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ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in -Chief Assistant Editor and Business Manager Photography Copy Editor Layout Editor Advisor Lynnette Upchurch Roger Eide Ann Craig Janice Lowery Ann Craig Pat Iochmann Mr. Bill Syhlman I gd THE REDSKIN 1958 ALDEN CONSOLIDATED HIGH sc:-lool. ALDEN, IOWA We Dedlcate To a man who IS well llked by all and who has put ln a good pomon of hls ume helpmg others We the annual staff wxsh to dedlcate thls fhe 1958 Redskm to Jack Sogard a man of out standmg abllmes ln the fleld of sports and soclal sc1ence Mr IACK SOGARD O - 1 1 n - 1 r A D M I N I S T R A T I O N SUPERINTENDENT Mr. A. O. Larson .Mgchra 51. Olaf, 1511 Mairurl Board of Education FRONT ROW, Left to I-light: Mr. Fay Bigelow, Supl, A. O. Larson, Mr. Gilford Trousdalc, Miss Gertrude Ites. BACK ROW: Mr. Mike Sharur, Mr. Richard Harms, Mr. William Krnusc, Mr. Francis McCord. X If lf' val? PRINCIPAL Mr. Dick f,0I'I11CIi Phywral Education Iowa Weflcyau, B.A. ISV, IDIIIICIPBIIS Lcrlificatc Y Mr, JACK SOCARI1 L'U.w:1 Swui.ll Sch-rluu, Draku Umvvrsily BMX., Grnduatv work ..! Ic1w.a Sluts Qnllvgu ,md Colomdo Sun- College Facult if Mr DUANE C BROUWER Vocational Agrreulture Shop ISC B S O K boys let s get to work' Mr ROBERTD MILLER Industrial Edueation ISC B S Your two minutes are up Mrs VELMA CALKINS English, Des Moines University Graduate work at ISTC Drake B A 'How did I ever get on that subject? Mr BILLD SYI-ILMAN Business Education ISTC B A 'Alright you guys back there ge busy' Mr. FRANK LIEB Instrumental Music Morningside College B.M.E. I wish you would use your tongue in band as much as you do out of ban . Mr. IARRY GILPIN Physical Education ISTC, B.A. "O.K., let's hold it down!" Miss BEVERLY MATSEN Vocal Musicg Gustavus Adolphus College, B.A. "Can't our talkin wait till after school?" Y 8 Mrs. EMMA STEFFEN Home Economics, Chemistry ISTC, B.S. "You're just trying to kill time." H-sph Do' Mr. DICK CORNICK Physical Education fGirls' Basketball Co Iowa Wesleyan, B. achj A. ISU, Principal's Certificate Mrs. RAUSENBERGER Seventh Grade ISTC, B.A.g SUI, M.A. Miss ELAINE RUEN Sixth Grade ISTC Mrs. GERALD SURLS Fouth Grade Webster City Junior College Miss GLORIA MULLER Third Grade ISTC Mrs. DALE SCI-IMEDIKA Second Grade ISTC, Drake University Miss PATRICIA ANDERSON Fifth Grade Drake University Miss MARTHA ALLBHEY First Grade Iowa State Teacher's College QT"-wail BUS DRIVERS: C. Akers, J. Krause, J. Mitchell, R. Wake- field, and H. More- land. Mrs. BILL SYLMAN First Qade ISTC Mmss CHARLENE HANUS Kindergarten ISTC s-Jr tiifi-G.. , SECRETARY: Mlss Gertude Ites COOKS: Mrs. Ras mussen, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Raska. CUS TODIAN: Harold Moreland Seniors X qui tgirl that 5 1 5 sun to L mightx 11C hut fun and l'I11SLlIlLf lx am I thought I would a Whennvnrshr s nttdf. d bachplor stay but I shL'll bt tht rt tvcr Could not ktep the girls rt ady to do mr share avr ay Hc's short and he's wise. "My studies are interfering I-Ie's a terror for his size. with my school work." JANILE llRElxK1 Jan a sf r I ll v o XINN MARII' CRAIG QV PRISIDIN ll An 1 Bas ttl alll J 4 Major tu 13 .1 4 Ll 15s Oifictr irl horu5 1 9 horu5 uw l A nur Stal 4 aptr tall 3 4 V LJ Smill Groups 'J 4 Vocal Solo 1 Clas5 Play Piano Angompinist l 3 4 Dramiti 1 C im ra Club 3 ROGER DEAN EIDF Shorti, Baskttball I 'P 3 4 Basthall 1 'lrack " Ptp Club l 3 FFA '7 3 FFA Offictr 2 3 Color Guard 4 An nual Ass t Editor 4 Studt nt Council 4 JOSFPHINE FREESE o Annual Staff 4 Paptr Staff 3 G1rl's Chorus 1 " 3 4 Mixtd Chorus 1 7 4 Vocal Small Groups 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Pup Club 1 JON HAROLD IDSO Jon Bast hall 1 " 3 4 Football Managtr 1 '7 3 Llass Play .3 4 Annual Staff 4 DALLAS DEAN KRAUSE QTREASURI-QR, Kraust Baskttball 1 Z J 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Bast ball I 2 Class Officer 4 Class Play 3 4 FFA 2 3,4 Pup Club 1 2 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 3 4 10 sw al aunt Ill I an J 4 Voga lsr S1111 J Anm I C nunc. u IJININIS RXX NIADSILIN Q PRFSIDENTJ Demi as Ilbxll s Oltlu 3 P I Qlu Baskltball Nlanagcr 3 Football l Z J 4 Band I 2 J -4 Bzsl ball 3 -I Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 4 Mlxul Chorus 3 Bow s Lhorus 3 REBILCLA LOUISF ROLAND Bscky Baslu tball I I 3 4 Majcm ttf, I 7 3 4 Clrl s Chorus 4 Mrxl d Chorus 4 Homocommg ul LH Candmdatc -I Xnnual Staff 4 Paplr Staff Edltor 4 SHARON ANN SHANER QSECRETARHQ 'Shsrue ' Baskutball l,2,3,-1, Ma-you Ito: 23,-1, G1rl's Chorus 3,-4, Mxxed Chorus 4, Paper Staff 2,-1, I-Iomccommg Queen Candldau 3, Vocal Small Groups 3,-1, Class Offlcer 4, Dramatlcs 1, Annual Staff 4, Class Play 3 4, Pep Club 1 2 GALE FRANCIS SMITH "Sm1tty" Baslu tball l,2,3,4, Baseball 1,-1, Track 2, Class Of nur I, Annual Staff 4, Class Play J,-1, Pep Club 1 I m nr Lhmk of Lhl Jan s a pr1m 'vllss Lhcrc s iuturr II Lomns soon a Sk1pIl'1 hu walk nm ugh Many a laugh shr s had and boy Lan she talk School breaks up Lhc. Men annoy me bu I xsholg day lxke to be annoynd "She's httle, but from top "He bums the mldmght to toc She's brmmful of 011, but xts gasoIme." llfe and go " and 1 song 1l11llN h 11 115 1 5 th L 1111511 111 our NK non 1155 111110 a 50011 5t 1r1 Her 1111 15 not h1r own 11111 of 111 angel 111 '1r1 O1 lqL1LL1l HSPOIISOI7 tc 1c111r, 11111111 " MARLOW GLADE STUNBERG L11 11111 1 .3 4 Boy 5 Lhorus 15 4 M1141 11 C.11or115 .3 otb 1111 C1155 1l1y 1115 1 'V V11c1l S111 Ill Groups J 4 11151111 IlLIl1J.l 1 11 G1'o1115 3 4 FA 1 111111 811111 Co1111c11 ' CAROLYN JANE SWEERS Sw11rs Baud 1 " .3 4 lllblfl 1111111 11 5I1l'1l1G1'0U13'5 2 3 4 T 111111111111 Solo 2 3 4 Dr 1111 11115 1 P 1 Cluh IS 0fflC r 1 Ll155 P11y .3 4 AIlIlUll S11 Pap1r S1 111' 4 M1x111C,l1oru5 .1 4 G1r15 C.,1l1Y11S 14 X01 11 SIll1llLv1'OL1pb 15 4 BE'1 TE LOU THOMPSON 131111 Bask1 thall 1 2 3 4 Majoretu 1 Dru ll Major 9 D11 11111cs1 G1rl s Chorus 1 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 3 4 Vocal S1111ll Groups 3 4 Ho1111co111111g u1111 C lIlk11K1 111 1 C1158 Play 3 4 C1155 O1f1c1r l 3 111111 5111514 1'ap1r S1111 l 4 P1pC,l111 l HOPE LYNNETTE UPCHURCH Ly 11111 Class O111c1r 7 3 HOHILLOIIIIDQ 13111011 Ca11d1dat1 Paper Staff 2 3 4 Annual Edxtor 4 G1rl s Chorus 1 7 3 4, Vocal Sm Ill Groups 2 .3 4 Cl1ss Play 3 4 ANNA MARGARET WEISBERG "A11n" G1rl's Chorus 2,3,4, M1xcd Chorus 3,4, Vocal Solo 3 4, Vocal Small Groups .3,4, Class Play 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4 Mr SYHLMANN QClas5 Sponsor, "B1l1" COIlUIlCl'C1Jl Courses. I2 . . ,, X. V, 1 B, 1, 1 , i. . ,. 1 1 . - Sf rf? ' 7"V V Y ' ! J ' 7 I Fo 1 , 3 1 ' 3,45 A11111141l S1411 43 131.111111- " ...L ' TL 1 1 ', 3 K' 1 ' ' S1111 1g , 511 12,35 F1- X O -- L551 1'Il1 ll , i 'V ,...', 3 1 ' 1 ' L ' , , 5 1 r 1 , , 9 1 1 '. ,QQ 1-1 .Ig Cl..-, Q 42,39 ' if 1 5 1 .ff-1, . . , , , , , , 1 1, , 1 . 1 1 ' I 1 1 . 1 , . "W1Lh 11111nc on h15l1ps, "Clcvcr, 5111.1r1, and 11115 . x Q ' Q 1-11r1g of 111 :C11r1+1y'11 151"1'111y' HC1, C fx -. ' k. I . 1. C- C K H, , , fl O" ' ' 11 i in ' , - 1 9 " ' - I " -131-is Q - ' . ' ' . ' " ' 1 1 1 1 1 . Q , 1 1. 1 1 , 1 - Q H 2 L 1 3 1 ' , 9 19 ' 1 5 :All 1 1 , ' ,' 1 , 5 ' 1 . 11 , ,vw - 'A 4 ' . 1 1 ' 1 ' . -7 H! 7 1 A' y . y . , , Y D K Y ' - 1-1 J A 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - ' 1' , , -1- "V .. x . I ,K 'V 3 I ll Jo Dunny J :Ln Pat Calc C arolyn Sherri L Anna Lynne Charlie Bette Jan B. Class History Class Prophecy Class Wall Classes E Steffen J Bennett D Fraser H Honeck l L Lochmann J Slelaff Juniors STANDING Sally Jo Mueller treasurer, Lexla Greufe secretary SEATED Judy Slelaff vlce presxdent, Marv1nE1de presrdent G Bessman B Blome D Calkms G Clark B Green L Creufe S Hall D Hannah R Jass J Johnson R Lettow L Lutschwager D Mxller P Montandon S Mueller J Rodgers C Srmpson S Thompson D Weyrauch L. Whisler 18 G Andrews M Exde D Harms L. Lochmann l R Shrneflew K. Wilson yi .G a 7 Q ' 1 - '. ,L Y ! fp- 5 ! L L l C Akers S Bessman D Harms A Larson R. Sxmpsor M Brotherton S Harms D McCord R Smith Freshmen M Brotherton S Hoffman F Mxller W E Sweets 20 J Clark G Hoversten Ll S Nelsen D Topp A Engleson S Johnson J. Shxneflew M. Vroman Pres M Brotherton V P J Fosse Sec Treas D McCord L Akers E Freese B Kennedy J Srelaff G Warman V51 VV? 1 UAE D.Brouwer JA N 1 1 375 J I J - A I Iv' 2 f RIGHT to LEFT: Ramona . Buzzetti. secretary- treasuruq Danny Whislcr, l vice -pu-sidenlg John Klein. president. C Baker L Brown J Klexn P Thayer Q . I . Q R Buzzettx D Neubauex K Trousdale i 1 Eughth Grade C Calkins D Peterson A Tnplett M Calkms B Pommrehn C Ulnch B Donelson K Shaner D Whlsler J Sogard M Balley B Exlers R Schultz K Wxlson l 1 1 X' U , E. Greufe B. Hoversten K. Ites R. ltes D. Johnson C. Klein I . 5 Senior English if--'l l Biology Typing Junior History Acquiring knowledge while attending Alden High School is of major importance. If students are to attend college or enter a chosen vocation, then learning and earning good grades must come first be- fore all other things. Receiving a good education in school will prepare you to go out into society and make a successful living for yourself. Chemistry Acquiring Knowledge Shorthand i Home Economics Psychology 6 Elementary Grades O 1 -f Seventh Grade FIRST ROW Left to Rlght Conn1e Warman Carol Neubauer Dennls Kent Rlchard Bruns, Exleen Greufe, Jane Bessman Larry Johnson Mrs Rausenberger SECOND ROW Nancy Harms, Marllyn Calkms, Jamce McCord Mary Pohlman Jerry Burton Mrke Folks, Carol Jacques Martha Brown Robert Schager THIRD ROW Douglas Montandon James Clark, Jeanette Bussert Jamce Izer Nancy Bessman Dean Calkms, Lxnda Lowery Maurlce Hoverstem Erle Cralg Slxfh Grade FIRST ROW Left to Rxght Jnll Trousdale Merle Palo Mrke Sharar Jlm Lewxs, Davld Brown, Cheryl Jass, Mlss Ruen SECOND ROW Judy Akers Bob Ites Allan Lochmann Margaret Monson, Nadme Wolff Marlbeth Krause Susan Grupe THIRD ROW Ruth Ann Lawson Cheryl Meyer, Phyllis Weatherman Pat McCord Judy Bray, Karen Rxeks Frances Hoversten, Donna Neubauer 24 Fifth Grade FIRST ROW Left to Right Michael Furman Dale Ites, Steven Hunt Karolyn Helden Sandra Mad sen Leroy Pommrehn Ronnie Zeiger B111 Thayer Miss Anderson SECOND ROW Ricky Caruth Rodney Green Sharon Fenton Lois Whisler Susan Lettow Suzanne Lesher, Barbara Koppes, Steve Donelson Walter Bailey THIRD ROW Lynn Brotherton James Hansen Stephen Klein Nancy Rey Whipple Fourth Grade FIRST ROW Left to Right Paulette Warschkow Carolyn Wood Diana Buuetti Jerry Bussert, Stephan King John Kent, George Kent Mrs Surls SECOND ROW Linda Krause, Mike Hunt James Gremer Willard Greufe Linda Pommrehn Judy Peterson Dixie Hunt THIRD ROW Gary Kramer, B111 Silke Pat Ites, Melome Harms Suzanne Peterson Diana Jacques Jim Jass Laura Lewis 25 , I Z . A . x . I . I D ., - 3 7 I I A 1 ' 2 I D l ' I 7 7 I nolds, Leslie Klussman, Beth Pohlman, Allen Smith, Gregory Tjarks, Taryl Sehultz, ABSEINT: Darwin , ' 3 : 1 U . 4 2 1 . ' , . , . . ' . : , . . I , . I -, A - : - 1 1 1 y 1 I ' Thlrd Grade FIRST ROW Left to Rrght Lawrence Neubaurer RandyMontandon Kendal Jass, Leland Pommrehn Llnda Kramer, Janet Ites, Kathy Peterson Stex en Bartlett Kay Frxtzmerer Mrss Muller SECOND ROW Nxcky Reynolds John Wrlmer Cynthra Lesher Ruth Whxsler, Susre Bndges Helen McCord Ronald Hoversten Tom Jass Larry ltes, Dean Ellmgson THIRD ROW Joyce Ites, Cheryl Morgan, Anne Moore Kerth Greufe Marsha Fenton Terry Caruth Sherrrll Tystahl Arlys Knowles, Pamela Srlvey Mxchael Sogard Jackre Grlmore ABSENT Roger Honeck Roger Wood Don Nelson B111 Parker Second Grade FIRST ROW Left to Rrght Drew Lewls, Sandra Balentme Darla Morgan Susan Wllson James Cal kms, Davrd Tjarls Jerry Pommrehn Ronald Parker Mrs Schmedxka SECOND ROW Patrlcra Wxl mer Rlta Porter Patty Lettow, Lynne Crang Mrchael Frtzgerald Mark Bussert Klrby Flemmg Karen Furman Bobby Bell Shamle Fogelson THIRD ROW Ann Trousdale Jennrfer Madsen, Judy Grlmore Allen Akers, Marlene Johnson L1nda Helden Randy Boor, Jerry Grrmm, Steven Lawson Thomas Wrlkre Barbara Hunt ABSENT Susanne Smxth Calvrn Fenton Douglas Norem Gordon Harms 26 O I Z , l . . - , 1 l ' 1 A -1' ' . , s ' ! D V Y D 1 Y I I ' I U A! ! ' I I 7 7 ' i I ' Z l I J . ' 1. 2 1 r 1 1 l. I' I 1 1 l 1 ' ' Z I ' 1 1 l 1 1 41 1. 1 1 . 'l I .1 . . , y. . , 1 - 2 1 1 1 ' First Grade FRONT ROW Left to Rrght Jrmmxe Morrls Carol Beal Mlke Danger Llnda Cleveland Chester Neubauer Bonnie FISCUS Mrs Syhlman SECOIND ROW Peggy Wood Steven Olrver Scott Dannen Kathy Ulrlch Dennrs Thompson Vlckr Mltchell Clrfton Zelger THIRD ROW Mrke Jass, Stex en Parker Lrnda Furman Dc-bbxe Harms Mark Klem Jon Lawson Bobby Pommrehn ABSHNT Denxse Slagle Davrd Hoverstcn First Grade -Q- I-RONT ROW Left to Rlght Janet Kellogg, Paul Hovcrsten Kandy Trousdale Mlke Janes Sue Balentrne Dawn LEWIS, Mxss Allbee SECOND ROW Dennxs Meyer Steven Dales, Rexa Duncan Leslie Pmgel Jamce Bray Mary Jo Janssen Lmda Folks THIRD ROW Dean Ites, Dee Anna More land Larry Stme, Pam Weatherman Terry Koppas Jeanne Morre, Frank Polhman Anson Holland ABSENT Darwln Norem, Becky Wood 27 Kmdergarten FRONT ROVN Ltft to Rlglmt Lmdl Scott Joy Busscrt, Shtryl Tjarks, Patty Wolff Betty Wllrncr, M1ss Hanus SECOND ROVN Jeffrey Pxngel, Crzug Lawson Douglas Ctxruth, Jlmmy Sog.1rd, Donald Brown THIRD RONN N11ClxCy Morg U1 Danny Jury, Nlarvm Boulllon Bobby Krause., Kent McElva.n1a, Charles Kindergarten FRONT ROW, ltft to Rlglmt Sltvtn Grcmcr, Lmda Bcssman Mark Furman Lo1s Upchurch, Jcame Rodgers, Amti Loclxm mn, Mxss Htmus SECOND ROW Gregory Huebner Steven Harkerna Paulette Pctcrson L1nd1 Stmc , Jlmmy Helden Bruct Moore, P xul Brxrtlett M1Ch3C1 Fenton THIRD ROW Vxrgll Stme Llndx V 111414. P lul Wluslcr Jxmmy Helden Steven Thclkc, Crzug Itcs, Jerry Ites, Dallas Ellmgson John ,ISS 28 's ' V ' 1 I f 1 ' Y N V . 1 V ' x E ' ' l . , . I X I . Y . F V V l , I Hunt. ABSUQT: Lylc Slaglc, Duane Norcm. , .V ' ' ' Z h ' R U ' 1 1 ' l 4 K .F i . .Y ' Z f Y , , . ,. 4. ,,. . 'V . Y N., x . Q 1 , - I : A r 5 ' xx 3 1 1 5 , - Q . Activities Our Queen Queen and Her Attendants Nixlma Hu qu: WV .Ju ,TJ Mm?u1Jdm1Ir.1z.xal1,Li- .,.xx. 1 t1Yxllx II .md cur ..'e ITN wrt .1r1M1r,-uw Mmx1Iwrr.e.:1v It-1-!1xx.11xf. ,me .rvwud Lyn vz .NT ri.: 191' In Urxixrmg fvvxxgzmb. 1 r.1J:,m1X' Q .1.HI!,QI..1In'.' 'fm flu s wi lmff, .1k1lENktf?'i.'itl km l'uY in-Ihr: xhrultitl-.A:1L1.1 Vl1L'dUlL'l1Ik'LI www wie rw M-r S?,i'M.1N vtyxrxx .NI guilt f'll1L'!lCI wvr 1.41 Mun' .xt cm-35.-rxu I,.m': L"xk'H1l1Q, lf.L'L1l1x L11 hwfi Ibmlml11wwll11l1y n1.ll1lkL'. llllhik' .NI ,-M14 ax Vxvlt 1. H Ittfxtllgll tin ::.1:1xt tru KJ and thu: wx. .ms TVw"5IL' malrzcd Ilzr-111,111 ITIL fum V!tiK'lI1Ck'UIHlfllQ ILM , lv xrwrnorxcb wt rhzf vw-uk-Q MJ- ,tim mi tW'llk1llmI ' .U t L. .LTA vs il. Tru In xf vvx Ax If.a x.tIkx1 411: . A find .1 llxk-Qlmw 1? ff L 'md mlx dameluringmfnrrxwIx1:1dt11IX wr YCSTS tw CUIII1' l'sI'L'5hIY1JI1 Attendant, M.1rthz1 Bmthcrton, Swphomoru ntlcmiunt, I.urm1nc Lochmznmg Swnim' .ulund41nt. Bvcky Roland. 30 ,har--.V Janet Rodgcrsg Q ucvn. I Q llllk 4 k'it'l.Lt1 1 ,1 Iv It The Climax The Coronation The Scmor Lima wok wp Tumor: in the flwax d1V1S1UFlL1I the annual hwnmg-fomlm ' tubtzxxru-2 wil. "Mlm ' 'Ill' to Vicrovrxf' Snwkc wurud F Hn . k from tho IIBRHIQ UIl'fkJ1l flrxwkuxtack, lt: hcadllghr :11n'IlL'!11IOL1gl1IllC darkm-N5 on my hull rlangud and my Mnftlc wuzmdwd. Senior Float 31 CU, . .1 Junior Float Sophomore Float ,.5.,f Fjfl- lvlfll SDAHINE TU VIETUHY M.. .e,...m:4.-.A v Freshman Float HLD' Pauli IT ma Band Queen Miss Sharon Ann Sliarier Mus Sharon Shaner was elected to represent Alden Consolidated High School at the North Iowa Band Festival at Mason City. Sherrie is active in girls' ehorns and mixed ehorngq she ha: heen a niajorette in the marching band all through her four years of high school. She has algo heen on the haskethall team for the same length of time. Sherrie has been on the honor roll while attending Alden High School. Her plans for the future are indefinite. With her pleasing personality and all her talent. Sherrie is sure to represent Alden respectively. Stepping it off! Her music ability in action x? ' 'I-,yn 'f'D , Q! no FRONT berg. P Sweers. Whisler Lettow, THIRD Son, A. Freese, ROW, Left to Right: E. Freese, J. Bessman, D. Madsen, M. Stein- . Thayer, D. Calkins, A. Craig, L. Liittschwager, D. Harms, E. M. Calkins. SECOND ROW: L. Akers, B. Donelson, K. Ites, D. , E. Bruns, M. C.Llkins, D. Redmon, A. Schager, C. Klein, D. M. Eide, A. Engleson, C. Montandon, J. Sielaff, C. Swcers. ROW: A. Larson, S. Mueller, D. Thompson, J. bowery, S. Thomp- Craig, B. Thompson, S. Shaner. S. Bessman, M. Brotherton, J. C. Cook, F. Licb. Color C. L. R. L. Guard Kinney Upchurch Hide Kinney -x Concert Bond Moloreftes A. Craig B. Roland . Thompson, Drum Major . Shane: B S I I 2 S..4" - l .yz, 1 5.41 ,M ' X Rx i 4 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Miss Matson, Danny Whisler, Duane Neubauer. John Klien, Larry Brown, Larry Akers. SECOND ROW: Ben Brown, Randy Schultz, Mark Calkins, Lar Kinney, Bill Blome, Milan Vroman. THIRD ROW: Jerry Clark, Bill Pommrehn. Dennis Peterson, Gene Hoversten, Leigh Upchurch, Alan Eide. THIRD ROW: Corwyn Klien, M: low Steinberg, Wayne Klemme, Douglas Filbrandt, Lowell Whisler. Don Calkins. Boys' Chorus ogoaee ng FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Bernice Hoversten, Janet Schager, Anna Triplet, Kay Shaner, Sharon Shaner, Sally Mueller, Romona Buzzetti, Kathy Wilson, Miss Matson. SECOND ROW: Janet Sielaff, Kay Trous- dale, Judy Sielaff, Carol Ulrich, Ann Craig, Lorraine Lochrnann, Janet Rodgers, Pam Montandon, Char- lene Cook. THIRD ROW: Janice Lowery, Dorothy Harms, Elaine Bruns, Judy Rodgers, Carolyn Sweers, Bette Thompson, Sharon Harms, Sue Nelson. Elizabeth Sweers, Karen Ulrich. FOURTH ROW: Sue Bess- man, Jo Freese, Janet Shineflew, Janet Hudspith, Lorretta Lochmann. Becky Roland, Pat Lochmann, Ann Weisberg, Judy Vierkandt, Lynn Upchurch. Avis Johnson. Girls' Chorus 35 i -. G , 'V A006 Mixed Chorus l'iIRSl' lil 'NN . Lust up ljylglil Silly Nluvllur, J.1nct Schagcr, Judy Sic1.1i1,Kr1y Sh.1nl'r, Ani. Crnzg, liclwclya Ruliznl, Bcllc 'l'lirni1psu11, Lurctti Lochrnrinn, Lorraine l,OClllI1.lHI1, Miss Mitsvn. SlfL,'Uf.lD ROW llrilvrra LIrcm:1,l'li1rlr'iic Cowl-Q, Judy Rodgers, CarolynSxu'crs..l.i1ict liurlgcrs, ."-.nn AV.-'1xln:,',. 51: rmrz Ei .rznu .lnrly X':urk.iiidI. l3.l1NL'l.l lvluiitgiinlon, K.rrcnUlricl1, Slniron Sh.incr 'llilKlJ RUR". .l .ni Q l wx cry. .lusuylinic Frccsc. Dr1nnyW'hislcr, Leigh Upchurch, Rbnidy Sch1glLz.lLix'1,1 lIlr1.-li, Dcrzzzis l'cLurscni. Putriuigr Loclirnann, Lynnettc Upchurch, Avis Johnson. POlIllTli ROW W rj,':.v Klcrtiznc. Dun Calkins, Marlow Stcinbcrg, CorwynK1cin, Fil' lfrinrlt B ll llluzziu. limcll Wluslcr. llUIll'l1'4lSCl', M.irk Calkins. Christmas Program ii ,811 I Annual Staff FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Syhlman, Gary Bessman, Roger Eide, Lynneue Upchurch, Ann Craig, Barbara Green. SECOND ROW: Dennis Madsen, Jon ldso, Pal Loehmann, Sharon Shaner Bette Thompson, Josephine Freese. THIRD RCW: Cale Smith, Marlow Steinberg, Janice Lowery. Dallas Krause, Carolyn Sweers. Assembly Line llaving Troubles? "- in Production The Old St3nd-By Back Seat Drivers Newspaper Staff FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Lynnctte Upchurch, Patricia Lochmann, Sharon Shaner, Bette Thompson, Ann Craig, Sharon Hall, Carolyn Sweers. SECOND ROW: Judy Rodgers, Lorrctta Lochmann, Dorothy Harms, Sally Jo Mueller, Charlene Simpson, Judy Siclaff, THIRD ROW: Kenyon Wilson, Dennis Weyrauch, David Hannah, Iwir. Syhlman, Ronald Shineflew, Donald Calkins. Assembling Newspapers Hard at Work ,125 Newspaper Prod uchon Column Typlng Newspaper Editor F. F. A. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Duane C. Brouwer, Gary Bessman, Robert Jass, Wayne Klemme, Dennis Lettow, Leigh Upchurch, and Lowell Whisler. SECOND ROW: Marvin Eide, Charles Kinney, Dallas Krause, Donald Calkins, Gene Rehm, Allen Eide, Gary War- man, and Larry Kinney. THIRD ROW: Roger Eide, Donald Fraser, Gale Smith, Donald Thompson, James Roland, Richard Polzin, Dean Harms, Russel Smith, and Mylan Vroman F. F. A. Officers LEFT to RIGHT: Mr. Duane C. Brouwer, Advisor, Robert Jass, Vice President, Dennis Lettow, Re- porter, Lowell Whisler, Secretary, Wayne Klemme, President, Leigh Upchurch, Treasurer, Gary Bess- man, Sentinel. 4F 'a-'va ' q.:,Q 'ix F. F. A. Class ff' X tl lf L Av , ' 05110 A I o'9'5iIL1'5 Hard at work. Student Council FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Sylvia Hoffman, Kenneth Shaner, Kathy Wilson. SECOND ROW: Janet Sielaff, Alan Craig, Janet Schager. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Harms, Kenyon Wilson, Janice Lowery. FOURTH ROW: Becky Roland, Roger Eide, Dallas Krause, and Mr. Cornick, Student Council Advisor. Librarians FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Lynnette Upchurch, Mrs. Calkins, Library Advisor, Sally Jo Mueller SECOND ROW: Sharon Thompson, Loretta Lochmann, Bette Thompson. THIRD ROW: Barb Green, Roberta Lettow, Judy Sielaff. FOURTH ROW: Don Calkins, Dorothy Harms, Carolyn Sweers, and Doug Filbrandt. Finding what you want? Vis 04 F 'rs' ' a LEFT to RIGHT: Sharon Thompson, Roberta Lettow, Lorraine Lochman, Sharon Harms, and Janet Schager. Cheerleaders Sharon Harms "Go Team Co" Sharon Thompson "Fight Team Fight" Roberta Lettow "Hey Hey Lets Go" Janet Schager "Yea Red Yea Black" Lorraine Lochmann "Let's Win" ii 11 The Magic Touch Directed by Mrs. Velma Calkins. Robert Braddock. . June Braddock. . . Bobbette Braddock. , . Miss Blodget .... Mrs. Washington. Socko ........ Hank. . . Chuck. . . Ophelia. . . Willie ........ Mrs. Stockdale. . Mrs. Clarence. . . Mrs. Poo ..... Freida Fisher. . . Squint ....... Models. . . Radio Voice. . . CAST Class Junior Class Don Calkins Dorothy Harms Pam Montandon Judy Sielaff Lucinda Liiuschwager Bob Jass Marvin Eide Bill Blome Charlene Simpson David Hannah Roberta Lettow Sharon Thompson Loretta Lochmann Judy Rodgers Kenyon Wilson Lorraine Lochmann Barbara Green Leila Gruefe Sharon Hall Denny Weyrauch Plays Senior Class Mrs. March. . Hannah .... Meg. . . Amy, . Beth. . . Jo ........ Aunt March. . Aunt Caroll, , Sallie Moffatt. . . Costumes. . . Stage Mgrs. . CAST -KP. . 11 e ' V 31.12 .. , E' .Q 1, s. r A Pat Lochmann Carolyn Sweers Becky Roland Lynn Upchurch Sharon Shaner Bette Thompson Janice Lowery Ann Craig Ann Weisberg Josephine Freese Janice Brekke Marlow Steinberg Roger Eide Gale Smith f "Little Wom en" Directed by Mrs. Velma Calkins Stage Managers r -,i-Av'-+-uw' M y' ' If Ig U ' . u 4 X 'A J .,' 'WW 'I - s' H . X , Y We 'llffi . .- lvz- -.' --- ,. - , vi. - V W, Q. H 4' ,QNX 5 V , , .fig . . .v I 4 10 :ES 1 Lorramc 8zGa1e 4 ' wi I K 'ff 'K mimi I ggs G Vik 'fn Q, f QT K Xl! f X I J 1 At ".. :i g , 1 J" 4 Qs Sa X i ti 7 wig! ff Q L .Q I Flute Trio--State Contest Winners Brass Section--State Contest W Music Activities 5 r I -- we eb. - 1 -- 4 if ' , bl , 5. A . I Class Trip Chicago Tour Colden Lady Resting 4 ' I Having-a-snooze? Look Monkeys Chicago Bound "Johnny" s Skip Day Pike s Peak Cook it up The MlSSlSS1pP1 Boy Scouts Dangerous Kids The Peak Three Musketeers Aerxal View The Cook ,,,,,,, .,- , , , ...,:.:-,., , "h"""' wi "f"' 'W I I 'i'1-zmw...Q......v- - n X, . Sf 'iw 5 0 3 A 'sjfaif 97x Y . SL A , 'fi - gf I F 48 C ass of 1958 5,,,,,L' - HW ..1 1 gf K ,l' tv. ,Li-P 0 L-Q ,QL 1. g Sports fa- QA.. T . ' XL. N ll fl ' FIRST ROW. Left to Right: Coaeh Larry Gilpin. Dennis h'l.lLlbL'll. Jerry Bennett liill lloneek. Dallas Krause. Don Fraser. Keith Monson. Coaeh Jack Sogard. SlzCUND ROW: David Ulrieh. James Roland. Martin Brotherton. Ben Brown. Don Thompson. Riehard Polzin. Arlin Sehager. liary Clark. lJL1Yie1l'lall'1I1Lll1. THIRD ROW: Don Miller. Delbert Lowery. Llene Akers. lhritz Miller. Cary Warman. Duane Nieholson. Dennis Lettow. Mark Hohnson. Dennis NN eyraueh. Almen Larson. Lowell Whisler. Ronald Simpson. Doug lfilhrandt. Football Our hard-righting Redskin tearn plaeed fifth in the Mid-btate Conn-renee. Despite its losses. our team placed two men on the All-Conterenee Team. Senior, Dallas Krause was placed on the seeond team at the guard positiong and Junior. David Hannah was seleeted tor an end position on the seeond team. Alden placed two men on the honorable mention list. Sophomore, Keith Munson was seleeted .tt an end posi- tiony and Junior. Dennis Weyraueh was awarded a position in the baeldield. The Team gained valuable expericnee as the season progressed, and the outlook tor next year seems to be good. The season was brought to a climax on Dad's Night. On this night the Alden squad was determined to defeat Parkersburg. The Alden gridders. eoaehed by Larry Gilpin developed a detieit seore into a vie- torious ending. The fathers ot the Alden squad eould feel extremely proud ol their sons on this vietora ious night. Team Work Pays Off Hard blocking bythe team and fast running by Dave Hannah produeed this long touchdown run. Dennis Madsen Seniors Dallas Krause 'IHE hC,URIlh Alden Dnwa I2 Alden 7 Cnlu '58 Alden O Lunrad '34 Alden 7 State Center A5 Alden O Gladbrook 45 Alden I Maxwell O Alden 8 Iowa Traimng 7 Alden I9 Parkersburg 1.2 FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS Colo 5 Conrad 5 State Center 4 Gladbrook 4 Alden LZ 4 Maxwell l Iowa Traimng O Spin-back Coaches The Hamburgers Lg f 1 94: 5-.13. ff. I FIRST ROW. Left to Right: Pamela Montandon, Ann Craig, Sharon Shaner, Pat lochmann, Sharon Hall, Becky Roland, Bette Thompson, Charlene Simpson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Cornick, Sandra Bessman, Dee Ann McCord, Cynthia Montantlon, Kay Shaner, Sally Mueller, Lorretta Lochmarin, Lucintia Liittschwager, Judy Vierkandt, Janet Sielaff, Miss Hanus. Sharon Shaner Becky Roland Girls' Basketball Ann Craig Senior P gnu- The Girls' Basketball season of 1957-58 proved to he a successful one. The team record was one that everyone can be proud to look upon. Alden High School placed two girls onthe All- Conference First team. Ann Craig was chosen as a forward, and Bette Thompson was picked to fill a guard spot. Becky Roland was placed at a guard position on the second team. This fine team contributed one trophy to the school show case. They received second place trophy in the sectional tournament. 52 Girls Be tte Thompson Pat Lochmann llirzz Mmit.iiiiliiii Cliarlvnu Simpson Sharon llall loretta Loelimaiiii LX R5 l'l'Y RECUEQD .-N .5 UPF -QQ . Limit", - 41 . llriiiri ,. . Be . ' 21.011-vY'vvl1llfCI1 , , . OLS 5.1 . , li.lilL,'lLIIC . OS . . . . llizblrarrl . . . . ,194 4U . . . . . Tm'-.v llI'fl'.'l.lCIlCC , . . 42 41 . . , , . . Uwasa ..,.. . . 70 55 . Rock . . , . . -ll Sli . , , . . Wellsburg . . . . 40 56 . U:1.oi:-Wlytten , . . . 46 32' , . .... liatluliite . . . , 157 41 . . . New Providence . . , . 313 LSU . . , . . , Popejoy . . . . . 22 .N . . . . .llubbaril .... . . 36 47 . . .... Owasa ,.... . 55 47 . . . , . Steamboat Rock . , . . L fb . . . .... Wellsburg . . . . , 30 35 , . . ,... Dows ..,. . . 38 CONFERENCE STANDINGS W. L. Owasu .....,. . . ll Union-Whitten . . . . ll Alden ...... . . 'F Wellsburg . . . . .8 Hubbard ..... . . T Radcliffe ....... Steamboat Rock . . New Providence . . The A.H.S. Girls Basketball team captured the second place trophy of the Girls Sectional tournament. This was the first trophy won since the season of 1953. The trophy was presented to the school and received by Superintendent A. O. Larson. The trophy is now on display in the school trophy case, and the girls may always look upon it with high integrity. Presenting the Trophy FIRST ROW. Loft to Right: Keith Monson, Dallas Krgnise, Alan Craig. Dave llannah, Roger Eide, Dennis Wevraneh, Kenyon Wilson, Charles Kinney. Gale Smith. SECOND ROW: Coach, Ivir. Jack Sogard. Asst, Mgr., Mylon Yromen. Altnen Larson, Gene Andrews, Arlin Sehgrgcr, Del- bert Lowery, Duane Nicholson, Xiurtin Brothertori, Gene Akers. Ronald Simpson, Manager. Dean Harms. Boys' Basketball The Alden High School Boys' Basketball team finished the l95T-58 Graduating Seniors season with a defeat by highly ranked Blairshurg. The team tied for third place in the Pine Lake Confererrce standing. their eorifererice record was seven victories and seven losses. Our team lost all of their non-conference games. Many of the players gained valuable experience as the season progressed, and lllO:I of the buys eormng hack should be quite an asset to the team. As for the four senior bilys who graduated, we are sure that they will always conduct themselves sportsmanlike in the future. Gale Smith Dallas Krause Roger Eide Charles Kinney VARSITY Rlit ORD .. Ger1eva.... l'lllOll Whirleri. . . , . . .Radfllffnh . . . llulrbgird. . New llrmidelrre. . . Uwaxa .... . Steamboat Rovk. . ,We-llslrurg. . . l'r1io11 Wliirteu. . . . . ..Radcl1ffe. . . . New Providence. . , Popejoy. . . . --Hubbard. .. ...Owasa. . . .. Steamboat Rock. D.lX'ld ll111111:1l1 OPP. 44 56 4-1 46 GH SLI 58 40 49 5-1 336 54 622 44 35 CONFERENCE New Pruvideriee. . Hulvbard ,..... l'll1UllVN'lllIICll. . . Aldtll ....... Radcliffe. . Wellsburg ..,.. Srearrrboar Rock. . Owasa ...,.. Kenyon Wilson Dennis Weyrauch STANDINGS W. L. ...ll I3 .. .ll 3 . .lO 4 . . 7 7 . . 7 7 ..5 9 -4 10 ..l 13 Keith Monson --Wellsburg . . . . .Wellsburg . . ...Ackleyx .. . . .Ackleyx .. - - Dows. . . - -Blairsburg. . . 61 51 39 59 49 52 Alan Craig Delbert Lowery FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Larry Akers, Dallas Johnson, Dennis Peterson, Randy Schulu, Kenny Shaner, and Corwyn Klein. SECOND ROW: Martin Brotherton, Ronald Simpson, Ronald Shineflew, Kenyon Wilson, Dennis Weyrauch,Dave Hannah, Doug Filbrandt, Delbert Lowery, and Coach La.rryGi1pin Track Men of 1958 Let's Go Boys Relays and Meets Eldora Invitational, at Eldora Mid -State Conference, at Eldora MoHawk Relays, at Mason City District, at Fort Dodge ' State Meet, at Ames l CLI I Memories Through Finders, Keepers! The Faculty! P05ing'f Carolyn 8g"Sh0r1y" Sr. Picture Day Snitehing! 1:00 A,M. Waiting Q 1 tx Easy Money! Sluinburing?f"? Having Funi Friends fi Our Mascot What A Tongue! Is It Scary?? Studying! A Load? Working! Come Out! ! Sing Pretty 1 I O K Boys' Open Up! Tubs! ! ! ! Smile Pretty! Sisters Senior Dance "Wild Bi1l" Whats Funny? Sleepy? A Card Came!! Sophisticated Ladies ,.-1 ' 'f ir-Args How Nice' Working Hard? What Happencd??? Jr. High Trophy Janet 8: Poco King 8zQueen Experimentingf? Poor Rog. 'ON 0 WAY STUDIO IIIluIug1l'a1frIls I.Ix4' I'IllI't'X -1' Xx1'1IlIlIIgI.I,LlIIIIllI'. and I'mQtmiI I'Iml1vu:u1pI1x X x M X ff 'W GEORGE WILMER WEAVERS FARMERS CO OP EXCHANGE N II 402 CLY DAL CLOTHES SHOP I ,lf IHINI XX 'XXII ,I XXII I XI SIIG' 3 XX LISIIIIIQIUII -M1-1111 ' K Qnx I'Imnn- 2111 - A , V: K - . 1 Im L1 I"g1IIf. Imm Q Xuru llIllII.lI IAIIW 41.1 gigs M Nh. -4Irl1NI1wI . E IIAIIIIIX IIlllIv'l I'IIIII4IIII2N Q IIXl'I"II1IlIIIIl11 IIIWI ftmn' XI4I:'II, Iuxnl I'I1ul1v Uv XI1Ivn. In I'm1Il1x Ifuvx If:-NI -F 21 ' " IlIulI1ir1u .null I .SIT II.IlIr'vvmI .'tr'w-I " :'5' ?3-611 It F -I fx I F' 1 urm IIIII, Ilnnl IHIIIX. Iuxxd . 62? ImmI'41IlN.I.,m1 Cf Q ' mm- . 3 I " 2-' - ,- MADSEN HARDWARE Q Spin Sift QUEIN COVER EART ,gif I I slnwmm f -"' mm I I GEBHART IMPLEMENT MCMILLEN a T ALDEN STATE BANK 'Bn ow' Sims WW ALDEN ADVERTISER Fd R FII It full h I' YHIH' wlwalvl' fm' Fil 'll.1m- Um Xlele-11. lmm 4 " THE H Phnm- Ill .I 5 .f 9 , I '. . I . - ,, 3 , 1 I 5 1 f "f Xllixwllhgnlrrmw- RHVXIH FHUI' Sdlfix Sf'I'Xll'4' K Iif'Il4llI' fwlllllgl Plmlle' L23 .I RP'fP.ilI'lIl,. Xlwle-11. IA. 'XI1If'Il, Inna Q, ' A A 'X frivrmfilx W ' llilllklllgl 4 I f:UIIlIll!'It'l1lNt' 'gr' of ll ' in W Md:-rl. Williams Tr' 111- vrrilnrx' oss , in . I his 1' Q IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY '51 PERFECTION DAIRY Xlllx Qu ADX? Ka 16- I1+vr1gl'.iIl1I.1Ii-mx Q9 CE? A f I I :I ...- I ' II!'IIlIx lIm-e- glib-1'-11' AIIQ' I Wy W MELQ I I ' Ym11'4I"I"' 'Ik ' I A Wx ,, j I,H I,, .. I AI K I I V' I I ALDEN CO-OP ELEVATOR 1 1 1 1 Pe rtl an f 7 um 1 P W B MILLER AND SON CO b--f-w S I' 1. Hmm Lind fm Home Pmplm ullntx Bunlaimg Nldtmrml Slmv l894 mn Und 1 Phone i9m6 loud Fall Phone 97m 1 fllllill final- FQ' 'ds --Sm' L--T'l 'S 1' 'lf 'I' 'XIII '11, I1 mi Ph ' ll f hxxm ' X 1 V K u ' Q N FI' K 5 Q , K M :LA .Q - B -' mf-i ' 1' , ' 2 . , Li? . ' ' N3 W' .-U11 ' . Phone' 157 'sh 'f .- - U CLARK PLUMBING AND HEATING HSM' us fur quality Ibllllllllillglu N 4 x Xltlvll IUMA 97 ix N 4 xi Afx g-.qw 'K im - 'QUl.., Q iv Y ff SHAMROCK CAFE 1AlllgIl'iiIllIiillUIlS. Lluss of 08 1 FILBRANDT 1 dl Han Six III Alden loud nl!" ,gl 46 Tclephon ,.,a"f,, farm i N 81 N PHILIPS Phnlllpsfhl Wdahlngs 1 I'fdSlIlg Tlres and Battf-rms f I f Il UXNH I .-Xlel 'n. Inna Sp -viulizing in L' lic-s' ' l' g I L H if I f 266 Al lf . I ' W: vt K Mtg Q 2 'r' II HIGHLIGHT CAFE X f LN, .im U P LIL ure me xml N1lllrui5.1xsur L hom BESSMAN S 8. CARY fdls 1 A cn Od HOWELL SUNDRIES W xllg dl SCO'lT cl '55 QUMW' Fcw- L NELSON S HARDWARE Rik DI' M PR All en I DR BUZZETTI AND TEMPLEMAN XI-TPHINARIANN .1 r gn S Ph nt A ff xx lldm msn Elljfb. fl xml F tl ph X-X IM I I Frif-mllx ,M IHS ll I Lal ' f'a K -4 ' LLl'01'l'I'L1'SAAN1 " QAFQ' wls 5 Q-5 ,A A 5.2 V . ' ' 24 . ld ' . I xx" jj L 5 r QE 5 C. G. Fum-ral Hmm- I-7- Puinls - I 1' wr D I mi tlumlvlim glvxu-lrx Furnilurv Sinn- ph.,..,. 83 L mmm . P'N"1"f'5 I kr yi... W' Amlhnl lnxxu 0 5 'xL1Lt'll. lmsa ' S. - Y L U 1 I U' x 1+ Ni I .we'r'xic'e' ,-31-1"' l I A .vq..-.T ' ' ' 'mia 0 ' . Id n 89 vi i' s 1. I FRANK KLEIN Your NIIIIX and IIITLIIII IIuuIe-1' "' .II" ' H ll' .3 Z' UN 1 IOWA FALLS CREAM ERY Bl I Imm 4609 ox 1 S 8. S SALES CO Mc rc urx Outboards Cac 1IIdr I Ml Pon mx Fox Ottawa Boats Uwdtonna ZIU Riu r Ph 2181 'VImm.1poI1s IVIOIIIIQ Iowa Falls Irma Hmm iffli S Ph 982m BAR! AIN C EINTPR NORTH I FNTRAL IOWA STE' IIN: mS zu X u PIIHIIQ' I8 AI1Ivn.I sa 7 ut, xIIIIi.III't'i1IlI.L1IHI lttf-r -n I I1 ' - 9 I .I Li Imsu I'I1IIs.I st Z- X KY -g-A '- i if' X Xt X sr L, I A l Lx! , f U I' 1' A--1. 1- t": t ' 2' ' ' I 1 I I IA' THE CAROUSEL MUSIC SHOP KING S Nu r I r IOWA FALLS MOTOR SUPPLY LOVIG MVS Q x W" xX'l ,Sf RAY S RADIO AND T V I J RUDE S JEWELRY x L I THE FIRESTONE STORE Hmmm xi t L we Imm 0fQlrllny G F CHIQUET A-ax '5 l Imxi Iwllx Imm 1 1 It W IIII Hur I"I4me'l'f' I"I4rxu" Shop a1mI ig? Ifxwr'xlI1lng fm IIM Imlx qQr,.,.,,h,,HN,. gx. z um, H151 nl Illtx IIQIII 'II'-Iv'pI11vl1v'Ili-1m'L.I'Xn X. . I , Inu. I4-lllx 'UNI' Iuxni I'I.lII-. Iuual ct I! IK . , X I-'l. I.II5 X h, TlN1XL.lNIllIl!Iu1l XXVIIII' 'X f I,'I5I. -:Q I'I11-H--Jill ' gifiiarjg v., 'g IIIUIIII' -,T IT h TI.. E I2,II,uII4'ge' Xu' 1 I' I Imm Ifallx, Inu.: INN fftlllxh lmm IIIIIIS MMI I,nre'l1-Imxig , 1 II1.mml1-IN .IINI xXv.II"IIa'N .CI I,n1IunnIII4nIxw I' ' 6 ' I KX lu V ,' j X4 Ili'N IIN- . tlvrt Irum ms-'S K wr ll H 1 XIV! IIIr'1lI4'I' HHH X I NIIIIIEIIIII IUMA lxllllxn lmm I.m.4I'4IIIN.I.m1I Ale-m-I1-x 1III'IIIIlIHIIIt'II'INI I,uIl1pIu'Iv' VIIIH' ilIIlI X. Sl'I'XIl" I 1 , 1' A I Ex sn I'I'1II ' W ELLEFSON Z wwf fy wx W " :11'-'-T121 PIONEER SEED CORN U X ACKERMAN S INC STONER S SCHAGER S Produce lg 11 st Prnt for Pfl1IllN ami gg. 1 f l I UXNI cnc 4m Uiluf Phone' 47W Ilillls 'frm-lxillg 1iHI'!lSllt'IlilIQ Htillrt' Wm in, .'XI4lf'll. ltlxxgl A Ir,--hqgqlj, fig?-E 'LE 74' " X i-2 - X M 'E A' gi 1 ..---l'EX'- ,, .. i HVXR l,lJM.llb1,lzH x f i ' xv K1 E X XX-N 5 l,m'ul R4'pre'se'llla1liu- , 'xx ' " Xlflvn. Inna , , , . 1 v l.urnln-lp4Qr' lfwwl 2 I I Hur1lxsarf'.1l11i Xppl1.nl1w'- X I Pope-jux. Imm 'xIll4'll. lmm mmm' 21453 1 H' I n 'U ' E178 Also U1-ulillg in VVuy11f-Ss F -1-ds Md -n uml W'll'urns. I z Ph 1 - T ' '- Y If KLOVES U t ni UNA R TE DRUG BAURER S Q HARDIN COUNTY TIMES an IOWA FALLS CITIZEN QUALITY ROYAL H STAR SHOP CLOTHING CO I dI'.1I d UI"'ur LII III I,IIUIIQ' ZSISTI In 1 I"z1IIs. I ' 1 I,I'4'N4'I'IIlIIlbII Srl' " A lyrmlx iiuxuwl-I I'1nnlxu'ax' IIusIrrx IILIIIIIIIQIQLF J' 9 - I , IIIIUIIY' 215-'v Inna Pulls. Ifma IIIXNQI IIILXQI TIIXIFS lx., ,- l I L I5 Ils. I 1 I,u1Iie-J He'a1Ix-tu-xx -- r Tun Conn-nivnt Lorations 'MILINWIILIT Iowa F' Ils and Ifldura uw' 7 I s. Imna SCENIC CITY Cleaners QDUALITQ, S AN D ERVICT' MR JAMES Beauty Salon PRINCESS Sweet Shop Ph 04e.r WENDEL PHARMACY 'lib MR AND MRS ARNOLD ANDERSON Funeral Home PARK AND EAT nn: N MN DAY Ano NIGHT DICKSONS I III I JOHNSON MOTOR CO Im! Slm Im' lf,-pp Pl,-Lui, SIH'4'I.lIIllIlgl in II.11r :uni Q V A A Ntxlmgi .uni I.uIl1r lI!'llXl'I'N THU XIJIII I4m.1I'1.qIIN,I1m.l l1Hx.II".IllN.IluKxg1 f D ,ll I! n U --- 5 ' , , 'TF ,I f lk A X ' I Iltllllql-'IIIJIIQI' IIJIIIIX .,:g:3:l:':ii.i' I I I'lIIv'I'UU1IN l I lung I'iQlIIN.I1m.l -K ' 4" llmllpllrllvrml- HID fl 5 I Imsu I'-ilIIN.llyN1l IUMA I'..lII-.I1rXx.l 7 ITIIIYI Illm-mln NIH' urx I"Hl'1I 'I Ill' Iv IH N4'.lI'xUI5l'Y'XIl'1' I I1 IiI'iiIl1lilU"'l' 'I'IlixI,+m1murnl IIIIXJ rillllx. IIIIYJ IIILI-N UIMSH HNNLI -gl S. IIXXQI KLIPPEL REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE PFEIFFERS Heating 8. Air Conditioning XX.-It-1.-I IJIR O K Rubber Welders Auto Float Tires PAUL HASSIG R E A HARDIN COUNTY RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE KINSEY CHEVROLET CO CITIZENS STATE BANK IOWA FALLS FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION HECHTS I Ill 1 IIPXXI I III I,I.,,I,4..'11,.I lou' II .II I I ,.II.-,.- XID 4-I 'MAN lhzg Iuxx.l I4uxx,l IUMA! I.xlHg l "W'wr:I'rzvI1wIIx II..m. Iixuxv'-I IIJIIIKH - XIv'11lI-1: -II I1nxx.I I".III: I1IXx,I I' l1m.iI".iIIx.lmu1 1 I. lv'I.lx III1uI1rSl1lnlII1rN IIIxri1lIi.1 'I'xiwur1I -'s , .. , I -- uII.'N In UUKIIN UI IJIIIIIIIIIIPIIN . l'I'XIl'!' I I' IIII Q 1 .'I.I1rl1v'l'x IIII1vvS1ippIl1'N ur1II11eI,m1 I inn! 'Ill N, UNA BILL KRAUSE llll 1 D P SILKE BROS GOHRING MOTOR CO N1 FARM BUREAU Service and Sfahon f C AKERS Station Mandgfr C ar Washmg fwreasmg CHSOIIHP and Onl Tlrcs Tubes Rcpalrvd Phone 9 XXAITER lxIP T nk VC IQJDII Su so me B If f A Plll all X 1 II um IN xlm Q I ff,

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