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LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA DIVISION OF EXTENSION 0l»r9l)iy l SfO-SI AL ' t- ’SJ ' ' Irslnlana L 150 ] ■ A53 n Ah 5 IH51 ALDIE HIGH SCHOOL 1950 - 51 Properiy of Tho Library cf Virgir: " ‘ ' chmond, VA OAe4jUOA jt We, the class of 1951, proudly present to the student body another record of events of Aldie High School . We sincerely hope the year book will be published annually. In the years to come, we hope that while glancing through these pages, youmay catch the spirit of your high school days and fondly recall the many happy hours of work and play spent there. The Senior Class extends the privilege of pub- lishing this book to the succeeding class and wishes that class success. THE STAFF •,t DEDICATION 4c The class of 1951 wishes toded- icate this issue of the Whip to the men who have fought in our armed forces. sic =«« ★ ★ ★ ♦ ★ ★ •5{ ' -J5- ■»{• ■«■ ■JJ’ ■Sf ' !{■ ★ •J{- •}}• ADMINISTRATION Aldie School May 28, 1951 Seniors of 1951 " Being educated " said Dr. William Lyon Phelps, " means to pre- fer the best not only to the worst but to the second best. " Being educated also means a chance for greater future security through better preparation. On these critical times it is doubly tragic to waste time. Everyone should profitably spend the school day in doing something that will advance him to a position wherein he will be able to become a better citizen. I know that you will find much dis- couragement, much temptation and much disillusionment to take the easy way, a short cut, to do the expedient rather than the right. When a person is determined what can stop him? 1 sincerely compliment you on this publication of the 1951 annual. Most sincerely yours, Robert A. Myers, Principal MR. HUTTON Agriculture MRS. TYLER Third and Foiuth Grades MISS MANNING Second and Third Grades MR. OLIFF Seventh Grade MRS. LIPPS Fifth and Sixth Grades MRS. SKINNER ,l| First Grade MRS. VIRGINIA ELGIN Senior Home Room Guidance Director English 8 English IV Reading 8 MISS LOIS BUSH 8th Home Room Chemistry Biology Science 8 Science l ISS MAE HALL •reshman Home Room lgebra i lgebra 1 1 jeometry business Math vlath I health MRS. THORNBURG Junior Home Room English I English II English III Latin l Latin ii First Aid MR. REEVES History i History 1 1 History iii History iv Civics MISS WRIGHT Home Ec Math 8 MRS. COCKERILL Sophomore Home Room Shorthand i Shorthand ii Typing I Typing 1 1 Bookkeeping MARY ANN KIRK " Persy " Class Officer 1,2,3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Beta Club 2,3,4 S.C.A. Officer 1 , 2, 3, 4 Honor Council 3,4 Library Staff 4 Whip Staff 4 " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1.2,3 Tri Hi-Y Club 4 LAWSON COCKERIlLE " Lawson " Football 3, 4 " A " Club 3,4 Chase Staff 4 Whip Staff 4 B eta Club 3 , 4 Honor Council 4 Class Officer 4 EDWIN CROSS " Edwin " Basketball 3,4 " A " Club 4 Glee Club 1,2,3 Chase WMp Staff 4 Hi-Y Club 4 Class Officer 2 4-H Club 2,3 Library Staff 2 BasebaU 2,3,4 MAUDE MARSHALL " Maude " Class Officer 3,4 Basketball 1,2. 3, 4 Softball 2,3,4 Beta Club 3, 4 S. C. A. Officer 3,4 WMp Chase Staff 4 " A " Club, 4-H Club 1,2, 3,4 Glee Club 1,2,3 Tri Hi-Y Club 4 Honor Council 3, 4 Library l PEGGY GORDON " John " Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Class Officer 2,3 Softball 4 Beta Tri Hi-Y Clubs 4 S. C. A. Officer 2,3 Honor Council 4 I ibrary 4 Whip ic Chase Staff 4 " A " Club 2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2,3 Cheerleader 4 LLEWELLYN PAYNE " Ellie " Football 3, 4 Baseball 3,4 " A " Club 3.4 Glee Club 3 ALVIN McClellan " shorty " " A " Club 3 , 4 Manager 3 Chase Staff 4 Beta Club 4 F.F.A. 1,2.3 BETTY COOPER " Betty " Basketball 2,4 " A " Club 4 Library 4 Chase Staff 4 Glee Club 1,2,4 Tri Hi-Y 4 Class Officer 4 Softball 4 Beta Club 4 a JEAN RALPH " Jean " Basketball 4 " A " Club 1,2, 3,4 Cheerleader 1,4 Chase Staff 4 Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4 Tri Hi-Y 4 GALEN GLASS " Cutter " S.C. A. Officer 4 Class Officer 4 Honor Council 4 Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Club 4 HAROLD THOMPSON " Harold " Basketball 4 " A " Club 4 Beta Club 4 Whip Staff 4 Hi-Y Club 4 BETTY UTTERBACK " Betty " Basketball 4 Cheerleader 4 " A " Club 4 Library 2,4 Beta Club 4 Chase Staff 4 Glee Club i , 2, 3, 4 Tri Hi-Y Club 4 Class Officer 1,3 Softball 4 MARGARET SHACKELFORD " Margaret " Basketball 4 Cheerleader 4 " A” Club 4 Library 2 , 4 Beta Club 4 Chase Staff 4 Glee Club i , 2, 3. 4 Tri Hi-Y Club 4 Class Officer 3 Softball 4 RANDOLPH TATE " Randolph " Manager 2, 3 " A " Club 2,3,4 Beta Club 3,4 Chase Staff 4 Hi-Y Club 4 KEITH BYRNE " Secretary " Basketball 3,4 " A " Club 3,4 F.F.A. 2,3,4 Beta Club 4 Glee Club 2,3,4 Hi-Y Club 4 ALBERT BROWN " Albert " Finished School in Armed Forces CLASS HISTORY I never knew time could go so fast. When I was in the first grade I never dreamed that some day I would be on a flight in a super space ship such as this. Doesn ' t seem very long when one thinks back to those good old first days in school. Boy, was I scared of the teachers and of all the kids, too. I can remember that first day when 30 freshmen assembled to start those four years of high school. Remember there were 19 boys and 11 girls. I can remember some of the events of that freshman year as if it were only yester- The first think we did was to elect the following officers for our fresh- man year: Pre sident- -Albert Brown, Vice-President- -Peggy Gordon, Sec- retary- -Mary Ann Kirk, Treasurer--Betty Williams, and our sponsor was Miss Huyette. During our sophomore year the following officers were elected: Presi- dent--Mary Ann Kirk, Vice -Pre sident- -Edwin Cross, Secretary--Peggy Gor- don, Tr easurer -- Virginia Furr and our sponsor was Mrs. Virginia Elgin. We were happy when two of our members, Mary Ann Kirk and Janet Crist were accepted into the Beta Club. We were glad to have Randolph Tate from Hern- don join our class. One of the most active years we had was when we were juniors. Juniors have been in high school long enough to learn their way around, to become veil versed in the traditions of the school and to acquire a sense of responsibility toward maintaining the traditions. Juniors are the cream of the crop. They do things. Important events and happenings of the year were electing the following officers: Mary Ann Kirk--President, Wade Taylor--Vice-President, Maude Mar shall- -Secretary, Peggy Gordon- -Treasurer and Mrs. M.L. Trenary was our sponsor. This year more members of our class were accepted into the Beta Club. They were Maude Marshall, Lawson Cockerille, Edwin Cross, Bobby Jones, Robert Solin and Randolph Tate. We are sorry that six mem- bers of last years class could not be with us this year. On April 14th, we gave the Seniors a Prom. The theme was " Spring Time " . Most of the members went with the Senior Class to Skyline Caverns on a picnic on Mav 25. 1950. By the time we became Seniors we were getting somewhat " air minded " . At least that ' s what the other classes thought about us. They thought we had our heads rather high up in the air and had an exaggerated opinion of our- selves. Well, perhaps we did have. After all, we had worked our way to the top. But we ' ll let you in on a secret. Sometimes when we assumed that bragg- adocio air, we didn ' t feel that way. It was just a cover-up because we were a little sad sometimes that we would soon be leaving school. The Senior year has been a year full of study and activity. To start with there was the election of class officers. President- -Mary Ann Kirk, Vice- President- -Lawson Cockerille, Secretary- -Maud Marshall, Treasurer - -Betty Cooper and Mrs. Virginia Elgin was again our sponsor. On November 15th we had our Ring Ceremony. Our principal, Mr. Myers, presented our rings to us. When February arrived the boys of the Senior Class presented a farce entitled " Pa Skipton ' s Daughter " and it was a success. The girls of the Senior Class presented on Feb. 28, a play entitled " Bachelor Bride " which was also a success. We were glad to have Harold Thompson from W L join our class. Peggy Gordon, Alvin McClellan, Betty Cooper, Keith Byrne, Betty Utterback, Margaret Shackelford and Harold Thompson became Beta Club members. And now here we are, comfortably seated in this space ship enflight to new horizons. As for me, I think I ' ve earned a good nap, and I ' m going to take it. If we hit a cloud or get close enough to talk to the man in the moon, or get close enough to Mars to see a real good show give me a shake, I don ' t want to miss anything. Historian: Randolph Tate GlaU PnofUeof. Just as I went to get on board, Mr. Myers, principal of Aldie High, handed me this. It is a travel letter not to be read, so it says, until I am well started on the Flight to New Horizons. Wonder what could be in it? He said to read it so all of you could hear it. Here goes. I know you are going to be wondering just what is ahead of you when you land at your destination. New Horizons. As your Future, I send you greetings. We welcome you to the adult world. I notice that as some of you came on board, you brought various types of luggage with you. Your passports were examined before you de- parted on this flight, and it was found that you are eligible to graduate from high school. Your diplomas were regular and in order. We know that you are qualified to take on the work that is before you. Galen Glass is president of the National Piggy Bank of Middleburg. Margaret Shackelford is nursing in Grace Hospital and is married to a doctor, who is a child ' s specialist. Betty Utterback is in a night club dancing the Charleston. She is also teaching the Charleston in a private school. Alvin McClellan is now driving a Cadillac since he sold his model- A to the Smithsonian Institute. Edwin Cross is now a lieutenant in the Navy of the U.S. A. Llewellyn Payne is relaxing in an easy chair watching the proceeds from his dairy farm roll in. Jean Ralph is the newly appointed Physical Ed. teacher at the New Consolidated High School in Loundoun County. Lawson Cockerille is operating on a wealthy young girl, assisted by a beautiful nurse. Harold Thompson is now president of the " Blow Em Big " Bubble Gum Plant in Areola. Betty Cooper is taking care of invalids at the Old Maid ' s Home. Keith Byrne is an agriculture professor at V.P.I. Peggy Gordon is now secretary of the Collier and Ashton Electri- cal Appliances, at Middleburg. Maude Mar shall- -The year 1957 and we see Maude conducting a Home Demonstration meeting of the Aldie Club in the home of Mrs. Llewellyn Payne. Randolph Tate--A progressive farmer and owner of the Goose Creek Farm near Aldie. Mary Ann Kirk--owner and operator of " Mary Ann ' s Gift Shop " . Interesting events await you at the airport of your dreams in the land of New Horizons. I ' ll be there in person to greet you when your ship lands. This ship in which you are making the flight is one espec- ially chartered for your use. Best wishes for a pleasant flight and a happy landing. With My kindest regards, I am YOUR FUTURE (MAUDE MARSHALL) Now isn ' t that a nice travel letter? QlaU Wdl I ' ve lugged this old brief case around for a whole term. I have to get a will written. I think I may need some help, but if Alvin McClellan will just open up that typewriter case, I ' ll start dictating, or maybe you had better take it down in shorthand first. That will be faster. Got a notebook handy? Now, let me say- -don ' t take this down yet--let me say this is a very val- uable docximent that I am going to dictate. An important, but poor, client of mine has asked me to draw up this document. Of course, I need the money; but you know how it is, you can ' t refuse an old friend. This client of mine has certainly been a good friend for a long time. This client of mine is going on a long journey. I ' ve a hunch that this client is going to have a brilliant future and when fortune comes in, I am sure that I ' ll get my share of it. My old friend will not forget me. These hazardous days of flying all around in an airplane makes people stop and think. They want to make arrangements for their property. They want to leave it to certain people. So I have to draw up this will for my client. Now take this --We, the Seniors of Aldie High School, being mindful that our school days are about over, desire to leave, devise, and bequeath our earthly possessions as follows: Alvin McClellan wills his Model-A to Mason Johnson hoping he can get some use out of it. Galen Glass leaves his talking to David Alexander. Betty Cooper leaves her athletic ability to Lucy Kirk. Margaret Shackelford wills her sweet personality to Evelyn Glascock. Keith Byrne leaves his ability to get along with the freshman girls to Fred Tate. Randolph Tate leaves his eye lash curler to Alfrey Piggott. Harold Thompson leaves his worn out bubble gum to Robert Siegfried, hoping it will not go to waste. Peggy Gordon wills her winning smile to Peggy Downs. Lawson Cockerille wills his high scholastic standards to Sam Rhodes. Maude Marshall values her possessions too greatly to give them away. Jean Ralph leaves her attractiveness to any lucky girl in the Sophomore Class . Mary Ann Kirk leaves her ability of leadership to Rebekah Ward. Llewellyn Payne leaves his cowboy boots to the Hill Billies in Aldie. I, Edwin Cross leave the Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class to the person who has the privilege of writing it next year. And lastly, we do hereby appoint our principal, Mr. R. Myers to be the executer of this, our Last Will and Testament, and reposing confidence in him, request that he be not required to give bond for the faithful performance of his duties. He has done a good job of administering to us in high school, and we believe he will have no difficulty in carrying out our wishes herein stated. In witness whereof we have here unto set our hands and signatures to this valuable document this 15th day of May, 1951. Witnessed by: Signed: Senior Class of Aldie High School Ben Rhodes President of Junior Class Mrs. Virginia Elgin, Class Sponsor Now, type that up when you have time, so that we can get it all signed and witnessed at our next stop enflight for New Horizons. Edwin Cross WHO ' S WHO BEST ALL AROUND BETTY UTTERBACK KEITH BYRNES MOST STUDIOUS MAUDE MARSHALL LAWSON COCKERILLE MOST ATTRACTIVE JEAN RALPH HAROLD THOMPSON BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT PEGGY GORDON EDWIN CROSS WITTIEST BETTY UTTERBACK GALEN GLASS MOST POPULAR MARY ANN KIRK RANDOLPH TATE BEST ATHLETES --BETTY COOPER HAROLD THOMPSON HANDSOMEST-LLEWELLYN PAYNE PRETTIEST-JEAN RALPH MOST TACTFUL-ALVIN McCLELLAN SWEETEST -MARGARET SHACKELFORD CO rt H-. H H OZCCP JOt GtlOtl " RING CEREMONY " Nov. 15, 1950 " PA SKIPPTON ' S DAUGHTER " January 24, 1951 Milk Man Shorty ' s Model T alent Show a to rt pr K. Utz E. Finan T. Jones B. Cornelius D. Fairfax B. Rhodes J. Ralph J. French P. Rhodes A. Piggott C. Bradshaw R. Siegfried N. Comer R. White R. Payne R. Fletcher B. Swain B. Tinsman T. Andrieu W. Taylor B. Wright F. Tate R. Buck B. Bodmer A. Skinner JUNIOR CLASS NAME NICK NAME George Bodmer Lightning Claude Bradshaw Stupid Bobby Cornelius Corny Edward Finan Fled Bobby Fletcher Fletch Jimmy French French Alfrey Piggott Windy Ben Rhodes Dusty Robert Siegfried Siegy Boy Fred Tate Snuggles Wade Taylor Zack Andrew Tinsman Buddy Keith Utz Keith Robert White Robbie William Wright Billy Therese Andrieu Porky Regena Buck Jeannie Nancy Comer George Dorothy Fairfax Dot Thelma Jones Tommy Ruth Payne Susie Jeannette Ralph Nette Patti Rhodes Hank Ann Skinner Liz Betty Swain Gizmo SONGS THAT FIT Doing What Comes Naturally Anything You Can Do I Can Do Setter. Hot Rod Race The Thing Be My Love Frencie, Oh! Frencie, Frencie Mona Lisa Nursie (Come Home and Hold My Hand) Wreck of the old ' 97 ' There ' ll Be Some Changes Made The Roving Kind There ' s Been A Change in Me So Long If You Got The Money, Honey, I Got The Time I ' m So " Wright " Tonight Lovebug Itch Fifi Was a Dancer in a Little French Cafe Lone Wolf My Fickle Eye Nevertheless I Love You a Thousand Ways Zing Zing, Zoom Zoom So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed, She ' s our Gal Shotgun Boogie Letters Have No Arms Sponsor President Vice-President Secretary Treas urer Reporters Mrs. Robert Thornburg Ben Rhodes Wade Taylor Nancy Comer Patti Rhodes Regena Buck Robert White SOPHOMORES A. Brown P. Smith K. Yowell B. StoweR W. Compton M. Wharton F. Sheetz S. Pearson R. Ward L. McCormick P. Cornelius A. George M. ShocKley R. Poland B. Campbell M. Byrne J. Andenon C. Poland E. Glascock F. Swain L. Kirk K. Macknet F. Tate F. McIntosh E. DeFrain P. Marshall V. Lipps B. Utterback Absentees: Alton Clements and Sam Rhodes SOPHO MORES NAME NICK NAME CAN YOU IMAGINE Joseph Anderson Alton Clements Billy Campbell Wesley Compton Kenneth Macknet Phil Marshall Meredith McCauley Lester McCormick Sam Pearson Charles Poland Sam Rhodes Bobby Utterback Marvin Wharton Kenneth Yowell Frank Swain Ann Brown Mamie Byrne Patricia Cornelius Ethel DeFrain Alma George Evelyn Glascock Lucy Kirk Virginia Lipps Fannie Mae McIntosh Margaret Orrison Rosalind Poland Faye Sheetz Marian Shockley Patsy Smith Barbara Stowers Frances Tate Rebekah Ward Mrs. Cockerille Joe Not combing his hair Alton Liking Fourth period Billy Going Steady Wesley Not liking Chevrolets Kenneth Not working Algebra in History class Not being hungry Not being true to a certain " Betty " Not taking notes in class Going with more than one girl Being disobedient With straight hair Being the second Perry Como Not driving fast Being big Not eating in history class Not being courteous Not making A ' s and B ' s Not being nice to everyone Not having talent Not waiting for that phone call Not flirting Not getting the giggles every fifth period Making low grades Without Faye Being big Not liking Payne ' s Without Fannie Mae Not being generous Having black hair Barbara JuneNot liking leesburg Frances Being noisy Becky Without a friendly disposition Being mean Phil Meredith Sheriff Sammy Charles Zebo Soddy Marvin Yose Frank Ann Mamie Pat Ethel Alma Evelyn Lucy Ginny Fannie Mae Margaret Rosalind Faye Shock Patsy President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Charles Poland Kenneth Yowell Frances Tate Patsy Smith Ethel DeFrain J. Kirk ' P ’ E. Byrne D. Ralph 4. S. Spangenberg M. Johnson B. Hawkins P. Utterback J. Hogan E . Vaden F. Payne E. Grimes D. Alexander M. L. Brown D. M. Hedge H. Poland P. Downs P. Cockerille T. Tyler B. Penwell F. Lee B. Allison J. Swart T. Fox E. Barton W. Buck F. Warren S. Ramsburg H. James Absentee --Harold Compton NAME WILL BE REMEMBERED F rank Payne Evelyn Vaden Eleanor Byrne Susan Spangenberg Mary Lou Brown Elizabeth Grimes Philo Cockerille Peggy Downs Joyce Kirk Shirley Ramsburg Tootsie Fox Donald Ralph Mason Johnson Donnie Mae Hedge Eleanor Barton Betty Penwell Harry James Wand Buck Tommy Tyler Frederick Warren Floyd Lee Herbert Poland James Swart David Alexander Billy Hawkins Harold Compton Miss Hall Peggy Utterback As Frances For that Virginian Strut As the sweetest girl in the Freshman class By all those boys By her lady-like manners Riding in a ' 41 ' Ford For his slow and easy manner By a Senior boy (K. B, ) For knowing it all For that chessy-cat-grin As the basketball star of the Freshman For feeling important By Areola 4152 As the giant of the class By her swimming and " Wade " -ing ability For the Payne in her heart As the midget of the class For wanting to borrow chewing gum For being friendly with the girls ( J. K. ) For the giggles For those flashing eyes For his teasing For thinking nothing exists but Jeannie As a studious boy By those letters Betty gave him For being so peaceful For being thoughtful of her students For liking a certain senior boy (R.T.) President Wanda Buck Vice-President Jimmy Hogan Secretary - - Shirley Ramsburg Treasurer- - Reporter Tommy Tyler Frederick Warren 8TH GRADE 7TH AND 6th GRADES 5TH GRADE i I j FOURTH GRADE SECOND THIRD GRADE FIRST GRADE HIGH SCHOOL S.C. A. OFFICERS GRADE SCHOOL S.C.A. OFFICERS QUiJ Left to Right Front Rov : Second Row: Third Row: Mary Ann Kirk, Ann Skinner, Maude Marshall, (Co-Captain); Jeannette Ralph, (Co- Captain); Margaret Shackelford, Betty Cooper. Alma George, Peggy Gordon, Evelyn Glascock, Rosalind Poland, Virginia Lipps, Betty Utterback. Miss Lois Bush, (Coach); Lucy Kirk, Fanny Mae McIntosh, Joyce Kirk and Jean Ralph. In early autumn aspirants for the varsity team were busily practic- ing on the outdoor court. Then came the great day in November when team members were announced by the coach, Miss Bush. The first game of a heavily scheduled season was played against Liincoln on De- cember 15. After an enjoyable and fairly successful season, the last game was played on March second. A lot of credit should go to Regena Buck, Manager and Patti Rhodes, scorekeeper, who helped keep the season running smoothly. The high pointer of the season was Maude Marshall with 221 points. Mary Ann Kirk was second with 199, Betty Cooper, third with l66 and Peggy Gordon, fourth with 34. Aldie Opponents Aldie Opponents 50 Lincoln 52 38 Herndon 31 80 Lovettsville 49 37 Warrenton 38 30 Leesburg 59 40 Rappahannock 50 41 Mar shall 40 44 Nokesville 35 42 Lincoln 45 24 Leesburg 40 30 Herndon 22 31 Nokesville 15 59 Marshall 59 34 Warrenton 33 34 Lovettsville 45 - Kneeling: Harold Thompson, Edwin Cross, Keith Utz, Ben Rhodes, Robbie White. Standing: Mr. Reeves (Coach), Joe Anderson, Buddy Tinsman, Claude Bradshaw, Sammy Pearson, Keith Byrne, Bobby Fletcher, Alfrey Piggott, Randolph Tate, Billy Wright, Charles Poland. Co-captains were Harold Thompson and Ben Rhodes. November the 15th was the beginning of a successful season in basketball for the " Bobcats " - About thirty boys tried out for the team. After a month of hard work all but fifteen boys were eliminated. These boys managed to win eight g ames while losing seven. They scored 690 points to our opponents ' 704. The high scoring players were as follows: Edwin Cross 207, Keith Utz 152, Harold Thompson 144, and Ben Rhodes 90. Aldie Opponents 47 Lincoln 57 53 Lovettsville 22 54 Leesburg 40 29 Mar shall 45 51 Lincoln 53 27 Herndon 49 36 Mar shall 57 42 Lovettsville 33 45 Herndon 80 48 Warrenton 38 44 Rappahannock 42 55 Noke sville 47 32 Leesburg 37 56 Nokesville 42 71 Warrenton 63 QlteeA, JHejaxi nA. ooUcJJ, 4H CLUB F. H. A. F. F. A. WHIP STAFF CHASE STAFF GLEE CLUB I ADVERTISING Comp liments of BULL RUN FARM An gu s Cattle Aldie, Virginia Comp liments of EDWARDS DRUGSTORE Leesburg, Virginia Compliments of LEESBURG HARDWARE Maytag Glidden Paint Electrical Appliances Leesburg, Virginia Phone 490 Com pliraents of C. R. LYTLE Jewel ry Leesburg, Virginia Th e New Wh i t e s MYERS AND WHITE Leesburg, Virginia MITCHELL’ S Dry Goods — Hardware Philco Appliances Leesburg, Virginia Phone 270 RAFLO’ S Famous Fashions Ladies Wear Leesburg, Virginia Compliments o f BROCK CHEVROLET Leesburg, Virginia FOOD CENTER Fruits, Vegetable s‘ and Freshly Killed eats Hamilton, Virginia LINDQUIST PONTIAC CO. Authorized Pontiac Dealer Hamilton, Virginia Phone 2771 H. L. PANGLE General Merchandise Feeds-Seeds-Fertil i zer-Hauling Phone Areola 4231 MOUNTAIN VIEW FARMS HATCHERY C. Preston Poland Sterling, Virginia Phone- -Areola 5 143 DUNN’ S WHITMORE AND ARNOLD Ladies and Children (Where Service Counts) Wearing Apparel Purcellville 5181 and 5971 Leesburg, Virginia Leesburg 387 Start the Modern Habit Insure What yoii Have With NOYES MOTOR CO. ARMFIELD, HARRISON AND Ford THOMAS Leesburg, Virginia Leesburg, Virginia Compliment De Laval Milkers o f Instead of Farm J, C, SHOCKLEY Machinery Areola, Virginia C, C, SAFFER AND BROS, BEATTY’S GARAGE ARNETT SHOE SERVICE Pu r c e 1 1 V i 1 1 e , Virginia Not the Best but De a 1 e r s Good as the Rest Dodge Job-rated Trucks Alii s — Ch aimers Pu r c e 1 1 vi 1 1 e , Virginia Farm Machine A Subscription to HAMILTON MILLING CO, THE FAUQUIER DEMOCRAT Will Keep you up to Date Horn e of on Activities in Fauquier and Admoining Counties. Subscription : Loudoun Supreme Feed $2.00 in Northern Virginia $2.50 Elsewhere Phone 2131 Published Weekly in ' Warrenton Virginia Com pliments Compliments of o f J, T, HIRST CO, INC, MOORCONES SNACK BAR Leesburgf Virginia Pu r cel 1 vil 1 e , Virginia Telephone 30 Try FAUQUIER BRADFIELD’S DRUG STORE First A Good Place to Meet Your LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Fr i ends A ‘Sampler of the Best Candy M ad e « Truck in Loudoun County Everything That Will be Found in a Dru g Store. 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Complete Department Store Warrenton, Virginia Phone 87 Comp liments of Co mpliments of HURST JEWELERS LERNER BROTHERS Warrenton, Virginia DEPARTMENT STORE Phon e 9 Warrenton, Virginia Phone 490 MIDDLEBURG SADDLERY Comp 1 im en ts Expert Repair o f Wo rk NACHMAN STORE Compliments of J, HILDT GRUBB Furniture Complimen ts o f Phone 3621 Middleburg Phone 4691 - Purcellville MARC HARDWARE Middleburg, Virginia Compliments of ATKINSON JEWELRY AND B A GROCERY Groceries - Meats - Fruits GIFT SHOP Middleburg, Virginia and vegatables Middleburg, Virginia Wfelcome to — Madison Parish Loudoun Countv THOMAS NEIL DARLING AND SON ST. PAUL ' S Hamilton Photographers ST, PtlEh ' S Purceliville MT. CALVARY Round Hill Phone 2461 Middleburg, Va . Camera Shop Two Complete Plants to Serve you SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION LOUDOUN -LAUNDRY -CLEANERS Middleburg, Virginia Leesburg 598 Purceliville 5811 Phone 5221 L. L. 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Suggestions in the Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) collection:

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 13

1951, pg 13

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 6

1951, pg 6

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 12

1951, pg 12

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 47

1951, pg 47

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 30

1951, pg 30

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