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' . A ,vi t -,if-., - QL.,.,g-.j.f-I, ,, f..: I I- -:L ., u .,-' f-- .Vg -? -gg--ff.--' 1. T- - YJ' l ' . ,- - U ff, il , U, M J .. fJ0fjQff, ww QW Siligg if M55 Y yfwwbwfgjo' i l wi Tig J1ij3fH"MfU' Mfg, Yiwu mjw W MW w Q35 WA! , , A Ti W RSQSQSQQ 'MW 3 221 v '21, Q 1, SMS MC SQJSQCQQY' My C067 06 Q Mdfffgfxjv HJR M AMW" 35 gyms wwf IJVL4 225 QQSQPWQQJ Syyfiigfdif ff' . N W xg , lf! My ffffkfg I' .A ' !P"Ujr""1,b,v"!Lf MNT ' XQQX- !,4!JA3Lj!,":lK!',4.1 -2 f Mfwfffwy fi- L"li:ui 1 WW77 vpn, ,www 'N fy N ZT9 DTV Ps Tw 'VJ 9 IHQFD Q figf. I 9 DP VE fi JN ii, Ji ll f ,. L1-217 1 Yi, QQ -Lv is 1 1 .UVM WfFMm:JfWff pw! 4 fWMW!iQ HZUVQQ 3, fm? mf- A 2' :::f' KKK. 'fs -5-C ay KM I xx f I kvfy 'X Xx qfvfq KO., 142.0 LM M4 WYQOQ, 9595 awww me N fcfwmw AQ X . R E m'WQSSm RK QTSSXWQRL EWS Wiwwqfwq Q! xwwxgi SEX 74a 1756 142 pldddltfd ff' , EMMnM!SMQf Be++y Fogell .... Edifor-in-Chief Bobby Blackwood . . . Assisfanl' Edi+or Terry Morris . . . Assis+an+ Edifor Linda Kobernaf . . Spor+s and Arf Dwwwazkyw Board of Educa+ion Building . . . . Adminis+ra+ion Universi+y Library . . . . . . Seniors Tiieras Canyon . . . Juniors Simms Building . . Sophomores Courl' House . . . Organizafions LiH'le Thealre .... . School Life Public School Sfadium . . . . Sporfs ADMINISTRATION "Q-A W" MANUAL ARTS if ' 6 . L. . , nfk I I Q MAIN BUILDING TABLE OF CONTENTS FACULTY ......... CLASSES SENIORS . . JUNIORS . . . SOPHOMORES . ORGANIZATIONS . SCHOOL LIFE SPORTS 7 27 63 77 89 . I4I ., . . . I2I Z AUTO SHOP CHURCH R E He1nsohn W M Walling M O Peterson D H. King LIBRARY "La Rea+a" Printed by The Voca+ional Prinfing Class ALBUQUERQUE HIGH SCHOOL ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO Volume XLVIII DEDICATION +o yah: ln Recognilion of His Greal' Leadership of 'rhe Albuquerque Public School Syslem O illllemuriam CAPTAIN WARREN SMART On December 20, Valley High School and Albuquerque High School were told of the death of a great principal, soldier, and friend. For five years, Captain Smart was the leader of the R.O.T.C. here at Albu- querque High. During this time, he found a place in the heart of the student body. He left Albuquerque High in 1954 to become principal of Valley High. In the one and a half years he was there he won the friendship and admiration of many students and faculty members. Captain Smart will always be remembered for his work in the training of future soldiers and leaders of our country. , ' o , if i BOARD OF EDUCATION The leaders of the Albuquerque Public Schools are, from left to right, lVI1's. Mary Nicolai Mr. Richard Thorne, Dr. Charles Spain, Mr. Robert Elder, Mr. John Varney lstandingl Mr. S, Y. Jackson, Mr. John Milne, Mr. J. Leon Thompson. JEWELL BROWN ROBERT BRISCOE A.B., M.A. HELEN ROGERS WILSON N. WILLITS B.S. Counselor, Di,-ectoy B.A., M.A. AB.. M.A. Attendance Officer Student Affairs Girls' Counselor Distributive Education rg. -' - 1 haf fr 4 ,Mmm-W Mr. Ream's empty office symbolizes Although Miss Dixon's office is rarely seen by many, it his policy of taking an active part in is the official starting place for the school activities, school affairs, Mr. Ream, principal, and Miss Dixon. assistant principal, co-operate with each other to the fullest extent and take personal interest in the school and students. A typical scene in Miss Leahy's office is shown be- low. Miss Leahy is doing one of her many jobs super- vising the work of these two office-aides, Darla Warrick and Elaine Stewart. HELEN ALDRIDGE CLARA BARNHART BAUGHMAN MILDRED BREILAND B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.A., R.N. A,B,L,S, French Mathematics School Nurse Librarian xii RILLA BRINK JOSEPH BURGER ALICE BUSKIRK Dr. WINFRED BUSKIRK B.S. of Ed. AB., M.S. B.S.E., M.A. M.A., Ph.D. Home Economics Chemistry English History KATHERINE CARMICHAEL JOHNNIE CATON FLORENCE CHADWICK MADGE CHILDRE l3.A. M.S., F.S. B.A., M.A. A,B,, M.A. Bookkeeping Physical Education English Mathematics 10 SARAH COOK EARL VRAMRR EDWARD CRISTY JERRY DAVIS B.S.. M.A.. D. of Ed. B.A. of Music Ed. A.B.. M.A. Biology Band and Orchestra History R.A. Mathematics FRi4YQffli This is a scene you would probably see if you walked into Mrs. A1dridge's French class. I ELYSE DEFFKE MARIAN DOUGLAS GEORGE FOEHR MARJORIE FOX B.S. B.S.. M.S. B.S.. M.S. B.S., M.A. Physical Education Clothing Physical Education Bookkeeping. Typing IU' 41" f-"""" w g :z-sissy -xx ass'-X wa sf . . wi.. . ,af 75 1 Tilafnj aw-A 'fry S? in R f 1 . ,. ' . HHV '-2:35 22-:2:2::.:. fi RORERT GARRETT EDWARD GARVANIAN SMITH GOOCH FRANK GRAHAM B.S., M.P.H. B.S. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. Driving Physical Education Military Science Art Shown above is Mr. Graham's Art class, under the direction of a student teacher. COYT HARTLINE ROBERT HANNAH Machinist Certificate and VIOALLE HEFFERAN B.A. World History Vocational Certificate B.A., M.A. World History ROBERT HEINSOHN B.S. of Ed., M. of Ed. Military Science, La Reata FLORENCE HICKMAN JOHN HOBACK MARGARET HOLDERNESS KATHERINE HUNT A.B.. M.A. B.A.. M.A. B.A., A.B., M.A. B.A. English English, History English Librarian Clerk --nu s x -N---WAHM Mr. Simms is shown above pointing out insects to one of the Biology classes. PEGGY IDEN ROBERT IVEY ELIZABETH JARAMILLO MONETA JOHNSON B.S., M.A. B.A., M.S. B.S. in Ed. B.A., M.A. Physical Education Biology English Mathematics 'W' wmv i It Cvfg , 0 3 is KATHERINE KELEHER RUTH KERKESLAGER LILLIAN KIEKE HUGH KING B.A.,M.A. B.S.,B.S.S United States History World History A.B. Linotype Instructor Commercial Mrs. Jaramillo's English class seems to be very quiet and absorbed in their readings. MAY KLICKER ANN KOMADINA B.A.. M.A. B.A..M.A. World History Spanish VM 50" JAMES LACOUR ESTHER LARSON B.A., M.A. B,S., M.A. English Home and Family HELEN LEAHY Secretary-Bookkeeper I "'. I Q1 5 NELSON LOWERY JEAN MARSH VIRGILIO MARTINEZ B.S. B.A., M.A. B.A.. M.A. Vocational Commercial Spanish .. ..,---- Y W. B. MAXON B.A., M. of Ed. Physics Shown above is Mr. West's Latin class during a lesson from their text books. ESTELLE MQDEVITT KITTY MCFALL RHEA MILLER B.S. A.B., A.M. B.A. Foods Spanish English RITA MINKIN B.A., M .A. Spanish HADLEY NAIL JOSEPHINE NAPOLEONE B.S., M.S. B.A. History Spanish Below students look interested as Mr. Caton explains the various blood types. ELLA MONTOYA Bookroom ! JUANITA PATTERSON B.S. Typing. Shorthand MR., ,. rm 'WW STAN RARICK FRED RENFRO B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. History, Stagecraft, Counselor Dramatics The boys below are learning one of the many phases involved in their architectural course. MANDEL PETERSON Vocational Printing - M, ,,. . FRANKLIN REYNOLDS Drafting Q!!- JACK RUSHING VIRGINIA SACKS B.A., M.A. B.S. Physical Education Physical Education Get ready . . . get set . . . go! This scene takes place daily in Mrs. Fox's Typing classes. WILLIAM J. ROSIN B,A.. M .A. Electricity. General Shop 18 VICKIE SANCHEZ Secretary CARMEN D. SEESE KATHERINE SHEPARD B.S.. M.E.D. A.B., M.A. Biology U. S. History United States History can be enjoyable when you learn from a teacher like Mr. Werstler. ILENE SCHWABB Secretary CHARLES SINGLETON B.A. in Ed. Auto Shop GOODSELL SLOCUM EDGAR WARREN SMITH B.A. in Ed., M.A. Chorus, Music History, English Music Theory M.A Mrs. McFall is students with their H. R. SIMMS B.S. Biology 20 shown helping her assignment. 5 Q 1 4 s 'X WILLIAM SOKOLL Bb. .'1Q7'fC1lIf'll7'l' ROBERT W. THOMAS MARY EDNA TRAMMELL B.A.,, M.A. A B English Engilizsh "Do they equal?" asks Mrs. Childre of one of her Algebra students. LYDIA E. STRAND BA.. MA. Ffnglislz TONY J. VALDEZ MYRTLE VIVIAN W. M. WALLING LUCILLE E. WELCH B.S. B,S. Vocational Printing B.A., ysicai Education. Coaching English English M s. Larson is shown prompting one of her students X in her Home and Child Care class. - 'NX ROBERT S. WERSTLER HARRY WEST ALLEN B. WILLIAMS CHERRILL WUGALTER B.S. 5' B.A. M.A. Seceretary U. S. History X, Latin English ' 1 CK WN ' ,,...:-" A32 f 2g:,. f Y . , 22 CAFETERIA STAFF Left to right: Mrs. O. E. Cash, Mrs. Kathryn Gaines, Allcorn, Mrs. Harriett Bushner, Mrs. Eva Higgins, and Mrs. Hattie L. Noble. Mrs. Hosnmond Seth, Mrs. Alf-thu Miss Margaret Wilson. Crash, bang, buzz, and clang are noises you would usually hear from Mr. Rarick's Stagecraft class. They are always busy with one thing or another. 23 -' W A ' W cusroomws First row, left to right, Victor Juarez, Isabel Padilla Second row, Ramon Montoya, Jose Olquin, Don Chavez, Crcsencio Garcia. Perea, Canuto Ramirez, Liberato Carillo. All together, now-OneHTwo-Three. These girls aren't crazy. They're modern dancers. --u 24 H3 ,,,,..- .K f 5 1 . ,, l Q . . ,- v .f f Y vfgw,-4-" - , f F 7 , .0 1. if Y' N ' ,f . , fx x , Vi 4 ,Y , V 'f . ..,w.,,mw,W lxxq X X My W Q W .3 x ' f5iSSMwgNA,,RA.w R A x M, . H- - X 4-.M Xm..nwN,,'m:xm an Q 4 K 'WNWN-MM, N , x WN. N xx X ,x NWN-s qwwk -42' 'xl HI Q N W 2 X Q Q, ' -,S N 4 L Q x K x K - . A W -wr - ,Y sf pw . if WWW. X: X Q x "WW 1l,Q Ig :NM x . Nw M X ,WH .gm .fm X azwwf, 'I X 'M -Q-11 g- K g N'Wwf3,N3 gil. ga.. x W fx . I ,wifi HM-w..1f.WQW 3.,wvKxf,A 3-swf ,Wiki W. ww- V A ' ' k!S V, .vb x A x X W RXA iSf"WW"l:, Aw- x 4 svn- 'SMH J " , 1 f . wxufgi we . N - X . , Xygiygg Lk v MNWX ,lm Q 355 y ffm N .-M 5 d, Q K x ' Mas? vw-mgvy V 0 x . f yy SNQN PY: 'jfsl 153 'fx A ff" . x ' .,f.f" A . .9 4 WWA -rxyabq, 2,-' f x Q wwvx L .,x-' L- , , 'Q 154, ss i-'sw-1 Hwfx L I 'ag Q2 , if x -'if X 1 Nw I w H' x K 'miskvf x ' X, , ,Ev , Q X ,l . QAM, M um M X x ty 5322, Aw A jx, ,A W, fy. xx ww ' . A 4 4 A Y - N K A., 5 L ,. 4x,.l,x ,V A . ' . imwg -w..f'f Ns img, New -QV, lr V35 W fd v 1 W 'U' ,,,-Nx 'fgwgpj-ggi!! ww .:X.,.g,,, QM 3 . mx Q QQ, x .. . wmx + 9, x w xg. x . - MM ,Q -4 ,NW My , , K+, N -:ww +59 - vp wk 1. f . v, iw- .x mf my -- f i X . , , f v .px .M X. M 1 ff' xww .. sz -. mx V ml V in ,W QA. VH- Q vXx.,,,,L-ww .QV ASM ww 4 ww,-x ,mf , A K V ffm Jw, v , , f AN- ,wx 4- , .M +. -NM ,N , www :M .ig2,.,, - N wzvga . f QQQM KAW! f ,s1v,.f.m f ff M .YQ X X' Q, -:wx Q Q 5-HM xfzw- we ,wg .14 Q ,Q .jg 'gsm' Q -5 'QQ' ,my qw 'fy -ww 1 Mg, WN' ,regiuwz-7 .x , X v + x -- W 'mxpf , ,-rwfz. zum- .f'HA,g'Qff . - ,AX , ,Q , f I 0 A H . 4 wigs 'Sw ,1. Ao -if Q , Jug. ., -M , .,f,.w. Mu Q ' .rf -. x ,y -SS' H ,ff . vx fy x , -A "qui fflmiirfg ff' M-sa-", ' W4 'M ' ,rfmwv f 3 f g '5wxQ:.'2 awiyqw 3-pi t 8-'K+ ,x.s-...M x . Wf- Ak Sega Affm?S1liSaw"f'.wWx . A .wan.:J? .Mmm f,4.Q: wmmm W , ' Q "1 SENICDR CLASS CDF l56 1 The officers of the senior class of '56 are meetings, prom, and a talent assembly. This Buddy Justice, Presidentg Ruby Baca, Vice- year's senior class has done very much for the Presidentg Gilbert Lovato, Secretary-Treasurer. betterment of Albuquerque High School. Now The class of '56 has promoted many activi- they are looking forward to commencement ties this year. Among them were a play, class and their plans for the future 25 Abaskin, Helen Silver Saddles 2, Fiddl- ing Feet 3,4g Bowling 3, 45 Library Aide 4. Abbott, Fred Abbott, Jimmy Wrestling 2,3,4g Hi-Y 32 "A" Club 2,3. Abernathy, Richard R.O.T.C. Abeyta, Ella Pepper Club 3,41 Ice Skating 4. Abeyta, Fidel Abeyta. Santos Absher, Sherman Campus Club 23 Hi-Y 3, 43 Fiddling Feet 3.43 Student Council 2. Adams, Bonnie Silver Saddles 2,3,4 4Sec. 33, Fiddling Feet 2,3,4g Girls State Alter- nate 3. Albright, Earl R.O.T.C. Drill Team: O.N.C.O. Club, Ice Skating Club 2,3, Alire, Lupe Pepper Club 2,3,4g In- tramurals 2,3. Alires, Fred Almaroz, Violo F.N.A.g Pepper Club. Amador, Eddie Anaya, Josephine Pepper Club 2,33 Intra murals 2,3. Anaya, Rudy Student Councilg Intra murals. Apodaca, Steve Aragon, Ben Aranda, Stella Pepper Club 2,3,4g French Clubg Student Councilg Intramurals. Archunde, Pauline Tennis Club 2: Cheer- leader 43 Pepper Club 4g Drill 3. Armijo, Betty Pepper Club: Drill. Armijo, Raymond Ashford, Laura Advanced Chorus: Mix- ed Chorus. Atencio, Flora Drill 45 Pepper Club 23 Student Council 2. 'WS x l Atencio, Rose Marie Girls S t a t eg Tri-Hi-Y CTreas.Jg Pepper Clubg Drill. Austin, Bill Baca, Corina Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y CPres.Jg J.C.L. 2,3, 45 Drill 3, 4. Baca, Frances Pepper Clubg French Club Intramurals. Baca, Jesse Baca, Marcella Ice Skating Clubg Drill. S Baca, Mary Dolores ' Girls State 33 Drill 3,4g 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Outdoor Club CPres.J. Baca, Regina Pepper Clubg Major- etteg Student Councilg Drill, Baca, Rudy "A" Clubg Senior Class Vice Presidentg Boys Stateg Hi-Y. Bailey, Ronnie Bailie, Barbara -wg, 'il ar l N pf' .ap ai' Ballou, Wayne Bandg Orchestra, Barboa, Clara S t u d e n t Council 2,35 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Skat- ing Club 3. Barrios, Armando Basila. Joanne Drill 4: Pepper Club 3. 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. Bass, JoAnn Head Cheerleaderg Tri- Hi-Yg Pepper Club 2,3, 4: Student Affairs. Baughman, Boyce Fiddling Feet, Projec- tor Club. Bauldridge, Kathryn Pepper Club 2,3,4. Bazan, Gloria Pepper Club 3,43 Ice Skating. Behannon, Herbert Chemistry Club: Honor Society 2,33 Boys State Alternate. Bell, Betsy S t u cl e n t Council 2,35 Yucca 3,41 Dramateens 2,3,4g Talent Assembl- ies 2.3.4. Bemis, Shirley Drill 3,45 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y, Office Aide 3.4. Benavidez, Susan Pepper Club 3,43 O.G.A. 3. Bennett, Lois P e p p e r Club 2.3,43 Latin Club 23 Drill squad 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 3. Berg, Betty Pepper Club 3,43 Silver Saddles 2,33 Archaeo- logy Society 3,42 Sen Sims Tri-Hi-Y 4. Black, Bob F.F.A. Bommelaere, Shirley S t u d e nt Council 2,33 Pepper Club 2,3,4, Mod- ern Dance 2,33 Drill 2. Bonaguidi, Larry Fiddling Feet 2,3. Bond, Jeanette H e a d Majorette 3,43 Girls Stateg P e p p e r Club 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. Borough, Nancy Fern Cheerleader 23 Girls State 33 Honor Society 2,3,43 Counselors Aide 2,3,4. Bowers, Ila Nurse's Aid Branum, James O.N.C.O. Breneman, Richard F.F.A. 3,43 Skating 4. Brink, Walter Dramateens 2,33 Pro- jector Club 2,33 KANW 2. Brooks, Vicki Cheerleader, H o n o r Society 2,3Q Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Pepper Club 2,3,4. Brown, Dorothy Band 2,3,43 Orchestra 3, 43 Chorus 43 Operetta. wfw S H J WL 'W' yarn'-uf' Brown, Edith Helen Tri-Hi-Y: Pepper Club. Brown, Lorenzo Brown, Rexanna Faye Tennis Club 3: Bowling Club 3,45 Honor Society 2,3,4g Library Aide 4. Burke, Judy Dramateens 2,3,4g Yuc- ca 2,3,4 CEditorJg Hon- or Society 2,3,4g Pepper Club 2,3,4. Burkhardt, Ronnie Football 3,43 Wrestling 3,41 Track 2.3.42 "A" Club 3.4. Burns, Jerry Hi-Y. Cain, Dixie Fiddline: F e et: Junior Escort 3g Skating Club 4: Pepper Club 3.4, Campbell, Anna Mae Pepper Club. Candelaria, Bernard Candelaria, Jack Intramurals: Wrestlingg Soccer. Carley, Jane Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 P e p p e r Club 3,4. Carlson, Paul Operetta 2,3,4g Record 2,3,4g Dramateens 3,43 Junior Play. 'f-Ls' J WIP AA: . . , I 1 - . Q is 7 X Wu Carpenter, Marilyn Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 3,43 Junior Escortg Main Office Aide 4. Case, June Drill, Pepper Club. Chapman, Barbara Pepper Club. Chapman, Fred Record 2,3,4g 0.N.C.O. 43 Honor Society 2: Stu- dent Council 4. Chavez, Bernie Pepper Club. Chavez, Connie Pepper Club 3,43 Rec- ord 3,45 French Club 4g Tennis 3. Chavez, Dolores Chavez. Frank Auto Shop. Chavez, Fidel Chavez, Esther Pepper Club: Student Council, Drill. Chavez, Eddie Chavez, Jake Astronomy Clubg Youth Councilg Boyis State. 11 A Q- 'Q nw :iii is Gite S :E ::- t 'mn A 'E :VVV 'W UP We if-sr' warns. xii, 1... W' WWHQU' 'V' -Q--m VFW.. l 'sill' Chavez, Josie Pepper Club, Drill. Chavez, Lesman Football: T r a c k, Club. , uA'v Chavez, Mary Lou Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Yg Drill 3,4. Chavez, Pamela Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 P e p p e r Club 2,3,4g Drill 3,4. Chavez, Pat Intramurals. Chavez, Priscilla Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 3.4. Chavez, Rita Chavez, Rose Marie Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 3,43 Student Council 33 French Club 3. Chavez, Ruth Yvonne Tri-Hi-Y 1Pres. Vicel Pepper Club 2,3,4g Stu- dent Council 4, Drill 4. Chavez, Tony "A" Clubg Hi-Y. Childers, Kenneth Chmura, Sally we " ' ..... .. 'x , , """'SP' K fs, 1 lids ,gunnin- WW 'W wuafqmk Q' Clingan, Andy Orchestra. Cole, Roberta Student Council 2, Tri- Hi-Yg Pepper Club 2,3, 43 Drill 3. Collins, Janet Band 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y, French Club 3: Pepper Club 3,4. Collins. Marilyn French Club. Cook, Marilyn Pepper Club 3,45 Tri-Hi- Y 2,3,4 iPres. 435 Drill 3,45 Girl's State. Cooke, Ronald Copeland, Howard Basketball 2,3, Football 3. Cordero, Tillie Pepper Club. Cordova, Charles "A" Club, Football 2,35 Basketball 2,45 Baseball 2.3.4. Cornell, Lanny Swimming 25 Hi-Y 3,45 Football 3. Cosimati, Robert Valve Liftersp Hi-Y. Costales, Alonzo Basketball 2,3,4g "A" Club 3,4 CPres. 45 Hi-Y 3,43 Baseball 2,3,4. " ---"' -' .1555255253535:Qi5::E5E5E5E5E5EEEEEE55l?3- ' f":lEE5E::., , '-'- 2 :s - if t, N 3 E lk aiq N , ,MN halt 1 X: X53 'N ,, , fx at .et A if ,..,, it 2 A.. at e if , 3, tag Y ., Costales, Robert Courtney, Norman Basketball, Track. Cowan, Bonnie Lou Cowdrey, Martha Pepper Club 3,49 Drill Squad 3,43 Attendance Aide, Fiddling Feet 3,4. Crawford, J oAn Drill Squad. Crobaugh, Karen Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 3,45 Drill 3,43 Hon- or Society 2,3,4. Cravens, Gwendalyn F.N.A.g Drill Squad. Cutler, Retta Honor Society 2,3,4g Library Aide 3,45 Fid- dling Feet 3,4g Chem- istry Club 3,4. Davalor, Robert Davis, Theodore Latin Club, F r e n c h Clubg Boy's State Alter- nate. De Baca, Ferdy Student Council fPres. 473 Boy's State 33 Hon- or Society 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3, 4. Deering, Jim .,...,. 'WW '14 Delles, Carl Fiddling F e et 2,3,4g Chemistry Club 8,43 Ice Skating Club 3.4: J.C.L. 3.4. Denson, Alyne Tri-Hi- Y tVice Presb: Bowling Club, Pepper Club. Denton, Buddy Derbyshire, Mary Ellen Class Vice Pres. 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill Squad 3. Diaz, Lydia Doherty, Diana TriaHi-Y 4g Pepper Club 43 Roller Skating Club 4. Dominguez, Dolores Dominguez, Lupita French Club. Douglass, Pat Dow, Robert Doyle, Diana Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 3,41 Color Guard 3, 43 Office Aide 3,4. Duncan, Betty Pepper Club 2,3,43 In- tramurals 2,3g Ice Skat- ing Club 3: Bowling Club 2,3,4. gd ,Q XXE1 'dist ' if Dunnam, Sue Pepper Club 2,3,43 Dra- mateens 2,3,43 Library Aide 3,43 Youth Council 4. Duran, Jeanette Pepper Club 3,43 French Club 3. Dwinell, David Wrestling 2, 3, 43 "A" Club 3.4: Hi-Y 3,4. Easley, Carole Jean P e p p e r Club 2.3,43 F.F.A. Sweetheart: Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,43 Drill 3,4. Easley, Jewell Fiddling Feet 2,3,43 Sil- ver Saddles 2,3,43 Stu- dent Council 33 Girls State. Easton, Ruth Ann P e p p e r Club 2,3,4Q Bowling Club 3,41 Intra- murals 33 Tennis Club 2. Edgerly, George Ice S k a t i n g, Science Club. Edmonson, Emily B- T e a m Cheerleader3 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Student Council 33 Girls State Alternate. Epperson, Jon Fiddling Feet 3,43 Youth Council 4. Esquivel, Frank Archaeology S o c i etyg Student Council. Ezell, Sandy Projector Club. Fagan, Martha Lou Pepper Club 2,3,4: Drill 2,31 Drill Leader 43 Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4 CPres. 37. Fahrion, Jolene Archaeology Club 3,43 Student Council 4g Ar- chaeology Stalf 3,4g Pepper Club 3,4. Finley, Phil Football 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,45 Wrestling 2, 3, 4: " Club 3,4. An Finn, Robert Fitzgerald, Charles Fogell, Betty La Reata 2,3,-1 Editor- in-Chief 43 Pepper Club 2,3,4. Ford, Martha F.N.A. 2,3 QPres. 433 Pepper Club 2,3,4: Fid- dling Feet 2g Youth Council. Foster, Glennda Franco, Mary Ann Student Council 2: Drill 43 Pepper Club 4. Gabaldon, Dick Gabaldon, Gloria Pepper Club 2,3,-13 Book Room Aide 2,3,4g Ad- vanced Chorus, Oper- etta. Galloway, Jim Student Council, Hi-Yg Y u c c a CLit. Editorjg Boys State. Garner, Wallace Garcia, Elroy Garcia, Felix Garcia, Irene Intramurals, per Club. Garcia, Lila Intramuralsg Drill, Pep- per Club. Garcia, Mary Pepper Club. Garcia, Patsie Science Clubg F.T.A.g Library Aide, Pepper Club. Garcia, Rebecca Pepper Club 2,3,4g Dra- mateens 25 Intramurals. Garcia, Tony Gebert, Cynthia Band 2,3,4g Office Aide 3. Geer, Otto F.F.A. 2,3,4 CPres. 41, Fiddling Feet 2,3,4. Gold, Betty Louise Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill Squad 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. Gonzales, Ann Dolores Tennis 25 Bowling 35 Drill 45 Sports 2,3,4. Drillg Pep- NR Gonzales, Mary Dinah Pepper Club 2.3.43 Tri- Hi-Y 3g Drill 45 Office Aide 4. Gonzales, Jim Gonzales, Robert Louis O.N.C.O. Club 2. Gomez, Annie Gomez, Johnny Gregg, Jann Student Councilg Pop- per Club. Greer, Dixie Griego, Edward Gurule. Betty Pepper C 1 u bg Drillg Junior Escortg Student Council. Gutierrez, Eugene Boys Stateg Hi-Yg Ast- ronomy Clubg Intra- murals. Gutierrez, Mary Stella P c p p e r Club: Drill Squadg French Club. Gutierrez, Rebecca t.. X NG! un-aug.. ,mr 59W 'WU' Y ln Hamilton, Violet Student Council Bowl ing Club. Hardy, Dorothy Pepper Club: Cantata J Harris, Barbara Harris, Brian Football 2,3,4g ing 2,35 Track Harris. Margaret Drillg Tri-Hi-Y Club. Hay, Beatrice Pepper Club 234 Tr Hi-Y 3,4g Librarv Aide 33 Drill 3,4. Hay, Sandra Pepper Club 234 T11 Hi-Y 43 Drill 4 Chorus 2,3. Hay, LeRoy Hedges, Carol Tri-Hi-Yg Pepper Club 2,3,4g Kampus Club 3 Roller Skating Club 2 Hendien, Felix Bandg Chorusg Archaeo logy Societyg F r e n c h Club. Hendrix, Lee Heydt, Barbara Astronmony Club AQ mi x l MVK Hillebrand, Janelle Outdoor Clubg Science Clubg Orchestra. Heckinson, Jack Football 2. Hoeth, Richard Hopper, Marye Pepper Club. Houchin, Robert Hough, Roberta Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 CVice Pres. 493 Attendance O ff i c e 4g Drill 3,43 P e p p e r Club 2,3,4. Hovey, William Basketball. Hubbard, John Huntado, Marie Pepper Club 4. Hunton, James Roller Skating Clubg Ice Skating Club. Jackson, Albert Student Council. Jaime, Elroy B a s e ballg Basketballg Latin Clubg F r e n c h Club. ffqlff 'Y l 'iw X R " wi x .wi Jaramillo, Lucy Drill, Pepper Club. Jaramillo, Vie Jernigan, Bill F.F.A. 2,3,4g Wrestling: Silver Saddles 2,3,4. Johnson, Frances Pepper C lu bg Attend- ance Office 4. Johnson, Mary Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 3. Johnson, Wanda Jones, Eva Attendance Office 3. Jones, Julia Pepper Club 2,3,4g Stu- dent Affairs 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 fSec. 433 Drill 3,4. Jones, Kenton "A" Club 2,3,4g Track 2. 3,45 Football 2,3,4. Jordan, James Justice, Calvin Edgar Hi-Y 2,3,4g Class Presi- dent 3,43 Student Coun- cilg Inter-School Coun- cil Kaiser. Catherine is W9 'ig M... N, lla Man. fl.. Kelsch, Kathy Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 3,45 Junior Escort 3g Kampus Club 2.3. Keithley, Sharron Pepper Clubg Fiddling Feet. Keller, Mary Ann Fiddling Feet 3,43 Sil- ver Saddles 2g Junior Escort: Bowling 4. Kelly, Demetria Dramateens 2,3,4g Rec- ord 3,4g Speech Club 3, 4: F.T.A. 3,4 CPres.J. Kelsoe, Billie Sue Pepper Club, Drama- teensg Student Councilg Junior Play. Kircher, Lynn Astronomy Club 2,3,4g Junior P la yg Drama- teens 2,3,4g P e p p e 1' Club 2,3,4. Koehnke, Richard Hi-Y 3,4g Football 3,4g Swimming 2. Lafferty, Mildred F.H.A. 2,3,4. Lawson, Donald F.F.A.g Student Coun- cilg Archaeologyg F.F.A. Historian 3. Leeper, Rose Marie Orchestra 2,35 Band 2,3, 4: Band Secretary 2. Limon, Jose Logsdon, Arthur fs, -fr s J . .,, ,pp 2 N is K 3' s M g v kwix ,": :,.. 2 5 is P' "" 5 is ij QW 5 frst iiiiii v I V 'N' 'ff-ff xl . X. di A,.,,gv'1 ' ,mv Q0 Y ek- :-- A 'kv-39,39 f-if 2: .x fs E? QQI' Loftus, Thomas French Club, Lopez, Eddie Lopez, Louis Boys State, F r e n c h Club, Hi-Y. Lopez, Virginia Lovato, Betty Lou Junior Escort, Student Affairs, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep- per fSec. Treas.b. Lovato, Frank Lovato, Gilbert S e n i o r Class CSec.- Treas.Jg Hi-Yg Golf 2,3, 45 "A" Club 2,3,4. Loy, Peg Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 2,35 O.G.A.g Office Girl 4. Lucero, Bernadino Lucero, David Wrestling M a n a g e rg Baseball, HA" Club. Lueras, Frances Pepper Club 3,43 Drill 4: Nurses Aide 3. Luxford, Tink Band 2,3,4g Chorus 2,35 Drum Major 4. ll -. S H ,X 2 H TR Lynch, Billy Mabery, Cynthia Macy, Don Madrid, Robert Student Council 35 Fid- Pepper Club 2,3,4g Kam- Chemistry Club 33 Ice dling Feet 2,3,4: Boys pus Club 2,31 Drill Skating 3. State 3: Projector Club Squad 41 Tri-Hi-Y 3.4. 2,4. Madril, Irene Maestos, Helen Manuel, Lujan Marino, Connie Pepper Club 3,43 O.G.A. Marquez, Lucia Pepper Club. Martinez. Angie Martinez, Charlie Drill 45 Student Coun- cil 4g Pepper Club 2,3.4. A 'W' 46 .aww .4385 and Pepper Club. Martinez, James Basketballg Track. S 4 .aaa X Martinez, Sylvia Martinez, Timmie Martinez, Vivian Pepper Club 3,45 0,G.A. Pepper Club 2,3,4g Jun- Football 2,3,4g "A" Club i 5 Maryol, Georgia Pepper Club 2,3,4: Ice 3,4. ior Escortg Drillg Queen 3,43 Hi-Y 43 Boys State Skating Club 3,45 Coun- Candidate. 3. selors Aide 3,43 'I'ri-Hi- Y 3,4. Matteucci, Alex Mayberry, Howard McCandless, Gordon McClain, Patsy Student Council CSec- Intramurals, Wrestling. Football 2,3,4g Track 3, Cheerleader 4, Tri-Hi-Y Treas. 453 "A" Club 2,3, 4, Student Council 43 2,3,4g Pepper Club 2,3, 4, Hi-Y 2,3,4g Football Hi-Y 3,4. 43 Office Aide 4. 2,3,4. McClain, Shirley McCleskey, Wayne McClendon, Jody McGuire, Frank Majorette 2, 3, 4, Girls Fiddling Feet. Fiddling Feet 2,3,4g Ar- "A" Club 2,3,4g Football State 3, Tri-Hi-Y 23,43 chaeology Society 4, 2,3,43 Wrestling 2,3,4: Pepper Club 2,3,4. Honor Society 2,3,4g Sil- Hi-Y 3,4. ver Saddles 2,3. ,Q 'U' 47 McAneny, Sharon Tri-Hi-Y 2,3 iPres. 43 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Kam: pus Club 2,33 Drill 3,4. McPherson, David Wrestling 2,33 Swim ming 25 Ice Skating 2,3. Metzgar, Max McHodgkins, Carroll McMurrough, Wanda McNeill, Bob Bowling Club 2. Meldrum, Harvey Merril, Jackie Metzgar, Lucy F.F.A. 2,3,4g Fiddling Drill. Junior Escort 3 Attend Feet 2,3,4. ance Office 4 Student Council Alt Meyers, Ted Miller, Anthony Miller, Pat Tennis 2,3,4g "AU Club Hi-Yg Dramateens. Pepper Club 4 4: Latin Club 2g Hi-Y 4. 48 Q""'hn... H. Miller, Pat Pepper Club, 4 Montoya. Acacio Montoya, John Intramurals 3.4. Shu 'Ulf as-f....,. Miller, Robert Mitchell, Carol Mock, Shirley Student Council 2,3,4 Pepper Club 3,43 Bowl ing Club 3,43 Ice Skat ing 2. Pepper Club 3,4. Montoya, Barbara Montoya, Candino Montoya, Elavio Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill Golf Club, "A" Club, 4. Hi-Y. Montoya, Susan Mora, Manuelita Moraga, Elfigo Pepper Club 2,3,4, Drill Tennis 21 Bowling 3, In- 4. tramurals 2,3,4: Drill 4, 1' 49 Morelock, Dorothy Moreno, Margaret Morris, Michael Morrison, Mary Student Council 25 Pep- Archaeology S 0 c i e t y per Club 45 Drill 4. fTreas. 33. Morrison, Ronnie Moya, Lillie Moya, Romeo Muniz, Adelina Football 3,45 Track 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y5 F.N.A.5 Pep- Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 45 Hi-Y CChaplain 3,455 per Club5 Skating Club. Glee Club 2,3,45 Student "A" Club. Council 2,3. Napoleone, Rudy Neeb, Karl Newman, Virginia Newsom, Weldom P ro j e c to r Club 2,3 R.0.T.C.5 Drill Team 3, Chorus 2,35 Cantata 2,35 Vice-President 35. 45 O.N.C.O. 3,45 Latin Operetta 3. Club 2. -at W fs 7 X K N X i aa-34 50 il sa K' mf! P .,.......5 t"r"' 1 . 5 . 4 L ,-'.' :v:-v I 3 ,.,. E 74 l4-' :" A A,'1 1.1. ...:s N' -Z' V 2 , , -.-v :.. ,,,, , X h EP 'ah S. , r g r 'AAQ,., ...- it ,:.::, in-ff , xii 222 -V .,,,, uulb qvvul . 1 Y ,Qs 1 ,ma Q as g Q 'f -s X Nielson, Don Nilsen, George Norris, Bob Norris, Jean Wrestling 3,4g Student Hi-Y, Basketball 2,3,4g O.N.C.O.g R.O.T.C.: Drill Junior Escort: Attend- Council 2,4. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Intra- Team. ance Olfice. murals 2. Novak, Dick Ong, Tane Ortega, Diana Ortiz, Irene Bowling Club, Ice Skat- Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 iVice Pres. Pepper Club 4, Tri-Hi- Bulldog Queen 43 Stu- ing. 45, Girls State 3, Class Y 4. dent Council 3,43 Drill Office r 2, 3 CSec'y- Squad 43 Youth Council Treas.Jg Pepper Club 2. 4. Otero, Ray Oviedo, Mary Louise Pace, Avanell Pacheco, Virginia Pepper Club, H 0 n 0 r Society, L a t i n Club, O.G.A. W M if ilk INA. Fiddling F e et 2, 3, 4 Pepper Club 3,45 Arch- aeology 3,4 CPres. 47 Honor Society. P e p p e r Club 2,3,4g French Club 3. vw 'QR '19 V si. 51 F ? 2 al.. Q! 2:55, , RTE 'Q' ,fav-av.,,, if avwla. mqwu. , Padilla, Louis Padilla, Maria Padilla, Pauline Perea, Louie Band 2,33 Student Coun- Pepper Club, Nurse's Bowling Club 3,43 Ten- cil 3. Aide. nis Club 3, Intramurals 2,3. Pierce, Gwen Piper, Nancy Porter, Cliff Purcella, Charles Pepper Club. Fiddling Feet 3,43 Pep- Track 2,3g Baseball 4, F.F.A. CVice Pres 'SJ per Club 4. Basketball 4, Hi-Y 2,3, 4. Rael, Elsie Raines, Ellen Rankin, David Raymond, Dick Pepper Club 3,43 Intra- French Club 3,45 Orch- Bowling Club. Student Council 4 murals 2,3. estra. Y 4. iti , Ei or .... ' "'2 V"' 1 zvzzqv W , a ..,..,.,.,.,..,.,.,,,.,.,.,. ,,,,, Q ',::: X fl Q' X R 9 . ,.,l My N ", lp' 52 my U H fe 1 .H -MU ...rt ,xx I Q ..,g:. Q X' if N, " ' t' If K, 3 , at Q 'QR Reardon, John Redd, Robert King Reicks, Bernard Robison, Bert "AH Club 2,3,43 0.N.C.O. Tennis 2,3,4. Projector C lu b 2,3,43 Intramurals 3,4. Club 2,3,4Q Hi-Y 43 Stu- Track. dent Affairs 4. Rodriquez, Julie Roeder, David Romero, Esther Romero, Gilbert F.T.A.3 Pepper Club. Band 2,3,43 Chemistry Drill Squad 43 Pepper Hi-Y3 Football 2.3,4' Club 3,41 Outdoor Club Club 3,4. 23 Yucca 4. Romero, Mary Helen Ronquillo, Oscar Roybal, Sam Pepper Club 3,43 Drill. Student Council. Archaeology. Track 2,3,4g HA" Club 4i Ruggles, Joe O.N.C.O. 23 Ice Skating 33 Hi-Y fVice-Pres. 233 Boys State. 53 Rust, Wayne Saavedra, Annebell Saavedra, Lawrence Valve Lifters 3,41 Pro- jector Club 33 G l e e Club 3,41 Football Manager 4. Saiz, Benny Student Council. Salazar, Betty 'MIP apical 'i Pepper Club. Saiz, Helen Salas, Henry Drill: Pepper Club. Salome, Edward Chorus: Projector R.O.T.C. Sanchez, Anita Saavedra, Nancy Drill 4g Pepper Club 3, 4g Student Council 3: Bookroom Aide 4. Salas, Mary Pepper Club 2,3,4g Ice S k a t i n g 2,3,4g Intra- murals 2g Roller Skat- ing 2,3,4. Sanchez, Ben Clubg Pepper Club 3,42 Skat- F 0 o t b a ll Manager: ing Club 4: Drill 4. Track Manager. Q 'V' 54 X X ., ,M ,.... , X figmxzmme Sig ,tegjw ll5'?l1w"2,1 1 l-.3 .w M . 1 ,-V ' iQ Sanchez, Chester Sanchez, Ernest Sanchez, Ernestine Football 3,43 Penthalon Student Council, Intra- Pepper Club 4. 3,45 Hi-Y 3,43 "A" Club murals. 3,4. Sanchez, Nep Sandoval, Delfino Archaeology Club French Club 3. Sanchez, Prescelia Sanchez, Tom Baseball 2,3,4g O.N.C.O. 2,3,4g Drill Team 3,4. Sandoval, Leopaldo Sandoval, Ronnie Tumbling. Football 2,3,4g Track 2, 3,45 HifY 2,3,4g "A" Club. -sv-5, bi YE Sanchez, Hazel Pepper Club, Drill. Sanders, Wanda Drill 4, Tri-Hi-Y 23 Pep- per Club 2,3,4g Office Aide 3. Schiff, Duane' Hi - Y 2, 3, 0. N. C. 0.5 Track. X I 'Pa ka I r ."., - "n: ai g ,I-l-, :X QQQV .::,: M. if ':... ,.,.,' gif :ZI azra 4 X 2' 'A ala XX . 55 X ..', f '- . ik " Lou . i F Sedillo, Chonita French Club. Serna, Elsie Silva, Ramona Pepper Club: Tri-HiY iPres.b 'Qi' Sedillo, Marie Seibert, Dorrence Sena, Theresa P e p p e r C lu b 3.4: Tennis Club 3: Science French Club 3: D rill Club 3: French Club 43 Squad 4: Intramurals 2. Student Council 3. Short, Frances Shouse, Wanda Silva. Marie Tri-Hi-Y 3.4: Drill 3.4: Pepper Club 2,3,4g Book Latin Club 2: Pepper Room 2.3.41 S k a t i n g Club 2.3.4. Club 2. Simmones, Bill Skinner, Geraldine Smith, Shirley R.O.T.C. 2,3,4: Outdoor Club: R 0 l l e r Skating Club: Bowling Club. Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 3.4: Fiddling Feet 2,3. 56 arp ..-alia. Snow, David Snow, Sylvia Springer, Agnes Archaeology Club 3. Pepper Club 2,3,43 Tri- Pepper Club 3,43 Tri- Hi-Y 23 Drill Squad 4. Hi-Y 3,43 Drill Squad 4. Sorensen, Jacqueline Stallman, Patty Standifier, Sandra P e p p e r C lu b 3,41 Pepper Club 23 Fiddl- Drill Squad 43 Pepper Nurses Aide 4. ing Feet 23 Student Club 3,4Q Tri-Hi-Y 23 Council. Office Aide 3. Stearns, Alan Stevens, Emma Stewart, Elaine Science Club 2,33 Pro- jector Club 3,4. Q1 Pepper Club, Advanced Chorus. .. 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Office Girl 3,43 Drill Squad 33 Pep- per Club 2,3,4. an 'Q' 'Pew ' gl' WF Sprunger, Judy Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Drill Squad 43 Pepper Club 3,41 French Club 4. Starr, JoAnn Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 fPres. 473 Drill Squad 3,41 Office Aide 3,43 Pepper Club 2,3,4. Stillie, Barbara Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,43 Pepper Club 2,3,43 Office Aide 3,41 Junior Escort. ...RE x 57 itll' 'Y' Stromberg, Chickie Stover, Imogene Strunk, Bill Swafford, Wilma Pepper Club 2,3, tPres. O.G.A. 3, Bowling Club Football 2,3,4g Hi-Y 2,3, Chorusg Cantatag Pep- 43g Tri-HiY 2,3 CPres. 3. 4. per Club. 455 Inter-School Coun- cil 4, Junior Escort. Swisher, Joseph Tanuz, Arthur Teas, Marilyn Terwilliger, Nancy Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g H o n o r Orchestra 2,3,4g Latin Society, Drill Squad 33 Club 23 Band 4g Astron- Pepper Club 2,3,4. omy Club 2. Thomas, George Thompson, Judy Thornton, Helen Torres. Bertha Drillg Silver Saddles 2. Pepper Club 2,3,4g Roll- Drillg Pepper Club. er Skating Club 2. Q , X W H21 It W 54 N B' 5 3 , - AZSII1 'R , S ,ll X W ".',I "" 1' X ,..,.,. ix x A x , xxx ., J xxx 2. i X if K ,. YQ x 'fqifw 58 ,. -I 2 5 X I 4 4 931 ' :E:E" .: I N .,. 5811" 38339 ' if ., -:E x Q it f l.,, K . 'W b X f Trujillo, Louis Turner. Frankie Intramurals: L a t i n R.O.T.C. Clubg Tumbling. Van Winkle, Donald Astronomy Club 4. Villa, Gloria Vermillion, Jeanne Dramateens, R e c o r d Girls State Alternate Student Council. Vuran, Von TNQ it ii 59 E M53 .Qi 'IK' f HI, p ag . 1 95 XS- ,... 5 . i Walker, Judy Walters, Fred Weller, Joe Westerhold, Roger Tri-Hi-Y 3, Pepper Club French Club 2,35 Dra- "A" Club CVice Pres.D F.F.A.g Projector Club 4. matecns 2,3g Jr. Play 2. 4, Hi-Y CPres.J 4g Boy's State 2, Student Coun- cil. Whateley, Henry Wilde, Clarice Wilger, Jack Williams, Dwayne Chemistry Club 3,45 Ice Drill 3,4g Pepper Club Hi-Y, B aseball 3,41 O.N.C.O. Club 3. Skating Club 3,4g Ski 2,3,4g Fiddlin' Feet 2,3, Color Guard 3,45 Ski Club 3,4. 4. Club 2,3,4 CPres.J 3, Williams, Jim Williams, Laura Wilson, Maxine Wiltbank, Joyce Wrestling, F o 0 t b a l lg "A" Club, O.N.C.O. La Reata 4, Student Council 4, Silver Sad- dles 3,4g Pepper Club 2, 3,4. Library Aideg F.T.A. 3, 45 Student Council 3g Cantata 3. F.T.A. Secretary 3 A Capella, Record 4 Pepper Club 2,3,4. 60 -Q3 'N-4' :wg I Windsor, Jack Winn. Jackie Archaeology: Science Pepper Club 2,3.4g Tri- Fair. Hi-Y 2,3g Fiddling Feet 2,3. Woods, Don Wright, Elizabeth Boys Stateg "AH Clubg Pepper Clubg Tri-Hi-Y: Football: Record. Dramateens. SENIOR CANES OF COLOR Pictured to the right are Jo Ann Bass and Vicki Brooks holding the two senior canes of colors. Every Senior class since 1910 have added their colors 'to the cane made of New Mexico cactus. In 1947 a new cane was introduced, since the original could no longer ac- commodate additional ribbons. Wood, James Wood. Walter Fiddling Feet. Mwwmmis 61 CLASS PLAY The Seniors will always remember their class Angel Street, in which Lynn Kircher portrayed one of the leading roles. All the actors and actresses helped to make the play live a long time in our memories of '56. Senicr' GRADUATION CAP Irene Ortiz longingly trys on her graduation cap to see how she will look on that memorable day in May. v l K i l play, BULLDOG Pictured above is the long remembered Albu- querque High Bulldog who keeps watch over the patio and bolsters our school spirit. Memories MR. BROWN'S OFFICE Mr. Brown's office is the place most likely to be re- membered because it is one of the chief gathering places for students to plan school dances, make decorations, or just to get friendly advice. T 62 ll fi I JUNIOR CLASS Angie Lovato The leadership of the Junior Class was in the capable hands of this yearls Junior officers and has achieved much during the school year. In the fall, the Junior Class play was presented. Later came the Junior Talent assembly and then Joyce Neuber Kurt Stromberg the Junior and Senior Prom. The class has elected as its officers these deserving students: Kurt Stromberg, presidentg Joyce Neuber, vice-presidentg and Angie Lovato, secretary-treasurer. 63 Abaskin, Irene Abels, Genna Aceves, Esther Acosta, Eva Ahlgrim, Charles gil.. Ahlgrim, Charlotte Aker, Benny Alfaro, Vivian Allison, Jo Ann Alvarez, Margaret an ill' iv: X Amador, Patrick Anderson, Sonja Andrews, Dean D Aragon, Connie Aragon, Louella Baldwin, Earl Barber, James Barela, Dino Barela, Edalia Barela, Marcella Baros, Lennard Barrett, Judith Bassett, Phyllis Beasey, Doris Beckett, Peggy aw : W 2:55, I he-fe 'Q " e-r-- ...,.,., ,,1 , i , Armijo, Merlin Arnold, Roger Atencio, Elizabeth Baca, Gene Baca, Wilfred if xiii ga amy 'SJ ' t if ,,,,,,,, W M i 3 X ai l ,f 'S 5 V .::, E EEEE. ,,:' l': ,,,. .... Mill Brown, Jimmy Browning, Tommy Bryan, Gillette Bryant, Barbara Burris, Troy Burrows, Wayne Buttler, Robert Byron, David Caire, Elsie Candelaria, Joe 'N Wi -ask ' is if mag in N """ at Benavidez, Johnny Bennett, Phyllis Bigelow, Irma Bingerson, Polly Bingham, Eleanor Blackwood, Bobby Borough, Sherry Bowen, Kay Bower, Mary Bradbury, Kay 'iq' mg Q . QW' X X 332 , -Q Q, :.:.:.:l. Y ' Y is 3 1. .PF 'W' rg gvneb 1 it ,eg Qin: 5 i Carreauthers, Johnny Capel, Georgia Carlisle, Denny Castillo, Bobby Caugbell, Linda Chacon, Henry Chavez, Edwina Chavez, Elias Chavez, Fred Chavez, Manuela 65 Chavez, Martha Chavez, Mary Cherry, Aubry Ciesielski, Joyce Cisneros, Vivian Clum, Earline Cochran, Mary Cole, Carolyn Coleman, Jimmy Coleman, Mary Culberson, Charles Dailey, Wanda Danfelser, Priscilla Davis, Don Davis, Gloria Davis, Jim Dean, Garland De Baca, Evangeline Dowling, Robert Duncan, Sammy 66 if , L 15. . 4, a r i if , f' by ,, X F A 1 aw i ' , r 4, X -J 4 '-. A few I Contreras, Gabriel Cook, Duane Cordova, John Cordova, Josephine Corondoni, James Cotton, W. C. Crawford, Gwen Crisp, Earlene Crowley, Pat Crownover, Karen s , E Q V 1' .... : -.Th X 'auf X e x MX Duran, Noreen Dwinell, Lorie Dye, Delmar Dyer, Charles Edgerly, Nancy Evans, Jo Anne Fernandez, Cathy Findley, Clinton Fischer, Carol Fitzgerald, Don Fleak, Larrie Follis, Coy Fons, Sandra Fortune, Richard Foster, Jo Etta "1-a... 1 Edmunds, Juanita Eitzen, Kenneth Eschmann, Claude Espinosa, Mabel Esquivel, Ann .nl Maw ng Q ef 1 , v ,H x 1 2 4 S ,,-uv .,,, ' 3 ,Q S , as K' Francish, Dennis Frederich, Shirley Gallegos, Dorothy Gallegos, Saibes Gallegos, Viola Garcia, Betty Garcia, Cecilia Garcia, Ernest Garcia, Ernie Garcia, Myrna 67 Garcia, Sara Garley, Andrea Gee, Sue Giddings, Agnes Gilbert, Ethel Givens, Shirley Goers, Seota Gonzales, Evangeline Gonzales, Evie Gonzales, Jim 1 V X ,... , Gustavo, Miranda Gutierrez, Andy Haag, Robert Halbig, Cora Mae Hall, Kathleen Halloway, Mary Hanna, Tommy Hardage, Dixie Harris, Ileta Harris, Sharlene 68 'asv' Q1 .A Mega .Qi 'lik i 4 X 1 Q, -1555? K P JO1' if ,Aga , E ,tt ti -U, Gordanier, Audrey Gordanier, Winifred Gordon, Hine Greene, Alfred Griego, Filberto Griego, Richard Grubitz, Gene Gulley, Marian Gurule, Felicita Gurule, Isabel Howsman, Nyle Humbargar, Linda Hunter, Dale Hunter, John Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Fred Johnson, Marjorie Jones, Arnold Jones, Donna Jones, Nelson Y Hartin, Paul Hellwig, Walter Henley, David Henson, Martha Herrera, Albert Herrera, Clara Hickam, Arlene Hinchman, Pat Holloway, Mary Holmes, Richmond V xi., Jontz Jeannie Justice, Joyce Kinkade, John Klein, Bob Kobernat, Linda La Near, Latir La Near, Mike Langfitt, Herbert Lanier, June Layne, Jim Lee, Judy Lee, Nada Lerke, Garolo Leverenz, Richard Lindquist, Jim Lopez, Agnes Lopez, Boniface Lopez, Corrine Lopez, Geneviere Lopez, Lucille Lopez, Marie Lopez, Perla Lopez, Ruth Lova'to, Angie Lovato, Chris W' w -if . ., -f 2 :-,L ' ..:.::5-9 F W4 E pu , ,im -an N ?g,"'vU 21' at Q25.f':zEs5:s:a:a:s:s:s:a:W 1 W .- A f , sw Q .-If x .Q 5 4 f il? 5' "l F , rc 'ff 5 xg Lovato Lovato 1 Lucero, Lucero, v ,X it Dora Flora Frank Mickie Lujan, Gloria Luna, Roger Lunsford, Lucille Mabry, Barbara Mabry, Kay Maez, Frances Manning, Danny Marlsham, James Mares, Joe Mares, Peggy Marinez, Mabel . :N 'U' il fe, my W 2 S s U in + McEven, Catherine '55 McHodgkins, Lawrence ,,, "wi Mcllhaney, Sam McKendick, Diane McKinnon, Don McKinnon, Lou McMullen, Carol McVicker, Nancy Meadows, Wanda Medley, Cathy Metzger, Catherine Meyerhein, Ralph Milligan, Mary Mitchell, Robert Modrall, Molly M 'wM2es.... - lp F Markham, James Marmon, Effie Marquez, Rosario Martin, Carol Martinez, Connie Martinez, Fannie Martinez Gil Martinez Madeleine Martinez Mary Martinez Vicki Mascarenas, Rose Matteucci, Raymond McCamey, Raymond McCormack, Kenneth McDougall, Billie S Mex or.. We N-...XS 71 "hM R ' g,1f2fK'."s:. ... af:-Q53 , cv? W , 8 30 3'f'ju 5 la 1 K nxfixk I, J. - mffsg ix! K' 413 X -x 's,,:"'::.f:s51 -1 ,94 0 K , Q , S 3 ft ff ' ff fi 4 , ,W Q wr X W 4 Nanez, Anna Neel, Iva Neuber, Joycc Niere, James Nuanes. Leo If 413-Q Olguin, Mary Oney, Jo Lynn Orozco, Patricia Ortega, Rudy Ortiz, Mickey '-in 6 Pacheco, Josette Padilla, Anastacio Padilla, Dolores Page, Nancy Palladino. Eloise wwe Montano, Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Cecilia Abram Monica Robert Tranquilino Moore, Martha Moraga, Crespin Morales, Anita Morgan, Charlene Morris, Terry Moulds, Martha Moya, Celina Moya, Pete Muckey, Bernard Murphy, Ronnie as W5 . 'Qt' Alu. .pap Palmer, Cuthbert Parkhurst, Theresa Parnall, Carolyn Parras, Ismael Pena, Robert Pena, Rosella Pendley, Tom Perry, Alexander Pettiford, Ruth Pohl, Mary Porters, Ronney Quintana, Simon Rael, Mary Ramos, Florence Ramsey, Barbara 'Q-..,, Elf' If 'S iii? e fell ,A 0: 5 .. 3 yu . -sill' 'Wi' ,C if 4 1 e 54 Q5 e W ZS in X f K 5' l -V -N X 2 ses., r wb 1:51 ..,:::::,:,:::..a::N,. .:: 405 . .Ji 1.3 .wk 5 '35 as .,,. ma' X ,n 1-sf, Q5 Ni l in ' , - ,gm-ss-:,. :::5:55:5:5:g x Q , Renfro, Loretta Rex, Kenneth Rex, Marvetta Robinson, Nancy Robles, Janie Rockwell, Phyllis Romero, Edwina Romero, Elizabeth Romero, Mariane Rowe, Carol Rusk, Barbara Rust, Sue Saavedra, Na'tividad Saavedra, Rosendo Sackett, Sue 73 'Y H X ' M A x, , ma 1 1 N 5 Q: . ix, I Seymour, Mary Sharon, Murray Silva, Patsy Smith, George Smith, Peggy Sparks, Tommy Stady, Patricia Stephenson, Bob Stevens, Lee Stoll, Edward Stromberg, Kurt Taber, Jo Ann Tavasci, Edward Teeter, Carol Temer, Robert Sadler, Opal Salas, Helen Salas, Margie Salinas, Sally Salome, Mary Schulmeister, Ri Segura, Joseph Sena, Norma Serda, Carlos Sammons, Louise Sanchez, Cecilia Sanchez, Dolores Sanchez, Eloise Sanchez, Ernest chard Severinghaus, Richard yt- gg? ta raairal g in rl Tembroeck, Charles Tenell, Jay Theis, Marilyn Thomas, Artiste Thomas, Kenneth Thomas, Mae Thomson, Mistee Thorn, Sonja Tindell, Edith Tinnen, Bob Tittmann, Lynnita Torres, Gloria Torrez, Jenny Trujillo, Viola Turner, Dollie ml? Turrietta, Salem Valdez, Ella Valdez, Judy Vallcjos, Elma Vallejos, Susie Vargas, Priscilla Velasquez, Lucille Vigil, Benjamin Vigil, Cirilio Vigil, John Vigil, Kenneth Vigil, Neddy Vigil, Sally Walker, Jessa Warrick, Robert E Q "'::EE5:. W ii '. flflfhli' i' any A H4 we 1-mg: few. I l ' , t i H H , ' ,Q Yee, Sue " ' - Zamora, Dickie , " Zimmerman, lone 139 K ' Egg.: .,.,5 31, -' 1 ,. V 13 ., I 11131 HALLS AFTER HOURS Webster, Ronnie Weidenhofer, Neal Weigel, Stanley West, Barbara Wiley. Steve Williams, Bobbie Williams, Carolyn Wright, Joyce Wright, Karen Yeakley, Emma Students rarely see this View of our halls. The usual the halls after the final bell has rung and everyone has scene is students rushing to classes and last minute returned to their homes. This is when the halls hue gossip sessions at the classroom door. Here we see their moments of silence. 76 Nw Q . X X -QS ,wmvmfrww vm x N-Y..,:'x.a2vSuvr:1t1H:1Q3Qif 1. 'H' B. 11 . fum M K Q F . ..., - . N2::r'2-2i:':":W ME ' "-1-5:95 3:2-e:Sf:1:a:::52kiw22:f: x . Qgg' V x 9 . ' -. V , N-.5 - .. W, , WLMQQ ' Xu X QQ 2 'S N 1, x x ' X . Q mls 'M SQQN 's , A N ,Q A211-all 1,3 117 SOPHOMORE CLASS MW, Martha Aceves Vice-President ix Qu:-av., Mary Helen Jaramillo Secretary-Treasurer This year's Sophomore Class got off to a good start in September by electing as their class officers: President, John C. De Bacag Vice- President, Martha Acevesg Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Helen Jaramillo. John C. De Baca President One of the highlights of the year was the excellent Sophomore Talent Assembly entitled HAutumn Moods," part of which was presented on television. Other assemblies were presented for the benefit of the Sophomore Class. ' 77 ' M K 5 gas G3 and ,Q S ,,,, .,., Q if if in 'i' ' 'V nga 4 .5 :wwf x l sl ' Q X ui ' r -x 41 ,LH ,Q s b t E 004 uw f. fauna!" -- 'HH , "':1 1 ' fi '1'v .,.:-' Ask mf W . ' -fy ,, ' N' ' he-1.1-w as-f Aceves, Martha Ahlrim, Chester Alarid, Bonnie Alderete, Sam Alderete, Sofia Allen, Anna Allison, Junita Amador, Martha Anaya, Connie Anderson, Thelma Anderson, Vallie Apodaca, Frank Archibeque, Nancy Archuleta, Frieda Archuleta, Jennie Q . . fy" Q ,Pk 78 if Armijo, Emily Armijo, Louie Ashford, Ronald Assimakis, Patti Atencio, Billy Baca, Anna Baca, Diana Baca, Martha Baca, Max Baca Robert Baca, Soila Baker, Diana Baldonado, Clydia Barbour, Janine Baros, Gloria Beasley, Jim Beatty, Faith Bell, Mandel Benavidez, Joe Benavidez, Martha Benavidez, Rebecca Bennett, Helen Bennettt, Jim Birdsall, Bill Birmingham, Don Y it X - ':1:1:1:-:5.1:l:l:,.' ,,., 9 - r i .,...,.,.,.,.,.,.,. izzz, , X Q 1 b 'Wx i Q? . ..... K ' - . -.: ...,. M ,.,. : ::: 5' .M N.. L aw V, 1, zzb V1 'Xb' fi? 'N,,g:. 'Vex X 1 ' ix ,,.,.,,, :,, , , 1 N. 37 is A , am -4-Q F' - .., Pkg mv .isz , , ax, U A a 4 Blaugrund, Maxine Blatchford, Dana Bostic, Jeanne Bowen, LaVerna Boyd, Betty Boyer, Diana Bridenstine, Larry Briscoe, Robert Britt, Marcia Brooks, Gretchen Brooks, Sharon Burnett, Barbara Burson, Patsy Butler, Glenda Bushee, Carol Cain, Joan Carley, Grace Cannon, Malcom Carrasco, Elfie Casias, Joe Castro, Carmen Chapman, Adela Chavarria, Virginia Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Barbara Catherine Cecilia Charlie Eloy Esther Frank Fred Gloria James Joanna Leo Mel Priscilla Ruben Viola Claridge, Judy 'ix Q 2 '15, is Q "F " Q Q. ,I 'NA TI? , X J me X ....., 'W' M - .,,, - , .Q 3 X N, X f 0 .AWK nn 9 ... ,F :.,.:. .ag ff? 42 in in .....::. .,.,:. 2 . 1 Q, -:5s,:,, wi I ..--- wif as In fz- 1 , ui '--2: ..:: KSN , .,.,.:, ",:... 5 bznnnznnn- ..:1.1 f ...I '-......, - , ,, zz- -:--- - " .:a.- ,.--- ia. I A :'. ,,:1: .,,: s :,: ? ::.AA A, my ix Y .:.A I :::.,. V AM K , 4 V I 11 :..,' gg,..."'2 ..:::v.,' 1 .,', f 2. '52, ,W-i q, . s 'RK 'ln illi- .. Clark, Irmalee Clark, Nancy Clark, Sharon Clement, Fay Clements, Donna Clingam, Neal Clum, Kathy Coburn, Wanda Cochran, Jane Cole, Juanita Collins, Tommy Conty, Karen Cordova, Annie Cordova, Eddie Corfield, Ida Corfield, Stan Corley, Pauline Crisp, Jo Ann Cross, Betty Crow, Mary Cuaron, Merlin Daniel, Jean Darrh, Judy Davidson, Carl Davidson, Lesta Davis, Kathryne Davis, Milton Davis, Shirley Deardeuff, Shirley DeBaca, Rosina Deering, Arlene Dees, Lavon DeGroot, Barbara Deinigan, Ginger Deskin, JoAnn Dimas, Abe Dreyer, Joan Du Bois, Jame Dunsworth, Alta Dunworth, John ,na a a a a aaaa a ,Jl 1 QE, ' 'Nl :V TYR t ,, ..,., ..,,:., . 4 -ar: , ,,:- .,.,..". V .,:::E2 ' ,. I-T3 'ov 'QF if i' v 51" ,S , :QM in .JJ Q AX . , PP xx Nh Y x.....x3 . Duran, Ben Duran, Carl Duran, James Dye, Jim Easley, Doris Easton, Sonja Ederer, Andrea Elliott, Myra Elliott, Veronica Espinosa, Eddie Evans, Charlene Everitt, Pauline Flemming, Irene 0 W, M ' Figueroh, Mary Ford, George Franco, Pepita Garcia, Jerome Gaddy, Sharon Gaede, Bob Gallegos, Agnes Gallegos, Eddie Galloway, Cedric Garcia, Archie Garcia, Betty Garcia, Eugene Frazier, Andrew Garcia, Lugie Garcia, Martha Garcia, Mary Garcia, Mary Garcia, Rosie Garcia, Vickie Garley, Mella Garret, Ernest Gilbert, Frieda Gilbert, Margaret Gish, Bob Glover, Jo Ann Gomez, Josep Gonzales, Carolin 3 nk' so -Q ww 'X ,alta-. ji s 'K , Q Q I 1 S ' 11 X '33, , ,is I My , Y . SX. ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,., J n A N E 3Ql"u- Yr Q S r GW, S ge ,,., , H R f- ,, s ' 1 , e.,, "" I M' Q' Q ' di. W' : .,., 5. ma, ' 3 1 -Q. , m hu.. '111 5. 81 f zz 'PU R , in WW xl .1 3 .ii .v., V A as Q 'Gui v, M K 22? aaa., 5 :Eiga :2: ' '4 at , iid 1 4 - QR of r 6 s al ,,,, , EEE N,- i 1 . :gs W E . ,.,.,.,, M as ,S S Gonzales Dennis Gonzales, Helen Gonzales Lillian Gonzales Oralia Goodloe, Doris Graham, Mike Griego, Tommie Griego, Tony Griego, William Groshong, Jo Ann Gulley, Carol Gundy, John Gutierrez, Alice Gutierrez, Lina Gutierrez, Orlando Halbig, Claude Hall, Geraldine Haines, Marie Harris, Frances Harris, Joe Harris, Sarah Hay, Sharry Hayser, Leroy Heard, Troy Henning, Larry Henry, Rae Hernandez, Emily Hernandez, Rudy Herrera, Fred Herrera, Katherine Herrera, Rebecca Hill, Betty Holguin, Amelia Honaker, Reyler Horwitz, Helen House, Patsy Howard., Barbara Humphries, Terry Hunton, Fred Hunton, Marie 'Hrs it I Q1- LJ sry X . L Q- -fw If 113. YE- . '?!,'I? 9' df.. is l is me 5 ff S Ismond, Roger Jackson, Ethel Jacob, Mae Jaramillo, Diana Jaramillo, Lia Jaynes, Carolyn Johnston, Donald Johnston, Florence Jojola, Rosemary Jones, Becky Jones, Patricia Killough, Bonell King, Karen Kenniken, Joe Kirikos, Gus Koenig, Ervon Kuler, Betty La Carro, Emile La Font, Gerald Lagunas, Ernest Langston, Darline Lawson, Patsy Leonard, Mary Lesperance, Paul Lewis, Dolores Lewis, Rose Leyton, Richard Linn, Emily Locke, Lois Lockridge, Marilyn Lopez, Elizabeth Lopez, Johnny Lopez, Pat Lopez, Rosie Lovato, Frankie Love, Terry Lowance, Marylee Lowery, Karen Lucero, Delano Lucero, Pauline V I we ,.,, X A Q Y 5 A Q is xx Xa WX Q 1 s ....... ---' ' s l ff , ':':: EMM v ilbhs, N Q .. ..-. , ' - ' ...,.' , 1 ' Pig, . ,,,,,. ff: P S ..,'i ,.. Q 5' P .....---,l-e-' ' Xing :,,.,- ....., P gi Y , J sf L if? - 3? fl :-'- -l-,V isa A M wr "" ezi' at ,.,. . f' .. .. '::" PTS . 1 Y . -,-, ve L .4 I 1-' ' . ., t t 4 , , i'i: Iev . ' , .fr s X i-v' ' mwvxw N-ff::z,:' ' QQ .5 x XI 4 ,. :,- :QS S , Nam 1 i:':: ' - 2 N ' L a " 83 t ,a ..,,, wc' .E " sri' o E182 4 ... E 1 'lu-'B K . is Q me , ' ..EEEEE- ,,,, . s2::z.. W4 D ' , 12 5 V al .f 5 M A 1. E3: 'E ge . B .: 1, W, 5 :V -- , 11 In zi. , .1155 '::':E' g 'f i I ....., , , ' iv 7 i Eii l" 84 Q H a , X Ag H' mg ,, 5 95" Lucero, Priscilla Lucero, Rita Lucero, Waldo Luthey, Neida Mabery, Charlotte Madrid, Wilfred Mares, Frank Markham, Jerry Marlow, Betty Marmon, Marquez, Harriet Rosalie Martinez, Margaret Martinez, Rosie Maryol, Toni Matteucci, Margaret Maxwell, Marcella I McAneny, Pat McClure, Mazell McCay, Scott McDougall, Noretha McHodgkins, Dorothy McLeod, Judy Mendoza, Marlene Metzgar, Dorothy Miller, Nelda Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Eleanor Paul Peggy Carmen Dennis Genevieve Leo Loraine Priscilla Rosella Montoya, Virginia Mora, Juan Mora, Lucy Mulcahy, Burnette Nicasie, Joe KJ: 'QP A ..:.:,,:- i at 3 ff : ..., ,... Kar - ' . Q, ,W :Q 4 5 53, .,.,., S ! . . . 2 as . fy -.J , ave., ., Q ' '- no f Q l 'if be 'wr ' cg K " 1 ' G", . ' j t la ij. new -V is. . QQ- is as I V V' ...e:2!"Pm.N 'Q' t. 'S ' -nw it J X as QQ g y- ! 3. 1 Norris, Jim Oritz, Lucille Overson, Paul Pacheco, Gilferd Padilla, Clara Padilla Darlene Padilla, Dorothy Padilla, Joan Padilla Juanita Padilla Margaret if-0 s ww ,Z,. ......,x Padilla Nabor Padilla Sally Pargas, Cecilia Park, Mike Parkhurst, Phil Parras, Rosella Pecastaing, Jim Peckumn, Harold Peeples, Elsie Pena, Paul Peralta, Ramona Perea, Marlene Peterson, Freda Phillips, Carolyn Pino, Nick Pohl, Cora Portillas, Flora Powell, Betty Powell, Jerry Preston, Pat Rael, Dianna Rael, Fino Raines, Gordon Raught, Duane Ray, Dick Reeves, David Reger, Linda Roberts, Anna Rockwell, Phillip Rodriguez, Ben :-' ' ......, 'W R ram , ,.,.,, Q .,,,I ,,,,. , Q' ,, ,X of T' X ,..- -Q- 5. Wh gl ' X T ? We 225 :,:, , ff F , N l l , Wi? , ,.,. , Y '1"'-E L ,,,, , ,.. aennnn ,,,, sg E zl, V. .,.:::,:g: 5 :,:::,,v: L , ai - ' H s' 36 wi Ee I Romero, Clarence Romero, Nancy Roybal, Estelle Roybal, Linda Royster, David Rubio, Larry Rundle, Mike Ruoif, Nancy Saiz, Norberta Salas, Frances Sammons, Gilbert Samora, Marie Sanchez, Alfred Sanchez, Alfred Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, 7 Angie Berna Bobby Esther Josephine Larry Placido Stephen Susan Wilfred Sandoval, Arthur Sandoval, Lee Santiago, Lupita Santillanes, Sarah Sedillo, Felia Sena, Hermon Sena, Virginia Serna, Loretta Seymour, Karen Shannon, Pat Shoemaker, Paul Slfinner, Jeanette Silva, Louisa Silva, Pat Simmons, Harper Simmons, Kenneth I !lll S 7019 .7 , . if as 6 ' rf A -'fl ez , J 5 ,, Q 2 S, if "f, Q' ...,, , 1-z- o a .,., Q ' I ' - Q --'a A . H z, we Ei W Egg? X fi ,g1'1.T5m?? ssh 1 4. g x X X X mf N . 5 can xlifg .-:.:-:.:-:fi 5' 'i ,e X Y J ':'. . :..,, .:::.:..,..,,.,.., IEP' 4 x Q ' 1 f ,, T 3 L ,, i e ax ,., . ,.p. u CU- v hw . -:W ' or if ,:V- " ls - in 2 was -V s , Q Q, ,Z N A Q 5' 1 i ., if 'Y "" I t ...::,, M 'f-ir Q 'EN RLS JH 2 .. X..-.L 'Sli S 1 " ,Iii , :K Sims, Billy Smith, Andrea Smith, Betty Lee Smith, Don Smith, Lowell Snipes, Burton Souders, Gail Spalding, Louise Sperenelli, Geraldine Stark, Dee Stevens, Margaret Stewart, Rose Stradling, Jackie Strance, Karen Sutton, Helen Swofford, Donna Tafoya, Georgiana Tapia, Loretta Tarter, Lola Tauche, Katherine Taylor, Martha Teofilo, Chavez Terwilliger, Martha Thomas, Kenny Thompson, Ted Trujillo, Lydia Tucker, Donald Tyler, Audrey Vahle, Marion Valencia, George Vaughn, Johnny Vickrey, Rene Victor, Glenda Waldie, Ronnie Waldrop, Beverly Waldrop, John Walker, Edmond Warrick, Darla Wenslay, Douglas Willenborg, Kay N lf 95 . :-- H .wx X '2:- , Ei :E: r ,,., i K HHVIHHHHH Z 'uiu . ,.,. .,,, r W ':'.,,' ,.,.. . , V:b.:,,,, Q 1'1' 'Fei ,, wfmtka 12' f2:2-' , -rf. X A GX 35-ii' is 87 3, X5 .6 ,-.xf .. as Williams, Charlotte Williams, Nedo Wilson, Hamby Wilson, Jack Wilson, Jack Lee Windom, Judy Winquest, Harold Wray, Paul Wyler, Elizabeth Yaple, Winfred Young, Joan Young, Patricia Zamora, Dora Zamora, Millie Zartman, David " ' 5 1 ff' 'i , sum ..... N . AHA, H, - '11 "Wx a .11 -, ,K 'VIa1or Gooch is the teacher shown who is keeping a watchful eye on the students in the seventh period study hall held in the Cafeteria. 3.554 X .X xy Q' N Ui, X f. ye AX x x W K S X 'y X X fs 432 Wi. .1 K 1 Shown above from left to rieht are first semester Student Council officers: Alex Matteucci, Secretary: Ferdy De Baca, President: Mr. Jewell Brown, sponsorg and Buddy Justice, Vice President STUDENT COUNCIL tFirst Semesterh The Student Council is the governing body of Al- buquerque High School Each home room elects a re . p- resentative to it. Representatives meet every second and Shown below is the first semester Student Council representatives. Left to right are, first row, Gilbert Lavato, Jim Martinez, Walter Brink, Alex Matteucci, Ferde C. DeBaca, Buddy Justice, Lee Stevens, Garland Dean, and Dick Ramond. Second row, Joyce Ciesielski, Ione Zimmerman, Richard Fortune, Albert Herrera, Joe Mares, Eddie Espinosa, Frank Esquival, Gordon McCandless, Joe Weller. Third row, Mr. Brown, sponsor, Margaret Mat- fourth Wednesday in the Library basement to discuss schaol and student problems. The council plans activi- ties such as pep rallies and the Green and White Ball. teucci, Viola Gallegos, Shirley Mock, Judith Barrett, Shirley Givens, Mary Cochran, Artiste Thomas, Beatrice Abeyta, Mary Seymore, Irene Ortiz, Lori Dwinell, Mary Ann Ortiz, Martha Terwilliger, Molly Modrall, Nancy Robinson, Josette Pacheco. Fourth row, Gretchen Brooks, Jolene Fahrion, Sally Salnas, Phyllis Bennett, Esther Chavez, Angie Martinez, Regina Baca, Flora Lavato, Eloy Navarro, Sammy Dun- can, Kurt Stromberg, Leo Gomez, Henry Chacon, and Fred Chapman. 89 Second semester Student Council officers pictured above from left to right are Ferdy De Baca, President, Joe Weller, Vice President: Viola Gallegos, Secref tary-Treasurer, and Mr. Brown, Counselor. STUDENT COUNCIL tSecond Semesterj Pictured below from left to right are second semes- ter Student Council members. First row, Jim Wojack, Gilfred Baca, Joe Weller Ferdy De Baca, Adolf Gurele, Don Lawson, Ted Thomp- son, Sam De Baca. Second row, Irene Ortiz, Judy Darrh, Jolene Fah- rion, Jann Gregg, Joe T. Mares, Sam Alderete, Henry Chacon, Eddie Espinosa, Jimmy Coleman, Al.bert Her- rera, Lee Stevens, Jack Wilger, Buddy Justice, Dixie Greer, Laura Williams. Third row, Mr. Brown, Gretchen Brooks, Viola Gallegos, Margaret Stevens, Pauline Archunde, Mary Seymour, Ruth Lopez, Corina Baca, Angie Martinez, Esther Chavez, Regina Baca,, Lesta Davidson, Ginger Dunigan, Flora Lovato, Esther Sanchez, Patsy Burson. Pat Douglass, Phyllis Bennett, Rexanna Brown. Fourth row, Dolores Baca, Della Ramirez, Shirley Mock, Lorie Dwinell, Mickie Lucero, Emily Ulibarri, Lynnita Tittman, Demetria Kelly, Nancy Robinson, Molly Modrall, Charlotte Mabrey, Rosella Rena, Martha Aceves, Beatrice Abeyta, Joyce Cesielski, Doris Goodloe, Shirley Givens. Fifth row, Frank Apodaca, Frank McGuire, Leo Gomez, Eloy Nevarro, Bob Costales, Fred Chapman, Gordon McCandless, Gilbert Lovato, Sammy Dungan, James Martinez, Norman Courtney, Frank Lovato, Gar- land Dean. i 90 MUSEUM STAFF The museum staff of AHS meeting every seventh period, has the interesting job of piecing together the pottery found by the Archaeology Society. They also lecture to the World History classes, show people around the museum, and have appeared on television programs. Pictured above is the Museum .stat't', Jolene Fahe rion, Betty Berg, and Jack Windsor. ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY The Archaeology Society of AHS meets every first and third Monday of the month They have gone on field trips and have visited Zia, Jemez, Santa Domingo and San Il Defonso Indian pueblos, with their sponsor, Dr. Wintred Buskirk. They also attend joint meetings with the University of New Mexico's Archaeology and Anthropology classes. Many interesting discoveries have been made by the society in the past few years. A K., ,,. . , ln the picture below from left to right are, First row, Avanell Pace. President: Jody lNlct'lendon Secretary-Treasurer: Deloris Gault, Betty Berg. i Second row, Dr. Buskirk, Gabriel Contreras. Jolene Fahrion, Jack Windsor, Delfino Sandoval, Third row, Frank Esquivel, Dave Snow, Sam Rovbal Jack Rex, Michael Morris. F i '11, , .i'.--,Q 5: S 'V 'N A V my s ".SL-'7-"--'T'-T 91 A 1- LW. ASTRONOMY CLUB The Astronomy club meets every Thursday night at 7:30 in Room 132 with Mrs. Hefferan, their sponsor. These fifteen members view the stars and planets through telescopes, make reports and watch film strips on various subjects of the Stratosphere. The most im- portant project of the year for the Astronomy Club is their entry in the Science Fair. In the picture above, from left to right are, FRENC The French Club, in its second year of organization, is very popular with the students of AHS. Mrs. Aldridge is the sponsor. All French Club students are in Mrs. A1dridge's French classes. The club has spon- sored such activities as a chocolate eclair sell and a teahfor the faculty. In the picture below are, from left to rig t, First row, Gabriel Contreras, Edwina Chavez, Ruth Lopez, Pat Young, Helen Salas, Cecilia Montoya, Chris- tina Sedillo, Sally Vigil, Cicilia Sanchez, Lupita Domin- quez, Judy Sprunger, Felicila Gurule, Jenny Torrez. First row, Lynn Kircher, Treasurer, lst semester, Sue Dunnam, Secretary, Gabriel Contreras, Vice Presi- dent, Jake Chavez, President, 1st semester, and Don Van Winkle. Second row, Mickey Ortiz, Mr. Joe R. Ortiz, Mrs. Vioalle Hefferan, sponsor, Richard Severinghaus, Presi- dent, 2nd semesterg John Haas, Barbara Heydt, Retta Cutler, Treasurer, 2nd semester. H CLUB Second row, James Durand, Bob Gonzales, Bobby Blackwood, Sally Salinas, Sue Sackett, Pat Silva, Trish Crowly, lone Zimmerman, Connie Ronquiullo, Sharon McAnneny, Merne Garcia, Merlinda Robere, Andrea Garley. 'Ihird row, Herbert Page, Ben Aragon, Roy Quin- tana,, David Rankin, John Turner, Carolyn Parnall, Lynnitta Tittmann, Margie Salas, Jo Etta Foster, Marion Vahle, Olympia Garcia, Betty Garcia, Mary Ellen Der- byshire, Skinny Checkers, Kenny Simons. 92 I SCIENCE CLUB With their s onsors Mr Ive Mrs p . y, . Russell, and Mr. Simms, the Science Club meets every Wednesday after- noon. Among their many activities are field trips, par- ticipation in television programs, the Science Fair and laboratory projects. The club is open to all students who are in any phase of Science in Albuquerque High School. In the picture at the top of the page are, from left to right, back row, Gillette Bryan, George Edszerly, Molly Modrall, Ferdy C. De Baca, Mr. Ivey, Jack Hunter, Mr. Simms, Mrs, Russell, Priscilla Montoya. Front row, Trish Crowley, Secretary, Denny Carlisle, Vicc President, Lynnita Tittmann, President. CHEMISTRY CLUB Under the direction of Mr. Burger a group of 19 active students from Chemistry and Physics classes prod deeper into science every Tuesday after school. Although they are a new club at AHS their activities include demonstrations for grade schools, television shows, the science assembly, and projects for Science Fair. In the picture below are, back row, left to right, Carl Schulz, Ferdy De Baca, Henry Whateley, Ray Mat- teucci, John Kinkade, Carl Delles, Jack Hunter, Jack Windsor, Lab. Assist. Front row, left to right, J. P. Burger, sponsor, David Roeder, Herb Bohannon, President, Mickey Ortiz, Retta Cutler, Vice President: Nancy Terwilliger, Jeannie Jontz, Molly Modrall, Lynnita Tittmann, Jody Mce Clendon, Secretary-Treasurer, Tommy Sparks, Richard Holmes, Gillette Bryan. tt. X tn. ut Q. f. . .. r ,,. .,.-., -.t.......g W 93 COUNSELOR'S AIDES The Counselors Aides are comprised of a feiv girls Mrs. Rogers' Aides are shown from left to right in who assist Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Brown. These girls run the top picture. Frankie Miller, Peggy Loy, Silvia errands and deliver messages 10 the students and faeul- Montoya, and Mrs. Rogers. ty. Their largest job is to aid in keeping track of all students at Albuquerque High School. ' F 1. ir Mr. Brown's Aides are shown in the bottom picture Back row, Diana Doyle, Doloris Dominquez, Georgia trom left to right, Capel, Georgia Maryol, Jean Sena. Nancy Borough, Mari- Front row, Judy Sprunger, Shirley Bemis, Shirley lyn Cook, Mr. Brown. Bommelarie, Viola Gallegos, Julie Jones, Emily Ed- monson. 94 ATTENDANCE OFFICE AIDES The Albuquerque High School Attendance Aides and Miss Leahy's office help may be seen scurrying around thc school anytime during the day. The Aides' duties are to help with the posting of absences, to col- lect attendance lips, and to distribute them to the home room teachers. They also run errands and answer the telephone. Pictured below from left to right, in the first row, are Jeanie Jontz, Carol Hedges, Sharlene Morgan, Jo Ann Starr, Elaine Stewart, Margaret Stevens, Maxine Blaugrand, Judy Valdez. Second row, Deanna Orona, Joyce Ciesielski, Jeannie Kikawa, Anita Shield, Ileta Harris, Jeanne Vermillion, Martha Ford. Third row, Miss Leahy, Sharon McAneny, Roberta Haugh, Francis Johnson, Jean Norris, Martha Cowdry, Lucy Metzfzar, Betty Chapman, Donna Jones, Avanell Pace, Mr. Briscoe. LIBRARY The Library Aides are probably the most helpful girls in school. They assist the librarians in keeping the library in order. They also help the students find the type of books they want. These girls may be found in the library any time during the day helping out when they are needed. Shown above from left to right, AIDES Front row, Mrs. Hunt, Librariang Martha Moulds, Presidentg Rexana Brown, Vice Presidentg Mrs. Breiland. Back row, Ileta Harris, Jeannette Bond, Bobbie Wil- liams, Nancy Terwilliger, Sue Dunnam, Youth Council Representativeg Helen Abaskin, Secretary-Treasurerg Retta Cutler, Dolores Baca, Pat Hinchman. 95 BOOKROOM AIDES Mrs. Ella Montoya and the bookroom girls have theh job of issuing books at the first of the year, ex- changing the books at the end of the semester, and mending the damaged books, They also put the books in order at the end of the year. In the picture above are, from left to right, First row, Marion Gulley, Wanda Shouse, Mrs. Mon- toya, Clerk, Gloria Gabaldon, Betty Smith. Second row, Barbara Rusk, Barbara West, Mary Coleman. Ruby Garcia, Marie Innis, Ioana Tapia, Helen Suttor, Mariane Romero, Etha Frazier. Earlene Crisp, Gloria Davis, Geraldine Hall, Linda Mulky. Third row, Kay Bowen, Priscilla Danfelser, Carol Martin. NURSE'S AIDES The nurses aides are the girls that help Mrs. Baugh- man at AHS. Some of their duties are to give eye tests, weigh students, and help with hearing tests. Most of the girls hope to be nurses in the near fu- ture and many former students are now in a nursing career, In the picture below from left to right, First row, Eloise Sanchez, Rose Chavez, Joyce Neu- ber, Mrs. Baughman. Second row. Marie Padillo, Martha Cowdrey, Ida Corfield, Jo Lynn Oney, Illa Bowers, Jackie Sorenson, Martha Ford, Mary Bess Cochran, Nancy Page. --s egg: ' .2 Q 96 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Albuquerque High School is proud of its Future Teachers of America Chapter. The Chapter was organ- ized in 1947 and is the third oldest in the state. The main purpose of the club is to interest the students in the leaching profession. Pictured above from left to right are, Mr. Graham, sponsor, Mrs Jaramillo, sponsor, Joyce Wiltbank, De- metria Kelly, President Margaret Gilbert, Vice-President, Jean Daniel, Lucille Lunford, Helen Sutton. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA In the fall, the members and sponsors of the Future Nurses of America went on a tour of the hospitals in Albuquerque to see nurses at work. They were accom- panied by girls from all over New Mexico who were here for the Nurses' Day program. This is only one of the many activities they participated in this year. At the bottom of the page, from left to right are, Front row, Donna Jones, Reylea Honeker, Irma Clark, Dorence Seiburt, Esther Romero, Roberta Argu- ello, Corresponding Secretary. Second row, Patsy Koenig, Pat Miller, Mary Crow, Barbara Howard, Secretary-Treasurer, Sue Gee, Sharon Gacidy. Third row, Darla Warrick, Vice President, Linda Caghilla, Martha Ford, President, Mrs. Baughman, Mrs. Larson, Karen Wright. 97 RECORD The Record, the Albuquerque High School paper, has reported the outstanding events all through the year. Among their social activities they enjoy an annual press banquet and a two day press convention in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The editors are pictured above from left to right, Nancy Robin- son, Editor-in-Chiefg Molly Modrall, Associate Editorg Benny Mof- fett, Sports Editor. The staff is under the supervision of Dr. Wini- fred Buskirk. The Record staff brings to our attention many things around AHS that would otherwise go unnoticed. Pictured at the left is Nancy Robinson as she points out an amusing item from the Record to Molly Modrall and Jo Ann Evans. Pictured below is the Record staff with Dr. Buskirk. From left to right, standing, Dr. Buskirk, sponsor, Margaret Gilbert, Patti Assimakis, Patricia Stady, Joyce Wiltbank Jimmy Brown, Kenneth Eitzen. Second row, Tommy Hanna, Eleanor Bingham, Marie Lopez, Cecilia Garcia, Jo Etta Foster, Barbara Howard, Emily Linn. First row, Jo Ann Evans, Demetria Kelly, Patricia Crowley, Lesta Davidson, Jeanne Bostic, Don Woods, YUCCA l 3 The Yucca, our -zchool magazine was started twenty-one years ago, in order to give the 'students an opportunity to publish their own literary contributions in a magazine of their own. The articles vary from drama to light fiction. The Yucca is published once each semester. Editors are pictured above from left to right, Betsy Bell, Liter- ary Editorg Judy Burke, Editor-in-Chiefg James Galloway and Caro- lyn Parnall, Literary Editors. Pictured at the right are Judy Burke and Betsy Bell as they glance over a production. The sponsors are J. L. Lacour, F. F. Graham and W. M. Wal- ling. The staff led by Judy Burke has contributed much toward the literary output of our school. The staff pictured below are from left to right, Neal Weiden- hofor, David Roeder, Nancy Robinson, Jim Davis, and Mr. Lacour. LA REATA La Reata is the school yearbook and is published annually. The first issue of La Reata was published in 1919 and was the first continuous publi- cation at AHS. At first it was printed downtown, but then it moved to the print shop at AHS. During the first years the La Reata sold advertisements to keep up with expenses. At the left is shown the capable sponsor, Coach Heinsohn. The La Reata editors from left to right in the picture below are Terry Morris, Assistant Editorg Bobby Blackwood, Assistant Editorg Betty Fogell, Editor- in-Chief, and Linda Kobernat, Art-Sports Editor, The La Reata staff enjoys a press banquet and a two day trip to Las Vegas, New Mexico, for their annual Press Convention. Pictured below from left to right are Peggy Beckett, Laura Williams. Charlotte Williams, Patsy Burson, Wanda Daily. Mary Crow, and Mary Leonard. HONOR SOCIETY The Honor Society consists of students who maintain a high scholastic record. The members must have an average of ten points in their grades to be in the society. Shown in the picture at right is Mrs. Klicker, the sponsor. The officers in the center picture are David Roeder, President and Molly Modrall, Vice-President, second semester. The members in the picture at the bottom are from left to right, first row, Trish Crowley, Linda Kobernat, Lynita Tittman, Joan Dreyer, Martha Moulds, Nancy Terwilliger, Secretary-Treasurerg David Roeder, Presidentg Nancy Borough, Vice-President, first semesterg Jewell. Easley, Nancy Robinson, Ivanell Pace and Herb Bohannon. Second row, Judy Darrh, Martha Terwilliger, Molly Modrall, Margaret Stevens, Maxine Blaugrund, Carolyn Parnell, Demetria Kelly, Betty Boyd, Anna Robins, Judy Burke, Jody McClend0n, Wanda Meadows, Irene Abas- kin, Rexana Brown, Patricia Stady, John Kinkad, Gretchen Brooks and Mrs. Klicker. Back row, Retta Cutler, Phyllis Bennet, Priscilla Montoya, Helen Ben- net, Raymond Baca, Eddy Cordova, Wayne Burrows, Kenny Thomas, Gar- land Dean, Jack Hunter, Joyce Neuber, Gillette Bryan, and Joe Harris. I an 1 Q are ross. W d 'few :fiiliiii ' aff' - 1- in 3, U "" Pictured below are the members of the Dramateens, from left to right, back row, Irene Abaskin, Patsy Bur- son, Eleanor Bingham, Joyce Neuber, Betsy Bell, Lynn Kircher, Secretary-Treasurer, Judy Burke, Presidentg Terry Morris, Vice President, Patti Assimikas, Helen Horowitz, Judy Darrh, JoAnn Deskin, Burnette Mulcahy, Barbara West, Nancy Robinson, Sue Dunham, and Tony Miller. Second row, Trish Crowley, Wanda Meadows, Deme- tria Kelly, Denny Sue Carlisle, Ella Valdez, Elsie Claire, Sally Salinas, Carmen Florence, Priscilla Montoya, Diana Baker and Mary Helen Jaramillo. Bottom row, left to right, Walter Brink, Bobby Black- wood, Tommy Hanna, Gillette Bryan, Scott McCoy, Eddie Stoll, and Micky Culberson. DRAMATEENS The Dramateens is one of the most active clubs at AHS. Their main function is providing entertainment for the students. They presented several one act plays such as 'High Windowf 'So Wonderful in Whitej tSunday Costs Five Pesos' and 'Three on a Benchf They also sponsor the Junior and Senior plays. Shown at left are the sponors of the Dramateens from left to right, Mr. Hoback, Mr. Werstler, and Mr. Rarick. Shown below is Judy Burke, President, conducting one of the many meetings. 102 There is an inspection team sent out every year. from Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Each year R.O.T.C. enters the William R. Hearst and flth Army Intercollegiate Interscholastic rifle matches. R.O.T.C. teaches the boys self-government and gives them military training. R.O.T.C. is open to Sophomore, Junior and Senior boys ,am A COLOR GUARD The color guard consists of four members of R.O.T.C picked from the drill team. There are two escorts and two bearers. They escort colors for for- mation of companies and special occasions. They are from left to right, Clarence Romero. Paul Watson, Bill Anderson, Frankie Turner. HEAD OFFICERS The head officers of R.O.T.C. are from left to right, Buddy Justice, Adjutantg John Reardon. Plans and Training and Eddie Barela, Platoon Commander. The R.O.T.C. is sponsored by Major Gooch. pic tured below. 103 R.G.T.C. Company A Montoya, Kenneth Cain, Neal Weidenhofer, Dennis Han- First row, from left to right, James Sisk. Carl Mow- Seii, Phil Riherq Lahhy Russiiii, Mei A. Chavez. ery. Dick Dunatichik, Bill House, Paul Carroll, Stege Third i-OW7 Jei-iqy COX, giiiy 'fhompsony Richard Can- West, Willie -7aCkS0U- trell, Lee Collins, Kenneth Bishop, W. C. Cotton, Nyle Second row, Major Gooch, Kenneth Blush, Robert Howsman, Leonard Baros, Company B First row, Jimmy Dura, Clifford Perrin, Ronnie San- Sanchez, Lewis Seaman. dvval, R0gfi1' Arnold- Third row, Garry Hughes, Robert Pena, Jonny Naber Second row, Gordon Hine, Jordon Raines, Edward Harold Lappin, Richard Blackwood, Gil Matiinez, Orl Madison, Rudy Vargus, Richard Sevringhouse, Alfred ando Gutierrez, Jimmy Duran, Garold Lerke. 104 R.O.T.C Company L From left to right, first row: Robert Madrid, Albert Earl Albright, Jim Bennett, John Garcia, John Watson, Herrera, Buddy Justice, Oliver Franklin, David Meister, Jack Wilson. William Bengal, Lee Stevens, Boyd Parrish. Third row: Raymond Maestas, Johnny Correathers, Second row: Howard Mayberry, David Lucero, Joe Robert Montano, Richard Leighton, Jackie Barela, Eddie Salazar, Max Keeney, Larry Ramizer, Gilford Pacheco, Gallegos, Leopoldo Sandoval, Curtis Bailey. Company E From left to right, first row: Andy Frazier, Cande- Third row: Jack Hockinson, Bill Anderson, Ted laria Garcia, Ace Dimas, David Folkman, Karl Neeb, Thompson, Billy Simmons, Donald Rames, Sammy C. Tom Alires, Ivan Duran, Frank Mares, Frank Perea. De Baca, Joe Lucero, James Corondoni, Ray Sanchez, Second row: Richard Fortune, Joe Makes, Carl Frankie Turner. Curan, Clarence Romero, Joe Garcia, Kent Shaffer, Robert Butler, Jerry Reasoner, Owen Denton, Paul Wat- 5011. l 105 BAND The band plays an active part in our school activi- ties. They played at the games and went to Las Cruces with the football team. Band members are, first row, left to right: Aris Chavez, Janet Collins, Marcella Aquilar, Neida Luthy, James Galloway, Katherine Tauche, Cynthia Gebert, David Meister, and Marilyn Theis. Second row, left to right: Josie Cordova, Theresa Parkhurst, Joe Sandoval, Lucille Lopez, Rose Marie Leeper, Peggy Mitchell, Diana Boyer, Juanita Edmunds, Charley Tembroeck, Johnny Vaughn, Vickie Brooks, Joe Abeyta, Jerry Humphries, and Sue Rust. Third rovv, left to right, Nelda Miller, Wayne Bal- lou, Joe Garcia, Mickey Oritz, Donna Stephenson, Ken- neth Vigil, Dorothy Brown, Romeo Moya, Neal Clingam, Troy Heard, Floyd Montoya, Billie McDougal, James Durand, Phillip Parkhurst, Neddy Vigil, Jean Wheeler, and Dolores Romero. Fourth row, left to right, Gerald LaFont, George Herrera, Jerry Markum, Bob Felts, Earl Baldwin, Tink Luxsford, Larry Tittman, Mistee Thomson, Nancy Ter- williger Mr. Cramer, Dorothy McHodgkins, John Van Gundy, Lee Sandoval, Richard Brook and Richard Schulmeistez , ADVANCED GIRLS CHORUS Advanced Girls Chorus consists of all the second year chorus girls. They sing for service organizations, the Cantata, and they sing for the Operetta. The girls are directed by Mr. Slocum. The members are, From left to right in the bottom picture, first row: Kathlyn Kilmurray, Joyce Ciesielski, Ione Zimmerman, Johnice Pritchett, Carmen Florence, Sally Salinas, Gloria Gabaldon, Dolores Padilla, Beverly Johnson, and Second row: Audrey Gordiner, Sandra Skaggs, Ce- cilia Garcia, Carol Larencita Armijo, Anna Marie Nanez, Dorothy Brown, Donna Ireharn, and Carolyn Williams. Back row: Wanda Meadows, Helen Thorton, Judy Burke, Marie Lopez, Ruth Pettiford, Martha Moore, Barbara Rusk, Irene Ramons, Sara Saige, Emma Stevens, Laura Ashford, Marie Lawson, and Cora Mae Holbig. Rosemary Farmer. 1 06 ORCHESTRA Our orchestra, directed by Mr. Carl Cramer, assists in many musical programs and presents Hour of Music presentations during the school year. The members of the orchestra are, from left to right in the above picture, first row: Richard Schulmeis- ter, Katherine Davis, Dean Andrews and Sara Harris Second row: Marilyn Thies, Cynthia Gebert, Jimmy Galloway, Wayne Baallou, Mary Halloway, Rosemary Leeper, Dorothy Brown, Anna Roberts and Carolyn Cole. Third row: Kenneth Vigil, Romeo Moya and Lee Sandoval. Back row: Earl Baldwin, Tink Luxsford, Bob Felts, Mr. Cramer, Nancy Terwilliger, and Martha Terwilliger. BOYS CHORUS The Boys Chorus, directed by Mr. Slocum, sang in the Operetta, and they have sung for service organi- zations. The members are shown below, From left to right, first row: Wayne Rust, Fabian Leyba, Rudy Ortega, Tom Loftus, Jerry Humphries, Jack Wiliger, Charles Culberson and Eddie Stoll. i , Y:::.,. - 1.5: Second Row: Scott McCoy, Jake Chavez, Larry Titt- man, Gabriel Contreras, Gillette Bryan, Eddie Salome, Romeo Moya, Luther Clingham, and Mr. Slocum. Back row: Paul Carlson, Don Rice, Bill Austin, Claud Holbig, George Ford, Micky Ortiz, Eloy Jaime and ,E X V' Lee Stevens. y 107 MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus under the direction of Mr. Slo- cum has contributed much to the school this year. Among their many activities were singing at the Thanks- giving assembly, Cantata, and they have appeared on TV programs. Pictured from left to right above, First row: Carol Obrien, Carolyn Williams, Beverly Johnson, lone Zim- merman, Johnice Pritchett, Gloria Gabaldon, Sally Sa- linas Anna Marie Nanez, Lynnita Tittmann, Betty Barry, Kathleen Hall, Rosemary Farmer, Dorothy Brown. Second row: Barbara Rusk, Wanda Meadows, Cora Mae Holbig, Mary Lawson, Laura Ashford, Joyce Cie- DEBS T Debs is just one of the many Christian organizations here at AHS. Pointing out just a couple of their many activities are: selling license plates and they had a Mother-Daughter banquet. The members are shown below, First row: Pauline Archunde, Tane Ong, Vice Presi- dent first semesterg Corina Baca, President first semes- ter, Jeanne Virmillion, Secretary first semester, and Rose Marie Atencio, Treasurer first semester. sielski Cecillia Garcia, Marie Lopez, Joyce 1 Neuber, Donna Trehorn, Martha Moore, Audrey Gordamer, Judy Burke, Ruth Pettiford. . Third row: Scott McCoy, Jerry Humphries, Jake Chavez, Eddie Salome, Bill Austin, T. M. Loftus, Claud Holbig, George Ford, Eloy Jaime,- Charles Cul- berson, Jack Wiliger, Gillette Bryan, Mickey Ortez Ro- meo Moya, Rudy Ortega, Fabian Leyba. - Fourth row: Wayne Rust, Larry Tittman, Paul Carlson, Don Rice, Lee Stevens, Eddie Stole, Mel Clmg- am, Gabriel Contrera. RI-HI-Y Second row, left to right: Kathy Kelsch, Linda Ko- bernat, Joyce Justice, Secretary second semester: Elea- nor Bingham, President second semesterg Karen Krown- over, Treasurer second semesterg Cathy Fernandez, Vicky Martinez, Shirley Bommelaire, and Betty Birdsall, Vice President second semester. Third row, left to right: Phyllis Rockwell, Martha Henson, Gwen Crawford, Lori Dwinell, Diana Doherty, Marilyn Cook, Nancy Borough, Margaret Stevens, Karen Crobaugh, Elaine Stewart and Bobbie Stillie. 108 if J 1 1 , A all CORVETTES One of the active Tri-Hi-Y's during the school year at AHS was Corvettes. Among their activities they gave baskets of food to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They also had dances, parties, and a banquet. First row: Joanne Basila, JoAnn Bass, Secretary first semesterg Diana Doyle, Shirley Bemmis, Treasurer first and second semesters, JoAnn Starr President first and second se- mesters, Julie Jones, Secretary first semester, Agnes Springer, President second semester. Second row: Georgia Moriel, Vice President second semester, Betty Gold, Diana Baker, Harriet Gebert, Marsha Pena, Sharon Murray, Viola Gallegos, Mary Seymour, Elsie Carasco. Third row, Angie Lovato, Ella Valdez, Jean Sena Eve Maryol, Glenda Butler, Mrs. Deffke, Jeannette Skinner, Ruth Bond, Jeannette Bond, Rose Marie Lopez, Elsie Caire. CORDELLAS THI-HI-Y Banquets, ice skating parties, and a basketball games are only a few of the activities that Cordellas participated in this year. They also gave toys and clothes to two little girls at Christmas. The members are shown below from left to right, Eloise Polladino, Cynthia Mabery, Treasurer, Margaret Harris, Secretary Roberta Hough, Vice-President, Sharon McAneny, President, Carol Hedges, Carol Easley, Judy Sprunger. Second row: Margaret Matteucci, Lillian Gonzales, Peg Loy, Sara Garcia, JoAnn Taber, Sandra Hay, Beatrice Hay. Third row: Charlotte Maberry, Emily Linn, Patti Assimakis, Edith Brown, Verna Dean Johnson, Linda Mulkey. SEN SIMS Sen Sims Tri-Hi-Y is a very active club at AHS. They have had banquets and many dances during the past year. The proceeds of one of their dances was given to the blind. The members are pictured above from left to right, Back row: Judy Burke, Freda Peterson, Shirley McClain, Secretary second semester, Jo Ann Evans, Charlene Morgan, Glenda Victor, Gretchin Brooks. WISAKA Wisaka Tri-Hi-Y was very active during the school year and has helped in presenting many activities for the students of AHS. The members are shown below from left to right, First row: Isabell Vigil, Dolores Baca, Sylvia Montoya, Secretary, first semesterg Rosella Pena, Secretary second semester, Ramona Silva, Presidentg Yvonne Chavez, Second row: Susie Yee, Molly Modrall, Trish Crow- ley, Treasurer, Chickie Stromberg, President first and second semestersg Kay Maberry, Barbara Ramsey, Lou McKinnon. First row: Vickie Brooks, Joyce Ciesielski, Patsy McClain, Nancy Edgerly, Denny Sue Carlisle, Marilyn Teas, Secretary first semester. TRI-HI-Y Vice Presidentg Irene Vickrey, Emily Armijo. Second row: Delores Dominquez, Jane Carley, Rosel- la Montoya, Margaret Alvarez, Jo Ann Alarid, Lucy Garcia, Lillie Moya, Ramona Montoya. Third row: Nancy Archibeck, Barbara De Groot, Karen Conty, Martha Aceves, Mary Helen Jaramillo, Mable Espinoa, Lucille Ortiz. 110 LOS HERMANOS CLUB Los Hermanos is a Christian organization for boys. Their many projects include helping the needy and less fortunate families. Their members are: R. Tinnin, J. Linquist, I. Costales, J. Gonzales, D. Ramond, T. Guerin, J. Gurule, R. Sandoval, R. Stephenson, P. Hartin. Second row: R. Russell, K. Stromberg, V. Mar- tinez, C. Lovato, T. Chavez, D. Shiff, G. Romero, D. Niels son, W. Ebia, D. McKinnon, C. Sanchez, G. Pieron. First row: J. Abbott, A. Costales, P. Finley, G. Gill, J. Weller, Mr. Prezbeski, A. Matteucci, R. Morison, T. Meyers. CHEVALIERS One of the outstanding Hi-Y's is Chevaliers. They are very active during the school year helping the less fortunate and performing school projects. One of their many activities is giving baskets of food at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The members are shown below from left to right: J. Meister C. Porter, G. Lovato, Sec-Treas.g B. Justice, Pres., Mr. J. Davis, Spon.g J. Ruggles, V-Pg F De Baca, R. Koenki, D. Dwinell. Second row: G. Friberg J. Brown, L. Lopez, Carl Schulz, J. Burns, G. Garcia, J. Candelaria, R. Fortune, E. Gutierrez, E. Chavez, J. Reardon, D. Roeder, E. Stoll, K. White. Third row: J. Hunter, W. Birdsell, S. De Baca, X. Lovato, H. Jojola, R. Baca, F. McGuire, E. Apodaca, J. Wilger, R Griego. sir 111 DRILL SQUAD ln the picture above, Martha Fagan tcenterl is shown presenting the Drill Leaders cap to Cathey Medley fright! next years Drill Leader. Mrs. Sacks looks on approvingly. The Drill Squad has done a wonderful job this year with their various half-time activities. They have not only added interest to the games but also promoted school spirit. The Drill Squad is led by Martha Fagan and sponsored by Mrs. Sacks. They are pictured below, from left to right, First row, B. Hay, E. Wilde, R. Pena, J. Jontz, M. Fagan, C. Medley, M. Daymore, E. Cherney, N. McVicker. Second row: N. Edgerly, I. Garcia, H. Renfro, H. Sanchez, D. Gonzales, Y. Chavez, J. Pacheco. D. Tur' ner, B. Montoya, M. Mora, D. Seibert, F. Lueras, D. Jones, M. Cowdry, W. Sanders, D. Baca, C. Hedges. Third row: Mrs. Sacks, F. Atcncio, N. Saavedra C. Baca, J. Jones, J. A. Basila. B. Torres, E. Dominqucz Montoya, B. Gold, S. Garcia, C. Mabrey, F. Montoya Ong, S. Smith, R. Chavez, M. Carpenter, J. Thompson R M. Otensio, C. Easley: Fourth row N. Duran, M. Cook, S. Sackett, S. Mc Aneny, A. Martinez, D. Morelock, J. Sprunger, K. Writhe K. Kelsh, K. Crowbaugh, M. Johnson, E. Palladino P. Chavez, D. Gonzales, H. Sais, T. Martinez, R. M. Lopez Fifth row: F. Short, L. Garcia, K. Crownover, A Lovato, M. Lucas, S. Harris, R. Hough, B. Ramsey, J. A Taber, M. S. Gutierrez, B. Armijo, L. Jaramillo, J. Cha vez, I. Martinez, I. Ortiz. Sixth row: C. Stromberg, L. Bennett, E. San chez, M. Minero, L. Murphy, M. Harris, S. Murray, S Standifer, J. A. Crawford, M. A. Franco, B. L. Lovato B. Gurule, C. Martinez. S. T. wif? i j ix . M. rl xgyf , -fl., ..,.::E. W ,,.. , jg., . , gf.. VW 1 '::::, . ' ' ' N V ll2 J f J al,eJ.f X ffff' at x r a - 93. BOWLING CLUB The Bowling Club meets every week at 'Les Bowl' for a time of enjoyment. The club teaches the fundamentals of bowling and good sportsmanship. The members are, from left to right in the picture above--first row: Shirley Mock, Johnny Cordova, Bonnie Adams. Second row: Betty Duncan, Beverly Easton, Delfino Sandoval, Ernest Sanchez. PRINT The Print Shop is an important part of Albuquerque High School. They print the Yucca, Record, La Reata, Highlander CHighland's yearbookj, and the Saga fVal- ley's yearbookh. The members pictured below are, from left to right, first row: Charles Fitzgerald, Mr. Hugh King, sponsorg SHGP Fred Alires, Frank Chifalo, Tom Loftus, Larry Briden- stine, Ross Aranda, Ronald Harper, Mr. Peterson, spon' sor. Second row: Bernard Rutan, Sam Large, W. M. Walling, sponsor. CNot shown in picture, Steve Apodaca, Wallace Garner and Charles Cordova. 113 STUDENT AFFAIRS The Student Affairs is made up of representatives of the four largest clubs at AHS-R.O.T.C., "A" Club, Pepper Club and Student Council. They were organized for the purpose of presenting Uhe problems of the school to the student body in the Student Council meetings. The members are from left to right, first row: John Reardon, Chickie Stromberg, Betty Lovato, Julie Jones, Jo Ann Bass, Buddy Justice. Second row: Gilbert Lovato, Kurt Stromberg, Joe Weller, Tom Alires, Rudy Baca. Third row: Louie Siaman, Alonzo Costales, Ferdy De Baca, Alex Matteucci. .Thii clubi Xolnvsisting of ablout htwelsije bolysh opiratef thel prgjectors fora tge movies ere a uquerque Hig . T ese oys a a ot og sa e t is ear an t e proceeds went to the school. y They are, front row, from left to right, Gerald La Font, Bernard Reicks, Boyce Baugfhman, Billy Lunch. Back row: Mr. Cristy, Alan Stearns, Lloyd Lamb, Walter Brink, Herbert Langfitt. Freddie Williams, Wayne McCleskey. 114 KANW KANW is our own radio station although it is not very well known. It has trained many student engineers for future radio station work. The members are-front row, from left to right: Julius Beverly, licensed Engineer, Rose Jones, Director, Elmo Darrah, Licensed Engneer. Back row: Jake Chavez, Senior Engineer, Lloyd Dudding, Recording Engineer, Ann Healy, Student Engineer. "A" CLUB This club is made up of boys who have lettered in any sport. They set an example of sportsmanship and good will for the student body. The lettermen are pictured from left to right, first row: Nelson Jones, Phil Finley, Jimmy Abbott, Jimmy Williams, Don Woods, Joe Weller, Alonzo Costales, Rudy Baca, Charlie Cordova, Tommy Green, George Friberg, Gilbert Romero, Ronnie Sandoval. Second row: Coach Foehr, Rick Kohnke, Willie Sanchez, Walter Ebia, David Dwi- nell, Louie Otero, Cliff Perrin, Kurt Stromberg, Ted Meyers, Dan McKinnon, Wayne Rust, Chris Lavoto, Coach Garvaniang Third row: Alex Matteucci, Frank McGuire, Ronnie Burkhardt, David Lucero, Jim Lindquist, Dennis Carrillo, Harry Ray, Kenton Jones, Joe Sanchez, Jerry Gurule, Carl Schultz, Vivian Martinez, Candido Montoya, Gilbert Lovato, Bryan Harris, Chester Sanchez, Gordon McCandless. 115 PEPPER CLUB Pepper Club girls are a welcome sight to the Sophomores who are just entering Albuquerque High. These girls show new students around school and get them ac- quainted with it. During the year they have had two formals and numerous other ac- tivities. The officers are pictured above, from left to right: Chickie Stromberg, Presi- dentg Julie Jones, Vice Presidentg and Betty Lou Lovato, Secretary-Treasurer. Fiddin' Feet Square Dance Club meets every Monday night in tlhe library base- ment. Among their activities they have had numerous exhibitions, parties, and they have appeared on television. 1 The members are shown below . First row, left to right: Jody McClendon, Clarice Wi de. Second row: Bonnie Adams, Georgia Capel, Jim Layne, Avanell Pace, Billy Lynch, Jewell Easley, Wayne McCleskey, Freyda Gilbert. Third row: Mrs. Louden, Suzie Yakinthal, Diana Baker, Irene Abaskin, Mary Low- ance, Lavonne Dennish, Jane Cochran, Mr. Bill Louden. Fourth row: Jo Ann Valentine, Jon Epperson, Boyce Bauglhman, Carl Delles, Billy Simm ons, Larry Bonaguidi. FHDDLH4' FEET 116 TEENAGE TRAFFIC ASS'N 'Ilhis is the first year for T.T.A, It was organized to promote safe driving at AHS. It is made up of representatves from each homeroom The members are, from left to right, first row: Mrs. Miller, sponsor, B. Bell, V. Martinez, J. Hunter, Co-President, D. Doyle, Co-President: C. Sanchez, B. Gish. B. McNeil, Mr. Garrett. Second row: L. Sanchez. C. Romero, J. Caxreatlhers, B. Tinnin, R. Arnold, R. Westerhold, L. Sandoval, P. Parkhurst, R. McCamey, C. Dyer, F. Lovato. Third row: L. Lopez, V. Montoya, A. Roberts, B. Boyd, E. De Baca, J. Justice, P. As- simikas, C. Morgan, M. Seymour, J. Oney, M. Moore, D. Trehan, Officer Jolly. This is the first year of operation for the Anti-Litterbugs. They were organized for the purpose of keeping our buildings and campus free of trash. The club has ac- complished much this year. The members are, from left to right: First row-Billie McDougall, Fred Walters, President. Second row: Sarah Harris, Lupe Alire, 'Ifheresa Lucero, Dorence Seibert, Frieda Gilbert, Irene Abaskin, Donna Jones, Rebecca Herera. Third row: Josephine Cordova, Mickie Lucero, Glenda Foster, Wilma Swafford, Vivian Cisneros, Alonzo Costalles. ANTI- f r LITTER BUGS 117 These boys sponsored by Mr. Sokoll learn about raising stock, good crops, and learn about parliamentary procedure. The officers shown above are, first row, left to right: Harely Meldrum, Vice Presi- dent' Otto Geer President: Don Lawson, Secretary. Second row,: Mr Sokoll, sponsor: Larry Fleak, Historian, James Markham, Jimmy Coleman, Parliamentarian. F.F.A. The members are, from left to right, first row at the bottom: E. Armstrong, W. Paul, J. Norris, J. Abeyta. Second row: C. Palmer, J. Coleman, H. Meldrum, O. Geer, D. Lawson, R. Eubank, L. Seaman, J. Stuterman. Back row: D. Armstrong, D. Echols, J. Markham, B. Jernigan, L Fleak, A. Dod, 15. Black, J. Edwards, E. Apodaca. A A 118 d!,iQgmMhwm H LAUN The Albuquerque High School Latin Club is a member of the Junior Classical League, a nationwide organization. Their purpose is to study ancient civilization and to learn its effect on our languages, laws and cultures. The members are shown n the above picture from left to right, first row: J. Clara idge, J. A. Crisp, K. Strance, J. Pacheco, Pres., N. Page, Pontifex Maximum, M. Bla- grund, J. Dreyer, C. Garcia. Second row: K. Willenborg, M. Terwilliger, E. Bingham, T. Hanna, J. Rex, J. L. Wilon, N. Luthey, Marilyn Tlheis, N. Robinson, M. Bernard. Third row: S. Dearduff, L. Davidson, P. Assimikas, R. Hanaker, T. Crowley, Mr. West, sponsor, J. Neuber, A. Roberts, E. Roybal, D. Boyer. The Interschool. Council was originated for the purpose of promoting better rela- tions among the high schools of Albuquerque. Representatives from Highland, Valley arid AHS attend meetings and discuss projects to help promote youth activities. The members are from left to right in the picture below, first row: R. Watkins, W. Hamilton, P. Rubincam. from Hghland, F. C. De Baca, AHS, N. Diehl, VHS, Carol Reed, HHS. Second row: M, Cate, VHS, B. Justice, AHS, J. Seis, VHS, C. Kindsvater, HHS, J. A. Bass, AHS, G. Bussey, HHS. Third row: Mr. Brown, AHS, Mr. Murplhy, HHS, Mr. Stapleton, VHS, T. Alires, AHS, B. Laredo, VHS, C. Stromberg, AHS, P. Galloway, VHS, M. Cosley, VHS. INTER- SCHOOL COUNCM 119 sen 3 an Q. 0- M X as 2 f Q- 6.4 SCHOOL LIFE Here picture by picture are the activities that have proven to be the most popular with you. Your favorite play, dance, and assembly will all tie together to form your school life at AHS for 1956. Shown are the Bulldog Day Parade, the annual bonfire, Martha Fagan chatting with Tink Luxford, and the school patio. ll?" -... 'li 121 REGISTRATION DAY ' VICTORY DOGS I Enrollment for classes proves to be a hectic way to begin Coach Rushmg looks .very fierce as he the new school year. leads the Bulldog pack against their opponents. ASSEMBLY Ferde C. De Baca, our Student Council Presi- dent, is shown taking charge of one of our many as- semblies. DRILL SQUAD An important cheering section at the school assemblies is the Drill Squad. FIRST DANCE Mrs. Sacks, Coach Foehr, Vickie Brooks, and Alonzo Costales pause to discuss the "A" Club -A Pepper Club Get Acquainted Dance. 122 ' f R1 O'-' "B" TEAM CHEERLEADER TRYOUTS COLOR GUARD Jo Ann Crisp is competing to be one of I The Color Guard adds much to the pleasure of half time the five Sophomore cheerleaders. activities. Shown from left to right are Ione Zimmerman, Diana Doyle, Kathleen Hall, Martha Terwilliger, and Trish Crowley. HALFTIME ACTIVITIES Highlighting the halftime activities of all our home football games are the marching routines of the Drill Squad and Band. BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE ASSEMBLY Nancy Borough recalls for the school the exciting and educational moments at Girls' State. 'A' CLUB-PEPPER CLUB DANCE . A jukc box and Qreen and White decorations create the mood for this popular dance. 123 N? Q21 S? Q -i , K57! lr 1 4 2 J? 2 ff! aff BULLDO6 QUEEN, IRENE ORTIZ This year's Bulldog Queen was one of the loveliest the school has ever had. Queen Irene was chosen out of a field of eleven candidates. Irene was presented as Bulldog Queen at the special assembly held in her honor on Bull- dog Day. She was crowned by Student Council President, Ferde C. De Baca, and presented with an autographed football from the football team. Queen Irene is one of the most active seniors on our campus. Her activities include three years in the Pepper Club and Student Council Delegate. This is her first year in Cor- vettes, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, and Drill Squad. Albuquerque High School is truly proud of our 1955-56 Bulldog Queen and would like to wish her the best of luck in the future. AH'endan+, MARILYN COOK Marilyn Cook is not only one of the most attractive girls on thc AHS campus, but she is also very active. Her many activities include three years in Debts Tri-Hi-Y of which she is past President. She is also a member of the Drill Squad and Pepper Club. In her junior year she was a delegate to Girl's State. AH'endan+, ALYNE DENSON Also adding to the beauty of Bulldog Day was Alyne Denson. She is active in Deb's Tri- Hi-Y of which she is Vice President. She is also a member of Pepper Club and Bowling Club. Both Alyne and Marilyn were given an auto- graphed football. AHS can be truly proud of our royal court for '56, 125 BULLDOG CHARGES HORNET MR, MH-'NE This replica of a Bulldog chasing a Hornet was constructed by A Welcome V1Slt0I' at any HSSQITIUIY- Emily Edmonson and portrayed the victory that was to be ours. QUEEN CANDIDATES The eleven girls who competed for the title of Bulldog Queen this year are shown at the left. They are, First row, left to right, Irene Ortiz, Agnes Springer, Gwen Pierce, Timmie Martinez. Second row, Jolene Fahrion, Sha- ron MeAneny, Alyne Denson, Shirley Mock, Mary Ellen Derbyshire, Marilyn Cook, and Rose Marie Atencio. BONFIRE Burn the Hornets! This . I MAE TEAM CHEERLEADERS D I I is the popular cry heard "We re tor the Bulldogsj' yell the cheerleaders, to raise the team's spirit from our annual bonfire. f01' the COITUHS f00TbHl1 game- 126 QUEEN PROCESSION HOMAGE IS PAID T0 QUEEN Queen Irene, escorted by William Hovey, enters the After accepting her place of honor, Queen gym on a pathway lined with giant mums held by the Irene is given an autographed football and a prom- Drill Squad. ise of victory by Lesman Chavez and Oliver Frank- in. QUEEN EXPRESSES GRATITUDE Her Majesty, shown with Fcrdc C. De Baca and William Hovey, gives her heartwarming thanks to the student body for electing her queen. SPECIAL GIFT QUEEN'S FLOAT Queen Irene was all smiles about Her Majesty, riding on her royal float and escorted by the ROTC, her .bouquet of red roses from the is introduced to Albuquerque. V1S1t1I1g team. 127 DRAMATEEN PANTOMIME Helplessly the clown iScott McCoy7 looks on as the villain fJudy Burke? demands payment of an I.O.U. from the poor father fBobby Blackwoodb. if A 128 THANKSGIVING DAY ASSEMBLY Andy Clingan, who played a special on his violin, was one of the many per- formers who participated in the annual program of thanks. 'BLUE MOON, CHRISTMAS FORMAL The Pepper Club led by Betty Lou Lovato, Mrs. Virginia Sacks rsponsorb, Julia Jones and Chickie Stromberg showed the Christmas Spirit by bringing gifts to their dance for the underprivileged chil- dren. CANTATA 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" with Fred Walters and Smta Claus. X!! "Ha1lelujah! The Lord God Omnipo- Amt Reigneth! A Tommy Hanna and Donny Sue Car- lisle are walking through "A Winter Wvnderlandf' 12 9 tx? F? 0 Sb H11 EW' JUNIOR PLAY "You Canlt Take It With You" Gay Wellington tElsie Carieb is an- other strange person in Penelope Sycamore's CSally Salinasb life. Gay is about to go into a trance, much to the amazement of Paul Sycamore tCharles Culbersonl, Rheba tShirley Givensb, and Don- ald lJohnny Carreatherl. At the left, Paul Sycamore and his daughter, Alice tTrish Crowleyl watch a homemade fireworks dis- play in the living room of the Sycamore home. At the right, Penelope Sycamore gives Ed tWayne Burrowsb a piece of her mind. Showing true acting talent in the Junior Play are Carle, James, Davis, Denny Sue Carlisle Sally Salinas from left to right, Joyce Neuber, Terry Morris, Elsie Trish Crowley and Tommy Hanna 130 A gs H ,,,.,1.... 7 TOP HONORS AT COSTUME BALL Behind the disguise of Svengalli is Terry Morris who won a silver cup for the most original costume. COSTUME BALL A variety of literary characters were depicted at the ball held for Dramateen members. FOOTBALL LETTERMAN'S BANQUET There was food and more food at the football lettermen's banquet. H.-1 i MILITARY BALL This big event for R.O.T.C. cadets was at- tended by over ninety couples. MILITARY BALL QUEEN Patsy Burson dances with her escort, Ifred t'l111pinun. Queen Patsy was chosen by thc members ot' li.U.'l'.t'. to reign over their annual ball. MILITARY BALL QUEEN CANDIDATES These attractive girls were competing for Military Ball Second row: Corina Baca. Martha Moulds, Patsy Queen. They are from left to right, first row, Mary Burson, Linda Kobernat, and Martha Terwilliger. Aragon, Jo Ann Chavez. 133 GREEN AND WHITE BALL SENIOR CLASS MEETING On January twenty-eighth, the University S.U,B, Miss Dixon gives the seniors a few pointers on how rocked and rolled when the Albuquerque High School to meet the future. students enjoyed themselves at the Green and White Ball. ORCHID CORSAGE While Buddy Justice and Mr. Brown look on, Marilyn Cook receives one of the many free orchid corsages given at a formal dance by Mrs. Rogers. 134 X A 'W may :A . 1, . f v A bww f - ff I 3, -.--- - Q -Eii t t, 4 ig, W ver , EJ --'- M Q in C t, .V ., a ,, 4,A:. , . . , F. F. A. SWEETHEART F. F. A. DANCE Receiving honors as this years F.F.A. Sweetheart One of the many highlights of the your was the is Beverly Johnson, Serving as her attendants were F.F.A. dance. The dance was held in the AHSl'z1l'ete1'iu Martha t'ovvdry and Wilma Swoford. for all F.F.A. boys and their flutes, MAJORETTES Sue Yee, Shirley McClain, and Noretha McDougall, our talented ma- jorettes, are among the best perform- ers in the school. 135 mf' SCIENCE ASSEMBLY ln the court of Judge Jack Wilson with David Reeves as Defense Attorney and a skeleton for a key witness, anything can happen. BAND SWEETHEART Janet Collins is the pretty young lady chosen to be the Band Sweetheart for 1955-56. She was honored at a dance given by the band the night of her election. OASIS DANCE The popular place for a lot of dances is the Oasis. PRESS BANQUET Among the honored guests at the annual banquet for the literary publications were, first row, Betty Fogell, Howard Bryan, Nancy Robin- son, Mr. Ream, and Judy Burke. Second row: Mr. Lacour, Mrs. Ream, Dr. Buskirk, Mrs. Milne, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Heinsohn and Mr, Peterson. 136 The two lovers, Nanki-Poo tPau1 Carlsonj and Yum'Yum tlone Zimermanh, are pictured after they have learned they are not to marry. Nanke-Poo tSally Salinasl tells of her loves for Nanki'Poo. Nanki-Poo fPaul Carlsonh makes his first en- trance before the lords of The Mikado's court. OPERETTA The operetta this year was entitled "The Mikado," which means "The Emperor? In the picture below, Jack Wilfer, the Mikado of Japan, is delivering ll decree before his court. 137 SENIOR TALENT ASSEMBLY Following the theme oi' Wide, Wide World, the Seniors put on an outstanding talent assembly this year. Some ot the acts are shown on this page Below, dressed in a vivid red gown against the black background, is Gloria Gabaldon who sane "The Birth of the Blues." Regina Baca is shown doing her Spanish Gypsy dance that comes from South of the Border. At the bottom is one of the acts which gave a spice of humor to the show. The three bums and a goof were Tink Luxford on the drums, Bill Strunk with his base fiddle 179, David Roeder with the clarinet, and Alan Stearns with his t?7. 133 JoAnn Tabor and Barbara Ramsey do a panto- mime of "I'x'e Forgot More Than You'11 Ever Know," Doing a modern version of "Tutti Frutti" are Marion Ortiz and Ida Mae Aragon. JUNIOR TALENT ASSEMBLY In these pictures are shown the students who participated in the Junior Talent Assembly entitled "Leap Year." Jo Etta Foster, accompanied by Freddy Williams. sings "Why Don't You Write Me." i V Q S 1 A E139 ,M M V Ayfpw R My QNX Em EX Q X SEQ 3 V. gg iii if S5 Q EQ 353 Qs FCDCDT BALL - ED GARVANIAN TONY VALDEZ Pictured above at left is Coach Gar- vanian, who has done a wonderful job of coaching our "B" team football squad. At the right is Coach Valdez, who handled the Sophomore team this year. JACK RUSHING This year our football team was headed by Coach Rushing, top right, to whom we owe a great deal of thanks for the success of the Bulldogs. This was Coach Rushing's first year as head coach of our football team, and he has done a marvelous job. "A" TEAM FOOTBALL SQUAD Pictured below is the "AU team football squad. First row, left to right: Benny Rodriguez, Chester Sanchez, Frank McGuire, Vivian Martinez, Boyd Parrish, Harry Ray, Kenton Jones, Phillip Finley, Oliver Frank- lin, and Don Woods, Mgr. Second row: Ronnie Sandoval, Bob Armijo, Bill Strunk, Sherman Absher, Jim Lindquist, Carl Schulz, Chris Lovato, Nelson Jones, Ronnie Burkhardt, Joe Weller, and Wayne Rust, mgr. Third row: John Reardon, mgr., George Hutchinson Alex Matteucci, Lesmen Chavez, Walter Ebia, Ronnie Morrison, Gordon McCandless, Kurt Stromberg. Fourth row: Coach Valdez, Coach Garvanian, Bryan Harris, Ken McCormack, George Friberg, Tom Guerin, Gilbert Romero, George Gill, Jerry Gurule, Coach Rushing. 141 VARSITY FCDOTBALL RONNIE BURKHARDT Guard WALTER EBIA Halfbaclc SHERMAN ABSHER End This year 31 lettermen were chosen according to their abil- ity and performance on the PHILLIP FINLEY Guard football field. They have done a Wonderful job in football for Albuquerque High. To them we owe the success of our team. OLIVER FRANKLIN Halfback 1 'Ian LETTERMEN 1955-55 GEORGE GILL Center GEORGE FRIBERG JERRY GURULE Quarterback Sz Fullback Quarterback TOMMY GUERIN End BRIAN HARRIS Tackle 'H Q 4 ' s 5 AXIL' KENTON JONES NELSON JONES Halfback Tackle FOOTBALL Guard CHRIS LOVATO GORDON MCCANDLESS KEN MCCORMICK Hczlfback Emi Guard 5N"'P'+"'W9" 144 W FRANK McGUIRE Center LETTERMEN RONNIE MORRISON Tackle VIVIAN MARTINEZ Center ALEX MATTEUCCI Tack I e HARRY RAY Guard Tackle GILBERT ROMERO Sw T 145 6 .gum-R W? JOE SANCHEZ CARL SCHULZ KURT STROMBERG Halfback Fullback we ,gggyj Find I 2-5 1. , E B 0' BILL STRUNK JOE WNELLER Tackle I-Inlfbaclc FOOTBALL CO-CAPTAINS S h o W n are the 1955-'56 football captains, George Gill, leftg and Phillip Finley, who have played a large part in the success of our football team. RICK KOEHNKE MANAGERS Always behind the team at every game are the football managers. They boost the team's morale at the games JOHN REARDON and take care of the uni- forms and the equipment. axis A 'Q C g X xx ' M G KV f K A X K, Q x I I I I ...:,.: wL, HQ A N Q e a I I I 5 If X ii L WAYNE RUST Fooiball Squad uzzizzzizzizl EEIII Eiigug I if II:::'E::- Mooiv vvooos Pictured left to right, first row: Robin Briscoe, Xavier Lovato, Richard Fortune, Louie Armijo, Frank Chavez, Trinnie Martinez, Don Birmingham, Sam De Baca. Second row, Gilbert Garcia, Max Tellez, Johnny Martinez. Joe Nicasio, Jerry Bums, Archie Garcia, Jack Elder, Wilfred Padilla, Ray Flores. Third row, Carlos Torres, Ken White, Don Smith, Tom Oldfield, Wayne Fowler, Joe Benavidez, Dickie Sanchez . Fourth row, Jim Gonzales, Larry Eichwald, Max Otero, Joe Garcia, Jack Fink. Bob Sanchez, Lee Collins, Juan Mora, Leonard Theobald, Jimmy Williams, Ernie Garcia, Stan Corfield, Charlie Ahlgrim, Eloy Navarro, and Coach Garvanian. 147 AHS 34-VALLEY 13 With a fleet of fast, tricky backs sharing the spotlight, the Bulldogs romped to a 27-0 halftime lead and held on for an easy 34-13 victory over the Valley Vikings on October 3rd. AHS 26-SANTA FE 12 On October 7, a very thrilling game was witnessed between the Santa Fe Demons and the Albuquerque High Bulldogs, with the Bulldogs rallying to top the Demons 26-12. George Hutchinson is shown carry- ing the ball. AHS 6-ST. The homecoming game, one that is looked forward to all year, proved to be a very fast moving game. In fact, it kept the fans either on their feet or in the air about two-thirds of the time. On that memorable day, 148 Q , .wg : 'i MARY'S 6 October 14, the Bulldogs and the St. Mary's Cougars wound up with a 6-6 tie. In the picture on the right, Jerry Gurule is carrying the ball. In the picture on the left, George Hutchinson has it. AHS 14--CARLSBAD 6 ' The Bulldogs grabbed the Carlsbad Cavemen in board reading: AHS 14, Carlsbad 6. ln the picture on their teeth and ran to a Wonderful victory, on October the left is Joe Weller, and in the picture on the right 21st, This blood-stirring game ended with the score are Joe Weller. Kenton Jones. and Ronnie Morrison. AHS 20-HIGHLAND 19 To end the football season was the most important 20 to 19 before a crowd of 7500 fans. This made a perfect game of the year, played on Thanksgiving Day. The ending for the seniors of AHS who have enjoyed three Bulldogs really had something to give thanks for after years of victory over HHS. defeating their number one rival, the Highland Hornets, s . ,K -fs 149 CHEERLEADERS VICKIE BROOKS JO ANN BASS PATSY MCCLAIN Head Cheerleader THANKS, GIRLS . . , . . for cheering the team to victory. These five girls have done remarkably well lifting school spirit and backing the team. At the bottom of the page they are shown in their striking basketball uni- forms and pose in individual shots with their football uniforms. PAULINE ARCHUNDE MARSHA GUTHRIE BB. BULLPUP CHEERLEADERS Always behind the Bullpups at every game were the "B" team cheerleaders. They are pictured, left to right, Gretchen Brooks, Gloria Chavez, Martha Baca, Head Cheerleaderg Beverly Waldrop, and L d Mulkey. B n x. v 56012 K D BULLDOGS vl51TOR,S 42 n err 6 5 an I9 . 3 4 U A 1. L 8 Y I3 2 6 5 A NT R F 6 1 2 6 S T- M RRY '5 G- : 6 C, n P. 1. S BR D 1 4 2 6 H o B B 5 :L O L. AS can an 5 2,6 S 3 F A Rru N G-roN 6 2 0 H i G H L, H N D I9 P 151 "A" TEAM COACH This year the Bulldog basketball squad was headed by Coach Foehr, who has helped the team to victory. Although the Bulldogs didn't win every game, they showed outstanding sportsmanship and teamwork. Thank you, Coach Foehr, for your willing help. VARSITY BASKETBALL an-M Pictured, left to right, is the Varsity Basketball Squad. Bottom row, Eloy Jamie, Henry Jojola, Elesio Pino, Joe Weller, Jerry Gurule, Robert Jojola, Joe Sanchez, and William Hovey. Top row, Manager Dennis Carillo, Clifford Perrin, Louis Otero, Walter Ebia, Norman Courtney, Jim Martinez, George Friberg, Kurt Stromberg, Manager Alonzo Costales, and Coach Foehr. COACH ROSIN-"B" TEAM Coach Rosin handled the "B" Team basketball squad this year. He has the task of making good players for the varsity team. To him We owe much credit for the success of the Bullpups, who ended the season with a very good record. l' " TEAM BASKETBALL SQUAD Pictured left to right is the "BU Team basketball squad. Bottom row: Eddie Cande- laria, Aris Chavez, Gilbert Solis, Don Birmingham, Ismael Parra-s, George Montoya. Top row: Teofilio Chavez, Jmmy Brown, Tony Griego, Gene Baca, Lowell Smith, Ruben Chavez, Henry Jojola. 25 38 DON CARILLO ALONZO COSTALES Manager Manager NORMAN COURTNEY WALTER EBIA Forward Forward GEORGE FRIBERG JERRY GURULE Gmzrd Guard ELOY JAIME Guard JIM MARTINEZ Center LOUIS OTERO JOE SANCHEZ ELISIO PINO Forward Forward Gwlfd JOE WELLER Guard GRANTS-AHS Norman Courtney, James Martinez and Louis Otero all seem determined to keep the ball from a Grants op- ponent. They are all showing the good form taught to them by Coach Foehr. SANTA ROSA-AHS Jerry Gurule is all set to make a goal much to the dismay of the Santa Rosans. James Martinez is coming up to give him some assistance. 156 HIGHLAND-AHS Louis Otero 1347 and George Friberg 1005 are try- ing desperately to recover the ball from a Higjhland Hornet. James Martnez watches hopefully. SOCORRO--AHS James Martinez is shown at the right trying for a basket to chalk up points against the visting So- corro team. Walter Ebia and Nor- man Courtney are lending their support. At the left, Jerry Gurule is doing a fine job of guarding one of the Socorro players. VALLEY-AHS At the bottom left, Norma Courtney is pondering tfhe next move as a Valley Viking reaches into the air to catch the ball. A rebound ball, at the bottom right, causes everyone to look unp. The Bulldog men with expectation on their faces are Louis Otero, Norman Courtney, and James Martinez. 5 COACHES Coach Rosin who coaches the "AU team baseball .squad and Coach Foehr who coaches the HB" team baseball squad are pic- tured above. They have done a swell job this year putting our boys toward the top of the list. COACH ROSIN COACH FOEHR Pictured left to right is the Baseball team. Top row Coach Rosln Cliiford Perrin Louis Otero Bottom row: Don Birmingham, Bobby Costello, Rudy Clinton Peron Findley Cene Baca W alter Ebla Willie Baca, Isaac Costales, Charles Cordova, Bobby Jojola. Jackson, Lowell Smith Center row: Ismael Parros, Manuel Montoya, Jack Wilger, Eloy Jaime, Ruben Chavez, Jimmy Lindquist. 158 A clear day, a fast ball, and a powerful batter. What more could AHS want? BULLDOG BASEBALL It looks like a tie between a speeding Bulldog and a fast ball. Where? Oh where, did the little ball go?" Everybody except the runner seems to be spying. BULLDOG BASEBALL Make it a good one, Bulldog, Coach Foehr has his eyes on you. - - .CSi Coach Foehr is stressing the motto, 4'Practice makes perfect." BULLDOG BASEBALL In the shadow of their Alma Mater, the Bulldogs practice for the coming season. ,aw COACHES Coach Garvanian, left, and Coach Rushing have done a great job in training the Track team this year. 1956 AHS TRACK Charles Ahlgrim, George Smith, David Vargas, Ferdy C. De Baca, Nick Pino, Jack Hockinson, Max Otero, Buddy Justice, Joe Ruggles, Juan Mora, Lesmen Chavez, Ronnie Sandoval, Kenneth White, George Friberg, Tom Guerin, Bob Davalos, Andy Santiago, Don Smith, Anthony Miller, Jim Martinez, Ronnie Morrison, Eddie Mahoney, Eddie Barela, John Reardon. Second row: Jack Elder, Carlos Torres, Jim Gon- zales, Gilbert Garcia, Eliseo Montoya, Dick Zamora, Duane Raught, Frank McGuire, Cliff Porter, Paul Hartin, Ernie Garcia, Nelson Jones, Bob Tinnin, Ronnie Burkhart, Joe Nicasio, Joe Sisneros. Front row: Chris Lovato, Frank Apodaca, Jerry Burns, Alfred Florence, John C. De Baca, David Church Bob Haag, Louie Armijo, Kenton Jones, Don Woods, Jim Welliam, Robin Briscoe, Archie Garcia, Charles Williams, Richard Garcia. 162 if an 1 RUN! RUN! .... is the cry probably coming from Bulldog Fans as the two boys shown above race madly down the field. Broad jumping is a division of Track which takes much practice. Don Woods is shown at the right as he makes a flying leap, only to come down and try again, Here they come, and the judges will have quite a job in determining the winner, from the looks of this race! Shown below are Robin Briscoe, David Church, and Art Garcia fpictures left to rightb. FK l K I in The high hurdles race is a thrilling event of any track meet. In this picture you will notice Bulldog track men, along with others competing in this race. This was certainly a close race. Our Bulldog winner came in first, with a man not more than a foot behind him. But . . . the best man won, as the saying goes. HERE COME THE BULLDOGS . . . in the relay race which is a feature of every track meet. Nelson Jones has just finished throwing a shot- put during practice in Hopewell Field. Shown in the picture is Ronnie Morrison at Hopewell Field, during practice. He is throwing a shot-put, which is really a round metal ball. The object is to throw for distance. Ronnie Sandoval is shown in Hopewell Field the javelin before the inter-school track meet. 165 HW.. 8 First row, from left to right. Clarence Romero, Eugene Chavez, Harry Ray, Jimmy Abbott, Phil Finley, Ray Trujillo, Archie Garcia, Juan Duran, Dan Chavez, Albert Hardy. Second row: Robert Baca, Bob Sanchez, Jerry Burns, Robert Montoya, Joe Salazar, Rudy Baca, Alisico Mon- Ronnie Burkhardt, Sammy De Baca, Ray Flores, Louie WRESTLING 166 Joe Salazar is shown at the right tangling wit'h a Valley Lopez, Jimmy Williams. Fred Trujillo, Sam Royball, Howard McGuire, Gilbert Garcia, Charlie Cor- Third row: Mabery, Frank dova, Ferdy C. De Baca, Chris Lovato, Gary Pearson, Jack Fink, Jack Hinter, Jam Aragon, David Dwinell, Wayne Fowler, Carlos Torres. WB First row: Harry Ray, Jimmy Abbot Phil Finley, Jimmy Williams, Ronnie Burkhardt, Juan Duran. toya. Joe Salazar, Rudy Baca, Second row: Robert Mon- toya, Joe Salazar, Rudy Baca, Alvesto Montoya, Eugene Chavez. Third row: Sam Roybal, Chris Lovato, David Dwinell, Frank McGuire, Carlos Tor- res. LETTERMEN he--,, .Ja 9 E Il P I 5 '? ff: Q' ff ifg S 3 Eugene Chavez is executing the "suicide drop" in the top picture In the picture at the right, the Pentathlon group is pictured from left to right, first row: Patrick Amador, Ramond Flores, Eugene Cha- vez, Robert Montoya, Leo Salazar. Second row: Richard Tru- jillo, Louie Lopez, Wayne Fowler, Juan Duran, Frank Chavez. Third row: August Chavez, Don Chavez, Vivian Marti- nez, Sam De Baca. In the picture at the left, Patrick Amador is doing the "flying Dutchman. Pictured above is the Golf team. First row: Raymond Chavez, Ralph Narajo, Ken McCormick, Dan McKannen, Gilbert Lovato, Raymond Matteucci, Candido Montoya. ""'w ' will i5'v..X x,,l, if It looks like that ball is it about to go traveling, as Dan ga a McKinnon gets ready to tee off. Practicing a putt is Ralph Narajo. This shot was taken at the UNM golf course, where the Albuquerque High golf team practices. Pictured above i-s the Tennis team. From left to right they are, first row, Kenneth Sammons, Arthur Sandoval, Dick Russ, Dennis Frannishg Second row: Coach Valdez, Steve Sanchez, Ronnie Fortu, Richard Griego, Larry Edwald, Kurt Stromberg, Waldo Lucero. Valdez is the Tennis Coach who helps the boys become better players of this sport. He has done a good job this year for Tennis. Shown at left is a fast- moving game of tennis. This sport can prove very exciting when played skillfully. Pictured to the left is Mrs. Sacks. physical education teacher, with three of 'her pupils. Mrs. Sacks has the job of teaching her classes girls' sports, which include Bad- minton, Volley Ball, Baseball, Socker, Field Hockey, and other various sports. She does a wonderful job instructing the girl-s who take P, E. PING-PONG Mrs. Sack-s' cadet teacher is shown helping the girls to learn more about the rules and technique of Ping Pong. New to Albuquerque High this year is Miss Deffke, who is shown with three of her students, whom she is instructing on the variou-s important things to know about Girl's Basketball. Miss Deffke ha-s done very well her first year as physical education instructor at AHS. SQUARE DANCING Only one form of dancing that is taught at Albuquerque High is shown below. Square Dancing is one of the be-st ,loved activities of the girls who take Physical Educa- tion. ,.44v""""A' : M.. iw? QA MM 171 72 Pictured above is Miss Iden and two of her students. She is showing them a few things worth- while knowing about the game of tennis. This is Miss Iden's first year as P.E. instructor at Albuquer- que High and she has proven to be one of our best gym teachers. BADMINTON One of the many sports that are enjoyed by the Girls' P. E. classes is badminton A fast game of this sport is shown below as Miss Iden's class plays it. SFT? The girls shown above are the welcoming committee from Albuquerque High who helped the girls register for Sports Day which was held in tihe AHS Gym this fall. T'hey are from left to right: Vicki Brooks, Betty Jean Chapman, Jo Ann Bass, and Darla Warick. SPORTS DAY These girls are AHS girls warming up for a game of Badminton. BS 1 N.s.,.,M, "-1 all 173 Two of the teams that attended AHS for Sports Day are shown above playing a hard game of Basketball. SPORTS DAY Shown below is an AHS team playing one of their rivals 'during Sports Day. They are being cheered by the girls on the sidelines who represent nearly all of the high schools around Albuquerque and the near-by towns. SPORTS DAY p At the right, an Albuquerque High girl seems to be having a little trouble getting rid of the ball in the right direction. Who IS holding the ball, we don't know, but it looks like she could use a little 'help in keeping the ball away from those guards. The old stadium is empty now except for one spectator who seems to express everyone's feelings-that it will soon be time for sports to reign over the school again. "A" Club .,..,. Aides : Bookroom .,... Counselors ...... Library ...... Nurse .... Office .... Archaeology ...... Assemblies : Junior Talent .,.............. ....... Girls and Boys State ........ ....... Science .....,..,.,.,....,..,.,.., .,..... Senior Talent ............. .......... Sophomore Talent .,...... ,,......,. Thanksgiving Day .,.,.,.. ,....,.,., Astronomy ..............,...... Band Sweetheart .r....., Banquets : Football .... Press ............. Battalion Staff .....,..,... Board of Education ....... Bowling Club ..................... .......... Bulldog Queen .,......,................. ,...,..l.. Bulldog Queen Attendants Bulldog Queen Court .......... .,........ Cheerleaders : A Team ...... B Team ...... Chemistry Club .,..,,. Chevaliers ........ Cordellas ,.,.,. Corvettes ........ Debs .............. Dedication .,.. Dramateens ...,., Drill Squad ........ Drum Major ,,.,., Faculty ..,..,.,...,.. Fiddlin' Feet .....r. French Club ..,... F.F.A. ........... . INDEX F.N.A. ......................... . F.T.A. .....,........l.......... . Green and White Ball Honor Society ............ Interschool Council .,,. Juniors ........,............... Junior Play .,.,....,r.,.,. K.A.N.W. ........ . La Reata ......,., Latin Club .,,,. Litterbugs ,,...,,. Los Hermanos ........, Majorettes .,........,....... Military Ball Queen .... Music: Advanced Girls Chorus Band ...,................ Boys Chorus ........ Mixed Chorus .,,.,. Orchestra .....,...... Pepper Club Officers Print Shop .................. Projector Club ............ Record ............... R.O.T.C. .,,..,......,. . Science Club ....,., Sen Sims .....,,...,. Seniors ..,. t ,,,..... Senior Play ........ Ski Club ,.,.,,.., Sophomores ...... Sports : Baseball ...... Basketball .,.,. Football ,.,... Golf ....... .... Penthalon ...... Tennis ,..,,.., Track ..... Wrestling .,.,, Student Affairs .......,,. Student Council .,...,,... Teenage Traffic Assn. W1S3k3 .........,...,,...,....,., Yucca ,,.,,.,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,kwa cLL.gL-ml, -ffbf-efff0'0"""L444 --x VLWJ, Qfc,.74,,,,,,,4,ZaJ4Mf-07bL'f'f'Q'J"7'L""f3" d71,Z,'!., ffQ11fUfffffW'4 A QZMQ7 WWW , ' WW fwfzw' 1 xx 55 " s 6 X xgfk ix mf fl askin? isa -Q HES 3 7755 79 aff ' 1 jean yzfff ,off 'S f L-'lu-my .4 ZNNR- .1-I l'N' -.. 'n 1 I ' 5 xx X, ,y ,-:: ' i Gfwfwffiw M! Awww 'MM W ww W V65 awww? WM any S 'EV W W MQW' qpkgq' wffwyy 1 mm' 701 wwf Q flyilffwfwwwxfwy alfmfjglfoylwl f'fgQwwW'Mf,!W'f f XAWMM .x ns , A1 J 3 . Elf M , ? k 1 a 3 b: i , 'K 5 Q 3 if 2 ,Nggww U fy , H 1 A0 Q, fx , s WSW N i5XhXN0fLk0U14Vl S QQWXQ gp Y 1 Wffwmifiyffqmpf E 'W se W1 TJWHMZG, Zfvfjfw W i x -i

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