Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1965

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Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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S. Miuii iiiij " III iiiii iiiii mil lIHUIlii mil IIIII IIIII mil -M= LEONIDATA ALDERSHOT HIGH SCHOOL BURLINGTON, ONTARIO VOLUME n SCHOOL NURSE Caring for all those who are trying to get out of class is Mrs. J. Marshall. OFFICE STAFF Keeping the administration machinery running smoothly are Mrs. O. Evans and Mrs. J. Davis. SCHOOL CUSTODIANS After school is over, and during the holidays, Mr. W. Ruhrmann, Mr. R. Postma and Mr. A. Jacobsen are busy cleaning the school for the on- slaught of the next day ' s students. TEACHERS fcT . j % V A M.. ' MISS B. BERRY MR. R. BRADSTOCK MRS. M. BROCKELBANK MR. V. CANTLON MR. G. COGGINS MISS M. COGHILL MISS J. CORNFIELD MR. F. HARRY MR. R. HATHORN MR. N. JOHNSON MR. A. KITCHEN MISS C. KLODT MISS M. LYONS MR. F. MacKENZIE MR. B. PAGE r v • 1 i S MR. G. MALLORY MR. J. McGUIRE MR. B. McMillan mr. j. neale MR. A. ROBERTS MR. M. McKENNA MISS L. NUTTALL MR. A. SALAMON MRS. N. SAWYER ABSENT: MRS. H. PREUSS MR. R. SMITH MR. G. WATTS MR. R. WIGLE rs fm % Producing a yearbook is a challenge. The entire staff of Leonidata ' 65 has not only accepted the challenge, but has also endeavoured to improve this year ' s book over our initial attempt of last year. The book has been enlarged by sixteen pages, and we hope it will continue to grow as we gain experience. A full colour liner and a literary section have also been added for your enjoyment. You will recognize that the theme this year is " steps " . We chose this theme be- cause a high school career is one of the most important steps in one ' s life. It is here that we will shape our future and decide which step to take next. We must plan every step carefully so that each one leads us to something better. I hope you will think about this theme as you read through the book. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to be editor of Leonidata ' 65. It has been a very rewarding experience. Special thanks go to Mr. Kitchen for un- selfishly giving his time to help us, and to all the hard-working members of the staff. In addition I would like to thank the advertisers and the patrons, as well as many others without whose support Leonidata ' 65 would never have been possible. Marnie McKee, Editor TOP ROW: Dave Baird, Honorary Editor; Marnie McKee, Editor; Mr. A. Kitchen, Staff Advisor; Marcia Mones, Assistant Editor; Alan Veri, Business Editor. SECOND ROW: Department Editors; Sue Chilman, Sandra Tritton, Lou Eastwood, Carol Shaw. THIRD ROW: Pat Brusey, Dave Grewar, Sheila Goodbrand. FOURTH ROW: Janis Cecilioni, Dorothy Karr. ABSENT: Nancy Adkins, Rick Pouting. I I V .1 ■ KEY ACT. Activity OR Pt. Pastime AMB. Ambition P.P. Pet Peeve H.Pt. High point of school career F.R Final Remarks CRAIG ALLEN AMB. Trying to do nothing-getting paid for it. ACT. Doing nothing. P.P. Obits. H.Pt. Passing Gr. XII F.R. See you next year! NANCY ADKINS ■ ACT. Basketball, track, volley- ball, yearbook. 1 MS AMB. M.R.S. from Western. 1 a ' J P.P. English essays. H 1 period 10. ' w m H.Pt. New York, ' 64. • - W F.R. Future ' s not ours to see. »N ' JIM ACHESON i Ilk ACT. The James Bond of A.H.S 1 AMB. To tie my own ties. m P.P. Girls that re- sist me. ■ ' H.Pt On becom ing i 008. A I F.R. Buy Bonds! MARIE ARSTIKAITIS 1 Pt. AMB. P.P. F.R. Fr. Club, basketball, XII Algebra home- work. To pass Latin Chemistry. People who call me " Arts. " If you smile the whole world will be at your feet. JOHN ANDERSON ACT. Physics problems. AMB. To Solve a physics prob- lem. P.P. Blocked Fire exits. H.Pt. Dropping German, Latin,. . . BRIAN ALDERSON ACT. Chess, bad- minton, home- work. AMB. Be a 6-footer. P.P. Failure to complete labs. H.Pt. First grade nine test. DAVID BAIRD ACT. Busy miscella- neously. AMB. Find out exactly what it P.P. F.R. That would be committing myself. Th ose, I hope, I won ' t have to make for some time. JIM BARKER ACT. Non-participa- tion. AMB. Singularly lacking. P.P. Filling out forms. H.Pt. Passing Grade XIII. F.R. Good teachers. DENNIS CALDWELL ACT. Swimming, B.A.A. AMB. Degree in Phys. Ed. P.P. Losing in black ball. H.Pt. Getting out. F.R. Lack of open dances with a band. JO ANN BEARE Pt. Spinning out in parking lot. AMB. To catch an intern. P.P. Blushing, being called Linda. H.Pt. Passing McKenna ' s final 12 exam. F.R. Smile! Candid Camera! JANE CAMPBELL ACT. Cheerleader, Students ' coun- cil, O.K.E., Fred. AMB. Nursing our sr. quarterback. P.P. Chemistry without Rose. H.Pt. 100% in a chem. test. F.R. See you all next yr. WARREN BEZUSKO ACT. Teaching Pickett ' s budgy. P.P. Guys who break scooters and lie. H.Pt. Caught at hooky only once. F.R. Too bad Al! MARK CHAPMAN ACT. Basketball, Physics prob- lems. AMB. Reach college sans Math. P.P. That medicine requires Math. H.Pt. Dropping Hist. F.R. Where are the 3 wks. sup- posedly dropped from each course. ANN BLYTHE Pt. Chauffeur, skiing. P.P. English essays, homework. H.Pt. Studies, double lunch. F.R. I ' m not short, both feet reach the floor! DARLENE CONNELL Pt. Dancing, skiing. AMB. Big house, 6 kids. P.P. Not knowing answers. H.Pt. Geometry right on board. KEITH DUNCAN CATHY FRECHETTE Pt. Sat. night date hunting. AMB. To date an AHS boy. P.P. No coffee breaks. H.Pt. BCHS. F.R. Frown and look smart. Pt. AMB. P.P. F.R. Lending and borrowing notes. To complete university without an ulcer. Doing home- work at mid- night. Nos descessuri vos salutamus. BOB GRAYDON ACT. Football, track and field, 36-24-36. AMB. Pimento University; Old P.U. P.P. Theoretical football coaches. H.Pt. Losing 11 straight F.B. games in two years. BEVERLEY GREEN ACT. Creating Chaos. AMB. An historian (?) P.P. Being called Barb. (essentially) H.Pt. History on 2nd floor. F.R. Is this the living end? £ DAVID GALLAGHER Pt. Trying to look intelligent. AMB. Break the 11 min. mile. P.P. People bigger than me. H.Pt. Passing XII Algebra. F.R. Beat Neale on the track. DIAN] E GREER Pt. Guides, Band, Piano, Hospital Volunteer, etc. AMB. Nursing. P.P. That sax. play- ing below the study hall. H.Pt. Variety night. F.R. Too cold to think! BARE 1 GILLMOR ACT. Drawing physics diags. AMB. Have a name you can spell. P.P. Being called Bev. H.Pt. Passing 12 Hist. F.R. A meeting of the Lion ' s Roar staff will be . . . DAVE GREWAR ACT. 7th period at Towers, pool, sunshine. AMB. Marry someone wealthy and unhealthy. H.Pt. Field Day ' 64. F.R. Existence precedes Essence. LINDA HACON ANNE HARDWICK ACT. V-ball, B-ball. AMB. England, teach- ing. P.P. Long walk to school, short weekends. H.Pt. Fridays - 3:10. Pt. AMB. P.P. H.Pt. F.R. Driving a buck- et of bolts. Medical tech- nology. Essentially, " delightful " . Holidays. If at first you don ' t succeed, forget it. LYNDA HAGGAR ACT. B-ball, year- book, track and field. AMB. Home Ec. at UWO. P.P. Holding hands in halls. H.Pt. N.Y. Rumble F.R. It ' s been fun! ELEANOR HENDRIE ACT. Running over old women, Bob. AMB. Nurse. P.P. Formaldehyde. H.Pt. BCHS. F.R. Now I lay me down to sleep With my diploma at my feet. PAUL HAMPEL LINDA HENDERSON Pt. Loitering in Pt. Lion ' s Roar, the halls. swimming. p.p. Physics tests. AMB. Teacher. H.Pt. To pass a P.P. Having table Physic test. wiped before F.R. Who said Grade I ' m through XIII was easy? lunch. H.Pt. Lunch period 6. BONNY HALL ACT. Y.M.C.A Students ' Coun- cil, sports, Religion, life. AMB. Queens, pass Geom. P.P. 4th lunch period, dead class rep. H.Pt. Leaving Water- down, OALC. CAM HEWINES ACT. Studying AMB. Collect a pen- sion and be happy ever after. P.P. " Rapid " pro- gress in French. H.Pt. Long weekends. DAVID HOLT ACT. AMB. P.P. Chess, operetta, the " clan " . To teach Germans English and vice versa. People who are sure they can beat me at chess. TED KERSHAW ACT. Running along Townsend Ave. P.P. Being 21 in 13. H.Pt. Being an interior line- backer on a losing team. F.R. When I break out — Beware! ' " . JANE HORNCASTLE ACT. Homework. AMB. Nurse. P.P. Being called " Horn ' s Honey " . H.Pt. Lunch and Study periods. F.R. Aldershot has been great. PETER KEWLEY ACT. Track team: Gr.; Fe.; Wo. AMB. Eliminate 7:30 Band. P.P. R.J.H. ' s puns. H.Pt. Locker on girl ' s side. F.R. Senior Team! Huh! GORD JACKSON ACT. AMB. P.P. H.Pt. F.R. RICK KITCHEN Many and ACT. Dance band. varied. gymnastics, To ignore the skiing, Flam- janitors. boro Speedway, Not making AMB. Medicine. Per. 1. P.P. History. Getting into H.Pt. Passing XI AHS. Hist. Oh Sarge, did F.R. Mac, here I you get that come. Physics problem? ANGUS JOHNSON ACT. Co-existence. E9i AMB. More like H pr - " Frustrated " jHp P.P. hopes. Pick a card. ' » Any card. Jr H.Pt. Not in a sand- trap. L ' L F.R. Straight man to for Wigle ' s f| comedy album. SANDRA LEA ACT. Drama and homework. AMB. To graduate. P.P. Cheerful people on Monday mornings. H.Pt. Double lunch period. BOB LEES KEN McLEOD ACT. B-ball, golf, F-ball ( ' 62, Pt. Proving Math theorems. ' 63). AMB. To know as AMB. Lawyer. much as Mr. P.P. Oranges on 1 euchre table :he Solemn in 13 Physics. H.Pt. In about 7 years. P.P. Short-haired B-ball players. F.R. Meet you on the H.Pt. Proving 1-1-1=2. tee. F.R. What do I do now? DAVID LOCKE ACT. F-ball, skiing, B.A.A., Drama. AMB. A short course leading to money — prob- ably printing it, P.P. Sarge ' s skiing. H.Pt. Johnson ' s laryngitis. MYRNA McMillan ACT. AMB. P.P. H.Pt. F.R. V-ball, B-ball, Lion ' s Den. " COU " College. Cold class- rooms. N.Y. Rumble. Home Ec. scholarship. It ' s been great BUT. . . MARK McAllister DAWN NETHERBY ACT. " Shootin ' ACT. G.A.A., pool " . Sorority. AMB. To get rich AMB. To MARK without working. exams! P.P. Exams P.P. Centre-shots. H.Pt. Passing grade H.Pt. ' 63 Marryin ' 13? Sam. F.R. Grin and bear it. TOM McFADDEN Pt. Pool, girls. AMB. Commercial pilot. P.P. Beating Hughsy at pool. H.Pt. Dropping Hist. and Phys. Ed. F.R. More girls in class. BURKE PENNY Pt. Mosport, walk- ing halls, folksinging. AMB. Degree in anthropology from UBC. P.P. This swinging town. H.Pt. Leaving. F.R. Why did I take Physics? i i RICK PICKERING ACT. Physics prob- lems. AMB. 50 ft. wheel stands. P.P. 13 straight losses. H.Pt. F.R. 45% dropping history. This is a 3- week deletion? JANE REED ACT. Social Commit- tee, sports, Students ' Coun- cil. AMB, Kimberley Lodge. P.P. 47 mi. to Toronto. H.Pt. November 1963. F.R. Seen Bedellia? JANE QUICK ACT. B-ball, track and field, year- book. AMB. MacMaster- nursing. P.P. German, dra- matic people. H.Pt. N.Y. Rumble. F.R. HELPl! DOUG GILCHRIST ACT. Mickey Mouse, B.A.A., chew- ing gum. AMB. To operate a " still " as a chemistry pro- ject. P.P. Losing drags against " Volks- wagens " . H.Pt. Leaving school at 2:30 Weds. and Fris. DAVE RICHARDSON ACT, B-ball, golf. AMB. Archaeologist. P.P. Homework every night. H.Pt. Baseball champ of Grand Valley High. SHARON ROBERTS ACT. Science Club, Christ ' s Ambassador. AMB. To combine science teach- ing with missionary work. P.P. Drafts in 210. H.Pt. 1st in Sc. Fair and appearance on " Sc. All- Stars " . ' CATHY RATCLIFFE ACT. Talking to " Uncle Finlay " . Art college. Hondas that need 2 parking spaces. Wish we ' d been paid for all that hard work. AMB. P.P. F.R. m Un ' ' ' ' jm Hk K W ir « V IHL Hp J . •J fi BOB SARGEANT Pt. Looking up old flames. AMB, To be a Buddhist Monk. P.P. Kids with matches. H.Pt. Inventing an inflammable suit. F.R. Buddha will get you. BARB SAUNDERS ACT. Typing this. AMB. To pass Gr. XIII. P.P. Rms. 100 to 210 in 3 min? H.Pt. Graduation. F.R. What an experience!! GORD SNOWDON Pt. Whatever comes up next. AMB. The good things in life. P.P. Emotional English essays. H.Pt. Acceptance into the 210 Club. LESLEY SHONK Pt. AMB. P.P. H.Pt. F.R. Eating celery in per. 4 lunch. To win by 2 points. Being " Peter- ed " out on Mondays. Was there one? Getting every- thing remarked. KELLY STAPLETON Pt. Golf, making school on time. AMB. Medicine - UWO. P.P. Yearbook Questionnaires H.Pt. Still being anticipated? CRAIG SIMPSON ACT. LOIS SUTHERLAND AMB. P.P. H.Pt. F.R. Noon meeting ACT. Drama, home- of Pun Club. work. Pass XIII AMB. Teaching. French. P.P. Weekdays. Fr.-lOth period H.Pt. Passing Xn Wednesday. Hist. Being called a F.R. Hist. XII Klunk by Mr. forever. 210. It ' s been fun. BRIAN SIMPSON Pt. AMB. P.P. H.Pt. Delivering, skiing, golfing. Wealth, health, friends, and fame. Lectures on school spirit. Passing 12 Latin. CATHY THOMSON ACT. Walking to A.H.S., drama. AMB. See me ten years hence. F.R. No one in 12 C ever knew my hidden talent. GREGORY UJUYE Pt. AMB. P.P. H.Pt. F.R. Trying to solve Physics prob- lems. Survive June exams. Long hours-no results. It ' s coming (one of these days) HELP! DOUG WILSON ACT. Golf, B-ball, Students ' Coun- cil. AMB. To find a vocation. P.P. French periods, H.Pt. Basketball ' 61- ' 62. F.R. Good-bye. TONI VENCKEVICIUS ROSEMARY WILSON Pt. Choir, folk and ACT. G.A.A., Lion ' s general dancing. Den, OKE, Pete. AMB. Win beauty or AMB. My own Honda. dance contest. P.P. Chemistry sans P.P. Enemies. Jane. H.Pt. Graduation. H.Pt. Leaving (I hope). F.R. So long Airholes! ABSENT NORMA ERASER JUDY JENKINS DIANA SEAGROVE JOHN TORRANCE 18 SENIORS D. i i DON ANDERSON BRIAN ANDERSON LINDA ANTHONY CHARLES ATKINS NANCY BABCOCK • ' LARRY BACIK DAVID BARLEY BRIAN BARTLETT LORRAINE BATENCHUK STUART BEAL IAN BELL MARTIN BENTLEY 19 ROD BIRD DENISE BLONDEAU JOHN BOUSKILL STEVE BOWEN KATHY BRADBURY KAREN BROOKS JIM BROWN PAT BRUSEY AL BURNS JANIS CAMPBELL JANIS CECILIONI SUE CHILMAN PAUL CHUMLEY LORRAINE COCKWELL BARB COOME CAROL COOPER 20 DAVID COTTERELL PAUL COUTURE WARREN CROSBY RICK CULLIS TIM CULVER MARGARET DAMUDE GRAEME DA VIES BEVERLY DAVY 4- f RALPH DICKIE ROBERT DODGSON GARY DOWNS ROY DOUGLAS RICK DOWLING PEGGY DREW SUSAN DYNES MARY FILMAN TERRY FISHER ROGER FLOCK GLEN FORRESTER JIM FORSYTHE MARGO FOX JAMES ERAS ER MARY JANE GABLE GRAHAM JEBBETT GUY GIANNINI SHEILA GOODBRAND PAUL GRAVELLE GEORGE GUEST CAROL HALL GORDON HALL LINDA HALL DON HARRIS BILL HAZELTON MICHAEL HEDDEN SUE HENDRIE KATHY HENSON NANCY HEYWOOD GORD HOPPA GAYLE JOHNSON JANE ANN JOHNSON DOROTHY KARR GEORDIE KEEBER MARY JO KELLY MAUREEN KELTER SUE KEWLEY ANDREW KISS RON LAKING MIKE LANSBURY PAUL LAMBSHEAD STEPHANIE LAYFIELD DIANE LEES DAVID LINDLEY DOUG LITTLE MAUREEN LUMMIS PAT LUMSDEN ADRIAN MARKUVIAK ANDREA MAURICE LYNDA McALPINE ROBERT McCRAE MARNIE McKEE LORNE McMILLAN RAY MERCER MARTA MIDDLETON HENK MOMBERG MARCIA MONKS JOAN MORRIS GAIL NATTRESS MARY ANN NORTON LYNN PALLET BROCK PARKIN PAT PICKETT V ' ' ' 4J DON PLEWMAN RICK PONTING CAROL PORTEOUS LARRY POWELL 1,4 LOUIS PREBIANCA HILDA PROCEE ERIC RAAB DOUGLAS REID 25 DOUG RICCI JANET ROBERTS WAYNE ROBERTS JUDY SCHILLER JOHN SCHWENGER CAROL SHAW MARGARET SHAW DAVID SHILLINGFORD WES SHIPOWICK CRAIG SHONK TERRY SISSON ROBERT SLOAN EV SOVEREIGN ALAN SMALE GREG SPINKS RON SWIRE 26 JOHANNE TIMBS LEE TWIBLE 1 RICK TOOMER MARIKE TORENVLIET SANDRA TRITTON BARRY TYLER KATHY UNS WORTH ENA VANDER MEULEN ALLEN VERI JURA VENCKEVICIUS LAIMA VITAS BETH WAITE CHRIS WALHOUSE LYNN WARFORD DAVID WESTBROOK DENNIS WHARTON BETTY WHITEHOUSE RICHARD WOOD TIM WOODS JANE YOCOM LINDA ZUK ABS ENT SHARON GREEN HILDA HUISMAN MARGARET LEMMON ROSMARY PALLOWAY 28 CLASSES UA BACK ROW: B. Swanson, G. Cosier, C. Sharp, C. Rust, J. Livesey, P. Sheldrake, B, Lavis, P. MacLen- nan. SECOND ROW: E. Whalley, T. Cole, W. McCan, E. Smith, N. Bullock, B. Powell, B. Chrichton, B. Laine, M. Trampleasure. THIRD ROW: P. Schaffter, P. Williams, L. Carter, W. Hall, J. Mattick, K. Allet- son, L. Beare, W. Pallet, L. Spalding, FRONT ROW: L. Hicks, G. Foster, E. Wright, J, Hartleib, G. Levely, L. Edwards, S. Swann, M. Childs. ABSENT: L. Westbrook, B. Wice. 7IB BACK ROW: D. Bentley, R. Bereault, R. Gowland, G. Anderson, T. Adkins, R. Dale, J, Conlin, R. Cole. SECOND ROW: G. Duncan, R. Hurst, T. Gordon, R. Turnbull, T. Little, K. Allen, P. Buxton, M, Matthews, K. Long. THIRD ROW: P. Rice, D. Barr, B. Magee, D. Finkleman, J. Maurice, B. Cooke, B. DeMarchi, F. Linnen, D. McRae. FRONT ROW: J. Burns, E. Cooper, S. Wall, M. Callan, M. Ratcliffe, S. Fleming, J. Spedaliere, V. Lock. ABSENT: B. Jerowsky, G. Price. 29 lie TOP ROW: R. Watkinson, R. McCourt, M. Weiner, B. Fraser, J. Soule, V. Kovinich, B. Hallas, B. Roberts, R. Vanlmpe. SECOND ROW: E. Luxon, M, Morgan, C. Neil, E. Klamt, J. Miller, L. Kretz, A. Stapleton, R. Kent, J. Graydon. THIRD ROW: C. Peterson, R. Wickens, L. Vien, J. Lawrence, B. Phillion, V. Wilson, R. Squire, G. Dingledine, D. Nameth, D. Balan. BOTTOM ROW: J. Jacob, J. Saunders, L. Field, F. Lay- field, L. Eastwood, J. Hampel, A.M. Hevesi, S. Hardy. IID TOP ROW: K. Wilson, W. Birch, B. Marshall, B. Banks, T. Pain, B. Livesey, K. Ashworth. SECOND ROW: L. Sherman, R. Piggot, C. Finlay, L. Seagrove, M. Hilder, W. Brown, H. deGelder, B. Gillespie. THIRD ROW: E. Filman, K. Globe, S. Thomas, B. Caskie, C. Neil, N, Torrance, L. Vandergiessen, B. Powell. BOTTOM ROW: T. Giannini, P. Atkins, I. Mitchnick, L. Richardson, K. Craig, L. Neelands, D. Peterson. ABSENT: J. Brown, D. French. lOA BACK ROW: B. Hunt, C. Thompson, B. Joyce, D. Wilson, J. Sacora, A. McKee, P. Vaughan, M. Hallas. SECOND ROW: D. Aback, B. Martlin, M. Edwards, M. Keenan, L. Parent, B. Green, D. Smith, D. McLarty, R, Sacks. THIRD ROW: J. Reid, G. Hilton, L. Johnson, J, Woods, J. Manchee, E. Elvidge, L. Swanson, S. Brennan, B. French. FRONT ROW: S. Houser, M. Robertson, L. Dowling, B. Smitts, D. Ross, C. Robert- son, J, Sheffield. ABSENT: J. Hazel. 10B BACK ROW: P. Goodrow, P. Singleton, K. Powell, R. Saunders, V. Lisson, A. Zimmerman. SECOND ROW: D. Fischer, D. Pitts, A. Tacoma, L. Lanza, D. Lawson, S. Utman, B. Scott. THIRD ROW: B. Bowden, B. Marrs, L. Watanabe, A. Green, B. McLean, B. Blayney, B. Cudmore. FRONT ROW: S. Hewitt, D. Gray, H. VanderMeulen, F, Knapman, J. Lansbury, C. Soucie, B. West. ABSENT: S. Watts. % IOC TOP ROW: D. Johnson, L. Worrel, J. Smith, R. Crichton, P. Anthony, T. Keenan, M. Harris, R. Crawford. SECOND ROW: A. Penner, N. Neelands, B. Ferguson, R. McCoppen, N. Gallo, D. Marck, T. Morris, R. Moody. THIRD ROW: K. Mark, R. Seeley, I. Lawrence, N. Webber, S. Jebbitt, B. Woodward, B. Linnen, B. Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: N. Folkard, M. Plastow, S. Pemberton, C. Page, J. Leishman, S. Downs, S. Morgan. ABSENT: P. Bacon, G. Robins, B. Williams. lOD TOP ROW: C. Lenz, B. Batenchuk, G. Reid, T. Dawson, J. Porteous, R. Morrow, M. Harris, M. Gillies. SECOND ROW: D. Goodrow, O. McLeod, P. Perell, D. Taylor, G. Langhorne, F. Schien, T. Petherick, P. Hartog. THIRD ROW: C. Swick, D. Roberts, S. Lumsden, C. Patterson, M. Murphy, C. Lummis, B. Derbeck- er, M, Fogwell. BOTTOM ROW: W. Lampkin, L. Dolan, J. Brimer, J. Eraser, J. Whitford, E. Royle, S. Wal- lace. ABSENT: S. Henderson, C. Eraser. 9A TOP ROW: G. Swire, R. Kealy, V. Bodmar, G. DiStefan, P. Reardon, J. Arnott, M. Neil, D. Cawell. SECOND ROW: B. Goodbrand, I. Hendrie, P. Wheaton, S. Simpson, P. Kershaw, B. Lawrence, T. Briggs, G. Field, L. Jagt. THIRD ROW: L. Swick, A. Galleti, C. Allen, C. Childs, D. Shonk, J. Legere, N. David- son, B. Rolland, K. Craig. BOTTOM ROW: D. Marck, E. Anthony, L. Morgan, S. Sway, B. Ashcroft, C. Selby, D. Saunders. ABSENT: R. Taylor. 9B TOP ROW: M. McNeaney, M. Epstein, G. Proctor, J. Royle, T. Anthony, D. Thomas, G. Long. SECOND ROW: C. Cudmore, J. Gilbert, D. Morren, P. Sweeney, D. Kolodey, B. Brusey, R. Lambert, G. Coates. THIRD ROW: A. Waxman, P. Barley, N. Perkins, G. Gillespie, D. Hewson, M. Phoenix, C.A. Jenner, J. Allen. BOTTOM ROW: S. Lummis, L. Vien, M. Czukar, J. Forsyth, K. Owen, D. Callan, K. MacLennan. 33 9C TOP ROW: P. Munger, G. Greer, B. Grace, D. Gaylard, P. Rihbony, H. Mitchell, P. Hall, C. Ecker, M. Lisson. SECOND ROW: R. Mifflin, D. Piggot, T. Maiden, G. Smith, B. Love, D. Sims, I. Souter, D. Gordon, R. Burns, B. Lumsden. THIRD ROW: C. Caldwell, C. Kasza, J. Black, J. Kretz, J. Weiss, C. Quinlen, P. Wood, S. Jordan, J. Babcock, J. Ashworth. BOTTOM ROW: J. Sturgeon, J. Herd, S. Lemon, S. Wall, P. Connor, E. Scott, L. McPhee, J. Easterbrook. 9D TOP ROW: B. Bryer, A. Fowcroft, B. Street, R. Lovell, D. Smith, G. Rust, C. Kittson, M. Tiller. SECOND ROW: D. Klein, J. Lovsin, D. Baylis, D. Simms, B. Hazel, P. Williams, G. Westwood, H. Smith. THIRD ROW: G. Cormick, H. Durrant, B. Blayney, A. Pellett, B. Meakins, P. Vanlmpe, C. Dennett, S. Laine. BOTTOM ROW: S. Johnson, L. Black, D. Herd, E. Hazel, A. Roscoe, S. Constantine, J. Harris. 9E TOP ROW: M. Dube, W. Thurlow, G. Gainham, B. Easterbrook, P. Hendrie, D. Dodgson, B. Sommerville, B. Hayter, B. Hancon. SECOND ROW: G. Thompson, A. Bartlett, C. Keighley, M. Norton, J. Laking, J. Asplin, A. Blain, C. McAninch, D. Main. BOTTOM ROW: J. Chilman, M. Pappain, C. Greenland, J. Field, M. Hewitt, M. Job, M. Hennessey. 9F TOP ROW: B. Turney, R. Montgomery, H. Fritz, B. Gilliland, K. White, D. Willson, R. Jerome, K. Kelly, D. Farrington. SECOND ROW: M. Freckelton, L. Hinchberger, J. Brown, T. Miller, M. Lloyd, B. Dickson, J. Pain, R. Green, R. Posthumus. THIRD ROW: P. Pickering, K. Guest, B. Blain, K, French, S Hoysa, W. Bezusko, K. Gray, S. Jack, BOTTOM ROW: E. Dejong, H. Beintema, M. Venema, J. King, S. Whitehouse, N. Peck, P. Calderbank. ABSENT: S. Jack, P. Foster. 35 THE LION ' S DEN TOP ROW: G. Field, B. Love, P. Hendrie, D. Lawson, R. Ponting, S. Beale, N. Gallo, B. Hazel- ton, D. Wilson, D. Gilchrist, P. Perell, E. Luxon. SECOND ROW: Mr. Johnson, D. Lees, B. Green, S. Kewley, S. Tritton, R. Wilson, K. Alletson, L Mitchuick, V. Locke, Mr. Cantlon. BOTTOM ROW: S. Fleming, J. Reed, M. Hedden, Treasurer; S. Goodbrand, Secretary; R. Wood, President; T. Keenan, M. McMillan, C. Ratcliff. Among the most important Council ach ievements this year were the new dance regulations and spring elections. The new rules, which make it consider- ably easier for non-Aldershot students to attend our dances, were drafted by a commit- tee headed by Jane Reed. Several weeks of planning were needed before rules acceptable to both the Student Council and the Teaching Staff were establish- ed. Provision was made for dances af- ter night-basketball games which have be- come so popular at Aldershot. Bonny Hall first Richard Wood President suggested spring elections and this year they were put into effect for the first time. In fu- ture Aldershot will have a Student Council ready to take over on the first day of school in September, and the slack period of about a month will be eliminated. At Christmas both the gymnasium pro- gramme and the charity drive were well re- ceived. The articles colle cted in the charity drive were donated to a welfare organization who distributed them to needy families in this area. Likewise Orphan Week was a great suc- cess with the donations far exceeding the planned objective. None of this would have been possible, however, without the support of the entire Council and the staff advisors, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cantlon. I would like to thank them and everyone else who made this year so suc- cessful. Richard Wood 38 THE LION ' S ROAR tTf Iff TOP ROW: R. Ponting, S. Beale, V. Lisson. SECOND ROW: P. Perell, J. Brimer, S. Tritton, S. Henderson, G. Dingledine. BOTTOM ROW: C. Cudmore, Mr. Coggins, B. Gilmour, Editor; J. Ceci- lioni, C. Ratcliff. " The Lion ' s Roar " in the hands of an enthusiastic staff, underwent rr.any changes in its third year of publication. " Mr. Agony " came to the rescue of the problem - ridden readers, and Prudence Famous, Aldershot ' s own 00007 spy, recaptured stolen goods, es- caped the Chinese Mofia and swam the Eng- lish Channel for serial fans. On the serious side, the Science Corner and math puzzles appealed to the intellectuals. Major changes in the format of the paper grew from a visit to McMaster Univer- sity, as Mr. Coggins and four members of the " Lion ' s Roar " staff attended a Press Night of the Mac Silhouette. Revised columns and headlines appeared in following issues. The " Lion ' s Roar " supported the green and gold in the high school newspaper con- test which was sponsored and judged by McMaster University students. With the controversies of ' 64 - ' 65 dis- sected and examined, the " Lion ' s Roar " staff is ready to handle material of the on- coming school year. 39 SCIENCE CLUB TOP ROW: Mr. B. Page, Staff Advisor; J. Barker, K. McLeod, S. Beal, G. Dingledine, Mr. E. Harry. BOTTOM ROW: S. Roberts, K. Unsworth, R. Laking. The Science Club started off this year ' s activities with a dance: The Second Annual Cosmic Carousel. This provided money to finance this year ' s Science Fair projects which were displayed April 1, 2 and 3 at the McMaster Drill Hall. Eleven projects were dis- played and on Saturday night, as usual, the exhibitors appropriated enough money to have Chinese dinner at the Tien Kue Inn. Our second meeting brought a doctor from the Hamilton General Hospital to speak on Cancer research. Future meetings were planned for the benefit of project members - a practice which will not be followed next year: our meetings are to be open. At the Science Fair our group placed second in the overall awards, second to Nel- son: another practice which we hope will not be followed next year. Ken McLeod and Kathy Unsworth both won second place awards in their respective categories; Ron Laking, Gary Dingledine and Stuart Beal all won first awards; Stu and Gary won the first and second overall awards respectively, and went to St. Louis, Missouri, where Stu went on to win two special awards one from the U.S. Army and one from the Atomic Energy Commission, as well as a fourth of 83 pro- jects in his category. Aldershot can be proud of such a fine showing from this year ' s Science Club. GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION TOP ROW: S. Pemberton, L. Beare, Miss Lyons, S. Goodbrand, M. Filman, G. Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: J. Beare, L. Shonk, Pres.; R. Wilson. This year ' s Girls ' Athletic Association, under the excellent counseling of Miss Lyons as staff advisor, once again sponsored many popular events in the school. Large turn-outs appeared for the annual Sadie Hawkins dance, the girls ' intramural gymnastics meet and Ald-o-limpics. An Awards Assembly during the winter not only served to reward the var- ious girls for their fine athletic efforts, but also brought the purposes and functions of the G.A.A. into a clearer light. School spirit was also raised by the host of colourful beanies, pins, ribbons and smart white Aldershot blazers made available to the student body. The association can be proud of the fine ef- fort it put forth in making Aldershot High School one of the busiest in the area. BOYS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION TOP ROW: R. MacRae, R. Pouting, W. Crosbie, R. Dale, G. Gianinni. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Neale, M. Lloyd, P. Buxton, D. Locke, B. Tyler, J. Soule, C. Peterson. BOTTOM ROW: L. Powell, D. Field, Hon. Pres.; D. Gilchrist, Pres.; F. Allen, D. Caldwell. This year the B. A.A. was active in the planning of intramural competition in soccer, football, wrestling and basketball. In co-operation with the G.A.A. the B.A.A. organized the fourth annual Ald-o-limpics. A Volleyball game between the staff and a combined team of students was the highlight of the evening, and a sock hop followed. The Gold Team were the victors. The Aldershot Cup finals at the Bur- lington Arena saw the staff win the Aldershot Losers Cup. The awards committee divised a new awards system to be used next year for the first time. The B.A.A. would like to thank Mr. Neale for his assistance and guidance. CHEERLEADERS TOP ROW: A. Maurice, M. Robertson, P. Lumsden, J. Saunders. BOTTOM ROW: P. Pickett, L. McAlpine, Captain; D. Lees. The Cheerleaders, this year under the guidance of Miss L. Nuttall, not only cheered our teams to victory but also opened the foot- ball season with a pep-rally and sponsored a Valentine ' s Dance called " Sweethearts and Roses. " CHESS CLUB TOP ROW: J. Royle, J. Smith, G. Giannini, M. Hedden, J. Porteous, R. Beriault, D. Nameth, G. Coates, G. Langhorne. MIDDLE ROW: D. Gordon. BOTTOM ROW: A. Waxman, J. Gilbert, G. For- rester, Vice-President; D. Holt, President, C. Cudmore, B. Brusey. The Chess Club had a successful year, tying Burlington Central, and defeating Water- down 32-11 in regular tournament play. 1955- 66 should be a big year with many younger players showing promise. LITERARY TRIUMPH TO DAWN Yes, we will fight with all the strength and might That we can muster through day and night. Though we hate the bombs and the blood, We will not be drowned in the flood That our oppressors direct our way. They can no longer hold us at bay. We have found our voice; and now the majority. So long only an inferior minority, Will be heard. The suppressing chain Of silence and time has ceased to reign, Although the earth and the sky have been pierced by our cry, For we know we are right; they will see bye and bye! Slowly, so slowly we have leared; For the knowledge for which we have yearned Has been witheld by men Who hate, but to the world say ' friend ' . Those places of knowledge have been out of reach. And the freedom and rights that their books teach Have not been ours. Even work that we need So our children may learn to write and read Has been refused. We have looked on As our kind have been crushed and our chances gone. But no longer. Now we are stronger! We travel united ever forward in our way To the stars and the sun and another new day. Dawn smiles as night falls away and points To the sky from whence we have learned to anoint Even those who give pain, with love. We have soared from our cage as the dove Who sought the answer and found a new place. We too, like the dove, seek that release. We will learn. We will seek, Just as He who was so meek. He knows our faith in Him cannot be denied. He knows how we feel - for our reason He died. Denise Blondeau 12D 43 ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD Bright, glittering, they sparkle; through elastic bands and tightened springs with chewing gum and celery strings... they glow. Words, sentences, they mangle; to say those things of seeming sense — as though you ' re chewing fifty cents... is woe. Teeth, all around, they juggle; but when they have the job complete with spaces filled and looking neat... they ' ll go! Barbara Gillmor 13B TO MY LOVE I have stood by a lonely lake And watched sweet Morn raise up her hand To hide the winking stars and night But I ' d not touched the hand of Morn Nor seen her lovely face ' Til I met you. David Holt 13A NATURE ' S HOME The foamy-white water cascaded over the shelf of jagged rocks and broke into smallwhitecaps as it collided with the clear water of the river. The fisher- man stood knee deep, just below the falls and cast his line to the more peaceful part of the river just outside of the grasping reach of the torrent Green trees and shrubs grew out of a seemingly sheer wall of stone and danced merrily in the brisk breeze. Tiny, scarlet berries stood out brightly amidst the greens and browns of the forest. Sunlight filtered through heavy foliage causing the water to sparkle merrily as it gaily careened over the rocks. This is nature ' s home-a wild, beautiful, fascinating abode. Sharon Simpson 9A NAIL HEADS " We ' ll be over the target in one and a half minutes. Are you all set? " John asked. As he made the final adjustment in his parachute, Bill Cleland turned and replied, " Yea, sure! Boy, I hope this jump will be good. It ' s the last practice I can get in before the contest . " Suddenly the ' ready ' light came on signifying that the plane was over the correct spot. Bill turned toward the door. The wind was howling through the opening, but he grasped the frame and pulled himself nearer the edge. At the okay sign and a wish of good luck from John, Bill took a deep breath and launched himself into space. He was skydiving - the greatest sport in the world. He loved it, and nothing else would satisfy his desire for freedom and adventure. He dropped faster and faster. By shifting his weight and position Bill determin- ed to cor rect all previous mistakes and to come closer to the target area than he ever had before. His delay in opening his chute until the last possible second would allow him to allign himself perfectly, and then he would drift exactly on target. On the ground Phil was busy recording the success of the previous jumpers. He glanced up occasionally to watch the tiny figures rapidly fall away from the plane. George, a newcomer to the sport , was observing Bill Cleland ' s technique. They both stood and followed the small outline as it drew nearer. Suddenly George asked, " Isn ' t Bill going off course? " After studying cautiously Phil realized that Bill was drifting downwind away from the target. Starting to run for the jeep he cried, " He sure is! Come on! We ' d better get the ambulance there to help him. " In a few seconds he was in the jeep and had checked all the medical supplies. Bill was downwind even farther by now. George jumped in and they drove towards the spot where they thought Bill was likely to land. Phil whispered almost in a prayer, " I hope Bill hasn ' t got Psychoanal Fixation. " George shuddered as he recalled what that was, ' the unconscious staring at an object as it constantly appears to grow larger as one falls towards it ' . The wind was tearing at his face and goggles, but that was all part of the sport. Besides, Bill didn ' t notice it, for he was concentrating. He was concentrating, and he couldn ' t take his eyes off the small red dot. It was fascinating and it was pulling him towards it. That same feeling one gets when standing at the brink of a waterfall and the water seems to make him lean towards the crest... it was eating up the time. If Bill didn ' t snap out of it soon it would be too late for the chute to have any effect in breaking the fall. But the red colour was getting larger and larger and, with every successive second, its power of attraction grew stronger and stronger. Bill tried to tear himself away from it, but he couldn ' t. He couldn ' t seem to take his eyes from that spot. With his whole attention captivated by that object he couldn ' t concentrate sufficiently to open his chute. The red was now recognizable as a barn. He strained again and again, but his eyes wouldn ' t budge. Slowly he could make out the smaller details of the building - the peaked roof, the large door, the smaller windows, and the varia- tion in colour. It was too late. Now he could see clearly the planking on th e roof and the chips in the paint. For an instant he saw the nail heads. Glen Forrester 12D 45 ME I sit and I dream in my own funny way - I ' m under an elm tree of some by-gone day. It ' s hot and it ' s June and it ' s humid as well; To study in weather like this must be hell. A spider alights, but too small to do harm: I ' m scared, but I watch as he crawls up my arm. It ' s hot and I ' m dreamy; so move I do not; The spider is restless and moves from my spot. The afternoon drags, and I sit and I dream: Too bad this old elm ain ' t made of ice cream; Too bad things are not what I want them to be; Too bad that I ' m lazy; too bad that I ' m me. David Holt 13A MY MOUNTAIN Towering, massive, like a steeple. Surging up above the valley, Scraping stars down from the heavens Wrapped in mists and wondrous glory Stands my mountain—secret mountain Fashioned only for the godly. Ancient Gods as little children Played upon her mist-wrapped summits. Practised magic in her caverns. Built their castles (wondrous castles ) On the snow peaks of my mountain. Silhouetted ' gainst the sunset, Mist-wrapped, haunting, awesome, lonely. Is a haven for the mortals Weary of Earth ' s constant strifing. Seeking shelter from the tumult. Seeking shelter at my mountain. There these mortals shall find shelter. There these mortals shall find wisdom. And in simple children ' s guises Shall return to the cities Teaching lesser men peace magic. Taught by the Gods on My Mountain! Marcia Mones , 12B •• .» . m : • ••v? • .-Vr ' SPORTS TOP ROW: L. Lanza, B. Batenchuk, D. Anderson, T. Adkins, J. Conlin, G. Anderson, R. Dale, N. Gallo, J. Soule, P. Goodrow, D. Fields, A. McKee. SECOND ROW: Mr. McKenna, Coach, E. Smith, V. Lisson, A: Tacoma, R. Hirst, C. Shonk, P. Lambshead, B. DeMarchi, J. Graydon, M. Weiner, L. Kretz, A. Markoviak, Manager; M. Matthews, Mr. Bradstock, Coach. BOTTOM ROW: D. Smith, Man- ager; D. Taylor, M. Lloyd, B. Buxton, G. Giannini, Captain; T. Pain, Captain; B. Ferguson, E. Luxon, C. Peterson. ABSENT: B. Eraser, D. Lawson. JUNIOR FOOTBALL The 1964 Wildcats established an enor- mous challenge for Aldershot teams of the future. The boys rambled through regular season play with only one defeat — a heart- breaking one-point loss to Nelson. In three of the other five games Aldershot ' s tough, de- termined defense held the opposition score- less. But the real thrills, excitement and dis- appointment came at season ' s end against our arch-rival Nelson. Well over one hundred loyal fans Journeyed to Nelson for the opening game of the play-offs, only to see our offense bog down. But at home the following week the Wildcats fought back with keen spirit and determination. They set out to reclaim their honour and were successful. Taking command early in the game they pounded out a 12 - 8 victory, only to have Nelson walk off with the trophy on the strength of their 11 -point vic- tory the week before. Congratulations to coaches McKenna and Bradstock and to the entire team. SENIOR FOOTBALL This was Aldershot ' s first attempt at senior football and the team ' s showing was understandably something less than sensa- tional. Severely handicaped by a shortage of players and experience, the Lions found that the seasoned veterans from the opposing schools were rather powerful. The most ex- citing game was when the boys almost cap- tured their first match against Central. They displayed a fine defence which held Burling- ton to thirteen points. But unfortunately, our defence moved somewhat slugglishly, scor- ing only seven points, and victory slipped from our grasp. Another fine defensive exhi- bition came during the final home game of the year when the Lions limited the Robinson Rams to thirteen points, but scored only four themselves. Mr, Neale and the entire team are to be congratulated for their determination and ef- fort. With one year of experience behind them the returnees should be able to work with any new recruits next season to form the nucleus of a real contender. TOP ROW: P. Couture, E. Raab, B. Hazelton, P. Sheldrake, J. Forsythe, T. Kershaw, D. Shilling- ford, R. Douglas, D. Harris, R. Toomer. SECOND ROW: Mr. Neale, Coach; G. Jackson, L. Powell, R. Pickering, J. Brown, T. Woods, B. Sloan, P. Kewley, W. Bezusko. BOTTOM ROW: G. Dingle- dine, Man,; R. Dowling, B. Graydon, K. Wilson, Captain; F. Allen, Captain; L. Watanabe, Man.; R. Sacks, Man.; G. Spinks. JUNIOR BASKETBALL This year the Wildcats recovered from an unfortunate mid-season slump to finish with two impressive victories. While winning four games and losing another four, they missed a play-off berth by only one game. But just as exciting as any play-off contest was the second match against Burlington Central. Having just been humiliated earlier by the Colts, our boys fought back with rugged de- termination and contained the powerful Bur- TOP ROW: Mr. Biadstock, Coach; R. Ponting, M. Chapman, M. Hallas, P. MacLennan, W. Crosbie, G. Anderson, R. Morrow, B. Lovell, A. Smale, Manager. BOTTOM ROW: R. Lambert, M. Matthews, C. Neil, J. Graydon, C. Shonk, B. Ferguson, P. Perell. ABSENT: B. Eraser, G. Field. lington offence to a meagre 28 points. Facing strong Central ball-control, the Wildcats were not able to unleash a scoring punch that could penetrate for that all-important final basket, and at the game ' s end the score-board read 28-26 for the visitors. More rewarding than the final score, however, was the fact that Coach Bradstock and his team drew the high praise and respect of the opposing coach. Some of the boys performed so capably that they were promoted to the senior team. Here they all contributed greatly to the suc- cess enjoyed during the play-offs. Another very encouraging feature of the ' 65 Wildcats was that the team acquired many new mem- bers who will provide a solid core of exper- ience for the coach to build next year. SENIOR BASKETBALL m i TOP ROW: B. Penny, Manager; J. Anderson, Statistician; A. Johnson, J. Barker, L. Powell, C. Atkins, B. Lees, W. Roberts, Mr. Salaman, Coach. BOTTOM ROW: B. Hazelton, R. Dickie, D. Wilson, Captain; B. McCrea, B. Lavis. Outstanding! That is the word to des- cribe the 1965 SOSSA Zone One Champs - our own Aldershot Lions. They breezed through the regular season winning all but the first game, and boasted a seven game un- defeated streak as they advanced into the semi-finals against Waterdown. Responding to terrific fan support the Lions upset the Warriors and moved on to face Oakville Tra- falgar in an exciting two game total-point series which ended with the score 127-111 in our favour. Having won the Zone Championship, the boys then carried the Green and Gold to the Niagara Falls tournament where they met some very stiff opposition in the form of Notre Dame Niagara. But they recovered from this setback and downed Grimsby in a con- solation-round cliff-hanger. This marked the end of a very success- ful season which saw three players on the team accumulate more than 125 points each. The Lions consistently provided quality bas- ketball both offensively and defensively. A superb showing of this defensive strength occurred when they held the Waterdown scor- ing machine to a mere 26 points while piling up 38 themselves. Well done boys! 50 WRESTLING TOP ROW: E. Luxon, B. Bryer, V. Lisson, S. Hulse, J. Porteous, G. Rust, D, Farrington, M. Lloyd. SECOND ROW: M. Freckleton, I. Hendrie, R. Moody, D. Kolodey, D. Goodrow, R. Posthumus, P, Hendrie, Mr. Neale, Coach. BOTTOM ROW: D. Aback, B. Linnen, C. Peterson, W. MacCan, M. Lis- son, G. Hoppa, T. Woods. Led by some dazzling individual efforts, particularly in the light-weight divisions, this year ' s wrestling team attained some very re- spectable plateaux. The team ranked second at two different SOSSA meets and earned an 8 and 2 won-loss record in its dual meets. The highlight of the regular season occurred when we became the first team to ever defeat Nel- son. However, climaxing the whole year ' s work, was the skillful display put on by Clyde Peterson in capturing the SOSSA and OFSSA championships for the second consecu- tive year. Since 1962 Clyde has lost only one of the 36 matches he has fought. Coach Neale can look back on such commendable perfor- mances as these and truly consider his work successful. 1964-65 will go down as a very suc- cessful year in Aldershot ' s illustrious golf- history. For it marked for the first time GOLF i fj f. pi f 1 n t fe ' " ' --- ' w Aldershot has won not only the Zone I title but also the SOSSA championship, em- blematic of golf supremacy among the High Schools of Southern Ontario. Few would have guessed that when Aldershot entered its first golf team four years ago, it would grow into such a power- ful team in so short a time. Picture: D. Wilson, A. John- son, B. Lees, D. Wharton, Mr. Neale. TRACK AND FIELD BOYS TRACK TEAM, TOP ROW: V. Lisson, Mgr.; B. Cooke, M. Hallas, J. Soule, R. Panting, T. Kershaw, B. Anderson, G. Anderson, J. Fraser, J. Porteous, P. Buxton, G. DiStefan, D. Bentley, Mr. MacMillan. BOTTOM ROW: D. Farrington, L. Hinchberger, M. Morgan, E. Lux on, D. Caldwell, B. Ferguson, B. Martlin, D. Wilson, G. Dingledine. Under the fine coaching of Mr, McMillan the boys this year began practising before Easter, This head start enabled them to cap- ture six ribbons in the very keen competition at the SOSSA Zone One meet. The industrious efforts of the Junior Relay Team, Bob Martlin (in the Long Jump), and Dale Wilson (in the 100 yard dash) were all rewarded by fifth place recognition. In the Intermediate Divi- sion the relay team and Gary DiStefan were awarde " d second place ribbons. Ted Kershaw streaked to a second place finish in the Sen- ior 220. The second place winners also competed in the Southern Ontario meet at Ancaster. Gary Dingledine put Aldershot on the score sheet with a fifth place win. Our own Field Day was marked by ex- cellent weather, many record-breaking achieve- ments, and still more rosy sun burns. Dale Wilson and Gord Anderson each set one record before becoming Junior and Intermediate Champs, respectively. Three new records were set by Doug Wilson who became the Senior Champ. The class relay winners from 9F, lOB, lie, and 12D also altered the rec- ord books. lOA received the pennant while 12B was the runner-up. FIELD DAY CHAMPS AND RECORD SETTERS TOP ROW: R. Kitchen, F. Allen, D. Wilson, G. Guest, W. Roberts, B. Fraser, A. Tacoma, M. Matthews, J. Graydon. SECOND ROW: G, DiStefan, D. Wilson, G. An- derson, G. Dingledine, T. Kershaw. BOTTOM ROW: S. Morgan, B. Green, L. Shonk. 52 JUNIOR GIRLS TOP ROW: J, Mattick L. Hazel K. Craig H. Vandermeulen L. Edwards Miss Lyons BOTTOM ROW: N. Webber P, Corner S. Morgan P. Atkins M. Plastow JUNIORS This year the Aldershot Juniors fought hard but won only one game in which they participated. The team defeated M.M. Robin- son in the second game of the season. SENIORS Aldershot should be very proud of the ' 65 Senior Girls ' Volleyball team. Playing in the Burlington League, they were victori- ous in six games. At the Zone One finals, by if s - SENIOR GIRLS m J - ' TOP ROW: f Miss Lyons FW S. Henorie F ' ' % 1 J. Venckevicius 1 WM L. Carter B L. Hacon Y J. Mattick f BOTTOM ROW: f G. Levely i kl mafM L. Shonk M mr m M. Filman fll C. Hall m . K . K Bfl defeating Perdue, the girls made themselves eligible for a triumph over Ancaster. After a tough game - one of the best of the year - the team went down to defeat in overtime. A L 53 JUNIOR GIRLS TOP ROW: Miss Klodt J. Fraser J. Manchee P. Czukar L. Hazel D. Callan M. Job N. Folkard BOTTOM ROW: B. Green M. Plastow S. Morgan S. Watts D. Shonk JUNIORS The Juniors played in the Burlington League. Although an inexperienced team with no previous players, the Juniors improved tremendously during the season. We can cer- tainly look forward to a championship team in ' 66. SENIORS Our Senior girls began the year very well. During the regular schedule, they lost only once to B.C.H.S, Scores such as 85-3 and 52-10 show the strength of the team. The first play-off at Nelson produced a score of 39-32 for Nelson. Aldershot ' s tri- umphant comeback of 29-28 was not enough to secure the Championship. However, the girls played hard and deserve much credit. m % i. fi M I I " • ' -■? 54 SENIOR GIRLS TOP ROW: Miss Klodt B. Johnson S. Hendrie M. Kelly M. McMillan N. Adkins N. Folkard BOTTOM ROW: B. Foster L. Beare L. Shonk C. Hall M. Filman J. Campbell GYMNASTICS TOP ROW: Miss Lyons, J. Leishman, L. Edwards, L. Neelands, S. Fleming, B. Caskie, C. Hall. BOTTOM ROW: B. Gileen, L. Swick, R. Squire, P. Williams, N, Black, D. Roberts. In the SOSSA Gymnastic Meet, several of our girls were outstanding. Competing with 18 other schools, Aldershot placed third due to the fine combined team effort of Nancy Webber, who came sixth in Novice Vaulting; Nancy Black, coming fifth in the Junior Un- even Parallels Event; Barb Caskie, with a fifth place ribbon for Intermediate Free Ex- ercise; Lynda Edwards, placing fifth on the Uneven Bars; and Barb Green, who in the Intermediate Division, took first prize in Vaulting and placed fourth on the Unevens. Pam Williams, coming third on the Advanced Uneven Bars; and Romey Squire, who secured two first place wins in Advanced Vaulting and Parallel Bars and also a fourth place standing on the Uneven Bars of the Advanced level also contributed to our success. Thanks girls for your effort and spirit. TRACK AND FIELD TOP ROW: Miss Lyons, B. Hall, L. Shonk, D. Ross, M. Filman, S. Henderson, H, Robertson, W. Lampkin, R. Wilson, B. Green. SECOND ROW: N. Heywood, N. Black, G. Cormick, L. Swick, C. Hall, J. Leishman, C. Robertson, J. Eraser. THIRD ROW: B. Lawrence, F. Layfield, D. Shonk, B. Green, L. Edwards, B. Williams, S. Morgan, S. Brennan. The Ontario High School Track Meet was heid at Maple Leaf Gardens on January 26, 1965. Our own girls, Leslie Shonk, Barb Green, Sue Morgan and Lynda Edwards, with Suzanne Brennan as substitutes, established the coveted first place position over 16 other schools. Their hard work was well rewarded and these five girls have set a record that will be hard to beat in future years. At the Zone One Meet, the Aldershot girls again fought their way to victory. Here, Barb Green and Debbie Shonk tied for the Junior Championship along with two others. The junior relay managed to secure a second place win, as did the intermediate team. Representing our school in the intermediate category. Sue Pilorgan and Mary Filman took first and fourth place ribbons, respectively. When it came to the Seniors, Leslie Shonk made two firsts and a second place standing, setting a new record of 5 feet 1 inc h for the girls ' high jump. Bonny Hall came second in the discus. The SOSSA Meet of 1965 showed Barb Green as the Junior Champion after coming first in the hurdles and 60 yard dash. Also, nothing less than the best would do for the Junior Relay Team. In the Intermediate division. Sue Mor- gan placed first with the 220 yard dash, while our relay fought for a second place ribbon. These girls, through their points, helped to put Aldershot in fourth place in the school standing. Well done, girls! FIELD DAY CHAMPIONS: Junior, Barb Green; Intermediate, Susan Morgan; Senior, Lesley Shonk. ' ' 1 » «► OCIAL SOCIAL COMMITTEE Executive: Rosemarie Squire, Jane Reed, David Baird, Margaret Shaw. The Social Committee, in keeping with the Aldershot tradition, was responsible for a number of firsts this year. The Committee sponsored the first senior Commencement Dance, the first night basketball dance, and the first formal Spring Prom. The theme of the prom was Mardi-Gras ' 65. Streamers, balloons, ticker-tape and giant masks transformed the gymnasium into a kaleidescope of colour. The reception line, the toasts in the cafeteria and the great music of Earl Ray all made it a memorable evening. The Committee was responsible for drawing up a new set of rules for school dances. Aldershot students now enjoy the privileges of basketball dances in the gym, and may invite students from other Burlington schools. This year the Social Committee was the largest organization in the school with a membership of over forty students. Barb Wice was in charge of decorations, Marg Shaw headed the refreshment committee and David Baird and Stuart Beal were our chief techni- cians. A special thanks goes to all the teach- ers for making the social activities of the year possible, and especially to Mr. McCol- lom and Mr. Cantlon for their contributions. COMMENCEMENT Chairman of the Social Committee Jane Reed Parents, friends, and teachers were present in large numbers at our Second An- nual Commencement Exercises. Scholarships, bursaries and awards were presented to many of our first grade thirteen graduates, and the Students ' Council citizenship awards, pro- fiency awards and Secondary School Honour Graduation diplomas were presented. James Acheson made a presentation on behalf of the graduating class of 1964. Carolyn Roberts, winner of several awards gave the valedictory address. It was a memorable evening for all those who took part. PROFICIENCY WINNERS Grade Twelve: Keith Dun can, Mark Chapman Grade Eleven: Karen Brooks, Joan Morris Grade Nine: Susan Henderson, Ethel Royle Grade Ten (Absent): Janet Lawrence, Rebecca McKinnon MARDI GRAS ' 65 DANCES TOP ROW: R. Flock, C. Peterson, Mr. G. Mallory, W. Lampkin, P. Goodrow, B. Cooke, B. Der- becker. SECOND ROW: G. Hoppa, R. Mercer, E. Sovereign, B. Jerowsky, B. Batenchuk, T. Pether- ick, V. Kovinich, D. Nameth, M.J. Gable, E. Klamt, O. McLeod, F. Schien, C. Eraser, S. Lumsden, R. Kitchen, M. Harris, H. Procee, G. Davies, R. Dickie, J. Eraser, P. Lambshead. THIRD ROW: G. Snowden, R. Wood, C. Cooper, M. Damade, R. Beriault, B. Hallas, C. Patterson, J. Eraser, C. Lenz, P. MacLennan, L. Hicks, B. Magee, E. Luxon. BOTTOM ROW: G. Wilson, B. Waite, D. Greer, S. Eleming, K. Brooks, P. Kewley, P. Hartog. The Senior Band has completed another successful year. The early morning practices had paid off, and they were able to display their fine talents at the M.M. Robinson Commencement, the Christmas programme, various assemblies. Music Night and they also gave a fine perfor- mance at the Midland Avenue Secondary School in Toronto. Most of the credit is due to Mr. Mallory, our fine instructor, who devoted much of his spare time and spent many hours, in making our band successful this year. DRAMA CLUB Executive: M. Childs, R. Laking, G. Foster, B. Green. The Drama Club produced one play this year and aided in the production of the " Lottery " for the first Burlington Drama Festival. " Sunday Costs Five Pesos " starring Ken McLeod, Sue Downs, Joan Brimer, Margaret Murphy and Cathy Thompson, proved to be a great success. " The Lottery " , under the supervision of Mr. MacKenzie and " Willie " provided a suspence thrilled evening. The leading roles were played by Ron Laking, Joan Brimer, Floyd Linnen, and Chris Cudmore, who won an acting award for best supporting actor. LIBRARY STAFF 62 TOP ROW: L. Johnson, K. Craig, E. Filman, E. Cooper, L. Hicks, J. Lansbury, S. Triton, L. Hall, L. Dowling. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Kitchen, L. Seagrove, S. Layfield, C. Cooper, F. Layfield, F. Shein. r I mOYERT ST. PHILLIPS 458 Elmwood Rd. NE 4=7813 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Industrial Commercial Domestic Certified Electric Heating Contractor giHflH U| i u BRANT CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH L TD. Sales - Service - Parts 1463 Lakeshore Rd. ' Bdhn.- ' VaHdLMe. ( Twenty-Four Hour Heating Service 1380 Grahams Lane, Burlington, Ontario NE 4-4397 YEARBOOK ADVERTISING STAFF (Picture on page 63) TOP ROW: Mary Jo Kelly, Stefanie Layfield. SECOND ROW: Carol Cooper, Sue Kewley. THIRD ROW: Christine Finlay, Sue Thomas. BOTTOM ROW: Martbeth Edwards, Evelyn Sovereign. ABSENT: Elspeth Wright, Carol Por- teous, Peggy Drew. 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Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 38

1965, pg 38

Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 16

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1965, pg 86

Aldershot Secondary School - Leonidata Yearbook (Burlington, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 36

1965, pg 36

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