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EATA 'l' ,A 1976 We V 1 I Y f M T, f'. Fr 1 E A 5 5 ' SAHS ELXVII ., ,, 3 , ,xh N. -L 'QT' T I I :E L ,. sf 1 P, , rv W QQ .I X ff- ' " " 5- Jf' fi. We are thepeople Somos La Genre N ihii din? nidfi' - ' 2 - ------W-Q-N f- 'fam-f , -M, W.L'i::nnt1,aa::2::,e::f-awrwaww f-ffswwwvwv-11-'mv---w Af 'W-WWW k MW WIMWQM ?..,,-.L y,ke,w4ff-.wufasp+-Q., m'1'w"-1'-any-eefvehwfw " f 'af ' ' ' ' ' - , , , , A -Pk 'Q Q '- ' V 5' K' W ' ' N ' V, , 'sk -x f 'W 4 1 -by at , .. V-.mmf-,Y S Y :VW 3 3- 4 1 1 ff R l TP" m Maisgyzizeegxgwzmgqg-wa, v - t.. .. ..W..,.,.. -. wr' 2-mills? '9a?l -P?2T'v5?P2::2s'f:-xvat .xv 2 f .. rl ,.:,.:..,u.t:::::w:::. ms-..:wxrhazunifw2iiS33E?n-Kziiifitwiiill?-li11225324122221122111222: rfivrririrxc 5x:"::::yg:a::1::-:::zi?'? 3H'm:x:'mr1:ae:::zt7A9t'::N:qtr-Biz:-M515 ?f.F2'E3lit?if1::?Effi??fffff'Y"rf-lfiflfffif A 7 11 ,. ,. .8251- ,, . , lie i ff ' it X. V W ev .. ' 'X ff? Q 5. V' A V 5 k --.Ji ,251 1 K 'M i v ' ' 1 . 1 W 1 : . ZQQ 1 P filfglii.. 4 M fiff - fl . Q . l. Mass ascension took place on the last day of the International Balloon race. fPhoto by John Belindoj 3. Thunder Birds demonstrate formation in the sky. iPhoto by Jim Thomasj 4. Richard Geoffrion and Albert Navarro give a great big "Man, oh, Man" for La Reata assembly. iPhoto by Marie Myersj 5. Our trophy case reflects past achievements and future goals. iPhoto by Albert Navarroj 6. The World balloon lifts up with its many flags. iPhoto by Steve Milksj Our spirits soar with each new clay. We are the strength of the future, We are the offspring of people with dreams. We will not let those dreams die. We are now the chosen ones. We are the Ii ght for the sun. Table of Contents 2-I 7 Introduction 18-33 Faculgf and Curriculum 34-3 7 Student Lie 38-59 Sophomores 60-63 Student Life 64-81 Juniors 82-95 Homecoming and Fall Sports 96-135 Winter and Spring Sports 136-139 Student Lje 140-187 Organizations I. Debbie Atler exhibits a high jump. iPhoto by Red Carpet Studiosj 2. The Great White Bulldog keeps a constant vigil. iPhoto by Red Carpet Studiosj 3. Newly planted landscape adds beauty to AHS. iPhoto by John Belindoj 4. A crowd gathers to listen to Los Chavos at the Bicentennial picnic. fPhoto by Marie Myersj 5. The Varsity-6 takes time out from launching crew duties to pose in front of Swedish balloon. iPhoto by Marie Myersy Table o Contents 188-I 91 Student Lt fe 1 92 -2 09 Yucca 210-213 Student Lje 21 4-21 9 Los Portaestandartes 220-223 Student Lie 224-247 Seniors 248-255 Student Lie 256-263 Index 264-26 7 Autographs 268-2 72 Closing l. Jack Newsom and Clara Funes wait impatiently for their cue. iPhoto by Marie Myersj 2. The class gift of 1950 still stands at the new AHS. iPhoto by Red Carpet Studiosj 3. Butch leads the crowd with a cheer. iPhoto by Red Car- pet Studiosj 4. Wendy Hoyt tries to warm up during a football game. CPhot0 by Manny Abeytab 5. Rose Huling crowns Emma Miller queen, while Princesses Janine Krueger and Christine Saiz show their approval. iPhoto by Valley Newsj We are the people - we laugh ana' we cry. We are the people - not afraid to love or die. l. We are thepeople - one T :lw-.,.,..... ,, lr-.V A ,Qt Q 1 3 nation 0 many people . . . We are as proud of our www ALBUGUEROUE HIGH SCHOW' i i lm 2 It it? dyfferences as we are proud of our unigf. l. Someone caught Mark Duran's eye! 2. A smiling Beverly Dunworth. 3. Glimpse of the flag on the patio. 4. Frank Casias surprised at the click! 5. Aren't cheat- ing are you, Ken Klein? 6. Deborah Rael takes a break at lunch. 7. How many helpful teachers are there like Mr. Coker? 8. Thinking seriously is Robert Dean. 9. Members of yearbook staff goofing off, as usual. l0. Some of our more "eager" students. ll. Frankie Olguin listens quietly as Victor Roybal expresses an opinion. Photos l, 2, 4, 8, 10, and ll by John Belindo. Photos 3, 5, 6, 7 and photo of school by Albert Navarro. Photo 9 by Jim Thomas. Together we will build on the past. Together we will make the world even better. 2. Bobby Sweet looking ahead. iPhoto by Albert Navarro, 3. The football players wait their turn anxiously to meet with opponents. iPhoto by Red Carpet Stu diosj 4. Getting a closer look at one cell animal life is the Biology class. iPhoto by John Belindoj 5. Death dlass prepares students for the future. iPhoto by Albert Navarroj U ., ,,.. , . QW, W iff: an .,.. a Y Q, t x ,. QR. and QR 'Sf 5 - i dk. if My .1 f Q 'Qgifff A ,W .M t . , K.. Y iii. if iff' g ft 2 1. , , , I ' .x A ,. X A, , . , " l u f, A I 1 I if 3 , 41" '. . Y? j I ' - ,...' . M. n "' 9 ' 7 5' W 3 1 K4 , - 'f ' Y 1 'W . 'T 4 A , f Q' 8 . . , ' I I ' . .65 1 1 ,, 2' , . , . 1:5 . V 1, ,f "k, x- A ,A ,. - .:,.7g4i,' ' . , 2 .f ,,," ,. 'gfhu f ' wf,,,gj51L2f,. 24' 1 W' , 4 -,,,:, 'wi '." 4 . W A . ., 2ii'WW4f!2f 1, my f1 +2 Q , 1 A53 ' i3?.,if1i2gf2f4 fa., wg-?f,' amy ff.: . 'A A , ,, ,,.wf,f,-wwf? Q, fr of K? 5 5- "2 ' iff, 1 cb 3575- Vgyfv "E:ffff'?3'Qf'7 1 5 ,M a Fir' ,, a a- Y' K one with the land cherish it, love it. - ..-into J R P l. Rays of sun glitter over White Sands, New Mexico. 2. Young men in fancy war dance costumes. 3. An old man quietly observes his home in Taos, New Mexico. 4. One of many young Indians who gathered for a protest in Farmington, New Mexico. 5. Easy days and green grass make up a life of a horse. 6. The ancient and beautiful Taos Pueblo. 7. Colorful regalia marks the Annual Albuquerque Pow Wow. CPhotos by John Belindoj We are the searched discovered the courage to new way L in -Q ., ,,., GWR , .W ' X I , x 7? MMWXX A 1 V I fa, fy f .f ff! 4' f N ' x ' ' ,,f. , ,f N if ' ix 1 41472, N X L, 3 , ' N XX I 2 . -fklf xx!-ie' ", e gif g lx' . ' ' w l-NQJW xx 4 C A xNfQ X I 0 ff ' Q Xwxx 1 I ,I .X I, , s. 1 any w - 1 ' fvj 4 X Nfiqi-A? A -z f XR 5775 fxxxe X K'm Wwigii M . H: 5 Y 1 Q' 'ff U hkx f' I 'fe e'W' Q ' q,,, VW V 'fe ef 'f ' N 0' VN Y L' k X 'I V..v 45- J - 1-1, h -I QM x it 'L people who and had fnd cz of We. xiii:- 'i- lk, ..x - i Se lr, will e l ft ' ' . r lx ' '. V , l l xxx' lc 1- . . X V X5 , X2 , t its , s at-Q '-X- tw t ,ll 4- ""hvr fXy .fi I fi' '- -Q 3? it lf V'it'1il i- .K fw'1wlllylll ll tt, V f l.'l""ll"1 WI H' 1lWEn'wF t M, 1' fl fm" 't ""'l'1'lt"""'si'l:l will ufrcllmf , 4. fmggqltvfi qf.sqgr::,jfrtml f, . Y t Q l. "El Conquistadorf' 2. VVhite settlers com- ing in to settle the great Southwest. 3. "El Conquistadoru overlooking the Sandias at what seemed to be a golden paradise. 4. A typical cowboy from the East. 5. Mexican Charro. Drawings done by Jacinta Santiago. Drawing of Charro done by Mike McCulIey. I5 1 s v ' ' ' Yfx K x ' Q I We are the people who have developed a phenomenon, both beautzful and unusual. Our heritage stands ta!! in our hearts, and our culture weaves a s passionate way of Izfe. We are the people, Somos, La Gente, N ihjj dine nidli, 1 fad v hwy ,I I A Q ,,. . b . Q.,-' 1 " 'uni' , . x h 'M T 15402 I af . li!-JE 0 I . Arm U., , T 7. 1i""ift3-'H' ' I Sly.: I 1 I s, s 0771 , ' . fe' ,,,.. . '77 N ,L Zum . -... ' 5. Gabt-iel ISQ3 um, . 2: , 0d.Q,c4 . I f , if JQEGGQ, A 'b'o0sE,. I 1 S1 Q ,S Z 'Q 'Io ' YIZWZ76' aff f s A fx. 5 ' 'Q' ' , ' Y-2 - v-v-t-t.,..fcg1., oe, - o 1- ,,jgfQ A 2-1 ' I ' E-VIE, .. 1 8 X 2 X WQQ- w I 6:12. -in -1'.' . , in-1. ' vu I.. n ,-' YL. F--- A 4 n1xg.A,,,,,1k. - - 14717, - wp- ,un, L7 ,,,,,,,, ,7,,y,, F . -. -', 9 -.B - , ,n y I P1 v R f 'Z M Ll. 141.15 . 0 Wh., ...gk A,hV,, AA.. 3.qJ ls. 1 Sow XS 3356050 l -no - ...n- ,q!""JY g' IIIUII or -.-Osr' . -in . I. Joe Chavez and Leonard Sanchez ham it up like all the guys at AHS. 2. Yvonne ,,.-v AWN., I ' . I , , I r 1 1.-,N g . L V 'I' X . ,.-Q. ,' 'l N Gallegos and Terry John express their views and opinions at AHS. 3. Students enjoy dancing to the music of Los Chavos at our Bicentennial picnic. 4. Gene Larson fills out A 16 his weekly photography sheet, 5. Anthony Garcia, Jose Vargas, and John Ortiz of AHS are getting homework done in the library. 6. Eugene Agnes checks out one of The Bull- dog City photographers. 7. Mad 'scientist Julie Belindo cooks up another evil brew, indoj ll g.,gW .,u.,y,,, k ff t . CPh0tos of dancing and Gene Larson by Marie Myers, remaining photos by John Bel- . ."' A . -nn, .H+ 165 ?'g 1 I l xX:1" J l- x , . .Q.,, h.x,.6a-V, r NV, . tw, , ,ay , ,V . .,,, . ,V . VV . g,,. . ,Ara x,,,0.a.,,,6h-,Av . X, r so ' " "' can 't' me " mo ' 0 W Q v rf f v s ., . g:s aJ wc SQYKQSG-we -. 'Mx'gp'M6l?'15YG'6?9iY!ifaq'McZfW2'e35-9 ,ceiqof eQQs',,eme',ca9-3 ,ca-QQ-ii x - s as as H Y Y if If If i22?sf -2 - ezfaa' 'ggifigt ' M - f wif Ages? 32:2- .Cgfsi ,Cari K6-Q58 3693 - V - , 99. 'efii'-a' EW 1 12239. ,e'2?'zvf f'ew'D- , .'f'5'?, EQ Education includes all the ways a person tries deliberately to 55? . I! . , . . - , 5- , fig, influence the behavior of another person. This behavior may kagia, V I 16 . , . , 1: : :Z 599' include knowledge, skills, habits, values, and attitudes. Informal fag ' we ' . . . . L e- - gig education involves learning from people whose primary purpose ,gi fe?-nf is other than formal instruction. These include newspaper, televi- feiigo-aj 52:53, . . f .1 d . 1 eggs :: 1 ze sion, movies, ami y, an socia groups. ' MU X . - - f aa 4 3552- Formal education, on the other hand, includes organized .Cf-fs'D. -G'c-pw I , . . . . . 55399. instruction iven b teachers in such institutions as schools and ga : ze CQQD . . . . . . . . going' 315501 universities. And it IS these institutions that have molded the pgsql 55? careers of many people. Most people use the word education to SF? fdfoaq mean the intentional teachin and learning provided in schools Qfffivf . . . . - - - :rife ,em-9, and other educational institutions. Schools as educational 1nst1- ' on ' awe S252- tutions began many centuries ago when certain persons known ,gg ' GG! ' . . . . 7' ' '1 .3531 as teachers were given the distinct task of teaching others, gener- , 233- K UW 1 . ' , S1 all children. ::'3"':e CQQD . , f no - Qsgfpsj Today, as our ever modern and technical world continues to -2532- explore the unknown, and expand its knowledge, formal educa- 35? ,gg tion becomes more than a measurable addition, it becomes a Qsgisl 'QSEPQ necessity to survival. For this reason teachers are a very impor- 'GFP A . ' ' Zig tant part of our society, and future. ,gag fe'2?o, The faculties of every school are not only essential to th 'QQQ-aj F538 51.93 school. but also to the future of the world. .Q9J?'D, 'gas-9' S1953 'gtiapt .9529 fee?-nf G. 'iii gwg f no f GQ! .9639 Rami, Qiia Elvis .fS'F?'9. 36139 GWB gwag' .Gs.w'?J. 62279 GWVS 'gi-'ig' tiff' ' sw ' of-ff 333. 3539, Lew, e a f.,,s 5-639.4 ligfwaliw '4 Vein '4 Vaio 'Wok '9'za1fa'9'o5m 'WGSQ 'T yah '4 Vain '4 5,6509 '4 V050 l1y65QlO'WW '4 V6-'a'19a'5:5 - iowaw'?'QwWw,wW'v.w'f?f?'gwWw,w?'w.w?.f'ew?'ew?e.wWQw?rtfw.wWQwWww?QwL ED UCA TION if-X N y p M, - 'Y Y,-mqnawwwgpn The year 1976 had many reasons to be remembered by AHS. This was the year of our Nationis Bicentennial and also the last year AHS would have only Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Mr. Geer spent many hours preparing the school for this change. He planned various meetings with parents, teachers, and other administrators to make decisions concerning the Freshmen. With the assistance of Mrs. J ojola, Mr. Baca, and Mr. Aragon, Mr. Geer feels confident in welcoming the upcoming Freshmen. W-----. . ts ,, X. Baca, Mi Vice-Pri l l. "Smiley you're sitting on Santa Claus. iPhoto by Robert Leybaj 2. Mr. Baca speaks with student before sending him home. iPhoto by Ray Gonzales, 3. Mr. Geer rewrites schedule for second semester. iPhoto by Ray Gonzales! 4. Mrs. .lojola speaks at a Chorus Concert. fPhoto by .loe Lovatob 5. "See, not only big people attend AHS." fPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 6. Mr. Aragon checks on a student. CPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 7. Mr. Crabtree and Mr. Baca discuss activities during lunch. fPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj X.. Administrators, Counselors, Librarians, Secretaries Are Hub ofAHS C 'S af re , nn Medi Cente fyA 45 1 :bfi :QQ-ggg.- fpf 1 W 5 DCB - ' 5 ' - ifziillfifiz. ""s W i fd B k L oo room Clerk 1. Camera sneaks up on Margaret Neiman librarian. iPhoto by Albert Navarroj 2. April Bargas works hard to keep counseling office efficient. fPhoto by Cathy Bacaj 3. AHS is not all work for Abe Estrada. fPhoto by Gene LarsonJ 4. Victoria Davis keeps classrooms going by making ditto sheets. iPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 5. Come now, Mrs. Williams, don't tell us youlre working. iPhoto by Manny Abeytaj 6. Dora Apodaca keeps AHS attendance up to date. iPhoto by Ray Gon- zalesj 7. Robert Gardner is a familiar sight at his window. iPhoto by Albert Navarroj 8. Answering phone calls is part of the attendance director's job. fPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 1 So J' All ,L iv nwvf I 'll Mex!American History - Attempts to create awareness of the Mexican-American as historical, social, political and economic beings. Sociology - Investigates society through group observation, projects experiments, written work and field trip experiences. Includes the study of all types of group interaction. fCourse Catalogj 7 'WN 'mg l. Mr. Arvizu, our Band Director. fPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 2, Hard at work five days a week in Mr. Coleman's Geometry class. fPhoto by Wendy Hoytj 3. I heard that!! fPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 4. Mr. Romero looks over the engine in auto mechanics. iPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 5. Miss Chalamides in one of her better moments. iPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 6. Mrs. Benia assists her students in art. iPhoto by Gloria Maesj Psychology - A study of individuals and their adaptation to society including an exploration of values and value conflicts Chemistry - Study of modern concepts, principles, relationships in chemlcal reactions, bonding atomic structure, reduction, and mechanics of chemistry. Introduction to organic and nuclear chemistry and qualltative analysis fCourse Catalogj -- gl- 'Q A .,A , f it Q' 1 , ' 1 V A 1' f -.,, 5, 'Q' M , Garvin, hur V if ,t t if gi ,,, ggi' ,,,,-.nk I lx V' 1 t. A t Gihbonsg Elm r :ies t . ' 52 atv, - A ' Fil iw- '- 'l" t 1. 5 : ' :ivy mn, V LAW i cL5,Q2 ,nkf.:, ,Q A s l ' 'lk I -' . , Wllaivregggzc man, Charl HCHMQ, Bo l. The camera catches a smile on Mr. Griego's face. iPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 2. Mrs. Hill reads while students take a test. CPhoto by Albert Navarroj 3. Mr. Godley records test scores in his grade book. iPhoto by Albert Navarroj 4. During one of Mrs. Gaylord's English classes, she takes time to smile for the camera. iPhoto by M. Myersj 5. Which is it going to be, Mr. Herrington, your right hand or your left hand? iPhoto by Joe Lovatoj 6. Mr. Lopez takes a break during passing period. iPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 7. Mr. Godley helps students with their Chemistry Lab. iPhoto by Irene Garcia Q' ff' . , .Q ' 5535211 Q. f i5"" ' ' " ""f"i3f'f:5i n ygzt sg. .5 ' -:ww-.iff "f'f,1f213if'1 2 ' r ' .-vv 1 - 1 . waz i5'fi3i'f?EE it I 3. gi r Y? feg.'1..T. if-Je: 13, N' 'X V lift? W . , if if vs Hr- ti.. .. . ' f 'fu ' ' ' r . 1 we . 5 , 5 . x, .. E , J k M 1 fp b John' . ette L , ', Johnson, Lynn 1, .qw . w 'Q , '. Lopez, ohn r it lr Lutz, gh aff 'Q 8 'S e Y xi . ,r .. an Ea ,e X 5 l. Mr. Otero dances to the music of Mestizo. iPhoto by Mary Sanchezj 2. Mr. Miranda works hard as students take a break. iPhoto by Wendy Hoyty 3. Mr. Medley lectures during fifth period. iPhoto by Gloria Maesj 4. Miss Postlethwait poses gracefully for our camera. iPhoto by M. Myersj 5. Don,t you dare. iPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 6. Mrs. Ready has a way of making her classes enjoyable. fPhot0 by Robert Leybaj 7. The camera sneaks up in Mr. Medley's class. fPhoto by Steve Milksj 8. Ms. Young helps students with their class work. fPhot0 by Ray Gonzalesj mf H, Postlethwait, Death - Deals with an important fact of life from many points of view: biological, social, cultural, religious, economic. Explores death as themes in Literature, Music and Art. Zoology - A general survey of the animal kingdom. Laboratory work consists of animal dissections, microscope work and identification of parts in the specimens. CCourse Catalogj Shorthand - A system of rapid handwriting employing symbols to represent words, phrases, and letters. For the students who desire to become a secretary. Concert Band - Learning course leading to placement in Symphonic Band. Students are expected to participate in all rehears- als and performances. Art Fundamentals - Introductory experience in the world of Art. Students express their own abilities with a variety of ideas and materials. Human Development - Designed to develop understanding of pre-natal growth: the social, emotional, mental, and physical growth patterns of infantsg the developmental needs of the individualg the influence of heredity and environmental factorsg and the effect of socialization upon the individual. fCourse Catalogj FT , . X f x 'fe ,. -'ft If Y' itat: Sheldon,,?1arles 5 t l. "Boy, I'm glad this day is over." iPhoto by Bobby Bryan0 2. Mr. Smith calmly gives his assignment to the class. iPhoto by Ray Gonzalesb 3. Mrs. Stafford getting things together to start class. iPhoto by Gene Larsonj 4. Mr. Tapia dancing away and showing his spirit for AHS. iPhoto by Cathy Bacaj 5. Mr. Sheldon busy at work grading papers. iPhoto by Cathy Bacaj 6. Mr. Talamante labors to educate the sophomores. fPhoto by M. Myersj 7. Mr. Villa and Mr. Hulsman take time out from P.E. to discuss strategy. iPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 8. Mr. Valdez in athletic conference with Mr. Geer. CPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj an-V .W......-WMM .t 'GG' s S Stoy, Dorothy Tony N1 an L l. Busy preparing for two lunch lines. fPh0to by Rita Chavezj 2. AHS Cafeteria workers gather for lunch. iPhoto by Ray Gonzalesj 3. Oclelia Gow, Jessie Cha- vez, Isabel Lucero, Bonnie Parras, Pauline Jaramillo, Jennie Lucero, Cleo Marquez, Elizabeth Garcia, Lucille Giddinas, Rachel Armijo, Virginia Crespin. iPhoto by Joe Lovatoj. Wide Variegf Adds Spice to Lunches in Cafeteria nf X 1' Keep Your Head Up to the ig, Q rdiwf lil l. Joline Krueger and Maria Raby present a La Reara to Mrs. Martin, iPhoto by Sol Fieldsl 2. Paul Foster receives his diploma. iPhoto by Robert Leybaj 3. La Reala assembly left to right Robert Leyba. Maria Raby. Joline Krueger, Clarence Montoya, Alex Perea, Albert Navarro, Dennis Lyon. Jerry Romero. John Martinez, Richard Geoffrion. Mr. Steve Myers and John Castillo. iPhoto by Sol Fieldsj 4. l975 Graduation Commence- ment Exercises, iPhoto by Robert Leybaj 5. Joline Krueger and Maria Raby proudly present the 74-75 La Ream. iPhoto by Sol Fieldsj 34 ' N zaigigzji Z gi ' " LW" f,Aw, X ' M? ' '- ' W ' Ay' iw ii v " , a bf -, ., rg- W Amy., v f y. '11 ,Fx my -Q52 W xg 2 :Q , , J Y V 1 mf? 'V V' :iii V 'Q I V ' filismg A W Q f"'f1 f ' P' f - , . 4.. H :K f 5 E V yzzgzz: :.xq:iwe44gu42e2411ff' 1 Jig?-A . A, if1i:ff,,,,fQ ,vs--L ., I .,,3M,S ff my. M-. , B ,A,,. " Hrs: 1: ----.....,...,.,. 'P N x i 49 " , Qi mai. ,if , , . , A M w N ff - 'lf Tfitx .3 X W .. KM-,,, Q Y 'Q ix .. I .5 NR , jcgg ffcf-' - 3 'Ydzgprl .wgifmi ,, '. Za .'?:5,:5ffz5g5X ik - ' ' P 4 , v 1i'tf11i1If:.15:ii Zh sqpyrll vm Q? is K 3 i" 'I KEY Az fm. :L if a" 1 ' ,All 4 YK .Img c xD? .gf J ,,?s,,,m ,. I ' . ff all-14 ,Q ,Q V, .P . bf I' 1 " if f U'-f l. Girls wait impatiently as they pick the l975-76 Bulldoggies. 2, Student body awaits presentation of Yearbook. 3. Mrs. Benia works hard to finish her drawing before gradu- ation. 4. Debbie Atler gives it all she's got as she tries out for Varsity 6, 5. 1975 Senior Motto. 6. Head cheerleader John Polinko discusses next cheer with Norman Sedillo. 1 W. T sir, 7, if 9 S . . xii 593' 55 4' fg si e , E2 't it if e 22355 . . . . Q Discoverers are the Pioneers of the world, Everything that we , ' have is the result of a discovery. Through history the status of the 2 world has grown from primitive stone age to the modern and complex space age. 27' Q Because of our basic curiosity, discoveries are ever constant. There have been numerous breakthroughs in fields of medicine, P ,V mathematics, science, education, philosophy, etc. gi,-2 f i Sophomores are a good example of discoverers in today's life. 3 They must go into a new world and discover what past sopho- , W mores have already experienced. Through this discovery the Sophomores begin to realize that they will have to take over the responsibilities of the Seniors when their time comes. 2 T Through the years discoverers have been instrumental to the P it 1 success of our future. 94 f 1 F9 4 X . ? n , u T3 .Q 5,545 it 'D , .W D x , W ,n f 1 QM l CL' S30 , 4 E ', J 9 1 s 1 - W.: Qee xffexxfc. xv X msfr'QsxHi Pf - " 'XFf' tB i , i 1 . Q ' Q ' . . ' .v .'z" .z .se .4 .az .va .st .lt Q.. . DISCO VERERS Speed Limit in the Parking Lot Is 5 MPH CStudent Handbookj Abeyta, William Adazola, Lillian Aragon, Molly Abreu, John Anderson, Carol Aragon, Raymond Alexander, Karen Apodaca, Cynthia Archibeque, David Anaya, Bonnie Apodaca, Terry Archibeque, David Anaya, Dale Aragon, Angelica Amold, Karen Anaya, Lynn Aragon, Bernice Atler, Sandra Avila, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Albert Gilbert Gloria Michael Paul Ray Baca, Ronald Baldonado, Terry Baca, Timmy Baker, Bernard Barbosa, Arthur Barela, Geraldine Barela, Tricia Barth, John Bauman, Denise Baumann, Roberta Beauchamp, Carla Bell, Eugene Bencomo, Diane Benjamin, Laura Benson, Joyce Black, Steve Blair, Frances Blanco, Teri W1 ,ip . ,, .. ss- 4 , f.,,, Hai 1 , :Q M :5::5?.fi21-A 144: ::.mWf.,, 1 L E 1 W 4 4 .ar dk.. ,g. L L - "?"o:L:5 x WL. ggsa ww. z. .W- 1 K H k:a,,.',ff,,. gig a L 'li?f5wk , jfz i, x. ,mfg A I t ,Q We A Student Who Must Leave School During the l l l Boulton, Larry Boxlon, James Bradford, Karen Brandenberger, John Brown, Polly Browning, Earl Bryant, Lisa Caflisch, Tod Burdex, Sherry Cain, Phyl Burkhard, Tim Campos, Chris Burkhardt, Danny Candelaria, Mel Burks, Jowanna Carreathers, Bynon, Thomas Angela Carrillo, Steven Carson, David Casias, Frank Castillo, Darlene Castillo, Eddie Castillo, Joleen Castillo, Ruben Chavez Chavez Chavez Mevlin Theresa Cauley, Cauley, , Anthony Chavez, , Ernestine , Girard Elizabeth Chavez, Chavez, , Lilly Chavez, Chavez, , Rosalie Chavez Chavez Joanie Liz Maria Robert Coleman, Ray Collado, Angelo Conner, Jester Contreras, Linda Cooper, Judy Cordova, Felix Day, Must Clear Through theflttendance 0fj7ce fStudent Handbookj On preceding page: On Halloween. Childcare children dress up for their party. Above: Students gather in the cafeteria to enjoy the warm meals. iPho- tos by Manny Abeytaj The School Mascot Is the Bulldog CStudent C0fd0Var James Davis, Charles Duran, Mike Espinosa, Georgia Fogg, Ellen Friday, Larry Corley, Vera I Dean, Rpbefl Duran, Regina Esquivel, Stephanie Foley, James Friedman, Naomi COYTCH, 50Ph1a Demasslee Dean Eddings, Ernestine Estrada, Chuck Ford, Cathy Gallagher, Barbara Dauber, Lui-U D Delaney, RSX Ellis, Diane Farley, Pat Ford, Debby Gallagher, Barbara gavenPgfLPa1r1Cia D1CkSfg1rC0I'g1HlfY Elston, Richard Fields, wendy Franebenerminia Gallegos, Frank avlesf lacy Donal Son- at Y Erlderby, Anthony Flores, Maggie Franco, Yolanda Gallegos, Leroy Gallegos, Michael Gallegos, Robert Garcia Garcia Garcia , Antony Arno Garcia, , Barbara , Beverly A M ' 5 L L 45.1 A S iudent Must Have a Hall Pas Garcia, Kathy Garcia, Sandra Geoffrion, Barbara Gomez, Oscar Garcia, Mona Garcia, Steve Giron, Phillip Gonzales, Agnes Garcia, Patsy Garcia, Tony Gomez, Blas Gonzales, Robert Garcia, Ray Garcia, Vicky Gomez, George Good, Norma Garcia, Rodney Garley, Patrick Gomez, Gwen Goodloe, Sharon Garcia, Sandra Gatewood, Mike Gomez, Janie Grady, Joe GranQuoc, Khanh Griebo, Griego, Griego, Griego, Griego, Alex Bonnie Carmen Clyde Joann Griego, Regina Griffin, Cela Griffin, Dorothy Grimes, Dori Guggino, Marc Gutierrez, Angie Gutierrez, Diana Gutierrez, Ellen Gutierrez, Freddie Gutierrez, Jim Gutierrez, Rita Gallegos, Rudy When He Goes to the N urseis' Office CStudent Handbookj Onprecedingpagex AHS students look on as a hot-air balloon is inflated in the parking lot. LI-'hoto by Marie Myersl Below: The 1975-76 sophomore class officers are Donald Krueger. vice-president: Vincent Zamora. president: Sherril Mitchell, secretary and in front - Julie Matteucci, treasurer. iPhoto by Lucille Atencioj ? so qw , Activigf Ticket Per Year - 512. 00 CStudent Handbookj Hall, Barbara Havens, Gloria Herrera, Georgia Jaramillo, Yvette Joyner, David Hanners, John Havens, Leona Herrera, Melvin Joe, Julia Kahn, Lori Hardman, Martha Herhahn, Cheryl Hicks, Kenneth Johns, Andrea Kee, Vanson Hardy, Dawn Hernandez, Anna Lee Johnson, Sharon Kline, Geraldine Harrington, Hernandez, Joann Hirschfeld, Joseph Johnson, Warner Krueger, Denise Stefani Hernandez, Rudy Hollis, Amett Jordan, Katherine Krueger, Donald Harris, Stacy Jaramillo, Linda Ladman, Tom Leija, David Lopez, Henry Lopez, John Lopez, Laurie Lopez, Marsha Lopez, Robert Lovato Lovato Alex Lovato, , David Gerald Lovato, , Martin Lucero, Greg A Student Driving a Car to School Is to Park zn s Lucero Lucero Lucero Josie Lucero, , Libby Lucero, Patricia , Peggy , Raymond Lucero, Richard Lucero, Virginia Madrid, Alfred Lugo, Audra Lujan, Frank Lujan, Patrick Lyon, Thomas Maciel, Mario Maez, Helen Maldonado, Kathy Malone, Pa! Mancha, Javier Mancha, Victor Manzanares, John Marquez, Anthony Marquez, David Marquez, John Martinez Martin Marquez, , Anthony Martinez, Adela Martinez, Albino Martinez, Carol Martinez, Connie Martinez, Daniel Martinez, Demetria Martinez, Martinez Martinez Martinez Dianna , Eugene , Glenda , Hubert Martinez, Ivan Martinez, Jake Martinez, Jake Martinez, JoAnn Martinez, Karen Martinez, Lucille Martinez, MaryAnn Martinez, Michael the Parking Lol' on the North Side ofthe School fStudent Handbookj On preceding page: This year's football team proved to be a great success with 6 wins and 4 losses. fPhoto by Manny Abeytaj Above: The Bulldoggies await the start of the 1975-76 Homecoming assembly to present a rose to each queen candidate. fPhoto by Kim Houselj Albuquerque H i gh Is Starting I ts 96th Year CStudent Martinez, Philip Martinez, Sophie Matteucci, Julie Mayes, Jackie McClard, Angie McConnell, Patrick McCoy, Danny McKibben, Karl McCree, Willis McLean, Jim McCrossen, Cyndy Melton, Jeffery McDaniels, Elaine Miller, Terry McDonald, Clyde Mitchell, Sherril McKenzie, Linda Moneymaker, David Montafto, Canuto Montoya, Joe Montafio, Gary Montoya, Louise Montoya, Montoya, Lucinda Anthony Montoya, Rita Montoya, Arlene Mora, Frances Montoya, Carol Mosier, Mike Montoya, Eileen Naranjo, Loretta Nodine, Don Nevarez, Noe Newsom, Jerry Nieto, Sammy Nodine, Chuck Nodine, Diane O'Keeffe, Patrick Ortega, Josie Ortiz, Aaron Ortiz, Coren Ortiz, Darlene '- 1 M"""'w-vw A I A , I I ,+ W My ' Q. ' ,.,, 1 ,fuk , l" Y f my V , , Wm' 5 " V" 'V ' ' ' f ' " ' V 5 - Y ' . .L w Gary Archuleta sits onthe bench in front of the school waiting for the bell so he may continue to his class. iPhoto by John Belindoj Milk Ortiz, Robert Ortiz, Ruby Otero, Maria Otero, Melba Otero, Paul Pacias, Louis Padilla, Elizabeth Padilla, Ruben Paiz, Loretta Paquin, Glenna Parker, Richard Parrish, Debbie Parrott, Lorraine Pavlides, John Peery, Sandy Peralta, Sharon Perea, Philip Perea, Susan Perry, Marcella Peterson, Terrie Petrino, Kathy Pham, Lan Anh Pohl, Freddie Pohl, Sarah Ponic, John Purcella, Larry Purdy, Norman Ramirez, Esther Rask, Will Ray, Michel , 'S All Students and Faculgf M us! Have a Parking Sticker on Your Car fStudent Handbookj 1 ,, f ,Ar . ?f rfagw' 1. ge - N YT Reardon, Chuck Rehill, Jon Rivas, Pete Robles, Lenora Robles, Sandra Rodriquez, Charles Rodriquez, John Romero Romero Romero Romero , Alex , Kathleen , Robert , Robert Romero, Vince fgsf f. I .. :iii AI ,, ak. f 531 5- , f I 34 lf A 3 TL-1 Q . KX ga 1. X 5,1253 if: I y ,ggi fi-ve' According to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Romo, J erry Roybal, Gilbert Rogers, Stevie Rozzi, Elaine Ruther, Jeff Rutherford, Jimmy Saiz, Christine Salazar, Lori Salazar, Manuel Samuels, Faye Sanchez, Benny Sanchez, Dolores Sanchez, Florencio Sanchez, Ronald Sanchez, Frieda Sanchez, Sandra Sanchez, James Sandoval, Randy Sanchez, Jeannette Sandoval, Tommy Sanchez, Peter Saunders, Chuck Sanchez, Ramon Schade, Carleen Sedillo, Frank Sedillo, Ray Segura, Dennis Sena, Edward Shelton, Patti Shoots, James Shull, Kathy Simms, Lou Ann Sisneros, Peter Smith, Roger Smith, Sylvia Smith, Teresa Solano, David Squires, Roger Stanley, Ritchie Starnes, Linda Stephens, Eleana Stephens, Greg Document, Each Student Must Carry an Identzfcation Card With Him at All Times fStudent Handbookj On preceding page: Javier Mancha, after purchasing a donut, chomps on it between classes. Above: Ernestine Eddings, S Williams and Arnette Hollis make the most of lunchtime. iPhoto by John Belindoj Stevens, Diana Talamente, Katy Stewart, Jervis Thormahlen, Summerville, Joseph Joseph Todd, Robert Summerville, Toledo, Michael Larry Toledo, Richard Summerville, Torres, Josie Lorieann Sweet, Robert To Be Eligible for the Honor .fiery Xi? I l rx Torres, Judith Tratechaud, Susan Turrietta, John Torres, Julie Trujillo, Jerry Uranga, Pete Torres, Louis Trujillo, Sandra Valenzuela, Joann Torrez, Garland Tu, Chay Valenzuela, Torrez, Helen Tu, Ha Lorenzo Torrez, Sammy Tuck, James Vanzandt, Byron Vargas, Joseph Vasquez, Jonie Velasco, Corinne Vigil, Harry Vigil, Lucinda Wakitsch, Scott Walker, Arthur Walker, Penny Ward, Vivian Watson, Bernadine Watson, Janet Weaver, Barbara Weidner, Doug A Student Must Have a 3.20Average fStudent Handbookj Welch, Roxy Wieland, Matt Williams, Terry Wood, Donald Yepes, Andrew Welsh, George Wilkinson, Dan Winchell, David Wright, Beverly Young, David White, Lindsey Williams, Clifford Winn, Gary Wylie, Chris Young, Theresa Sophomores not pictured: Abeyta, Steven Adsitt, Geraldine Akers, Cecelia Alexander, Connie Allen, Darrell Allen, Frank Amador, Carol Anderson, Clement Apodaca, David Apodaca, Patricia Aragon, Jerry Aragon, Kenneth Aragon, Mike Archuleta, Archie Archuleta, Donna Armijo, Sandy Armijo, Veronica Avila, John Baca, Gregory Baca, Linda Baca, Monica Baca, Paul Bachicha, Evan Backlund, Peter Ballejos, Anthony Barajas, Tommy Barkoff, Deborah Barreras, Jerry Barreras, Ronald Bassore, Kerry Belindo, Kelly Bell, Clyde Benavidez, Antonia Bencomo, Olga Bonney, Marsha Bowen, Kevin Bromberg, Ann Brown, Suzanne Bush, Kevin Bynon, Thomas Cadena, Isabel Caldwell, Marcella Candelaria, Joe Candelaria, Ruisa Candelaria, Ralph Carver, Andrea Casias, Leroy Castillo, Debbie Castillo, Floyd C DeBaca, Patsy Chavez, Alice Chavez, Anna Marie Chavez, Bessie Chavez, Carlos Chavez, Charles Chavez, David Chavez, Edward Chavez, Esther Chavez, Frances Chavez, Robert Chavez, Rosemary Chavez, Susan Cohen, Paul Cooper, Debbie Corfova, Sandra Crespin, Elfido Crespin, Veronica Dennison, Ira Duckworth, Harold Duran, Jessica Elycio, Yolanda Enriquez, Cathy Espinosa, Daniel Estrada, Michael Fernandez, Steve Flores, Joe Foster, Ronald Fragua, Frances Francia, Manuel Fuentes, Jose Fuentes, Susie Fuller, Larry Gallegos, Joseph Garcia, Annette Garcia, Anthony Garcia, Anthony Garcia, Debbie Garcia, Diana Garcia, Elaine Garcia, Elizabeth Garcia, Georgiana Garcia, Judy Garcia, Mark Garcia, Michael Garcia, Nancy Garcia, Pearl Garcia, Sandra Garcia, Stephen Garcia, Vicky Garcia, Victor Garduno, Robert Garley, Patrick Gatewood, Donald Gatewood, Michael Gomez, Anita Gomez, John Gonzales, Benslo Gonzalez, Clifton Griego, Andrew Griego, Dennis Griego, Donald Griego, Eileen Griego, Jennie Griego, Wanda Grimes, Kyle Gutierrez, Alberto Harmount, John Hernandez, Christina Hernandez, Eleanor Herrera, Annette Herrera, John Herrera, Juanita Hill, Janet Hobbs, Troy Hoffman, Jay Hogan, John Jacob, Steve Jake, Frankie Jaramillo, Anita Jaramillo, Joseph Jaramillo, Kathy Jeremiah, Dovelyn Jiron, Gregory J iron, Patsy Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Tony Key, Deborah Lacour, Carmen Landavazo, Diana Leahigh, Ann Lieuwen, James Lopez, Abigail Lopez, Bennie Lopez, Floyd Lopez, Jennie Lopez, Joseph Lopez, Sharleen Lovato, Herman Lucero, Libby Lucero, Lewis Lucero, Mary Lou Lucero, Paul Lucero, Rita Lujan, Andres Macernie, Judy Madrid, Dewey Maes, Angela Maes, Betty Maestas, Jeanette Maestas, Lewis Maestas, Mike Mahan, Billy Maldonado, Michael Maldonado, Rosemary Marez, Robert Martinez, Delores Martinez, Gloria Martinez, Julia Martinez, Lisa Martinez, Patrick Martinez. Robert Martinez, Yolanda Mata, Audrey McDowell, Teri McNutt, Richard Miranda, Tena Montano, Magdalena Montoya, Daniel Montoya, Jean Moree, Mike Moreno, Andrea Moreno, Tommy Moriarty, Marilyn Moya, Raymond Moya, Roosevelt Moya, Daniel Murdoch, David Murray, Mary Navarro, Michael Nieto, Frances Nieto, Mary Lou Nipper, Catherine Nixon, Lois Onava, Larry Ortega, Robert Ortiz, Cesario Ortiz, Loren Ortiz, Lupita Otero, James Pacheco, Arthur Pacheco, Dora Pacheco, Elizabeth Padilla, Christine Padilla, Joseph Padilla, Leroy Padilla, Linda Padilla, Ricky Padilla, Vera Palladino, Amy Paquin, Allen Paskind, Leah Pedroncelli, Leonard Pena, David Peralta, Jon Platero, Verna Portillo, Concha Quintana, Gene Quintana, Theresa Ramirez, Geraldine Rangel, Gilbert Rascon, Connie Riggins, Bella Rightley, Jim Rivera, Audrey Romancito, Douglas Romero, Cindy Romero Jr., Roger Ruiz, Patricia Ruiz, Patricia Saavedra, Luciano Saavedra, Wilton Salazar, George Salazar, Mercy Sanchez, Barbara Sanchez, Ignacita Sanchez, Linda Yudin, Ellen Zamora, Felix Zamora, Monica Zamora, Vincent Sanchez, Martin Sanchez, Orlando Sanchez, Paul Sanchez, Shirley Sandoval, Pete Santiago, Jacqueline Schaab, James Schmidt, Mary Jo Scott, Robert Seamon, Arlene Segura, Diana Sena, Arleen Sena, Manuel Serna, Deborah Sema, Robert Silva, Agapito Silva, Bennie Solis, Norma Spalding, Kari Sparks, Deann Talamente, Guadalupe Tapia, Matias Tomasson, Lars Torres, Pauline Torrez, Maria Trujillo, Christine Trujillo, Debbie Uranga, Tormny Vanderhayden, John Vargas, Martha Vaughn, Eielene Velarde, Christine Vigil, Felix Vigil, Lucinda Waldrep, Jess Walton, Anthony Webb, Kelly Williams, Emma Williams, Paul Witherspoon, Michelle Ybarra, Leticia Ybarra, Stella Zambora, Doris Zamora, Manuel Las actividczdes l 1 , v.. l. B-team cheerleaders Gwen Gomez and Denise Krueger excitedly view 'dogs football game. iPhoto by Manny Abeytal 2. Elvira Martinez and Angela Maldonado show how high school students spend diaper day. iPhoto by Joe Lovatoj 3. Varsity football team watches game anxiously on sidelines. 4. Students use voting machines to elect homecoming queen. 5. The band 'Los Chavos' provides entertainment for Albuquerque High's bicentennial picnic. iPhoto by Cathy Bacaj 6. La Reata Man, acted by .lim Thomas, makes his debut in his first assembly. fPhoto by Marie Myersj llevan el calendaria The Bulldog year started in September with the Senior Homecoming assembly to elect a fifteen member court. Bullpup cheerleaders were elected the following week. Many students and faculty members cheered the Dawgs grid team to a 4-0 record before AHS faltered to a .500 year by the end of regular season action. Class elections were held in the month of October. Albu- querque High celebrated the Bicentennial year this month with a Bicentennial picnic and debate. The band Los Chavos provided entertainment for that day. The Varsity-Six cheer- leaders sponsored a spirit week in October in which one of the highlights of the week was diaper day. A skit performed in La Reata asembly was La Ream Man portrayed by Jim Thomas. Junior House sponsored a dance and a spook house for the ghost and goblin day. Orders were taken for senior announcements and class rings at the beginning of November. The cheerleaders spon- sored a bonfire to build up the spirit of the student body for the game against the Gallup Bengals. The monthls events cul- minated with an open house and an art show. ,i Q41 af. ' ace' v Q , , 2 V + . . a- W 4 Ex loration and discover are as old as man. The stone age sei X, " Q p y f?,s I , men who hunted in the forests in prehistoric times were the earli- T if ije est explorers. The names of the first explorers are unknown how- 3,1 Jil ever without their courage to seek, man never would have spread into all the corners of the world. We also know that man has 3 if " alwa s res onded to the ur e to ex lore and discover. Ex lorers 2 ' I1 ,N Y P 3 P P my 2 EQ Y if and discoverers are the pioneers of the world. 7 5 3 .5 'z . . . ' ' fe At first, men searched for a means of kee in alive. Later they -' Y e , ,is P S m 55 iii searched for thin s that made life easier. Cavemen looked for , 'We it Q' . g . . f i agxfgig Jagged stones for toolsg Christopher Columbus sailed across the eg Je "Q Atlantic Ocean to our Western Hemisphere. And today astro- '. T nauts voyage into outerspace to explore further. The same force has driven them all - man's will to live, his desire to gain knowl- L, fl edge and wealth and an unsatiable curiosity. This same urge has QW 4 taken man from ocean depths to mountain tops, from continent to continent and from Stone Age to Space Age. f .f gig? There are many explorers besides the famous ones that have .51 "fr, made histor . Ever one has the ur e to ex lore and discover. 1 ge, y y is tv , eg fe Everyone has that inevitable trait - curiosity. Every community e has explorersg for without them, where would man be? Explorers gh "it Sat, 4 4 - 21,3 .- - are found throughout the world, the nation, the state, the com 59,4 munity, and in all schools. There are many explorers in every school. For instance, Juniors come ever ear to explore their f ff g 3 . , Y Y W A ig new way of life that they had discovered as sophomores. They gigs "lp discover that hi h school is im ortant to their success or failure ' " ' i . . . g . , , . , . 533 gi in life. Juniors take the responsibilities of putting on thejunior- -2 5 Q , senior prom, the Mardi Gras, and other social events. These e, f responsibilities prepare the junior class for an unending life of responsibility and leadership. They realize that soon they will be mfr' seniors, leaders of the school. And the realize that res onsibility Fifi f .V Y P , is ever awaiting them. Through the never-ending process of 4 7 5 exploration they will fulfill the basic needs in every man and QQ 5 expand personal growth. Eventually. some will become the lead- , fe ers of our school, community and nation. K- 2' ,I , ffl X' fa? it' 3: y gff. ' g s EX PL ORERS f-fbi! nf' ig - 1 We Are Now the Juni0rs,' A few of our AHSjuniors are enjoying a lunch break. QPhoto by John Belindoj -. w. Bulldog City's mascot, Butch looking tough, like AHS varsity. He is encased by stained glass, which is lit up during the Abeyta, Manny Apodaca, Darlene Aragon, Roberta Archuleta, Helen Baca, Greg Baca, Mike Adsitt, Jerry Apodaca, Ralph Aragon, Rudy Atler, Debbie Baca, Jackie Baca, Steve Agnes, Eugene Aragon, Carol Archibeque, Anthony Avalos, Molly Baca, Louise Bachechi, Paul Baca, Ben Baca, Cathy Baca, Eloy We Are the Li ght for the Sophomores Butchy Williams enjoys one of B-Teams homemade popcorn balls for lunch iPhoto by Albert Navarroj i 4 , , , ,WH day, donated by our class of 1973. iPhoto by John Belindoj Baiamonte, Jim Barela, Felix Bailey, Denise Barela, Grace Barbosa, Richard Barela, Mark Barela, Phyllis Barreras, Michael Baumgartner. Benita Beeson, Dan Belindo, Julie Bell, James Bencomo, Alicia Blue, Edward Bernal, Albert Bonney, Mark Blaisdell, Shawn Boyd, Timothy Boyer, Marcia Brady, Anne Branch, Curt We Are the Carriers qf T raditzon Brandenberger, Paul Brennan, Bridget Bromberg, David Brooks, Carol Brown, Julie Brown, William Bryant, Bobby Bryant, Jimmy Buckhanan, Steven Burkhard, Theresa Burrell, Anthony Bustos, Luis Bynon, Leo Candelaria, James Candelaria, Marcella Candelaria, Marcella Carr, Lisa Carrillo, Carla Carrillo, Roberta Cary, Nancy Casias, Debbie Castillo, Charles Castillo, Isabel Castillo, Lita Chabai, Chris Chavez, Chavez, , Carolyn Chavez, Chavez Chavez 1 Anita Bertha Christine Elizabeth Chavez Chavez Chavez Chavez Chavez Loretta Chavez, , Lucille , Roberta , Sara , Sylvia , Trini Patsy C De Baca works hard at her typing assignment. iPhoto by John Bel- indoj SOUL!!! iPhoto by John Belindoj Chavez, Velma Chavez, Virginia Chouinard, Pat Cisneros, Victor Q .git nv Coan, Charles Crespin, Henry Del Frate, John Cole, Raymond Crews, Emily Devoti, Chris Cordova, Veronica Davies, Kathy DeWitt, Susan Crawford, Rebecca DeLara, Loretta Dominguez, Ricardo Donahue, Susan Doyle, Bill Dunworth, Frances Duran, Anita 49' I Duran, Mark Duran, Teddy Dyson, Felicha Elias, Bill We Wi!! or Let the Tradition Die Elias, Lori Ellenberger, Barbara Espinosa, Carl Espinosa, Mark Evans, William Ferran, Celene Ferrel, Vikki Fields, Ruben Fillmore, Gail Flores, Gus Flores, James Ford, Rick Forshey, John Fossett, Craig Foster, Robert Foster, Ronald Foy, Chris Frampton, Sarah Reggie Walker sits thinking into space. iPhoto by Monica Lam-1 bertij Fuentes, Susie Gallagher, Gallegos, Josie Funes. Clara Christopher Gallegos, Patricia Galendo, Olga Gallegos, Elizabeth Gallegos, Paul Gallegos, Jerry The I-lot Air Balloon flows softly with the wind. iPhoto by Steven Milksj 2 e 411,323 ,aw Garcia, Andrew Garcia, Jeannie Garcia, Liz Garcia, Michael Garley, Cathy Garcia, Cathy Garcia, Joseph Gai-Gia, Lorena Garcia, Nathan Garretson, Eric Garcia, Donald Garcia, Leroy Garcia, Mai-gaiei Garcia, Paul Gathings, Rusty Garcia, Roger Gillingham, Carol Garcia, Theresa Giron, Michael Garduno, Paul Gomez, Greg Gomez, Ruben Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales , Angeline David Gonzales, , Diana , Johnny , Margie We Are the J uniors, 2 fg, Q if .,..e'l K . Gonzales, Robin Gonzales, Ronald Gonzales, Steve Grammer, Mary Griego, Lueario Griego, Paul Mr. Coleman helps Steve Nance with his math problem. Griego, Yvonne ,Ii-aye Gutierrez, Louie Hardy, Scott Heavin, Jane Henry, Carol U me ony Gutierrez, Norine Hauquitz, Kay Hedgepeth, Gordon Hemandez, Edward Guerro, Sarah Gurule, Dolores Gutierrez, Diane zo? We're Proud and ot Easibf Defeated Herrera, Bobbie Hikin, Morris Hollins, Christopher Horger, Mary Jane V Hicks, Kimberly Hodges, Cheryl Holtry, Robert Horton, Ben Housel, Kim Houser, Tab Houston, Pat Howard, Rhonda Hoyt, Wendy Jackson, Ann Jackson, Bennie Janis, Tim Jaramillo, Jaramillo, J aramillo, J aramillo, Chris Georgiana Johnny Kathv We Are Proud of Our Seniors Scott Hardy pours out another one of Mr. Godley's experiments. fPhoto by Albert Navarroj John, Terry Joyner, Carol Johns, Maria Kempter, Kirk Johnson, Vince Kindsvater, Lynn Jones. Tom King, Patsy 72 King, Phillip Klebanoff, John Klein, Kenny Klein, Patty Kozlowski, Elaine Lamberti, Monica Langley, Maxine Langlois, Charles Lazar, Michael Leyba, Ray Long, Steve Lopez. Andrew Lopez, Lopez, Lopez, Lopez, Anna Manuelita Marlene Paul Lovato Lovato, Lucero, Lucero, , Georgia Linda Geneva Jose One of the first sights you might see as you enter through the gates of our magnificant school, Alb if I High. CPhoto by Albert Navarroj K,-v f, ,- Lucero, Judy Madril, Rudy Lucero, Lorraine Maestas, Danny Lucero, Theresa Maestas, Dennis Madrid, Richard Maldonado, Diana Manzanares, Martha Mares, Roberta Mares, Ronnie Marquez, Carla Marquez, Richard Martinez, Chris V ,fe Martinez, Christine Martinez, Stephanie McClard, David Martinez, Elvira Martinez, Wayne McDowell, Bradley Martinez, Lourdes Matthews, Doris McManis, Kenneth Martinez, Margaret McCament, Roberta Medina, Lawrence Martinez, Raymond Martinez, Rick Together We Wil! Learn From the Past, 44' Mendez, Jacob Mentz, Ernest Michnovicz, Paula Mitchell, Kathy Molina, Eloisa Montano, Dorothy Montano, Edwina Montano, Maria Montano, Reyna Montano, Sandy Montez, Shirley Montoya, Debbie Liz Chavez is another one of Bulldog City's pretty sights. Montoya, Gary Montoya, Gina Montoya, Joseph Montoya, Thomas Together We Will Build for the Future Montoya, Yvette Moore, Ann Mora, Pauline Morales, Terry Morgan, Stanley Morris, Joe Moya, Robert Moyers, John Muniz, Maria Munoz, Juanita Munoz, Vince Nguyen, Ngoc Nga Nguyen, Toan Nguyen, Xuan Nieto, Grace Nieto, Paul Nieto, Ruben Nodine, Debbie Nolan, Kris Norman, Dee Dee Notah, Janice Nufer, Stephanie Olguin, Frank Olivas, Philip Orchard, Sara Ortega, Alex Ortiz, Anthony Ortiz, Lillie Otero, Tommy Pacheco, Sylvia Padilla, Carla Padilla, Chris Padilla, Clara Padilla, JoAnn Padilla, Mark Palacios, Lorraine Sylvia Chavez watches hungrily as Jacinta Santiago dishes out the ice cream, CPhoto by Richard Geof- frionj hw, Patchell, Clifton Patterson, Martin Pedroncelli, Isola Peeler, Deborah Peralta, BettyAnn Perea, Charlene Perea, Diane Perea, MaryEllen Petrino, Angela Pham, Phuong Anh Pino, Anthony Pitts, DeWayne Pohl, Charlene Proo. Rebecca Pruner, Mary Quintana, Wendy Raby, Theri Ramirez, David Ramirez, Ida Ramirez, Janie Ramirez, Ruben Read, Joy Rhodes, Donald Rivas, Michael Rodarte, Barbara Rodarte, Ramona Rodriguez, Elizabeth Romero, Anthony Romero, Cindy Romero, John Roskosh, Kelly Ross, Mike We Know AHS Is the Best ,41-ve' Rozzell, Paul Saavedra, Belinda Salazar, Andrew Ruiz, Patty Sais, Francine Salazar, Michael Russell, Amanda Saiz, Frank Sanches, Cathy Ruysell, Wendy Salas, Trini Sanchez, Elaine Sanchez, , Jimmy Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez James Lee Mary RoseAnn Sam KS! Sanchez, Sandra Sanchez, Theresa Sandoval, Tina Schnoor, Martin Sedillo, Armando Seebinger, Larry Segura, Martin Segura, Rose Sena, Alan Sena, Ricky Serna, John Sewell, Ginger Ramona Rodarte is hastily typing trying to get her assignment done on time. iPhoto by John Belindoj I A A ,77 Smith, Anselmo Steadman, Mark Smith, Dawn Stephens, Stephanie Sorrell, Angie Strome, Sandra Sparks, Stephanie Suazo, Darla Talavera, Robert Tenorio, Janice Therkildsen, Guy Thomas, Leslie Thormahlen, John Torrez, Anthony . ii l . AHS bulldoggies marching proudly in N.M. 75-76 State Fairl parade. iPhoto by Diane Pereaj 4 Torrez, Karen Torrez, Patricia Trujillo, David Trujillo, Eileen Trujillo, Joe Trujillo, J oesph Trujillo, Yolanda Turrietta, Rose Valdez, Anthony Valdez, Dolores Valenzuela, Eva Vallejos, Alex Bill Elias, after placing his votes, thinks about his choices. .4-K Varela, Jerry Vargas, Alfonso Velasco, Belinda Vigil, Angela Vigil, Donald Vigil, Laureen Walton, Clint Watson, Kathleen Weaver, Gail Welsh, Paula West, Marie Williams, Clifford Winn, Mark Witte, Denise Woods, Ken Woods, Maribeth Woodward, Susanne Ybarra, Rosanna Yudin, Rhonda Zappia, Albert WE ARE NOW THE JUNIORS We are now the J uniorsg We are the light for the Sophomores, Our spirit increases with each coming day, We are the financiers for the Seniors, We are the carriers of tradition, We will not let the tradition die: We are the Juniors, We're Proud and not easily defeated, We are the Juniors, not Afraid to show our Spirit, We are the Juniors, United as One, We are Proud of our Seniors, For that is what we are to become, Together we will learn from the Past, Together we will build for the future, We are the Juniors who work as One with our School, Respect it, and abide by it, We were the Sophomores who discovered, And now the Juniors who have explored, We are the class who Discovered, Explored and will soon Lead, We are the Juniors who Found AHS We will stand tall and know that AHS is the Best, We are the Juniors, We are the CLASS OF '77 Mandy Russell l Juniors Class Officers: President. Thomas Padilla, Vice Pres- ident, Elaine Kozlowski, Treasurer, Tom Jones: Secretary, Marie West, Show their dedication to Butch. 2. Students enjoy outside of AHS. 3. Van Robinson makes a new creation. Adkins, Bernadette C Aguilar, Andrew L. Aikin, Morris Anaya, Ross J. Anderson, William M. Angel, Johnny C. Anzures. Julian Apodaca, Delia Apodaca. Lydia E. Aragon. Olga J. Armijo. Frank Armijo. Fred R. Armijo. Ignacio Atencio, Lucille A. Atencio. Tim Atler, Charles E. Baca. Diana Baca. Marcella V. Baca, Maria C. Baca, Mark Baca, Orlando Baca, Richard C. Barboa, Sabrina Bawcum, Susan B. Beal. S. Alvin Beddo, Jeannine L. Benavidez, Joseph L. Black, Peter P. Bonney, Marie A. Bottom, Kenneth L. Bradford, Roy L. Bradley. Larry J. Brady, Lawrence J. Brown, Bobbie Cadena, Francisco Campos, Gilbert A. I Candelaria, Frank G. Carabajal. Albert Carrillo. Paul N. Carter, James B. Casados, Margaret I Casaus, Ernest J. Casias, Anthony J. Castellano. Fernie L. Castillo. Denise M. Castillo, Kathleen D. Castillo, Kenneth E. Castillo, Taide Chacon, Mercy A. Chacon, Yolanda C. Chavez, Kenneth M. Chavez, Lawrence G. Chavez, Margie Chavez, Maria E. Chavez, Sandra L. Chavez. Steve L. Chavez, Thelma . Contreras. Robert L. Cordova, Alice Cordova, Debbie Cordova, Margaret R. Cordova, Modesto Cornish, Anne Correa. Paul J. Coxwell, Brenda D. Crawford, Melissa Crespin, Franzella M. Cutting. David D. Davenport, Lucia Dodge, Phillip Dorso. Richard Duran, Randy Elder, Paul A. Emillio, Roxanna D. Escudero, Max Esquibel. Andrew J. Fajardo, Herman R. Fields, Candy Fillmore, Jackie Flores. Veronica D. Floyd, John W. Ford, Brenda R. Franco, Maria L. Gabaldon. John M. Gabaldon, Ramona Gallegos. Belinda Gallegos, Christine J. Gallegos. Eulalia Gallegos, Felix L. Gallegos, Herman P. Gallegos, Michael S. Gallegos. Tom G. Garcia, Barbara J. Garcia, Becky Garcia, Christopher D. Garcia, Donald S. Garcia, Elizabeth Garcia. Herbert J. Garcia, Janet L. Garcia, Lupe Garcia, Mary Frances Gomez, Judyth M. Gomez, Miguel Gomez, Patricia Gonzales, Anthony Gonzales. Gloria Gonzales, Gloria D. Gonzales. Jude R. Gonzales, Mary E. Green, Alvin L Green. Herbert Greenberg, Lyle J. Griego. Gaylene S. Griego, Jerry Gross, Dean Guerro, Frank T. Gurule, Michael A. Gurule, Michael A. Gurule, Susan Gutierrez, Anthony Juniors not pictured: Gutierrez, Marcelo E. Gutierrez, Robert Haag, Jerry Harper. James R. Henderson, Gary S. Hernandez. Vincent Herrera, Loretta P. Hong, Tammy J. Hosea, Charles Jaimes, Betty Jake, Lester J amon, Rudy Jaramillo, Julie A. Johnson, Elmer L. Johnson, Jerrold D. Jordan, Jeff M. Ju, Manfred T. Jurado, Enrique Karns, Charles J. Kircus, Susie J. Krbec. Lori F. Lawson, Kenneth E. Lerma. Phillip A. Lewis. Carmen D. Leyba. Rosalie Lingnau, Doreen Y. Lopez. Carlos Lopez, Elaine R. Lopez, Eugene S. Lopez, George L. Lowrey. Elaine H. Lucas, Lane Lucero, Barabara A. Lucero, Clifford J. Lucero, Esther Lucero, Gabriel J. Lucero, Larry M. Lucero, Leo R. Lucero, Virginia I. Lueras, Mary B. Maes, Gloria T. Maestas, Larry F. Mares, Rosemary Martinez, Ambrose Martinez. Benjamin C. Martinez, Donna Martinez, Donna V. Martinez, Dorothy C. Martinez, Edward Martinez. Gloria E. Martinez, Gregory L. Martinez. Martin A. Martinez, Patricia A. Martinez, Patrick Martinez, Robert A. Martinez, Ronny M. Martinez, Steven J. May, John K. Medoza, Dora Mendez, Jose E. Montano. Montoya, Christopher Montoya, Mary L. Montoya, Paul Montoya, Perfy Montoya, Robert Montoya, Rose Montoya, Rose Ann Montoya, Tillie A. Mora, Nadine Moya, Carlos Moya, Louie Nance, Steven F. Naranjo. Rick Naranjo, Rudy D. Nieto, Nicolas G. Nocera, George Ondelaey, William D. Padilla, Angela M. Padilla, Cynthia A. Padilla, Jessie Padilla, Padilla, Leona Patricia A. Padilla, Thomas Palacios, Lorraine B. Paz, Mary Ann Peralta, Bernie A. Perea. Anthony L. Perez, Felix Perkins, Anthony P. Pino. Virgil A. Pollock, Tony Quintana, Eloy C. Quitz. Dennis G. Rachkowski, Carla M. Ramirez, John P. Ramirez, Nash D. Ramirez, Trinidad L. Reano, Coleen Reano, Thomas A. Rhodes, Duane Rhodes, Larry D. Riboni, Riboni, Rivera, Rivera, Rivera, Armando J. Rosie I. Olivia Ramon Roberto R. Roberts, Eustacia R. Robinson, Van B. Rodriguez, Ermie Rodriguez, Ramona Romero, Carolyn M. Ruiz, Betty Ruiz, Ida M. Ruiz, Joseph D. Saavedra, Bernice Saavedra, Johnnie J. Sadler. Denice Salas, Michael Sanchez, Debbie Christine M. Sanchez, Diana Y. Sanchez, Herman F. Sanchez, Janet P. Sanchez, Lucinda A. Sanchez, Michael L. Sanchez, Ruben G. Sanchez, Shirley A. Sanchez, Theresa J . Sandoval, Donna L. Sandoval, Theresa M Secatero, Wayne Jr. Sedillo, Yvonne D. Sedillos, Richard A. Sena, Robert Shannon, Kiawana Sharts, Wanda Sheler, Bethany A. Silva, Delila M. Smith, Jean Denise Smith, Michael Smith, Steve Stevens, Cynthia B. Strange, Cathy Tafoya, Tina Tapia, Raymond L. Tapia, Roger A. Tecumsch, Raymond Teter, William R. Torrez, Rudy Trujillo. David B. Trujillo, Johnny Trujillo, Manuel Trujillo, Marie Trujillo, Robert Tryels, Calvin Tso, James Tucker, Jeannette S. Turrietta. Christina J. Turrietta. Josie M. Valdez. Judy A. Valentine. Jeff Vallejos, Jeannette L. Vallejos. Victor Vallez, Barbara A. Vane, Charles H. Velarde, Elizabeth M Vigil, Martin A. Vigil, Robert E. Vigil, Robert E. Vigil, Steve Walker, Reginald L. Ward, Anthony Q. Weil, Mark T. Werner, Bryant Werner, Russell M. Wollen, Debbie Woods, Shannon A. Woody, Bruce K. Yepes, Marcelino 'S ,Q TQ,iV -in 1 at as Q .'41'? x 4 1'--' -.Q fb .f f f Q, if "' g ff U 'll 1 ' ai'-1 in igiagp 5 V-vm 4 wr' Sr! .K S ' su?" ' ' S 'WIN QM.. ffrsifi IL M, 5 ws. Q W V V L n , 35 Q A fiq A n ag . .fx 1- 3' . we ' 1 ' Aff "' . '93, - m Q If ff Gif fig, V 2 'la f':n'fT . ff 'Q J' 'W ' ! -ATA! Qin Q' L M ' uid? f any 5 6, ,I ww: S ,Q ' Q qw , ff, gg 3 L f, I 3 fl iff 5 f w'3" 'f"'W 'gf if " f S 4.1M an w " Q " 'U tt Q if H .3 - if Q Q if f ,WV uf H, 3 a if ,. Q :Q si, il 9 W 5 - 1 V Q 1 ' f 4 f 131, Y A1 "-323125. ff Q, if qi W 1 Q ,.vtY1'9gW A . F , , K 1 Q 1 . W. W '1 at .jr ' jg , . ' if ,f -W PW 1 J' f"" 5 fX4' . S N' f A sf Q fha ,n ff S ar 4.15 ii gn q . Y2 Q1 V 1 ' - uh fi' ' 4 k J ., ,JV M-'Qi we V M 15 A, 1 . W, , :sr , 511. , -F f YWQQ ' ' 4 'a 19 W 'A ff' 'M , 'Sf' ' "',.,.. f- 1 T QA, 4' , . . , . ,W M . 'F .af L 41" ' 1 K xii-h-v4'!1, 1?i,,, 1 li if 'if . ' Mi wif' Hia ' J 4 ' K ' - 'f af 4 1 xxx: 5 ff k A ' I . my LQ mf r 3 Q MJ' , Fi: ' as,,,3'jf, H3 fs I ' VX W 5 I 3' at an - 4 Q L x ' ,P 'LW J Tk 1 an 'iv J TE K. W. 5 aff? S r R i A N f"' Z' L V X , , ix II l Q N is 'o f " 2 riff' r L55 ,fn If 'EGM' I, H l I ,Q-H f A ' , K ' 5 J . '5 I ,If ffl : 5 -f X, .. X, I . ,xx W 1151! , gym .Ir W,Q Qnmx . B ,L'R,lj1,l.Q ' ffl? ., fE:Ql5f7255..ff1 Ls I-1 , :Alf ' f ps-x L,-lei?--21, -,I Q. . I -we f -V 5.5 .. .29 ' 'a ' l -rf ,i."t'f , . fr fl? IL ' 5,-. - l I I I I I I I I I I I .K if ,Iwi 1 MA .,A r. . .,y, , --LS. : ' ,. .n . v - 4. wg? Princess Janine Krueger ' I We only have memories of yesterday and hope I for tomorrow, but today we can grasp and shape I ' what life has to offer. I I I I I I i I I I I I 1 I x 'fi The tasks are done and the tears are shed. Yes- terday's errors let yesterday coverg Yesterday's wounds which smarted and bled are healed with the healing that night has shed. A i ' I -1'Z I'fAI Tfiftl: 7 lvl fx' 5' iff I -I ri k A ' I I ' . B ' I Q ff V151 '." I ,. 'I T - 1' 1 ' gulf? ,,'I :P 'L P t , 4 Q , If -.'t I w e , 1 - P' . , J ,gm-fps 1 w ' . I s I9 . . X . ,. ..,-ae. . V ,ik -i T ' f '. H'rHe', 1 '. x . T, ij: f x a,.,,, My N llli 4 e i or I A A lllll ff' lllll llll if ' .aj 2 I I I E .. ? ' V . Qi' I. f I V4 J' K VAX? r , Q Princess Christine Saiz 14 ia W I I A 3 3 l, Preseason scrimmage between AHS and DNHS. iPhoto by Red Carpet Studiosj 2.-6. Seniors Mil- ton Carrillo, Rennie Gutierrez, Steve Salazar, Bill Klein and David Worthey. QPhotos by Joe Lovatoj 7. James Bell drops by to pass in a scrimmage against Del Norte High School. iPhoto by Red Carpet Studiosy 8. Time to discuss the game is taken by 340 Roy Gonzales, W64 Jim Baiamonte and 321 James Sanchez. iPhoto by Manny Abeytaj 9. Coaches Villa and Burgess, along with players, get a sideline view of the game. iPhoto by Red Carpet Studios, l0. Milton Carrillo and company keep an eye on a Cibola runner, to make sure he's not going anyplace? iPhoto by Red Carpet Studiosj Dawgs Smash Ciba 4 gr , x Q wx' i,..0-M. W! vw Y. V. ! .1 f' N ,f z i' I wan.-f"'xl .Ax .,,. , 13557 H, ieii , V.: , A rw fn hung 4 S 5 1. ff' N Q 4 K 52 3 4 iw H 1 45? . , . 1 1- X tk' by W 4 K A A, .Q ' f '?1T5Qf' 1 iiwmi-" f K 5 , 1 4. , 5, 6 1, I .1 :Vw M fi - 3 3 ,, A W gl 1 A 1 , J 4 A Q r gl Q "" M X , 1 .wgnda Gutxqrez , 1 K fl L ' 'V M :M 1 1 i I X Q Q K 1 lily. X. v,., XD, Theresa liddfiguii , 'vu H5249 f HY ,psf 41 M n,n 'Ea-31' I "3 l ,ni , -'AF z, -Q. I ."41Y'.pA COURTW Q 76 E 1. - 'I t if 2250 , ,.., lvmnsqng Lx' K ,535-l2..2afL' f 3 , 39. fine: 11: " Challenge In his first year as head coach, Jody Villa brought with him not only a new style of coaching, but also victories, and more important than these, he sparked a new life in Bulldog football. He took a deflated football program and blew it up into a respectable and pride-filled program. Although coach Villa put every- thing he had into the program, there was a near tragedy toward the beginning of the season when Villa's position of head football coach was challenged by Mr. William Goldsmith, an assistant football coach at Sandia High School. The controversy was brought up because Goldsmith felt that he, not Villa, should be the new AHS head coach. Goldsmith backed his argument with a rule that states that the applicant with seniority fmost yearsj in the APS pro- gram should get the job. This predicament could have resulted in a tragedy for AHS as many of the players issued ultimatums - if Villa went, so did they. Luckily for everyone the misunderstanding was cleared up, and Villa remained head Bulldog mentor. The Bulldogs of 1975 were a unique bunch of individuals as well as a fine team. They had the opportunity to play for a new school and a new coach. Their ideas and feelings were as unique as the individuals themselves. Their challenges were also as difficult as could be. To follow up a good season is dif- ficult, but there is always incentiveg however, to follow up a poor season is more than difficult, it is a challenge. The challenge that the 1975 Bulldog team had was to bring a sinking football program out of the dark and make a respectable program for Albuquerque High and for themselves. The mighty Bulldogs met their challenges head-on, and not only overcame them, but did it in a very orderly fashion. The team captains were David Wor- they and Tony Baca, both outstanding seniors. The general team feeling was that everyone contributed equally, and with that attitude the Bulldogs not only won games, but brought back a dying pro- gram. l. Strategy is discussed between Coach Villa and Milton Carrillo during a timeout. CPhoto by Joe Lovatoj 2. David Worthey recovers after being tackled by a Cibola defender during AHS home- coming game. fPhoto by Red Carpet Studiosj 3. Attempt to score by AHS is stopped by the oppo- nent WMHS. fPhoto by Wendy Hoytj 4. In an exciting game against Eldorado High School quar- terback Bell and team await the snap of the ball. iPhoto by Manny Abeytal 5. Against WMHS David Worthey finds himself in the position to make an over-the-shoulder catch. iPhoto by Red Carpetj 6. AHS fans support Bulldogs despite cold weather. fPhoto by Red Carpet Studiosj F I Q k.I..QX.f+'--f"1',j:j- j T" ' - A -H. l f""' '. ...W 31:5 H - - 1'-1 '+'eLv.'e.-:mr-1--Jn.--. .. ,g. ,q-'--.-- . --..U-, .Y ,. W...--xg-A., . , , . . .v-------If ' A A, .. ' .9-uaulhhcf - , ' 1 ' , . ' ' 5 I 'Ami 1 I A Time for Us - Themefor Hamel comzng September 19 1975 as , s .. Q3 'lm be ' ii . L L , 1 I. Lady Christine Saiz escorted by Sir Michael Gomez, Lady Emma Miller escorted by Henry Miller. Lady Janine Krueger, escorted by Sir Billy Johns. 2. Lady Lisa Padilla escorted by Sir Gilbert Luna, Lady Linda Borrego escorted by Sir Steve Wright, Lady Theresa Rodriguez escorted by Sir Ray Cordova. 3. Lady Rhonda Gutierrez escorted by Sir Michael Gonzales. Lady Velma Chavez escorted by Sir Ronald Montoya, Lady Corine Montoya escorted by Sir Albert Navarro. 4. Lady Patricia Martinez escorted by Clifford Lucero, Lady Lulu Huling escorted by Sir Danny Mitchelle. Lady Julia Bor- rego escorted by Lucas Chavez. 5. Lady Anna Sanchez escorted by David Jiron. Lady Dorothy Romero escorted by Sir Marty Lopez. Lady Debbie Rael escorted by Sir Paul Carrillo. Into this presence we came, and by leaving behind what are usually called earthly things, or by loving them less, and by living more intensely in them, we are loving more what is really lovable in them. It is literally true that this world is everything to us, if only we choose to make it so, if only we "live in the present" because it is eter- nity. Memories are for yesterday, dreams are for tomorrow, ideas are for today. AW , I ' 1.4 A, .W ,i,1,..V ,,m,.,, M-'Y A ""m:.. ,J . .. ' fW?i'w.:. ? af , , sv i. , 1 39' if 1 A fi if . 6- 2 V, ' 0 4 4115" W' " ,yr ! if Qt' , ., 4 'Q .4 L H 2 Q.. DFW , V, QE? . LVM , ,, Hi YR? J 55, 1. A ,f lg? , 1, , Ei r 'n Hs ,. .1 . ! if gr, I K 1 cf ' fwft, W f , f . W I I 4' A 43 R' I I F , .. QL . . 3 2? ww is ii 'aft 1? N E :- 2, E mf N 1 M if .if l. Albuquerque High School ROTC presents the colors at the beginning of the Homecoming asjembly. 2. Scepter and crown await the announcement of the queen. 3. The as embly ended with one last look at the court. 4. Master and Mis- tress of ceremonies were Chris Montoya and Mary Lyon. 5. Queen Emma sits proudly after being crowned. 6. Princess Christine, Queen Emma, and Princess Janine show their happiness with cheerful smiles after being crowned. 7, 'Ihe climax of the day ended with the football game. The Bulldogs won 21-6 over Cibola. fScepter photo done by Jim Thomas. All other photos by Red Carpet Studiosj Amidst tears and applause, Emma Miller was crowned Albu- querque High School Homecoming Queen for the year 1975-76. The princesses crowned were Janine Krueger and Christine Saiz. For the first time in AHS history, the Bulldog City had fifteen beau- tiful girls in the court instead of the usual thirteen. The reason for this enlargement was that the voting was so close. Homecoming Master and Mistress of ceremonies for the 1975-76 Homecoming were Mary Lyon and Christopher Montoya. As the court members were led up to the podium by their escorts the AHS band played "The Way We Were." Rose Huling took her last Royal Walk to "We've Only Just Begun," last year's Homecoming theme sung by the chorus directed by Mr. Mark Scholz. Then came the grand finale as Queen Emma Miller took her Royal Walk to this year's theme, "A Time For Us," taken from the romantic movie Romeo and Juliet. l. Over the river and through the hills, but defi- nitely not to grandma's, as this lone cross-coun- try runner is egged on by three spectators. 2. An AHS cross-country runner is being followed by two runners from Sandia. 3. Andy Cavalier pre- pares himself mentally for a cross-country meet. 4. Chris Chavez takes a second before the meet to think over his strategy. 5. American Legion Post I3 is the starting point of one cross-country meet in which AHS was a competitor. 6. A min- ute to socialize is found by Andy Cavalier and Chris Chavez. 7. AHS cheerleaders show why they are the school's spirit leaders as they cheer on fto victory they hopej Andy Cavalier. fPhotos by Jacinta Santiagoj Chavez, Zamora Leaa' Team The cross-country team of AHS was fortunate this year to have two team leaders with a lot of determination and experience. Chris and Felix once again showed that cross country running may not be the most enjoyable sport. Of these two top runners Coach Medley said, "Chris, a senior who has been with the program three years, is a team leader and an outstanding runner? He added, "Felix, a sophomore, is extremely promising and is expected to do a lot for the Cross country team? fe in tr i if ,ii if 23' jilh fx if 290621 .w isest as .xi s K x V 5325 ' - 1 QQ . v it ,,. .sk 1 x W sg E e, t we S1 1. CSG '-N, . 6 - J-.HSE-.fl srl -f vfsfa:s .s .Q . as, tn 4 , x :' vi si f, War has been part of human nature as long as man has been f on this earth. War is an inevitable part of everyone's life, whether it be a world war or a personal conflict. In war everyone is striv- 5 eff ing for victory, but victory is not the only thing that war pro- Q duces. There are always the defeatedg and even to the victors, ,al war isn't always sweet because war isn't just victory and defeat, 5- 5 5 but rather the battle that builds up to the victory and the dejec- i tion that ends in defeat. Moreover, war is sweat, blood, battered ii eff, bodies, and mangled minds. War is never happiness, because if X 2 there is the sweetness of victory, so also is there the agony of - 3 defeat. War. through the ages has meant not only conflicts between if enemies but also between friends. Pride is an element, not only 5 4 of war but of life, that has caused many a good person to put out gr it, 'f f more than the ordinary. Some of these good men ended in vic- tory, but it is the bitterness of war that has put many in their eter- 9 fp nal resting place, and for this reason war is hell. 3' As a result of the apparent necessity of man to engage in war- Q ' like activities, other means have been developed to fulfill this wi need. One of the functions created is the participation, both , -M, directly and indirectly, in sports. gd' -5 In wartime, war is the biggest part of everyone,s life, but in times of peace, sports seem to take the place of war..People enjoy 5' watching the clashes which occur when one man pits his power, V : skill and brains against another. Conflicts are a part of human , nature, and since sports have become the major means for the N : E enjoyment of conflict, the rapid growth of sports is not surpris- ing. V 'I si? Sports not only produce a means of physical conflict, but also , one of mental conflict. Sports involve individual competition as ' well. In this way sports is not only a conflict of the more appar- ent physical conflict, but also the less apparent mental conflict, X :',.' 2 that many times is more important than the physical battle. 5.52 1553 : at , QU . . . i 9 - --N . is Y. . " ia: . -4: ' -fr ' ia . ie- . '4 i. -1: 1 " 1 WAR Chris Chavez Sets Two Course Records mailman l. Coach Medley prepares Senior Eloy Sandoval for an upcoming meet. 2. An AHS Cross-Country runner takes the lead while run- ning through one of several types of terrain encountered this year. 3. Senior Chris Chavez goes through his warm-up before a Cross- Country meet, 4. Eloy Sandoval listens to instructions before a meet. 5. Senior Andy Cavalier finds time to rest before a meet. 6. Aerial view of premeet activities. 7. Sophomore standout. Felix Zamora, takes the scenic route. iPhoto 421 by Jacinta Santiago. Photos 2-7 by Mrs. Chavezj S. Garcia Leads Dawg Wrestlers The 1975 wrestling team was led by six seniors and new head coach Rudy Griego. The wrestlers came off a 10-3 mark from last year. The loss of Mike Garcia, Herbert Stanley, Billy Johns and Leroy Montoya from the strong '74- 75 team presented an opportunity for a new crop of grapplers. The return of senior Stanley Garcia, a second place finisher last year in both district and state was a definite bright spot for the 1975 wrestlers, along with seniors James Mon- toya and Bill Klein. The team carried nine returning lettermen, which Coach Griego felt were the strong points of the team. He also felt that in his first year as head coach at AHS, one very good aspect of his team was that there was a strong player coach relationship, something that is essential to any winning program. I5eggggggff1sg,faaest:54ia-'Qig21-yfz..::tQ-'.s-zigrga.-f-1 e " ' -Y muzxgnfq:fray-Q'-L5-ieruxxfz5.651ggfgg rr: eff.: Q 1 ff 1 ' 1 ggtf ligiilijiiggijtafgf 1 f. if ' QJQQCS W-4-,W K 'sf' 1--vpfliiig-Ns,i.t.::::.1t1. .mm,mmam w ffff ' 5' 'll Ji Garcza Posts Mos l. Bill Klein shouts words of encouragement to one of his fellow grapplers. 2. Tom Montoya works hard for a pin. 3, A close up of a standout sophomore Edward Sena, shows the concentration required of a grapper. 4. James Montoya takes control of the situation against one of his opponents. 5. Bill Klein works for position and earns some points. 6. Cliff Gonzales tries to free himself of his opponent's grip. Successful Record 106 The 1975-76 AHS B-Team wrestling program saw hopes of a winning season go down the drain due to a lack of interest in wrestling on the part of AHS students. The seven man team gave up five points per weight division per match which resulted in an automatic loss of 30 points. Although as a team the wrestlers were not successful, man for man the percentage of winning was high. The B Team wrestlers included: 105 lb. - Frank Saiz, Phillip Perag 112 lb. - Steve Abeytag 119 1b. - Frank Sedillog 126 lb. - Dan Moyag 132 lb. - Don Kruegerg 155 lb. - Tod Caflischg HW - Eugene Gutierrez. gifs' urts B-Team l. AHS B-team Bench watches match. 2. Clifford Gonzales takes on his opponent very readily. 3. Sparce crowd enjoys wrestling match. 4. B-team standout Frank Sedillo in one of his matches. 5. Asst. Coach, Jim Sachell, discusses strategy while tending Phillip Perea. 6. AHS B-team Grappler gives it his all. 7, B-team cheerleader Belinda Saavedra gives her sup- port to grappler Clifford Gonzales. fA1l photos by Cindy Jack- sony Dawgs Carry on Winning Tradition For the 75-76 season year basketball was a highlight at AHS. Just like the Bulldogs in the past, the team had success and failure. Unity was one of the reasons for the success. The team held together through good times and bad. Determination and talent were also some of the elements that made a suc- cessful season. The Bulldogs were led by Seniors Kit Carson fteam captainj, Victor Roybal, David Salas, Jack Newsom, John Eckert, Henry Estrada, and Jim Thomas. Another reason for success was that strong underclassmen helped to form the nucleas of the team. Among these were Juniors Frank Olguin, Trini Salas, Martin Schnoor, James Bell and Sophomore Bobby Sweet. The 1975-76 Bulldog team carried no Seniors from last yearis squad, however, Bulldog pride and tradition were ever present as the Bulldogs rolled on towards their goal of yet another state appearance. The Bulldogs, just like all teams, had their good days and their bad onesg but they were very fortunate in not only having two great coaches in Jim Hulsman and Abe Estrada, but they also had the qualities. of self-discipline and poise, some of the qualities imperative to every winning program. And so the Bull- dogs carried on the tradition, pride and success that every team throughout the state has grown to respect and admire over the past decades. 'IW ' ,.,, ,, '1 ""Ml1 av I ,ff 'li N ""'r--.'-l'....,""' 'i FX , 44 .. 1 qifry ,slam 4... l. Rio Grande's David Watley finds it tough to pen- etrate a Bulldog zone. 2. Bulldog's Kit Carson sets a big screen for James Bell. 3. Trini Salas finds Frank Olguin racing downcourt for a fast break against Del Norte. 4. Victor Roybal uncorks a free throw. 5. Carl Montano of Rio tries to break Henry Estra- da's concentration. 6. Junior Point man Trini Salas sets up AHS offense. 7. Outjumping Del Norte's center, Kit Carson, controls opening tip off. 8. "Dawgs" leading scorer, Kit Carson, tries to find an opening inside against Del Norte. fPhotos l, 4, 5, 6 by Wendy Hoytg Photos 2, 3, 7, 8 by John Mayj 109 I nexperienced Dczwgs Post Successful Record f ff? XM, ,cc.,,c ,Naam N c M, Mx, ,.c. , M WT W Y.-Wi I. Kit Carson wins tip against a Rio Grande opponent. fPhoto by Wendy Hoyty 2, Victor Roybal attempts to corner a Del Norte player. CPhoto by John Mayj 3, Coach Estrada talks to Victor Roybal, as Mike Gonzales gets ready for a rest. 4. Henry Estrada puts up a shot against Eldorado. 5. A close-up of junior Trini Salas. CPhoto by John Mayj 6. James Bell attempts to block a shot as Frank Olguin waits for a rebound. fPhoto by John Mayj 7. Kit Carson out-towers all opponents as he attempts a shot. iPhoto by Wendy Hoytj 'CI , . For the seventh year in a row the Bulldogs appeared in the .state tourna- ments. However, for the 'dogs number 7 wasn't lucky because they had to fight through one of the toughest schedules in many years in order to get to state and achieve their goal. The 'dogs were predicted to be 3rd in district and 10th in state at the beginning of the year. The Bulldogs ended up 2nd in dis- trict and 4th in state. Something that a team with no returning squadmen wouldn't be expected to do, but the 'dogs did it. The Bulldogs had to go through a tough district tournament in order to earn their way to the "pit" fthe famed UNM basketball arenaj. In the first game the 'dogs easily handled Farmington. Then after the crucial game with West Mesa, that meant winning and going to state for the 7th consecutive year, or losing and buying a ticket to the state games, it was the 'dogs to the pit. lt was about 6:00 p.m., March ll, when the Bulldog basketball team wan- dered into the University Arena locker rooms. No one said much. but every- one had the same thoughts. The Bulldogs were preparing to meet the Mon- archs from Manzano. The crosstown rivals were favored, not only to down the 'dogs, but to take the state title. However, that night, the only people for Manzano was the hand full that sat behind their cheerleaders. As the Bull- dogs started down the ramp to the floor the crowd broke into a thunderous roar. The amazing Bulldogs were back and everyone knew it. The 'dogs were ready, they took the court, and the crowd nearly took the roof off with applause. The crowd wanted the 'dogs and the 'dogs wanted Manzano. they wanted them bad. Manzano had defeated the Bulldogs in their 5 previous meetings, including the state championships in '73 and '74. It took the "Dogs" less than 2 hours to finish thejob, and as the final buzzer went off the Man- zano coach looked up at the scoreboard and just shook his head, The Bull- dogs had clearly proven their supremacy: they had "smacked" Manzano by ll and had killed the Monarchs' chances to further their quest for the state title. Takes Fourth in S tate ln doing so they had also established themselves as the no. l team in Albu- querque, since they were the only city team left in the bid for the state title. The 'dogs weren't the only happy people in town. the 9.000-plus crowd had gotten more than their money's worth. The 'dogs didn't just beat Manzano. they embarrassed them in front of a packed house at UNM Arena and the crowd loved it. The next night the 'dogs lost a tough 96-92 decision to no. 1 ranked Hobbs. When everything was over the 'dogs ended up 4th in state. Not bad for a team with no returnersg a team predicted to end up 10th in state at the beginning of the season. The Bulldogs did a lot of great things in '75-'76 but not by themselves. Coach Hulsman was of course a big factor. For his efforts and of course through those of the 'dogs, Coach Hulsman was awarded the coveted Trib- une-Coach of the Year Award for the 1975-1976 season. Through the course of the season one of the bright spots of the team was captain. Kit Carson, a 6'3" senior. In fact Kit broke 8 school records during his single varsity season career. Including: most points in a single season 15551. Most points in one game 1341. Most free throws made 11731. First Bull- dog player to score more than 500 points in one season1555J. Highest average per game 119.131 Most freethrows attempted 1 game 1181. Most consecutive freethrows120-3 gamest. Most freethrows attempted 1 season 12393. 1. In spite of preseason polls. the Bulldogs warmup at the Arena before their clash with Manzano, 2. Coach Estrada urges Bulldogs on to upset Manzano in his usual emphatic style. Pictures 3-10 are seniors, Victor Roybal. Kit Car- son, Jack Newson. John Eckert, Jim Thomas. Mike Gonzales, David Salas, and Henry Estrada. B-Team H era! Small Squad The Jr. Varsity team fBullpupsj were com- prised of a select group of Juniors and Sopho- mores for the '75-,76 season. The squad carried only 9 ballplayers, but play was still fast and furious in the style of all Bulldog teams. Early season problems plagued the Bullpups,, however, like all good teams, they were mature enough to bounce back up and taste the sweet- ness of success. The Pups were led by Juniors: Alan Sena, Tony Gutierrez, Orlando Baca, John Moyers, Butch Williams, and Sophomores: Pat McConnell, Peter Sanchez, Robert Chavez, and Leroy Gallegos. The B-team carried on the winning tradition, and by doing so, Coach Estrada prepared them for a possibility of becoming a Varsity player. They worked hard and complimented their work with a winning season. l. Tony Gutierrez and Robert Chavez take well-earned rest during free throw. 2. Bullpups discuss strategy during time- out. 3. Peter Sanchez takesjumper over Los Alamos defender as Tony Gutierrez 1401, Orlando Baca 1323, and Butch Williams C221 prepare for rebound. 4. Tough shot for 'Butchll 5. Abe stares ref down as substitutes observe. 6. Butch takes two free throws. 7. Tony Gutierrez drives for a clear shot. 1All photos by Manny Aboyta and Carol Montoyaj .""-at .ir .Y :W Lack of Strength on C -T we Smashes H opes for Promising Season .ma n..., .,,.,.f.- The '75-,76 C-team basketball team was comprised of nine sophomores. The team was at a handicap because the better sophomores were on the B-Squad. As a result the Dukes started off in a slump. They lost many games at the beginning of the sea- son, and it seemed that nothing could go right. Coach Heerde, however, didn't believe that all was lost. He kept pushing them, and finally they came around. They turned a seemingly hopeless season into a respectable and successful season. The reasons for the good season were: guards: Jerry Romo, Steve Rogers, and Pat McConnell, for- wards: Tom Lyon, Roger Smith, and Robert Deang and post- men: David Carson, and Steve Jacob. l. Steve Rogers 4F35 prepares to advance the ball into the forecourt, as Pat McConnell it I5 calls the play number. 2. Jerry Romo 4-T25, David Carson 4145, Tommy Lyon 41233 and Steve Rogers all head for the backcourt in order to play defense. 3. The referee gives instructions to the players along the free throw lane. 4. David Carson gets tangled up with a Cibola player on a shot. 5. Jerry Romo puts a shot up, while Pat McConnell 3215 and David Carson 1345 prepare for the rebound. CAll photos by Geneva Luceroj 7 l. Keeping the ball in Volley is Julie Sanderson. 2. Coach Billau demonstrates proper tennis grip and form. 3. Warming up for a match is Junior Stanley Morgan. Tennis Team Makes Bid for State Title Underrated GOQC T , 2' ., 1 W x , I ,f X f-' Surprises Many + .WM , ,, l. Coach Valdez leans on his driver anticipating his next shot. 2. Driving at the eighteenth hole is Chuck Rear- don. 3. Chuck Reardon demonstrates his ability on the golf course. 4. Roger Smith prepares to drive. 5. Putting on the fifth hole is David Joyner. CAll photos by Joe Lovato and Margie Gonzalesj. l2l L,, -M, A V fa .Eiga ,rii 1 Qin ,, 'A AW,b ff' 14 J .mf ' ' 5 5 'eff ? y Q fi grew .,.. , ,,,,,,,,W,, fgaklwp -ggiizfzzi? 3, , ' ggi it z ' '19, e " 'Sf Seniors Leaa' Track Team l. Sophomore Felix Zamora is egged on by Senior Eloy Sandoval and Andy Cavalier. 2. Preparing to vault the pole is John Saavedra. 3. Leading the pack are Chris Chavez and Andy cavalier. 4. Practicing before a meet is Pole Vaulter Johnny Saavedra. 5. Checking the time for Andy Cavalier and Eloy Sandoval is Abe Estrada. fAll photos by John Mayj. s ,Q 44' , " K g :Q , ffF,,'jfwfg+,,M- Vgfwkgss an-gnggwhbmgaih W A . Q' 1 N Q K- .,.Af.ggr-SVN -A-:, ' ' xw X M,,,,f.....s W "x"f- -YK-lv J . 'Sv-9, x s.. , , ' .ar 'I vb ... .Q-A-pw- - ' 1 2 ' ,, - M . v' 0 ., q,,,mg..V,.f xv .v-Q-sb , 4 ,yr 1' 233529 , . , :ma-W f:m,,,k, L , , L.:,.wa 1 . f-M K 4253! ML.-yf v""'f" ' W Am ,. , ,.. f ,ff ,. 5, . Wwww- ' aww, .inf NYM' ' 'M ,nv we v ,. , 3.4 -1' XE' W' UJJYAA f " . Nhypxf .+.fl-e":i- N4 v-9' -" 5-.:5?s'L4'!fft ,f ,.r',zi" 2:-ff! . if gg ,Q , 4 mf. ' ,,j,.1-11:54 Qi V fn ' ,, 'Q 're I vf ' Q M' 'ey . ,, . 551234 WFS.. ffm 72 k 'fm -vfhfk .fu 42+ ,rj ma f, 'S--P' Zig.: ' jx A' M, my A ,:1 -f-1:"--.-v- -. in Girls' Athletics, just like boys athletics at AHS, is a pride- filled and competitive program. The girls' athletics program was formerly part of the GAA CGirls' Athletics Associationj, until last year when the associa- tion was disbanded. The girls at Albuquerque High compete in three sports starting with volleyball in the winter, and softball in the spring. The basketball season started off with an impressive win over a tough Academy team, but had trouble through most of the rest of the season. The team ended its season with a 5-8 overall record. A brilliant start for the Volleyball team resulted in 4 victo- ries out of the first 5 games, and a season record of 5-8. The girls' softball team,s first victory was a bye, which gave the team impetus before meeting I0 opponents and preparing for the city and state tournament in May. l. Denise Bailey goes up for a jump ball against Sandia. 2. Julia Borrego serves the ball to West Mesa. 3. Teammates Debbie Gatewood and Jerry Wheat look on as Rosalie Sanchez volleys the ball. 4. Battling the elements of nature was one of many things encountered by Yolanda Franco and Velma Chavez on the Softball Team. 5. After receiving an inbounds pass from Rosalie Sanchez, Julia Borrego prepares to set up a play. 6. Guard Anna Nuanes sets up the offense in a game against Sandia. CPhotos l, 5 and 6 by Joe Lovato. Photos 2, 3, and 4 by Steve Milksb. Girls Athletic Progr . e.. 1-7, ..f,-mr ,-.. Q-Mum-mqaiww -ss-eeseww-11 Sees Year of Expansion Illl L- W .5 'W-. l. Tommy Otero flefrj and Chris Padilla frighrj prepare to field ground balls in practice. 2. Swinging at the ball is Aaron Garcia. 3. Coach Bernie watches James Sanchez during batting practice. 4. Manny Abeyta frighlj and Clint Wal- ton Hem warm up for a game. Baseball Season Sparkea' EarQf Wins Varsizjf Football Team ' lit y 1.1 P if 'im lit lit " First row: Kenny Bottoms, .lim Sanchez, Roy Gonzales. Angelo Collado. Tim Janis, Frank Sedillo, Donald Gatewood. Butchie Williams. Eugene Agnes. Reggie Walker Klein. Second row: Coach Steward Burgess, Tod Caflish. Herbert Green. Dan Beeson, Henry Landavazo. Renee Gutierrez. Steve Buchannan, Morris Aikens. Charles Donald Rhodes, Coach John J. Lopez. Third Row: Coach Joe Villa, Coach Bill Browning, Rudy Jaramillo. Bill Elias. Steve Salazar. Greg Gomez. Tony Baca. Mike Ben Horton. James Candelaria, Jim Baiamonte. David Worthcy, Milton Carillo, Coach Rudy Griego. Girls Volleyball Team ,,...L, waxy' -l, , Lek lo right: Anna Nuanes, Rosalie Sanchez. Coach Freida Sandell. Julia Borrego. Dawn Hardy, 130 Swim Team Lefl lo righl, back row: Scott Evans. Mike Ross, Jeff Valentine. Chris Montoya, Tom Jones. 3rd row: Curt Branch, Anthony Enderby. John Romero. Scott Hardy. Danny Burkhardt. 2nd row: Joe Grady, Bridget Brennan, Cathy Watson. Judy Cooper. Paul Correa. Isl row: Coach Martha Wade, Sylvia Pacheco. Dawn Hardy. Bonnie Griego, Mgr. Buckeye Barela. Cross Country Team W 4g 4. Ld! lo righl: Coach Ken Medley. Feliz Zamora. Floy Sandoval, Chris Chavez. Middle: Mel Candelarla. Andy Cavalier. Vincent Hernandez, Bollom: Rusty Gathings, Leroy Gallegos. and Chris Campos. Varsiy Basketball Team Left ro right, back row: Asst. Coach Bill Heerde, Mike Gonzales. Bobby Sweet, Kit Carson, Jim Thomas, Martin Schnoor, Frank Olguin, Henry Estrada, Asst. Coach Abe Estrada. Front row: Manager Michael Smith, David Salas. John Eckert, Head Coach, .lim Hulsman, Victor Roybal, Jack Newsom, Trini Salas, and Freddie Jacobs. C -Team Basketball Team C-Team - Left to right: 44 David Carson, 50 John Honners, 42 Leroy Galle- gos, 32 Pat O'Keefe, 30 Roger Smith, 24 Jerry Romo, l2 Peter Sanchez, 34 Thomas Lyon. 20 Robert Chavez, 40 Terry Miller, Coach Bill Heerde. and John Brandenberger. 132 Girls Basketball Team Left to right, front row: Hope McDaniels, Suzanne Brown. Margaret Garcia Tena Miranda, Mary Louise Montoya. Left to right, back row: Alice Ben- como. Denise Bailey, Mary Lyon, Col. Johnson. Varsity ana' B-T earn Wrestling Teams Left lo right, back row: Asst. Coach Sacket. Charles Coan, Cliff Gonzalez, Gerald Shaeffer. Billy Klein. John Nunez. Eloy Sandoval. James Montoya. Edward Sena. Thomas Montoya, Stanley Garcia. Steve Baca. Coach Rudy Griego. Kneeling: Eugene Martinez. Solomon Fields. Tod Caflich, Richie Stanley, Donald Krueger. Daniel Moya. Frank Seclillo. Steve Abeyta, and Phillip Berea. Girls Softball L. Front row, left to right: Pat Farley, Yolanda Franco. Stefanie Harrington. Eleana Stevens, Mary Herrera. Rosalie Sanchez, Debbi Parish. Denise Bai- ley. Ceftterrowi Marcela Perry, Debbie Sanchez, Barbara Geoffrion. Eliosa Molina. Cathy Baca. Anna Nuunez. Tina Sandoval. Kathy Garcia. Tena Miranda. Regina Duran fasst. Coachb. Top row: Mary Gachupin. Liz Navarrete. Debbie Casias. Thelma Chavez. Velma Chavez, Carol Henry. Arturo Talamante - Coach. Nazpiclureds Terry Peterson lmanagerj. .lulia Borrego. Varsigf Baseball Team Left 10 right, back row: Coach Joe Villa, Coach John J. Lopez, Clinton Walton, Victor Mancha, Eugene Agnes, Steve Buchanan, Dan Beeson Manny Abeyta. Coach Richard Bernie. Front row: James Sanchez, Larry Purcella, Aaron Garcia, Tom Otero, Ruben Fields, Andrew Salazar, ChrisiPadilla, and Roy Gonzales. B-Team Baseball Team -'F l First row: Carl Espinoza, Scott Wakisch, Will Rask, Fred Pohl. Pat Malone, Anthony Ortiz. Clyde McDonald. Second row: Lorenzo Valenzuela, Vince Romero, Gary Winn, Eugene Bell, William Abeyta, Andrew Griego. Third row: Coach Bernie. Ronald Sanchez. Eddie Sena. David Marquez, Frank Sedillo, Martin Lovato. and Coach Villa. Track Team Left to right, back raw: Vince Hernandez. Garland Torrez. Bill Elias, Verdree Stanley, Martin Segura, Brad McDowell, Charles Coan, James Cande- laria. .lim Baiamonte. Middle row: Coach Kenneth Medley. Angelo Collado. Vince Zamora. Rusty Gathings, Andy Cavalier. Paul Garcia, Chris Chavez. Felix Zamora, John Saavedra, Eloy Sandoval, Assistant Coach Stewart Burgess. From row: Managers Bessie Romero. Sylvia Chavez, Paul Brandenburger, Marie Trujillo, Rosemary Mares. Thomas Lyon. Tennis Team Goa' Team - A fs Q Ley? Io right, lop row: Joyce Henson Mgr., Coach Billau, Richard Barbosa, Arthur Bar- bosa. Kirt Kempter. Julie Sanderson, Pat O'Keefe, Roger Squires. Bonom row: Dale Len to Hgh, mp row.. James Vand0rHeyden Paul Rouen Steve Long Anaya, Mike Maloof, Stan Morgan, Jerry Johnson. and William Brown. Earl Browning, Roger Smith. Bmmm row., Dave Joyner' Chuck Rear- den. Mark Winn. Anthony Listy. The LQ? and Ti l. Typical of the visitors at Albuquerque High, Valarie Hill checks out the classrooms. iPhoto by Albert Navarroj 2. Marie Myers. Bobby Bryant. Gloria Maes, and Manny Abeyta ham it up during photography class. iPhoto by Cathy Bacaj 3. Jo Ann Padilla smiles as the Dawgs take over the score. iPhoto by Manny Abeytaj 4. Stanley Garcia looks weary over class assignments. iPhoto by Albert Navarroj 5. Thomas Barajas and Charles Rodriguez spend their lunchtime in the inside patio. iPhoto by John Belindoj 6. Arnie Mancha and Diane Gonzales arrive at school in the morning. iPhoto by John Bel- indoj Bonfre H uge for Cheerleaders 03" xp 2 uccess nd Senate The varsity cheerleaders and the Albuquerque High School Student Senate sponsored bonfires respectively on Friday night November 7, and Friday night December 5. Students, faculty members, the Bulldog football team, Bulldoggies, and all the cheerleaders sang and danced around the huge fire. The AHS band provided the enter- tainment during this happening. A pep assembly was held the next day. The purpose of all this was to build up the spirit of the student body for the football game against the Gallup Bengals. Student Senate held their bonfire on the night of Friday, December 7. After the bonfire the senate had a dance in which senior James VanderHeyden discjockeyed the event. The main purpose of their fire was to begin Snow Week. The other reason was to promote all sports. Both of these fires were huge successes. l. Students enter gym to attend AHS pep assembly sponsored by Varsity Cheerleaders. fPhoto by Gene Larsonj 2. Bonfire gets slow start but fin- ishes strong. iPhoto by Jim Thomasj 3. Albuquerque Fire Department attends bonfire for safety. iPhoto by Jim Thomasj Rosalie Chavez and Thomas Montoya dance to the discotheque musc. fPhoto by Rosanna Ybarraj 5. Fire reaches its peak at Student Senate Bonfire. iPhoto by Jim Thomasj 6. Football team plays afternoon game against the Gallup Ben- gals. CPhoto by Joe Lovatoj B l V9 if J ' tv-our .., :."':w ' ,, ., :agar .wma , . vt., f..5.,r.:' ...'i'j't'?'?'1g.,:" ffi"e .gy Q QT?" ,if .. f if -..V rt 7?"6Qw:f . "-W-9:4 ref' -' I , . . , V W A 'J-fik.: V , .. .R ,.,.,,, V ..,.. ,U .,,,,g. - ' 'W . "if '- A A 5 Q 1 , , .we . '--' Qtfqxgsg, 4-,gf 2 .nh - " W' I ,Ma '-'wwf' 9U!Q-v-Q? t ' . " , . ' .24-W, ' , ., an - L ' , " vt lv., A .., , ' '92 4 V V n ew ,wareflf - 'H 'M ' an 40 ' - 6 - 1 i -- 5 S eva ,Z i- .- 2- ,S ' has-f ' sw' N ' ' ' F ' f' ka'v .Q V J ,. 0, n a m.. M. 4. an 04.6 ,. Q, an na. M. 4, V 639-- S3 - 3 25, - ,ew w 23 c gi.: ,g .. , M f i f 'ag :V :Q U . a sf-4 at -tt.. - , - ,S - i- .gee M",: sig? TQ fees pews asia Sr M :S " v-Ai, rem x 1 , 'Q-Sis: i M52 C931 . 539 .251 . ug, fag ' i ff ? e a can 2. Z :.W'.. ' a' 155: 9,4 was 'J U . A f u UQ.: The concept of politics has been around since Adam and Eve. fag, V ', . - . .2 16 Though its precepts have changed over the years, its workings 'egg 5.001 haven't. fvpg 4 Politics has and will affect ever one's life. It la s an im or- f ?.Q f .a5?.', . . . . .sie g, tant part in the functioning of our country, school, community, -353 home, and, most im ortant, our life. '53 - 6 3 Ex, r . . . . - AMP.: :em We begin to understand politics durmg our early high school : E . J . . . . . , , 'F fig,-P: years as our involvement becomes more demanding and sigmfi- ,ik 5' '- cant. Veg? e - . . . . . . . . - ea- ,xewd Our part1c1pat1on 1n political elections and in governmental , us ' procedures becomes more evident as our student government is fs j if formed. g an . , ,. . . 52 4 We learn to get along with and understand people, to speak Q32 a .4 - - - : U 4 s- 4 before groups of people, and to become leaders. We find politics ,-age x ii ! is complicated, but necessary. It's the artful use of wisdom in 1 533 Ya ii con uerin all that we face. SH? 359 . . . . , . . . . - 539 ,foie Politics IS man s favorite pastime, though he may not realize 1t. eg , . . . . . 1: 1 1,3 We use politics, not only in government, but on the basketball 'eggs' 'e 84 . . . ' -' - if court, in the classroom, at a dance, and in everything that con- :gg .egfivf cerns life. ' fa f s a 6733 tiki ,en if . :esa c 5038, sais: w e fsfs - - es? xgbwaf 46303, Rm . ,Cami eggs! eggs! ,. . Q ,Z , ie 2-SEN i3f'2?J if.-0524 .fszffsr Q as Begg: x 1 sgieg f uv - vm - vv ' -nv - vy ' -fy ' sq - vy - say - vy - -fy - vy - sly - Wikia -Gww'9'?Qw32?vf5w'ff.6wM.w?U. W+awif?fawff?QwH'v.wi?vQfivwfggwwifgfzwwif?wif!nv, POLITICS fm SF gg, f Dig! Bulldog Band Bulldoggies B -Team Cheerleaders Chorus DE CA Drama Club FHA HEROfChildcare 144-146 148-151 152 156-157 158 160-161 162 163 Honor Sociezy Indian Club Junior House Junior-OEA Key Club Organizational 164 166 168 172 1 174 ,. 45 iz JY Fw - f " w qs Lt ' " 12 'N V Sv K ff in 2: , , W 2' f f 1 2 Q4 ' ifnf 5 ,f if r as .,, ffm' .. , ,A - ffl. ew W ,,.n.,,., A ff 492 1. Q- Civil? ' mK'f 53 3 ,.: hx Q in 'vs Y 33 .U KW E5 ' fe if ff :f we fr' ga ',4, f' ,,,, , , my 144 Bulldog Band I. Drummers show their style in the Christmas Parade. fPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 2. The Band marches to the beat of the drums. fPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 3. The Band performs at halftime during the AHS-Gallup football game. fPhoto by Omar Durantj 4. AHS Drum Major Weldon Hall. fPhoto by Omar Durantj 5. The band plays hard during the Veterans' Parade. iPhoto by Omar Durantj 6. AHS Drum Majorette Rita Padilla. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersj Bulldog Band The 1976 Bulldog Band was very busy throughout the school year performing at several city schools, marching in the Veterans, and Christmas parades, raising money, and preparing for the State Band Festival. They also perfomred during football and bas- ketball games and during several pep assemblies. Woodward, and the Maj orette was Rita Padilla. One of their many money-raising projects was the selling of Christmas Candles. Q Q , Mr. Arvizu in his first year here at AHS was the band's director. The band officers were President Debbie Garcia, Vice-Presi- Lorenzo Perez, and Secretary Susanne Woodward. The Drum Major was Weldon Hall, the Assistant Drum Major was Sus- 4 Banal cont. 1 if T L ,.. xml. A..,: gill-gf itj... ,, l t 5 T If T' . in S f' 'M V . ,. . ..' ?'i'i 5 f' f' . s L' 'S . - fvf K' K Y if- I f' N.,--"""i A i ' , fn-S iffy., S . . Nt Q A ""' s kijfii' . Pfwf 1 f .- Q f s as . , L ' etta as 1 3 ti ' .V A . 2 i, -F. " ,f'w.w fl T 3 T Q5 fy, - ' ' ' txt v g ' T if N. 7 --1... l. Band leaders lead band in annual Veterans' Parade. iPhoto by Omar Durantj 2. Tab Houser, Larry Seebinger, Ben Horton, Pat Forshey, Bob Hennig tSponsorJ, Lou Ann Simms, Ellen Fog, Chris Chabai, Kathy Shull, Carla Padilla, Carla Beauchamp, Gail Weaver, Naomi Friedman, Karen Amold. iPhoto by Marie Myersj 3. Violin Quartet: Laurie Lopez. Bethany Sheler, Manfred Ju, Kurt Kempter. iPhoto by Marie Myersj 4. Orchestra Instructor: Marie Robertson. iPhoto by Marie Myersj 5. Band members await beginning of the Veterans' Parade. fPhoto by Omar Durantl 6. The Ski Ski Club The Ski Club consisted of twenty-eight people includin Bob Hennig, vocational rehabilitation teacherg Ken Medley, track coach and history teacherg and Mark Scholz, choru teacher. These three people sponsored the club. The club president was Lawrence Seebinger. This was club mostly run by the students. They planned trips to place like Taos and Purgatory. .4 3 , M . xy, is f t . ' 1. ic f V W. . , . fffafei. 1 1 Lf??" .N"?l9 'XI ' his .ii . Club enjoys the beauty of the Taos Ski Valley. iPhoto by Bob Hennigj 7. Manfred Ju, Mrs. Robertson. iPhoto by Marie Myersj 8. Gina Montoya, Laurie Lopez, Bonnie Beverly, Phillip Giron, Bethany Sheler. iPhoto by Marie Myersj 9. AHS Band Marching in unison up Marquette Street. iPhoto by Omar Durantj l0. Martin Patterson smiles as he prepares a delicacy in foods. iPhoto by Bob Hennigj ll. Bonnie Beverly, Gina Montoya, Laurie Lopez, Phillip Giron, Bethany Sheler. Kurt Kempter, Manfred Ju. iPhoto by Marie Myersl Orchestra The Orchestra String Ensemble, under the new direction of Marie Robertson, gave several performances throughout the year. They gave one such performance during a PTSA meeting in which they explained the intricate workings of a string instrument. s I 1 47 148 Bulldoggies The Bulldoggies started off the year with a trip to Denver to participate in a summer drill team camp. The girls returned home with numerous awards, including the trophy for Congeniality. A two hour practice was a daily summer event along with bake and rummage sales, car washes and raffles. The Bulldoggies performed in Pep Assemblies and all home football and basketball games. The State Fair and Christmas parades proved to be a test of endurance for them. Their big event for the year was hosting the New Mexico State Drill Team Clinic and Competition. Following the clinic was another trip to Denver to perform at the half of a Denver Nuggets Profes- sional Basketball Game. An outstanding characteristic of the group was their willingness to experiment with dif- ferent types of dance, which brought variety to half-time at AHS. l l. The Bulldoggies help in the leading of the Fight song iPhoto by Manny Abeytaj 2 Loretta along with the other Bulldo ' d th ' d d ' h . . , ggies en ures e wm urmg t e Christmas Parade. fPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 3. In their basketball uniforms Bulldoggies Left to righrfront row: Bessie Romero Martha Manzanares Norine Gutier- S d P rez. econ raw: at Torres, Anne Cornish, Francella Crespin. Third row: Wendy Russell, Jeannie Garcia, Sylvia Chavez. Fziurth row: Christine Saiiz, Loretta Cha- vez, Dawn Smith, and Rhonda Howard. Back row: Managers Lynn Brooks and Marcia Boyer. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 4 Pat Torres dressed for the routine for Country Boy. fPhoto by Jim Thomasj 5. The Bulldoggies show off their football sweater in front of the trophy case. CPhoto b Wend H 0 6 Th B lld ' y y oy . e u oggxes demonstrate the routine they performed during the State Drill Team Clinic and competition. iPhoto by Cathy Bacaj 7. Bulldoggie managers Marcia Boyer and L B k l ' ' ' ynn roo s ead the way during the Christmas Parade. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 8. As a group, the Bulldoggies watch a boy's basketball game. iPhoto by Manny Abeytaj Bulldoggies who 0 1 ,ff 'E x l. Jeannie and Rhonda during a performance at halftime ofa basketball game iPhoto by Wendy Hoytb 2 Wendy and Loretta do their thing during Ph t b W d H . . l C 0 0 y en y oytj 3. Loretta, Jennie, Dawn, and Christine fight the cold weather as they march in the New Mexico Stale Fair Parade. fPhoto by . f' ' fe 'Q , 1 .. 'ml i 'l -f -, .., ' lr ,ap 2 If '-ing.-:x I, ' i ny, 1 gtg-h A X W l 2 a W f 4 1 .-Ll, , Q X A A 1 J X xx TN Q. N' g i ,vm ' x i- 'ff i his N 1 Q, r 4:2509 Perea and Gloria Maesj 4. Martha, Anne, and Pat move their Pom-Pom's to the Fight Song during the Christmas Parade. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersj B-Team Cheerleaders This year the highly spirited B-Team Cheerleaders were Belinda Saavedra, Sandra Garcia, Sharon Goodloe, Denise Kureger, Monica Zamora, and Head B-Team Cheerleader Gwen Gomez. These girls spent several hours everyday practicing and preparing for assemblies and games. They participated in various activities, including Spirit Week and playway nights. Some of their fund-raising projects were bake sales and food sales. In addition to their money-making projects they also helped out the Varsity-Six with their various activities. Hu, l. B-Team Cheerleaders Denise Krueger. iPhoto by Steve Milksj 2. Cheerleader Belinda Saavedra. fPhoto by Geneva Luceroj 3. Wearing their basketball uniforms, the B-Team Cheerleaders perform one of their routines. iPhoto by Richard Geoffriony 4. Cheerleader Sharon Goodloe. iPhoto by Geneva Luceroj 5. Cheerleaders Sandra Garcia. iPhoto by Geneva Luceroj 6. Gwen and Monica prepare for a food sale. fPhoto by Manny Abeytaj 7. iPhoto by Richard Geoffrionj Varsizjf Cheerleaders One of the biggest and best traditions at AHS is the success, precision, and brilliance of the Varsity Cheerleaders. Even when the team is not doing too well, the cheerleaders are ever present, cheering and motivating the crowd. Throughout the year they proved spirit and dedication by supporting all sports, as well as lightening the spirit during the day with posters and assemblies. They were not only successful in boosting the spirit, but also in their pre-season competition. They attended the NCA Cheer- leading Clinic during the summer and received one excellent ribbon, four superior ribbons, and the coveted spirited award. Through their efforts the ,75-'76 year was a true success, not only in athletics, but also in the promotion of a never ending rise in the SPIRIT at AHS. Q 154 Q hu . . . . , ' its .1 lt. 'fi H .. . S A ' A- .bL' 'l,fA P A ' ,, ' V , " Q I if 1,1 ll ' l. Photo by Jacinta Santiago. 2. One of the fun fund-raisings was going to the flea market. fPhot by Stephanie Romeroj 3. Photo by Judy Raby. 4. Jacinta and Andrea dress alike for assembly skit. fPhoto by Judy Rabyj 5. Patsy leads a chant during Bon-Fire. fPhoto by Jim Thomasj 6. Photo by Iacinta Santiago! 7. Photo by Mrs. Myers. 8. Andrea tries to bear the wind during Christmas Parade. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 9. In their football uniforms, the cheerleaders demon- ' strate one of their many stunts. fPhoto by Mrs. Ortegaj 10. The cheerleaders in the summer uniforms they wore each day of NCA clinic. iPhoto by Mrs. Ortegaj ,fi ll. The cheerleaders exhibit their self-painted megaphones. iPhoto by Mrs. Ortegal 12. Wearing their wrestling uniforms, they surround Butch. iPhoto by Mrs. Ortegaj l3. The cheerleaders display their basketball uniforms. iPhoto by Mrs. Ortegaj 14. Butch gives candy to kids during the Christmas Parade. fPhoto by Mrs. Myersl 15. Thomas Padilla, the person under the mask of Butch. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersb 16. The cheerleaders performing during a Pep Assembly. fPhoto by Mrs. Ortegaj Chorus The year '75-,76 was a great year for the AHS Chorus department Led by their director, Mr Mark Scholz their main drive this year was to raise enough money to get them to a requested performance in Denver Colo rado. The different fund-raising projects this year included a number of activities such as bake sales cheese sales and dances. l. Our outstanding Concert Choir of '75-'76 dis- plays their talent for an attentive audience in our auditorium. 2. Soloist Patty Shelton leads Mixed Chorus in a tune sung at one of our annual con- certs. 3. The lovely voices of some of our more spirited girls who put in extra time to create this group of singers. 4. Soloist Sylvia Pacheco leads the combination of voices apparent in our excit- ing group called the Good Day Singers. Chorus The Chorus department this year consisted of Concert Choir, an advanced course in the series, Mixed Choir, which is very similar to Concert Choir, and the Good Day Singers, a selective group taken from the members of Concert Choir. There was also a Girl's Ensemble made up of girls who worked and practiced on their own time after school. Winn-ang... fPhot0s courtesy Mr, Scholzj Yucca The Yucca staff members of the literary magazine worked hard for the '76 yearbook. They found many stu- dents with remarkable talent who contributed poems, short stories, and sketchings. The fund-raising projects of the Yucca included bake sales, slave sales, minature AHS pennant sales, and a dance, in order to raise money for their section in the '76 La Reata. Yucca's many workers were Anthony Belindo, Julie Brown, Marcella Candela- ria, Chris Cordova, Rick Ford, Margaret Garcia, Jane Heavin, Ben Horton, Steve Milks, Mary Louise Montoya, Thomas Padilla, Joy Read, Mandy Russell, Anna Schroeder, and Sandra Strome. Yucca's editor-in-chief was Julie Belindo and the sponsor was Mrs. Leah Ready. me 1 l. Sponsor, Mrs. Leah Ready and editor- in-chief Julie Belindo. 2. Members of the Yucca staff from 1. to r.: Anna Schroeder, Steve Milks, Mrs. Ready, Julie Belindo, Thomas Padilla, and Mandy Russell. 3. Mrs. Ready and Mandy Russell, two contributors to the Yucca. 4. Members reread some of the poetry and stories con- tributed to the Yucca. 5. Mary Louise Montoya, Anna Schroeder, Steve Milks, and Julie Belindo, proofread various types of creative writing. fPhotos 2 and 3 by John May. Photos I, 4, and 5 by Lucille AtencioJ D.E. C.A. This year, the D.E.C.A. club was sponsored by a new member of the teaching staff, Mr. Larry D,Anza. Mr. D,Anza worked along with the student members and the officers: Pres. Clarence Montoyag Vice-President Velma Chavez and Robert Garley, Secretary-Treasurer Lillie Ortiz. They worked together to make this year a memorable one. D.E.C.A. is a coop. training class. Students attended school the first part of the day and were employed at a job afterwards. Mr. D'Anza did his best to keep good communications between the student and the employer. Different D.E.C.A. members participated in the different categories in the D.E.C.A. state conferences. -an Members of the D.E.C.A. club this year include: l. Top row: Henry Landavazo, Zella Wil- liams, Derwin Price, Velma Chavez, Sponsor Larry D'Anza, Corrine Chavez, Clar- ence Montoya, and Pat Marti- nez. Botlom raw: Michael Mon- toya, Robert Garley, Larry Moya, and Ernest Encee. 2. Laura Baca, Debbie San- chez, Linda Maes, Lillie Ortiz, Esther Cordova, Lucy Torres, Jerry fallegos, Ray Gonzales, and Jackie Baca. Seated on Bulldog Ken McManis and Johnny Martinez. fPhotos by Kim Houselj 9 Drama The Miracle Worker, The Importance of Being Earnest, and Bye Bye Birdie - these are a few of Drama Club's many productions. Drama Club was very busy for this year. Not only did they give us exciting shows, but spon- sored a talent show for AHS students where the winner went to the all-city talent show. They also started an Improvisational Troupe Workshop which toured the elementary schools around Albuquerque. Drama Club also attended several plays at Univ. of Albuquerque, The Little Theater, and the Rodey Theater. Drama members 'Y Q 4 If were proud of their club for it IS one of the oldest members in the International Thespian Society which helps students to get into colleges offers scholarships and supplies the club magazines. New members were honored at a banquet at the Chez Hubert Restaurant at the end of 2nd semester Mr Sam Tapia, the sponsor, said, "The interest was overwhelming this year it was the best year I ever had for Drama participation." Drama Club's pres- l. Mr. Tapia. our radiant and exhuberant Drama director. sur- rounded by his group of student dramatists. fPhoto by M. Myersj 2. Two outstanding actresses. Mia Johns and Rosie Mares, reveal the tension and earnestness concealed in the por- trayal of Helen Keller's life. iPhoto by Tanyaj 3. Sisto Garcia and Sandra Strome discuss a matter which has arisen during a scene in the "Miracle Workerf' iPhoto by Geneva Luceroj 4. The play ends with Helen crying. "Wah! Wah!" iPhoto by John Mayj 5. Those who attended the play "Miracle Worker" were captured in awe at the brilliant work of our Drama Dept. actors. Those pictured in this scene are from lefz zo righz: Sisto Garcia, Lynn Kindsvater. Kneeling is Sandra Strome. and co- star of the play. Rosie Mares. who portrayed Helen Keller. qPhoto by Tanyaj 6. Happiness and uninhibited expression are two major aspects in the lives of our AHS actors. fPhoto by M. Myersj Future H omemakers of A merica Election of officers for the 1975-1976 school year resulted in the following being installed in the traditional candlelight service on January 30: Barbara Walker, Presidentg Nadine Mora, Vice-President, and Roberta McCament, Secretary-Treasurer. The installation was conducted by Gloria Maes, last year's president. Some of the activities were going to a district meeting in Grants and the spring district meeting at Rio Grande High School. Also, they attended the State Convention at the Albuquerque Convention Center. The service project for FHA this year was to work with other FHA and HERO chapters in the Albuquerque Inner-City FHA Council to purchase a "Beeper" for the Child Abuse Center. P-..,a' .vp f . .Q "E r' Q . ' -F .. -. T f 1. Secretary-Treasurer this year, Roberta McCament, and Vice-President Nadine Mora, reread their important papers. 2. President of FHA this year, Barbara Walker, verbalizes some points of interest to fellow FHA members. 3. The sponsor of Fl-IA, Mrs. Shock, smiles graciously at the outcome of the club this year. 4. Some of America's future homemakers attend initation at AHS. 5. Gloria Maes, right, last year's FHA president, initiates new preident, Barbara Walker, in the traditional candlelight service. fPhotos by Marie Myersj I-I ero X Childcare The Childcare and Guidance class is a preparatory class which advances the knowledge of teenagers who are planning to deal with children later on in life or have their own. This program is acknowledged by the symbol HERO which means Home Economics Related Occupations. It is a city-wide program. There were fourteen members in the class which included the officers: President Kathy Lopez, Vice-President Isola Pedroncelli, Trea- surer Pearl Padilla, and Secretary Pauline Mora. They were busy raising money for a beeper for the Child Abuse Center and did very well. The sponsor is Diana McMahan. '7 i 'Q IV' 'fi' qv ww Ui opp A, i I A K ,g5kV,?nL., ,. 4 1. if ag f C5 Q QV E253 VV I , fi- . 9 4 .-P 3 , l. "Boy, Life sure is tough." 2. Top from Iefz to righls Marsha Sweet, Jeanette Wil- liams, Kathy Lopez, Diane Baca, Isola Pedroncelli, Mary Anna Naranjo, Mary Jo Becerra, Pauline Mora, Robert Dean, Beverly Dunworth, Mrs. McMahan, Junetta White, Terry Parada, Ernestine Edding. 3. Cortez Gray says to Shane Henderson, "Go on, take a bite. I dare ya." 4. Jeanette Williams reads to Ramon Gallegos, Ruth Ann Trujillo, Eddie Bononcini and Cortez Gray: "And Papa Bear said to Mama Bear." 5. "AHS Childcare. I'm sorry but the teacher canlt be reached right now." Honor S ociegf Honor Society is for those students who have shown the ability to be leaders, to accept responsibilities, and to maintain a 3.25 grade point average. They sponsored many money-raising activities throughout the year, including a dance in the Spring. Their main project for the year was the induction ceremony in Spring for the new members. The sponsor of these outstanding students was Mrs. Ann Watters. The officers were President Maria Chavira, Vice-President Zerrie Owens, and Secretary-Treasurer Janine Krueger. U JY' we l. Mrs. Watters speaks to members while Jeff Means looks on. 2. Honor Society members pose for a picture, Lefl to right, front row: Jeff Means, Jack Newsom, John Eckert, Steve Snow, Mario Guggino. Second row: Kit Carson, Mrs. Watters, Janine Krueger, Zerrie Owens, Maria Chavira. Third row: Mary Lyon, Leona Chavez, Angelia Wash, Chris Gonzales, Christine Saiz, and Lillian Marquez. 3. Honor Society members listen attentively to officers. 4. Honor Society Offi- cers, Left to right: Vice-President Zerrie Owens, Secretary-Treasurer Janine Krueger, and President Maria Chavira. 5. Members listen as Mrs. Watters explains the induction ceremony to them. fAll photos by Mrs. Myersj S tatefs After intensive screening by the Staters of '74, six boys and five girls were chosen to represent AHS at the 1975 Boys' and Girls' State. The girls traveled to Highlands University in Las Vegas. Mary Lyon was elected City Attorney, Stephanie Romero was elected City Councilman and County Assessor, and Emma Miller was selected Outstanding Citizen of her city. The boys traveled to NMMI in Roswell. In the ensuing week Steve Snow became editor of his city's newspa- per, Gerald Schaeffer ran for Attorney General, Richard Geoffrion was appointed assistant to the Governor, and Jim Thomas was elected City Clerk, published the city newspaper, and was elected Secretary of State, which is the third highest position in State Government. ' 'div 2 MK . ,s..'40'f Q 2 l. The Boy Staters take time out for a picture at the entrance to the NMMI campus in Ros- well. 2. Jack Newsom takes his place in the truck during the initiation of new Staters last Spring. 3. The Girl Staters in the gowns they wore lo the inaugural ceremony during Girls' State. 4. Boy Staters, Left to right, front: Steve Snow, Bobby Sparks, Nick Valdez. Standing, back: Gerald Schaeffer. Sitting: Richard Geoffrion. Peeking through: Jim Thomas. 5. Girl Staters after a triumphant return from Girls' State. Left to right: Carmela Brito, Stephanie Romero, Mary Lyon, Emma Miller, and Maria Chariva. Indian Club The Indian Club was sponsored this year by a teacher returning to AHS after a year's leave, Annette Johnson. The President of the club was Nathanial Begay. Among such activities sponsored by the club were fried-bread sales and the painting of a mural in the student commons area. In May, the Indian Club united with the Chicano Club for the Chicano-Indian Culture Week here at AHS. Guest speakers were provided, along with a band, Los Chavos, and various cultural foods were on sale. 1. Indian Club members stop conference to smile for picture. 2. Nathanial CBuddyj Begay gives his opin- ion. 3. Members assemble in Lecture Hall for meeting. 4. Members discuss next meeting's agenda. iPho- tos by Joe Lovatoj VI CA VICA, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, tries to increase a student's working skills beyond the knowledge learned in class. The sponsors were Mr. Palmer and Mr. Cloud. The officers were: President Glenn Chavez, Vice-President Rudy Sanchez, Treasurer Manuel Torres, Secretary Paul Fielder, Parliamentarian David Wil- liams, and Reporter Henry Martinez. r l l 4 t l l, Top row, left to right: Alex Vallejos. Paul Fielder. Joe Valdez, Anthony Mora, Leonard Baros. Richard Martinez, Richard Archibeque: 2nd row: Sponsor David Palmer, Larry Vlfhiting, Manuel Torres. Harvey Monk. Anthony Romero. Joe Rodarte. Miquel Gomez: 3rd row: Ronald Gonzales. To Ping, Leroy Gonzales. David Williams, Ambrose Martinez. Ray Paz, Sponsor Ernest Cloud. iPhoto by Kim Houselj 2. Esther Cordova, Angela Gomez, Henry Mar- tinez, and Phyllis Martinez prepare to board buses on way to State VICA competitions in Carlsbad. l l 67 Junior House Junior House, under the explosive leadership of Thomas Padilla, President, Elaine Kozlowski, Vice-Presidentg Marie West, Secretary, and Tom Jones, Treasurerg raised the necessary money to put on one of the best Junior- Senior Proms. Their activities included a Spook House and Halloween Dance, various bake sales selling Bulldog Pride but- tons, and the always successful Mardi Gras. As added treats they went Christmas caroling and bought Junior House T-Shirts. The sponsor of Junior House was Mrs. Leah Ready. .-an l. Junior House Members: Left to right, front row: Thomas Padilla, Jo Ann Padilla, Theresa Garcia. Second row: Lynn Brooks, Susie Woodward, Kaye Hau- quitz, Paula Welch, Rena Montoya, Edwina Montano, Cathy Baca. Third row: John Del Frate, Julie Belindo, Ramona Rodarte, Mrs. Ready, Emily Crews, Clara Funes, Lori Elias, Mark Barela. Fourth row: Jeannette Tucker, Wendy Russell, Judy Lucero, Gina Montoya, Pat Chouinard, Dawn Smith, Robin Gon- zales, and Theresa Sanchez. iPhoto by Steve Milksj 2. Thomas Padilla and Tom Jones wait their turn to give their speeches during elections. iPhoto by Steve Milksj 3. 4. Members discuss money-making projects. CPhoto by Steve Milksj Senior Senate Senior Senate showed its versatility and patience under the leadership of President Eddie Valtierra, Vice-Presi- dent Barbara Candelaria, and Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Navarette. Senior Senate accomplished many projects during the year. The projects included: a Christmas Float for the parade, providing a Christmas party for kids in the Model Cities Library area, bake sales, car washes, selling of Bicentennial License Plates, and the traditional Senior Class present to the school. The sponsor of Senior Senate was Mrs. Leah Ready. am ,i'-'y?,5,,14, .Qt tttlwfmijrg H t.t. :gil fp at 3 ,M j 1+ .ge F 'AMHQ ' , 'afiii' t weft' ,'t'iiw,',vf 5 'MX 'W 4 x2 ls. "Q flif' ,... f 42 , 5 4 4293.1 at 2 Ai- L, A , ,.,' 1, t 1s if ' f A 1 ef Li e ,iii fi ,p.r,, 532Ll ,iif in Tr i.: 4'.:,, tal. if . ,Q e We ai at ,'., in .,., A ' -Q i: 'ezine l. Senior Senate members take time out for a group picture. Kneeling: Bar- bara Candelaria, Sitting, left to right: Steven Milks, Joyce Henson, Eddie Val- tierra, Julie Sanderson, Liz Navarette, Janine Krueger, and Zerrie Owens. fPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 3. Senior Class Officers: Left to right: Vice-President Barbara Candelaira, Secretary-Treasurer Liz Navarette, and President Eddie Valtierra. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 2. 4. 5. The Senior Class Float. CPhotos by Mrs. Myers, Mary Lyon and Steve Milks respectivelyl Senior OEA The Office Education Association is a Co-Curricular activity that is an integral part of the educational program which designed to develop leadership abilities. The senior Clerical Office Education and Secretarial Office Education Students make up the membership of OEA, Chapter. The 1975-1976 officers are President- Gerri Garcia, Vice-President - Jane Cordova, Secretary - Lillian Marquez, - Zerri Owens, Historian - Irene Chavez, Reporter - Christine Saiz, Activities Chairman - Eleanor Rodarte, C phers - Alberta Chavez and Chris Conzales. 3 it t3 7.eM,, Q, 5fg I L-'nz U i'ff 1. Dixie McGehee, Sponsor. 2. Theresa Rodriquez works hard during class. 3. OEA Members: Left to righl, front row: Rosemary Montano, Chris Duran, Lucia Gonzales, Barbara Villescas, Debbie Rael. Cenler: Clara Gonzales, Barbara Salazar, Mary Jo Becerra, Doris Purcella, Corine Montoya, Margaret Montano. Back: Helen Sandoval, Liz Perea, Norma Smith, Mary Griffin, Rhonda Gutierrez, Diane Chavez, Theresa Rodriquez, Trini Chavez. 4. Zerrie Owens and Norma Smith work hard in the office. 5. OEA Officers: Left to right: Chris Gonzales, Co-Photographerg Chris Saiz, Reporterg Irene Chavez, Historian, Jane Cordova, Vice Presidentg Zerrie Owens, Treasurerq Geri Garcia, President and Region IX President, Alberta Chavez, Co-Photographerg Eleanor Rodarte, Activities Chairman: Lillian Marquez, Secretary. 6. Geri Garcia makes a speech at the OEA Installation Banquet, held at The Convention Center. 7. Bi-Centennial Committee: Left to right: Eleanor Rodarte, Jane Cordova, Janine Krueger, Chris Gonzales, Zerrie Owens. fPhotos 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 by Marie Myers. Photos 4 and 6 by Ms. McGeheeJ Senior OEA OEA activities vary during the school year with one activity planned per month. Some of the activities this year included: Albu- uerque High Host- March 6, State Leadership Conferenceg National Leadership Conference, Topeka, Kansas, in Mayg and of course the end of the year picnic. Upon graduation from high school, those students who would like to remain in OEA may do so as alums or as members of Post Secondary OEA. gif' .fr A , 1 't Rf if inf We if W M iw . ,F ,, ,L A ,. .. A f ...Ar i. ,. f. ,Q Junior OEA l. First row, left lo right: Clara Padilla, Frances Dunworth, Irene Garcia, Lorraine Chavez, Margie Gonzales, Ann Brady. Second row: Lucille Atencio, Gallegos, Cynthia Jackson, Yvette Montoya, Dolores Valdez, Martha Manzanares. Third row: Patricia Gomez, Veronica Flores, Donna Martinez, Archuleta, Ramona Rodarte, Betty Ruiz. Members not shown: Barbara Candelaria, Carolyn Chavez, Lourdes Martinez, Cynthia Romero. 2. Sponsors: Jesko, Opal Stafford. 3. First row: Denise Castillo, Danny Winters, Alice Bencomo. Second row: Susan Gurule, Jeanne Garcia, Felicha Dyson, Carol Henry. row: Margaret Casados, Anna Chavez, Kathy Mitchell, Wanda Sharts. 4. First row: Reyna Montano, Anna Joe, Liz Farley. Second row: Debbie Peeler, Gail more, Sarah Frampton, Karren Torrez. 5. First row: Barbara Rodarte, Nancy Sorensen, Laura Chavez, Piper Keith, Jeannette Vallejos, Gloria Gonzales row: Eulalia Gallegos, Carlotte Marquez, Theresa Sanchez, Velma Chavez, Faye Griffin, Bemice Saavedra. Third row: Bonnie Harris, Paula Welsh, Susan Marcia Boyer, Becky Garcia. Members not shown: Elizabeth Garcia, Geneva Lucero. tAll photos by Marie Myersj OEA is a club whose main purpose is to help tell the student what is involved in business. It promotes leadership and confi- dence in the business field by having students participate in contests and competitions. I Lourdes Martinez was selected President, Anne Brady,, Vice-President, and Dolores Valdez, Secretary-Treasurer. Some activities of Jr. OEA were dances, raffles, bake sa1es,, and a key chain sale. The fund-raising was to pay for the Statef Installation Banquet at the Albuquerque Convention Center. l The Regional O.E.A. Contest was held in March at AHS., The State Conference was in April in Glorieta, New Mexico. l Student Senate The year was a fulfilling one for the members of Student Senate. Their activities included Homecoming, Win- ter Week, various dances, several trips and coping with schools problems. During the summer, Mary Lyon attended a Student Council Workshop in Socorro. Throughout the year several members attended various District Student Council meetings and in February, they attended a State Stu- dent Council Convention in Gallup. The officers of Student Senate were Chairman Mary Lyon, Vice-Chairman Regina Lewis and Secretary Sylvia Pacheco. The sponsors are Mr. Gene Crabtree and Mrs. Barbara Schwyzer. l. iPhoto by John Mayj Photo of Student Senate members. Lej lo right, front: Liz Chavez, Robert Leyba, Dawn Smith. Sitting: Judy Lucero, Tony Griffin, Janine Krueger, Mary Lyon, Bridget Brennan, Pat Chouinard, Chris Montoya. Standing: Gina Montoya, Susan Dewitt, Mrs. Schwyzer, Denise Krueger, Mr. Crabtree, Kaye Hauquitz, John Eckert, and Sylvia Pacheco. 2. Robert Leyba announces candidates for Homecoming Queen. 3. Student Senate members help out students during election. iPhoto by Jim Thomasj 4. Take that, Crabtree! 5. Kaye Hauquitz shows sophomore how the voting machine works. Key Club Key Club, up to this year, has been a behind-the-scenes organization. Its list of accomplishments were sending a child to summer camp, acting as hosts and ushers to a committee of school dignitaries here at AHSg helping parents find their seats and distributing literature at homecoming, sponsoring a canned food drive so that poor families could have a Merry Christmas. They also organized a basketball competition for students as a fund-rais- ing project. Headed by Steve Snow as President, Jerry Johnson as Vice-President, Stan Morgan as Secretary- Treasurer and Eddie Valtierra as the Sergeant at Arms, the Key Club's main ambition was to send their entire delegation to the district convention at Scottsdale, Arizona. I. Mr. Baca, Norman Padilla, Steve Snow. Eric Garretson, Mr. Bradley, Jerry Johnson, David Leyja - Members of Key Club. 2. Mr. Bradley, spon- sor of Key Club. 3, Key Club members show their interest in meeting. 4. Mr. Baca, Sponsor of Key Club. 5. President of Key Club, Steve Snow. 6. Members of Key Club discuss upcoming activities. fPhotos by Mrs Myersj Keyettes This was the first year for the Keyettes and proved to be a successful one. The sponsor was Mrs. Leah Ready. Keyettes is a club derived from Kiwanis Key Club in which girls from different schools help to serve their school and community. Some of their money-raising projects were a Fashion Show and the selling of flowers. The money went towards the project left from the class of '77. l. Left to right, first raw: Chris Chabai, Paula Welsh, Theresa Garcia, Cathy Baca. Second' Pat Chouinard, Wendy Russell, Lorena Garcia, Barbara Ellen- berger. Third: Lori Elias, Dawn Smith, Lori Kahn, Kris Nolan, Angie Petrino, Carla Padilla, Patty Klein, Lori Krbec, Dcedee Norman. Thoughts of Keyettes at Fashion Show. 2. Paula Welsh. 3. Chris Nolan. 4. Theresa and Pattie model for the fashion show. V' Newspaper "The Record" Staff With the coming of the new staff, new ideas and several new columns were formed to create this school's main source of media, The Albuquerque High School Record Editorship for the first semester of the year was headed by Guy Fernandez. John Castillo held the position of managing editor. With registration for the second semester, numerous changes occurred. John Castillo served as editor for the remaining half of the year. I - l. Lois Renfro says, "Hey Man, you better pay up, cuz I ain't let'en you slide, Remember I am one who don't take any jive." 2. Romona Rodarte and Betty Ruiz are putting newspapers together and getting them ready to be distributed. 3. lst Semester Staff: Szanding, Iefz to right: Anna Sanchez, Liz Navarrete, Josie Lucero, Guy Fernandez, Andy Cavalier, Chris Chavez, Anthony Marquez, Roberta Mares, Mark Padilla, John Castillo, William Brown, and Ricky Gomez. Sitting, left ro right: Lulu Huling, Lois Renfro, Marsha Sweet, Bonnie Harris, Diane Carroll, Rita Chavez, Gloria Maes, and Steve Fernandez. 4. "Come now Linda Session, You can give us a better smile than that." 5. Dave Carson says "While everyone else is working on the newspaper, Illl have time to read this one." 6. John Castillo says, "Look Mrs. Myers, I'm counting 5, 6, 8, 9 . . . 7. Marsha Sweet says, "I know my quarter has to be here somewhere." Newspaper "The Record 3' Staff Sponsor Marie Myers advised the journalism staff on how to produce and assemble the newspaper. New columns of The Record such as the Bicentennial Article, Students of the Month, and all the sports cover- age, kept up the interest of all the readers of The Record The paper, with Mr. Greer's approval, continued to be sent home in order for parents to be able to read the chief publication of Bulldog City. S 'I77 Reserve O j?eer Training Corps There was a great ROTC program this year at AHS. The enrollment for the year was 102 boys and 69 girls, which came to a total of 171 ROTC cadets. The students worked 3 days of the week academically. They studied such things as map reading, leadership, first aid, methods of instruction and marksmanship. The other two days were commandal. They also worked year round for a good A.F.I. or Federal Inspection near the end of the year. The inspectors look for such things as good records, equipment and students. MM, 7 1. Frank Marquez, Raymond Anaya, Ricky Gomez, Daniel Buswell, Richard Dorso, Benjamin Garcia, and Lewis E. Johnson. 2. Daniel Buswell does right-hand spin. 3. Varsity color guard - Ranks Michael L. Griego, Cadet Majorg Helen Sandoval, First Lt., Benita Ortega, Cadet Majorg and Raymond Anaya, Cadet Captain. 4. Benjamin Garcia encourages the drill team to keep in step for our photographer. Reserve Officer Training Corps The ROTC had both girls and boys drills teams which participated in various competitions including competi- tion in El Paso. They also had a five man rifle team which shot in about five postal matches, shooting 10 rounds in each position: standing, kneeling and prone. They were judged by the National Rifle Association. They also shot in four shoulder to shoulder meets. The ROTC students sold such things as candy and glasses to raise money for the annual Military Ball and for new uniforms. 5. Lewis E. Johnson, Marylouise Barelas, Marcella Candelaria, Lydia Ford, Nomie Gomez, Helen Mendez, Louise Griego, Georgia Espinosa, Brenda Martinez, Regina Griego, Darlene Ortiz, Denise Salazar and Christine Chavez. 6. The reflection of an unidentified ROTC member's helmet makes for interesting picture. 7. B A Color Guard Lewis Aguilar, Benita Ortega, Anthony Ortiz, Deanette Eddigs and Greg Griego. 8. "Wake up and march!" Christine Chavez screams to her troops. fPh0tos l, 2, and 5 by John May. Photo 3 by Monica Lamberti. Photos 4, 6, 7, and 8 by Marie Myersj Yearbook I I The La Reata staffs at AHS have traditionally been one of the most successful organizations not only at AHS, but in the realm of high school yearbook staffs. For 1975-76 the tradition was continued in the same fashion. The many ideas and the wide imagination of the staff helped to produce another unique year. There were many jobs and twice as many frustrations that the determined staff had to confront. It would have been easy just to give up and quit, but through much determination land much encouragement by Mrs. Myers, not to mention blood, sweat and tearsj the yearbook staff managed to complete the yearbook. The staff consisted of fifteen juniors and five seniors. They were broken up into the different categories of the yearbook. Introduc- tion was handled by Stephanie Romero and Clarence Montoya. Faculty and Curriculum by Patsy Candelaria l. LaReata Staff of 1975-76: Picluredfrom lej ro righ1,frs1 row: Beth Garcia, Clara Funes. Elaine Kozlowski, and Mandy Russell. Second row: Lupe Chavez Bernadette Sanchez. Angela Vigil. Jacinta Santiago. Gloria Vigil. Mary Lyon. Richard Geoffrion. Third row: Mike McCulley. Edward Valtierra. Julie Belindo. Jack Newsom. Fourth row: John Castillo. Jim Thomas. Nor picrured: Stephanie Romero. Patsy Candelaria, Bessie Romero, Clarence Montoya. Alex Montoya iPhoto by Marie Myersj Yearbook I1 and Guadalupe Chavez. Marie Myers did the Sophomores. Angela Vigil, Mandy Russell and Julie Belindo worked on Juniors. Sports was done by Edward Valtierra, Jack Newsom, and Alex Perea. Jacinta Santiago and Mary Lyon were in charge of Organizations. Yucca was done by the Yucca Staff and headed by Julie Belindo. Bessie Romero, Bernadette Sanchez, and Beth Garcia put together the Senior Section, Los Portaestandartes by Gloria Vigil. John Castillo, Clara Funes, and Elaine Kozlowski took charge of Student Life. The Bicentennial Section was done by Julie Belindo, Mandy Russell, Angela Vigil and Jacinta Santiago. Gloria Vigil and Beth Garcia handled the Index, and Closing took much of Stephanie Romero's time. Copy was done by all LaReata Staff, with the major contributor being Jack Newsom. ,CLI Kerzpz Jfieme 51,414-iv ffil muszb ifie 'kquldruse Club 117203 19211 leader cf 2126615 fiat makes ZL5ZfJf1Z6c11tQ5W' L'A 'K-E-A -T-A La Keufa Jian l La Kefifa Jffrlll-UH-,flffalz La Kandi .ffffLZ7Z'0k-J'0l7Z J 74011 We your e , - . .ww L65 Zzrgdegh 5290? mm zz!! u5 yearfazzlglfzfx, L 'A - K are yo? jail? folfzfy one ? gow!! nlwqgs c'emem5er 79 76 N l. Jim Thomaspknown to all as LaReata Man conducts us all in singing the Lakealzz song. 2, Mrs. Myers shouts out happily knowing that this is her last. last yearbook deadline. tPhoto l by Marie Myers. Photo 2 by Bobby Bryantl Song Written by Jacinta Santiago and Stephanie Romero. Lettering done by Maggie Lutz. UWM Q f ' 1 s l x. u A v ' y, l. Bessie Romero leads us all for a practice run at the LaReata Song before the assembly. 2. Richard Geoffrion works hard making his LaReata hat. 3. Mary Lyon can't believe she lost her layout. 4. Clarence Montoya does a skit for the LaReata assembly. 5. Jack Newsom and Angela Vigil modeling the new fashions for LaReata. fPhotos l, 2, 3, and 5 by Jim Thomas. Photo 4 by Marie Myersj L. H211 HEAD HONCHO - MARIE MYERS Introduction - STEPHANIE ROMERO, CLARENCE MONTOYA Sophomores - MARIE MYERS Juniors - ANGELA VIGIL, MANDY U RUSSELL, JULIE BELINDO it Sports - EDWARD VALTIERRA, ALEX 1 ' J PEREA, JACK NEWSOM P L I Organizations - MARY LYON, JACINTA I I SANTIAGO , Yucca - JULIE BELINDO I f 1 Seniors - BESSIE ROMERO, BETH GARICA, BERNADETTE SANCHEZ Los Portaestandartes - GLORIA VIGIL Student Life - JOHN COSTILLO, CLARA FUNES, ELAINE KOZLOWSKI Bicentennial - JULIE BELINDO, MANDY RUSSELL, JACINTA SANTIAGO, ANGELA VIGIL B Index - GLORIA VIGIL, BETH GARCIA, JIM THOMAS Closing - STEPHANIE ROMERO Division Page Essays - JACK NEWSOM l, LaReata Man makes a quick change. 2. Hat describes Mike McCulley to the tee. 3. John Castillo and Eddie Valtierra are distracted for a minute after a hard day's work. KAII photos by Jim Thomasj if 'ni l. Stephanie Romero gets caught making hats in class. 2, Jaeinta Santiago, Clarence Montoya. and Mr. Arvizu were contestants on the "Price is Wrong." 3 Jack Newson and Clara Funes sing in harmony to the La Ream Song. 4. Eddie Valtierra works on yearbook layout, lPhotos l. 4 by Jim Thomas. Photos 2, 3 by -Marie Myersj Yearbook I Yearbook I, was a class in which the students participated in yearbook production by taking pictures. They also developed and printed their own pictures. Yearbook l included: Cathy Baca, Gene Larson, Kim Housel, Joe Lovato, Margie Gonzales, Manny Ahevta. Mary Sanchez, William Brown, Wendy Hoyt, Ray Gonzales, Gloria Maes, Steven Milks, Cindy Jackson, Bobby Bryant, Garcia, John May, Molly Avalos, Lucille Atencio, Geneva Lucero, Carol Montoya, Rita Chavez, Bernadine Watson, Lamberti, and Diane Perea. l. Jim Thomas, Joe Lovato, Bobby Bryant, John May, Manny Abeta, William Brown, Ray Gonzal Steve Milks, Wendy Hoyt, Molly Avalos, Carol Montoya, Irene Garcia, Lucille Atencio, Geneva Lucero, Margie Gonzales, Cindy Jackson. Mary Sanchez. Rita Chavez, Cathy Baca. 2. Carol Montoya develops in dark room. 3. Diane Perea, Monica Lamberti, Gloria Maes. 4. Gene Larson, member of yearbook I. 5. Lucille Atencio reaches for chemicals in the darkroom. Nolpictured: Kim Housel. fAll photos by Marie Myersj 185 "We Love You! .J .4 186 rw- ,.,.,. ....-.,-,--H' .--1 M rs. M yen?" M-.lbfflfiffilgilffi o , J'LZ.I1QT,i 5 --.-.-Q - . R Q Y X l. Mrs. Myers working hard till 10:00 at night during her 2nd year at the old AHS. 2. Mrs. Myers remembers the good times at the patio in the heart of Bulldog City. 3. 1963 Highland graduate. 4. A little enjoyment helps to relieve the work load. 5. Bulldogs meet in the patio once again, but at the new AHS. 6. Taking on a senior class was one of her first assignments at AHS. 7. Leroy Gonzales of the 1972-73 yearbook staff listens as Mrs. Myers explains to him his next assignment. 8. Becky Ortiz. photographer for the 1972-73 yearbook, discusses with Mrs. Myers her next roll of film. l. Angela Caruthers shares her exquisite talents for AHS's first school concert. fPhoto by Joe Lovatoj 2. Sun shines brightly on Butch after school hours. QPhoto by Cathy Bacaj 3, Student has peaceful dreams. iPhoto by Jim Thomasj 4, Abe Estrada patiently gives advice to one of AHS's students. iPhoto by .lime Thomasy 5. Richard Dorsol thinks wastefully as time goes on in chemistry. iPhoto by Manny Abeytaj 6, During first concert, mixed cho- rus performs before a large crowd. fPhoto by Joe Lovatoj 7, Volleyball is only one way for AHS stu- dents to entertain themselves. iPhoto by Irene Gar- ical ' 'Mem - f., , sif- 37,3 5 T3 -ZW Part of the tradition here at Albuquerque High is Junior House sponsoring the door deco- rating contest headed by English teacher, Mrs. Leah Ready. This popular contest was held from Tuesday, December 8, thru Friday, December 12, and much variation was present as ideas ranged from the bicentennial year to the hot air balloon festival and the ever-present traditional Christmas ideas. Assistant principal Mr. Milton Baca, teachers Mrs. Leah Ready, Mrs. Barbara Schwyzer, senior vice-president Lis Navarette, junior class president Thomas Padilla, Dan Os'tler and Steve Milks judged the event. The sweepstakes trophy went to Mr. Lopez's class who based their idea on a Spanish boy play- ing his guitar for the Santo Nino. Six first place ribbons were given along with twelve honorable mentions. Junior House made 332.00 as they charged the homerooms a dollar apiece to enter. 190 Mr. Lopez? Door T ' S C takes Trophy . i 3 I. Mr. Miranda and Mrs. Duquette devised their idea on the Bicentennial. 2. The main office gets into the Christmas spirit as they display the tree. 3. Thejudges make their rounds to determine the winners of the decorating contest. 4. Mrs. King based her idea on the twelve elfs. 5. Mr. Godley got their idea from the World Hot Air Balloon festival, 6. Mrs. Anderson based their idea on Santa and his delivery of presents. 7. Mrs. Gaylord's door expresses the joy children find in Christmas. Photo's of Mrs. Gaylords door and Mrs. Andersons by Steve Milks. Remaining photos by Jim Thomas, V - .. . f--t1 . t f t 1 : .'-, 2?1j7..::i'. L - V. V- - g - W f i.J.a yt Fw af" l Q I ' 'fam ,M , g 'X -X , ret' ef, I , f Sw QQ Q MAY: ik ang A JN A ,W :f a N X Xxx Him!! M M Y X , 1 4 ! M XY " LX Ark ' A "QS3 NX BRAIN HEART BRAIN HEART BRAIN HEART BRAIN HEART BRAIN HEART BRAIN HEART Con versatzon I am the source of power from which all comes you cannot fight me for I have the power to end love Darker than the night fiercer than a nightmare my love will grow That you cannot control This is a man s delight to own a sword of hate to possess in him the evil of darkness Night of the dark comes to every man and stays around to see how it will end Be a friend be a friend I have a magic potion Will you give it a try to go on a cosmic planet far out of sight" Curse be to you mind Take a look around at what you have done to you to me and to life I will test your morality by first giving you fire From your fire I create a stream of sleepiness Yes but what can you do with a nightmare" Turn your horror into a dream You cannot fight me for I my friend have the sword of hate Yes but I my friend have an impenetrable force of love which only I can possess Yes fear for you cannot pos sess it' With that fear left the mind as soon as it had come leaving only memories The air was clean the fire burned once again And love will now greet the day Ode I0 my A rms My arms are like branches that reach out from a tree Long and luxurious they too like toy soldiers lead an army which is me These branches are a part of my being They can hold and carry things caress and feel things These arms are mine and no one else s They are special these long and luxurious limbs of mme Reyna Montano Sadness is pale white It tastes salty and sounds like a woman weepin It feels like cold cement and smells like lilies Abraham Armijo Crisp and fresh with mellow voices whispering imaginary thoughts into one s mind of our own restless hangups and making them real Clara Padilla : ' 3 ' . .U . . ' , . q , . . ' . D : ' ' . ' ' ' , ' ' . 1 ' , , ' , . I 9 7 7 ' 3 1 ' . , , playing war with his toy tommy gun. ' ' 66 9 93 ' 7 . ' - 66 79 , , . , . is . . . ,, . I. 1 . , .. . . , Rick Ford Nmos Mayores I look out the window and I see my son Bang' Bang' You re dead' He shouts to a friend He falls but gets up as the game comes to an end My son then shouts I won' Hooray' and I marvel How fascinating the way children play Then from the radio I can faintly hear The news of the war and I shed a tear How many people will you kill today" And with a feeling of disgust I softly say Yes how fascinating the way children play Jeff Means Clouds floating lazily along Some mountains of whipped cream others balls of cobalt cotton still othersjust wlsps of white they differ in shape but all water and dust Abraham Armijo 3 . .Y V W ,,,1A ,, . - wi, W fi 5, le' .fs 4- . X . Rf. Xi X5 ' ii 'L Q :X X. 3 Q if uf f 'N n f 5' sv-ff, - M .M 4 .3 wen' TK IW. E 1- 1, P 4 V 4 Y nw- W K , Q 3 3, !' !'f'5'v.' V54 ff A K '1 ' -wiki M5 a W Q-'X' I ,gf ij fwffi' ffl' if- V vs, fnwymj--2'-' "u,-f 22 923' , .mg , -Q An A frlcan Speaks From Wzthm Our women gather roots and berries to feed our young and our not quite grown young men Our women gather in their breast from a suckling child to feed her other child who needs to find mother s milk and warmth Our chiefs and our older wiser men search vainly for provisions needed to keep our women s well of prosperity flowing When on the horizon we see look' A man whose skin is the color of the fawn s underbelly whose eyes hold living thunder in their deep recesses hair as golden as the brittle dry plants in the season when our gods are asleep He stands with assurance worthy of the gods them selves We the older men gaze awe inspired as this strange god comes forth We throw ourselves grovelmg at h1s feet for this is the sign surely it must be' This vision is the much prayed for petitioned for sign of prosperity in our bellies Then in the twinkling of the many gods eyes in the heavens we are taken and bound with claws cold and heavy We are forced with our woman and children toward a giant wooden creature which growls when we approach We all bemoan and wail for this is our pun ishment for doubting our god s powers for supplying us with sustenance of the day Then we are transcended by this chariot of heavenly animals with long necks long faces and feet as though our mischievous gods and goddesses had made them for prancing on hot coals Their legs look like they are not sufficient to carry such great bodies They looked like our own kubahas Czebrasj but being heavenly they were such greater creatures less graceful but all the more powerful Our first odyssey ended at the great ever beautiful Somarahan fAtlant1cJ where there waited an enormous fretful looking monster We all cried Save us oh Gods' but the gods said something and a stick that shot forth the vomit of our gods when displeased quieted our mortal protests and we were thrown into its intestines After many days and many deaths we arrived at another shore much unlike our own homeland and these gods took the weak s1ck depleted group of us to a great house where we were instructed by a fellow tribes man to dress in a strange garb and line up for inspection We were issued sacks to pick an unknown bleached flower Then we were forced to the brutal realization that although these so called gods held the whip they were less than human Phyllis Thomas . . , . - v . . . , . , . . . , a v Q - f Q ' - Q s , . . . . ' s . . , , . , 1 w . , ' . . , . v v a , - s - ' as - a v ,, . . . , . s a a , - - v ' a When a person dies their possessions are divided among those cherished people still alive. The most prized possession goes to the most prized person. Well what I want to know is what to do when that most prized possession is you? Joyce Henson Sometimes in a relationship you reach a point where you feel you ve got nothing left where you feel empty withdrawn and exhausted. And what can you do when there seems to be nothing but Memories of the past and dreams of the future? When the present seems unbearable And you feel like you ve given all you can. and more And like you ve already taken too much? You can t go back for it s too late You can t go forward because chances are that things might go from bad to worse Qand you can t take that chanceb You can t stay where you are because of the constant fighting and hurting and misunderstanding. What do you do when it seems there is no place to turn? Joy Read You you who say that you and I are civilized Are we? You who tell people what to do And if we don t then you are cruel. Vkfhy do you beat me? Vlfhat gives you the right to treat me like an animal when I amjust like you? All I want is freedom for all but there is no freedom as long as you are there. You don t care. My people are dying. Hear! They are crying. But you can thear cause you don t care. You are being mo civilized. What a crime it is to be civilizedlike you. Jane Heavin , , , , , , , , , and things could never be the same again. , , - , a , , , , , 5 , , 6 S Lmshme Sunshrne was born on a clear calm summer afternoon The soft winds whispered by and the frogs croakrng rn the pond and the crickets and grasshoppers making therr lrttle insect norses welcomed her rnto the world Her mother squatted rn the grass and putting to use all of the natural chrldbrrth techniques she had been taught she started breathing and getting rn rhythm with the contractions The husband father squatted next to her holdrng her hands kissing her gently comforting and helping all he could She felt reassured by him just being beside her and by hrs softly spoken soothing words reminding her of what to do Slowly the baby s head appeared With each following push more of the chrld entered the world There was some parn but the mother either ignored rt or considered rt a good pam She had never felt so beautiful before and she felt high because of the simple and human way she was grvrng birth to her chrld The man s hands held the baby and wrth the frnal push the chrld was born He watched the whole process wrth such won der and awe and the love showing on hrs face told the whole story He held hrs trny daughter and cleaned her softly wrth hrs shrrt that he had ripped and morstened wrth water heated over the campfrre He krssed her gently and held her close untrl he was sure she was breathing normally He put the chrld rn the mother s outstretched hands and then gurded the small mouth to the woman s bare breast The chrld rmmedrately started sucking and the man then cut the umbrlrcal cord They moved to a clean area and then sat down agarn The mother held the chrld rn one hand and wrth the free hand she held onto the father s trghtly The baby strll sucked at her breast The parents faces were frlled wrth happrness and love How proud they were of therr lovely chrld and of the way they had brought her rnto the world They looked rnto each other s eyes then down at the baby and back rnto each other s eyes Therr smrles were lrke light reflecting rn a prrsm magnifying therrjoy ten thousand trmes They named her Sunshrne As the mother rested and nursed her chrld the man began prckrng up therr belongings and loadrng them rnto the van He rrnsed out the pans they had cooked rn and rolled up the sleeprng bags and took down the tent The camping trip hadn t turned out at all lrke rt was supposed to They hadjust gone up to the mountarns for one last trme one last trme to be alone together away from crty ways and crty people before therr chrld was born But then the contrac trons had started and there was no way they could have gotten to a hosprtal before the woman delrvered They decrded to stay rn the mountarns rnstead of havrng the baby born rn the middle of the hrghway She delrvered rn a meadow squatting rn the grass lrke the Indrans used to do It was scary at frrst but they found they had enough strength and knowledge between them to pull through The man frnrshed loadrng the van and went to hrs wrfe and newborn chrld Sunshrne was half asleep and contentedly nurs mg The woman held her daughter carefully and gently she was holdrng the most precrous thing rn the world to her Suddenly out of the quiet and the peace the chrld seemed to choke and then make sobbing whrmperrng sounds The mother rocked her and trred to get her to nurse some more The baby got worse She was making hardly any norse and her face was covered wrth parn The parents were startled at frrst but that soon turned to qurckly spreadrng fear and panic The baby s face was changrng colors and she made strange gurglrng norses The parents were stunned but therr fear kept the movrng Climbing rn the van they took off but rt was slow going down the mountarn roads The mother held the chrld trghtly and her worry showed rn her eyes The father kept hrs eyes on the road glancing srde ways occasionally to look at hrs chrld Fear was rn hrs eyes The baby s norses completely stopped Her mouth was strll movrng but no norse was comrng from rt The father pulled the van over to the srde of the road Sunshrne squrrmed vrolently for a moment and then lard strll Her breathing stopped and they could feel no pulse They understood they hadjust watched therr chrld dre The father turned the van around and headed back to the camping place The mother strll held her now lrfeless chrld rn her arms Once agarn the husband stopped the van and turned to hrs wrfe They held onto each other wrth the baby rn between them They crred For them therr world had ended Joy Read Brokenhearted Clark Kent Willie Wonka George Washington in a phone booth was bent. in his chocolate Tonka was a son of a gun For Superman needed to soar cruising the town stood crossing the Delaware But his cape was caught in the door. spreading acne around. cause of his frozen underware Scott Hardy Ted Ostapack Abraham Armrjo a - a -Q a - ' a Q , . , . , . , . . . . , . , , . . .- . , . . .. , . , .. . . ., , . . , . . . . . . . , - s s ' a , . - a , . . 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QsQw,a,V.- 1f?aVyef:11t?: i-VM. theway 1lWZ1I1tS ' W' V -'fry -'4,,x'! w.,1p4fff,gs'f.,i ' JY' Y' ' 4'-.,..-K--4.f:ffPzf.4:rgewf,-ff.--3?-iq, - -M-.,V.. - ,."'f:'7'f-f K-1:54 ' i 'tEg755'f'e'f':'l7f7 - ,Jw "kia-viii"-Pi? ,i.?J,.5.ia-:gfc,,f.wg1Qg2.ff13ifQEE4' -,iTf1g'z. 'V than I do VWff"fff'EwkkYi.' ' ' 5 K9 lift ' f'-rg:-Q-M. - le af-gf, ' One tear, .,.f',ffVv:'i:-.-N , . "i, f ", we ' ' if- five-1' ' - - . f ,L-f,,,.tV,,w s U - H Julie Belmdo it-use -:gig T V ignite -In-5l..,..M -. - I Downtown in the mist of fog I find myself alone wandering the streets, thinking. . . Walk? No dream. Mark Weil How do I get back home? ,. t, Trees reaching both ways The roots pushing their fingers deep into the earth. Branches reaching for the sky. . Try to touch if the bright sun. Andrew Garcia When your ostrich is sick in bed, Try to administer lots of fluids and foods that do appeal to his taste buds on his tongue, and the hairs on his toes. Try it. Once. Chrys Schnoor Curiosity is yellow. - It smells of sweet air and Rear islred. k sounds like the innocence of a kitten,s purr. sms 52, if I t Its taste will lure you like breeze tempts the fire. fs 1 e ES Talk 02 S eps' It feels like a Christmas gift on December 24th. Bat ingfrs ee 1 el ' Monica Sawtelle 1 er as e' Ab .. raham Afm1jO Tower of Jericho Scene: San Francisco, California. The streets arejam- packed with people waving flags and banners. On the banners the word "Babel" is printed in red, white and blue letters. The people are gathered around a huge building, the tallest ever built. Reporter: "Yes, folks, it's a proud day for us all. At exactly noon today, the seventh day of the seventh month in the year l9T. Babel, the world's tallest building will be completed, surpassing the Russian Government Building by over 500 feet! I now present the President of the United States who is about to begin his speech." President: "My fellow Americans, I stand before you today to dedicate to the citizens of the United States, Babel. the world's tallest building. In this present trend of buildings going higher and higher it gives me a good feeling in my heart to know that the United States of America is literally at the top. fWild cheering breaks out and it is several minutes before the President can resume his speech.J But seriously I think it would be a nice gesture to all the architects and engineers who have worked on this building every day for the last five years if we would all be silent as the last steel girder is put in place. CThe President s .speech is over but obviously being in a good mood he jokingly addszj Again thank you all for the wonderful applause. .lust remember I m running for re-election. All laugh but the laugh is cut short for the last steel girder is about to be put in place. Everything grows deathly quiet. Every eye is glued to the closed circuit TV picture of the helicopter lowering the beam closer closer . . . Finally the beam touches and as if upon one agreed signal wild cheers break out as California slides into the ocean under the weight of the building. Jeff Means Love is like a rainbow with overlapping colors It smells like caramel apples and English Leather After Shave on rainy days It tastes like sitting in front of a bright blazing f1re while the snow silently dirfts down outside and like blackberries eaten right off the vine It sounds like kissing in the dark and children playing and couples talking softly together It feels like taking a teddy bear to bed and coming home to a clean house with dinner almost ready and going to someone else s home knowing you will be treated as family Joy Read , ,, .. , , 66 , , , , , and walks in the woods Tall skinny snow-barked trees tower high above the brown dead undergrowth. Their tops a brilliant lemon leaves fluttering in the wind. Abraham Armijo In the hot fires of Hell burns blackened souls on Satan s threshold. Down to the very bottom step sits Lucifer on his throne. Rick Ford The shuffle of leaves in the calling dark forests. . squirrels stop chattering the deer pause to listen and I open the forest door. Rick Ford scalloping the sky tie-dyed with clouds below the beavers pushing ripples in the green water-lilied lake. Abraham Armijo The wind blows stronger as the day gets longer' snow billows down hard. The sun is fading out behind the whispering clouds. Rick Ford Ode I0 an Ulcer This is an ode to an ulcer that grew oh 100 soon. Oh how you burn. Oh how you churn when l need you the least. You are there to cease all of my comfort. My ulcer My dear dear ulcer what shall I do with you? When you come you know what follows: my mylanta! My mylanta will hurt you. It will cure you but only until you come again. Jane Heavin , , The range of mountains , , Long I fell and he with me. His fire was about me, and I burned. Then we plunged into the deep water and all was dark. Cold as the tide of death, almost it froze my heart. Yet it has a bottom, beyond light or knowledge. Either I came at last to the uttermost foundations of stone, or I'm imagining things. He was still with me, his fire quenched. but now he was a thing of slime, stronger than a strangling snake. We fought far under the living earth. where time is not counted. Ever he clutched me, and I, him, 'til at last he fled into darker tunnels from which he had come. For. far below the deepest tunnels, the world is gnawed by nameless things. Then darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time and I wandered far on roads that I cannot tell Rick Ford 1 75051 Nt,-7? M f fii E' I r-' yrf f M f 4 ,,,,, .-wel .s"'::1 ff Q, WW -'53 wx I I thi Riff It X l fjff Xff 3 ya? 'li My ears are sezishells hearing an ocean of people. My mouth is a cave that echoes only what others have said. My nose is Mount Everest protruding from the rest of its surroundings. My voice is a trumpet. loud and clearly resounding. My legs are two pillars supporting the ruins. My heart is a clock that can be wound only once. Abraham Armijo The grey fog-blanket a protector from sunlight loud noises silenced. Jeff Luthy A mirror in the night tall friends behold it gently Man retreats to be alone Ben Horton A big bri ht white moon sometimes sliced by the darkness but untouched tonight Jeff Luthy -:iff In X ydwlx f M! MZ - g I pgffhp K . I ' i I flll fif 1 ,. ' y I ' X, ..tittt . ee' f Wt I ff fffif , ff , A ,W ,rf 5 it ls' ' llr' -K Ili I VE t' ll ., , r l ' . lvl ' ,, ' M ,i,:' , I I Xi f t I ti . I . , I if 0 ti- Q - i "4 a ,- f f ,ll if 1 -lr ,A,, " U x sb A ff sf.-gxb ...Ax I 1 If l ' ' l f ! Y X X I1.. i,5geg'f,. i, .f of W Mgt ill , ,W f to .X g . . ., ogg: .,l,,, 'lf X X QQAXQ Q X E I g MN! I . if ,flltlls 'X f y x f 4 f ' I .Qi " j s l' N i . fl f ' F t.5'iS1' iil IWW Kimi - X I fijii I A i W W ie -'llll fl X X t t if fl' f r' , l: W: ' I fmt I , . f ,f vw' I I ' I tl H ill it l, vfflf' I t I Nlfl f in ' I t W2 . lt. I if ff . ff f , l . o f it if' t i. I Ill if I i w rt N N Wt vt.-t 1 ,tt lt t" I' I We if FIX ' ,f X i r,.,. x i t JJ l ,n iwllj it its l If . tl .xx ri r X, ' Xxx t ! I fy yy , f -I ,F 4 f t- l I " ff It lil I l i - - ll I fi if lit.. it . f , K X41 fit.. I? Q o,.' Tk fffj ff gf I I , ilx lit XX ! fixx tt ,fly I ' . ., gl it I 57 5 ff M l' t . t . . ff , , fy fl , X ff l' 4. xiii I A . 4 Q! f I X f 1 I 1 A' ' A !. .x t nf .4 f . .gf at 2 , .. si gf f ' vm M lt There's a place in my mind where I can be free where I can be happy and fulfill myself by belng me I see tt so clearly I reach out my hand trylng to hold lt but ll eludes my touch and tells my m1nd rn a volce quite loud and ahve Later lt says later the tlme w1ll come for you to be here but for now be happy w1th what you ve got There mountams rlse calm and tall calhng out to the w1de open sky royal purple and twlhght blue reachlng upwards to the stars that hover forever above There trees grow l1v1ng growmg thrrvlng thr1ll1ng1n the fert1le dirt they grow tn a clrcle protectlve and strong Crrcles mean wholeness keeplng 1n good keeplng out bad There a lake stays peaceful and sllent all seerng all knowlng but never d1vulg1ng1ts secrets A huge glassy eye reflecting all lt sees but never telhng what meanmg lt gets from all 1t absorbs There a rlver runs tumbhng down from the mountam tops playlng wrth the lake staymg only long enough to say hello and then be on tts way agaln and wandermg wherever lt may please taking happmess and sunshlne where 1t goes X ff! ,gf ' x' ,af , I, f f t aff If 79" 'iff ,f ' ' v 'ffl' ,f A , 448523, , my ', 0 f 4 , 2 .. , ' j,ggfsj'Q gjsvlftrfgggl Q-fu.: 'ft W m 1i'ffl12""tfiig. , xi' W ragmf-:Vf'rirft1 -llrx 'I I . ,,,,,,..., .NN There the sun smlles 4"- k X f'k'if 't"A X Lf 'l 'lvvih ' fm'-W shmmg and danclng brlghtly .C :'f.l5'ji44L f V day by day uf I W" 'L TT3'ff' K get f- A ' 5 L ' :fu than ll Al Q' Pourmg all of 1tS goodness W 'l-mt' -F 'L l' onthelandbeneath ' R, IW, 'YN '-' T L L---un T"fig5,?"'f-.Kia V l There wildflowers dance ly .4 Q To V J .Ak V A V V - 1n groups and alone Q ' ' - - .s a ' - sunflowers d31SlCS asters if V -W, ..te even the dandehon , l V K Who anyplace else l' A '- ' A Q V M-- F QT l fl' Ns aw mai. Un., would be called a weed 3 V - ' T T I dlp' ' 1SbCaLll1flll here N , ,f f' f ' ff These all f1t together XX bt , if Jlt f' 4' , -a to makeaplacem my mmd X X 1 'l 1. , ' ' l ,, X, L ,f , ,t ,- 9 ,A Aplace thatlrun to x ff f 1' ' 'f I ' - , ::-- ' sc: , nf that takes me IH N l " f p ' .V " , w1th protectlve arms I T' I f ' 1 if V T' Q when the world becomes too hard li A or- '15 df '- f .4 , V X ymwwi f . X N' A -r " 1 a Place that keeps me ahve N l ,' ,. X 4V'f' l' 'X " ' ' W' Joy Read "-NlN,g'- 3,5 .Q ft,'v'ff 'T ' ' t" flflt' fill" ll " , I 7 fe' SS 99 ' Gi Q , . - , ,, , . . . f , f ' ' if , ,. , a I . ' ' Lf ff , I gf ,, ', - ' V V f flfff f X 7 - ' fr ,A ff?,l?f-"0 ff ff ' in nf h . l , I 7 V, X I , f ,ff , , . my , f ff f Y ff , , , 1 X Cf b I , f T' 4, t . , , ' r .ff ' 7, Jr, V ,Uv ,lf 5, " ' A - , U , , , ' bzlff "1 ' ' ' 4 1 ff. f . I if 'f JM' ' Q . ' F 1 f ' f ffl 'P' , ANR - - ww? ' 4' .w at , , ,,ggg153Qt,f,lg,.M, I If 0 It ,.3,4.t,M to ,y .O"'92?t5l'k'! ' "X --if 'lil-'wh' WN . ' pf N' af s 4 , U ., 1 t 1 .43l'4Z'5l'W," l-r f ' bl lv lf 'l 4 'Jiri' I an, 1. -, r V t l -'Sn 4 1 lr! A ' ' flint' lilly' 'I' ' A 1, ff ' "alia llllti . -5' la '5 ' Il 1 ,AJ Q ' l .f 3 V - - .ga ,'Wm,!-"' ' wgwzaf . s1ng1ng1ts song h A -M' 5 -e H' 'f " 'E , t . of v- xp gl W I. , X 3 ,Q . by x av, .9 'Mm W, ,J 5 -,tfwigvx 151 ,Q 'ee . M 4 4'-. ff . ' . . . . 1 I X 'v ' f ' 5 Q f X - o liz, fl ' A l S -u. W,""f'- rr . , , 1 1 . v ' ' 'i"f, N -x 'N lrypl l ' x Jlllll 3'-- N TW. ,' U . -4 N t A N . .WEE "" -.. . . . 3111- N. , , fa 21,117 Q , 1 ,'Jj?,1'f ' . T - Vi 1' , t " N l ,gin .1 X-,f ,ltr wx v 1 , X , xx x,wi"! Q' S, N' ' Z 1 '1 t 0 , If 4 Y ,fl 41, n I , . ,M , , X, X , f , - X4 ' ' 4- f K' x ' Q xy, -Q f S 1, I X ' f yffig , tt , ' ' Iva. ,Q N , , g t ' x fr - J f f r ' -.xulxitlf F -Q , ' R ry fl f ' 1 ' ' X 1 f I ,' 1 X5-Ns., f l rl ff I , . . ' 'r r t f ' 5 Est", f v Tis j gltff i tt 1 ' .,, , ,f SX Hz' ,X at S , , 4 11 1 , . t ' XS' ' X 1, 1 ' 9 t,.' 1 S I If ,Z Z Q 1' 0 I ' ' ' f03?l' -uf ,vvvF"t"2Z ll' fl' all X 4 At 1 1, . . 5 spy? bf W l u ,I xx X ,I Ill, :B g 5 , 'feel 0 f l 1 ll: . 1 1 fl :ft . 0 .- A 4, ,- of I 15.3 'l if I' , I . X 1 .Y I X' r Xyrl f. W A I . '9.yx .s-A f , XX ' V A" I.. ,iv-sf.. S' f af "fe' !'fXe-.Rm 1' X X , 'I' 'Q yy E X, - gf' ':- , A A417 X a Hx X - 'fail U - :H I I Q f J X, + A fir, fmt 1 1 lx XA 1 M W ,, 41, 1. Aw! '11 n.f.,.gfQ w if 12' V, ,, I Y A V - .i , 5, ,425 ,fgkf xx 'fly ri r "V ,46 VT: ' .f ,fic if K fi' ' ' ff-' "' 'V 'V , , . . , g , . gf!! X ' D ,. f A K Y 1 . I ,I d xv, eq, x H ,. :VN S . M A 1 - , .- 45 V lx S 'f f X ww w ' '1f , X X I XX xv UL I 3 1 Z3 'y r X if ' ml fx Nh. , Q ' LQ., , ill, fvkvxj-?-iv Ely ? if Wi- ' N " Wx W' ' - '4-I'-HAM' VJ. N L ff, f lg 1,-N.: 5 N, W , X Q, I-,x Ns X ,Ziff 'Qflvq l f M L -4f ' . x3ia2ff5'f fp X . X f X fiffqffa? T7'x'f?f3 i4.x Q , K ' t A ff, L, x-Wlifygf Qi Mm 3 . ,X f344A fgfsf Qi.-Sf, sir ,Q , -' 4- 9 im' ,,i.,, Af,Q, mpg? k Xpgvkx if A UNSW I 7 , 7 ' was ' ' ff 'HI' 'ffivsf ff? x 'Wf N . " s ,W 'ff :KF fi 4 'if 4" 'PGA f7f l7 Xw2 N, z,N. ,1' ,4 1' Aixam , I WA.t,ifVV,4if'j'3,,, N In Y p x -x 4ggf.gv: A'jvi'f:i fQf5ffzwff?' iv ,N ruff, 1 Tang" M' 5, 41' A b , - , gz Pf?' :f 'P2lw 4253 X f fW.s+W'44 1 al' "f N N ' Y. K ' r 'ffl-vii +-- . 'f ff fx igflaiiffwhg f SUV! 1 V, , ' Lx' 5 59' 11x NX 4Ww,22EEEkwii b4: vigrx :35as?v Qgwwlwiwk QU lKOXx 5 ., ""', " W iiiw sw .iff ' ff, N , X .4 , ,ff 3 kfJ?Zf, . - ff ,ff 1 X '4XR X3Q1f5 ,nz WN- 1+ .'. X 'si' 1 f-f-T-fwfiyfyf w N iq-. 1,9 ,.. YA My -r ! f 4' ' M7 1 ',jfffa?: s?x l ,.Z'P"-1:.'fQ'.:eyf f 'Vw w -x"a - ff-41 "af: ,,-ffifbsgfxxsi-Fwy f .xf f ' V X ' 2' , MAWQN ' NY V ,X wax . 4? j in l ,W N v ,NX v i A vi' 'Vu 5'!fff15i ii",f:3Tz Q 5 , , swf!!! V31 4? W1 ff xy V W M . -f i KV!'lW f if. UW" """"' ' 3 bi"J:iff'55572415-4:'Z'f??'5?i'7m?" w55"f1q':!P'f2fQ.i!ix1' W ff f1i M"p " f "?' 'f'3y' 5 fi Y- " M 1 Q, ,'1' 'g-M' 'T Q A, L". ' rQ?f,Qw'fr' ,'l, l 1 . 'fgf i .ff-33 f jsyifff 5 W Q X if wi wx ,MQ m v' '?ff0'mff'zUW vM ' V, ew' N 1 l 1 X V Q ' If f" 'ff" l Pf:iM'-1 1 ilfiiajfi Q f' 1 3 Ht w 'T X N wg i: ,,f+f'1f,sW 2711" j ,, , fQ h 1 ,, gmgl f 4 A ifqm Q1 gen E 2 .M i Y' if n ' X- f ' ' w i 'A v , fav fi? M, 'rm 'I '- Q i,g f K , M N xi'-if a K I A fr x Hx Iiffyy t jm'E1 VINE: Tx giugte if 5,gfj,', yah! , Y 1 l I f 4, weeks S 1'!L'4,O,e4 Lg af uw A UA? 'f' ,ffl fl 9 H y',aigvQif,' f,z3 1 ff f 1 ,, V' ,,'f ': f gt x, I ' 1.3 Q f-f""1M 'ggi ff" ,, ,. 5-'E' ' f ' "" li wbxgjis 'fi ' J X. Q X l .A , f L1 iv y M ' M ,! , Q MJ I 1 . . ,A 1 1 ' X I 'fn f , f X e , 24 f ,, I .xlog yff QJ, L, 7? V' I: ..,,! fx :Ng gg f I 1 -'I x -'I ' ' lf I ,Zi Q' 'fvi:'iS'f',' fhf' 'V 7 1' 'f ly' V 1 N r 1 ,Q - ,f f ,gf ,,,!,s,,, f',' f f , z fb M ' ' -x 'M nl 'f ,'-' ' ,ff r " Ui ff 1 A I if ' W V You confuse me I do not understand what you are trying to say. But then maybe you are not trying to say anything at all. And Isuppose I confuse you too because unless you can read my mind you cannot know what I am feeling. At times my words are very different from what I feel inside. I am afraid to show you the way I honestly feel. I fear rejection. Joy Read Jungle thick. green dense. moist. wild, tropics. forest-dunes, barrenness. dry. sand. sun. hot. humid desert. Andrew Garcia bright, vivid. emblazoned. tinged bedizened, brilliance. rainbow-pallidity. decoloration. fading. dulling, colorless. pallid. dingy paleness. Abraham Armijo Snowflakes. gentle. sacred. glowing. changing. concealing. stardust. moonshine - tears. nourishment. pulsating. cleansing. life-giving. powerful. certain. raindrops. Joy Read white. oval. fragile. small. yoke. shell - wings. feathers. soaring, floating. gliding. feathery. colorful. Bird. Andrew Garcia Silence. hushed. soft. quieted. still. muffled. lull. peace - roar. clatter. sound. roll. reverberate. deafening, thunderous Noise. Abraham Armijo ESP With the way science IS going the development of extrasensory perception is very real I see two possible worlds from this one as it is today with only an elite few in high government circles having the power of ESP They would not be able to tell people what to do and they could tell what people are thinking only if they are in the same room However it is the second world about which I am going to write This is Earth five hundred years from now It is called Waldo after the great emperor and ruler who governs the entire world Everybody in this world has some degree of ESP according to the degree of the machine This would be decided by your par ents class If your father was a menial Worker you would get a very m1n1mal shot of the ray however if you were the son of a general you would get a large dose of the ray The dose of the ray would be decided by the importance of the job to the nation which your father or mother held If your father was dead then you would get the same dose as your grandfather When you turned eight years old you would begin your training for thejob Everything was done for the good of the nation The women kept the flats cleaned and fixed anything that got broken They went into training on their twelfth birthday to be a handyman At birth a child was washed and cleaned and then set in front of the ray The ray was a machine built by Waldo many years ago A under the ray To be sure that a baker s baby did not get a crowd controller s time every mother and father before birth had to send in their fingerprints blood types and identification numbers If someone is found trying to fool the computer the penalty is death notjust to him but to his entire family This discourages any lying or fooling around with the computer If you get a dose of between ten and thirty seconds of the ray you can tell people s thoughts who are in the same room as you You also learn to control your thoughts If you get between 30 and 45 seconds of the ray you can get thoughts from large groups of peo ple This amount of time is usually reserved for generals who can give orders and commands mentally to soldiers who are on the right frequency Doses of over 45 seconds are reserved for high govern ment officials and must be okayed personally by Waldo They can zero in on anyone s thoughts and can sort out traitors ln this society elders are to be respected so when they reach the age of 60 they get a little more time on the ray This gives them something over the young I imagine Waldo put this law into effect because he s getting old and he s afraid the young are becoming dis respectful Waldo can control anything and everything He knows what you are thinking at all times You can t think your own thoughts or you will be discovered and killed The fact is I think Waldo is Kit Carson , , , .. - ., . - , . r , ' . - , transportation officer's son, for instance, might get ten seconds . , 6 ' 7 . . Fingernails ofjelly try to pry open my mind they will not win Pulling like taffy they turn into rock and suddenly that jelly rock entered my brain There once was 1 boy named Sally Who lived all his life in a valley When he got to the top he became 1 cop And now he works in an alley Ju ie Brown There once was a fighter named All Who said he could stln like a bee He proved himself ri ht on the night of the fi ht By punching Frazier out endlessly Tony Belindo There once was a doggie named Fred The floor was too cold and he was too old So now my dear doggie is dead Ben Horton There once vias a man from Nantucket Who liked to drink beer from bi buckets He drank six one day and we all heard him say Brin me one more and I ll stop it' Tony Belindo The hypocrite lives only to contradict himself He is truly a fool Julie Brown and I collapsed into a deafening Silence.. .. . . Leslie Thomas There was a child went forth every day and the first object he looked upon that object he became' The newborn puppies with tight-shut eyes downy soft fur in shades of ebony buck cinnamon and snowy white And the roses crimson and coral were all a part of this child And bermuda grass moraine locust and ponderosa pines nodding with the strong breeze And the neighbors harvesting their chili crops corn and alfalfa And the carpenter carving the heavy mahogony doors as his wife hands him the tools The neighbor children happily riding their sturdy horses The cool refreshing Water tumbling over the rocks of cautiously by And the colorful birds preening their feathers in the warm sunlight The father working at hisjob from sunrise stopping only to rest now and then the head of the household now and always firm but kind And the grandparents always there when needed harsh winter or mild summer And the restless ocean slapping the shore knocking down sand castles in its path And the tenacious crabs walking gingerly among the rocks and iridescent sea shells And the sea gulls gliding overhead. These became part of that child who went forth every day And who now goes and will always go forth every day. Abraham Armijo Love or hate exist both move together Nancy Perea , 1' ' . , , . , . A 4 . Q' . I . . S . . 3 ' ' - Wh0 liked I0 Sleep in my bed- the bubbling brook. as the minnows swim I U. '. - V , , . .L - g I . L - in I " h I 9 just as morning and night. . . 20 4 The wind was rising, whipping gusts of rain before it, and the damp sea wind howled through the cobbled alleys, and led away from the harbor, and it swung the wooden signs in the street, and above the doors, and inns, and taverns, and the starving mongrels cowered and shivered in doorways against the wind and rain. At this late hour few lights burned in the houses, and heavy clouds obscured the moon and tattered rags of vapor scudded across the gloomy sky like ghosts and it was at this secretive hour the time of night when men whisper of treason and robbery A tramp of feet or an occasional slam of a door was all the sound Then a scrawny man appeared oh yes and whose bare legs no bigger 'xfk W'??ZSE?3iS?"" nw""'zw www E VE rs S fb 3 fm E 5 5 ri .aw than my arm, limped by. And he scurried through the gusty streets and whose sandals slapped against the wet stone and with one hand gathering a patch coat around his mangy chest, and with the other, holding a kerosene lamp to light his way. The little man had a wobbling crouch and watery eyes that looked out upon a huge nose and straggly hair and thin lips, but that didnlt stop the rain from gusting and the wind from blowing and it won t stop the treason and robbery and when someone finds him the next morning with a caved in head no one will stop to give pity and neither will you and neither will I Rick Ford 123343 ws -:QQ avi-fm we wmv mg ...Wagga --v--if" ,,,,,.tf lst 5 ATR ,..v 1 my 'W' fifffif t g I T' 5 T ,KI I '3 1 iv! ' N' 4 ' ' ' , n 5 I .if i I, tx ,',. : , , sa ' ' - , ' ' . t , y 1 .L x tI R In .,,, , I, N, ,gf , , g g W I 'I ' , 'r ef , , -, "Y I sf. ,. , .- mf., I ,W y , H T y sg, I vase E It I .iifs . I ,W"' f , l A ' , l P 1 I Q Q ft 4 W, ew gs 9 . ,, '- tie, ' ' ' i if ,Q ff 'Af w 'I , ' 1 1 -K--,Itg , I Q 5 - H .- -Ita, ' fi f 234121, N ' - , 4 5 wi- "mf ' . ml' I f ,, 1 3 ' I ' if M , 9 Q f , ,M ., i v 'I' ' ' ' " . ze. ,e.-..,,,, ,,,, Q 2 .........W.i,,,.,-s. ,,., , 1 ,,,,, ,, .,,.,. ,, ,,,.,,3 I, .,,,,,,,, tg., My A 2 t x , tt. I, - if Q ' X ,.., ' 1 IZ' ,, 2 ' :fr f ' f " ' f , , , I 4 if rl C: , ,fi Q , 4,,,, m15,t.,. . ' i.:IiE.fP?-Tfff"1??'5fit,-WTIawqi i"c'tf',fi1:,Q, N f. 11. I 1:14 ' '- " f lr'-M" V mr" '- M- ' ' ' , , ' I NM i. V 2 I I , l I Vie' " If : V, A 1 7 f ,vflll , E I , ' W f M1 .rf I ' V k Q ,Clif J 5 Q 'If ., ,Iw""5 ' ' , I ,911 3 , ,, i V 'L i il X: I "i' ""'9S if 'l ' , . '- lf, gif" , ,,-:',.'IjlI3z7?! T W , 3 Ii if ' ..eI, , ,, ,4..,a MWA ' , ,g , 1 t Q I f ' ", 4, -,j5.Jf3i.! " - - 5 ' 'J . gf'e?f'Pv-F5414 , n 1 3 . ' ,Y 3, Jil 4 X 1 , , izw ' ' - . . gig iris? m f 52,5139 Y ' ii T in T f N . 2- wa. L ,I ,Kg , 'I :I - ISM, ,I , Q 'fs' i"w it f I W 1'3'3'?f5Jf1f1f7Q 'M im N . .- I . ' ,I A'lt"4'.iI ' "'i'?W5: ,di , ' 4 -If ,I ,e?I:f? .l ici ff, I ,ff V ' ' 'I ff IIS ,gs 'Sffx-ff " ' , ' .ws Q 'keg I .992 " Vw S P-111-fr.-, I , fe ' iw: "Vai H " . Jil.: Fi ' 'Q,j5,L,,,gm.,I'lg-,,':Ii, , M' 5,5 " , ' , '.:QQ.fE1i5 X :,,,g-N I s'I1cf:HafI, , . . NI , ' ' I'-.--.fn ,t 43 3 ll ir 'N ,I,- ' -, .L 1' ,. .' , "ily 1 1 1:5 L I ' - M' , f f I t J ' ' gr 2 A T s iw5H:W4.i,jrT,,EEg5., , 7 J: . , jk? ,. A M ,law S Q . - z5v4,,4,, if , -Sirffwyvf. , ,ff f .ga 4 f ' " f' , 122514. xi, lgwz, I IM , i Y if J I ip, I .I ,,, 1, it Q ,.4, QI ,M f . I -1 s A .wwf HU? A K 3 we in is s A room, standing alone. No one may come in, and I rarely come out. The walls are covered with magnificent paintings some yellowed with the years yet still quite clear. Others are fresh the paint still wet. These are the cherished memories of my life. Always on display for myself so that I may relive over and over the happiest times in my life. Occasionally these great works of art will be shared with others so that they too may admire their beauty. And yet behind these portraits in their gilded frames hide yet more of my paintings. These not quite so beautiful and not quite so cherished. Yet still an important part of the room an important part of me. They are things I cannot forget even if I want to. All these things are hidden in a small room into which no one but me may enter and from which little ever leaves. James Montoya Individuality is a trout swimming upstream striving to return struggling fighting battling untiring nonconforming to the force of the water going its own way. Abraham Armijo in the sidewalk is like a smile in a world full of hate reaching nonconforming courageous generous but growing stronger in its sureness. Joy Read Death is walking in blackness being led to an unknown. suffocation dissolution extermination cessation Walking down a dark lonely road to eternity. Jane Heavin Laughter is like the rustle of the leaves always reflecting its feeling when needed. happy 213311112 smiling twinkling It reveals its secrets to the world just as the sun reveals its warmth. Nancy Perea Lovers are like eagles flying through the sky, they can go anywhere, exploring minds and bodies. unafraid learning experimenting growing They are like unmolded bits of cotton able to make themselves into whatever they wish and then able to change once again. Joy Read Waterfalls are like infinity continuing forever. . . sleek rushing reaching overpowering They are the paths of everlasting love the love given to us by nature. ' Julie Brown EARTH: Hey there Mother Nature. I want to talk to you! MOTHER NATURE: What do you want now Earth? Can t you see that I m trying to start a hurricane over the Atlantic? EARTH: Well that s what I want to talk to you about. I ll lose the wind currents. EARTH: See you re over there starting hurricanes all the time. If you re not starting a hurricane you re starting a tornado a storm or some other kind of bad weather. I m sizzling over those deserts you create or freezing when you re starting up a blizzard. You are doing this on all sides of me at once. How do you expect me to feel? MOTHER: Hold it right there Earth! How do you think I feel? You re spinning twenty-four hours a day and also your gravity is pulling me down. Don t you think I ll get a little upset? That s why I m doing those things. Maybe it will slow you down some! EARTH: Well Mother Nature how do you expect me to stop turn- ing? lt sjust natural for me. MOTHER: Then how do you expect me Earth to stop causing those storms and things? You have me upset all the time. EARTH: Okay Mother Nature just forget I ever brought it up. It s just too hard to reason with you. MOTHER: Then stop bothering me Earth. Now I can get back to this hurricane! Armando Sedillo The flower that grows in the crack MOTHER: Okay, but only for a while. If you talk to me too long, Innocence is being clothed in white and knowing no evil faultless stainless sinless spotless More sinned against than sinning .lane Heavm Confusion is like a maze, always going, trying to find something, battered scrambled scared lost wanting to escape and arrive at freedom. Sandi Strome 205 The glowing copper sun sank into the lake as we lit our fire and stared at it with great interest. The blue sea merged with the blue of the sky and both turned into a soft dark velvet. My silent companion faltered not as he stretched vaguely against the softer darkness. He leaned against the root of a tree which rose from the water s edge. Our backpacks and tents were sitting beside him. I was amazed at my companion s iron endurance for we had been walking all day with him carrying most of the load. There was something about him that intrigued me. Maybe it was his gray hair that curled about his head and the deter- mined look about him or maybe the knowledge he had about real camping. Whatever it was I am in debt to him for The dawn was in our eyes when we awoke in the mist of daybreak. Aware of ravenous hunger I soon had a breakfast of sizzling bacon and eggs and I downed it without a word. As I ate I stared at the green wall of trees and shrubbery rising from the water s edge and sweeping away to form a shallow cove. I was interrupted by the words my companion spoke Come on boy. Let s head for home. After dousing our fire and packing our backpacks we were on the trail for home. Rick Ford Ode I0 Toenails Protective light painful always trying to protrude. Essential functioning part of the body resembling a rock. Hard hard to cut. Unexplained not useful like little children trying to get into things. Cuts slices grows inward. An umbrella to the toe . . . painful to a shoe. Little things that grow with the matter of life. Very calm to reacting good friends for they never leave you. At times colorful. They re pillows for heavy objects W again blue and black colors. Ben Horton Sunshine leaking out through the cracks in the roof a thin beam piercing through my eye lid. Heaven two sleepy blankets are undraped from my eyes. ultimate Safe, weary legs ease over the side of the bed shining, breathing laughing, -it s morning shelter. light- Purgatory dark oasis, John Klebanoff despair, doom , , , , , , 7 , , , . , , , , .. ,, , teaching me with patience. , , , , , , , .. , ,, , , , , , Q He . Joy Read crying, hating, dying. ll Moon, enormous, circle, glistening. shimmering, luminescent. satellite, star - fireball, planet, shining, blinding, melting, individual. explicit, Sun. Julie Brown Star, glistening, radiant, stunning, shining, enchanting, moon, sky - darkness, planets. astounding, encircling, shrinking, mysticism, magical, darkness! Nancy Perea Life, vital, alive, existing, breathing, being, living, respire - demise, retire, departed, demised. deceased, lifeless, extinct, Death. Jane Heavin We are a processed country with our minds we understand the mechanics and formulas for happier lives and higher highs. So tomorrow will have to wait - Time is but a thought Filled with protest and hate. Your flowers in the window seem so perfect. Oh Iforgot. They are plastic and manufactured. Now they re melting cause they re hot. Mother Earth just cried a tear. that my breathing is still a part of me. Julie Belindo Water falling from high tumbling down. Fire o . . . fighting the water. Nothing lasts. James Montoya Isn't it wonderful to hear ,f"Y'v , The sound of whipping if The eagle flies high flames, soaring gracefully in the A desert burns with no 1 air trace. X watching me through his Someone dropped a match. 1' eye. Rick Ford i ' Tony Belindo we . X T In X9 3 ' X ik. f if i N . 'J' ' Beauty look down on us K' f A' Ungrateful for the hatred H ,, we show . The lake is Silent It is so superior. E shimmering in the Julie Brown f- 7 moonlight if winking at the sky. ft Armando Sedillo gi Aj, smyw ,,.,. ,,. s ""fm'-,,.r..xJ,mmWs VIII, XFX rf 1 mmm-Q, Z:M,f? As the sky winks back they are dark, quiet. silent. Little to be said, Joy Read Forest primeval A V ,.,-- bearded with moss. in f garments if 4 I, green, pines murmuring. A ,t., Abraham Armijo Mt. ,,, Nt if if 'fl .SY 2 The cool morning mist 5 departs to the - scorching sun. ' Rick Ford Eerie sound of forests . . . x ft the wind lashes out t on darkening branches. A K' Rick Ford E yi? Blazes the trail 'ig' for many a wanderer . . . Large buffalo herds L .Q a fork in the road. once provided meat and Margaret Garcia warmth . . . now almost extinct. S Tony Belindo i it , - People only take. The roaring monster Tlfxlglligrfin clashes through the fields at only to leave mihihg night - ' eating precious wheat. 'lulle Brown Jane Heavin S' L Q Standing tall and strong Straw, grass. fluffy warmth. i the abandoned apartments Little fur ball in a shell . . . eff look on silently. Peace. hibernation. Jane Heavin Scott Hardy - il it 2 :V it jif. . Q zo i tg. K 7 Ch Q .flf RAIN Here rt IS another flne Sprlng mornlng and I m up nice and early so I can glve the earth the molsture lt needs before that old Sun gets up and starts mterfermg wlth my busmess llke she has for the past three days SUN Oh what a good night s rest I had Sure feels good to wake up all refreshed and ready to go Ive got plans to make It a beautxful day so I guess I d better start shmtng my rays RAIN That couldn t have been the sun ljust heard talklng could lt" Talkmg about maklng lt a beautlful sunny day" I refuse to change my plans' I w1ll not let her rum my day one more tlme I wllljust contlnue to ram and that w1ll put out her f1re real qulck She canjust go back to sleep for all I care SUN What s that I feel" Oh lt s that stupld ram agam' She mslsts on makmg thmgs so hard for me Shejust gushes out all over the place and I have to clean up after her She can t even try to get the lakes and rivers and seas wet Oh no' She has to go and get all my mce beautlful dry land wet And then I have to spend all day drymg xt up agam What a drag' RAIN Hey you' Sun' Why don tyoujust go back ln your hole and let me pour forth my goodness today" SUN Pour forth your goodness" Ha' All you ever do IS make a mess Go hide yourself and let me get to Work on the mess you made yesterday RAIN The mess I made yesterdayo I dldn teven get to ram two mmutes Then you came pokmg your nose Into my busmess and Ijust left to avold makmg thunder SUN Two mmutes of you 1S two too many RAIN What the heck do you mean" Can you lmagme what that dumb old Earth down there would be l1ke wlthout me" Nothmg could llve You know you aren t the only lmportant factor ln maklng Earth grow It needs water And I even recy cle So there' SUN Yeah but sometimes after you get started ramlng unless I take drastlc measures youjust keep gomg forever Once I flnally get you stopped It can take me weeks to clean up after you I w1sh you would either mellow out and not be so violent or else learn to clean up after yourself RAIN Sure sure you thmk you wlsh that But lf I mellowed out you wouldn t have anythmg to complam about Or lf I cleaned up after myself you d be out of ajob D1d you ever stop to thmk about that" So however much we may d1sl1ke lt we ve got to learn to work together and share that old earth And today I ve declded It s my turn MV brg Sister Cloud IS comlng any mlnute to take care of you for today Maybe tomorrow I ll let you IH to shme for a whlle Joy Read DICIIOUBFICS are like unauthorlzed computers contammg mformatlon wlthout programs problems answers Tears are l1ke trmkets fallmg from dCflIllllOI'lS words cotton balls Enclosmg mformatlon tumblmg gently wlth thoughts helpmg people understand pattermg sprtnklmg Ben Horton pourmg floodmg Lettmg out all emotlons rellef Sandl Strome 7 X lt . ., tml" ' P- J . f 1 T ,f , . V ff .. w ' ' 1 Q' N , , I -1 ,A ,A 7,,fff-fl I, Z' . 1' , , l R , , y, tg, wl ' . - , , 4 s L . s ' . , . . ' , ' . , . . . l . . . . . , . . ' ' ' . , Q - ' , . , . . . , . . 1 ' I 1 ' - s ' ' -5 . . , . . . ' , . . There was a child went forth every day, And the first thing he laid eyes on, that thing became part of him, and these things became part of his mind. The village and surroundings became part of this child and the morning sun peeking over the treetops and the sound of dawn awakening and the crackling of the fire and the aroma of deer meat cooking and the tipis with their designs which all had certain meanings all became part of him. The mountains to the north where deer run wild and the streams and lakes which bear much fish. And the plains to the south where buffalo is plentiful and the other villages and camps that are spread about and the great cities of the white men to the east and our brothers to the west and all the changes that take place day to day they became part of him. His mother and father who have watched out for him cared for him they have given themselves more than any- thing else so that someday he may be a great warrior among his people. The mother nearby picking berries and watching the little ones the father hunting with the others tending the children playing the young men making bows and arrows joking with each other suddenly the cry of terror women scurrying children crying the young men defending the charge of horses the sound of the bugle the smell of death lurking through the air into the forest and the return of the men from hunting only to find little. Anger revenge protest fill their minds only to make things worse. The mourning of the loved ones the drum beat as songs of sadness fill the air. These things became part of this child and children to come and they will always go forth every day. Tony Belindo . , , , ' 7 , , , , , , the horses. tanning the hides and skins, , 7 3 , , , , 1 . , , , , Editor: Julie Belindo Advisor: Leah Ready Staff: Tony Belindo Julie Brown Marcella Candelaria Chris Cordova Rick Ford Margaret Garcia .lane Heavin Ben Horton Steve Milks Mary Louise Montoya Joy Read Mandy Russell Anna Schroeder Sandi Strome Silence peaceful quiet Silence Silence Lonely deserted Silence Fear uncertainty Silence Your imagination goes wild when it s Silent. Jane Heavin Comforting, soothing ,. A ,gift - f- fl gy TX u ia Q- .Nga qt X. ff 1 ,, Si' ,t LJ ' - 1 .z 'fp-3 'f ' iii if , , ,' W. 1 'N f A i'-. w Tiff! t A K, 3 l. Bulldoggies perform Christmas skit for Snow week assembly. 2. Judy Lucero points out the most beautiful legs. 3. AHS Keyettes portray ravens as Bulldogs tangle with Rio that night. 4. Children from child care center tell Santa what they want for Christmas. 5. Everyone starts to munch as the Pie Eating contest begins, 6. Activities director Gene Crabtree receives pie in face as eating con- test turns into pie throwing contest. tPhotos l. 2. 3. 4. 5 and 6 by .lim Thotnas. Photo 4 by Sol Fieldsj Chris Hollins amea' Snow Kin nda Gutierrez Queen 'initgtfgi 5 ,,A.aqf . fif' 1' '5- ff!! nun'--fn-c-,, , mmm . ,,.,., , . Student Senate sponsored assembly on Friday, December l2, which culminated Snow Week. At the assembly, cheerleaders dressed as ravens displayed their portion of the assembly as they attempted a couple of routines. Barbara Griffin and Tony Candelaria then announced the candi- dates for the honors of Snow King and Queen. Santa Claus, portrayed by John Eckert, announced a Pie Eating contest. That contest, which was scheduled for the assembly, ended up in a Pie throwing contest. That night it was pro- claimed that Chris Hollins and Rhonda Gutierez had been named the Snow King and Queen of Albuquerque High. Tuesday, Green Day, began the round of festivi- ties for Snow Week. The following day, a tug of war competition was performed during both lunches. Thursday, the senate hid some candy canes during both lunches for Bulldog students and faculty members to search for the sweets. 2 Groups Work Together During Asserrzbbf The varsity cheerleaders sponsored an assembly on Friday, February 6 to raise the spirit of all Bulldogs for the game against district foe, Gallup. The assembly which was held in the morning consisted of three main groups: Good Day Singers, Student Senate, and the varsity six cheerleaders. The Good Day Singers sang a total of three songs one of which was "Sun- downf, "A Typical Day" was the title of the skit performed by Student Senate which was mainly about school announcements. The varsity cheerleaders, besides doing several cheers, held a three-legged competition which was won by the 6'Class of 77? ,, ,fi-aj if 5, l. Sundown was one of the songs that was sung by the Good Day Singers. 2. There is rough competition as the couples reach the midway point in the three- legged race. 3. Head cheerleader Stephanie Romero gets the tug-of-war competition started. 4. "Sunny" was another song done by the Good Day Singers. 5. Senate members perform in the skit "A Typical Day." 6. All couples close in as they approach the finish line. fPhotos l, 2, 3, 4 and 5 by Marie Myers. Photo 6 by Cathy Baca.j Los Porta Estandarte 215 6 For the fourth consecutive year the La Reara staff has reserved four pages for those stu- dents who are outstanding in their own fields. This year there are only ten individual fields, whereas last year, there were thirteen. The reason for this is because of transfers to and from school which resulted in great confusion in the attendence and academics areas. This is why attendence and academics were unable to contribute to Los Porta estandartes. The La Reata staff would like to extend their deepest congratulations to all the people chosen for their outstanding achievements. 1 W.. ., ,......W L . 'Mm ' 7 The La Reata staff would like special recognition to go to students behind the scenes. The following people are just a small segment of Bulldog City that have con- tributed many unannounced hours. JEFF MEANS - This year the class of "76', was given the honor of having their own personal senior song. After many long hours of tuning and practice Jeff Means wrote and composed the song "When We Were Young." Ajob well done!! IRENE CHAVEZ - Due to a necessary deadline the picture of our 1974-75 Mardi Gras Queen Irene Chavez was not pictured in our 1975 La Reata. But we didnit forget! We would like to apologize for this delay and extend to Irene our deepest congratulations. WELDON HALL - Did you ever wonder who works the lights to give our concerts and plays that special touch? One of the many students who donated time and effort to brighten AHS was Weldon Hall. Weldon man- aged to find time to be head drum major during march- ing season, and do several other jobs which were a trib- ute to our school. Cby Co-Editor Gloria Vigil and Lupe Chavez, Photos by Lucille Atencioj 218 JOHN CASTILLO - For two years John Castillo has been a loyal student to AHS. He transferred to AHS when he was a junior. But, even before that he worked on different newspaper staffs. John has been on La Reala and Record Staff for two con- secutive years. Working long hours during school and at home gave him the honor of being Editor of The Record second semester. STEVE MILKS - Steve Milks participated in several well known clubs in AHS. One of these clubs is Junior House. Not only did Steve help in planning various activities but also took pictures for the Yearbook. When Steve was a senior he worked long hours printing and developing pic- tures for La Reata members. MARY LYON - Mary Lyon is one of the many students who participated in almost every activity possible. Looking back on her three years at AHS, Mary was active in our school politics serving in Sophomore Congress, Junior House and Senior Senate. She also played in the band and was mis- tress of ceremony for our "75-76" Homecoming. Mary also was a member of Honor Society and Staters. Not neglecting sports, Mary played bas- ketball, volleyball and softball for girls sports. Q.. I!! N i ght School A Iiernaiive or the Working Public l. and 2. Mr. Martinez lectures to his biology class. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 3. and 4. Chris Kaplaniedes feeds his social class information. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 5, Sue Jackson doodles as Mr. Martinez lectures. iPhoto by Mrs. Myersj 9 '44 Wx, Mzmgzzf ,N Q Q 'Q Q... l. Principal John Davidson checks the agenda for the night. 2. It doesn't happen in the day only, night school has its share of late registrants. 3. Pete Kostas explains to his class the hardships of the business world. 4, Counselor Sammy Soto looks over students' records. 5. Barbara Mulkay briefs her class about early civilization. 6. Night School secretary Mrs. Bessie Hopkins tends to office duties. fPhotos 1-5 by Marie Myers, Photo 6 by Steve Milks.J "If night school weren't provided, approximately 50727 of all students attending night school would never graduate. This system was originally set up for the worker who would like to further his educationf, said Claude Davidson, night school principal. Classes offered at night school are pretty much the same program offered in the day, with subjects such as math, English, Foreign languages, etc. The day begins in the morning for night school principal Claude Davidson. He must attend all faculty meetings that the day school has. He works from ten to fifteen hours a day. Classes start at 3:30 in the afternoon and terminate at 10:10 p.m. These classes are held two days a week and last for 90 minutes per class per day. Classes were overfilled throughout the year with a total enrollment of approximately 1000 pupils. Students attend- ing these classes ranged from 15 to 60 years of age. At graduation, approximately 150 night school students graduated with Albuquerque High School. The remaining seniors graduated with their respective schools. 223 4 N at 'T T '- .7 T if 'P W '4' ff '4 ' ft' it tl' lfj t tg tj w eft' its 89 ,6- w fer1f' ttf ' asf . . , , , , 1 X . t f 5 X , -gn . A usi mfai 'ai' M-I A J'f2 w-assi' goi spss mfx v Ji X.: 32' 'Xi Sf 294 ag i ,, 2' S t t - ff ,el ' SG 1 at -S f W e s X , 4 X. Q L is 4 m y S3 fig? I , fx A LEADERS throu hout histor have made the world what it is PS , 8 Y g today, for better or worse. In every generation, every group, ix -4: 2 . . . ,, oc' 'Q e 5 every family and every community there must be leaders in order ', 1 eg ,g that success and unity be achieved. The entire population is com- s Q up posed of followers, except for the select few who take the respon- , , sibility upon themselves to lead. However, for leaders in addition ,s g to the pressures of responsibility, there are also the rewards of yea power, sweetness of victory and contentment. Leaders are a rare 2 breed that become the backbone of every community, every A group, every organization, and every nation. Without these 1 f ff, ubackbonesv everyone would eventually waver and collapse. pg , As there are leaders in every community, so also are there :V .5 leaders in every school. In the high school it is the seniors that W5 1 "iQ rovide the responsibilities of leadershi , and it is the seniors . . Si P P - , Q rg, that carry these responsibilities into the world. From these peo- 3 ple evolve some of the greatest leaders of our time. : The seniors in ever school are what the underclassmen look a' 1? " y - l 'J 91? up to. They not only provide an example for other students, but e i ' ' 5 the l o re t th ' hool. P in y a s presen eir sc .. .4 kv., .c 59. r' T-,X i t . : S' if , -iii 553 ' ' no Q C Q 9 0 9 C t Q53 Q3 Ca S53 M S39 53: an , ' 9 4 s t , , X W , S3 ' fw 4 Q x x 0891 U0 Ui 3 2: . EY' X 551 '1 4, 'av . " ' . 'v ar' . KF V 'ax f Eff' -: ,V 1 , Q .1' - - 53 - L . .V 5 1,5 .1 t V. 'Qi as 4 , : Wal LEADERS if k..J wwf., 'A -l""' Part of being a "Senior" is being a HAM!! iPhoto by John Belindoy ,-""A ,h5',,,, a ca "' "' bb. Nj-f If Alexander, Onzia Aragon, Elizabeth Archibeque, Richard Armenia, Ramona Ash, Esteban Anaya, Raymond Aragon, Steven Archuleta, Delores Armijo, Alfred Ayze, Florence Aragon, Anthony Aragon, Wayne Arellano, Manny Armijo, Rosemary Baca, Catherine 7 l. Christine Saiz shows Bulldoggie spirit during Pep assembly. iPhoto by Manny Abeytal 2. Lois Renfro. Debra Lewis and Onzia Alexander get in a card game during lunch. LPhoio by Wendy Hoylb Baca. Cecilia Barranca, Jeanette Baca, Laura Barth, Jimmy Bachicha, Arthur Becerra. Mary Jo Barela. Ronald Begay, Nathaniel Baros, Leonard Borrego. Julia I A 4 W 'f r w... , Av ws.. We , 22 , J 'ix , Q Q.. . A A ,1 a 'K if . Q., , ?' ,, , SP 'Flin' ' ' .Thfw J fd? 1 Q7 nr-- . xl' W W I t ,f gi 723 ,, 42 4? 'V 1lxfl'7' yi gkfgffzagl , f rf WW- :5"",i'. 14. :rise 1 iff' W 2 'WW -S 9... MW' ,W z??gf'gH ,A , ti, " fn sc. 4 3 111911591 Y . , YQ fa. A . + fn 4 4: ,, -f . ' , , if Lai 111' M 5, N., 'K 49 E J I I'V'! ' pai? 7162 am Q 6 ff... r Q 'M x .x 157:31 ' 'KS fp: M4 'fr x gb Q Wm., . " 13. iii? 5331 3114364439 , ,W QW 5 AX 6. 535'-K r 5 Q, :.., ria Maesj Griffin, Mary Gutierrez, Rhonda Harris, Dorothy Herring, Berinda Gutierrez, Raymond Hall, Weldon Henson, Joyce Hoyt, Emily Gutierrez, Renald Harris, Bonnie Herrera, Mary Huling, Lulu Humphrey, Pat l. "Don't you just LOVE my purse?" Says Andy Cavalier I got it from a blue light Special. 2. Chris Chavez loses his con centration in class as Bessie Romero walks in. fPhotos by Glo Hurbina, Lavern Huynh, Muoi Jackson, Cynthia Jacob, Freddie 4 Ricky Gomez studies by the little sunlight Albu- A querque High has to offer. fPhoto by Albert i R T L Navarroj I fx A. l Jaramillo, Marilyn Jaramillo, Rudy 4 -.QW . 'S 'bk W f 92' i fi N ' Q ' ?? f "?4rf'4ff -f 2 fi, , iq? ,' I if " f 4 7 15 5 ' 2 ' pa 1 f 1 5 ' fi "J" af K is gram' f ' 'j iq, Cf: "fi l wr y :gif Joe, Rose Klein, Billy Lewis, Harold Long, Debra Lovato, Joseph Krueger, Janine Lewis, Regina Long, Ken Lucero, Rose Anna Krueger, Justine Leyba, Robert Lopez, Kathy Lujan, Lucille Lewis, Debra Listy, Anthony W ,. xd - i f M ff 54.44 fy' tub K if 3 V Moya, Margaret Naranjo, Mariana Navarro, Albert Moya, Yolanda Navarrete, Elizabeth Navarro, Linda Newsom, J ack Nguyen, Tuan Nicks, Ronald Nieto, Adolfo Nuanes, Anna Nunez, John Ohrn, Cecilia Olona, Cynthia Ortega, Clarence Ortiz, Anthony 7 1 A ,fn 15 2 Q 6 ...,,4,.,,- 'K 'hw Wir" 3'- i W W9 ' 3 ,, 'if Q " f .Q A fi 5,51,-:gms 4,x.,. ,-m:.1,A ,K :agf,Si?it52k2El ,nauzggjgigzzz fc A 3 few, ,, L ., u l. Rudy Jaramillo has the "Monday morning Blues." 2. Bulldoggie shows spirit by wishing Cross-Country runner good luck, iPhoto by Mrs. Chavezj Powell, Jeanie Purcella, Doris Rael, Debbie Ramirez, Anna Robles, Alex J. Price, Derwin Raby, Juno Rael, Theresa Ramirez, Juanita Rodarte, Eleanor Reichbach, Ray Rodarte, Joe Renfro, Faye Rodriquez, Marie T. 239 , 'K :M Y, y- .:::".'q.z , if 0 L Q hw 3 1 ey YM- we -9-X aw. Qt 13' ..' p-.,,.,. 'fl' 4- .- 3? ? ,,- l. Students listen hard during lecture. iPhoto by Manny Abeytal 2. 1975-76 Senior Class Leaders Barbara Candelaria, dent, and Elizabeth Navarrete. Secretary- Treasurer. QPh0to by Lucille Atencioj GD- Ronnie Walker, Robert Williams, Jeannette Worthey, David Zamora, Yvonne Barbara Wash, Angelia Williams, Zella Ybarra, Manuel Belindo, Anthony Barbara Whiting, Larry Winters, Danny Ray Zamora, Annette Lozoya, Mario Sanchez, Peggy Vice-President, Edward Valtierra, Presi- Pichardo, Anthony Seniors not pictured Abeyta, Larry Aleman, Ruben Alfaro, Ruth Armijo, Robert Austin, Judith Baca, Adela Baca, Louie Baca, Paublita Barela, Christoval Beltran, Elias Benavidez, Anthony Bernal, Ernestine Bezy, Kenneth Borrego, Diolinda Burkhard, Daniel Candelaria, Robert Carrillo, Meliton Carroll, Kirk Carson, Cale Chavez, Christopher Chavez, David Chavez, Glenn Chavez, Irene Chavez, Joseph Chavez, Laura Chavez, Mary Chavez, Pauline Cordova, Carlos Cordova, Chris Cordova, Jane Cordova, Joe Corley, Vernon Dao, Thinh Derby, Ivy Dixon, Leonard Duran, Henry Duran, Isabel S ff-ff, at if ef 1 - A 1' W- E? I3 Eichorn, Robin Ermis, Donna Espinosa, Roseanne Estrada, Henry Fernandez, Guy Fielder, Paul Fields, Soloman Gachupin, Mary Ganzerla, Gregorio Garcia, Angela Garcia, Claudia Gatewood, Deborah Giron, Moses Gomez, Ricky Gonzales, Clara Gonzales, Joseph Gonzales, Leroy Griego, Rudolph Guggino, Mario Havin, Lori Hernandez, Michael Hernandez, Paul J aramillo, David Jaramillo, Rita Jojola, J imrny Klein, William Kritz, Ori Landavazo, Henry Larson, Gene Lepic, Michael Lopez, Robert L. Lopez, Robert Lucero, Ernest Lucero, Isabel Lucero, Jennie A. Lucero, Jennie J . Lucero, Kenneth lk Luna, Chris Luthy, Jeff Madrid, Mary Maez, Paul Martinez, Josie Martinez, Richard R. Martinez, Robert Martinez, Sammy Martinez, Steve Miller, Paul Monnereau, Joseph Montano, Tommy Montoya, James Montoya, Michael Mora, Merlinda Moreno, Carmen Moreno, Phyllis Moya, Louise Ndaka, Jane Newman, Kristen Nguyen, Hiep Nguyen, Khoa Nguyen, Thuy Nguyen, Uyen Nguyen, Vinh Nieto, Jose Ortega, Benita Ostapack, Theodore Ostler, Daniel Padilla, Lisa Parada, Robert Parada, Terry Ping, To Platero, Ireen Ray, Daniel Renteria, Esteban Rice, Jennifer Rivas, Bill Rodriguez, Joseph Rogers, Dino Roland, Donald Saavedra, Stanley Salazar, Ernest Salazar, Steve Sanchez, Bernadette Sanchez, Gerson Sanchez, Lee Sanchez, Rudy Sandoval, Mary Sawtelle, Monica Sedillo, Geraldine Segura, Ernest Sheets, Herman Sigala, Frances Smith, Charles Sorensen, Nancy Thomas, Phyllis Torrez, Karl Torres, Lucy Turrietta, Allen Valdez, Darlina Valdvz, Joe Vasquez, Richard Velarde, Cristina Velarde, Wanda Vigil, Larry Vu, Ha Wallace, Billy Wheat, Geraldine White, Junetta Wiggins, Kelly Willard, George Williams, David Williams, Michael Yepa, Stella l. Tony Baca works hard to accomplish a good Sen- ior year. 2. Bessie Romero, Senior, shows spirit dur- ing diaper day for spirit week. iPhoto by Albert Navarroj 246 CC JJ When We Were Young Happy faces, happy tears, It's been twelve long years,' But at last, the day is here. Look about you, and you can tell, That the Spirit of '76 is alive and well. And all our friends are here,' The ones we love so well. Graduation 's over, but life goes on. Many years have come and gone, But we still remember graduation night. We still have pride for the colors, Green and White. Not so long, we were young. Remember the shouts of "A.H. S. is No. I ! " Seems like onhf yesterday were our high school days. Bulldogs, When we were young. . . K Senior Song By J eff M eansj 48 Here arejusl a couple of examples of the Spirit at AHS: l. Carl Torrez. 2. Janine Kruger. Regina Lewis. and Denise Bailey. 3. Clara Gonzales. 4. Bill Gonzales. 5. Chris Hollins. 6. Judy Lucero. 7, Debra Lewis. 4Pholograph 2 by Robert Leyba. All other photos by Lucille Atencioj. A ctivities n g Year BORED PEOPLE As the year 75-76 passed by, the activities at AHS seemed to drop. The expressions on the faces of these pages show the excitement of Albuquerque High. Throughout the year the cheerleaders put on many assemblies, but according to stu- dents who attended these, they didn't have much life. There- fore, not many students went to the assemblies. However, if we hadnlt had the cheerleaders, we probably wouldn't have had any assemblies at all this past year. The dances at AHS brought many students. We probably could have gotten more dances but the teachers weren,t willing to be chaperone. Most students agreed that this school-year was one of the dullest years they could remember. 24 2 With the end of the war and the influx of the Vietnamese to the U.S., America welcomedtthe newcomers to all parts of the nation. One of the locations was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Special educational programs were set up for the Vietnamese and the high school was established at Albuquerque High. These studehts, who are taught by Miss Loc Truong, range from sixteen to nineteen years of age. The class con- sisted of twenty two people. Miss Truong taught the stu- dents the English language. Miss Truong and the students, along with all the people of South Vietnam, wanted their freedom and were glad the U.S. was there to help. l. Sukit lttisukananth student heads class during afternoon class time. 2. Vietnamese students read as teacher Miss Loc gives out assignment. 3. The morning session: Left lo righls Ha Tu, Oanh Dao, Hiep Nguyen, Diep Nguyen, Khanh Dao. Xaun Nguyen. Ha Uu. Taun Nguyen. From row: Khoa Nguyen, Huy Nhuyen. Muoi Huynh. Hoa Nguyen. 4. P. Anh Pham takes time during the day to study in the classroom. 5. The after- noon session: Standing: Loc Truong, Thuy Nguyen, Sukit lttisukananth, Toan Nguyen, Ving Nguyen, Vyen Nguyen. L.Anh Paam, P. Anh Pham. From row: Chay Ty. Bryon Ramos Cteachers Aidej, To Tu. All photos by Cindy Jackson. 50 ff' vii -5' 'wfkfl 1-gee? +G Wh-If mf -:gag wap -awww fgiff Map... li Top r'mvpic1z1re.r. lqfl to ffgfllf I. "We're on top" is the cheer by the Varsity Cheerleaders. 2. Cheerleaders from AHS and surrounding schools applaude as Coach Abe Estrada culmi- nates speech. 3, Btilldoggies hold up their smiles. while performing to the song of "Higher Ground". 4. Butch finally catches the Monarch. 5. Basketball team rises as Coach Abe Estrada announces them, 6. Benny and Kathy pose for La Ream after being named King and Queen of Hearts. Uftssemhly photos by Cindy Jackson. remaining photo by Manny Aheytaj lldogs to State During the month of February, no activities were being held by any club or organization, so the Record Staff sponsored a Valentine's King and Queen of hearts contest which Benny Jackson and Kathy Mitchell won. As the second week of March rolled around, so did the state basketball tournaments. For this occasion, the AHS cheerleaders sponsored a pep assembly to raise the spirit of all Bulldog fans, past and present for the first game of the State tourna- ment against Crosstown rival Manzano. Perform- ers at this assembly included cheerleaders from Valley, Rio Grande, Eldorado, Manzano, Wash- ington Jr. High, Albuquerque High's Varsity and B-team, along with the Bulldoggies. ' ' ...w,.,.:-fmw-wmwawmwrffrffvxrrrfz-'I'fwsramxvfr'-f'm:::m,.m::-sowdinfxzzzfzzf-nw' ff:-HAW.s.v,m:ff'M-fvwmn-:nsum,f.m,,f.Q5ff1,-1m-Q.-uwsmymvwaf-V--QQ-1-, :--1-...,..ww.w,,,.,,W.,.,L - , , ,, 256 Aleman, Ruben Austin, Judy Baca, Tony Corley, Vernon Derby, Ivy Duran, Christine Montano, Tommy Gomez, Rick Montoya, James Gonzales, Clara Mora, George Lucero, Ernest Mora, Lorraine Martinez, Herry Ortega, Benita Padilla, Lisa Velarde, Wanda Platero, Ireen Vigil, Larry Riggins, Tyrone Wheat, Geraldine Roland, Donald Zepa, Stella Salazar, Ernest Zamora, Gloria The Seniors on the opposite page were not included in the Senior section because the photography studio did not supply those pictures in time to meet the Senior deadline. Benevidez, Ernest SENIORS INDEX Aragon, Elizabeth - Junior House 11, Junior Escort ll. Baca, Tony - A-Club 10. ll, 12, Varsity Foot- ball 10, ll. 12, Track 10, ll. Defense Lineman of the Year for Albuquerque High Schools. Becerra. Mary Jo!Junior House 11, OEA 12. Begay, Nathan - Showtime Band 10, Guitar Club 10, Indian Club President 12. Brito, Carmela B. - Sophomore Congress 10, Drama Club 10, ll, 12, Senate 10, 11, 12, Cho- rus lO, ll, 12, Junior House 11, German Club 11, Debate Team 11, Junior Escort 11, History Tlub 12, Mural Committee 12, Girls' State 12. Drama Club President, also Received Merit Certificate, History Club Debator, Mistress of Ceremonies. Candelaria. Barbara - Sophomore Congress 10. Spanish Club 10, Junior Escort 11, French Club ll, Junior House ll, Jr. OEA ll. Student Senate 12, Senior Class Vice-Pres. 12. Candelaria, Patsy - A. Girls Basketball Team 10, B-team Cheerleader 11, Junior Escort 11, Varsity Cheerleader 12, A-Club 12, La Reata Staff 12, Booster Club 12. Carroll, Cheryl Diane - GAA 10, BSU 10, ll. 12, Boys Track Manager 10, Bulldoggie 11. Junior Escort ll. Carter, Jerry R. - Sophomore Congress 10, Stu- dent Senate 10. Castillo, John - Newspaper Staff 11, 12, Year- book Staffl1.12. Cavalier, Andy - Track and Cross-Country 10. ll, 12 fletteredl. Chavez, Chris f Cross-country and Track 10. l1,12,A-Club11,12. Chavez, Diana - Concert Choir 10, Upward Bound 10. ll, 12, OEA ll, 12, Junior House ll, Student Council ll, Staters Club falter- natej 12. Chavez, Guadalupe - Marching Band 10. 12, Advanced Band 10, ll, 12, La Reata Staff 12. Chavez. Irene Ann - Mardi Gras Queen 11, Junior Escort 11, Marching Band l1,A12, OEA 12. Chavez, Irma - Sophomore Congress 10. Chavez, Leona L. f Junior Escort ll, Honor Society 12, LOE 12. Chavez, Lorraine A. - OEA 12, Estrada, Henry A. - Basketball 10, 11. 12, Foot- ball 10, Track 10, Letterman's Club 10. ll, 12, Sophomore Congress 10, Junior House ll, Key Club 1 1, Student Senate 12, Staters 12. Fernandez, Guy - Record 10, ll, 12, La Reata 11, National Honor Society 1 1 13.8 GPAJ. Garcia, Annette Beth - Yearbook Staff lco- Chavez, Joe Montoya, Michael edit.l 10, ll. 12, Junior Escort ll, OEA 12. Garcia, Irene -Junior Escort 11, OEA 12, Year- book Staff 12. Garcia, Sisto - Thespian Society 11, 12. Geoffrion, Richard W. - Tennis 10, Table Ten- nis ll, 12, Science Club ll. Key Club 11, 12. NCHO 11, 12, Staters 12, Soccer 12. Gonzales, Christine C. A Chorus 10. OEA 12, Honor Society 12. Gutierrez. Renald G. - Football 10, 11, 12, Ten- nis 10. Advnaced Band 10, Marching Band 10. Lettermen's Club ll, 12. Harris, Bonnie L. f Junior House ll. Student Senate ll, BSU 11, 12, GAA ll, Newspaper Staff 12, Lettered in Basketball. Huling, Lulu - Student Council 10, BSU 10, Bulldoggies 11, Junior Escort ll, Honor Soci- ety ll, Homecoming Court 12. Jackson. Cynthia A. - Junior Escort ll, Gym- nastics 11. Yearbookl 12, OEA 12. Krueger, Janine - Sophomore Congress 10, Jun- ior House ll. Honor Society 11, 12, Junior Escort 11. OEA 12, Senior Senate 12, Student Senate tSec-Treasj 12, State Student Council Convention 12. Homecoming Princess 12. Peo- ple-to-People Ambassador program 12. Krueger, Justine - Sophomore Congress 10. Hero!Child CAre 12. Landavazo. Henry - DECA 11, 12, Football 11, 12. Leyba, Robert A. - La Reata 11, Junior House 11, Yucca 11, Student Senate 12, Senior Senate 12, Stater 12. Lewis. Regina Jenne A Drama 10, ll, 12, Girls Volleyball lO,Journalism l1,BSU ll, 12, FHA 11, FTA ll, Student Senate 12, Girls Gymnastics 11. Lyon, Mary - Sophomore Congress 10, Sopho- more Class Vice Pres. 10, GAA 10, ll, 12, Concert Band 10, Pep Band 10. Marching Band 10. Junior House ll, Student Senate ll, Honor Society 11, Staters 11, 12, Homecoming Comm. 11, 12. Newspaper Staff 11, Senior Senate 12, La Reata 12, Outstanding Citizen of Senior Class. Martinez, Patricia Ann - Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Pres. Junior House 11, Student Senate ll, Drama Club 1 1, Staters Club 12, Homecoming Court 12, Snow Queen ll. Martinez. Ruth A, - GAA 10, 11, 12 fletteredj, Means, Jeff - Gymnastics 10, 11, 12, Honor Society ll, 12, Speech Club 12, Goodday Sing- ers 12, Lettered in Gymnastics. Miller, Emma Y Sophomore Congress 10, Stu- dent Council l0, B-Team Cheerleader 10, BSU 10, 11, Junior House 11, Student Senate ll. OEA ll, Junior Escort ll, History Club 12, Senior Senate 12, Homecoming Queen 12. Montano. Rosemary - Marching Band ll, 12, OEA 12. Montoya.James-Wrestling 10, 11. 12. Navarete, Elizabeth Ann A- GAA 11. 12. Junior Escort 11, NCHO ll, Senior Senate 12. Newsom, Jack f Honor Society ll. Boys' State ll, Basketball ll, 12, Key Club ll. Staters 12. Yearbook 12. Padilla, Rita - Marching Band 10. 11. 12. Majorette 12. Padilla, Stanley - Thespian Society 1 1, 12. Perea, Liz M. - Sophomore Congress 10, Junior Escort 11, French Club Sec. ll. Senior OEA 12. Purcella, Doris A. - Student Council 10, ll, Junior House 1 1, Junior Escort 11, OEA 12. Renfro, Lois F. - Sophomore Congress 10, BSU 10, 11, 12. Junior House 11, Newspaper Staff 12. Rodarte. Eleanor - FHA 10, Bulldoggie ll, Jun- ior Escort ll. Mardi Gras Cand. ll, OEA 12. Rodriquez. Priscilla Janet - FHA 10, Junior House 1 1, Chicano Club 12, HERO 12. Romero, Bessie M. W Soph. Congress, Student Council 10. 11, Student Senate 10, Junior Escort, Mardi Gras lst Princess ll, Head Bull- doggie 12, Track Manager 12, Yearbook. 12, Junior OEA 11. Romero, Stephanie - B-Team Cheerleader ll. Junior Escort 11. Varsity Cheerleader 12. La Reata 12, Girls' State 12, Booster Club 12, A- Club 12. Roybal, Victor - Basketball 10, 11, 12, Concert Choir 11, A-Club 12, Lettered in Basketball. Saiz, Christine -Junior House 11, Junior Escort 11, Girls' State 12, Honor Society 12, Home- coming Princess 12, OEA 12, Bulldoggie 12. Sanchez, Bernadette - Junior Escort ll, Year- book 11 12. Sanderson, Julie-Tennis ll, 12. Santiago, Jacinta - B-Team Cheerleader 10. Bulldoggie ll, Junior Escort ll, Concert Choir ll, A-Club 12, Varsity Cheerleader 12, Year- book Staff 12, Booster Club 12. Snow, Steve 4 Band 10, ll, 12, AFS 10, Tennis Team 10, 12, Honor Society 11, 12, Science Club 11, German Club ll, Staters 12, Key Club 12, Soccer 12, Table Tennis 12. Thomas, Phyllis - Sophomore Congress 10. French Club 10, 11, German Club 10, 11, Stu- dent Senate ll, French Student of the Year. Thomas, James - Basketball ll, 12, Key Club 11, La Reata ll, 12, Staters Club 12, Honor Society 12. Torrez, Florence R. - FHA 10, 11. Valtierra, Edward - Sophomore Congress 10, Key Club ll. ROTC 11, 12, Yearbook ll 12. Senior Class Pres. 12, Senior Senate 12. Vanderl-leyden, James - Varsity Golfer 10. 11, 12, Yearbook 10, ll. Student Council 1 1, Speech Team, Treas. Kiwanis Club 11, Letter- men's Club ll, Key Club 12, T.V. Club 12. APS Radio-Broadcasting 12, Rcvd. UNM Cer- tificate of Excellence in Radio Braodcasting. Vigil, Gloria - Student Council 1 1, Junior House 11, Mardi Gras ll, Mexican and lndian Club 12, Yearbook 11 Editor. Wash, Angela A. - Sophomore Congress 10, French Club 11, German Club ll. National Honor Society 11. 12, Senior Senate 12. Winters, Danny Ray - Advanced Band 10, 11, Showtime Band 11, OEA 12. Worthey, David - Football 10, ll, 12, Basket- ball 10, 11, Track 10, 11, 12, Honors Rcvd: All District ll, Lettered in Track 10, 11, Capt. of Varsity Football Team 12. 257 Abeyta, Steve- 106, 133 Abeyta, William 3 40, 134 Abeyta, Manny 364, 128, 134, 137 Aikins, Abreu, John 3 40 Adsitt, Jerry 3 64 Agnes, Eugene 3 17, 64, 130, 134 Morris 3 130 Aleman, Ruben 3 256 Alexander, Karen 3 40 Alexander, Onzia 3 227 Anaya, Bonnie 340 Anaya, Dale 3 40, 135 Anaya, Raymond 3 178, 227 Bachicha, Arthur 3 228 Bachechi, Paul 3 64 Baiamonte, James 3 65, 84, 130, 135 Bailey, Denise364, 132, 133, 126, 148 Baldonado, Terry 3 40 Baker, Bernard 3 40 Barajas, Tommy 3 137 Barbosa, Arthur 3 40 Barbosa, Richard 3 65, 135 Barela, Geraldine 3 40 Barela, Felix 3 65 Barela, Grace 3 65 Barela, Mark 3 65, 168 Andazola, Lillian 3 40 Anderson, Carol 3 40 Apodaca, Cynthia 3 40 Apodaca, Darlene 3 64 Apodaca, Terry 3 40 Apodaca, Ralph 3 64 Aragon, Angelica 3 40 Aragon, Anthony 3 227 Aragon, Bernice 3 40 Aragon, Carol 3 64 Aragon, Elizabeth 3 227, 239 Aragon, Roberta 3 64 Aragon, Rudy 3 64 Aragon, Raymond 3 40 Aragon, Steven 3 227 Aragon, Wayne 3 227 Bell, Eugene 3 40, 134 Archibeque, Anthony 3 64 Archibeque, David 3 40 Archibeque, Richard 3 167,227 Archuleta, Helen 3 64, 172 Archuleta, Dolores 3 227 Archuleta, Gary 3 53 Arellano, Manuel 3 227 Arementa, Ramona 3 227 Arnold, Karen 3 40, 146 Armno, Rosemary 3 227 Atler, Debbie 3 153, 5, 37, 64 Atencio, Lucille 3 185 Atler, Sandra 3 40 Barlea, Phyllis 3 65 Barela, Ronald 3 228 Barela, Mary Louise 3 179 Barela, Tricia 3 40 Baros, Leonard 3 167,228 Barreras, Michael 3 65 Barranca, Jeanette 3 228 Barth, Jimmy 3 228 Barth, John 3 40 Bauman, Denise 3 40 Baunann, Roberta 3 40 Baumgartner, Bonita 3 65 Beauchamp, Carla -3 40, 146 Becerra, Mary 3 163, 170, 228 Beeson, Daniel 365, 93, 130, 134 Belindo, Anthony 3 243 Belindo, Julie- 17, 65, 156, 168, 180, 182 Bencomo, Alicia Bencomo, Diane 84,108,109, 111 Bell, James 3 65, 365, 132, 172 3 40 Bernal, Albert 3 65 Benjamin, Laura 3 40 Benson, Joyce 3 40 Beverly, Bonnie 3 147 Black, Stephen 3 40 Bryant, Lisa 3 42 Buckhanan, Steven 3 66, 130, 134 Burdex, Sherry 3 42 Burkhard, Daniel 3 131, 42 Burkhard, Timothy 3 42 Burks, Jowanna 3 42 Burkhard, Theresa 3 66 Burrell, Anthony 3 66 Bustos, Luis 3 66 Buswell, Daniel 3 178 Bynon, Leo 3 66 Byron, Thomas 3 42 Caflisch, Tod 742, 130, 133, 106 Campos, Chris 3 131 Candelaria, Barbara 3 169, 172. 229,243 Candelaria, Cecilia 3 229 Candelaria, James 3 66, 130, 135 Candelaria, Marcella 3 66, 179 Candelaria, Mel 3 131 Candelaria, Michael 3 229 Candelaria, Patricia 3 153, 154, 180,229,254 Candelaria, Stella 3 229 Carreathers, Angela 3 42, 188 Carrillo, Carla 3 66 Carrillo, Meliton 3 84, 88 Carrillo, Paul 3 91 Carrillo, Roberta 3 66 Carillo, Steven 3 42 Carr, Lisa 3 66 Carroll, Cheryl 3 176 Carroll, Kirk 3 229 Carson,Cale3108, 109, 111, 131, 132,164,216 229 Carson, David 3 42, 117, 176, 132 Carter, Jerry 3 229 Cary, Nancy 3 66 Casados, Margaret 3 172 Casias, Deborah 3 33, 66 Casias, Frank 3 9 Ash, Esteven 3 227 Austin, Judy 3 256 Avalos, Molly 3 185,64 Avila, Albert 3 40 Ayze, Florence 3 227 Baca, Anthony 3 130, 254,245,256 Baca, Benedict 3 64 Baca, Catherine 3 64, 168, 175, 230 Baca, Catherine 3 185, 133 Baca, Cecilia 3 228 Baca, Diana 3 163 Baca, Eloy 3 64 Baca, Greg 3 64 Baca, Gilbert 3 40 Baca, Gloria 3 40 Baca, Jackie 3 64, 159 Baca, Laura 3 228 Baca, Laura 3 159 Baca, Louie 3 64 Baca, Michael 3 40 Baca, Mike 3 64 Baca, Orlando 3 115 Baca, Paul 3 40 Baca, Ray 3 40 Baca, Ronald 3 40 Baca, Steve 3 133 Baca, Timmy 3 40 Blair, Frances 3 40 Blaisdell, Shawn 3 65 Blue, Edward 3 65 Bonney, Mark 3 65 Bononcini, Eddie 3 163 Borrego. Diolinda 3 87, 90 Borrego, Julia386. 90, 91, 130, 126, 13 Bottom, Kenneth 3 130 Boulton, Larry 3 42 Boxton, James 3 42 Boyd, Timothy 3 65 Boyer, Marica 3 65, 148, 149, 151, 172 Brady, Ann 3 65, 172 Bradford, Karen 3 42 Branch, Curt365, 124, 131 Bradford, Roy 3 229 Brandenberger, John 3 42, 132 Brandenberger, Paul 3 66, 135 Brennan, Bridget366, 125, 131, 173 Brito, Carmela 3 165,229 Bromberg, David 3 66 Brooks, Carol 3 66 Brooks, Lynn 3 148, 149, 151, 168 Brown, Julie 3 66 Brown, Polly 3 42 Brown, Suzanne 3 132 Brown, Wi1liam366, 135, 176, 185 Browning, Earl 3 42, 135 Bryant, Bobby 3 137, 185,66 Bryant, Jimmy 3 66 Casias, Frank 3 42 John 3 176, 179, 183, 34, 218,229 Castillo, Andrew 3 229 Castillo, Charles 3 66 Castillo Darlene 3 42 Castillo, Debbie 3 42 Castillo Denise 3 172 Castillo 1sabel366 Castillo, Castillo, Jolcen 3 42 Castillo Kathleen 3 42 Castillo, Lita 3 66 Castillo, Ruben 3 42 Cauley, Melvin 3 42 Cauley, Theresa 3 42 Cavalier, Andy 3 97, 101, 123, CaDeBaca, Patsy 3 67 Chabai, Christine 3 46, 66, 175 Chavez, Albert 3 229 Chavez, Anita 3 66 Chavez, Anna 3 172 131, 229, 232 Chavez, Anthony 3 40 Chavez, Bertha 3 66 Chavez, Carolyn 3 66 Chavez, Christine366, 135, 179, 172 Chavez, Christopher- 102, 239, 176, 131 Chavez, Corine 3 159, 229 Chavez, Cynthia 3 229 Chavez , Dianna 3 229 Chavez, Elizabeth 3 24 Chavez, Elizabeth 3 173 havez, havez, havez, havez, havez, havez. havez. havez, havez, Elizabeth 4 42 Elizabeth 4 42 Elizabeth 4 42 Ernestina 4 42 Gerard 4 42 Guadalupe 4 230 Irene 4 254,218 Irma 4 230 Joanie 4 42 havez, Joseph 4 17,215 havez, Kathryn 4 230 havez, Leona 4 164, 172 havez, Loretta 4 66, 148. 150 havez, Lorraine 4 230, 155 havez, Lucas 4 230 havez, Lucille 4 66 havez, Maria 4 42 havez, Rita 4 176. 185,230 havez, Robert 442, 1 15 havez, Robert 4 132 havez, Rosalie 4 137 havez, Sara 4 66 Chavez, Sylvia 4 76 Chavez, Sylvia 4 66, 135, 150 Chavez, Thelma 4 133 Chavez, Velma 4 66, 173, 126 Dewitt, Susan 4 173, 67 Dickson, Courtney 4 44 Dominguez, Richardo 4 67 Donahue, Susan 4 67 Dorso, Richard 4 178 Doyle, William 4 67 Dunworth, Beverly 4 163, 230 Dunworth, Frances 4 67 Duran, Anita 4 67 Duran, Christana 4 170, 239 Duran, Mark 4 67 Duran, Patti 4 231 Duran, Regina 4 133 Dyson, Eckert, Felicha 4 172, 167 John- 108, 164, 231, 173, 132 Eddings, Ernestine 4 44, 79, 163 Elias, Bill467, 79, 130, 135 Elias, Lori468. 168, 175 Ellenberger, Barbara 4 68 Ellis, Diane 4 44 Elston, Richard 4 44 Encee, Enrest 4 159, 231 Enderby. Anthony 4 44, 131 Espinosa, Carl 4 68, 134 Espinosa, Georgia 4 44, 179 Espinosa, Mark 4 68 Chavez, Velma 4 87, 90, 159,23 Chavez, Virginia 4 66 Chavez, Virginia 4 66 Chavira, Maria 4 164. 165, 230 Chouinard, Pat 4 166. 175 Cisneros, Victor 4 42 Coan, Charles 4 67, 135 Cole, Raymond 4 67 Coleman, Ray 4 42 Collado, Angelo 4 130, 135 Conner, Jester 4 42 Contreras, Linda 4 42 Cooper, Judy 4 42. 132 0,133 Cordova Cordova Cordova , Amanda 4 230 ,Aurelia 4 230 ,Christine 4 230 Cordova, Esther 4 159, 167. 230 Crodova, Felix 4 42 Cordova, James 4 42 Cordova, Jane 4 170 Cordova, Veronica 4 76 Corley, Vera 4 46 Cornish, AHHC4 148, 150 Correa, Paul 4 131 Correa, Sophia 4 44 Crawford, Rebecca 4 67 Crespin, Christina 4 230 Crespin, Franzella 41 148, 150 Crespin, Henry 4 67 Crespin, Michael 4 230 Crews, Emily 4 67 Dauber, Lucille 4 44 Dauber, Richard 4 230 Davenport, Patricia 4 44 Davies, Kathleen 4 67 Davies, Stacey 4 44 Dean, Robert 444, 117, 163 Deblassie, Dean 4 44 Delaney. Rex 4 44 Delara, Loretta 4 67 Delfrate. John 4 67, 168 Derby, Ivy 4 256 Devoti, Christina 4 67 Equivel, Stephanie 4 44 Estrada, Henry 4 108, 109, 113, 132 Estrada, Michael 4 44 Evans, Scott 4 131 Evans, William 468 Farley, Elizabeth 4 172,231 Farley, Patricia 4 133 Fernandez, Guy 4 176, 255 Fernandez, Steve 4 176 Ferran, Celene 4 68 Ferrel, Vikki 4 68 Fielder, Paul 4 167 Fields, Solomon 4 133 Fillimore, Gail- 68, 172 Flores, Gustavo 4 68 Flores, James 4 68 Flores, Veronica 4 172 Fogg, Ellen 4 44 Foley, James 4 44 Ford, Cathleen 4 44 Ford, Debra 4 44 Ford, Richard 4 68 Forshey, John 4 68, 146 Fossett, Craig 4 68 Foster, Robert 4 68 Foster Ronald 4 68 Foy, Christopher 4 68 Frampton, Sarah 4 68, 172 Francia, Herminia 4 44 Francis, Gloria 4 231 Franco, Yolanda 4 44, 126, 133 Friedman, Naomi 4 146 Fuentes, Susie 4 68 Funes, Clara 4 68, 180, 184 Gachupin, Mary 4 133 Gallagher, Barbara 4 44 Gallagher, Christopher 4 68 Gallegos, Elizabeth 4 68 Gallegos, Frankie 4 44 Gallegos, Jerry 4 68, 159 Gallegos, Leroy444, 115. 131, 132 Gallegos, Michael 4 44 Gallegos, Gallegos, Gallegos, Gallegos, Patricia 4 68 Paul 4 163 Robert 4 44 Rudy 4 46 Garcia, Aaron 4 128, 134, 231 Garcia, Annette 4 254, 231 Garcia, Anthony J. 4 17, 44, 232 Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Arno 4 44 Barbara 4 44 Benjamin 4 178, 231 Benjamin O. 4 214 Beverly 444 Garcia, Christopher 4 133 Garcia, Cathy 4 69 Garcia, Cindy 4 231 Garcia, Debbie 4 217 Garcia, Donald 4 69 Garcia, Georgianna Garcia, Geraldine 4 231 Garcia, Hilda 4 231 Garcia, Irene 4171,185,231 Garcia, Jeannie 4 69, 148, 150, 272 Garcia, Joann 4 231 Garcia, Joseph 4 69 Garcia, Katherine 4 46 Garcia, Leroy 4 69 Garcia, Lorena 4 175 Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Margaret 4 69 Margaret M, 4 132 Mark 4 217 Michael 4 69 Mona 4 46 Nathan 4 69 Norma 4 231 Patsy 4 46 Paul 4 69, 135 Ray 4 46 Rita 4 232 Garcia, Rodney 4 46 Garcia, Roger 4 69 Garcia, Sandra M. 4 46 Garcia, Sandra 4 46, 152 Garcia, Sisto 4 161 Garcia, Stan1ey4 103, 137, 102, 232, 133 Garcia, Steven 4 46 Garcia, Theresa 4 69 Garcia, Vicky 4 46 Garduno, Paul 4 69 Garley, Robert 4 159, 232 Garretson, Eric 4 69 Gatewood, Deborah 4 126 Gatewood, Donald 4 130 Gatewood, Michael 4 46 Gathings, Rusty 4 135 Geoffrion, Barbara 4 46, 133 Geoffrion, Richard 4 234, 1 232 Giron, David 4 232 Giron, Michael 4 68 Giron, Phillip 4 46, 147 Gomez, Anita 4 167 Gomez, George 4 46 Gomez, Greg 4 69, 130 Gomez, Gwendolyn 4 46, 60, 152 Gomez, Janey 4 46 Gomez, John 4 232 Gomez, Judith Gomez, Mark 4 232 Gomez, Michael 4 90 82, 185, 255, 265, 25 9 260 Gomez, Oscar 3 46 Gomez, Patricia 3 272 Gomez, Ricky 3 176, 178, 234, 256 Gomez, Ruben 3 69 Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Angeline 3 69 Bill 3 248 Christina 3 164, 170 Clara 3 170, 248, 256 Cliff- 104, 107 David 3 69 Diana 3 69, 137, 232 Eleuterio 3 232 Irma 3 232 Johnny 3 69 Leroy- 167, 187 Lucia 3 170,232 Margie 3 69, 185 Mary 3 172 Mary 3 232 Merejildo 3 232 Michae1390,11l,1l3,132 Ruben 3 161, 70 Ronald 3 167 Roy 3 84, 130, 134, 159 Steven 3 70 Clifton 3 133 Gooden, Jovonne 3 232 Goodloe, Sharon 3 46 Grady, Joseph f46, 117, 124, 131 Grammer, Mary 3 70 Granquoc, Khanh 3 46 Grey, Marilyn 3 232 Green, Herbert 3 130 Green, Manuel 3 232 Griego, Andrew 3 134 Griego, Bonnie 3 46, 131 Griego, Clyde 3 36 Griego, Greg 3 179 Griego, Joann 3 46 Griego, Locario 3 70 Griego, Michael 3 178, 232 Griego, Paul 3 70 Griego, Regina 3 179, 46 Griego, Yvonne 3 70 Griffin, Anthony 3 173, 70 Griffin, Cecilia 346 Griffin, Dorothy 3 46 Griffin, Faye - 172, 70 Griffin, Mary 3 233, 170 Grimes, Dori 3 46 Guerro, Sarah 3 70 Guggino, Marc 346 Guggino, Mario 3 164 Gurule, Susan 3 172 Gutierrez, Angie 3 46 Gutierrez, Anthony 3 1 15 Gutierrez, Diana 3 46, 70 Gutierrez, Ellen 3 46 Gutierrez, Freddie 3 46 Gutierrez, Jim 3 46 Gutierrez, Louis 3 70 Gutierrez, Norine 3 70, 148, 150 Gutierrez Gutierrez, Gutierrez, , Raymond 3 233 Renaid - 130, 84, 233 Rhonda - 170, 86, 90,233 Hall, Barbara 3 48 Hall, Weldon 3 219, 233, 144 Hanners, John 3 132, 48 Hardman, Martha 3 48 Hardy, John 3 48,78 Hardy, Dawn 3130, 131 Hardy, Scott 3 131, 70, 125 Harrington, Stefani 3 133 Harris. Anastacia -3 48 Harris, Bonnie 3 172, 254. 230, 233 Harris, Dorothy 3 233 Hauquitz, Sevena 3 70, 168, 73, 173 Havens, Leona 3 48 Havens, Gloria 3 48 Heavin, Jane 3 20, 70 Heavin, Lori 3 217 Hedgepeth, Gordon 3 70 Henderson, Gary 3 163 Henry, Carol- 133, 172, 70 Henson, JOyCC3 135,169,233 Herhahn, Cheryl 3 48 Hernandez, Anna 3 48 Hernandez, Edward 3 70 Hernandez, JoAnn 3 48 Hernandez, Rudy 3 48 Hernandez, Vincent 3 131, 135 Herrera, Georgia 3 48 Herrera, Mary 3 133, 233, 254 Herrera, Melvin 3 48 Herring, Berinda 3 215,233 Hicks, Kenneth 3 48 Hicks, Kimberly 3 71 Hicken, Morris 3 71 Hirschfeld, Joseph 3 48 Hodges, Cheryl 3 71 Hollins, Christopher 3 71,248 Hollis, Arnett- 48 Holtry, Robert 3 71 Horger, Mary 3 71 Horton, Benjamin 3 71, 93, 146, 130 Housel. Kim 3 71 Houser, Taber 3 71, 146 Houston, Patty 3 71 Howard, Rhonda 3 71, 148, 151 Hoyt, Emily 3 233 ' Hoyt, Wendy 3 6, 71 Huling, Donna 3 86, 91, 233 Humphey, Pat 3 233 Hurbina, Lavern 3 233 Huyn, Muoi 3 233,250 lttisukananth, SuKit 3 250 Jackson, Ann 3 71 Jackson, Bennie 3 71 Jackson, Cynthia 3 233, 172, 185 Jacob, Freddie 3 132,233 Jacob, Steve 3 1 17 Janis, Tim 3 71, 92. 130 Jaramillo, Anthony 3 239 Jaramillo, Christopher 3 71 Jaramillo, Georgianna 3 71 Jaramillo, Johnny 3 71 Jaramillo, Kathy 3 71 Jaramillo, Linda 3 48 Jaramillo, Marilyn 3 234 Jaramillo, Rudy 3 130, 234 Jaramillo, Yvette 3 48 Jiron, David 3 81 Joe, Julia 3 48 Joe, Rose 3 172,234 John, Terry 3 17, 72 Johns, Mia 3150 Johns, Maria 3 72 Johns, Andrea 3 48 Johnson, Jerro1d3 135, 174 Johnson, Sharon 3 48 Johnson, Vince 3 72 Johnson, Warner 3 48 Jones, T homas372, 80, 125, 131, 168 Joyner, Caroline 3 72 Joyner, David 3 48, 135 Ju, Manfred 3147 Kahn, Lori 3 48 Kempter, Kirt 3 72, 147. 135 Kindsvater, Lynn 3 72, 160 King, Patsy 3 72 King, Phil 3 72 K1ebanoff,John372 Klein, Kenneth39, 72 Klein, B illy -133, 103,234 Klein, Patricia 3 72, 175 Klein, William 3130, 184, 103 Kozlowski, Elaine 3 72, 80. 180 Krbec, Lori 3 175 Krueger, Denise 748, 60, 152, 173 Krueger Krueger 248 Krueger , Donald 3 48, 106, 133 ,Janine 3 6, 83, 95,170,173 ,Justine 3 234 Ladman, Tom 3 48 Lamberti, Monica 3 72 Landevazo, Henry 3 130, 159 Langley, Maxine 3 72 Langlois, Charles 3 72 Larson, Gene- 185, 17 Lazar, Michael 3 72 Leija, David 3 174 Lewis, Debra 3 284,234 Lewis, Harold 3 234 Lewis, Regina 3 248,234 Leyba. Raymond 3 72 Leyba, Roberrt 3 34, 234, 173 Listy, Anthony 3 135,234 Long, Debra 3 234 Long, Key 3 234 Long, Steven 3 135, 172 Lopez, Andrew 3 72 Lopez, Anna 3 72 Lopez, Joseph 3 284 Lopez, Katherine 3 163,234 Lopez, Laurie 3 48, 146 Lopez, Marlene 3 72 Lopez, Marsha 3 48 Lopez, Paul 3 72 Lopez, Robert 3 48 Lovato, Lovato, Lovato, Lovato, Lovato, Lovato, Lucreo, Lucero, David 3 48 Georgia 3 72 Gerald 3 48 Joseph 3 234 Linda 3 72 Martin 3 134, 48 Clifford 3 91 Ernest 3 256 Lucero, Geneva 3 172, 185, 72 Lucero, Greg 3 148 Lucero, Jose 3 72 Lucero, Josie 3 176, 50 Lucero, Judy 3 210, 173, 72 Lucero, Lorraine 3 72 Lucero, Patricia 3 50 Lucero, Peggy 3 50 ,l69,164 ucero, Raymond Y 50 ucero, Richard Y 50 ucero, Roseanne Y 234 ucero, Theresa Y 72 ucero, Virginia Y 50 ugo, Audra Y 50 ujan, Frank Y 50 ujan, Lucille Y 234 ujan, Patrick Y 50 ujan, Rita Y 235 yon, MaryY 164. 165, 173, 180. 182, 183, 254. 219, 132 yon, ThomasY 132. 135, 50, 117 aciel, Mario Y 50 Madrid, Alfred Y 50 Madrid, Richard Y 73 Madril, Rudy Y 73 Maes, G1oriaY 176. 185. 136 Maestas. Dennis Y 73 Maestes. Anthony Y 235 Maestes, Daniel Y 73 Maez, Helen Y 159 Maldonado, Angela Y 10 Maldonado, Diana Y 73 Maldonado, Kathy Y 50 Martinez, Margaret Y 73 Martinez, Mary Y 50 Martinez, Michael Y 50 Martinez, Patricia Y 235 Martinez. Patricia Y 86, 91 Martinez. Patrick Y 159. 235 Martinez, Phyllis Y 167 Martinez. Perry Y 235, 256 Martinez, Phillip Y 52 Martinez, Raymond Y 73 Martinez, Richard Y 235 Martinez, Richard Y 167,235 Martinez. Rick Y 73 Martinez. Rosalie Y 235 Martinez. Ruth Y 235, 255 Martinez, Sammy Y 236 Martinez, Sophia Y 52 Martinez, Wayne Y 73 Matteucci, Julie Y 52 Matthews, Doris Y 73 Mayes, Jacqueline Y' 52 McCament. Roberta Y 162 McC1ard, Angela Y 52 McC1ard, David Y 73 McConnell, Patrick Y 1 15 Montoya, Deborah Y 74 Montoya, Donald Y 236 Montoya, Eileen Y 52 Montoya, Gary Y 74 Montoya, Gina Y 147. 73, 74 Montoya. .lamesY 133, 104,256,216 Montoya. Joe Y 57 Montoya. Joseph Y 74 Montoya, Louise Y 54 Montoya, Lucinda Y 52 Montoya, Mary Y 158 Montoya, Mary Y 158 Montoya, Mary Y 132 Montoya, Michael Y 159 Montoya, Rena Y 168 Montoya. Thomas Y 74, 137, 104, 133 Montoya. Yvette Y 75 Moore, Ann Y 75 Mora, Mora, Mora, Anthony Y 167. 238 Francis Y 52 Leonard Y 236 Mora, George Y 256 Mora. Lorraine Y 256 Mora, Nadine Y 162 Mora, Pauline Y 75, 163 Malone. Patrick Y 50 Maloof, Mike Y 135, 235 Mancha. Arnie Y 235. 137 Mancha. Javier Y 50 Mancha. Victor Y 50, 134 Manzenares, Martha Y 172. 7 Manzanares, Ray Y 235 Mares, Ronald Y 73 Mares, Rosemarie Y 135. 160 Marez, Robert Y 73 Nguyen. Vinh Y 250 Marques. Carlotta Y 73, 172 Marquez, Anthony Y 176 Marquez, David Y 50, 134 Marquez, Frank Y 176,235 Marquez, John Y 50 Marquez, Martin Y 50 Marquez. Richard Y 73 Martinez, Adele Y 50 Martinez. Ambrose Y 167 Martinez, Anthony Y 50 Martinez. Albrinda Y 50 Martinez. Carol Y 50 Martinez. Coreen Y 50 Martinez, Christine Y 73 Martinez, Christopher Y 73 Martinez. Daniel Y 50 Martinez, Debbie Y 253 Martinez. Demetria Y 50 Martinez, Desi Y 253 Martinez. Dianna Y 50 Martinez, Elvira Y 60, 73 Martinez, Eugene Y 50, 133 Martinez. Glenda Y 50 Martinez, Henry Y 167 Martinez. Herbert Y 50 Martinez, Hubert Y 50 Martinez. Ivan Y 50 Martinez. Jake Y 50 Martinez, Joann Y 50 Martinez, Johnny Y 159, 253 Martinez, Karen Y 50 Martinez. Lourdes Y 73, 172 Martinez, Lucille Y 50 Martinez, Manuel Y 253 3. 149. 150 McCoy, Daniel Y 52 McCree, Willis Y 52 McCulley, Mike Y 236, 180. 183 McDanie1s, Elaine Y 52. 132 McDonald, Clyde Y 52. 134 McDowell. Bradley Y 73. 135 McKenzie, Linda Y 52 McKibben. Karl Y 52 McLean, Jimmy Y 52 McManis, Kenneth Y 73, 159 Means, Jeffrey -:-f- 236, 164. 218 Medina, Lawrence Y 73 Melton, Jeffrey Y 52 Mendez, Helen Y 179 Mendez, Jacob Y 74 Mentz, Ernest Y 74 Michnovicz, Paula Y 74 Milks, Steven Y 169, 185, 158,236,219 Miller, Emma Y 90, 95, 165. 6, 82,236 Miller, Terry Y 52, 93. 132 Miranda, Tena Y 133. 132 Mitchell, Kathy Y 74. 172 Mitchell. Margaret Y 236 Mitchell, Sherril Y 52 Molina, Eloisa Y 74 Morales. Terry Y 75 Morgan, StanleyY 118, 75. 135 Morris, Joe Y 75 Mosier. Mike Y 52 Moya, Daniel Y 106. 133 Moya, Larry Y 159,236 Moya, M argaret Y 237 Moya, Robert Y 75 Moya, Tom Y 124 Moya, Yolanda Y 237 Moyers, Johnny Y 115, 75 Muniz, Mary Y 75 Munoz, Juanita Y 75 Munoz, Vincent Y 75 Nance, Steven Y 70 Naranjo, Loretta Y 52 Naranjo, Mariana Y 237 Narro, Albert Navar Navar Navar rete. Elizabeth Y 133, 169. 237. 242, 176 ro, Albert Y2, 32. 180, 183, 184,237 ro, Linda Y 237 Nevarez, NoeY 52 Newsom, Jack Y 6, 131, 132, 108, 180, 182, 237 Moneymaker, David Y 52 Monk, Harvey Y 236. 167 Montano, Canuto Y 52 Montano, Dorothy Y 7, 24 Montano, Edwina Y 74, 168 Montano, Gary Y 52 Montano, Margaret Y 170,236 Montano, Marie Y 74 Montano, Reyna Y 74, 172 Montano, Sandra Y 74 Montano, Tommy Y 256 Montez, S hirley Ann Y 74 Montoya, Andrea Y 236, 153 Montoya, Anthony Y 52 Montoya, Arlene Y 52 Montoya. Carol Y 52, 185 Montoya, Christopher Y 131, 94, 173 Montoya. Clarence Y 159, 34, 236 Montoya, Corine Y 236, 87, 90 163, 165 Newsom, Jerry Y 52 Nguyen, Hiep Y 250 Nguyen, Hoa Y 250 Nguyen. Huy Y 250 Nguyen. K Diep Y 250 Nguyen, Khoa Y 250 Nguyen, Ngoc-Nga Y 75 Nguyen, Thuy Y 250 Nguyen, Toan Y 75,237,250 Nguyen, Tuan Y 250 Nguyen. Uyen Y 250 Nguyen, Xuan Y 75.250 Nicks, Ronald Y 237 Nieto, Grace Y 75 Nieto. Jose Y 137 Nieto, Paul Y 75 Nieto, Ruben Y 75 Nieto, Samuel Y 52 Nodin e, Charles Y 52 Nodine. Debra Y 52.75 Nodine. Diana Y 52 Nodine. Don Y 52 Nolan, Kristine Y 75, 175 Norman, Denise Y 75. 175 Notah, Janice Y 75 Nuanes, Anna Y 130, 126, 237 Nufer, Stephanie Y 75 Nunez. John Y 133.237 Ohrn, Cecilia Y 237 O'keeffe, Patrick Y 52. 132, 135 Olguin, Frankie Y 9. 108. 109. 1 Olivas, Phillip Y 75 Olona. Cynthia Y 237 Orchard, Sara Y 75 Ortega, Alex Y 75 Ortega, Benita Y 178, 179. 256 Ortega. Clarence Y 237 Ortega, Josie Y 52 Sanchez, Bernadette Y 180 Ortiz, Anthony Y 134,237 Ortiz. Rebecca Y 187 Ortiz, Darlene Y 179 Ortiz, J ohnY17 Ortiz. Lillian Y 75, 159 Ortiz. Robert Y 54 Ortiz, Rudy Y 52 Ostler. Daniel Y 215 Otero, Marie Y 52 Otero, Melba Y 52 Otero, Paul Y 52 Otero. Tommy- 128. 134, 175 Owens, Zerrie Y 238 Pacheco. Sylvia Y 75, 131. 156 Pacias. Louis Y 54 Padilla. Carla Y 75. 146 Padilla, Chris- 128, 75. 134 Padilla, Clara Y 75 Padilla, Elizabeth Y 54 Padilla. Ida Y 238 Padilla. Joann Y 75. 137 Padilla. Lisa Y 87, 90. 256 Padilla, Mark Y 75, 176 Padilla. Norman Y 174.238 Padilla. Patricia Y 238 Padilla, Paula Y 238 Padilla. Pearl Y 238 Padilla. Rita Y 145, 238, 255 Padilla, Ruben Y 54 Padilla ,Stanley Y 238 Padilla. Thomas Y 80. 154. 158 Paiz, Loretta Y 54 Palacios. Lorraine Y 75 Paquin. Glenna Y 54 Parker, Richard Y 54 Parrish, Debbie Y 54, 133 Parrott, Lorraine Y 54 Patchell. Clifton Y 76 Patterson. Martin Y 76, 146 Pavlides. John Y 54 Paz, Lawrence Y 238 Paz, Ray Y 167,238 Pedroncelli. lsola Y 76 Peeler, Deborah Y 76 Peery, Sandy Y 54. 133 Peralta, BettyAnn Y 76 Peralta. Sharon Y 54 Perea, Agatha Y 238 Perea. Alex Y 34. 238 11.75.132 Perea, Bernadette Y 238 Perea. Charlene Y 76 Perea, Diane Y 76. 185 Perea, Elizabeth Y 238. 255 Perea. Mary Ellen Y 76 Perea. Nan cy Y 238 Perea. Phillip Y 54. 107. 133 Perea, Susan Y 54. 124 Perea. Yvo nne Y 238 Perez. Lorenzo Y 238 Perez. Teresa Y 238 Perry. Marcella Y 54 Peterson, Terry Lynn Y 54. 133 Petrino, Angela Y 76. 175 Petrino, Kathy Y 54 Pham, Lan Anh Y 54,250 Pham, Phuong Anh Y 76.250 Pichardo. Anthony Y 244 Pierce, Sheila Y 238 Ping, To Y 167 Pitts, De Wayne Y 76 Platero. lreen Y 256 Pohl, Charlene Y 76 Pohl. Freddie Y 54, 134 Pohl, Sarah Y 54 Ponic. John Y 54 Powell. Jeanie Y 159.239 Proo. Rebecca Y 76 Purcella. Doris Y 239. 254 Purcella. Larry Y 54. 134 Purdy. Norman Y 54 Quintana, Wendy Y 76 Raby. Juno Y 239 Raby. Theri Y 76. 153 Rael. Deborah Y 9. 87. 91, 239 Rael. Theresa Y 239 Ramirez. Anna Y 239 Ramirez, David Y 76 Ramirez, EstherY 54 Ramierez. lda Y 76 Ramirez. Janie Y 76 Ramirez. Juanita Y 239 Ramirez. Ruben Y 76 Rask, Will Y 54. 134 Ray. Michel Y 54 Read. Joy Y 76 Reardon, Charles Y 54, 121. 13 Rehill, John Y 54 Reichbach. Raymond Y 239 Renfro, FayeY 176. 239. 255 Rhodes. Donald Y 76. 130 Riggins. Tyrone Y 256 Rivas, Michael Y 76 Rivas. Peter Y 54 Robertson, Maria Y 144 Robles. Alex Y 239 Robles, Lenora Y 54 Robles. Sandra Y 54 Rodarte. Barbara Y 76. 172 Rodarte. Eleanor Y 239. 170 Rodarte. Joseph Y 239. 167 5 Roland. Donald Y 256 Romero. Alex Y 54 Romero, Anthony Y 76. 167 Romero. Bessie Y 135. 148. 150. 233, 239. 240. 255 Romero. Cynthia Y 76. 172 Romero. David Y 240 Romero, Dorothy Y 87.91.240 Romero, John Y 76. 131 Romero. Kathleen Y 54 Romero. Robert Y 54 Romero. Robert A, Y 54 Romero,StephanieY 153, 165. 180. 184. 213. 240 Romero. Vincent Y 54. 134 Romo, Gerardo Y 56. 117. 132 Roskosh, Kelly Y 76, 124 Ross, Michael Y 76. 131 Roybal. Gilbert Y 56 Roybal. VictorY9. 109. 111. 108. 113. 132.240 255 Rozzell. Paul Y 76. 135 Rozzi. Elaine Y 56 Ruiz. Betty Y 172. 176 Ruiz, Patricia Y 77 Russell, Amanda Y 77. 158. 180 Russell. Wendy Y 77. 151. 148, 168. 175 Ruther. Jeff Y 56 Rutherford. James Y 56 Saavedra. Belinda Y 77. 107. 152. 172 Sais. Francine Y 77 Saiz. Christina Y 56. 240 Saiz, Christine Y 6. 83. 90. 95. 148. 151. 164. 230 235 Saiz. Frank Y 77, 106 Salas. David Y 113, 132.240 Salas. Trinidad Y 77. 108. 109. 111. 132 Rodarte. Ramona Y 176. 76. 168. 172 Rodriguez. Charles Y 137. 54 Rodriguez. Elizabeth Y 76 Rodriguez. John Y 54 Rodriguez. Marie Y 239. 170 Rodriguez. Priscilla Y 240 Rodriquez. Rogers. Ste Theresa Y 86. 90 ven Y 56. 1 17 Salazar. Andrew Y 77. 134 Salazar, Barbara Y 240' Salazar, Denise Y 170, 179 Salazar, Ernest Y 256 Salazar. David Y 108 Salazar. Loretta Y 56 Salazar. Manuel Y 56 Salazar. Michael Y 77 Salazar. Steve Y 84. 130 Samuels. Epltra Y 56 Sanchez, Anna Y 86.91, 176.240 Sanchez. Benny Y 56 Sanchez. Bennie Y 56 Sanchez. Cathy Y 77 Sanchez. Debbie Y 159.240 Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez .Deborah Y 133 . Delores Y 56 . Elaine Y 77 ,Florencio Y 56 Sanchez, Freeda Y 56 .James Y 56. 77. 84. 128. 134 Sanchez. Jeanette Y 56 .Jimmy -Y 27.130 Sanchez. Josephine Y 240 Sanchez. Lee Y 77 Sanchez. Leonard Y 17 Sanchez, Luis Y 240 Sanchez. Sanchez Sanchez Mary Y 77 Sanchez. Michael Y 240 Sanchez. Peggy Y 243 PeterY 56. 115. 132 1 Ramon Y 56 Sanchez, Ronald Y 56. 134 Sanchez. Rosalie Y 126. 130. 133.240 Sanchez, Roseann Y 77 Sanchez. Sam Y 77 Sanchez, Sandra Y 56.77 Sanchez. Theresa Y 168 Sanchez. Tim Y 92 Sanderson. Julie Y 118. 135. 169, 240 Sandoval. Eloy Y 100. 128. 102. 131. 133. 135. 240 Sandoval. Helen Y 170. 178. 246 Sandoval. Porfirio Y 240 Sandoval. Tina Y 77. 133 Strome. Sandra Y 78, 161 Suazo. Parla Y 78 Summerville, Joseph Y 56 Summerville. Larry Y 57 Summerville. Loriann Y 56 Sweet. Marsha Y 163. 176, 242 Velasco. Corinne Y 58 Vigil, Angela Y 79. 180.182 Vigil, Donald Y 79 Vigil, Gloria Y 242. 255. 180. 183 Vigil. Harry Y 58 Vigil, Larry Y 256 Sandoval. Tommy Y 56 San Martin Y Anna Y 240 Santiago. Jacinta Y 76. 153. 154. 184. 240. 254 Saunders, Charles Y 56 Sweet. Robert Y 132. 10, 56. 108 Talamante. Katie Y 58 Talavera. Robert Y 78. 214 Tenorio, Janice Y 78 Therkildsen. Guy Y 78 Thomas. Gerldine Y 108. 242, 60 Thomas. James Y 113. 132. 165. 180 Thormahlen. Joseph Y 58, 78 Tijerina. Theresa Y 242 Todd, Robert Y 58 Vigil, Laureen Y 79 Vigil. Lucinda Y 58 Vigil. Ronnie Y 243 Villescas. Barbara Y 170.243 Wakitsch, Scott Y 58. 134 Walker. Arthur Y 58 Savedra. John Y 123. 135 Schade.Car1een Y 56 Toledo, Michael Y 58 Toledo, Richard Y 58 Torres, Anthony Y 58 Walker, Barbara Y 162. 243 Walker. Penny Y 58 Walker. Reginald Y 68, 130 Walker. Robert Y 243 Walton, Clinton Y 79, 128. 134 Ward. Vivian Y 58 Wash. Angelia Y 164 Schaeffcr.GeraldY 133. 165. 246 Schnoor. Chrys Y 241 Schnoor. Martin Y 77. 108. 132 Schroeder. Anna Y 158. 241 Sedillo, Armando Y 77 Sedillo. Dave Y 241 Sedillo. FrankieY56. 106. 107. 130. 133. 134 Sedillo. Ray Y 56 Seebinger. Lawrence Y 76. 146 Tu,1-la Segura. Dennis Y 56 Segura. Martin Y 77. 135 Segura. Rose Y 77 Sena, Alan Y 77. 115 Sena. Edward Y 56. 104. 153. 134 Sena, Richard Y 77 Serna. John Y 77 Serna. Robert Y 241 Serna, Rolando Y 241 Session. Linda Y 241 Sewell. Ginger Y 77 Sharts. Wanda Y 172 Sheler, Bethany Y 147 Shelton. Patricia Y 56. 156 Shoots, James Y 56 Shull. Kathryn Y 56. 146 Simms. Lou Ann Y 56. 146 Sisneros. Peter Y 56 Torres. Florence Y 242 Torres. Helen Y 58 Torres. Josie Y 58 Torres. Judith Y 58 Torres. Julie Y 58 Torres, Leroy Y 242 Torres. Linda Y 242 Torres, Louis Y 58 Torres, Lucy Y 159 Torres. Manuel Y 242. 167 Torrez. Anthony Y 78 Torrez. Garland Y 135.58 Torrez, Karen Y 172. 78 Torrez. Karl Y 242. 248 Torrez. Patricia Y78. 148. 150 Torrez. Sammy Y 58 Tratechaud. Susan Y 58 Troung. Loc Y 250 Trujillo. David Y 78 Trujillo. Jerry Y 58 Trujillo, Joseph Y 78 Trujillo Trujillo .Marie Y 135 .RuthAnn Y 163 Trujillo, Sandra Y 58 Trujillo. Yolando Y 78 Tu, Chay Y 58 Y 58.250 Watson. Bernadine Y 58 Watson. Janet Y 58 Watson. Kathleen Y 79. 124. 131 Weaver. Gail Y 79, 146 Weidner. Douglas Y 58 Welch. Roxy Y 59 Welsh, George Y 59 Welsh. Paula Y 79. 168. 172, 175 West. Marie Y 79.80 Wheat. Geraldine Y 126. 256 White, L Whiting. indsey Y 59 Larry Y 167. 243 Wieland, Matthew Y 59 Wilkinson. Dan Y 59 Williams. Clifford Y 65. 115 Williams. David Y 167 Williams. Jeanette Y 163. 243 Williams. Terry Y 59 Williams. Zella Y 159 Winchell. David Y 59 Winn, Mark Y 79. 135 Winn, Gary Y 59. 134 Winters. Danny Y 172.243 Witte, Denise Y 79 Wood, Donald Y 59 Woods. Kenneth Y 79 Woods. Maribeth Y 79 Smith, Anselmo Y 78 Smith. Dawn Y 78. 148.l51. 168. 173.175 Smith. M Smith. N ichael Y 132 orma Y 170 Smith, RogerY56. 117. 121. 132. 135 Smith. Sylvia Y 56 Snow. StevenY 164. 165. 174.241 Smith, T1 teresa Y 56 Solano. David Y 56 Sorenson. Nancy Y 172 Sorrell, Angela Y 78 Sparks. S tephanie Y 78 Spicer. Michael Y 130.242 Squires. Roger Y 56. 135 Stanley. RitchieY92. 93. 56. 102. 133 Stanley. Verdree Y 134.242 Starnes. Linda Y 56 Steadman. Mark Y 78 Stephens. Eleana Y 56. 133 Stephens. Gregory Y 56 Stephens, Stephanie Y 78 Stevens. Diana Y 56 Stewart. Jervis Y 56 Tu. To Y 242.250 Tuck. James Y 58 Tucker. Jeannette Y 168 Turrietta. Johnny Y 58 Turrietta. Rose Y 78.250 Uranga, Pete Y 58 Valdez. Anthony Y 78 Valdez. Joe Y 167 Valencia. Beatrice Y 242 Valentine.JeffY 131. 144 Valenzuela. Lorenzo Y 58. 134 Vallejos. Alex Y 78. 167 Woodward. Susanne Y 79. 168 Worthey, David Y 84. 88. 130.243 Wright. Beverley Y 59 Wylie. Chris Y 59 Ybarra. Manuel Y 243 Ybarra, Rosana Y 79 Yepa. Stella Y 256 Yepes. Andrew Y 59 Young. David Y 59 Young, Theresa Y 59 Yudin. Ellen Y 59 Yudin. Rhonda Y 79 Vallejos. Jeannette Y 172 Valterra, Edward Y 180. 242. 184. 169. 183.254 VanderHeyden. James Y 135.242 Vanzandt. Byron Y 58 Varela. Danny Y 242 Varela. Jerry Y 78 Vargas. Alfonso Y 79 Vargas. Jose Y 17. 58 Vargas. Julian Y 242 Velarde. Wanda Y 256 Zamora. Annette Y 243 Zamora. FelixY 59.101.123,131 Zamora. Gloria Y 256 Zamora. Monica Y 59. 152 Zamora. Vincent Y 59. 135 Zappia, Albert Y 79 I 5 . 4 3 -.,..NV,.,.,.M,-:,-41.1-,A n, UM- wx - - f-:Lv-A rv ' 1 W f,f,,.frf,e1fc-m 'vw-'K 4 -wr' ' W fc A - . nw' - ,':ow':-" ' me ' -f . m , WEN :V ,1 4: 'f' ' I , ,L- .L,, V , . V 15, ? ' ' f ig , .. I C K T., E? , ' ' 'mf 1' I, ,l I .. , i., f . 4- :W 4 I -, up 1 , :fi 'V .f 1" 'K W-1 --f EL if or f .EW We are thepeople We,ve learned about each We,ve triea' Z0 see ther e nd 0ur own lives ls.. We are a new generation N o longer sheltered by prejudices N o longer blind to our hurnanigf Photo by Geneva Lucero g gill '??a.,,,' ,. sh '31 t f'i,g,,5 A 1 5. nu, .wx 4, Q, ,634 45 A mg, , xx., . .1 pn Q4 Q yy, , J 1 pg , , xi iff . W Rf? '- x . M. u 'A' M W .Mhxf an , ,V.W 4 E Z ' T,rL wa- ' , kt? I :Q ,,f'..4k1 5 'W . 'I ' , EG I Ni ' gf Y-4:2 W ' M X 1 , , V.: ' .,L. jf ' .za 'H Qs-X, ,, , .,WA 3, L Q i- , L V 1, -5: i ,W w, 4 , QM. .QA YQ 1 Fw P ,ix H aww mf., ,,f.n..,3 gif -fi 1 '2 .K em M, Wf, 3 M x Q s , , 4 . ' paw' If ., ,--SK Q Wa' x, , A 'fl ,Me '55 " 4 Q V Q., I V' Y 'Wf, 5 hz ,, an ',,-A :WN xg' ' .AW , , 2, Q. Me. Q. . 1 J, Q .. u nu 'ar A - X s Q , 4. Q , - Q .xr f X Q YP' Q F ,if 7? x 4 Q 4 Mn Q 3 S Nz' xx wa. I I Q ,gm ,, . P :Nw .. fw 'W ' 3411? ,lu Q Q I , 1, 5 'P M K 'aff S. ai X H, 1 x U A Wk ,, "Y 2 ,, am. ' 5 WR . I M E x 4, Z ' 'L 'za , , 3 , , K y H .52 i g ,, Q 351 A, L 4' A I A M' x - 71- ' i IT , LJ: - K.. IIN..-I .,n 1 V, X . ig, 4- '1 'L-,g.' Ii1i,q. V , ' -ig.P?'p,f?'.Q,i1fff, vi 7 -tf5if'f.SQV. '- , '-fffgff,-.'L-fkljfgil s.JifL.JiT'2 . 3A'ff1"iXF Q. 'ri"Q1'QEgT.-AgQ.g mQi' ngqgvs.-?Q'f'v'inI-'Qfrwxlzqp-'-:.n , - V11

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Albuquerque High School - La Reata Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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