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 - Class of 1963

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'Q f 1 1 I f ,If ff 1 'ff J L f P N ' f Ju, ff ' 'X ,V L Q ' , M ,XJ f if Lfgf ' V N ' -' U if X, fa A 'w 'f - t b L, - M . -9' f ' J J Hr. Tigard, During the past 20 years, your achievments toward the progress of our school system have benefited the students as well as the com- munity. In the history of our school, your help and advice, your guidance and figurative personality have presented us with a proud spirit and a valuable introduction to our scholastic field. With you as superintendent, new classroom , a cafeteria, gym- nasium, music and agriculture rooms have been added. Consolidation of the Alden-Hebron District in 19148 was an important step in our progress. The efficient manner in which you handled the organization and sale of tickets for the nany games of our State Basketball Championship in 1952 is to be commended. For your presence at all social events, your pleasant attitude, and untiring efforts, we take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation for your muy years of faithful service. Our sincere best wishes for you in the future. ACU LTY M s. Rolls: Biology Home aking I 7 1 Mr. Schmidt: General Shop Agriculture I 8 11 llth Grade Advisor Mr. Inglis: General Science Ph sics 7th Grade Science Science Club Sponsor Mrs. Hill: Algebra I Advanced Algebra Plane Geometry Useful Math Trigonometry 8th Grade Math 9th Grade Advisor I R ! ' A Vt, , 1.', ,V J ,. bk ,-, ,ff , ,V Mr. Broun: 8th A 10th Physical Hrs. Education Driver's Education 7th Grade Arithmetic Bth Grade Science Track Tibbitts: Girls Physical Ed Spanish I A II 10th Advisor , fi' , ffl, c" f' xl 0 'S ' . , H .-J, V , ,ga - ' 4iV'M if 21545 ii. 'f 'f --fl' " X my ,fmt mgfef- ,, , . ,A f Mr. Dickson-General Science Industrial Arts Arithmetic 7th Pep Club, Sponsor Mrs. Zahniser-Language Arts 7th Arithmetic Sth Librarian Library Club, Sponsor 1 , y Mr. Courtright-Social Studies 7th American History Junior High, 'Principal Student Council, Sponsor SOC1010gy Wor1d Hlstory Language Arts 8th Economic' C1ViCS Senior Adv1sor Jun1OT Hlgh Chorus Senlor dlgh Chorus Band Select Chorus Instrumental Lessons Voice Lessons ,C au! wwf 4417 MEQWZYZSA 4W44ZMWfL1417 z pc! K zldf ff! ZZV fdmffieoggf 'Z C Cfugjs' 4 1wmQQ. ' 0216 J 'MVWZW4 HMZM Qi Ay4f4 AZQQLZZZZZZ oQf?Z7 n , A 7 ,Zw'7JdE64iL 9Vfjb M A7622 4' If wif wwf! . ima by ,WMMMAZJZ fa f f Qaufiffcilfwfff 1 WW may J f ' jgmg, ' QLH M M A W , F . a 1 f ,R 'ml M An eus:Typing I Q II Shorthand Bookkeeping Yearbook Advisor Mr Fenler-English 9th, 10th llth, 12th. Seventh Grade Basketball Coach wtf 0' v t . Junior Varsity Bas- ketball Coach Assistant Football Coach m adies 8th Mrs Armstrong-Language Arts 8th English 9th Giant Echo, Sponsor I' Secretary, Mrs. Dickersong Superintendent Mr. Tigard ADMINISTRATIO Secretary, Mrs. Popenhageng Jr. High Principal, Mr. Courtrightg Sr. High Principal, Mr. Slayton Bus Drivers: Joe Schmidt Bill Grabhert Gus Jacobson Cliff Tibbitts Herman Peterson Janitors: Virgil Stanley Cliff Peterson Cooks: Dorothy Gila Roberta Nusbaum Lucille Walters Wwywyvggiw ffcfia ,MJ-4 Alf' SENIORS Judy Cornue Senior Chorus 1,2,3, Select Chorus 2, Girl's Chorus l,2, 3, Heacon Staff M, Newspaper Staff 3,M, Library Club l, Pep Club l,2,3,M, F.H.A. 1, 2,3, PromlAttendant3, Class Treasurer 3,M, Class Vice- President l, Cheerleader l,2,3, Sweetheart Ball Queen Librarian l, Baton Twirler l,2, Richard Berry Student Council l,2, Heacon Staff Jr. Editor,3, Editor M H-Club l,2,3, Vice President M, Prom King 3, Baseball 2,3 M, Football l,2,3,M, Basket- ball l,2,M, Class Business Manager 3, President M. Ruth VonBergen Transfer from Prospect High School-M. Heacon Staff M, Pep Club M, Class Vice Pres.- M, Cheerleader M, Phyllis Peterson Senior Chorus l,2,3,M, Select Chorus 1,2,3,M, Girl's Chorus l,2, Band l,2,3,M, Heacon Staff M, Newspaper Staffl,2, PPP Club l,2,3,M, F.H.A. l,2, 3, Prom Queen 3, Homecoming Attendant 3, Homecoming Queen M, Class Sec. 2, Class Vice Pres. 3, Class Sec. M, Cheerleader l,2,3,M, Marlene Drafz Senior Chorus 1,2,3,M, Select Chorus 2,3,M, Girls' Chorus l,2, Heacon Staff M, Pep Club l,2,3,M, Tvirler 3,M, Frank Mansfield 2,3311-Q FOFOAO l,2, 3,M, Homecoming King M, Baseball 1, Football 2,3,M, Basketball 2,3,M, Class President 1,3 Jim Nor Senior Chorus 1,2,3,h, Select Chorus 3,h, Boyfs Chorus l,2, 3, Band 3,h, Newspaper Staff 3, HbC1ub l,2,3,h, F,F.Ao l,2, 3,h, Reporter-3, Baseball l,2, 3,u, Football 1,2,3,h, Basket- ball l,2,3, Manager-b, Track 1,2,3,h- Betty Harris Senior Chorus 1, Library.C1ub 2,3, Pep Club 3,h, F.H.A. 1, 2,3, Degree Chairman, Student Librarian 2,3, Ann Breiholtz Heacon Staff h, Library Club 3, Pep Club 2,3,h, F.H.A. 1, 2,3, Student Librarian 1. Karen O'Brien Senior Chorus 1,2,3,h, Select Chorus 3,b, Student Council 2, 3, 52Cf2tary 3, Newspaper Staff 3,h, Feature editor-h, Pep Club h, President, vice, FQHQAQ 1,2339 Historian-3, Homecoming Attendant 2, Treasurer 1. Jerry Popenhagen Senior Chorus l,2, Select Chorus l,2, Boy's Chorus 1, Heacon Staff b, Newspaper Staff 3,u, H9C1ub 1, sec.-2 sec.-3, A, F.F.A, l,2, Treaserer-3,h, Prom Attend- ant3, Baseball l,2,3,h, Football l,2,3,h, Basket- ball l,2,3,h, Track 2,3,u, Boy's State-3. Kathy Nusbau Senior Chorus 1,233,113 Select Chorus 3,h, Girls' Chorus l,2, Band l,2,3,h, Student,Council l,2, News paper Staff h, Pep Club 1,2,3,h, F.H.A. 1,2,3, Class Secretary 3, Class Treasurer h. 1. Paul Cornue Senior Chorus 1,2, Boys' Chorus 1, Band 1,2,3,J4, Student Council Vice Pres.-3, Pres ident-lx , Heacon Staff-h, Business Manager. Peggy Smith Transfer from Woodstock Community High-2. Senior Chorus 3, Beacon Staff L, Newspaper Staff 2,3,h, Co- Editor 3, Edina n, Pep Club 2,3,h, Treas. 14, F.H.A. 2,3 , Prom Attendant 3, Class Sec. 2, Cheerleader 3 Girls Chours 3 Bill Blaksley Senior Chorus 1,2, Heacon Staff ln Carolyn Johnson Senior Chorus 1,2 ,3 ,ll Student Council Se ,-fx, Newspaper Staff 35, Pep 1,2,P1'65o"33h3 FoHoAo 1,2,3,Treas' Librarian 3, Baton Twirler laaslohs Barbara Stevens Senior Chorus l,2,3, Girls' chorus 2,3, Library Club 1, 2,3,b, 'Pep Club 1,2,3, Student Librarian l,2,3,h. Steve- Rankins senior Chorus l,2,3, 521201 Chorus 1,2,3, BOW! Cho'-'us 1 2, Heacon Staff it Wayne Stanek Senior Chorus 1,2,3,l1, Select chorus 2,3,h, Boy's chorus 1, Fam. l,2,3,h, Basketball 1 Ann Arendt Transfer from North Chicago High School 2, Senior Chorus 2,3,l1, Samet chorus 3,h, GiI'1S' 35 FoHoAu 2,3 Chuck Larson Transfer from Marian High, Woodstock, Illinois, 3, H- Club 11, Baseball 3,h, Foot- ball lr. 7 Merry Zimmerman Senior Chorus 2 ,3, Heacon S133-ff 11, Newspaper Staff 11, Library Club 3,h, Pep Club 1-22:31, ,,,, ur, ,. , ,,,,,,, ,Ur . be 1. 1,1 1 1 14, 1- f , W. . , 1114, 'V W R! wt U, ,U 5 ef' 1 f w.r . 1 N WJ LL, Ik 154. xgI'IiVJr, I-7 A ok infix' jj Seni ore Chorus l1,2,Bf,h ,,1SeilecEfg chorus l,3,h, Gi1?l5e'f,fChorl1S': 1, 1-4 2, Band 1,2,3,L1, -PQ C-3:X,gbU1,ZZfg!X5g1rP? 3,1-1, Science C1ubx3,'.Q?resD,, gvgiyfgyl 1 -ri envy, "H ' Ei, x L'fe-72,1 OW- I Joyce Johnson U, Qu Q3 f gg 15,.1f,'vA ML' yy bf. Senior Chorus ,pf chorus 1,2, Student C1591-iowa-2,1, "QU Tres. 11, Heacon Sps5rgffca,1f?i3lQ9ff Editor 3, Editor hi' Newspageiff , Staff 3,L1, Library CiEub.31,j3, My T1-25.3 Pep Club 2,3,LLgaJ5ec.Xg2w., lx wLF.H.A. 3, Girl's staia 3, AM SQ Student Librarian 1,2g3, ' fb' Terrie Crawford Transfer from Badger High h, Heacon Staff M, News- naper Staff h. James Stockwell Transfer from Crystal Lake h, Newpaper Staff tVQ35v U Linda Schmarje Library Club h- Dave Johnson Transfer from Walworth 2, H-club 2,3,h, Football 233' Basketba11A2i3sh' S Dave DeYoung Senior Chorus l,2,3,h, Select Chorus 2,h, Boys' Chorus 2, Heacon Staff h, Newspaper Staff 3,h, Editor U, H-Club 1,2!3,,-1, Pres. hp F.F.A. 1,2, Prom Attendant 3, Baseball 1, 2,3,h, Football 1,2,3,h, Cap- tain h, Basketball l,2,3,h, Captain h, Track b, Class Vice Pres. 2. PROPHECY June S, 1973, a wonderful day for our reunion! Hi, Judyl So after five years of exchanging rings, you finally decided to settle down. This must be Evelyn and Jim Jr. we understand your friend, Peg Smith, is a psychiatrist at Loses Products. CAnd very well liked by the bossll Why Betty Harris, I hear you have a permanent job as a beautician at Billie's old establishment. These airline schools sure are something! Look at that United Stewardess sitting on the pilot's lap. It's RUTH-- RUTH VON BERGEN1 I hear Karen O'Brien, assisted by her husband, a school teacher, is editor of the Elkhorn Gazette. If it isn't Ruth DeHaan, head hHrS6 at St- August' ana in Chicago! Her former classmate, Barb Stevens, has taken over Haggie's place assisting Ben Casey. Soloist,N at the opening was All-Conferenceli In bright neon lights, we see HJim Nor, Trombone of NSeventy-Six Trombones.n fAnd to think he I find that Paul Cornue has revised the Constitution find a new man at the helm of A.H.H.S. It's none Blaksley Among the faculty we have Coach De Yo In this new history book, of the United States. we other than Principal Bill . un with a fine team of red heads, and Joyce Johnson, elementary teacher at Alden Grade School. M , they have risen far! But Carolyn, after a year of college, decided on the better life, teaching the HJungleU family. Steve Rankins is now a tool and die maker for the Bottcher Wire Factory in New York. Is it true that Ann Arendt is raising little tool and die makers? Richard Berry is working on his latest picture and couldnft make it today. By the way, he just won an Oscar for Best Actor. Jerry Popenhagen is now an All-American basketball star with the Globetrottersl Frank Mansfield has become Farmer of the Year.. Congratulations, Frank! Farming?' Yes, Linda'Schmarje and her little Wapplers live on a farm west of Hebron. Hey, There'e Chuck Larson! Dhuchdes, to all his fans, has taken over Dick Biondi's place on W.L.S. -CSimiliarity???!D These darned old commercials--what's this? UJohnson's Electric For Better Service.N That's Dave Johnson! Well, here is Terrie Crawford, owner and manager of a large chain of Super Markets. CStamps?D She sells Dairy Products from Wayne Stanek's chain of Dairy Farms all around the country. Anna Breiholtz worked her way up fro Secretary to Assistant VO. Ag. teacher under Mr. Schmidt. The fabulous Loop interior decorator, Jim Stockwell, has just redecorated the Wilson bungalow. I got a letter from Merry Sue Zimmerman. She and her Harvard husband are living in the East. Merry said,nKathy Nusbaum is married to an Admiral of the U.S. Navy, and has several little sailors. Good luck,Kathy! What happened to the girl who drove that little black bug around? Marlene Drafz is now a manicurist in her husband's barber shop. CBy the way, it is now a '59 convertll Her old buddy, Phyllis Peterson, was there too. She now has half ownership in Fatty Al's chain of Drive-ins. I'm getting tired after this long day of reminiscing. Now for my long trip back home. Good-bye Memorieslllll E WILL Ann Arendt, bequeath W ability to get along with Hrs. Andrews to Delores Walters. Anna Breiholtz, bequeath W interests in the Junior Class to Cheryl Mastin. ' Richard Berry, bequeath the trying office of Senior Class President to "Wolfee", who I hope will be able to handle it. Bill Blaksley, bequeath all W made magazines to Arty Zahniser. Judy Cornue, bequeath W ability to know what's "in" and what's "out" to Paul Rich. Paul Cornue, bequeath my bicycle rides to Mr. Brown so he won't have to run to Lake Geneva. .9 Terrie Crawford, bequeath W salesmanship ability to Jorga Hollenbeck. Dave DeYoung, bequeath all W interests, C0mPani0r1Ship, loyalty, and love of girls to the unfortunate individual who lacks these qualities Marlene Drafz, bequeath W escspades in my little black car to Mrs. Tibbitts. Ruth DeHann, bequeath my ability to always say the right thing to anyone who always wants to say the right things. Betty Harris, bequeath W eyen-natured temper to Bobby Wilson. Carolyn Johnson, bequeath W ability to go on a diet at least once a week, to Gail Lang. Dave Johnson, bequeath my well-known basketball temper to Jim Spooner Joyce Johnson, bequeath W Girls State Pin to Jeanette Larson. Charles Larson, bequeath all W fun on the class trip to Patty Gile. Frank Mansfield, bequeath my ability to buy a new Pontiac every year to "Charlie Brown". Jim Nor, bequeath, W all-conference ability to Polly Bggert Kathy Nusbaum, bequeath all my freckles to Gene Zimmerman. Karen O'Brien, bequeath W long black hair to Linda Okeson. Jerry Popenhagen, bequeath W height to Judy Peterson. Phyllis Peterson, bequeath all my Harvard dates to the Flynn twins. Steve Rankins, bequeath W physique to Terry Laynan. Linda Schmarje, bequeath W ability to get engaged to Shirlee Wappler Barbara Stevens, bequeath W after school job to anyone with a cast iron stomch. Jim Stockwell, bequeath W cartwheels and forward rolls to NW dog Chrisn I Wayne Stanek, bequeath W short blond hair to Dick P1-outy. Peggy Smith, bequeath all my changing hair styles to anyone with a creative mind. A Ruth VonBergen bequeath my contact lenses to Scottie Scott. Merry Zimmermn, bequeath my high voice to Ronnie Ellison. HISTORY On a sunn day in the fall of '59, the doors opened to our class of 35. With the help of our advisor Mrs. Hill, Frank Mansfield led us through an enjoyable year. Judy Cornue was willing and able to take over in Frank's absence. Our important records were kept by Phyllis Peterson. Our finan- cial problems were kept in hand by Karen 0'Brien. To keep us up-to-date on the proble s of the student bod , Dick Berry and Kathy Nusbaum were sent to the Student Council. Our Homecoming float, 'Running Over Norris Farmn, brought us the honor of first place. we finished the year with a picnic and movie at Genoa City, Wisconsin. As we entered our second year, Jerry Popenhagen led our group of 32, with the aid of Dave Deioung. Our events were written down by our faith- ful secretary, Peggy Smith, our financial status was boosted by Judy Cornue. Dick Berry and Karen 0'Brien were sent to the Student Council. We had a successful year at Homecoming time by winning first prize on our.float, 'Running For Victoryu. M s. Tibbitts helped us with our very first class dance, which was a great success. We finished off a very successful year with s picnic and a movie at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. As we entered the doors of school for our third year, President Frank Mansfield guided our class through a very eventful year. His assis- tant was Phyllis Peterson, who took over in his absence. Our 'highlightsn were kept by our secretary, Kath Nusbaum. Judy Cornue, again our trea- surer, and Dick Berry, our Business Manager, kept us out of the red and encouraged us to spend more at the Snack lar. Our Student Council repre- sentatives, Paul Cornue and Karen O'Brien, kept us up-to-date on the present school activities. For the third year, we received first Prize on our float, 'Tugging For Victoryu. It was a very unusual and VST? Sue' cessful float. With the guidance of Mr. Schmidt, we had a very beautiful Prom, WEawaiian Sunsetn. It will linger best in the minds of our king, Dick Berry, our queen, Phyllis Peterson, and the court, Jud Cornue, Peggy Smith, Dave D6!oung, and Jerry Popenhagen. Another year ended hap- pily with a picnic and swimming at 'Old Faithful' Lake Geneva. In the fall of'62, we entered school for our final and most enjoy- able year. Our President, Dick Berry, tried to keep order at our class meetings during our important discussions, and Ruth Von Bergen tried to assist him. Ph llis Peterson jetted down our minutes best she could. Our treasurer, Kath Nusbaum, kept telling us to keep working if we were ever going to make our goal, the class trip. She also took care of all our hard earned money. Paul Cornue, Joyce Johnson, and Carolyn Johnson were sent to the high council to keep us informed on present-day happen- ings around school. One of the big events of the year was putting on the class play, which everyone enjoyed. Spring vacation finally rolled around, and it was time for the lucky 29 to leave Hebron on their class trip. 'We had a great time touring Washington and New York, returning in a week's time, to school the next day. Our biggest moment of all was that day in June when it was time to receive our diplomas. To the remaining classes, Rota of Ruckl S-1' was X ATHLETICS W V-W. FQOTB LL lst Row Left to Right- Robert Baxter, Gene Zim erman, Joe DeMarco, Bob Wilson, Larry Halbmaier, and Larry Johnson. 2nd Rowe Donald Bottcher, Keith Crawford, Robert Fair, James Grabbert, William Stockwell, Terry Peterson, Skip Simes, Edie Fair, and John Jacobson, Manager. 3rd Rows William Sla ton, Coach, Charlie Braun, Richard Halbmaier, John Nelson, Arlyn Turner, Larry Myers, Ronnie Ellison, Bob Zimmerman, and Loren Morris. hth Rowe Frank Mansfield, Dave Johnson, James Nor, Jerry Popenhagen, Dave DeYoung, Charles Larson, Richard Berry, and John Bodi, Asst. Coach. Oops, no water. The Headless Horseman does it again It takes more than two to get me, kiddies Final instructions to the seven Seniors 2. Boy am I a good tackler VARSITY lst Row, left to right- Richard Halbmaier, Dick Berry, Frank Mansfield, Phil Wyse, 2nd Row- Alvin Weiberg, Dave Johnson, Dave DeYoung, Jerry Popenhagen, Jim Spooner, 3rd Row- Ernie Kraft, Coach, Mr. Slayton, Gary Christenberry, Larry Okeson, Larry Myers. JU IOR ARSITY lst Row Left to Right-Larry Johnson, John Jacobson, Terry Peterson, Tom Hunt, Joe DeMarco, Larry Halbmaier, Loren Morris, Dale Joosten, Dick Prouty. 2nd Row-Mr. Bodi, Jim G1-abberr., Gary,Jacobson, D811 Walters, Elof Borgeson, Bob Zim erman, John Nelson. Larry Okeson Jim Spooner Alvin Weiberg Dave Johnson Frank Mansfield Richard Halbmaier Dick Berry Jerry Popenhagen Larry Myers Dave DeYoung Phil Wyse Ruth VonBergen, Kathy Benny, Phyllis Peterson, Margene Losee C H E E R L E D E RS Patty Gila, Judy Walters, Peggy Lalor, Linda Okeson. ACTIVITIES Crown Bearer, Nancy Lopemang Attendants , Peggy Smith, Judy Cornueg Past Queen, Bev Gritmackerg Queen, Phyllis Peterson, King, Richard Berry, Past King, John Ellison, Attendants, Dave DeYoung, Jerry Popenhageng Crown Bearer, Larry Smith HAWAIIAN S NSET K Attendents: Judy Walters, Pat Gi le, Polly Eggertg Past Queen: Bev Gritmackerg Queen: Phyllis Petersong King: Frank Mansfieldg Past King: A1 Schuettg Attendants: Larry Myers, Bob Zimmerman, Keith Crawford HGMECOMI G Junior Float Senior Float Ist. place senior division Sophomore Float Freshman Float 2nd place senior division Ist place junior division Eighth Grade Float 2nd place junior division Sevwth Grade Float , .1 QRGANIZATICNS YEARBOCK STAFF Seated CL to RD-Merry Zim erman, Kathy Nusbaum, Judy Cornue, Joyce Johnson, Dick Berry, Peggy Smith, Anna Breiholtz Standing CL to RJ-Terrie Crawford, Bill Blaksley, Ruth VonBergen, Delores Walters, Marlene Drafz, Phyllis Peterson, Dave DeYoung, Jerry Popenhagen, Paul Cornue, Jeanne Vermond, Steve Rankins. Co-Editors-Joyce Johnson Dick Berry STUDENT COUNCIL Standing CL to RJ-Ruth Sherry, Richard Tibbitts, Kathy Benoy, Judy Walters , Noel Ditzenberger, John Kooistra, Ginger Norgard, Mike Sherry, Terry Peterson Seated KL to RD-Mr. Slayton, Kathy Simes, Janet Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Paul Cornue, Phil Wyse, Cookie Vermond, Mr. Courtright H LUB lst Row CL to RJ-John Jacobson, Terry Peterson, Bob Wilson, Frank Mansfield, Ronnie Ellison, Dick Berry, Dave Schult 2nd Row CL to R2-Jim Grabbert, Gene Zimmerman, Bob Baxter, Keith Crawford, Alvin Weiberg, Mr. Bodi, Ed Fair 3rd Row CL to RJ--Dave Johnson, Jerry Pemenhagen, Dale Joosten, Skip Simes, Us-nald Bottcher, Larry Hallomaier, Phil Wyse , Richard Hallomaier, Loren Morris, Arlyn Turner M11 ROW CL to RJ-John Nelson Charlie Braun 3 - -J J ' . . I, 1 1 - 'an write 5 i 1 Pr V Dicrc Van LaJ1ul.Ry'lZ, Gary Jacobgon, Keith Kolig V Q T , U Cd Duty, Sth FQW U- 4-30 RJ'-T02 DGMQPCO, Larry Johnson, Chuck Larpsom, Jim Nor, Bob Zimmerman, Bob Fair, Bill Siockwell, Larry Okeson PEP CLUB lst Row, Left to Right-Anna Breiholtz, Joyce Johnson, Mr. Dickson, Karen O'Brien Peg Smith, Judy Peterson, Janet Johnson, Dave Schult, Betty Harris, Ruth DeHaan. 2nd R - Drafzf'P,g?g'Z Ilfgfhgam: Carolyn Johnson, Judy cm-me, Ruth vonaergen, 1431-lem Petersono rson, Kathy Benoy, Linda Okeson, Judy Fringer, Jane 3rd Row- Kathy Kooistra, Arlyne Olson, Mhry Ainger, Barb Hhrkze, Cookie Vermpnd Margenz Losee, Peggy Ritzert, Judy Walters, Peggy Lalor, Alexia Lzschuck peg , Mann. ' gy hth Row-Donna Schmarje, Susan Gritmaker, Joanne Behrens, Lanette Blackburn, Glnger Norgard, Barb Stewart, Pat Gile, Karen Phillipsky, Mary Jo Ellison, Marllyn Hutchison, Phyllis Nyboer. NEWSPAPER TAFF Standing CL to R1-Ken Stewart, Sandy Thayer, Joyce Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Linda Zimmerznran, Marybeth Schulz, Jim Stockwell , Cheryl Struck, Jim Grabbert, Chuck Larson, Charles Wolf, Phil Wyse , Cookie Vermond, Mrs. Blythe Seated KL to RJ-Dave Schult, Karen Phillipsky, Karen 0'Brien, Jane Peterson, Polly Egger-t, Kathy Kooistra, Judy Cornue, Jerry Popenhagen, Jerry Behrens, Barbara Stewart, Dave DeYoung, Terry Crawford , Peg Smith, Marlene Mastin St Row CL i0 RJ Mr Schmldt, R1 Hard Halbwdler, arrv eson, Keith holla, ld 9 SCH Bill Berry, Skip Qlmpss D0W3ld B0+tCh2f, Harry Braun, Larrv Halbma1ef, Larry Fatnaudc, r Mo f1s Naya? D+1Hp', Jim Nor, f flvld D1Cd volan, :rad 12 Lhal, lst Row QL to RE- Dan Walters Secretarv' 7 JJ Keith Rolls, Presidemtg Richard Halbmdier, Treasurerg Phil Wyse, Sentinel 2nd Row QL to RJ-Larry Okeson, Vice-Presidenig Arlyn Turner, Reporterg Nr. Schmidt, Advisor LIBRARY LUB lst Row Left to Right-Bonnie Ritzert, Judy Fringer, Karen Philipsky, Phyllis Nyboer, Mrs. Zahniser, Marilyn Hutchison, Jane Peterson, Mary Ellison. 2nd Row-Kathy Benoy, Sharon Wagner, Jud Peterson, Barbara Stevens, Cheryl Maszin, Judy Lundgren, Shirlee Wappler. 3rd Row-Cooki Walters, Peggy Lalor, Barbara Stewart, Patty Gile. e Vermond, Margene Losee, Polly Eggert, Judy SCIENCE CLUB Left to Right-Louis Vermond, Roger Lange, Sheryl Struck, Terry Layman , Mx' Inglis. SENIORCHQRLI lst Row Left to Right- Mr. John Monkman, Instructor, Mary Ellison, Cheryl Struck, Bonnie Ritzert, Janice Stevens, Peggy Lalor, Ginger Norgard, Peggy Mann, Barbara Stewart, and Patricia Gile. 2nd Rows Sharon Wagner, Karen Wolf, Cheryl Mastin, Susan Gritmacker, Juanitta Nelson, Judy Fringer, Judy Walters, Linda Meusling, Shirley Fringer, and Peggy Ritzert. 3rd Rows Jorga Hollenbeck, Janet Johnson, Ruth DeHaan, Karen O'Brien, Shirlee Wappler, Linda Okeson, Judy Peterson, Karen Philipsky, Kathleen Kooistra, Carolyn Johnson, Jeanne Vermond, Kathy Nusbaum, Jeanette Larson, and Madeline Eggert. hth Row- Marcia Groskinslcy, Joanne Behrens, Marilyn Hutchinson, Jane Peterson, Barbara Markee, Polly Eggert, Kathy Benoy, Alexia Leschuck, Phyllis Peterson, Margene Loses, Phyllis Nyboer, Delores Walters, Mary Ainger, Donna Schmarje, Marlene Drafz, and Joyce Johnson. Sth Row- Terry Layman, Gregory Tafel, Gary Christenberry, Terry Peterson, Kenny Cast, Dale Joosten, Phillip Wyse, Wayne Stanek, Jim Spooner, Jim Grabbert, James Nor, Dan Walters, Dave Schult, Gary Jacobson, and Roger Lange. 6th Rows Richard Nolan, Richard Tibbitts, Mike Sherry, Glenn Stanek, John Nelson, Jerry Behrens, Dave DeYoung, Ronnie Ellison, Richard VanLanduyt, Larry Meyers, Eugene Seaman, Ernie Kraft, Elof Borgeson, Lynn Yetter, and Arlyn Turner. ELECT CHORUS lst Row Left to Right- Ruth DeHaan, Karen O'Brien, Shirlee Wappler, Linda Okeson, Judy Peterson, Karen Philipsky, Kathleen Kooistra, Terry Layman, Jeanne Vermond, Kathy Nusbaum, and John Monkman, Inst 2nd Rowe Marilyn Hutchinson, Jane Peterson, Barbara Markee, Polly Eggert, Kathy Benoy, Alexia Leschuck, Phyllis Peterson, Margene Losee, Phyllis Nyboer, Delores Walters, Mary Ainger, Donna Schmarje Marlene Drafz, and Bonnie Ritzert. 3rd Rowe Gary Christenberry, Jerry Behrens, Kenny Gast, Phillip Wyse, Wayne Stanek, Jim Spooner, James Nor, Dan Walters, Dave Schult, Gary Jacobson, Roger Lange, and Arlyn Turner. hth Rowe Glenn Stanek, John Nelson, Dale Joosten, Dave DeYoung, Ronnie Ellison, Larry Myers, Richard VanLanduyt, and Eugene Seaman. JLI IOR CHORLI lst Row U.. to RJ-Linda Slavin, Gloria Kehle, Larry Moehling, 50113011 Moehlinga Gary Van Lancluyt, Dirk Del-lean, Peter Price , Jim Peterson, Noel Di'GZ211bUI'QG1', Diana Wyse, Joyce Walters, Pat Sherry, Barbara Nicholls Row CL to RD-Kathleen Hallisy, Noreen Rankins, Sandy Thayer, John Peterson Chuck Marzhal, Marc Woodbury, Keith Winchester, John Kooistra, Don Gritmaker, Robert Peterson, Bob Meusling, Steve Johnson, Art Nor, Ruth Sherry 3rd Row CL to R2-Susan Drefz, Bonnie Weiberg, Loretta Kraft, Linda Zimmerman, Janet Barrows , Louise Lalor, Phyllis Johnson, Barbara Behrens , MarybethSChulZ Joanne Groskihslqr, Judy Harris, Kathy Simes, Marlene Mastin, Gail Lange, Vicki Durkee 9 AN lst Row Lef . , , SVC Johnson, Sandy Thayer, Kathy Simes. t to Right-Susan Gritmaker, Dhyllis Peterson Ruth DeHaan St 2nd Row-M , o y Eggert, Linda Okeson, MBPZGUG L0899, Janet Johnson, Gordon Moehling, Terry Layman, Richard Tibbitts. 3rd Row-Bob Muesling, Buster Peterson, Lauretta Kraft, Gary Jacobson, Kathy Benoy, Alexia Leschuok, Kathy Nusbaum, John Peterson, Dan Walters, Phyllis Johnson. arilyn Hutchinson, Art Nor, Judy Peterson P ll hth Row-Ken Gast, Dirk DeHaan, Roger Lange, John Neal, Ernie Kraft, Gary Van Landuyt, Jim Spooner, Arlyne Olson, Elof Borgeson, Larry Myers. Sth Row-Sheryl Mastin, Dave Schult Gin e N , g r orgard, Karen Wolf, Dick Van Landuyt, Jim Nor Ron Ellison, Larry Moehling, Larry Johnson. MAJ GRETTES lst Row, Left to Right- Barbara Stewartg Hajorette, Cheryl Masting Marlene Drafz. 2nd Row , Left to Right- Cookie Vermondg Shirlee Wapplerg Carolyn Johnson. CLASSES :Xe XX X X MX Q XX X X I ir if X gs! LEX XXX XXX XX SMX 5 x 3 E"i ni M?yNMwi. v X M , , XXX Xml? 2 X Q gud KYB H X 5 X X 1 an '.45.' . -H X,-1" gf- el. wi 2. 1-" eff ff". I EX XgXgXXXXXX,XXX XX-,X,-XXX.-w X- XXXX.:Xz.+ggqXXX5XiXXgaX3gX5 ' Q X wnowwmnb X-Vigo enemy -Q-wnw,zyMwM 'X L - -XXX -- gief -. :XM qfiagg-X XXXXXXW- J M" XXXXEEXQXXX X X ,, X, XX Xa " X X X W XXX! X X AY' ' Ah HX, X ,X X X IXIX. ff-X1 If2X,.' X .S- -1zX,1 , - E- ,Xie SV' fi? '51 : ' ' -YQ X-.mW2wgYX XuX w w X XX X X, X f KX ,X EXXXS 5 H XX XX X X K 2 :Snug XSQQQXPXX . X iw X' UM gi X 5553553545534 em X: ,MH5?fimMMQXX W 5- XXX, X Aw Q XX, X 551 W fQHHHQvQ?? X-XXXXX-XXX 1XX-XX,-- K L E.. 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S ,Har a' 2M- nw Xl f - XXX-X, as H X h arf ' X HEQKFX 1 XM Jerry Behrens Kathy Benny Bonnie Bottcher Gary Christenberry Polly Eggert -x Mary allison Ronnie Ellison Judy Fringer Kenny Gast Shirley GaylordX Marcia Groskinsky Richard Halbmeier Jorge Hollenbeck Marilyn Hutchinson Ronnie Kluwe Keith Kolls Ernie Krafi Margene Losee Judy Lundgren Barbara Markee Cheryl Mastin barry Myers Beverly Nelson William Nicholls Phyllis Nyboer Larry Gkeson Bernard Parker Jane Peterson Judy Peterson Karen Philipsky 41' 1' ' Jack Schaefer Dave Schult Jim Spooner Arlyn Turner Jerry Regnier Jeanne Vermond Louis Vermond Mary Vierck Sharon Wagner Delores Walters Shirlee Wappler Alvin Weiberg Ken Wilson Larry Wissell Karen Wolf Phillip Wyse Mary Ainger Steve Arnold Linda Barrows Paul Behrens Elof Borgeson Charlie Braun Joe DeMarco Jim DeVries Don Elliot Patricia Gile Linda Holly Gary Huntley Gary Jacobson Doug Johnson Janet Johnson enema? 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Manager, Margene Losee, Secretary, Judy Peterson, Treasurer Sophomore: Joe DeMarco, Vice- Presidentg Elof Borgeson, Presi- dent, Glenn Stanek, Treasurer, Roger Lange, Secretary Eighth: Phyllis Johnson, Vice- Presidentg Marybeth Schulz, Presi dentg Steve Johnson, Secretary, Linda Zimmerman, Treasurer Freshmen: Jean Bentley, Vice- Presidentg Skip Simes, Presidentg Madeline Eggert, Secretary, Larry Johnson, Treasurer Seventh: Larry Hoehling, Vice- Presidentg Buster Peterson, Sec- retary, Linda Slavin, Treasurer, Joyce Walters, President SCHCQL BOARD Left to right- Robert Popenhagen, Seo.3 Dean Yetter, Joanne Simes, Lawrence Johnson, Pres.g Floyd Bentz, Henry Del-Iaan, Dexter Vanlioozen. W 7 p ,- THE BCARDING HOUSE REACH Wilbur-Dave DeYoung Hercules-Jim Stockwell Mr. Maxwe 11-Paul Cornue Mrs. Maxwell-Terrie Crawford Betty Lou Maxwell-Marlene Drafz Connie Maxwell-Judy Cornue Aunt Mary-Carolyn Johnson Lucy Burns-Ruth DeHaan Mr. Potter-Jerry Popenhagen Bernadine Smith-Barbara Stevens Mrs. Mott-Merry Zimmerman Limpy-Frank Mansfield Nora-Kathy Nusbaum Ruby-Peg Smith Herman -Bill Blaksley Connolly--Jim Nor Director-Mr. Fehler Business Manager-Joyce Johnson Stage Manager-Dick Berry f f ' 1321 r x If .ZJJX X! :XS x X "cj , 'xyluwtfsb I in XA Iqfllyh' Pfvcd hfiljx X yv"x:, ' ill,-f M S5 R .Y LQ' 135' WN GU,1V 5 by . ,milf Y' V7 U D2 11 . X MW if V A 'fo tfEUT'5 . ' A .fv M 'Sf LX if to 41 , ,N ' ff' AW L-fs" N tc pp' ffo LX0 My ' Gu An, fwvv Mx M, M . If V' my f 4' I W Koay. T1 Mb CVSLUYIV VM M bbw fy iq :kb Cf! wx of PATRONS 3 T' X59 . My .JCM . . I. LLP!! 9 Nu ,X , Q L, Qbv P L 5 N rlgjkb kr' ,1 CL' L X J I b mud W 'U' 1? 7-v"'t16 qx vt 4 Qu' V A,,fVV. 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Suggestions in the Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) collection:

Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 56

1963, pg 56

Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 15

1963, pg 15

Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 36

1963, pg 36

Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 68

1963, pg 68

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