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-Q., ff ,,,, .n A- 12,5- f .,. ,m 'Q - ft: -L 241-1 i. -iv 1 ,I , ,V -'ffT1'4' 'W W' .4 ,.r 4 QP? ' .1 " 26-Yi .. ew. ' MJ. , , ., .g7,. -' ' W... Y, , 3? 'U e 1-. , liek ff 1 J", rf 13 I. ,- ss, gl , 'lvl ' : , ,, 'Iwi 1 y1'T3,:fiS:gQe'5ii ., ,. M V. ,. ..,. .L,,....,l,t,:m 1 Lp,--.x:.-B.,-H --1 ff-' - fx A-f,,:t.':fep---,.:: .v :Q ,aff1n:,.: Jw'-af . 4, ,,,,,.,if5,f1f,',,-,,,W4it,,,L.,,,1wig,,-,wr ,.mt-:ffwf-rgquffrfifnse 'ww " ., 1 'z.,?zE'3::4'.5iWEi g 1:fj??f'lQ" 5g,5Q.7:14 'Q'i9?l:g3i33fQ'1y'u223 ga:frfzfyifftnbfufgfQty:-2gij3'i1g'Ze'!yf3145:ill1'24Q::P,z,Eig4"'t.fif' I, W if. f if 1 ffei? 5f351f+:'1?gifffi ' -'x""fxfii3':ff.ff::?3ffWi'4:m-er:4:.1e...,z,. 311' 'i ' - '.., . . 111,-,r.,vd52n:.-fiatgfxxgwpf ,- ' ' Aw:-H A ., . U, K " ff " 1l?!3"2iJQ'ffI?fljg,1f5l,i l"'i,.,'.flL :ff1.e'eeEf,,gase vi 2 'tw 1 , , , 5 A 1 E L l .. 1 3 M I .W 5 Volume LXIV Albuquerque High School 110 Broadway N.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico LA REATA Pam Baca J oe Cisneros Terry Garcia J oe Cisneros Pam Baca . Co-Editors-in-Chief . . . Business Manager . .Copy Editor . . Layout Editor Staff: leroy Gonzales Becky Urliz Robert Pallaclini Vivian lllatcro Ron Romancito Darlene Thomas Wheel Of Accomplishment Faculty-Curriculum .... Student Life ....... 2 Table of Contents 9 Wheel W1 51311901 E 1 Promise Seniors .... 76 , Juniors ..., 102 Sophomores .... 120 Night School . . . . . . .132 School on Wheels . . . . . . .138 1 1 Of Life-,7 2-,7 3 k" An BEST Wheel Of Involvement Index .... l Organization ..............,....... 182 Chronicle ...............,........ 2 18 Wheel Of Competition Sports , .............,............ Qi .,., W 'A' mix it 2 1' Qi , gif . X xi: ' , 6- ,Q ggi tiff! Nm 5 ,ga xii ' 4 -QV... ,xx A :im A A , 131. Q ..,:x::,n:: K x , K 1 t , - sg Vg Wik ziifiwi- i 5 ' x, K. -4: 4 - . x u 3 5 E 4 Introduction ,ij , ' 3 N ' I th ! 1. 5 , an I W f All! Qi, nf ' ,V L , ' f -Azfklx' 1 ,f -' !3,,.fJ V -.4 , .l , 5t ',,, . A . , U , wx K, -...V . 1 1 X, .W l ,, , f .' Z ,, .,.W 1' Q'-,ffixisf W W 33 Z 4,1 Q5 m xg ' v iw -3. vi .1- xy! " '- A Mis :-if i of, M. Vkr , j kv ' :Why Introduction 5 NJN 41 bf. N Q 1 f 'S Q 4 " 1, , if I lr Y, xr: 2' f T ., gl W r . , 7, N- Q ,mga f K... ,M ... ,141 , 5 VN N .-,i H ,-we-dr 5'5'??Z2fm., ' ' -' -K wi' 1 gy f K, ' f - 1 ,l,, " ' Hthingnv ff k, 1,1-il Q mm, 'm fg 9, fn Q -f A, M, 1 .df -- . gg: " K , V -Af Qififk' 1 - , 1" pf? ' F" A ' j+ff'i,z.I1"L : ,pq q?1f',.4 11521, may gf' ,,. ,W ,, I . ? in . ,.,. A Vkik I , K - ,VA I r -ni. Q. ,A 1 QQ'- - fr 'ff F E , 3 1 3 7 +L? RF'- '21 Viivlh 'X'-M52 Riff' Q- .-get RQ! ff' :gk sw V 4: -' .xfEz,iLf, J.. 5, 1' Q ,, , A y ,, -. ' "-. , I 59. Q ., K.. 1 ,4 , ,r , 'R H ' A, ' ' J, 5 ' 1... " ' Q-' 1 1 1 K ' ...A ' f ' Y - . PM . .li avi, t 4 , Q ,W . f n , ' "' ' in M .' ! v' its Aw I -1 .KLA - 1-fr'--' , "V " ' ' ' ww: -n ll-' ef, .H--we - . - .. A ,Hx""" - Q . fi, , -.W 54.4 ,Q UMw:W,,iuf1 ' , .W M A I, M ,ff:e w1.g qrfziitk , - .'f'Ns:wLwe SST' 'pgg X-9 ',f'Lf3!x' "'-'J 'fi:3' lf'f4Ff' Q 1 f 1. " K , --2,51 ,M IJ,-,. ,,,..U-5,1 v ,.,Q,,,v,wQfM5 ,K i,',y,.,v V , '7 ak, Y V' Q ,,.41Q' -,W - ' '.,.,, I ' ul" ' me - 'v'fX"N I "' ,A V 1 2 f Wg! .fa min a+9P1"ff5f'tf""""Z.xv . 'JS '5Srs,"'l M' ' f- Q V"'5HV f'..i . A 1 ,,,4gqA,,k-'14-:1-'vs.Hw,i F W ,pw y, A, f igg "."3f,,, ' fl' A I X 7 Vfffi Q lf-fsffgiqd' 'Af' -' LA' Qhyfa qgfiwf' .jg lxfk M, A - -Qi V M ,, V.. ., K , , V q.1,g-f...','. X x Wa!- 7 1 A-14 Y M ' .v xv .w --Q'-cd, -f Hx wwf N - Q- X ...,f.,. . , , ' 5 L3 N, . . rj. f 4' 'HA . M Q' H' X Q35 L m., fy. -. , f'.,ii16g,Wm""n' , . KV X ' ,- 3 'Y , W A , 5. iw 2 V-Jo .,4f,f-vm.. . gF ',f., 5 Y :KVA M - ' Q4 A Iuiixt ,441 , .L LM J H .5 . ,uf fjisfgvx irq j RU, 1 , . f Mk- .--614' ' f.. mn, ff' ' ,- 'S V ll . " X 433, A -vl- A -1,1 , 5,-1, .sgkgbmgy L Q . Qi, Q A 1 - 1 1 'fix' 'ix 551,-Q' W w 'L f' ,,,f,z-JH. -.c -f-K m . Y, 1 . K-V3 ' 'w - .A ,,.,q.i1 ' 53 31 V .. ff f"",m','e , 7'r,, -4 .21 nm? 14 A f x- Life-A Never Ending Cycle- Total I Total Isolation volvement J"'4, .xy 7 4 :ff ,ak 4 10 Introduction A. Q-V.,--.Qs--W lnlrodm-tion I I Bulldog Cit is Still 0. 1 in Cit uw PW MM .A :anna 'Z N15 A ' 'if ,fm diijft, , 'i' 95 ' A7 V'xh,iVV5,l, 2 1,f.1zaL7:. ' 'asf 12 Introduction i ,, g , 3 V. '99 'f .-,g, 'wif L .V """fa,f ,:1. X::if, 1:-ig. ff, iVfV?,2 Sill-sf:Ef1:,g1':L ,,,, lW,?"'E.lJ2M 'ilfweviti-Qizlf. ffiigfl' 1:1 QLQQQQ 1 'Via Tl f2?T1g'fQi ,x-1'5" A g'13.1y:'w ,.,,.1?v . ,, ,.,,z1.2, gm , ziigrigf, ,ff , Iiimwi ga f , fn? ,,,, i,,hz.fA fu, rifz L cf 'Q Y 0 1 w ' rw Uv" ,- 1' Q 1 1. 2 .3 'L -sv hp... C 'QQ ........ U ,. ,xl ,- -Q, .M 1 Q w-4 , -5 . - . X W ms: f Q TINA ' 6 -4 YQ .Wir-'5 L,...,,.M..., :J Qi ima-,mi 11,1-1-wf.""' Introduction 1 3 Little Moments, Big Moments, Great Moments an U Q P 1 ua 1 2 ,, 3 i i, fi' ff' t A. "4 5' X , 4,12 ,V , all: 3' Jag, ' " K- , 9 ' 9 A K V'. 1 - ' ii Introduction 1 5 16 Wheel of Acc Round like a circle in a spiralgi Like a Wheel, W1th1n a wheel. Never ending or begmning on an ever spmning reel. Like a snowballdown a mountain or a carn1val balloon L1ke a carousel that s turning runmng rings around the moon L1ke a clock Whose hands are sweeping past the minutes of its face. And the World 1S l1ke an apple whirling silently in space.eLike the that you find in other of your imind hsh QYQQEL 9 QQ M L mSWxA Wheel of Accom r. Fickel Leaves After Third Year This year at Albuquerque High began with Mr. Billy D. Fickel as the principal. However, very soon into the semester, Mr. Fickel became Director of Career Education for the Albuquerque Public School System. All Bulldogs were sorry to see lVlr. Fiekel leaveg however, everyone wished him the best in his new career. 18 Faculty -Curriculum r. Geer Appointed New Principal of A S lVlr. Otto Geer who replaced Nlr. Fickcl as our principal came to Albuquerque High School on October 9, 1972. Before Starling work at A.H.S., Mr. Geer had bccn principal of Lincoln Junior High. The transition which was easy for both faculty and students led into a great year at I Bulldog City. Faculty-Curriculum 19 Superintendents, Board Guide AP 20 F aculty-Curriculum L Mr. Desi Baca Mr. Henry Willis Assistant South Area Superintendent. Board of Education President. Mr. Edward Marinsek Mr. Ernest Stapleton South Area Superintendent. A.P.S. Superintendent. Assistant Principals Aid Mr. Greer Mrs. Klicker works hard at keeping a good cur- riculum at A.H.S. She has much work to do while keeping a record on each student. Mr. Goff strides through the airport on his way to meet an exchange student from Brazil. Mrs. May Klicker Assistant Principal Records, Curriculum Mr. Robert Briscoe Assistant Principal Cafeteria, Maintenance Mr. Russell Goff Assistant Principal Student Services Faculty -Curriculum 21 Checking student files, Mrs. Adams has a quizzical Mrs. Romero files different papers during a long Mr. Brown begins day with a cheerful peace sign. 100k 0Il her f6iC6. day at the office. 1 no Counselors Work On Students' Needs Mrs. Frances Adams A-F Mr. Bertran Brown R-Z Mrs. Judy Romero M-Q Mr. Leslie Somerville G-L 22 F aculty-Curriculum Mr, Somerville checks colleges chosen by Seniors for College Day, New Teachers Bring New Ideas To S Mr. Jeffryes, hard at work, takes no notice of cameraman as he instructs his class in bacteria. :lx 0' f ,x ff Aw-mm Q--new Enjoying the teaching of chorus, Miss Pisciotta smiles at her class. Mr. Micklevitz instructs Lorenzo Romero in the Metals Class. Assuming a favorite pose Mr. Atencio enlightens history students. Faculty-Curriculum 23 Services Provided for Whole School Mr. Crabtree takes time out during a hard day for a coffee break. Mrs. Etzkorn examines special material that can only be found in the Material Center Ann Brannon Nurse Gene Crabtree Activities Director Ann Caffrey Librarian Eileen Etzkorn Material Center Abe Estrada Home-School Consultant 24 Faculty-Curricdlum Mrs. Royman has to work hard in order not to get the Main Office. MTS- Apvdaca l18S H lot Of Typing to do to keep the behind on all the paper work that has to be done in AUCUIUHCC Office g0iXlg. ' ' i ' . M za ' . , ,, , 1 moans ,Bw Secretaries Help Students and Facult l Rudy Garcia l Bookroom Herb Ramas Attendance Office Dora Apodaca Ludy Jimenez Joann Long Margaret Neiman Attendance Office Sec. to lVlr. Geer Material Center Library Clerk Jearmine C de Baca Toni Griego Irene Martin Gloria Royman Counselor's Office Data Processing Bookkeeper Office Sec, Faculty-Curriculum 25 -may 41 - Mr. Martinez keeps an eye on student over a pile of books during one of his Biology classes. Mr. Palmer heads the Vocational Dept. teaching new skills to students and preparing them for the 26 Faculty-Curriculum future. Department Q.- SWS Mr. Miranda heads the History Dept. this year and teaches Indian history as part of Cultural Aware- YICSS. Mrs. Claridge gets a little frustrated during one of her classes. Heads Mrs. Emslie tries to get students to respond during Coach Valdez marks the football field during a P,E. a Spanish class. class. Mrs. Shock smiles for the camera during one of her early Home Ec, classes. Col. Larson demonstrates there's paper work to he done even in the Amiy. Mr. Coker is teaching Algebra II and Math Analysis this year. He has taught many other math courses Faculty-Curriculum 27 Mrs. Schwyzer shows her Commercial Art class her year in one fomi or another. Miss Johnson, during one of the few timgs she ggts great sense of humor. Many students took art this to sit down during he, class, Great Results Achieved in Art Class Learning how to design and construct crafts was only one of the areas in which students participated in the Fine Art Depart- ment. Students, in addition, learned the techniques of ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing and commercial art. Art work which was completed at Al- buquerque High was put on display at various art shows in New Mexicog thus, enabling students to receive recognition for work well done. Student works were on display in the library, LAC, offices and teacher lounges. Miss Johnson was head of the Fine Arts Department this year. 28 Faculty-Curriculum Mrs. Barbara Schwyzer Commercial Art Craft Design Miss Lynn Johnson Ceramics and Sculpture Paint- ing and Drawing I Mrs. Schwyzer examines a small work of art done by one of her students. The Showtime Band gets together for fifth period its first appearance in the La Reata assembly. and practice several rock numbers. The Band made Miss Pisciotta explains to students how important Mr, Conlon looks through stacks of music in search breathing is to one's singing. of one particular number. Music Brings Out Talent In Man Bulldogs Practice and hard work produced music for Bulldog City during the year. Mr. Conlon and Miss Pisciotta encouraged their students to pursue their musical interests through practice and through an appreciation of all the skills that result in heautiful music. A music theory course was offered to those students who plan to go on in music education. ln addition, Mr. Conlon initiated a marching hand class which required the student to participate in all marching band activities. Mr. John Conlon Adv. Band Dnxm and Bugle Adv. Orchestra Stage Band Inter. Band Music Theory Marching Band Faculty-Curriculum 29 I C1 - Harold Nlonia watches closely during an exper- e I1 iment in Applied Science, A Whole New World Students learned about the physical aspects of their environment, they learned the molecular structure of atoms and they learned the meaning of gravity in the Science Department this year. lVlr. Virgil Martinez was the head of the department. Mr. Virgil Martinez Dept. Head, Biology I Mr. Arthur Garvin Biology l Mr. Lawrence Godley Applied Science, Chemistry lVlr. Larry jeffryes Biology I Mr. Arthur Simoni Biology l 30 Faculty -Curriculum Mr. Simoni relaxes after putting an assignment on the hoard. Nw , :J f?7if??f?,f, ' . 'f.:3f.f.,i'52zg' ' ., ' . Students listen atten tively as Mr. Garvin lectures during a Biology class. ractical Usage Emphasized ld t d h f h1l Mr Coleman shows us that many times a teacher through some papers has to work just as hard as students. W,r.,.,n3,R,.. ,,.. ,,,.... . .,.k. .L.A .6 5 Wagga E' Li, Z S f a w:.f:::'f l-1:12:14-w.gz:Q:: 1 ' ,aww we---:ew2.:..g.,-Q :-:az Q51-nw 1- f--f 1-1.1 :gm .gigfwi!f:.::::?1:4s.s15. , E ff .. ,,.f , rv yo v,,,f :,,-,,,,y5,,,,,, e -svx - nf- az. , A. 22 ' :lf L 3133 a . I it .5 i t, .f , 7 wi gag - 5173 ,ffl - asia? .s .. 1 . W 1555 W5 A 1 f- . filfal'4zi'1 rr ,. ,L . L we gf- izssrzzga 1 aa ri , k W' e. Y H as P. . 'Ha Y. 1 . In Math Mr. Coker headed the Math Department this year which strove to enrich the student's capabilities in math. Algebra I and Pre- Algebra were Miss Padillais speciality. Mr. Coleman, in addition to teaching Algebra I and Geometry, taught a Physics I course. lVlr. Davidson taught Geometry and Pre-Algebra. The Math Department aided the stu- dents who will be going into college math by offering a special course entitled Math Analysis. . 1 ,,,e .,..a,e . ' s f -,-,.:.. -fffstsiiiaaf - M51-.ffgm ' Wi 'Q 1 ' 5-Q-na, .-as be C. Mr. Claude Davidson Geometry, Pre-Algebra Mr. James Coker Dept. Head, Algebra II Math Analysis Mr. Lyndon Coleman Algebra I, Geometry, Physics l Miss Gloria Padilla Algebra I, Pre-Algebra Miss Padilla shows that Math isn't all hard and can be done with a smile. Faculty-Curriculum 31 Mrs. Maxine Bononcini Business English, Barbara Baca will have much experience using Typing I business machines after this year. Mrs. Donna Denton Typing I, Office Education Miss Judith J esko Bookkeeping I Typing ll Miss Dixie McGehee Clerical Office Education Career Awareness Cooperative Training Experience Business Gives Students Bright Future Preparing the student for employment was the primary goal of the Business Educa- tion Department this year. The department, headed hy Mrs. Denton, worked hard all year to help each student learn all the skills and concepts which are so important to acquiring and holding a position in the business work world. Many students were given the oppor- tunity to earn credits while learning business skills by participating in the Cooperative Training Experience Program. Under this program the student was in class during the morningg but in the afternoon, he was working at a job. The students gained skills in typing, shorthand, bookkeeping and business Eng- lish. X i Mrs. Sherman helps students understand how students going into the business field. business machines are used. This is very helpful to 32 Faculty-Curriculum Mrs. Stafford's fourth period typing class works hard to improve their typing skills, and reduce their errors. NIA IN YWR rmns Miss .Iesko checks papers while her students work on their typing. Mrs. Denton demonstrates the part a checkbook plays in business. Mrs. Dinah Moore Distributive Education Cooperative Training Mrs. Freida Sherman Typing I Office Occup. Mrs. Opal Stafford Int. Typing Shorthand l Faculty-Curriculum 33 reads during class. Sammy Martinez looks on with interest as Mrs. Hill Mr. Laffey begins his English class by writing the many students forget. date and period number on the board, something Mr. J. D. Baca English 10 Mrs. Ellen Claridge English 11 and 12 Mrs. Vernamarie Gaylord English 10 Mr. Michael Herrington English 11 and 12 34 Faculty-Curriculum if!-S '14 . W' af' , Mrs. Jane Hill English 10 and 12 Mr. Warren Laffey English 11 Popular Novels Mrs. Rose Marie Myers English 12 La Reata English Stimulates Mrs. Claridge explains one of the fine literature. 1 J .Communioa Mr. Herrington listens attentively to r points of Mrs. Leah Ready English 11 Mr. Sam Tapia English 10 Drama 1 Nlrs. Betty Vivian Record English 12 Mrs. Ann Watters English l0 Speech E an opinion being expressed by one of his students. tion and Self-Expression The English Department was in its second year oi' using the Scope and Se- quence, a curriculum guide which stresses reading, listening, speaking and writing. All the teachers were coordinating closely to develop these skills in their students. The eleven teachers made up the largest department in the school. Mrs. Claridge worked with juniors as well as seniors in addition to her duties as Department chairman which kept her very busy. The elective courses offered this year included Speech, Popular Novels, Drama, Record and La Reata. However, even if the student elected to take one of these classes he still had to enroll in either English ll, Ill, or IV. FacultyvCurriculum 35 M . Sl, t B UQ. Hiysiy urgess Mr. Atencio, Mrs. McReynolds, and Mr. Miranda take time out dming passing period to be social. Mr. Robert Hannah Early Civilizations World Cultures Mrs. Mary Mclfieynolds Early Civilizations Cultural Awareness Past and Present Come Together in Histor A special goal of the history department this year was to get all eighteen-year-old students to register and vote. The year 1972, was very important in the history of the United States because it was the first time that eighteen-year-olds were allowed to vote. E Consequently the teachers of the history department spent a great deal of time encouraging students to vote in a know- ledgeable manner. Mr. Miranda, the department chairman, was assisted by the other history teachers not only in teaching U.S. History and early civilizations but also stressing the import- ance of individuality and the importance of 7-W tolerance for all cultural groups in a special course entitled cultural awareness. In this course students learned the values of diffe- rent cultures and their contributions to society. Mr. Sanchez lectures one of his classes on the tant in the history of Mexican-American people. concept of Manifest Destiny which is very impor- Mr. Hannah helps a group of students in one of his change student from Brazil. World Cultures Class, including our Foreign Ex- 36 Faculty-Curriculum Mr. Ken Nledley To get across ideas to his students Mr. Atencio uses US. Histo,-V facial and hand expressions to help. ' Mr. .less Miranda US. History Cultural Awareness Mr. john Sanchez U.S. History Cultural Awareness A55-tl K ff., iz lff, ' In teaching, a teacher must work directly with a Class discussions were a very large part of Cultural Mrs. fVlcReynolds works to get the different points student just as Mr. Miranda does here. Awareness. of view of her Students- Faculty-Curriculum 37 Mrs, Shock shows the beautiful turkey Bachelors' Survival class had for their Christmas party. l uu p ,,, ,. ' is ' 1 ' Ik Thereis one part of Home Economics Reuben food. Lerma and Terry Ross really enjoy, and that's the Home-Ee. Develops Useful Skills Helping the student to select meaningful individual and family goals was one of the primary functions of the Home Economics r Department during the year. ln addition, the students learned important factors involved in being a homemaker, parent, consumer and . citizen. Courses included Family Living, Pre- I paration for Parenthood, Survival of the Bachelor and Consumer Education. Mrs. . Shock was head of the department. 38 Faculty -Curriculum Mrs. Florence Henderson Family Living Preparation for Marriage Clothing I and Il Preparation for Parenthood Mrs. Martha Shock Bachelors, Survival Mrs.. Henderson demonstrates to students how easy Foods I and II and inexpensive Christmas gifts can be to make. 3rd Period French II class was made up of five interested girls: From left to right Judy Godinez, Kim Killion, Cristine Baca, Leola Padilla, Lulu Baca. Mr. J. D. Baca, along with teaching Spanish, also teaches English, and coaches Gymnastics. ' IV. i .X Y . 5 . Q . ns fi' ' :gif l .1 W ...M .,A, Ama-N... ' Mrs. Emslie works at teaching the fundamentals of both Spanish and French. Spanish Increases Awareness Mrs. Ernslie and Mr. Baca again were the only teachers in the Foreign Language De- partment. The Students were instructed in the basic structure of both French and Spanish. Additionally, the students through the use of simple stories, proverbs, songs and music were ahlc to gain cultural knowledge of the particular language they were studying. Students who took the advanced courses were able to read short stories, poetry and other literature in their selected languages. Mr. J. D. Baca English 10 Spanish II Mrs. Julia Emslie Spanish I Spanish III Spanish IV French I French II Faculty-Curriculum 39 Competition gets hot and heavy during a basketball game in Boys P.E. Games played in Boy's P.E. require much energy and enthusiasm. joanna Lucero shows us the form needed to play good volleyball. P. E. Improves Physical Well-being The Physical Education Department had many areas oi' importance which were stressed through the year by the teachers. Students were expected to improve their physical well-being through exercising and active participation i11 sports. Physical clean- liness was stressed during the year and students were expected to shower regularly. One of the traditional goals of any P.E. department is to stress a sportsmanlike attitude and the Bulldogs constantly had this quality stressed in their elasses. 4-0 Faculty-Curriculum MF- lim Hulsman Miss Jeanne Postlewait Miss Freda Sandell Girls P-H I Girls P-E. I Girls P.E. 1 and II Boys P.E. l MY- MYFI Smilll Mr. Tony Valdez BOYS P-E-I Boys P.E. l and II Girls P.E. l Colonel Larsen conducts class in the barracks Officers 'Training Corp. R 0 I 4 ' ' c 0 0 c building which houses the Albuquerque Reserved Col. Larsen helps students learn the usage of maps, which is vital in the Army. Sgt. Allan Dunlap R.0.T.C. l Col. Narion Larsen R.0.T.C. Il and Ill Prepares Students for Arm Careers Leadership qualities are stressed in the elective subject entitled Reserved Officers Training Corp. The course emphasized an appreciation of the services provided by the United States Army and prepared the stu- dent for a possible future in the mililary. Colonel Larsen was head of R.O.T.C. and was assisted by Sergeant Dunlap. Faculty-Curriculum 41 S 2 O 4 E R Mrs. Garcia takes a little time out from her work Ulf' La Ream Encourages Productivity Vocational Rehabilitation at Albuquer- que High during this school year was de- signed to help the student obtain a job and to help the student maintain his -position once it was acquired. ln addition to assisting students in the work area, Mrs. Garcia and Mr. Groffman taught their students English, math and social studies. Mrs. Garcia and Mr. Groffman assisted the student with any problems the student encountered. However, the greatest assist- ance, was encouragement which all students will agree is so important. .ig gig? 1 Mrs. Marye Garcia Vocational Rehabilitation Mr. Charles Groffman Vocational Rehabilitation 42 Faculty-Curriculum with Sophia Zamora to have her picture taken for l 'frigg Mr. Groffman and student Barbara Chavez relax a 1-lV0id ll0m6W0rk little while other students continue working to New Skills Achieve Immediate Results Steve Marquez works on one of the legs of a corner table in woods. Helping the student learn the basic theory, skills and tools of particular crafts was the major goal of the Industrial Arts Department. The six teachers taught Metals, drafting, electricity, auto mechanics, paint and body and I.C.T. Service Station. The I.C.T. course was designed to teach students all the necessary functions of oper- ating a service station. The students enrolled in this course worked afternoons in a service station in order to receive full credit for the course. Mr. Palmer was head of the depart- ment. Johnny Mendez helps sand down a car, necessary before painting. Mr. john Chadwell Paint and Body I and II Mr. Dale Micklevitz Metals I, II and III Mr. Thomas Ficht Drafting I Woods I, II and III Mr. David Palmer I.C.T. II Cooperative Training Mr. Orville Hinkle I.C.T. Service Station Coop. Training Experience Faculty-Curriculum 43 Custodians Work to Keep Campus Clean The Custodians take time out to take their picture. Nicasio, Agapito Sanchez, Max Montoya, Sylvestre Aragon, Ben Lovato and Guadalupe Espinosa. From left to right: Santos Montoya, Candido Baca, Avilio Castillo, Roman Valdez, Gilbert --w....w:an: Mr. Valdez works very hard to keep the A.H.S. p campus clean. 'ffmmu 44 Faculty-Curriculum Feeding Students Full-Time Job Lucille Trantham and Sharon Atwater prepare the the preparation of the noon meal. forks and spoons for lunch. Many things go into E Luclla Sliniker checks some things before getting down to making lunch. Looking very pressed and clean after a hard day's H ubbard, Ramona Solano, Carmen Gomez, work are the cafeteria cooks and helpers. Front Virginia Lucero. Back Row: Luella Stiniker, Row: Mary Forster, Lucille Trantham, Martha Sharon Atwater, Rose Hall, Patsy Sartin, Mae Taylor and Sue Harrison. Faculty-Curriculum 45 Lv. fi' uvly 119' iw N Y 'Q 15.- J in Spins on... After three months of vacation Bulldogs came back to Al-l.S. for the first time on August 25, for registration. Students besides registering also received their student LD. and were able to meet all the new teachers. Bulldogs met many old friends they had not seen all summer. Refreshments were sold in the patio alter registration and many students then went into the lmuildings to find their classes. The fun was over! it WHS time for work. Registration Begins New Year at AHS 48 Student Life Activities Begin With Game in Cruces Coach Smith instructs quarterback Steve Marquez, Mr. Fickel and Miss Sandell help cheerleaders pre- during: first home game. pare to leave for Las Cruces. Anthony Griego, Andy Armiio, Frank Chavez, and Wyatt Moore caricature well-known bulldogs. Student Life 49 ,tx """"w PM vw Individuals Bring Success to Activities ,,,.. ,,,..,. L 555' ,,, ,,,. as , f ,Q K. Va .W My , . ffm , , ,a mL'f' :YM ug: K , if , , , 435'-Q K ' Agn ? 'WL gf an , M qw' W lfiafiyi ,. 'Qi if ,WT ' :Su if J .rf::4m: us- 'f F255 nf: ' 4323 -1: ., 92 Y ?.55..3.,f, g Z' ffff.:1zm WM -1 qcyztxzzz' icgfrvf ff WW-'4-W-H'-'f5,gHs23s?eif,s:. f' '?L1'iE'1Ii5??f'9??? Q fm. 5131, " and -wang., Romero and all the Special Days Com- Sophomore Peggy Tijerina is instructed in how to worked hard during homecoming. use the voting machine lloinn-uoniing uarm- Pilfly lhis year for Alilllqll4'I'ql1l5 iligh. 'lille Spvvizll Days Com- millm-m-, uliaiigiiig tha- theme from ifrnuraltl City to Cunielol ul lho lzlsl momenl, had lo work diligently to prepare the A.H.S. gym lor lhe ilSSC5IIllDly. A spvuiall ZlSSt'Hlllly was hold in lhv auditorium so Lhul lhv students could rnuvl the Honicfconiiiig Quvvn candidates. 'lfhe rest ol' the day was devoted to voting. Cathy Chavez. Cheryl Agnes, Mary Darling, Debra Wash, Yolanda Gallegos put finishing touches on setting. ,gfru ,. ,y,,3,4Ag Q if M 'A 1 , KJVQQ ' ' i like: I I 'ii N V W , vp, 5 i H ww-.5gi:g. wif. A gl, f,ft .Ig M191 X ,ff Sludvnl Life 53 Val Reigns Over September Festivities f t '55 . a. -.IGN Eff- fa i - A 1, , rx. . li s , lx I 0, WV' ,."b'z Former Queen, Judy, crowns newly named Queen Val, Odell Ligiggins scores six points for A.l-l.S. during llolnmiuolning game. Wendell Sweet makes great effort to catch a pass against a mustang defender. Queen Valerie Webb takes her walk as her loyal subjects cheer her un. AHS Meets West Mesa for Homecoming Student I,iI'v 35 'H 3 O Q JN! ,pw . of Q D , --sihj 1 I E I 5 1 'lf Q1 42-1 Xu -'mn-. .1 an 1 , A f 3 v W3 . 4, ,..v" P' f 1 1 , w f r I iw ' sw Camelot! The rain may never fall till after sundown. By eight the morning fog must disappear. In short, there's simply not a more congenial spot. For happily ever aftering than here in Camelot! CAMELOT! The Winter is forbidden till December and exits March the second on the dot. By order, summer lingers through September in Camelot. Camelot! I know it. blud:-nl Lllv Twelve Girls Are Selected by Student This year A.II.5. was not only repre- sented hy a beautiful Queen and two beautiful llririvusses, but also liy twelve beautiful girls who made up thc court. 'lllie great mixture of races and lieriluges ul A.l'l.S. WSIS clunioiistratcrl in this yearls court. These girls were selected from a much larger group lry llie' students after an assembly. Not pictured is Miss Virgie 'l'orrcz. up, Lady Enny prenks Lady Cheryl Agnes Lady Joni Barth Foreign Exchange Student 60 Student Life Lady Cynthia Gomez Lady .lewiff GOUZHICS Body for '72-'7 Court Lady Josie Hinojos Lady Cathy Large L3dY J031flI1i1 Lucero Lady Nancy Manzzxndrm s Lady Judf SHUHEIHU Lady Uffbfll WMI' Student Life 61 Bulldogs Come Through During Spiritweek 'llliis yn-ar Spirit Wei-le was made up ol' Little Kid Day, Crazy Braid Day, Pajama Day, Hippie Day, and Crt-1-ri and While Day. Both students and faculty participated. The Sopliomores won tht- Spirit Slick, but received stiff competition from both .Innior and Senior rlasses. 'lflivrv was much faculty participation, and many tx-aeliers believed they deserve-cl lln- Spirit Slivk.Tl1e ww-la was capped off by a football victory over Rio Grande. Pam Anaya, Vicky Francis, Elva Sedillo and Cathy how t0 PIHY- Large draw a Hopscotch, and then try to remember 62 Student Life Spirited Bulldogs get together on Little Kid Day and play "Ring Around the Rosie." Butch watches on. Clemente Garcia and Cathy Large do well in look- ing like little kids. will twang lfll K Red Rover, Rc-cl Rovvr, lct Pam Anaya come over. Seniors show spirit. Bulldoggies show not only their spirit, but also their skill, as they do a routine. Miss Padilla and Nlrs. Schwyzcr show students that teachers have a lot of spirit too. Student Life 63 Convention ' M W W7 I ' , ifjf: Q W, eff. - .x'f:f:e129uazaewzt:.w ,. 1 The soul of A.H.S. is demonstrated by BLACK GOLD. Maxie Riggins delights the crowd with beautiful poetry. 64 Student Life Center Opening is Success 'sv ,sn ,741 iv ,u,,,,:: , , f,Lm:-' s "f-wif ,mgifgfifv zT"" Joe Samora and Kim Killion give the crowd a taste The A.H.S. Chorus performed two numbers during of the A.H.S. production, "Barefoot in the Parkf' the opening, "Black and White" and 'gCamelot." BAREFOOT IN THE PARK was presented this of the student body. Playing the main roles were Kim Killion and Joe Samora. year by the drama department for the enjoyment from ieft to right: Eddie jaramillo, Sue Goodson, Great Talent Presented on r tage at R, S 1-.-....... The auditorium stage comes to life with a concert many rock tunes performed. A member of the singing group "Black Gold" waits presented by choir. This was a pop concert with for the music to begin. Student Life 65 uch Musical Talent Comes To AH s Another outstanding musical group presents itself A little practical joke is played on outstanding PCYCYSOH by the mUSiC21l EFOUP "Free Fare to the A.H.S. student body. Bulldogs, Mr. Atencio, Larry Williams, and Tina E 3 i 6'5- 'll 5 Vx -V , , 5 MF.. ,L ir? F I A ,y A Q il j v S ai S D,Xj2f,1,. V 1' r f 2 f r ,lf .a,. so tt'fa. 77 123 trl'llfr 1 ri i-ff' W""f'f"""""'j 5 g "Up With People" came to A.H.S. again this year, their message of peace and brotherhood through- out the entire world. bringing with them their great musical talent and 66 Student Life Coach Smith and Miss Sandell take care of cus- haskethallgames. tomers at the concession stand during all home ...say Pepsi 1. nib Basketball Gives Boost to Spirit One of the highlights of the year occurred at a student-only assembly. While many felt not a great deal was accomplished, Opportunity for expression which was offered and accepted by many, served as a good tension reliever, and in some ways revitalized and reunited the student liody. A new attempt was made at acquiring slndent spirit just i11 time to see the football team break a thirteen-game losing streak. im! if K ,V A.., iii K .K 'H 5. ' sez'-1 if '- Student Life 67 Albuquerque lntertnbal Pow Wow princess snack out in the snow Sophomore Debra Romancito was named Gene Chavez and Clemente Garcia enjoy a Record Good Times Wintertimc brought some happy times to Albuquerque High students. Debbie Romancito was elected a Pow-Wow princess and Jessie Gonzales was crowned Queen of the Military Ball on December lst. The Senior Class entered a float in the 1972 Christmas Parade and won third place. A first place was awarded to the Bulldog Marching Band. Of course, there were always thc hams on campus to provide that cxtra measure of cheer which got us through the year. IU . Al This years R.O.T.C. queen was Jessie Gonzalez. Standing behin princesses Brenda Leyba and Carla Romero. 63 Student Life d her are ..,....e ' 1 fr I ,iam 'Q ifzyfi Txzrw , , tf.... 1 2 W iff' .Q ,. . 2 ' 'g-.T :L . ' islrfnz. - 'F' - My- " Jiffffwfswf H. kk Joe Samora and Kathy Williams arenlt waiting for springg they're exuberant any time. Hams H, Wx 632 'i E 31 'Y n Student Life 69 LA., Mrs. Fresquez greets Jose Izaias Ibiapina from Brazil at the airport. 70 Student Life Bits Of Holland And Brazil Foreign exchange student Enny Frenks from Holland is met at Albuquerque International by When foreign exchange student Gemma Barazza from Brazil arrives, Enny is there to welcome her f ' my " K i L W many Bulldogs and Marilyn Large whose family Enny will stay with. to Albuquerque and A.H.S. e to AH With Enny and Gemma .A With a look of shyness and mistrust Enny arrives in several other Bulldogs. Albuquerque and is greeted by Marilyn Large and Miss Enny Frenks is escorted by Eugene Espinosa during the homecoming assembly held in the gym. Dear Bulldog Friends, lid like to take this opportunity to say "Goodbye" to all my friends at A.H.S. I have so many friends here, friends and stu- dents. A.H.S. is such a great school that I wish I had come here earlier. It is for sure that I will never forget A.H.S. I'd like to thank everyone at A.H.S. for helping me and making it easier to be so far from home. I wish you all luck and happiness in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Enny lVl. Frenks Student Life 'Il A huge '73 at a school entrance depicts the spirit High as a whole. All the classes supported school of not only the senior class but of Albuquerque activities throughout the year. W-:ga "'IIf-GM-fIg,YIi+ I .ZI,,,e-I.,,a.,,Q' Wie: - , . ii""""',IIw .If-Is - ' - "1:-ma., ,... I, - ,W few If.: I' W- MQII - II I, ef ..- ,..I.I ,,. '-" 'I , It"'I'I,:Ir.Ii '.Iff'I-I-cf: 1:'f'12f1- . . .,,,g,f,,,:a.:: ., Ig:'-g:g::g:Izg-Mg. ' ,, ', . 9342 - I- II ' .I,I:, yflf., M' "W -I ' j'QdQW?f'f15ga' w-fmwg. , , , HI. , , .,, .M n .,,, , JI ,,,,- pm M, , ,, . , ., , 1+-elf'-433:-i' ' 1 I I1 :L-:i,'12It'1e,1I J s t tif" """ K ' "-H-f--rw. ' " ,M V ,' W- . " t:I W ' ' I6 -v:l.1LL5:L4:yZ5..,., ' - I, . ii, - 'rf A 5-L53 ' QV' - I-in-r,wr':. V 'W , , Q, , I i ..,. , , ,, -.I ,. I, I- I ,, .I , , .,. , , , . ,, ,. E ,....NI, ,,,. . ,, ,. l.,..,.z ., -II --f .. ,, , -1- 'I -Peewee-44451 --V I gifflf' ii I 'J " 'fI'I1l1' I 'I' ,If?, 1f."fffI?Fff A ' W fm-fr-:II W ' MM,,f.A-,:-1 'N' W' ' II-M-ww .,.f........ I K i, I ,ww , I -I. I -, I: yy , kj,ji,.IV,v,ri,,, 3 Lsgsfia 4IIA......4g,,,mMM ', In 'fy 4'-N-+-IHIII-I-I:I I-'sf :III,-sa, , , ,f.eI.WII.,II ....M.w. . I -M-+-M-.-I,.,W,,., - ,,,.,I I I-I - -.-,-I-1.,,.,,' ,ra ' I- ' ' S I ig Qu k ' k - e ' - WI I , I Qi',',:igwxf.7iLi14e2g5sI:I. -,g",,,I","g'f,Q2'5. I,I,,,,,r,I,, WDW -, K I -M---'ww wmmef. II,-I......, .-n,....,i., I. I, ,L . " -' e.,Ig,::i gr1,p:f::5i:ei?5f"s'F . ,. ., I-I ,I I - , ' 'I I , ' n:L"'1r"' I - I , . - , , i1I'Fi1ffI:T"I?f'11'-fl'-122 ,Q 'I f Qg11r.::-f"..I3if,..,.+f WI. .-,..a--.- IM., .. .,.. W., 3 - I , ,W ,I u,,g,2 LI I ii'-5-efggi iris . -I MM , , . V ' , ' I I . , Q, W Q - ,135,K:I--If'-Ij"lI""'fu:i,:,E,5I,.-gwyi. W--Mei, al I In p -f 35-I.I V A , .. . ,,,, ..,..,..5.,.. ,,,,,,,:,-MI ,i I I in i - ,fa I rw., A I I.---Z --WI---Ma .N II 44..v,-...., .,,WM.,y- a4..,.,.I.L.,,., ..,.,1,II I I , , .K ., ' - I f rf',fpI:-511'-g::ef,::1Qso'iI ' V I - I WM K ,IW .,,.,....o., Ic-,.w.,I.5. -,.+-7,,,...:A,?:?.,7:,: if-Ii?3i,N:5 gf gc ,, W, I I Q Wi4ff3?ivIfgi,,I-i,Igv-If CII , I "W"-fvwwe-5, . I rfag,,...,..M.l ,sis I' ,, KI I f5gg1ffIf'1-IIQ1'-2'-Fw v Iif if . 15-152 I Iliff fI + . 11g5fI-iflwi 2-. I- YI IJ I. I I,giiqy.fI ,,.. "Iit'fIi':rwc.i,.I4 vac, "rr " " -1 i"f'75""""5 if7f'Wf"'1'?cs,. , - -iwffw tif' -fsII1,I- .33 iff ,z Q , 4,1 Ii., - -I .msgstr-v1-7fi2'3a,4e.I..,.gY2'Mfg ,,gu:.irLg4W If-Q-If-' -M-wwwv, ' Vi-V-f+MwII Im-W.I-,.Q,...,-s-"'1, 5 1 I I I A L il ."' flu V"'Wf M-we--fm-I--4-x-"' :I ,Ig ii,i , 1- , I, I II , II rv ' .N I rg,,,,f:...I:.s .,.,. , lf" -I'f71'1-ia,-EMI W ,W Y, , ,. ,,,, W , ,W I,,I..,I.-.N,-,,,,,.,,.,,,,M,c,,,I ,gjgg , ..,, Im, ,I ,I I Hz,--5--gw I I- '-ig -9 ., ' I I,.I.:-2-:frw 'I , TW' X2 ,IW l.':z'I5"' ., I-' ,-I aw. ,,,.. .,.,..,, " -wx ' A W., M- ,t f1"?i"""',.Ql-Q' ref--we I'i' EW ,gg g,:gig,,m -i--I. u r K .z,g2.,l,I I W I ,I I- r, ' if ' . I. ..,,,..,pIc' :fa IV X, f ' .,., 151 z ,.,,, M 's 5' -e I,I,' -II-I','I"-,"J , I I I -I .- .. ..., 1..,I, , ,. . ,, 4 W in As'I ' ' ,simggxuua ei , I l ., pglef .f crows ,,,. ml ..L, p, .V iIw-.II4,i. II Iam, .ll'+'.I W5 . ,ACFQH ,A.,,. .i IISf5I:?: miI:" ,mf1,,!Izi.-I',1 ' ,' iff I :Ir-II,I:aI3fg ftiff- rf' I.jQgf35Zs.,s,..,: -, .,,, 2'iffi?ws I 1' w1y:5:::ieefa,2s?a,21!fI?ip , IffI .1f,I. - ig 2724 i , QfQIfT522 'I 5 lf 7'f'Ii7?f1f-27? f?'f:,I f, If IEQI! ebfnll. I- ' Qlijfi' ,,-fffflc, 'Tl 'fi . -, if 'fi ,fiaga QQ Linda Chavez supports the basketball team hy buying a brochure from Richard Jenkins. 72 Student Life 'I , -.- ,, I f' I I .. I ,I2yIn'va'+"! 5, 7,24 ,I-.,.,.. I J, i "'.i.I',.'s:I4 ea..s..wa,,1 lk: 25.5 15: ELI' If 'Il,I , , f -IIII . A -Er, , . Ire: V IA ,V 5:5 Ig! T?"N"'Y??7?g"'fZi-lfiiif 't't ff"f""r"' flfiifiliii if I T7 ' .., ,,,r,,I -rj ic,,,, ,I , , ., III' Mi! a I IELI :fi I IA-I'-,II I' :rf---,Im 1 -If K. -.c 1 ,W , ' , ,,,, ff , I of if ig-I .f 'ML' '." pgifft I 1- g,ef5,IzIc1 jjgrs, I' . , :gf ' ,ln 'ie,il 5 , V All schools are proud of their trophy cases, hut one look at ours and there's no doubt who's number one! A Year Ends, But The Cycle Goes On 74 Wheel of Pro Like a tunnel that you follow To a tunnel of its own Down a hollow to a cavern Where the sun has never shown. Like a door that keeps revolving In a half forgotten dream. Over ripples from a pebble Someone tosses in a stream. Likea clock whose hands are sweeping Past the 'rnlnutes of 1ts face. And the World 1S like an apple Whirling silently 1n space Like the circles that you find in the Windmills of your mind. L PJQQMASQ SENIGRS RULE Class of ,73 Graduating Class Hopes For Lasting Peace Several years ago the conflict in South- east Asia erupted. Today there is peace which makes quite a few seniors happy. With this war gone it gives the seniors a brighter and happier outlook ofthe future. Some ol' the accomplishments of this years seniors have been the choosing ol' class colors, flower and motto. They also entered a float in the Christmas Parade which won third prize. The senior class sold Bulldog jerseys and worked toward a senior week. These accomplishments reflect the vitality this graduating class ol' 572-773 has to offer. Judy Adams Cheryl Agnes Carol J. Alarid Alfred Anaya Eugene Anaya Jerry A. Anaya Pamela Anaya Randy Anaya Seniors 77 73 Seniors Roni M. Anaya Andrew Aragon Charles Aragon Mary Jane Archibeque Steven E. Archibeque Anthony Archuleta Dorleen Arguello Eddie Arguello Lucy R. Arias Dinah Armijo Lawrence Armijo William Ayze Barbara Y, Baca Cecilia Baca Debbie A. Baca Gloria Baca Dynamic Trio Lead Senior Activities Janet Baca Lupe L. Baca Robert Baca Annar J. Banks james O. Barcla Patricia Barcla Raul P. Iiarrcras joni lVl, Barlh Molly Bazan Elouise Begay Sara Begay Lawrence Benavidez Seniors 79 Senior Senate was composed ofa small number of Senior Senate worked toward one main goal, a students but all were concerned and hardworkin . Senior tri . 5 P , 7 , C F , C Q I f-f 2 1 ,, J' 2' ,:, 1 fs? , , V Jw 2 enior Senate Builder of Spirit l Lupe Bermudez Joann Bernal Chris Broadrick Stanley J. Bryant Christian Campbell Adeline E, Campos Clarence M. Campos Anthony Candelaria Cecilia Candelaria Jeannie P. Candelaria Josephine Candelaria Patricia N. Candelaria 80 Seniors Arthur Carabajal ,Iimmic L. Carlisle Larry Carpr-ntcr Slcvc Carricro Patriciaj. Carrillo janet Carroll james Carroll Pauline I". Carlcr Charles A. Castillo llazcl Castillo Alcx L. Chavez Alice L. Chavvz Linda Y. Chavez Eugene T. Chavez Evelyn Nl. Chavez Frank A. Chavez Frank X. Chavez Geneva Chavez Joann Chavez joseph Chavez Seniors 8 I Senior Lettermen uoleus of Athletics Roberta Chavez ,loc Cisneros Keith E. Coleman Hopf: Cordova 31 Letterman Ron Landavazo, one of many to grad- uate this year. Jerry Cordova Merlinda T. Cordova Sylvia Cordova Yasmarie Corley Edward F. Crespin Sharon E. Dampf James E. Davis Marie V. Dean 82 Seniors Timolhy Dixon Susan Dorn Mary H. Dubray Don Dunwortli Anita Nl. Edmon Lf-nora Ellis Gene Espinosa Bernard Espinoza Paul Fields Phyllis Fillmore Vivian E. Foster Victoria A. Francis Trcy F razicr Enny Franks Georgia Fresqucz Isabel Friday Patsy A. Gahaldon Margarita G. Gallegos Michael D. Gallegos Patsy Gallegos Seniors 83 84- Scniors Richard S. Gallegos Yolana Gallegos Andre L. Gandy Bcrnadcttc Garcia Carmen L. Garcia Christina M. Garcia Dcbra M. Garcia Kathy L. Garcia Linda Garcia Rose Garcia Terry Garcia Charles Garza Richard Giron Douglas Goad Cynthiaj. Gomez Deborah Gomez Semor Bench Do Beatrice Gonzales jcssic Gonzales Jimmy Gonzales Judy Gonzales Lcroy G. Gonzales Sheila Green Anthony P. Griego Juan O. Gutierrez Kristina L. Gutierrez Merlinda Gutierrez Patricia R. Guticrrcz Herschel Hendrickson of Class of '73 5 E225 if M llll ilvglff Boni Lucero, Paul Fields, Michael Campos and Ralph Sanchez enjoy Senior Bench and other fine P0il'ltS1 Linda Chavez and Irma COITCH- Svniors 85 Senwrs Show :iss ll'iL113'2f0Z Spirit During Pep Assemblies Xlorris Huling Alaciu Humphrey Doris fl. Jackson Alan jaramillo Edward R. Jaramillo Margaret Jaramillo Renee jinzo Yvonna O. Jones Julia Kee Thelma A. Lajeunesse Ronald R. Landavazo Cathy Large Ruben F. Lerma Brenda Leyba Yolanda S. Lcyba Barbara Liggins 80 Seniors janet Wright and Butch jam away at pep assembly. fi' ap- Edward J. Lopez Margaret Lopez Marie Lopez Michael F. Lopez Thomas H. Lopez Mary S, Lovato Virginia A. Lovato Andy Lucero Anita A. Lucero Boni Lucero Ernest Lucero Joanna Lucero Joanna R. Lucero John Lucero Julia Lucero Katherine Lucero Svniors 87 815 Seniors Kathy Lucero Leroy Lucero Lucille Lucero Stella Lucero Ruby Nladrid Tommy Madrid Herman Macs Aurora Mancha Nancy Manzanares john Nlares Seniors Prove 'to Winners A11 the Way .I osc ph Marino Clarence Marquez Genevieve Marquez Steve C. Marquez Margaret M. Marrujo john Martinez Lorraine Martinez Mary Ann Martinez Paul Martinez Sammy Martinez Seniors 80 90 Seniors Theresa M, Martinez Vannest Martinez Laura A. Medina johnny A. Mendez Linda Mendez Robert Mendez Edward R. Mentz Mike S. Merrell Susielte Miller joby Mitchell Cathy Montano Allen Montoya Michael Montoya Sylvia T. Montoya Dorothy Nuanes starts the day out right, with a big smile. L, Happiness is Pamela Mowrcy Being a Bulldog Bobby Muller Ruby D. Muller Gregg M. Mutter Marie Nakkai Peter Nunez Marie Oakleaf Phillip Olguin Robert Olivas Carlos B, Ortega Lillian R. Ortiz Richard Ortiz Loretta C. Pacheco Gloria A. Padilla Mary E. Padilla Patricia P. Padilla Patsy lVI. Padilla Seniors 91 92 Seniors Ramona Padilla Stella Padilla Tina P. Pedersen Clara A. Pena Vickie Peoples Jeanette Perca Alesia F. Perry Janie F. Perry Henry Pohl Rudy Pohl Louis Quintana Rebecca Ramire Z Seniors, Larry Benavidez and Mike Gallegos stand onjunior bench to pose for their picture to be taken ,P Tommie Ramirez Ray L. Rivas Helen IVI. Rivera John D. Rivera Patricia Rhodes Peggy A. Robins Ronald Romancito jerry Romero Karla Romero Lorenzo Romero Margaret Romero Martin Romero ,mv .H , I .. is ,, ,ix Q . , I 'M1 , 3512 N Mk! . 2 ,Iii 24. 9 it Seniors take time out during passing period to talk to friends and find out what's happening! A11 Classes Enjo Long Break Time Seniors 93 Hardworking Students ital to Activities 94 Seniors Doris G. Homo Paula L. Rose Herron Russey Louise Saiz Martha M. Salas Pamela S. G. Salas Lconard Salazar Margaret Salazar Damon loblas prlparns scalm, arr.-1n,qn'mcnt for Sludcnl Council. Joseph E. Samora Bill Sanchez Cathi Sanchez Edwina G. Sanchez joannc H. Sanchez joseph P. Sanchcz Larry Sanchez Lorraine Sanchez Mark S. Sanchez Ralph A. Sanchez Robert F. Sanchez Shirley Sanchez Several Senior Bulldogs Direct District Student Council. Seniors 95 96 Seniors Angela I. Sandoval Bennie j. Sandoval Fred Sandoval Margarct S. Sandoval Mauro San Martin Jude Santiago Elicia Saavcdra Patricia A. Schloer Elva Sedillo Richard T. Sedillo Michael Montoya smiles at his success in R.0.T.C 459 Seniors Prepare for Graduation Edwina Sanchez doesn't wzmt hcr picture taken- musl be something wrong! janicc l,,. Tenorio Damon P. Tobias Lucille M. Segura Linda Shannon Michael Silva Theresa A. Simpson Stephania Smith Priscilla Tapaha Oliver G. Tapia Shirley Tapia Seniors 97 Graduation Becomes A Reality Benjamin Montano finds a nice quiet place to study, hoping to learn something. 98 Seniors Alice T onay Gertrude V. Torrez Robin Town Sherril L, Tuck Anna M. Valencia Beatrice E. Vallejos Marty Valles Evangeline Vargas Joe Vargas Lawrence Vargas Nlary L. Vargas Victor Vargas Dvhra Varncy Alma R. Vvlardr- Carmen J. Vigil Francellu Vigil Jesse Vigil Debra A. Wash Valerie Wvhb Rvncc Whvat .Iosie Hinojos must be having a good day! Anthony Griego and Frank Chavez take it easy going to lunchi Seniors 99 Clarence Williams Kathy K. Williams Lawrence Williams Nlichael Wilson Diana Wright J anel Wright Juanita Yazzie Gabriela Zamora Not pictured: iilary Abeyta Manuel Aguilar Victoria Aguilar David Alderele Loretta Alexander Brenda Archibeque Rudy Archulcta Doris Baca Tummy Baldonado Lorraine Barela Lorena Begaye Rosemarie Ben Patrick Brazfield Archie Brito Roylcc Brown Steven Burkhard Nick Candelaria Linda Carrillo Barbara Castellano Barbara Castillo llelen Castillo Lena Castillo Consuelo Chavez Dennis Chavez John Chavez 100 Qeniors Michael Chavez Reynaldo Chavez Teddy Chavez Ronald Cheromia.h Tony Chino James Conant Jimmy Conner Ray Cordova Vidala Cordova Marvin Crespin Raymond Cruz Michael Davis Jed DeHart Glenda Driver Victoria Duran Craig Fowler Jimmy Funes Filemon Gallegos Raymond Gallegos Anthony Garcia Clemente Garcia David Garcia Elias Garcia Leroy Garcia Lorraine Garcia Janet Zamora Rachel Zamora Mary L. Garcia Pamela Garcia Ramona Garcia Patricia Garibay Maria Gomez David Gonzales Xlary Ann Gonzales Pete Gonzales Jane Gricgo Wanda Griego Dclora Gucrro Ronald Gulley Henry Gurule Cynthia Hughes Jeanette Jaramillo Robert J aramillo Charles Johnson Jean Kent Esther Kortc Charles Lee Sally Leupp Anthony Lopez Conrad Lopez Nlartha Lopez Raymond Lopez Varsity-6 Do Their Thing, Stimulate Spirit , 1 5- 1f52i?1 - www E V5 GW Yiwu SB? To " " :fy Margaret Lucero Martha Lucero Thomas Maestas Anthony Martinez Bobby Martinez Michael Martinez Sevcro Martinez Gregg Martz Dennis Mascarcnaz Cynthia McCarrell Gloria Medina Andrew Mendoza Seyer Stephen Floyd Molina Michael Molina Benjamin Montano Nester Mova Paul Norris Dorothy Nuanes Paul Nuanes Mary Olivarez Billy Olson Larry Ortiz Rebecca Ortiz Elizabeth Otero .,- Six: Sylvia Montoya, Ruby Muller, Kathy Garcia, Anita Edmon, Janet Wright and Vivian Foster do a cheer during a pep assembly. Lawrence Otero Mauric Pacheco Robert Palladini Frederick Petterson Patricia Quintana Andrew Ramirez Glen Reynolds Rosalie Riboni Isabel Rodriquez Juanita Saavedra Mary Sais Adela Salazer Cipriano Samudio Ann Samuels Joe Sanchez Juanita Sanchez Placido Sanchez Gloria Sandoval Louise Satterfield Linda Schulz Lorraine Sedillo Robert Sentner Margaret Sepulveda Billy Smiley Dolores Soriano Darlene Thomas Michael Torrez Rudy Triana Adcla Trujillo John Trujillo Mary Ann Trujillo William Trujillo Olivia Valdez Michael Valencia Yvonne Vallejos Maria Villegas Donald Waddles Ralph Waddles Judy White Juanita Will Anisc Woods Bertha Yazzie Rodger Yazzie William Zamora Seniors l 01 Dennis Abcyta Raul Aleman Lis Alerete Rick Alonzo hladgalena Alvarez Anita Andazola Yvonne A nderson Rudy Andler Gloria Apodaca Rudy Apodaca Steve Apodaca Charles Apodoca Anthony Aragon Linda Aragon Anita Arellano Debra .Arellano Theresa .Arellano Frank Archibequc '72-'73 is Outstanding Year for Juniors Marvelyn Fresques was selected Presi- dent lasl spring by her Junior Class. She proved to be a strong and hardworking leader. Assisting hlarvelyn were Gary Hopp, Vice-President and Karla Kern, Sec.-'l'reas- urer. Junior House was in charge ol' two of the largest projects at A.l'l.S.-Mardi Gras and Junior-Senior Prom. Aside from these, junior House had several smaller money- raising projects. Nlrs. Leah Ready Sponsored Junior House which met every Thursday after School. Ralph Arehuleta Andy Armijo l"rancc-s A rmijo Joanne Alencio Yolanda A leneio Barbara Baca IUZZ juniors rw an uf 22,3 " 4. ,A ,Ai 1 we -9 ,pg 1 aff, 4.1: s Pad111a Wms Ughest Teacher Contest Juniors hurry to get to the nex ten minute passing period. Carol Baca Charlotte Baca Luzanna Baca Margie Baca Mike Baca Pam Baca Gilbert Baldonado Bill Barclift lVlela Barcla Agnes Baronian Isabell Barraza Howard Bca.l Clara Begaye Wanda Benavidcz Barbara Bencomo Burnest Benjamin Viola Bermudez Robert Blea Juanita Bourcy Welter Boxton David Bradford Lorraine Brady John Brill Robert Brown t class during the Juniors 103 I0-1 Juniors Vada B. Brown David Bueckner Louis Burkliard Susan Byers Richard Campos Tony Candelaria Madeline Caristo J aekie Carr Mary Carillo Richard Carillo Vivian Casados Isidor Castillo Nancy Castillo Rudy Castillo Larry Chandler Anna Chavez Beatrice Chavez Cathie Chavez Edward Chavez Eloy Chavez Herman Chavez Joanne Chavez Lorraine Chavez Luis Chavez Junior Class Looks at Pal Lathan discusses thirigs to some and things past on. E. '- IES? 1" 'iii'iinfl5E' m P in L il' Future with Enthusiasm few Mark Chavez Xlary Chavez Patsy Chavez Pauline Chavez Sieve Chavez Yvonne Chavez ,loc Chavira jesse Cleaver Merlinda Collado Jerome Conner josie Cordova Nlarialina Cordova Mereedis Cornejo Irma Correa Eulogio Crespin Linda Crespin Larry Crow Betty Cruz Billy Cruz Carolyn Cunningham Mary Darling Leroy Daubcr Alice Deforest Agnes Denetso juniors l05 Hardwork o Problem for Class of , junior Class President Nlarvelyn Fresques works on an experiment in Chemistry. 106 Juniors Delton Dotson Henrietta Dunworth Clorinda Duran Orlando Duran Byron English Genevieve Espinosa john Espinosa Judy Espinosa Isaiah Fields Patricia Fillmore Theresa Fillmore Robert Flores Wayne Foster Deborah Fowler Terrie Fowler Amy Fresquez Elmer Fresquez Marvelyn Fresques ' 1'. 2-if 'f11'i' A F I. .,. ws. -K GN Judy Fuentes Theresa Funcs Priscilla Gallegos Ricky Gallegos Theresa Gallegos Tina Gallegos Eric Gandy Alex Garcia Antoinette Garcia Bernie Garcia Gillie Garcia Esther Garcia Ismael Garcia Leonard Garcia Lorie Garcia Pat Garcia Patsy Garcia Raymond Garcia Rose Marie Garcia Sandra Garcia Sarah Garcia Stephen Garcia Linda Garcia Sharron Gatson 'ny ,fgi H A p 'V V ,, ,, ' 1' -V 'ff llfjsa Several hungry juniors dash for the cafeteria, hoping to be first in line and first to receive lunch. These juniors receive much competition from hoth the other classes. Juniors 107 Junior Class Keeps A S Traditions High -saw N ' Yolanda Giron - Carmen Godinez Judy Godincz l l Ll Maria Gomez Anna Gonzales Barbara Gonzales Kim Killian and Carlotta McDaniel ride high on Butch, while otherjuniors gather round. l08 Juniors Pa tsy Gonzales Theresa Gonzales Thomas Gonzales Molden Goodson Holly Graham Donnie Greathouse Frank Griego Vannessia Griffin J oe Gurule Michael Gurule Rosemary Gurule Jackie Gutierrez Linda Gutierrez Ray Gutierrez Vickie Gutierrez julious llarris Calvin Hill Frederick Hines Gary Hopp Ramona Hurbina Glenn lsler Cathy ,I aramillo Diane jaramillo Leonard jaramillo ....,,, -M ' 2? ,Q ' 1 , , ' . 4. s 5. Q.. 1+ r ' f 2 Je '- '. I t I 1 1 .1 ', 1 . ,J ' '. Q' 4 "pl 'i - s ' . ,f -nv: 1' ' fr ' .' 12, ks 'Q 4? . . . 'Q 3 I ' 1' lg ' w, .s , gt . 5 ,. L - 'Q 5 9 4 " Q . lun -,,,. .',.s .4 --, :fx-2-' 'QU f- 'hs-'Q' Gb - 'wa ' a 4 Q " 1 .nil 1 f ' I Seven,-I juniors Supported the Bqeam clqegrleaders' junior Marlene Padilla is surprised by our camera after an assembly. Juniors supported all A.H.S. bake Sale. activities. juniors 109 Wanda ,I aramillo Richard jenkins Nlarilyn jot? Sandra johnson Gary Kampc Frank Kun-ns Daisy Kemp Karla Kern Kim Killion Kenneth King Nlauricv Landavazo Paul Lassa Pat Lallhan Keith Leverenz David Lewis john Lial Odell Liggins Paula Listy Anthony Lopez Charles D. Lopez ,Ioedy Lopez John Lopez Dora Lovato Jeanette Lovato itality is Big Part of Underclassmen ,I eff Lovato Martha Lovato Tony Lovato Bertha Lozoya Felipe Lucero jerry Lucero Loretta Lucero Michael Lucero Raymond Lucero Rudy Lucero Shirley Lucero Virginia Lucero , A 71:52 aw, . Sherry Lyon J oe Macias Joseph Madrid Michael Madrid Theresa Maes Steve Maestas Vemeca Mahan Almon Majors J r. Elizabeth Marquez Gabrile Marquez Priscilla Marquez Amold Martinez juniors l l I Bruce Martinez Charlotte Martinez David Martinez Debbie Martinez Debra Martinez Eva Vlartincz Julian Martinez Nancy Martinez Ralph 'Vlarlinez Sandra Martinez Shirley Martinez Toby Martinez Victor Martinez Virginia Martinez Maxine Mendez Veronica Mendez Barbara Mendoza Johnny Mendoza Juniors Enjoy Various Activities, 3, . Q it . N Junior Donald Torrez enjoys a snack before going on to his next class. His friend just watches on, Full advantage is taken of the benches on the 1 12 j uniors campus to relax after classes KX 1 Erna Miller Marsha Monk Eugene Montoya Gerald A. Montoya Gerard Montoya johnny R. Montoya Gary Moody Gwendolyn Moore Cvvilia Nlorvno Vlaric Moya Alex Muller Bobby McCoy Carlos McDaniel Robert McKissiek Annie MeMurtrcy Anelmo Navarro Richard Nicto Tommy Nuancs Class of ' 4 Has it Together! 'me David and Anita stroll through the patio en route to their next class. W Sulledio Two Junior athletes, Richard jenkins and Wendell Sweet, express their points of view during gripe assembly in gym. Juniors 113 Anthony Olivas Mary Olson Mary A. Ortega Prudence Ortega Viola Ortega julia Ortiz Nlichacl Ortiz Steve Ortiz ltuth Ortiz David Otero David J. Otero julia Otero Jane Pacheco Raymond Pacheco Jerome Padilla l,cola Padilla Marlene Padilla Richard Padilla Ronnie Padilla Paula Paisano Ylary Parras Olson Patterson Louis Perea Michael Perea J uni Robert Brown and johnny Montoya have their pictures taken during passm F, l l 1 lunlors Mrs. Leah Ready, one of the very active members of the faculty, once again sponsored the Junior House. Dorothy Pcrrz Nlugdalvna Pr-rm-z Miko Pvrvz Danny Perkins Mary Pimvntvl Vivian Platvro Donna Pohl Larry Pohl Karon Ponds David M. Quintana Ray Quinlana Alice Pamirvz Anthony Ramirez Maria Ramirez Pegg Ramirez Sandra Rhoucles Nlaxie Riggins lVlLll1ll1l0l Robvrlson Yvonnr' Rodriqucz Anna Romero jimmy Romero Phyllis Romero Richard Romero Virginia Romero William Romero Dave Romo Juniors 1 15 Tommy Romo Terry Ross Steve Roybal John Rozzi Carlos Ruiz Beverly Russey Judy Saavedra Bernardo Salazar Mark Salazar Raymond Salazar Pearl Samora Albert Sanchez '51 Females Lead in Junior ACt1V1t19S joe Sanchez julie Sanchez Raymond Sanchez Steven Sanchez Teresa Sanchez Carla Sandoval Don Schadc Susan Schofield Alfred J. Sedillo Pearl Sedillo Richard Sedillo Rosalinda Sedillo WMM junior Ricky Lopez is freezing while waiting to have his picture taken. Richard Segura Roberta Segura Molly Sena Joe Scrna Henry Shannon Herman A. Sheets Theresa Silva Martha Smilcy Herbert Sneddy julia Sonnier Gilbert Spcakman Gary Sprunk Wesley Stevenson Linda Tapia Mona Tcmcr Manuel Toledo Donald Torres Diana Torrcz Robert Torrcz Archie Trujillo Frances Trujillo Patsy Trujillo Frank Valtierra Dchra Vargas Juniors l I7 Elizabeth Vargas Juan Vargas Steve Vargas Donald Varney Olga Vasquez Roxann Vaughn .Ioann Vigil Linda Vigil Esther Villa Agustin Villegas Lawrence l.. Walker Nlaric White Billy Whiting Tom Williams Willie Winters Stan Witherspoon Shirley Ycllowhair David Zamora Marcella Zamora Evaj. Zappia Bake Sale Helps B-Team Cheerleaders Theresa Gonzales work hard during B-Team bake sale. l I 8 juniors Patsy Gonzales refuses to even look at the camera much less show us a smile. But we got the picture anyway. ,La auf 1 wb. Gu-' -, .,,f , A.H.S. Bulldoggies, from left to rightg Marvelyn Lovato, Judy Saavedra, Linda Chavez, Valerie Ortega, Yolanda Giron Clorinda Duran Fresques, lrma Correa, Debbie Martinez, Dora Webb, Liz Vargas, Joanne Ateneio, Mary Ann , . Not Pictured: Joe Aguilar Frank Alderete Rita Alderete Rose Mary Anaya Victoria Anaya Andrew Aragon Yolanda Arguello Joseph Armijo Larry Baca Larry Baca Steven Baca Betty Barajas Leo Belone Georgene Benavidez Lawrence Benavidez Paul Benavidez Rita Benavidez Archie Brito Gloria Candelaria Jose Candelaria Cresencio Castillo David Chavez Gabriel Chavez Mary Chavez Richard Chavez Tom Chavez Linda Dallago Lawrence Dean Michael DeLaO Roberta Dixon Rose Mary Dominguez Charlene Ducksworth Geraldine Duran Wilfred Esquibel Carolyn Fielder Paul Gallegos Cynthia Garcia Dan Garcia Dolores Garcia Jessie Garcia John Garcia Michael Garcia Rose Garcia Deborah Gomez Charles Gonzales Howard Gonzales Lorraine Gonzales Ronnie Gonzales Carolyn Grayson Debbie Gurule Betty Gutierrez Paul Hale Dock Harris Carlos Hernandez Rebecca Herrera Jose J aramillo Lawrence Jaramillo Martha Jaramillo Rose Mary J aramillo Margaret J inzo Stella Johnson Michael Jordan Theresa Kynard Charles Lopez Margaret Lopez Ricky Lopez Yolanda Lopez Tommy Lovato Danny Lucero Raynaldo Marquez Barbarita Martinez Betty Martinez Bobby Martinez John Martinez Marcella Martinez Carlotta McDaniel Robert Miranda Timothy Mitchell Bernadette Montano Sylvia Montano Gloria Montoya Ronnie Montoya Andrew Mora Ruby Mora David Otero David J. Otero Gloria Padilla David Palladini Toni Pennington Christopher Pohl Connie Quintana Joe Reza Rosalie Riboni Danny Rodriquez Raymond Ruiz Jolene Saavedra Kenneth Sanchez Jeannette Sandoval Remijo Saueeda Elizabeth Sedillo Mike Sedillo Charles Simpson Larry Stevens Wendell Sweet Nancy Talamante Leo Tapia Emily Toledo Frank Torres Orlando Trujillo Tommy Trujillo Doreen Ulilsarri Charles Vallez Andy Velarde Gary Velarde Ralph Vialpando Rosendo Villa Diane Whatley Jeanette White Melvin Wright Angela Zamora Juniors l 10 ., ,V ., l20 Sophomores Josie Aheyta Patsy Acuna Derondi Alexander Phyllis Alexander Anthony Alfaro Belinda Anaya Angela Apodaca Dennis A ragon john Aragon Eva Archibeque Beatrice Arehuleta Debbie Archulcte Eddie Armijo James Xrmijo Gerald Atencio Patricia Avila Alfred Baca A Anthony M. Baca Donna llaca Dora Baca Eddie Baca Elizabeth Baca Ernest Baca Gloria Baca Ignacio Baca Ismael Baca julia Baca Ray Baca Terry Baca Yolanda Baca Yolanda Baca Sarah Banks David Barela Gloria Barragan Richard Begaye Ray Belone ,Ionnille Benally Freddie Benallie Anthony Benavidez Pecolia Benjamin Rose Lee Betone Donald Black Diane Blanco Robert Blea Nlarlcne Bluehouse james Bocckner Lillie Borrego Debbie lioxton Frances Brady Charles Brazzie Matthew Brill Melvin Brown Fred Bunton jr. Sharon Burrell Darlene Byers Yvonne Byers Rita Olvera Leads Sophomore Class - 1-F , ?-f y: . fsr i i Although receiving stiff competition from the other classes the Sophomore Class surprised everyone this year and won the Spirit Stick during Spirit Week. This spirited and hardworking class was led by Rita Olvera, Presidentg Joey Quintana, Vice-Presidentg and Barbara lVliera, Sec.-Treasurer. The Sophomore Congress, under lVlrs. Jane Hillis sponsorship, took on many pro- jects. Painting of the Sophomore bench was only one of those projects. Traditionally the Sophomore class has been the largest and this year was no exception. The Sophomore class totaled 4170 students. Sophomore Class Officers: from left to right, Joey Quintana, Vice-Pres.g Rita Olvera, President, Barbara Miera, Sec.-Treasurer. Dora Cabezuela Rosa Cabezuela Anthony Candelaria Jimmy Candelaria Leroy Candelaria Lorraine Candelaria Sam Candelaria Yolanda Candelaria Gloria Cano Adan Carriaga Gloria Carrillo Michael Carrillo Theresa Carter Melba Castillo Peter Castillo Dennis Cavalier Anthony Chavez Barbara Chavez Daniel Chavez Frank Chavez Leonard Chavez Lorraine Chavez Margaret Chavez Yolanda Chavez Philip Cherino Ramona Childers Rosa Cisneros Ruthie Claw Vodra Cox Cecelia Crespin Karen Davis Kenny Davis Michael Dela Fuente Florence Drew Debbie Duran Sophomorcs 121 Louise Eflmon Richard Espinosa Carla Fernandez George Fields Jacqueline Fillmore Alex Florcs Paul Foster Debra Francia Leo Francia Abe Fuentes Albert Fuentes Diane Gallegos Rita Santiago does a cheer during B-Team Cheer- leader tryouts, ophomores Become Active Part of A Michael Gallegos Richard Gallegos Shirley Gallegos Albert Garcia Anthony Garcia Barbara Garcia Carmclita Garcia David Garcia Francie Garcia Glinda Garcia Jacqueline Garcia Janet Garcia Kathy Garcia Marciano Garcia Michael Garcia Nancy Garcia Nick Garcia Robert Garcia Robert Garcia Tommy Garcia Suzie Garley Cynthia Garrion Gloria Gilbert Charles Gomez Eva Gomez john Gomez Mike Gomez Anthony Gonzales 122 Sophomorcs Berky Gonzales Charles Gonzales Dorothy Gonzales Linda Gonzales Marta Gonzales Marcus Goodson Donnie Grcathoust' Margaret Green Anastacia Griego David Griego Margaret Griego Xlaria Griego Roger Griego Curley Nlaric Griffin Janette Guillen Leon Gurule Gene Gutierrez ,lane Gutierrez Nlichael Gutierrez Silvia Hale Nlark Hall Daniel Harmount Vlario Hernandez Nlikc Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez Betty Herrera Loretta Herrera Nlary Herrera Sophomores attended Sophomore 1mPl'0V1flg t-hell' Class one of the Pfolects taken UP Sophomore bench. Sophomort l 5 Largest Class Has Successful Year Pat Herrera Glendora Hill Janet L. Hill Teresa Holcomb Darlene Holmes Velma Hopp Anthony Hovey Rose Huling Arthur Humphrey Patsy Hurhina Randy lsler Connie Jaramillo Isabel Jaramillo Maria J aramillo Robert P. Jaramillo Steven Jaramillo Valentin J aramillo Irene Jim Fannie Joe Roselyn Joe Juanita Johnson De bora J ones Debbie A. Kent Joline Krueger Yvonne LaCour Ken Lehian Estella Lewis Johnny Lewis Gloria Leyba James Lial Roscoe Locke Kennerd Long Andrew Lopez Gil Lopez Joe Bon Lopez Marty Lopez Maxine Lopez Rosemary Lopez 124 Sophomores Evelyn Lucero Gloria Lucero Ken Lucero Louis Lucero Marie Lucero Raymond Lucero Richard Lucero Darlene Lujan Debbie Luna Ernest Luna Dennis Lyon David Madrid Ray Maestas Vicky Maestas Yolanda Maestas Pauline Maldonado Oscar Mancha Loretta Manzanares Jean Marquez Peggy Marquez Beatrice Martinez Bernice Martinez Beverly Martinez Edward Martinez Filbert A. Martinez jerry Martinez jesus Martinez john Martinez Judy Martinez Laura Martinez Lillian Martinez Marcella Martinez Margaret Martinez Martha Martinez Mary J. Martinez Patrick Martinez Ruth Martinez Sarah Martinez Joseph Mata Jo Ann Matthews J oe Mendez Juanita Mendez Margaret Mendez Barbara Miera Mary Mitchell Harold Monia John Montano Rena Montano Robert Montano David Montoya Debra Montoya Eileen Montoya Elaine Montoya Evelyn Montoya Kathy Montoya Laudente Montoya Sophomores 125 Sophomore Herbert Stanley receives his varsity letter from head football coach Myrl Smith. Herbert played for the varsity team all year, starring on the defense. 25 if fi , Eafggiiffii 1,' L.:S?LE f 126 Sophomores Leroy Montoya Lydia Montoya Nlanuel Montoya Randy Montoya Regina Montoya Ronald Montoya 'Phcrcsa Nlontoya Jacqueline Mooney Marie Mora Patricia Mora james Morgan Mary Muniz Johnny Myers Robert McDaniel Jimmy McGuinness Elizabeth Mclllurtre Lucille Nieto Stephanie Nicto Richard Nuanes Patsy O'leary Jesus Olguin Frank Olivas Rita Olvera Ralph Ortega Kathy Otero Charles Ortiz Danny Ortiz Donald Ortiz Louie Ortiz Melvin Ortiz Nora Ortiz Lorraine Pacheco David Padilla Ronny Padilla Terri Padilla Y Sophomores Contribute Greatly to Athletics Tim Palladini Geraldine Purras Tanya Peoples Arabella Pcrea Joseph R. Perea Louie Perea Roberta Pcrea Mary Alice Perez Lynn Perkins Lula Pino Patricia Pino ,Ioan Pohl John Polinko Greg Powdrell joey Quintana Miguel Quintana Maria Raby Tony Rael Shirley Ragin Alex Ramirez Carmen Ramirez Elaine Ramirez Steven Ramirez Wilma Reyna Beatrice Rivas Luville Rivera Pete Rivera Mary Robinson Larry Rodriguez Mike Rogers Debbie Romaneito Andrew Romero Maria Romero Melvcn Romero Sampson Romero joseph Romo Daniel Ruiz Anita Saavedra ,Ioscphine Saavedra Ylike Saiz Cecilia Salas Ernie Salas Lawrence Salazar Rena Saltwater jack Samuels Anthony Sanchez Antoinette Sanchez Chris Sanchez Cindy Sanchez Gilbert Sanchez James Sanchez Lorettc Sanchez Lydia Sanchez Margaret Sanchez Maria Sanchez Michael Sanchez Sopliomores l27 Regina Sanchez Richard Sanchez Robin Sanchez Vivian Sanchez Anthony Sandoval David Sandoval Maijiorie Sandoval Porfiria Sandoval Robert Sandoval Ronald Sandoval Sandra San Martin Joyce Santiago Beatrice Santillanes Betty Savcdra Monica Sawtclle Ernest Schofield Anabel Sedillo Gladys Sedillo joe Sedillo Norman Sedillo jerry Segura Elizabeth Sena Gerald Sena Martha Sena Rosclla Sherman Cindy Shinaberry Emily Silva Margaret Silva Mike Silva Charles Simpson Rosemary Sisneros Edward Slack Sophomores q - -- -ff-fnvn-an-if ,,.. ,... . .. ag, ' , . Alex Telles Kathy Thomas Venida Thompson Nancy Smith Sarita Smith Vickie Smith Pam Sossamon Herbert M. Stanley Rita Stevens Rene Stevenson Joe Mendez learns to use a sander in a Woods class. Nancy Garcia listens carefully during Sophomore Congress. Willie Stone Yolanda Tafoya Araceli Talamantes Patsy Talbot Loretta Tapia Michael Tapia Peter Tapia Sophomores 1 29 f if J 1- fm-V-M J - 4, A , Y " - ..:,,, janet Garcia and Gladys Sedillo take advantage of Sophomore Class worked hard and used all three bench the newly painted Sophomore Bench The A H S colors green white and old to paint the Peggy Tijerina Rose Toledo Louise Torres Lynn Torres ,lack Torrez janet T orrez Rudy Torrez Vickie Torrez Anthony Trujillo Gloria Trujillo Lucille Trujillo Mary Ann Trujillo Robert Trujillo Tonie Trujillo Larry Ulibarri Reuben Ural Manuel Valenzuela Grace Vallejos Angel Vargas Eva Vargas Lucy Vargas Kendall Vaughn Andy Vigil Albert Villescas Cheryl Waddles John Wilson Bobby Winters Marilyn Yazzie Calvin Young Bonifacio Zamora Lawrence Zamora Paula Zamora Sophia Zamora Tommy Zamora Eloy Duran ...f ,- Demonstrating one of their formations all the Beatrice Martinez, Theresa Gonzales, Maria Rahy, B-Team Cheerleaders: From Left to Right: Jane Gutierrez,TerriPadilla and Rita Santiago. David Abeyta Ray Aguilar Larry Alderete Rudy Andler Donald Apodaca Lillian Apodaca Yolanda Aragon Frank Aranda Frank Archuleta Larry Augustine Esther Baca Felix Baca Ronald Baca Leroy Bazan Ernest Becerra Anthony Benavidez Fra.nces Benavidez Michael Bencomo Diana Benevidez Berncie Bernal David Bradrork Marvin Brown William Brown Deborah Bunten Ike Candelaria Elena Carbajal Minerva Carillo Laura Castillo Keren Castleman Carla Chavez Dennis Chavez Edward Chavez Mary Chavez Richard Chavez Virginia Chavez Michael Clark Rita Cordova Thersea Cox Ray Cuellar Lilly Dauber David Delgado Larry Delgado Anthony Duran Kathryn Emillio David Encinias Candie Escudero Michael Espinasa Francisquital Esquihel Paul Fajardo Nancy Gabaldon Joanna Gallegos Loretta Gallegos Peter Gallegos Edward Garcia Hope Garcia Lawrence Garcia Randy Garcia Rudy Garcia Valentin Garcia Asuncion Garibay Angela Gomez Anna Gonzales Patrick Gonzales Pedro Gonzales Rebecca Gonzales Roberta Gonzales Suzanna Gonzales Margaret Grammer Anna Greathouse Henry Gricgo Joe Gurule Loretta Gutierrez Marcello Gutierrez Marion Gutierrez Viola Gutierrez Joe Harris Glen Hern Mary Holler Henry Hoskie Edward l-icnt Robin lden James Jackson Bernadette Jaramillo Marian J aramillo Bessie Joe Billy Johns Audrey Johnson Charlotte Kaiser Patricia Kelly Barbara Landavazo Henry Lopez Lucy Lopez Robert Lopez Sammy Lopez Bernie Loranca Amy Lovato Tommy Lovato David Lucero Esther Lucero Jerry Lucero Juanita Lucero Julia Lucero Mary Lucero Michael Lucero Charles Macs Becky Maldonado Audie Marquez Dolores Martinez Mary Martinez Molly Marnnez Phyllis Martinez Richard Martinez Robert Martinez Steve Martinez Martha Merrell Gina Montano Arthur Montoya Flora Montoya Lorenzo Montoya Roseanne Montoya Marcos Mora Richard Mora Phyllis Moreno Frank Morrison Wayne Muniz Mark Newhouse Arthur Ortega Connie Ortega David Ortiz Dennis Ortiz Louie Ortiz Michael Ortiz Andy Otero Bertha Pacheco Vicky Padilla Joseph Paiz John Perea Antonio Perez Lorrain Pino Lizzie Purcella Antoinette Ramirez Da.nny Ramirez Raymond Ramirez Violet Randall Libby Rodriguez Ramona Rodriguez Gloria Romero William Romero Ronald Rooks Ricky Ross Walter Ross Sheila Rozzi Vicky Ryker Lawrence Saiz Bernice Salazar Paul Salazar Paula Salazar Juan Salgado Robin Sanehes Joey Sanchez Leonard Sanchez Albert Sandoval Eddie Sandoval Eileen Sandoval Mary Sandoval Porfirio Sandoval Remijio Sauceda Sharon Schaedel Mary Sedillo Mike Sedillo Pearl Sedillo Arthur Sena Arthur Serna Lorraine Serna Kenneth Sharts Elizabeth Silba Luis Smith Maria Smith Timothy Sneddy Mina Solis Marcella Tapia Bookert Thomas Leroy Torrez Antonia Trujillo Rosemary Trujillo Melvin Tryels Marcelle Tucker Darlene Valdez Frankie Valenzuela Cecilia Vallejos Elizabeth Vallejos Eileen Valles Angel Vargas Andy Velarde Michael Velarde Andy Vigil Chris Ware Ann Werito Mark Werner George Willard James Williams Rowland Williams Bennie Ybarra Sophomores 131 ight School Directed By Briscoe Albuquerque High has long been a learn- ing center for both day and night school. T Y .Q This year was no exception. The Night it School promoted the concept that education gl F can he acquired at anytime for those who are desirous of learning and those who are 1' i desirous of acquiring a diploma. U Courses in covered in Night School were KN! many and Varied and included such things as ,IU English, Typing, history and art. gf lVlrs. Bessie Hopkins, Secretary, assisted lVlr. Briscoe again during the year. it lVlr. Brown and Mr. Espinosa were the counselors. f E lVIr. Briscoe, Night School Principal, is always fi, available to assist students with problems that may arise. is While the halls have a different atmosphere at night open to those who want to learn Classes are held at Albuquerque High, the doors to education are Monday through Thursday 132 Night School eaves: ff ,gt fgs-wzltis-aff C ' . fggmtifqf 554- I Mr. DeWitt Ivey, long a teacher at Albuquerque High, waits for papers to be turned in. ya Although only a few students are in class, Mr. Preciliano Garcia continues class at a busy level. -eq., -.Anhui Students in Mrs, Shirley Rohinson's class are momentarily distracted by photographer. Night School 133 Some students are too busy studymg to he dls Nlght school counselor Mr Espmosa works to help turhecl by the photographer, students Q '36 su! ' 15" A ' k 'K' . W mammal . lreTheChalImgn Whkhlhhes Vlnrllnkvriiifmf fi 0 23531 ' 1. 455' K - 1 ' 2 aff 9ughkTo B0 WR" y Thev1D0"3 .grun- i ight School is Means To Achieve Diploma, Knowledge Night School teacher, juanita Lcnk, demonstrates correct posture to her class. Mr. Devin McAnally starts a discussion on com- munication in an English IV class. V.I.C.A. students work hard to understand the lesson correctly. Night School 135 All girls hoping for a secretarial job attend typing Secretary Bessie Hopkins looks through files to classes. obtain information on a student. .JBL Miss Moore helps D.E.C.A. students understand the courses covered musl also work ul least fiflccn operation of a cash register. All students attending hours a wcck to receive full credit. 136 Night School A ' I Q 9 . F- ex. Students in D.E.C.A. learn the operation of machines involved with business, Opportunities Found in ight School Student in center is Andy Gonzalez who has pur- chased a yearbook every year since attending night school. All students attending night school have free access to the telephone in the main Math students relax during passing period as teacher awaits bell to begin class. office. Night School 137 School on Wheels is a Proven Success Two years ago the Albuquerque Public Schools decided to start a school designed to give high school dropouts another chance to graduate. The school was named School 011 Wheels. lt was founded by the Department of Labor, in an effort to meet the dual goals of the students, working and learning. School on Wheels has proven a successg this year's graduating class is five times that of the first graduating class. lVlr. Richard Romero is the coordinator and works with a staff of six hardworking teachers. Learning by means of discussion is a regular part of School on Wheels. 4,41 Knowing that he is late, a student hurries to get to Students of School on Wheels take it easy before to talk to each other during this time class. 138 School on Wheels going on to their next class. Students have a chance A game of chess can be as educating as any regular Teacher Helen Chalamidas adjusts movie camera to class. begin class. w 1 ' X, "Gam ' je-fig some time away are Francis Padilla, Counselor Bill Stilwell and teacher Barry Cole Montano, and Belinda Gomez. smile for the camera while heading for a class. School on Wheels 139 Keys that Jlngle 1n your pocketg Words that Jangle 1n your head. Why d1d summer go so qulokly? Was It somethmg that you Sald? Lovers walk along the shore And leave the1r footpr1nts 1n the sand Is the sound of dlstant drumm1ng just the f1ngers of your hand? P1ctures hang1ng 1n a hallway and the fragment of a songg Half remembered names and faces, But to whom do they belong? When knew that it was over You were suddenly aware That the autumn leaves were turning To the color of her hair. 140 Wheel of Comp 'L ZW QWETJLUTN N Top Flight Sports Teams Represent AHS in 1972-73 14-2 Sports H- al " .ws qu lx ' Sw, ff: if ,ga 4 Sports 143 Twelve Staff Sports Department J. D. Baca Stewart Burgess Abe Estrada Jim Hulsman Warren Laffcy Gymnastics j4V Football C'Team Basketball Varsity Basketball Tennis Ken Medley jess Miranda X-Country, Track J -V Basketball J. D. Baca-Head Varsity Gymnastics Coach, Spanish and English Instructor. Stewart Burgess-junior Varsity Football Coach, Assistant track coach, U.S. History Instructor. 144- Sports B ff M' . John Sanchez lireda Sandell Art bimoni Nlvrl Smith Tony Valdez Baseball C A A NX rcsthng I ootball Golf Abe Estrada-Attendance Director, C-Team Basket- ball H ead, Assistant Varsity and B-Team Basketball. jim Hulsman-Physical -Education instructor, boys and girls, Head Varsity Basketball Coach. Warren Laffey-Instructs four regular junior Eng- lish classes, Head Varsity Tennis Team Coach. Ken Medley-U.S. History instructor, Head Coach for Track and Cross-Country Varsity Teams. jess Miranda-Cultural Awareness instructor, Head B-Team Basketball Coach, assists with varsity. john Sanchez-Cultural Awareness instructor, basketball time-keeper, Head Varsity Baseball Coach. Freda Sandell-P.E. Instructor, cheerleader spon- sor, Head Coach of Girls Athletic Association. Art Simoni-Biology I Instructor, B-Team Wrest- ling Coach, Head Varsity Wrestling Coach. MYTI Smith-PhYSiC81 Education Instructor, snack- bar operator, Head Varsity Football Coach. Tony Valdez-Physical Education Instructor, Head Golf Coach, P.E. and Athletic Department Head. Sports 145 Young Harriers Bolster Team 1972 Cross-Country team members wererfkneeling Larry Walker, Herman Chavez and Randy Isler. Anthony Alfaro Frank Archlbeque Mike Gallegos l to rj Donald Black, Charles Ortiz, Dennis Aragon, fstanding l to rj Charles Aragon, Dennis Cavalier, Herb Sneedy, 'lom l opez and Coach Medley W ' , A H: - , 3 A, , ' aiu , A , . My .A W H as., aw.. A A X ' ., I 5 f px. W 'A " n f- .., " ' 21, x i" " 1 f . ' H uu- The A.H.S. Cross-Country team was essentially a very young group. There were only two seniors out of thirteen team members. The 1972 team was led and captained by Mike Gallegos. Gallegos had a very successful season, culminating in a seventh place finish in the Dist. ZAAAA Cross-Country meet. Through their practice and participation the underclassmen gained much valuable experience that will be need- ed for their upcoming competition in the distance running competition. A majority of the team is expected to return next year. 146 Sports X ,Pr ix L 'Wwe j 'ff ' , -,T f 1' 1 5 5 Tom Lopez Mike Gallegos left: Mike Gallegos gives chase to the frontrunner in one of the tri-angular distance races. lower left: Dennis Cavalier and Charles Aragon race neck and neck as they near the finish line. below: Herb Sneedy sets the pace as he jumps out in front at the beginning of a distance run. left: W. Mesa, Sandia, and A.H.S. harriers move out and try to keep up with the other runners. above: Senior captain Mike Gallegos was one of the top finishers in the district X-Country finals. Sports 14-7 Varsit Team Posts 3- Season Record ahove: Spirit and determination show on the faces ot the team as they break through a fine season. Discounting pre-season ratings, A.H.S. escaped the district cellar and ended in a tie for sixth place in the 9-team district 2- AAAA race. Led by ten senior lettermen and few returnees, the Dawgs suffered through early season adjustments and when they finally got untracked, came up with three impressive wins. Despite their 3 win, 7 loss record, it was common knowledge that the squad was one of the more outstanding teams in the city., The three victories were the most wins recorded by an A.H.S. team since the 1969 football campaign. Quarter- back Steve Marquez was listed as one ofthe cityis leading passers, and Boni Lucero, Wendell Sweet and Larry Williams were voted into the All-City teams. 148 Sports 'f 'rglg 'igiliais fe "M er i + 1,-,, ' g i' 4' J tml in we-U f at 2 . ea. 5145.13-1 ,jf r - J I v 'QVQ1 L ,. xv, 1... -1 A , xx Ji Q xv , ,371 1. 'KV '4 ' , we '- ' sf ,' i r ' ' J fs 5,6 " , Y v a. A 1 Q K L 1 X 4 ' 3 4 N t f ' , Q yy - ff "fu f, V, fi K s"y , 'M unruly' I q , il w ga, ,, , ' ffff "' .ia J . V Q 1 i s T r ' if 5 nl, 7 , vi x ' a i 5W'hgL1gw, 'T .',,, i 5. aggvvl 4' We ' ' , rwwrg W . l "+V "W fiiivuflr. Michael Campos Jim Davis Paul Fields Scott Hendricks fs- stan . at , ,.+w,+f.,Q,-33 gr..- .K .,.Q, 1. at eh ffragagg Mmff.. ,t Vx 'Nxt if ja y E :ff l 11. A QQV' . 1- ' , '4l2.x1 Qgf 1 ., , w,".,g1lll"fzr t he y ,Q ., fs, " , , .,"'2 1 fs ,1-if Y, 1, fx six 5', ww -sf., 'N- iff!" 1' .wi -fx Ten Seniors Lead Bulldogs During Season left: Bobby McCoy breaks one tackle and eludes another as he races his way to the Valley High goal line. below left: Stand-in quarterback J oe Chavira elects to run the ball in one of the Dawgs triple-option plays. below: Larry Williams outjumps his defenders as he catches a touchdown pass from senior quarterback Steve Marquez. Sports 149 Bulldogs Record Most Wins Since 1969 Bobby McCoy finds a big hole in the Sandia line and in the air. Offensively, they were led by Steve defensive side was led by Boni Lucero and moves through for a big ground gain. The Marquez, quarterbackg Bobby McCoy, Wendell Hendricks, Wendell Sweet and Larry Williams. Bulldogs moved the ball well both on the ground Sweet, Odell Liggins, and Larry Williams. The A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S. A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S. 150 Sports Las Cruces Jefferson West Mesa Highland Nlanzano El Dorado Rio Grande Del Norte Sandia Valley ,Q Odell Liggins crashes through the Valley defensive line but is brought down by two V.H.S. linebackers. K . ,Z , x 1 left: The photographer catches the game on the level seen by the coaches, the teams and the referees. below: The team captains and the referees discuss what action will be taken on a penalty. ront: Rudy Lucero-Mgr., Albert Sedilloghlgr., Jenkins, center: Robert Blea, Steve Marquez, and John Sanchez, Don Varney, Scott Hendricks, oudy Montoya, David Martinez, Paul Fields, Morris Huling, Bob McCoy, Odell Liggins, Calvin Herbert Stanley, Jim Davis, Mike Wilson, Larry esley Stevenson, Ralph Sanchez, Joe Chavira,Jim Hill, James Morgan, Charles Simpson, Mike Williams, Clarence Williams, John Lewis, Boni edillo, Richard Nunez, Edward Hunt and Richard Campos. back: Coaches Tony Valdez, Myrl Smith Lucero H1'ldWCY1dCllSWCCt. Sports 1 51 Morris Huling 'gr'f,,J !gs4'1', it I I , I' f'i'+'Eg-al? X f W9 f ' 3 ff i ' I. 5 "gm, V 5151, .V K ' 5 fl' " t 'hi 1 :I i lift be iiti a , ,ft . ky ...T 1, 4' 'ii' ffl , , V ff Boni Luce T0 Steve Marquez Three Chosen All-City Football Standouts above: Aside from the roughness of the opposition there was also the slippery grass to guard against. above right: Joe Chavira is brought down by three Raven hacks as he tries to gain needed yardage. right: Sheer jubilation fills the football team as they rejoice over their first shocking victory. 152 Sports fm- --N I --4. ,. VW , s K 8 Ml by 3 in wg xi v yw. - , ' mi' X 5-.-. 1, 4 . Q 3 ' ..'- fl my a,. ,Q f X - . f . I Q ig 5 Rigs. at . . l .1 , A . . x' x 'ia L ' 5 W., 4 e , 5 N s Q - l QS' i S 1 rs- l L , X'-EXQQQH iff ,gf-ff? .nfs 1 W . l Mike Wilson Larry Williams a .. 'ek-'E 3211. -Mg kr . itil. X Hu., , left: Bulldog defenders use a domino drop effect in stopping the Sandia Matador quarterback. lower left: Punter Steve Nlarqucz gets off another of his high, spiraling, line-drive kicks. below: The referees' arms go up to signal another touchdown scored by the fighting Bulldogs, 'v S31 K www will tiafibgs ggi 13,3 ii?W' ses fam ,'wy1. as +e Wfi r E 'offs Q93 ai l pf-,N-Z. s EV gh ig? Ralph Sanchez Sports 153 above: Good passing ability proved useful as the Bullpup offense marched down the field. above right: The Bullpup ground game ran smoothly against the Valley High Norsemen. right: The Pup offense sets in formation prlor to the snap of the ball to quarterback Wes Stevenson. 154 Sports Tough Schedule and Injuries Slow Pace of J- Gridders f Q. .WS 5' ,-f j,, .r l g if-, , a Y left: james Morgan is brought down by a player after a long completed forward pass. A.H.S. A.H.S A.H.S. A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.I-l.S A.H.S Gallup Santa Fe Rio Grande Valley Del Norte St. Pius Eldorado West Mesa Valley 0 13 6 16 26 6 6 14 Along with the gories of football came the shake-ups and the unfortunate, minor injuries. i, fx ki g e e y Q 1 '72 B-Team: front, Robert Candelaria-Mgr, Rudy Lucero-Mgr., Joe Macias, Ken Lucero, Tommy Zamora, Ernie Salas, Paul Foster, Robert Louie Ortiz, Gene Gutierrez, Isaac Fields, Donald Baca, Wesley Stevenson, Ismael Baca, Filbcrt Mar- 01'fiZ, 101111 WilSOIl, GC0l'g2 Fields, M2-Tk Hall and tinez, Michael Rogers, and Edward Hunt. center: Andrew Romero. back: Coach Burgess, Loudy Montoya, David Padilla, Ken Sharts, jim Morgan, Herbert Stanley, John Lewis, Almon Majors, Larry Rodriguez, Rick Nuanes, Jim Sedillo and Alfred Baca. Sports 1 55 Gymnasts Achieve Success First Season ln the first year of team competition the gymnasts proved to be some ol' the finest in the state. After only eleven months of practice and preparation the team began its competition. Two seniors competed with the squad. Eugene Espinosa specialized in the side-horse and vaulting events, while Clarence Marquez mastered the still rings and the even parallel bars. Steve Ortiz was the teams' top athlete, and is one of the New Mexico state all-around champions. The team held an exhibition assembly in order to display their talents, to encourage the stu- dent body to attend the meets and to invite interested persons to join the team. Eddie Burch and Fred Cardenas, UNM gymnasts assisted Coach Baca. Clarence Marquez Eugene Espinosa Spotters stand stead-fast as junior Steve Ortiz goes mandatory when any gymnast mounts the equip through his optional high-bar routine. Spotters are ment in practice or in competition. left: fkneelingj Team members, Robert Montano, Clarence Marquez, Ronald Montoya. fstandingj Coach j. D. Baca, Steve Vargas, Glen Isler, Gene Espinosa, Mike Perez, Paul Gallegos, Steve Ortiz, and Tony Lovato. below: Coach Baca steadies Clarence Marquez as he begins his strength demanding ring routine. BAA above left: Steve Vargas executes a vault over the horse during the premiere gymnastics assembly. above: Strength and agility are two important facets of Steve 0rtiz's intricate side-horse routine. left: The team stands to accept the thunderous ovation given them at the end of the special assembly. SPOHS 1 57 Newspaper Polls Rate Bulldog Cagers Among Stateis Finest above: Tom Maestas drives in for a lay-up in the annual Varsity vs. Sophomore basketball exhibit- ion. above right: jim Conners goes high in the air to win the toss-up at the home season opener. 158 Sports Larry Williams springs above the defense to get off jefferson. This was the cagers second of three a short shot in the first home game against El Paw victories over this team. Jim Connors Andre Gandy Tommy Maestas executes good defense for A.H.S. The Dawgs won the game to take an Rick Giron an Eldorado Eagle in the district lid-lifter early lead in the district 2AAAA conference race. For the third year in a row the Bulldog liasketliallers were selected as one of the finest teams in the state. Pre-season polls posted a second place district finish, and awarded them the fifth place slot in the statewide Class AAAA ratings. Sportswriters based their selection on the fact that Coach Jim Hulsman's charges would lie made up of seven returning lettermen, six of them coming off last yearis state runner-up team. Jim Connors was the only returning starter, but the other five saw plenty of action throughout the season. December saw the Dawgs start out well as they gained a third place finish in the El Paso Austin Tournament. Wins over Patter- son and Cathedral High Schools put the AHS five into the semis against eventual champs Austin Panthers. That loss set up a third place clash against EP-Jefferson. The next two week-ends saw the Bulldogs win four more against Pass City fives. The Christmas break found A.H.S. with a 7-1 record. I l Sports 159 Tom Maestas Consistent and effective shooting helped the Bull- Paso fivCS, Their Only los in December was to El dog cagers to garner their first seven wins over El P3S0'ALlStill. x Richard Jenkins lays in the ball over one of the players from El Paso-Jefferson High. Marty Valles Larry williams 160 Sports Basketball is commonly known as the non-contact fough and fumble game against Rio Grande- sport, apparently this is not the case during the Team Records 100th Win for Coach Hulsman v December Scores Austin Invitational A.H.S A.l'l.S A.I'l.S. A.ll.S. A.l'l.S. A.I'l.S A.H.S A.l'l.S. A.H.S. El Paso Patterson El Paso Cathedral El Paso Austin El Paso j efferson El Paso High El Paso ,jefferson El Paso Andres Eldorado Del Norte 63 68 67 58 49 67 65 52 62 r Varsity cagers fstandingl to rj Coach J im Hulsman, Williams, Marty Valles and assistants Abe Estrada Maestas, Richard Jenkins, Steve Maestas, Andre Assistant Ross Garcia, David Romo, Roscoe Locke, and jess Miranda. fsitting l to rj Anthony Olivas, Gandy, Jerome Padilla and manager Rick Sedillo. Jim Conners, Jesse Cleaver, Richard Giron, Larry Rudy Lucero, Ron Padilla, Eric Gandy, Tom Sports 161 below-Senior jim Connors adds two markers to the A.l-LS. vs. Eldorado Eagle score. below right-Richard Jenkins drives around his man and toward the Manzano Monarch basket. 1 r 1 i anuary Scores !X.l'l.S. 49 Wlanzano AHS. T8 Sandia A.ll.S. 48 West Mesa A.l'l.3. 68 Highland A.I-l.S. TI Rio C rzmdc A.H.S. 86 Valley A.l'l.S. 69 Eldorado A.H.S. 79 Del Norte 162 Sports Cagers Win District Title Fourth Straight Year Richard Giron gets off an outside shot that aided the Dawgs district victory over Eldorado. Forward Andre Gandy outjumps the defense and attempts to score on a short jump-shot. Richard Jenkins displays his usual diligent movcs as p0intS during the championship game of the he works around a Manzano defender for two ZAAAA tournament. 'F' Ayr January and February saw many suc- cessful games recorded hy the 'Dogs They completed the regular season with only one loss in district play. Their 15-l district ree- ord won them an automatic lmcrth in the state tournament. They also won the championship of the district tournament. A.H.S. A.H.S A.l-l.S A.H.S A.H.S A.l-1.5. Scores february Scores West Mesa Rio Grande Valley San dia Highland NIEIYIZEIIIO 46 SI 61 48 40 59 v"-n 5 X ' Jim Conners traditionally clips the nets after the The 1973 District 2AAAA championship basket- them after winning the tournament for the fourth championship game after defeating Manzano ball team proudly displays their trophy awarded to consecutive year. 75-72. Sport 163 Coach-of-Year Award Goes to Jim Hulsman Coach jim Hulsman listens as his able assistants jess Miranda and Abe Estrada alert theqtcam to offensive and defensive changes that can be made in order that the Bulldogs can maintain their lead over the Gallup Bengals in the opening game ofthe State Tournament. For the second time in 4 years, Coach Jim Hulsman was named Class AAAA Coach-of-the-year. Coach llulsman has done what only few coaches in the state have accomplished. After taking the head spot in 196869, Coach Hulsman has compiled an unbelievable 111 win, 21 loss rccord over 5 seasons. Also to his credit are one State Championship Team, three times as many runners-up in the state finals, and the only coach to have had a team competing in the championship game four consecutive years. Through these years his teams have also won four straight regular season championships, and won the University of Albuquerque Tournament three years in a row, retiring the traveling trophy, and giving it a perma- nent home at A.H.S. This year, the Bulldog team was picked to finish third in district, but came up with the regular season and tournament cham- pionships. The 7Dogs placed second in the state after beating Hobbs, and Gallup. 164 Sports A strong drive past Melvin Baker of Gallup nets two points for senior point-man Tom Maestas in the Bulldogs thrilling 67-65 win. The personable Coach ,lim Hulsman was named as the Coach-of-the-Year for his talent in preparing another great basketball team. 2 gQP ll' Richard jenkins fakes out his man and goes up for a long jumper and two points that lifted the Bull- dogs over Hobbs 83-79. State Tourney Runner-Up Spot to AH Rick Giron does his share of the job on the defense against the Manzano Monarchs. The defense always proved effective. Tom Maestas gets two markers for the Bulldogs in the slow and eold first half of the championship game. Left: A man for all situations, Coach Hulsman, congratulates a Manzano player and tries to con- sole a dejected and heartbroken Richard jenkins, one of the A.H.S. Superstars. District Tournament Championship A.H .S. 75 M anza no 72 State Tournament A,H.s. 67 Gallup 65 A.H.S. 83 llobbs 79 Championship A.H.S. 58 Manzano 59 The Bulldogs fighting varsity did what was thought impossible during the 1972-73 basketball season by going all the way to the finals of the state tournament. Pre-season polls listed the Bulldogs third in the ratings, but were to be proven wrong as the season progressed. The Dogs came up with thrilling and impressive victories in all but three games. Their final season record was 26-3. One loss was an early season defeat at Austin-El Paso. Manzano was the only other team to defeat the 'Dogs, once in the early season and again in the finals of the State Tournament. A district record of 15-1 put the team into the state tournament where they recorded unbelievable wins over third ranked Gallup, and second ranked Hobbs. The exhausted ,Dogs were nipped in an over- time game in the finals of the tourney by Vlanzano. Larry Williams, Tom Maestas, and Richard Jenkins were named to the all- tourney team. Rick Giron was listed as honorable mention. The bitter defeat left its mark on many people, but true sportsman- ship was maintained. Albuquerque Journal sportswriter Jerry MeDaniels summed up the sentiment of all Bulldog fans with the following lines in a post-state tournament articleg 4'The Monarchs are the state champions, but-ah, those Bulldogsli' 165 Sports B-Team Cagers-fstanding l to rj manager Tom Sharts and Coach Jess Miranda sitting l to rj Hovey manager Tony Trujillo Romo, Bob Garcia, Roscoe Locke, jesse Cleaver, manager Frank 0l1VHS .llm Morgan R011 Padilla Delton Dotson, Greg Powdrell,Jerome Padilla, Ken Keith Engllsh Steve Nlaestas Eric Gandy Tony J unior-Varsit Has Impresslve Season B-Team basketball has become one of the major sports attractions on the A.H.S. campus. Under the leadership of head J-V coach, jess Miranda, the team recorded several important victories over many of the top teams in the city and the region, The team was paced by several members who also did double-duty by filling in on the varsity roster. Among the top players on the squad were Steve Maestas, guardg Ron Padilla, forwardg Eric Candy, guardg Jerome Padilla, forwardg and Jesse Cleaver, center. right-Steve Maestas drives along the baseline to score on an uncontested lay-up. far right-Keith English crashes through for a score as teamates await the outcome. 166 Sports far left-Stress is placed on the ability to overcome tough defensive pressures. left-Also stressed by Coach Estrada is good defensive play and quick movement. Coach Abe Estrada heads up the sopho- more team, better known to the student body as thc Dukes. The primary job of the team is lo prepare themselves for future competition with the B-Team and eventually with the varsity squad. Coach Estrada prepares thc team in the proper physical and mental conditions to keep them on the winning track. Early Training Gained by Soph. Cage Team C-Team members-fstanding l to rj manager Tom Garcia, and Abe Estrada. fsitting l to rj manager and manager Tony Trujillo. Romo, Alex Ramirez, Robert Garcia, John Lewis, Frank Olivas, James Morgan, Rick Nuanes, Fred Adan Carriaga, Greg Powdrell, Coaches Ross Bunten, Edward Hunt, Tony Hovey, Ken Shafts, Sports 167 Team Led by Seven Lettermen For the first time in several seasons, Coach Art Simoniis wrestling team had at least one competitor in each of the weight divisions. Maurice liandavazo was selected to the All-City Team, and teammates Dennis Nlascarenas, Robert Mendez and Lawrence Vargas were chosen Honorable Mention. The team was one of the lop contenders for the title in the six-team division of the IAAAA District. l972-73 proved to be one ol' the best seasons for the varsity wrestling team. above-Coach Simoni gives bits of advice to Robert Mendez preceeding his big match. right-Maurice Landavazo raises his opponent up with plans of bringing him down hard onto the mat. 168 Sports Larry Benavidez Dennis Mascarenas Standing l to r: Mike Garcia, Maurice Landovazo, Vargas, Calvin Hill, Bobby McCoy, Herbert Dennis Mascarenas, Larry Benavidez, Robert Stanley, Charles Simpson, Coach Art Simoni. Mendez, Billy Johns, Michael Lucero, Lawrence su-I Robert Mendez The efer ' Lawrence Var as r ee' awards three points to Lawrence g Vargas for his near-pm efforts. Sports 169 Grapplers Do top-Larry Benavidez suffers the agony of defeat after his tiresome wrestling match. top right-Lawrence Vargas pins his Valley High opponent during regular season competition, above-Team coaching and advisement come from team members on the sideline, above right-the referee goes low to determine if an A.H.S, wrestler has won by a pin. right-Coach Art Simoni shouts out helpful instructions to one of the Bulldog matmen. 170 Sports Well in Season Competition atmen Qualify f or State Meet Larry Benavidez holds his Eldorado opponent in a firm arm lock, in preparation for his drive to win a tough match. A Bulldog matman rolls his opponent over onto his back and holds him there until the referee signals a pin. Sheer determination is important to every wrestler, here one of the Bulldogs goes after his opponent with intentions of pinning him. The referee signals that three points are won by Lawrence Vargas as he holds his Valley opponent down on the mat. Sports 171 Starting Positions Held By Senior Baseballers A new and different approach to base- ball proved to be the needed incentive that has moved the Bulldog baseball program up from several winless seasons to the district race challengers they have proved to be. Coach John Sanchez holds the position of head coach, this is his second year in that spot. Several senior lettermen staff the start- ing position on the team. Above: These twelve men are the outfielders on the team. The ability to ground the ball is impor- tant at this position. Above Right: Coach Sanchez and the team's co- captains Steve Marquez and Louie Quintana discuss game plans. Right: The infield will he steadily manned by the talented and experienced basemen and shortstop on the team. 172 Sports Baseball team members: ffront l. to rj Dan Ortiz, Jim Sedillo, Albert Sandoval, Marty Lopez, Reuben Perea, Steve Bace, Louie Quintana, Steve jaramillo, Ron Landavazo, Mike Quentero, fBack l. to r.j Carlos Ruiz, Steve Marquez, Richard Sedillo, Bernie Salazar, Dan Chavez, Eloy Chavez, Charlie Garza, and Coach Sanchez. i.-,-z--,V A T 'a" 1-me-4 ef'e-H W-M-f'3'ff'fi5rf'1 Mzigf 'A "vj"i":ja fQ'ffff.lT 'fji1 ,ehz ,,,i.,,.1, as ,,,,.. ,W M ' 5 " x, l V V r ' 'f' C if llm Left: The tough job of pitching will be alternated between the five fine pitchers playing on the varsity squad. Above: Coach john Sanchez is the man responsible for the rebuilding job done for the baseball pro- gram at A.H.S. Sports 173 Morris Huling soars high above the bar in his Tracksters Slated as One of of Districts Top Teams . I , .1 ,. iff. . 'L' f 7111.1 A W VV! . 5 -- 'wfvi .ygwt H4 -.. ' , W' as I -f"E"f n ' if:Z ??9?f' i Xii zi.-if A ,vas -. , NW? Senior Ralph Sanchez breaks the winners tape ahead of his closest opponents in the opening track meet in 1973. A timer clocks the Bulldog entry in the one mile race. A.H.S. was strongest in the track, rather than field event. 174- Sports Lawrence Vargas prepares to heave the javelin out Up and over the high hurdles goes one of the Bull- ovcr the infield of Milne Stadium. Lawrence was dog team's top notch hurdlers, who was one of the one of the team's top men. toughest track competitors. HF' A Passing and receiving the baton is foremost in the minds of medley relay runners Ralph Sanchez and Odell Liggins. Sports 175 Eddie jaramillo returns a served ball with his flashy and stylized forehand swing. ,. ,ap ,nf 2- .f 'JV .. if f gs , W 'ef was 9 v me ea- M Hg ...f Q 5 ' I , '- . 1 I I Q il l rztalif Q 'wel-' nS r ,sl-W-W -Q xi, 3 at 3 13. ,ad "M 'P my ggi ,N . 4,.,..xs- N . .fz .., :x. V .kgztf-:nf . W wg- ,sr ' .fi V S45 A ' 2 'Har i t S1 at f ' - 1 . V ' fr: -"f'f:7??i ,V wwf- " - - ,. i,.i, i,,, 1 t imW,i M , x,. ., ,. 2, ..,.::,Lf.I ff if For the third year in a row, Mr. Warren Laffey has doubled his duties by teaching and coaching. wage, ff rf. Senior Frank X. Chavez was singled out as the number one man on the small but mighty varsity net team. Senior Dominate Varsity Tenni Team Wyatt Moore gets off his serve and his partner, John Rivera, follows the fast moving action. 176 Sports John Sanchez and john Polinko practice rallying 2AAAA district and plays its matches at the and serving before getting into their opening ferent courts around the Albuquerque Area. doubles match. The tennis team competes in the ,.....--1 Scott Hendrickson makes a smooth and driving swing while teeing off during one of the prematch practice sessions. Trey Frazier lines up his putter and concentrates on the direction and strength needed to sink in a short putt. arch Starts ' 3 Varsit Golf Season Members of the varsity golf team are: Coach Valdez, Trey Frazier, Alfred Baca, Lawrence Salazer, joe Chavira, Andy Vigil and Scott Hendrickson, Frazier and Hendrickson are senior members. l Coach Valdez shows Andy Vigil the proper method and stance that is used by most golfers for more consistency. Sports 1 77 Volleyball, Basketball Are Top GAA ports Events The A.H.S. Chapter of the Girls Athletic Association was sponsored and coached by Miss Freda Sandell, girls physical education instructor. Becky Ortiz was the only re- turnee who had lettered in the sports club. G.A.A. financed all of their own activities by sponsoring a G.A.A. vs. Women Teachers Basketball game. There were traveling costs and tournament fees to pay from the earned funds. The teams competed in volleyball and basketball. Above: Sponsor of G.A.A., Miss Sandell and one of the sports assistants discuss the bracket set-up for the St. Pius Tournament. Above right: Debbie Vargas goes up to grab the rebound after a missed shot. The G.A,A, team did well in season competition. Becky Ortiz dribbles through the full-court press being played by the opposition in a local tourna- ment game. 178 Sports .1 ,mfg ,sez , ef' a 4 ' 3 , f A A' The Albuquerque High School chapter season. Several schools from Albuquerque work involved, there was time for a snake of the Girls Athletic Association sponsored a and the surrounding area competed for the dance. W successful sports day during the volleyball top position. Along with all of the hard 'W v 5 ,M , l K +- 'r u p mm' pq xi .1335 Sheri Lyon tosses an overhead pass to her team- mate Becky Ortiz to set up an offensive play for the Bulldogs. janet Zamora makes a steal on a bounce pass from one of the Rio Grande team members at the St. Pius Tourney. Sports 179 A circle 1n a sp1ra1, A Wheel Wlthln a Wheel, Never ending or beginning On an ever spinning reel. And the unages unW1nd 11ke the clrcles that you flnd In the W1ndm111s of your mlnd Marllyn and Alan Bergman WHEEL My LV rganizations A-Club ...... Apathy Club . . . Band ...... B-Team ...... Bulldoggies .... Choir ....... Drama .... FHA .... GAA ...... Godleys . . . La Reata . . . Myers .,,. OEA..g ....A A Record .......... .i .Sophomore Congress Speech . . Q ...... . Staters ......... . Student Council . , . Varsnty ,,... .... VICA ......... .fffidd .....186, 187 .......209 . . f fidd . I f Q Edd, I I I f 1164, .....192 .....184, 1 .,., fx .3 , L A' fix? . . V- X ' l - Ef?5?-V5?- ge 12.1 1 - i g A L- L11 A L -.tL ' SN -HP' av K K: gl -K h xg.. K ag . vi: f - A-5 , Q . My . X 132 Organizafionsy L Q SD Athletes listen attentivly as Coach Medley talks of A-Clubs future projects which will involve all mem- bers of the club. Track coach Ken Medley sponsored and directed activities for A-Club. Athletes Win an Honors For AH Active Albuquerque High athletes made up one of the outstanding clubs at A.H.S. These members ol' A-Club are athletes who have devoted their time and efforts to bring- ing recognition to A.H.S. One of the more enjoyable projects for A-Club is the animal steak fry held in May. When these athletes were not participating in ax sport they were out cheering for their fellow athletes. Track coach Ken Medley sponsored A-Club this year. Athletes take pride in becoming a member of A-Club. Meetings are held regularly to discuss projects or problems. Organizations 183 Much hard work and practice goes into being a many times. At a game at West Mesa the Varsity cheerlcaderg all the cheers have to be practiced Six doagreat cheer and kee the rd p crow spirit going. Vivacious Six Lift AHS Spirit Leading school spirit for the year 772-773 were six outstanding cheerleadersg Anita Edmond-Head, Sylvia Montoya, Vivian Foster, Kathy Garcia. Ruby Muller and Janet Wright. These girls worked hard to he ahle to perform their cheers well! Most of the spare time these girls had was taken up in preparing for and attending different athletic events. A Spirit Stick was won by The Varsity Six at a clinic which was held at University Arena. In addition to the session at UNM, they attended a cheerleading clinic in Clovis. lVliss Sandell sponsored Varsity this year as well as B-Team. 184 Organizations janet Wright supports our great football team by leading a cheer. Although distracted for just a moment, Kathy Garcia goes right on cheering. Sylvia Montoya claps her hands and gives us a big smile as A.l-l.S. runs past an opponent. Vivian Foster yells out a cheer that is bound to keep the crowd enthused. .A Many practice sessions such as the one above were needed throughout the year in preparation for games and other events. Ruby Muller waits calmly and quietly as one of the players goes to the free throw line. If Head cheerleader for the A.H.S. Bulldogs this year was Anita Edmon who here leads a cheer at a home basketball game. Organizations 185 Hard Work Keeps Bulldoggies On Top Thirteen hardworking and energetic girls . made up a fine group of Bulldoggies. They performed at every home game at half-time, and in addition to these duties, they also held the seore eards at gyinnastie meets. One of the highlights for the girls was a trip to Denver to perform at a Denver Rockets game. 'llhetrip was made possible through hardwork and donations by fellow students. To make money the girls sold candy ezines, candy apples, lemons, and baked goodsg and they had two ear washes. Miss Postlethwait sponsored Bull- doggies. Melvin George, a personal friend, accompanied the Bulldoggies. .gmww While in Denver the Bulldoggies visit the airport and take time out to call home. X9--...,,,..., ,....... , ,K Bulldoggies at Denver, top row from left to right: Ortega, bottom row: Valerie Webb, Linda Chavez, Liz Vargas, Judy Saavedra, Irma Correa, Nlarvelyn Yolanda Giron, Maxie Riggens, Joanne Atencio, Fresques, Debra Arellano, Dora Lovato, lVlary Ann Clorinda Duran. 186 Organizations 44" Bulldoggies work hard to prepare good routines, and they work long hours to learn all the routines correctly. 'K Bulldoggies clown in Denver while Valerie and Linda, co-captains, try to keep Irma from falling. w 4"'f. mh- avez and Maxi Riggens show the needed to be a Bulldoggie. 'Ilhe long hours of work and exercise pay-off as the gu'ls show their talent in Denver performing a beautiful kick. Organizations 187 Bulldoggies 188 Organizations iss Sandell, B-Team sponsor, confers with the Above B-Team does a formation rarely seen in hi ewly elected cheerleaders on their duties for the. school. ear. his years B-Team cheerleaders were hard working d full of energy. Enthusiasm Describes B-Team Out of the many Sophomore and Junior girls running for B-Team only six were chosen to represent A.l'l.S. Terry Padilla headed this team of enthusiastic and ener- getic girls. After only a short time of practicing together they assumed the many duties of cheerleading and performed in a pep assembly. These girls also cheered for all B-team athletic events. Making bright signs to put in the gym during basketball season took many hours for B-team. Miss Sandell sponsored B-team again this year. 1 B-team from top to bottomg Maria Rabyg Beatrice Martinezg Theresa Gonzalezg Terry Padilla, Hcadg Rita Santiago and Jane Gutierrez. Organizations 189 Girls Sports Means of Participation The Girls Athletic Association of Albuquerque High had an eventful year full of many successes. The approximately thirty girls competed with other girls teams in both volleyball and basketball. The basketball season was capped in February with the annual Faculty-Student Basketball Game. Members of G.A.A. gather around their sponsor athletically mclmed an opportunity to participate and coach, Miss Sandell. G.A.A. gives girls who are 1n athletic events against other girls 190 Organizations 73, . . ffi- i' E 3 .. fficers for G.A.A. for '72-'73 were from left to Girls in G.A.A. receive tickets to sell for the game ghtg Sherry Lyon, Becky Ortiz, Vickie Gutierrez. against womens faculty. Above: Becky Ortiz prepares for a game. Below: Miss Sandell works in snackbar during game. Organizations 1 91 Three Seniors Lead Council Activities Student Council had many obstacles to deal with throughout the year. The Council was beset with financial difficulties and so the students worked hard all year to not only relieve the deficit, but also to acquire new funds to increase activities The hardworking trio in charge of all this was Joe Samora, Presidentg Cathy Wil- liams, Vice-Presidentg and Cheryl Agnes, Secretary-treasurer. They were assisted by all the other class officers and members of Stu- dent Council. Student Body officers from left to right: Joe Samora, Kathy Williams and Cheryl Agnes. 192 Organizations ef' Attendance was very good at most student council meetings. The council had a large candy sale at Q i g i Christmas time in an effort to raise money. There were 60 active members in Student Council. New AHS is Concern of Student Council 1 775,-R ,ni 1 QM! 'Y 7 Student Council and Class Officers are from left to Samara, Anthony Griego, Cheryl Agnes, Debbie right: joey Quintana, Marvelyn Fresquez, Rita Garcia and Frank A, Chavez, Olvera, Barbara lVliera, Kathy Williams, Joe Organizations 193 OEA Aims for Good Bus. Skills O.E.A. is a national youth organization dedicated to serving students enrolled in vocational occupations education. A l972 graduate of Albuquerque High School, Tillie Barela, presided over the national organiza- tion ol' over 40,000 members. ,lanie Perry, president of O.E.A. is also regional vice president. She is assisted by Pauline Carter, vice president. Miss Dixie lVleGehee is sponsor. 5 The O.E.A. emblem stands proudly on the wall of the 0.E.A, chapter. a business education class. This is the fifth year of 'L V - . . 16 V in if .V Q A :Eb ff rl fl, a ' .aw gf JQ, :7: 'A if it 0 y .ge X i will mf -W ' wx Fun and more fun was on the agenda for the tubing party. Open house was held by O.E.A. in October for all interested persons. O.E.A. members study hard to learn their skills correctly. 194- Organizations fiiisuxnxdh President of O.E.A. Janie Perry demonstrates her skill at work. Secretary Linda Chavez takes a coffee break from her work. At the O.E.A. tubing party members watch as other members come sliding down the hillside. . - x ' 5 , Organizations 195 Band Brings Honor to Band is composed of different bands all with their own accomplishments. Mr. Conlon headed the Music Dept. and spon- sored all bands. The Albuquerque Nlarching Band per- formed in the Christmas Parade and walked away with a first place trophy and the sweepstakes. The Showtime Band was introduced to the A.H.S. student body during the La Reata assembly. Later in the year they gave a concert playing all the latest popular rock tunes. Jerry Blea was band leaderg Morris lluling, vocalist. Holding band trophies are from left to right: Wyatt Moore, Drum Nlajorg Vickie Gutierrez, Treasurerg Cheryl Agnes, Seeretaryg joe Russey, President. C . l o Showtime hand is introduced to the student body for the first time during the La Reata assembly in September. 196 Organizations lVlr. Conlon directs the Pep Band dunng a football Pep Assembly. Under the direction of Mr. Conlon the Bulldog also performed for many other special events and band entertains during an early assembly. The hand for many athletic events as well. me H if F Mm, S ,fi + T. e 5 1 Q ' x K . 'wl 6 , . A, g M -,., t ...ov H in M' H' ,,,,,,,, .ry, , ,.,,. 'WW 3 mw..,,,NWw The Albuquerque High Marching Band marches Drum Major WYHU Moore 1211115 the A.H.S. March- proudly in the Christmas Parade in which it was mg 32111610 honors- awarded first place and the sweepstakes. Organizations 197 School Paper Produced by Record Staff This yearns RECORD was sponsored by lVlrs. Vivian who had twelve very helpful people on her staff. Rose Garcia and Joni Barth shared major responsibilities as Co- Editors-in-Chiel'. The RECORD had the distinction of being the only high school newspaper being printed on the A.P.S. press. A copy of every edition was sent to the parents of every A.H.S. student by mail. The RECORD supplied detailed infor- mation on all the happenings at A.H.S. The entire RECORD staff takes time to work on the folding and addressing of RECORD copies to he sent to parents of students here at A.H,S. This is 193 Organizations Mrs. Vivian picks up a load of RECORD copies and starts looking for the nearest mail box. Over a thousand copies are sent to homes. arm- ,, . k 9'f,.. ,ln done so parents may know whatls going on at school. C The scenes of BAREFOOT lN THE PARK are Killion, Eddie ,Iaramillo andjoe Samora. I l I beautifully performed by Sue Goodson Kim n n I -.-4"""UA Usherettes for BAREFOOT IN THE PARK are: fstandingj Patsy Padilla, Carlotta McDaniels, Lydia Sanchez, Lulu Baca, Mary Pimental, Margaret :R - 5 1 Romero, Belinda Anaya, fseatedj Patsy Gallegos, Debbie Martinez Tina Pederson IN 4 fx R 5 f A-MJ I I Perform Pla First Sem. Acting, and acting and acting? Nol This yearbs Drama Club took active participation in many more fields of drama and theater other than acting. Close to 40 students discovered make-up, play-writing, stage building, and many different parts of theatre. Students who took part in the BAREFOOT IN THE PARK play became members of the National Thespian Society. Mr. Sam Tapia, director and teacher, took students to dramatic performances throughout the city. The Drama Club per- formed at U.N.M.'s Southwest Theatre Festival and at N.M. State's Drama Festival. The fund-raising projects for drama were plays, a talent show and a Film Festival. Mr. Tapia steps out from the wings to direct a scene. Organizations 199 Small Staff Works Conscientiously Mrs. Rose Marie Myers was the sponsor of the La Reata for l973. The annual staff consisted of only nine interested students, which meant plenty of hard work for all. MWheel of Lifew was chosen as the theme because the staff felt that life is a never-ending cycle, full of repetitious experi- ences, Fund-raising projects consisted of a lemon sale, roller skating party, class pin sale and the selling of old yearbooks. This yearis cditors were Pam Baca and Joe Cisneros. Terry Garcia was Business Manager. Ironing out problems on captions are Mrs. Myers and Leroy Gonzales. Ron Romancito and Vivian Platero listen intently during a staff meeting. :Zi T1 f Members of the Apathy Band, Frank A. Chavez, Anthony Griego, Louis Quintana and Wyatt Moore graciously assist the staff at the La Reata Assembly, Copy editor, joe Cisneros, works busily at his typewriter to create copy for the yearbook. Pam Baca, Layout editor, spends a few minutes working on captions, 200 Organizations 4 gm 115 na W :1 is-A 4' H digg: 7' 1 to Produce Yearbook Eyes intent on her task, Vivian Platero types industriously to finish senior list. Photographer, Becky Ortiz, focuses her camera for a La Reata picture. Leroy Gonzales works on the arrangement of pictures and copy in order to get everything on the page. 1 Thomas Palladini, a late addition to the staff, writes copy, Terry Garcia, Business Manager, takes a break to enjoy an amusing occurrence in the class. One of the photographers, Ron Romancito, sorts pictures to be included in the yearbook. Below left: Yolanda Gallegos sells herself a lemon during the La Reata lemon sale while members of the staff look on. Q 3 il ,,,.,,..,..- ....... Cropping is one of the jobs Darlene Thomas accomplishes during the yearbook class. Organizations 201 Two from AH Gain Staters Offices ln June the Staters from Albuquerque High attended a week-long session on government operations which was sponsored by American liegion. Girls State was held in Las Vegas, New Mexico on the Highlands University campus. Kathy Williams was chosen Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Boys Stale was held in Roswell, New Mexico on the New Mexico Military institute campus. joe Samora was chosen Lieutenant Governor. Twelve girls and boys were chosen as the slaters to represent Albuquerque lligh. Mrs. Melleynolds, the sponsor of Staters, had a party in her home at Christ- mas time where all the Staters had a good time. Staters from left to right first row: Sharon Dampf, Espinosa, Wyatt Moore, Anthony Griego Damon Alesia Perry, Elva Sedillo, Becky Ortiz, Valerie Tobias, Louis Quintana, and joe Samora Webb, and Kathy Williams. Second row: Eugene Staters appreciate all the time and effort given to them by their sponsor Mrs. McReynolds. 202 Organizations ,- Alternates from left to right first row: Judy John Rivera, Allen Montoya, Eddie ,laramillo Santiago, Cathy Large, Rose Garcia, Cheryl Agnes, Frank A. Chavez, and joe Cisneros. ,Ioby Mitchell, and Debra Garcia. Second row: Hard Work Charaoterizes V. Above: Here a State V.l.C.A. member initiates Steve Archibeque, ,Iery Romero, and Clarence Campos into the organization. Below: Jerry Romero, Juan Gutierrez, and Rick Zamora work at the V.l.C.A. car wash held in October 21, 1972. I. C. A. Club Roxann Vaughn was the Treasurer of V.l.C.A. Club. Mr. Hinkle smiles at the prospect of eating a hearty lunch. Sponsoring this yearis V.l.C.A. was lVlr. David Palmer. Officers were as follows: President, jerry Romero: Vice-President, Juan Gutierrez: Treasurer, Roxann Vaughn: Secretary, Mike Campos: Reporter, Eugene Chavez: Parliamentarian, Doug Goad. Fund-raising projects consisted of a car wash, roller skating party and the selling of boxes of candy canes. There was u Stale Convention in spring at Portales, and also a luncheon was held for the club at the Royal Fork during Christmas. Above: Doing their share at the Christmas Luncheon are Doug Goad, Rudy Pohl and Nick Candelaria. Below: Richard Ortiz, John Brill, Jesse Vigil and Carmen Gomez enjoy the Christmas Luncheon held at the Royal Fork. Organizations 203 Candlelight Ceremony For FHA Initiation The officers of F.H.A. this year were Anita Lucero, Presidentg Mary Jane Archiheque, Vice-President. Mrs. Shock sponsored Future Homemakcrs of America once again this year. Fund-raising projects included selling Sachet howls and stationery. F.l-l.A. also helped needy families with Christmas baskets of food, Officers and new members were initiated in a special meeting on December l9, with a candlelight cere- mony. This year's officers of F,H.A. are from left to right: Mary Jane Archibeque, Vice President Anita Lena Castillo, Treasurerg Cathy Sanchez, Secretaryg Lucero, President. 'x . if . 5,5 + K W E 1 ' ' f - 1 a -i" :fi Eff ie- fi M. L i n 'Y . if fl i "'fjiiQQ 1 G 5,94- ,i" 'vi'Ji A5 A I 1, K I i 3 we ,N A . S X' ,fc"" e y if . It President Anita Lucero accepts the gavel from former President Gloria Sinnies. New President Anita Lucero accepts a rose during the ceremony. Mrs. Shock prepares the food to be served after the ceremony. 204 Organizations N ,y r sen-- 'Q Sophomores Paint Bench for First Time A first for not only the Sophomore Congress but Sophomore Bench. The class was marked by cn- for all of Albuquerque High was the painting of the thusiasm. ,ill Members of Sophomore Congress are pictured in Stevens, Top row, left to right: Calvin Young, Rita the bottom row from left to right: jackie Garcia, Olvera,,Ioey Quintana, and Barbara Miera. Elizabeth Baca, Mrs. Hill, Vicky Smith, Rita Sophomore Congress began the year with a geat deal ol' enthusiasm. In October they had a bake sale, and they demonstraterl their school spirit lay winning the award for the class with the most spirit during Spirit Week. During l-Jt'!Cl'!IIlll6l' the Sophomore Class sold posters. This was the first year that a Sopho- more Congress has ever painted the Sophomore bench. 'l'here were approximately twenty-live active members in the congress which is sponsored hy Xlrs. Hill. She is assists-rl with the activities hy Ylr. Tapia. One of the high- lights of the year was the traclitional Senior Breakfast that the Sophomore Congress prepares. This year's officers are, standing: Rita Olvera, Presidentg Barbara Miera, Secretary-Treasurerg Seated: Joey Quintana, Vice-President. Organizations 205 yers's Homeroorn Contributes to Spirit The Students in Mrs. lVlyer's homeroom met every day in room 219 to study literature and grammar in their English IV class. Throughout the year, the :ali class was a favorite source of income for any organization needing money. '1' . N :,..,..ik-, A, ig A 1555 Club Wins Honors in Speech Competition Speech competition consists of many specialized fields such as dramatic interpreta- tion, extemporaneous speech, debate and oral interpretation. The club worked hard to-learn and improve in these fields. As evidence of lhis hard work, many individuals in the club, won regional honors. This year's Speech Club sponsor was Mrs. Watters. 206 Organizations Speech Club members are: Isabel Barraza, Louis Quintana, Cathy Large, Damon Tobias, President: Andy Armijo, Patsy O,Leary, Historiang Eddie Mrs. Watters has little time in her schedule to pose for La Reata. it .srs r jaramillo, Joe Samora, Maxi Riggens, Anthony Griego. Club akes Effort to End Apathy This year a very unique club was formed by a group of outstanding students who wanted to help improve the spirit of A.H.S. They chose the name Apathy Clubg and totally contrary to its name, the club was very active in many aspects. The Apathy Club helped thc La Heata assembly and several other assemblies become successful. The Apathy band, dressed in ridiculous costumes, performed hilarious routines which brought laughter to all who saw them. Becky Ortiz, the only girl in the club, introcliiced thc band at all the assemblies. This strange sight of the Apathy band became a common sight at assemblies. Apathy Club members from left to right are: Frank Rivera, Anthony Griego, Frank A. Chavez, and X. Chavez, Eddie Jaramillo, Damon Tobias, Louie Billy Cruz. Quintana, Eugene Espinosa, Wyatt Moore, john Organizations 207 r. Godley's Homeroom Works for Succes I? .. l if n Mr. Godley waits patiently in the class his students have their picture taken. 208 Organizations t C? room while Mr. Godley's seventeen homeroom students take have their picture taken on Lhg Stairs time out from their daily chemistry assignments to X The Mixed Chorus are left to right, Row 1: Patsy Talbot, Pam Anaya, Leroy Garcia, Gary Sprunk, Frank Aranda, Richard Padilla, and Larry Baca, McGui.ness, Calvin Young, Michael Lucero Anthony Hoovey, Eddie Arguello, Bessie Joe Anita Andazola, and Becky Ramirez, Row 3 Row 2: Lenore Ellis, Sharon Gatson, Jimmy Maxine Lopez, Vickie Torres, Margaret Romero, This Year's Chorus Has the The Girls Chorus are left to right, Row 1: Theresa Nuanesg Row 2: Yolanda Chavez, Lucille Segura, Funes, Linda Aragon, Gene Marquiez, Jeanette Wilma Reyna, and Susan Dorn, Row 3: Yolanda Lovato, Ruth Martinez, Linda Vigil, and Dorthy, Baca, Louise Edmon, and Roberta Segura. Rose Cabezuela, Denise Woods, Charlene Ducks- worth, Phyllis Fillmore, Gemma Bezerra, Gloria Baca, and Dora Cabezuela. Y , 5 1 3 , , 2 Now Sound Chorus which consisted of three groups, Concert Choir, Girls Chorus and Mixed Chorus, was directed by Miss Piseiolta. This is the first year that all the groups had uniforms. Money was raised for the uniforms by selling note cards, and having an orange and lemon sale. This year's Chorus performed two concerts for the student body, one on December 20, and the other on January 31. Miss Pisciotta, who made every effort to update the music sung by the Chorus, selected such songs as PS0 Farawayf' 4'Where the Children Play" and MOne Tin Soldier." Organizations 209 Chorus Offers New Sights, New Sounds Miss Pisciotta explains the slide program which was an integral of the Christmas Concert. This year a new vocal group was established entitled '4Black-Gold." The members are Linda Shannon, Denise Woods, and Charlene Ducksworth. Concert Choir fleft to rightj, Row 1: Arma Lucero, Kathy Large, Debbie Kent, Maria Ramirez, Cordova, jimmy Conners, Mike Torres, Lupe Valencia, Merlinda Gutierrez, Roberta Gonzales, Lenora Ellis, Joanna Lucero, David Otero, and Bel-mudez,Taby Martinez, and Jeanie Candeleria. Frank Aranda, Janet Wright, Yvonne Anderson, Chuck Lopezg Row 3: Sue Goodson, David Debbie Martinez, and Oday jonesg Row 2: Lucille Alderate, Patricia Fillmore, Calvin Hill, Vidal 210 Organizations L3 . 'k if , .fx-w Q ,J " .aka .v- M. 1' Los Portaestandartes 211 Students Earn Honors in Special Areas DRANUX 5 SPEECH ART os Por pvggp------Y WAKE CHORU BA Cheryl Agmrs fm Los Portaestandartes 213 Kathy Kay Williams ERVICE Anthony P. G ricgo 214 Los Portaestandartes I lil Many Hours Spent on School Endeavors Ji Ego: V, 15'l??:E!E. f-f" 5 'grin' 4 . 3? T ' is ' 'ff Sarah Begaye BUSINESS ACADEMICS Damon Tobias Los Portaestandartes ATTE DA C15 Attendance, Hard Work Still Part of AHS ROTC INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Los Portaestandartes 2 l Basketball is Specialty of Top Athletes 218 L Larry Williams t..+w""W" ATHLETICS A Vietnam ar nd Riflhafd M- NiX011, President of the United sew' At the University Arena, Gracie Slick, of the songs in the repretoire of the group. Jefferson Airplane, performs one of the many The year of '72-'73 ended another cycle of war and started another cycle of peace. On January 27, 1973 at 5200 p.m. a cease fire agreement was signed to end the Vietnam War. On November 4, 1972, President Nixon visited the Albuquerque lnternational Airport to campaign for the November 7 election. Elected as a new United States Senator was Pete Domenici. Concerts are a new trend among young people today. And one such concert enjoyed this year was the Jefferson Airplane Concert which was held on September 10, 1972. The two newest buildings built were the Convention Center and the Airport Marina Hotel. ln late August and early September a resident of Albuquerque, Cathy Carr, qual- ified for the Olympics. She won two Gold Medals in swimming. Another highlight for the year 1973 was the Hot Air Balloon Race which began February 12 and ended on February 17. There were 90 different balloons from all over the U.S. and other foreign countries. Our newly elected senator, Pete Domenici, has already proven to be an active representative of New Mexico. Chronicle 219 On October 6, 7, and 8 Albuquereans flooded into the new convention center located in the down- town area. Kg. JCL. t Eighteen year-old, Cathy Carr, who represented the United States in the Olympics, won two gold medals in swimming. Cathy Carr Wins Gold Medals at Olympics ...-.-.nsRl'llA A gala fiesta to celebrate the opening of the The hotel was designed to fit into the South- Airport Marina Hotel was held in December, 1972. WCSiCl'I1 111'Chitf2Cl'Llr0 of OUP City- 220 Chronicle A scene is shot of Rock Hudson during the making of the motion picture SHOWDOWN, naw pw-w-wg, . ms, Will-999 BROTHERS nm'l'ERROR! roannnm 'ma nos-r 'rqpnyunq momma SHQGK snow Of 'mn vum b ,SA , f, , . .A - ' uuammu: SCHPSGY FWKFHSTFW DRPSFFU ann: q LwmG ff ,Q QPF J? 1. wvoumqa 'gf' 3 sm-f-4 .fox vs - "" zz: Vw :A-.'s.:M-In -iv f-+Q5w"' ECr4Ni'Cf.'h0'R'- Prim vw xv Eyes, Awww 'L Q" of 4 Sth Week! x T It . " FD!! G -- s...Z'.2f...'1. M QIPIROCK 'l'5"""'5 dai. 12 if tx any V . Qilll. i HYIIHIOI Il ELL. SDE WN v il! Wlfllliwkil N 5:5-2:3 Wwrswi 'I Ov , Weeic SENIOR ACTIVITY LIST Abeyta, Mary Majorette, Drama Club Adams, Judy GAA, Jr. House, Sr. Senate Agnes, Cheryl Aguilar, Manuel Aguilar, Victoria Alarid, Carol Alderete, David Alexander, Loretta Anaya, Alfred Anaya, Eugene ROTC Anaya, Jerry Anaya, Pamela Jr. Escort, Student Council, Girls St. Nominee Anaya, Randy Anaya, Roni Anaya, Sylvia Exhibit in Art Show Aragon, Charles Archibeque, Brenda Archibeque, Mary Jane Archibeque, Steve Baseball QIOJ, ICT QIZJ Archuleta, Anthony Archuleta, Rudy Arguello, Dorleen Arguello, Edward Arguello, Walter Arias, Lucy Armijo, Dinah Tutor 3 yrs. Armijo, Lawrence A-Club Q10-ID, Chess Club Baca, Barbara Baca, Cecilia Baca, Debbie Baca, Doris DECA Member, Photographer fl 23 Baca, Gloria Baca, Janet B-Team Cheerleader, Jr. Escort, Student Council Baca, Lulu Majorette, Drama Club, Student Coun- cil, Rhodes Youth Board Baca, Robert Baldonado, Tommy M. Banks, Annar Concert Choir, Sr. Senate Rep., Sec. of HR Barela, James A. Basketball Barela, Patricia Barreras, Raul P. Soph. Congress, Student Council, Class- room officer, Basketball, Wrestling, A-Club, La Reata Barth, Joni M. Ed. of Newspaper, Homecoming Court, 222 Index Student Council, Homeroom Officer, Jr. Escort, Jr. Achievement Basey, Joey E. Begaye, Elouise G. Advanced Band, Band l, OEA Begaye, Sarah M. Begaye, Lorena V. Ben, Rosemarie Benavidez, Larry Wrestling, Track, DECA, Photographer for DECA, A-Club Bermudez, Lupe Student Council, Concert Choir Bernal, Joan Blea, Jerry Brazfield, Patrick ICT Broadrick, Chris Brown, Roylee Football Campos, Clarence National llonor Soc., Student Council Rep., VICA, Football, Baseball, A-Club Campos, Adeline E. Candelaria, Anthony Candelaria, Cecilia NI. llonor Society Candelaria, Jeanie P. Concert Choir Candelaria, Jose R. Candelaria, Josephine Jr. Escort, DECA, Student Council Rep., OEA Candelaria, Nick D. Candelaria, Patricia N. Carabajal, Arthur D. Carlile, Jimmie L. Carpenter, Larry D. ROTC, Wrestling l2, Track I2 Carrico, Stephen Carrillo, Linda Carrillo, Patricia Carroll, Janett L. Carter, Pauline F. Pam-Amer. Club, Jr. Escort, OEA Castellano, Barbara A. Castillo, Charles A. Castillo, Hazel Sr. Rep., Sr.-Jr. Achievement Castillo, Helen Castillo, Lena Pep Club, Drill Team, FHA, Navajo Rep. for Queen's Court Castillo, Rudy Chavez, Alex L. Chavez, Alice L. Chavez, Erlinda Y. Chavez, Eugene T. ICT, ROTC, Treasurer I2 Chavez, Evelyn M. Chavez, Frank A. Soph. Congress, Jr. House, Sr. Senate, Staters fBoy Statej, Speech Club, Sr. Class V.P., Presidents Cabinet, Student Council, PTSA, ROTC, ROTC Color Guard, PTSA, Executive Board, South Area Advisory Board, Special Days, AHS Marching Band, Apathy Club, Young Life, KQEO, 'iYouth Speaks Outw, West Point Leadership Chavez, Frank X. Soph. Congress, Young Life, Jr. House, Student Council, Tennis, A-Club, Speech Club, Yearbook 81 Newspaper Photographer, Homecoming Escort, Sr. Senate, Drama Club, Chess Club, t Apathy Band I Chavez, Geneva G. ROTC Chavez, Joann Chavez, John Football, DECA, Student Council Chavez, Joseph N. Chavez, Michael R. Chavez, Roynaldo L. Football, DECA Chavez, Roberta Chavez, Teddy Chcromiah, Ronald D. Cisneros, Joe La Reata Co-Editor-in-Chief, Boys State, Student Council, Sr. Senate, A- Club, Football Letterman, Jr. House Coleman, Keith E. Stage Mgr.: Odd Couple-Barefoot In the Park, DECA Conant, James A. Conner, Jimmy Basketball, Football, A-Club, Student Council, Cordova, Anita Soph. Congress, Concert Choir, Sr. Senate, Tutor Cordova, erry T. Cordova, Merlinda T. Cordova, Ray A. Sr. Pres. of DECA, Jr. Achievement Cordova, Sylvia Cordova, Vidala Concert Choir Corley, Yasmarie Crcspin, Edward Student Council Crcspin, Marvin Dampf, Sharon All State Chorus, Student Council, National Honor Soc., All City Chorus, Choral Festival, Staters g'Girl Staten Davis, James E. Davis, Michael Basketball Dean, Marie DECA, Student Council DeHa.rt, Jed L. Dixon, Timothy L. Dorn, Susan Student Council, Pres. of Girls State Driver, Glenda Dubray, Mart H. Dunworth, Donald Student Council, Sr. Senate Duran, Victoria Edmon, Anita M. Ellis, Lenora Concert Choir, Talent Show, Marching Band, Record Staff, Pres. of Mixed Chorus Espinosa, Eugene J. Gymnastics team, Soph. Congress, jr. House, Sr. Senate, Spec. Days, Spec. Days Committee Mem., Speech Club, Young Life, St. Young Life Board Mem., Student Congress, District Student Council, Staters Club, Boys State Rep., CYO Mem., Apathy Club, Student Council Espinosa, Bernard R. Fields, Paul Football, Athletic Club, Track Fillmore, Phyllis D. Foster, Vivian E. GAA, Student Council, Jr. House, Sr. Senate, Varsity Cheerleader, Drama Club Varsity Cheerleader, Bulldoggie, J r. Escort, OEA, Sr. Senate, Student Coun- cil, Record Staff Garcia, Leroy P. Drama Club, Marching Band, School Play Usher, Drama Club Pres., Jr. Year Garcia, Linda Pan-American Club Garcia, Pamela S. Garcia, Ramona E. Garcia, Rosemarie Student Council, Record, Ed. of News- paper, Sr. Senate, Staters Club, Tutor Garcia, Terry Homcroom officer, La Reata Garibay, Patricia ' Garza, Charles G iron, Richard Goad, Douglas lCT Gomez, Cynthia J. Homeroom Pres., Student Council, Sr. Senator, Bulldoggie, jr. Escort, DECA Pres., Homeroom V.P. llomecoming Grie Jr. House, Soph. Con., Color Guard, Majorelte, OEA, Student Council, Marching Rand go, Anthony P. Soph. Con., Special Days Committee, Tennis Team, jr. House, Student Coun- cil, Speech Club, Statcr Club, Sr. Senate, Pres. ,lr., Achievement, Drama, Pres. Cabinet, PTSA, Apathy Band, Young Life, South Area Advisory Board, fDelegatej, National Education Assoc.-AHS Committee Griego, Jane Griego, Wanda G uerro, Deloras G ullcy, Ronald . Football, Lettermans Club Gurule, Debbie Gurule, llenry Stage Rand Gutierrez, Juan O. ROTC, VICA Gutierrez, Kristina L. Pep Club Fowler, Craig L. Francis, Victoria A. Jr. Escort, OEA, Sr. Girls State nominee Frazier, Nathan E. Golf, Football, Honorable Mention, All District Golf Student Council, Board Frenks, Enny H. GAA, Sr. Senate, Senate, AYS, CYO, Wrestling, A-Club, All City Golf team, Team, Sr. Senate, YMCA Advisory AYC, Homecoming Court, Exchange Student from Holland, Young Life, Student Council Fresquez, Georgia OEA, jr. Escort Friday, lsabel Jr. Escort Funes, Jimmy S. Gabaldon, Patricia A. Gallegos, Filemon Gallegos, Michael D. ROTC, A-Club, Cross Country Track Gallegos, Patricia L. Jr. Escort, Student Club, Special Days Gallegos, Raymond Gallegos, Richard S. Gandy, Andre L. Council, Corvettes A-Club, Student Council, Basketball Garcia, Anthony C. Garcia, Bernadette Garcia, Carmen L. Garcia, Christina M. Garcia, Clemente Jr. House, Sr. Senate, Honor Society, Court Gomez, Maria Gonzales, Beatrice jr. Escort Gonzales, David R. Gonzales, ,lcssic ROTC Drill Team, Jr. Escort, Home- coming Court, ROTC Queen Gonzales, jimmy Gonzales, Judy M. Gonzales, Leroy VICA, La Reata Gonzales, Mary Ann K. Gonzales, Pete Greene, Sheila A. Gutierrez, Ylcrlinda GAA, Q10-I l-l Qj, Marching Band fltlj, Concert Choir QI I-12, Gutierrez, Patricia R. DECA officer, Student Council, Jr. Escort, Jr. Achievement llendrickson, Herschel S. Football, Golf, A-Club, ROTC Drill Team Hernandez, Richard M. Hinojos, osie Hughes, Cynthia R. Huling, Morris L. Student Council, Football, Track, Wrestling, A-Club, Band, Stageband, ar" Westpoint Leadership Award Nominee Garcia, David E. Garcia, Debra M. Garcia, Elias Garcia, Kathy L. Index 223 ROTC, Tennis Team Humphrey, Alacia L. Color Guard, GAA, Student Council, Soph. Congress, Jr. House, Sr. Senate Jackson, Doris C. Jaramillo, Alan G. Wrestling Q10-11-125, Special Days, Chess Team, Football Senior Senate, Jr. House, Sr. Senate, Student Council fl yr-D Jaramillo, Eddie R. Soph. Congress, Jr. House, Sr. Senate, Student Council, Drama Club, Apathy Club, Special Days, Tennis Team, Boys Stater, Speech Team, PTSA-Executive Committee Presidentjs Cabinet, Chess Club Jaramillo, Jeanette Jaramillo, Margaret Jaramillo, Robert A. Jinzo, Mary Johnson, Charles R. Jones, Yvonne O. Kee, Julia GAA Kent, Jean M. Korte, Esther A. Landavazo, Ronald R. Special Days, Basketball, Baseball, Soph. Congress, Jr. House, Sr. Senate, Student Council, A-Club Large, Cathy R. Girls State Alternate, Honor Society, AYC, lnter-City Council, Homecoming Court, Exchange Day, Drama Club fPromoter for Odd Couple 11, and Barefoot In the Parkj, Showtime Band, CYO, Young Life Lee, Charles W. VICA Lerma, Reuben F. Leyba, Brenda S. Yearbook, Record, Jr. Escort, ROTC Drill Team fSponsorj Leyba, Yolanda S. Jr. Escort, Chess Club Leupp, Sallie Rodeo Club, GAA Liggins, Barbara A. Lopez, Charles Lopez, Edward J. VICA Lopez, Marie C. FHA, Jr. Escort Lopez, Martha Lopez, Michael F. Lopez, Ray E. Lopez, Thomas R. Lucero, John A. Lucero, Julia J. Lucero, Katherine L. Lucero, Kathy F. Lucero, Leroy P. Lucero, Lucille M. Concert Choir, OEA, Girls Chorus II Lucero, Margaret A. Lucero, Martha C. Madrid, Ruby M. Spanish Club, FHA Madrid, Tommy L. Maes, Herman Student Council, Sr. Senate Maestas, Tommy A. Mancha, Aurora Manzanares, Nancy M. Mares, John W. Golf Marino, Joseph M. Marquez, Clarence Tennis Team, Gymnastics Marquez, Earl R. Chess Team HI Marquez, Genevieve M. Marquez, Steve C. Student Council, A-Club, Football Track, Cross Country, ROTC Lovato, Mary S. Lovato, Virgnia A. Lucero, Andy Lucero, Anita A. Jr. Escort, Sr. Senate, FHA, fPres.J, Jr. Soph.'Congress, Student Council, All State Chorus, All City Chorus, Jr. House, Jr. Class Pres., District Student Council, District Student Council Sec.-Treas., State Student Council, AHS Choristers, Sr. Senate, Staters Club, House Lucero, Boni Lucero, Ernest C. ROTC, lTC Lucero, Joanna Lucero, Joanna R. Baseball Marrujo, Margaret M. FHA Martinez, Anthony W. Martinez, Bobby R. Martinez, Johnny M. Martinez, Lorraine L. Martinez, Mary Ann Martinez,lMike B. Martinez, Paul A. Martinez, Sammy Student Council, Color Guard, Drill Team, Rifle Team Martinez, Severo M. VICA Martinez, Theresa M. Martinez, Vannest Martz, Gregg L. ROTC Mascarcnaz, Dennis A. DECA, Student Council, Boys State McCarrell, Cynthia M. 224 Index Medina, Gloria J. Medina, Laura A. Pep Club, Jr. Representative, Jr. Escort Mendez, John A. Mendez, Linda ICT Mendez, Robert Wrestling Mendoza, Andrew Jr. Mentz, Edward Merrell, Mike Meyer, Stephen Miller, Susietta Mitchell, J oby GAA, OEA, Staters, Sears Advisory Comm., Sec.-treas., V.P. QD Escort, Member Student Council, PTSA Advisory Board, Sr. Senate, Special Days, Member '71-'72 District Student Council, Delegate to State Student Council, Young Life Molina, Michael Montano, Benjamin Montano, Catherine Montoya, Allen Soph. Congress, Jr. House, ROTC Drill Team, Color Guard, Rifle Team, Boys State Montoya, Michael ROTC Color Guard, Honor Guard, Drill Team, Rifle Team, llonor Society Montoya, Sylvia Varsity Cheerleader, B-Team Cheer- leader, Concert Choir, OEA, Sr. Senate, Jr. House, Student Council Moore, Wyatt Mowrey, Pamela Science Club, Concert Choir, ROTC Moya, Nestor Muller, Bobby DECA, Treasurer Muller, Ruby Varsity Cheerleader, Jr. Escort, Student Council Mutter, Gregory Nahkai, Marie Norris, Paul Chess Club Nuanes, Dorothy Nuanes, Paul Nunez, Pete Olivarez, Mary Olivas. Robert HAR Club, Student Council Ortega, Carlos Student Council, Jr. House Ortiz, Larry Ortiz, Lillian Ortiz, Lillian DECA Q11-12j, Orchestra flflj Ortiz, Rebecca Ortiz, Richard DECA Cl l B, V.P. of DECA Q25 Otero, Elizabeth Otero, Lawrence Pacheco, Loretta Pacheco, Maurice DECA U25 Padilla, Gloria Padilla, Patricia Padilla, Patsy Padilla, Ramona Alternate in Sr. Senate Padilla, Stella Soph. Congress, DECA, Student Coun- cil, Sec.-Treas. for DECA, jr. Escort Palladini, Robert ICT QIZJ, La Reata Pendersen, Tina Jr. Escort, Student Council, Covettes Club O05 'F A ' EZ? Liigj g S?:ff5iE- 'ii 1 . "gggfQQh4 ' rfmfkxwl Q g+ieegr ,ef . 43:1 . vp, . gsgagiggggpgf, AL ' V vi- Vi rpg'-1 s vQif q., .. i5'Ff5 25 .5 sign.. if--, wx an . .V .i t 5 . ... . . - .. -' -- V 1 -ff -- 'ef-1 . Q "f.. in aw e s , a . L ,a 1.,f,.-wa:-as .f , sg. , . . e ff- -aas varies' ' -.f await L" tv,-'Vp "W t l . t'1iE:a,-1525992 ' -' c f '- ' r'-a ,fi ' its " f ' c' , al "" 3' s If . . 5, f -' . a "1 -P T T .1 r f is -1 V IQ ff? 1 Y F5-1" 'fiff fg- .ff Lf. gy-L s :sf . ssia Q' . rm -- ,e,,, .. - ,era l . iffii . - -.-, -1 ,.,. in.: ,,...',, we-:z-,.,1-gag: . f 32: . A i,.s saa, - a',' riaai 1- my " 1,52 ,"ff " f1f13?a1ii ve-'t 1112 Q2 . " . .,- - at - vig-2?e"' f' "',- -2x1 .. ' Q53 "t.. 1 Pena, Clara Soph. Congress, Student Council, Viee President of,lr. Achievement, ,lr. House, Sr. Senate, OEA meetings Peoples, Vickie Perea, eannette Perry, Alesia F. Drama Club, V. Pres., Student Council, Honor Society fSec.j, Rodeo Club fPres.j, Jr. House, Pep Club, Majorette, Sr. Senate, Girls Stater, Tutor OEA, Marching Band, jr. Escort, ,lr. Xliss Perry, ,lanie F. Pettersen, Frederick Pohl, Henry Pohl, Rudy VICA Quintana, Louis Soph. Congress, Baseball, OEA, Honor Society, Student Council, Jr. Achieve ment, Jr. House, Sr. Senate, Apathy Band, A-Club, Staters Club Ramirez, Andrew E. Ramirez, Rebecca Ramirez, Tommie M. Rhodes, Patricia A. Riboni, Rosalie R. Rivera, Helen llr. Escort Rivera, ,lohn D. Soph. Congress, Jr. House, Sr. Senate, Boys State, Tennis Team, A Club, Student Council, Special Days, DECA Robbins, Peggy A. Rodriguez, Isabel Romancito, Ronald D. Sr. Senate Rep., La Reata Photographer, Dlr. House, Track Soph., National Educa- tion Assoc., AllS committee Romero, jerry llonor Society, Sr. Senate, ,lr. House Representative, Student Council, 02, VICA President, Classroom oflieer, fl lj VICA Vice President Romero, Karla ROTC drill team Romero, Lorenzo C. Football, Student Council, NEA Romero, Margaret Romero, Martin C. Romo, Doris G. Student Council, ,lr. Escort, Pep Club Rooks, ,lames R. Rose, Paula L. Russey, Herron Tennis, Senior Senate, Student Council, Delegate at Large, llomecoming Escort - Saavedra, Elicia E. Saavedra, Juanita Sais, Mary L. Saiz, Louise V. Salas, Martha M. Salazar, Adela Salazar, Margaret G. ROTC Samora, joseph E. Student Body Pres., Student Council, Lt. Governor of Boys Stale, Boys State, Soph. Congress jr. House, Sr. Senate, Young Life, Speech Club Pres., Gentle- mans Jr. Usher, Exec. Editor Boys State Newsletter, Speech Club, Student Congress Pres. Officer, NF. Special Days, La Reata Copy Editor, District Student Council State Student Council, CYO, PTSA, PTSA Executive Commit- Index 225 Sandoval, Angela l. tee, Pres., Cabinet, Lead in BAREFUOT SOCICIY, DiSll'ICl Sflllllfnl COIIHCII IN TIIE PARK, Yucca Staff, Literary Tlmmasi Uarlenv Award, Drama Club, APS Student L3 Rmlil- Pep Club. ORA Advisory Board Samudio, Cipriano L. Samuels, Ann L. Sanchez, Billy G. Sanchez, Catherine S. FHA Secretary Sanchez, Edwina G. Sanchez, Joanne B. Sanchez, Joe L. Student Council Sanchez, Joseph P. Tennis Team, A-Club, Student Council NHRA Sanchez, uanita Sanchez, Larry Sanchez, Mark S. Student Council fl IJ Sanchez, Placido B. Sanchez, Ralph A. Track, Football, A-Club Sanchez, Robert F. Sanchez, Shirley Sandoval, Bennie Student Council, Chess Club, Senior Senate Sandoval, Frederick M. Sandoval, Gloria Sandoval, Margaret S. Sanmartin, Mauro Santiago, Jude Sattcrfield, Louise Sehloer, Patricia A. Soph. Congress, Drama Club, Jr. llouse, Sr. Senate, Marching Band Schulz, Linda Sedillo, Elva M. Sedillo, Lorraine Sedillo, Richard T. Segura, Lucille M. Corvettes QIOJ, Student Council, Jr. Escort 1115 Sebtberm, Robert Sepulveda, Margaret Jr. Escort Shannon, Linda Concert Choir, Drama Club, Drill Team, Student Council, Speech Club, Black Gold singing group, GAA Silva, Michael Smiley, Billy R. Football Smith, Stephanie V. Soriano, Dolores Tapaha, Priscilla Tapia, Oliver G. Tapia,,ShirIey Tenorio, Janice L. Soph. Congress, Jr. House, Sr. Senate, Jr. Escort, Student Council, Volunteer Tutor, National Honor Science Club 226 Index Tobias, Dalnon P. Speech Club Pres., Honor Society Consigliori, Student Council Constitu- tion Committee fChairmanj, Student Body President's Cabinet, Student Council, Sr. Senate, Apathy Club Sz Band, Chess Club, Boy is State, Staters Club, Marching Band, Concert Band, Tennis Team, Science Club, Yucca Edi- tor, National Forsenic League, Jr. House, Drama Club, Young Life, State Student Council Workshop, Showtime Band Toney, Alice W. White, Judy Will. Juanita T. Williams, Clarence Speech, Drama, DECA, Football, Student Council Williams, Kathy K. GAA, llomeroom Officer, Student Council, Soph. Congress, Jr. House, Jr. Escort, B-Team Cheerleader, Sr. Senate, Student Vice Pres., Honor Society, Staters, Supreme Court, Chief Justice at Girls State Williams, Lawrence D. Student Council, Basketball, Track, A- Club Pres. Wilson, Micheal E. Woods, Anise L. Torres, Michael A. Torrez, Certrude V. Town, Robin 0. ICT, VICA, Sr. Triana, Rudy J. Trujillo, John R. Trujillo, Vlary Ann Trujillo, William NI. Band, VICA Senate ROTC, Marching Band, Black Voice, Mixed Chorus, DECA, Sponsors Drill Team, Tutorcr, Vice-Pres. Chorus, Sr. Seminar Wright, Janet V. Drama Club, Speech Club, Varsity Cheerleader, Student Council Debate, Pres., YNICA youth, Concert Choir, Sr. Senate, Jr. Escort, Colorguard Tuck, Shcrril L. Honor Society, Sr. Senate, Drama Club Valdez, Olivia E. Valencia, Anna M. Valencia, Michael Vallejos, Beatrice E. Vallejos, Yvonne I. DECA, Student Council Valles, Michael YI. Yazzie, Bertha Yazzie, Juanita Yazzie, Rodger Zamora, Gabriela Zamora, Janet Zamora, Rachel C Zamora, Ricky NI. Zamora, Williams DECA, Football, Basketball, Vice Presi- dent fl 1 J, Jr. House Vargas, Evangeline Vargas, Joe L. Vargas. Lawrence Wrestling UU, ll, l2j. Track, Student Council, Ilomeconiing, Jr. Escort Vargas. Nlary Lou Vargas. Victor FACULTY INDEX Adams, Frances 22 Ateneio, Jim 23, 36, 66 Baca, J.D. 34, 39 Bononcini, Maxine 32 Brannon, Ann 24 Briscoe, Robert B. 21, I32 Yarncy, Debra If. Sr. Senate, Jr. Escort, Jr. Achievement Velarfle, Alma R. Vigl, Carmen Brown, Bertran 22 Burgess, Stewart 36 I 1 Caffrey, Ann 24 Coker, Jim 27, 30 Vigil, Francella Vigil, JesseA. ICT, VICA, ICT Reporter Villegas, Maria A. FH A Waddles, Donald Waddlcs, Ralph Wash, Debra A. GAA, Soph. Congress, Jr. Escort, Home- coming Court, Studcnt Council, Sr. Senate, Jr. House, Charming Miss Repre- sentative, Honor Society, NEA Webb, Valerie E. Capt. Bulldoggie, Staters, Student Coun- cil, Homecoming Queen Wheat, Renee Coleman, Lyndon 31 Conlon, John 29, 196 Chadwell, John 43 Claridge, Ellen 26, 34, 35 Crabtree, Gene 24 Davidson, Claude 31 Davis, Steve Denton, Donna 32, 33 Dunlap, Allen 41 Emslie, Julia 27, 39 Estrada, Abe 24, 145 Etzkorn, Eileen 24 Ficht, Thomas Fickel, Billy D. 18, 49 Garcia, Nlarye 42 Garvin, Art 30 Gaylord, Vernamarie 34 Geer, Otto 19 Godley, Lawrence 30, 208 Goff, H. Russell 21 Groffman, Charles 42 Hannah, Robert 36 Henderson, Florence 38 Herrington, Michael 34, 35 Hill, Jane 34, 205 Hinkle, Orville 43, 203 Hulsman, Jim 40, 145 Jeffryes, Larry 23, 30 Jesko, Judy 32, 33 Johnson, Lynn 28 Klicker, May 21 Laffey, Warren 34, 145 Larson, Narion 27, 41 Martinez, Virgil 26, 30 McGehee, Dixie 32 McReynolds, Mary 36, 37, 202 Medley, Ken 37, 145, 146, 183 Micklevitz, Dale 23 Miranda, ,less 26, 36, 37, 145 Moore, Dinah 33, 136 Myers, Rose Marie 34, 200, 206 Padilla, Gloria 31, 63 Palmer, Dave 26, 43 Pisciotta, Eva 23, 29, 210 Posllethwait, Jean 40 Ready, Leah 35, 115 Romero, Judy 22 Sanchez, John 36, 37,145,151 Sandell, Freda 40, 49, 67, 145, 189, 190, 191 Schwyzer, Barbara 28, 63 Sherman, Frieda 32, 33 Shock, Martha 27, 38, 204 Simoni, Art 30, 145 Smith, Myrl 40, 49, 67, 145, 151 Sommerville, Leslie 22 Stafford, Opal 33 Tapia, Sam 35, 199 Jaldez, Tony 26, 40, 145, 151 Vivian, Betty 35, 198 Watters, Ann 35, 206 OFFICE PERSONNEL Apodaca, Dora 25 C De Baca, Jeannine 25, 257 Garcia, Rudy 25 Griego, Toni 25 Hopkins, Bessie 136 Jiminez, Ludy 25 Long, JoAnn 25 Martin, Irene 25 Neiman, Margaret 25 Royman, Gloria 25 Aragon, Gilbert 44 Stiniker, Luella 45 Index 227 STUDENT INDEX Abeyta, Dennis L. 102 Abeyta,,1osic F. 120 Acuna, Patsy 120 Adams, ,1 udy M. 77 Agnes, Cheryl Y. 53, 60, 77, 19 218 Alarid, Carol J. 77 Aldcrete, David 210 Aleman, Raul 102 Alerete, Lis 102 Alexander, De Bondi 120 Alexander, Phyllis D. 120 Allaro, Anthony G. 120, 146 Alonzo, Ricky 102 Alvarez, Madgelena C. 102 Anaya, Allred E. 77 Anaya, Belinda D. 120,199 Anaya, Eugene C. 77 Anaya, Pamela ,1. 62, Anaya, Anaya, ltandy 77 Roni 77 Andazola, Anita 102, 209 Anderson, Yvonne A. 102, 210 Andler, Rudy 102 Apodaca, Angela 120 Apodaca, Charles 102 Apodaca, Gloria E. 102 Apodaca, liudy E. 102 Apodaca, Steve 102 Aragon, Andrew 78 Aragon, Anthony E. 102 Aragon Aragon Aragon Aragoni John j. 120 Charles M. 146 1 Charles R. 78 Dennis120 146 147 Aragon, Linda 102, 209 Ara nda , Frank 209, 210 Archibeque, Frank A. 102, 146 Archibeque, Mary ,lane 78, 204 Archibcque, Steven E. 78, 203 Archuleta, Anthony 78 Archuleta, Beatrice 120 Archulcte, Deborah 120 Archulcta, Ralph 102 Arellano, Anita 102 Arellano, Debra M. 102, 186 Arellano, Theresa L. 102 Argucllo, Dorleen 78 Arguello, Edward L. 78, 209 Arias, Lucy R. 78 Armijo, Andy 102, 206 Armijo, Dinah 78 Armijo, Eddie 120 Armijo, Frances A. 102 Armijo, James A. 120 Armijo, Joseph A. 49 Armijo, Lawrence B. 78 Atencio, Gerald H. 120 2, 193, 202, 63, 77, 209 Atencio,,1oanne C. 102, 119, 186 Atencio, Yolanda K. 102 Avila, Patricia A. 120 Ayze, William 78 228 Index Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca Baca Baca Baca Baca Baca Baca Baca Baca Baca Baca Baca Baca 1 Baca, 1 v a All'red,1. 120,155 Anthony M. 120 Barbara R. 32, 102 Barbara Y. 78 Carol 103 Cecilia E. 78 Charlotte E. 103 Debbie A. 78 Donna S. 120 Dora A. 120 Eddie A. 120 Elizabeth 120, 205 Ernest M. 120 Gloria Y. 120 Gloria 78, 209 lgnacio L. 120 lsmael 120, 155 Janet 79 ,lulia A. 120 Larry 209 Lupe L. 39, 79, 199 Luzanna F. 103 Margie M. 103 Mike 103 Pamela M. 103, 200 Ray H. 120 Robert 79, 155 Banks, Annar 79 Banks, Sara 120 Barclift, Bill 103 Barela, David R. 120 Barela, James O. 79 Barela, Mcla A. 103 Barela, Patricia 79 Baronian, Agnes B. 103 Barragan, Gloria J. 120 Barraza, Gemma 70 Barraza, lsabel M. 103, 206 Barreras, Raul P. 79 Barth, Joni M. 60, 79 Bazan, Molly 79 Beal, Howard 103 Begay, Clara C. 103 Begay, Elouise 79 Bcgaye, Richard 120 Begay, Sarah M. 79 Belone, Ray 120 Benally, Janncll 1. 170 Benallie, Freddie 120 Benavidez Benavidez, Benavidez, Bencomo, Benjamin, , Anthony 120 Lawrence D. 79 Wanda L. 103 Barbara V. 103 Burnest 103 Baca, Steven R. 157 Baca, Terry 120 Baca, Yolanda E. 120, 209 Baca 1 Yolanda J. 120 Baldonado, Gilbert 103 Benjamin, Pecolia 120 Bermudez, Lupe 80, 210 Bermudcz, Viola 103 Bernal, Bernice Bernal, Joan 59, 80 Betone, Rosalie 120 Bezerra, Gemma 209 Black, Donald 120, 146 Blanco, Diane 120 Blea, Robert 120 Bluehouse, llflarline 120 Boekner, ,lames 120 Borrego, Lillie 120 Bourcy, Juanita 103 Boxton, Debbie 120 Boxton, Welter 103 Bradford, David 103 Brady, Frances 120 Brady, Lorraine 103 Brazlield, Patrick Brazzie, Charles 120 Brill, ,lohn 103, 203 Brill, Matthew 120 Broadrick, Chris 80 Brown, Nlelvin 120 Brown, Robert 103, 114 Brown, Vada 104 Bryant, Stanley 80 Bueekner, David 104 Bunton, Fred Jr. 120 Burkhard, Louis 104 Burrell, Sharon 120 Byers, Darlene S. 120 Byers, Susan E. 104 Byers, Yvonne G. 120 Cabezuela, Dora Nl. 121, 209 Cabezuela, Rosa 121. 209 Campbell, Christian L. 80 Campos, Adeline 80 Campos, Clarence 80, 85, 151, Campos, Richard 104 Candelaria, Anthony 121 Candelaria, Anthony R. 104 Candelaria, Anthony 80 Candelaria, Cecilia 80 Candelaria. ,leanie P. 80, 210 Candelaria, ,limmy P. 121 ,.1 Candelaria osephine 80 Candelaria Leroy 121 Candelaria, Lorraine 121 Candelaria, Nick D. 203 Candelaria, Patricia N. 80 Candelaria, Robert 155 Candelaria, Sam lll. 121 Candelaria, Yolanda lV1. 121 Cano, Gloria J. 121 Carabajal, Arthur D. 81 Caristo, Madeline Nl. 104 Carlile, Jimmie L. 81 Carpenter, Larry D. 81 Carr,,1ackie 104 Carriaga, Adan A. 121 Carrico, Stephen 81 Carrillo, Gloria 121 Carrillo lVlary A. 104 Carrillo, Michael G. 121 Carrillo Patricia 81 Carrillo, Richard 104 Carroll, James 81 Carroll, Janett L. 81 2 Carter, Pauline F. 81 Carter, Theresa A. 121 Casados, Vivian 104 Castillo, Castillo, Castillo, Castillo, Castillo, Castillo, Castillo, Castillo, Charles A. 81 Helen 81 lsidor 104 Lena 204 Wlelba 121 Nancy 104 Peter lVl. 121 Rudy 104 Cavalier, Dennis 121, 146, 147 Chandler, Larry 104 Chavez, Chavez, Alex L. 81 Alice L. 81 Chavez, Anna Nl. 104 Chavez, Anthony 121 Chavez, Barbara 121 Chavez, Beatrice 104 Chavez, Catherine A. 53, 104 Chavez, Daniel 121 Chavez, Edward 104 Chavez, Eloy A. 104 Chavez, Eugene T. 81 Chavez, Chavez, Evelyn Nl. 81 Frank E. 121 Chavez, Frank A. 49, 81, 193, 200, 202, 207, 8 21 Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Frank X. 81, 99, 207 Geneva 81 Herman G. 104, 146 Chave-z,,1oanne 104 Chavez, ,loann 81 Chavez, Joseph N. 81 Chavez, Leonard W. 121 Chavez, Linda 72, 81, 85, 112, 119,186 87 195 Chavez. Lorraine 121 Chavez, Lorraine C. 104 Chavez, Luis 104 Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, lVlark 105 Nlary A. 105 Patsy lVl. 105 Chavez, Pauline B. 105 Chavez, Richard P. Chavez, Roberta 82 Chavez, Steven Nl. 105 Chavez, Yolanda 1Vl. 121, 209 Chavez, Yvonne 105 Chavira, joseph lVl. 105, 149, 151, 152 Cherino, Philip 121 Childers, Ramona R. 121 Cisnero Cisnero s, Joe 82, 200, 202 s, Rosa l. 121 Claw, Ruthie 121 Cleaver, ,lessie L. 10.1 Colema 1' n,IKeith R. 82 Collado, lV1erlinda 105 Conner, Jerome 105 Conner, ,limmy 158, 159, 162, 210 Cordova, Hope 82 Cordova, ,1 erry 82 Index 229 Cordova, ,losie 105 Cordova, Marialina 105 Cordova, Merlinda T. 82 Cordova Sylvia A. 82 Cordova, Vidala 210 Corley, Yasmarie 82 Cornejo, Mercedes M. 105 Correa, lrma M. 85, 105, 119, 186 Cox, Vodra E. 121 Crespin, Cecelia 121 Crespin, Crespin, Edward I". 82 Eulogio R. 105 Crespin, Linda M. 105 Crow, Larry G. 105 Cruz, Betty 'l'. 105 Cruz, Billy R. 105, 207 Cunningham, Carolyn 105 Dampf, Sharon 82, 202 Darling, Mary L. 53, 105 Dauber, Leroy 105 Davis, ,lames E. 82, 151 Davis, Karen L. 121 Davis, Kenneth 121 Dean, Marie V. 82 Deforest, Alice K. 105 4 Dela Fuente, Michael A. 121 Denetso, Agnes 105 1' Dixon, Temothy L. 83 Dorn, Susan 83, 209 Dotson, Dellondlr. 106 Drew, Florence 121 Dubray, Mary H. 83 Ducksworth, Charlene 209, 210 Dunworth, Donald L. 83 Dunworth, llenrietta G. 106 Duran, Clorinda B. 106. 119, 186 Duran, Deborah L. 121 Duran, Eloy R. 130 Duran, Orlando 106 Edmon, Anita M. 83, 101, 185 Edmon, Louise D. 122, 209 Ellis, Lenora 83, 209, 210 English, Byron 106 Espinosa, Eugene 83, 71, 156, 1 Green, Margaret R. 123 207, 212 Espinosa, Genevieve 106 Espinosa, ,lohn 106 Espinosa,1udy L. 106 Espinosa, Richard 122 Espinoza, Bernard R. 83 Fernandez, Carla 122 Fields, George K. 122, 155 Fields, Isaiah 106, 155 Fields, Paul 83, 85, 151 Fillmore, Jacqueline 122 Fillmore, Patricia L. 106, 210 Fillmore, Phyllis D. 83, 209 Fillmore, Theresa 106 Flores, Alex 122 Flores, Robert L. 106 Foster, Paul R. 122, 155 Foster, Vivian 83, 101, 1,85 Foster, Wayne A. 106 Fowler, Deborah L. 106 230 lndcx 57, 202, Fowler, Terrie A. 106 Francia, Debbie 122 Francia, Leo 122 Francis, Victoria A. 83 Frazier, Nathan E. 83 Frenks, lfnny 1'1. 60, 70, 71, 83 Fresques, Marvelyn 102, 106, 11 Fresquez, Amy Y. 106 Fresquez, Elmer R. 106 Fresquez, Georgia 83 Friday, lsalnel 83 Fuentes, Abe 122 Fuentes, Albert 122 Fuen tes, udy 107 Funes, Theresa 0. 107, 209 Gabaldon, Patricia A. 83 Gallegos, Diane 122 Gallegos, Margarito G. 83 Gallegos Michael S. 122 v Gallegos Michael D. 83, 146, 147 Gallegos Patricia L. 83, 199 Gallegos, Paul D. 157 Gallegos Priscilla 107 Gallegos Gallegos Gallegos Richard 122 Richard S. 84 Ricky 107 Gallegos Shirley A. 122 7 Gallegos, Theresa 107 Gallegos, Tina M. 107 Gallegos, Yoland 84, 201 Gandy Gandy Garcia, Garcia, Garcia Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia Garcia Garcia , Garcia, Garcia, Garcia Garcia 1 v 1 1 v Andre L. 84, 159, 162 Eric V. 107 Albert 122 Alex 107 Anthony ,l. 122 Antoinette E. 1,07 Barbara 122 Bernard T. 107 Bernadette 84 Carmclita M. 122 Carmen L. 84 Christina M. 84 Clemente 62 David 122 Debra M. 84,193,202 Esther A. 107 Garcia, Francesca 122 Garcia, Gillie 107 Garcia, Glinda 122 Garcia Ismael 107 Garcia, Jacqueline F. 122, 205 Garcia, Janet M. 122, 130 Garcia Kathy 122 Garcia Kathy L. 84, 101, 184 Garcia Leonard V. 107 Garcia Leroy 209 Garcia, Linda 84, 107 Garcia Lorie 107 Garcia Marciano 122 Garcia, Michael S. 122 Garcia, Nancy 1. 122, 129 Garcia, Nick 122 Garcia, Patrick C. 107 Garcia, Patsy A. 107 186, 193 Garcia, Raymond B. 107 Garcia, Robert 122 Garcia, Robert 122 Garcia, Rosemarie 84, 107, 202 Garcia, Sandra 8. 107 Garcia, Sarah li. 107 Garcia, Stephen L. 107 Garcia, Terry 84, 201 Garcia, Tommy E. 122 Garley, Suzanne E. 122 Garrion, Cynthia 122 Garza, Charles 84 Gatson, Sharon L. 107, 209 Gilbert, Gloria 122 Giron, Richard 84, 159, 162 Giron, Yolanda Y. 108, 119, Goad, Douglas 84, 203 Godinez, Carmen Y. 1,08 cadinez, ,ludy 15.39, 108 186 Gomez, Charles J. 122 Gomez, Cynthia 60, 84 Gomez, Deborah A. 84 Gomez, Eva 122 Gomez, ,lohn 108 Gomez, Maria R. 108 Gomez, Maria 203 Gomez, Michael 122 Gonzales Andy 137 Gonzales, Anna 108 Gonzales, Anthony P. 122 Gonzales, Barbara A. 108 Gonzales Beatrice M. 85 Gonzales Becky 123 Gonzales, Charles 123 Gonzales, Dorothy 123 Gonzales , ,l essie 60, 85 Gonzales, Jimmy 85 Gonzales ,ludy M. 59, 85 Gonzales Leroy 85, 200, 201 Gonzales Linda 123 Gonzales , Marta 123 Robe Theresa 109, 118, 131 189 Gonzales Patsy A. 109, 118 Gonzales, Roberta A. 210 Gonzales, Gonzales Thomas M. 109 Goodson , Marcus 123 Goodson, Moldcn S. 65, 109, 199, 210 Graham, Holly A. 109 Greathouse, Donnie R. 109, 123 Greene, Sheila A. 85 Griego, Anastacio M. 123 Griego, Anthony P. 85, 99, 193 200 202 206, 207, 216 Griego, David 123 Griego, Frank 109 Griego, Margaret 123 Griego, Maria 123 Griego, Roger B. 123 Griffin, Curley M. 123 Griffin, Vannessia 109 Guillen, Janette 123 Guru1e,Joe N. 109 Gurule, Leon R. 123 Y x-x cf Jaiwvqg fmy, -:Sb tg 4,7152-7 Q0 o 00 Q 0 9 ,O " 0 G ao 9 93909 ' 0O , 1, X f W Q4mwz4QaUwas42LJ:?fQasQQcm5 G9 EEG 6D70?W?5 Q C900 Q Q 99 'J CMQQ 00,6 ' ' V W - QE . ' V ' Gb' 339 ' OGG 8609 ' ' 1 , C9 0 awk ' ' OGG Q' 'QQSG 29 CQ ' ' m o G Q Q 9 9 A 0 0 0 gm 0 1 X X X- J 4 6 , 1415 CENTRAL NE , 10AM-7PMMON-SAT , 842-6265 fnikm .wean ' ' ii it 41, 51... ..,, .W I .r' Q V. - I Gurule Michae1,1.109 v Gurule, Rose M. 109 G u ti errez G utierrez Gutierrez, Gutierrez N . Gutierrez, Gutierrez, Gutierrez Gutierrez, Gutierrez, Gutierrez, Gutierrez, , GeneJ.123,155 , Jackie 109 ,lane 1,123,131,189 , Juan O. 85, 203 Kristina L. 85 Linda 109 Merlinda 85, 210 Michael 123 Patricia 85 Raymond R. 109 Victoria M. 109 llale, Sylvia 123 Hall, Mark 123, 155 Harrnount, Daniel L. 123 Hendricks, Scott 109, 150, 151 Hendrickson, Herschel 85 Hernandez, Mario S. 123 Hernandez, Michael 123 Hernandez, Yolanda D. 123 Herrera, Betty 123 Herrera, Loretta P. 123 Herrera, Mary G. 123 Herrera, Patricia C. 124 Hill, Calvin 109, 151, 210 Hill, Glendora 124 Hi11,,1anetL. 124 Hines, Frederick E. 109 Hinojos, Josie 61, 99 Holcomb, Teresa D. 124 232 Index 'JH 1 . -3 5 in if by Holmes, Darlene A. 124 lflopp, Gary R. 109 Hopp, Velma A. 124 Hovey, Anthony J. 124, 209 Huling, Morris L. 86, 151, 152 Huling, Rose A. 124 Humphrey, Alacia L. 86 Humphrey, Arthur 124 Hunt, Edward B. 151, 155 Hurbina, Patsy 124 Hurbina, Ramoncita 109 1hiapina,Jose 1. 36 lsler, Glen 109, 157 lsler, Randall 124, 146 Jackson, Doris C. 86 Jaramillo, Alan G. 86 Jaramillo, Catherine A. 109 Jaramillo, Constance 124 Jaramillo, Diane V. 109 Jaramillo, Edward R. 65, 86, 207, 21.6 Jaramillo, Isabel T. 124 Jaramillo, Leonard 109 Jaramillo, Margaret 86 Jaramillo, Maria M. 124 Jaramillo, Robert P. 124 Jaramillo, Steven R. 124 Jaramillo, Valentin 124 jaramillo, Wanda F. 110 Jenkins, Richard K. 72, 110, 161, 162 ' fs. 199, 202, 206, 113,151,160, . ,1im,1rene 124 Jinzo, Mary R. 86 Joe, Bessie 209 Joe, Fannie 124 Joe, Marilyn 110 Joe, Roselyn A. 124 Johnson, Juanita 124 Johnson, Sandra J. 110 Jones, Dcbora 124 Jones, Yvonna 86, 210 Kampf, Gary W. 110 Karns, Frank M. 1.10 Kee, Julia 86 Kent, Deborah A. 124, 210 Kern, Karla D. 102, 110 Ki11ion,Kim E.39,64,65, 108,110, 199 King, Kenneth T. 110 Krueger, ,loline M. 124 Lajeunesse, Thelma A. 86 Lacour, Yvonne 124 Landavazo, Maurice M. 110 Landavazo, Ronald R. 86 Large,Catherine R. 61, 62, 86, 70, 71, 202, 206, 210, 214 Lassa, Paul L. 110 Lathan, Patricia A. 104, 110 Lebian, Kenneth A. 124 Lerman, Ruben 38, 86 Leverenz, Keith 110 Lewis, David 110 Lewis, Johnny E. 124, 151, 155 Lewis, Stella 124 Leyba, Yolanda 86 Leyba, Brenda S. 68, 86 Leyba, Gloria M. 124 Lial, James 124 Lial, John 110 Liggins, Barbara A. 86 Liggins, Odell 55, 110, 150, 151 Listy, Paula A. 110 Locke, Roscoe L. 124 Long, Kennerd 124 Lopez, Andrew S. 124 Lopez Anthony R. 110 a Lopez, Charles D. 110, 210 Lopez, Edward 87 Lopez, Gil A. 124 Lopez, Joe Bon 124 Lopez, Joedy 110 Lopez, John 110 Lopez, Marie C. 87 Lopez, Margaret 87 Lopez, Martin N. 124 Lopez, Maxine 124, 209 Lopez, Michael F. 87 Lopez, Ricky A. 117 Lopez, Rosemary A. 124 Lopez, Thomas R. 87, 146 Lovato, Dora L. 110, 119, 186 Lovato, Jeanette L. 110, 209 Lovato, Jeffrey 111 Lovato, Martha 111 Lovato, Mary S. 87 Lovato, Tony F. 111,157 Lovato, Virginia A. 87 Lozoya, Hilda B. 111 Lucero, Andy 87 Lucero, Anita A. 87, 204 Lucero, Boni 85, 87, 148, 150. 15 Lucero, Ernest C. 87 Lucero, Evelyn M. 125 Lucero, Felipe A. 111 Lucero, Gloria A. 125 Lucero, Jerry 111 Lucero, Joanna L. 40, 61, 87, 210 Lucero, Joanna R. 87 Lucero, John A. 87 Lucero, Julia 87 Lucero, Katherine L. 87 Lucero, Kathy F. 88 Lucero, Kenneth 125, 155 Lucero, Leroy P. 88 Lucero, Loretta L. 111 Lucero, Louis 125 l" Lucero, Lucille M. 88, 210 Lucero, Marie L. 125 Lucero, Michael A. 111, 209 Lucero, Raymond 125 Lucero, Raymond R. 111 Lucero, Richard 125 Lucero, Rudy 111, 151, 155 Lucero, Shirley 111 Lucero, Stella 88 Lucero, Virginia 111 Lujan, Darlene 125 Luna, Debra 125 1.152 Luna, Ernest D. 125 Lyon, Dennis R. 125 Lyon, Sherry M. 111, 191 Macias, Joe M. 111, 155 Madrid, David 125 Madrid, Joseph 111 Madrid, Michael R. 111 Madrid, Ruby M. 88 Madrid, Tommy L. 88 Maes, Herman 88 Macs, Theresa E. 111 Maestas, Ray G. 125 Maestas, Steven M. 111 Macstas, Thomas A. 158, 159, 160 Maestas, Victoria 1 25 Maestas, Yolanda V. 125 Mahan, Verneca A. 111 Majors, Almon Jr. 11 l, 155 Maldonado, Pauline C. 125 Mancha, Aurora 88 Mancha, Oscar 125 Manzares, Loretta D. 125 Manzanares, Nancy M. 61 , 88 Mares, John W. 88 Marino, Joseph M. 89 Marquez, Marquez, Marquez, Marquez, Marquez, Marquez, Marquez, Marquez, 1 50, Marrujo, Martinez Martinez 1 1 Clarence 89, 1.56, 157 Elizabeth L. 111 Gabriel L. 111 Genevieve M. 89 Jean 125, 209 Peggy A. 125 Priscilla 11 1 Stephen C. 43, 49, 89, 14 151, 152,153 Margaret M. 89 Arnold 111 Beatrice A. 125, 131, 189 Debbie 112 119 199 210 Martinez, Bernice 125 Martinez Beverly 125 Martinez, Bruce M. 112 Martinez, Charlotte 112 Martinez, David 112, 151 Martinez, , , , Martinez, Debra M. 112 Martinez Edward 125 Martinez Eva 112 Martinez Jerry T. 125 Martinez Filbert A. 125, 155 Martinez, Jesus E. 125 Martinez, John A. 125 Martinez, Johnny M. 89 Martinez, Judy R. 125 Martinez, Julian 112 Martinez Laura L. 125 Martinez, Lillian 125 Martinez Lorraine L. 89 Martinez, Marcella A. 125 Martinez, Margaret 125 Martinez, Martha M. 125 Martinez Mary 125 lV1artinez, Mary Ann 89 Martinez, Nancy M. 112 Martinez, Patrick 125 Martinez, Paul 89 Martinez, Ralph D. 112 3, 149, Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez , Ruth A. 125, 209 , Sammy 34, 89 , Sandra 112 Sara 125 Shirley A. 112 , Theresa M. 90, 210 , Tobias E. 112 1 1 Martinez, Vannest 90 Martinez, Victor H. 112 Martinez, Virginia M. 112 Mata, Joseph A. 1.25 Matthews, Joann 125 McCoy, Robert D. 113,150, 151 McDaniel, Carlos 113 Mcl-Janie McDanie 1, Carlotta D. 108, 199 l, Robert L. 126 McGuinness, Jimmy H. 126, 209 McKissic MeMur tr McM urtr k, Robert W. 113 ey, Annie M. 113 ey, Elizabeth F. 126 Medina, Laura A. 90 Mendez, Joe 125, 129 Mendez, John 43, 90 Mendez, Juanita L. 125 Mendez, Linda J. 90 Mendez, Margarite K. 125 Mendez, Maxine 112 Mendez, Robert 90 Mendez, Veronica 112 Mendoza, Barbara 112 Mendoza, J obnny 112 217 Ortega, Arthur R. 126 Menlz, Edward R. 90 Merrell, Mike 90 Micra, Barbara J. 121, 125, 193, ' Miller, Erna M, 113 Miller, Susietta 90 Mitchell, Joby 90, 202, 213 Mitchell, Mary A. 125 Monia, Harold 125 Monk, Marsha R. 113 Montano, Montano, Benjamin 98 Catherine 90 Montano, John R. 125 Montano, Montano Rena H. 125 Roberl125 157 Montoyai Allen 90, 202 Montoya, David F. 125 Montoya, Debra J. 125 Montoya, Eileen C. 125 Montoya, Elaine P. 125 Montoya, Eugene 1 13 Montoya, Evelyn 125 Montoya, Gerald 113 Montoya, Gerard M. 113 Montoya, Juan R. 113, 114 Montoya, Kathryn 125 5 Montoya, Regina 126 Montoya, Ronald E. 126, 157 Montoya, Sylvia 90, 101, 185 Montoya, Theresa L. 126 Moody, Gary 113 Mooney, Jacqueline T. 126 Moore, Gwendolyn 113 Moore, Wyatt L. 49, 91, 196, 19 Laudente A. 125, 151, 155 Montoya, Montoya, Leroy 126 Montoya, Lydia 126 Montoya, Manuel 126 Montoya, Michael P. 90 Montoya, Randy P. 126 Mora, Marie C. 126 Mora, Patricia 1. 126 Moreno, Cecilia 113 Morgan, James R. 126, 151, 155 Mowrey, Pamela 91 Moya, Marie M. 113 Muller, Alex 1 13 Muller, Bobby R. 91 Muller, Ruby D. 91, 101, 185 Muniz, Mary l.. 126 Mutter, Gregory M. 91 Myers, Johnny 126 Nahkai, Marie 91 Navarro, Anselmo 113 Nieto, Lucille 126 Nieto, Richard D. 113 Nieto, Stephanie E. 126 Nuanes, Dorothy L. 90, 209 Nuanes, Richard D. 126, 151, 155 Nuanes, Tommy 113 Nunez, Pete 91 Oakleaf, Marie 91 2, 207, y, Patricia A. 126, 206 Olguin, Jesus 126 O 7Lear Olguin Olivas, Olivas, Olivas, Olson, Olvera, Ortega , Phillip 91 Anthony E. 114 Frank D. 126 Robert 91 Mary 114 , Carlos B. 91 Rita 121, 126, 193, 205 Ortega, Mary A. 114, 119, 186 Ortega, Prudence P. 114 Ortega, Viola 114 Ortiz, CharlesJ. 126, 146 Ortiz, Danny T. 126 Ortiz, Donald V. 126, 155 Ortiz, Julia 114 Ortiz, Lillian R. 91 Ortiz, Louie 126, 155 Ortiz, Melvin 126 Ortiz, Michael 114 Ortiz, Nora C. 126 Ortiz, Rebecca M. 191, 201, Ortiz, Richard 91, 203 Ortiz, Ruth E. 114 Ortiz, Steve 114, 156, 157 Otero, David 114, 210 Otero, David J. 11,4 Otero, Julia 1,14 Otero, Kathryn 126 Pacheco, Jane M. 114 Pacheco, Loretta C. 91 Pachec o, Lorraine 126 Pacheco, Raymond 114 Padilla, David 126, 155 Padilla Padilla Padilla Padilla , Gloria A. 91 ,Jerome 114 , Leola T. 39, 114 , Marlene R. 109, 114 Padilla, Mary 91 Padilla, Patsy M. 91, 199 Padilla Padilla , Ramona 92 , Richard 114, 209 Padilla, Ronald 126 Padilla, Ronnie M. 114 Padilla Stella 92 Padilla? Teresa 126, 131, 189 202, 215 234 Index Paisano, Paula 114 Palladini, Robert T. 201 Palladini, Timothy E. 127 Parras, Geraldine 127 Parras, Mary A. 114 Patterson, Olson 114 Pedersen, Tina P. 66, 92, 199 Pena, Clara A. 92 Peoples, Tanya L. 127 Peoples, Vickie L. 92 Perea, Arabella 127 Perea, Jeannette 92 Perea, Joseph R. 127 Perea, Louie R. 127 Perea, Louis N. 114 Perea, Michael A. 114 Perea, Roberta 127 Perez, Dorothy 115 Perez, Magdalena 115 Perez, Mary Alice 127 Perez, Mike L. 115, 157 Perkins, Daniel L. 115 Perkins, Peggy 1.. 127 Perry, Alesia F. 92, 202,217 Perry, Janie F. 92, 195 Pimentel, Mary 115, 199 Pino, Lula 127 Pino, Patricia T. 127 Platero, Vivian 1 15, 200, 201 Pohl, Donna 1 15 Pohl, Henry 92 Pohl, Larry 115 Pohl, Rudy 92, 203 Pohl, Joan 127 Polinko, John D. 127 Ponds, Karen A. 115 Powdrell, C regory 127 Quintana, David Xl. l 15 Quintana, Joseph V. 121 , Louis 92, 200, 202, 206, 207, 215 Quintana, Ray 1-1. 115 Quintero, Miguel 127 Quintana, Ruby, Maria D. 127, 131, 189 Rael, Tony 127 Ragin, Shirley 127 Ramirez, Alejandro 127 Ramirez, Alice 115 Ramirez, Anthony R. 11.1 F' Ramirez, Carmen M. 127 Ramirez, Elaine M. 127 Ramirez, Maria M. 115, 120 Ramirez, Peggy L. 115 Ramirez, Rebecca 92 Ramirez, Steven 127 Ramirez, Tommie 93 Reyna, Wilma R. 127, 209 Rhodes, Patricia A. 93 Rhodes, Sandra 1.15 Riggens, Maxie J. 64, 115, 186, Rivas, Beatrice L. 127 Rivas, Ray 93 Rivera Rivera , Helen 93 ,John D. 93, 202, 207 Rivera, Lucille M. 127 Rivera, Peter J. 127 Robbins, Peggy A. 93 Robertson, Michael D. 115 Robinson, Mary A. 127 Rodriguez, Larry 127, 155 127, 193, 205 187, 206 person to person A bank is only as good as the people who work there and the people it serves. You'll find our people are helpful, whether its opening a check- ing account or getting a loan. We hope we can be of help to you . . . PERSON TO PERSON. We're here on f-Your cflccount! MLA N tx Romero, Melvin 127 Salazar, Benardo 116 Romero, Martin C. 93 Salazar, Lawrence lj. 127 Romero, Phyllis Xl. 115 Salazar, Lfvorlard 94 Romero, Richard 115 Salazar, Vlarcas A. 1 16 Romero, Sampson 127 Romero, Virginia L. 115 Romero, William R. 1 15 Romo, David 115 Romo, Doris G. 94 Romo, oe A. 121 Romo, Thomas R. 116 Rooks, J 21111455 Rose, Paula 94 Ross, Terry 38, 1 16 Roybal, Steven 116 Rodriguez, Yvonne 115 Rogers, Mike K. 127, 155 Romancito, Deborah A. 68, 127 Romancito, Ronald D. 93, 200, 201 Romero, Andrew A. 127, 155 Romero, Anna M. 115 Romero, Jerry 93, 203 Romero, Jimmy G. 115 Rozzi, John 116 Ruiz, Carlos 1 16 Ruiz, Da niel 127 Russey, Reverly116 Russey, Herron J. 94, 196 Saavedra, Anita L. 127,128 Saavedra, Betty 128 Saavcdra, Elisia 96 Saavedra, Josephine 127 Saavedra,Judy A. 116, 119, 186 Saiz, Louise V. 94 Saiz, Mike 127 Romero, Karla 68, 93 Romero, Lorenzo C. Romero, Margaret 93, 199, 209 Romero, Maria S. 127 Salas, Cecelia L. 127 Salas, Ernie 127, 155 Salas, Martha M. 94 Salas, Pam 94 Salazar, Margaret 94 Salazar, Raymond 116 Samora, Samora, Saltwater, Rena 127 Joseph E. 64, 65, 68, 95, 192, 193, 199, 202, 206, 212 Pearl M. 116 Samuels, Jack 127 nc li ez , Anthony 127 Sanchez, Albert R. 116 Sanchez, Antoinette E. 127 Sanchez, Rilly G. 95 Sanchez, Catherine S. 95, 204 Sanchez, Chris 127 Sanchez, Cynthia L. 127 Sa nc h ez Sanchez v s lildwina G. 95 Gilbert 127 Sanchez, James 127 Sanchez, Joanne B. 95 Sanchez, Joe A. 116 Sanchez, Joseph P. 95 Sanchez, Julie A. 116 Sanchez, Larry 95 Sanchez, Lorraine 95 Sanchez, Loretta D. 127 Sanchez, Lydia 127, 199 Sanchez, Margaret A. 127 Sanchez a Maria 1. 127 Index 235 Sanchez, Mark S. 95 Sanchez, Michael 127 Sanchez, Ralph A. 85, 95, 151 Sanchez, Raymond 116 Sanchez, Regina 15. 128 Sanchez, Richard 1,28 Sanchez, Robert F. 95 Sanchez, Robin 128 Sanchez, Shirley 95 Sanchez, Steven F. 116 Sanchez, Teresa M. 1 I6 Sanchez, Vivian M. 128 Sandoval, Angela 1. 96 Sandoval, Anthony 128 Sandoval, Rennie 96 Sandoval, Carla 116 Sandoval, David 128 Sandoval, Frederick M. 96 Sandoval, Margaret S. 96 Sandoval, Margie L. 128 Sandoval, Porliria 128 Sandoval, Robert C. 128 Sandoval, Ronald R. 128 San Martin, Mauro 96 San Martin, Sandra 128 Santiago, Joyce R. 122, 128, Santiago, jude 61, 96, 202 Santillanes, Beatrice M. 128 Sawtelle, Monica A. 128 131,189 1 Schade, Schloer, Don F. 116 Patricia A. 96 Schofield, Ernest 128 Schofield, Susan A. 116 Sedillo, Albert 151 Sedillo, Alfred 116 Sedillo, Anabel 128 Sedillo, Elva M. 62, 96, 202' Sedillo, Gladys 128, 130 Sedil1o,Jim 151, 155 Sedillo, Joe 128 Sedillo, Norman D. 128 Sedillo, Pearl 116 Sedillo, Richard 116 Sedillo, Sedillo, Richard T. 96 Rosalinda 1 16 Segura,,1erry E. 128 Segura, Lucille M. 97, 104, 209 Segura, Richard A. 117 Segura, Roberta 117, 209 Sena, Elizabeth E. 128 Sena, Gerald O. 128 Sena, Martha R. 128 Sena, M Serna, J olly 117 oseph R. 117 Shannon, Henry 117 Shannon, Linda 97, 210 Sharts, Kenneth C. 155 Sheets, Herman A. 117 Silva, Theresa A. 117 Simpson, Charles E. 151 Simpson. Charles 128 Simpson, Theresa A. 97 Sisneros, Rosemary 128 Slack, Edward 1. 128 Smiley, Nlartha 1 17 Smith, Nancy 129 Smith, Sarita L. 129 Smith, Stephanie 97 Sneddy, Herbert 117, 146, 147 Sonnier, Julia 117 Sozsamon, Pam 129 Speakman, Gilbert A. 117 Sprunk, Gary L. 117, 209 Stanley, Herbert M. 126, 129,151,155 Stevens, Rita E. 129, 205 Stevenson, Rene 129 Stevenson, Wesley 117, 151, 154, 155 Stone, Willie 13. 129 Sweet, Wendell L. 55, 1 13, 148, 150, 151 Tafoya, Yolanda M. 129 Talamantes, Araceli 129, 191 , 196 Talbot, Patsy R. 129, 209 Tapaha, Priscilla 97 Trujillo, Mary Ann 130 Sherman, Rosella 128 Shinaberry, Cynthia L. 128 Silva, Emily A. 128 Silva, Margaret 128 Silva, Michael 97 Silva, Mike 128 236 Index Tapia, Linda M. 117 Tapia, Loretta 129 Tapia Michael 129 Tapia, Oliver 97 Tapia, Petrolino 129 Tapia Shirley 97 Temer, Ramona 1. 11,7 '1'enorio,,1anice L. 97 Thomas, Darlene 201 Tijerina, Peggy 53, 130 Tobias, Damon P. 97, 20 Toledo, Toledo Toney, . . lorres, Torres, . . 1 orres, Torres, Torres, . . 1 orres, Torrez, . . 1 orrez, . , lorrez, Torrez, Torrez, Torrez, v Manuel 1 17 Rose 130 Alice W. 98 Diana 1. 117 2, 206, 207, 213 Donald L. 1 12, 117 Louise 130 Lynn 130 N1ichaelA. 210 Victoria A. 209 Gertrude V. 98 ,lack W. 130 ,Ianet D. 130 Robert 11.7 Rudy 130 Vickie 131 Town, Robin O. 98 Trujillo Trujillo Trujillo Trujillo Trujillo Trujillo v s Anthony ,1. 130 Anthonia M. 130 Archie 1 17 Frances 117 ,Gloria A. 130 Lucille 130 Trujillo, Patricia 117 Trujillo s Robert 130 Tuck, Sherril L. 98 Ulibarri, Larry 130 Ural, R eulmen 130 Valencia, Anna M. 98, 210 Valenzuela, Nlannel NI. 1510 Vallejos, Beatrice E. 98 Valleios, Graeilia li. 130 Valles, Michael M. 98, 100 Valtierra, Frank Jr. 117 Vargas, Vargas, Va rgas, Vargas, Vargas, Vargas, Angel 130 Debra 1 17 lflizalmelh C. 118, 119, 186 Iiva l,. 130 Evangeline 98 Joe L. 98 Vargas, juan 1 I8 Vargas, Vargas, Va rgas, Vargas, Vargas, Lawrence 98 Lucy 130 Mary L. 99 Steve 118,157 Victor 99 Varney, Debra 99 Varney, Donalrl W. 118, 151 Vasq11ez,0Iga li. 118 Vaughn 1, Kenmlall 130 Vaughn, lioxann 11. 118, 203 Velarde, Alma li. 99 Vigil, Andy 130 Vigil, Carmen J. 99 Vigil, Franei-11a 99 Vigil, Jesse A. 99, 203 Congratulations Seniorsl FROM STAR ENGRAVING Rings and Ann ounce men ls Vigil, ,loann 118 1? D V D Vigi1,1,in11a S. 118, 209 4 Villa, Esther 118 S X D Villcgos, Augustine G. 118 'T' W1 N y ' Villescas A111611 C 110 , 1 , 1. 1 - - , A "1 ,ri 2 W , J, v1Qi11d1eS, Cheryl 130 X Ixuq X H x qyjf Walker, Lawrence L. 1 18, 146 ,1,j i g,x- Wash, Debra A. 53, 61, 99 f -X 54, , QS wffiiii, Valerie 55, 58, 99, 119, 186, 187 11,3 111 .Jf ff".i'.f 202 7 2 ,Q V Wheat, Renee 99 1353145 01AIXQ1, x1L 'XX"l.L. Ng 1 ,, 1,1 White, Marie 118 QQQHTDMJNE Whiting, Billy I I8 .. fry ,,-. 'l,"' , "I Williams, Clarence 100, 151 011352105 ,. , , "f w1111ams, Kathy K. 68. 100, 192, 193, 202, 1 . I ,gg 3 M. 1Q 214 13201515111 1 . ff 14,121 xfgz Williams, Lawrence D. 66, 100, 148, 149, 75 5,1 422 ,flxlfifxl yy, 151,158,160, 162 L l ,f f " Williams, Thomas Nl. 118 1,1 , X ' yi 12111, 1111101 91101 wagon, 161111 W. 130, 155 ll' 'I 1111 I1 I' 1 ' Wil n VI' h IE 100 " W K,,i 11U 1Wf 'SO 11 'C ae - ,101 , ' 1 Q 1 ..,,A :7Zll,1V0fff!f?, , 4 inters, ohh E. 130 I . K X , . X I 3 B Y ' f inters, Willie Jr. 118 5, J I 'f Q Witherspoon, Stanley G. 118 ' ' Woods, Denise 209, 210 . L9 Wfigm, Diana 100 Q wright, Jana V. 100, 101, 184, 210 Yazzie,,1uanita 100 R I Yazzie, Marilyn M. 130 ognyj fl f?,f6f0 Yellowhair, Shirley 118 yg 75,25 ' Young, Calvin R. 130, 205, 209 Zamora, Bonifacio 130 Index 237 Zamora Zamora Zamora Zamora Zamora, Zamora Zamora Zamora, , David 118 , Gabriela 100 , Lawrence: I30 Marcella C. 118 Paula A. 130 Ricky M. 203 Sofia 42, 130 Tommy A. 130 I JJ Zappia, Eva J. l 18 238 Index Index 239 . ,4g.:,v:'.j . , ,, , 1 i ,4 fr ' I Q7 , 2 N : Xl Q 2 5 rf I Q, E ,i if .,-7 2 2 E .

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