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 - Class of 1962

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7 WWW fW'Q4fw0' 064051117 NA ' 6fQJ Jjfl M MWoQw00Z .Z H K ' , V 4 In ff an , 3, 4 ' , YJ- I I 1 A 4 f ' ' hifi- - X ' ' ' W 1- , i vi z . f jr 'X it U W -A '. QLEW'-+ Y. Q4'1:4"'+--if ' 'L ' Q ' X Q A A I - 3 ., .. . - ' .37 - lf! ' ' ,7,,,,'S, 'B at . H 1' , ' x. ' f , 1, A ae' A I f' ' 1 15- Q 8' '23 171' - F' N s -ICE . L f vm 75, L 0 7, 4 'I 4, . ' ff, ff' f' .F ' ,-. , ' I :1 'I - S .- A , 2 'V 1 fs' -4 ? J g. X J fx? I.. I 9, f V .. . . L. . ,f 45 - A by f in gy " 7 , - F-A , , ' hx? X I 4 , . 3 X. A1 , A 1 ,f, A 2 ,gl in .fL .5 62 J' 5. ,I ,. , . V K ,U . O , by 7 ff 'L pa ,ff - + , A , I 5' 4 5 ' ' If 1 ' V' 1 , H15 Q13 w 'ng' ' -r' A sl if 5 N we 3 Q' ADE3: ' Ahll b A V -' Yi ' if - S h' Ad ,V .Q , -v Y V -' W V ., A '-' -, ' . , 47 - 49" L- -. ' '.: ' "V 1 - 'hulk 11 ' ' Tv'-gi fi r A . -I-W' - .5 ' 1" . J' . .1 'f - - Y ' 'V' ' 'I5 f:"'-f J .- ' ' f A. . UL.--. , , , A , ,- -'f' 1- -' . .,. , . ,1 . 4 . . , , .Mm QQ., -f ,, ,-N113 53, . , L V, , ., ,K -E' f it , 1 ,f i ll S VV ' ' r fl . '-' . F- , 1 :F-.,-A . . .., , , 1 ' s- Q7 XQP , ,Q 4 . - Q U XY k of TW QQ WW N90 H X Z if Hx f KEWJQQJQQWQ51 W WM 22 Q if UQ: LUV bQ L xg A AIG of O Vx Q W JW J 6V q YQ M95 U W oh KK my M eacon ogg h ifLi2axg,Q2UjU QW QQ! ti f 'Gibb L56 ,UV09 20 W u' Q ' NW 3 of To Uv C ' 6 10 oy. :Q Ri QU LW f , B 'CU M A5090 X Alden-Hebron High School Hebron, Illinois 1 ' A1aen-Hem-on commuy Consolidated School District No, 19 We wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to Mrs. Alice Andrews and all other persons who have helped to make this book A 8. SUCCBSSQ DEDICDATION We, the Senior Class of 1962, dedicate our Heacon to you, Mrs. Andrews, for all the fine help you have given us. Our deepest appreciation, also, for the outstanding leadership you have given us both in the Commercial department and on the Yearbook Staff. We have gained much from your fine example and teachings, which will help us in whatever career we choose to follow. ADMIN IQTIZATION Mr. Mr, Tigard Mr. Courtright Sr gilgegggi. 3' superintendent Jr. High Principal ' if I W 1" 'I SCHOOL BCXLRD X Clockwise around table-Robert Popenhagen, Dean Yetter, Ken Jacobson, Lawrence John- son, Floyd Bentz, Henry DeHaan, Dexter VanHoozen Mr. Tigard Superentendent Mr. Liljedahl Principal CUSTODIANS Mr. Markee Mr. Peterson Mrs. Dickerson Mrs. Pbpenhagen BUS DRIVERS Bill Grabbert John Lopeman Henman Peterson Cliff Tibbitts Gus Jacobson COOKS Mrs. Nusbaum Mrs. Gile Mrs. Walters swf 5 . ,Q A fs if , gif? - 'Y ' A , E fi , X iii 3 if FACULTY fs, . 1 sw ' f'z, ' 5 53 51 453 2518 2522555 Mrs. Armstrong Mrs Q Evers Mrs. Tibbitts Mr, Dicksun ifiglQ?f'Hiss Austin . 'fu gi 4 ,wifi 3, ' r us , '. 1-'M ' ' : , , Ki, uv , A if 3, 2 , fy' 5' f' x Jil ,-nik' , 1.1 , ,, ' V? N 1 fw' Mr, Slayton Mr. Bodi Hr. Schmidt Hfso 770-JML, RAM ' WH-W, V mmm, K, V -A ' HIS. Rolls i 2 Q Mrs. Mack w 3 I Mr., Monkman X I Mrs. Andrews ms be Brown ,, - .M fW,fi AA,, T EAC!-IEP! BIOGI2-API-I Y MEL Tigard--Superintendent, Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska, B. S. Degree, Wyoming University, M. S. Degree, Student Council Advisor. MEL Liljedahl--Principal Sr. H. S., Iowa State University, B. S. Degree, North- western University, M. A. Degree, General Science, Chemistry, College Counselor. Mr, Courtright--Principal Jr. H. S., University of Dubuque, B. A. Degree, Uni- versity of Wisconsin, M. S. Degree, American History, World History, Civics, 8th Coach, Student Council Advisor. Mrs. Andrews-- Wisconsin State Teachers College, Whitewater, B. E. Degree, Business Education, Heacon Advisor. Mrs. Armstrong-Jwisconsin State Teachers College, Oshkosh, B. A. Degree, 7th Language, Library, Library Club Advisor. Miss Austin--Western Illinois University, B. E.Ikgree in English, Class Play Director, Newspaper Advisor. Mr. Bodi-4Wisconsin State Teachers College, Whitewater, B. E. Degree, 7th and BTH Social Studies, 8th Advisor, H Club Advisor, Assistant Basketball and foot- ball coach. MEL Brown--Wisconsin State Teachers College, Whitewater, B. E. Degree, 7th Social studies and Coach, 8th Arithmetic and Language Arts, Economics, Senior Advisor Mr, Dickson--University of Illinois, B. S. Agronomy, 7th Arithmetric, Industrial Arts. Mr. Diderrich-Awisconsin State Teachers College, Whitewater, B. E. Degree, BDE Science and Language Arts, 7th Science, 7th Advisor. Mrs. Evers--Northern Illinois University, B. S. Degree, Home Ec I and II, Family Living, F. H. A. Advisor. Mrs. Hill--University of Illinois, B. S. Degree, Northygstern University, M. A. Degree, Mathematics, Freshman Advisor. Mrs. Lopeman--University of Illinois, B. S. Degree, 7th Language Arts, Library, Library Club Advisor. Mrs. Mack--Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois, A. B. Degree, Graduate work in music at University of Munich, Germany, and University of Budapest, Hungary, Freshman English, Grade School Music. Mr: Monkman--Northern Illinois University, B. S. in Music Education, High School Band and Chorus. Mrs. Rolls--Simpson College, B. S. Degree, Biology, General Science, 8th Science MEL Schmidt-Awisconsin State Teachers College, Platteville, B. E. Degree, Uni- versity of Illinois, B. S. Degree, Agriculture I and II, Shop I and II, Junior Advisor, F. F. A. Advisor. MEL Slayton--Monmouth College, B. A. Degree, Colorado College, M. A. Degree, Physical Education, Drivers' Training, Basketball and Baseball Coach, Football Coach. Mrs. Tibbitts--Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, B. A. Degree, Spanish, Physical Education, Sophomore Advisor. W 'W "4 nl U i Z 5 Q -SEV' t. S M X K! WS? 'L xg, ,ui gp: :Q ,S A r 5 . ni J ,X fi -, +12 ,Ll ,il ff E513 Vg 3 ,Q W5 it 2 Es HE 55 ?f EJ Si QE p ii 23 12 , ,E ,E E . 'Q ? ,X :F l is :N SE ICRS Jim Behrens Beverly Gritzmcker Dave Benoy Mary Aylward Albert Schuett Sylvia wgibgg-9 Jim Stewart Janice 6116 5, . A ' X ' iz ' .nu ni-nl mmn....,f M B-.-n 1-mM.wm.-mmmmawmwagwzz,xs Nxmm. Jean Price Sharon Halbmaier Gene Coe Charles Elliot Gordon Johnson Pete Knutson Aneta Flynn Joe Bottcher ,xmmawmam Ron Garrison Dolores Wyse Mike Va11d2I'Pa1 John Ellison Tony De Marco Russell Schulz Paulette Schmarje Jim D'-Irkee Beverly K'-W.. n I 3 , L Q CLASS WILL I, Mary Aylward, bequeath my figure to "my dog Chris." Jim Behrens, bequeath my long hoody haircuts to Louie Vermond. Dave Benoy, bequeath my "realistic" poems to the world, in hopes that they will make it a better place in which to live. I, Joe Bottcher, bequeath my record of "Kathy's Clown" to anyone who wants I, 1, it. I, Gene Coe, bequeath my side burns to Larry Okeson. I, Tony De Marco, bequeath my "hot" Chevy to Jim Slavin because he needs a good Chevy. I, Jim Durkee, bequeath my woman to John Wilson. I ,A Chuck Elliot, bequeath nn' "cocky" manner to Mr. Liljedahl. I, John Ellison, bequeath my ability to do the "Twist" to Lynda Meyers. I, Aneta Flynn, bequeath my ability to say the right things at the right time to Jerry Behrens. I, Ron Garrison, bequeath my F.F.A. career to Alexia Leschuck. I, Janice Gile, bequeath my nan to Peggy Smith. I, Bev Gritmacker, bequeath my height to Phil Wyse, in hopes that he will be a better basketball man. I, Sharon Halbmaier, bequeath my quiet "likable" manner to Jim Nor. I, Gordy Johnson, bequeath my ability to get along with Mr. Schmidt to Dan Walters. I , Pete Knutson, bequeath my "exceptional" scholastic abilities to Pat Erwin. I, Jean Price, bequeath my "hot, beastly wrecks" to Lynn Dee Yetter. I , Al Schuett, bequeath my "3D" letter in football to anyone who can get along with "Daddy Bil1's" ways for lg years. I, Rusty Schulz, bequeath my musical abilities, social-status, athletic enthusiam, scholastic abilities, loveable character, and general all around leader-ship to the faculty. They need it more than I do. I, Paulette Schmarje, bequeath my ,long black hair to Mr. Schmidt. I, Jim Stewart, bequeath my sex appeal to Scotty Scot. I, Mike VanderPal bequeath is of my "natural" red hair to Delores Walters , and the other Q to Judy Cornue. I , Sylvia Weiberg, bequeath my tactful manner to Barb Stevens. Dolores Wyse, bequeath my secretarial job'with the F.F.A. to Ann Arndt. , the class of one thousand nine hundred sixty-two, bequeath our abi- lity to get along with all the teachers, our well known attitude, and our advisor-given title as the most likely class to succeed to the juniors. - constructed by, John James Stewart III David Anthony Benoy I, W2 PPJOPI-IE Before Uncle Sam took the small fortune that Great Aunt Mary left me, I de- cided to visit ny classmates of 1962. I stopped at the East Chemung High School to reminisce with Jim Durkee, Head of the Discipline Department, and to come Hup-to-daten with my old buddy, Sylvia Weiberg, who was trying to teach math. She told me that Mary Aylward was in business in West Chemung. I surprised her at her Lite 'N Brite Beauty Shop where seven girls were dashing around taking care of the clients. My next stop, Harvard, found Paulette Schmarje managing the WM U T.V. Sta- tion. She took a few minutes to tell me that Gen Coe, Karen, and their four children were engaged in dairy farming at MEADOWEROOK FARM. Jim Behrens, owner of the Walwortl1Gazette, had a cute red-headed co-editor. That explained why he was so busy! As I went through Alden, I stopped to see Beverly and Al Schuett, who now reside in the northern suburbs of Alden. As I got out of the car, their five little boys almost ran me down. Bev informed me that they are planning on having six more in order to have that eleven-man team that Al is always talking about. After leaving the Schuett's, I went on my way bound for Hebron. I first stopped off at the high school, and who should I see there behind a big desk, no other than Mike VanderPal. You see, Mike is now disciplining the students of H eron against smoking. Ron Garrison finally took ovrr Mr. Schmidt's job in the Ag Room. I went to Richmond, where I stopped off at Whiskey Corners to see Jean Price and his family. Mrs. Price told me that Jean, after ten long years, is still trying to win a race at Uilmont. At the new Richmond Memorial Hospital, I saw Sharon Halbmaier, the head receptionist. , At O'Hare Airport I saw Aneta Flynn, on her way to NBC television studios to make a speech on how she broke the world'S talkathon record- Feeling very tired, I decided to get a hotel room and stay overnight in Chi- cago. I saw the Bottcher Bay Hotel, owned by no other than or own Joe Bottcher. He gave me the best room with a television set--in the basement. I sat back and watched the newsreel on T.V. They were telling of the man who was running for Pope, one of my classmates! It was none other than his nExcel1encyU Dave Benoy. I went u stairs to talk to Joe. I asked him if he knew of any classmates in chicago. He said Gordon Johnson was now the owner of the Patricia Steven's Modeling School and J.C. Ellison is the top professional twist instructor at the Arthur Murray Studio. Ny next stop, Hollywood, found R. Schulz blowing bubbles on the Lawrence Walk Show. I left Rusty and at the movie lot, Chuck Elliot just finished a ju gle picture with his favorite co-star Shila. Jim Stewart, a great actor in Hollywood, has other side interests in a chain of production lines in Gerogia. Dolores Wyse has finished her first movie called WHow Time Flies.U I was unable to see Tony De Marco, the world's most famous movie producer,on vacation in some unknown place. I went back to Madison where Pete Knutson, a hair designer at Vassar's, a , woman's college, was vacationing. At Whitewater Janice Gile Evers was busy with her little professors and cheerleaders. When I reached home I decided to give Uncle Sam the money I had left. So I mailed m 32.00 to him. HISTORY We started our freshman year with SO eager scholars. Jim Stewart lead us through the confusion as our president. He was given support by our vice- president Jim Jorgenson. Beverly Gritmacker, our treasurer, balanced the books. Records of this turbulance were kept by Maureen Wyse. We had two candy sales, a roller skating party, and saw the movie NGreen Mansions.n Somehow our advi- sor, Mrs. Hill, survived the year and was able to teach again. Dave Benoy and Mary Aylward were sent away to represent us on the Student Council. Fifty less eager students tackled the sophomore year with the help of their advisor, Mrs. Tibbitts. Jim Durkee was our ambitious president. P te Knutson, no less enthused, was our vice-president. Janice Gile, our treasurer, was busy straightening out last years books. Jim Stewart took over as secretary. Dave Benoy couldn't take it, so we sent Jim Behrens along with Mary Aylward to the Student Council. We had a real swinging dance called the HBeatnik Bop.n At the end of the year we saw, some of us did, the movie nPlease Don't Eat The Daisies.W Thirty-two reluctant students wandered in after summer vacation to see their junior year through with or without the help of their advisor, Mr. A.N. Schmidt. Tony De Marco showed us the way in his new capacity as president. Jim Behrens, on his way up, moved into the vice-president status. Jim Stewart, refusing to hand over his unkempt books, remained secretary for another year. Sylvia Weiberg thought she could handle the job, so she was elected treasurer. Jean Braun and Jim B211I'2I1S were Student C01-111011 representatives . Behrens, eager for easy executive jobs, was elected vice-president of Student Council. NSome Enchanted Eveningn was the theme for the prom. The colors were blue, coral, and white. Bud Wilbur provided the musical atmosphere. The Queen was Beverly Gritmacker and the King was John Ellison. The court was composed of Janice Gile, Sylvia weiberg, Jim Stewart, and Pete Knutson. Dave Benoy was business manager of this ordeal. Twenty-four students were rounded up and compelled to follow Mr. Brown, our advisor, through our senior year. Jim Behrens was elected confusion organiser. Dave Benoy was elected to stand in the wings so as to support Jim and to help him retain his sanity. Sylvia Weiberg was again given the job of counting our num rous stores of wealth. Beverly Gritmacker was our able secretary. Jim Behrens was finally squeezed out of Student Council and replaced by Jim Stewart who became its able president. Janice Gile took Jean Braun's place on the Student Council. We made lots of money selling magazin s, having bake sales, dances, and putting on our successful class play. A good and rewarding time was had by all on our class trip. we visited New York and Washington. Many points of interest were forever being explored. Then came the reward, GRADUATION! SEN 10121 B IOGIZAPI-IY Mary Ailward- Senior Chorus l-23 Student Council l-23 Secretary 25 Heacon Staff 3 Newspaper Staff 2-3-143 Pep Club l-2-3-143 F. H. A. 1-2-3-3 3 Vice President 143 Homecoming Attendant 3 .nm Behrens- Class President 143 vice President 3-3 senior crm-us l-2-3443 Select Chorus 2-3-143 Boy's Chorus 1-2-3-143 Student Council 2-33 Vice Presi- dent 33 Newspaper Staff 2-33 Assistant Editor 33 Senior Editor 143 H Club 2-3-143 Treiswer 143 Pep Club 143 Baseball 2-143 Football 3-143 Basketball 1-2-3-43 Track 2-3- Dave Benoy- Business Manager 33 Vice President 143 Senior Chorus 2-3-113 Select Chorus 2-3-143 Boy's Chorus 2-3-143 Band 143 Student Council 13 Heacon Staff 143 H Club 3-14, F, F., A. 1-2-3-143 Reporter 23 Secretary 3 8. 143 Basketball 1.23 Track 2-3 Gene Coe- F. F. A. l-2-3 Tony De Marco- Class President 33 Heacon Staff 3-143 Jr. Editor 33 Co Editor 143 H cmb 1-3-143 Baseball 1-2-143 hsketball 1-2-3-143 Boy's state 3 Jim Durkee- Class President 23 Heacon Staff 143 Newspaper Staff 143 H Club 1-2-3-143 Baseball 1-23 Football 2-143 Basketball 1-2-3-14 Chuck Elliot- Newspaper Staff 143 F. F. A. 1-2-33 Prom King 33 Football l John Ellison- Senior Chorus 143 Select Chorus 143 Heacon Staff 143 H Club 143 Prom King 33 Football 143 Boy's State 3 Aneta Flynn- Heacon Staff 143 Newspaper Staff 1-23 Pep Club l-23 F. H. A. l-2-3-14 Ron Garrison- senior chorus 13 Select chorus 13 Boy's chorus 13 F. F. A. 1-2-2-11 Janice Gile- Class Treausrer 23 Student Council 143 Heacon Staff 143 Newspaper Staff 143 Pep Club 1-2-3-143 F. H. A. l-2-3-143 Treasurer 23 Secretary 143 Prom Attendent 33 Homecoming Attendant 13 Cheerleader 1-2-3-113 Gi!-'1'8 State 3 Beverl Gritmcker- Class Treasurer 13 Secretary 143 Heacon Staff 143 Newspaper Staff is Pep Club 23 F. H. A. 1-2-3-143 Prom Queen 33 Homecoming Queen 14 Sharon Halbmaier- Senior Chorus 1-23 Select Chorus 1-2,5 Girl's Chorus 1-23 Heacon Staff 143 Newspaper Staff l-3-143 Pep Club l-2-3-13 Vice President 143 F. H. A. 1-2-3-143 Vice President 33 President 14 Gordon Johnson- Senior Chorus 3-143 Select Chorus 3-143 Heacon Staff 143 H Club 143 Football 3-iz Pete Knutson- Vice President 23 Newspaper Staff 33 H Club 3-1:3 F. F. A. 1-2-33 Reporter 33 Prom Attendent 33 Football 3 Jean Price- F. F. A. 1-25 Football 2 Paulette Schmrje- Band 1-2-3-143 F. H. A. 1-2-3-14 AlberthSchuett- H Club l-2-3-143 F. F. A. 1-23 Homecoming King 143 Football 1-2-3- Russell Schulz- Senior Chorus 1-2-9-143 Select Chorus 1-2-3-143 Boyls Chorus l-2-143 Band 1-2-3-143 Heacon Staff 14 Jim Stewart- Class President 13 Secretary 2 8. 33 Senior Chorus 143 Student Council 143 President 143 Heacon Staff 143 H Club 1-2-3-143 Secretary 3s President 143 F. F. A, 1-2-3-143 Treasurer 33 President 143 Prom Attendent 33 Homecoming Attendent 1-23 Football 1-2-3-143 Basketball 1-2-3-14 Sylvia weiberg- Class Treasurer 3-143 Heacon Staff 3-143 Jr. Editor 33 Co Editor 143 Newspaper Staff 143 Pep Club 1-23 F. H. A. 1-2-3-143 Public Relations Chair- man 143 Prom Attendent 3 Dolores Wlse- Senior Chorus 1-23 Heacon Staff 113 Newspaper Staff 23 Pep Club 1'2'3'1-lf Fo Ho Ao 1"'2'3'h uw.. , QQIAN it L , . 3, ,fl , ,Z .,,. ,4,,,,,,.f, in ,E .4,. 3, ,,,. W.- Eu-54,1 filwfiewgrfw 9112555521 111 X 1 4 '- w S21?s??3f5? ,L ,mW.,, 5 E X 1 3,4454 1,,,!1.,4 X44 1 , . 4, 1, , 1,4 z4n24:,1w,2 4' 3343225 , ' :'2i'fX5.fng 1 zj stisegiiiiisi L' 'lwxitf ' A WEE? . 3 '1iv'?55Sf 3 A li e? imeggig. gif: . ., D . -' fu 11iv12511i1!fE11fi,'iQE1f1ivi wise Y gig 4 1 1- V arm, 34 14, .. wspigizlgqegsiffzzisliffpsgkj 452513. 3 ge t is .4 gfzgggggfwf Q H W., S12 251612521 122225 N -4, 4 ' 1 ' . - 'lffifaivigfi - ' ', ' ' 'f35F:5'f:z ." W :viuTf'Ei1x'12f ' X L Q .ff ' - 3 ig! 3 4 1313 H if Nw Q 2 sg, i km 25115511 1 1 "8'i f3f !S ,31Eg1 111ef12SJ11 -4 l'4 fifKa??' 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QS i S e 1 'ffl 4 . ,,.i 5 fl Q 'Em life , , S I Q E215 E M, 15, fs 5 5 , X 29 2: 1-E JW Wx 1? .,5 . 5' Ei fig E E K l VE i C T I V I T I E S Q Attendants Past Queen Ecijgrly Gritmacker P3515 King Attendants Pete Knutson Julie Johnson R' - ' 0 G'1 . . . Jim Schulz Janie- 1 2 Sylvia We1berg King Jim Stewart John Ellison SOME ENC!-IANTED Crown Bearers E V E N I N G, Chris Schult Tommy Berryman six X 23 King and Queen Beverly Gritmacker Albert Schuett Sophomore Attendents Cookie Vermond Lennie Thomas Juni or Attendants Phyllis Peterson Dave Johnson Freshman Attendents Janet Johnson Frank Marzahl Junior Float Senior Flgat lst Place Senior Division Freshman Float S0Ph0m0r2 Float lst, Place Junior Division 2nd Place Senior Division Eighth Grade Float 2nd Place Junior Division Seventh Grade Float THLETICS POOTBA LL lst Row Left to Right- Loren Morris, Frank Marzahl, Bob Zimmerman, Jonn Nelson, Joe De Marco, Bob Wilson. 2nd Row- Jim Durkee, Frank Mansfield, Dave Johnson, Jim Nor, John Wil- son, Ron Ellison, Larry Myers, Ken Wilson. 3rd Row- Mr. Slayton, Jim Stewart, Dick Berry, John Ellison, Jerry Popenhagen, Albert Schuett, Lennie Thomas, Jim Behrens, Dave De Young, Mr. Bodi. wud ,Left to Right- Dick Berry, Jim Stewart, Dave Johnson, Jim Nor, Jim Behrens, Jerry Popenhagen, Dave De Young, Tony De Marco, Frank Mansfield, Alvin Weiberg, and Mr. Slayton. BAQICET BALL lst Row Left to Right- Richard Van Landuyt, Larry Meyers, Dave Schult, Dale Joosten, Joe De Marco, Doug Johnson, Bob Wilson, Loren Morris, Dan Walters. 2nd Row- Mr. Bodi, Keith Kolls, Alvin Weiberg, Jim Spooner, Robert Zimmerman, Larry Okeson, Elof Borgeson, John Nelson, Ken Wilson, and Richard Halbmaier. if .xf Q? NNW RN.. ' ,- R 5 X IE 35 ,ga 'I' F 5+ Sas K ww 1.215 FW' SWF? iw 2 Nw M A3335 K Ji? '59 .. S 7 N N Q Mx X 'Q ez Q ww ve' E a . 'f ii i K i - N-...J 1 ,-, Q, Q ? mf- ? X A A K tr: 1. '-Q X Q. Q .. E m x jfs? w.. 2- z 2" 7 ? N Ei ii! QS BASEBALL R TRACK lst Row Cl to rl-Jim Nor, Jerry Popenhagen, Dave De Young, Jim Behrens, Tony De Marco 2nd Row-Chuck Larson, Terry Win chester, Erwin Schelter, Alvin Weiberg, Dick Berry 3rd How-Loren Norris, John Nel- son, Ernie Kraft, Joe De Marco, Bob Zimmerman Cl-FEEIZLEADEIZQ E Margene Kathy Pat Judy V X ,zu 5.3! agar wg? AQ, em , A a We IV 'Q W 'Qi 4. 554 , . xy 5 4 515 A Ti , f 45 11 :wif 25236 ,gm fi Harp ffwgffqifsq w gfhxffix ,QM .wsu 5 lst Row Left To Right- Paulette Schmarje, Aneta Flynn, Janice Gile, Dick Berry, Joyce Johnson, Sylvia Weiberg, Tony De Marco. 2nd Row- Dolores Wyse , Gordon Johnson, John Ellison, Jim Durkee, Jim Stewart, Beverly Gritnaker, Jim Behrens , Russell Schulz, Sharon Halbmaier, Dave Benoy, Mary Aylward. I-IEACON STAFF- lst Row Left to Right- Cookie Vermond, Phil Wyse , Karen O'Brien, Paul Cornue, Jim Stewart, Mr. Courtright. 2nd Row- Gary VB1lL2.I1dlU't, Bonnie Weiberg, Janice Gile, Janet Johnson, Judy Walters, Larry Johnson, Danny Walters , Mr. Tigard. STUDENT GOUNCIL NEWSPAPER: STAFF Seated CL to RI-Jim Durkee, Jim Nor, Jerry Popenhagen, Dave De Young, Peggy Smith, Jim Behrens, Phyllis Peterson, Judy Cornue, Jerry Behrens, Miss Austin Standing CL to RJ-Ken Stewart, Phyllis Johnson, George Miller, Janice Gile, Mary Aylward, Sharon Halbmaier, Dave Benoy, Beverly Gritmacker, Polly Eggert, Jane Peterson, Linda Okeson, Alexia Leschuck, Joanne Behrens, Sylvia Weiberg, Joyce Johnson lst Row Left To Right- John Ellison, Keith Kolls, Larry Okeson, Jerry Popenhagen, Jim Stewart, Al Schuett, Dave Johnson, Jim Behrens, Mr. Bodi. 2nd Row- Jim Nor, Jim Durkee, Dave DeYoung, Dick Berry, Frank Mansfield, Ronnie Ellison, John Wilson, Ken Wilson, Dave Schult. 3rd Row- Rennie Thomas, Pete Knutson, Tony DeMarC0, Dave Benoy, Erwin Schelter, John Nelson, Jerry Behrens , Larry Myers. N hth Row- Joe DeMarco, Bob Wilson, Bob Zimmerman, Phil Wyse, Loren Morris, Alvin Weiberg. GL UE lst Roufl. to RJ-Pat Thomas, Judy Fringer, Karen O'Brien, Sharon Halbmier, Carolyn Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Marilyn Hutchinson, Ann Arendt, Sandy Smith, Mr. Dickson 2nd Row-Kathy Benoy, Mary Jo Ellison, Karen Philipsky, Phyllis Nyboer, Jim Behrens, John Wilson, Ruth Dehaan, Anna Breiholz, Betty Harris, Barbara Stewart , 3rd Row-Merry Zimmerman, Pat Gile, Dolores Wyse , Mary Aylward, Janice Gile, Judy Cornue, Karen Wolf, Bonnie Botitcher, Jane Peterson hth Row-Janice Stevens , Sheryl Kohel, Margene Losee, Judy Peterson, Kathy Nusbaum, Phyllis Peterson, Ihggy Smith, Marlene Drafz Sth Row-Kathy Kooistra, Barbara Stevens , Mary Ainger, Arlyne Olson, Janet Johnson, Linda Okeson, Alexia Lzsehuck: PEP CLUB LIBRARY GLUE lst RowlL to RJ- Mrs. Armstrong, Cheryl Mastin, Joyce Johnson, Margene Losee, Jane Peterson, Bonnie Bottcher, Judy Fringer, PhylliS Nyboer, Pat Thomas 2nd Row-Kathy Benoy, Ann Arendt, Sandra Smith, Barbara Stevens, Anna Breiholtz, Betty Harris, Shirlee Wappler, Barbara Markee 3rd Row- Karen Philipsky, Mary Jo Ellison, Cookie Vermond, Marilyn Hutchison, Karen Wolf, Mary Vierck, Marcia Groskinsky, Sharon Wagner hth Row- Judy Peterson, Polly Eggert, Sheryl Kohel, Janice Stevens, J d ' u y Lundgren, Beverly Nelson, Jorga Hollenbeck, Barbara Stewart Sth Row-Merry Zimmerman, Pat Gile, Arlene Olson, Mary Ainger, Alexia Leschuck, Janet Johnson F-HA lst Row Left to Right- Mrs. Evers, Karen O'B ien, Mary Jo Ellison, Paulette Schmarje, Sylvia Weiberg, Janice Gile, Sharon Halbmaier, Mary Aylward, Carolyn Johnson, Betty Harris, Marilyn Hutchison, Peggy Mann, Delores Walters. 2nd Row- Peggy Smith, Kathy Nusbaum, Phyllis Peterson, Judy Cornue, Anna Breiholz, Dolores Wyse, Beverly Grtimacker, Aneta Flynn, Joyce Johnson, Karen Philipsky, Judy Fringer, Bonnie Bottcher. 3rd Row- Barbara Markee, Cookie Vermond, Judy Lundgren, Marcia Groskin. sky, Sharon Wagner, Sandra Smith, Ann Arendt, Jeanette Larson, Donna Schmarje, Pat Thomas, Mary Vierck. hth Row- Sheryl Kohel, Arlene Olson, Pat Gile, Mary Ainger, Barbara Stewart, Karen Wolf, Beverly Nelson, Jorga Hollenbeck, Jane Peterson, Shirlee Wappler. Sth Row- Cheryl Mastin, Linda Holly, Janice Stevens, Kathy Kooistra. lst Row CL to RJ-Mr. Schmidt, Jim Nor, Jerry Popenhagen, Jim Stewart, Ron Garrison, Dave Benoy, Phil Wyse 2nd Row-Wayne Stanek, Frank Mansfield, Dale Halbmaier, Jim Slavin, Larry Okeson, Jim Durkee, Keitl1Ko11s, Frank Marzahl 3rd Row-Larry Patnaude, Loren Morris, Pete Knutson, Charlie Braun, Glen Stanek, Danny Walters, Dick Nolan, Bob Wilson SEN IO Cl-IOIZUQ lst RowCL to RJ-S, Wappler-, J. Peterson, A, Olson, L. Okeson, K. Philipsky, D. Walters, K. Kooistra, J. Larson,'C. Johnson 2nd Row-K. 0'Brien, P. Nyhoer, M. Drafz, K. Nusbaum, A. Arendt, S, Smith, P. Gile. J. Stevens, S. Kohel, P. Mann, B. Stewart 3rd Row-R. Dehaan, D. Schmarje, M. Ainger, M. Losee, J. Cornue, B. Stevens, J. Johnson, J. Hollenbeck, P. Thomas hth Row-J. Fringer, P. Smith, C. Hastin, H. Hutchinson, M. Groskinsky, 5. Wagner, M. Ellison, J. ,Johnson Sth Row-C Vermond, B Markee, B. Botteher, K. Wolf, J Peterson, A. Lesch O 0 uc P. Peterson, P, Eggert, K. Benoy . 6th Row-H. Cairns, T. Laymen, IR. Tibbitts, M. Sherry, K. Gast, J. Behrens, J. Behrens, D. Halbnnier, S. Ranklns, W. Starnek 7th Row-G. Jacobson, J. Ellison, D, Schult, J. Nor, D. Walters, L. Yetter, R. Lange, E. Kraft, J. Stewart, D. De Young U 8th Row-P. Rich, E. Borgeson, J. Nelson, D. Benoy, J. Spooner, L. Were, R. Schulz, G. Johnson, R. Ellsion, R. Kluwe, R. VanLanduyt, S. Arnoldd k SELECT Cl-IOIZJUQ lst Rowfl.. to RJ-Ghirlee Wappler, Judy Peterson, Arlene Olson, Linda Okeson, Karen Philipsky, Delores Walters , Terry Laynan, Kathy Kooistra, Kathy Nus- baum 2nd Row-Barbara Markee, Ruth Dehaan, Karen O'Brien, Cookie Vermond, Phyllis Nyboer, Marlene Drafz, Ann Arendt 3rd Row-Phil wyse, BonnielBottcher, Jane Peterson, Polly Eggeft, Kathy Benoy, Alexia Leschuck, Phyllis Peterson, Mary Ainger, Margene Losee, Richard Tibbetts, Donna Schnarje hth Row-Wayne Stanek, Steve Rankins, John Ellison, Jim Behrens, Jim Nor, Dave Schult, Dan Walters, Roger Lange Sth Row-John Nelson, Gary Jacobson, Dave Benoy, Jim Spooner, Larry Myers, Rusty Schulz, Ronnie Ellison, Ronnie Kluwe, Richard VanLanduyt GIRLS Ol-IOIZUQ lst Row Left to Right- Judy Fringer, Marilyn Hutchinson, Shirley Wappler, Judy Cornue, Karen Philipsky, Mary Ainger, Phyllis Nyboer, Delores Walters, Kathy Kooistra, Ann Arendt, Sandra Smith, Kathy Nusbau . 2nd Row- Margene Losee, Cookie Vermond, Peggy Smith, Judy Peterson, Donna Schmarje, Carolyn Johnson, Marlene Drafz, Janice Stevens, Barbara Stevens, Joyce Johnson, Sheryl Kohel, Pat Tho as. 3rd Row- arbara Markee, Kathy Benoy, Phyllis Peterson, Polly Eggert, Alexia Leschuck, Jane Peterson, Mary Jo Ellison, Janet Johnson, Linda Okeson, Arlyne Olson, Peggy Mann BOYS Ol-JOIZUQ lst Row Left to Right- Jim Behrens, Steve Rankins, Wayne Stanek, John Ellison, Dale Halbmaier, Dave Schult, Jim Nor, Roger Lange, Lynn Dee Yetter. 2nd Row- John Nelson, Gary Jacobson, Dave Benoy, Jim Spooner, Larry Meyers, Rusty Schulz, Dave DeYoung, Gordon Johnson, Ronnie Kluwe, Ronnie Ellison. Jumnora ouozeue lst Row CL to RJ-Peggy Lalor, Shirley Fringer, Louise Lalor, Linda Meusling, Judy Harris, Joanne Groskinsky, Barbara Behrens, Dianne Bar ton, Bonnie Ritzert, Madeline Eggert, Jean Bently, Ruth Sherry 2nd Row-Marybeth Schulz, Noreen Rankins, Ginger Norgard, Phyllis bhn- son, Juanita Nelson, Judy Walters, Gayle Lange, Annabell Sergeant, Martha Flynn, Pat Nolan, Gloria Kahle, 3rd Row-Peggy Ritzert, Mary Flynn, Mike Slavin, Don Gritmacker, James Peterson, Art Nor, Gary VanLanduyt, Charles Marzahl, Larry Halbmaier, Susan Gritmacker, Joanne Behrens, hth Row-Jeff Arnold, Larry Johnson, John Jacobson, Skip Simes, Jim Grabbert, Marc Woodbury, Steve Johnson, Terry Peterson, Dave Sherer, Gordon Moehling BAND lst RowCL to R2-Steve Johnson, Susan Gritmcker, Phyllis, Peterson, Ruth Dehaan, Janet Johnson, Margene Losee, Terry Layman, Polly Eggert, Judy Peterson, Larry Myers, Mary Afnger, Marc Woodbury 2nd Row- John Jacobson, Bonnie Bottoher, Paulette Sohnnrje, Gary Jacobson, Art Nor, Kathy Nushaum, Alexia Leschuck, Linda Okeson, Richard Tibbetts, Phyllis Johnson, Dan Walters, Gordon Moehling, Noreen Rankins, Rusty Schulz Frank Marzahl 3rd Row-Roger Lange, Keith Kolls, Arlene Olson, Elof Borgeson, Gary Van BLZ.nduyt, Jim Spooner, Ginger Norgard, Karen Wolf, Dick Vanlanduyt, Kathy noy hth Row-Paul Rich, Kenny Gast, Jim Peterson, Dave Benoy, Larry Johnson, Ronnie Ellison, Terry Peterson, David Sherer, Paul Cornue, David Schult 7th and Sth BASKETBALL I Sth Grade Cheerleaders 1st Row Left to Right- J. Arnold, L. Halbmaier, T., Peterson, J. Jacob- Judb' Walters son, G., Zimmerman. J hn 2nd Row- C. Barton L. o son, Peggy Lam' A. sims, J. G1-ab:b21-t, A. Fink, Susan Gritmacker D. Sher-er, D. Bottcher. K SS1 7th Grade Cheeleaders lst Row Left to Right- J. Peterson, N. Ditzenberger M. Woodbury. Li d Zi rman ' n 3 me 2nd Row-G. Moenung, A. Nor, D., slavin, Marybeth Schulz K. Stewart, C. Marzahl, S, Johnson Louise Lalor 31-d Row- L. Norgard, R. Norgard, R. Okeson, M. Slavin, C. Wolf. . ...K .nfs x Q -ix . 1, 3 1 x 1 Q Zi x S fwfr ,Y A M35 '14-Q' A M 1 an ,, Q Q fu., 2 , X 1 , Q , an is ', kj, 1 , E . x, H 430- 4 .M , . , 21 Q x S55 NX X. 1 3. Q, F75 5 n 'jx ' Lf? Q1 Sv? NN is is vi ,J . : XY 115 N K . ., . . we A W 1 5 X S h ,E -.-,Z 7 "L QL ,i was H X W, , ,. G , .E xg, , ff 1 , -Xe: .. .r P fifff N YL. ,Semin .A..,s.f:. L uf, " PL " + s i v 2 X7 Af Jwm 'B Vi Z, if ,MJ YT' , 5 I , 13,52 5 Q: A' .. NX X F55 ww X xx 'REM R vm ,,, wxl4'K5Bt 515:53 K a1l.5i5'L'95i Mk. ,'1'4's'1ifl2?5iL1X fb . T Z QF ,aw -' pn'.w..'T" - W, Si , , - R 5-JQg::"' ,K ,ji " . : 5 ' J . ,Q fx: 1 igjj gg' f , -Q A - 4 Q,if.i-- iguiga ' ix, ,- ,rig-MQ ' :+V J x:,,:..- - V 'jg :EL K , . .,..kk! mef' A W. mf Ha qw A in Y si' H if ELM N , p 9? Lama .f, . . .. 1 rf Qr uf 73251: fu ii Fi A 2 P' .fe 1 fri ff af . Q ki.. - A if If 3 vii? Z 3 yn 'ing -,Qi 13-1 xv tl F Egfr , 'FIM-4 ?TYg'i5i 'ga' gy ,v,,..... Q4 'ii' Q5 -V 5: -4: S' .Q f . 1 w "g::j,.w 4 .A W y 1 1 1 K J if x Fi? 2 gg 'glgfikgw Q qw kim lf, ,,r4 X m JK H ,ag l ms ,ze 1 vx gia5Esis5 R1gk was h, gg?-S-yfzg 4, M ga? 9 v b k 4, wgvfq-,QQ ww EEWKKWW W S M ,Jail ' ww MQGWY ww me 1' My xr' - 'QK,':" ,f1' . ,, , M sk ,,l-f-We-,yff 2 : Q ' 1" vff me: Nas., MNH: u ,E M - E W.. Ah, gf , ,..,,. ' fiib , xr 1 x li' iwg, ' T v.. 1 wiv ,4 .W .A fig if '72?7'?i.r'f1,::Zf ,195-2' ' if , 453' ,ff K ' S5255 g 4' N' 3 " fm Yi 4 2, Q U, gk, 3 xv if fe S A D 1 7 MU 'M-11 if-if fi: ,yfaai ,,t,7f,f,e,f,415'..-726 AM A ffl'--41..- 2Cf4WAeV,A1EfQh,fA!xZ!? g,f',fZ,g47ZG4fL!7,ZZZ-B ,40- faef Angell, 3p,,,,A4,,,,jL f-ZF lid, .JZ Ma!! -,aku -' r Q ' . Y, , i 2 eaewf Ze faeeawa We-ae WM- efaaaaeawaae efeli2'3Zz5z:ffjP A T ra o N Q . -had af?-ka-v,aa.,+e'?g VMMQZJ fb' . I .1 ' X WY K7 Wet fav. , f flat!" GTS? W J j A W7 FH 4 5, AA'fV 6-2 'P sexy. . Vifyfkxvf-5, 1,23 ge iy., i,zU,,Mf .l :N ' Aff , -f-5, Joe's Barber Shop f ,7JlLl'7V1'QZf"4fa-GYM, W' W' FaI'v12r"S 11111 x - . , 'J W J--- , QM f ,- 'A1'j,'y1, Ken's Drive-In fL"ff2-oifvitf gi iiMf"tt'g-'C 3 Hi-De-Ho Motel ,QM fm? 5,951 VMQQW ' 5, D Kjel1strom's Clothing Store, 1 Q T5 2 ,M Hebron Manllfactl-1I'1HQ ybgaifof ki ta 'Ziff J Lfkif-1524 Korner Kupboard Awwgw Q21 oZE'34Vbyw d?H,3y2JJ-AmI Alden Skelly Service U A U7 It Vf 2 I - f ,, .Q , a Allis Ch lmers Service Kraft s One Stop Store M Mjwmg LQJUWQWQJ a Sales U A 'J Little Chez Paree f gd, 1 Fenner' Andrews Lopeman's Certified Grocery Bi1lie's Beauty Shop Losee Products DaI'i'D2li91'1t V 'J Maas Beauty snoptieoff 5 WZ KMZWML-Z4 cliff Gleason, Phillips 66 Maas Insurance YKWM W! ,gil M Haegle's Jewelery bmi? Wx uf a a L Montgomery Studio zebra ,QQ Mm AQKM Hansen Implement WW MW Drews Royal Blue Of W Hebron Drug Co. Schaefezds Department Stiff-if fmff, Hebron Hardware 7 " ' "1 , , ' Robert L. Schultz, Came Wf0A Hebron Herald Sinclair Station We yffrftwd me ZZ! 'hdiebfon Lumber C0- Uptown Tap Wada fylzkzl gf Hebron Packing Co. fm e 'M Jgggj A Dr. Edward Van HgcZZn,D.D.S."6!'j 5 Hei-man's Restaurant Q u 'il' ' , WI IIS' Mvsn s vzmaaooxs mc. Qwiicw jpijfi jjgigxc ,, 6, gf I ' ofbjii ' 'V ,V z,.w:L5v I ' 9. Nf- W A ,gi A qv- ' 3' V f ' 9Jg,,,-QQA' is L' VN , G .jj 11.121 . wk,Q9jggyg,wJX' ,L WMM W ,nr . , H , if Ce . Qhlrkeju ,'b is Ai gj f.Q5.., b fx '15, gl L ar xg ff , LL: ., H 2 3 r N Q df, 'I' 'ri - if 5 -' ff . ' jij"'5 V, ,ff 4 gf L A24 '-" ' 1 ' r 4 gjfrp-nf 4 D ' 1 Q g .Q ..v.T Af-ffrsgmjbzllmw ix L E I' . F A X A "' E ' QD g. Kiggx' A - , 3" QXQQL' X ,'A' x 2 1 +3 'iiixsffg L 3 ggi QD-333 , 'A ,h . I gt Q Wy 27

Suggestions in the Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) collection:

Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 65

1962, pg 65

Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 6

1962, pg 6

Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 69

1962, pg 69

Alden Hebron High School - Heacon Yearbook (Hebron, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 31

1962, pg 31

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