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QQ -1. -. EX, I,I BI3lS 1 L 1 - 1 ff Q- .f 1 5 l g 1 Y 1 HX ' X. Q .X V 5 - 1' ir 1 QF-. .Q ' . X 4' 43 - y- ---.AA . - 4: ' B, 4, S N ' V, . 4, A XX ' A ff f aw 1 . ' ff -- ,grsf-wx 'vs - ., ' .,,7f'7' ff-A A THE ANNUAL STAFF OF ALDEN HIGH SCHOOL PRouDLY PRESENTS ws 1951 ANNUAL 1 I 4 , num L: -v'5 C. C. Miller We, the Annual Staff of Alden High School, take great pleasure in dedicating this 1951 Alden Redskin, to Mr. C. C. Miller, local business- Ulafl. By a unanimous vote, the Annual Staif made this selectionbecause of Mr. Miller's unlimited generosity toward the school. No Homecoming or Junior-Senior Banquet was ever capably completed without the kind assist- ance of the Miller Lumber Co, Mr. C. C. Miller, alumnus of the Alden High School, year 1911, has also donated his services to the school in the capacity of Board member serving the years 1932 to 1947. Mr. Miller is an active member of the Congregational Church, and participates in various activities of the Com- munity. We, therefore honor Mr. Miller with this award. 1 ANNUAL STAF F Smtml, loft tw Flgflllf 0. Bvnnett, Assft, l.J1ItlI'2 M. Lung, Feature Writer' J. Jr-lmstm, PrtutluctiwnM.1n.lg0rg.-X. Lxlvyt-r, Ilusxntlss Ikginagvrg N. Tolbert Girl: Spwrtkg Supt. A. O. Lgurslln, F':lc'ultv Atlvxstvr. Stztnttlng, lvft tw right ! ! J. firm-1-n, Art lltflt-,rg ll. C-lI'f'ltllF, Jr. C'l.tfe liclittfrg N. hnstcndick, Buys Sportsg A. Pinuvl, Svnifvr Cl.1s1s Flchtf-rg J. L1lIlFt'llK.lg.f01', Editor in Chiefg V. Inst, lltlxlneww Nl.iIlLll.1t'I'. Aust-nt' D. Fgxrlsr, .I1'. Claw Edltrvr. PAPER STAFF on Sc-gttml, lvft tw right: J, Grew-n, typistg D. Bvnnvtt, typlstg M. Lung, Covvrg J, l.iitt:t'lm'.lgt'x', Pltiitt-rg Mr. Ktwvnvlm,'ll1tY Advisory N. Thorslmkkong Asst. Fclitwrg N, Ttrllwrt, Girls Spurtsg V. Itlrlw, Gxuulm- Nt-wsg A. lkivyvr Music: Stllllulllgf, lt-ft tt- right: M. Izmir, I-'rt-slmnmn Rt-purtvrg L. Harkoma typistg M. lilllngfstm, Fvznturog J. Jtrlmswn, I-'z1t'11ltyg M. Bvssmnn, Fvature' B, Clark, Suplwxx-uw iivpm'tvr' N. lxttstt-mllvlx, lluys Sports' D. CJFSIPDS v 7 ! ! I U Jr, ltvpurtn-rg A. Pingc-l, F1-aturvgV. llut-lmt-r, Fe-glture-3 D. Jonson, Alumnig D, Lnrswn, Nth Gradr' Rmwrtt-r, F' I ? fi Q 5 Q 0 Hlllllllftil' flillm -Kb,- Gil-I kr-4 s N Mr. A. O. Larson Mr. Bill Kearney Superintendent Principal Home: Alden Home: Alden Training: Training: St. Olaf, B. A. Buena Vista, B. A. Ia. State College, M. A. Graduate work at Graduate work at Drake University University of Minnesota ll'Hl.' 'QBV1 if-'il' Left to right: G. F. Bigelow, Treasurer, E. R. Madsen, President, Mrs. Hayward, Secretary 1 Mrs. Phillip Walton English and Home Ec. Home: Alden Training: Simpson College, B.A. University of Iowa Drake University Miss Harriett Pettigrew English and Vocal Music Home: Ottumwa Training: Ottumwa Heights Col. University of Iowa, B.A. Mr . Joseph Kovach Commercial Home: Alden Training: Arizona St. College, B.A Mr. Raymond Mueller Adv. Math. , Shop, Instrumental Music Home: Alden Training: Cornell College, B.A. University of Wis. Iowa State College Mr. Harley Grantham Coach and Social Studies Home: Alden Training: Morningside, B. A. 4 C5 'ii LX , v 4 L fi. , x iii uf, v x .m 5. .Iwhn Jxivkwmiii ith and Ttlx Grade llmiivt Burk:-yin Iraziningt I. 5. T. C. Drake University bus Mrs. Dale Schniedika 2nd and 3rd Grade Iimiie: Alden Training: I. S. T. C. Drake! University 5' il 'V xr' A .ffl:l'if9-2-71544. Miss Mabel Ferris 4th and 5th Grade Home: Manchester Training: I. S. T. C. Miss Burnetta Sibert Kindergarten and First Grade Home: Alden Training! I. S. T. C. i li G 9 5 . wg, Q"'- "Variety is the spice of life." ALLEN PINGEL "Albert" 4 Class President Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 3, 4 3 Act Play 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 3 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 2 Boys Quartet 4 Operetta 4 Cheerleader 1 RICHARD KLEIN "Dick" Vice-President 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 l Boys Quartet 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2 Paper Staff 2, 3 Pep Squad 1, 2 3 Act Play 3 Class President 1 "l have a serious thought once in a while." ARLEEN MEYER "Butch Fort Wayne, Ind. Latin Club 1 Red Cross Club 2 McCook Neb. Pep Club 3 Alden Iowa Sec. and Treas. 4 Girls Trio 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Operetta 4 Homecoming Queen 4 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Contest Soloist 4 QW' "The more men I see, the better I like my dog." E 4 I E E l NORMAN KASTENDICK "Hun' Football l, 2 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus l 3 Act Play 3 Stage Manager l, 2 Football Manager l, 2 Football Manager 3 Annual Staff 2, 4 Paper Staff 4 "There are two sides to a question, mine and the right one. " ,fb t X, Ax , L JOYCE GREEN "Potty" Band 1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Sextette 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 Adv. for Class Play 3 "I don't worry, life is young yet." 1? VIRGINIA IDSO "Ginger" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Squad 2 Sextette 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 Sec. Treasurer 1 l Act Play 1,2 3 Act Play 3 Operetta 4 Student Council 1 Annual Staff 2, 4 Paper Staff 2, 3, 4 "lt's quality not quan- I I I tity." " With Ropes Of The Past VWE Ring The Bells 0f The Future . " JOHN LIITTSCHWAGER "I.,iittS" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Sec. Treasurer 3 Annual Staff Editor 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 1 Act Play 1 3 Act Play 3 Editor Paper Staff 4 "A serious lad who be- lieves in good times." i r K r JO ANN JOHNSON "Judy" Popejoy Iowa Mixed Chorus 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2 Class Pre: ident 2 Alden Iowa Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Class President 3 Girls Trib 3, 4 3 Act Play 3 Operetta 4 Band 3, 4 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Band Queen 2 Homecoming Queen 3 "She is gentle and shy, but there's mischief in her eve. " DON JENSEN "Spuddy" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1.2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 1 Act Play 1 3 Act Play 3 Boys Quartet 4 Paper Staff 1,4 Pep Squad 1 Operetta 4 "I'1l go anyplace, anytime. anywhere. " COLORS: Blue and White FLOWER: American B edllfy Rose , i N .,. X VERNON HCI-QBNER "HiblJie Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Class President 2 Track 3, 4 Baseball 2, 4 Student Manager 4 1 Act Play 1 3 Act Play 3 Paper Staff 3, 4 "What is life without money, a car, and a girl." MARLYS LONG "Marlys" Class President 1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Squad 1, 2 1 Act Play 1 3 Act Play 3 Student Council 1 Majorette 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 2, 3, 4 Sextette 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 "On1y weeds grow tall. " 4 aa' "1 L NILA TOLBI-IRT "Tex" Tonasket Washingon 1 Act Play 1 F. H. A. l Springdale Arkansas Glce Club 1 Iowa Falls Iowa Glee Club 2. 3 Class Play 3 Pep Squad 3 G. A. A. 3 LADONNA HARKEMA "Harkie Basketball 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 2, 4 Pep Squad 4 3 Act Play 3 "She'd try anything once. " ROBERT COOK "Cool-cy" Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 4 - 3 Act Play 3 Track 3, 4 Operetta 4 "He claims the nights can be thrilling, " WENDELL INGEBRITSON "Windy" Baseball 1, 2, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 3 Act Play 3 "He spoke to a woman once but claims it was a mis- take. " DORIS BENNETT "DOris" Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 l Act Play l Adv. for Class Play 3 "Quiet, calm, and shy, but always a friend. " l A Amarillo Texas Volleyball 3 Alden Iowa Mixed Chorus 4 Sextette 4 Pep Squad 4 Basketball 4 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Operetta 4 "Some like me, but then, ---so do I." 4 crass Hts ropy The first of September 1947 found an eager group of Freshman waiting to climb High School Mountain. When roll was called the following people answered: Donna Thomas, Virginia Idso, Marlys Long, Anna Mae Marcus, Delia Hoversten, Janice Nichols, Doris Bennett, Joyce Green, Peggy Caruth, Anna Mae Ulrich, Ladonna Harkema, Vernon Huebner, Robert Cook, Donald Jensen, Richard Klein, Louis Baker, Allen Pingel, Wendell Ingebritson, Norman Kastendick, llile Smuck, James Barry, John Liittschwager, and Marilyn Warmbier. The first part of the mountain climb was under the guidance of Miss Perrin. The highlights were the one act plays and the winning of first prize in the homecoming float contest, Along this part of the journey we lost three fellow climbers. They were Janice Nichols, James Barry, and Marlyn Warmbier. A short rest was then taken and at the start of the journey in September 1948 twenty climbers were still in the group. They were: Donna Thomas, Virginia Idso, Delia Hoversten, Anna Mae Marcus, Doris Bennett, Marlys Long, Joyce Green, Peggy Caruth, Anna Mae Ulrich, Ladonna Harkema, lhle Smuck, Vernon Huebner, Robert Cook, Louis Baker, Donald Jensen, Richard Klein, Wendell lngebritson, Norman Kasten- dick, Allen Pingel, and John Liittschwager. The leadership changed hands and this time Mr. Mueller was responsible for us. 'The highlights for this climb were the class plays and Freshman initiation. This time two climbers left us. They were Donna Thomas and Delia Hoversten. For the first time in our climb we gained a member. She was Jo Ann Johnson. This concluded the second part of the climb and we all settled down for a short rest. When the journey was resumed in September of 1949 the group had seventeen mem- bers continuing the climb, even though it was harder going. They were Virginia Idso, Marlys Long, Anna Mae Marcus, Doris Bennett, Joyce Green, Peggy Caruth, Ladonna Harkema Jo Ann Johnson, Vernon Huebner, Robert Cook, Donald Jensen, Richard Klein, Louis Baker, Wendell lngebritson, Norman Kastendick, John Liittschwager, and Allen Pingel. A new member was added along the way. She was Arleen Meyer. Mrs. Jackson was the leader for thethird part of the journey which had the Junior- Senior Banquet as the highlight. The next part was the most difficult and in September of 1950 the following people started the last and final part of the climb: Marlys Long, Virginia Idso, Anna Mae Mar- cus, Doris Bennett, Joyce Green, Jo Ann Johnson, Peggy Caruth, Ladonna Harkema, Arleen Mever, Robert Cook, Vernon Huebner, Donald Jensen, Richard Klein, Louis Baker, Wendell Ingebritson, Norman Kastendick, John Liittschwager, and a new member Nila Tolbert, who joined us for the last of the journey. -Mr. Larson was the leader for the final climb and it was a tired group that was nearing the top of the High School Mountain when three members dropped from the little band. They were Anna Mae Marcus, Louis Baker, and Peggy Caruth, Finally the goal was reached and the sixteen members of the Senior Class all look back at the fun they have had making their long climb and are all looking forward to higher and more diffi- cult ones. Quiz for English Teachers English, they say, is the language most used, Most spoken, most written, most cruelly abused. The plural of box we all know is boxes, Yet the plural of ox is oxen, not oxes. One goose is a goose, but two are called geese But why isn't more than one moose quoted meese? If more than one tooth we'll designate teeth, Then why isn't more than one booth termed as beeth? We classify pronouns as he, his, and him, But never, it's certain, as she, shis, and shim. No wonder then, foreigners nearly go mad And speak our good English atrociously bad. CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class ol 1951, being 'if sound mind and under no influence other than ourselves bequeath the following mementos to the Junior Class. This document is in effect the 16th of May and every day thereafter, following the graduation 'if the Class 'if '5l. We, the entire Seniur Class. will tothe entire faculty all of the marks on our desks, as they might bring baek ,ld mem iries. "I. Virginia Idso, will my glasses to the whole Junior Class in hopes that they will help them in their studies as much as they have helped me." "I, Ju Ann Johnson. will my position 'in the basketball team to Shorty, as she has it now anyhow, and also my ability to stay out late at night. " "I, Wendall Ingebritson, will my "Super Six" and my ability to steer clear of girls to Dean Christiansen. tThe last part looks hopeless. Y' "I, Doris Bennett, will my quiet ways and few words to Marian Bessman. l wonder how she will make nut?" "I, Robert Cook will my '36 Chevie to any Junior who thinks he can support it with repairs, tires, and gas, and pass my debts onto prosperous Jim Lettow. " "I, Norman Kastendick, will my physique, height and basketball ability to Earl Harms. in hopes that these abilities will do some good in the future." "I, Marlys Long, will my ability to flirt with all the fellows and yet keep my class ring to Delores Faris." "I, .Iohn M. Liittschwager, will all my Editorships to Norma Thorsbakken, and also that contrary twist of fate which brought them to me." "I, Arleen Meyer. will my singing ability and my good luck in being able to talk so much without losing my v iiee to Patty Tolzmann. " "I, Allen Pingel, will my football letters and my ability to get a ride up town nearly every noon to Franklin Klemme. " "I. Don Jensen, will the ruts that I have worn in the road to Iowa Falls to Tom Dunning. But look iut, they are pretty deep." "I, Ladonna Harkenia. will my car and the car load of girls thatl haul around to Harley Raska, but be careful!" "I, Richard Klein, will my bright remarks in class and my happy go lucky ways to John Krause. But look out as they often can get you in trouble. " "I, Vernon Huebner, will my ability to beat the 9 o'clock bell and driving a long way to other towns, but not my Plymouth, to Ervin Heinzeroth in hopes he uses as much good sense as I did. "I, Joyce Green, will my ability tri write notes in school time and all of my broken desks to June Kennedy." "l, Nila Tolbert, will my tardy slips and ability to get along with the opposite sex to Din Carstens. " Due to the fat-t that our class has grown smaller, the preceding documents was witnessed by the c-in . re graduating class. -1 E I 1 CLASCPR GPHECY lt is evening at the John Lilttschwager residence. John has had a hard day campaigning for the election of 1978 as State Governor. John decided to relax and relieve his mind by watching television. He immediately turned the dial to his favorite quiz show, "The Famous People Show." The qulzmaster, Norman Kastendick, appeared first on the screen and after giving a short introduction of 28 minutes upon the popularity of his program, he in- troduced the Lt. Commander of the Aslastic Fleet, Don Jensen. Don took afew minutes to tell of his responsibilities and then introduced two former classmates, now under his command, Arleen Meyer and Marlys Long, who had finished nurses training in 1954 and had been transferred from the U.S. Wasp to the U. S. S. Alden. And now a word from our sponsor. L.S. M. F. T. --Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco. Listen to what Allan Pingel, a noted tobacco auctioneer says, "I have sold tobacco for many years and Lucky Strike buys only the best leaves to give you extra enjoyment. I've smoked Lucky Strike for nigh onto 1 year. " John next turned the dial to his favorite mystery program, "The Case of the Black Chevrolet, " a true story taken from different police files. This case is easily solved by a capable F. B. I. man, Dick Klein. Dick always did have a case with that Chevrolet. This program is sponsored by Spam, the better than ever lunch meat. This meat comes directly from the Tolbert Ranch in Texas. As you know, that ranch has two-thirds of all the cattle in Texas. We interrupt this show for a very important bulletin ---- A new jet has been developed! It is thought to travel faster than sound. "Why, that's faster than what my Ford goes," says John to himself. This plane was tested by Ladonna Harkema, one of the natlon's greatest speed pilots. John now dials his favorite musical program, featuring the great opera sing- er, Joyce Green. It seems that Joyce is currently starring in the opera"Cowman" at Harmony Hall in Alden Falls fthe town formed from the joining of Alden and Iowa Falls.J Miss Green's able secretary and guide, Doris Bennett, disclosed yesterday that the actress is retiring for a few months rest. Any fan mail can be addressed to the "Pot Green Resort," Pot, Maine. And now to your announcer, Bob Cook, the man of many words, "Buy a new Plymouth with the atomic engine and save money. These cars have all been road- tested and checked by that great Plymouth operator, Vernon Huebner." Even though Mr. Huebner is now an execttuve, he still has time to make test runs on the new models. Speaking of models, have you seen the advertisement of the Plymouth with the girl standing beside it? If you thought she looked familiar, you were right. That's Jo Johnson, who models for all new cars. Jo says she likes her work, especially modeling for Buicks and Fords. John next turns to the lecture on "Teachers vs Human Beings, " by Virginia Idso. She was appointed teacher of the year by all the students in the U.S. While on her winning trip to New York she had the opportunity of seeing Wend ell Inge- britson play on the Alden Weasels Professional Basketball team. It wa s rumored that Wendell had been paid to throw the game, but we from Alden know that would- n't be possible because common sense would tell you that no one could pick up a game and throw it! After this program John decided he had better get some sleep, as he would have another hard day tomorrow. He's running for governor on the Tory ticket, you know. 4 5 .3 4 IUXIIIII l'l-L'.' IlY'l Bottom Row. left to right: P. Tolzmann, E. Ruhnke, G, Akgmq D, pa,-is E. Harms. Middle Row: E. Heinzeroth. J. Krause, T. Dunning, H. Raskai D. Carstens, D. Christiansen. Top Raw: J. Pommrehn, J. Kennedv, N. Thorshakken, M. Bessman. Mrs. Walton, F. Klemme. ' Junior Class Cfficers President Jack Pommrehn Vice President Dean Christiansen Treasurer Ervin Heinzeroth Secretary Delores Faris Spons ir Mrs. Walton Class Flower Orchid Class Colors Lavender and White Class Motto T might VK e Launch: XA hither Shall XR e AI'lt'h'iI'. Junior-Senior Banquet The Junior-Senior Banquet was held in the gym of Alden High School on April 20th, 1951. The Juniors entertained the Sem mrs at dinner and dancing. The dinner was prepared by the Junior mothers and served by ten Sophomore boys and girls. Jack Pommrehn, President ofthe Junior Class. gave the welcome and Allen Pingel, President of the Senior Class. gave the response. Dean Christensen, Vice President of the Junior Class. read the c lass prophecy. Dick Klein, Vice President ofthe Senior Class, read the will. The table decorations carried out the theme of Rhapsody in Blue. The platform on which the band was seated carried out the theme of the carousel. Modernistic design was also carried out. Don McMillan returned to his Alma-Mater with his orchestra and furn- ished ballroom dancing for the remainder of the evening. 1 1 Epphomore Class 9 he 'I Front Row, left to right: M. Hunt, M. Bennett. W. Harkema, S. Sullivan, S. Swift, D. Branyord. M. Ellingson. Ser.-Treasg C. Lettow. Middle Row: E. Hall, B. Ites, J. Laird, E. Grupe. V. Presg Mr. Mueller, Sponsor: L. Heinzeroth, B. Clark, F. Nelson. Back Riw: L. Larson, Pres., V. Thors- bakken, H. Jass, L. Nott. J. Snyder, D. Jihnson. E. Brenneman, H. Frank. Freshman Class -3, A V 9 A 6 I 1-san Q 'ix' , Ilvl' gg-Q Front Row, left to right: S. Warmliier, B. Cziruth. G. Bailey. Y. Kline, Miss Pettigrew, Sponsor: C. Mulford. M. lzer, P. Palo. V. Pres. Middle Row: R. Hutchinson, B. Heinzeroth, M. Larson, M. Roland. Sec.-Treas.: D. Harding, J. Hickathier, C. Huse, T. Mueller. Back Row: M. Pingel. Pres.: F. Inks, M. Anders. W. Klemme, J. Green, L. Bavender, M. Mc- Elvania, L. Clark. -fi I v 'wr Y Bottom Row, left to right: M. Treveer, M. Doss, V. Swift, B. Flemming, D. Douglas, W. Weyrauch, Sec.-Treas.g L. Lettow, J. Sharar. Middle Row: J. Bruns, C. Lowery, D. Bruch, V. Presl, M. lngebritson, M. Clark. Back Row: D. Groenhoff, A. Schager, D. Bennett, D. Larson, Mr. Kearney, Sponsor, G. Henninger, D. Kromminga. c aa Achim' ies On the bright summer day of August 28th, 1950, the Alden School opened its doors to 71 bright and eager High School students and 175 grade school children. So school began with every member of the faculty ready and waiting--with books in hand. By the time the month of September rolled around we had many plans for leasure as well as hard work For instance on the 5th, the Jtmiors gave chase P - - i to the Seniors in the yearly Junior-Senior Hunt. tOf course they didn't find us.l And on the 8th the Freshmen received orders from the Sophomores to appear in their initiation rigs to display themselves to the assembly. The Sophomores then gave the Freshmen a party. The l8th of September was one of the biggest days for the Junior Class, as this was the day they started on their magazine sales. The 27th the Seniors had one of their biggest pleasures. This was the day they dressed in their best glad rags and traveled to Ames to have their pictures taken. ln October the entire school was buzzing with plans for the 6th, our Home- coming game with Colo. Each and every member was quite busy that day with pre- parations for floats and the Homecoming Dance. Then the 16th day of the month the Juniors had a hay ride party, to which each member was allowed one partner. November 9th and 10th the Juniors gave a wonderful Junior Class Play, "Bolts and Nuts." Might I say they enjoyed play practice also. Well, what's this? Two red-letter days, the 23rd and 24th. Well I'll be, our Thanksgiving vacation! ---then back to school. By the time December rolled around, the winter was well on it's way, so we took from the 25th to the 2nd of January off from school and basketball to thaw out and enjoy our Christmas and New Years vacation. -A January ll, marked a day of triumph in A.H.S. for it was the day that ended our first semester. On the day of February 7, the school was minus a few girls. The Freshman and Sophomore Home Ec. Girls were all busy preparing the Faculty and School Board dinner to be served that evening. "Let me in, I hear music," was the cry of the members of mixed c horus. They wt re practicing for the High School Operetta that was given March 9th in the High School auditorium. lt seems that a little bit of heaven fell right into our gym, because on the 20th , April the Juniors and Seniors found themselves in the midst of a "Rhapsody in Blue" banquet. The close of April also found Baseball replacing Basketball. The month of May was given a big send off by the presentation of the Senior Class Play, which fell on the evenings of the l0th and llth. But after all, why shouldn't this month be exclusive. It's the last one of school isn't it? Hurrah! was proudly said as each Senior spent his last day in school on Class Day, May the 18th. The evening of May 20th was a solemn one for the Seniors, for on this night were their Baccaleaureate Services in the Methodist Church. May 23rd was given tribute to, with a school picnic highlighting morning activities while Senior Commencement exercises were held in the evening. It looks as though there are some school activities left. The most important is Eighth Grade Graduation which was held on the 24th. Here is the S64 question--"Was the 25th day of May a good one or not?' Now that depends on the individual and his report card. However, it was the last day of school and we should think seriously of it. New Eighth graders, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors will be back next year as the school bell calls them. cooks 5 Doris Kearney and Minnie Raska I BUS DRIVERS , Harold La Velle . 1 Q and P 4Q Clive Akers -IQ A v 4 SEVENTH GRADE H A K 5 Bottom Row, loft to right: V. Green, M. Baldridge, S. Redmon, J. Hall, B. Snyder, R, Baivender, Middle Row: A. Jass, A. Lettow, K. Madsen, D. Meyer, M. Inks. Top Row: J. Bruns, B. Ellingson, E. Harms, D. Flem- ing, G. Simpson, R. Monson. SIXTH GRADE A .AJR FX C5 fx, Q it Bottom Row, left to right: P. Snyder, C. Hornung, B. Zoske, C. Klein, D. Bailey. Middle Row: C. Norem, E. Ites, R, Krommlnga, B, Kent, M, Heinzeroth. Top Row: K. Klein, .A. Harms, D. Bruch, T. Thayer, R. Hunt, B. Dic'kenSon, B. Conradi. -E HFTH GRADE Bottom Iioxu left to Fillmf I- Clark, R- Kfxumgg' A' Craig, J- Lowery. Top fquwg J, Idso, D. Czlruth, M. Steinberg, D. lNZ.1dS1'n. FGURTH GRADE V .A f".-h F t fX Bottom Row, left to right: S. Mueller, N. Henninger, H. Honeck, P. Stevens, B, Hunt, C. Smith, Middle Row: K. Wilson, R. Jass, D, Hannah, C. Simp- son, J. Bennett, D. Weyrnueh. Top Row: B. Green, L. McGinnis, B. Honeck, G. Clark, W. Krommingu, L. Gruefe. ui r THIRD GRADE O 0 fi FN s I' I' .Q .9 Ir, gy. I wqa 51,111,111 Rim, lvtt tcm right: J. Laitinwr, li. Akers, S. Snyder, D. Bennvtt, K Monson, D. Nichulscvn, fvidulc- Row: J. Bonin, B, Kent, D. Redman, D. Lt-tmw, A, Srhaiwr, K. l'lric-li, G. Brut-li, Top Row: R. Faris, R. NOFOHI, L D. Lowe-ry, kj, Drums, A. Craig, D. Ulrirli, J. Clark. Alisc-nt: G. Dickvn- SECOND GRADE F5 P- A .fur son, O. Knutt, s SIS' Afi- vf ' . BOIIOYL Row, loft lu right: A, Larson, D 'I'hg1ypr, L- ARC!-5, pi Bmnin, D. McCord, J. Stonvr, Middle Row: S. Hzirins, J. Eddy, B, Poninirvhn, V, Caruth, W. Clark, P. Hurst. Top Rim: R. Kiiou, B, Donglggn, D, Hornungv K. Butts, R. Simpson, D. Harms, F, Kvm, ,1 Q-in FIRST GRADE l Q4 .. if l l C Ulrich R IteQ R. Schultz, D. Bottom Row, left to right: M. Bailey, . ' , . ., S Wilson C Klein B Eilern Topliowz R. Buzzetti, D. Nas- Peterson, . . , . , . -. Sen, N. Klein, B. Bailey, D, Neubauer, K. Wilson, L. Brown. Absent: P. Knott, E. Greufe. KINDERGARTEN 'rv ,ao Bottom Row, left to right: S. Snyder, J. Eddy, D. Clark, J. Akers, N. Harms, E. Greufe. Middle Row: J. McCord, N. Bessman, L. Lowery, K . Thorsbakken, G, Wilson, P. Bonin, C. Neubauer, Top Row: M. Folks, L, Knott, D. Harding, A. Compton, D, Kent, J. Clark, G. Rieks, R. Bruns. Absent: E. Craig, C. Jacques. uv Q A T I E 1 Football Teom 1' 1 'A A i ra-- I i Seated, left to right: Bob Hutchinson, Don Johnson, Marlyn Paul, Harm Jass, Earl Harms, Manager, Tom Dunning, Allen Pingel, Marlyn McElvania, Mar- vin Pingel. Standing: Coach Grantham, Vernon Ruebner. Manager, Ervin Heinzeroth, Dean Christiansen, Harly Raska, Francis Inks, Larry Nott, Jim Green, Vernon Thorsbakken, Assistant Coach Kovach. The Alden football season showed a group of hard fighting, high spirited boys, even though the record doesn't show it. As the season progressed the team improved, winning two games, Conrad and Iowa Falls B Squad. The Homecoming game proved to be full of excitement and suspense, in spite of the rain, for both teams were held scoreless. Next year's team will be Composed mostly of Juniors and Seniors and since only two boys graduated this year, the 1951 season should be a success- ful one. ALDEN OPPONENTS 0 Eldora 12 O Maxwell 26 O St. Center 12 0 Colo 0 0 Gladbrook 14 6 Ia. Falls B 0 14 Conrad O 20 64 Allen Pingel QB Sr Ervin Heinzeroth HB Jr Dean Christiansen T Jr John Krause G Jr Harley Raska G Jr Tom Dunning T Jr Harm Jass FB Soph Larry Nott E Soph Don Johnson G Soph Marlyn Paul HB Soph Francis Inks T Fresh Marvin Pingel E Fresh Marlyn McElvania HB Fresh Qirls Basketball Team - Front Row, left to right: Gloria Akers, Marilyn Ellingson, Barbara Heinz- eroth, Shirley Swift, Betty Ites, Marlys Long. Standing, left to right: Miss Pettigrew, Chaperone, Bette Clark, Lorraine Heinzeroth, Nila Tolbert, Evelyn Grupe, Jo Ann Johnson, Virginia Idso, Coach A. O. Larson. Although the Alden Girls' Basketball season started rather slowly, much improvement was shown toward the end of the season. This point was well demonstrated as the team entered the Sectional Tournament. The girls proceeded to the Consolation Round and brought home Alden's first trophy in six years by defeating Rowan, 54-32. Another highlight of the same tournament was the fact that Jo Ann John- son, Senior Forward, won the Sectional Free Throw Contest by completing 19 of 25 shots. Upon graduation, the girls' team will lose the following four Seniors: Jo Ann Johnson, Virginia Idso, Nila Tolbert, and Marlys Long. Letter winners include the twelve girls pictured above. GIRLS OPPONETS 42 49 Owasa 53 40 Woolstock 41 77 Williams PINE LAKE TOURNAMENT 29 58 Radcliffe 44 46 Rowan 44 51 Union INDIVIDUAL RECORD 34 43 New Providence 53 27 Popejoy Evelyn Grupe 378 33 55 Owasa Jo Ann Johnson 232 49 51 Radcliffe Virginia Idso 167 62 46 Woolstock Gloria Akers 60 29 51 Hubbard Marilyn Ellingson 13 41 60 Steamboat Rock Barbara Heinzeroth 10 71 29 Whitten SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 37 31 Alexander 35 55 Williams 54 32 Rowan 49 54 Williams 800 855 Basketball Team Front Row, left to right: Harm Jass, Ervin Heinzeroth, Norman Kastendick, Jack Pommerhn, Don Jensen, Allen Pingle, Coach Grantham. Standing, left to right: Earl Harms, Vernon Huebner, Wendell lngebritson, Dean Christian- sen, Harley Raska, Loren Larson. The Alden Redskins basketball team of 1950-1951 had a very good season compared to the record of previous years. The Redskins came through with a 10 win and 9 loss record. The Redskins played Whitten in the Pine Lake Tournament and were beaten bythe small margin of 6 points. The real highlight of the season came, however, when the Redskins de- feated Popejoy and Williams to be able to play in the Sectional Tournament finals .... a real treat to Alden fans. Due to an operation a first string guard was unable to play after Christ- mas vacation. It was a tough break for the team, but under the capable guid- ance of Coach Grantham the Redskins overcame this bad break and kept improving throughout the season. Next year, the Redskin lineup will be absent 3 Seniors from the first spuad and 2 Senior substitutes, however, the coming seasons look promising. BOYS OPPONETS SIX HIGH SCORERS 48 31 Owasa 51 30 Woolstock Norman Kastendick 185 47 33 Williams Jack Pommrehn 167 PINE LAKE TOURNAMENT Harm Jass 151 42 48 Whitten Don Jensen 141 27 20 Rowan Allen Pingel 60 55 28 Union Ervin nleinzeroth 34 40 55 New Providence 48 31 Popejoy 22 37 Owasa LETTER WINNERS 43 34 Eldora T. S. 32 41 Radcliffe Norman Kastendick Sr. 25 21 Woolstock Don Jensen Sr. 25 59 Hubbard Allen Pingel Sr. 31 51 Steamboat Rock Jack Pommrehn Jr. 45 59 Whitten Ervin Heinzeroth Jr. 67 47 Williams Harm Jass Soph. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Loren Larson Soph. 41 26 Popejoy 54 42 Williams -21 -ill Steamboat Rock 770 754 1 V Varsity Squads V f - rr Larson s Lassles XL Left to Right: Bette Clark, Lorraine Heinseroth, Nilzi Tolbert, Evelyn Grupe, Jo Ann Johnson, Virginia Idso. HG rantham 'S Gu ys H Q fiil f'il'5f?. Left to Right: Ervin Heinzeroth, Allen Pingel, Norman Kastendick, Harm Jass, Don Jensen, Jack Pommrehn. Hg Junior High BOSkefbaII Cirh Seated, lc-ft to right: K. Madsen, R. Bavender, M. Doss, V. Swift, M. Izer, Y. LaVelle, M. Moon, M. Treveer, A. Jass. Standing: M. Ingebritson, R. Wevrauch, M. Larson, B. Heinzeroth, C. Mulford, M. Clark, Coach Lar- son. Boys Seated, left to right: D. Larson, D. Bennett, D. Kromminga, F. Inks, M. Pingel, L. Bavender, M. McElvania. Standing: A. Thayer, B. Ellingson, D. Kromminga, D. Fleming, Coach Kovack, R. Munsen, R. Lowery, R. Hunt, E. Harms, B. Conradi. 1 Senior Class Play 44512 ' as' 43- Wf . Left to Right: Dick Klein, John Liitschwager, Robert Cook, Allen Plngel, Jo Ann Johnson, Virginia ldso. , 'A I On May 10th and llth the Senior Class presented it's Class Play "The Haunted Chair. " Much to everyone's delight the plot involved a spine thrilling mystery. This led to it's more than favorable acceptance by the capacity audiences. THE CAST INCLUDED: Nellie Kennedy, who comes in out of the rain --- ---- Arleen Meyer Liza Lee, a colored maid ------------------ ---Marlys Long Lazy' Lee, her better half ----------------- ----- Ro bert Cook Lucille Page, John Baxter's ward ------- ---- J o Ann Johnson Dr, Henry Stanley, in love with Lucille --- -------- Allen Pingel Bob Stanley, his cousin ---------------- --- John Liittschwager Peggy Moore, Bob's fiancee ------------------- ------- V lrginia ldso Jeffrey Fallen, a successful lawyer -------------- ---Vernon Huebner Mrs, Burlove, who accompanies him to the house ------------- Nila Tolbert Inspector Gilhooley, suspicious of everyone ------------ Norman Kastendick Mr. John Baxter, the deceased ------------------------------- Dick Klein Mrs. Mable Moore, who receives a strange message ------ Ladonna Harkema However, not all credit is due to the Cast. The capable direction of Mrs. Walton combined with the well managed committees of Don Jensen, Joyce Green, Doris Bennett and Wendell Ingebritsen also proved to be deciding factors. f I -1 Junior Closs Play Benita Bolt ---- ----- M arian Bessman Lutie Spinks ----- Norma Thorsbakken Rebecca Bolt -------- -Eleanor Runkhe Martha Grubb --------- Delores Faris 'X Twink Starr ------------ Don Carstens O Dr. Hipprocrates Joy ---- John Krause Henry Goober ------ -Ervin Heinzeroth Phineas Plunkett ----- -Jack Pommrehn ' Prunnella Figg ------- Patty Tolzmann Cadwallder Clippy ------ Harley Raska Gertie Glossop ---- ---June Kennedy Wilbur Glossop ---- ---- J im Lettow Jack Gordon ----------- Tom Dunning . "BOLTS AND NUTS" The Juniors presented their class play, an uproarious comedy in three acts, on September 9 and 10 in the High School auditorium. The story revolves around Miss Rebecca Bolt whose hobby is psycoanalysis and who inherits a spooky old mansion from an eccentric brother. She turns it into a sanitarium for patients with phobias and nervous diseases, much to the dis- may of her neice Benita. Whereupon, the nuts start to pour in, and the fun begins in earnest. Lutie Spinks, the man-hating maid, has a nervous habit of winking that gets her into trouble with flirtatious men patients. The play, under the capable direction of Mrs. Walton and Miss Pettigrew, was very successful and all who attended enjoyed it very much. JUNIOR MAGAZDJE SALES Mr. Walter Byers of the Curtis Publishing Company came on September 19, 1950, to explain to the class about the Magazines Sale plan for a way to make money for the Junior-Senior banquet. The class was very eager to get started on the sales and were divided into what proved to be, during the period of sales, two very energetic and close racing teams. They were the Red and the Blue being captained by Earl Harms and Jim Lettow respectively. A very exciting eleven days were spent in the magazine sales. The Junior Class started out with 31, 000 as their goal, but of course their real hopes were to surpass the last year's record made by the Juniors which was 31,059. 00. At the end of the sale the team captained by Earl Harms was declared the winner with 3547. 25 and Jim Lettow's side close with 3534.45 making a total of 31081. 70, which caused us to reach our goal and break last year's record. The high salesman was Jack Pommrehn with 3184. 50, second was Jim Lettow with 3l29.40g and Norma Thorsbakken third with 3105. 35. The award for attaining more than 31,000 in the sales was awarded to the Juniors. It was a plaque which was placed in the assembly next to the plaque re- ceived by the Juniors last year. The high salesman Jack Pommrehn, was awarded a trophy, and those selling 330. or more were awarded certificates for their salesmanship. "Harmony Hull". , I t 1 K K 1l GENERAL EARNEST WORK, baritone ---- DOOLITTLE WORK, Tenor lead -------- MCTAVISH, Baritone ---------------- WIGGINS, Baritone -------- SIGNOR BROWNINI, Tenor --- OCTAVE, Speaking part --- PHIL, S. P. in Glee Club --- TOM, S. P. in Glee Club --- TED, S. P. in Glee Club --- BILL, S. P. in Glee Club--- ROSALIE, Soprano lead --------- MARITANA, Mezzo-soprano ------- MRS. HAMMERSLEY KEYS, Alto--- ELSA, Alto ---------------------- -- STELLA, S. P. in Choir ---- LAURA, S.P. in Choir --- -..Q 4 ---- Richard Klein ----Allen Pingel ---- Larry Nott --- Tom Dunning -----Don Jensen ---- Loren Larson ---Don Carstens -------- Bob Cook ---- Marvin Pingel ---- Earl Harms -----Arleen Meyer --- Marlys Long -------Nila Tolbert Jo Ann Joluison ---Norma Thorsbakken -------- Virginia Idso ALICE, S, P, in Choir ---------------------- Marilyn Ellingson MABEL, S. P. in Chou- ---------------------------- Betty Ites MEMBERS OF CHORUS Evelyn Grupe Frances Nelson Harold Frank Marian Bessman Donna Branyord David Groenhoff Gloria Akers Joyce Green Bob Hutchinson Patty Tolzmann Marion Anders Don Johnson Comiie Lettow Bill Klemme DIRECTOR --------------------------- Miss Harriet Pettigrew ASSISTANT DIRECTOR --- ----- Mrs. Philip Walloll ACCOMPANIST ------------------------------- Delores Faris Harmony Hall, a comic operetta in two acts by Harry B. Smith and Geoffrey O' Hara, was presented by the High School music department on March 9, 1951. General Earnest Work, honorary president of Harmony Hall, is a musical monomaniac, and supports his college on condition that every student study music. His only child, Doolittle Work is hopelessly unmusical, and being so, his father pays McTavish, a Scotch lawyer, a large sum of money to keep the lad away from him. Having no heir to his fortune, General Work adopts the prima donna Rosalie, a famous soprano, and arranges for her marriage to Signor Brownini, a tenor. Shortly before the wedding is to take place professional jealousy causes them to quarrel and break their engagement. In the meantime, unknown to his father, Doolittle has taken a job as the Glee Club's business manager. Since the General is so heartbroken over the separation of his lovebirds he accepts the suggestion of Mrs. Hammersley Keys, Rosalie's chaperone, and hires Doolittle to pretend to fall in love with Rosalie and thus cause Brownini to become jealous and go back to Rosalie. This plan does not work since Brownini has agreed to marry Maritana, Rosalie's understudy, who can cook. in the end every one is happy with Rosalie engaged to.Doolittle, Brownini to Maritana, and General Work to Mrs. Keys. ,Q ,fi-..-ef---Q ' 2 hats-N MMECQMING ,im Queen and Attendants 'fel YX Left to Right: Marilyn Larson, Arleen Meyer, Queeng Evelyn Grupe, and June Kennedy. The Homecoming festivities were started on the evening of October 4, by the burning of the dummy and the snake dance. The day of H'mmec'imingf'iund the schoolh muse rather empty as all the classes were busily putting the finishing t iuches on their floats fir the parade that evening. As parade time neared, the hustle and bustle of Homecoming increased as floats were put in place and people began to gather to watch the parade which was to pass through the Main Street of Alden to the High School and around the football field. The fl iatsthis year were allciilorfully decorated and showed much originality. The Juniors and Sophomores tied for high honors on their floatsg the Juniors being a merry-go-round which actually turned and had the motto "Our Merry-Go-Round Never Breaks Down." The Sophomores float was a very bright rocket: their motto being "Rocketing To Victory. " The Seniors used the motto "Alden will Shine Tvnight. " t.he Freshmen "Ready for Colo," the 8th Grade, "Gunning for Victory." The Grade Rooms joined together carried out a circus theme which was very colorful. The next exciting event on the program was the crowning of the Homecoming Queen at half time. The candidates, Arleen Meyer, Senior: June Kennedy, Junior: Evelyn Grupe, Sophomore: and Marilyn Larson. Freshman, were all dressed in formals and appeared on the football field riding in a convertible. By a vote taken in High School, Arleen Meyer was crowned Queen by Allen Pingel, the football captain, who also gave her a quick kiss. The game, while very exciting, ended in a down pour of rain with few specta- tors. Next on the program was the annual Homecoming Dance, the Music Makers providing the music. Everyone completely enjoyed himself until 12:30 A.M. when the dance ended. Of course the enjoyable evening lingers in all our memories. Fnnfhnll Left to right: Marian Bessnmn, Marilyn Ellingson, Deloris Faris, and Nila Tulbvrt. .-4' f , , XJ I :X Qi!!! Bosketbal L- 'Q Loft to right: Maria Harkema. n Bossmnn, Dcloris Faris, Judy Sharar, Laaonna BAND Front Row. left to right: T. Mueller, C. Mulford, J. Laird. J. Sharar, L. Harkema. A. Sehager. W, Harkema, M. Lars in, V. Huebner. Middle Row: J. Piimmrehn, E. Harms. H. Frank. E. Grupe, D. Bruch. C. Lettow, D. Branyord, M. Muon. M. Anders. S. Swift, L. Larson. Back Row: D. Douglas. M. Bennett. J. Johnson. N. Thorsbakken, G. Akers, B. Heinzeroth, R. Klein. L. Clark. Mr. Mueller. Directorg M. Long. R. Weyrauch. The band played occasionally during the summer of '49 and '50. Their first appearance of the '50 and '51 school year was at the Iowa Falls Fall Festival. where they were invited to march in the parade. V eather permitting. the band marched and maneuvered during the halves of the home fiotball games. The biggest event for the marching band was leading the Hwmec iming Parade. The first appearance of the concert band was at the Christmas Concert given by the high school. On May 5 the concert band went to Sheffield where the band contest was held. They played "Overture Americana" and "United Nations." a march. Terry Mueller, Jack P immrehn. Shirley Swift, Marilyn Larson, Carol Mulford, and Connie Lettfiw. six members of the band. entered the contest as soloists at Roland on April 14. A NOTE OF THANKS The students if Alden School wish to express their appreciation to the PTA and School Board for the new piano in the assembly. A Committee was sent to Mason City to purchase it where they also bought the bench to match, a florescent light. and flannel material to cover the piano and stool. This was to protect it from the wear and tear of the students passing to and from class. The piano was presented to the school, and it was decided by the students to have a song fest every Monday morning. The size of the piano is convenient for the pianist can watch the performers on the stage. German Band M-, Standing, left to right: Jean Laird, Marion Anders, Lowell Clark, Connie Lettow, Marilyn Larson, Donna Branyord. Kneeling: Terry Mueller, Arnold Schager. A group of our ambitious and musical students, who are also members of the school band, joined together under the direction of Mr. Mueller and formed a very entertaining group, better known as the "German Band." They were made known in the latter part of the first semester and were seen giving performances at the Woman's Club, afeed meeting, the Christmas Concert, and at assembly programs. In a short season of performances they became very popular and it' s sincerely hoped that they will continue again next year. Drum Majoretfes Left to right: Martha Bennett, Roberta Weyrauch, Jo Ann Johnson, Evelyn Grupe, Drum Major: De Anne Douglas, Marlys Long. ED ggoaus 7 Front Row, left to right: N. Tolbert, P. Tolzmann, V. Idso, J. Johnson, A. Meyer, Miss Pettigrew, Director, M. Long, G. Akers, D. Faris, N. Thorsbakken. Middle Row: H. Frank, F. Nelson, B. Clark, M. Ellingson, M. Bessman, E. Grupe, J. Green, B. Ites, J. Laird, C. Lettow, D. Bran- yord. Back Row: R. Cook, D. Jensen, M. Pingel, T. Dunning, A. Pingel, D. Carstens, W. Klemme, R. Klein, M. Anders, L. Nott, D. Larson, R. Hutchinson, D. Groenoff, E. Harms. N K5,.4NF" .vgl'x au. cf 9th cuonug 0 H' s A i yd Front Row, left to right: G. Bally, R. Weyrauch, D. Douglas, Miss Petti- grew, Director, D. Faris, Accompanistg L. Lettow, P. Palo, J. Sharar. Middle Row: V. Swift, B. Caruth, S. Warmbier, M. Roland, D. Bruch, M. Moon, Y. LaVelle, M. Doss, M. Terveer. Back Row: B. Flemming, M. Ingebrltson, J. Bruns, B. Hienzeroth, M. Larson, C. Mulford, M. Clark, C. Lowery, F. Clark. J QUABTE T Betty Ites, 2nd Sopranog Jo Ann Johnson, Altog Arleen Meyer, lst Soprano, Connie Lettow, Nila Tolhert, Altosg Delores Faxrizs, Marlyzs Long. 2nd Sopran- osg Virginia Idso and Joyce Green, lst Sopranos. I x X V X Q ,I ., 1 XXX XX f XZ ' X Q X-N ,a fv wh , Q RN x f 1 XX X f x K X Yr wil f K E f '1 t X 2 . X x X K J, . If - f ff Y y , N21 L5 g X J v .J J A Q Q 9 V f - X Mjxv ,' f ' XX J C3 ' 6 XX . X XXX ,-,..4 X Q I? L- X JR - 4- x A- X1 A How We Looked Then And Now 1. oo , ,eg C K. C 'x K Fug. 3 P Jlhn 4 'Tex -Q6 r J M4 Mk "g,'s-.. 57 :A ' Wil Ra'ChaYJ ' ftp l.C H59 Gfn 'Q ' YI G - IYJI X ,- 9, Ltr 'ry Novrflafl N .,' N : F n. 'se Mavlys aSff-4611, 'I AHXCV1 "" 5. NHQYKICU DoY:5' I 1 iii: Mi 1-1 fc n Mav'D'5 J A Aw . , l I ' V wxff Q g , ff' j fi L., X-J ' X 0 N QPR K FXXM f I, s XA , X f V1 if ' 1 I . 1 c Q x .Q Q X, . ,fQ V w ,A J' " ,jf if? 5 A 'li M . A -l---' Q. fxfxy- X 1 ' X A' ff Q, . N15 ay' fp- Qs? C kj, R4 XJ 'A yf 'xi A J , if r C ' , 4 A I5 ' f lf' V' , , f Vg P N, K ff f f K f ' X f- k . W -HR X wif, if fw X"' N L fjrfff' vvv 1 XX Ax ,Jw 5 U' LZ.- os f' 'N - Y' . 5 ifw , 1 Ab ,R , .4 KX ' 711 X1 jtffffx fy fd ,A Xxx Aw , ? 14. Ag, I! 1 L 3 Q Njf.,-Ng: Q5 QY" " bkxjyx X , x w - ' 4 X vJ A , Y E4 X Q X ,. 4 V M Q x x f Ja . X X H 'JI N WX ff? I x x K 1 x W M X X. ff KX ,X X K! .X . X X . X . X X , X X X X X A X J xx Nl M ,,f - l.XV 1.4 X N 1 l .. :m x ,. Q O f ts Q 7 0, xxx WA S fu -sg.-.4 F? 22 x 'Q f X E : K QR F C' 4 Q E' ,, K fgfsi lv. wwf? I A wi 'll ' x , isa, .. ix- K -.'n 1. -5 9 " uv' Solve W A. 1 U q ' Q fi ul X ox W ab,,,,i CYRDI C"'fiD 7 5 ,J . Cl , mln 1 4 8 f ,N'1 sh .- ata? X ,, , 9, 1 .. 'N-. -, -1 "1- 4 5' A u x 'll' 'Chvee MH SlfefCf"5 G,-CQ, f1 3'GlH'9CY' and o N Kal 4 v Ham'-X . 0 Q. f dl utchfe, Q Q 5354" ,rl- . - ,v -- tsftj '.'j . wasene. ' PM if ' J v-'+C 00' I I' Q V Q 5 -Q, 52 ns A sv.-" 5 l M2765 ' J z - - :Q, mr pct W Hof Stxff -4-F.--i-. Ctllhj Natqr3L? cb M .Z W " Crhorj 4 . Halabaf ' D Af f 6 what Hklvfaf - EJ. 'Q Hqb' L51 'Ei .. .2 Q 7NCav-0L'X9 -bangggvk 'L I X' Smile rw-cv 4 i Sl-QCHCY-,, n J-1' Qs HJ . 0 X 6 'J Peeff-J-Gao! t I 7 H AM ' L 0 Cl 3 Ulf' 'ff ' S 0,5563 'x ,V 'Pf Ctfu-e a Y- h K 'f ' ' f-JP 'f Q ' B ' V , f , -wx N 0 0 ' fb if S I' f fe ss: . Q2 1' 1- 'STX' A H, ' 0 " 3 x' xfifgf B 'Af' , , , I ,. Q lx Pr 'T .T ui!-,I ' "- 4 ' 4-dh f'- 'Q 9 M' ' lf' 1 ' I - r C the .5 ,K ayk ,,- O , rr ll l geath Nav,'J'1'u-J Lei' Me See-- 5-LQ Sf 3enor,?a 1 Q P Q zr J' xfav-d Shavfff ' 7 'YP1 L Wm-LQOKQ af , caught gh Q v F Q fin. Q: r- 6. ny ' 4.1 X 1 I 1 4 It Puyw 'IU 'l'rz1de,- At Yllur I. H. H. A. Slflfi' MADSEN HARDWARE - Wal Svll - G. E. Apphances UIll'.'Q'I'Sl11 Gas Range-w Sherwin - Wllllams Pamts Shc-llaml Gila .lame-Sway Pwmultry I-Qqu1pm0nt Halllvrafter Tclvxisulh Fur Elclc-trxral Se-rv1c'cCz1ll 2Ur2 lla-ddy's hawking Pwr Grvut Things Frrlm The Class Of '51 Beust Wishes CENTRAL STATES ELECTRIC C0 luwzi Falls, Iwwa b s R vt d. l. ACKERMAN'S INC. l mm 1' A llxunz. A C' X441 A I-1-ul - Iinxwiwuzn v AIJIJ11liHL'l' Whfnle-snlv - Hvhxll Pvpn-J I4W.i vu -QM Dwws 130 MILLER 8- SON COMPANY Alcivm - Iwwgi Hills - Uvxasu Hume Yard Pwr Hmmm! Purple lristahllshvd 124537 Phwm' lm Aldon. Iwwa an F TP: xx.. vx.' 1 F1 in FARM BUREAU SERVICE CO. C. C. Akers Waiter Klein Station Mgr. Tank Wagon Service Car Washing 8 Greasing Gas, Oil, Grease, Gasoline- and Oil etc. Your Business Appreciated - Thank You R. J. BUZZETTI Veterinarian Phone 89r2 Alden, Iowa M. W. ELLEFSON Corn Sheiiing and General Trucking Phone 73 Alden, Iowa BENSHOOF AND NELSON Hardware and Appliance Phone 26 Aiden, Iowa 9 P .. ff L A PAGE LUMBER COMPANY W V WIDILF Manager Alden Iowa ALDEN FARMER S ELEVATOR COMPANY Graln Coal Feed Seeds and T11e Alden Iowa Phone 119 Compllments of IOWA LIMESTONE CO Des Moines and Alden Iowa Congratulations To The Class Of '51 from S T O N E R ' S Truly Complete Service For Your Car Desoto Alden, Iowa Plymouth V ' , , , , . . , Lumber, Coal, and Building Mate-rlal I V l Y X l I V If . Q f .x, 1 PRINCESS SWEET SHOP I De lxghtful Atmwsphe FQ Tha Most Mode rn Cds c C TlfIil1flIlLX'X ln If Home m idx In Crf am C mdk Irma Falls I1 ww MANNING W HOWELL D131 2828 Vklwlcsdle um Shop S. M111 buppllas 133 Last Rocksylxarua Iuwd Falls Iowa JOHNSON S INN BUOY Tu Dmners Humv Cooking Hwnu m ide Pu N Hadlcx 5 In Cream ALDEN COOPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY Cold Stu rage LuckerQ buperlor Quallty Butter P Lsteurxzed 'vhlk lg Crlam .itromzc 'x fur l il C Alds n IUWH Aldux luv Phulu WH P uni 104 . Glmci F1 od ' , ' 1" A F1 ' ' ' ADI rw 1' 1 Y' fwii - -I WY V , K I 4 . 35 Years of Svrvim- " ' 5, '11 I Gu r 1 N ' ' ' v 1 f - 3 . ', 1, - 1 - P' ' - R ,wa lump I V . , 1' 1 - , ,V - , '11 lf h I " V E IP QQ 'i ,.. dba IDSO'S MARKET 8. LOCKER SERVICE "The Cflniplete lftmd Stnre-" Fresh Fruits and Ve-gt-talilvs Crm-eric-S and Meats Wt- Cure' and Sriinkv Mt-nts Phwne 57 Alden, lnwa HOWELL SUNDRIES Schuul Supplies Stationery Cusme-tics and Toiletries Paints - Wallpaper .Ifthn and l-Qtht-l lltuwell, Prwps Alden, Iwwa Plione ki5r2 HARDIN COUNTY RURAL ELECTRIC CO-OPERATIVE 318 StvvenS St. Serving 2660 Farms Be Sure and lnstall Standard Applianves Purchased From Reliable Dealers Dial 2643 l-twat Falls SCHAGER PRODUCE Highest Prints fur Puultry G: Eggs Best Results with Pillsbury? Best Feeds , wwzi Phtine 45 A lien I Q 0 E 4 1 E .. ,-. f -P .. 4 4 i 1 I Q T F I I N I NUI IUIIIJ IIA'IQIIrIiX LII! C1 I ri lx IJ Q S 1 dl w rgulix IOQIJ CUI I INN I III xKII LI'-.NIN INIIII INII NI LU St 1 bt I HN IANINI QI II-XC I-xfi XII I II I MINI NLPPI X 1 I Fr J. W X mul-Ir IDAII 'X IIII I'N I N IUUIINAI P- IJIIUIIL 1.300 Q INIQ NINI um III IZBX INIPI I-'VII YI COMP XXX N Sq 'vk 1I XX 1 Iwxmm 'W IA IDI-I,L'XI. CI .AINIIIS 'L f ' '. 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STAYLI' ISL All Kmcis wt 'XYt'1Ki1ITf,l :md Blzivksmilh AC'KSMI'I'H 5'I'I'QX'l-QNS BROS. Grfmeru-5, Meats, Fruns, Fc-eds Osh Kush Overalls T'+fpP1'1vew Pmcifffl' O1ciCa1's W'kJ1'.'t'Y1!lC Shun-5 .md Serup Irmm Ball Brand Rubber Flmtwezu' Aiden, Iwwu Alden, Iwwa Phune 24 l.AXK'SON :md CARTLH N as. N D-X STATION ling Buymg Starwn IJ-X Oil, Greasing, Tires Plume 150 Bntterxes V, O, LAWSON klllll SON Phlme 66 Lvwal .mai l,,HI1l,I Ihstamw 'INI'l1C'klHg Alden, Iwwa Phflm- IZU Akai:-n, SHAMHOCK CA FI-I FULLER IMPLEMENT CO. CMMKU-xml-iIN1e.1ls, A Full Lme of J. I. Case Fmemily SQ'!'X'lL'l' Machinery and Repalrs Pwlly 1. Mltrhell, Prwpr1et1+r Phfme 21312 Alden, Immwa Alder., l+1w.a Phu C. G. SCOTT Furmture A Lmie-rtgxklng Alden, lffwu L. C. WOOD AND CO. Manufacturers uf Hug Feeders Aiden, lwwa 1 .1 r f I 1 HECHT'S Cameras Photo Supplies Rustcraft and Norcross Greeting Cards Stationery Office Supplies 1. W. BRAGA 81 SONS Phone 2149 Phone 3754 120 E. Rocksylvania 320 O Iowa Falls, Iowa ak St. DAVE'S D-X SERVICE Expert Lubrication Firestone Merchandise Fishing Tackle and License Dial 9782 Iowa Falls, Iowa STAR CLOTHING CO. Iowa Falls, Iowa Phone 9672 Men and Boys Quality Clothing and Shoes For Less MART VARIETY 314 Main Childrens and Teen Timers Clothing "lt's Smart To Shop At The Mart" CHUCK'S AUTO and TRAC TOR WR EC KING Charles Ellefson, Prop. Phone 9741 921 Siloam Ave. Iowa Falls, Iowa SILOAM GROC ERY Groceries and Fresh Meats Open Evenings and Sundays Phone 9243 920 Siloam Ave. Iowa Falls Cadillac - Pontiac M 81 M Farm Machinery Sales 81 Service S. and S. SALES CO. Dial 2581 f SCENIC CITY CLEANERS 316 Main Street Phone 42 Iowa Falls, Ia. G. F. CIIIQUFT Jeweler and Optometrist Iowa Falls, Iowa SANITARY DAIRY Save on 2 Qt. Bottles of Milk Pasteurxzed Cash and Carry Home of Super Creamed Ice Cream Phone 2351 Iowa Falls, Iowa THF PURITAN BAKERY W. C. Barber 522 V-'ashmgton Iowa Falls, Iowa Rt llls- -Pastries--Cakes Party Items HALTOM FURNITURE COMPANY Iowa Falls, Iowa Free Delivery Phone 3722 THF QUALITY ROYAL SHOP Lathes Ready to Wear Accessories Iowa Falls. Iowa IOWA FALLS STATE BANK The Bank on the Corner Member of F. D. I. C. Iowa Falls, Iowa IKLLOVIWS For Clothes Iowa Falls, Iowa Phone 3371 f. BAURIF R 5 Footwt ar Hosxery Handbags Iowa Falls GASOLINIL ALLEY The Best For Less A Home Owned Business R .T Mullane Quality and Service CITIZENS STATE BANK The Bank on Lha North Slde M mberofF D I C Iowa Falls Iowa If It s a Roof You Need Call IOWA FALLS ROOFING COMPANY New Roofs Roof Repairs Free Estimates Ray Strahorn Iowa RITE DRUC Drugs Cos metms Prescrlptlons Sundrxes Paint Falls D a 12703 IOWA FALLS POULTRY AND EGG Cash Buyers of Qualxty Poultry and Eggs Highest Market Price Dlal 2542 Iowa Falls W G WOODVNARD CO Everythmg For The Famlly R T Russell Manager Iowa Falls Iowa KING S FLOWER gl GIFT SHOP Floral Arrangements Corsages Potted Plants Weddings Funerals Please Call Us For Your Floral Needs We Delxver Iowa Falls Dial 9234 Dial 9151 324 Main St. Iowa Falls e ' . . . . f . i SCHWARTZ BROS. Dealers in Livestock and General Trucking Telephone Buckeye 312 before You Sell It May Save You Dollars. Alden, MOONS AUTO SERVICE "Phillips 66" Cresent Cafe Lewis 81 Ruth Moon Iowa P hone FARM SERVICE AND SUPPLY Feed Seed Fertilizer Phosphate Delivered and Spread CONGRATULATIONS "ALDEN HIGH CLASS OF '51" HARDIN COUNTY TIMES Tuesdays IOWA FALLS CITIZEN Thursdays Progressive Newspapers Interested In Good Schools ALDEN STATE BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 310, 000 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor IOWA FALLS HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE G, E, gl Norge Appliances South of City Hall Alden Iowa Iowa Falls. Iowa Phone 2-H0 THANKS .' TO THE MERCHANTS WHO MADE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE. r BOOSTERS D. W. SCHMEDIKA ALDEN JURGENSEN STORE ALDEN VERNON O. JENSEN BUCKEYE JOHN JACKSON BUCKEYE CLEO REYNLODS BUCKEYE WEST SIDE GROC ERY IOWA FALLS I3ILL'S REFRIGERATION IOWA FALLS ED 8: CHUCK, FEED AND SUPPLY IOWA FALLS NEWI3ERRY'S IOWA FALLS JOHNSON MOTOR CO. IOWA FALLS STANDARD PLUMBING AND HEATING IOWA FALLS STRUTZ CLOTHES IOWA FALLS ABORNS DRUGS IOWA FALLS RALSTON PURINA CO. IOWA FALLS IOWA FALLS LAUNDRY IOWA FALLS A. W. RURGESS, M. D. IOWA FALLS KINSEY CHEVROLET IOWA FALLS IOWA FALLS FIRESTONE IOWA FALLS J. C. PENNEY CO. IOWA FALLS WALSH 81 KNOX HARDWARE IOWA FALLS IOWA FALLS We the Annual Staff u 1951 hope you have and will eontinue tu en- joy reading this annual as much as we have en- joyed compiling it. '4 , jf PHILLIPS SPECIALTY SHOP xx I Q 1 1" 4 I v f 0534711 9 OUR YEARBOOK WAS SUPPLIED INTER COl.iECifATE PRESS KA'N5AS CITY DWLOMAC VA"N" 'f'W' YEARSOQKS ANNOHXCiM:N'S v5RSoxALCARDS CAPS ANU oQmmwS "-'Nf+ TREASuRYcFvwSDov STATIONERY ,' . 'T ,A P'- ,gh

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