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-1.44, V I.. f, .. -. - ,Q ISE-1.:1:5zivi.?x1ri2cd:erF1isH-ruv1 .!'ffi',rvrum.-::5,k.m- 1' P- X-f 1'S?5'.4v'?.sv1:i' 2: 32-',a-'l':?-.isifzrltl :lf '- ,V , ' V' ' ' 740 Whip ,que JW, sam! WA:-ESQ + 1 w R51 E j J 'E , o 1 ,.'.-ff' 1 'v ' ' df .I 4 Awe, Www 1946-47 ALDIE HIGH SCHOOL Aldie, Virginia Mumba 4 We, the Annual Staff of 1947, take great pleasure in presenting the second edition of The Whip since 1941. The Staff hopes they have suc- ceeded in publishing a book which will bring to each reader a recollec- tion of his Aldie school days. We wish success to the succeeding class who assumes this task. THE STAFF xxxxxxxfxxxx 6 6 'XXNN XX S o o o The class of 1947 wishes to dedi- cate this issue of The Whip to the men who have fought in our armed 3 forces. We also wish to dedicate The Whip of 1947 to Mrs. Virginia Elgin who has loved us and stood by us through all our trials and tribula- tions. Q sl 9 Z I f 3 i 4 f 4 5 5 1 f - I 4 , I, Z f 5 5 Z f l 4 5 ? 5 3 5 f 4 .... Q o v v v 4 4 4 ' WAYYYVVYYYX5 QQ! I I I Nxawwx-wxfvvx ll ll XYX 'N-A: XXXXYNQXXXWXNQX C43 Q HS!! + 1 bw.. 5? . - l , Q 0, 45, lb 6 I I -' 'V--.:,x 4' X x.x . y.x.X.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.g.X.y.x.x.y.qGywyQx-xvx-x-x-x-x-x-x-vx-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x Mr. Philip di Zerega Principal Spanish I History III Latin II Boys Phys. Ed. Mrs. Virginia Elgin Miss Charlotte Andrews 121311521 iiiffaife Home Ec. I, II, III and IV Hgls 1 an ' Ph.E.B Senior Girls Phys. Ed. Chemlstry ys d oys Library Mrs. Ncllie O. Dick Mrs. Anna B. dl Zerega Eighth Grade Science Typing I and II Mathematics I Geometry Shorthand 1 and II Mathematics Eighth Grade Accountancy Basketball Algebra I Freshman Girls Phys. Ed. g,.g.y.g,.y-g.5-13.5.5-33.1-1-1-1.3-g.x -x.y .3 .3 -g.g.x.g,.g-g,.g.X-5-Q,-g.y.y-3-y,.y Mr. A. L. Hutton Mrs. Louise Hall Mrs. Zeimeua VVire Agriculture I and II History Eighth Grade Sixth and Seventh Grades Government IV History I General Science I Eighth Grade Girls Physical Ed. Mrs. Sue K. Lipps Mrs. Margaret McCanless Mrs. Pamelia Skinner Fourth and Fifth Grades Second and Third Grades First Grade if x.X.X.X.X.x.x.X.,.x.x.x.x.x.x.X.x.x.x.,gwqgfg.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.X.x.x.x.x.x., 7fze wap sag First Row, left to right: Editor, Hazel Leonard: Typist, Alice Martzg Assistant Editor, Rachel Reed: Typist, Betty Lanhamg Business Manager, Milton Skinner, Second Row: Murrel Lee Partlow, Ass't Business Manager: Jane Moyer, Sports for Girls, Tommy Fletcher, Sports for Boys: Bobby Benton, Ass't. Business Manager. -me elm sag First Row, left to right: Editor, Murrel Lee Partlow: Sports Editors, Jane Moyer and Tommy Fletcherg Business Manager, Milton Skinner. Second Row: Can You Imagine , Lydia Polandg Joke Editor. Kathryn Albaugh: Cir- culation Manager, Bobby Bentong Circulation Manager, Betty Lanham: Elementary News, Rachel Reed. The above staff was elected and worked hard to put The Chase into publication again. Our school paper was discontinued in 1941. although we were unable to see our way clear in publishing The Chase this year, we sincerely hope the next Chase staff will succeed in doing so. X,xxx.5.x.x.g.y.g.y.g.y.y-X-Qgfx-g.Q -5.1.3-y.g.y-g.Q5-X-X-y-X-gg-Q,-g.x-3 RAI-is P R 5 1 w Z Q 1 'Z 3 0 ' N -LS Uv, .'A'.?1gl...tx . J' .,,it- ' V N .r 'X 4 0 x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-X-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x -X-X-X-x-x-X-X-X-X-vx-x-x-x-x-x-X-N.-X C 9 1 Margaret Kathryn Albaugh Kathryn Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Basketball 2, 3. Helen Annie Cornell Helen Softball 2, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4-H Club 2, 3, 4. Louisa Barbara Hummer Louise Basketball 3. Cheer Leader 4. Class Officer 2. 4-H Club 1. it ua. Stacia Catherine Barbe Catherine Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4-H Club 2. Softball 2, 4. Alice Mae Craun Alice Basketball 2, 3. Class President 4. Betty Ann Lanham c:Bettyv Patrol 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Glee Club 1. A-Club 3. Class Oflicer 3. .X-xnxlxtx.X.xsX,x,x,x,x,x,x.x,X,x.x.x.g -X-'yuX.1.1.y.y.y-X,-x,.y-X-X,-X,-X-g-X-X-ga C10 Hazel Elizabeth Leonard Hazel Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Class Officer 2, 4. S. C. A. Ofhcer 4. Alice Estelle Martz Alice Basketball 3, 4. Class Officer 4. Softball 1, 2, 4. A-Club 3. Jane Larue Moyer KKJanell Glee Club 1, 3. Class Ofticer 1, 2. School Reporter 4. A-Club 4. Manager of Girls' Basketball 4. Thomas Dale Fletcher ssTommyln Nancy Gilly Lipps nlvancyv Basketball 2, 3, 4. Softball 2, 4. Glee Club 1, 3. 4-H Club 1. A-Club 3, 4. Irene Rosie Payne Irene Softball 2 ,4. Glee Club 2, 3. Murrell Lee Partlow Marvel Lee Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. S. C. A. Officer 4. Class Officer 3. A-Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Football 2, 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. Class Officer 2. A-Club 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Lydia Evelyn Poland nL,yd.ian Basketball 2, 3, 4. A-Club 3, 4. Glee Club 1. Class Officer 1, 3. Patrol 3. Softball 2, 4. Mary Elizabeth Trenary Mary Softball 2. A-Club 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Glee Club 1, 2. Robert Clark uB0bbyv Glee Club 4. Class Officer 1. Baseball 3, 4. A-Club 3. Football 2, 3, 4. Benton James Milton Skinner Milton C12l Rachel Marie Reed Rachel Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Cheerleader 4. A-Club 4. Amy Madalyne Yowell 6KAmy9! Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Cheer Leader 3, 4. Class Officer 3. A-Club 3, 4. WVil1iam di Z Currie Billy A-Club 4. Football 4. Basketball 2, 3, 4. A-Club 3, 4. 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Football 2, 3, 4. Class Officer 3, 4. erega 61644 poem Each minute, each day, through eleven long years, Through moments of joy and endless fears, We patiently toiled for this wondrous night. In our hearts is a songg all the world seems right. Tonight we have gathered to hid you farewell, The promise of the future, no one can foretell. We thank our teachers-patient and kind, Knowledge comes but Wisdom Lingers is stamped upon each mind. Though we shall part, and each go his destined way, VVe'll take with us the melnories of by-gone school days. There may he sadness among us, for most of us must part But may pride, fame, and ambition fill each and every heart. As we travel the road of life to a happy prosperous end, Weill remember each teacher, classmate, and friend, And when the tempest has passed us by, We'll treasure sweet memories of dear old Aldie High. By Kathryn Albaugh Senior: Play 0641 The Daffy Dillsi' First Row, left to right: Hazel Leonard, Cousin Maude , Nancy Lipps, Ammie Lovewellng Kathryn Albaugh, Mrs. Dill , Jane Moyer, Grandma Dill , Helen Cornell, Arnica Juices , Betty Lanham, Doris Dill . Second Row: Milton Skinner, Pete Norton g Tommy Fletcher, Dudley Dill g Mrs. Vir- ginia Elgin, Directorg Bobby Benton, Rodney Dillv, Murrel Lee Partlow, Papa Dill . x.x.g.x.g.x.x.x.x.x.x.y.x.g.x.x-X-x.x.g .x,.x.x.X.X.X.x.y.x.g.x.x.x.y.g.x.x.g.g C 13 5 8 a4ul'7hi4r4io4nic149e World War II is ended. Soldiers and sailors are coming home from foreign lands. Tyranny, with its vile hands laid upon the lives of free people, has been beaten down. Once again, men and women everywhere take up their books, tools and instruments of peace. With peace there comes many problems. In particular, the immense problem of atomic energy seems to baffle us and our steps falter -not knowing which road to take. It is all so new and with no experience to guide us. Atomic energy can be used in both war and peace. When used in war, it can hinder the development of civilization, but when adapted to peaceful pursuits it may give to human so- ciety new and better living. Thus, in a time of crisis in world affairs, We stand confused. Never has there been a time in the history of our country when we were challenged, that we were not able to meet that challenge. Democratic society is so organized that it is able to solve the most perplexing problems. With the war over there must be a new distribution of jobs. Millions of people must be retrained in order to fit into a job that has been ever changing. There will have to be structural improvements and a decided revi- sion of the curriculum of our schools to meet these needs. Structural improvement will mean district reorganization, better school financing, county and state school administration, relationship of schools to government, and more modern school laws. Curriculum revision involves new emphasis in science, social studies, health and many other fields. It will mean increased oppor- tunities for adults as well as children, special services for exceptional children, education for veterans, more complete education in small communities. Program improvement is based upon the principle of equal and universal access to education. Other nations, too, realize the power of edu- cation. Russia has made tremendous progress through education of her pepole in both cul- tural and technical fields, and she continues to develop her educational program. Failure to utilize this power for creative good is the greatest folly an individual, a community, a state, or a nation can commit. The race between education and catastrophe is nearing the finish line. The future lies in the hands of those who help mold public op- inion, but the task of building a lasting world peace is not something which we can delegate to our legislators and then forget. The re- sponsibility belongs to all of us. If we can spread the full realization of the power of atomic energy in our country and in other countries, we may have a chance to work out with our fellow nations ways of living together without recourse to war-now we stand at the beginning of the ATOMIC AGE. Valedictorian Hazel Leonard 7fze Wfacfmn rqfamic Age The atomic discovery marks a turning point in human affairs. The destiny of the world is being set by the use to be made of this new source of energy. Untold possibilities for the enchantment of life lie ahead as materials are harnessed and put to work on behalf of man- kind. Their realization calls for social en- gineering as well as technical skill. Nations will be compelled to find peaceful and co- operative methods of settling their differences and to assume larger international responsi- bilities. Dynamic leadership in moral and intellectual areas will be imperative. Here- in lies the challenge of the atom to education: to help train that leadership needed to re- build a world in which lasting peace will re- place recurrent wars, and to prepare youth for living in the Atomic Age. As soon as we fully accept the existence of the perilous situation brought to us by the atom bomb, we face an urgent task--the job of bringing about a general awareness of the seriousness of our predicament. There are, then, certain beliefs in the minds of people about the bomb. Those beliefs exist only because people want to believe them, and they are dangerous because they deny reality and give a false sense of security. Let us start with the facts-with the bomb itself-and do what must be done. The time is shorty the task cannot wait. Each of us, in terms of his own training and abilities, must do what he can. Each of us must offer his training and abilities to his students and to the community as a whole. Each of us must strive for a world rule of order wherein the freedom of our' way of life is made secure. Each of us must dedicate himself to this task of ultimate survival. Amy Yowell xV,x,, ,x ,x,x,x,x,x,-Vx.-x.x.x.g.x.y.g.g.xWa .X-vy.y.x.y.y.1-3,-5,-1.g.x.y-X-y.g.y.g C143 Senioa elaiu As an average student of the Senior class of 1947, I am going to try to picture to you a succession of the many happenings of the four years We have been together in Aldie High School. I, perhaps, would be only conscious of the general perfection of the class, but what I say regarding the history of our class has authority plus specialized obser- vation. So together, let us investigate. It was quite a jump for the seventh grade pupils to the first year of high school. However, we soon became accustomed to high school life. Mrs. Robert Myers, our capable sponsor, assisted us in solving the many problems that confronted us. So before very long we began to feel important and proud, and high school life became a vital part of each of us. Yes, the months of our first year in high school rolled by rapidly, and throughout the year friendly and helpful spirit prevailed in our class. We began to look forward to the time when we would be Sophomores. The summer passed all too soon, and we found ourselves back in school. We were so happy to see our friends and teachers again, for the he- ginning of a new year in school is also a reunion. Under the leader- ship of the Rev. Mr. Mason, we had a very full and enjoyable year. The crisis of World War II caused many of our classmates to leave Aldie High in response to the nation's call for war workers. Juniors! It seemed almost impossible! What a grand year we had under that title. But how could anything else happen when we had such a leader as Miss Sarah Love? One of the highlights of the year was in April when we entertained the Seniors. Never shall we forget how wonderful our Junior year was. Warm, enduring friendship and happy hours spent together brought the year to a close. When September 1946 rolled around we found many new high school teachers. A former principal, Mr. Philip di Zerega, who had served in World War II was with us during our Senior year. Our officers for the year were: President, Alice Craung Vice-President, Hazel Leonard, Treasurer, Milton Skinner, Secretary, Alice Martz. The Senior Play, The Daffy Dills, was the climax of long weeks of daily rehearsal un- der the able direction of Mrs. Virginia Elgin, sponsor of the class. Will we ever forget the unraveling of the many mysteries of this play? No, Never! It was a great success. Another highlight of our Senior year was the Junior-Senior Prom. Such a night and what a wonderful time we had! Thanks to you, Juniors. When trifles annoy, we often reflect-it is the little things in life that count. Lack of attention in chemistry caused havoc on many a 6'pop test. Thanks to you, Miss Andrews, we know chemistry. You have now heard from start to finish the history of our class of 1947. Our hectic days of examinations are over and the focal point of it all-our graduation itself-will soon become our most treasured memory. We are through with the past, but not yet ready for the future. Historian Nancy Lipps x -g-X-g-1-1-x-ysx-Q5.x-'y,.x-x,-ya -3.1.x .1.y.X-X,-3,-X-XQX-X-1-1-1-1. 1153 'X 61644 On February 13th, I had finally decided to drop Shorthand II. Feel- ing very happy over the matter, I celebrated by retiring early. At 9 o'clock I was cuddled in my bed. Sleep just would not come. I counted sheep after sheep, and the sheep were now turning into people. I moved but yet so plain I could see Mary Trenary, now married and who has three little sons who want to be dentists like their father. Seeing Mary Trenary brought my mind back to my high school days. At Aldie High School, Milton Skinner is now principal and is recognized most in the school for his ability to teach Latin. I began talking to Milton about our classmates and this is what we found out about each one of them. You can turn on your radio any week day night and hear none other than Helen Cornell, now singing on the Hill-Billy Hit Parade. Alice Martz has graduated from a business school and is now the secretary of the Atomic Energy Commissioner. Billy Currie's dreams have come true. He is now one of the richest men in the world, after finding the hidden jewels under the floor- board of his car. Catherine Barbe is one of the best nurses in Garfield Hospital. It is rumored that she is engaged to a doctor. Tommy Fletcher and Amy Yowell have finally settled all their fights and are now married. An1y has finally stopped hiding his jacket. Kathryn Albaugh has peace and quiet at lastg she is a librarian and you had better bring your books back on time. You can never keep up with Alice Craun. She is now a traveling secretary. Bobby Benton, better known as Dr. Benton, is one of the best vet- erinarians in the country, and in his office sits Irene Payne, busy with his books and phone calls. Louise Hummer is now happily married and it keeps her busy get- ting seven children ready for school each day. Hazel Leonard Lanham, Physical Ed. instructor at Middleburg School, stops each morning for Louise's children. Betty Lanham and her husband now run two very successful busi- nesses known as The Pine Ridge Service SI3ll0Il,, and Smith Diner . Rachel Reed Swart is now The Home Demonstration Agent for Lou- doun County. Murrel Lee Partlow is the head bookkeeper for the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, and his daily calls to Middleburg don't cost him anything. Lydia Poland is now a forward o11 The All American Girls Basketball Team and was high point girl of the season. Nancy Lipps is now math teacher at Aldie High School, and the principal, Mr. Skinner, is very fond of driving her home after school. After talking with Milton, I tried to see myself but all I could see was my mother standing at the foot of the bed calling Jane, it is almost time for the bus. Jumping out of bed, I realized my entire night had been one long dream. Jane Moyer g.x.y.g.-y.-Vx.g.x.g.g-Vg g.g.g.x -x-x-x-x-x-X-x-N.-x-x-x-x-x,-x-x-x-x C167 X-1.5.1.X-X-ysx-X-5-5-X-g.y-5.5-- 5-X,-5-1-1-1-Yg.y.'g,-'g.g-g-y.x,.y- q'4t4taMeSuum4 if To Lydia Poland:We give this ribbon to hold to her boyfriends- Watch out, Lydia, it isn't very strong. To Tommy Fletcher and Betty Lanham: The twins of the Senior Class, we give this dog and cat, remember the Daffy Dills, kids? To Hazel Leonard: We give this truck-from what we hear there may be a trailer attached to it soon. To Alice Craun: We give this record-- Open the Door, Richard . Sorry we couldn't afford the mustache. To Amy Yowell: We give this horse-hope it will help you keep up with your jockeys, Amy. To Helen Cornell: We give this song book-best of luck, Helen, when you get on the radio. To Jane Moyer: The baby of the class, we give this baby rattler. Hope it won't annoy you, Jane. To Catherine Barbe: We give this make-up kit-hope it will come in handy when Irene's not around. To Murrel Lee Partlow: We give this baby doll, hope it takes the place when Lillian's not around. To Irene Payne: We give this rolling pin to keep Elijah in tow. To Mary Elizabeth Trenary: We give this cook book. We certainly hope it comes in handy. To Kathryn Albaugh: We give this book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. To Bobby Benton: We give this lock-here's hoping you can keep up with your coat and hat, Bobby. To Billy Currie: We give this memo pad. Now, you can jot down your bits of gossip. To Louise Hummer: We give this rope. Maybe, you can rope him in before long. To Nancy Lipps: We give this chain to help her hold Ish . To Milton Skinner: We give this lock to put on Nancy's chain- Hope you can lock it tight some day. To Rachel Reed: We give this ticket to Washington-Let's hope she will meet that certain one on the bus. Could it be, Helen, Rachel? To Alice Marz: We give this sailor to amuse you while Walter is away. To Miss Andrews: We give this skillet to go in her hope chest. Come on Miss Andrews letis see you use this chest soon. To Mr. and Mrs. di Zerega: We give this small token of thanks. To Mrs. Dick: We give this box of white chalk-Here's hoping you can keep up with it next year. C175 X Jane Moyer To Mr. Hutton: We give this picture frame to help him keep up with a picture for the Annual next year. To Mrs. Hall: We give this package of bubble gum. Hope you will enjoy it after school. To Mrs. Elgin: We give this pin, that stands for our love and respect Best Best Girl Boy Boy Girl 54 no By Alice Martz what Whamzfhesmzmelaaa dressed boy ....... dressed boy ......... with prettiest eyes .... with prettiest eyes. . . with best personality .... .. . with best personality. Most studious boy. . . Most studious girl ........... Girl most likely to succeed ..... .. Boy most likely to succeed ..... Best looking boy ............ Prettiest girl ...... Most popular girl. . . Most popular boy .... Quietest boy ........ Quietest girl ........ Most talkative boy .... Most talkative girl .... Wittiest girl ........ Wittiest boy ...... Best girl athlete .... Best boy athlete ..... Laziest girl ....... Laziest boy ......... Best all around girl ..... Best all around boy .... Biggest girl flirt .... Biggest boy flirt ..... Boy with neatest hair ..... ..... Murrel Lee Partlow ....... Alice Craun . . . . Betty Lanham . . . . Tommy Fletcher Murrel Lee Partlow Murrel Lee Partlow . . . . Hazel Leonard ....... Jane Moyer Murrel Lee Partlow Murrel Lee Partlow ....... Alice Craun ....... Alice Craun . . Tommy Fletcher . . . . Milton Skinner . . . . . . Nancy Lipps . . . . Tommy Fletcher .. . . . Amy Yowell .. . Amy Yowell . . . . . Bobby Benton . . . . . . Nancy Lipps Murrel Lee Partlow .. . Kathryn Albaugh . . . . . Billy Currie . . . . . . . Alice Craun .. Tommy Fletcher .. Catherine Barbe .. Tommy Fletcher Murrel Lee Partlow Girl with prettiest hair .......... Mary Elizabeth Trenary y.g.y,.y.y-53.1.1-3-X Best su1'ted senior couple ...... Tommy Fletcher and Amy Yowell i185 .X-3-xsy-xg-3.1-1-1 fniinwiefndigfriiaflfsesevdou KATHRYN ALBAUGH Skeezia: Age: 17 Birthday: February 19 Description: Green eyes, brown hair, 5' 6 W'eakness: Losing my temper Aversion: Bees Pastime: Flirting Ambition: To live CATHERINE BARBE Kitty Age: 17 Birthday: February 25 Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 5V2 IVeakness: Gene Aversion: Conceited people Pastime: Reading Ambition: Nurse ROBERT BENTON Bob Age: 18 Birthday: January 21 Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, 59 119, Weakness: Women Pastime: Women Ambition: Veterinarian WILLIAM CURRIE Bill Age: 18 Birthday: November 20 Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 11 Weakness: Women Aversionz VVomen Pastime: Loaf Ambition: Millionaire ALICE CRAUN Squatsy', Age: 18 Birthday: January 30 Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 3 Weakness: Richard Aversion: Two-timing girl friends Pastime: Reading Ambition: Traveling secretary LOUISE HUMMER Louise Age: 18 Birthday: June 20 Description: Brown hair, hazel eyes, 59 699 Weakness: Losing my temper Pastime: Horse-back riding Aversion: Two-faced people Ambiton: Pilot HAZEL LEONARD Sunny Age: 16 Birthday: July 5 Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 2 Weakness: Roy Aversion: Arguments Pastime: Music Ambz'tion: To be happy THOMAS FLETCHER rsT0mmy1x Age: 18 Birthday: April 1 Description: Blond hair, gray eyes, 53 999 Weakness: Women Aversion: Going to school Pastime: Talking Ambition: To do nothing HELEN CORNELL cccornyys Age: 17 Birthday: April 23 Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, 55 533 Weakness: Studying Aversion: Two-faced people Pastime: Singing Ambition: To get out of school AMY YOWELL Sc1'eechie Age: 16 Birthday: May 19 Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' Weakness: A jockey Aversion: Blondes Pastime: Flirting Ambition: To get out of Middleburg x-x-N.-x-x -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-N Gkwfax-x-x-x,-x-x-x-x-y.g.y-g.g.y.y.x.x.x i193 fnifimale fndigfvl of Me Seaton JANE MOYER Sam Age: 16 Birthday: October 13 Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 4 Weakness: Smoking Aversion: Poison Oak Pastime: Reading Ambition: To get out of Aldie School MARY TRENARY Cissie Age: 18 Birthday: November 19 Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, 57 695 Weakness: Dale Poe Aversion: Short people Pastime: Writing to a fellow in col- lege Ambition: To leave Aldie NANCY LIPPS Gilly Age: 16 Birthday: March 28 Description: Brown hair, eyes, 5' 6 Weakness: Timidness Aversion: Examinations Pastime: Reading Ambition: Not decided brown ALICE MARTZ Monk Age: 18 Birthday: March 23 DCSCFIIQFIZIEDI Brown hair, blue eyes, Weakness: Boys Aversion: Typing Pastime: Doin' what comes natur- ally Ambition: To get out of school BETTY LANHAM Shame Age: 17 Birthday: January 6 Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, 59 11599 Weakness: A certain boy Aversion: Working Pastime: VVriting to Randy Ambition: To get out of school MILTON SKINNER Ulshil Age: 17 Birthday: July 30 Description: Brown hair, green eyes, 59 839 Weakness :Latin Aversion: Studying Pastime: Eating Ambition: Go to college RACHEL REED Pete Age: 17 Birthday: January 2 Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 2 Weakness: A certain guy Aversion: Blondes Pastime: Having a good time Ambition: Go to college LYDIA POLAND Cleudie Age: 17 Birthday: March 7 Description:Brown hair, gray cyes, 53 6!! Weakness: Studying Aversion: Conceited people Pastime: Sleeping Ambition: To be or not to be MURREL LEE PARTLOW Pa1'tlow', Age: 18 Birthday: October 3 Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, 53 839 Weakness: A certain girl Aversion: Liars Pastime: Sports Ambition: To be an engineer IRENE PAYNE Renie Age: 19 Birthday: January 6 Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, 59 75, Weakness: Eating Aversion: Two-faced people Pastime: Reading Ambition: Accountant X.x.x,.Q,.x.X.g.y.y.x.g.y.g.x.g.y.g-x -x-x-x -N.-x.-X -X-X-X-X-X-N.-X-X.-X X-V C203 L Glau 7061! We, the departing Senior class of 1947 of Aldie High School, being sure that we are of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will, or wills, heretofore made by us, in manner and form following: Article I. We, the Senior class, will to the faculty classes that are both coopera- tive and studious, and grant them the satisfaction of not having to put up with us another year. Article II. To Mr. di Zerega, we wish lots of good luck in his future activities. Article III. To Mrs. Elgin, we will our many thanks for helping us with our Senior activities and many pleasant memories. Article IV. To the Commercial room we will typewriters with good loud bells. Article V. To Mr. Lanham, the class leaves all waste paper, gum, and other mis- cellaneous, with which he may do as he pleases. Article VI. To Room I, we will nourishing food for the mice so they won't starve to death. We, the Senoir class of 1947 do hereby bequeath our individual prized posses- sions thusly: Hazel Leonard leaves her studiousness to Mary Alice Hutchinson. Murrel Lee Partlow wills his settled ways to his little brother Paul. Stop act- ing like a baby and grow up, Paul. Amy Yowell leaves her Winchester trips to Ann Leonard. Tommy Fletcher leaves his corny jokes to Shirley Flippo. I hope you can make better ones than Tommy did. To Lorraine Warren, Jane Moyer wills her lack of controlling her giggles after she once starts. Milton Skinner better known as Ish , leaves his forgetfulness to the next Chemistry class hoping they will be able to analyze it. Catherine Barbe wills her flirtatious ways to Jean Thompson . Rachel Reed leaves her quiet ways to Mildred Allison. Come on Mildred try it for a While. Billy Currie wills his faithful old, Model A Ford to Ralph Bean, hoping he can find some use for it. Nancy Lipps leaves her vast stores of Chemical Knowledge to the next Chemistry Class. fThey will probably need it.l Lydia Poland wills her basketball ability to Mrs. di Zerega. Louise Hummer values her possessions too greatly to give them away. Helen Cornell wills her chewing gum to Violet Byrne. Betty Lanham wills her charming personality to Mary Ann Kirk. Bobby Benton leaves his height to some tall person like Leland Byrne. Irene Payne wills her long dark hair to someone who hasn't the courage to cut it. Alice Craun leaves her ability to get along with the faculty to Betty Rae Wilson. Mary Elizabeth Trenary leaves her quiet ways to anyone who can use them as effectively as she can. Alice Martz leaves exactness and neatness to Frances Waddell. Good Luck, Frances. I, Kathryn Albaugh leave my uncontrollable temper to Florence Finchum. Watch it, Florence, it has hidden sources of energy. In witness whereof, we have subscribed our names, this second day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven. Witness: Signed Betty Lanham Kathryn Albaugh X X X X X.X-y-x-x-x-s-i.-x-x-vx-x-x-x-sGywfb-X-x-x-X.-vx-x--g.X.X.X.X.X.X.X X X X X X I 21 J A Betty Lanham ..... Alice Martz .... . Rachel Reed ..... . Bobby Benton ..... Murrel Lee Partlow .... Billy Currie ..... . Hazel Leonard .... Jane Moyer ..... . T'ommy Fletcher. . . Mary Trenary ..... Catherine Barbe. . . Milton Skinner .... Louise Hummer. . . Irene Payne ..... . Amy Yowell .... . Nancy Lipps ...... Katherine Albaugh Ijlelen vlby Cornell. . . Alice Craun ....... l ll Ml Lydia Poland ...... 3-x-x-x.-X-1'X-X-X-Y Wm Qin!--.9'm Samq 1,111 I'm I'm 1,111 I'm I'm I'm 1,111 I'm F111 I'm I'm I'm I'm 64 glad to get out of school. sorry I didn't get out sooner, glad I'm getting out of school. sorry I didn't finish last year. glad I'm going to Washington. sorry I can't go now. glad I came to school. sorry I'm leaving school. glad I'm graduating this year. sorry 1,111 leaving school. glad I left school. sorry I came back. glad I'm leaving. sorry I couldn't take second year ac- countancy. I'm I'1n glad I missed lots of days. sorry I didn't miss more. I'm glad I'm graduating this year. tl hopel I'm I'1n I'm I'm I'm .... ...- I'm I'1n I,lll lim I'1n I'm I'm lim F111 I'm I'1n I'm P111 PIII ....I'1n sorry We didn't beat Lincoln in sports. glad I'm graduating. sorry I didn't graduate four years ago. glad I came to Aldie. sorry I couldnit take Spanish. glad I took as much math as I did. sorry I couldn't take more. glad I'm leaving. sorry I came. glad I came to Aldie. sorry I took Latin. glad I took those trips to Winchester. sorry I didn't go to Washington. glad I,lI1 graduating. sorry I didn't graduate sooner. glad I'm leaving school. sorry I didn't leave sooner. glad I dropped shorthand. sorry I had to take typing. glad I had a vacation during the bliz- zard. I'1n Iim I'm xg-X-X. sorry we had to make it up. glad I'm getting out of school. sorry I didn't get out sooner. 3. CWDsy,-X.,-1-Q,-1-1-X 1227 i '7!ze .Swim Glau Galmdaa if September 3, 1946-Today the dignified Seniors entered room 3, eager to begin their last year in Aldie High. How glad they were to find Mrs. Virginia Elgin would be our homeroom teacher and sponsor. October 30, 1946-The Junior and Senior Classes sponsored the Hal- loween party which was a Hhowlingi' success, enjoyed by everyone. November 27, 1946-Thanksgiving Holidays began! What a welcome release this was from our studies. Strange as it may seem, we were ready to hit the books again, on December 2. December 5, 1946-The Senior and Junior Classes went to Washington to see the movie, Henry V, at the Little Theater. December 13, 1946+Big Show! The Daffy Dills . Big Success! ! Comments revealed that the three act comedy was one of the schools outstanding events. December 20, 1946-Ten big days for Christmas vacation! Need we say more? January 3, 1947-Snow flakes extended our planned 10 day Christmas vacation to 12. January 20, 1947-Exams! Enough! February 25, 1947- Who is That Man? a skit was presented for S. C. A. meeting. March 17, 1947,--There must be green in Them thar hills around Aldieg St. Patricks Day brought out the blarney', as well. April 3, 1947-Aheml girls, five days to parade those Easter bonnetsl May 2, 1947-Today was one of the jolliest days of the year. We had our Field Day and May Day dance. June 1, 1947-The Sermon to the Graduates was given at the Aldie High Auditorium by the Rev. Willis, an ex-Army Chaplain. June 2, 1947-Climax to all these extents. Yes! Twenty-two seniors in cap and gown were presented with the coveted diplomas. The Com- mencement Address was delivered by the Rev. C. W. Caulkins, whose words impressed us with the new responsibilities we face. June 3, 1947-The very last one of Aldie High School Days. May those who follow us find love and improve upon that which we have attempted to build. Signed Irene Payne Catherine Barbe 6233 -X-y-vw3.3.1-g-X-5-x.1.1.1-y.g g-X-1-Q,1.g,.1.y.g-y.g.y.g.y.x,.1.g .g.x,.g.g.y.g.1-X-X-x UU aamilflu lzeccvulecl NAMES Kathryn Albaugh Catherine Barbe Helen Cornell Alice Craun Louise Hummer Betty Lanham Hazel Leonard Nancy Lipps Alice Martz Jane Moyer Lydia Poland Rachel Reed Mary E. Trenary Amy Yowell Robert Benton William Currie Thomas Fletcher Murrel Lee Partlow 1 SAYINGS Who shot who? Gee whiz! By granny! Well, I'll declare. My cow! Well, for goodness, sake. Ain't that the truth? Goodness gracious! Good night! What happened? My lands! By cracky! O, my goodness! Ain't that enough to jar you! Might is right! Bet you're kidding! Well, I'll be- Well, I'll decline! Milton Skinner Well- Irene Payne Jeepers-Creepers 3 Jlaae you gum Seen 7fzem Yffailfnaul? NAMES WITHOUT Kathryn Albaugh Catherine Barb Helen Cornell Alice Craun Louise Hummer Betty Lanham Hazel Leonard Nancy Lipps Alice Martz Jane Moyer Lydia Poland Rachel Reed Mary E. Trenary Amy Yowell Robert Benton William Currie Thomas Fletcher Murrel Lee Partlow Milton Skinner Irene Payne .x-X-X-'S An answer for everything Being in a hurry Worrying over her grades Being behind i11 her typing Her shyness Being very quiet Roy's bracelet Homework being finished A merry laugh A giggle A new blouse Being cooperative Dale Poe A jockey Trying to be tough Flirting Worrying Amy Yowell Worrying over geometry Scratching his head when Thinking over Latin Working a problem in book- keeping GQMfDx-N.-x-X-X-QX-X-X-x.g.y.y.x. C243 ,Al-:Sf N J 3 V N w. 5, X.. ! :sk 1 0 U 41' X Wmfmqwdwja X-gg,-1-QX-X-X,-Q-X,-1-X-X-g.y.x.g-X-VxG gy-1-X-gg-gn1-1-1.x.x-1-13.1.1-X .1-X uniaaefadfi First Row, left to right: Marjorie Allison, Mary Lee Loyd, Lorraine Warren, Anne Leonard, Beulah Price, Betty Burns, Leland Byrne. Second Row: Francis Waddell, Elea- nor Vanderlip, Nancy Pangle, Betty Hedrick, Audrey Flynn, Howard Philyaw. Anna B. di Zerega. Third Row: Junie Hall, Betty Rae Wilson, May Maddox, Ina B. McClellan, Jean Thompson, Paul Owens, Ralph Bean. Fourth Row: Noland Swain, Shirley Flippo, LaVerne Macknet, Marjorie Payne, Louise Glascock, Billy Dawson. Fifth Row: Law- rence Payne, Jackie Tinsman, James Triplet, Carlton Shackelford, Paul R. Partlow. fhefihman Glwu First Row, left to right: Kitty Johnson, Gladys Jackson, Anne T. Martin, Kitty Tins- man, Audrey Shockley, Jane Brown, Helen Byrne, Mildred Allison, Violet Byrne, Lois Wilson. Second Row: Rosa Lee Walker, Janice Kearnes, Betty Dunn, Lois Pearson, Peggy Tyler, Louise Mclntosh, Laura Lee, Wilson Jones. Third Row: Johnny Pearson, Anne Finchum, Duncan Walters, Mary A. Hutchison, Dorothy Martz, Peggy Kearnes, Elsie Downs, Billy Piggot. Fourth Row: Johnny Duffey, Dorothy Ann Kerns, Gordon Collier, Peggy Duncan, Grace Utterback, Evelyn Poole, Harriet Leonard, Helen Craun. Fifth Row: Richard Ralph, Bobby Huffman, Franklin Hall, Mrs. Nellie O. Dick, Pete Bodmer, Guy Grimes, Walter Crosen, Walter Byrne, Francis Finchum. X X X x.x.y.x.y.x.x.x.y-x-x-x-x-vx-x-x -x-x'x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x x x Q 1261 new Qaacfe First Row, left to right: Galen Glass, Barbara Minder, Betty Williams, Margaret Ann Shackelford, Florence Finchum, Dorothy Owens, Marian Shockley, Mrs. Louise Hall. Second Row: Edwin Cross, Virginia Furr, Mary Ann Kirk, Mary Harris, Jean Ralph, Betty Cooper, Joseph Berger. Third Row: Edward Finan, Fred Duncan, Wade Taylor, Maude Marshall, Thomas Hagenbuch, Bobby Solon, Karlton Kirk. Fourth Row: Keith Byrne, Ben Rhodes, Alvin McClellan, Jack Spindle, Billy Bodmer, Llewelyn Payne, B First Row, left to right: Ruth Payne, Mickey Cooper, Cecel Elkins, Patricia Smith, Ann Brown, Dale Macknet, Allan Swart, Rebeckah Ward. Second Row: Claude Brad- shaw, Dorothy Elmore, Mrs. Zeimena T. Wire, Hazel Elkins, Jack Reynolds, Bertie Jones, Virginia Lipps. Third Row: Ida Morris, Jeannette Ralph, Ann Skinner, Joyce Bryant, Regena Buck, John Barb. Fourth Row: Carroll Gray, Phillis Newton, Mary Costello, Betty Lou Keys, James Cooper, Robert Lee. Fifth Row: Delbert Feaster, Cath- erine Cunningham, Robert Cooper, Wesley Keys, Holladay Tyler. Sixth Row: Robert Lar- son, Sammy Pearson. Absent from picture: Leon Horseman, Ray Philyaw, Fannie Mae Mclntosh, Elsie Larson, Billy Campbell. y.y.y.y.x.y.g- g.x.x-y.y.x.x.x. y.y.x.y.y C -x.-x-x-y-x-x.X.x-y.y.g.y.x.g.x.y.y.y.x.y aawufhamlqiflh Qaaclu 8econJam!7!u?ul Qaaala 449141 Qwfle X.X-xg-X-X-X.y.x.g.x.g.1.x.1-y.x-s .X-X-ggx-y-g-Vg.1-x,.y-Q-1-X-y.y.g 712 els-44 246016- All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. mShakespeare Time: 1946-1947 Setting: Aldie High School Sponsor: Anna B. di Zerega Synopsis: The action takes place in one interior, Aldie High School. It is the story of a group of high school boys and girls. The play is packed with laughs, a sigh, and maybe even a tear now and then with a hit of romance here and there. Below are the characters as they appear to an onlooker. Lorraine Warren. . . Betty Rae Wilson.. . Audrey Flynn ..... Beulah Price ....... Shirley Filippo ...... Ina Bell McClellan.. Betty Hedrick ...... Jean Thompson .... Louise Glasscock .... Paul Robert Partlow ....... Frances Waddell. . . Junie Hall .......... Ralph Bean ....... James Triplett ...... Carlton Shackelford ....... Marjorie Payne ..... Nancy Pangle ..... Betty Burns ..... May Maddox ...... Marjorie Allison .... Lawrence Payne .... Howard Philyaw .... LaVerne Macknet... Eleanor Vanderlip.. Billy Dawson ....... Noland Swain ..... Paul Owens ..... Jackie Tinsman. . . . Leland Byrne .... Ann Leonard .... Mary Lee Lloyd .... A friendly and laughable girl. A girl who sticks to one boy. Always a helpful friend. Always ready to add her bit of fun. A boy full of funny stories. A conscientious worker. Stores her knowledge from day to day. Delights in dressing like a boy. Always ready to argue when she is right. Causes a lot of trouble but is never caught. A gay young girl. Grades are the least of her worries. Likes to worry girls in English class. Give him a school where he doesnlt have to study. A talkative person. Always willing to help her friends. A good student. Don't worry. I'll take care of myself. A quiet girl. Tries to do her part in class. Always giving orders to a certain girl. A good looking and athletic young man. Always late for school. Boys and clothes are her chief worries. A boy who likes to be seen and heard. What he doesn't say wonit hurt you. Afraid studying will turn his hair white. Nesier has a lesson ready fexcept typ- ing . Very short but loud. Waiting for the day when she finishes school. A dependable person. President.. ............ James Triplett Vice-President ..... .... A udrey Flynn Secretary ........ ....... A nn Leonard Treasurer ...... .... L orraine Warren ng-X-X-X-1 yay-guy-X-1-5-X-y.1 g -X-1-X-guy-Xa1-X-3,-1-1-gay-X-1 4295 aaufunen IT'S ODD BUT TRUE THAT Mildred Allison is crazy over peanuts. Helen Byrne is the belle of Arcola. Jane Brown loves piano lessons. Violet Byrne has given her heart to North Carolina. Helen Craun needs a bottle and nipple after each basketball game to give her pep. Elsie Downs is our star basketball player. Peggy Duncan fell hard over a classmate. tL.G.C.J Betty Dunn is always full of fun. Ann F inchum is getting more talkative. Mary Alice Hutchison has a halo. Gladys Jackson has grown an inch. Kitty Johnson likes a certain Plymouth. Janice Kearnes loves to argue in Algebra I class. Peggy Kearnes was bitten by the love-bug . Dorothy Kerns is our leading lady. Laura Lee can,t make up her mind. Harriet Leonard is our most cooperative student. Anne Martin wants to know how it feels to be engaged. Dorothy Martz likes jockeys. Louise Melntosh is going on a diet. Lois Pearson is the Superman of the class. Evelyn Poole has started a dancing school. Lillian Rhodes is interested in the eighth grade. Audrey Shockley fell hard over something or somebody. Kitty Tinsman is entering a beauty contest. Peggy Tyler may be the school pianist for 1947-48. Grace Utterback still giggles as in the good old days. Rosa Lee Walker has lost a pound. Lois Wilson is an expert cheerleader. Pete Bodmer is always here on time with his bus. Walter Byrnes is our future basketball star. Gordon Collier is popular with tl1e girls, so it looks. Walter Croson should read up o11 basketball rules. Johnny Duffey says, You can't marry ten pretty girls . Francis Finchum weighs at least fifty pounds. Guy Grimes loves for girls to flirt with him. Franklin Hall loves to upset history class. Bobby Huffman likes violets. Wilson Jones is the genius of the class. Jolmny Pearson is our second Van Jolmson. Billy Piggott has gotten so he talks. Richard Ralph is our second Frankie . Duncan Walters is cassanova of the class. OFFICERS President ........... .............. . .. Bobby Huffman Vice-President ..... .... J ohnny Duffey Secretary ................. ........................... P eggy Tyler Treasurer. ............................................. Peggy Duncan x.x.g.x.X.y.g,.-g.g.x.-g,.g.y-x-X-X-x -X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-N -X-X-X-X XA-X' C301 -X x-X-x-x-x-x-x-'x-x- NAME Betty Cooper Florence Finchum Peggy Gordon Mary Ann Kirk Maude Marshall Barbara Minder Dorothy Owens Jean Ralph Margaret Shackelford Marian Shockley Robena Turner Betty Utterback Betty VVilliams Virginia Furr Mary Harris Billy Bodmer Keith Byrne Fred Duncan Edward Finan Galen Glass Thomas Hagenbuch Karlton Kirk Llewelyn Payne Billy Martz Alvin McClellan Charles Rhodes Richard Robertson Robert Solon Jack Spindle Wade Taylor ZJQAM Qaeda Hair dresser Stenographer Secretary Athletic coach Teacher Beautician Snake Charmer Telephone operator Pianist Thin Librarian Nurse Fashion designer An actress A model Doctor Farmer Lion tamer President of U. S. A scatterbrain Serious Baseball pitcher A tease A boss Politician Villain Track star Bachelor A millioniare Dance hall owner PROBABLY WILL BE An old maid A waitress Glamour girl Dime store clerk World's tallest girl A bride Farmer's wife Opera singer Tap dancer A heavy weight champ Hair dresser A housewife A store clerk A maid A seamstress Loafer A farmer Water boy Soda jerker A success A genius Milk man Serious minded Will be bossed Foot specialist A missionary Famous Happily lnarried A truck driver Butler PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Richard Robertson Karlton Kirk SECRETARY Bill Bodmer x.x.x.x.y.x.x.xGwwfgx.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x C319 FANS!! + R 5 1 E 5 1 1 0 U 8-+1'1 f-edgszoz--.W ,uf .',-for - ' 'QV AX 4 X QWMWM fgpnaiii Special Swim , , . . .- .5-g,.g.x-x '7fne Spanidfa Glad First Row, left to right: Marjorie Allison, Beulah Price, Mary Lee Lloyd, Ann Leonard, Nancy Pangle. Second Row' Mr. di Zerega, Betty Rae Wilson, May Maddox, Junie Hall, Lorraine Warren. , M1 V N UAH First Row, left to right: Betty Lanham, Alice Martz, Jane Moyer, Nancy Lipps. Mary Trenary. Helen Craun, Frances Waddell, Lorraine Warren. Second Row: Lydia Poland, Betty Rae Wilson. Paul Owens, Ralph Bean, Johnny Pearson, Mrs. di Zerega. Third Row: Tommy Fletcher, Lawrence Payne, Bobby Benton, John Bodmer, Billy Currie, Murrel Lee Partlow. Fourth Row: Milton Skinner. Paul Partlow, James Triplett, Nolan Swain. x.x.x.X.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x. x.x.x.x.x.x.x.X. que., ew First Row, left to right: Dorothy Owens, Ann T. Martin, Mary Ann Kirk, Barbara Minder. Lois Wilson, Audrey Shockley, Mildred Allison, Jane Brown, Peggy Tyler. Kitty Johnson, Peggy Duncan, Mary Lee Lloyd, Edwin Cross. Second Row: Audrey Flynn. Kitty Tinsman, Virginia Furr, Ann Leonard, Lorraine Warren, Betty Williams. Marjorie Allison, Margaret Shackleford. Elsie Marie Downs, Junie Hall, Peggy Kearns, Laura Lee, Gordon Collier. Third Row: Lois Pearson, Harriet Leonard, Helen Craun, Dorothy Kerns, Nancy Pangle, Laverne Mackent. Betty Dunn, Florence Finchum, Eleanor Vander- lip, Helen Byrne, Dorothy Martz, Evelyn Poole, Franklin Hall. Fourth Row: Maude Mar- shall, Grace Utterback, Marjorie Payne, Louise Glascock, Betty Cooper, Jean Ralph, Mary Alice Hutchison, Rosa Lee Walker, Frances Waddell, Richard Ralph, Wade Taylor. Fifth Row: Marion Shockley, Francis Finchum, Janice Kearns, Betty Rae Wilson, Louise Mclntosh, Violet Byrne, Bobby Huffman, Johnny Duffey, Billy Dawson, Bobby Solen, Billy Piggott. Mrs. King, director, not present. 4-J! First Row, left to right: Martha Rhodes, Molly Bradshaw, Mary Bodmer. James Swart, Howard Elmore, Donald Ralph, Frank B. Pyne, Allen Swart. Second Row: Mary Martz. Mary Ann Brown, Claude Bradshaw, Carrol.Grey, Dale Macknet. Third Row: Marie Embrey, Wanda Buck, Robert Larsen, Jack Reynolds, Delbert Feaster. Fourth Row: Vir- ginia Lipps, Ruth Payne, Janice Buck, Ann Skinner, Marion Shockley, Audrey Flynn, Wesley Keys. Fifth Row: Edward Cross. Rebeckah Ward, Regena Buck, Betty Dunn, Elsie M. Downs, Rachel Reed, Jeanette Ralph. Sixth Row: Milton Skinner, Helen Byrne, Laura Lee, Mildred Allison, Maude Marshall, Helen Cornell, Ted Ralph. gow' nm: em 4. el. 4. 50,4 ,Name e x-x-x-x-x-x-X-vx-x-x-x-x -x-x-x-x-x-x-xQXMfQ -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-vx-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x C 35 J QMZJ' Baikeldall First Row, left to right: Audrey Shockley, Frances Waddell, Lorraine Warren, Dorothy Kerns, Elsie Marie Downs. Second Row: A nn Turner Martin, Helen Craun, Harriet Leonard, Betty Rae Wilson, Lydia Poland, Nancy Lipps, Mrs. di Zeregag coach. Third Row: A1 ice Martz, Ann Leonard, Louise Glascock, Junie Hall, Jane Moyerg manager. SCORES Opponents Games Played Place Score AId1'e's Score Herndon ..... . . Herndon 27 16 Lincoln .... . . Lincoln 37 15 Nokesville . . ..... Aldie 27 33 Leesburg . . . ....... Aldie 22 25 Lovettsville . . . . Lovettsville 11 V 32 Marshall . . . ....... Aldie 19 17 Herndon .. ..... Aldie 35 21 Lincoln . . . ..... Aldie 30 26 Nokesville . . . . . Nokesville 25 28 Lovettsville .. ...... Aldie 14 29 Leesburg . . . . . Leesburg 16 17 Marshall . . . . Marshall 34 15 Jane Moyer X x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-vx-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-N C365 , Banff' gafikelzall First Row, left to right: Flippo, M. Partlow, Bean, Pearson, W. Byrnes, L. Byrnes. Second Row: Ralph, Fletcher, Swain, P. Partlow, Coach, Mr. di Zerega. Third Row: Skinner, Philyaw. SCORES Games Played Place Herndon ...... . . . Herndon Quantico . .... Aldie Lincoln ..... .... L incoln Nokesville ..... Aldie Leesburg . ..... Aldie Lovettsville Lovettsville oMarshall .... ........ A ldie Quantico . . Quantico Herndon . .... Aldie Lincoln . . . ...... Aldie Nokesville .Nokesville Lovettsville ..... Aldie Leesburg . . Leesburg Marshall . . . . . Marshall X-X-X.g.x.X-1.1-1.1-vig g.1.x,.x C371 Opponents Score A ld1'e's Score 31 11 37 22 28 26 44 24 18 22 17 20 24 20 48 17 28 1 1 26 23 50 8 20 28 19 17 57 23 Tommy Fletcher GQwfU-x-x-x-x-x-x-x,-x-x-x-x-x.x.x.g.x qaoldall 7eam First Row, left to right: Swain, Bodmer, Benton, Payne, Taylor, Owens, Robert- son, Currie. Second Row: Jackson, Coachg Skinner, M. Partlow, Fletcher, Philyaw, Mr. di Zerega, Principal. Third Row: McDavid, Pearson, Berger, Bodmer, Duffy, Huffmen, Dawson, Spindle. ' sconm Opponents Aldie's Score Score Aldie . Leesburg 32 0 Lincoln .... . . Aldie 20 7 Stuyvesant . . . . . Aldie 26 0 Aldie ...... .... . Lincoln 25 7 0 r l 4 First Row, left to right: Jane Brown, Peggy Duncan, Audrey Flynn, Lois Wilson. Second Row: Peggy Tyler, Maude Marshall, Rachel Reed. x.x.x.x.,.x.x.x. x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.xG-wwyg,.x.x.x.x.x.X.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x 8,14 fbawm Geek: famlfafz. Mr. Robert Lanham Affectionately called Pop Top, Left to Right: Center, Left to Right: Bobby Lanham, Murrel Lac Part- Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Rhodes low, Robert Lanham, Pete Bodmer. X.X.X.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.y.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.xGywfa,.x.x.x.X.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.y.x.g.y.x C 39 J AHSF L R 5 1 l I t E ! 1 it 0 ' I A'1'1 'ff-'O'-51414-,W .'.-ff 1 'V X Uv X .f 4 C 14 gmeal' WE THE SENIOR CLASS and MEMBERS of the ANNUAL STAFF wish to thank Mr. di Zerega, the Faculty, the Senior Class of '46, and our Advertisers Wl10 have helped to make it possible to publish this annual. We Wish to thank Mrs. Alice Hutchison who wrote our class song and the class songs for the previous years. Without her help the burden would have been heavier. .y.g.g.-g.g.y.y-3 -y.y-x-y.1.y.y.x. g-x-X-x-x 1-Vx-X-X-X-X-x.g.x-X-X C401 2 THE MIDDLEBURG 1 E PHARMACY 1 M. J. Baptist, Proprietor 1 I Toilet Articles, Perfumes I Norris Fine Candies 1 1 Veterinary Supplies a Specialty Q 4.-45 1 2 MIDDLEBURG, VA. 1 .x.x.x.,.x.x.x.x.x.,.x.x.x.x.x.x.,.,.x.x. 1 1 Compliments of ' S A THE MIDDLEBURG X VARIETY 1 1 and 1 5 and 104 STORE 1 1 Phone 185 J' 1413 - .5-yux J:f'.A7'.!' ..A'l'.A'l'.A'.!'..A'.f!.'7'.I.7J.7'.A'f'.f' Z'fZ'f!7l7Af'.Af!7JV'.ffJ7J7!7l7JY!7J7J7.fZAf'.f7J7J7f S I N C L A I R SERVICE STATION James Thomasson, Propmetor Tire and Tube Vulcanizing Creaslng and Washing Phone 41F12 Compliments of HOCKMAN'S RADIO SHOP Middleburg Va '.7'.ff:f'.!' A 7 -'-'A 3' AXSIJ' AAAAA Af' A A 4 4 Q :1: 4 4 x 4 4 Q Q 4 4 Q 1 S Q 5 . E , Q Q 9 S E 21 5 S 5 - 5 3 l - S m 1 4 ff :I U 4 Q 4 N- 4 E 4: ,I 4 3 7' 2 4 'ft 153 FE 4 Q 0 2 4 s U, 0 4 I-1 Ez- . ,., H- W . S rn I UQ Q I 3 .1 Q 4 51 3 c: 4 S X : 'I' UJ : S va I U7 I I I Q ISP' . . x 1- 4 4 S m 4 4 Q fe 4 4 S 4 4 E 4 4 I I 1 4 4 - 18 4 4 I 1 4 Z Q I 4 1 4 z m Q 1 C5 I - Q R 5 4 E 2 -E 4 5 - It gf 2 S 5 4- S 4 x 5 E 4 fi 12 PU 5 4 13 S Q 2 4 5 Ps M 4 . - S Z Q' 1 '1 O 4 - 1 N. 5- as E . . ' 4 rn 'Q 4 ' 1 . . I 4 l 9 A A 1 S 5 5 ' , JJ'.f.7'.!.7'.!7'.f.7 .f.7'.Af'.!ff7.7J.7J'.7J:fJ.7'J7!7dff7'.f7Z'fA'fJ7A'f'.f7J7'.A'!J7.A'fJ7L'!!7J7Z'fJ7' ------:,------ '.7.7',!.7J..7J.7'..A'!:A7'.f7'.A7'.A7' A A A A AA7' A A A xxx-Sax ..f.V'.A'fA'f'.A7'.!Z!J.7J.7J.7'.!lfJ' .!7AfZ7JZAf!7A'fJ7J777JfJ7JJJ7ZfJ7JJZ'fZ'fZ'fJ7!J'J.7f W. A. BARNETT'S SONS Wholesale Confectioner 3 No. 115 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 3,-X-5-K-X.x-X-y-3-gy-X-X-X-X-sg.x.y.g.x,.y-gg53.1.111-1-xuymyvg--g.y.y-Q3.5.1.-yuX g.y.y-X-1.5,-X-5-1-yn Compliments of I THE RELIABLE STORE 2 N achman 8z Sh tfitters from head to foot for men, women and h'ld vw , .,,, - .x.y.'g.'g.x.g-'xxx Compliments of MRS. FLETCHER HARPER Compliments of RAYMOND E. PAIGE VINTON, VIRGINIA X-5.1.1-'S-X 'S-X-X'X-X-YS-YX-X,-X-x-X.vX.vX-X-XvXvX-X-X-X-X-X-xox- C Q L, L. LAWRENCE Hardware and Paints ulack, Proprietors F ds A Seeds A F H. 2 Lime 5 P It y d F m Supplies P ,,,,, ,,,, ,, -- ,,,, .ffl 1427 .x.x.x.xg-5. g.g.x.x.y.g.y.x.g.g.g.g.x.x.g.g.y.x,.-g.y.x,.x.x.x.s .'7.7'.4'! .A'f' .IA .4'f'.!f.Cf.CfJ7.f7J7A'f.!7Z'f.f?..l7'.ffx'fA'!'J.7.5f'.Ef.Cf.Cf JYCfZf!YJ?!7Z!'.!YJY!.7CfZ!J7f7J7A'f'.f7Z!'.!7ffJ7lYf .!.7'.!.7'J.VJ.V'.A'!'.!.7'.f..V'.A'!'.A'!'J.7'.f.b S, E 5 Q 4 S Compliments of : C0mplim6HfS of X 2 E s 2 LITTLEJOHN'S PHARMACY 5 THE LOUDOUN NEWS S Q S X -ad 2 gf X 1 S e Leesburg Virginia Leesburg Virginia ' 1 2 i 5 1 KEEP My ACCOUNT WITH THE 1 l 3 PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK E . : WHY DON'T YOU? I S Q FOUNDED 1888 3 S Q sae X S Q A Friend of The Schools S S Q ad A A S LEESBURG, VIRGINIA S Q S x,vJ',,,.CCCf,,, ,,,, .CCOCCCCOCCCCW.CCGCGCCCCCCCCCCGCCCCCCCCOOCGOOOCOGF C435 Q A 3 2 S 2 S Q X A S 2 A A A 3 X A A E A Q S S A S Q 2 X S ffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffff Q .A'f'.!7' v ,,, u0'- JY! ,... .f.7'.A'f' .f' ,,,,,, --vC-v0CC-- - ..!:!'.A'f!I!'.A7'.A'!'.A'f'.A7'.A'!'.A'.f'.A'I'.A7'.f' B 8 A GROCERY Groceries - Meats Fruits - Vegetables Phone 48 6 4 4 C 6 6 ALDIE MILL FEEDS SEEDS and FERTILIZER .A'f'.!.7'.f.7'.A'!'.!:!'.Af'.!.7'.A'!'.A'f'.4'f' .!.7'.!' MIDDLEBURG VIRGINIA GILBERT S SERVICE STATION Gasoline Motor Oils Tires and Tubes Confectlons Aldle Virginia Piedmont Feed Y5 Lumbe Corner The Plains Virginia Telephone 2161 Grains - Feed - Seed F ertlllzer Building Materials Paint and Hardware ALDIE VIRGINIA Farmer s Exchange Inc Grain Seeds Fertilizer Lime etc The Plains Virginia Telephone 2 Val Stieglitz Compliments A FRIEND .f:f'J.7J' J-777' .!.VJ' .!:fJ.7'.f2f'..!:f'f!JYCflfJYZfZ!ZfJ?Z!'.!YAfffZfffif!Y!V'.!7Z!X!Zf'J7Zf' J' .Eff .Cf .17 2 6 4 4 5 5 Z . Z Z ' K . Q - I I ' - . Q 33 - J . W 4 li Q 5 I 5 2 2 9 P F1 2 , J 3 5 1 S 2 1 x-x-x-xvx-'x-N.-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-X-x-x-x-x-vS.-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-'x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-vS vx-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x ' E 2 5 E S e 1 I 1 5 P 5 ? ' - I I ' ' 1 ' , ' . . ' ,. I 3 as I 4 . 11 as . 1 , 1: S I 2 , ' g 1 S5 S 'A ' 0 v 2 1 . . 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Sound-Safe-Strong Assets Over 51,250,000 x-Xa 1-X-1-1-gvg-Q-Q1-ing-g-1-y-x-x-y-x-g-x,.gvg-X-1-1-yu sagueg seg pue 09110913 Q a sauiqoepq iiugqselu s.1a1ez-JH .IBIBNX 1oH sogpeg Aalsoxg s.Io1B.195g.1Jag .IOIBUIAIQH NO.LHSY 93 HE-'II'I'IOD rx:Suxui,sisLQxsQaXnxvxuXnxnQuilxlxuxnxixoxoxixnxaxixnxuxlxuxnxainxixtxuxuxnxnxuxuxaiu 1 A M Compliments of ' ' S THE BLUE RIDGE HERALD M , W k. CI th Only Newspaper Published In en S 0' my 0 es I THE FERTILE LoUDoUN VALLEY Our Specialty Phone 5211 2 Purcellville Virginia - - - .ff , , .fff , .f , fff , fff- ,,v-,,, fffffffff fffffffffffffffff C45 ,ii .A'f!7'.A f!fCfJ:f'.A'fA'lJ7'.!.7ffZ'fJ.Z.ffA'f.ff!7' lf' .471 ff ' J' .!:ff' .!.7'.4'f'.f.7'.A7'..f.7' .fff -f .f.7'.f' .f7 .f7'.A7'.A'ff.7A'!'.A'fJ7'.!.7'.A'!'.A7'.A'!'..A'fJ7f ..!:!J.7'.!7'.A7'.f.V' .!.7 .f.7'.!?f'.f.7'.!.7'.47J.7'.A'ff.7'J7Z'!ZfZfZf.6fJ?Z'!'.6IZf'.f!J7AfJ7A7Zf'.!7.!7'.f7J?f .f.7'.47'.f' ' t BEN FRANKLIN STORES W. Rfrh p p' . V... BUCKS SERVICE STATION Authorized Pontiac Dealers 2771 Compliments of LEESBURG LAUNDRY Leesburg Virglnla Armfield Harrison 8 Thomas All Typ ofI Vg WHITE S DEPARTMENT STORE Headquarters For Teen Agers Leesburg Virginia EDWARD S DRUG STORE Leesburg Virginia CASE MOTOR COMPANY Buick Dealers Pho e 5152 cell '11 V' ' ' J T HIRST 8 CO Inc Telephone 30 Leesburg Virginia C R Lytle Jewelry Lee bu g V gm a TALLY HO BEAUTY SHOP etW also Hele C t C1dWve Compliments of LEESBURG RESTAURANT LEESBURG VIRGINIA Compliments of Southern States SBIVICC LEESBURG VIRGINIA .!.V .!'.V ..f.V .A'!'.f.7'.K!'.!.V .4'f'.A'!'.A'f' J.7'.!.V .4'f!.7'.A'fZ'fJ:f.A'f'.!.7'.A fA'f.A l'.A !'.A'f .A'!'.A'!'.A'!'.!.7'.!' 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Suggestions in the Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) collection:

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 51

1947, pg 51

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 34

1947, pg 34

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 39

1947, pg 39

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 32

1947, pg 32

Aldie High School - Whip Yearbook (Aldie, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 7

1947, pg 7

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