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OO OO Y as my .. ll ALBUM KELI Tn The Fu'rurE UNLOCKED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF 19 5 4 OF ALDEN CENTRAL SCHOOL Alden, New York Tl-IE FOREWORD "The Key to the Future, locking the door to the past" is the theme selected by the Class of '54 for its yearbook. With the help of our Principal, faculty, and parents we are able to put away the past in this, our book of memories, and walk through the door of of the future with our eyes open, secure in knowledge we need to meet the problems of everyday life. It is now our duty to take the future in our own hands and master it as our predecessors have done. May we all prove equal to that task. TABLE CONTENTS SECT ADMINISTRATION . . I SENIORS . . . . II CLASSES . . . . III ACTIVITIES .. . . IV ATHLETICS . . . V ADVERTISING .... VI ALBUM MR. SAMUEL TRIPPE Grade Principal The Class of '54 wishes to convey to Mr. Trippe a small measure of the appreciation that we feel we owe him by dedicating our yearbook to him. We hope it will express our sincere thanks for his understanding help and friendship which unlocked the door to our high school years. If it had not been for his far-seeing vision we might easily have lost sight of the goal to- wards which we were progressing. Now that we have reached another, we realize for the first time the debt of gratitude we owe Mr. Trippe who has helped make this achievement possible. K 3 - - N 1. ,:-2 ff. 1 Hs. , G . g 8 ai' Q-9 ' ,K f 0 s x Q. , 1 ,y Q Q .V -- -1 ff 4, ' 'iG'Q5?Qv,! ' -- fb ,. ,, - A15 -if :tiS,zi'g1,., N. S 'W ,Ax 'K P. T. A. OFFICERS P. T. A. The P. T. A. is a most vital organization of Alden Central School. For it is here that parents and teachers can discuss mutual problems. Guest speakers and panel discus- sions have aided in finding the solution to many of these problems. One of the projects undertaken by the P.T.A. was safety. The organization purchased the pair of signal lights on Crittenden Road. BOARD OF EDUCATION This Board consists of seven members, a clerk, and an attorney. lt has charge of building new schools, making up the school budget, and hiring teachers. lt is the governing body of all school affairs. We seldom realize their presence or importance, but the L. to R. - MRS. EWERT, Treasurer MR. JORDANS, President MRS. CONRAD, Rec. Sec'y. MRS. STRATE, Corr. Sec'y. MRS. TRIPPE We find that it is impossible for us to forget the things which have been a port of our lives for four years. It was your patience, kindness, and attentiveness which have helped us keep our records, accounts, and books all well balanced. To you, Mrs. Trippe, we simply say thanks for all your time. "1 . -f. XX . Ax, Class of 1954 would like to express their sincere thanks to the Board of Education for the many things they have done for us. BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated L. to R. - MR. COOKE, Chairman, Mr. McGaugl1ey, Mr. Coyle Standing L. to R. - Mr. Folkerth Mr. Wilber, Mr. Sweet Attorney, MR. Sl EVENPIP ER G UID A N C E Your door has never had n chance to be closed this ear. It mn" ' has always been open to the present classes with probrems of future ears. True education takes in the whole aggregate of human life, physical and spiritual, intellectual and moral, indi- vidual, domestic and social, not with a view of reducing it in any way, but in order to evaluate, regulate, and perfect. Such has been your relationship to us. To us, Mr. Duncan, you will not be iust "the guidance director", but friend and close companion. 1 PRINCIPAL MR. CONRAD It was you Mr. Conrad, our principal, who turned the key and opened the door to our high school days, to intellectual paths yet unknown to us, and challenging opportunities in the fields of sports, social activities, and countless other co- curricular events. We know that we act foolish and childish and often be- tray the confidence put in us, but we are trying to grow intel- lectually and spiritually, and so often it entails many struggles and much "house cleaning"to remove the vestiges of adolescence from our make-up. For the interest that you take in our activities, for the pride in us when we do accom- plish something ood, for your prayers that have seen many of us through difficult times, for the hours of help given out- side of class plus a million other wonderful things, we thank you and hope that in the future we can repay in a small way all your time and love when we proudly say, "l'm from Alden", and mirror to a small degree the things that have been taught us here, and the example that has been given us. GRADE PRINCIPAL MR. TRIPPE Mr. Trippe opened the door to our high school years. As a teacher, he was well liked by all the students. His appoint- ment in 'I948 as the Elementary School Principal met with ap- proval from everyone. Mr. Trippe is more than well qualified for the position he now holds, hav- ing graduated from Fredonia and Buffalo State Teachers Col- leges. L to R Seated Mrs. Medwld, Mrs. WI se L io R - Miss Wagner- Grades 5 8. F Mrs. Davis- Kindergarten Miss Gassman-Grades 'I 8. 2 l Mrs. Sturm - Grades 3 8- 4 N E A R T L to R - Mr. Joy, Mrs. Patrell, Mrs. Eggleston, Mrs. Wisniewski. Siandlng Mrs. Colliflower, Mrs. Mallory Mrs Finch, Mrs. La Fond L to R Mr Borzellere Mr Hanlon S Mr Lorenzeth Standing Librarian Mr Anzalone Mrs. Thompson- Grades 4,581 6 T Miss Johnson- Grades 1,2 8- 3 0 P HySl W C4 DU N C4 r L I N E IQN C M" Pi I egqrd Son, T HQ I L to R - Miss Eldridge, 5 Mrs. Foltz, Miss Choate Z E N S H Miss Braven, I D. O'Grady, MissMulhaIl P Mrs, N L to R - Miss Deck, Mr. Hay, Mr. Schaefer, Miss Tomlinson Lto R- 1 MAT H AN D SCI E E Arts - Mr. Koch, Homemuking - Mrs. McShane COMMERCIAL Driver Education - Miss Eastwood Agriculture - Mr. Koch P R A c T I c: ' A L A R T S Mrs. Nelson Fiorica SECRETARY Mrs Graue CAFETERIA U S T O D I A N S Standing L fo R - Mr. Horni, Mr. Smifh, Mr. Cronin, Mrs. MacNaughfon TAX COLLECTOR Mrs. Zeigler 'l Row 1 - L to R - Mr. Morford, Mr. Piechocki, Mr. Werner, Sfanding L to R - Mrs. Healy, Mrs. Spillane, Mrs. Dixon, Mr. McDowell Mrs. Harper' Mrs. Nice' Mrs. Swyss- DA... 'S - I on D - Mn l:iv Mr Wnnnnr Mr frnnin Mr. Mnlrhnw. X5 HPI-l Mr. Jablonski, Mr. Szymanski TRANSPORTATION .,, , ' , . , H,.-mvwQ2"m" ' f . ' ff :. 1 ' ' V5 - xv: -sr YYY J.: .-,-' X-'lE?wE3f:.-52-,1" X as--'g?iwE2f:1:'F,e" ,,,,L:55kyff' - ' N- s, --E 1- 'f,:f.Cj x -wwf? 'Q-iE.'ff':NQQ,g 11,-,li - fi -. ,.-,. 5 5 1 i 4 , L " ,e?fQ1'?w-fg4f.:-'-rmg v- , ., W. - --.-fax?-'wfi ,Q f -'LQ --" 49 . fed. - -f - 'L k ' , y. 1 ' 1-1 ff-' iif'--fghif',A.LfNi2",'f-4? "if1.1ifC67n1p'i'-Cliff six:-1GIf15if1h in '52 .f'- 35: , . RFU "S: ,. 2535 V., if 311' Ak,-li'-F'j," f ' ff'fis'r-f fifffxzgzfy..iv'-2-3--9 -fifgwg-swf-'.1-f.- . wr: 1- 52-u - ' m A 5 ' - L Y --.Q , g " " ' W l .. x ' ,,5. 5.-Kami, 2' - QQ ZW "Swim 'ggggrgg .. 3 ,Y MR. JAMES HANLON and MISS E. TOMLINSON Senior Class Advisors CLASS CDF IC95LL CLASS OFFICERS President - FRED REED ' Vice-President MILA SWYERS . Treasurer CAROLE PARKER Secretary VIRGINIA JABLONSKI The Class of 'I954 was formed in 1950 when centralization brought the small outlying schools together. Since then their activities have been varied and successful. Each year brought movies, dances and sales to swell the treasury and bring enioyment to the school. Ninth and tenth grade dances led to the wonderful Junior Prom and Senior Ball. Movies shown in the first three years led to the Senior Carnival, in which the largest crowd of the year danced, played games and saw movies for a whole wonderful evening ! All this made possible the last grand activity -- the Senior trip to New York City, the final class-activity before graduation and fond fare- well to Alden Central School. FAY BECKER HOMEMAKING Class Pla 2, Afh. Assoc. Rep. 4, Press Club 3,4, Bowling Club 3,4, lntmrls 'l,2,3,4, Monifor 'l, Dramatics 4, Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, F. H.A. Treas. 2 MARY LOU DI PASQUALE BUSINESS Planning Com. 'I, Press Club 'l,2,3,4, Monitor 3, lntmrls l,2,3, Drnmufics 4, Chorus 3, Bowling Club 2,3,4, Commercial Club 3 LORRAINE BECK ER HOMEMAKING Student Council Rep. 1, AIh. Assoc. Rep. 1, Chairman Plannin Com. 4, Yearbook Siaff 4, Press Club 1,2, Bowling Club 2,3,4, lntmrls 'I 2,3,4, Monitor 2, Dramatics 4, Cheerleader 3,4,Prom Court 3. Football Queen AH. 4, Executive Com. 4 JOAN CLARK BUSINESS Class Plays 2,3, Student Council Rep. 2,3, Yearbook Staff 3, Press Club 3,4, Commercial Club 3, Bowling Club 2, lnfmrls I,2,3,4, MOUITOI' 2, Chorus 2,3,4, Dramatics 4, N.Y.S.S.M.A. Chorus 4 RAYMUND DEHN INDUSTRIAL ARTS lntmrls 2,3, Baseball 2, Service Club 3,4 WILLIAM COYLE SCIENCE Monitor 3, Band 'l,2,3,4, Chorus 3,4, Football 3, Science Club Pre s. 4, N.Y.S.S.M.A. Band 4 MICHAEL FL EMING INDUSTRIAL ARTS Press Club 4, lntmrls 1,2,3,4, Dramatics 4, Football 3, Wrestling 2 RUTH FULTON SCIENCE Planning Com. 3, Press Club 3,4, Bowling Club 2,3,4, lntmrls 'l,2,3,4, Monitor 2, Science Club 3 DAVID JOHNSON BEVERLY KIDDER BUSINESS Press Club 2,3,4,, Commercial Club 2,3,' Bowling Club 4, lntmil s 2,3,4, Monitor 3, Chorus 1,2 SCIENCE . Class Plays 2.3. Student Council Rep. I,2,3,4, Music Club 3, lntmrls I,2,3,4, Band 'l,2,3,4, Chorus 2,3,4, Dramatics 4, Basket- ball I,2,3 4, Baseball 'l,2,3,4, Service Club I 4, ScienceClub 3, Prom Court 3, Itl.Y.S.S.M.A.Chorus SHIRLEY GOETZ BUSINESS Class Play 3, Press Club 2 3,4, Bowling Club 3, Commercial Club2, lntmrls I,2,3,4, Monitor 2,4, Chorus 2,3,4, Dramatics Sec. 4, Cheerleader 2 CLASS VIRGINIA .IABLONSKI SCIENCE Class Sec. I,3,4, Class Plays 2,3, Awards Com. 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Press Club 2,3,4, Monitor 2, Bowl- ing Club 3,4, lntmrls ,'I,2,3,4, Dromatics 4, Cheerleader 'l,2,3,4, Capt. Cheerleader 4, Science Club: Football Queen 4, Language Club Sec. 2, Prom Court 3, Music Club 4, Executive Com. 4 I I JOAN GRI ENER BUSINESS Press Club 3,4, Commercial Club 3, Bowling Club 3, lntmrls I,2,3,4, Monitor 3 IWANSKI Sec. 2, Class Play 3, Afh. Rep. 1, Press Club 3,4, Commercial Club Vice Pres. 3, Intmrls 2,3,4, Monitor 2,3, Chorus 2,3,4, Dramatics 4 JAMES HAEHL SCIENCE Intmrls 3,4, Science Club 3, Dramatics 4 LILLIAN HOLTZ SCIENCE Class Play 2,3, Sfuclent Council Rep. 3, Student Council Pre s. 4, Ass't. Yearbook Sec. 3, Yearbook' Sec. 4, Press Club 4, Press Club Ass'f. Ed. 3, Intmrls 3,4, Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4, Dramafics 4, Science Club 3, Language Club 2, Execdfive Com. 4 .IOANNE HAHN BUSINESS Press Club 3,4, Commercial Club 3, Intmrls 'I,2,3,4, Monitor 3 ROGER HAHN AGRICULTURE Class Play 2,3, Music Club 3, Infmrls 1,2,3,4, Baseball I, Truck 2 Band Pres. 4, N.Y.S.S.M.A. Band 4 Band 'l,2,3,4 RONALD KIDDER INDUSTRIAL ARTS Class Play 2 3, Intmrls 4, Monitor 2,4, Band 3,4, Chorus 4, Dramatics 4, Basketball 2, Tm ck 1 CAROLE PARKER SCIENCE Class Plays 2, Class Treas. 'l,4, Student Council Sec. I, Ass't. Yearbook Treas. 3, Yearbook Treas. 4, Press Club 2,3, Press Club Ass't. 4, lntmrls 2,3,4, Monitor 2,3 Band 2 3,4, Chorus 4, Dramatics Rres. 4, Language Club 2, Executive Com. 4 BARBARA KRAMP HOMEMAKING Bowling Club 2,3,4, Intmrls 'I,2,3,4, Cheerleader 2,3,4 DAVID O'MEARA INDUSTRIAL ARTS Class Pres. I, Class Plays 2,3, Press Club 2,3, Music Club 3, Monitor 2,3, Basketball 'l,2,3, Baseball 'l,2, Speaking Contest 3, Dramatics 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Nat. Hon. Soc. 4 RICHARD MANSFlELD SCIENCE lntmrls 1,2,3,4, Basketball 'l,3, Football 'I,2,3,4, Baseball 'I,3, Track 'l,2,3,4, Wrestling 3,1 CLAS JEAN NUWER HOMEMAKING Chorus 'I,2,3, F. H. A. 2 PATRICIA MAUER SCIENCE Class Play 2, Ath. Assoc. Rep. 2,3, Awards Com. 4, Press Club I,2, Bowling Club 3, Bowling Club Pres. 4, Intmrls 'I,2,3,4, Cheer- leader 2,3,4, Science Club 3,4, Prom Court 3, Daisy Mae 2, Music Club 4 F5 RALPH MEYER INDUSTRIAL ARTS Music Club 3,4, lntmrls 1,2,3,4, Monitor 3, Band 'l,2,3 4, Dramatics4, Basketball 2, Baseball 1.2, Service Club 2, Science Club 3,4, Science Congress I RICHARD N EELAND GERALD MILES AGRICULTURE Class Play 2 3, Ath. Assoc. Rep. 1,3 Ath. Assoc. Pres. 4, Press Club 3,4, lntmrls 'I,2,3,4, Dramatics4, A Basketball 'l,2,3,4, Football 'l,2,3, Baseball 1,2,3,4, F. F.A. l,2,3, Service Club 4, Prom Court 3 ALBERT NUWER INDUSTRIAL ARTS Class Vice Pres. 2, Atlm. Assoc. Rep. 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Press Club 4, Monitor 3, Football 'I,2,3,4, Baseball 2, Track 1, Executive Com. 4 BUSINESS Ath. Assoc. Rep. 2,3,4, Commercial Club 3, lntmrls 1,2,3,4, Monitor 'I 3,4, Dramatics 4, Basketball 'I,2,3,4, Football 'I,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,4, Track 2,4, I g , , m Co t Wrest in 34 Pro ur 3 MYRNA MUCHOW BUSINESS Press Club 3,4, Commercial Club 3, Monitor 3,4, Chorus 4, Dramatics 4, Yearbook Staff 4, lntmrls 2 BARBARA POLEN BUSINESS Press Club Ass't. Ed. 3, Press Club Ed. 4, Class Treas. 2, Class Play 2, Bowling Club 2,3,4, Intmrls 'I,2,3, Monitor 2, Chorus 3, Dramatics 4 DOUGLAS WISE SCIENCE Class Pla 2,3, Press Club 3,4, Music Club 3,4, lntmrls 'I,2,3,4, Band 1 2,3,4, Dramatics 4, Football 3, Science Club 3,4, N.Y.S.S.M.A. Band 4 JOHN REDMAN SCIENCE Class Play 2, Awards Com. 2, Commercial Club 3, Monitor 2, Dramatics 4, Science Club 3,4 DANIEL WILES INDUSTRIAL ARTS FRED REED BUSINESS Class Pres. 3 4, Student Play Dr. 3, Commercial Club Treas. 3, Nat. Hon. Soc. 3, Nat. Hon. Soc. Vice-Pres. 4, Dramatics 4, Monitor 3, Speaking Contest 3, Prom King 3, Executive Com. 4 CLASS lnfmrls 1,2,3,4, Monitor 3, MILA SWYERS Band 'I,2, Football 'l,2,3,4, F.F.A. 2 SCIENCE Class Vice-Pres. 4, Class Treas. 3 Class Play 2,3, Yearbook Ass't. Ed. 3, Yearbook Ed. 4, Press Club 2,3,4, Music Club 4, Intmrls 'I,2,3,4, Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3, Nat. Hon. Soc. Pres. 4, Monitor 2,3, Band 1,2,3,4, Chorus 4, Dramatics4 Prom Queen 3, Band Vice-Pres. 4, N.Y.S.S.M.A. Band 4, Executive Com. 4 ROBERT REUTER MUSIC Music Club I,2,3, Music Club. Pres. 4, Monitor 2,3 4, Chorus 3,4, Dramafics 4, Class Play 2,3, Cheerleader 2,3,4 OF5 ELVIRA VENDITTI BUSINESS JEANETTE SCHENDEL BUSINESS Class Play 2, Commercial Club 3, Inrmrls 'I,4, Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3, Nat. Hon. Soc. Sec. 4, Monifor 2, Chorus 'l, Dramafics 4 DOLORES WIGLER BUSINESS Press Club 4, Commercial Club 3, Yearbook Staff 4 Class Pres. 2, Class Vice-Pres. 3, 'Student Play Dr. 2, Planning Com. 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Press Club Ass't. Ed. 3, Commercial Club 3, Bowling Club 3 4, lnfmrls 2,3,4, Sfudeni Council' Rep. 4, Chorus 2,3,4, Dramatics Vice-Pres. 4, Prom Courf 3, Executive Com. 4, Nut. Hon. Soc. 4 ELOISE STREIT SCIENCE Class Play 2,3, Afh. Assoc. Rep. 4, Bowling Club 4, lnfmrls2,3,4, Chorus 4, Dramaiics 4, Language Club 2, Nat. Hon. Soc. 4 JUDITH SWYERS SCIENCE Class Play 3, Awards Com. Chairman 4, Yearbook Sfaff 4, Press Club. Ass't. Ed. 3, Press Club Ed. 4, lnfmrls 3,4, Monitor 3, Chorus 4, Dramatics 4, Language Club 2, Execuiive Com. 4 Nat. Hon. Soc. 4 JAMES WOODARD AGRICULTURE Ath. Assoc. Treas. 'l, lntmrls 'I,2,3,4, Monitor 2, Band 1, Basketball 'l,2,3 4, Football 1,2 a,4, Baseball 1,2,3, F.F.A. 2,3, l:.F.A. vac.-Pas. 1,4 i FRANK YAX SCIENCE 4 Intmrls 'l,2,3,4, Monitor 1, ' Basketball 1,2 3,4, Football 2,3,4, Baseball 3,4, l5rom Court 3 WALTER ZANDI SCIENCE Class Vice-Pres. 2, Student Council Sec. 2, Student Council Vice-Pres. 3, Student Council Rep. 'I,4, Ath. Assoc Treas. 1, Yearbook As. Mgr. 4, Intmrls 'l,2,3,4, Dramotics 4, Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4, Basketball 'l,2,3,4, Football 4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Science Club Pres. 3, Science Club Speaking Contest 3, Executive Com. 41 4 vo' E ,R QE THE ROCKETTES ? NEW YORK CITY A 4 cuve- Ms vous rump, ICHICOII 9 v G00 s0x'd sipov eN-'da 40" 1100 up. 0 'eh UP-A ND-A C6 WA Y L FROMETHEUS Looxs 0 VER ALL We the Class of 1954 of the Alden Central School, being of sound mind i?l and memory fwishful thinkingj, do make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament to students and teachers at Alden Central School. Fay Becker leaves her petite ways to Charlie Woodard. Lorraine Becker leaves her duo personality: quiet little Lo, and Lo-cheerleader, to Nancy Garber. Joan Clark wills her dancing acility and impersonations of Bette Davis to Marie Spillane. Bill Coyle leaves his tuba to Gary Garrison. Don't get lost Gary. Ray Dehn's ability to be the most sought after boy in school fby the teachersl is left to Mike Foegan. Mary Lou DiPasquale wills her ability to hold down a iob to Joyce Neeland. Ruth Fulton leaves her ability to go steady to Ox Router. Mike Fleming wills his ability to stay young all his life to John Kreugger. Shirley Goetz leaves her phone number to anyone who needs a T. V. serviceman. lRe. 54401 Joan Greiner wills her ability ta stay an the wagon to Coil Meyer. Lillian Holts gives David Ewert her ability to keep the kids quiet in assembly. Joanne Hahn passes along to Marilyn Balrich her pen and paper to write to service boys. Roger Hahn leaves his vacant space in the trumpet section to Beth Webb. Jim Heahl leaves his tap shoes to David Peebles. Cecelia lwanski wills her simple way of laughing at a ioke for five minutes and then saying, "l don't get it', to Carol Reuter. Virginia.Jablonski to Gale Evans her red hair and fiery spirits. David Johnson leaves his sharp appearance to Alvin Starr. Beverly Kidder wills her sweet nature to Elsa Swyers. Ronald Kidder wills his "Gambling Guitar" to Tom Pope. Barbara Kramp leaves her tall stately appearance to Janet Streit. Pat Mauer gives her dull roar of laughter to Nancy Finch. Dick Mansfield leaves his ability to play left guard to Buddy Venditti. Ralph Meyer wills his ability to operate the grocery stor'e to Tony Cius. Jerry Miles, hating to rob the school of such ability, leaves his basketball shooting talent to Bob Koch. Myrna Muchow leaves her cute dimples to Stan Wiles. Dick Neeland gives his vigorous "get-up-and-go" spirits to Bill Irish. Jean Nuwer wills her way to cut a fancy rug on Saturday night to Mary Spillane. Bill Nuwer leaves his enthusiasm for football season to Burtori Lee, Ill. Dave 0'Meara wills his ceremonious speeches to Bob Eagan. Carole Parker bequeaths her charming freckles to Harry Hill. John Rodman wills his way with cars to Dave Francis when he needs to fix his camera. Barbara Polen leaves her dreamy blue eyes to Linda Spencer. Fred Reed leaves his leadership and dependability to Barney Platzer. Robert Reuter leaves his musical ability to Kenny Duttweiler. Jeanette Schendel leaves her pot of coffee to Miss Tomlinson when she wants to keep calm. Eloise Streit wills her big voice to Joyce Wormington. Judy Swyers gives her high soprano voice to Kathy Mansfield. Mila Swyers leaves the problems of editing the yearbook to Pat Thompson. Elvira Venditti leaves to Chester Wisniewski her ability to wind spaghetti. lWhat?j Dolores Wigler wills her sky ways to Dolly Jablonski. Douglas Wise gives his ever constant frown to George Hake to use on occasions. Dan Wiles leaves his morning after the night before smile to Paul Pautler. Jim Woodard leaves his all around sports ability to Albert Fox. Frank Yax wills his ability to stick with all the females to Dale Kreutter. Walter Zandi bequeaths his high l.Q. to George McGaughey. KH ere's hoping you're eligible next year, George., To Mr. Conrad and the faculty we leave the pleasant memory that they prepared our class to go into the world with high hopes for a successful future. Lu' 67 0.7! t 74k-,4 ui af!9f+ clgafuplgvrg We are looking into the future to the year 1974. Faces are coming into focus in the crystal ball. Jerry Miles has become a pro basketball player with Dick Mansfield as his coach. A crew headed by Frank Yax and including Doug Wise and Johnny Redman has iust started on a trip to Mars. Bill Coyle has formed a very unusual campany which provides office help for all businesses on Mars. Among his best secretaries are Dolores Wigler, Myrna Muchow, Shirley Goetz, and Bev Kidder. Bob Reuter has found- ed a nationally known music school. On the teaching staff are Judy Swyers and Jean Nuwer. A famous graduate of this school is Roger Hahn, known professionally as Hotlips Hahn. Another graduate who has formed his own band, Ronnie Kidder, received the award of outstanding Sweet Bond of 1974. Fred Reed has opened his own night club, called Jazz Over Land, in honor of his disc iockey show of the same name. Chief technician for the Intra-Space Broadcasting Company is Wally Zandi. Wally has developed many new processes, such as sending color television signals between planets. On the staff of a new hospital built in space is Lillian Holtz, head of the Nursing Department. Her able assistants are Eloise Streit and Ginny Joblonski. Head of the Physical Therapy Department is Carole Parker. A very important iab is done by Fay Becker,who has become an expert in handling children. Cecelia Iwonski heads the Psychiatry Department, which has developed advanced techniques in working with cases of space-happy people. Also on the staff of this hospital are medical secretaries Barbara Palen and Elvira Venditti. Ray Dehn is running a space freighter between Jupiter and Saturn. He worked for a famous dis- tiller, Dan Wiles who has become a connoisseur of good beverages. In the romantic lead of a new show an Broadway in New York is Bill Nuwer, famous opera star. ln the chorus are Barbara Kramp and Joan Clark. Dick Neeland has expanded the dairy into a nation-wide business. His chief advisor is Jim Woodard, who has become an agricultural expert. Jeanette Schendel has become an air-line hostess for an inter-space passenger line. Mila Swyers provides organ music for the passengers on the first organ to be installed in a plane. Ralph Meyer has become a noted naturalist and forest ranger in the Yellowstone Park. Dave Johnson has opened his own accordion factory, which manufactures a new accordian which Dave designed himself. Jim Heahl has become a famous dancing star. He replaced Gene Kelly when Kelly retired a few years ago. Lorraine Becker has opened her second beauty shop on Park Avenue in New York. Her first shop, located on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, is operated by Mary Lou Dipasquale. Mike Fleming delivers inter-planetary newspapers to various planets. He traded his motor scooter for a first-class rocket ship. Joanne Hahn is a private secretary to the President of the United States. Mrs. NeIson's training really put her on the top. Ruth Fulton, Pat Mauer, and Joan Greiner have opened their own printing plant. Their long hours in the printing room, working on tickets,.programs, etc., gave them plenty of practice. Dave O'Meara has became a well known after-dinner speaker. After all these years he is still talking. ln opening his own door to the future, each individual has found happiness and success. We hope I S1-R4 Nc J4 W 8 RE4k JA N ER H Au. TH A Quia' onesseo News 'N' UP AND N0 "D PLACE 'ro so oF' 1 o Tae I GET S0 PERTURBED AT GIBSON WINFIELD ll THA ag,-wo O THE W GET Youn PAWS our OF MY PoPcoRN 'W To kg, :lk ew syn . W ,. Lv-Q af ,. .gf i 5 R K Q P RES. .Elk . Q, its -mmim p gym 77 'U Q I ' ' U , ' Q' if UI 37 ' -,- m tr lgg 11 D rn U' First Row L. to R. - G. Garrison, A. Kron, M. Balrich, D. Gerhardt, R. Koch Second Row - L. Greil, B. Kocol, J. Eshbaugh, V. Kosa- kowski, S. Gadd Third Row - A. Fox, J. Foley, F. Gerhardt, S. Abers, W. irish Fourth Raw - J. Haehle, I. Dersam, M. Spillane, E. Chauncey, E. Kruetter Fifth Row - J. Krueger, S. Kelchlin, J. Kotecki, D.Ewert MR. SCHAEFER D. STEELE JUNIORS MISS ELDRIDGE As the Junior Class began its third year of High School, we were handed a key-ring with four keys on it. The first key was for Mr. Schaefer's cabinet. Here we kept our sweatshirts, which we sold during the school year. The next key was for the Proiection Room. It was from here that our movies eminated. Our first movie was on Jan. 29, featuring "Ginger" and "Smith of Minnesota." A key for an electric guitar was the third one. The guitar was part of an orchestra which played at our Junior Barndance March 12. The master key was for our Junior Prom, held Orl May 21. These were the highlights of our third year in High School. First Row L. to R. - J. Simon, J. Suess, D. Stehle, A. Swyers, R. Nehrboss Second Row - J. Seitz, P. Thompson, L. Rayner, M. Voelker, E. Roll Third Row - B. Stilla, R. Polik, B. Sturm, E. Webb, M. Spillane, G. Meyer Fourth Row - A. O'Connor, C. Wisniewski, J. Lasker, F. McCarthy, D. Wise Fifth Row - R. Mueller, C- Garrison, C. Woodard, D. Peebles SOPHOMORES MRS. FIORICA Row L. to R. - T. Pope, M. Destreich, D. Prieschel, R. Ruhlrnan Row - C. O'Meara, J. Werner, P. Welker, M. Simon, Nuwer, A. Nuwer L. Shrock, H. Terreberry ourth Row - L. Snyder, S. Strong, J. Warmington, L. Neeland M. Walker, A. Eastwood ifth Row - W. Piskorowski, R. Rider, P. Spillane This year the class of '56 turned the key to the second door of high school life. We are full masters of the year behind us and are looking forward to an ever widening cir- cle of friends in the two years that follow. We have used our knowledge and experience to sponsor many successful activities in- cluding two movies, a candy and pencil sale and a Sadie Hawkins Dance. Behind us we have left a rich year and we now have one great assurance for the future: the two that follow will be richer yet. First Row L. to R. - D. Francis, N. Garber, D. Jablonski, D. Eastwood, R. Eshbaugh, T. Muchow Second Row - N. Finch, l. Kuhn, R. Nehrboss, M. Foegen, K. Mansfield, E. Kelly Third Row - F. Brauza, J. lwanski, D. Billiar, K. Duttweiler, M. Fix, J. Kumpf Fourth Raw - L. Kazmark, S. Ferry, D. Coakley, A. Cius, P. Pautler, J. Neeland Fifth Row - R. Franklin, R. Lemke, G. Hake, B. Dombrowski Row - H. Terreberry, J. Swyers, L. Schmidt, R. Snyder FRESHN pREs. C. DAUCHER Ya? ,H S D. E' V ' P . N R ggi iq S E F K Y 1 E S 51.4. J., J. NUWE R T1 NMA' TR EAS. L OLSZEWSKI 5 MRS. FOLTS First Row L. to R. - R. Dynas, G. Franklin, G. Evans, T. Billiar, S. Goodenough Second Row - A. Fix, C. Binder, N. Bome. B. Bierig, C. Erb Third Row - D. Daniels, J. Billiar, D. Guido, F. Czechowicz, R. Godd, J. Czyzowski Fourth Row - R. Eagan, G. Grenier, E. Dabb, W. Bird, M. Cole To open the door of our high school years, our class had conducted many activities. Among these were our first movies which were very successful. We also sold candy at the football and basketball games and, with the cooperation of the administration, we sold candy after school which proved to be very prosperous. ln our future years we hope to conduct more activities, such as sponsoring dances, movies, and the selling of refreshments. FF F MISS EASTIWOOD First Row L. to R. - W. Newman, L. Olszewshi, J. Mallon, H. Nuwer, D. Kelly Second Row - S. Nadeau, M. Jagusialc, R. Hornung, P. Miller J. Nuwer Third Row - M. Hall, D. Henskee, H. Hill, R. Harding, P. Lock Fourth Row - B. Lee, G. Hosinski, J. Kazmark, J. Nicholai,B.Hodge Fifth Row - C. Munn, R. Lemke, G. McGaughey, T. Kreutter, D. Miedes First Row L. to R. - R. Ruzewski. D. Rebmon, J. Streit, M. Wisniewski, L. Spencer, L. Skaddan Second Row - Z. Voellcer, R. Vullo, M. Sweet, J. Weig, J. Peebles Third Row - B. Platzer, N. VanVolkenbLrg, F. Schmithe, B. Rohl, B. Sitzman Fourth Row - S. Weinsheimer, K. Wilson, N. Schmitt, F. Ven- ditti, E. Swyers MR. LORENZETTI EIGHTH GRADE MR. BORZELLERE First Row L. to R. - P. Hinney, V. Gerhardt, J- Kifkmdnf N. Nehrboss, P. Schmidt, P. Kelley Second Row - G. Kegler, C. Fisher, J. Eastwood D. Koch, W. Hardy -I Third Row - J. Belles, R. Fisher, J. Dahn, R. Hey Fourth Row - E. Goodnoth, R. Edwards, J.Lemke Fifth Row - D.Koteckie, J. Heineman, J. Kumpf First Row L. to R. - R. Niehus, J. Thompson, J. Hodge, C. Reuter, J. Simon, E. Woodard Second Row - P. Marx, D. Sharpe, M. Schmidt, C. Matthies, C. Tuerk Third Row - R. Montana, G. Roberts, J. Peploe, B. Moofz Fourth Row - D. Sievenpiper, W. Schmidt, H. Warmington, J. Noah Fifth Row - T. Wimmer, P. Spillane, D. Weig, M. Wigler MR. HAY First Row L. to R. - H Kuhl S Christner B Hmkson C Bienlek J Eaton Se:-'cond Row - R. Hahn P 'Pomlarowskl S Kumpf C Henlry L Foss K f h S E v E N T ird Row - R. Gaodenoug J Choate M Krzos R Iris K Hememan H ump E C cate Fourth Row - G. Dussoult L Francis D Fix E H y G E Fifth Row - D. Kramp B Klingelsmlth G Grenler R Greil J Cooke H Hinsken Sixth Row - F. Hayes B Hlnsken N Edwards T Blerlg R Koteckl First Row L. to R. - A Newman B LaQuay K Merle D Stoldt M T ll 3-iCOJ11i?R0w -GGMWglg0l? D Nehrboss J 'Lon street PJ Simon P Puglixowski S E v E N ir ow - . o at Slevenplper A lpp e D itz G S y r J N t Fourth Row - W. Welnsheimer E Reich R Vogt R Miles L Pvepeloi S SlJx?:: J Sxymanskn G E Fifth Row - l. Prahasko S Yoder M Wilson R Peebles B Simmons D McMahon Absent - M. Pautler First Row L. to R. - D. Cronin, S. Nowak, P. Williams, M. Kiellaasa, L. Stoldt Second Row - D. VanVolkenberg, H. Trybuskiewicz, R. Baker, R. Wise, H. Black, V. Preischel, D. Vogt, J. Frantz, E. Eshbaugh Third Row - T. Gadd, D. Webb, J. Sturm, G. Harris, R. Vincent, N. Hill, K. Sherman G D E Fourth Row - M. Neufang, S. Hammer, O. Ferguson, L. Munn, J. Kirkman, M. Chauncey, H. Langer MRS. NEUFANG is First Row L. to R. - L. Kamien, K. Winkler, B. Blair, J. Cummings, J. Trybuskiewicz, J. Kumpf Second Row - B. Haehl, S. Finch, K. Rohl, M. Newton, D. Longstreet, C. Border, M. Lock, D. Lynch, G. Russell Third Row - D. Theon, T. Wetmore, R. Prohasko, E. Harris, P. Lauer, T. Spock, L. Shelly G D E Fourth Row - J. Billiar, F. Szpila, C. Groves, W. Kegler, J. Krauss, R. Langer . MR. JOY i 1 2 5 rrst ow . to R. - . ie us, J. Lee, S. Rupe, E. Cooke, J. Gerhardt, S. Stratton, G. Bell Second Row - G. Dabb, S. Sweet, G. MacNaughton, S. Neeland, D. Eaton, B. Cotton, D. Nugent, K. Muchow, D.IPonnelly h h Third Row - T. Be es, C. Hamers, S. C esmore, M. Weber, C. McGaug ey, T. Harper, A. Montana, E. Lohman, R. Wimmer G D E Fourth Row - G. Folkerth, M. Weierheiser, M. Schmidt, T. Moffatt, C. Michaud, C. Weaver, J. Scheneker Absent - G. Cassidy MRS. EGGLESTON Fx' Rjgfx , 6 :ex T :Lf ,pf ,yi .QV 13.59 FirstwRcETui':o R. - P. Gadd, M. Wimmer, H. Cotton, S. Goldstein, H. Peebles, J. Miklinski, Second Row - L. Reiner, C. Hardy, J. Dombro sk', W. Christ , M. B , J. L , G. K' f , F. Neeland, L. Huse w I ner Yers ee IP er G D E Third-1-Row - F. Stebbins, D. Newman, W. Tomary, R. Meides, R. Tyll, M. Schmidt, R. Soika, . Dixon Fourth Row - L. Hiney, D. Sweet, S. Smith, P. Cronin, E. Moffat, G. Case Absent- G. Eggleston Absent - G. Eggleston MR. SIEMBIDA ' ,.., 1 A L 1 Eli F' tR L.t R.-B.Shff,C.Ch t,S.Wb ,F.Khl,C.S 'I,K.P ,J.F t,J.L ke Sdloind oR::w -OP. Phillips? R?rKuhl, lioC5lbert,eS.eMichauLd, E. Halnpdrg, D. L:v'::lcwoodlcTI.zWeigol,g'lI: U G. BI ' S. No rd Third Rowmrl J. Simvgis, R. Wormington, D. Patterson, L. Klinkman, J. Kipfer, V. Heinemon, G D E A. K I Fourth Rslyfl C. Hamers, S. Wheaton, J. Smith, G. Fisher, B. Merle, P. Taylor, G. Stoldt - MRS. WISNIEWSKI First Row L. to R. - E. Kumpf B. Moffat, G. Pleck , D. E I' h, P. Munn Second Row - J. Tyll, E. Daudher, R. Dulak, R. Wise, B. Mlgttz, P. Hardy, M. Czechowicz, G. Newton, D. Bensley Third Row - S. Woodard, T. Czechowicz, P. Grenier, M. Wigler, C. Russell, D. Neff, D. Holtz G D E Fourth Row - R. Eaton, A. Longstreet, J. Cooke, D. Predmore, D. Phelps, M. Miller Absent - C. Piotlciewcz, K. Powlison MRS PATRELL urs-ow.o.-.caer,.mz,. mgr,.oc,. mp,. ,.t Secoraxl Soma -dR. Dynas, R. Wiegold, P. Lavan, K. ?'rol1aska,1ll. Clmallmcey, R. lllfsiiafer, K?ogienick, I 1 ee an Tl1irdDRcE:Zm?ni:6slvliklinski, B. Piskorowski, W. Kuhl, B. Harris, C. Koelbel, D. Webb, S. Vincent, G Fourth Row - D. Fer uson, T. Kuhn, W. Cotton, J. McGaugl1ey, B. Wilson, D. Schlabaclc, T. Lapp, 9 K. h, . 1 W' ' R Keg "' Miss ooBoNY 5 75 First Row L. fo R. - R. Winkler, H. Kumpf, S. Nowak, S. Kuhl, L. Eastwood, G. Trybuszkiewicz, L. Ruyse T H I R D Second Row - W. Groves, L. Mail-nies, W. Jordans, C. Polen, S. Tyll, C. Polfleit, V. Carney, N. Bell, N. Vogt Third Row - C. Heineman, C. Coxe, R. Tomory, W. Swyers, D. Nestor, J. Fischer, O. Evans, L. Ward, G E J. Schmelzle Fourth Row - E. Szachta, R. Lemke, F. Blowers, J. Ekroth, G. Davidson, J. Hawley, B. McMahon, L' Vogel Mres. Meowlo First Row L. fo R. - J. Haehl, M. Schmidbauer, L. Baker, L. Spencer, D. Williams, J. Hagen E C 0 N D Second Rovl: - S. Peebles, B. Ullem, J. Erb, G. Marziale, P. Dillon, T. Cassel, L. Hutchinson, S R. Soi a Third Row - E. Schmidt, C. Harris, M. Turnsfrom, D. McCaleb, K. Green, K. Reigle,J. Kaczmarek G D E Fourth Row - J. Giles, G. Carney, R. Lapp, P. Shaner, L. LaVan, M. Shrock, T. Nestor MRS. WISE First Row L. fo R. - D. Word, L. Jordans, J. Garber, J. Predmore, B. Williams, D. Harper Second Row - J. Haehl, R. Simons, R. Hahn, L. Reiner, F. Giles, S. Nugent, N. Cummings S N D Third Row - A. Bensley, D. Weierheiser, R. Roestedt, E. Mesik, S. Dalton, L. Szpila Fourth Row - J. Dixon, B. Kalway, W. MocNaughton, C. Snyder, D. Spillane, M. Miichell G E MRS. LAFOND nrst ow . to S. Aldinger, Second Row - J. . - . oore, . s aug , . c a ac , . Conra , D. a er, M. Rirano, R. Almquist Rauten strauch, S. Ferguson, C. Lock, G. Lohman, C. Covert, M. Huse, M. Nowak, R. Krauss Third Row - E. Kumpf, L. Karcher, P. Barton, T. Frank, R. Phelps, J. Piskorowski, F. Cotton, H. Sherman, J. Chapman Fourth Row - T. Waigold, D. Ostrowski, J. Vogel, D. Horni, C. Brunner, L. Johnson, G- Allen, B. Evans, M-. Wehner FIRST GRADE MRS. FINCH First Row L. to R. - S. Pruesch, J. Cotton, B. Burr, J. Giles, P. Cummings, E. Snyder, L. Cullen, W. Chauncey Second Sow - C. Ziegler, M. Ellis, F. Hardy, A. Choate, A. Dombrowslci, R. Bettcher, K. Gilbert, D. inz Third Row - L. Nunemaker, S. Wysocki, B. Szymanski, N. Ingersoll, J. Russel, J. Knowlton, J. Weierheiser, P. Mesick, D. Webster Fourth Row - D. Mosier, AP. Pitz, C. O'Grady, D. Airey, T. Lynch, N. Gadd, M. Kaczmarek, R. Stoos FIRST GRADE MRS. MALLERY MRS. COLLIFLOWER First Row L. to R. - W. Pfeil, W. Covert, C. Evans, L. Beyers, J. Belles, M. McCarthy, N D E R- N. Mattl e Second Row - J. Frantz, J. Williams, C. Austin, S. Bagrowski, D. Barnes, D. Kidder, J. Mi chaud, M. Brown G A R T E N Third Row - J. Heineman, L. Sherman, J. Weaver, B. Staebell, J. Sikora, C. Dittman, C. Shoonover Fourth Row - B. Loggie, E. Sorge, C. Roberts, R. Rush, D. Macey, E.Jablonski MISS BRAVEN MISS MULHALL F'rst Row L. to R. - J. Mo k, J. Sm'th, D. Wahr, D. Lo kwood, C. Kaczmar k, K. Donn lly Second Row - D. Ellis, R.cDaucher,'J. Klinkman, K. Shilly, M. Koch, T. Bsachy, L. Erlla, D. F rry Third Ro: - K. Burzynski, W. Kalway, P. Skowron, P. Kamien, M. Mesik, R. Servis, R. Sweet G A R T E N Fourth Ro: - R. Flick, D. O'Grady, A. Marsden, J. Russell, S. Critchlaw, P. Dulak, P. La en MISS BRAVEN MISS MULHALL TOWNLINE First Row L. to R. G. Welker, K. Yoder, S. Folger, B. Rumley Second Row - L. Blair, D. Wilcox, R. Brandei, D. Werner Third Row - G. Bowen, G. Smiih, S. Sage, C. Reich, C. Ziegler MISS JOHNSON First Row L. To R. . Grossman, . Cha man, . Muener, 7570 B D. Whitnauer, R. Roseski, N. Webster Second Row - P. Werner, C. Dorsheimer, E. Dorsheimer, D. Grossman, J. Hoffman, B. Eugen Third Row - T. Eugen, B. Hinsken, K. Reich, S. Bowen, J. Rozeski, D. Blair MRS. THOMPSON Tv 7 . lb V .. s ', , -HL First Row L. to Bowen, Bl air, Hartman, Daniel s, Sfoldt Row - Venditti, Gassmon, Adolf, Reich, Chapman dRow - Hinsken, Folger, Witnouer, Sage, Brefcm Third Row - MRS. DAVIS First Row L. to R. J. Barker, D. Schmid, R. Stone, G. Sorge, L. Muffolets Second Row - S. Lippke, L. Guerin, J. Mack, J. Pratt, G. Gusso 2-pmpv' Mason, Duszkieviez, Gassman, Januale, Miles 'Tl 0 C -1 -v T C. N. J. D. Row - Kinsman. Lippke, Lords, Roberts, Absent - K.YAmes, J. Simon MRS STURM First Row L. to R. P. Long, B. Young, D. Palmer, L. Zoeller, G. Kurpita, S. Skaddan Second Row - D. Roberts, S. Pohl, G. Simmons, J. Lippke, A. Wagner, M. Poeller Absent - J. Angelo, C. Matthies, E. Nicols, C. Simon, L. White, J. Surman MISS WAGNER MILLGROVE K. Lords, P. Moron, W. Kingel smith Second Row - S. Donnelly, C. Czarniak, P. Hangen Third Row - S. Guzzo, E. Sarge, D. Peploe, D. Yogerst Fourth Row - C. Lippke, M. Guerin, K. Mack, G. Zoeller First Row L. to R. UI 0 2 CW' ??W'l'PE.!'Pf'3F . Roll, Herman, Sievenpiper, Moran, Young Row - Sturm, Lippke, White, Fisher, Guerin, Kurpito, Guido MISS GASSMAIX Third Row - ' D. Palme, D. Kinsman, R. Reeves, R. Pohl, K. White, T. Zoeller, Absent - S. Matthies, R. Kratzat xKo6v.p.?'6 ACTIVITIES Seated L. to R. Sec. M. Foegen Pres. L. Holtz V.F'res. A. Swyers St d' - TlI'2a!IgJ. Mallon Absent - Faculty Advisor, Mr. Duncan STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, composed of I8 students elected from grades 7-I2, is the governing body of the school. It controls the Monitor System to enforce school rules, the Student Court, which tries violators and fixes penalties, and theplanning Committee, which schedules class events for the school year. Row 1 L to R - R. Irish, E. Venditti, D.Johnson, W. Zandi, D. Peebles Row 2 L to R - G. Dussault, L. Spencer, E. Chauncey, L. Schmidt, R. Ruhlman, M. Sweet,,T. Wimmer, iD. Sievenpiper, G. Garrison STUDENT COUNCIL P L A N N I N G C O M M I T T E E Seated L. to R. - C. O'Meara, B. Hodge,L. Becker Stand. L. to R. - C. Reuter, B. Lee, R. Hey, R. Nehrbo M O N I T O R S 1 1 Row 'I L to R - S. Goetz, H. Terrelaerry, J. Werner, P. Voelker, E. Swyers, Z. Voelker, B. Bierig Row 2 L to R - A. Swyers, Chairman, E. Roll, M. Spillane, M. Spillane, M.Muchow, R. Eshbaugh, R. Ruhlman, D. Francis, C. Wisniewski, R. Kidder Row 3 L to R - D. Ewert, R. Reuter, D. Luderman STUDExNT N COUNCIL I I ALBUM STAFF ln presenting this book, the Album Staff has attempted to express the highlights at our passed school years. We hope that we have brought back many unforgettable memor- ies experienced in these years at Alden Central. ALBUM STAFF Seated L to R - P. Thompson, A. Swyers, J. Swyers, V. Jablonski, E. Venditti Stand. L to R - D. Wigler, M. Muchow, A. Nuwer, F. Reed, R. Reuter, D. O'Meara, L. Becker, J. Greiner 8568 -if 5 . ,. , Qxg , -.-fri-.f. nun'-I ur in AND ADVISOR Editor - M. Swyers Advisor - Miss Drexelius Layout Editor - F. Reed NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members of this honorary so- ciety are upper classmen chosen by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, service, leadership and character. I ., Ekffz Seated L to R - P. Thompson, A. Swyers, M. Swyers- Pres., L. Holtz, J. Schendel-Sec Stand. L to R - F. Reed-V.Pres., W. Zandi, C. Woodard, Absent- Fac. Adv. Mr. Duncan Seated L to R - W. Zandi- Bus. Mgr., L. Holtz - Secretary Stand L to R - M. Swyers - Editor, C. Parker - Treasurer I Row I C.O'Mears J Clark C.lwanski F. Gerhardt J Werner M. Sw ers The purpose of th Press Club is twofold: t develo writing talent an S to publicize school event: S The news is printed weekl in the Alden Advertiser. ' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' I Y Row 2 - S. Goetz, D. Gernordt, J. Eshbaugh, M. DiPasquale, J. Swyers, M. Muchow, L. Holtz, P. Locke, D. Eastwood, D. Preichel Row 3 - R. Fulton, E. Venditti, V. Jablonski, M. Fix, M. SpiIIane,M. Spill- ane, B. Kocol, D. Wigler, B. Stilb, A. Swyers, M. Nuwer Row 4 - R. Snyder, D. Miedes, H. Hill, G. Garrison, D. Francis, H. Fener, M. Fleming, J. Grenier, M. Walker, B. Kidder, J. Hahn PSN ARD5 COMMITTE Seated L to R - P. Mauer Mr. Trippe, Advisor I Standing - B. Kocol, J. Swyers, M. Oestreich X. noni Seated L to R - Asst.Bs.Ed. M. Balrick, Asst.Ed. A. Kron, Stan Editor J. Swyers ding - Bs. Ed. B. Polen, Asst.Ed. A. Nuwer, Sec. C. Park? , JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE J UNIO R CLASSICAL L EAGUE The Junior Classical League is a national organization composed of local classical clubs in seco The purpose of this ndary schools throughout the United States. League is to encourage among the young people of our and art of ancl country an interest in and appreciation of the civilization, language, literature, 'ent Greece and Rome. AWA RDS COMMITTE E The Awards Committee is made up of one member from each class of the Junior and Senior High Schools. lts pur pose is to present awards to students who are outstanding in co-curricular activities. Row 1 - A. Swyers, A. Nuwer, Mrs. Folts, M.Oestreich, W. Piskorowski Row 2 - J. Kazmark, S. Strong, M. Fix, R.Dombrowski, H.Terre- berry, L.Neeland, T. Cius, P.Voellcer, F. Gerhardt, J. Swyer s, J. Eshbaugh, D. Gerbardt, P.Thom- son, G. Meyers Row 3 - M. Balrick, C. 0'M eara, K .Mansfield, N . Finch, J.Wemer, A. Meiler, J. Suess .45 car, they add to their o The members of the ience Club are those udents who are inter- ted in learning more out science. By taking ips to places of scienti- c interest during the owledfe in the vari elds o science. MUSIC CLUB The purpose of the Music Club is to promote musical interest in the school, both in popular and classical fields. At regular monthly meetings the business ofthe clubis followed by some form of musical entertainment given by the members. - ATHLETIC ASSOC. The Athletic Associa- tion is set up for the purpose of governing and advertising for all athletic events. There are ap- proximately twenty-four members of this associa- tion elected from grades 7 through 12. Last Fall the association presented the "Ootka Champs" with a trophy at the Football Banquet. Row 1 L to R - W. Zandi, C. Woodard Row 2 - M. Sweet, B.Lee, B.Sitzman Row 3 - L.Kozmarl4, J.Peebles Standing - Miss Tomlinson, T.Muchow, D. Francis, G.Hake, W. Coyle, Mr. Peepers Piano Bench L to R - Pres. R. Reuter, Treos. T. Cius, Sec. G. Jablonski, M V.Pres. F. Gerhardt U Row 'I - M.Swyers, M. Oestreich, P. Mauer, S V...lablonski, J.Kumph, I N. VanVolkenburg, C hE.Nuwer, M.Voelker, . Swyers ROW 2 - B.Platzer, D. Miedes, H.Hill, R.Meyer, C R. Eshbaugh, R.Dom- browski, C. Erb, F.Ven- L ditti, Miss Sager U Row 3 - D.Guido, M.CoIe, W.lrish, N.Garber, B C.0'Moara, K.Mansfield, J.Mallon, M. Fix, A.Swyers ROW 4 - D.Daniels, M. Walker, A.Nuwer, H.Terre- berry, D.Gerhurdt, J. Suess, J. Werner ROW I 'L to R - E. Swyers, L. Neeland, M. Bolrick, F. Becker, E. Strait, D. Gerhardt, Mr. Richardson Row 2 - C. Woodard, T. Pope, W. Piskorowski, T. Foley, R. Eagen, R. Lemke Row 3 - G. Miles, K. Mansfield, R. Neeland, F. Grenier DRAMATICS JUNIOR PLAY The Junior Play, "Finders Creepers," directed by Mr. Sin- clair was presented April 23 and 24 to a very appreciative audi- ence. This mystery-comedy presented many hilarious and thrilling moments throughout the evening as the plot was unfolded. Dramatics Club Advisor and Officers: Mr. Hanlon 6 Q Carole Parker, Elsa Swyers, Shirley Goetz, Elvira Venditti. vi mx RU T Ann T cm now S0 ' C HERE WASH'l4OTl:srALL "EVENIN', GENTS" DRAMATICS CLUB The purpose of the Dramatic Association is twofold: first, to improve the quality of school plays by developing stu- dent talent, and second, to rovide many more students an opportunity to display their tarents in advertising art, printing, makeup, lighting and stage designing. The association is under the direction of Mr. Hanlon. SENIOR BALL SENIOR BALL Our final formal dance, the Senior Ball, was held on March 5, 1954. The highlight of the evenin was the crowning of Joanne Hahn and Danie? Wiles as king and queen. The decorations reflected the beautiful theme of "Stardust." JUNIOR PROM The Class of 1954 held their Junior Prom, the "Loveliest Night of the Year," on May 8, 1953. The crowning of Queen Mila Swyers and King Fred Reed, elected by the student body, climaxed the evening. W..- . . 1 , Xi. Junior Prom Court, L to R. - D. Johnson, F. Yax, R. Neeland, G. Miles, P. Mauer, L. Becker, V.Jablonski, E. Venditti Crown Bearers - M. Wehner and E. Jablonski King and Queen - F. Reed and M. Swyers King and Queen of Senior Ball JOANNE HAHN and DANIEL WILES ,bfi Crowning of Junior Prom King and Queen - L to R - M. Wehner, C. Chauncey, F. Reed, M. Swyers, C. Mallon, and E. Jablonski FOOTBALL DANCE Crowning of Football Queen - F. Yax, V. Jablonski, L. Becker FOOTBALL DANCE The Senior Class held a Football Dance Octo- ber 9 to celebrate Alden Central's first eleven man football championship. One of the football co- captains, Frank Yax, crowned Ginny Jablonski Queen of Football with Lorraine Becker as her attendant. D I SENIOR BAND The Senior Band, under the direction of Mr. Agone, promotes the interest of the students in active musical participation. This organization enriches school musical life my participating in assemblies, giving Christ- mas and Spring Concerts, and performing at the Amherst Musical Festival. Row 1, L H. Fenner, D. Wise, R. Hahn 2, L to R - R. Dombrowski, C. Erb, G. Meyers, R. Nehrboss, C. Woodard, R. Meyer, A. Swyers, W. Coyle, R. Kidder, D. Daniels, B. Lee, P. Spillane, R. Ruhlman to R - A. Nuwer, J. Billiar, S. Strong, H. Terreberry, H. Kumph, F. Grenier, D. Ewert, D. Wise , to R - P. Spillane, Mr. Agone, E. Swyers, D. Johnson, R. Eshbaegh, A. Cius to R - H. Terreberry, D. O'Meara, P. Thompson, D. Gerhardt, N. Finch, M. Swyers, C. Parker, Row Row Row 3,L 4 L SENIOR CHORUS The Senior Chorus, also under Mr. Agone's direction is composed of students who enioy singing together. The chorus was very active during the Christmas season and gave public performances in the spring. Row 1 L to R - A. Nuwer, D. Preishel, M. Oestreich, M. Nuwer, J. Mallon, J. Mallon, R. Nehrboss, N. Finch, K. Mansfield, J. Werner, N. Garber, E. Streit, G. Joblonski, L. Spencer, Mr. Agone Row 2, L to R - E. Venditti, J. lwanski,'J. Suess, A. Swyers, L. Shrack, M. Swyers, B. Kocal, P. Welker, H. Terreberry, D. Stehle, S. Goetz, C. Iwanski Row 3, L to R - P. Voelker, H. Terreberry, C. Parker, J. Swyers, E. Swyers, J. Swyers, S. Strong, M. Muchow, N. Van Volkenburg, J. Clark, B. Stilb, L. Greil, P. Thompson Row 4, L to R - C. Erb, B. Sitzman, R. Ruhlman, L. Schmidt, D. Guido, W. Coyle, R. Kidder, B. Lee, D. Johnson, R. Reuter, D. Ewert, R. Hornung, M. Sweet ' JUNIOR BAND This division of the Music Department is the stepping stone to the Senior Band. Here students learn the fundamentals of playing an instrument so that Iater they may ioin the Senior Band. The band is directed by Mr. Agone. Row 'l, L to R - C. Erb, J. Billiar, S. Strong, B. LaQuay, N. Finch, J. Choate, C. Fisher, D. Daniels, B. Lee Row 2, L to R - J. Nugent, C. Henry, J. Simon, L. Peplce, P. Piskorowski, B. Simmons, M. Krzos, G. Grenier, G. Swyers, L. Francis Row 3, L to R - E. Kelley, D. Kramp, J. Szymanski, J. Thompson, D. Pitz, H. Kumph, F. Grenier Standing - I. Prohaska, Mr. Agone, G. Weigold, J. Cooke, P. Spillane JUNIOR CHORUS The Junior Chorus is an organization which prepares students for Senior Chorus. The fundamentals of harmony and group singing are learned here. The students in the chorus are from Seventh and Eighth grades. This is under the direction of Mr. Agone. Front, L to R - R. Goodenough, D. Fix Row I, IJ ts RI- B. LaQuay, J. Eaton, C. Bieniek, S. Choistner, L. Fass, A. Newman, C. Tuerk, C. Mathias, . ep oe Row 2, L to R - J. Hodge, H. Hinsken, B. Klingelsmith, J. Thompson, N. Edwards, G. Grenier, R. Hahn, G. Dussault, F. Hayes, L. Francis Row 3, L to R - K. Heinem cn, G. Moffat, E. Hey, M. Kader, R. Irish, H. Kumph, D. Kramp, K. Meole, D. Nehrboss, S. K unph F. F. A SERVICE CLUB Front - Miss Eastwood Row 1, L to R - E. Swyers, S. Nadeau, J. Nuwer, J. Mallon, L.Olszewski, J.Kazmark, R. Ruzewski, D.KelIy, A. Fox, D. Francis Row 2 - D.Billiar, C.Wisniewski, D.Miedes, J.Foley,, R.Hor- nung, W.Cullen, D.Henskee, L.Kazmark, R.Lemke, W.Newman Row 3 - R.Kreutter, D.Kreutter, G.Miles, G.McGauhey, R.Meyer, D. Johnson The Service Club, under the supervision of Miss Eastwood, enables the students that are interested, to gain experience in the use of the different machines in the school. These stugents then show movies and slides to the diferent classes. This club has a large membership and is a very important part of our school. g0W LING Row l, L to R - D.Miedes, L. Snyder, M. Cole, F. Venditti Row 2 - G. Franklin, R.Dynas, J.Foley, E.Dabb R.Hahn, Ja Woodard, D.Kreutter, A. Fow, R.Nehrboss, Mr. Koch, R. Redman Row 3 - R. Snyder, W. Cullen, J. Kreuger, R. Rider, R. Lemke, S. Ferry The F.F.A. is a national organization of farm and rural boys studying Vocational Agriculture in the 48 states, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. The primary purpose is to develop rural leadership, cooperation and good citizenship. Alden chapter rates high among the 8 chap- ters in Erie County as a result of a well rounded program of activities. The Bowling Club of Alden Cen- trol formed in 1951 and continued through till December 1953. There were eight teams which competed against each other. Row 1,- L to R - B. Gardner, M. DiPasquale, J. Neeland, P. Mauer, G. Meyer, R. Fulton, B. sfilb Row 2, L to R - F. Becker, V. Jablonski, L. Becker, L. Rayner, R. Polik, B. Sturm, J. Seitz Row 3, L to R - M. Spillane, J. Kumpf, N. VanVolkenberg, G. Evans, B. Polen, B- Kramp, E. Venditti Row 4, L to R - L. Spencer, M. Spillane, M. Walker, D. Eastwood, K. Mansfield, C. O'Mears, N. Garner, R. Nehrboss Row 5, L to R - B. Kidder, B. Hodge, E. Swyers, J. Kazmark, J. Greiner, B. Kocol, J. Eshbaugh, J. Nuwer 'V' . f ,li 1:- Q ff- as- , my , fa F ,Gregg 5 4 Q g,,W,W....,,.,h l E? Fi .W W 9.1331 -. :f-HSQ in 'N 7 comi went scho trust Q? H gtfx 3 ESE e if 5 .- i' Agfa , ROBERT EAGEN This was Alden s second year in the newly organized Oatka Football conference, which has now seven teams. From all indication this newly formed conference is be- ng a big success. Through the guidance and coaching of Mr. Melvin Schaef- fer, Alden's football team won the Oatka Conference and through the first unbeaten, untied season in the ol's histor Yu The highlight of the season was the last game against Akron, havin won the conference last year, was the only team Alden fund not yet beaten in eleven man football. When the game ended, Alden had its undefeated season, winning by a score of 25 to 0. The seven seniors leaving this ear will be greatly missed in the future. They include the three co-captains, Woodard, Dick Mansfield and Frank Yax, and Danny Billy Nuwer and Dick Neeland. boys continue in their various walks of life, we will never forget their football days at Alden DAVID EWERT ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN HARRY HILL X fb 43 'B This year's varsity basketball team was one of the best teams turned out in recent years. They ended the season with a re- cord of 'I3 wins and 3 losses, while cap- turing second place in the Genesee- Orleans B league. The highlights of the season were vic- tories over our old rivals, Corfu and Oakfield, and also a new league scoring record for the most points scored by a team in a sin le game. This score was made in the lost game of the season against Alexander, with a score of 94-57. The members of this yeor's team, Jerry Miles, Dick Neeland, Jim Woodard, Wally Zandi, Dick Rider, Frank Yax, Charlie Woodard, Dave Johnson, Bob Koch and Al Fox would like to thank their coach Mr. Richardson for his patient guidance, through which they have learned a lot, not only about Basketball, but also, and more important, about sportsmanship. M FL l If DAVID PEEBLES ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN ALDEN BASKETBALL SCORES ATUCA HOLLEY CLARENCE OAKHELD PAVHJON MENNA ATUCA CORFU PAVHJON ALEXANDER HOLLEY OAKHELD MEMNA CORFU CLARENCE ALEXANDER Our cheerleaders are as important to us as our teams, for they instill the pep and school spirit into our athletic events. The squad consists of twelve cheerleaders, six varsity and six iunior varsity. Elected an- nually by the. student body, the J. NEELAND C. 0'MEARA N. GARBER QITIILITLII lla! varsity is chosen from the iunior and senior classes, and the iayvees from the freshmen and sophomore classes. The cheerleaders, under the super- vision of Mrs. Hay, were very import- ant in the winning football and basketball season. J. MALLON J. SWYERS K. MANSFIELD J. vi FOOTBALL Alden Central School had its first Junior Varsity Football team this year and this . team is certainly worthy of mention. The Little Bulldogs, coached by Mr. Richardson, were outweighed and outnumbered in all games but their record is very impressive, with two wins and three losses. J F o 0 T B A L L Row l, L to R: A. Cius, F. Venditti, G. Garrison, C. Daucher, T. Wimmer, D. Coakley, Mr. Richardson Row 2, L to R: D. Wise, F. Greiner, G. McGaughey, P. Spillane, T. Pope, R. Rider AA SL KL E T Row 1, L to R: B. Kegler, C. Daucher, H. Fenner, A. Fox, T. Po e, R. Nehrboss, M. Foegen, T. Muchow Row 2, L to R: L. Schmidt, N. Schmidt, R. Rider, G. McGaughey, R. Lemke, R. Eagan, Mr. Hay Row 3, L to R: R. Harding, F. Greiner, R. Lemke, K. Duttweiler J. V. BASKETBALL The Alden Junior Varsity Basketball team, coached by Mr. Hay, had a very suc- cessful year with a record of' ten wins and six losses. The team showed a fighting spirit and the will to win, throughout the entire season. The Junior Varsity hopes to have an- other successful season with many reserves filling the vacated positions, and many new freshmen, next year. ROW 'lf L to R: E. Dabb, R. Snyder, T. Wimmer, G. Garrison, M. Foegen, W. Neuman Row 2, L to R: M. Sweet, P. Spil- lane, G. Hake, D. Kreutter, D. Weig, R L. Skoddon Row 3, L to R: Coach Hay, A.Cius, E J. Foley, H. Hill, F. Venditti, A. Staerr, R. Mansfield, D. Lucler- man, D. Billiar, W. Bird, D. Wise, A. O'Conner WRESTLING Alden's Strong men had a record of two wins and tour defeats in this year's wrestling competition. Alden placed fifth in the county which was won by 0akfield,the de- fending Champions. Alden had two third place winners in the county, Gary Garrison and Dick Mansfield. With the many new men it was a very good year from the point of view of experience. Row 'l, L to R: Richard Mansfield, Milton Cole, James Woodard, Charl Lynch, David Johnson, Charles Woodard, Gary Garrison Row 2, L to R: Allen Eastwood, Mgr Jerry Milos, Francis Nuwer, Thoma Roll, Walter Zondi, Frank Yox, Coach Richardson BASEBALL This year's baseball team im- proved tremendously as the season progressed. The team won four games while losing five. Tom Roll ond Walter Zondi did most of the, pitching for this club and also led the team in hitting with batting av- erages of .347 and .333 respec- tively. The highlight of the season was Alden's victory over Alexander as the Alden nine came from behind to win over their arch rivals. ' w Row 'I, L to R: Dale Kreutter, Y William Irish, Larry Schmidt, Ronald Kidder, Richard Mansfield, Charles Chauncey Row 2, L to R: Coach Richardson.. Donald Streit, Francis Nuwer, James Siovenpiper, Charles Lynch, Allen Eastwood,Mgr., Coach Hoy TRACK l This track team won one and, lost four meets this season. Jim' Sievenpiper broke the school record in the broad iump with a leap of 'I9' 'l'l" at Brockport. Dick Mans- field tied the school record in the shot put with a 37' 'I'l" heave. The outlook for next year's team looks very promising with many of the underclassmen improving. N-0 19 5 3 FOOTBALL SEASON THE-MAN OF THE HOUR easus N4 N15 'N ev X' EBIQ4 7-,NC xwaisww FRANKIE veasus CLARENCE A . O ., HAT GUES UP MU g ST CUME Down, , k'h-: V. , ' if kkrk Q K S Ji, . 5 O, LOO.O , A O. , 925:54 fi 'i lfg ff-1 if SEY4' f-ARES E :-in A if f hflglfi. V' L: T .Q 'Si ' - .. fs A - .f .rt V--riwn Q PQ .K Ai .Y - M-.,v.fye,m - Lf- MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MRS. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. 8. MRS. 8. MRS. 8. MRS. 8. MRS 8. MRS 8- MRS 8- MRS. 8. MRS. 8. MRS. 8. MRS 8. MRS 8. MRS PARENT PATRONS FRANK BECKER GEORGE CHAMBERS ROBERT CLARK WILLIAM COYLE, JR. CHARLES DI PASQUALE CLAYTON DEHN MICHAEL FLEMING HERMAN GREINER CARL HAHN EDWARD HAHN WILLIAM HERR EDWARD HOLTZ PEARL IWANSKI 8. MRS 8. MRS 8. MRS. 8. MRS 8. MRS 8. MRS 8. MRS 8. MRS 8. MRS JOHN JABLONSKI RICHARD JOHNSON CARLTON KIDDER VERNON KIDDER HAROLD KRAMP JOSEPH MAUER GEORGE MEYER SIGMUND MILES ROBERT FULTON MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MRS. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MRS. MR. MR. MR. MR. 8. MRS MARTIN MUCHOW 8. MRS. HARLEY NEELAND 8. MRS ALBERT NUWER 8. MRS VICTOR NUWER 81 MRS LEON O'MEARA 8. MRS LEONARD PARKER 8- MRS. WALTER POLEN 8. MRS. JOHN REDMAN 8. MRS LESTER REED 8. MRS EDWARD REUTER 8. MRS. RALPH E. SCHALLER GEORGE SCHENDEL 8. MRS WILLIAM STREIT 8. MRS. ASA SWYERS 8. MRS. WILLIAM SWYERS 8. MRS. FRANK VENDITTI 8. MRS. CHARLES WIGLER CAROLINE WILES 8. MRS. LYALL WISE 8. MRS. EVERETT WOODARD 8. MRS. FRANK YAX 8. MRS. PETE ZANDI CLASS OF 1955 e 196' X?- rfe G 15" 000 M s ALMS Fo R 7-H I IN n 'P WHAT 15 XT CK IN OQGHT 8 Compliments The BENNETT MANUFACTURING COMPANY ALDEN, NEW YORK YOUNG PEOPLE'S of the MARILLA BAPTIST CHURCH Romans 6: 23 "For the wages of sin is deathg but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." STANLEY STABA Used Cars 81 Trucks Bought and Sold Towing 8. Trucking Darien City, Phone: New York Darien 5100 Success Comes Thru Perseverance Good Wishes to You All ALDEN INN HARRY C. MOMBERGER Dry Goods Phone: 7287 Broadway 2301 Alden, New York Compliments of KEGLER'S MEN'S SHOP Compliments of Exchange ,SL Phone 4311 l.lLLlAN LA GRANT Alden, New York THE VILLAGE SHOP Compliments of Martha C. Pafrell, Prop. FINCH BROS' Dresses . . '. . Lingerie Fontoshere Hose Compliments of NEELAND'S DAIRY Alden, New York Compliments of TOWN LINE SUPERETTE Townline, New York Serving Alden and Surrounding Areas ALDEN ADVERTISER Publishers - - Printers fPrinting Your School Newsj Compliments of RICHARD T. COOKE Supervisor Phone Alden 3858 SAFE-T-GRIP MACHINE MICHAEL'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Michael Kurpito, Prop. Genesee 8x Home Roads Millgrove, New York CRITTENDEN GARAGE Hurry Bell, Prop. Genesee Street KR-oute 333 Crittenden, New York Phone Alden 4332 POPLAR INN Joe 8. Mary Jaworski's 6774 Broadway Phone: Alden, New York Alden 3631 Music every Saturday Night TRIANGLE INN Lillian Morgan, Prop. IVY LUNCH Sandwiches .... Ice Cream Home Cooked Meals Cigarettes Genesee 8. Ellicott Roads Alden, New York 6866 Broadway Alden, New York Compliments of RAY'S MARKET Groceries 8. Meats Marilla 5782 Marilla, New York Groceries - Meat - Beer Frozen Foods B. NALBACH Phone 422l l' Alden, Sandridge Road New York C. V. ORTNER 8- SON Darien, New York International Harvester Farm Machinery 81 Tractors Pa Pec Harvesters Ontario Grain Drills Phone 3531 ALDEN GRILL Bob Wagner, Prop. Steak - Chops 8m Spaghetti 7293 Broadway Alden, New York PHILIPS FLOWER SHOP Flowers for all Occasions Marilla 5485 Marilla, New York Phone 4273 VICTOR J. NUWER Plumbing, Heating 8x Electrical Work Sandridge Alden Center, Road New York DARIEN HARDWARE Darien Center Phone 3806 Plumbing - Electric Suppl-ies U-Belts - Paints Gutter Supplies ALDEN HEATING 8t APPLIANCES Complete Line of DEVOE PAINTS Westinghouse Appliances Plumbing, Heating 81 Electrical Supplies 7317 Broadway Alden 2831 Alden, New York E. Gebhard GRECO SALES 8- SERVICE INC Broadway, Route 20 Darien, New York Darien 1700 CHEVROLET W. A. KLOSSNER Darien Center, New York Phone Darien 600 Compliments of AL'S DARIEN GRILL Compliments of FRANK GAMMACK Gnd Red and White Store RESTAURANT Darien Center, New York WM. HERR Fresh Meats and Groceries Men's and ChiIdren's Shoes Ready-to-Wear Clothing Two Rod and Cary Roads Phone Re. 5440 BUSH BROS. INC. Marilla, New York Phone: Marilla 5433 . .V 1 'xxx K ,iili Compliments of STQWELI-'S PHARMACY EXCAVATION AND GRADING Ralph D. Stowell - Richard D. Stowell DUMP TRUCK SERVICE Pharmacists CONCRETE AND CINDER BLOCKS Alden, New Yorlc Compliments of the GREENWOODS' RESTAURANT YOUNG PEOPLE'S GROUP of the MILLGROVE BIBLE CHURCH "-For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19:10 SOCKETT'S FARM SERVICE Ferguson Tractors 81 Implements Route 20 - Darien, N. Y. Phone - Darien 901 Compliments ot CARL F. MYERS Darien, New York Compliments of W. .l. PFEIL INC. Lumber,kBuilclers' Supplies Alden, N. Y. - Phone 3931 FOR YOUR FUTURE HOME KlLN DRIED LUMBER, Your Guarantee of Quality Compliments of RAPP BROTHERS Grain - Beans - Feed Potatoes - Fertilizers - Etc. Darien Center, New York Compliments of JOHN H. COOKE Senator STIRATE WELDING SUPPLY CD., INC. 2230 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, New York DEMUTH MARZOLF CO. Darien Center, N. Y. Wholesale Distributors Mobilgas - Tires - Kerosene - Mobilheat Mobiloil - General Merchandise Lumber 8. Builders' Supplies Phone 5421 BEYER'S SERVICE STATION Mobilgas - Oil - Lubrication Serv. Broadway, Alden, Route 20 New York Compliments of DU MOND'S TAVERN Millgrove, N. Y. Best Wishes from PRESBYTERIAN WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Romans 8:31 "I-t God be for us, who can be against us?" Compliments of PACO ENGINEERING Water Conditioning Equipment Phone Regent 3526' Compliments of ELMA NURSERIES INC. THE PAM-ROSE SHOPPE "Style Center of Akron" Complete Line of Ladies' and THE SNACK BAR Broadway 84 Exchange Street Children's Apparel ' r Rlchls lce Cream Phone 2375 42 Main Street Akron, New York ALight"Lunches ' . . . Sandwiches Candy Compliments of JAMES A. RUMBLY Compliments of HAROLD H. EWELL Marilla, N. Y. Our 25th Year in Business BECKER'S MOTORS "The Place of Service" 7386 Broadway Alden, New York VERN'S MARKET 9 Exchange St. Alden, N. Y. Phone 5611 I Beer . . . Meat Groceries . . . Ice Cream . . . Pop Compliments of EDDlE'S HOME APPLIANCES Darien, New York COMPLIMENT CLASS 1956 e1 PER rx LXK MANEN CYLP-'U Fu T FEATURE: AND THE NIGHT WAS COLD THE THREE MUSKETEERSI AND COLD AND CHILL I X ev A 4M0u sus? E89 R ? CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 From the ALDEN TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION THE ELWOOD-JORDANS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance L. G. Elwood - H. W. Jordans 'IO Crittenden Road Phone Alden, New York 2531 Frozen Staples 8. Delicacies Crisper Fresh Vegetables At All Times To Serve You is Our Pleasure GEORGE'S RED 8: WHITE STORE 7287 Broadway Phone 5281 Alden, N. Y. MEYER'S GROCERY Sondridge Road, Alden, N. Y. Groceries A Beer Cold Cuts Notions Compliments of SITZMAN'S APPLIANCES 26 Exchange Street - - Alden, N. Y. Maytag - - Philco - - Motorola Sales and Service Phone 5581 JOSEPH P. STAEBELL Plastering 8: Mason Work 14 Elm Street Alden, N. Y. Best Wishes to the' CLASS OF 1954 ALDEN COURT MOTEL GARAS 8. SONS Quality Meats 8. Groceries Alden, New York Phone 5511 We Deliver E. J. Wagner G. L. F. SERVICE Alden 4271 - Alden, N. Y. Good Luck to Class of 1954 FRANTZ 8t MEYER Meats Drugs Groceries Vegetables P0l'lL'S SUPERETTE Phone: Alden 3597 Genesee Road Alden, New York BLUE STAR CABINS J. A. Brown, Prop. Phone: Alden 2752 Route 20 Alden, New York J 1 "-Chuck" Riggio's AKRON SPORT SHOP 39 Main Street Akron, New York Phone 462 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1954 from the F. F. A. PARK RESTAURANT Phone 5221 7262 Broadway, fRoufe U. S. 205 Alden, N. Y. Darrell 8. Alma Vroom, Props. FORD Rusher Service Alden, N. Y. Phone 2901 7275 Broadway BEST WISHES T0 CLASS OF 1954 from your STUDENT COUNCIL "Representing the students in Sfudenf-Faculty rela1ions." ROLL'S SERVICE STATION 7023 Broadway West Alden, N. Y. GENERAL REPAIR Phone Alden 5451 E. M. MAUTE Chiropractor SIS .UPF USE! TAKING IT EASY! COMPLIMENTS OF CLASS OF '57 REAL wn.o PARTY? 90 e-091 voqe s 951 A B.. WHICH ROAD LEADS HOME? Pllef Bob Moore G. L. F. FEED MILL Grinding Service E. I'I. KUMPH GREENHOUSES Marilla, New York Growers and Retai Iers Flowers For Every Occasion Phone Alden 5751 C l' Crittenden Road omp 'ments of SPENCER'S MOTEL Compliments o f A I ALDEN CENTRAL SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION Join the P. T. A. N Help Us Help Children N3 406 Vwwbs's1m1um.n:mnmmuanua 11 ,, X1 X1 X .I,....-.,...-..L. ' 4: .L....:..Q4 .., 1 -..J ..1,.L- --..-..,.4. QU-. ,- ..,1 ..--,,,,.L ,N L,,,,-.,,,,..1..Q.--,,.,..-...... C72 I . XX, .XX W I I , 1 , ,...-................. .. ,X - X-X WX. , . , X .. - f X-X 4X. ,,, , - , , 'a . .X f.. " . -, - - .. X '- 1 X . , . pX. , -, .X X- 'Ml m,.X-,-!v.X ,. -. -,MNX . 7 . X ,,. ...-X 1 1 Au. , I ,' , . , 9 1 N Jwhiw -wi - X X A X- ' A M 1 , M. .............. L. X. L. -, .L X qu 5 1 ax Lmmnnwmmulmmumvmmn 1 1 1 X N R l y X,-:wg 9 ,A 1X,,,.,.,: . ' -:chu ,K-4.7 V F1 a5,y,:,q,k X-KX-,W , t A-I ,vgi 5, . t fx, 3 - . g L, lx! , f :. ' Y X- X I ,, .- , ,, X U. ,N X V

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1954, pg 51

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