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Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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ID ATA ALDERSHm HIGH S fW0O BURLIU ONTARIO VOLUME III CONTENTS mm ' terras PO Box 2270 Fort Wayne, (N 46801-2270 Principal ' s Message 3 Faculty 4 Secretaries, Custodians, School Nurse. . 7 Leonidata Staff 8 Message from the Editor 9 Orphans sponsored by A.H.S 10 Graduates 11 Seniors Classes 29 38 Activities 47 The Lion ' s Den 48 The Lion ' s Roar 49 The Science Club 50 The Chess Club 51 Girls ' Athletic Ass ' n 52 Boys ' Athletic Ass ' n 52 Literary 53 Sports 57 Football 58 Boys ' Basketball 60 Track and Field 62 Wrestling 64 Cheerleaders 65 Girls ' Midget Basketball 65 Jr. Sr. Girls ' Basketball 66 Gymnastics 67 Girls ' Volleyball 68 Ski Team, Special Awards 69 Ald-0-lympics 70 Social 71 Social Committee 72 Camelot 73 Dances 74 Commencement 75 Band 76 Drama 78 Library Staff 79 Advertising Index 80 Advertising Division Page 81 PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE The publication of this issue of the Yearbook, Leonidata, marks the fifth year of the history of this school. Most of the members of this year ' s graduating classes have received their whole secondary school education at Aldershot. I congratulate the graduates upon their successes and extend to them every good wish for the future. Perhaps it is fitting, on a fifth anniversary, to look back to our founding year and to consider our growth and progress. In September, 1961, this school opened with an enrolment of 413 students in the General Course of grades 9, 10, and 11. In 1962, the programme was extended to grade 12, with a total of 537 students. In 1963, we registered our first grade 13 class, and had a school population of 598. In 1964, we introduced the Four Year Business and Commerce Course, and our enrolment climbed to 686. In 1965, the opening of a twelve room addition enabled us to offer the Four Year and Five Year Science and Technology and the Five Year Business and Commerce Courses. Our enrolment rose to 780 students. Due to the extension of Commercial and Technical facilities, we are able to give courses designed for students who have a wide range of interests and abilities. Each student should now be able to register in a course where interest, enthusiasm and hard work will be rewarded by success and the happiness of achievement. ALDERSHOTS VICE- PRINCIPAL ... Mr. McBurney Mr. Baxter Miss Berry Mr. Bradstock Mr. Cantlon Miss Chris Mr. Clark f% 0 4h Mr. Coggins Miss Coghill Mrs. Galvin SI A?? ' Semper ubi, sub ubi. . . ' Quiet, Camels! Profile of Sophistication. ' 65- ' 66 Mr. Kitchen Miss Klodt Mr. Lewis Miss Lyons Mr. Mallory Mr. McGuire Ed. note — We had to cen sor the tight white shorts This impartial Santa must be married! Mr, Reid Mr. Roberts Mr. Salamon Mr. Smith Mr. Stefani Mr. Walsh Mr. Watts Mrs. Welstead Mr. Wigle This staff finds physical exertion is cheaper than Metrecal. ...SECRETARIES Miss Love, Miss Evans and Mrs. Hubbard are bright and alert every morning to check over those authentic notes. ...CUSTODIANS Our three friendly janitors — Mr. Ruhrmann, Mr. VandenBosch and Mr. Sousa. ...SCHOOL NURSE Ever-patient and ever-smiling, Mrs. Marshall is always ready to listen to Aldershot ' s hypochon- driacs. -w 4B JFrnMn n,r c I? ' ' ' ° ' ' Spedaliere, Mr. Kitchen, Staff Advisor; btLUND ROW: Susan Thomas, Layout; Marcia Mones, Editor; Mamie McKee Business. THIRD ROW: Barbe Coome, Photography; Paul Perell, Advertising ' ' 66 is a banner year for our school. Those students entering grade nine in 1961, Aldershot ' s founding year, will graduate. Thus, as you leaf through the pages of this book, keep in mind that another milestone in the history of Alder- shot High School has been reached. A theme of books, representing the desire to learn, has been maintained throughout Leonidata to serve as a constant remin- der. I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. Oliver Wendell Holmes very aptly expressed the thought which has motiv- ated the yearbook staff. An illustrated contents page, photographs of student artwork, a more imaginative layout, and an increased number of candids of stu- dents and staff, are indeed signs of pro- gress. To accommodate these innova- tions, the yearbook has been enlarged by sixteen pages. As the school grows, as our experience broadens, so does Leonidata. I offer my sincerest thanks to all those who gave so generously of their time and effort and all those who contri- buted the photographs and literary pieces which made this book possible. MARCIA MONES Editor Sandra Fleming; Stuart Beale. Honorary Editor; Rick Pouting, Gary Dingledine, Photography. OUR ORPHANS ANNA MARIA PISANI My dearest friends, I have been very pleased with the money you have sent to me and you cannot imagine my happiness to have everything for the school now. I bought a new pinafore too and am not able to thank you enough. My dear friends, I am enclosing a picture (together with my brothers). You will see my sister Paola (who is attending grade 11), my brother Fausto who is five years old and my sister Fiorella, who is only three years old and is a very pretty girl. I hope you will be happy to meet them too. My brothers and sisters are sending you their best regards and fond kisses. Hugs and kisses from your affectionate god-child. ANNA MARIA PISANI My dear friends, With great joy I have received the money you sent me. It came very useful as Father at the moment is not working. YOU are a great help to me and my Mother spends the money in the best way. I am glad to say the results of the first were good. I am sure you will be happy about it too. My parents send you best regards and many thanks. My little brothers send you kisses (you have seen them on the photo). A big kiss from your friend. ANNA MARIA PISANI LEE SUNG JIP My dear sponsors, I wish you a Happy New Year, and you will have all you wish in the New Year. I did not forget to pray for your being richly blessed on the Christmas Day. We are happy, and I thank you very much for the sponsorship grant of 2,500 won this time again. It enabled me to have winter clothes and winter things. I will be in grade 5th, and will be busy for the entrance examination of middle term. My school is closed for winter vacation. I plan to study hard during the vacation. As you help me, so I will try not make you disappointed of me. I think of you much. I pray that you are well as ever. With love, LEE SUNG JIP My dear sponsors. It is lovely spring days here in Korea. How are you all, dear sponsors? We all are well and I re- ceived the sponsorship grant of 2,510 won and this time with the money I could be prepared with all my necessary school things for the new school year which has begun from the 1st March. I am now in grade 5th at school. I will have to study hard for the examination of middle school two years later. My sister is in grade 6th, and she will enter middle school next year. You are helping us, and we get along happily. We thank you very much and we will not forget. Soon my school goes on a school picnic before the spring is over. Praying for your good health, I close here for now. With love from, LEE SUNG JIP 10 m I ' .0 KEY ACT. AMB. P.P. H.P. F.R. Activity Ambition Pet Peeve High point of school career Final Remarks BRIAN ALDERSON ACT. Non-participant AMB. To leave this place. P.P. Too numerous to mention. H.P. Day 4 F.R. Who said Trig. was easy. BRIAN ANDERSON ACT. Track and Field, trying Physics prob- lems. AMB. B.A., Sc. Degree P.P. Gr. XII Latin H.P. Passing XII Latin F.R. See you in college (I hope). DON ANDERSON ACT. Doing nothing. AMB. Engineer P.P. English Essays H.P. Passing Grade 13? LINDA ANTHONY ACT. Dorset ' s Muskoka GO-GO. AMB. To pass Trig. P.P. The little red mustang with bucket seats. H.P. Getting out. F.R. Censored MARIE ARSTIKAITIS ACT. Non-participant AMB. Being 007 for ' 65 board exams again. P.P. Lion ' s Roar typists who can ' t spell my last name. H.P, Study classes in III. F.R. If at first you don ' t succeed pack it in! CHARLES ATKINS ACT. Sr. Basketball AMB. Maroon and Grey Homecoming Weekend. P.P. Class exercises in Algebra. H.P. 64-65 Sr. B Ball Champions. F.R. May we go together! 12 NANCY BABCOCK ACT. Writing to a certain Air Force boy. AMB. Passing XIII French. P.P. Being called Shorty and Boo . H.P. Leaving (I hope!) F.R. What an experience! STU BEAL ACT. Science Club, JANUS, Stage techni- cian. AMB. To remove fluorine burn from right forearm. P.P. Explosive fluorine compounds. H.P. Possession of ANL ' s $30 million synchrotron. IAN BELL ACT. Claim wire wheels. P.P. Rebuilding TR-3 transmission. AMB. After July. H.P. Not yet. MARTIN BENTLEY ACT. None! AMB. Pass Grade Xm P.P. Homework H.P. Passing XII Latin F.R. Good-bye. ACT. Patty Green ' s P.P. Last call H.P. Field Day 63-64 F.R. You drive— you ' re too drunk to sing. DENISE BLONDEAU ACT. Redoing physiqs assignments. AMB. McMaster P.P. Formula cards H.P. What? When? F.R. Beware algebra . 13 KAREN BROOKS Pt. Writing long letters to B.C. AMB. U. of T. P.P. Refrigerated German H.P. Trial by Jury and H.M.S. Pinafore. F.R. Hello Toronto. PAT BRUSEY AMB. Organic chemist. Pt. Observing people. H.P. Science Fair F.R. I am, therefore I should think. DENNIS CALDWELL Pt. Swimming AMB. Graduate P.P. 6th-year courses. H.P. Leaving F.R. Au revoir. JANE CAMPBELL Pt. OKE, Latin Authors hwk., Tom. AMB. To learn to drive a Harley Davidson, P.P. People who call W.D.H.S. a farmer ' s school. H.P. Dec. 8 65 F.R, So long air holes. JANIS CAMPBELL Pt. Just about every- thing. AMB. To get R.N. and Mrs. P,P. People who know you only when they want something. H.P. Leaving F.R. BYEf JANIS CECLIONI Pt. Please help me with my homework, Stuart? I don ' t londer- stand it. AMB. Not to be here next year. P.P. Physics toys that don ' t work. H.P. Sept. 19 64 F.R. Bonne chance mes amis! SUE CHILMAN Pt. Surviving from weekend to weekend, OKE, Fred. AMB. To enlist in the air force. P.P. Intentional and unintentional parking lot collisions. H.P. Dec. 8 65 F.R. Arividirty. WAYNE CHISHOLM ACT. None I can men- tion here. AMB. Become a petty thief, the money is lousy but the hours are good. P.P. Never had a pet peeve but once had a puppy. H.P. Receiving my 7-year pin. LORRAINE COCKWELL Pt. H.M.S. Pinafore and G.A.A. AMB. Medical Lab Technician P.P. Physics texts without answers to problems. H.P. Getting JE to the Commencement Dance. BARB COOME Pt. O.K.E., Yearbook, and doing as little as possible. AMB. To grow 1,000 dollar bills. P.P. Bubble gummers. H.P. Weekends CAROL COOPER ACT. Band, Library, curling. AMB. To pass XIII P.P. Band 7:30 in the morning. H.P. Passing a Fr. test. F.R. Good-bye; I hope. DAVID COTTERELL ACT. Band, Operetta, Lion ' s Roar, chess. AMB. MUS. BAC. P.P. Being called Dicot by Jamie. H.P. Mr. Mallory ' s mistake. PAUL COUTURE AMB. The easy way out. P.P. S uspicious teachers. H.P. 13 red cowboy hats. F.R. One of our hats is missing. WARREN CROSBIE ACT. Golf, B.A.A. AMB. Phys. Ed. P.P. Mr. 210 H.P. Answered 210 question right, Oct. 14 65. F.R. No comment. RICK CULLIS Pt. Skiing, cars, star- ing at my Trig. book. AMB. Easy street. P.P. Loosing drags to Honda 50 ' s. H.P. Gord ' s rusted frames. F.R. Stop, I want to get off. TIM CULVER Pt. Chess Club, Geometry hwk. AMB. To be filthy rich. P.P. Cross-eyed ele- phants, little women, etc. H.P. Being 6 ' 1 in Grade 9. F.R. Going on to higher persecution. MARG DAMUDE Pt. Band, choir, Ghana Club, Hi-C, Bolton Camp. AMB. Social worker P.P. Being called Maggie (ugh). H.P. On time for 7:30 band practice. F.R. Au Revoir. GRAEME DAVIES Pt. Band AMB. To pass a Physics test. P.P. Exams H.P. Passing Gr. XII Algebra. BEVERLY DAVY Pt. Eating chocolate in French class. AMB. To prove the French are not always right! P.P. Mr. Robert ' s Guidence classes. H.P. Passing XII Chemistry. RALPH DICKIE Pt. Basketball, fast cars. AMB. Money counter at Fort Knox. P.P. Monday-Thursday, 327 Chevy ' s. H.P. Passing XII Algebra. F.R. What are you doing Sat. nt. ? GARY DOWNS Pt. Walking to school with my eyes closed. AMB. This question does not ring a bell. P.P. Useless school rules, answering Fr. questions. H.P. Dropping Geog., Latin, etc. SUSAN DYNES Pt. Skiing? Golf? David. AMB. Nursing P.P. Algebra (YECH). H.P. New Years ' 66. 16 MARY FILMAN Pt. Singing folk songs to shepherds in Mongolia. AMB. To write Mr. Diefenbaker ' s obituary. P.P. Cheerleaders DOUG GILCHRIST ACT. Chasing Snow Bunnies Lakewood. AMB. Sample Swedish morality. P.P. Cantlon ' s Quiz Cards H.P. Completing Aldershot ' s 6-Yr. Honour Course. F.R. Goodbye. MARGO FOX ACT. Skiing AMB. To pass Algebra. P.P. Stampeding Grade Niners. H.P. New York ' 65 ti4t JIM FRASER ACT. Swimming instructor at Y . AMB. To finish a Physics exp. in class time. P.P. 118 H.P. Getting through first week of Grade 13. F.R. Flunk! GUY GIANNINI ACT. B.A.A. award system. AMB. Chemist, get Mr. Johnson a Learn-To- Draw set. P.P. Clean up after Football games. H.P. Jr. Football ' 64 BOB GRAYDON AMB. Toilet-seat salesman. P.P. 21-yr. age limit H.P. Called down to office 4 times in one week. F.R. Good-bye cruel world! GEORGE GUEST ACT. None P.P. None--I like all pets. AMB. To be the King of Canada. F.R. Long live the King! CAROL HALL Pt. Football, hockey, wrestling, occasionally cheerleading. AMB. To teach swim- ming at the Y . H.P. Dropping Home Ec. F.R. Not for a while I hope. GORD HALL Pt. Building a sports racing car. AMB. Finish my car. P.P. RUST H.P. Biology class. F.R. Hurry up June 29th. LINDA HALL Pt. Students ' Council, getting money from the class. AMB. Private secretary. P.P. Niners , small mirrors. H.P. Making like an Indian ' 63, Xmas 64. BILL HAZELTON ACT. Royal Military College Graduate. ACT. Students ' Council, Sr. B-Ball. P.P. Discovery exercises. H.P. Passing a dis- covery exercise. MIKE HEDDEN Pt. Ghana Club, Chess Club, Bowling, hwk., Students ' Council. AMB. I wish I knew. P.P. C.L.B. ' s I think it ' s obvious. H.P. 2-yrs. as S.C. Treasurer. 18 SUE HENDRIE Pt. I ' ll never tell. AMB. Harvard P.P. Warts H. P. 17 red cowboy hats. F.R. I ' m fagged. KATHY HENSON Pt. Dorset ' s Muskoka Go-Go. AMB. To pass chemistry. P.P. The little red Mustang ' s back seat. H.P. Leaving F.R. See you in ' 66- ' 67. NANCY HEYWOOD Pt. Working, working, working . . . AMB. To get my Reg. N. and Mrs. P.P. People who don ' t smile. H.P. Passing XII French and XIII Physics. F.R. Smile. GORD HOPPA Pt. Drama, sports band, driving to Toronto. AMB. Medicine at U. of T. P.P. Friday night traffic going to Toronto. H.P. Mr. Clark ' s Biology classes. LARRY HUGHES ACT. Smashing up V.W. ' s. AMB. Tap turner. P.P. Everything F.R. That ' s final. JANE IRVINE AMB. Nursing in Montreal. P.P. None H.P. Ten years from now — Leader of my own oop hah hah band . F.R. No. You wouldn ' t believe it. GAYLE JOHNSON Pt. Gr. 12 Chemistry? AMB. Any University that will have me. P.P. Boys who work shifts. H.P. Travelling Europe ' 65. F.R. Europe ' 66 I hope. DOTTIE KARR Pt. You ' ll never know. AMB. Bowling Green State U. H.P. Europe ' 65 P.P. Frogs and toads. F.R. I thought it was 18 red cowboy hats. 19 PETER KEWLEY ACT. Placating reptiles. AMB. To learn to do homework in the pool hall. P.P. Too many spares? H.P. 15 red cowboy- hats? RICK KITCHEN AMB. Operetta, band, dance band, Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orch., Flamboro Speedway. AMB. Medicine P.P. Hondas with more than 55cc. H.P. Receiving Gr. XII diploma after 6 yrs. F.R. C ' est fini! MARY JO KELLY ACT. Yearbook, Social Committee. AMB. Nurse, Europe. P.P. Grade XIII privileges . H.P. June ' 66 F.R. Tempus fugit. MAUREEN KELTER ACT. OPP twirling AMB. R.N., MRS. Degree P.P. People who don ' t like Joe Zuger. H.P. June ' 66, Home Room— 210. F.R. Respect we owe; love we give. MIKE LANSBURY ACT. Rebelling AMB. To be a rebel. P.P. Teachers who fight rebellion. H.P. Mr. McKenna smiled at me. F.R. I hate school. STEPHANIE LAYFIELD ACT. Homework and Research Essays. AMB. Nursing P.P. Dusty reference libraries. H.P. Grade 13, finally! F.R. It ' s been great! RON LAKING ACT. Science Club, Drama. AMB. Pass Algebra; Medicine at U.W.O. P.P. C.L.B. ' s I think it ' s obvious that ... H.P. Still being anticipated. F.R. What ' s easy, Mr. Salamon? PAUL LAMBSHEAD ACT. Band, Football. AMB. Stay awake in Arnie ' s class. P.P. 6 days in a week. H.P. 4 years of Utopia under ? 20 DIANE LEES ACT. Cheerleader. AMB. MRS. at Western. P.P. Teachers who expect me to be like B.L. H.P. Europe, ' 65 F.R. And I thought 13 would be easy . . . DAVID LOCKE ACT. Drama, make-up, Skiing. AMB. To complete education quickly. P.P. Lousy skiing seasons. Mr. Clark and comedy class. F.R. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! DAVID LINDLEY ACT. Skiing and activities nondescript AMB. To avoid con- formity. P.P. Authority H.P. Graduation F.R. Smile, they ' ll wonder what you ' ve done ... GORD LOOMES ACT. W.B. AMB. To pass Grade 13 math. P.P. Math teachers. H.P. Dropping French. F.R. Do unto others and then cut out! MAUREEN LUMMIS ACT. Waiting patiently until 3:17 (?). AMB. To learn Geo- metry formulas for Mr. 210. H.P. Was there one? P.P. French classes. F.R. Vive la France-- without Mr. J. PATTI LUMSDEN ACT. Cheerleading, Sorority, skiing. AMB. Yale P.P. Age limits H.P. 16 red cowboy hats. F.R. So long, Warts! LYNDA McALPINE ACT. Operating Volks- wagen dealership. AMB. MRS., specialized teacher. P.P. Interminable length of AHS red tape. H.P. Cheerleading for victorious 64-65 Sr. B-ball team. BOB McCRAE ACT. Sh-sh-sh-sh AMB. The world. P.P. Leather ham- burgers and french fLies, H.P. 14 red cowboy hats. F.R. Who WAS Alexander Graham Kawalachuk? ANDRIAN MARKOWIAK ACT. Asking did any- one get that physics problem? AMB. Agent for Smersh. P.P. Geometry after lunch. H.P. Overcoming low point—Grade 13! F.R. Abolish Grade 13. ANDREA MAURICE ACT. Cheerleading, Psychoanalizing my neurotic friends. P.P. Cheerleaders who don ' t know what a first down is. AMB. Psychology at McMaster. TOM McFADDEN AMB. Chemical Engineer. ACT. Car Club P.P. Long day 3 one period! H.P. First period. Day 3. F.R. Hope to leave!! MARNIE McKEE AMB. To be smarter than the computer I ' m gonna build. P.P. Wasting good paper to wrap my gum in. H.P. Discovering Cole ' s Geometry Solutions. F.R. School should supply special paper to wrap used gum. LORNE McMillan ACT. Doing homework. AMB. University P.P. Homework H.P. Passing Grade 13. F.R. See you in loniversity, next year. MARTA MIDDLETON ACT. Room 100 on Tuesdays as Scutter- bup . AMB. Nursing at McMaster. P.P. Grade 13 Algebra! H.P. H.M.S. Pinafore, ' 65? F.R. See you next year? MAR CIA MONES ACT. Yearbook Editor, skiing, OKE, swimming, homework. AMB. To be a mathematician. P.P. Math! H.P. June, 1970 F.R. Queen ' s, here I come! JOAN MORRIS ACT. Trying to do homework. AMB. R.N. P.P. School H,P. Weekends JANE MURRAY ACT. Writing my Obit. AMB. Lab. Technician P.P. All nine papers in one year. H.P. Having someone finish my Obit, for me. F.R. Can I write the same one next year? wwts- ' .-- . M GAIL NATTRESS ACT. G.A.A., Social Committee. AMB. U. of T., Rome. P.P. History! H.P. Graduation? F.R. Arrivederci! MARY ANN NORTON ACT. G.A.A., Operetta, writing letters to Kingston. AMB. Director of Nurs- ing without a B.Sc.N. P.P. Stampeding Grade Niners. H.P. Graduation F.R. It ' s been fun! LYNN PALLETT ACT. Trips to O.C.A.; studying, Paul. AMB. MRS. degree. P.P. 13 Exams. H.P. Summer school ' 65 F.R. But Mother, I wasn ' t meant to be a lawyer. 23 BROCK PARKIN ACT. Folk singing. AMB. Wear a beard to A.H.S. P.P. Shaving H.P. Being sent home to shave. DON PLEWMAN AMB. Make a million bucks, purely by accident. P.P. Red tape and Can. government (it ' s a joke!) ACT. Water-skiing, hockey, guitar, motor- cycling. RICK PONTING ACT. Track, Yearbook, Ghana Club. AMB. Law School P.P. Mechanical errors in Maths. H.P. Feb. 5 65, ' 65 Field Day. CAROL PORTEOUS ACT. Operetta, Year- book. AMB. High School English Teacher. P.P. Stuffy classrooms H.P. Trial By Jury F.R. Please open the window. LARRY POWELL ACT. Sports? P.P. Automatic Sixes H.P. New York ' 65 F.R. Colour Me Tired. HEIDI PROCEE ACT. Weekends at Waterloo. AMB. To own a red XKE. P.P. A certain boy with a black TR. IIL H.P. Passing Grade XII Latin. F.R. Que sera, sera. ERIC RAAB ACT. Duck Hunting AMB. Finish 13 P.P. Ducks that won ' t fall. H.P. Passing French and Geog. F.R. Good-bye. JANET ROBERTS ACT. G.A.A., Christ ' s Ambassador, piano playing. AMB. Nursing in Scot- land or McMaster. P.P. Waiting for crowded Blue-birds. . F.R. Proverbs 3:6. WAYNE ROBERTS ACT. B-ball, T. and F. and Lord Knows. AMB. Test Pilot for Seagrams. P.P. Latin, small dogs. H.P. Acceptance to U.S.C. — University of Southern Comfort. JOHN SCHWENGER ACT. Ultimate doom daydreaming. AMB. Learning P.P. Teachers H.P. Ten years from now. F.R. Still learning. CAROL SHAW ACT. Living, school, YWCA, YMCA, swim- ming. AMB. Social Worker P.P. People who don ' t smile. H.P. If I succeed. F.R. A change is as good as a rest. CRAIG SHONK ACT. B-ball, F-ball, talking to policemen. AMB. To become an undertaker and rebury Latin. P.P. The lure of the law to teenage drivers. H.P. Getting a permanent. F.R. Catch you later! DAVE SHILLINGFORD ACT. You name it. AMB. RCMP officer P.P. Ducks that won ' t fall. H.P. Being on a loos- ing Football Team. F.R. That ' s All, Folks! CRAIG SIMPSON ACT. Leaving school at 9:45 on days 1-6. AMB. To shorten the school day. H.P. Field Day 1964. F.R. It ' s been a long year. 23 ALAN SMALE ACT. Catching up on History notes. AMB. To become broad- minded and think big! P.P. History notes. F.R. Adieu! GREGG SPINKS ACT. Students ' Council, Council, B.A.A. AMB. Finish Grade XIII in one year. P.P. Grade XIII H.P. Getting out (I hope!) F.R. ... if at first you don ' t succeed . . . GORD SNOWDON ACT. Leaving after 3rd period. AMB. Shorter work week. P.P. Poor intonation. F.R. Unintelligible. LOIS SUTHERLAND ACT. Drama, homework. AMB. Teaching P.P. Weekdays H.P. Passing XII History. F.R. History XII for- ever! RON SWIRE ACT. Anything in the summer. AMB. To invent instant education. P.P. Dictatorships H.P. Graduation 1966?? F.R. HELP! JOHANNE TIMBS ACT. Trying to pass exams. AMB. Nurse P.P. Bells that ring at 8:50 A.M. H.P. Getting out! F.R. Down with Exams! MARIKE TORENVLIET ACT. H.A.S. AMB. Mrs. Doctor H.A.S. P.P. No letter today. H.P. June ' 66 (I hope). F.R. London here I come (N.B. Pun). SANDRA TRITTON ACT. Yearbook-see the cover? AMB. McMaster here I come! P.P. Where ' s the 6th period spare today? H.P. Commencement ' 66 (I hope!), New York ' 65. F.R. Why did I take Trig? ? ? LEE TWIBLE AMB. Medical Tech- nologist P.P. Crowded halls. H.P. June? F.R. Good-bye and Good Luck. BARRY TYLER ACT. I ' ll never tell. AMB. Passing Math. P.P. Being the last of a Dying Race. H.P. Getting out. F.R. Good Luck . Thanks I ' ll Need it. JURA VENCKEVICIUS ACT. Lithuanian Choir, Folk Dancing. AMB. Pharmacist P.P. Understanding Physics. H.P. Passing French and English. F.R. Good-bye Thirteen. BETH WAITE ACT. Band, piano, OKE. AMB. Nursing (MRS). P.P. Guys that call me Florence. H.P. Europe ' 65. CHRIS WALLHOUSE ACT. Doing problems in Maths and Sciences. AMB. Engineer P.P. Making problems more difficult than they are. H.P. Passing Xm? F.R. It was hard work, but! LYNNE WARFORD ACT. Dragging ' 64 Parisiennes, skiing. AMB. To win. P.P. People who spell my name Lynn . H.P. Variety shows. F.R. See ya on the slopes! ' , ♦ - 27 DAVE WESTBROOK ACT. Noncomformity AMB. XIII in three. P.P. Egor H.P. Dropping Latin. F.R. . . . ! is the only answer. CAROL WILSON ACT. Gym, Wayne, cheerleading, Wayne, skiing, Wayne . . , AMB. Child care worker. P.P. Graveyards. F.R. We smite her on the head with mighty blows, she died you know, but she did not die alone. RICHARD WOOD ACT. Building an A FX Consul. AMB. Marry into money. P.P. Age limit 21. H.P. Beating a Honda 55. TIM WOODS ACT. Studying. AMB. To become a bright light and go ohm! P.P. Slow females. H.P. Throwing Mr. Bradstock into showers. F.R. RE-MARK; RE ' MARK; RE-MARK. ACT. Resting P.P. 46 min. Hist, periods, loosing moccasins at F-ball games. H.P. 1964-65 with C,F., N.A., E.H. F.R. Why? Why not? RAY MERCER ACT. Band, Ev. P.P. Morning hall patrol. AMB. Pass XII History, F.R. They were 4 good years. 28 undergrads: TOM ADKINS KEN ALLEN KAREN ALLETSON GORD ANDERSON KEN ASHWORTH PATTI ATKINS DAVE BALAN BILL BANKS DAVE BARR LINDA BEARE DOUG BENTLEY RICK BERIAULT 29 JIM BROWN WARREN BROWN NEIL BULLOCK JANETTE BURNS PETER BUXTON MICHELE CALLAN MARNIE CHILDS BOB COLE 1 m,M JOHN CONLIN EILEEN COOPER KAREN CRAIG BOB CRICHTON SUSAN CULLIS ROD DALE 30 PEGGY DREW GLENN DUNCAN MAXINE DYACK LOU EASTWOOD LINDA FIELD ERNA FILMAN DONNA FINKLEMAN CHRIS FINLAY SANDY FLEMING GAIL FOSTER TIA GIANNINI BOB GILLESPIE KATHY GLOBE TED GORDON RAY GOWLAND JAY GRAYDON WENDY HALL BRIAN HALLIS JANICE HAMPEL SUSAN HARDY 32 JUDY HARTLEIB LYNN HICKS MICHAELA HILDER RICK HIRST ANDREW KISS 4. h JUDY JACOB JANE ANN JOHNSON GEORDIE KEEBER ROSS KENT VUK KOVINICH LARRY KRETZ BRIAN LAINE JANET LAWRENCE FRANCES LAYFIELD BOB LEWIS FLOYD LINNEN 33 TOM LITTLE BOB LIVESEY GINNY LOCK KEITH LONG ERIC LUXON PETER MacLENNEN BILL MAGEE BROCK MARSHALL MIKE MATTHEWS JOYCE MATTICK JENNIFER MAURICE ROBERT McCOURT DANNY McCRAE f-DKE MORGAN DARRELL NAMETH LINDA NEELANDS 34 GARY PRICE MARLIN RATCLIFFE DOUG REID LUCY RICHARDSON CRAIG SHARPE PADDY SCHAFFTER 35 LARRY SHERMAN WES SHIPOWICK ERIC SMITH JOHN SOULE JOYCE SPEDALIERE ROMEY SQUIRE ANDY STAPLETON ABSENT: CHARLES RUST PHILLIP RICE BARB CASKIE SUSAN THOMAS NANCY TORRENCE 36 ALLAN VERI LARRY VIEN RICK WATKINSON ABSENT: LYNDA CARTER JEFF WILSON GINI WILSON ELSPETH WRIGHT 37 CLASSES llA FRONT ROW: S. Wall, M. DeVos, C. Bell, E. Royal, L. Dolan, M. Plastow, L. Spalding, J. Whitford, C. Shwick. SECOND ROW: P. Hartog, W. Bowden, D. Goodrow, M. Lathe, J. Pegg, S. Lumsden, D. Aback, K. Mark. THIRD ROW: T. Morris, J. Smith, D. McLarty, A. Tacoma, R. Moody, L. Watanabe, M. Smolinier, G. Pesowski. BACK ROW: P. Goodrow, P. Anthony, J. Porteous, P. Vaughan, D. Lawson, J. Brown, S. Hulse. ••«;»•»■«,! IIB FRONT ROW: N. Folkard, C. Neil, B. Smits, J. Brimer, J. Lansbury, B. Derbecker, L. Johnson. SECOND ROW: G. Robbins, S. Watts, M. Keenan, M. Edwards, L. Seagrove, E. McClure, B. Woodward, L. Parent. BACK ROW: L. Lanza, M. Harris, B. Batenchuk, R. Saunders, B. Lewis, K. Wilson, D. Johnson, M. Eckebrecht. 38 lie FRONT ROW: C. Page, H. Vander Meulen, S. Henderson, F. Knapman, M. Murphy, J. Fraser, C. Patterson. SECOND ROW: L. Buselle, C. Soucie, S. Downs, C. Lummis, M. Fogwell, B. West. THIRD ROW: 0. McLeod, D, Fischer, N. Neelands, I. Lawrence, B. Ferguson, P. Perell, B. Linnen, B. Cudmore. BACK ROW: C. Fraser, F. Schien, C. Lenz, A. Zimmerman, M. Gillies, R. Vanlmpe, G. Langhorne. ABSENT: J. Miller, W. MacCan. IID FRONT ROW: E. Elirdge, B. Green, J. Scheffield, D. Gray, L. Dowling, M. Robertson, S. Brennan, L. Swanson. THIRD ROW: B. Marrs, B. McLean, S. Hewitt, G. Hilton, J. Reid, J. Woods, J. Manchee, R. Seeley, R. Sacks. THIRD ROW: D. Rennie, D. Wilson, D. Smith, B. Joyce, S. Rennie, E. Walley, D. Taylor, B. Martlin, BACK ROW: B. Cooke, A. McKee, P. Sheldrake, J. Hazel, M. Hallas, P. Singleton, V. Lisson, J. Sikora. 39 lOA FRONT ROW: L. Swick, N. Webber, M. Norton, K. MacLennan, S. Sway, C. Childs, A. Blain, P. Kershaw, K. Craig. SECOND ROW: R. Mifflin, J. Gilbert, B. Blaney, P. Wood, B. Lawrence, G. Cormick, J. Ashworth, D. Main, A. Waxman. THIRD ROW: G. Coates, D, Simms, M. Epstein, B. Blaney, D. Pitts, G. Healey, P. Williams, B. Love, T. Maiden. BACK ROW: H. Mitchell, D. Thomas, J. Royle, G. Proctor, G. Reid, D. Dodgson, C. Thompson, G. Greer. ABSENT: F. Calzonetti. lOB FRONT ROW: C. Keighly, S. Lummis, A. Roscoe, S. Lemmon, P. Czukar, L. Hazel, M. Job, J. Legere, D. Hewson. SECOND ROW: A. Galletti, B. Meakins, D. Roberts, D. Marck, N. Davidson, L. McPhee, J. Sturgeon, S. Simpson, D. Klein. THIRD ROW: I. Soutar, L. Lambo, D. Baylis, P. Wheaton, W. Thurlow, T. Briggs, G. Westwood, B. O ' Rouke, M. Foster. FOURTH ROW: B. Somerville, M. Neil, R. Crichton, P. Hendrie, T. Anthony, B. Kealey, B, Morris, B. Hayter, D. Gordon. ABSENT: B. Easterbrook, L. Worrall. 40 IOC FRONT ROW: E. Anthony, B. French, D. Callan, D. Herd, J. Chilman, M. Hewitt, S. Laine. SECOND ROW: M. O ' Neil, L. Heywood, H. Durrant, J. Weiss, J. Kretz, C. Jenner, H. Broughall, D. Bartlett, B. Thomson, J. Allen. THIRD ROW: D. Piggot, P. Sweeney, G. Smith, M. Dube, C. Ecker, A. Sherin, G. Field, H. Maier, C. Cudmore. BACK ROW: B. Hunt, P. Munger, B. Street, B. Lovell, N, Gallo, B. Taylor, B. Hazel, I. Hendrie, J. Arsenault. ABSENT: L. Vien, J. Babcock, P. Hall. lOD FRONT ROW: S. Pemberton, C. Greenland, L. Pabst, L. Black, B. Ashcroft, J. Laking, K. Dennett, K. Owen, C. Allen. SECOND ROW: L. Jagt, C. Caldwell, D. Shonk, J. Harris, J. Forsyth, S. Johnson, S. Jebbett, R. Bums, P. Barely. THIRD ROW: J. Lovsin, B. Brusey, G. Swire, D. Cowell, P. Wignall, D. Morran, B. Sims, B. Goodbrand, B. Lumsden. BACK ROW: D. Mark, D. Gaylard, V. Bodner, K. Powell, J. Arnott, G. Long, G. DiStephen, P. Rihbany, M. Tiller. 41 lOE FRONT ROW: S. Whitehouse, J. King, J. Herd, M. Venima, H. Beintama, C. Robertson, W. Lampkin. SECOND ROW: S. Hoysa, B. Kozack, A. Pyett, B. RoUand, C. Selby, C. Grey, P. Calderbank, B. Blain. THIRD ROW: R. Posthumous, B. Dickson, T. Miller, K. French, P. Pickering, G. Gillespie, K. Guest, L. Hinchburger, T. Stewart, M. Freckleton. BACK ROW: M. Lloyd, R. Montgomery, B. Gilliland, B. Dineen, B. Grace, K. White, D. Wilson, K. Kelly, D. Cockman, D. Farrington. 42 9A FRONT ROW: V. Kovinich, A. Ongley, S. Byrne, C. Johnson, J. Powell, D. Neil, J. Phoenix, J. Armour. SECOND ROW: J. Figliola, L. Somchynsky, K. Sikora, B. Kennedy, V. Ghent, N. Cotteral, L. Begley, S. Leskew. THIRD ROW: B. Robertson, S. Burns, P. Wilson, P. Shien, R. Netherby, D. Patterson, J. Nardella, R. Jones. BACK ROW: M. Powell, G. Gainham, D. McLeod, P. Marratto, M. Wright, D. Kolodey, M. Lisson, R. Dale. 1 Fn! Mm S 9B FRONT ROW: T. Davis, E. Ester, D. McEackerin, P. Wylie, C. Harfield, L. Wilerbore, L. Dube, J. Boylos, K. Keeber. SECOND ROW: K. Litt, B. Linnen, L. Campbell, P. Kazorez, K. Hills, J. Robertson, G. Perell, T. Dirstine, D. Scott, D. Quick. THIRD ROW: P. Pyett, J. Walsh, R. Bryer, G. Rust, S. Lindsay, W. Hughes, R. Forsyth, M. Yeri. BACK ROW: M. Penfold, G. Waite, D. Smith, M. Reardon, R. Martin, G. Foster, D. Hall. 9C FRONT ROW: D. Lawson, B. Soule, D. Roberts, J. Harper, B. Roberts, J. McKee, L. King. SECOND ROW: A. Conlin, K. Mackrell, C. Gable, S. Davies, K. Gordon, D. Walker. THIRD ROW: D. Sherman, R. Hughes, C. Middlebrd, W. Shaw, M. Penny, F. Lenz. BACK ROW: L. Mitchnick, R. Kirkpatrick, B. Wilson, A. Younger, M. Hilton, R. Page, P. Fox. 43 9D FRONT ROW: W. Pyett, A. Pallet, J. Low, L. Frechette, P. Armstrong, J. SoUey, J. Morgan, M. Shantz, J. Roberts. SECOND ROW: G. Cormick, A. Williamson, B. Read, S. Ullett, S. Matthews, H. McNeany, T. Bezusko. THIRD ROW: R. Lelonek, R. Geroux, R. Busselle, W. Berndt, G. Spicer, R. McMillan, J. Hall. BACK ROW: S. Wheaton, G. Thompson, K. Torenvliet, K. Wharton, R. Thompson, D. Goodbrand, J. Goodbrand. 9E FRONT ROW: D. King, A. Richarson, S. Weslock, B. Klodt, J. McCaslin, L. Lock, J. Thomas, S. Knight. SECOND ROW: J. Burton, S. Long, J. Ballanger, M. Hynd, L. Prenger, J. Caskie, J. Brimer. THIRD ROW: F. Beales, G. Crabtree, E. Bower, B. Montgomery, M. Warburton, J. Hubert. BACK ROW: B. Deming, R. Cooke, A. Frogett, H. Vandergiessen, D. Dalton, B. Twiss, T. Robinson. 9F FRONT ROW: J. Easterbrook, J. Lawrence, J. Asplin, E. Scott, V. Gilbert, D. Finlay, B. Houser, B. Twible. SECOND ROW: P. Jenner, E. Kropfel, U. Kropfel, C. Hicks, C. Mondoux, S. Zenert, J. Montgomary. THIRD ROW: R. Young, J. Heywood, P. Hogg, R. Lambert, P. Nameth, G. Webster, J. Berry, H. Gallent. BACK ROW: R. Herdman, L. Anderson, A. Lange, M. Schwenger, L McAllister, P. Coome, R. McKay. 9G FRONT ROW: B. Cipriano, K. Vanlmpe, D. Young, A. Duvall, D. Van der Meulen, L. Neil, S. McCourt, M. Phoenix, SECOND ROW: M. Marshall, T. Miller, D. Kroes, E. Wall, M. Barney, B. Maier, J, Crabtree. BACK ROW: A. Cotterell, B. Tournay, P. Reardon, C. McAninch, W. Bezusko, P. Foster, F. Wadell, B. Davis. 45 9H FRONT ROW: G. Filkin, B. Brown, S. MacDonald, T. Wallet, E. Dejong, J. Grzech, M.J. Pappain. SECOND ROW: P. Vanlmpe, L. Reeves, N. Uservik, T. McAninch, N. Peck, E. Szekeres, D. Hunt. THIRD ROW: K. Hartlieb, B. Woods, B. Taylor, D. Griffith, L. Duffy, L. Mudge. BACK ROW: A. Foxcroft, T. Fromenger, B. Street, L. Buckingham, W. Harris, B. Hacon. ACTIVITIES ' p» THE LION ' S DEN FRONT ROW: D. Callan, D. Hewson, E. Wright, G. Giannini, J. Porteous, R. Dale, B. Ferguson, J. Brimer, D. Wilson. MIDDLE ROW: P. Caulderbank, L. Field, J. Heywood, M. Epstein, E. Luxon, G. Spinks, L. Zuk, D. Walker, K. Brooks. BACK ROW: Mr. Cantlon, Staff Advisor; P. Perell, Treasurer; W. Hall, Sec- retary; L. Eastwood, Vice-President; C. Cudmore, Second Vice-President; Mr. Johnson, Staff Advisor. The year of 1965 — 66 at Aldershot has truly been a year of participation for our students. The drama club in its outstanding presentation of H.M.S. Pinafore , under the fine direction of Mr. Mallory, and the Christ- mas assembly organized and MC ' ed by Lou Eastwood, both required the enthusiasm of many Aldershot stu- dents to make them as successful as they were. We as the representatives of the student body felt, however, that there was a need for an activity which would undoubted- ly produce much greater participation. For this reason, with the aid of the G.A.A. and the B. A. A., we developed what we hope will be an annual event for all Aldershot students — ALD-O-LYMPIC WEEK. The success of this venture, as you will all agree, developed far be- yond our most optimis- tic hopes. For all these events which we have enjoyed during the year there is only one person to thank and that is you — the stu- dent who has supported the outstanding efforts of others and shown to everyone that our school — Aldershot High — has school spirit greater than any other. Many people deserve credit for outstanding work on the Students ' Council. They are Mr. Cantlon and Mr. Johnson — few realize the time they have taken and the needed advice that they have given; Christine Finlay and Mr. Walsh for their incomparable efforts as the lead- ers of our hard-working Social Committee; Paul Perell who has what is easily the largest and most thankless job in our school — the keeping of the treasury; Wendy Hall, Lou Eastwood and Chris Cudmore who behind the scenes have carried the council throughout the year; and finally Mr. McCollom for his complete support in all our new and different ventures. We have served you as your representatives as eagerly and as best we know how; we would leave only one wish. Choose your representatives wisely and then enter into all the available activities with the same en- thusiasm you expect from them. This is the key to the steady growth of School Spirit. Good luck and thank you. BILL HAZELTON 48 BILL HAZELTON President THE LION ' S ROAR FRONT ROW: D. Cotterel, G. Dingledine, Editor; Mr. Coggins, Staff Advisor; F. Lenz. Lisson, D. Smith, G. Proctor. BACK ROW: V. The Lion ' s Roar staff, this year, small but diligent, was able to produce seven issues, the first of which was free to all. The paper assumed a neater appearance by the use of sten- cils for titling and a two-column printing layout. Also, the staff itself was responsible for the actual printing of the paper, the first time in the publication ' s four-year history that this has been done. Among the successful features this year have been the Recognitions Page , a derogatory editorial on the defects of the cheerleading squad, pages of candid pictures and such goodies as: BOAST OF THE MUSTANGER: I never trust the moonlight I ' m home soon after dark, My road map shows no lover ' s lane And so I never park. I never drag, nor squeal the tires When I drive down the streets And just to prove my heart is right My car has bucket seats! BONES: Did you ever think of bones They lie there cold and alone Yes, after you ' re gone they remain A pile no one will claim. Just think, no fat little body to support Or juicy blood cells running in and out. Have you ever seen a bone cry? Well, as a matter of fact, neither have I. Good-bye from your on-the-spot report, I. Robgraves — Happy digging. M. Lisson, Vol. IV No. 6. In February, The Lion ' s Roar entered the high school newspaper contest sponsored by the McMaster Silhouette and although it did not emerge a winner, it learned much that will help next year ' s staff (much larger we hope) to produce a bigger and better newspaper. Mr. 213 ?? Vol. IV No. 6. THE SCIENCE CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Beal, R. Seely, F. Lenz, J. Gilbert, G. Pesowski, Mr. Harry, P. Brusey, J. Royal, G. Dingledine, D. Seeley, Mr. Page. The Aldershot Science Club had its biggest year ever, this year. To start off, the Third Annual Cosmic Car- ousel, the first dance of the fall was held. There was enough money grossed from this, and the pre- sentation of a one-hundred dollar cheque to the Sci- ence Club from Honeywell Controls on behalf of Sharon Roberts ' television appearance on Science All-Stars in early 1965, to assist the financing of some of the projects in the Hamilton Science Fair, and to pay for the customary Chinese dinner at the Tien Kue Inn. □ UiJUII UIVIUIII kJU-thlliriUUIlf l I ' 1 Before Christmas, there were several general meetings held, the highlight of which was a Las- er demonstration, attracting over one hundred stu- dents, by Dr. R. Smillie of the Bell Telephone Co. At the Hamilton Science Fair, in March, Ald- ershot for the first time represented itself well enough to capture the Herb Gildea Memorial Tro- phy. The following contributed to the success: Gary Pesowski Stuart Beal Guy Giannini John Royle Patricia Brusey Gary Coates John Gilbert Fred Lenz Dave Seeley Rick Seeley 1st in Geography, Physiography 1st in Chemistry 1st in Gen. Physics 2nd in Metallurgy 3rd in Chemistry Merit award in Engineering Mathematics Merit award in Nuclear Physics Merit award in Zoology Merit award in Electronics Merit award in Chemistry. Gary Pesowski ' s Bosch-Omori Seismograph . 50 In addition, Gary Pesowski and Stuart Beal won second and third over-all awards respective- ly, and a three-hundred dollar scholarship each from McMaster University. Guy Giannini was chosen the alternate for Navy Science Cruiser Award to Nor- folk, Virginia. As a point of interest, Stuart and Gary were chosen to appear one afternoon on Raz- zle Dazzle , a CBC program, as the serious part of the program. Stuart went on to the Canada Wide Science Fair in Windsor, Canada, held in May, 1966, where he won a one-hundred dollar cheque from the Can- adian Chemicals Institute. Gary entered his ex- hibit in the International Science Fair, held in Dallas, May 1966, and while in Dallas won a cer- tificate of excellence from the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers and an alternate award from the Society of Explor- ation Geophysicists. Now that the Aldershot High Science Club has taken that trophy from Nelson, you can bet that the members will be striving harder than ever to keep it next year! Pat Brusey with her project on Zone Electro- phoresis of proteins . THE CHESS CLUB The Chess Club held its regular meetings in room 220 this year, and fun was had by all those who participated. The Aldershot Chess Club play- ed in no tournaments this year, although several other schools were challenged, among them Bur- lington Central. It is apparent that our boys have gained a reputation for skillful play in the com- munity. TOP ROW: T. Fromanger, R. Herdman, M. Hedden, G. Gordon, D. McRae, Treasurer; T. Culver, Lion ' s Den Rep; G. Coates, K. Kelly. BOTTOM ROW: G. Proctor, W. Shaw, J. Porteous, G. Langhorne, Presi- dent; D. Cotterell, A. Younger, A. Sherring, B. Roberts. THE GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION TOP ROW: Miss Lyons, D. Shonk, S. Downs, F. Layfield, J. Fraser, C. Hall. J. Roberts, President; L. Cockwell, M. Filman. BOTTOM ROW: P. Williams, Congratulations are again in order for the fine efforts put forth by the G.A.A. under the excel- lent guidance of Miss Lyons. The association was responsible for two firsts in the history of A. H.S.: the organization of the very successful Grade Nine Get Acquainted Night , and the stag- ing of an Art Linkletter Skit which entertained the school at Christmas. Our annual Sadie Hawkin ' s Dance, and an ex- citing girls ' intramural gymnastics meet were two other noteworthy G.A.A. accomplishments which indicate clearly the enthusiasm and hard work con- tributed by these girls for the benefit of the school. THE BOYS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The B.A.A. carried out a most successful intramural programme in football, soccer, basket- ball, floor hockey and lacrosse. A joint effort with the Students ' Council and the G.A.A. produced a successful and enjoyable Ald-0-lympic Week which featured a tug-of-war and a volleyball game between the teachers. The Gold Team was victorious. In the fight for the Aldershot Loser ' s Cup, the B.A.A. was the winner of the prized cup, after being edged out by the teachers in a closely con- tested basketball game. The B.A.A. would like to extend their thanks to Mr. Neale for his valuable assistance this year. TOP ROW: Mr. Neale, B. Ferguson, P. Goodrow, R. Dale, G. Giannini, M. Lloyd. BOTTOM ROW: P. Buxton, G. Spinks, W. Crosby, L. Powell, C. Neil. This page sponsored by THE G. A. A. 52 ' - m SONNET Jewels, set by willows gold with Midas fall, Glow in theTlame of. a radiant new-born dawn, Froth in a ;s over all. The branches downward drop like streaks of rain As blood red bushes boil up to meet Reflections scattered into dancing coins Spent now to pave the rich earth at their feet. Bend dowi See ore that runs in veins beneath the earth — Matches not this crust of living gold in worth. -■ ?•-. Yet every da And cold dark kills this ecstacy of light, JANET LAWRENCE, 12B AN IRREVERENT STUDY OF ALDERSHOT Heh! heh! (please not the embar rassed tone of type), your intrepid and itinerant author-at-large (small?) can ' t seem to be able to dream up and set down a hard-hitting, thought-provoking, basically honest, . . .ad nauseum, topic sentence on the subject of my topic which is. . .ah. . .um. . ., well, anyway, I ' ll just ad lib as I merrily type along and hope and pray for the best. Therefore it would be wise for the intelligent reader to expect the worst. With my eyes and ears closed to all advice, and my mouth open, I now make the great leap into literary effortmanship. All seriousness aside, children; follow me, if you will, through a typical day in the never-ending wan- dering life of your author-at-school. The general trend of conversation as I breathlessly wend my weary way down the sometimes well-lit corridors to my homeroom at about eight-and-one-half-minutes-to-nine, usually runs (off at the mouth) some- thing like this: Hey, Nick, any teachers away today, I hope, maybe? Duh, I dunno, I ' m still asleep. Like, who ' s that? I haven ' t seen her around before. Okay, who stole my lock? Don ' t look at me, Donny boy. Who ' d ever look at you? At this point, Authority-Wit-A-Yardstick politely asks the gather- ing to move out to its respective classrooms, or else — . Scholars, students, pupils, and others begin to wander in the general direction of their girlfriends ' classes in order to prepare for the announcement talka- thon. Then the bell-which-rings-to-denote-the-start-of-first-period- (whew!) rings, and rooms erupt and ex- plode as students rush yawningly to their favourite classes for a badly-needed sleep. My own spare comes in rather handy on Mondays. Approximately two-and-one-half minutes later rooms erupt and explode as a conglomeration of wrong-doers hirple (that means ' to limp lamely ' ) along the empty bustling corridors in search of the pink-slipping office. Here I hesitate to continue, not because I might incriminate myself, but because I ' m running out of 350 words from Roget ' s Thesaurus. Then again, he who hesitates gets lost in the mush. .er. . .rush, so, I must forge ahead in my original suave and blas (Pronunciation guide: swayve and blaze) manner and incredibly couth style. Anyway, first period drags along indefinitely as teachers, stu- dents and the like hopefully keep an eagle eye on the clock. Of course, if one is in room 122, that infal- lible wonder of modern technology, the IBM clock usually, nay. .always, reads Moscow Time (or London Time, depending on whether one considers it seven hours fast or five hours slow). This marvellous clock never fails to fluster Mr. 122! One of these bright and sunny days, someone will stare in bug-eyed amaze- ment, as someone else dismisses the class because another someone else thought that another two hours of dreamland would be useful. Then again, it was only ten after six in the morning, sir. In the due process of time lunch rears its gorgeous head around the corner of twelve o ' clock. If one is still waiting for second lunch, as I am, the stomach lets one know, par (that ' s French, people, and means ' by ' ) discreet rumblings of the Hunger Pang System. Did you know that the Hunger Pang System is one of the most wonderful crea- tions of Momma Nature? This tiny organism composed of three-and-one-half jelly-beans (jelly-babies to the beatle folk) and one grain of salt from a year-old pretzel — tells one, without fail, that one is hungry, starving, famished, or beyond help, as the case may be. After lunch, the healthy specimens of humanity struggle into school, healthfully filled with a well- balanced repast of toasted Danish, Pepsi, and cigarette smoke. With classroom doors slamming in the faces of the tardy, who inevitably complain, But, sir, there was a terrific traffic jam on the main staircase, sir . . . ? , and with books and mouths opening and closing, and paper fluttering madly in the breeze — room tem- perature is either three degrees below zero or two hundred degrees above (would you believe ONE hundred degrees?) — I seem to have lost track of my subject matter, which was boring you and me anyway, anyway c ' est la vie. Maybe I ' ll close with a short swing at some mutually interesting topic such as the ' Seven Days ' controversy, or, Hoo Boy! Scandal! Espionage! but most of all, disinterest: The (trumpets, fanfare) Mudslinger Affair (fanfare, trumpets, applause, fade-out). Maybe I should stay away from politics. I never did like trumpets. ' Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright, the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light; and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout, but there ' s no joy in Aldershot. . . ' (apologies to E. L. Thayer) for the gently falling, pouring rain begins to come down from heaven at exactly three-seventeen as a motley mob steams from the protective walls of 50 Fairwood Place West into the hard cruel, Honda- and Playboy infested outside world. LARRY SHERMAN, 12B THE DEPARTMENT STORE The department store — a creamy gleaming from the solid rows of square-packed produce on matted shelves. A galaxy of hanging neon bars. The click and glitter of coins. A glossy circus of bright plastic toys. Thin pans of pastry scattered on a gritty counter. The soft sweetness of candy-canes, melted and stippled on sticky, sucking children. Remember the nasal voices of the clerks: a clear, crisping, crackling strain when they demand of your intentions; a purling, purring babble when confessing ignorance. And I remember leaving; looking back through gleaming glass; threading a path through the lot and away. I saw the colors fade, heard the voices drift away upon the air, and the thriving hive seemed small- er. And now, down the road, the rumbling chaos was quelled. GEOFF LANGHORNE, IIC Hilda Vander Meulen IIC Elaine Scott Bob Hazel IOC THE MYSTERY OF OUR PAST If ever there was a more decrepit, worn, magnificent hammer, I have never seen it! From its battered head to its tendinous handle, the beauty of age had left its mark. Resting silently in the dusty corner of an old work shed, its rugged exterior captured my interest. Its head, the size of a mallet, was a ball of leather, twisted around itself in taut coils. The rusty nails, sank into this fleshy mound, pinned it to the handle beneath. The outer crust was beaten into a brownish purple, and scarred with white gashes where the ragged edges had ripped back. A bushy crown of splintered wood, whose tempered surface dipped ever so slightly in the middle where countless hands had secured their grasp. As our eyes cover and re-cover the image of this humble relic, they touch the mystery of the past. JANET SAUNDERS, 12B 55 DO YOU BELIEVE? It was a lonely night — I was alone. Alone on a island in Canada ' s unsettled north. The lake was calm; the air was mild. Suddenly I saw him, another lonely figure on the lake. About a half mile down, he was just putting his canoe into the water. I had heard about him before, but this was the first time I had seen him. It was rumoured that he paddled alone at night to communicate with nature and to write poetry. A large man he was; and powerful, too. As he dipped his paddle gently into the water the stars played mysterious games overhead. The moon reflected lonely rays of light as if telling a marvel. Loneliness and sorrow could be sensed everywhere. Even the young sunfish swimming alone and the owl hooting self-consciously: the feeling was the same everywhere. As he began to sing a Negro spiritual, a gently falling rain appeared across the lake. As he saw it move towards him he removed his clothes in a deliberate, almost sacred, manner. He was now up the lake about a quarter of a mile, but still his silhouette was distinct against the moon. I wondered at the rumours. He loved nature, especially the animals. I knew that the deer were his favourites, although I had never seen him talk with them. Recently a friend had approached a deer with him and had taken advantage of the situation. A deer had been sacrificed on his account; but the ' friend ' had not been seen since. I looked at him as he bathed in nature ' s pureness. Sacred water, he called it. Only at certain times would he bathe to purify himself. But for what reason? The rain now stopped. He remained naked and sat down, to write, I imagined. He was a mile up the lake now and could barely be distinguished. His disappearing form hinted that he was standing as he suddenly burst forth with loud, clear chants. The echoing was so full and vibrant that all nature seemed to be chanting with him. The wind began to blow fiercely and suddenly a bright flash almost blinded me. Thunder clapped overhead but still no rain fell. Why? The flash had come from the can- oe! I was sure of it! Was it simply lightning? I awoke the next morning to the steady lapping of water against the side of a boat. I looked out of my tent to see a canoe not more than twenty yards from shore. I paddled to it in my own canoe. It was his. In- side were his clothes, a piece of birch bark, and a sleeping fawn. Trembling, I picked up the birch bark and, noticing the writing upon it, began to read: My God, if You could only see me here. Upon Your lake; below your sky so clear, You ' d have mercy on me in my plight To escape the everlasting night. This world ' s not mine for I have killed, I ' ve thrown my lance, misused my shield, I ' m sacrificed. So please. Lord, send a deer To ease the pangs of my eternal fear. On one lonely evening, on an island, the course of my life changed. It could some day for you. Do you believe? MIKE LANSBURY 13D Florie Knapman llC Ted Anthony lOA I SPORTS ALDERSHOT JUNIOR FOOTBALL TEAM BURLINGTON CHAMPIONS BACK ROW: L. Anderson, A. McKee, B. Roberts, P. Goodrow, N. Gallo, M. Reardon, G. Anderson, D. Wilson, A. Tacoma, J. Soule, C. Neil, M. Neil, B. Batenchuk. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. McKenna, W. Harris, J. Arsenault, W. Thurlow, B. Haber, M. Lisson, J. Graydon, M. Schwenger, A. Lange, I. Lawrence, C. Fraser, B. Morris, M. Harris, B. Sommerville, Mr. Bradstock. FRONT ROW: R. Kent, B. Martlin, B. Fer- guson, C. Peterson, D. Lawson, M. Lloyd, D. Goodrow, L. Hogg, G. Dingledine. Aldershot ' s first play of the season — a 65 yard pass and run play from Dave Lawson to Gord Anderson — was only a hint of what was to be ex- pected of the 1965 Wildcats. The team lived up to our hopes, finishing in first place with a record of five wins and one tie. A fine defensive team, led by Clyde Peterson, allowed only 33 points to be scored against them, while the powerful offensive team rolled up over 150 points. The Wildcats carried this undefeated record into the play-offs and emerged successful in a two-game total points series, winning both games. Thanks to the excellent coaching of Mr. Bradstock and Mr. McKenna, Aldershot ' s first un- defeated season earned them the Burlington Championship. This page compliments of DAVID J. McKEE LTD. 58 i -W BASKETBALL SENIORS Four wins and seven losses tells the tale. Although strong, our team was not strong enough and was eliminated from the SOSSA Zone One Championships. In the battle against our arch-rivals, Nelson (this year ' s champs) the team lost with a close score of 38-37. The very last game, which decided whether the squad would make the finals was lost by a mere 4 points. Individually, it was a very good year for all the play- ers; when called upon, each one gave his utmost. This year could be called a rebuilding year for the Lions, and we hope that future senior basketball teams will uphold the fine tradition set forth by their predecessors. Rendezvous A6f Ctmefiou o i d Visk... Drive-In 59 TOP ROW: Mr. Bradstock J. Conlin P. MacLennan C. Atkins W. Crosby W. Roberts L. Powell A. Smale. BOTTOM ROW: R. Dickie C. Shonk B. Hazelton M. Matthews F. Calzonetti. JUNIORS Playing great offensive and defensive ball this year, our junior team won eight out of the eleven games in the series. Although the team failed to reach the play-offs, two players managed to accumulate over 100 points apiece in offensive play; like true Wildcats, the players were expert in checking their opponents on the defensive level. To a team well coached by Mr. Bradstock we offer our congratulations for an all-out effort. The best of luck next season! TOP ROW: Mr. Bradstock L. Anderson A. Tacoma B. Fraser G. Anderson J. Soule M. Morgan B. Lovell M. Penny. BOTTOM ROW: C. Neil L. Hogg R. Swire J. Graydon B. Ferguson P. Perell. 60 MIDGETS Each morning this winter, Aldershot High School opened a little early for Midget basketball practices. Coached by Mr. McKenna, with Ron Lambert as captain and Glen Field as his assistant, Aldershot ' s first Midget team put forth an all-out effort. Although the team as a whole did not attain a desirable stand- ing, one player, Dave Goodbrand, was selected for the league AUstars as forward. The experience gained by our first Midget team will prove invaluable on graduation to a Junior level. TOP ROW: Mr. McKenna B. Wilson P. Nameth G. Trotter K. Wharton M. Hilton M. Epstein R. Kirpatrick. BOTTOM ROW: L. Mitchnick J. Hey wood R. Lambert D. Goodbrand G. Field. 1 ■ 3 61 THE GIRLS ' TEAM: M. M. Robinson played host to the Zone One Meet this year. Nancy Davidson took a first in the Shot-Put and second in Discus. Lorraine Swick tied for third in Hurdles and Barb Lawrence placed fourth in Long Jump. Diane Vander Meulen, another fine Junior, placed second in the High Jump. In the Intermediates Barbe Green placed third in both her 60 and the Hurdles. Francis Layfield placed fourth in the 100 yard dash and Debbie Shonk came first in the Long Jump. Pam Williams, in the Senior Division, placed second in her 60 yard dash and third in the 100. In the relays, the Intermediates tied for second. The S.O.S.S.A. meet of 1966 showed Diane Van- der Meulen as second best in High Jump and gave Nancy Davidson a fifth in the Shot-Put. Barbe Green placed fifth in the Intermediate Girls ' Hurdles and the Intermediate Relay team came third. In the Seniors, Pam Williams placed third in her 60 yard dash and second in the 100 yard dash. THE BOYS ' TEAM: 1966 was the most successful year ever for the Boys ' Track and Field Team. After a heartbreaking loss to M. M. in their first meet of the year (129 - 128) the boys worked hard towards the Zone 1 meet. Here Aldershot placed fifth with lV- i points. Len Anderson won the Junior Championship with 13 points and Ian McAlister received two first place fin- ishes in the Shot-Put and Discus. In the Intermed- iate and Senior divisions, a number of our athletes along with our Juniors qualified for the S.O.S.S.A. meet. Gary Dingledine and Jay Graydon won first place in the Intermediate 220 and Hurdles respective- ly. At a very successful Field Day this year, Len Anderson, Gord Anderson and Eric Luxon were the individual champions in Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions respectively. A lot of hard nights were spent in preparation of these meets and both boys and girls deserve cred- it for their fine performances. TRACK and FIELD GIRLS, BACK ROW: S. Johnson, B. Green, N. Davidson, B. Klodt, S. Henderson, J. Fraser, D. Vander Meulen, L. Eastwood, F. Layfield, G. Wil- son, H. Vander Meu- len, C. Robertson. ABSENT: B. Law- rence. GIRLS, FRONT ROW: D. Shonk, C. Caldwell, J. Morgan, J. McHaslem, G. Cormick, P. Wil- liams, J. Robertson, L. Swick, J. Harris. BOYS ' TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONS: Len Anderson (Jr.), Gord Anderson (Int.), Eric Luxon (Sr.). GIRLS ' TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONS: Barb Lawrence (Jr.), Barbe Green (Int.), Pam Williams (Sr.). BOYS, BACK ROW: R. Dale, G. Anderson, L. Powell, R. Ponting, B. Anderson, J. Arnott, , K. Powell. BOYS, MIDDLE ROW: C. DiStefan, A. Lang, D. Wilson, D. Good- row, I. McAlister, L. Anderson. FRONT ROW: M. Schwenger, B. Ferguson, E. Lux- on, L. Hogg, B. Mart- lin. ABSENT: G. Dingledine, J. Gray- don. 63 THE WRESTLING TEAM BACK ROW: J. Neale, D. Barr, T. Woods, P. Hall, J. Porteous, G. Rust, G. Dineen, L. Buckingham. FRONT ROW: M. Freckleton, B. Woods, D. Aback, R. Gerou, R. Moody, W. McCann, E. Luxon. CHEERLEADERS TOP ROW: L. Dolan S. Downs P. Williams C. Wilson. BOTTOM ROW M. Robertson A. Maurice D. Lees C. Hall. MIDGET GIRLS ' TOP ROW: Miss Klodt L. Reeves E. Klodt S. Byrne T. Wallet H. Lawrence J. Thomas K. Keeber. BOTTOM ROW: L. Pringer J. McCaslin J. Solly D. Roberts K. Hicks K. Gordon L. King. This is the first year that Aldershot has ever had a Midget Girls ' Basketball Team. As only one other school in Burlington can boast such a team, there were no league games. In a one-day tournament our girls displayed real ability, but were defeated 16 — 12 by Water- down and 15 — 12 by Ancaster, the tournament champs. Better luck next year, girls! 65 JUNIOR GIRLS Our Junior Girls started off the basketball season with a bang this year. In an exhibition game against Parkside High School they breezed to a 25 — 14 victory. Thus inspired the team went TOP ROW: Miss Pauza S. Lummis D. Hewson D. Van der Meulen P. Czukar J. Fraser M. Murphy E. Wright. BOTTOM ROW: N. Davidson S. McCourt D. Callan D. Neil D. Shonk. on to establish a record of 3 wins and 3 losses, the final loss being against Burlington Central 23 - 14. SENIOR GIRLS TOP ROW: Miss Pauza B. Green J. Manchee H. Van der Meulen L. Beare C. Lummis E. Wright. BOTTOM ROW: L. McLure M. Filman P. Schaffter J. Campbell. Determined is the word to describe this year ' s Senior Girls ' Basketball team. Although our team lost to Burlington Central and twice to Nel- son the team displayed their fighting spirit by de- feating M. M. Robinson twice and Central once. With this record the team entered a sudden-death play-off to break a second place tie with Burlington. Despite their fierce determination and Miss Pauza ' s fine coaching they were defeated 23 — 18. We extend our thanks for their fine efforts. 66 GYMNASTICS ySi Vi S3 i BACK ROW: J. Ashworth, B. Green, K. Guest. MIDDLE ROW: B. Lawrence, R. Squire, L. Swick, G. Cormick. BOTTOM ROW: P. Schaffter, J. Chilman, T. McAninch, S. Whitehouse, L. Reeves, L. Dub , J. Robertson, Miss Lyons. The girls ' gym team has completed another successful year of gymnastics. Aldershot hosted several meets this year, including ones with Welland — Eastdale and Oakville — Trafalgar. Our team travelled to Scarboro and to Blakelock. At the Zone One meet held at Oakville — Trafalgar, Aldershot placed third out of fifteen schools. On March 26, our girls placed 5th at the S.O.S.S.A. meet held at our school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Lyons, on behalf of the gym team, for all the time, hard work and help which she gave to us this year. SANDY FLEMING 67 This year our Junior Girls played outstanding volleyball, placing second in the Burlington Lea- gue despite stiff competition. JUNIORS TOP ROW: Miss Klodt J. McCaslin L. Hazel J. Forsyth B. Blayney L. Carter. BOTTOM ROW: S. Lummis L. Swick N. Davidson D. Shonk. Any losses incurred were by very slim mar- gins. Next year ' s team shows promise of a champ- ionship for the Green and Gold. GIRLS ' VOLLEYBALL SENIORS TOP ROW: Miss Klodt J. Manchee E. Wright K. Craig B. Trotter P. Atkins L. Carter. BOTTOM ROW: G. Lock L. McLure M. Filman J. Spedaliere L. Zuk. Excellent coaching and hard work were not enough for our Seniors this year. The girls were not able to win a game, but they should be congrat- ulated on their determination and effort. More par- ticipation is necessary if Aldershot is to make a better showing next year. OUTSTANDING ATHLETES FOR ' 65 BARBARA GREEN DENNIS CALDWELL The honour of being Aldershot ' s Outstanding Girl Athlete was awarded to Barb Green for her ac- complishments in S.O.S.S.A. and her athletic prowess throughout the school year. Congratulations Barb! A member of the Canadian National Water Polo Champions, Dennis won this trophy for his achievements in the butterfly and the free swim at the Ontario High School Swimming Championships. SKI TEAM IS TOPS To the chagrin of the other Hamilton Dis- trict High Schools, Aldershot ' s first Ski Team captured the J.J. Newland ' s Trophy with a skill- ful display of skiing at the Chedoke Annual Winter Carnival. The prize-winning team is, from Left to Right, Andy Stapleton, Peter Buxton, Captain; Dave Lock and Keith Long. I 69 r Im JTW ' ALD-o-lympics SOCIAL COMMITTEE Left to Right: Mary Jo Kelly, Chris Finley, Chairman; Rod Dale, Susan Thomas. The success of a school year largely depends upon the students who strive to make it so. This year at Aldershot has been successful to say the least, as proven by Ald-0-lympics and H.M.S. Pinafore, to men- tion only two events. These are both examples of students working together as a group and deriving plea- sure from their efforts. The social committee this year has been such an organization. Under the super- vision of Mr. McCollom and Mr. Walsh, and with the co-operation of the Students ' Council, its forty-five members have worked together on many of this year ' s school dances. At commencement in the Fall, Sue Thomas, Mary Jo Kelly and Rod Dale, the three co-ordinators of the committee, organized the annual Graduation Dance . The girls ' gymnasium was decorated in green and gold streamers to remind the grads of their days at Aldershot. Shields of green and gold containing the grad- uates ' names decorated the walls. With music supplied by Laurie Walker and his band, the graduates attend- ed their last Aldershot dance. Again, in the Spring, the Social Committee organized the annual Spring Prom. Many weeks of hard work and effort went into preparation for the night of April first. But it was well worthwhile. The gymnas- ium was transformed into a castle in the days of Camelot . Silver knights and beautiful ladies decorated the walls, while a false ceiling of red streamers provided a medieval atmosphere. Earl Ray and his eight- piece orchestra played behind a setting of silver castle turrets and red and silver flags. A red throne mounted on a silver platform was the setting for the crowning of the Queen of Camelot and her Prin- cess at twelve o ' clock. The members of the student body nominated six girls — Beth Waite, Joyce Sped- aliere, Mary Ann Norton, Diane Lees, Marnie McKee, and Chris Finlay, for this position. Chosen on the basis of poise, personality, and participation in school affairs, Diane Lees was crowned Princess and Marnie McKee Queen . These girls are two of our best school citizens and well deserve the honour be- stowed on them. Due to the efforts of the Social Committee every girl who attended Camelot will have this evening to remember as the climax of the school dances for ' 65 — ' 66. 72 COMMENCEMENT BACK ROW: K. Stapleton, G. Ujiye, B. Penny, B. Lees, K. McLeod, D. Caldwell, M. McAllister, D. Wilson, D. Lock, M. Chapman. CENTRE: D. Gallagher, B. Simpson, J. Jenkins, K. Thomson, E. Hendrie, C. Fre- chette, B. Hall, D. Netherby, E. Hendrie, N. Adkins, L. Hagger, M. McMillan, L. Shonk, J. Barker, J. An- derson, R. Pickering. FRONT ROW: L. Henderson, B. Green, S. Roberts, B. Gillmor, R. Wilson, D. Greer, B. Saunders, J. Horncastle, N. Eraser, D. Sea grove. BONNY HALL DOUG WILSON PRIZE WINNERS On October 29, 1965, forty-two Aldershot students accepted their Grade Thirteen Honour Graduation Diplomas. With tasteful eloquence, Rosemary Wilson, representing the class of ' 65 gave the valedictory address. Bill Hazelton pre- sented Bonny Hall and Doug Wilson with Citizen- ship Awards. May those graduates of future years measure up to the fine standards set by this entire class! ONTARIO SCHOLARS BACK ROW: K. McLeod, D. Wilson, J. Barker, M. Chap- man, J. Soule. FRONT ROW: J. Jenkins, L. Henderson, L. Shonk, B. Hall, R. Wilson, S. Roberts, M. McKee, C. Porteous, K. Craig. D. Wilson, L. Henderson, K. McLeod, R. Wilson, M. Chapman. ABSENT: K. Duncan. 75 MALLORY ' S MUSICIANS The band has completed another successful year. They have played at several assemblies, Remembrance Day, the commencements of both Aldershot and M. M. Robinson, and at the Christmas pro- gramme. In April, the band travelled to Lon- don in order to play two assemblies at Clarke Road Secondary School. Their band in turn, played at our school at which time a buffet lunch was served by the band un- der the convenorship of Sandy Fleming. The highlight of the year for the band was Music Night. Such numbers as Mary Poppins, Brigadoon and a chorale by Jan- ice Hampel were heard. The Junior Band conducted by Darrell Nameth opened the programme with several pieces. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mallory for all the help he has given the Senior Band. We certainly ap- preciate the time and effort that he has spent on us. THE SENIOR BAND BACK ROW: M. Hallas, I. Lawrence, J. Porteous, Mr. Mallory, W. Lampkin, D. Dodgson, B. Cooke. SEC- OND ROW, Straight Across: W. Bowden, D. Simms, J. Gilbert, F. Schien, B. Roberts, R. Kitchen, S. Lums- den, D. Cotterell, D. Roberts, P. Goodrow. THIRD ROW, In Curve: D. Nameth, D. Bentley, S. Watts, G. Pesowski, V. Kovinich, B. Cudmore, M. J. Gable (gap) A. Sheraton, P. Barley, G. Davies, E. Luxon, B. Magee, P. Lambshead. FOURTH ROW: G. Snowden, B. Waite, G. Wilson, M. Damude, C. Cooper, R. Bere- ault, C. Lenz, B. Hallas, B. Trotter, C. Patterson, J. Eraser, M. Norton, W. Shaw, R. Mifflin, G. Greer. FIFTH ROW: J. Hampel, S. Fleming, B. Caskie, M. Murphy, K. Brooks, I. Sutar, L. Hicks, P. Hartog. ABSENT: O. McLeod, J. Harris, B. Durbecker. 77 DRAMA li ' f-i f»jais m« -I i-i -1 ■ « ' iisa« siji:. SI f I i s I a ts t i , t i ■ t - ' . - i f s f f O? f r BACK ROW: K. Globe, K. McLenon, J. Berry, D. Johnson, D. Goodrow, J. Smith, S. Trotter, D. Greer, P. Goodrow, P. Marratto, G. Langhorne, D. Locke, D. Simms, S. Downs, M. Murphy, J. Ishwathe. MIDDLE ROW: K. Craig, K. Dennet, S. Lumess, E. Scott, M. Calen, W. Lampkin, J. Brimer, J. Whitford, C. Robert- son, N, Folkard, B. French, C. Neil, S. Watts, E. Filman, L. Busills, N. Norton. FRONT ROW: J. Stur- geon, B. Woodward, S. Simpson, G. Proctor, C. Cudmore, M. Epstein, R. McCourt, Miss Guiltinan, Mr. McKenzie. THE RELUCTANT DRAGON This was a lighthearted comedy put on by the Drama Club. It centres around a dragon (played by Robert McCourt) who suddenly appears in mediaeval England. The play was directed by Miss Guiltinan and the leads were played by Gary Proctor, Chris Cudmore, Mike Epstein and Sharon Simpson. H,M,S. PINAFORE This year Mr. Mallory and his crew produced H.M.S. Pinafore by Gilbert and Sullivan. The lead parts were played by Miriam Hewitt, Rick Kitchen, Gord Hoppa, Marta Middleton, Steve Hulse and Vuk Kovinich. Enjoyed by cast and audience, Pinafore was a great success. 78 MORE OF H.M.S. LIBRARY STAFF BACK ROW: J. Manchee, P. Zucar, E. Royle. MIDDLE ROW: K. Owen, J. Lowe, J. Sheffield, K. Hicks, V. Gent, P. Van Impe, K. Craig, L. Seagrove, E. Filman, Mr. Kitchen. FRONT ROW: S. Simpson, L. Hicks, M. Callen, S. Layfield, C. Cooper, S. Hewitt, C. NeiL 79 ADVERTISING INDEX Harold Adkins, Real Estate 88 Ayers Fleming Const. Ltd 92 Barton Pharmacy 88 Bill Filman ' s Men ' s Wear 89 Biller Vansickle 86 Borden ' s Dairy 83 Burlington Gazette 95 Busy Bee Variety 91 Canadian Tire Corp. Associate Store 92 Chef Catering 82 David J. McKee Ltd 58 Deft Driving School 91 T. Eaton Co. Ltd 85 General Refractories Co 94 Giovanni Pierro 92 Girls ' Athletic Association 52 Green ' s Flower Shop 89 Wm. Hollas Insurance 95 Holton Peel Trust Co 94 Hamilton Spectator 84 Jacqueline Fashions 89 Jaggard ' s Florists 88 Kyles Kyles Architects 95 Lever ' s Potato Chips 83 Lloyd F. Utter 90 McCleary Electric 82 McMoster University 96 W. P. Mitche ll Agency 93 Niagara Paint Chemical 86 Norton Bus Lines 86 Orman G. Bush 93 Peter G. Luch Associates 95 Rendezvous Drive-In 83 59 Robinson ' s 94 Royal Bank of Canada 82 Russell William ' s Restaurant 92 Schwenger Construction Ltd 93 S. N. C. Filer Ltd 95 Stoney Creek Dairies Ltd 91 Sunshine Window Cleaning Co. Ltd 94 Swarbrick Forrest Furniture Ltd 88 Thompson ' s Esso Station 94 Tien Kue Inn 91 Allan E. Watson Ltd 93 Wilson ' s Pharmacy 92 York Auto Sales Ltd 87 OUR PATRONS Crestwood Motel Bruce Wilson Hardwar Longocres Barber Shop Mody ' s Hair Fashions 80 r BiL ' ! If - ! 1 iSHdRKM rP illrb! iJ L i te Hli ' ' ffliir ' 1 ill »««• WWHW 1 ! If B iP km I i ' .--- iiSi ' iiri ' iiT Niter II. ' I ' ■. ' ' ADVERT S NG ADVERTISING STAFF FRONT ROW: M. Hallas, M. Hedden, M. Hilder, K. Bell, Chairman. MIDDLE ROW: M. Edwards, J. Whitford, R. Ponting. BACK ROW: J. Bums. CHEF CATERING 2150 Queensway Drive Burlington Operating Your SCHOOL CAFETERIA MR. DON ' S BEAUTY SALON 652 Spring Gardens Road Burlington The Salon with your kind of Environment Call 529-0009 for Appointment Considering college or university? Are you a candidate for assistance under the CANADA STUDENT LOANS ACT? Under this Act, each qualifying student may present a Certificate of Eligibility to the bank branch of his (or her) choice. 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Suggestions in the Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) collection:

Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 51

1966, pg 51

Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 40

1966, pg 40

Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 62

1966, pg 62

Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 51

1966, pg 51

Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 26

1966, pg 26

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