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 - Class of 1959

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Albuquerque High School - La Reata Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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MJ bm Fiwffw SQXMLQ Q c f iEf5raLff:fjwi'L I 7? xwimx 5-A E Q ' Q Fmiijbg Q 'g ,1 'QffH g Z 3 ff 5 A 7 , , ' 5 J nf 1929 E gi NLf5Mf922gjM?Q J ggipyw b 93 Nt Xi W Li . , Kp' 5 2 QS? mfyiwmio 29,5 9 Q20 93 ERE 'L B52 ia bf Q if ,a 4 'k '- .W X- Q.. , - V -www -' ,: sw , , , :- , V ww- - -ws -Lua.--f , -..,' H " , , V w ., .wg-, W ' - . 'P - . . , , .x uf. , ,. . - ,. X Mg, ,.3,f,u,: 4,5 ..,, 4 , 41 ,L ., , X . A , N .MW gms.- ' - .A - :J '1 . ' .' 'X " 1 'V A rf wQ m2w4 W ii . J., , 4 ' 1. A.: f , 35 5, wX5x 3? sQQifi?W2L,Q fiilhifwgigwy if J .f A Q 4QLifZziiAW?f 1? io if . flffwi j id 52536 ff? Wg W I yy,-fr V,-4V" ' 25,,f5,T,f2jSW,! 1 19 fm 9 . V bff?f F5252 'pfvya ' 1 .p' . 16 fy 2 '73 "?:ik '2':' - I g . ,hiv-' , - ., , , . , fn, , -, ,, .1,.4.. , ' x - - -,-fb.: -. ., I - ,,.f.'. .-wg . -L, X, g.- 5A...,, -' ,, .rv-K, ., .V - Y, PM ag.. -. 'f ,,,, . ,w- I - M Q ,I W Z cl-6 A fgmw F My UA fMj 4 Lf? I Wy, I ,, -f,. ' 4.5 A k , M A M + ' f W q M IJ 42 'HMf7hE, if QW ff U MU MMU! J 70 QL 1 W by 4 ,JMXJ 0 , 1 1 f .10 mf 71 'Q V ' , kwa W . 4,' 1 X , ff 1, . lf' 2 f -1 4 iw A U .2 vb up f y My W P I MJ L :d,t 1 . KY ' A Q - "" A cg X .1- .X ' 'f' -..Ld ,, 4 . ,M I , - . pf s., gm' iq I, 1,4 Q' C ,, gm ' , xmf, 4 KX fn WWWWWWW 'WW' W W 'WWW WWWWWWWWW ""' W WW W WWW 'WWW WWW WWWTQWQ WW WWW WWW' WWW' 'WWW WWW' 'Wi , Lg' k. if r 'fmgffg ' ' 6fjff""6'1 ' 's K is -1 . ---Q., . A ywpgyg W W ' N 5 V N 0 J, , ' XJ 1 . .n . bww Q wif 2 VM s . ,3 ,W Y ,F 5 A ,3,1- fs V , v . 5" ' , V. ' X V' ' 4, ' Y Y 4. f L' 1 gh ,if .mf 5 ' af- ,Y ,, , , 'A ' , A' ,311 .,., 1 54 at 4 A n 1- Q ' 1 r e 1 Q ff ,- , mn 55:55 5,1 1 5 -,X 1 X! 1 Q . Lx H I 54 , L W u W W 5 5 R '.g x . L vp z i 4 k f f - ,. 1 ', " ' 5 5 H W , M U Q .kg QE,W Wyh ?MWfd?' fri! Q LQAQ 1 ifkw 5Q'aQj, w fJYF'.5WU 1 'fwfr' WF 3' ,'., s f 1 vm vzu JJ wifz M Ji an R n7la R2 was ' 1543 , , 1- 'w Virginia Gordanier Marla Conty CLASS PICTURES: Seniors - Fred Mondragon juniors - Marie Melton Sophomores - Marlene Histia Charlotte Yaple ART: Byron Sewell Becky Sewell Mary Lee MacNicholl Marilyn Metcalf SPORTS: Bruce Herron PHOTOGRAPHY: Douglas Muller PUBLICITY: Judy Stephenson LA REATA STAFF EDITORS ASSOCIATE EDITORS SPONSOR: Rhea M. Miller Stephanie Mitchell Beverly Gordanier BUSINESS MANAGER: Elizabeth Nelson FILE CLERK: Cherie Howard OFFICE SECRETARY: Barbara Houston TYPIST: Shirley Friberg COPY VVRITERS: Sheila Doherty Patricia O'Brien Sandra Johnston HELPERS: Sharon Carver Leo Valdez TABLE OF CO NTS r If fd . nf A i 9 ' TI X xi tIyAGR , Iv TEBL CONTENTS R? fb QOQOICATION VEDEDG CHANGES HANDS 'QIQWSILU ADMINISTRATION iwfi QQIW CLASS ,PICTURES S X ' iy iiiiilii VK Sophomofes SX --- M VMI, WK ORGANIZATIONS . if S xg , AC CC' I M SCHOOL LIFE C If SPORTS , A 2 S W EX I S Ng ' 1 . Library Building l Main Building Administration Building 5!Wfmgf Vx 1 Lgzgcgiwi-ga 23 fl ' ' an ,W -f ,R 13 ' 'T 'Z .fix 'S' 'if , Hi 5. ,wi 5 '51 , ,r,.,,,.r Ar. if J. 1 I .. tow! - ff-wav f, , W A. . l,,..,X,i, ff A ' A e ja e' 're' rg, p,gg5,yw, , A , wyxk. Q 1 A Q f S F, ,M N -A X K - f ,, ,. .. ,,:4 N , ,G L:,:,.,,. L, . J . , ,P .: '51 Za: . The La Reata editors and staff of 1959 wish to dedicate this Golden Anniversary book to two of the greatest persons who have ever been at A. H. S., Mr. Glen O. Ream and Miss Mary Cole Dixon. ,fm We are sure that everyone who has known them will join with us in saying, "They made Albuquerque High what it is today, the best school in the Southwest." The Bulldog Changes Hands After more than thirty years under the protection of Glen O. Ream the A. H. S. Bulldog passes to the guardianship of Wilham Wright. It was with many regrets that the students and faculty saw Mr. Ream and Miss Dixon relinquish their duties as the leaders of Albuquerque High. It is, however, with confidence that the future will be as glorious as the past that we watch the new administra- tion step in and continue in the traditions of "Bulldog City." TAKE CARE OF MY BULLDOG: ! Mr. Ream, principal of Albuquerque High School for over thirty years admonishes Mr. Wright, our new principal, to take good care of the Bulldog X ' g Nr li i955 Uv I 46 ,7'W11W' VI ff'-U' N. :U u9o9 Q HB5 Q-E- f fvi X ,Q in 44,7 X9 AAA W 4 To v' vig Seaelf ik. Administratign W S- " PH Y V " " - ax 1 A 'W ,IN 3 5' 1 4 I V x j Seng? Board of Education Our thanks to the guiding forces of the Albuquerque Public Schools, Dr. Spain and the members of the Board of Education. Public Schools Dr. Charles Spain Administration Buildillg Superintendent of Schools ! yvsw XX-1 Ht.. s Mr. William F. Wright Principal Our thanks to the guiding forces of Albuquerque High School, Mr. William Wright, Mrs. Klicker, and Mr. Briscoe. , CQ:-f -fri? Mrs. May Klicker Mr. Robert Briscoe Assistant Plingipal Assistant Principal H4343-aww iw gf' Q5 MPS 1 ADVISQRS HALL OF FAME N ug ,m,,L A L ,- 'M f'+-f., ' ' Y .. wif J k 'fifff i .'ff'b-f- fi!-if H ' Sfiis- vp in Lififi, 2ffI'fi 2sI:,.,.ggf 'F-'fis smx k 5' , . . K MA . .N . ,115 Zh ,K 5 S g 4 , X , . QM 4 2 ' Vwew ,ff-' was , ea: - 1-miie:-'-:M ww' 4403 I ! C 4 G I ii sa, an I K . 5 S 5 C m u H Mr. Wilhts Mr' . N Mrs. Marlnsek Rogers 5, 19316-'M ik ? A K e xxx? JP Q M Q Q93 Q ,Q e P ,N We Q em M f YM N K 'G Q B as Ps! 3 S ig We 5 ' Q - , FINE ARTS .Af , I 0 f Mrs. Simms Art Alsup - Q A I K':. . 5 Q Band x ,':' n '- ' K A as Aki: i f 1 IX 9' I Mr. -Bell - Chorus f Miss Holderne ENGLISH Our English, teachers are full of knowledge. Of course, they all have been to college. Do you suppose any were Without scruples When they were little grade school pupils? Mrs. Stevens Chadwick jaramillo Of all the actors l D we have known, -:a. V ' ' l iiglif we ,. -V, :suv-wi Who along the glory trail have flown The best, we'll bet, llbn are here right now. Come, English teachers, take a bow! ' , k . 1 of Q ! 'l - 'I x wr' Mrs. 0 ig Welch llllffllirk . 5 W I U fu- . gk 3- .,:- e,ffg,5a, . 7 ff. -V lsls l Mr. llsrl Wllhams X J Mr. Thompson DEPARTMENT HS 5 5 v Caveman, Pharoh, Ind1an ch1ef, :7J4g4 H A Roman minstrel in relief These are a few 6? that make us wonder, , Wh our teachers Y never blunder! N Mr. Hannah ' I M , 'ix - Dr. Buskirk 2? f' Mr. Rarick M. - I Vgarde Q4 ' DEPARTMENT X Indian maiden or Egyptian slave, Victorian lady with a kneeling knave A modern miss enroute to the moon-- Make history study a worthwhile boon! ii 'Zu-5' Keleh a' ' Z ty .,,. yy y g SES g f' 0 o 4 i Y, 0 9 'fr i 9 0 ris it 0 Q A 0 Q C ty Q 1 v B, get Z 1. I t , X 1 X H ff an ' . 'MW Q Gu SCIENCE DEPT. Bubble and burbble In H. R. Tweet and screech simms the scie nee departme nt X There's no mystery for "teaeh." 6 , I I fi f Maxson ' I E V1fg1ll0 E - artmez ' , .--f- n Y E Carleen 'va 0 E e Mm f, - ,, i 1-3 se -. :f.,:,.,, Fred if Renfro 0 4, ,, 4 4 11 1 E H ' ' f. i 4 0 wg Gsm i Q M 4 ,Q . . . M ' Y ei? X 6 . M 2 0 in Q 9 N 5 f A' C Q ...., Ca en -,X e e S M Eee l - V --' .eee E 3 elie e ie 1 E ' Rx , Y by I W . - 4' 'W Y E , 'Q 4 . y I yr' Wi M 1 x W -- ll DEPARTMENT You or I might be Confused By triangles, Squares, And a ballg Frank But our math teachers Reynolds Show us How with ease YI They readily handle them all! 7 8111 S M d T iiti smith 3 ge G h Childre 4419 'll 5 . v,.: , .. i T 0 e Albert ' 'r'i I ii' 7 T T Craig : Q i it ir, T aii . 2'l ' n M r 0 Y Ds' lv. i ls? I one a 5 I johnson l fi ex. Kitty McFa11 Josephine Napoleone Q Q LANGUAGE These Spanish dancers - who could they be? Teachers perhaps - Who shout with glee? I Olei I Ole I DEPARTMENT These talented teachers, As you can see, Take their teaching - 1 , A Il S0 ser1ous y. Komadim f ,f iw , - ,Z ' Rhea fa. f Miner Vli, as 3. N T M H ' 5' .s ' im , ,, Q ww fy, J, N -" ,V teit .. N I 1 T -4 x Nz T 1' 5 sv.""-' fm HGME -t, -4 A Marion Ji Douglas ff 570 mf ECON OMICS Home Ee. is an art. These three teach it well Are the draperies just right? And will the jelly jell? 'A V Rilla t, 0 if Estelle McDevitt COMMERCIAL DEPT. If bookkeeping is a challenge, Typing and filing too. And even shorthand beckons, These are the teachers for you! ?,,, his .Q if Jean 'f-T-:7 K ars K Q Q vs, ','fA , Thois Katherine ,-i i Carmichael ' e I .,.ii. i i E T ' 1 Q 11588 1 f U15 19 9? . duke ii sso,i 2 G? gh --N ,Q Patterson N-Q P. E. DEPARTME M W'A:E' ' Ra Eg.. A nt One, two, three, I Stretch those arms Bend th at knee 'AEE ' On th1s page you w1ll see X . . . V- . . E1ght mstructors 1n P. E. 2222? Katherine Roberts Tony Edward Valdez Garvanian Johnnie Caton Smith juan Mendez 'H rr nw ka-a 5 fare ! f new X 'Mag .. ,.,:R,fs4"e-,r- , if , be ii? In 5 tim eq t, C, Wx , 1 E I 9 f if if F X 1 gy , S2 , Wise I , ek VOCATIO AL Hugh W. M. ' King Wa111ng P21111 5 Bk Lynn X if Lf M Claude Henkle Mandel Peterson 31:99 Coyt Hartline Ti Don Milligan 49N 10' Telephones, records, and typewriters too - JI These occupy our office crew. Jan Busier beavers can't be found, X Evans In patience and courtesy ' they abound. 'V r I K Q Vickie d o Lucero A Ilene ' 'X I Schwab Q X V ' jean X HV 1 t,-if af' 14" '3-X90 9640 X L fl 2"""" 1.2"-" A BOOKWORMS Books, cars, and nursing too - Each does what he has to do. It takes many talents to run our school Individuality is the rule. Juanita Herrera Mildred ZE' Ez' : I gz' if Bfeiland .-a-f 2 a F55 ggi A r , I 4 f 9 Q 5? an 5 w i: rpg 9 .F ,ggirzff-fw Doroth BEING14 as ...f AT AHTSYRSE xiii? Robert f Garret K . Tc OR Y Egger Don Perea -ww: 1283: fy wr ' Q CU STODIANS We are the gang Jenny Rodfiguel With mop, pail, and broom pp Who keep all things clean kk., In each and every room llllel ipilri? W 1.13. olguin 75 p W Q Aaa 2 if p p ' A Ralph Rodriguez iiiil .f P . al l ll i i I' ' H Liberato Carrillo G p X A Ramon Rodriguez c. . G ' R R ff lealh la ,Mft J l ii I ' Canuto Ramirez i.ap 9 o 0 An . in M ' 0 M J I . O Ramon Maestas Victor Juarez ,,.1 the crew CAFE TERIA We are Who cooks all day long Hattie Nobles faculty an d students Keep ing He alt hy and stron g g tii: -... ab ,., ,my .u- 1' ..,,,,, Elma McGowan f May Bushnell 9i?5?22'::i" X 11569. Y E M. 1 X -F's:ff':',v ' .5e,'E:. :- 'Q' A. S Rosamond Seth 'fit JL.. Katherine Gaines im ? " 'B Q J Eva Higgins sl ss J' K as sw f 3 5 I .,, ' -1-,.,2, ., if Nl: -5 . Witt s ns Q ff? l X I ll X Q We Y 'Q .1 121- Ffzztfu vi' 'QW' Qtr?-iw .2 t F W ra ide Q wa ,gs X ,a P l t sw N? Q M gi ,M ,Q Q ,,zM,,,5 Q 59 New .45 1 40 4.39 Margaret Wilson 63 x X A A GUESS WHO! :Q 7 Q I if v ff xx ' R ' ., V X mr n 2 J X l 6, SLULUTS AIN 49 9-IPULID 59? X SUIIUXX 'JW 'S oIULueJef 'SJ X QPWIQA 'JN 'if SWS ' 5 zsiamsuy O J B LLDOG BIG WHEEL 13.5.1 ay CZ BA. are 170 70 AMB Zrb MA. 21.57, J ' ' ij ' as Wag ONE DEGREE 151.267, ' ONE Course, . 1-H+ as W0 oeonees T 5- 'V' CciTlv:ZCS bl' C3 w - 770 coiifggvcigrk XYGQZQ-9 Q17 T reialreientgedjkliyis arcs? ol 0 eac er o . .. ,Po 9 ONE DEGREE Miss Brink Mrs. Buskirk Mr. Caton Mrs. Claridge Mr. Craig Mrs. Crvens Mr. Garvanian Mr. Guerette Mrs. Guerin Mr. Hannah Mr. Hartline Mr. Henkle Mrs. Iaramillo Mr, King Mrs. McDevitt Lt. Mendez Mrs. Miller Mr. Milligan Dr, Buskirk W. Miss Napoleone Mrs. Patterson Mr. Peterson Mr. Reynolds Mrs. Roberts Mrs. Sacks Mr. Simms Mr. Sokoll Miss Trammell Mr. Valdez Mr. Walling IWO DEGREES Mrs. Aldridge Mr. Alsup Mrs. Barnhart Mr. Bell Mrs. Breiland Mr. Briscoe Mrs. Chadwick Miss Childre Mr. Christy Miss Douglas Miss Farnam Mr. Foehr Mr. Garrett Mr. Gooch Mrs. Hefferan Miss johnson Miss Keleher Mrs. Kerkeslager Miss Komadina Miss Marsh Mr. Martinez Mr. Maxson Mrs. Minkin Mrs. Mozee Mr. Rarick Mr. Renfro Mrs. Rodgers Mr. Seese Mr. Smith E. Mr. Smith M. Mrs. Stevens Mr. Thompson Mr. Velarde Mrs. Welch Mr. Lynn Mr. Williams Mrs. McFall Mr. Willits Mr. Marinsek Mr. Wright THREE DEGREES Miss Carmichael Miss Holderness Xix Q-" NW - -....... fi ' JZWQX ! , ,AJQ , f 1 f ft ',,'g"3' Y ' M SENIOR KING AND QUEEN YQ ,Z ? 2 '17 Qlfl ff 5 7 2 CH? 5 ix kj SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AWK, Y o VVXXM 52 I vvvvx -Biff ABEITA, EDNA ABEYTA, CORDELIA ABEYTA, ROBERT ACKERMAN, JOHN AKERS, PATTY .4 ANGUS, ILA APODACA, TOM ARAGON, FRANCES ARAGON, PRISCILLA ARCHULETA, LOUIS ARCHUNDE, MYRNA , ARE LLANO, FRANK ARGUE LLO, FRANK an-li' 'Win' us? ARIAS, DOROTHY ARMIJO, ALVIE 99' ARMIJO, BERTHA ARM1 Jo, BOB i ARMIJO, RUDY ARMI-IO, TERRY ARNOLD, GERALD ATENCIO, PATSY ATLER, JULIET L A AUSTIN, EDWINA AVILA, VERNON BACA, JOHN BACA, MARGARET ...Aww BACA, MARTIN BACA, MARY BACA PATSY BACA, PRISCILLA BACA, ROSE BACA VICKY BACA, WILLIE 'mud -,SY ,JIS BACHICHA, DOLORES BAHDE, ETHEL BAILEY, JACK BATY, J. C. BEAL, RICHARD BEMIS, RALPH BENAVIDEZ, GEORGE BENAVIDEZ, PETE BIFFLE, SHARON BILLIA, KATE BLATTMAN, DICK BONING, SANDRA BOONE, CAROLYN BOOTHE, MAX BRISCOE, ROBERT BROGDON, MARGARET BROWN, IRENE BUSHEE, TERRY BUTTS, DOREEN CAPEL, JAMES CARMONA. CLEMENTE l BRO WN ING, ZANE CARROLL, JOHN CARROLL, MARY LOU CARUTHERS, BONNIE CARVER, SHARON CASARES, NANCY CASAUS, INEZ CASTILLO, LOUISE 'ls CHAVEZ, BARBARA CHAVEZ, BENNY CHAVEZ, ELIZABETH CHAVEZ, FRANKIE CHAVEZ, HARRY cHAvEz, HELEN CIMINO, RONALD CLARK, RUSSELL MA CHAVEZ, ROSIE CHAVEZ, JOE R. CHAVEZ, NINFA CHELF, GLEN CHESTER, TOM COCHRAN, BETTY COHN, LUCY SKFQE: -1-f , , COLE, JUANITA COLLINS, BARBARA COPELAND, MARY ANN COURTNEY MARLENE CRAWFORD, LARRY CORDOVA, ROBERT COMPTON, DON CONTY, MARLA CORFIELD, MELVIN CROSBY, JOYCE CROSBY, JUDY .ad A CROWLEY, MIKE DAVIDSON, DARYL DAVIS, JAMES DAVIS, LINDA DAWKINS, THOMAS DE BLASSIE, ROBERT Q DILLEY, MARY DOHERTY, SHEILA DOMINGUEZ, ALICE DOMINGUEZ, JEANNIE DOMINGUEZ, XVILFRED DUFFY, ROBERT DUNCAN, RUTHIE DUNCAN, SAMUEL DUN LAP, MARILYN DUNWORTH, ANTOINETTE DUPRE, MARJORIE DURAN, BERNICE DURAN, GILBERT EILIOTT, VERONICA auf? ESPINOSA, GILBERT ETHERLY, BERTHA FARLEY, MARY JANE FARMER, ANN -ai, FARRINGTON, JANET FAUST, RAMONDA HW FINDLEY, JAMES EINLEY, ROBERT FLEMING, BARBARA FLETCHER, JUDY FLORENCE, JULIA FOLKNER, JACK FORD, GALE ef ,fr ,f A1 GALLEGOS, CARMELITA GALLEGOS, CORA FREEMAN LAWRENCE , - we Q--M'--'HQ 'CiL'1'r FOX, GRETCHEN FRANCO, ROSALIE ali FRIBERG, SHIRLEY GABALDON ROBERT .,-.4 GALLEGOS, FLORENCE GALLEGOS, MANUEL X' GARCIA, ALBERT GARCIA, ALEX GARCIA, ALICE GARCIA, CARMEL GARCIA, GLORIA ANN GARCIA, GLORIA JEAN K GARCIA, PHYLLIS 'Ol' 'igrfif' 'uf' GARCIA, RICHARD GARCIA, YVONNE I ! 1 5 I 5 S GARDNER, PAUL GARLEY, VIVIAN I f GATLIN, RONALD GEE, TOM GODFREY, KIETH GOMEZ, ALBERT GONZALES, DOLORES GONZALES, GILBERT GILES, JOHN GIRON, MARGARET -M' wwf GOMEZ, FRANCES GONZALES, LELA GONZALES, NANCY GONZALES, STELLA GOODE, JOENE GORDANIER, BEVERLY GOODMAN, MARTHA GOODRICH, DONALD GORDANIER, VIRGINIA GRIEGO, EVANGELINE GUNN, GAYLON GURULE, ELISEO k. GURULE, PATSY ANN GURULE, PATSY K. GUTIERREZ, GILBERT GUTIERREZ, MARY GUTIERREZ, PAUL GUTIERREZ, RAY HARDAGE, HENRY HARRlS, CAROL HARTZ, CLYDE ff'W'!Q- 49? HAUSSAMEN, SHARI HAYNIE, PATSY HEDGES, DON HENSON, RONNIE HERNANDEZ, MARY HERNANDEZ, PAUL kfnffM HERNANDEZ, TONI HERRON, BRUCE HILL, JACKIE vi .idgww ff.-1 HILLMEYER, BILL HINNEN, GLENNA HODGE, LOUISE HODGE, MIKE HOSHOR, BOB HOUSTON, BARBARA HOGERHEIDE, DENNIS HONAKER, JESSICA HONAKER, REYLEA nm Y, WNW' HONAKER, SUSAN -3 HORN, ROBERTA HOWARD, CHERIE HOWSMAN, JOHN HUMMER, MARIE ICENOGLE, ROBERT JACKSON, BARBARA JAMES, CAROL JARAMILLO, CLARA V JARAMILLO, LAMBERT JARAMILLO, MARGARET JENKINS, GERALD JENNINGS, CORA JENSEN, AGNES JENSEN, MATHILDA Q JENSEN, N IELS 10 1-d"'f"'!1" KELLY, JANE JEPSEN, DONNA MAE KELLY, SUSAN JONES, DOUGLAS adv We JOHNSTON, SANDRA JOJOLA, MARGARET JONES, SHARON .xy KELLER, JANET wa? KELSOE, HENRY KEYLON, VERNON KILLOUGH, BONELL KING, JOYCE KING, ORRIN KIRCHER, ANN KOHLER, ALICE A. E J' "'--N..-1' LANDAVAZO, VELMA LANDRUM, DONNA KREAMER, GEORGE LEBBY, NICK LESPERAN CE, ESQUIVEL 'U' wi LACOUR, XVILLJE A 'Emi Missa . . ,A LESPERANCE, MARTHA LEWIS, ROBERT wwwb- fini? LEWIS, ROSELYN LEYBA, GERRY LINDSAY. KATHERINE -sf- wr., LOPEZ, RAY LUCERO, ABELINO if LOPEZ, CARMEN LOPEZ, RAMONA 2 LUCERO, JULIA LUCERO, MARY LOU 5 3 9 Q LUJAN, FRANCES LUJAN, HENRY LUJAN, PATSY LUNA, FRANK .l MADDON, RUTH MADER, JOHN MANG, THOMAS MARIANETTI, PAUL MARINO, ELIZABETH MARQUEZ, MERLINDA MARSHALL, JOYCE If W MARTINEZ, MARY LOU MARTINEZ, MICHAEL 2 NO' ,gunna Gi, MARTINEZ, NORBERT MARTINEZ, PAULINE f""'vq, MARTINEZ, RAYMOND MARTINEZ, ROBERT MAYS, CLAUDIA MCCOY, DANIEL MCDANIELS, LOIS 241 'Ur MCMULLEN, JEANNIE 979' MCNABB, ROBERT MEDLEY, SUE MELTON, MARIE HCV' F MENDEZ, SERGIO METCALF, MARILYN Qui! V IJ, MIERA, ADELINA MIERA, DOUGLAS 1. MITCHELL, STEPHANIE MOGFORD, NONA FAYE MILLER, BARBARA JAN MILLER, BARBARA JOAN MILLER, JACQUE MILLIGAN, RONALD MONDRAGON, FRED MONTIEL, DOLORES wiwfilviffvlzvf- f MH''ii-:,Srisux:I,igbzswiiffseisfiiiigi MINERO, JOE W-f YifQ2is4fi:?f:fm4'2ghEQLw'4TfzsWsvg-1' 311 1 ,ff MONTOYA, BETTY MONTOYA, CARMEN MONTOYA, CLORY MONTOYA, EDDIE MONTOYA, GLORIA MONTOYA, IRENE MONTOYA, RONNIE MOORE, ROBERT MORA, BENERANDA MORA, GLORIA MORA, LORIE .J MORALES, BLAS MORALES, PETE Vw., ,-'fill A MOREE, SHARON MORRIS, SARAH 1-U -ll""9' MOYA, CASTULO MOYA, GEORGE MULLER, DOUGLAS MULLER, NORA NARANJO, BECKY NARANJO, BOBBY NAVARBTTB, ELEANOR NAVARRO, RICHARD NELSON, ELIZABETH NELSON, NETTIE NEWSOME, BILL NICKS, JOHNNY E ...ef NOGALES, MARY HELEN N OLAND, KENNETH 'ini NIETO, MARY ANN NIGGEL, KEITH F X V I "I. ff A NUANES, LUCILLE O'BRIEN, PATRICIA E: YI? 9-'B' OEHMKE, KIRBY OLGUIN, FLORENCIO OLGUIN, Jon ORBAS, RONALD ORTEGA, RITA OTERO, SALLY OWEN, JACKIE OWEN, LINDA OWEN, MARGARET PACE, EDWARD PAGE, DON PETTIFORD, 1015 POHL AMARANTE F ff mips E 2, W -f W L' 3' gig' POINDEXTER WILLIAM IC' QUINTANA, PATSY QUINTERO, AGNES RAMIREZ, LUPE REECE, JOHN REX, LEROY REY, ANTHONY 1 A REYNOLDS, VERTRIECE ' , , A uf-5 NMMZST RICE, HAZEL RICHEY, GEORGE RIOS, THERESA ROBERTS, ELISABETH ROBINSON, EARLINE ROBISON, MARCELLA RODRIGUEZ, FRANK ROESKE, STANLEY ROMERO, ANGIE ROMERO, ARTHUR ROMERO, MARY ANN RUIZ, CLIMACO RUSK, JANELLE 41 RUSSELL, JOYCE RUTHERFORD, KEITH . T RUTHERFORD KENT RYAN, JULIA 2.--in SAAVEDRA, MARIANO 8 ff? x as-Vg - E 44 SAAVEDRA, ROBERTA SAAVEDRA, VICTOR SAFFORD, CAROL SAINE, JOSEPHINE -A SALAS, FLOYD SALAZAR, BENITO SALAZAR, CARLOS SALAZAR, GEORGE SALAZAR, JOE SAMMONS, GILBERT SAMS, CHERIE SANCHEZ, DICKIE SANCHEZ, JESUS 3 SANCHEZ, LAWRENCE J SANCHEZ, LUCKY SANCHEZ, LUCY SANCHEZ, REGINA .ad SATCHES, TERRI SCALES, STEVE SAN DOVAL, PATSY SAN CHEZ, VIRGINIA SANDERS. DONNI SANTIAGO, BOB SANTILLANES, EUGENE SCHAEFFER, SHARON SCOTT, DAVID SEDILLO, FLORA SEDILLO, HELEN SENA, ROSE SERDA, ISIDRO SEDILLO TONY fur' SEDILLO, MERLINDA SEDILLO, SIPRIANO SEGURA, ERNEST SE LIGMAN, MILT SERDA, PATRICK SERNA, TOBY ,I SEWELL, BECKY SEYDEL, SANDRA SHANLEY, CATHERINE SHANNON, MICHAEL ,ff SHOEMAKER, MARCELLA SHORT, PHYLLIS SILVA, REBECCA Ad SIMMS, JUDY SMITH, CHARLES SMITH, DORIS SMITH, RONALD SOLANO, VIVIAN sorol SANDRA STEPHENSON, JUDY 6' L STUBBLE FIELD, MARSHA .2 e iz X SUMNER, JIM SYME, DONNA MAE SPARKS, R. L. STEPHENS, PAT F f' A SUMMERS MAZELL 2 TAFOYA, FRANCES TAUCHE. MARIE B 5 K S 2 wwf' A ' TAVENER, VERONICA TENORIO, MILTON TERRY, JERRY THOMPSON, BEVERLY THOMPSON, JOHN THREADGILL, BILLY TITTMAN, JOHN TOLEDO, ALLEN TORRES, GLORIA TORRES, MARCELLA TORRES, ROSEMARY TORRES, SINESIO TRUJILLO, DAVID TRUJILLO, Jo ANN TRUJILLO, MARY VALDEZ, LEO VANCE, ROBERT VAN JELGERHUIS, JUANITA a VANN, LINDA VARGAS, CONNIE VICKREY, GEORGE VIGIL, ERNEST URM? ,R VIGIL, JOHN VIGIL, MARY VILLARREAL, HILDEBRANDO s WARD, RICHARD WATLAND, SHARON ,' Akdj! VIVIAN, Jon VILLANUEVA, EDWARD VILLARREAL, ABELARDO WALDORF, KAREN WATSON, PATSY WEAVER, RUBY v 2 o S WEST, HERMAN WHISTON, FRANK WILBURN, GEORGE WILLIAMS, DON WILLIAMS, JEANNE A. H. S. Seniors Loyal and True The 59 La Reata Pays homage to you WOLFE, GAY Wooos, RODGER YAPLE, CHARLOTTE YAPLE, W IN FRED ZAMORA, NESTOR ABEITA. EDNA MAE ABEYTA, CORDELIA French Club ABEYTA. ROBERT ACKERMAN. .IOHN Latin Club Band Sports AKERS. PATTY Pepper Club ANAYA. LORETTA Student Council Pepper Club ANGUS, ILA Band Pepper Club Archaeology Club APODACA. MARIANO R. O. T. C. Audio 'Visual Club APODACA. TOM Student Council Safety Council ARAGON. FRANCES Corvetres Tri-Hi-Y Drill Squad Pepper Club G. A. A. Student Council ARAGON, PRISCILLA Pepper Club ARCHIBEUE. DAVID Sports ARCHULETA, IOHNNY ARCHULETA, LOUIS Student Council Safety Council ARCHUNDE. MYRNA ARELLANO, FRANK Track Band Safety Council ARGUELLO. FRANK Band ARIAS. DOROTHY Drill Squad Pepper Club ARMUO. ALVIE Corvettes Tri-Hi-Y Safety Council Pepper Club Counselar's Aide Anti-Lltterbugs lee Skating Club ARMUO, BERTHA Pepper Club Drill Squad Counselor's Aide Bookroom Aide ARMUO. BOB ARMIIO. RUDY Sports ARMUO. TERRY Pan American Club Sec. 'Treasurer Library Aide Pepper Club Drill Sfluad ARNOLD. GERALD ATENCIO. PATSY Class Officer Sec. -Treasurer 2 Pepper Club French Club Debs Tri-Hi'Y Girls' State Alt. Cheerleader "A" B. S. Club ATLER. IULIET Pepper Club Pan American Club Office Aide Drill Squad AUSTIN. EDWINA Corvettes Tri-H.i'Y Chorus AVILA, VERNON Chemistry Club Student Council BACA. IOHN " A" Club Football Student Council BACA. MARGARET Spirit Club Corvette: Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club BACA, MARTIN BACA. MARY Cordellas Tri-Hi'Y President 3 Vice-President 4 Safety Council State Safety Council Treasurer 4 Pepper Club Office Aide Cheerleader "A" 8: "B" BACA. PATSY Deb: Tri-Hi-Y Secretary fl Safety Council lce Skating Club Drill Squad Pepper Club Counselor's Aide Trl'l'li'Y Council Anti-Litterbugs BACA. PRISCILLA G. A. A. Pepper Club Student Council BACA. ROSE Pepper Club Office Aide BACA, VICKY Roller Skating Club G. A. A. Pepper Club BACA. VICTOR Band R. 0. T. C. BACA. WILLIE Sports BACHICHA. DOLORES 'G, A. A, Pepper Club Cordellas Tri-Hl'Y Drill Sf-luad Safety Council BAHDE. ETHEL MAE BAILEY. IACK BATY. I. C. Truck BAUER IOHNNY BEAL, RICHARD N. H. R. A. N. M. T. A. BEMIS. RALPH Science Club Tennis Fiddlin' Feet R. O. T. C. Honor Society Archaeology Club BENAVIDEZ. GEORGE French Club BENAVIDEZ. PETE Track Intramurals Band Backroom Aide BROWNING. ZANE Cordellas Tri-Hi-Y President 4 Pepper Club Dramateens Chorus Drill Slluad IRUCE, ROBERT Latin Club Science Club BUCKHANAN. IACQUELYN BUSHEE. TERRY Basketball BUTTS. DOREEN Booltroom Aide Office Aide Pepper Club Sen Sims Tri-Hl'Y Student Council Vice-President 4 Band R. O. T. C. Queen Girls' State Bulldog Queen Ami. CANDELARIA. MARY CAPEL, IAMES Art Club Safety Club CARMONA. CLEMENTE Arr Club Latin Club J- C. L. Science Club ,Spirit Club CHAVEZ. BENNY CHAVEZ. EDDIE CHAVEZ, ELIZABETH Drill Squad CHAVEZ, FRANKIE CHAVEZ, HARRY F. T. A. CHAVEZ. HELEN CHAVEZ. JOE R. CHAVEZ. IDUIS CHAVEZ, LUCY CHAVEZ. MARCELLA CHAVEZ. NINFA French Club Counselor's Aide Office Aide Anti-Litterbugs Pepper Club CHAVEZ, RAYMOND Boys' State Alt. CHAVEZ. ROSIE Intramurals Latin Club Pepper Club CHELF. GLEN French Club Student Council Photography Club CHESTER, THOMAS Sports CHRISTIANSON. BARBARA ctlvlllto, RONALD Anti-Litterbugs Physics nerriuusrratipu SENIOR ACTIVITIES C Nat. Honor Society ONTY. MARLA IA Reata Assoc. Editor 4 Qc. Club Future Nurses Bookroom Aide Pepper Club P. E. Aide COOMBS. CHARLES COPELAND. MARY ANN C C C C C A Capella Record Ass. . Editor 4 Pepper Club Nat. Honor society Safety Council Adv. Girls' Chorus F. T. A. Girls' State Alt. Junior Escort All State Chorus ORDOVA, ROBERT ORDREY. OREN ORFIELD, MELVIN " A" Club Band Audio-Visual Football ltlariager Orchestra OURTNEY, MARLENE Pepper Club Counselor's Aide Adv. Girls' Chorus RAWFORD. LARRY Billy BIFFLE, SHARON Dramateens Yucca Art Club Pepper Club Office Aide BILLIA. KATE Pepper Club Anti-Litterbugs BLATTMAN. DICK Tennis "A" Club French Club Latin Club Ins Hermanos Hi'Y BONLNG, SANDRA Rodeo Club Ser. -Treasurer 4 BOONE, CAROLYN Pepper Club Drill Squad Drill Captain 4 Ice Skating Club Class Officer Sec. -Treasurer 4 BOOTHE. MAX Science Club BRISCOE. ROBERT Football Rodeo Club Chevaliers Hi'Y BROGDON. MARGARET BROWN. IRENE Orchestra SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Carolyn Archaeology Club Pan-American Club CARROLL. IOHN latin Club Vice-President 3 Dramateenr sgt. at Arms 4 Chevaliers Hl'Y Track Boys' State CARROLL. MARY LOU French Club Pepper Club Student Council CARUTHERS, BONNIE CARVER, SHARON I2 Reata Pepper Club latin Club Roller Skating Club CASARES, NANCY Pepper Club Drill Squad CASAUS, INEZ F. T. A. CASTILLO, LOUISE Dramateens A Capella Debi Tri-Hi'-Y Speech Club President 4 CHAVEZ, ARTHUR CHAVEZ. BARBARA Orchestra CLARK, RUSSELL CLINGAN. NEAL COCHRAN, BETTY COHN, LUCY Pepper Club spirit Club President 4 G. A. A. Cordellas Tri-Hi-Y Pan American Club Drill Squad Office Aide COLE. .IUANITA French Club Pepper Club Student Council COLLINS, BARBARA Student Council Cordellas Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 2 Vice -President 4 Pepper Club lee skating Club P. E. Aide G. A. A. D. E. C. A. spirit Club seeretary 4 COMPTON. DON Chemistry Dem. Team President 4 German Club President 4 Bays' State Fred CROSBY. IOYCE Future Nurses Club Drill Squad CROSBY. IUDY Drill Squad Pepper Club Future Nurses Club lce Skating Club Art Club CROWLEY, MIKE Swimming Team "A" Club French Club Student Council Safety Council DAVIDSON. DARYL Track DAVIS. ANNIE MARY DAVIS, IAMES R. O. T. C. Safety Council Record DAVIS. LINDA Future Nurses Club Chorus Pepper Club Dramateens DAWKINS. THOMAS Band DE BLASSIE. ROBBIT Band Chemistry Club Safety Council DILLEY. MARY Debt Tri'Hi-Y Future Nurses Club Pepper Club Office Aide DOHERTY, SHEILA Debs Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club Mixed Chorus Art Club la Reata Counselor's Aide DOMINGUEZ. ALICE Pepper Club DOMINGUEZ, ANNIE Pepper Club Tri-Hi-Y Pan American Club DOMINGUEZ. GLORIA DOMINGUEZ. IEANNIE wlajurette Head 4 Student Council Pan American Club DOMINGUEZ, WILFRED DUFFY. ROBERT Science Club DUNCAN. RUTHIE Library Aide A Capella Adv. Girls' Chorus DUNCAN. SAMUEL Safety Council Audio-Visual DUNLAP. MARILYN Band Pepper Club Eccentric Electrons Drarrlateens Nat. l-leripr speiety Girls' State Alt. Iunior Escort DUNWORTH. ANTOINETTE Pepper Club Student Council Spirit Club Corvettes Tri-Hi'Y DUPRE. MAIORIE G. A A. French Club Safety Council Nutse's Aide Radio Club Pepper Club DURAN. BERNICE D. E. C. A. Pepper Club French Club DURAN, GILBERT ELLIOTT. VERONICA Pepper Club Safety Council ESPINOSA. GILBERT Baseball ETHERLY. BERTHA FARLEY, MARY JANE FARMER, ANN Dramateens French Club Latin Club Student Council FARRINGTON. IANET Dramateens Pepper Club Debs Tri-Hi-Y Record Queen's Court FAUST, RAMONDA Pepper Club Bookroom Aide FINDLEY. IAMES Math Award III FINLEY, ROBERT Los Herrllanos Hi'Y Student Council FLEMING. BARBARA FLETCHER. IUDY Tri -Hi-Y G. A. A Future Nurses Club Advanced Chorus Speech Club FLORENCE. IULIA FLORES, MICHAEL FOLKNER. JACK O. N. C. O. Club Archaeology seeiery Museum Staff Fiddlin' Feet President 3 FON5. JAMES FORD. GALE Student Council Glee Club Fox. GRETCHEN Nat. Honor Society Debs Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club Dramateens FRANCO. ROSALIE Pepper Club Drill Sf-lua i FREEMAN. LAWRENCE National Math Award State Math Award Audio'Visual Club FRIBERG. SHIRLEY Counselor's Aide Backroom Aide Pepper Club La Reata Debs Tri-Hi-Y sgr. at Arms 3 D. E. C. A. FUENTES. GRACEN Basketball Baseball Chevaliers Hi-Y GABALDON, AGNES Pepper Club GABALDON, ROBERT Boys' State GALLEGOS, CARMELITA Nurse's Aide GALLEGOS, CORA GALLEGOS. FLORENCE State Student Council Student Council Pepper Club Nurse's Aide Corvettes Tri-Hi-Y Vice-President 4 GALLEGOS. .IULIAN GALLEGOS, MANUEL R. 0. T. C. GARCIA, ALBERT GARCIA, ALEX "A" Club Sports Los Hermanos Hi-Y Safety Council GARCIA, ALICE Cordellas Tri'Hi-Y GARCIA, CARMEL GARCIA, DAVID Sports GARCIA. GLORIA ANN Adv. Chorus Safety Council Pepper Club Corvettes Tri-Hi-Y D. E. C. A. Treasurer 4 GARCIA. GLORIA JEAN GARCIA. PHYLLIS Pepper Club Drill Squad Pan American Club G. A. A. GARCIA, RICHARD French Club GARCIA, YVONNE Girls' State Student Council Youth Council Drill Squad Speech Club Sen Sims Trl-Hi-Y President 3 Tri-Hi-Y Council Vice-President 3, 4 Cheerleader "A" 8e "B" GARDNER. PAUL Orchestra Speech Club wrerrllup GARLEY. VIVIAN Student Council Drill Squad Chorus Pepper Club Corvettes Tri-Hi-Y GARZA, HERMAN GATLIN, RONALD Boys' State crremrrrry Club Archaeology Club latin Club Dramateens GEE, TOM Student Council GILES, JOHN Boys' State Dramateens GIRON, MARGARET Pepper Club French Club Drill Squad GIVENS, CALVIN Band Football GLASSON. ARTHUR GODFREY, KIETH GOMEZ, ALBERT Basketball GOMEZ. FRANCES Student Council Safety Council C0unsaeIor's Aide Library Aide Pepper Club Drill Squad G. A. A. GONZALES, DOLORES G. A. A. GONZALES, GILBERT R. O. T. C. French Club GONZALES, LELA Pepper Club Drill Squad lee Skating Club Roller slrarlrrg Club Bookroom Aide GONZALES. NANCY G. A. A. Anti-Lltterbugs Drill Squad Pepper Club GONZALES, ONECIMO GONZALES, STELLA Pepper Club orlll Squad GOODE. JOENE Girls' State Alt. Dramateens Pepper Club Speech Club Art Club Rodeo Club Silver Saddles GOODMAN. MARTHA Student Council Latin Club Ski Club Dramateens Sen Sims Tri-Hi'Y Treasurer 4 GOODRICH. DONALD Student Council Science Club GORDANIER, BEVERLY La Reata Asst. Editor 3 C0'Editor 4 Pepper Club G. G. Club GORDANIER, Vl.RGI.NIA La Reata Asst. Editor 3 Co-Editor 4 Nat. Honor Society Pepper Club G. G, Club GRIEGO, EVANGELINE Pepper Club Band Roller Skating Club Cordellas Tri-Hi-Y GRIEGO, FRANK GRIEGO, SENAIDA French Club Pepper Club Drill Squad GRINSTEAD, NEDRA Astronomy Club Pepper Club Nurse'r Aide Office Aide GROHE, KATY Student Council Eccentric Electrons Nat. Honor Society Girls' State Debs Tri-Hi'Y Secretary 3.4 GUNN, GAYLON French Club History Club Sec. , Treasurer 3 Drlll Squad Office Aide ice Skating Club GURULE, ELISEO Latin Club Astronomy Club GURULE. GUADALUPE GURULE, PATSY ANN Pepper Club G. A. A. GURULE, PATSY French Club Pepper Club Bookroom Aide D. E. C. A. GUTIERREZ. BOBBY Basketball Baseball GUTIERREZ. GILBERT , Football Track Student Council GUTIERREZ, MARY ' intramurals Pepper Club GUTIERREZ, PAUL GUTIEIREZ. RAY Baseball Football "A" Club HARDAGE. HENRY Science Club 0. N. C. O. R. O. T. C. HARDY. ALBERT HARRIS. CAROL Dramateens Orchestra HARTZ. CLYDE HAUSSAMEN, SHARI Cordellas Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer 4 Student Council Orchestra Pepper Club Band HAYNIE, PATSY Pepper Club Debs Tri-Hi-Y Band Speech Club lce Skating Club HEDGES. DON HENSON, RONNIE Flddlln' Feet Safety Council HERNANDEZ, HENRY HELNANDEZ. MARY HEINANDEZ, PAUL Intramurals HERNANDEZ. TONI Pepper Club Cotvettes HERRON. BRUCE Astronomy Club Boys' State La Reata HILL. JACKIE Yucca Co-Editor 4 French Club Latin Club Dramateens Nat. Honor Society Girls' State HILLMEYER, BILL Band HINNEN, GLENNA Pepper Club French Club Dramateens Bookroom Aide Intramurals Majorette HODGE. LOUISE HODGE, MIKE Safety Council Sports D. E. C. A. N. C. O. Club HOGERHEIDE. DENNIS Football Safety Council HONAKHI, IESSICA Record Roller Skating Club Chorus Dramateens HONAKER, REYLEA Pepper Club HONAKH1, SUSAN Orchestra Dramateens HORN, ROBERTA Science Club Library Aide HOSHOR, BOB Sports Safety Council HOUSTON, BARBARA lce Skating Club History Club Drill Squad Pepper Club la Reata G. G. Club HOWARD, CHERIE Science Club President 2. 3, 4 Latin Club Praetor 3,4 La Reata HOWSMAN, JOHN Rodeo Club HUMMER. MARIE ICENOGLE, ROBERT JACKSON, BARBARA JAIME, JOE Football Basketball JAMES, CAROL Ice Skating Future Nurses Bookroom Aide Pepper Club JARAMILLO. CLARA Pepper Club Corvettes Trl-Hi-Y Nurse's Aide Anti-Lltterbugs JARAMILLO, LAMBERT JARAMILLO. MARGARET Pepper Club Pan American Secretary 2,3 e Vice'Pres. 4 Corvette: Drlll Squad spirlr Club Treasurer 4 JARAMILLO. ROBERT JENKINS, GERALD Track Tumbling IENNLNGS. CCHA JENSEN. AGNES Pepper Club JENSEN. MATHILDA Student Council Safety Council Pepper Club Drlll Squad Cheerleader "B" JENSEN, NEILS R. O. T. C. Auto Mechanics Sports IEPSEN. DONNA MAE Chorus Intramurals G. A. A. JOHNSTON. SANDRA Dramateens Pepper Club Office Aide All Club La Ruta JOIOLA, MARGARET French Club JONES. BARBARA IONES, BERRY ANN JONB. CONNIE JONES, DOUGLAS Dramateens Safety Council JONES, SHARON Pepper Club Speech Club Dramateens Chemistry Dem. Team KELLER. IANET Student Council Bowling Club Roller Skating Club Pepper Club P. E. Aide Library Aide KELLY. JANE KELLY , SUSAN KELSOE, HENRY A. V. Club Safety Council KEYLON. VERNON Band Intramurals KILLOUGH. BONELL KING. JOYCE Chorus Pepper Club Cordellas Trl-Hi-Y Drill Squad KING. ORRIN KIRCHER, ANN Sen Sims Trl'Hi'Y Chaplain 3,4 Safety Council Sec. -Treas. 4 Pepper Club Drill Squad Dist. Safety Council Secretary 4 Color Guard Youth Council B. S. Club French Club Latin Club Aedile 2 KOHLER. ALICE KRAUSS. NAN Speech Club Chemistry Dem. Team KREAMHI. GEORGE LACOUR. WILLIE A Capella Science Club Chorus LANDAVAZO. VELMA LANDRUM. DONNA Chorus Pepper Club Corvettes LEBBY. NICK "A" Club Football LESPERANCE. ESEUIVEL IESPERANCE. MARTHA Safety Council Student Council Pepper Club Class Officer Sophomore Trl-Hl'Y LESPERANCE, PAUL LEWIS. ROBERT Boys' State Alt, LEWIS. ROSELYN Pan American Club Cordellax Tri-Hi-Y D. E. C. A. LEYBA. GERRY Pepper Club Drill Squad Pan American Club LINDSAY. KATHERINE Deb: TrI'l"li'Y Dramateens Pepper Club IDPEZ, CARMEN Student Council LOPEZ, RAMONA Pepper Club LOPEZ, RAY Sports IDPEZ, RAYMOND Valvelifters Sports LOPEZ. REYNALDO Sports LOVATO, FAUSTIN Basketball Golf LUCERO, ABELINO Wrestling Pentathlon LUCERO. JULIA LUCERO, MARY LOU Bookroom Aide LUJAN. FRANCES Pepper Club French Club ice Skating Club Corvettex LUJAN. HENRY Intramurals LUIAN. JOHNNY LUJAN. PATSY Pepper Club LUJANr ROSENDO LUNA. FRANK Anti-Lirterbugs Band MADDON. RUTH Record Student Council Pepper Club Fiddlin' Feet Secretary 2 Girls' State Nom. K. A. N. W. MADER. IOHN "A" Club MANG. TOM MARIANETTI. PAUL Astronomy Club Arrri-unerlaugs Dramateens Record Audio-Visual MARINO, ELIZABETH Pepper Club Rodeo Club MARQUEZ. MERLINDA MARSHALL, JOYCE nrlll Squad Sen Sims Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club MARTIN, EILEEN Pepper Club Debs Tri-Hi -Y French Club Girls' Slate Alt. lunior Escort Drill Squad office Aide Student Council Safety Council F. T. A. Dramateens Science Club Flddlin' Feet Speech Club Vice-President Nat, Honor Society MARTINEZ, ANNETTE MARTINEZ, AURELIA Cotvettes Tri-Hi-Y Pepper club G. A. A. MARTLNEZ, BETTY IO Pepper Club Safety Council D. E. C. A. MARTINEZ, BETTY LOU Pepper Club Safety Council MARTINEZ, DELORA Pepper Club MARTINEZ. FREDDIE MARTINEZ, GLORIA G. A. A. Pepper Club MARTINEZ, JIMMY Student Council lntramurals MART INEZ. LYDLA Chorus MARTINEZ, MARY LOU MARTINEZ, MICHAEL Science Club Chemistry Club Chemistry Dem. Team MARTINEZ, NORBERT MARTINEZ, PAULLNE G. A. A. Pepper Club MARTINEZ, RAYMOND Sports MARTINEZ. ROBEQT "A" Club Football ins Hermanos Hi-Y MARTINEZ, ROLAND MARTLNEZ, RUDY MAYS, CLAUDIA Library Aide Pllrrpry Club MCCOY. DANIEL Anthropology Club MCDANIELS, LOIS Chorus Yucca Staff . MCMULLEN. JEANNIE F. T. A, Office Aide MCNABB, ROBERT MEDLEY. SUE Trl-Hl'Y , Bookroom Aide MELTON, MARIE La Reata Student Council MENDEZ, SERGIO D. E. C. A, METCAIF. MARILYN Art Club V President 4 la Reata MEYEL JOHN MICHELBACK. CARMEN NIIERA, ADELINA Pepper Club ice Skating Club Drill Squad Chorus MIERA, DOUGLAS MILLER, BARBARA JAN Student Council MILLER, BARBARA JOAN Student Council Dramateens Archaeology Soc. Band Office Aide MILLER, JACQUE Science Club Rodeo Club Latin Club "A" Club Swimming Football Boys' State MILLIGAN. RONALD Orchestra Latin Club Astronomy Club Vice-Pres. 3 Dramateens Safety Council MINERO. JOE Sports "A" Club Los Hermanos Hi'Y MITCHELL. STEPHANIE G.G. Club Sen Sims Trl-Hi-Y Vice-President 3 President 4 Nat. Honor Society Student Council Safety Council Tri'Hi-Y Council Pepper Club Drill Squad Dramateens Latin Club French Club Color Guard Cantata La Renta Assoc. Editor 4 Class Officer Sec. , Treas. 3 Girls' State CUunselor's Aide Alb. Youth Council Queen's Court MITCHELL, WILLIE Sports MOGFORD. NDNA FAYE German Club Nurse's Aide MONDRAGON. FRED Dramateens Vice-President 4 Astronomy Club Sec. . Treas. 3 Nat. Honor Society Boys' State latin Club History Club Class Officer Vice-President 3 President 4 MONTIEL. DOLORES MONTOYA, ARTHUR MUNTOYA. BETTY JIINE Drill Squad History Club French Club MONTOYA, CARMEN MONTOYA. CLORY MONTOYA. EDDIE Sports MONTOYA. GLORIA Pepper Club G. A. A. MONTOYA, IRENE G. A. A. Chorus MONTOYA. RONNIE Track bos Hermanos Hi-Y Spirit Club MONTOYA. TONY MOORE, ROBERT MORA. BENERANDA Nat. Honor Soc Vice-Pres, 4 Science Club Secretary 2 Chorus Dramateens sec. -Treas. 4 Record Editor 4 Eccentric Electrons A Capella Choir Girls' State Operetta MDRA. GLORIA Nat, Honor Soc. Archaeology Club Corvettes Girls' State Alt. Pepper Club Student Council Record MORA, LORIE Drlll Squad MORALES. BLAS Art Club Intramurals Swimming MORALES. PETE Sports MOREE, SHARON Cheerleader "B" Dramateens Science Dem. Team Sen Sims Tri-l-li-Y Treasurer 3 Speech Club Safety Council Pepper Club BS. Club Queen Queen's Court Science Fair Alt. lunior Escort MORRIS, SARAH Dramateens Student Council Nurse's Aide Band Chorus Pepper Club Archaeology see. Queen's Court MOYA. CASTULO Astronomy Club Skating Club MOYA, GEORGE MUELLER. JAMES MULLER, DOUGLAS Track IJ Reata MULLER. NORA Drill Squad Pepper Club Dramateens Cordellas MYERS. ROGER NARANJO, EECKY Anti-Litterbugs NARANJO, BOBBY NAVARETTE, ELEANOR Drill Squad Pepper Club Student Council Anti-Litterbugs NAVARRO, RICHARD Los Herrnanos Hi-Y NELSON, ELIZABETH G. A. A. Vice-President 3 President 4 La Reata Business Man. 4 Pepper Club History Club G. G. Club NELSON, NETTIE Student Cnuncil Archaeology sore. Pepper Club Rodeo Club Queen's Court NEWSOME, BILL Record R. O. T. C. Captain 3 Chorus Nat. Honor Soc. Dramareens Boys' Stare NICKS. JOHNNY "A" Club Student Council President 4 Nat. Honor Soc. President 4 Dramateens sgr. at Arms a Class President Sophomore Junior K. A. N. W. NIETO. LOLITA NIETO, MARY ANN NIGGEL, KEITH D. E. C. A. NOGALES. MARY HELEN Safety Council Student Council Record Corvettes Tri'Hi'Y Council Rep. 3 President 4 Bulldog Queen NOLAND, KENNETH Track NUANES, LUCILLE Pepper Club Drill Squad Anti-Litterbugs Library Aide O'BRIEN, PATRICIA La Reata Pepper Club lunior Escnrl French Club spirit Club OEHMKE. KIRBY Science Club Audio-Visual -OIIGUI-N, FLQRENC IO OIGUIN. JOE ORBAS. RONALD Student Council ORTEGA, RITA Pepper Club ORTIZ. TOBY OTERO. SALLY Pepper Club Office Aide Drill Squad Pan American Club Safety Council owen, JACKIE Band History Club latin Club OWEN, LINDA History Club OWEN. MARGARET Cordellas Drill Squad Student Council Girls' Swimming Safety Council A Capella crioir Dramateens PACE, EDWARD Football PACE. MARY KATHERINE Bowling Club lee Skating Club Pepper Club Nar. Honor Society Junior Escort Fiddlin' Feet PAGE. DONALD Football Hi'Y PALLADINO, BILL Sports PARRA. ALBEIT Baseball "A" Club Bowling Club PENROSE, DONNA G. A, A. ice Skating Club Dramateens Student Council PEREA. CONNIE Pepper Club G. A. A. PBIEA, FRANK "A" Club Wrestling Student Council R. O. T. C. PETTLFORD. JOE Record lhlsiness Mgr. 4 Dramateens Chorus History Club POHL, ALAMI French Club POHL, AMARANTE POINDEXTER, WILLIAM Band POLLOCK. ANJEL Pepper Club Pan American Club Drill Squad PROCTOR, lim Chorus PURCELLA, FRANCES QUINTANA. FRANK QUINTANA. PATSY Pepper Club Art Club G. A. A, QUINTERO. AGNES Drill Squad G. A. A. RAEL. JOHN RAMIREZ, HELEN RAMIREZ. LARRY RAMIREZ, LUPE Pepper Club Corveries RANDALL. CAROL REECE. JOHN "A" Club Swimming Student Council Science Club Hi'Y REX. LEROY REY, ANTHONY REYNOLDS. PAUL RICE, HAZEL G. A. A. RICHEY, GEORGE Safety Council French Club RIOS, THERESA Pepper Club French Club Dramateens ROBERTS. ELISA BETH Record Library Club Band Orchestra F. T, A. ROBINSON, EARLINE Pepper Club Anti-Litrerbugs Student Council Safety Council ROBINSON. MARCELLA Band French Club Rodeo Club Debs Tri-HI-Y Pepper Club Dramateens ROCKOS, RONNIE RODRIGUEZ, FRANK J. Football Student Council Safety Councll ROESKE. STANLEY Safety Council Nas. l-tenor sselery ROMERO, ANGIE Student Council Safety council' Drill Squad Skating Club Bookroom Aide Corvettes ROMERO, ARTHUR wrestling Safety Council French Club Penrathlon ROMEIO. BENNIE ROMEO. DOLORES ROMERO. DOROTHY Pepper Club Boukroolrl Aide Ice Skating Club Drill Squad ROMERO. MARY ANN Science Club Pepper Club ROMEIO. RICHARD Basketball Track ROMDRO. RICHARD RAY ROSS, LARRY Band Captain ROYBAL. ALFREDO Basketball Track Chevaliers RUGGLES. MILLICENT Sen Sims Pepper Club Fiddlin' Feet Speech Club loe Skating Club A Capella Choir RUIZ, CLIMACO RUSK. JANELLE Pepper Club Band Secretary 4 Safety Council RUSSELL. JOYCE G. A. A. Pepper Club Astronomy Club Science Club Library Aide Art Club RUTHERFORD, KEITH Basketball RUTHERFORD. KENT Basketball "A" Club RYAN. IULIA Dramaleens Pepper Club Sen Sims Safety Council Physics Dem. Team SAAVEDRA, MARIANO SAAVEDRA. ROBERTA Pepper Club SAAVEDRA. VICTOR SAFFORD, CAROL SAINE. JOSEPHINE Pepper Club Drill Squad French Club SALAS. FLOYD SALAZAR. BENITO Moon Watch Team R O. T. C. SALAZAR. CARLOS Los Herrrtanos Football Track SALAZAR. GEORGE SALAZAR. JOE Baseball safety Council SALAZAR, JOE P. Moon watch Team SAMMONS. GILBERT SAMS, CHERIE Arr Club Dramateens Pepper Club SANCHEZ. BECKY SANCHEZ. DICKIE SANCHEZ, JESUS SANCHEZ. LAWRENCE D E. C. A. Track SANCHEZ, LUCKY French Club D E C, A. SANCHEZ. LUCY Dramateens SANCHEZ. ORLANDO SANCHEZ. REGINA SANCHEZ, VIRGINIA Chorus SANDERS. DONNI Cheerleader "A" Debs Tri-Hi'Y Rodeo Club Pepper Club Safety Council Dramateens SANDOVAI., PATSY Pepper Club Tri-HI-Y Student Council B. S. Club Junior Escort D. E. C. A. SANTIAGO, BOB Football Track "A" Club Vice-President 4 box Hermanos Hi-Y President 4 SANTILLANES, EUGENE Football SATCHES. MARIE French Club Pan American Club Chorus SCALES, STEVE Intramurals Archaeology Soc. Safety Council SCHAEFER. SHARON SCHULA. JOSEPH Record Sports Editor 3 SCOTT, DAVID Nat. Honor Society Science Club Eccentric Electrons Boys' Stare SEDILLO. FLORA Pepper Club Bookroolrl Aide D, E. C. A. SEDILLO. HELEN Pepper Club Office Aide French Club SEDILLO. MERLINDA Pepper Club Corvettes Pan American Club Drill Squad lee Skating Club splrlr Club SEDILLO. SIPRIANO SEDILLO. TONY Pan American Club SEGURA, ERNEST SELIGMAN. MILT SENA, ROSE ANN SENA, VIOLA SEQDA. ISIDRO Student Council SERDA. PATRICK SERNA, TOBY Art Club Dramateens SEWELL. BECKY Student Council Nat. l-lonor Society seererary 4 Debs Tri-Hi'Y Chaplain 2,3 Art Club Science Club A Capella chair Office Aide Dramareens Latin Club President 2, 3 Pepper Club Opererla Girls' State Girls' Nation rl SEYDEL. SANDRA History Club Rodeo Club Roller Skating Club SHANLEY, CATHERINE Pepper Club SHANNON, MICHAEL Archaeology Soc. President a SHOEMAKER, Marcella Drill Squad lunior Escort SHORT. PHYLLIS Cheerleader "A" Head Sen Sims TrieHi-Y Pepper Club Student Council Latin Club Drill Squad Student Affairs French Club B. S. Club Junior Escort Girls' State Alt. SHURTER. SUZANNE Pepper Club Dramateens Latin Club Safety Council SILVA. REBECCA Drill Squad Pepper Club SIMMS. JUDY Band Rodeo Club SMITH. CHARLES Audio-Visual Safety Council Wrestling SMITH, DORIS Band llnifnrm sgr. Safety Council SMITH. RONALD Track R. O. T. C. SOLANO. VIVIAN Band SOTO. SANDRA Y T Sen Sims Trial-ll-Y Pan American Club Pepper Club Dramateens Student Council Queen's Court SPARKS, R. L. Track Basketball Football R. O. T. C. STEPHENS. PAT Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club Office Aide Drill Squad Student Council Ice Skating Club G. A. A, Intramurals Pan American Club President 4 STEPHENSON. IUDY French Club Drill Squad Color Guard Girls' State Alt. Debs Tri-Hi-Y President 4 Office Aide Junior Escort speeen Club Youth Council Commissioner Student Council District Council Pepper Club President 4 Girls Swimming Cheerleader "B" Queen's Court STUBBLEFIELD, MARSHA Student Council Pepper Club Chorus Band Debs Tri'Hi-Y SUMMEIS. MAZELLE Drill Squad latin Club Pepper Club Safety Council SUMNER. JIM Latin Club Rodeo Club SWAN. GLORIA Pepper Club French Club Nurse's Aide SYME. DONNA Astronomy Club History Club A Capella Art Club Chorus TAFOYA, FRANCES Nurse's Aide Drill Squad TAUCHE, Marlin sand Pepper Club French Club Archaeology see. TAVENER. VERONICA Yucca Co-Editor 4 Safety Council Debs Tri-Hi-Y Girls' State Art Club Latin Club Dramateens President 4 Nat. Honor Soc. Science Club A Capella Choir Adv. Girls Chorus Pepper Club TENORIO. ,JOE TENORIO, MILTON TERRY. JERRY THOMPSON. BEVERLY Safety Council President 4 Pepper Club Vice'Pres. 4 Sell Sims Tri'Hi'Y Vice-Pres. 4 Record Assoc. Editor 4 lunior Escort Drill Squad Office Aide Dramateens Bulldog Queen Arr. THOMPSON. ,IOHN D. E. C. A. THREADGILL. BILLY Student Council safery couneil sgr. at Amis 4 Dramateens Band Boys' State Spirit Club Class Officer Vice -Pres. 4 TITTMAN. IOHN Tennis French Club Science Club Latin Club TOLBERT. GAYLE Rodeo Club Y Stfiiffiie Club Pepper Club TOLEDO. ALLEN Latin Club R. O. T. C. TONKIN. NANCY Pepper Club Drill Squad Sen Sims Tri'Hi'Y Secretary 4 French Club TORRES, GLORIA Corvettes G. A. A. Pepper Club Safety Council Intramurals French Club TORRES, MARCELLA Pepper Club French Club Corvetres TORRES, ROSEMARY Pepper Club TORRES, SINESIO Wrestling Archaeology Soc. Vice-Pres. "A" Club TRUJILLO, DAVID Band TRUIILLO, IO ANN Youth Council Pepper Club Tri-Hi-Y Drill Squad D. IL C. A. TRUIILLO. MARY Drill Squad Nurse's Aide VALDEZ, LEO La Reata VALDEZ, PRISCILLA VANCE, ROBERT Football Track Wrestling Los Hermanos Student Council "A" Club VAN JELGEIHUIS. JUANITA G. A. A. President 3 Safety Council Student Council Intramurals VANN, LINDA Pepper Club sec. -Treat. 4 Dramateens Sen Sims Trl-l-'ll-Y Parllamentarian Drill Squad Junior Escort VARGAS. CONNIE VICKREY, GEORGE Swimming VIGIL. ERNEST Band Valve Lifter: VIGIL. JOHN Art Club VIGIL. MARY ANN Pepper Club lce Skating Club Corvette: Pan American Club Bcokroom Aide Drill Squad Student Council VILLANUEVA. EDWARD Football Student Council VILLARREAL, ABELARDO K. A. N. W. Student Council VILLARREAL. HILDEBRANDO VIVIAN. JOE 'A' Club President Hi'Y Football wrestling Student Council Youth Council Boys' State WALDORF, KAREN Nat. Honor soelery Orchestra Band Girls' Stare All State Band WARD, RICHARD Swimming WATLAND. SHARON Debs Tri-Hi'Y Student Council Safety Council WATSON. PATSY G. A. A. Intramurals Pepper Club G. G. Club WEAVER. RUBY Di-lll Squad safety Council Dramateenr Deb: Trl-HI-Y Operetta Pepper Club Queen's Court WEST, HERMAN Student Council Track D . E . C. A. WHISTON, FRANK R. WILLBURN. GEORGE Football Manager Baseball Manager Wrestling Radio Club Fiddlin' Feet Safety Council "A" Club WILLIAMS, DON Rodeo Club WILLIAMS, IEANNE Cantata Band Orchestra Book Room Aide Latin Club A Capella Choir Student Council F. T . A. Nan. l-loner Society Treasurer 3, 4 Youth Symphony WOLFE. GAY WOODS, ROGER French Club Wrestling Ice Skating Club Boys' State Nom. WRIGHT. BILLY Band sgl. 3.4 YAPLE, CHARIDTTE Drill Squad History Club La Reata Pepper Club Ice Skating Club G.G. Club YAPLE, WINFRED ZAMORA. NESTDR Student Council ZAMORA, ROSIE Q o O 6, A ,J og 15 . ,,, 1 ... S J UNIORS QM egg S9 M s l 10 '0vfQ1fnm1v'!9 M. AMX, f Q 005111 NWX . .lfggg5311g X, R EJESEQJRINCESS PRINC A- MF V Mm Q A JN WW JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS WW1 Q V144 Uh 4 .LS I '1 15309 'Nr Sp! J! Nadine Gallegos Vice-Pres. B., wx ws - 'M 'SW Almond, Mac Anaya, Tommy Aragon, Lillian Aragon, Martha Aragon, Olivia Archuleta, Rudolph Armijo, Lorraine Armijo, Louis Armstrong, Juanita Armstrong, Leonard Baca, james Baca, Priscilla W 7 lrs1-1l. - an r . Hr. up Brooks, Donald Bruce, Robert Bruskas, jimmy Buckner, Jane Burnett, Eva Burris, Lorea Candelaria, Silviano Cano, Edwina Carreathers, Shirley Carrillo, Marie Cassetti, Catherine Castillo, Tom Cervantes, Patricia Chavez, Alex Chacon, Robert Chavez,fAlice A. H. S. Twins Chavez, David Chavez, Ida. Chavez, Juanita Chavez, Mary Ellen Chavez, Oriol Chavez, Pauline Chavez, Rosalie Chavez, Rosanne Chelf, Brenda Chester, Carol Clark, Carolyn Cobos, Helene wmiruv- fs:1,fs i..:f.41-u su lr - ,,:f,,f .Munswmwmwqww1iA L',-- an mqflfnwfufxy mswewimwzlsw-.Wm my-fa, an-:null-naman-un1l Cockroft, Kay Cohn, johnny Cole, Ernest Covert, Irene Daves, Jimmie Davis, john De Blassie, Helen Derryberry, Connie Dilley, Bertha Duran, Theresa Eitzen, Donald Elliott, Sandra 'Q-559' 'nal' Even, Carol Finch, Eugene Finch, Wesley Flores, Charlotte BOOKCOVER SALE :gf Flores, Frank Franks, Kathy Freeman, Donald Freeman, Ronald Fults, james Furry, Ronald Gallegos, Harold B. Gallegos, Mary Gallegos, Mary Gallegos, Nadine Gammon, Nancy Garcia, Barbara -L7-Mevs,m,1i,., ,W of l 5 Garcia, Clara Garcia, David Garcia, j0S6ph Garcia, juanita Garcia, Patsy Garcia, Polo Garcia, Priscilla Geil, Vickie Ann Gilbert, Ronnie Gillum, Jimmie Gonzales, jack john Gonzales, johnny M I V man' Gonzales, Mary Helen , ,V 3 M , fi:-f N Q Graham, Kay I Wwd? REGISTRATION DAY Gonzales, Pauline Griego, Bea Griego, Ernest Gregory, Robert Gutierrez, Irene Guiterrez, Raymond Gurule, Cecilia Hall, Kenneth Harris, Frances Hay, Daisy Ellen Hengst, Mary Hibbg, Susan Hidalgo, Charles G. Hodges, Mary Esther Hogerheide, Doris Holtry, Priscilla Huling, Ellsworth Humphries, Leroy jacobus, Guy johnson, Franklin Johnson, John jones, Wayne Keeney, Mary Lou REGISTRATION DAY johnson, Joyce jones, Coleta Jones, Connie Juarez Margaret Kellner Dennis ,wsu Kelly, Kaye Kennedy, johnny Kimble, janiece King, Beverly Kirikos, Mike Kowice, Mary Frances Kusianovich, john Kynor, john Lebby, Linda Lockhart, Trudy Lopez, David Lopez, Mary Lopez, Polly Lopez, Tina Carrie Loudon, Diana Lovato, Mary Edna Lowance, Beverly MacNicholl, Mary Lee Maestas, Nancy Magatagan, Sharon Maldonado, Helen Manzanares, Conrad Marquez, Marcella Marquez, Robert Martinez, Bobby , N -X ,, Martinez, Gloriae? ' ' Martinez, Delora Martinez, jenny Martinez, Margaret Mariiflel, Mary Martinez, Mary Martinez, Mary Martinez, Sara Maxwell, Mary joan Mead, Sandy Metzgar, George Minch, Cbata Miller, Phil lNIontoyu, Angie Monroya, Ernest 1322513 f ' 1' V , ' ' fi:.i:f,- www! 'ION--"J P? Montoya, julia Montoya, Manuel Montoya, Rosalie Montoya, Udie Moore, Bonnie Nation, Jerri NCISOH, Cozette Neuber, Anita Neuber, Nancy Nicasio, Ann Nordeman, Cathy Nuanes, Virginia -on Ortega, Ralph Ortiz, Josie HARVEY AT THE GAME Ortiz, Chico Ray Ortiz, Priscilla Otero, Benny Otero, Petritia Pacheco, David Padilla, Carmel Penh, Janice Peterson, Donnie Pineau, Camlee Poindexter, Minnie Polanky, Ernest Poteet, Donald Prince, Betty Purcella, Verna 'Us I fi wigs fh f-'91 lf'a"""Ei 5'3fPff .,,-fnulmw... W Silflfhel, Johnny Sanchez, Lucy Sanchez, Robert Sandoval, Veronica Santiago, Cecilia Schlegel, Leroy Schmedr, J01UUd 5CfiVf1eY, Dennis Sedillo, Salomon Sells, Lucky Sewell, Byron Shelton, Ira Silva, Jerry Sloan, Peggy Slates, Robert Solano Steve SQUYICS, Judy' Sullins, Anita Tapia, Henry Temer, Anthony Temer, Paul Tenorio, joe Thompson, Frankie Toensin orfirio Turrietta, Ladiz .. V .. H, 1 X . , . .-,,. .,:.:.w ..,, : M: . H. ,.,,, , , W ,A mvnmzmmmsxawmaxumlmswmmfnzmwasmxwagfft :i Allli m:x ss .1 1 Valenzuella, Virginia Van Damme, Dick Vaught, jane Vigil, Dennis Vigil, Inez Vigil Millie Wells Garry Werirk Patrick Vigil, Roberta Walters. Robert Warrick, Carolyn Washington, Mary jean , f A , V 925 H - V ' 1 -1 vig!! 5 l 5 '31 yi V ,ii AA 'LTEVIWZ ,,.,. 5 fi i' 2: qlhl g lil V , 750 i Zamora, Corine ww!!! ,ln , Zimmerman Leo 4,151 U 5 Vs kg V- 5 .......,FF - V Il? f Ea V P. ,jf i . il img, 0 I i 'lm ,gh 2" V T ,ff I Aix, "i lil L ' xx i 'ljJMfriS'L " S X i 111,11 ,-f AX Y -VT ee i .4 A 1 -3 S5 5? V , F W V llllxlll " i N f ' ,SW X- X. w N, mil fl 1 1 lxfillxifix X H - ,alum "" 3 xk 4-il . I 1 . M I :I D F N , M i T VV VLZ VX g i f ff Z , E F X V ifflllll 5 'Q f V r I ig A fl Q' f x, VA MV V9.o6TVQFlF V VV -:,, ff fi 1 AKXHLIVLY bl' 1 'X '1...'-.SIA 'Q L-5 2? A, gy' 2, Va YMM, , A of fi' ,a 6 3 . N I V5 ' JL35 -9 f "N 'S 1342. 45 X4 ,i S f' sr 0 , Q, " E 1 SOPHGMORE DUKE AND DUCHESS iff 4 SOPHGMORE CLASS UFFICERS 2 g0PX'X 52 'VALEN WX WE Nlicfwxo Q ,1 sf 55 i 2 Chavez, Dickie Chavez, Dolores Chavez, joe Chavez, Mary Chavez, Pio Chavez, Richard Chenoweth, Mary Lu Coca, Mary Arm Collins, Sharon Copeland, Barbara Corgan, Kathleen Cortinas, Frank Cotton, Marcie Crolletlt, Fred Davalos, Bobbie Dennis, Bill Devine, Loretta De Weese, Emma jean Dofflemyer, Fidel Dressler, Eloise Dubois, Robert Eberhardt, Arthur A. Elliott, Arlene Embree, Mary Ann ' Emslie, Alan Etenburn, Chuck Farley, Patti Farmer, Hugh Farmer, Ramona Fiske, Mary Fitzpatrick, Pat Friberg, jimmy Fuentes, Dorothy Fults, jo Ann r 'r.1s9Xa1fEA5SS2ia. 5iZ55ii??T55ik5IEEQ! - A qfiigiiigi? iiL5?E 'STE Gallegos, Epi Gallegos, Mary Ani Gallegos, Patsy Garcia, Consuelo Garcia, Gloria Garcia, Gus Garcia, Ignacio Garcia, Mary Agnes Garcia, Mary Beatrice Garcia, Patsy Garcia, Phyllis Garcia, Silvia Garcia, Stella Garcia, Theresa Garcia, Viola Garley, Lillian Gilbert, Mary Kay Gillum, Linda Gomez, Consuelo Gonzales, Charlotte Gonzales, Esther Gonzales, Margie Griego, Leo 1 Gunn, Gary Gurule, Richard Gurule Rosemary Gutierrez, Theresa Hamilton, Carl Hanks, Irvin Hay, Diana Heigher, Enid Hernandez, Ernest Histia, Marlene Howard, Margaret Y, l Hughes, Elouise Hughes, Sue Hunt, Larry Hunt, LaWenda Hunter, Norma Irwin, Sheila Jaramillo, Cecilia Jensen, Kathleen johnson, Ronny Johnson, Vincent Jojola, Martha jones, Marlene Kapokis, Nick Kelley, Robert King, Bonnie Kobernat, Connie Lakey, Don Leyba, Linda Love, Morris Lowance, Tommy Lucero, Virginia Luna, Barbara Luna, Rudy Luthey, Earl Luttrell, Virginia Maestas, Larry Marler, Bobby Martinez, Angelina Martinez, Ernesuine Martinez, Evelyn Martinez, Gloria Martinez, Mary Martinez, Mary Flora Martinez, Nat Martinez, Rita Matamorez, Louise Mayfield, Essie McBain, Sandra McCleary, Leia McDaniels, Joyce McDougall, Frank McQuerry, Thomas Medina, Connie Milligan, Walter Mil-abal, Pepe 5 2? Mitchell, Stephen Moeller, Patricia Montoya, Andrew i Montoya, Avenicio Montoya, Barbara Montoya, Grace Mora, Lupie Nieri, Robert Noble, Judith Norris, Zana Uuanes, Richard Olivares, Annie Ong, Anna Mae Ortiz, Frank Pacheco, Aloise Padilla, Alice Padilla, Louie Perez, Jeanette Perkins, Elizabeth Perkinson, William Perrin, Dennis Perry, Calvin Pino, Angie E V Q VU PS. ff ,Q ,Q 3 is Pitts, Martha Pohl, Loretta Proctor, Vonclell Purcella, Rebecca Qillin, Bill Ramos, Rosemary Reyes, Eileen Reyes, Patricia Reynolds, Mary Rickard, Donald Rivas, Epi Rivera, Sofie Romero, Felicita Romero, Lina Romero, Susie Rubi, Ronald Ruiz, Benny Rundles, Susan Saavedra, Robert Sais, Victor Saiz, Ernie Salazar, Angela Sanchez, Frank A. Sanchez, Gilbert Sanchez, Robert R. Sanchez, Sally Sandoval, Rey Schall, Mary Schmidt, Michael Schulmeister, Bill Scott, Elma Mae Sedillo, Evelyn Shaw, john Silva, Betty s.....,q1- A 5521455152 , Q 2 fgd H :- :j,- .a .,:x,..:fga5:,r Silva, Manuel Silva, Margaret Skinner, Helen Smith, Barbara Smith, Raymond Soto, Helen Soto, Ricarte Stefani, Connie Strother, Richard Temer, Ralph Tenorio, Stella Thomaschefsky, Sharon Thompson, jim Torrez, Guadalupe Torres, Helen Trujillo, Albert Trujillo, Cindy Trujillo, Eloisa Trujillo, Patsy Valdez, jane Valdez, Rosie Valenzuela, Ascension Van Houten, Vyron Vargas, Henry Velasquez, Mary Villaneuva, Vincent Vinson, joe Whaley, Larry White, Natalie Willard, Wanda Williams, Gary Wolff, Juanita Wolfe, Juanita R. Wyant, Dee Zamora, Frank Zamora, Josephine Zamora, Robert Paul Zubia, Mary Lou BARBARA MONTOYA RITA MARTINEZ CHARLEY, BARNUM SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Registration Day Charley Rides The Bulldog if 5 Z 39 f fl: ' SQ is 9' 4 7 is N iq q w vi 5L E54 NY DN N "6 1 K :-iii? . if if? X Mya .,, 5' E222 '-Al-H ww X f E 0 0 fig 4 E I 1-:i XQ WW 12i X? if Xi X X X X N R ., f Y X Xb5N ES ciiggggig R igxjg 15 qfjj MXX QNQ , , ll ' 0 q iii s - OO m ,f, . Xj E? in h d ' 71' . X I I, 4. 5 JT! Q. X 'N Q ' A -,bv 2, C77 4 f Q ' ' 4? N :V 4 Y ' . XX if z - . li X M, HEYQNIJ5 L 1 V1 a qi ig? 4 d fa - 2 'M J fl-if J J 5 3 M? W1 ff F l . WML ii , J R isa X 1 i gf . KFSSW 5 X if 5 g kg F: ' , 5 on 5 X .-L: ik - I : Q if wt K -li f- -T ' ' i ' F Z W1 ' Q ' vi auf J? JW ax Qi H 'M' WJ 1 5 , Nw. f 5 E M MMU .- Z. -is-N i x f 0 If J SX -3 f at R N A ly f Ex Mg! Nffgy m x J M W J J Q ' 4 "f V 'Q bu 425 5 1- ,Wa 3 Ufrpl? A A 'iw : "9 Z5 E Xu .. C- ffm K W 9 f V Z 'Q Z fm Us lv We MLW I I f ff- m 4, AQ? ' LL M41 fig 1: !, J. f,,,,,Q ,iflb If 7 if bwfjflffy A 1 Q 4 'Wg vw, fkyfyf 4 Q C' 2" A lg, 'fff-'fr Z f f ' " 123'-'-7? 5 2 5 Z - x .2 'Ap' gl-'Af ' X hi N 5 W1 f X I f y 1 2 9 3 MW wa wfffrwkf M. Magi? EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE JOHN NICKS, PRES. STUDENT COUNCIL YOUTH COUNCIL DISTRICT COUNCIL i HONOR SOCIETY I c - u up -we , Mfg, Mfifaw .V-k I4-I OFFICERS FIRST ROW: fLeft to Rightj Stan Roeske, Gloria Mora, Veronica Tavener, Mary Ann Copeland Gretchen Fox, Katy Grohe. SECOND ROW: fLeft to Right, A-nn Kircher, Stephanie Mitchell Nora Muller, Karen Waldorf, Marilyn Dunlap, Susan Honaker, Eileen Martin, Jeanne Williams Becky Sewell, Beneranda Mora. THIRD ROW: QLeft to Right, Fred Mondragon, Bill Newsome Don Compton, johnny Nicks. 3 3 CLUB FIRST ROW: john Baca, John Nicks, Ray Gutierrez, john Mader, Sinesio Torres, Bruce Redd. SECOND ROW: Bobby Shaffer, johnny Dorn, Joe Vivian, Nick Lebby, George Willburn, Robert Martinez, John Reece, Johnny Sanchez. THIRD ROW: Dick Blattman, Bill Palladino, Robert Vance, Bobby Santiago, Fred Moore, Alex Garcia, David Ambriz, Kent Rutherford, johnny Brarnlett, Frank Perea. FIRST ROW: Wendy Hunt, Carol Even, Liz Nelson, Juanita Van jelgerhuis, Carolee Pineau. SECOND ROW: Margaret Suarez, Clara Garcia, Irene Montoya, Pauline Martinez, Ducky Nicasio, Bea Griego, Mary Gallegos, Arlene Elliot, Flora Gallegos. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Roberts fSponsorj, Clara jaramillo, Dolores Bachicha, Sally Sanchez, Rose Lewis, Grace Montoya, Anita Sullins, Nell Dean Bettis, Mary Reynolds, Barbara Collins, Marjorie Ann Dupre. 4 A G. A. fix YHPVW Judy Stephenson, Pres. Pepper Club Dance Committee PEPPER The Pepper Club which is sponsored by Mrs. Virginia Sacks is a girls' service organization. Any girl is eligible to become a member but must attend the meetings regularly. The club is operated on a point system, and points may be obtained by participation in activities, such as cookie -irq in 4F49 , . R1 f, 5 R x I'-fi Mrs. Virginia Sacks, Sponsor. CLUB sales, decorating the goal posts, sock hops, pickle sales, and helping the Red Cross. At the end of the year Pepper Club gives an award to the girl with the most points. Twice a year the Pepper Club holds their annual formal dances. OFFICERS SAFETY D OUNCIL FIRST ROW: Hugh Farmer, Jimmie Davis, Douglas Jones, Beverly Thompson, Ann Kircher, Mary Baca, Billy Threadgill, Paul Temer, Anthony Temer. SECOND ROW: Mr. Milligan fSp0ns0rj, Ignacio Garcia, Pattie Farley, Margaret Howard, Carol Even, Janet Farrington, Stephanie Mitchell, Cookie Lowance. Margaret Owen, Betty Prince, Patsy Atencio, Sharon Moree, JoAnn Trujillo, Patsy Baca. THIRD ROW: Mike Hodge, George Willburn, Richard Gurule, Angie Romero, Mary Ann Vigil, Eloisa Trujillo, Stella Garcia, Merlinda Sedillo, Janice Pech, Eileen Martin, Francis Gomez, Natalie White, Barbara Jackson. FOURTH ROW: joe Pettiford, Thomas Chester, Willis Gillihand, Sam Duncan, Fred Crollett, Robert DuBois, Charles Smith, Franklin johnson, Henry Kelsoe. F hawawum ,, at mum n Em! Lmii i.l.t3ssl5ib lgk ,- W. vw! V, .WT R X wp, -- if S i gi, ' a Qt '9 5 Y f s , Q. ff -EJ Q H is E-ss- Qi Q 5 4 . .4 fs' , vp E, 'Z :Wifi ,-H? Q .Mc fe ww, my Q 4 K' Ng R W YUCCA X x' x, ' R. X rx- X O X XX X N x .N XX X X A X N EDITORS o R .- S- .R x ,Mk .vi 'wh 'x 1 X. M R M fuk M N NN ' R W' gy I Q 4 X 3 f Q X- be gwtnwnp REGULAR STAFF I . ! a,' ."54 - - i d 9 Q X -X, X XX NX 215:12 X PQ. S X T EIQQBREATQSX 2. X 556 ' m M 4 E5X Qi x ,V H 'fiwifkf SIXTH PERIOD AQ 5 0 A s g ' if J E Lg E ,fff Ri A ' My En v UMiMi'i'9 QW g X EDITORS xg E ffZ,,,,,m QQ Q 1 1 Q n SEVENTH PERIOD M. If wi X4 Ef 1' 8 ff y ..- 12- Q. Q, EQ -tba pgevgnlsf RECORD The RECORD, Bulldog City newspaper now in its 40th year of publication, is printed in the A. H. S. print shop and appears every two weeks.This publication keeps the student body informed about all activities of interest on the campus. Witli their sponsor, Dr. Winfred Buskirk, the RECORD staff enjoyed two outstanding events this year: the annual press banquet and a two-day press convention in Las Vegas, New Mexico. lam Mcfcmx Dramateens, one of the largest and most active clubs at AHS, provides much entertainment for students on the campus. The 86 club members help stage and direct one-act plays. They also assist in the production of the annual junior and senior plays. The club, sponsored by Mr. Stan Rarick, is now in its tenth year. Any students interested in any phase of drama, such as make-up, scenery, acting, properties, puppetry, and costumes, are invited to become members. i. DRAMA TEENS ,M- v fi VXI? 'ff' M in . 1 f t. A, .. X - .K , ,ry ., .N ' y 'J W. , -4 'L YN ,M fra- eie 1 l f f af' 3 . A .. :QM X I ,,-A 1, . , N -, FRENCH AND GERMAN COUNCIL KNEELING: Don Compton, Ger. Presg john Carroll, Ger. Sgt. at Armsg David Scott Ger. Vice-Presg Paul Temer, Ignacio Garcia STANDING: janiece Kimble, Susan Hibbs Katy Grohe, Ger. Treasg Jeanne Williams Ger. Secg Ann Kircher, Sec. of Fr. Ex. Coun- cilg Gloria Mora, Treas. of Fr. Ex. Councilg Barbara jackson, Vice-Pres. of Fr. Ex. Coun- cllg janet Farrington, Pres. of Fr. Ex. Coun- cil. LATIN CLUB v F B UHKQ QW X I Q 'I M. MEMRI: The Latin Club sponsored by Mrs. Rhea Miller is an affiliate of the National Jun- ior Classical League. It aims to further an interest in classical backgrounds and culture. Members enjoy a Roman wedding, funeral, style show, and play in connection with T their study of Roman life and mythology. T Their activities include the Roman slave sale, the Roman banquet, and participation in state and national conventions. OFFICERS: fLeft to Right, Eileen Reyes, Cherie Howard, Rebecca Reyes, Clemente Carmona, Sandy Mead, Robert Bruce. Not pictured Robert Kelley and Byron Sewell. IVE. MSTQGW ZX Pictured above Left to Ri ht Orlando t 1 C g J Barela, Sandra Brown, Keith Rutherford, LES AIGLGN S Miss Napoleone Sponsor W -fA- ra, tm, HX? E evfiw fm' ' ' -:w:fMfv - .Q .K -- .- .,, ,. swf Mrs. Minkin Sponsor R ,b V N I Q nf "1 ?l'h n .1 tg' 5'1'iJi1swnf:r'A-fi, S' L , ,V Q fs f 'fi lr' X A n , I ., M. NKETCFUF Pictured above: fLeft to Rightj Sarah L. Montoya, Sgt. at Armsg Margaret jaramillo, Vice-Presg Mrs. Minkin, fSponsorjg Pat Ste- phens, Presg Terry Armijo, Sec.-Treas. PAN AMERICAN CLUB FIRST ROW Natalie White Sharon ones : , J , Yvonne Garcia, judy Stephenson, Marie Hummeri SECOND ROW: R. W. Thompson, Don Brooks Louise Castillo, Eileen Martin, Patsy Haynie, Shar on Moree, Paul Gardner. SPEECH CLUB Speech Club, organized in September of 1958, is one of the newest clubs on the campus. It is spon- sored by Mr. Thompson. Their activities include an annual pastry sale, sponsoring the Thanks- giving Assembly, and participating in several speech meets, some of which are the inter-city meet, the inter-state meet, and the oratory contest. l 1 H 3 V 9 is-2 'T i 5 1 I ii ART CLUB I W0 Q 2 qgv wfwffll T Q tLXll1,fY.42L SB AA. IVVFTQHIF The Art Club sponsored by Mrs. Kay Simms, has been organized to give all students a chance to participate even though not enrolled in art. The two main projects of the club include the Christmas Card sale and the Beaux's Art Ball. - ff Z Eg . . . 9 ARCHAEOLOGY soc1ETY 1 The Archaeology Society founded in 1930 by Miss Sarah Goddard has a mem- bership of twenty-five students interested in Indian pueblo ruins. Their occasional field trips for exploration and digging have resulted in a valuable archaeological museum for A. H. S. This club is spon- sored by Dr. Winfred Buskirk. HP 6' 6 . 7 i , ' 4, , k P ASTRONOMY CLUB The Astronomy Club organized in 1954 is a group of twenty-five students inter- ested in studying sky phenomena and out- er space activities. Since early 1957 they have been an official Moonwatch Team in the Smithsonian Institution's world-wide program for tracking artificial satellites. Mrs. Vioalle Hefferan sponsors this club. X 91 ef 9 - 1 woes N 1, 4,..i:i1eg1 BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY PHYSICS SCIENCE DEMON STRATION TEAMS , Ill ..Tl-l! n J I I f I l Q Q .-we A 1 . fi Q I J o SI,S is AIII .KVA El I These teams travel to ' 'I ' other schools to demonf - A strate scientific principles i and experiments. F i, 5' -fi f 2 it, 3 1 V SCIENCE CLUB ....These scientific-minded students represent the three fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. QF in Xl OFFICERS GROUP EXPERIMENT y-W. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA KNEELING: QLeft to Rightj Judy Crosby, Pres, Viola Sena, Vice-Pres. Louise Matamarez, Sec. Gloria Padilla, Treas. STANDING: Mrs. Herrera fSponsorJ, Joyce McDaniels, Elma Sena, Julia M. Montoya, Carol James, Joyce Crosby, Rosalie Montoya, Linda Davis, Margaret Brogdon. l KNEELIN G: fLeft to Rightj Eileen Martin, Pres, Jeanne Williams, Marlene Kraus, Sec.-Treasg Mary Helen Nogales, Vice-Pres. STANDING: Mrs. Kerkeslager fSponsorJ,Mr. E. W. Smith fSpon- sorj, Brenda Chelf. F U TURE TEACHER O. N. C. O. FRONT ROW: fLeft to Right, Wayne Jones, Sec.-Treasg john Kynor, Vice-Pres. SECOND ROW: Donald Freeman, Daniel Chavez, Dennis Kel1ner.BACK ROW: Gene Giron, Leo Zimmerman, Pres SITTING: Otha Driskill, Sec, Fred johnson, Vice-Pres, Earl Luthey, Treasg Henry Kelsoe, Sgt. at Arms. STANDING: Lawrence Freeman, Charles. Smith, Pres, Mr. Cristy, Sponsor, Sam Duncan, jimmy Gillumn. Mac Almond. AUDIO iii 21553 "' VISUAL Mr. Renfro, Sponsor President: Don Williams Secretary-Treas: Sandra Boning Vice-President: Jack Hen rickson RODEO CLUB The twenty-five members of the Rodeo Club meet weekly on Wednesday morning tor plan weekend rides and to prepare for the big rodeo in April. Some members own their own horsesg others rent them at Four Hills Ranch where the group meer for their rides. OFFICERS , Q3 rl -x A u WAX AW , . I3 l ying ' fl ' , fill' ,I f l 5" Iliff ' WX l ls. , 'Ill' X M'mL'1'C-GIF MELO DY GLIDERS A newly organized club at Albuquerque High School is the Mel- ody Gliders, an ice skating club sponsored by Mr. Albert Craig. The group meets every' Wednesday evening from 8:00 until 10:30 at the Ice Arena. 55 A X 'Q ,, I lim f x V0 QLD Q. TX To Nl. METQHIF sg' A l S 4 A GROUP President: Angie Romero Vice-President: Michael Wattland Secretary-Treas: Gaylon Gu-nn Sponsor: Mr. Craig W ga i Corvettes Tri-Hi-Y is a Christian organization sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. Some of the activities of this group include 2. box supper, a dance, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, a cake walk, a swimming party, a Mother- Daughter Banquet, and taking 35 boys from St. Antho'ny's Orphanage to a picnic and movie. CORVETTE '- " ii -r. 5.iH'1i.'t5?..'M.'?4maf,i.-...writ X .QVV Q V as 556 'si " Vs .12 J 'Vi '- z " P W sf-'ff' ?1zi"V iff " -- 12.?fff'E4VA " 2 12" fi - " .2V'1:1vV-Ma if .if 1V V f 1 1 V VV V. . D A 1,-1 I my 1V 2V1VV1zV ' 1 1-is VV' 11'-'H'--if V V1.-s'1.Vf. V-1-V.VV1Vftg1-V. Q -QV' 'V-V1, ,V1sV1-Vw.. :1 -A 1, 1:-, V. - -1 V V ' 1-11VVV,aV fx' , is" 'V V' --" '5f"8? 'va 2'5" '1V- 'VVV V 1' V' .931 f5sgfegVV.1?V tai- 'z "-V,f-?V f?1i'?f' .Vim V V- VV ' ' 2 ' 1 1 155'-5:V:5EI.'i5i::.'2i5g. V.... -5'-.:5 5:3571 U Y' ' V VV VV ' T- gfwif -V . "jf"1j A 'ff' ' ff '. 7: 1 1 ' Y. Ziiilw' - ' '1 ' 7 K iE,YQ57V'.J1f 335 1 'Aff' :..-'E 7152 3 2-51 Zim "' '12 V gs Q 1 ig 1 V V51--.V ifV'?1VVV 1 V - '-1:f.V VAS' V:1SrVV5?'1 V"-"H-V.:a-1 " .V1f2e f"" - ' 1? 1' 'W 'I ?Ff?'igti2'43li1V fda- ": T K "elif Q WI? V'iV: 3 . 1 11S?ffs"'.--1S1fV ,J SV' ,E-'if "ffl 1gVfeg,s,1-f '51 1' is Q1 .5 V gif-V -VVVF -is -' VV V -- - 'Si' if VSV? .st V fsVVay"-'fv f-2' -as 'FMSZSQ-wax' if VV 'flex -2' ,Q ,154 'VL V ' ?- AV 1' V if T - no 'QV' sw- -p f" 1' tfihfl. VV: 5732 I 'V'fQtf'f 1sz.sYfVi'fi'1.fz" it I if - fl .. --1' " 1 V VJ' '12f1-rlfi.-1" ' f -V 1 VV1V.VVf ' ' VV VMVVJ5 'Et-+-1 -VvfH:T1V1V4?vV--"f ?"""'V V 'V V ..,,. ' at f ' 9II13"-- 2 VV?if11V4f .V li. " assi? -7' ' 5' WEFKVQ1 in :Vt Q SFHVW -fffrilt-1.V:F:f if'?ffV'- 4' f -9 'Eff A - it f'ffffi'15?g5fsI V - :. .ms H -. -51 -VVf Vw 23231 " '15, V-.V gk' fra' "gg 1 . 11'-H -Vg - 'YV VVV1"g'V'f'Vg - 4 ' it . V V'1 'eV V -wi fag 'sw -Q11 '.2Y1'V1e iw is' " " f V' 1 gf ' . . ,V I V .gg VV' " 'f V ' Q1 -1 V. sf", "1--L' 'V.fVV VV 1 as-mi -V1 .V2VVV" vf VV1 V V. .V ,V V 6. V . . - VV- V VV .AV V .11 -- -is V-V VV VM V V1 V . K' " "11sT1'V -49", V. ,VV VV vi i 5 ' M s gt Vi-'f-3 "" Sn, -f-V5sLVgV 11 ,Vo- . .V VV .., 1 V VV c V ' ' in V- V V V ' . 1 7ssVg?jr5V1.-V11VV,gVgfVg1e-ti'fezswgwr'Vgg . VVS gn is V W.VV,.fV-'QV 'V 37 1sVV 1VV -3 . :- 'V. - .Vw V 5 H ,Vw Va: 11V ' iff' ' V V' " Vt, . -1 151--Vai' 5515... ' am ' 'Ti 2 ifwpir 'fT"gV. V .V V x-V.1:25i"'fi?'- ,,.. VV1VVVVVZ MVR, ,.., VV -As. F m V V VVV. .2 'V V ,V . 11VV - tg . V -.1.V.V . 1 V, ,V ' " .igf21af V5S'ff' rV' ff .Q ,Vw V"1' ' 'A V61 Vs V i 'Vis' V: 'V 'V 311' sarzfiv if . gy f r fm--1' :V QV- QV Q V S -we 1. f V fi '- ' if - 6151 Q 'V . a'sw1 .VV1- V.V V- -,V -we-sv""' 11V .1 ery, fz V. 1 Q' VV' V 1'f1-wi. its VV- V -V V 1 VV ii ' 1 '- fff5?2 fsoV: f' ' ' 215114 . 1 'l Q V Vs 1 12-f" mf V is Q Vi 55' . K J m t. 1 .. - 5' " f 1'!V'V" . 1 '32 'I 1114 'Eff' ff?" gi ' - Sr V :w2:. .' aEf'-: fa n me f1121,q1V,7g5iV1V,-VV.-Vs V-ri: gs gpg 5:2 -' 2- -1 s 1 ff NVQ?" 5 : '11 -V-7' 11g,s'1e?1wVg + i VF ' ' ' V "gy 'M V f K E 45 ffl' 21' ':V 15. 'fs gm .fgfmv an-Vg iV .K VV V M' 'V ws! 1'VV P1eV1g5V.-"V it V' 'q:-,g-,, .: f' - J ff-I 1-i 11VVfss1 YQVV 2- 2 'W' ' ' 'ia 1cV V-FVV V V.5V as . V. Vt A at . J' 1. V ' VV ttf' 'Y ViVV1f's1' -lei"-' eff Ii "f?iTV'?s'.V VV..V Vs' V ' .V V ' V' ' ' 7 ' V- .. J is ' ' " V V. ' 2111- V.1V1gVV.VU 21V 31 H.-1:5 .1 , :V3V',1 if-3 V gs V za? -rf' ,V 'tV1'1 -' V 1 . X . V Ja ' " V- V ' jff'w1,s-3952531'fV5a5,VVg195gi'fiV'5sVV-'ggeilsfz " vw 1aV' V sr y1:sVi1'1V1' 1 A ' V V 'wr .iff -v ig , '-71: is . ' fr ' ' ' zf V -"- V, A 'V -"' Wir' . aV12zA2is??s1?SsiEf3-'iw231. 12 H M jaw Vi ' -'12 :VV 5 - 15. f.V - 1,1 V-V H 13' '. V V A ' ' 7 0 ' ' ?2if555f V?2ri"V ' V 95 ' Wit' ' Win 5gff?,g!i "eV.,iV EZEFZ- WaViw ?' -- - V:V1ef'f'i5"fi '-"i'sVV,V" ' '1.- ' ' " ' ' Vg V ' Vg? 'V V V ' - V 5 V- .. A-J.-T'.VV V:V 'T .ii - 'fll ,GV ,g Yxjmk Li'5e,3e 'gf 5, - '..:: I g-1 I j KV! Q "j'j1,. -"Q 25512317 H,,,i?iV , fs. K 'glkggfgg .gtk g-" .:-':E ' ' -- 1 Debs Tri-Hi-Y is a girls' Christian Organization which creates, maintains and extends, throughout the home, schools, and community, higher stand- ards of Christian character. Two of the main activities are the Sadie Haw- kins Dance and a fashion show. This year the girls took a party of twenty-two boys from St. Anthony's Orphanage tot see a Walt Disney movie. DEB TRI-HI -Y V 13 B? E H? Q r fi B 235 F E New members are inducted at the beginning of each semes- ter. Shown at the induction, held at 'lane Vaught's are: fstandingj Beverly Thompson, V.-Pg Stephanie Mitchell, Pres, Mrs. Herrera, Sponsor, fseat- ed, jo Ann Trujillo and Nata- lie White, new members. ww i a ,K-W" Officers for the 1st semester this year were, Ann B. Kircher, Chaplaing Nancy Tonkin, Sec- retary, Linda Vann, Parliamen- tariang Yvonne Garcia, Coun- cil Representativeg Beverly Thompson, Vice-President, and Stephanie Mitchell, President. ,pm Plotting for the initiation of new members are the seniors Linda Vann, Beverly Thomp- son, Yvonne Garcia, and Steph- anie Mitchell. The initiation was held at Sharon QMagata- gon's home. SEN -S TRI-HI-Y Sen-Sims is a Christian organization for girls which is affiliated with the Y. M. C. A. Throughout the year it has many pro- jects which include several banquets, a style show and a trip to the school for the deaf in Santa Fe to distribute gifts and clothes. 'x as yi EW CORDELLAS TRI-HI -Y LOS HERMANOS HI -Y ill ill! ,iii x f X , A Ux..f'3"-W wif BAND SECTIONS FRENCH HORNS AND FLUTES BRASS BASS BRASS BASS E H 5 PERCUSSION REED BAND BRASS BAND - - ff W WWW f Wffffw f9fff!UL' Qiltfflffvf M Kari 2 ' Nw gn ZW im a mm i H+ ,Wy l N F2 W' ' 1 1 my D 4 Q 4' i f - he ,I "3 ' x A 4 1" ' ' 5? A 7 X ,Q 5 'Tl 5-.., :NV .... - in Z X --- KW- -- -M W- x- g 1 1 S' XXX. X' X"X.J" Wh A f-:Q 75 flwf ,AMR 77 I ,AA 5 , fp 4 Q f W 1 1 ,Wmm!.WE k2iiL"WWf11fif wr' fm mf 'M uf I 4 W-m mm WMD Nw xw f'1WQ W' MW ,N wif!! Y ' VHF ' , 1 ' r yxh m R A NWA wiv .-... . '9 Q " K 0 GSW Qt, I f M Lk J? Q If K1 I lffffx X j 'X Y x W, ' JT W xx f If 1 FX , Q ymlffrl fd ' 22 Y 5 U' Q 9 V N!! 6' lv 510194 ll, w" 5 ea ff ' P Nix If-, QQ' 1081053 W. M' L ..K 5!'u ur Qnopy M .xi W3 p.1,n,L,., 5. SJ X -Adi!! Q QM: 'sw -Q W lm gngivq' X5 . f-,N . xx x 5 "-.. ,RN-Q kg , - Vx . fx . . . , '5 fy f- 'N .X -. 's , '41 cf if Q f if ,xv x wg XQME 4 s Q X 1 YQ. 52 ,,..-f' 5 i t 5, ,,,, , MQ fy , mf E f I W , X :, Wx ff-rd ,,'cvA an wr 4 14,1 SENIOR PLAY The Senior Class at A. H. S. presented the tragic comedy, I REMEMBER MAMA. The twenty-two member cast was directed by Mr. Stan Rarick. At right, Mama, the Aunts, and Arne are shown rehearsing the death scene of Uncle Chris. Above, Mama approves as Papa favors Katrin with a lump of sugar soaked in coffee. At right, Mr. Hyde rehearses reading A TALE OF TWO CITIES to the Hansen family. ' :urls M' .1 . . ...E Y s:if.jQff?:'w'.': -Q .' 'VM-HI' 'ik af ag 4 was , , ,, I - 1 Qil: -gglyaew ti- f. .sl ,Q -- ---M y r. .Fa-fa.vr.s .ra . - ff Y: 5 .lair lui , sir' . fa 5? E if Wiki?" Q1 '.-: 1 2' UN IOR PLAY This year the junior Class produced the lively comedy, HARVEY. Mr. Stan Rarick directed the production. Shown at left are: Doris Hogerheide, Al Mateczun, and Kay Cockroft. Above, Mr. Rarick is giving the cast and crew last minute pointers. Ronald Rockos is shown applying his make-up just before curtain time. Doreen Butts Www Yuan Yvonne Garcia Mary Baca john Carroll if! 'Nur' Ann Kircher jackie Hill Katy Grohe 'P " A 4 ' W Don Compton Robert Ga baldon john Giles Bruce Herron , Jacque Mrller , ' '- A 23,3 o wls U' .- 4, 'Z 1" ., ., ,, - H 'T 'IF 1:3 .-, 1:: S:: 5f Wu : Sigh I iaf rrra, 43 , 1 2 w X r " T? A a w i f "'iv '22, .1 A 1 ,'if,,,,r f " fsmgffzf. 5515341 5 A 2?'9fw . . f' G ,ff fr yy K rg: gy ' frf1:"'v1f?'4w-nf , f I 'L "I my ,. 0 .L 5: V ,mp 5 in Q Mwjgfffg 'fm P' -' K5 f 1335 . ,S fs 5 ff K L. 5 M , P ,- 5 4 Benaranda Mora Stephanie Mitchell Becky Sewell Veronica Tavener joe Vivian David Karen Waldorf ,gn-is' Jeanne Wfilliams Scott Fred Mondragon Bill Newsome john Nicks X,-H-f Billy 3: if . 4 ' gigxif, gy rf. ' If f Threadgill BULLDOG , X 3555 M " ' -.Wye f' fm MM Albuquerque High was very proud to have a lovely queen like Mary Helen Nogales to reign over the Bulldog Day Festivities. ATTENDANTS Doreen Butts fwvf .Q- -me 'Q 'W 4 as '42, ? 2 Q S2262 fr' Q ,fi 1, -,. N 5' K .L W, , A ., ff , , ww BULLDOG DAY FESTIVITIES .giffvtvf "'c::hmbazaza.nlm x luv' xxx.: is k 1 1 4- The A. H. S. Color Guard, carrying the school, state, and national flags, leads the band and drill in parades and during football games. Pictured standing left to right are: Stephanie Mitchell, Bertha Dilley, Captaing a-nd Sharon Moree. Kneeling: Vick- ie Geil, Fred Mondragon, and Ann Kircher. A group quite often seen at A. H. S. are the majorettes. They perform at football games, assemblies, and in par- ades. Pictured standing left to right are: Kaye Kelley, Jeanne Dominguez, head majoretteg and Judy Noble. Kneeling: Isabel Apodoca- Clem fDon Hedgesj and Sam fRonald Rock osf. SENIOR TALENT ASSEMBLY Eileen Martin plays "Twelfth Street Rag." "The Honky-Tonkers" The Crowns ' ,, 3 Elmer fTerry Busheej GLIMPSES OF A. H. S. Sadie Hawkins Hard shooting, fast riding, Mary Baca Drill trip to Roswell 5253, ,HQPQL P 4 ha N 1 ff" 1 W .1 , ,,,x. ., , 1 -' :,-"'. L -1' f 15117.-s.: .,,fidcff3l'W?9?5f?.L9Zif'aKW3sSfl5',a9i'G?ev?5i34!?iHifi,"'i'fESiQZ'izR's',H4?3LP'df:ii,QH1:'fzP,kirl'f1.5,Q 41 5 'Els :?ffv1vIR'!vP'!4TW1':M,Ql4f1.v . - Mrs. Hefferan, Maurice Sanchez, and Mr. Ream are pictured at the presentation of the awards. The A. H. S. Moonwatch Team was honored this year by awards from the Smithsonian Institute. Mr. Munn of Smithsonian is shown addressing the assembly. Ready for an emergency call to trace the satellite are Mrs. Hefferan and the moonwatch team. NEW YEARS EVE The New Year's Eve Dance is sponsored every year by a group of Senior girls. This year it was held in the A. H. S. cafeteria. Music was supplied by Dave Adams. Shown at the event are john Giles, Beverly Thompson, Stephanie Mitchell, and Bud- dy Gallemore. HOMECOMING The Bulldog Day Dance climaxes the Home- coming Festivities. It is held at the S. U. B every year with the Queen as guest of honor Tom Kelley's band provided the music. SAD IE HAWKINS The Sadie Hawkins Dance is sponsored annual- ly by Debs Tri-Hi-Y. This year it was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall. The Christmas Cheer Dance is spon- sored by Sen-Sims Tri-Hi-Y. It is held for the purpose of raising funds for charity. This year the scene of the event was the Franciscan Hotel Ball- room. .aa-a.e..,x. K '5",',' The Pepper Club-A Club Sock Hop is held every year in the A. H. S. gym. The purpose of the dance is to get the students acquainted. Pictured at left are Natalie White and Bill Newsome at the Green and White Ball. The Green and White Ball, held in January each year, is sponsored by Student Council celebrate the end of the first semester. Shown left to right are: Carl Roller, Martha Goodman, Secretary of Student Councilg Ann Kircher, and john Car- roll. The Band Dance is held every year in the Band Room. All senior girls in. band are nominated for Queen. The girl that is chosen queen reigns over the dance. Marcella Robison was this year's Band Queen. The Barn Dance was something new this year. It was given by Sen-Sims and held at the Zartman Ranch. The above group is shown aboard one of the "hay- trucks" which furnished transportation to and from the ranch. . " was-nil . S X The French Club is very active at A. H. S. Shown practicing the French accent on the dictaphone are KL. to RJ J. Williams, Mrs. Aldridge, J. Hill, R. Ward, and J. Davis. National Honor Society inducts new members once each semester. The following seniors were elected: S. Mitchell, M. Dunlap, F. Mondragon, V. Gordan- ier, A. Kircher. fSittingj: M. A. Copeland, V. Tav- ener, and S. Honaker. THE CROWNS PEPPER CLUB INITIATION Strangers seemed to invade our pep assemblies this year as illustrated by the western yell leaders at right. 4A"l Below, Mr. Bell is shown directing the mixed chorus ar the Christmas Assembly. PEP T ASSEMBLY A I l 5 1 l l CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY l CHRISTMAS BASKETS "B" TEAM CHEERLEADER TRYOUTS 3 3 - ,vu -1, ,K I ,.f. I .,,- A ff?fwff.w iff' ,-',. g ggi LH , . ,,.. , , :.,,4- , , -1 , f-w..,.f,f,',1,,.,, fl ,wx .,-L K V F? l 1 , l n eler me ' A 'Qui - 'ws' kkhj gs: il ' -is Q B lff - "N if ' g me 2 llll fm M A V ll WW My ri M..-me E Si fllrg l gg , mf fl ww" A f ' K. J' W QQ lv" Carolyn Boone bestows the "cap of office" on Lill- Marcella R0biS0H is crowned Band Queen by ian Aragon, new drill leader. Larrv Ross. '1'!"Fl event sponsored by the X-n eil ,Nl fall 1 Latin Club, was held on Lincolnls birthday -rw' V V3 Billy Threadgill is shown addressing the Senior Class at one of the senior meetings. "BU Team Cheerleader Election. The girls elected head cheerleader: Stella Garciag Connie Stefani: and T an , 5 gg' .W it ., ,M ' f ., f s,-'ff' News W iv , . V ,x, -. ' ltd, 3 i , V C A ,LCL firm? i C -. ,., 4 4 I fy ' .. rf? I 'Lil Us , I if eww? , 6 'M W 7 ,,r, A' l ,. gf 'Xl r . 5 A' , i f it l ,- H -V V - 11 5. . K, - 7 . e1.ypv..e,, 1 ,gg -a5Jf?i3g' 1 ,ii ,L ,,,,?f5.g,, I All fi 2, 4:5- 533, -s ,HT'Q:,5'E 'ff " 'K vi, 5 sgyfi.. , V343 f' ffliiwi ZPTH: f ,' H5 '-'VLA MS: f , -fx-ZE':Ul31lE, 'full KH Thi ' ' , ,:.,Q-"fifw1g2,:'f f , M,,.t .J T Q a- W 5-'1t:-f,:1g.:3-5,52 iz, w f '-3.15, M This group is collecting money before the movie showing the areas of research the "March of Dimesi' supports. were fat right , top to bottoml Rosemary Miranda, Anna Mae Ong. Not pictured is Juanita Tudesque tl lllrl 4- t Ill "' all I wi kt . N.. Kg 1. V 1 time V ..z.... Q V 1 , ,W ,, . we 4 I Q L 'I' r.v'l" ,mm Www. f yd '5':.'f'iExr I g,-f x s, -' f-W-4 3 , , .gmt 5 ' ! xgfw' ,Q ' ' 2 ' what Q i '41 ,ni Ya. , 2 J rage - M Q, . E22 .ici U 3 'H' ' ' gym-'11 ,M 22 V .-V ,,.4.g-.X , .- A f ' ' .r' V 1, - :iq .lain ..'4,"q ' vsf a-'i f ' ' iff 'li ,M ' , ggrfff-9.1 ',." Sw, - 4 X, .'-11,5 ix ' l f V s. ' T jf, Us ' ,--f r'jl- mg, Q " 3 Q W 3' A. H. S. Orchestra n W if A 1 S fb . , RW! 1 Q - 5 J Q 3- S :fy ff gzmfm i ,. . H, 1, A Q zz. j ,'1-11 ,g 1 . 4 1 4 V I , M, 4 f ' ai Q, fa W ' hZ 5' x SS i .. 4,12 . A f wg, an ,Q-IN jiiwv ,.,4 , ,Sf S'4'f"'m. f V I TYPICAL SCENES -, A ww M - .K Q mwgf - 2 3 ' . . mfg., J l -, -WN.. .M Q . .g, ,. . i 3 ... 9 ' q V f ' P .. .- . U zjwlpiy . 1 gi Zz, ,uV. Q. ,. - ,Wk L Y A f. F"f AROUND A. H. S. Q ff ,ag A. H. S. Chorus ga fA.A ,A -A Preview of Bulldog-Viking game by A. H. S. senior girls -Sk A H. S. Press Ban quet for all publica tions this year was sponsored by RE CORD Ir was held 'mt Polly s 'i'-h""'-'ls INK The Band Concert was presented by the A H S band under the dxrectlon of Mr XV A if Q X fx- - Rea Alsup null eK'!1 4 ff N Alu... Pep assembly before Valley game P l V- yi The Boys and Girls' State Club was formed this year as a service club. Shown above, left I0 right are: John Carroll, Presidentg Ann y Kircher, Secretary-Treasurerg and Joe Vivian, Vice-president. 5 The officers of the Library Aides Club are: Elisabeth Roberts, Kay Cockroft, and Ruthie Duncan. Registration Day Androcles and the Lion rf 1 W , f , Q ,-.. S' " . I ' i -- 's!Q,Ld.5'a-SQ :. I 'fy new 35. ,H -"' ' H Ss- 'f t e J 2 .2 Y "9 P' . ' 'Of' C , M , ff y it i V, it x :fs , J ff L1 A f-..,Xjd' wwf' ll, The Crowns is a singing group composed of the follow ing Albuquerque High students: Cleft to rightj Gary Williams, J. D. Davis, ,lads Bailey, Elsworth Huling, and Billy Threadgill. A scene from the play "Sunday Costs Five Pesos." Speed Reading Christmas Assembly Rehearsal -any 4' Q44 A '-un... ,,,...-n Kb no-.X 3 z n.,-r LHS., M M N, WJ W , 4 f xx ffm b 1 ' U- M 6 A M ,ff AUTOGRAPHS cj , wi If uf U ! . ,fy 3 V-N, 9 U A, . QgkrQX7l s 11 W RQQTEEQ 'N as M Q Mugs? 3 JVY UWKWQMRU ii m M WM X f MVK ,fWg w'f,fVDfxyM Gm My 'QR 2 V ewyivyj Ogkiwpxg WW E AJ m?iQ fQEv WQQQQ J J if is W A www Simi Rik iw N WW igig Kfwgffg I ' I,.,9.. Haig.. k . ' AAA, -E,,, L ml mm, V,,, W, A , VKAVK AMA .,m,'1,1i'i'g,gf Y , .,,if.f,I-vi? 'V 'X 1 K " lf ' - ---- M-4rm,,:V,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' ' 'W f' W 71" f'7"qF'H'fHF!!"!"1-1- w..gx,,,,,, , ' ' A' F ""W""'Q"f'2f-. ., , z - - - 1- f, ' . w AUTQGRAPHS M fW M ww M' ff T! ik9J?f97i0f0W ,Gi Q,?lV . L f l f+ b i Q ' Vw fit ' 9-,ACM ,yy Aj QM WU", W f M w J, A fu' 1 A 'fy' WWWEWA QU M29 Jw WW My QM 762EQljl!: 4 . K5-fx f ,Viv 'v W xr U J f A , JC O ' U: 'X U , fi , W WMM Z ,L Q . ff mf 'X O ? 54 W fiffffwgliigif 4552? QE Sify REiX2Ei?if 5f?QfS5q Q2 Q 4 ? 33? W gigs W if is 'X M 7 if f 7 Q, + ff 5' O QQAEI 0 9 cf, f-4 ' ' f ,44f 7 A5 ,QL QQM A - -.nftlyw lj MIG X f 9,51 W ' 1 1 1 ' 4 A3 Lvl f I 1 f 615,46 MAA k!7 rr, , ,Q ,HZ wif Izf , f2f'1!,'!,ff 'fgfflfb A- B- f if fl Q ' Uh 362 'Ln 0 swf? BT Jw-,, ,,,. " --.rf 7, ilk!- ! ,TO .ZZMLYLIII7 771, X ixlJ,j,,7 Q f lj f X ,! ,ZR 1 f? fy 4,7f Q7 ' f -' ff ' I 0 ff fx, K' My , f' f ? 7 fQf if Vf ,Qf ., ff2,f X ,155 ' ' f , 4 f KW V Mf Of 7 , f , , , 1 f f 7y V ' Q. ff' f Af A f X f fl, 7, f f X AJ fffyy WW! L ny? A il, ff? ,177 J 1 V, yfzilj X I Z If ', iff., ' ff4A X 71 f fl 1 flfgfp lA f ZKKZ' f U I f' Ml fw W' X4 ,f ,Q f f I I f VJ OIJ. M ' X f 'f af ff + AffA Y ff ' H 4 4, 4 f'ff, A ,g y, I f . X I, "'l X lv,. X Lf!! Z: V X K I 49 J 1 I Z 7 if V I 6 I , W V W 'H A, -ff ,Qf,f, f WWSMP af 4 A ' V - J j !ff ,f fy! f Lf f f fjfdf ' " X, U' W"f!J X, , fm 0 I' , ?fy pf n .,,., 7 f IVVAV Cf A if if fl, f f ,,1 Y' K7 0 L A ',,A-f' ' ' ffl' 27 ' 1 Coach Valdez and Coach Smith don't seem to agree with Nick's strategy. FOOTB LL Top Row: Left to Rightw-Coach Smith, 85-J. Dorn, 75-T. Chester, 70-B. Hosher, 85-D. Ambriz, 80-F. Moore, 74-A. Garcia, 82-j. Nicks, 26-B. Gallemore, 32-R. Lopez, Coach Garvanian, and Coach Valdez. Second Row: 84-N. Lebby, 75-R. Austin, 28-G. Gunn, 65-J. Mader, 86-J. Minero, 50-J. Seymour, 27-J. Jaime, 21-B, Santiago, 23-G. Pacheco. First Row: Manager, J. Landrum, 29-R. Quintana, 81-J. Chavez, 52-J. Baca, 25-R. Martinez, 71-B. Pallad- ino, 22-R. Gutierrez, 63-R. Vance, 51-I. Montano, 62-E. Montoya, Manager, G. Wilburn. Y WM' - V V , .V V- W 5, v 1 1 g- .,........ V-V31-fV ,VV - P - N Lu v F r ,M V VV: VV VV .-,, ,i,,i. V ,V , ..,, ,VV ac, N V, V Vi, -VNVV.. ,V s V VV V VV V ,.,,,, V if V T1 V VV utty ' f' VV to V V f 'WV V V VV V Vial 'C tml' ' L' ' V V V V VV " " V ii V VV 3: V ,Vi Mi Vkyh A VKVV L K A Y ...!. ig A V V K I Vw- - I M - - - ' ' Q fjrzfifgjizlff M V -Z kVff-:-' 'iV'f,,L-VQMLVM-HV V. f- f- K -V , VV V V V 1V,-,. VVVVK V V V,VV VV V . - VV V igvfi slwmf-'aaa-f i F ' 'ff 'yl Y--fl vf,-7 VV K V VVVV- V -V ,V-VVVV ,K --ww ,VV V-7 VfViiV,.,V, 'lg owmiaam-N - - .. V, fV K, ' I 4. ,- Z 5 lil, V V A- :j'V V V F g' I V V - V F - A-fafflfla ,Vgiliiiiiiii '- --f- 55 f--7-"f- if .,VfV f -fV, ,VVV V VVVYVVW T YNFVV-,V VLVV ,laura ' Vw,i1irVVu.,. ' V. ' V ' lf-- large - -' V', Vu: ,arf we 4- V V -- V if Q u: V- '- VV wwf' V.V,. VV as ,, sf'--f rv-W' 'ft ,ia ,,'11VvlVw V V:V'VVVf J, ,-'fm ,,?Zfl2S?Q V 7-:V ' VV gg- 5 .21 V H Q 'i25f,,,, ' is .V f ' Q fag? ' f"' iff? A 7 - , 38,1 g ,Q - V U K 1 ,VH W' 1 im ,gf f5V:gg- - e,::,-3 -fysw-V,:n-V,.-1-sr3.5, L . :V ,, I A- MW "-'ri gs ' 1 V H 5 - '-4 1 47' ' V .QV P ' V Mmm -g 5, V A ' ' f' V 4' -Vat' I V' ,sraw Q" Eu, r Q 4 N . I' Q-'N V- e " 3" H 7 V V ...H HV ' 4 af H - if 'Xl ' 1- V -f V: V Q .. V V, V f ng. , A V -K, V. V Va V -Q V .V i VV t V VVVVVV V W fi. V -Q N-4 V bw ' in 'A V V - L- ':,g'w" 'V ik 'V V In I qi ' ' Vi v Q 'V -V an l ata. 4 . ,sv W V " ir we 1 , -7 ,,, 3, l' H VME : -V 1: - 'L My EV., V ' P - 1- 't i' -..V 9 -V i V ' - V V 0' ' my ,L V YV V 5 3 A -- V I V In V. t ,V ,WE . awk it V , '. ' ' - ' H KV ' 5 "4 ' f f 'yi 1V- 1- ' "" L QVV V in- ' fs F Vw V - ' fr iiyf . ,.VV V " ' Vi t " W- ' V -- V " - ,EVIL VVKV V 7 V z if -Via U' 'V gggjgkg 7V7V, fggj 3 ,V - Q 5 VVA, g4.t,,g,, K 2, 552 f 945555 ,V ' ' r i p Q Q VV, V A .I gg V I - ,V V an . we , Q aw Likzil ikx-by rqiAgV,i,t ' f,i 5 V,kVgViVVsV Z,- I 3 55 77 74 i ,V- in ' i . ,Mp--Q l, ii 'A' ,V-VV ' ' VV V V VV,VV -Q. K-if ij' V ' I-V sv ,TW in 5-:Af 1: ,VVVV 27149 V A I 'N---V ' I -' .5 - L V ' """ '. L' ' V ' - VV V - ' - A ,nl -V a t 4, l - 'S " ,V s.. V f , , V, Q9 7Q"""""l! psp' fha- kwmmha. A. 2,2-2V fx.-:.mVaa"n.11:-1..25-V...-Vsai-:..VfL..:'Z:L-al? 4...?.5s.".'f.A.F'5a4S.liLls,g l Mr! 1 V 'Sli '-All V me rw A. H. S. Head Coach, Myrl Smith, has done a fine 'ob this ear J Y - We would like to use this space to thank him for the many hours of work he has put in for our team. SEASON Captains this year were joe Vivian andBobby Santiago. Congratulations for n fine season! W f--we David Ambriz Senior john Baca looks happy about it all. john Baca Senior 1958 FUOTBALL Tom Chester Senior 1959 LETTER MEN Alex Garcia Senior Buddy Gallemore Junior joe Vivian just won't stand still. john Dorn Iunior Gary Gunn Ray Gutierrez Sophomore Senior joe Jaime Nick Lebby Senior Senior Ra Lo ez john Mader Y P Senior Senior Robert Martinez joe Minero Senior ' Senior P . wifsf.-N254s1w'wsif1swVs:5fsstwfwim13'f1'1 2'wigfmgnwwfsfy -M wfwf 255' - ES'12'ffi2!W22f if izwlgwfif W1 M14 7? 2'-Y W' NNW W"W"J' M 5'fgf!,s,,,J?,g,1.,g,,,1.,Q,i.wyizii. My ,.,ggf,i1ffgxi'QEigL: - Sgfmfff- V wx-9 W .f1,i1gQqiili55i'Efg ? if SM S8552 g sm, ifgvswji - fSi!s,1gs'Q'5?iiS-N255-2iig,sZsM X2 f gig ,E mmm, mai M www: Kwf ,M U :MX A ,,L,,HM1 ,rgmfi E H ,U Massa s iinfm'fX.is2,,fi,.- -M -so X .pm sm- sL1lfs"1Sf-ffflff ,Lsz+V.tw2 im., 5, .Wi i,z,g,f,,wsf,, .5 ,mg-L as igmggiwisfgwf-..V5 g1,f-VfiayiwgZbffrfP'!ff.rmgiiaigag,35222gi5fz5ftz2fif52H1WAYS,sisirs71gQsf.zfaff95fiA1fzgssiisiiviiwfiff iff LM-if iz im,-Vg 5535 59:45-gig-',,'Li,5f : J- .1 5111 ,IVE snx.w-'14-'1SX:,s:5 s'z,zVgdfa:fg tegxw:iz:,1i5,f3'5gf4g:i5--z- H:.wifgiiffiyfviiilv-Siiiii'-sz iHi'U'15'l'14h--0 'lwfiyhilikffv-lx? N'-lliwfwff'-:V-9 ii ifyfgizfil-me I , L' , 3 :iff ' , ffilkfggf,,igA,.glg4gfL - -syfm-fgigj-,,mg'3k21,-5f'ggKviiwz-igiw1,gss'mr.sA,i'1,ffVK 'w'V25fs-.shi gf5mfigfwg,fQ5V:1S-1 S X Q 4,.fg1f5,5Lz2l1s1s-VgfgJ.V251-11:w2'.iZ, '1'W"w-'UTITPW' :wfii-f. 1 Y-UNI,1z,ii'i'l':'fn'? ,f3r'iI'iUz'fizfLf5 1:s:4YI,V5?55If YV! VE f2t?51'5f-ii:79"V1iffi yi,-.if-2,571 5 if ww? iii A f, , A X wg. pi K 11 2, f1V.+1'lQVg:vzg Vs' ' V' , ' :G,.1s'iz.',:x,.-M.. ,g'jg'f3-Q is , , fy ' My ' r A ...aa , F J.- X ,s if : VN A ' I . , ,V I Q M K . V n .1 V Q 2 Q - :H A - 7 1 ,ff gf ,M Q ' -- .. Q, K ' ' Q Q A if , 2 V. ' ' f ' r+v , af , . N k 1 . V . V V, - V ,K if ' ww, K w 1 A ' . , of V- i N ' aw' V- . - V, ' , N-S., 1 VVVJE . , V ,V Lf .. Nick Lebby is going for a touchdown against N. M. M. I. Fred Moore unior YU' .f- i N' Ernest Montoya junior 4 L Ismael Montano unior You just can't stop Nick from scoring. N, ., AX. ar ,,,L V V, I wi. K ,, Z 1 at 1 3 . - I ., A 1-V V 5, if 1 if-. :WW V am , if? , A Va 1 V 1 . U W . . ' 49? , Y ' . L. 'ifffli ' 'V , ,, Vf i -',w kgs? . Q.. f ,J It K -11152751 ' 1 ' W 'i'?i5a '1 im, LVX 3 f - ' V T gfj,g?ig,r. 'fi wssrifgif ' - 'gfmg - . WK: V ggi Q53 K , 6 We ix I . ' 'V -az'-assi or - f L. ' 9' ., , ,,,, . ' 1 1 ,,,5ig1 Q V. is fi ff-. "rm ' as -' , W Y 1' V QV: . iff 1 .t ,gi,1j,ws3i,fT 'wg K H af -lzfvff DM an V , fa 1 - as V A 'V A s 1 4 ' 'Hg Hcifwaffki ,.Q'r,gW - ,gk I . A ggi . -1 H if . -I V, Vi was ' 3 Ir EQ . , V i,,-tm, ' K Z m e 112 " ,, 5 - Qs. ' -ff? Vs ' K ,- john Moya Junior Johnny Nicks Senior Whoops! Caught ! .,.. L ' 2 y 3 - ' L . Z EE ee e - L :-, L L L LL L L L :,,, ,LL W L L . L e ' M L L ew' ' f ' LLLLL I L L I Lyy- L ,Fi I If f f if. A ,, LL 'N ""L - - A LL . . e L .,. V A L V""" L L LL 5 .LLL L A 1 .L 'V M' L LL " .'2E3fE'...: : :Hz-V L. .. L . -- LL sff f' f " L f V Q"T:7m Watch it! There he goes! George Pacheco Senior Bobby Santlago Semor Get your my face. i.hHkl, '?' '5mf There goes Nick again! Robert Vance Senior v 4 Lead the way and I'l1 rfia joe V1v1an Senior X follow! Here comes Santiago again! ei547'5fSlf af, f a: , I A, J mv! ? J Y ff H if ..A, T ..-ie , ," W fr f S ee, LN, if V .Q li' fax..-in 7 if ,, Hi 1 Lx , 4 Q ff CHA! A. H. S. WRE STLERS The Pretzel Top Row: fLeft to Rightj Coach Smith, Robert Vance, Bill Threadgill, Richard Hardy, Mike Hodge, Joe Vivian, Robert Finley, David Ambriz, Bob Hosher, and Sinesio Torres. Second Row: Arthur Romero, Manager, Tony Cordova, john Maderg Candy Garcia, David Garcia, Vincent johnsong Manuel Montoya, and Mike Robles. Bottom Row: Fred March, Elias Garcia, Robert Sanchez, john Bramlett, Lynn Gee, Toby jaramillo, and W'illy Mitchell. XVIN TOP HONORS X G' f ' 'daemon I K M ff There're six legs here-count'em! Under the able leadership of Coach Smith, our the first time in several years, we hold both the city wrestling team this year has taken all honors. For and state wrestling championships. joe Vivian is pinning one of the matmen from Boys'Ranch. A. H. S., as always, won the match. A. H. S. BASKETBALL TEAM Faustin rises for two points. Pictured below left to right are: Joe Jaime, Alfred Roybal, james Casias, john Dorn, Ronnie Russell, Mar tin Armstrong, Coach Foehr, Faustin Lovato, Benjie Maestas, Kent Rutherford, Jimmie Smith, R. L. Sparks Gracen Fuentes, and Richard Romero. us1 , . sm BRING S HOME TRGPHIE S The Pride of A. H. S. HAPPY FACES john Dorn, Coach Foehr, Ronnie Russell, and Gracen Fuentes display their happiness after A, H. S. defeated Valley 65 to 54 in the District IA Tournament at Highland gym. james Casias, Junior john Dorn Junior Martm Armstrong Senior Gracen Fuentes Se nior Benjie Maestas Senior Faustin Lovato Senior R Q MM Y Richar I Romero f ' ' R ' enior L I7 1 fb ,ffl f 1 K S ILL! JU, lj X fx' K ,L .lf YI y 4159! l 5 QL X 1 XL M J If 'Q R X if 5 V!! gf, CL! AL L 1 U0 mx A1 Ronnie Russell junior Q Q Kent Rutherford Senior , 1, V - ., f' R. L. Sparks Senior X Lg: A. H. S. SXVIMMERS f Y I A4 Www? . .w Lucky Sells waits for his relay man! Standing: fLeft to Rightj james Findley, Louis Archuleta, Richard Beal, Fred Brady, Frank Whiston, Richard Ward fManagerj, and Coach Fred Renfro. Kneeling: Albert Soto, Orrin Cordrey, Jimmie Sumner, Steve Mit- chell, Pat Werrick, Leo Zimmerman, and Lucky Sells. Sitting: John Bauer, Bob Kelley, Bill Dennis, Bruce Redd, Jacque Miller, co-captain, and Leo Luna. SHOW TCP FORM Mike Crowley comes up for air! The A. H. S. Swimming Team, coached by Mr, ler and Mike Crowley. The manager was Richard Fred Renfro, has made a fine showing against all Ward. competition this year. Co-captains were Jacque Mil- Bob Kelley displays his diving skill! nnrwnwzfn ,ggwl ,Lassasswlzzsgisziswx'wigwazfsfifw,fe,4feimff Lfmswsisw MJ lm, +V . g ., 5 - Ls 2 Q 4 ' 'E v ' git! v ,,n::x K 4 f I 4 - s C' f G 1-QF - v: 1: mf K I .3 fd ,- A 'W f lf " 11 52-H , 1.23 ff' - f Ka V W Rf ' 1 F f y J A wxxf 5 Zi, .,,1 , ,K ' i K jr ' fy: K ,, , A f ,. ' ! ! ' . 1' 012132- 4 - F5 GQ ,Q gf ' 012 bk 0 ff , 4iWf ' V 4R,. ' KE S Egifwkikig gA?ig, 10 X R 1 , Q A-' wi 'w2f1222Qslb 55 -..., X 2 4 ' if , Q V xg N M ., , J if W WMM ' 4 M , ff! A ,r I lJ 'i.'f5"f2f'-:,' J A ,gf .,4f,.:,..f , f, -qwyamgf Gi f--. ,515I'1vg:frf.,qg-X ,v..f.w. k .. nwjvg- ,., , Q fv . , 13 .SW ,DL k .- ' :Q +'i4ff1zr'5fw3':f Q .1. M,g,M: ,yu ' 1 V F' ww .L Ma 'A ,L 1, -3-' 1- -., fiwf ' 1 wr gm, Q- ' f , . Jug. n V ' Q1 GMM, -f 2 -uw..'..'4f- vfifglfa-t"'1 4 1 ' -",yggix- Q f,.:- ,,Lf,1'rr " F4112 :f'wf?f I -Wmiff i ,..,m'. , - bv - an -1, 'i'E"fT-49':2'H:s"f ?"e"f1 ' 'V-'-1' ' " 3 e 3

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Albuquerque High School - La Reata Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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