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1 7. ,, , I .,, . , Eve! I fn -'-'S' .hi-Y 1-::,,-4-.,.-,WY XP"'iF "iw--. A Y... iv ,rw-. -1 , 41' , ,, ' , fl lx " I f X , X A - eg K, , W-Xl Ml' BMD A HOOK -- IXI IMD A .S'Cff00L , J 33 W K X QNMK , ' 3' . 7 W My E 3 7 , .,.,,. I ,z ET fx' ' - .1 . fi h 'fa 4, 'W FOREWORD We, the Class of '53, have chosen as the theme of "The Album," "We build a book, we build a school." Like our school, our class has been built so that we stand ready to face the challenging years ahead. During construction, we have been aided and befriended by our Principal and Faculty, who have helped us over- come the obstacles of ignorance, super- stition, and prejudice. They have pre- pared us for the day when we shall as sincere citizens face the problems of every day life. The past has been built by our forerunners, the future is up to us. DEDICATICN We, the Class of 1953, proudly dedicate "The Album" to Mr. Foster and Mr. Sinclair, whose guidance and patience has sustained us through- out our four years at Alden Central School. As the school was built, so they have helped build our character. I v s I I , 1 . .-""Tlff at ,.'l 4' l .-ll It is with the greatest of pleasure and sincerest humility that I accept from you this dedication in your "Album" of high school memories. As teach- er, counselor, co-worker, and friend, no honor could please me' more than that of being chosen as the one to whom you are dedicating one of your last "group projects," your yearbook. In all sincerity, I can say that many years will pass before I will be privileged to work with a class which will demonstrate such leadership and cooperation. Throughout our few years together we have all been builders-builders of a future which shows great promise. All of your works, trials, and successes have done their part in building your class in a special, spiritual way as well as in your more tangible accomplishments. I extend to the Class of 1953 of Alden Central School my best wishes to continue building your- selves, your community, and your nation toward ever greater successes. l Mr. Fo ster Mr. Sinclair Experience is a wonderful teacher and it is a hard, and ruthless one but the rigors of advance- ment can be made less painful by heeding the sincere council of those who have gone before. There will be many times when you will look back on these few years and remember them as the happiest and most carefree time of your life. The associations you have made will undoubted- ly, one by one, lose their full meanings as new fields of endeavor are entered and conquered but still there remains the outstanding episodes of the part of life gone by, from which one can gleen as ever present encouragement for the unknown pitfalls of the future. The present and past considered, the Gradu- ating Class of 1953 is to be congratulated on its fine record of achievement in the past four years and it is my sincere wish that this he a success- ful reminder to each individual for the rugged years ahead. n nie nis Page Administration 7 Seniors 13 Classes 27 Activities 43 Athletics 53 .. 2 A. 5 ,..,. in Q. 5. Q 1. fwz. .51 .ew Q I . , . 'if' . 4 . . . Q., 4. .. - . -. .1 . E1 .. . - .V . yi.. A-,gf , ,K -,g1,. ., e . ffakfywh :ff- Kgg ,.., .. " 41.1-iziv -'K ,,. 1-:i'ff5F'.a x Q ' - -5579 1 'fylf f F ' Y r 1: 3 x :uf rm., ,095 3 .. ,. ' T. 4 455 x. ' .. u f- 1 .fa . ,. Xia it 2-1 . . 3' ff fx- X M if + , H Q s G 3. S gy S Q, Q egg! w , A I , 3 A xi KL-A Q , , Q . 4.35-5 ,. in I ' V 4 Q Vg W. My , -0' 69.5 gf. K- -' X N , ' "M Q- x ,V ,J ,. , ...... NEW 2 ' ' 1. . .3-P+ X vm . .. .E N ' 5 ' ff. : Hi" ' ' . 4 f .. -. .4 ,,. -- ,1. g X ' 'f' X X .- gf -:wzy K. Q uf' .X el ,TA K -f , ff.f,s1lfa.S' X X ., . x ,afJ..E,: 2 xg 3 .. A-Hfxflk . xf Am 3 'Q if .M il F' 4 wiv 3 K ,, M P 1 -1 T Y Nm K '4'Kx'5b 7 exif , wgf.mQ.,,1, , f Y? S3 K f f-541-V+ ,N '1qi5i1l.Qa 25435 L .3-,J ff A S 9: QTL . .x I ips , W-F16 , " gi? i 5 Ns .f 'E Q in 5 , , . - 1 -N5 Men. - . wk ug W 51 ,K f 5 'f .1 1- .V , 1 pvigd--. f- ' f .ir .i I ,. s f . X N 1 U .- -01' imi xyv wi'- :w3B,,.,6" -1 i ' .fi 1-5' W1 ' K ' S . 'f f' 11" " , E95 V. my M, wvkg?-5, 1'Q' .4 AN SR: ' L ,w.,..f: V A Q s-' rv, 1 .5112 - A 5? ' , -ATES 4 . k if-,Q 1 1 JVV , 'gf .Q , - '2 SVHEA -yum sQ55gigffg-,- 1' g' ,L .f ,., - f fwip- - - - .- X" 'f L' - WM 'X 1' : ' wh- ffzg 'f'S--,af mi 5f f- ,- , 'A , f'3fs'X15l-itz -4 Gaz: .- - X-V Nzwzfwfmg . fa-gdarbmfm 1 as ' -L., V fvgwfsemxlvwwqmmwwmw-4-fav, ' ' A Seated, L. to R.: Miss Eldridge, Miss Choate, Miss Sager, Mrs. Folts, Miss Phelan, Miss Moritz, Mrs. Hay, Miss Tomlinson, Mrs. Nelson, Miss Eastwood. Standing: Miss Drexelius, Miss Carlson, Mr. Sinclair, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Hay, Mr. Hanlon, Mr. Schaefer, Mr. D. Koch, Mr.Borze1- lere, Mr. Agone. Absent: Mr. B. J. Koch, Mrs. Kinkel, Mrs. Szymanski, Mr. Conrad. Seated, L. to R.: Mrs. Kuryla, Miss White, Mrs. Patrell, Mrs. Finch, Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Medwid, Mrs. Mallory, Mrs. Neufang. Standing: Miss Sager, Mrs. Sturm, Mrs. Eggleston, Miss Johnson, Miss Schmatz, Miss Wagner, Mr. Trippe, Mr. joy, Mrs. Tarbell, Mrs. Green, Miss Gassman, Mrs. Thompson, Miss Prucell, Miss Braven. Absent: Mrs. Majak, Miss Drexel- ms. Was Santa Claus good to you, Mr. Borzellere? Mr. Schaffer, are you sure that is the right answer? Can you reach that high note Mr. Agone? ...' " if f' 'Li i I 4, -Q i Where rs this Coach I L' A - ' y R- 7 I, A 1Cl'l8fClS0n. , -- uw, wgwxfrm l ww.-1-cw,.f -1, . f WW w shss 1 s u is so , RX--, 3 Q35 31.55 ff 'f t ' ' . ' K ef : 2- :Q : , R fe SL A- Don't you have a more exciting ls this your new home Mr, and Mfg, Hay? book, Miss Phelan? Lovely flowers for two lovely ladies, Mrs. Folzes and Miss Eldridge. Did you enjoy your trip Mrs. Kinkel? FACULTY INFORMALS CAF ETERIA STAFF L. to R.: Mrs. Estella Fix, Mrs. Winnifred Swyers, Mrs. Mary Healy. POLICEMEN L. to R.: lk. jnblonnki, lr. Szymmski. CLINIC L. to R.: Miss Doris Moritz, Dental Hygienisutg Eugene Blankenburgg Mrs. Dortha Szymanski, Nurse. QM R, xtgh -B L- t0 W8 C1061 ' First Qcrxdy Casgxf, Neison gx min u R506 320:11 AT WON TP-AN L. to R.: Mrs. Ruth MacNaugh!on, Harry Horni, Warren Wahr. CUSTODIANS Anthony pifcgjactrfz . Muon Y 11,5 c c 0"dM5x P Iudet O i SX ., R, Q ? -1 X , . , - . a s L ATA? ' . ' . "" 'lf' "Ti 'W 5' -QA" , X- 92- -Q ' 'gm Suggs-V '- L -Eivffkrss: K 53.1554 U . ,ax . -,V X nl ,L QA Q www . ws .. 1 ., -x ,,.,,M., W r 5 - 511 'g k f 'L' X ' 3' fy 2 .M 'L , Q" " ir Y B"f.:3-"Q-' fa-if V '25-' ""'H ,fr Q. 1 Wx . in - k all . i - L?Q3g.Ligj?Ef:2wQZBfE'.MmE'i9g'-,393 . R34 - 13:5 15, yi- 1- .Lg Q U evra' Us Y- ., .3 ,--fgxlzm-W1 X .- - wifi.-1 Q X "sri-r '-- - -- ali 2 V H-f ,. -R K Ti' SR ' ffffiszg , " wt-:iii W A - 4 - f?:3?S:z: - . i ff . 2 15Q3i:Sf'X't jirf fn - . M ri. 1, . ff 1:99 xx fiiyigfzbfl P 6 ,EEL K , A L . 7 'K WT X W5 rs-:rig fa -fx zgfgigsf SQ. . , 1. ' - . '--fi fri -lkisfzffiixf fx, lisa if -' I , xQ,31fxfr?f?4g15fFi-vii qfqlf xg: ' ' F. -f .s K - . 4 x - K , W A - - X f f 1 . 3-QQSEL fffl-Lf 1 fi K Q . -Q - . QQ. K , X A' . 5 A 12: - Qs ,Qi Ha-ggssigf K 1: fb ' il lfssiff C VN ,QR ,1i,x 5 , A L. to R.: James Roberts, Vice-President, Charles Lynch, Presi- dent, Evelyn Nuwer, Secreturyg Rose Marie Kelly, Treasurer. CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OF 1953 When the Class of '53 entered Alden four years ago, we were the first Freshman class in the centralized system. During the intervening years many changes have been made in our school as changes have been made in our class. In 1950, during our Sophomore year, money was appropri- ated for the building of a new addition which was started the next year. This year the school, like our class, has reached completion. During the past year our class has been aided and encouraged by our class advisors, Miss Carlson and Mr. Sinclair. Their cooperation and guidance has made our many class activities, during this time, a suc- cess. Through this cooperation and guidance, the rough road over which we had to travel to reach our graduation day was made much smoother. L. to R.: Miss Carlson and Mr. Sinclair. ADVISORS 14 A Fnmcns ABRAMSKI ' yom Ausrm Nom BALTZ Business Commercial .4 ns Business Commercial Club 35 Press Club Press Club 4: Monitor 15 F.H.A. Commercial Club 3, 45 Press 4: Monitor 2: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 23 Music Club 3, 4g Bnnd 1, 2, Club 3, 4g F.l-LA. 49 Music Club 3, 4: Chorus 2, 35 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 45 Bowling 4: Ass't. Art Year 3, 45 Bowling 4. book Ed. 35 Art Yearbook Ed. 4. A f if' F RANK BINDER Agriculture Track 3, 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom Court 35 F.F.A. Treasurer 2. 154 CHARLES CHAUNCEY Science Basketball 1, 2: Football 3, 4s Language Club President 3: Stu- dent Council Secretary li Student Council Treasurer 23 Yearbook Editor 43 Assistant Editor 3: Cho- rus 1, 3, 45 National Honor Soc. 2, 34 Prom King 3: Plays 2, 3, 45 Class President lg Class Vice- President 23 Track 3, 4. ROBERT DANIELS l Business Commercial Club 3, Language Club 3: National Honor Society 3, 4g Plays 45 Treasurer of Class 3. 1- GAIL FISCHER ' Science Grade News Editor 45 Monitor 39 F.H.A. 2, 35 Music Club 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Bowling 3, 45 Plays 2, 3, 4, Album Literary Editor 45 Science Club 3. 'Ne .,-inch MYRA FLEMING Scien ce Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerlead- er 3, 45 Monitor 2, 3, 45 Athletic Association l, 3, 45 F.H.A. I, 25 Band 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 3, 45 Prom Court 35 Plays 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 45 Class President 3. BEVERLY GERHARDT Business Intramurals-1, 2, 35 Commercial Club 3, 45 Pre s Club 45 Monitor 35 Band 15 Chorus 1, 2, 39 Bowl- in8 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Commer- cial Club President 4. MARY Foss ' Business Commercial Club 35 News Editor 45 Monitor 35 Art Club 35 Bowling 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Class Secretary 39 Yearbook Secretary 4. CLASS OF ARLENE HASSEN BOHLER S ci en c e Intramurals l, 2, 3, '45 Cheet- leader 1, 2, 3, 45 Press Club 45 Language Club 35 Student Coun- cil 45 Monitor 35 FJ-LA. 1, 2, 35 Chorus 3, 45 Bowling 3, 45 Plan- ning Committee 35 Awards Com- mittee 35 President Cheerleaders 45 President Bowling Club 43 Secretary Cheerleaders 3. RHEA DONNELLY Homemaking Monitor 35 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Bowl- ing 3, 45 Playa 4. 16 ' 1 PAUL HENRY S-IIRLEY HICKS RONALD HORST Science Science Industrial Arts pres, Club 2, 4g Monitor 1, 2: Press Club 4, Plays 45 Yearbook Yearbook Staff 4g Plays 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Plays 2, 3, 4, Staff 4., Yearbook StnE 3, 45 Service Club 1953 EUGBWE KELCHIN Agriculture Mcnimr 2. 33 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4: Cho- rus 1, 2, Class Treasurer l. 17. 1- -A 3 ' 19 VIRGINIA KUHN Business Commercial Club 3, 4, Monitor 35 F.H.A. 1, 2g chorus lg co.- responding Secretary Commercial Club 4. ROSE MARIE KELLEY Business Commercial Club 4 Press ' 3. s Club 43 Monitor 2, 35 F.H.A. 1, 2, Cbonxs lg Yearbook Staff 45 Class Treasurer 4. CAROL LOCK Business Play 4. .5 'hifi CHARLES LYNCH Industrial Arts Basketball 2, 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Smdent Council 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 45 Prom Court 35 Plays 2, 3, 45 Class President 4: Band Presi- dent 4. CAROL MARIE MALLON Science Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Press Club 45 Language Club Tzeas. 35 Stu- dent Council 35 Pres. Student Council 45 Monitor 2, 35 Band 15 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Bowling 3, 45 Prom Queen 35 Plays 3, 45 Ass't. Yearbook Treas. 35 Yearbook Treas. 45 Class Tteas. 2. EVELYN NUYER Business ailllcill Club 35 Press Club 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 25 National Honor Soc. 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Class Secretary 4. KATHLEEN LYNCH Busin ess Bowling 3, 45 Prom Court 35 Plays 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Sports Editor- 45 Awards System 45 Class Secretary 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Com- mercial Club 35 Press Club 3, 45 glozltor 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, , . CLASS GF FRANCIS NUWER Business Basketball 45 Baseball 25 Track 35 Commercial Club 15 Monitor 25 Athletic Assoc. 1. 18 HELEN OESTREICH YILLARD PIIESCHEL GLORIA RAMOS Business Music Business Iurrsmuruls 2, 35 Commercial Track 3: Wrestling 35 Music Club Intrsmursls 35 Commercial Club Club 3, 45 Press Club 3, 45 Holi- 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus I5 3, 45 Monitor 45 Plsys 3, 45 Plen- tor 35 F.H.A. 25 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Plsys 2, 3, 4- ning Committee 4. Bowling 3, 4, Vice-Pres. Bowl- iul 3: Yeurboolr Stuff 4. 1953 EDNAMAE RBUTER Music Press Club 3, 45 Mouiror 35 F.H.A. 1, 25 Music Club 3: Bsad 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Plsys 25 FJ-LA. Secretary 2. 19 I AMES ROBERTS Agri culture Student Council 45 Chorus 1, 25 -Prom Court 35 Phys 2, 3, 45 Vice-Pres. F.F.A. 25 Pres. F.F.A. 3, 45 Clsss Vice-Pres. 4. THOMAS ROLL Science numbsu 1, 2, 35 mmm: 2, 3, 43 Bssebsll 1, 2 3, 45 Vice-Pres. Student Council 35 Lmguuge Club 35 Monitor 35 Athletic Assoc. 25 Nstionsl Honor Soc. 35 Clsss Pres. 2. Y SHARON SCHMITKE Business Commercial Club 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Monitor 2, 3: Nlusic Club 3: Chorus 1, 2: National Honor Soc. 3, 4, Bowling 3g Yearbook Staff 4, Press Club Editor 4: 'R 5.5 C I JAMES SIE VENPIP ER Sci en ce Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Student Coun- cil 1, 2: Monitor 33 Vice-Pres. Athletic Assoc. 33 Pres. Ath- letic Assoc. 4, Rand lg Chorus 45 Plays 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 4. CL AUDIA SMITH Business Intramurals 1, 2, 39 Cheerleader 1, 21 Commercial Club 3, 4: Vice-Pres. Commercial Club 31 Press Club 1, 3, 45 Moniuor 1, 2g Athletic Assoc. 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 35 Plays 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4. CLASS OF DON ALD STREIT Business Wrestling 43 Commercial Club Secretary 3: Plays 3, 4: Vice- Pres. Class 3. , 4- , JOAN TERRE BERRY Business Intramurals 1, 2, 3: Commercial Club 45 Press Club 4, Monitor 3g Music Club 35 Band 1, 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2: Bowling 3, Plays 2, 3. B ESSIE TOULMIN Business Commercial Club 3: Press Club 3, 43 Music Club 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Soc. 3, 45 Press Club Business Editor 4. 20 MYRLENE THOMPSJN Science Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Press Club 45 Language Club 35 Moni- tor 35 National Honor Soc. 2, 3, 45 Bowling 3, 45 Plays 2, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Science Club 35 Daisy Mae 25 Awards Commit- tee 15 Vice-Pres. National Hon- or Soc. 35 Pres. National Honor Soc. 45 Vice-Pres. Language Club 3. 1953 5 SALLY WEBER A rt Press Club 1, 2, 3, 45 54005101 11 2, 35 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Chvml 1, 2, 35 Art Club 2, 3, 45 Bowl- ing 3, 45 Plays 25 Yearbook Staff 45 FJ-LA. Treasurer 1, 25 F.l'l-A- Secretary 35 Intramurals l, 2, 3, JAMES wn.soN Agriculture Student Council 15 Monitor 15 F.F.A. 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary F.F.A. 3. 21 C. WESL EY WEIL A griculture F.F.A. 2, 35 Pm. com 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 F.F.A. Vice- President 3. SEQ JOAN WILSON Business Language Club 35 Music Club 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 3, 45 Prom Court 35 Plays 2, 35 Class Secretary 15 Bowling Club Treas- urer 45 Commercial Club Secre- tary 35 Music Club Secretary 35 Art Club President 45 Yearbook Assistant Mgr. 35 Advertising Mgr. 4. JOANNE WIMMER Science Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Press Club 45 Language Club 35 Moni- tor 35 I-'.H.A. 2, 35 Music Club 3, 45 Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Art Club 1, 2, 45 Bowling 3, 45 Plays 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Class Vice- President 15 F.H.A. Vice-Presi- dent 35 Art Club Secretary 4. P ATRICIA WLODARCZYK Business GENEVIEVE WISNIE WSKI Business Commercial Club 3, 45 Monitor 35 F.H.A. 2, Chorus 2, 3, 43 Bowl- ing 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 45 Com- mercial Club Secretary 4. Commercial Club 35 Press Club 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 49 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 49 Music Club 4. CLASS OF I NANCY zmmAnA Business Commercial Club 33 Press Club 3: Monitor 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Plays 2, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Class Activities Editor 4. JOANN voomlm Husic Press Club 3, 45 Language Club 3, Music Club 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, Plays 2, 3, 45 Prea- ident Music Club 3. 1953 Why the big gleam in the eye, Joan and Eduumse? Frances, joan and Gen modeling ,the latest. I N Willy-k nown for beauti- ful compositions. . ll' x Y' 3, V' 3 5 six , 1 - l ,a .. 3 1'-4, 455-M 1 fe IVE? 5 1 sig. 1 N t, S gk 5? A I M gain' Q an ,ws + -f Jr ,gh sv vor..- H 4- i:kr :Jgi15:.1, yrl. fl - A ,A Mx s , , 2-if 5' i f A ni, ' S 1 QM nl fa' ' 5, h f.. 4 P' A 5? Q? Q M J f 1 Q ,R :K . W' ,Q . - rm' Wh- 'ifw , K M, , gf V nf X . M. .ww-. .- 'M lam. 2 3 Y ? -2 3 F Xfwm-.': .- , -1 Q. x igvwfxi ,AV .... Y -, A J,,5g,,Wfiaw-!'2 ' N' A -, QW i ck P55 WO We cl S In this year of our Lord, 2052, one hundred years after the laying of the cornerstone of the addition to Alden Central School, the box which was cemented into the cornerstone was opened. It brought back many memories of my classmates, for I was attending Alden when the corner- stone was laid. Every one of my classmates has achieved success in his respective field. There was Don Streit. He always wanted to make dollars and that's exactly what he is doing. He's a printer in the U.S. mint. Rhea Donnelly and Mickey Fleming have spent most of their careers as lady wrestlers, wrestling each other for the title. Tommy Roll became a famous pitcher for the Red Soxs and is now in baseball's Hall of Fame. Then there's Arlene Hassenbobler, a famous lawyer and politician. Her cheerleading must have helped her become so long winded. Helen Oestreich and Sharon Schmitke are spending much of their time flying around the world, often with Shirley Hicks as pilot, seeing all the places they studied in social studies. They have made several trips to Hawaii to see Peggy Lynch, who is living there. Sally Weber has become the head of Saks' Fifth Avenue surrounded by her first love . . . . . clothes. Beverly Gerhardt is employed by Nora Baltz, a famous beautician, to model all her newest bairdos. I Jim Sievenpiper has built a super hot rod in which Evelyn Nuwer and Frank Binder have broken all previous speed records. For the test they used the super highway to the moon, which was engineered by Charlie Chauncey. After witnessing the test, Willard 1Stocks and Bonds, Preis- chel bought the car. Then there's Carol Mellon, who married a stock driver, and Nancy Zamiara, who surprised everyone by being the only one in the driving class to obtain a driver's license. Wesley Weil, Eugene Kelchlin, and Bob Daniels have joined the Navy to see the world. 1 don't know how much of the world they have seen, but they certainly have seen miles of water. If you have admired any of the illustrations in the top magazines, they may have been drawn by Joanne Wimmer, who is now a famous illustrator. Bessie Toulmin and Frances Abramski keep her files, records and so forth in excellent shape. Joan Austin has written nnny wonderful poems which she dictated to her private secretary, Genevieve Wisniewski. She employs Carol Lock as a comptometer operator to keep count of all the money she makes. jimmy Wilson became Mr. Conrad's desk boy and he has also worked for Ronnie Horst, who succeeded Mr. Conrad as principal. One of his most efficient teachers is Joann Woodard, who teaches music. Ednamae Reuter, Claudia Smith, Virginia Khun, Mary Foss, joan Terre- berry, and Pat Wlodarczyk all married soon after graduation and now have large families. Rosie Kelley became secretary to a successful business man and eventually married him. Myrlene Thompson is a chorus girl in the top musical comedy on 24 , -My Pan CWM Broadway, and right next door Gail Fischer has the lead in the hit play. Francis Nuwer has put his talents as class clown to work and is now known as the second Milton Berle. Gloria Ramos went to college and enjoyed it so much that she returned after graduation as a teacher. Then there's jimmy Roberts, who operates a diesel train that travels from coast to coast daily. Charlie Lynch has his own jazz band and has many fans because of his fine trumpet playing. Paul Henry joined the foreign legion and has risen rapidly to his present position as a general. joan Wilson is a food sampler for one of the big restaurants and does she enjoy it! The bricks of the school from which they graduated reflect the success of each individual. Let us hope that this reflection may never dim. Pulling switches in the mint. -rr--f We, the Class of '53, being of sound mind, fremember, don't believe everything you readll, do hereby draw up this, our last will and testament: ' Genevieve Wisniewski and Frances Ahramski leave their printing ability to all those who wish to make money. ' Francis Nuwer, class clown, bequests his title to Bill Irish. Don't do all your practicing in Mr. Hanlon's room, please. Tommy Roll and jimmy Sievenpiper leave their ability to play football to Gary Garrison. Make sure it helps our team to win! I Airlene Hassenbobler leaves her cheerleading ability to Nancy Garber, our Freshman cheer' ea er. joan Austin leaves her art ability to next year's Art Department of the yearbook. Will it ever come in handy! Myrlene Thompson leaves her brains to all future students of Miss Tomlison, particularly in physics and chemistry. . Mickey Fleming leaves her athletic ability to Pat Mauer. You'll really be champ now! Carol Mallon imparts her executive ability to all future presidents of the Student Council. Gail Fischer bequests her acting ability to the members of all future plays. Mr. Sinclair, this will help you???? joan Wilson and Ednamae Renter leave their high soprano voices to jerry Miles, if he can use them. jimmy Wilson leaves his new car to Miss Eastwood. After the Seniors she needs a new one for her Driver Ed classes. Sally Weber leaves her fine bowling average to all future members of the Bowling Club. Ioanne Wimmer, Pat Wlodarczyk, and Helen Oestriech leave their ability to dance to all attendants at A.C.S. dances. joan Woodard leaves her quiet ways to George Garrison. Please use them!! Nancy Zamiara's ability to have fun is left to anyone who needs it. Peggy and Charlie Lynch, our well behaved brother and sister team, leave their ability to work together to all students who have a brother or sister in their class. Evelyn Nuwer leaves her technique at the cash register to Fred Reed. Carol Lock and Shirley Hicks import their ability to make friends to all new A.C.S. students. Rosie Kelley leaves her ability to balance books to anyone who would like to make an extra dollar. Eugene Kelchlin bequests his ability to charm the girls to Butch Cole and Eddie Chauncey. Ronnie Horst wills his truck to anyone who must secure props for plays. Paul Henry bequeaths his camera and his job of taking pictures for the yearbook to Dave johnson and David O'Meara. Mary Foss leaves her fine printing to anyone who has to make posters for publicity. Bob Daniels wills his recitation of the "jabberwocky" to Bill Nuwer. Charlie Chauncey leaves his ability as yearbook editor to Miss Drexelius to dole out as needed to future yearbook editors. jimmy Roberts, Wesley Weil, and Willard Preischel leave their ability to make everything run smoothly backstage to all future dramatic production workers. Frank Binder leaves his ways in Ag to jimmy Woodard. Gloria Ramos leaves her Texan accent to anyone who goes South forthe winter. Sharon Schmitke and Bessie Toulmin leave their ability to mn the school paper to next year's editors. , Claudia Smith and Nora Baltz leave their alto voices to Dolly Iablonski and Margie Oes- treich. Don Streit wills his ability as electrical wizard during the plays ro Ronnie Kidder. joan Terreberry leaves her ability to roller skate to all those from Alden who like to skate. Bev Gerhardt and Ginny Kuhn will their executive ability in the Commercial Club to all future officers. ' Rhea Donnelly leaves her ability to drive to anyone who wishes to take his life in his hands. The class, as a body, leaves the addition to the school to all students of A.C.S. And as a final bequest to the teachers, we leave a rule which we never obeyed, "Silence is Golden", in hopes future classes will abide by it. uhihasscd. . 2 fswnccinu Adviwwl Saw +1 Should cvcry day be made Senior day? S0332 i to V 2.115 . 5 W 5 Is this musical talent? Didn't the snow taste Hoy, what fun!! very good Rhea? Sally Folger-honor Senior, SENIOR SNAPS Class of '64- W :f if K' fl 4 . 5 1 it i ,t,. Which twin doesn't have the Toni? L 1 V 1 26 Why the spanking? Fifi UCI EIU DEI III EDCI EI if 13 .7 an M Q L X if Lf? sl L: ,. ., X Q X . lx ,A ,g. t . , ,, ,A gl X 5 , . .ki ' ' 'rf- 1 - , 1, ,V .lg 75.,L15f:S,iQ4Zn,.5f43':: 7: . . wa AA .Er 1 , Vw-'M ' , ' . H X rmmm,-fa-zMf.i L v,. Ik , we ,Z-A ., .:,M,Jm..M AV- ..,QQ1M... if .f , Wwsi 1 Y' , 'A gfa Q f , I W, - f-5 S' .. 2 vf ,' .w1z:1:?:'2vf' , v:pg., 1 , . 'M ' af' if k ' nf '5 +n.,y2Taw.ff,--w,..:!4A .Q.f- 'i -if t ., 5 ff'fs.,'- -ag , i . f ,Q Q, .A S Y., '2 -X5 s ,-.A , , ' - ' ' 12 K ,4 131 f' F5 I, ?f,'fV31f" k -- TA wi if - H -. , ,.x V I N , .. K I fi Wig, kg In 5 :x ,gf Vi 'E V I WL L .5 1., A -- Q.. . , L . " 1 . 1-A ,,,. , . .14 ,Q,,,gx,. .M ,..,,Lg?v. ,Jigga . ,,,,,,, ,W AW ,X Mfr Q 2,5 ,iw 21,351,154 1- Q 'F x 4. , "' , mi-it' W' - Y "w f 'A f. 1 fl K --A 'f 1 ' ,N M SJ 1 ,wr -. 4 ,,..-Q . k if' X -- k 'Bag 'f -V59 ,gram g. ,H ik 'W f K- +f,5:.g1. QQ A ,- ,ip ,. 'f wmverr f-5 5 V , fr , f- -S s Rf ,, 1 - 1 ' ,W A 2 5 is -xwra, -3 ,gums 422, :N . , 44- 3 5. ' Q A. gk' ,f A , ,ek . . , M v':.'.1a Y f' . 5 W , . ,,f'f' V Q"f-1+ H4 S X-v' , ' K: ,. fav'-2:5 W A H I f v. -g - -. eg gy 3 qi, W 35 gf ' 115 ' Q - .2 ' , 'fl 43' , wi. 3 GQLH 4 Ri ,gf . , , Y ,, .k W, . 4, 34 I V - an-P5 Q' " . . - wr-f r vi , , "R I, V 322- ,QK i f -BM ' U nf ., . -1- - rf ' . 'Ad 'kfii 'X Q55 WTF -15 7 . ' i" .Q 'J 1 L- ' "lL.G'- V- m:l'f' 7' ,V Z". Q if G. 3- 'fn' iff J , . .f,. ,' 2 'fi Q.,.il.'f '- 1? 'Q' BQ" 4 ,Y ' er Q V 'Q 'fliLf:.f2. ' ' ' 1445-iififf ff fi K -Nw 74' :M .. - ' L , 1 za . fsfsi -in V 555 , XR I . ,. . . . gm.: -f f , ,g,L1.5giq,1m wwf. ,,. :Y W' ' ,Q 5 UQ. if ff7??iE2fg4 ,K 1...Q -we '-fvmfwe WH, . M 1 E , Q 5 ,,., 4 .. fig up ,X W, ,gr L.. ' f V 55, sw 5-, 3 1 H ,M Af x.-R 'fs I wind The class of 1955 will always be very special friends, because we are growing up together. We first met in 1951, when both of us were freshmen. The school was just beginning to rise, and we were just beginning to be a class. By the end of our sophomore year, however, we are both thriving. The school is fully constructed and we are welded into a busy class, successful both in studies and activi- tres. We would like to say that both we and the school are looking forward to fine careers here. Our only regret is that ours cannot be as long and worthwhile as the school's. L. to R.: Ilah Dersam, Treasurer, Edward Chauncey, Vice- President, Charles Woodard, President, janet Suess, Secretary. OFFICERS CLASS OF 1955 First Row, L. to R.: Miss Eldridge, Sophomore Class Advisor, A. Swyers, j. Suess, C. Wisniewski, F. McCarthy, G. Garrison, R. Koch, D. Wise, D. Stehle, D. Gerhardt, R. Nehrboss, 1. Simon, Mrs. Nelson, Sophomore Class Advisor. Second Row: E. Roll, J. Seitz, B. Sturm, S. Kuhn, B. Kocal, M. Christner, P. Thompson, S. Greiner, V. Kosakowski, S. Gadd, D. Graue, I. Dersam. Third Row: M. Volker, F. Gerhardt, I. Eshbaugh, D. Kreutter, J. Lasker, G. Meyers, M. Balrich, R. Mueller, C. Woodard, E. Chauncey, W. Irish, D. Ewert, A. Kran. Fourth Row: R. Polilr, S. Kelchlin, M. Spillane, M. Spillane, S. Wiles, A. Staerr, R. Murphy, D. Peebles, R. Dersam, A. Fox, I. Kotecki, R. Ruzewski, W. Cullen, J. Sobolewski, B. Stilb. As the Class of 1953 departs from the new building, we, the Class of '56, enter it. No longer do we find ourselves in over- crowded classrooms, a small cafeteria and an inadequate gymnasium. Instead we look forward to spacious classrooms, a modern cafeteria, and a huge new gymnasium. In addition we have a beautiful new auditorium. Therefore, we enter our high school careers with all the material qualifications for suc- cess. We have used these facilities to sponsor two successful movies and a very profitable candy sale. We are looking forward to three more very pleasant and successful years. L. to R.: Margaret Oestreich, Presidentg Thomas Pope, Vice-President, joan Swyers, Secretary, Jacqueline Kumpf, Treasurer. OF F ICE RS CLASS OF 1956 First Row, L. to R.: Mr. Hanlon, Freshman Class Advisorg J. Kumpf, G. Matthies, R. Eshbaugh, M. Foeger, M. A. Simon, F. Buauza, D. Preischel, M. Nuwer, M. Oestreich, P. Pautler, D. Rebman, R. Nehrboss, T. Muchow, D. Billiar, S. Ferry, Mrs. Folts, reshman Class Advisor. Second Row: M. Petie, C. O'Meara, P. Lock, N. Garber, R. Ruhlman, D. Luderman, R. Snyder, D. Francis, B. Platzer, D. Hammer, L. Schmidt, T. Pope, R. Dombrowski, R. Franklin, A. Cius. Third Row: L. Neeland, P. Welker, E. Kelley, I. Kuhn, L. Kazmarlr, J. Warmington, M. Walker, S. Strong, A. Nuwer, M. Fix, I. Iwanski, 1. Werner, N. Finch, D. East- wood, E. Dabb, J. Neeland. Fourth Raw: J. Swyers, H. Terreberry, K. Mansfield, H. Terreberry, H. Theon, R. Uebelhorer, P. Spillane, R. Rider, M. Cole, G. Garrison, L. Snyder, W. Piskorowski, R. Lemke, D. Coak- ley, K. Duthweiter, H. Fenner, E. Blankenberg. iii fi? M., aw EE? , I Q 'vw' ? YA? -, - N.. -,..,,, ,.,,.z., ,,,,,E:,., ., ,K V V--,nf -,,.,,, A.. .,. Xmvf M- ,,. ., . , -WY-v W MH , a A Y .V A- , v , .P 'J' fx V f ' 1 Us Q f 1 , 3 Lg f AAA- 11 ff-1: 5 Mg I 1 'FEE ' V2 N 5, 1 ,, ww L 5 h Q Q in 'E - Q 'X-if A X , V, - x -151L,,.2gj vf , A1 Q f 1 wh ,- -1, ,:. I if . m- A j 4s-Q 'f 4 Y -' Wm' 4 7-ff ' is mfg' 9 ' : lg, .1511-" .211-' Q - . l k 1- f g Q X Q ' A -4 W Q , . 4 Af' K ' -' ' fb x . Y Y ,. ,ug fs ,, R A ,gh ., .Wa 'X V y . ws ,rf YE rg Q' -if 2. - b 4 'H ' -Nw 1 'K V' H li '5 ,Q -, 1 , I ' w:ng,f,f.x.x,m a MT 1"-f an ff V Q X. ugh :af 4 .hr i 4 Q-Y ik V ff fi 9 a.XliN f4v f qs Q 0 Els v ,-Q. ,Q fi it ' m Az L Q, 4 V- , I I FE .T ,,xiJ ! fix., .j ,.. 5 ff' Q21 H gg Wg? 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H . ,Q LQQWA - - .I . im: ,QQ 3 ,M 1 ., 2 . i K s f i f K . .WY W' Qu-Q . '. ,,....--- M, 'F Fl .1 1532 f A g??1 . fH1 1 3 x M gg W? 93 55 ' Avg 43- In Rfk-" 5 ' ff i i fffwi ff -' ik ' ' M f .Q 1, X' :,,.j1 w, 1 .5 ' 1 gg u A, A,,A. ,,,L35? ' 1 if wah, Ag? S' '35-H 9 it-, 1? Z' 'L lsfifx 5 EM'Q11Q"1 - .. q,,. 9 gay 3!.aj.m:fas: . ' Q - ' Es1x1n1afiiff4g Ji3i'ifi'f 1 fffwfw f q T ., - , - gf limi! -., f W? ff: x 3 3351 -1 f-iss '5 i .T'i i1 E' 1 22 1 R HJ ,. if KW ' . R ,y My ,, ,, 5 i V V AS f' W2 A v lg . 3' F, 1 9 .Q ,. -3 fa 5: QQ is iff? Uliur f 2 i , 1, ' fi wi A Q my E fiwwgif 4 K f:-S 4 'N J ' 1 .af i f gn ff Q 4 'mf P ww . Q MILLGRCVE First Row, L. to R.: G. Guzzo, R. Stone, G. Sarge, N. Lippke, 1. Bnxker. Second Row: D. Roberts, A. jnnunle, K. Ames, S. Lippke, L. Mufhletto, Miss Resnick. KINDERGARTEN Front Row, L. to R.: L. Zoeller, E. Nichols, D. Palmer, M. A. Billard, S. Stone, W. Wein- sheimer, G. Kurpitn, P. Long. Second Row: D. Roberts, G. Simmons, B. Simmons, R. Miles, G. Young, B. Klingelsmith, C. Mntthies. Third Row: Miss Wagner, B. Young, S. Sknddnn, S. Pohl, L. Peploe, J. Lippke, M. Poellex, A. Lippke, T. Sievenpiper. GRADES 1-2-3 GRADES. 4-5-6 40 S . 'Z ,ix 7 aw. ,Q , ev Q X Q in , gy lj' f ,Q 1 ' .s I gg fn '-'3::...- 5 Q ' 'Wh gn .3--'J 'ml' gf dx 1, K "els - 3 , , .li W . N E, Q 3, ff' 1' A I., f' Y Jw , . 5. .. . 5, a qw' 9 Mm.. Q 'rg K sq is .1 :gg -3 Rev EEN T I '41 ,413 'ff Q K R- , .3 ,U ,, im. v . ' Y -ew. if Q. if , i W Z '3 my-, ...wa 9 il wi' M ' . NA www, L M ,Mr ' f A' x Q 3 ' UL., q if M t . Y Q? ' ::,,.,,.L,,, ff K Q.1 5 if ii 'J new - si xf- '53, 'ii 3 vs. in-.1 r , ' ' ,a 'IX x . ' V . 5 Q' sy x . ,, 3 LM?" W? f Q fl . L -. ,s 9 Se 1 'Q 3 -' 'Q cf , J I W-fr f,V'f! 4 . ' x x I auxin' 1 , f,A .Q f K f w N, R , , ' 41.32, gp M A qskvgwwfgxyaf af QW1 f iw A -: N 'wggx - , , . N Q . A, 1 , ,M hi ' 1' wif. MQ ww -if ' Q1 LL 4 9 ,ef V., SA' xg' 'N rf.. 'l?3'r-Aga? 32 v. if if - ff 'ii aw 1? if? 1 , - L- R, x . . 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'-SQH . Wa... . K ff, rg. f- Q' V , '- Z ,Lu Y f . 'wg Qi'.lfs4N K jx.. ..yQ..S,,., , . N . . A Y' sf . .M ,. Q' :' L :dw " ,, P ffiie Q. 1 , . , 5.13, 1 - -4 . . 2 E1 1? Y '- .fa .ff 5 125:42 if g 'Eg 532 2 3 L ' E' fit N? X 5 x 4151 ' ,. QS? .1 1.,agg. .f ,,,b. M .. 'Sf ,f fi 553310 im' -ff 1 gg, .Vw ...U Q .Q 5.3 .A Q V.,g.,,.., 1 Ti zaiisfw ' , if .3 x f kt-rw, 5 if 5 'EF 5 ' f WS, JA... .g 1 f .sw f Ni if 1 ,, A 1, :-3 4 'Fa - .V ', .z J - r., J . ,,- .. , 1.-1-,S lwgfgfg A .V , Q1 bi-712 in . 2, - V ' v' 'fzpi is - . w 1. fw , m N-2 'Si 1 w V 'L-ff .sr-,F K " ,, .fag fl? ,. - . ,. K If f V isp W fs .- . 5 H , G! F Q 5 2' 2 is .mQ..r. I .29 F L6 'QE 4 XM X if .1 ' H qs. A . , f R X 5? ' A f x . 2 Q 'Q if 1 x f 4 k Q1 mm st, 4. 1 S ,P 1 'Ss' f 55 , ig -n f ' gym: 1.- .?'ff.-ywQ.'mg, 7 E f-'H ,ivklfig iff- "HX" wx' 1. . ,,1,.,:ff,f W --ff K .f,4Q,...m v, . 23 'W J' Mfgggwggg-55, k 2. ...iii 2 Y 1 F l ff: ,'f'Qsif..' f 1 - yy A M' I1 A A atb we ,A W, ,W 1 1 W 'L - ig ,QQ ,, "hx, : e, ":'E2f3'i4g2: ES Q U ...,,i , W. , W fm. 3 1' 151 vu Sf A W fn ff Q gg 1 MHQQ T vWF. ., Q Qin mi ,. Qxx.-3: 1 ' Q' iii ., Q .ws ' if 'V -, 4 ni: 5' - f fe- -' s 'A gf . ... yt 12 . .W , V , Y. M5 12 71, asf :JL J . Q ' " ,Qf , Q .gui us. 1, flags if ' 'I SQ' A ,, . fu sau ' " QM ' L' gm: ,A . .QQ , . I gf, V' ,QQ Q--I' if f N THE 1953 ALBUM We of the staff of the 1952-53 Album, in presenting this hook, have tried to express those thoughts which are the most cherished memories and times of our high school years. Many long hours of hard work were endured hy our editor, Charles Chauncey, and his yearbook staff. Seated, L. to R.: J. Austin, Art Editor, C. llsllon, T reasurer, ll. Foss, Business Manag- er, C. Chauncey, Editor, M. Svyers, Junior Editor, G. Fischer, Literary Manager, I. Wil- son, Advertising Manager, L. Holtz. Standing: K. Lynch, J. Clark, 1. Yimmer, M. Thompson, M. Flemin S. Weber C Parker Y Zandi 8 Q s Se P. Henry. tlbsent: liias I. Drekelius, Ad: S lucas L F?-b.h1.,' 'O lah. N Mary Foss and Charles Chauncey. BUSINESS MANAGER AND EDITOR visor, G. Ramos, Subscription Manager. sg-her v P, W1 - Za . . fl 'm AssusTANTs TYPW5 "Eff-om,,Zo'j,'C5y1f, Tj' Q- o.,,,eich AFF ' ' Sfhmm.""C"- G ' 4- H A e. - R Hs- STAFF Seated, L. to R.: ll. Foss, Business Manager, C. Chauncey, Editor, M. Swyers, Junior Editor. Standing: P. Henry, Photographer, J. Wilson, Advertising Manager, C. Mallon, Treasurer, G. Fischer, Literary Editor, M. Fleming, Assistant Ad- vertising Hanager, C. Lynch, Assistant Art Editor. Absent: J. Austin, Art Editor, Miss Drexelius, Faculty Advisor. amos, G . asv' Ag.. .459 Seated, L. to R.: E. Nuwer, Vice-President, Mr. Goodrich, Advisor: M. Thompson, Presi- dentg R. Daniels, Secretary. Standing: S. Schmitke, E. Toul- min, W. Zandi, J. Schendel. PRESS CLUB The Press Club was reorganized this year with the purpose of bring- ing to the community the news of the different activities that take place in our school. It consists of members of the high school who are editors, typists and reporters. NAUONAL HONORSOCETY The members of this so- ciety are those for their scholarship, leadership, service and character. Some activities of the Na- tional Honor Society in- cluded: collecting money for the Junior Red Cross, decorating the halls at the holiday seasons, and ac- quainting new students with courses and subjects offered in Alden Centrsl. Standing, L. to R.: D. Francis, H. Fenner, E. Blankenberg, J. Kumf, C. Parker, K. Mans- field, M. Swyers, I. Swyers, G. Iablonski, A. Swyers, P. Thompson, M. Baldrich, J. Griener, B. Kidder, I. Dersam, B. Kocal, G. Wisniewski, Miss Carlson, M. Thompson, Mr. Sinclair, J. Terreberry, J. Woodard, N. Zarniara, C. Mallon, E. Renter, E. Nuwer, M. Fleming, A. Hassenbohler, P. Wlodarczyk. Seated: S. Goetz, M. L. DePasquslli, L. Holtz, J. Clark, F. Gadd, J. Hahn, M. Muchow, E. Toulmin, K. Lynch, M. Foss, R. M. Kelley. Absent: S. Schmitke, G. Fischer, N. Baltz, F. Abramski. First Row, L. to R.: D. Grsue, G. Garrison, P. Voellter, Vice-President: 1. Wilson, President: W. Irish. Second Row: S. Gadd, I. Dersam, P. Thompson, D. Gerhardt, J. Eshbangh. Third Row: E. Chauncey, M. Spil- lane, R. Eshbaugh, R. Murphy, F. Gerhardt. Absent: I. Austin, j. Wim- mer, Secretary: Miss Drexelius, Faculty Advisor. ART CLUB Arr Club exists to enrich the cul- tural background of its members. The outstanding activities of the year have been to arrange window case displays in school and to enjoy creative art projects. 2 A .eb 46 ,ik 1 fs, 'al , ' -f .W . ' f L Aff, i 1 4 -ffffmmfaafwfiwgk, PQQW. , gf.,w4,,1 , 0 L ' -' fi' X ' K 92? -W - K if " A' ' T' '59-' ' WHYXESWA-.x J.. ,, .. M V - il' ,W 0 ZF ,S if I f f fx., --gy' af ,lg fix ffm 'J wen Q - Is K 'J A wx fe A ' ff' ,LT 5 . -2- Vw.-,xx wit F9 K' Qi? -wgzgig f .k--, .X bmwi W 1 1462 7 . - -Aiiv. 'V K fx K KW , Xyxq. aww ,459-. gms? ' s Q Nfl - f A 19 zf I , the King and Queen. The Grand March led by The Class of 1953 held their final formal dance, the Senior Ball, on Febru- ary 14, 1953. The Queen and King, Carol Mallon and James Wilson, were chosen by the orchestra leader of the "Van Arden Quartet". A beautiful white Christmas tree, window streamers and a maroon velvet throne car- ried our the theme of "Winter Wonderland." SENIOR BALL K ING AND QUEEN L. to R.: Carol Mallon and jim Wilson Standing, L. to R.: Mrs. Sinclair, Mr Sinclair, J. Smith, M. Fleming J. Sie son, W. Weil, A. I-lassenbohler, R Daniels, B. Gerhardt, J. Hy. Kneeling G. Marx, C. Smith, G. Jablonslri, C Chauncey. R . I 16. 37,1100- hl C- C Foster, 1. Hae . Chauncey 1 48 J U N R P R Getting ready for the ball. L. to R.: C. Msllon, J. Wilson, P. Lynch, M. Foss, M. Fleming. The junior Prom was held on May 2, 1953- The theme "Springtime ln Paris" was beauti- fully carried out by Art Dedrick and His Or- chestra, and the surrounding decorations. The crowning of Carol Mnllon and Charles Chaun- cey ss Queen and King climaxed the evening. venpiper, P. .Lynch, C. Mellon: J. Wil- ' 'fn SEFNIOR BAND First Row, L. to R.: W. Preischel, R. Franklin, P. Thompson, C. Parker, D. Gerhardt, D. Wise, C. Lynch. Second Row: K. Lynch, J. Austin, N. Baltz, D. O'Meara, 1. Woodard, R. Meyer, G. Meyer, A. Swyers, R. Nehrhoss, R. Kidder, R. Uebelhoer, R. Ruhlman, P. Spil- lane, H. Fenner. Third Row: H. Terreberry, R. Mueller, R. Dombrowski, C. Woodard, H. Tertebeny, I. Wilson, D. johnson, W. Coyle, D. Ewert, A. Cius, D. Wise, P. Henry. Ab- sent: M. Swyers, R. Hahn, R. Eshbaugh, E. Reutet. The Senior Band, under the leadership of Mr. A. Agone and consisting of thirty-six members, plays a large part in school activities. With each practice the band is improving and building toward future pro- grams. They have entertained at school assemblies and at Christmas programs. SENIOR CHORUS First Row, L. to R.: R. M. Nehrboss, K. Mansfield, j. Suess, P. Volker, M. Oestreich, C. O'Meara, N. Garber, G. jabolonski, E. Reuter, C. Iwanski, S. Goetz, 1. Wimmer, N. Finch. Second Row: A. Hassenbohler, J. Swyers, N. Zamiara, C. Smith, T. Pope, R. Rulhman, D. Ewert, R. Reuter, H. Oestreich, J. Clark, 1. Nuwer, P. Thompson, D. Stehle. Third Row: R. M. Polik, S. Greiner, V. Kosakowski, A. Swyers, H. Terreberry, P. Walker, L. Schmitt, W. Coyle, R. Kidder, C. Mallon, P. Wlodarczyk, B. Kocal, S. Strong, B. Stilb, E. Toulmin. Fourth Row: G. Wisniewski, N. Baltz, F. Abramski, M. Spillane, M. Spillane, C. Lynch, C. Chauncey, J. Sievenpiper, D. johnson, M. Fleming, K. Lynch, 1. Wilson, G. Fisher. The Senior Chorus is under the capable direction of Mr. Agone. They have sung at many activities this year, including the opening ceremony of the new school. Alden's chorus is a yowing activity and we are very proud of it. 50 JUNIOR CHORUS n L. to R.: E. Swyers, D. Weig, W. Hardy, D. Guido, J. Billiar, N. Finch, I. Thompson, C. Reuter, R. Wood- ard, T. Billiar, F. Greiner, P. Spillane, C. Fischer, B. Sitzman, R. Horning, B. Rohl, D. Daniels, B. Lee. Absent: C. Erb, J. Eastwood. The Junior Band, a comparatively new musical organization in the school, enlists those students who have not had musical experience. In order to join the Senior Band, the student must prepare himself with at least one year of study in the junior Band. This provides the student with musical experience with his newly found instrument. JUNIOR BAND N The junior Chorus is l made up of seventh and eighth grade students. A variety of songs in unison, two-part and three part are sung. This year the junior Chorus will participate in the District Music Festival. First Row, L. to R.: L. Spencer, 1. Mallon, S. Nadeau, J. Thompson B. Sitzman, C. Binder, j. Weig, B. Hardy, C. Tyrrell, P. Schmitt. Second Row: j. Dahn, Z. Voelker, L. Olszewski, ". Schmidt, C. Reuter, G. Evans, M. Tuerk, C. Tuerk. Third Raw: G. Lelles, P. Kelly, J. Kacz- mark, B. Hodge, M. Sweet, j. Blankenberg, S. Weinsheimer, J. Peploe, N. Nehrboss, D. McMahon, V. Gerhardt. Fourth Row: E. Swyers, D. 51 Sharpe, B. Lee, W. Schmidt, J. Kirkman, R. Case, j. Kumpf. .2-vw K 1 . X .. v-5:5 LEW . ,H ,. Q al "Qi", ,I VM. ' .9 Af,-A. f 'Mm- fw. "H ' 7: ,-9-'1.,75'4" 19' rugby xv- l:ww'i5.,x .,, ,... if MFI L rLW!jf'1,,1a3j' J M ' fy 2gWw':-f1Aw'i'1:,-' 1 ' ' Lyn. yep, , Q: ,. 4 ,, '. . Q9 5:1 1 J. .N m Y 1 :. 5-A 1 V51 as 5.1 'xiii' f' ' " af 65'-inf 1 ,warn .5 ii? 'E .am- v 3 zfmm' .. 'Q f . 'L" f -er-Wg, 5:1 - .mwgq ' ' 1: L W, rr ,, mlm V , ,ff f1..,N-H fm. - 4- famwfwwi, '-L A Y ,X k g,,,cN,5m,,,1TMM as-t ...,W:xL?T,gmmf X W - ----- t iigfff ., ,hw Y L ,Q K X Q ,J ax .. s First Row, L. to R.: R. Kidder, Managerg D. Coakley, P. Spillane, B. lrish, D. Wise, G. Garrison, D. Wise, L. Schmidt, F. McCarthy, M. Fleming, R. Hahn, Manager. Second Row: T. Roll, B. Coyle, C. Linch, R. Neeland, G. Miles, D.. Peebles, R. Mueller, E. Chauncey, C. Woodard, M. Cole, A. Nuwer. Third ow: Mr. Richardson, Assistant Coach, D. Ewert, D. Wiles, R. Rider, J. Woodard, R. Mansfield, F. Yax, N. Weber, I. Sievenpiper, C. Chauncey, Mr. Schaefer, Head Coach. FCDOTBALL This year Alden entered the newly organized Oatka Football Conference, thereby changing from Six-man to Eleven-man football. From all indications the change has been favorable both from the student and community standpoint. Mr. Melvin Schaefer, the new High School Mathe- matics teacher was Varsity coach, and Mr. Richardson was Junior Varsity coach. In this its first year of eleven-man football, the Bulldogs did exceptionally well. Alrron won the Con- ference and Alden and Warsaw tied fomsecond. The highlight of the season was the last game against Attica. Having lost to them previously, the Alden team turned around and defeated Attica 32-0. Four Seniors who will be suely missed for next year's team are Charles Chauncey, Tom Roll, Charles Lynch and jim Sievenpiper. Their spirit and teamwork was beyond reproach. X V xX 5 - Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden SCHEDULE 18 Letchworth 2 6 Warsaw 0 0 Akron 32 0 Attica 19 27 Perry 14 32 Attica 0 We, the students of A.C.S., participants in athletics, and the followers of athletic events, wish to pay tribute to the coaching staff of our school-Mr. Richardson, head coach and boys physical education in- structor, Mrs. Hay, girls physical education instructor and cheerleader advisor, Mr. Schaefer and Lk. Hay. Through their knowledge and skilled instruction, we have had a much improved year in interscholastic ath- letics. To them goes the sincere thanks of all those who have been under their guidance and instruction throughout the school year. Thanks coaches! You've all done an excellent job. Thomas Roll James Woodard Charles Chauncey Charles Woodard Fullbaclc Left Halfback Right Halfback Quarterback jerry Miles Charles Lynch Frank Yax Richard Neeland Center g g Right End Left End Left Tackle James Sievenpiper Albert Nuwer Richard Mansfield Mr. Schaefer Right Tackle Right Guard Left Guard Head Coach a T D' VARSITY FOOTBALL Pa,i,,,.mafof . Akron offered tough opposition. if . .These boys saw the most action during the 1952 season. Chauncey, Lynch, Roll, and - Srevenpiper are graduating in june. The remaining seven are expected to form a good IN nucleus for the 1953 team. Good luck, boys! 'A' 41 VARSITY BASKETBALL I Arlene Hassenbohlet Fay Becker Virginia Iablonski Myra Fleming 56 Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden BASKETBALL SCORES Clarence Oakfield Attica Pavilion Holley Corfu Alexandex- Attica 1952- 57 55 47 47 53 46 63 45 53 Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden Alden . Won 6 - Lost 9 Pavilion Holley Oakfield Corfu Clarence Alexander Middleport 34 53 32 51 64 53 46 Kathleen Lynch VARSITY BASKETBALL This Varsity team showed great improvement. After getting into the new gymnasium in early February, the Alden qunitet surprised many of the opponents. The highlights of the season were the dedication of the new gymnasium and three very impressive victo- ries over our old rivals, Oakfield, Attica and Alex- ander. The boys to be remembered on this great team were jim Sievenpiper, Fran Nuwer, Jim Woodard, Charley Woodard and jerry Miles. The junior Varsity this season gave us great cause to believe we have good material for future Varsity teams. Milton Cole, Tom Pope, Dave Ewert, I-larval Theon, and Dave Peebles were the mainstays on this vastly improved team. Hats are off to our faithful cheerleaders whose presence radiated spirit and sportsmanship as well as cheers and laughter. JUNIOR VARSITY ,BASKETBALL L. to R.: N. Garber, P. Mauer, R. Reuter, B. Sturm, L. Becker. Standing: B. Kramp. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS THE CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders of A.C.S. consist of ten girls chosen every year from the Senior high school. We have obtained new uniforms for the basketball season. They are blue corduroy skirts and gold sweaters for varsity. The same skirts with white sweaters are worn by the junior varsity. We have received much help and guidance Bom our advisor, Mrs. Hay. J. V. SCORES Alden Opponent Clarence 2 1 5 4 Oakfield 3 7 5 6 Attica 36 42 Pavilion 24 33 Holley 4 1 46 Corfu 38 63 Alexander S 3 40 Oakfield 49 41 Attica 38 44 Pavilion 28 S0 Holley 39 28 Corfu 33 39 Clarence 58 5 3 Alexander 67 54 iltzirliffiyi' 42 35 Roger Mueller Hay Forward Couch BASEBALL This ear the team compiled a record of five wins and four losses and placed third in the Genesee- Orleans County B-League. Tom Roll and Capt. Gary Mark were the battery for most of the games and they did an outstanding job. Other lettermen were Al Kruger, Jim Woodard, Bob Wlodarczyk, Al Nnwer, john Schmitt, Jerry Miles, Charles Woodard, Gary Webb, Charles Lynch and Dick Neeland. Standing, L. to R.: P. Greiner, R. Kotecki, D. Kreutter, L. Schmidt, T. Wimmer, A. Staerr, R. Neeland, R. Mansfield, E. Blankenberg. Kneeling: Coach Hay, G. Garrison, j. Foley. Absent: N. Geyer, R. Snyder. L. to R.: F. Stanley, A. Fox, N. Geyer, E. Chauncey, B. Irish, D. Weise, D. Wise. Second Row: Coach Richardson, R. Mansfield, D. Keefe, R. Bogar, I. Schmitt, F. Nuwer, P. TRACK This track team produced Alden's first Sectional Cham- pion. Bob Boger won the Section V Class B, High Jumphtying the second of 5 ft. 7 in. Other lettermen on this sqauad were Norbert Geyer, Bill Irish, Charles Chauncey, Dick Mans- field and Jim Sievenpiper. Alden placed fourth in the County finals. First Row, L. to R.: G. Garrison, Manager: G. Marx, D. johnson, C. Woodard, A. Krueger, B. Nuwer, C. Lynch, H. Theon, D. Evert. Second Row: Coach Borzellere, J. Woodard, T. Roll, I. Schmitt, J. Miles, D. Neeland, D. Peebles, G. Webb, B. Wlodarczyk. WRESTLING A fine squad of ugrnmters and groaners" turned out for Alden's newest varsity sport this year. Under Coach Hay, the novices compiled a record of two wins, one tie and five losses. Along with the rest of the squad, Gary Garrison and jim Foley, consistent winners, give promise of a bright future for wrestling at Alden. 58 VP ff 5- . TRY X eEf' Qf'Vf T Ji? xr '51 Q Q. 1 " " 1 'v--- 1 fi gr' :Ju , iw A, iii. - if - W A V ' . ,V Lf, f. yf 22' V ' - ' Q , H , 1 NEA 5 irgs - Q ,ggi Q f sig ' gi ., , gsm, . xl ., 143 55? f ' A ' L ' L ' ..,x . ai K W 5 '- X JAX, 5 uh -. "Swim-mm, f .fi sg- ,: 5 QQ: Ll , AX. Y' was :wa V ff., mn. g 5 Tiki Sm, '91 E 'Q K Y V n 21 Q- N Q. ,K fy '25,-j , fa gf ft .Lf , ig Y -Q. -EH S., Q . ' A N: ' , 5 ,, 1, Q f ,Q ' at ae, k,.., , fax, 1 5 1'fi1k4f'!'gi"' W. - f fs, ' 3 ,ff ' W 2. fi ' 5,4 1 ,,, . 5 1 'qs . .iw A as f EW 2 .A Q riifiig ji! A V' f -. Q-N, is V A ff 192 ' K VE fxiew wr 'sa?+Xy9-Lg, H QA -2 ?'5k.Wf k AM: .gf n . -'L. 155122 ' LL- 5 '25-W' 'TW' ,. Q , 1, lx f, 'L 3 f A I3 f,.b 2 'fp B5 5, i g Q 'FZ K'-'Xb' 'M 5. 'iff 17,423 'Tffx3iVIf"' V5 TT '. , " 55 '-WT" VKATTJFV5 ,TV 24 S .1i1+ .w: . -'.A f ,, Q A . f gg: 4. W , f- Q ' , , fir Q X -W A SENIOR PERSONALITIES FRANCES ABRAMSKI Favorite Person: Mom Pet Peeve: sarcastic people Usually Found: school Secret Ambition: Office Worker Outstanding Char.: Resourceful JOAN AUSTIN Favorite Person: Benson Pet Peeve: the draft Usually Found: with the girls Secret Ambition: to be a poet Outstanding Char.: Artistic NORA BALTZ Favorite Person: jack Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than others Usually Found: at the Drive-ln Secret Ambition: Switchboard Operator Outstanding Char.: Talltative FRANK BINDER Favorite Person: jane Russell Pet Peeve: nothing Usually Fomd: with the fellows Secret Ambition: Hot Rodder Outstanding Char.: Quiet CHARLIE CHAUNCEY Favorite Person: Ginny Pet Peeve: getting clipped in the nose Usually Found: in strange places Secret Ambition: to build a super- highway to the moon Outstanding Char.: Dependable ROBERT DAN IE LS Favorite Person: "Dagmar" Pet Peeve: little brother Usually Found: school, "because I have to" Secret Ambition: Sailing Outstanding Char.: Studious Rl-IEA DONNELLY Favorite Person: Santa Claus Pet Peeve: self appointed heroes Usually Found: Alden Secret Ambition: Lady Wrestler Outstanding Char.: Mischievous MARY FOSS Favorite Person: Mom and Dad Pet Peeve: big wheels Usually Found: writing letters Secret Ambition: Marriage Outstanding Char.: Nice Personality GAIL FISCHER Favorite Person: Mom and Dad Pet Peeve: Younger brothers Usually Found: in the typing room Secret Ambition: Actress Outstanding Char.: Maturity MYRA FLEMING Favorite Person: a horse Pet Peeve: quiet study halls Usually Found: with the boys Secret Ambition: Wrestler Outstanding Char.: Athletic BEVERLY GERHARDT Favorite Person: Bobby Pet Peeve: Business English Usually Found: on the porch Secret Ambition: Model Outstanding Char.: Tactful ARLENE HASSENBOHLER Favorite Person: Mom Pet Peeve: domineering teachers Usually Found: driving the Chevy Secret Ambition: to be a lawyer and politician Outstanding Char.: Vivacious 60 SENIOR PERSONALITIES PAUL HENRY Favorite Person: Marilyn Monroe Pet Peeve: cheap photographers Usually Found: "Dark Room" Secret Ambition: join the foreign legion Outstanding Chu.: Adolescence EUGENE KELCHLIN Favorite Person: that would be telling Pet Peeve: Senior girls Usually Found: at the square dance Secret Ambition: the Navy Outstanding Char.: Girl Charmer RONALD HORST Favorite Person: "No one in par- ticular Pet Peeve: Sunday drivers Usuall Found' Under the car y . Secret Ambition: Principal of A.C.S. Outstanding Char.: Tactful SHIRLEY HICKS Favorite Person: David Pet Peeve: nosey people Usually Found: home Secret Ambition: to be an airplane pilot Outstanding Char.: Friendly ROSE MARIE KELLY Favorite Person: Don Pet Peeve: Mary Lou Usually Found: at the square dance Secret Ambition: Secretary-Marriage Outstanding Char.: Friendly VIRGINIA KUHN Favorite Person: Dick Pet Peeve: Buckie Usually Found: on the phone Secret Ambition: Marriage Outstanding Char.: Reserved CAROL LOCK Favorite Person: Dale Robertson Pet Peeve: little brothers and sisters Usually Found: at the show Secret Ambition: Comptometer operator Outstanding Char.: class optimist CHARLES LYNCH Favorite Person: Brian Donlevey Pet Peeve: filling Mr. Sinclni.r's ink bottle Usually Found: near trouble Secret Ambition: jazz band trumpeter Outstanding Char.: Likenble Per- sonality KATHLEEN LYNCH Favorite Person: "Julius LaRosa" Usually Found: Where there are boys Secret Ambition: To live in Hawaii Outstanding Char.: Entertaining EVE LYN NUWER Favorite Person: "Mom" Pet Peeve: Stuck-up people Usually Found: Watching Television Secret Ambition: Hot Rod Driver Outstanding Char.: Pleasant CAROL MALLON Favorite Person: "Jerry" Pet Peeve: Reckless Drivers Usually Found: Playing the piano Secret Ambition: Stock car driver's wife Outstanding Char.: Thoughtful FRANCIS NUWER Favorite Person: 'Mom Pet Peeve: Student Court Usually Found: hanging around Secret Ambition: Priest Outstanding Char.: Witty 61 SENIOR PERSONALITIES HELEN OESTREICH Favorite Person: he's tall and dark Pet Peeve: a certain Senior boy Usually Found: here and there Secret Ambition: to see the world Outstanding Char.: Enthusiastic WILLARD PREISCHEL Favorite Person: Santa Claus Pet Peeve: reckless drivers Usually Found: home Secret Ambition: to own a car Outstanding Char.: Musical GLORIA RAMOS Favorite Person: Bob Pet Peeve: hateful people Usually Found: in Hamburg Secret Ambition: to go to college Outstanding Char.: Comical EDNAMAE REUTER Favorite Person: Paul-boys in general Pet Peeve: Stuck up people Usually Found: Working at Winega.r's Secret Ambition: To get married Outstanding Char.: Musical JAMES ROBERTS Favorite Person: Father Pet Peeve: People who don't keep their word Usually Found: In workshop Secret Ambition: To be a Deisel mechanic Outstanding Char.: A Gentleman THOMAS ROLL Favorite Person: A little brunette Pet Peeve: Homework Usually Found: At the Garage Outstanding Char.: Courteous SHARON SCHMITKE Favorite Person: Mom Pet Peeve: Homework Usually Found: Ar the square dance Secret Ambition: To be a foreign traveler Outstanding Char.: The ability to succeed JIM SIEVE NPIPER Favorite Person: Girls Pet Peeve: Sissy Girls Usually Found: Deep in the forest Secret Ambition: To build a hot-rod Outstanding Char.: Best dressed boy DON STREIT Favorite Person: girls in general Pet Peeve. Gossi le ' PY PNP Usually Found: On a dark road Secret Ambition: To make millions Outstanding Char.: Thoughtful MYRLENE THOMPSON Favorite Person: "Elmo" Pet Peeve: Being called "Proxy" Usually Found: in Lancaster Secret Ambition: Be a chorus girl Outstanding Char.: naturally in- telligent CLAUDIA SMITH Favorite Person: "Gary" Pet Peeve: Teachers Usually Found: in a '41 Chevy Secret Ambition: To be a housewife Outstanding Char.: Pleasant Per- sonality JOAN TERREBERRY Favorite Person: "Lester" Pet Peeve: Homework Usually Found: In s Cadillac Secret Ambition: A housewife Outstanding Char.: Big eater 62 SENIOR PERSONALITIES JAMES WILSON Favorite Person: Bubbles Pet Peeve: reckless drivers Usually Found: better not say Secret Ambition: to be Mr. Conrad's desk boy Outstanding Char.: Dignified BESSIE TOULMIN Favorite Person: "Mother" Pet Peeve: Bossy people Usually Found: Skating rink Secret Ambition: Office worker Outstanding Char.: a willing worker JOANNE WIMMER Favorite Person: The 'Red Head" Pet Peeve: conceited boys Usually Found: with the Gang Secret Ambition: be a career woman Outstanding Char.: Original 1 SALLY WEBER Favorite Person: love them all Pet Peeve: teasing boys Usually Found: where there's fun Secret Ambition: head of Sak's Fifth Avenue Outstanding Char.: Flirtations WESLEY WEII.. Favorite Person: "Father" Pet Peeve: Bobby Usually Found: home Secret Ambition: "Navy Life" Outstanding Char.: Quiet JOAN WILSON Favorite Person: Mr. X Pet Peeve: being called Joanie Baby Usually Found: at Bob's Secret Ambition: Food Sampler Outstanding Char.: Subtle GE NE VIEVE WISNIE WSKI Favorite Person: decent people Pet Peeve: people who are sarcastic Usually Found: at home Secret Ambition: Private Secretary Outstanding Char.: Quiet PATRICIA WLODARCZYK Favorite Person: a certain brown eyed boy Pet Peeve: a certain set of girls Usually Found: at home Secret Ambition: get married Outstanding Char.: Thoughtful JOANN voomnn Favorite Person: the family Pet Peeve: conceited boys Usually Found: Reuter's Secret Ambition: hiszh school music teacher Outstanding Char.: Day Dreamer NANCY ZAMIARA Favorite Person: Nice People Pet Peeve: F ussy customers Usually Found: A 81 P in Lancaster Secret Ambition: Obtain a driver's license Outstanding Char.: Good appearance PARENT PATRONS Q . A FRIEND CRITTENDEN GARAGE Harry Bell Genesee Street KRoute 331 Crittenden, N. Y. Phone: Alden 4332 Best Wishes from SIDNEY A. MAL E11 WAGNER GLF SERVICE Blue Coa1'ami Samet Solvay Cake Alden 4271 0hfefr,Mv Compliments of SITZMAN'S APPLIANCES 26 Exchange St. - Alden, N. Y Maytag - Philco - Motorola Sales and Service W. J. PFEIL, ING. Dealers In Lumber - Coal - Coke Building Supplies 81 Millwork Lumberyard Phone ALDEN 3931 Pfeil Construction Corp. "HOMES OF PERMANENT BEAUTY" Compliments of the G. C. MURPHY CO. Lancaster, N. Y. Congratulations to the CLASS OF '53 from the ALDE N STUDENT COUNCIL STRATE WELDING SUPPLY CO. INC 2230 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, N. Y. Compliments of WEST ALDEN SLAUGHTER HOUSE West Alden Meats and Groceries YO MARILLA BAPTIST UNG PEOPLE'S SOCIETY John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave hi!-2213: begotten Son, that vfhoaoever be- D lieve everla in Him should not perish but have sting life. Phone: Muni. 5427 - R. F. Pmuip., Prop. H. F. PHILLIPS 8. SON General Feed Mill Blue Coal - Semet Solvay Coke Feed sz Farm Supplies - Custom Grinding P ' - W Chowa unna ayne Bob-White Barn Spray MR. Congratulations to the CLASS OF '53 ond MRS. HAROLD FISCHER Compliments of the PATTERSON FARM DAIRY Stage Road Phone: Akron 8020 Akron, New York BOB MOORE Feeds and Groceries G. L. F. Marilla., N. Y. Compliments of ALDEN TEACHERS ASSOCIATION BARBER SHOP Kenneth L. Roberts Phone Alden 3921 Fred Brosman, Prop. TEXACO SERVICE STATION Tourists Cabins Route 20 at County Line Rd. Darien Center Frozen Staples 8: Delicncies Crisper Fresh Vegetables At All Times To serve you is our pleasure GEORGE'S RED 8. WHITE STORE 7287 Broadway - Phone 5281 Alden, N. Y. Compliments of THE DOLMAGE SHOP Compliments of THE BOWLING CLUB Congratulations to the CLASS OF '53 PEARL M. PACHARD Modern Cocktail Bar - Rooms for Tourists Sandwiches - Lunches - Dinners ALDEN HOTEL Dancing on the Original Illuminated Floor Free Parking Music--Saturday Nite Phone 3641 Lucy Rubach Virginia Raczkowslri 7928 Broadway - Alden, N. Y. T,- MY , eeegllnnolowziif ALDEN, NEW Qorbk' 'S' TRY oun Home Cooxcn I Q. SPAGHETTI AND Msn BALLS" ' Ann Cmcxsu Cnow Meir. Green Brother's TEXACO SERVICE STATION I Crittenden, New York The Elwood-Jordans Insurance Agency GENERAL INSURANCE I... G. ELWOOD H. W. JORDANS 10 criirenden Rd. - Alden, N. Y. 2551 '53 Pontiac The American Beauty GMC "The Truck of Value" BECKER MOTORS "The Place of Service" 7386 Broadway Alden, New York E. H. KUMPF GREENHOUSES Growers and Retailers FLOWERS for every occasion Phone Alden 5751 Crittenden Rd. W I N E G A R S Complete Store West Alden, New York BEN GREEN Dealer in Livestock 7518 Broadway Alden, N. Y. When you need fine photographs P one - 2643 Remember yy Compliments of CHRIST KIENER BOTH AND TEALL Photographers 635 Main Street East Aurora, N. Y. GARAS AND SON'S Meat Market Alden, New York Sweitzer's Marine 81 Sporting Goods Francis E. Sweitzer 71 St. john, at Broadway Lancaster, N. Y. REgent 1323 Open Evenings Compliments of THE BENNETT MANUFACTURING COMPANY AL DEN, N. Y. COMO SNACK BAR "Where Young Folks Meet" Como Pk. Blvd. 81 Lake Ave. Lancaster, N. Y. In Drugs If It's Rexall l:'s Right sTowELL's ' PHARMACY Ralph D. Sfowell - Richard Stowell Pharmacists Alden, New York Phone z Regent 5630 XXQXNU ,lffflfff 'x' , X II - 1 E 5 if 22W.MAIN an Lmcnsren NM A 5 1 'I , X I Q ff Jivkfl R Viv UPTITH-NIS WATCHES 4- DIAMONDS + JEWELRY Groceries - Meats - Beer KlEFFER'S MARKET Regent 6616 6521 Broadway Town Line, N. Y Compliments of JOSLYN OIL COMPANY Akron, N. Y. 68 Compliments of CUSHINGS DRUG STORE DUMOND'S TAVERN Park Dumond, Prop. Phone ALDEN 4851 Genesee Street at Millgrove Rd. Millgrove, N. Y. COWLESVILLE DELICATESSEN Open Evenings Sealtest Ice Cream - Beer Groceries - Cold Cuts Best Wishes from THE.ALDEN STATE BANK cjomlohlne nfik of PHILLIPS FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions Marilla 5485 Marilla., N. Y. imwllllelfilivim Compliments of JAMES A. RUMBLY EZLELERMDSLEZIEQQ Q5 Glzfis for all occasions, fivon Uosmefzc s, Compliments of T SPENCER'S MOTEL ffnick Knacks Phone Flloferr-154-I Compliments A of KATHERINE CRETEKOS BLAIR'S HARDWARE Water Systems - Plumbing 81 Supplies Town Line, N. Y. Phone: Regent 3116 G. C. MURPHY CO. 8 W. Main St. Lancaster, N. Y. Shop Lancaster's big store where prices are right and selection is complete. Compliments of D. C. YOUNG'S Service Station Darien, N. Y. Compliments of AL'S DARIEN GRILL and RESTAURANT Compliments of FRANK C. ROZLER FURNITURE CO. Phone Re. 5800 29 W. Main Street Compliments of KEGL ERS MEN SHOP Plumbing - Water Pumps Base Board Heating D. M. KNARR Phone 4181 7319 Broadway Alden, New York LINCOLN WHOLESALE ROOFING CO. INC. Harry Vroom Compliments of Y O U N G'S M I L L Quality Feeds Telephone 3911 5 Railroad Street Alden, New York Compliments of the MILLGROVE TAVERN Compliments of DIANA LANGWORTHY Cgmpliments Compliments of of HILLTOP sERvlcE LAYNE'S Route 20 Darien Center, N Y Lancutefr N- Y- L. Trybuskiewicz 8z Sons Compliments of HAROLD H. EWELL Marilla, N. Y. Bill Grieger, Prop. SOCONY SERVICE STATION County Line Rd. Alden, N. Y. A Bite Or A Banquet HOME COOKED MEALS . Compliments SIMONSON DRUG STORE I V Y L U N C H Famous For Our Apple-N-Spice Doughnuts Lancaster, N. Y. 6866 Broadway Alden U.S. Route 20 New York A D R I A N E. R 0 S S Funeral Director Compzillents 0 8 PHONE AKRON 673 For Funeral Home or Store Ambulance Service Day or Night LANCASTER HOME BAKERY Compliments of AL PAULTER'S GARAGE ROLL'S SERVICE STATION 7023 Broadway - West Alden, N. Y. General Repair Phone Alden 5451 WM. HERR Fresh Meats and Groceries Telephone Re 5440 2 Rod Road and Cn-ry Road, Marilla, N. Y. Compliments - of the VALLEY VIEW INN E. M. MAUTE Compliments Of The PRINTING CLASS - Joan A. Genieve W Chiropractor Danny W. Allan E. Francis A. Bessie T, Ioan G. GEO. V. WILBER Crittenden, N. Y. Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Phone Alden 3982 DAVID W. GERHARDT Plumbing and Heating Appliances Genesee Street Crittenden, New York CHAIN CUT RATE DRUGS Lancaster, N. Y. Regent 6422 - Theo. Bierig, Prop. TED'S SERVICE General Auto Repairing Ransom 8: Bdwy. - Lancaster, N. Y. Compliments of ROBERT'S BARBER SHOP Alden, New York BOB'S SNACK BAR Alden, New York BUSH BROS. INC. Marilla, New York Phone: Marilla. 5433 A Nfif Excavating and Grading Dump Truck Service Concrete and Cinder Blocks G. C. MONCHOW CO. Dry Goods - Hardware - Drugs - Groceries Boots and Shoes Marilla, N. Y. - Phone Marilla 5415 ENDICOTT JOHNSON SHOE STORE "SHOES FOR THE FAMILY" Compliments of THE CLASS OF '56 3 Main St. Lancaster, N. Y. Compliments of fag, , MUTH RZO LF ll. O. lmonfrnert IH CI.T"d.hJO.l"G T 3 B R DiIS?Z2"'S506 DT.ZTZl'.'E...?22, N.v. DARIEN CENTER,N.Y WHOLESALE Das u T0 C. V. ORTNER 8. SONS TRBU RS Darien Center, N. Y. Mosu.cAs TIRES Kenossus INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Mosunsn Moeltout FARM MACHINERY at Tmcrons GENERAL MfRCHAN0'SE 72 I , My W QLLumNEN3QW mmw Compliments Groceries - Meats - Frozen Foods - Beer r of Phone: 4221 B. N A L B A C H THE GREENWOODS RESTAURANT Sandridga Road - AHBII, New York A K E N's C0"P""'e"tS"f wEsTERN RAMBLERS FRANK GAMMACK Musicfornlloccasioirs RED ana WHITE sToRE Rwd-ndSwf'Dmm8 Darien Center, New York Inquire of: Kszzlellz goioilgdarilla, N. Y 73 Serving Alden and surrounding area THE ALDEN ADVERTISER Publishers - Printers Qprinting your school news, Phone Alden 3858 Safe-T-Grip Machine Stewart Warner Electronic Wheel Balance MICI-lAEL'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER Michael Kurpita, Prop. Dist. for Corduroy Tires Genesee and Home Rds. Millgrove, N. Y. FRANK'S BARBER SHOP Townline, New York SOCKETTS FARM SERVICE Ferguson Tractors 81 Implements Route 20 Darien, New York Phone-Darien 901 MEYER'S GROCERY Sandridge Road, Alden, N. Y. Groceries - Cold Cuts - Beer - Notions nfeel' your frfenals at: - urfvcnsrfn Smarl fhinys for fire Ju.7u'or Ms: Compliments of WARD TOOL AND MACHINE CO. INC. Best Wishes Class of '53 LADIES AUXILIARY Townline VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY Established 1916 ME TZ ER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 429 Carlton St. - New School Building Buffalo 11, N. Y. Alden, N. Y. Phone Wa. 5270 Phone 2431 DONALD HOFFMAN'S SERVICE STATION Genesee St. Alden, N. Y. SUNOCO GAS GOODYEAR TIRES I SENECA BATTERIES Compliments of THE ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Compliments of EDNA'S GREENHOUSE I mile west of Cowlesville Phone: Alden 2319 Compliments of JONES' GROCERY CONGRATULATIONS Oliver - New Idea - Paper - Cletra Fam Machinery - Lehigh Valley Coal RICHARD R. BLACKMORE Phone 2500 - 31 Cedar St. - Akron, N.Y. Compliments of ALDEN LIQUOR STORE HARRY cz. MOMBERGER T I T . DRY GOODS PHDNE230' RUSHER SERVICE 7287 BROADWAY,ALDEN ALDEN, N,Y, PHONE 2904 7275Bl2OADWAY Get friendly service at JACK'S SODA BAR Genesee 81 Wende Rd. Millgrove, N. Y. J. N. MAUTE CO. 45 Central Ave. - Lancaster, N. Y. Hardware - Paints - Glass Plumbing Materials DUNLOP TIRE 8. RUBBER CORP. Store No. 03-01-35 53 Central Avenue Lancaster, New York Henry Wienclcowski, Mgr. POHL'S SUPERETTE Phone: Alden 3597 Genesee Road Alden, New York Meats - Groceries - Drugs - Vegetables FINEST SOFT DRINK Voegele's VOEGELE BOTTLING WORKS Lancaster, N. Y. Compliments of RAPP BROTHERS DarienCenter FRANTZ 18. MEYER FURNITURE - FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 2171 Alden, N. Y. Compliments of RICHARD T. COOKE Supervisor f .J m l 4 i. , I . I 5 wi af 'lu 1 J 1, . ' , l E K - X.. . 'V 5.. 9- f 'i, 1, . ' .x' 5'-i ff: , 1 "Vi", i g Y v 1 1 1

Suggestions in the Alden Central High School - Album Yearbook (Alden, NY) collection:

Alden Central High School - Album Yearbook (Alden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Alden Central High School - Album Yearbook (Alden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Alden Central High School - Album Yearbook (Alden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 8

1953, pg 8

Alden Central High School - Album Yearbook (Alden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 73

1953, pg 73

Alden Central High School - Album Yearbook (Alden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 38

1953, pg 38

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