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Albuquerque High School - La Reata Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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2 1 3-' 'I ,. irq f' 2 Lf! LQ -22 TEH xx Q X xx ec -X --5 5, in '11 -1, 5 4 ?sgx7'QJvv1? , t 71? -..STN K Q 'Tir Tig Sq K X"'17s: R -,,. ,K 5.1 NS gt' f-'X Cx' I yi PM ! 1 1 If Vila: f'Tl'::,1 I L- . ' Q it Pt AVATLX 21 7,524 K df", T 1 A if Xxixx-1" ctw 2 X at -fx. , I A Wwxgg' G 'QS E ' "' '2.-, q, xi' ' XL' 5 Xiif, xf YQTPX 'Y xr? . xl- jr -in N 11 Y LL fjjf f - , my f W I f 7. - I A Lf A A414541 . dit ' A U lj - 5 , 'Y M JK 1 J .xl X VI ML, I 7 y Q- X .6 X 'N 2 ' T JW ' 1 " X A Q S-HY 5 5 ' ' .Q '24 1 :N J AAS .- , ,. WZ: , AN fi- 3 I' Q ' X W W X J S Q3 w RT? T5 ' ' is x 9 X11 EQ ' ' V X P' Q-. X 5 ' 'E 1 - - if E 35 X 35 X? 1 k 0 , X s v. f FQ X- xx X Qi Q N 1 4 X N U Q wr? wix .3 Y' . XS xx ,lil Q 0 Nj-J E xl f. , X? S 'X . 3 l . V. ,I 2? L Q L, A Q . Q ' U , '-5 RY s WA W-L: 1 W RX-1 0 K xi .Xb I XX '4 XA 1 lv. N xx PM Q X xvl X XE 625 Aa9HXlf1j:'Yf 1 .7 1 J-A1 K I NL' ,Q A R, S4290 7573 5193, L, ,A Mx xx? x Nkj 31 ,- MW if. asf ,-sp ,, fav . wMW A W df , MJWZDMB ,MV WM 3 ' wt?-Yfcff L " 1A WQfS E We 11, 4, 01' . fw 'Q J i1 My My 0?2?ffZff Af fy 4ffffQf4.1h if ww Q ,i is i afwivlgfwwf M213 M mfwgif W! , N campgkbag- AL! A 'ROTC . ' W I K5 '. I AQNO ST N.E. RUTO SHUP 33,.Yl2g,., P . I . F Bmw-C lus RIKDNC I Z I 0,3 ui ' Q, 3 I GYM - 3 Q cnrevsnux 'D NS Btu 2 S Pnakiue 01 KEY To Room NUMBERS! .I "EGM Q-181 2 N, ,,',E!Q,g No. cznrrs 1, Zuo aelgemo. Coma 3 3 0 ' :lo reno. g ,Q N Q Q , W Ti X" - ve x K A N ,K -, .Q . W ,V 'gk x, XX-5 M , rr V s ' ..x M Scaauc V '-'05 tonne. muvrsuon M75 Mic:-mu nam. ARTS BLDMD M' M :W 'Pnfio Dv' M W ' rj Ml L g j I Q 1 Y A H0mmSTxn'raoN BLDQQ HN RHUIO. is CIPR D FICE DH E fflaf DWAY NQ E. PARKNV3 UI 47 league +11 Glil scnau. jb 9 . S, I, wx L V V x 9' K X ' ' X xxx! . f I CJ ez 3 2: O . S "'6'55?2 s ' Ln eoomwm 5 rg RECORD J S if EB, 065260 nuonvzwm- Q, ' D' Q Nugies G 2 U fi WM iw iw V ,, ' f --- " " ' ' ' w "Q L' ' a w . .. . . ... .iw V , " 'f"-'V-C4414 , , HQ" w 5 '- v -"'3' " " V311 .. L, 3' i D' uv-f : t '12 I . 'xl ' QT J A""f- 7- ' AM 3 Y- F ,,.,5,- -.:- 3, .,,. Qi., .,,- hi s - ,., .,-vsmx 31.7, .. . , , ,. 3. . a ,. , X. 's "" - Ffh Q' .4 elf M -' Q f I fwilif ' , ' ' ' J M -1 Saying-?.,l,,nljiV , X ' , . I i . t , I -, M I 5 A f f 1 , z , , Q1 x 7 5 W .- r , , , . w I ' ,,.,,w f' ' . ' V Y Q ' ,Q 2? " , ,V ' , . Bw F N fwfw if S W? MEM KU QEQSQE wi SEK . Y is N S S E Q53 Q rglejg S rd 5 Q E Y 'P . Y' .1 . Q' W I 'I 1' a M NT' A.. IK! ll ,A N I k iw ns ,, lk " 3' K I qt' in n , J , ' f Aw 'Q 0 ss A ' 'gft' my ,bu 6' it 5 1, N I 1 Q Aa, I f ' Q M Y . f' 'ffm . Q L ,, A K ' ,TQ X il ! J J I 'Q ,af . . LPQ t bil in J' Q ' ,x, .af ,M A g- "F: .A A' , " 5 , if H?-LA ,,,. W mea x . .My a 1 " K wr pi' 1-5 fu fx, if .1 . .N + I , C Q. 'if , . br ! f , A 4 .1 ,. 1, we .-.5 . . X , g, X, A ,,, . 91.4 v 3 'Vi If W 'X . : ,,.. , .E if .1 ,X 1, aw I X S i f f gi ,,,.-Q X, 41. W' x ff lf. , A H- 'effing QI. J .wv'i15kAl:-giffz .,,'. ., A2 45153. :iffy Qs . . I f, -1, ,- 44- ,- 'V' fl . ,,,lzQf,V,' V .1 , H, 3,1 W W - ?"i,si,i'l"QSE?f' F Q ' 1 .p ' rf. JJDI sf S 1, lr l ' I 1 foggw o of '11 A WJ' M 241, lf 1 X , QJZY Mor of lf NW ll? ll 11 1111 1957 1'i'r"f-?34"ifffff'fliiQ,i9""af2?i""f" LA REATA If 1 g1lf? rooooors 'Through tho Yoar as Bulldogs' Q , 1 or All Editorial Stail N iff co-EDITORS A 'A , B b Bl lc d Terry Morrisf Linda K b 1' A d Sp 1' Ed'1' Wanda Dailey A Ed 1' Charlo11'e Williams . A 1' 1 Ed 1' QG Library L. M22" LA REATA Printed by the Vocational Printing Classes Church SPONSORS E. Heinsohn W. M. Walling M. O. Peterson DIiKmg Main Build Gymnasium ALBUQUERQUE HIGH SCHOOL Albuquerque, New Mexico Volume XLVIV 5242 ' " 'W wh" L1 mm4:.:"f3fz,1aAuto Shop -........ Table Confenfs Administration f, C FACULTY . CLASSES Seniors . Juniors . Sophomores SCHOOL LIFE . ORGANIZATIONS . SPORTS . . Manual Arts 4 v DEDICATION The 1957 La Reata Staff wishes to dedicate fhiy book, The I957 LA REATA to MR. STAN RARICK for the oatstaadzhg work he has done as a teacher and df a a'ramaIz'e coach lin if-Illemnriam 'M-m..,,,.,af"' gms--f 1 - . ....,... flllr. Eluhn ilillulne .Iolm Milne. who zrcls School Szlperintevzdevzt of Allmquerqlzze Public' Schools for forty-f'iz'e years. possecl mmy Septe'moe1' 5th 1956. Everyone is deeply gmtejizl for the many occofmplislmzents that were mode by Mr. Milne. The Chilflren of Albuqzlerqmf have lost in M12 Milne o tireless ,friend who was ever-active in tlzeiv' behalf. NIS m' TQ U F3 F' T f Q N X K FACULTY The two most oufsfonding people of Albuquerque High School. -W, ,X s Mr. Glen O. Ream Miss Mary Cole Dixon CPrincipa1J CViCe Principalj FACULTY ENGLISH DEPT. FLORENCE HICKMAN FLORENCE CHADWICK LUCILLE E. WELCH LYDIA E. STRAND A.B., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. ALICE BUSKIRK ELIZABETH .IARAMILLO ALLEN B. WILLIAMS JOHN HOBACK B.S.E., M.A. B.S. in Ed. M.A. B.A., M.A. 8 FACULTY ENGLISH DEPT. ROBERT W. THOMAS MATTIE LEE 'THOMPSON MYRTLE VIVIAN EDGAR W. SMITH BA.. M.A. BA., M.A. B.S. BA. in Ed. M.A. MARGARET HOLDERNESS JAMES LACOUR MARY E. TRAMMELL BA., AB., M.A. B.A., M,A. AB. .u""5x "9 IQ 9 FACULTY I T R DEPT. RUTH KERKESLAGER STAN RARICK ROBERT HANNAH B.S., B.S.S. B.A., M.A. B.A. World History U. S. History World History ROBERT S. WERSTLER KATHERINE KELEHER KATHERINE SHEPARD B.S. B.A.. M A AB., M.A. U. S. History World History U. S. History 10 FACULTY FI I S T CJ R Y DEPT. EDWARD CRISTY VIOALLE HEFFERAN MAY KLICKER WINFRED BUSKIRK A.B,, M.A. B.A., M.A. B A., M.A. M.A., Ph.D. Psychology, World History World History U. S. History Sociology WALTER P. MARSH CLARA BARNHART MADGE CHILDRE MONETA JOHNSON B.S. B.S., M.A. A.B., M.A. B.A., M.A. Math Math Math Math hd ,A T FI DEPT. 11 FACULTY SCIENCE DEPT. 70 CDDB E A715 IMOGENE RUSSELL H. R. SIMMS ROBERT IVEY B.A., M.T. B.S. B.A., M.S. Biology Biology Biology FRED RENFRO VIRGILIO MARTINEZ CARMEN D. SEESE B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.E.D. Health Biology Biology 12 FACULTY W. B. MAXON JOSEPH BURGER B.A., M. of Ed. A.B., M.S. Physics Chemistry LANGUAGE DEPT. HELEN ALDRIDGE RHEA MILLER B.A., M.A. B.A. French Latin SCIENCE DEPT. Qiif' 13 FACULTY L A N G U A G E DEPT. BELISANDRO MARES JOSEPHINE NAPOLEONE ANN KOMADINA HA B.A. B.A., M.A. Spanish Spanish Spanish WE HAVE A NEW TEACHER in the Language Department this year, Mr. Belisandro Mares. There are three languages taught, Spanish, Latin, and French. This department is one of the most interesting in our entire school. HADLEY NAIL KITTY MCFALL RITA MINKIN B.S., M.S. A.B., A.M. B.A., M.A. World History Spanish Spanish 14 FACULTY C O M M E R C I A L DEPT. LILLIAN KIEKE JUANITA PATTERSON JEAN MARSH AR. RS. BA., M.A. Commercial Commercial Commercial THE COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT has three divisions, Typing, Book- keeping, and Shorthand. These courses help AHS students to prepare for future Work in Commercial Arts. MARJORIE FOX KATHERINE CARMICHAEL B.S..M.A. BA i Commercial Commercial 15 M U S I C DEPT. LLOYD GRIFFITH CARL CRAMER B A. of Music Ed. B.A. of Music Ed. Band Ez Orchestra The Music Department of AHS adds much to our school life. The Advanced Girls Chorus, Boys Chorus, A Capella Chorus and Girls Chorus are directed by Lloyd Griffith, a new member of our faculty. The chorus classes sing for many assemblies, present the Christmas Cantata, the Operetta, and sing at Commencement. The Band and Orchestra are directed by Carl Cramer. The orchestra plays for the operetta and gives concerts during the year. The Band plays for games, pep assemblies and marches in parades. FACULTY HOME ECONOMICS MARIAN DOUGLAS ESTHER LARSON RILLA BRINK ESTELLE MCDEVITT Rs.. M.s. B.S.. M.s. B.S. of Ed. Bs. MECHANICAL DRAWING ART FRANK REYNOLDS FRANK GRAHAM RA. B.A., M.A. 17 FACULTY MANDEL PETERSON HUGH KING W. M. WALLING Vocational Printing Vocational Printing Vocational Printing Work Hurd! Mr. Walling is shown instructing three of the boys on how to print certain types of material The print shop is responsible for printing all the publications at AHS. 18 FACULTY RAY GUERETTE NELSON LOWERY CHARLES SINGLETON COYT HARTLINE B.S. B.S. B.A. in Ed. Machinist Certificate General Shop Woodwork Shop Auto Shop Vocational Certificate Watch Those Fingers! Machine Shop Mr. Guerette is shown below instructing two of his students, Pat Griffin and Woody Haymes, on the correct technique of operating a band saw. S if 19 EDWARD GARVANIAN TONY J. VALDEZ JACK RUSHING BS B.S. B.A. M.A. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Boys P. E. Department at AHS is very active and is one of the most well rounded departments in the school. The boys participate in basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and they even swim in the spring of the year at the YMCA downtown. The coaches shown here have done a very fine job in seeing to it that all members of their classes get a well-rounded P.E. experience. JOHNNIE CATON GEORGE FOEHR M.S., F.S. B.S., M.S. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Girls Physical Education Program is arranged to give the girls in- struction in many different sports. In the fall and summer their activities include soccer, field hockey, baseball, tennis. During the winter, favorite sports include volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis and dancing. They are taught these activities and practice under the supervision of Virginia Sacks, Peggy Iden and Frances Arnold. The girls at AHS are lucky to have such a wonderful Physical Education Department and such wonderful teachers who know their sports and are so highly interested in the girls. PEGGY IDEN VIRGINIA SACKS FRANCES FACULTY ARNOLD B.S., M.A. B.S. B.S. B iif R 1 21 FACULTY BOARD OF EDUCATION fStandingJ Mr. John Varney, Mr. Robert Elder, Dr. Charles Spain fSuperintendentl, Mr. J. Leon Thompson. lSittingJ Mrs. Mary Nicolai, Mr. S. Y. Jackson, Mr. Richard Thorne. x WM 22 SECRETARIES Albuquerque High owes a lot to thest people who keep the business par of the school running smoothly. They keep records, files, and card on student activities. tStandingb Ilene Schwabb, Jan Evans CSittingb Vicki Lucero, Jean Priest MARGARET MOZEE RS. R. N. School Nurse WILSON N. WILLITS A.B., M.A. Distributive Education MILDRED BREILAND KATHERINE HUN'1 A.B.L.S. Librarian ROBERT BRISCOE B.S. Attendance Olficer T Y ROBERT HEINSOHN SMITH GOOCH B.S. of Ed. B.A.. M.A. M. of Ed. DRIVING EDUCATION F.F.A. ROBERT GARRETT WILLIAM SOKOLL B.S. B.S. FACULTY C A F E T E R I A STAFF What a job! The women in our cafeteria seem to have troubles every day keeping all of AHS from going hungry. These two ladies, Rosamond Seth fleftj and Althea Allcorn frightb seem to be having trouble as they start their work for the day. These are the ladies who work hard to prepare lunches for AHS student and teachers. They are left to right, Eva B. Higgins, Hattie Nobles, Katherine Gaines, Margaret Wilson, Joella McDonald, May Bushnell, Althea Allcorn, and Rosamond Seth. 25 FACULTY CUSTODIANS Some of the most familiar faces around AHS are the custodians. They have one of the hardest jobs, that of keeping our school neat and clean. They are left to right: First row, Mr. Perea, Mr. Rodriquez, Jennie Rodriquez, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Carillo. Back row, Mr. Maestas, Mr. Olguin, Mr. Rodriquez, Mr. Juarez. 26 Mr. Ramirez G? Q H QI . 9 M m D9 f 3 -Q k 4 3 E 1 5 2 Q 1 n 5 WE, :Q X 5 4 .eff QW SENIORS rs . A 4 as -' - .ew- ABASKIN, IRENE Honor Society 2-3-4 Debs Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 Class Officer 4 ACEVES, ESTER AHLGRIM, CHARLOTTE Pepper Club 2-3-4 Fiddlin' Feet 2-3-4 Drill 4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Albuquerque Jr. Rodeo Advanced Chorus 4 Girls State 3 CLt. G0v.J ANAYA, CARMEN ANDERSON, BILL ' f Q 4 AMADOR, PATRICK Pentathlon 3-4 Tumbling Team 2-3-4 Swimming 3-4 '4'!j""'P' ANDREWS, DEAN Orchestra 2-3-4 Drill 4 Roller Skating Club Dramateens 4 28 ,J 3 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Anti-Litterbugs 4 3 fl' sg r, f' 1 AKER, BENNY D Albuquerque Jr. Rodeo Club 4 Chorus 2 ARAGON, CONNIE ARAGON, LOUELLA Pepper Club 3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 ANDERSON, SUE Future Nurses of America 4 ARMIJO, LORENCITO Pepper Club Pan-American Club S E N I O R S ARNOLD, ROGER ATENCIO, ELIZABETH Band Pepper Club 2-3-4 R.O.T.C. Drill it Safety Council 'ln-I ,wr- 'W-.42" ARMIJO, TONY Student Council 3-4 'S i ei BACA, ANNIE Student Council Pepper Club Pan-American Club Safety Council Rodeo Club Nd' 1'-9-up XJ' D-bf .--SPO BACA, ANGIE Pepper Club 2-3-4 BACA, GENE BACA, GEORGE Band 2-3 Band I -'QF .,. ww-5, - 3 -' BACA, GEORGIA Pepper Club BACA, WILFRED BACHICHA, TOM Intramurals Baseball --:"? --sr" BACA, ROBERT Wrestling 3 X 25 Basketball 4 Boys' State Alternate 3 f Archaeology Society 4 Band 2-3-4 f BALDWIN, EARL 29 SENIORS BARELA, EDALIA BARELA, EDDIE Pepper Club 2-3-4 Football Fiddlin' Feet O.N.O,C. Club Student Council BARELA, DINO Boys' State Alt. 3 Intramurals 23 BARRIOS, BLANCA BASSETT, PHYLLIS BARELA, MARCELA Pepper Club 2-3 Pepper Club 2 Chorus 2 -iff' 'Italie -we BARRETT, JUDITH Fiddlin' Feet 2-3-4 Student Council 2-3 Junior Escort 2'3 BENAVIDEZ, JOHNNY BENNETT, PHYLLJS Drarnateens 4 T-Tnnnr Qnniofv 9-2 BECKELHIEMER, JANICE Future Nurses Pepper Club Student Council 4 1 ' -" ' 'Y Pepper Club 2-3-4 -30 SENIORS ,ng BINGHAM, ELEANOR Girls' State 3 Pepper Club 2-3-4 fPresident 45 Debs Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4 BIRDSALL, BETTY BLACKWOOD, BOB Cheerleader 4 La Reata CAsst. Editor Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4 39 Co-Editor 45 fVice President 33 Dramateens 3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Boys, State Alternate BLEA, CARLOS BOWER, MARY LYNN BRADBURY, KAY Yugqa Staff 4 Ppnnnr Fluh 932,11 -f fff- if lnuuux sunncuy A-0-1 BRYAN, GILLETTE BRYANT, BARBARA SCieI11Ce Club 2-3-4 r1L,....:..4.... n1..u. n A vw f-1 ' '-A ' ! 31 S E N I O R S BUTTS, RON CAIRE, ELSIE Track 4 Dramateens 3-4 Student Council 4 Tri-Hi-Y 34 Pepper Club 2-3-4 f -4 1 1, l i l BURROWS, WAYNE Honor Society 2-3 Junior Play '-Ac Club 4 Head Mamgel' Football CANDELARIA, LEROY CANDELARIA, l be MARGARET CANDELARIA, JOE Student Council 2-3-4 Intramurals 2 Pepper Club 2-3-4 S . fi," A T P 'W w , ':2'gv, X, fs",- 6 . 'Jaxx . i ,'. CANDELARIA, GINO Student Council 2 Intramurals 2 5 CARLISLE, DENNY SUE CASTILLO, BOBBY Girls' State Dramateens 2-3-4 Science Club 2-3-4 Pepper Club 'Air' CAREY, MARY ELIZABETH Pepper Club 4 Alt. to Safety Coun. 4 32 CAPEL, GEORGIA Office Aid Pepper Club Fiddlin' Feet Tennis Club CAUGHELL, LINDA Sec.-Treas. Future Nurses of America CHAVEZ, ANTHONY CHAVEZ, DON Los Hermanos SENIORS CHACON, HENRY Student Council 2-3 Pan American Club 4 French Club 4 CHAVEZ, FRED French Club Pentathlon T lil ,Q N- CHAVEZ, ELIAS 13 1 CHAVEZ, MANUELA CHAVEZ, MARGARET Pepper Club 2-3-4 Intramurals Intramurals 4 Pepper Club Wad 1 CHAVEZ MARTHA Pepper Club 2 3 4 C-1 Chorus CHERRY, AUBREY CHIFALO, FRANK WQK CHAVEZ, MARY Pepper Club 3-4 Intramurals 4 Alt. to Boys' State Intramurals 2-3-4 Basketball 4 iR2'?'l5i CHHTTENDEN,TED 33 .SLGNIUKS CISNEROS, VIVIAN COLE, CAROLYN Pepper-Club 2-3-4 Orchestra 2-3-4 All State Shorus 3 COOK, DUANE COOKE, WANDAY CONTRERAS, GABRIEL Contata 2-3-4 Astronomy Club 2-3-4 Chess Club President 2 Debs Tri-Hi-Y Student Council 2 Pepper Club Tennis 2-4 Dramateens CORDOVA, JOHN Bowling Club 3 Student Council 2 fPresident 47 Intramurals 2-4 Archaeology Club 3-4 COSTALES, ISAAC COTTON, W- C- French Club 3 Baseball 4 Student Council 4 Student Council 3 R.O.T.C. 3-4 CORDOVA, J OSEPHINE Band 2-3-4 Anti-Litterbugs Los Hermanos Hi-Y Tumbling 4 l 1 a C CRAWFORD, GWEN Debs Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 34 Drill 4 S E N I O R S CROSS, BETTY CROWLEY, TRISH Girls' State 3 Tri HiY 4 Honor Society 4 Dramateens 4 Q!" NM' CRISP. EARLENE CROWNOVER, KAREN Bookroom Aid 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Junior Escort 3 Drill 3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 DAILEY, WANDA DANFELSER, Student Council 2 La Reata 2-3-4 tlAssoc. PRISCILLA Editor 43 Pepper Club Anti-Litterbugs 4 Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club 4 Ski Club ,mm mood' CULBERSON, MICKEY DAVIS, DON Dramateens 3-4 Safety Council Junior Play Boys Glee Club 3-4 OPCFGUH 3-4 DAVIS, JAMES DEAN, GARLAND Yucca Student Council Dramateens Soccer Boys' State Alternate Honor Society Intramurals T? DAVIS, GLORIA DE BACA, EVANGELINE Bookroom Aide Tri-Hi-Y R0l161' Skating Club 3 Traffic Safety Council Drill 4 3-4 fVice President 41 Dramateens 4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 35 S E N I 0 R S DUNCAN, BOB DUNCAN, SAMMY Track 2-3-4 Student Council 2 Football 2-3 Intramurals 2 'Ki' ,INF DODSON, BECKY DWINELL, LORIE F.T.A. J.C.L. Pepper Club Pepper Club Cordellas Tri-Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y iPres.J 4 EDGERLY, NANCY EDMUNDS, JUANITA Honor Society Cheerleader 2 Band 2-3-4 Drill 2-3 Orchestra 4 Pepper Club 2 3 4 Junior Escort 1 2 3 S 5 gf f li- Ei' I DYER, CHARLES if BICHVVALD, LARRY Valve Lifters S .ia F00tball 3-4 Student Council 4 ig! Hi-Y 4 Baseball 4 ' - " Tennis 2-3-4 ESPINOSA, MABLE ESQUIVEL, ANN HOHOI' SOCiety --.,...,- ..,U.,n.cJ -.4 1 36 EZELL, MARTHA FINDLEY, CLINTON Baseball 2-3-4 Football 2 3 Boys State fAltJ Lhevallers 3 SENIORS S. EVANS. JO ANNE FINK, JACK Dramateens Football 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y "A" Club 3-4 Record ' " Hi-Y 3-4 Junior Escort FITZGERALD, DON FLEAK, LARRY Track 2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 F.F.A. 2-3-4 Archaeology Society 4 Student Council 2-3 Intramurals 2-3-4 Rodeo Club FISHER. VELMA Chorus -f? FONS, SANDRA Pepper Club 2-3-4 gg-L FORTUNE, RICHARD FOSTER, JO ETTA Baseball 3-4 Record 2-3-4 Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y 4 Student Council 2 Science Club Intramurals French Club 3 i EQ sm FOLLIS, COY Pepper Club 2-3-4 Drill 4 FRANCESH, DENNIS Tennis 2-3-4 37 SENIORS FREDERICH, SHIRLEY FRIBERG, GEORGE -QW' FRANCO, CHRISTINE Pepper Club 2-3 Fiddlin' Feet 2 Chorus 3 mm! GALLEGOS, SAIBES R.O.T.C. Rifle Team Student Council Sports 2-3-4 GALLEGOS, VIOLA GALLIER, ANTHONY Class Secretary 2 Student Council 3-4 Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club 2-3-4 weft, iwfrtf' GADDY, SHARON 4-0""'f GARCIA, CECILIA GARCIA, ERNIE GARCIA, BETTY Drill Pepper Club French Club 1 GARCIA, ERNIE Football 2-3-4 Basketball 2,3 Track 2-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3 38 iIl?""""""l GARCIA, FRANCES Advanced Chorus French Club 1 GARCIA, LUCY Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y French Club GARCIA, OLYMPIA GARCIA, RUBEN Pepper Club Baseball Drill Basketball French Club fit, N555 SENIORS GARCIA, RUBY Tennis Club Roller Skating Club Pepper Club Bookroom Aid N X if GARCIA, SARA Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4 Drill 3-4 Ice Skating GARLEY, ANDREA GEE, SUE Tri-Hi-Y Future Nurses America Pepper Club Nurse's Aid Drill Student Council GIVINS, SHIRLEY GONZALES, ummm Flnh 9.2.4 FIVANGELINE GIDDINGS, AGNES Pepper Club niiiil I ff NM- pi j ' 1 GORDANIER, WINIFRED Silver Saddles Intramurals 39 SENIORS GREEN, ALFRED GRIEGO, ELSIE GRIEGO, FILBERTO Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 Fiddlin' Feet 3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Silver Saddles 3-4 Dramateens 4 GRIEGO, RICHARD Hi-Y Honor Society Tennis GRIEGO, RUDY v . I f Q f' A -. Y j H 2 K , TQ, . 3, - HAINES, THELMA Pepper Club 3-4 Intramurals 2 40 GROOMS, ALLEN GULLEY, MARIAN Hi-Y 3-4 Dramateens 3-4 Campus Club 2 Latin Club 4 Intramurals 2 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Skating Club Bookroom Aide 3-4 K kg tw, Nxwnwg .R fl' HANNA, TOMMY HALBIG, CORA MAE Hi-Y 3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Junior Play Safety Council 4 Dramateens 3-4 Operetta 3 Boys' State 3 Cantata 3 GUTHRIE, GLENDA HB" Team Clheerleader2 Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club Office Aide 2 HARDAGE, DIXIE HARRIS, SHARON HARKIN, PAUL Dnnnnu f'ln1r. 004 Univ fwl..L n 4 SENIORS Omce Ame 34 HERRERA, ALBERT F. HERRERA, CLARA Student Council 3 French Club Campus Club 2-3 O.N.C.O. 3-4 HENDREN, FELIX Skating Club 3 HINCHMAN, PATRICIA HINE, GORDON HERRERA, REBECCA Student Council 4 Roller Skating 3 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Anti-Litterbugs 3-4 was -Q-up HICKMAN, ARLENE Pepper Club 2-3-4 Fiddlin' Feet 2 Intramurals 2 Astronomy Club 2 Albuquerque Junior Junior Escort Rodeo Club 4 Pepper Club, 2-3-4 Rifle Team 3 R.O.T.C. 3 HOLMES, RICHARD Chemistry Club Science Club 2 Intramurals 3 .41 SENIORS HOWSMAN, NYLE HUNTER, JACK Future Teachers JOHNSON, BEVERLY JOHNSON, CLIFF FFA Sweetheart 3 Basketball J C French Club JOHNSON, MARGIE Drill 4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y Roller Skating 4 42 JOHNSON, FRED JONES, DONNA Band Drill. 3-4 Intramurals Anti-Litterbugs fPresident 49 Pepper Club 234 Q E JONES, CLINTON SENIORS JONTZ, JANNIE JUSTICE, JOYCE Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Drill 2-3-4 Safety Council 3 JONES, NELSON Football 2-3-4 "A" Club 2-3-4 Track 2-3-4 fi KIKKAWA, JEANNIE "A" Team Cheerleader Junior Escort Attendance Office 3-4 KINKADE, JOHN KLEIN, BOB Pepper Club 34 Chemistry Club 3-4 Band Physics Club 4 Photography Club 4 Honor Society 2-3-4 M. 2-'F' p -gf 2 J KINKADE, JIM Chorus A Capella All-State Chorus LA COLTR. VIRGINIA Pepper Club 2-3 a , I Z. E i f.. KOBERNAT, LINDA Cheerleader 2-4 Honor Society 2-3-4 ,ff La Reata lArt and KOYLOWSKI, LAKE, WARREN Sports 3 t Assoc. Ed 45 MARY HELEN Pepper Club 2-3-4 Student Council mf? 1w.of"' Valve Lifters Club 4 French Club 4 O.N.C.O. Club 2-3 Audio Visual Club 2-3-4 inf V I 4 LA NEAR, LATIR , , Pepper Club 2-3-4 Drama Club 4 43 SENIORS LANGFITT, HERB LANIER, JUNE A. V. Club 2 3 4 Drill 4 Mad Scientists 4 Roller Skating 3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 LA NEAR, MICHAEL Filddlin' Feet 2-3 Intramurals 2-3-4 Basketball 4 LAYNE, JIM Fiddlin' Feet CPres. 45 Rodeo Club 4 Intramurals 3-4 LAWSON, MARIE Cantata 3 Advanced Chorus 3 Pepper Club 4 LEE, JUDY LEE, NADA Drill 4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Drill 4 Safety Council 4 LEVERENZ, RICHARD LINDQUIST, JIM Football 3-4 LERKE, GEROLD Albuquerque Junior Rodeo Club 4 R.0.T.C. 3 LESPERANCE, PRISCILLA 44 A Club 234 Student Affairs Wrestling LOPEZ, AGNES I Drill A Nan-we Pepper Club 2-3-4 SENIORS LOPEZ, MARIA LOVATO, ANGIE Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y Drill 3-4 Drill 3-4 Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club 2-3-4 LOPEZ, ROSE MARIE LOPEZ, RUTH Drill 3-4 Drill Tri Hi Y French Club all F h Cl LOVATO. CHRIS me Hb gffeijrglggcil LUJAN, GLORIA Football 2-3-4 Pepper Club Wrestling 2-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3-4 "AU Club 2-3-4 Drill French Club N" LOVATO, DORA LUCERO, MICKIE Student Council 4 Student Council 4 Pepper Club 4 Pepper Club 4 Anti-Litterbugs 4 Intramurals 4 LUNA, ROGER Anti-Litterbugs 3 MAEZ, FRANCES Pepper Club 34 LUNSI' ORD, LUCILLE MABRY. KAY F.T.A. 3 Pepper Club 3 Junior Escort Roller Skating Club 3 French Club 3 Office Aide 3 45 S E N I O R S MAISTER, DAVID MARQUEZ, ROSARIA Band 2-34 tChevalier'sJ Hi-Y 2-3-4 O.N.C.O. Club 3-4 Debate Team 4 MANNING, DANNY MARES, JOE Intramurals 2-3-4 Baseball 2 R.O.T.C. 2-3 MARTIN, CAROL ANN Student COUHCU 3 MARTINEZ, INEZ Pepper Club 4 Drill Squad Bookroom Aid 3 3 French Club Pepper Club MARTIN, CAROLYN MARTINEZ, FANNIE Pepper Club Pepper Club 2-3-4 Office Aide French Club 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 MARTINEZ, JOHN MARTINEZ, VICKI "AH Club Student Council. 3 Baseball Pepper Club 1-2-3 Football Tri-Hi-Y 2-3 Vice Pres Tumblmg Queen Attendant 46 MARTINEZ, MARTINEZ, VERA MARY HELEN Tennis Club Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tntramurals Intramurals Pepper Club Book Room Aide SENIORS MATTEUCCI, RAYMOND MCCAMEY, RAYMOND Boys State 3 Safety Council Honor Society 2-3-4 Chemistry Club 3-4 Golf 3-4 fix Y1"f",fY McCORMICK, KEN rf' MASCARENAS, MCCAMENT, LARRY ROSEANN Albuquerque Junior Pepper Club 2-4 Rodeo Club French Club 4 Wrestling Tennis Club 3 Baseball Archaeology Society MCHODGKINS, Football 3-4 lCo-Capt. 43 Hi-Y 3-4 Boys' State "A" Club MCDOUGALL, BILLIE MCGUINNESS, BERTHA LAWRENCE Archaeology Society Band 2-3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Silver Saddles 34 French Club 3 tSecretary Treas. 47 Nurses Aide 4 MCH-HANEY, SAM pepper Club 2.3.4 MCMULLEN, CAROLE F..F.A. 2-3 Pepper Club 3-4 H1-Y 3-4 Office Aide 3 Boys' State Alt. 3 Student Council 4 MCKINNON, DAN McKINNON, LOU "A" Club 2-3-4 Safety Council 4 Hi-Y 2-3-4 Intramurals Rep. 2-3 47 S E N I O R S MCNAMEE, KATHLEEN MEDLEY, KATHY Pepper Club Drill Leader 4 Tri-Hi-Y Cordellas Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 JO! Modern Dance 2-3 Pepper Club 5 McVICKER NANCY MEADOWS WANDA Pepper Club 23 4 A Capella 23 4 X Drill 3-4 Dramateens Sec. Treas. "-,' Q 2, Safety Council 4 Honor Society 2-3-4 is 4 Junior Escort MERANDA, GUSTAVO MILLER. LINDA F.T.A. iVice Pres, 3-43 Pepper Club Astronomy Club fVice Tri-Hi-Y Pres. 3-43 METZGAR, KATHERINE MEYERHEIN, RALPH Chorus 2 Mad Scientists 3-4 ProJector Club 4 MILLIGAN, MARY LOU MQNTQYA, J0 ANN Pepper Club Pepper Club Nurse's Aide Intramurals Student Council Drill Drill aunt Safety Council -nug- -df? we-ng' MITLHELL, SALLY MONTOYA, ABRAM Volleyball Team Pan American Club 4 Pepper Club French Club 4 48 SENIORS MONTOYA, MONICA MONTOYA, SARA Pepper Club 2 French Club 2 Chorus Pepper Club f fe. MONTOYA, ROBERT MONTOYA, ROBERT M, C . ' O gf? French Club HAH Club If j , Intramurals Student Affairs - J ' ' A X - , Q V l Basketball Pentathalon 'A A xj-A MOORE, MARTHA Wfesflmg MORGAN, CHARLENE Pepper Club 2-3-4 Safety Council Operetta 3 MORRIS, TERRY Dramateens 2-3-4 fVice -vul1""""' Mm MORAGA. CRESPIN MORALES, ANITA R.O.T.C. Pepper Club Pan-American Club Intramurals MOYA, CELINA Pepper Club 2-3 Pres. 3, Pres. 45 La Reata 2-3-4 CAsst. Ed. 3, Co-Ed. 45 45' Nw tsav MORROW, LOIS MOULDS, MARTHA Pepper Club 2-3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Nurse's Aide 4 Library Aide 2-3-4, Drill 4 CPres. 47 Fiddlin' Feet 2-4 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 49 SENIORS MOYA, PETE Student Council NABERS, TOMMY Radio Physics Club NAVARRO, ELOY MURPHY, DOLLIE MURRY, SHARON Pepper Club Tri-Hi-Y 4 Intramurals Pepper Club 2-3-4 Drill Drill French Club NIET0, JERRY Student Council Hi-Y French Club Football OBOIKOVITZ, MARCIA 50 NEUBER, JOYCE NIERI, JAMES Vice President 2-3 Astronomy Club 2 Honor Society 2-3-4 French Club Girls' State 3 Tennis Club 2-3 All-State Chorus OROZCO, PATRICIA Pepper Club 2-3-4 'Nw OLGUIN, MARY Nurse's Aide 3 Safety Council Student Council SENIORS ORTEGA, RUDY OTERO, MAX Skating Club 2-3 Track 3 Baseball 3 170003311 3 Wrestling Club 2-4 Glee Club 3-4 -if PABLO, ROSE Bookroom Aide 2 X, SQ' -Q if 'QP' ORTIZ, EMELDA ORTIZ, MICKEY Intramurals 2-3 Band 2 Pepper Club 2-3 Astronomy Club 3 French Club Boys' Chorus Pepper Club 2-4 French Club 4 i ...M--- PADILLA, DOLORES Pepper Club Pan-American Club A capella Anti-Litterbugs X kwa 17? PACHECO, JOSETTE PADILLA, ANASTACIO Junior Escort Safety Council 4 .I.C.L. 2-3-4 Student Council 3 IDAGE' NANCY HOHOI' Society 2-3-4 PALLADINO. ELOISE PALMER, RAYMOND Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4 4Pres. 49 Drill 3-4 Ice Skating Club 2 Band 2-3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 51 SENIORS PARNALL, CAROLYN PENDLY1 TOM Yucca 2-3-4 fEd. 45 Girls' State 3 Honor Society 3-4 Pepper Club 3-4 PARRAS, ISMAEL PENA, ROSELA Baseball 2-3 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4 CSec.- Treas. 33 PERA, JOHN Drill 34 PETTIFORD, RUTH French Club Student Council R.O.T.C. Advanced Chorus Pepper Club PERALLA, JUANITA PERRY, ALEXANDER PIERSON, GARY PORTER, RONNY Hi-Y Tennis 2 Wrestling 3 Tennis Mgr. 3-4 HA" Club 4 i 3 PINO, RIBRADO POHL, MARY ANN Intramurals Student Council Safety Council Intramurals 52 PRIETO, ALFONSO p Hi-Y g ' . PROCTER, ROSETTA Orchestra Arts and Crafts .Iunior Play RAEL, MARY HELEN Student Council 2-3 Pepper Club 2-3-4 in? js! .1-""" wi? 'Q' rr--45 RAMSEY, BARBARA Pepper Club 2-3-4 Drill 3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4 La Reata 4 REX, KENNETH SENIORS QUINTANA, RAY Band 2-3 French Club 3 Skating Club 2 QUINTANA, AMBROSE Bowling Club Wrestling, Track RENFRO, LORETTA Student Council 2 Drill 4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 REAVES, ROY Archaeology Society RINGERSEN, POLLY Archaeology Society 3-4 Pres. 47 Hi-Y 3-4 CSec.-Treas. 43 Record Staff 3-4 5 REX, MARVIETTA E . 5 , if Pepper Club 2-3-4 Q - 5 A Operetta 3 ' . A lce Skating Club 2-4 Pepper Club 'Q""'C" NY RINER, PHILLIP 53 SENIORS ROBINSON, NANCY Record 2-3-4 fEd. 39 ROGERS, CLARENCE Honor Society 2-3-4, Yucca 3-4 lLit. Ed. 43 Junior Escort 3 Valve Lifters 2-3 C339 if if ROMERO. BERALDO Wrestling ROMERO, MARIANE Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Bowling Club 2 54 s s E A ROBLES JANICE ROCKWELL, PHYLLIS Fiddlin' Feet 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2-34 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Drill 4 Drill 4 , : ' 4 f .. R Q it gf :.E if 3 . X., , if ROMERO, ELIZABETH Pepper Club ROMERO, CHRISTINA ROMERO, EDWINA Pepper Club Pepper Club 1-2-3 F.T.A. Drill Dramateens Queen's Attendant Junior Play Tri-Hi-Y RUSK. BARBARA Dramateens 2-3 Chorus 2-3 Cantata 2-3 Operetta 3 ROMOS, FLORENCE ROWE, CAROL Pepper Club Pepper Club 2-3-4 Fiddlin' Feet Library Aide 4 Office Aide 4 Student Council 2 .dv-'J' X SENIORS RUSSELL, LOWELL SAAVEDRA, ROSENDO Hi-Y Tumbling Team Junior Play Baseball 3-4 RUST, SUE SAAVEDRA, LUCILLE Band 2-3-4 Pepper Club Pepper Club 3-4 Honor Society 2 Pan American Club SACKETT, SUE SALAS, MARGIE Cheerleader 2 Drill 3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Junior Escort SAISE, SARAH JANE SALAS, HELEN Pepper Club 2-3-4 French Club 3 Drill 4 French Club Pepper Club Tri-Hi-Y Intramurals Pepper Club 3 Mixed Chorus Drill SAI-OME, MARY ANN French Club SANCHEZ, ERNEST Pepper Club Roller Skating Club SANCHEZ, CECILIA SANCHEZ, DOLORES Pepper Club 2-3-4 Office Aid Tri-Hi-Y Pepper Club 2-3-4 Skating Club 3-4 Student Council 4 Drill Tri-Hi-Y 4 Soccer Team 2-3 Tumbling 2-3-4 4Co- Captain 3-45 J S I 4 55 SENIORS SANCHEZ, JOSIE SATATHITE, JQE Pepper Club Chorus 2 EQ SANDOVAL, LOUISE SAMMON, LOUISE Pepper Club Pepper Club 2-3-4 Chorus, Mixed Student Council Rep. 2 Intramurals SCHULMEISTER, SEGURA, JOSEPH L. RICHARD French Club Band 2-3-4 Intramurals Orchestra 2-3 Drum Major 4 SEGURA, ROSEMARY SCHULZ, CARL SEDILLA, CRESTINA Football 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y Honor Society 2-3-4 Drill Squad Hi-Y 3-4 Pepper Club 3 "A" Club 3-4 French Club A' pf mf ...egg 1 SERDA, CARLOS Safety Council 4 56 "il" mg-wg,-M SENA, MAGGIE SENA, NORMA F.F.A. 3 Office Aide 3 Office Aide 2-3 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Pepper Club 2-3 Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4 F.H.A. 3 French Club 2-3 Intramurals 2-3-4 Safety Council Rep. 2-3 1 3 SEVERINGHAUS, SILVA, PAT SENIORS RICHARD Astronomy Club 3-4 3.6-,gQa,,.5. , .tt -A A . Wt SEYMOUR, MARY E. SILVA, GRACE Cheerleader 2-4 Tri H1 Y 2 3 4 Student Council 2-3 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Student Council 4 Drill 4 French Club 3 SMITH, GEORGE Safety Council 3-4 SPRATH, CAROL Track 3 Tri-Hi-Y 4 SNIPES, JAMES SPARKS, TOMMY Yucca Staff 3 Science Club 2 Safety Council 3 Chemistry Club 3-4 Intramurals 3 Archaeology Museum Archaeology Society 4 Drama Club 3 sshd? STADY, PATRICIA STOVER, HANK Record 3-4 CEd. 45 Junior Escort Honor Society 2-3-4 Pepper Club 3-4 X' STEPHENSON, BOB STOLL, EDWARD, JR. Hi-Y 2-3-4 Operetta 2-3-4 Student Council 3-4 Boys' Glee Club 2-3-4 Student Affairs 4 Dramateens 3-4 Basketball 3-4 Hi-Y 3,4 K Ss K t ,ing ofa - ygggi .Q . . . Q 57 S E N I O R S STROMBERG, KURT TAFOYA, GILLY HA" Club 2-3-4 Class President 2-3 Honor Society 2-3-4 Boys' State 3 fi if STUART, DONALD TABER, JO ANN Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 iTreas. 45 Drill 3-4 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Dramateens Boys' State R.O.T.C. 2-4 TAFOYA, LUCY Blodern Dance 3.4 TAYLOR. LELIA Pepper Club 2 Pepper Club French Club 2 TAR, ERNEST TAVASCI, ED Dramateens Club 4 Nurse's Aide TEETER, CAROL TENNIN, BOB Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Fiddlin' Feet 2 58 TEMER, ROBERT Intramurals Tumbling Senior Class Vice-Pres Hi-Y Safety Council Boys State TENBROECK, CHARLES Valve Lifters 3-4 Band 2-3-4 Baseball 2 SENIORS TENNISON, CHUCK THEOBALD, LEONARD in TERRELL, PAT THEIS, MARILYN Band and Orchestra Pepper Club Tri-Hi-Y THOMAS, ARTISTE French Club Pepper Club 2-3-4 Student Council 2-3 Fiddlin' Feet Drill 4 THOMAS KENNETH J. THOMAS, MAE DEAN THOMSON, MISTEE G. Band 2-3-4 French Club 3 Valve Lifters 3 fSec. 8z Treas. 45 Boys' State Rep. 3 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Honor Society 1Gold Litter Bugs 3 THORN, s0NJA BOf3s,lGiEfClub 3-4 Student Council Rep' 2 TREHORN, DONNA Pepper Club 2-3-4 Pepper Club 3-4 Fiddlin' Feet 2-4 -Ulf, 1 TORRES, GLORIA TORREZ, JENNY Pepper Club Pepper Club 2-3-4 Bookroom French Club 3 Junior Escort Safety Council 3 Silver Saddles 4 Chorus 2-3-4 If , 59 S E N I O R S TURNER, DOLLIE TRUJILLO, VIOLA ' ' Drill Pepper Club 3-4 Drill 3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 Modern Dance 2-3 Pepper Club French Club iii' W, TURNER, JOHN L. TRUJILLO, STELLA French Club 3-4 Pepper Club Projector Club 4 French Club Alt. Student Council TURRIETTA, ROBERT Rep. 4 ULIBARRI, MELDA Baseball 2-4 Pepper Club Basketball 34 Intramurals Ns- Q MM.,- S C VALDEZ, ELLA Pepper Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4 Dramateens 3-4 Intramurals 2-3-4 WH ezff' f., iff p if t-- 4 fo TURRIETTA, NICK TYSON, DONNELLA Intramurals Pepper Club Anti-Litter V N VARGAS, PRISCELLA p ' Student Council 2 """' ,,:,,. 'M 2. il French Club 3 ' --f- 3.151-ff' V ? Pepper Club 2-3-4 .,,,, ' ' ' L W Safety Council 4 i W 60 VALDEZ, JUDY VAN ETTEN, SALLY Pepper Club 2-3-4 Drill 4 Modern Dance 2 Junior Escort SENIORS VELASQUEZ, LUCILLE VIGIL- FRANK Football 2 Pepper Club 2-3-4 Drill 4 Tri-Hi-Y French Club VIGIL BENJAMIN VIGIL CIRILIO Student Council 2 Safety Council 0.N.C.O. Pan American Club fTreasurerJ VIGIL, GLORIA WALKER, JESSA vs , , n1,,1, n n 4 , , L, ,.. -.,- -..,... 11f.v...Au FI--k 0 9 A WARRICK, ROBERT WHEELER, ELAINE Audio Visual Club, Pepper Club CSec. 8: Treas.J Tumbling WEIDENHOFER, NEAL WEIGEL, STANLEY Yucca 3-4 -I-C-I+ Dramateens 3-4 Mad Scientists 4 Boys' Chorus 4 61 SENIORS WILEY, STEVE YEAKLEY, EMMA Pepper Club 2-3-4 YEE, SUE Cheerleader It r 4 CHeadJ 4 Honor Society 2 Student Affairs 4 Inter-school Council 4 riff'- X. ggi ez ni Tw +-J: WILLIAMS, CAROLYN WRIGHT, KAREN 'M Pepper Club Cantata 2-3 Operetta 3 N. ZAMORA, DICKIE Hi-Y- 3-4 Track 2-3-4 Pepper Club 3-4 Drill 3 Future Nurses 3 Archaeology Society 3 Fiddlin' Feet ZIMMERMAN, IONE ADW' ww ZAMORA, MARY M. Pan-American Club Pepper Club Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4 F.T.A. 4 Bulldog Queen 4 Color Guard 2-3-4 Q? Q00 'Q' s ml-2 gm J , F12 5.35 ARCHIE GARCIA President JOE NICASSIO Vice-President MARY LOUISE GARCIA Secretary-Treasurer JUNIORS Jlllllllli CLASS 0llFIlTllIlU The Junior Class of '56-'57 elected as their officers, Archie Garcia, Presidentg Joe Nica- ssio, Vice-Presidentg Mary Louise Garcia, Sec- retary-Treasurer. Each one is deserving of his office. They have presented the Junior Class Play, the Junior Talent Assembly. the Junior- Senior Prom, which is the climax of each year. The Junior Class has selected the class rings for '57-58. T 63 JUNIORS Aceves, Martha Alarid, Bonnie Amedor, Martha Anaya, Mary Anderson, Thelma Beck, Elton Bell, Mandel Benavidez, Tommy Bennett, Helen Birdsall, Bill 64 -if Apodaca, Frank Apodaca, Mariano Archuleta, Frieda Armijo, Dolores Armijo, Emily Armijo, Louie Ernest Assimakis, Patti Atencio, Billy Baca, Diana Baca, Patricia Baca, Raymond Baca, Robert Baca, Soila Baker, Diana Baker, Gregory Baldonado, Clydia Barreras, Patricia Beasley, Jim Beatty, Faith Beck, Diana Bridenstine, Larry Briscoe, Robin Brooks, Gretchen Brooks, Sharon Brooks, Richard Bushee, Carol Bussell, Dewell Butler, Glenda Bynum, Retta Cain, Joan Cannon, Malcom Cantrell, Richard Chapman, Betty Chapman, Odela Chavez, Abie Chavez, Catherine Chavez Frank Chavez, Fred Chavez, Gloria Chavez, Priscilla JUNIORS Blatchford. Dana Bostic, Jeannc Boyd, Betty Bowen, La Verna Brannon, Judy ii' Chavez, Ruben Cfhavez, Viola Claridge, Judy Clark, Irmalee Clark, Sharon 65' JUNIORS Clingan, Neal Coburn, Wanda Cochran, Jane Cole, Juanita Conty, Karen l 1 1 Dearing, Arlene Deskin, Jo Ann Dimas, Abe Dreyer, Joan DuBois, James 66 Cordova, Annie Cordova, Cecilia Cordova, Eddie Corfield, Ida Corfield, Stan Corley, Pauline Crisp, Jo Ann Crow, Mary Cuaron, Merlin Daffer, Pete Daniel, Jean Daniels, Jeannine Darrah, Judy Davis, Kathryne Davidson, Carl Davidson, Lesta De Baca, John De Baca, Rosina De Groot, Barbara Deardeuff, Shirley Eubank, Richard Evans, Charlene Everitt, Pauline Fitzsimmons, Lillian Flemming, Irene Ford, George Frazer, Andrew Gaddy, Sharon Gallegos, Eddie Gallegos, Gerald Gallegos, Joe Gallegos, Peter Garcia, Archie Garcia, Betty Garcia, Florinda Garcia, John Garcia, Lugi Garley, Mella Garrett, Jimmy Gilbert, Frieda JUNIORS 'lk Gilbert, Margaret Gish, Bob Gomez, Joe Gonzales, Carolina Dunsworth, Alta Kaye Easton, Sonja Elliott, Veronica Eskeets, Lenora Espinosa, Eddie 67 JUNIORS Garcia, Mary Louise Goodloe, Doris Griego, Tommie Garza, Alice Gonzales, Aralia Gonzales, Dennis Herrera George Higgins, Tom Hill, Betty Honaker, Reyea Howard, Barbara 68 Dunsworth, Alta Kay Gonzales, Raymond Gonzales, Richard Granucci, Lynne Griego, Bill Griego, Loretta Haines, Marie Halbig, Claude Hall, Geraldine Hamby, Wilson Hamilton, Mike Hanna, Frances Harper, Leroy Harris, Joe Harris, Sarah Heard, Troy Henning, Larry Hernandez, Emily Hernandez, Rudy Herrera, Kathern Jacob, Mae Jacobsen, Kat'hy Jaramillo, Evelyn Jaramillo, Lia Jojola, Rosemary Jones, Patricia Kirikos, Gus Killough, Bonell King, Karen Koenig, Ervon Koenig, Patsy La Font, Gerald Lagunas, Ernest Lawson, Patsy Leonard, Mary Linn, Emily Lock, Lois Loekridge, Marilyn Lopez, Eddie Lopez, Juan JUNIORS Harper, Wayne Hubber, Don Hunton, Marie Humphries, Marilyn Jackson, Ethel Lopez, Love, Lowance, Lucero, Lucero, Lydia Terry Mary Lee Frankie Pauline 69 JUNIORS Lucero, Priscilla Lucero, Rita Lueras, Esther Luthey, Neida Madrid, Cecilia Miller, Nelda Mitchell, Eleanor Mitchell, Paul Mitchell, Peggy Mondragm, Robert 70 Madrid, Wilfred Marineell, Richard Mares, Albert Marino, Danny Markham, Jerry Marlow, Betty Marquez, Harry Marquez, Rosalie Martinez, Joe Martinez, Lena Martinez, Rosie Marizol, Eve Matteucci, Margaret Maxwell, Marcella McAneny, Pat McClare, Mazell McCoy, Scott McDougall, Noretha McHodgkins, Dorothy McLeod, Judy Montoya, Vicky Moore, Patricia Mora, Arthur Mora, Lucy Mores, Olivia Morgas, Mary Moya, Richard Mulcahy, Burnette Mulkey, Linda Neal, Sue Nicasio, Frances Ortiz, Lucille Peeples, Elsie Padilla, Dorothy Padilla, Juanita Julia Padilla, Wilfred Pargas, Celia Parkhurst, Phil Parras, Rosella Padilla, Darlene JUNIORS Montoya, Connie Montoya, Erlinda Montoya, Genevieve Montoya, Prescilla Montoya, Rosella Pena, Paul Peterson, Freida Pettine, Marvin Pettine, Yvonne Portillos, Flora 71 JUNIORS Rael, Tino Reeves, Jerry Reger, Linda Rich, Loretta Richardson, Jerry Sanchez, Larry Sanchez, Lena Sanchez, Placido Sanchez, Ross Sanchez, Tom 72 Riley Dick Roberts, Anna Robinson, Elma Rockwell, Phillips Romero, Carl Romero. Clarence Romero, Nancy Roybal, Estelle Royster, David Rubio, Larry Ruoff, Nancy Rutan, Bernard 'lTex Russell, Lanny Salas, Frances Salas, Thomas Salazar, Dolores Samora, Marie Sanchez, Angie Sanchez, Esther Sanchez, Josephine J' Sierra, Julia Silva, Louise Simmons, Kenneth Smith, Don Smith, Lowell Spalding, Louise Spenonelli, Geraldine Stark, Dee Sterenson, Donna Stradling. Jackie Sutton, Helene Swafford, Donna Tafoya, Georgiana Tarter, Lola Tauche, Katherine Taylor, Martha Tellas, Max Tenaria, Rita Terwilliger, Martha Thomas, Kenny JUNIORS if 'wi-. 'X alan, Sandoval, Lee Santillanes, Sarah Sena, Virginia Seymour, Karen Shannon, Pat Torres, Bertha Torres, Carlos Trujillo, Fred Trujillo, Lydia Tucker, Donald 73 JUNIORS Tyler, Audrey Waldrop, Beverly Waldrop, John Waldie, Ronnie Warrick, Darla 74 ww Vigil, Tony Yates, Judy Young, Patricia West, Steve Wensloy, Douglas Williams, Clharlotte Williams, Neda Joe Wilson, Jack Wilson, Jack Lee Wheeler, Jeanine Whitmer, Carol Wyler, Elizabeth Vahle, Marion Vaughn, Johnny Vaughn, Norma Vickrey, Renee Victor, Glenda Vigil, A1 Q U 2 Q I :il . QQ ' 1 4 'A R' ,Q C I k 3 3 4 A f . 5 A' QM. Jfjflhw. f'um7,,z1 Lfliw' Jnmimf' 0 -2 J-M -X.0.A,...d.1.r4l'Lf -7,.s4.1...fru.:t.Ld.f-I2-0-0-"U 'Lj.ou.m'..eJ lruu-024, Lyman. SOPHOMORES ovuomola cuss 0FFlUEgPtS The Sophomore class of Albuquerque High School has done very well this year. They elected Johnny Nicks, presidentg Lee Tinnin, vice-presidentg Patsy Atencio, sec- retary-treasurer. Among their activities they presented a talent assembly entitled "Giant Christmas." Looking on the work they have done, we can see that the Sopho- mores have begun to build a firm bridge on which they can cross successfully into fu- ture years. JOHNNY NICKS President LEE TINNIN PATSY ATENCIO Vice President Secretary-Treasurer 75 Abeyta, Cornelia Akers, Patty Amador, Pearl Ambrose, Dawn Angus, lla Apodaca, Pat Apodaca, Tommy Apodaca, Vickey Archunde, Myrna Arellano, Frank Benavidez, George Bittle, Sharon Billia Kate Blair, Gene Blankley, Rod Blattman, Dick Blea, Rosemarie Blumenshine, Mary Jo Boone, Carlyn Boothe Max Baca, Patsy Baca, Prescilla Baca, Tony Bailey, Anne Barela, Tranquilino Barncastle Irene Barrios, Julia Beal, Richard Bell, Joan Bemis, Ralph Armijo, Alvie Armijo, Bertha Armijo, Connie Armijo, Rudy Atencio, Patsy Atler, Juliet Avila, Vernon Bachicha, Dolores Baca, Johnny Baca, Mary Brown, Darline Brown, Irene Browning, Zane Burks, Barbara Bushee, Terry Butts, Doreen Caldwell, Virginia Candelaria, Bobby Capel, Jim Carmona Clen , c. his Carrollo, Speedy Carroll, Mary Lou Carutfhers, Bonnie Carver, Sharon Castillo, Louise D0BaCa. Margaret Charon, Eddy Chacon, Jaliete Chavez, Alice Chavez, Benny .ft Cherino, Josephine u...-16 swf' +5 -cr -anal Chavez, David Chavez, Frances Chavez, Lewis Chavez, Nifa Chavez, Viola Vi Clark, Donna Cochran, Betty Cole, Juanita Coleman, Jo Ann Collins, Barbara Conty, Marla Copeland, Mary Ann Cordova, Bill Corey, Thomas Corfield, Melvin Costales, Don Courtney, Marlene Crosby, Judy Crosby, Joyce SOPHOMORES 'Ol' Y"'5P SOPHOMORES .lm-'Uv' Dilley Mary Cross, Leona Crowley, Mike Crawford, Linda Cumiford, Alan Dailey, Arthur Daugherty, Westley Davenport, Lonnie Davidson, Daryl Davis James M Davis, Linda Doherty Sheila Dominguez, Alice Dominguez, Wilfre d Douglas, Slhirley Folker, Jack Fons, James Ford, Gale Fox, Gretchen Franco, Rosalie Freeman, Lawrence Friberg, Shirley Gabaldon, Bernice Gabaldon, Ceci Gabaldon, Robert Easten, Charlotte Espinosa, Gilbert Esquivel, Shris Ezell, Ann Farmer, Ann Faust, Ramonda Farrington, Janet Fernandez, Helen Finley, Roberta Fleming, Ralph lia Duncan Ruth Duncan, Sam Dunlap, Marilyn Dunsworth, Antoine Duran, Bernice tte 1 ,Wiley U, Gallegos, Lora Gallegos, Nancy Gallegos, Nora Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Gatlin s Carmel Gloria Phyllis Rosindo Yvonne Ronald Garner, Paul Gonzales Catherine Gonzales, Gilbert Gonzales, Nancy Gordanier, Beverly Gordanier, Virginia Gray, Patsy Griego, Evangeline Griego, Mary Ann buf' Griego, Richard Grohe, Katy Grinstead, Nedra Hakes, Arthur Hardage, Henry Hardy, Barbara Harris, Carol Harvey, Lela Haussamen, Sharron Haynie, Patsy Hickman, Jane Hedges, Don Henson, Vernon Hernandez, Toni Herrera, Irene SOPHOMORES 80 Ko Kolbo, Virginia LaCour, Willie Leach, Pat Leachman, Wanda Lebby, Nick Leyba, Gerry Landavazo, Velma Lindsay, Katherine Little, Angel Lockridge, Don Keller, Janet Kelsoe, Henry Kersting, James Keylon, Gerald Herron, Robert Hill, Jackie Higgins, Betty Hinnin, Glenna Hofheins, Ronald Hogerheide, Dennis Honaker, Jessica Honaker, Susan Horn, Roberta Hoshoe, Bob Houston, Barbara Howard, Cherie Hunn, Robert Hunton, Mildred Jackson, Barbara James, Carol Jaramillo, Clara Jenson, Agnes Jernigan, Robert Jonston, Sandra Jones, Douglas King, Benny King, Joyce King, Orrin Kircher, Ann lberson, Marcella 529' Loggins, Muriel Lopez, Minnie Lopez, Raymond Lucero, Agnes Lucero, Annalee Lucero, Frank Lucero, Rosalina Lu-ceras, Marion Lujan, George Lujan, Patsy SOPHOMORES Lynch Ginger Maddon, Ruth Maes, David Maestas, Josephine Malloy, Pat Nur' MHFIHO Elizabeth Morrow Nita Martln Elleen Martin Janet Martinez Adelaida Martinez, Betty J Martinez, Gloria Martinez, Marie Martinez, Mary Lou Martinez, Michae Martinez, Pauline Martinez, Rafela Mason, Dixie Mays, Claudia McCony, Daniel 0 l A McCoy, Betty Medley, Sue Mendez, Sergia Michaelback, Carmen Miera, Adelina Miera, Douglas Miller, Barbara Miller, Jacque Miller, Richard Milligan, Jessie Pettiford, Joe Proctor, Jim Purcella, Kenneth Quintana, Patsy Reece, John Resseguie, Beverly Reusch, Sandra Richard, Ray Richey, George Rios, Theresa SUPHOMORES Robinson, Earlene Rodriquez, Frank Roeske, Stanley Romero, Agnes Romero, Angie Romero, Arthur Romero, Dolores Roseabeary, Daryl Ruggles, Millicent Rusk, Janelle Russell, Joyce Ryan, Judy Saavedra, Mary Saavedra, Robert Saavedra, Roberta Salford, Carol Saiz, Gilbert Salas, Juanita Salazar, Carlos Salazar, Evangeline Sage, Beth Sanchez, Annabelle Sanchez, Lucky Sanchez, Richard Sanders, Glenna Sandoval, Patsy Santillanes, Eugene Santos, Le Los Rumaldo Scales, Steve Thompson, Betsy SOPHOMORES Taylor, Charlene Tennison, Joyce Thompson, John Schula, Joe Tinnin, Lee Tittman, John Tolbert, Gayle Tonkin, Nancy Torres, Sinesio Trujillo Jo Ann Syme, Donna Mae Tafoya, Joey Tapia, Barbara Tauche, Marie T . Short, Phyllis Simms, Judy Sims, Bill Singer, Frances Smaulding, Jacque Smith, Charles Smith, Charlotte Smith, Frank Soto, Sandra Sparks, R. L. Stallman, Carolyn Stark, Richard Stephenson, Judy Stubblefield, Marsha Summer, Jimmy Scott, David Sedillo, Flora Sedidlo, Merlinda Sekot, Marie Sena, Priscilla Serda, Isidro Serda, Pat Seattum, Bev Sewell, Becky Shaw, Frank avener, Veronica Trujillo, Laura Tudesque, Elma Van Jelgerhuis, Juanita Vaughn, Jane Vaughn, Patricia Valarde, Freddie Vickrez, Ikey Vigil, Ernest Vigil, Janet Vigil, John llarreal, Abelardo Villarreal, Heldebrando Waldorf, Karen Ward, Richard Warren, Jean Weaver, Ruby West, Herman Willburn, George Williams, Jeanne Winter, Nina SOPHOMORES Wolfe, Brenda Wright, Donna Wright, Larry Barncastle Irene Yaple, Charlotte 85 SOPHOMORES "BU TEAM TRYOUTS Yvonne Garcia is doing her best as she tries out for "B" Team cheerleader. She made the grade because she became a "B" Team cheerleader. "B" TEAM TRYOUTS Jumping for the sky is Judy Stephenson as shi tries out also for MB" Team cheerleader. Yea Bulldogs ! ! Her shout must have been loud enougl for she also made cheerleader. WHAT'S I-IAPPENING? During the Sophomore Talent Assembly the Student Body and Faculty were amused by the "B" Team cheerleaders while they did a Rock and Roll dance dressed in gunny sacks with funny faces drawn on them. 86 Q U O C f "B" TEAM TRYOUTS Yeh, Bullpups! says Sharon Moree as she tries out for HB" Team Cheerleader. MARCH ON Solemn-faced Ione Zimmerman leads her court to the Throne where she is to be crowned Bulldog Queen! SCHOOL LIFE SCHOOL LIFE PLAY "I am not an infalid," says Jackie Hill to helpful Tommy Hanna who is trying to assist her with the chair, in a scene from the myster- ious play "Which Is the Way to Boston." In the next few pages you will see AHS on parade. Pictures that have captured some of the highlights of this year's AHS activities. May they bring back many memorable moments. FIRST TRIP All aboard! Came the eager suggestion from the cheerleaders as they climbed into the bus for the first game out of town this year. Jeannie Kikkawa leads the way, followed by Sue Yee, Linda Kobernat, Mary Seymour, and Betty Birdsall. Z . T A 87 SCHOOL LIFE HIT IT GA .... Selecting UB" Team Cheerleaders: Choosing "B" Team Cheerleaders is always a big event at AHS especially for the sophomores. It is the stepping stone to becoming an UA" Team Cheerleader. Sue Yee head "A" Team Cheerleader is assisting in the assembly for their tryouts. TOMMY TALKS This year as in previous years we had a dependable Senior Class President. Being a president, as Tommy Hanna finds out, as he MC's the Safety Assembly, is more than just a little. It means work. at FIRST ASSEMBLY Sophomore Assembly: This assembly is held for the purpose of familiarizing the sophomores with the ac tivities here at school. Nancy Edgerly is showing las year's La Reata and explaining what it is and how they can obtain one. FIRST DANCE Our first dance was a Sock Hop sponsored by the Peppe Club. The primary purpose of this dance was to ge everyone acquainted at the first of the year. It was big success. S THANKSGIVING ASSEMBLY One of the most serious assemblies is our Thanksgiving assembly. In this assembly we try to put our minds on God and give Him thanks for His many blessings. Lloyd Griffith is directing the "A Capella" choir in a hymn. SCHOOL LIFE SCIENCE ASSEMBLY Mr. Snodgrass from the A.E.C. demonstrates with special papers the different atoms and what kind of reactions can happen under certain conditions. GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE ASSEMBLY Linda Kobernat takes her turn relating her experience at Girls' State. This assembly is held especially to create interest in Girls, and Boys' State. CHRISTMAS PLAY The Dramateens' annual Christmas play this year was "Star in the Window." Mike Rehart plays the part of Otto the poor German shop-keeper who is unable to ex- plain Where the star is that everyone claims to have seen in his shop window. 89 SCHOOL LIFE JOIN THE NAVY "Anyone want to join the Navy? Here are some good reasons for joining their branch of the servicef' were words spoken by this Navy recruiting officer as he addresses the Junior and Senior boys in special assembly. LETTERMAN'S 'BANQUET Shown is a scene from the annual Letterman's Banquet that is held in honor of all the boys who have let- tered in some type of sports. 90 5 SO YOU WANT T0 GO HUNTING! SAFETY ASSEMBLY Every year an assembly is devoted to the students making preparations for the hunting season. "Popl' Rey- nolds gave a talk entitled t'Getting Ready for the Hunt." Emily Lynn tells of the horrible nighmare, the time she was involved in a traffic accident. Her story made many students stop and think about their own driving habits. OUR PATIO A group standing talking, a boy walking with a girl, or some under- class man on the Bulldog are some of the things you will see in the Patio. The patio is the favorite gath- ering place in between classes. PRESS BANQUET Carolyn Parnall, editor of Yuccag Terry Morris and Bob Blackwood, co-editors of La Reatag Pat Stady, editor of The Record, seem to be enjoying themselves at the Annual Press Banquet. A few awards were given out were outstanding in their work. SCHOOL LIFE THE FROSTY FORMAL 'The Frosty Formal" was the theme of the Christmas dance sponsored by the Pepper Club. A huge snow- man was placed in the mid- dle of the dance floor. A strike of a match, and Boom! The traditional. bonfire BAND SWEETHEART SPAIN GOES ROUND Billie McDougall is full of smiles as she is crowned The sound of castanets rang through the auditor- Band Sweetheart by Bob Felts. ium during the Spanish Assembly. Spanish dancers twirled in perfect time to the rhythm. 91 SCHOOL LIF 92 W ,fxr , , IONE ZIMMERMAN BULLDOG QUEEN We of AHS are very proud to claim a queen as lovely as Ione. She was picked out of eleven worthy opponents. Ione received her crown from George Friberg in an assembly held especially for this event. She then received an autographed football from the team. Ione reigned for the rest of Bulldog Day and that night at the game. Her Majesty, Queen Ione, is also very active in the various organizations around school. She is Parliamentarian of Sen- Sems Tri-I-Ii-Y, President of F.T.A.g Vice-President of the Anthropology Club and has also been a member of Pepper Club for three years. We wish Ione Zimmerman all the luck in the world for now and the future. SCHOOL LIFE EDWINA ROMERO ATTENDANT The very pretty Edwina Romero with her red hair is a sample of the stiff competition for Bulldog Queen. She assisted Ione reign on Bulldog Day. Edwina has been very active in school activities also. She is a member of Corvettes Tri-Hi- Y, Pepper Club, and the Skating Club. VICKIE MARTINEZ ATTENDANT The very charming Vicki Martinez added beauty to the Court of Beauties as the other attendant. Vickie is President of Debs Tri-Hi-Y, a member of Pepper Club, a member of Student Counsel on Student Affairs. She attended Girls' State in her Junior year. 'SCHOOL LIKFE QUEEN CANDIDATES A sample of the queen material we have at Albuquerque High is shown by these eleven candidates for Bulldog Queen. It was difficult to elect one queen and two attendants from this group of lovely young ladies. Their names are: Standing, left to right, Edwina Romero, Carol Sue Rowe, Martha Moulds, Carolyn Par- nall, Trish Crowley, Judy Valdez. Sitting, Kay Mabry, Vickie Martinez, Lucille Velasquez, Ione Zimmerman. QUEEN'S COURT The Royal Court Reigns over Bulldog Day 'Long Live the Queen!" r A QUEEN IS CROWNED lone Zimmerman smiles as George Friberg places the crown on her head in the Bulldog Day as- sembly. BULLDOG COLOR GUARD D' I see we've gone on 3 Sipdown Strike! Our school banner is carried by our Color Guard 94 at the head of the parade SCHOOL LIFE MR. REAM SPEAKS Mr. Ream addresses the court and audience and wishes them the best. QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Our lovely Queen and her Attendants look proud as they stand in front of Trophy Case FLOATS The winning float was entitled 'tKey to if Victory" entered by Miss Russell's home- , 3 room. They received first place in beauty AT THE GAMES Our Queen and her Attendants Weren't safe from our photographer for one moment as seen at the football game. 95 SCHOOL LIFE JOIN THE ARMY There are many advantages in the Army, these two candidates explain to the boys at Albuquer- que High. A PULL THAT BELLY IN! Your rifle is in good shape. The members of R.O.T.C. stand at at- tention while they have their an- nual inspection. 96 ATTENTION! Everyone salutes as "Old Glory" passes. The R.O.T.C. boys prepare for their annual inspection. ,Q la PREPARE FOR TAKE-OFF! SCHOOL LIFE PLAY IS TOMORROW? Mr. Rarick and his student helpers busily fix the scenery for the Sen- ior Play. It is in this way that all the scenery for plays, assemblies, and programs is done. Awww? U 'rw-"""'v'-w v is it -xl if ' Mickey Culbertson prepares to send his remote control airplane into space. The plane was Mickey's I project to the Science Fair held in Soccorro, New Mexico. I it If BOOM! Joyce Neuber stands back as her chemicals begin to react. Joyce en- tered this experiment in the State Science Fair. Joyce's project and many others were shown first here at school then at the State Science Fair. SCHOOL LIFE F.F.A. SWEETHEART Jane Hickman icenterj is very happy to be this year's F.F.A. Sweetheart. Her attendants, Jo Ann Coleman frightb and Marilyn Met- calf fleftj are equally happy. MILITARY BALL QUEEN Miss Doreen Butts receives her crown as Military Ball Queen from Paul Carroll. Her escort is Richard Beal. Her attendants were Patsy Koenig, Geraldine Sperronilli, and Juanita Cole. THE GREEN AND WHITE BALL Low lights and soft music is the atmosphere of the 'tGreen and White Ball" sponsored by Student Council. This is one of the big dances of the year. SCHOOL LIFE 317 gwa., -t-1-u......a-iris'-n""'P',,7 Clarence Romero and Margaret Jaramillo show how the Mexican hat dance is done. SPANISH TALENT ASSEMBLY Eileen Martin plays the accordion Spanish style as she performs in the Spanish Talent Assembly. Rosendo Saavedra, Benjie Vigil, Gloria Gonzales, Ricardo Moya, and Oriole Chavez get together and vocalize on a Spanish love song l l S99 LIFE Two of the three kings are on their way to worship Christ with the chorus in the background. The two kings are Robert Mueller and Ernest Jack Wilson. CANTATA The Cantata is an outstanding musical event. It takes place around Christmas therefore has something to do with Christmas. This year's program contained a few Christmas carols and featured scenes from the story of the birth of Christ. Mary CStephanie Mitchellj and Joseph CDavid Scottj are on their way to Bethl.ehem because the king has declared that all must return to their home towns and pay taxes. SCH The finale finds the entire cast worshipping Christ our Lord and Saviour. Christ is born. The Saviour has come CLeft to right, Costulo Mays, Robert Muller, Jeanne Williams, John Carroll, Stephanie Mitchell, David Scott, Nina Winters, Eddie Cordova, Jack Lee Wilson, Ernest Jack Wilson. CANTATA The Three Shepherds CJohn Carroll, Jack Lee Wilson and Eddie Cordovah help watch over their flock unaware of what is about to happen - a visit by an angel. EBL SCHOOL LIFE Everyone is unhappy because Abby istandingj is leaving. Others tleft to rightj Mrs. Haggett, Susan Haggett, Ada Haggett, and Dr. Haggett. "They really worth that much,'l is the comment o Mr. Rosin isittingp. Cleft to rightj Mrs. Haggeti Ada Haggett, Dr. Haggett, and Mrs. Davenport ex amine the paintings. JUNIOR PLAY "THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN" "Keep a close watch, Abby," Susan and Warren tell Abby who is stationed at a window. Humor at its utmost was the spice to this year's Junior Play. It concerned the Haggett family, who try to get into their possession some paintings by Christopher Bean. This artist didn't become famous until after his death. The paintings really belonged to the maid, but the Hag- getts try to trick her out of them to sell to an some art dealer who in turn arettrying to swindlc the Haggetts. Meanwhile a romance springs up between Susan Haggett and Warren Creamer. Characters in the pl.ay were: Abby, the maid CAnnabell Robertsb, Dr. Haggett tJohn C. DeBacaD, Afda Haggett, the spoiled child 1.10 Ann Crisp, Mrs. Haggett CPatricia Jonesl, Susan Haggett, lover iJo Ann Deskinb, Warren Creamer, lover tMickey Culbertsonj, Mr. Rosin, art dealer tJames Davisb, Tallant, art dealer tScott McCoyJ, and Mr. Davenport, art critic QMike Robertb. 'tAre they all here?" they ask as they rummage g through Abby's trunk. 'Tm leavingj' says Abby, but no one listens 162 t'Let's have a little more life in this scene. More facial expressionj, comments Director Stan Rarick to the members of the cast. tLeft to right? Mickey Culbertson, Marion Gully, Bob Blackwood, Terry Morris, Nancy Robinson, and Marilyn Theis. SENIOR PLAY "THERESE" SCHOOL LIFE The finished product. The night of the performance ends. Everyone reacts wonderfully. tLeft to rightj Grivet, Camille. Suzanne, Laurent, Madame Raquin all join in a toast to Camille's success. The Senior Play was a tragedy. Therese CMarilyn Theisb and Laurent fTerry Morrisl kill Camille, Therese's first husband. They try to cover up the crime by saying it was an accident. Madame Raquin CNancy Robinsonj finds out and becomes paralyzed. The lovers' crime is finally found out and everyone finds piece of mind. Other characters in the play were Inspector Michlew fMickey Culbertsonj, Suzanne CDenny Sue Carlislej, Madame Louise lMarion Gullyl and Grivet CBob Black- woody. Laurent and Therese try to convince shocked mother, Madame Raquin, that Camille died acci- dentally. Laurent is trying to comfort Therese on their wedding night, telling her to forget about Camille for he is dead. The mounting tension is released in this scene as Therese and Laurent have one of their many quarrels. Even the room depicts scenes of the change of atmosphere. l 103 SCHOOL LIFE SOPHOMORE TALENT ASSEMBLY "Gian+ Christmas" The last package is open. The "B" team cheerleaders Cleft to rightb Judy Stephen- son, Mary Baca, Matilda Jensen, and Yvonne Garcia wiggle out of their cos- tumes after doing a dance to a Rock 'n Roll number. Other dancing talents, more on the serious side, were Cleft to rightj Juanita Cole, Jackie Smaulding, and Barbara Jackson doing their interpretation of "Bi1ly's Blues? 104 And there you are. Its sim- ple if you are a magician. Vernon Avila and Bill Sims tell Johnny Nicks who is in the background clad in robe and pajamas. "It's alright with me," sings Ruby Weaver. A11 the acts were good and Albu- querque High is looking forward to future talent as- semblies. SCHOOL LIFE JUNIOR Vahle went on. The song, "True Love." She stuck to the old tradition of "No matter what, the show must ASSEMBLY go Despite difficulties Marion Our Junior Talent Assembly had a touch ot' the typical Southwest Indian dance as Betty Jo Archulctzi gracefully dances the Indians' Eagle Dance, Her feathers beat out the rhythm in the background. Q Anna Allen pantomimes "Jim Dandy." Robert Montano pantomimes to zi Rock and Roll song. 105 SCHOOL LIFE "Honky Tonk" is the song Jo Etta Foster sings in the assembly. Karen Crownover in the disguise of a leprechum an- nounces the 'different acts by means of setting up signs. She also carries through the theme of the Senior Talent Assembly of St. Patrickls Day This quartet, Pete Moya, Jim Gonzales, Dickie Zamora, and Paul Watson, get together and sing the song, 'Treasure of Love." Max Allison adds a western touch to the atmosphere as he sings the Western love song, t'Singing the Blues." 106 They're not peons. 1t's just Jack Fink, Tommj Hanna, Larry Eichwald, George Friberg, Kurt Stron berg, Carl Schulz, Richard Griego, and Aris Chave doing a pantomime to Harry Bellafonte's "Batman Boat Song." E E 1 T N , ,gl I Q Q Q MO Anzo--433 f- :UZ I -" 1- qs is 01' 121. .f iw:-'L-:Q A- -5,1 . 7 ., M ?- ' vii". . - 5 5 ',,.,g" Q , x , 3. if -wk, H . - M ' . E. . . v -win , .-1 . . , S. -'L ,Z5 ,' 1. -:A ,iz ig: -Ly, 'L 1 w , ge 1 ,Q Q. Q. W. 5. Q. M 5, 'ii 1. ,, 5 :V 22 1: 5 .3. .. 1 if Y, . ' J' -,1:,,- . wg: ORGANIZATIONS SHOWN ABOVE Cfrom left to rightl are first semester Student Council officers: George Friberg, president, Viola Gallegos, secretary, Mr. Brown, sponsor, and Bob Stephenson, vice-president. STUDENT COUNCIL-FIRST SEMESTER THE STUDENT COUNCIL is the governing body at Albuquerque High School. They meet together to discuss student problems and plan activities. Rep- resentatives are elected in each homeroom. The Student Council sponsors the Green and White Ball each year. Pictured below are the first semester Student Council representatives. Left to right are: FIRST ROW: T. Armijo, B. Stephenson, R. Lopez, G. Friberg, T. Hanna, E. Barela, E. Espinosa, E. Cordova, B. Gish, H. West, S. Mcllhaney, N. Pino, A. Chavez, J. Thompson. SECOND ROW: D. Davidson, W. Cotton, M. Lewis, P. Moya, R. Herrera, L. Fleak, P. Bennett, M. Lucero, M. Hunton, M. Jensen, M. Dumas, L. Tinnen, R. Weaver, V. Gallegos, V. Martinez, S. Yee. THIRD ROW: C. Montoya, C. Madrid, J. Crosby, D. Turner, E. Claire, D. Sanchez, S. Reusch, S. Soto, M. Owen, B. Abeyta, P. Silva, A. Garley, P. Beckett, S. Carver, T. Haines, J. Oney, B. Threadgill. FOURTH ROW: R. Butler, P. Barreras, A. Duns- worth, M. Burnett, M. Garcia, M. Pohl, M. Kozlow- ski, M. Jaramillo, C. Gallegos, J. Neuber, E. Linn, M. Terwilliger, D. Steplhenson, M. Theis, N. Luthey, L. Mulkey, K. Mabry, N. Jones, J. Brown tsponsorj. .'TY?"LI 4-"K 'nf 'l41'3'+:- , 'D ' ' 1222. 107 ORGANIZATIONS PICTURED ABOVE are the Student Council officers for the Second Semester. Left to right are: Mr. Brown, sponsor, Chris Lovato, vice-president, George Friberg, president and Viola Gallegos, secretary-treasurer. STUDENT COUNCI L-SECOND SEMESTER The most outstanding and the governing body at AHS reras, M. Lucero, M. H. Dimas, J. Cheriro, M. Jensen, is the Student Council. Each homeroom elects a repre- S. Yee, V. Gallegos, M. Owen, M. Stubblefield, W. sentative to attend the meetings in which they plan Luthey, A. Dunworth, J. Crosby. such activities as the Green and White Ball and pep THIRD ROW: B. Collins, P. Haynie, S. Soto, K. Mabry, rallies. T. Haines, J. L. Oney, C. Williams, E. Cordova, M. Es- FIRST ROW: left to right, R. Herrera, L. Velasquez, E. pinoso, F. Hanna, D. Stephenson, M. Terwillger, A. Caire,. M. Taylor, A. Chavez, T. Bachicha, B. Thread- Gailey, Gallegos, J. Neuber. gill, E. Espinosa, N. Zamora, S. Mcllhaney, M. Crowley, FOURTH ROW: L. Fleak, R. Blankley, T. Hanna, E. J. Thompson, R. Finley, F. Apodaco, T. Armijo. Barela, B. Gish, C. Lovato, N. Jones, R. Butler, J. Can- SECOND ROW: F. Peterson, M. Fheir, D. Tyson, H. delaria, P. Watson, J. Harris, G. Chelf, M. Hibbs, J. Crownover, L. Serna, C. McMuller R. Saavedra, M. Martinez, G. Friberg, A. Villareal, S. Reusck, V. Mar- Hunton, C. Madrid, C. Montoya, M. L. Garcia, P. Bar- tinez, L. Tinnen. 108 S ORGANIZATIONS Pictured above are Mrs. Sacks, the Sponsor, and this yearls Drill Leader, Cathy Medley DRILL SQUAD THE DRILL SQUAD led by Cathy Medley and spon- sored by Mrs. Virginia Sacks, has done a wonderful job this year. Their half time activities during the football season have helped a lot to promote school spirit. The girls traveled to Carlsbad to perform there. They also marched in the State Fair and Christmas parades. Elected for next year's Drill Leader is Judy Darrh. Pictured below, from left to right, FIRST ROW, N. Edgerly, P. Bennet, C. Sanchez, Y. Pettine, E. Carrasco, C. Medley, N. Archibeque, G. Lujan, M. Garley. SECOND ROW, R. M. Lopez, D. Jones, J. Padilla, J. Apodaca, L. Velasquez, P. Montoya, I. Fleming, C. Sedillo, J. Sanchez, N. Baca, R. Marquez. THIRD ROW, N. McVi-cker, S. Sackett, M. Johnson, L. Morrow, A. Lopez, E. M. Gilbert, G. Tafoya, L. Rich F. Archuleta, B. Johnson, J. Valdez. r FOURTH ROW, R. Pena, E. Palladino, D. Stark, J. Darrh, B. Waldrop, C. Castro, J. Stradling, L. Renfro, G. Brooks, E. Claire, K. King. FIFTH ROW, I. Martinez, S. Garcia, M. Matteucci, M. A. Lucero, L. Bowen, R. Montoya, E. Aceves, H. Salas, J. Lee, J. Dreyer, E. Romero. SIXTH ROW, A. Lovato, S. Harris, N. Lee, E. Lueras C. Paragas, J. Justice, L. Jaramillo, A. Gutierrez, L. Trujillo, G. Speronelli, J. Howard. SEVENTH ROW, G. Victor, K. Crownover, A. Garley, D. Swofford, G. Davis, D. Murphy, M. Salas, B. Gar- cia, V. Trujillo, O. Garcia, V. Montoya, J. Claridge P. Silva, A. Thomas. EIGHTH ROW, J. Taber, E. Wylor, M. McClure, D. Andrews, J. Lanier, J. Groshong, L. Griego, G. Craw- ford, P. Rockwell. 1 109 ORGANIZATIONS THE BOOKROOM AIDES at AHS help Mrs. Ella Montoya in keeping track of about ten thousand books. They issue the books in the fall, exchange them at the end of the first semester and put them in order at the end of the year. They also take care of fines and losses of the books. Pictured above, left to right, are FIRST ROW: Gloria Davis, Earlene Crisp, Mariane Romero, Mrs. Montoya, Kay Bowen, Marian Gulley, Priscilla Danfelser. SECOND ROW: Irene Brown, Doreen Butts, Betty Cross, Shirley Friberg, Etta Frazier' Marla Conty, Joyce Crosby, Carol James, Jeanne Williams, Glenna Sanders, Angie Romero, Mary Vigil, Glenna Hinnen. THE LIBRARY is a very necessary part of our school. The Library aides help the librar- ians, Mrs. Breiland and Mrs. Hunt keep the library in order. They also help students to find the books they want. The girls can always be found in the library and are willing to help at any time. Pictured below, left to right, are FIRST ROW: Kathryne Davis, Martha Moulds, Ruby Weaver, Shirley Frederick, Jane Hickman, Betty Jo Boyd. SECOND ROW: Francis Hanna, Roberta Saavedra, Francis Gomez, Glenda Butler, Donna Clark, Mary Aragon. l 110 ORGANIZATIONS THE COUNSELOR'S AIDES are composed of a few girls who assist Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Brown. The aides are valuable and necessary to keep things running smoothly. Their big- gest job is to keep track of all AHS students. Pictured above, left to right are: FIRST ROW: Marie Hutton, Nancy Edgerly, Joan Dryer, Frieda Archuleta. SECOND ROW: Martha Aceves, Colie Sanchez, Carol Bushee, Diana Baker, Judy Darrh. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Rogers Ccounselorl Lorie Dwinell, Pat Crowley, Judy McCloud, Martha Terwilliger, Joann Crisp, Mr. Brown fsponsorb. THE OFFICE AIDES May be seen anywhere around the school at anytime of the day. The aides' duties are to run errands, answer the telephone, and post absences. They also escort visitors around the school. Pictured below from left to right are: FIRST ROW: Nancy Archibeque, Betty Chapman, Jean Warren. SECOND ROW: Loretta Serna, Linda Reger, Nancy Orandorif, Linda Mulkey. THIRD ROW: Judy Valdez, Lucille Lunsford, Vivian Morrow, Carolyn Martin, Wanda Dailey. FOURTH ROW: Esther Sanchez, Felia Sedillo, Carol Sue Rowe, Jeanne Jontz, Judy Yates. ORGANIZATIONS THE NURSES AIDES work in the nurse's office and help the nurse care for sick students. They also answer the telephone and run errands. Pictured above, left to right, are: FIRST ROW: Bev Slattum, Geraldine Speronelli, Elma Lee Robinson, Lois Morrow. SECOND ROW: Priscilla Chavez, Lelia Taylor, Bertha McGuiness, Sue Gee. THE FUTURE NURSES are composed of a few girls who hope someday to be nurses. Their sponsors arc Mrs. Mozce and Mrs. Larsen. Some of their activities this year were a mother and daughter tea, and a visit to the County Indian Hospital, Pictured below, left to right: FIRST ROW, Mary Crow, Linda Caughill, Darla Warrick, Mary Dillcy, Charlene Taylor, Maria Conty. SECOND ROW, Freda Mestas, Helen Mestas, Janice Beckelhiemer, Sue Anderson, Sue Gee. Irmalee Clark, Judy Crosby, Jane Howard, Marie Lopez, Cecilia Garcia. 1l2 ORGANIZATIONS AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB The boys who belong to this club run the projector for the movies here at AHS. They work with Mr. Cristy during their study halls. FIRST Row, Fred Hunton, Charles Smith, Don Lockridge, Warren Lake, John L. Turner, Mr. Cristy SECOND ROW, Ralph Meyerhein, Elton Drake, Herb Langfitt: VALVE-LIFTERS CLUB There are thirteen boys in Valve Lifters this year. They are sponsored by Mr. Fred Renfro. This Club is for boys who are interested in automobiles. PICTURED HERE ARE: Tony Clark, Gary Pierson, Mr. Renfro, Mistee Thomson, Dickie Bergamo, Mark King, Dick Riley, Charles Tembroeck. FRONT ROW, Carl Davidson, Doug Winslay, Charley Dyer, Warren Lake, James Sisk, Allan Grooms. 113 ORGANIZATIONS Above are pictured, first row, Richard Eubank, Jim Coleman, Larry Fleak, J. B. Morris Second Row, Wray Paul, Mr Sokoll, and Don Echols. F.F.A. The Future Farmers of America was organized for those boys interested in farming, ranch- ing and many other fields of agriculture. They are sponsored this year by Mr. William Sokoll. Bottom picture shows, First Row, James Coleman,Larry Fleak, Mr. Sokoll, sponsor. Second Row, Richard Eubang, Wray Paul, JackThomason, Jim Sumner, James Montgomery, Don Echols. Third Row, Max Booth, Don Hedges, Ronald Arm-strong, Lanny Russell, J. B. Morris, Alan Ladd, Art Brown. 114 ORGANIZATIONS SAFETY couNclL F F F The Teenage Traffic Association has done very wonderful work this year to promote safe driving at AHS. lt has organized a traffic court and the parking lot. FIRST ROW, L. Larkey, R. Garcia, A. Padilla, K. Chacon, D. Davis, R. Jernigan, T. Corey, F. Mondragon, G. Kirkos, D. Jones SECOND ROW, R. Lopez, A. Segura, R. Blea, R. Mar- tinez, P. Baca, S. Neal, M. Aceves, Y. Pettine, A. Ro- mero, M. Copeland, M. Garcia, S. Otero, J. Barrett, B. Hardy THIRD ROW, H. Salas, V. Serna, T. Griego, M. Benavi- dez, E. Baca, M. Seymour, L. Jaramillo, M. Baca, J. Deskin, V. Tavener, J. Martin, E. Gilbert, D. Goodloe, S. Givens, P. Vargas, P. Halbig, A. Robert, M. Nogales FOURTH ROW, C. Pargas, A. Thomas, N. McVicker, L. Sandoval, E. DeBaca, P. Parkhurst, P. Assimakis, D. Baker, M. Figueroa, J. Darh, M. Sekot, B. DeGroot, S. Poeske FIFTH ROW, Mrs. Miller, co-sponsor, J. Salazar, F. Wil- son, R. Waldie, M. Baca, E. Martinez, M. Gallegos, A. Perry, P. Ray, D. Hagerhiede, J. Waldrop, D. McKin- non, A. Garcia, J. Nicasio, J. Wojack, B. Goshin, and Mr. Garrett, co-sponsor. CHEMISTRY CLUB Under the direction of Mr. Burger, the Chemistry Club probes deeper into science every Tuesday after school. Their year's activities include demonstrations for FIRST ROW, Cecilia Garcia, Joyce Neuber, Gillette Bryan, Jeannie Jontz, Mr. Burger. grade schools, television shows, and projects for the Science Fair. Pictured below, from left to right are: SECOND ROW, Paul Matteucci, Tommy Sparks, Rich- mond Holmes, John Tittman, Jack Hunter. 115 ORGANIZATIONS ASTRONOMY CLUB The Astronomy Club meets every Week. The club's activities in-clude assembling telescopes, and viewing the stars and planets through these instruments. Mrs. Vioalle Hefferan is the sponsor of this outstanding club. FIRST ROW, Marcella Maxwell, Mrs. Ron Gardner, spon- SECOND ROW, Mrs. Vioalle Hefferan, sponsor, Mickey sor, Paul Marianetti, Bruce Herron, Gabriel Contreras Ortiz, Pauline Everett, Ray Baca, Gus Miranda LATIN CLUB This club is very active at AHS. They have sponsored many sales such as the Mums Sale, the March of Dimes, and many others. Their club is sponsored by Mrs. Miller. Pi-ctured below, from left to rght, are: BACK ROW, Mrs. Miller, J. Wilson, R. Blattman, C. SECOND ROW, A. Murray, K. Davis, N. Winters, F. Gurule, R. Gatlin, R. Milligan, N. Lebby, J. Wilson, Gurule, K. Soymore, A. Farmer, J. Williams, B. Jack- J. Miller, J. Sumner, M. Crowley, R. Vance, D. Page, son, K. Willenborg, J. Goode, J. Hill, V. Taverner, M. J. Carroll McClure, J. Farrington, N. Page, J. Deskin, B. Thomp- son, B. Sewell, M. Gulley, S. Moree 116 ORGANIZATI Pictured above from left to right are: Benny Moffett, Sports Editorg Peggy Beckett, Business Managerg Lesta Davidson, News Editor and Pat Stady, Editor-in-Chief. RECORD j The Record, Albuquerque High's newspaper, records the past, present and future in the history of the school. Feature articles are written about interesting personalities around AHS. It is sponsored by Buskirk FIRST ROW, Donna Stephenson, Mary Ann Copeland, Jo Etta Foster, Marie Lopez, Cecilia Garcia. SECOND ROW, Dr. Buskirk, Jean Daniel, Margaret Gilbert, Beneranda Mora, Helen Fernandez, Betty McCoy, Anna Roberts. THIRD ROW, Joe Pettiford, Bill Newsome, Jack Rex, John Kinkade, Joe Schula, Don Costales, Jim Beasley. ONS 117 ORGANIZATIONS Carolyn Parnall, Editor YUCCA Our literary magazine at AI-IS, called the Yucca, consists of poems, short stories and drawings contributed by members of the student body. It is published twice each year, once each semester. It is sponsored by Mr. Lacour. Mary Bower, Jeanne Bostic, Nancy Robinson, Jim Davis, and Mr. Lacour 118 ORGANIZATIONS J Pictured above are this year's editors. Left to right are: Bobby Blackwood, Co-Editor, Charlotte Williams, Assistant Editor, Wanda Dailey, Associate Editorg Linda Kobernat, Associate Editor, and Terry Morris, Co-Editor. LA REATA STAFF Long hours of planning, cutting, pasting, and copy writing go into the production of the La Reata. The first volume of this publication was put out in 1909, three years before New Mexico became a state. The La Reata, like all Albuquerque High School upublications, has been printed in our own print shop by the printing students and teachers since 1918. BELOW, Mr. Heinsohn, Mary Leonard, Freida Gilbert, Edna Williams, Patsy Burson, Barbara Ramsey, Mary Crow, Imalee Clark. 9 ORGANIZATIONS Filberto Griego, District Representativeg Jim Layne, President, Ginger Lynch, Secretary-Treasurer, Betty Chapman, Vice-President, Retta Bynum, Treasurer, Jane Cochran, Business Secretary. FIDDLIN' FEET Fiddlin, Feet, one of the oldest clubs at AHS, was organized for the students interested in learning square dancing. Exhibitions and parties are only a few of their many activities. BOTTOM PICTURE, left to right, first row, Filberto THIRD ROW, George Willburn, Larry Bridenstine Griego, Ginger Lynch, Betty Chapman, Retta Bynum, Jack Falkner, Robert Warrick, Larry Henning, Derre Jane Cochran, Ruth Maddon, Millie Ruggles Rosebeary, Vernon Henson, Johnny Vaughn, Carolyl SECOND ROW, Lesta Davidson, Judy McLeod, Darlene Stallman, Gretchen Fox, Judy Bond, Eileen Martin. Brown, Charlene Taylor 120 ORGANIZATIONS F RENCH CLUB The French Club is composed of students interested in studying the French language. Their activities this year include a tea and a chocolate eclair sale. FIRST ROW: L. Dwinell., P. Koenig, M. Theis, M. Crisp, W. Lake, L. McKinnon, M. Gilbert. Lueres, B. Waldrop, E. Carrasco, M. Garley, D. Gon- THIRD ROW: Mrs. Aldridge, P. Chavez, M. Leonard, J. zales, T. Crowley, J. Turner. Jontz, M. Terwilliger, M. Vahle, E. Peeples, P. Riner, SECOND ROW: R. Mascarenas, A. Roberts, M. Anaya, P. McAneny, B. Mora, J. Segura, M. Telles, F. Griego, F. Gurule, G. Lujan, V. Trujillo, R. Pablo, F. Peterson, K. Simmons, J. Duran, P. Watson. M. Blaugrand, J. Dreyer, M. Taylor, C. Parnall, J. PAN-AMERICAN CLUB The Pan-American Club consists of students from the various Spanish classes. They produced a Spanish assembly with many Spanish-American acts. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Minkin, Margaret Jaramillo, Eddie Sandoval, Dora Zamora. Cordova, Jeannie Dominguez, Carmen Montoya. THIRD ROW: Ray Gonzales, Ricardo Moya, Rosendo SECOND ROW: Florence Gutierrez, Pat Stephens, Lor- Saavedra, Henry Chacon. raine Griego, Jessie Milligan, Mona Argueta, Priscilla 121 ORGANIZATIONS The Color Guard consists of four members of R.O.T.C. picked from the Drill Team. They escort colors for formation of companies and special occasions. They are from left to right, Mike Hibbs, Larry Crawford, Ray Lopez, Henry Hardage. R.0.T.C. The head officers lead the R.O.T.C. boys in drills and formations. R.O.T.C. teaches the boys self-government and gives them military training. The head officers are: Leonard Barros, Paul Carroll, Eddie Barela, Lee Stevens, and Warren Lake. ,T 122 .. . . . .0 .,.., , ..,,,, ,, W. .... .W .., ., ., ,A..-, .. . ..,.,,,W -,,., ...,,.,. ORGANIZATIONS FIRST ROW: Henry Hardage, Fred Sena, Deurell THIRD ROW: Thomas Caester, James Harne, Larry Bussell, Victor Baca. Crawford, Marvin Jones, Ray Lopez, LeRoy Rex, SECOND ROW: Jack Folkner, Gilbert Gonzales, David John Carroll. Jones, Mike Hibbs, Jerry Arnold, Margie Garcia. FIRST ROW: Rodney Blankley, Ralph Flemming, Robert toya, Chester Ahlgrim, Billy Fitzgerald, David Segura, Warrick, Joe Salazar, Bonita Salazar. Tony Baca, Cecil Muniz, Robert Strickland, Jerry Rader SECOND ROW: Gerald Gallegos, Harry Marquez, Bob FOURTH ROW: J. C. Baty, Mark King, Cl.emente Car- Armijo, LeRoy Martin, Ralph Layba, Richard Stark, mona, Ronald Martin, Larry Bridenstine, Wilfred Arthur Hakes, Tony Baca. Padilla, John Hoffman, Pat Saavedra, Tony Nieto, THIRD ROW: Dudy Duran, Edwin Cordova, Leo Mon- Paul Marionetti. 123 ORGANIZATIONS FIRST ROW: Joel Lofstrom, John Rael, Adolfo Mon- Howard McMahon, Ralph Bemis, Johnny Bauer, toya, Robert Herron, Douglas Miera, Tino Rael, Carl Lawrence Freeman. Romero, R. L. Sparks. THIRD ROW: James Davis, John Reece, Jimmie Capal, SECOND ROW: Marino Apodaca, Robert Valdez, Elias John VanGundy, Edgar Thomas, Keith Miguel, Bill Chavez, James Hughes, Alfonso Lucero, Gene Blair, Newsome, Robert Saavedra, Major Gooch. BELOW, FIRST ROW: David Royster, Eddie Gallegos, THIRD ROW: Gilford Pacheco, Abe Dimas, Steve West, Frank Mares, Frank Perea, Gillie Tafoya. Richard Cantrell, Billy Thompson, Joe Sisneros, Jim SECOND ROW: Juan Duran, Ray Nelson, Joe Garcia, Bennett, Rudy Vargas, Clarence Romero. John Watson, Nyle Housman, John Perea, Jimmy FOURTH ROW: Richard Servinghaus, Danny Marino, Noland. Willie Jackson, Jack Wilson, Frank Vigil, Carl Duran, Albert Herrera, John Garcia, Kyle DeFoor. 124 ORGANIZATIONS CHEVALIERS HI-Y The Chevaliers Hi-Y is a boys Christian organization from AHS. They are active in all the school activities. FIRST ROW: Bernard Rutan, Mel Parras, Henry Jojola, THIRD ROW: Mr. Werstler, Jimmy Brown, Larry Eich- Alfonso Prieto. wald, Mike Crowley, George Friberg, Mike Lebby, SECOND ROW: Jack Hunter, Tommy Hanna, Richard Clifford Johnston, Jack Fink. Griego, Kenneth White, Sam Mclnhaney, Jack Rex. LOS HERMANOS HI-Y Los Hermanos have sponsored many drives this year and took an active part in drives and charity organi- zations fund raising campaigns. FIRST ROW: Dennis Gonzales, Bob Tinnin, Kenneth McCormick, Dickie Zamora. SECOND ROW: Mr. Prezbeski, Chris Lovato, Bob Stephenson, Kurt Stromberg, Isaac Costales THIRD ROW: Archie Garcia, Jim Lindquist, Ernie Garcia, Bobby Armijo, Rusty Russell, Alan Grooms, Dan McKinnon, Paul Hartin, Gary Pierson. I I 125 ORGANIZATIONS SEN-SIMS TRI-HI-Y SEN SIMS is a girls Christian organization. They sponsored several dances and a style show. FIRST ROW, E. Roybal, G. Victor, J. Claridge, J. THIRD ROW, Mrs. Carmichael, S. Moree, Y. Garcia Dryer, N. Edgerly, M. Terwilliger F. Peterson, P. Montoya, G. Brooks, B. Ramsey, J SECOND ROW, C. Morgan, P. Crowley, L. M. McKinnon, Ciecelski, S. Yee. K. Mabry, P. Short, J. Crisp, I. Zimmerman, J. Jontz, M. Lowance CORDELLAS TRI-HI-Y CORDELLAS have sponsored many dances and drives this year. They meet every Thursday to plan and dis- cuss new ideas and activities. FIRST,ROW, D. Baca, L. Mulkey, M. Matteucci, E. Pal- THIRD ROW, I. Love, A. Baca, M. Baca, N. Morrow ladino, E. Mitchell, J. Tabor, M. Hunton. B. Davidson, Z. Browning, J. Cain SECOND ROW, P. Franco, G. Chavez, Y. Petine, P. FOURTH ROW, L. Granucci, S. Harris Assimakis, E. Linn ' 126 ORGANIZATIONS ' Mig? Wi' CORVETTES ONE OF THE VERY ACTIVE CLUBS at AHS this year is Corvettes Tri-Hi-Y. They sponsored many actvities this year and donated the proceeds to charity. FIRST ROW, Ramona Gonzales, Eva Maryol, Andrea Irene Barncastle, Lucille Velasquez, Marion Ortz, Garley, Viola Gallegos, Ceilia Sanchez, Rose Marie Linda Miller LOPEZ THIRD ROW, Loretta Griego, Jane Sanchez, Jo Ann Pa- SECOND ROW, Jo Etta Foster, Helen Salas, Ella Valdez, dlla, Elsie Caire, Edwina Romero, Margaret Ortiz. DEBS TRI-HI-Y DEBS TRI-HI-Y was a very active club this year. Among ther many activities were a Mother-Daughter banquet, a raffle, and a Sadie Hawkins dance. This dance was one of the favorites of the year. FIRST ROW, B. Sackett, L. Kobernat, K. Crownover, THIRD ROW, P. Rockwell, D. Danfelser, R. Weaver, I. R. DeBaca, P. Atencio, V. Martinez, B. Brdsall, S Crawford SECOND ROW, J. Stephenson, C. Teeter, S. Frederick M. Moulds, B. Jackson, P. Baca, S. Dougherty, W Cooke, C. Rowe Abaskin, L. Dwinell, C. Sprathe, M. Gilley, L. Cross, S. Friberg, E. Bingham, B. Sewell. 127 ORGANIZATIONS 3 1 I t . 5 ,, , y , + . f we fl . ' 9 5 ' 2, j , 4 an V , 1 1-W . fi he 1 Tl . ' .,.. I ff if 1 - M M-1 " 1 - '21, Fit . . ' Above are the officers of the Dramateens. They are, left to right, Tommy Hanna, Vice-President, Wanda Meadows, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Rarick, sponsor, Trish Crowley, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Terry Morris, President DRAMATEENS Dramateens is one of the largest clubs at AHS. They are responsible for much of the entertain- ment around the school. FIRST ROW, J. Hill, M. Leonard, B. Dodson, D. Baker, THIRD ROW, W. Cooke, J. Deskin, D. Carlisle, B T. Morris, W. Meadows, T. Crowley, T. Hanna, V. Thompson, L. Tinnn, E. Linn, P. Assmakis, B. Mora Taverner, L. Castillo, M. Owens, B. Sewell, D. Andrews E. Martin, P. Montoya, D. Stephenson, G. Davis SECOND ROW, K. Grohe, J. Farrington, R. Brooks,, J. FOURTH ROW, B. Howard, J. Goode, J. Evans, R Nicks, E. Stoll, J. DeBaca, M. Culberson, S. McCoy, Weaver, J. Crisp, B. Waldrop, A. Roberts, M. Gilbert M. Rehart, B. Blackwood, C. Romero B. Boyd, F. Hanna, B. Mulcahy. 128 ORGANIZATIONS W as t N ..- BOYS CHORUS THE BOYS CHORUS, under the direction of Mr. Griffith, have sung for many organizations this year as well as the Operetta and Cantata. FIRST ROW, Gillette Bryan, Jerry Humphries, Bob Blackwood, Mickey Culberson. SECOND ROW, John Nicks, Scott McCoy, Ed Stoll, Jim Kinkaid. THIRD ROW, Kenny Thomas, John C. DeBaca, Gayle Ford, James Davis, Don Rice. ADVANCED GIRLS CHORUS THE ADVANCED GIRLS CHORUS consists of all second year Chorus girls. They are directed by Mr. Griffith, and sing for many FIRST ROW, Mable Martinez, Priscilla Montoya, Imalee Clark, Mary Crow, Frances Garcia, Mary Garcia, Patsy Koenig, Juldy Windom SECOND ROW, Judy Young, Charlotte Ahlgrim, Louise Sandoval, Ione Zimmerman, Audrey Tyler, Pat Young service organizations. THIRD ROW, Mr. Griffith, Cora Pohl, Dolores Gonzales, Catherine Metzgar, Patsy Lawson, Wanda Meadows, Priscilla Lucero, Jo Ann Deskin, Diana Baker FOURTH ROW, Angie Sanchez, Flora Armijo, Treharn, Joyce Nueber, Jeanne Bostic, Sprathe, Marian Vahle, Mary Leonard c' Q7 I A ti- Donna Carol 129 ORGANIZATIONS A CAPELLA FOR MANY YEARS the A Capella Choir has sung for the students and teachers. They sing without an accom- ment by the piano or any other instrument. They were directed by Mr. Griffith. FIRST ROW, Priscilla Chavez, Irmalee Clark, Pat Young, THIRD ROW, Gillette Bryan, Jerry Humphries, Mickey Jeanne Bostic, Marion Vahle, Ione Zimmerman Culberson, Scott McCoy, Gayle Ford, Bob Blackwood SECOND ROW, Ruby Weaver, Mary Catherine Crow, FOURTH ROW, Kenny Thomas, John C. DeBaca James Veronica Tavener, Joyce Neuber, Becky Sewell, Davis, John Nicks, Jim Kinkade, Don Rice y Nancy Orndorf MIXED CHORUS MIXED CHORUS is one of the newer groups at AHS. They sang in several assemblies during the school year. They are shown here singing in the Thanksgiving Assembly. FIRST ROW, Ruby Weaver, Priscilla Montoya, Irmalee THIRD ROW, Jerry Humphries, Neal Weidenhofer Clark, Ione Zimmerman, Wanda Meadows, Patsy Mickey Culberson, Gillette Bryan, Johnny Nicks, Al Koenig, Gladys Meyer Vigil SECOND ROW, Joyce Neuber, Mary Crow, Veronica FOURTH McCoy, John DeBaca, Edgar Thomas, Gayle Tavener, Nancy Orndorff, Jeannie Bostic, Marion Ford, Richard Moya, Gabriel Contreras, Jim Kinkade, Vahle, Becky Sewell, Katy Grohe Don Rice 130 ORGANIZATIONS THE AHS ORCHESTRA is directed by Mr. Cramer. They play at various school activities and they also pre- sent an Hour of Music for the parents. FIRST ROW, K. Davis, D. Andrews, C. Cole, A. Roberts, N. Clingan, I. Brown, R. Schulmeister, S. Haris C. Harris, S. Hanaker THIRD ROW, F. Hendren, B. Felts, S. Haussamen, C. SECOND ROW, J. Pena, P. Gardner, J. Williams, M. Theis, M. Luthy, J. Edmunds, L. Sandoval, T. Heard, Cramer, M. Terwilliger BAND THE AHS BAND, directed by Mr. Cramer plays for all the football and basketball games during the year. They also give concerts for the parents twice each year. FIRST ROW, N. Luthey, K. Waldorf, T. Parkhurst, J Cordova, J. Williams, K. Tauche, M. Theis SECOND ROW, L. Humbarger, B. McDougall, M. Miller, D. Zartman, J. Simms, P. Haynie, I. Brown, K. Sim- mons, J. Mader, C. Tinbrock, F. Luna, L. Sanchez S. Rust THIRD ROW, E. Vigil, P. Koenig, J. Rusk, B. Threadgill L. Sandoval, J. Edmunds, P. Mitchell J. McCollum M. Tauche, J. Wheeler, J. Duran, N. Vigil, D. Romero F. Arguello, P. Parkhurst, N. Clingan, T. Heard FOURTH ROW, J. Vaughn, M. Robinson, M. Dunlap, I Angus, S. Harris, D. McHodgkins, E. Dickman, C Johnson, R. Schulmeisters STANDING, F. Hendren, B. Felts, D. Butts, B. Rusk, M. Thompson, R. Klein, M. Corfield, B. Wright, D Rice, F. Smith, J. Owen, Mr. Cramer, Mary Lawrence N. McDougall 131 9 ORGANIZATIONS PEPPER CLUB The Pepper Club has many jobs at AHS. Besides showing the new students around school, they also plan the Christmas formal, the Pepper Club formal, and other activities. The club initiates about 100 girls each year. Mrs. Sacks is the sponsor. Pictured above, from left to right, are Lou McKinnon, Vice-President, Eleanor Bingham, President, and Kay Mabry, Secretary-Treasurer. ANTI-LITTERBUGS This club was organized for the purpose of helping to keep our campus clean. The club consists of a repre sentative from each home room. FIRST ROW, Nynfa Chavez, Alice Chavez, JoAnn SECOND ROW, Katherine Herrera, Edna Willams Padilla, Alice Gutierrez, Rebecca Herrera, Glenda Elsie Peeples, Lea Jaramillo, Priscilla Chavez Butler, Pat Johnson, Nancy Archibeque Beverly Waldrop, Wanda Dailey, Carolyn Williams Warren Lake, Joe Contreras, John Tittman 132 1 1 v . ORGANIZATIONS Wqfn "-L 2.2 f ip i Sally Van Etten, Carol Sprathe, lone Zimmerman, Roy Reaves MUSEUM STAFF ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING places in AHS is the Museum. It is kept in order by the Museum Staff Besides managing the Museum, they piece together bones and pottery found by the Archaeology Society. ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY THE ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY, sponsored by Dr. Winifred Buskirk, go on field trips and diggings every Tuesday. They have visited Zia, Jemez, Santo Domingo, and San IlDefonso Indian Pueblos. FIRST ROW, Carol Sprathe, Gabriel Contreras, Ione SECOND ROW, Roy Reeves, Northea McDougal, Frieda Zimmerman, Jack Rex, Cliff Johnson. Gilbert, Sally Van Etten, Sharon Harris, Dr. Buskirk 133 ORGANIZATIONS rw.r....f'x K SITTING. Jane Howard, Jim Bradley. STANDING,ChrisLina Romero, Mr. Graham, Lucille Lunsford, Trish Crowley, Gus Miranda, Mrs. Jaramillo, Ione Zimmerman FUTURE TEACHERS The purpose of Future Teachers Club is to help the students decide if they want to teach as a career. This club is sponsored by Mrs. Jaramillo and Mr. Frank Graham. PRINT SHOP AHS is very proud to be one of the few schools to have its own print shop. Our print shop not only prints AHS publications, but they also print material for Valley High and Highland High Schools. PICTURED BELOW are, left to right, Mr. Peterson, Frank Chifalo, Mr- King, Mr- Walling, Robert MO0I'9 SECOND ROW, Bernard Rutan, Larry Bridenstine, Jerry Richardson, Charlie Lopez, Pete Sedillo, Louis Peralta 134 TT "A" CLUB ORGANIZATIONS THE A CLUB consists of the boys who have lettered in any sport he re at AHS during the course of the year. The "A" Club sold refreshments at the games and they also held a banquet for the football lettermen. These boys try to set an example of g o o d sportsmanshlp for the Student Body to follow. FIRST ROW Clarence Romero Alfred Florence Raymond Flores Andrew Chavez Stan Corfield George Friberg Jim Lindquist Kurt Stromberg Kenneth White Larry Eichwald SECOIND ROW Dan McKinnon Paul Hartin Bob Stephenson Charles Ahlgrim Kenny Thomas Ronnie Porter Alex Garcia Jimmy Brown Earl Baldwin Benny Rodriquez Joe Vivian Steve Sanchez Jack Elder Joe Benavidez THIRD ROW Nelson Jones Ernie Martinez Robert Martinez Romuldo Contreras Robert Montoya Joe Salazar Wayne Burrows Max Telles Dennis Gonzales Richard Gonzales Carl Schulz Frank Chavez Carlos Torres ORGANIZATIONS Mr. Jewell Brown sponsors Student Affairs as well as many other organizations at AHS - STUDENT AFFAIRS Student affairs is made up of members from various organizations around AHS. They discuss problems and present them to the student body to be voted on FIRST ROW, Vicki Martinez, Viola Gallegos, Mrs. Sacks, Lou McKinnon, Kay Mabry, Mr. Brown SECOND ROW, Paul Carroll, Kurt Stromberg, Chris Lovato, Sam Mcllhaney, Tommy Hanna THIRD ROW, George Friberg, Jim Linquist, Bob Stephenson, Sue Yee, Eleanor Bingham l 136 Y ORGANIZATIONS The Honor Society is composed of students of students of high scholastic ability. They must maintain a "CH average. Students remaining in Honor Society three years receive a gold "A," Pictured at left is Mrs. Klicker, sponsor of Honor Society. HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW, S. Roeske, A. Roberts, B. Mora, F. Hanna, Montoya, K. Waldorf, K. Grohe, J. Farrington, L. M. Copeland, J. Dreyer, B. Sewell, R. Baca. Sandoval SECOND ROW, R. Bemis, N. Gallegos, L. Castillo, V. THIRD ROW, F. Smith, J. Kinkaid, T. Crowl.ey, L. Ko- Taverner, E. Martin, J. Hill, D. Torres, S. Fox, P. bernat, K. Davis, N. Robinson, C. Parnall, S. Van Etten, M. Terwilliger, M. Vahle, J. Neuber, G. Bryan 137 ORGANIZATIONS Pictured above are Gerald La Font, Senior Recording Engineer, and John Nicks, Student Announcer KANW K A N W is Albuquerque High Schoolls own radio station. It has trained many engineers for future radio Work. This year they had their first student announcer, Johnny Nicks. Pictured below are Charles Smith, Gabriel Contreras, Abelardo Villereal, Mrs. Jones fsponsorj, Orrin King, and James Kirsting. 138 ORGANIZATIONS SAFETY! At left, Emily Linn is presenting her crutches to Phil Parkhurst in an Assembly given by the Safety Council. The Council has been a great help in promoting safety at AHS. COLOR GUARD The Color Guard and Drill. Squad in action at one of our games. The Color Guard members include Martha Terwilliger, Priscilla Danfelser, lone Zimmerman, David Meister, and Trish Crowley. 139 QQQ C O O ,- ' 1 ' bfi? f 'fi SPORTS AHS I956 PIGSKIN SUMMARY T SCHEDULE. The Bulldogs demonstrated their "never say die" spirit in the annual Jamboree, played before the season began. AHS humbled the OPPONENTS BULI-'DOGS Vikings by winning 19-0, but was clipped by Highland in the second VALLEY f-lamb-7 0 19 game of the evenng, 19-7. HIGHLAND Uamb- 19 7 The first regular game of the 1956 season began with a clash be- EL PASO 14 7 tween the El Paso Tigers and our hard-fighting Bulldogs. The game VALLEY 32 27 was highlighted by a pass from Friberg to Ken White, who lateralled ARTESIA 35 21 to Boyd Parrish. Parrish went over for AHS's lone touchdown. The SANTA FE 7 27 final score was 14-7, favor of the Tigers. CARLSBAD 39 6 The Green and White team fought a wild battle against the Valley HOBBS 19 7 Vikings, who scored just in time for a 32-27 win over the 'Dawgs. LAC CRUCES 33 13 In the contest between Artesia and AHS, the Bulldogs began to A1-AMOGORDO 7 20 move late in the game, but Artesia pushed the ball across the goal HIGHLAND 28 12 line for a final TD, defeating AHS 35-21. Q ' 1, The next game proved to be a great morale-builder for the Bulldogs. They outclassed the Santa Fe Demons for the first win of the season. The mighty Bulldogs scored a 27-7 win over the outmanned Demons. The larger Carlsbad Cavemen proved too much for our boys, as they romped to a 396 victory over the 'Dawgs. Chris Lovato went over for the only AHS touchdown in the third quarter. 1500 chilled homecoming fans watched the AHS team lose their title bid 24-13 to Las Cruces. The Bulldogs then took a trip to Alamogordo, where they wound up with a 20-7 victory over the Tigers, for their second win. The Thanksgiving Day game, played between Albuquerque High and Highland, portrayed the Bulldogs at their best. Most of the load lay on the Atlas-like shoulders of Quarterback George Friberg, who gained 85 yds. rushing and completed 6 out of 10 passes for another 85, and a total of 170 yards. Highland was only 1 point ahead at halftime, but opened the Bulldog defense in the last half of the game, defeating the Dawgs, 28-12. Although the Bulldogs didn't have a spectacular season according to the win-loss column, their teamwork and fighting spirit made Albuquerque High proud of them. An individual honor went to George Friberg for his outstanding ability and performance in sports. He was chosen "Athlete of the Year" from a number of other well qualified boys. COACHES The Bulldogs were brought through a rough season by head coach Rushing, and assistant coach Valdez. Ed Garvanian handled the "B" team, while Guerette was in charge of our Sophomore squad. To these men we owe the success of our ball clubs. Left-Rushing, head coach Bottom-Left to right, Valdez, assistant coach, Garvanian, "B" team coach, Guerette, Sophomore coach. 141 SPORTS BOBBY ARMIJO Senior Fullback-1 Letter EDDIE BARELA Senior Center-1 Letter 142 5 -N ROBIN BRISCOE Junior Halfback-1 Letter FRANK CHAVEZ Junior Center-1 Letter LETTERMEN This year thirty-one men Qfoui of them managersj on the "A' Squad lettered in football be cause of their outstanding per formance on the football field their co-operativeness, willing ness, and sportsmanship. O1 these boys, AHS is truly proud They have worked together tc make their team as good as pos sible, considering the fact tha' they were outweighed by theil opponents, and should be com mended for all they have done to give us a hard-fighting Bulldog team. STAN CORFIELD J unior Guard-1 Letter SAM DE BACA Junior Fullback-1 Letter SPORTS LARR Y EICHWALD Senior End-1 Letter JACK ELDER W-..- GEORGE FRIBERG Senior Quarterback-2 Letters fun.. 1 5 , .1 TONY GRIEGO Senior Halfback-1 Letter Junior Tackle-1 Letter ALEX GARCIA Sophomore Tackle-1 Letter JACK FINK NELSON JONES Senior Senior Tackle-1 Letter Tackle-3 Letters SPORTS KEN MCCORMACK Senior Guard-2 Letters Q . ROBERT MARTINEZ Sophomore Halfback-1 Letter BILLY KING WILFRED PADILLA Junior Junior End-1 Letter Guard-1 Letter ROBERT MORENO Senior Guard-1 Letter JIM LINDQUIST BENNY RODRIGUEZ Senior Junior Tackle-2 Letters Quarterback-1 Letter 144 SPORTS BOBBY SANTIAGO Sophomore Halfback-1 Letter CARL SCHULZ Senior Fullbaek-2 Letters 'NL 1 MAX TELLES Junior Guard-1 Letter KENNY THOMAS Junior End-1 Letter JOE VIVIAN Sophomore Guard-1 Letter KENNETH WHITE KURT STROMBERG Senior Semof End-1 Letter End-2 Letters 145 SPORTS WAYNE BURROWS LEANDRO CANDELARIA Manager-1 Letter Manager--1 Letter RUMALDO DE SANTOS Manager-1 Letter MANAGERS Responsible for the care of the team's uniforms and equipment are the managers. This year boasts four managers who were awarded letters. CO-CAPTAINS Below are Ken McCormack, left and George Friberg, who were given the honor of being chosen co-captains by the boys on the "A" squad for the 1956 football season. RICHARD GONZALES Manager-1 Letter 146 SPORTS "A" TEAM SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right: Joe Vivian, Chris Lovato, mick, Carl Schulz, Stan Corfield, Ben Rodriguez, Joe Robert Martinez, Bob Santiago, Tony Griego, Eddie Nicasio, Robin Briscoe. Barela, Robert Moreno, Max Telles, Frank Chavez, THIRD ROW: Juan Mora, Jack Elder, Kenny Thomas, Sam De Baca. Ken White, Steve Wiley, Bob Armijo, Kurt Stromberg, SECOND ROW: Jim Lindquist, Boyd Parrish, Larry George Friberg, Carlos Torres, Billy King, Jack Fink, Eichwald, Wilfred Padilla, Nelson Jones, Ken McCor- Edward Pace, Alex Garcia. SOPHOMORE SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right: Jack Folkner, Castillo Moya, SECOND ROW: Jacque Miller, Jim Mueller, Garen Tiley, Gilbert Gutierrez, Bill Palladino, Robert Hunn, Ed- Eugene Santillanes, Robert Finley, J. C. Baty, Dennis ward Villaneuva, Lester Larkey. Hogerheide, Eddie Montoya, Thomas E. Chester, Bill Simms, Don Page. shraiiufwzgn 147 SPORTS .J !N NA E5 CD IQ EE EE Sept. 7 ABOVE, GEORGE FRIBERG carries the ball, attempting to break through the Valley block. AHS defeated the Vikings, 19-0, but were stopped by Highland, 19-7, in the annual Jamboree. BELOW, CARRYING THE BALL for Albuquerque, Carl Schulz warns the Tigers, "Keep away, I'm coming through!" E1 Paso won, 14-7, for the first game of the season. 148 EE l. F' !X E5 CID Sept 14 V A L L E Y Sept. 21 SPORTS V A L L E Y Sept. 21 ABOVE, carrying the ball for AHS, is Carl Schulz while Kurt Stromberg prepares for a block. 5500 Fans turned out to see the AHS-Valley gridiron battle. The two teams exchanged the lead frcm time to time throughout the game, but Valley scored the winning touchdown against hard- fighting Albuquerque High with one minute and fifty seconds left in the game. BELOW, Chris Lovato runs with the Vikings close behind. 149 SPORTS A R T E S I A Sept. 28 AHS BEGAN TO MOVE in the third quarter, scoring two touch- downs. but Artesia finally got the ball for a final TD, defeating the Dawgs, 35-21. Above, it looks as though the Artesia bulldog hasnlt a chance against our two AHS Bulldogs, who pull him down, ball and all. THE AHS HOMECOMING GAME, played in frigid temperatures, proved one of the most exciting during the season. Although Las Cruces won, 34-13, the Bulldog team never quit fighting. 150 L A S C R U C E S Nov H I G H L A N D Nov. 22 THE ALBUQUERQUE-HIGHLAND GAME, played annually on Thanksgiving Day, is looked forward to by both schools, as one tense and exciting to the last moment. This year, for the first time since 1953, the Bulldogs bowed in defeat to Highland, 28-12. ABOVE, George Friberg carries the ball into the end zone, for the first AHS touchdown. BELOW, a Hornet player is stopped as he tries to break away for a long run. SPORTS H I T cs H L A N D Nov. 22 151 SPORTS "B" TEAM CHEERLEADERS RESPONSIBLE FOR CHEERING the Bullpup teain ta many victories in football and basketball are the following "B" team cheerleaders: fLeft to Righty Mary Baca, Judy Stephenson, Yvonne Garcia fheadj, Sharon Moree, and Matilda Jensen. "B" FOOTBALL SQUAD THE BULLPUPS ended the 1956 football season with a fine record, leaving the "A" team a number of good prospects for the coming year. Pictured below, left to right, is the squad. FIRST ROW, David Klimka, Ray Gutierrez, Joe Salazar, M. T. Hodge, Eloy Zamora, Robert Vance, Louie Armijo, Dick Ray, Kenneth Noland, SECOND ROW, Bobby Gutierrez, Carlos Salazar, Bob Hosher, Jerry Barboa, George Lujan, Joe Benavidez, Johnny Martinez, Frank Rodriquez, Frankie Chavez, Johnny Lujan, Joe Jaime, THIRD ROW, Joe Minero, Don Smith, Joe Harris, Nick Lebby, Kenneth Purcella, Kent Rutherford, Reggy Howard, Gene Carrillo, Ray Lopez, Billy Sims, Archie Garcia, Trinnie Martinez. 152 CHEERLEADERS These f1V6 Varslty Cheer- leaders have worked hard th1s year to promote School Spirit. They have backed their team at all tlmes, and we of AHS are very proud of them. SPORTS Betty Birdsall Linda Kobernat Jeannie Kikkawa Sue Yeetheafn Mary SQYIUOUT 153 SPORTS '56-'57 BASKETBALL HIGHLIGHTS The Bulldog season was highlighted this year by the AHS victory, 53-52, over the Highland Hornets. The game was a nip and tuck thriller all the way. Highland led by one point with only ten seconds to play. But the Bulldogs surprised the Hornets when Eliseo Pino stole the ball from a Highland player and fired it to Gene Baca, who scored the winning tally. Another game which kept fans on the "edge of their chairs" was the AHS-Farmington clash. The Bulldogs captured the lead in the opening seconds, when George Friberg swiped the ball and scored. Albuquerque High took an easy 54-48 victory over St. Mary's in the first cross-town game, despite the Saints' final rally. AHS defeated Tucumcari. 69-63, and Santa Rosa, 72-54, on a very successful road trip during the middle of the season. AHS built its record to 7-3 with these wins. At home again, the Bulldogs romped to a 61-39 vic- tory over Los Lunas, for their sixth straight win and fifth without loss in District 1-A League play. necessary to the x... IIAII The Bulldogs won one out of three games at the Capitol City Invitational Tournament, defeating Las Vegas, 66-48. Gene Baca set a tourney record at Santa Fe by scoring 27 points against the Cardinals. Clayton, undefeated then by a New Mexico team, beat the Bull- dogs, 51-39, in the first game of the Tourney, and Carls- bad nipped AHS 61-57 for the Consolation trophy. The Bulldog 7-0 District record sank to 7-1, as Valley took a 70-53 victory over the Dawgs, to put the city cake race wide-open. Albuquerque High -completed the regular season with a 15-15 record, defeating Los Alamos, 56-53. The Bulldogs entered District play-offs seeded 2nd, and lost to St. Mary's their first game, to en'd basketball play for tahe year-except for Clifford Johnston, who will have the honor of representing AHS in the North- South All-Star game to be played in August. Other honors went to Gene Baca, who led high school basketball scoring with a .16 average, and was selected to be on the 1957 All-City Cfirstj Team. George Friberg, Eliseo Pino, Cliff Johnston, and Faustin Lovato were chosen for the third team. TEAM BASKETBALL SQUAD team basketball squad was handled by Coach George This year's "A" Foehr fleftj, who has done a very commendable job in teaching the boys not only the rules of basketball, but also sportsmanship and teamwork success of a team. Pictured below is the Squad. TOP, left to right, Wilfred Dominguez fmanagerj, Coach Foehr, Kurt Stromberg, George Friberg, Bob Stephenson, Cliff Johnston, Faustin Lovato, Gene Baca, and Robert Baca fmanagerj. BOTTOM, Aris Chavez, Arthur Garcia, Bobby Turrietta, Joe Bena- videz, Ruben Chavez, and Eliseo Pino. Gene Baca and Eliseo Pino were chosen co-captains of the team at the seasonls end. 154 is as fiiifig' iw- SPORTS "B" BASKETBALL SQUAD The HB" team was coached this year by Ray Guerette. Although this was Guerette's first year at Albuquerque High, he has done a fine job in teaching the boys the fundamentals of basketball and in preparing them for future play on the "A" squad. Pictured below is the squad. Left to Right, Top Row, Gartland Dean Cmanagerl, Bobby Gutierrez, Tony Griego, Bob Gish, Leo Gomez, Kent Rutherford, Joe Harris. Bottom Row, Jerald Stone, Robin Briscoe, Larry Rubio, Gene Carrillo, Billy Sanchez. my l957 BASKETBALL RECORD AHS OPPONENT SCORE AHS OPPONENT SCORE A 63 Gallup 40 66 Las Vegas 50 y 50 Farmington 47 57 Carlsbad 61 50 Alam0g0I'd0 59 SEASON RECORD 53 Highland 52 A 34 Roswell 59 15 Wins-19 Losses 64 Espanola 63 75 Las Vegas 59 56 Grants 55 63 Clovis 67 53 Valley 70 42 Belen 40 DISTIFICT RECORD 40 santa Fe 52 54 st. Mary 48 7 W1"s"2 Losses 54 Trinidad 45 69 Tucumcari 63 54 P0I't31eS 74 72 Santa Rosa 54 61 Socorro 65 50 Raton 48 47 St. Mike 68 61 Los Lunas 37 56 Los Alamos 53 39 Clayton 61 155 SPORTS LETTERMEN This year Coach George Foehr awarded fifteen letters to members of the "A" team Basketball squad, because of the ability and effort they put forth during the season to have a winning ball club. The letters were presented at a ban- quet held especially for this oc- casion. Of these hardworking boys Albuquerque High can well be proud. GENE BACA JOE BENAVIDEZ Senior - 1 Letter Junzor 1 Letter ARIS CHAVEZ RUBEN CHAVEZ Senior - 1 Letter Junzor 1 Letter MUSE IMAGINATIONH This space was reserved for the invisible picture of Faustin Lovato, the only Sophomore letterman on the squad. Since Faustin was ill when pictures were taken, you will have to imagine that you can see his portait. GEORGE FRIBERG ARTHUR GARCIA Senior - 2 Letters Senzor 1 Letter 156 SPORTS CLIFF JOHNSTON ELISEO PINO BOB STEPHENSON Senior - 1 Letter Senior - 2 Letters Sgnim- ... 1 Letter KURT STROMBERG BOBBY TURRIETTA Senior- 1 Letter Senior - 1 Letter ROBERT BACA fMgr.J GARLAND DEAN fMgr.J WILFRED DOMINGUEZ QMgr.J Junior - 1 Letter Senior -- 1 Letter Sophomore - 1 Letter 157 SPORTS J' fTop lefty INTO THE AIR Hies guard Bobby Turrietta during the Bulldog vic- tory over the Gallup Tigers in the first AHS game of the season. lTop rightj LET'S REALLY GO shout the Bulldog fans to Cliff Johnston as he steals the ball from a Tiger. tB0ttom left? IFS -H A BATTLE FOR THE BALL. as Gene Baca IOOJ and a Clovis player jump for the ball. tBottom rightj CAN'T QUITE REACH is probably the thought of George Fri- berg as the ball falls into the hands of two Farmington players during the sec- ond AHS game. 1Top leftl GRAB THAT BALL is the thought of Cliff Johnston, as he reaches for the ball dur- ing the Las Vegas game. 1Top middlej WE WANT A BASKET hollar AHS fans as George Friberg prepares to shoot during the Albuquerque - St. Mary's clash. lTop rightj TWO POINTS fall through the bas- ket aided by Gene Baca in the game with St. lVlary's. KBottom lefty SAY YOUR PRAYERS says Eliseo Pino to the baffled Raton player as Eliseo jumps for a basket, cBottom rightb I'VE GOT IT, says the expression on Cliff Johnston's face, as he moves in front of a Raton man to take possession of the ball. SPORTS iRightJ WE WANT TWO POINTS cry excited AHS fans to George Friberg as he attempts to 'Lput it in" dur- ing the St. Mike's game. 160 iLeftD A REACH FOR THE BASKET is the statement implied as Aris Chavez jumps to add two points to the Bulldog's score during the AHS - Highland battle. ki' 'i'4J,IfV ' fAboveJ REBOUND is the thing Eliseo Pino does nicely as worried Hornet players look on. fBelowJ HELP! Implies Eliseo Pino's facial expression as he looks for a fellow Bulldog so he can pass the ball, while the frenzied Horseman follows close behind. GOING IN FOR A LAY-UP is Eliseo Pino in the AHS victory over Trinidad. PULLIN' THAT BALL DOWN is Faustin Lo, vaio during the Trini- dad game. SPORTS G O B U L L D O G S sv. QQ N2 .Q WHO CAN I PASS TO? wonders Gene Baca, as he sneaks between two Los Alamos players. 1'LL GET IT YET! thinks Gene Baca as he and two Los Alamos men rush for the ball. 161 SPORTS WRESTLING Jack Rushing coaches the ' Albuquerque High School Wrestling team. He has done a fine job in leading his boys to a 5-4 season record, E and second place in the f State Wrestling Tournament. A special honor went to Carlos Torres this year. He was chosen by coaches and officials as the outstanding Wrestler of the New Mexico High School Wrestling Tour- nament ' C A ' X KN -QTY? .M A All - 1- Pictured above is the AHS Wrestling Team. Top Row, left to right: Max Telles Cmanagerb, Frank Chavez, Car- los Torres, Kyle De Foor, Earl Baldwin, Tino Rael Cmanagerb. Bottom Row: Joe Salazar lcaptainl, Alfred Florence, Ernie Martinez, Ray Flores, Eugene Chavez. Carlos Torres attempts a half-Nelson in the AHS-Amarillo match. 162 Joe Salazar and his opponent approach the referee's position as the Albuquerque-Boys' Ranch of Texas match gets underway. SPORTS Wayne Burrows ttopl puts a half nelson on his op- ponent from Amarillo, Texas. SWIMMING TEAM The AHS Swimming Team meets at the Y.M.C.A. every school day to practice. Wednesday is set aside for prac- tice with other schools. The boys are pictured below. Top Row, left to right: Garen Tiley, Bob Hoshor, Kenneth Raught, Mike Crowley, George Vickery, Jaques Miller. Bottom Row: John Rease, John Wader, Jack Folkner, Leonard Barros. ,.,.,W..g, if V ee fffffs A 2 if 51 r'.l A - S lf! Q J M. .i i "' 1 1 Aside from being grounds supervisor and health instructor, Fred Renfro also coaches the AHS Swimming Team. He is largely responsible for their suc- cess, and has done a fine job this year with the boys on the team. 163 SPORTS i Ria. A .2 'iii 3 . . . . i . ff: First Row, R. Padilla fMgr.J, B. Parrish, D. Stuart, T. Armijo K G. Friberg, A. Chavez, S. Duncan, E. Garcia, D. Gonzales, P. Har- tin, K. White, G. Chelf, C. Torres, N. Jones Cnot in pictureb. Second Row, L. Sanchez, J. Capel, J. Harris, J. Elder, D. Zamora R. Saavedra, J. DeBaca, L. Armijo, A. Garcia, T. Chavez, F Apodaca, A. Florence R. Gonzales, J. Nicks, J. Mueller, E. Pace Third Row, R. Vance CMgr.J, J. C. Baty, G. Gutierrez, D. Lockridge K. Noland, D. Smith, R. Briscoe, C. Moya, B. Pall.adino, L. Gobez J. Baca, R. Martinez, D. Klimka, A. Garcia, B. Santiago, J. Mora, G. Jenkins, C. Salazar, N. Lebby, W. Baca, J. Nicasio, R. Montoya R. Lopez, D. Davidson, J. Minero, T. Martinez CMgr.J. l957 TRACK Kenneth White practices broad jump- ing at Hopewell Field. v . Ed Garvanian Cabovej handles the Albu- querque High track team. He has done well as coach. Above Cleft to rightJ is the team. Paul Hartin trightb, and Kenneth White work out during practice. DUN' 164 SPORTS wtf' 2. Sam Duncan, anchor man in the 440 yd. relay, wins for AHS in the Dual meet against Valley. Joe NlC3Sl0 Cleftj and Mart1n Armstrong CrightJ lead in the low hurdles 165 SPORTS Ray Lopez Cin frontl receives baton from Johnny Nicks high Jumps in the triangular meet AHS teammate Bobby Santiago in the 880 Rela vs. Valle and H1 hl nd against Valley High School. Y Y 8 3 fLeftJ Carlos Torres shows us how "pole-vaulting' is done in the Triangular Track Meet. iRightJ Kenneth White fin- ishes the 440 yard dash in the state record-breaking time of 50.3 seconds. Joe Nicassio keeps an even pace with his Highland op- ponent in the low hurdles race during the Triangular meet between three cross- town schools. Following close behind is Martin Armstrong. 166 SPORTS 3 Tony Valdez, AHS Golf Coach, is shown here with the boys on the team. Left to right, Gilbert Salazar, Ray Chavez, Tony Valdez tcoachl, Clifford Johnston, Dan McKinnon, and Faustin Lovato. GOLF Dan McKinnon tees off, hoping for a Faustin Lovato gets ready to tee 'Khole in one." Cliff Johnson approaches the ball. off. This begins his game of golf. 167 SPORTS 11 Note the t'form" of these boys as they tee off. They are, left to right, G. Salazar, C. Johnston, Coach Valdez, D. McKinnon, R. Chavez, and F. Lovato. PENTATHALON Although Pentathlon is not a particu- larly popular sport, it is a muscle- building one, requiring strength and endurance. At left are the boys on the team-Robert Montoya, Gino Candelaria, and Eugene Chavez. Left: Eugene Chavez does the bar vault. Middle: Robert Montoya executes the suicide drop. Right-Robert Montoya demonstrates the hand stand on parallel bars. K- at A ix . , 168 SPORTS l jitiiqf gbblii fr 'Y A sumti M K ? fa Coach Ray Guerette trighth has done a splendid job in handling the Albuquerque High Baseball Team for the first time, this year. Q X E ABOVE, left to right, is the team. First Row, Coach Guerette, B. Castillo, R. Chavez, A. Parra, B. Rodriquez, B. Atencio, L. Rubio, M. Montoya. Second Row, B. King, B. Gutierrez, A. Chavez, C. Findley, J. Benavidez, T. Griego, J. Carrillo CMgr.J. Third Row, C, Ahlgrim lMgr.J, D. Fitzgerald, E. Baldwin, J. K Brown, R. Gutierrez, W. Burrow tscorerJ. BELOW-Catcher Ruben Chavez waits behind the plate for that swift pitch as a player from the Santa Fe Indian School stands at bat. 5 ,Qqggin w,,,,t.1..... plnilrwf 4' .ww W is t N A f .tag 169 SPORTS Ruben Chavez KAHSJ hopes the ball will arrive in time to put the Santa Fe Indian School player out. Ruben Chavez Cat bat? hopes for a hit as he Waits for the pitch in the AHS game against Jeffer- son of E1 Paso. 170 Tony Griego CNo. 369 scoops up the ball and makes the out as a Brave slides in--per- haps a bit late! Jim Brown scores for Albuquerque High as the Santa Fe player waits hopelessly for the ball. SPORTS Ruben Chavez looks bewil- dered as he rounds the base during the A H S - El Paso High game. Tony Griego races to the base to put a Jefferson player out. 171 SPORTS Above is pictured the Tennis Team. Top Row, left to right, Dick Blautman, Arthur Hakes, Ernest Lovato, Richard Griego, Steve Sanchez, John Tittman. Bottom Row: Art Sandoval, LeRoy Harper, Kurt Stromberg, Ronnie Porter. p TENNIS 1 2 x 1 TENNIS COACH Tony Valdez is the tennis coach at AHS. He teaches the boys on the team not only how to play the game skilfully, but also sportsman- ship. He is largely responsible for the team's success. Right: Ronnie Porter and Charles Tem- broeck are shown playing a doubles match. 172 Left, Kurt Stromberg waits for that swift- moving ball, tennis racquet in hand. ff-ff' V1 3 L Y Y ' ' ,ff X :" T 9 A f' 5" LAT Q if sr f 'IW' din I .MM an ,, M S 'Km' X 'bf' xxx Q1 4 s- 3 4 n., f , SPORTS These gals are really Ugoin' to town," as they battle for the ball. Put some Kforce" behind that ball. As the school year 1956-1957 closes, the students at Albuquerque High will look forward to the day when it will again be time for sports to reign over the activities at AHS. 175 E E I x -.M 1 5:32 fy, , i:f 2- f" , ZEQ fi rf? !..fji - 2. 3' YQ-I Ee"- Egg, V555 A Eg yjif, ' iw id, ' mg, ' in -32' F R P373 Li N, WLS" wi sig. gv- , gi. 22,5 ,T M M . nczccun.-runs M7 ff E 'Ro'rc 4 nm .J :won No. CWT5 Zuo 1 BLDG. Mo. C0053 Mo-Fi .aloe ra No. ' I I 2 S Q B' gd gg 5' 5' Q N Q 7, U5 o ZS 2 2' E 3 2 m 0 'u E E F3 TIJERAS AVE. N-E. '1RQ':.,E,QgQ AQN O STI N.E. - w 0 'S' 5: 3 2. 0 'D' I 2 ' E L GYM BLDG. mo-nes E 2.-.0-549 J E. 7+ IAQ iki, olagx Q. 3 IT U Siam J il 'argue +11 on scnoal. N. S MA SCIENCE HN I-'05 tonne. I mmrsuon 'MTS 3 3 Mac:-muzam. ARTS swaw E, . oomwm W' Q 2 KECDRD as MASZL? Humfozwm nommfsv airraou au:s.Q Z wages , cum' 0 me 'S on e mee :WAY N. E. N PARKJNG fl Y l 1 W J . VE ME. CENTRAL A 1 1 i i I Q E a ,w 1 1 J 1 w 4 4 1 N . ,UR pw ",' 1 f 1-1-aff'-If mf . . , ' L' .f,' , ' 6' 5 . rf W : 7 ,ii,f'g'FSw ' pw i f ' ,g2'. g , Fi L 52311 W: 'A V " A x '5 2 A ' H x x 'V ' 4 2 ' ' '0 L I My ' VWMMW' fb Q rs " " w I I wow ml: 1, I . 4 ggx I 1 9 I . , My WWA llfgffyfp pit' Q ! f dfs q HQJJ J ,f?im5 rt1QkJi.p B9 iv J W 5 if ,. ?2fp?iT'ifUJ QR, Y 56 ' , ' ix We UJW J' WJ! f X5 'V ww W gi ff ,Jw X W fr' qkf U by Q55 ww MM ' Nff wwf I, MW ww WN IWW MW' 4 "fix-' my :QW , gb ' X pts 1 ,Qi,:f'9'Q, Tim r agi i2i4grn i HW i - --if--.fn ---a+--:V ,,,,,-n,,?T.,., ......v........,,,.,r.v.,..i. b f - , . '. N V .. 1 ,,, , . ,, 1, , A , -, H - , , -- .., A A x , A Q. : , af ' -. - ,,g,,,f , -.H M, L-11,.,. : Q. ,,,.,,JL 13.1 , , ,- ' ' ' 'W' ' K ' "A x V ' -f ' " :T-+4fiq,,-2 'F-f.A:f,:,:? "gif ,f'-' F fi: ' if nf- , ' 'n " '--L75 ' '- Y is K, Qy I ' I 4 ip if 5 Ji-li 5 4 ' . E X A ,4,, A ' XI AA f"! if if 1' , ,v, A 'ffl fied EM! Xia! i Rf I ' QI ' 'QS-1, 4365 WMMQ7 ffjjfwf U' 'ffgfjfjy X7 pw if7j5g,5iM Qfgkiimw K3 yi W ,ff J , ,ow Ujli WM! WI, jikgiifzf 3379 ff ff'- Xi?

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