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-N '1 r- X, Q0 A p x A- Q- W , . . w , . x ' 4 . D N, Q .. E A - i N N, 1 , J fi!!! DATA SECTIOI WIN IIFORMATION DIVISION QU OI PUBLIC RELATIONS 'N IAYT DEPARTMENT -f HIPS DATA SECTION 'UIUC INFORMATION DIVXSION EEZ OF PUBLIC RELATIONS x"- IAYY DEPARTHBNI l Q . 1 V .1 4 i x 1 I X P E F S 3 S s Qin, 'Oo .I-ink' ,TJ t-ilffdl Q. 45 A H. Q X I Y A fp: N1 M, if 1 A 5 Q THE SAGA IH AN AKA ,l. THE U.S.S - 1 AHIYO I QKA-75 ol' , 9 if 9 T- : H' Wk? ??'f': . A ' W 5 Aw 9 .AL ' df: Y-5 KS sst be Ltyllg S' 'S s s ss N ffm Q W P 1 if ,-?45.LZ7'iL'3'-1 f 4 ., N. ,4 x E WM X ,' , 'Qi' I " Q Q ' N ,Q v 22954 'D , ' x3 0 gk, A fx lfllfi 0 v so it A y, 'if 6' "",.u1 1 I I 6,41 4 V ' 0, gl as .1 5 ' rar.: oi! 1 I Q Q Q svs v --J - -V, . - - , . n I 2" -at-Q-,Q 'C ,,, ,I G .v""' O' fa O 04sPu:h1g.--- 'Q' ,4f, ', I' O .,f""o"'Q Q , I' A ,"" VNV' WS 1, I x 4' 0 0 5 ,v" ,' O, IW' of X ' 'W 4 ' QNUUS GULEEQ' II' I I E Q09' 5,1 M9 ' 'x ff ,v 9 pl? rv' 'K .f sv KWH If I a I I 1 1 1 4- 'QCD L . bo .2 ss 'v 0046--QICILY 'Q 85 'O 'Q ss "' 0' , sn, ,.---- --- ---- ---...D ,' I ll I W E 2 V ' QF: 's,s. 2 'O 5 '-3, pAwAmA 5 Q", Q ,. ,Q . Q' nv' I Sie '1 5 ,A -V 3 v i, under the comma NBER ggi, t J, .. .and his staff HISTORY OF THE U.S.S. ALCYONE lAKA-7l The U.S.S. Alcyone is a Maritime Commission C-2 type cargo vessel with certain modifications including additional accommodations tor officers and specialized cargo handling gear. She is 459' long with a 63' beam and has o full load displace- ment of l3,8OO tons at a mean draft of 25' lO'f2", She-has a single screw. Her main engine is a Sun Doxford 4 cylinder diesel of 6000 shaft horse power. She was delivered by the builders, the Sun Ship- building Co. of Chester, Pa., in October 1939 to the Moore-McCormack lines, who operated her as the Marmacgull between New York and other East Coast ports and olso South America. The Mormac- gull was taken over by the Navy on May 3IA l94I, She was renamed the U.S.S. Alcyone, AK-24A partially converted at the Boston Navy Yard first '4i"'...., 'QQ dock placed in commission ar thai yard cn Sunday airer- noon, June IS, l94l, and assigned tc Yhe Naval Transporfafian Service. For a Shar? rime this ship operated with the rrain ai rhe Arlanfic Fleer, Trans- ferring maferials and men rc Lena-Lease bases ar Iceland and lafer to Caribbean bases, This vessel, aperaring for the Na-Jai TfOPiCC'?CYiCf'l Service, during ihe period of l'l'Zd6'YEC6f 22 T941 'a April l2, l942, made rhree rripa efeaming ffrgiy .irhcfer escorl through Qhe German ii.arna'Tre cc-:kaae of fhe Arlanric Coax! ana We C3fiCCEQf. She evacualed warnen and ihLia'ef ra 'fe ::f"ref'al Uniled Sfaies from Anrigaa Erlfer Wes' lf'lCiEi. On one af fheze rriaz fhe ,Alfyf-'E de-carved in company with three arhef ir-Ipz Cr 'r 1 -:.aae a submarine arlargk dev-r:T,Lyv:1: Juni: -' gh al? ships were sunli erxepr rr-Q, A ,fe ff- 're gg' ol The Three lripi, Phe ihic -JeL,:"erx ivy:-s Nei. Yorlz on April Si IQ42 any .gi r If-,3 . sg er-if Delaware Chefzapeale Car-.ii r 11 .zszsraer from submarines: Diirinq Thi- gn- 5 szdi w 'h lho Naval Tranraparrmiigrr Sw. n 'wi Av I4 --93, nlno larjiqn pvrlq pn -mih g-r 5 'z '-'fn -ra- side we lnade lf? JUDO, lQ42 lb? AE xv" I ""'g'-'wr with lhroe Qlhfor zhip. 5'--W 'hp Q . -,I 1, Wellinalewni New If-alamfl 9-0 -3- 1 eg. menls ol llio Fira? MG' 'P D x 1 X 1'g cg "Q--ef' later used in The C'i3JJlj3'3 ir-e'7"' S'e unloaded ar NN-"elI5ng':" an: rx-'eeses 'T Mfr- '-'-' land, New Zealand wheve :he :casa ::':: 53' advanced bases, Pram +Le'e 'he K :.:'e "awe: if W '--.- unescarled la Nev. Cdedcfc ra Ne- 5-rece-'seg i"""""""'i'1" 0 refurning To Sidney fMs"a'a ami der.:--93 IT., llw? por? for San Frandggg. ..,...... if The Alcxene v-as ass'g'-ed 'c '-e I-f--5-'gcivi Forces, U. S. Pacihc Ffee' af-a regekeg -re 5555. nalian of AKA-T. She ssgg QQ-ygfiej C- ycre Island in accordance pei- he- :'C'5Cl6-Cfive C--34.55, i0uS Clulies. During the gg'we's':" "nee 30 ian baams. a bear repair she: and c:ai":'ci area?-f-9 space were added. The AKA-7 ,r-ge-.refs 24,12 manrhs amphibious 9-a7v'f5 i3,':,,,f,,3 Le, :Cin version. She depai-red frgrn Sa- D7-35: Eg- Qicges, fan, Saurh Caraiinai and espn cc'-:fefen CE BQ day yard period. sailed ?c' C'::- Airfgg, During ihe fr-ia +0 Crane A953 fi-e Ccfvcxi was aiiaclued several iimes bv erfer-fy 5,bmgfig-el yvrcgf packs, These were reculsed and fhe ccrwav Gi.- rived of Oran June 22, TQ43. A+ Gran fhe Alcvarze fool: pad' in one mack amchibiaus landing, Fi-Om Oran she proceeded ia Sicily ia pai-ffcqoofe gn ihe landings fhere. This operarian Tcok place July 9, I943. The landing and unloading were carried .giftw- Il and Made sea sv" , QC' 5 .. . V u ,J 'B fa sn 'AL ... panuiunn-1 4-1 1 ...Q-wa-, mf' 1'- ggi!-S , 'T' wi! pl svn' Q Q., ,.....,.. 4 'K E Z: J I 1 6 I I :', QS' 4 3 ,, A S. in ' 4 C 5 1 Q , F1 , ff ' , Q 1-' , 4: n F' -. g 4 s , Q -"Nu, , 'S .- Q k -rg C ,, 'Q-5' 'Z 'NF 4 ' M' Q ' 1 'st , ., I . M A . nu' ' up 4 I In ' A 4' ws. Qfugr- ' JV" ' , ff" 'iw "ff, CTT? , 4 'K' i' '4' .hr '! 4 I A, an ' 'ng' Qfd',... i W " "" A ,il W . 1-In , 4':5z-,, .mir uw , F n... C All 9 O -1 vv. , O I ,470 .f 4 1 , 4-'P -no-'BN 51, vom f "" ,sl 0500 0530 0600 0630 0700 0730 0735 0800 0900 0930 ll30 l200 l730 l945 H S C 0 Cralloiim Reveliie. Breokfosr. Sroflcn 0 Underway AH dbi5c ff: honda 1 1 G: muy. rt U.s.S. ALCYONE mxmy ANCHORED HAKODATE 27 OCTOBER ms Z'-IZ ffN', -.... x..--1 7 ' I '. I: PLAN OF THE DAY FOR 28 OCTOBER l945 ond f v I gC.':-1O. :C DEYOJL rar Woke-fomo. A we C C' KVOWCH. V 4. ,. ok tecorz. lu. AH dia.-lglsrw. cor:-,' Q.: hdfdoy routine except for necessary ship's wor Lower de:L,Inanegd:n by FwsfLjeu?enonL Sonirory Irmgzezrlzrn by Dcivcr Dugan. Cieon zweecdxwrx fare and ofr. Dinner. Supper. The mule br Somrdily eve-ning. O-3056 H b - ghown in the mess holl. Spgmger Trcly. The nwuwle wr. e R. T. SCULLIN. Lieuienonf, USNR, Executive Officer. .9 fv -Q W r 27 will be Hsevenih Cross" wiih 'mini rm,- ,mf "' 'P we off ln, 9 wiki H mf ff ,Siu .,g. vis lm., ,W L, i it ' . 'HIM ivan ' s wat, 4 A -- 4 H.g,..,,Q9"lld q -ring, for 'I-'CYQ5 , " lr 4 ,, - f' 'Hmmm Ayifheggf' jifv' ...and li these we knew where we were out under extremely unfavorable sea and weather conditions: several boats were lost due to heavy seas and surf. ln this operation ten men of the ship's company were landed in the first wave. They were equipped with rubber suits and disembarlred in the surf. There, using lights, they guided oncom- ing waves into the beach. While the unloading was going on the ship was under an air attack during which two bombs burst at distances of IOO yards and 500 yards from the ship. ln order to facilitate the unloading, the ship put ashore personnel of the ship's company to expedite the ship to shore T X A -me movement of supplies. The ship was commended for her performance during the Sicilian operation by Commander Transports, Amphibious Forces, U. S. Atlantic Fleet. The Alcyone's Commanding Cfticer, Captain D. M. McGurl, U.S.N., received the Legion of Merit for his efforts in this operation. The ship returned to Oran, Africa and from there sailed for Norfolk, Virginia arriving August 23, l943. From there she proceeded to the West Coast and on to Hawaii, arriving there the latter part of September, IV43. M 4 A C 'T i... ..Q,-A Y P , g . I F it ,fl 1 f 1 -,Q 9 - v. 'i a E - F ' i " W Jw- 'W v -f' - ,,g".' .v 1 'ff X , , ,.h',- .4 7 mo bv in Q ' 9 . V - 1 Q, , f Q' -3' 4 4" ,f "T" f--V .f ' 4' 12' . . 4 .-. a ff ..-I' Ml 'ur-if 6 Q Q .fn QL 14 I t 0, . . --' -LQ -'UN' 0 .lg -4 .240 ,J - ""'-'SC' -- " ' ' n 1. Cr 'P SB- Q- ......ll' -5 -M al M . ' l- - nr - lo know so well , -.N, n i By these we ., 5 X X I Q, 2 acted nurse bf A. e 'tg O i Max' 1 U. KVA p lr The ne-l ornrgnh-bioua operolion in whieh she por- licipoled wot. of Molin lglond in November, l943. The londino of Molin won mode under heovy enemy rirQ','. life, Diirirxr? lhii, oclion lhe ship sul- lered her lirzl coauolly loving one Coxswoin, in- jured lolollv bv enernv life. The ship unlooded ond relurned lf Son Uierzo. There she lroined lurlher lor omohibicifi ffperolionz ond lol? on I3 Jonuory l944 lor l"'lOw0ii. The Alcyone deporled lrorn Howoii on Jonuory 22, l944 For Kwoiolein Aloll, Moraholl lslonds, wifh Roi ond Nomur lslonds os her combined obieclive. During this invosion lhe ossoull woves were under lighl shore fire ond one Coxswoin wos wounded while londing on lhe beoch. The Alcyone ossisfed in fhe londing ol troops from olher ships os well os unloading her own corgo. Unlooding wos hom- pered by lhe dongerous corol reel which caused considerable dornoge lo some bools ond delayed olhers. if 'wiv-r' f ' -M -f -4 ,, Following The Roi-Namur assaulT, This ship senT Three LCM's and crews in company wiTh Ofher landing craTT and one desTroyer To malce landings on opproximofely l20 smaller islands which mCli6 up The norThern secTor aT Kwaialein AToll. Upon her reTurn To The UniTed STaTes The AKA-7 wenT inTo The Navy Yard, Terminal lsland, San Pedro, Tor overhaul, Following This overhaul and a series of landing exercises she deparTed Tor Hawaii To ioin The force ThaT was To aTTack The Marianas. The Alcyone arrived aT Saipan lsland as parT of The aTTaclcing Torce on The l5Th of June. Un- loading There was diTTiculT because low waTer in The lagoon made iT necessary To land Troops and cargo on The coral shelf. The TirsT Tew days of The assaulT saw heavy enemy morTar Tire, These diffi- culfies conTribuTed To The TacT ThaT The ship was required To remain in The area Tor eigh+ days before unloading was compleTed. AT The conclusion of This operaTion, one of The ship's boaT oTTicers re- ceived The bronze sTar Tor acTing as boaT conTrol 1 If 4-Q S officer direcfing lrallic info fhe beaches. The ship relurned to Pearl Harbor following The operafion, arriving on July 3, l944. There she loaded 3I4 men ond L892 ions of cargo in fwo days and 20 hours. She lhen refurned fo The Mari- anas Grouo as carl of fhe force which was lo af- fack Guam. This force arrived al Guam on ihe 22nd of Julv. lt is inreresfing lo nole fha? lhe Alcvone had loaded ai Pearl Harbor a+ a role of 25.6 ions oer hour, and the rare of unloading of Guam was also 25.6 'ons oer hour. During fhe unloading 'he shio was underwav o gre-of par? of fhe fimg 'he .jecrh of wafer in fhe lronsporf 0reO being 'so grear fo Cermif anchoring. The Alcyone refurned YG Pearl Harbor uoon compleiion of fhis OC'3'O'lCf' and -env Info drsdoqk for minor repairs and fouvlre Ir-.ce-:fi,-n, The si: deserved on 'he 28th of Augusl for Eniexi rg ledge :or vhe forthcoming Palau opera- ' :rf Ucurf a' or Enix-eral, orders lo proceed iQ P3 J. are :cancelled and Yhe ship was ordered 'A 'Q ,.-" I ? A I 3' if -I ff "iff Iona lla 9, O' tbl' i S 5' if '3. k 'i - 4 uv-N .ig 5' N- .. .gk ' Y ' -mgtfi 'Pk 41- X 1 ,r...--4 ,lf . ,....,..-. 1 I E l I 3 to Manu: I-,land in the Admiralty GFOUD. From there she departed on the I4th ol October as a member of the force assigned to effect amphibious landing- on Leyte l,land in the Philippines. The oltacliincy force reached Leyte on the 20th of October, having encountered many floating mines while entering Leyte Cult. The landings were begun on the same day. Qn the second day at the Opera- tion the ships: beach oaftv went ashore: during their work on the beach three men were wounded by enemy mortar life. These 'wefe the only casual- ties the Alcvone sustained at Lewe. The unloading was tempered by air attaclrs. mortar tire on the aeoch ana the use of chemical smolme as a precaoticnaw antloifgrgit meggure' yet the Alcvene was aofe to aischarge cargo on the Lexile beaches at the 'ate at 34 tons per hour, ln achieving this 'ate the Alcxcne suraassed previ- ous unloading 'ecefas For fl-?s accomplishment she received a lege' cf comme-aafien frgm Rem I Aamiral F. B. Royal, U.S.N.i Commander Tgglq Group 79.2. Upon camc'e'cn cf cnfeadng +l"e glqio mo, ceeded to Hciianaia New GUM-eg Cf fl-, , I . i om ere lt l the l4th s e wen to Siai lsiand :gr feicgdyns. On at November she aepawed for Leyfe fo fulfjgp Q reproxisioning assignment, On the l8th of Novem- BOY, Leyfe Gulf, the ship scared several hits Haan iw ber. while entering San Peas-Q o Japanese airci-QH' .Q equally' '4 7 2 's 5 1 X rf im-f Pg., I-V ,.', Q. W Q. im ,Q X .wax U g 5 -G?" Qf,.', , f,f If , 5 -n - I, u . X Gm "' 'Q F 'sf' , ,wi I wg 6 A of I 2 J 1 , X w 4 x 5 is f 2.1 1 p w X , 1, 5 li 4 'E L 2 ' 4 Q1 a E 7 2? i w i r , 2 I 1 11 1, G x 4 S x Q 3 I I x ' Wh- 1 ss .I wr' O XM 1 - v WL - Q in n Q ,,--- U .M- I' "' ' x ' . L-'-Q-' lg- .J J Q ' -s-.... 1 y .Q 5 "5 "W . ' i""' - ir" I -T? ri' Y ,K . FP' -s ,' r ' H we --'afsfw A , We visited G ' .,.w..:'4 A' ' , ,v... ., nam Capital, Agana uid 1. J Q wg 4 . 13 4 Q ' Pg: -' -,. ..g.,, .1 'J AL W 4, ""1-'Snug-Q-Q xr- :"1 '! in - 'v"' 1 LN rf ' 'P+ 5 Y I wwf' 5- dy-1 Lia s - x-4 'A' -4-In-.3 A Q 1 E 'GQ 9 9 ' ,. , vv. I ,Q "W, -li 4 . A , i 5 , Y suv' 5 np, L 5 UI, Ji' ,411 R K 4,459 Q.. 1. , Q, . 1 s 'BC - dh? idonlified as "Zi,-lei ' one al .sh h cfa'hed cll lho por? side al lhe USS Alai fe. The 5550 'G- lurnecl la Monus lslafmi cn We 2495 Cl NO"'Gmb6'- From lhore sho wen? fc Care 11e"rer lilac-a cl New Brilain, where 'he shin l!fCQ9QJ wlla of fhe 4Olh lnlanlrv, Unch crnfcfehgn cl icadlfa fhe ship relarned la Man.-s lslafd, The Alcvane de- parlod vvilh lasl Force 79.4 C' December lbfh lar Hman Gull New Guinea. There 'he Tail Farce carried on landirg exercises cr' December l9fh when lhev remrnea fa Moms lsfara. Cr- the file? of December she decarfed lrarn Mamie island as a member of llwe farce assigned fa egecf landings af Lingayen Gulf, Luzcn lslardr Phffipaines. Cam- mencing an lhe Ffh af ,lancafv fhe convoy under- wenl numerous enemy air alracis, Cn fhe 8?h al January, fhe canvav was affacled bs enemy suicide planes: ane al these hir she U.S.S. Kirbsn Bay. The assault an the Lingasen beaches began an January 9th, Because al she heavy swells, loading landing craff of she ship and unloading af lhe beach was exfrernelv aiiicalr, On January lO'rh ships in lhe lransparf areas were affacked b suicide baals. One of lhese hi? and severely dam. Y aged The U.S.S. Warhawlcx which was anchored in a berlh adlacenl fa she Alcy-ane's. ln answer fo lhe Worhawl:'s call lar assisfance, 'lhis vessel senl' a EFS and rescue parfy which remained aboard The Worhawlr for I2 haurs. Al' 0454 on lhe IOrh a "": n::- Mins W ' uth Sea ls -sf' 2".P' i .gil ? -wx ' .,,,. au, ml .R P27 s a , W ,.Y.4-..:, ,. ..,.s.. , 'f 0 from tha Paradise Islands is 'Ky 2 '. . . as 1, N 1- :. ,,, L , Cape Gloucester I .lg Q I' 4 5 ' ' " 1 nf - R, if We learned to count In en I5 to I QI: ,VF H' O xx ! K n. ' x L i Sfmnge boqf Qpprooching The Aicyone wos sighfed by one of The Alcyone's picicei boois. The pickef boof Challenged Three fimes ond upon receiving no answer opened fire wiih .30 col. mochine guns. The 0+her boof refurned fire wifh guns opporenfiy larger fhon .30 col. Pickei boom' 323 wos hi'r by H155 fire, A+ 0455 fhe Alcyone opened fire with 5hip's .50 col. ond 20-mm guns. The ofiocking boof was sunk by pickei boo+ ond ship fire. As ca resui+ of 'fhis ociion one booi' officer wos fcfoily iniured ond 'rhree o'rher men in 'rhe picicei' boo? were wounded. One mon in one of The Aicyone's smoke boofs which oiso 'rook pod' in 'rhe ocfion wos fgfglly iniured. Two men of 'rhe 5"f38 gun crew on 'fhe ship received minor wounds from enemy boo? gunfire. ..!I' , 79 X, ,, f' sv i YF? ' ,ry -'- . i O !'LJ Ll: I 'W I ' .NJ , T I J. N I . N TC' I I i J. 7 yi., , ,,.,-! i I 'Tu "--V -ii! I, Q I 2 ff "-.,: ,- f 1 LY f I' fl 4' J 1 ,lb . A ' r o 'v .1 ' r -. -s I Y ,-I , , , I I ,E ' K 4, 1 5 il Qr 7 X I P Il 1 j! li 5 ? I i 5 s - . L, . ...-.., fr 1 ' ,- 5 F A If w"" , gif L aff 5 ff?.?'i1C'f' ' f 3 2, ' 71 ij Q. 5 ' 15,11 5 2 U . A " ' x f f H If I N if f ' ftllllli' . A .1- 5' 2 all-J.LJ l U 'Q in A mln "' , 4'-L'1g il-'S xii 3 " Mu-lil' 1-1, f, -yr-ng. 1-4U -35.5 -ai-A x--8lww.u-x H1 3 J -.49 '1LLg'fi'AQfl '1 Y!! Ill EQ L-.A I , 1 1 5 'i '4 an . IH H x 'ly gi! 'H V' us .gli . . K ,I n 'ef rf: all n ' iq Www an -gl! " a- Eg 1 9 C ,ll J' ,-f.-1 'fJ' DA - .- 2 Y 1 ,lu qw!" if ff X Z' ",, fl -fxzl 'PNG i 1 rw Alfa 'la a 3 Q I 1 fs if P J' I. .Q-15,1-Q i I I 5 Y E I Y S., 'S l ,x ,. , I V! g '- .. J, ff I z. 'I Q 1' NR ' : .f -...' W f, Q X . Q 7 N' xl , v 5' I3 4 1 E H J- b I1 3 A. 515 Z: i TZ ' 131 QE ' 5 c 1 1 l W '. - - , 53- ,1.:.H,.,.- X If ff' ru ,Lg- fx L :YW 5 mf , ,. www JF ,,.W is Vx , .. A- J-7 H 4. x ll agp H :NV L. if 11 .,,- A ' Lf ' ff' wif .. e Q I J fi 71 v ? ,J N I x L A 1 ,kc ' iii 4 f K -1 M LL ,,., 1 f ii VJ J I 5 I E' sw MF' '-P "' ' ,ri 4 , MWA vu , N - fQA g if 3 " A ' .V Q ""' .uh ii xxxxxxixxxxxmT, vi ll 8 wx: 11 1 K W . ' 'Q 'WL , fl 1 .JE Iv fav Wfpk f V R VL gi 5 W E, 11 'G ! 3- f A ,n 4 g f fx Q 3 . g, AN. .' all-,,g?+Q fs . T2 Ji E '- g . 9 V , - WZ w"P 0 .-'ffl' . . Q1 5 x Quik Miw. .2 1 alt ,WV -1,f4,. ga 5.3, , GL' ' L-rs Y AIP , QA 1 ,ii 'Wu V LJ J' X fb N- ,-- TK! gg- : 14"- If If I jk, lx x . ll' 1 Q - . u ' vj X f jx Q . N ' " 3 Us f ' u ai 'Q'-,..'g'v' 'B 1" 1. "7, 'il . . ,f Q J 'Z A.,-Q N-I 4 - I 1 1 , ' .. , Q5 I T, A -'fa f 1 - ,bi , C ' I 'Q 'T' tx ini l N 1 Q V' ' s .-11 ' lst Division i 41, 4 ef+'i2L- is X15 ' i -Nfl OC Q ...'Ci"'t S111 Q' Q" fold fiwor-ily offer down a definifv ' wi' "f,'l,Q gn Q Japanese aircrofi known as f-'fn 'foiincd 1evCrOi hundfed YOVC15 ' f " "Q fliyzrie, During ihis air raid, WO "M wcfe ::'z.:r,fea daze aboard, one on H10 :':::': c,c"e' and one on ine por? quaffef- +' 'V 1' 'Le :Hp wwe wounded by ehrapnei. f' i P 7' Y 1" :J Je 'JJ y ine :hip wa: again undef PL" a' ':"C:it ini: Mme iwo bombs were :':::e: 2: "f: Z'U?bOfJY'3 quorier of a diSfOf1Ce " ' ' ' OL ,f::':::. Dining iiwe five day operafion ' e' 9,55 fir.: :Hp was under enemy Off 3'-"'r :Leaf imez. f---f ...., ,. -., ..,-'.'1.4 f-Q - 324 2: January unloading having been "e ship refurned io Leyfe. Reloading --. - ,zrrrvferic-ed immediaieiy, and on January wh fhe ship reTurned To Luzon wifh a small aT- fucking force Tor a landing aT Zambales province. Guermos had confrol of The beaches and The land- made wiThouT incidenT. On The 3IsT of january unloading was compleTed and The ship refumed To The UniTed STaTes. The ship wenT inTo The Moore Dry Doclc's Com- Pony Ship yard aT Oakland, California, Tor an overhaul which included removal of lcingposTs and replacemenT of Them by quadruped masTs, and removal of Troop berThs and insTallaTion of Tem- porary cargo sTowage cages. Upon compleTion of yard worlc on The 2nd of June The ship was Tem- porarily assigned To Commander Service Forces, U. S. Pacific FleeT and on June 8Th was senT To SeaTTle for loading. The AKA-7 deparTed from ing WCS 2nd llivision 6, 5 , ,LQ-Q 6 N l 55'7'vl'i'9 T Y T - 'rw M Illvlsann "Q i s Q., E., ,. gs, Ei., 'Y t' ,f U l N R llivi on .fig 9-f""" Offnjliif l. . , v- Division I I I I 4 Seoflle, hoving compleled loodiro gn 'rc 1 June. Her deslinolion wos Ulirh A rived lhere on lhe 9l'h of July, Fr 'fl LJ proceeded lo o rendezvous wirn f ships provisioning fhe Third Flee' ' Q home islonds. Upon completion o 'rhe Alcyone refurned fo Guorn ond ogoin ioined lhe logizric :uc 'rhe second lrip lhe :urrende onnounced. While on thin profizioning du' 96 ships in IIO hours, dimhorr' corgo over o period of I2 do, fhe ship provisioned eleven .hip of ll hours ond 40 minute. .h ions of corgo ol' o role of 43 S 3 Z f As a parT oT The Task Torce servucung The Thurd FleeT she receuved commendahon from Command erm ChueT PacnTTc FleeT and Commander Thurd FeeT The Alcyone was parT of The occupahon force lynna OTT The coasT oT Japan aT The Time of sur render buT she compIeTed duschargung cargo prnor To The enTry aT The lognshc group unTo Tokyo Bay and wa reTurned To Guam To reload The shup enTered Tokyo Boy on OcTober lsT To servuce shups oT Tne occupahon Torce Tn her semce wTTh The Navy The Aicyone has T axelea To aoTe T66 493 5 mules and has been aT ea 568 days Durmg This Tnme she has sauled un T oceans Tour seas and has vusuTed many porfs IH T e cLnT1nenTs -ill-3 its - :Lk A ge. 4, P . ., 'Q 4. s xx fx !"' ' .01 l 1 Il' xl ' "gmt V 1-f "' fn, 1- f S1 ., Nr 521 ' 'f I M.. 24? 'S-df' if 49.1 11. ,. S 'gh I 1 x I 1 , 5 ? : E 5 X f x w , 3. V..-. -ap. ,J 1.- 3 ,4 P' , H. 2 5 v 3 9 E I XTQ I 1 4 Q US.. 'O ur. , 1' A un' W, fe l f. gli, in div Q ow 01' in -oi-Q ag- R f- " -no-m eq. 6w"WJ.1 ' .,. A - ' ' 1' -uv-'IH an ,tv ,J A, ' 4' ,6 r 'I X. K ' 'ip A , by I 'R ,, ,, sf Aw .ig ..-- ., -.5 . mikk in , A u un- I B er:- V - F s 2 E2 1 si za pf H1 14 v . M. ,, 1' Lk, "Q-W "- Y .. ,gg- L.. A ' ' .Arm " an 1 ug, gs V x Q -uf ""- ,'3qIi,7-:'srw- X h 'X F' V X ,L ' 'iv' . -I .,..' ....--- . ,N ,.. f -M ,M r V IQU-,, Z ' wi-fm.,,w. , , 40' I ,. m . N ', --Q23 3 .NY ' ' Q- , ., ' LA ' ' -nf. 0, ,V -A - 419-x 1-, , 'P' A - -an --. ' gps X ky ., t sffvo-,ggi X. dy., 2 A ' A "' . W- , , -av.. x ' La? 4' - 11- ' A A- .,.g. ,N , .. . . 5-v I Qs ,xr ,..,,K N U An .I .M Ay' , H-:,y,. 4 E ' ' . .- 1- A A f- 1 1. L V , 'Q N., " . W , Y 'M' 1 1 in 01- N: Y - - ,M new ,,,. igvpn-li.. .Q sr :WA vs W: V V- N , , X.. A 1... . In f I, N Ll Won . 1 ' 'l.! mr... , , .K , HA, ' iii ., -1' W , Y .gy 5- . fi' eg A E ? e. 1 M F1-i x 7 ,,, Wi Q, 'Q 1 .5371 . .Jw ' 175. ., M, 61 ul in - s ' Q " 1.1.9, in ' ous:-Q-,. 1 in I f vo N ,4,,,,,,,,,,., aim f may Q'A4"?-wp' u,..,,..,,, -+- Q We 'W M. 4 'W' ,., ,,,,,d. , N, vm., fi-' 1, 7 nik'-1 A Y 'flfi V H LI , M "' we wmv sn: ,,, X' ' W I Aww? 1' - ' 5, 'V g M vqw in -4""i-W .- QUFFNF' z' f-wow ,,:pg.,.. ,, If-ww. in rw- , n Aw-,,,,,,,,,,aM"' Harry C. Howe IO7 Franlrlin Si. Sioneham. Mass. Richard T. Scullin Sfoneboro. Pa. Charles H. Childress 4753 Lofus Sf. San Diego. Calif. D. W. O'Connell SOI Wesf ll3ih Sf New Yorlr, N. Y. Lawrence J. Dugan 824 No. Beach Sf. Liffle Roclr, Arla. Charles B. Titus l03I Cable Drive Borger, Tex. Elbridge M. Jones l6l0 Dennison Sl. Lillie Rock, Arl. William M. Hogan Box "D", Palagonia, Ariz Norberi F. Doege I266 Courllond Ave. Schenecfady. N. Y. Francis L. Monlandon. Jr R.R. its Lubbock, Texas Veigh J. Nielson 357 W. 4th North Sl. 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Suggestions in the Alcyone (AKA 7) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Alcyone (AKA 7) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 63

1945, pg 63

Alcyone (AKA 7) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 42

1945, pg 42

Alcyone (AKA 7) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 8

1945, pg 8

Alcyone (AKA 7) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 13

1945, pg 13

Alcyone (AKA 7) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 6

1945, pg 6

Alcyone (AKA 7) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 45

1945, pg 45

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