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I 3 Rd 1 2 1x3'..'x5 .iv The 17568161.61 Kha.wH I I .1 1125 '11 I r 6.7 .S' 1' ' 3 Af .a H . - avg' ' l 5, FOREWORD Another school year has passed. Although all the memories of the year cannot be captured in the pages of this book, we hope that as you look through these pages in the years to come, they will help you recall all those pleasant memories. We wish to express our thanks to all the mer- chants for their cooperation in making this annual possible. .Our association with them has been a real pleasure. To Mrs. Olson we would like to say UThanks for your patience with the staff and for your gracious attitude toward making the nBlackhawk' a auccessu. DEDICATION We, the senior class of 1956, proudly dedicate our yearbook to Harvold Svenningson, our loyal and competent custodian, who is always endeavoring to keep our institution neat and clean. His main Job is to stand on the southeast corner and keep that portion of the building from falling down, while he holds a bucket in the other hand to catch the water leaking through the ceiling in the commercial room. Meanwhile, he is checking the thermometers in the class rooms to see whether freezing has any effect on such an instrument. In all seriousness we want to say, HThanks, Hop, for a swell Job. ANNUAL STAFF Row 1: lleft to rightj Charles Skjeveland, Roberta Schroeder, Yvonne Teufert, Helen Truelson, Charlotte Smith, Janice Steele, Dorothy Streyle, Nels Christenson, Row 2: Mrs. Olson, Barbara Edwards, Carol Hunnicutt, Elaine Simonson, Barbara Butenhoff, Anne Jenson, Judy Casebolt, Row 3: Virginia Conn, Catherine Troska, Marlene Gable, Elnora Richter, Beverly Nash. Advisor ------- -- Editor ----------- Assoc, Editor ---- Bus. Manager ----- 1 f x Cir. Manager ----- ' 4 ' 9 Class Editor ----- , Art Editor ------- Sports Co-editors Alden Ready-to-Wear Ch1ldren's and ladies' apparel Alden, Minnesota Rollins Drug Store A. G. Rollins Alden, Minnesota Pedersen Mobil Service R. F. Pedersen Alden, Minnesota Dohmeier Radio and TV Satisfaction in Sales Honesty in Service Ernest Dohmeier Alden, Minnesota Russell Babbit and Son Buyers of all kinds of livestock Conger, Minnesota Stiles Jewelry and Gifts The Diamond Center Since 1912 Wells, Minnesota Mrs. Olson Charlotte Smith Janice Steele Helen Truelson Dorothy Streyle Roberta Schroeder Yvonne Teufert Charles Skjeveland and Nels Christenson Mobil Agent H.W. Fisher Alden, Minnesota Ness Studio and Camera Shop Kenneth A. Ness, Prop. Wells, Fulton Oil Co Robert Alden, Minnesota Fulton - Minnesota 'll Schmidt's Garage M. H. Schmidt, Proprietor Goodrich, Firestone, Goodyear tires Grant Batteries - General repairing Phone 5 Conger, Minnesota Jim Stencil Corn Shelling - General Hauling Alden, Minnesota Ebert Hardware Company Hardware and Plumbing Alden, Minnesota f'- ADMINISTRATION William Arthur Gessner Plainview, Minnesota Winona State Teachers College. B.A. Degree St. Cloud State Teachers College. Graduate work- University of wiscohsin and University of Minnesota BOARD OF EDUCATION Omer Helland, Director, Edwin I. Kleven, Treasurer, Daryl Smith, Chairman, Roger Reindal, Richard Peterson, W. Birdell Hawker, Clerk Mr. Kenneth W. Sandboe Principal Tracy, Minnesota Gustavus Adolphus College, University of Iowa University Of Minn- South Dakota State College, M.S. Degree Biology, Social. N Mr. Earl T. Gramling HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Mrs. Jeanne M. Olson Albert Lea, Minnesota St. Olaf College B. A. Degree, English 10, ll, 12, Girls Physical- Education. 1 N Mrs. Mary Guenther Alden, Minnesota University of Minnesota, B. S. Degree, English 7, 8, 9, Library. Mr. Harlan H. Sheely Albert Lea, Minn. Mankato State Teachers College, B. S. Degree, Shorthand I, II, Bookkeeping General Business. 1.57. Mr. John Howard Ferrin St. P l Mi t Mankato B. Avngggrge Mantorville, Minnesota Social Studies Mankato State Teachers H1 t Ph Ed' College, HAH Squad sBggg6a11 cgaCh, Basketball coach, B Squad Basketball , Aiftgaazggzgailuft goach: Health. 3 E E r 5 i- an wr l E E E in 1 S e 3 L E l E E z 1 E: E B 3 5 .Q 2 5' li ? Z: ! , 'u if '. VT xv. 5 : -H .. 5 E if E r: 3 5 A 2 f 5 a 3 F4 Mr. E. Curtis Stillwell Crosby, Minnesota University of Minnesota Agriculture Miss Lois Borwege Wells, Minnesota St. Olaf College, B. S. Degree. Home Economics 7, 8, 9, 10, ll, General Science 7, 8. Mr. Raymond Congdon Calmar, Iowa Winona State Teachers College, Science 7, 8, Math., Chemistry, Advanced Algebra, Algebra. Kfffc 3 ' 9 .:s ll! X Cl Mr. John M. Watkins Alden, Minnesota University of Minnesota B. S. Instrumental Vocal Music 3-12. Harvey Svenningsen Luis Amel HH0ppyn Alden, Minnesota Alden, Minnesota 0ffiCe SeCPeUaPY Custodian GRADE SCHOOL Mrs. Janell Congdon Mrs. Esther Endell Peterson, Minnesota Mankato State Winona State Teachers Teachers College College University of First Grade Minnesota Pillsbury Alden, Minnesota AcademyZMus1cJ TEACHERS A1b2i2O'E2a?rEiSf.. Mildred Janet Victor Mrs. Joan Watkins Canby, Minnesota Minneapolis Mankato State Minnesota ' Teachers College n University of Fourth Grade as A Minnesota Alden, Minnesota Mrs, Selma Hughes Third Grade Mankato State Alden, Minnesota Teachers College Grade School Principal Third Grade Alden, Minnesota Mrs. Agnes Hedensten Mrs Sue Robbins Tmangato Etige Mankato State egg ease od eee Teachers College It ra e Minnesota Lake, Freeborn, Minnesota Minnesota Sixth Grade LT ' ' ' -H a,Q Ph S chews HONOR STUDENTS 'G slag Ye Judy Casebolt Anne Jenson Daryl Johnson I S 0 Q 6 Oo 0 Dorothy Streyle 'O ef5e JUDITH CLEONE CASEBOLT lIJudy ll NAn innocent face but you never can telllu Annual 43 Band l,2,3,43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,32 Library Club lg G.A.A. 23 Pep Club 13 Class Play 3,nj Triple Trio-43 Clarinet Trio 23 Clari- net Duet 3,43 Pep Band 43 VIRGINIA LEE CONN 'IJ-innyn Ulf there isn't a way, she'll make one.n Annual 43 Band l,2,3,43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Library Club l3 Hot Lunch 3,43 Pep Club 1: Class Play, 3,43 Pep Band 43Girls State Representative 3. NORMAN LLOYD EMERSON HNormu uI'm a shy guy3 just ask me N Boys Chorus 2,33 Mixed Chorus 2,32 Projectors Club l,3, 43 Student Council 13 Football 2, 3,4QCo-cagtainl All Conference Football 3 Basketball l,2,3, 43 Baseball l,2,3,43 Track 2, 3,uj Lettermens Club 3, 43 Carnival Royalty 23 MARLENE MARIE GABEL lllena Il nLike gravity, she has a power of attract1on.n Annual 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 2,3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2 33 Library Club 13 Hot Lunch 43 Pep Club, 13 Class Play 3,43 Class Officer 1,2j Q E 5 EJ E a E 5 'E U A f 2 E 5 s 'C S E 2 Lf : 1 'I 2 Q 5 x S: if 2 5 E . :A 2 S 5 5 5 E 3 5 E I 2 E a Pu 5 5 a DOUGLAS DEAN GUENTHER llnougll uThough men have died of over- work, I think I shall live forever.N Band 1 2,3,uj Projectors Club, 1,2,3,fs, FFA ug Basketball 2. DENNIS DEAN JACOBS II YI nThere are 22 in the class, 21 characters and me.n Boys Chorus 2,33 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Projectors Club l,3,43 Football 1, 3, 43 Lettermens Club 3,M3 FFA M3 Class Play 3. ANNE MARIE JENSON nHapp1ness is like a kissg you must share it to enjoy it.H Annual 1,43 Band 1,2,3,uj Glee Club l,2,3,uj Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Sextet l,2,33 Triple Trio M3 Soloist 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3,43 Library Club 13 Pep Club 13 Class Play 3,M3 Pep Band 3,U. DARYL WAYNE JOHNSON uRuben nAll great men are dying, I don't feel too well myself.H Boys Chorus 2,33 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Projectqgp Club 1,2,3,H Student Counci 2,33 Hot Lunch 43 Football 3,UfCo-captainlg Basketball l,2,3,uj Baseball 2, 3, 43 Track l, 2, 3, M3 Lettermans Club 3, 43 Class Officer 4. JOANNE JOICE KLEVEN YIJO Hwhen I have nothing better to do I come to school.H Glee Club 43 Homecoming Attendant 4. SHARON LAVONNE KLEVEN HPee Ween HOnce I thought nights were made for study, but now I know d1fferent.H Band l,2,3,45 Trombone Soloist 33 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Sextet 35 Triple Trio 43 Library Club lj Cheer- leader l,2,43 G.A.A. 23 Class Play 3,43 Homecoming Attendant 43 Class Officer 43 Brass Sextet 23 BEVERLY ANN NASH llBev ll HThere's a little bad in every good little girl.H Annual 1,45 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Triple Trio 43 Newspaier 2, 3g Student Council 3, 3 Pep Club 13 G.A.A. 23 Carnival Royalty 43 Class Play 3,45 - HARLAN ODELL OPDAHL 'IHOP ll HI came, I bluffed, I graduated --maybeln Boys Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 2,31 Projectors Club 1, 3,aj F.F.A. 43 Football 2, 3, kj Basketball 25 Track 1, 3, 4 3 Lettermens Club 3,43 Carnival Royalty 43 Class Play 3,uj K I 1 i ALAN GUY PETERSON HM1ken nHeaven sent me down: heaven knows why.u Boys Chorus 2s Mixed Chorus 23 Class Play 3,43 BARBARA IRENE RAMSDELL llBarb ll HLate hours are bad for one but all-right for twoln Band l,2,3,43 Clarinet Trio 23 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Triple Trio 43 Newspaper 1,21 Cheerleader 2,nj Pep Club 13 G.A.A. 23 Class Play 3,43 Homecoming Queen 43 Class Officer 3,43 Clarinet Duet 3,43 JOHN WALTER RASMUSSEN IIRBSS ll HOF all my family's relatives, I like myself the best.n Projectors Club l,2,3,43 Foot- ball 1,2,3,uj Basketball l,2, 3,4: Baseball 1,2,3.4s Track 2,3,43 Lettermens Club 3,43 Class Play 3,uj HARLYN RAYMOND SCHEWE Boys Chorus 2,33 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Projectors Club l,3,4: Hot Lunch 3,43 Football 43 Basketball 2,33 Baseball 43 Class Play 3,43 ORVILLE ANTON SIMONSON Si nI'm not bashful--Just conser- vative.u Band l,2,33 Boys Chorus 2,33 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Projectors Club 2,3,43 Student Council 43 Football 2,3,43 Track 2,3, Lettermens Club 3,43 F.F.A. 4, Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 25 CHARLOTTE KAY SMITH URosieH HMen irritate me, I love to be irritated.4 Annual 2,3,4g Band l,2,4, Baritone Soloist 25 Glee Club l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Sextet l,2,35 Triple Trio 43 Newspaper l,2,33 Cheerleader 23 Pep Club 13 G.A.A. 23 Class Officer 33 Class Play 3,43 Home coming Attendant 45 DOROTHY ERNA STREYLE IIDot ll nShe's mild and gentle looking but so is dynam1te!H Annual 45 Glee Club 3,45 Mixed Chorus 35 Hot Lunch 43 Class Officer 45 Class Play 43 CATHERINE DOROTHY TROSKA nCathyu uMy one wish is to be alone together.n Annual l,2,3,43 Glee Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Newspaper 2, 3j Library Club lg Hot Lunch 3, 45 Pep Club lg Class Play 3,43 ANITA LOUISE TEUFEHT uTeufu HOne enemy is too much.U Annual ls Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Mixed chorus 2,33 Newspaper 2, 3g Student Council 1,25 Pep Club lg G.A.A. 23 Class Officer 33 Carnival 2,33 Homecoming Attendant 43 Class Play 3, 3 1 RUSSELL GENE SORINSON 1VRus s V1 nEvery inch a manin Basketball 4 Track 45 Pro- xx llf J J .ctors Cm li, ll mon 'CLASS Row: 1 Cleft to right! JoAnne Kleven, Anita Teufert, Judy Casebolt, Catherine Troska, Barbara Ramsdell, Beverly Nash, Row 2: Mr. W. A. GCSUUGP, Charlotte Smith, Dorothy Streyle, Anne Jenson, Sharon Kleven, Virginia Conn, Marlene Gabel, Mr. E. Gramling. Row 3: Douglas Guenther, Dennis Jacobs, Norman Emerson, Harlan Opdahl, Harlyn Schewe, Orville Simonsen, Daryl Johnson, John Rasmussen, Alan Peterson. SENIOR HISTORY Well, well, here we are all ready to start one of the biggest climbs of our lives. That first day eight boys and eight girls were met at the first grade door by Miss Gladys Jenson. Those sixteen pupils were: Martin Dylla, Dennis Jacobs, Jerry Allen, Barbara Ramsdell, Judy Casebolt, LaJune Payne, Orville Simonsen, Harlan Schewe, Charlotte Smith, Alan Peterson, Larry Young, Janice Hanson, Sylvia Van Gortz, William Johannsen, Virginia Conn and Anita Teufert. This year one of our biggest activities was playing in the Rhythm Band. We all wore red capes and little round red caps and played wooden blocks and triangles. we are now standing on the second step. Jerry Allen, LaJune Payne, Harlan Schewe, Larry Young, Sylvia Van Gortz left us and John Rasmussen, Marilyn Wacholz and Sharon Kleven Joined us. Our most outstanding memory of the second grade was our finger-painting. Miss Balch was our teacher. we are climbing fast, we now are in the third grade. Miss Johnson is now our teacher. Sne was usually making some of us stay in during noon- hour for not getting one hundred in our spelling tests. This year Marilyn Wacholz left us and Roger Jasperson Joined us. In fourth grade we changed neither room nor teacher. This year we got our spelling fine fwe didn't dare tofmissl but we couldn't get those multiplication tables. We were all frightened into angelic behavior by the misfortune of Jerry Gaffey when Miss Johnson broke a yardstick administer- ing the lesson of the day. During the year everyone at one time or another became very itchy and covered with little red spots and the doctor called it chicken pox. In fifth grade Mrs. Viva Matyas was our teacher. Margaret Combs left us and Sandra Hansen, Anne Jenson, and Marlene Gabel Joined us. As we think back, we recall one very memorable Jobg filling Junior Red Cross boxes. In sixth grade we still had Mrs. Matyas as our teacher. Janice Hansen left and Roselyn Lembke Joined us. This year John had an uncanny way of causing fights Cover him!! between the girls. We finally reached the seventh grade, we thought we were grown up since we went from room to room for our classes, but although we were older we still became frightened when we had to write out passes and go in front of the Senior High Assembly. This year Billy Anderson found long hair a definite disadvantage when he misbehaved within reach of Mr. Morgan, our beloved--history teacher and coach. Miss Hestad was our class advisor. Jerry Gaffey and Sandra Hansen left us and Marilyn Wacholz and Beverly Nash Joined us. what little demons we were in eighth grade! The teachers all seemed to be disgusted with us. This year all the girls had crushes on Mr. Darg and Mr. Papke and they all took home their history and English books to sleep with. Harlan Opdahl, Norman Emerson, Jerry Gaffey, and Richard Dohmeier joined us and William Anderson and Marilyn Wacholz left us. The freshman year was a very big one. The biggest event we remember was getting initiated by the sophomores. We all were peculiar looking characters, it's one day I'm sure none of us will forget. This year four new members were added to our class roll. They were: Catherine Troska, Douglas Guenther, Daryl Johnson and Harlyn Schewe. Roselyn Lembke left us to go to school in Albert Lea. This spring Tom Connly was with us for three memorable months this spring. At last we were sophomores and now we were in Senior High. Finally, we had our revenge on the poor freshman. We got our first taste of the Prom when five girls-Beverly Nash, Anita Teufert, Catherine Troska, Virginia Conn, and Judy Casebolt-and five boys-Alan Peterson, Daryl Johnson, Orville Simonsen, John Rasmussen, and Harlan Opdahl-were waitresses and waiters. By now the boys were playing on the A' team in basketball, football, and baseball. This year Richard Dohmeier left us. In our junior year we showed our talents in acting and presenting the class play The Inner willy. This year we all received our Bands of Gold fclass rings! and we still think that they are the best ever. Our biggest event this year was putting on the Spring Banquet and Prom. We chose nCarouseln as our theme and Bobby Thompson furnished appropriate music. It was truly a grand evening. Roger Jasperson and Delores Jacobs left and JoAnne Kleven and Dorothy Streyle Joined us. Ah! at last we have reached the top and one final name was added to the class roll. we had a lot of fun preparing for homecoming, Barbara Ramsdell was our queen. Sharon Kleven, Anita Teufert, Charlotte Smith, and JoAnne Kleven were her attendents. The six men who escorted the royal party were: Harlan Opdahl, Orville Simonsen, John Rasmussen, Harlyn Schewe and Co-Captains Norman Emerson and Daryl Johnson. The biggest event of the year was being the Border League Football Champions. We have been rushed taking senior pictures, going on our trips and presenting our class play in the spring under the direction of Mrs. Guenther. We were honored by a beautiful banquet and prom sponsored by the Junior class. It's almost over, and it seems wonderful, but I wonder how many of us would like to go back and start over again. Now only Baccalaureate and Graduation lay before us. It seems a little strange when we think that this is the last time the Class of 56 will be together as a class and a part of A.H.S. But we've finished our work in high school and are now ready for the next step--to find our place in the world. And now we've got to start our climb all over again--reaching for success! CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1956, of the Alden High School, Alden, Minnesota, do hereby proclaim this to be our last Will and Testament. To the faculty, we leave the faces of a new senior class, who are striving for the same goal we tried to attain. To the Juniors, we leave our seats in Social class, in hopes that they'll make better use of them. To the Sophomores, we leave our ability to obey and abide by the rules of this institution. ' To the Freshmen, we leave everything the Juniors and Sophomores do not want. To each of the Juniors, each of us leave the following: I, Judy Casebolt, leave my safe driving lin the ditchl to Larry Young. I, Virginia Conn, leave my angelic character to Jean Brayland, in hopes that she will keep out of mischief. I, Norman Emerson, leave my ability of getting athletic awards to Robert Eastvold, in hopes that he'll make good use of them. I, Marlene Gabel, leave my ability to cast eyes at the boys to Reta Hemmingsen. I, Douglas Guenther, leave my excellent posture to Barbara Jean Butenhoff. I, Dennis Jacobs, leave my Saturday nights to Joyce Peterson. I, Anne Jenson, leave my soprano position in Senior Sextet to Janice Steele. I, Joanne Kleven, leave my marital status to Geraldine Pedersen. I, Sharon Kleven, leave all of my giggles to Wayne Jahnke. I, Daryl Johnson, leave my ability to sleep during classesfwithout getting caughtl to Roger Dopplehammer. I, Beverly Nash, leave Helen Truelson her pick of anything I have left. I, Harlan Opdahl, leave my ability to grow a beard to Ronnie Jenson. I, Alan Peterson, leave my witty remarks to Yvonne Teufert. I, Barbara Ramsdell, leave my turtle-neck sweaters and neckscarves to Kay Ramsdell. I, John Rasmussen, leave my position of captain of the basketball team to Wayne Jahnke. I, Harlyn Schewe, leave my quietness Cin class, that isl to LeAnn Hensche. I, Orville Simonsen, leave my choice of Chevrolet as a good car to Elnora Richter. I, Charlotte Smith, leave my ability of going steady to Virginia Marsh. I, Russell Sorenson, leave my ability to stay calm on the basketball floor to Larry Young. I, Dorothy Streyle, leave my pleasant personality to Roberta Schroeder. I, Anita Teufert, leave my artistic ability to Larry Schneider. I, Catherine Troska, leave my blind dates to Carole Van Deer. I CEn7l'r Of o.'ffraC77'0 -H U ' U ' f ' Off 72 oh: SEJL .1 f3'ChlC 72.5 Luaj 7'Acy !aaA?.J TAA-ff ! SENIOR PROPHECY One cold morning in January 1966 we hopped aboard a rocket ship that was destined for the thriving metropolis of Alden. Upon landing, who should we see but Marlene Gabel riding in a u66n Buick Convertible with her ermine flying behind. She tells us that she is on her way to her horse ranch in Baroda. For some reason there is an unusually large crowd in town, but we soon learn the reason. It seems Grizzly Guenther of the Ozark Jubilee and his partner Judy Casebolt, who is the star clarinetist for the Jubilee, are performing in the town hall. We are anxious to see our two old friends again, so we buy tickets for their performance. The ticket sellers are Barbara Ramsdell and Sharon Kleven who attend the University of Bull Run where they are cheerleaders. Who is that distinguished looking gentleman? Oh, now I know! It is Professor Johnson who teaches bacteriology at the University of Minnesota. He has his M.D., D.A., P.O., B.C., and B.O. degrees. Why, there's Norman Emerson! He is now business manager of the Rockefeller Estate. Three of our old friends are acting as ushers. They are Anne Jensen, Dorothy Streyle and Cathy Troska. As Anne leads us to our seats, she tells us that she ls a soloist at nJoe'su in Blackhawk Junction. She also tells us that Dorothy is the secretary of City Hall in Armstrong and Cathy is the nurse and receptionist in Dr. Nelson's office. Well, what do you know! There's little Beverly Nash, but she isn't little anymore. She is now 6' 5U and is now star center on the Flying Blackhawks Basketball Team. Are those two fellows that just sat down who I think they are? Sure they areg none other than Orville Simonsen and Russell Sorenson. Orville told us that he is a big game hunter and that he has just come home from Africa. Russell is a uranium hunter. He just returned from Tia Juana, Mexico, where he found about S10 worth of uranium. That cowboy that just walked in looks quite familiar. Why it's Hopalong Opdahl, the star of the new western movie produced by MGM, Indian Tom-Toms. ' Anita Teufert and Charlotte Smith just came in and are walking this way. Anita is a cartoonist at the Mansfield Gazette. Charlotte is a big dress designer in her fashion shop in Conger. What is Dennis Jacobs up to? He says he is a missionary to Walters, Minnesota. He said that he had just seen John Rasmussen and that he is now Captain of the Rawhide Ramblers Football Team. The class of U56N is really having a reunion today. Here come two more celebrities! Allan Petersen and Harlyn Schewe are tap and toe dance actors in their latest movie Soft Toes and Hard Heels. Last but not least we see Virginia Conn come in with her shorthand pad. She is secretary of the Radio and TV Repair Shop in Alden when she isn't campaigning for Stevenson. Well, what do you know! We have been so interested in talking to all our old friends that we talked clear through the performance. I guess we'd better get back to our rocket ship. lr '22 r I,f 4644? ,lewis f ' e syzu, ,gf-I H unlffj' Z 6a.'f' Judy QjZ.1'hYf 9 406 LX Q as uf D L X5 avg 6 vix ,iss-N 6 f'-A 8 91, '39 oc pd' ROYALTY P 'fo 41 tcohw co 4yct Q6 I 1 I . F ! 3 E i 1 Q i ! Q I ! E E l 5 I i ! S E.lHaAlk.l3li.'h. 32-..'L'ka.h' ' ui ' '61-ll' 'L ' ' Nm 'E :mL4i IUNIOR CLASS Row l: Cleft to rightl Janice Steele, Barbara Jean Butenhoff, Helen Truelson, Roberta Schroeder, Yvonne Teufert, LeAnn Hensche, Elnora Richter. Row 2: Mrs. Olson, Virginia Marsh, Kay Ramsdell, Carole Van Deer, Reta Hemmingsen, Jean Brayland, Joyce Petersen, Geraldine Pedersen, Miss Borwege. Row 3: Mr. Stlllwell, Daryl Edmundson, Robert Eastvold, Wayne Jahnke, Larry Young, Ronald Jensen, Roger Doppelhammer, Larry Schneider. President --------- ----- Jean Brayland V1ce-pres1dent- -------- ---- Ronald Jensen Secretary .------ --------------- Virginia Marsh Treasurer .------ --------------- Carole Van Deer Student Council Representatives-Joyce Petersen Helen Truelson LeAnn Hensche Alden Advance Quality Printing Wayne Wright, Prop. Alden, Minnesota Van Deer Shopping Center Alden, Minnesota Wilson Hatchery wells, Minnesota Wells Farmers' Elevator Co. Wells, Minnesota Jim's Plumbing and Heating Schutte nOur Own Hardwaren and Furniture Store Myron H. Schutte, Prop. wells, Minnesota Theobald's Store Alden, Minnesota Gambles Hardware Wells, Minnesota Conger Co-operative Elevator Co Conger, Minnesota wells Cleaners Waterbury, Luxaire and Junger Furnaces Phone 35 wells, Minnesota Wal1y's Wallace Johnson Alden, Minnesota wells, Minnesota wells Lumber Co. Independent Dealer Wells, Minnesota 1 l 1 I i I I . l 1 n r I I I i 5 I 1 I I ! E F H a E I A KRW 6, XZXQ' ' A In 41 Qfjfl ff if f I Q . 04 4 49 W V ,ge X 5' Nd. I O xx, Q5 K. SOPHOMORE CLASS Row 1: fleft to rightl Jerry Johannson, Donald Sorenson, Robert Troska, Allan Abbe, Florence Allen, Beverly Korn, Thomas Hinkley, James Korman, Jerry Zeller, Charles Skjeveland, Kenneth Doyle. Row 2 Carol Hunnicutt, Barbara Edwards, Cecelia Eastvold, Janice Swehla, Delphine Kuethe, Alice Hughes, Elaine Simonsen, Helen Hintz, Eleanor Duncan, Judith Petersen, Verona Streyle, Mavis Engebretson, Gladys Buendorf. Row 3: Mr. Ferrin, Robert Drews, Daryl Schroeder, Robert Stencil, Garlan Nelson, Paul Thisted, Nels Christensen, Marlyn Doppelhammer, Norman Svenningsen, Erling Duus, Larry Nelson, Robert Jackson, Mr. Sheely. Absent: Ronald Jahnke President ------- ---Paul Thisted Vice-Pres1dent--- ---Verona Streyle Seeretary ---------------------- ---Beverly Korn Treasurer ----------------------- ---Larry Nelson Student Council Representative ---- - Hazle's Cash Store Alden, Minnesota Alden Bakery S. A. Svenningsen Alden, Minnesota W. E. Thompson and Watches, diamonds, and Wells, Minnesota Raines Produce Alden, Minnesota Wayne Motor Co. Alden, Minnesota Dick's Texaco R. T. Guenther Alden, Minnesota silverware --Gladys Buendorf ' Charles Skjeveland R. F. Schmidt, M.D. Alden, Minnesota Alden Garage T. J. Christensen, Prop Alden, Minnesota Hanson Drug Store R. C. Hanson, Prop. Wells, Minnesota Morin Mills Co. Alden, Minnesota Young's Shoe Store Wells, Minnesota Alden Produce Ray Schmitz Alden, Minnesota wif X :nigh FRESHMAN CLASS Row 1: Cleft to rightl Robert Jacobs, James Paulson, Vernon Rasmussen, Sharon Thorson, Gail wacholz, Gloria Schmidt, Patty Hrubetz, Bonnie Nelson, Judy Conn, Richard Bangs, Jerry Tlede, Mr. Sandboe. Row 2: Joe Haddy, Jay Dunbar, Gary Seedorf, Ronald Christensen, Constance Mathiason, Bertha Schultz, Joan Steele, Elmire Hehr, Ruth Emerson, Richard Steele, Clifton Toenges, Florence Schultz, Kay Yost. Row 3: Chester Jay Nelsen, Dennis Klukow, Dorothy Ohm, Roger Jahnke, Schmidt, Karen Sorenson. Pre Vic Sec Tre McGill, Lorrain Burton, Judy Tiede, Delmar Boyken, Harlan wacholz, Larry Glaeske, Barbara Lindeman, James Fulton. Absent: Connstance Weltzel, Anita sident ........ .... James Paulson d President... .... Jerry Tiede retary .... . .............. Robert Jacobs asure .................... Judy Tiede Student Council Representatives. Ruth Emerson Q Vernon Rasmussen Q 5 E 5 E E E E E E 2 5 5 EIGHT!-I GRADE Row l: fleft to rightl Glorian Engebretson, Myrna Steele, Sandra Dunbar, Eva Brummer, Jeannine Johannsen, LaVonne Allen, Suzanne Abbe, Sharon Svenningsen, Nyla Burton, Mildred Boyken, Ruth Hinkley, Maxine wacholz. Row 2: Mr. Congdon, Charles Nelson, Donald Schmidt, Lawrence Peterson, Larry Lillibridge, Mavis Teufert, Karen Larson, Hulda Ohm, Judy Seipp, Judy Kleven, Mavis Solland, Mary Rasmussen, Dale Svendsen, Daryl Toenges, Rodney Riem. Row 3: Daryl Newman, Dean Sorenson, Richard woitas, LuVerne Rasmussen, David Brummer, Emily Fethke, Catherine Gabel, William Hawker, Allan Bjorklund, Lowell Millhouse, Ross Hansen, Richard McGill. President ........ Vice President .... Secretary ......... Treasurer .,...... Student Council i 1 ....Cather1ne Gabel ....Judy Kleven Mavis Tuefert ......,:::::::::Em1ly Fethke Representative ..Lawrence Peterson Mansfield Store General Merchandise Locker Service HTO Please You, Pleases Usu Donald Olson Alden, Minnesota Best Wishes to the 1956 Class M. A. Nelson D. V. M. Alden, Minnesota Speltz Grain and Coal Co. Alden, Minnesota Curt Nelson Hardware and Imp. Alden, Minnesota Alden Creamery Alden, Minnesota Marpe's Garage and Implements Case Tractors and complete Imp. Ford Cars and Truck Sales Freeborn, Minnesota Phone 2311 Alden Shoe Store L. V. Carlson, Owner Alden, Minnesota Eb Howe Alden, Minnesota Bud Sweet Recreation Parlor Alden, Minnesota Raines Produce Alden, Minnesota Service SEVENTH GRADE Row l: Cleft to rightl Clifford Engebretsen, Gary Johnson, Carl Ohm, Russell Skov, Robert Sullivan, Joyce Fisher, Karen Young, Juanice Helm, Dennis Brayland, Duane Tiede, Glenn Bjorklund, Tommy Hughes, Row 2: Mrs. Guenther, Billy Van Deer, Robert Rasmussen, Karen Eastvold, Hildegarde Streyle, Eben Howe, Harlan Schultz, Lloyd Kraushaar, Roger Fisher, Trudy Jahnke, Judy Stoneback, Dean Behr, Jeffrey Duncan, Allen Swehla, Row 3: Bonnie Ramsdell, Diane Yost, Mary Hawker, Jan Howe, Richard Fischer, Orlyn Hintz, Ronald Theobald, Lorin McCol1ey, Constance Allen, Kathryn Paulson, Barbara Hawker, Kay Stencel. President ........ .... Vice President... Secretary.... ................. ... Treasurer ......................... Student Council Representative ..... ... .Kay Stencil Duane Telde Kathryn Paulson Bonnie Ramsdell Robert Rasmussen n H 5 e 5 li 1: fi E 5 E E 2 E 'E E sa H x 2 s as S E a SIXTH GRADE Row l: Cleft to rightj Mrs. Robbins, Betty Ramsdell, Carol Buendorf, Jane Fulton, Deanna Skov, Carolyn Christensen, Sue Hoeg, Dorothy Sorensen, Erma Ohm, Clarice Reim. Row 2: Jack Korman, Wayne Heidemann, Dale McGill, Albert Allen, Verner Duus, Dean Schroeder, Roy Johnson, Robert Solum, Orrin Mlllhouse, James Amel. Row 3: Jerry Jahnke, Mark Newman, Judy Ahnemann, Kathleen Sauer, Rita Reindal, Nancy Schmidt, James Helland, Howard Jacobs, Richard Thorson. FIFTH GRADE E Row 1: Left to rightl Mrs. Hedensten, Janell Eastvold, Dennis Morgan, Larry Hensche, Dennis Richter, Duane Larson, David Bangs, Bonnie Anderson, Donna Folven. Row E: Diane Tiede, Cheryl Schmidt, Rita Yost, Del Ayer Derby, Paul Rasmussen, Donald Johnson, Victor Savick, Cheryl Jahnke, Olga Ohm, Diane Engebretson. Row 3: Cheryl Frantum, Karen Kelly, Dennis Hunnicutt, Dale Bjorklund, Clair Thostenson, Judy Svendsen, Mary Solum. Absent: Roger Sorenson, and Richard Sorenson. FOURTH GRADE Row 1: Cleft to rightl Miss Victor, Gordon Schmidt, whitney Reim, Alan Baer, Steven Stoneback, Paul Truelson, Ross Schmidt, Karen Korma Virginia Ferrin, Loleen Johnson. Row 2: Helen Petersen, Jeanne Kleven, Susan Nelson, James Schmidt, Dale Jahnke, Jerry Johnson, Marian Boyken, Dianne Miller, Paulette Nelson. Row 3: Gary Tolzman, Arlen Steele, Warren Johannsen, Mary Schmidt, Karen McGill, Kathleen Sullivan, Maxine Rasmussen, Vicki Sorensen, Dennis Hensche, Bruce Fisher. Absent: Judy Rasmussen, Gary Newman. U: Ray's uFairwayH, Inc. Foods, complete locker service, hardware Walters, Minnesota Alden Barber Shop Alden, Minnesota First National Bank Alden, Minnesota Dr. Kenneth Kersting Optometrist Wells, Minnesota Conger State Bank Member of F. D. I. C. Conger, Minnesota Penney's Always First Quality Wells, Minnesota Putz Floral Wells, Minnesota Jacobson Implement Co. Wells, Minnesota Nolander O11 Co. Wholesale Distributors of Petroleum Products, Tires Conger, Minnesota and Tubes Emmons Mercantile Co. Groceries, Shoes, Furnishings Emmons, Minnesota Holway Lumber Co. Alden, Minnesota Dr. Peterson, Dentist Wells, Minnesota First National Bank Members of F. D. I. C. Emmons, Minnesota Chas. Sprenger and Sons Lumber, tile, cement and paint Conger, Minnesota Behr's Store LeRoy Behr Conger, Minnesota Stencil Meat Market Freeborn, Minnesota Arms trong Creamery Armstrong, Minnesota Doppelhammer Bros. Woodwork and Machine Shop Welding and General Repair Conger, Minnesota E 2 E 1 s 5 3 5 - Fe 2 5 E 5 5 2 2 s 5 5 S E 5 I! E X 5 il E H r E K E 5 i u 5 E E S 5 ii Q E 5 -1 N if E 5 i 'I 1 THIRD GRADE Row l: Cleft to rightl Joel Duncan, Gary Fischer, Donald Bangs, Keith Bakken, Gregory Hitchcock, David Boeck, Mrs. Hughes. Row 2: Jerry Johnson, Ernest Ohm, Kathleen Helland, Linda Conn, Janet Helland, Duane Newman, Paul Hensche. Row 3: Helen Ferrin, Betty Jo Hinkley, Karen Olson, Julie Ann Eurkhow, Robert Hoeg, Lowell McCo1ley, Steven Newman. Absent: William Hensche, Ronald Folven. Row l: Kleft to rightb Mrs. Joan Watkins, David Solum, Eugene Schmidt, Janice Rasmussen, Brenda Reindal, Vee Ann Wacholz, Charles Reim, Bradley Sweet. Row 2: George Purdy, David Sorensen, Terry Lynn Wright, Georgia Reindal, Kathleen Svendsen, Philip Splett, Bruce Reindal. Row 3: Paulette Schmidt, Roxanne Sauer, Janet Tiede, Virginia Svenningsen, Jane Richter, Diane Solum, Paul Wittmer, Craig Williams, Absent: Jane Sorensen. FIRST GRADE Row lzfleft to rightj Mrs. Congdon, Carolyn Coleman, Linda Strnad, Carla Sauer, Joan Reindal, Barbara Paulson, Steven Sorenson, Marlin Voight, Alan Savick, Bryan Fisher, Sydney Williams, James Conn. Row 2: Carolyn Richter Albert Purdy, Garry McGill, Mark Rasmussen, Allen Schmidt, Maxine Nelson, Suzanne Austin, Adel Gunderson, Sharon Theobald, Charles Sailor, JoAnn Indrelie. Row 32James Johnson. Marlene Allen, Sandra Jackson, Elizabeth Streyle, Nancy Jacobs, Dennis Swehla, Michael Nelson, Joyce Reindal, Mary Ellen Johnson, Susan Hensche, Duane Sauke. Absent: Peggy Schmitz, Gary Rasmussen. SECOND GRADE ROW 12 fleft to rightl Susan Wayne, Karen Fischer, Linda Pederson, Mavis Greenfield, Bonnie Swehla, Gayle Kuethe, Lonnie Harig, Lloyd Coleman, Connie Engebretsen, Michael Dunbar, Bradford Hitchcock. Row 2: David Ohm, Dennis Rebeleln, Craig Hemmingsen, Barbara Peterson, Paula Peterson, Daniel Sailor, Bruce Breamer. Row 3: Mark Rice, Gregory Smith, Charles Niebuhr, Steven Williams, Janet Beiber, Mary Paulson, Linda Jackson, Mark Stoneback, Wayne Hensche, Lloyd Engebretsen, Larry Boettcher, David Brandt. Absent: James Richter, Jerry Fisher, and Mrs, Endell. M- 5. Q .. .X -R... gn? ... ,, ill .s'5Hs' S GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row l: Cleft to rightj Mr. Watkins, Barbara Edwards, Judith Peterson, Roberta Schroeder Anne Jenson, Judith Casebolt. Catherine Troska, Virg Conn, LeAnn Hensche, Carol Hunnicutt. Row 2: Gladys Buendorf, Eleano Duncan, Marlene Gabel, Anita Teufert, Janice Swehla, Cecelia Eastvold, Bonnie Nelson, Verona Streyle, Elaine Simonsen, Alice Hughes, Beverly Nash, Row 3: Beverly Korn, Delphine Kuethe, Geraldine Pederson, Janie Steele, Yvonne Teufert, Helen Truelson, Barbara Lindeman, Lorraine Bur Barbara Ramsdell, Joanne Kleven, Row M: Judith Conn, Patricia Hrubetz Dorothy Ohm, Sharon Thorson, Gail Wacholz, Helen Hintz, Barbara Butenh Sharon Kleven, Charlotte Smith, Dorothy Streyle, Constance Mathiason. TRIPLE TRIO inia r e ton, off, Left to right: Barbara Ramsdell, Joyce Petersen, Janice Steele, Helen Truelson, Sharon Kleven, Anne Jenson, Charlotte Smith, Judy Casebolt, Beverly Nash. SENIOR BAND Row l: fleft to rightl Sharon Kleven, Reta Hemm1ngsen, Virginia Conn, Judy Seipp, Cecelia Eastvold, Bonnie Ramsdell, Judith Conn, Virginia Marsh, Kathryn Paulson, Karen Eastvold, Constance Mathiason, Lorraine Burton, Anne Jensen, Emily Fethke. Row 2: Catherine Gabel, Douglas Guenther. Alice Hughes, Kay Yost, Gloria Schmidt, Dale Svendsen, Helen Truelson, Carole Van Deer, Larry Schneider, Jerry Tiede, Charlotte Smith, Mary Rasmussen, Joyce Petersen. Row 3: Mary Hawker, Ruth Hinkley, Kay Ramsdell, Barbara Ramsdell, Elaine Slmonsen, Sharon Thorson, Barbara Hawker, Lawrence Peterson, Judith Petersen, Gladys Buendorf , Eleanor Duncan, Judith Casebolt, Judy Kleven, Jean Brayland, Mr. Watkins. IUNIOR BAND Row 1: fleft to rightj James Helland, Orrin Millhouse, Mark Newman, Richard Thorson, Robert Solum, James Amel, Rita Reindel, Carolyn Christensen, Carol Buendorf, Dianna Skov, Jane Fulton, Clarice Reim, Diane Tiede. ROW 22 MP- Watkins, Karen Eastvold, Kathryn Paulson, Mary Hawker, Vicky Sorensen, Maxine Rasmussen, Paul Truelson, Paul Rasmussen, David Bangs, Janet Eastvold, Bonnie Anderson, Cheryl Frantum. Row 3: Bonnie Ramsdell, Judy Stoneback, Hildegarde Streyle, Trudy Jahnke, Juanice Reim, Barbara Lindeman, Barbara Hawker, Robert Sullivan, Thomas Hughes, Bill Van Deer, Russell Skov. 'E 5 E F E 1 is E 5 s. E 5 : A A 3 i fi E s xxfminviilt' . im, STUDENT COUN CI L Row l: Cleft to rightl LeAnn Hensche, Helen Truelson, Lawerence Peterson, Charles Skjeveland, Joyce Peterson, Orville Simonsen, Anne Jensen, Robert Rasmussen, Ruth Emerson, Mr. Sandboe, Vernon Rasmussen, Gladys Buendorf, NEWSPAPER STAFF Row l: LeAnn Hensche, Mr. Sheely, Jean Brayland, Viriginia Marsh, Joyce Peterson, Donald Sorenson. Row 2: Dean Sorenson, Larry Schneider, Judy Peterson, Gladys Buendorf, Eleanor Duncan. Edmund Conn Home Town Cafe Compliments to the class of '56 John N. Hartgrave Alden, Minnesota Alden, Minnesota LIBRARY CLUB l Cleft to rightl Ruth Emerson, Kay Stencel, JudyStoneback,Kay Ramsdell, Beverly Korn, Mrs. Guenther, Suzanne Abbe, Judy Kleven, Mavis Solland, Larry Lillibridge, Mavis Teufert, Dale Swenson, Karen Eastvold, Gloria Schmidt, Connie Allen, Mildred Boyken, Trudy Jahnke, Dianne Yost, Delphine Kuethe, Mavis Engebretson. x l X , t 1 ' U73' -5 '- in 4 aff I'-. X vdm PROIECTION CLUB DQ Row l: Cleft to rightl Mr. Congdon, Norman Emerson, Robert Stencel, Marlyn Dopplehammer, Daryl Johnson, Row 2: Connie Mathiason, Kay Yost, Judy Tiede, Barbara Butenhoff, Janice Steele, LeAnne Hensche, Yvonne Teufert, Roberta Schroeder, Elnora Richtor, Row 2: Roger Dopplehammer, Douglas Guenther, Donald Sorenson, Jean Brayland, Carole Van Deer, John Rasmussen, Dennis Jacobs, Charles Skjeveland, Jerry Tiede, Row 4: Robert Jacobs, Orville Simonsen, Harlan Ophahl, Larry Nelson, Nels Christenson, Jerry Zeller. CAFETERIA WORKERS Row 1: Cleft to rightl Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Nelson, Virginia Conn, Marlene Gabel, Dorothy Streyle, Catherine Troska, Mrs. Weber. Row 2: Jerry Johannaen, Harlyn Schewe, Wayne Jahnke, Daryl Johnson. Q FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Row l: fleft to rightl Robert Jackson, Robert Drews, Jerry Johannsen, Charl Skjeveland, Robert Jacobs, Richard Steele, James Paulson, Jerry Tiede, Chests McGill, Richard Bangs, Jay Dunbar, Ronald Christensen, Row 2: Daryl Sohroed Donald Sorenson, Roger Jahnke, James Korman, Harlan Wacholz, Larry Schneider, Jay Nelson, Delmar Boyken, Harlan Opdahl, Allan Abbe, Gary Seedorf, Robert Troska, Clifton Toenges, Row 3: Larry Young, Douglas Guenther, Dennis Jacob Ronald Jahnke, Wayne Jahnke, Harlyn Schewe, Orville Simonsen, Ronald Jensen, Larry Nelson, Tommy Hinkley, Jerry Zeller, Mr. Stillwell. I' er, 5: 4 J 5' z 6 bf., ,,,.. F 75 f ! FOOTBALL TEAM Row l: Cleft to rightl Robert Stencil, Harlyn Schewe, Dennis Jacobs, James Fulton, Harlan Opdahl, Ronald Jenson, Orville Simonsen, Marlyn Doppelhammer, Wayne Jahnke. Row 2: Roger Jahnke, Ronald Jahnke, Larry Nelson, Tom Hinkley, Daryl Johnson, Norman Emerson, John Rasmussen, Norman Svenningsen, Jerry Zeller, Robert Drews. Row 3: Mr. Gramling, Luverne Rasmussen, James Korman, Allen Abbe, Daryl Schroeder, Gary Seedorf, Roger Doppelhammer, James Paulson, Nels Christensen Jay Nelson, Clifton Toenges, Robert Jacobs, Erling Duus, Mr. Ferrin, Chester McGill. Alden 52 Rake Alden 25 Bricelyn 6 Alden 45 Frost 6 Alden M7 Elmore 7 Alden 13 Delaven 7 Alden 20 Kiester O Alden 46 Emmons 7 Alden 18 Freeborn 7 3 I flllln ,X 1 1:+SSgiNSl':fi'Pi RE Robert Stencil, RT Dennis Jacobs, RG Harlyn Schewe, C Harlan Opdahl, LG Ronnie Jensen, LT Orville Simonsen, LE Wayne Jahnke. RH Tommy Hinkley, QH Norman Emerson, LH Daryl Johnson FB John Rasmussen. BALL SQ UAD iors, line, Dennis Jacobs, Harlyn Schewe, Harlan Opdahl, Orville Simonsen. Standing, Norman Emerson, John Rasmussen, Daryl Johnson. BASKETBALL Row 1: fleft to right, Daryl Johnson, Norman Emerson, John Rasmussen, Wayne Jahnke, Robert Stencel, Vernon Rasmussen. Row 2: Allen Bjorklund, Ronnie Jahnke, Norman Svenn1ngSer1,P8ul Thi-SCSU, TOM Hinkley, MP- FeI'1 i1'l- QQ, X- -ff? llxy g Row 1: Cleft to rightl Vernon Rasmussen, Daryl Schroeder, Lawrence Peterson, Chester McGill, B111 Hawker, Larry Schneider, Jim Paulson. Row 2: Mr. Gramling, Robert Drews, Jim Fulton, Ronnie Jahnke, Paul Thisted, Norman Svenn1ngsen,Tom Hinkley, Erling Duus, Larry Nelson, Allen Bjorklund. BASEBALL TEAM -, Row 1: fleft to rightl Daryl Johnson, Ronnie Jahnke, Jim Fu1t0D, Robert Stencel, Everett Nash i Row 2: Harlan Opdahl, Wayne Jahnke, John Rasmussen, Norman Emerson, Paul Thisted, Larry Schneider, Norman Svenn1ngsen.Row 3: Mr. Gramling, Tom Hinkley, Robert Drews, Vernon Rasmussen, Donald Sorenson, Daryl Toenges, Chester McGill, Gary Seedorf, Erling Duus. TRACK TEAM Row 1: Kleft to rightl Everett Nash 4 Norman Svenningsen,Wayne Jahnke, Nathan Tenneson,' John Rasmussen, Norman Emerson, Ronnie Jahnke, Robert Gooden? Daryl Johnson. Row 2: Chester McGill, Robert Drews, Dennis Jacobs, Gary Seedorf, Roger Jahnke, Robert Jacobs, Jim Paulson. Row 3: Mr. Ferrin, Tom Hinkley, Larry Young, Robert Stencel, Harlan Opdahl, David Fethke? Orville Simonson, Larry Nelson, Jim Fulton, Daryl Schroeder. '1955 Graduates CHEERLEADERS 629 awe 1,55 D Sharon Kleven, Barbara Hams del B01-yn-Ie N S-I Ruth Emerson, 'Em ocex I gm! Z Son J 0: f f :Q B 5 I 6 C Ffh-Y 1-oo WAEVE YW fic on! lf on Thr H jo B .l HQY' LETTERM ENS CLUB W .51 MGM' HU-oc5v 'Rm Q z N75 4' I 'Sow , Jniniczf' INTER-C FACTO x G 55 RZ OLLEGIATE Kunsus City RY -HOME OFFICE PRESS Y ,ff 'W s ' , Y, 'QI Qimfi E . ,E , , ' Us 45- I v '- I 'Xqax ' if A nixxag ,X ' .5 Q , 3 N I I I C i' . A 1 V .,, L is ,5.,.fw Q'-9 I ii 4 s ' li . 5 1' A F 'E iw ' 1 -N A A EH rt if 'fig 'A' - , iff fi-5 ,ff W, an Q fy , Lf: X X . qi. K FQ' -'ip-'fp' 'fi Qr-, 3' W, pn' fs, ' S im.. '? A S1 , 4 - 2' K. ?s3'f' - if viii aw- ug, vi M , A +. K, - if , 1 ' if A' 'Q Zjf ,J 'H , is .4 1 'tr 7' I W ' 4 7 Q i m.. A 'T f ' , K , 5 Y s ss' 9 X N ,, xfx .x'I. N. i . .' 1 1 i . , .A .. , . . tg A i 1 Q ll . firw. ' Q ' ' I' 1 , L 4 ,.', ,x I I 1 . if 1 A K Z' fi fl ,P-Jr . r Q- 'S x' V . 'Vg X , , rt ' , D 1 . '05 . g 1 3 '-.Pm ' fr, I E ',-F F ' x ny.. Q. .xv wi hun' sgr', .'4- 0 , I .e'?b s 'A' 'fry'-x .4 , 1' ev . 5. 3' 4 -s T O 1 ,Mtn K ,.,'3 f I V, LL' E E E 5 E a I H Q. 5 I .x . .xx R

Suggestions in the Alden High School - Blackhawk Yearbook (Alden, MN) collection:

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Alden High School - Blackhawk Yearbook (Alden, MN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 43

1956, pg 43

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Alden High School - Blackhawk Yearbook (Alden, MN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 93

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Alden High School - Blackhawk Yearbook (Alden, MN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 70

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