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7' 4 A f'.,.' . '-u ..-,' '-. xflv s k, , .-wg r 'X , ,V 1. , -1 Q E. ..6' 3 , I----Q, -.1 1, Yvllefi-i'x'f'v+Li'1:.e pm 'i . ,ge iii A f.. , I f I , gf, 7-V.:-,g I? 1 Q rigs ,X ' 252 Q - .?4,5f4?f 'fl iff we 2 V. ,I 535 E ig '-.,. Q is g-LW., . W, gpg.-4.......' ,L -r ,,. :- fb f'-L u .-- V9 x:-' p f---w ,. ,,.,-mlm ,,,,..., , 1" , 731. 1 . F 1. X U O 1 ""t,.n, l. ., I I--.."" Nun-. Mrs -n, H J- a .J 4, W .-iii . xl ,a x '. - ' I N -. fn" 'NYJ Tumi . YI-HM! 1 Q, 1 ' fm - FA wm a iii? SW L A be J PDO' ffjfifbf gswq . 'x - 'W iaiiagx in f Twiwfia L QR -:E . SJW 'rggfgjg kg, 4612. ,tuw fuxx X QQ? if Q mx QE 02252 N is Q32 X MQ Egg? +4 am Q Q X X 225 EY iw Qs. .,Q eg 5535529 QW 15, Q Q 3 XFX ik x w 22 Q1 gkd .vs v"' 5 x .f-X Xa P Xi E ,QU . S 3 K J I JB, Q i 'P 1 , ' Y K- 0 - -4 q.WA Q X . in 5 .SE iii, A Qi x gv Ag M xg X 'Q X3 5 2 33s f 3' Q wiv' 2 - - 4, . ......4..s.f...A. ,......1..,. .g.. . . , Q X QM ii XWA li in Smiigigpf ' M 4 1 ,X i .J ff ,nrww N . TABLE OF CONTENTS ACADEMICS. . . ACTIVITIES ...... September . October .... November . . . December .... January .... February .... March .... April .... May ....... SPORTS .......... ORGANIZATIONS . . . CLASSES ......... Seniors ..... Juniors ...... Sophomores .... Freshmen .... ADS ........ The school year of l97O opened with new changes and mounting confusion. What had been an orderly, systematic insti- tution had evolved into ,a mass of disorder. Construction of two new wings and the ex- pansion of facilities created turmoil in the halls. As classrooms would be completed, classes would be moved, which proved to be a constant source of disconcertion. Also, the fluster of locker changes, schedule changes, and the arrival of new teachers added to the iumble of the school day. As the year progressed the labyrinth created began to gradually untangle. A rou- tine pattern had almost evolved when the close of the school year brought the return of discord. The prom brought much antici- pation and succeeded 'in returning much confusion. Class socials were planned, as were the Senior banquet, club socials, elec- tions of new officers and cheerleader tryouts. Each of these activities disturbed the daily routine that had almost become fixed. As the school year ended, the system had .. page IO .. page 49 .. page 50 .. page 53 .. page 54 .. page 6l ... page 65 ... page 66 ... page 67 ... page 77 ... page 80 ... page 98 ... page l30 ... page 208 ... page 2lO ... page 234 ... page 250 ... page 268 ... page 286 once again been dismissed. September had arrived with much confusion, but the end of the semester had proven to bring peace and order, but again, the end of the year was re- turned to jumble. The Freshmen looked back at the year and saw their revolt, but could look forward and even half anticipate the coming year now that they had found out what high school was like. The Sophomores looked only forward toward the magazine sales and that glorious prom. Theiluniors dreamily awaited that next year when they would receive their rings and they would finally be the upperclassmen. And the Sen- iors, reminiscing over the years, at last real- ized that it was all over, and it really had not been so bad after all. But these feelings were only typical of any four classes at Aldine during any year. The confusion and the order rotate and revolve so that the years become, and always will become - a' never-ending maze. Sincerely, f Carol Ratcliffe, Editor I 3 Through the monotony 'o I Jjag.. fu Q X K V gp in 5 Q i 5 ' 4 . . . Through the everyday occurrences cl 6 and through the once-in-cl-lifetimes The maze of events persist. In Dedication to The 1970 ROUNDUP staff chose to dedicate their yearbook to a man who has served Aldine for many years. He served as coach of the junior varsity basketball team and later coached the varsity team. Along with his efforts with the bas- ketball team, this man has worked with the junior class for many years. He also served as head sponsor to this class. With deep pride and sincere appre- ciation the 1970 ROUNDUP staff dedi- cates this yearbook to Mr. Dee Moses. -1i-.- ACADEMICS Teachers were the constant cause of worry by many. Homework was assigned, as were many tests and that research paper. Students became so familiar with their teachers that pop-tests could even be predicted, And yet, through all the confusion, many re- ceived a well-rounded education. E I l Added to Staff mcilfflvqjic l l l fi is ,' l l Mr. J. G. Hailey, a new addition to Aldine Senior High, served as principal during the 1969-1970 school year. He transferred to Aldine from Hambrick Junior High, where he had also served as principal. Besides preparing the curriculum, the class schedule, and assisting the counselors in proper placement of students, Mr. Hailey found time from these many and varied duties to counsel with individual students. A large amount of his time was spent listening to the problems and suggestions presented by students. He attended Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston State Teachers College where he received a Master's in Education and an Administrative Certificate. Serving as assistant principal again this year was Mr. Richard Spence, The major part of his day was spent taking care of discipline problems. Mr. Spence attended Sam Houston State Teacher's College, where he received his Master's in Education and a Bachelor of Science. To relieve some of the burden of the principal and assistant principal, an additional assistant principal was added to Aldine this year. Mr. Allen Lewis was in charge of the school calendar, of reading the les- son plans, and of making the morning announce- ments. ,He attended Hardin-Simmons University where he received his Bachelor of Arts. Along with other improvements and additions to Aldine, the staff of principals, for the first time in Aldine's histo- ry, was increased. TYONS Top: Shirley Wells, office as sistant, delivers a telephone message to Mr. Spence. Bottom: Mr. Lewis gives the morning announcements. I3 Right: Mr. Spence ond Mr. Miller discuss The days activities. Below left: Mrs. Comp- bell, school nurse, applies cm bondage lo Brenda Lovings' "in- jured" heccl, Below right: Mrs. Seel- horsl explains lo Freshman English classes the procedure in filling out their next yeor's schedule. Enrollment Increase Keeps A an x fo -nv ..., 'iffiff .. f - N 1 K A .,:, E ,.., ,i e v 'ii xiii ix- grim e is 1 QRS? V ser , Y li ,dir we ,. F' . irc .. i .,.- v 7. Piss i .Vg. 37. ii ,V We 5 ffice Personnel Busy sw vw . C J ig! ii l if .,-v Enrollment soared to an all rec- ord high at Aldine this year. Due to the sudden increase in enrollment, the office personnel were kept busy the year. Mrs. Huettel, who,is new to Al- dine High School, served as Mr. l-lailey's secretary. She also called in substitutes for absent teachers. Mrs. Jo Kimbro and Mrs. Mullen kept the attendance records and checked on absent students. Mrs. Lee, bookkeeper, took care of money going in or out of the school. Mrs. Charlotte Bradley, registrar, posted grades every six weeks. The school nurse, Mrs. Phyl- lis Campbell, was there in case a student became sick during the day. Mrs. Barbara Seelhorst and Mr. W. H. Miller, the school coun- selors, helped the students with their schedules and problems throughout their years at high school. Jobs such as these were performed through the year in order to aid the students and facul- ty. Top: Estella Roy shows Mrs. l-luettel the sched- ule ot a substitute teacher. Bottom: Checking the recaps sheet is lust one of the many iobs ot Mrs. Mullen and Mrs, Kimbro. Assistants Learn Cffice Skills Working in the office, as assist- ants to the personnel, the office as- sistants learned many basic skills. They learned many fundamen- tals of office work. During the course of one day the assistants answered the tele- phone, took messages, typed and mimeographed material for teach- ers, collected absentee slips, and ran errands for the personnel. They also typed the agenda for the week's activities and photo- graphed important papers with the Zerox machines. These girls proved to be a valua- ble asset to the office personnel of A.H.S. Right: Mrs. Bradley, registrar, gives instruc- tions to Nancy Zaiicek. Below: Jane Null assists Mrs, Lee in assem- bling a thermofax stencil. is , it "2 , New Techniques Adde ' .. d in Speech Speech classes at AHS began the school year with new Techniques taught by an addition to the Aldine faculty, Mr. Alan Deets. First year speech students were taught correct methods of breathing and voice control before being introduced to the actual fundamentals of public speaking. Also, the International Phonetic Alpha- bet was adopted by the class to better their understanding of correct pronunci- ation. Speech ll was the beginning ofthe stu- dent's actual experience in dramatics. Procedures of debate, scene analysis, pantomiming, and acting were a few of the fundamentals taught. Also, studies were made over the history of drama and of drama today. Various types of speeches, interpreta- tions, and duets in acting were entered i'n local tournaments by a number of speech students representing AHS. Suc' cess of the attempts of these students brought gratuitous recognition to the speicch department as well as the school itse . , AV.. iir L, I W Kay Smith, iunior, presents her speech as a part of a group discussion as Job Nelson looks on. jennifer jackson displays her version of driving a car while performing a pantomime. Mr. Alan Deets Mr. Haley presents Bob Bostwick and Roger Lane with a trophy as a result for their win in a duet acting skit as Mr. Deets looks on. -7 M. ' """""'-'-mf v . H ,M.,,1 Qi V . M x""'M-vw. i 5 r """'-sun..,, A 'Filing s ew as i' 1 lg' r bg' , i .mfTf ,f ""x- ,M Wanda Sleiger seems to be having an interesting conversation while giving her report. lf: ,- m..g ',i"'i is Ai,. W r J, 'i" H.w"N"- ri,i,,J,, i'-' H N., NK My a'Ni -.., X iiii mxxsx Mrs. Eaton, an American history teache WM 1 1 , 5 5 i ' I ff' 4""'a it N ' ivii c Y "Are you kidding?," she says. .fr ., Q..,,-..M 'MM-.V , wwe-A-.,.,w....,,,,, W-WMWH M-v..,...,,,w ,,4.,mm7W X is 1 fLeftl "Well, I dont know about that." "I wander if this lecture will ever end?" says Phillip Hickey. 5 ,:- H A,h: Students Explore the Past and Present History courses at Aldine give students an opportunity to gain Miss Hope i Burgess Miss Wanda Eaton 1 A5 s the class in a history lecture. t X Mr, Steve Gondy twig,- Mr. Sonny Donaldson ideas and explore the events of the past, which in turn are the building blocks of the future. They learned of the mistakes and ideas of men in the past and hoped to improve the future. The , 3 teachers used new methods in which to teach classes. For ex- .Qi i 4 A . ample, Mr. Russell, an American History teacher, had groups of five to six students to present their ideas and to teach the class 'Q about a certain chapter. He also had them to present special re- ports and proiects in front of the classes. Many activities were created and performed in the history de- partment. Programs with special guests were presented and films were shown. The civics classes had city and county officials to come and to speak to them about state and city governments. These special activities helped to create an interest in history for the students. There were seven different types of history offered at Aldine. Many courses such as civics, advanced government, and econom- ics prepared students for college. With all of these many courses and new teaching methods, a student could prepare himself for the future. Picture Not Available M,-A Chef Mr, John Mr. Charles Russell Dodson Sfofte Plclure Picture Na+ Not Avail-'ble Available Miss Tina Mr. Jim Mr. Merrill Thomas Jackson Blackburn I9 Tapping of pencils, squeaking of chalk and the wadding up ot paper to try again, are all familiar sounds that go along with math. The math depart- ment consisted ot algebra, geometry, trig, consumers math and related math. To enrich and stimulate interest the math department invited two guest speakers during the tall semester. One talked on the New York Stock Ex- change andthe other was from the Bet- ter Business Bureau. The Consumers math classes worked in the library tor several days to do re- search on their careers. They then gave an oral report on what line ot business they were planning to go into after graduation. These classes also video- taped a program about consumers math. The new teachers added to the math department were Green, Bryant, Podsednik, Smith, Jones, Gaines, and Hardy. Below: Janice Reneau, Sophomore, gets help from neighbor in math. Math - A Worl what MU 's--. K ' Above: Mary Muzny, Vaquera, takes along an elephant to class tor a skit later during Vaquera prac- tice. s ai W- is Of Facts and Figures lf h i . 'V' iff V -as 'if sw. - 'ggi i BEF' 5' Valli, if! Z if Sophomore, Delbert Swanson, works out o problem for the moth clcrss. .W-in -api Mr. John Watson Mr. Don Webb Mrs. Helen Green Mr. F, G. Bryonl Mrs, Marie Poclsednilc Mr. Mike l-lordy Mrs. Judy Gaines Mr, Allen Doss Nor Pictured: Miss Helen Jones, Mr. Roy Smith, ond Miss Gyorgyl Szolcosifs, 2I Mr. Pierre Marion Mr. William Walker Mrs. Paula Anders Miss Hope Burgess Mr. John Bowman Mr, Charles Walker Mr. Vernon Lewis Mr. Carroll Haisly "Why and How" of Science PM Fumes from the chemistry lab, and smells of dissected animals from biology were alla port of the science classes this year. Six new teachers were added to the science department to cover the broad field of human knowledge concerned with facts held together by rules and principles. Physical science, required by freshmen, is con' cerned mainly with the nature of the universe. For sophomores, biology involved the study of living organisms and their activities. To further their knowledge, juniors and seniors were offered chemistry and physics. Performing experiments, students tried to explain "why and how" chemi- cal reactions take place. Students taking physics were concerned with matter and energy. The Math and Science Club also sponsored the science department. They go on various field trips during the year. Left: Roy Flores helps the physical science classes in an experi- ment by heating contents in o flask. .. Aw,- Daryl Whitaker tries to find algae on his slide while David Pope looks on. 23 lf you happen to be walking down the south hall anytime during the day and hear chanting of'different languages, don't get excited and think you're in the wrong school. lt's only the voices of foreign languages students reciting their lessons. The foreign languages department consists of French, German, Spanish, and Latin. This year the German classes visited a Ger- man restaurant November l and 8. They also attended a German Convention. The polka was also taught by Miss Brandt to all her classes. A foreign exchange student visited Aldine for one week. She was from Finland. "Speaking is emphasized most in foreign lan- guage," stated Miss Brandt. Right: John Barrington and Libby Burtner perform a German skit during class as Gail Campbell narrates, W-db' L TTI? lll Miss Cheri Brandt l2l -Mrs. Bunny Jones l3l Mr. Bob Weisinger l4l Mrs. Lou Prasatik 24 Foreign Language ,A ' Rf. t 4 v Y' ''ti u ,f. . 's c f , o s c 0 'S s o ' ' l i.f v Q' s r o n - a 1' vii' ni n"u'oQ 1 O I xg. A "cgi n of pn'0'.-' ,.. .u w va nn. . . Oi 0 -If - '.'. "' - .'-Q n 4 nu n Q I n Q v 4 . '. . .0 'nt .'j,v. . . o ar ,',' . , av Lai. Q' ', o 1 Q 'Q 'J' 0 ,:' 0 ' 'Q u 4 "' 'W' an apo 0-'a" 'aan no"s"Yf,u" o ,,'...,o,awLw. -. knee' a-a. Mike Taylor poses as a German waiter. Aids Communication . i i i , Gary Arnold, Lee Ann Fletcher, Nikki Guinn, and Subrl Dagma practice their French dialogue by using telephones. Above right: Robin Craig disguises as ci blind girl in a Spanish skit. i 25 J S. 3 ima, y :li 'W gl 414 Band and Choir Help S - 5.4 l i Right: Mrs. Lorelei Schwartz For right: Mr. Thomas Atkins Mr. Bill Moreau' picture not available 26 S AS' Above: Robin Craig develops her talents by directing the Stovall band on FTA clay. Left: Candy Davis practices for the football game Friday night, in chilly, windy weather. To Develop Interest and Talent This year at Aldine, the band and choir were off to a new start with two new directors. "Perhaps we will build a com- pletely new organization," stated the choir teacher, Mrs. Schwartz. The choir was active in participating in special programs and activities not only at Aldine, but at many other places in Houston. Besides performing in front of the student body, a night concert was given for the benefit of the parents and other interested listeners. The Aldine band was also active in school functions throughout the year. During the T969-l97O year the band was led by Mr. Moreau and his assistant, Mr. Atkins. The band not only performed at annual concerts, but presented march- ing routines at halftime of every football game. The band also performed at each pep rally, and many students felt that the band helped to boost the spirit through the year. Many students of the band and the choir felt that both classes had undergone changes for the better. Perhaps all of the practice and hard work will someday prove to be worth the effort that the students have put forth through the year. Above: Kay Fritz, Pam Fulbright, and Margaret Falco practice for the annual choir concert given at Christmas. Above left: Lynnette Brady projects spirit while singing in the choir. Left: An octet practices a number as to learn how to sing in small groups and how to blend voices. 27 AHS provided many opportunities for students seeking business iobs by teaching basic skills in various business courses. These courses consisted ot general business, book- keeping, shorthand, typing, business Eng- lish, and vocational office education. ln these courses developing the basic skill was most important and through that, skill, speed and accuracy developed. Students taking typing and shorthand competed in the Interscholastic League. Typing students were given timed writings and graded on speed and accuracy. Those in shorthand took tive minute dictations of 80 words a minute and were graded on the transcrip- tions. The winners in the competition repre- sented Aldine in the Interscholastic League. This year the overhead projector was used in typing and bookkeeping. The busi- ness teachers were Mrs. Mitchamore, Mrs. Judge, Mrs. Stracener, Mrs. Urban, and Mr. McLaine. Uopl Senior, Cheryl Williams thinks over her shorthand as she transcribes it. fBottoml Mrs. Judge instructs Terry Massey and the class on a problem in bookkeeping. I A W X! Basic Skills Taught in Business Caurses if .-'Qu sss ss M 'l f M . Ui Mrs. Gloria Mifchamore Q21 Mrs. .lean Judge Q3j Mrs. Wilma Jean Sfracener Q41 Mrs. Clara Beth Urban Q51 Mr. Charles McLaine 1 L Kenneth Murray figures his speed on his Timed typing. 29 Girls Develop Physica ff-QQ Top: Mrs. Jeon Morvis Middle: Mrs. Dolores Hopson Middle: Miss Peggy Brown Bottom: Mrs. Lindo Drewes Right: Sherry Toylor goes up for Two, os Lorroine Fergu- son tries to guard her. so r Qhlm-u4p,g,,L.", -.'f ig, t kills Through Physical Education A , R i . li- fll ,, x,.v silfvr a ll il 4 Fifi . 5 Lett: Diane Deskins does her exercises to the beat ot the music. iff: ,Z ,,,, F ,Z 2 . L , Girls at Aldine develop their physical ability with the aid of P. E. by participating in several activities which include basketball, track, foot- ball, and volleyball. Modern dance was some- thing new tried this year, where all the girls learned dances from other countries, as well as making their own dances up. The last six weeks of school was spent swim- ming. Each girl was put in a group, and worked towards earning a Red Cross card. Besidesswim- ming, relays were held during each class period to add some sport to the girls newly acquired skills. Left: "Hey, where did everybody go?" seems to be the ques- tion ot this unidentified girl, during football. 3l Physical Education classes aimed to improve and perfect the body and mind by means of selected forms of physical activity. Also, by participating in competitive games, the importance of teamwork was stressed, which helped to create good sportsman- ship. After starting off each day with a few minutes of warm-up exercises, the boys would participate in some type of sport or game. Among the various sports offered were football, basketball, track, soft- ball, soccer, swimming, and dodge-ball. Further- more, before the boys participated in a sport, they were taught the background or history and some of the basic fundamentals needed to perform well in the sport. The school required all boys to take at least one semester of Health Education. This was set up to teach the boys good health habits including hygiene, good grooming, first aid, manners, and cit- izenship. Roger Kwiatkowski, iunior, hits a fly ball in an indoor baseball game. Below: Bryant Guitterez displays his diving skill. 32 Boys P. E Develops Healthy Bodies f. , Wm.. i F. -5 x lAbOVe: Lonnie Lewis measures Steve Neville's broad-lump as Coach Moses and Richard Waldrop look on. 'Sie 4? COACHES l. Barton Massey 2, Dee Moses 3. Earl Parker 4. Ron Hester 5T Sonny Donaldson Freddy Warman, freshman, participates in the daily exercises. 33 Cosmetology: The Art of Hairstyling i Above: Glynarra Bynum gives Debbie Jones a facial. Right: Sharon Van Zandt practices on a mannequin. Cosmetology was a Class of twenty eight girls learning the methods ot hair- styling. The three hour Class was Con- ducted by Mrs. Dorothy Jackowski. The girls learned Cosmetology with the use ot a Classbook, a kit Containing their Cosmetology tools, and through prac- tice. As juniors, the first year students learned the basic skills of Cosmetology. The first hour was spent toward skills with the aid of books. The second hour of Class was devoted to applying these skills. The skills were applied to manne- quins and their Classmates. The first year girls also learned the professional ethics of Cosmetology. At the end of the year these girls had enough skill and knowledge to deal with the public. The second year girls Continued their basic skills and strived for a profession- al touch. These girls applied their style to patrons ot the Aldine area. At com- pletion of this Course, the girls went to Austin tor exams and obtained their li- cense to practice Cosmetology in vari- ous beauty salons. 34 Above: Mrs. Dorothy Jack- owski. Right: Cynthia Rushing styles a happy patrons hair. W df 4. . Expression Through Art . Q.,-:N p If ' , ox' What picture would we have ot yesteryear without art? At AHS four years ot art is offered to interested stu- dents. A beginning student first learned the basic art prin- ciples. After using these principles, the students tested their talents by using water colors, charcoals, pastel chalks, and acrylics. Creating scenes are not the only thing tried in art. Students got to try their hand at fashion designing and at anatomy. At various times throughout the year projects created by students were exhibited. Later in the year they were rated andziudged by a number ot art critics. Ribbons were given to the outstanding works of art. Thus, throughout art, students tested their ability at creating all types of work of art. 4 252 . 3' f Top: Doris Mattern, Voiza Tullus, and Mary O'dell discuss a picture exhibited. Above: Liz Browning completes a picture. 35 ,S .,- J, QV' ,Ffh i x 1 'fig Field Trips Brighten W , Q? g s ?'i-rags M., ,,, gum. Wie i 3 ' in xxx i A W M fig 5ibg,gsmmi3,.ff lh: ,,,.i iiii " .1 NEWT ' ,ll ' ' ,- li l Mrs Q21 Mrs Q31 Mrs Ml Mrs fPicture 3.1: Connie Stavinoha Margorel January Carolyn Wilkerson Dorothy Cooper noi availablel i Theresa Brown carefully guides her malerial through the machine during third year homemaking. Homemclking Bouillabaisse, a familiar expression? Maybe not to you, but at Aris Greno- villes, a French Restaurant, where third year homemaking classes visited, this might be common. Also on the agenda for homemaking was a trip to Fingers Furniture store and one to Solomon Fab- rics. For Mrs. Stavinoha, head ot the de- partment, Mrs. Wilkerson, Mrs. January, and Mrs. Cooper the school year started in the summer. They supervised girls working tor one halt ot a credit by going on field trips, doing home projects, and by helping in elementary schools in the Head Start program. During the school year the teachers were kept busy teaching nutrition and Nia. .AF Candy Phillips reads to a tot while babysitting tor a Y.H.T. mother. toads, menu planning, clothing, child care, grooming, family relations, and home safety. Besides F.H.A., another organization attiliated with homemaking is Young Homemakers of Texas. Aldine's chapter has titty members. While conducting their monthly meeting, students babysat tor the Y.l'l.T. mothers. Top left: Terry Reglein and Dottie Atkins straighten the edges of the lining for their wool garments. Bottom right: Mrs. January assists Pam Odell, first year student, in the preparos tion of doughnuts. 37 ff? . QM' Top: Mrs. Roweno Lightfoot. Bottom: Mr. Waring G. Wil' son. Above left: Karen Neagle and Carlisio Davis remind students of the last day to purchase a yearbook subscription. Above right: Liz Spivey sells a yearbook subscription to Kenneth Walker. Bottom left: Carol Ratcliffe, editor, and Paula Fritzsch- ing discuss layouts. 38 Yields the Roundup and Mustang h .. X.-.. Us... L. K. k.-f 101 N.i The Journalism Department at Al- dine consists of a yearbook class, one journalism class, and the newspaper staff. All classes worked year around to give students the benefit of a newspa- per and yearbook. The journalism class wrote stories for the MUSTANG, and interviewed teach- ers and students. They sold ads to help support the paper, and when an issue ofthe MUSTANG came out, they were there to sell it to the students and teach- ers at Aldine. This class offered students who wished to develop their talents a chance to express themselves. Members of the MUSTANG staff, who made up the copy of the newspa- per, also worked very hard. They also wrote stories which appeared in the MUSTANG. Yearbook members also sold ads and made interviews. The class went to Tay- lor Publishing Company to learn how the ROUNDUP was published. A record number of yearbooks, 93l, were sold, and the yearbook students worked constantly in order to put out the best yearbook ever. Both classes worked to give the stu- dents at Aldine a better MUSTANG and ROUNDUP. Above right: Marlene Evans sells a MUSTANG to Kathy Menduni. Bottom: Alice Copeland gives Mrs. Lightfoot an ad for the next issue of the MUSTANG. 39 Theory Is Prcicticecl in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration "Of course, it is easy for the graduating students of this class to acquire iobs in air conditioning and refriger- ation, but they are also qualified to go directly into Sta- tionary Engineering," stated Mr. Simmang, who taught these subiects. These two courses, each of which consisted of three hours, were broken up into two sessions. Theory con- sumed the tirst hour and actual work on the theory learned covered the remaining two hours. Impaired equipment was donated to these students who then re- paired and resold the working material. "The classes work under an informal atmosphere, but with the leadership of Mr. Simmang the work is always accomplished," stated Alan Brannon, first year student. Top: Mike Lofton and Jerry Preston charge a unit with Freon. Middle: Aaron Saenz checks the air on one of his proiects. 40 l Vocational Course Offers Basic Fundamentals of Mechanics 4' class. . 5, 2 Mr. Ray Pearson Auto Mechanics, a vocational course, is taught to iunior and sen- ior students who are interested in the automotive field. The daily three hour class is divided into theory and actual working experi- ence on old automobiles donated by friends, family, and members of the faculty. The activities of the year included field trips to places such as Mort Hall Ford, and also participating in District and State VICA meets. At the end of the two year course, the young men had studied all phases and parts of the automobile and received a Voca- tional Certificate from the Texas Education Agency. Left: Mike Pagel applies his newly acquired knowledge by repacking a wheel bearing. Left: Mike Pratt and David Hogue install an air conditioner during the afternoon 4l All fifteen of Aldine's English teachers attempted to teach the students at Aldine something of the fas- cinating characters in our literature. The freshman classes studied Great Expectations, which was writ- ten by Charles Dickens. These students shall always remember their first encounter with Pip and Miss Ha- visham. Aldine's sophomore class met Silas Marner, the miser who found happiness without money. The juniors had a somewhat varied selection of novels. While some students were reading The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible, others were reading The Pearl. Thus, the students ended a year with a bit of knowl- edge of literature. In Senior English, composition is stressed more than literature to prepare students for college. Humanities is offered to the students who wish to study literature more seriously. These students at- tended the Alley Theatre every month to see such plays as The Rose Tattoo and The Andersonville Trials. Journalism, Communicative English, or Busi- ness English is offered if Senior English is not pre- ferred. S Amelia Schmidt is preparing for her critical analysis on The Cruci- ble. Literature Donna Walker like many other students finds time to search for a lis brary book for a book report. Wi i T 's .QQ 'T 1 . .,,. - i-" ' ' A . " , 4. f fi X QQ -RT s Xssxegsfagsmef it l l l i Miss Ruth Magness Miss Rita Harding Mr. Bobby Ezell l s Stressed in English Below center: Mrs. Maxine Milne Below: Mr. Michael Cullinan J.. f ' . . z. fziiiqw s 1 , 'W T . . ff.-.f , 'T' slssn f 9 gg' . nir KZWVVVV me , 3 K7 . Q T 1' ax Mrs. Jody Tyson Cathy Spivey seeks aid from Bob Bosrwick as they take moles from Mrs. Tyson. FTD, Migg Sue Finley Miss Robin Trimble Mrs. Sella Allen Mrs. Nita Pou MVS- VlI'QinlCI MVS. Chrisfine Perryman Thompson 43 Animal Farm Highlights Vocational Agriculture This year at AHS the Vocational Agricultural classes raised their animals as exhibits for the annual Ag. show at a new' permanent location. Mr. David R. Schoene- mann donated an area of land located on Aldine West- field and Sandydale Road, as an animal farm for the boys to take care of their stock that was to be entered in the annual project show in April. Classes were taught by Mr. Joe Woodland and Mr. David McCullough. Some ofthe procedures taught in the classes concerned the preparations of meats, care of ani- mals, soil care, and the knowledge of machinery used in everyday, outdoor living. Also, during the year the agri- cultural classes were responsible for the building of the annual bonfire as a part of homecoming celebrations. I A I g lll Op: Mr' 'lo i, ii Woodland ' l2l Bottom: Mr. David ,,,, l McCullough Right: Mr. McCullough demonstrates procedures of meat processing to his class, from left to right: Mike Albin, Gary Thumes, Steve Point, Darrel Harri- V , M A son, Roger Pope, and Richard Ballard. ' 44 Terry Lowery measures the length ot his show box to be used in the Ag. project show. 6 fi N t , l fig I 9 ' r Industrial Arts Advance New Skills Above: In woodshop Joey Starvaggi makes a candle holder on the wood-lathe. Sl65'f he E,-,,,,.. bell-- Scotty Bell prepares a layout in vocational drafting. Drafting and woodshop, the two lndus- trial Arts classes, taught students basic skills needed in future iobs of engineering, draft- ing, and construction..Accuracy, neatness, and safety were stressed in both courses. In drafting, students were taught skills in technical and architectural drafting. Work in the class consisted of learning new tech- niques and drawing different architectural plans. Outside of the class, the architectural drafting class went to Astro Hall to see the home builders show. Also, along with the Woodshop classes, the drafting classes watched the construction of the new addi- tion at A.H.S. Ideas were expressed by the use of lines, signs, and symbols. Technical drafting taught students the basic funda- mentals of drafting. Those who wished to continue drafting were able to get summer jobs on drafting proiects. Woodshop trained students in the build- ing and construction of wooden proiects. Instructions in the use of tools and machin- ery emphasized safety. Skills were devel- oped through home proiects. This course not only gave students a chance to help with house repairs, but also provided them with a hobby. These constructive courses, which made up the Industrial Arts Department, prepared Aldine boys for future iobs in industry. l3l Mr. Leslie Acker 'X Al Ill Mr. George Cummings l2l Mr. Bernard Detlefsen Distributive Education: The Techniques of Selling Distributive Education helped many students in- terested in the techniques of selling to learn about re- tailing and wholesaling. Not only did these students learn about merchandising, marketing and advertis- ing, but also about human relations. This vocational program gave each student a chance to develop leadership and responsibility. Working in the school store was one ot the various ways to learn about working with others. ln Distributive Education each student was placed in a place ot business which would prepare,them tor their future lite. Right: D.E. students Ronnie Howton and Newt Lucas view one their displays. fti t ' M ti Mrs. Margaret Baskin of n-.L .8 " 'if ...XXX Above: A sales demonstration is performed by Mary Jarrell and Sandra Teague. Custoclians Serve Aldine Students sert. Not pictured are the ianitors who were: George Hines, J. B. Stroud, H. W. Norris, G. H, Warneke, Georgia Nor- ris, Walter Andrews, Cora Norris, Florence Haynes, and David Norris. Below: The cafeteria staff this year was as follows: Top row, left to right: Mickie Lenning, Violet Van Ness, Vivian McGuire, Peggy Prewitt, Clara Gorski, Pauline Walker, and Thelma Woodruff. Bottom row, left to right: Rose Hoyt, Annette Morris, Miclcie Palmer, Jean Bonden, Cora Baker, and Lillian Nicholas. 47 ACTIVITIES Parties and socials were always events anticipat- ed. Homecoming was the first all-school activity in which each person took part. The Prom was the ultimate ot rush, and much hurried care was given to forgotten details, But-graduation was the source of escape and the end of the maze. 49 September Qpens Halls ol September opened the halls of Aldine once again this year with a record enrollment of l700. To help accommodate these new students, temporary build- ings were put up until a new wing could be built and a new snack bar ahd student lounge was added to the cafeteria. Class meetings were held and officers were elect- ed. The seniors received their rings, and the annual Howdy Dance, featuring the Ninth Street Bridge, was sponsored by the Aldine High School Student Congress. Friends got together once again, and the new students became acquainted with the old. Pep rallies, football games, and the selling ofthe ROUNDUP brought about the enthusiasm needed to start a new year at AHS. The junior class sold magazine subscriptions in order to earn money for the Junior-Senior prom to be held in May. Prizes were awarded to the top salesmen, and everyone who sold ten dollars worth, received an Aldine pennant. September closed with the spirit ot another year off to a great start. l'Enter at your own risk," is something that is very familiar to the students in the Senior English classes ot Mrs. Tyson. EA A , A pggg A A A .sis . , ,. V U lf ssssr srsst - S c, .... . T I 1 Temporary buildings were set up to accommodal Seniors Lynn Ca lv.. valier, Tommy Grant, Gloria Levy, Phil Terrell, and Sam Elliot Aldine With Record Enrollment r N llvqi r l, m ,... Q .f ire , " ff ? fs T 'A A ' is senior rings. the crowded classrooms. Freshman Barbara Farris lrightl, and Kay Robertson lcenterl, participate in class election of officers - 5I Students Acliust to School Life David Hickey and Carol Walton "doing their thing" at the Howdy Dance. Wanda Laird and Randy Spardella study once again in Crowded conditions in the cafeteria were quite difficult to get used to until a new student lounge and new additions to cafeteria could be built Dctober Was Marked by Spirit Filled with signs of spirit, the month of October was full of activities. Centered around football season, the team had the support of the student body. The students and the faculty expressed their spirit by their good attendance at football games. The month was highlighted by Spirit Week. This included a night pep rally be- fore the MacArthur game. Spirit chants could be held in the halls of Aldine through- out the week. Aldine's traditional blue and white was worn often by the students and faculty. Competition between homerooms was displayed by the door decorations of spirit. Spirit week was ended by the judges decision to award the Band Hall first place. Left: James Simmons boosts the spirit of the team before the MacArthur game. Lower left: Fans of the "Mighty Mustangs" cheer for a victory. Below: The Band Hall took first place in door decorations of Spirit Week. 53 54 November Spirit Was ln? Right: An ex-student admires the senior's W 5 Homecoming decorations in the ,student lounge. November came and brought with it many varied activities. The first week was a busy one for the sen- iors of A.H.S. who were planning and decorating for Homecoming. The overall enthusiasm and spirit was even further stimulated by the annual bonfire held the night before the big game. Led by the cheerlead- ers and the band, many spectators yelled and cheered for the "Mighty Mustangs." Football season came to a victorious close with the second place title in District l5AAAA. Basketball season then got off to a start with many tournaments and games. The Fu- ture Homemakers of America sponsored the "Fall Fantasy," a formal dance held at the Field lnn on November 2l. Also during the month, the O.E.A., the band, and other various clubs held bake sales during the lunch periods, as money making projects. "Antic Spring," a one act play presented by the Drama Department, brought an end to the full- scheduled month of November. Right: Bob Bostwick fights the ants in his pants in a scene from "Antic Spring." i l i 1 i i i l Q i Stimulated by the Bonfire W. Left: George Crisp, John Stember, Phil Hahn, and Phillip Terrell show their spirit and determination at the bonfire, Bottom left: Blazing bonfire burns with spirit. Bottom right: Supporters cheer the Mustangs on at the bonfire, A see r .2 ., N Ji X 1 ls. ,.. -1 A 4- .r f :sf ,X NN s 9 f 1 r My 55 Chorlotte Gist and Bill Rowson Lf. Lolo McDonald and Pot Patterson Q Y . A ,gt V. 2' 5 A Libby Burtner t t and 1 Fl Ricky Moz fn tai? l l 'IV' in 5 l U li 5 l 1 ,, p- 4 9 Q 'K me-was gwqmw ,Q I lk AW LL,'LLL is ' 1 Q V ""'cs V- ' -:J Lola McDonald and Libby Burtner Candidates for Homecoming Queen 1969-70 Lola McDonald and Libby Burtner were this year's Homecoming Princesses. Charlotte Gist was chosen queen. The senior class nominated many girls and then voted and selected three. Then the whole school voted and chose one. Princess Lola was a cheerleader for three years and this year she was head cheerleader. She was president of her Freshman Class and corresponding secretary her junior year. She was on the ROUNDUP staff her sophomore year. Lola was a winner of the President's Physi- cal Fitness award and was onthe All-Star Girl's Basketball Team last year. She was a member of the Student Senate this year. Lola has been in choir for four years, Madrigals two years, and was vice-president of the choir this year. This year Lola was chosen Miss Aldine. Princess Libby was active in the Thespians and this year was president of the club. She has been in band for four years, was All-District last year, and was secretary of band this year. She was reporter of the National Honor Society and was a member of the Student Senate this year. She was treasurer of her junior class and was an Honor Student her freshman and iunior years. Her senior year Libby was on the tennis team and was a candidate for Miss Aldine. 59 Seniors Honor Classes of 1939 and 1959 As is traditional, the senior class held a Homecoming dance. This year the classes of T939 and T959 were honored. The band, The Liquid Blue, added to the ex- citement ot the dance. At the dance the senior class gave Charlotte Gist a silver charm and charm bracelet and Mrs. Tyson, head senior sponsor, was presented with a bouquet ot roses. Later, exes were introduced and every- one began re-acquainting old trienclships. Also as an added activity the Madrigals performed. As the evening ended, the dance proved to have been enjoyable and a pleasant finish to the T969-70 Homecoming activities. Right: A member ot the Liquid Blue plays at the Homecoming dance. For right: Ruby Stehlik seems to be having tun at the Home- coming dance. Below: Allen Fuchs and Debbie Byrd dance to the music ot the Liquid Blue. December Brings Many Activities . . . AHS students took an active part in the many activities planned for the month of December. As Christmas drew near, students became aware of other's needs by participating in the annual Adopt One program. The Future Nurses club, sponsoring this program, sorted many gifts which had been donated by each homeroom. Many homerooms held projects in conjunction with this program. A shoe shine was one of those original money making projects held by one homeroom. Maxi Day was an added attraction this year. Many girls came to school outfitted in their floor-length skirts and coats. On December lo, the choir presented its an- nual Christmas concert. The choir sang carols such as "The Birthday of a,King" and i'Do You l-lear What I Hear." Christmas decorations were placed in the stu- dent lounge by the freshman, sophomore, jun- ior, and senior classes. Two old-fashioned Christmas trees were placed in the student lounge and the cafeteria as added decorations. To highlight the Christmas season, the annual Christmas Social was sponsored by the Student Congress. Away from the usual tradition, the dress was changed to formal and semi-formal. Music was provided by "The Michael." Top left: A Capella ff-17 f' qu , im Choir sings at annual Christmas choir con- cert. Left: Beverly Bene- stant, Kathy Camp- bell, Aaron Cherry, and Gail Campbell decorate corner with traditional Christmas , V tree and St. Nick. 6I And ci Desire c Above: Sam Elliott and Janet Walker dance to music of "The Michael," during the Christ- mas social. Top right: Phillip Terrell and lrma Gonzales discuss "important issues," while Delayne Wil- son and Steve Hutchinson watch the dancers. Right: Lori Parker and Kay Walton shine boots to raise money for the Adopt One program. L9 ielp Others 1 K Nw 7 wg Lia!! V f ,..,, .X Top: Sandy Konieczny, Charlene Barclay, Gail FulBright, and Linda McDaniel pack gifts for a needy family. Bottom: Robin Coleman, Jackie Hewlett, and Lynn Williams show the fashion of the times on Maxi Day. 63 Mustangs Honored at Football Banquet The "MIGHTY MUSTANGSH were honored at the an- nual Football Banquet, Thursday, December 4. Afterythe banquet dinner, the Varsity lettermen, Junior Varsity iettermen, and the Freshman lettermen were awarded for their effort during the football season. Don Burrisk and John Stember were highly honored. At the banquet, the Most Valuable Player award was presented to Don Burrisk. This award is given each year to the player who has proven to be valuable to the team, and who has shown leadership and the best attitude. John Stember was given the "Mustang Fighting Heart Award". To receive this award, a player should possess such qualities as fighting spirit, leadership, fair play, and willingness to participate in all athletic activities. The guests of the banquet were entertained by Dr. James Blakely from Wharton Junior College. Right: Coach Massey presents the Mast Valuable Player award. Bottom left: John Stember proudly receives the Fighting Heart Award. Bottom right: Lane Dillon and his date, Nora Spivey enioy the banquet dinner. Career Day Highlights Exam Month Small Debbie Bacala struggles with o load of books through exam week. i Studying, worrying, and cramming for exams came with the first of January. Each exam was limited to one hour, but this did not lessen the studying that had to be done by most students. Freshmen were introduced to high school exams and had various opinions concerning them. Freshman, Pam O'dell commented, iiThey were harder than I had expected." The first month in l97O was welcomed along with three district victories in varsity basketball. After exams, girls' P.E. started their intramural basketball games and excitement mounted as to which team would be the school champion. Many new students entered Aldine for the second se- mester and schedules were changed and rearranged for previous students. The counselors' offices were filled with students who needed schedule changes, Business Career Day was the highlight of January. This event was sponsored by V.O.E. The entire school turned out to examine the office equipment. Many students and teachers listened with intent interest as exhibitors demon- strated and explained the typewriters, adding machines, computors, telephones, and other office equipment. Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery tests conclud- ed the month. Phil Hahn and Lewis Hough try for two points. Q r -f ,,,..,,,, N I plains the transcribing machine. 65 George Crisp and Randy Robertson listen as the demonstrotor ex- Class Elections Climax February February activities were based around class elec- tions. Class tavorites were nominated at meetings and then voted on. This month also brought the girls intramural bas- ketball game. The game was held during sixth period and the gym was packed. Atter the game trophies were awarded to the winning team and the all-star basketball team was announced. February was an active month tor the iunior class. It was the time for their social, which was held to help pay tor the prom. There were booths ready for an old time carnival. There was o cake walk, a fish pond tilled with prizes, and many other fun-tilled ac- tivities. Along with the booths, a band was provided to supply music tor dancing. Bottom left: At the southern school assembly The Birds of Prey were displayed. L- x 3-1 Lynn Dessens waits to catch the ball so she can make another T two points. 66 Ray Goss and Lisa Ferreri groove out at the iunior social lil! tm in CIC Seniors Highlight March March was filled with a number of activi- ties which kept the student body, especially the Seniors, busy during the month. The tra- ditional senior picture was made. Invita- tions were delivered tothe Seniors and they ordered their caps and gowns. Cheerleading tryouts were held March 25 in the auditorium. Six girls were chosen to serve as the T970-'71 cheerleaders. The elected cheerleaders included Pat Gist, Su- zanne Florence, Shirley Okabayashi, Irma Gonzales, Terry McLean, and Gayle Strick- land. The Coronation, sponsored by the Roundup staff, was held March 20. This an- nual event highlighted the month of March. Left: "Let's go" yelled Terry Massey as she shows her school spirit in cheerleading tryouts. Bottom left: Seniors follow photographers' instructions while lining up for the senior group picture. Bottom right: Leonard Truett, Billy McElroy, and Paul Miller discuss ordering their caps and gowns. Roundup Present: MVT v 3 R i I 1 1 . 34 I 'V' vw ,sean l 5 4 1 1 I I l l97O Coronclfion , W'-.m.H'.fffsfSf ""?4-Q ?"". ' TW? .. qv: mv .L. , EQ iii? 5??i9 Wx' ' A F05 F341 194 sv f M., .q n'2.:a',w ism al' A AW 'A of 2 ---..a.Q- mm-vm N Ax, N, ve. ,,. 1 X gs' 1 39 gd ,a .5 , ANN. Qi 3,5 Q QQ i , ' N ' 1 9 wf' Q 9 X Y lg! X ..,, H iififfififi-x - -' 1 1 f 1 M, K if? , I, f A , iff, i gg.: - - ' Xl s "' .32-X11 1 V Ev f "nL M , . . s" tw' ,fi 2547: in I S8255 '- N f-1 'sz - :giz- B I fri Q- I1' ,' ii! -:'::--- ' x Rf EK w K, . BH .PSA Q X S-R L X Ng R 1 Hi 'RS Q. A ax L23 i i Y X 12 X 3 11 Viv qw f x Y X 54 xx nw Q 3 fx 0, if W X N gt 5 0 ff E El 1 i 5 gf" 2 If ab Ci? il XC 5 . 532. MQ lis- -lv f f . ' Q W 134 . ,J l 4 5 " 1 g 4 Y' it f mx ma, YL ,l Q Coronation Presents Springtime ir g l , 5 K 5 H iii, X , A cb- A5 17 fl: " ' l z Q2 A V1 Q 1 A E! l Ei E , -3? :v F k . ij l i :pow x . X 4, QW- Y A ' if x KA l It K ,. 5 , , 2. . ,, - i gil l - - --' . ' W5 A f l Runnelrseup for Mr. and Miss Aldine kUnner5.Up for M,-1 Ond'M55S Aldine Carol Ratcliffe and Victor Mikeska Libby Burfner ond Leonard Trueff Mr. Hailey crowns Don Burrisk as Mr. Aldine. Don Burrisk steadies Lola McDonald's crown as she accepts th 72 honor of Miss Aldine. Ientral Pcirk as Theme Again this year the ROUNDUP presented the annual Coronation, This year the theme was that of springtime in Central Park. On that night there was a sense of excite- ment and anticipation of the coming win- ners. The judges, who interviewed the can- didates for most beautiful and handsome, before the Coronation, had to make diffi- cult decisions. When the Coronation began the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies introduced the Aldine Club representatives and all the can- didates for Most Beautiful and Handsome. Also at this time the candidates for Mr. and Miss Aldine were introduced. The crowning of Mr. and Miss Aldine was the highlight of the evening. Afterwards the royal court was entertained by talented students. The results ofthe Most Handsome and Beautiful of the classes and of the whole school were then given at the end of the Coronation. ' According to yearbook sponsor, Mr. Wil- son, this Coronation proved to be one of the most beautiful ones and that it had taken much hard work by the yearbook staff to complete. Left: Carol Ratcliffe gives the dedication of the yearbook to Mr. Dee Moses. Bottom left: Mrs. Gerald Hoffman, Miss Sharon Eilers, and Mrs. Jeannie Murley enjoy judging the most beauti- ful and handsome candidates. Bottom right: Roger Lane and Donna Gay preside as Master and Mistress of ceremonies. f i Qu ,Z A A af' Sherry Williams and David Clifton Debbie Cermak and Dennis Clifton Dianne Deskins and Terry Lechinger ,V . , K , , i. - 5 . zit- Ccmdiclates f Kathy Frey and Steve Rigsdell Suzanne Florence and Tim Becket , L1 1-'pl' Sherri Anderson and Donny Stanley or Each Clcis v ' , 'i , Charlotte Gist and Leonard Truett Kay Smith ond Steve Burrisk Sandy Sims and Ken Poe Y Janet Jones and Keith Roberts Karen Theiss and Mark Reneau Caron Hayes and Freddie Warman 74 X . . . And the Winners k S E Sherry Williams and Leonard Truetl Nora Spivey ond John Bissell Patricia Gisf and James Carter Caron Hayes ancl Keith Roberts Leonard TrueH and Caron Hayes Basketball ancl Tricycle Race . . . Greg Gardener shows his skill on tri- cycles as he crosses the finish line as winner of the race. The annual tricycle race, sponsored by the "Mustang," got April off to a good start. Miss Eaton was winner of the teachers division, Linda Anderson, girls division, and Greg Gardener, boys division. Greg was also winner ot the entire race. The band gave its Spring Concert during activity period, which proved to be very successful. Seniors proved to be superior over the coaches in a game of basketball. Jean Adams who is a columnist forthe Houston Post, gave an interesting talk to the girls of Aldine. Senior football boys beat the basketball boys in a game of basketball. At the Basket- ball Banquet Phil Hahn received the K. C. Freiling award. Blake King, iunior, received l5-AA All District. James Bates out-iumps Coach Moses in a lump ball dur- ing a game between seniors and coaches. . . . Highlights of April Daryl Hanks lumps for o rebound as John Slember reaches for if in a game be- tween senior baskelball and football boys. 78 Bob Bosfwick, senior, participates in the band's spring concert. Left: Jean Adams, who is a columnist for the Post, reads a leher to the assembly, girls of 5 Carol Ratcliffe instructs Kyle Graham on the proper way ot stirring tea. X x Activities at the Senior Banquet Seniors Honored at Banquet The graduating Senior class ot i970 was honored at the annual Senior Ban- quet held Friday, May 22. Teachers served as the waiters and waitresses. The Senior prophecies were distributed and students were entertained by the Madrigal singers. With the 'isubiect ot worrying," skits were put on by the members ot the senior class. Victor Mik- eslca and Mrs. Tyson gave farewell speeches. Kathy Frey and Steve Rigsdell enioy their meal at the Senior Banquet. With May came many activities for all and the excitement ot another school year coming to a close. The choir and band gave their annual spring concert May 7 and 2l. The last Junior-Senior Prom was held May 8 at the Marriott. Sponsored by the Vaque- ras, the faculty challenged each other in a volleyball game. The Awards As- sembly was held May l9 and many stu- dents were given awards tor their out- standing worlc. The baseball season proved to be superior by the team win- ning bi-district over Spring Branch and Regional over Waco-Richfield. Seniors highlighted the closing of the l97O school year. Senior caps and gowns were distributed on May l8, and May 22 was designated as Senior cap day. Seniors were honored at the Senior Banquet held May 22. The long awaited day of Graduation May 28th, finally came tor the Seniors as the l97O school year came to a close. Excitement Mounts Cl Top: Kathy Frey demonstrates to Steve Rigsdale what a womans touch can do. Right: Glenna Hall proudly accepts her third year award from Mr. Black. Brcicluaiion Nears 'W Left: The "Age of Aquarius" highlighted The spring choir Concert. L. Top: 4'Wow, look of Tho? one," says Billie Risinger to Don Roberts os lhey look of The art exhibit in The cofeierio. - ai "The Old World" was the theme pre- sented at the Junior-Senior Prom on May 8. The prom was held at the Marriott Motor Hotel. Since the decorations of the ball- room were provided by the Marriott, the Juniors were able to serve refreshments. The refreshments included pretzels, hors d'oeuvres, potato chips, finger sandwiches, cokes and punch. This year the Junior class gave the Senior girls small silver iewelry cases. Also the jun- ior girls presented the junior sponsors with gifts of appreciation. Many students said that this was the most successful prom the iunior class had given in many years. Right: Marty Goodwin and Susan Moorhead waitin line with their dates to get punch. Marriott Hosts Junior l Mm QV Qc f-9 'I The Ray Coker Combination provides music for the prom. 82 I f4f'Z?z1: ,Mr Above: "Look into my eyes, and repeat after me," says Lisa Armstrong date Bubba Kraatz. 4 Senior Prom of 1970 un, Www Y. . Q:A 'fffg 121 lgk L , Cathy Tupper ond Glenn Sommerfield Yoke time out for cn dance Couples Fincl Ful W' Many couples enioy dancing af the Junior-Senior Prom. sf Susan Florence, Sharon Campbell, and Charlotte Gisl exchange autographs. '4What I say, goes, I hope!" explains Debra Bourke To date, Ray Goss. nd Excitement at Prom 2 ixxkui Q hw. Q., v v . 'zz' 5 Donna Martin and date wait ta be Qdmined to the prom, Mrs, January receives an appreciation gif? from Patricia Gisf. Cheryl Williams, Don Burrisk, Cathy Spivey, and David Bur- risk find their own kind of fun. "0Id World" Theme Presented ..f-4 Above: Ernest Wilson cmd dole - "Silence is Golden." Right: John Price, Lynn Lucas, Sidney Slember, and Chris Prilchefl discuss their offer-prom plans. 86 .as ' Y fi' .1 7,1 x V, .4-W il pd- If 1.-Q. .m ia - f M.fw.,l 5 ' v 5 fy.-v, 1 ff -- -rf... - ,-.V .-' Y 6, wwvfw- V. Scholar- ships Are Awarded FGOTBALL SCHOLARSHIPS: Left to right, top row: David Youngblood - A Si l, Randy Rob- - lt A , V 3, Y. L f - Z- ,,..- . at 4 Q "T: f 1 ertson - A 81 l, John Stember - Texas Chris- tian University, Don Burrisk - University of Texas. Phil Hahn - University of Houston, George Crisp - University of Houston, Phil- lip Terrell - University ot Houston, not pic- tured is .lack Ross - Arkansas State. TROPHY AWARDS: Left to right: Bob Bostwick, Leonard Truett, Vicki Reynolds, Victor Mikeska. 88 'fr-' ,Elm , 27,2 5 , H Wi 3'-52, X46 I fi ai an SCHOLARSHIPS: Top row left to right: Bob Bostwick Buddy Peake Victor Mi eska Janet Walker Debbie Wilson Karen Nave Carol Ratcliffe and Cynthi Giddion. 4 1449 A ,iirii , ,i ' i ' ff itiii ' ,A ' My y 1 ,V W ,Hi Q? I -. LM xt - ' ' iirxsiifzzziri 3 is , - if ' ' l ' - jf , Q , , I fel V f "', ' if I 4 . ' " R 'F'-4 Q '-S? ' gi-' - L" " ' Q i X " ,fy . I 'Q .t. "W in ,,,, l , , , M V b P . l y .it gf , V A ,, h , I , , , , . Who s Who in A.H. . 'WSQW N A. 2, 41 ,la In M F fi . , i f 5 f.,L' 1 From lop lef! fo right Bob Boslwick - Malh Sieve Ward - English John Copeland - Speech Leonard Truett - History Vicki Reynolds - Choir R. B, Tillman - Boy's PE Debbie Wilson - Girl's PE Danny Wendi - Ag Glenna Hall - Bond Buddy Peake - Science Susan Melchor - Foreign Language Cynthia Rounsavoll - Homemalcing Gloria Levve - Business Cynthia Rushing H Cosmetology RECIPIENTS OF GOLD CORDS: Top row, left to right: Leonard Truett, Bob Bostwick, Teresa Brown, Vicki Reynolds, Buddy Peake, Steve Ward, Sandy Teague, Sharon Simkins, Gloria Lev- vee, Victor Mikiska, Tim Spencer, Carol Ratclifte, Jamie Finch, Alice Kaminski, Carrie Dover, Mary Tupper, Steve Walker, Carla Strother. The above students are the top ranking seniors academically and are pictured in order ot their rank. Cutstcmding Student LETTER AWARDS: Top row to right: Joan Williams, Robin Craig, Donna Gay, Steve Burrisk, Dennis Rite, Kay Walton, Wanda Sligar, Susan Melchor, Kathy Buzbee, Matty Tereski, Kaye Smith, Ruth Hansell, Mike Smith, Delton Carter, Steven Neville, Paul Subrt, James Belnoski, Carol Coley, Debra Carpenter, Constance Hein, Doris Mattern, Betty Kaminski, Ethel Featherson, Wanda Laird. 90 rlonorecl at Awards Program WHO'S WHO FOR AMERICAN AWARDS: Top row, left to right: John Buddy Peake, Carla Strother, Teresa Karen Gates, Shirley Okabayashi, Hall, Rhonda Turner. SCHOOLS: Top row, left to right: Leonard Truett, Don Burrisk, Bob Bostwick, Steve Walker, Steve Ward, Jamie Finch, Karen Nave, Carol Ratcliffe, Buddy Peake, Vic- tor Mikeska, Cynthia Rushing, Sharon Simkins, Teresa Brown, Vicki Reynolds, Carla Strother, Sandy Teague. STRAIGHT-A's FOR ENTIRE YEAR: Left to right, back row: Paul Subrt, Glenda Trapp, Debra Carpenter, Karen Gates, Glenna Hall, Dicie Beaman, Rima Audi. 9l Seniors, Thinking o Shirley Wells strciightens Becky Pierce's cap. 92 Libby Burtner, Bill Rawson and James Bates discuss their after graduation plans. uture, Prepare for Graduation Graduation - a tar away dream tor Seniors, soon becomes a reality. Now their thoughts must turn to the future. The seniors last time together as a class was at the commencement. The commencement exercises began with the processional as the band played "March Triumphalf' Victor Milceska, the Senior Class President, opened the ceremony with the invo- cation, Bob Bostwick then gave his Salutatorian ad- dress. The choir, directed by Loreli Schwartz, sang "No Man is an Island" and "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." Valedictorian, Leonard Truett, then spoke of the real meaning of lite. Dr. W. C. Newberry, As- sistant Professor ot Education at Southwest Texas State College, brought the commencement address. The diplomas were then presented to the Seniors by Chester H. Reese, the President ot the Board of Edu- cation. The commencement came to a close with the recessional i'Pomp and Circumstancef' George Crisp and James Bates pose to have their picture taken. 93 The Real Meaning of Life - Al he real mporiont Message for Seniors iw ,, s , ,, Mu- l l e . l Left: The AHS Choir sings Senior Class song "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." Below: Seniors enloy the groduofion cdclress given by Dr. W. C. Newberry. Gracluaiion Becomes Reality no- E EW? 1 ' '35 Y, N 'Q ,Q 2 1 . in 9 "EPM Carol Ratcliffe seems relieved at receiving her diploma. Right: Cathy White takes her turn walking onto the field. V i 96 in ! 1- f 1 ,193 s HH susan 98 SPORTS F' With the excitement ot football games The many basketball gamesf ' And endless numbers of track meets, Came the haste of ticket buying and n mounting spirit. Aldine Bows to The Aldine Mustangs got off to a slow start as they opened their T969-70 football season by losing to Sam Houston. In the opening quarter Aldine's halfback Don Burrisk scored Al- dine's first touchdown in a one yard dive. In the second quar- ter, Sam Houston's quarterback Robert Armstrong found split end Bobby Huges 50 yards in the end zone for the final Sam Houston score. At halftime the score was tied 7-7. The second half was completely Sam Houston's as they put T3 more points on the scoreboard to make the final score Sam Houston 20, Aldine 7. This was a rare occurre p ete. i it ,l l GEORGE CRISP, Sr 3 Yr. Letterman JOHN STEMBER, Sr., 3 Yr. Letterman -1 nce for, that Friday, a Sam Houston p in 1 7 4 sg, . EXQ x ,pl A X X-, ...Nl DON BURRISK, Sr., 3 Yr. Letterman PHIL HAHN, Sr., 3 Yr. Letterman ass was incom- Som Houston l , A iolting John Stember block Mustangs Roll by Reagan, 31-0 Don Burrisk ran all over Delmar Stadium as the Aldine Mustangs stomped over the Reagan Bulldogs. Burrislc was a hard luck runner who gained l89 yards on l 8 carries in a game which was highlighted by almost 300 yards of penalty yardage. He scored two touchdowns but had three more called back on runs of 25, 70, and 84 yards. Phillip Terrell also scored two touchdowns and was second to Bu rrislc in rushing with 63 yards in lO carries. Left: Don Burrisk is on his way to one ot his long gains ofthe night. JAMES BATES, Sr. 2 Yr. Letterman sf LEONARD TRUETT, Sr. 2 Yr. Letterman Phil Hahn shows the wear and tear of battle 'nl Aldine Smashes Falcons, 31-8 Quarterback Jack Ross ran for one score and passed for two others as he sparked the Mustangs to their second straight win in three games. He person- ally accounted for more than 200 yards, running for H2 and throwing for 89 in a spirited Aldine attack that piled up almost 350 yards of offense. Scoring honors were distributed evenly between the Aldine squad, while George Crisp opened the scoring with a 25 yard field goal. Don Burrisk then scored on a l 7 yard run, and a little later James Bates scored on a 25 yard pass from Ross. Ross ended the scoring when he passed it perfectly to James Carter l 5 yards in the end zone. Far right: JACK ROSS, Sr. 2 Yr. Letterman For right: PHILLIP TERRELL, Sr. 3 Yr. Letterman Above: George Crisp toes a 25 yard field goal. t xl if . sv, PAT PATTERSON, l Yr. Letterman BILL COCHRAN 3 Yr. Letterman Mustangs Nip Carver, 17-12 -V ..s.. is ' One of the reasons James Carter was the first team all district l5 AAA linebacker, Tailback Don Burrisk sparked a second-half Aldine running attack which pushed across a third period score. The Mustangs went on to win l7-l 2 over Aldine Carver. Bur- risk finished the game with ll5 rushing yards on 25 carries. George Crisp kicked a 26 yard field goal in the first period. Later James Bates tucked in a Carver punt and rambled for 55 yards and 6 points. The winning score came on a one yard dive by fullback John Stember. .425 lf? A 2 ,f BILLY MCELROY, Sr. 2 Yr. Letterman Jack Ross and James Bates shake hands with Carver players before returning to the sidelines after the cointoss. IO3 Flawless Wildcats Clip Alcline, 19-7 A crowd ot over 4,000 fans saw the Mustangs score their lone tally in the first period with Don Burrisk going around right end the last T5 yards. The PAT by George Crisp was goocl. With 3:43 left Aldine led, 7-O. Then Westchester scored and left the game tied at 7-7. The second half surge left Massey's Mustangs down by two touch- downs. RANDY ROBERTSON, Sr., 2 Yr. Letterman DAVID YOUNGEBLOOD, Sr., 3 Yr. Letterman I04 3 Don Burrisk turns the corner and looks uptield for the goal line. 'fs George Crisp is removed from the field on a stretcher after in turing his knee. . . 1 1 t XXI 'H M it I s l Generals Edge Past Alcline, 17-14 -I ,KL l Above: James Bates taking the punt and heading uptield. Below: James Simmons stopping the MacArthur quarterback while tour Mustangs pursue. The Aldine Mustangs beat archrival Mac- Arthur Generals in everything but scoring. Fumbles again plagued Aldine as they threatened to score 3 more times inside the 20 yard line. Aldine opened with two quick touchdowns in the first period with Don Bur- risk kniting over from the eight and Phillip Terrell, on an end around, going in from 28 yards. MacArthur kicked a tield goal with no seconds showing on the clock to make the score l7-l4 at half. With l8 seconds lett in the game George Crisp attempted a tield goal that tailed. Defensive standouts were Walter Johnston, Phil Hahn, James Carter, Bill McElroy and Bill Cochran. TOMMY l Yr. A Lette rm a n . is JOHN 2 Yr. Letterman l05 LAZARINE Jr CANTU, Jr Pasadena Slips Past Aldine 12-6 On a quarterback keeper Jack Ross runs tor a short gain. Despite the hard running by Don Burrisk, Pasadena slipped by Aldine 12-6. Burriskraumbledfor 216 net yards on 24 carries, including an 8l yard touchdown sprint on the second play ot the third quarter. Quarterback Bobby Randall scored both touchdowns for Pasadena on runs of 28 and l l yards. Aldine's defensive stars included tackle Phil Hahn, end Randy Robertson, linebacker James Car- ter, and safety James Bates. IO6 ,pm 'F le ' f ,ZW ki 5 JAMES CARTER, Jr., MATTY TERASAKI, 5 l Yr. Letterman l Yr. Letterman Aldine Tricks Smiley, 35-6 Tailback Don Burrisk romped tor tour touchdowns and 253 yards as Aldine shelled Smiley, the defending District i5-AAAA champs. Burrisk scored on runs ot 47-42-25 and eight yards. The Mustangs scored in every quarter and gained 305 yards rushing while throwing only tive passes as they squared their season record at 4-4 and league mark at l-ll Quarterback Jack Ross scored tor Aldine on a tour yard keeper set up by Leonard Truett's interception. Tackle Phil Hahn was a defensive standout for Aldine. Pat Patterson, sidelined for the season because ot an iniury, yelps it up as Aldine upsets Smiley, Lett: BOBBY HICKS, Jr., l Yr. Letterman PAUL BARRNET, Jr., l Yr. Letterman l07 Don Burrisk is on his way to the l5AAAA rushing title Jackets Kill District Hopes l Don Burrisk, following the blocking of Edwin Dewberry, gains crucial yardage in the first quarter On Homecoming night, the Galena Park Yellow Jackets killed Aldine's hopes for a district title with a 26-l 2 victory. But it was Aldine who struck first as the Mustangs used a 44 yard pass interception by James Carter to set up a 42 yard George Crisp field goal. But on the following Aldine kickoff, Galena Park halfback Billy Hearn raced. 87 yards for a touchdown making the score 7-3. ln the third quarter, Aldine regained the lead, when Phillip Terrell, rambling' 56 yards, broke three tackles for TD. District champs looked mighty good at that moment but on the following kickoff, "lightening" struck again as Galena Park's Eddie McClure ran it back until Leonard Truett pushed him out of bounds at the seven yard line. Above right: Lane Dillon, Jr., l Yr. Letterman, Roger Lane, Jr., l Yr. Letterman, James Simmons, Jr., l Yr. Letterman. Below right: Edwin Dewberry, Jr., l Yr. Letter- man, Rod McKehan, Jr., l Yr. Letterman, Steve Burrisk, Jr., l Yr. Letterman. l08 spun, N . l 4 Mustangs Second in District George Crisp, in his other role as defensive halfback, moves in for the kill. kg X A 1 x The Aldine Mustangs took second place in District l5AAAA as the Ponies outlasted the North Shore Mustangs 26-Ql at Dement Stadium. Coming off a heart-breaking loss to Galena Park the week before which knocked the Mustangs out of contention for first place in district, Aldine had to beat the big red to gain a second place finish. Don Burrisk, having one of his usual nights, gained 206 yards rushing and scored all four Aldine touchdowns. This brought his rushing total yardage up to T717 yards making him the leading rusher in the district. Leading de- fense consisted of James Carter who made two key interceptions late in the game which killed two North Shore scoring threats. JAMES BELNOSKI, So., l Yr. Letterman dk.. WALTER JOHNSTON, So., l Yr. Letterman H T - g. MARVIN Ruci-ati, So., l Yr. Letterman ...Nl LEWIS CARTER, So l Yr. Letterman DANNY STANLEY, So., l Yr. Letterman JOHN COOK, Sr., i l Yr. Letterman BILL CARPENTER, Sr., l Yr, Letterman f i Not pictured A . J if A t X I I09 J.V.'s Have Tough Season ' 221 ri m V r 'M' mm- 2 sf, ,P K' 1 -qw .Nm 1 is N gms: fd" li fra i J ,S f '33 si . M Q1 if 5 .- 4, A it 'r J K - s as i ' 1' X M .V x Q J i 4 .A 1? ' H 125 5 1 Q A ll- 'T H . v f fr f it , in i W.. t 1 X 'Z' rr 'iii i K K, v A - 2 i Top row: Gary Anderson, Tim Becket, Mark Beckham, John Bise sell, Richie Carter, Danny Craft, and Tommy Fogle. Second row: Jack Frost, Riley Hamilton, Joe Harris, Larry Harris, Pat Lazarine, Ed McCullough, Mark Mitchell. Third row: Junior Null, Marty Null, Ed Plato, Kenneth Poe, John Sarabia, Fred Schon, and Kenneth Skinner. Fourth row: Dan Stevens, John Tautenhahn, Stephen Terry, Robert Welch, David Wright. Varsity Manager: Doug Barnett and Gary Francis. Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine ...T6 ..l4 Sam Houston Reagan .... Jones. . . Carver ..... Westchester . MacArthur . . Pasadena. . . Smiley ..... Galena Park. North Shore ..... l2 ....24 ...TQ ...24 ...8 ....l2 ..8 H36 .. ..6 ....l2 Right: Steven Terry scores 6 against MacArthur as Richy Carter looks on. ll0 AG? M il 1111 J J 1 X it ii S fl? L., X , Freshmen Post 5-3-2 Record N L .5 . 4 ' VV ff L 1 ee Y, , . L 9 l A A Y L' V, N . ., .' XX X X it . lg sf A, l in llfeifqyfii' ,K if . X . . X, . Je ' . A Q E J . .I f V Ax' V N , A y as Y ' 'f, to " ' 1, S he 'f "' " - aw L lg-Q., ll 2 J Q R '1 V k :X " X I l f ' Ja zz: X l f 1 ' 4, X rg 7. '-3, C S F kt ' ' M, i fLZ . y X , I '41 f- eff . - y 1 I - g I f , A I i " V... Jw ., . A L, All i - fn J A i 1 .mv . . E I- ' y ff S3 ' "Z X, in CAF L x, 'II I 'Q 'gf 7151, y 5: I gy' i r t .: 1 . -ii ' ' . ,A 4,19 '. I 1, ' lei L Q. ' ' fr ' . , f ' 1 - 2' , V , , A! .3 fi X 5 ' li A - I A3 fi: V Top row: Raymond Austin, Charles Ballard, Benii Barnett, Jimmy Black, ,5 1 F ' f '7 ' if CE Joe Blanco, Don Bolton, Ralph Brown, Mark Burrisk, Wayne Cooper, Don L I - Je ty ., I ii I 6 A DeVille. Second row: Jimmy Frels, Robby Fuqua, Robert Gutierrez, Jerry B A lf Y I' K I ' J' , Harris, Randy Hays, Ernie Hickman, John Hill, Mike lnglish, Steve James, if ,. l , l f. Harold Kapalski. Third row: Mike Louis, Richard Louallier, Terry Lowery, Vip - 1 1 R ' J I xipx 2 Glen Lucadore, Clifford Mara, Dall Mayo, Gary McKinnly, Clifford McPhearson, David Meir, Darrell Mounger. Fourth row: John Pavy, Joe Peel, Mike Price, Mark Reneau, Keith Roberts, John Saunders, Ray Skelton, Gerald Smith, Joe Spradlings, Charles Swearer. Fifth row: Mike Turner, D. L. Turriguance, Walter Watson, Marty Watson, Jeff Webb. Not pictured: Billy Chumley, Alvis Hughes, Rob Karr, Aldine... 6 Kirby ...... . l3 Aldine. . . 0 Spring Branch . O Aldine. . l5 Northwood . . . 8 Aldine, , 20 Wld. Acres .... 6 Aldine. . . 2 Conroe .... . 32 Aldine. ,. O Memorial. . . . . O Aldine. , 15 North Shore.. . 8 Aldine. . 23 Galena Park.. l4 Aldine , , , O Westchester . . l4 Aldine.. l6 MacArthur . .. l4 Left: Joe Blanco, David Meir, and Don DeVille shout encouragement as Aldine battles Conroe. unwiummu:fm1-inane ' a lAn AMW - Aldine Puts ll MUSTANG VARSITY COACHES: Standing, left to right: Coach Massey, Coach J.V. COACHES: Left to right: Coach Stone, Coach Donaldson. Skog. Seated: Coach Parker, Coach Jackson. Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine. . . .. Aldine Aldine ll2 1969 SEASON RECORD Sam Houston Reagan .... Jones ..... Carver ..... Westchester . . . . . MacArthur . . Pasadena. . . Smiley ..... Galena Park.. . . . North Shore. . . . . FRESHMAN COACHES: Left to right: Coach McClain, Coach Hester, and Smith. n All-District Teams DISTRICT SELECTIONS: Left to right: Walter Johnson, Bobby Hicks, Billy McElroy, Bill Cochran, Don Burrisk, James Carter, Phil Hahn, Randy Robertson Stember. Not pictured: George Crisp. I 969 FOOTBALL WRAP-U P Leading Rusher - Don Burrick - l7l7 ydsf' Leading Tackler - Phil Hahn - IO per game James Carter - IO per game ALL-DISTRICT SELECTIONS lst Team 2nd Team Bobby Hicks - Center Walter Johnson - LB Don Burrisk - TB Billy McElroy - T James Carter - LB Bill Cochran - MG Phil Hahn - T John Stember - FB Randy Robertson - G George Crisp - HB ALL STATE-ALL AMERICAN - DON BURRISK SCHOLARSHIPS George Crisp - U, of H Jack Ross - Ark. St. Phil Hahn - U of H Randy Robertson - 4 I E Phil Terrell - U of H Tex. A 84 I IPartialI mirrtgr-right: Larry Barnett - Mgr., Dennis Clark, Mgr., Gary Francis, Don Burrisk - U of Texas Dovid Youngblood F John Stember - TCU Tex. A 81 l IPartialI at School and District Record II3 .- A Blake King goes up for two against MacArthur. Mustangs Break Even James Carter guards a MacArthur General. With one win and one loss, the Mustangs broke even in two games with MacArthur and two games with Smiley. In their first game with MacArthur, the Mustangs defeated the Generals 77 to 65, with Ronnie Cava- nar as leading scorer with 20 points and Phill Hahn following. The second game with the Generals was a close loss with a score of 55 to 53, again with King and Cavanar as leading scorers. The Mustangs bowed to the Smiley Eagles 63 to 62 in one game, but also defeated them once with a score of 80 to 62. King, Cavanar, and Hahn were leading scorers. lI5 7 7 6 PHIL HAHN Senior: Capfain Varsity 3 years All District 2nd Team 2 years iiiiiify 1 E JAMES CARTER Junior: I year Varsity DOUG COTTLE Senior: T year Varsity 69- 71 i arsiiy Basketball Team BATES Varsity I year CAVANAR I year Varsity GLENN BRYANT LEWIS HOUGH Senior: 2 years Vgrgify Senior: I year Varsity BILLY SMITH ITreeI BLAKE KING Sophomore: I year Varsiiy JUUIOVI CCPCOPTGIV1 I year Varsity All-District Ist Team I year Aldine Ends Season With 6 2 JUNIOR VARSITY: Back row: Coach Billy Smith, Donald Jefferson, Danny Standley 4 Darrel Green, Darrel Dess- ins, George Richardson, Mark Weaver, Ronnie Null. Front row: Mike Lum, James Belnoski, Lewis Carter, Terry Lesinger, Chuck Simpkins, Ernest Wilson, .lack Heath, Thomas Lum, Mike Mikulin fNot picturedl. FRESHMAN TEAM: Back row: Kenneth Walker, Blain Burleson, Phil Lee, Harold Kapalski, Steve James, Mark Reneau, Beniy Barnette, Kenneth Wiggins. Front row: Steve Dement, Jim Black, Marty Watson, Walter Watson, Stanly Hudson, Pat Mikulin fNot picturedl. Aldine .... 70 Aldine .... 77 Aldine .... 9l Aldine .... 62 Aldine .... 7l Aldine .... 53 Aldine .... 76 Aldine .... 80 II8 Galena Park ..... 57 MacArthur. . . . 65 North Shore ..... 53 Smiley ...... . . 63 Galena Pork ..... 70 MacArthur. . . . 55 North Shore ..... 56 Smiley .... . . 62 Right: Phil Hahn, Captain, poses with Basketball Sweetheart Suzanne Florence and Blake King. i Aldine Wins Its 1 t State Title! lilly McElroy "talks" to the North Shore Mustangs. f is Nu' Paul Miller beats out an infield hit. With a 7-O district record and the l 5AAAA district championship behind them, the scrap- py, determined Mustangs went on to win the i970 Class AAAA Baseball State Champion- ship, the first in Aldine's history. The curve- balling Glenn Bryant and Stan Stockley teamed up at Austin to pitch a no-hitter at Bellaire, only the seventh in state meet histo- ry. Phillip Terrell led the 4-O Aldine shutout with a perfect three-for-three night against Bellaire, including a run-scoring double. After winning district, Aldine started off right towards eventual state championship by beating Spring Branch in both bi-district games, 8-O and 3-2. In the first game James Bates and Edwin Dewberry had three hits with the entire team collecting ll hits. Aldine won the second game at the bottom of the seventh inning when Leonard Truett hit a per- fect "suicide" bunt to get Larry Reneau home from third base. With the win of bi-district, the Mustangs went on to the regional play- offs against Waco-Richfield. ln the first game against Waco, Aldine won 7-2 with the pitching of Glenn Bryant who struck out i2 and tossed a three-hitter. Richfields Rams won the second game 4-O with three Aldine errors aiding the win. The Mustangs had to win the third game and did 3-2. ln the first inning Aldine tallied three un- earned runs and at the bottom ofthe seventh Waco scored twice on two Aldine errors. Paul Miller scored first from third base when Bryant got to first on Waco's second error. Waco's third error put Phil Terrell aboard and moved Bryant to second. Billy McElroy singled down the third base line, scoring Bry- ant, and Larry Reneau singled home Terrell with a shot up the middle. Bryant went the distance striking out nine and walking seven, forthe victory which advanced Aldine to the Region II final against Fort Worth Wyatt. The Mustangs scored four times in the lOth inning to defeat Fort Worth Wyatt 9-5 in the first game of the regional playoffs at Fort Worth. Bryant walked nine and struck out l3. Aldine scored a run in the third on a single by James Bates, an error, a bunt single by Bryant and McElray's squeeze bunt. They added four in the fifth on singles by Miller, Bates and Ed Dewberry and three errors by the Wyatt catcher, A four-run rally on singles by Miller, Bates, Bryant and Dewberry, and a two-run error by Fort Worths left fielder won it for Aldine in the lOth inning. Aldine won the Regional ll baseball cham- pionship by beating Fort Worth in the second game 4-3, and for the first time in Aldines history the school made a trip to the Universi- ty lnterscholastic League Baseball State Championship Tournament in Austin. Down l-O in the Wyatt game, Aldine struck for three runs in the fourth on a two- run triple by Terrell and a run scoring single by Bryant. Fort Worth tied it in the sixth and in the bottom of the ninth, two inning over the limit, the Wyatt pitcher walked the bases full of Mustangs and with two out, Bryant de- livered a clutch hit down the third base line. This scored Roger Lane from third and was the tie-breaking run which won the regional baseball championship for the Mustangs. With the regional championship over, Al- dine went to the state play-off in Austin, Thursday night, June llth and beat Lubbock Monterey 2-O. The Mustangs bunched all of their hits, three in the founh inning for both runs. Miller started it by reaching first on an error. he took second on an infield single by Bates. A bunt single by Terrill loaded the bases. On an attempted squeeze by Bryant, Miller broke for home. Bryant missed getting the bunt down and Miller was hung up. The Lubbock catcher threw back to third and Mil- ler headed for home. The return throw hit Miller in the back as he slid home with the first run. While all that was going on Bates scored on a wild pitch by the Monterey pitch- er. Bryant, up to lfi-l, turned to his curve when the going got rough. He walked nine and had eleven strike-outs. The following night, June l Qth, Aldine met Bellaire, won the state championship game and made history, for never in U.l.L. history has two Houston based schoolboy teams played against each other for the state cham- pionship in the state tournament, Glenn Bryant, in the three innings against Bellaire, walked five and struck out tive, but in the fourth inning, with his arm in great pain from having pitched the entire game against Lubbock the night before, he was re- lieved by Shockley, Aldines first run came in the first when Miller reached first on an error, went to second on a wild pitch and scored when Bellaire's right fielder booted Terrell's single. ln the third inning, Bates was safe on a Card error, stole second and scored on Ter- rell's double deep in the left-center alley. The Mustangs won the game in the fourth with two runs, all coming after two outs. ln-field singles by Reneau, Shockley, and Truett, plus two wild pitches by Bellaire pitcher Jim Miller and a Card boot, got the runs. Reneau scored after card catcher Marc Mullins dropped the ball after a tag at home and Lane, in for Shockley, scored on a wild pitch by Card pitcher Miller, Of the nine players Coach Skog used most in the play-offs, only two will return. Back will be Dewberry and Reneau, but Bryant, Shock- ley, Terrell, Truett, Miller, Bates and McElroy all graduated. ll9 PAUL MILLER Sr. i yr. Ieftermcn ROGER LANE Jr. 1 yr. leffermcm WALTER JOHNSON Soph. i yr. Ieffermcin if '- V U i 5 fi Coach Skog watches his feom with anticipation. I20 JAMES BATES Sr. 2 yr. Iettermcn DANNY CRAFT Jr. I yr. letfermcxn LARRY REN EAU Jr. 2 yr. Iehermon Edwin Dewberry Jr. 2 yr, Ierfermon VICTOR GARCIA Jr. I yr. Ieffermcm GLENN BRYANT Sr. 3 yr. Iettermon LEONARD TRUETT Sr. 4 yr. Ieriermon BILLY MCELROY Sr. 4 yr. lettermon DON ROBERTS Jr, 'I yr. Ieftermcxn STEVE BURRISK Jr. I yr, Ieifermon STAN SHOCKLEY Sr. I yr. Ieffermon CHUCK SIMKINS So. I yr. Ieftermon PHILLIP TERRELL Sr. 2 yr. Ieffermon it .rl 5' I W ,L si-V qi.: - Q I t', 3 xl 5 Billy McElroy runs to back up Paul Miller as he catches a fly ball. ii , 'xxux it' W gfyilhism 1 z l.l'xNy , tum I", if ,X j s l ff "gf, fs, ji' 4 , lllll lllllll l M - Coach Skog and team watch the game as they wait their turn to bat. fnnlr , X , ,,,-..,, asus-we '- Leonard Truett takes his turn at bat. left to rightlr Danny Bodin, Coach McClain, Danny Craft, Walter Johnson, Billy McElroy, Leonard Truett, Victor Garcia, Larry Reneau, Chuck Simki-ns, Bryant, Roger Lane, coach Skog, lSitfingI Phillip Terrell, Stan Schockley, James Bates, Donnie Roberts, Paul Miller, Edwin Dewbarry, Steve Burrislc. Aldine Gets 5 on All-District and Tops All-State With 6 Selections ALL DISTRICT SELECTIONS FOR ALDINE FIRST TEAM: Pitcher - Glenn Bryant, Sr., First Base- man - Paul Miller, Sr., Catcher - Billy McElroy, Sr., Second Baseman Y Leonard Truett, Sr., Short- stop - James Bates, Sr. AA ALL-STATE TEAM SELECTIONS FOR ALDINE Catcher, Billy McElroy, First Base, Paul Miller, Sec- ond Base, Leonard Truett, Aldine and Steve Jar- rard, Houston Bellaire ltiedl, Shortstop, James Bates, and Phillip Terrell, Aldine, Pitchers, Bobby Cuellar, Alice, Glenn Bryant, Aldine, and Jim Horsch, Bellaire Itiedl. Unanimous choices were McElroy, Miller, Terrell and Cuellar. l23 ' I I l an in ...V , Pitching i 3 J W K t zkhy 5 2 fx Y - .Q ,z K fiififsfilf: igwf- www-W. E 5 i Z i S i F First bosemon Paul Miller is kept busy during the Bi-District game with Spring Branch. Top series: Ston Shockley shows his pitching power! The Windup . . . The Stretch . , . The Pitch kills Reward Mustangs ,,-,- ,. - ss ' , .M-:.....,,., ., .J,w, , ,. . , . A ., , . ,, K 4 , The umpire coils if on out Baseball Team Ends Season on June 12th With Successful 25-5 Record Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine Aldine PRE-DISTRICT RECORD WestcI'1esTer......-4 ,HI SouIl1Hous'ron....3 JeffDavis.......O ,, ,H6 South Houston....I ST.Tl1omas.......3 Lamar..... ...4 Wes'rchesTer......O SI.Pius... ...O Furr...... ...O ,,,8 Memorial... ...4 Memorial... ...6 DISTRICT RECORD .......I2 Smiley.........I .......IO NorIl'1Shore......O ...I GalenaPark......O MacArTI1ur......2 ...7 NorTI1Shore......5 MacArfI1ur......4 .. ...I GaIenaPark......O lforfeifedl BI-DISTRICT RECORD SpringBranch....O SpringBrancl'1....2 REGIONAL RECORD ...7 Waco RicIwfield....2 ...O Waco Richfield....4 ...3 Waco Richfield....2 ForIWorIh WyaTI..5 ForTWortI1WyaTI..3 STATE TOURNAMENT RECORD Lubbock Monterey.O STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME BeIIaire.........O fTop and bolfoml Glenn Bryant and Stan Shockley show their skill in baffing. l26 was WF ,,,.um:- 69 70 Track Team Gave Strong Competition WM-mf ,Mmhw,WMwm.WwwW,.W,,oS-M.w.,,A...-ss s .L sc, may ff'h-' MW -...W-W---.w..ea-,.....,,... --H ,- ...- 2 Y CHERYL WILLIAMS, T970 Jetera Relay Queen. Phil Terrell 'fries to clear the bar in the high- lump. i 2 , 1 ,,, if? Philip Terrell strains his way to a second place finish in the 330 intermediate hurdles. iii The I969 Varsity Track Team consisted ot: First row, I to r: Harry Bartkowiak, James Bel- noski, Phil Hahn, Don Burrisk, Lavon Martin, mgr., Bill Thorpe, mgr. Second row: John Bis- sell, James Simmons, Danny Stanley, James Carter, Randy Robertson, Tracy Grier, Ray Martin. Third row: Coach Donaldson, Lonnie Lange, Pat Patterson, David Clifton, Paul Schubert, Coach Hester. Not pictured: Philip Terrell, Greg Lowery. The T969-70 Aldine Track Team, coached by Mr. Sonny Do- naldson, got oft to a slow start, but steadily improved during the sea- son. Competitors in the shot put were Phil Hahn, Randy Robertson, and James Belnoski. Runners in the sprint relay team were Don Burrisk, James Simmons, Phillip Terrell and Pat Patterson. Mile runners consist- ed of David Clifton and Paul Su- bert. Other members of the track team were James Carter, Lonnie Lange, Tracy Greer, Greg Lowery, John Bissell, and Harry Bartkow- iak. l27 E Trcickmen Compete in District Meet R my P L3 l l 1 S 4 2 5 Don Burrisk fmiddlej grimuceg Q5 he Sprints the 100 yard dash- Top: James Belnoski and Above: Phil Hahn hurl the shot ini shot put competition. 4 4 C tttsst ,X The l969 Freshman Track team was: Back row: Coach Stone, Charles Ballard, Jimmy Whitehead, Terry Greer, Chuck Demny. Middle row: Ennie Hickman, Ke, Roberts, Eddie Johnson, Raymond Skelton. Bottom row: Steve James, Charles Swearer, Randy Hayes, Jimmy Frels, Lynn Lucadore. l28 ' I I Golf ancl Tennis Teams I Plcice Third in District BRAD PEACOCK JEFF RUST RANDAL WILKINSON ERNEST WILSON 1 Yr- leiiermon I yr, lettermgn I yr. Iettermon 3 yr. letterman Golf and Tennis teams overcame many handicaps this year and made several strong showings at the tourna- ments they participated in. Both teams were victorious and captured the third place title in District competition. The Golf team, coached by Mr. Charles Walker, consisted of four players. Mr. Chet Russell coached the Tennis team which consisted of ten players. STANG TENNIS TEAM: Bock row: Coach, Mr. Russell, Steve Ward, Ronnie Cavanar, Doug ttle, Blake King, Bill Rawson, Front row: Tim Spencer, Debbie Wilson, Ann Ward, Sharon le, Libby Burtner. l30 CRGANIZATIQNS The clubs brought an abundance of socials and parties. Money-raising projects - sometimes successful, sometimes fruitless, I A flood of call meetings, But all this was a necessary part of the hustle and bustle. Cheerleaders Boos GO! FIGHT! WIN! This cheer and many more were heard over and over throughout the year as the eight cheerleaders led the Mustangs to victory. This year the eight cheerleaders were: Lola McDonald lhead cheerleaderl, Charlotte Gist, Suzanne Flor- ence, Pat Gist, Victor Mikeska, Ray Goss, Ricky Maze, and Bill Rawson. This year the cheerleaders went to camp at Southern Methodist University to learn new skills and new cheers. During camp the AHS cheerleaders, accompanied by their sponsor, Miss Tina Thomas, visited Six Flags. The AHS group returned to Aldine holding three tirst places and two second places and with the spirit stick trom camp. Atter camp the cheerleaders came home and supported the MIGHTY MUSTANGS all the way to victory. They were active throughout the seasons of football, basket- ball, track, and baseball by attending the games and making posters to boost school spirit. Due to Miss Thomas's departure from Al- dine at the end of the semester, Miss Tremble accepted the responsibilities of being the new cheerleader sponsor. Right: Suzanne Florence leads the way as the student body sings the AHS fight song. Left to right: Lola McDonald, Pat Gist, and Bill Rawson boost school spirit on during a pep rally. l32 Rhonda McDonald, cheerleader mascot, shows enthusiasm the football games. pirif af AHS All Year PaTGis1 fopsfhe pyramid mode by Neff to righfj Victor Mikeska, Roy Goss, and Lola McDonald. the cheerleaders reverse positions, PaTGisf1ries1o balance Bill Rawson. After performing a skit, Ray Goss ond Victor Mikeska carry Ricky Maze off the stage I33 ,wa 1 , . Left to right, top: Aaron Cherry, Victor Mikeska, Mark Reneau, Johnny Cantu, James Carter, Ron- nie Ellis. Center: Barbara Munoz, Libby Burtner, Cathee Milspa, Rebecca Wilkerson, Daral Davis, Chris Prickett, Lola McDonald, Debbie Bails, Karen Gates. Bottom: OFFICERS: Treasurer, Liz Spivey, Recording Secretary, Sam Elliott, Presi- dent, Bill Cochran, Vice-President, Cathy Spivey, Historian, Carolyn Byrd, Parliamentarian, Roger Lane. Not pictured: Corresponding Secretary, Teresa Larson. Bottom: The Student Congress votes on an amendment to the constitution, while Bill Cochran counts the votes. "Change" Is Promoted b 'X mg. s - - asm., C E' 54193, NS E ,?' . x V721 - sf ,M K -la.. 'iii 1 iii' I " si- f .... '-Fil? Left: Cathy Spivey, vice-president, proposes to Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Milne several ideas brought torth by the Student Congress. Bill Cochran raises the flag each morning as one ot the many projects done by Student Congress. I37 House of Representatives Achv Top, left to right: Denise Phillips, John Sarabia, Edwin Dewberry, Ann Buxton, Mike Turnee, Edward Plato, Christy Moore. Center: Mel- iane Cash, Jean Hadgood, Kathy Tupper, Diane Skipper, Mary Campbell, Linda Anderson, Shar- on Campbell, Diane Deskins, Caron Hayes, Mary Tupper, Sheri Taylor, lrma Gonzales, Jennie Rodes, Pam O'dell, Candy Molo- ney, Georgia Parcloe. Bottom: Thersa Brown, Carol Coley, Shir- ley Okabayashi, Leonard Truett, Ennie Hickman, Liz Barnhill, Steve Walker. Bottom: Leonard Truett, the presi- dent of the House of Representa- tives, leads the regular meeting. I38 Vith Proiects 5, m left: Victor Mikeska leads o cheer during 3rd period lunch. left: Pat Patterson helps collect money for the March ot Dimes. This year the Student Council changed their name to the Student Congress. The officers Bill Cochran, Cathy Spivey, Carolyn Byrd, Roger Lane, Liz Spivey and Sam Elliott began their iob in a summer workshop. They changed the constitution to form a Student Congress. This included a Student Senate being represented by the president ot each organization. The House of Represen- tatives included a certain percentage ot students from each class. These two groups ot people combined, formed the Congress. Many activities were carried on by the Student Con- gress. They began the year by having a Spirit Week be- fore the big game with the MacArthur Generals. Another activity was the sale of parking stickers for the students to park in the school parking lot. The Congress also par- ticipated in a March of Dimes fund raising program sponsored by the city of Houston. Another activity was the collection taken up tor the V. A. Cemetery Carillon bells. These activities kept the congress occupied for the '69-'70 year. The congress wasn't all work and no play though, for they sponsored three dances. First, the Howdy Dance. This dance was a salute and 'iget together" tor all new students. Next, was the Christmas Dance which was a formal dance with a live band. The last dance was the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. This dance was full ot many activities. The NHS sold and auctioned ott lunches, the students danced in the cafeteria, and booths were set up for the students. The 2nd place door ot the Door Contest during Spirit Week. I39 Student Congress Sponsor lf wwmwmnm Linda Anderson, Ann Buxton, Cathy Spivey and Ennie Hickman turn in the money that they collected from each homeroom for Chimescat the V A etery. Left: The drummer ot the "Bridge" beats his drums at the Howdy Dance. Right: Bill Cochran, Liz Spivey and Sam Elliott review the events that are to happen at the Southern Student Council Association. 40 ichool Functions 4 -l We if Left: Mr. Massey serves as audioneer at The National Honor Socieiys box supper as a part of The Sadie Hawkins Dance. Bottom: James Sim- mons drinks a coke while talking with David Warren and Calhy Terrell. . x f .H l4I WM s T" Q E2 li ii W gg, Am' r W Q? . P 1 f .M Q.. E Q it A. sis? 55 aff af .,- I .L . . X J IA al' V A X A ' sf ,Q 95 v, S' . . : J- M s 1 31 2 Q , M Q Q I ' Q , I43 A Capella Choi y t rrivrw Q ' el if , ' i rf 3 'ar ' fi as av N Q19 i l s lr-U Q' .3 i I r - Vt t' . ,A 3, 41 " ' N - ,. Above: Choir officers forthe '69-'70 year ore Vicki Reynolds, Treosurer-Historiong Cathy Spivey, Secretoryp Lolo McDonald, Vice-Presidentg and Donny Wendt, President. I44 ,Q ' f ft . A, f . i ' 3 1 ,igf 4 Above: Section leaders for this yeor are fleft to rig Lolo McDonald, Terry Laird, Vicki Reynolds, Dar Iumbers 67 Members Members of the Aldine A Capella Choir are: Top row, Ueft to rightl: Lola McDonald, Diane Baum- gartner, Beverly Zawacki, Gail Adams, Beverly Hearn, Standley Shockly, Danny Wendt, Darrell Dessins, Danny Cochran, Buddy McGregor, Carol Walton, Jennifer Pryor, Kathy Campbell. Second row: Ruth Hansell, Cathy Day, Kay Fritz, Margaret Falco, Melton Bynum, Gary Wright, Heriberto Figuerra, David Norris, Alice Scott, Liz Barnhill, Hedi Dingemanse, Irma Gonzales. Third row: Amelia Schmidt, Laura Pickles, Pam Fulbright, Cathy Spivey, Daniel Craft, Ricky Trevino, Terry Laird, Robert Vernon, Virginia Strawn, Linda Hein, Jaymie Schmidt, Rhonda Landry. Bottom row: Nancy Sinai, Karla Ferry, Delayne Wilson, Lyn- nette Brady, Cathy White, James Shockley, Danny Welch, Michael Goza, Roland Vest, Vicki Reynolds, Linda Barringer, Kathy Terrell, Carol Coley. k .x 'A Y , dt, Cathy Spivey, Darrell Dessens, Liz Barnhill, and Liz Barnhill, Irma Gonzales, Virginia Strawn, Linda Hein, Jaymie Schmidt, Rhonda Landry, Cathy Ter- Eel Craft' rell, Linda Barririger, and Carol Coley sing at the Choirs Annual Christmas Concert. I45 Honor Society Celebrate' T970 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Wil- lie B. Ermel Chapter of the National Honor Society. Serv- ing as officers for the new year were Bob Bostwick, presi- dent, Theresa Brown, vice-president, Vicki Reynolds, sec- retary, and Libby Burtn'er, reporter. The Honor Society did much throughout the year to serve the school and the community. A Welcome Party was held to welcome all students new to the district. bumper stickers and mustang decals were sold to raise money for the scholarship given away each year. Profit from the sale of student directories also went toward the scholarship fund. A series of three bake sales were held by the Honor Society, also. The money received from these was donated to the National Education Television station. An added project by the society this year was the sponsoring of a box supper on April lO. Due to the fact that Aldine's Honor Society had been established for twenty-five years, the annual Birthday Party was a main event on the chapters calendar. Mrs. W. B. Ermel, founder of Aldine's chapter, was honored and Bob Bostwick, Roger Lane, Lola McDonald, and Terry Laird provided the entertainment. Refreshments were served to former members by the present members. The Honor Society served the student body in many ways throughout the year. Top: Phil Hahn, on be- half of the MUSTANG, spoke to students new to the district at the annual Welcome Party. Right: Victor Garcia, Suzanne Florence, Jamie Finch, Alan Ecton, Steve Burrisk, Cynthia Brown and .lohn Baker listen in- tently as they are told the responsibilities of the Honor Society member. 246 5th Anniversary ' l- " if-E .v .X 1 Q 1 r is Vicki Reynolds, Cynthia Garrett, Bob Bostwick and Steve Ward sell cookies to Wendell McDonald during the bakesale. r K x 3' I . ,R M EZ . If ns 3 -JG 'X Members of the National Honor Society are Suzanne Florence, John Sarabia, Rhonda Turner, Karen Gates, Kay Smith, Steve Burrisk, Sharon Russ, Glenna Hall, Kathy Hickman, Jesse Hart, Vice tor Garcia, Victor Mikeska, Jamie Finch, Karen Nave, Bob Bostwick, Buddy Peake, Steve Walker, Theresa Brown, Sharon Simkins, Alice Kaminski, Sandy Teague, Carla Strother, Steve Ward, Libby Burtner, Carol Ratcliffe, Cynthia Garrett, Vicki Reynolds, Mr. Massey, sponsor, Mrs. Tyson, sponsor, and Mr. Cullinan, sponsor. Not pictured are John Baker, Cynthia Brown, Gladys Cor- der, Alan Ecton, Debbie Harvey, Irene Mathews, Marty Null, Shirley Okabayski, Randy Robert- son, Mike Smith, Leonard Truett, and Mary Tupper. '69-'70 Vaquercl Officer Z 4' I I ,4 I I , an 1 f 5 ,Www V, ,, ILeffI CAPTAIN KAY SMITH CAPTAIN VOIZA TLILLIS CAPTAIN MARY CAMPBELL CAPTAIN LISA PERRERI I I I 1 1 acl the Way Bottom row, left to right: Voiza Tullis, Kay Smith, Karen Gates, Jeanne Fahy, Mary Campbell, Lisa Ferreri. QI: Potty Terasaki, Connie Andrews, Connie Craft, Terry McLean, Allenda Stevens, Mary Muzny. f3j: Pam Prothro, Becky Anderson, Carla Davidson, Debbie Knous, Brenda Hill, Kathy Hamilton, Mary Lewis. MJ: Georgi Greenhaw, Donna Walker, LaRue Featherston, Debbie Waltrip, Sue Holton, Melinda Black, Lisa Bowen. f5j: Pam Roach, Pam Stowe, Marilyn Montalbano, Renye Glowacki, Vivian Overman, Judy Pate, Donna Canter. f6J: Wanda Gurley, Sheryl Serres, Susan Melchor, Kay Wal- ton, Debbie Watts, Lynn Heath, Connie Fahy. f7J: Autum Loggins, Debra Nunley, Janice Reneau, Debbie Reneau, Vickie Andrew, Diane Davis, Sandra Nolen. Belowf Colonel Karen Gates Below: Lieutenant Colonel Jeanne Fahy N A X J' A Mrs, Lynda Drewes The Aldine Vaqueras of I969-l97O, under the direction of Mrs. Lynda Drewes, began a year of many activities by attending camp at Stephen F. Aus- tin State University. Then by practicing for two and one-half weeks during the summer they learned many dancing and marching routines. All of this was in preparation for football season, when the group marched with the Mustang band and also did dance routines. Immediately following football season the girls began performances at the home basketball games, one of which was a novelty Indian dance performed in costume. Some of the other activities included ushering at the Ice Capades. A banquet was held to reveal the officers for the coming year. Also, senior awards and trophies were given. After a year of activities, the Vaqueras felt a part of Aldine by their real par- ticipation in school functions. After forming the "H" of the traditional "AHS," the Vaqueras march off the football field to the bands drum roll. I-F5 S Q 'S' V I its. 1 4? . . Q . 'I I f i 4 f . .1 .f..- A f "-:1- I . A 4 s l X-Q...-tv - ' L . 2 ,ff , 4, ig.,- k ,f s., c ff Y' " . i ssi A A -A fttl ,.tstti ' I if ssss f.., t Q fr . 2 M Q Donna Canter shows her stuffed cow while practicing a dance rou tine. Voquercis in Action 'Ns Vaqueras perform at a basketball game while spectators enjoy their entertainment. Vaqueras finish their tamborine dance which was performed at one ot the football games, Left, top row: Jeannie Fahy, Outstanding Vaquerag Karen Gates, Colonelg Voiza Tullis, Lieutenant Colonel, Bottom row: Kay Walton, Captain, Mary Campbell, Captaing Connie Craft, Captaing Connie Fahy, Captain, Symphonic Bond Participates n Aldine's Symphonic Band began practic- ing marching and playing two weeks betore school started. During the half-time at toot- ball games the band performed with the Maiorettes and Vaqueras. On October T2 they attended the Band Day at the Universi- ty of Houston. The Marching Band Contest was held on November l5. The Christmas Concert by the Band highlighted the month of December. Early in the year the band at- tended the UIL contest. They brought home many honors this year such as awards in Solo and Ensemble, All District, All Region, All Area, and Glenna Hall was the band member who placed in the All State Band. They ended the year by participating in the Buchaneer Festival in Corpus Christi and by performing two spring band concerts. The members of the 1969-l97O Symphonic Band were First row left to right Teresa Kirsch Lynn Williams Candy Maloney Sheri Nora Spivey, Lee Thomas. Second row: Buddy Peak Glenna Hall Charlene Barclay Jean Hagood Janet Young Pam Title Caron Hay nette Upton, Georgi Pardoe, Andrea Rice Third row Robin Craig Cathy Buzbee Debbie Craig Diane Anderson James Atkinson John mage, David Williams, Glen Powell, Stetannie Aaron Julian Sanchez Bob Bostwick Ennie Hickman Debbie Davis Thomas Ferguson l52 Number of Contests 1 1 5 K f L, 1' i ' ff - Delbert Nave and Geneva Spear try to obtain perfection on the clarinet as S drums. , -l , g l i i 5 2 2 i l l I g S ' Y F l T L 5 2 1 5 l i - E Q 5 1 ' 2 - I fi .,g 2 E l , qi! , .46 haron Simkins plays the l, i Cynthia Jones, Barbara Wiegelt, Candy Davis, Marlene Ferguson. Fourth row: Delbert Nave, Geneva Spear, .loan Williams Denise Charles Ballard, Athony Regusa, George Tuthill, Libby Burtner, Lee Spear, Steve Fulton, James Ramsey, Norman Saenz, Pete Tucker Ron Ben Wooly, Sharon Simkins, Lynn Gearhardt, Richard Nollen, Delbert Swanson. Charles Hickman, Terry Enloe, Mark Ferguson, Richard Tuthill, David Hoffman, Cathy Parker, Jimmy Clausson, Harold Woolery For the second time in a row, the band was split into two maior divi- sions. They were the A Band or Symphonic Band, and the B Band or Concert Band. Fifty-one mem- bers took part in the Concert Band. Mr. Morris Atkins was the director forthe Concert Band. The purpose tor the two bonds was to work with a smaller number of people to ob- tain perfection on their instru- ments. The Concert Band this year par- ticipated in the same activities as the Symphonic Band, except tor the Buchaneer Festival in Corpus Christi. They have also participat- ed in a Christmas Concert and two spring band concerts. They spent long hours of practice and devoted much of their time to out-of-school activities. Concert Band Practice 3 1 ?L U 4' -o 4 ' Q M 3 'im Linda Anderson, Sandra Topping, and Nora Spivey, di- rected by Mr. Atkins, find that playing at pep rallies is we The members ot the l969'l97O Concert Band were as follows: First row: Gail Edwards, Terry Massey, Kathy Tupper, Melanie Gray, Sandra Topping. Second row: Carolyn Allen, Gorden Mobley, Robyn Coleman, Sandi Frey, Diana Riddle, Marty Goodwin, Sue Nycom, Linda Anderson, Sharon Tupper, Jerry Bolden, Sharon Pilken- ton, Laurie Redonet. Third row: Linda Montgomery, Vick- ie Richardson, Carolyn Guyer, Mark Williams, Euell Ar' nold, Ralph Brown, Bobby Armstrong, Mat Guteriez, Charles Swearer, David Pope, James Whitehead, Lee Wood, Robbie Harrington, Daniel Bolden, Alvin Walker, Wayne Neely, Robert Guteriez. Fourth row: Fred Shawn, o Obtain Perfection rf'- one ofthe many functions they must perform for the K x if lst, NYY:-51 1 Rooth, Cindy Russell, Marlin Stonesipher, Brett Mize, Williams, Mike Lewis, James Burke, Terry Murray i McAdams. Standing: Mr. Atkins, Raymond Bates, Atkinson, ,lack Heath, Robert Baker, Phil Thorpe , Heath, David Wiley, Robin Craig and Joan Stewart play the clarinet during one of the band concerts. l55 l56 Top picture: Those who made solo are Bottom row left to right: Candy Maloney Teresa Kirsch Charlene Bar clay. Top row Eddie Huddleston Buddy Peak Harold Woolery, Middle picture Those who made All District are Bottom row: Robyn Craig Chadene Barclay Glenna Hall An drea Rice. Top row Janet Young Sharon Simkins Del bert Swanson, Buddy Peak Harold Woolery Bottom picture: Those who made en- semble are: Bottom row, left to right: Nora Spivey, Jimmy Clauson, Geneva Spear, Denise Philips, Diane Anderson. Middle row: Jean Hagood, Candy Mal- oney, Joan Williams, Glenna Hall, Lee Thomas, Sheri Anderson, Lynn Wil- liams, Marlene Ferguson. Top row: Charlene Barclay, Janet Young, Cathy Buzbee, Robyn Craig, David Williams, Tommy Ferguson, Ennie Hickman, Nor- man Saenz, Debbie Craig, Delbert Nave, Buddy Peak. M Band Receives Various Awards Left: Ricky Maze ond Glenna Hall were the only two band members who made All-Area. Bottom left: Glenna Hall was the only one who made All-State. Bottom right: Those who made All-Region were: Bot- tom row, left to right: Charlene Barclay, Glenna Hall, Janet Young, Top row: Sharon Simkins, Buddy Peak, Harold Woolery. l57 Twirlers Lead Mustang Band Leading the '69-'70 Aldine Mustang Band were nine maiorettes. They were: Caron Hays, Gail Edwards, Debbie Davis, Jean Hagood, Linda Montgomery, Vickie Richardson, Candy Maloney, Assistant Majorette: Pam Title, and Head Maiorette: Jan Sommerfield. One requirement for being a maiorette was that she must be in the band. Trying out in front of a panel of judges in the spring, they were chosen for their skill, coordination, and form. Last summer they attended the Sam Houston Twirling School to learn new techniques and skills. The maiorettes began practicing with the band weeks before school started and have been active ever since. They have performed at a number of pep rallies this year to boost the spirit of the student body. During half-time at all football games they displayed their talent by performing many new and various routines such as twirling with fire and marching steps. Right: Gail Edwards seems to be having fun during a cold morning of practice. Below: Twirlers, Candy Maloney, Caron Hays, Jean Hagood, Debbie Davis, Gail Edwards, Vickie Richardson, and Jan Som- merfield lead the band at a football game. TT T' .W Tl E N., 9 Q A M Q if l, i VICA Cfficers Visit Judge l E Jackie Lows meets Judge Bill Elliof cs others wal Left: District officers preside over cz VICA meef. lbl Cosmetology Goes to Austi Top: Second year girls, left to right: Vicki Powell, Kathy Swonke, Brenda Roberts, Janis Meodows, Karen Brown, Cynthia Rushing, Linda Davis, Sandra Carol Maass, and Mrs. Jackowski. Above: Theresa Johnson, Sharon Van Zandt, Nancy Woodruff, and Carole Krutchinsky examine the winning notebooks. Right: Mrs. Jackowski and Mrs. Acker discuss the notebook entries. l62 lor State Competition it l Cosmetology sent their oblest beauticians to com- pete with other schools ot Austin. The club entered notebooks and jobs at the meet. The girls received many ribbons for their entries. Cindy Mayeoux ond Jackie Laws represented Al- dine as district officers in V.l.C.A. Cindy held the po- sition of district secretary, with Jockie Laws the dis- trict treosurer. They went to Judge Bill Elliot's office to procloim Notionol Vica Week for Aldine. Cosmetology ended its year of cictivity with the second year girls' trip to Austin. There they took exams and obtained their license to practice hairstyl- ing in various salons. A visitor notices that Cosmetology did well at state competition. lp row of first year girls, left ro right: Joan Morris, Kay Redd, Debbie Jones, Lynda Gooding, Debbie Griggs, Eileen Meadows and Esta Phillips. Bottom row Shar Van Zandt, Carole Krutchinsky, Nancy Woodruff, Glynnara Bynum, Theresa Johnson, Debra Petty, Margie Dunn, and Mrs. Jackowski Work Shop Mrs. Onefo Covifl 55? Mrs. Shirley Buxton , H lrfrii S f . 7h 'f Q 34:51 1 1 I 5 oy!! ,. 4' W 'R S Top: Dorothy Atkins, left, ond Cindy Moore, righf, sfroighlen the file cobinef. Above: Donald McAfee checks Anno Solvios book before she leaves. id Library As the new school year began, AHS's librari- ans, Mrs. Cavitt and Mrs. Buxton, commenced training the new library assistants. The students attended various meetings which aided them in better library workmanship. The most important of the meetings were those held at Clear Creek, Lincoln High School, and St. Pius. Among the many tasks assigned to the assist- ants was decorating the library to create a dra- matic reading atmosphere. Also, correct tiling, storing, and placing of books had to be done at all times. With this in mind, the assistants made another successful year of the library. Top: Penny Snell works diligently to clear a fine for o student. Middle: The officers were, from left to right: Dot Atkins, report- er, Penny Snell, secretary, Lisa Armstrong, president and Mary Tupper, treasurer. members of library were, from left to right, first row: Beverly Hearn, Darlene Owens, Carol Elder, Pam Turner, elanne Dobbins, Donna Walker, Karen Nove, Mary Tupper. Second row: Morelyn Elison, Billie Marshall, Mil- Martin, Bobby Riner, Johanna Schaulk, Wendell McDonald, David Youngblood, Jody Ren. Third row: James es, Penny Snell, Cindy Moore, Dorothy Atkins, Rhonda Landry, Valerie Harver, Hedi Dingemanse, Sam Elliot, isty Moore, Jennifer Jackson, and Don Burrisk. Season Begins With First Pla' With the help of about twenty new members, a season's hard work was celebrated at a banquet at Bordman's Restaurant on May T9, l97O. After hav- ing completed their meals, Thespians and their dates waited for the announcements of Thespians honors. Receiving the Best Actor and Best Actress Award were Bob Bostwick for his performance in "Under the Sycamore Tree" and Karen Gates for her per- formance, also in "Under the Sycamore Tree." The Best Supporting Actor and Actress Awards were presented to Julian Sanchez for his performance in "Up the Down Staircase" and to Jennifer Jackson for her performance in "Antic Spring." The Out- standing Thespian Award was received by John Copeland. Close runners-up for the title lOutstand- ing Thespianl were Bob Bostwick and Julian San- chez. Members of the l97O Thespian Society are as follows fTop, left to rightj: Lynn Lucas, Chris Prichett, Darla Davis, Donna Canter, Buddy McGregor, Danny Cochran, John Johnson, John Copeland, Suzanne Florence, Theresa Brown, Rhonda Landry, Libby Burtner, Christy Moore, Tanna Morton, and Ruby Stehlick. I66 W... 152'- I j ff Jennifer Jackson welcomes new members at the Thespian initiation. New members of the Thespian Society are as follows fTop, left to righ Anne Ward, Brenda Lindross, lrma Gonzales, Julian Sanchez, Janet Wal er, Steve Walker, Karen Nave, Vicki Reynolds, Becky Laird, Carol Cole Robyn Coleman, Debbie Miller, and Jeanine Rhodes. lAntic Spring" and Ends With Banquet Left: New members lleft to rightl: Ruth Hansel, Debbi Miller, Steve Walker, Robyn Coleman, Irma Gonzales, Jackie Hewlett, and Becky Laird take the Thespian's pledge at the annual initiation. Below: On November i8 and l9, the Thespian So- ciety of Aldine presented their first play, "Antic Spring" before the student body. The student ac- tors portrayed a combination of incongruous char- acters who attempt to have a good time ata pice nic, but quarrels, rain, and ants manage to spoil everything. The "Antic Spring" gang fleft to rightl: Blossom llennifer Jacksonl, Robert lBob Bostwickl, Elbert llienneth Walkerl, and Ginger lDebbi Millerl cruis- es along in their ialopy looking for a picnic site. N Gwendolyn lTheresa Larsonl and Sam llohn Copelandl seem to have different opinions of s lBob Bostwickl poetry while Ginger llennifer Jacksonl looks on. I67 "Once Upon a Playground" Performed Once Upon an Aldine Stage J With names such as Tootie Shoes, Dixie Wicks, ond Dibi Fee, student octors found them- selves portraying school-age children playing upon a playground. "0nce Upon a Ploy- ground," written by Jock Franke, confronted the audience with o group of conflicting choroc- ters. The costs' personalities were identified by their names. The cast was as follows: Becky Laird as Tootie Shoes, Carol Coley os Dixie Wicks, Jeanine Rhodes as Dibi Fee, Cheryl Eaves as Phoebe Bive, April Thompson as Flirt Stevens, Sherry Dodd as Fordo Moore, Debbie James os Wanda Bun, Debbi Miller as Jill lthe girl with the funny nosel, and Kenneth Walker as Johnny fthe boy with the funny nosel. "T" "TP ' l Above right, left to right: Dibi Fee, Dixie Wicks, Wanda Bun, Fordo Moore, Flirt Ste- vens, and Phoebe Bive try to ignore the out- sider, Jill lthe girl with the funny nosel. Left to right: Wanda Bun lD. Jamesl, Tootie Shoes lB. Loirdl, Flirt Stevens lA. Thompsonl, Dixie Wicks lC. Col Phoebe Bive lCheryl Eavesl, and Dibi Fee lJ. Rhodesl stick together against the outsiders lJill and Johnnyl I68 lvia Barret lKaye Smithl lectures the comedian of the class, Lu Martin lChris Stacyl as the tice assistant, Francine ljaclcie Hewlettl waits impatiently. "Under the Sycamore Tree" cmd "Up the Down Staircase" End Season Left: The Thespian Society presented their third play be- fore the student body on April 14. The plot presented the audience with an imaginary presence of an ant colony who thrive to become equal to human's intelligence. This play, 4'Under the Sycamore Tree" was also performed before an audience at Stovall and taken to regional con- test. Below: The last presentation of the year was a play writ' ten by Bel Kaufman, "Up the Down Staircase." The play was a daydream of Ella lRobyn Colemanl as she reads letters written by her best friend who is a new teacher in a new school, Sylvia Barrett lKaye Smithl. Ella lRobyn Colemanl imagines school-room scenes as she reads a letter written by Sylvia Barret lKaye Smithl which contains events of her life as a teacher. 1 -,wr N, ww' 5' Q' - arious Awards Mrs. Lightfoot and Phil Hahn discuss an editorial for the MUSTANG. This year the Mustang staff published lO issues of the MUSTANG. In order to meet the demands of the newspaper the staff sold candy in the months of February through May. Besides the work they did onthe newspa- per, the staff went to different conferences and received many honors. During the sum- mer Lisa Armstrong and Bobby House at- tended the High School Publications Work- shop for a week at Texas A81M. ln March of T970 the MUSTANG was awarded a 2nd Division lAward of Achievementl at the state conference in Austin. ln May, Kay Smith placed lst in District and -4th in Re- gional for newswriting. Also, Bobby House placed 3rd in feature writing. The Most Valuable Staffer award was given to Lisa Armstrong for her dedication to the MUSTANG newspaper. Lisa Armstrong stated that sponsor, Mrs. Light- foot, and editor, Phil Hahn, did much to get the MUSTANG through another successful year, Left: Bobby House and Lisa Armstrong prepare a story for the next issue of the MUSTANG, Filing is an important iob of Chris Pritchett. I7I '69-'70 Wcls Activi Bottom row: Terrie Paulson, Marie Cavazos, Doris Muzny, Barbara Muzny, Carol Trapp, Vicki Holmes, and Mary Jarrell. Second row: Mrs. Baskin, Elaine Seiba c Sandy Teague, Caryl Kreitz, Susan Morris, Cindy Pivonka, Shirl Charanza, Joyce Hitt, and Debra Dorman. Third row: Marvin Alexander, Jerry Cheatam, Kent R Ronnie Howton, Newt Lucas, Gene Harper, Ray Poole, Tommy Bishop, and Glen Honerkamp. I If dh. ir-W - . . s,,. ., ,ii . ri , if ,. sf' l Q L' . Kent Rice and his date enjoy the banquet served at Sonny Look's Restaurant. Vice-president ot D.E., and Tommy Bishop, addresses banquet. guests ot I 72 Z! or Distributive Education Left to right: Vicki Holmes, Doris Muzny, Barbara Muzny, Marie Cavazos, and Carol Trapp, Distributive Education was busy throughout the year at Aldine. D.E.C.A. had a new, promising spon- sor last year, Mrs. Baskin. She set up many successful activities for distributive education. They included candy sales, pennantssales, a D.E.C.A. banquet, and auctions at the school store. The highlight of the activities, the D.E.C.A. ban- quet, was held on April 3, l97O at Sonny Look's Res- taurant. The guest speaker, Bud Hadfield, entertain- ed the members of the club and their dates with his stories ot D.E. Afterwards, the club presented Mrs. Baskin with roses. The D.E.C.A. banquet was highly commended by the members and guests. Besides all other activities of D.E., the students also held part-time jobs at various shops and busi- nesses in Houston. They lett school at T110 each day to go to their iobs. Members ot D.E.C.A. managed to work at their iobs and still make D.E.C.A. a success- ful club. I i N .tx + .- N 0 8. ui i. it t Above: Marie Cavazos sells pennants before a pep rally to benefit D.E.C.A. I73 Right: "Uh - may l help you?" csks Risello McLeroy. Lower left: Jerry Cheolom reaches for requested merchandise of No- tioncl Shirt Shop. Lower right: Mono Enloe straight- ens o dress for selling of Groves Dress Shop. D.E. Student at Work K L 2 , x 'J . ' aw J W 6 ' -W f. Q fd. X " 4 x 1 , Ai' 1 in A ff lx A Ali., IIAJ? by A Q fl ' V if a irq! T' W' l - f 'F ZLQTX- 'Y l2ilvJ .V-,m f A ,, JM- 'mg ' fig, K ' C rw ff Wgjli' jf V " L -b ,gl ev? ' 5 ...Egg v wpumg 4 M 4- 1,55 ,Lf 3.n,,,fw,f75 ' . lfwli' TJ , -J -im "R, ff: f L4 ' ', eyflzfffwf' My-Y Q . 223.23 - ' , f -, .Qg,wd, ., qi? fi - ,M . ' 'f iilm iw,- l ' , - ,,, ,,,45g 5, Mg, ff, 'iff YQ-fn:-iv A f grip . yafxlffviiffgr Q 172 l' ich QL-fl' 5""TJ 'gygtvifll K X 9 , K. fl g,ng,m,y P f fr 341- '- 031. Q fm, -V if . mi: ' fl fmfiivi 1 I74 Many Members Support FHA -l..L if -I i 1 3 E 1 f- 5 is as 5 C , ,J Z. I -V ,V 1 Q 7 I , .FJ l :V QQ- L A? X V - , as sy x , P. ,V A - 23 f 'fi iq -iii' Pi t ' ii' 1 4 L - J -J ft J it if A . .1 fu . , J ..,,. J in - V f , ,aff - ,' if 1, A . sw ' " J. - ,. i gi' P A li ' J A A A T ,, of ' f ge , f 53 1 4 i g ,,' 5- , -wg - ,v ., , , gi-gf? ' ,. ' - B74 .,,, f to R A QA W B f J M , ,E rx K W, ,, VX, , .Ay I . krh, A- i , - , . H' Ri si 5' l 4' X' 'h A if if I 5 J r J f fi fi, - 5 5 ff - I 'V f gf fi 5 ,f, - L ' 4 ri W' L. 'K li , A 1 ' - ,,,A , A ,,,,, ,vV,, J' J. 1 C' J J 7 l tsrr , r3,,:,5,gr-,.-,W ,f' ja- 1. tnz. fm-f, , wf,, ,,,,..,s,H ' 'T - 1: W- " ' 'tif--3,zwfw3ii:, ,W . .s '4 .. ., ,fggm g, ,,,,,,.f..:m ,, Qrih Z 69-70 Officers: Top, left to right: Caralisa Davis, Rec. Secretary, Glynara Bynum, Hist., Diane Baumgartner, Song Leader, thy Christy, Treas., Donna Gay, Corr. Sec., Sharon Tupper, Parl. Bottom row: Vicki Reynolds, Pianist, Karen Neagle, First-Vice s., Glenda Powell, Pres., Donna Taylor, Third Vice-Pres., Debbie Lucius, Fifth Vice-Pres. T969-70 FHA members Bot- tom row, left to right: Deb- bie Dotson, Verna Black- stock, Cynthia Rushing, Beverly Hearn, Carolyn Lucas, Debra Reneau, Deb- bie Carter, Lori Ridgway, Kathy Thompson, Annette Upton, Lea Thomas, Anita Fletcher, Sandra Muster- man. Row two, left to right: Debbie Johnson, Connie Levan, Debra Krause, Cher- yl Teel, Anne Rawlinson, Kathy Terrell, Cynthia Baumgartner, Sandra Wadsworth, Robyn Cole- man, Jennifer Green, Lyn- ette Brady, Norma Mann, Debra Corcorran, Joy Blackstock. Row three: Karen Ward, Judy Tapia, Bonnie Bryan, Teri Reglein, Teresa Walker, Paula Tin- ney, Cheryl Ellis, Barbara Fariss, Karen Crowley, Renee Hadley, Beverly Ben- estante, Nicki Finn, Pat McAfee, Debbie Kowis. Row four: Carol Harris, Linda McArdle, Elizabeth John- son, Cherri Maddox, San- dra Nolen, Vivian Over- man, Polly Davenport, Deb- bie Hargrove, Becky Reed, Laurie Conway, Linda Ben- estante, Carolyn Howard, Joyce Deel, Wanda Black- stock, Kayhie Pollard, Row five: Carolyn Allen, Karen Theiss, Shirley Dorman, Jan- ice Parker, Janie Evans, Donna Peden, Dee Ann Wil- liams, Lisa Armstrong, Candace Phillips, Cathy Childress, Carol Baker. Row six: Denise Barranger, Mari- an Riegel, Gail Gholson, Deborah Westbrook, Sarah Koonce, Mary Muzny, Phyl- iss Huenerberg, Rachael Rottman, Ann Buxton, Dianne Skipper, Evonne Bi- vens, Sue Chancellor, Pat Gist, Vancene Henslee, Mi- chele Kingery, Pam Odell. Row seven: Dawn Tucker, Julia Taylor, Diana Lotz, Debbie Ledford, Barbara Waldace, Kay Robertson, Janis Youngblood, Mary Dean, Pam Kebodeaux, Betty Niederhotter, Jenni Appleton, Michelle Riggs, Mike Offut, Jan Kocian, Charlotte Graham, Diane Eckert. l75 A popular question among stu- dents is, How can I get involved? According to the T969-70 FHA'ers, the answer is simple: .loin the Fu- ture Homemakers ot America. Through moneymaking activi- ties such as bake sales, spirit ribbon sales, and candy sales, the Future Homemakers were able to pur- chase equipment tor the home- making department and furnish- ings for the living room. Social activities were a promi- nent part of the club's year. These activities included, the Fall Fantasy Ball, visits to a nursing home, an all-girl social, the spring style show, teas, and many others. The highlight of the year was National FHA Week. There was a special ac- tivity tor each day during the week of April 4-l l. Patriotism Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, and Color Day are examples ot some ot those events. Because of the inter- est in pollution, FHA held a clean- up week toward the end at the l97O school year. All these proiects add up to in- volvement with school lite and oth- ers around ou Adrian January gives a look of boredom as his date, Yvonne Bi- vens, naps be- tween dances at the Fall Fantasy Ball. I76 'o Gei Involved K ff , W 'fi Qbbie,Cerrer and Jeanette Cox sell refreshmenis to e F.F.A. boy an the Mvfk Renew, FHA bww for 1970, Nukes 0 brevk from fhe dome wifh U Shgw. cousin, Jonice. Many FHA'ers offended the all-girl swimming party where homemade ice cream und cookies were served I77 FHA Activities Concludecl Wii I , X' ?' , y iss' Q s FHA Officers for 1970-1971 pf 73359751 ' Marian Riegal, wilh companion, Sher made in her second year sewing class 178 -Khan, I li 11,5 7,, ,-. l 25,2 222 models the garment she B. A Firsi year student, Carolyn Lucas, models her garment for the FHA style sho fe P 35 nstcillation and Style Show On May l2, the Aldine Associa- tion of the Future Homemakers of America installed twelve officers for the forthcoming year. The in- stallation was followed by a style show put on by the sewing classes. Garments ranging from pants and tunics to formal evening wear were modeled. Awards were pre- sented to Pat McAfee for Home- maker ofthe Year, and Debbie Lu- cius received an award for Officer of the Year. Also receiving awards were Cynthia Rounsavall and Vicki Reynolds. Afterward refreshments were served, bringing the year's activities to a successful conclu- Karen Neagle repeats her duties as president to installing officer, Debbie Lucius. SIOT1. Left: FHA sponsors are Mrs. Stavinoha, Mrs. January, Mrs. Wilker- son, and Mrs. Cooper fnot picturedl. I79 Art Club, he f1mi:43V"""' From left to right: Liz Harper, Laurie Redonet, and Marlene Evens work on decorations for the football banquet. sv-ws' Art Club members were from left to right, top row: Vanessa Seely, Marlene Evans, Donna Taylor, Laurie Redonet, Cathy Menduni, Jan Hanks, Debbie Rivette, and Karen Hanks. Middle row: Pam Paxton, Debbie Price, Steve Havens, Ray Maylor, David Hickey, and Mike Mitchell. Bottom row: Celia Steck, Diana Seely, Secretary, Cathee Mil- saps, President, Lauren Houton, Treasurer, and Richard Powell, V. Pres. my Raymond Maylor, right, and Gary Anderson, left, choose ri terial for their next art proiect. lub of Service 15? r. .lf ,W Milsaps thumbs through an art book and tries to find something she like to paint. Above: Marlene Evans, left, and Liz Harper, right, inspect material at Texas Art Supply Store. Left: Diana Seely, left, and Vanessa Seely, right, look at a decorative chest. As a club of service, AHS's art club undertook such challenging projects as designing and making decorations for the annual football banquet, paint- ing spirit posters for the football team to run through, and many other projects. They also entered pictures in art contests sponsored by the Fat Stock Show in the Northline Mall. During the latter part of the year, members of the art club took a field trip to Texas Art Supply and visited the Herman Park Zoo. Drafting Activities Highlighter F' r- tc 5 John Lum, left, Mr. Acker, and John Daunt discuss their drawings. Members of the drafting club were from left to right, first row: Larry Bowen, John Daunt, Goree Anderson, Gary Miller, Danny Huddleston, Mike Torbart, John Lum and Mr. Acker, sponsor. Second row: Bert Pache, Billy Young, Mike Lewis, Carl Falco, Carl Damalcado, Dwayne Hickman, Curtis Lockridge. Third r r , row: Tommy Lazerine, Phillip Douglas, Douglas Roulette, Larry Moon, Jerry Tweedle, Carl Emmons, and Greg Gorman. y District Meet e above drawing, done by Johnny Cantu, won a first place rib- yn at district contest held at Pasadena High School. Cantu accepts a first place award for skill and speed from Barney Ruth, State Supervisor. Under the direction and guidance of Mr. Acker and president, Johnny Cantu, the Drafting Club at- tended many varied activities. Early in the fall this year's officers traveled to Bay City to attend an officers training workshop. In March several of the Drafting students entered the District meet held at Pasadena High School. At this meet five Aldine students placed in skill and speed. These were Johnny Cantu, Phillip Douglas, John Daut, Bert Pouch, and Mike Lum. At the state meet held in Austin, a total of ll ribbons were won. The club, which is a part of VlCA closed out the year by helping provide entertainment for the VICA social. Douglas Roulette, left, and Mike Lewis, right, admire sketchings on display at a district meet. Back row, left to right: Karen Nave, Janet Walker, Candy Davis, Vicki Strat- ton, Debra Hargraves, Dianah Riddle, Pam Turner. Second row: Robin Craig, Kathy Buzbee, Charlene Barclay, Valer- ie Neel, Millard Martin, Sherie Falcon- er, Michele Kingery, Darla Davis. Third row: Sandra Wadsworth, Marilyn Elli- sor, Gayle Fuller, Vioza Tullis, Terri McLean, Carla Berg, LaRue Feathers- ton, Sponsor, Mrs. Urban. Front row: Chris Pritchett, Shirley Okabayashi, Sharon Campbell, Lynn Lucas, Irene A Mathews, Karen Gates, Rhonda Turner, Pat Gist. Future Teachers of America is an or- ganization for high school students who are interested in teaching careers. The purpose of the club was to give an insight of the teaching profession and its opportunities. 'During the year, teaching assignments were made possi- ble, giving each member a chance to teach in any Aldine school for one day. Also during the year the FTA spon- sored Teacher Appreciation Day. On various holidays, refreshments were placed in the Teachers Lounge for the enioyment of all faculty members. As the end of the year approached, the FTA elected new officers for next year. Right: Chris Pritchett and Sharon Campbell serve Q H refreshments to faculty member, Vernon Lewis, on s.. Teacher Appreciation Day. eochers of Tomorrow me 3 .i 6 ,. ' 'WJ if X Left: Robin Craig directs the Sto- vall Jr. High bond on FTA visita- tion day. Below: Students listen intently os Gayle Fuller lectures on the subiect of history. ff 1 ",, 2.30 hw, ALL: 4-,,, A '85 Vicki Reynolds examines the South American Indian exhibit. The Math and Science Club, spon- sored by Mr. Watson and Mr. Marion, scheduled several field trips this year. Some members ot the club went to the Sam Houston Museum and Planetarium in Huntsville on November 2l. On May l4, they visited the Museum ot Natural Science and examined the exhibit on the history ofthe American Indian and viewed the extensive medical section. To be a member of this club, one must have at least an 85 over-all grade average. Members may participate in academic competition at various col- leges. This year students went to Texas A84M University to take chemistry, math, and slide rule tests. Some mem- bers ot the Math and Science Club competed in the slide rule division in the UIL contest- Victor Garcia won a first place award, Buddy Peake won a second place award, and Tracy Grier won a third place award. Members ot the club were awarded pins at the con- clusion ot the year. To the right: Roy Flores is listening intently to a re cording at the museum. Math and Science Clul interested in the Geronimo exhibit. Members of the Moth ond Science Club are as follows: Bottom row, left to right: Buddy Peake, John Sorabicm, Vicki Reyn- olds, ond Victor Gorcio. Second row: Dicie Beomon, Dunno Donheim, Glen- nci Holl, lrene Mathews, ond Chorlene Barkley. Top row: Bill Suski and Roy Flores. l87 Adopt-One Highlight Above, first row, left to right: Brenda Lovings, Debbie Bailes, Mrs. Cam- bell, sponsor, Sandy Konieczny, and Barbara Williams. Second row: Bonnie Bryan, Susan Fish, Carol Hester, Kathy Terrell, Donna Walker, Susan Melchor, Terri Stewart. Third row: Sara Fabosh, Carla Strother, Jane Nule, Alice Kominwki, Betty Niehertlfer, Terri Reglein, Suzanna Til- laf, Diane Seely, Fourth row: Terry Walker, Glenda Powell, Debbie Price, Deane Eckert, Daryl Krity, Cindy Brown, Susan Stewart, Nonna Mantooth, and Vanessa Seely. Sandy Konieczny, left, and Debbie Bailes, right, place a age on a tiger's tail for the adopt-one program. uture Nurses' Club T I On September 20, l97O, the first meeting of PNC was off to a respective start by introducing officers and new members of the club. This was followed by a guest speaker, Mrs. Jasper, from Houston Baptist College. The whole student body was invited to ob- tain information from Mrs. Jasper's speech which concerned medical careers. The largest and most im- portant proiect this club sponsored was the adopt- one program. FNC personally delivered the needed goods. Top: Caryl Kritz and Deana Woods assort packages for the adopt- One DFOQFGTTI. Bottom left: The officers were, from left to right: Debbie Bailes, Pres., Brenda Lovings, Vice-Pres., Barbara Williams, Sec., and Sandy Kon- ieczny, Treasurer. Bottom, right: Mrs. Jasper from Houston Baptist College gives a lec- ture on medical careers at a FNC meeting. I E Many activities were sponsored by the International Club during the year. They included a fashion show in which the varsity football boys modeled, and an ugliest man contest for the male teachers here at Aldine. A foreign exchange student, Liissi Hirvarii, visited Aldine for one week. The International Club is planning to bring a foreign exchange student here to Aldine next year. Selling valentines and Friendship Bonds were other activities for this club. All of these activities were done to raise money to brutg a foreign exchange stu- dent to Aldine. Fashion Show Highligh V+ .ii . 'i - 'I W.. 'ffl i'.' T' 4 ,.,' Ray Goss tells Pam Royston who to send his valentine to, while Gail Edwards takes Ricky Ti no's order. 'Wu tw 1 fi. 5,4 . Diane Anderson has a hard time deciding who to vote for in the ugliest man contest, as Kathy Busbee helps her. nternationcll Club rm ,., . ,, My -- Leff: "Diana Ross" models herfhis version of ci wedding dress. Lone Dillion proves that it's whot's up front thot counts, The varsity models wait for the exciting moment when the winner is onnounced. Left: Pot Patterson shows the audience how to do the hulo. George Crisp, winner of the varsity fashion show. I9l QQ 3 Members and Cfficers of '7 Bottom row, left to right: Mrs. Prasatik, Kathy Buzbee, Sherry Anderson, Gail Campbell, Carol Cooley, Darla Davis, Miss Brandt. Second row: Debbie Sparandio, Linda Leeder, Lily Pearce, Gail Fulbright, Robin Craig, Debbie Craig, Diane Anderson, Rhonda Turner, Shirley Oka- bashi, Sharon Campbell, Irene Mathews, kris Carston, Pam Royston, Ann Ward, Eleanor Nesterode. Third row: Karen McKnight, Glenda Rogers, Debbie Stallings, Lee Ann Fletcher, Nora Spivey, Susie Maze, Sandy Frey, Laura Pickles, Sheila Sumner, Charlene Barkley, Joan Stewart, Gloria Melcher, Kathy Roland, Shirley Harrod, Joyce Sally. Fourth raw: Cheryl Eaves, Carolyn Lucas, Connie Levan, Suzanne Florence, Chris Pritchet, Lynn Lucass, Sandy Mitchell, Jane Burt- ner, Mark Beckham, Susan Melchor, Betty Kam- inski, Cynthia Garret, Mary Hill, Sharon Russ, Tad Hammond. Fifth raw. Cindy Jacobs, Pat Patterson, Dagmar Subrt, Dianne Skipper, Karen Garret, Dorthy Belnoski, Sherry Taylor, Debbie Sainz, Mike Shomaker, Joan Rust, Kathy Puller, Gail Edwards, Lynn Williams. Sixth row: Carla Gerg, Robert Hozingon, Steve Baker, Paul Brown, Jesse James, John Sarabia, Autumn Lo- gins, Debbie Waltrip, Debbie Knoes, Sandy Top- ping, Martha Goodwin, Cathy Tyler. Seventh row: Polly Davenport, Tommy Fogle, Robert Welch, David Myer, James Roach, Thomas Mei- necke, Jimmy Black, Chris Stacy, John Goss, Eddie Jahson, Richard Louaillier, David Staton, Ennie Hickman, Mike Taylor, Ben Wooley, l92 Officers ot the International Club are from left: Mrs. Prasatik, Carol Cooley, Gail Campbell, Darla Davis, Sh Anderson, Kathy Buzbee, and Miss Brandt. 5 4 li Q 2 5 ii loundup Meets Deadline is ' is .. , Tanna Morton shows Carolyn Byrd how she wants her layout to look for the Senior section, As the first deadline drew near the Roundup staff hurriedly finished one section of the year- . y book. After one semester of selling ads, of which each student is required to sell S200 worth, the if staff settled down to routine work. ln October a H trip to Dallas was taken to tour the Taylor Pub- lishing Company. While there the staff visited Six Flags. The profits from the Coronation, the selling of booster ads, and money from auto- ' A graph books went toward financing the year- 1 s ii b book. To celebrate the ending of a successful -' "11Laa siifs r sssr year, the staff took a picnic lunch to Huntsville State Park on May l7. Left: Karen Neagle, iunior, decides where her pictures will go on her layout. 'K Aldine's Future Farmers of America held their eleventh annual project show on April 2, 3, and 4, l97O. A barbeque and dance was held at the school to celebrate the opening ot the T970 project show. The T18 members ot Aldine's chapter ot FFA chose Suzanne Florence as their sweetheart ear- lier in the year. Suzanne participated in the proiect as well as the boys. The highlight of the show was the actual iudging ot the grand champion steer which was won by the steer owned by Douglas Goodwin. FFA Members Prepar is -WWW Danny Wendt and members of the Country Rhythm Masters play at the annual FFA dan it The Aldine Future Farmers of America number 'ITB in the school year of T969-70. s 21 ,li .t i I fe -m ior Eleventh Proiecl Show irry Sanders and his dale dance al The annual FFA dance while Donald McAfee and Jenni Appleton flefrj and aig Adams and Teri McClain frightj dance in the background. Left: Donny.Sinclair has the job of preparing the chicken for the annual FFA barbeque. I95 Proiect Show Action Found Under Tent Right: Kenneth Grimes is one of The many viewers who looked of The exhibits of the FFA Proiecf Show. This tent scene of the FFA Proiect Show is lust cz glimpse of oll the ccfion that goes on during the Aldine FFA livestock show I96 ' 26311 A 'wmv ' 1 I. .MRS ' 1 L . 'S' 6 El N ssiis I X f I. It if? 5 3 ,sf ' R V Left: Charles Owens frighrl holds the steer owned by Ken- neth Leech while Kenneth fleftl fixes the steers halter. in O is If -f'-A Ac , . me ' Vs Left: It seems thot this unidentified FFA mem- ber doesn't wont to be seen catching c quick nop, but the steer fon his leftj seems to inter- ested. I97 Ag Boys Enioy Winning ppluf Kenneth McAfee steadies his Reserve Champion lamb as Charles Ritter places his Reserve Champion banner on his second place-winnir the auclioneer offers The sale of the animal To the highesf l'IOQ. bidder. Harold Kapalski brushes his sleer in preparalion for The show. Auto Mechanics Club Members Participate in an Active Year Strikland, second year auto mechanics, admires the work of someone else at the lll V.l.C,A. meet in Pasadena. Top row, left to right: David Hague, Steve l-lughs, Flash Turn- er, Forrest Bernelle, Ben Enyart, Bobby Corcorran, Mike Pagel, Dennis Garner. Middle row: Homer Jenkins, Jackie Barlow, James Simmons, Carl' Swonke, David Warren, Mike Pratt, Mike Smith. Front row: Ronnie Ellis, Gene Munoz, Rene Hendon, Randy Siebe, Kenneth Strikland, Michael Conway lll, First and second year Auto Mechan- ics students tormed the Auto Mechanics Club. They raised money to buy new equipment tor the shop. Several members attended the Dis- trict lll meet in Pasadena on March 6 and 7. They also attended the State meet in Austin on April lo. Second year students were able to go on field trips to Northline Dodge and River Oaks Chrysler Plymouth to get an idea of what they would be in- volved in as tuture mechanics. W if Yu' Top: Debbie Cermak, Lynn Lucas, Becky Roltmann, Liz Spivey, and Karen Neogle, look through some other yearboaks for some ideas for The coming yearbook Above: Going home, everyone found ideas for fun, but Sandi Word, Vickie Reynolds, and Carol Ralcliffe found fun playing cards. 200 Roundup Staff Goes to Dallas Again this year the Roundup staff toured the Tay- lor Publishing Company, except this time the Aldine MacArthur yearbook staff made the tour with them. The staff arrived in Dallas around lO:OO on a school bus and toured the plant around ll:OO, learning a few of the steps involved in publishing a yearbook. This year the staff decided to stay overnight at the Arlington Motor lnn. After the tour, everyone was glad to get to the motel and freshen up for fun at Six Flags. Later that night everyone had their own plans for fun at the motel. Some walked "about ten miles" to a nearby grocery store for some goodies. Others went to the show, and some found fun at a fruit store. Also some found fun in the motel pool or just sitting around their rooms. Sunday morning was the time to leave for home. Going home on the bus, some slept and some played cards, but it seemed to have been fun for all. Left: Vicki Reynolds and Carol Ratcliffe seem to have found some- thing in the Taylor library, Below: Carlisa Davis, Georgia Greenhaw, Donna Gay, Debbie Cer- mak, and others listen to Mr. Priest as he demonstrates one of the machines. l Top, front row: Mr. Simmang, sponsor, Eddie Tarver, Cynthia Rushing, lsweetheortl, Ed- ward Otter, James Clock. Middle row: Jerry Preston, Mike Loftin, Pat Artell, Gary Gunter, Jesse Quolls, Aaron Sutherlohd, Mike Di- etrich, Terry Holmes. Top row: Pete Bible, Johnny Martin, Aaron Sands, John Hate, Doug Howze, Alan Brannon, Terry Vance, Vernon Helling, Gary White. Right: Gary White seems to be interested in a 3 refrigeration project on display at the District Meet. 202 Sirnmang and Gary Watkins look at some proiects which were entered at the spring District Meet. Air- Conditioning Club Achieves Honors Through Skills Being a part of VICA this year, the Air-Conditioning Club, spon- sored by Mr. Q. W. Simmang, par- ticipated in a number of activities. On October 24 an all-school Halloween Dance was sponsored by the VICA Club. Air- Conditioning visited the NHBA Convention in the Astro Hall on Wednesday, January 28. The Val- entine Sweetheart Week began on February 9 and ended with an as- sembly the following Friday. The Air-Conditioning Club also attended the District Ill Contest in Pasadena on March 6 and 7. Eight Junior boys received various hon- ors tor the club. They were: Gary Watkins, Raymond Donaldson, Doug Howze, James Clack, Gary Smith, Mike Dietrich, Alan Bran- non, and Eddie Tarvar. They won a combination of ribbons and hon- orable mentions. This spring they had a banquet and received Merit Awards for their skills and talents. They also attended the State Meet. The VICA Club also sponsored a swimming party at the H and H Guest Ranch on May 28 as a re- minder it was the last day of school. 203 Left to right, tap row: Linda Morris, Carol Ratcliffe, Cathy Chil- dress, Estella, Roy, Laura Kelley, Gloria Levee, Debbie Roan, and Debbie Lucis Center row: Mrs. Judge, Tanna Morton, Barbara Williams, Barbara Coon, Chris Henderson, Susan Til- lar, Sandra Kan- ieczny, and Faye Phil- lips. Bottom row: Re- becca Wilkerson, Charlotte Gist, Debbie Falcon, DeDe Hunter, Debbie Johnson, and Kathy Frey. W .a""" SL , is rs , Top: Paula Fritzsching works on a ten-key adding machine during class. Right: Mrs. Judge is discussing with Rebecca Wilkerson the future activities of OEA. 204 O.E.A. Bring l K ,,4, Q lill , tl Q .uri-mmf., i Iareer Day S. ' ...sig ' wr: . A ra... Aldine's Vocational Office Educa- tion Club changed their name to OEA. OEA stands for Office Education Asso- ciation. This course taught the 22 mem- bers many important skills for a secre- tarial position. ln this 2-hour class the sponsor, Mrs. Judge, taught the stu- dents many skills such as shorthand, recordkeeping, filing, typing, how to work with an IBM Executary, Rotary Calculator and the ten-key adding ma- chine. All of the meetings were con- ducted by Rebecca Wilkerson, presi- dent, Charlotte Gist, vice-president, Debra Fountain, secretary, Paula Fritzsching, treasurer, Debbie Johnson, reporter, and Kathy Frey, parliamen- tarian. The group sponsored, for the first time, Career Day. During the day, many classes visited exhibits conducted by Houston businesses. Throughout the year the OEA girls undertook many proiects and sponsored activities such as guest speakers, the Student Directo- ry, English book lists, typing for teach- ers, averaging grades and participat- ing in the state convention in Galves- ton. Top: Tanna Morton works on Student Directory, as one of the many outside activities done by OEA. Bottom: A representative of Southwestern Bell is discussing many jobs that are offered to students with Chris Henderson, DeDe Hunter, Lori Kelley, Debbie Fountain and Matt Terasaki looking on. -5f.f.H.4U'II'lt'Ii,.fii"l"i lififtif, . . . Explores Vocational Opportunities , ,,..,, Top left: Gloria Levee pushes for speed while shorthand is being dictated. Top right: Sandra Konieczny and Barbara Williams work on recordkeeping material. Right: Tonna Morton and Paula Fritzsching are putting the Student Directory together, which is a proiect ot the VOE and the NHS. 206 ..,...-vv"""" , ,s. I M? f gr W . cX,. W ,,, ...X M v'+"'4"""'M' ii in i llisf X i. ,gasoyfe ' t " f , i i I i iii" 'ill ' I I-Q, V A L? n , r Q v l ,--ft' if IPM., A tu is GF' 2-Jaw .A'P!'t- .Med ,N X2-it 'S ,JI 9' Roundup Staff Has Picnic at State Lake On Sunday, May l7, the Roundup staff had their annual picnic at Hunts- ville Park. After meeting at Mr. Wil- son's house, the staff followed to the park. Activities included in the park were paddle-boats, bicycle racing and swimming. After enjoying a picnic lunch, the staff ioined in on all the fun. Top: Karen Neagle and Donna Gay fasten their seat belts on the paddle-boats, Far left: Liz Spivey and Allen Doss seem to be enioying their picnic lunch. Left: Carol Ratcliffe and Vicki Reynolds discuss their English reading assignment. Below: Becky Reich screams in excitement as Johnny Carr pushes her off. 'NX Far left: Mary Hill listens carefully to Edwin Dewberry s instructions. Top left: Vicki shows Susan how tough English is Left: Staffers enioy picnic lunch, zoa ri mink CLASSES Competition between the classes olwoys existed. Success wos yelling the loudest ot the pep rallies, But the Freshmen, Sophomores ond Juniors still respected the upperclcissmen, And Seniors found time from the confusion to soy their goodbyes ond to port with mony friends. 209 Y mf 1 Seniors Are Heavy in 1970 43 MARVIN ALEXANDER CAROLYN ALLEN Band 4 yrs., Betty Crocker Award I yr. REBECCA ANDERSON JENNIE GAY APPLETON Band 2 yrs., FHA I yr., FNA I yr., Tennis Team I yr. LISA ARMSTRONG FNA A yrs., MSC 2 yrs., Fencing Club 2 yrs., International Club I yr., Student Congress I yr., Li! brary Club 2 yrs., FNC I yr., Mast VaIuabIe Mustang Stctfer DOROTHY ATKINS FHA 3 yrs., Library Club I yr., Reporter I yr. DEBRA BACALA TERRY BADDOCK JAMES BATES ROBERT BIBLE TOMMY BISHOP FFA 3 yrs., DE I yr., Vice- President DECA, Football 2 yrs. BOB BOSTWICK Band 4 yrs., Thespians 2 yrs., NHS 2 yrs., Student Congress 2 yrs., Reporter I yr., Honor Stu- dent 3 yrs., Band Beau I yr., Mast Studicus senior year. LARRY BOWEN JAMES BROWN JUDY BRADSHAW MIKE BROWN 2Il Officers Represent Senior Class BOBBY BROWN DE l yr., Reporter l yr. THERESA BROWN Band 2 yrs., ROUNDUP l yr., FHA ZW yrs., Thespians 4 yrs., Best Thespiart l yr., Treasurer l yr., Sweetheart l yr., National Honor Society 2 yrs., Vice- Pres. l yr., Honor Awards 3 yrs., Student House of Representatives l yr., Secre- tary l yr. GLENN BRYANT Varsity Baseball 3 yrs., Varsity Basket- ball 2 yrs ,All Drstrictfioseball l yr., Stu- dent Councrl l yr. DANNY BUCK DON BURRISK Varsity Football 3 yrs., Varsity Track 2 yrs., J,V, Track l yr., Most Valuable Player Award l yr., All District l yr., Most Athlettc Boy l yr., Most Popular Jr. Boy, Cutest Couple 2 yrs., All-Greater Houston Team l yr., Honorable Men- tion All-American l yr., Ltbrary Club l yr., Reporter Jr. yr., Mr. Aldrne l97O, LIBBY BURTNER Band A yrs., Secretary l yr., Sweetheart l yr., All-Drstrtct l yr., Thespian 4 yrs., Secretary l yr., President l yr., Best Thespian Award 1 yr., Honor Soctety 2 yrs., Reporter l yr., Student Congress l yr, Treasurer Jr. yr., Best All Around l yr., Homecomrng Prrrtcess, Miss Aldine Runner-Up. CAROLYN BYRD Vaqueras l yr., FHA 3yrs., Student Con- gress 2 yrs., Historian l yr., ROUNDUP 2 yrs., FTA 2 yrs,, International Club l yr. JOHNNY CANTU Varstty Football 2 yrs., Varstty Track 2 yrs., Drafting Club 3 yrs., Presedent l yr., Student Congress. 2I2 -Q.. hs? This year the Senior Class Officers were: Ray Goss, Vice-President, Sharon Simkins, Secretary, Victor Mikeska, President, Bob Bostw Parliamentariang and Jackie Hewlett, Treasurer. Not pictured is Charlotte Gist, Reporter. Z S l 1 ef ,Q if?" 'Pl LYNN CAVALIER CHRIS CLARK DAVID CLIFTON BILL COCHRAN Football A yrs., Boskelbcll I yr., Track I yr., Thespuuns 4 yrs., Sluderil Council I yr., Treasurer I yr., Presudenl I yr. KEN COOK JEANETTE COOPER Choir 3 yrs., Madrigols 3 yrs. JOHN COPELAND DOUG COTILE Bcskelbcll I yr., Tenms I yr. GEORGE CRISP Foolbull 3 yrs., Truck I yr., Bos- keibull I yr., Cures? Couple Jr. year, Chour 2 yrs., Best All' Around Jr. Boy. CARLISA DAVIS Sludenl Council I yr., FHA 2 yrs., Secrerury I yr., FNA 2 yrs., Secrelary I yr., Vice-Presudenl I yr., Arl 1 yr., ROUNDUP 1 yr. DAN DAVIS FFA 4 yrs., Football 2 yrs. LINDA DAVIS JAMES DEAN CARL DIMARCO Drofling 2 yrs. DEBRA DORMAN PHILLIP DOUGLAS JANICE EBELT DIANE Eclcsrzr PNA 1 yr., FHA 4 yrs. BARBARA EDWARDS CAROL ELDER Bond 3 yrs., FHA I yr. 2I3 SAM ELLIOTT Sludenl Congress I yr., Secretary I yr., Library Club I yr. RONALD ELLIS MONA ENLOE Band 3 yrs., MSC 2 yrs., FNA I yr., Infer- nalicnal Club I yr., Lafin I yr., Fencmg I yr., DE I yr. JEANNE FAHY Vaqueras 4 yrs., Captain I yr., Ll. Cap- Vain I yr. CARL FALCO VICA 2 yrs., Draflung 2 yrs. TOMMY FERGUSON Band 4 yrs., Foolball 2 yrs., Track 2 yrs. JAMIE FINCH Band 3 yrs., FHA I yr., FTA 3 yrs., MSC I yr., lnternalional I yr., NHS I yr., Mos! Bashful Sr. Girl, Mos! Beautiful Girl of Aldine, FHA 1 yr. DEBBIE FOUNTAIN VOE I yr., Secretary I yr. MARGARET FRETWELL Vaqueras 2 yrs., FHA 2 yrs., Tennis I yr. KATHY FREY FHA I yr., Ar! I yr., Sludenl Council I yr., VOE I yr., Parllamemarian I yr., Cures! Couple Sr. yr., Best Dressed Sr. Girl. KAY FRITZ Choir 4 yrs., FHA 2 yrs. PAULA FRITZSCHING VOE I yr., Treasurer I yr., FHA I yr., ROUNDUP I yr., FTA 2 yrs., Vaqueras I yr. 2l4 Nant? ISK V""?' 'nf Nas I, After Cathy Spivey eats her lunch she de- cides lo have a little fun and to make a little noise. 2. She blows up the sack. 3. "Wasn't that funny," she said. GAYLE FULLER TROY GARNER FRED GILPIN CHARLOTTE GIST FHA 2 yrs., Student Council 2 yrs., Vo- queras I yr., Fr, Class Vice-Pres., Most Pap Fr. Girl, Most Beautiful Soph. Girl, Soph Class Sec., Cheerleader 2 yrs., Jr. Class Vice-Pres., GSL I yr., Sr. Class Re- porter, VOE I yr., Vice-Pres, I yr., Homecoming Queen, Lions Club Queen. CURT GLOWACKI DOUGLAS GOODWIN FFA 3 yrs., Reporter I yr, Sec, I yr.. Band 2 yrs, RAY GOSS Cheerleader 2 yrs., Thespians A yrs., Lib. I yr., Art 2 yrs,, Band 2 yrs., Choir I yr., Pres. of Thespuans I yr., Best Thesp. I yr., Jr, Class Port., Sr. Class Vice-Pres KYLE GRAHAM TOM GRANT PHIL HAHN Football 3 yrs., Basketball 3 yrs., Track 4 yrs, Student Council I yr., Mustang Stott 2 yrs., Editor I yr. MARK HALAMICEK DARRELL HARRIS 2 l 5 CHRIS HENDERSON PNA 1 yr., vos 1 yr. RENE HENDON JACKIE HEWLETT Band 4 yrs., Vice-Pres. I yr., Sr. Class Trees., Thespions I yr., Inter. Club 2 yrs., FNA 2 yrs., Vice-Pres. I yr., Rep. I yr., Fenc- nng 2 yrs., Sec.-Trees. I yr., FHA 1 yr. DAVID HICKEY CHARLES HICKMAN Bond 4 yrs., Reporter I yr. LINDA HILL VICKI HOLMES NANCY HOLTON DAVID HONERCAMP LEWIS HOUGH LAUREN HOUGHTON DE DE HUNTER vos 1 yr., HH, 1 yr. JENNIFERJACKSON Choir 3 yrs., Fr. Class Sec., Jr. Class Sec., Thespuuns 2 yrs., FIA I yr., Imer. I yr., Lib. I yr., Treasurer I yr. 2I6 Debby Wilson, Carolyn Byrd, Cheryl Williams, Sl' IE .mx x .ff we -9' eff 'YWQQT1 Q3 ee tr?- N. -. .1 'WBSQL' f .iqtnlgy ..fR'47, . 1 . lpms, ond Som 'mln :--:HE fi fs ' . QQ? ' iz V 'f -r- .. 319951 1 5 0 X5 .nn " Li' six: 4:6353 ' 1 Elliot yell of one of the pep rallies. w.m', ,....., W, we-AA .,,,," ax . 3 MARY JARRELL DEBBIE JOHNSON Bond 3 yrs., Molorehe l yr., MSC 2 yrs., Purl. 1 y1.,c0ff.seC. 1 y1.,voE 1 yr., l Rep. 1 yr. ALICE KAMINSKI MSC l yr., Honor Socuery 2 yrs., yrs., Honor Awards 2 yrs. JOHNNY KARR Foolbull 2 yrs. SANDRA KAYSER PAN KEBODEAUX LAURA xmev vos 1 yr., FHA 1 yr. SANDRA KONIECZNY Choir l yr., Honor Award l yr., VOE l yr., PNA 2W yrs., Trecs. l yr. LEON Koz1eLs1c1 oe 2 yrs, LESTER LAMBERT CHARLES LAWLESS JACKIE LAWS Voqueras 2 yrs., FHA 2 yrs., The yr., VICA 2 yrs. GLORIA LEVEE spluns l 2I7 FNA 2 MIKE LOFTIN Air Cond, 2 yrs., VICA 2 yrs. BRENDA LOVINGS FNA 4 yrs., Sec. I yr., Rep. I yr., Vice Pres. I yr., FHA 3 yrs. DEBBIE LUCIUS Inter, I yr., FHA 4 yrs., Lib. I yr., VOE I yr., Student Congress I yr. GENEVIEVE MANN DONNA MARTIN JOHNNIE MARTIN DONALD MCAFEE FFA 3 yrs., Rep. I yr., Pres. I yr., Student Cong. I yr. BETTY MCCOY LOLA MCDONALD Fr, Class Pres., Vaq. I yr., Student Cong. 3 yrs., Choir A yrs., Modriguls 3 yrs., FHA I yr., Cheerleader 2 yrs., Best All- Arouncl and Most Pop. Jr. cmd Sr. Girl, Most Likely to Succeed Sr. Girl, Jr. Clcss Rec. Sec., Choir Vice-Pres. und Trecs., Homecoming Princess, Miss Aldine BILLY MCELROY RISILEA MCLEROY DE I yr. JANICE MEADORS CURTIS MEEK Student Ccun. I yr., FFA 3 yrs. PAUL MILLER Boseboll I yr. VICTOR MIKESKA MSC 2 yrs., Inter. 2 yrs., NHS 2 yrs., Most Pop. Sr. Boy, Most Friendly Sr. Boy, Cheerleader I yr., Sr. Class Pres., Mr. Aldine Runner-Up. PAUL MILLER CATH EE MI LSAPS Thespicns 2 yrs., Inter. 2 yrs., Art 2 yrs. MIKE MITCHELL LARRY MOON Drafting 2 yrs., VICA 2 yrs. CHRISTY MOORE FHA 2 yrs., Inter. 2 yrs., Thespians 3 yrs., Lib. I yr., Student Coun. 2 yrs. LINDA MORRIS Student Coun. 2 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., VOE I yr., Most Friendly Sr. Girl. 2I8 + ue? ..- -'vi ar-Q, .MJD TANNA MORTON FHA 3 yrs., Inver. 1 yr., FTA 1 yr., VOE 1 yr., ROUNDUP 2 yrs., Ad. Edit. 1 yr., Sludenl Council 2 yrs., Thespiuns 3 yrs., Sr. Editor 1 yr. BARBARA MUZNY Voquerus 2 yrs., FHA 1 yr., Siu- denl Congress 1 yr., DE 2 yrs., Treasurer 1 yr., Pres. 1 yr. KAREN NAVE Honor Society 2 yrs., FTA 3 yrs., Inter, 2 yrs., Thes. 1 yr., FHA 1 yr., Library 1 yr., Vuquerus 1 yr, REBECCA NIEDERHOFER PAM PAGACH SHERRY PASSINI PAT PATTERSON Football 1 yr., Track 1 yr., Besl All Around Senior Boy, VOE - Beau TERRlE PAULSON Voqu. 3 yrs., DE 1 yr., FHA 1 yr. BUDDV PEAKE Slu. Cong. 1 yr., Drum Moi. 1 yr., NHS 1 yr., MSC 1 yr. FAY PHILLIPS BECKY PIERCE CYNTHIA PIVONKA RODNEY PIWETZ VICA 2 yrs., Drcifhng 2 yrs. VICKY POWELL Ari 2 yrs., VICA 1 yr,, Cosmel. 2 yrs. DORIS QUINLANILLA CAROL RATCLIFFE Siu. Cong. 2 yrs., FTA 2 yrs., Treus. 1 yr., Rep. of Soph. Class, FHA 1 yr., ROUNDUP 2 yrs., Edit. 1 yr., NHS 2 yrs., VOE 1 yr., Miss Aldine Runner-Up. BILL RAWSON DARRELL REIDER VICKI REYNOLDS Bond 1 yr., FHA 4 yrs., Choir 3 yrs., NHS 2 yrs., MSC 1 yr.. ROUNDUP 1 yr., Thes. 1 yr., Most SVud. Sr. Girl. KENT Rice 219 GAY RIEGEL STEVE RIGSDELL Sfudenl Coun. I yr., Football 4 yrs., Cuvesv Couple Sr. yr. DEBBIE Rom FHA 3 yrs., FTA 1 yr., mer, 1 yr., vos 1 yr. DON ROBERTS Baseball I yr. "I sold I was gonna point it," scys Colhee Milsops to Lauren Houghton. ALTON ROBERTSON RANDY ROBERTSON Football 4 yrs., Track A yrs., Bond 3 yrs., NHS 2 yrs. DAVID ROBINS Fencung 2 yrs., Pres. I yr., Inter. 2 yrs., Tlwespians I yr. JACK Ross 220 .....--gn wa----'mn ql I 5.1 ' 4 x, I ,A A., Yygyf ,-A, 4:7 CYNTHIA ROUNSAVALL Vcq. I yr., Fencing I yr., FHA I yr. ESTELLA ROY FHA 2 yrs., OEA I yr, CYNTHIA RUSHING Vuq. 2 yrs., FNC I yr., Stu. Cong. 2 yrs., Pres. of Cosmev., VICA 2 yrs. CINDY RUSSEL LARRY SANDERS JAYMIE SCHMIDT RUBY SCOTT DOUGLAS SHERBER STANLEY SHOCKLEY SHARON SIMKIN5 Best All-Around Fr. Girl, Band 4 yrs., Sec. of Sr. Class, NHS 2 yrs., All-S!cr Basketball Tecm 2 yrs. NANCY SINAI Chonr I yr. LEE SNYDER CATHY SPIVEY Choir 4 yrs., Mudrigcls 4 yrs., Stu. Coun. 4 yrs., Sec. I yr., Vice-Pres. I yr., Inter, I yr., Sec. I yr., FTA 2 yrs., Mos! Pop. sopn. Girl, ROUNDUP 1 yr., GSL 1 yr., Tennis I yr. RUBY STEHLICK FNC 3 yrs.,In1er. I yr., CCC I yr., Lab. I yr., FHA I yr., Thespicns 2 yrs., Pcrl. I yr. JOHN STEMBER GREG STEVENS KENNETH STRICKLAND CARLA STROTHER MIKE SWONKE KAREN TAUTENHAHN I 22: SANDRATEAGUE NHS 1 yr., DECA 1 yr. MATTY TERASAKI NHS l yr., Foovball 1 yr., Mgr. 1 yr. PHILLIP TERRELL Siu. Conn. 2 yrs., Best All- Arouncl Soph. Bay, Football 4 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Choir 4 yrs. STEVE THROWER VICKIE TICKNER BEVERLY TODD CAROL TRAP? DECA 2 yrs., FNA 3 yrs. LEONARD TRU ETT Mas! Handsome Fr. Boy, Soph. Class Pres., Mas! Pop. Soph. Bay, Jr. Class Pres., Mas? Likely to Succeed Sr. Bay, Runner-Up for Mr. Aldine, Football 2 yrs., Baseball 4 yrs. MARYTUPPER Band 3 yrs., Maj. 2 yrs., Head Maj. l yr,, NHS 2 yrs., Lib. 2 yrs., Parl. l yr. RICHARD TUTHILL Band 4 yrs. 222 3 as ' , 'i 5 ' . Z 1 rs. new Cheerleader Charlotte Gisf leads a cheer af an evening rally during Spirit Week, 21 DEAN WALKER JANET WALKER FTA 4 yrs., Choir 4 yrs., Modri golsl yr., lnler. 2 yrs., FHA T yr """"' STEVE WALKER NHS 2 yrs., Bond 3 yrs., Thespi ons l yr., Stu. Cong. l yr. CAROL WALTON STEVE WARD NHS T yr., Tennis Team l yr. SHIRLEY WELLS FTA 2 yrs. DANNY WENDT ROBERT WHITAKER Basketball Mgr. 2 yrs. senior football boys, Billy McElroy, James Bcles, George Crisp, John Slenber, Dcivid Youngblood, Phillip Terrell, ond Johnny Contu fry lo lecxd Q cheer cl the ming bonfire. 223 Voq. 3 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Ar! l yr., CATHYWHITE Vaq. 2 yrs., Lueul. I yr., Choir 4 yrs., Mudrigals 4 yrs., FHA 3 yrs. BRUCE WHITEHEAD WAN DA WHITE HEAD REBECCAWILKERSON OEA I yr., Pres. I yr., Siu. Cong. I yr., FHA I yr, BARBARA WILLIAMS FHA 2 yrs,, FNC YW yrs., Sec, I yr., OEA I yr. CH ERYL WILLIAMS FHA 3 yrs., Cures! Couple Soph. yr,, Jetera Relay Queen. DEEANN WILLIAMS FTA 2 yrs., FHA 2 yrs., Vaq, 2 yrs, SHERRY WILLIAMS Vaq. I yr,, FHA 2 yrs., Cures! Couple Fr. and Jr. yrs., Most Beautiful Jr. and Sr. yrs. DEBBYWILSON JOYCE WITT DIANNA WOODS Lib. I yr., Vaq. 2 yrs. 224 im Seniors, Victor Mikeska, Sam Elliot, Carolyn Allen, Jeanette Cooper, Carlisa Davis and C I I I I I I H- , P H "g,M',,' 04 I ,xg . . .lf I -, M .MI A I V' 35,1 J . f f'1,,, N 'aw I I I , - lg., Six 6+ 8 , 4 1 ' 'V ' 'J' I 1 5 'fn 'Wh Q ag ,I I I I Y, is r Q , K, I , o 1- ,fg.l,,ft,g X bk. y Q I x , N I' lv I '11 ' Q ,-,, Q f:,,Qr?,' J Q.,s Q I w V L 2 , an Q , si f Q f iz , , Q ,, , 'h Ss, yy., I g,1nfs,,,,l Q ' q',Q fro """i' "',4' if 'Q'fI ,,,,5.g,.1.4'fg,Q ilk, nf 5 't'5,yo5.,yf5""','Vv,f53",4'7'x ,fkvlf''sa'b'5.g,y'??' ?,f374,, I ' ,4 1 ' , 'M v 3, Q V, I f 5't', . ,.'.,..ixv-'A' 1."r if eod vote for fcvorifes at lunch cs Mrs. Tyson looks on. 'Q-'ny -5, 'iii' 'wdhvf -v-nag, fry --wcxtfblw LEWIS YOUNG FFA 4 yrs., Sec. I yr., FooIboll I yr. DAVID YOUNGBLOOD NANCY ZAYICEK PETE ZENZEN FFA 2 yrs., DE I yr., Fo yr. DONNA BLISS KATHY CHILDRESS JOE KOBELL CINDY MAYEUX DANNY THOMASSON JODY WREN CHARLIE WRIGHT otboll I 225 James and Jamie - Most Bashful James Bates and Jamie Finch were chosen to be Most Bashful fhisyear. Right: Senior Class Sponsors This year were: Top: Mr. Woodland. Middle, left Io right: Mr. Gondy, Mr. Walker, Mr. Hardy, and Mr. Bowman. 226 Most Popular and Friendly Victor, Lola, and Linda HOO JY: SUE -f f , T Q 5? T T, Favorites Voted on by Class For left top: Lolo McDonald and Leonord Truett, MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. For left bottom: Vicki Reynolds ond Bob Bostwick, MOST STUDIOUS. Left: Lolo McDonald ond Pct Patterson, BEST ALL-AROUND. Below: Kothy Frey ond Steve Rigsdell, CUTEST COUPLE. Most Athletic Debby and Don Debby Wilson and Don Burrisk were elecred cs MOST ATHLETIC. Below: Kofhy Frey and Jerry Cheatham were elected as BEST DRESSED. 230 ckie Hewlett can't decide if she wants to dance with David Clifton or some- uie else. Seniors of the Prom A x K X it -1:-- ea-:gifs-..:,. t"i,,1s:7'h:u.s..- e,,, .. ..... Carol Ratcliffe looks at her gift she received from the iunior class. ,L "Mike please eat something," says Christy Moore to Mike Swonke. 'IW l Class Song "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" Class Colors Yellow and White Class Flower Daisy Class Motto Most people look around and see things and ask whyp but we look around and see things not there and ask why not. 232 , J 3 YR. N 233 Juniors '95 - Z ff-if As the '69-'70 school year opened, 325 juniors entered the halls with confusion because of the construction of two new wings here at Aldine. But after the first few weeks of attending classes, going to meetings, cheering at pep rallies, football games, basketball games, and other school activities, the confusion was replaced with excitement. Old friend- ships were renewed and new ones were made. This ' V , r"', year the juniors sold magazines, had a car wash, and sponsored an all school social with a theme of a Carnival. The money from these was used for the Junior-Senior prom. This year the prom was held at the Marriott Motor Motel. The big day came for all when they ordered their senior rings. As the year came to an end the iuniors looked forward to their senior year. YD T c S "3 -a K 'b- Kw 'K Juniors Cheer on Mustangs gs fy -em..-I l 'fo .. 'f""j Gail Adams Donna Ainsworth Diane Anderson Goree Anderson Bobby Armstrong James Atkinson Debbie Bailes John Baker Charlene Barclay Jacky Barlow Paul Barnett Laurie Barnette Liz Barnhill Rose Ann Bartkowiak Diane Baumgardentar Tim Beclcet Mike Bell Scotty Bell Susan Bethune Pete Bible Left: Lynda Gooding, Debbie Cermak Teresa Larson, and Mary Hill cheer with the Aldine Cheerleaders during a football pep rally Debbie Bradley Lynette Brady Cindy Brown Karen Brown Shirley Brown Guy Burke Steve Burrisk Reb Byers Glynarra Bynum Judy Camp Sharon Campbell James Carter Melanie Cash Ronnie Covanar Debbie Cermalc Charles Clack Dennis Clifton Harry Cochran Robyn Coleman Coleen Conner Bobby Corcorron Gladys Corder Donnie Cornell Danny Craft Debbie Craig Mary Crowe Danna Danheim John Daut Bette Davis Candy Davis Carnival Sets Atmosphel Ot- B iw J , , f 2 J "s ,J 'KTSP' l A: f , J .menu 2 if Ze I , 'Aw J 1 4 X ss F , ,J 51 i " 1 . illy lfifii 1. v if uyiss is lm.. J' .,q,,, 'N' il l C I r Junior Social i K XXX- l Liga' ef' if ' l if fi 'Q' Y 2 ile at the Junior Social, Mary Hill giggles as Edwin Dewberry looks dumb- ided. ff W , W .-,, 1 X M49 .- H., ' '52 -S Darla Davis Diane Davis Edwin Dewberry Lane Dillon Hedi Dingamanse Larry Dodson Raymond Donaldson Peggy Dotson Jo Ann Dowies John Duhon John Dunaway Margie Dunn Alan Ecfon Gail Edwards Diane Stephenson and Gary Watkins seem to be discussing some- thing important. Could it be their lunch? Ben Enyart Marlene Evans Connie Fahy Marlene Ferguson Lisa Ferreri Suzanne Florence Roy Flores Lorne Franks Randall Fryor Connie Fultz Victor Garcia Gregg Gardnar Shirley Gardnar Dennis Garner Cynthia Garrette 238 5555559 1 N, me -.x is X1 K I xi A 5 :xx 3 will t ii' fq. fi' N.vr l 'W' e Q 4 'nr A 'N I Af it .1 , " sri ilk t f I' Z 721 , 19 ,A -. dy L f 3 ix M V: 1 i, Y-OE' we y 23? J I R Cav-45? Y i l ,I w W Y r K I , W l 4 i A 'Q i v"f': 4 W- V , r , ' V- 'l " f il ZV- --1, , , 'X' 'B Q . 'Z' B ' . vw: i f4 - 1. tt ' ,Y bf 4 ' ' ,' , g x :i i i NR M ,LTh, V 1, f V . VV A I, I I Ai i K ,V .. ir Y i I YLQX 6' Ii !Wl I i i , QS. 4 v A y i rf it ,IIN ' tr A y V ' f ,, T ij I ',.fI,i:ixg.Q 'Rial' t ""' W i vw? ,. i i B B 'V' Q .Qi do 43' B B N 'e s, T H K I l ' , i 4 3 . , 1 ,A "' , 'V ii f B X1 ,iff li ff i M5 lf B i i ff fl 1 K ff f Karen Gates Pat Gist Lynda Gooding Brian Green Jennifer Green Bobby Greenhouse Tracy Grier Debbie Griggs David Grimes Sandra Grimes Sheri Grounds John Hagan Glenna Hall Valarie Harber Joe Harris Julie Harris Jesse Hart Debbie Harvey Lynn Heath Linda Hein Vernon Heling Leatha Helms Vancene Henslee Patsy Hester Kathy Hickman Bobby Hicks Mary Hill Terry Holmes Bobby House Carolyn Howard CLASS SONG ,, S Theme from "Romeo and Juliet" V :: X ii CLASS COLORS Red and Gold CLASS FLOWER Red, Rose CLASS MOTTO With the light of today, we will explore the paths of tomorrow. Beverly Kaiser Barbara Kelly James Kirkendall Patti Kobel Debbie Khoeler Blake King Carol Krietz Carol Krustchinsky Kathy Kwan Roger Kwiatkowski fe- v' . i fr ia gi' if ' 14554 V , ,Q 1' 7' W ,Z wa ,cgi 1 M rf 11 , ? if Vzhee of , N Ronnie Howton Tommy Hull Jimmy Jernigan ,mf 0 R , f, 'iw I -V Q .Wy, kv K it so ,, , .H if ?x X W ' .L ,g K Y Doug Howze Trudy Hunter John Johnson eniors Tomorrow i ' ,Q da f I iv .L , 'H L A '1 - L - r K Q I Qtr 'sf 1 L Riff' 2 ,Q nl ,:Fq ',A?:?-,ff H! 'Q L 1' , ,....., f 4' "' 'K ' f , M if is 3 ,, . Z I K 'TIF' ,JK gf 4' fy Terry Laird Roger Lane Teresa Larson Linda Leeder Marie Letullier Mike Lewis Paul Lindgreen Jay Lindsay Mark Loftin Lynn Lucas Elmer Luck Mike Lum Bille Marshall Ray Martin Irene Mathews Larry Mattern Kathy Matthews Richard Mcllveen Buddy McGreQgor Rodney McKeehan Mike Mikulin Gary Miller Kevin Minugh Robert Mize Karen Moehler Debbie Moody Susan Moorehead Joan Morris Susan Morris Sheena Mulikin Doris Munoz Karen Neagle Elenar Nestlerode Sandra Nollen David Norris Jane Null Marty Null Shirly Okabashi Edward Otter Vivain Overman Darlene Owens Mike Pagle Judy Pate Carol Patten Kenneth Patterson Pam Paxton Bradford Peacock Teri Pena Deborah Petty Esta Phillips Jimmy Pilkenton Raymond Poole Glenda Powell Richard Powell Robbie Pratt Shirley Pratt Debbie Price Robert Prince Chris Pritchett Linda Raibourn ,. i X A wg: .g f, 'LGT kxf Cfficers Lead Juniors Left: Lynn Lucas, Parliamentariany Suzanne Florence, Vice-President: Pat Gist, Reporter, James Carter, Presidentg Sharon Campbell, Secretary. Not pictured: Teresa Larson, Trea- SUI'eI'. 4- Craig Raney Kay Redd Laurie Redonet Terry Reglien Becky Reich -slffzf Larry Reneau Scotty Rhodes Dinah Riddle 1 L Cheryl Rigsdale Billy Risinger "ff ., 14 Sue Robertson Kathy Rogers Gary Ross Becky Rottmann Larry Rowlett 243 Sponsors Direct Juniors First row, left to right: Mrs. Gloria Mitchamore, Mrs. Mickey January, Miss Cheri Brandt, Mrs. Nita Pau, Miss Hope Burgess, Mrs. Marie Persodnik, Mrs. Judy Gaines, Mrs. Connie Stavinoha. Top row: Coach Ronald Hester, Coach Dee Moses, Mr. Bob Weisinger, Coach Bob Richlefsen. Not pictured: Miss Wanda Eaton, Mrs. Delores Hopson, Mr. Joe Woodland, Mr. Philip Atkins, Mrs. Dorothy Jackowski, Mr. William Walker, Mr. Pay Pearson, Mr. Charles Stone. Bryan Roy Pam Royston Sharon Russ Aaron Saenz Sheri Salis Julian Sanchez John Sarabia Amelia Schmit Diane Seely Walter Selman Cynthia Sheffield Jeff Shirly Elaine Siebe Teri Silverstein Chuck Simkins James Simmons Danny Sinclair Gary Smith Kay Smith Mike Smith 244 , D F, yy "TP xn 1 f ll S ff I M K. ie Q , I 'F 3 I1 i f-at .sv A, ,-.,',:,,3..1-,. t' i sac: , nv lu E lf- Sitss X sis, J l s 7. fl Mike Smith Penny Snell Jan Sommerfield Ray Spangler Lee Spear Liz Spivey Lance Steck Diane Stephenson Allenda Stevens Susan Stewart Donald Stolp John Strickland Carl Swonke John Toutenhahn Donna Taylor Jeri Taylor Rodney Teraski Kathy Terrell Earl Theiss Kathy Thompson Darrell Tickner R. B. Tillman Ricky Trevino Kathy Tupper Charles Turner David Turner Pam Turner Rhonda Turner Sharon Van Zandt Robert Vernon Roland Vest Cheryl Wade Teresa Walker Sandra Walston David Warren Mark Weaver Paula Webb Barbara Wiegelt Charles West Ralph Witaker Lynn White Marvin Whitton Randy Wilkinson Lynn Williams Steve Williams Sandra Williamson Ernest Wilson Richard Womak Debbie Wright Beverly Zawakie Beverly Hearn Alina Martinez John Deffinger Joseph Starvaggi Barbara Villareal f 'ffl l 4 f i -2 f , ,J Q2 wi 1 Y """'Q see X w !. -25 ,M..,. Late Pictures ,, ilw A is ,fig V A My meme? sf. :sw r .z ysssrr B K fig- I y E '52 X Q 'E' 1:3355-'Q '-as-:-' We X ,. i i 2 .1 N90 N17 Reaves Newsom 246 W 'P ifxflf' Mmm , . 1 C A6 While at the prom, Shirley Okabayshi and her date, Robert Prince, discuss the menu on the favors given by the Junior Class. Pictures Not Available Marvin Ackley Helin Alexander John Allday Pamela Ayles Patrick Boker Charles Bell James Bishop Connie Burke William Carpenter John Coleman Kathy Cope Wanda Dorman Ben Emmons Henry Siguerda Jeanice Gholston Georgi Greenhaw Ramona Haynes Jacuelin Henry Margi Gorton Robert Hudson Dennis lngle Danny Janes Carol Moass Patrick Mason Steve McMullen Benny Melchor Johnny Moore Sallen Mullen Carolyn Murray Susan Parker Jesse Qualls Willie Richmond Vincent Sampson Sherry Scallan Ruby Scott Randy Siebe Aaron Sutherlin Linda Tapia Cecil Thomas Mike Tooke Sharon White Ronnie Wreyford Nick Vlasek James Simmons and his date, Karen McGrew, have fun at the prom dancing to Roy Coker and his band. , ,,., . b. WM . X, syi f me Cufesf Couple Jennifer Green and Danny Craft Juniors Elec I L r ilass Favorites Best All- Around Shirley Okabayshi and Sieve Burrisk Mosf Popular Suzanne Florence and James Simmons 249 1 4 s I E: 5? 3 ai E 5 5 E E 5 ii E S 2 Sophomores Anticipate Seniority ' 7? in gs , -7 'J-T . 4- i.w3l"i7'i,f1 V W 5 Wig' , E . .5 1 A, K x ,i 4' B s , in " 'ii J , V,,t si f ,fi 3, . "1 i 'sa' 1' E Q 4 L. , 'g 'if 'F' I X ll 3 ffvarlilw ' ' fmt. fit Y , Q his is A . r 2 1M 4- cs Q, BBL like glh J . , l, fy 1-','fsws11 lm:-:ff szzsszgssi .' -Q 'av 13 Ci, ,as - -" .M W .wx M M H iQ Q . . JB i .N A-,f l' 4 4 Q 9 ,,-jf .?,f"' L ' in , 4+ f il ba I! J""4U 'J' Alice Adams Craig Adams John Adams Michael Albin Gilbert Aldrige Sandy Alford Mike Allen Nancy Anderson Alvin Anderson Sheri Anderson Gary Arnold Theresa Atkinson Raymond Austin Louis Baddock Robert Baker Freda Ballard Doug Barnette Lynda Barringer John Barrington Harry Bartkowiak Peggy Beard Charles Beck Dee Wayne Beckham Mark Beckham Barbara Behenna Brenda Beken James Belnoski Beverly Benestante Peggie Benge Carla Berg Forrest Bernelle Edward Bills John Bissell Melinda Black Roger Blackburn Harry Bott Billy Boliver Regina Bolton Thomas Boucher Jim Bowen Lisa Bowen James Bollier 25I Margaret Boyce Kerry Brigance Ronald Brown Rebel Browning Debbie Brownlee Bonnie Bryan Della Bryant Brenda Burke James Burke Linda Burns Cathy Busch Kathy Buzbee Sophomore f W1 f "" Qc., Q it i s , og5 Hi 42: M5462 B4 l Debra Byrd Mark Calfee Kenneth Camp Gail Campbell Kathy Campbell Donna Canter Deborah Carpenter Charles Carter Delton Carter Ritchie Carter James Casner Donna Cavanar Aron Cherry presides at a class meeting if 9 WJ '09 X , -we Q. 3' Q if , , l V.., li W,., 5 P- -' " U ,iff lr gy? it 2 J f 5 C W' 0 , R, A J f 13 4 .52 ww " A -3' QW lL 5? 3 fi Q. Q C ,,.,N R Vai ix -N-is.. l fi- ' ii' ' APA no wr 2: l .5 'J' we 3. ' i .i u ll fl ,jfs in. -g4,,, F fl, 2 y B -M -2 if 'P TF J F A KBIQQEH I f an ' . ii' K' if. W F' 5 ' , ar E r , f -B no f . ,ggr if f E L , M31 1 V 1 V fi 'f I Q2 , Q fr Yolanda Cavazos Verna Chance Mattie Chancellor Michael Cheatam Aron Cherry Ellen Chesney Milton Christianson Cathy Christy Joseph Cline Raymond Cobb Patrick Coker Carol Coley Nancy Commiato Alice Copeland Leslie Cottle Connie Craft Robin Craig Barbara Crum Barbara Daughtery Deborah Davis Brenda Davis Cathy Day Dionne Deskins Darrel Dessens David Dickey Arlene Diehl .lack Duffee Renee Elenga Brenda Ellis Marilyn Ellisor Susan Englishbee William Englishbee Steven Elnloe Terry Enloe Sarah Fabish Lee Falco Margaret Falco Sheree Falconer Catherine Farley Ethel Feotherston Mark Ferguson Darhl Ferraro 253 Who Carla Ferry Rosie Flores Gary Floyd Sharon Fowler Sandry Frey Doloris Fritsche Jack Frost Donald Fudge Miriam Fulbright Pamela Fulbright Stephen Fulton Robert Gains Danny Gameson Tim Garner George Gasper Ronnie Gatlin Donna Gay Gail Gholson Gerald Gilbert Debbie Gilpin Charles Glover Reyne Glowacki Irma Gonzales Deborah Goodrum John Goss Mike Goza Charlotte Graham Glenn Greenhouse Gary Grimm Billy Gunter Wanda Gurley Nat Gutierrez Oscar Gutierrez Lenora Haddox John Hagan Rex Hairston 254 Says It' All Work and No Play? 4' -. ,ref uw, 'V . .cw , .4 ff ff .,,.-W i 4 it W A , , A . .ww i x 'ka Xxjl QR ,4, ,JG N f ie. MTL A U 1 if -gk .N W A, N L Q ,- N gr I. gf .j . will wp .F G 'R F T ,uy. W. X' ,el 5 X' ' fa , f l " L ffl l I! 5 54 Wear ir A4 ff IC' ifxx 0 , .ff '42, . W' 3 rf A 'Q 7 ,wa i. 9 4 ? f 5 Mary Odell finds Miss Burgess's history class amusing. ...V 'ff m y X ,Q f all 5: , M. A 'X '-'sy -'vp' CD ' .ni J lf pr l X L l .4 A ea 'K L L ' A L' 3 l 4 " ,J i I i ,A it 1 Q fi, a f 1 lv f x in if qi '- fr- vi I J ga 5 f- g 'S H ,Q it , , Az, ew ,r lu y ' if L , X r e- L Q y "i '-, 1 f I, x in A Bill Hake William Hamilton Ruth Hansell Terrie Hardy Debra Hargrove Donald Harmier Janis Harmier Gail Harris Larry Harris Larry Haynie Beverly Hearn Jack Heath Connie Hein Mark Hendon Paul Herrin David Hill Linda Hill Shirley Hill Robert Hillman David Hoffman Davy Holak Roy Hoppe Lynn Howard Clarissa Huff W y eiiy J siyii J J J if y J , h J isrr ,yyyy .1 ,J L,,, t y ,,,, - J J --'fp w3:"'l"' P A I, Lf ' ,, V A sssi A J. , gl Mr. Bryant helps Kay Walton with her geometry She works diligently at typing. lesson. Billy Hull 'il' ill? ii,' I , Jimmy Hull is . by Michael Huntsman ' fi? Steve Hutchinson J J , I I Cynthia Jacobs yyhff j ' ff? Darlene James ikr' " Denise James Vicki Janes K Ellen Jenks i , Theresa Jester - , Blake Johnson , J Theresa Johnson f y Q at ,a fc 'fr me 1 2 A Day in th l John Bissell and Kay l fb ,gi .si -sus Walter Johnson Albert Jolin Larry Jones Jackie Jordon Betty Kaminski Cynthia Kayser ,WV Q Larry Keeling Margie Kehoe Vicki Kennedy James Keys Suzanne Kirk Janice Kocian in-N J if 'lvif 54' ln, 4 A - " Wiz ' J ll ,Q 1 WW sf Q is 256 t .ife of Cl Sophomore ,+fQ'f'T! ? after lunch. Acting as teacher, Kay points out internal organs ogy, fv- -Q " ,WH in biol. Linda Sims and Vickie Calfee find time to chat with Kay 3 ,W ' if '32 1, c,1 it r"5 - ' '1 rl All LSW? '. z ' ., " .r T qllf -, ' I Lf L T V if fa i T, LX 4' ' T i xx , K i l N l .T Russel Koepke Lauretta Koonce Debbie Kowis Wanda Laird Nancy Largent Rhondra Landry Patrick Lazrine Terry Lechinger Cheryl Lewis Mary Lewis Brenda Lindrose Brenda Lisenbee Curtis Lockridge Autumn Loggins Newt Lucas Thomas Lum Don Manning Alan Marler Debbie Marshburn James Marshburn Jerry Marshburn Millard Martin Steve Martin Terry Massey Doris Mattern Dennis Mathews Toni Maxwell Suzie Maze Terry McLean Kenneth McAfee Patricia McAfee Richard McCain Alan McCoy Rebecca McCulloch Ted McCurdy Betty McKnight Charles McQueen Suzanne McWhorter Eileen Meadors Debra Meadows Shirley Mear Susan Melchor Kathie Menduni Kenneth Mickel Sharon Miller Cindy Mills Donna Mitchell Mark Mitchell Aron Lead th Sophomore Class Gordon Mobley Marilyn Montalando Margaret Montgomery Nadine Moore Ann Moorman Karen Morgan Larry Mott Barry Mullen Dora Munoz James Murray Kenneth Murray Pamela Murray Terry Murray Luc Mazenni Verna Nash Valarie Neel Steven Neville Junior Null 258 .n m W " lot , r 1 7' jv F W A, Z if' F ' fly . X f fi ill ll 1-an -- J-rr. :- ff W - 1 if 5-1 if N C- M- . . gi -i ia. ff-Q , .W , gee,-me , -. .,w,,,,,,, f E ' ' 4.4 Qtifem ,... i M- .C - ee 1 -me - 9. ,, , W , xl Q. ' 1 C MJ 1 5 E55 YH? :., ' I' 3 1 4"H ,.,,. F -.J in .N 21, ':. .arf W' . . .fm Mary Odell Charles Owens Calhy Parker Lori Parker Marian Patten Deborah Patterson Leon Paylaski Lilly Pearce Jamie Peden John Pena Barbara Peterson Candace Phillips Laura Pickles Sharon Pilkenton Edward Plato Suzanne Pope Mark Porter Eddie Pruih Jennifer Pryor Raymond Raibourn Juliet Ramirez Kathy Read Wendell Redd Donald Redden Sophomore Class Of ficers left to right are Gail Campbell, Treo surerg Donna Gay, Re porterg Aron Cherry Presidentg Beverly Ben estante, Vice Presi dentg Kathy Campbell Secretary. 259 Becky Reed Janice Reneau Andrea Rice George Richardsor George Rickenbac Laurie Ridenour gf J , ffl9g Sponsors fTopj Mr. Donald Webb, Mr. John Watson. Bottom row, left to right: Mr. Roy Smith, Bunny Jones, Wilma Stracener, Jean Marvis, Rowena Light- foot, Helen Green. Not pictured: George Cummings, Carroll l-laisty, Clara Urban, Robin Trimble, Sue Finley. ,, W, , . .v 2 Marian Riegel f Dennis Rite ti 'V "ie Bobby Riner . Q , I Ricky Ripple ' if Charles Ritter Geoffrey Rowley Iit Vi 'f ' A -2 ,i ma- mgm ' 5 W L 1' .2 ' Y Q, f' 1 , Qgefff' f ff " " H' vq., I .4- ff... L1 f--awwnqns-gg ,L 1,44 R Pam Roach Jill Robbins Kay Robertson Peggy Rockhold Greg Romair Alan Rosenburg f "',. f, if f A 4. -, K , wwf. I: l 43 332 Seek get 9. ' mr' 'K AF 4 if 5+ I ffffzsf Wanda Rogers Loretta Rounsavall Candy Roy Marvin Ruchti Lucinda Rush Joan Rust Scott Salley Jack Samuels Johanna Schaub Susan Scogins Cheryl Scott 260 12 X 115 rv ' it 5' S T' Sponsors Prove Helpful to if 1 X, , y i I ' Wg H i ,A "A y W Q A it ,,V yy W f 'V l NT' 4? Class Av F' as ,M 'Q 4 P Wg I , x if S '. ii , S' T Q im. V A' l, 'ff "Ie f Q ss , g if ' -S or x ' " ' egg? " gi ' A H I sf ,l S 'V ' , ,xi 2 5 , T f tp. ' S A' i ix, Sq- ls .fl N Lf 4 -T i V 2 '77, S 4' "s' .. 1" A 2 T 5 , ' S T S f iiZgQ, t o S be Q JE ff er Q5 Q H- ii " T ,M W 1 Q ,,s, ,,ll , wg i Q V .,,, x A . gg V T S T 4 it ' x html - 5, I V nf 51 Y, J y 4 , ri' , Q S' . - x W' 1 ' 4 W . , A A .- . ,,, m y , S i' V', f . J A iv if T f 9 ' 'S' lf 1,. A I V1 qi., - , ij X A T - 1 H , Vtyl I n . A , 'slit Q . t i I I 'V f Lrrr i i ' LL i 1- . .. 1 i x-,' 'lg 5 ii i X i X l if fur A l -i if 1 "Si 5? Q i Sharon Seole Vanessa Seely Gary Shinn James Sehockley Linda Shook Linda Simms Sandy Sims Susan Sims Kenneth Skinner Anna Slavych Wanda Sligar Donna Smith Sharon Smith Greg Spalding Randy Spardella Debbie Sperandio Nora Spivey Danny Standley Susan Stash Don Stephens Gary Stephenson Steven Stewart Terry Stewart Jim Stovall Vicki Stratton Virginia Strawn Gayle Strickland David Stringer Dale Stuckey Paul Subert Bill Suski Delbert Swanson Nathan Swonke Raymond Tamez Harvey Tanner Eddie Tarver Michael Taylor Mary Teel Pam Terasaki Patty Terasaki James Tillar Alan Thomas 26l Social Uses Underground a Theme Sandra Tilley Paula Tinney Pam Titel Candy Trapp Karen Trout Phyllis Tucker Voiza Tullis Sharon Tupper George Tuthill Jerry Tweedle Connie Vanik Mary Vaughn Jane Vernon Richard Waldrop 262 1 "AV T77 QT- f C l Q, I 5 R elf' . , ,, ,gun 'SFP AL X 'QA .ir P ? s 115-X ra 2 ' A V ' Y Jr" . g. ,,,L A In YL QL... r ' IM ,..... A24- ,44- f D 3. cm, f Q Q . ,, .gg J' 'X i is X i 'li' xx, Q r- .,., " . ' ,Ar w. 1--7 ,Ml ,fs .sp -diff IQ' l A Lcile Pictu res M si. 1-f-'. LX ,.. , as lf A Is , 3, K F Yr ,, X ,aa L E l'f"'Yl I X Donna Walker Greg Walker Sandra Walker Russell Walslon Kay Walton Debbie Waltrip Ann Ward Gary Watkins Nancy Watkins Donna Weakly John Webster Donny Welch Robert Welch Johnny West Carolyn While Greg While Ricky While Ronnie While Darrel Witaker Cindy Whittington Margaret Wieghat Bruce Wiley Sandy Wilkinson Joan Williams Debbie Wise Calvin Wittenben Mary Woods Harald Woolery Ben Wooley Randy Wreyford Gary Wright Billy Young Janice Youngblood Joe Zadik Debbie Zenzen Josephine Benitez Mary Campbell Polly Davenport Carolyn Guyer Pal Porler Lois Qualls 263 Sophomores Elect Favorites N 5 gi' ,PM xX.K. Cufest Couple Connie Craft Louis Corfer I i 4 an k , A -5,16 i ,, , i I , Best All-Around Beverly Benestante Marvin Ruchti fir-'MPH-vu-Q.-1.-n-surf-"'TQ 1A 'e', ' E aum..,,.. Most Popular Aron Cherry Sheri Anderson Sophomores in Action Camera Shy James Anderson Pat Ayles Ruth Baker Stephen Ballenger Raymond Bates Robert Bates Forrest Bernelle Kenneth Blockstoclc Kathyrn Branch Rex Brannon Tommy Branson Donna Bristow Willie Brown Chris Carlson Jimmy Caudle Jerry Cheek James Clock Mike Conway James Culpepper Michael Dietrich Gary Dodge Robert Dunaway Steve Dupree Walter Fancher Tommy Fogle Allen Fuchs Jimmy Graham Peggy Greenhouse Marilyn Grenning Robyn Halamicek James Haliburton Steve Hampton Karen Hanks Vernon Helling Marion Hendon Lauren Hill Terry Holmes Joe Isaacks John Johnson Richard Johnson Mary Kerr Michelle Kriza Marilyn Kroll Clifford Leach Brenda Luman Edward Macgregor Lucille Maglitto Howard McFarland Darwin McKinney William McNeil Herman Moore Darlene Owens David Pope William Smith Connie Tillata Robert Tissier George Torbert Terry Vance Barbara Villarreal Janet Wilson fm Top: Many Sophomores cheer enthusiastically at a football game Above: Sophomores participate at a class meeting Lilly Pearce and James Belnoski acl our the "Night Christmas" during English. Nora Spivey and Darrel Dessens "gel it on" The sophomore social. Above: Debbie Byrd covers the windows in The cafeteria with psychedelic posters for the Social. , I ,V S Q-:W Q Mmmammow-ma:maazww.zszaszw9 .www vm, ,mf 11:26-aff. ,ewwfw ajvx , ,Wm A,,. ,, w i Freshmen Enioy Their Class Breaks if 1 - E ' 42. t Q, n l 1 it ' zijn t Q 4 1 W e ,, B J A X 57 '- l V 4 a fi 1' l fl gn .3 t snr, 1 J e .,,. to it it .. . ,1L:. -. W L f1'-- is ..-:f'- - I B R f B srrr ss s , , f . B s A 4 1 so A Y 7,bl I ,g A V ' ,l , if? so my r ss 1 At . , 2 A , ,l H IVVV :il 5 it as ff- Q A y 2 Q , A .Qi y . if , 3 I . ' ii "lfi"'f i r ' V .l B 1 ' 0 Q 'tiff ff f , ' -. 1 ,. ,TW 'C A A in A l 5, 'K ii mb2i" elif iifzlfai' .fr V 5 . "J ' V Q- .. ", ,A . W lx ' ' A i' ' ,ji-5 ' K -:cz i R, rr r t R in . esrr B . C y , ' 7 gg. at , il-Q V V 5 I W V Q., A 4 ,N , ' . , in if Q 9 ' , -,.- , , ,if W QXWU- 73 's L , ' 1 0 , , + f , r..1f' 'Q "f B- Y Q R 53, C .A , . 'A -B -"Q sr' I A B I Y kg Q, ix I A enny Wiggins, Frances Burton, Jane Buhrow, and Glenda Rogers find time to discuss school between classes. X K Larry Adamick Johnny Ainsworth Charles Albritton Cheryl Aldridge Cheryl Andersen Gary Anderson Linda Anderson Connie Andrew Vicki Andrew Emmett Andrews Ronald Anthony Monica Appel Euell Arnold Rima Audi Richard Ayles Robert Bailey Carol Baker Harold Baker Jeanie Baker Keith Baker Curtis Baldridge Charles Ballard Richard Ballard Laura Barker Benii Barnett Charles Barnett Denise Barranger Becky Barrett Joe Barringer Raymond Bates Vicki Bates Richard Bauman Cynthia Baumgartner Dicie Beaman Pam Beard Freshman Officers Are Leaders of Today Annette Beeman Rhonda Beken Dorothy Belnoski Linda Benestante Mike Bernelle Holly Berry Kenneth Bible Mary Bitvens Jimmy Black John Black Susan Black Pam Blackburn John Blackstock Joy Blackstock Velma Blackstock Wanda Blackstock Connie Blair Scott Blakeman Danny Bodin Jerry Bolden Don Bolton Barbara Bowman Jimmy Boyd Sandra Boyd Olivia Bradford Thomas Breazeale Alvin Brown Audry Brown Danny Brown Mike Brown Paul Brown Preston Brown Ralph Brown Ray Brown James Brownfield Elizabeth Browning Larry Bruce Robert Bryant June Buck Richard Buck Jane Bul.row Becky Burdeax Blair Burleson Mark Burrisk Frances Burton Carl Bussell Ann Buxton Fred Calvert Kurt Calvert Wilhelmin Calvert Jimmy Camp Steve Cano as J ' f 5 7' J J 3 ' F B f " a ft 6 A 1 , M rg , 1 3 A f ,. f 42' 3 'kff ' 1 , 1 f b I , A ,,- 1 Us C h f tif 1 .. T ' M , A ' ' 'Zr V iiiiii i'ii J J M if "'rr 'Q H -.3 M Y , " r f Q 1. 'K '. a 4 ' . xy ' Q rr i .JQ - HQ 5:-I ' . - . rt J, J ff 1 Q L , V 4 , ,, Lyy V, Y , 5, ' ,N 17' iv Wkrv , I 17 A me r r 1 , . ,J ar 1 5 f l if 3 4. I mfg As- jaw, 1 f" ,Y.-. . , .f--L ,.l, ' 123 - l t l . e ' i, V B 7' w ere l . 3 X o fl W -,g .--' fl 43' C? A 'N .lf -J 1 f in W - M. f f r ., Q55 l i U if' .4.n -- svf, ,ffl J ,ix i 4' , 4- f J ew 73 4 E, i ,, 23 -W, , 1 .Jw Q xy 'W f 4 iff . nf? , I ii, I rw' if 3' ...W V ,L ., , n , , , , -Z' Q Y .A M '1 -"' Mb- r ,,Q,' " Y 1 it ls, . vp iz 5, ,Karl i JL J i ii W' T , A .Q , K 7 1 fy lp ,C ' V if A The Freshman class officers are as fol- lows: Top raw: Jennifer Rhodes, Vice- President. Middle raw, left to right: Ann Buxton, Parliamentarian, Danny Thom- as, Treasurer, and Janet Young, Secre- tary. Bottom row: Mark Reneau, Presi- dent. ' - u i I ii --. 6 1 , i J-J i My 'Y' '--7 . f 1 MQ J ,V V 1: i 4 . ,J 3 ,l K 1 -H. ti K, XM X ff 7 J Larry Carnes Ricky Carrell Kristine Carstens Debbie Carter Benito Cates Debbie Cavalier Ronnie Chance Ronnie Chilton Dennis Clark Jimmy Claussen Danny Cochran Chris Coleman Kathie Coleman John Collier Ricky Compte Chris Conway Laurie Conway Jonny Cook Kathy Cooke Robert Cooper Wayne Cooper Craig Corcorran Deborah Corcorran Margie Court Jeanette Cox Karen C-rowley Nancy Cuellar Dennis Curry 27l Adelyn Curtis James Daniel Carla Davidson John Davis William1Davis Mary Dean Joyce Deel Charles Demny Gerald Demny Cristine Diaz Hazel Dobbins Sherry Dodd Bruce Dohner Glenda Dorman Shirley Dorman Deborah Dotson Teresa Dowies Earl Duhon Merle Duhon Tony Duke Cheryl Eaves Steve Edwards Cheryl Ellis Robert Ellis Lynn Ellisor Mary Englishbee Janie Evans Jan Falco Richard Fancher Barbara Fariss Laura Ferguson Cheryl Ferroro Janice Few Connie Fisk Nicki Finn Anita Fletcher David Fletcher Lee Ann Fletcher Kenton Floyd Carol Fogle Joseph Ford Kay Ford Lela Ford Sonia Foster Robin Fowler Gary Francis John Gammage Gary Garceou Jesse Garcia Elbert Gardner Alice Garner Deborah Garner Randy Garner Karen Garrett Chris Gauch Lynn Gerhart Freshmen Participa if - IU? wg-Q A,- Mgy f .ri . , , Aefgq - if VVVI an fn 5' pri ' .,,, cw , we C J C 'Q V ,i , J ' ' W - J , . rc, 'W ':. , ' .1 4 , , , 'ff I vi, , , iiii 3 or ' r f V V .,.,,c SH .. -L . J I iii ' 2 .- , 4' 4 ff 4' ae ' .QE J 1 'E , 'Ne-N but Tk ff-. 1. Q -ia . FIM 1 , L 'SK f f 4 i, XA, lr 'ff , jf: if ff ,f N fu "- so . V., iw 'wr , i1'i2 1' " I , Hg gi, Z Q we . if L ' . - 4, W, , Q 4 , e 3 ,Q ,, y e l A ciicii it ' -si' "t' Mifzf .t Q iizer-rin K,LL L 5 Y , U y yy C .C fiiffif C XF , 44, ' 'g ., 4, W, V c?y K J 2 ,L 5. I l 4 ff, W .. tai A . 'wr J, -if , j A , wi, 2112- i'w"w-J tsli E . . it-+ n School Activities P: - '31 ,y fr, .gl l es 'ofa r i -' 1' i , .X "H", X ' M f,,.,. ,, f I Jil .4 li XXX M ., gl, , , 4, Wg X ., , K 3 N ,L , 47, X aa ' .W,, .-a. f ' Q .4 r, .Q of i 4 El H' Q l 5' ii B 2 lf: -- J? ' 1 M K my ef fiii' l 0 M V, I f N , A K r , are A 5 1. Q l 't : , i 4 .. .1 ,. , zTQi,,Kg5,,: l l as .4 A W 461 we ii'i i'L. N A, V , ' r 'R 1 ' 1 -Q f A ' r ' 1 y. 5, I 5 - 2 , :sf X 7 X ft I K ,. f .,ub'c' 2 -1 M S V l ' f ,,, Sf' A rf? 4 AQ I l Y H l,::W.L,,, ., ' it .- r K 1 I f ,4-yi , ff: '35, ie lf tl' W: , 0- w V ,, " " 1 ' l .fn ' -K W .Q 1, l -" 5 ii we iiii.i M i..i fig We iW-. I y, x . , ' ' K l I I or . qfif f . g Q., 1 A " 4' 'r film 1- f n Y ,ni if "'f in I Y ,-l K. 5. I A . 1 5 ' + ,f '1-,W I ' lg W - ,. 2 ,, ij W , l 'SI' it d , ' it . ii S it 4 Q ,..-' 5 ,, " I ., ,. 7 W A 5 , .y ",i 2 1,, M 131 x 'Af 5 f A Af , ,, 'ff re ' , f 5 1 N x r l 5 9 ff 'C l as W, Z I x K .fav I ef I, xi! if V1 , 1 Sherry Gibbs Jerry Glass Sharon Goza Guadalupe Gonzales Roland Goodrum Marty Goodwin Russell Gordon Sylvia Gotteberg Beckie Graham Mike Graham Melodie Gray Nancy Gray Kathy Green Mike Green Susan Green Wanda Green Madell Greenhaw Curtis Greenhouse Terry Grier John Griffin Judy Grimes Johnny Grubbs Brian Gutierrez Robert Gutierrez Raymond Hadley Renee Hadley Jean Hagood Kathleen Hamilton Tad Hammond Duke Hampton Sharon Hampton Jan Hanks Harlan Hansel Liz Harper Mike Harper Debbie Miller and Sandy Mitchell deco- rate lhe door of their homeroom during spirit week. 273 714 Freshmen Attend th Pep Rallies Robert Harrington Carol Harris Jerry Harris Larry Harris Darrel Harrison Shirley Harrod Diane Hart Steven Havens Caron Hayes Julie Hays Nancy Hearne Darlene Heinz George Helling Carol Hester Ennie Hickman Becky Hill John Hill Sandra Hill Renata Hoggatt Robert Hoisington Steve Holland Gayland Holleman Sue Holton Carolyn Holub Brett Horton Terry Horton Bill Houghton George Howell Edward Huddleston Stan Hudson Phyllis Huenerberg David Huff Brenda Hughes Kathy Hughes Rebecca Hughes X. Kristine Carstens, Laura Pickles, Cheryl Eaves, Sherry Gibbs, and Robert Barret show their class spirit during a pep ral R ' 4 x K' 3' .sms Qiffifi j, . 5 . 4, 55 K, 3 it 4 l ? on sz :WTI .s ex A a-i fr 1 5.9 it if l K N Em 'B . lk: -f il if R if x Q S-P ei? ,. ,f rv 1. 5 ,, 12 -HQ -Av? Q,4' Wgtgfmzmiifii ws if Y iii:-Lis.-i, K K 3,35 gm V, .i f . , K... H23-1. kin 1: - mfg., Us , f ...., ef, ' A 1, ' 1 L ,eat .T,,. Ll. ,A z Q g elif A If .3 f "P lf ff qt 'X -T Q ff'-1 iv-ef ,11-W I L , L5 ,W :gimp A 1 L nn ,h W c '.,. ls l ,3 it 0 "TX, L fl l l itil, l 2 , GI, A , 'ima' , 23 'wi 4 s if ,L f E' if E 1, i J ws ,J ei 1 A Q- .3 'f' 4 ., i. i t if - it yyiy r Q5 , ,I 0 I 1' , In li X V , ' J ii Y " 1? as Zig ian l f f- ,I wi n? 5 ' A NN 1 ' ' ,nav ' A ' "Y M 1 J x il . ,,,,, ffm J ei, L va S if of ilk R rf K K fi ,. 2- ' 5vK'A5l'E:z,r1gQrf1.i'1'W 'xi if 5 W, , Ko ji Susan Hunter Mike lnglish Jesse James Steve James Voni James Zandra Jernigan Zuma Jernigan Aleta Johnson Bobbie Johnson Debra Johnson Mike Johnson Robert Johnson Cynthia Jones Eric Jones Janet Jones Kathy Jones Laura Jones Mike Jones Theryl Jones Marie Kaminski Harold Kapalski Pamila Karr Doug Kibodeaux Frankie King Kenneth King Michelle Kingery Bobby Kirk Karen Kirkendall Helen Kirksey Theresa Kirsch Debra Knous Patty Koehler Vicki Koehler Janice Koester Sarah Koonce Conrad Kowis Robert Kowis Anthony Kozielski Debra Krause Mike Krizan Jackie La Belle Becky Laird Rhonda LaLanne Deborah Landry Lennice Larson Vicki Larson Judy Laws Sandra Laws Helen Lazrine Kenneth Leach Judy Ledbetter Gary Lee Gloria Leevee Connie Levan Kathleen Lewis Lonnie Lewis Michael Lewis Michael Lewis Kenneth Lloyd Garland Logan Richard Louaillier Terry Lowrey Glenn Lucadou Carolyn Lucas James Lucas Julius Lucius Robert Lucius Velton Macey Ronald Machos Cherri Maddox Barry Malcolm Kandy Maloney Norma Mann Donna Mantooth Randy Marcantel Raymond Marler Lavon Martin William Martin Tressa Mayfield Norman Maynard Dale Mayo Danny McAdams Mary McCarty Robin McCauley Alton McClure Ed McCulloch Dale McDaniel Linda McDaniel Wendell McDonald Gary McKinley Karen McKnight Eve McKown James McMichael Richard McNeill Linda McNemar Clifford McPherson Connie Mear Vernon Meazle Jerry Medcalf Allen Meek David Meier Thomas Meineke Gloria Melchor Billie Messer Pat Mikulin Debbie Miller Vernon Miller Sherry Mills Loretta Milsaps Marian Mitchell Randy Mitchell Sandy Mitchell Brett Mize Stanley Mize Barbara Moeller Linda Montgomery ln ' 1 1-viz' 1' f .5 .---iv J.- .-'X SJ N f' A f- .1 xv, c J , 3 Aff in .1 J JJ, Freshmen Join Club ani 2 i gi -,'t"t , , ' i i i, ,2"i' J l I . fx fx, - 1 R lyi H A If ' J rx Vf., 1 xy h fi ' ... w I w ' J X . i- ...2,A,. 5 S 19 5 K ,Z fi A ' 9 x .v . 1 rx: if' ' K .J , Q,-.-4 4 . iv . J ,, R-Big I - 'ff' 'r .. ' :J 1. f 'i Zftfisn S f J t yyi R AH- X , , V., ,: , if K' f 'V - J. 1 -Q , J J it ' 4 .- V ,, J V V I J ,, '- , - f- 5 " - L L 49 J-if J, U. Yi A l' J, l A if J T ASM. J, V. ,, 3 R 'G' , 7 J 'Lia J , I J Jfk. A V ,..,L i ""' f Wx., i-l' i lil, ' V, A' 1 X Af ' fit: -Q J i Q -K si., se ,,v 4, fi- - ,J A. if 1. Q 1 x qw. f . A . . , ,us J, J J fu "T, ff' A . x "" J ' J .: f J' t f' 23, ' M , ff' ' J ,J xg J .. J in if 't me S S K 4 K J . l 'Q A I 41 Magi it JL ..,, J ' J t J Jlx J if V W 3 S jg A 41 rf '? gg fw g 3 A 5, . 1 J, f I, ,X , 4 A Z M .7 C M' i i f i DG -d M O Od g X xi. 1 W-,pt-'mf fggiyay' JJ ,-,, A .J n Ji f r,Vk J ,, , R 44' ,H K, ,Z gf' dvi- ,jr K K . Q J f .J 'rf J lb A j 'Q Jil .JJ R 1 S' -- fi 2 if 'll 'Q ' N Y T "' Wt t W iesi 1 J . J iiii . f 1 Q1 its X I V ' Q rf '3 E Q rp , , , ' J ' 1 A W " 1 ' J 1 J J .J J, 'l L. r J ga J J 4 JF W A , Qs L sir X 2 K ' i ec- 1 J J j, I ' G J Z1 W '. My , J i t , 51 l 5' L L J . X 1 r A Q J h Q ly: A i f H51 '.l,,' si-gill,-JJIEY f .1 1 ' me if Jrganizations 49' V 23 .-l KK M y .i L,. ,, ,,1 A Q5 s' il -cf 9' A L ' 15 ' 1 7' fi D. it iff P t fm vxt ,fn 1 " ,, s 1... 3 lt Ig l fi we X ps R 'P f fa' ,, ,tffmxg K is Q I Q mlm-aivuxnrxl cue-mx in laainm.:w na4f:taalmm:uia 1mww Pam Prothro, Michelle Kingery, Debbie Stallings, and Mary Muzny cheer with the Vaqueras. Carol Moore Clifford Mara Frances Morris Preston Morton Darrell Mounger Raymond Mueller Ernest Munoz Jacquelyn Murray Stanley Musil Sandra Musterman Mary Muzny Bobby Myers Delbert Nave Wayne Neely Bruce Neville Thomas Nicholes Betty Niederhofer Richard Nolen John Norris Kenneth Norris Debra Nunley Sue Nycum Pam O'Dell Mike Offutt Charles O'Hern Mike O'Hern Lori Oswald Gary Outlaw Richard Overman Allen Parker Janice Parker David Pagel Georgia Pardoe Mary Patton Richard Paulson John Pavey Donna Peden Glenna Peek Joel Peel Denise Phillips Jack Pierce Milton Pitts Kenneth Poe Steve Point Kathryn Pollard Colleen Poole Robert Poole Roger Pope Glenn Powell Debra Powley Jody Prater Mike Price Robert Price Pam Prothro Susan Quinn Anthony Ragusa James Romsey Paul Raney Gerald Raulston Anna Rawlinson Lindo Ray Judy Reed Kirby Reider Debra Reneau Mark Reneau Toni Repko Linda Reyes Drayton Reynolds Jennifer Rhodes Rick Richardson Vicki Richardson Tim Richmond Lori Ridgwoy James Riggs Michele Riggs James Roach Keith Roberts Learn Tha Freshmen ls W. 3 U 'IR If 'I .5 f , ",, , 1, V H ' J 2 Q' Q' , J ' l l,y'Q a""f J Q, M J R J 'ii ii J F1 fy? " J K ll 1 I, , CD 'if - X A ff' '- l i W ory, J Q4 'iq N. K r A ff tlltll ' f"' l l. , ' A I ...I It Q? 'Veg is f ,V C V if pm, .,a K i fy, -2 ,l'l L' . ' 'I ll Kgs 3 P9 illi s 'll' 5' j ' 1 1 ' f., 'W' i fv , Q 2, 7 l ' '. ,, x :ur nf ,X ,T jg I x ll ' J J l - ' i 1 I f ' I 4 f .,.-A ,,l, g Vy,, ,EQ :agp -'W ,1 '33 ' ,,,. ii A if ' vjgt K I .Mtg f - ' ' ' Ae - ' A sii tll llss 'A 1 , W ll P32 1 lt' v' Gary Outlaw and Stan Hudson study during lunch. 1 1, . 4' if if rs J, 1, 2-:tm .gi '.rr Wai' -sry' yel" ' H - ' , fl' V nj 'ni ituclying Help f ,,,, Pk J-'C , ,sd is - --r Y' Ame t . ff I R3 ,, x -. .g x lx ' ' V ,J 'iff L R x , R '- if N W X, xc . ., i it S i ff -1 3 1 av it y fri . C, f v awk S fir -4 I, V " r R4 fl fx' vw in ' . C i .,. s Q. fvxx U Il' ' xi, 'LR lm f ttht I? 1 ' ' gl N5 ,Mk ,, A , ax ,A ,Q I 1 . Q 'lb 'f l 2 - . A 1 V gg, cf 'E to yt fs: ..v.J Richard Roberts Sheryl Roberts Michael Robinson Cynthia Rodriguez Michael Rodriguez Glenda Rogers Ricky Rogers Charles Rogiers Steven Rogiers Kathleen Roland Michael Rosenberg Rachael Rottmann Mike Rounsavall Barbara Rowe Susan Rowe Leslie Rowley Henry Rubach Gary Rucker Jacquelin Rummage Larry Rush Billie .lean Russell Edgar Rutland Carolyn Rylee Deborah Saenz Norman Saenz Joye Salley John Saunders Danita Saxon Eddie Scardino John Schmidt Richard Schmidt Carolyn Scott Doris Seitzler Diane Self Sheryl Serres Gay Shiflet Mary Shiflet Mike Shomaker Sharon Shook Sharon Shore Marilyn Siebe Joan Simmons Raymond Skelton Diane Skipper David Slatton Barbara Smith Gerald Smith Howard Smith Kim Smith Sandra Smith Lindo Smithey Geneva Spear Joe Spradling Trisha Spurr The Freshman sponsors are: Mr, V Lewis, Miss Anders, Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Blackburn. Not pictured Coach Jackson, Mr. Deets, Miss Har ding, Mr. Russell, Miss Magness, Mrs Judge, and Coach Skog. Chris Stacy William Stagg Debra Stallings Celia Steck Teddy Stell Donna Stephenson Betty Stiles Donald Stokes Jan Stolder Marlin Stonesifer Pamela Stowe Deborah Strickland James Strickland Brian Stuckey Dagmar Subrt Sheila Sumner Barry Sutherlin Mary Swinney Milton Swayne Charles Swearer Mary Tamez Judy Tapia Karl Tautenhahn Paul Tautenhahn James Taylor Julia Taylor Sherry Taylor Sherry Teague Cheryl Teel Pamela Templeton Ricky Tennison Stephen Terry Garry Thames Karen Theiss Alethea Thomas rf 'Y' -es-. li .Mfg l A 1? I ' f --if mil , I ,' lf Jiffy "QF ' N, F' V7 'Z nh- I 'i ' 'S I I I Q J tux, ,Q i I 3 rf. '. . N K I -. , 'gp , V ,Xa ,, K I Z. ,- ..,, V I , ,h fy i at Q 'f i 1 c,,,s C .Q M, f , A- My rg M V K , I A V 3 MZ 1 :Q , Q C C it A J' X ft? ' ,,,, 9 tyt. it 'V J y MTV "'V I h I " J H W i 0 Qin I ' :V L W, I V fs? 7 ,:. , 1 0 A t V :iv V , . ,J A I? 2 LQ ,qgiy . Q J 'J I D M i 4 lx f ,L ha' ' li , C Sponsors Serving th Freshman Class fi! . fm? .f t 591 51 -Q at 'Z wx f-I K if . J , I A' T l A f 'Q' it 'Y if 1 - fa ' ' , Aj A vs g t f V 1 '.-vs x rr V6 if f tn' ' f in , y J 1' fl ,W ,U A H fn I 'gm ' if fr fg- yf 1 4 1-A A - A'-in ,Ar 5 , , .XX Z l h , ,x ,.. VV flu A Xa W: 6, 3 5 , if lg X ef, if i if 5' ff' vi? H ' J. wx i f i"- . 1 1 VE I ' Z. ,fftjfs-g T 4 , fb f . Q 5 " J V' I as V' QQ , .- A. , ,E it ,. V ,V lg aitblf QPX LZ ., if . ls l l" if ' A J "f' i v me Y Q '13 '5 1 2: fl T if ' K"-, 519 QV. i, J ' , , XS i We 'ss T A A- lg" I .,v, .hs li V415 f 'Ji' i 'W 4- , 5 A ,Q V C: - " i '15 , - , ll! .. ' I f -.I N- A 5 .JL AI if 1 'J ' A 4:7 . .V Q f ny ' - X A A- X' , I - Q , 'HVA X Je., W J'-Q 511, A D Q ,CF H A' C 0 9 ' FQ i 6' V ' . 4 J " , V l . of Q i il l 'ff' H' -- f of ' ' 41 it 11 J s.., rssrs , g r.rsr f A-il' A J ZJVV ,rrg J J 1 . -, , 'i 'i " 1 A "" '- ' , "Z ,, " f i fi f TW J '35 '71 is T J rrsr 9 ' Q We J 1 tv ft ' J wif A' 5 srrrrsrz f - I H ' -'1----.. C . L 'f A- -I ' , js' :,g,1,,, I "x x g mf J . fr ..,, .e ff T :" :rx f"' ',f,,f is ',""" i ' I , ' if J ' in '."'- . Danny Thomas April Thompson Jackie Thompson Phil Thorp James Threadgill Mike Tigert Connie Tisdale Robert Tisdale William Tisdale James Tittsworth Pat Tooke Sandra Topping Glenda Trapp Julie Travelbee Terry Travelbee Mickey Treadwell Mickey Treadwell Sharon Trojan Gary Tubbs Janet Tucker Phillip Tucker Michael Turner David Turrigiano Cathy Tyler Andrea Upton Mary VanSickle Michael Van Sickle Richard Vandel Jesse Vassar Pamela Vassar Peggy Vassar Debra Vaughan Randy Voelkel Cheryl Wadsworth Sandra Wadsworth Donna Walcott Alvin Walker James Walker Kenneth Walker Barbara Wallace Carl Walton Jeff Walton James Waltrip Karen Ward Tony Ward Freddie Warman David Watkins Mart Watson Walter Watson Deborah Watts Tonya Weathers Jeff Webb Jimmy Wesson James West Deborah Westbrook Bernie White Dudley White Rodney White James Whitehead Charles Whitsitt Deborah Wiederhold Kenneth Wiggins Dave Williams 28l Class Favorites Elected by Freshman Class Cutest Couple Mark Burrisk Michelle Kingery Best AI Keith Rober round 'Candy Maloney Most Popular Mark Reneau Jennifer Rhodes Teresa Atkins Clifton Babel Frankie Baker Craig Ballenger Lawrence Barnett Joe Blanco Darla Brown Debbie Brown Henry Brown Mary Byers Carol Caldwell Kenneth Camp Sharon Childress Billy Chumley Paul Coleman Jim Copeland James Corley Renato Cuellar Elizabeth Dague Rose Davis Steven Dement Donald Deville Harold Dickerson Nita Dickey Virginia Fitctner Sandra Fletcher Cynthia Forrester Terann Fortenberry Angela Frank Jimmy Frels William Fuqua Bernice Gholston Joseph Greaser Darryl Green Donald Gregg Gerald Gregg Kenneth Grimes 284 John Williams Mark Williams Vicki Williams Pam Willis David Wilson Delayne Wilson Evelyn Wise Lee Wood Lynell Wood Robert Woodruff Sherita Waolverton Cindy Wright David Wright Charles Young Janet Young Glenda Zadik Rachel Zoch lk p " J .542 "fi .. l W . A 'filits fii -NV Q Ab, as "T .Wi- ii I it Q - i 1 ,xg ,ig Q , Y ,,,,,. Mike Yearout ' A 4 ,far Pictures Not Available Linda Guinn James Hancock Loree Harmon Judy Hebert Dawanna Hollis Alvis Hughes Gregory Hutchins Gail Jackson Laura James Gala Jennings Mary Johnson Terry Johnson Albert Jolin Marty Jones Cecil Karr Mary King Larry Lancon Debbie Ledtord James Ledford Vicki Levering Diana Lotz Aaron Lucio Michael Luck Teresea Molson Linda Martin Linda McArdle Pamela McKean Kenney McKinney Jeana Meyer Deborah Moore Kay Moreton Susan -Moreton Karen Morgan John Morris Kerry Morris Gladys Parrish ' 5 'evzsf :ilrfllifi Rosemary Perkins Mary Perteet Larry Poore Clifton Posey Donald Pullin Gordon Pullin Crawford Reagan Wanda Rothlander Michael Routson Jett Russell Teddy Joe Saell Bobby Shipp Linda Shook Terry Shook W. Slaughter Janet Stalinsky Carolyn St. John Ann Teel Brady Thoason Jerri Thompson Martin Thompson Clyde Tibbits Dennis Tucker William Tucker Phillip Vela Jimmy Villarreal Pam Voelkel Daniel Weis Kenneth Weitzel Shirley White Pam Wieghat James Wilcox Pam Withrow Donna Wolcott Mary Wygant John Young Q .fa 1 y 5 it C' 1? -3 , . ff ,L , M. af. i K W fi X in i. Freshmei off' gf .L ,, Lava . -mv' 1 , "WW .. i six ' J - fi : f1.i1' ? 1 2 - Z-K-iilg. 113224-, Joyce Deel enioys a lollipop atter her lunch. M Action Donald Deville corrects a difficuli math problem. V W 4,.. , I - -ff J rley, Miland Martin, Aniia Fletcher, Sandra Musferman, Debra Vaughan, Karen McNighT, Tad Hammond, and Lee Ann Fletcher rush to their A Q . PAT H. FOLEY 8. CO. VAN IRL DONALDSON Funeral Directors CHAPEL OF THE ROSES CHAPEL OF THE CHIMES . 7010 chefwood 2110 Tidwell Enco Stat1on CHAPEL OF THE GARDEN 1200 wes1341h sneer 69l2 No,-fl-1 Freeway OX 4-5628 Telephone 869-6261 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES 1I11Wh1 Auto-Fire-Life 521,150 to 522,750 MODEL HOMES 9007 9oo1 9015 1 d' R' D ' H' D' HAMBRICK EDGAR A' REEVES ' ' 'I 'an 'Ve' "Ve 7819 Airline HI 7-3449 FHA - VA Financing Available HI 7-3413 OX 2-3595 North Freeway at W. Mt. Houston Road ..We Sell -fhe beS+ 9 gfiiljcnledesigns from which IOtoIlre1eway minutes to down- and Service H16 res?- AII-brick construction 7 easy minutes to Intercontinen- 3 b d t l A' t 2 FEIIrE-EII: Coricretgpgrieets and sidewalks L ' t t d t' 3 bl k N H'dd 5523211.'ZT.1'i.,pZT?.L,"U"Us V255 E1ZZ..l.f5E.h..1 MANGUM RADIO s. TV Tile window sills throughout Quality Construction By . 45I3 Mangum Rd. J. B. FIem1ng RALEIGH A. SMITH, SR. INC. OV 2-7906 "Leader in Fine Homes Since 1948" Best Wishes To SENIORS '70 ALLEN OFFICE SUPPLY 8902 North Freeway 286 nal - rr 1. l:.rammunnnnanmvme..A:fm1.f :znuxu Dedicated to MUSTANG ATHLETES and MUSTANG ATHLETICS if. . 'i Q -A W? M- N 3 g if' .. Jaw--Y wr .ff 'E-1 A-'Wa 11-L.-. U.. .V . ew -f Nwvwf mw,..:. N ww sywfewwfaw - A ..5. T . -1 Y' 2- ' Uni ' f f wwf fE,1':-9.13 V' K ' ?' EU'-2Q3?f5M , - JW"" .- ,Q A 35529525 1 5345 : - 5 I f -. . - A .. . 9 . .- . 4 A ' .-A A M. -I N . , Mfg 3. w, 3: .5 Q-u, my G?'7q5kfQLMg'i,7gwl51:63 ?-VQ'fvA:H'521?5-234' . ' .: - ' ' V 'f XM 'f V N33 4235 'Q-1.5 H l?f':""-if-, V Saw: "'f4':E5i'1 r2'5?f'i3 . , 7 Q1-.ww f .. A -Q f :wap mfi-ew3-w---f-ffgmgsiaf--fmiifff f " ,. , Q-ga -. .. fQ3x3m17Q?.,wL A: , fy W . W A? .. My-EE gmf ., ff, 9 43 1 Q -. .M H mfg - . 1 . WT ' .1-f f giffsfigffx x A ' - -f, . 1 . -f - . if 5 - 'SH N w w . - A .. - - - uf '1 W 5' 'iwffvi if-2.1 ?5:i.Z.:4J??.:1. M5111 .1-'Uzzi' '-. ' 'N ' ' -. L 'V 1 + . " 5' ' 2 4- '-Q, 1fW2,-.S- 'z' -:':'5.1'.Q,sE'1x?-lik-55.-R,-?5'Z'Wx Ti? -. "FWZ F-L'.'-2: f X M. - A . . J i- Y 14 - : .- 1. X- -sw' .- 2 -'-fn, L, - f wk . V- M y. I -- N. , - . .5 5 Q M 2 355 - ' . 4 A . V -Q X . Bb .., .T -Q ' . .1 fs W 'fi .. p....aSX,x, . fe... ,awww 'i 1 --1 - 4- l , .J N.. vm AM... ...A , ..,,f2,..,, .41 .04 Q.. f Z ' Av fm 4- - ',1- -.P 'Q-11' .2 " '1 :f 55" 1-1 5 -V12 - 7 F 1? ez-.VS 5? sv - ggggwa' 2 'SQ Skis: ? -Vw .- '-5. - -- . . ,Ms E ' ' 2 - - 4, -'r fi g:4'.".,, ' fy ., . .,. . . ff., AQ' if ' EQ. 1 'W P 9 f 4 M " A" " "" ' 'Q W 4 X U -. . .... U mia. .V,. F 3 ..-.. .., ALDINE BOOSTER CLUB PORT CITY STATE BANK Eastex Freeway at Crane Street Complete Banlcing Service MEMBER F. D. I. C. We Do Minor Tune-Up and Install Mufflers Q Free Pick-Up and Delivery TED WEHBERG'S ENCO SERVICE 9403 N. Shepherd Road Service Mechanical Work Bralre Jobs Houston, Texas HI 7-6489 Compliments of RICE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 2128 W. 34th 682-4442 ANDREW F. RICE, D.C. TOM W. RICE, D.C. APPLE'S WHITE PLAZA PHARMACY 5225 Airline OX 5-3617 Prompt Delivery Pharmacist: DON APPLE, PAUL SPINELLA 288 NORTH SIDE FLOOR COMPANY II8 Aldine Mail Rt. at Airline Carpet ' Asphalt and Vinyl Tile ' Formica ' Draperies and'Shades ' Linoleum ' Cornices HI 7-3408 FREE ESTIMATES GUARANTEED WORK 1 is rrsyssss Q 1 AKIEBHLL 4 RTT, , ,.1. . .f WKKA MMV, I i M V, i br! . W ' L-f a ' I. 'gn A fffi I 1 "We don't iust cover your , windows, we drape them!" Owner: RETHA HUNT Phone 443-0585 Serving Continuously from 11 am to 8:30 pm RANDAl.l.'S AIR CONDITIONING W igs 8912 North Freeway c A F E T E R I A 1337 W. 43rd TRI LUMBER AND TRAVELERS DRIVE-IN HARDWARE SUPPLY , , 2100 Hopper Road 7103 A I ox 4-olagsng 4429089 Houston MR. and MRS. IKE BAUGH, Owners 1 Phone: 447-7875 1 BIG JOHN'S SUPER MARKET INWOOD FOREST COIFFURES The Latest in Distinctive Styles JOHN NEWBERRY 15426 E. Hardy 7026 Antoine Dr. 442-3850 Houston, Texas . Houston, Texas 77018 289 Compliments of PIZZINIS PIZZA 210 Aldine Orders to go 447-9024 SECURITY BANK Spring, Texas "More Convenient" 443-01 61 We do if my way or else! Compliments: COME TOGETH ER NOW Mrs. AIIen's Homeroom Steve Ballenger Ron Gatlin RQ Poole Y Paul Barnett Jenifer Green Cheryl Rigsdell Michael Bell Beverly Hearn Chuch Simkins Susan Bethune Ronnie Howlon Sue Slash Deborah Bradley Debbie James Roland Vest Lynette Brady John Johnson Cheryl Wade Mike Conway Scott Lindsay Ernest "soul" Danny Craft Mark L0ff0f' Wilson Jo Ann Dowies Bruce McMullen lichard Womack Suzan Englishbee Billie MClf5l1Gll Beverly Zawucki Janelle Ford Susan Morris "Only One Life T'will Soon Be Past Only What's Done For Christ Will Last" LARUE MILSAPS Painting Contractor KRAUSE'S 5444 N. FREEWAY NORTHTOWN PLAZA PHARMACY Tidwell and Airline OX 4-.2309 Houston "IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH" Hl 7-2060 818 Corvette Houston, Texas 77016 SALES SERVICE BRYANT'S COLOR TV SERVICE CO. Compliments of PORTER'S BEAUTY SHOP Color - Black and White 10322 Airline Two Locations 4479019 721 W. Mt. Houston Rd. 323 Bammel Rd. 447-0444 443-8754 MONTGOMERY WARD O RETAIL STORE 500 NORTHLINE MALL US 75 and Crosstimbers Houston, Texas OX 7-5351 N NORTH HOUSTON FEED'S INC. F.M. 1960 at Kuykendahl FEED SEED FERTILIZERS "Bring back that mustache cup, HI 4-6666 do you Hear me?" MOBILE HOME CITY, INC. SENIORS OF '70 9510 N. Freeway Greig Moers 448-2505 and Paula Frifzsching "Contact us for good Mobile Home Living" ,OAK FOREST BA II20 W. 43rd Street at Ella Blvd. Member of F.D.l.C. Your Suburban Bank ot Personal Service K FRESH CAGE EGGS M 81 M AUTO SUPPLY M. A. OTTER 844 Aldine Road HI 7-4633 Route 6, Box 710 ' 13825 W. Hardy Hl 2-0741 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77016 ' Houston, Texas 77039 TEXAS LICENSE NO. 4033 29 J. W. HICKMAN TH" CHAROLAIS CATTLE Purebred and Percentage SALAD - VEGETABLES - HOT ROLLS ' CORNSTICKS WIND SWEPT INN Fried Chicken Dinners Home Cooked - Served Family Style We Cater to Private Parties Air Conditioned MR. MRS. P. L. McKEE HI 7-1256 Owners Houston, Texas T071 9 Airline Asphalt Paving and Dirt Work SINCLAIR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY H9 RANCH l3322 Reeveston Road H T HOUSTON PALESTINE ouslon' em 77039 447'2'60 MORRIS slNcLAiR, JR. Phone 442-8461 RYFEGRA HO Member Allied Florists . ' Q2 'X I Q S." 4 gmIrX9:'5l liurhlnule Tr FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All "Don't cry, Liz. You'll be a Sr. soon." Occasions ' "Old Time Service ls Back Again" Phone: OX 5-2l37 6111 N. Shepherd Off: OX 49292 Houslon BOB RAINEY'S TEXACO SERVICE Owner: SAM RICOTTA 293 6923 Antoine at Little York Houston, Texas 77018 Phone: 682-7587 QEST. 19031 A Complete Linen, Towel and Uniform Service W. L. MORRIS , Commercial Painting I n Contractor OV 6-4512 354.7 Pinemont UN 9-451 l "SWEDEN CARLSON Vice President and Gen. Mgr. 3520 Center St. Houston, Texas 77007 l i POWELL'S NURSING HOME L Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Powell 447-0377 H9 Aldine Mail Rt. 4-Hour Service T Complete Service Bays ir Conditioned Roomettes ir Conditioned Restaurant oad and Tire Service rivers' Lounge-Color TV omplete Auto Service ift Shop I-45-U.S. 75 and Rankin Road ' f of 1 On 1. .L-1 Houston, Texas Kuykend Phone: Area Code i7I3lI 444-6474 RC-'ad dh, 1 UW Pgeefuper Pine' and N V Rankin gee D1esel Fuels Road Houston Fine Service and Pure "Truck-Tested" Product-s Member FDIC M-G ox 2-6121 SUTTON FEED STORE REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK of Houston 5651 N. shepherd ox 5-6688 Houston, Texas 77018 5200 N. Shepherd NEAGLE AUTO SALES AND GARAGE Automatic Transmission and Air Conditioning Service 63 i -0275 7530 Homestead Road 295 WE PUT ALL OUR MINDS TOGETHER AND CAME UP WITH THIS: . UTTT . UTTTT,TTGTTUU UTTTTE 5 g TATAT to. up if E C3345 . .5 TTT L.. Miss Eaton's X-Rated Homeroom Class "A little higher on top, please." A 81 B FLORISTS 5415 Airline "It's spring year 'round" HOUSTON FIRST SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 1Serving the Aldine Areaj "A school age savings account is a good investment in their future" Compliments of - CUNNINGHAM'S RESTAURANT 11211 Highway 75 North Located 1 block west Open Mon thru HI 7-0941 of Interstate 45 on Saturday Bammel Road KFM 19691 444-6731 Catering from groups of 10 to 450 D O I' 1 X, 7' C1 5,9 at co FRIEND or THE CLASS REALTORS 686-9435 2764 W. T. C. JESTER 296 c: pl 1 f COMANCHE CONSTRUCTION COR 650 W.GULFBANK AT N.FREEWAY PHONE HI 7-3491 HOUSTON ALDINE PHARMACY ,TEXAS CLIFF HOMES, INC. 8843 North Freeway Houston, Texas "ON YOUR LOT BUILDERS" 6 Models To Choose From - 57000.00 Up - is FAIRWAY FOOD CENTER 9000 Airline Houston, Texas 447-331 l Compliments of J. M. TRIPP Cbryfiad Master Dgydcancr 'W' Sanltone AIRLINE CLEANERS 52I5 Airline Dr. OX 5-3636 I I Tom GRANT:-uuws I TEXACO 9350 N. Freeway North Freeway at Mt. Houston OPEN 24 HOURS MECHANICAL WORK HI 7-3821 BROWN'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION 2521 N. Freeway Owner - A. W. BROWN Fonesn Pnonucrs DIVISION BONNEY FORGE 81 FOUNDRY INC A Gulf and Western Company 6506 N. Houston Rosslyn Rd. Houston, Texas 77018 HO 2-3416 COVINGTON NURSERY AND GARDEN CENTERS, INC. 1901 Bingle Rd. 8620 Airline l 468-5596 447-1690 . JIMMY KELLY, Mgr. B. B. MOERS, Mgr. For Quality Nursery Stock Compliments of CAPTAIN JOHN'S RESTAURANT 1927 W. Gray JA 8-4285 Seafoods and Steaks Private Dining Room Available for Banquets GU LFBANK CD DISCOUNT PHARMACY 306 W. Gulfbank HI 7-8456 299 Q-NNN., miii X 4+ T ALDINE PHARMACY 650 W. Gulfbclnk 447-3491 PHONE 442-9334 GOOD LUCK TO THE Qdrulfds Qiizstzrxxrant FINE MEXICAN Fooo SENIORS OF 'I970 11:00 A.M. TO 9:00 FIM. FRI. Bl SAT. 10:00 P.M. FOOD To G0 .02 ALDM BEM.. THE BYRD5' lFM525D Q. 4 HousToN. TEXAS 77039 C. R. BURLESON CONSTRUCTION co. Nil? We "We'll get The job done for YOU." Housfon, Texas 77022 6302 Airline Drl OX 4-5583 2902 Briarwick 695-T 4 - GERALD COBLE 61 695 1819 300 natural ga Today, natural gas supplies. the modern fuel to heat and cool your home, for cooking, refrigeration, water heating, and clothes drying. Tomorrow, it will serve as the total-energy source for all the power in your home. HOUSTON , NA'runAL GAB Fon THE MODERN WAY OF Ll BYBTENI BUCK 81 CARROLL'S Compliments of The H3022 Airline Dr' ALDINE LIONS CLUB a Aldine Mail 'Route AMERICAN FINANCE SYSTEM Grape Juice Loans 5100.00 fo Sl0,000 will sfain your bippy. 1414 Main Houston, Texas 228-5374 HOUSTON'S QUALITY SERVICE BANK Uteatmi-113 - - - CONVENIENT BANKING HOURS LOBBY HOLIRS DRIVE-IN HOURS 9 TO 2 P.M. MONDAY thru THURSDAY 7:30 TO 6:00 DAILY 9 TO 6 P.M. FRIDAY SATURDAY 7:30 TO 12:30 NOON 9 TO 12:30 NOON SATURDAY I ,, , I V Y I - I '13 - 2,55 b ,q i . 1 I I II 3,2 I g A I L SSAT Ytete I fr Aff ,LR S'4'I A L ,Hu Lyn ,EQ 2 Q I 'A kph. "L" 'I E : f 1 1 - gm. 4 . AZ . -v..,-,. ,A rg,.,,. wr. T ..,. , REAGAN cfzale BANK OF HOUSTON . . Q A FULL 545 West 19th Street Telephone 869-3551 A FULL SERVICE SERVICE BANK MEMBER F.D.I.C. BANK Lo ic SUPERIOR HOMES OF HOUSTON, INC Distinctive Homes of Top Materials and Superior Workmonship 13846 Chrismon 442-2561 Authorized Distributor GREY-ROCK Products COMET AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO., INC. 908 White Street Houston, Texas 77007 869-5841 NORTH FREEWAY HARDWARE CO., INC. Paint - Hardware - Rentals JOSEPH M. SALERNO 8918 N. Freeway at Gulfbank Road Houston 77037 SWONKE'S LUCKY SEVEN THE HOBBY HOUSE 4428 N. Shepherd 697-4111 Quality Meats and Groceries Ceramics - Glozes - Fi,-ing Large Plaster Pieces 4701 Mangum Road OV 2-5103 Purse and Box Craft Supplies Supplies ...A L ,3 MALONEY DAY NURSERY NO SQUALLING BRATS - JUST HAPPY CHILDREN Licensed 9002 Meadowview BARRINGER -Clguggglk CONSTRUCTION ' COMPANY 303 CATTLE HORSE TRACTOR TRAILER MFG. 00. SALES - PARTS JOE BIEDRZYCKI - M58-2343 AL BIEDRZYCKI - 692-5289 I08Ilo E. HARDY BUS. PH. 1042-B479 HOUSTON,TEXAS 77016 KRAATZ WRECKER SERVICE II324 Eastex Freeway Dial HI 2-21 II Bonded and Insured Nighf Phones SON ToNY OX 2-'536 ox 7-0865 lulur 's your . . . Whether you intend to begin your cdreer, or to continue your education, We conqrdtuldte your f if' fine dchievement. Weil done! 'Tib- 'Q 85. Humble Oil 6. Refining Company Americcfs Leading Energy Company STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Bloomington, IIIinois INSURANCE STATE FARM BILL WILSON AGENT Phone: Off. HI 7-4515 7030 Antoine RES. HI 7-0257 Houston, Texas 77018 304 COMPLETE GARDEN SHOP PALMS NURSERIES 1351 5103 Griggs Rd. 747-9610 ii2 8503 N. Freeway 448-2464 if 3 Almedo-Genoo Rd. 946-6578 REWINDING Repairing SERVICE 24 Hour Service ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE CO. 2002 HARTWICK HOUSTON, TEXAS 77016 HARRY SHIRLEY Office: HI 2-6489 JOHN SHIRLEY MRS. DREWES 1969-1970 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL CHAMPS Q-2 -,-gf '- .-ff A Lf F ac H lha C,-4'-,4 .,042',-if' A d H pl B da. . - ' fl- ' c IL X -A 'T '7'- EAGLE INSURANCE AGENCY D. A. "DING" DINGEMANSE Ph. Off. HI 7-6359 Night Accident Reports HI 7-5334 635 W. Gulfbank Road Houston, Texas 77037 TED KUCHARSKI Sales Representative 719 W. Mt. Houston Rd. Houston, Texas 77018 Bus. 448-0229 Res. 444-7821 AUTO ' FIRE ' LIFE ' TRUCK ' COMMERCIAL HIEDEN FEED STORE 14403 Stuebner-Airline 444-6271 THE LOG CABIN RESTAURANT Serving Family Style Meals 14214 Eastex Freeway 441-2331 305 AL'S HANDY HARDWARE HAPI BOY BURGERS Fine Foods Dine with us in cool comfort or we will prepare orders to go HAMBURGERS - HOT DOGS CHICKEN - SEA FOOD 430 W. Gultbank HI 7-2423 Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 THE HOFFMANS' JOYCE KING'S BEAUTY SHOP 1821 Hopper Road COVINGTON'S FURNITURE 3803 Irvington says "Congratulations Seniors '7O" Compliments of FIRST CITY NATIONAL BANK IOOI Main AIRLINE KASPERLAIN'S DRIVE-IN WRECKER SERVICE 1341 1 West Montgomery 447-2278 4479225 Anywhere - Anytime AIRLINE BANK Closer 'ro You 5206 Airline Dr. MEMBER F.D.l.C. McKNIGHT and LITTLE CONTRACTING CO. 17033 North Freeway P.O. Box 9 Westfield General Contractors 444-7997 Complete H Fast Mechanical Road Repairs Services Firestone - Tires - B.F.G. Conoco - Batteries - Delco NORTHLINE CONOC0 697-2655 95 E. Crosstimbers Houston Carburetion and Ignition Service Compliments of PERRETEN CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Phone: 862-3230 BEAUTIFUL SAVIOUR LUTHERAN CHURCH l6l West Road Across From Aldine High KREBS AUTO SERVICE General Automotive Repairing Sunday School Worship Service Phone 695-9425 728 W. Rittenhouse Road 8:45 10.00 Houston, Texas 77018 'KQV SUNNY - AJ GI, 697-4060 W NORTHLINE SHELL SERVICE A G Complete Car Care Center R L B D A E A N N T KENNETH BRYSON 4324 North Fwy. D N E CARROLL COOPER Corner of Crosstimbers S and North Fwy. 308 HSENIORS OF '7O" iiitiiw x . 152.1 -fl 'll'- ave to get out of town y sundown? If it's past 2:00 PM you might have trouble getting traveler checks-or HF I-1 even cashing a check for that matter. Well not anymore. Our TV fU F Motor Bank windows offer full service banking a full ten hours every Mm -I 1- Q day-from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM-Monday thru Friday. Now you can S it L conduct all your banking business when it's most convenient for you 1 3 -and without stepping out of your car. So if you need a bank late one day come on over to the fastest draw in town-South Main Bank. South Mann Bank l'b!W!4bu:vu-.nn h'?uu'lv'lYd1Q.ll Modern Banking in the Heights Q V WV wa! A - 5 T " E he - 135, ,gzwai if H4 -i m a " , . I I- 21 Q! !Q I ! I I! L I' gg 42., :.- 5 .-:1 .f:5:5g5:'. ::, 1 5512 Washington at Yo e U nm -I 'I I I I 2. ,,. MEMBER F.D.I.C. mT ,,,t ME WWI IIIIIIIIIM 5 12 1 - li U'-WVU 43:-A L-E .,.-.. A.. 1nQ HEIGHTS STXFE B K i I HILO AUTO SUPPLY WESTFIELD FEED I-II QUALITY L0 PRICE AND FARM SUPPLY OPEN Sundays 9-3 Weekdays 8-8 Route 6, Box 614 443-0488 4aoo N. shepherd ox 2-5141 WARD BROTHERS AND ASSOCIATES General Insurance 12910 Eastex Freeway Houston, TexaS 77039 l713l 442-2548 Oakley Clinic US 59 Porter, Texas 77365 17131577-5175 Mechanical Repairs Road Service PHILLIPS HIDDEN VALLEY PHILLIPS "66" Electronic Tune-ups Air Conditioning Service 9175 North Freeway Houston 77037 8910 North Freeway 447-7040 CASTLE OF BEAUTY Home of Creative Hair Styling Specializing in Wigs and Wiglets 4 STYLISTS FAIRIS WILLIAMS l-lz STEMBER Owner and Operator Operator A SPECIAL NOTICE TO TEENS DO YOU HAVE AN INSURANCE A TQI' 1 PROBLEM? If so call me "Ed" Winston I .l.i' E. J. wlNsroN lNs. AGCY. .qizs 635 W. Gultbank 447-6359 447-1062 RICARDO'S RICHARD COMBS AGENCY MEXICAN RESTAURANTS 8920 N th Freeway 1415 South Shaver at Gufgbcnk Rd. Pasadena iNsuRANcE-INVESTMENTS HI 7-9213 GR 2-9459 Specializing in Mexican Food, 4001 N. Shepherd Office: 692-5961 Steaks, Chicken, and Shrimp Sl-'Ile 110 Home: 447-3049 Houston, Texas 77018 3Il Safety Responsibility et, MI Phone: 447-9267 Bonds and Insurance Filing BRASHIER INSURANCE INWOOD FOREST SHELL AGENCY Auto ,,. Fire - Life - Truck - Commercial SHELL TIRES AND BATTERIES - STATE INSPECTION TUNE-UPS - BRAKES- MUFFLERS EARL BRASHIER 1007 Preston QI Main DUB JOHNSON 7002 Antoine Office 227-4989 Suite 214 Owner HOUSIOU, Texas Home 621-5406 Houston, Texas 77002 8920 Jensen Drive Houston, Texas 77016 ld IVIORT ford HALLWC I-I SELLING TO MAKE FRIENDS - SERVICE TO KEEP THEM Telephone OX 4-6631 I.,I coMMEnrlA 1. ITA rf BA NK 9420 JENSEN DRIVE AT TIDWELL ROAD f P. O. BOX 11007 f HOUSTON,TEXAS f 77016 "WHERE SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE" We Feature Good and Choice Meats B 81 W MEAT CO. GERALD WALLACE-Manager 4725 N. Shepherd OX 2-5249 OX 7-2844 "And these are Aldine's Champs?" be t gs. Il-I C GJ E 71 O E. E LU Q. CD .9 a L as CD an .: I- Q. GJ U9 GJ 3 o xQ ws S ART WEDDING SERVICE 1211 Lehman Houston OV 2-0817 JAY'S BARBER SHOP Men's Hair Styiing 10706 Boumon Rd. 694-9585 "ASK FOR ALLEN" DREAM HOMES "Week-End Houses 9800 North Freeway 448-1818 861-0717 JACK IN THE BOX 94 East Crosstimbers 694-4956 314 TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1971 HI 7-4348 DAVE'S FEED 81 SEED SUPPLY BRYANT WASHATERIAS 8806 Airline HI 7-1331 HOUSTON 812 Rocky Mount Dr. ALLEN BRYANT - Owner Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Saddles and Leather Goods Houston, Texas .IIM RICH MIS BETTY HIDDEN VALLEY Y h BSA dmc: HAIR FASHION C' 727 W. Mount Houston HOUSE OF WHEELS HI 7-4373 Owner: JEAN SMITH Authorized 864-2539 Sales ' Service ' Parts 3511 Houston Ave. 315 RUSSELL 81 SMITH FORD "Houston s No I Ford Dealer CA 5-0521 BELLMAR SUPER MARKET 225 West Ccnino Rd. Housfon, Texas 77037 447-0794 THE JUNCTION 508 Aldine Bender 15251 447-9748 HAMBURGERS - MALTS AIRLINE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Compliments 165 wesf Road of "Seeking to serve GOD and MAN under Christian Iove" J. E. W. ALLISON Sunday Morning Worship I I:OO A.M Church School 9:45 A.M Methodist Youth Fellowship 6:30 P.M King Kong GEO. C. COX, INC. and Lady Macbeth? NORTHLINE STATE BANK HOUSTON, TEXAS NORTHLINE SHOPPING CITY North Freeway at Crosstimbers F.D.l.C. OX 2-6351 P.O. BOX 16348 3I7 BELLMAR BEAUTY SHOP High Fashion Styling ll3 E. Canino ANITA CABRAL, HI 7-4031 Manager We style wigs and hairpieces" McAFEE'S TRANSMISSION 5723 Jensen 695-4502 "lf your car has a problem, call us and We'll help" RALEY'S TV REPAIR lOO24 Airline 448-1942 We service all brands of stereo and TV 3 T's BURGER BARN Serving The Greafesf Malfs and Burgers 439 W. MT. Housion HI 7-6048 H 81 M FOOD MART 14802 uma Compliments of ZALES JEWELRY STORE 807 Main BARBARA'S STUDIO Minutes from Field Inn HI 7-2166 and National Field Apts. Hwy. 75 OF THE INTERCONTINENTAL DANCE 8: BATON BEAUTY SALON 2l4 FM 525 "Complete Beauty Care" Class Private 6924 335 4479298 VONA ALEXANDER - Owner and EVENINGS Operator BY APPOINTMENT SANDY SNEDENCOR - Operator ALDINE BOOSTERS Bill, forever in remembrance, Vicki Mr. Donalclson's 4th period Texas History Class For the love of God, Montresor Good Luck Seniors in '71 - The Rottmann Family Note: Mr. Weisinger - One tablespoon equals three teaspoons The satin dress was a loser this time. Mike K., thanks for the Prom, Always, R.R. Geometry has beautiful relationships, second period, in Room 406. TOOK: IN YEARBOOK SALES IE' , Q 7 W, ,,,, ,,,, ,, ii, I ,I A ,,- I. ,,., ' 3 ff ssi 'T' , f 9 ' I I-H 'nf Q " P 1 Q '- e f, gig y K, W' ,' f X ' . 1 z. ' - if cts . Ui' TV' , ' T' I Q X I X ' . K K 1 gif J , , ,gl i Q gig ' ii K b x K. N m A , 'y X-LII. -I -Qi 3 y' . il I A Q i is I 4 ' sa' T li l x 22: C is , A , .1 , A vi . its -fit' I A I M , E if ,,ii Q f- I 3,2 ew jj , 1 , . , byyr s , :Jig A YH Wy . T M I T F' I T' bi,,, sf - K'-.1-.. . ,, K E kkrx l X I A K' A 1' gf: H , 1. Mrs. AIlen's Homeroom Miss Eaton's Homeroom 3l9 Roundup Staff at the V 5 6 Stn. m, ,q,, ' . ii l 9 l i Top row, left to right, Paula Fritzsching - Activities and Index, Donna Gay - Organizations and Sophomore Class, Debbie Cermac - Academics, Melton Bynum - Organizations, Cathy Matthews - Assistant Business Manager, Cathy Spivey - Organizations, Mike Mikulin - Sports and Photographer, Tanna Morton - Activities Editor and Senior Class, Sandy Ward - Assistant Editor, Kathy Hickman - Freshman Class Editor, Becky Rottmann - Junior Class. Bottom row: Becky Reich - Activities, Liz Spivey - Freshman Class and Organizations, Karen Neagle - Soph- omore Class and Activities, Vicki Reynolds - Business Manager, Carol Ratclifte - Editor, Carolyn Byrd - Organiza- tions Editor and Index, Caralisia Davis - Organizations, Mary Hill - Academics. 320 Top of Things Top left: Corolyn Byrd writes cutlines for her pictures before she sends them off to be cropped. Top right: Georgi Greenhcw tries to find ci picture in the file fo fit her loyouf. Borfom left Becky Roffmonn Types the names of her bond sfu- denfs on her finished copy. 32I Alexander, Marvin 172, 211 Allen, Carolyn 175, 211, 224 154 Anderson, Rebecca 211 Appleton, Jenni 175, 211 Armstrong, Lisa 165,68, 170,74 175, 211 Atkins, Dorothy 37,165,164, 211 Bacala, Debra 65, 211 Baddock, Terry 211 Bailey, Katherine 223, 226, 121, 123 Bates, James 165, 1 01,4103, 105, 117, 77, 211 Bible, Robert 211 Bishop, Thomas 172, 68, 211 Bliss, Danna 225 Bostwick, Bob 17, 43, 54, 197, 69, 98, 211, 212, 228, 91, 89, 90, 87, 88, 152 Bowen, Larry 182, 211, 182 Bradshaw, Judy 211 Brown, Bobby 212 Brown, Michael 211 Brown, Royce Brown, Theresa 36, 147, 69, 24, 91, 90, 138 Bryant, Glenn 117, 212, 121, 123, 126 Buck, Danny 212 Burrisk, Don 165,100,101,104, 107, 108, 72, 127, 113, 77, 212, 230, 68, 70, 88, 128 Burtner, Elizabeth 24, 147, 68, 72, 59, 212, 136,129,153 Bynum, Melton 69, 145, 320 Byrd, Carolyn 193, 212,136,320 Cantu,Johnny105,106, 68, 212, 223, 183, 136 Carrell, Rowland Cavalier, Lynn 50, 213 Cavazos, Maria 173, 172 Charanza, Shirley 172 Cheatam, Jerry 174, 172, 230 Childress, Kathy 204, 175, 225 Chitty, Michael Clark, Chris 213 Clark, Danny Clifton, David 69, 213, 231,127, 74 Cochran, Bill 102,113, 213,136, 137, 140 Colvin, Donald Cook, John 109 Cook, Kenneth 213 Cooper, Jeanette 213, 225 Copeland, John 69, 213, 89 Cattle, Douglas 116, 213, 129 Cowart, Bobby Crisp, George 55, 88, 65, 91, 100,102, 104, 109, 213, 223 Davis, Caralisia 38, 20,175, 213, 225, 232, 320 Davis, Dan 68, 213 Davis, Linda 213, 162 Dean, James 213 Dessens, Lynn 66 Ackley, Marvin Adams, Gayle 235, 145 Ainsworth, Donna 235 Alexander, Helen Allday, John Anderson, Diane 192, 235, 190, 152, 156 Anderson, Goree 182, 235, 182 Armstrong, Robert 235, 154 Atkinson, James 235, 152 Ayles, Pamela Bailes, Debra 235, 188,136, 189 Baker, John 146, 235, 69 Baker, Patrick Barclay, Charlene 63, 192, 187, 235, 152, 156, 157, 184 Barlow, Jackie 199, 235 Barnett, Paul 107, 235 Barnette, Laurie 235 Barnhill, Elizabeth 235,144,145, 138 Bartkowiak, Rose Ann 235 Baumgartner, Diane 235, 145, 322 i Dimarco, Carl 213, 182 Dorman, Debra 172, 213 Douglas, Phillip 182, 69, 213 Ebelt, Janice Eckert, Diane 175, 213 Edwards, Barbara 204, 213 Elder, Carol 165, 213 Elliott, Sam 50, 165, 62, 214, 224, 136, 140 Ellis, Ronald 69,199,214, 136 Enloe, Mono 174, 214 Fahy,Jeanne 214,15O,148,149 Falco, Carl 182, 214 Ferguson, Thomas 214, 156, 152 Finch, Jamie 146, 147, 214, 226, 91, 90 Fountain, Deborah 204, 205, 214 Frey, Kathy 204, 68, 214, 229, 230, 233, 79, 80, 74 Fretwell, Margaret 214 Fritz, Kay 143, 145, 214 Fritz, Nelwyn Fritzsching, Paulo 204, 206, 38, 214, 233, 320 Fuller, Gayle 215, 184, 185 Garner, Troy 215 Gatlin, Kathy Gelpin, Fred 215 Gist, Charlotte 74, 204, 135, 56, 57, 58, 68, 75, 215, 222,135 Glowacki, Curt 215 Gonzales, Edward Goodwin, Douglas 215 Goss, Ray 135, 133, 66, 69, 75, 212, 215,135,190 Graham, Kyle 215, 231, 179 Grant, Stanley 50, 215 Hahn, Phil 55, 65,101, 100, 146, 116,113, 171, 215, 88, 128, 118, 127 Halamicek, Mark 215 Hanks, Cheryl Hanks, Darryl 78 Harper, Gene 172 Harris, Darrell 215 Henderson, Phyllis 204, 205, 216 Hendon, Alvin 199, 216 Hewlett, Jackie 63, 69, 212, 216, 231 Hickey, David 52, 180, 216, 80 Hickey, Phillip 18 Hickman, Charles 216, 153 Hill, Linda 216 Hague, David 41, 199 Holmes, Vickie 173, 172, 216 Holton, Nancy 216 Honerkamp, David 216 Honerkamp, Glen 172 Hough, Lewis 65, 47, 117, 114, 216 Houghton, Lauren 180, 216, 220, 80 Hunter, Deborah 204, 205, 216 Jackson, Jennifer 165, 17, 216 Jarrell, Mary 172, 46, 68, 217 Johnson, Debbie 204, 175, 217 Kaminski,Alicei147, 217, 91, 90 Senior Index Karr, Johnny 217, 207 Kayser, Sandra 217, 162 Kebodeaux, Pam 175, 217 Kelley, Laura 204, 205, 217 Kobell, Joe 225 Koniexzny, Sandra 204, 206, 63, 189, 188, 217 Kormaier, Donnie Kazielski, Lean 217 Kwan, Kenneth Labbe, Cynthia Lamberth, Lester 217 Lasher, Richard Lawless, Charles 217 Laws, Jackie 217, 161 Lazrine, Tonny 182, 105 Levee, Andy Levee, Gloria 204, 206, 50, 217, 91, 89, 90 Lewis, Mike Lottin, Mike 218, 202 Lovings, Brenda 14, 189, 188, 218 Lucius, Deborah 204, 175, 218 Mann, Genevene 218 Marek, Carolyn Marta, Roy Martin, Donna 77, 218 Martin, Johnnie 218, 202 Mayeux, Cindy 225 Maze, Ricky 56, 133, 157 McDonald, Lola 134, 56, 132, 133,142,144,145,72,142, 59, 218, 227, 228, 229, 68, 71, 134, 136 McMillian, Frank McAfee, Donald 164, 218 McCoy, Betty 218 McElroy, Billy 103, 123, 67, 113, 218,223,118,121,125 Mclntyre, Lyndia McLeod, Gloria 225 McLeroy, Riselea 174, 218 Meadors, Janice 218, 162 Meek, Curtis 218 Mikeska, Victor 135, 57, 147, 133, 69, 72, 212, 218, 139, 224, 227, 91, 90, 88, 135, 136 Miller, Paul 67, 218, 119, 122, 123,124,125,l81 Milsaps, Cathee 180, 181, 68, 218, 220, 233, 80, 181, 136 Mitchell, Mike 180, 218, 80 Moore, Cynthia 164, 165 Moon, Larry 182, 218 Moore, Christy 165, 218, 231, 138 vtorris, Linda 204, 218, 227 vtorton, Tanna 204, 205, 206, 193, 219, 320 Munos, Gene 199 Musgrave, Ronnie Muzny, Barbara 173, 172, 219, 136 Nave, Karen 165, 219, 88, 184 Nelson, Job Niederhoter, Rebecca 219, 233 Junior Index 175 Becket, Tim 110, 235, 69, 74 Bell, Charles Bell, Scott 45, 235 Bethume, Susan 235 Bible, Pete 235 Bishop, James Bradley, Deborah 236 Brady, Lynette 236, 175 Brown, Cynthia 146, 236, 68, 188 Brown, Karen 236, 162 Brown, Shirley 236 Burke, Connie Burke, Guy 236 Burrisk, Steve 108, 147, 146, 123 236, 249, 74, 68, 90, 120 Byers, Robert 236 Bynum, Glynnaro 34, 236, 175, 163 Camp, Judy 236 Campbell, Sharon 192, 236, 243, 76, 138, 184 Carpenter, William Carter, James 103, 106, 116, 115, 113, 127, 236, 243, 69, 75, 136 Cash, Melanie 236, 138 Cavanor, Ronny 117, 236, 120 Cornell, Donal Cermak, Debbie 201, 200, 235, 236, 234, 74, 68, 320 Clock, Charles 236 Clifton, Dennis 236, 74, 68 Cochran, Harry 236 Coleman, Hahn Coleman, Robyn 63, 236, 175, 154 Conner, Colleen 236 Cope, Kathleen Copeland, John Corcorran, Bobby 199, 236 Corder, Gladys 236 Craft, Daniel 110, 236,248, 176, 144, 121, 123 Craig, Deborah 192, 236, 152, Pache, Bert 182 Pagach, Pamela 219 Passini, Sherry 219 Patterson,James P. 56, 102, 107 69, 219, 229, 233, 127,192, 191, 139 Paulson, Terrie 172, 219 Peake, Buddy 59, 160, 147, 68, 160, 187, 219, 91, 89, 90, 88, 156, 157, 152 Pena, Ophelia Phillips, Lela 204, 219 Pierce, Becky 219 Pivonka, Cynthia 172, 219 Piwetz, Rodney 219 Powell, Lois 219, 162 Pratt, Michael 41, 199 Preston, Jerry 40, 202 Quintanilla, Doris 219 Ratclitte, Carol 91, 90, 88, 79 207, 204, 201, 200, 38, 147 69, 73, 219, 231, 320 Rawson, Bill 56, 132, 133, 68 219, 129 Reider, Darrell 219 Reynolds, Vicki 219, 228, 91, 89 90, 88, 207, 201, 200, 147 144,69,145, 186,187,175 320 Rice, Allen 172, 219 Riegel, Gay 220 Rigsdell, Steve 68, 220, 229, 79 80, 74 Roan, Debbi 204, 220 Roberts, Brenda 162 Roberts, Don 170, 220, 120, 123 81 Roberts, Doris Robertson, Alton 220 Robertson, Randy 65, 104, 113 220, 88, 127 Robins, David 220 Ross, Jack 102, 103, 106, 220, 191 Rounsavall, Cynthia 221, 89 Roy, Estella 204, 15, 221 Royston, Cody 190 Rust, Jeff 129 Rushing, Cynthia 34, 68, 175 221, 203, 89, 162 Russell, Cindy 221, 155 Sanders, Larry 221 Sanford, Carolyn Schmidt, Jaymie 145, 221 Schmidt, June Scott, Alice 145, 221 Scott, Ruby Sherber, Douglas 221 Shockley, Stanley 145, 221, 121 123, 124, 125 Simkins, Sharon 147, 69, 212 221, 91, 90, 156,157,153 Sinaik, Nancy 221 Snyder, Lee 221 Spencer, Tim 91, 90, 129 Spinks, John Spivey, Cathy 17, 43, 143, 144 156 Crowe, Mary 236 Danheim, Danna 187, 236 Daut, John 182, 236, 182 Davis, Bette 236 Davis, Candy 236, 152, 184 Davis, Darla 192, 170, 237, 136, 184 Davis, Diane 237, 148 Dewberry, Edwin 108, 237, 238, 138, 207, 120 Dillon, Lane 108, 237, 191 Dingemanse,HecIi237,165,145, 165 Donaldson, Raymond 237 Dorman, Wanda Dotson, Peggy 237 Dowies, Jo Ann 237 Duhon, Willie 237 Dunn, Margie 237, 163 Ecton, Alan 146, 237 Edwards, Gail 158, 160, 192, 237, 190, 154 145, 77, 214,215,221,1C 137, 140, 320 Standley, Tommy Stehlik, Ruby 221 Stember, John 55, 64, 100, i 113, 221, 223,88 Stevens, Greg 221 Strickland, Kenneth 199, 221 Strother, Carla 147, 221, 91, Swonke, Kathy 162 Swonke, Mike 221,231 Tautenhahn, Karen 221 Taylor, Morris Teague, Sandra 172, 147, 21 91, 90 Terasaki, Matty 205,106, 222, Terrell, Dianna 88, 121, 123 Terrell, Phillip 50, 55, 62, 51,11 222, 223, 233, 127 Thomasson, James 222 Thrower, Steve 222 Tickner, Vickie 222 Tillar, Suzanne 204 Todd, Beverly 222 Trapp, Beverly 222, 172 Truett, Leonard 101, 67, 68, i 222, 228, 75, 76, 91, 89,? 87,88, 121, 123, 74,138,1 Tupper, Mary 165, 222, 91, 5 Tuthill, Richard 222, 153 Walker, Dean 223 Walker, Janet 62, 143, 68, 21 88, 184 Walker, Steve 147, 69, 223, 1 90, 138 Walton, Carol 52, 145, 223 Ward, Sandi 69, 320 Ward, Steve 147, 223, 91, 5 90, 129 Wells, Shirley 13, 223 Wendt, Danny 142, 144, 11 142, 223, 89 Whitaker, Robert 223 White, Cathy 143, 145, 224 White, Larry Whitehead, Bruce 224 Whitehead, Wanda 224 Wilkerson, Rebecca 204, 69, 21 136 Williams, Barbara 204,206,1E 188, 224, 320 Williams, Cheryl 28, 69, 77, 22 127 Williams, Dee Ann 175, 224 Williams, Sherry 69, 224, 75, Wilson, Debby 224, 230, 89, 1 129 Witt, Joyce 224 Woods, Diana 189, 224, 189 Wren, Jody 165, 225 Wright, Charlie 225 Young, Lewis 225 Youngblood, David 165, 1C 170, 225, 223, 88 Zaiicik, Nancy 16, 225 Zenzen, Pete 225 Emmons, Carl 182 Enyart, Ben 199, 238 Evans, Marlene 39,180,181, 22 Ferguson, Marleen 238,152,1f Ferreri, Lisa 66, 170, 238, 14 149 Figueroa, Henry 132 Florence, Suzanne 132, 192, 2 146,147, 238,249, 118, 24 135, 69, 74, 76, 135 Flores, Ray 23, 147, 146, 18 187, 238 Franks, Lorna 238 Fryor, Randall 238 Fulbright, Gail 63, 192, 69 Fultz, Connie 238 Garcia, Victor 146, 147, 18 238, 120, 123 Gardner, James 238 Gardner, Shirley 238 Garner, Dennis 199, 238 Garett, Cynthia 147, 238 Gates, Glenda Gates, Karen 147, 239, 136, 68 91, 150, 148,149 Gholston, Jeanine 184 Gist, Patricia 132, 133, 239,243 135, 69, 75, 77, 175,135 lGooding, Lynda 239. 234, 235. 163 Green, Brian 239 Green, Jennifer 239, 248, 176 175 Greenhaw, Georgi 201, 148 Greenhouse, Bobby 239 Grier, Tracy 239, 127 Griggs, Debra 239, 163 Grimes, David 239 Grimes, Sandra 239 Grounds, Sheri 239 Cake, John all, Glenna 147, 187, 239, 68 1 152,156,157, 91, 89, 80 rlarber, Valerie 165, 239 Harris, Darrell Harris, Joe 110, 239 Harris, Julie 239 Hart, Jesse 147, 239 Harvey, Debbie 239 Haynes, Ramona Hearn, Beverly 165, 246, 145 175' ein, Linda 239, 145 elms, Letha 239 enry, Jacuelie Hensley, Vancene 239, 175 ester, Patsy 239 ickman, Kathy 147, 239, 320 icks, Bobby 107, 113, 239 icks, Sheryl ill, Mar 192 239, 234, 235, Y 1 238, 207, 320 orton, Margie ouse, Bobby 170, 239, 68 owton, Ronald 146, 172, 240 owze, Douglas 240, 202 uddleston, Danny182, 240,182 udson, Robert Hughes, Steven 199, 240 null, Tommy 240 unter, Trudy 240 lngle, Dennis lames, Debra 240 Adams, Alice K. 251 Adams, Craig 251 Adams, John 251 Albin, Michael 44, 251 Aldridge, Gelbert 251 qAlford, Sandra D, 251 'Allen, Mike 251 Andersen, Nancy 251' Anderson, Alvin 251 iAnderson, James iAnderson, Sheri 251, 265, 68, 74 192, 152, 156 ,Arnold, Garry 25, 251 Atkinson, Theresa 251, 155 Austin, Raymond 111, 251 Ayles, Patricia Brown, Willie Baddock, Louis 251 Baker, Robert 251, 155 Baker, Ruth Ballard, Freda 251 Ballenger, Stephen Barnette, Doug 110, 251 Borringer, Lynda 251, 145 Barrington, John 24, 251 Bartkowiak, Harry 251, 127 Bates, Robert Beard, Peggy 251 Beck, Charles 251 Beckham, Dee 251 Beckham, Mark 110, 251, 192 Behenna, Barbara 251 lBeken, Brenda 251 Belnolski, James 109, 251, 262, 90, 127, 118 Benestante, Beverly 61 , 251, 259, 265 175 Benitez, Joseph 263 Benge, Peggie 251 Berg, Carla 251, 184, 192 Bernelle, Forrest 251, 199 Bills, Edward 251 Bissell, John 110, 251, 256, 257 95. 69. 127 Black, Melinda 251, 148 Blackburn, Roger 251 James, Danny Jenkins, Homer 199, 240 Jernigan, Jimmy 240 Jones, Debbie 240, 69, 163 Jones, Pamela 240 Kaiser, Larry Kaiser, Beverly 240 Kelley, Barbara 240 Kirkendall, James 240 Kobell, Patti 240 Koehler, Debbie 240 Kreitz, Carol 172, 240, 189 Kristchinsky, Carol 240 Kwan, Kathy 240 Kwiatkowski, Roger 240 Laird, Terry 17, 241, 144, 145 Lane, Roger 178, 108, 241, 73, 69, 136,120,123 Larson, Teresa 241, 234, 235 Leeder, Linda 192, 241 Letullier, Marie 241 Lewis, Mike 182, 183, 241 Lindgren, Paul 241 Lindsay, Jay 241 Loftin, Mike 40, 241 Lucas, Lynn 200, 192, 241, 234, 243, 78, 184 Luck, Elmer 241 Lum, Michael 241, 182, 118 Maass, Carol 162 Marshall, Billie 165, 241 Martin, Raymond 241, 127 Martinez, Alina 246 Mason, Patricia Mathews, Irene 192, 187, 241 184 Mattern, Larry 241 Matthews, Kathy 241, 320 Mcllveen, Richard 241 McKeehan, Rodney 108, 241 McMullen, Steve Melchor, Benny Mikulin, Michael 241, 69, 320 Miller, Gary 241, 182 Minugh, Kelvin 241 Mize, Robert 241 Moody, Debbie 241 Moore, Johnny Moorhead, Susan 241, 74 Morris, Jaan 241, 163 Morris, Susan 172, 241 Mullen, Sollen Mullikin, Shena 241 Murray, Carolyn Muzny, Doris 172, 173, 242 Neagle, Karen 38, 200, 193, 242, 179, 207, 175, 320 Nestlerode, Eleanore 192, 242 Newsom, Reaves Nolen, Sandra 242, 175, 148 Norris, David 242, 145 Null, Martha 242, 16, 188, 118 Null, Marty 110, 242, 118 Oeffinger, John Okabayashi, Shirley 192, 242, 249, 247, 69, 184, 138, 91 Otter, Edward 242, 202 Overman, Vivian 242, 175, 148 Page, Michael 41, ,199, 242 Parker, Susan Pate, Judy 242, 148 Patten, Carol 242 Patterson, Kenneth 242 Paxton, Pamela 180, 242 Peacock, Bradford 242, 129 Pena, Mary 242 Petty, Deborah 242, 163 Phillips, Esta 242, 163 Pilkenton, Jimmy 242 Poole, Raymond 172, 242 Powell, Richard 180, 242 Pratt, Robbie 242 Pratt, Shirley 242 Price, Debbie 180, 242, 188 Prince, Robert 242, 247 Pritchett, Chris 184, 68, 192, 242, 78, 136 Quolls, Jessie 202 Raibourn, Linda 242 Raney, Craig 243 Redd, Kay 243, 163 Redonet, Laurie 180, 243, 154 Reglein, Teri 37, 243, 188, 175 Reich, Becky 243, 207, 320 Reneau, Larry 243, 234 Rhodes, Terry 243 Richmond, Willie Riddle, Dinah 243, 184, 154 Rigsdell, Cheryl 243 Risinger, Billy 243, 81 Rowlett, Lawrence 182, 183 Robertson, Alice 243 Rogers, Kathy 243 Ross, Gary 243 Rottman. Becky 100, 243, 320 Roy, Bryan 244 Russ, Sharon 147, 192, 244 Saenz, Aaron 40, 244, 202 Sallis, Sherry 244 Sampson, Vincent Sanchez, Julian 244, 152 Sarabia, John 110, 147, 192, 187, 244, 234, 69, 138, 91 Scallan, Sherry Schmidt, Amelia 16, 244, 10 Scott, Ruby Seely, Diana 180, 181, 244, 188 Selman, Walter 244 Sheffield, Cynthia 244 Shirley, Jeff 244 Siebe, Elaine 172, 244 Siebe, Randy 199 Silberstein, Terrie 244 Simkins, Charlie 244, 121, 123, 1 18 Simmons, James 53, 105, 108, 199, 244, 249, 247,141,127 Sinclair, Danny 244 Smith, Gary 244 smith, Kay 17, 147, 244, 74, sa, 148 90, Smith, Michael 244 Smith, Michael L. 199, 245 Snell, Penny 165, 245 Sommerfield, Jan 158, 159, 160, 245 Soontiraratn, Sid Spangler, Rayomand 245 Spear, Edwin 245, 153 Spivey, Liz 200, 38, 245, 136, 140, 207, 320 Starvaggi, Joseph 45, 246 Steck, Lance 245 Stephenson, Diane 245, 238 Stevens, Allenda 245, 148 Stewart, Jaan 192, 245, 155 Stolp, Donald 245 Strickland, John 245 Sutherlin, Aaron 202 Sophomore Index Blackstock, Kenneth 251 Blankenship, David Bolt, Harry 251 Boliver, Billy 251 Bates, Raymond Bollier, James 251 Bolton, Regina 251 Boucher, Thomas 251 Bowen, Jim 251 Bowen, Lisa 251, 148 Boyce, Margaret 252 Branch, Kathryn Brannon, Rex Branson, Tommy Brigance, Kerry 252 Bristown, Danna Brown, Ronald 252 Browning, Rebel 252 Brownlee, Debbie 252 Bryan, Bonnie 252, 188, 175 Bryant, Della 252 Burk, Brenda 252 Burk, James 252, 155 Burns, Linda 252 Buzbee, Kathy 252,192,90,184, 152, 156 Byrd, Debra 60, 252, 267 Calfee, Kenneth 252 Camp, Kenneth 252, 259 Campbell, Gail 24, 61, 252, 259, 192 Campbell, Kathy 252, 145 Campbell, Mary 263, 138, 150, 148, 149 Canter, Donna 252, 250, 150, 148 Carlsen, Chris Carpenter, Deborah 252, 91, 90 Carter, Charles 252 Carter, Delton 252, 264 Carter, Ritchie 252 Casher, James 252 Caudle, Jimmy Cavanar, Donna 252 Cavazos, Yolanda 253 Chance, Verna 253 Chancellor, Mattie 253 Cheatham, Michael 253 Cheek, Jerry Cherry, Aron 61, 252, 253, 259, 265, 136 Chesney, Ellen 253 Christiansen, Milton 253 Christy, Cathy 253, 175 Clock, James 202 Cline, Joseph 253 Cobb, Raymond 253 Coker, Patrick 253 Coley, Carol 253, 192, 138, 90 Commiato, Nancy 253 Conway, Mike 199 Cattle, Leslie 253 Court, Linda Craft, Connie 253,264,150,148 Craig, Robin 25, 253, 90, 184, 185,155,152,156 Crum, Barbara 253 Culpepper, James Davis, Deborah 158, 160, 253, 160, 152 Davis, Brenda 253 Day, Cathy 253, 145 Deskins, Dianne 31, 253, 138, 69 74 Dessenns, Darrell 253, 267, 145 144, 118 Dickey, David 253 Diehl, Arlene 253 Dietrich, Michael 202 Dodge, Gary Duffee, Jackie 253 Dunaway, Robert Dupree, Steve Davenport, Pauline 263, 192 Enenga, Renee 253 Ellis, Brenda 253 Ellisor, Marilyn 253, 184 Englishbee, Susan 253 Englishbee, William 253 Enloe, Terry 253, 153 Fabish, Sara 253, 188 Falco, Lee 253 Falco, Margaret 253, 143, 145 Falconer, Sheree 253, 184 Fancher, Walter Farley, Catherine 253 Featherston, Ethel 253, 184, 148 Ferguson, Mark 253, 153 Ferraro, Darhl 253 Ferry, Carla 254 Flores, Rosie 254 Floyd, Gary 254 Fogle, Tommy 254, 192 Fowler, Sharon 254 Frey, Sandra 254, 192 Fritche, Doloris 254 Frost, Jack 110, 254 Fuchs, Allen 60 Fudge, Donald 254 Fulbright, Mariam 254 Fulbright, Pamela 254, 145 Fulton, Stephen 254, 153 Gains, Robert 254, 250 Gameson, Danny 254 Garber, Tim 254 Gaspar, George 254 Gatlin, Ronnie Gav, Donna 201, 254, 259,173 69, 90, 207, 320, 175 Gholson, Gail 254, 175 Gilbert, Gerald 254 Gilpin, Debbie 254 Glover, Charles 254 Glowacki, Reyne 254, 148 Gonzales, lrma 62, 254,145,138 Goodrum, Deborah 254 Goss, John 254, 192 Goza, Mike 254, 145 Graham, Charlotte 254, 175 Graham, Jimmy Greenhouse, Glenn 254 Greenhouse, Peggy Grenning, Marilyn Grim, Gary 254 Gunter, Billy 254 Gurley, Wanda 254, 148 Swonke, Carl 199, 245 Tapia, Linda Tautenhahn, John 110, 245 Taylor, Jerry 245 Taylor, Donna 180, 245 Terasoki, Don 245, 234 Terrell, Kathy 245, 175, 141 Theiss, Alton 245 Thomas, Cecil Thompson, Kathy 245, 175 Tickner, Darrel 245 Tillman, Randolph 245, 89 Tooke, Mike Trevino, Ricky 245, 190, 68, 145 Tupper, Kathleen 245, 69, 75, 138, 154 Turner, Pam 165, 245, 184 Turner, Rhonda 147, 192, 245, 91, 184 Turner, William C, Turner, William D. Van Zandt, Sharon 34, 245, 163, 162 Vernon, Robert 245, 145 West, Roland 246, 145 Vlasee, Nick Wade, Cheryl 246 Walker, Teresa 246, 188, 175 Walstan, Sandra 246 Warman, Cheri Warren, David 199, 246, 141 Weaver, Stephen 246 Webb, Paula 246 Y Weigelt, Barbara 246, 152 West, Charles 246 Whitaker, Ralph 246 White, Lynne 63, 246 White, Sharon Whitton, Marvin 246 Wilkinson, Randall 246, 129 Williams, Lynn 192, 63,152,156 Williamson, Sandra 246 Willims, Stephen 246, 155 Wilson, Ernest 246, 78, 129, 118 Womack, Richard 246 Wreyford, Ronnie Wright, Debra 246 Zawacki, Beverly 246, 145 Gutierrez, Natividad 254, 154 Gutierrez, Oscar 254 Guyer, Carolyn 254, 154 Haddox, Lenora 254 Hagan, Clude 254 Hagan, John 254 Hariston, Rex 254 Hake, Bill 255 Halamicek, Robin Haliburton, James Hamilton, Riley 110, 255 Hampton, Steve Hanks, Karen 250, 180 Hansell, Ruth 255, 145, 90 Hardy, Terrie 255 Hargrove, Debra 255, 184, 175 Harmier, Donald 255 Harmier, Janis 255 Harris, Abbiee 255 Harris, Larry 110, 255 Haynie, Larry 255 Hearn, Beverly 255 Hein, Constance 255, 90 Helling, Vernon Hendon, Marion 255 Hendon, Mark 255 Herrin, Paul 255 Hill, Henry Hill, Lauren Hill, Linda 255 Hill, Shirley 255 Hillman, Robert 255 Hoffman, David 255, 153 Holak, Davy 255 Holmes, Terry 202 Hoppe, Roy 255 Howard, Lynn 255 Huff, Clarrissa 255 Hull, Billy 256 Hull, Jimmy 256 Huntsman, Michael 256 Hutchinson, Steve 256 Isaocks, Joe Jacobs, Cynthia 256 James, Denise 256 37.3 James, Laura Janes, Vicki 256 Jenks, Ellen 256 Jester, Theresa 256 Johnson, John Johnson, Blake 256 Johnson, Richard Johnson, Theresa 256, 162, 163 Johnson, Walter 109, 256, 113, 120, 123 Jones, Larry 256 Jordan, Jacquelin 256 Kaminski, Betty 256, 90, 192 Kayser, Cynthia 256 Keeling, Larry 256 Kehoe, Margie 256 Kennedy, Vickie 256 Kerr, Mary Keys, James 256 King, Blake 114, 115, 116, 69, 1 29, 1 17. 1 18 Kirk, Suzanne 256 Kocian, Janice 256, 175 Koepke, Russell 257 Koonce, Laureta 257 Kowis, Debbie 257, 175 Kriza, Michelle Kroll, Marylyn Laird, Wanda 257, 52, 90 Landry, Rhonda 257, 145, 165 Lang, Lonnie 127 Lazrine, Patrick 110, 257 Leach, Clifford Lechinger, Terry 257, 69, 74, 110 Lewis, Cheryl 257 Lewis, Mary 257, 148 Lindrose, Brenda 257 Lisenbee, Brenda 257 Lites, Patricia Lockridge, Curtis 257, 182 Loggins, Autumn 257, 192, 148 Lucas, William 46, 257 Lum, Thomas 257, 118 Luman, Brenda Macgregor, Edward Maglitto, Lucille Manning, Don 257 Marek, Angela Marler, Alan 257 Marshburn, Deborah 257 Marshburn, James 257 Marshburn, Jerry 257 Martin, Millard 257, 165, 184 Martin, Steven 257 Massey, Terry 28, 257, 67, 153 Mattern, Doris 35, 258, 90 Matthews, Dennis 258 Maxwell, Toni 258 Maze, Suzanne 258, 192, 152 Mazzini, Luc 258 McLean, Terry 258, 184, 148 McAfee, Kenneth 258 McAfee, Patricia 258, 175 McCain, Richard 258 McCoy, Alan 258 McCulloch, Rebecca 258 McCurdy, Ted 258 McFarland, Howard McGary, Nancy McKinney, Darwin McKnight, Betty 258 McNeill, William McQueen, Charles 258 McWhorter, Suzanne 258 Meadors, Eileen 258, 163 Meadars, Evelyn Meadow, Debra Mear, Shirley 258 Melchor, Susan 258, 89, 90, 192, 148 Menduniun, Kathie 39, 258, 180 Mickel, Kenneth 258 Miller, Sharon 258 Mills, Cindy 258 Mitchell, Donna 258 Mitchell, Mark 110, 258, 96 Mobley, Gordon 258, 154 Mantalando, Marilyn 258, 148 Montgomer , Mar aret 258 Y 9 Moore, Herman Moore, Nadine 258 Moorman, Ann 258 Morgan, Karen 258 a Mott, L rry 258 Mullen, Barry 258 Mullen, Eva Munoz, Dora 258 Murray, James 258 Murray, Kenneth 258, 28 Murray, Pamila 258 Murray, Terry 258, 155 Nash, Verna 258 Neel, Valaree 258, 184 Neville, Steven 258, 90 Nun, Hugh 258 oneii, Mary 37, 35, 259, 255 Owens, Owens, Charles 259 Darlene 165 Parker, Cathy 259, 153 Parker, Lori 62, 259 Patten, Marian 259 Patterson, Deborah 259 Pavlaski, Leon 259 Pearce, Lilly 259, 262, 267, 192 Peden, Jamie 259 Pena, John 259 Peterson, Barbara 259 Phillips, Candy 31, 259 Pickles, Laura 259, 145 Pilkenton, Sharon 259, 154 Plata, Edward 110, 259, 138 Pope, David 23, 154 Pope, Kenny 110, 68 Pope, Suzanne 259 """wm.Wu .Nc ,,,, , eww- 4--an 5 Hunter, Lorter, Mark 259 ?orter, Patricia 263 'ruitt, Eddie 259 'ryor, Jennifer 259, 145 Dualls, Lois 263 Iaibourn, Raymond 259 lamirez, Juliet 259 lead, Kathy 259 ledd, Wendell 259 tedden, Donald 259 teed, Becky 260, 175 leneau,Janice 20, 260,177,148 lice, Andrea 260, 152, 156 lickenbacker, George 260 lidenout, Lucille 260 iegel, Marian 260, 178, 175 ife, Dennis 260, 90 iner,' Bobby 260, 165 ipple, Ricky 260 it'ter, Charles 260 owley, Geoffrey 260 oach, Pamela 260, 148 obbins, Jill 260 obertson, Kay 51, 260, 175 ockhold, Peggy 260 ogers, Wanda 260 omair, Gregory 260 senberg, Allen 260 unsavcll, Loretta 260 y, Candace 260 i 1 Adamick, Larry 269 Ainsworth, Johnny 269 Albritton, Charles 269 Aldridge, Cheryl 269 Andersen, Cheryl 269, 175 Anderson, Gary 110, 269, 180 Anderson, Linda 269, 154, 138, 140 Andrew, Connie 22, 269, 22, 148 Andrew, Vicki 269, 148 Andrews, Emmett 269 Anthony, Ronald 269 lppel, Monica 269 Arnold, Euell 269, 154 ttkins, Teresa rudi, Rima 269, 91 yles, Richard 269 abel, Clifton ailey, Robert 269 aker, Carolyn 269, 175 aker, Frankie aker, Harold 269 aker, Jeanie 269 taker, Lenord 269 aldridge, Curtis 269 ,allard, Charles 111, 269, 152 allard, Richard 44, 269 tallenger, Craig iarker, Lynda 269 arnett, Benii 111, 269, 118 larnett, Charles 269 larnett, Lawerence 113 larranger, Denise 269, 175 'arrett, Robert 274 arrett, Becky 269 arringer, Joe 269 ,ates, Raymond 269,,155 'ates, Vicki 269 auman, Richard 269 aumgartner, Cynthia 269, 175 eaman, Dicie 269, 187, 91 -eaman, Trudy 270 eard, Pom 269 eken, Rhonda 270 lelnoski, Dorothy 270, 192 enestante, Linda 270, 175 ernelle, Mike 270 erry, Holly 270 ible, Kenneth 270 iivens, Mary 270 lack, Jimmy 111, 270,118,192 lack, John 270 ilack, Virginia 270 ilackburn, Pamela 270 lackstock, John 270 lackstock, Joy 270, 175 lackstock, Velma 270, 175 lackstock, Wanda 270, 175 lair, Connie 270 lakeman, Scott 270 Ianco, Joe 111 odin, Daniel 270, 123 olden, Jerry 270, 154 olton, Don 111 iowman, Barbara 270 oyd, Jimmy 270 QQ! Rutchi, Marvin 260, 265 Rush, Lucinda 260 Rust, Joan 260, 192 Salley, Scott 260 Samuels, Jack 260 Schaub, Johann 260, 165 Schon, Fred 110, 260 Scogins, Susan 260 Scott, Cheryl 260, 170 Seale, Sharon 261, 129 Seely, Vanessa 261, 168, 180, 181 Shinn, Gary 261 Shockley, James 261 Shook, Linda 261 Sims, Linda 261, 257 Sims, Sandra 261, 68, 74 Sims, Susan 261 Skinner, Kenneth 110, 261 Slavych, Anna 261, 164 Sligar, Wanda 261, 18, 90 Smith, Donna 261 Smith, Sharon 261 Smith, William 261, 117 Spallding, Gregory 261 Spardessa, Randy 261, 52 Spivey, Nora 261, 64, 267, 75, 69, 192, 153, 152, 156 Stanley, Danny 261, 109, 68, 74, 127,118 Stash, Susan 261 Stephens, Donald 261 Stephenson, Gary 261 Stewart, Stevan 261 Stewart, Susan 188 Stewart, Terry 261, 188 Stovall, James 261 Stratton, Vivki 261, 184 Strawn, Virginia 261, 145 Strickland, Gayle 261 Stringer, David 261 Stuckey, Dale 261 Subert, Paul 261, 91, 90, 127 Suske, William 261, 187 Swanson, Delbert 21, 261, 160, 153, 156 Swonke, Nathan 261 Tamez, Raymond 261 Tanner, John 261 Tarver, Charles 261 Taylor, Michael 261, 192, 24 Teel, Mary 261 Terasaki, Pamela 261 Terasaki, Patricia 261, 148 Thomas, Alan 261 Tillar, James 261 Tilley, Sandra 262 Tilottan, Connie Tinney, Paula 262, 175 Tissier, Robert Titel, Pamela 262, 160, 152 Torbert, George 182 Trapp, Candi 262 Trout, Karen 262 Tucker, Phyllis 262, 175 Tullis, Voiza 35, 262, 184, 150, 148 Tupper, Sharon 262, 175 Tuthill, George 262, 153 Tweedle, Jerry 262, 182 Vance, Terry 202 Vanek, Connie 262 Vaughn, Mary 262 Vernon, Janie 262 Villarreal, Barbara Waldrop, Richard 262 Walker, Donna 16, 263, 188, 165, 148 Walker, Gregory 263 Walker, Sandra 263 Walston, Albert 263 Walton, Kay 263, 256, 257, 90, 150, 148 Waltrip, Deborah 263, 192, 148 Ward, Teresa 263, 129, 192 Watkins, Gary 263, 203, 213 Watkins, Nancy 263 Weakley, Donna 263 Webster, John 263 Welch, Robert 110, 263, 192 Freshman Index Boyd, Sandra 270 Bradford, Olivia 270 Breazeale, Thomas 270 Brown, Alvin 270 Brown, Audry 270 Brown, Danny 270 Brown, Darla Brown, Debbie Brown, Henry Brown, Mike 270 Brown, Paul 270, 192 Brown, Preston 270 Brown, Ralph 111, 270, 154 Brown, Ray 270 Brownfield, James 270 Browning, Elizabeth 35, 270 Bruce, Larry 270 Bryant, Robert 270 Buck, June 270 Buck, Richard 270 Bunrow, Jane D, 269, 270 Burdeax, Becky 270 Burleson, Blair 270, 118 Burrtsk, Mark 111, 270, 282 Burton, Frances 269, 270 Bussell, Carl K. 270 Buxton, Ann 270, 271,138,14O, 175 Byers, Mary Camp, Kenneth Calvert, Fred 270 Calvert, Kurt 270 Calvert, Wilheimin 270 Camp, James C. 270 Cano, Steve 270 Carnes, Larry 271 Carrell, Ricky 271 Carstens, Kristine 271, 274 Carter, Deborah 271, 177, 175 Cates, Benito G. 271 Cavailer, Debra 271 Chance, Ronnie 271 Childress, Sharon Chilton, Ronald 271, 153 Chumley, Billy Clark, Dennis 271, 113 Claussen, Jimmy 271, 153, 156 Cochran, Danny 271 Coleman, Chris 271 Coleman, Bonnie 271 Coleman, Paul Collier, John 271 Compte, Ricky 271 Conway, Christain 271 Conway, Laurie 271, 175 Cook, Johnny 271 Cooke, Kathy 271 Cooper, Carroll 271, 111 Cooper, Robert 271 Copeland, Jim Carcorran, Craig 271 Carcorran, Deborah 271, 175 Corley, James 285 Court, Margie 271 Cox, Janet 271, 177 Crowley, Karen 271, 175 Cuellar, Renato 271 Curry, Dennis 271 Curtis, Adelyn 272 Dague, Elizabeth Daniel, James 272 Davidson, Caria 272, 148 Davis, John 272 Davis, Rose A. Davis, William 272 Dean, Mary 272, 175 Deel, Joyce 272, 284, 175 Dement, Steven 118 Demny, Charles 272, 128 Demny, Gerald 272 Deville, Donald 111, 285 Diaz, Christine 272 Dickerson, Harold Dickey, Nita Dobbins, Hazelanne 272, 165 Dodd, Sherry 272 Donner, Bruce 272 Dorman, Shirley 272, 175 Dotson, Deborah 272, 175 Dowles, Teresa 272 Dunon, Earl 272 Dunon, Merle 272 Duke, Anthony 272 Eves, Cheryl 272, 274, 192 Edwards, Steven 272 Ellis, Cheryl 272, 175 Ellis, Robert 272 Ellisor, Lynn 272 Englishbee, Mary 272 Evans, Janie 272, 175 Falco, Jan 272 Fancher, Richard 272 Fariss, Barbara 51, 272, 175 Ferguson, Laura 272 Ferrara, Cheryl 272 Few, Janice 272 Fishk, Connie 272 Hadley, Raymond 273 Hadley, Renee 273, 175 Hagood, Jean 158, 159, 160, 273, 152, 156, 160,138 Hamilton, Kathleen 273, 148 Hammond, Fraziet 273, 285 Hampton, Duke 273 Hampton, Sharon 273 Hancock, James Hanks, Janet 273, 180 Hansel, Harlan 273 Hermon, Loree Harper, Lizabeth 273, 180, 181 Harper, Michael 273 Harrington, Robert 274, 154 Harris, Carol 274, 175 Harris, Jerry 274 Harrison, Darrel 274 Harrod, Shirley 274, 192 Hart, Linda 274 Havens, Steven 274, 180 Hayes, Caron 158, 159, 160, 274, 69, 74, 75, 76,152,160, 138 Hays, Julie 274 Hays, Randy 274, 128 Hearne, Nancy 274 Herbert, Judy Heinz, Darlene 274 Helling, George 274 Hester, Carol 274 Hickman, Ennie 274, 192, 128, 152, 156,13B, 140 Hill, John 274 Hill, Sondra 274 Hill, Becky 274 Hoggatt, Renata 274 Hoisington, Robert 274 Holland, Steven 274 Holleman, Gayland 274 Hollis, Dewanna Holton, Beverly 274 Holub, Carolyn 274 Horton, Brett 274 Horton, Terry 274 Houghton, William 274 Hewell, George 274 Huddleston, Edward 274, 152, 156 Hudson, Stanley 118, 274, 278 Huenerberg, Phyliss 274, 175 Huff, David 274 Welch, Danny 263, 145 West, Johnny 263 Whitaker, Daryl 263, 23 White, Greg 263 White, Ricky 263 White, Ronald 263 White, Carolyn 263 Whittintton, Cindy 263 Wieghat, Margaret 263 Wiley, Bruce 263 Wilkinson, Sandra 263 Williams, Joan 263, 90, 153 156 Williams, Stanley Wilson, Janet Wise, Deborah 263 Wittenben, Calvin 263 Woodruff, Nancy 162 Woods, Mary 263 Woolery, Harold 263, 153 156 157 Wooley, Benjamin 263, 192 153 Wrtyford, Randy 263 Wright, Gary 263, 145 Young, Billy 263, 182 Youngblood, Janis 263, 175 Zadik, Joseph 263 ZenZen, Deborah 263 Gutierrea, Robert 263 Cochran, Danny 145 Smith, Billy 68 Garner, Randy 272 Garett, Karen 272, 192 Gauch, Chris 272 Gerhart, Lynn 272, 153 Gholston, Bernice Gibbs, Sherry 273, 274, 175 Glass, Jerry 273 Gaza, Sharon 273 Gonzales, Guadalupe 273 Goodrum, Roland 273 Goodwin, Martha 273, 192 154 Gordon, Russell 273 Gotteberg, Sylvia 273 Graham, Beckie 273 Graham, Mike 273 Gray, Melodie 273, 154 Gray, Nancy 273 Greaser, Joseph Green, Darryl 118 Green, Kathy 273 Green, Michael 273 Green, Susan 273 Green, Wanda 273 Greenhouse, Curtis 273 Greenhaw, Madell 273 Gregg, Donald Hughes, Alvis Hughes, Brenda 274 Hughes, Kathryn 274 Hughes, Rebecca 274 Susan 275 Grier, Terry 128, 273 Griffin, John 273 Grimes, Judy 273 Grimes, Kenneth Grubbs, Johnny 273 Hutchins, Gregory lnglish, Michael 275 Jackson, Gail James, Voni 275 Jennings, Gala Jernigan, Zandra 275 Jernigan, Zuma 275 Johnson, Terry Finn, Nickie 272, 175 Fitctner, Virginia Fletcher, Anita 272, 285, 175 Fletcher, David 272 Fletcher, Lee Ann 25, 272, 285, 192 Fletcher, Sandra Floyd, Kenton 272 Fogle, Carol 272 Ford, Joseph 272 Ford, Kay 272 Ford, Lela 272 Forrester, Cynthia Fortenberry, Texann Foster, Sonia 272 Fowler, Robin 272 Francis, Gary 272, 113 Frank, Angela Frels, Jimmy 111, 128 Fuqua, William Gammage, John 272, 152 Garceau, Gary 272 Garcia, Jesse 272 Gardner, Elbert 272 Garner, Alice 272 Garner, Deborah 272 Guinn, Linda Gutierrez, Brian 273 Gutierrez, Robert 273, 154 Johnson, Aleta 275 Johnson Bobbie 275, 175 Johnson, Debra 275 Johnson, Mary Johnson, Michael 275 Johnson, Robert 275 Julin, Albert Jones, Cynthia 275, 152 Jones, Eric 275 Jones, Janet 275, 69, 74 Jones, Kathy 275 Jones, Laura 275 Jones, Marty Jones, Michael 275 Jones, Theral 275 Kaminski, Marie 275 Kapalski, Harold 118, 275, 1 Karr, Cecil Karr, Pamela 275 Kibodeaux, Charles 275 King, Frankie 275 King, Kenneth 275 King, Mary Kingery, Michelle 275, 277, 282 184, 175 Kirk, Bobby 275 Kirkendall, Karen 275 Kirksey, Helen 275 Kirsch, Theresa 275, 152, Knous, Debra 275, 148 Koehler, Patty 275 156 Koehler, Vickie 275 Koester, Janice 275 Koonce, Sarah 275, 175 Kowis, Conrad 275 Kowis, Robert 275 Koxielski, Anthony 275 Krause, Debra 275, 175 Krizan, Michael 275 Labelle, Jackie 275 Laird, Rebecca 275 Lalanne, Rhonda 275 Lancon, Larry Landry, Deborah 275 Larson, Lennice 275 Larson, Vicki 275 Laws, Judy 275 Laws, Sandra 275 Lazrine, Helen 275 Leach, Kenneth 275 Ledbetter, Judy 275 Ledford, Debbie 175 Ledford, James Lee, Gary 275 Lee, Phil 118 Levan, Connie 275, 175 Levering, Vicki Lewis, Kathleen 275 Lewis, Lonnie 275 Lewis, Michael 275, 155 Lewis, Lloyd, Michael 275, 155 Kenneth 275 Logan, Garland 276 Muzny, Mary 29, 277, 175, 148 Lotz, Diana 175 Louaillier, Richard 276, 111, 192 Lowrey, Terry 44, 276, 111 Lucadou, Glenn 276, 111 Lucas, Carolyn 276, 192, 178, 175 Lucas, James 276 Lucian, Aaron Lucius, Julius 276 Lucius, Robert 276 Luck, Michael Macey, Velton 276 Machos, Ronald 276 Maddox, Cheri 276, 175 Malcolm, Barry 276 Malloney, Kandy 276, 283, 152, 156, 138 Molson, Teresea Mann, Norman 276, 175 Mantaoth, Donna 276 Marcantel, Randolph 276 Marler, Raymond 276, 180 iMartin, Lavon 276, 127 Martin, Linda Martin, Miland 285 Martin, William 276 Mayfield, Teresa 276 Maynard, Norman 276 Mayo, Dale 276, 111 McAdams, Daniel 276, 155 McArdle, Linda 175 McCarty, Mary 276 McCauley, Robin 276 McClure, Alton 276 McCulloch, Edward 276, 110 McDaniel, Charles McDaniel, Linda 63, 276 McDonald, Wendell 147, 276 165 McKean, Pamela McKinley, Gary 111 McKinney, Kenney 276 McKnight, Karen 276, 285, 192 McKown, Eve 276 McMichael, James 276 McNeill, Richard 276 McNemar, Linda 276 McPherson, Donald 276 Mear, Connie 276 Meazle, Vernon 276 Medcalt, Jerry 276 Meek, Allen 276 Meier, David 276, 111 Mieneke, Thomas 276 Melchor, Gloria 276, 192 Messer, Billie 276 Meyer,,Jeane Mikulin, Pat 118, 276 Miller, Debbie 273, 276 Miller, Vernon 276 Mills, Sherry 276 Milspas, Loretta 276 Mitchell, Marian 276 Mitchell, Randy 276 Mitchell, Sandy 273, 276, 192 Mize, Brett 276, 155 Mize, Stanley 276 Moeller, Barbara 276 Montgomery, Linda 276, 154 160 Moody, David 276 Moore, Carolyn 277 Moore, Deborah Mora, Clifford 277, 111 Moreton, Kay Moreton, Susan Morgan, Karen Morris, Frances 277 Morris, John Morris, Kerry Morton, Preston 277 Mounger, Darrell 277, 111 Mueller, Raymond 277 Munoz, Ernest 277 Murray, Jacquelyn 277 Musil, Stanley 277 Musterman, Sandra 277, 285, 175 Myers, Robert 277 Nave, Delbert 277, 153, 156 Neely, Wayne 277, 154 Neville, Bruce 277 Nicholes, Thomas 277 Niederhoter, Betty 277 Nolen, Richard 277, 153 Norris, John 277 Norris, Kenneth 277 Nunley, Debra 277, 148 Nycum, Alice 277 O'del l, Pam 277, 37, 138, 175 Offutt, Michael 277, 175 Ohern, Charles 277 Ohern, Mike 277 Oswald, Lori 277 Richardson, Rich 278 Richardson, Vicki 158, 159, 160, 218, 154 Richmond, Tim 278 Ridgway, Lori 278, 175 Riggs, James 278 Riggs, Michele 278, 175 Roach, James 278, 192 Roberts, Keith 278, 282, 69, 74 Outlaw, Gary 277, 278 Overman, Richard 277 Parker, Allen 277 Parker, Janice 277, 175 Pagel, David 277 Pardoe, Georgia 277, 152, 138 Parish, Gladys Patton, Mary 277 Paulson, Richard 277 Pavey, John 278, 111 Peden, Donna 278, 175 Peek, Glenna 278 Peel, Joe 278, 111 Perkins, Rosemary Perteet, Mary Phillips, Denise 278, 153, 156, 138 Pickles, Laura 274, 192 Fierce, Jack Pitts, Milton 278 Poe, Kenneth 278, 74 Point, Steve 44, 278 Pollard, Kathryn 278, 175 1 1 1, 75, 128 Roberts, Richard 279 Roberts, Sheryl 279 Robinson, Michael 279 Rodriguez, Cynthia 279 Rodriguez, Michael 279 Rogers, Glenda 269, 279, 192 Rogers, Ricky 279 Rogiers, Charles 279 Rogiers, Steven 279 Roland Rasenb , Kathleen 279, 192 erg, Michael 279 Poole, Colleen 278 Poole, Robert 278 Poore, Larry Pope, Roger 44, 278 Posey, Clifton Pawel Powle l, Glenn 278 y, Debra 278 Prater, Jody 278 Price, Mike 278, 111 Price, Robert 278 Q Prothro, Pam 277, 278, 148 Pullin, Donald Pullin, Gordon Quinn, Susan 278 Ragusa, Anthony 278, 153 Ramsey, James 278, 153 Raney, Paul Raulston, Gerald 278 Rawlinson, Anna 278, 175 Ray, Linda 278 Reagan, Crawtoed Reed, Judy 278 Reider, Kirby 278 Reneo u, Debra 278, 283, 175, 148 Rothlander, Wanda Rottmann, Rachael 279, 175 Roussavall, Michael 279 Rouston, Michael Rowe, Susan 279 Rowley, Leslie 279 Rubach, Henry 279 Rucker, Gary 279 Rummage, Jacquelin 279 Rush, Karry 279 Russell, Billie 279 Russell, Jeff Rutland, Edger 279 Rylee, Carolyn 279 Saell, Teddy Joe Saenz, Deborah 279, 192 Saenz, Norman 279, 153, 156 Salley, Joyce 279, 192 Saunders, John 279, 111 Saxon, Danita 279 Scardino, Eddie 279 Schmidt, John 279 Schmidt, Richard 279 Scott, Carolyn 279 Seitzler, Doris 279 Self, Wanda 279 Serres, Sheryl 279, 148 Shiflet, Gay 279 Shiflet, Mary 279 Shipp, Bobby Shoemaker, Michael 279, 192 Shook, Sharon 279 Shook, Terry Shore, Sharon 279 Siebe, Marilyn 279 Simmons, Joan 279 Reneau, Mark 271, 118, 278, 74 111, 68,177,136 Repka, Toni 278 Reyes, Linda 278 Reynolds, Drayton 283 Rhodes, Jennifer 271, 278, 283 138 Skelton, Raymond 279, 111, 128 Skipper, Diane 279, 192, 138 175 Slatton, Shook, David 279 Lindo Smith, Barbara 279 Smith, Gerald 279, 111 1 Smith, Howard 279 Srnith, Kim 279 Smith, Sandra 279 Smithery, Linda 279 Spear, Geneva 279, 153, 156 Spradling, Joe 279, 111 Spurr, Trisha 279 Stacy, Chris 280, 192 Stagg, William 280 Stalinski, Janet Stallings, Debra 277, 280, 192 Steck, Celia 280, 180 Stell, Teddy 280 Stephenson, Donna 280 Stiles, Betty 280 St. John, Carolyn Stokes, Donald 280 Stolder, Jan 280 Stonesiter, Marlin 280, 155 Stowe, Pamela 280, 148 Strickland, Deborah 280 Strickland, James 280 Stuckey, Brian 280 Subrt, Dagmar 280, 25, 192 Sumner, Sheila 280, 192 Sutherlin, Barry 280 Swinney, Mary 280 Swayne, Milton 280 Swearer, Charles 280, 111, 128 154 Tomez, Mary 280 Tapia, Judith 280, 175 Tautenhahn, Paul 280 Tautenhahn, Karl 280 Taylor, James 280 ' Taylor, Julia 280, 175 Taylor, Sherry 30, 280, 68, 192 138 l Teague, Sherry 280 Teel, Ann l Teel, Cheryl 280, 175 l Teel, Linda i Templeton, Pamela 280 Tennison, Terry, Stephen 280 Thoason, Brady Thames, Garry 280 Theiss, Karen 280, 74, 68, 175 Theiss, Lynda Thomas, Aleatha 280, 175 Thomas, Daniel 271, 281 1 Thompson, April 281 J Thompson, Jacquelyn 281 Thompson, Jerri Thompson, Martin Thorp, Phil 281, 155 Thorp, William Threadgill, James 281 Tibbits, Clyde Tigert, Charles 1 Tigert, Mike 281 Tisdale, Connie 281 Tisdale, Robert 281 r Tisdale, William 281 sworth, James 281 oke, Patrick 281 pping, Sandra 281, 192, 154 yapp, Glenda 281, 91 avlebee, Julie 281 'eadwell, Rickey 281 leadwell, Standley 281 'oian, Sharon 281 Jbbs, Gary 281 hcker, Dennis ,icker, Janet 281 licker, William 281 irner, Michael 281, 111, 199 , 138 Jrritiano, David 281 fler, Cathy 281, 192 pton, Andrea 281, 152 nsickle, Mary 281 ndel, Richard 281 nickle, Michael 281 ssar, Jesse 281 assar, Pamela 281 assar, Peggy 281 aughn, Debra 281, 285 ela, Phillip illarreal, Jimmy oelkel, Randy 281 lardworth, Cheryl 281 fadsworth, Sandra 281, 184, 175 lalcott, Donna 281 Volker, Alvin 281, 154 lalker, James 281 lalker, Kenneth 38, 118, 281 lallace, Barbara 281, 175 Jalton, Carl 281 lalton, Jeffrey 281 faltrlp, James 281 lard, Karen 281, 175 lard, Tony 281 larman, Freddie 281, 69, 74 fatkins, David 281 latson, Marty 118, 281, 111 ilatson, Walter 118, 281, 111 Watts, Deborah 281, 148 Weathers, Tonya 281 Webb, Jeff 281, 111 Weis, Daniel Weitzel, Kenneth Wesson, Jimmy 281 West, James 281 Westbrook, Deborah 281, 175 White, Bernie 281 White, Dolley 281 White, Rodney 281 White, Shirley Whitehead, James 281, 128, 154 Whitsitt, Charles 281 Wiederhold, Deborah 281 Wieghat, Pam Wiggins, Kenneth 269, 118, 281 Wilcox, James Williams, Dave 281, 152, 156 Williams, Jahn 284 Williams, Mark 284, 154 Williams, Vickie 284 Willis, Pam 284 Wilson, David 284 Wilson, Delayne 63, 284, 143 Wise, Evelyn 284 Withrow, Pamela Wolcott, Donna Wood, Lee 284, 154 Wood, Lynell 284 Waoduft, Robert 284 Woolverton, Sherita 284 Wright, Cynthia 284 Wright, David 110, 284 Wygant, Mary Yearout, Michael 284 Young, Charles 284 Young, Janet 271, 284,152,156, 157 Young, John Zadik, Glenda 284 Zach, Rachel 284 Fuqua, Robby 111 English, Mike 111 Reserved For Seniors , 44 i ' ,f,,'7!:l I . ,f K 4 1 x D s I n .IbQQJ,C5oQ,wPQ4og5dQ y,w35g?gg2wff 555 WWSKEV' Ei QwjMyQC ib'gf. jd MQ pw? 6fpfiXL f4j Qi? 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"wr v V4.4 . . N-'L N54

Suggestions in the Aldine High School - Round Up Yearbook (Houston, TX) collection:

Aldine High School - Round Up Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Aldine High School - Round Up Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Aldine High School - Round Up Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Aldine High School - Round Up Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Aldine High School - Round Up Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 5

1970, pg 5

Aldine High School - Round Up Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 152

1970, pg 152

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