t' 2' f N Z l F 'P '1 F l I Cmnwelge-Galloway Randy Crcnveke lan: Crisp Carol Cmss 'Em Cllllinr Elinbeill Curl Clarks lhnquarl Thlly lla lknen Darilek Bobby Davidson Carl Davia lkniae Hvis Henrnn Davis June: Davin June lhvia Kenneth livin Shelley Davis Tlm Davis Gnie Day Lin Dun Dzwayrle Deaver Mitch DeBerry Slaocy Dehney Michael Delaon Cedric Dialnnnd Glenda Diamond Philip Diamond Richard Ihencllke Rlclurrl Hlmuke Brian Divilbiu Albert Duane Danna Dom Bryan Dollar Ilrrell Demon .lumen Doyle Debbie Driscoll linda Duncan Burl lhnn Ndam Fberlnldl Eliabelll Eberllanll Bridgeit Fdwards Kzlvin Edwards Ann Eiaterhold Shirley Eilner Tammy Ellis Iohnny Ely Bobby Engel Doris Ester Robert Eslzr Donald Exllndge kms Evans Karyn Evans Nick Evennl .lam Ewing Shamn Eysur Cyrllllia Eylhell Sherrill Fug Fernando Farrlm Phillip Fcrrvll Olcrll F lgueroa Paula Findley - Michael Fisher Lia! Flick .lolln Flon-r lose Flon: .lllan Floml Micluel Folkers Cyndi Fonseca Shirley Ford Anthony Fowler Sheryl Fowler Qrrinna Francis Dean Freeman Sallie-Anne French Sonia Flljimolo .Yell Fulbright Felicia Fuller Derrick Gage Xavier Gallegos lari Callernore Tcrrie Callaway Class ol' 83 191 Gumball-Hem-y Kimberly Gambnl Kan-n Gamlmrvll Cinpfr Gam'-r Eranmo Can-ia John Carria Ruben Garcia Steve Garcia Ehrique- Garibay. Gerald Gam-u .V Cay la Garza Rn-neu Gawler' Charles Caudin - Carolyn Gnymn Micharl Gee Leslie Genevxy Cheri'Gr-seman Sanius Gill f Regina Gillespie Delihi Gillis. Joe Gilmorv ' larry Godin-y .luanila Gohr 7 Chris- Gonzalm Lolly Gonmlr-s Rusavll Conzalfs f .limmp Comalrrz .locl Gonzall-1 1 Greg Gould Tammy Cranlham' Dawn Grate' ' Calhrrinr Gray Vrlwel Gray Angela Grrrn ' Kerry Green Sean Grf-er Michel Greg: Darrel Gregory Dawn Cn-gory in Roger Grqgory Tum Griffith , Corbin Grimes Elizabeth Guerrero Kim C-uidrg Ianni Guillrir Garth Cup Dinnzl Haba Danny Haininz Raymiv Hair:-ll Melissa Halv Dana Halma Kc-nnrth Hall A Tnmya mu D4-anna Hamhlrn Eva Hamillun Phy lli-Q Hamilmn A R:-gina Hammunds Darrell Ham-s Nina Hans-rn Tmy Har.:-ww Palril-ia Han-ling Amy Hara- .lvfl Harris Mike Harris Pi-ggi Harris Shelley Haning Vir-mr Hanman .lrcrry llarvr-ll Ri.-hard Ham-5 .ll-annr Han-r Tina Hank William Hawkins Allen Hans lackia- Helm-rl Hvirli Helgwnn Jo..-,in sipna.-rackm- Cho-ryl Hendr-mm J.iw,,h Marion Hr-ridvrsnn Lx ng Hrng Anga-la lrlvnry 198 Clasg of '83 . f r J N 3 if isa' 'iii i ltd -W if fm iw ' X . .,. Mag, ilk K ill' 81. Q - ffm nv , C V 32 ,- Q ,ar fr If , N. i l HM ll all .L 25 id x EAC Freshmen h f Q s ,r ' 1+ n fa orites tradition MOST BEAUT ft MOST Tonya Hall 'Troy 'QTY 'i it F. YM" I!! AD , f x , 'IV' X .""9"" X I I fi' ' X H 4 -1 BEST ALL-AROUND Tammy Granthafqz Troy Smith P' if Left: FRIEHMAN FAVORITES Front Row: fstandingl Lana Crisp, Popular, Beautiful. Cutest Couple with W. Lake, Tammy Grantham. Popular, All-Around, and Karen Calhoun. Beautiful. Second Row: fsealedl .lames Cor- doba. All-Around: .lerry Philpot. Popular. All-Around, Shawn Meider, Handsome, Ty Raymond, Popular. Hand- some, All-Around: Gayla Beard, Culesl Couple with R. Garibay, and Tanya Hall. Beautiful. Third Row: Terri Snell. Popular, Beautiful, Kim Patterson, All-Around: Belinda Molina, Beautiful, Sharon Kelly, Popular: and Robert Johnson, Popular, Fourth Row: Troy Smith, Handsome, All4Around, Susie Ryals, Culesl Couple with S, Machado, Sonya Fujimolo, All-Around: Woody Lake. Popular. Handsome, Cutest Couple with L. Crisp, Sergio Machado, Cutesl Couple with S. Ryals: and Rirtki Carihay, Cutest Couple with G. Beard, Best All-Around. Class of 83 199 Below: Learning the use of the hand saw, table saw, cutting and assembling, Steve Martin puts finishing touches on a project in CVAE construction class. X V4 3 A iff! 200 Class of '83 Classy freshmen The first year of high school was devoted to required courses. With the exception of one elective the freshmen had to find their semesters next year freshmen were pleased to learn that if they had passed two quarters of work the third quarter would not have to be made up. Freshmen discovered new ways to enjoy their classes with pro- jects and class participation making classes more exciting and the day seem faster. Below: During math class teacher Pat Patterson explains to Greg McGehee the process of calculating a problem. , interests in the required classes. With the conversion back to , ,t ' , A Ai N Xi mxfj nifmffizqf-,242 our jg--5 3581? Above: "The worst thing about playing in the band is lugging this instrument around," Danny Haining said. Left: Dressed in 1920's attire, Ginger Garner and Kim Burns demonstrate their history project. E 1 R' A' I a l 1 4 'ws .4 1 fl, KV ND 4.14. 5? A xy L. ,. . v 35652 A Q ,1 Ligfgn A L ,, . AL . v-1 Q.- cr . li .lil f f4 ' Q9 .L- wrf' - m'F5f f' A. vii ? il v A .' ' . 'flfmf l,. , li 3 A A v ' N -A - , V r- v- 4 Q -1' JI f 1 I, li - VJ g Q! ig 'A 1 4 yy Y 4 1,9 2 N ' ff V-'E -4 , Y e ., : . Y M 'AP x I Z J l , Q.. vw :ln- .mw If 5 l ,r',. f 1... ' -,,,3W,,., V , I ,Q ,, A K1 V i 5 1: . 1 , 9 'J , K iff ' all V' ' N l A it .p, .ll , 1 x ' - X 1 f "-rvf E' bwvrz .ff - . e F" K- , is .,4. '1 .Jil ,if or fs ,. a, fu 1. SY I A ,. ,,., xg! 3' K' N, l A 953 YV' 32 ' il . N G , Hernandez-Kuhn Angie Hernandez Jay Hernandez Martin Hernandez Richard Hemandu Susan Hernandez hicille Herrera Url: Herrin Tim Hemm Sharon Hickman Theoplia H iclrnun Kelly Hirka Mary Hill Tony Hill Freddie Hillibr-and Jimmy Hogplt Jams Holder Vanaaa Hollirpwonh Ruben Hood 0155 Hmm Stephanie Horton Ann Houston Bn-nda Houston Snrmnllu Houston lprenliudson Randy Hudson Romld Hudson Ricky Huena Andru Hulchenon M-lurzen Hutchinson Mark Hulson Grqwry Hutto Gmeu Hyde Qlrloile lin Kim lmldwmvv Joe Irving Tim llln lhvid Jlcklnn Jlmsllcbon Jeff Jackson Joseph Jackson Marlene Jackson Ronnie Jlcbon Smuntha Jacobs Debbie Janak Tc-rua June Kenneth Jenkim Nicole Jenkins Aide Jensen De.-Andra Johnson Donna Johnson John Johnson Michael Johnson R12 Johnson Robert Johnson Susan Jolmaon Vivin Johnson Sunn Jahnswn Dormld Jonas Georg Jones Phillip Jones RAV1' Jane Miguel Jordan Slnnnon Kzebey Eric Keeble Donna Kelley Kenny Kelly Slunm Kelly Glenn Keeney Scot Key Floyd Kirnich Hinbeth Kinud Rhonda Kirby Tammy Kirin Kaxhy Knock Curvin Knigln Felkia Kochinsky Virginh Korsmeyer Michael Kmll 'Una Kubeaka Jill Kuhn Classof'K5 201 Lahoz-Mitchell Svlvina Lahoz Cathy Laird Woody Lake Susan Lam Michele LaMarch0 Dean LaMato Richard Lamb Dave- Lawson .lay Ledbettvr Antoinette Ledcsma Veronica Ledesma Byron Lee Suvanne Lee Mark Loge Mike Lell Edward Levinson Scott Lewis Richard Lieuranrze John Lin Dewaine Litchfield .luan Lolano Carol Lopez Kathy Loultanis Keith Lovings Evcrctte Lowe ry Juanita Luebano Angela Luker Yvette Luna Larry Luthe- Sergio Machado Tom Machado Cynthia Machvy Leo Machey ,lcrry Maida .lat-kie Malei Paul Manier Stephanie Marco Mike Mares Spencer Marion Patrick Marshall Lisa Martin Ronnie Martin Juan Martinez Mario Martinez .limmy Mash Crystal Mathews Anthony Matiangu Terry Mattern .lames Matthews Shawn McAfee Linda McCann Patty McCluskey Lisa McCullough Michael McDonald Starey McDonald Tammy McDonald Jeff Mr:Falls Stephen McFarland Greg MuCc.-hee Clincla Mr:Glothin Patti McGraw Darlene McNeil .lefl McPherson James McSwain Patricia Mcwhirter .ludy Meador Sharona Means Danny Meek Chris Mulder Karen Mikel .lohn Miklis Nannette Miles Vicky Miles Karen Millantz Andrea Milli-r Leslie Miller James Mills Lora Minor Kenneth Mishler Dan Mitvhell 202 Class ol' '83 t,t, W ra .Lui Q ' kk h fa K' if ff - trei L tal' it L i - iff .Qs I aft, x 1 d., X 1 , ' .ALAN .ff tg' iii '- I f .,. A ,S N. ,glx A2 Wu fs: if ' I! rt- -v- S S ti., K 'Y E, I t I l ti gs Y A f"M S1 Lv-J ,,,,. it .. t,,' We t '.F?'1f , K' t N ' 'NL tri! .- A 'C' 51 ,t t t - x tifkgf' V t ,Q ii ig Q . JC 2,5 k k ,M tt... . :5L,E?2l'LTif in av .t All A lfflgtgi 'riff .. A rf Tae. ' . . ,.,,t , K .. A A tx , " .v ,t gf,-Filip gf., - ..' ' Gy L I " Q- if ' , L H. Q-Q tv i Q-2 ' i ' mr.- 4 . yy K -s 1 ., . A , A ' f 9 , , A ' if . it flag qv ll ,V K Q, fl . 9 it if . 5 wil , ff- L FQ as 7' M 1 W I. W ' at -n au .3 J ff ' his, is 3 rv -hun., A Q ra " ,. " 5' it 'ia mf, 'Mi M f, JE S ' -5 4'A X ' X 5 -I wiv , al l .3 61 1531? .Q x JJ- 9 ' Molina-Ramos Belinda Molina Michael Monckton Stephen Moncus Caroline Montelongo leon Moody Kevin Mooneyham Teresa Moore Eddie Morales Glenn Moran David Morgan Shannon Morgan Theresa Morgan David Morin Robert Morris Ora Morrison Anita Murley Muriel Murray James Mushinski Odilia Naranjo Ray Nash Patricia Nation Jeff Nations Earl Nelson David Newman Pheck Nguy Chris Nicholcs Kathy Nichols Kelly Nichols Lori Nolder Tammy Nolen Dorian Norris Myrna Ochoa Susan Oliver Elbert Olmos Joey Orgeron Francisco Ortiz David Osborne Brenda Ousley Jerry Oveal Rebecca Packer Ramiro Padilla Susan Palacios Stacey Pamela Rusita Pangilinah Christine Parisi Kathy Parks Jeff Patrick Jerry Patrick Kimberly Patterson Brenda Pavelka Karen Pavlacka Sharee Payne Todd Payne Julia Pena Gustavo Peram Joseph Perez Louis Perez Melissa Perez Robert Perez Karen Perkins Teresa Perryman ,lerry Philpot Sheila Pickett Cheryl Pierce James Pike Marlene Pizzu Trudi Popcszku Kellie Porter Allen Powell Brenda Powler Jeanette Precella Cassandra Preston Bobby Price Kevin Price Maria Puente Shilinda Pullings Dorothy Quinones Miriam Quiroz Paula Rackel Cindy Ramos Classof 83 203 Freshmen at ease Below: For six months lari Callemorv has entertained her pet crab which she purchased at the Sea Castle at Greenspoint Mall. She ft-eds it lettuce. tomatoes. vanilla wafers. rotten wood and croutons in its aquarium filled with sand. The crab occasionally goes to school with hm-r in a small container. any , "-Q...,.....-I-"" Q 5 ? Z 2 E f M "ina Above: Collecting baseball cards from bubble gum packs for almost 8 years, Mike DeLeon has about 10.000 cards now. He started collecting the cards when he became active in baseball at the age ot' seven. Below: Computers are useful to Erik Botsford for working sions for a history project. "My father works for NASA algebra problems, playing games and for school projects. and I got interested from him working computers." Eril He used his computer to chart the path of the space mis- said. g W, A ffl 0?-557. v-Q V. If , Ti' ,M ,J . , Right: Philately is Greg Hutto's hobby. He and his two brothers have been collecting , stamps for about a year. They have 2,000 stamps from 130 different countries ranging in price from 20 to 36. Probably his most unusual stamp, he said, is a banana shaped stamp. 204 Class of '83 ' .few N 4 .ll Fi T-as J f' FY. '- llf. . ei r I' lilllll' 'T WIP. "'lf.4 fl. .GR ' '!l'll I!! t l I ff in S: ' A .rv as 3 A 9 L. Y, L K fx gf Hx :- Wfgd is ,,f iv- S A1 ef ,L Randall-Stokely Vickey Randall April Ratcliff Melony Ratliff Bruce Ray Paulette Raymond Ty Raymond Shari Reagan Michael Redgway Ronnie Reese Stephanie Rice Tonia Rice Regina Ridley Darrin Riettie Julie Riettie Rebel Riggs Diane Riley Louis Rios James Roberts Lil Roberts Darryl Robinson Dewayne Robinson Katherine Robinson Troy Rode Jeanette Rodriguez Rachel Rodriguez Victor Rodriguez lsabel Rojas Sara Rosas .leaneane Rowe Angie Rubio Larry Ruiz Regina Rusheon .lohn Ryals Suzie Ryals Sherry Sager Adam Salazar Marcelina Sanchez Jay Sanders Lisa Sanders Lisa Sanders Ralph Sanders Jimmy Sandstedt Shawn Santiago Arcenia Sauceda Gwen Scarborough Veronica Scarlett Bonnie Schweter Delisa Seace Deborah Seidel Rickie Selby Michelle Sell' Krista Selman Randa Shafer Jerry Sharp Tracie Sharp Maureen Shields Scott Shuler Elissius Sims .lames Sitton Dana Smalls Zina Smalls Angie Smith Charlie Smith Dewayne Smith Robyn Smith Rosanne Smith Troy Smith William Smith Georgette Snow Tracy Soape Lisa Spann Dianne Spates .lohn Spurlock Doug Stamps Kevin Stanley .lames Starr John Stevenson Cheryl Stewart Ralph Stobo Gayleen Stokely Classof 83 205 Strawther-Williams Angela Stmwther Gina Strother .lean Stubblelield Chris Suan Terry Swan Robin Swegey Bobby Tabor .iames Tabor Dave Taylor Dendie Taylor Felicia Taylor Kyle Taylor Simone Taylor Rebecca Temple! Dale Ternplin .lanice Tennison Travis Terrell Craig Thigpen Bryon Thomas Kenny Thomas Melvin Thomas Teddy Thomas Vanessa Thomas Sharon Thomton Mark Tilley Melanie Tindol Andy Tisdale - Kim Tisdel Cheri Townzen Sherri Transue Jesse Tribhle Maribel Trujillo Vuong Truong Lesli Tucker Erien Tumer Tommy Tumer Renee Turney Cindy Turrentine Florian Twardowski Tammy Uzzell Guadalupe Valadez Dinah Valles Rachel Vasquez Clarence Vassel ' Leticia Venegas Diane Vercher James Vernon Raymond Victor Cindy Villareal Larry Villarreal Donnie Voyner Dennis Wade Don Wadsworth Mary Walker Karen Walkoviak Edward Walla Laura Walpole Ashley Walters Sheryl Walters Karen Walther John Walton Margaret Warrendorf Lester Washington Leona Watkins Renea Watkins Nathan Watson Jerry Wayler Julie Webb Kelly Weielshausen Terry Welch Sharon West Annette Whitehead Michael Wiederhold Susan Wiederhold Carla Wiley Bobby Williams Carl Williams - Curtis Williams Deborah Williams Joyce Williams 206 Class of '83 f vs 41-X ,lx Y," if F if C. M-.,.c is v in 5 - sigma ' ' P har W l W I f 'a F .ru 1 hull . - .S A Q 453519- -6-' A T V r, " A , K .22 .. 61, J .5 o 'Xi ' 1 -. N' i 'Q S. Q U 'D -5, fx fl Tir ' K ! i ,.T, I an if - ti M y ,N il X S-5 if 1 'al iv A , .u f .. I M3 A 1 I p. A V .1 1 A i' f X 2' vffif, ft: Q' -' ,' , 1 . 4 t as 4 s . E 5 .' ', 1" ' rs wf zj 'K af ' . 1 - 1 'ix . 1 sf! 5- We 2 .f"Qg A ,ff if 1 :Af..9"' " 1 ' F' 1,57 F -. 4 - S 3' 6 ,Q 9 f e Q 1 . l . llf' h 7E'?l'ia X ni Q emories of chool Days By Doris Elaine Ester I long the memory of school days when they leave and go Old fashion and simple, that was great to know Homework every day and all the days go slow Saying it's another school day. The senior prom, you danced the night away, Carnations and roses for homecoming dayg A poem and song for your Valentine to Says Giving you memories of school days. The grand march you took, all in blue, Your cap straight up and tassle too, And here's the diploma, that took so long to receive Ending all your school days and relieved. Left: Writing poetry is an interest of Doris Ester. She was the only Aldine student to participate in U.l.l.. Poetry lnterpretation category this year. QQ. I fr V Patti Williams Ronald Williams M Vanetta Williams V Charles Wlson '1 Rebecca Wilson Janice Wingo Raymond Winkler Becky Winston Larry Wiszihnewsky Raymond Wisniewski Sharon Witchet Suzie Win 1 Deana Wornat Christopher Wright Pam Wright ' Karen Wylie , Kathy Wylie David Yackley Karen Yelvlartun Candy Young W Rodney Yotmg ' Daisy Yu ' Daniel Yu N David Yu 'V"'lQ""' . ,lr-' 3 ' ' val' r- " we P ii 5 g- N.. ?-...-.-- 1 QE '1 I - . . v V y . 'feast 4 A A -F-4 ' V ' - .V ,gi , .j , Y a""- '- Q "P . ' 35- .4 ix .U I ' . I if 'a x le ' '? if Classol 83 20 I gt ,.-, I 208 ciasswazt ' VU? r: Elizabeth Ta Edito Future shock What do you think Aldine will be like in ten years? I think it will be the same the best school in the district. - Debbie Colgrove . . . will have found more advanced ways to beat MacArthur. - Kim Petrovich Aldine will be more crowded with a bunch of teenagers who think we were old-fashioned. - Caroline King The floors will move. Instead of teachers we will have robots' and kids will bring spacecars here instead of Z-28 s. - Connie Bush Everyone will be short. Ut is getting that way now.l - Rhonda Green Debbie , ' Z l t s ,r ' ,f'f:a. Regina Holt . : Z4 ,af A M iii .W , E K4 WL '12 Paul Kopecky e ww an i '7 A .J l 1 lr I ff- K fx, I rlili 1f 5 K i- ' ' K. E Aix R ' ' il Cx , 'Ii 5. - , Iv fl Jgiiw lfqgfisiy A B f'fl 'N ' i ii ff 2' 3 5f I wr - - 'Q :N . ' al' 1:41 ' 1 f R fi. A - 'X wr , M i i hflhriv W .1- 5 , ', .f Q! ar f4 F fx? N igiili ,-1 L 1 " an if -6 r ix .. if , , - L, Y?-ii , 1 'B X if . 7 F fbfwzsi I f if n 0' vp B99 7" arf Q ii J. A 5. :X x Rf l I if N a A i- 'IRT' wwf 4 i Qi Q1 ,-V 4, . ,, 'rf Y - ,4 , alia 1 ' 'X - 'r R H X - . it W gt . W 'V ii? ' ,,,j,f i' la fr - A' I IL 'Y s C 'V Abke-Buller Drnnis Ablsr Juan Ai-asia David Ainslie Elyse Albert Shamn Alilridgv Gielly All:-n Christine Allvn Ann Alms Rivhznl Alvrar Connie Anmlrmon .lov Arriaga Ch:-rin Alkinsnn Rqana Aixam.. Sandra Aulx-nt Raul Ayala Palrivia Blhr Suriv Baker Brizlgrt Baldwin ml.-,Q Bam-an Nanry Ballard Durenda Bank: Margie Barrali Daryl Barn:-s Sally Bam:-ll Wayne Bartlanwiak Cavino Basqun Bill Bates Ki-nnemh Bemhall Lisa Bentley Roxana Besetzny D4-bnrah Bialas Henry Bigley Delray Bingley To-rri Blau-ln .limes Blzrlmbourn .Inhnny Blarkwell larry Blalnlrp Nanry Blanru David Blau .lanrl Blur 'nu-rn-sa Bohar Almia Bonialiy Slrlanu Bnniaby Calhy Bookman G1-nr Bolslorrl Cvrry Bnudouxquii- Thomas Bnwdffn'Boyd Cynthia Brad:-n Karin Brake- Sf-nn Bramley Mirhr-lf Bran-r Nanry Brfnnan lfigdl Ann Brmanl Chandra Brislps Arthur Brinkman Mia-hi-Ilv Brinkmi-yi-r Anna Brillain Rohn-rl Broom Allrnr Hmxmfaril Izmir Broussa nl By nm Bmw n Oann ia- Bmw n Juan Brown Tonia Brown Tmry Brown Gaylr Bmw- Milu- Brun- Kamn-ny Bryan! Elbaluflh Bm-luanan .larnrs Budd Lynn Bull:-r Class of '82 200 i , 'Kimi-lrhaller-Datray Chrii Burkllallvr Kimberly Burns Gml Burrell Beverly Burton Marla Burton lrall Bus: Connie Bush April Bussry Rulll Cain .lr-:sir Caldwell xml., Qldwll Mari. Caldwell Eddie Calhoun Cllris Campbell V 10-ia Campbell Q Kan-n Campbell 'I " i .5125 :, my Diana Cantu Gilbert Carrlona Kirk Carpenlrr Rirk Carroll Qlrolr Carson Travis Carter Pal Camus Yvonm- Caures Jose Castillo Bev rrly Caswell Alicia Cerda Nora Crrda Allred C4-ma Sam Cen :mrs Palrirk Cllalman Slisan Chen Lisl Childres- Robert Chilly Angir Christoph Tony Clin Cy rider Cla rk Craig Claynon Mark Clrmenl ' ' C Drbn Clillon Rnlwrl Clillnn .lam-ll Clnulirr Randy Carlin-ll Debra Cnlr-gmw Dm-:ln Coleman Lynn Colgin , Amber Collins V Amy Conlplimvnl Tamara Oanrow Cn-g Cook Tamyra Cnc-mbs Erir Coon Sam Cooper Tammy Cooper Tlmollly Cooper ' Tina Corey Willizm Corley .lamir Cox Jerry Cox .lun Cox laura Om Gem- Craig Ray' Criswe-ll Laurie Croaier Terri Cma der .loh n Crowe Di-bm Crum Donald Culy rr Aa ron Curl ey Randy Dale f Karen Daniels ' ' Darlene Dalray' 21931655 of '82 , ,jf 1 .,f f . "Q A CSX 356 .X iff Niglj if if f ffllwiffzu i ir ri ff .ff pv5fEf..,lf iffww W ,535 , H, ' 'if - wi: if B C 41 ' ' ' 7 y K 4 f W 1 Y,7 Q rf' fl VI X ASUS H1 U- fa , X 1 ' fl 1 . XXX -1 5 c. .,- ,. ,, ... i 1 5 .. .I , i , M I ,V b bm, i- gigvfv- X, 1, . fix L55 H ,A I " 31. A 2 i X' X. l I 'V lr :V Jw? , r ,i ,N . ,,, . F f A gl iff? r "5 gl X ' xi i X bl ' 'l f . :QF ,EW y, -. - . Wir A' - ligy Q . i V IAA rv L- A' .. . V? 52 .il v y ,, U fd: , ii., l",l ITU? I ' jfmili,-3 ' yr 1 Q l l Noti 4: ei ,, 1 to' 'E 4113 .0 -1 fi Elmira Escobar Treasurer Diane Robin Hester, vice president. 'x i I P 1 1C1211'1S Future ol t Class president Cindy Riley wants people to remem- ber "That we fsophomoresj were a good class with a lot of spiritf' The class proved it had spirit this year by winning A second place in the spirit chain contest and the cash prize of 3200. The class also had six poster parties during the football season and won the spirit stick for the MacArthur game. Four hundred sophomores raised more than 32,000 selling MSZM candy. "I would like our class to have a lot of money for a nice promg and people will remem- ber the good and fun things we did," Cindy said. Above: STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: Leldon Hamilton and Wade Carter. Second Row: Rhonda Boyd, Jill Pierce and Susan Chen. Not Pictured: Elyse Albert and Randy Haddick. left: During sophomore class elections, sophomore sponsor Johnnie Stewart gives his approval to Tammy Conroe's campaign posters. Class of '82 211 Class u r 'av Fender benders Pattt Hanst n gs ts nc rvous when some-one screams And sometimes the rt was a lot of screaming going on in the Drivers Education Classes this year with two accidents within the first month of driving One act ident involved a right hand turn and the othi r was a mar bt ing run into a ditch The program paid the first 35200 of an acc ide nt aft: r that the students paid Out of mort than 1 500 applicants only 384 could enroll in the most movi ted and dangerous electivt offered The program was available only during the first quarter Students who couldn t get in the class took the class privately or during summer school What make s tha drive rs education students nervous' Thx instruc lor pumping on her brakes Tracy Kirsch Wht n the ti at he r starts to talk loud Alicia Cerda Downtown wht re all the traffic is Janie Broussard Below' During class time Marilyn Davis practices driving on the simulator. ' a'. Above: Tal-Qing her turn. Ginger Rm-vks prepares to take her15-minule'driwfortlwday. Right: Adjusting thi- var se-at. Jun Cox situzites himsvlf hcfurc he slarls tu driw. 5 . r1 v I ' M! -1 ,.:, H 'az K a . ' J A-I r I .531 11 D L.. V, 'Q 1 5' lk N 1 we w 4 wr, Q 1 wi' va :H N r ,I isp, v ,, U 1- Q.. yr A. 0,4 R K . ML.. Q, Y' 'fl' fix" F Lili K ,lin ,A ii- n D 5- Im., ' 1 v 1- -:vw I si ,ff af? 4' 1 Q' 1- Davenpon-Garrett Edrick Davenport Edward Dayia Elinbeth Davis Larry Davis Mamie Davis Maria Davin Szewan Davis 'lina Davis hmm DIY Mania Day Soon Day Fauslo DeAlba laurindn Delaney Dalim Deh-on Diana Din Bren Dickey Jimmy Diehl Randy Dixon Tllerila Dixon Dum Done Sheila Dvvc Rhonda Dowd: Martin Dmughon Shlmn Driskell Ruben Dnrmmond 'Um Duarte cn-ia Dugar Herman Flatland JoAnn Eilrier Und! Elizzlde om-yi sun llcqueline Ely Elmira Esrobar Gregory Evans Richard Evans Dm Fairman Clil Fannin Karen Fargusun Lyn Farrar Wendi Faughn Pam Ferguson Debornir Fichlcr Diane Held Nathan Fields 'Una Filai Crab Fisher Deirdre Fisher Drbbie ilnary Elesa Flores krry Flores Veronica Flores Roy Flowers Darryl Forbes Sandra Ford Willie Fnsltr Ikvid Fowler ilvid Fox Anna Franco Luther Franklin Rickey Franklin Al Fric Mark Frost lisa Gabelian Eliaberh Galvan Esther Garcia Kimberly Garcia Orlando Garcia Slmuel Garcia Yvonne Garcia .lou Gnvlnnd Jeffery Cami Lynn Garrett Class of 82 213 Garza-Howton Daryl Gam Gil Carla Mary Gam Debra Gales Hobby' Gatewood Duane German Sandy Godfrey K .lamei Goldy Luis Gonzales Franca: Gonzalez F ox-rm! Goodnian Debbie Goodney Chamel Gurdon Donna Gurdon Don Gmliam Tonya Gram Earl Green Cindy Green Clifford Green Denier Green K Rlidnkla Green Sherry Gmm Debbie Greil , , amiga Griffin Danna Griffith Mark Gmschke , Harry Gnibbs Evcmrdo Guillen Bobby Harling f Randy Hzddink ' Jef! Haddox Alan Hall David Hamillon ' Joshua Hamilton Leldon Hamillon Patty Hansm Tend Harbcrssin Debn Hardcgree Cheryl Hardy David Harper 5" .lncquelinc Harris .limmy Harris Run Harris Bobby Haning Harvey Hartman Tim Hiller Pamela Hawkins Wayne Hays Mary Hein I Gigi Helmn 'Anna Hr-ndersun Beverly Hendon Kathy Hgndry Cheryl Hvnslxaw Lucio Hrmandez Guy Herrin Jrffrey Hi-ssnn Robin Hester David Hirkman ,Greg Hir.-srl Tim Higzinson Tim Hill Tamic Hillun Ruben Holm Ruben Hold:-r Charlene Hnliman .loc Hollenbenz Regina Hnh Tania Honakrr Melinda Hnrnbnrklr U' Sherri Houn- Dvbbir: Huwlon 214 G Glass at '82 -Q. f ,v X 'v ., .., .a .V , A fm , Y., :M -- ' . 1 .g 5 . .1 f . ' iff i l . 1 . S 1 P li : 1? - fa . i A , J' f' Q ' I , H, ,v".'-SSN Q.- J i s Q , Q f i Q L, y Y of . ,X , f 1 x ,.. T " jan . 'G , ', 4 X . f - Q Yr ' 'T - i I I .G I 4 ,. 5 fri? -i' Q - 2 A X f J P H H W ' - k MA ' : K I - , I i , . ' Ls: Li 'W' .. . '- f f - G ' ' ' -L . , . N f -,. W f all K W ' I 4 ,i , ' Q 1' V l K x F kai 4 na. ... , Q, 6 ,rix A , 1 , 'r 2 ul I, .. 'ii' 1 'ai, H H +211 . . M y 'Bn- T? ' 33 'M . SL '-A :QQ M G ff , W' , Q5 ' 'Y '7X " xii, . i - i 4 1 3 x ' i- W fi' - i 2' 0 P , , M419 ta was N 4 - 'ri 2, 5 . fl, I , 1 . W, . , I1 kj iff hi l H' 5 'aj' A M ' iff, i3ffP15l'. '3 3 - .fl i f i wi-4 .Lf s' 1 Break in the da Most sophomores looked forward to getting to choose four electives their junior year, since they only had one elective during their sophomore year. There weren't many electives to choose from for sophomores. They were rushed from science, to English, to math to gym and then to their one cho sen elective Left Jennifer is one of our most actne Thespians and one of our most tal ented drama teacher Russell Sanders said of ,lennlfer Perry man Above: "Guitar class is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. It is difficult and you have to stick with it but it is a lot of fun," Martin Draughon said. He and Royce Whitworth look at the music on the floor as the class plays together. Left: Using gloves and tongs for protection, Harry Crubbs practices Raku, an oriental firing technique for pottery. Thank goodness it's Frida I . . . But why? Traditionally the sophomore year is a drag. One sopho- "My weekends were boring until I had my first 'Fring' more said she had to hang around with juniors to have from ,lack-in-the-Boxf, -Anonymous fun. "Sit around and thank God I'm out of school for two Sometimes itls hard for sophomores to go out on week- daysf, - Theresa Bohac ends because they are at that age of just being able to get "P-A-R-T-Y" -- Liz Buchanan their licenses I work on Saturday as a well mannered businessman What do you do on the weekends? but by night I paint the town with my girlfriend im I run around the house in my Superman Underoos Miles Tracy Kirsch 'Oil Above: Television is easy entertainment for some of those depend on friends who could drive or stay home and watch television, Richard Alvear said. long boring weekends. Until he got his license, he had to 216 px .e.. ,, fl K 1' an-,M -sf-:. 33.1 J M, 2.1 ,.,f ,' V' ..' g 14" - 1 f 'R X, fb L 57 V 5. ,,. "R K 1 ., . ,,,. . A 'li ' J - AA 5- ' ' .T J-fl 5 f 6 fi g 53 V, I ex ff L . tr - E L'- f , I ,A .5 XY C 1 f -i l ."X ." . S ' 'gl ' X K 41 , 'jg - , ' . 3 in , 5: " i' . 4 Tgx . :ia ' i :Y - X - L f J, Y ' 1- igfig .sf 1' , , n W - K . ns., J J A f- K " , 5 f 1' V If TV 'mia' 13 1 'T' "ul ' F, ,Akai . gi f ! - W Q 5 7 "lf ' .aj l '. 1 1 " ' iz.. Hx ' " :FX If ', HJ", ,,!f :W fl: Miken Ixj tl l i fi. ilgtjjf V af 'Y , 1 JL , be Q' J ,L L .x , if H E 3 A ' . 'l V - Z 2' 2 , Hubbard-Ledesma Jem- Hubbanl Charlnlle Hudgcns Ruben Huggins Kim Hughes Robert Hummel! lam Hung James Hulln Chr-is Hyde- Velvel liu Krislaplier lm:-fa Ronnie lrgallx- Rorhcle lnlzram llhle lnman Tina lnnif- Sherry lrle Donnie lwan lre lvry Denise Jarkson Likilia Jackson Linda Ja:-ksnn .lay James William Jew lniria Jimenvz Bridget! Johnson Joseph .lolmsnn Ronald Johnson Willie Johnson Brenda Jones Danny Jones Gavin Jones Kevin .lonrs Michael Jams Patty Jones Tawana Janes 'Fha-few Jonas Dawn Jordan Luis Jordan Rhonda Kzmman Belly Kelley lolita Kelli 'rma Kemp Russel Kemlard Tracy Kem Guy Key Usa Kimich Caroline King Emilia Kirk Bridgeue Kirk Tmy Kirkland Mary Kirlcsey Tracy Kim-lm David Kiiehen Jell Kizer Quinn Klrerelcoper John Kleiher Michael Knight Debbie Koesler Diane Knlodejcak Paul Kopfckp .avim Kowin Chris Ku rell Heng Kuy Jodi hi-ewell Tammy laCrone Argela LlMalo Lisa lamb Greg Lane Larry lane Cvnil lanklold Debra Lnrgenl Victor Luwson Rnland Lcdesnu Classol'82 217 LedesmafMooneyham Huy Ledesma Michele ln Mona Lee Kaxhy lcsler Diane Lewis Rnbin Lewis Darcy Lindsey Blhan Long , .liminylmgr I. ' 5 , r Rosalind Lmxon Brucgjm Una Liiurio Marlin Lucbak Llmec Lugo . Angela Luna Tlmmj Lyles Lance Lynch .Danlyona larry Macbnnald , k Raul Machadu K Alben Maidonadd .lerry Mangum Ki rk Mann Roean Marco Cenld Marek Ruth Marque: Stephanie Martin Arrnandb Martinez John Martina ' ofnnao Marana Pele Martinez Riiben Martinez Linila Mash V Carla Malheia I Michael Mathis Tina Maxhis Vicki Mullair Anneue Manem Tracy Maxwell Chris Mayes Tracy Mcriduo Roxie Mcfhbe Rodue MnCaleb Russ Mcfbnniei fairies McConniclc RandykMcCorrnick Kiln McCullok'h Brenda McDlniel Richard McDonald Mary Mcbow Sandy Mcllachem Guinn McElroy Curtis McGee Tammie McGowan Iames ML-Mullen Neil Mf:Nim ' ' ' Annene McRae Mimhell Meece K James Meehan Carl Meier - Ibis Melchor Dme Michel Andy Miers lim Miles Vanessa Miles .lohnathan Miller Roger Miller amy Mau, Terri Monk: Debbie Mock Ruben Mudmejeweld ' US: Mmneyham 218 Class of f82 . e ieei Q ,5 fa' ,rag .. I 3 M I lf jr ': i ff -fi, If A lf? ' . if . , Q . fl nrrn , in ' 35. 3 ' 1 Wu fl .Ar pe. . ,.l, ,K E 4 . ,JZ fi- - i H ..- ii S 'vw YZ X '2z'f'Z", lr v 7 -'X -1 X wr! r 1, ef!! Q , ifxlx i x In f 2, Ne 14. ,,. 5' I i x - "'x 89. -if 1 P F . , . X -f is 3 'S Q if Wai .,,, 5 isdn 'QV 'n ,kv 1 pn i 1. ,Q , ,,2 fig, gi . 425 WN of 6 'H rw, ww f' jf' li I 51 .40 .Q I -X 1 X i f -I ' I ix faux' , y shi , P' l ug' his 3:5 h1t chat Durmg the busy day there was little t1me to stop rest and just chlt chat so students had to make time for thelr frlends When do you hke to talk to your fr1ends9 The most conven1ent t1me IS before school and durlng lunch because those are the only tlmes I see most of my frlends Vicki Luna Before school because me all get there pretty early Or when we ll skip study so we can all be 1n the same lunch Anonymous I thlnk I have two and a half pages on my record 1n the office, and two pages of 1t are probably on tardles because I always talk to my frlends before class Adria Wlley Left Melody fStapl toni and I really dont get to talk much except during lunch Lee lxey I - . Q - , . . 1 .gg .I Q Y - Q9 1 I V -7- .Hg -Nt Em-h class has its own territory in llu- stud:-nl lllllflgl' john Ng. Charles Pugh, Jeff Phillips and David Kitchen sit in morning gel tngvtlivix. Shannon Young. Clay Wallace. thi-sophonmrt-se-1-tion fora morningvhal. -7 Favorites recognized in carnival setting gg? I In MOST POPULAR Marcia Day Forrest Goodman KSN Right: SOPHOMORE FAVORITES Front Row: Kart-n Brukr. Beautiful. Popular: Debbie Tyson. Best All- Around: and Bill Batt-s. Bt-st All-Around. Popular. Cutcsl Couple with L. Elizaldv. Second Row: Melody Stapleton, Cult-st Couple with L. In-3: Marcia Day. Popular. Bt-st All- Around: Forrest Goodman. Popular. Handsome. Best All- Around. Cutest Couple- with P, Rivhardsonz Prissy Rish- ardson. Popular. Culvst Couple' with F. Goodman: Linda Elivalde. Popular. Beautiful. B1-st All-Around. Cul:-st Cou- ple' with B. Bates: Sam Cc-rtantvs. Handsome: Diane Kolo- dt'jt'ak. Bvautiful: Shannon Young. Cutesl Couple' with B. Pugh: and Arthur Morgan. Hautlsomi-. Third Row: Lel- dou Hamilton. Popular: Luther Franklin. Be-st All-Around: Stow Turnbow. Popular. Handsome. Best All-Around: Lee lu-5. Cutvst Couplv with M. Stapleton: Paul Kopc-vky. ' Hamlsutiw: and Butvh Pugh. Cutest Couple with S. Young. 220 Class of '82 Mos? Lijida Elizaldf, fl-IANDSOM Forrest Goodman s i ,WN-5' : ll f. Prtssy I f "iA Z li " "' gr: ' .wa 1, - :A , i , . ' 1 I , C' . , rl P , 1 if - f Y X 1 . Vx I Lv x M, 'QS , XX ll 1' .A I I. -' 7 ' fi? 545551 ' I ., I 4. K fl 31. l , 1 f- lr P y P C", gxvlx , , ' I' 'A el. 9 I A - l l. l l l- , ' 'K f' 5 ' 'WK' ff l' l r RJ V li his -'. K 1 V 1 A A jg , 4, ' 1 ij 1 . .pl A N ', e wi will r of ' , to P ,P Q 3 no , P Y k' 1, K , . ,b cr -H 8. , ' ' v. a . Q55 x W. : . , , L ER- M J f, 4 X' sf' f X . L X ., P L... ir 3 -eixkl-JI , r , ,ll ' . 1 7 ' r -3 35Q:A.z 1 ' ' K ,P ,gi-. X , 4: P fl Y - e W, 6 ' B, :X ' 11 5 3 V L i i X l I 4 , N tl , X 1 I 1 R 4 X : .1 I nf. v Q , 44 'F 1- ,SI Q It JN 'W , ' 'li fx m in i.-XL ax if t 1 - 14 .., ' W G. "wg 1 i if fe. -- 5, n ' - , ' 0 , ,K 'xxifxlgl lei! if A KU' - 1: il 1. 1 25545 -S' i Q Y V V' ' 3' .ff 'VU E ". Moore-Reed Belinda Moore Arthur Mor-pn Peggy Morris Tracy Morris Kenneth Mnszkowicz Debn Mon Cllherine Mulligan Fermin Navarro Linda Neal Teri Nmlnorik Douglas Nr.-uln .lal-in Ng Anh Ngu yen Khue Nguyen loan Nicholas .lohn Nucle Brock Oblak Michael O'Day Eliubetli Oliver Shcrri Olsen Daniel Opela Richard Ortegon Pam Osborne lerri Owens Kim Palma Ana Palmer Michelle Park lee Parker Mirhael Parker Steve Parker Patricia Pam Kim Patrick Bruce Patten Melanie Patterson Phillip Patterson Terry Patterson Ruben Pena Tony Pendernran .lnhn Penrwill Lisa Pen nirqnon Kelly Pcnnock Ray Pennoclr .lenniler Perryman Gerard Pemeit Kim Perm Stephen Peters Kim Pelrovich Ihnny Phalen Tramanh Pham Edwin Phillips left Phillips Paul Phillips lill Pierce Kelly Pierre Terms Pike Gtarlene Pitman Dleunar Polasels Rebecca Poole Clifton Porter Darla Powers Kim Pratt Mike Pnu Butch Pugh Cay Pyle David Rube Om.: Railord Tim Randolph Shelia Reaves Denise Reddirk Ronald Redeaux Lynn Redmond Karen Recd Class of '82 221 Reed-Spaulding Rit-ky Rred Ginger Rm-ks Nora Reyes Frcd Rey na Paul Rey na Tammy Reynolds Steve Rire Prissy Richardson Tum mye Richmond .Cindy Riley Janicr ltilry .lohnny Riley Brian Roberts Karvn Roberta Celestt-'Rock Mirhzt-l Rodd Dolores Rodriguez .limmy Rodrigun Marin Rodriguez i Orlando Rodriguvz Stephen Rodriguez I Te-rgsa Rodriguez Yanina Rodriguez ' Glenda Rosndo Cynthia Ruth , Sandia Roth Donald Roy Harold Roy Linda Ru mloln Matgarrt 'Russell Beth Sacchiwi Mark Salais Gracie Salazar Sqnia Saldivar 'Lumix Sal lep' Gilbert Sanrhbz Armando Sana-ds I Gly nis Sitwyer Holly Sax Michele Scharl Troy Schem- Randy Srhilhalv Debby Schill Rachelle Schmidt Donna St-nn ' Phillis Scmt K Todd Scott - .loy Sellers Gary Seroydarian Mike Sewrll .lack Shadbnlt lxwis Shatter Frrdditr Shaw Bill Shrppard .lohn Shields Linda Shit-ldn Kim Shulrr Michelle Simmons Rosaly n Sims Patrina Singleton Mark Siwoski Kevin Skinnsr Carriv Sladvlt Willie Sloan Sharon Smalls Anne-ttf Smith Anthony Smith Damfl Smith' Sfmt Smith Candy Snow Sergio Sosa Dr-lmrah Spaulding 222 Claw of 82 N, -.. Q x r -: 37 liiiall N Bl E f ,,,..- W 'W' AJ' it lf 'fre 1 A ,.r 1- .- Q, R at A 7 -+12 .X 'V ur 4 Rss: gil K X K N Q . lil y? 6 R I -fsgi gi,-A , A if ,lf ,ll v X g n ,xr , YW' 'K In W it , X 't 1' NX TQ l lib 5:1 'll ft l I Lv- fl" ' 3 1 ' 'V l 0 -1' I , fx 4 f X 11 . ' sir, ,l , il 1, v , i, fi 5 P v " I ,, ,. Y 1 f ' R ll -E-' I. . 1 wi' x , f , tit Ji Coming home When it's time for sophomores to return for their Homecomings they will remember: "The excitement of the flowers, shopping for dresses, guys you went with." - Brenda McDaniel "Getting all nervous when my date came to the door and trying to remember if I forgot anything, like if I left any hot rollers in my hair." - Diane Kolo- dejcak Standing on the field in that funnv looking fringe waiting to hear who got homecoming queen Vaquera Diane Lewis The date I was supposed to have but didn t Chervl Walker The person that I took OOH she was nice I think I really remembered the game the most Mike Mathis Left Decorating doors was an easy wav to get out of class said sopho more Caroline King Bridgette Johnson Tern Black and Greg Goodman decorate the band doors T' lL! Above: "Running up and down the stands trying to find my escort right before halftime" is what duchess Linda Elizalde remembers most about homecoming. Sandra Vela helps Linda pin on her mum. Left: The excitement builds before the pep rally as candidates Linda Elizalde, Cindy Riley and Diane Kolodejcak discuss the selection of duchess. Class of '82 223 Spence-Williams " Lukr Spence K l1Deenr Spillrr ' Mark Spoonls Kelly Slanirk Billy Staples . Melody Slaplrlon Earl Slasinoha Dax id Slephens Kelvin Sgen an lop Slobu Gina Slum- Bobby Slmrn-ner Con nie Summon .lulir Syzdck - Cindy Taft Don ny Talba-n Warren Tann . Melina Taylor Slephanie Taylor Willard Taylor So'kriLhy Tm Diana Tello Dunald Templin. Gary Trmpliny Reginald Thomas Bryan Thompson Robert Thompson Connie Thorp Gary Tiller, S Kalhlccn Terrence Tom Trwadawap , Huzn Trinh lxon Tmlvy Lloyd Tucker Slew Tumllow Debbie Tyson , Renee lfzzell Lnn-na Vasquez Samoa Vague: Naneue Vaughn Sand:-A Vela Drake Vcnlm Urnnis Vrrsie Dannx Vcrwuld - Eduard Villxnval Margie wa. ' Linda Volq Cry slal Wnchcl Debbie Wadsworth f Chmrlrs Waits Chrryl Walker Clay Wallaor Tarnmp Wlllace ' Mould Waller Grl Walthall , Brvnda Wamblr ' ' laura Washirgmn ' bun Watson ' Mdlvzl Wnng I Mike Watzlmitli K Wax er , Susan Webb Dana Webring Rubin Welch Drhbie Welder Mark Wells .lohn Wendt Jimmie Wes! . Sine Y'hiItinglon Kevin W'hiN0rl.h Roy ce Wliitvonh 'V Athena Williams 224 Claw ol'82 ' 382 ,. lv, 1 1 I I p I in nt, nl" lm ' 17' 'I N, , ,ya .A L., xx , - L wk yi, ,X 'u. A. ,- s if ' - l G. , 1, K Al, , Q: ,M Vx -Q IVV W Ll' ta jr..- Q.. . f-ug r-7 -v L.. ii I -5- zzf . cle' 3 .. 5. 1 , ,. X. .,, ' x U 1 si' at S Yi' s' 9 :- 1 f X - 09' 0 , ,, .. I "rv-f lv Williams-Zaborowski tumbling ad A 10-year scholarship and 12 perfect attendance trophies were a few awards, among the many, that Debbie Wadsworth had received for her dancing and gymnastic abilities. She and her freshman brother, Bubba, performed a duet and received a score of 99, out of a possible 100, and the first place trophy at one of their competitions against acts from other studios. She attended a Miss Starlight Pageant and received a trophy in the talent ivision. Debbie Bubba and two other brothers and sisters often performed together. She had been to many Caravan Conventions which provided opportunities to learn from many different eachers in places like New Orleans Dallas and Hous- ton. She has been taking classes for 13 years and practices three hours a day she said. Most of her practice was done while teaching at Sharon s Studio of Dance after school. Debbie said she plans to open a ance studio with her brother some day. if X-f S ij X if d , T , d Y , 1 11 1 x if f 'fit . ,. W, c lf 5 3 N , f ti l I ' I fr? X j 1 X Benjamin Williams Beverly Williams Bryan Williams Debra Williams , Devron Williams .41 M, Kevin Williams at V' " ' RoseWilliams -A. .c ,g Lucky Wilson Mary Wilson Brian Wishard ,. Paulette Witchel I , Ronda Wolfe Alan Wong f Susana Wong ' 9 gates , :XX x 'Y' j f., -4 ,x Donna Wood 4, Kissy Wood is P Tommy Woolen 'l Randy Wright Adria Wylie Jeanette Wyrick Becky Yates Nancy Yerkes Shannon Young Vickie Young Brenda Zaborowski Class of '82 225 How do you want the class of 81 to be remembered? We are great and having fun. We re the class of 81 - Sheryl Bailey . . . As the class who got more done than any other gl class that has ever attended Aldine Sr. Hig . - Garry McDugle . . . By the cool and sexy guys of the class of 81 - Glenn McDaniel 'The class that got it together. ' - Kathy Aleman . . . The class with three state champions in baseball, football and basketball." - Hugh Barrett The Way We were .. hw 13, .fi , f ffdl - K ka M r: Annette iw ikes i had M 226 miss M531 U Troy Trussell, Terri Payne, Larry Robuck W ., at 5' . 1 as 'Eff s 1. if :iii Y' ' ie lil l 1 1 Q 1 iw f 2 . ul I E 5 W ,L gn l f J 'S fn, ' - - ff Q ' Q . N 4 r 'M Q4 . in l B", W "we" '3 "l 4 -H '- 1 4 P' if -11 1 s' Q if . 5 Q . V E, 4 fi 3 " . ' Y D.: W A I ,., t V Ili' limi gt QV, K 1-X ff Lfixil-f 'E' mfr ini t.. s- , YEFQ 'nf' 59 U l 1 l L Q my-A M ,I AMF' ,Q lla-zum . H'- + 'af -A 1 v f - ! g 1. Or I A K .YHA . Ahke-Campbell amine, Abt.- Rhonrla Arlsleg Belinda Adair Brian Ainsworth Wendy Alben Kathy Alcman Mary Alexander ,lafquzs Allard David Allrtd Kevan Alger Kim Allen Jell Amerwn Mike Andersnn Rc-noe Anderson Dan Andreoai Craig Andrews Shelley Andrus Renee Arnedulldo .limmy Ash num. Anaway .lamcs Auberl Ann Bah! Sheryl Bailey Bobby Baker Tnry Baldridge Kenneth Ballard Rhonda Ballard Jerry Bandy Ben Bang Hugh Barrett Renee Barrett .lolinny Ban-s Steve Bam James Batla Walter Baudal Grris Baugh Debra Beals Debbie Bednan-lt Randy Bentley Tereance Berry Tom Berry Patricia Bielamnwirz lawrence Bingley Tina Blair George Blanchard Herben Blau Deneu Bolden Sam Bosworth lavinia Boyd Vickie Boyd Ray Bracewell Terry- Bradford Todd Bradshaw Ronnie Brnndun Kun Brantley Rubin Brantley Lina Brinkman Mike Brinkmeycr Daniel Bmul: Milne Brubaker Ray Bruce Delena Brumluvr Kervin Buckner Pat Bugaj Sllsldnn Bullrle Sheila Burk Kristie Burlesnn Cunis Bumeu Jody Buxton Helen Caesar Susan Caldwell Dena Gmpbell Class of '81 227 Cantu-Farmer Bn-nda Gmlu Cynthia Canlu Shawn Capms l lx-land Gm Roy Qison Sheri Cas Carolina Castillo K.-n.-y cwnlo - Phillip Casim ' Shanmm Tracy Galiwy Antonio Cerda Marcy Cema Mcllssa Chambers . Davizlflhan Milie Chan Fra nces Chance Chrisline Charlton Dellanirs Chavez -Frank Chen ' ' Tgx:ryfCh1-sxer Susib Childress ll Choi Russell Ch risl Mrlirsa Clvmvms . Cn-vin Covhran Kamly Corkrrll .lamm Culvman Barbara Collins Bn-mln Collins . Gary Collins , j 'William collar., ' Kim Connor a Sherri Conner Dana Connolly , lunnle Comman Kelly Cox ' ,Shgrty Cox ' Milli Cmbb Ki-Ily cn-fa.-n Arthur Curllar Snian Cummings laura Davidmn Barbara Davis Cunnie Davis Dvnnis Davis Ge-ralll Davis James Davis Marilyn Davis 'V -, Fny Day Molly Day . Dm-anna Def-s Cindy Dc-laluenle , ,lody Denson , Judy Benson l Krlli Dvville ' slimbmyneu Andrea Dunm- Tvrry Donaldson j mmm nuwfml l.1urivfDg-:vw Chriipniws Michele Dunn Nha Emi-ri Brin Ennis Run Fkman Bradley Evans Ki-lih Evans Rush Evans Shirley Fangman Wamlr Fannin , f' Randy Farmer 228 Class of 81 f . JEQ l A Qi.. l . . , t tvl' V i l av 1. f i In , l,l l , K qw '- FEE W ' X , ,JV W' J , av f? . 441 fl ll 11 N All N l if h . ,,, 2 JF , f "4 f 155 , . .f-, ,hiiwvrf 1: 1 , ff A l ,577 if 'Q ' lf' .14 'f X6 15' C .J 1 i 2 Below: Decorating the cafeteria for tht- homecoming dance. Debbie Hayes helps with last minute preparations after the buses had lt-ft and the cafeteria had been cleared of stu- dents. l o V - ' gl,lN' 11" . .ri lf' f f 3-121 w W. grp , i Sari.: We deserved it was the overall concensus of the juniors after viorking all week decorating more than 25 doors going to three poster parties and contributing their efforts to homecoming activ- ities. They expected and received the Pegasus award at the home- coming game. Dennis Davis helped his classmates win the award. To me my class is the most important thing in school. That is, these are your friends and classmates and we should all work together to make the best we can out of the years that we are together," he said. e deserved it! J YEQIQJ , 1 . . N-e. by Ah f-' X af ,-.A X X 1 Above: Homecoming spirit is shown by Rodney Schroeder and Claudia Garcia as they work on thc- gangster decorations for health teacher Janie Miller's study lab door. Left: To help the juniors win the Pegasus award for homecoming spirit Denise Templet, Buster Johnson. and Mike Stanley work on their "Dance to Victory" door contest entry for health teacher Cornelia Wright's door. Cla ss of '81 229 categories added to fa orites Above: JUNIOR FAVORITES Front Row: Terri Payne. Popular. Best All-Around: Paula Perkinson, Beautiful: Rush Evans, Cutest Couple with K. McCaghren. Popular. Handsome: Deanna Dees, Popular, Best All-Around: Lor- etta Kirsch. Best All-Around: Cindy Delafuente. Beautiful: Melanie Mays, Cutest Couple with B. Pilkenton: and Shel- ley Andms. Popular. Beautiful. Second Row: Brian Ains- worth. Best All-Around. Cutest Couple with K. Harrison: Kelly Harrison, Cutest Couple with B. Ainsworth: Debbie 230 Class of '81 . 1 MOSF POPULAR Bush Exams. Dc .uma D1 1 S. Ulf f""Q'l Ford, Best All-Around, Popular. Beautiful: and Kelli Deville, Cutest Couple with P. Nevlud. Third Row: Kim McCaghren, Cutest Couple with R. Evans: Sam Bosworth, Popular: Larry Lafreniere, Best All-Around, Popular, Handsome: Phillip Ncvlud, Best All-Around. Cutest Cou- ple with K. Deville. Popular, Handsome: Steve Bates, Best All-Around: and Bradley Pilkenton, Cutest Couple with M. Mavs. 1 i A 'IN' 45- fr- f 5 7? ... , . -x 4 QL ' 1 -. M. 'l , S' ' . 5 Li: MS' . H i 4 1 aa. Y J 3 H y , 53 M ' Q29 f- 415' '35, B iw, J V I " 'r ki All . in , N 2 11 1 91:41 V l-Ki ' X l . 4.x Y' 7 u v .g. if,,:,4f,5,-ll 1: l V Lu 1 L"" gif" xir' ' :lf ' .4 y I ,ir -if 16 N ,E an 1 Q..-V 'Q F if L .., Yr'7 Y ,I Q Q11-.-:I quasi Q' ,. f7 -1 ur B... I fi! Fellman-Hex .loc Fellman Kevin Fields ludy Fincher David Flicl: Roxanne Flores Debbie Ford Barbara l-'orehand Mary Former Melissa Fountain .lim Fowler .llmea Francis Billy Frey Richard Frost Cindy Fujimnlo Curtis Gabehart Donna Galaviz Claudia Garcia Marie Garcia Guy Carib: y Cynthia Garrett Nannene Garrett .lurgr Garza Glenn Gates Carole: Gentle Ronie Cennany Brucc Gibson Lira Gieae Michele Gilbert Glenda Gilpin Jacqueline Gipson Shelia Godfrey Brian Goldsby ,lanie Gonzales Rosalyn Gonzales Diane Conulez Cnig Goodman Greg Goodman lgalie Gr-ant Marlr Grauo Kevin Green David Gregg Pamela Gregory Drretta Griffin Karen Croschlu: Wes Grossman Julie c-njmin Cynthia Guerrero Debra Guidry - . Alice Gutierrez Gnnen Guiterrez Karen Haba Kevin Hagan Rodney Hall Tammie Halsey Allen Hamby Glenda Hamby Ihrryl Hamilton Monica Harper Sherri Harris Kelly Harrison DeAnna Hartnup 'lim Hastings Kenneth Havard mmf Hayes Clauncy Haywood Madonna Hfincikr Christine Hendon laura Hendricks Sam Hendrix Carolina Hrrnandvz Kay Herrin Karen Hex Class of '81 231 Hicklin-Lewandowski Tony Hicklin Joseph Hiesvl Connir Hill Alex Hinrlmun Lisa Hin Toilvl Hodge-A Randy Hofian Pamela Hnliday Terri Honick Loriilornf Rusty Hudson Faith Humbm Tangvla Hunter Ve-mnica Hiilrhcnun , I Harry lio lrmy lngram ' Main- lngram - Debby lnman Wm-ndell Jfuflcson ' Denise Jain-gar Tammy' Jannk Michellr Jarvis - Mn-lissa .lassn Gina J rhbia Tm:-y J:-lien-on Angela .lohmon Bill Johnson Darlene' Johnson , Hanensia Johnson Lisa Johnson Robert Johnson Suzy Juhnson William Johnson Davidilnnes , 'Jane-dunes Michaellones - Leclordan Eliubvth Kachmar K K ScnuKeel'e k Kalhy.KeIly Michelle Kennard Richard Key' Greg Keys Sue Kim Yong Kim Steven King Siuari King Slew Kirk ' f Uarclla Kirsrh Randall Kirse Sharon Klein Eddie Kleinwonh in Eun Ko Charlotte Kolbe Sherry Konvicka I Anita Koppelmann " Cash Kowis . Todd Kuehn Nancy Kylr , I Andy lacy Larry lalrcnierc ' Billy Lagaly . John hind Judy lamben Craig hndwehr Nick Lam Thomas lanigue Billy Leo Joey ball Kerri Later Charles Levinson Tina Lewandowski 232 Classqf'81, '- ia fi A 1, A ..n 1- in R, lim I "s X 71 nav , 5: - 5 Q , 5 lx ' '+ '!,,,LlU J. M I . T: I , li, Q, , 4 .A 1 ,7 J Q' J ' 'LI N - all z'.l5f9's S i , - I wi. F lv fa mx C' 1' lv' f l i X1 Yi ht 1 if wa. fo rx, in , 2 - wwf' Z -' l- al-Q' in --ni A Deanna Dees ig, 3 S Vice President Natalie Pavelka Parliamentarian Sherry 'Koniricka Young pol1t1o1ans True to their reputation as the most united and spir- ited class the juniors emerged the leader of Homecom- ing spirit by winning the Pegasus award, the result of The juniors dominated Student Council with the president, treasurer two executive board members and 15 representatives from the class totaling 4-0672: of the Student Council members. The class sold calendars and sponsored a Christmas Dance to raise funds for their senior prom. Other pro- jects included the traditional Junior Follies and junior- senior powder puff game. Below: Determined for their class to win the Pegasus award secretary Terri Payne and treasurer Debbie Ford work on one of about six doors they helped decorate. g I I . N 'W we decorating more than 20 study lab doors. U y 5 C, S n I I r :swf Ili I 4 ' 1 ' I b I ,- jx f 4' .- r' S1531 D 'N ii 4 :rg EL . . .1 .jo Siu! V' X XXL, ui M .4 , if , Secretary Above: STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: Debbie Ford, D'Linn Attaway, Brenda Canlu, Shelley Andrus, Sheryl Bailey, Debbie Hayes, Kelli N I i PM X 1 LA.: Deville and Tracey Raymond. Second Row: Troy Tms- ret Wunderlich and Rush Evans. No! Pictured: Ci sell, Deanna Dees, Dennis Davis. Elizabeth Tann, Marga- Cantu. J - I 'T E' .5 ndy Class of '81 233 Help! What class should I take? Never before had juniors had so many vhoiees to make for class seleetions - four elec- tives. Beginning to think seriously about their futures many juniors were choosing between voeational and college prep classes. Oth- ers were filling their schedules with anything to get by or to be with friends. Vocational classes filled up to three hours of students sched- ules. Skills were learned in eo-op programs and students could use the money they saved for college. David Flick said he chose, his classes, because I need the cred- its for college. I thought I would learn something but I wonder as Right: Replacing a quarter of PE with health, D'Linn Attawuy prartires CPR dur- ing class. Heads spinning Above: Having sell-fled Alum-rim-an literature as his choice- out of six vlassn-s. Terry Brad- ford reads "The Americzm Sl'l'lOl3l'u from his text. Left: Planning, tu ln- ai rmmlu-r:'ial tlvsigner. Brenllu Cuntu lakes xuralional printing lo get more evperielire for her field. Lliiss ul 81 .lf f .,, I it 'F l , M ,- -P X Milk? i rf' 91 . b r 'Y I l b V I X 4 f 'f ' ' 1 ' 1 fir ,S , P 4, L 1 Y b Q - B A 4 I I 1 Q ll 1 if 1 V , ll N i Q V , E1 51" 7 , 7 I ? :.:Q? 4" Lx, l, w It? if 1 .W .ut llllfn. ff ,.w 'D I rbi, i, A YQ. r, . 1 .-5: . vfx I I LE? A hw - Q4 .f f ,L V. 1 fill 'm,X xxkfl Lewis-Mykylyn Pnul Lrwia Thrvsa Link Gina l4x'asrio Johnny Lo:-kr Strphaniv Lnrkx Shaun Logan Shell:-y laukanis Strphen lnulxaniy. Liu have Clml Lowe Roddy Lucio Domingo Luebano William Lulu-r Susie Lu mpki ns Harlan Luska Johnny Lull Mmm Mayfwski Fe Manlangil Imam-hu Manlangil Cherie Manu:-l Pamela Marsh Krnnrlh Marshall Mirhe-Ile Mane-rs fhrrir Mum-W. Candi Mallof-K Slam-y Mum-ll Mr-lanie Mays Hana' Muy n Kim Mrfkghrfn Tnmn MrCre-ighl Bldir Mn-Culluugh Clrn Mvlkni--I cm-r,-x M.-D.--mn Kay MrDunal4l cm, Mn-Duglv Chria M4-Elm! Karrn Mr!-Ilmy Billy M4'Fs-rrin Thumm- MvKinm'p Uxrinnz MrMaz-lvr lu: Ma-Mivharl Rirhanl M1'Nair Tommy Mavrw. M1-vhs Maryam-I M1-lrhur Linda M1-Ilun Auclrry Mn-mliolu Kr-my Mr,--r Bvn Mialclh-lun na.-n, nl:-ml.-...H Tammy Miz-all-ma Annvuv Milwhka D4-una Miklis un, Mikulajl-hal. N1-il Milcs Shu-rri Millanu K:-nnvlh Millrr Canal Mill: Jam Manu.. Danirl Mini:-I Canal Mishl--r San-na Munn Karvn Mmm' Rin-hanl Moon- Adriuu Mow, lmslz Dashl Muni! Susan Murdock lnri Mun-as K4-ilh Illum- Mirhavl Muahinskl Rmb- Mykyllu Cl ass of '81 235 Nations-Robinson Cn-51, Nations Ke-non Nval sn.-my Noel:-y Ja.-quflamr Ne-lsun Phillip Hua Nguy k - Nam Nguy--n Nghia Nguyrn , Kcilh Norman Umgfshn Nnefas . Ban Oliwrl . . . Pal Q'Nes.L.. A Kr.-nilli Drlnmski ,Anthony Orlegon . Ginn Ousrl , candy ousiify K Vinrrnl Pacheco I Chrisli Parker I Drluora,l'rParker K I Rqberl Parker Pam Parks K Tina Parks K Robert Parson . , D4'hbif:kPalrick , Marcus Pallrrsnn K K Slxrrry Patmn 1 Naialie Pmlka Curtis Pnwilowski Terri Payne V' Brandi' Pearson k I K Karlgn Prebus K, Paula Pcrliinsorr Donna Pgrrard ,. Phlmw ' Bisrnarl: Phelps I Slephenfliillips R llarncs Pickpll ' Bradley Pilkqnton i Keith Pinson Marsha Pullg-r Dxiwicl Powell 'Km-n.Powell ' Melody Presclier U K I .lolxn Presley V Richard Presley A MU.-mil Price Bubba Privsmeyrrr K " L Tony Pulling! i ' Bnice Raalw .lense Ramns ' Priscilla Rangel i k Lou Ray I Linda ,Rayburn Tracey Raymdnd K K' Rnbin Raves I V . Diane Reding Bryan Reece 7 Carlos Hendon Gil Replia ' Kirk Righlinirc ' Carter Riley K i ' .lan Riley " ' Jmm Riley Mary Riley ' Melanie Rimmrr " Eliubelh Rios ' Mary Rivera Sieve Rubens " William Roberts 'i Donny Robertson ' Ronald Robertson ' Reginald Robinsnn 236 crm of'81L 'T Lf A K ! .. ff er 'E' V1 , J . 1. f V -,T vi 32,51 r ' "' H -filgig YT' fr 'i" ly' ,tg , QQ Q 1 i .., V 1 ' V?-ai? i ll vv vm ,, f . ,P A, L, srl , f if L f K' .iid ,, ., 'Q in '51 r-ag 67-1 NA- fir:-if Q- ligg Y I 153 I Cr i ffm ? i I 1 14.3 2 '-J' .: 'n l 1 ' n vi Z54i....f- ? Ei' -6 A. vs' N , I ,r-W ,H "ff, -za 1.5 n , -'-a "N 1 b h d, f If Ai Km r -, i. ff K ' 1 x 4. 4 snr 1 F5 4 L. r,i 1, P b P f' K- l . .ix 'J E55 12,12 r"' f 4 57' 1 r I H Jr, .K , W Almost seniors already The end began to become a reality as juniors began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to college, juniors took the PSAT as preparation for the SAT required by most col- leges. The loss of the powder puff football game was the last humiliation as juniors. The ordering and receiving of the senior rings was the biggest event. Memory books were offered to the juniors so that they could fill them out all year. Senior pictures information was given at a class meeting. Three years of hard work were over, and the final lap was just around the corner. Right: Keeping with the tradition. Reginald Thomas has ,lim Pace turn his ring one of the hundred turns needed. Class of '81 rings were delivered before the prom this year. .rv -1 e S fs Q g, 4 fx E , 3 5-24-f I 3- I . AAA A lv" 2 " N A Q ,M Above: "Why did they get their memory books and rings early, and we didn't?" seniors complained. Juniors had the opportunity to buy memory books this year and have them available to fill out during their senior year. Missy Fountain and Julie Guajardo look at the choices before making their decisions. Left: As he practices testing skills and gets used to the test questions Thinh Truong takes his PSAT in preparation for the Scholastic Aptitude Test needed for admittance to many colleges. Class of '81 23 Bashful beaut and high fl er 1. x Above: Steve King is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol. As a part of his requirements he gets ready to repel from a ninety loot cliff at Kirkland AFB in New Mex- ico. This mission is called Pair Rescue Orientation. He has been in the program for three years. Getting his piloting license is also part ofthe program. left: Without modeling experience. winning her first beauty pageant, and every one since. was a real surprise for Kelli Deville. She entered for fun and would have backed out if she hadn't paid her money already. she said. She has only been involved in beauty com- petition for about a year and is reluctant to talk about her accomplishments. 238 Class of '81 iv iw'- is .MJ ..- 5 9.3 Q--' W4! ? -r ,Q N - '- ' l V ' l '-tt ef A i A Q7 A fa' T ' -N in 4 . ' f , ,I , , ' - - -:I 4. F i, f , L 3 A y k ,I r:i l I : - 4 , : :Q ka 'YT , l 9 ,195 ,, lv 3 7' " I E My - l l . X l . T l- Ky! in ' 1 J x,, 1 mx . li 1 ll J Y.. 'ev , . ' 'f 5- A , Lp' h, Q- , , th lf' 1, mf Zl.' Ia l Y ': X . if if - -EAA Mi If 1 4 L. I, E!l I K Y f w f f' , . '- -W,aw,11', fl X T Robuck-Vamer larry Rubul-L Melissa Rodriguez Daniel Rosas Robbyn Ruflin Karen Rumlnlo Dnnna Su-nz Vita Salranek Carlos Salazar Janet Salinas Dolores Sam-hu Mark Sandstcdl Nnulie Smrborough Greg Srllindler Michelle Schindler Rodney Schroeder Michael Schvietrr Marlon St-on Usa Seals laura Surly Ignacio Serrano Mich:-le Sheppard Not el Si ms Rusty Slnglelurl Edward Slucher Susan Smalley Anthony Smith Greg Smith Keely Smith Kllaron Smith Marshall Smith Trina Smith Tonya Snell Robert Snow David Soliz Sheryl Summerville William spun Willie Spears Ruben Str-panski Mm slfpllmtan Ricky slam Chris Sloemrr Sonja Strawther Marian Street Cyndi Suarez Renee Sutton Vicky Sweisthal Eliubelll Tann William Taylor Soknllla Tea Denise Tem plet Dean Theiss Rene Thilzoduux Rqinald Thonus Cynthia 'Fhumpson Kula Timm lzuri Timmins Connie Tolar Curry Townzcn Tummy Truulue Terry Tnylor Kathy Trimble Vivi Tmjillo Nlm Truong 'lliinh Tmong Tmy Tnnsell Cheryl Tucker Scott Tumey Mike Turrcntine I Cenovevn Valdd Rhonda Vlllis .ludy Varela Melina Vamer Class of '81 239 Vassel-Zadik Follies salute srs After performing at the end of the show the rock band Genocide won first place at this years Junior Follies. We were tired of the same thing. We wanted to be original head singer senior Robbie Roberts said. Using the seniors prom theme Wild West the juniors used the Follies as an opportunity to salute the seniors. Out of 410 tryouts 20 acts made it and three trophies were given. These included Genocide for its rendition of School s Out for the Summer a dance by Marga- ret Wunderlich and Angela Wiley and music by the Country Boys. The juniors grossed S920 with a sell-out standing- room only crowd. However disappointment reigned briefly as several acts had to drop out. lt was a real disappointment but we couldn t blame her said Con- nie Hill after a member of their group got sick. Right: "When we are together, sings freshman Jerry Fellers at the Junior Fol- ies. I I a 1 rf 11 v 1 9 9 v 9 re 1 91 1 v 1 9 rr 9 59 9 M Chandra Vassel Lisa Vaughan Andrew Velez Vivian'Victor . 1 , Edgar Walker ' , lon Walker Tammy Watkins . -, , " of f .U 4' N if- Tina Weaver , ' , Mark Webb ,,, ' Lisa Webster Jerry Westbrook V Tracy Westbrook Janet White 4' ' Donna Whitehorn .?, Ek' X fy .1 ',. si . 4 Q Roger Whitley , Diane Whitlock Jana Whorton Richard Wiederhold "' - Q- 1' V Otis Wiley Gwendolyn Williams . r , i , i E, L Mark Williams K AA -V fijmfn L .' 2 , 'V' 'iii -'. . ' Ronnie Williams Lisa Wilson Sui Wong William Wong Cheryl Wood ' Julie Wood .laye Woolverton Melissa Wright E is V Ricky, Wuen ' i ,- ' Margaret Wunderlich K Benjamin Wyatt ' " ' Tim Yeager . . Susan Young , Debbie Zadik - X a ,QE 240 Class of 81 W Qi. , Vega-3 ,1 .k, .,1fKlx 'F 3' 5 i. N wi 53 i .a"1 1 --We , fi, l xg , an I .157 ik-1 lr 3 4 f ala: si .- : -- - .f 7-F -nf 0. - QW Q, mmm. Weis H ak A A. 3:3 in if ,V , ,f KL Q. , Rf - 3 4. 4 N 1 - 1 1 ' Q5 I f' ' 4 -Y----Wmama.- ,,,. ,Q Q Left: Along with f4'rliur.Xl1gvla Wilf-5 lnm pic-lun-mil. jun- ior Nlaxrgarvl W'un4l4'rlim'l1 flanra-5 lu "Don'l Stop 'lil Ynu CPI Enougl1.N Thvy wvre' axsarrlm-rl lllirll plan' lor lllvir pvr- lurinumv. Below: Porlraying Roy Rogers and Dall- Exuns. juniors Dc-nnis Daxis an1lSlwryl Bailn-5 ar! as 4-riirvvs for ilu' .lun- iur Follies. X li ,. .ilu 4 MK' ill! X F21 i a' ' .1 E q - a.. - P" NX , L Above: "Are you Nady?" sings the duo of junior Bush-r Williams and sf-nior L4-1-Ann Portia Class nf '81 241 3 it Looking forwardlll What do you look forward to most this year? . . . Summer. - Buster Wilson . . . The musical and the prom. Graduation is a long way off! - LeeAnn Portie . . . The final walk to that platform. - Lenita Pat- terson . . . Acceptance into college! - Edward Gaviria lm really looking forward to passing one of Mrs. Greeney s tests. - Jonna Atkins l I I 8 99 If 79 QQ 95 Qt 19 B? 7 7 79 I "Uris- 'T ,H ,T ggi 'A X ll , , Abraham-Berry Cay le- Abraham Palri1'iaA4'usla Zeke Adair Eugenia Aguilar Roger Aldrc-dge .nu-1' i Rirky Ale-xandvr Rhonda Alfaru Alice Alxear junna Alkins Sharron Awry Claudell Baker 4-f" Cynthia Anderson Timmy Ashford Jon Baker Terri Ball 'tr' in-V- L-4 Roiwrl Balli Rumisha Barln-Q' Gurn Barker if i Ernesl B4-'vvrra Keri Belvher Billx Bn-ll Diana Be-iwflanln' K1-lliBen1halI v: Marisa B4-mardi Rivky Berry uf '80 2 Besetzny-Bumham Meloney Beselzny Alan Bolton Ronald Borski Robert Boudousquie Randy Bounds 'x 2 e. ., Gina Bowen Alicia Boyd Darrion Boyd Ann Brady Debbie Brake !""X in .uma ,mama ,.,..,.... -..LM Debra Brandon Denise Brelting Sharon Brotherton Angela Broussard Marilyn Brumbelow Ol 'Q Henry Buck Marvin Buckner Denise Bugaj Hanh Bui Steven Buller 244 Class of '80 Craig Bundick Allen Burk Daphne Burleson Roberta Burnett Greg Burnham Burns-Cobb fl 1 Q., ,, ,...-f Richard Burns Tvrry Burns Terry Burnsills' Brian Burton Jamie Bush C"S Russell Bullilla John Callihan John Camplwll C-reg Capers John Cargill Us Karl Carlson Ella Carr Sly Carson John Carter Anne Cash Antia Caslvllesm- Reynaldo Castillo Ronnie Castillo Mario Cavazus Cindy Center A Y l Mike Chen Travy Clark Karen Clvmvnl Cindy Cle-ments Vinvvnl Cublx Class uf '80 245 lt was the first of the lasts. Homecoming 1979 was the first chapter in a series of closed books. Next year the seniors will experience a real homecoming as they return to the scene once more. Homecoming was the first Mustang game in W.W. Thorne Stadium. It also was the first district win as the Mustangs handily defeated the top ranked Baytown Lee. The only true disappointment was the humiliation of losing the Pegasus award to the juniors. Weill be back at . at e Q f. if .si K 5 . ll Q it 1 rw' Ai .5 , ..... J 4,43 K S93 x 246 Class of '80 4,. .. ,,, Above: Dressing a 1920's flapper, Lorraine Bonds and Lenita Patterson decorate their study lab door for the Pegasus competition. Left: Injured in the game but still cheering the team on to a victory over Baytown Lee, John Crout sits on the sideline while student trainer Britt Ennis and trainer Steve Vellente work on his ankle. Colbert-Diehl Tammie Collier! Rodney Cole-man Donna Collins Guy' Cook Karen Coon Ft' 3- - im- :rx Fe-lvria Coop:-r Todd Cooper Lindley Curvorran Russell Corgey Jeff Cornelius Suhan Cox Wir liusa Coy 'F .lohn Croul Palrivia Cudrl :br Linda Danforth Loriv Dauln-rl Valvriv Dau! Curtis Dayis Roy Daria 6 flllurly Duwori Dianna Day Czilhy Dvun Tony Diaz Nlir-lu-llv Di:-lil dbh 0 fl IBO ,fy ' Qsk MAIZKJEVANGELIQTZX PAIPJUA Nm. Aww was Aww wif K- yiv I Mnczcueru JACKJLEWI Valedidmiaw ' of '80 Claw 0 Dillard-Fogle Audit' Dillard Donna Dixon My Duyen Todd Dobie Dwayne Dosselt Donna Dovsies Mitzie Doyle Robin Drummond Susan Dry mond Charloltv Dunaway Margaret Dunn Bernadette Eastland Jimmy Eddins Mark Edwards David Elizalde Dr-dria Elmore- Mark Evangelista Gs-rald Evans Rochelle Eians Donald Farley ,lolinniv l"1'llinun Susan Fernandez Ri1'hartlFinrl1f-r Janie-s Flon-5 Shvryl Fogle ' V 3 dent - .. " , Ronnietngtilld . h ' QQ' ' Vide Presiden Q ,Step acl ' fN0tPic'tuedJ ecretary 0, 3 X as-- Nm. 1 Don oTHns '51- ,fy ,Tr 1' -' " 4. Class of'80 251 252 Class of '80 Franklin-Gonzalez William Franklin Janelle Fric Lisa Friedrich Doris Fun- Charles Garcia Lorenzo Garcia Ruth Garcia Salvador Garcia Mary Gamer fl' ren a Garret! K Carl Garrett Tvrone Garrett David Ganz Romney Gaudet Edward Gaviria Ruth Gavina Sharon Gear Gemci john Gerhan Danene Gilmore Teresa Godwin Terry Godwin Richard Gonzales Richard Gonzalez Coyne-Harding Dians' G05 ne Keith Graham Slwrri Graham Wilfred Granger .lan-quvline Gram Randi' Gran-s David Grvc-n Debbie' Grvf-n lr-'f Paula Gregory Nxlaliv Grimes 11: 'K David Guvrrvru Slew 1- Green Toni Green Beth Gu ici' Gle-nn Guillol Carlos Gulie-rrvz Elida Gutierrez Jacquvlyn l'la1'kf'll Slew Haddirk Sluan Hall Tammy Hall Sonja Hamplnn Allison Hanks lra Haruughly Cliarlvs Hanling an of '80 W if 1 f ammy lzffcfafz gim- 5 EIZZO S dim iz! ZIZEOLII ,W X! 1- P I Clusrnf'8O 1,512 , Gb 2 acfofzifaz 'inf I ,r 'fs In . ' 15,1 ' l-nun-y""' A 2 X I dmoz! .730 afgzz M62 A cilfaziia .qjahicia .G-4 f f ': , I cfbfvif lb ,5 'fp 7, ,. -5. 521 7366 5 S145 5 was X 0 'Q O uepsrs .'o,' "Nic 0 I oo' O' Vi QOQCQ '1 C-14 Clas of '80 Harris-Hoot Annie Harris Mark Harris Ronnie Harris Shawn Harris Starla Harris -cv' ' Adele Havens Jeff Hays Doyle Hayslip Mark Hein Marla Heinz vga Vickie Hendrickson Michael Henry Mike Hernandez ,lim Hickey Keith Hickman Marilyn Hicks Debbie Hild Sue Hoang Russell Hoffan Kreg Holden f ' w 'J larry Holliday Melissa Holt Yolanda Holt Susan Hood Sandra Hoot 256 Class of '80 ,'f'-3 Renee Horn Rirhard Hnrnbuvkie Mivhvle Horgan All Karen Howard Kalhlern Hrozek Mark Humphrivs Angela Ingram Wilma .iaegc-r Cindy Jenkins Kim Johns James Johnson Karen Johnson Maxine Josvph Sandra 1054-ph Bobbie- Jupin Horn-Keeney Rebc-wa Hosier Les' Houston Clarence' Hunter Regina Hunlvr ViCkif' Jvnkins Elda Jimvnez J'- 47 Venclia Johnson Gordon Jones Kcfvin Kaiiszewski Brenna Class of '80 25 Kennard-Konvicka Suzanne Kvnnard Troy Kcnnard Envy an Kelly Keys Verna King 258 Class of '80 Ernest Kloeppvr Carole Knight Kcnnvlh Knlodvjvak Debbie Konvirka Qt""'v . 0 as tk W bww? n p Robbery tlW6ii'ey Qthatlsithdsiiegword thatgseems to dull the excite- fnient said, "It was a lot of is Hi -- fkw 'e V la. - 1 1' f e es? - as mone but it fun.tfXour sem , gshould be s eclal. . in f 'W 'f - 3" The cost ofibeiiiff 'ffalselnfoirtybe l 'unior ear with the g 1: A- J Y orderingof senior that their senior ring was the most expensiyejtem lzlieyagaadegjf purchase. l Runnmg close were isemor second place which L , t -1 at i ffolfqysagpro 5501 to , to iiicidentalsglikeu 'tickets forlschool activiti such as egg N cost between 350 and, 3560. anvni nts cost , Q V ' QQ '7-' W. 'qi Qffg: j-I , notebooks, Qahd otherifund ragg- couldierunf the studeigtallowed himself to ' X ' i' the cap and gown, 35.503 the senidlifpanoraniicfiifetifitgS7.50g T-shirts, 38.00g and club pic- tures, 34.95-each. I But the chief money guzzler, the Prom, came at the end of the year when piggy banks were already running low. Accesso- ,trles for the Prom such as a dress, flowers took about 35150 out of one's pockets. j i?gN , X f i . . , " 'e If seniors d1dn t sell en ' E1'IlHgQZ1YlCSe3'IICkCl.S , the Prom were 3525 each. Plcture at their'1Prornswsran fr0g?i38.50 to 35211-.50. But the money was Robin McCabe Said, shouldnlt have had to pay for but otherwisegil it." And lastly Kevin Kaliszewski said he felt "tei'rible,'l wasted so much of itln Didnlt we all? it by 5 ' k,V,,,. ..... .X ,.,. W... ,. W I a A .5 A, N I , M. . 5 -. Above: 4-43 names were scrunchcd onto the from panel of a T-shirt for seniors. Terry Godwin orders ln 58.00jersey. or the cost of being a senior Left: Cf-tting tht' fvel of his vap anil own, Ki-nn:-th K il lf' k h g 1 of qia as his si-nior portrait 4- taken. Picture' packages sold for about 375.00 Gown rvntal at grailualion was another C Below: S1-niors. rliil you knov. you might haw sp:-nt 8150.00 on xarious piclurvs I throughout tht' yt-ar? Tommy Pagvl forks owr 822.50 for tht- band and unc senior panua .. Famic pivturre.. ' , K .f i f. x f i KX , xxx L R is ..... I - ky .V Q g . V f :i ii- V i ' ft - .ir 4 A ' ,.'Q, ' f , '- v. 4 1 T- 7' l - 9, 6 , " ' 1 , 1 'yr ,W l f f N, ' 2 ' xg A "' i ' :4 1 I' -'V V 1 P- '.-'Z 0 X ,gg , I 'balm 1 1 ,F 5 i Above: Most svniors agrz-ed that lhr-ir Ni-nior rings we-rv thi' moat r-xp:-miie its-ms thvy hail to pun-hash af a we-nior, Prim-5 rangml from 865.00 to 814000. Lefl:Tl1r- ri-turns for graduation imitation: will urld up to pre--1-nts and mon' prcsa-nts, Rita Tolar picks up and pays for he-r be-nior invitations. mt-mory hook and varrlf. Clan of '80 259 Class 0 Lambert-Mattern Robin Lambert Teresa Lecourias Shelley Lehman Kellie Lester Brad Letney ' A javk Lewi Frankie Linscombe Demetria Little Carlos Lopez Beverly Lovett Elbert Lowery Eva Luchak Brenda Lynch Sylvia Machado Melody Mangum Snmnm- Marinn Richard Marshall Rica Martin ,lo Ann Martinez Henry Martinez Y Laura Martin:-1 Rossanne Massey .Iana Matlock Kathy Matlock Debbie Mattern f '80 Tribute I I Below: Writing compositions in English classes prepares thesaurus' and an abundance of patience are all necessi students for college. Cliff notes. liquid paper, typewriters, tics. .-I' 1 x f ,-. t. a A 'HA W, . L fPresented by the teachers at the Senior Break- Q, S' A 'eff 1 gi , is fastl . V . g WX, 'Wilt fisaxtli 4-'gig im . fl ' ti:- We the teachers of the Class of '80 ' ' " ' ' Q 'T' I XSWV Have a few things to say. A A few parting words to let you know Just how we feel this day.'s start at the top One class at a time. Let's start with English, A real favorite of mine. You said goodbye to Reynolds Thinking the worse was behind. Then appears Flores And youire all out of your mind. Next on your trip is Flower Lady Bond, Who with one of her faces. says no way she'll be conned. Everyone knows the two that are last Between Creeney and Perryman, kids have a blast. Those who have Perryman know of her charm But watch Reggie Hunter set off her alarm. Last but not least, let's look at Grammar Greeney When it comes to compositions, she sure is a meaney. Geometrically speaking, next should come Math. Many who've been there have felt Rourke's wrath. All of you who like frogs Science must be your bag. As far as your grade point ltis caused a real snag. Though Voight and Marion plotted and schemed Still their humor was not just what it seemed. Oh, lord, next comes government We tremble in fear For who will it be On our schedule this year? The red-headed terror or the big Mr. C Whichever it is, it sure won't be free. Basketball, baseball, swimming and track Are all part of P.E. and these you must hack. Moses, Kriegel, Justice and crew Make sure that you're dressed in white and true blue. CPR is a very important part Of studying health that you must take to heart. When you round that corner, there stand Miller and Wright Watch what you do, cause you're not out of sight. the Stranger 42 .. 2:2562 Above: Wrapping meat at Archie's Butcher Shop is part of Linda Maxey's school day in ag co-op. Right: ln one of the more popular senior classes, Kelli Lester takes a picture for her photography assignment. Class of '80 261 Yee hah. The last roundu Hanging around at the Senior Swing, the site of the senior breakfast, cowboys and cowgirls mingled and talked of the anticipated excitement of the prom that night. As they talked they wandered through the little west- ern town complete with a saloon, jail, stageeoach, and dance hall girls. A western-style breakfast of eggs ranche- ros, sausage, hash brown potatoes, bis- cuits, juice, fresh melons and a bever- age accented the Old West theme. During the program, president Patti Patterson reviewed the past four years. The senior sponsors presented a humorous sketch about all the senior teachers. lSee part of their poem on page 261.1 Arriving by 7:30 a.m. for breakfast, most seniors were gone by noon to pre- pare for prom that night. Right: Wearing faded jeans. kicker belts and cowboy hats, Cheryl Stokes, Karen Vaughan and Debra Phillips authen- ticate the Old West theme. P Q. T w L. 7 ix, Q so '-i"""" lailhb 26 Cla of'80 K "ma ii-no uno-I Left: Making the sets for tht: breakfast be-gan in February. H1-ad senior sponsor Mrs. Con nit' Wright assists Monarissa Valles in adding the final touches to a dance hall girl. ' W-A ,Q -rw: fm 1 : 4 Above: Wanted posters, sheriff badges, garter belts, senior prophecies and Cacti are among the favors given at the senior breakfast. Left: Vice president Ronnie Castillo added his imagination and talent lo the breakfast decor. Ili-signing and supervising the decorations. Class of 80 263 Matthews-Minnich E ,, V' Patricia Matthews Linda Maxey Rivhard Maxis Duane Mayo Vivian M4'Bride NWN, Robin McCabe Shawn Mcclanahan Richard MCClerc Julna McCullough Linda Mrfcurdy 1. , Alu. Sherry McDaniel Linda McEachern Sherri McElroy Darrell McFarland Bonnie McKeehan Patricia McMullen James McQueen Paul McQueen Paul McRae ,Icrry Meeix Johnny Melchor Connie Melton Steven Miller Anthony Milligan Tammy 264- Class of '80 Monk-Pc-able-s , .fy H YW W F1-lil-ia Monk Cheryl Moon' Kullwrim- Moore Kvlli Moore Brel Morris fs ,. Amado Xlosvs Bc-vky Mosley Cheryl Neal Norma N1-vl Clmmlra N1-lsun f'UN Q. 1:-' Eng Nguy Tuyvl Nguyvn Tracy Nic-hole-s Rirhard Nucl David Osborn Tommy Pagvl Dullle-5 Purslmll Carol Pallen Craig Patti-rsun Le-nila Pallvrson 1 Q" Palli Paltvrson Shari Pallvrson Slvphallim- Pullvrsun N1ll'l1Ll1'l Puvlik Damn Pvables of '80 265 Below: Formal or not, Jackie Zaborowski and date, along with just about everyone also in the room, danved the Cotton-Eyed Joe. fwasii5The Old Westfl 5fSeeing Mrs. Greeney, illllrx and Mr. Link dancin - The facts were: ,V .OnfMay 16, at the Galleria Plaza Hotel, the or llclasscollaborated one last time for the Prom. T cost of itheitickets for this event was 325 apiece. The eme A'The class song was "Ain't No Stopping Us ow, andthe flower was the white carnation. The mot a .was "Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, but live lf lVIu'gs,l programs and centerpieces were the favo V that seniors received in memory of the night. ' ' i , A N fl, ' A ' as sa Ely. we'll remembergi i ri was the tallest one there lalmdstllv - Paula Gregory V .I K .N Q I A p f -"The most memorable experienee at the prom was wallgiing in I ' ' - 1 . il, V and 'seeing the ice carvings and all the other classmates and lcnow- ingithat it was all for us." -liiIarrlieEBush " . . ., H A Uh 1 i if ffffaking the most beautiftfl piers n I know." -Todd Rheln' , i i- v g M A si", 1 Riflhaffl tM?Xiff it I 3 it .Zim gf. '3,',"l'lhe prom cost me over 35135, and I got my tickets freelff-f 'V 'Ronald Borski Q 'x t , t Y-9X I ' 'Vi i vw swam above: The senior magazine salt' guaranteed one fret- Keith Graham buys his prom tickets from business team he tlrkvl to tht' Prom if the st-nior sold S50 worth of maga- Wilma Slraqgjnprh Il hun- xinvs, lf not, seniors hought prom tickets for S25 each. 266 Class of '80 Pl.- ' I I '5 S Left: Receiving their mugs from head sponsor Connie Wright, Russell Corgey and date Paula Perkinson clidn't realize that the mugs just barely made it to the Prom. Head sponsor Beverly Greeney said, "We had already made up rainchecks in case they didn't get there." Below: The Mustang reared its mighty, shimmering head in the form of an ice sculpture, appropriate for the West' ern theme of the prom. Q. ef Q 1 it i ,JA lg 5 li Above: Senior Desiri Salton and husband Kevin dance closely to the mellow sounds of "Eclipse" Left: Wearing her prom corsage on Monday morning, senior Brenda Lynch still enjoys the memories of the prom night. Class of '80 267 Peraza-Ray Ilvana Perara WH Y V Kim Peters Hung Pham Tuah-anh Pham Barbara Phinos Robbie Pierce Karen Pleasant Carrie Pohlmeyer Loretta Polliclc Robert Poole Lee Ann Portie Lisa Praetorius .,u-r- l""mt Terri Priesmeyer Charlie Pruitt Estella Puente 268 Class of '80 Ivy Randall Martha Randall Stephanie Randolph Alesia Pullings Don na Ratz Debm Phillips Larrv Pohlmeyer Donna Price Raymond Pyle Stanley Ray it .1-rv Cnruly Il R114 R1u 11Rux Am !"i SI1'H'llRhn1h':- Cy nlhiu Ri Ruhlm Ruhr rl- Reyes-Srhoonovu-r Shillllllill Rilvy Lori Rilrhry B1-linda Rmwka Sonya Rndriguvz 155' 1:-,-ar ? Ywllv Rmlrigun-L .-Xrlisu Russ Sophia Ross Slvplwlm Ruth Donna Roy K4-mu-lh Rm-mke juz' Russ:-ll Shurnn Sarvhivri Chvryl Sallaz Kvnm'lh Sanrhvz .M1m-U4-Sululvrs Jullvl Sumluz Billy Surulslvmll Tvrvnrv Suragv Lisa S1-h1mmwvr Class of '80 269 Below: Keeping his tassel out of his mouth is an unantici- pated problcm for Russell Corgcy as he and Melody Man- gum play in a special ensemble at graduation 1 fi iv Nl X R xx A ,kms S .f g U. M , L, , Xi Elf: . s ' is ,, Above: Empty chairs marked the number of people who didn'l participate in graduation. Rcmemhering to leave lhosv st-als was an added worry for Bs-cky Serrcs and Chuck Shell. Right: Walking down at stoop st-t of stairs is a tricky task for Mary Figuvroa evvn though NHS member junior Paul Lewis gives her a hand. 270 Class of '80 wr Q Kg S? ! V I .5 bove: Finally the Z's! The class chi-cred as Karen Zayas. No. 506, returned to her chair. Below: While singing the school prayer for thc last lime, Karen Clement is overcome with sadness at the thought of leaving hcr friends. X it I 1 V uate buckle her shoe, Above: Last minute preparations are comp X Xs- J7 i . D f' . . .f ' f 1 Look out World, here we come. "Everybody's looking at me!" "Is iy cap on straight?" "l'm gonna be ite!" "I hope I don't trip!" . . . were a ew of the many thoughts running trough a graduate's mind. Swinging tssels, sitting in the correct chair and nding families afterwards were other erve-rattling fears. Ivy Randall and Regina Hunter had icope with new injuries and crutches, taking the crossing of the stage even tore treacherous. While others anted to crawl in a hole because of ieir family members' outbursts of ells and whistles when their names ere announced. After successfully crossing the stage 'ithout tripping or shaking with the rong hand, graduates faced yet another surprise - the stairs. Going up wasnit had but the climb down from above was very steep. Although 506 seniors experienced the same fears of making a mistake. the evening was as joyful as it was sad. It was joyful because 12 years of hard work were coming to an end, but it was sad because many graduates knew that they would not be seeing their friends on a regular basis anymore. Valedictorian Mike Chen summed up the meaning of graduation and com- mencement when he said, "In reality. today's occasion is a two-fold celebra- tion. One of ending and another of beginning. Besides closing a chapter in our lives, tonight is also the start of a new life for all of us In the past, most of my classmates and I have been shielded from the responsibilities and hard realities of the world. We have been watched and fussed over by our parents a great deal. A graduation from this carefree lifestyle led by most high school students is one of the ceremo- nies for tonight. The other reason for this occasion is the celebration of a beginning. All of us will continue to learn from our future experiences. and we will continue to grow. The lives of 506 people have just started today. We are the graduating class of 1980, and we are out to meet the challenges of the world and to give our best shots at attaining our dreams." Class rlcted as Kenneth Ruemke helps a fellow grad- of '80 Schuehel-Stone Cathy Srhuelwl Benita Scott Sharon Self Rt'hvrra Serres Miki- Shar-frr Marvin- Shafer David Sharp Churk Sh:-ll Ronald Shnrtvr Terri Sides Patricia Singleton Paul Sivcoski John Skillern Kvrrit' Slatton Peggy Slatton any :AVN H Sandie Sludcr Stephen Smith Rita Speaglv Janvt Staha Michael Stamps 272 Class of '80 Sandra Stanlt-3 Joanna Stepanski Thervsa Steptot' Cheryl Stokes Paula Stone Class of 1980 in review "Each graduating class has its own unique characteristics, its wn individual style, its own particular manner. Throughout the .st four years, the Class of '80, has excelled both in curricular ad extra-curricular activities," principal Vernon Lewis said in is graduation speech. The class entered high school in the fall of 1976, the Bicenten- ial year and 20th anniversary of the Aldine Senior High build- ig. More than 700 students joined together from Stovall, Teague hd Aldine .lunior High Schools to form the Class of '80. The 'nth grade "A" team, with 7 wins and 1 loss had the most suc- ssful season of all the football teams that year. For the first e at Aldine, geometry was offered to ninth graders. i The middle years of tenth and eleventh grades were the most iccessful ones. The creation of the newest Aldine I.S.D. school, imitz, separated long time friends. .The sophomore football and asketball teams won district championships. As sophomores, the lass received the Pegasus Award for showing the most Home- ming spirit. As juniors, the class overpowered the seniors in e annual Powder Puff game. , Reaching the top of the totem pole, the Class of '80 became eniors. Preparations for graduation began almost immediately. faming Mr. and Miss Aldine, Mark Evangelista and Patricia latthews, was the highlight of the year. Collecting the most money for the VOE spirit chain contest enabled them to win the ontest, and for the second year in a row they were the victors of ie Powder Puff game. Ending the year on a happy note, the var- ty baseball team won the district championship. "The Class of '80 has left its own special mark upon those who l . .,e. Atom: snaggg-cv li - .5 0 . 'pai f'f'??"?1 Q have been associated with its members. The motto chosen by the class exemplifies their attitudes as well as their diverse interests. This motto simply states, " 'Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today,' " Mr. Lewis said at graduation. Below: Would you believe that a person could change so much in just four years? Pic- tures of Cordon Jones from his freshman year through his senior year show the vast differ- ence in his physical appearance. fl , -. .tw i ., -fi.-. ',.- ,.--- .-,.4?,v - ,, ,,, , A .- -.,-jj .1 in ,,. i ,4 ,'u,9!.?l,.S.. vlypai, ,:-,j .4 .nw : , gg. X -.'.'fvl..,f':sJ'1.-: 7 -h .'r.5 ve. 4. .xx I 5. aft, . IW I-- r - - if -J Q .flu " Nd H ' ilfsif- ve: Looking through her old yearbooks. Melody Man- gum reflects on how fast the years have passed. Classof 80 213 274 Class of '80 l O Coming of age Looking forward to your 18th birthday could be a big letdown. Becky Serres said, "I thought everything would be different, but it isn'tl" But some things were differentg like voting. Although voting gave a person more say-so in their government- most 18-year-olds said they would vote the way their parents voted, although in reality only a few voted at all. Q Responsibility also came with your 18th birthday. Today 18-year- olds wanted more independence but still had their parents to fall back on. When asked how they wanted to be different from adults today, seniors answered by saying they wanted to be more "under- standingf' Y' if ,N .ff f Q , . i 5 - I gg y l eg i it i a3 ,miM K ' I t Akxfx The year .. s of '80 tumed"1B, the government beganaaiously discus ' reinstating the fl, A nqgrissue in the problem was wha.Lto do with w . Susan Welder sat ' ' - d ft is good. Women should be drafleflf alle at's the ERA for?" Russell Corgey said that the thing he remembered most about his 18th birthday was . V. that, "My girlfriend threw me a surprise party. and she ran off with wean else. . i Q Tia W ' -if We . 5 Street-Vaughan Lcanna Street David Sw:-sei Melissa Tagls' Mando Tello Mark Thar ker fy. ,J ,, ,. larry Thompson Robin Thornell Traci Tig:-rl Tommy Tilley Rita Tolar Q' .anv- Daniel Torrence Susan Toupin Richard Trevino Elizabeth Tucker ,lean Tucker Kenneth Tullis jeff Turnbow Ronda Tymel Lisa Underwood Connie Usher .nrff li Monarissa Valles Nita Vara Rene Vasquez Beverly Vassel Karen Vaughan Class of '80 275 f K 7 6 Class of '80 -U Vaughan-Williams Nina Vaughan Kevin Vaughl Janet Vela Debbie Vereher Rafael Villalpando James Walker Randy Walker Deanna Wall Lalonya Wallace Glenda Walther 'IF WN I Floyd Wamblm- Ronald Wanevk Teresa Ward Marva Walls Sandra Webb 14" Susan Welder V Marlin West Rhonda While Jennifer Whiteman Angela Whitton f Janet Wil-ghzn Angela Wiley Neil Wiley Craig Williams Debra Williams Class of '80 2 278 Class of '80 Williams-Zaborowski 5 Herbert Williams Herman Williams Jennie Williams Tressa Williams Buster Wilson ff- x t""7 Morris Wilson Virginia Wilson W Terry Winfield .limmy Winkler Doug Wisener Keith Witcher Shui Kam Wong Tammy Wood Dalfenia Woods Craig Wright Janet Wylie Hala Yacovb Liz Ybarra Jackie Zahornwski T253 ALUJ Above: Simulating a scene from th ist Paul McQueen tal-ces notes. LOBBUST 8 OBTH .Z e US. Senate, Senator Jackie Grant listens to the debate as lobby lelow: Passing out pamphlets for the Reagan presidential impaign, Kelli Benthall participates in his campaign pcause "I met him in person, and he explained his views D me. Meeting the candidate influences a person a lot." te said. f .- FEQZE: -'E-15'Z --4.l..........l,- ---My 4- M ' , .i .,Qi g 'T'fP.'t1':j.a:-N, N 1 .. - - '-'-- , . . at - M . -- I-Piffkii . " ."Q"13gff ' iii".-iz. A .4 . A, . - fx v' I' .Vy.5,.., ' ":- ' ,Q , ' W 'iv' -, Ai ,. -" '.,'-4f": 'il' ,. . 1 - . .-se .- hlitf. W I . ...ll 5--Ev'-if gg .5 ,iv 5:9-,f 'A I A . gym - - .'. "'- tfiff '- -'fe -if ' 4 A. :.l' --.cj 1- .. I' 1 . -- - '.'-' ., t ' -jf ,J ' i ' tv! 5 1--.ufulg-ytigili tfifisf Q' ' 5 I 'itil' I ' . Y Iv.. FA S V si "1 QF? Q , -. , a t , .-, ,,m,,,, , 1 y at? o Juni: 4 vw 133' ' ., ye ,iv -Y yggr .ativan ' .r P' ' , ,Ax o X 504' " X32 il' y f' 'QL-'F' . A1 '. 423' gs H , Z .yi ,. 6 ij.fQgff:,y,,- ' - L'-a-naw V, A, , 4 I 'M ' tQ',l,.,2"' 4, .2-faint?-tx' . -. . -.,Q"v its- .r 'ffV:--."''- , u. , ., QA. , , it First opportunit to voteg 'so what' attitude prevails To vote or not to vote, that was the question for many 18-year olds. Tak- ing the time to carefully examine the candidates and travel to the appropri- ate voting center was a waste of time to some students, while others felt obliged to be responsible citizens. Whi- chever the case, the number of stu- dents qualified to vote compared to the number that actually voted was sadly notable. In a poll taken through government classes, statistics showed that 93 of the seniors were 18 years or older, but only K5 were registered to vote. When asked which party they would classify themselves as, M indicated Democrat. Students said they would vote for Carter over Kennedy by a 3 to 1 mar- gin, while Bush and Reagan ran a close race. Out of 78 students who claimed they planned to vote in the May 3rd Texas presidential primaries, only about 15 actually voted, slightly above the Texas average. Government teacher Mrs. Pam Ber- tone said that she was not surprised by the turnout. "Thats typical. we fol- lowed the norm. 18-20 year olds only vote when itis an issue that involves them - like drinking." While government teacher lVlr. Jim Curtin said that he was surprised, "That indicates that the 18-year-old voter still hasn't assumed his responsi- bility." I1 e -1 - - 411 ...,,.. - 's in tix- X .N .... .1-,, l' ' - -. L--...Lua . -.J I ' X .,-f Z - . . :- . N gh., " 'T , r ' 3' . -iiqz ...Nia f.,1tN'-X I K- V I 15 . -at g G , q .L t- y X - . "-1-"...... gf Above: One privilege of being 18 years old for Keith Graham is registering to vote. Left: Looking through the newspaper. Craig Wright studies the issues carefully lu-fore yoting in the May 3rd primaries. , ,I,,,.,.7 1 - ' '- -.,. 1, , 4. .. gait,-I N'u- 'I ,,, .-if ' 111 - 1 . 1 f Class of '80 - - Z 280 Adu-rtise-rnffnl W , ' S uni .Z -A r ' U ' , vifiggz fx A .J -, - . 1 - . vb g " 5 , ' " ' 4 1. 'F L , W ' .., V ' . fl 1 -Q . , 2 I +4 -" 5 . , ' -- 6" ', 'iv Ji" " 4 Z 7 " 'J 1 4 f v - P" . 035 l W 151 Y X Iflxxh-L"Z Y ,. 1 X 1 'S 1 .V D' A 1 0, J ET 1 3. 1 -19 .451 .Nfl fx- 'lv1h's r .-f., lX.s-x '1 Junior Shvrry Kumivka AQMEQEQTUSUNJQ Q ' ! v X 59+- f 3 x Y. xii J o Q- K L. ig , A Q 1' 'hu T2 . X -BV: K I VY 7 ' I J , . ' , . f . DQQLMI' HN Newham Dm ff r asw.:: ....W W x Ad 81 Mlsler Penguin Tuxedo LDINE 'P Sewing the employees REDIT of AISD and North Harris County College 10830 North Freeway 905 ALDINE BENDER RD. 449-0109 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77032 HOUSTON TEXAS 77037 Q71 33 447-0606 'R FEATURING - '-AFTER sux" FORMAL WEAR 2506 W- Mi. Houston Rd. 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L mga P ' 1 lluml-0 s6.,":' - I IZ ' 'IOOI 1 AIRLINE 95 E2 y Seniors, Mustangs Patricia Acosta Eugene Aguilar Alice Alvear Jonna Atkins Claudell Baker Michael Balkcom Mike Belnoski Diane Benesfa nfe Lorraine Bonds Robbie Boudousquie Da rrion Boyd Ann Brady Allen Burk Brian Burlon Russell Bu++iHa 5 Greg Capers Q Ronnie Caslillo Cindy Center Mike Chen Donna Collins Guy Cook Palricia Cudd Lori Dau beri Curiis Davis Sharon Brofherlon Cassy Buchanan Karen Clemenls Lindley Corcorran Bernadefle Eastland Rochelle Evans Mark Evangelisla Sal Garcia Brenda GarreH Ed Gaviria Ruih Gaviria Stephanie Geraci Teresa Godwin Debbie Green Natalie Grimes Mark Harris Doyle Hayslip Mark Hein Marla Heinz Michael Henry Larry Holliday Michele Horgan Rich Hornbuckle Karen Howard Mark Humphries Cindy Jenkins Andy Johnson Kevin Kalisiewski Kelly Keys Tammy Kitchen Susan Kleerekoper Ernest Kloepper Eva Luchak Melody Mangum Suzanne Marion Ricky Marshall Pa+ricia MaHhews Vivian McBride Sherry McDaniel Darrell McFarland Bonnie McKeehan Patricia McMullen Paul McQueen Jerry Meek Sieve Miller Anthony Milligan Chris Nation Cheryl Neal Greg Neeley Chandra Nelson Tommy Pagel Lenila Parlerson Pa'Hi Pafferson Joe Perez Debra Phillips Robbie Pierce Carrie Pohlmeyer Robert Poole Lee Ann Poriie Renee Randolph Nowhere But Aldine Ricky Robles Belinda Rocka Sonya Rodriquez YveHe Rodriquez Kenneth Ruemke Janet Sandoz Lisa Schoonover Cathy Schuebel Becky Serres Sieve Smith David Slrickland Melissa Tagle Traci Tiger+ Lisa Tucker Kenneth Tullis Nila Vara Karen Vaughn Janel Vela Debbie Vercher Randy Walker Deanna Wall Glenda Wallher Teresa Ward Sandra Webb Marlin West Jennifer Whiteman Angela Whiflon Herman Williams My Duyendo Debbie Konvicka Shannon Riley Jimmy Winkler Susan Drymond Kellie Lesier Rebecca Rober+s Doug Wisener Gone Dunn Jack Lewi Printing While You Watch COMPLIMENTS OF '- WM' - Way I 0 La L 10942 NORTH FREEWAY HOUSTON, TEXAS 77037 CAROLYN HOLMES PHONE 447-4728 OWNER Kentucky 517 West Mt. Houston h- Houston, Texas 77037 "'N'uy- lckeno 445-0044 lt's finger Iiokin' good! 739 West Mt. Houston Houston, TX 77088 Advertisement 297 I "WE SH Adu Bill Tote Phone 713-441-2184 P.o.sox 11848 SCHOOL PICTURES HOUSTQN, TEXAS 77016 oor SCHOOLJKI MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday: Morning Woship 8:30 A.M. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship I0:55 A.M. Church Training 6:00 P.M. Evening Worship 7:00 P.M. COMPLETE NEW ACTIVITIES CENTER IDaiIy Scheduled Ac+ivi+ies 9IOI AIRLINE DRIVE 447-3488 NURSERY OPEN ALL SERVICES B. LEROY PATTERSON GORDON H. JONES ROB PHILLIPS PASTOR MINISTER OF EDUCATION MINISTER OF YOUTH ACTIVITY A ,L -L X Trim 5'i:id'fF'1415757 ID, 5 I 'N 44,2 E PRODUCT QIQSAN 8515 NORTH FREEWAY GULFBANK EXIT HOUSTON, TEXAS 77037 445-1301 XI P0 300 Ad Alklggfnntrlluii GBEIQITEB I01 mrnmmg 448 7845 CUNNINGHAM ALL-NITE PHARMACY DRUGS COSMETICS GIFTS CARDS COFFEE SHOP OPEN 24 HOURS 6033 Alrlme Dr 697 326l Congratulations from your godparents CHARLIE and BEULAH JOHNSON who will be celebrating their 43rd anniversary the year of 1980 on December 31 Love Always Grandaddy and Grandmother I l I o r , S 0 0 A at D gran 7m FUUD STURE I435 Aldine Bender Road Houston Texas 77032 Phone 442 l62l 263 Greenspolni Mall fl RED CARPET w Muchelson Enterprlses, Inc 931 8400 1746 W Mount Houston Rd 445 7293 Your Aldlne Realtor slnce 1971 Complete real estate services Located at corner of Stuebner Anrlme and West Mt Houston 1 ' ' 2 1 ld , I H 1 v ,mount ul 1 2 , 1 Nt. 'er 0 - . tg 1 I X A1 i - ink .. J tr 7 BIG IRCDN 11012 Alrlune 445 1238 Good Luclr Seniors '80! bt ala E 5' 2 m U7 -I m T Z 2 rn JP FU Ad 301 Class of '83 Tammy Grantham Brenda Cooper Ann Eisterhold Tina Clark Karen Wylie Becky Tempiet Jill Kuhn Ralph Sanders Kerry Green Stephanie Rice Kathy Nichols Gayla Beard Flikki Garibay Joann Biedrzycki Susan Weiderhold Cheri Townzen Denise Luker Liz Castro Kathy Loukanis James Mushinski Jerry Waxler John Garcia Susan Benner Eric Botsford Nick Everett Flaymie Harrell Jeff Harris Kenneth Farraro Pat Harding if -we Mx N. Nw. we vars:-Q.. mf , A sis 1- gg .lin XS- is T5 QW xx Sf N NNN X B5iwl'r?l1iig Parts W Feel C r A m y pmqng ldxifua sf W fxwhvzi K QQCQGC Roundup ianejglla-yzyn an 4. 1 KN? CAMERA co. if .c 7 :gl I f .-- faf t fi W W , Over Years of 1 Photographic Experience . ' ...- ,fl T 5 y , bq . 6 9 ,fi 5 locations for your ,S shopping convenience - ffip Check the Yellow Pages for the nearest store tk . ,H?mm Q . :i. .ffm 3m.fa:iiQ3,.s',TZ51sfiw1if' . S... cw, - N. ,.,,,.,- W '- xl-rli-4-iiiviil Large Selechon of PROM DRESS and TUXEDO RENTAL DISCO DRESSES Beauhful Lacy Dresses for OU I NCEAN ERAS Everyihmg For 'rhe BRIDAL PARTY FOR HER fhere s Weddlng Gowns Vells Head Pieces Hafs Gloves Flowers Bibles Garfers Sllps Money Bags Kneeling Pnllows Weddmg Invliahons and more FOR HIM we have ren+aI Tuxedos Sheds Shoes Top Ha'fs Tues and WaIIung Canes Pagean+ Dresses for BEAUTY CONTESTANTS WI1lI'e FormaIs for RAINBOW GIRLS CQ moles IogCnd 10941 Alrllne at West Rd Across from Aldune Hugh School Open Mon and Thurs 12 to 8 Daily 10 to 6 445 0748 304 Adv I-ICDSA STU DY LAB Gwendolyn Barker Cassandra Buchanan Denise Bugaj Karen Coon Rhonda Falls Shawn Harris Deborah Konvicka Cheryl Neal Carrie Pohlmeyer Yvette Rodriguez Robert Turner Angela Whitton Shui Wong I Teacher: Nancy Sandoz BAR B-Q HOUSE 155 Dyna Drive West Houston, Texas 447-1427 Amsworth uahty Meats 10933 Airline At West Rd. Ph. - 447-4674 Open 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon. Thru Sat. M. W. INDUSTRIES, I N C. X 6 . ,Tn Builders of: Form Dies, Draw Dies, Bending Dies, Metal Stamping Dies and Special Machinery 215 E Helms 443-3510 Houston, Texas P.O. Box 38473 77088 330 Eos? Crossfimbers 694 8051 philip Wunderheh peter Mess STATE FARM INSURANCE 447 8560 sure FARM CQWANIES HOME OFFICES - BUFFALO S BLOOMINGTON. ILLINOIS Hall' Kali' INSURANCE UNISEX PRg:ggsfcmAT.EHDA5'R sTYuNe B" "T i1Jm"i'mS siow DRYING NATURAL PRECISION HAIR curs UNIPERM COLORING wiesenvics 9520 North Freeway NAOMI BU FFALO Pos'I Office Box 38444 Hous'I'on, Texas 77037 Phone: 4438-024I Ad men l30a nn unn C HO E CES - BL A M NSUIANCE 1 l Edgar A. Reeves Local Agen -uw CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF I98O! VAOU ERA PARENTS ORGANIZATION CongraI'uIaI'ions Senior Vaqueras and Bes+ Wishes Io AII of You in Ihe FuI'ure. GAYNELLE PIERCE JUDY GERACI CAROLYN VERCHER JOYCE McKEEHAN MOLLY HENDRICKS TERESA WUNDERLICH PAT McEACHERN TOTAL DESIGN THREE SPECIA PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER TELEPHONE CHAIRMAN MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN WAYS AND MEANS fxflafofa .Efzzfefzbnf 1352 Zgfi QM .Hone Jaw 6 Cys-2239 ALDINE MUSTANG BGOSTER CLUB Dedica+ed +o fhe FIGHTING MUSTANGS Qf T' w Raymond Turnbow, Presiden'r Audrey Harris, Treasurer Roy Hall, Vice-Presidenf Yvonne Turnbbw, Secrefary 308 Adverliseme Locahons Throughoui' The Hous+on Area Gulf Coasr Surplus, Inc Main Office Hous+on Texas 77037 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF l980' TOM GRANTHAM TEXACO 515272 5 HOP - CUSTOM SHIRTS 11030 AIRLINE AND HATS HOUSTON, TEXAS C7131 931-3633 694-6658 . Tri Lumber 8: Hardware Co., Inc. Complefe Line of Hardware and Building Maierial 7l03 AIRLINE DRIVE HOUSTON, TEXAS 77076 9350 N FREEWAY JAMES "Jim" McCLOSKY ANDREW McCLOSKY HOUSTON TEXAS MANAGER ASS'T MANAGER . 9I I4 Airline Dr. FARM AND HOME SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Ann Shuttlesworth Branch Manager 9326 North Freeway P.O. Box 13587 Houston, Texas 77037 71 37 529-4491 1 WESTFIELD PHARMACY 1006 Aldine Bender CFM 5253 S 1 HOUSTON TEXAS 77032 449-3377 442-9401 Theres nothing better.Me-mbsf rsuc Prescriptions Gifts Greeting Cards T131 0 North Freewoy LATE THURS. BY APP 7 9 . .t 4p Houston, Texos 77037 445-0286 REED S BZZALLFRSEATSZSHIONS MON-FRI- am o 449-3285 SATURDAY-9 . .t 1230p H fth S O B. E. SEXTON RED ' DOT TRAILER PARK Travel and Mobile Spaces 15014 SELLERS RD. HOUSTON, TEXAS 77060 448-3438 Near Greenspoinf -- 5 S .1 , K -'sf wiv HT? .s . N Rig gf 1980 SENIOR OEA MEMBERS Eugenia Aguilar Meloney Besetzny Denise Bretting Anita Castellese Donna Collins Susan Cox Robin Drummond Dedria Elmore Sheryl Fogle Sherri Graham Paula Gregory vnl Debbie Grimm Starla Harris Debbie Hild Karen Howard Regina Hunter Kim Johns Suzanne Kennard Robin Lambert Kathy Matlock Tammy Minnich Kelli Moore Carol Patten Donna Price Marcie Shafer Cheryl Stokes Leanna Street Jean Tucker Teresa Ward Rhonda White Janet Weighat Tressa Williams Ginger Wilson BEST "COUNTRY BANK " IN THE BIG CITY! WM SOUTH 1 3001 Main fl-iouston, Texas!Member FDIC You'II like our attitude. Ad Tom Bailey Photography LW I , in ,, V fjyggli gr sToRYBooK PORTRAITS 4, .. , i, . ,, , Seniors Bridals Love stories Families , T 4 4 hlilll WEDDINGS I Special effects V51 i f Mysties A 'V Double exposures ' K-1 p, 334 Coach Lamp Lane 448-4445 Fi.owERs Fon ALI. OCCASIONS FTD CBonnles glowexs S its SERVICE ZENITH ONLY 'ous Am"'NE HousToN 'rExAs 77037 445-3740 445-4830 ALDINE COLOR T.V. 330 Hodgkins "We Feature Good and Choice Meats" Houston, Texas 77032 442-9859 B8zW MEAT CO. Charles Dobesh - Manager 4725 N. Shepherd 681-3484 697-2844 vvrlisi-lm I ff? EN. L, Sluphaniv C4-ravi Bonnie Mm'Km'1'hal1 Tammy Kilchvn '79 ' L . ol I I ao .Q :fi Qi Ea- I' G? fa- gli K ' I K,-ll, Kf-,S Drhhiv Verchvr 'Q 'V' 'ax 3 ' Q.. I X.. I , 2 3 3 Y ? 1 lg. 441. 4 'Chandra Nelson Cathy Srhurhvl Ange-la Wiley Nita Vara Advertisement 313 314 Advertisement the Future Sav'n s. Everyone has daydreams. Maybe it's a boat, a trip or a vacation home. To make dreams into reality it takes plan- ning. At Airline Commerce we have a savings plan that fits your future. We have short and long- term plans as well as something in-between. Come in and talk with one of our officers about the savings plan that's right for your dreams. We'd like to help. 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CEXIT 633 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77090 AWARD Charles Harding Keith Witchet Paul Sivcoski Doug Wisener Marvin Buckner David Green Tom Green Larry Thompson William Franklin Kreg Holden Study Lab teacher Mike Selby I Qo eetri CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS SUEDE, LEATHER, ALTERATIONS WILBUR COX I 77 Aldine-Bender Manager Houston, Texas 77060 ONE HOUR SERVICE 447-0182 I I49l North Free ay 445-I886 or 353-7374 I8 Yrs of Professional Dance and Teaching Experience Ballet - Pointe - Tap - Acrobatics - Jazz - Baton NANCY'S SCHOOL OF DANCE ART 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN TI-IE BUSINESS ' wi' I I f s is 13449 , TIEQN - ' -'f OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 1-w ' 4' X ' X'-7 ' I " 2' S h 1 ff V N, I - it I 1 Z 9am-6 pmCFall monthsj Eg, It '- - 9 am-7 pm CSummer monthsj f-J ' F- 8503 North Frwy. 448-2404 10540 Almeda Genoa 946-6578 1 1023 Southwest Frwy. 498-4696 5 I -ii? 1744W Mt Houston Ftd Houston, Texas 77038 For the Finest in Floral Decor U 9 if Bfoom Phone 448 4388 I U55 Qfowaz Qazcfan WR? . n u rs Bertone S S ud L Wmmsofthe Allce Alvear Denise Brettmg Sharon Brotherton Mlke Chen Llndley Corcorran Lorne Daubert Donald Farley Brenda Garrett Edward Cavmo Jacqueline Grant Stuart Hall Mark Humphrmes 11132 AIRLINE ,une and Paul Schulte HOUSTON TEXAS 447 9446 7 O A na:,w, , Q:qr,r K A I 5 hw, .,. ., ' 'ff ' QQ:-fr ' Q sf 1 'T : , A z 5 e 1 N L 4 il fi 'X' W' l 5 4 J 1 mill I, ,G,,, A e,-1'-' 'gi U," Jeff Cornelius Diana Benestante Kathy Moore Sandra Joseph Shannon Riley Robin McCabe Romney Gaudet Alicia Boyd Steve Miller D.E. SE IOR Richard Maxie Kenneth Sanchez Chris Nations Rhonda Alfaro Margaret Dunn Tuyet Nguyen, Renee Horn Terri Sides Richard Noel Todd Rhein Sandie Sluder Ilyana Peraza Martha Randall Susan Welder Charlotte Dunaway Jenny Whiteman Sherri McElroy Awlx Gwendolyn Barker - Nursing Doctors Hospital Cassandra Buchanan - EKG Citizens General Denise Bugaj - Nursing Parkway Hospital Karen Coon - Lab Doctors Hos ital Rhonda Falls -llNIursing Heights Hospital Shawn Harris - Anesthesiolo fy Houston Northwest Hospital, Dehorah Konvicka - X-ray Doctors Hospital Cheryl Neal - Dental Assistant Dr. Garbade Carrie Pohlmeyer - Physical Therapy Doctors Hospital Yvette Rodri fuez - Physical Therapy Paiilcway Hospital Robert Turner - Lah Parkway Hospital Angela Whitton - Physical Therapy Parkwa Hospital Shui Wong - Pediatric Nursing Houston Northwest Hospital HOSA SENIORS Bank of Harris County l'I'llNl'lll I NATIONAL ASSOCIATION 397 North Bell' at Imperial Valley Drive P.O. Box 60006 ' Houston, Texas 77205 I7 I 3I 447- I zoo Member FDIC A,Z2,f-rf' Rochelle Evans, Janei Vela, Susan Kleerekoper and Sonya Rodriguez 15025 YARBERRY ii M HOUSTON, TEXAS 77032 449-0620 RICHARD EVANS QUALITY WORK HOME: 448-4513 JOB SHOP - PROTOTYPE Al 321 694-3320 SCHILL ELEC ERIC CO INC COMMERC A INDLJSTRI 906 . LOOP EAST HOUSTON TE A BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 80 IESPECIALLY TO LORIEI S 77009 Mt. Colvery Boptist Church Pastor: Reverend O. D. Baker MR, AND MRS. K. R, DAUBERT Clerk: Brother Charlie Johnson V 71 ., L u LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS L. N :www t1sr1?'KE'X' T" ..,a,:l5 VK gif vs -ww . if tl E ,. A, lA,JZ . We Hove gmflgces HFor You . . . 2700 W. W. Thorne Driv Houston, Texas 77073 443-6640 9 2508-G W. Mt. Houston Hermitage Oaks Open 7 days 7 AM- I 0:30 PM 93 I-6666 Byrd's Mini-Mart Ph. 447-8254 G S MEAT MARKET Quality Meats Specialize SI I West Mt. Houston Rd. Freezer Order Off I Hwy. 45 Family Pack Houston Texas 77037 PH N Q 'II I Fi y s MEN'S FORMALS i4o2 MAIN 552.2039 5157 WESTHELMER 785-I966 4543 FM 1950 - 440.0343 ALL A HM My ITSOISLYLES .9 L. ncu ing Q 3' HQ Login ri-is New A ' li -'wesrsrm Iii! six TUXEDO'- 7 I I. ALL I STYLISH T ,, 5 V, COLORS SPECIAL STUDENT DISCOUNTS :93I-5530 OPEN: I IA9 WEEKDAYS SU . II-7 The Original House of Bar-B- Complete Catering Service LOCATED AT 2506A WEST MT. HOUSTON for +he best in town - come try us Dale Wooddell ln! H835 Airlina ut Win Hood Houston, Turn 77037 Bw. 448-7572 Hn. 9876282 Auto -Hrr L10 -Tmck-Coawrnn:hl PERSONALS To Angela Wiley with love just to let you know I m thinking of you. Love Michael Emerson Anthony I would like to say congratulations on your many achievements. Good luck in the future. Mrs. Doris Johnson Best wishes on becoming a senior and may you have enough enthusiasm to accomplish your goals. Louise and Jonah Washington Dear Anthony Congratulations on becoming a senior in 1980. Good luck and may God bless you. Mrs. Burnell Byrd Good luck and Best wishes to everyone in the graduating class of 1981. Cindy Fujimoto Anthony, Congratulations on your many achievements, and also on becoming a senior in 1980. Good Luck. Mrs. Rosemary Kelly. Good Luck to the graduating class of 1981. Cynthia Thompson Adve rtisemenl Mrs. Pou's Study Lab 'if , ,,,,,.-sw""" Q Donna Collins ' Qian " SMS S Eugenia Aguilar Robin Drummond 'J' Dedria Elmore Sheryl Fogle Debbie Green Karen Howard Suzanne Kennard Robin Lambert Kathy Matlock Kelli Moore Carol Patten Donna Price Leanna Street Jean Tucker Teresa Ward Rhonda White Janet Wieghat mm Ginger Wilson Kelley s Sporting Equipment IIl34AlRLlNE A V3 fl wf' My HOUSTON TEXAS 447 9327 'ff qv N I , :L . 5 A ' L ' 3 M I ' e . I A . A - is f . v f . VV . . V' , O O 5 x ' 2 go f wi" iauwrst. 1 , ', " 9 I 7 -fr li , - .fff',l' f 'I , .. ' ' If V I K 5 ff' f pf' A ' K at ,T ff' ' T E za mg 'gh T X K , - 324 Advert I enior ALICE ALVEAR ' ' ' Council An Club 111, OEA 111, vols 111, student Yearbook 1113 Spanish Club Month. JONNA ATKINS Choir 1213 FTA 1213 German 1213 National Laude. CLAUDELL BAKER Varsity Track 14-13 Basketball 1113 dent Council 111, Sr. Rep.: Yearbook Vice P ' 3 Perfect Attenda 1113 Photography C 1213 Stu- Junior Class lishments Likely to Succeed Senior3 No All-District Number Sense 1313 All-District Science Read- Most Studious Senior3 Valedictorian Jones Scholarship Recipient3 Hid- Outstanding Student in Biology I hemistry' Math and Sci- Ma , Pumeerleader. 1313 Twirler 1113 Cosme- tebook3 First Place Solo and Ensemble Contest resident nce Award3 Cho lf Pop GSL3 Close-up Theii Sweetheart: BOUDOUSQUIE in A CIQ1213 Band Club 141' rsitY 111: State: Harris County Council All-Region Band 1213 ear Awards3 Magna Cum BOWEN ' W 1413 Art Club 121, lreasurer 111, Cheerleader 1113 Second Place Executive Board 111, Thespians Secretary 111, 1113 Cum Laude. Who's Who Among 1113 Prep Bowl 1213 Art Clu ence Club 1113 Symphonic Ensembl .rl 21 FTA 111 German 111 Science Club ' T Captain 1113 Mustang 111, Sports up3 Houston Area Model United Award3 Quill and Scroll3 Cum Laude3 Second in District Features, Third in. Award 121 Aldine Optim 111 Star Greenhand 111 Team 14-1 Public Speaking 141, Star Chapter Farmer ramble Banquet, Fourth nd Rodeo .ludging Team, Area III Judging Contest inth A 111, Executive Boardg Basketball 3 ' ' ist a Poultry Judging - N Reporter 111, Third 1jr.13 Second Place National Honor Band Club 14-1, 14-13 All-Region Cum Choi , of the 131 German Club 1213 espian Beau, of the All 3 Th for Band 1413 All-District Band 14-1: English 11 Award Award3 Student of the Month: First Year Academic book 1113 Musical 1-41-13 Magna Cum 1aude3 First Pla Contest3 Sr. Breakfast Committee: 77-78 Student Contest Winner. MIKE CHEN National Honor Society 121, Vice President 111, Sr. Rep.3 Yearbook 1112 Science Club 121 Math Club 1313 Prep Bowl 1212 French Club 1 sity 1113 First, Second, Third and Fourth Year in First and ce Club 1113 Geography Club 1113 Drum 121: National Honor Society 1215 Baseball Treasurer 1211 First and Second Year Air Conditioning Award. Tyrone Garrett .1 ta-4,,, . , fp., 4' - f Q ' 325 Senior Accomplishments s - V-vp' X H 57.5 l 'f ifk Fiwfn 1 "Y "FW MARGARET DUNN 1 7' I FHA 111: DECA 121: FHA Social Award: First Place Selling in DE 121 BERNADETTE EASTLAND 1 1 . Student Council 111, Rep.: Cheerleader 141, First Lt. 111: Spanish Club 111: Volleyball 111: Biology Award. MARK EVANGELISTA Football 141, Varsity 111: Track 121: FCA 121: Student Council 121, Jr. Rep., Executive Board 111, Voting Committee Chairman 111, Judi- cial Board 111: TASC Convention Delegate 111:: Nominated Most Popular 131: Best-All-Around 111: Mr. Aldine: Photography Club 111, Secretary 111: Mustang 121, Tri-Editor, Editorial Sports Writer: 1 Director, Newswriter, Critic: Prep Bowl 121, Captain 111: Good Sportsmanship League 111: Quill and Scroll: Powder'Puff Cheer- leader 121: First Place Feature Writing: M.C. Junior Follies: Local and National Close-up: Houston Area Model United Nations. GERALD EVANS V German Club 121: Band Club 141: Marching Band 141: Symphonic Band 131: Stage Band 121: District Band 131:'Region Band 121: Area Band 111. ROCHELLE EVANS A National Honor Society 121: French Club 111: Bandtglub 141: Nominated Most Likely to Succeed: BluebonnetiGirls' ssrarsggstrwirier 111: Symphonic Band 121: First and Second Year Awards: Marching Band 141: Close-up: Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer: Concert Band 121: Magna Cum Laude: Powder Puff Football 111. DON FARLEY 1 Concert Band 111: Symphonic Band 121: Marching Band 131: National Honor Society 111. SALVADOR GARCIA Thespians 141: HOSA 111, Parliamentarian 111: A Star Cast UIL - Charley's Aunt and Frankenstein: Charleyg1Charley's Aunt1: Prince 1King and I1: Bob the Sheep 1Revenge of the Space Pandas1: Henry Clerval 1Frankenstein1: Philostrate and Starvling 1Midsum- mer Nights Dream1: Host of Second Teachers Gong Show: Second Place HOSA Parliamentary Contest: Close-up: Nominated Most Tal- ented Senior. STEPHANIE GERACI FHA 131, President 111: Student Council 121, Rep. GSL 111: Vaqueras 141, Captain 121: Junior and Senior Class Secretary: Out- standing Home Economics Award: Nominated Most Popular 111: Homecoming Duchess 111: Homecoming Queen 111: Miss Aldine: Most Beautiful 111: Best Dressed: Friendliest: and Ag Sweetheart: GSL Delegate: Choreographcr of Musical "King and I." TERESA GODWIN National Honor Society 121: Band Club 141: Spanish Club 111: FTA 111: Symphonic Band 141: Marching Band 141: Flag Corps 131, Captain 121: John Philip Sousa Award: Student of the Month: All- District Band 131: Region Orchestra 111: Musical Orchestra 121: First, Second, Third and Founh Year Awards: Magna Cum Laude. DIANE GOYNE Gymnastics Team 111: FHA 111: Bowling Club: Printing 121: VICA 121, Chapter President 121, Aldine President 111, State Reporter 111, National Delegate 111: Mustang 131, News Editor 111, Activities Edi- tor 111, Tri-Editor 111: Outstanding VICA Student: Citizen Degree- VICA: Outstanding Printing Student: Journalism Award: Nominated VICA Sweetheart: Gold Medalist at District: Second Place at State: Harry W. Sears Leadership Award: Mistress of Ceremonies for Coro- nation 111: Musical 111, "Bye Bye Birdie." JACQUELINE GRANT Latin Club 111, Vice President 111: Math Club 131: Student Coun- cil 131, Parliamentarian 111: Slide Rule 131: Science Club 111: National Honor Society 121: Basketball 141: Volleyball 131: Third and Fourth Year Awards: Magna Cum Laude: Engineering Award: His- tory Award: Athlctic Award: Typing Award: Biology Award: Math Award: Spanish Award: First and Second Team All-District. NATALIE GRIMES FHA 111: VICA 121, Secretary 111: Cosmetology 121, Vice Presi- dent 1jr.1, Prcsidcnt 1sr.1: Bowling Club: Outstanding Cosmetology Student: VICA Sweetheart: First Place District Project. SHAWN HARRIS HOSA 121, President 111: Cum Laude. Senior Accomplishments 326 MARLA HEINZ I I i I Choir 141, President 111: CSU 121, President 111: HOSA 111, Trea- surer 111: Cum Laude: First Divisiongflnsemble, 111: State Competi- tor: All Star Flag Football Team. MICHELE HORGAN 'Til ' FTA 121: FHA 111: HERO 111, Reporter 111: HECE 111, Reporter 111: French Club: Local and National Close-up: Track 121: 100-mile Club Award 111: Cross Country 121, Captain 111: Most Outstanding HECE I Student: Band 111: Perfect Attendance 111: First Academic Award. RENEE HORN Geography Club 141, Secretary 111: FFA 111: FHA 111: Powder Puff Football 111: Nominated FFA Sweetheart: Most Outstanding Geographer. RICH HORNBUCKLE Football 131, Varsity 111: 1000 Club 121: Band 111: Track 111: Art Club 111: Science Reading Club 121: National Honor Society 121: Stu- dent Council 121, Jr. Rep., Parliamentarian 111: All-District Honora- ble Mention Offensive Tackle: American History Award: General Physical Science Award: Floyd Cloud Fighting Heart Award: First Academic Award: Magna Cum Laude: Nominated Most Wittiest: Perfect Attendance 111: Spanish Club 111: Prep Bowl 121, Co-Captain 111: Powder Puff Cheerleader 111: FCA 111: Yearbook 111, Copy Edi- tor: GSL KAREN HOWARD FHA 121: OEA 111: Choir 141, Vice President 111, Alto Section Leader 111: Volleyball 111: Cum Laude. KATHLEEN HROZEK Volleyball, Varsity 121: Basketball, Varsity 121: Track, Varsity 141: gflost Valuable Track: Most Valuable Volleyball: National Art Honor ociety. s 1 . MARK HUMPHRIES R Football 141, Varsity 111: FCA 121: Yearbook 131, Photographer 121: Track 121: Most Handsome Freshman, Nominated Most Popular 121, Most Handsome 141, Mr. Aldine, and Most Wittiest, Student of the Month, 1000 Club 121. J' I A CINDY JENKINS I Band 141, Secretary 111: Symphonic Band 131: Marching Band 141: Cum Laude: Musical Orchestra 121: District Band 121: Concert Band 111: UIL Competition Typing 111: Band Sweetheart: Outstanding Service Award Symphonic Band. V, ANDY JOHNSON f Football 141, Varsity 121: Basketball Manager 111: Track 121: Freshman Class President: 4.7 Club 121: Most Popular Freshman: Nominated Most Popular 121, Best All Around: Powder Puff Cheer- leader 111.312 Second Team All-District: Co-Most Valuable Player: Escort for-Sophomore Duchess. t I GORDON JONES ' Art Club 121: Baseball 121: Track 111: HAEA Scholarship: Gold Key 121: Blue Ribbon Finalist: Recipient of the Aldine Art Award. MAXINE JOSEPH y French Club 111. KEVIN KALISZEWSKI Football 131 .. KELLY KEYS FHA 121, Vice President 111: Student Council 141, Vice President 111: Vaqueras 141, Colonel 111: Nominated Homecoming Duchess 131: Homecoming Queen: Nominated Most Beautiful '141: Most Beau- tiful Junior and Senior: Nominated Most Popular 121: and Best All Around 111: 1Cutest Couple with K. Tullis1: Good Sportsmanship League Chairman 141: Lion Club Sweetheart 111: Spanish Club 111. TAMMY KITCHEN Vaqueras 131, Captain 121: Student Council 131, Secretary 111: FHA 121: Spanish Club 111: Gymnastics Team 111: Nominated Most Beautiful 131: Most Beautiful Sophomore: Best Dressed: Nominated Most Wittiest: Homecoming Duchess 111: GSL Delegate 131: Junior Follies. SUSAN KLEEREKOPER French Club 111: Latin Club 111: 'Band Club 141: National Honor Society 121: First, Second and Third Year Awards: Marching Band 141: Symphonic Band 141: District Band 141: Region Band 121: Magna Cum Laude: Musical Orchestra 111: Powder Puff,Football 111.1 ERNEST KLOEPPER National Honor Society'121: Slpanish Club 111: Track 131, Varsity 121: Cross Country 121, Varsity 111: VICA Magna Cum Laude: ' john Crout VICA First and an First Swe BECKY FHA Con- Funding Perfect Dressedg VICA Puff Cheerleadeqf, Award. ' 121, Secretae' Clu 121, Place Dlstrlc and Ol' Third Orchestra 111 Yearbook 121 Editor Leader 1131: 121. 1 tor 111 Sr Rep Historian Class Secretary- of Girls' Choir 1113 i , . .,3 Lati u 1 1 Vice First and Second Y r Cum Recipient FHA 1113 Latin Cheerleader 131, the lace Advanced Layout Aw rd a Presented by t e mor Class President3 Sen or u- ' ea h Clubg Year bca- Nominated 121Q Most Most Popular and Beauti- Studiousg Miss Aldine Best All Around3 s Award. and Senior3 1Most 1 nated Homecoming '14-13 Most Beautiful Duchess3 Magna Cum SHAWN MCCLANA VICA 1211 Likely to H 1 Eagle Aldine, Noml Most Popular Homecoming Award Best ciety 1213 Captain 1213 Nomi FHA 111, First, Seco ,Third PORTIE Choir 121, ice Club 1113 National Honor Year Awards3 Most 13 Spanish Club 1213 CSU Drama Club , ical. 121, Leaz1J1113 Indian Award3 Nomi- Most Tale 3 Student of theMonth3 Junior Follies 1213 Coro- Entertai ent 1113 PTA Talent Show 1113 TASC District ea - , Entertainment 111 Choir Sweetheart Outstanding Alto of FQ Best Actress 111. PRIESMEYER 14-13 cert Band 1213 Cadet Band 1212 Marching Band 1213 Art Club 1113 Club 14-13 Yearbook 111, Junior Editor 1113 FFA RILEY Talented Stu DECA 1213 FHA 1313 Awards n DE ,111. Good Sports- RITCH 421. Dram 31: 121-Sesifetafy 121 ROBERTS! 5 M Varsity Tackle OCKA FHA 111. CYNTHIA RIELS Club 141, President 1113 erman Club 121. or Class Parliamentariam Perfect 121, District Sergeant-at-Arms 1113 ce Club 1113 Art Club 111. 1113 Track 1213 FCA 1113 Second Team All-District Tackle 1sr.1. Council 111, Sr. Rep.3 Powder Most Handsome 1113 Cum Laude. VICA 121, Parliamentarian 111g 111 Printing 121, Parliamentarian 1213 Notebook 1sr.13 Notebook Quali- 121, Reporter 1113 Health Occupations Chairperson3 Perfect Attendance 1113 Rodney Coleman, David Sharp and Patti Patterson 327 Senior Accomplishments 'CATHY FHA or A mplishmenls Perfect Attendance in HOSA 1113 Outstanding'-HOSA'Studentg Out- standing Health Occupations Student. .I , DONNA ROY f ' DECA 121g Drama 1213 Thespian 111g Area 'Winner in DEg State Contestant in DE. KENNETH RUEMKE Math Team 14-1g OEA 121, Contest Chairman 111g Data Processing 121. JOE RUSSELL Football 1213 Baseball 1115 KENNETH SANCHEZ DECA 121, ANNE'I'I'E Band 1415 Representative 111g First Place Ensemble standing Club Clubff121. Honor Society , 1411, Varsity Model United Nations 111, Chief First, Second and Third Year Nomi Likely to Succeedg Magna Cum FHA 1113 Latin Bowl 1114 Math Quiz Team Reading Club ' f Team 111, Powder Puf 111: Concert DEA A Band 111g Nominated Jones Scholar- Nalglgnal Club 141g National Society 121g Sym- and 121g All-District 14-1g All Region Year Magna iCum Band Close-upg V fiical OEA Area Man- National Honor Club 111, First 1313 Vaqueras 111g First Place District Printing as Alike. Dennia 209 Abi.-. Rodney 227 Abraham. Gail 2-L3 Arker. Dalid 193 Acklvi. Rhonda 227 .-1r'osla. luan 209 Arosla. Palnrla 293. 297 Al-mia. Sherri 193, 75 Arn-man. Sandm 114. 175. 98 Arlalr. Belinda 224 Ada1r.Tlmo1l'ly 243 Adams. Donna 193 Allan., Mary 193 Aguilar. Eulrl-nia 243. 297. 310. 324 AguiIar.5l1ia 191 Ainslie. David H. 'XJ Ainsworth. Brian 139. 227. 230. 83. 105. 130. 108. 109. 108 Alnmorlh, Mlrhael 193 Allwrl.Elwse'163. 164. 209. 159. 189. 33.39 AIben.Wen1ly 114. 121.27 Aldredgl-, Rnp.. 2.13. 59 .4l.lrlap.-. sl-afnn 209. 159. 75 Aleyanilru.All1erl 193 .4la.nan. Jann 193 Aleman. Ka1l1er1nr227 .-Xlexandvr. ilan 121. 227 Alexander. Rn-ln 243,612.63 Allan.. Anhur 62. 63 Allarn. xlanr 191 Allaro. ilanln 193 Allaro. Rhonda 243. 319 .-1l1aro.Va'al11-r 193 .-1llord.1af'qur-322157,61.161.160 Allred.Cyn1h1a 193 Allred.Day-111227. 131 Alge-r.K1-ian 227. 159 Alleorn.Cl'lar1es 81 Allen. cnn.nn.n 209 Allen.K1mbvrl1 121. 227.35 Allen.Rl1'l1elle 209 All:-n.Rober1 175. 183 AIIen.Sella175 Allen.Sl1aron 156 .1llgppa. Rana, 193 Alma. .ann 209 Mn. 36. 175. 91 Al1rar.Alil'e 35. 243. 297. 153. 318. 333 Alu-ar,Richard132. 186.209.2161 91 Alma. Dlunl-162 Amerson.1e11r4-y 26. 227, 189. 48. 49, 92. 89 Anderson. Connie 209 Anderuln.Cynlh1a 2-13 Anderson. Darrell 135. 136. 139 Anderson. Mark 193 Anderson, Mlrhael 227 Anderson. Renee 73. 227. 70 Anderson. Troy 193 Andreozzl. Daniel 227. 57 Andrews. Craig 227. 131 Andrus. Shelley 17, 121. 27. 229. 230. 233. 65. 109 Anlnnny. K.-nnnn 193 Anapp. Donna 193 Armslead. Mallhew 175 Arredondo. Rr-nee 121. 227 Arredundo, Rlrharrl 302 nrnaaa. lan 209. 65 Arnaga. sally 193 Ash, .limmie 227 Ashford. Tammy 193 Aalllnnl. Tnnfn, 243 Aiklns.1onna 242. 243. 276. 297. 33. 109 .-11kinson.Cherle 181. 209 .a11.n,6n. of-pm T9 Alkinson. Regina 161. 209. B1 A1Linson.Shr-rry 193 Anawav.D'1.inn115.227.233.231r Aubeni Billy 193 Al1ber1.1ames227 Ruben .Sandra209 Ann... Anthony 193 .alan . Sharron 2-13 Avila.Yenn1123.165.l93,-19.168 Ayala. Raul 209 Alala. Sandra 83. 91 Baron. .lr. Kenne1h193.181 Badal. Abdul 193 Bahr. Ann 271109. 70 BAhr.Pa1rlfla 209 Bane.. Cheryl 193 Bailey, Delray 133 Bailey. Sheryl 113,121. 227. 233. 241. Zql. 91 Bailey. Sheryl 193. 107 Baker. Bobby 227 Bake-r. Claudrll 85. 243. 251. 105. 276. 297. 3111. 333. 45. 47 Baker. Donna 193. 168 Baker.Gary 193. 64 Bakenlnn 125. 243.254.3410 Baker. Shannon 193. S1 Bak:-r.51arn-209 Baldemus. Roberto 193 Baldridge, Tracy ET. 59 Baldwin. Bridge11209 Balanln. Kelli-ye209 Hales. Roln-rl 34 Balka.Ka1hy 193.102 Balkcom.Mil'l1ael115.297,107 Ball.Cvvendolyn193 BaIl.Tern 243.65 Ballard. Kvnnelh 227.131 Ballard. Nlarle 187 Ballard. Nam-y V Ballard. Rhonda 227. 65 Balll.Rober1 243.155. 39 Banrlyl1.1errx 27 Bang. Br-n 227,59 Bank5. Dun-nda209 Barb:-e, Rumisl1a243 Ban-ak. Maryz1e209 Bar1'ak.Rnnnir 193 Barkm-r,Cwenr1olyn 243. 301, 320. 61. 63 Balrker.Rus1l. 193 Barll-1. Rnk 193. 160 Barnes. Daryl 209 Rarnell.Jaln1-5 193. 195 Barnv11.5ally 209 Barn-ll. Hugh 227. 150 Barn-l1.Rr-nee 121. 227 Barn-11. Wr- 131 Barn.-r.luIie 193 Barr11n.B1ll1l1y 193 Barxllm 175 Bar11.nnlak.Wa1ne 209 Ba.-h1nsk1.Y 191 amnna. Ca1lno2m.62 Basqu1'z.Palnrla193 Bas. Cary 193 Bal:-n1an.51l-ir 141. 150. 139 Bales.B1ll127.1- 141. 220. 151. 293 Bain-.lohnni 227 Balrxkalhlu-n193 Bala. Kimberly 193 Barr-4. S14-1rn92. 124. 125. 221230. T2 Ballall-. Lawn-nl-e 193 Ba11'a.1am1N 227 Balllr. La-unard 132 Baullal. Waller L77 Bauyzh.Chn5l1ne 163. 221290.96, 193 aan.-f. can 21. 193 Beal-. Debra 227.111 Bc-al5.1.l-a193 Beal.. Ronald 193 Bvzr11.Cayla 193. 199. 302 13.-an.. Dau .71 193 Bewrra. Ernrsl 243 B4-rvrra. Russell 193 B1-flnarek. Deborah 227. 70 B.-nn.-,. Mane 179 Beh her. N1-rl 243 Bell. William 243. 81 Belmr1n1.M14'hael 175 Be1noskl.M1rhael125.130.297 Benrslanle. Diane 9, 186.2-13.297. 319.68179 Benner. Susan 193.302 Ben-0n.R0rl1z'llr 118.121. 193.105 Bensukdlohn 193 Benlhall. Kelli 243. 279. 75 Benl1laIl,Kennell1 209 Ben1halI.Mlrhelle193 Benlles. Lisa 209 Benllr-y.Rand1 227 Bern-henholl.Chrls1ina 193 Bernadi. Marina 243 Berry, Rn-ky 122. 135. 136.134. 131. 138. 139. 243. 45. 47 Bern . Ten-ani-e 227. 57 Berry. Thnmm 227 Berry. Waller 115. 132 Bermne. Pam 175. 261 Besa-Lzny.Melone1 73, 244. 310 Beseiznw. Roxana 209 Blaln. Deborah 209 ckl 1oann193 302.91 Bled ny . . Blelamnnlrz. Kenny 193 Blelalnm-lrz. Palm-la 227. 70 Bnqrs.Conn1e 193.6-1. 65 Blplay. Henry 89. 115. 209 Bills. Ronnie 35 Blnglei. Dalny 132. 209 n.npll-.. Lawrence 227 Burns. Shrl1a193 Bla.-1. Jpaepn 193 Bla--1. T1-rn 209, 293. 223. 75 Bla4'kbuurn.1amrs 209 Blafkuell. Charles 209 Blal'khell,1nhnny 209 Blair. Teresa 193 Blalr. Tina 227 Blair. Troy 193 Blaklsberg. Sluarl 193. 94. B9 Blanl-hard. Denlce 193. 54. 81 Blanrhard. George 227. 81 Blanl'har11.Kevln 193 Blanrhr-. Carlos 9 Blanrn, Nana-1 209 Blau. David 209. 91 Bla11.H1-rheri ZF Blur. .lnnel 209 Boa1rnan.Tvrn 193 Index 136na.n.7ln-..aa 209. 216. 91 l36nnnn..a.sll.a1,nn 39. 193 spl.l.-n. Danna 227 Ballnn. Alan 244 Bnn1l.Claudla 175. 181.83 Bonds. 29. 37. 246. 297. 261 B0ne'i.PalY1l'la 193 B0n1al1y.Ala-sua 209 209. 132 sannelnnrl. Nan.-, 193 Bonnv1ond.Pl11llp 193 Booker. Troy 81,193 Bookman.Call1y 209 Bonnlz. Mark 193 Burski, Ronald 266. 32. 244. 72 Bass. Michele 193 Boss. Phillip 63 Bosworlll. 5am17. 74. 75. 115. 125. 227. 230. 290. 55 Boi.-lord. Enk 193. 302. 204. 105 Bolslurll. Eugene 209 Boudousquie. Gerard 132. 153. 209. 293 Bouduusquie. Robe-rl 31.15, 109. 244, 276. 288. 297. 42. 43. 105 Bounds, Randi 24-4 Bourke. Term-5a 193 sanannlr. Denise 193. 160 Bonrlen.1. 191 Bowden.1ame5193 B11vyz1en,Th0ma:157.209.1fD Bowen. C-lna 34, 244. 45, 47 snnl. nl..-.a 244. 319 Bfna. .allyapn 68 Band, Darnon 244. 297 30.71. 14. S9 Boyd. 1Ax1nla 24.115, 227 Bowl. Rhonda 121. 209. 211. 293 Boyd, Terri 193. 89 Boyd. Vickie 227. 91 Bram-in-ll, Ray 227. ST Braden. c,nllna 209 Bradford. Tern 227. 234. 105. 131. 109 Brarlsllaw . .loel 227 Bradshaw . Todd 62. 63 Bndi. -1nn 117. 244. 251. 276. 299. 159. 98 Brad.. c,nllna 175. 89 Brake, Deborah 87. 244 Brake. Karen 209. 220. 293 Branch. Enca 193 Brumlomwaynl-194 Brwanl.Char1Ps 63 Bryanl. Debom 35 Bryanl. F. G. 178 Bryan1.Crr-gory 191 Bryanl.Klmlx-r1y209 Burhanan.Cassan11ra 276. 297. 304. 320. 65. 92 Burhanan,1':l17.a1x'lll 209. 216 Burk. Henry 24-1. 316. 57. 73 Buckner. Kr-nln 4. 17. 227. 81 Buckner. Manin 244. 316. 57 Budd. James 209 Bulla. Fablana 19-1 Bufk1n.Clenda 194 Bugaj.Den1se 244. 276. 304. 320. 65 Bugay. Palnck 227 Buhrle. Sheldnn 227. 290. 57 Bui. Hank 244 Bul. Thanh 94 Bullard.Be11y 175 BulIer.Ann194 Bul1er.MorrlS 209 Buller, Slevin 12.5. 244 Bulloek. Rhonda 194. 196, 75 Bullock, Teresa 194 Bundirk. Craig 244. 57 Bnndn-k.L1sa 191.105 Bunn. B. 133 Burgess. Christine 194 Bur1zos.lanice115.175. 184. 91 Bur11os.Peler194.91 Burk. Allen 85. 115. 244. 291333. 59. 58 Burk. Shrlla 227 Burkhaller. Chris 132. 210 Burl:-son. Daphne 244 Burll-ann. Kmlie 227 Bnrnr-11.Cur1ls 227. 89 Bumel1.Rn1u-na 2-14 Bum5.K1mberly 210.200 Buma. Rifhard 245 Burn.. Terry 245. 69 Burnside. Terry 245. 258. 40. 42 Bumham.Gr1'gr1ry 117. 24-4. 35 Burnham, Vnnda 194 Burrell. Carol 210 Bunfnr-11, Belly 191 Burl. Lisa 194 Bur1un,Beserly210.1fB Bur1on,Brlan 245.297 Burlon. Mark 19.210 Branch. M. 191 Brandon, Anita 193. 65 Brandon. Debra 244. 295. 59 Brandon. Ronnie 227. 57 Brandon. Sharon 193 Branlle-y,Bre11 194.153 Brantley. Kun 227, 290. 89. 109 Bmnlley, Robin Bran1ley.Sen11 194.l49.150.151 BmnIley.Sv:0l1 132.209 Brauer, Michele 209. 81 Braner. Terri 75 Brauligam. Keilh 194 Bl'awley.Cheryl194. 81 Bralnley.F,dw1n 196 Bennamivanry 121,209 Brelling. Denise 93. 244. 276. 70. 310. 318. 109 Breiard, Leigh Ann 209, 37. 40. 42, 41. 105. 89 ana.. E.. 194 lznaaea. clnnlln 209 Br1r1ges.Cyn1hla 89 Bnnkman.Ar1llur 209.81 Bnnkman. lcalnna 194. T9 annlnnan. 1. 58 lsnnlnnan. Mannn 227 Bnnlnnan. 7. 81 l3nnlnn.,... Mnnaal 227. 57. 149, 150 Bnnkfneyan Michelle 209 Brlslow. Kennelh 194 Brillain. Anna 209.161.160 Brogdon. Ronald 194. 34, 91 Brooks. .lohn 69 Bmoks. Robena 194 Broom. Robert 209 Bro1l1er1on.5hamn 244. 299. 318 Brousard. Allene 209 Bnnlaaanl. Angela 244, 45. 47 BrDussard.1ane 209 Bmw n. Hymn 209 Brown. Connie 209 Brow n. kmes 194 Bronnuloyre 114 Brow n. .luan 209 Brown. Kendall 194 Brown. L. 191 Brown. Paul 194 Brown. Rose115. 194 Bmw n, Toni: 20? Brown. Tracey 21. 209. 293. 111 Brouk. Danlel227.105. 93. 108, 109 Brnzak. David 194 Bnlbaker. Mi1'hael22'7. 131. 91 Bmee. M1chael208 ann-7. Ray 227. 57. 81 Brumbelnw. Marilyn 224, 75 Brumlom. Delena 227. 75 Busa. Leah 210 Bush, Connie 210 Bush, .lamie 245. 276. 266. 75 Blmey, April 210. 105, 111 Bulliua. Russell 245. 297 Buxton. Jna, 227 Bunon. Shirley 187 Caesar, H-len 186,227.59 Cain. Rulh 210 Caldwell. James 194 Caldwe1l.lessie 210 Ca1dwe1l.Ka1hryn 210 Caldwell. Mark 210 Caldwell. Susan 227. 75 Call'1oun,Bdwln 210 Calhoun. Karen 194. 199 Callihan,11.lohn245 fhmpbell. Chris 210, 75 Umpbell. Dena 227 Chmpbell. Jodi 210. 91 Campbelklohn 245 Campbell. Karen 210 Campbell. M.0. 177 Campbell. Penny 75 Campbell. Phyllis 174. 179 CAmpbell,5eleslina194,1'h Campos. Rosalind: 194 Canlu, Brenda 112. 228, 89, 233. 234. 54. 59. 58 Cannl.cyn1nla121.2zs Can1u.Cyn1hia 194 Canlu. Diana 121. 210 Can1u.PnsriIla19-1 C1pers.Grl'g 8. 117. 159. 246. 299. m. 78. 81 Capers. Sharun T. 290. 59. 58. 89 Card. lrene 194 Carden. Arena 175.33 Cardona. Gilberl 210 lhrdona. Grace 194 Cargill.lol1n 245. 276. 91 Carlson, semi, 194.102 Carlson. Cy rie 194 Grlson, Karl 245 Carlton. Frances 192 Carney. Beatrice 45, 47 Carpenter, Donald 210 Car-penler. V, 91 Carper. Andra 194 Carr. Ella 245 Carr.Creg6ry 194 Carr. Leland 228 canall. Kimberly 194 Carroll. Rirk 210 Carson. Carole 210 canon, cnnnnpll 194 Carson.Sylves1er 24.5 fhr1er.lav1ice194 Carter. lohn 245 Carrer. Wade 115. 132, 210. 211.293 Caaarls. Palrick 210.203, 142 Canaria. Yvonne 210 Cash. Anne 245 can, Phillip 117 Casl'1.Vvrnon 133, 194 Fawn. Roy 288 Gas, Shen 228, 49 Cass.-y.Caliin194 Cas1ellise.Anlla 73. 245. 310 Caslllln. Carolina 228 C.as1illo,1us4-210 Casullo. Kelly 121, ZN. M Casl1llo,R1-ynaldo 245, 59 Casllllo, Ronald 245, 276. 92. 281. 288. 297. 42, 109. 263, 333 Cas1le.Brel1 194 Chs1ro,E1l1abelh 302 Caslro. Erwin 191 Caslro, Liz 194 C1Slro.Pl'1lllip 228 Caswell. Beverly 210. 105 Ciles.5l1annon 228 ca1nf,.', 228. 290. 72. 91 Caioms. Marie 245 Cenler.Cynll1ia 245, 297 Cerda. Alicia 210. 91 Qrda. Antonin 223 Cerda. Nora 210 Cerna. Allred 210 Cema, Ida 194 Cema. Marcy D8 Cen-'an1es.1ohn 194. 153 Cenanles. Sm 132. 133. 210. 220 Chalker, lzdnnna 194 Chambers. Melissa 228, 42 Chambers. Melvin 194,101,102 Chan. Day ld 228 Chan, Mike 228 Chanre. Frances 228. 290. 35 Chandler. Rhonda 194. 81 Chapman. Ri:-hard 194 Cl1appell.V1ncenl 194 CharIl6n,Chrls11ne 228 Chalman, Patrick 210 Chaunrey. Hayward 141 Chavez. Dellanln 228. 65. 51 Che-n,F11nk 28. 105. 93. 108. 94. 109. 141 Cl1rn.1,. 191 Chen. Mike 84, 85. 139,140.2-15. 249. 2.51. 254. 255. 276, 297. 318. C0nl1n,NanCy 175.69 Conner. Kim 228 Conner. Sherri 228. 36. 42 Conner. Terry 194 Connolly. Dana 228 Conrova. Tamara 210.211 Ounway.lAr0nda194 0.01. Gregor, 210 Cook, Guy 297. 132. 57 Coombs, Tamyra 210 Coon, Erie 210. 42.105 Own. Karen 304. 320. 65. 81 Cooper. Brenda 194. 302 Oxlper. Chene115.194.105. 91 cooper. Felicia 233. 42 Coopernlanle 121. 175. 107 Cooper.Sam 210.105.109 owpar. sfllna 191 Cooper. Tammy 210 Cooper. Timothy 210. 142. 131 copper. Todd 255. 59 Cureonum. Lindley 297. 318. 91 Cordobaulames 194. 42 canyffrlna 210 Corgey, Russell HS. 42. 267. 274. 270 uni.-y, Karen 194. 195. 75 Corley. William 210 C0mrliua. Jenn, 319 Comman,1onnle ZR Cox. Jamie 210. 159 Conlennlfm-r194 ca..1.-n-y 210 C11x.Jun 210. 212 ana. Kelley 121. 223. 55 cp., Laura 210 can snarn 228.70 can Suaan 93.310 Cnyrl. Melissa T5 Cr-al111,Mike 228 clanlnnl. Ernesl 194 C.-1. nn. Mark 175. 3-1. 35 cn..-.l..n. Kelly ms. 35 Cn-1-dnn.Kenn 191 cn-nnllp.-. 11. 133 wllllafn 194 Cn-nl..-l,n-. Randolph 197 Crl5p.l.ana 191199. 111. 195 Crlanr-ll.Ray210.1-42 Crnmrr.1aaurlv210 cm... Carol 197 cnnn. lnnn 124. 125. 76. 130.243 Cromler. Tarn 210. 73 271, 105. 333. 93, 94. 109 Chen. Susan 210.21l.10S,91.109 Chasler. Terry 228. 131 Chewalley. Maman-1 187 Childress. Lisa 210 Childrms, Margare12m Childress. S. 81 Chilek. Cary 194 Cl1isum..lohn 194 Chilly. Roherl 210 Choi. ll 228, 65. 92 cnnn, Russell 228. 80. 81 Chrisloph, Angela 210 C1n1.'r6ny 210, ao. 94. 81 cln.. Wing 194 Clark, Carolyn 165. 194 C1ark,Cyr1dee 210.75 Clark. .lamus 194 Clark.'1'1na194. 302 Clark.Tl-ary 245. 295. 59 Clay1un.Craig 210 Clemeni. Karen 245, 297, 271 Clemenl, Mark 210 Clem:-nu. Cindy 16,245.81 ClemenLs, Melinda 194 Clements. Melisa I. 89 Clillon. Debra 210 Clil1on.Rober1 210 Cl1l16n,Susan 164 Clou1ien,1anen 210 Ombb.Vinren1245, 50. 49. 89 Cnchl-an.Camrnn194.81 Cochran. Cevin 28 Cockrell, Kandace 7. 119, 121. 23. 290 Coekrell. Randy 132. 210. 293.153 Cohen, Marcelle 194 Cnlber1.Tammie 52. 81 Colben.Tina 194 Cole, Sherry 115, 175. 65 Colegrnve. Debra 210.89 Coleman. Allen 210 Coleman. .lames 228. 63 Coleman. Pamela 194 Coleman. Rodney 83 Colgin, Jann, 159 Collier. Karen 191 Collinpwonh. Kimberly 194 Qlllins. Amber116. 111161. 210 Collins. Barbara S.116.117, ZR. 70 Collins. Brenda 228 Collins. Donna 251. 324.109. 297, 276. 310. 73. 92 Collins. C-ary 228 Q7llins..lu11e194 Collins. Mary 194. 37. 40, 42. 41. 92 Collins. William 228, 131 fblxer, D. 89 Complimenl. Amy' 210 Crriwr. Jann 210.159 cnnn. Debm 210 c1n1a.Pa1n.-.n 115. 297 Cul-l1ar.Ar1hur 228 Cuellar, ll... 276 Cull1ns,Tim197 Cullom.5al1y 175 Culier. Donald 210 Cummings, George 175. S9 Cummings.S1uar1 12. 223. 159 Curl.Eli7abe1h 197 cnnannopal 191 Cunin.l1m186.261.109 Dal., Rand. 210 Danlorll1.1.1nda 33. 75 Daniels. Karen 210 Danqnara. cnarla Jr. 197 Dao. Thuy 197 Daniel.. Darren 197 Da1ray.Darlene 210 Dauber1.Lorie 276. 297. 318. 159. 105 Davenport. Eanni 132. 213 Da..fl,an. Bobby 197 Da...1...n. laum 228. 290 Dan.. Barbara m Dan.. Carl 197 Dax1s,Connle 223. 70 Dasls.Curlis125.128. 181. 297 Daw Denim' 197 Dans. Dennis 226. m. 229. 233. 2-tl. Dax15.Edward213.156.157,101. 100 Davl5.EIizalw1h 213. 77 Dana. Gerald 59. 58 Da1ls,H1-rman 197 Dan-,1arquel1ne12.175. 133. T5 lJa....Ja.n.a 197.82 Das ... lane 29. 2m Daila.1une197 Dan.. lc.-nnnn 197 Dana. cam 213 Da1la,Mam1e213 Da... Manl,n212. 228 Dam. Dans Dans Maria 121. 213. 293.89 R. 191 Shelley 197 Davl5.Slenar1 213. 65 Davls,T1mo1hy 197 Daxis. Tlna 213 Dania, vl.-ln 174. 175. 45. 47 Dax. Carrie 197. 35 Day. Dianna 75 Day, Foy 228. 107.-47.59 Dai.1arnr-5 213 Day. Marcia 164. 213. 220. 89 Day. Molly 228. 290. 105 Day. Sr-611 213 lndex 329 D1- Atta. 11111111 213. 47. 132 D11.1r1.c1111, 276.-18. 49 Dr111.1.1s1 197 Drrrrr, Drw11111- 197 D1131-rr,, M111-11 197 Det-5. 111-11111111 25. 112. 228. 230. 233. 290. 114. 109 D.- 01-111,11-. 111,11,111 133 D1-1.111'111-11111.c,r1111111 115, 228. 229, 230 D.11.111r-,. 1.1111111111 213 D1r1111r-1.5111-1 115. 197 D111-1111. D1-1111.1 213.91 111-111111. 11111111-1 197. 204. 83. 98. 91 01111.-1111-.111.-111111102 D1-1111, 1.111.111 125. 149.131 D.-11,1111.111111 228 D1-11.1111.11111, 228. 70. 75 D1-111111. 191 D1-11-11,111r1.s1r111ra103 D1-til1v,K1-Ili 113, 114. 119. 121.230 233. 228. 238 n1111111r111.c1111r11r197,143 1111111111111. D. 1. 80 D111r1..1111. c1rr111a 197 1111111111111. 171111111 197.81. 102 11111011111 213 D111. 11.1 121. 228 D11-111-,, 1311-11213. 153 D11-111.11rr1r11, 213, Bl D11-1.111111-, 1111-11,1111 197 D1.rr111111-,111r1111r11 197 D11111111.. 12111111 197.117 D111111. c111r11-1 62 t1111111.1t11r1r111213 Dtrrrr. 711111111 213 Drr, My D11,1-11 270. 72. 75. 109 D111. 711111 013 D1ra111-. 11111111-11 228, 115. 89 D11111111. .411111r11r. 197 D1r1.11-. 7111111 7 Da11.1111. D. 91 Dr11rr. Dr-1111111 197 Dr111.1r. 11111111 197 Dr1111111.1111,1'11rr1 228 D011-1-. Dr-1111 213. 105. 90. 91 01111.-11. 011111111-59 D111,11r1, D1rr1-11 197 D11111-. 5111-111 213 Dowtta, 11111111111 213 D.1w111r11.c111-r,1223. 75 0111111-,. 111111111 62 111,11-,11r1114 197 D11111-. Milli 295. 59 Dr11111-11.111111-, 175 Dr,11111111r1. 111111111 213.215 01.111-1. 1.111111-228 Dr.-1... c11r1,111,111 228. 42. 105. 109 Dr11.1111. D1-11111111 197. 49 Evans. R111-ln-lle 242. 276. 288, 297, 321,38, 105, 109 Etans,Hual'1 114, 230. 233.188.2B8. 290, 10-1, 131 E11-111.1111-11 133.197.1502 5101111.11111 197 15,111-1. 5111111111 197 11,1111-11.c1r11111.1 197.105 1'1,111.s111-rr111 197 1'11r1111111. 01111 213, 81 1'11111,Ja1-110111111 103 Falls, 11111111111 304, 320. as r.111,11r1111,s111r11-, 228.65 r11111111,0r11213 1'a1111111, W1111- 288, 55 r.1r,111.11r1.1tr1r1rr 213 F1111-1.c111111s0.94 1'1r11r1. D1111111r1 318. 276. 109 1-'1r1111-1. 11111111 228 Farrar, 1.111 213 1'1rr1r11. 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L11 178 111,111-, S111-ryt 73,310,324 1711111114 M11-1111-1 197 Dri1k1-ll,Sharun 213 Drummond. Rohr-rt Jr. 213 Drummond.Ro11in 276. 310, 320, 73, 109. 70 Drymnnd. Susan 288. 37. -12 Dt1gar.Gr-rald 213 D11 naw ay. Charluttt- 319. 69 Dnnr-an. Linda 197 Dunn. Bart 197 Dunn. Eugr-nt-Ir. 2-12. 276. 297. 57. 73 D1111r1.1v1a1,1arr1319.59 Dunn, M1t'l'1ele228 Dttrate, Timothy 213 Durden. R. 191 Duvent1o.NY297 Eastland. B1-rnatlt-tt 116. 117. 297 Eastland. Herman 132.213 1:'.aston.Wiln1er175 Ehrrhartlt.:11lan1 197 Ehvrhardt. Eltwlwtlt 197 111-kert.la1wr1-ttw 177 F,4ldi11s.11mmy 155. 59 B1lwartls.11ritlgt-tt 197.168 I-llwanls. K1-11111 197 Edwartls, Mark 69 Eistt-rht1l41.An1t 197, 302. 159. 75 1'fitner..lt1:1nn 213, 96 511111-r. 5111111-y 197 11111411117-,l1uyi11290. 107 Eli1.1l1l1-.l.1ntla l16,117.213.220. 293. 223. 92 Illutmtlti. I-Inn-11158 Ell1o1,Hurry 191 Ell1s.Cl11-ryl213. 160 I-Ill1s,'I':1m1ny 197 Iilnnirt-. 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W111111 213, 51 r111r111a1r1.11111111.1 231. 290. 237. 89 r1111r11a1n. 11. 191 Frrwtrr. 111111111111 133. 197 rrmtrr. 1711-11111 203 F111111-r, Drrart 213 1"t1wlt7r.1ittt 231 Fowler, 5111-r,1 197 rar. David 213, too rrrr. D1.rt1 179 P11111-11.c11r111r1,1 197 rr11111-11.111111-. 231 Frarrr-11. 1111111 213 rrr1r1111111.E.191 rrar111111.1.111111-1125.120.130.213. 220 Rieky 213 rr111111111, V Fr1r1111r1.w111111r 310. 57 rrrrrr1111.D1-ar. 197, 42 F11-111r11.s11111--1111 196. 197, 42. 89 1711-1.131111 F111-,1111r1-.1213 F111-.11111-111129111 rr11-r1r11-11,111.11 73 Frost, 1111111 213 Frost. 1111-111r11 231 r1rr1r1. 9111111111 105. 51. 133 r1111m11111. 011111, 85. 231. 290, 105. 333. 109 F111111111111.s11r111105.197.1o9.10s F1111.r1,1111.1111197 r11111rr. F1111-11 197 r11r1111.,12111.1111-111 F11rr. Doris 75 01111-111r1.car1t1 231 c111r1111r1.L1.1 213 c1111r, D1-1111-1 197 0111111112 D111111,1 231. 70 01111111111 111111 155 c111r,111s,x11111-r 197 cattrrrmrr. 1,111 197. 201. 105 01111r11111,1t1m 132 C1111111111. T1-rr1., 197, B9 Galvan. 131111111-111 213 c111r1rr11, 141111-11 190 carrrrr. 0111111-1 190 carrrer. D11111 154 Garvin, 01111114 135.136 137.139. 134 Gareia, Claudia 229. 231. 91 Garria. Erasmtx 198 Garria, Esther 213 Garria.1ohn 133,198 131111-1.1141111111-rty 213 Garcia, Marie 231, 72 Gareia, Orlando 213 Garcia. Robert 198 Garcia, Sa C-an-ia, Sa lvatlur 297, 48. 50 muel 213 Garria. t'111111r11- 213 c1r111r1,.1:rr11,111-198.199.302,153 Gariimry. 011, 124. 231. 150. 152.92 Garland..l on 213.65 Garner. Ginger 200 c11rr1r11.11r11r11111 251, 273. 297. 318. 90. 91. 109 Garrett. Girl 62, 63 Gam-11. Cy nthia 231 Garrett. Gerald 198 Garrr-11.11111-111213, 131 Garrett. Lynn 213 Garrett, Nannt-tte 231. 65 Gam-tt.Tyr11n 125 Gaudin. Cheryl IM Gam-1. Daryl 214 Gar1a.Ga1la 198 crrrra. 01111157 carra. cat' 214 Garla. .lor-ge 231 carra. Mary 214 Gales, Dehrat 214, 89 Gan-5.010 nn 69 Gates, Iona Gatew ood. Boliliy 214,153. 160 Gaudt-1,111-n1-ta 165.198 0111111-1, 17111111111-y 319 Caudin. Charles 198 G111111111. C111-1,1 83 Gaviriat. Brlwartl 242. 297. 318. 276. 82. 105. 94. 109 G.1ttriat,Rt1th 276, 105. 93. 91 Ga,r11111. c1r111,r1 198 G1-1-. Miehatel 198 or-111-. T. 81 1:1-111111, Leslie 198 or-11111-, c1r1111r 231. 91 Gt-rat-1.5141 119. 77, 75 G4-rmztn, Duane 173. 214, 49 0.-r1r11111,. Ronit- 290. 231.59 Q1111111111. Cheri 75 01-11, L. 69 011111111. 17111-11 231. as 01111. 1111 231 Gill1ert.M iehrlr- 231.37 0111.s1r111r1197 c1111-01111, 1111111111 198 011111. Debbie 190 0111111111 J c11p1r1. oe 198 c11rr111r11.1111r11 05 011111111 231 ctparrr. 1111-1,111-111111 231. 70 013111, 171111111 187 011111111 larry 198 011111111 511111111 214 c111111ry, 5111-1111 231 0111111111 Kirk 51 Gu11tain.T1-rt-sa 288. 297. 276. 37. 41. 105, 109 cr111w111. T1-rry 288, 270. 258. 42 0r111r.111ar11111911 c111r1111,. 3111111 231, 57 c11111y.Jam1-. 214. 85 Gnnfalqa. 411,11-1 so c,r1r1ra11a.c11r1.19a 01111ra11s,1ar111-231. 59 c11r11111a.1,1111, 198 c11111.111s,1111S 214 c11n11111.1111r111r111251.21.73 0111111114 1111511111 290. 231. 05 Gonmlts. Guttvalts, Conzalr-2. Gtinvaln. Gnnraltm. 111111111 198 Rey 111111111 81 D11111r111231. 91 Franr-es 214 Frank 122,135,136, 137. 138.139.1311 cr1r1ra11rr.11r11m1 198 0.1111.11r1.111r1 198 pltantt' 251.313, 299, 121 42. 011111.-11.-1,1111-1111111 115. 58. 59 c111111r11.Tr11,r 63 crr1.111ra11.c1-111 290, 21, 231. 42 0111111111111 111111-st 220. 214. 131 cr1r111rr1111, Gregory 290. 231. -10. 42. 223 c,1wr1n1,.Dr1111r1111 214 Gordon, C Gordon, C 11r1r11111214,9-1 111111 so Gr1rtlon.Donna214 Gordan. G. 125 Gurslti. C. 191 c,rr111r1.cr1-11111 198 Gnvella. Molly 180 Goyne. Cecelia tDi11nel 87.25. 59.58 G1-aham, 11011214.35 Graham. K1-ith 266. 62. 279 Graham, S111-rri 310, 73 Grant, .lat-qut-litte 276, 318, 188. 278. 105. 167. 92. 109 Gra11t,1a1t1t-5 59 Grant, L1-sl1e231 Gr1111.T11r111 214 Grantham, Tammy 302.115.196, 199.11 1.195.715 Grat11l't11tt1.Tht11t1as 177 Gras411.Mar1. 290.241, 26. 115.231. 34. 42. 35 Grate. Dawn 198. 189 Gray. Cttherint'198. 74.156, 157. 74, 101. 75 Gray. Sonya 75 011101. Ar1,111a 180 011111, 111111411 1913 Green, Carl 214 Grt-en, Clillord 214 Green, Cynthia 2141 Green, David 316, 57, 83, 155 Gn-en, Deborah 297, 324. 73 Green, Denier' 214 Grecn.,1anet180,188 Green, Kerry 198,110, 302, 105 Green, Kevin 231,145 Green, Rhonda 214. 41 Green. Sherry 214 Green, Steve 57 Green. Thomas 316, 57,155 Gritgtgey. B111-11, 174.180, 16.261, Greer. Scott 198. 34 Gregg, David 87, 231 Gregg, Mit-hal 198 crqrrrry, D1rr1-11 198 Gregory, Dawn 198 Gregory, Pamela 231 Gregory, P11111 310. 73. 266 Gregory, R11,11rr 190 Greil, Delira 214 Grillin. Brenda 214 Grillin, Den-tta 163. 231,167. 75, B9 Griflith, Donna 214 Grimes. Brenda 295. 180. 35 Grimes, Gorliit 198 Grimes, Natalie 295, 297,115, 186, 59 Grimm, D1-liliit-310 Griswold, Brenda 180 Grust-hlte, Karen 231, 36, 40. 4-2. 41 Grosehlte, Mark 214, 159, 89 Crosman. Wes 231, 59 Grulilis, Harry 214. 215.103 Guajardo. A191 Guayardo. Julia- 231, 41. 237, 91 Guerrero, Cynthia 231. 59,58 Cut-rn-ro. Dat id 69 Guerrero. Elizabeth 198 Guiee. Beth 115, 276, 73, 59 c1r111r,.Dr11m 231.63 Guidry, Kim198 Guillen, Everardo 214 Guillol. Janet 198, 89 Guiton, Clarenee 180, 133 G111111e1s.K11r1111r1y 75 Gutierrez. Alice 231 Gutierrez. Carmen 231. 69 Gutierrez, M. 91 Guy, Garth 198 Haha. Diana 198.110, 81 Haba, Karen 231 92, 109 Hart, 0'Nealia 190 Harting, Robert 214 Harting. Shelley 198 Hartman. Harvey 214 Hartman. Virtor 198 1'1artnup.De Anna 186, 23 42, 41,92 Hanr111.Jrrry 198 Harvey, Donald 133 11arr1,. 111111114 198 1'Iasting.'1'tna 231 Hatter, Timothy 214 Harvard, K1-nm-th 231 narvr-1.11-arrrrte 192.198 Hawk, Tina 196,198.50 Haw1tinr.Pamela 214 Hawkins, William 198 1'1ayes1r..Al1cn198 Hayes, Deborah 231, 233. 229, 290 Haya. Dewaynt' 214, 81 HayS..lr1lrt'y 288 Hayslip. Doyle 297. 79. B1 1-1ay111111r1.c11r111111-, 231 Hebert. .lat-ltie 198 H1-tn, Mark 297. 57 114111. Mary 214 Hnineike, Madonna 231, 59. 58 1. 290. 37. Heinz, Marla 11, 15, 276, 297, 33. 46. 4-4, 58 Helgt-son. Ht-idi 198 t-11-111111. 01,11 214 Henderson, Anna 214 11111111-111111.13111-ry1 198 Ht-nd:-rsunuloseph 198. 133. 51 Hendt'tson.Manon198.168 Hendon, Bev 1-rly 214. 81 Hentltm. Christine 231,81 Hendricks. laura 121,231 Hendrix. Sammual 231. 69 nrnrtry, Kathy 214 Hong. Kuy 173 Heng, Lang 198 Henry. Angela 198, 92 11rr1ry,1111C11r1r1 16. 115, 297. 59 1111-r1s11r111.c11rry1214 H11r151r,, s11a11111 179 Henson, Patti 181 nrrrrarrarr. A1111-111-a 91 Hernandez. Arnoldo 153 Hernandez. Carolina 231.313, 105 1r1err1ar1r1er, 111, 201 Hernandez, Lurio 214 Hernandez. Martin 201 Hernandez. Mike 123, 124. 125. 126. 130 Hernandez, Rit-hard 201 Herrera, Deborah 75 Herr:-ra,Lurill1'201 Haddiclt, Randy 19, 214 Haddirlt, Steve 57, 47 Haddt11t,.lt'l1214 Hagan. Kevin 21, 231, 4-2. 89,109 Hairrtrrrr. Daniel 198. 42, 200 natrgrrrn-. V111-r111 191 Hairell, Ray mic 198. 75 Ha1s1,.t'arrr111 180 Hale, Melissa 198 Hales, Dana 198 Hall, Alan2141 1Iall, Kenneth 198 Hall, Rodn1'y231.131 Hall, Stuart 276, 318, 33 Hall. Tonya 198,199 1111111-1. Tar11rr111- 231 Harnlrlen, Deanna 198 111111111 11111111 231 Hamlly, C-lt-nda 231.59 1111111111111 Darryl 231 Hamilton. David 214,159. 131 Hantiltun. 1.xldon113.115.132.211. 214. 220. 293, 142 Hantilton. Paula 103 Hamilton. Phillix198 Hammonds. Regina 196. 198 Hampton. K. 59 Hampton, Sonja 295 Hanes, Darrell 198 Hanna. Dean 63 Hansen, Nina 198 Hanst-rt. Patty 214 Harbvrson. Terri 214 1-111r11r11re1.Tr11,1 1913 Harding. Charles 288. 316, 57 Harding, Patrir-ia 198. 302, 105. Ill. 91 Harding, 11111 1130 11a1r1,.c111-1,1214 11arr,11rr1, 198 Harpfr. Dr11r1.1214 1-tarprr, M111111-1 231 111rpr1s1111. 71rrr1 05 1-111rr1r1. 141, 05 1111rr11. 411111 30. 276 1111111.14-111111111111214 1111111.11111-ry 20. 173. 190. 302. 49 1141111 111111111 214. 81 111rrt,,1v1r1r11 125.126, 128. 130. 254. 255. 299. 75 14111111.5111-111-11 198 111111, 11141111 198. so 111115. 1111111111 214 1111112 R11111111- 81 1111rr1,,s11r1w11 52. 73. 270. 304. 320. 55. 95 1111rr1.,s111-111231 111rr11.s11r111 310 11arr111111. Kelly 121.230, 23I.290. Herrin, Darla 201, 195 Herrin. Guy 20, 214. 65 111-11111. Kay 231 Htzrrott. Tina 201 11111511r1,1r11r1-1214 Hester, Rnliin 164,214. 105.91 Hvx, Karen 231 111111-y.Jr1r111a 59 Hirltlin, Tony 232. 57 Hirltntan, David 214 Hieltman. Keith 135.139. 140 Htrltman, Sharon 201 Hirltman. Theoplis 201 Hirlts, Kelly 201, 195, 160 Hirks, Marilyn 75 Hiest-I. Gregory 214 232 11t,111111511r1. Ttrr111111y- 214 lliltl. Dt-lira 73. 310. T5 Hill, Connie 27. 226. 89. 109, 232. 240, 290. 49. 46, 45, 47 11ill.Emm1-11176 lI1ll,1oan173,180 111111. Mary 201 Hill. Shirley 180 Hill. Timothy 214 Hill. Tony 196. 201.107 Hillman. Gerald 57 Hiltihrand. Fretltltt- 201 Hilton, Elivaltt-llt 180 Hilton. 'I'a1nie 214 Hindmon. Alex 42 Hitt, 1.15.1 115, 35. 65 Hodges. T111111 232 1-111tt11r1.D1111,11111 61 Hollnrt. Randy 232. 59 Hoggatt. ,linimt 201 Holte, Rtrln-rt 214 Hold:-11. Kreg 316, 57 Hold:-r.111t1t1-s 201 Ht114lt'r.Rt1l1t'rt21-1 H1il11la1y.Pam7-1:1 232.91 Holintan. Cltarlvttt' 115, 214 H0111-n1n'rtz.Inst-plt 132. 214. 293 Hollid:1y,1,:trry 297 Hullingwortlt, Vant-ssat115, 201, 35 Holt, Rt'gi1tt1132. 208. 21-1 Honakt-r, Ttizia 214 llonit-14. Sandra 69 Htinirk. T1-rri85. 232. 290. 333 Hotnl. Rt1l1t'rt201 Ht1t1p1'r.Craipl 201. 101 Horgan, Mirhrlt' 74. 257. 75. 297. 105. 77 llnrn. R7-in-e 76. 81 1141rt1.Rl1o11tla 257. 319. 69 l1t1r11l111t'lcle.Melinda 20. 214 llortiliuekle. Richard 24, 83. 113. 114. 125, 128. 257, 276. 297. 333. 93. 109 Horne. Lori 232, 290 Hortun,Strpl1an1e201 Hnaicr, Relieeea 257 House, Sherri 214 Houston, Ann115, 201 Houston, Brenda 201 Houston, Samantha 201 Houston. Jr. Lee 115, 257 Howard. Edith 191 Howard. Kart-n 73. 257, 276. 297. 310. 324 1-11111111-y, Daryl 11 Howtun. Dt-liorah 214.107, 45. 47 Hrozek, Kathleen 62. 123.162,163. 257. 167 Hu111.1artl,.lttwe1l 132.217 Hudgt-ns. Charlotte 217 Htttlstin, I.or1-n1- 201 11u1ls1in, I.. 153 llutlaon, Randy 133, 201 Hudson, Ronald 201 llndaon, Rusty 232, 59 Huertzt. Rtehard 182, 201, 49, 47, 89 Huggins, Roliert 217, 157, 101, 100 Hughes. Kiml1er1y217 Hn1nl1ert, Felicia 86, 87. 232. 49 Hummt-ll.Ro11ert217 1111rr1,111rtrs,cr11,111r1 05. 124,125, 257. 297. 318, 333 H u ng. Ham 217 Hunter. Clarence 257 Hunter, Regina 73, 246. 257, 310, 271 Hunter. Reginald 10, 261 Hunter. Tangcla 232 Huteherson. Antlrt-:1 201 Hutcherson, Maureen 201 llutcht-raon. V1-ronit-:1 232 Hunson. Mark 201, 81 Hunn. Grr-gory 204 Hntt0,1amt-s 201, 217 Hu11un.Timr11hy 115 Hyde. Christine 217, 160. 89 Hyde,Gt1nt-11201 lin, Barry 2152.59.89 lic, Charlotte 201 lio, Velvet 217 Imrs, Kristopln- 217. 65 Ingalls, Rt1nald217 1ngle11urger,Kiml1t'rly 201.89 Ingram. Angela 257 Ingram,1..4-roy 232, 91 trrgrarr. M11-11.111191 Ingram. Mit-hat-l 232 Ingram. Roeht-le 217 Inman. Dali-217, 132 1nman.Dt'11ra 232 lnnis, Tina 217 1111-. S111-rr, 217 1r11111. D1111r1.1 217 1r1t111r.1v11r1 180 lrtinl. 11111 201 111rr-. 71111 210 trr-ry. 1.1-1 217. 228. 132 111-1r11.111,D1,r11111y1a0.180.59 111.-111r1r1.ca11111143 Ja1r1.11r1,D11r1r1 133.201 1111-111111. 1111111111 133 111-111111, 1.111111 201 J11r1r11r1..1111rry201 1111-111111, 11111-1111 133,201 111111111 217 .1111-kson. Jarltson, Linda 217 lat-ksun. Marlene 201 Javltson, Wi11dell232 amantha 199 201 Jas-olis, S ' ' . iaegar. Denise 15. 232 111-gr1r.w11r11.1 257.89 1ames..la1217 .lanak. Deborah 201 Janalt, Tammy 232. 290. 89 January. M11-11-,1 75 1arvis, Mielta-lle 232 Jarvia, S. 59 .lasso, Melissa 232, 70 .14'a11t-.Tt'rt-s11201 .1el1l11a,G11ta 232 16111-rxott, Mary 180,156,157.101 10114-rsutt. Traey 110. 232. 91 .lf'nlt1ns.C1ndy 257. 276. 288. 297. 40. 42 1111111111-.11rr111.-111 201 11-11t1111.:v11.1111111131 11-11t111.,N1.-1111-121,19f1,201.42 11-1111r11,v1.1, 257 1111.1-11,.1t11,11-111 201 11-11. W11111111217 111111-111-1,121.11 13. 257. 45, 47, 91 11111.-111-1.111-11r1 191 1111111111-1.111r1111, 191 111111111111.1.1-1111111 217.33 11.11111 14111111-11, 73. 257. 310 11.1111,1111. 411111 130, 297. 318 411,11-11 232 J111111.1111. 111111..1111.11rt111111217.41.223 J111111.1111.11t11232.57 11111r1.r111. 1111.11-1 15. 229. 47 11.1111..111.D1r1.11r 232. 70 1.11111.1111. Dr-1r111ra 201 J1.1111..111. D11111111 201 1111111.11111 H1111-1111.1 232 1111111.r111. 11111111 257 J1111111111.11111r 201 1111111.r1r1.11111-,111 217 14111111 257 J111111.111. 1111111.11r1. 11111 121.232 1..1111.1111. N111-11111-1 201 1111111.1111. 11511111111 201 Johnson, Robert 201. 232 Johnson. Robe-rl196. 54. 65 Juhnfrm. Robert 199 Johnson. Ronald 132. 217 Jnhnwn. Susan 201 Iohnsnn. Suzanne' 232 Johnson. Thomas 180 Johnsun, Venelia 257. 81 Johnson. Vivian 201 Johmun. William 232 Johnson. Willie 214 Johmon. Yolanda 167 Johnslon. Kan-n lm. 182 Johnston. Susan 201 1.,..6..a.11'. 177 Innes. Brenda 217. 157 jnn1s.Danny21T 1.....a.n...1.1 232, 57 16...-.. 133,201.82 Jnm-3.Ga1in 211' 1.6.6. ce...,1.- 201 16.63. c....1.... 257. 31. 273 J11nPs..1f1n1'l121.232.33 16.63. lm, 130. 132 1.,...3. 14.-1... 132. 217 Mos.-3. Amando 26K 313. 113.19 Jones. Marr 125 Janus, M11-11an-I217. 232 lun:-a.Palr11'ia 217 Joni-3, Phillip 201. 61 jones. Rugrr 201, 93 Joni-6, Tawana 21 T 111nrr6.T1lrrf'sa 217 Jon... Truy 91 jnr1Ian.Dawn121.21T lurdan. Gerald 180 Jordan, La-1' 232. 59 jr1rdan.l,ou1- 217 1....1..... Migui-1 201 1.....,.1.. Ma11in1'257 1631-ph.Sand1-.1 257. 319. 69 Judd, Timothy 115. 180 Jumuus, l.2ur1-11a S9 Jupi... 1361,1...- 257 Judi. 1-. All:-n 183. 65 Juslii 1-. Mary Alive-164. 183. 261 Karhmar. Elizabelh 232 Kaliszi-w fki, K1-1 in 297.257.2513 Kalaun. N. 57 Kamman. Rhonda 217. 77. 64. 65 Karkoska. .lov 183, 132.98 Ka311arian.Palrir1a 161. 160 K...-1.-,. s1u.u.6.. 201 Ker'11l1'.Er1r201 Km-lv. 56011232 Km-nu-1. Bn-nda 257 Ke-1-m-1.011-nn 201 1-461111. 13.-u, 219. 160 K.11..,. Dun... 201 Kellw. Kalhlvvn 290. 232, 37. -110. 41 Kelly.K1'n111'l11 201 Kr-lly. l.41li1a Ka-lly, Sammy K1-lly. Sharon 201. 190.-12,41.92 14....,.. T.-.ra 217 Kvnnanl.M11'l'11-111-232.-18 Kenn11rd,Russ1-Il217.132 Kvnnarrl. Sum nm- 73. 276. 258. 310. 324. 105 K.-u.m.1,T..., 318. 258 K1-111. Tm.-1 217 K.-,Gui 19. 132. 153,219.81 K1-y. Ru-hanl 232. 81 K1-1.5.-011201 K1-,..Gr1-gary 232. 131 K1-13,110-111 247. 251.255.3112 76. 258 1i.....1'....,...-66 232 K1111.Yn11gsuk 232. 72. 94 Kimn-h.1"luyd 201 K1m11'h,1.1sa 217 Kmunl. Elizalu-1h 201, 168 King. Carnlim-211. 82, 223 Ki11g,S1even 232. 238. 105. 93. 154. 89. 109 K1n1l.S1u3r1 2112.59.58 King. V1-rna 258 1-cub.. 1111611.15 201 K1rk.Bun11a 217 Kirh.Br1g1lr11e 217 K1rk.S1e1en 232.131 K1rk.'1'ammy 201 K1rkland.Ri1-1.1 115 Kirklan1l.Trop 132.217 141.161, Mary 217 Kir3ch,Lor1-11.1 14, 116. 117. 162. 163. 230 Ki1srh.Tra1-y 117.217, 216. 293. 142 Kirse-.l'1z1n1lall232. 141 Kil13hen.Da'vi1l217 Kilche-n,Tamaral'1 2-1.113.114-,119. 120.121, 25-1.297.258 K1zer.11'1f21T 161.-....16pe.. Swan 19. 242. 92. 109. 276. 288, 297. 188, 258.-12. 105 Klriber. Jnhn 217, 89 Klein, Sharon 232 Klr'1nunr111.BClwar11232 Klmwppf-r. Er11e'iI276.29T,253.59. 58. 109 Klum-k,Kz1lhy 201,91 Knigh1.Car6I115.258.59.58,9l Kn1gh1,Cuni5 201 Kn1gh1.Miz'11.1vl115.217.1041 Ku. 1-lun 232 K4x'1nn.MJrgarr'117B Kia-h1naky.1"1'l1m-ia 201 K..-11.... F. 191 Km-s1ur.Deh1111-217 Kolb.-. Charlene 232. 290 Kolode1cak.D1am' 211. 217. 89. 220. 223 Kolodejrak. K1-nm-1h 251258. 58 Konvir-ka, Deborah 113. 297. 258. 304. 320. 65 Konvicka, Sherry 113. 114, 115. 121. 232. 233. 229. 280. 290. 75. 91 Kopr-cky. 113.11 203. 219. 220. 42. 105. 131 Koppelmann. Anim 232 Korsmeyer. Virginia 201 Kowis, Cashmrn' 232. 57 Kowis. Gina 62 Kowis, Lavila 217 Kriegal, Karen 183. 261 Krall. M11-hai-1201 Kulwvzka. Tina 201, 81 Kuvhn, Todd 232. 69 Ku11n..11l1201. 302. 91 Kun-ll. Chris 217 Kuy. H1-ng 217 1c,1.-. Na...-, 232,72 lar-ew.-Il.11xl121T Lai-3, Arulrrw 232 1,afr1'n1cr1'.1Arrp 25. 115. 125. 230, 232. 151 14111, 13.11, 232. 290 La Cr11no'.Tamm1 217, 75 lahoz, Sw lvina 202 lairil. Calhcrinv 202 laird. John 232 l..a1rd,Shamn 1813.92.89 121111-. Woodrow 199. 202 Iam. Hung 83 Lam. Susan 202 1,am:1r1'111'.M1C111'11'121,202,105 La Ma1o.Angela 217 La Malu. Dean 202, 105 1Am11.1.1sa 217 Lamlr1I.Rirl'1ar11 133. 202 Lamln-r1. ludith 232. 64. 65 lamb.-n, Robin 11. 73. 260, 310, 32-1 l,an1lw1'hr.Cr'a1g 232. 290. 42. 43. 109 l.anr.Gregury 217 13...-. Larry 217,142,153 1.-...1.16u1. 0.1.15 217 Lara, N..-1232 1argPnl.De11m118.121.208.21T. 293,415.47 Lar11gue.'1'homa6 232. 89 1.al11am,Carr1l 190 La1nson,V1rlnr 217, K5 Le. Dung 105 Levuuriae. T1-rn-sa 260 l.,edbe11er..lay 133.202 Ledesma. .-Knl111n1'11202 1.6.1..m...R.., 151 L1-desma. V1-min.-a 121,202 L..-. Billy 232. 62. 63 L.-3, Bryon 133. 202 Lf-1-,Ha11i1-52. 179 L..-. 111..-1..1.- 2111. as 13.-. 116.... 2111. 89 1... s..,.......- 202 12...-. 111.1 202 L.-1.......,s1..-116,260 1,1-lI.V1'1-ldun 232, Lell. N111-hs-al 202 1knn11n,Sl1'11'r1 69 1xs11'r.Ka1her1n1' 218 Lian-r, K1-llie 5, 26. 288. 261. 260. 297.31351-2.35 Lian-r. K1-rri 232. 41 Letn1'y.Bm1l 260. 61, 73. 59. 58 1.,4'vinaun.C11ar11'5 232. S7 1.4-s1nsun.Hdward 202 1,1-u anduw 6ki.'1'ina 232. 75 Lew i. Jack 184, 249. 260. 276. 297. 105,433.15-1. 109 Leuif. Diane 121. 218, 83. 105, 223, B9 1,1'vf16.Paul 139. 235. 270. 72. 92. 94. 109 Le1n15.Rubin 218.81 Lewis, Srou 202 Leh1s.Ver11n 12. l-1. 176. 177. 273. 68. 100 L1cu11n1'1',R1rhar11202 L1g11lfo11l.R41n1'nn 17-1-. 183.190 Lin. Lnhn 202 Lindwy. Dan-5 218 Lin:-r. F. 191 Link. Darwin 177 1..1nk.Thrr'sJ 235 Linnsu-31111-r.J1m 123. 125. 127. 129. 183. 186 1.1nsi1'11m11.Frank11'260 L111-hiii-ld, Dv'uain1'2U2 Lillli-. Demelria 260 L1x'3sci11.C1na 12. 235. 62. 73 1.04-lu-..1nhn11p 235. 57 l.,ocks.S11-phan1r 235 Logan. Shawn 13. 235 Lolandu. Juan 202 Long. Ethan 218 Laprz. Carlos 260. 59 1766.-1. Urol 202 121111. Bruce 21B 1,...1....... 14116, 202. 302 Loukanis. Shelly235.159. 55 lnuhania. suphe.. 235 Low. Lisa 235 13..-11. Lindsay 133 Lawn. Bmerly 260 L01 ings. Kenh 202 Lowe. Carol 15. 27. 235, 45. 47 lpn:-rw. Elbert 260 Lowery, Evereue 202 Lurariu. Dina 218 Luchale, Eva 260, 297. 159 Luchak. Martin 132. 218 Lucker, Angela 202, 302 Lucio. Roddy 235 Luebano, Juanita 202 Luebano. D6.u1..g.. 235. 63 Lugo. umm 218 Luker. Linda 191 Luker. William 235, S7 Luksa. Barham 68 1.umpkinx,Susan 235 Luna.AngP1a 2113 Luna. Yvi-nr 202. 91 Luska, Barham 235, 69 Lulhe. Larry 202 Lu1z.Juhnny 235 Lyle-s, Tammy 218 Ly nch, Brenda 260, 267, 75 l.pnrh.l,anrr' 132.218.1513 1.ynch,Susi1-162,163,168 Lyons, Dc-an 218, 159. 42 MacDonald.la1'ry218, 132. 153 Ma1'11ado.Rau1218 Marhado. Sen-110199. 202. 107 Marhado, Sylvia 260, 77, 75 Mai-hey. Cynthia 202 Ma.-hey. L4-o 202 Ma1r13..11'Yry 202 Main. .106 183. 135, 139. 134 Majr-wski, Marvin 235 Maldonado. Alben 218 Mal:-s. .larkie 202.81 Malone. 116, 65 Mangum. Jerry 39. 213, 42 Mangum. Melody 179, 261. 276. 297. 42. 273. 270. 109 Manic-r. Paul 202 Manlangcil. Fr 235 115..1....g.11.Ju.u..1.6 235 Mann. Daiiil 218.158.1519 Mann. K, 91 Manuel. Clwrri 121. 235. 89 Mare... 5166161.16 202 Marek. G1-rald 218 Mares. Mir'11ar'l202 Marion, P. E. 191, 261 Mar1on.Spen1'1-r 202 Mariun.Suunn1' 260. 276. 297. 36. 42. 105, 109 Marquv1.Ru1h 218. 49. 45. 47 Marsh, Pamvla 235 Mars11l1urn.1.u1'1111'191 Marshall. Kenneth 235 Marshall. Pairirk 202 Marshall. R11-hard 11. 125. 297. 260. 12 Mar1in.Frank183 Mfcabe. 11.6.16 21a Mecaghm.. Kimberly 117. 230. 235, 91. 290 McCinn,1..in11a 202 111.c..u1.-,.. M11-har-181 M1:CIanahan.Shawn 264. 295. 59 Mfcme. Rirhard 264. 2313, 42 McCluskry,Pa1r1cia 202 Mfo.....1.-1. Russr.-11218. 103 M1:Gorrnick..lames 218, 91 Mfcmmafk. Randy 218 M.c6.....M11.. ao. 81 Mfouy, Ju... 1113, 1134. 75 Mfcmut-6.06.61 32 M.c..1.e...M11..- 194 M.c...1,.1u.Ta...f. 235 MvColloch. Kimila 213 M..c6116ugh. Edward 235.131 M.-cu11.,..g1.. 16111 264 M.-cu11m.g1.. Lisa 202. 75 1v1.cu11m.g1..111C1.....1 131 M1'Curdy.l..inda 206 McDaniel. 11.36.15 218, 223 M.Dau161.c16n 235. 89 186.1-10.264, 297. 105, 333 M1lls, Billy 218 Mills. Carol 235. 33 M111s.1am1-a 202.143 M11saps.1ar1a 235, 59 Mimel, Danil'1235 M1n11irh,T3mmy 264. 310 Mmm. Laura 202 Mm-ur, Debbie 183 Mis111vr.Cam1 121. 235 Mishlvr. Kenneth 202 Milvhc-ll, Dun 202 M1llels1vdl,De11o1'a 80, 81 Moake, Tern 218 M61-k. D1-lforah 218 Mndnvjewsk1. Ro11cr1218 Mulma, Belinda 121.199, 203 Mom-kumn, Michael 203 M0nrus.S1Pp11en 203 Monk. Felicia 265, 69 Munlrlungu. Caroline 203. 91 MrDaniel, Sherry 87, 186. 264. 297 M.D6.u1.1.chery1 115.235, 75 Mfnmuid. Kay 235. 81 McDonald, Michael 202 M.n6.u1.1,sufy 202 McDona1d.Tammy 202 MrDug1e. cm, 235. 290. 35. 89 Mcafhern. 1.16.13 264. 62 M.r..61.e.n.s5...1.. 121.218 Mf1:1.-6,.c1u1u1... 13. 235. 70 McElruy,Gu1nn 218, B1 M.E1my.Km.. 235 M.1:1m, 264. 319 MfF..11s,1e11e., 202 McFarland, Darrell 27, 25. 264. 297. 51. so. 49 111.1'a.1u..1, siephm. 202 Mfr.-fm., Billy 235. 69 Mfcehee, cuw, 202, 133 M1'Ginnis.Wal1er 63 Mcc1..11..... 011131 202. 200 Mccuwan. 'r5......1. 218. 111, 94 Mfcm., Pa11i 202 Mclieehan, Bonnie 84.85.114-.119. 121, 251,264-.297.313,105,333. 109 MrKre11an.Juyce 178 MeK.......,.T1......a.23s. 131 M.11...u..c,.f1..... 235. B9 McMichael. 13.6 236 M.1v1..11e... .lame-s 218,297 M.M..11.-... Puma. 264. 75 Mm... Richard 235. 59 M1-Nicholas, 161... 235 M6.,.1,'. lion 203 r.1., 235. 49 111.,.....y1.a.... Kriin 203 Mmm.-y1.......L1... 21a Moorv. Moon'- Belinda 221 c1...,1 265 M66..-. Dasid 101 Mme. 13..-.1 235 M66..-. 265. 319. 69 Moo..-, Kelli 73. 265. 310. 324 MW.-.11..1u..1235 Mm... suph.-u 57 Mmm Tervsa 203. 105 Morales. Eddur 203 Moran. Glenn 203 M6.,......,1u1.u. 220, 221, 293. 153 M...,.a...1J...1.1203 Mom... 51.31666 203 Morgan .Teri-sa 203 Mor111,Dav1:1203. 157 1v1.,....11. cam, 133 Mm... 13..-1 265 M....1..P.,.,., 221 Mum., 11.11.61 203 M6..1..T....., 221 M11rrison..ra 203. 157 M6...ey,L1.wue191 M.,..6w, Kay 183 Mnsi-3. Adriana 235 Ng11y1'n.Phunng195 Nguy.-... 'ruyu 265. 319 Nirholcs. Christoph 203 Nicholcs. Juan 221 N1e1...1.-S. Tracy 265. 57 Nirl'1ols.Ka1hrym 302.203 Nichols, Kelly 203 Nino, Myriam 109, 70.99 Noark. Clinton 81 Noel.R1rhard 265. 319 Nuldrr. James 191 Nolder. 1. C. 183, 57 Nuldrr, Lori 203 Nnlen. Tammy 203 Norman. Keith 236 Norris, Dorian 203 Norris. Marsha 15, 236, 45. 47 Nu1'e,1011n 221. M. 65 0 Day. Jams 221 Oblak, Brock 221. 154 Oblonski, Kenneth 17 Ofhoa, Myrna 203 0kabayas111.D1ana 69 Oliver, Bart 236. ST Olher, Elizabelh 221 Oliver. Susan 203. TS Olmos, Elben 203. 81 Olsen, S11er1'1221 0'Neal. Pa1236 Opela, Daniel 221. 81 Org:-run lll. Joey 203. 221 0rlowak1. Kr-nilh 236. 57 Orlegnn. Anihnny 236. 57 Onegon lr.. Franrisco 133 0n1z,Fmnfisru 203 Osborn. David 203. 265 0Sbom1',Dav1d 157 Osbomi-. Pamrla 221 Onlerhuut. Harold 183 Ousey, Eugene 236. 290. 109 Ousley, Brenda 203 Ouslvy. Cynthia 236 Oveal. .lerry 203 ParP,1im124-.125. 237 17a1'hr-r'o,Vinc'en1236 Parkrr. Rebecca 203 Padilla. Ramiro 203 Pagel, Thomas 288. 297, 276. 265, 259. 33. 109 Palarios. Susan 203. 91 Palmer. Kim 221 Mar1in.Fv1-divka 260 Marlin. Lisa 202 Manin,R11-3 33 Marlin, Ronald 202 Martin. Slephame 218 Manin, S1evr- 200 Marlinrl, Armando 218 Manim-1. Henry 260 MarI1n1'z..1oAnn 260 Manim-1,John 218 Mar1inez..luan 202 Maninez. laura 260 Martinez, Mario 202 Martinez. Orlando 218 Maninez, Pele 218 Maninez. Pele 218 Martinez. Ruben 218,142,131 Man is, Jean 178. 110.178 Mas11..1immy202 Mash, Linda 218 Ma6.,.11.1ss....... 295, 260, 59 Mas1era.M11-helli-235 Mathews. Carla 218 Mathews. Carriv 235 Ma1hews,Cryslal202 Ma1hews..1anc-1 183 Matthews. Marie' 190 Mathis, Michai-I 117, 293. 218. 132. 223 Mathis, Tina 218 Mallork. C1nd1116.117. 235. 59 Mallovk. Jana 260, 59 Mallofk, Kathy 324, 260, 310. 73 Ma1ra11ga.An1h6ny2U2.81 Mallaur. V11-kir 218 Mauvrn. Ann:-ur 293. 218.110, 111 Mallern. D1-lvorah 260. 75 Mallern. Terry 202 Mathews. Came 75 Malhi-wa..1am1-6 202 Mallhewa. Marim- 173 Mane-wa.Pa1r1r1a116.1112-16.251, 248. 251. 255. 297. 261. 318. 276. 273, 105, 109 Maxey. Linda 264. 79. 80. 261. 81 Maxim-, Rirhard 264. 53. 319. 266. 69 M.-N1f1.61es.'r6mmy as MrNiel, Darlene 202 McNu11, Neil 218 McPherson..le1f202 MrQuc'rn,.1ames 264, 302. 35 McQueen, Paul 242, 261, 276. 297. 278. 45. 47. 91. 109 McRae, Annette 218 McRae, Paul 28, 264. 288, 42. 109 McSwain, .lames 202 MrWes1. Kari 92 McWhir1er, Palriria 15. 202 Mead6r,Ju.1y 74. 202. 75 Means. Sharona 202 Meece, Mitchell 218 Meehan, James 132, 218 Meek. Danny 202 Meek, Gerald 264. 57. 58 Meeks. Marcus 235. ST Meider. Shawn 24, 133 Melchor. Dale 218.111, 94 Melchor. Johnny 264. 57 Melchor, Margan-1235, 91 Meldcr, Chris 202 Mellon, Connie 261.283 Mrllon. Linda 235 M1-nchadn, 5. 133 Mendiola. Audrey 121, 235. 49 Mm.. Kristy 235.290 Mmm. A. 81 Michrl. William 218 M11'h1'lS,.1anne1le Mnldleton, Alben 235 M11.1dIr1on. B. 59 Micldluon, Ricky 17, 235. 57. 58 Mi.-.1.-m. Tammy 235 M11-rs. Andrea 218. 78 Mikeska. Annette 54. 85113, 114. 235. 290. 105. 333. 89 Miki-I. Karen 202 M1kl1s. Donna 235, 75 Miklia. John 202 M1k0lajchak,L1n'y 235. 69 Mil:-s. lim 132. 218, 216 Milrs. Nannelle 202. 75 Miles. Neal 125. 2.35, 59 Maxiv, Herman 69 Max1n1'11.SlarPy 290. 235. 42 Maxwvll. T11111218. 105, 89 M..,e3,c1.r1. 21s Mayo. William 260 Maya. Melann' 230, 235. 72 Huy n. Dia nc' 235.167 Mrrhrluo. Trary 218 M1'A1ee, Shawn 202. 143 MrAna111. R. 191 MrBr1dr, Mwhelle 70 MrBride. Vivian 260. 297. 75. 65 M1-Cabe. Robin 264. 319. 258. 68. 69 Miles. Miles. Millan Millan Venessa 218 Vicky 165. 202 12, Karen 202 tz. Sherri 235, 64. 65 M.11...Aua..-5 202 Miller, Janie 1133, 261 111111.-r, Jona1han 213. 142 M111e.,1ce....u1. 136. 133. 139. 235 M111e..1.es116 202. 92 M.116..11..11e.a Miller. Roger 2113 261. 297. 319. 69 11.11.,...... 11.u1...... a5.135.137,139. Muses. D. 115 Muses. Der 183. 261, 103 M11skov.1r1.K1'nnclh 221 Mosley. Becky 265, 295, 59 M1111, De-bm 221 M1n'l1er..14-lfrvy 132 Mulligar1.Ca1heriru-221.111 Munguia. Linda 235. 63 Mun1z11I,Da11d 235 Murr1u1'h.Rober1183 Murdo1'k,Susan l10.23S.l11. 109. 72, 91. 70 Murley,An1la 203 Murp11y,Ar1al1B3 Murphy. Glen 63 Murray.1.or1235 Murray.Muri1-1203 M11s1'.K1'1lh 235. 131 Mush1nsk1.Jan1ns133.203.302.89 Mushinfki.M11'ha1'l235.40, 42. 105 M1ky11n,Ri1s1e 75 Naranju, Odillia 208 Naah. Pai 179 Nash, Ray 203 N311on.Chr1sluph 297. 319. 69 Na1i11n.Pa1r11-ia 203 Na111vna,Crvgnr1'236.6-1.55 Na1ions..1ellr'ry203 Na1arr11.F1'rm1n 221 N1-al, Chenl 297. 304. 265. 3411. 276. 65. 95. 109 N....1. K1-nu11236 Nral. 116.15 221 N1-al. Norma 265. 73. 59 Nr-al111-'n.Charlsie 133 New-I. 11. 69 N1-eley.Grrgorp 297. 57. 151.58 N..-1.-,.s1..11e, 236. B1 Nvlson. Chandra 87. 29. 24. 297. 251. Nelson. Earl 203 Nuem.. 1a..,...1....- 236 N.316.11,1.-6,1221 N.-1.1.3. D.,..g1... 221 s.,1...1. P1u11.,.23o. 236. 75. 131 N... ma... 91.1.1 203. .17 Ng.1..1... 293. 221. 219. 109 Ngup. 12.... 266.119 Nm... Hua 236 Ngu1,Ph1'1k 203 Nguyen. 1c1.u.- 221 :v....,.-...N,.1.a1 236 Palmer, A na 221 Pamuk. 56.3, 203. 100 Pmgaiaan.. 111., Pangil1nan,l'1osi1a 203 Parisi, c1..1..u...- 203 Pa.1.M1.-6.113 221 Parker,Chr1sli 236 Parke., D.-66.51. 236, 167 Parkvi, 11.f.....,.. 221 Parker, M ichael 221, 132 Parker. Olin- 177 Plrker.S1ev1'11 221 Parke, 1421111 203 Parks. Pamela 236. 75 Parks,'1'1na121,236, 61, 65, 89 Parks, Vicky 165, 181, 183. 162. 168 Parshall. Dudley 265, 62 Pa1Sun.Ru1x-ri 236, 57 Pa1a1, Pairiria 221 Patrick. Debbie 236. 69 Pa1r1ck.Jel1ery 203 Pa1ri.-k. Jerry 203 PaI1rn.Ca rul 265. 324, 310 Patlrn. William 42 Pa111-1-Mm. Panrrson. cms 265 Krmb.-fi, 165,199,203 169, 168 Pallvrson. 265 Lenila 8'.'. 242. 246. 297. Pa11erson.Marfus 236. 62 Panenun. Melanie 221 Pa11erson,Pa1125.183.182,200.131 Pauersun. P3111 84.85. 251. 291265. 276, 26 2,333,109 Pallerson. Phillip 221 Pauersun, Shari 263 Patterson, Slephanin- 265. 75 Pallerson.'1'err1 D1 Panmn, C. Patton, Sh 73 eny 236 Pau1,S1e1'en 135 P...e116.. Naialir 73. 233. 236. 290. 109. 70 Pavlacka, Karr-n 203 P....111.. Mirhavl 265. 79. 81 PawaIowski,Cur1i3 236. 57 Pa.-3116, B..-...13 203, 91 P.,-nf. 5113... 203,111 Payne.Terr1 37. 112. 114. 115. 226. 233. 236. 290 Payne, 16.1.1 203. 133 Pvablas. Dawn 265. 78. 81 111111-X 331 73, 94 Pearson, Bmndy 236 Peehus, Karen 236 Pfdc-rson.lulie185 Pena. Julia 203 Pena, Ruben 221, 105 Pe-ndergrass, Tony 221 Prnewiu. John 221, 37 Pennington, Lisa 221 Pc-nnock, Kelly 221 Pennock, Raymond 221 Pvmza, Gusuvn 203 Prraza, llyana 268, 319, 69 Pvrtmjov 115, 297 Perez. Joseph 203. 47 Perez. Louis115, 203 Perez, Melissa 203, 111 Penn. Ruben 203 Perkins. Karrn 203,101 Perkinson, Paula 230. 236. 290, 42, 267, 109 Permrd, Donna 163, 236, 96 Perryman, Jenniier 26, 221, 83. 111. 4-8, 49, 215 Perryman, Teresa 203,111 Perryman, Virginia 174, 185. 190. 261 Pclereil, Gerard 221 Peters. Kimberely 268. 276, 109 Pcxers, Kimberly 221 Pelers, Stephen 221 Prlvrson, Diarnie 185, 69 Pelmvich, Kemberly 221 Phala-n, Daniel 26. 221 Pham, Ann 89 Phan, Linn 236, 159. 35, 105, 72, 94 Pham,Tuamanh 2721, 268. 276. 93 Ph.-lp.. Bismrk 236 Phalaponau, v. 133 Pugh, Butch 115. 132, 220, 221 Pullings, Mean 268 Pullings, Shilinda 203 Pullings, Tony 123, 125, 127, 130, 236 Pumphrey, Cheryl 185, 91 Pyle, Gay 221 Pyle, Raymond 268 Rzabv, Brucv 236, 151, 89 Raaiw, David 221,153 Ravliel, Paula 203 Radford, Dan 221 Ramon, Carolyn 1as Ramirrz, Paula185,110 Ramirtl, Pnscn191 Ramos, cymhaa 203 Ramos, Jesse 236 Randall, lvv 268, 74, 62, 271. 75 Randall, M. 69 Randall, va.-key 205, 81 Randalls, Mrs. Martha 268 Randolph, snphanae 297, 268 Randolph, Timothy 221. 81 Roberls, Stephen 236. 57 Roberts, William 236. 57 Robertson, Donny 236, 57 Robertson, Ronald 236, 57 Robinson, Darryl 205 Robinson, Katherine 205 Robles. Ricky 125. 128, 251, 297 269, 276. 281 Rnburk, larry 226,239.81 Rork. Celesle 221 Rocka. Belinda 297. 115, 269, 59 Phillhrend, M. 133 Phillips, Debra 14, 268. 291, as, 262 Phi1lips,Edwin115,221,102 Phillips. J.-new 219, 221 Phillips.L.191 Phanlaps,P.u1221 Phillips, swprm. 236 Pmlpm, Jmy 133,199,203 Phillips, Barham 268. vs Rangel. Priscilla 236, 75 Raldilf. Angelia 111 Ralclifl, April 110. 205 Ralclill. Shae 168 Ralliff, Mclony 205 Ralz, Donna 268 Ray. Lou 163. 32, 236 Ray. Stanley 268 myb.. rn, Linda 236 Raymond. Paulene 205. 65 Raymond,Tmcy 233. 113. 119. 121. 236, 105, 109 Raymond, Ty199. 205 Reagan, Shari 205 Rfawrs, Robin 236, 57 Rn-avec. Shelia 221 Rn-t1dirk.Df'niSr 221 Ruidi R1-den ng. Wayne 81 ux, Ronald 221 nnuwy, Mmm: 205 Hmmm, Diane 236 Redmond. Lynn 221, 26. 111. 49 R.-M. Bryan 236 Rodd, Micheal 222 Rode, Troy 205 Rodeya, R. 132 Rodgers, Vincenl 133 Rodriguez, Antonio 185, 62, 63 Rodriguez, Dolores 222 Rodriguez. Jeanene 205 Rodragm. Jimmy 222 Rodngun. Man., 222 Rodrigurz. Melissa 239, 59 Rodriguez, Orlando 222, 159 Rodrigm-z. Rachel 205 Rodriguez, som 288,291 269. 276. 281, 321.412, so, 109 nodngm, sn-ph.-n 222 Rodriguez, Trrcsa 222 noafagm. vanm 199. 205. 91 nodragm, Yanama 222 nodragm, Yveuv 297. 304, 269. 320. es. 73 Rogers, amy 159 Rojas. lshbel 205 Rosado, Glenda 222. 91 Rosario, Daniel 239 Rosado, V. 59 Rosas, Sam 205 Pivkrll.Sh1-lin 203 Park.-n. James 236, as Perm. Cheryl 203 Pieme..1ill2l,112,121,211,221 293. 105,91 Pamf. Krlly 221, 42 Fame, Robbie 255. 268, 276, 297, 105, 111. 109 Pike, Cheryl 203 R.-fa, Karen 222 nm, Ranma 222 Mus, cangff 212 nmr, Ronnie 205 RP.-ws, Robin 17 Renzudin, Genie-185, 188, 75 Rendon, Carlos 236 Rendon. Maria 59 Pike, Teresa 221. 169 Pxlkenmn, Bradley 16, zao, 236. 69 Pinson, Keith 236, 290. 47 Pitman. Charlene 221, 45. 47 Pena, Marlene 203 Pleasant, Karen 268 Plumb, Anne 185 Plummer, Ann 182. 185 Pohlmryrr. Carrie 268. 294, 304. 320. 65, 95 Puhlmeyn-r, Larry 268, 57, 58 Pnlasrk. Diulmar 221 Pnllick, Lorella 268, 258 Poole, Rvbrrra 221 nepka. cnbm 236. 42 Reyes, camnf. 269. 77 Reyes. Nm 22 nm, Sophia 269 Rmh, cynnna 222. 91 non.. sandra 222, 293 non, swphm 269. 91 Rourke, Barham 185. 261. 109. lm RW.-. Jwmne 205 Roy. Donald 222 nay, nom., 269 Roy, Harold 222 Royal. Joyfe 179, 178 Rubin, Angelila 205, 195 nu.-mke, Ke-nnelh 291269, 271, 72. Rulfin, Rohbyn 239, 59 Srharf, Mirhrl 222 Schaue, Troy 222 Scheflier, Rhonda 89 Schihni, Bvth IBS Srhilhab. Randall 222 Schill, Debbif- 164. 222, 162. sfhandlef, Gregory 239 Schindler, Michelle 239 Schmif1l,Rac1wl1e 222 Srhoonnver, Lisa 269, 297 Schroeder, Rodney 229. 239, 159,81 131 Ss-huebel, Catherine 113, 119, 272. 276.297, 313. 105, 109 Schweter, Bonnie 205. 91 Schw:-ter, Micheal 239 Scon, Benim 272 Scan, Donna 222 S--ou. Marlon 239 Svull, Phillis 222 Sm-ull, Todd 222, 34, 35 Scale, Dclisa 205 S1-als, Lisa 239, 159 Sew-nr. Frank 185, 191, 57 Sm-ly. Laura 239 Seidel, D1-bomh 205 Seilzler, Edward 81 Srlhy.Mikr'185,316,160 Selby, Rirkiv 205 Self, Mirhelle 205 Self, Sharon 272. 81 sl-l1m,10y 222 Svlman, Kriala 205 S1-raydnriun,Cary 222 Sumnn, lpn.-an 239, 57 Serres,R:'114-wa 272,291 318. 35, 274, 270 Sellifl, Cingz'r187 Su-well, Mn-ha:-1222. 153 Shadboll, Jack 222 Srharlr-r, Mxke 272 Shafrr, Marx-ir 73. 272. 310 Shafler. lewis 222 Shah-r, Ronda 205 Shao, Mary 190, 189 Sharp. Divid 125, 272 Sharp, J.-rry 205 Sharp, Tracie 205. 105 Shaw, Fr:-ddur 222 Shaw, R. 131 Shrh-r, Kim 222 Shvll, Chuvk B7, 31, 272. 270 297,105,93. 109, 108 Smilh,Timulhy133 Smilh. Smith. Smith, Trina 239 Tmu 199, 205 William 205 Snvll, Tr-rri 199, 59 Snell, Tonya 239 Snow, Candace 222,75 Snow, Gvnrgeue 205 Snow,Ro1wrl 239, 59 s01pe,T.-.fy 205 snnz, David 239. so soul, 1. 191 snmmmaxne, srwfyu 239, 42 som.. John 159 sm, Sergio 222 Spann.1.isa165,205,168 spans, naanm- 205, 168 spnndang, Dfhmh 222 smile, Rita 212 sp.-am, wamam 239. 69 s,,.-nm Kany 176.177 s,,i1l.xf.Lnd.1mf- 224, 91 T4-a. Sukrrnha 69 Tva. Sukrilhy 224, 239 T:-Hu. Armando 87. 275 Tm-lla, Dinna 121. 224 T4-mplvl. D1-nisr 229. 239, 290. 65. 92 Tnmpl.-I ,Re-h-4-ra 206. 302 Trmpnn. Dah- 206. 34, 35 'nmp1an4D..nal.l224 Trmplin. Gary 34, 35 Tvnnisnn,Jan1'l206 Tern-ll, Tmwis 206. 47 Thavha-r, Mark 275 Thames. John 187 Theiss. Dvan 21, 239, 290, 37, 42,105 Thibudeanx. Rvm- 239 Thigpen. Craig 206 Thomas. Bryon 206. 33 Thomas. Kvnnelh 206 Thomas. Melvin 133. 206 Thomas. Reginald 130, 224 Thomas. Reginald 125, 239, 237 Thumb, 'may 206 Thomas, Vanessa 206 Spnnnl.-, Mark 224, 158. 159 s,mn.,. -k.John 205, 62 Slam-ka. J. 89 Smhgdlam-I 272, 276, 288. 36, 42. 41, l Stamps, u...g13s 205 Stamps, Min-ha--I 272 sms.-k, Kelly 224 Smnlq Stanley Stanley Staple-5 . Ka-vin 205 . Mi.-ha.-1229 . Sandra 272 .William 224 Slaplmon, M:-ludy 220. 224 Slarr.1 amvs 205. 159. 94 Slmanhu. Cnnnn- 188. 75 Staxinnha. Earl 224. 81 snpmka. .lnnnna 272 Su-pannki, Ruin-n 239 snph.-ns. David 224 Su-phcnsnn. Mark lS.27.239.-19 Su-moe. Th:-nwa 272, 76, 75 Sum-mon. John 205, 133 Su-wart, Ch:-ryl 205, 75 Su-wan. E. 191 Sh-warl.1.1..1B7,94 Su-wart. Kelvin 132.224 Sm.-S, Rivky 239 'rm....,,mn, Bryan 224, 188, 34. as Thompson. cymma 239,36 'rh.,mpsm.. um 275, 316, 57 Th.,...,Nm, Ri.-k 139, 187, 134. 141 Thom.-Il, Rnhin 215 1'r...nn.m, Barham 187 Thnrnmn, sham 206 Tr...f,,. c.,m.a.- 224. 89 ng.-n. Tm.-a as. 275, 276, 281, 283. 40. 42, 333. 109 Tilh-ry. cn, 224 Tm.-,, Maru 206 'ram-,, Tummy 272 1'n1i,,c.m.- 178 sn,r,.,,1u, 224 nm. 1.-my 205 Ruiz, na.-hard 132 Rumfonn, Karen 239, 75,, Linda 222, 11s Rusheon, n.-gm 205 Russell, Joe 269 Russell, Maw.-I 222 n..,s.n, Rusly 185,159,158 Ryns. John 205,81 Ryan. sum 199. 205 smhafra. Ben. 222, 169, ma Pnolv, Ruben 268. 276. 297, 72. 94. 109 Pnposzku, Trudie 203. 33 Pom, cnmm. 132, 172, 221 Punrr, Kellie 203 Reyna, Fred 123, 222, 156, 182173. 157, 101 Reyna, Paul 222 Rrynolds, Debbie 185, 261 Reynolds, Tammy 222 Rh:-in, Todd 319. 266. 69 Rhodes, Steven 269. 57 Rive, Stephanie 205, 302, 91 Rice. Steven 91 Riff. Tania 205 Richardson, Fred 176 Rirha rdson, Prisrilla 117, 293, 222. 220 Hammond, 'rummyf 222 Rafkan1,cayle 185 Ridley, Rr-gina 205 men, cymma 269, 90 Ria-llif.1ulia 205. 91 Sacchieri. Sharon ll5, 269. 167 Saenz. Donna 239 Safranek. Vila 239, 59 Sager, shm, 205 Sagsuener, Linda 185 Salais. Martin 222, 111 Salazar, Adam 205 Salamr. Carlos 239. 59 Salazar. Gm-irla 222 Salazar. Rirky 295. 55 Salwida r, Sonia 222 Salinas. Janet 239, 69 Sallaz. Cheryl 269 Porter, P. 75 Punie, L4-r Ann 8. 26, 241, 242, 268. 297, 45. 47 Pnuer, Marsha 236, 91 Powell. Allen 203 Powell. Carol 174. 185 Powell, David 236 Powvll, Karen 236 Powers, Darlene 221. 49 Pau, Nita 73, 174 Praelorius, Lisa 268, 62 Fran. Kimberly 221 Pratt, Mike 221, 81 Precella, Jeanette 203 Prnschnr, Melody 236. 35 Presley. John 57 Presley, Richard 236. 62 Preston, Cassandra 203 Price, Bobby 203 Prire, Donna 268. 310. 324 Price. Kevin 203, 143 Price- Il 1, Morrell 236, S9 Prior. Roger 173, 185 Prizsmeyer. Bubba 6, 236, 80. B1 Priesmeyer,Terri268,288,81 Pruin, Charles 268 Puema, Eslella 268 Puente, Maria 121, 203, 49 332 Indvx Riggs, Rebel 205 Righlmire. Kirk 236, 57, 61 Riley. Cam-r 21, 236. 39 Riley, Cynthia 211. 222. 223 Riley. Diane20S Riley, Jan 236 Rilry, Janalh 186. 236 Riley, .lanirv 222, 72. 59 Riley. Johnny 222 Riley, Mary 236 Riley. Mmm 70 Riley. shannon 269, 319 Rimmer, Melanie 236. S9 Rios. Elizabeth 236, 70 Rios, Louie 205 Rios, Maria 91 Rilchr yv Lnrminr 269. 59 Rivera, Mary 236, 69 Roavh. Donald 185 Roavh.T. 191 Roberts, Brian 222, 91 Robe-rls, James 205 Roberls, Karen 222, 121 Rubens, Lillian 205. 75 Roberts, Becky 297, 269, 281. 188 Rubens- 124. 240 Roben 125,31. 130. 264121. sau., :ms zu sauna., A. 132 sa...-rm, Dolores 239 Sanrhvz,Gil1x'rl 132, 222 San:-In-z, Km-nnelh 269. 319. 69 San:-hz-z. Marrelina 205. 188 Sanmh-rs. Annette 288, 295, 269, 40. 41. sa. 59 san.1m.Ja, 205 sand.-fs, Lin 205 swam. Ralph 192. 205, 302 sam1m.nuwn1 ms Sando1.Jam-I 173. 269,291 111, 88, 89. 81 Sandoz, Nam-y 185, 304, 65 Sanllalrdl.1ilmnS 205, 54, 81 Sandsudl, Mark 239 Sandsmil, Billy 242. 269. 79, 35 sms.-, T.-mn.-f 269, 57 sannagu, shawn ms saum10,Amnaa 205 smeaa, Armando 222 sawr, Glynis 222, 161. 49, 160, 96 sax, Holly 222 smbomugh, Gwen 205 smfbumugh, Natalie 239, Bl Scarleu, veronica 205 sh.-ppana. M..-h.-If 239. 91 sh.-,.,.m4, William 222,35 Shirlds, John 222 Shi1'ldn,1.inlI.1 222 Shivlrh.Maurm-1-n 205 Shu.-maker, E, 191 Shurwr. Ronald 272 Shmu-y. 1. 132 S1mle'r,S1'ull 205 Sid:-s, T:-rri 272. 68, 73, 69 Simmons, Mn-hr-llv 222 Sims, Elissiua 205 Sima, Nov:-I 5. 239 sim. Rosalyn 222 sangl.-nm, Pan..-an 272. 47 sanglcnm. Purina 222, 169 Singleton, Ruslp 239 Siunn. Janwi 205 Sixrnski. Mark 222 Sixuoski, Paul 272. 316. 57 Skills-rn. John 135. 136, 130. Skinner, Km-in 222 Sladek. Carrie- 222 Slaunn, Ke-rrie 272. 59 Slfnmn, P1-ggy 272, 75 Sloan, Willie 157, 156. 222, l Slu4'hrr,F,41ward 239 Slnder. Sandie 272, 319, 69 272, 134 01 Svnal1ry,SuNan 239, 42, -Ll, 72 s...n1,. ch.-ff, 222, os s...a115.Dana 205 swan. zam 205 smnh, Ang.-la 205 smnh, .anthony 222. 239 Smllh,Bi11124,125,126,127,176 Smith, Charlim- 205, 80, 81 Sm1lh.Darrvl222 Smirh. of-www 205 Smilh. Dun l25, 187,153 Smith. I-Znu 187 smm-. cfvw, 239, 69 Smxlh..1anu1'187 Smith, Km-ly 239. 70 Smith. Khdrun 236 Smith, l.uri 105. 75. 81 Smnh. Marshal1239 Sn1ilh,Mix'h.u-157 Srnnh, Ruby n 205 Smnh, Rfmnnv 205 Smith. S1-on 222 Smith. Su-phvn 114. 139. 272, 276. sn,n,.,. Ralph 205 Sun-kan, M. 191 sw.-m.-f. cnfasmph 239. 63 sn.k.11,. Gayle:-n 205 Slukm,C11o'ry1 73, 272. 310, 262 Slonr. Gina 224 Slum-. Linda l60 Slmw. Paula 272, 276, 318, 109 Slum-, Sharon 65 Snnull, Wnllvr 177 Slrar--nf-r, Bobby 224 Slmr1'lu'r.wi1rIla 32. 187 Slruwlh1-r,AngvIa 206 Slrzwlhrr, Sonja 239 Slrw-I, Le-anna 275, 310, 324 Slrr.-1. Marmn 239 Flru-klnrd. lilizab--lh 187 Slrirkland, Ihsid 125. 276, 291318. 95, 92. 109 Slmlha-r. Gina 206 Slulrhlm-lic-111.11-an 206 Suan, Chris 206. 91 sun.-1. C,n.n 239. T0 Timm, Karla IS. 239, 290. 45, 47, 9 Timmms,l.1ur1239.70 Tan.u.,1, M.-nm 206 Tixdalr. Ama, 206 ws.-I, Kimrwfx, 206 mm. PM 114 mar. Conniv 239. 75 Tolar, nn. 215, 259. 75 Tupping.Jol'1n 16, 45, 47 Tom..-0, Dani:-l 275, 57 Terrence, Kalhlw-n 224, 188. Toupan, sm.. 215. so Timm., cm, 239.153, 167 Townzen, chfn 302. 206 Tmnsur, shma 206 Tmnsue, Tammy 239 Tmylor. Terry 239. 131 1 Tn-adway, Ioseph 224 Tfwann, Rin-hard as Tn-vino .David 13,275 Tnm.1f,J.5fn 206 mmm.-, Kathy 239. 91 Trinh.Cnong105.94 Trinh, 1 luan 224 Tmja1ln.Mafabrl2o6 Tf..ja1u.,. Vivxan 239 Tmny, Lmn 224. 93 Tfmmg. Tm....g, Knn83 Nam 239, 72 Trnonli, Thinh 239, 237 mnng. vmmg 206 Truss:-ll, Tmy 13, 15, 27, 239. 226. .156, 157, 101. 75. 233. 290, 49. 45, 47 Turk:-r. Che-ryl 87.27.2341 49 Tucker, Elizalwxh 162. 275, 276, 163. 167 Tu:-kr-r. J:-an 275, 310. 324, 73 Tuckvr.1.m'slu'206 Sulmn. Connie 224 ICD Sullnn. Renew 239 sw.. T.-ff, 206 Sum-s. Rubin 91 al Vivkw 2 9. T2 Sm-islh , - 3 Swsq. David 275. 155 Syulvk. Julie 224 Tnlmr. Bobby 206 Tabor, Jamrs 206 Tall. Ci me, 224 Mvhssa 116, 117. 251. l06.S9, Tnb.-fl. Donny 224 mn. Ffluabrlh ss, 121. 231239, 295. 333. 45, 47 Tan... wemvn 224, 160 T:1ylnr.D3vl:12lb Tm, lnr. n.-n.a..- 206 T.lyInr.F1'lirla 206 Tu,l..f, un., 206, 133 Tay lor. M1-Ima 224 Tay lor. sawn., 206 Tay lm, sn-,,rnna.- 224. 65 Ta5lor.T:unmar-.1 157, 101 Tu,f1.,f.Tm.-.-. 75 'ra,l.,r.v'.u1ar.4 224 Taulnr. w'.n.m 239,157,101 Tum-1, Lloyd 224 Tullis, Krnm-th 85, 139, 140, 255. 275, 333 Turnbow..11'ff87, 125, 251 , 254, 275 Turnbow. Sn-vr 293. 220, 223. 132 Turn:-r, Erien 206 Turner. Robert 304. 320. 276, 65 '1'urner,Tnmmy zoo Turns-y.Ren4-1-206 Tumey, Scan 290. 239 Tum-mine. Cymhia 206 Tum-mine. Michal-I 239.69 Twardowskx, Florian 206 Twarduwski. Thumas 125 'r,'...r1, Rhonda 215 Tyson. Dvhhiv 220. 224. 75 U :nh-rwuml. Lisa 275, 69 Urban, E. 191 lfshx-r, Cunnie 275 lfshrr,1rrn1:101, 75 lfarll. Rhonda 224 lfm'Il,'1'ammy206 Valadvz, Guadalupe 206 Yaldn. C1-novexa 290. 239, 111, 70 VaIIvnli,S. 125, 187 Vallm-nu-. Candace 70 Vallvs, Dinah 206, 49 Valles, Munarissa 254. 275. 276. 105. 263.915, 91. 109 Vallis, Rhonda 239 VanNess. V. 191 Vara, Nita 118, 121, 275, 313, 91 Varela. Judy 239 Varntr. Melissa 69 Waits. Charles 224 Walker. Clit-ryl 121,224,223 Wt-11b,Gary 109 We-l1h..lul1r 206. 81 Williams. Craig 277 Williams. Curtis 206. 101 Walken Em, 2.4165 v.'.-1.11, Mark 240 watttanta. Deborah 206 wallnl hmm 139, 277 Wt-11b,Sandra 277 waittafn.. ot-ina 277 Walken lm, lm Webb, Susan 224 w111aan1a.0e1na 225 Walken Jon l 41- 240 Webster, Lisa 24. 26. 240. 45. 47. 91 Williams. Deymn 225 Vasquez. Loretta 164, 224, 91 Vasquez. Rachel 205 Vasquez. Rene 275 Vasquez, Santos 224 Vassel, Beverly 275 Vassel. Chandra 240 Vasst-1, Clarence 206. 133 Vaughan. Karen 16. 275, 262 Vaughan, Nina 277 Vaughn. L. 132 Walker. Mary 206 waiter, P. 191 wannng. Dana 224 wnnnni. Pant 57 Walker. Randy Wttffsha-Mt-Kf11t'i'206-81 276. 277. 318. 35. 93 Walkot iak, Karen 206 Wall, Deanna 276. 277. 318, 72, 92 Walla. Edward 206, 81 Wallace. Clay 132. 219, 224 Wallare. utonya 277 Wallace, Tammy 224 Waller. L. 191 wn11n.7.ny 206 vi'a1an.R1.1.1n 224 wt-ta.-n Datannan 224. 169 Weld:-r, Susan 277. 319. 91, 69 Wells, Mark 115. 132. 152, 224. 293 Wendt, .Iohn 224. 79, 80. B1 W1-sbrook, Gerald 187 West. .limmie 224 w1111ant..ct.ana.,1yn 240 Williams. Herbert 130. 278 Williams. Herman 125. 124. 288. 278. 57. 274 wsttaanta. tan wttttanaa. .lennte 278 Williams, Jn..-a 206 Williams. Kvvin 225 Williams, Kevin 132 Williams. Mark 290. 240. 190.159. 104 Valzggni1l.lsa7g6, 226. 240. 158, 159. Walpole' mmm 5ta1.gla.1i..lr5b277 3illiams,gattifi0I33 20- 89 109 - V- ' Q wl 'M - 224 eat. at-on trams. una . 7. . Va-1111111-tw-elif 224. 15 wglfifs 206 w.a11.nn.1. inn, 240. 57 Williams. Ronald 290. 240. 1-L3 vangnn.sna.nnan69 Q v,ahm'Shml206 w.a11,nn.1.7na.-y240.290.59,5a Williams.l7luse225.101 vangn1.1o.-.nl15.22.,188.5958 wahhaii Carl-224 White,.lanet119. 121.240 Williams. Shirley 191 V0la6gH1fl5-216-21I-288-321-38 ,,.ahher'C,ml3 5 277 91 vfnnn. Rhonda 73. 277.310, 324 v1'1111anna.rn-aaa 52.310.73.278 , ' ' ' v1r1.11.naa.1.7tnnn1.206 waitiann Vanena 165 207 Vela.Sandra117.224.293. 106.223 Wthsf-KBM206 Wh. h D0 H8119 240 75 . . ' ' vcln' Amina 240' 59 Walton' Daniel B1 ite orn. nna . . . Williams, Sharon 276 Venegas, letiria 2IX7. 91 Vercher, Debliit- 121. 178. 107 Vercher. Debra 119. 277. 313. 75 Ven-her, Diane 206. 75 Verettu. Denise 224, 169 Vernon, ,lamt-s 206 Versie, Dennis 224 Verwnld. Dunna 224, 96 Velez. Andrew 59. 58 Victor, Raymond 206, 42. B9 Victor. Vivian 240, 75 Villalpando. Rafael 277 Villareal. Cynthia 206 Villarreal, Edward 132. 224 Villarreal, Larry 215 Vlach, Margaret 224 votgin. Anastasia 187, 261 vom, Linda 224 Volkmer. Roxy 287 Voyner, Donnie 206 Wat-hel. Cry slal 224 Wade. Dennis 206 Wadsworth. Deborah 224, 225 Wadsworth. Don 115 Wadsworth, Don 206. 225. 59 Walton. lnhn 206. 157 warnbt.-. afanda 224 wantbta. Floyd 277, 81 Waneflt,Danny 57.131 wanfft.tt6na111 275, 59. 58 Ward, Teresa 73. 85, 277. 310. 324. 333 Warrcndorl. Margaret 206 waantnlnnn. Laura 224 waanangmn. tfatan 132, 206 Washington. Lilian 179 Watkins. H. 81 Watkins, 11.-orta 206 Watkins. Rcnca 206. 81 Watkins. Tammy 121, 240 Watson. 1aum 224 Watson, Nathaniel 206 Watts. Mana 5. 277 Watts. Mr-lya 224 Watzlavirk. Mifhai-1224. 103 Waller, Jerry 206 Waxlcr.le1-ry 302, 96 Weaver. Linda 161.22-1.2-10. 169 Weaver. Tina 65 Wvhb, Donald 187,189 Whiteman, Jennifer 277. 319. 68. 69 Whitley. Roger 240,58 Whitlock, Diane 240 Whitlingtiin. Stephen 224 Wl1itlon,Anlrt'la 304. 277. 64. 65 Whitwurth. Jana 295 Whitworth.Key1n 224 Whitworth, Royn- 224. 215. 59 Whorton. Jana 240 Wir-derhnld, Michael 206. 133 Wiedcrhold. Richard 290, 240. 57 Wir-dcrhold. Susan 302, 206, 160 Wieghal. ,lam-1277. 310. 324. 73 Wiley, Angela 313, 119. 120, 121, 272. 299 Wiley,Car1a 206,169 Wiley. Karen 42, 43. 105 Wiley. Otis 240,141 Wiley. Neil 277 Williams. Athena 224. 20. 105 Williams,Bert1amin 225 Williams, Beverly 225. 89 Williams. Bobby 206. 19 William. Bryan 225. 153 Williams. Carl 206 Williams. Clyde 125, 128 Wilson, Ardelia 70 Wilson. Bill 177 Wilson, attain 242.288, 278. 83 watann. Charles 207 Wilson,Cinl1er 310, 324. 73 wlllsun. l. isa 240. 50, 49, 48. 89. 91 Wilson u ' nt, 225.81 , L wttann. Mary 225 w11.nn. Morris 42.278 Wilson. Rc-ber-va 207 Wilsun. V irginia 278 Wilson. W. G. 191, 35 Winiiel1l.Tt-rry 278 Wingo. .la nire 207.81 Winklenltmmy 278 Witt-hi-r. Keith 316,278.57 Witt-het, Pauli-tte 225. 169 Witt. Margaret 207 Witt, Suzie 65 Wolfe. Ronda 225 Wnllt-, Ronnie 160 Wtiller. Ann 187,181.93 Wong, Wong. Wong, Wnng. Wong. Alan 225. 94 Chui 304. 320 Shui Kam 278, 65 Sui 24-0. 105, 93 Susana 225. 91 Wong, watitnma 240. 91 want. cnanyi 240 want. Donna 225 wnn.1.tn1ta 240 w'n0.1.K1fa1.-n 293. 225. 30, 41. 111 Wood. Tamara 278 11 Woodr Woods Woods it.T. 191 .Cheryl 121,115 .Dalienia 278 Woods, Kenneth 65 Wonlvertnn. layr- 240. 59. 58 'Voott'n,'1'ummy 225 1 Wurna wnani .Deena 165. 26. 207. 105,49 .cnnampn 183. 207. 57. 148 Wright, Cornelia 187.261, 263 Wright. 279 Wright . Melissa 240. 75 Wr1ght,Pamela 207 Wr1lrht.Pnr1er132 v.'righ1.Randy 225 wnnaeftat-n.Man1afn1253. 290, 113. 241. Wy att. 109 Benjamin 240, 105. 91 Wy lit-. Adria 225. -16, 47 Wt lie. .lanet 288, 278 Wylie. Karen 302,207 Wylie, Kathy 5.207 Craig 125. 130. 298. 336. 278. Young, Rodney 207, 89. 133 Young, Shannon 121. 219. 220. 293. 225, 75 Young, Susan 240 inning. vaftn- 225 Yu. Daisy' 207 Yu, Daniel 207 Yu. Das td 207 Yaborowskt, Brenda 80, 225. 81 7Aboro1aski..larkie 266, 278 Zadik. Dehhie 70, 240 zayaa, Karen 271 Zider, ,lo 187. 189 Winkler. naynnnni 133. 207 Winn. Rua.-man, 187, 114 Winston. Elizabeth 207 Wisrhnewsky, tan. 207 wtaa. Barbara 187. 190 Wisenhaker. Andrew 154 Wisent-r. Douglas 316. 276. 278, S7 wtanani. Atta. 178 w1.nan1.anan 225 waantmtt. Raymond 207 w,na1.1.-an.-nn 225 Ya.-1ia,.oann1 207 Ya.-init.. lrlala 278 Yatvs. Rana.-a 225 1'1.ana.1aaann 192.278 Y.-agen, 'nnnnny 240. 290. 61 1.-tt.-nnn. Karen 207 11-ftna. Nanry 225. 45 inning. Candy' 207. 81 Younl. John 47 A . 7 . fig . 1980 ROUNDU TAFF2 P2111 2 OH lEd1lSII'1f4" 0 h C Greatest thanks and apprccta- MCKCCMH lASSi- 0F11 Terri fe ' 'ness 8911 A1196 tion goes to our sponsor Mrs. Alvear QAcadem - laudell Bak l Q. rtsl, Allen glltrk Julie Pederson for hm. selfless 1Ph0t0gf?Pl1'3 l,n nme CaSU110,.. " " " 611, 6 e en dedication and service to this fstaffl, Ctnlly up otogphot gr ' - W lc - .tail fl y yearbook and our Staff. t fgdnorl' Mirk 1' in ne? lp '7 1 ' ij? " " i'.'f. '51 t'7 5 4 1 Special thanks goes to the staff ' tor class , ' ral, M1111 o 1 1 ' S - 3 sy , m n 1 1.1, f 1. , 2 . 1 I -,K members who have worked so Phomor ras ml 262 Se 4' ' ' L 'lf' S l ' d h' dt 'k th" h k ys's L, .U Ward lfreshmarifcl ssl. ' J . mfg Cm df 0 md C is 00 2 . I jf 2 Isl such a success. gifh 2 - Senio a - 3 Scho -51- 1 'Qi 5 ,fi 1 ix by Also special appreciation goes A-al. 3 High ' at g raf t, ..,, , al' 62 - 'ion' to the administrators. tcachcrs f - Ffa depend 150 lg ict1B ia, ia Q P 'A and students who have cooper- 5 ...f 1 1 - .' 1 ' 7 ated with us during the year. 0 1 11771371 I inte in four colpr I 11" ' ' Jil 12'-'N 3 I-Q'-6 I Q 7' 1 . 1' ,S L. I 1 ' Hi-dl' 4-8 faanis 3 1 f .B0dy'c7Jpl and cull Bodoni . M A 1 1- Rs . ' Th60,pq ' '1f1rPu11liShi0s',"LE-.H W , Patt1Pattcrso11 ian. 1: 81 .1 Editor l 1 .. L tt . 2. lntlcx 333 - - 334 Closing ff X M.,-4--4" J, , yzinjjlxww-"' -1- - 4 Wv1'N-A" ' 'L L Jwffw' open 24 HPS ,wc 4 6 51' ..n...s ""' fu mara- My -fm? ALDINE S9 HI :Wg 1. , , in A , ,ww "' ,,., ,. M 1 1 k WE STUFFED LHVEEDD It Q 1 '55 if G ,I+ I '1 x t "'. ,Fi-' 1 I I 5. 4 ,n- ' ---may-W ug 'X RED LIGHT We stopped at high school for 115 of our lives, totaling more than 4,900 hours in a classroom. YELLOW LIGHT We waited on life. We assumed leader- ship positions in clubs and classes which gave us opportuni- ties to grow. We experienced the grind and discipline of a daily routine, practicing and sometimes assuming adult responsibilities. We made new friends and lost others in torn friendships and tragic deaths. Most of all, and in many ways, we pre- pared ourselves to accept the challenges that were on the road ahead of us. GREEN LIGHT We had to go on, leave high school and start planning for the future. And now ready or not, we moved on. Left: Bumper to bumper, an experience common to Houslunians IS om' of the daily mu lines seen at school while students leave at noon and 3 p.m. Below: Living it up at the pep rallies. the Vaqueras show their spirit with hand routines. chants and waving pompoms. Yqatx 12" 14 , 1 ' 'wr Closing 335 I Uv Guy WAND LMUQVEED CDN , x 05 X xx .QR O-1 , W5 C9995 W N Q53 Rf QQJCX1 XD X33 JCQY 51 C7 5 QC 5 559 ff if W? 35? 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