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 - Class of 1979

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Text from Pages 1 - 348 of the 1979 volume:

I Nw mn K Daw' I 39 - Wu V 'sr' XX WX, QL XR ty. + Wx ' K ,lr 1.1. X N? X ' s . X y Q 1 ' Y Q '- K X X' x . Q rg-1 .K .- :-. H P , - X V x x 1 ,Aga 'silpggg-,.s I K J X f . Q, ,.. 15' H N ' 'N N f ' ' r f J 1 X K K X 'X wx. Q my Y R x- Q X1 'if .f K' E+ ' s ' 1- Q ,J ,, 1 N , , ' Sf ' X ji El 'xy A Y ' L jf- X . V - N ., LXR x '-x, i ' XX 'VN I A .. - Ev A va. fs, :fx fx l Q' f I X A le -gi-3 W ,K if IAQ, 5 - r wwf gf'-'-'A5 ' X VV . f f ' YXXCQ vk xMf, f H X- 1.4 K iff X' K 'I' E Q- g. Q- 5, 'M' - A , ' 1- A 3, Xi! , 'N 1 I . X, ij b XX: 1 X .ax Q ' 'Cf XX ALJ 2 cf 2,L+2.'-HP N z. . Z Gawzzc-A . Y K Azabk Hind- 1 L' 2,5 i 45- 1:5 I 23155127 I Trl 1 n 1 I r - W- . , . fx , O X my .-wh +4 fwfW Q,,mQ, .........,,, RN X f f f Q, aw' KQjjZQTQf9jyAf6t?4jgxwQ5 Y. :iam mf mf if N W 4 - vb fw M Aw f 911 A .Q +iz?c59f' ,gfdifb Nqdqm ar A LOC, w,2,M period -1. 65 Q WAX? A X XXV C+ 0 X3 ' fi A 091553 gay ,AO my cQC ,ff A V X ff? U l X N 0 wmv TQETSJ O 59? Q MQ w w 51' wg iff V ' WV WP' 9' qw QM BJ ,ww M JY 31 50955 QQW1vbEXQQ fg,wk QV QYX Q2 Nikki S X5f ' w3QlxfQffgy1 J 9 WW Q-,M if qi 4525 , x CL Q P5 x y ix b Lf l YP QU My uw H 2 XxQ357A6Q135W J 'QW lj EFX r QQ QSM M if My 5f5,s1Vg 'fx 5? x ,wink Q .'.3Y XN ROMEX' TM, C X Q55 bi-M, Q5 W 55 KQV' xy: X A by V Www XXX N5 9' V il w?5,ly?WW5jXZ -Q 6.513 SQQW W J WWW ww QL xv J nbiu wiv gmc BX ,QYM Fx, 035' KW? N was XM Www Kb X. Y MY XUKQLL XM' QQQXXLJNXXY in WJVWIJJ' ' QE , M W A W Wdwuf 1 . -QM, IW Jbmjdnv NJN I XS QQQMX . MW 1 N X Ss jg 595 Q X, , 55 5333 g 5 55 N 5 1 S ' Q' Q5 Sy V Q, X SSXWNSSQKW ww X QYS Y KQ 93,53 W5 35335 ,ywoxcl 9442 VK ,A ND 5? 2' kj f 'fi VA L' W if I an J ' .5-'S fi: f '.f:V,f,. , . I, 4 Q JM' :gf ,V ,' .' - f 4- K X ...J fwfr.-'ff 174' fiy ff'f.f 'i-Vffiff .wif M ,Q-f' W fe, f k,sf.Vf-M, V-1,4 x, fy-.V A , .' ' 5 f' A ' ,fi , fjkif , ff , f ' '- f 7 K 1 ff! 11 N Qmfwff ' Q12 ', N is ,gf fjwfrv af? ' 1' 'X V -f Y H, ,Q Rx, , ,gf X4r,,g , -f, Q. Hx f Q- Af gy Y. I, bf lv X fp' 1' uf? f H' ., lf' f . , - f: H , , , ff'--' V 'y , J Q' ,f f ff 3 fgf! ff X 114 f .qscg,:, I tx , 1 .ff ,fu 'ff- ' WV V 'I M ,,. iii ,f ,,g'. fxvfn 'Lf 1' 'Z , 1 . 12 ,fu lf ,f 0 6 Q' ,QM If-Z. Q W' 5 y !,!f1QfIjL-iw V,-'X' It if Lk, If If 5 6 'ww 9-Mole 1 ' , f x WM mf' ,N ' 4 fy V, X , 5 , '-- i M ' flff fa! ' ff' ,L A lj,-'G f V W .2' A ',,r ' ' ' ' ' . K W 4' - if '47qY,f'lf bf! ,ly , me ., f . pf Lf .f4,-V1-4 1' ,.-I. ',: g ff' ff' H C M711 1' 7 ,Q f ff -i ff' fwfj A Off, A ,fx J ,fwfr A 154 ,Ly rm ,qw X Q :ff CF? ' X 25313 vp Q, E , T ,ga ' 51 Q iw? Y ff EIQWNGQN M Z u VH Q Www iff?- XR' x X W QX4- 'D' A NJN,-H N95 Q J' ' QL7' yjiy X30 ,' 'iN.Wf fvjvv '53 Q S . Q Wild ,VV his if Cs, .Q X- fi, Q i W Q9 'F x J .i' ,ff --X '-Q1 xi SR vi QW ,wiki -Q' ,ii fy , 5' i-1 f 2 ff N KN wif 16' 'Qi' 'J' Asif J' .7 'iz QQ? J' ' QE' N' 'Ti Y is qw X1 M i M iii mfg LS NW, R55 Ca s K 5.2 K . QW ' 21 I ak! ,UH ' af , I X if CWS -5' ' V XXX :RIS is Q x kffsif 1 LJ? 59 'ti fix I H lbw gy 'th N J ,, 1 J X Q ,255 ij W S if J i if iii i ai as i N ia i X iii , ,NZM f N-H' . X0 Eg: Qi in Ne, L gi X my R U . ciiiiu :Q s ff vi :if ix that after iOUycars, Texas has a Republican governor. A A E.. ii . N gf X Xffi maiaiiiineigmiiie Ciiyiimiis. .sy Q-5 ,Qs -rig cg, Q aj xi xx X 5 , 1 fha Q ,X . , 'ig -i that the ievvs and Egyptians have made peace. iifj 'T12kf' -9 -figwgi ig 1 Q? X-A j gk that inte ration is a realit in the Aldine district. J Tx f A I: Qi -iifji W5 'Q K 1 ,N Q 8 V I Q in-W , ,fx N Xa Q RJ . O, L ., 3 ,S that farmers marched on the Capitol. -1' 1 N ,qi fgfxig, N Q, Q VP' A -xXx f N , . .N X xi N, ix Na v S' UQ is Rik i fs? fi if X53 5' is . QD f' Ni sl i fx' ri .val nz Q Q., Q 1 x , V H ,TN 'N ., i QQ ap N5 'fi cf gf X55 Y f 1 T'-:S ii iii Eli- Y: Q5 'X X i ay. HQ ' ' W' 9 Ni as ,LM ii if 6.3211 fiixfi i Q5 'vi -sf ix ,- Wag Q YZ, I U R2 'v iii We i , ...l Mike Henrv, Lorie 3 l ii Q2 We wg M., xx. J X , ,D xp.. , W ,J X ! . . Q N V , 3 . .V X U X 4 xi . w'm'f C k f 1 x M ff fr x W X L 'Xxx X, X. 'X , ,H . Ji 1. N ff M-5 M52 K 1,1 i-' 2 4 N b Q M ' x ml , M I- K --. , . V. N X X-. X N RJ WS 'N' +5 L YQ,-5 CJ XX X 1 4 MY' x-JP Lf :lx wi' JN wk Wi N X x , '-1 N X Q.,im ,Q xjq AX X W Q-1 H, A-X ff N -, 5. fx X xy X ' 'cj 3 -as .A , as -,.,' vi, T cl X Qx JK ' Q, w. f H ,1 w N .X x -rw. R X V-V K 1 Q A X- S X' 9.3 N ' ffqlmj' -' gy, fi' A, Ex .3-2 N R-. ms I N ijx I ka W5 'QA J X 1 X, Wk 1: xx yi: R ,CJ mv. Nz -,f X K- x XJ Nil . N? H51 X GX V. , sf I ' MR '- ff fx f 'Y ' X fx -QQ R L: Q I V. fx X .X W Xwk - Hf x Q X -1 ' -. ' A N ., ' ww N X 0 J MY LJ I' X if Ni X' Q15 - 1 'Q T N Y - X N j F if 'KU' XY -WNW X - V Q : '- ' X ' ' ' 1. - 5. 'Xi . S 'Q 2-I -M, W 1 TJ 1 if. M .t 3 ' , 'M kgs. Q U 'ill Vg Cixf' f 1,13 W N1 -S N V , ,y XXX, , , X 4 Q- ., wg ,X X Q fx k Q - , i 1. , X3 , .K 5 A ' -, R1 - X vu wtf ,xx V X Y Nw , A kwa - , 3.1 X- - N--f' 'X Q. Ki Yi YE ' 1' J .. . I wig. 'SA ' ' , ,lb V wi .X .. Ks, 1 x N X fx Y! mf . if x x -.FK11 .X ' Ulfq LJQXXK M v ., Mx r' 'Nw X Xxx Q - . I Q, 11. V ,mfg R' K 5.1 lg., 1- ,KI X 1 R, 'xx 'N 'W - P- X' . 59: Ki , w-fxfi. Qi, ' 'YI' xx N ' X . K X 1 .A N , .. lx. Q. , 'v-f Y . vw -fm wx '- 'fn' v X Q. N1 my , X 1 X x ' jx? QQ A 'frm emi. N5 yd ., -. f mix ju, -' H43 , R5 , , . y 4 R . - gf N .85 1 N- :Y O. .X cw Ne Lfw.,-b,' NH .N xx V X. YQ , W - I xiii Lb X Nj Syl up 4Q,.,4lL N4 Q, x A N R fx . 5 rw .-. N 3. ' V f ' ' - A gxjg, 1, ---tx gex, xA UN., Q.: 'Ky kg -x.,xf,bX ffxxx 5 r 1 r W I A- r f 4 ' 2 , 1 55 355 rf f f t X , r gr f- ,, A r mt! Nall: I 74-W F yr- vt . ' It , . , Y . Y,---X r i 1 , r X 3 I .ff t Xyff H -' , ,K . I t ' N' r 1 Kind! 1 X 1 , INx r f, 5 nl-Nh .W , 1 xi r jx, A XX J,-XX-I :44.:Q?ii!1vfxX ,QX Qi! 1 Y f 2 , 3' xxx M1 Xxx-Ajfh 1' ' 'S ' 'fh , - -1 -...'-w- ., W1 0- 45.1333 r, H I5 1 I X 1 Y ram ' lu P ' if V Q 'I ' --M ff r f , .W Y , -5 32' il ffm, 'ywf gjr . 'Ba ' Ill' la 'IW 'nf - K ' r 1 - ,,.f, f r. ,fr 1 . Q .,, ,, MSW- ,,.f' ' 9' 5' Q ' i W- ,V ' ' if ,xv ,, -- - ,ia E ' I ' -4 ' Y 1 N f , 5., ' I X A rrfqfw , 1 'M V f it ' ff , W ' ' 1 ', r 'V 1 ' : ' 3 ., 1 . , ,, , . Y ,. Q, , r . 'r , ' ' ,r K r Q ' V -If ' . .J . f , r Q yay' . , . ll L .t l 3, ,I-, .I , r N sg, W 1' I 1 H54 'F 4 r jg '1 , - --L ., m fg J , if 5 Har' r v 4 ,neg 9,7 ' ' A ,. N r ,il L 5 wif Q. , M r' QQ- ,Q V-:. 3 K 1, 41,44 Q' 1 , ' 3 ,g - N Fla -.3 V A t rf, 255 as ,.- -' J ' ' t 'fel rf ' X I Qdu i . vl f' YXsQf4'5 . if ,rr r- 5-gag 'M ! q, -f., , ::j3',.,a .- vw ,,w1'1, 4, 'Z, f -- xg Whrle putting a final touch ning drafting pro1QCt5,Duy Pham epperwork together. I gif: 5 U VL I' 'V XA: f N ff 1: 5' .u. ,fs 1 X va lb bd A I n ff M ,lui . we Q Rf ,I , bl. sb. ...X I I. ag .- .rh if ..'l Inna-x ash.: 'rr 1- xxhlIvpI.mr1 .nm- X.MOdFi!1gbIUf? spirit shirts on tiwirraupporlfor the I x wxmm, :J -1 -,.L, T,-AIG , U 'XNL RKYVOLIQQA1xxltfifilfxlzl l,,.wt ff Xwx 'n'cf.'X'IH1Lf,1.x . , . , ' Xzw-N IFN mwfk 5wJU1C'f1' .' l,,.. . 'I mc-mf tw-fum. ,, ' 'wf 'r4c5iw':wL.,c,1 .Xw1fr1fivW, x1'!LL5L ' 1 ,.' 2 ,, VI , ,ww f ,a fx K f Msx mul,-m,kM,1sr i vm sf1','1w:'w: s. fzcmzsap ff K , ..., ... I f X if 1 -3,5 ,mf 1 ,, I f f f 1 ,Af'1,-,,5,c,j4.3f. f L , X , X 1 ff ',f1 , f f f' ,' f ' 6 f f ff ,l ffp,,, I f, Forei 'A 'exchange 'aqg' med to the he tat Aldine. Ak, , .ff ev V ,- Mama .J Q . N MQ fxUQi GUNS Ofgjoxapx ,QXXNQXV if Q f QJXNQIUL 'OQQNGXQ GX xxx49KQJKDO vwVf C94 ,k,S, 6 X Q! SQOQQGQJ YQQ55? 1 V800 Cx Ax V T 4 Z . J , 1 Q f i??'ff 5 'Q O 1' , Q VA J V Y Q f' vb L f' gf Y A 4 ' K L9 If J '95 mix, J QQ! fit! -an .ff Nh ' 4 f Y , ,j . J s' nam 5 if QfIUQlQfW5ilQ S 1TUQ3lQm1F,i Happ Days ' re Here gain Right: Leading students in Fifties Cheers at the morn- ing pep rally, Susan Spence shows her enthusiasm hy doing a hurky jui 34, ateacher would have in the early Fifties,Mrs. Carolyn Ragston models seamed hose, straight skirt with a kick pleat and a fitted jacket with padded shoulders. j Right: Mr. Waring C. Wilson, Ms. jean Marvis, Mrs. Rowena B. Lightfoot, Mr. Caroll Haisty, Mrs, Sella C. Allen, Mrs. Wilma Stracener, Mrs. Kitty Spence and Mr. P. E. Marion are honored for werking at Aldine in 1958 during the pep rally. Returning to the carefree days of the Fifties era, students dressed, cheered and danced like their parents had Z0 years ago. Girls wore hopped shirts, rolled-up jeans, penny loafers, saddle oxfords, felt skirts, letterman jackets and ponytails. Some girls dragged out their mothers' Clothes from the hacks of the closets. Boys wore rolled-up jeans, T-shirts and hair that dripped with grease. t Cheerleaders led students in yelling old chants from the era at the morning pep rally. Teachers who had been teaching in i958 were presented with corsages and houtonnieres. Students waited eagerly until the end of the pep rally for the announcement ol the Duchesses. Queen nominees, Duchesses, band members and Vaqueras went from the pep rally to the practice field to practice for the evening festivities. l 9 'J tvsqf r. QP 5 11 Above: Escort Roy Cathey looks on as Kim Poster hears her name announced as Homecoming Queen Left: While friends congratulate her, l-lomecoming Queen Kim Foster waits for the traditional ride around the track. l Rock Around the Clock - a Victory Celebration Below: Head Coat h Bill Smith looks over strategy xx ith players between plays. Eafh Class was responsible for deco- rating a portion ot the cafeteria for the dance. The preparations began alter lunches and were finished just in time tor students to get home, dress and return tothe game. Students Changed into semilormal dress for the evening homecoming activities. Aldine led Smiley at halftime, and the crowning Ceremonies began. Twirlers and Vaqueras danced to music' popular in the Fifties performed bythe band. ff! H Ax the cheerleaders, th9,Mustangs run U V33 begin theilomegzqrhing game. . ,i X V J 1 gf Pt f 1 if ,sol f 'P 1 ' ' l , i .. , l ,gf l f I.. i 1 e f .,-1 J- i .i i 4 . W -N . 1 z- K l t li PL 5' -J l ' yt lj 1 i V -J Q 1 , it f J ye' ii, 't .,: Jf-- -4 U' U 'Y l fl fx .1 V I, 5 i 'lu tl :L , .1 I -Tir V. 11.1 ,. .1 , rf., , Hi wh, A 7' J QV' N lx U F l ll ll ,L .' -X 'i i- Li N V , X , .i t t 'f ' f '1' ti . . '3- . ie Ji A L: 'Q , . 'V . . i 't s ,J X Q' ill l -. ,' .l. if h -Tb! u lf! .9 fs, if N 1 f ,rf - ,4 I A r t ' s 4 h u . fd ty, so ,R tj X14 it: S27 t t a ' nt ' QVQV Q it V- J Av Qt! lj., 1 l Sig X xl 17, Aff NZ! i 'L ' wx! lt th K Ni X ix . lx fluid, , f.,' m The Pegasus Award, the Homecoming ,i spirit award, was presented to the sen- ior class, and each class duchess was announced. The band played the Elvis Presley hit Love Me Tender while Kim Foster was crowned the 1978 Home- coming Queen. Aldine won the game 40-9. Students and alumni danced to the music of Street Wise in the cafeteria after the game. Round tables with blue checked table cloths were gathering places for dancers to rest, visit and eat. 1 'lf 47 , . 'fl 1. J ,,,V,3,-if i ff ,A .11,4f1,r:4,.acura... 5, , I, f I. M' , ' ,, , , , I , ,jj L54 A C! left: Twirlers and Vaqueras Eifties music provided bythe band at halftime. . .. .3 7' fix V' V l P ' . 1' l . ,, l Left: THE ROYAL COURT Front Row: Senior Duchess Suzanne Colburn, lunior Duchess Patti Patterson, Homecoming Queen Kim Foster, Sophomore Duchess Debbie Ford, Senior Duch' 4, - fffjfff , . A' If K ,, S , . , S T S Below: ln pink poodle skirt, rolled up blue jeans andfigreased hair, lill Pierce and David Elizalde ,Adress for Fifties Day. T. V . 1 , ,-yr A ,gif -. G3a1f2'f2fZ'f V J 1 ess lulie Massey and Freshman Duchess Linda Elizalde. ESCORTS Second Row: Craig Elliot, Kenneth Tullis, Roy Cathey, Richie Brown, Wayne Fuller and Tracy Brown G lttteeeeet L, rf. 1 ki il si G?il?Fl7H 'l !f-ACHEP CLAS? e-Etimart ltlS3f'5f? R D PPDFPSM tl E514 2 Mt Mi? MW PI 694-29 ALl3lMSi lllftilt lQ3.'902-'t3i.21 FMST 1fl7?? l'4 v WtX t.,t fu . .Cc t' ppm vip lt r. Ahntwfq FZ rev Ittifsef tagssf :rrrrtr otatsa yr ako zzggsavtt lllkflwtl. Z4'Zfi'?Zi l' PUSA -133453 A Pfllty f'-'lf'l7 z,'3 A VA'-tlllzlsli rQ.ll.Y47lWfl A GAY ul?,2g':11l it 'DUGAP 71Q328 N,Htl l22w.171- .A ltflr-'QEEN viewer r Juvrsaw Kgtiiaa i ' 12 5 Q X11 0, A KIM ?4iu0Ql'3 lv lflfl?l4FTlFY 0136119 A KNOX 01 2785 A l4fWEl.iTrl l5Cff4'5Q U l. A fllilllitli' QQURELL E as e gyC?l-AUT? VlChkLLF CW F QQ7'4656 gg ity' A ra rt M ssa-Qas2 RGutnT D O9 B 0231-7311 FQ'W QHTMMQEA LEAP G9 G AA7wlQ?r Tint W GQ G A4b'?9l' HAVEN V CQ G HAP-992k SCCTT A GQ P QA?-5580 GERALBfl 09 B 447-0911 WQNDI M UQ G Q48-0912 All TERRY L 0918 A 448-5956 Cart FQ S au?-2362 JCSFPH w is B g Atrmoaam ,MgIERRY w H IWABT .469-9141 QKMTTA F as Q Qlil M WSQY ' L C9 C 44703372 09 ll. TERESA G aan- cwrt Cnty A ttfc N 5670 artill- ?4 'f diritti. i ZZUAQQ A 'HQ Cl ff?i-3915 l.ACl::lillEl.L .Nfl M 013656 A CQ G QQQVSMFT time twemas-iv M A n2l0O22evA CZsifHtt2?i33iE Z b938 A GQNQM rgii-1234 E. ly:ltliit-stil.--'lillwit imc F gl.wikLyQuA 09,8 445-5145 5HttKEll . TERRI L D QIBSOA A 09 G 44?-Sa25 WUQCAN Astwul t GOQEFQ A CG B Mr?'m'7fAP3t: DATTUFSUN l'ltlLMlll1 K Ul3f+o? A CN? C5 'Wil'-A5156 P?TmWVIQH atwvrwtv G orange A rw C Q14-fat? Ptbwit QVLQY A 019533 A Cv f AA7'lHF8 tSCl'l1L'L 009552 A QSCIT U 250176 A STA? liflffzl. fflmflllttll l tQCAMER llgmgigffjl? A A 5,5 ,j, jf l. 5, it ug: ffl, ,f 1 . I ly . ' Irv l f'fltf,,.f'1'iix.. A 1'.L1Slg'fIt'-f f. 'X 1 r. ly A I t ,pm U L-.!t.rlig4?4: I 09 09 oeaexe G A447 Joel T to B . Jggfotki ,. fm. ,K . 'id ll 5r'it9 3CJ'+5 VINCENT B O9 B, v4s7'55b'0 lull? lt LI if AH A ik I s4t7M7follt'-l f ,lfllf7t,l5 M QT? if fwiff'-'EWFQ ,'Vlt.rxil- My Gi f n'j1r,, f -T ttf' 55 li 5 ggi r Z wsruvggiyg y i ff- . .Qt ,rut . Y M T qt yr. X, ' ,t I ll 1. .fw- Overcrowding Brings f Students Closer 1 l A - 7 fCounseIor enters classroom.l Coun- selor: Who has not had his schedule changed more than three times? tStudents shrink back and a few meekly raise their hands.l Counselor: Okay, you four come with me. Thisg as a typical scene during the first ks of school as students tried to survive two and more schedule changes. l y Thgjpljojected enrollment of 2600 for the 'schdolyear was ZOO less than actu- ally enrolled, causing temporary crowded conditions for a few weeks. During those first weeks, seven new teaclgers were hiredland. 35 new classes formed. F' V 5. 5 Overcrowding wasn't only in class- rooms. The cafeteria andthe halls were mass confusion. Having five min- UIESZLQQ to Eat after waiting in? the lunch lines, students had to gobble their food to finish. Crowded halls or not, student's.with tardy problems were placed in detention hall. Shortages were also a problem this mx l f l f U Q., school'year. A percentage of books from Aldine were sent to Nimitz which caused a shortage when Aldine's enrollment wasmrger than expected. Teachers used classroom sets and improvised in other ways to solve the book shortage problem. Students were amazed by the changes in the school. Aldine had a new principal, newo'f'f'le pefsonnel, new students andiae-rrgjdecor. The Closing loflthe.t5adittprtr1l..lCafMef'glrtish sfhoniforbeeawiathetekpentnenia ACE fAldine Contemporary Educationl caused 175 students to be sent to Aldine. About 230 students from Aldine were transferred to the neyv Nhniig High School? A newltlobkwas brought to Aldine with m 'rn decor. Paintings, potted plants an shrubbery brightened the campus. -The first six weeks of school were chaotic but we made it. Below: Sharing seats and leaning against walls, 49 sophomores crowded into Mrs. Sandra Acre- man's third period World History class on the first day of school. By the second week, the class had been reduced to a manageable 33 students. sv' ? asm. rr.sp,.XDm . QL' vi l My aw-'if' , Ovlpovwvf- .L 2 l as i' F,l0f , 1, 'WM' ,- - ' - rf if T w i - . -,ff is s , T - iii it N- it t ' l , ' v, ,. l l i l l if l . iii-14 S+ .. ,kt ii 3, ,S y, Isa-gi f Zwm ctr- -2 is ll , , Lv In it f, W fix Lltvl M sc-fy.-,3-raft lf X ' f .jk f Q 1 Q : H C . .f V31 JL! fy jf ,J lil Q CL lc ffl? ll , Cff lui . . c,1'l..5 K3 H l .U ,tp ,.fMf,1ixV no wjytttt L I , . ' k, , ,'-' H ,, l t , xgivvuvvg J i l a I 'tg Lt , i ,ia ' ' .-'... , f, . M, n ' i'f jw' M fr?-.s w x , Q We W, , . . . ,W .. L ,-we .A-ae.-fqiyj K. ix 5. 1 A .l ,T -,E . , , V, ru-I 'iilga vm se' S gif?-N Y 'tllf'3't i' Juvvaij' N V A flxll Ctfiiiitc ft if 6 Right: While getting a ballot from Tracy Brown to vote for freshman student Council repre- sentatives, Susan Chen chats with sophomore Kandy Cofkrell. Elections this year for repre- sentatives were postponed because of trans- ition within the student body. na-Q , ,L Q Wi f new V X-4-,,, Above: Distributing yearbooks to students involvf ing three different schools is a tedious job done by the Roundup Staff. Arriving in September, the 1978 yearbooks were delivered to Aldine students, and some books were sent to Nimitz to be deliv- ered to former Airline students there. Former Car- ver students at Aldine had received their year- books in the spring. Teresa Ward and Terri Honick Check Larry LaFreniere's receipt before giving him a yearbook while Larry Holliday and Alice Puente help by moving boxes. Left: Needing schedule changes, students wait in lineto see their Counselors. The LRC was also used for emergenfy schedule Changes and for students without schedules for the first few days. The M A 'S'H High 14 0 I8 the The in district The student its enthusiasrfl' the week. Cheers ech- through the halls after Students wore jeans W V .tithe dur-.,M...a meg The , and to through the Students to C encourage the the already high, 'fspirited group. 3 ' Mini pep rallieswere led by cheer- leaders during lunch periods with the help of the band and volunteer football players. The school day ended with a stadium pep rally during seventh period NY, in first nship. Spirit Week efldecibut not Might 'lMustangspi'FifTl i?ii 'TRW 'l N have A, Under the Story: Red slogans defac l e school walls before the Mac game cos 'tf fi : ':a' ' damage. Every year vandalism is a problem for both schools. Above: Having purchased the new No. 1 finger signs sold by the Student Council, students antici- pate a Mustang victory. Front Row: Roger Wieder- hold, Rochelle Evans, Karin Leverett, Yvette Sherri Burnside, Randy Matthews, Stephanie Palomo, Second Row: lanath Riley, Sue Vincent, Stowe, Brenda Goldsby. Alice Puente. Third Row: Sheryl Hall, Pam Renfro, .. .n 0 , c:.Z2JQfgw:fi?if,+ vfliwf' - -1 ,sa in m:! rs 1: 21,4 2 -ae 1 HEEEEQ i xl-n 'if fm 5... , WH. fr-. .v-R, ALUINE-S9 65-jf'g-24.3. . Left: With a half-blue face along with streamers, leans, signs and a hat, Annette Mattern is one of the best dressed students on Spirit Day. Below: Mighty Mustang band member jimmy Ash helps to promote spirit during mini pep rallies at lunch. N I ,-'vu f, ff-J- EBL-:V .. K 7 fe - Above: Mascot Ann Brady kicks the MacArthur General, played by Wayne Fuller, at the stadium pep rally during seventh period. Left: Varsity football players gather around the grave of the MacArthur General which predicts a score of 59-0. The outcome of the game played later that evening was 14-0. The Art of Fashion -ation Updating their wardrobes for the nevx season, students dressed fashionably with dramatic changes evident in girls' and boys' clothing. Most students had to dig deeper into their piggy banks to get that special outfit. Baggy shirts and tight fitting pants with slide on high heels was the most popular outfit for girls. Preacher shirts and vests made the scene with guys. leans were still number one in casual wear. But the jeans were dressier with decorated pockets, straight legs and rolled-up cuffs. A metamorphosis in hairstyles included colored combs, flowers and clips adorning crimped, permed and frizzed hair. Boys got into the action with styles of their own which were cut shorterand curlier, Shoe sales must have boomed this year because students had shoes for every outfit, Styles ranged from roller skate shoes to high heeled tennis shoes and plastic shoes. jewelry was a necessary accessory for a finished look. Chains were worn by both sexes. Ankle bracelets, gold and leather belts, and knotted ties were popular. The newest craze for girls was dou- ble-pierced ears. Even Max Williams got one ear pierced. Encouraged to carry through with his idea on a dare, Max found a willing person to pierce his ear. A girl said she would do it free. The price was right, so l did it, Max said. .KKA BQIOWI Permed l18ifSiVlES WUC WOW1 DY S3lS and guys as shown by Bradley Pilkinton and Lauri Tim- mins. Z , Above: Legs come into view again with slits in skirts and,dresses. Bonita Kirk models the popular slit dress, ankle socks and high heels. Right: Accessories are a major part in dressing fashionably. Manix Reed wears a side pouch, and Deatra Hickman models a disco purse. ,,,,' CSX., Nt .ar . ' f t Left: Elyse Albert agrees that rolled up jeans with slides and knotted ties are the latest styles in girls' fashions. Below: A perfect picture of boys' fashions, Ricky Salazar wears a preacher shirt with button-up sleeves and dress pants. M- .IR .-5 wi .gif 'f fiiz ,ltr Q5 1 l ' 2' , e 913, -Y , ' W? 'aff11'f','33.,.Q?:-ff Q 4 .efgvw ' .-W Neg, 4 - r u -' ., W Pu ri 1' Sw rm' ,.e f:t 4 -Q f. r' f :ggi ' K ' 'x :1,1,,3. l,-5153 -',?'3xg?fZ,-gag--'W 'f 5 Aus-'u' 1 n :,,'X.5'-'H ly!-,iv-tr N 'z - - ' . '. f - tg sw ' 'tg if Sf .14 :,.,,V,- , 1 l Rs 4 :rim tp, fa is 3 me --A ff EQ! i t ,f Ernie na ..- ,.,-vt Ls Mak t 1 ,s .fa - 'pta vigil gi:-2 A ,E ' ri V ' t ,. 4 L fiatgif g 'l -r ' A ,t J - ,, , . , g 41, Us, t , . 3 -- . - ,Yes -I. : . - . : nazi - 2 . , -. ' ff stgjafyj 1 4 '. - 2 ' , ' - rr- ' .1 , f Hi- - . . . , 5 'ff 'i N 1' ' . ' 5 5232 UE, i 'ii,5Z,.- ' 1 - am-:2 f ',4 I '-.' sj '.f V .- ge f ' fy iizf-ts giff Q t-'H v v we ,.f-. , .,--- -g I: N. 3 f A r ,j M ..V t gg- . - 33, ' fgakcgff , A rg-'fii ?:f tt? - ...?-af H 3 .51 fx-1:9 .1..4t.'g. a -Q. aff gg, M fix. ,qu W .fi ,tri-r ft' ., I .Vf'-- ,.l:Q1i-1.3: A n ws' t-.'95'gg1gfsG, sf . .Y C - 1 1-e , ' if A .-f. ,f. . 4 A 21 7-L. 4 Above: I am tense, says an uptight Conrad Birdie tDarrell McFarlandJ. Right: Conrad Birdie is just a fling, a steady is for- ever, explains Kim McAffie tBrenda Barfieldj to her boyfriend Hugo Peabody lRobert Platzl. Birdie's Last Fling at Aldin One last kiss was the prize in Sweet- apple, Ohio, but at Aldine, the winner of the Conrad Birdie Fan Club drawing won a lunch date in the cafeteria with Conrad Birdie tllarrell McFarlandl him- self. Aldine's own Sharon llriskell won the drawing which was publicity for the musical Bye Bye Birdie, Students who buying a fan club button were eligi- joined the club by rium stage sprang to life with screaming and fainting girls, songs from the Fifties, comedy scenes and a variety of dancing. lo Lynn Victor won the Indian award for best actress for her role as Rosie Alvarez. jeff Pinson received the Char- ley award for his set designs. Below: Mr, and Mrs, McAftie fRay Cookus and love MtQuet-nl mock the teen crowd as they sing, Kids with their awful clothes and ro4k-n- roll ble for the draw- ing. The drama and music depart- ments presented Bye Bye Birdie on Ianuary 25 and Z6 Director Russell Sanders said he thought 'Bye Bye Birdie' would be a fun musical to do and would draw a good audience. About 1,000 people attended the two performances of the musical. The story centered around the draft- ing of Conrad Birdie, a swivel-hipped, almost disgusting Elvis-type rock star. His manager, Albert Peterson, and his secretary, Rosie Alvarez, stage one last kiss before Birdie departed. The lucky recipient of this kiss is 15-year-old Kim McAffie of Sweetapple, Ohio. After weeks of practice, the audito- 1 'T F. ,fx s g, ff? ff fl-::W 5 , Fl Me to the 1979 Coronation Whirlwind Tour of World Ends With Announcement of Favorites Down the aisle ran the master and mistress of ceremony to host the 1979 Coronation Trip Around the World, making four stops representing the classes. In Tahiti students saw the freshman candidates sitting in wicker chairs under a giant mask and palm trees. Above: Will pilot and flight attendant Danny Hindmon and Belinda Stockwell please report for take off, an announcer said on the intercom as the master and mistress of ceremony ran down the aisle to guide the world tour. Right: With trembling knees, sighs of relief and tears of joy, Larry Twardowski and Mary Brymer embrace after being announced Mr. and Ms. Aldine. Cleopatra would have recognized the sophomores at their pyramid set. junior candidates added a romantic aura in a French cafe setting. Seniors in furs and muffs were in Russia in the winter. At the morning performance, Most Popular winners from each class and other senior favorites were announced. Coach Bill Smith was awarded the Roundup Dedication for his work with the football team. Most Beautiful and Handsome students from each class and Mr. and Ms. Aldine, Larry Twardowski and Mary Brymer, were announced at the Saturday evening performance. A 7' 1 y X 3 hs. 4 I A-....... in 5,1 'ld ' . A S ix '7 W g X T5 fi Y .. ' . J . L4 I ,-3 H ,,-w- K 4. . ' f7'k1?'?1?ff, . ' Ji ,.',1'f1-F53 V Aw ,--vzb'x.'l'71 4 .I w,.-.,,.QmmM 55 4 'Er ' ' ,V ' - as . - S I 4, 3, '1 'i 'Lf 5 Tin Grins, Fake Eyes Braces and contacts were no longer a big deal. Everywhere you turned there seemed to be a flash of metal or someone blinking con- stantly trying to get used to contacts. Sophomore Greg Goodman said, I hate wearing braces because you can't kiss good. People who wore braces said it really didn't bother them when peo- ple looked at their mouths because it seemed like everyone had them. They also said that they kept in mind that their teeth would be straight soon. Most students who wore braces were especially conscious of their braces after meals because they wor- ried about food being stuck in them. Students who wore braces weren't ridiculed as much as they would have been a few years ago but the nick- names and sayings still popular were tin grin, metal mouth, oh, the brightness, I didn't know you wore braces, and railroad tracks. Students who wore contacts had fewer complaints than those who wore braces. In fact they were in favor of contacts 100 percent. junior Angela Whitton said, Wearing contacts is better than wearing glasses because when you wear glasses you have to take them off to go swimming, and you can't see all of the good looking guys. Freshman Mark Frost said, Con- tacts are better than glasses because when you're out in the rain your glasses get all spotted. People who wore contacts said they didn't mind because no one Could tell they were wearing them. .s' 4 ,Q 4, is ,sl Above: Like any other person who wears a retainer, senior Vicki Timmins removes hers before eating lunch. fo., U ,.fagfarg1. '- , , 14459 www. 'w'f'f'i'5 id? -.5235 . xr' . 9 sv ff? s 'iss iw A V, . w i , ms. t new 4? My ' . Q' Below: Contacts often slip at all of the wrong Left: I don't like having to wear braces now. It would times and freshman Sandra Vela puts her con- Below: Sporting a very personalized T-shirt, fresh- have been alright if I had gotten them several years tact back in place while waiting in the lunch rnan Scott Day wears his Tin Grins Are ln shirt as ago, senior Vernon Roberts said. line. AQGIN wwe file ,, is 1 a reminder of the 22 months he wore braces. x ,- x X u ? . fl-In '72 4 Mia Left: I don't like to wear glasses because I feel Above: Smiling proudly intothe camera, freshman conscious. l'd rather wear contacts, l'm vain, sen- Traci McAdoo is not ashamed of her braces. ior Cindy Matthews said. She has it all. She wears braces too, ,fav ,f ,frm iw bc 6 Q3 llilix il YE, lif tl Fi J Q VV Ffa KF Vx l it ltr? ti? S , f Almost anyone wearing Wrangler ltT!!WS, Country and western shirts and a name laelt could be considered a lciciker. Sophomore Gerald Morton said, l think everyone is turning kieker nowa- days hefause everyone else is doing it, and they lust want to get in the cjrowd and he with their friends. the life-long, home-spun country stue dents preferred to be called cowboy rather than kicker because they said they ielt kickers were just drugstore Cox r,, boys, an imitation ofthe real thing, Senior Donna Auippa said, A Cow- poy is a person who dresses country all ot' the time, goes danein', raises Cain eyery day of the week, and raises and works with animals. Redneck, boots, hats, Slcoal, danCin', pickup trucks, country musict, cowgirls and Cowboys were all a part of the western scene. l-ayorite kicker phrases were redneck 1 heiter, you o'head and 'cowgirls do it hotter. Students said they enjoyed lneing kiekers hefause they liked to wear tight Wrangler blue jeans, go dan- cin' with friends, dress Casual, party and dip Skoal. Every Friday and Saturday night there was always at least one hangout filled with Aldine students, whether kicker o I' not. Kicker dancin' was for everyone. The most popular kicker hangouts fo I' c'uttin' a rug were the Western Swing, 'lin lrlall, Wells Fargo, Polish Home and Bill Mraz Songs that left the tables almost com pletely empty and the dance floo l' totally packed were the Cotton Eyed ine, Shottish, polka's and slow dances. Senior Linda jenkins said, Eyer'yon likes todo the Cotton Eyed loe pecaus it is iust plain good ol' country musicifl Q G Right. Pickup trucks arent lust for cowboys any- inore, Donna Auippa is as proud as any t cnwlnoyt at her truck with her personalized art on the laaflc 'w inrlotw A, K 6 -.L iriv- -Q ,mu K .4 5- t ltr ,t-i H-.. I J E a Y V aj sgciiii his Q . I. -. .-r ... ., 1 . x slt i FQ -: ti rr i il f X ow Stretching out on an Own pm, x e Necley lakes brrak 'mm ow. about I up lies Noack, dwpir ved an Unk E ERGY: Too Much, Too Little Too much nuclear energy, too little fuel energy, too late to help the world's economy. Propositions by the presi- dent, votes by Congress, and protests by the people didn't seem to improve the problem with energy. The rising cost and shortage of gaso- line caused some parts of the U.S. to resort to modified gas rationing plans. Leakage of dangerous radiation on Three Mile Island caused widespread panic and public protest against other nuclear power plants around the coun- try. On the international scene, the Mid- dle East peace treaty was signed, and the Shah of Iran was deposed from the throne he had occupied since 1936. Both affected the price and supply of oil. The United States recognized The People's Republic of China, ending 25 years of strained relations. One of the most notorious rules in African history, ldi Amin, saw his regime overthrown in Uganda. The world mourned and rejoiced at the deaths and succession of Popes. At home weather ranged from cold winters in the north to hurricanes, tor- nadoes and floods in the western and southern areas. The nation lost a philanthropist and former vice-president, Nelson Rockefel- ler, a legendary country music star, Les- ter Flatt, and the American hero, john The Duke Wayne. The most shocking news was the murder of a Congressman and the resulting suicides of more than 900 cult members in jonestown, Guyana. ln the world of sports, the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Superbowl, and the New York Yankees won the World Series. Mohammed Ali became the first man to hold the heavy-weight champi- onshipthreetimes. ln the media, Vietnam movies domi- nated the Academy Awards with Deer Hunter winning Best Picture and Coming Home winning Best Actor and Actress awards. Right: The best-selling 1979 cars were compact, economy,gas-saving oneslikethe AMC Spirit. i if Below: Quickly rising to fame and fortune on the disco scene are Rod Stewart and Donna Summer. In 1979 they had several hit records and sell-out concert performances. IEW Ill' T l 1-M' .liwlfz l L 5 Below: The ever-popular Wizard of Oz was remade for the movies in an all Black version star- ring Diana Ross and Michael jackson called The Wiz. Bringing back the nifty Fifties were john Travolta and Olivia Newton-john starring in the hit movie Crease . Songs from the movie such as l-lopelessly Devoted to You and You're the One That I Want were popular. ' l LIT' Ulf! 1-. ' V '53 v' , 7 ' A I f . 'if'l'f7?f1w-w L '-fff't'ai:5tgiZf 5 V, 5f2131hV53g, 1 ' bove: Wearing clothing resembling that of the reeks was the only requirement to get into a Jopular toga party which was made popular by he movie Animal House starring lohn Belushi. tum any , , . 'ti Above: Walt Disney's animated rodent Mickey Mouse celebrated his 50th year on the silver screen. Birthday parties for Mickey and his friends were celebrated at Northwest Mall and other area shopping centers, Left: Pressure increased with less gas available through the spring months. Prices rose, lines grew longer, tempers shorter. Below: Over-night success is a familiar phrase to Robin Williams. Boosting his popularity is the alien, Mork from Ork, he portrays in his series Mork and Mindy. KD. l Lt Above: For the first time in history, a successfion of three Popes passed through the Vatican in less than two months. The world mourned for Pope Paul VI and Pope lohn Paul I only to reioice in the selection of Pope john Paul II, the first Polish Pope to be elected in more than 450 years. u i a Q I E 3 4 I , K .HQ k,k, , . ...U , kV,V, , . K iw f,., ,,,,1,,-.1 , 5- V, k.,. K ,kV. . f V, - , ,, ,,31..k.7,k7V,M ,gig-I--I . f, QQ - . 4. . A 3 VM TW '15 1. lr h. ngfqff s ', '..9.:s - ' . . y 'Y z' , - IW fz',.zff. - is -Q, f,,Q,?: 1334,-,,,-Q4 4 .-gr. Lf .M .ff .P ggi, X, W' G-Wil- J .'-Q, f:. '--3.12 -' 'S,'f- 't, .,g,,lf,'kx1v6 lg, sua, gfgwyf, 'r' Z-.Q -JT 1 fx 1 .2-+1-f -4-ff -f ' .'1,: . - . Y,14' ,..-. x , .q,.g--'va ,A 4-A6 '4i.4f ' 3 ' EAY'5333' . -nvhwag .1 - J +1 1 ' 'Wi' , .-A v 1- AV 190' M ,.,tff , -if A l,.'K' ,' ' Q, I ,A -Qu, V n -5- fx, px. , X -fa ..-v s' ,Q 1 , fbi' pw 'Q W iff b N I af wr ar an-an-...nw wana-nm' '1-amps l. x ff 9 ...Q A 5 1 ,Q 33,155 1 'A Jrmglw., 1 ' -1 ' , , 1, , .-Z F at 'WY - wr. ,,z, I , 5' fwfr- - K--f,.. Sherri Hitt vp ON5 ML PLEASE ork lust Beginning To prepare for college, some students began as soon as they entered high school. There were a number of advanced classes available to those interested such as: trigonometry, chemistry, humanities, individual studies, art, etc. There were many advantages and disadvantages to taking advanced classes. One advantage is that you get more grade points. - Dennis Gray A disadvantage is that you go a lot faster you cant skip as much. You miss one day and you fall behind. -lorge Gorjon lWhen asked why that class was chosenl just to prepare myself for college because I heard it lchemistryl was harder in college Robin Drummond Below Aldine was one of two high schools chosen from Texas to participate in the Model United Nations seminar in New York Seniors researched assigned topics before their trip in March Front Row Tammy Raymond Nancy Hodgerson lody Black and james Sandoz Second Row Ray Cookus Dan Inman and Danny Hindmon Third Row Sponsor Mrs Pam Bertone Sandra Timm Robin Martin lo Lynn Victor leff Davis Mary Brymer lohn jackson Don Hernandez Mary Ng Susan Spence ludy Crasso and Suzanne Colburn 7V,u,Xvmr . 7NS.vs Nu- K ,F . LAI J, -9 Z2 .Bl L Left: Demonstrating a lab in physics, Eric Oakland tests for the coefficient of the linear expansion of a copper rod, Below: Ricky Smalley works a typical equation in elementary analysis. EA. is a requirement for tak- ing calculus in college which Ricky plans to do. 'Wa K Above: Hold up your prefix, Mr. Gerald Wes- brook said to his fourth period study skills class as they study prefixes fortheir finals. Left: Because of his interest in becoming a CPA, Donald Walker takes his work in Bookkeeping ll seriously. ZW - 4+ is W. xy X . 4 ,i ff , X X 5-.::f fr: Q Y . 5 --s- sg 'i ex x. xx X.-X 39 Classes today are more specialized to meet stu dent needs on all levels The new English as a second language resource class was offered to students who were learning English and needed help in the classroom with vocabulary One resource class was geared to students with classes gave additional help in academic achieve ment We ve all got the same problem and we all fight it together Valerie Daut The best thing about the resource room is that the teachers are so understanding and fun about the work john Cart Right: Using a talking calculator Mark Marshall works on a math assignment in the visually impaired resource room, l Personalized physical problems, particularly visual, while other L1 Ai.u.fa: -it-mfr! Above: ALDlNE'S SPECIAL OLYMPIC TEAM Front Row: Edward Davis, William Baggett and Robert Huggins. Second Row: Mrs. jefferson lcoachl, William Taylor, Willie Sloan and Charlotte San- ders. Third Row: Connie Sutton and Fred Reyna. Right: ESL lEnglish as a second languagel teacher loan Hill meets with Mike Chan to work on a spe- cial assignment in one of his classes. S 5 19 3' wvwvmfhw 1 MAN ..p. ff . , --ig Left: Playing the memory game is a good way to break the routine of the day and sharpen memory skills at the same time for Edward Davis, Thomas Bowden, Irene Usher, Gerald Morgan and Becky Templin. Below: In her homeroom departmentalized class, Charlene l-loliman answers science questions in her individual studies. ,f Above Mario Castellese finishes a report while working during his LLD resource period. P E or ow to Get Out of It Twelve quarters of physlcal educatlon were requlred to graduate from Aldme But there were several ways to get out of taking PE wrth the most effectnve way berng to take substrtute courses such as band drrll team athlettcs vocatronal classes health or drrver s educatron For some PE was an oasrs rn a dreary day and for others more trouble than II was worth You get tlred of srttlng tn class Un P E l You get a chance to burn off some energy Chuck Shell I thunk rt QP E J rs necessary because II gets your mlnd off other subjects Tuan Anh Pham We dont have enough time to get dressed and we re tardy to our next class Cheryl Neal My mom made me ttake bandl and I get out of Nrta Emert Below Two years of a three hour vocational class exempts a student from sux credtts of PE Workrng the press Damon Boyd uses hrs skulls learned rn prrntrng Below PE HEALTH AWARDS Ray and leff Amerson -i S x we Ra' Q 'Lx' rep' Vx, ar. ,I V , '.,'f'l R26 if '9+s W , ,N-, ' A . Q ,Q AX. -ya tiff?-L Tfriffaagc , re'-i l yt'-Myvf ua.-5 5 M n' , Q V- U l.. . I , . . e . . i -et he-,.3:..f-r , ws. ,,, ig JS Left: Trumpet playing members of the award-wine ning Mighty Mustang Marching Band Kathy Lester and Alex Hindmon proudly perform at halftime. Below: Practicing for the drill team competition at Pasadena, Tina Filesi smiles and high kicks to the jazz routine Never Get Enough of Your Love for which the Vaqueras received an excellent rating. 'r 7 V -i-.W g i i ry, 3 r ' W -f' ' fmzzylz , f .1 wgifggfxsgg Y. ,, J W 'rgggis K l l .J ,if .7 Q., 5 ,,t-. 1 1 :H 23151 , ' it -tf' ' Above: Sink it, Calvin, sink it, shouts the crowd to encourage Calvin Devenport's practice shot for two points. Left: Co-ed P.E. classes enjoy a game of volleyball. Take Your Pick Aldine offered more than 100 electives ranging from British literature to drivers education Seniors had the most electives with a possible 12 quarter credits Students had 27 elective credits in four years Some students couldnt fit enough electives into their schedules and some werent interested in any of them I needed to know more to communicate with fSpanlsh speakingl relatives luan Escobar I was interested in photography and I wanted to learn how to use one of those cameras Rachel Carter I just wanted to learn things for when I have a child Norma Murff Right In child development class Steve Miller learns how to communicate with children Below The best part of homemaking for Kelly Pittman Mary Riley and Bernadette Eastland is getting to eat what they have cooked f' ff' AW ,H S f'-S -of-1 , Right: Conditioning is learned by psychology stu- dents while they entice a mouse through a maze. N -'QNX Left: At an art demonstration Dung Phan, Dorothy Hadden and Debra Bryant demonstrate to stu- dents the technique of silk screen printing in the Student Lounge, Above: Cosmetology student Phyllis Kinard poses for a portrait taken by photography student Susie Cates. Left: First year Spanish students Kevin Williams and Luke Spence participate in a dialogue and skit, Moving Up 84 On Moving up the ladder slowly sophomores no longer had to feel they were at the bottom of the barrel They were still only allowed one full year elective for their sophomore year but at least they weren tcalled fish anymore Here are some of their views on moving up likes and dislikes about their classes English I got one of the funniest teachers IH school Wesbrook Lee jordan The tenth grade made me realize that I should straighten up my act Debra Guidry Although Im failing English it is my favorite class because I enjoy the teacher and the students in that class David B jones Algebra why? I really dont know Im just not interested ID math I know it IS Important but some things are unreal like a x+ b c+b 0 Kristy Meyer Below: Sophomore Keith Pinson is in his last of required math, a relief for many students. '15 J-t ., Mg, I 5 1.4 as I ...P W' inf' -355 yr 2 rw vii ,swf Above: Typing is one of the popular electives for Above: Sprawled on the floor sophomores prac- sophomores. Margaret Melchor works on her tice Coronary Pulmonary Resuscitation on a assignment during class. dummy in Health ll. '96s 1 .1 Uv' 9 5 4 9 fo' c1,.5,,4g,1, W K . K 1 .. K T-I ..1 ' if Left: Studying the Renaissance is one of the more enjoyable activities in world history. Michelle Kennard acts outa scene from a student written, produced and performed play. Below: During English class, Patty Kasharian, along with other sophomore students, took six different types of achievement tests over a span of two weeks. 1 Down, 3 to Go Freshmen start thenr ftrst year ID hugh school loaded down wtth heavy required classes English hrstory math and science They have ftve three quarter regular classes and one three quarter block for electrves Besldes the harder classes they must suffer the rndrgnrtres of betng underclassmen after a year at the top un mtddle school There rs much more pressure Gary Seray darlan We did the same thlng last year Laurrnda Delaney Even though we dont do as much they are werrd ID the nrnth grade thus year If I had rt to do over agam land I mtghtl I wouldnt Roger Muller Now we re the underclassmen Betty Kelley Rrght Working on hrs general physical sc: ence Solomon Bally checks has answer wrth hrs teacher Mr Wrlmer Easton l VF Below: Freshman Keith lones demonstrates his battery operated computer that he made as math project to fellow classmate leff Mueller. dit! in s i Left: Freshman Iohn Penewitt shows his model of a bootiegging operation, a projeft for his Ameri- can history class. Below: Freshmen Patty Henson and Deana Rice said that their lunch period is about their favorite part of the day. ,TJ Left: A popular elective for freshmen is homemak- ing. Kissy Wood and Bridgett johnson cook a sauce during class. ACE Is the Place An innovative style of education was begun in the Aldine IS D this year The Aldine Contempo rary Education Center occupying the building that had been Carver High School gave students more options for their education The flexible program met the students indivtd ual needs allowing students to work at their own speed and set their own hours within a specified framework The school was opened from 7 a m to 7 p m which allowed students to work and to go to school at more convenient hours Fewer credits were required to complete the ACE program for students who needed to be grad uated in less time than the regular four years Also the program allowed students to expand their spe cial interests such as in the field of art The data processing class was also centered at ACE Students from Aldine rode the bus to the building each day and back to Aldine for the rest of their classes Right To complete a class module Felicia Monk does research inthe library at ACE ?'Q1- e.wwv 'Z' Above: Even though students work at their own pace and attend at various hours attendance is still important at ACE. Carrie and Debbie Belcher check their attendance records with attendance clerk Lorraine Haberbush. ,f-Q .. E 'ilu gh hx sf' H if! t 3.07 . .1 is 'iaffxjwf ' , . f -A I I x - I if as X J S Above: Meeting with students from other district schools in the data processing program, Deanna Wall types a program for her assignment. Left: Students do most of their work individually, using the teacher as a resource and guide. Gerald Peterright checks his assignment progress with teacher Ruthel Morgan. Left: Spending half of each day at ACE Kenneth Remke works with a computer in data processing Below: Data processing student My Duycn Do asks help from teacher Dianne Tafilat Education That Pays Aldine offered more than 20 different vocational classes from cosmetology to radio and T.V. Voca- tional classes offered students the opportunity to gain experience and earn money while still getting their formal education. Students had various rea- sons for choosing to take the classes. lm not going to college and I needed to get experience. - Debra Fultz Like when I get out of school I ll be able to do something. They teach you what to do when you go on an interview. They prepare you for the world of work. - Kerry Bradshaw for when l go to college. - Carolyn Parks I Right: Ag vocational student, Doyle Hayslip gets experience as a butcher in his mc ats lab class. I ,, ,, Because I wanted experience and extra money ,, P9 I Above: VOCATIONAL AWARD WINNERS Front Row: Luke Schmidt, teaching experience, Frank Garza, D.E., Phyllis Smith, homemaking, Sherry Diehl, HECE, Donna Auippa, ag, coop., Sandra Finch, VOE, Tangela Hunter, CVAE foods, Connie Sutton, Special Olympics, and Christopher Stoe- her, CVAE construction. Second Row: Willie Tay- lor, VEH building, Ricky Crump, radio and T.V,, Ronald Knipstein, CVAE coop, Greg Capers, data processing, Bill Beezley, vocational printing, David Garza, auto mechanics, Howard Yorek, health occupations, and johnny Fellman, air con- ditioning. Inf 6 1? ,Q Q i l, if al Left: General construction class gives Roland Mor- eno the experience of working with tools and building with his own hands. me s pu M-v' - , . it Above: Playfully horrified, radio and T.V, student Kreg Holden gets his hair trimmed hy Cosmetol- ogy student Nlorma Murff. Left: Air conditioning students Paul Wehunt, Glenn Cuillot and lohnny Fellman construct a model duct system for an air conditioner in the class window. 1 Dedication Pays Dff First through fourth year awards were awarded for having A's or, in advanced classes, B's on grade cards for two quar- ters. Straight A awards were given to students who had all A's for two quar- ters, including final grades. Some departmental awards were decided by tests given to students who were nominated by teachers. Others were chosen individually using grades and class contributions as the criteria. Right: FOURTH YEAR AWARDS Front Row: Susan Spence, Sandra Timm, Valerie Martin and Ray Robertson. THIRD YEAR AWARDS Second Row: Mary Ng, Teresa Goodwin, Suzanne Marion, Rhonda Martinez, Patricia Matthews and Deanne Wall. Third Row: Mike Chen, Ernest Kloepper, jackie Grant, Rodney Walther and Robbie Pierce. ft CI? 'El Above: BUSINESS, MATH AND SCIENCE AWARDS Front Row: Sam Cooper, science department award, Annette Smith, business department award, Monique Do, business depart' ment award, and David Murry, science depart- ment award. Second Row: Mike Chen, science department award, Susan Spence, science depart- ment award, and Ray Robertson, science depart- ment award. Third Row: Leigh Ann Brevara, math department award, Frank Chen, math department award, Rodney Walther, math department award, and Mary Ng, math department award. Right: STRAIGHT A AWARD Mike Chen, Susan Spence and Frank Chen Y? ga 4252 E tl P Above: ENGLISH, MATH AND SOCIAL STUDIES AWARDS Front Row: Ronnie Castillo, English 11, Roberta Stavely, Spanish, Myriam Nino, French, Deborah Radomski, German, and Sam Cooper, English 9. Second Row: Chris Drews, English 10, Renee Williams, journalism, Mary Ng, English 12, and Fran Purdue, drama. Third Row: Deon Doree, American history, Ronnie Williams, world history, Kelly lames, sociologvl Margaret lohnson, psy- chology, and Don Hernandez, government. Left: SPECIAL AWARDS Front Row: Ieff Pinson, choir, Alice Alvear, photography, Don Wisener, art, Second Row: lo Lynn Victor, band, and Brenda Barfield, Student Council. Below: SECOND YEAR AWARDS Front Row: Donna Hornsby, Kelly Harrison, Cindy Fuiimoto, Patti Patterson, Susan Kleerekoper, Margaret Wunderlich, Myriam Nino and Tracy Raymond. Second Row: Brian Ainsworth, Bonnie McKeehan, Daniel Brozak, Frank Chen, Susan Politz and Luke Schmidt. Third Row: janet Staha, Cathey Schuef bel, Brenda Garrett, Erich Oakland, lo Lynn Victor, Michael Mushinski, Lee Holder and Ray Cookus. Fourth Row: Terry Bradford, Kurt Brantley, Gene Dunn, Doyle Hanel and lack Lewis. Above: FIRST YEAR AWARDS: Front Row: Caro- line King, Velvet lio, Helen Aguila, Rhonda Boyd, Connie Bush, April Bussey, Annette Smith, Roberta Stavely, Robing Swattes, Kathy Torrence and Monarissa Valles. Second Row: Kim Petro- vich, Shelly Andrus, Chris Drews, Donna Scott, Hieu Nguyen, Valerie Hiesser, Connie Hill, Rhonda White and Kim Peters. Third Row: Steve Bates, Diane Lewis, Deon Doree, lill Pierce, lohn Cargill, Robin Hester, Natalie Pavelka, lanet Vela, Beverly Caswell and lean Tucker. Fourth Row: Richard Reed, Sam Cooper, loe Lell, lody Black, Mike Nimmons, Chuck Pierce, Paul Lewis, john Fellman, Leldon Hamilton and Alan Wong. Darrell W - Z Ru h Hem k X t Aj' HW! i , , , dx, DECA II group I ,rs ' 1 49 'K fi uf 1 . A f . 5 A Vkf' Y V. Q, ,,. if . W . v. f., . ' f 5 gl N' gn .. 3 Q 5 1.1 I sy 1 , . , , Karen Hex, Buster Iohnson, Elma ima 6 1 'K I 4 1' DI! Xi .l '!'....- -fqndf 1 . A Left: STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS AND EXECU- TIVE BOARD Front Row: Wendy Albert lsec.I and Terri Payne lv. pres.I. Second Row: S, Acreman tsponsorj, Sherry Knovicka ttreasj, Brenda Goldsby tpresj, Debbie Konvicka tparI.l and S. Hulshof fsponsorj, Third Row: Francis Chance, Kelli Deville, Lisa Carter, Ann Brady and Cathy Schuebel. Fourth Row: Greg Capers, Tammy Kitchen, and Dennis Davis. Below: During the Christmas season, Cathy Schuebel and Rich Hornbuckle help prepare fruit baskets to take to an area nursing home. as i U ' 1 3-3- Left: To help raise money for UNICEF, Sherry Kon- vicka plays requested songs during lunches on the student council juke box. A ..-FX Watering plants is a once a week routine. Finch fulfills her duties as a member of the committee. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: sors F. G. Bryant and B. Greeney, I. Sandoz I, I. Davis fv.p.I, I. Victor Isec.I, I. Lewis Ire-p.I sponsor G. Wesbrook. Second Row: S. Smith, M. Anderson, P. Roeber, V. Martin, R. Seymour, S Timm, M. Ng, I. Grant, P. Patterson, D. Collins, M Mangum, I. Vela, R. Drummond and S. Kleere- koper. Third Row: F. Oakland, M. Valles, S. Politz, T. Winfield, B. McKeehan, P. Matthews, R. Robert- son, S, Brisbay, R. Castillo, M. Chen, R. Boudous- quie, I, Fellman and I. Grasso. Fourth Row: R Brown, L. Holder, R. Pierce, T. Godwin, R. Evans, S. Finch, B. Garrett, R, Martinez, M. I-lanel, K. Peters, I. Gorjon, R. WaIther,and D. Bretting. Fifth Row: R. Parr, E. Kloepper, D. Gray, D. Baldridge, S. Spence, C. Scheubel, C. Neal, T. Pagel, M. Nimmons, I. Lewi and I. Staha. . f I- --515'-' W M - - Trlv I a F9 fffgssffsff t t '-I . . 'Q Reading newspapers, working on , V. N math problems, studying up on old ,,'.', 1 L a movies, plays and literature, and know- 1, SQ. IVA-, N ing common foreign words were essen- tial for being a member of the Prep 7 V. Bowl. To help prepare for tournaments, j members were asked oral questions on i ' subjects ranging from algebra to zool- ogy. The team of Iames Sandoz, team cap- tain, Ieff Davis, Rodney Walther and Rich Hornbuckle placed second in the Aldine Prep Bowl Tournament. Aldine also competed in a tournament at Sharpstown. Left: PREP BOWL Front Row: Susan Murdock, I. Grasso, M. Chen, T. Winfield, M. Evangelista, R. Castillo, I. Sandoz and A. Romo. Second Row: I. Lewi, D. Davis, I. Lell, R. I-lornbuckle, I, Davis, I. Ng and M. VanKerrebrook. Third Row: Sponsors I, Curtin and M. Shou. l I ,ff 1 Below: During a club work day, Becky Poole con- centrates on her work for the art sale. V I,- .Q l Above: ART CLUB Front Row: Sponsor D. Gallatin, D. Wisener lpres.J, C. Fujimoto fv. presj and G. Bowen Qsecj. Second Row: B. Thompson, L. Eisen, M. Heineike, D. Smith, L. Pham, C. Chartlton, S. Strawther and G. Templin. Third Row: C. Wachel, M. Caldwell, R. Schilab, M, Mathis, R. Clifton and L. Ritchie. Fourth Row: G. Fuller, L. Hamilton, M. Harten, B. Sandstet, T. Burns and D. Bagby. i 4 4 l i l 'Q Checkmate After getting a late start, the chess club formed a varsity team of luancho Manlangit, Alonzo Marroquin, Stacy Miller and William Wong and won a third place team trophy in the annual district competition which was at Aldine. In individual competition, luan- cho Manlangit placed first in two tour- name-nts. Below: CHFSS CLUB Front Row: Stacy Miller, sponsor Frank Secor and luancho Manlangit. Sec- ond Row: Ben Wyatt, Billy Rogers and William Wong. Not Pictured: Alonzo Marroquin tpres.l, Luke Spence and Mike Silvestain. ,nl Left: As a salesperson at the art sale, Cindy Fuiim- oto points out a picture to perspective buyers. Picture This The newly formed photography club sponsored by W G Wilson was availa ble to serve clubs and students in need of photographers Among its services to the students the club helped the FHA by taking the Santa pictures and also took pictures at the Student Council banquet KLDWNE Vu Alla, Above PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Front Row Greg Burnham and William Shepherd Second Row Phillip Castro Wesley Grossman Karen Leverett and Pat Chatman LISWQ 'B flifff-'mtl 63 V V E 5 N L I V I All -ef ij: 95 ,- 1 VZ!!! fe --f x ' ' ' QA ' + Left: Dressed in their folk-dance attire, Lillian Rodriguez, Cindy Riels and Susan Fernandez per- form a dance used in a Spanish club show, Below: SPANISH CLUB Front Row: S. Cooper ttreasl, C. Vazquez Ipresj, sponsor I. Burgos, L. Rodriquez tv. pres.l, N. Vara tsec.l, M. Arredondo tv. pres.j and I. Escobar. Second Row: N. Garrett, L. Gonzales, I. Lambert, L. Vasquez, A. Franco, R. Garcia, S. Cates, A. Mareno, G. Guerra, D. Doree, D. Gonzales, C. Gentle, V. Garcia and R. Stavely. Third Row: M, Rios, I. Salinas, R. Hernandez, R, Gonzales, F, Gonzales, A. Brittain, O. Rodriguez, D. Lyons, B. Dickey, S. Colburn, K. Mann, L. Gar- cia, B. Galindo, C. Eisen, D. Tello and S. Rice, Fourth Row: C, Reyes, K. Farguson, S. Bailey, T. Raymond, S. King, N, Cerda, S. Vela, I. Pierce, L, jordan, S. Brisbay, L. Vaughn, L. Schmidt, D. Gra- ham, G. Boudousquie and T. Kennard. Fifth Row: S. Turney, M. Ingram, A. Cerda, M, Rosas, A, Main, R. lones, D, German, T. Guarte, I. Phillips, A. Mat- tern, E. Coon, M. Mathis, G. McElroy, Cf Guerrero, R. Robertson and l. Harris, 1 'L A ' Y E Q . -1,-1- Above: SPANISH CLUB Front Row: S, Cooper ftreasl, C. Vasquez tpresl, sponsors M. Burgos and S, Kee, N. Vana fsec.l, L. Rodriguez tv, presl and M. Arredondo tv. pres.l.'Second Row: E. limi- nez, S. Roth, R. Arredondo, M. lasso, F, Chance, N. Pavelka, l. Guajardo, C, Coy, L. Spence and P. McQueen. Third Row: B, Oliver, K. Keys, T. Kitchen, T. Baldridge, D. Wood, D. Elizalde, A. Williams, A. Collins, N. Herrera and S. Delgado. Fourth Row: D. Kitchen, M. Rodriguez, D. Blatt, T, Lyles, D, Dillard, T. Flowers, C. Taft, B. Green, M. Melchor and P. Vasquez. Fifth Row: T. McMullen, A. Ingram, D, DeLeon, Debra Phillips, L. Lynch, D, Rosas, B. Hensley and S. Turnbow. Left: Celebrating Cinco de'Mayo, Eva Luchak, Robin Thornell and Joanne Martinez enjoy pas- tries at the Spanish breakfast. J. ,ggii .5 .-57 li -X LW N N. .f :Q 1' ,L ' Left: Looking over stationery orders, Denise Tem- plet and Cindy Riels discuss the profits from the German club fund-raising proiect. Below: LATIN CLUB Front Row: D. Scronce lpresl, D. Hernandez lv. presl, M, Valles ltreasj, P, Acosta, and M. Clements fsecl. Second Row: N. Hodgerson, P. Matthews, S. Smith, I. Jacobs, P. Pat- terson, K. Lester, and L. Elizalde. Third Row: R. Lucio, I. Ng, V, Cobb, A. Whitton, L. Patterson and I. Kleiber, Above: GERMAN CLUB Front Row: D. Gates tpres.l, D, Templet lsec.j, R. Germany ftreasl and sponsor D. Barron. Second Row: R. Burdge, W. Iaeger, M. Knight, D. Polasek, C. Riels and K. Bau- dat. Third Row: P. Phillips, R. McConniel, H, Big- ley, M. Lee and I. Bush. Left: As she washes a car, Elesa Flores does her part to raise money in the Latin club car wash, Geography, Bowling, CSU Strike' Once a week the bowling team met for practice at Little York Bowling Lanes. Brad Leathers and Beth Guice scored high games. High series went to Donna Hornsby and Ricky Smalley. Within the schools league first place went to the team of jeff George Orlando Garcia and Henry Bigley. Ricky Smalley Rod- ney Walther, Brad Leathers and David Gregg attended a tournament in Corpus Christi. Right: BOWLING CLUB Front Row: sponsor D. Wadsworth. Second Row: B. Leathers, D. Gregg, B. Guice and D. Goyne. Third Row: R. Walther, H. Bigley and O. Garcia. Not shown are C. Hornsby tpresl, R. Smalley, B. Rocka, G. Walther, I. George and R. Poole. QQ' Exploring Exploring cultures in and beyond the United States various geography club members attended such events as the Czech Festival the Greek Festival the Renaissance Festival and the King Tut exhibit in New Orleans. Left: GEOGRAPHY CLUB Front Row: B. Barfield tsocial sec.I T. Wood tv. pres.J T. Ianak tsecl and sponsor B. Allen. Second Row: G. Bowen I. Hol- land R. Horn M. Brymer S, Chop S. Walton, K. Skinner, P. Burridge and T. Roark, Third Row: S. Ellis P. jones D. Hartnup K. Youngblood L. Dela- ney M. lohnson and R. Henry. Fourth Row: S. Welder N. Hodgerson I. Eitner K. Putt M. Barbi R. Ortegon and M. Salados. Searching Meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays the Christian Student Union watched films listened to guest speakers and had religious discussions The members vis ited Texas Children s Hospital at Easter and took cookies and dyed eggs to the patients Left CHRISTIAN STUDENT UNION Front Row sponsorT ludd Second Row B Templin A Bus sey M Brymer D Griffith T Westbrook T Ianak L Houston and K Caldwell Third Row P Cudd C Kolbe S McDonald M Balkom B Davis and R Boyd Fourth Row I Pierce A Mattern and R Kinklard -5 :S t , X .L L I . l . . . f 1 R '- . . , . :5 l ' T . 4 . X J, K I S , I I it ' , ' 1 . . I . . , E - : . , . - ., . . , Z.. , Q . , . , b. , . . 4 , : . , . , . l . . Below: SILVER SPLJRS Front Row: Greg Burn- ham. Second Row: Mike Anderson, Danny Rocka and Cigeg Cagers. ,fp A.. A .3-,Q A: 5 4 . Qi 5 ,k:,iu.:igA3 , . ., 1, ,pg SpurSfMasc0tS , ,,-..w, x W -, Ar, LA x A .. Iii? 'fit 1 ' fx - ,i , L+. ...Ae gn. v ln.n PSiQ'i wg .gQ. 4 SWK fd a K. is 'ZH' , iQ ss.oQ, Left: Selling popcorn is a daily routine for the cheerleaclers. Regina Hunter sells during the first lunch. Below: Melissa Tagle displays the rating of our football team at district. Left: CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Susan Spence, Loretta Kirsch, Candi Matlock, Melissa Tagle and Regina Hunter. Second Row: Suzanne Colburn, Patricia Matthews and Mary Brymer. f f1fz?nm 23053 VQNULQ Wdg fUf7LWJ h UXQ, M md 6LQfQ:Z'. iid if 'AfUJUVLQ W N . h- Lbjixx A xii-' - YN 7 J- .U VAQUERAS ,A N Z k, i A xx f LQ ,A .V Q Q Bellowi VVhiI0 in tlhl' hlculr hvrs Iafwl Whit yuh ZX dj ' :N 49141 JJ F d N lg tormsa handroulmvmc'cm1p.anwcIhylhoha 1 ,LV I hy ,, X1 lil 3' .xikxvi-BJ our SQ! . N gy Rv K k - h 91 IC ETS X M ' 'X lf' f ,K Mm ,wx maaw, y fm ,Q L xx-xl Above: While wan g, for thi Go iSporlsmansh'p League ij delegates to bc- Call dt th fold Kc-Ilv Keys EI b th Tann A Q and Kenneth TulI's talk abou! the ga e Quia , o fuQx L Q fuoi CfQQdfQp W XDIW1 qw dw WH 1,5 of + Ny' Jwurmda W AQQLSLK' Qi? gg XLUCIQOA was , J' , .Q 5 ' Q? Left: Carrying llowvrs they had rvfvivvcl from lhvlr football playvm, Colonffl luliv Maier-y and ll. Colonel I0rilynF0rgusonm.1rclwinlothv stands. Below: Aflor an Pxciting play Kancly Ccmckrvll jumps upwilh enlhusiasm, ,. ,, N ,xll ,, X., 111' 4 lx. X4 ' , V X, , fx, M., ', X, L' x 'Q V ' ' . gf l fl . 1 if l'LFldlQ1 ' ' 111: El FH' X IA w.. l X l -LJ' 3, Sly fl 63? N, gf ll . L A! , QylC1Vll'd mlffjfw 89245 fflkgfivlg' I n F 1 x 147' 5 A ll'-.WA Q. In-...Ms I 4.41 - Left: VAQUFRA OFFICERS Front Row: Tammy Kitchen lCaptain Company BJ, Ianelle Verhine lCaplain Company Cl, lulie Massey lColonell and Sheryl Hall lCaptain Company Dy Second Row: Bonnie Mc'Keehan lCaptain Company El, Ierilyn Ferguson lit. Colonel Company Al, Stephanie Ceraci lCaptain Company Fl. Below: Debbie Largent takes her eyes off the game to watch the guy arross the stands. vfm-fW5'1ngrf'45W :Es MQ ...inns Q l , i i r , l . s Above: All decked out in their Fifties Clothes for Sponsor Sherilen Boone, Tammy Raymond and Homecoming are: Front Row: Brenda Barfield, Chandra Ne-Igon, Second Rgwg Traqey Raymond, Bonnie MCKeehan, lulie MBSSPV, Tammy Kitfhen, Kelly Keys, Wendy Albert, Stephanie Ce-raci and V , ,F .f if lerilyn Ferguson. Third Row: Karen Clement, She- ryl llall, Kelli Deville and Cathy Schuebel. fi A Ifsm .3 X W .n - ' v . :in 1 ,Q . x ,--. g . - , 3- X f f ' f -iii x AX ff . k , . x ,Q J , . g 1 ,- K .K 'f- Egd,fjf 'G ff , f' Q fi 1,- A K Rn , J o' 3' , a ,wwf b Y Y' , :E 1 'K L ,,,L ,A I . Q l V Q 1 ,K 4, , 4 . x. , aw - .X r x ' +V +'9' zg4-f-- ' Q r 4, ties. 'IS IIS- W1 1:2 lx Left: Feature twirler Michele Gilbert does a sword routine while performing at the halftime festivi- Below: While in the stands the Vaqueras and twir- Iers do hand routines to Rock Around the Clock, accompanied by the Mustang Band. ar uf' .NMKW we 1 I A 'M Q, , . -I .ll fx Q Maman Above: While awaiting the halftime performances at the Astrodome, the Vaqueras stand at attention before their high-kick routine. 77 ' I F ' 5-fe YT, ,q 5 dk 4.,' ,,i,, I' F X fn: ..x: , H,-5, ' .4 Q' - If II. AIJQVVCQ Outstanding chemistry student Mike Chen ,answers questions on gaftscienceiftestfwhile - Flfacmlng fQf'9QmPemg't9U,4j- -A - ' l c Eff? UTQUFFFSU Onlvlriiasi wvbirect rrrr but1alsereiasfalairsgsarf-:ew-A members :of rsar Club listened to wguestf Speakersilafql many of thesclub daylmeetingslDayidQMurry and Mike Chenrplaced Secondjtahdfthird' in the district UlL'contest andjparticipated in regional contest. y y A y R Math Club! h . F Success was the name of-rthe game for the math clubs, ThEl!1UmbEl7'SCl'l.S6 team placed first and secondtin Ulllrciompeti- A YN: ,tionwhich consisted,offtestsgwith'80s Q A vfoblsmsefo death ii i in the tslidewlstr1UslYiSeiQf5iifi?iFbeisrrfffamsiF alsvffoioki ff F if A , V .. - f. f..W-i,.w-,f1-: ,l.-.. ,l .... i....N ,f wheres-fet10QlS+l F1 A wersftdefsefmsined bv ele sierra A sSYiVC i D Below: Concentration counts as Frank Chen uses a calculator to work the problems on a test, ' l l Y MS. 's. F. 1 -, 'f HL? ref I X Above: MATH CLUB Front Row: Louis Gonzales, Yong Kim, Daniel Brozak, Linh Pham, Kenneth Ruemke and sponsor Frank Martin. Second Row: Frank Chen, Mike Chen, Mark Wells, Brian Ains- worth and Robert Poole. Third Row: Alan Wong, Ricky Smalley, Rodney Walther and Paul Lewis. Left: Being a girl doesn't mean Sheryl Sommerville isn't interested in science club, which is domi- nated by male members. ., Q4 ffxx Above: Slide rule and number sense members Rodney Walther and Ricky Smalley show off the medals they won at district and regional contests. left: SCIENCE READING CLUB Front Row: spon- sor Anna Wolfer, Second Row: Billy Rogers tsecil, Erick Oakland, Tony Ortt-gon ttreasl, Mary Ng and Mike Chen. Third Row: Cheryl Neal, lack Lewi lv. pres.l, David Murry lpresl, Rodney Walther and Sheryl Sommerville. ....l,,.., J WM,....s......, ., , s WT i MW qfhw- W -V Q sw 1 ,I 1' I A,AW ,',R 3 'K 5 I vi K A qh I R - Q4-a ,sg Left: At the assembly pop show, the pop ensemble dances and sings to the song Day Break. Below: CHORALF Front Row: R. Marquez, M. Var- ner, D. Largent, A. Wiley, K. Timm, D, Ford, S. Monk, C. Lowe, K. Hex, K. Howard, M. Norris, V. Synder, M. lohnson and L. Carter. Second Row: C. McDonald, L, Webster, N. Yerkes, A. McCullough, F. Day, A. Machado, D. Howsley, P. McQueen, L. Carter, I. Ford, P. Warman and M. Heinz, Third Row: D. Sheets, L, Davidson, B. Barfield, D. Hind- mon, K. Pinson, B. Iohnson, M. Topping, I. Pinson, C. Goforth, R. Vlach, M. Harten, L. Portie and L. Cagle. Above: POP ENSEMBLE Front Row: K. Hex, E. lim- enez, M. Norris and K. Howard, Second Row: Director R. Fisher, B. Iohnson, B. Barfield, 1. Pinson and W. Thacker. Third Row: C. Baker, L. Carter, A. Machado, D. Hindmon, D. Ford and A. McCullough. Left: At awards night, leff Pinson received the choir award. He was the only Aldine student to audition for All-State choir. .gig lg, -, 9 R M m .J lg,.0xx Q Mfiiggf 'Q yu ig, 56 ,E by 'PH M 'l , I ,wk I 1 I , 7.5: 4 H . eg. ri-X L Left: CHOIR BEAU: Roy Cathey. Second Row: C. Bowen, C. McDonald, K. Timm, L. Webster, N. Yerkes, C. Lowe, K. Howard, P. War- Below: GIRL'S CHOIR Front Row: R. Marquez, M. man, M. Heinz and M. johnson. Third Row: D Varner, D. Largent,A,Wiiey, E. 1iminez,S. Martin, Ford, L. Davidson, B. Barfield, C. Baker, D. Sheets 5- Monk, L- Caflefi K4 Hex, V4 5YV1d9fBf1d M. NOVNS. L. Carter, M. Harten, 1. Ford, L. Portie and L. Cagle. K r ist T ft.. 3 Above: BOY'S CHOIR Front Row: R, Henry, R. Pingon, 1. Pinson, D. Hindmon, and F. DeAIbo. Vlach, A. Machado, A. McCullough, C. Coforth, B. Third Row: D. Howsley, W. Thacker, B. Hensley, johnson, P. McQueen. Second Row: F. Day, K. M.Topping,R. Bruce,CarIos Rendon and l.Cox. Left: CHOIR SWEETHEART Brenda Barfield. 2f?Ei7:i? s if l 5 23:2 gi 3? E Q ' 1'-3: .ggi 143' .lihiieififp if2-iii? fistmfp 3 5 1 3 UQ A, ,, we UQ ,553 33523:-EI Yfiiiglifi viii zeafgfigiiie -g 4, K f ig? ,. ,, , . , fer N nl?-cf I -, .v -- exams, my I I 1 41s,V if 1 . 'IQ i .fl Below: After hours of practice, Eric Coon plays the fight song with the rest of the band early in the football game. ,pi last minute instructions before E,gQ5gif3fkiegiinnQing5-one of the football, songs,-director r', 't f?5,'if'K3f15'fifl0hnS1pntalks tomembers in the stands as if EfgfzjffiaSSis'tanttdire:gtorSteve Paul watches another secf if lffifv ' eatt ffl lrotl T56 i I t I tzqigygflgg ,,. ,L K-L:L 1 fry' 1 g :' A Q VV A l'el 1Winmng wasenalfheaybjltf lt'f foyhpthyesgbangds - t butitstookg M 15603146 apQfsOUl -l a f irpractiting in ff. other available placeg5fIlieffQQi'eSijQl,t5,were fi 'f -numerous awardS.5 t h l'attf f l .l 1 i 1 Q After-the marchingisefafsongwhith was ga fij tyextemaeq y beiga 'of fft1hef'7-Xstfroidome HCfWi,t56SLt the tbiaffidi began ewffkins one f tlvlt lt ,gff t i i Q s . bandffbegaft DYHCUCS in .August for the coming competitions. They ydieViS50f1 ln UIL com peti- to..a, ,l,,,,y t.yttlya .,yy. l COWDGUUOH ' i' iaijifsrftdsivision atgthgeisouthwest FestiiyaileiirjGa,lyestogn g.1 g ,L l The stage'fbaridfjlreeeifyedyag firsty divi-i E S500 15nlUelL Hniefhtiile1eCbh1e5!fSHDd 'WGS ' WSI JrU L t SIBSQBQUU t t f to a f, bv eggsvmphbn eeei l't ytltyit s elefffed eeotln f O' 2 1QgfT5fg1979i1980. i , i yftael fyfffifiifff ig f 5 5 tt3.3i:f:fvf 4 A it ' q , t:35,C5,5Y,Q w ,, , 'l 'V asm at pep rallies and then the solemn school i prayer closing, band members began their Fri- day mornings playing and ended the day with their marching routines at the game that night, Above: Creating background for the enthusi- l i Left: DRUM MAIOR: jody Black 's'w, 'f 1 A rf ' iles!! X 42 li, i - -.J I Left: DRUM MAIORETTE: loLynn Victor Below: Drum corps members Billy Lagaly, David Ragusa and Carlene Garrison mark time as the band prepares to march, N Band 1 Win n i n 5. ore Fun it - 1 , EH 4 1 -.. 5 QQ iii V YQ ,, ELL 73-Aff! ' ax ew 1 if r X X p-ww ll Ab0veg:AAREA, ALL-STATEQORCHESTRA AND BAND2:fR0bin. Martin, Keith Sacchieri, all-state bandgiIroifZAMcConnell, area band and orchestrag loLvnhQVictor, all-state orchestra. Individual Awards Outstanding Achievement Award' i ,jolynn Victor 1 f john Philip Sousa Award . Sandra Timm, Teresa A Godwin r 'Louis Armstrong jazz Award A . Keith Sacchieri, - '- Troy McConnell C Outstanding Serviffe1Awards Symphonic Band Robin Martin Band - Bruce Patten, Mary Ellen Wilson Cadet Band - Caroline King K . 'i.s Band Sweetheart, Beau h .i i C' Kim Fostergjlkeith Sacchieri MacDonald's All AmericanBand Nominees r Troy McConnell, Keith fr-lx 7. . . .ti mt' ii'- ,. ll. t ew X a , 15 , l uv, t i i 5 Sacchieri L gig! 1 LJlLSoIo8tEnsemble Contest: l fxjp ' 'i r 1 Q ' 151 firstdivision medals I Q Ma 1 I ix A' ' T7 A f rg 115 first division patgglgtes- t - il X ,,f' ff F ' rx of Pl' I l l 1- I l a in- H 3 ' I I 5 'll-1s Q, L v' Ati, 5 - . V E34 t My N l - 4 it lfllfi'-'X . A , s ,...' if 1 ' te- i if iz S li 1 hx' ,ill i W. Lua V A' situ I l i JL ' ' A A W ' 7firstdivisionplyaclqluesl I X' A I ' A A Above: REGION IAZZ BAND Front Row: Craig Landwehr, Keith Sacchieri and Troy McConnell. Second Row: Susan Smallevi .x,. o ,. I Sfi Left: REGION ORCHESTRA Front Row: Robert Boudousquie, Russell Corgey. Second Row:.Troy McConnell, loLynn Victor and Keith Sacchieri. 1 I jfxili ii' BAND OFFICERS Front Row: Grvg Goodman Iv. pr0s.J, Sonya Rodriguez ftrvasl, and Troy McConnell tprvsj. Second Row: Robin Martin tsvcl and Kelli? Luster Ir0p.I, Below: STAGE BAND Front Row: S. Marion, director K. lohnston, S. Timm, D, Thviss, C. Garri- son, and assistant direftor S. Paul. Second Row: S. Smalley, B. Wilson, B. Frey, I. Staha, A. Hindmon, R. Martin, T. Burnside, C. Landwehr, C. Goodman, R. Corgey, T. Bradford and G. Evans. Third Row: I. Black, G. Goodman, T. McConnell, K. Sacchieri and M. Mushinski. Band More 4115 Below: No. 1 fever takes over as concert band members gather around director Steve Paul and show off their first place division award from the Southwest Band Festival in Galveston. M Y , an we fi' fi? Ol fl' M A- Marching His . A ,. Left: Lots of money was needed to pay for the many band trips taken during the year. Susan Smalley, director Karen lohnston and Susan Drymond spend the day working at the carni- val sponsored by the band parents to help raise funds, .Q 3 1 new fax ig: f G 1. ,, A . t Band ,JS 1 Grand Champs f I -' ' rf ra 4 I 7 at K, ' ' ffl! 1 5 .15 , .F i C 435' ,f 35 .J qxf -J Above: While riding home on the bus, students were unaware that they had won the Grand Champion award. Director Karen lohnston flew home with the trophy which students eagerly assembled when they returned to school and heard the news, ' i As the first Aldine l.S.D'. school to attend the Great American, Concert Band Contest in Orlando, Florida, the symphonic band started at the top, coming home with the Grand Champi- onship Award. The week before the Florida trip the band had received the sweepstakes award at the UIL competition, The band was notified at the begin- ning of February that they would be allowed to attend the competition. The decision began twomonths of furious fund raising. All the band members worked to raise the 517,000 to pay for the symphonic band trip. Candy sales and a flea market and carnival, spon- sored by Band Parents, helped the band raisethe money to makethetrip. C ' Between the fund rayisingprojecits, the band found timeto prac,tice,fbefo'r.e school beginning at 7satmstQ',idQujringiclass, and after school untili5.i3OfpQ,mg each day forabout a month. Right: Surrounded by the palm trees of Florida, symphonic band members practice at the pool side of their hotel before the competition. Below: Work before play was the rule but there was plenty of time for both. Dean fheiss lounges in the sun with a sand-sculptured mermaid made by band members, a sight that attracted many sightseers. 95 555 'A W as to idx 3' A sg? ff' hx . i, 'un 89' Below: SYMPHONIC BAND AWARDS Front Row: lody Black with trophy for first runner-up stage band at the Great American Concert Band Contest, trophy for Grand Champion at Great American Contest, lotynn Victor with UIL Sweep- stakes trophy. Second Row: assistant director Steve Paul, band president Troy McConnell, direc- tor Karen Johnston. I ,ii has - , ..,., , ,.,.,. W W me fit 3 H? 'W .t 'L :- . CX M JF fffs A I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Hr A - . , ' - ,.I V ,X '.'L5-W- id, l ' ' - - Nannette Holland, Mark Evangelista, Lenita Patter- son, Dayna Mazzei, Brad Leathers, Chuck Shell, Renee Williams, Diane Goyne and leff Turnbow. Left: Circulation is promoted by Chuck Shell and Brad Leathers as they talk Lisa Seals into buying a MUSTANG for 2511. Below: Working on layouts and answering staff questions keeps editor Renee Williams busy and always on the go. J 11.- ,w L sq. X.. 1 Af K V1 X' f ? ni- Resolved Without a sponsor or class ttme to work debaters Don Hernandez and Sammy Hendrix spent many of their after school hours working on argu ments for the debate topic l guess l like to argue and the com pe ition is fairly tough Don said I have to have an adversary in everything o With six years of accumulated expert ence in debate Don and Sammy com peted in five district competitions the topic was the United States energy pol icy They received second in district UIL competition Left DEBATERS Don Hernandez and Sammy Hen rrx O O X ll ' I - i ' ld C X V i i , . - V ' if ci Q - Y Roundup as Below: Freshman editor Teresa Ward puts up 1 display of books in the library window to encour w r n e age yearbook sales. ..,.,,,,,,.j '!.,gir,g1ffg1El-3.-iseg -A 1 .K ri 1 ggi ,-...,.,.,,.,,,,,,g-s rrrn 331555 1 - - ' f' -' ws. xg, , ' ' - 0 9 Q fi -lg: 1 ls I i I .4 , ,fn r 1 in the beginning, the 1979 staff, this wild and crazy group, attended a week of summer campfatflexas -At8rMs.1 Not knowing all the'challengesiosffiputting a yearbook together wherifftlfreyfigleftt for camp, they returned to take the challenge with exc'itifntg.f'id eaystfor a new yearbook. 7 ' llr 5 l t ln an attemptto gain new ideas and layout techniquesg the novice -journal- ists wentto Taylor Publishing Company offices iwhere they rummaged through yearbooks on a class field trip, rrjonthtof hard work was necessary Q'?Trip Around the World, the theme, sponsored by staff. tflikllisneakipreview of the 1979 yearbook October to promote year- boizgklssalesq, g g Manylate hours on Wednesdays was when we got-rnostof the book put together, i said gPatti 2Patterson.l And finally two 'weeks,ingto4,,th'ei Qgsumrner. itfs finished- 9 t Ah. 4 fir. -,rf t Tu 3 I t' EJ , 1 if 1, ' rr L Above: While attending a journalism meeting sponsored by Harris County Department of Edu- cation Patti Patterson, Bonnie McKeehan and Larry Holliday collect new ideas that can be used in the l979y0arbook. ROUNDUP Front Row: Shelli McDonald lslaffl, Mando Tello fphotographerl, Allen Burk fphotog- rapherl and Alice Puente lstaffl. Second Row: Mark Humphries lphotographerl, Billy Bell fstaffl, Terri Priesmeyer fiunior ed.j, Russell Buttitla ipho- tographerl and Terri Honick lsophomore ed.l. Third Row: Larry Holliday fphotographerl, Penny Cox fstaffl, Teresa Ward lfreshman ed.l, Karen Douglas lbusiness managerl, Liz Kroll lacaclemics ed.l, Patti Patterson forganizations erll, Bonnie Mclieehan lactivities ed.l and Gary Snead isports ed.l. QQ ' Above: At a field trip to Taylor Publishing Com- pany, adviser lulie Pederson, Terri Priesmeyer, Shelli McDonald, Alice Buente and Karen Douglas fight and compromise on their differing perspec- tives of layouts. Left: Working to finish the yearbook on time, Terri Honick types last minute changes on sports pages. X V W 'iff' 'Tfl'fff':H ' err: wg- gyj, M s l is .. . . ,X f will 'E ..,f , Q . JH. t ii' tbove: THFSPIANS Front Row: F. Purdue lpresl, A. Stephenson, I. McQueen ltreasl, F. Humbert sec.l and D. McFarland frepj. Second Row: C. -Iill, M. Brymer, C. Sawyer, L. Pennington, A. Men- Lefl: Sugar, Sir? asks Mrs. Drudge lFaith Hum- bertl of Major Magnus lDarrell Mcliarlandl in The Real Inspector Hound. Below: A kiss means its over for Torvald lleff Amersonl as he kisses Nora llynn Caglel on the forehead in A DoII's House. J, A 'Sh diola, R. Marquez and I. Riley. Third Row: D. New- som, L. Horne, S, Ross, P. Nichols, M. Alexander, A. Brady, R. Burk, S. Moon and S. Garcia. Fourth Row: C. Baker, P. lones, D. Khow, D, Beals, D. German, R. Platz and I. Perryman. Fifth Row: C. Tucker, T, Trussel, V. Cobb, I. Pinson, I. Amerson, R. Cookus, I, Black, T. Brown and M. Grasso. Thespians Right: It happens to most Negro intellectuals and artists, said He lVincent Cobbl to She lCathy Deanl as they talk at a society party in the play To Be Young, Gifted and Black, Above: Simon lRay Cookusl and Felicity lMichelle Kennardl argue over the mystery in The Real Inspector Hound. Right: You will be the apple of his eye, replied the Snake lDuane Germany to Eve lFran Purduel in The Diary of Adam and Eve. l 'S ll .w1 'Aw' 'viii gp I ,. hmm. Q: Q 'X wr Y z 'ff f G 2 c w YW 3 l r an M 2 ev it 3, 4. . . ,fus- ,,', is A - me i 'Ks H OSA Right: HOSA Front Row: S. Carcia lparI.J, C. Buchanan lRecording Sec.l, C. Singleton, M. Heinz ltreasl, H. Yorek tpres.J, R. Martinez trepj, V. Martin lhistj, R, Cates lsentinel rep.l and A. Hanks lv. presj. Second Row: E. Luchak, S. Wong, B. Briley, N. Hodgerson, Y. Rodriguez, C. Marsh, R. Walker, F. Price and D, Bugaj. Third Row: sponsor M. Eakin, G. Abraham, D, Konvicka, C.. Barker, l. Talley, I, Henke, S. Linton, S. Stubblefield and T. Stovall. Fourth Row: K. Coon, S. Stanley, R. Falls, P. Singleton, l. Bernal, S. Harris, L. Holder, A. Havens and I. Whitelaw. Fifth Row: D. Elizalde, C. Wil- liams, C, Pohlmeyer, C. Neal and R, Turner, Above: HOSA officers are installed at the parent sv appreciation and installation banquet. Right: During a simulated disaster in which HOSA students acted as victims, Robin Cates receives attention from a doctor and registered nurse in the emergency room of Parkway Hospital. mm' Left: HOSA student Robin Thornell is rushed trom the ambulance to the emergency room during the mock disaster at Parkway Hospital. Below: With head bandaged Pat Singleton acts out her disaster role well. 1 .r an -if ' ' 'Q 'L 5 1 -. 4- - -V M .V f 1 Q 5 .:,, 1 i I x . c X ., aw, f -f Af 1. t JI 'Y Q . ,ki rt , wig. ,S- Left: Sponsor Meg Eakin and HOSA student Rob- ert Turner demonstrate the work done by HOSA members during PTA Open House. Un swf 2 f 'QPM VY I 'i .I Y. ' Left: Out of 29 members enrolled in HERO there is only one male member, Ron Hesson, employed at lim's Coffee Shop smiles during the HERO employer Banquet. Below: Dressed as the Easter Bunny Stacy Parsons participates in the Easter carnival at Lane Center. e 'Ani Left: HERO Front Row: Laurnette Fisher lhisto- rianl, Cany Hartline lsec.!rep.l, Sherry Diehl typ! projectsl, Ranell Puckett fpresl, Stacy Parsons lv.p.!socialsJ, Judy Peterson ltreasl. Second Row: Sponsor janet Green, Sharon Menard, Carolyn Parks, Phylis Simon, Susan Fernandez, Terri Brauer and Kelli Benthall. Third Row: Phyllis Smith, Mari- lyn Hicks, Doris Furr, Holly Derleth, Linda Dar- forth, Nina Vaughan and Ruth Miller. Fourth Row: Tracy Adams, Ron Hesson, Lisa Friedrich, Treva Taylor, Melissa Covel and Patrica Wilson. is li, 1 'Q 's v 0 o,' 0 o 4 o ,Q .Q o 4 A '1 i'f'A'f,Q, W.,,,,i ...V R16 I r'D,L .333 Left: CVAE-FHA Front Row: Rhonda Kamman, Pamela Marsh and sponsor Sherry Cole. Second Row: Leia King, Linda Munguia, Allene Broussard and Corene Marvis. Third Row: Earl Brown, lanice Gonzales, Debra Ciuidry. Left: CVAE-BUILDING TRADES Front Row: Anthony Hernandez, Roland Moreno and Larry Blakley, Second Row: Stewart Davis, Chris Stoer- ner, Victor Lawson, Randy Holden and lohn Crow. Third Row: Bobby Baker, George Adams and Randy Acosta. Below: Preparing for their PTA Open House skills carnival, Allene Broussard fills bags of popcorn she sells to hungry guests. 4 Q Above: During a halloween party for EMR stu- dents, guests Connie Sutten, Irene Usher, Connie Usher, and CVAE student Vickie jones watch as guest Becky Templin bobs for apples. 3 D a '- my ifaiiag - fi 4 ' .lfkgigse - S Ei N . 1 fl s , v V A f'Fff,f-'if f.,ff5,'fng: , 5.-,-3-.-A -4 I1 ' 1 'Q - 1 I l Left: During a club meeting, Tracy Maxwell listens Below: Dressed as Santa Claus, Mark Iones visits to a program presented by Palmer Drug Abuse with ayoungsterat one ofthe elementary schools Program. where FHA members delivered letters from Santa. .. 'bw ,. , ,KV Left: FHA Front Row: I. Peterson, K. Pittman, D. Brake, M, King, M. Collins and D. Ford. Second Row: S. Ford, T. Westbrook, R, Kammon, D. Wil- liams, K. Dunn, l. Usher, C. Sutton, P. Richardson, G. Stone, K. McElroy, T. Maxwell, M. lasso, A. Bus- sey, T. Conroe, M. Barach, V. Victor and M. Taylor. Third Row: A. Broussard, V. Peterson, L. Mungia, C. Tolar, K. Palma, M. McDow, D. Mock, D. Lynn, D. Peterson, L. Timmins, T. Baldridge, D. Iaegar, M. Garza, B. lohnson, S. Godfrey, N. Brennan and M. Garcia. Fourth Row: C. Munroe, P. Marsh, C. Snow, T. Moake, L. Delaney, G. Salazar, M. Foster, I. Riley, M, Rimmer, C. Holliman, L. Kimich, T. Morris, S. Young, M. Parks, B. McDaniel, G. Neal, B. Wamble and L. Eisen. Fifth Row: I. Gonzales, R. Besetzny, D. Davis, C. Mulligan, D. Bialas, C. Hardy, L. Clay, M. Wright, S. Dunn, P. Sentora, R. Hosier, D. Gentry, B. Zaborowski, G. Pyle, K. Campbell, I. Alms, M. Hein and D. Verwoltl. Left: FHA CLUB Front Row: K. Pittman tparl! hist.I, M. King lv, pres, - socialsl, D. Brake lv. pres. - projectsl, I. Peterson lpres.I, D. Ford, lv. pres. - public relationsj and M. Collins lsec.! treas.I. Second Row: E, Nguy, B. Stockwell, B. Lynch, R. Kulda, S. Self, T. Hall, S. Muchado, I. Brown, D. Colegrove, V. Daut, D. Mattern, D. Benthall and S. Menard. Third Row: P. Warmen, D. Dickerson, B. Rice, C. Dunaway, L. Forse, R. Pierce, N. Vaughan, T. Bauer, R. Miller, E. lohnson, K. Leverett, P. Matthews, and D. Huggins. Fourth Row: N. Holland, D, Swabado, L. Fisher, C. Garri- son, I. Stepanski, W. Reeves, K. Hutchison, L. Rivi- era, S. Stanley, Y. Yoska, T. Anderson, P. Simon and D. Nickols. Fifth Row: C. Hartline, C. Peruz, T, Munnich, P. Wilson, W. Fuller, M. Iones, I. Ver- hine, L. Carter, D. Rocka, I, Kent, C. Pierce, H. Der- lith, P. Slatton, K. Howard, M. Coyel and L. Dan- forth. Z' Left: FTA Front Row: Sponsors R. Allen and R. l-lar- ding, S. Stowe lv.pres.J, I. Eric ltreasl, K. Mann fprog. chmn.l, S. Murdock lsecl, M. Ng lpres.j, sponsors V. Perryman and L, Sagstetter. Second Row: K. Baudat, L. Carter, G, Valdez, l. Atkins, I. Sandez, R. Randolph, I. Whiteman, T. Honick, A. Mikeska, D. Dees and P, Maxwell. Third Row: M. Horgan, L. Vaughn, S. Godfrey, T. Neskorik, K, Fos- ter, L. Morris, A. Miers, D. Sanchez, A. Bahr and R. Anderson. Fourth Row: S. Konvicka, L. Criswell, L. Daubert, M. Van Kerrebrook, S. Hitt, L. Schmidt, N. Greider, R. Boyd, A. Bussey, T. McGowan, I, Perryman, P. Nevlud, R, Brown, S. Spence, I. Davis, K. Douglas, T. Brown, D. Melchor, A. Mattern, K. Wood and l, Campbell. Left: During a club day meeting, Sheila Godfrey and Genoveva Valdez, along with other FTA mem- bers, enjoy snacks brought by the officers while they discuss banquet plans. Below: I got it moving again , said president Mary Ng about the more active club. 131-. 3 gan.. ,Q , -.., V t 1, f s g,,- Below: Anxiously watching, ag students lody Watkins, james Atkinson, lohn Wendt and Tony Chu wait for a decision by rabbit judge Landon Patscke at the annual Aldine Project Show. 5: 1 W In Qt 9-fs' Above: Unwillingly Bubba Seitzler's steer allows itself to be pulled into position to be dehorned and castrated. The steer passed out during the process and had to have a second try at it, 5 U ,S 1 .Qc 'uf X I f 5 Q' Ye. 'e ff I U It tl R gs H ,, fi ',y . -if 9212419 W . s , 54 . ' - ,R , , me - - s-sf.-, J ' if '17 , :-'Ji' 2 .-1 ,lg 3 - - it 'af ' , , ' 1 f - ' , ' . 5: ,i v x S.-'lui inf -h 1. Q , A-'rt ' , :3ZQg?l'f,-1 1 '- iii:.,f',f5ff?2,Z:, ' 3: W Y . I 5 Q -'jQ1X,f' F ,,, ' f f, f' '- . N , g h A X Lisa. l. , c -vii gm:-': ., -L. , -' 1 .45 i - tim' lsr- fri'-,mi . fir xr 'Vik' ' 1-5 gvrjnzv , Q' . .,i-- . : -Q. .. u, 5 ,far- Left: Carol Lancon puts the final touches on her steer at the Northline show. She is one of about 25 girls in the ag program. Below: In the ag classroom, Greg Capers and Cathy Avara trim Creg's heifer for the annual pro ject show. Above: AG COOP Front Row: Bill Neeley tFFA presj, lody Watkins tFFA reporter and sweetheartj, Tanya Watkins tFFA treasj, Donna Auippa tFFA sec.l, Linda Maxey, Mario Castellese. Second Row: Bubba Seitzler tparlj, james Atkinson, Mike Pavlik, Bimbo Males and Wayne Thacker. MEATS LAB Third Row: Cris Kroll tv. presj, Danny Rocka, Greg Capers and Doyle Hayslip tsentinell. Left: At the Northline ag show, sponsored by Aldine's FFA chapter, Kevin Hagan prepares his steer for the showing. Below: Awards and special recognition are presented at the FFA Banquet in the spring. Mario Castellese, his dale and his mother enjoy the meal before the program. K rff 'l if L' r r V ,V wx .12 3 R , M . L' Q yk- H ' ' ' ,'.. N ' 43 ,vga Above: ludy Denson poses with her lamb for a last picture before it is sold in the auction. The lamb was donated back and was part of the end-of-school barbecue. I mdk: 4.3, . fe 5 I, fs. wg 'Aww Left: Wrapping a freezer order, D ' , C!-GSLA-DHS and Chris Kroll finish an order for a customer. The lab cut and packaged most of the meat sold dl the project show auction. Below: DOYIC Hayslip can play the fiddle behind his back, while lying down and behind his back at the same time, and in a number of other positions besides the normal stance. He was a member of the team that won district and area competitions and participated in the state contest. Orange Blossom Special was the selection of the talent team of Doyle, Linda Maxey, Mike Pavlik and Iohn Wendt. Rx K Left: FFA Front Row: L, Maxey, I. Denson, I. Riley, D. Oliver, T. Chu, L. Watson, K. Moskonici, C. Noack, I. Denson, R. Atkinson, S. Childress, D. Mittelstedt, R. Christ, M. Osborne, sponsor M. McCown. Second Row: A. Brinkman, I, Diehl, K. Buckner, D, Peables, K. Koon, G. Helton, M, Cas- tellese, C. Hendon, I. Kizer, F. Wamble, C. Cle- ments, T. Randolph, R. Welch, Third Row: M. San- stedt, I. Atkinson, D. Shields, C. Allcorn, R. Key, L. Robuck, K. Hagan, W. Hays, S. Neeley, V. Iohnson, R. Harris. Fourth Row: I. Wendt, B. Males, D. Fair- man, D. Henry, G. Blanchard, E, Stavinoha, G, Capers, M. Pavlik, M. Schaefer, B. Priesmeyer, L. Wilson, W, Thacker. 1 'iii S I .1,94'9l QL?-iii Q v x fcrr 3 Left: DECA I Front Row: sponsor P. Brackett, T. Mazyn, L. Salinas Isec.l, K. johnson, F. Garza and A. Gonzales Ipresl. Second Row: K, layn, I. Per- aza, L. Hansen, C. Watson, C. Nation and C. Shad- dox. Third Row: P. Vaughan, G. Mayo, W. Korn, V. lohnson, D. Patterson, T. Stule and T. McCullough. Fourth Row: S. Carson, L. Boyd, M. Dunn, R. Hein, R. Noel, R. Gaudet and R. Maxie. Not pictured are I. Campise Itreasl and L. Edwards iv. pres.j. -.J . Q . K I 1' . If I ln: ig , ...V if 1 'J ... Above: During the teacher appreciation lunch, eon, DECA I students Liz Salinas, Deana Patterson and Glenn Mayo wait to assist the teachers. Left: During the annual DECA Muscular Dystro- phy Dance-a-thon, DECA I student Tony Gonzales dances the 24 consecutive hours of the contest. Below: DECA II members Karen Douglas, Donna Left: DECA ll member Robin McCabe serves one Roy and Terri Sides show off the I. G. Hailey of the teachers during the teacher appreciation award that was presented to the club for its out- Iuncheon, standing service. ,e,i . T, ' A i A .M rf 2 f 2 'ii may ,k 2 V ,it Q .. K x..-. -it 1 ,, . , is 'BK 2, ' .L l ,rf . . g li s .V ' 'A A T X it 5 1:4 WWW Above: Designed and sold by DECA members, coupon books, being assembled by the members, is the major money-making project. Left: DECA Il Front Row: V. Luksa lseol, L. Under- wood lv, presl, sponsor I. Georgiana, K. Douglas ltreasl and T. Sides lpresj. Second Row: S. loseph, C. Goad, R. McCabe, R. Parr, M, Wyrick, R. Alfaro and T. Hollenburg. Third Row: K. Sanfhez, W. Turner, Y. Yosko, 1, Hackett, I. Ash, D. Roy, S. Meyer and K. lanak. Fourth Row1 S. Sober, D. Wil- lis, S. Sluder, I, Whiteman, K. Moore, R. Stegent and D. Benestante. Fifth Row: A. james, B. Stokely, S. Riley, C. Mfllugle, S. Kendall, D. Shepard, S. Miller and T. lohnson. DECA Right: DECA ll student William Turner staples the coupon hooks as they are assembled. Below: Teachers Genie Renaudin and Connie Sta' yinoha take advantage of the luncheon given by 5 DECA II students in appreciation for the use of the homemaking department coffee pot each week. if NJ is s y .. 1'.7I 2o'5kv , ,,,,..a,l '4 1. , Nw- X Maj! hi ty 0 lx Above: To support the bi-district football champi- Ash and Lisa Underwood prepare sliced oranges to be given to the football players during halftime ons, DECA Il members Iennifer Whiteman, leanne - t Below: After working on the senior bulletin board to be entered at regional contest Annette Bowen and Susan Schilhab finish the project after many .S om fqggfi ' J' . - Q 'xxx' Q Q lilE HMB lf NGW T0 i 5. as , W t,: qi . , --...,. ia ' 0 lk A Wx-,,.,e -W- 'I ,r -f. Above: Selling B-craft gifts for club funds, Rhonda White shows business teacher Pat Todd the gifts in the kit. I' 'N,l :' F fm Above: Whatnumber was lasks Sherri Cra- ham as Gigngger.Wilson adds another link to the freshrnanisiyiiriit-chain, sponsored by OEA. Sixty members of the Office Educa- tion Association devoted theirytime and ideas to serve the school. Durin gChrist- mas the OEA members ioi'nedi several other vocational classes to entertain children at Lane'Center. The students - .made Christmas ornaments for teachers lduring Christmas, presented the teachfg liters with apples at the first of they welcome them baclctand sponsored?iSZafrg- ious other projectsQfgQfifZQjif,:5..ff J For a fund raisiijgilproject, candlesg make-up bags, calendars, T-shirt trans-S fersland other items from the B-craft kit were sold. From the B-craft sales! approximately 52,700 was raised. Fromf the OEA sponsored spirit chain contest, proceeds of S150 was donated to the schooltor trees and thegremaining money was distributed to the classes. During National OEA Weelgteachers observed the work of the students dur- ing a teacher receptionQ5.QffSftQ.ude.nt.s learned to work office matflfifiiifesland develop office skillsfor theiirisenior office careerzj-.'jififf3'l . OEA uw tiiiit Above: Preparing for regional contest, sponsor Paula Sampson talks to the members participating in the contest. Left: SENIOR OEA MEMBERS Front Row: L. Yanez, L. Gardner irepj, R. Seymour thistl, M. Anderson fist v, pres.l, A, Ester, A, Bowen 43rd y, presl, K, Self lseol, S. Carlton and sponsor Paula Sampson. Second Row: D. Saenz, P. Nino, V. Hiesser, V. Col- lins, P, Brandenburg, I. Payne, D. Saubado, E. Iohn- son and D. Barksdale lpresl. Third Row: L. Rodrie quez, D. Fultz, S. Schilhab, C. Peterson, D, Cum- mings, S. Einch, S. Dickey, R, Martinez thistj and B. Badnarek. Left: IUNIOR OEA MEMBERS Front Row: R. White, D. Elmore, R, Lambert, I, Tucker, L. Street, C. Patten, T. Williams and sponsor N. Pou. Second Row: S. Cox, D. Green, D. Bretting, I. Wieghat, M. Besetzny, T. Ward lrepl, C. Center 45th v. pres.j and G. Wilson 14th v, presl. Third Row: R. Drum- mond t2nd v. pres.l, S. Harris, T. Munnich, A, Alvear, M. Shafer, D. Peables and C. Melton. Fourth Row: E, Aguilar, K. Iohns, C. Graham, R. Hunter, K. Matlock, S. Graham ttreasl, S. Fogle and P. Gregory, ,Rh 'tiki I 1 vi l i K. lr 5, N V '. , J- , A A , l I 1 ..i 5. il , N o ' , x Q- X , - M' x ' 4 g . A 5. f',.' I x M, , . .V .R MW Programming OEA Data Processing is comprised of students from four district high schools The members met at ACE where the data processing class was housed The members sold giant coloring books and key chains and used the money to purchase a gift to be given to AC Aldine member john Bancroft placed fifth in COBOL a computer language competition at the district OEA contest in Houston Right OEA DATA PROCESSING Front Row C Salinos ipresl C Brewlon tsecl M Taylor ttreasl M Ramos tchairman social actiyitiesl and P Roeber lchairman fund raisingl Second Row L Holliday C Swink P Walker B Goldsby I Kellev D Wall D Radomski and D Newsom Third Row D Hanel I lackson I McDaniels I Bancroft R PooleandK Remke OEAXOEA- Data Processing Right: Putting the finishing touches on the OEA scrapbook, which Rose Martinez talong with Rhonda Seymourl had worked on all year, was worth the effort after winning first at national contest. Below: At the beginning ofthe year, lanet Wieg- hat, Dawn Peables and Meloney Besetzny present photography teacher W. G. Wilson with an apple to welcome him back to school. 4 N f qw '-A -.H 4 ,,g X :'-lf? .f ,,.. - , r., . ,'.- V 'fi Q'...?' . L , -, . rl'-X3 -T-f h , l' -A- . ss -T, . lx ' -Z4 .. fx- , .vt-. ' t '1 . .-.f - lin . 5 1 QM- f ' - '.eft: SWEETHEARTS AND BEAUS Front Row: Deb- bie Manos, Olga Diaz and Davietta Ford, Second Row: Keith Sewell, Israel Valdemar, Phillip Neal and Don Baldridge. Below: COSMETOLOGY Front Row: Debbie Manos lrep.l, Terri Ward lv.p.l, Brenda Perkison tsec,l, Dorothy lackowski lsponsorl, Sheila Hamby ttreasl, Paula Burrage lparll and Davietta Ford lsgt.-at-armsl. Second Row: Conchita Gon- zales tpresl, Mitzie Doyle, Natalie Grimes, Susan Toupin, lana Matlock and Cynthia Shilek. Third Row: Sonia Hampton, Becky Mosley, Tracy Clark, Norma Murff and Martha Nowlin. Fourth Row: Shawn McClanahan, Rossanne Massey, Phyllis Kinnard, Cheryl Lane and Olga Diaz. Fifth Row: Kim Coon, Pam Graham, Cheryl Thomas, Ricky Salazar, loyce Mahan and Michelle Gizon. Above: AUTO MECHANICS Front Row: Steve Green, David Garza lv.p,l, Greg Stevens tsgtfat- armsl, Robbie Lanham lpresl, Guy Cook ltreas.l and lohnny Melchor tsec.l. Second Row: Keith Fields, Steven Rhodes, Craig Wright, Phillip Neal, Cary Pruett and lohn Smith. Third Row: lames Nolder lsponsorl, Gary Perrard, Larry Westbrook, Danny Torrence, Mark Hein and Steve Haddick. Fourth Row: Paul Crowson, Herbert Williams, Aaron Alexander, Ricky Berry, Bruce Loftin, Ber- nard William and Bobby Lewis. Left: At the VICA picnic, cosrnetology students work to pull the drafting class across the battle- line, Lv. 1-1 'T 2,1 ',l-1-eil? , 1, - ., l , .ff Left: Students were reminded of the school prayer by drafting students lames Thomas, Richard Trealek and Willie Hamilton who helped make and hangthelettering. Below: PRINTING Front Row: Byron McCullough ladv.l, lim Hickey tv,p,j, Melissa Tagle tparll, E Gi.. K Diane Goyne lpresl, Lori Richey lseol, Beth Guice lrerll, Don Wadsworth tsponsorl. Second Row: james Grant, Randy Parker, lames Walker, Darrion Boyd, Bonnie Pillows, Carol Miller and Belinda Rocka. Third Row: Todd Cooper, Caber- ael loubert, Dwayne Dossett, Allen Hayes and Tim Krailo. KY- Above: DRAFTING Front Row: Willie Hamilton ttreasl, Karen Vetter trep.l, Keith Sewell lpresl, Ruth Hein tv,p.l, Donald Forehand tparll, Leo- nard Shimell fsec.l and james Thomas tsgtfat- armsl. Second Row: Carole Knight, Kerrie Kerns, Douglas Winkler, Brad Letney, Carlos Lopez, Vic- tor Flores, Tony Lepp and George Cummings fsponsorl, Third Row: Kevin Vaught, Allen Burk, -uf 5.4 Duy Pham, lon Baker, Richard Trcalek, Roland Padilla, and Ernest Kloepper. Fourth Row: jimmy Eddins, David Guerrero, Anderson Iackson, Ron- ald Waneck, Gerald Kaliszewski, Richard Gon- zales and Robert Bock. Left: For his outstanding work in air conditioning DQn Baldrigjge receives the Chris Borski Voca- tional Scholarship, , 1 a W ,QM ., ., 1 gr 851 .sal A .muncnooinmn .1 .... 44... 1133 9? 33133335 101 I. DISTRICT 11 S C9001 l , ., .1.i.Q. ' Q. I Q 4 1 1 , ,A- I 1 1 l s,gg Y J f 1' 'I A Ram f'fV fl?f3..ff' ' r 'RS HV Efiecf' C7,,fQ Jews! X314 PQ 'Z' - i l l Left: Aldine's Vocational Industrial Clubs of Amer- ica display the ribbons that were won at state competition. Below: RADIO AND TV. Front Row: Alfred Wil- liams tpresl, Langley McKelvy CVICA repj, Mark Sawyer ltreasl, Ricky Crump Iv.p.l, lOhnny Kent Lrep.l and David Barkowiak fsgt. at armsl. Second Row: Charles Harding, Doug Radanski, Keith Witcher, Mark Dawson, Doug Wisener, Marvin Buckner and David Loving, Third Row: Sponsor Frank Secor, lim Beauchemin, Mark Price, Paul Suicoski, Larry Thompson, Henry Buck, Terry Hat- field and David Green. Fourth Row: Dale Bonham, William Franklin, Ronald Shorter, Todd Doble, Tom Green, Rodney Coleman and Kreg Holden. Above: AIR CONDITIONING Front Row: Terence Sarage, Kenneth Kolodejcak, Rey Iasso, Ernest Becerra, Lamar Walley, lohnnie Fellman, Glenn Guillot and sponsor N, Kalson. Second Row: Craig Ainsworth, Don Baldridge, Eugene Dunn, Tom Eisterhold, Richard Fincher, Greg Neeley and Ron- nie Harris, Third Row: Tommy Thompson, Edward lones, Larry Fellman, Larry Pohlemeyer, Randy Craig, Israel Valdemar and Ioe Pye. Left: Displaying the Video Recording Tape, spon- sor Frank Secor and VICA member Langley McKelvy explain the details of operation at their PTA skill booth. H i ,--1 s X . I , , S - . . ' 5-4' ' 3 , ,I K, H A, f. .. . . . -2 . -gf.. - ,Af an V. .I -' J . '4 . . ' J A Q x ., x . P vx . 1 4 . -1- Y r.... . V., , . '+' Pl '1 igwK f . I low: First place district upholstery winner Scott hnson admires his prize seat. He takes the pro- act to state competition. if if' H I ,E I .. :Tr I e gi 'I , I I I I 'KS Belowx Aside from their school work and part- time jobs, VOCT I students, Delila Oliver and Linda McEachern take time out to work on their money making project, selling M8tMs, chocolate bars and candy sticks. ',-'We-wi . . ca -I M v , s Sb I ' ir' 4 ' 5 M V W J Above: VOCT ll Front Row: Cecil Taylor, Albert Martinez tsecl, Mary Payne, Howard Reardean, Lenise Vaughan ttreasl and sponsor Glen Mur- phy. Second Row: Teresa Huff, Lolly Waltrip Irep.l, Ronald Knipstein tpresl, Keith Schurmann Isgt. at armsi, Roy Phifer and Keith Graham. Third Row: Todd Reddehase, Roy Pyle tparl.l, Stavis Gil- breath, Charlie Alongi, Kenneth Green Iypl, Scott lohnson tadv,l and Ricky Alexander. Left: VOCT I Front Row: Danette Opela, Linda McEachern tv.p.J, lohnny Colbert, Angela Brous- sard itreasl, Linda Buchanan and sponsor Antonio Rodriguez. Second Row: Ivy Randall Isgt. at armsi, Liz Bowden, Verna King tparlj, Kerry Bradshaw tpresj, Donna Dowies and Debbie Hoffman. Third Row: Gary Inman, Louis Vargas, Craig Blanchard, Marvin Majewski and Lisa Praetorius. --i Wiley ,. P5 ft-L., .1 I . g 5 412 2 mga! x 1154 -R.. V Hwy -M . ' . .x . . .xg-f. - Q 4 - . , N, . . in xx H h ,JS aj 1-4,- -,Q .:..--.f,.4g.f'8. I . 1 , N f , ' . ' ' M mn . J .ma--4, ,.,, , L4 - gT g,1f,,.mgH' 'f ffivg . Q - .5 . t ,- -I X ' ,, f f 1, Lp -., -':W:'f. -if 'f f ,. 7 -A., 2-. g A Q. . ,,,MQ' 2. - -- . w Q- -- 2':'+ '2?'f'w-,A-aff,'Hf ff'-mf,, :fH'Kf ' ., N x b,V - ff 1-: 1, , ' '-' x ,. . ' ' N '- ff-.. L ' P-' '- .. ,W i.ChuckPn-WCG y -1-K A - - 'm m +421 -,':+.V- N MN - x - ' - -S. K . W ' 3,5 -T-g-f'fx.,.,,1Kgn,:?- V'-V 5: N - V, ,N'f-4F.2p,'.- vi V' '- .x 23. A - 4 Football! The Varsity Dedication, Pride --KeS to Title Y Dedication and pride were the keys to a District 21-AAAA championship, Coach5Bill Smithrsaid. The 1978 football season was the best in the history of the school. Not since' 1958 hadiiAldine won a district championship. The 1978 Mustangs were undefeated in district and went on towin Bi-District by defeating Vidor, 40-13. The Mustangs lost to La Porte by three points in the regional playoffs. The Mustangs dropped their first two non-district games to Conroe and Klein. The Mustang defense held the Conroe 'Tigers to.2O rushing yards. Robert Gip- son returned a punt 100 yards for a touchdown but the effort was not enough. The Mustangs lost, 10-8. In another disappointing game the next week, the Mustangs lost to Klein, 14-11. Coach Smith attributed the losses to Conroe and Klein to a lack of holding onto the ball and inexperience in the offensive line. if 5' ,... ss. .,-..-. . ., .',..,.'- :T - V ' . I hr, .-.Q in V .. Vik, 5 M. V ,Z - . Above: Quarterback Robert Gipson dodgeslth Sterling Rangers in the decisive district charnpior ship game. VA RSF TVVQ 5635 ?i i!',Q 555i1i'if'if A 5555 i ifM5t Q55 irififfi Qtfiififffeift iiifiiffi, 5 Eiiiif' ?'l Lindsay Allen Robert Baht Don Baldridge ixYBiIl BeezleYi' Wingback Defensive End Defensive End Cornerback 1 V , li' -T ' i lam ' Q f 7 ':.- ' - ni-straw ,n ' i i'lri f , it it - I i ' r f ' 'iff-v 'f1i iIy., ' . , , as , x a J '- - , . , rim g fr - .r g -4 , - t -f-g- ima rr: ww ar. A. - .. , i -4 ,Ar 'f , QQ' Q. f 4 -. ,t t 3' wt 'Q , ff 1 rw g- - l ., fr 455-J A .1 1 , .. -. , - 'f 'ih'v.Z-' Y L, .i. ,fi Mike Belnoskt Charles Benson Fullback Lineback Aft: Quarterback Richard Hrozek runs past a Lee injury, led the district in rushing with 759 yards afender with the help of guard Belk Null. Hro- and an 8,1 yard average in the first five games. back Larry LaFreniere advice for offensive strategy ek, who missed part of the season with a knee Below: Coach Bili Smith gives sophomore quarter- duringthe game. db iQ? 006 . J 0 'Du' Q +V, .t . ., E sou .ttlhl :fa n ifffzfi jtifv tn Atoms ALDINE ALDINE ALDINE ALDINE Atoms Atoms ALDINE ALDINE ALDiNE Atoms Rtoms , a. J i VARSITY SCORES CO NROE KLEIN FOREST BROOK IERSEY VILLAGE BAYTOWN LEE GALENA PARK SMILEY MACARTHUR STERLING NORTH SHORE PLAYOFFS VIDOR LA PORTE Yin. 8-10 -14 33-6 43-0 38-21 21-3 40-9 I 'I Y TYVA RSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSI TYVARSI TYVA RSITYVA RSITYVA RSITYVAE ' ill-ui 't O Todd Bonin Philip Cash Iohn Crout Ricky Crump George Figueroa Mike Fontenot Lineback Defensive End Tight End Guard Tight End Cornerback xg: ERE V334 lt t tlttt rs mutt thc-garrwagatnxt l.1I'urttwxhuIs- Bvtcm Lffcil1yt'ent0rTtrn Kraulo, the mighty Mus- tnt N r Nntvtgtvti Hamm-r r-chu:-N thrnugh tht- tang otfvnst' vxplodz-s mt the Iam' ID the' Xtdor gdmr-. Su-5 I uql i 1-4 44. - Q 1 4' Y I 'E .fa 4-.wi ..-l m Q , I x-.gfvirn ' ' Q 4 ' ? I Y V 3, ' 1 4 ' ,,,,. 1, I , , 'z H- A-,QL . ,. R 1 X' ., 414: . f ' 55.1 ' Ahuw: Evc-n standtng two pr-mom tall, Cantin- Matlock and Suzanne Colburrw are dwarfed hx' tht- Domo Lett The loam congratulates quarterback Larry Lafrvnlerv attor he scores the first and only touch- down tw lhv Mustangs IH the thtrd quam-r ot' the I3-ltlloss to LdPorte, ' BI FOOTBALLHI-IE A45-T-R-O+D-O-M- IE ' KH' ' L Bvlowz Exlra long hours of work dm-r thc' rvgula football season paud oft for the hand ami Vaqu ,. ,Q 6-ras when Ihr-y got thc-ir turn to perform m the ' i H Astrodome. ,,-lr-I 1' AJ' I 1 I H- 9' 'uf'-' v43fff5 . -4 'gf Q ,lf 'vw 136 4 ffilf jk 1 ' N f 2 . JE , E 1 ' igfflztl gf fi svn. 2 The Varsity N Time tooo lt, Th ey Did After two losses, faced the first district game' against the favoredf Forest Brook laguars. 4 f5,jQ, g g3,f'Now was the time to do it, saidf ' ' 1 ' Smith. We made up our minds werefggglng to play the best football all year atthat game. f 'iff 'll Jl 5 illil For the secorid consecuti,yel,ye?afjQthe Mustangs knocked off the lNol.'2'area- ranked Forest Brook team. lt was the first districtloss for Forest Brook. Next, Aldine easily defeated lersey Village, 4320, in a non'distric,tjgame. For the second time irr,Ajldlne's his- tory the Mustangs defeated both Bay- town teams. ln the Baytown Lee game, Richatidflflrozek rushedffor 259 yards to lead the Mus- defeated lBaytownQ togwin thedistrict champiotisllalilbirl T f r iyrfff 'T' 135.3555-iniliflff 4.. .V FQ., th'r4:x.' i -lm N' ,. ,.f,,,f,ggig,E-'- ' ' f fl, ' . l ,, 3 , g-Jr .1? :A,' fp A E .:',,,' re Above: Tight end Allen Hayes runs one of hi many reverses against MacArthur with lead block ing by guard Belk Null, Aldine won the crucia game against the undefeated Generals, 14-O. W fARSI TYVA RSITYVARSI TYVARSITYVA RSlTYVl,fR5i TYVAR55 ?lflfZfs ll?53Tl lfA R55 TY Rickey Catewood Robert Cipson Mark Harris Allen Hayes luan Hernandez Richard Hrozek Guard Quarterback Quarterback Tight End Q Tackle Runningback Left: The mighty Mustang defense, led by line' backer Larry Twardowski, allowed only 6 points in the victory over Forest Brook. Aldine won the opening district game, 30-6. bg.- ' J ,:.-g.e 1 I ,L .... I N , Q , D- Left: Taking a well deserved break, guard Mike ij' 'C - Niimmons watches the defense during the shutout against jersey Village, 4340. Above: Coach Robert Lancaster, defensive coordi- ' nator, talks over the next defense play with line- '. backer Larry Twardowski, ISI TYVA RSI TYVA RSI TYVA RSI TYVA RSI TYVA RSI TYVA RSI TYVA RSI TY VA RSI TYV,zt La Keith johnson Doug Kolaiack Tim Krailo Larry LaFreniere Howard McWhorter Mike Nimmons Noseguard Guard Center Quarterback Guard Guard 139 -nv-f--M -- ----7-----Y ---- --1? ---- W- ---7-w -- --- -K- . 'I ' Below: fullback Miko Belnoski throws a pas Strikes Againj MacSh ut Out B.efore.tthje-:Sterling game, the Mus- tangsWface.dfthe, only other undefeated tearrigilriidistritt play - MacArthur. The game' between the two district rivals was played before alstanding-room crowd. The Mustangs completely shut down the Generals' attack, holding MacArthur to 35 yards rushing and 90 yards passing. Aldine won, 14-O. The Mustangs went undefeated in district play by beating Galena Park, 21-8ggSmi! ley, 40-95 and North Shore, 28-0. The Mustangs had one of the best defenses in the district. Led by Larry Twadowski, the Mustang defense allowed only 76 points during the regu- lar season. The Mustang offense cranked up 246 points during the regu- lar season. . No oneyyindividual or one coach makes aggoodffootball team. lt is a team effort -and that is the way it should be, Said Coach Smith.- There were numerous injuries to Mustang players during the season, including the key injury to Richard Flro- zek. Coach Smith said the team made a commitment not to let injuries dictate the season. We dedicated ourselves to overcomingtheinjuriesf' he said. - .g against a jersey Village defender. ' usissuerrm. -ju ,r'l1l58Gi:t... i 110150351 munity.: 1 , . LQ ...i X Above: MANAGERS AND TRAINERS: Trainer Ne Milesg Managers Randy Parker, Kreg Holden ani Keith Sewellg Trainer Britt Ennis. VA RSI TYVA RSI TYVA RS! TYVA RS! TYVA RS? TYVA RS! TY VA R55 F-QWA RSE TYVA RSI TY 140 EE Belk Null Danny Poe Robbie Roberts Craig Schull Cary Snead lay Stone Guard Fullback Tackle ldf lslf' Noseguard Wingback ,, M., , 'Som Above: In the process of defeating MacArthur, the d d' I ' only other undefeate :strict leam, payers give the Noi sign as the Mustangs roll over the Gener- als, Left: COACHING STAFF: Front Row: Clarerife Cuiton, Rusty Russell, loe Karkoska, lim Linnsta- edter, Landis Denley, Ron Calindo. Second Row: lames Patterson, lerald Haynes, Gerald lordon, Bill Smith,Charles Filzrnorris, W v r ,f..l ,V ,- f 'JM , , f ve' an-.F ' aan,-.- --F -f:- .15 , nas, -4- t ARSHQYVA RS! TYVARSI TYVARSITYM-fi 5225 QWEXA ES! TYlJARSlTS lfAE5!H VARSF TYl Q!! mum-s I3 Richard Serena larries Thomas Cary Topping Ieff Turnbow Larry Twardowski Tommy Twardowski Tackle Tight End Tackle Wingback Lineback Cornerback IAI .IM gm , ?i,,z'11iZfiQ .L w , tal r -ia, remitted at .mi 4, Li 19182 il -W tt tg. W.A.., ty t, tex 'Q I Wifi f :PNK Q-f,aF:a,g:'ef : N . me-4zsgawx.31g: ,uf eg . . C F JC Dedication ,L fIThe record spoke for itself selection of Head coach Bill Srriifth atiyf or yryi Il the Roundup Dedication. -This year-he I led -the coaching staff and playersftol - f A N9 If ,Aldine'sfirstbi-districtchampionshipq I eeer aMr. Smith has been head coachirrsforqj A Ihelasf fhlfere Ye3fS, and1e2chvf2arehasjfef1 ttta I 4 tttat their'Seth,pfosressivelya5ClQS'?f1t1C2t2ifIisisilfvfr' I I t t aa I ataa iff? 1.attt1 A ifh khkg iiw I I W't'LL' ' ' a'Lf 1 1 'vi 2 J T42 ALL STATE FIRST TEAM Larry Tw ' B ALL DISTRICT AL ATER HOUSTON DE BLUE CHIP TEAM Charles Benson, CB L ', LB Robert Gipson, CB FIRST TEAM Keith johnson, NG I ALL GREATER HOUSTON Tim Krailo, C Charles Benson, CB Robert Gipson, CB Keith johnson, NG Larry Twardowski, LB MiRe NEMS, G Lar ', LB ln anticipation of the MacArthur victory which Q would make Aldine No. 1 in district, :varsity I football players follow the band throughithe' ' - halls in the hall pep rally. I Below: Coach Bill Smith receives the KISS Award from the cheerleaders at the Sports Banquet. SECOND TEAM ALL DISTRICT Mike Belnoski, RB Robert Gipson, QB I Allen Hayes, TE Bellg NuII,G MXBLGIL-55 Robbie Roberts, OT Richard Serena, PT leff Whitaker, WB R9iVl.LL'EM9f DE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD I B ' FLOYD CLOUD FIGHTING HEART AWARD I ge, DB BEST LINEMAN AWARD Mike Nimmons, G Q! 5 aa... X -9' Terry Pratt leffWhitaker Otis Wiley Max Williams Rob Winship Craig Wright Strong Safety Wingback Running Back Tackle Defensive End Free Safety s l,e,:Jt::' . ' Below: Barefoot style kicker Willie Frazier kicks one Of the three extra points he scores against Nimitz. One Point Costs l.V. One point in a loss itoiBayt0w,n Ster- ing, 16-15, made- the- difference between winning and losing the district itle for the LV. team. They were 5-1 in listrict play until the Baytown Sterling game, the next to last game of the sea- on, whichthey lost because of six fum- iles. R ,-,In four shut-outs the l.V. averaged 21 iiiisnits a game. The biggest victory came 45-0 game against North Shore. sl.V. ended with a season record iff?-2-1. fumbling caused the team's tie to Klein, 12-12. Coach Landis Denley said, Fumbling was the reason veitied Klein and a major factor in the wo losses. lelow: Linebacker Mark Bass suits up for they ame. , l.V.SCORES 1 Atoms CONROE Atoms KLEIN Atoms FOREST BROOK Atoms BAYTOWN tss Atoms OAtsNA PARK Atoms NIMITZ Atoms smitsv 1 ALDINE MACARTHUR ALDINE srsrztmc Al,DlNE NORTH SHORE l . ee- Ri V ii-'-'-'F' Q. r-it A rl' 'g x Gini 1-1 A 5 t Aves. '1wr'f A , 1, T i A - I W 1 sf' A g D y L pre, g O iii '-s, Q W fqlf fp- fi 'F . .K X 3 ..'., - yy' - - -ea.. A .A tvs' 1 ' ff: ,. A.-sr - ' , . K 'xg ' Above: Quarterback Guy Garibay throws one Of several passes as the l,V. outscores Baytown Lee, 22-14. Lefti l.V. FOOTBALL TEAM Front ROW: Otis Wiley, Ricky Robles, Mark Evangelista, Robert Boudous- quie, Andy Iohnson, Charles Davenport, Willie Frazier and Steve Buller. Second Row: Mike john- son, Clyde Williams, Richard Marshall, Richard Gonzales, Alfred Granger, Rodney Coleman, lon Baker, Mike Hernadez and Guy Garibay. Third Row: Mark Bass, lohn Campbell, Mark Humphries, Herbert Williams, Tyrone Garrett, Curtis Davis, Sayid Strictland, Randy Walker and Richard Horn- uc e. it A roorsAtLfsoPHoMoREs,i FRESHMEN 1 District Title Mark Sophomore, Freshman Seasons loining the varsity team, the freshman white team won district with a 7-1 record, Coming within one point of winning district, the freshman blue and LV. teams placed second. The sopho- mores lost district by one touchdown, putting them in second place also. Starting the season with a 24-12 non- district win over Conroe, the freshman white team advanced to district with a 7-1 record. Theroffense of the freshman white team scoredan average of more than 24 points a game. Coach Pat Patterson said the defense was one of the strengths of the team. This wasevident, as the freshman white defenseheld the opponents to an aver- age of less than seven points a game and won four shutouts. The sophomore team ended the sea- son with an 8-2 record. With two minutes left in the Baytown Lee game, the only district loss, sopho- mores lost the district title when a Lee player broke for a 90-yard touchdown making the score 12-6. Even though the game was in the middle of the season, it decided the outcome of thetdistrict title. A lack of depth in running backs and fullbacks weakened the sophomore team and injuries plagued the season. Despite the obstacles five of the 10 games played were shutouts. After an embarrassing defeat, 42-0, by Conroe, the freshman blue team got itself together, averaging more than 25 poin,ts17a'garne, and holding the oppo- nents to an average of 12 points in the remainder of the games, The defense held the opponents in 3 shutouts, giving the freshman blue team a season record of 5-2-1. SOPHOMORE SCORES ALDINE vs CONROE ALDINE vs KLElN ALDINE vs FOREST BROOK ALDtNE vs NORTH BROOK ALDiNE vs BAYTOWN LEE -- ALDINE vs CALENA PARK V. ALDINE vs SMILEY ALDINE vs MACARTHUR ALDINE vs STERLING 1 ALDINE vs NORTHSHORE Below: Robert Drummond and Coach Pat Patter- son study defensive plays needed to outmaneut er the North Shore offense. The white team won 28- O. Pu f 1 nv 13? f:::r.s1.,-1 g., Q3 ,g 3, Y Above: While playing in the 18-O shutout against Galena Park, sophomore Hugh Barrett injures his ankle and is treated by trainer Don Zylks. FRESHMAN A TEAM ALDINE vs CONROE ALDINE vs NORTH SHORE ALDINE vs GALENA PARK ALDINE vs BAYTOWN LEE ALDINE vs STERLING ALDINE vs MACARTHUR ALDINE vs FOREST BROOK ALDINE vs NIMITZ ALDINE vs WOODLAND ALDINE vs SMILEY FRESHMAN B TEAM ALDINE vs CONROE ALDINE vs NORTH SHORE ALDINE vs BAYTOWN LEE ALDINE vs STERLING ALDINE vs MACARTHUR ALDINE vs FOREST BROOK ALDINE vs NIMITZ ALDINE vs MACARTHUR ey. . O-42 12-12 33-O 21-14 20-0 28-6 24-0 29-14 34-22 18-19 24-42 28-0 21-0 16-24 32-O 16-O 29-14 28-8 i Below: SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM Front Row: Coach I. Karkoska, R. Ledesma, I. Walker, I. Ramas, W. Barrett, K. Muse, W. jackson, I. Brice, coach R. Galindo. Second Row: R. Brandon, D, Rosas, G. Keys, D. Flick, R. Lancaster, R. Evans, L. Holland, C. Goodman. Third Row: L. Franklin, S. Bates, D. Iohnson, V. Chatman, P. Thomas, P. Nev- lud, A. Escobar, E. McCullough, D. Alfred. Fourth Row: B, McFerrin, T. Chester, M. Iones, R. Hall, K. Ballard, A. Lacy, B. Lee, D, Waneck. Fifth Row: M. Brubaker, C. Andrews, T. Pullins, R. Brown, S. Bos- worth, R. Robinson, T. Bradford, G. Croker, D. Miniel. 5: . . fin , ,gg rf-K C . -. .,.M,t, ,gg Q 1 .S ii ,. .,'! 1 , R A . . 'f ' 2 g , - 5 . 2252 I, ' I Q M I ii If AI I T fl , .4 P35235 T4 an U I ..- fr ' 'Ch .af-t,-:A- PPE Left: FRESHMAN A TEAM Front Row: coach C. Fitzmorris, A. Sauceda, K. Iones, B. Kirkland, E. Davenport, M. Rodd, M. Wells, B. Bates, 5. Cer- vantes, G. Cardona, coach C. Guiton. Second Row: L. Bullard, I, Aldridge, F. DeAlba, F. Good- man, S. Brantley, W. Carter, B. Pugh, R. Dixon, M. Frost. Third Row: M. Pratt, D. Belnoski, B. Brown, P. Martinez, D. Recks, L. Franklin, P. Wright, C. Kurek. Fourth Row: S. Turnbow, I. Miller, L. Ivy, R. Martinez, D. Randall, R. Thomas, K. Williams, D. Bingley, P. Kopecky. li QM-tif isle? Above: FRESHMAN FOOTBALL B TEAM Front Row: coach P. Patterson, I. Young, R. Drummond, R. Sanchez, T. Schatte, D. Walton, I. Hollenberg, H. Okabayashi, coach R. Russell. Second Row: F. Villarreal, D. Polasek, D. Kitchen, W. Tann, I. Miles, T. Kirsch, B, Roberts, G. Boudousquie. Third Left: Freshman white team quarterback Leldon Hamilton stands on the sidelines while concen- trating on his plays in the North Shore game. Bmw e ' Row: L, McDonald, R. Machado, M. Rosas, H. East- land, M. Sewell, M. Mathis, I. Treadway, C. Wal- lace, R. Goldsmith. Fourth Row: B. Wyatt, R. Alvear, R. Miller, D. Garza, C. Bonin, L. Hamilton, B. Gatewood, R. Cockrell. Fifth Row: I. Haddox, D. Woods, I, Ng, R. johnson, R. Madrzejewski, M. Watzlavick, R. Redeaux, C. Foster, A. Frick. 145 VOLLEYBALUTH E VARSITY Even Record Disappointing After many early morning practices from 6:30 to 8:00, the girlslvarsityxvol- leyball team ended with an average record. Our record stayed even-up throughout the season, said coach Suzie Lynch. Basically we rocked back and forth. The team ended its season with an even 13-13 record and an even 8-8 dis- trict recordq The team attended three tournaments in which they placed at one. The team received consolation at the Dulles tour- nament where they beat the home team in three close games. Aldine had lost in the first round to the team that later A won the tournament. Pam Renfro was selected the all-tournament player at Dulles.'They also attended tournaments at Klein and C. E. King. Coach Lynch said she had expected a better performance by the team this year with four returning players. The varsity finished the season fifth in the nine team district. Also during the season the varsity and l.V,.teams sponsored a bake sale to raise money to paint the dressing room and to install two new coke machines. its 1 Below: Sherri Bell, chosen as the only setter on the all-district lirst team, bump sets the ball to Susan Spence. . ,ig Above: Susan Spence, selected to the all dis- trict second team, spikes the ball to Fort-st Brook, a team the Mustangs lost to in both opening rounds ofdistritt play. 'SRT it Left: Team work is shown as Pam Renfro and Lma Tucker prepare to block a spike from Galena Park plavers. Below: lunior Kathleen Hrozek jumps high as she makes a difficult spike. . ii 4 Vx va- Left: VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM Front Ron: Alice Puente, Beth Cuice, lafkie Grant, Sherri Bell, Kathleen Hrozek and Donna Collins. Second Row: Coach Suzie Lvnfh, Dedria Elmore, Pam Rentro, Carrie Pohlmeyer, Susan Spence, Iackie Zalmrcm- ski, Lisa Tucker and manager Yvette Palomo I4 48 Vo M E N Below: l,V. player Barbara Forehand sets up the Season Records Don't Reflect Teams' Abilities T . hslh., g ,junior Varsity The 9-7 record of the junior varsity volleyball team probably does not reflect the strength of the team. vgf-The potential of the team could be seen near the end ofthe season when the junior varsity team defeated the undefeated Alvin team, capturing first :place in the tournament which the 'Aldine team hosted. The team was strong in skills, coach Mary Alice justice said of the members. ,They got along well with each other whichifihelped them to play well together, she saidi.'9They were also very devoted and serious about athletics. g i't' . Freshmen The freshman teams. had organiza- tional problems at the beginning of the season but ended the season with an evenirecord. A new district ruling required two freshman teams of equal ability to be formed. After three games the ruling was changed to set up teams on the basis of ability. . Coach Karen Kriegel said the new sys- tem allowed the girls to compete at their own levels, allowed more students to participate andshelped the team members improve their skills. The team attended three tourna- ments, placing second at Humble and fourth at Klein. Debbie Schill and Rose- mary Williams were named' all-tourna- ment players at the Humble Tourna4 ment. ball. Meth -fs Above: IUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM- Front Row: Yolanda johnson, Loretta Kirsch, Sandra Devenport and Barbara Collins. Second Row: Donna Perrard, Kristy Meyer, Deretta Griffin, Kay McDonald, Barbara Forehand, Lou Ray, Becky Garza and coach Mary Alice Iusttce, if W,--1 g M. '11 -- , my in 'W 'i 'A-.MK 'MN , K 1 2 1, A A 15 ...SB ... ... l 1- , LH . Y Q i'A?f,','fi2'Uf ' a t f -A ' .nvgt-iJ?ff'i2 fi? ,- 1 .N-gg, f ,,'Tt3 Q :Wg ' . 5 ' V Q me ' A I f- ' A ' L li' 'Wifi' ' , A wt- . - :ff i f s f La A , . , 2 4 ' fi? A L A 1 vf , V ii' 42 A C 5 Y' f Lgffibiii A V - L L , Left: Freshmen Rosemary Williams and Sandy Dobson block a MacArthur laall, The game was a Mustang loss. Below: Bumping the ball, l.V. player Loretta Kirsch sets a ball up for Sandra Devenport in the back- ground, -1 a., 355 5 t' A , -A as ' .gi L ,l. , K L ,.., , l..ayaa,l A ' F5 41 Left: FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL TEAM Front Row: WHITE TEAM Danita Gear, Nancy Blanco, Mic- helle Brinkmeyer, Cay Ciarihay, DeLisa DeL0on, Cathy Bookman, Regina Woods, latkie Falls, Amber Collins, Loretta Vasquez and Mifhelle Vas- quez. Sf-cond Row: BLUE TEAM Teri Neskorik, Regina Atkinson, Marcia Day, Rosemary Williams, Debbie Sc hill, Coach Karen Kriegel, Susan Clifton, Donna Ritchr-son, Robin Hester, Sandy Dobson and Mifhvllv Sfharff vi I , 1 Bovs' that point the team seemed to Season MarksVarsity ,Following the winning trend of V1-Q28-79 boys' sports season, the varsity- jtjjsketball team came within two games kiiftbeiing in theidistrict playoffs. With 8-8 15-15 season records, the 19Q79f-teamcimproved last year's district record of 3-11 wyhich had been the best record since 1968. The record, however, did not reflect the team's strength. I felt liilibcwe came up from what we had in the-past four years, coach O. E. Davis said. We improvedgour ,district record and were in the running for the district title until the last two games. i Theisglfytustangs placed fourth in dis- of the season was di'sappQihting..W,ith..three ,returning let- termenand the 'of two letter- men from Carver, tivteyt had expected to dofwell. After the first 18 games the record was 7-11. it fieginfworking together better and won of the-1tteXtt.1,0 games. The two losses were hieartibreakers. The,Mus- tangs lost to MacArthur, 66-68,.a-fter-two iovertimes, and to Sterling -by one point. 11' 1- 2 They beat ,Forest Brook, 54-50, in the middle'-sofgsfthe district season, the first time ,anlAild'ihe,,team had beaten Forest Brookg We felt very fortunate. They were in the running for,,tlfjt5-rn'first half, and we knocked them off. coach Davis 1 said. f'We' felt very happy about this. - J ,si 7 V 4.. -. wg, ' :3a,,,- -A Below: In the second MacArthur game, Chucl A Pierce gets a three point play as he is fouled by a MacArthur player in an overtime, 68-66, loss. 49 hi- A . kk ft- 2: it tar ' Above: Honorable mention all-district playe Charles Benson looks on as a MacArthur playe shootsa freethrow. elovv: As his teammates, Charles Garcia, Wayne eeves, Wayne Fuller and Chuck Pierce, antici- l pate the play, center Charles Benson iumps forthe Shore. opening tip-off in the 64-60 game against North P' Q ii ..,, Ty Ei 2 , Q8-4. 'J Q 'lo Q, -4 .Q .. Above: Keeping up the Mustang defense, Bobby as sl 'sli 5 Skillern guards an Humble player in the 70-62 vice Above: One of the top two free throw shooters on toryl the team, Charles Garcia adds one more point to aid the Mustangs in the 64-60 victory over North Shore. issriilC55E'NSKETBAsLL!BUYS'VARSITY Hopefnds in Afterthelseries of victories and near victories atthe end of the ' ' season the team allowed overconfidence to caused 4 therngtoflose to Glena Park, 73-56, coach A A Diavisgsarid. Then after losing all chances for1'tlf1er,t'itle, the low morale probably causedithe Forest Brook loss, 84-72, he said. A ff ' l The Mustangs played in three tourna-A ments winning consolation at the . Qulles Tournament. They lost to Clear C tgggkalfe, 55-57, in the first game and easily 1 fwon the remaining,-three games, Hous- ton Lee, 79467gg.gEIfCampo, 86-74, and Spring Branch, 46-34. A' ff , g - .:,z.-:- -r y C Varsity Basketball Awards Valuable Player Chuck Pierce A i 7 A Most Freetlfhrows Mike Wilson 2nd Team'All-District Chuck Pierce 1. ' Charles Garcia Honorable'Mention All-District Bobby Skillern C Charles Benson A Mike Wilson Below: Adding two points to Aldine's side, two year letterman Wayne Fuller shoots a successful layup in the 64-60 win over North Shore. Above: Scorekeeper for the Mustangs, history teacher Robert Allen calls a technical foul on a player in the North Shore game. VARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSIW VARSITYVARSlTYVARSITl Charles Benson Calvin Devenport Wayne Fuller Charles Garcia Dirk Heitkamp Center Forward Center Guard Guard l52 vs Aldine- vs A-Idinei' vs Aldine vs vs vs Aldine Aldine Aldine vs Aldine A 5 wi was Ll? FIC Aldine vs vs vs vs vs ine vs mm. H, 't t Above: Looking over the situation, Wayne Reeves dribbles in center court in the North Shore game. QS: 0 :, Left: Although Randy Craig fouls an Humble player, the Mustangs are victorious in the 70-62 1 -, game. W . JARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITY jeff Lewis Chuck Pierce Wayne Reeves Bobby Skillern Mike Wilson Forward Guard Guard Guard Center 153 A BASKETBALLXBOYS' VARSITY Rights Gracefully laying up the hall, Calxin Dc xen port adds two more points in the game against Humble. 5, Below: Leading the learn in scoring wilh 404 poinis, Charles Garcia warms up on his free throws before the Humble game. -s -V , Right: Most valuable player Chuck Pierce shoots lor IWO in spits' of the careful guarding by a Galena Park player in the 71-S6 Mustang victory. L ,, -1715 , - , I H r . I M Q ..,. ,. :fl if Q' BASKETBALL! l.V. Takes Best Years ' s This is the bestfyear ever for Aldinej' coach Don Roach said about the varsity team. The team's work paid haA ei in the first two tournaments when the team won first places. I ' Anthony Milligan and john Skillern wereinamed all-tournament players in the Alief Tournament at which the team beat St. Thomas, 84-81, Alieff .68-48, Reagan 44-40, and Westchester 70-47. Taking first at the Smiley?TOurnament with victories against Forest Brook, 66- 60, Sami Rayburn, 78-76, and Smiley S1- 50, Keith Hickman and Kenneth Miller were named all-tournament players. The team hosted a tournanfgent at Aldine where they pIacyedl,rthii1rXi,iyiand Kenneth Miller was selected anlailitour- nament pIayerQ2.5Q12Ti 17 T L g.Wi'th the help of high scorerlohn 35k1iIlern's 412 points, the j.V. ended the season with ai21-8 record and placed third in district play wi th a record iiil 5 ' i -,','s 1 Below: Larry LaFreniere goes up for two as Mike Chen comes from behind to assist. L- ' N'-Ma... M -4 I.V. Scores ALDINEvs, FOREST BROOK 66-60 ALDINE vs. SAM RAYBURN 78-76 ALDINEvs.SMlLEY 51-50 ALDINEvs. HUMBLE 58-63 ALDINEvs. KLEIN 55-60 ALDINE vs. CLEAR CREEK, . 56-53 ALDINE vs. ST. THOMAS , 84-81 ALDINE vs. ALIEF f .1- 64-48, ALDINE vs. ,REAGAN - --.--r i 44-40 ALDINE-vsfqWESTCHESTERf L A 70-47 ALDINE ysl MACARTHUR , ' 41-55 i ALDINEvs. SPRING 61-58 't Attorneys. HUMBLE . '1 50-58 ALDINE-vs. EISENHOWER '72-55 . ALDINE vs,-BAYTOWN-5TERLlgtQlQC3fif 4:5362-so A ALDINE vs.rSMlLEY ,lf 5.3402 '44-46 Eg, ALDINEVS. ELSENHOWER B3-49 A AhDINF vs, NORTH SHORE -61-59 -,, AEDlNEv5. BAYTOWN LEE -es ' ALDINE vs, NIMITZ K V Atoms vs. OALENA PARK ALDINE vsQ,5ORtsi BROOK Atointvs.-fMKARrHuR B ALDINE vs, BAYrOwN STERLIN ALDINE vs, ORTH SHORE 5-, ff ALDINE vs. ILEY ALDINEvs. Avrown LEE Ef77fjQ5' Atoinrvsnimirz 90- ALDINE vs. OALENA PARK yi 78-sz-ff' ALDINEVS. FOREST BROOK .aj 64-B9 bove IV BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM Front Don Roach, Kenneth Tullis, Kenneth Miller, Ricky Above: Kenneth Tullis makes a difficult jump shot ow Steve Smith, Mike Chen, Keith Hickman, Berry, Anthony Milligan, john Skillern and Todd while being guarded by two Spring players. ames Walker and Paul Lewis. Second Row: coach Dobie. BASKETBALUSOPH.,rREsH. Sophomo res Break 100 Four Times Sophomores Byithegend of the season the sopho- moresgfhadi set a school record for scor- ing more than 100 points in a game. They did it four times against Nimitz, 110-41 and 108-36, and against Baytown tee, 102-50 and 116-42. Guard Brian .Ainsworth was the team's high scorer, A sophomore basketball team tied 'fort first place with .Forest Brook with a district record-ofj1l3-1 and a season record of 21-3.' 1 lt was one of the best seasons l ever had, said coach Thomas johnson, because I had the personnelwho 'could shoot and play defense. Sophomores entered two tourna- ments where they took consolation at Deer Park and placed second in the Clear Creek tournament. Brian Ains- worth and Steve Burns were riamedall- tournament players at Deer Park. A A g Freshmen We had the best freshman basketball team ever, coach Clarence Guiton said. The freshman basketball team placed fourth in district with a district record of 1058 and a season record of 17-11. The team entered three tournaments, North- west, Klein and I-l.l.S.D. With outstanding playing by Clyde Foster and Bill Bates, the freshman team won the Klein tournament and placed second in the Northwest and H.I.S.D. tournaments. Seven of- the 11 losses in the season were by five or fewer points and five of the losses were to either Smiley or For- est Brook, which they lost toievery time they played. l Of the 17 victories, 14 games were won by more than five points. Below: Freshman Bill Bates jumps high to score points against Smiley. , Ji 2. ,A 5 1 'aw RLY . LYJD , 5' x ,-..,,w ' Above: FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: Dalray Bingley, Clyde Foster, joseph Miller, Greg Mitchell, Reginald Thomas, Kevin Williams and coach Clarence Guiton. Second Row: Frank White, Herman Williams, Leldon Hamilton, Tracy Kirsch, Bill Bates and larry Lane. , Aldine . Aldine Adine , Aldine T' , Aldine Aldine Aldine Airline Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine vs. Aldine ,Vs Aldine vs ,,,Alrliny, ,V Vs. Aldine vs. Aldine vs Aldine vs. Aldine vs Aldine vs Aldine vs Aldine vs. 'ii' 0fESl Smiley Gal ark, as Nimi Sprin Pers ' Deer h Norte ore Foreggrook Woodland Acres Baytowqjterlingl Baytown Lee MacArthur Smiley Galena Park , ,,.f ' Nimitz North Shore Foresl Brook Woodland Acres as 53-61 93-46 48-40 76-42 84-49 71-66 108-36 65-50 59 59 41 6 6 6 il 3W'i-r- qu Left: Freshman Reginald Thomas leaps to win the tip-off against Smiley. Below: Sophomore Steve Burns jumps for the tip- off as Bradley Pilkenton and Darrell Anderson watch in a battle against Smiley, which the Mus- tangs won 41-39. . I YA X? gl ll' X -'Peer-:' Ea? Left: SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: Artis Lane, Gary Burns, Brian Ainsworth, Frank Chen and Bradley Pilkenton. Second Row: lohn Walker, Otis Wiley, Steve Burns, coach Thomas johnson, Darrell Anderson, Ruben Marti- nez and Charles Devenport. Depth Added To Team, Game With more depth on the court and on the bench, the change to full court, five on five, play did not affect the results of the-'girls' varsity basketball season. g junior high through junior varsity teams had Changed to the full court last year, but some of the varsity players had not been involved in the change. ' Coach lim Bars said, The strategy and whole plot of the game was different. it wasso different because of thetway we had to attack the game. Theipotential of the team was seen early in the sea- son when the team placed second in the Alief Hast- ingstournagment and won consolation in the lersey Village tournament. . The tournaments more or less set the pace and determined the team's feelingsabout the whole year, coach Bars said. The tournaments also revealed the depth of the team. The addition of the Carver team added depth and strength to the program. Coach Bars said he was not afraid to send any player into the game, knowing that she would be able to handle the job. ' Another important game early in the season was a loss to Forest Brook, a game in which the team made a' remarkable comeback after having been 27 points behind at the half. 3 y 5 Speed andyaggressiveness were the factors in the team rally against Forest Brook. These qualities com- pensated forthe lack of heighth and jumping ability of the players, coach Bars said. Aldine vs. Aldine vs. Aldinevs. Aldine vs Aldine vs. Aldine vs Aldine vs. Aldine vs Aldine vs Aldine vs Aldiiiie vs Aldine vs ,Aldine vsj l Aldine vs Aldine vs Alarms Aldine vs ,i-,- ax, Q? may neg t A lllll I Below: Deitlra Elmore takes a difficult shot A A while Lisa Tucker walls for the rebound, VARSllTYSC6REgllEl:lll 4 Cypress Creek Smiley Galena Park Nimitz North Shore Forestftliigtaok El Campo 'A' Sterling. :.A MacArthur Y fftniley' A Galena Park Nimitz . North Shore it' Forest Brook Slerlelfglg MacArth'urf?55lff A eggs.:-, - 57-56 46-43 42-39 42-4'l 73-38 64-53 '66 56-62 A 40453 45-4345 . 50-36 53-37 50-403 'r , 63-25 , .56-64t, 44-53 49-60 't nw s nr. -'- 4' 1 ' 4 , sq, P K, ACQQ tg ...L Above: Iunior Kathleen Hrozek shoots for two while a Iersey Village player tries to block the shot. 1 5 .,4. E. it Xb We x A ' D X w XM ,fir iifglif Qi s X- Left: jackie Grant, all-district First team, jumps up tor a shot as Pam Renfro cuts across the middle for a pass, Below: Getting the game into action, Karen Pleas- ant goes for a tip off as Deidra Reed, second team all-district honorable mention, waits for the action. Left: VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front Row: coach lim Bars, Carrie Lewis, Chertta Wright, Kathleen Hrozek and Yvette Palomo, Second Row: Sharon Sacchieri, jackie Grant, Karen Pleas- ant, Pam Renfro, Deidra Elmore, Deiclra Reed and Lisa Tucker. Not Pictured: Sherri Bell. 60 O O BASKETBA Lui -it , Sophomores District Title A Freshmen Rebound iunioiz vftitsitv After I saw what we did the first cou- ple of games, I felt like we had the capa- bility to win lt all, girls' junior-vaiisity coach Susie Lynch said. y ' . - The team of all sophomores for onerjunior improved their fres'hliTl3D record of 10-9 to become .thegdiisttitit in champions with ag record of 28-34 A Two of the teamslosses were to l?or- est Brook. We go out there- thinlgingfr they are going to beat us,-and theytiiof' Carey Townsen said. The team entered three tournaments. They won first place in the Alief ghd Sante Fe tournaments. In the lerseyEVil- Iage tournament the girls placed secbnd because of a 31-44 loss to Spring. The girls had alot of talent and played exceptionally well. I was yery proud that we won district, said coach Lynch. I 1 t FRESHMEN I . ag The improvement of the freshman girls' basketball team was tremendo'us,f fjWe had good athletes, they jus-tghadito Q be moldedinto basketball plQayerisfli'il'i coach james Linnstaedter said .t'-s The team lost the first five games- by., 35-50 points and lost every game inthe first round of district play. But bythe i end of the season they were winners, winning six of the last eight games' played, including a 32-30 victory over Baytown Lee, a first-place contender. They placed second in the second round of district games and endedrthe season with a 6-20 record. Dedication and will power were the keys to their eventual success. They practiced for two hours in the mornings and again two hours after school. I taedter said. If they weren't-fpiayingtwefi gf .a Below: The I.V. team's high scorer Barbara Forehand shoots for two more points. 4 - ,i in a X ' is K t 1 . . ..,. .,.. t 'T . yi - ,FQ , f 9 , H ZSL hx' R g , . 'I 1 I -,. ,M 4 it ft f It ill-'I 1' ff t .4 , - -' V .L V r I J I 0 33 I ' I 1 i it 5 it f at . it -Q4 f l I . N H - ll t Hill 1 bf fi 4! l - A -5 t J ... They never got a rest, .coach Linns- -X , my . X4 t ., - 1.55 i t .: e . ' f , iwere practicing. There was .no,'f V' or complaining about the-price.fTheyp were willing to pay the ners, he said. B , a.,r rggg i Above: FRESHMAN GIRLS' BASKETBALL- Front Row: Yanina Rodriquez, Elyse Albert, Tozia Honaker, Kim Garcia, Lana Praetorius, Darlene Datray and lanie Cox. Second Row: Sandie Dobson, Robin Hester, Willie johnson, Susan Clifton, Paulette Witchett, Linda Rob- erts, Debby Schill, Marcia Day, Beth Sacchieri and coach lames Linnstaedter. ', , ..LDlNt Left: Getting last minute instructions from coach lames Linnstaedter, Marcia Day 1241, Susan Clif- ton, Linda Roberts, Willie johnson and Beth Sac- chieri prepare to win another game in their suc- cessful second round of district play. Below: Driving down the court, Barbara Forehand prepares to add two points and help lead the l.V. team to the district championship. Q. 43- 47-27 Aldine vs i Aldine vs North Shore 6 Aldine vs Forest Brook We 27- Aldinejvs V64- I Aidinaiwcy- 5 f55-45 Aldine vs RE, ie W, i 'L 7 Aldine vs De ' Park - 2 Aldinev Spring ' -44 Aldine L ' E' 43-40 Aldin . 48-31 Aldin a ur 51-29 Aldl ' Smi' 58-21 Alai Qai!Pairtf-4.,k 49-32 Aldi vs Ni tm, sf,-14 Aldine vs North Shore 3 50-29 Aldine vs Forest4Brook f' 31-57 V e vs Sterling 655' 46-41 it Aldine Qs Mac Q-if 48-40 is Left: l.V. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front Row: Yolanda lohnson, Diane Mazyn, coach Susie Lynch, Karon Hickman and Donna Calaviz. Sec- ond Row: Teresa Whitaker, Carey Townsen, San- dra Devonport, Barbara Forehand, Lou Rav, Der- etta Griffin and leannette Manns. , ca 2 S 'TDR 162 .,Qports!Swimmlng T , H Below: Representing Aldine inthe 200 yard med YO ley relay lacques Alford helps the team to region Eff . als. Takesa Dive . We werefiust starting over this year, coach MikeYSelby said. Nimitz took our district hopefuls, and Nimitz won dis- trict this year. , The 1979 season was one 'of rebuild- ing, With only three returning lettermen on the boys' team, they managed to rankjfolurth in district, and the girls' teamiliiiaced sixth. 0 A Roger Wiederhold was the only indi- vidual to qualify for-the regional meet where he finished his 100-yard butterfly with a final time of 1082. c, Q.JWith two returning lettermen and two beginners on each relay team, the 200-yard medleyand 400-yard free-style teams also quiiiified for the regional meet. The 200-yard medley team had a final time of 2.04 and the 400-yard free- style had a final time of 3.47 at the regional meet. The girls had basically the same work- out as thefboys. They competed in the same type events and in the same meets. The girls were unablelto com- pete as a relay team because of an arm injury to Patty Kasbarian the day before the district meet. The three girls, all new tearrdmiembers, had their best meets at Sterling and Galena Park where they placed first in both relays. wa .mu . ' f 'nailz 1 -. 'fit : iii aiififflf,,'55f'i'f'fi?i'Lf avg.. . f 'A 'R ti iiifiiw f t Lf? 'I Y' V u L 'Sig Q-Haavawi Q f y wx V I iii iii isa 2 igtiifg if i '. W 5 ,, Waiting his turn to compete, jacques - Above: Returning Iettermen Roger Wiederhold EA-lford rests on the poolside. - and Raymond Greer line up for the 400 yard free style relay. vw . J' 'fs , FX., , . .,4,2,g,,' ,Gy ' i 13 I ' J S4 a +19 up f N-5 ,. Mfr: . f u :sid 2 ,. f U- J '- ap-4' gh meTtfs iii A 6 fi Q . 7 EL if in 4 VI ' Q 2' xx ' ,ff ,Y 3, W J fi F I n 1 -f 'Sf ll IE nilsl Bbysf G irls' Each Team rin Top 8 sTen5r?ris district competition started in lanuary andrlended in April with the boysfgteam finishing third, missing sec+ Onditplace by onlyftwo points. They fin- ished with a total of 34.5 points. ' a V Tltgeltgirls' tennis team's goal was to finish at least third in the district. Coach Rusty Russell said, Their goal of third placewasgior the reason that the girls' tennis team had9'done?fno better than sixth place in the past 10years. By missing third by only a few points thejgirlsfteam finished fourth in the dis- tiflflt. 'Tj - V YWith the first winning season in several years, the girls had a record of 5- 3'in district play. Gut of the six players to enter the district playoffs three fin- ishediamongthe topfeight players. Below: Leticia Rivera follows through her serve against Baytown Sterling. X at 4 S' 5 . - .,i,+..Lg ,Q With one of the youngestboys' teams ,in thefgldistrict, the players defeated six iteamsiin thefroundfrobin at the district meet and placed three players in the top 'eightgin district individuals. jamie Bernal finished fourth in district and ,was seeded No. 2 in the district. A doubles team of Gilbert Elizalde and David Hamilton had the best record in district competition for the boys. They ended the season with a record of 6-2 which carried them to the semi-finalsg fi.: 4 t . v v 1 . . Rik:-Q!32ts.w 11 S., A f,. '- t ,L t. A . r. ty Above: Hard work paid off for freshman Davic Hamilton when he became player of the month ir March. Left: GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Shelley Loukanis, Lisa Vaughn, Lanette Keck, Ann Brady and Carlene Garrison. Second Row: Coach Rusty Russell, Lorie Daubert, Leticia Rivera, Kelly Mann Michelle Collins and Susan Spence. -x TENNIS: Head Coach Rusty Russell Singles Players lGirlsl Shelly Loukanis Lisa Vaughn Lanette Keck Doubles f - usan Spence ichelle Collinsi Leticia Rivera Kelly Mann Af'll'Ql,Bf3dY CarlBne'Garris n -3 il Singles Players lBoysl jamie Bernal George Gorjon Doubles Gilbert David lay Stone Stuart Orlando lohn Crowe . L. .Ab : -4? ' SJ' Record 454 2-'I 4-T 553- 6 6i2 fi 5-3 5-3 4-4 5-2 5-3 4-4 3 6- Left: BOYS' TENNIS TEAM Front Row: David Ham- ilton, lamie Bernal, Mark Groschke, lerry Flores and Orlando Rodriguez. Second Row: lohn Crowe, Stuart Cummings, lay Stone, Greg Capers, luan Acosta, lorse Gorjon, Gilbert Elizalde and leff Cornelius. Below: Captain Gilbert Elizalde receives the most valuable boy tennis player award, H91 l-Ki . '9 2 2, Q 3 l 1 veg ID Above: lay Stone hits the ball at a perfect angle to serve against Baytown Lee. Left: Most valuable girl tennis player Michelle Col- lins practices her serve. coach Patterson explained. Most of the Below: Besides being an All State linebacker, big Twardowski threw the shotput and discus for foul Varsityg gr Sets g i 'A ii - H V R tgp fr H 'ivf t Rgcgrd Y lWeWere reallystrong in field events this year, coach Pat Patterson said about thevarsity track teamffflglsually garter all the field events were over we gyyere in first7place. i3fif5LllTwo records were set and two ath- letes advanced torijifonals irfilifield events. However, thefviieaknesses in the events were often crippling for theiteam's scoring at meets. f Danny Rocka broke the Districtf21- AAAA high jump recordwith his 6'7 iurrfpfat the district meet and placed fourth in regional competition. Robert Gipson set a triple jump record for the schoolliwith a jumpcat the Conroe meetgllseith johnson placed first in disf cus at the district meet and also partici- pated inthe regionals. . i Theteam placedgfifth in district com- hadgbeen the goal set by ithelcoaches and team at the beginning of the season. The lack of full track ath- letes was za detriment to the program, team members were more seri- ously involved in other major sports. The highest scoringgtrack meet this year was theQ3Galena Park Relays. Aldine firlfshted fourth in the meet with a total ofi6O points. gr at .A . 35. .'iw, ,fs Above: After coming down from his running start Max Moreno ends the broad jump in the pit. at V 40.9 , Y ,, Kuff N Q 5 . ., I. s...,m - .r Left: VARSITY TRACK TEAM Front Row: Willie Hamilton, Keith lohnson, Rodney Coleman, leff Turnbow, Craig Wright and Windell lack- son. Second Row: Coach Charles Fitzmorris, Max Moreno, Danny Rocka, Mike Nimmons, Larry Twardowski, Robert Gipson and coach Pat Patterson. 2' W 151: W' t. ' 1 QQ , ,, A ,, Ar, M , Qi.. , A .,,, 1. .W ,Q ima, 3 5 if it ' f ,. wg ,-. ' . ,V 5' ffl! -'f '-bfwgi ' N' P 'ff .. My :I Q.. 567. 3.5, , e x. K ,iq 1, 55 , 55 A L. 'f 31,1-f's-if' is fs' Pr f ' .54 -f A.. i...S,. gl -' Q . ,Q ' I Sa .1 s Y. 5 as ig 'M q M' ,xg 1 ' . K '11 A je st .4 , it 3 'Moog' , L 5 - - its , e if :Qs 0.72, fe, i- A, . A uf? ' - , - f i':'n'4'a'.'s'-'Q' A-3, ',,9J,i,P,l:r ,0'j'vf0:P':Qtvif1 M35 ,of fvfzdf ' ' ' '-'Q n n 'fp' ' 't 1-' N-W f- . .. ,, . , 212115 Qgxrzprgz' 3.32 of a f M .R - . E' ,,' 4' 4-ie mmf 1' ' i 4 fx '- Q, . , . . . A i .aw..k:,!t 1 fry? i - F. 2 - x M i .M - 1 -..,..-f' 7 ,G . - n ' f T' 5 , i t i .N A I. ,., . .i. -fm K, 1 C ,ii R, . , e ga r u,,n .aJ.'.' W 5 . -84.1. . 'o n l , ,' ' ' ' .V ' s :,' , . . A ' A un. -,mga-uv , ,L ' ' . Q 5 'Q' ' , id . ' - -' ' H-.gig . . ' A I M nfalqfpv ., .,,,,:iw5-sq. AJ-1 K' t ru in Ll , , .. :t'liQF1lll?'y , k W' rf:v..'c,- V. ,- 4 . K Q,-.X , Above: Handing off to Windell jackson, Robert Gipson finishes his leg ofthe 400-meter relay. Left: Robert Gipson lands in the sand after his tri- ple jump. Gipson set a school triple jump record of 40 l'l . Jivfri' ' ,J 'ln D-, as l X sn uv ,A .-' I67 Track!The Varsity Below, Right: Up, up and over! Danny Rocka broke the District 21-AAAA high jump record, pumping 6'7 at the district meet. He placed fourth at regional U , - - vw- V 1. -Q '- . T a -,A l lk .1 H , -I. -l ' ! :F . jl Y, f A'2,:,.'. 1 A . W i 5 .3 1.6 sv I I If 6 .ii'151f:5' ' ' 5 I ii? .inn ai f ' 'QW A i'.A-4.4, .N f M . Q - . v 1 .Q 'f T '. ' g15,'jfi9tf:gf.,yf - ' ' , A H ,f . ,A , --- . , i . , . t, A mi ' 'I Q ,Qty ,. ,,- , 4 :H nw , :,Lf1-g ' JY 79195' . .A i ...- .,.e 1 '-4' ,, . K 'I :K Q ' l ' Q I .K N . W. . .r V ' X - .. V e I 'r . I , - I 1 5 Y ' H Q , Q,-,:w'F'v.fJ1!Kf,,g:L, ' ..,.-...l.- L g , . 4, 'x wg 1li A 'X -iv , I- J -- I t r 1 H3751 kiwi ff- '-gdb! l l . .' ---'Q-g'r:w?' 317 ,Jun , V- 12, ,gag- 4 . Www - 4 . g, 5 T, 1 t I s. ' '55 . H f sr 1 saliva' ,, V ,, . ,. , jf- r.1 ' s . Ne w ' . V -Y fu. A i ' V 'A'Q1f,ST-?'5'H qtfh..-i. e 'H .. , , l' . 5 . C 'N ',-' ,ji rw ,'4!.,...,5 . , .L X' ' 14 ' A, ,,ML-g.:-r.- . 3 ,Ktvr 1, I- It LV as , ,, W.. P t A I g!r'ff49's?:g7 - LP : --x'f -'e- 4- 1ffcQ753 ' ,, 33515. I V .L 7: ' ., I Y if .JL 'f - y- 4'-..-Y in '. 1, V sw, .-, Q - --3 .I - S J-f i- A f 'M' -' 'rin - --wifmffri' ff-2:-gf gm. H - 'i r-f '1 -Nd I . , -gi Q, V ,, Above: Ranked in state at the beginning of the season, Kc-ith Iohnson placed first in district in tho discus hut fouled out at regionals, Team Swings Q Influences from 'home and friends were probably what caused members of thefgolf .teamfto become inter- ested, in the game,QRi'cky Smalley said. Thesteam placed third inf the dis+,,s,a,,s trict tournament with a team total of . 353'Zind- a low score of 84, by Ricky Smalley. The llfisaccumulated years of experience were helpful tothe team,lg',fQQ,3 Tljelow score ofthe year was shot by David Swesey who shot, an 81 at the Tejas Tournament. T 'eyy g , The number of players 'and rlh , emphasis on golf in the Aldine lndei' District was a detri- ment to theteam whggg,5mtembesrs,gpsd to compete against other much larger and better developed Below: David Swesey checks the angle while Ricky Smalley practices his putt, one of his strengths in the game, W ,programsf T - G G The chaise-nge oftbegamewas the T 1 mental discipline.- lt's easvrlittiget r mad and frustrated if you dorrtlicon-, , trol yourself, Ricky Smalley said. fd 2 -1--,fi Even though the sport receives little pub- at the school, Tom Green works diligently his own enjoyment and the competition. 'RB Above: GOLF TEAM Front Row: Mark Sawyer, French, Dale Borham, Rickey Smalley, David limmy Harris, Dale Mchlutt, David Green and Swesey,coach Gerald Iordan. limmy Eddins. Second Row: Tom Green, David Below' jumping ZVW' in the long jump at distric .VV johnvcrout set a school record and placed first i Rebuilding Year forj.V., Freshmen IUNIORVARSITY .Ranking fourth in district, the junior varsity, along with the other track teams, was rebuilding. The whole track program had one of its best seasons in several years, coach Charles Fitzmorris said! The lack in number of athletes and lack of strength in the track events was a problem for j.V. as well as varsity. johnfCrout broke a school record in the long jump with a jump of 21'W' at the district meet, placing first. He also placed second in the 330 hurdles at dis- trict. 0 Kevin Green won district with a 6'2 high jump, and Mike Belnoski placed second in district in the shotput. V ln field events, the mile relay team of jimmy McQueen, jon Walker, Crout and David Stricklin finished fourth in district. They placed in most of the meets withyaltirne averaging about 3:35, coach Fitzmorris said. Another impor- tant member in the track events was Steve Bullard, coach Fitzmorris said. His consistency in the 800 meter kept him competitive. FRESHMEN The strength of the freshman track team was in its sprinters, but when it got to the district meet injuries prevented the team from doing well. The team ranked sixth in district. The major weakness of the team was the same problem identified at the var- sity and junior varsity levels, lack of depth. 'I had too many people running the same event. Therefore, with the amount l had we could not compete to the ful- lest capacity, coach joe Karkoska said. 0 'lt was in field events, though, that the team set records. Luther Franklin set a school discus record with a throw of 131' and was also a stand-in sprinter. Dana Randall set a school long jump record with a jump of 20' 7W'. district Crout jumps in the Spring meet r S 6 :fa f A 'if - r Q r Q: Vu' , V .A V - .Q ' , , 4 . it , , , 'A if 0' 'J . W .c hiv ,.,.....49s ' l.....- K 4 i '29 Q? .lt tl Above: j.V TRACK TEAM Front Row: Rov Malone Walter Baudat, William Collins, Steve King, Stevj Bullard, jon Baker and Mike Belnoski. Seconi Row: coach Pat Patterson, Terrence Berry, jo Walker, Ronald Waneck, Kevin Green, john Crou jimmy McQueen, Mark Harris and coach Charl Fitzmorris. X 1 .faux X Left: Coach Charles Fitzmorris tapes Mike Bel- noski's fingers before he throws the shot put at the Spring meet. Belnoski placed second in dis- trict. Below: FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM Front Row: james Aldridge, Herman Schmidt, Warren Tann, Armanda Sauceda, Rodney Robert, Porter Wright, lim Miles, David Trffvino and Mike Matthis. Sec- ond Row: Kody Bonin, Ronnie Redeaux, Ruben Martinez, Greg Mitchell, Dana Randall, Robert Frost, Donald R ieks, Luther Franklin, Steve Turn- bow and coach oe Karkoska. f , V. wg., 'IT- qh 9 3 ea L Q Q ,, . 4 . ' , . We - 'L Vfssfsr mai. , ' F , ' , ,- .. Q ,A N , t ,et I .5 ' L. .gi 7 I 5 -' 51 . Q25 ' ' 4' I! it R rt Q K 1 ? 'Q Y aw 0 1' A ,xt XP A., 4 animw 'TEX 35 if . 2 'fl .3 A' x' - if -- ' K .J - , 4 1 N 3.1 . 1 . ' erm' , ., , A-,T X: ,gs ,, f ' - ' .i .g , M. -, ,Q . ,nf .,, ,, ,, ' 'Q M . A f' 'E ' . ' 'L J if . .A i K V, ,,,, G , mcg, 1 , L N.. X , , . ,.- W , f 1, 5? 'U' '- te .55 -R ii f I ' . ' ' l ' A . ' Q t i .:.,:.'5 1 . ,..' ,, A . ,. V 4 - .- .N if 1 Z .M-zz ' 52-Y ' XV , QF r-X Above: Freshman Donald Reeks positions the shot put for the most advantageous throw. Left: Helping add points to the l.V. score, Kevin Green consistently placed in the high jump. He won the district meet with a 6'2 jump. .jpmpand 3-3'6 triple jump. sr itrsfczikts' mxxcgc Below: jumping at the district meet, Claudell Bake fails to break the record of 15'9W' she had set earlie in the ear Team Meets Y K Break Records, Goto Regionals Five school records and a girl in regionals were highlights of the 1979 girls' track season. i f Claudell Baker set two school .records inthe first meet with a 15'9W' long 400-meter dash was broken in tour meets. Cathy Dean placed first and set a school record at the letero Meet with a time of 60.2. The next week at the Humble Meet, Kathleen l-lrozek broke Cathyfs record with a time of 60.1. Kath- leertgicontinued to break her own records ending the season with a 57.8 at the district track meet where she placed second in the competition and quali- fied for regionals. n The T400-meter relay andimile relay teams also set records during the sea- son. The 400-meter relay team of Hro- izek, Baker, Dedria Elmore and Beth Sac- chierri set a new time of 50.1,.and the mile relay team of Hrozek, Dean, Elmore and Sacchierri set a newit-ime of 14:14.49 The two teams placed sixth in district com petition, .Q5ggi,.f7l-,didn't think we would break that many records, coach Karen Kriegel said. 'fl set goals at the beginning of the season. I wanted at least one event tobe able to go to regionalsf' V i tnspite of the records set and a girl qualifying for regionals, the team fin- ishedfiseventh in the district. The num- ber of girls on the team was the major problem for the team, coach Kriegel said. Also the team was competing against schools that had state champi- ons or contenders for the state champi- onship. Although-all teams had the same advantage, the weather was less than desirable for the team with two cold fronts moving in during their meets and rain on all but one meet. 1 Coach Kriegel viewed the year as a building year, she, said. The team had strong runners and only one senior that would be leaving the team. L 'Ns to ui .. .s ,,. ...VL-gg , .vw N . v3,.'f,,,., sf,j Pi' : A LG Q . . Above: GIRLS' TRACK TEAM Front Row: Ambe Collins, lanice Ford, Carrie Lewis, Kathleen Hro zek, Lavinia Boyd, Beth Collins, Yvette Palomo ant Tricia Cudd. Second Row: coach Karen Kriege Donna Collins, Beth Sacchieri, Kathy Dean, Ded. ria Elmore, Claudell Baker, Sandra Vela, Kath Bookman and assistant coach Miss Vicki Parks. Left: Concentrating on placing in the shot put event, Lisa Tucker prepares to give her all. Below: Cathy Dean was the first to set the 400- meter dash record with a time of 60.2. Her record was broken four more times before the end of the season. Q . -nie at A . - A -Q -- -Q5 ' Q- . - 'rs - -4 l-L ..., ...g--QW ,-: i W -I' . page . ,if f ,S-' ,'a'l.f is 'Fha -1 H 51: Y ..1,,,,v,f Q ' RW. sg.-gift-,,.1f'1,' fftff, ff A, Q . ,ts SMA ,WAY ,A 5 . Q g, ,of . xririff ,.f.S'2:I5iJ:f'tf' .. Above: Competing in the 400-meter dash, Kath- leen Hrozek places second in the district meet at Baytown, qualifying her for regionals. Left: As the only senior on the team, Carrie Lewis prepares to run the 200-meter dash. She also ran the 100-meterdash. . VA Rsnv Better Than Preclacted kayla-1a,t'Year to year all the teams change, and l think that this team is as good as any l've had, coach Landis Denley said about the varsity baseball team. r With a young teamlf andrpicked to be fifth giirrptheldistrict the Mustangs ended with a much better record than was predicted. They placed third in district, missing secondiplace because of a tie with MacArthur.5-,The records were 17-6-Tfor the season' and 'IO-5-1 for the district. Six of theteam members were fresh- 'men and sophomores. Of those six, one was an all-district player, two were hon- orable mentions, and one was-the team'slead-ogfffhitter. ' One of the niestrimportant games of L -the seasonllwasiiiyictory over Baytown f whichllater won second in the t r tQ35tatie4'The Mustangs won the game, 3-1, was the first district loss Sterling 'hadsuffered in two years. . The catastrophe oft the season came the ,next week whenfAldine's record for the week was 0-3. Losses against Smiley, Baytciwn Lee and North Shore probably aQg ' .. 'vp-a, 4 yllfffevented the Mustangs from placing es - X first in the district. The week of the - ' Q ,. 45, ..i:5'Fw,ut- losses accounted for half ofthe team's L L T' . ' l A 'S if 'l t,' 57 r season losses. f1,gj f ' Y x? tf-5 ,L Most-olfi-the team's Iossesiwere close 3, an Q1 v, A wa Q, gamese, 5wfjiQthf the Mustangs losing by Q K , -.', 'f, ' t s , ,konilyroneroritvvo points. The major prob- M, T ' . ., ',.. J' in the lost games was too many .sf . A errors in tight games, Kenneth Tullis e s. ,'rf 7-Q 25 said. L L '-f55Q4ffl5l L' fa mf l -r L , r Visr L. , by M af. rsi,,,s, J, - e gg is X + by ab: A g V R . E V ' aill Above: Checking his chances for a safe run, lua ff it , -i'., ,V i 0 ' ' L . if f 'V', - Hernandez assesses his position as he rounds th 5 Q r sp 3 5 rllla L lllll , , r l lllsa , i B Left: Chosen all-district utilitarian, Chuck Pierce plays first base as well as several other positions with equal ease. i t K i z,,AQ31 , Q ,mi l T, -,, : ,'Q, 5W ., if - Q 4 . K 4 - mm ,L V K l I a 'ks .1 i l ' ' , 7' -. ,-.m..n.,....... N - , .,i1, ,mf f, r, F Y l - M'-Sywlifmq, . ll , . 1 ,,,'1, N-sf -fp, . - as - . as 039 395' Q S ' J in ' if. . 7 V fi. ,Q V W 1 -fi Above: While the Mustangs are at bat, Russell But- titta, Guy Garibay and Brian Ainsworth watch the game, waiting theirturns to bat. , 5 2 Left: In a game against Forest Brook shortstop V s -4. I 4, ,L ,f I' ' V W Kenneth Tullistakeshisturnatbal. I RRSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITY VARSITYVARSITYVARSITYN ' pil 9 A QM.- ' ' lip ' A - . Il V Ll ' f Brian Ainsworth Wesley Barrett Bill Bates Steve Bates Mike Brinkmever Russell Bultilta Ouiiield Third Base Second Base Catcher Center Field Outiield 175 vm' 4 A J Qt ey li ,, doa:- ,415-, I af' Above: Most Valuable Player Chuck Pierc receives a handshake from coach Landis Denl after hitting a home run, one of four he hit th season f VARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITY VARSITYVARSITYVARSIT ard Drews lohnny Fellman George Figeroa Guy Garibay Richard Gonzales Allen Hayes Left Field Pitcher Outfield Pitcher Outfield Outfield 1 - - vu- l A 4 lt-tt: Firxt It-am .all-district pitchc-r Guy Cartiiay B1-low: Congratulations art- in order for Wi-slvv prow-s tht- pilc hing .ability that brought him a fri- Barre-It as ho ht-ads for homo platt- atlc-r hitting a I rr-1 ortt, homo run that also svnds Stvvt- Bats-s in. . H, X X i X t 6 5 Q , 1 . A P Q. ' . War, if A 3 'Vx Ns -o t W ,t t ., . Nt , - , , - .M N-'Gwinn ,- A ' 3' v ,nl-' 'ln it ' . , 135- it 3? -. - r ,dy 4. , ,jg-fi .gt A 2' ,Akai ' if xr' anna, -'ARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITYVARSITY VARSITYVARSITYVARSITY ,ai A ' - -- A I A A f r b . , . . - - , V s A V -V ' . . - ,.-. ff, -- - 'J Aw ' K, 4 X , V ' . x A y 1 Y tx , fy 4 441:22 ,.. ,W - 5' ' ' K r44fr' 'L f, fl A- ' ' I --.-mf . Ng, ' :,.:x,.,4-A. .,....,', , - .,.,. ,W fam, -- aww ...,, -Hi K, Qgl-i-fix ' i V: fx' J H '- .f -,Ge A J ,f AW.. ., 'A' . .. ' .L ,Q :'.i.- f 5, 57-,J z z.: ff --.3 I L 1.5 i.. J,.1i,gM, ,cy A V. .g5k1au,',,,iQ - ' 'I L --affair V' 'T' 'Y 4511 . f 'r 'r 'A 2 ' fx' it . ,- Q, if -4.. f - ' ' A - J f - I' ,L J 4'- , I 44' ' . . - . 'P' - . - Q23 4' .::-419 1 ' '.- - A 4 4 k m' ', ,A bt mx T.-.fu -ty., ft, .-rg, H MQ, , L?t..,..,. ., i, t 4 , -,, NW: J , F L. A . W.. .4 ,-,,,.. , 5 ,ai JT- f 5 , i. . . 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I T l . 1 ,fx , , A l, W -5 tx , i f l ' i r ,f ,if , if f ' or M, F' ' lik., i xv fl 4 ,lah ,il I. K Kg H 5' - A 541 - 1' W. 1 , . 'I' - gk- 'F ' V5 . fi x U .fl ' EQ 5' i me r - -.:. 1. A :-' V -:',. : . l i ea: ' ' if-. . -a. l . it ' - fm l lay , if 1 . N -Q ,4 3 I' X QPU -,N 'U' Ln: fe if, 1 44 i ' -- L ' A N J' .e ,Q V he -f' , , 1 ,. 'isa Q X Sf 17 -i. 1 E- 'S nf tc , '- UWM ,K A. P .Ap ., W3 I ' f . . if ' 1 ...K . + .-'. QW 1 A l 1- A M as V ' 5' HH V 'Mag' '-4,4 'rg 5 1 1, , .lf f lf x 1 ,li r Z la it W V , V i ly, Ld A 5, , gif 3, ,Q S ' it A, , -A ' if ' e i' 11: i J li 'W 'W' r if - f m r. ffl' A ' ' f-Z - w .:wfv' f,-w. 3i,t.,gg 1f?TfTv ff 5i 5-313.95 'N ' Q' l V g I r f ' - ff ' f.,gQ-.f-Riff i ,, .:Q4'.y.,,gpg-IF J if Iliijf' 'f36ih,'KV '+i'ff3'- m t if l, , , . .l .MW wt: ' , ,ge ,, '- rum: :J-fa ' fy, 2 may f' 4 X f ,xx 1' A 1 I A A f 1 f I ' 1 ., gf Y' I' 1 i I A' I l, Q 53? If . , I' , . 1-H, im' , -' ' fix. .3 ' 'ii 4, f x 'V E, -' I : i 'I r V 1 'L-4 ,' 3 ' at ,H-.QQ ji' I ' l l l.n,efi T b if , lin if b Q 1 Pd'-pi., J ,J A , - .- F- 4?fi+ ff'lj'ff'7'ffif ' ' .e ea- '- ,ng .X A ,X W ' ' .1 zur If 72, - Q9 1 lfrl-fgrffneqgi-.6 ,V l .3,.,,I.. , , Z. l . 'f?fN:f679 7e.f' JP Q ll- ' f i A 'ifizf , .,,l-. 'ffl I Af .' X fy. , x fy'-.V ': i :- I .CQ ifuwd ' K , V ' Q s . time-at 292.4 it -t , r kr 'J ' iff' . , xii W W. 4, 5 - 1, '. A ' : r TIT.. al. Q lqvfwlz' , s ,Q-jqlgggt' -gi? . X 'y 'txl P, x f li - 'l.v'xi 'VK -1. 1. ia - L WAXMY' r if Left: I,V. BASEBALL From Row: Sam Cervantes, Gordon Iones, Tony Diaz, Duane Bvlnoski, Randy Cockrell, Arthur Morgan, Mark Wells and Ron Esman. Second Row: Scott Brantley, Greg Nz-elev, Gene Dunn, loey Lell, Bruce Raabe, Terry Stock and Kenny Ballard. w,f , fe X W Ili' , .4 U QI! QED Above: On his way to home plate, Tony Diaz nears third base safely. Left: Before batting, Kenny Ballard receives advice from coach Ron Galindo. 1 fi fu, V M -. N,,,, v N cam Wgnf 1 1 L E L fl? my: 9 FACULTY is ga 50 In One Class!?! ., QA' ' Fl' 1 fr tw: Q Q-4 Croaning about the 40 names on the roll sheet and then actually having 52 students show up for class on the first day of school was an exasperating way for a teacher to start the year. When school opened, the projected number of stu- dents forthe year had been incorrect by more than 200 because of a change in housing patterns. Aldine had to add seven teachers after school started. Schedules were changed and classes were canceled or new ones opened regularly for the first few weeks. But by the end of the first six weeks the routine was settled. Teachers then began working on the self-evaluation for the Southern Association Accreditation of Colleges and Schools. After the excitement had calmed down, they let their hair down by participating in the teachers' Cong Show, the Donkey Basketball Came and a tennis match. 4. I SI Ti be user Sir. :reach the microphone whit h also had l by 6'6 assistant print rpal Fred Richard- lewis adds a little height with a step 4 O Dynamite Comes in Small Packages Always moving, usually smiling, Prin- cipal Vernon Lewis arrived on the scene of a school in transition and channeled his energy into establishing relationf ships with the students and faculty. Mr. Lewis encouraged total involve- ment bythe students and faculty. I think for a person to enioy his high school career, he needs to be involved in as many activities as he thinks he can handle successfully, he said. Pep ral- lies, organizations, athletics, contests and trips to places like Washington, New York, Mexico and Germany pro- vided opportunities for extracurricular experiences. I'm not an office person, Mr. Lewis said. He roamed the halls, visited class- rooms and performed in the Cong Show. He even waited his turn in the lunch line. Before Mr. Lewis became principal he Above: I Searched the World Over, sings Mr, Lewis at the Teachers Gong Show. The song was followed by a pie thrown in his fac e. had taught biology for two years, was a counselor for four months, and was also Student Council sponsor at Aldine, He returned to Aldine after six years as assistant principal and principal at two other district schools to become the new principal at Aldine. Having assumed his duties during the summer, Mr. Lewis had added colorful hangings to the offices by the time the students returned for the new year. He wanted a more contemporary look, he said. Throughout the rest ot the build- ing rooms were reorganized. The attendance office and student waiting room were changed. Departmental workrooms were set up and several classrooms were changed for better coordination between departments. All this was done to alleviate confusion and make the building more manageable, Mr. Lewis said, Above: joining in the celebration, Mr. Lewis agrees to have this dance with Cheryl Mcllonald at the Bai lx to School Dance sponsored by the Stu- dent Council. ddition - Division : Flexibilit Feeling the effects of integration and the rapid growth of the Aldine commu- nity, Aldine Senior adjusted quickly. The school board changed district lines, sending several Aldine students to the new Nimitz High School and addi- tional Carver students to Aldine. Some Aldine students chose to go to the new ACE which was in the building of the now closed Carver High School. Work was started on the new W W Thorne Stadium to be used by all district schools and a new mini gym was built at Aldine The district also was evaluated by the Southern Association Accreditation Committee Right Making sure students get to class on time is one of the between class tasks of assistant princi pal Fred Richardson Above: As curriculum principal, Kitty Spence observes sophomore Donna Perrard while visiting classrooms. Right: With a few words of gratitude, associate principal Bill Smith accepts the yearbook dedica- tion at the 1979 Coronation. ,K for We N. Q' it yr 'K uh? .ov gy. wi s +...Q, tw rlmvesmm rfwvfm 2 ,Ja ii Might Ji, Lett: To avoid confusion, assistant principal Emmett Hill helps eliminate some parking lot chaos by directing buses after school. Below: While keeping a Walt htul eye on students during lunfh, assistant prinfipal Darwin Link enjoys munching popcorn sold bythe cheerlead- ers. i 1 l i Above: SCHOOL BOARD Front Row: Waller Sto- Row: Clifford Dunn, Bill Wilson and Otis Parker, Above: Superintendent of the Aldint Inclepencl wall, A, W. lones and Lawrence Efkert. Second Not PiCtured:Tom Grantham. entSchool District,M,O Campbell Even Counselors Ha e Homework Counselors began the year in the midst of chaos and confusion. With the expected number of students more than predicted, counselors were swamped with schedule changes. As the middle of the year approached, counselors began review- ing students' credits and scheduling for the next year. Then during the last quarter, students went back to their counselors to find out if they needed to go to summer school, If the student needed it, the counselor helped him fill out the paper- work. With one less counselor this year and without the expected decrease in enrollment, the counselors' work was intensified, causing them to have homework and to work on Saturdays a fewtimes. Right: Second year vocational student Michelle Guzman gains knowledge as well as experience while trimming vocational counselor Hattie Lee's hair as Davietta Ford and Debbie Manos look on. -s.5,, Above: Swamped with government forms, diag- nosticran loan Somma is kept busy filling out forms for students who are being tested. Right: Advising more than 500 students rsn't an easy job, but senior counselor F. C. Bryant does it and also finds time to assist senior Sandra Timm with her ACT Exam application, ii ,, Q . GR o Q' ? 'Q-fs I .-artf.f'2d, Left: luggling schedules and changing students from class to class is a busy way for sophomore counselor Debbie Vercher, freshman counselor Joyce Royal, and junior counselor lean Maryis to begin each quarter. at N' -We x t'1i.c95' fig, it , ' 0- , Y- 'si V ,- P52-Z5 -'W -.-f' LQ' 39 .Xiao in-n Above: Front Row: Ioyce Mclieehan, principal's clerkg Margaret Kocian, assistant principals' secre- attendance clerkg Carrie Tillis, counselors' secre- secretary. Second Row: Alice Wishard, attendance taryg Marie Beezley, bookkeeperg Clara Florence, taryg and Lil Fogle, registrar. MRS. SANDRA ACREMAN World History MRS. SELLA C. ALLEN Language!Learning Disabilities MRS. DONNA BARRON Germang English MR, lllvt BARS Basketballg Biology MRS. ELIZABETH BATTLE American History MRS. PAM BERTONE Social Studies Chairmang Government MRS. CLAUDIA BOND Englishg Individual Readingg Dramatic Literature MSSHERILEN BOONE Healthg Physical Educationg Drill Team .rv X. f 1' I mm! MR. PEARY BRACKETT Distrihutive Education MISS CYNTHIA BRADY Foreign Language Chairmang Frenchg Beginning Drill Team MR. KARL BRAND Potteryg Arts 81 Crafts MS. BETTY BULLARD Introductory Technical Algebra MRS. IANICE M. BURGOS Spanish MRS. PHYLLIS CAMPBELL School Nurse MS. DIANNE CAPONI American History MS. ARETTA CARDEN General Businessg Business Arithmeticg Management Sales MS. SHERRY COLE MRS. SALLY CULLOM Coordinated Vocational Vocational Education for Academic Education, Handicapped, Homemaking Foods Service MR. GEORGE B. CLJMMINCS MRS. NANCY CONLIN Vocational Drafting Psychology, Speech, Economics, World History MR. IAMES CLJRTIN Government MRS. CYNDY COVENS Typing, Business Law MS. IACQUELINE DAVIS Consumer Education, MR. WAYNE COVERT Homemaking English hs. 'F--are Teachers Recall Good Old Days Mrs. Ann Plummer, business teacher - code languages for cheating, starched jeans, went to friends houses and park Mr. Robert Allen, history teacher - sock- hops, OS's Burger Barn, '56 Chevys, Thunder- birds, ducktails, leather jackets, and The Untouchables Mr. lames Curtin, government teacher - pink and black shirts Mrs. Nita Pou, VOE teacher - went to school with the Alabama Coushatta Indians, played basketball, wore ballerina shoes and hair in a bun Mrs. Sella Allen, resource teacher - family atmosphere, small school, family picnics, fishing and camping trips, and the Depres- sion Mr. Dee W. Moses, P.E. teacher - church, basketball, beach, wide-striped suspenders, black bow ties, white shirts, and overalls Below: Teachers dress for Homecoming Grease Day in the styles they had worn as children or as teachers. Front Row: Mrs. Wilma Stracener and Mrs. Paula Ramirez. Sec- ond Row: Mrs, Beverly Creeney. Third Row: Mrs. Pam Bertone and Mrs. Debbie Mireur. Fourth Row: Mrs. Eliza- beth Battle and Mrs. Pat Todd. . . 1 i f , 'Q' ,464- ,M 48 QI? .K ,F Mw,.7,?4.i. i 1 4 .- X I fs Aj., Ex' 1 MR. O, E, DAVlS Physical Educationg Basketball MRS, N. DRABEK Biology MRS. MEG EAKIN Health Occupations MRS. BETTY IANE ENNIS Vocational Adiustrnent Coordinator Ev LIU MR. D. E. EVANS Vocational Agricultureg Agriculture Co-op MR. ROB FISHER Choirg Guitarg Algebra MR. CHARLES FITZMORRIS General Physical Scienceg Biologyg Footballg Track S 1 .via fn' MR. RON GALINDO American Historyg World Geographyg Footballg Baseball MS. DEBBIE CALLATIN Art Chairrnang Art MR. IOE GEORCIANA Distributive Education MS. A. CREAUX MRS. DORIS FOX Introduction to Algebrag Library Technical Ilg Introduction to Algebra Il I MRS. IANET GREEN Home Economicsg Cooperative Education MRS. BEVERLY GREENEY Humanitiesg Modern Literatureg Great Ideasg English MRCLARENCE GUITON American Historyg Basketballg Football MR. CARROLL HAISTY Biology MISS RITA HARDING English Chairmang English MR. IERALIJ HAYVNES Governmentg History Football MRS. ROYCE HEICKMAN Algebrag Introductory Algebrag Fundamentals of Math MISSJOAN HILL English as a Second Language X ., MS. SHIRLEY HILL Math MRS. ELIZABETH HILTON Driver's Education MRS, SYLVIA HULSHOF Algebrag Fundamentals of Math MRS. DOROTHY IACKOWSKI Vocational Chairmang Cosmetology 376- fw- X r .. 6 MISS PENNY IACKSON Englishg Latin MRS. MARY E. IEFFERSO'-J Special Education - Social Studiesg Language Artsp Math MR. THOMAS IOHNSON, IR. General Physical Scienceg Basketball MISS KAREN IOHNSTON Music Chairmang Band MR. GERALD W. JORDAN General Physical Science Footballg Golf MR. TIMOTHYIUDD General Draftingg Architecture MR. ALLEN IUSTICE Coordinated Vocational Academic Education MS. MARY ALICE IUSTICE Physical Educationg Volleyball MR. IOE KARKOSKA American Historyg Texas Studiesg Football MRS. SUSAN KEE Englishg Spanish MRS. ROBERTA KENDALL English MISS KAREN KRIECEL Physical Educaliong Healthg Volleyballg Track -x ff. Nw S ' 1 ,. ,. . A 5--1 ' I si -' I s u I MRS. SHARON LAIRD English MRS. ROWENA LIGHTFOOT Englishg Mass Mediag Newspaperg journalism MR. IIM LINNSTAEDTER Special Assignments Classg Footballg Basketball MRS. MAMIE L, LOCKETT English MS. SUSIE LYNCH Girls Physical Education Chairmang Physical Educationg Volleyballg Basketball MR. P. E. MARION Science Chairmang Chemistryg Physics MR. FRANK R. MARTIN Introductory Algebrag Geometry MR. MIKE MCCOWN Vocational Agriculture Pre-employment Meats Lab '23 I MRS. IUNE MCCOY Child Developmentg Homemaking MS. IANIF R. MILLER Health MRS. DEBBIE MIRELJR Ceornetryg English MR. G. MOORE Introductory Technical Algebra jx MRS. CATHY MORRELL Computer Math, Consumer Math, Number Theory, Algebra MR. DEE W. MOSES Physical Education MR. ROBERT MU RDOCH General Physical Science Lab MR. GLEN MURPHY Coordinated Vocational Academic Education Co-op Pretend Like l'm ot Here It's not always a lot of fun to have a parent working where you go to school. The students said that it was hard going to school at the same place their parents worked. They said that some teachers expected too much from them, and some of them got teased by other students. But it does have its advan- tages, like being able to get lunch money if they forgot it or getting per- mission to go home if they don't feel good. Most of the parents said they thought it brought them closer to their children. They said they noticed few disadvan- tages. However, one teacher said, It's very hard to overhear students talking about his child and 'keep my cooll' One teacher who had his child in class said he always watched to see if the child was reacting to him as a teacher or a parent. But usually, he said, there were no problems. ,,,..-i-1' Left: Since librarian Doris Fox arrives at school by 7:15, son David Fox sleeps in her office for a few minutes before classes start. Above: PARENTS AND THEIR CHILDREN Front Row: Susan Spence, Mark Webb, Patricia Matthews, Marie Mat- thews, Cindi Matthews and Scott Kendall. Second Row: Kitty Spence, Donald Webb, loyce McKeehan, Antonio Rodriguez, P. E. Marion, George Cummings, Marie Beezley, Virginia Perryman, Alice Wishard and Roberta Kendall. Third Row: Susan Webb, Bonnie McKeehan, Sonya Rodriguez, Suzanne Marion, Darla Cummings, Stuart Cum- mings, Bill Beezley, jennifer Perryman and Brian Wishard. 4 , , av dh Y! MR. IIM NOLDER Auto Mechanics MR. H. W. OSTERHOUT General Physical Science MISS VICKI PARKS World Historyg Texas Studiesg Track MR, IAMES PATTERSON Algebrag Footballg Trackg Cross Country i,..-Q-f- ff-,,, MR. STEVE PAUL MRS, NITA POLJ Band Vocational Office Education, Lab MRS. IULIE PEDERSON Yearbookg American MRS. CAROL POWELL History General Businessg World Historyg Typing MRS. VlRClNlA L, PERRYMAN MR. R. W. PRICE Englishg Teaching Visual Deficiencies Experience Resource MS, ANN PLUMMER MRS. CHERYL D. Typingg Englishg Business PUMPHREY English Englishg Reading fir Q17 ,LM . . . , . - . -. ,, ., 1 ' MRS. CAROLYN O. RACSTON Language!Learning Disabilitiesg Vocational Adjustment Coordinator MRS. PAULA RAMIREZ Office Practiceg Typing MRS. GENIE RENAUDIN Homemakingg Home and Family Livingg Home Furnishings MRS. DEBORAH REYNOLDS English ,Li 55 4.4. Q. .M ,IM I MR. DONALD L. ROACH Biologyg Basketball MR. ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ Coordinated Vocational Academic Education Co- op MR, KIM ROESLER World History MRS. BARBARA ROURKE Math Chairman Trigonometryg Analytic Ceometryg Elementary Analysisg Algebra I I RQ 1 MR. RUSTY RUSSELL Astronomyp Ceologyg General Physical Scienceg Oceanographyg Eootballg Tennis MS. LYN DA SAGSTETTER English MS. PAULA SAMPSON Vocational Office Education Co-op MR. RUSSELL l. SANDERS Introduction to the Theatreg Drarnap Lab Cuitarg Creative Writingg Public Speakingg Debate MR. B. FRANK SECOR, IR Radio-Television Repair MR. MIKE SELBY Englishg I-lealthg Swimming MRS. MARY SHAU Englishg British Literature MS. LETICIA SILVA Introductory Algebra ffz, 'Db 3 I ci MS. EVVA B. SMITH Language!Learning Disabilities MISS LAVELL STANLEY Language!Learning Disabilities MRS. CONNIE STAVINOHA Homemaking MR. IOHNNY LEE STEWART Introductory Algebrag Fundamentals of Math ': f.. xy . .. . , .u 0. ' '.s.p'c . ,.i, -.:.. MRS. WILMA STRACENER Business Chairmang Shorthandg Typing MS. CONNIE TAYLOR Adaptive Behavior MR. IOHN E. THAMES Woodworking MS. BARBARA THORNTON English .1-N' CL -Us MRS. PAT TODD Bookkeepingg Recordkeeping MRS. BRENDA B. TURNAGE Fundamentals of Mathg Introductory Algebra MRS, ANASTASIA VOIGI-IT Biology MRS. ROXEY VOLKMER English xc MR. DON WADSWORTH Printing MS. IANICE WASHINGTON General Physical Science MISSLILLIAN M. WASHINGTON Library MR. DONALD WEBB Geomotryg Algebra ,.,, MR. GERALD WESBROOK Readings in American Literaturc-5 English MS. BARBARA WISE Algebra MS. ANN WOLFER Physiologyg Atmospheric Scienceg Biology MRS. BETTY WOMACK World History t'5 I -IN --as f.1'.. po' MRS. CORNELIA WRIGHT Physical Educationg Health MRS. C. YOUNG Arts 81 Craftsg Textilesg Art MR. DON ZYLKS Healthg Physical Educationg Football MR, ALBERT ZOELLNER Air Conditioning ff' -av' K. MRS. SHIRLEY BUXTON Library Aide MS. WAN DA CLOVER Language!Learning Disabilities Aide MS. THERESA HOWARD Adaptive Behavior Aide MISS CAROLYN I. LATHAM Library Aide MS. SANDRA THOMAS EMR. Aide Teachers Get What Th ey Deserve Braving public ridicule, nine teachers' acts performed at the second annual Teachers' Cong Show. Health Occupa- tions Student Association members acted as master of ceremonies and the gongers. Only two acts were gonged. The ridiculous routine by the counselors who pranced across stage in a soft shoe dance, and special education depart- ment chairman Roger Price incognito as The Macho Man. First place in the gong show went to math teachers lohnny Stewart and Aretta Carden and business teacher A. Greaux for their performance to The Freak. Below: We weren't trying to win. We were just doing it for the students and to have fun, said math teacher lohnny Stewart, one of The Freak dancers. .ao- Below: CLJSTODIANS lose G. Aguilar, Lucille Marshburn, Olivia B. limenez, jimmy limenez, Henry limenez and Lloyd Allen, Below: Whizzing through the halls, Harry Elliot takes care of maintenance at Aldine. P at : U: U 'Y X, A vii, 1 nl Above: BUS DRIVERS Bettie Burnett, ludy Smith, Marie Alfaro, Shirley Williams, Linda Luker, Val Hairgrave, Linette Morrissey and lohnny Roberts, 4 i , , Iii? .Q T V I S S ' if ie.: Q: ' '- P ' , ' ' ' T ' 'T' t ii A ' fi r. F ' f , .93 : if F' - Ft it 2 J f i' rf ., Q? 1 , ' , ii my J' L . ' git . . , g l i Nt! : f f 5 by x.:fi1f,g B- 4 g nr. K-if , , ' : I : ' 7 f ii . ' , ' 1 4 H - , : :l T ul A- i 'll T ' .1 I ' L ' A . I ' ' Above: FOOD SERVICE Front Row: Clara Corski McDonald and Rozelle Davis, Third Row: Frances Cecelia Bialmowitz, Tosh Roach, ldolina Soliz, Elizabeth Stewart, Elizabeth Shoemaker and Paue line Walker. Second Row: Virginia Bashinski, loyce Duren, luanita Salias, Violet Van Ness, Dor- othy Haba, Lois Brown, Francis Sivsoski, Mona Koening, Louise Waller, Madeline Branch, Marga- ret Stockert, Roseann Fountain, lean Bowden and Flo Ray. Fourth Row: Esther Urban, Thelma Woo- druff, Madge Rhodes, Lee Phillips, Virginia MCClory and Edie Franklin. get il T mf' ,L Lf!! i Above: Driving the Vaqueras to the Astro- dome for the bi-district playoff is another part of P. E. Marion's bus-driving duties. lelow: Representatives from the Stu lent Council, National Honor Society, Eheerleaders, Vaqueras, Band and prin .ipal Vernon Lewis chose Mark Mar .halI's entry for the naming of the cafe 7 teria. Drafting students made the letters 11 U - - I Ea2r,3i'iiE?'si!:.tgizt:. Their Work the sign. NeverEnds CORRAL Q. al- s-fa MAINTENANCE HONK!! HONK!! lt's Harry Elliot driv- ing his yellow cart through the halls. For three years Harry has been in charge of maintenance at Aldine, taking care of repairs and minor renovations - what- ever they might be. We could not run the school with- out Harry. He gets a little bailing wire and scotch tape and holds us together, said principal Vernon Lewis. Harry usually enjoys the students, some of which help him with mainte- nance projects. Most have been real nice. Some of them are real hardheads, but most are real nice, he said. However, on days when his ladder mysteriously disappeared from his cart or when the air was let out of his tires, Mr. Elliot got annoyed. Sometimes I'd like to get an ax and split their heads, he said with a smile. The interview ended when Harry was called to take care of an emergency in one ofthe restrooms. BUS DRIVERS As if seven hours a day wasn't enough! Mr. P. E. Marion, science teacher, Mr. W. G. Wilson, artteacher, and Mr. james Nolder, auto mechanics teacher, started their days with sleepy eyed students on their buses and ended their days with yelling students going home from school. Combined, these three teachers have driven school buses in the Aldine dis- trict for more than 45 years. While Mr. Wilson and Mr. Nolder said that after a hard day at school, they tried to ignore the noise to keep their sanity, Mr. Marion said that he was not quite sure that he did keep his sanity. Right: Besides teaching eight hours a day, lames Nolder, W. G. Wilson and P. E. Marion drive stu- dents to and from school. eniors v Going, Going, Gone Actually all I want is out of here. I've suttered tour years. I think I should be a saint, maybe a martyr. lohn Hare FeeIs so good I could do it again. David Baghv It feels fantastic and great. I feel as it I'xe accomplished something in life. Annette Smith It feels like getting over a '12-year head- ache. Chris Kroll To mo, being a Senior is the best thing that could happen It's a feeling exert- one should experience one time or another, Ianite Ford Feels good to get it over with. james Taylor SENIOR Front I Row: F4 QiQQQSSEMQRSSENIORSSENQQBQSQRNQQQQQENQQRSSENIORSSENIORSSEISHQ Stephen Aaron Milton Adams Tracy Adams Mark Adkinson Sergio Aguilar is 31, 12 4 'K ,- ri: all Craig Ainsworth Lindsey Allen Marcis Amaro Marilyn Anderson Terri Anderson leanne Ash james Atkinson Donna Auippa Cathy Avara Sherry Avery D dB by t Do Bald dg kB 6. yB kdl EiQiQi2SSIENlGRSSENIORSSENIGRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOiiSSENlORSSENIO ,NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENQORSSENQQRSSENiokssiimioigsgggiggggggifiggg Sherri Bell Charles Benson lodv Black Craig Blanchard Robert Bock l l l I l TddB l ' l ez? ' bby B df Br uss Car e te Brewton Cher Bri s Brenda Briley Dorette Brinkman imgaggigllbkgsfhll6liSSlElSllORSSENlORSSENIORSSENlGlfSSlilSllCRSSENlOl -..nil lanel Campise Suzie Carlton Lisa Carter Michele Carter Rachel Carter HENIORSSENEORSSENEORSSENEURSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEMC I ENIORSSENQORSSENQORSSENIORSSENHQRSSEMQBSSENIQRSSENIORSSENIQ Cbb dC Doug Couey Penny Cox Randy Craig Paul Crowson Rickv Crumo 1 BENiOfgSEg3iCffSSENIORSSEN!ORSSENIGRSSENIORSSENIORSQENIGRSSENE A K . . , ,s. I W,,.,A,.,y cron .KS iw A. I H 7 , . . ' A -4-. ui '- ' 2 U W ,, N., ,- ,ie,g 5 ' ' Av- 'M n r , ., Q JJ 351' 'ww Es Q Y :ff 6 Q W M' N I' K K , 'A - ' 1 -f,... h 3 fs ip?f1 i',: X KW?-1 ' dal A Q Y ' ' - Q. X qs' 1 fu I I 1-4W ' ' ,.. P? , I .S A, . 9 ij 5 - 7 ftslsggfsff , Q USus ' ah Z w 'iw' ,, 2 ' V fs ' .A 5 V lame ke Schrpu 5 Suzan al -. ' 1 1 z ' . . W' ' '7 A ,1irf5i f5i 'A f esa Hel H my 9' f if 0? , , , ,I K p A. .7k N 1 sm X K -v, for. . ,, X- if - ey yRobe onjlr. 3 ' , 'L ' 'Y ha. 'K ' ng 34 auef ? 1, ane Q S . A A .V .5 -' .I b L 5. - - , iatmf gain, , W m if 1 5 'Y 3 -- A, . Q ' 132 Q Ra iii' asv k me 'x Vg f dv 3 W' . 4 'fl Qi! I 1 1 I 1 , k . , - f 'N . K - ' K V 1 HR T9 13 5 N? - ' 5 if :M I 'K ' Q 5 'fm Jw 19' . ' . vLQW51g,, ,.-., i 17211. U M' Q I Qnii' ' ' -15? 5' M I 3 n 1.2 x , 'fi' s 5 Q , , -1 A .Ski .. b . . ' Q ' , X an , AJ: ' X f.. ' ' ' . SENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN ORSSENIORSSENIGRSSENEURSSENIQRSSEN ' SYM 4 l sine L lb 'xy 2 Q K emi? ,,,,,gr Q' Rem' isc' n Q, S V. . 'fi' n .:.gii:...f- f ,fe L ' When If was' Ugyer we had a ' L -,4.A,f-f.,....,f, Q f.44.f.,....,c ,f,.4,,,,-qc 1 . ' ' t ,,e.,... ,. .. ,,,,,,,,,-, drploma, a fe Agfqentoes and 'q::i:':.L.-' '.:::TgLy.:p:' -'-' g1'gg:,,3- . D., -' -2 - WW , Q ' mf - '?-M--M many memone 1.4-1'-,.-vf. 4.4..f.,N...,, C. A . -'::,i'::Ff ff 3 Luke rt or nw ten years we wiliffi-3-life ,..'L::r'::g::.5L N f 'L 'fl N 'A me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,f ' wont be they -- -,Av we are 1 fffjff , today. Th I 3 , 'Yes on our ,,,.,W.,fA ,fl-Q'fQfQ,-L1 A,,,.,,, ..,, ,1 shelves w . fl kai So to make ,Q W 1 . ,Q flff'fW'f ' f-jf-f-- room for . of more K '-f--S 1- ,n. g 'YFH NQF f, f.. ,-My But we WIN n v, r forget, 4.f.,...,g - -f-M' , L-K . 9u.41.L... 32 v W ,av Nw, .. W , 4 Pager' H , + 1 , , 'KJ-,v X Q I 'QF Q. fln u' SENKJRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN1oksssN:ORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN1 , .. .M I . , . ,, , ENlUQSSENlQ?RSSE?tQ?tIES'35SElls5SGEESSENEQRSSENEQWSSENKJRSSENIORSSENIO D T DeRo Olga Diaz Sharon Dickey Sherry Diehl Lynn Dillard Mynga Do Danita Doomes Renita Doomes Karen Douglas Debra Dowdell Richard Drews Lisa Edwards Ani Cindy Eisen Tom Eisterhold Gilbert Elizalde loel Elliott luan Escobar ED Brenda Esman Agnes Ester Mary Estes Bert Falls Steve Farris ENIGRSSENKJRSSENEORSSENEGRSSENSURSSENl0RSSENlORSSENlOliSSEhllDl' 207 EMQRSSIQNIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOKSSENIQRSSENIQI e ' k er ee l 1 re r r f f r r Larry Fellman jerrilyn Ferguson George Figueroa Sandra Finch Laurnette Fisher BENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENEORSSENIQ lt's Really You, Ms. Aldine Surprised! Really surprised! Mary Brymer said about her first reaction to being announced Ms. Aldine. I thought they called out someone else's name, She laughed as she told about having her contacts in Larry Twar- dowski's pocket and hearing them crunch when they hugged. Mary was chosen Ms. Aldine for her contributions and accomplish- ments during her four years at the school. lt was an honor because of the people I was up against, she said. .l.1-11. - THE CLASS OF 1979 Mr. Aldine, Mr. Football l Mr. Aldine was synonymous with Mr. Football this year. Mr. Aldine larry Twardowski was a major factor in helping to lead the Mustangs to the bi-district cham- pionship in the Astrodome this year. About the experience, Larry said, You work so hard to get so far. It just felt neat that all the peo- ple came out to watch us. Along with his many other foot- ball honors, Larry was the first Aldine student to be selected first learn allstate. fist., . M. Senior Dan Fuller MOST HANDSOME Tammy Raymond MOST BEAUTIFUL -P Brenda Barfield and Larry Twardowski M OST POPULAR Frank Haba and T Suzanne Colburn WITTIEST Mary Ng and -P jeff Davis MOSTSTUDIOUS, MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Q3 YW ii Q .fm Salutatorian Wants Riches Brains ought to be worth some- thing, Mary Ng salutatorian said. To see if her theory is correct Mary plans to do anything that will make me rich quick when she finishes her schooling, she said. After graduation, Mary plans to enter Rice University with an emphasis in the science field. I would love to be a professional student. Then whatever you're interested in, you just go for it, she said, Like all graduating seniors, Mary is scared to pieces about being non-dependent. It's so much eas- ier to be a kid, she said. - .. be .. A.. L at rim A A 4. 4 . . .1 . . use asa-Meerut-ia.-Q iam s-farms .era-+:t it-fww-,fm 'Q teiwfn --'-rsfmqwrv f.-1:-nuff-V X zvrmiw, -.-- tv. M .-.. fa 'fm -ca: Valedictorian Stays Active Extracurricular activities took up much of valedictorian Susan Spencefs time. lt was just a lot of dedication that helped her find time to be involved in school activities and also keep her grade point average. I just have made myself do the things that needed to be done, she said. Susan said that her outstanding educational experience while at Aldine was getting to attend the model United Nations meetings in New York, The work preparing for the con- ference and the experience of the trip made me more aware of everything going on in the world. Everyone should have that chance once in a lifetime, she said. Class Color: Rainbow of Colors Class Flower: Spring Bouquet Class Song: Reminiscing Class Motto: Each Dawn ls a New Beginning Class Theme: Love Boat to Fantasy Island - -1- i Fa orites Karin Leverett and aaieiirf s- 1 ' . s.- Roy Cathey MOST TALENTED Dan Fuller and Kathy Hutchison BEST DRESSED if Q 1. g l l 'a . ,, . It W, X Q 'N 'If V ,,, .. ,g 1. V V. A -'P if ., ..r . is , Q r XL .1 'N f L fl l f . S. ,em is ,V .,,f 2' 'Nl Suzanne Colburn and leff Whitaker FRIENDLIEST Vicki Luksa and Larry Twardowski MOSTATHLETIC Seniors Honored At Coronation Out of 10 categories of senior favor- ites only four people won more than Right. Suzanne Colburn and left Whitaker step to the front stage as their names are announced win' ncrs of the Frtendliest category during the morning performance. Below: Sighs could he heard from the audience as Roy Cathey sang l Write the Song one category, thus distributing honors to more students than in some previous years. Fourteen seniors crowded into their Russian setting at Coronation for the presentation of three categories. Other winners were announced in the morn- ing performance. All of the categories were elected by seniors except most beautiful and handsome, selected by judges, and Mr. and Ms. Aldine, elected bythe student body. Seniors Belinda Stockwell and Danny Hindmon, hosted the audience on its world tour at the Coronation with sen: ior choir members and Vaqueras enter- taining ateach countryvisited. Below SENIOR CORONATION CANDIDATES: Front Row: Kathy Hutchison, most beautiful, lody Black, Mr. Aldlne, Susan Spence, Ms, Aldine, Sec- ond Row: Larry Twardowski, most popular, most handsome, Mr. Aldine, Tammy Raymond, most beautiful, Suzanne Colburn, most popular, Third Row: Mary Brymer, most popular, Ms. Aldine, Brenda Barfield, most popular, Kim Foster, rnosl beautiful, left Davis, Mr. Aldine. Fourth Row: Roh Wtnship, most handsome, Dan Fuller, most hand- some, left Whitaker, most popular. -NIQRSSENIORSSENIORSSEMQRSSENIQRSSENIORSSENlORSSENlQRQyggN!Q i ,Vkfi :gy .5 i, K, . V I i A kl'.fAV I gif? i 4,1 twirl., ,dy I5 Margaret Gex Shirlie Giannette Robert Gipson Cheryl Goad Brenda Goldsby 0 Conchita Gonzales Antonio Gonzalez lorge Gorjon Pam Graham lacqueline Grant f i 1 ludy Grasso Dennis Gray Kenneth Green David Greenleaf Raymond Greer john Gregg Ne a G e d Kelly G othe C a G L nda Gut e Michelle Guzman Frank Haba Roberta Hadden Dianne Hahn Sheryl Hall if f , V ,T . :'jf. , , 7 kfq'j , ' ' , UN1 ENIURSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIO , . , ,:,, . .K - . We ii, ., , , M. ., M, EEENEQRSSENSO , , . - , -., ,. - It .M A 21 it ,, ' ji: Lv' in Y 5 tx i E ,Q s t-W 4. 4,3 . i ,fl so K -' 'Z Afis M ' ' 4 A ' 'eh , ' Ai IS 'HL f vw Q , 1:-rm w , '- R R ' 11----r' ' is s ,,. L ,ny if . TanaHaIlmark Shelial-lamby BetsyHamilton lim Hamilton ' Williel-lamilton 'Xi i as y :Q 0' 49,5 ?955ilf',:s.- E. Vanessa Hammonds Gloria Hampton Doyle Hanel john Hare Victor Harris , . . . f ..,-4 H H 11 'f '- ri! i ,W ,. .wx ,Wy . . 1351? , ' 5431 , i PB - Q x D ,fi V f Q l ' i l ' ek' : . ! ,.. ' lf' 1 L , Mania Harten Candice Hartline Terry Hatfield Willis Hatter Allen Hayes , rf 4 5, 1 f -A W s . -12 rg: L'- L ' i 'ps-X 7, - Y l ' X A I f H H .A A Lisa Haynes Christopher Head Rose Hein Ruth Hein Dirk Heitkamp 7 lobeth Henk Linda Henson Debbie Hernandez Don Hernandez luan Hernandez - D D y is t , s D silwsrefitfigiigikssiwij ,ENIORSSENIURSSENIORSSEMORSSENIORSSEN IORSSEN HORSSENIORSSENIO 9555FN'0RSSEN'0R55fN'9I?55I?NIORSSENIORSSENIUIWSFNIQRSSENIURSE at 'fe Are We Going? Phillip Neal,WayneT a Some of the students had at school. Mr. Bryant esti- would be I I and I tarya he I their ,ww ing seniors temporaryawqlg unt I niore definiteli what to do. I-325528 ., ,. 'ffl 1 I II Ii MXN I f XMZIZU f nn --. clyi ,.. , ' QA an-I,:?'A I I 0, N Att. Q WH-.. I Above: Thinking about a possible marriage in the ' X near future Rachel Marquez and Billy McDonald I k lwe din ina - ooa d I fi ' Valerie Hiesser I 1 RSSENIORSSEN IORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENICRSE NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENICRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOR Q . 'IWW'-x W' K' T' A-X S Q ,,v -., I ' ite tt, ge :f - f ,t-, as we . 7--, W. , ,., -. .. ,, ,, if-5. its ,. 1- -t A , ,, , i sf-fm we 5 vi K - I. f 5 I , J , it 4--H5 S f '4 S . , .. , I N., urviving Sprin Spring fever began no later than just after Christmas for seniors. It seemed like graduation would never come, and yet it was here before they knew it. To some the last quarter was base sur- vival. Dont miss more than 'I4 days! Dont fail English or government! To others it was important to successfully conclude a phase of their lives which they had been building on for the last four years. Here are some ways seniors pulled through Force of habit David Rogers I want to graduate I also have noth ing to do inthe daytime I also need to see my girl friend Wallace Thacker I think This will finally be over john jackson Parents and teachers that threaten m Katherine Saudat I made it through the school year by coming to study lab and admiring Mrs Renaudin Daniel Duke Skip at least once a week Randy Campbell 8 C ffl' U - if ':f':.flf' A . Above: Prom day is a lost cause for seniors and their teachers, One study lab teacher gives up and lets Leonard Shimell and Gerald Kaliszewski work off their energy in a frisbee game. Right: Darlene Saenz took advantage of the relaxed dress restrictions by wearing a comforta- ble sun dress on one of the warm spring days. Below: Sixth period Englishg IIO degreesg no win- dowsg no air conditioning. David Murry threatens to strip if it ever happens again, To discredit the skepticism, he does it - but he only got to the gym shorts he had worn under his slacks. n Q NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENICRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIO .. , .W ,W S- FZ., 44 , .V ,, , , ' - ' - ' A Lf , we Q .5 5, :ml V, w , 5 ,imionssmiokssmgoasssissioessmioessmioizgssmioasssrsiioiggggifigo l -- - - - . . , , , ,, ,,, et. 5. 12. 55,41-' 2 Danny Hindmon Sherri Hitt Nancy Hodgerson Debbie Taylor Hoffman Lee Holder Faith Holland Nannette Holland Terry Hollenberg Stephanie Holman Lorenza Horn Donna Hornsby Lisa Houser Richard Hrozek Denise Huddleston Teresa Huff Lonnie Hubert Anita Hutchison Kathy Hutchison Dan lnman Anderson lackson if Brenda jackson Debra jackson lohn lackson Alan lames Kelly lames Sewiokssfuiokssfwioeswi oessmiokssmioiiisfuioessizwioitiiiiiiiic 213 FNIORSQENIURSSENIORSSENICRSSEMQRSSENlORSSENlORSSENlQRgSElNllQ Karen janak Rey jasso Linda jenkins Cherry johnson Elizabeth johnson aw 3 Keith johnson Margaret johnson Michael johnson Owen johnson Teresa johnson Terry johnson Thomas johnson Vernita johnson Edward lones Larry jones Marc jones Michael jones Ronald jones Cheryl jordan Delia joseph , ...AKQT Kathy joyner Gerald Kaliszewski Roger Kare Alice Keener Gerald Kelley iisiionsswionssiirsiioRssENioizssfmiokssfiiiiiiiissigisiiiiissiriiioRSSENno K ggifgiQRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENICJ ...M King Ronald Knipstein Douglas Koiajack Tim Krailo Chris Kroll Liz Kroll EENiCRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIGRSSENIC 2l5 Q 5l5l!9ll55EN'9R55fNl9R55WQl?55fN'ORSSEN'QRSSEMQRSSEN'0R55fN'0l CZJ Sylvia Luebano Vicki Luksa Gary Lumpkins Chau Luu Kenneth Magnuson l l 4 l sez loyce Mahan Ky Mai Timothy Males Kelly Mann Susan Manning l -.r,. ' l S iw 49' J - l I 5, . , ti, f 'lf Deborah Manos Chris Marlowe Alonzo Marroquin Carol Marsh Mark Marshall Linda Martin Robin Martin Steve Martin Valerie Martin Alberto Martinez Q 5? Rhonda Martin Rose Martinez Viftor Martinez lulie Massey Cindi Matthews E?5ffV5't1slrQfpQ:ifa i tffs r.azz :eQfQLm14m' ar,t 'srt sgw,Mye,1,zwQfapsgg ,trtta stsv, -S .u55MM,JNQMM or ENIORSSENIORSSENHORSSENIORSSENQORSSENIORSSEN IORSSENIORSSENIOI 216 ENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENICRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOII EN nm. .. ... Pam Maxwell NIORSSENIORSSEN DRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOR f Q V W 2 2 ' 2 fi N 1 ? 51 f 1 f ai 7 NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENEORSSENIORSSENIORSSEMORSSENIOI ' E ? I . 2 W, 1 'i I 3' .Hi W 'i : 'M K, Q 1 'kW , ,gf L :f ' 1 'T S if fv 11, sf' F' - ' - T if ,, Q? fi v S y f fe rtes at at tsie 1 4 S it S v , 1 WW X Senior' Bi'ecKvQnS'T-'IZBOM in -f-he Caf'eTEfi0'M'3Y ll I SQINICW Rom' 942 Pm 0+-fm, Galleria Plum-M05 awww - i OUOCK Larry McCullough Tim McCullough Hou9lon Cofln'S6.Vfh'L Groduorrion Rwlbvl Hpugifor, COHiSwm 4 Job Pound UP 901 gh -HB Libra!-y May Z1 Amr-C45 H-eser1'faHon71 R M C h ffM D ' I eta C utc eon Ie c anne kh 'the Audnm-Nm, 'U ir' .w,? fW1 '1' 1 451 - 'Z' 1 7 Y V 1, . fa V' -' 3afgaiy- ,fi P -ft . ,W ,gswr 5 f. fi-s-:gg f g,gr,g7fAg 'Q V y 1 ,wyfvm fic. af- ' af . ,T nf 14 -TQ: A ' 'W ' Billy McDonald LarrvMcDonaId ' ' ' yi.: X gunna? -, i Shelli McDonaId Curtis McDugle S- ,, W, -H 52, L Above: Seniors sold more than 523,000 worth magazines in their sale. Most of the money w , turned in on the last day, Luke Schmidt and Lind Douglas McHenry Langley McKeIvy Morris turn their money in to faculty committe member Mrs. Nita Pou. ENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIO Etwlltfjt aer t t t 218 ENIGWSSEMEURSSENIORSSENKEQSSENEGRSSQNEURSSENEORSSENl0RSSENlOl li i lllllllm 0 ' X . 1' . A xj ' r :CN 5' 'ft Z a:'f 'fQ Q - Xxx fl l ff - .,gpf?'?s . N., -..kV , .325 X, Together to the End ff? -we 1 er . ..,-. NW W may 4.. . t .,,, sv . 3 I ff I l l I i l ' . , , 'laQai.i?f 571l.L5j7l22l,1',2L2 t iw T i'4?ff,.fii.i , Since their freshman year the seniors had been raising money with the nebu- lous prom as their goal. In September it all began to come together. They pulled together to raise enough money to pay for the most expensive prom Aldine had ever had and for other senior activities. Class identity began to take shape early in the year as officers, song, flow- ers, motto and colors were chosen to represent the class. Seniors won the Spirit Chain contest and the Pegasus Award but lost the annual junior-senior powder puff foot- ball game. Together as a class they participated in the final activities, prom, the break- fast, graduation practices and, for the last time, graduation. Left: Seniors allowed the juniors to shut them out 13f0 in the annual junior-senior powder puff foot- ball game sponsored bythe seniors. Rita Parr runs with the ball but to no avail, Above: Endless meetings and forms to fill out complicate the lives of seniors. Alfred Williams orders graduation necessities during a meeting in the auditorium. Left: No sooner has he picked up his bag than David Ragusa stops to examine the items and to be sure his name has been spelled correctly. NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOF Lynne McNutt love McQueen Howard McWhorter Annette Means Sharon Menard 1 . C IV. Miller Ruth Miller Yvonne Miltelstedl Beverly Mize lulee Montemayor Robin Moore ' Maxino Moreno Linda Morris Dennis Mott Lorri Murphy David Murry Monica Neal Phillip Neal Bill Neeley Susan Neeley Debra Newsom SENIDRSlSlENlDlfSSlENlORSSElNIORSSENlORSSENlORSSENlORSSENlOl2SSENl6l 220 I i ENIORSSENBQRSSINQRSSENIORSSENHQRSSENRORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOP P a a i e ss me 5 of l I Z' Cheryl Newton Darlene Nichols Clarence Nicks Mike Nimmons Patricia Nino I ' an Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Martha Nowlun Belk Null 'Y' ...Q Erick Oak an Kathy Oliver Cynthia Olivo Ruby Olmos Roland Padilla Tina Pagel Yvette Palomo Randy Parker Carolyn Parks Reta Parr i Stacy Parsons Deana Patterson ludy Payne Holly Peebles Richard Pennell i NiokssfnioksslawIORSSENiokssmiokissfwloRssENionssewioiisgiiilol ENlQRSSlQlSllORSSliNIORSSENIORSSEMORSSENlORSSENl0RSSENlOl2SSENlOl 409 ' .alma-n V! and Gary Perrard Cynthia Peterson ludy Peterson Roy Phifer ze K- R, WW' 1 4- --P: ?f5w5igi if P N sw ,. , V L , ' . A 3:1 , .Q , ' ' 1 Charles Pierce Bonnie Pillows leff Pinson Kelley Pittman DannyVPoe f c. , 1 Susan Politz Terry Pratt Frieda Price Mark Price Carey Pruett 'sg Ranell Puckett Alicia Puente Fran Purdue Kim Putt loe Pye d Ragusa Moll Rann-.:M A NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENICRSSENQO SN, , , , at , , W Q s if .. i ' if if ,nga it 5 gg x . . ff, . lf xiii ,J f . .. . If Hat- ,xp , i ii?.,.,,fl 72 V ' - ' 3 E 5 4621, -.all -.ff il It Hurt But We Survived Being uprooted wasn't new to the l79 seniors. Transferring students to ie new Nimitz High School was a peat of what had happened to the stu- ents when Teague Middle School was pened and the class had been divided ,the eighth grade. I No exceptions was the announced plan for transfers. After days of frustra- tions, tears, anger and confusion the ruling was changed, and seniors were given a choice of going to Nimitz or staying at Aldine. Because of the integration ruling in the district, Carver High School was closed and the building used for the new Aldine Contemporary Education program. The Carver students had no choice. They were transferred to three other district high schools. I We Had a Choice We Didlfl Seniors Chggge Seniors Transfer I Aldine Over Nimitz From Carver to Aldine l'd been here lfor three years and didn't want to leave here my senior year. I was going to live with my grand- lmotherf' Victor Harris I was mad, because there's no sense in having to go there ito Nimitzl one year. I just wanted to find a way to get out of it. I thought about using someone else's address. lanet Waltrip I didn t viant to come reall really that this has been an experience rue di want to come but lm glad I got the chance to be around white kids and to go to school with them because I do realize that this is the way life will be I m glad I had the opportu nity to dothis Betty Ford Y because it was a big school and I thought wouldnt get the personal atten- ' n hat I over there lat Carverl. The elec- tronics class that I'm taking over here is better because they teach you more because the facil- ities are better here. Anderson Thompson 527 s t s if is' s at NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSIENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENI6 qu BIIODS I A- V ., .' . s I6 ' fl 4j 1 . 'nr- Q WNIQRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEINHORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOR 15 V5 if H K , ' f I K K , .kkv ., x k.kf K I K R A . .. .. .-.- . .1 n ,I-, ,, n:ll:-... n,VJ..:,...,.. M Phyllis Roeber David Rogers Daniel Rohde Andrew Romo Kenneth Koy IZEJNIORQENIORSSENIORSSENHQRSSEN!ORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIQI 7. Zi Keith Sacchieri Darlene Saenz Margaret Salah Carolyn Salinas Liz Salinas 1 1 r I hsh N 1 Rhonda Seymour Conme Shaddox Kathy Shaw Leonard Shrmell Phylls Sumon e , e,e , Vay. r , , W y ey - a. r ENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSE NHORSSENIORSSENKJRSSENEORSSENIO ENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENlQRSSENIQRSSENIORSSENIORSSEMQQ -. I f - ' 1 ' - - f ' K ' . . '5 1r,! i yr. - 8 ffm .Q Ji v . ,J 'tv A Gwendolyn Singleton.. Rorhert Skillern David Sluder Ricky Smalley Annette Smith 4- x, Q'1' ur' if sf 1 will!-f A Charlotte Smith David Smith Iohn Smith Phyllis Smith Richard Smith pri 423' Timothy Smith Gary Snead Valerie Snyder Mary Spardella Susan Spence ii' cl-7 Roberta Stavely Tracy Steele Roxanne Stegent Steve Steinocher Gregory Stevens Belinda Stockwell Bubba Stokely lay Stone Tamara Stovall Stephanie Stowe 'S tlefii i p S l 'flf , lll', M g S SENlORSSENlORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIGRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIC 227 SENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENBURSSENBORSSEMQRSSENIORSSENI S, ,fi 5,6 Y? ,,.: M 1 at ,,.. ,,,. I V V, N. . . ,I . i .. A X. V H V V I L , V . ,, J' , ,: s:, .1 .E : f e. Q: 4- 'f 1 5- , ' -, - . ,. , ., . - ff - f 2 A. , ,. .1 f ,. '- .. , ,V - A 'JI ' + I ! Tim Stratton Nathaniel Stroud alll ' i L Sarah Stubblefield Deborah Swabado 1 w V A .ul efy. SENl0RssENtmzssENsoRss5Ntoszsstwsonsseml0RssENaQRssENnoRssEN ORSSENIORSSEMORSSEN IORSSEN IORSSENIORSSEMORSSENIORSSEN IORS Seniors Cruise Fantasy Island Portholes revealed the island scenery, tables set the mood for a Hawaiian luau, and seniors spent an hour on the Love Boat during their senior breakfast. Students were greeted to Fantas, Island by class officers, dressed in bright prints, who placed leis around their necks. They ate a breakfast of pancakes and tropical fruit and dined at tables set with paper party pineapples and can- dles set in coconuts. During the program, introductions of representatives from central office, sen- ior sponsors, valedictorian, salutatorian, class officers and other guests were made and gifts presented to some of the guests. A plaque of appreciation for the four years of work with the class was presented to senior counselor F. C. Bryant. A few farewell speeches were made and the students were dismissed to go to class until noon when many would check out of school to begin preparing for prom activities that evening. Left: Beginning and ending the day together, sen- iors enjoy a breakfast of pancakes, sausage and fruit salad on the morning of the prom. ORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN IORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEMORSSEN IORS ENlQli55ENilifl?ii35W?iif3i5i555?NlGE555li4l9RSS5ih5?Q5?33i'5NlQR55W?QR555Nl0l A4 A Qf 1 i T i or wer' Renee Taylor Treva Taylor Wayne Thacker Cheryl Thomas james Thomas Ralph Thomas Thomas Thompson Sandra Timm Vicki Timmins juan Torres S l l l i l l Lorenzo Torres Michael Torres Leonarcl Toups Richard Trcalek Dat Truong Tuyel Truong Alan Tucker William Turner Larry Twardowski jerry Uhyrek Y Camerina Valdemar Israel Valdemar Monte Valentine Mary Van Kerrebrook Connie Vasquez V ENlORSStNIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN ORSSENIORSSENlORSSENlORSSl:.NlU 230 ilZNlORSSENlORSSENlORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIGRSSENHORSSENIORSSENIO syts W s eriie W e , + s 3 V h d Wages Donald Walker Polly Walker Rita Walker Lamar Walley Y Rodney Walther Sherrie Walton janet Waltrip, Laurel Waltrio Y Terri Ward Patricia Warman Mitch Wartenbach Donald Washington Marilyn Washington lody Watkins ,A ilii all 595 ENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENISQSSEFNGU ' 231 ENIORSSENIORSSENIURSSENID Rain Doesn't Dam pen Spirits Students spent several weeks of plan- ning for one special night - the Senior Prom. Renting tuxes, ordering corsages and boutonnieres, buying formals and choosing an expensive restaurant were parts of the fun and the expense of going to the prom. Seniors and their dates attended the prom at the Galleria Plaza Hotel on May ll, Two free tickets were provided for seniors who sold 570.00 in magazines but for others, tickets were 515.00 each. Seniors had sold about 523,000 worth of magazines to pay for their senior activi- ties, including the 516,000 prom. Free beverages and an elaborate buf- fet were offered when students arrived. Mementoes were given when students departed. Dancing, chatting at tables, eating egg rolls, clicking pictures and cuddling filled the evening. Not getting enough celebration dur- ing the four hours of prom, many stu- dents went to breakfasts, the beach, and other after-prom activities. Left: Checking lo see that il's the right size, David Rayburn tries on his rented tux before leaving the store. Above: Margaret johnson displays how elaborate some students dressed for prom night. Left: lerry Dennis and Brad Leathers pick up their corsages for the prom after they left school at noon. Y' We 'i,,., C 1 'l' , -Z Y l , J , ' ...- T .-:' f ........... li V ENIORSSENBURSSENlQRSSEh-llGEiSSEf?tslEQRSSENlQRSSEhiEiORSSENlORSSENlOP - ,- i 1 2 I .. lENIORSSENlORSSENIORSSENIORSSENlORSSENlORSSENlORSSElNllORSSENlOl Larry Westbrook leff Whitaker ludy Whitelaw Roger Wiederhold Bernard Williams 'x gg, x 'RES 1 Ernestlne Williams Max Williams Renee Williams Deborah Willis Michael Wilson Tricia Wilson Rob Winship Donald Wisener Cherita Wright Elizabeth Yanez Howard Yorek v -'xi 14.3 -7 V iii--1 L Above: To leave school early on the day of the principal Vernon Lewis or Mrs. Alice Wishard. prom, students had to have special permission in Martha Gomez, lohn Hare and Lynn Cagle get U advance with a phone call from their parents to their excuses checked. Yonme Yosko ENIORSSEMORSSENLORSSENIORSSENEORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIGRSSENIO' 233 Lot of Hassle . . . The toot of a plastic horn, applause, and shouts of way to go ushered sen- iors into the new world of a high school graduate. Two and a half hours it took to be graduated. There were no long speeches, only a brief rundown of the accomplishments of the class by princi- pal Vernon Lewis and speeches by the valedictorian and salutatorian. The most important things taught in school have little to do with books, salutatorian Mary Ng said. Here we learn how to function in society, hope- fully, how to be productive. Valedictorian Susan Spence used 234 --ll 3 ll Mark Tvvain's idea that parents give their children two things, roots and wings. Schools build on those roots. With roots to support us and wings to lift us, we can fulfill our destinies and be true to the dreams of our youth, she said. Students chatted or sat quietly as the more than 500 students received their diplomas. Then it was over. They marched out of the coliseum and were history. Right: Anticipation explodes. As the graduating class is presented to the audience a cap sails into the air. l f i Above: Lining up in the right order is carefully supervised by government teacher Pam Bertone as she waits for her group to arrive. Melody King, Ronald Knipstein, Doug Kolaiack, Tim Krailo, Cheryl Lane and Robby Lanham wait in alphabeti- cal order. Right: Number one on the list of seniors, Stephen Aaron looks at the program to determine how many more names are left to be called. A l Aff I a l l Below: Stepping away from their classmates, sen- iors ioin their fellow choir members to sing together for the last time. Q 40- T 4f,.ef,g3A Z-S' ,, I if 'V 1 f' 4 X P il t i I i. I g5g,,5,uv Above: Finally! Craig Ainsworth receives his dip- loma cover from school board member Tom Grantham. Diplomas are picked up after the cere- mony as students returned their gowns and caps. Left: Happy, sad, scared are some of the emotions experienced by seniors as they face a turning point in their lives, Carlette Brewton, Cheryl Briggs and Brenda Briley move the tassels on their caps from right to left, signifying their graduation, -LB wi K N J il yi ,ff f' X -s. an X i Irv? x..., X Q I ----wwf ., ' as A i .s Q X it y ,J lg A 5, X I ' 5-ff? ' ,. P' N I t 5 Q 5 Y 4 Sonya Rodriquez takes time out bring the tricycle races t . r breath, i . ' ' 'L- ui , Patricia def J li il i i officer, Diane Go Y UNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNKIDRSIUNlO RSlLlNIORSIUNl ackley, rhonda acosta, patricia adams, tina aquilar, eugenia aldredge, roger alexander, aaron alexander, ricky alfaro,arthur alfaro, rhonda alvear, alice alves, dionel anderson, mike arnold, richard arredondo, richard ashford, timmy atkins, jonna avery, sharron avila, maria bacigalupo, lisa baker, claudell baker, jon balkcom, michael balli, robert bancroft, john barbee, rumisha barker, gwen barnett, william bauerkemper, I.c. beal, carolyn becerra, ernest belcher, keri belnoski, mike benestante, diana benthall, kelli bernal, jaime bernal, roberta besetzny, meloney blanco, gigi bolton, alan bomefond, fahee bonds, Iorraine bonin, scott bookman, billy borski, ronald bortz, cindy boudousquie, robert bounds, randy bowen, gina boyd, alicia boyd, darrion brady, ann brake, debbie brandon, debra brauer, terri brautigam, travis bretting, denise brotherton, sharon broussard, angela brumbelow, marilyn buchanan, Cassandra buck, henry buckner, marvin bugaj, denise buller, steven NIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSBUNIORSBUNIORSQUNIORSIUNIORSIUNI UNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNlORSlUNlORSlUNl Q-1 ? ' i Y l + it fi2i iite Sf il W A a bundirk, craig burdick, paul burk, allen burnett, roberta bumham, greg burns, bridgell burns, richie burns, terry burnside, terry burton, brian busa, howard bush, iamie ta butlitla, russell Campbell, john capers, greg Q., nargill, iohn farlson, karl Carroll, melissa carter,c'indy Castellese,antia Castillo, ronnie cathey, mark center, cindy chan, david , l YM' lx x X 1 Kenneth Tullis W Handsome Q Ke s Above: Enjoying the scenery of a sidewalk cafe, the lunior nominees take their plafes for the Corona Y . lion. Front Row: Mark Harris, popular, handsome, Patricia Matthews, beautiful, popularg Mark Evangel Beal-ltlful . 'I I Ptt'Plt I lT mK'th b t'flS lR 'MkH he ' is a, popu arg a I a erson, popu arg an: am y If en, eau i u. efonc ow. ar ump rits, handsome, Kellv Keys, beautiful, Kenneth Tullis, handsome, and Melissa Tagle, popular. Third Row: Robbie Roberts, popular. JNIORSIUNEORSIUNIORSIUNlOR5El,iNl0RSlUNSif?R:'3ii,3Nl0RSlUNlURSlUNl JNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNI 238 l ' Y I 'W-fs 4,,, , ,. LSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIQRSIQNIGRSIUNICJRSIUNlQl2SlUlNllQRSIUNIORSIL Mark Harris Most Popu Patricia Ma Most Popular 'nas K K ,, . 7 , k 1, . ,,giji.,5.- .- , .t , . , . , at , mmaav.-,K I -1,5 'LV chan, mike chen, mike clark, sandra clark, steve clark, tracy i cle-ment,karen cIements,cindy I Cobb, vincent colbert, tammie Coleman, rodney Collins, donna cook, guy coon, karen cooper, felicia cooper, todd corcorran, lindley Corgey, russell Cornelius, jeffrey cox, mike cox, susan Coy, Cynthia coyel, melissa Criswell, lynn Crout, john juniors Stop at French Cafe The juniors stopped in France on their tour Around the World at the Cor- onation. Most popular students, elected by the Class, and most beautiful and handsome students, selected by judges, were presented at the morning and evening performances, For Homecoming the duchess and candidates were presented at the Home- coming pep rally. Duchess Patti Paterson represented the juniors in halftime activities ICI: Patterson A ing Duchess v. ' I 'a:,t,,t.,,5,i y, , I A nf ., -.gv I , ziwfgg ts, - W , , ' , A '- ,e- . . . -L IUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIU UNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIQBSIUl X it o N it ur 'ifl ,vw-,ff-1 Q , P' Above: IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Front Row: Mel- Shannon Riley - Parliamentariang Claudell Baker issa Tagle - Secretaryg Stephanie Geraci - Trea- -Vice President. surerg Patti Patterson - President. Second Row: cudd, tricia danforth, linda daubert, lorie daut, valerie davis, daniel davis, roy dawson, mark ' day, dianna deltenre, richard denmon, belinda diaz, tony digiovanni, risa dillard, dean divin, deanna dixon, donna do, my duyen doan, phuc dobie, todd dossett, dwayne dowies, donna doyle, mitzie drummond, robin drymond, susan dunaway, charlotte IUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSI 240 5RSlUNlORSlUNlORSlUNIORSIUNIORSIUNlORSlUNg?EBSlUNlORSlUNIGR 2.3 Us s N 'ills if Q Challenged On All Sides Hassled from both sides, juniors faced the traditional competition with seniors and were surprised by the competition from an aggressive sophomore class. juniors worked to prove their spirit superiority. They won the Spirit Stick and ran side by side with sophomores in the Spirit Chain competition. After their candy sale in which the juniors made about 5650, they were frustrated by an unsuccessful attempt to sponsor a Christmas dance. The dance was canceled because of lack of ticket sales. They also sponsored the annual junior Follies in April. Victorious juniors rejoiced after their T3-0 defeat of the seniors in the junior - senior powder puff football game. duncan, rickie dunn, eugene d t eddins, jimmy elizalde, david elmore, dedria ' vans, gerald evans, rochelle fl d ferguson, scott fields, keith flores, james flores, virginia fogle, david fogle, sheryl forse, lisa Glitiitsitaiimgbiisifsitits tv ef it tsti' ,,s,i 5? ORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIOR unn,margare eastland, bernadette ellis, pa evan elista mark arey, on feIlman,johnnie fernandez, susan fincher, richard franklin, william I UNIQRSIUNl0RSlUNlORSlUNlORSEUNEURSIUNlORSlUNlORSlUNEORS,lUNl fric, janelle friedrich, lisa furr, doris tlkfif gallegos, yvonne garfeau, brian garcia, charles garcia, lisa garcia, ruth garcia, salvador garrard, john garrert, tyrone garrett, brenda garza, david gaudet, romney eraci st a ' ta .,...s:QlLf1i.fv gillespie, mark godvvin, teresa godwin, terry go gonzalez, richard gorceo, lorenzo goyne, diane graham, Carol graham, keith graham, sherri granger, Wilfred grant, jacqueline grant, james green, david green, debbie green, steve green, tom gregory, paula griest, Cynthia grimes, natalie guajardo, al guice, beth guilIot,glenn hackett, iacquelyn hall, stuart hall, tammy hampton, sonja hanks, allison hanna, dean harding, charles harris, jeannie hi!-WBIL harris, ronnie harris, shawn harris, starla haycraft, marilynn hays, jeff hayslip, doyle hein, mark heinz, marla hendrickson, vickie henry, michael hernandez Luke hickey, jim hicks, marilyn hild, debbie hoang, thu hoffart, ray hoffart, russell ' r , ,t ., was lf: . ,: gtayl ff? 'L ' Jixiioizsiumoizs 242 IUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIURSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNI RSQUNEORSBUWURSBUNEURSEUNIGRSEUNSORSEEJNEGRSEUNEORSIUNIORSIU s holden, kreg h ll'd I o i ay, arry holmes, virginia holt,yolanda honick,sandra hornbucnkle, rirh houston, lee Houston, roy - howard, karen howelh, richard hrozek, kathleen huggins, ruhy humphries, mark hu hunter, regina hunter, reginald ingram, angie inmgg Lay jackson, tony jaeger, Wilma jenkins, cindy jenkins, vifky I l jimenez, e C a johns, kimberly johnson, james johnson, karen johnson, mike j6hRMT6R-tia iQCLBSf99f449F+ jones, lara jones, sally jordan, gay joseph, maxine joseph, sandra joubert, gabriel jupin, bohhie k keeney, brenda keeth, glenn kelley, tommy kendall, scott kennard, Suzanne kennard, troy kerns, kerrie k k ll eys e y king, verna kinser, debi kitchen, tammy kleerekoper, susan kloepner, ernest knight, Carole kolodejcak, kenneth konvirka, dehbie korn, wade k . . owls, gina Iambert, robin lamberth, dennis lancon, Carol lane, john Iester, kellie letney, brad leverett, sharon lewandowski, david Iewi, jack is to tt t Lf K., ,, P ssisjegjij SjUNlORSiUNlORSIUNiOl2SiUNlORSjUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSjUNl6RSIU 243 IUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIQRSIUNIORSIUI W I N I A Q U U NIO RS I U I lewis, steve Iinden, james Iitll d rnetria I' I janeiie , I ,carlos I I beverly W I 5, david I hak, eva I h brenda h do,syIvia k, morris melody ,james annette k, kathy uzanne h II richard tin rica z, henry ,jo ann z, laura ossanne , I ck,iana I I k, kathy I iR i I f Above: Flaunting their out-of-proportioned fig- Mark Evangelista, Mark Harris and Ricky Roble ures jeff Turnbovv, Randy Walker, Robbie Roberts, help cheer their team to a 13-0 victory. BUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIDRS!UNIQRSMIMII!fIRS!LINIQRSIU IUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIU ORSNNIORQIUNIORSIUNIQRSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIOR omtimioaslwastorsaia,,iNsa,,sltsjuNioRsjuNioksauNioRslusaaoasgowion Above: While referees ag teacher Mike McCown and counselor F. G. Bryant keep their eyes on the ball, junior Kathleen Hrozek tries to make a fast getaway from senior Suzanne Colburn, mattern, debbie matthews, patricia maxey, linda maxie, richard mazyn, teresa mcbride, vivian mccabe, robin mcclanahan, shawn mcclere, richard mccord, beth mccurdy, linda mcdaniel, sherry mcdaniel, theresa mcdonald, raymond mceachern, linda mcelroy, sherri mcfarland, darrell mckeehan, bonnie mcmullen, tricia mcqueen, jimmy mcqueen, paul mcrae, paul meek, jerry melchor, johnny juniors Shut Out Seniors Outpracticing the seniors and using their record setting track star, Kathleen Hrozek, junior coach Charles Fitzmorris led the team to an undisputed victory, Kathleen Hrozek made all the touchdowns with jackie Grant and Carrie Pohlmeyer leading the defense in the 13-O game. The game, played during seventh period, was sponsored by the seniors and was the last formal competition between the rival junior and senior classes. Ct i,, E Ll N ite X 55 if ORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIOR JNIORSIUNIQRSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNlORSlUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNU lmost but ot Quite Everyone has tried on a class ring of his parents or of an older friend before. But that was nothing for the juniors compared to getting to order their own class rings. Special features such as initials inside the ring, a picture of a horse or the letter A on the stone could be added to the stone which most students ordered in blue. Students could also put their favorite sports clubs or school emblems on the sides of the rings. juniors were disappointed that the rings were not delivered before the end of the year. Already! Senior picture information was distributed in an auditorium meet- ing during study labs. Leaving their names and telephone numbers, stu- dents learned that they would be called in August about an appointment. The end of the year came and the juniors became seniors with all the trimmings. melton, connie miers, Willie miller, steven milligan, anthony minnich, tammy rnoncus, randy moore, cheryl moore, kathy moore, kelli moreno, roland morris, brel moses, amado moses, mark mosley, becky murff, norma murry, mike nation, chris neal, cheryl neeley, greg nelson, chandra nguy, eng nguyen, hieu nguyen, john nguyen, phuong me s.f.. 1,i':' ' Q JNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNlORSlUNIORSIUNlORSlUNlORSlUNlORSlUNlt 'i tSll.lNlORSlUNlORSlUNlORSjlJNlORSllJNlORSlUNlORSjLlNlORSlUlNllQRSIU Left: lune 11 - Senior rings arrive. Kelli Lester and Below: As Ronald Borski puts down a deposit lor Melody Mangum waste no time beginning the rit- his senior ring, Mark Rogerson waits in line ual of having friends turn their rings, patiently. N , it R Above: During a meeting in the audito- rium, Hung Dinh writes his name, address and telephone number so he will be noti- fied about senior portraits, noel, richard osborn, david pagel, tommy patten, caro patterson, leni pavlik, mike payne, mary peables, dawn peraza, ilyana perez, cynthia perez, ioe permenter, wi peters, kim pham, hung phillips, debra pierce, robbie pietsch, aaron nicholes, tracy opela, danette parshall, dudley I I8 patterson, marcus patterson, patti patterson, shari patterson, stephanie lliam ISIUNIQRSIUNIORSIUNlORSlUNlORSlUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUMQRSIU fs.: was - ..,,.1.,,,.,, 247 -is ', . UNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNI l.,lNlQRS2iE?ts?EWQ? pietsch, robert pohlmeyer, carrie poole, robert portie, lee ann prewitt, troy price, donna priesmeyer, terri puente, estella pyle, raymond randall, ivy randolph, stephanie ray, stanley reyes, Carolyn rhodes, steven riels, cynthia riley, shannon rios, lourdes rios, maria ritchey, Iorraine roberts, becky roberts, robert robinson, darryl robles, ricky rocka, belinda rodriguez, sonya rodriguez, yvette rogerson, mark ross, arlisa roth, stephen roy, donna ruemke, kenneth rutledge, iames sacchieri, sharon salazar, ricky saldivar, martin ' saIitros,chris sallaz, cheryl sanchez, kenneth sanders, annette sandoz, ianet sandstedt, billy sappington, rhonda sarage, terence Schaefer, mike schoonover, lisa schuebel, cathy scott, benita seitzler, bubba self, sharon sepolio, marie serres, rebecca shafer, marcie sharp, david shaw, randy shell, chuck shorter, ronald sides, terri singleton, patricia sivcoski, paul slatton, peggy sluder, sandie smith, gall smith, laurle smith, steve Y, .,,. V, 1 it tiff thx ,ski UNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNI 248 lRSlUNlORSlUNlGRSlUlN-ll0RSlUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUMQRSIL is l l secl , ' ll Wi l l i l a l l .,,f,.waK,t-'-.,1,V spear, george staha, janet stamps, michael stanley, sandra stepanski, joanna stites, ricky stokes, cheryl street, leanna strickland, david swesey, david tagle, melissa tanton, belinda tello, armando terry, sam thacker, mark thompson, larry thornell, robin thornton, gary tigert, traci tilley, tommy tolar, rita torrence, danny toupin, susan trevino, richard tucker, jean tucker, lisa lull s kennel turn ow,jelt turner, b t turner, ro er twardowski- y underwood, lisa usher, connie valles, monarissa vara, nita vargas, louis vasquez, rene vaughan, karen vaughan, nina vaught, kevin vela, janet vercher, debbie v Qi vlach, tina walker, donetha wallg-gL.nausiv. wall, deanna Wallace, latonya walther, glenda wamble, floyd waneck, ronald ward, teresa watts, johnny watts, marva webb, sandra wehunt, paul welder, susan west, marlin white, rhonda Whiteman, jennifer whitton, angela wieghat, janel weighat, tina wiley, angela sl in -f liek . xig Q ,Q tl it Ii V , - 1 , i ' em - gy. .S1,a:1.,.'62t 'E ?'Qr,,Y,e2'2.,,F tex- ' . SlUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNEORSBUNIORSQUNl0RS,lUNlORSlUNlORSIL 249 Follies Set At Hawaiian Luau Scary' But once you take the first step its smooth sailing said junior Salvador Garcia about his talent act even though he is an experi- enced actor. About 15 acts tried out for the annual junior Follies, with judges choosing 11 acts to perform. Trophies were given to the first, second and third place winners which were chosen by a stu- dent teacher, a teacher and a former Aldine stu- dent. The talent acts ranged from karate to disco dancing. The junior Follies theme was an Hawaii luau. 'UN'GRS'UN'Q!S5lllQlQ3g5lUN'0R5lUN'0R5lllN'0R5!!4N'0R5lUl5ll0R5lU' williams, craig williams, herbert williams, tressa wilson, buster wilson, ginger wilson, morris winfield, terry winfrey, andrea winkler, jimmy wisener, doug Above: bet at an Hawaiian luau, Iunior Follies acts are introduced to the guests by master and mistresses of ceremony Kelly Keys, Patti Patterson and Mark Evangelista. Left: Winners of the Iunior Follies are sophomore Michele Gilbert, first place fora twirling routine to Snowbirdg'l freshmen Iill Pierce and Tracy Brown second place for a disco dance to Contact , and senior lerilyn Ferguson third place for a jazz dance to Superman '22 iiit t e IUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUI' ORSEUNEQRSIUNIORSIUNIURSIUNIORSJUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIOR fQxLf l' 1 Right: For the second year Michele Gilbert wins first place in the junior Follies with her twirling routine. Michele has won several national twirling awards and teaches twirling after school. Below: It you could read my mind, sings junior Leeann Portie, one of the acts in the junior Follies, wttcher keith wong shui kam wood tammy woods dalfenia woods kenneth wright craig q?l wylie, janet wyrick, martha york, john k , yos e, yonnie zaborowski, jackie ORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNlORSlUNlORSlUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIORSIUNIOR 52 0 Trying if n the spirjt Chain conlpetition, Terri , Payne, f wed bYqOIh9f..'Ql3SSfTi8lES rps in . abo 151 m nthelastdayfigiq 1' J Q m . J Q2 3 'Y 3' f V f, X JY X34 xp 1 Q, j Paapav' 'ff omesr, William g Spearfpf ' 'p oo X 'lting on a block Oficew ' 3 1? f- fflf h J ,g -i 4 as . Una r...w6 Q . .J I N Qlfl'lQMORESSOPHOMORESSQlfl-lDMORESSUPHOMORESSQH-lQMORESSC . fax l aaron, robert abke, rodney ainsworth, brian albert, wendy aleman, kathy alexander, mary alford, jacques alfred, david allen, kim amerson, jeff anderson, patricia anderson, renee andreozzi, dan andrews, craig andrus, shelley arredondo, renee ash, jimmy attaway, d'linn ausburne, greg averitt, roxanne b h n a r,an bailey, sheryl baker, bobby baker, dean baldridge, tracy baldwin, pelar ballard, kenneth ballard, rhonda bang, binh barajas, carlos barbee, harold barrett, hugh barrett, renee basquez, gavino bates, johnny bates, steve batiste, Carla batiste, mary baudat, walter baugh, christine bawson, barry beals, debra bednarek, debbie bell, kathy beltran, mike benthall, kenneth bentley, randy berry, tereance berry, tom bickford, david bielamowicz,patric1a biggs, julie blair, tina blanchard, george bolt, sharon boring, greg boss, phillip bosworth, sam boyd, lavinia bracewell, ray bradford, terry bradshaw, todd brantley, kurt brantley, robin Y ,YJ ,M ,win ,WE ., ,, xg,,..x .1 Q i,,..,Z . k in K I I I - QM, my PHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSC QPHOMORESSQPHOMORESSGPHOMORISSOPHOMORESSOPHOMGRESSC brinkman, lina brinkmeyer, mike brooks, john broussard, charlane brown, Connie brown,richie l k d ' l Jroza , anie brubaker, mike bruce, ray brumlow, delena bryant, charles buckner, kervin bugaj, patrick buhrle, sheldon burdge, ronda burk, rene burleson, kristie burns, gary burns, russell burns, steven Caesar, helen Caldwell, arletha Campbell, dena Cantu, brenda Cantu, Cynthia capers, sharon carr, leland Carroll, melissa cason, roy Cass, sheri Castillo, Carolina Castillo, kelley Castro, phillip Cates, shannan cathey, tracy Cerda, antonio Cerna, marcy Chambers, melissa h f C ance, rances Charlton, Christine Chatman, van Chavez, dellanira chen, frank Chester, terry Childress, susie , Choi, il Xchrist, russell Clements, melissa Clepper, stacy Clifton, robert Clifton, stephanie Coclgrel lggngy Coffelt, phyllis Coleman, james folmaaww Collins, brenda Collins, gary collins, william Conner, sherri Connolly, dana Connolly, dawn Corley, william Costello, johnny Cox, kelly 6lllrl6lii3liliSSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSC 254 alGMGRESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPH -Q A if .. cox, sherry crocker, greg cuellar, arthur Cummings, stuart davidson, laura barbara nn' davis, davis, co ie davis, debbie davis, dennis davis, gerald davis, marilyn day, foy day, molly dees, deanna delafuente, cindy denson, jody denson, judy deville, kelli dixon, charles doane, andrea doomes, robin dorby, elbert dowdell, cheryl drews, chris dunn, michele edwards, glenn edwards, harold elfman, eric embody, elaine emert, nita emile, joseph ennis, britt eppinger, jodi escobar, alan esman, ron ester, john evans, bradley evans, donna k 'th evans, ei evans, rush fangman, shirley fellman, joe feuers, Cynthia fields, kevin fincher, judy flick, david flores, louis flores, roxanne flowers, jimmy flowers, lee foley, pamela folk, mike ford, debbie forehand, barbara foster, mary fountain, missy fowler, james francis, eddie frazier, michael f bill rey, y frost, richard fujimoto, cindy fuller, glenn gage, jarvis oMoRizssoruomomzssovuomoiuzssovuoiviomissovuoivioizisssovu BOPHOMORESSGPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSGPHQMQRESS ,M We Z. 2 . . ,f' -. 2. i v f V ,K , A- 5 2' w H. . ftf fr fa XT Vg 't ,Qfwt ,, Fl: S535 . -:N W af' A E W ,- A '- ' .:. C - -' -r Sw i vi wg A be -- ' fi: vi .w f lf' .14 2 g . A - 1 , ,I , K- 'E , 3 is rr 1, J 2, 1 if A e, L- Q2 lemma 'wwf' r if is 2 A wwf as f,,,.fi, ,K ,, V . .,- r' fLllOOl M,,,.--'P ,MV Above: SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Wendy Phillip Nevlud, president, Kelli Deville, vice presi Albert, parliamentariang Terri Payne, treasurer, denlgand Debbie Ford, secretary, galaviz, donna gallegos, monica gamez, david garcia, jason , garcia, marie r ' t ga cia, pa garibay, guy 4 g2'lfFEll,l'laI'1nelI9 . gaffell, OSCZH garza, iorge 5 garza, rebecca gallin, kenneth gentle, carolee george, denny george, kenny germany, ronle gibson, bruce giese, lisa . gilberi, michele 1 gilbreath, eddie gilmore, alicia gilpin, glenda girard, robin godfrey, sheila O P H Q Ni 613 R E iii EU li ,e,. ff 23 .iii iff aff s gggyg gs , S n g fi if OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSGPHOMORESSOPHOMORESS 256 'HOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOP iiiUfv lORESS0PHOlyiGRESSUPHiIifvlQii5SSUi3l'iUfviQRESSfn3Pi?fEi3MUiiLESSOP Sophomores Unite That's a freshman for ya. . says a sophomore. After the novelty and con- fusion had worn off, the sophomores became more involved in the school. Elections for sophomore officers and Student Council representatives were in September. The halls were filled with campaign posters to promote the candi- dates, With hopes of winning the Pagesus award, the Homecoming spirit avvard, the sophomores began boosting spirit early, receiving the first spirit stick of the year. During Spirit Week, sopho- mores pooled their cash in a last minute push to add more links to the class spirit chain. For their efforts, the class bought more than 4,000 links. Choosing to sell fuzzies instead of the traditional candy, the class raised about Si 500 for their senior prom. The class of '81 combined its efforts in search of an identity all its own. goforth, calvin goldsby, brian gomez, joyce gonsalves, suzanne gonzales, ianie gor1zales,r0salyn gonzalez, Cora gonzalez, diane goodman,craig goodman, greg goodson, kevin gordon, craig grant, leslie r sso mark S 3 , green, barbara green, kevin green, mary ann gregg, david gregory, pamela griest, robert griffin, deretta groschke, karen grossman, wesley guajardo, julie I ki M iiiri 53652 Q2 iif??alSiQ2i iii? ?15?2ffifCfii?i55Q?QilfE532 i FLQJEURESSQFE HOMGRESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPI OPHOMQBl2SSQ!'HOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHUMORESSC '11t,,,.J'l it 'fr f '11, guerrero, cynthia guidry, debra gutierrez, alice gutierrez, carmen haba, karen hadden, therisa hagan, kevin hall, chaco bwgfxlwv hamby, glenda hamil, steve hanna, ronda harper, monica harris, michael harris, russell hgulsamkw hartnup, dea at er, vonne havard, kenneth hayes, debbie heineike, madonna henderson, glenn hendon, christine .haiadaidasflaura hernandez, arnoldo herndon, tracy herrera, debbie herrin, velma hex, karen hicklin, tony hickman, karon hill, connie hillman, gerald hindmon, alex hitt li , sa hodges, todd hoffart, doug hoffart, randy holden, randy holiday, pamela holland, lawrence honick, terri home, lori hosier, rebecca howsley, daryl hudson, rusty humbert, faith hunter, tangela iio, barry ingram, leroy ingram, mike inman, deb irvan, robbie iackson, alberta jackson, deandrea jackson, wendell jacobs, jon jacobs, paula iaeger, denise ianak, tammy jarvis, michelle jasso, melissa jebbia, gina jefferson, roderick W W ' 2 il -I ve . ' , . , if DPHOMORESSOPHGMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSO glOMORESSOPHOMORESSOIZQRQQQEQEQSQPH ORESSOPHQ Qt F5 jefferson, tracy johnson, angela johnson, arnold johnson, bill johnson, buster johnson, darlene johnson, gwendolyn johnson, hartensia johnson, kenneth johnson, lisa johnson, marvis johnson, suzanne johnson, yolanda jones, david jones, jones, janet mark jones, michael jones, richard jones, troy jordan, lee kasbarian, patricia keck, Ianette keefe, scott kelly, kathy kennard, michelle kersh, russell key, richard keys, greg kim,yong kim,yong suk king, kevin king, leia king, steven king, stuart kirsch, loretta kizer, jim kleinworth, eddie knight, stephen kolbe, charlotte konvicka, sherry kowis, cash kuehn, todd kyle, nancy lacy, andy lafreniere, larry Iagaly, billy laird, john lambert, judy lancaster, robbe landwehr, craig tara, nick leavitt, katrina ledesma, joel ledesma, roy lee, billy lee, gary lee, kenneth lell, joey lenrton, steven lester, kerri letbetter, thomas lewandovvski, tina lewis, devilon lewis, paul ii L tnjs., j . isst if ini HIOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPH OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSC 4,fr'qv ages as .f 5. ' ., ,MW gt,-W, 15 'if . .vs sw .. .. , lichenstein, Connie lindsey, darcy link, thresa locascio, gina locke, johnny locks, stephanie lofton, karen logan, shawn loston, Cynthia Ioukanis, shelley loukanis, stephen love, lisa Iowe, Carol lowery, elbert lucas, Carolyn lucio, roddy luebano, domingo lukasik, michael luker, william luksa, barbara lutz, johnny main, andy malone, roy manuel, Cherie ,. ,. ,. A. ,, ,W ht.. fs- ,M -t cw-. . r , ,- V Above: Skating since the age of eight, Kim MCCaghren participates in regional and national competitions. Right: Practice makes perfect for Annette Mikeska as she prepares for her special number routine in summer Competition. The Great Escape To get away from the pressures that school seems to add sophomores found the time to do things that were endless They ranged from acrobatics to motor Cross to piloting airplanes personally important to them. Talents and hobbies were . at W st., XX OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMQBQSSQPHQMQRESSG if 260 M K K g I A: ,D 3, ,.,, Q ,..,, If ,,.,g g,,MW: A .. i ., -r.. ,f 1,.,, HOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPH ,. , , , , K . . K y s K K K K K KK 19... ,KKK KK SW Kr, ,Ki . KKK, K .i K .. W KK Kr i marroquin, armandn marsh, pam:-la , marshall kennvh martin, mary martinvz, anna martinez, rirky l mason, randy masters, iohnny 1 masters, inlchvlli- i matlock randi . hx maxie, trman i maxwell, start-y mayes, Chris mayo, duane rnays, rmrlanit- mazyn, diana i l mcaleer,micha1-l mcbride, michelle mccracken, derek i mcctreight, tamra mccullocn, vedric mccullough, edward mccurry, relxrcfa Above: He's my idol, said Britt Innis about Elvis Presley, the superstar whom he impersonates in the PTA talent show. Left: With an interest in both skateboarding and photography, Wesley Grossman enjoys taking pic- KK tures wherever he happens to be. HIOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPH 26l gQQ!Q5QQ!3E5,5Q,l3,l'eiQMQR,ii5!5Ql?3il,QMQBE5SQEHQQi,QRE5SQ?l'lOMQKE5 1 iiys, i 1 i Q l i ' i GW 23? mcdaniel, glen mcdonald, cheryl mcdonald, harry mcdonald, kay mcdugle, garry mcelroy, chris mcelroy, karen mcferrin, billy mcmaster, Corinna mcmichael, leo mcnair, richard mcnicholas, tommy mcwhorter, dale meeks, marcus melchor, margaret melton, deeann melton, linda mende, Ieonel mendiola, audrey meyer, kristy michels, ian middleton, albert middleton, ricky mikeska, annette miklis, donna mikolajchak, larry miles, cody miles, neil millantz, sherri miller, kenneth miller, walter mills, Carol milsaps, jana miniel,daniel mishler, carol mittelstedt, debbie monckton, john moon, sarena moore, karen moore, karen moore, richard moran, Carlton moreno, angie moreno, annette morgan, gerald mosconi, shelly munguia, linda muniz, david munro, corene murdock, susan muse, keith mushinski, michael mykytyn, rosie nagy, tina nations, greg neal, kenon neeley, Shelley nelson, iacqueline nevlud, phillip nguyen, nghia nguyen, theresa nino, myriam k 'th norman, ei norris, marsha S i l i i i i 262 Q 'I .. I xx- fri- fi HOMORESSOPHOMORESSGEEHOMORESSGPHUMORESSOQHQMQRESSORH oliver, bart o'neal, pat orlowski, kenith ortegon, anthony osborne, bridjett ousey, gino, ousley, cindy pace, jim pagel, robert parker, christi parker, robert parks, pam parks, tina parson, robert patrick, debbie pavelka, natalie pawalowski, Curtis payne, rhonda payne, terri penningtoln, troy perkins, jacqueline perkinson, paula perrard, donna peterson, diana pham, Iinh phillips, patrick phillips, stephen pickett, james pilkenton, bradley pillows, gina pinson, keith pomonis, deirdre posey, dorothy potter, marsha presley, john presley, richard price, morrell priesmeyer, bubba pullings, tony raabe, bruce ramos, iesse rangel, priscilla ratcliff, angela ray, janice ray, lou rayburn, linda raymond, tracey reaves, robin reaves, sheila reding, diane reece, bryan repka, gil richmand, tommye riley, carter riley, ian riley, ianath riley, mary riley, monica rimmer, melanie rivera, mary riyera, robert roberts, ronnie roberts, steve roberts,wilIiam HOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPH 'Q 9' QW vm NN K 511r,sff'r2 ij? RESSOPI' f 263 BO PHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPH OMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSt P H ,A .F F t A i. s ' Q ' il F The Sophomores visited Egypt on their trip Around the World at the Coro- nation. Most popular students were elected by the class' most beautiful and handsome were selected by judges. Sophomores were also represented at Homecoming by Duchess Debbie Ford who participated in halftime activities. The candidates and duchess were pre- sented at the Homecoming pep rally. i i 5 Students Elect Favorites ShelleyAndrus Debbie Ford Terri Payne l ming K robertson, donald robertson, ronald robinson, reginald robuck, larry rodarte, tina rodriguez, carlos rodriguez, danie rodriguez, melissa rodriguez, teresa rosas, daniel l ruffin,robbyn f l k rum o o, aren saenz, donna safranek, vita salah, marwan salazar, carlos l sampey, michael sanchez, dolores sanders, charlotte d d salitros, patrick san ers, anny sandstedt, mark scarborough,natalie 1-gr I schindler, greg toPuovlbiiiissovuoMoREssoPHoMoREssoPi-ioMom2ssoPHoivioizizss PHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOP U i '1 J S S llll f S xy 4 JU l t X UN Above: Surrounded by ancient pyramids, the Sophomores took their places for the Coronation. Front Row: Shelley Andrus, beautiful, Debbie Ford, popular, beautiful, Phillip Nevlud, popular, handsome, Loretta Kirsch, popular. Second Dgbblg Row: Larry Lafreniere, popular, handsome, Richie Brown, handsome, Terri Payne, popular, Sam Bosworth, popular, Wendy Albert, beautiful. Most Aa Schindler, michelle , schulle, susan r S scott, marlon , seals, lisa sepulvado, simon l shearer, evelyn l sheets, debbie Sheppard, Iorraine sheppard, michele sims, novel slucher, edward smalley, susan smith,anthony 1 smith, bruce smith, greg smith, jerry ' smith,keely smith,kharon 1 smith,marshall 'h 'k smut ,mi e Q' smith,trina snow, robert soliz, david F qi X N sommeryille,sheryl , V le A. .J . DHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOP 265 QPHQMQBESSQPHOMCRESSUPHOMGRESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMGRESSC sontag, angela soord, peter spake, mike spear, willie spears, william stafford, jerry stanley, mike stepanski, robert stephens, david stephenson, mark stoerner, chris stone, bobby strawther, sonia sutton, renee sweisthal, vicky tann,eIi t taylor, kevin taylor, william templet, denise templin, donald templin, rebecca theiss, dean thinh, truong thomas, reginald thompson, cynthia tidmore, donny tillery, carol timm, karla timmins, laura tolar, Connie townzen, carey transue, tammy trimble, kathy truiillo, vivian truong, nam trussell, troy tucker, cheryl tucker, lloyd t' h turner, imot y turney, scott turrentine, michael uhyrek, james valdez, genoveva vallis, rhonda van cleave, david vargas, louis varner, melissa vassel, chandra vasut, greg vaughan, lisa vaughn, tammy vestal, mark vestal, william vetez, andrew victor, vivian victory, donald walker, astrid walker, edgar walker, jon walkoviak, jennifer wallet, billy waneck, danny Watkins tammy weaver, rhonda gk? 3, it 7:4 , ,V , 1, , . Y OPHOMGRESSOPHBMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESS 266 OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMCRESSOPHQMORESSOPHOMQRESSC ,. V: rl K .. I gi' , .K t - Esc? ,gr-3, Q gg - , I 1' Q f- I J' ff Sl. l ' ' K- 3: I4 5? ' i i t Webb, mark Webster, lisa West, eric Westbrook, ierry Westbrook, tracy White,janc-I, Whitehorn,donr1a Whitley, roger Whitlock, diane, Wiederhold, richard Wiley, otis Williams, gary Williams, gwendolyn Williams, marcia Williams, robert Williams, ronnie Wilson, ardelia Wilson, lisa Wisniewski, marion Wong, sui Wong, William Woods, tonja Woolvertomjaye Wren, kim Wright, melissa Wuerz, ricky Wunderlich, john Wyatt, ben 4 yeager, tim 7' f' york, victor young, donny dx L '-. youngblood, kelly B. zadik, debbie ,ff 5 g I ,Jia Zephyr, jacob V 11 Swinging into action at the pep rally, the Sophomores unroll a poster they made at a poster party. wunderlich, margaret' oPHoMokt3ssoPHolyioREssoPHoMotzEssoPiQioMoREssowtolytokiisst ir 'B' 26 FRESHMEN Everything we do we're last. 'being on the bowling team! 'TT' 3 Q There is a lot more here to learn. Freshmen Telllt Like It Is Bonita Kirk The first day I couIdn't find the front door. Kathy Caldwell Everyone always picks on the freshmen. They think we should get out of their way. Tamyra Coombs Next year I want to pick on the freshmen. Mark Ausburne When I was in iunior high I looked forward to Henry Bigley Ricky Kirkland FESHMFNFRFSHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRFSHMFNFRESHMENFRESHMENF Mlg,iiai4sagi15HMtNr?iuJi v.nLial?REgQHMEN?2!,,fa,'ff f 1 r It all l abbs,regina l abke,dennis l i i i l acosta, juan adams, kent addison, michael aguila, helen ainsworth, carrie albert, elysg aldridge, james aldridge, sharon allcorn, charles allen, chelly allen, Christine allen, timothy I . a ms, jan alvear, richard anderson, connie anderson, darrell anElers6n','rob1n th dianne an ony, arriaga, joe ash, billy atkinson, regina ausburne, mark bahr, patricia bailey, delroy baker, Stacie baldwin, kelleye bales, robert balka, katrina banks, dorenda barboza, rene barcak, margie barnes, lori barnett, sally barrett, robert barron, david bartkowiak, wayne bateman, steve bales, bill L-Li, bales, kaye bates, kimberly baumgartner, douglas belnoski, dwayne b tl ' ,erllvulis-1 berger, janice berger, laura berry, walter besetbzny, roxana bialasfElebEF' bigley, henry bingley, dalray bishop, jenny black, lerri blackbourn, james blackwell, johnny blakley, larry blanco, nancy blatt, david blue, jeanet blunt, lynn bohac, theresa bond, rusty boniaby, alesia bQn.inJsQ.dv bonney, diane bookman, cathy botsford, eugene boudousquie, gerry bowden, james bowden, thomas bowden, Willie boyd, allyson boyd, rhonda br:aaR?WiTm'a bradtord, sammie brake, karen brant ey, scott braver, michele brennen, nancy e , ss i a,.,s tss is's et e,i rs s i , l 3K RESHMHQFRESHMENFRESHMENFREsl-ilvlENFREsHMENFRESHMi5NrizEslliyiEN 269 RESHMElSllfRESl-IMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENrRESHMENFRliSHMEN brinkley, greg brinkman, arthur brinkmeyer, michelle brittain, anna broom, robert broussard, allene broussard, janie brown, byron brown, juan brown, tracy bruce, gayle bruee, mike bryant, debora bryant, karen bryant, kimberly buchanan, elizabeth buck, donna buckner, vivian ll-tkblwp. burrell, carol burrows, toni burton, beverly lvmbih bush, Connie bussey, april butler, kenneth Cain, ruth Caldwell, kathryn Caldwell, mark Ca bell 'Odi Campbel , karen Campbell, mark CampbeIl,.tina famuodtana Cardona, gilbert Carter, wade casareshjg Casares, yvonne Casas, robert Castillo, jose Caswell, beverly Cerar, kay Cerda, alicia Cerda, nora Cervantes, sam chambers, sCott Chatham, franCis Chen susa Childress, isa Chitty, rob Chop, susie Christonh,angela Ch t u, ony Cisneros, deborah C lark, Cyndee Clay, lisa clayton, craig Clement, mark clifton,debra Clifton, susan. Cogknreljfrandy Colegrove, debra Coleman, dean colgin, jeffrey Collins, amber Collins, robert Compliment, amy Conrow, tamara Coombs, tamyra Coon, eric Cooper, sam cooper, tammy Corey, tina Costello, tim Cowgill, ann cox, ana cox, billy cox, jamie cox, jerry 5 Eivlbwii .a't1:rli A it Q is RESl'lNlElll?RESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMEN ESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFF Wiwlzlsfltffw QF 2 Mft BMW ei-i?svlfNFRESHM?NFS2iiSHMl NFRESlWlMEi'sif:R?SHIKfl5fsl?l Cox, jon CVQBLBSVE Crawford, ernest Criswell, ray Crockett, belinda Crowder, terri ' hn Crowe, to Crum, debra Cullins, lim Culver, donald Cunningham, Chris dale, randy daniels, karen datray, darlene davenport, edrick davis, edward davis, elizabeth davis, larry davis, mamie davis, maris, davis, stewart davis, tina d . ay, games day, marcia , day, scott dealba, fausto delaney, laurinda deleon, delissa delgado, sophia dennis, versie denson, ross diaz, diana dickey, brett diehl, jimmy dillard, deanna dixon, randy dobson, sandy dollar, pam dorby, nathaniel doree, deon dove, sheila driskell, sharon driver, john drummond robert duarte, tim duck, gerald dugar, gerald dunn, kim eastland, herman edwards, rodney eisen, laura eitner, joann elizalde, linda ellis, Cheryl enix, william escobar, dalinda escobar, elmira evans, richard fairman, don falls, jackie farguson, karen farrar, lyn farraro, lynn marie faughn, wendi faulkner, john lerguson, pamela fiChter, dehorah fields, nathan 1 filesi, be-ttina fisher, deedee fl ary, debbie flores, e esa flores, jerry flores, veronica flowers, tina forbes, jack ford, sandra foster, donna foster, willie fox, david SHMENFRESHMiNHQibHM?Ni lilSHMENFRESHMENFEQEWEHMEi'sl?iEESHMENH2 SHMENFRESHMElNlFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENF FRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMEN franfo, anna franklin, luther franklin, rickey fric, al frost, mark galinrlo, belinda all g o, yvonne gallup, iames galvan, elizabeth garr ia, esther garcia, kimberly garfia, laura garcia, orlando garcia, samuel garcia, yvonne garibay, gayla garza, daryl garza, mary gates, debra gatewood, bobby gayton, Carolyn gc-ar, danita german, duane gibbons, roberts ginn, bobby godfrey, sandy goldsmith, ron gonzales, luis gonzales, mark gonzales, ray gonzalez, frances goodney, debbie ,QW Above: FRESHMAN OFFICERS Front Row Karen Amber Collins treasurer and Cindy Riley vice Roberts, secretary, Tracy Brown, president and president Robert Broom, parliamentarian. Szcond Row Z-QS FRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHME RESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENl l l t 1 Above: FRESHMAN STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: Susan Chen and Tma Eilesi. Second Row: Wade Carter, Lynn Redmond and Tracy Brown, not pictured. ' . .., . ,,, 11, t- . - ,ca f -,'r . I. is . .,t., jp 1, Freshmen Settle In Lost, scared and often intimidated the freshmen began their high school careers - graduation credits, career goals, more difficult homework and endless activities. Several freshmen said starting high school was like starting school all over again. Many freshmen attended the school dances, raced in the tricycle race and joined in the spirit chain contest. The freshmen decorated the throne for the Homecoming dance, made spirit pos- ters at poster parties and sold more than 391,800 worth of candy for their class. Although sometimes disconcerted the freshmen quickly learned the sys- tem as they elected class officers, joined clubs, joined in the school spirit and became a part of Aldine, 410 W jg lf J 'Q r----f'1f gordon, chantel gordon, donna grah'm,don grah m,trudi gree ,carl gree ,cindy gree ,clifford gree ,denice gree ,rhonda Y greif, debra griffit, tom griffith, donna grimes,william grissom, robert groschke, mark had ick,randy had ox, jeff hadl.y,angela hajelz, randy hall,Elan ham y,cherrie h . am lton, paula ham ton, mark han y, russell han ,greg hans n, patty harb rson,terri grissom, jonathan had en, dorothy sv? ite EESHMNFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENritlflsnjiyilmr 273 ERESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMEN RIESHMIQNFRESHMY hardy,cheryl harper, david harrington,charles h ' 'ac eline arris,j qu harris, jimmy harris, ron harrison, j. m. harting, bobby hatter, tim haycraft, debbie haycraft, johnny hayman, tony hays, wayne hein, mary helton, gigi henderson, anna hendon, beverley hendry, kathy henry, rodney henshaw, cheryl hernandez, anthony herrera, norma herrin, guy hesson, jeffrey hester rohp hic man, avid hickman, deatra higginson, timothy hill, tim hoang, bao hoffart, keith hogan, brenda holiman, Charlene hollenberg, joe holrod,genette holt, regina holte,jeff ckl ' a orton, paul house, sherri hovvton, debbie huggins, robert hughes, kim hursman, james hulto, cris hyde, chris H iio, velvet ingalls, ronnie ingram, rochele inman, dale innis, tina insel, darrell irle, sherry ivey, lee jackson, Iikitia jackson, sarah jackson, senee jacobs, ronda A james, jay jendrusch, chris jenkins, michael jenkins, troy jew, william jimenez, leticia johnson,christopher johnson, joseph johnson, ronald johnson, teresa johnson, willie jones, barbara jones, danny jones, gavin jones, kevin 'ones y jo a jordan, dawn jordan, louis jordan, ruby joyner, donnie RESHMEM i RESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESH MEN QESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENF i'flEQl-SMENFRESHMENF junious, carolyn kamman, rhonda kelley, betty kemp, terri kennard, russel kent, tracy key, guy kimich, lisa king, caroline kirk, bonita kirk, bridgette kirkland, brent kirkland, ricky kirksey, mary kirsch, tracyf kitcl1en,david, kizer, jeff i kleerekoper, quinn kleiber, john knight, michael knox, teresa koester, debbie kolodeicak,diane kopecky, pagl kowis, lavita kurek, chris lacewell, iodi lagrone, tammy lamp, troy I ane, greg lane, larry I lankford, genia Iargent,debbie . lawson, Christophe ledesma roland i lee, byron lee, michele lee, mona lee, robert lemons, cynthia lester, kathy, lewis, diane I ' bi ewis, ro rr litchfield, dewaine little, perry long, ethan long, jimmy looney, debbie loston, rosalind lott, bruce Iuchak, marty lugo, lamec luna, angiela luna, vic i lyles, tammy lynch, lance lynch, deborah lyons, dean macdonald, larry machado, raul madden, debra maldonado, albert malone, debra mangum, jerry mann, kirk marek, gerald marin, linda marquez, ruth marshall, roxanna martin, stephanie martinez, armando martinez, john martinez, orlando rnartinez, petef martinez, ruben mash, linda mason, robin masters, melissa mathews, carla mathis, mike , , ,. T csv if 1 ' J. Q za , 'akagyigrwf KEEHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMEN 275 QESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENF 'A n i mathis, tina mattair,vickie mattern, annette maxwell, tracy mcadoo, tracy mccabe, roxie mccluskey, tina mcconniel, nancy mcconniel, russ mccormick, james mccracken, andrew mcculloch, kim mccullough, richard mcdaniel, brenda mcdonald, harry mgdoyymmgg susag, mc hern mce roy,guinn mcgowan, tammie mcmiller, cherry mcrnullen,james mcnutt, richard mcrae, annette meece, mitchell meehan, james melchor, dale mendoza, cathy michel, drue miles, elaine miles, jim miles, venessa i 7' i I 'H f -,f l i iii. K 5 1, ll .zu I is r E A :L . 1. 'N ,Ro E 'f Y' ' . , iv ' fze .1 l 'fi , A I V Ahove: Under the starry tropical skies frvshman ianrlidatc-s lakc- thi-ir places Above: FRESHMAN CI-ASS FAVORITES? Dlane K0I0qelC'3kr M051 Beautiful: FOV' for the Coronation. Front Row: Marcia Day, popular, Trafy Brown, popular. IBS! Goodman, MOSI Popular and MOS! Handsome, linda Ellzalde, Most Popular. Second Row: Kody Bonin, popular, handsome, Karon Braki popular, lmeautif ii ful, Steve Trunhow, handsome, Diane Kolocleirak, beautiful, Forrvsl Gooil- man, popular, handsome, linda Elizalde, popular, lieauliful fx 5 'V 5 - i f - , l' 4 K K ' f X V g V H ' 4, 1 q - , y - - . l i - J A i ' ESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFl l l l RESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENl if-me-wwf W . m .. lle r Y ' . mlhalrea, marcus , , moake, terri 3 -.Lt .. FHUCR B 5 h t Q r 9- .Q , e ora . - modrzeiewski, robert monk,stephanie mooneyham, lisa moore, helinda moore, gail morales, susie moran, ronny morris, pvggy morris, tracy moszkowicz, kenneth mott, debra mueller, jeff mulligan, catherine mungia, johnny murle nit y, a a neaderhiser, teresa neal, gigi neal, linda nealey, angela antionette neskorik, teri nettles w d , a e ng, john nguyen, anh kh nguyne, ue nicholes, joan nichols, philip noack, clint Favorites Represent Class While taking a trip Around the World at the Coronation, the freshmen stopped in Tahiti. Most popular students were elected by the class, most beautiful and handsome were selected by judges, Freshmen were also represented at Homecoming by a Duchess, elected by classmates. Duchess and candidates were presented at the Homecom- ing pep rally. is!! H Qi if, P7 fx. .X wx 'K ' . 4 V K ' , N Y ,a Day ' linda Elizalde fDiane: olodejcak r HomecomTh?Duchess I - s t , r r 1 tses ESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENF B rig 1il is ESEEMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMEN FRE SHMEN noel, john o'day, james okabayashi, howard opela, danny osborne, pam owens, brenda Owens, jerri palma, kim park, michelle parker, don k I par er, ee parker, rodney patten, bruce pa pena, ruben pendergrass, tony penewitt, john pennington, lisa pennock, kelly pennock, ray perry, sharon perryman, jennifer peters, kimberly peters, stephen peterson, vickie petrovich, kim phalen, danny pham, dung pham, tram-anh phan, dung ph,Mi.nsJ0Gf- phillips, paul pierce, elly pike, teresa pitman, charlene platz, robert polasek, dietmar poole, becky porter, clifton powell, patsy powell, penny P 928.31-UQ pugh, charles , ovle, gay quiroz, moses raabe, david radford, dan raiford, oma randle, dana raymond, paulette reaves, michael rc-deaux, ronald reding, darlene redmond, lynn reed, karen reed, ricky reali-ipdorltlld re ' register, mike reyes, nora reyna, fred reyna, paul reynolds, tammy rice, deana rice, steve ri ' ' ri gy cigdy riley, janice riley, johnny rios, bianca ritcheson, donna ritchie, genevieve roach, dianna robert, rodney roberts, brian ro,har.lsj-lsaxcn roberts, linda FRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENF ai iff? Se is Q33 Q' M 278 ' A ml 1 2 t ' KSHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENH rick, ccleslc rodd, mit hacl rodgrirs, mifhavl rodriguvz, orlando rodriguvz, stophen rodriguvz, yanina rogvrs, hilly rogc-rs, fhvriv rogvrs, dion rogt-rs, jimmy rosado, glc-nda rosas, marco ross, dvxtvr rpth, Cindy roth, sandy. roy, donald roy, harold ruiz, richard rumfolo, linda runnvls, rin hard russvll, margarvt safrhiori, tvrvsa salais, martin salazar, gracio saldivar, sonia sallvy, louis sanrhf-z, gilbert sanders, quinn Santoro, pam saufeda, armando sawyvr, glynis, - sax, holly sc hart, mithtrlp s6hatt0,'t'roy sfhilhab, randy sghill, dobby, srhmidt, rarhcllo sfott, donna sc ott, phillis scaly, donya . sclman, gaylynn sr-raydarian, gary spwell, mika shadholl, jar k sheppard, hill shiclrls, john silvvstain, mikv simmons, mifhfflle skinncr, kt-vin sladck, carrit- slone, willio smith, dcwaynr' smith, Qlizaboth snow, Candy sosa, scrgio southall, michael spenre, luke spoonts, mark stahl, robert Stanford, lcon slanirk, kvlly staplvs, hilly staplrtton, molody stayinoha, earl ste-vonson, craig str-wart, kc-Iyin stone-, gina stragcncr, bobby. strz-1-t,marian summers, connit- sutlon, connit- swattrts, robin syzdck, julie - tall, Cindy tallwrt, donny tann, warrf-n taylor, rlendicg taylor, melissa taylor, willard league, margarot ESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENIFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMElflfRESHMENFI FQESHMENFRESHMENESFQHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFFFSHMENFRESHFRE H 1 fp ' . tello, diannaa templin, gary thomas, reginald thompson, bryan thompson, robert lillery, gary torrence, kathleen lout, Iori transue, sherri treadaway, tom lrevino, david tschoepe, lisa turnbow,sleve v tyson, debbie .Q usher, irc-ne vasquez, Ioretta Vasquez, michele vasquez, santos vaughn, nanette vela, sandra verwold, donna veslal, dennie vettles, wade victory, kelly , - ' fs 5 wt....,,,3 wt at 1 t' sa.. 31 9: 11- .., W . K , ' -K K , ' wg,-g'zgg'yg.,-ry,z-1, . ., K, , ,, ,, in K. r - -e - ug., .2 M.. .W ,,.. ,,.. K K K K K ,K-t5.,,-,QK . ,. . , f - . t - , ,, .. . . , K , ,KK ,.,V ,K ,. ,K K, ,V K. .. ,,,,,.K 1'f-12 . K, Ks ., Q Q Left: .. 3rd hour ag, befause it is the only Class where I ran do work that l want to do. - john We-dt, a member ofthe ag talent team band. Below: ,. Between 2nd and 3rd class changes, because there is a guy that I like that passes by. Sandy MCEac'hern f -,K K , A' .t. ,. K .Kr iw f .I 1 Y ' KK f. . , - N ' ' M W :bfi Q K 5 as ' . sw , 1 X 4, 5 f ,. - , if -v i F A w 7 is , , H ' I. 'K 'F i 5 .N K fd' tt K ,Km 1 K 4' ., 'S - I Qrghuxir' .S 'K t, , , A - --'w'1K,'fs-'5 rg f, .QFK 'uf I ' -' -' 755 f1'f.f-'-I't f t91'3.1'ff-ii .Q 142 13.-.KJ -'YK it , ., .- ,- . K , WI 'fir-5 ' yn, .,'-,g', -it--iff. fsefzaffwzeffwf, 4. 'gf' 2,2 FH f1'f1 f.'.,.-Vf'UR n ,iff -L Qfig,6,3Ka3535fK'K-'jop1 A A 'ef' 2' swf 6 53 ai few? Sf? . 1 2, 4? ff if 11,5 KK MMM fi 4 ' ' 'rf' - f .f- J' :A L, ,n:Kg- 4 iv! f ,gx K ,KICK K,K5KKb.K.3 ,KK ,K f .. if : l I K K' Kgs gM5,,t,J,:i . t .u,fKj1,,a . s . Q ,, . I-..K,f:-:aw , -K we .- ' 1 4 . 4.- ggjis-fam, 4:-,f-1. g1.:.f' G . .f 1-.wt'rQ1'i:fi-w,f-,t,' . V ' .- K K, . 1, . K -'..',v-Q . s- .W , s. N JK in 353, . ms' H I .al , 514.43 . s-,.f.:-1 . H .,.,. ,.,K,,K,,,,xKK,,,K K. ix-if'if?c'f?ilifff,2f?'Q A 4 .J 1 -, ' , -' fn . zu 2 11-tl. :. 1.1, xQzwW45 ,rg 'ki' ' ' L ' 'H .1 K1 1, ,- W- 1 ig ' .fi f , . K ' ' - ' W ...ef .V KK 9 . W., 'J ,.,.' 1:1 -M 'z . ui! W1 l hi stss i ' i s ,K K , i hlii ffl ,..,, ,,, ,,,,.. . t., s s 'i 'V if F , 'ss, it , , is 7 . , 5 5 FRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENERESHFRk 280 HMlENfRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHFRESHM 1 s t if f1: as T53'5'fQ7 f. t ' : sts . .. l 1 S: L -. QCP? - f J' '5 W . ' victory, shelly villarreal, edward vlach, margie wachel, crystal wade, tracy wadsworth, debbie waits, charles walker, cheryl wallace, clay wallace, tammy walston, brian walter, monica walthall,carl walther, jean walton, daniel I wamble, lm-nda washington, laura watson, ernie watts, melva watzlavick, mic hael webb, susan 6 we C ,ru ainl it welder, debbie K . rffizidii''2ffV5'ii'?QZ'lifffggk My Favorite Below: . 4 . 2nd period 'cause me and a friend make the teacher mad. - Edward Villarreal I QA-5 'tw Time of Day! lust one elective and five required classes wasn't much variety for the freshmen. Almost unanimously 2:55 p.m. was the favorite time of day for the freshmen. Students said they were glad to go home to take a dip, to watch cartoons or to be with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Very few students asked said they enjoyed spending time in their classes or at school. i , . rf . 2:5-x, fj.. ,--1 1--'iii ' . K ..,...,... ..,. ....,... .,.. . Above: My favorite time of the day is 2:55. - Lori Tout 'L Left: My favorite time ofthe day is history class, , i because I learn about different countries and stuff. -Richard Ortegon MENFRESHMENFRESHMENrREsHiviENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHFRESHM Sfliif FRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMsmriziisi-iiviiiisiFRESHMENPRESHFRE T' -'lv'-Q-Q-.... ....,hw-N-M ' Above: Dancing during the junior Follies, Iill Pierce and Tracy Brown perform to a disco song. They later represented Aldine at a dance con- test at the Music Hall Right: At the district freshman track meet Lynn Bullerlied for fourth in . the pole vault. iwl-lsrrftark wand-in-iuhn West,iimmie West, kristle West, terry Whatley, kenny Whitaker, anita White, frank Whittington, steven Whitworth, kevin Whitworth, royce Wilburn, dean Wilcler,curtis K' Wiley, elaine Wilkerson, troy f william, terri williams, athena williams, benjamin Williams, beverly williams, bryan Williams, debra Williams, denise Williams, devron Williams, ethel Their Stuff Freshmen involved themselves in school activities and clubs along vvith their classes. They Were introduced to activities and demands on their time that they had never experienced before. Their individual talents and creativity allowed them to pursue their chosen activities and clubs. Freshmen Show : ' Jw ,, .. Lis fi? 'L tt , fails- 'F is bei. s ,ff lil L f 'av inu W ,, 'A' aiu ivilfwuului qwagussuui- Y .wnnuusxvwa 1:41 llama il 4, ,N IBS! 14, XJ ,rim 'gafa 13 X xr, ' V ,t ' ,iff -af .fe -. .r 1...-.. I i Q -. . Mx , ki W ,zymtfgsjtfi 34 tm xla ' -:.. -4' , : . 252-2'3?1??'ZwfK'??'?::'t1 V'f'9 sitsY5'1fh f5tif'H5a:'sri+2 1-lf' 5 'MQ ' , .f,,,kWnQMgW,f. .. vs!!-Q-.J - .-r is 7, FRESNMENFRESHMENFRFSFlMlENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESAMENFRESHFRT 282 MENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENr?izEsHMENrREsHrREsHM r L s f ,, H A i-'Wife' It ,4 I llgg Above: With hopes of selection to the Vaqueras, Dian Louis ioins the newly formed first hour pre-drill class. Left: Students in band got their first taste of what a high school workout was like in band. loseph john- son practices during study lab to keep up with the demands. williams, kevin williams, rosemary wilson,Iucky wiIson,mary ellen ' h rd brian wis a , wolf, keith wong,aIan wong, susana wood, donna woods, darryl woods, regina Wooten, tommie wright, joseph wright, porter wyatt,brad wylie,adria wyrick, jeanettc yates,hecky yharra,ioey yerkes, nancy young, john oun ,shann young,vic ie zaborowski brenca ZBTTI S, llm 5 ' ant ZOH1, steve MENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHFRESHM 4 wifi 115, X A ,ff e bu Haya X 'ffm f3,, : i 5 5 i , 2 7 klfl.5 F. E PQ if if er Q3 MQ VTn , ?,,Nwf'ix5!W31fN51- 3' 1 ' W 1513355 ivzgvfjg' V7 f 1yywf.ff1,.,:f, .., , . ay Z 4 - A . V5 65 , V-'7 f 'L 1 1, Qi' , 5.51 L I L 1' ' X FrontlRoiv:A ' , 7 A CQpnEie Bush b , .1 '- ' .2' Q2K1il55iifD5'9' if ,,., 1 ,, 1 l 1QK1213E29W'1?1iamS ' 1- ,4 YK M ' A,-Q . 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JONES S I I LEXIERN JoRooN PASTOR I MINISTER OF EDUCATION I S MINISTER or Youm B B pI' I Ch II y IU250 NorI'hIEreeway I Id Wesi' Rd.I Housion, Texas 77037 , SCHEDULE OF SERVICES Sunday ScI1ooI 9:45 am Morning Worship I I:00 am Evening Worship 6: I 5 pm Wednesday Evening 7:30 pm MINISTRIES OF OUR CHURCH: Schooi, Day-Care, Bus, Priniing, Puppeis. Sunday School, Music, Youfh, Missions, Youth Camps. LESTER HUTSON - MINISTER Phone 447-8484 Q' 'f Q ' ,jig ' I X ' ,xfsfr ff 4 ' T , QE 4 , 1 ' . ,,,,,i:w.,f , 'Raqmond WAEEBT WELL nmluna RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL 81 INDUSTRIAL WELLS COMPLETE WATER WELL SERVICE I NJ ' 0 SUBMERSIBLE PUMP SPECIALISTS N M' ' MEMUER TEXAS In NATIONAL GROUND WATER ASSOC 4 4. 'f I ,' ' U 5 i ig! ' 4 gin., if 5 44 - lr, j . 'E ' is I.: f . ' mb I' 'S !s f 0. ST GI, 1 0 4EsSz5s:25?5f gg 5 ' 1 -Q , EBU! , 10011 AIRLINE ' , -q 355 ee ' Has a place for you u iiws N N ,. 4: . . , . if x QJ1. m ' U ,Qffi,fjb?g.?9 ,.V,. 41.5 .. N- A T! .. 4- -V f lififvzsgiasfsesfsraselfz 2 . 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N N NN N Nf fNNv ,'w.r,.1N,fNt.m 152111-sNN1 .NN ' N N Senlo Club 111, T 131, Baseball 121. 111: T Honor Award A131, Club Senior Years5 78-795 Pop Follies 121, Nominated Most 1r.Year5 Ag Queen Nominee5 Homecoming lr Friendliest and Talented, 1115 Certificate of Merit in Contest '78. BEAUCHEMIN VlCA1215 Band 111. BEDNAREK OEA 1215 FTA 1115 VOE 121. SHERRI RENEE BELL Geography Club 1315 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1215 Vol- leyball 1415 Varsity 1215 Basketball 141, Varsity 121,1st Team All-Dis- trict 119781, Most Valuable Player 119781. IODY BLACK ' One Way Club 131, Reporter5 Band 1415 French Club 1115 Nomi- nated for lessee H. jones Scholarship5 Nominated Best Dressed5 Nominated Most Talented5 Drum Major 1115 All Region Band 1315 Academic Award 1115 Leading Role in Bye, Bye, Birdie 5 Sym- phonic Band 1415 National Honor Society 1215 Leading Role in The King and I 5 Stage Band 1215 Cum Laude Award5 All-District Band 1415 Musical Orch 1115 Model United Nations Delegate5 Marching Band 1415 Nominated for Mr. Aldine, Most Likely to Succeed. DALE BON HAM VICA1215 Golf Team 1115 Band 1115 Choir 1215 Region Choir 1115 Madrigals1215 Pop Ensemble 111. ANNETTE BOWEN FTA 1215 OEA 121, Vice-President5 VOE 1215 FHA 1115 University interscholastic Typing Contest. IAN BRADSHAW FHA 1215 DECA111. BRENDA BRILEY HOSA 121, Corresponding Secretary5 Member of Who's Who Health Occupations - Vocational 121. RANDALL ALLEN BROWN French Club 141, Vice-President5 FTA 1315 National Honor Soci- ety 1115 First Year Award5 Sammonds PTA Scholarship5 Lifetime Honorary Member PTA. MARY BRYMER Spanish Club 1115 French Club 1115 FTA 121, Social Chairman5 Geography Club 1215 One Way Club 1315 CSU 1115 Thespians 121, Vice-President5 Cheerleader 1315 Volleyball 1115 BasketbaIl5 IV Track5 Class President 1Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior Years15 Who's Who 1215 One Act Play: Best Actress, Al, Star Cast in Dis- trict and Regionals, Miss Santa5 Musical 121 Member of the Model United Nations in NYC5 Student Council 1115 Powder Puff 211 Soph. Duchess Candidate- Nominated for: Most Popular 14,' w nd Sr.1 Wittiest Most Likely to Succeed, Friendliest, hmen Actress 1115 Best 81 TV 121, Vice 2nd State5 of the Year. Club 111, President5 15 Track - 3rd Place 111, Varsity 1115 One Way Club 1115 FTA fl15 1215 Basketball 1115 Cheerleader 131, Head 1.115 Sfu- Council 1215 Geography Club 1115 Who's Who 1215 CUM LAUDE5 Homecoming Princess5 Wittiest Sr. GirI5 FriendliestfSr. Girl5 Nominated for Most Popularlr. 81 Sr. Girl. 5 MICHELE COLLINS FTA 1215 OEA 111, Sec.-Treas.5 FHA 111, Sec.-Treas.5 Tennis Team, Varsity 1215 Business Award5 Most Valuable Player Award in Ten- nis5 OEA1st Place in District5 March Player of the Month in Ten- ms. VANESSA COLLINS FHA 1115 VOE 1215 OEA 1215 Intramural Flag Football 111. RAYMOND COOKUS Thespians 1115 Prep Bowl 1115 First Year Award5 Second Year Award5 Nom. for Best Supporting Actor5 CUM LAUDE5 Lead Roles in BYE BYE BlRDlE and the REAL INSPECTOR HOUND5 Dele- gate to National Model United Nations in New York5 Close-Up. MELANIE COPELAND FFA 1315 Art Club 1115 FHA 11151st Place Dairy judging Award, judging Team 1315 Chapter Conducting Team 1215 3rd Place in Creed Contest. TERRIE EILEEN COX FTA 1315 Bowling 1315 Geography 1215 Yearbook, Sport's Editor 111. RANDY CRAIG VICA1215 FTA 1115 Spanish Club 1115 Football 1115 Basketball 141, Varsity 1115 Air Conditioning 121, Most Outstanding Air Condi- tioning Student, 78-795 Nom. Most Popular and Most Handsome 1Sophomore151st Place State VICA Contest5 CUM LAU DE. PAUL CROWSON Auto Mechanics 1215 VICA 121. DARLA CUMMINCS Varqueras 131, Captain 1215 VOE 121, 2nd Vice-President, First Place Recipient at Area and State Contest, National Competition in Detroit, Michigan. JEFFREY DAVIS National Honor Society 121, Vice-President5 ir. Class President5 Marching Band 1415 Symphonic Band 1315 FTA 121, District Dele- gate 1215 Band Club 1315 Close-Up5 First and Second Year Awards5 National Model United Nations Chief Delegate5 Houston Model United Nations Chief Delegate5 Most Popular Sr. Boy Candidate5 gang A . I I ' M 't A 3 . ' .1 2 1- 7- -P s ,. 2 5 . A E 1 szzefigw A , B tt A e ? fa 5 ' r I . gf T I u '46N his ann . fo? - '. , - c olarshipRe 'U' f? 5 AIT ' Ss IX, gy .av . ,QL Alvf V I, :: . ,Q 1:5-Q .. .n xx va., , Y, xN7TwSN x W M 6, .. . eh , U I 'aljHigh -,,, , p,,.. K .zWt51fr5f7 Q f- f,., ..+ . 4, x W , , .L., ,3W.,,ff,p, X-LL w 5, 4 sf -' A cff f fQfwq 4 A N . .+ . , .K ,K K N W -f , --H m - U Qswl Q 33 21254 1 V ' '1'i,,-Sfigkffg 1- xi :riffs fi,w'ji'f3y fl V12 S A ng?j14Lei1'.?:X 225. ,RW 'f 2 i,-'ifggigijfggl .. i ' N ?ff12f:45jL Qfyyfgalg :Q ' 7f?:!?iS?1zlL i .fiiifz 1 , 'ffffiif ' r e af. 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RICKY SMALLEY Number Sense 141, President, Slide Rule 141, President, Vice- President, Bowling Club 141, President, Science Club, Varsity Golf, Captain, Co-Captain, Prep Bowl 111, Computer Club 111, MAGNA CUM LAUDE, 1st Year Academic Award, 1st Place UIL District Number Sense 131, 2nd Place 111,1st Place District UIL Slide Rule 121, 3rd Place 111, 5th Place UH Math Engineering Meet in Slide Rule, 4th Place in UH Meet in Number Sense, League High Aver- age in Bowling 121, League High Series 131, 3rd Place UIL District Golf Meet. AN NETTE SMlTH Band 141, District Year Academic Conce Band 1 Wh Students, Football Band 141, Yearbook 111. Club, Cheer- the for an Aldine. BELINDA STOCKWELL FTA 111, FFA 111, FHA 11 of Ceree Y mf! U1 111, csu 11 111, Football 1 SlIY 111. Chairperson, Who's Who Among American 1 1 Chairman, Vice-President, Student Council 111, American High School Students, GSL 111, Place Editorials, 2nd Place Featuresf District Con- CUM LAUDE, Senior Class Hist-Parliamentarian. 'h'Y4Ymvk 121, FHA 111, one WayClub111, osq 121. ,I , 4 -. A P aim HECE 111, Bas tball 131 arsi Q,,Irack11, ovati- ub 111, Hosfx ,one way 1215.1st, zndfiafd, 4111 Awar elegate to Nationalmhxel United New Yorn' ate to Houog Area del, United Sym. Band 1 A e Band 111, . ic't Band 121, Orches- usical 111. 121, FHA 121, Flag Corps 121, Marching Band 131, Band Varsity 121, Football taptai 121, Track 141, Varsity 11976-19781, All Greater uston 11977- All All Star Team 1197811.Most At letic, Most 781, Most Popular 111, Mr. Aldine, Who's Who School Students. 111, CUM Students, National Merit VASQUEZ Club 141, Vice-President, President, Award L. xnjk IANELE VERHINE FHA 111, FTA 131, National Honor Society 121, Vasqueras 131, Chief Accountant, Captain, 1st, 2nd year Awards, Straight A Award, CUM LAUDE. IO LYNN VICTOR National Honor Society 121, Secretary, Band Club 141, Choir 111, Recipient of a Service Award from North Texas State Univ., Nomi- nated forthe jones Scholarship, Nominated for the Aldine Teach- ers Assoc. Scholarship, Indian Award for Best Actress in Bye Bye Birdie, Nominated for Most Talented Sr. Girl, Nominated for Best Actress 11978-791, Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents, Drum Major 11978-791, All-State Orchestra 11978-791, Region Orchestra 131, Area Orchestra 131, District Band 131, Region Band 131, Area Band 131, Sym. Band 141, Musical Orchestra 131, Lead in Bye Bye Birdie, john Philip Sousa Award, 1st, 2nd Year Academic Awards, Delegate to the Houston Model United Nations and the National Model United Nations in New York City. DONALD WALKFQR Football 121,Fre1 .Club111, Intramural Football 111. POLLQY I LKER , S ' lub 111, F Af121, Data-Processing 121, Choir 111, Stu- dentlfov cil 111, OEA 121, 1st Year Academic Award, CUM U LA, 1 E. L 1 H, ., .t ' S NEYWALTTIQB, ide Rule, Number e 131, Vice-President, Bowling 141, Presidentfep Bow resident, Science Club 111, Computer C b 111, National Honor Society 121, German Club 121, PSAT mmended Student, MAGNA CUM LAUDE, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year cademic Awards, Sr. Math Award, 3 time UIL District, 2nd Place. umber Sense, UIL Reg' , inner and State Participant, Num- ber Sense, Program Part ,and Honorable Mention Achieve- ment,,Mvard, Recipient in the 78 Hardin-Simmons University Sumfneriregram in Mat Musical 111, UIL District ' Rule, 3FHlac fL- Xix, 1- RIWALTOW' f -isu 121, FHA 121me raphy Rrris County Math -C ntest 111 otballAll-Star111,pecwapher of ERRIWARD ' ' Vaqueras 12 member Reporter, Sr. V' 1 ldent, Set Competiti . rijl st Place in Set Year PATRICIAW ,Eire ,W Choir :fe-P ent, 'One Way Computer Musica 1. CINDY '-nah, Club 111. 76- 77 121, Editor, CUM LAU DE, lntramu- 141, Musical 111. ROB -SKHIP D' sivex r of tllfo? Week 12 times1, Who's Who Among Amer: ' ' l 1, Athletes, POST School: Athlete Nominee, Football 14 , . 1, ' -Club111, Football Scholarship to Sam Houston State 14 ye I Strict Football, 78-79, Nominee for Most Handsome 1111f A 'F it ONALD WTSENLR -F' ' 1 - lub 141, Treas., President, Football 111, Track 111, lntramural Football 111, Gymnastics 111, Most Outstanding Art Student, Merit Stu- 561 mini, -A- Aar11n,l?r1herl 133 Aammsrephen 201 A1511-1,111-gina 167 Abl1e,Dennis 169 Alliler.Rh0nda 117,106 Au1sta,Iuan 169,163 A40sta,Patrlcia 137,67 Acosla,Randall 107 Arrl'man,Sarldra 1116,16,39 Adammoemge 107 AdamS,KenI 269 Adams,Millon 101 Adams,lina 237 ,Ndams,lrau 201,101 An-'isun,Milhael 169 Adlilnsun,Marli Z01 Aguila,Helen 169,33 Agiailarrugenla 137 Agailansargao 201 AinsworIh,Brlan 13355, 173,137 Ainsworlh,CArrie 269 Ain5wnnh,Craig 201,117 Albert,Elyse 209,11 Albert,Wendv 231, 72, 263, 136,73,39 Alunrmlames 29 AIdredge,Roger 237 Aldridgznlames 269 Aldridge,Sharon 269 Allurililques 162,163 Avila,Maria 237 Aleman,Katherine 233 Alexander,Aaron 137,113 Alexander,Man 233 Alexander, Riclw 237,129, 128 Allar0,Ar1hur 137 AIfaro,Rhonda 117 Allord,larques 251 Allred,Da1id 231 Allcnrn,CharIes 169 Allen,Chellv 169 Allen,ChrisIine 1159 Allen,Kimhk'rlv 133 Allen,lindse1 201,131,137 Allen,Ruhl'rl 109,133 Allen.SeIIa 186,11 Alu-n,rim01h, 2159 Alms,lan 16'-1 Al0ng1,Charle-1 119 Alvear, Aliu' 117, 33, 100 Alvear,R1chard 169 Alu-s,Dion0l 117 Amarn,Mariia 101 Arnersorhleil 131,41 Anderson,Palricia 131 Anden11i,Dan 131 AnderSun,C11nni0 169 Anderson, Darrell 169,137 And1'rson,Marilsn 101,61, 103 Andersun,Milrv 217 And0rson,Rohin 169 Andemmllenee 133,109 Anders0n,1erri 101 Andrevu,Craig 151 Andrus,Shellev 131,16-I, 163, 71, 13, 33 Ar1lh0nv,Dianne 169 Aretha,Carden 186 Arnold,RiLhard 1,17 Arrednndn,Renee 233,72 Arredundo,Rirhard 237 Amaga,l0e 169,106 Ash,Billv 169 Ash,limms 253,19 Ash,Ieanne 101 Ashl0rd,1immV 137 Allxirmlnnna 117,109 Alliin50n,lames 101,129 A110m0n,lzegina 1159 AItawar,Dillnn 133,13 A1aippa,D0rma 201,10 32 Auabumr-,czmgrm 151 Au6hurne,Marli 169 Avara,Cathv 101 Averill,Ri1unne 131 Ave-rv,Sharmn 117 Avenjherrv 101 -3- sar-ga11ap0,1.-.a 217 saghv,11a1ia 201,451 naw-1r,wall1am 40 sanrxxnn 131,109 sahrvaimaa 2459 Bam, urarmr 101,111,117 saalr-nmlmv 11511 Bahivvjherxl 131,113 11ailav,s0l0m0n 411 Balier,Bohhr 151,107 savefrlaraar-ll 117,11,110, 111,111,171,0aan 151,211 Balu'r.l0n 117,141,125 savensrarai- 169 salanagennn 201.112, 117,h1,111,117,l13,103 said'-agerrarl 151 salamn.xell1-ve 215117 salavlaavaiar 151 11a1e4,R-am-rr 1119 11a1l.a,xar'ma 169 r1all.r0m,Ma1e 117 l1allard,Kenneth 133,179 l1allm1,1zr-onaa 131 sal1l,1z015err 117 sanu011,1a1m 117 Bangsanh 133 Banlis,Dnunda 169 Baraias,Carlos 131 saint-1-,riaf-and 131 Hamer-,numarha 117 11am01a,Rrm- 1:50 aa-raL,Mafgie 1154 Barrla1,Arlhur 101 Bariin-ld,Brvnda 201,71 10sa, 1011, 10811, 10011, 193, 21,75,55,r11,r11 Barker,Gnen 117 Barksdale, Doruthv 201, 205 Barlow, Cav 201 Barnes, lori 169 Barnelt, Sallv 169 Barnett, William 1,17 Barrett, Hugh 131,144 Barrelhllnhvrl 169 Barretl, Renee 131 Barrett, Wesley 173, 177 Barron, David 209 rxamm,D0nna 186,67 llarmllrvl 1216, 139 Banliowiali, David 101,127 Barlkowialr, Wayne 269 l1asque1,Gavino 251 BasS,Marlx 1-31 Bateman, Sieve 169 Bates, Bill 1h9,173,136 Bari-yinhnnv 251 Bates, Kaye 169 Bates, Kim 169 Hales, Sleven 133, 31173, 177 Balisla, Marv 233 Batlle, Elizabeth 136,187 BaudaI,Kalhr:rine 201,67, 109 Baudal, Waller 233 Bauer, Kemper 237 Baugh,Chrisline 233 Bawson, Barrv 253 Baumgzrtner, Douglas 269 Bavne, David 201 l1eal,Car0lvn 237 Beals, Debra 233 Beals, 1amara 102 Bezrd,1errv 101 Beauchemin, james 201, 117 Becerra, frnesl 217,127 seanare1,11r-nn, 202 Bednareli, Deborah 131 Beellev, Bill 102,112,131 31.191 Belrhe, Keri 117 Belther, Carrie 30 Belcher, Dehhle '30 Bell,Kalhv 13,1 Bell,3herrie 101 Belnrixlii, Dwavnr: 169,179 Belnoslii, Milie 117,1,11, 137, 119 l1eIIran,Mike 133 Brneslanle, Diana 1,17 Benson, Charles 101, 112, 117,131,130,131 Benlhall, Kelli 117,101 Benlhall, Kvnnelh 231 Benllev, lisa 1119 Benllev, Randv 133 Berger, lanire 2011 in-rger,taura 209 Bernal, laime 117,163 Bernal,Roherla 137 Bern, Rirliv 113, 133 l1errv,1ereanre 231 Berrv, Thnmas 13.1 Berrv, Waller 269 Berlorle, Pam 1111-1,1l'17, 18 Besetlny, Melunev 1,17 Besellnv, Roxana 269 Bialas, Deborah 269 Bicliinrd, David 233 Bielamnwir 1, Palrix ia 153 Biggs, lulie 253 Biglev, Hema 269.67 Binglev. Dalray 269,156 l1ishop,lenniier 209 l1larl1.lOdv 102, 13, 118117 311, 35, 103, B7, H3 Blark,1erri 169 Bla1lihnurn,lames 109,200 Blackwell, lmmnv 1011 Blair. lina 13.1 nlaliler. larrv 10'-1, 107 Blanchard, Craig 201, 119 Blanrhard, George 131,111 BIanco,C1igi 117 Blamo, Nantv 169 Blatl, Daxid 1h9 Blue,Ianet 159 Blunt, lvnn 169 Bm lx, Roller! 101, 113 Bnhat, 'lheresa 169 Bull, Sharon 131 Bullan, Alan 1,17 Bllllun, Pam 101 l1r1melr1nd,fam'L' 117 Bond, Claudia 1116 Bond, Rush 109 Bonds. lrllraine 117 Bnniahv. Alvsia 1110 Bunln, Krldv 169,176 l1r1nham,Dal0 101,171, 127 l1imln,lodd 201, 11Z,117. 100 3rmin,Su1tl 217 Bnnner, Sandra 101 Bonnev, Diane 1139 Booliman,Billv 117 Booliman,CaIh1 169,171 Br1onr,Sherilen 1U6,71,73 swing, on-g 131 505111, Ronald 117, 1-I7 Bnrtl, Cindy 117 11051, Phillip 131 so-Morrh, Sam 131,163 Bolsinrd, fugem- 2159 B0uduusquie,Gerard 269, 63 Bnudnusquh-,Robert 217, 1-11,111,117 Bounds,Randw 117 Buwdenilirabelh 129 Bnvsden,Iames 1159 B0v4den,1hon1ax 169,41 BnMden,Willie 169 Bowen,Annetle 102 l1mAt'n,liina 1l7,h1,l'11, 111 l1irvvman,Clillr1n 101 Br1vd,Allvxon 1119 Bi1v11,Al1Ua 117 Index Boyd, Darrlon -31, 123, 217 Bovd, Lavinia 131,171 Boyd, Rhonda 169, 71, 33, 109 l1ral ewell, Rav 131 Brarlie-ll, Pearv 1845 Braden, Cynthia 169 Bradlord, Bohhvr: 102, 3 Bradlnrd, Sammie 169 Bradford, Terrv 233, 33, H7 Bradshaw, lan 201 Bradshaw, Kerrv 102,129 8radshaw,1ndd 233 Bradr, Ann 1'17,I9, 39,164 Brady, Crnthia 186,64 Brake, Debbie 137 Brake, Karen 169, 176, 3-3 Brand, Karl 186 Brandenburg, Pamela 202 Brandon, Debra 137 Brantlev, Kurt 153, S5 Branllev, Robin 253, 72 Brantley, S1011 269,179 Bram-r,1erri 237,103 Brautigam, Travis 237 llraver, Mirhele 169 Brennan, Nancy 269 Bretling, Denise 237, 61 lireuss, Kalhy 202 smara, leigh Ann 34 Brewton, Carlelle 202 Briggs, Chervl 202 Brilev, Brenda 202, 302 1111111.11-v, Greg 270 Brinkman, Arlhur 170, 113 Brinkman, Doretle 202, 203 Brinkman, llna 154 Brinlirnever, Michelle 270 Brinlnmevvr, Mike 254,175 Brisbav, Sieve 103, bl, 203, 63 srarrain, Anna 170,163,65 l1r0olis,Inhn 154 smf.m,iz015r-rr 170,172 smrhr-n0n,shaf0n 117 nm1a45ard,Al1f-rw 270,106, 107 11r01mara,lanae 170 nmlaalardqngala 217,129 nmu1iara,Charlam- 154 Br0wr1,l1vrr1n 170 sr014n,c'0nn1e 154 Brown,Earl 107 r1mv.n,luan 170 lsmwmrzanaall 2ll!,hl,lf-4, 101-1,205 11-0v1n,1iimic 13l,1h3,13, 167 smwn har 170 271 173. . v . ., 170, 13, 17, 11, 130, 181,108 Brolali, Danlvl 13-3, 33 Brul1alivr,Michael 131 Brm e,Gavle 170 Brucr, Mlfhael 170 Brute, Rav 13-1, 111 Brumhelow, Marilvn 117 Brumlovv, Delena 134 Brvanl, Charles 134 Bryant, Debra 170,43 l1rvanI,F. G. 61,186, 229 l1rvanI, Karen 170 Brvant, Kimherlv 170 Brvmer, Marv 203, 23,1357 20111, 2081, zoah, 24, 70, 71, 111, 64, 229 Buchanan, Cassandra 237 Buchanan, Elizabeth 170 Buthanan, linda 129 Burk, Donna 170 But lx, Henry 137,127 Burlmer, Karen 10,1 Butlinvr, Kervin 134,113 Buckner, Marxin 11, 217, 117 Bum l1ner,Vivian 170 augapuenise 117 Bugai,Patrl1L 154 Buhrlc, Sheldon 13-I Bullard, Betlv 106 Buller, lv nn 170, 11, 281 Bullvr, Steve 117, 1-L1 sundirn, Craig 2111 Burdge, Ronda 154, 07 Burdir li, Paul 1121 Burgonlanirv 100,155 Burk, Allen 110,113 l1urli, Renvv 13-3, 11 Burkhaltor, C hris 170 Burleson, Krisliv 13-I Burnvti, Kriherla 1 111 siamham, omg 118,61 Burns,l1ridgel1 1111 Burnx, Gan 13-1, 137 Burm, Richard 1111 Burns, Russell 134 Burns, 3191 en 13-3, 137 Burns,1crn 110, 62 Burnside, Shvrrv 103,18 Burnsid0,10rrv 1121, 117 Burrage, Paula 201 Burrell, Carol 170 Burrims,1oni 170 Burlon,l1Pverlv 170, 7 BurInn,Brian 1111 Busa, Howard 1,18 Busa, lvah 170 Bush, Cnnnie 170, 33, 64. 106 l1ush,lamie 138,67 Bussev, April 170, 33,109 Butler, Kennelh 270 Butlilla, Roseann 203, 73, 293,74 Bullilla, Russell 238,173 -Q- Caesar, Helen 13-1 Caglc-,Martha 101,13,81, l'l1 Cam, Ruth 170, bl Caldwell, Arlutha 23-1 Caldwell, Kalhrvn 170 C aldwvll, Marli 270, 61 Caldwell, Campbell Campbell Wavnc 203 , Dena 134 Iodi 170, 109 Campbvllilohn 141,210 camprwll, naar-fl 170 camphall Mark 170 famphr-ll,Phvllai 1116 r ampht-ll,Rand, 101,211 CampheIl,1ina 170 Campisv, lanvl 201 fanru, Brenda 254,04 canracvnrhia 154 canraoiana 270 Capvrs,Greg 1zr1,52,5-1, 163,111,113 Cape-rs,Sharnn 254 Capuni,Diannr- 1110 Cardona,Gilhr-rt 170 Cargall,lnhn 131-1,55 Carlson,Karl 1.10 Carlrriasue-ann 101 Carnlcland 254 CarrolI,MeIisa 134, 238 Carter, Wade 270 Carler,Cvnthia 118 Carter, laura 81,83 Carter, lisa 203, 73, 208a, 293, 39, 31, 81, 83,1011 205 Carter, Michele 203 Carler,Rachel 203,44 CarIer,1ravis 273 Casares, P Casares, V alritli 270 xunne 170 Casas, Rohert 170 Cash, Philip 101,131,137 Cason, Ro Cass, Sher 113-1 113-I Caslellr-se, Anita 138 Caslellr-se, Mario 101, 29, -11,111,111 CasliIlu.Carnlina 134 Castillo, lose 170 Castillo, Kelli-v 15-I, 73 Castillo, R Castro, Ph iranal 1313, 55,61 illip bl Casvvi-11,111-ml, 270,55 Ca1v1,l10hm 201,102 Cart--,,sha'1n0n 154,155 Carr-e1,Marl. 210 farm-v,R05 101,l1,13, 108g,2fl1h,81 farm-v,1rarv 154 Caudle.Rirliv 201 Cenrr-rxmrhia 118 Cr-rai,Kav 270 Ct-rda,AIicia 170 cr-faa,An10na0 154,155 Cerda,Nora 170,63 Cerna,MarLv 154 Cer1anles,Sam 170,179 Chambers Chambers Chambers Chan, Dax Chan, Mil- .Melissa 234 ,Rave 101 ,Stull 170 id 118 1' 119,-I0 chanrmranfes 254,59 Charllon,Chrisline 25-4,152 charhaarfanni 270 Chalman, Pairicli 61 Chatman, Van 13-3 Chanel, D1-llanira 234 Chen, Frank 231, 34, 33,137 Chen, Mike 139, 54, 61, 79, 133 Chen, Susan 170, 27117, 58 Chesier, leri 203, 193 Cheiter, 1 Childress, errant P 2:3-I lisa 270 Collins, Brenda 134 Collins Donna 119, h1,I71 Collins, Cary 254 Collins, Mirhvlv 10-0,16-1, 1113 Collins, Randall 104 Collins, Rnhvrl 170 Collins, Vanesa 10-1 Collim, William 134 Comer, Donna 104 Complimenl, Arnv 170 Conlin, Nanu 187 Conner, Sheri 13-I Connolly, Dana 15-1 Cnnrnw, Tamara 170 Cnol1,Guv 2.19, 141,113 umvin, Raymond 20412. ,l11, 33, 103 Cnomhs, lamvra 170 Coon, lrir 270 Coon, Karen 219 Coon, Kim 204, 121,123 crmper, reliria 239 crauper, Sam 270, 54, 55, as Copper, Tammy 270 Cooper, Yodd 239, 123 Copeland, Melanie 204 Corfurran, Lindley 239 Corey, Tina 270 Corgey, Russell 239, B7 Cornelious, lell 239,163 Crjlrnell, Robin 204, 73, 293, 5 Costelln, lim 270 cuvermcvnav 1117 Crm-f1,wa,ne 1117 Couev, Doug 20-1 Cnwgill, Ann 270 Cox, Ana 270 Cox, Billv 170 C0l,laimie 170,160 Conlorrv 170, 83 Cm, lon 271,112,111 Cox,Sherrv 255 COR, Susan 139 Cox, Terrie 204 Cox, Milic 119 Cnv, Cvnlhia 119 Cuvel, Melissa 119,101 Craig, Gr-ne 271 Craig, Randv 204, 127,131, 103 Crawford, Ernest 171 Criwvell, lynn 1119, 1011, 109 Crisvvell, Rav 171 Crr11lrcr,Grr-gory 154 Crocliutt, Belinda 171 Crr1uI,l0hr1 l1,1, 117, 219, 170 Crnwder,1erri 171 Crowe, Inhn 171,107,163 C rnwson, Paul 1lN,111,11-1 Crum, Debra 271 Crump, Rirliv 10-l,,1, 11.1, 117, 32,117 Cudd, Patritia 171 Cuellar, Arthur 133 Culling, 1im 171 Ciallrlm, Sally 187 Culver, Donald 271 Cummings, Darla 203,193 Cummings, George 187, 123,193 Cummings, Stuart 251, 105, 193 Cunningham, Chris 271 Curtin,laIne5 187,61 Curvev, Thomas 6-5 Childra-ss,Susie 254,113 chilekcmrhia 101,113 cl-111rv,R0hef1 170 5110111 254 chnarmmamaa 101 c1mp,5u5an 270 cr-riarzla-.wi 134,111 cmisuapnnngr-la 170 ch1a,10m 170,111 firm-m1,o1-bmah 170 clar1,unat-1- 170 c1ar1,r,t-rirganna 101 clanasandia 1.19 Clarli,Slr-xen 11-1 Clarli, Iran 1.19,76, 111 Clav,lisa 170 clavrlmfraig 170 clr-man1,xaa1-n 72,119,75, 14 clamr-n1,Maf1. 170 111-mr-nracanav 11,111 clemannmr-111-a 134 clemen11,Mlm-ire 157,105 C11-ppt-r,suar1 154 CIillon,lJehra 170 Cliltun,Rubert 154,151 cli111an,sr1-phamv 251 Clillon,Susan 270, 1110.161 Cliilun,1r1dd c0h15,111a 104 Ci.-hh,Randall 10-8 c00,mannan 104 c01ah,vimr-nr 110,457 Cnrkrell, xanav 13-l,71,17, 71 C-1r1fell,Rand5 170,74,17q caLer,c1ngw 104 c0rm1,1nhnm- 104 Coilel1,Ph1lIis 254 cralhen,l01mm 119 calm-n,1amm1e 119 Cnlhurn, Sara 100, 103113, 101, 15, 1 13, 101115, 10015. 10!1h,T0,71,1-13,18 Cole,Ronnie 20-I mr-,snerri 017,100 c01egm1e,l1r-lava 170 calf-man,nean 170 colt-mamiamr-Q 154 C011-man,1z011nev 141139. l17,lh7 c0ig1n,le11 170 f01lm5,Aml51-f 270,271 172 -D- Dale,Ram1y 171 nanmfrh,11naa 101 namelaxaren 171 navrawoaflem- 271,160 Daam-11,1010 108,109,164 Dan-np0rr,10rir1, 171 na1i1110n,1a1ara 255,111,111 Davis Davis Barbara 133 ,Cunnlv 133 Davis, Curlis I-1,1 Davis, Deborah 133 Dasis,U0nnis 311, 39,1-11,6-I Daviyltlward 171,-11,-Ill Davis Davis flilahvlh 171 Cvrald 133 11a1i4,larq0r-lim 1117 Davis, lr-rl 10-3,3,10l1l1, 201111, 2-14, 10, 111, 109, 205 ua1ar,1arrv 171 11a1.1,Mami.- 171 11a1a1,11-41a 204 11a1a4,Maralvn 255 Davis,Maris 17I,l-1-3,71 na-11,01 1110 Dasis,Palri1i.1 10-1,91 Davlx, Slvvsart 171,107 Davis, lina 171 Dawson, Mark 117 Dar,Fny 255,111,111 Danlamos 171 navwlarisa 171,177,176, 14,160,161 nav,Mnl1v 255 nav,sr0n 171,17 m-Alha,ra05m 171,111 neaacanhv 171,173 or-Qaoeana 100,255 of-1a1au0a,cvn1haa 255 Deleon,DeIissa 271 D911-rm,1zar1-ara., 204 uelgaaasuphaa 271 Denim-n,11na 207 or-1511-1, tandas 117,141 D1-nn15,1r-rr, 232 ,- Dvnnix, Versie -71 Densnr1,lodv 133,113 Densnn, ludv 133, 11,1 Densun, Ross 171 Dvslnins, Iennv 1ll7 Dev:-nport,falvir1 207,13-1, -I1 I3' P or-11-npm1,r1aarl1--1 137, Coll1nx,Barhara 134 I-11 9 Dunn, Kimberly 271 Galavil, Donna 256,161 Devenporl, Sandra 161 Deville, Kelli 255, 72, 256, 75,59 Dial, Diana 271 Diaz, Olga 207,123,124 oiar, Tony 179 Dickey, Brett 271,65 o1rlrey,s1raron 207 Diehl, limmy 271,113 Diehl, Sherry 207, 52,103 Dillard, Deanna 271 Dillard, lynn 207 Dinh, Hung 247 Dixon, Charles 255 Dixon, Randall 271 Do, Monique 54 Do, Mynga 207, 205 Doane, Andrea 255 Dobie, Todd 127,155 Dobson, Sandra 271,160 Dollar, Pam 271 Doomes, Danita 207 Doomes, Renita 207 Doomes, Rnbin 255 Dorby, Elbert 255 Dorby, Nathaniel 271 Doree, Deon 271, 55,65 Doreen, Dwayne 125 Dciarglas, Karen 207, 109, Dove, Sheila 271 Dowdell, Cheryl 255 Dowdell, Debra 207 Dowies, Donna 129 Doyle, Millie 123 Drabek, N. 188 Drews,Christo h 255,55 Drews, Ric harcl, 207, 211 Driskell, Sharon 271, 22 Driver, lohn 271 Drummond, Robert 271, 14-1 Drummond, Robin 61 Duarte, Tim 271 Duck, Gerald 271 Dugar, Gerald 271 Duncan. Rickie 241 Donn, Eugene 241, 55, 127, 179 Dunn,Michele 255 Durate,Tim 271 -E- cauan, Meg rua Eastland, Bernadett 10, 241, -1-1 Eastland, Herman 271 Easton,Wilmer 48 Edwards, Rodney 271 Eddins,limmy 241,17l,122, 123 Edwards, Glenn 255 Edwards, Harold 255 Edwards, lisa 207 Eisen, Cynthia 207, 65 Eisen, laura 271, 62 Eislerhold, toni 207, 127, 205 Eitner,l0ann 271 Ellman,Eric 255 EIizald2,David 15,2-11 Elizalde,Gilber1 207,165 Elizalde,linda 27l,276, 277,15,67 Elliotl,CraiF 207,15 Ellis,Chery 271 Ellis,Pam 2-11 Elmore,Dedria 2-11,172, 159,168 Embody,Elaine 255 Emerl,Nita 255 rrnileloreprr 255 Ennis,Bellylane 184 Ennis,Britt 255,145 Enix,WilIiam 271 Eppingenlody 255 Escobar,DaIinda 271 Escobar,Alan 255 Escobar,Elmira 271 Esc0bar,Iuan 207,-1-1,35,6S Esman, Brenda 207 EsInan,R0n 255,179 Este-r,Ag'nes 207 Fster,lo n 255 fs1es,Mary 207 Evangelista,Mark 2-11238, 2-14, 241, 250, 93, 92, 61 Evans,D.E. 188 E1ans,8radley 255 Evans, Donna 255 Evans,Gerald 241,87 Evans,Keilh 255 Evans,Ri1ltard 271,163 Evans, Rochelle 18,2-11,76, 61 Evans, Rush 255 - p - Fairman, Dun 271,10, 29, 113 Falls,Bert 207 rallolarqoelin 271 Fangman,Shirley 255 Far uson,Karen 271,61,65 rarlse-y,Don 11,241 larris,Steve 207 Farraro,lynn 271 Faughn,Wendi 271,64 taul1rner,1o1rn 271 Fellman,loe 255 lellman.l0hnnie 2-11,33, 52,55,61,127 Fellman,larry 208,127 rergoson,1eri1yn 208,72, 73,293,75,250 Ferguson,Pamela 271 Fe1guson,5cott 241 Eernandel, Susan 241,103. 65 Feuers,Cynlhia 255 fichter,Deborah 271 Fields,Kellh 241,123 Fields,Keven 255 Fields,Nathan 271 r1goeroa,George 200138, 137 lilesi, Bettina 271 Filesi, Tina 273, 72, 74, 73 Finch, Sandra 208, 205, 52, 60 Fincher, ludilh 255 1inr11er,ltirhard 241,127 Fisher, Deedee 271 Fisher, laurnelle 208,103 Fisher, Rob 188, 81 Fitch, Terry 208 Fitzmorris, Charles 188, 141, 167 Flanary, Debnrah 271 Flick, David 255 Flores, Elesa 271, 67 Flores, lames 241 r1nres,lerry 271, 165 Flores, louis 255 Flores, Roxanne 255 Flores, Veronica 271 Flores, Victor 208,125 FIores,Virginia 241 Flowers, Iimmy 255 Flowers. lee 255 flowers, Tina 271 Fogle, David 241 Fn ie, Sheryl 241 folio-y, Pamela 255 Folk,Mil1e 255 Fontennl, Mike 208,133, 137, 205 Forhes,lack 271 Ford, Belly 208, 223 Ford, Davlelta 208, 2ll!a, 81 83, 123,124,186 ford, Debbie 255, 264, 265, 15, 256, 257 Ford,lanice 208,81,B3,172 Ford, Sandra 271 Eorehand, Barbara 255,160, 161 Forehand, Donald 208, 56, 125 Forse, lisa 241 Foster, Clyde 157 Foster, Donna 271 Foster, Mary 255 Foster, Kim 12, 208,1fl,14, 208, 205, 109, 286 Foster, Willie 271 Fountain, Melissa 255 Fowler,lames 255 Fox, David 271,163,193 roa, Doris 188,193 Foy, Gerry Z08 Francis, Eddie 255 Franco, Anna 272, 65 Franklin, luther 271 Franklin, Ricky 271 Franklin, William 2-11,127 Frazier, Mike 255 Frazier,Willie 143, 241 French,David 200,173 Frey, Billy 255, 87 Fric, Al 271 Fric, lanelle 2-12,108,109 Friedrich, lisa 242,103 Frost, Mark 271 Frost, Ric hard 255 Fuiimot0,Cindy 255,55,62,' 63 Fuller, Dan 208, 208b, 208g, 2086 Fuller, Glenn 255, 63 Fuller, Wayne 208, 19,151 1 51, 152 Furr, Doris 103 -G- Galind0,8elinda 272,65 Galindo,Ron 188,141 Gallatin, Debbie 188,62 GaI1egos,M0nica 256 GaIlegos,Vvonne 242 Gallo,Vvonne 272 Gallup,lames 272 Galvan,Elizabeth 272 Gamez,David 256 Garceau,Brian 242 GarciarCharles 242,154, 151,152 Garcia,Elizabeth 242 Garcia,Esther 272 Calcia,lils0rt 256 Garria,1cirnber1y 272,160 Garcia,laura 272 Garcia,torenzo 65 Garcia,Marie 256 Garcia,Orlando 272 Garcia,Pal 256 Garcia,lio11r 242,65 Garcia, Salvador' 242, 250 Garcia,Samuel 272 Garcia,Vvonne 272,65 Gardner,lisa 208 Garibay,Gay 272 Garibay,Guy 143,256,175. 177 Garner,Glenda 208 Garrard,lnhn 242 Garrett, Brenda 242, 241, 55, 61 Carrell, Nanell 265, 65 Garrett, Oscar 256 Garrell, Tyrnne 143, 242 Garrison, Carlene 164, 286. 87, 85 Garrison, Ieanette 108 Garza, Daryl Z72 Garza, David 242, 52,123 Garza, Frank 208, 52 Garza, lorge 256 Garza, Mary 272 Garza, Rebecca 256 Gales, Debra 272, 66 Gates, Susie 208, 45 Gatewood, Bobby 272 Gatewoud, Richard 208, 137, 138 Gatlink, Kenneth 256 Gaudet, Romney 242 Gaylon, Carolyn 272 Gear, Danita 272 Gentle, Carolee 256, 65 George, Denny 256 George, Kenny 256 George,Nikki 21B Georgiar1a,loe 188 Ceraci,Stephanie 242,72, 75 German, Duane 272 Germany, Ronie 256, 67 Gert, Margaret 209 Gibbons, Robert 272 Gibson, Bruce 256 Gibson, Robert 335 Giese, lisa 256 Gilbert, Michelle 256, 257, 250, 76, 77 Gilbrealh, Eddie 256 Gilbrealh, William ll 129 Gillespie, Mark 242 Gilmore, Alicia 256 Gilpin, Glenda 256 Ginn, Bobby 272 Giprnn, Robert 209,132, 13-1,137,138,167 Girard, Robin 256 Gizon, Michele 123 Goad, Cheryl 209 Godlrey, Sandy 272 Godlrey, Sheila 256,109 Godwin, Teresa 242, 54, 61 Godwin, Terry 242 Golour1h,Calvin 257,B1,83 Goldsby, Brenda 209,18, 23, 208a, 58, 59, 205, 229 Goldsby, Brian 257 Goldsmith, Run 272 Gomez, loyce 257 Gonaslves, Suzanne 257 Gonzales, Conchita 209,123 Gonzales, Cora 257 Gonzales,Francis 7, 65 GonzaIes,Ianice 106 Gonzales, lanie 257 Gonzales, louis 272, 65 Gonzales, Rosalyn 257 Gonzales, Mark 272 Gonzales, Richard 242.143, 125 Gonzales, Ra 272 Y Gonzalez, Antonio 209 Gonzalez, Dianne 257, 65 Gonzalez, Frances 272 Gonzalez, Richard 122,125 Goodman, Craig 257, 87 Goodman, Forrest 276, 3-4 Goodman, Greg 257,87 Goodney, Deborah 272 Goodson, Kelvin 257 Gorce0,loren1o 242 Gordon, Chantel 273 Gordon, Craig 257 Gordon, Donna 273 Gorgjon, lorge 209, 61,165, 205 Goyne, Diane 242, 23, 93. 92, 125 Graham, Carol 242 Graham, Don 273, 65 Graham, Keith 242,129,128 Graham, Pam 209,123 Graham, Sherri 242 Graham, Trudi 273 Granger, Allred 143 Granger, Wilfred 242 Grannette, Shirlie 209 Grant. lafquelin 242, 245, sa, 61, 159 Grant, lacquelin 209 Grant, Iarnes 2-12,125 Grant, Leslie 257 Grasso, llldy 209, 205, 38, 61 Grasso, Mark 4, 23, 257 Gray, Dennis 209, 61, 205 Greaux, A. 188 Green, Barbara 257 Green, Carl 273 Green, C nlhia Green, Chllord 273 273 Green, David 242,173,127 Green, Deborah Green, Den ice 242 273 Greernlanet 188,103 Green,Kenneth 209, 129 Green,Kevin 257 Green.MaryAnn 257 Green, Rhonda 273,64 Greerrslrerry 273 Grene,Sleve 242,123 Green,l'homas 127 2-12, 173, Greeney, Beverly 188, 187, 61 Greenleal, David 209 Greer, Raymond 209,162, 163 Gregg,David 257 Gre11,g,lohn 209 Gregory, earn Gregory, Paula Grelder, Nena 257 242 209,108,109 Greil, Debra 273 Grierl, cynllaia 242 Griest, Roben 257 Grillln, Dorella 257,161 Grillith, Donna 273 Grimes, Natalie 242 Grimes, William 273 Grissom, Robert 273 Groschke, Karen 257 Groschke, Mark Grossman, Wesl 261 273.6-1, 165 ey 257,631 Grothe,Kelly 209 Goaiardo,A1 242 Guajardo, ludy Guerra, Gloria 257 65 Guerrero. Cynthia 258 Guerrero, David 125 Guice, Beth 2-12,125 Guidry, Debra 258.115 Gllillol, Glenn 242, 53,127 Guiton,Clarence 188,141, 156 Gurka, Patricia 209 Guitierrez, Alice 258 Gutierrez, linda 209 Guzman, Michelle 209,186 --H Haba, Fran k 209, 2086 Haba, Karen 258 Haberbush, Lorraine 50 Hackett, Iacquelyn 242 Hadden, Dorothy 273, 45 Hadden, Roberta 209 Hadden, Therisa 258 Haddick, Randy 273, 21 Haddicli, Steve 123 Haddon, Iell 273 Hadley, Angela 273 Hagan, Kevin 113,111,158 Ha n, Diane 209 Haisty, Carroll 188,12 Haiek, Randy 273 Hall, Alan 273 Hall, Chaco 258 Hall, Rodney 2511 Hall, Sheryl 209, 72, 18, 293, 294, 74, 75 Hall, sroan 242 Hall, Tammy 242 Hallmark, Tana 210, 73, 293 Hamby, Cherrie 273 Hamby, Glenda 258 Hamby, Shelia 210,123 Hamil, Stephen 258 Hamilton, David 273, 164, 165 Hamillon,lim 210,92 Hamilton,leldnn Z7Tl,55, 62,156 Hamilton,Paula 273 Hamilton, Randy 210 Hamilton, Willie 210, 125, 167 Hanrrnonrrs, Vanessa 210, 205 Hampton, Mark 273 Hampton, Sonia 242,123 Hanel, Doyle 205, 55 Haney, Russell 273 Hanks, Allison 242 Hann, Greg 273 Hanna, Dean 242 Hanna, Ronda 258 Hansen, Patty 273 Harberson, Terri 273 Harding, Charles 242,127 Harding, Rila 189,109,188 Hardy, Cheryl 274 Hare, lohn 210 Harper, David 274 Harrington, Charles 274 Harris, Annie 242 Harris, lacquelin 274 Harris, limmy 27-1,173 Harris, Mark 242, 137, 138, 238, 239, 24-4 Harris, Michael 258 Harris, Ronald 274, 113 Harris, Ronnie 242,127 Harris, Russell 258 Harris,Shawn 242 Harris, Statla 242 Harris, Victor 210, 223 Harrison, l. M. 274 Harrison, Kelly , 258, 73, 55 Harper, Monica 258 Harten, Mania 210, 61, 9, 62, 81, 83, 217 Harting, Bobb 274 Hartline,Can18ce 210,103 Harinrrp, De-snna 258, 76 Hallield, Terry 210,127 Hatler, Yvonne 258 Hatler, Timothy 274 Haller,Wlllis 210 Havard, Kenneth 258 Haycralt, Deborah 274 Haycralt, lohnny 274 Haycratt, Marilynn 242 Hayes, Deborah 258 Hayes, Allen 210,137,138, 125 Haynran,1ony 274 Haynes, lerald 189,137,141 Haynes,lisa 210 Hays,DeWayr1e 274,113 Hays,1e11 242,286 Haysllo, Doyle 242,52,111, 113 Head, Christopher 210 Heickman, Royce 189 Hein, Mark 242,123 Hein, Mary 274 Hein, Rose 210, 205 Hein, ltollr 210,205,56,125, 205 Heineike, MaDonna 258, 62 Heinz, Marla 242, 81, 83 Heitkamp, Dirk 210,152 Helton, Gigi 274,113 Henderson, Anna 27-1 Henderson, Glenn 258 Hendon, Beverly 274 Hendon,Chrisline 258,113 Hendricks, laura 258, 73 Hendrickson, Vickie 242 Hendrix, Sam 93 Hendry, Kathy 274 Her1k9,ll1beth 210, 302, 64 Henry, Don 113 Henry, Micahel 2-12,3 Henry, Rodney 274, 83 Hensnaw, Cheryl 274 Henson, linda 210 Henson, Patty 49 Hernandez, Anthony 274, 107 Hernandez, Arnoldo 258 Hernandez, Debbie 210, 211 Hernandez, Don 210,93, 3B,55,67 Hernandez, loan 210,137, 138,174,177 Hernandez, Mike 242, 143, 177 Helnandez,Rila 211,65 Herndon, Tracy 258 Herrera, Deborah 258 Herrera, lohn 211 Herrera, Norma 27-1 Herrin, Guy 274 Herrin,VeIma 258 Hesson,letl 274 1-lesson, Ron 103, 211 Hester, Robin 274, 55,160 Hex, Karen 258, 81, 83, 57 Hickey, lim 242,125,163 Hiclilin, Tony 258 Hickman, David 274 Hickman, Deatra 274, 20 Hickman, Karon 258,161 Hickman, Keith 155 Hickman, Michael 211 Hicks, Marilyn 242,103 Hiesser, Valarie 55, 205, 211 Higgingson, Tim 274 Hi , Debra 242 Hill, Connie 258, 55 Hill, loan 189, 40 Hill, Shirle 189 Hill, 1imn1l1y 274 Hillman, Gerald 258 Hilturl, Elizabeth 189 Hindmon, Alex 258, -43, 87 Hindmon, Danny 213, 208h, 24, 38, 80, 81, 83, 205 Hitt, lisa 258 Hitt, Sherri 213, 92, 36, 64, 109, 228 Hoang, Bao 274 Hoang, Thu 242,64 1-roagerson, Nancy 213,302 38, 67 Hodges, Todd 258 Hollart, Doug 258 Hollart, Keith 274 Hollart, Randolph 258 Hoflan, Ray 242 Hollart, Russell 242 Holiman, Debbie 213, 129 Ho an, Brenda 274 Norden, Kreg 140, 53,127 Holden, Randal 258,107 Holder, lee 213, 302, 205, 32, 55, 61 Holiday, Pamela 258 Holiman, Charlene 274, 41 Holland, Faith 213 Holland, lawrence 258 Holland, Nannette 213, 93, 92 HoIlenberg,Ioe 274 Hollenberg,Terry 213 1rolllday,larry 243,17 Holrnan,s1ephanie 213 Holmes,Virginia 243 HoImd,Genette 274,64 H0ll,R ina 274 Holovglianda 243 Holte,lell 274 Honaker,Tnzia 160 Hnnick,Sandra 243,20 Honick,Terri 258,17,109 Horgan,MicheIe 109 Horn,lorenza 213 Hornbucl1le,Melinda 274 Hornbuckle,Richard 243, 143,2-'41,59,61 HDrne,lDri 258 Hornsby,Donna 213,55, 205 Horton, Paul 274 Hosier, Rebecca 258 House, Sherri 274 Hauser, lisa 213 Houston, lee 2-13 Houston, Roy 243 Howard, Karen 243, 80, 81, 83 Howeth, Richard 243 Howsley, Daryl 258. B1, 83 Howlon, Deborah 274 Hrozek, Kathleen 243, 245. l72,173,159, 168 Hrozek, Richard 213,131 137, 138 Hubert, lonnie 213,4 Huddleston, Denise 213 Hudson, Rusty 258 Hull, Teresa 213,129 Huggins, Robert 274, 40 Huggins, Ruby 243 Hur, es, Kimberly 274 Hu shol, Sylvia 189, 59 Humberl, Failh 258,1D, 23, 257, 33 Humphries, Mark 243,143, 238 Hunter,Clarence 243 Hunler,Regina 2-13,71 Hunter,ReginaId 243 Hunter,Tangela 258,52 Hurberl,lDnnie 213 Hursman,lames 274 Hutchison,Anita 213,64 Hrr1rhison,1ca11ry 213,73, 2ll1g,208h,2'-J3 Hutto,lames 274 Hyde,Christine 274 -I- lio,Barry 258 li0,Velvet 27-1,55 1nga11s,l1ona1a 274 Ingram,Angela 243 1ngrarn,Mir1rae1 258,65 lngrarn,11oe1re11e 274 lngram,leroy 258 Inman,Dale Z7-4 Inmarl,Dan 213,38 Inmal1,Debra 258 Inman,Gary 129 Innis,Britt 261 lnnis,Tir1a 274 1nnnron,s1ay 243 lnsel,Darrell 274 lrle,5herry 274 lrvart,R0bbie 258 Ivey,lee 274 iaclrovr ski, Dorothy 189, 123 lackson, Alberta 258 lackson, Anderson 213,125 177 larlrson, Brenda 213,219 lackson, Deandrea 258 lackson, Debra 213 lackson, l0hn 213, 205, 38 Iackson, likilia 274 laclisnn, laclrson, lac kson, lackson, lac kson larobs, I Penny 189 Sarah 274 Senee 274 Tony 243 Windell 258,167 On 258, 67 laC0hs,PauIa 258 lacobs,Rnnda 274 laeeer,lJenlre 258 laeger,WiIma 243,67 lames,AIan 213 lames,lay 274 lames, K elly 213, 55 ianalr, Karen 214, 5 lanak,1ammy 258, 64 lanuary, Margaret 188 lasso, Ray 214,127 ledlitka, Darlene 205 leller,on,Mary 1B9,6,-40 lelreironnraey 259,64 lenarosmcirris 274 Ienkini, lenkins, lenkins, lenkins, lenkins, Iew, Wil Cindy 243 214 linda Mike 274 Troy 274 Vic ky 243 liam 274 limene1,EIda 243, 81, 83, 57 limenez, leticia 274 lohns, Kim 243 lohnson lohnson ,Angela 259 ,Arnold 259 lohnson, Bridget! 274, 49 lohnson, Buster 259,B1,83, 57 lohnson lohnson lohnsun lohnsun lohnson lohnson lorlnsnn ,cherry 214 ,Christopher 274 ,clay 3 ,Darlene 258 Elilabelh 214 1 Gwendolyn 256 Hartensia 259 lohnsoni larner 243,143,34 lnlrrnon, loseolr 274, 283 lohnson , Karen 243 lohnson, Keilh 214,137, 139,167,168,181 lohnson, Kenneth 259 Iohnson, lisa 259, 73 Iohnsun, Margaret 214, 55, 81, 83, lohnson 232 , Marvis 259 lor1nson,Mike 214 Iohnson luhnson lohnson lohnson luhnson lnhnson lohnson lohnson lohnson Iohnson lohnsun , Mike 243,143 ,Owen 214 ,Ronald 274 , Scott 129 ,Suzanne 259 , Teresa 214 , Teresa 274 ,Terry 214 ,Thomas 189,157 , Thomas 214 ,Venetia 243,113 lohnson, Venitia 214 lohnson, Bill 259 lohnson, Willie 274, 160, 161 lohnson , Volanda 259,161 l0hnslrJr1,Karen 189,87 lonenllarlrara 274 lones,Brenda 10 lone5,Danny 274 lones, D avid 259 lanes, Edward 214,127 lones, Gavin 274 lones, Gordon 243,179,178 lones, la nel 259,73 lones, Keith 48 lones, Kevin 274 lones, lara Jones, larry 243 214 l0neS, Marc 214 lones, Mark 259 rones, Mike 214 Iones, Michael 259 Iones, Fatty 274 Innes, Ri chard 259 lones,Ronald 214,20S,65 lunes,Sally 243 lanes, Theresa 274 lones,Troy 259 ionenvifliey 107 lordon,crieryl 214 lordorl,Dawn 274 l0rdon.Gerald 189,137, 141,173 Iordon,lee 259,65 Iordr.rn.l0uis 274 lonion,Rnl1y 274 lordon,Ga 243 loseph,Delia 214 loseph,Maxine 243,64 lirseornsandra 243 Ioubert, 25 Gahriel 243,131, Ioyner, Donnie 274 loyner,Kathy 214 Iudd, Timothy 189 lunious. Carolyn 275 lopin,l1o66ie 243 lustire,AIIen 189 Iustire,MaryAliCe 189 -K... Kalis1ewsl1i,CeraId 214, 125, 212 Kaliszewski, Kevin 243 Kamman,Rhonda 275,106 Kare, Ro ger 214 Karkosl1a,l0e 190,141 Kasharian, Palritia 259, 47, 64, 163 Keck, lanelte 259,164 Kee, Susam 190, 64 Keele, S6011 259 Keener, Alice 214 Keeney, Brenda 243 Keeth, Glenn 243 Kelley, Betty 275 Kelley, Gerald 214 Kelley, Tommy 243 Kelly, Kathy 259 Kemp, 1 Kendall. Kendall. erri 275 lloberla 190, 193 Scott 243, 193 Kennard, Mithelle 259, 47 Kerlnard,Russell 275 Kennard,Suzar1ne 243 xennard,rroy 243,65 Ken1,1ohnny 215,127 xenl,rrary 275 Keo,Surith 215 Kerns,Kerrie 243,125 Kersrh,RusseIl 259 Key,Gu 275 xeynziclraro 259,113 Keys,Greg 259,74 Keys, Kelly 243, 72, 73, 238, 75,250,5B Kim.Vongseon 259 Kim,Von8suk 259 Kirnich,ll5a 275 Kinard,Phyllis 215,45,123 King,CaroIine 275,55 xinkteia 259,106 Kin5,Kevin 259 King,Melody 215,72,293 King,Rol1anna 215 xingsreyen 259 King,Sluart 259 King,Verna 243,129 Kimich,lisa 20 Kinser,Dehi 243 Kirk,Bonita 275,20 Kirk,Bridgelte 275 Kirkland,Ritlty 275 Kirl1Iand,Brent 275 Kirksey,Mary 275 Kirsch, lurella 259, 265,71 Kirsch,Tracy 275,156 Kilchen,David 275 Kilrhen, Tammy 243,72, 238,75,59 Kizer,le1l 275 Kizer,lim 259,113 xleerelioper,Qninn 275 Kleerekoper, Susan 243, 55, 61 Kleiber, lohn 275,67 Kleinworlh, Edward 259 Kloepper, Ernest 243, 6, 54, 61, 122. 125 xniglrl, Carole 2-13,122, 125, 126, lm xniglrr, Michael 175, 67 Knight, Stephen 259 Krgg,1stein,Rnna1d 215,129, Knox,1eresa 275 lcoeian,Margare1 187 Koester,Debbie 275 Kolbe,Charlotte 259 Knlodeirak, Diane 275, 276, 277, 66 Kolodeicak, Douglas 215, 137, 139, 205 Kolodejcak, Kenneth 243, 127 Knnvicka, Deborah 243, 73, 59 Konvir ka, Sherry 59, 259, 109 Kopecl1y,PauI 275 Korn, Wade 243 Kowis, Cash 259 Knwis, Gina 243 Kowis, lavita 275 Krailo, Tim 215, 135, 137, 139, 122, 125 Krie el, Karen 190,172 Kroli Chris 215,111,113 Kroll, liz 215 Kuebel, Darla 215 Kuehn, Todd 259 Kulda, Rhonda 215 Kurek, Chris 275 Kyle, Nancy 259 - L - laGrone, Tammy 275 Laird, Sharon 190 lacewell, Iodi 275 lacy, Andrew 259 lafreniere, larry 259, 265, 17,133,134,135,139,155 lagaly, William 259, 85 la1rd,lohn 259 lamber1,ludith 259,65 lambert, Robin 243 lamberth, Dennis 243 lamp, Troy 275 lanrasler, Robbe 259 lanraster, Ruben l, lanton, Carol 243,111 landwehr, Craig 259,117 lane, Cheryl 215,123 lane, Gregory 275 lane, lohn 243 lane, larry 275.156 lang, Ardis 157 lan am, Robby 215,122, 123 tanlronxcenia 275 lara,Nieli 259 largent,Dehra 275,72,75, 111,93 lawson,cl1rie1opirer 275 lawson,Phyl1is 215 law,on,viilor 107 leathers, Brad 215, 93,92, 232 leavitl, Kalhrine 259 ledesma, Gilherl 275 ledesma, loel 259 ledesrna, Roy 259 lee, Byron 275 lee, Gary 259 lee, Hallie 186 lee, Kenneth 259 lee,MitheIe 275 lee, Mona 275 lee, Robert 275 , William 259 lee lell, Weldon 259, 55, 61, 179 lemons, Cynthia 275 Lennon, Steven 259 lepp, Tony 125 Lester, Kathrine 275, 43, 67 lester, Kellie 243, 247, 87 lesler, Kerri 259 lethetter, Thomas 159 letney, Brad 243,122,125 leverell, Karin 215, 18, 21Bg,b3 leveretl, Sharon 243 lewandowski, David 243 lewandowski, Tina 259 lewi, lack 243, 55, 61, 79 lewis, Bobby 215, 122,123 lewis, Carrie 215,172,173, 159 lewis, Diane 275, 283, 55, 64 lewis,lel1 215,60,61,153, 205 levvis,lurraine 215 lewiS,Paul 55,155 lewis, Robin 275,73, 33 lewis,Vernun 35,183 lirhenslein,Crrnnie 260 lightfontjnwena 1'll,12, 92,88 linder1,lames 244 lindsey, Darcy 260 linasey,Rizl,ey 215 link,Darwin 106 link,1hresa 260 lirrnslaedler, lim 190.137, 141, 160, 161 lin10n,Susan 215,302 litth1ield,Devvaine 275 liIlle,Demetria 244 lynch,Brenda 244 1yrrfh,lance 275 lynch, Susie 190 lynn, Deborah 275 lyons,Dean 275 little, lanelle 244 little, Perry 275 loCasCiu,Gina 260 locke,lohn 260 lotkett,lunette 215 lockett,Mamie 190 locks, Stephanie 260 lo1tin,Bruce 215,123 lo1ton,Karen 260 logan,Shawn 35,260 longrihan 275 lnng,limmL 275 looney, De bie 275 rope-1,Carlo5 244,125 lost1Jn,Cynthia 260 l0sl0n,Kosalind 275 loll,l1rure 275, 33 loukanis, Shelley 164,260 lnirlranlr, Stephen 260 l0ve,lisa 260 loye11,l1everiy 244 lnvings, David 244,127 l0we,Car0l 81,133,260 lowery,lIhert 260 lucas,CaroIyn 260 luchak,lva 244 lurhak,Martin 275 lutilxkugustine 67 lucio,Ro d 260 luebano,5ylvia 216 luet1ano,Domingo 260 luEo,lamec 275 lu asik,MichaeI 260 luker,William 260 luksa, Barbara 260 luksa,Vicki 216,2oayr, 205, 168 lumpkins,Gary 216 luna, Aniela 275 lurta,Vlt i 275 lutz,lohr1ny 260 luu,Chau Hue 216 lyles, Tammy 275 lynzh, Susie 161 .. M - Machado. Raul 83, 275 Mathadlll, Sylvia 244 Mark, Morris 244 Madder1,Dehra 275 Magnuson, Kenneth 205, 216 Mahan,loyce 123,216 Mai,Thieu 216 Main,Andrew 65,260 Ma'ewski,Marvin 129 Maldonado,AIbert 275 Males,rirno1hy 216,111, 113 Malone,Deborah 275 Malone,lloy 260 Mangum,lerry 275 Mangum,MeIody 61,24-4. 247 Manlangihluancho 63 Mann, Kelly 109,16-4,200, 205, 216,65 Mann,Kirk 275 Manning,lames 244 Manning,Susan 216 Manning,MariIyn 216 Mann, leannelle 244,161 Manus,Dehorah t2,186. 216 Manuel, Sherri 64, 72, 74, 260 Marek, Gerald 275 Marek, Kathy 244 Marin. linda 275 Marion, P. E. 12,190,193, 198, 199 Marion, Suzanne 54,191 244, B7 Marlowe, Chris 216 Marquez, Rachel 211 Marquez, Ruth 81, 83, 275 Marroquin, Alonzo 216,61 261 Marsh, Carol 216, 302 Marsh, Pamela 107, 261 Marshall, Kenneth 261 Marshall, Mark 40,199, 216 MarshaII,Richard 143,244 Marshall, Roxanne 275 Martin,frank 190 Martin, Fredric ka 244 Marlin, linda 216 Marlin, Mary 261 Marlin,Robin 5, 33, 216,87 Martin,Slephanie 83,275 Martin, Steve 216 Martin, Valerie 5-I, 61, 205, 216, 302 MatDonald, larry 275 Martinez,Alber1o 129,216 Martinez, Anna 261 Marlinel, Armando 275 Martinez,Henry 128,244 Martinez, l0Ann 244 Marliner, lohn 275 Martinez, laura 244 Martinez, Orlando 275 Martinez, Pete 275 Martinez, Rene Martinez, Rhonda 54, 61, 205, 216, 302 Martinez,lIicardo 261 Martinez, lose 216 Martinez, Ruben 275,157 Martinez, Victor 216, 211 Marvis, Corene 106 Marvis, lean 188 Mash, linda 275 Mason, Randall 261 Mason, Robin 275 Ma15ey,llrlie 15.72, 73,75, 216, 293 Massey, Rossanne 123, 244 Masters, lohnny 261 Masters, Melissa 275 Masters, Michelle 261 Mathews, Carla 275 Mathis, Michael 62, 275 Mathis, Tina 276 Matlork, Candi 70, 71, 135, 216 Matl11ck,lana 123,244 Matlock,Ka1hy 244 Maltair,Vitkie 275 Mattern,Ar1nelle 19,109, 276 Malrhews, Cindy Z7,193, 216 Matthews, Yatritia 54, 58, 61,67,71,193, 238, 239, 245 Matthews, Randy 1a, 217 Maley, linda 245,111,113 Malrie, Herman 261 Maxie, Richard 245 Maxwell, Pamela 108, 109, 217 Maxwell,Starey 261 Maryyell,1rafy 276 Mayeocnrii 261 May0,Duane 261 Mays.MeIanie 257,261 Mazyn,Diane 161,261 Ma1yn,Teresa 245 Mazzei,Dayna 92,9J,217 Meaadorrary 27,76 MtAleer,Mike 261 McBride,MicheIIe 261 McBride,Vivian 245 McCahe,Rol1ie 276 McCaghren,Kimherly 260, 261 Mcflanahan, Shawn 113, 245 McClere,Richard 245 NlCCIusky,1ina 276 Mrcnnnellrroy 217,117 Mcfonniel, Nancy 276 McCclnniel,llussell 67,275 MrC0rd,Beth 245 MrCormick,lames 276 MtCown,Mike 190,113 Mrcoy,lirne 190 McCratken,Andrew 276 McCracken,Derek 261 MrCreight,1amra 261 MKCulloch,Aqualinet ill, 81,B2,83.217 MKCulloch,Cedric 261 McCuIlorh,KimiIa 276 McCulIogh, Edward 261 vlecnlloogrnnyron 124, 125 McCuI1ough,laurente 218 MrCull0ugh,lIichard 276 McCuIIough,1im 218 McCurdy,linda 245 McCurry,Rebecca 261 MrCulfhe0n,Reta 218 McDaniel,Brenda 276 MtDaniel,GIenn 262 MrDanieI,lell 218 McDanieI,5herry 245 Mfnonalilsilly 218,211 McDnnald,CheryI 81,83, 183,262 MfDonaId,Harry 262,276 MrlJonald,1arry 218 MfDonald,Raymond 245 MKDonald,Shelli 218 Menowmarysusan 276 MrDrrg,le,cnrris 218 MKDufle,Carry 262,335 Mrlac ern, linda 129,245 Miaaithernjandra 73, 276, MdIroy,Christina 262 MrElmy,Cuinn 276 Mrllroy,Sherri 245 Mcfarland, Darrell 22, 56, 245 MtFerrin,l1ilIy 262 MtC,owan,1ammie 109, 276 Mfnenry, Doug 218 MtKeehan, Bonnie 61,72. 75, 55.193, 241, 245 MrKelvy, langley 124,127, 218 McMaster, Corinna 262 MfMirI1aeI,leo 262 NltMiIIer, Cherry 276 McMullen, lames 163, 276 McMullen, Patricia 245 MtNair, Rithard 262 McNir.hoIos, Tammy 262 McNutt, lynn 220 MKNutl, Rithard 173, 276 McQueen, lames 245 Mrqireen, loye 22,220 McQueen, Paul 81, 83, 245 Mr Rae, Anelte 276 McRae, Paul 245 MrWhurter, Howard 137, 139, 220 Mrfahe, Rrihin 145 McDaniel, Theresa 245 Mdlroy,Karen 262 McWhorter,Dale 262 MeeCe,Mitlhell 276 Meelian,larnes 276 Means,Annette 220 Meek,lerry 245 Metks,Marfus 262 Melchor,DaIe 109,276 Meirhnnlolrnny 123,245 Melchor,Mar5aret 46,262 Melton,Conn1e 246 Mel1on,DeeAnn 262 Meltor1,linda 262 Menard,Sharon 103,220 Mendez,leoneI 262 Mendiola,Airdrey 23,262 Mendnza,Calhy 276 Meyer,Kristy 130,262 Meyer,Shari 220 Michel,Drue 276 Mirhels,lan 262 Mid11leton,AIherl 262 Middleton, Ricky 262 Miers,Andrea 109,276 Miers,WiIlie 246 Mikeska,Annette 109, 257, 262,260 MikIis,Donna 262 Mikolajchak, larry 262 MiIes,Debra 220 Mites,lIaine 276 Miles,Neil 140,262 MileS,lirr1 276 MiIes,Neeta 220 Miles,Vanessa 276 MilIantz,Sherri 262 Miller, Carol 124, 125, 220 MiIler,CaroIV. 220 Miller,lanie 111 Millenloseph 156 Miller,KenneIh 262,155 Miilenlroger 277 MiIIer,Ruth 103,220 MilIer,Stacey 63 Miller,Steven 246 Miller,WaIter 262 Milligan, Anthony 246,155 Mills,Carol 262 Milsaps,Iana 262 Minatrea,Marcus 277 Miniel,Daniel 262 Minnirh,1ammy 246 Mireur,Debbie 187,190 Mishler,Caro1 262 Mi1enell,creg 156 Mit1elstet11,Dr.'bora 156, 262,113 Mil1elsledt,Vvonne 220 Mize,8everly 220 Moake,Terri 277 Motk,Deborah 277 Modrzeiewski,Robert 277 Monckton,luhn 262 Moncus,Randy 246 Monk, Stephanie 81,83, 277 Montemayonlulee 220 Moor1,Sarena 262 Mooneyharmlisa 277 Mo0re,Belinda 277 Moore,Cheryl 246 Mnore,Gail 277 Moore,G. 190 Moore,Karen 262 M0ore,Karen S, 262 Moore,Kathy 246 Monre,KeIIi 246 Moore,l1ichard 262 Mnore,Kobin 220 Mo1aIes,Susie Z77 Moran,Carlton 262 Moramltonald 277 Moren0,Angela 262 M0rer1n,AnI1et1e 262 Moren0,Ma1ino 166,167, 220 Moreno, Roland 53,107, 246 Morgan, Arthur 277, 179 Morgan, Gerald 41, 262 Morrell, Cathy 193 Morris, Bret 246 Morris, linda 109, 218, 220 Morris, Peggy 277 Morris, Tracy 277 Morlon, Gerald Z8 Mosconi, Shelley 262 Moses, Amado 246 Moses, Dee 193 Moses, Mark 246 Mnsknwicz, Kenneth 10, 29, 277, 113 Mosley, Becky 123, 246 Moll, Debra 277 Moll, Dennis 220 Mt1unk,feIicia 50 Mueller, leii 48, 277 Mulligan,CaIherine 277 Mungia,l1lhnny 277 Monguia, linda 106, 262 Munlz, David 262 Munr0, Corene 262 Murdoch, Robert 193 Murdnfh, Susan 109, 262 Mirrll, Norma 44,51 123. 246 Murley,4ni1a 277 Murphy, Glen 129,193 Murphy, lori 220 Murry, David Sl, 79, 205, 212, 220 Murry,Mike 246 Muse, Keith 262 Mushinski, Mike 55, 262,87 Mykytyn, Rosie 262 - N 1 Nagy, Tina 262 Nation,Christoph 246 Nations,Greg 262 Neaderhiser,Teresa 277 Neal, Cheryl 61,79,2-46 Neal,Gigi 277 Neal, Kenon 262 Neal, linda 277 Neal, Monica 220 Neal, Phillip 123, 219, 220. 211 NeaIy,Angela 277 Neeley,Creg? 127,179,246 Neeley,Shel ey 29,262,113 Neeley,llill 220,111 NeeIey,Susan 220 Nelsnn,Chandra 75,246 Nelson,lacquelin 262 Nesknrilnteri 109.277 NettIes,Wade 277 Neylnd Philli 74, 109, 256, 262,265 p Newsom,Dehra 220 Newton,Cheryl 221 Npihhn 61,277 Ng,Mary la,s4,:s,61,79, 109, 205, 221, 20811, 208e Nguy,Eng 246 Nguyen,Anh 6-1,277,246 Nguyen,Hieu is Nguyen,Hieu 205 Nguye-n,l0hn 246 Nguyen,Khue 277 Nguyen,lan 221 Nguyenmighia 262 Nguyen,l'huc 221 Pagel, tin Nguyen, Phdpng 246 Nguyen, Iheresa 262 Nlcholes, Nicholes, loan 277 rracy 247 Nichols, Darlene 221 Nichols,Phillip 277 Nicks,Clarence 221 Nimmnns,Mike 55,61,137 139,167, 205, 221 Nino,Martha 221 Ninn,Myriarn ss, 262 int 10, 29,277,113 Noel,l0hn 278 Noel, Richard 247 N0lder,lim 123,192,199 N0rriS,Marsha 81,03 Novi1in,Martha 123,221 Null, Bellt 137,138,140,205, Noack,C1 221 -0- Oakland, 79, 200, 0 Neal, Patricia 263 lric lu, sa, 5S,61, 205, 221 oliahayashi,Hi,nard 2713 oiiyi-r,laan 263 Ulisc-r,Dclilha 129,111 0liver,Kathy 221 olirincynihia 221 0lmos,Ruhy 221 0pela,Danc-tte 129,247 op,-ia,n.1nii-1 2711 orl6nilil,xi-niih 26l oneerannnihiany 79, Ortc-gon, Rithard 2111 Uslmrnvi Osborne, Osh-rho Bridget 261 earn 278 inw I92 u, . . Ousentaino 261 Ousley, L ynthia 261 owen., Ierri 276 Pace, lim -p- 261 Padilla, 261.11111 121,221 Pagel, Rntu-rt 261 a 221 261 Pagel,lornnly 61,286 247 Palma, Kim 270 PaIoma,Vvette 16,221,172, 139 Park,Michelle 278 Parker, Christi 263 Parker, Don 178 Parker, lee 278 Pariier, Randy 12S,137,140, 221 Parker, Robert 263 Parker, Rodney 278 rarlis, Carolyn 102, 221 Parks, Charles 200 Parks, Pamela 263 Parks, tina 64, 263 Parks,Vickie 192,172 Parr, Rota lil, 205, 219, 221 Parshall, Dudley 2-17 Parson, Rohert 161 Parsons, Srary 103,221 Patrick, Debra 263 Patrick, Kim 278 Patten, Carol 247 Patten, Bruce 27l'l Patterson, Deana 5, 221 Fallersrlrt, lllmes 141,192 Patterson, lenita 92, 93,67, 2-47 Patterson, Marcus 4, 247 Patters0n,Ml'lanil' 278 Patterson, Pa! 144,167 Vatlersrln, Patti 15, 55, 61, 67, 218, 239, 250, 247 Patterson, Shari 2-I7 Panersi1n,sir-phanie 247 Paul, Steve 192, 87 Patellul, Natalie 55, 261 railirli,Miihael 247,111, ru FamaInwslxi,Curtis 263 Yayne,ludy 221 Payne,Mary 129,247 Pavne,Rhonda 263 Payne, re rri s9, 256, 261, 26-1,265 Peables,Davvn 247,113 Pederson,lulie 192 Pee-hles,n6lly 221 Pena,Ruhen 278 Pendergrassrpny 275 Penewitl,l0hr1 49,278,206 Pennell,Richard 205 Pennington,lisa 278 Penninrii6n,rr6y 263 Pennnc ,Kelly 278 Pennoclt,Ray 278 PenneIl,Richard 221 Pera1a,1lyana 247 Perez,Cynthia 247 Perez,loe 32,247 Parliinson,Brenda 123,2 22 Perkinson,Paula Permenter, William 247 Perrard, Donna 184 Perrard, Gary 123, 222 Perry, Sharon 278 Perryrnarplenniier 108, 109, 193, 278 Perryman,Virginia 108,101 192, 193 Peters, Kim S5,61, 247 Peters, Kim 278 Peters, Stephen 27a Peterson, Cynthia 222 Peterson, llllly l02, 222 Peterson, Vickie 278 Petmvic h, Kim 55, 64, 278 Phalen, Danny 278 Pham, Anti 64 Pham, Dunn 276 Pham, Duy 6, 122,125 Pham, Hung 247 Pham, linh 62, 64 Pham, tram-anh 278 Phan, Dung 45, 278 Philer, Roy 129, 222 Phillips, Debra 247 PlillipS,letl 278 Phillips, Paul 270 Pierce, Charles 53,131,150, 151,153,15-4, 205, 222,177, 175 Pierce, lill 278,15, 73, ss, 250, 282, 65 Pierce, Robbie 54, 61, 247 Pielsch, Aaron 247 Pilie, teresa 278 Pilkenton,Bradley 20,157 Pillows, Bonnie 122,125, 222 Pierce, Kelly 278 Pinson, left 22, 80, B1, 83, 55, 222 Pinson, Keith 4, 46, 211, in Pittman, Charlene 278 Pinrnan, Kelley 44, 73, 2110, 222, 293 Plalz, Robert 22, 92, 273 Pleasant, Karen 159 Plummer, Ann 192 Poe, Danny 137, 140, 222 Prahlrneyer, Carrie 245, 248 Pohlmeyer, larry 127 Polasek, Dietmar 67, 278 Pcllill, Susan 55, 61, 205, 222 Poole, Becky 62, 2715 Poole, Rullerl 243 Porter, Clifton 278, 286 Portic, leeAnn 21, 81, 83, 248 Potter, Marsha 7 Pnu, Nita 192, 216 Pow ull, farnl 192 Vnwell, Pansy 2711 Powell, Penny 2711 Powers, Darlene 2711 Praetorius, lana 160 Praelrlrius, lisa 129 Pratt, Mike 278 Pratt, terry 137,1-42, 222 Prewitt, troy 249 Price, Donna 2-IB Price, Frieda 222, 302 Price, Mark 127, 222 Price, R. W. 192 Priesmeyer, terri 248 Priesnieyer, William 113 Pruett, Carey 123, 222 Pucltett, Ranell 102, 222 Puente, Alicia 17, 18, 222 Puente, Estella 2-18 Pugh, Charles 278 Pumphrey, Cheryl 192 Purdue, Fran 55, 222 Putt, Kim 73, 222, 293 Pye, me 127, 222 Pyle, Gay 278 Pyle, Rayrnrand 24a Pyle, Rny 129 -Q, Quiro1,Moses 2713 - R - Raahe, Bruce 1711, 179 Raabe, David 270 Radlnrd, Dan 278 Radomski, Deborah 55, 222 Radllmski, Douglas 127, 222 Ragstnn, carlhyn 12, 192 Ragusa, David 205, 222,05 Raihvrd, Uma 27ll Ramirvl, Paula 187,192 Ramos, Molly 222 Randall, Ivy 120, 129, 248 Randolph, Kimberly 222 RandoIph,Stephanie 108, 109, 248 Randolph, tim 1,113 Ray, lou 1.10, 161 Ray,Stanley 248 Rayburn, David 232 lzayrniand, Paulette 2721 lzayrnnnd, rarnniy 9, la, 73, 75, 200, 20811, 20l'1h, 293 i1ayninnd,rrarey 9,73,75, SS, 257, 65 Reardean, Howard 129, 128 Reaves, Michael 278 Reddehase, todd 129 Redeauli, Ronald 278 Reding, Darlene 278 Redrnhnd, Lynn 273, 2711 Reed, Deidra 225,159 Reed, Karen 278 Reed, Manix 20 Reed, Richard 55, 27B Reeks, Donald 27B Reelrs, Ginger 278 Reeves, Denman 225, 151, 153 Register, Mike 278 Remke, Kenneth 51 Renaudin, Genie 192 Rendnn, Carlos B3 Renlro, Pam 18, 225,159 Reyes, Carnlyn 246, 65 Reyes, Nora 278 Reyna, Fred 40, 278 Reyna, Paul 278 Reynolds, Deborah 192 Reynolds, tammy 278 Rhodes, Steven 123, 248 Rice, Deana 49, 278 Rice, Becky 76, 92, 225, 294 Rice, Steven 278, 65 Richard, Annette 225 Richardson,Climatena 225 Richardson, Derek 225 Richardson, Fred 184 Richardson,Priscilla 278 uirhey, lori 125 Richmond, tomme 10, 56 Riels, find 67,2-811,65 Riley, Cynthia 272, 2711 Riley, Gloria 225 Riley, lanath 18, 23 Riley. lanice 270 Riley, iirnrny 211 Riley, lphnny 278,113 Riley, Mary 4-1 Riley, Shannon 2-40 Rios, Blanca 278 Rios, Maria 248, 65 Ritcheson, Donna 278 Ritchey, lnrraine 248 Ritchey, lori 3,62 Ritchie, Genevieve 278 Rivera, leticia 164, 225 Roach, Dianna 278 Roach, Donald 193,155 nparli, npuglas 225 Robbins, Darrell 225 Robert, Rodney 278 Roberts, Brian 27B Roberts, Karen 272, 278 Roberts, linda 278,160,161 Roberts, Rebecca 248 Roberts, Robbie 137,140, 238, 244, 248 Roberts, Vernon 26, 225 Robertson, Doanld 264 lzpherrsdn, Gary 225 Robertson, George 225 Robertson, Ray 42, 54, 61, 200, 205, 225 Robertson, Ronald 263 Robinson, Darryl 248 Robinson, Reginald 264 Robles, Ricky 1-13, 244, 248 Robuck, larry 261,113 Rock, Celeste 279 Roclta, Belinda 125, 248 Rocka, Danny 167,168, 225, 111,113 Rodarte,tina 265 Rndd,Michc'al 279 Rndd,Valarie 225 Rodgers,MichaeI 279 Rndrique1,AnIonio 129, 192, 193 R0drique1,Carlns 264 Rodriquc-1,Danio 264 Rpdriquenclirahelh zzs Rodriqueplilliari 225,65 l1pdriqpe1,Melissa 264 R0driquez,OrIandn 165, 279,65 Rodrique1,Sonya 193, 248, B7 Rodriquez,Stephen 279 Rodrique1,te-resa 264 lzhdriqdenvanina 279,160 Rodrique1,Yvette 248 Roeber, Phyllis 61,205,225 R0esler,Kim 193 Rogers,Billy 63,712,279 Rogers,Cherie 279 Rogers,David 225 Rogers,limmy 279 Rogers,Dion 279 ROEers0n,Mark 248,247 R0 de,Daniel 225 R0m0,Arldrew 61,225 Rosadn,GIenda 279 Rnsas,Marcn 279,65 Rosas,DanieI 264 Ross,Arlisa 248 Ross,Dextra 279 Rith,Cynthia 279 Rolh,Sandra 279 Rnth,Stephen 248 R0urke,Barhara 1'-ll Roy,Donald 279 Roy,D0nna 248 Roy,Harold 279 Roy,Kc-nnc-th 223 RnyaI,loyce 187 ltul'mltc',Kenneth 248 Rullin,Rnhh n 264 Rui1,RiLharJ 279 Rumlolo,Karen 264 Ruml0In,linda 279 Runnels,Richard 279 RusselI,Margaret 279 Russell, Rusty 141, 16-I, 193 RutIedge,lames 248 -5- Sacchierl, Beth 172,160,161 Sacchieri,Keith 225,137 Sac chieri, Sharon 248,159 Sacchieri, Teresa 279 Saenl, Darlene 212, 226 Saenz, Donna 264 Safranek, Vita 264 SaFstetter, linda 109,193 Sa ah, Margaret 226 Salah, Marwan 261 Salais, Martin 279 Salazar, Carlos 264 Salazar, Gracie 279 Salazar, Ricky 21,123,248 Saldivar, Martin 248 Saldivar, Sonia 279 Salinas, Carloyn 205, 226 Salinas, liz 226 Salinas,lanet 65 Salitros, Chris 248 Salitros, Patrick 264 Sallaz, Cheryl 248 Salley, louis 279 Sampson,Paula 193 Sampson, Rita 226 Sampey,MichaeI 264 Sanchez, Dolores 109, 264 Sanchez, Gilbert 279 Sanc her, Kenneth 248 Sanders, Annette 122,12fl, 240 Sanders, Charlotte 1a,40, 264 Sanders, Daniel 264 Sanders, Quinn 279 Sanders, ltussell 22,100,193 Sandor, lames 313, 61, 205, 226 Sandrl1,lanet 109, 248 Sandstedl, Billy 62, 24ll Sandstedl, Mark 264,113 Santoro, Pamcls 279 Sappington, Rhonda 248 Sarage, Terence 4,127,248 Sauceda, Armando 279 Sawyer, Glynis 163, 279 Sawyer, Marla 127, 173, 226 sar, Hnlly 279 Scarborough, Natalie 264 Schaefer, Mike 248,113 Schan,Michele 279 srhane, troy 279 Schilhah, Randall 62, 279 Schilhab, Susan 226 Schill, Debbie 9,160 Schill, Craig 137,140, 226 Schindler, Gre 264 Schindler, Michelle 73, 265 Schmidt, luke S2, SS, 100, 109, 205, 226, 218, 65 Schmidt, Rachelle 64 Schoonover, lisa 248 schuebel, Cathy ss, 59, 60, 61, 73, 75, 248 Schulte, Susan 265 Schurmann, Keith 226,129 Scott, Benita 248 Scott, Donna 55, 279 Scott, Marlon 265 Scott, Phillis 279 scrnnie, Derrick 67,226 Sc u rlnck, Vernnca 226 Seals, lisa 73, 265 Sealy, Donya 279 Seber, Steve 226 Seulr, lranlc 63,127,193 Seely, laura 226 Seitller, Edward 248, 111 Selby, Mike I63, 193 Sell, Sharnn 248 Sell, Sharon 226 Selman, Gay 279 sepialiin Marie 2411 Sepulvado, Simon 265 Seraydarian, Gary 279 Serena, Ric hard 117, 226, 141 Serres, Rebecca 2411 Sessions, Alan 226 Sewell, Keith 35, 122, 124, 125,1'l7,140,199, 226 Sewell, Michael 279 Seymour, Rhonda 61, 205, 226 Shadhnlt, lack 279 Shaddox, Connie 226 Shaeler, Marcie 240 Shad, Mary 61,193 Sharp, David 246 Shaw, Kathy 226 Shaw, Randall 248 Shearer, Evelyn 265 Sheets, Deborah 81, 83, 265 Shell, Chuck 92, 93, 248 Sheppard, Lorraine 265 Sheppard, Michele 73, 265 Sheppard, Bill 63, 279 Shields, lohn 279,113 Shimell, leonard 125, 205, 212, 226 Shnrter, Ronald 127, 248 Sides, terri 248 Silva, leticia 193 Silvc-stain, Micheal 279 Simmons, Michelle 279 Simon, Phylis 102, 226 Sims, Novel 265 ssnglemmcwendhlyn 227, 302 Singh-hin,Pal 32,248 sirr6slii,l-anl 248 sliiiiern,i6hn 195 sl,il1ern,uirhr-rl 151,153, 227 sliiririer,xeyin 279 Sladek,Carrie 279 slallnn,Pr-ggy 248 sl6ne,wiliie -10,279 Sluchcr,Edward 26s Sluder,David 227 Sluder,Sandie 24a SmaIIL'v,Susan 265,87 Smalley, Ricky 39, 79, 173, 205, 227 Smith,Annette s4,ss,20S, 227 Smith, Anihrany 265 Smith,BiIIy 14, 24, 25, 133, 137,141,l-12,184 Smith, Bruce 265 Smith, Charlntte 227 srniih, newayne 279 5mith,David 227 Smith, Elizabeth 279 Smith, Evva 193 Smith, Gail 243 Smith, Gregory 265 Smith, lerry 265 Smith,lohn 123,227 Smith, Keely 265 Smith, Kharon 265 Smith, Laurie 240 Smith, Marshall 265 Smith, Mike 265 Smilh,l7l'lylis 52,103,227 Smith, Richard 227 Smith, Steve 61, 67, 241, 248, ISS Smith, rirnpihy 227 Smith, Trina 265 Snead, Cary 137,14-0, 227 snow, Candy 279 Snow, Robert 265 Snyder, Valerie S, B1, 3, 227 So iz, David 265 Somma, Iuan 186 Sommerville, Sheryl 79, 265 Sontag, Angela 266 Soord, Peter 64, 266 Sosa, Sergio 27'-J Southall, Michael 279 spate, Mike 266 Spardella, Mary 227 Spear, Willie 266, 286 Spence, Kiny 12,184,193 Spence, luke 45,279 Spence, Susan 313, 12, 54, 61, 64, 70, 71,109,164,194, 205, 227. 2054, 20811 Spivey, Michael Sp0onts,Mark 279 sialldrdlerry 266 Staha, lanet 55, 61, 64, 248, 87 Stahl, Robert 279 Stamps, Milne 248 Stanlord, Leon 279 Stanick, Kelly 279 Stanley, laVelI 193 Stanley, Michael 266 Stanley, Sandra 2413 Staples, Billy 279 Stapleton, Melody 279 Stavely, Roberta ss, 203, 227, 65 Stavinoha, Connie 193 Stavinnha, Earl 29, 279,113 Steele, tracy 227 Stegent, Roxanne 227 Steinocher, Steve 227 Stepanski, loanna 248 Stepanski, Robert 266 siephens, David 266 Stephenson, Mark 21, 266 Stevens, Greg 227,123 Steveson, Craig 279 Stewart. lohnny lee 193 Stewart, Kelvin 279 smiles, Ricky 240 Stock, terry 179 Stockwell, Belinda 24, 72, 74, 208h, 227, 293 Stoener, Chris 53,107, 266 Stnkely, Bubba 227 slniies, Cheryl 240 Stone, Gina 279 Stone, lay 137,140,165, 227 Stone, Bobby 266 Stovall, Tamara 227, 302 Stowe, Stephanie 18, 21, 109, 200, 205, 227, 293 Stracener, Bobby 279 Stracener,WiIma 12,187, 191 Strattomltichard 228 Strawther,Snnia 63,266 slreerleanne 248 Street,Marian 279 Strickland, David 143,248 Stmud,Nathaniel 228 Stuhblc-1ield,Sarah 302,220 Summers, Con nie 279 Suicoslsi, Paul 127 Sutton, Connie 40, 52,107, 279 Sutton, Renee 266 Swabado, Deborah 228 Swattes, Robin 55, 279 Sweisthal, Vicky 266 Swesey, David 173, 248 Swink, Cheryl 228 Syldelolulie 279 -T- tatior, tammy 2211 ran,Cindy 279 taIl,DaIe 228 ragle,Melissa 71, 121249, 230 talbert, Donny 279 talley, Terri 302,228 tann, Elizabeth 33, 73, 72, 266 rann, Warren 163, 279 ranldn, Belinda 249 taylor, Cecil 129 taylor,Cnnnie 194 taylor, Dendic 279 tayIor,lames 228 rayinr, Kevin 266 taylor Mary 228 taylor: Melissa 279, 37 taylor Ren ee 230 taylor,treva 103,210 rayipnwillard 279 1ayl6r,wiiliarn lo,s2, teaguc-,Margaret 279 telln,Armando 249 1ellu,Dian1: 200,65 266 rernplehoenise 67,266 1ernplin,Dr1naid 266 templin,Gary 62,280 templin,Rehecca 41,107. 266 terry,Sam 2-19 thacker,Mark 249 rhadiehwayne z30,111, 211,113 lhacker,Wallace 3-4,01,83 thames,lohn 194 theiss,Dean 266,87 rrdpnerhinh 266 rhpniascheryl 230,123 thnmaS,lames 125,137, 141,230 rhprnasnalph 230 thomas,Reginald 266,157 thomas, Reginald 280,156 thompson,Anderson 211 rh6rnp5pn,sryan 62,280 1h6rnps6n,iarry 127,249 thompson,Robert 280 1t1umps1m,1ummy 127, 230 1h0rnelI,Rnhin 249 1hor1on,8arbara 194 1h0rnlnn,c.ary 249 1idmnre,Dnnny 266 1ifgcrt,1raci 249 1ilery,Carol 266 liI1ery,Gary 280 rlllaynnnnny 249 limm,Karla 81,811,266 1imn1,Sar1dra 38,S4,61, 186,205,230,87 1immins,lauri 20,266 1immins,Vicl1i 26,230 1odd,Pa1 180,187,194 1olar,C0nnie 266 1olar,Rita 249 16pping,Gary 137,141 Topping,'Marl1 81,83 Ima-nre,Danny 123,249 10rrente,Ka1hle9n 55,280 Torres,luan 230 1orres,loren1o 230 Torres,MirhaeI 230 r11upin,snsan 121,249 1oups,leonard 230 1ouI,lori 280,281 161.4n1an,ca1f-y 266,161 Transue,Sherri 280 transuerammy 266 1rfalel1,Richard 125,230 111-a11a0ay,l6s1-pn 280 1re1in11,David 280 Trevin11,Rifhard 249 1rimhle,Kalhy 266 1ruiillo,Vivian 266 1ru11ng,Nam 266 1ruur1g,1uyet 230 1russeI,1my 21,266 rsahaapelasa 280 Tud1er,AIan 230 1url1er,Che I 266 rlnlwnllnyll 266 luC11er,Lisa 249,173,159 luck-r,lt'an 55,249 Tullix, Kenneth 15, 58, 72, 218, 249,175,177,155 lnrnagelm-nna 191 luvnb0w,le11 92, 93, 137, 141,167, 244, 249 Turnbnw, Steve 34, 276, 280 1urner,Darrell 249 Turr1cr,R0h0rl 249 rnrnullrnnlhy 266 1urner,WilIiam 230 Turney,Scott 266,65 1urrentine,Michael 266 Twardowski, Larry 24,137, 139,1-11, 166,167, 20813, 208d, 2085, 20811, 230 rwaninwslnrarnlny 137, 141,249 Tysun,Debhie 280 -U- Uhyrek, lames 266 l3h,n-lt, lerry 230 Underwood, lisa 249 USher,Connie 107, 249 usher, Irene 41, 107, 280 -V- Valdemar,Camerino 230 Valdemanlsreal 123,12-1, 127, 230 Valdel, Cenoveva 109, 266 Valentine-,Monte 230 Valles, Monarissa ss, 61, 67, 249 Vallis, Rhonda 266 VanCleave,David 266 VanKerrebruok,Mary 61, 109, 105, 230 varamlira 249,65 Vargas, louis 129, 249, 266 Varner,MeIissa 81,81,266 vaaqnucrsnnie 230,65 vasauenlnrella 200,65 va-,qtn-nsanrm 280 Vassel,Chandra 266 Va5ut,Greg 266 Vaughan,Karen 249 va11ghan,laaa 164,266 vangnan,lt-nise 231,129 Vaughart,Nina 103,249 vaughan,Nan61l6 280 va11ghan,ran11ny 266 Vaughl,Kevin 125,249 vela,lane1 55,111,249 Vela,Sandra 280,172,115 Verther,Debbie 73,249 Verhint-,lanelle 72,75,205, 231,293 Verwold,D1.1nna 280 Vestal,Denie 280 VestaI,Marl1 266 VestaI,WiI1iam 266 VeIe1,Andr1:'w 266 VetIIes,Wade 281 Victor, lolynn 22, 23, 38, 55, 61,20S,231,87,8S Vittor,Vivian 7,266 Victory,DonaId 266 vinoryxelly 280 vlrrarnsnt-lly 201 vlllalpanaaualeal 249 VilIarreal,Edward 281 vill1nan,rarn1ny 231 Vin1en1,5ue 18 vlatn,Marga1e1 201 Vlath, Richard 81, 83, 131 Vlach,Tina 249 vaagnmnasiasla 1114 volinnennatey 194 -W- WatheI,CrystaI 62,281 Wade,Traty 281 Wadsworth,Dehorah 281 Wadsvvorth,D11n 125,194 Wages,Rhunda 231 Waits,CharIes 281 Wall1er,Aslrid 266 Wall1er,Cheryl 281 Walker,DonaId 39,231 Wall1l'r,Donelha 2-19 Wall1er,Edgar 266 Wal11er,lames 125,155 Wal11er,I0rt 266,157 Wall1er,FolIy 200,205,231 Walker, Randall 124,249, 143,244 Wall1er,Rita 231,302 Walltovialglenniler 266 Wa1l,DL'anna 54,249,51 Wallact-,loseph 281 WalIau:,l1-tonya 249 wallatt-,rannny 201 Wallet,8i11y 266 walley,la1nar 127,231 WalsI0n,8rian 281 Walter,M1miu 281 Walthall,Carl 281 Wallhel,Cl9nda 249 Wallhenlean 281 Walther, Rodney 54, 61,791 205,231 WalI0n,Daniel 281 WaIlon,Sherrie 231 wal1np,lane1 223,231 wallrip,taurel 129,231 Wam1.1le,Brenda 281 waniblerlayd 249,113 wanedcoanny 266 Wanetk,RonaId 125,249 Ward,1ereda 17,249 Ward,1erri 123,124,231 Warman, Patricia 80, 81,81 231 Warlenbath, Mitch 231 washington, Donald 231 Washington, lanice 194 Washington, Lillian 194 Washington, Marily 231 Washington, laura 201 Walkins,lody 231,111 Watkins, Tammy 73, 266 Wa1i1ins,1nnya 231,111 watson, cynrhia 221 Walson,Earr1est 21, 281 Watson, Genny 32, 231 Watson,1aura 113 Watson, Mel 231 walls. lohnny 2-19 Walls, Marva 249 Walls, Melva 281 Walzlavidt, Mithael 281 Weaver, Rhonda 266 webh, Donald 193,194 Webb, Mark 193, 267 Webb, Sandra 249 Webh, Susan 193, 281 Webster, lisa 81, 83, 267 Wedl, lohn 280,113 Wehring, Dana 201 Wehunt, Paul 53, 2-19 Weld1,Rubin 281,113 Welder, Deborah 163, 281 wnilaitt-r,le11 137,142, 208g,208h,233 Whitaker,1'eresa 161 Whit9,Franl1 282,156 Whitalanet 72,267 While,Rh0ndi 55,249 Whilehorn, Donna 73,267 Whitelavnludlth 302,233 Whitemamlrrnniler 109,3, 249 WhitIey,Roger 267 Whitl0cl1,D1ane 267 wna11lngl6n,slepn6n 202 WhiIton,Angela 67,249 WhllwDl'1h,Kevin 282 wnalw6nn,11nyre 202 WLederhoId,Ricl'lard 163, 67 Wiederl1old,Rnger 111, 130, 162,163,233 wl6gna1,lane1 249 wit-y1a1,1ina 249 w1llsn1n,Daan 2112 wilaucurlis 282 wlleypxngt-la 72,714,249 wilt-y,olis 130,137,142 143,267,197 Wiley,Pearli1: 202 wil1tennn,1n1y 202 wallaamsnuired 127,219 wllliarns,,xl11t-na 202 wlll1a1n,,0enlan1in 282 Williams, Bernard 123, 213 wllllarncurwt-fly 202 Williams,8ryan 2112 Williams,Clyde 1-13 wlllianlnoalara 282 walllanlenenlse 202 WiIliams,Devron 202 wllliamerfnasiine 233 walllanlctlnel 202 wllllanlecary 267 williarngcwenanlyn 267 wiwrnanerherl 123,1-13, wlllsafnnxevln 45,156 WilliamS,Kevin 283 WilIiamS,Marria 267 Williams, Max 137,142,233 willlanlnnenea 55,6-l,93, 92, 205, 294, 286, 233 willlanlennhen 267 Williams, Ronald 55, 63, 267 WiIIiams,Rosc-mary 283 Williams,1re5Sa 250 wlllaeoesaran 233 WvldH,SvS-111 249 w1ls6n,An1elia 267 WeII5,Marl- 281,179 wils0n,l3us1er 250,07 We-ndl,lohn 29,282,113 WiIson,Cinger 250 Wesbrook,Gerald 39,61, wilsomlim 257 194 wlls6n,lucl1y 203,111 WPSt.B'9nd-1 231 wils1m,Mary1-llen 203 Weshlylf ,267 Wilsort,MithaeI 233 We-sI,llrr1vr112 282 Wi1son,Mil1e 153 WPSLKHSIEQ 282 w1lmn,M1mis 230 WE51,M3'l'f1vZ49 w1lsnn,ra1n1ia 103,233 W0SI.T9f'v 282 Wilson,Waring 12,63,100, weslbnaak, Ierry 267 199 wastlsnmt, Larry 123, 233 waa1l1n16u,rrafy 267 wnalleyxenny 202 wmlal1er,,1n11a 202 WinlieId,1erry 61,154,250 wnln-y,Andwa 250 wantlt-1,l11n1gla, 125 The Aldine Senior High School Roundupis published by Aldine Senior High School, under the Aldine lnde- pendent School District Board of Education. SPECIFICATIONS Cover: Tan 601 Cordova, grained, thermo screen blue 060 , Stock: 80 pound,Saxmark Enamel A Type: Headline - Optima Bold Body copy and outlines -- Optima Standard Editors: Academics: Liz Kroll Activities: Bonnie McKee-han Business Manager: Karen Douglas Organizations: Patti Patterson People: Terri Honick, Terri Priesmeyer, Teresa Ward Sports: Cary Snead Staff: Penny Cox, Lynn Dillard, Shelli McDonald, Alice Puente, Billy Bell 1,450 copies printed by Taylor Publishing Company Dallas, Texas Size: 9x12 trim size 336 pages Photographers: Allen Burk, Russell Buttitta, Larry Holliday, Mark Humphries, Mando Tello Adviser: Mrs. lulie Pederson 0 wlnltlanllmmv 15 wlnshialtnn 1l7,142, 2011n,233 Wise,8arhara 191 Wisener,Donald 55,233 wlaanf-r,o611g 127,250 w1anan1,lsraan 193,203 wnnaws11l,Mannn 267 Wilther,Kei1h 127 wilrnt-1l,Pa11lt-lla 160 Woll,Keith 2113 wnllt-f,Ann 79,194 Womatk,Betty 194 w6ng,Alan 55,203 w6n,,,s0i 267 Wnng,5usana 283 w6ng,w1llia1n 63,267 wnaaoanna 203 wnaaxissy 49,109,203 wands, Darryl 283 wa6as,ln-gina 203 w66as,r6nia 267 waalm-n6n,1aya 267 waolt-n,1arnfny 283 wran,l11n1 267 wrigl1l,cn1-'ala 1S9,211, 233 Wright,Craig 123,137,1-12, 167 wngn1,c6fnella 197 wngnl,laseph 203 WrighI,Melissa 267 Wrighl,Porter 283 Wunderlid1,Margaret 72, 55,267 wvarnlriflty 267 wya1l,l1en 267,63 Wyatt,8rad 283 WyIie,Adria 283 Wyridoleanclte 283 -Y- Yanel, Elizabeth 233 Yates, Rcbetfa 283 Vbura. loseph 283 Yeager, Timothy 267 ver11es,Nan1y 00, 111, 01, 283 Yelter,Karen 125 Vorelt, Howard 302, 52, 233 V0rl1,VitI0r 267 VoSl1u,Y0nnir.' 211 vm1ng,C. 197 Young,Danny 267 v611ng,1nnn 203 Ynung,Shannnn 201,73 vmrngvirule 203 v6nng6l0n11,xally 267 -Z- Zabnrnwsl1i,Brenda 20, 283,73 Zab1.rrowski,lad1ie 34 Zadil1,Debbie 267 zannnas,r1n1nlny 203 Zephynlatoh 267 Zoellner,Alhert 197 Znrn,Stever1 283 Zyl11s,Don 137,144,197 1 l 'P l 2 J ,-6 Af .0 I T ?'f t .V 3 . 9995359325 MQW fsfg, i-?wQ K f , X71 Kff ff K r 91 + N , gr W. v V f dv- A dievees We Finally Made it ,x ifaao rf A4- Q -- . r-1 'M xffx' .W . 1978 Bi-District Champs - Astrodome I MCDugIe i ,. 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