Albuquerque Indian High School - Sandpainter Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM)

 - Class of 1950

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Albuquerque Indian High School - Sandpainter Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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fx .xf ' R,- ff X I fx .2 K X gl xX1 1 1' 'SVN j J X i -K f' I sw A Xffifx X ff 'X Xxx! ml Sjxf XJ .fx-ff -' J- AA. r 'VJ ' T 'VY 'bf 5"""Z"f 'NT Hr ff' , -4' 1 fylpfiggjk.-W :'H img:-x7Efil'x.NHX V 4 X xxx ! 4 1 rg I f li ,I 1 ' fvt ful W X ' Eff x W3 Ev! Mikf aw ,' W ,H I :M W 3-.12 ff' :Hg X5 3 X 1 . yp V . . fx XL . 5 yy, t X41 5' My : 1 N J I Vrsf lo? XJ' ! OE EJ' :Oi -ff' J,-Mk 51, JU! xix ' sr , 5 11 if ' xv- Y, ' .Z D ,. .4 fx, EH' iff? Mg! K XXX UQ fi 1 A 1'-1? X fl IMA iw 5, : , XXMJ ,5 Ifl-1 2 '32 I -'z2'ig ,xx. K k f M if .mf Lg, df xi, 1, x, 1, 1 1 l,,x' ' 4-my - A- -xr N ' X. , K fl XV AL X g ,. -- 'X . W .- R. L, X f , x A, if -A ,ff f X f' ,W ,-' X X K fl! Wifi!----. -,H XX f !" ' K xl xii.. . ff- -" F . x 1' ' A -' - ' ff' .-H -- , " Q X N. " f ', 1" - I '1 X if Y I, Xxx? N XX 'X X X if . H ,,- . I jf. X 5 2 -, If " i X , 5 xx z . 1 W 1 f 1 1 hx X f E A XX ,ff N , 3-, '. ' 1' f 3 x ' ? 1 '. V fl 1' ' ' ' X X z 2 X X 'X f f I X 3 Q H X 1 - x f My , X- X I K.. ,X W1 If -f ,X .l ,X .X N f ,f X I X tn QB 'X' , M-""7"1'liHf 'Q ffl i' If 4'?.:1ff a','- t -'- - -Tv: fv 143 ' 1' ' .A ,-Y L 1. , -' 1 . ' x NEVER 1 iz! 'wwfe w'r"f ' 1 ,y5,'!', ,f X 1515? Wizlglgjfilty, fx ."4 5 5 X X E ffl' 2 WW 'i I SMH ', 'N.fw . X40 fff',A, 1' sf' f'2 Ml' TN' J X Xxvffff-" ' I 1?' Hi si' x XM X ,.E-xxx-, X illfff ' , X , ,Q f,,,..-.X ,Af , fp- , N gf 'X H 2 ' if lff ,,,3f .1 ,-' , ' '- -Y ,J l L --,f' r' v ' -- ' f ' IH- ' " 1 f ' X ff A XXX 3 f ' -- J X X if ' ' "Mi ,xx Ki! fy XJR., ,A K 'JJ " X" X -X ' XX' N X NX. N3""w"'. f"r-as I I X I --'k-- ---- -... .--.r--M---- ., 5 , -x , 1' hi ff X fx fx' fx U' -x X. f f xv, V' V , - f ' - 1 ,df 1 ff' x N ff- Nx XXX 'xt I! K 5' KVIMHT X f 1 X7 X fax N f-Q A Ax ,. q . ' ,f M X N, 1 2 - , K e Xi k if I x M X 7 R f P f 5 9 I XQX 'w 2-Q in WH SH! z.-? -. I ' 1 xxx xl" ,J 3x'y U I p X' ' Qi- ' k '- SA ici iff' Vx X ' A ' I 1 V! 'il' .T 2 '. W! M! ' 2 alla we gy V WX xv! .Mg ! N, ,f. , E I 'JI .xx , , XZ ' x K S uf JJ. Graduation is commonly thought of as an occasion for farewells, but there should be no such finality in leavlrg Albuquerque Indian School We are not saying a final goodbye to you Our interest in you is not limited to the few years you have spent here You still have many new adjustments to make in extending your education and findlrg employment, and in this business of living We hope ihat you will always feel that the school stands ready to lend its aid and counsel as you encounter these new adventures Keep in touch with usl. A school is judged not by the number of its gradxates, but rather by the success of its graduates. We want the record to be good for the school, but above all we want it to be good for you. Your success will be an inspiration to us and to the people who will follow you. We are equally ready to rejoice with you in your success or to lend a helping hand with your problem, so we are not saying farewell, hat bon voyage. S1 cerely, ,ffvyvawffg Vernon L. Be s Vernon L Beggs Director of Schools Message from Mrs As I write these words, each benior 13 out in part time work getting new experiences and learning what it means to hold down a real job. You have taken your tests with the State Employment Office and the results of these tests have shown that you have aptitudes for certain types of employment You are now on a job of that type We trust that these last wedks of your school career spent in this way will give you an increased confidence in yourself and your ability, and also bring to you personal contacts which will be of advantage to you in the future Not every graduating senior in high school has this work opportunity which you now have You and we are very fortunate has supported us so effectively in the vocational program Your parents and we are expecting you to make a success of your life. The contribution which we, as a high school faculty, can make toward that success is nearing an end It now depends on you although we are always ready to give you any help or advice we can If you wish to go on to college or other special training, and your record here proves to us that you are able to do lt, we shall make every effort to get you placed in such training If you want to get into work off the reservation, we shall be ready to assist you If you return to your home co munlty we shall be interested to learn that you are making a happy and satisfying adjustment there A I S will always be YOUR SCHOOL, and those of us who have known you through these years will always be your friends. Ir?-9 Fred Williams, Principal I in having the leadership of an administrator like lr. Boggs who 'tr'-I Roscoe Benalli John Bleaske Eloise Bowman Sidney Brown David Bryan Louise Bryan Narcisco Abe ta Susie Anton o Ramona Ayer Anita P Baker Edith Beardsley gfxh Raymond Beardsley Tonita Dailey Mamie Ewan Benjamin Denny Rosenda Denny John R Dickinson Charles C Haralson Dorothy Hanlon Beatrice Garner Velma Hesler Katherine Hicks Charles Hinman Cora Kie Frederick Kutz Bartolo Lujan Emily Lujan Raymond McC1eary Frankie McKinn1e i x -,. f ' , X Verna Burns Barbara Burroughs Jack Corcoran Edith Craig Frank Cruz Frank Dailey Henry K Eastman Jessie B. Enos Clarence Franklin Ruth Franklin Elanita Frye Sidney Garnand Ventura Howeya Vila B Hunt Jmmes H Hutchinson Fritz Johnson Retta Johnson Margaret Kayona Claudia loK1nney Bessie Lee Malcolm George lahooty Iatheryn Mescal Curtis P Killer Sylvia Milling Mae P Montoya Hugh Mosher Frank Orndorff Btta Pappan James Patten Qu! X Alexander Pecsok Joe Pedro Amaldo Pino Pearl Pradt Jose Sanchez Ellen Schatz Rae Seibert Shub Sherred William H. Shultz Reyoita Shupla Irene Cecil Smith Mamie Sousea Norman J Spaun Teofilo Tafoya Blandhe Taul Paul Thomas Loretta Toys Edward Tsyitee Jack Walthall Irene Williams Edith Wollntz Lottie Yazza Employees Hot Photographed: Isadore Abeita - lax Ayer - David Coleman - Dee Stirling Cox larciana R. Dailey - Susan Ellison - Harvey Enos - Wilson Guerrero liriam Pearl Kendrick Juan Kiro - Josephine Lucero - Francis MacDonald - Bartolo Montoya - Jose Orosco - Roger Shupba William Slusser - George Thatcher - Gretchen Todd - Louis Weller William P. Wilson f' jwx' f,f' 1 1 V 'T' 'lf Y 'Q Ulysses Paisano 'N ff TM 1 ef' t Cf 3 K so of ' we - f C J 2 f . " .,, ,Ni ' , 22? -Bi mm-.-. -, ,g 7 5 Y . . W , r 1 CQ V rsh. Iaabel Eleanor Anuereon Laguna Cubero, New Mexico Home Eeonamios ary Elizabeth Anderson Laguna ubero, New Mexico Hama Economics Rachel Antonio Aoc a San Fidel, New Mexico Home Economies llary Jane Aragon Ac oma Acomita, New Mexico Home Economies Bverett B Ateye Laguna Laguna, New Mexico Auto Mechanics Frank Baca Santa Clara Eenanola, New Mexico Painting Edison A. Beeenti Navaho Crownpoint, New Mexico Auto Mechanics Tam B Becenti Navano Crownpoint, New Mexico Auto Mechanic: Tam H Begay Navaho Crownpoint, New Mexico Agriculture Jack A. Begay Navaho Shiprook, New Mexico Auto-lechanics Tsoeie H, Begay - Navaho Toadelena, New Mexico Carpentry Tyler T. Benally - Navaho Oak Springs, Arizona Carpentry Herbert Brown - Acoma llcCartys, New Mexico Auto-Mechanics Lorena Chaca - Hopi Polacca, Arisona Home Economics Agnes D. Dodge - Navaho Crystal, New Mexico Home Economics Charles Eriacho - Zuni Zuni, New Mexico Agriculture Marie Gorman - Navaho Crystal, New Mexico Home Economics Rose llary Gorman Navaho Crystal, New Mexico Home Economies Earl Johnny Navaho Toadelena, New Mexico Carpentry Georgia Kiro Laguna Paguate, New Mexico Home Economics Louise Mae Jose Laguna Paguate, New Mexico Home Economics Mary Agnes Lente Laguna Paguate, New Mexico Home Economics Andres Leon Santa Ana Bernalillo, New Mexico Auto Mechanics Lakachukai , Arizona Agriculture Howard K. Leonard - Navaho Katherine Lynch Nevaho Fort Defiance, Arizona Home Economics Raymond A Mariano Laguna New Laguna, New Mexico carpentry Lee Nash Navaho Kayenta, Arizona Auto Mechanics Henry Notah Navaho Tohatchi, New Mexico Inez Pino Acoma Acomita, New Mexico Home Economics Christine Polacca Hopi Polacca, Arizona Home Economics Edna Hao Reed Laguna Gallup, New Mexico Home Economics Cecelia Romero Acoma Acomita, New Mexico Home Economics Juana Sanchez Acoma Acomita, New Mexico Home Economics Victor A. Sarracino Laguna Laguna, New Mexico Carpentry Rosalyn Jane Seonia Laguna Paguate, New Mexico Home Economics Fannie Frances Shurley Navaho Ga11uP New Mexico Auto-Mechanics ! Elizabeth Tissnolthtos - Apache Mescalero, New Mexico P Home Economics Esther Torivio - Acoma San Fidel, New Mexico Home Economics Joe Trujillo - Isleta Isleta, New Mexico Agriculture Thomas Tsuanathbas - Zuni Zuni, New Mexico Agriculture Raymond Thomas - LHSUDH paguata, New Mexico Auto-Mechanics John Waconda Laguna Paguate, New Mexico V Electro Mechanics Theodore Walema Hualapli Peach Springs: Afimna Carpentry paul Walter Navaho Shiprock, New Mexico Auto Mechanics Willie Wero Navaho Crownpoint, New Mexico Carpentry Pasqualita valencia Laguna Laguna, New Mexico Home Economics Isabel Zuni Isleta Isleta New Mexico Home Economics Em ett Johnson Navaho Steamboat, Arizona Carpentry Onward to the Challengel This is the class motto you have chosen You have met with success he challenges of A.I S class work, vocational U1e lessons you have learned here aid you in meat ing the challenges of future years Wherever you decide to live town, fanm, village or country whatever you decide to do, we hope you apply the many fine things you have leaxned here in school The best of happiness and success to all of you! Rae Seibert Fred E Kutz, Qponsors 00' subjects, living together in the dormitories. May EI' n or-s went "On the Job" during the 94 4 as uarter' in the pos shown Office QLOPV on th s page. , ,ff ' Attendant ard U'-e-I -r-443 Q7 .Dr-I US 1 fir 101' 1 .N U tl 1 Low 1 1 ua 101 pc , L 1 sm L,uz1u .L Q. L 541 1 L1 11 c .yvb 111111 Beau 1 111L.LLu L1 zu .L LA Dy , u vu v 1.115 nr- 1-mul .Lily uf uul ::L.Luu ouu f QC Lug thc. uaug I is x .nc out slut: Ulxu, uv umnc ulo, uul Lo., vwl .L uuu J-...J 1c1 UI' F' l U UI' I U I 1 1. V VII Litlbtildl lu 1 uvas ll L mug, 1 fm Um .J L: be rw' ve ' ' 1 H ue 1. uc IT, LLULLUQJQ' J .L .ve tu 'Duc Luurxcs, Nrlvnl zu u1.:I 11.1 L 11 LQ TU Lum hu JPLLCML mimli, wc: lr.c:'vo tum tmx'1u11r,LL1:.. mu 11111 it Q, bL,n11tx u uuuxbul. 11111 v tn lt .su EJ nu +1 Q out uf bump pwuu v Q. 1 I' rx ' J " cn hobf tt' lu me tu 1 uuw u Lum.. To the L01 L 1 o!'l1t,l 11. Ubllut uul Wulf vu uu ,mu wmv S. LJ ptllbll blunt 1 nc Lu 1 ll 1 t but no .at "Q f' L U Us LLL ul 'LL ILO ne1'11L1'f- Y'3Uo1tl'1ll-J LI U Q Q. Nunu.. Ldltl "wr, The Uervior Ss F 5, om, n ru othf h cfm C1 ..., Qolorf' .roam 1.11.1 h1 P Flower ff' 0 W nc, F rn mon Cla.. Z'f'l.L ',','C., 121111 vfl' ' Clsm' f "I Ju 1' , T1 'Lil f' Ifuul 1.11 k:':: . .' - Ui-.Y UA th' 'QLLW1 Lf L1 ui iw. . IJ l - - ll -- 1 ' P' P lin L - E-1 ' '. I ' x 1 ' I 1 I ' K gr. '1' :jf ' .- 11 " ' 1 'X' TX ' ' ' ' 13 ' 'l Y- 1.-1111 1'QL TO'.1l1 O L.''L1':f wr: fva L .miriam f ' Mar: 'uc-Lp Liar:-y 111.111 g'f.'w11 Ula. TC 1211 a' 1- " " . 'Hip '.-1"u Lu L111: Juv': .5 i Lb ' 'J' tiny will ru-. fr 11 c 'wiv 'Llg "Ie 'tyres tr-f' f:.-t1.:r1s' :Orca CDI' "a.rn1uf' 1.11 T11 X 'A , ' 1' ' liifdlis wg. , ' ' ' g ' N: 1. 1 ' zL'.1::gs: ' 11111 Q baht uf ull., Lu Lbs: luuky C:tUUC1iltli mill emi tincl in thu yr:a1.l':.1 tu 'a, 1 " 1 ' " 'f 1 - ' " .. .' " 1 m. "1- ' : H. ' " 5 1 ' ' ' ,us ky emma :,, .,'1: ' ' ' , ,U L1,f,v - LU '1,1 . Hi :mn 11.10 mis' Ifunsic ,,c:'-.rtr 2 t. 'IQ L .6 ' T. ' '. U1 1 ' :"v::1:. '- will X-lf. .yn 'c in " .Q oil' ".AXi,Af '1':s, '.- ' -A 1:1111 ' -1-' t b kr. ' ' ' : ' ' ' :J ' - .L rr, 521111, if 1 will A' f ' E .l'.l'1l ff .-heir: f. LLL. t l le , :.: Xiv' Lu' p -'it'1::1 L5 'gui' ' T. 'Q - A. f' '1..t may ' T. D' ':i.g " 41 '3erte.f-1 ' Q 'z . Clf.. Vli- 'F' TT I ' ' Q FW- T, .2 C .ull .. Lxff' ., "' ' l Vai: 't- ' Lh. gjlv ' ,:- LL U E' fm Fifi I Q U' 1 X L ,LM L -QU HJ nv '1I',Q41Li.i Ulm - Ulf .. , 11 j 'Ll . ,. 'flwu -mb. 'LM' x 1 n .L L" . MA. Hx. J . 'po rl. M flf' LH "NY 1..:' "UCSF ",11?' " Hi" 1e'.lffl' 'xg . . ..,xJ.. "s 1 if K r1p,'rri.:r. :f - J-gi" . .1 l1' ",-If 1, LlLA , 1 '+. s .,7.',,. m.. ,,, 1 '.1f n mir? 31- L " ,. ,. f ., 1.fwf'. TNA 1-,n 7, .xi . N. wx 11 'i ' i'. 'L fu: Ll ' . ' .cj 'mmf L ,li qfr +R A..f vrw 'Uxlfjwr' ' J3wtlxrYwv1- I l'V - b ' xl VEZW I' TCALTL L 116111. wi .xff ,y ,. '1Yi1.LfYf?!.'i 'PHL' L ,.F"'llg ..,,- , ,,A ,,, 'w , 1,-' 1 Quit John 12th llth 10th 9th 8th 7th Acoya, Lee Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade ,..a-v' STUDLNT COUNCIL OFFICERS Secretary William Archie, Assistant Treasurer Nash, President Rebecca Rivera, Treasurer Verna Burns, Co Sponsor Henry Shultz, Co Sponsor STUD NT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Lee Nash Louise Mae Jose John Acoya Rebecca Rivera Felipe Zuni Bessie Nez Kee Sage Eva Benally Harold Garcia Dorothy Lewis Celestine Papu o '23 F -uf' T 'mf' FRESHMAN - William Gorman EIGHTH - Perry Dyea 1- a Boys' House Council Girls' House Council Nav ag o Group William Archie Byron Taylor Agnes Ebdge Alta Mae Patrick Barbara Davis Frances Wood Thomas Walker Hilda Bedoni Alice Manygoats Jerry Yazzie Arthur Sandoval CLASS PRESI ENTS !c.. fv- SENIOR - Andres Leon , .JUNIOR - mine Archie '57 , , A ilijf ' f W x, fj SOPHOMORE - Pedro Bird Nd SEVENTH - Shirley Isaac iz? sl I wma' ff' JUMORS ,fx ,rd AV Gloria Antonio John Acoya Willie Archie Alfred Beggy Alice Begay Felix Begay NSall0Od Begay Rose Begay Sam Beggy Angus Brown Emelio Bustos Marie Faustine Richard Garcia Herman Hoskie Johnny Hoskie Ella James David Johnson Josie Jojola Nancy Lorenzo Glenn Lucas Margaret Mermejo Emmett Navakuku James Notah Eugene Paytiamo Daisy Pino Annie Platero Harold Quanimptewa Rebecca Rivera Willie Romero Lilly Shorty Anna bilas Helen Smith Bennett Solimon Ella Talayumptela Geneva Torivio Frances Tor es Joe Tsalate Rafalita Vallo Freddie Young William Yazzie . fx 1 f 2 . LQ? k 57" i' I f - 'N f fx g L 5 . E W L . 5,3 , Henry Allen Mary Alonzo Irma Antonio Clara Aragon Herbert Barton Allen Beggy Eddie Begay Roy Begay Betty Ann Benally Lena Benally Pedro Bird Kenneth Bitsig Donald Chino Rose Mary Clah Fred Cody Dan Cowboy Gilbert Damon David Day Mary Dey Marion Dodge Lolita Epaloose Jose Rey Keryte Albert Luariano Phillip Levis Albert Lowden Rose Marie Lucero Mary E. Mike Mabel Miller Bessie Nez Rose Ortiz Luciano Pino Kenneth Patrick Katheryn Sanchez Fred Scott Marie Skeet Fanny Thompson Harry Tso Teresa Vallo Thelma Vallo Bob Willeto Kimsey Wood Felipe Zuni SOPHOMORE f Nu., I 3 iw axtf 3 43 N f 756 YQ 3w,f,p Q.. A FRESHMEN ewmwm wmg hilt R a 1 Q 0 l Deloris Abeita Jose Abeita Pablo Abeita Rose Acoya Silas Allison Lewis Alonzo Mary. Antonio Myrna Antonio Cyrus Aragon Donald Avery Raymond Avery Emma Becenti Barbara Beecher Raymond Becenti Lewis Begay Eva Benally Roy Bitsie Juan Blackgoat Earl Brown Ella Ann Ghato Katheryn Cherosposy Albert Cheromiah Josephine Cheromiah Lenora Chimerica Sadie Chino Alberta Concho Hilda David Leo Dejolie Betty Denetclaw Elsie Elwood Genevieve Etsitty Raymond Garcia Valeria Garcia Virginia Garcia Bill Gorman Edward Green Harlin Harrison Marion Jim Pauline Jiron Julia Jojola Frankie Jojola Arlles Kanseah Laura Lente Richard Lewis Irvin Lorenzo Rose Mary Lorenzc Claudius Lucario Clovis Lucero Albert Lujan Irls Harden Matthew Mariano Nelson Martinez Pauline Miguel Leo Morris Rose Lee luskett Alta Mae Patrick Ada Poncho Florence Poncho Ben Price Willis Price Victoria Riley Kee Sage Everett Romero Chee Joe Sandoval Shirley Scott Elliot Solimon Irwin Smith Byron Taylor Albert Tenorio Jimmy Torivio Pete Tobtilla Alvin Tso Mary Lou Tso Frank Waoonda Lily Walter Louis Wauneka Alfred Yazzie Y fm .mm IIIUQI Quin mn. EIGHTH GRAD Alfred Acoya L6 vie inns V44 I.: 3 Mary Antonio Marilyn Aragon Nellie Charlie Roy Day Perry Dyea Mildred earl Harold Garcia Robert Garcia Frankie George Ernest Jaramillo Willie Keams Edith Kiro Richard Lente Dorothy Lewis Alfred Lorenzo David Lowden Mary Lucero Ignacio Lujan Teresa Mariano Thelma Martinez Margaret Montoya Shirley Naha Ada Nash Lucy Pino Michael Pino Margie Platero Thomas Reed Eleanor Romero Ruchanda Sarracino Marlin Scott Lucy Spencer Helen Steele Verna Thomas Calvin Tissnolthos Randall Torivio Bernardino Trujillo Carnation Vallo David Vallo Susanna Victorino Louis Waeonda Bessie Wilson Joe D Zuni Emily Abeita Lugardita Abeita Ruth Abeita Edward Abeita Freida Acoya Katherine Antonio Jimmy Augustine Albert Aragon Grace Aragon Glenn Billie Samson Becenti Ambrose Benally Evelyn Concho Davhd Ch romiah Pedro Chavez Henry Dodge Irma Ddswood David Eetevan Terrence Daylia Darleen Evans Raymond Endito Elmer Fernando Felice Faustine Jimmy Francis Louis Fernando Teddy Francis Ida Mae Gail Jerry Golbe Edna Garcia Teddy Green Rosinda Histia Ruth Hardie Yvonne Hubbard Shirley Isaac Matilda Juanico Juan Rey Jojola Patsy Jojola Johnny Keryte Allen King Oliver Lucero Bernice Lorenzo John Lucero Robert Lorenzo Nelson Lucario SEVENTH GRADE N01 'har inli ,Q Q-1 VB' vw ge I Elizabeth Lucero Tommy Lujan Frank Manulito Vergie Mariano Imogene Martine Benny McCgbe James McCabe Louella Naha Rose Mary Orilla Gilbert Padill Celestine Papuyo Vedna Pasqual Evangeline Perry Angelita Pino Violet Pino Lucy Platero Jennie Ray Donald Reid Mae Ann Riley Alfred Sanchez Velma Sanchez Joseph Sarracino David Siow Thomas Slow Joseph Sousea Violet Bousea Harry Jim Thomas And Trujillo Richard Tsiosdia Ida Vallo Loyd Vietorino Ed'ard Waoonda X 'F gil" inf D -7 fe x 4 1 ,J , . 1 INTERKEDIATE 'Q FIRST GRADE Qu -ikfznif ...., E ininsaif 31131 Daisy Alonzo Nelson Apache Tom Benally Curley Big J A.Parry Coho Evelyn Comosone Chimeco Eriacho Bernice Etsitty Richard Golbe Edward Kee James Kee Ronald Lorenzo Joe Rey Lucero Junior Mer-me .10 Alice Monte John F, Montoya Johnny Platero Alvino Sandoval Shorty Sacetero Louise Shorty Jim ie Yazzi Tony Venavides Keith Werito Ada Wilson Dickie Apache upe Ap ache Velma Apache Mary Apachito Virginia Apachito Lucille Behally Alice Chavez Irene Chavez V Z Co o Valentio Comosone Jimmy Dennison Freddie Monte Lucy Monte Joseph Pino Danny Platero Gilbert Platero Paul Platero Swm Scott Alice Secatero Billy Secatero Q 5' -:I 'fifi J Ez J , Y ii if i?ig? QQ c 4. f --Ja. at .vkgy Q Q5 I L . ' " Q r ,iik X " 1 W A N ef, f, W, jf -v4k' fl N 7 . 'L . Z ,L I 1 ' XS- My ,'e, L , Y' ' UL A I m . 1 ., M, J. 2 so F: , S , -f 1 ,F D 4 f , I K nv .ai ua? X ,..L' , 4 I 0, 1 A L L' I Q' '58 L ,AV Y J al krfffli-QL 'wiv M . I O h , P W McCoy Secatero Thomas Lee Seoatero Tom y Shorty Dorothea Skeets Wilbert Yazzie Flora Abeyta Frances Apache Harry Apache Thompson Apachito Rose Benally Annie Big Dennis Chavez Daisy Coho Ray Coho Carrol Cohn 43.5 Cecil Eraoho Pearl Frank Alfred Gonadonegro Mary Gonadonegro David Henio Almmanis Herrera QA? Ernestine Mermejo Joe Monte Katherine Monte Abel Pino S. Bobby Pino Lucy Pino wg-1 Mike Pinto Billy Platero Lillian Platero Henry Secatero Paul Shorty Katherine Skeet Murphy Vicenti PRIIAHI :Elia gi 15 xr: rf' a 1-'L-. J 4.-' J. L, ,f Q ml? .. mf RL Q Viv i L Annie Apachito Sam Atine Bennie Boy Jinmxie Boy Kenneth Cayaditto UI Gloria Claude Shirley Claude Barbara Davis Dorcus Gonadonegro Dorothy Gonadonegro Tony Henio Stanley Holiday Betty Kay Frank Largo Roy Platero Jean Plummer Louise Sandoval Johnny Smith Benny Tolddo Ned Valenaki Joe Watson Boyd Whitehorse Charley Yazzie Tommy Yazzie GROUP B Leo Baker Alice Becenti Edison Becenti Mary Alice Begg Mary Bignen Keeto Blackgoat Irene Bruce Jinmy Cayaditto Donald Davis Jimmie Eaton Emily Eteitty Kee Heino John Y Holiday Leo Jones Willie Lee TH.E NAVAHO PROGRAM FWF ni' GROUP B A 'iii J, YA: is X GROUP ,1- in ts uf 5.3 Glenn Lewis Nelson Monte Mary Jane Peters Joe Piasso James Red ouse Isabel Pino Johnson Sandoval Frances Wood GROUP C Harold Abeyta Julio Apache Teddy Begay Mae Kee Bennett Herbert Beyal Arthur Bigman David Charley David Chiquito Mary Curtis Willie Dennison Alice Grey Jo Ann Martine Kenneth Martine Peter Notah Jackson Perry evi Pioche Rena Platero Annie Police Katherine Sandoval Irene Smith Willie Jim Thomas Eunice Thompson Thomas Walker George Washburn Willard J Willie Sam Wero Earl Yazzie GROUP D Perry Baker Bertha Begaf John Bugay Hilda Bedoni Florence Biligod Harvey Curley Lewis George Louise George John Joe Betty John Marie John Henry Johnson Arthur Lewis Winnie McCray Erma Meyers Thomas Nez Carl Peshlakai larcisoo Piaso Clarence Pino Harvey Pino Daisy Police Joe Lewis Teller Nelson Tom Wilbert Jilliams Donald Yazzie GROUP E Jake Baca Elsie Bigman Ramon Coho Doris Damon Mary Louise Davis Wilbert Dennison Tom Etoitty Richard Gail Lupita Gatelood Geanie Guerro Lorraine Henio Kee Hoskie Ella Ann Howard Harry Kelewood Alice Manygoats Harry Martine Phillip Martine Rose McCray Mary Padilla Cecil Pino Raymond Thompson Francis Tsosie Clara Willie Jimmie Yazzie George Whitehorse Mary Rose Todachine GROUP F vi if' GRO UP G I EJL gi GROUP F Herbert Allen Nellie Allen Lee Andy Daisy Apachito Louise Becenti Harvey Begay Joan Begay Kee Boyale Sadie M Chato Billy Chiquito Albert Eriacho Tim Hard Sam Foster Max Martine Lolita Perry Louis Perry Jim C Pino ike Pino ose Pino Minnie Police Rose Thomas Ella Walker Leonard Whitehorse Katherine Ylzzie GROUP G Henry Becenti Monte Becente Tonie A, Becenti Alvin Begay Howard Begay Rose Benally Peter Denetclah Kee Dennison Evelyn Deshnod Lillian Deshnod Ruth Ethel Harvey Lupita Isaac Lily Mae Johnson Verna Mae Kanuho Robert Kelly Nellie Mailman Jim Martine Curtis Morgan Johnny Murphy Chee Nabahe Wilson Perry Fred Pino Louise Sam Alfred Shurley Mary Dean Tomiche Jerry Yazzie Mae D. Yazzie GROUP H sam Apach ito GROUP 5 ' Fred Bedoni Betty Begay Glen Begay Ella Kee Bennett Milton Bitsie Wallace Bitsie Sadie Cayaditto Mary Louise Etcitty Alice Guerro Tom Howard Kee Johnson Ernest Keedah David Lee Chee Martinez Alvin Patrick Lillie Jane Pino Eddie Platero Venma Platero Elizabeth Sam Arthur Sandoval Mary nvelyn Skeet Buddy Toledo 'QEZ e,i7u1 5554 Y? 'U WB' LJQJ -.4 1 l if A M. My 'a'A M if ' Q ' X f A Ak.k V A , A gggwgwwrs - .5 F -- vie ' Y A ' .5 ' 42' ,Wx l.vbgff'4- A A M 'U af? d" 'J' y,37 J' . Ng rf, ef? X ff ' Annie Blackgoat A y J 3 A y va Q, 1 x reel? . k,.. mi R51 veiq .fffff A A A A an , ,f . I 3 L K i L HH 'I -e ZS. 3, Lvl -fi '151 I' In 7 4 H L1 Students not photographed by school photographer GRA E 10 Robert Reed Jim y Byrnes Leroy Kiro Lucy Wilson GRAIE 9 Phillip Routzen GRADE 7 Pasqualita Carpio Jhnmy Platero NAVAHO PROGRAM Chee Smith Lillian Kee H Daisy Police D LOW FIRST like Gonadonegro INTERMEDIATE Irene Wilson Nellie Monte Bessie Guerro On the Job Students from Wingate tiaining for Navaho Interpreter Nelson Tsosie Lillian Nakai Susie Ann Begay Billy Shirley 'X A uf U-.K Ja W Basketball The Varsity will lose two nlayers through graduation this year Lee Nash and Cha les Eriacho T ere seem to be quite a few promising players, however, coming up from the "B" 'Team The Junior team had a good year and won the Consolation Award in the city B Team Tournament The basketball teams are looking forward to a lively season next year 8.2! I Varsity Basketball First Row: Willie Keams Emmett Navakuku Sam Begay Raymond Mariano Second Row: Bobbie Willeto Charles Eriacho Lee Nash Frankie George Coach Corcoran Not Present David Johnson Freddie Scott Marlin Scott QQ? -ai' T W l .""""r fax Y 1- I -Fl U- -u A f 1 - 'r I' 0 ' K K J f - he , XJ or Q, f. :ggi - slso 5' in f A "' ees' ' ff - a ' ' """ n 1 j.? ' V A - W , I F. N , R rl-gklg, W in-I i ,X 'iw xv fy, Z7 First Row F. Cody, L Nash, D Day, Second Row R Garcia, T. Begay N Martinez, P Lewis, J Notah, K Bitsie, K Patrick, Mr Eranklin Third Row Mr Beardsley, F Baca, H Brown, R Thomas, H Barton R Begay, B Willeto, H Tso, Fourth Row Coach Corcoran, E Papuyo D Chino, L Kiro, J Waconda, F Qcott, H Allen, C Eriacho Fifth Row R Reed, G Damon, A Brown, J Acoya, F Zuni, L Pino S Begay Q ff!! 5 X A GRAD 0WW IFN il' wnowfvf K g Q Junior Varsity Football First Row R. Becenti, J. Blackgoat, A. Tse, G. Cheromiah, N. Yeams '. Lucero, R. Bitsie Second Row Coach Thomas, K. cage, A. Yazzie F. Waoonda, L. Dejolie, L. Norris, M. Xcott Third Row B. Tavlor LQQZE . Pino, W. Price, B. Price, H. Harrison, F. George 15 Fourth Row . Abeita, R. Lente ,f? at 57 . , H N 4 V 1 y , WV' r ff . A n s. J ,V I A al 41 I' W X11 , 4- f , A Q .Sec ,fl ffl. nf" "l '- ' I 1 - f J i 4 .. J f' 1 Uk f . " ' I A I a f fi Q "QI I W ' 1 A 1 In , lqf' fk- :F f o, , . I N5QU . ' .,f ' A K N Www' F K F A, K ? W ' rg? ' 'N K : H wk, X 6,1 . t i 1 A a L, l . f 1 M! Y M, 4. ll f f U - - ' . 4, M - P Qlflq . ,fvrb-3 ' . ' .av 'vc f I 'ii v-vgygg lk if sfif' af. I ...., '7 iils 'Sle- 9 '91 'Ou Ming wb," ir! --fha " .f e E-'ii"' ,f M32 -V-1 ff lfw'-"1 'X 11+ ,A I WN '1- 'R ...+.... ,J- V-L ,,f ,-,,,.,... ,uf--L ...--.gk xg P, ff' I X A ,v ff f"SZX KN I fs f-N-N S, ,f'!f"'xl J L L1 JQ,A 5,- X f f 'S J'-x 3,17 f QA 'Q' .x ggbv. f 5,4 zyx ,.ff' ,v"'..-,-3 'ii fgfgl ff-T T T fx I KNAW K x!..z , -,,..,, ,..,, . f':LYr xg y ,LXX f 'V' f I ,- 1" WN- -,, A- A-W --A--' -.--A--if-1---f' ---W :, ,' N" -144 'Qi ' J "A . ' 'N XR x., -ky ' Q y qs 4.-,af .M -'AY E tv.-5 vi .U E- ' ,,,,,, gf 1 a S 1 --- ' ' ' ",..lf"' 7 X ' K 3 h LVJAQ4 L-,. --fx - ' ' A T," Q KN---,A -,,,, 1 A ' Mm-ww 1 ?"'L', 1-f: , ' -x ' 'Mg ff fw . g ff: g f fzfzf' - "Y X 1 ' ff--N -X I Q g f' N, gg : f 1 gg A ' Af g 1 ,L ,g J - rv X fx ly ' 11"-1-,-rx, J,.,v::f X f I, -Ax Q- 71:1 X I X Y-,X AN.,-D, 5 ff' N 173' W 1 NGN X bil , fa' I, "'A 4 k . II, A x -E 'E g 'X'-.N " ' - N -' Ig K l f Y g f , gi if .- 8,,N,iL,qv.',j-2 VE, E -.J-It 1 ..,,.-4-,,,,,..,..... f Xia' - 'ff .f ,A : -' -'-. 1 ' Y ' 2 I 1 fv 'x K NL - W i mxv- A -fx MZ 'IKQERN Xi X, x XX I b .. X NX Y . Arai, UR x. ,ff 2 wx 71 g f g f T f' - Q, f- Q- .4 , 45,1 fg g 1 g XL? f 4, f HQNX "lf-'ALJ ' um' fx 7 -fi" Y- I 2 If ' ,I XX X XX xxx, 1117 ' X U X, ,-'I E , wg .. .M----H .j 1,Jf,f x , ,fg 'h Aj, ?,f I, " - QA, , ,Qi ,,:--f-.,,,-,,,x L " : g fg,f f79:Qw vgf3.,,r,f 1 If - , f'-. W, K1 ,X V, fl, an ,. ,,,,..,,k ,iff ,TKSN-1 A-Nh. 'Rh Q3 ,Q,,.,,.....f'L,!' I V -X 'F ...- ,. A-if, NYC-,,..-r---A ' .1 IA if X X ,' fx. .Z f f iH,..- ,U-it i 'Lil' "I 541' -- ,,,:,,, iXThJ,- g . I g H . g -""i"' i t ,N ,f"N,' "N'P U. vo "'L' N .XA'. , 2 g f . gg f g. g g g 1 1 g 'gf g 1 g P g fx - ggg fg. gixgxtlx 1 2 'E "II El gg, g'gxx I 'ghuxykx xg 'ff W gg Q iii! f-of-X-4. ' U? 10' 0 19 P g X-PX g Q QA , ' ,X - , i 1 , g g - I L ki . Lg ggg gg! Xgg fgg gg get gg dl, gggff ggggg J X! kg g ' x 'f - ' I 3 j XX Xl kv f Qvgf Ng, 1 . g .J, .gg xgw f 1 kJ It ! Cho. '! K 'x,, fi TZ! i 111-3 A,n -wif lhY""Q- fl:-s X VDC CARPCNTRY mm f' WJ mu NW VIZ' 1.- 0 'T 1 O ' U HW. NL.: 'x if-fl 'Nr -.-,,..x RZ ,J J WLD X ff-XX JJ ,J f"'N ?J'1-55 X5 I zu' "7 Q, r ff' X fX fi X ' S J N S., 'Xl BZL' 'Q sb,,,f ,ix W if A Jil 1!ff"l fr 1 f ff If X MMYXNX ' WM!! V 2-f X jg? xg-X WS'- x ff- -'Nr -N S XJ Sf? .J-if xi Z 1+ ,Q VL X VN g,,,,f XX wy- IX, Ngxyx, X-2 N, ' F A ' I 'E' 1 , f . f ' I " Q Q Til i 1gN ff fl ng. H11 In, 3 mg W!! MM ICN Ko cf 2""'T oN ' 1 WI 'H' MH :X V X' 'W XX f ! H I I V Q ' It LL: H X f LJ., LLJ f ' 1 4 x I I , X A Alfa! E V x N1 1 X I f' I X. .W I' If X' , A ,Z , '-px I, , L, ,nxq fgea ,www jf' 3 lf "gf,'-,Q N5 I 'iff .fl-W , i fffflyy "M Afh 1 J ,, '. f,,',.' !ff L aff if A 1, 'I " X' JL ,7 ,IH ' ' " 1. , fm?-fx , 14- f 1','wf1, ,f X .pjffiil A x, If V . L fl lj "-.5 TI, 1 1 lxx Ax CQ ' . Q ,- Qx ,X-X I' 'N' if I 'X N N 4 A-4 , fx g QMX ,4,.-fA,,xwf 1' X xx . if ' fs 531 xy--A if 1 VlfQL.5AN 'f' W-rf 1' V g' -- 7 J T 'xg 1 N, ""'w-.X 2 'L 1' ' 'gf' ffq'?-'A 4. ' ' - X- V' ' " X : 5-f' f ? ff :SQ ,A E I j 'f ,fl 'E "'x' 19.4, I E If ', L ff ' ' al wh '. Q. I 'J .1 'Q X. V, ,I ,DRTV L, . X I JL gl. 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V 'rf-X ,Q N ..- V .QA I 'X 'P-X X f , L ' 'X I I X K 5 5 ' wx' I Q B N 1 t I' . XX Xxxxx 1 x 'X I I x.X-X-X xx t Y Y E K X . ' I O XXX Q Lb 3,..., l X-X0 xx Q 1 J if-x 0 N Q .V , 5 u l l RH 1 1, k NX? H X . X 4 X I X X V i h ., , s 1 1 l l Nr paw- N F QI X ""H--..,,. Z' 'YV' 'Nr' -MW 5-iinanndi-an M new 'QU'-H ,wi ..."vl" 'Q l .E- 'UV 5 E., :, 's 'S W! Q x T G, y o ,. i ll , P , , A ' -U' - A, . V s R if ,. A ff . , f 2' A 1' 4, 5' - Qin ' 4 .- . C 34 1 ' 5 X . L, A ,W ,4 'im ,A Q , , I ' F3 k -, K1 f ' M K .f,.vi.1- -f ' "5 , . 13, g , 1, 'W 1 , ,nl V . H , Mi 1 1 7 'A v , --J P if K, ,J ' n, 2 .. I ' - A Q55 ' " f ,. "5 :X W Y W i' ,xukr

Suggestions in the Albuquerque Indian High School - Sandpainter Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) collection:

Albuquerque Indian High School - Sandpainter Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Albuquerque Indian High School - Sandpainter Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Albuquerque Indian High School - Sandpainter Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Albuquerque Indian High School - Sandpainter Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 108

1950, pg 108

Albuquerque Indian High School - Sandpainter Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 55

1950, pg 55

Albuquerque Indian High School - Sandpainter Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 49

1950, pg 49

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