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LAWRENCE ROWAN Ei? .xx X .Q 1, Photograph Reaches New Heights-This photograph was taken from an altitude of 475 miles during the Gemini I0 space flight of astronauts john W. Young and Michael Collins in july of 1966. Gibraltar appears in the upper right. 8, Surprised Miss America-Pretty 19-year-old jan jayroe, Miss Oklahoma, expresses surprise and happiness in the same gesture upon learning that she was Miss America 1967. 9. Pat and Luci-Mr, and Mrs. Patrick j. Nugent walk down steps of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington on August 6th following the wedding of Nugent and the daughter of President Lyndon B. johnson. 10, Strikeout King Retires-Lefthander Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers announced on November 18th that he was retiring from baseball due to an arthritic elbow. Winner of the Cy Young Award three times, Koufax set an all-time record of 382 strikeouts during the 1965 season. if 10 11 12 ,U vnq -HD-0 11, Speaks Up For GOP-Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirk- sen answered President johnson's accusations that the GOP is a party of fear by declaring that "the President's statements actually spell out the most damning self-indictment in modern political history". 12, White House Pickets-In August, these sign-carrying pickets marched up and down in front of the White House in protest to the probe of their anti-Viet Nam war activities by the House Committee on Un-American Activities. -n 5' , ' 'I na' qw-:gy ' A h fl THE 1966-67 ALDEN ANNUAL STAFF PRESENTS THE BLACKHAWK WITH THE SPIRIT GF ,67 "l have had playmates, I have had companions , In my days of childhood, in my joy- ful school -days. All, all are gone, the old familiar faces." Charles Lamb CONTENTS Dedication .............. . . . Seniors Activitie s Athletic S ...... Unde rclas smen .... Administration Advertising ...... DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1967, hereby dedicate this year's Black- hawk" to Mr. John Lautigar. Under his helping hand as our claw advisor we produced a successful Junior-Senior Prom and continued with our success throughout the years. For the past four years we have enjoyed having him as our math teacher and coach. On be- half of the Senior Class, we would like to express our deep gratitude and sincere appreciation for the loyalty he has shown to us. He shall long be remembered in the minds of the Seniors of 1967. 2 al -d SENIGRS MARLENE MILDRED ALLEN "Marlene" "l agree with you--but I must admit you're wrong. " Chorus 3,43 Glee Club 3,43 Class Pres' ident 33 Annual 2,3,43 Co-editor 43 Cheerleader 3,43 F. H. A. 4. SUZANNE MELBA AUSTIN llsue ll "Every inch, her height is pure de- light. " Annual 3,43 Chorus 3,43 Glee Club 3, 43 F. H. A. 43 Art 4. turned red!" F.F.A.1,2,3,4. MERLE ALLAN BEHR "Merle" "He had so many bright ideas, his hair E IORS CONCER ED MARK HARLAN BRUMMER "Broomer" "I'm not bashfu13 just conservative. " Basketball 1,2. JAMES ROBERT CONN lljimll "I am what I am. " Wrestling 2,45 Track 23 F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4. IOANN KAY INDRELIE ll ll Io "Greater women than I have lived, but they're all dead now. " Annual 25 Band 1,2,35 Chorus 3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Cheerleader 3,45 Newspaper 3,45 Class Play 35 Musical WITH THE FUTURE NANCY KAY JACOBS llcoatll "You're only young once, after that you have to find a better excuse. " Annual 2, 3,45 Chorus 45 Glee Club 45 Home Ec. Club 2,35 Musical 45 F. H.A. 45 Art 45 Library Club 3, 4. GAYLE STEVEN JOHNSON nj-ohnsll "If he 's a sample, we'll take a dozen." Class Vice-President 25 Baseball 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 F. F. A. 1,2,3,4. rv? RONALD DEAN DRESCHER IIROHII "The harder I try, the gooder to be, the worser I is. " Track 15 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. SUSAN ANNETTE HENSCHE llsuell "She 's like a star, out every night. " Home Ec. Club 15 Glee Club 3,45 Chorus 3,45 Class Secretary 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Queen 4. JAMES MICHAEL JOHNSON lljimll "His eyes spell mischief, his smile spells "Hi!" We all like him, he's one swell guy. " Student Council 3,45 Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 15 Baseball 2, 3,45 Home- coming Royalty 45 Audio Visual 3. MARY ELLEN JOHNSON ulviaryu "The word "impossible" is not in my dictionary. " Chorus 45 Glee Club 45 Annual 2, 3,45 Co-editor 45 Library Club 45 Audio Vi- sual 45 junior Class Play-Student Di- rector 35 F. H. A. 45 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4. "Cher1'i " the best. " i Band 1,2, 35 Annual 2, 35 Audio-Visual 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. CHERILYN KAY IADWIG "Of all my family's relatives, I like myself "SWI GER" ELECTED SUZANNE FAY LEE "Suzie" "Small and trim, pure and primg He likes her and she likes him. " Library Club 25 Audio Visual 35 Annual 35 Art 45 Chorus 45 Glee Club 4. DOREEN CAROL MORGAN Doreen" "She's just the quiet kind whose nature never varies. " Annual 2, 35 Audio-Visual 3,45 Vice Presi- dent 45 Treasurer 1. MICHAEL DEAN NELSON "Mike" "I'd rather hug a basketball than any- L one---almost. " , Baseball l,2,3,43 Football lj Football Manager 23 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 3,43 Musical 43 Class Secretary 23 Class Treasurer 43 Homecoming Royalty. BEVERLY ANN NESJE IIBBVIY 3 "Late hours are bad for one , but al- ' right for two. " Chorus 3,43 Glee Club 3,43 Annual 2, - 3 3j Newspaper 43 Speech Contest 33 l 3- 3 Musical 4. BARBARA IRENE PAULSON llBarbll "She looks like an angel, She acts like an angel, But who knows what an angel might do. " Band 1,2, 3,43 Class President 23 Newspaper 3,45 Girls' State Representative 33 Class Play 33 Chorus 43 Glee Club 43 Student Council 43 Musical 43 Homecoming Royal- ty 43 National Honor Society 2, 3,4. AS CLASS RI G ALBERT MAYNARD PURDY HA1'l "He is wise who saith but little. " E.F.A. 1,2,3,43 Basketball Manager 3,45 Baseball 3,4. GARY DONALD RASMUSSEN "Rass" "He and his car are inseparable. " Football 1, 3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 43 Track 1,2,3. MARK ROBERT RASSMUSSEN "Mark" "lt's great to be a Senior, but a Soph- omore has my heart. " Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track 1,2, 3,45 Wrestling 35 Musical 4. LYNETTE JANE REDMZAN "Lynette" "Not too tall, not too small, she's a gal tl1at's liked by all. " Annual 35 Chorus 45 F. I-LA. 45 JOAN MARTHA REINDAL "Ioanie" "I hurry not, neither do I worry. " Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 Glee Club 45 Audio Visual 35 Majorette 3,45 Newspaper 45 Annual 35 Class Play 35 Class Vice-President 15 Homecoming Royalty 4. JOYCE LORENE REINDAL ll-Igycell "Keep busy, to keep happy. " National Honor Society 45 Cheerleading 2, 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 45 Glee Club 45 Home EC. Club 2,35 F.H.A. 45 Class Play 35 Musical 45 Audio-Visual 3. CAROLYN JOY RICHTER "Carol" "She studies all mankind from one reliable speciman. " Band 1,2,3,45 Annual 2, 35 Musical 45 Chorus 45 Glee Club 4. SENIOR YE R BRIMMING CARLA CLAUDIA SAUER "Clara" "Why worry about life---you never get out of it alive anyway. " Band 1,2, 35 Chorus 3,45 Newspaper co-editor 45 Newspaper 2, 3,45 Camera ITH ME ORIE DUANE PERRY SAUKE "Duane" "He's not only a scholar-5 but a gentleman and a good fellow. " Band 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2, 3,45 Baseball 35 junior Class Play5 Musicalg Chorus5 Newspaper 4. ALLEN CARL SCHMIDT UAF! "Behind his Sunday School face there are Saturday night ideas. " Football 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Wres- tling 45 Track 1,2, 35 Student Council 1,2 AMELIA GRACE RYE "Amelia" "She's not as fast as lightning, but she gets there. " Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 45 Audio Visual 3, 45 - Home Ec. Club 2, 35 F.H.A. 45C1ass Secretary 45 Student Council 3, 45 Musical 45 Library Club 45 Home- coming Royalty 4. CHARLES DEAN SAILOR llchuckll "lf school is liberty, give me death. ' Football 1,2, 3,45 Wrestling 45 Track 4. ROSANNE ELAINE STALOCH lIROSelI "Some say she is quiet, but there are others who know. " Annual 2,35 Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 45 Musical 45 Speech Contest 35 F. H. A. 4. SONJA ELAINE STEELE llsonjali "My chief joy and accomplishment is conversation, especially with the oppo- site sex. " Band 1, 2, 3,45 Junior Class Play 35 Musical 45 Wrestling Cheerleader 3,45 Football Cheerleader 3,45 Majorette 3,45 Newspaper 2, 3,45 Newspaper co- editor 45 Student Council l,2, 35 Class Treasurer 35 Homecoming Royalty 4. ELIZABETH MARY STREYLE llLiZll "She considers her studies a lark, yet she'd die if she got a poor mark. " Band 1, 2, 3,45 ,Class President 15 National Honor Society 2, 3,45 Chorus 3,45 Glee Club 3, 45 Newspaper 3,45 junior Class Play 35 Musical-Student Director 45 School Band of America 4. E IOR HELP ITH JAMES MONROE SWENSON llJimll "You're a long time in the tomb, so while you're alive ZOOM! ZOOM!ZOOM!" F.F.A.1,2,3,4. SHARON CAROLINE THEOBOLD nsherryu "She works with the best of 'em and has fun like the rest of 'em. " Annual 2,3,45 Home Ec. Club 3,45 Cho- rus 3,45 Speech 35 Library Club 3,45 Glee Club 3,45 F. I-LA. 4. JERILYN ANN THOMAS ll 'll Jeri "A laugh is showing in one place, the way you feel all over. " Newspaper 3,43 F. I-LA. 43 Glee Club 43 Chorus 43 Library Club 43 Musical 4. IEANINE SHARON THOMPSON nleaneu "If giggles were golden, she'd be a millionaire ! " Band l,2,3,4j Chorus 3,43 Newspaper 2, 3,45 Camera Club 23 Class Play 3. MARLIN FRANCIS VOIGT "Mar1ie" "Al1 bad weeds grow tall, that's why I'm so short. " Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,25 Bas- ketball Manager 3,45 Baseball 2, 3,43 Homecoming King 4. FIRST MUSIC L JEFFREY MARK WEYRUM ll ll jeff "Women disturb me not. " Baseball Manager 2, 3,43 Football Manager 43 Wrestling Manager 43 Band 3,43 Camera Club 1,2,3,45 Class Play 33 Musical 4. PAUL FREDR ICK WICHMANN "Paul" "Manly in bearing, honest and trueg the world hath need for men like you. " Football 1,2, 3,43 Wrestling 2,33 Track 35 Class Play 3. SYDNEY DOUGLAS WILLIAMS If Syd!! "Learning in school never did any harm, but I feel safer on the farm. " Football 2, 3, 43 Wrestling 3, 45 Track 35 F. F.A. 1. JAMES EDWARD HANNEGREFS lljimll "I'm here, even if I don't tell any- one. " Transfer from Williston, South Dakota. Basketball 4. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President: Duane Sauke ViCE2 -President: DOISGII Morgan ' Secretary: Amelia Rye Red Rose Treasurer: Michael Nelson Student Council: Barbara Paulson james johnson Amelia Rye CLASS MOTTO: "Grant us the knowledge to know what is right, and the courage enough to do it. " CLASS COLORS: xx 11 Burgundy and White .QN N . Q, QW af? THE "SWINGER" The class of '67 proudly received their rings in December, 1965. I2 VALEDICTORIANS MARY JOHNSON BARBARA PAULSON Grade Point 93. 47 Grade Point 93.06 19 Credits 19 Credits ELIZABETH STREYLE Grade Point 93. 83 19 Credits l SALUTATORIANS CHERILYN LADWIG Grade Point 92 . 05 19 Credits AMELIA RYE Grade Point 91. 63 19 Credits The School Board Policies Handbook for District 242 prescribes that students gradua- ting Within one point of each other will share valedictorian or salutatorian honors. Two additional students will be Honor Graduates having a scholastic average of above 90. 00. They are Beverly Nesje, grade point 90. 72, and Joyce Reindal, grade point 90. 2 l. I z Baccalaureate service and Commencement signify the completion of the 1967 seniors' school career. GRADUATIO . E STAGE OF LIFE' JOUR EY OW COMPLETED On Sunday, May 21, 1967, the senior class of Alden I-Iigh School attended Baccalaureate Services held in their honor at the Alden gymnasium. Rev. Roy E. Lockhart gave the Bacca laureate address. Commencement Exercises were held on Thursday, May 25th, 1967, at the Alden Gymnasium. The high school band and choir performed the musical portion of the program while the seniors presented the commencement address. 14 jo Ann Indrelie spoke to the audience about some of the things that had happened to her class throughout their school life. l ACTIVITIES len, J. Remdal, S. Steele, A. Rye, S. KIVICIIITIHIIII, I. Indrehe, J. Solum, J. Schmidt. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS PRGMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT Koehler I. Sprenger A. Steele A 1 8 SEE SQUAD CHEERLEADERS CCA99 SQUAD CHEERLEADERS A Rye I. Reindal M. Allen J, Solum S. Wichmann CHEERLEADERS IGNITE SCHOGL SPIRIT Abbe D. Pedersen L. Theobald P. Peter- ROW 12 A- Newman. K- Svenninssen- ROW 22 , D, Qreamer, W, fsestoriousu ' 1. Smith, M. Boeck, 1. Raines, B. Rasmussen. CCC!! QUAI E I Q THESE ARE THREE ADDITIONAL CAUSES FOR THE WRESTLERS' VICTORY Sonja Steele, JoAnn Indrelie, jean Schmidt. SENIOR BAND: THE GOAL OF THE 6TH GRADE BAND SIXTH GRADE BAND-ROW 1:M. Stoneback, D. Nelson, D. Lee. ROW 2: R. Doppelhammer, D. Lindeman, K. Sauke, R. Wittmer, M. Wittmer, J. Opdahl, D. Seipp, M. Elvebak, S. Seipp, M. Carlson. ROW 3: A. Wichmann, D. Walker. 20 L ROW 1: J. Sprenger, I. Schmidt, I. Reindal. ROW 2: V. Babbitt, B. Thorson. ROW 3: S. Steele. THESE ARE OUR MAJORETTES Besides leading the band in parades the majorettes performed during half- time at home football games and during the half -time of one basketball game this year. During summer vacation the ma- jorettes sold candy bars to buy material for new uniforms besides practicing new routines. RACHEL SCHMIDT IS OUR DRUM MAJOR w N 2 1 ALDEN HIGH SCHOOL BAND GOAL OF JU IOR BAND TO PARTICIPATE I MARCHI G BAND JUNIOR BAND: ROW 1: C. Scrabeck, L. Wittmer, B. Rasmussen, M. Toenges, A. Newman, ROW 2: J. Smith, P. Peterson, C. Opdahl, P. Peterson, L. Reindal, D. Behr, J. Ahnemann, W. Pestorious, K. Peder- sen, C. Steele, S. Krueger, C. Behr, J. Geeseman, L. Dale. ROW 3: E. Carlson, D. Pedersen, L. Roberts, T. Nelson, R. Christenson, D. Lockhart, D. Abbe, G. Steele, P. Henshe, K. Schmidt, J. Paulson, D. Wich mann, K. Schmidt, D. Breamer, L. Theobald. ROW 4: W. Wichmann, M. Ahnemann, O. Wittmer, R. Bab cock, C. Thomas, I. Guanella, D. Bryson, R. Martinson, G. Lutteke. . -s 5. 3 ?" Km H wg 2? ,, if ,- v if 1? q 1, im Q W Q W ff vfgiig it gs Q 35 'Q X ' ' ah, eyu . C? Q, as ai gf is Q35 L ' A 2 k ,K 5430 . W , k is girth Kg Q S ei A E fi '1jf-mmijxkM-gli? if-L, : .. i sk L Q in L g 3 W Q1 awk iv Z w f , . S? ' k 1 3 2 X Ywam fm' ff , , ,W,,3"uf?m u Q 5 K v , , , Q gm. V M lt, A xmk Q 5 Q i Q gg fkfk 52 -1 i551 y r ' f ?Q N W V , ,. we ,V I Y W 5 A " . F, , a s K .L K X viii glial Q53 aH E f gif-Q Q it QW if ' .1 MM, w gim- Qlimfgmail gg 5 5 En ggi! 'E 4 AE HH'?1g Sigma-' my ROW 1: S. Elvebak, K. Bell, M. Wichmann. ROW 2: M. Anderson, W. Bryson, D. Behle, S. Steele, A. Steele. ROW 3: A. Walker, B. Paulson, I. Pestorious, C. Richter, R. Staloch, N. Pedersen, J. Reindal, D. Weyrum, B. Behr, V. Babbitt, K. Meyer. ROW 3: I. Dale, D. johnson, S. Wichmann, I. Rasmussen, I. Wey rum, H. Pieper, T. Wetzell, L. Sauke, D. Sauke, R. Streyle. FOR THE FUT RE 25 "Everything seemed to fall in place this year in band. We have a fine bunch of young mu- sicians who are all eager to learn. Some of our veterans have done a great job coaching our younger members along. Spirit, dedication, and imagi- nation are all essential ingred- ients in music -making. Our band, this year, abounds in all three. " Ned Rasmussen S 5? I Q .., ai in ,. fb W. N E21 409, Ta, -fa 5 K9 S TH? gm if 4. - " V 5 rf 'Q I we f if . , .1 . - . .. J Q3 9 'X--.Q A 4 Q, A n jr' .., L11 1,3 NEWSPAPER: ROW 1: C. Saucer, S. Steele, L. Stmeyle, S. Wichmann, B. Paulson, J. Thompson. ROW 2: A. Katzung V. Johnson I. Solumn, L. Reindal, J. Reindal, J. Pestorious, L. Wichmann, K. Koehler. ROW 3,1 J. Sprenger,, R. Opdahl, C. Purdy, M. Meyers, A. Heine, I. Inderlxe, I. Wittmer. ROW 4: J. Baer, B. Nesje, D. Sauke, D. Johnson, P. Frantum, I. Thomas, Mr. Lee. THE SIGNIFICANT EVENTS OFTHE D Y AND OF THE YE R ARE COMPILED BY THESE T O ORGANIZATIO ANNUAL STAFF PREPARES YOUR AHS YEARBOOK: ROW 1: C. Mattson, M. johnson, Mr. Gromatka, M. A1- len, O. Sorenson. ROW 2: D. Sorenson, V. Babbitt, K. Meyer, J. Rasmussen, B. Katzung, K. Somnis, S. Austin, S. Newman. ROW 3: K. Raines, S. Crom, S. Elvebak, I. Reindal, S. Theobald, N. Jacobs, K. Stillwell, D. Katzung. ROW 4: D. Newman, D. Thunstedt, N. Pedersen, P. Behr, D. Pedersen, A. Wich- mann, B. Hendrickson, I. Schmidt. -NF ,. QW 'Sc 1 F' it J. 4 ww! Q5 Qi Q if 4 N L Q 45 . 5 ff if . W if 'f Q W 3 WN J W Y" Q. 52 ,g . 5 5 5 W A 3'3?,::, W? Q Q 4: Eff ' ' fs f ' V ' Q, ' K Six A H as 'W Y W1 .I Elff kg, Q ' V .' - gli! - . Ti? 11354 9 , S13 ' W 'zeif fag, wr my if furs'?rsaf y Y , W .ffviimg "5 1 'V L .fly ! ' mf av 4 , 1, A Lx X A ,lf ,, .. 1:',.bQ..M.N,mN.M,.-.,,., Q-Ay, .mmneuggsgfgm ,.. Q wink as M . if Vw, misfit MP K- M fw: . ,, ,Eh W J M V 'I X z QS' 4? M ' W Q fb XA 1 3' 1' Q W ii H G I , 5 "" Q AUDIO-VISUAL: ROW 1: M. johnson, A. Rye, C. Ladwig, D. Morgan, J. Weyrum. ROW 2: Mr. Lee, C. Sailor, I. Behr, M. Wittmer. U DERSTA DING COMES THROUGH BOOKS A D FILMS LIBRARY CLUB: ROW 1: V. Johnson, N. Jacobs, Mrs. Schwartz, S. Theobald, I. Thomas, K. Bell. ROW 2: . . ' . R b 1 ' I. J hnson C. Sailor. M. johnson, A. Rye, P. Frantum, I Behr, M Wmttmer, I e e e1n, o , ROW 3: B. Breamer N. Pedersen M. Meyers A. Steele J. Sprenger ROW 2: K. Bell S. Wichmann A. Wichmann J. Rebelein R. Schmidt J. Reindal C. Nelson ROW 1: A. Rye M. johnson E. Streyle C. Ladwig B. Paulson NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PROMOTES SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENTS The object of the Alden Chapter of the National Honor Society shall be to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote Worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in Stu- dents of Alden High School. Candidates eligible to election to the chapter shall have a scholastic aver- age of B, or 904725, or its equivalent. Mary Johnson lights the candle of leadership. 30 ALDEN,S TWO DRAMAS: Dick, you can put your eyes THE HILLS SEND OUT ECHOES P1 y bring out the students 1 personality. Tis' the devil you say! ! !! I HALFWAY TO HEAVEN WHATS HAPPENING? Don't be scared, Pam, 1t's only ITS A PROM Pro It takes co-operation to have a good Prom. PICTURES BEING TAKEN This is the final product. V ATHLETICS N V Mg 5 :4L W ij? 3 5 T ai: E M HE V I X as 5 S , A Q A 4 , ? 2-Q, .ij -K. ' ,, X Captains A1 Schmidt and jim Johnson review this season's victories with coaches Hintz, Grarnling and Lautigar Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Our Coach Janesville Ellendale Emmons Freeborn Elmore Frost Bricelyn Delavan Kiester THE SCORE l2 "With the guidance of head coach Gramling and the assistant coaches, Hintz and Lautigar, We were able to accomplish an undefeated season. 6 As captains, We wish to thank the coaches, the fellows who partici- pated, the fans, support in making this 1966 season a wonderful suc- cess We hope the coming years are as successful 12 0 13 jim and Al Our Team Our Spirit ROW 1: C. Reindal, C. Sailor, G. Rasmussen, M. Voight, P. Wichmann, M. Rasmussen, J. Johnson, S. Williams, A. Schmidt, A. Lindeman. ROW2: Coach Gramling, M. Richter, W. Greenfield, C. Nelson, P. Tasker, A. Mortjnson, R. Peterson, R. Jacobs, S. Sorensen, K. Van Deer, G. Mathiason, C. Ras- mussen, Coach Lautigar. ROW 3: R. Newman, S. Schmidt, T. Wetzell, A. Jacobs, E. Lutteke, K. Raines, F. Purdy, S. Peterson, S. Steele, K. Williams, C. Gold, S. Scrabeck. ROW 4: L. Jacobs, R. Wright, J. Larson, A. Behr, R. Nelson, R. Swenningsen, R. Hemmingson, B. Hitchcoack, D. Wichmann, D. Opdahl, T. Guanella, M. Lee, Coach I-Iintz. Won 9 Lost O VARSITY SET GOOD EXAMPLE FOR ,JUNIOR VARSITY Won 2 Lost 4 ROW 1: T. Wichmann, D. Johnson, R. Martinson, W. Tasker, J. Wayne, G. Steele, W. Wichmann, S. Voight, D. Peterson, R. Christjanson. ROW 2: D. Bryson, manager, T. Nelson, D. Purdy, D. Mattson, L Dale, G. Lutteke, J. Behle, O. Wittmer, J. Guanella, T. Guanella, manager. ROW 3: P. Hensche, F. Lee, D. De Poppe, S. Haul-zoos, D. Redman, D. Lockart, Coach Lautigar. . Q W Q iwk1,,3 fsb X , k: . Van Deer ' - M' X as f:fQ r M 1 .. A . ' - Q, X ..,. X 'K ,s . 9 ' d Q .1 M I I X H -.df 1,3fiaMr1Nm i . :',, , jj - ! X Q .JS , '-3 , if f ga , A v ' fr: iwxiiiwf Q Nm N is HAWKS SCORE TO NET SECOND TROPHY Name FGA. 7FG FTA. 7FT Fouls Vio. Reb. Pts. Ave. Games Qtrs A. Lindeman 4087173 73751 39 31 234 397 20.8 19 75 R. Peterson 2297114 119780 45 41 280 308 17.1 18 72 M. Nelson 2507117 63738 69 53 102 272 14.3 19 75 G. Mathiason 1607 69 66735 48 36 193 173 9.1 19 75 G. johnson 997 36 37721 39 27 48 93 4.8 19 69 D. Sauke 247 7 127 8 7 13 26 22 1.5 14 2 C. Reindal 677 23 97 3 ll 21 14 49 3.0 16 41 S. Tenold 177 4 47 2 1 4 3 10 0.9 ll 15 A. Walker 297 7 107 6 2 2 27 20 1.5 13 21 J. Hannegrefs 07 0 07 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 6 6 K. VanDeer 67 3 07 0 0 3 5 6 0.8 8 8 C. Rasmussen 67 3 27 2 2 0 5 8 2.0 4 6 C. Gold 07 0 07 0 1 0 0 0 0.0 3 3 Team Totals 12957556 3987246 266 257 949 1358 71. 4 19 76 OPPOHSHFTOE- 12577471 3427202 1144 60.0 19 76 "This outstanding group of basketball players provided Alden with its best basket- ball record in 10 years. Our goals are high again next year as many of the boys return for another season. " Neil B. Pierce MOST VALUABLE PLAYER -Mike Nelson ALL- CONFERENCE -Mike Nelson -A1 Lindeman -Ron Petersen ROW I: R. Hanson, K. Van Deer, G. Tongues, L. Sauke, A. Jacobs, M. Frantum, B. Breamer, B. Buendorf, R. Tenold. ROW II: T. Wetzel, S. Steele, C. Rasmussen, S. Peterson, E. Luteke, F. Purdy, S. Scrabeck, C Gold, L. Hemmingsen, B. Brummer, Mr. Nelson, coach. Won: 16 Lost: 0 "The Bombers put together desire, ability and hard work to make a championship season out of a possible mediocre season. I am sure their talent, willingness to work and desire for victory will help Alden consider- ably in the future years. " Coach Nelson MB" 8L "C" TEAMS FORM NUCLEUS FOR '68 "We felt at the beginning of the year we could go undefeated and this was our goal, unfortunately New Richmond proved us to be wrong. " Coach, Paulson 7th Graders Won: 5 Lost: 2 Tied: 1 8th Graders Won, 7 Lost. ROW I: S. Voight, D. Purdy, D. Slette, R. Stewart, D. johnson, E. Helland, P. Hensche, D. Lockhart. ROW II: Mr. Paulson, coach, S. Haukoos, D. Mattson, C. Rebelein, K. Schmidt, G. Lutteke, R. Nelson, R. Svenningson, L. Dale. l ROW I: J. Conn, A. Mortinsen, K. Williams, S. Schmidt, T. Guanella, S. Johnson. ROW II: J. Weyrum, man- ager, L. Jacobs, F. Lee, L. Wayne, C. Nelson, F. Wacholz. ROW III: Mr. Hjalmervik, coach, R. Newman, D. Tasker, C. Sailor, D. Jacobs, S. Williams, S. Sorensen, A. Schmidt, Mr. Lautigar, coach. WRESTLING TEAM GAINS FIRST LEAGUE TROPHY "Very fine wrestling was exhibited by the Alden Blackhawks throughout the season. Their ability was recognized because seven were Border League Championsg of these seven, five played at the District level. Greg Seltun and Allen Schmidt were not eliminated until they reached the Regionals. Highlights of the wrestling season were the meets in which captains Allen and Syd led the team to victorys over Waldorf-Pemberton, 22-20, Austin Pacelli 26-23, and Kiester 22-20, in these very close dual meets, and led the team to the first wrestling championship. " Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden WRESTLING SCOREBOARD Dual Meets Elmore Northwood Waldorf Pemberton Delvan Austin Pacelli Wmnebago Northwood St Clair Elmore Kiester 46 5 3l l7 22 20 44 7 26 ' ' 23 Alden 22 Kiester 20 33 ' lO 39 17 53 . ' 2 37 7 l6 ' 32 Coach Lautigar Captains Al and Syd Admire First Wrestling Trophy B526 asv QE S 4.353 . 3? S ,R Q Qi V 3 3- ' X if 3 E A ' 1 ' xx . dx, Q Q' iv .f i W k ,mf if sf 'M K Y px Es? AY' K X W Q4 2 If A K gif X Ui .Qfgw QW' l Q51 K fi L L X mf , Q n f ' A QL if -.f f ' - m f Eszffi SWVQ if L .F 1 b Q 4 , , ,MH L Q gy f 45 S 1 4 " - ,, f - S 1 . 3 V Q "'1 f , ' T Q 1 I W 4 sg if Q L-.- - J E' K N 5 3 , f . - 1 ' H- - if f- F2 W SQ Q 1 ,ff N gi , .Q ' ff, -YE 'fix k ROW I: J. Larson, P. Tasker, M. Richter, T. Guanella, M. Lee, S. johnson, G. Seltun. ROW II: H. Pieper, C. Nelson, R. Hemmingsen, A. Mortensen, K. Van Deer, M. Rasmussen, C. Reindal, J. Conn. ROW III: Coach Lautigar, R. Sueyle, G. Reichow, S. Steele, K. Raines, C. Rasmussen, M. Nelson, G. Mathiason. ABSENT: Chuck Sailor, R. Peterson. THE BASEBALL AND TRACK TEAMS SOAR TOWARD VICTORY ROWI: R. Svenningsen, T. Wetzel, R. Hanson, S. Tenold, M. Voight, R. Newman, B. Breamer, J. Wey- rum. ROW II: S. Scarback, G. Johnson, M. Rasmussen, A. Purdy, A. Lindeman, R. Jacobs, M. Nelson, G. Mathiason, coach Pierce. ABSENT: R. Peterson. 1 V' UNDERCLASSMEN ,- Lynn Jo an Baer Behr Larry Richard Jacobs JaCObS Ann Diane Katzung Katzumg Craig David Nelson Newman Kathryn Bell Dale Johannsen 'pas 'F Lx.. Q, 'fx 4315 X Allen Lindeman Sharon Newman 46 Stephen Brummer JU IOR PICK Dennis Vickie Johnson johnson Cindy Arvid Mattson Mortensen v '1': Z 5 Ronald Howard Petersen Pieper JoAnne Rebelein THEME FUR PROM F252 2 'r Orlene Steven Sorensen Sorensen David Alan Thunste dt Walker Inez Pamela Wittmer Frantum f S XS X "Z if' X 6 1? f 'R Ra chel Ie anne Schmidt Schmidt Linda Reinclal Cleon Gary Judy Seedorf Slette Solum ' 5 S' .d . - . Ronald Paul Steven Streyle Tasker Tenold Larry Annette Sus an Wayne Wichmann Wichmann ABSENT: Charles Reindal 47 . f ,'--. , I' Sharrie Warren Helland Greenfield Marcus Lee Nancy Pedersen rx ,!,k..,, Q P f K P Donna Pedersen M Sai Debra Behle Patricia Behr Richard Farris Cmutis Gold Ie an johnson Glen Mathiason julie Pestorious Donald Beiser Brian Breamer Mark Harig Alice He ine Steve Johnson Merry Meyers Steven Peterson 48 -Miss 59 ' fifiiis . - - . f ' is N i P y if r if "Q Barbara Hemmingsen Hendrickson OPHOMORES Larry Ramona Opdahl Carla Purdy Franklin Purdy FOR Q Kenneth Dorthy sk it Baines Register W i Carl Gary Rasmussen Reichow ,Q -.'V i Mark Leon Richter Sauke Cheryl Steven Sailor Scrabeck Steven Steven Steele Thomas Gordon Keith Toenges Van Deer Lyrmette Mary Coral Linda Wichmann Wichmann Somnig 501111118 S S HOM ECOMI NG A Barbara Thorson Z Donald l"7Ev . WQYTUTH Y Kerry Walker lane Althea Sprenger Steele Freddie Wacholz Kevin Williams 2 i N s X Q-'H E ' gifixe XE 1 rigs 'V-X J N'-if x- Q, fin 5 8 , , 'Sf rg. , I . 7 S i ' .5 QM Z .. . . J Marion Vicky Anderson Babbit ,, ,.-5, Janice Brian Bell Brummer I Dale K . , it -ix Allan Mark Flatness Frantum l f Ricky Brian Hemmingsen Hitchcock if 9 1' 9' 4' Y Jai .N '23 15' W I li N 2 ri 'f 'ia ' I Q wx Q x 3 We if X Alan Barbara Michael Behr Behr Beiser . X .. - suse.-: J g .i i .... ' u X -Qgkixzg :si , is r.x:: 2"'fIi13 William Robert Sandra Bryson Buendorf Crom FRESHME PLACE FIR T ABSENT: Barb Katzung Sharlaine Elvabak Gilbert Terry Richard Gilbertson Guanella Hanson ,V ge, "' H ' 1' 3 Y Alan Karolyn john Jacobs Koehler Larson 1' 1 50 Zona Eu gene Katherine Lee Lutteke Meyer :'A,1- 12, Itnlw I 5 ,. :X Robert Newman Paulette Gregory Kathy Debra Petersen Peterson Raines Rasmussen Julie , .D Reindal D HOMECOMING SKIT aa - Steven W Schmidt A Mary Kathleen Darlene Karla Severtson Somnis Sorenson Sti11we11 Maxine Woyda Richard Tom D0ug1aS Tenold Wetzel Wichmann W 5 51 if c N Fi- :. F X M ,Y -il 5 'I RK, fl Dennis Opdahl Jill Rasmussen X Q, TL" .4 P. . A Qtr X f 2 va X' R 'J F Susan Stoneback Robert Wright X, ' the f Mark Almemann Lowell Dale Lee Ja cobs Debra Nelson c .K , ,1.. - 4-1 .,.k 1 L1 . . .mc . . url' f l' , W "1 N X ng uv 1 , nk 0 ' Q I 6 Q Richard Babcock Daryl De Poppe K jeff ery Larson I I Reid Nelson Marilyn Boe ck JOEY Guanella Forrest Lee Q s rm Q X -is 1 ,E S ,yyl N .WV A Wayne Nelson 52 Donna Bre amer Eiilifnd EI y PREPARE iNi 1' SENIOR Bruce N iebuhr Steven Wangsness Jane Karen Wanda Paulson Pedersen Pestorious X 1 R 7 Elaine Ie an ine Dennis E R Radfan Raines Redman FOR HIGH Marilyn Cherilyn Julie Riemer Scrabeck Smith Ross Linda Michael Svenningsen Theobald Tronstad james Wayne ABSENT: Steven Haukoos 53 Paula Peterson LeAnn Reindal Gregory Steele Stephan Voigt Darlene Diane Jacqueline Ion Chfistine Debra Abbe Abbe Ahnemaxm Behle Behr Behr Patricia Donald Eric Roger Allen Jacqueline Blank Bryson Carlson Christensen Crom Ge es,-nan Bonnie Phillip Debra Delane Sus an David Gilberts on Hensche Jacobs Iohns on Krue ger Lockhart SEVE TH HAVE Ross Dennis Russell Thomas Martinson Mattson Nelson Nelson Debra David Daniel Barbara Kenneth Ann Marie Pedersen Petersen Purdy Rasmussen Rasmussen Newman 54 Jeffrey Re ichow Lynette Roberts K is g x ss. 5 1-- P Mr X rx X ff fl Faith Schmidt Kathleen Kim Schmidt Schmidt .,5 'S ' QW ki 3 Donn Carolyn Galen George Kathy Slette Steele Steele Stewart Svenningsen GRADERS EXPERIENCES Dawn Wichmann Loren Wi chmann Dawn See dorf s is A is li .af William Tasker Cynthia Opdahl Linda Thompson Myrna Toenges Pauline Tronstad Warren Wichmann ffl' .' -.:. A Curtis Rodney Rebelein Tenold te e Lynn Ottmar Wittmer Wittmer Cynthia Thomas -Aix is i Q 3' a Mary Woollard Q e Y Y ' 'K N "3f as 'Q .n,ki,.1, --., ,Q gl, .V Q is 5 X ' Simi 'N W? K" Y in 2 afifii Raw' wk 7: .x K V ,zu was Xl! Q 15.4 E if . - Q . an S -J-. x , ,Q 1,35 1' , , , 313 , ' ' 135' LLL,- f , if , fi- f ' x ' , " ' are .4 :F "' 5 A, Ag: x f :gy WMl3iw,E A . . , , 'MQ 'Qi Q , 4A 5, Y ' "" J Q -5 Q 5 Q LJ 2 A A L X , A 1, li gx Q fi 1 Y' jg: ""' in - z-'fI:: 2'-QW! 55 - 'ini A 1 .gfx i X31 Xiigjfg 1 WV ,QM xy 4. , saw, V ,W . . Y' wg 1:5 - ' 'fi 13 K if Y Sn.. .J N, ik In NV A ' . f sm , I V Af T55 ' 1 .. 52225 wg ., Q - ..:f1 ,,4A M' ii ' A ik f 1 E- ' ---1: , , -if E gxfxgx fix G X if 5 Xt 1 2555 R Q 1 S rf W1 R- vgi ffli' - Y ' A 2 9' 'E ,SX X l 5' Q2 ix ls 9 I - is? wif -L Q S is 1. Aw v - Q E 6 L i fp ' a ll wi? 'wa W Q3 My is 1 will -f . A mi ff, 'Sig ' 3 fl iM.'1 Q gi Ti' -1 an Q , 'M .W , . 35, if Yg.w,,.li . , X l,.A,,K I ' , N 1 1 E 1: A ' ,J x.v, ,, A w 1 ' Z-mv. ' Q , f A. .A ww fi V W Q A 1 . A A 5: .Q qs 1 M 1 i 1 f I ' ik 3- wwe , ' " if. - , ,gf fi ,- Q at Q 2? far XV ,f .K L ,k.. 3 gi f ggtxgi? .kkkk 5 Eg . ' Abu, 5 ' 13' Air- Q me L- , b Q fi N' X5 i ,g 7 Q- HL f Q22 1 , W . Q N Q, 2 S W I I 0 'N g Qi y A v w Q . .- i , ,- ,, x 1 ' a ifsifmzf fgffgzgastsv ' . I-L""2-M y . 1:31 ' r 'ff:y3'1fi K' ' "U Q w, j1.gv,.XE ' - ii fx .vL13..,v -, 1 """f , '-1 awk ,y ' 5' K E 3? 3 M,- 1' -2 .dwg S' ,V 1 , 52 if y .-fir ' A MJ LL 1, whit' 1 'Nc gf Q! Q' 'W 3 3151 in 5 fi K Q Sf .f ' 45 s ,iv 5 x 'Q' 59 1 -W -, , Q W xA, L Q. '...... 2.1 .QV if I 1 Q. .Q , Rx 699 I ' ' 1 ,rj , , fflf 7' , eg.. X iv rg A '51 In x x s . "lg ex Q. sz 5 -15' E Y in Kwwgg 'gf .gf ' K' 'B V? f K . -1 , gg X -i : . 1 A133 5 4 -515519 5 Sig? 5.1 x as .i'3ii g is gs. ,aes ffl 1 wwf f ' - HN gf W ' f A ,g . N . ,ln .F . 4 if X' 5 535: 5 "' E i s iw jg. H M 1 . , - x V T 01' ' siiiwtfl W a fl , . A . . , ' 5 . ' N'1F7q" I f L gg' 1 YF ' Q- 1 1. , Q . 'brig K Q, 0 ar -1 . . X A ,Q Q. . f -,. 7 -0 , x..t QQ . if -1 as , N M1 bas. Us -ff iw? Egg! Qqy f I , xt" L5-if ' 'Sw i ' W' fag K ,zqjisq L In , , K' , fem as wiv , ,VH Q M ,f 1, zifkgfw nb, o -if' - -E we ' 1 Wgeff. K 1 f -Ea i M 'six f : 'X M Q 3155? fam 1 M24 M W sk 7 - Q 'Q , 2 - 1.. W . 7 -Q , L? 1 -M :M ' ig A YW 7 3 X , Hg J T t 1 1 I A 3233 QP 'f f , wwf sm N 'H E' ' fl.: , - 12- Q, I Y' X w H 9 'S A -Q ' " Q I., x w K, Q5 f 'rv '-. , A' i --12' Q iv A Y 4 . . , A P SX Y? 4 E, A .3 ' I gr-,'1.g A , .aff . . - 'if-in V L , , ' 5, . . 5 f' 'L zsfnwg 1122 W f ' .X :'N 5 A W., i in W , . , - M - S 5 P .1 ' ' . 5 . invsxw 3 'A A ' QW' is f 1-56, - I N 4 'M' -' ff' nu it 'Q 1 if . 4 Y Q X8 5 as Q 'Sw L, . an 6 FQ , wk A is 9 'Q f": F' " 'Mgaigi 'H we , 4,1 W 5 5 4 1 ,pfnf Q Q X W Q gy, W '-,.......,,, 3, Q Y xy 'fa , 6 QW kg xi: Q? Nw ,Hifi . Q 3 f N pap A ". N J i J Gr-wmx 31 Zih. , W , , 'H' ,. ,Q " MQ.. N. iw 2- QQ' X- bi N? 7 Q S it ""--W--'A' z Q .9 If ' ,, ' , f'-:Q . W, Wm., , A ,ffiimmwjgg , Q aw if F ex Q 5? Q H fy '32 L ,WN , Q-42 Q 'WZ . M135 f iz. 2 I , , 553 f-ff -. if: 1 V 1 ff-M Q . Q' M 1 tk Aa S232 3 - ' ' wwf- 1 ' rw X K as Q xl in ' - - L' f K A"' L.. 'V 5 ' Q f I K f ' 'i L . f 2 1 .. 5 M Q . M g , 1 M ' ' .... -- K . YR ,- f Tx? fa iQ Q Q M. . . :ag x av 151, W .5 S .3 2 K ' s . , I . 9 1, if X , in Q x l J A' Wx ff? :WXXZ , ing, 4 Q gl N L' ,... M fig 49,11 . H Q2 ' f vw 5 . A n A ix-ii' wel ff A 'we E',.,f'aiE -15 ,M Q ff , x., , f. +5 e . 1 'F sv QQ ig E N 35 mam 5 -is 3.35 Nrfhf QS' ' 5 ii N f My W? . ' 11 1:1 as ef? 1415 aff .W 4 ki 5 5? X' .e E5 Z , Nhbms P . As. , Egg is as . I xx? 3 v is-f , 5 3 V , K 2 fi H Jw 3 3 ,L 1 gl I i 2 - 4. 'E' 'SQ ,A Q1 ADMINISTRATIGN L MRS. SANDRA CHRISTOPHERSON General Beadle State College Bookkeepingg Typingg Shorthand I, II Sophomore Advisor MR. LA MAR COURRIER Mankato State, B. S. Vocal Music Junior Advisor MR. LOREN GRASDALEN Mankato State College, B. S Math 7,8 Science 8 Physics 11 , 12 Freshmen Advisor MR. ROBERT GROMATKA North Dakota State, B. S. World History S , 11 , 12 Iunior Advisor INSTRUMENT OF K OWLEDGE MRS. MARY GUENTHER University of Minnesota, B. S English 8, 9,10 Eighth Grade Advisor MRS. SUSAN I-IALVERSON Mankato State College University of Minnesota Art MR. WESLEY HINTZ Mankato State, B.S. Industrial Arts 7-12 Social Studies 9 Sophomore Advisor MR. GARY HJALMERVIK University of North Dakota, B S , M A History 7, 10 English 7 Seventh Grade Advisor GUIDES OF THE MIND MR. JOHN LAUTIGAR Winona State College, B. S. Math 9-12 Senior Advisor MR. BERNARD LEE Waldorf Junior College Luther College, B. A. Social Studies 9-12 Junior High Speech, Guidance Sophomore Advisor MR. JAMES NELSON Minot State Teachers, B. S. English 1 1 , 1 2 Junior Advisor MR. JOHN NELSON Iowa State, B. S. University of Minnesota Agriculture 9-12 Freshmen Advisor MR. WAYNE PAULSON Bemidji State B. S. Science 7-9 Biology Junior Advisor MIRS. FLORA PETERSON Missouri University Mankato State College, B. Girls' Phy. Edg Health Seventh Grade Advisor MR. NEIL PIERCE Gustavus Adolphus, B. S. Boys' Phy. Edg Health Eighth Grade Advisor NUI. E. NED RASMUSSEN St. Cloud State, B. S. Instrumental Music Senior Advisor FURNISHERS OF KNO LEDGE NERS. GWENDOLYN SCHWARTZ University of North Dakota, B. S. Mankato State College English 7 Librarian Junior Advisor MISS MARTHA SOEDER University of Minnesota, B. S. Home Economics 7-12 Senior Advisor ALDEN COOK'S HELPERS: Paul Wichmann Chuck Reindal Syd Williams Dave Newmaxm ALDEN cooKs AND JANITORS: E. Vee, MIS. Frantum, Mrs. Nqlson, Mrs. Walker, H. Svenningson. V THEY PRC IDE FOOD FUR THO GHT AND START THE WHEELS TURNING CONGER COOKS AND ANITOR: Mr. and MTS. Melvin Vgittmex., BUS DRIVERS: D. Hemmingson, R. Hem- B - K . mingson W. Hemmingson, B. Hemmingson ermce atmng E. Millhbuse, W. Wright, P. Carlson, K. J Lesto. .il i 69 THESE MERCHANTS SUPPORT US LET'S SUPPORT THEM Congratulations Class of "67" ALDEN BARBER SHOP HOME CAFE Fred gl Marge Jensen Meals and Lunches Party Room Available Conger, Minn. LARSON'S MIDTOWN MOTORS Alden, Minnesota General Repairs 8: Welding Used Cars 81 Trucks Phone 874-3300 C. HANTHORN'S VARIETY Wells, Minnesota KIESTER FEED SERVICE Purina Chows Leo Mattson Phone 294 -3132 CONGER MEAT MARKET AND LOCKER PLANT Conger, Minnesota EBERT HARDWARE -UNIT A Alden, Minnesota "since 1898" ALDEN OIL COMPANY Mobil Service featuring Mobilgas and Mobil Oil Products Auto Service and Repair Phone 874-3166 f DAVIES- LE LAND R E A L T 0 R s 40080. Broadway 373-1473 The best place to come when buying or selling any property. CONGER MERCANTILE Albert E. Mattick Groceries -Meat -Dry Goods SCHMIDT GARAGE General Repair Texaco ALDEN ADVANCE Alden, Minnesota The "Home of Quality Printing" PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Serving a growing community Wells, Minnesota gtg Q, A-.. .xi Q f 1 "Lilceness by NESS" Candid Weddings Portraits in Color Best Wishes To The Class Of '67" Commercial Photography F47 ALDEN OIL co. I ' EBERT HARDWARE Mobil Service Featuring V 1 1 UNIT 5 Mobil Gas and Mobil on Products Alva Alden, Mlmfj Auto Service and Repair Q-Q Slnce 1898 Phone 874-3166 Prom Time, Graduation TURNER-JANSMA MUSIC Time, Or Anytime A tx Ay Call WELLS FLORAL AND , , 53313 "Q 330 5, Broadway GIFT Albert Lea, Minn. Wells, Minn- f "The Complete Music 13110116 553-3106 at Store" Phone 373-9331 "The best f0,0dS FARMERS UNION AGENCY at HAZEL S Insurance of all Kinds CASH STORE" John Emerson-Emmons Axtell 7-4486 ALDEN GARAGE "Good Luck to Class Congratulations to of 67" Class of '67 L. I. Christensen ALDEN BAKERY THEY SUPPORT US, LET'S SUPPORT THEM CHARLES SPRENGER 8: SONS Lumber, Building Material, Drain Tile, Paint, and Builders Hardware THE RICHTER HARDWARE CO. Phone COLfax 5-2100 Hardware, Appliances, Farm Implements, Paints Conger, Minnesota MITCHELL'S STYLE SHOP at Wells has styles for the Teens. Sportswear: Fritzi, Russ, Bobbie Brooks-Teen gl Missy's sizes. Kelly Arden, Robbie River-Jr. Petites. if CONN REALTY CO. ,W . 126 E. Wm. Street S5?PEh?S1giA?t Albert 3551, Minn. - V X TOWN CAFE Greendale Stock Farm 12: . Whenlgggnre In Alden, Minn. X ' - - i A Congratulations "Congratulations Class of '67" DR. R. F. SCHMIDT Wells , Minn. enneql Aiwnvs FIRST auAl.'n'v CONGER COOP ELEVATOR CO. "Our business, is your business" Phone COLfax 5-2200 BEI-IR'S STORE Associated Food Store Leroy Behr, Prop. We Buy and Sell Eggs 8: Poultry Phone COLfax 5-2155 See the famous Touch 81 Sew Sewing Machine at "SlNGER'S" ,204 W. Clark Albert Lea, Minn. Compliments of MOLL IMPLEMENT Wells, Minn. THESE MERCHANTS SUPPORT US, LET'S SUPPORT THEM Best Wishes to the Class of '67" FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ALDEN Congratulations to Class of '67" VILLAGE DRUG Alden, Minnesota Shop at Stevensons for the young Look ALDEN COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR CO. Grain, Feed Fertilizer, Seed, and other farm supplies. Elevator Phone 874-3421 Mill Phone 874-3396 HOLLOWAY LUMBER CO. Your dealer in building material, paints hardware, and fuel. Phone 874-3165 "You'll find it pays to drive a Ways. " VAN DEER'S FURNITURE Alden, Minn. Plumbing, heating, appliances, and television EBERT PLUMBING AND HEATING Alden, Minn. Phone 874-3200 Congratulations Class of "67" ALDEN BEAUTY SHOP SECURITY INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of all Kinds Chet Holton Cliff Peterson 126 S. Washington Avenue Albert Lea Phone 373-6446 Compliments of SANDER DRUG CO. X I I've got it Coach! QUIPS THAT QUIT That sounds very interesting tell me more. "Alright Mayor, we'l1 do it your way. " I would like to present this trophy to the best Drum Major. Gig, Al and Syd are you proud, or What? We're proud! Now for my next selection. . just a little higher, Mike. "Good morning students ! " i It didn t hurt a bit l a 1 World News-1966 1, Communists Take A Walk-On October 12th, Soviet Bloc UN delegates took their customary "walk" as Nationalist China Ambassador, Liu Chieh, addressed the General Assembly. 2, First Lady Listens-Mrs. Ferdinand Marcos, First Lady of the Philippines, listens to her husband, President Marcos, ad- dress the UN General Assembly during a state visit in Sep- tember. 3, Secretary Seeks Facts-During a fact-finding mission to Viet Nam on October l0th, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara confers with U.S. Commander, Gen. Wm. Westmoreland. It was McNamara's eighth visit to Viet Nam. 4, United Nations Chief Stays On-Secretary General U Thant tells a news conference in September that he wishes to step down, but will continue until a successor is found. Later, on December 2nd, he agreed to another five-year term. .,..,,. .-2 if 5, Goldberg Discusses Viet Nam-Following a long conference with President johnson in September, Arthur Goldberg, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, discussed prospects for a Viet Nam settlement and said, "the door is open and we see no evidence it has been closed." 6. jet Comes Home-A Phantom F4B glides onto a carrier deck in the South China Sea after a mission over North Viet Nam. 7, Happy Filipinos-This flag-waving group of Filipinos greeted President Lyndon johnson on October 23rd as he arrived there for a Seven Nation Summit Conference. 8. Guest of Russian.:-During a December reception at the Soviet Embassy in Paris, French President Charles DeGaulle chats with Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin who was visiting France. 4 5 as 7 """ an 'll

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