Albuquerque High School - La Reata Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM)

 - Class of 1954

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Albuquerque High School - La Reata Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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xw HWY M P Ab , Q + 0 ,ffm 5? M QW WW gi Q W fmw QL'ig"R'31-Gigi? IZA! xi I jx 'Q A A . -14? P F315 5 - , - A E 'N G b QFQ Sa WU H N3 5' XS ' ' A x 5 g V. f, -A,. V ' I A . - . W M I - Jiffy 'iv it I I In -M v73,,s,i. .L 1. I , 1- .. .1 L- . 1 Ili? - .1 I f nf N ggi- A ' if XJ-0-yy x5"",fx xff V '13.." A9 'rl' A ' ' - ' xQ,33"' xxwc' b 7, lOQ! 9: ,j QW X SN wif ' 4 W ' 'xyww ,f.f,'f2,,,, ' 7 x , . Q' W ' ,Zz ,,,.,' Q 4174 :ML ' My 541 'lwffll gnzjlf"U1 7 4 jf MMM Adm, J' T X4 fWmf 4M4 'f :if Z V. J 1 Ae ' 160' Wgffffgfff' MQ 14 fi? ' 4 4fQZZ mf ' 1 MQ! 'M fffm V"ffvwff 6 654225 fwfm Q55 sw m72JQ M Z A at f X gf ww A? 1 M3 2 W 'I 4 ' ' 'H-'fa--..,,, A M . w - X Ark .XM PW ymY w WWA EWR ' . i R Ry U a Qajufcifwfi BE , . 5 ,X M4 S .5 Q 'X - M V 20? V X A XgyVN'Q Q? ,J l W X GX J ff R32 Q- uw Fu .QQ 'AAA gf? QQ K jx of Qbvlgq by ' Q ,W ,k Jig? X If VF of ""' Af .5 My 5 pw' V' pin! H AM U-Ib Q ,FIV 91" U py gzyf, 4 'AFV JK U ,LJ 9 .J if 0 f X X ' ff! V :xi K- ,fn 5 M XRV3 . 'Qi 3 .XJ " 55 ff Eg 5 N cf , . NN! Ni A XA sig j -. QR r.-5 .. ,-. M! ' ZMJWM 5, XM waz Qi QVWKMQ f'- 'N X V Mi ji lglz A, I U A-yr' ' L , K . ajW I Q! H .. Vx ' 'C-ff,,,f U , yik ' Q 'fi' U M - , M i I. , L If I gf., X f H -' f 1 ' 1 1 x 1 N 4 va Q N X Qs K. X , , i2 1 Xi is EX f 3 kg xii Q hx .54 S WT! v is Xi Q EE 'X v gf 3 4 AS 3 Jw fgw Ni X ,f ' ii QQ EW ,Q SX if S X f' ' 0 . Q ba gk Q IYPAAV V' ' 'ff 'f?2i'v'wy5b XXX Q F ' if j,fgy"Lf1'Vf' f"P'2P'f W if ii Wfazynf yy Www W M Qwiizfgffffg iq Gem., 29335 ' fgzgf +63 Ny 25211 M MT ffZi'W',,ww fi A M iwiiafw TSEFQEQ 2r45i: if 5S 3533 5922 X . A gi? rg Q 3 42 X2 -352 55 , Ed - w 5 - '59 MM!! if W4 - 7 u wi I'?ffwf,,wW M L . QW' N , ZXWWWI F4409 XCO7'-55"f6 W XP M 'GYM 1 ' of " f , J If f f ' 2971 7 ag I U17 M W W W f Wd ffff I ff 'f' VL. 5 5 ffl, ff QM, JJ Aff- 1 " uh' dj ami 3 ,, ,ff Y H I ggiivf Q is 'pgvcilffu A' Y fu f"M4rg,iLa' "db L f- , ,f I 0, fciif P" 57 X v Jaffa if -K V , , 1 ,.q g 3 I f f A - '--' 5 4, ,ff X 4 V -"' at yd "N If Y , N A f R 17 '94 ' H um K I K, N L Kirk' .X A 3 R. 55 l - , b., M .y V KL EXW, ft . b , f 5 - 'xp ' 'X , V' N' .5 fs , 1 w -- . 1 ' xv , 1 x HM' P' X! . xi " W ' x if ii R wifi? 53? wfiwiw is QJJYQQJX5 0 Zfwfwqf gg Q K u' 4, 3 933 QS X N 'WAJQQ-6 x 1 Q3 X ' , J X' QW " Q ffl"f' Ik gn Smack Nmipxfiku Sf jf V 515 QD mia Q - Qimivsiisfzgw Q46 Ng img EAW K? ' RLQQQN as by sg 3 ix or qv V45 v?Z,N-5, wilaglga, N " 7 W Wrvyq X If My ,Q Q J K0 bid.:-' 44 e ,7 do v 1 X050 xg A 6 we Q fa S Q c Q K l V555 qi 'H - -9- ' v ' fbi X M Wg b wfff fd C21 6 Q. WC? f fmfk . , ?'WO?fQfWV7l9f02Qf l 1 1. N Mg- 4, fYm,.f.Q,n ? " DMU Q, " I . I , K 5...Ji.n. , XTJ DQtus Qglik C rg, 1 3 X l , YK H-'mob-xj mag ZZ: .J l 4-4 . I M155ZQTX M1R E ATA A ,,1, 4f,g5"M146 M' 1 MXOWJ MO CMXJ ok I fy ! 9,47 M ' QQ CQSECAROLINE MACIEL W E N -- "L X. ' Edifor-in-Chief X ,f QF? BETTY ANN ELNORA BOWERS 'f A fKssocia+e Edifors K b wif f Ji am Jig Wi L Lck ff? EX' X ' W M' I f' f 1 V! Q Q JEAN WOOLETT HELEN BURSO I N lg y 4 -QBQM f i T 1. V. ,, K., TJ Ar+DesflI'1S 1, C1 . xx J Y ! 3 f THOMAS Nw. M. WALLINGE M. o. PETERSON X X Q x Sporysors 1 U F KVM jc . X, , N I 4 fc n+ed b tional un+ing Claggwfftg J 'ALBl1h5uE U .SCH X R f1UAlb e, Ib exico if N44 Ei' X1 Voll:r3E4XLV 1-E X 2 x SSA! MANUAL CHURCH ARTS ADMINISTRATION LIBRARY La Reata, the Spanish word for rope or lasso, is the name of our yearbook because it acts to tie together or unite all the wonderful things that have happened during the high school years. It holds in its loop the many failures and successes, but most of all the skill of learning to work together. Our musical theme will re- mind us of the thrill of our school song, the beauty of our Christmas programs, the joy of singing together. The La Reata staff has worked hard to bring you a yearbook that you might re- member for many years to come. We hope you will en- joy seeing and reading it, as we have enjoyed putting it together. GYM MAIN W WD f"J wMuwvH"'b:N J, ,vf' ' ' -I is N Jjwidllv l,,1--- k A, if HP My V JW WN :N - 12 2' VI-llyykblf I fl" jV,xA,.lf'7l' I 'W ,jf Table of Contents , 1 W' jlyvj-' A..-- ' N 675 u Qld, 32 ., , I dw My ' K- - xr' - Q Ded - - 4 5 Q at n.:W5,ffML,lfQs1Ky'. ig 1 iii JG? Wy' fp 1UDf w Faculfy . .',. lffbjfoi, .l.. M9 ,og wsu NJN- sch ILife . . . Q32 ' MZQWWOZ f Qgisgo ' .... K ..... 139 R x G: CARL CRAMER The musical theme of the 1954 La Reata brings to the minds of all of us a man Who, through his patient and able leadership, has given to Albuquerque High School a fine band and orchestra and has done much to strengthen C43 the unity of the school through the music de- partment. The La Reata staff and student body take this way to express its thanks to Carl Cramer for his Willing participation in school activities by dedicating to him this, our La Reata. Y,-N., 5,3 ' . g ' 4 Qixwuh 1 . 4 . N 5 ' X . , , Q. fx ,S 1 . - 1 , 0 A 1- ig 0 - fl I f ,xg X A x I Q , ' I A N . 2 X I' Q Nbx V nAWj""gf if 1, Q 5 . x 4 F AM X 1 X X Q' 0 I' I' u-'lily ,ME ' x ' 'J X 0 I ' K ",- -- Q ' s , x x JX X X 3 A I i - A 1 ig f :'2 J - x x '- W Q "' I gui' Db 3 g 5 fiom' ,.,ff bf"'U ' I x I A J ' S' :W 1 4 N5 X Ui 14:4 fl , . V-V f, yi Kali A if 'H SCDPHCDMCDRES SCDPHCMORE CLASS GFFICERS This year's twelve hundred Sophomores at Among their various activities, they presented Albuquerque High School have made a good a talent assembly early in November, which was name their first year. They elected their class later shown on television. Judging by this and officers, Montie Cast, President, Mary Ellen Der- other good work, we see that the Sophomores byshire, Vice Presidentg Tane Ong, Secretary- of 1953 and 1954 will have a firm foundation Treasurer to represent them in their activities. on which to stand in future years. MARY ELLEN TANE ONG DERBYSHIRE Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President as .. Q :tm S s - A MONTIE CAST mwasw, ' President C69 s. ,..:,. i ..,' , ""':" Abaskin, Helen, Abbott, Jim, Abels, Betty, Abernathy, Richard, Abeyta, Bennie, Abeyta, Ella, Adams, Betty Adams, Bonnie, Albaugh, Charles, Alderete, Solie, Alirc, Lupe, Alire, Mary Jane, Alires, Tom, Allred, Karren X X Q- W , ,., , ' . ..,- .. ' Allright, Claude, Amador, Eddie, Anaya, Rudy X 3 Q , , , , , Qi A bzzu 2 Apodaca, Steve, Aquilar, Marcella, Aragon, Ben N XX Iz, ,.'- e IIA' ,:-' '-.. Q Ankney Bobby' Anthony Tommy' Apodaca Danny Aragon, Delfino, Aragon, Marie, Aragon, Wilfred Aranda, Stella, Archuleta, Chris, Archunde, Pauline, Argucllo, Roberta, Armijo, Frankie, Armijo, Maurice, Armijo, Pattic Armijo, Raymond, Atencio, Flora, Atencio, Rose Marie, Atte- bury, Lila, Austin, Larry, Baca, Corina, Baca, Delores Baca, Fred, Baca, Marcella, Baca, Margaret, Baca, Randa, Baca, Ruby, Ball, Royearl, Barboa, Clara , F rm to di A SOPHOMORES o Q77 'B "' xii, 5 Barnes Vernon' Barrios, Armanda, Barros, Mary Helen, Basila, Jo Anne' Bass Joann' Bauldridge Kathryn- Baxter Alvin IA. im field, John, Bell, Betsy, Bell, Bill ,wg t Bazan, Gloria, Bazon, John, Bebber, Bill, Beck Betty, Beding- X Bemis, Shirley, Benavidez, Susan, Bennett, Lois Kay Berg, Betty, Black, Bill, Blair, Janet . In WEP' X Bloomfield, Jerry, Bohannon, Herbert, Bommelaere, Shirley Bonaguidi, Larry Jo, Bond, Jeanette, Boone, Dixie Lee Borough, Nancy, Bowers, lla, Bowlin, Jack, Brazeal, Richard, Bridges, Sally, Brooks, Vicki, Brooks, Walter Brown, Dorothy, Brown, Mary, Brown, Rexanna, Brown, Sara, :nn 9 Bulgess, Rodney, Burke, Betty, Burkhart, Ronnie , Burney, Gene, Busch, Marilyn, Bushey, Mac, Cadena, Vickie, Cain, Dixie, Campbell, Anna, Campbell, Connie 'tr - i C87 SOPHOMORES Campbell, Corrine, Candelaria, Bernard, Candelaria, Dorothy, Candelaria, Jack, Cannon, Judy, Canon, Wyonia, Cantrell, Sam Cardwell, Tim, Carlson, Paul, Caroway, Betty, Carpenter, Mari- lyn, Carrasco, Jenny, Carriaga, Orlando, Carrillo, Phillip NS ,Q QDPP P Carter, Joyce, Case, June, Casias, Mary fl : EIQ Cast, Montie, Chapman, Barbara, Chapman, Fred Chase, Sally, Chavez, Celina, Chavez, Connie , Chavez, Dellarina, Chavez, Dennis, Chavez, Earnest Esther, Chavez, Felix, Chavez, Frances, Chavez, Gene, .. '-,- ,X Chavez, Jake, Chavez, Johnnie, Chavez, Joseph Chavez, A ai . IQQ- 1':- Chavez, Lesmen, Chavez, Marvin, Chavez, Mary Lou, Chavez, Phyllis, Chavez, Priscilla, Chavez, Rita, Chavez, Rose Marie Chavez, Tony G., Chavez, Yvonne, Childers, Kenneth, Chilton, Jane, Chirigos, Evie, Chittenden, Ted, Chmura, Sofia .- is 3 'Se '1"s::.:, ,X ,N 5 sa Q ' 'Ea' , .,. , . X Q . -I , If :'Yf:, l .,,, , A . . ,,,. ,,.J'1 1 e ' J L C . xg-I SOPHOMORES C93 Church, David, Clark, Eddie, Clingan, Andy, Cady, Sharon, Caldwell, Bertha, Cole, Roberta, Collier, Collier Collins, Babe, Collins, Janet, Collins, Marilyn, Collins, Shirley, Contreras, Carmen, Cook, Marilyn, Cooper, Patricia Cordell, Phyliss, Cordova, Charles, Cordova, Tillie Cordova, Manuel, Cornell, Fannie, Cornell, Lanny , Costales, Alonzo, Counts, Roland, Cowan, Bonnie Q3 '1'-:' I Cowdrey, Martha, Crawford, Ruby, Crist, Margie Crobaugh, Karen, Crow, Vita, Curran, Laura, Cutler, Retta, Darnell, Margaret, Darwin, Douglas, Davis, James Davis, Theodore, DeBaca, Freddie, DeBaca, Tillie, De LaCruz, Gilbert, Delles, Carl, De Vinell, David, Denney, Martha Denson, Alyne, Denton, Buddy, Derbyshire, Mary Ellen, Din- widdle, Diana, Dodge, Donna, Dominguez, Dolores, Dominguez, Evelyn C109 soPHoMoREs H, sa- Fir gas .,,,. ' Doolittle, Jerry, Dowling, Robert, Doyle, Diana, Duncan, Betty, Dunmam, Sue, Duran, Don, Duran, Fannie -ff 1"- Dusho, Wille: Easley, Carole, Easley, Jewell, Eatinger, Joann, Edmondson, Emily, Ellis, Johnnie, Evans, Bobby X Q... F sa Eppcrson, Jan, Ezell, Sandy, Fagan, Martha Fahrion, Jolene, Feagin, Ann, Fernandez, Prisella le Q Finley, Phillip, Finn, Robert, Fogell, Bette Q N-a s , - , ,,..,, . Ford, Martha, Foster, Edith, Foster, Laura Franco, Mary Ann, Gabaldon, Gloria, Gaines, Fred, Gallegos, " Gilbert, Gallegos, Leroy, Gallegos, Richard, Garcia, Carmen 5 ,Q a. - Sa if Garcia, Ernest, Garcia, Frances, Garcia, Irene, Garcia, Lila, Garcia, Mary, Garcia, Patsie, Garcia, Rebecca Garcia, Tony, Gatewood, Arthur, Gaugler, Carl, Gault, Deloris, Gebert, Cynthia, Gee, Andy, Geer, Otto at ' L. l'I!!Igl iisliili jgaiik soPHoMoREs cub illgggelli Gonzales, Dolores, Gonzales, Mary, Gonzales, Raymond, Gossett, Dale, Greer, Dixie, Gregg, Jann Carrol, Grerson, Mary Gurule, Betty, Guthrie, Marsha, Gutierrez, Constance, Gutierrez, Eugene, Gutierrez, Fay, Gutierrez, Mary Therese, Gutierrez, Raymond Hand, Bill, Hardy, Dorothy, Harris, Brian Harris, Gail, Harris, Joanne, Harris, Margaret Hortzell, Myrl, Harvey, Jack, Hatley, Faye Hatley, May, Hay, LeRoy, Hay, Sandra Healy, Anna, Hedgres, Carol, Heebink, Gail, Heister, Bernice, Hernandez, Joe, Herrera, Albert, Herrera, Dolores Herrera, Jayvin, Heydt, Barbara, Hilledrand, Janelle, Hinkey, Leonard, Holland, Thomas, Holstein, Ross, Hoogenboom, Tony Hopper, Marge, Houehin, Robert, Hough, Robert, Hovey, Will- iam, Howell, Loretta, Humble, Jerry, Humphrey, Carolyn C127 X 5 E 'iiifias .: 1 K, M M Q w X ix s fee- :..-ag: a5:.,5a:::.'-',,gs5zge-: s. S S PHOMORES s Hutchison, Ramona, Jackson, Lena, Jaramillo, Kathy, Jaramillo, Lucy, Jaramillo, Olivia, Jaramillo, Uie, Jarboe, Annis Jenkins, Judy, Jernigam, Bill, Johnson, Donna, Johnson, Fran- ces, Johnson, Mary, Johnson, Verna Deen, Johnson, Wanda Jones, Anna, Jones, James, Jones, Julia Joplin, Donevag Jordan, Jim, Jorgensen, Nancy .Iustice, Buddy, Juul, JoAnn, Jyle, John Kellcr Mary' Kelly Demetria' Keisch Kathy, Kelsue, Bille, Kercher Lynn- Kesler Sharon' Killey, Ronald Qf' 'zi' ' "':" Kaffka, Jim, Kaiser, Delores, Keith, Sylvia N w Y Y 7 1 Y King, Dale, King, Larry, King, Redd, Kircher, Lynn, Kirikos, Chris, Kirk, Venita, Kitts, Jimmy Kitts, Mackie, Klasser, Amy, Koehnke, Rick, Lamb, Lloyd, Lampert, Coy, Laredo, Bill, Large, Esther + QR R . SN? sink SOPHOMORES C139 l Laurie, Bonnie, Lawson, Donald, Laws, Geraldine, LeDoux, Gilbert, Legrand, Jack, Levesque, Jerry, Lewis, June Lindley, Bobbie, Little, Rex, Logsdon, Leroy, Logsdon, Mae Loomis, Genevieve, Lopez, Dora, Lopez, Gregoria Lopez, Louis, Lopez, Virginia, Lovato, Betty Lovato, Gilbert, Leeman, Louise, Lowry, Ralph Loy, Peg, Lucero, Eliso, Lucero, Julia Lucero, Wylie, Lucian, Madeline, Lujan, Elvera Luxford, Tink, Lybarger, Linda, Lynch, Billy, McAneny, Sharon, McCare, Donna, McCandless, Gordon, McClain, Patsy McClain, Shirley, McC1endon, Jody, McCieskey, Wayne, Mc- Curdy, Ronald, McDonald, Maurice, McGowne, Ralph, McGuire, Frank McHogking, Carrol, McKelvey, Jean, McKenzie, Sally, McLean, Jack, McPhearson, David, Mabery, Cynthia, Macy, Marvin :: it C e -' , Q Q , 2 Y Qs been f ve! , M -we it ,..,, -3 pa . 1' 53 Q ., Q ' , in ,, ' - 'fE: 1-iw ' :i'::: ' QQQQ S R 5 me + C141 SOPHOMORES . e w - .::.Q.:5,.,,Q:, X .J i m- ..N, I SOPHOMORES is . ,:,:..:: 1 Madison, Edward, Maestas, Angie, Maez, Elsie, Majauekas, Brony, Marcum, Nettie, Mariano, Stanley, Marino, Margaret Marks, Judy, Martinez, Angelina, Martinez, Bennie, Martinez, Bernie, Martinez, Eliseo, Martinez, Gil, Martinez, Mary Martinez, Roger, Martinez, Sylvia, Martinez, Theresa Martinez, Timmie, Martinez, Vivian, Maryol, Georgia Massegce, Carolyn, Maxwell, Marylin, Meister, David Metzgar, Lucy, Metzgar, Max, Miller, Anthony Miller, Frankie, Miller, John, Minero, Mercy, Mock, Shirley, Mondgragon, Roger, Montoya, Barbara, Montoya, Eliseo Montoya, John, Montoya, Susie, Montoya, Sylvia, Moody, Jerry, Moore John' Moore Rosalee' Mora Manuelita Morelock Dorothy' Morelock Lou' Morrison Ronnie' Moya Romeo' Mutter Linde' Myers Henry' Myers Ted 'N vw? S- Napoleone, Rudy, Nelson, Rachel, Newman, Jimmy, Newsom, A ' Weldon, Niedosik, Lucien, Nielson, Don, Nilsen, George V Nixon, Chief, Noel, Bob, Norris, Jean, North, Marilyn, Novak, '..,"' H ' E V' Richard, Nuanes, Albert, Nuanez, Sally ' Ogden, Judy, Olguin, Flora, Ong, Tane Ortega, Arlene, Ortega, Diana, Ortega, Miguel Ortez, Irene, Osif, Margie, Overton, Christine Pace Avenell' Pace Shirley' Pacheco Gloria 'Q Pacheco, Virginia, Pacias, Billy, Padilla, Cecila, Padilla, Mae, ili' A',"'22 Q ZV: Padilla, Maria, Padilla, Pauline, Palmer, Robert ' Parcella, Charlie, Patterson, Mary, Perea, Dolores, Perea, Louie Perea, Manuel, Persinger, Sharon, Peterson, Gary Phillips, Barbara, Phillips, Jeanne, Pohl, Charlotte, Pohl, Mary Porter, Clifford, Powell, Boyce, Quintero, Tito C167 SOPHOMOR Rael, Elsie, Ramirez, Ray, Ramirez, Val, Rapp, Martha, Ray, Harry, Reardon, John, Reeves, Albert Reicks, Bernard, Remillard, Roselieg Restow, Jo Ann, Richards, Charles, Richards, Rusty, Richards, Marvin, Rinehart, Richard Rivera, Gloria, Robbins, Charlotte, Rocco, Ernest Rodarte, Laura, Rodarte, Rose, Rodriquz, Julia Roeder, David, Rogers, Simone, Rokison, Bert Romero, Charles, Romero, Gabriel, Romero, Mary Helen Romero, Stella, Ruggles, Joe, Rust, Wayne, Saavedra, Lawrcncc, Sold, Floyd, Saiz, Mary Jog Sarome, Eddie Salas, Mary, Salazar, Adelag Sanchez, Armidag Sanchez, Arthur, Sanchez, Chester, Sanchez, Dan, Sanchez, Erncstine Sanchez, Hazel, Sanchez, LeRoy, Sanchez, Peggy, Sanchez, Pon- cianita, Sanchez, Priscilla, Sanders, Betty, Sanders, Wanda SOPHOMORES QU, Sandoval, Leopold, Sandovai, Ronald, Sandovai, Viola, Santil- lanes, Tony, Sedillo, Chonita, Sekot, Jonnie, Seligman, Patty Seligman, Susan, Sona, Theresa, Segura, Francis, Serina, Fil- bert, Shields, Anita, Short, Frances, Shouse, Wanda Silna, Ramona, Silva, Lucia, Silva, Marie Simmons, Bill, Simpson, Marilynn, Sisneros, Davis Skidmore, Sonja, Smith, Ardith, Smith, Kenneth Smith, Patricia, Smith, Patsy, Smith, Shirley Snow, Sylvia, Spence, Ray, Spencer, Margaret, Sprunk, Gene, Sprunk, Lucille, Spurgeon, Norma, Stallman, Patty Standfier, Sandra, Starr, Jo Ann, Stearns, Aian, Stewart, Elaine, Stillie, Barbara, Stomp, Donald, Stromburg, Chickie Strunk, Bill, Swinney, Bill, Swafford, Wilma, Tachias, Lydia, Tafoya, Virginia, Tanus, Arthur, Tapia, Ernest Et. , '+ , . ' 'aiu If C181 SOPHOMORES Taras, Edward, Targhetti, Rita, Taylor, Arlene, Taylor, Robert, Teas, Marilyn, Teeter, Loren, Terwilliger, Nancy Thomas, George, Thompson, Judy, Thornton, Helen, Tremaine, Jo Ann, Triplett, Donald, Trujillo, Carol, Trujillo, Louis Turner, Frankie, Turner, Freddie, Turner, Bobby Upson, Rosella, Uplosie, Gloria, Valdez, Johnny Valdez, Loretta, Valdez, Patsy, Valdez, Sally Van Doren, Deaa, Van Howard, Lyle, Van Over, Phyliss .. G , ' Van Winkle, Don, Valasquezg Cydia, Valasquez, Rafael, Velos, J Patsy, Vermillion, Jeannie, Vigil, Isabel, Villcscaro, Alvaro Villines, Richard, Vilbarre, Emily, Walters, Bob, Waltz, Loretta, Ward, Jeannine, Wasner, Kay, Watkins, George Weaver, Sada, Webb, Lucy, Weller, Joe, West, Sonja, Wester- field, Gus, Westerhald, Royce, Whately, Henry SOPHOMORES C193 Q First row: White, Ann, Wilde, Clariceg Wheeler, Leslie, Wil- ger, Jack, Williams, Dwayne, Williams, Jimmie, Williams, Laura Third row: Womack, Charles, Wood, Beverly, Woods, Dean Yarbrough, Margaret I -A,. : 2, af syrs Second row: Williams, Washg Wilson, Jeang Wilson, Maxine, Wiltbank, J o y c eg Windsor, Jack: Winn, Jackieg Wlaver, Maxine Fourth row: W 0 o d s, Dong Woolflk, Arthur, Wright, Ste- phen in A in Zamora, Vitaline if SOPHOMORE TALENT ASSEMBLY The first class assembly of the year was presented by the Sophomores. Doing a modern dance number are left to right Mary Helen Barros, Sally Chase, and Frances Garcia. C205 SOPHOMORES QU W M 's ,I O I , 3 N ,I K fm 145 f Wwwlfjiff mit. ag. A ffl? 9'M?1TT3JW6MR s JUNIOR CLASS GFFICERS The Junior Class of 1953 and 1954 has achieved much during the school year. In the Fall, the Junior Class Play was produced. Later came the Junior Talent Assembly. Several have appeared on television shows. Contrary to the usual custom, many Juniors took leading parts in the Cantata presented at Christmas time. Many Juniors have distinguished themselves in jour- nalistic and gridiron activities. The class has elected for its officers three deserving studentsg Billy Mann, Presidentg Neva Jo Weese, Vice-Pre- sidentg and Sue Coleman, Secretary-Treasurer. E s NEVA JO WEESE Vice-President 1225 BILLY MANN President SUE COLEMAN Secretary-Treasurer Anderson, Maxine Anderson, Robert Anesi, Joann Anglin, Duane Anglin, Ladona Aragon, Edwina Aragon, Esther Aragon, Lydia Archuleta Diana Archuleta a 16. ,.,. ,.,,,,.,. d -,hi Izz in Abeita, Emily Acree, Eddie Adlon, Charles Aguilar, Marie Ahlgrim, Cloe Alarid, J can Alderete, Margie Ambrose, John Anaya, Angie Anderson, Jack 'YQ If mqqp Armijo, Esther Armijo, Maurice Armijo, Max Armstrong Barbara Arnold, Pat Atencio, Phillip Ausborn, Pauline Axtell, Diane Baca, Donald Baca, Ida JUNIORS 237 Baca, Phillip Baca, Trinnie Bachicha, Gilbert Barnes, Charlie Barnes, Nancy Barnett, Eddie Barrera, Eliza Bazan, Stella Beal, Billie Beal, Bobby Black, Alice Blair, Sam Bloom, Sharon Booth, Laura Boriff, Joe Bowers Elnora Lee Bramlett, Gloria Brazeal, Barbara Brazell, Polley Broocke, Irvin 1245 Beasley, Jimmie Beckett, Jack Bemis, Florence Benavidez, Ruben Bennett, Jeanne Benavidez, Bernadette Benavidez, Elisabeth Betts, Norma Biggerstaff, Roland Billings, Jerry JUNIORS Burrows, Sue Burson, Helen Cady, Doris Colelough, Charles Candelaria Eloy Candelaria, Josie Candelaria, Julia Candelaria, Mary Ann Cannon, Jack Cannon, Joe if R: 'XY if , X N- " jr as rs Brown, Beverly Brown, Frances Brown, Walter Brown, Yvonne Bryant, Joan Bukove, Sandra Burch, Sara Lee Burger, Sherry Burke, Franklin Burns, Larry Q' W, Pi 9 '.,. ff Carley, Emily Carringa, Ernie Caudill, Inez Chacon, Jean Chavez, Corine Chavcz, Dolly Chavez, Eddie Chavez, Evelyn Chavez, John Chavez, Lillian JUNIORS 4 253 Clark, Eileen Clark, Nadine Clark, Joyce Cobos, Evelia Coleman, Sue Cooksey, Verdita Copeland, Pat Cordova, Joseph Corey, Mary Corfield, Boyd C263 Chavez, Lorenzo Chavez, Manuel Dowling, Robert Chavez, Nancy Chavez, Ricardo Chiarello, Donna Church, Jimmie Church, Virginia Cimino, Jan Cimino, Ralph ?lweg,,s Cotton Harvey Cosat Angie Cowdry, Robert Craig, Robert Craig, Eldon Crespin, Ramy Daily, Don Darr, Loren Darr, Walter Danner, Eleanor JUNIORS Daulton, Sam Davis, Lyle Davis, Peggy Davis, Wylder Delfrate, Richard Delaney, Ella Denton, Darrell Deskin, Marilyn Dimas, Jimmy Donley, Marilyn X.. 'm Eckerman, Nevlyn Edwards, Jim Giron, Victor Elkins, Nisa, Ervin, Gay Erwin, Nellie Espana, Ernie Esquivel, Freddy Evans, Carolyn Evans, Joyce JUNIORS A Doolittle George Drake, Dick Driskill, Betty Dudding, Lloyd Duncan, Orlando A Duran, Eusebio Duran, Leroy Duran, Mandy Dusing, Donna East, Linda I, If' . O MQW ww, 'W 1 Nliwfm -is ,ls3""'D -'i. :kim 'X . ,Q E 1 it , x , X 'wk'-J' -A ,fm-4fgw..x 55,5 Even, Mary Ellen Faris, Barbara Ferrel, Allen Findley, Donna Jean Findley, Rita May Finn, Pat Finuf, Larry Fioretti, Dick Fisher, Sharon Frazier, Fred EEFQQXIQ Garcia, Agnes Garcia, Alvita Garcia, Bette Garcia, Candido Garcia, Cecilia Garcia, Gabriel Garcia, Helen Garcia, Juanita Garcia, Julie Garcia, Lily 423D Fulton, Nancy Gabaldon, Mary Gabaldon, Zeke Gable, Joan Gallegos, Jennie Gallegos, Marie Gallegos, Teri Gallaher, Dale Galloway, Gary Galloway, Joyce JUNIORS Gebman, John Geis, Eddie Geisler, Bob Gibson, Darryl Gilbert, Shirley Gilbreath, Sue Ginsburg Jerry Giron, Victor Golden, Pete Gomez, Charlie JUNIORS Garcia, Mary Garcia, Melba Garcia, Nasario Garcia, Richard Garcia, Tonie Gordanier Sibyl Gardner, Vernice Garner, David Garrett, Sue Gaston, Jean Gonzales, Lucarita Gonzales, Margaret Gonzales, Mary Gonzales, Mcrlinda Gonzales, Ross Goodloe, Bobby Goodway, Kay Grano, Robert Grassham, Rita Graves, Joyce C291 Grossman, Bill Grove, Vonda Guest, Millie Gutierrez, Elisea Gutierrez, Kenneth Gutierrez, Lena Gutierrez, Mary Louise Gurule, Diane Gray, Thomas Greene, Ellen Griego, Alfred Griego, Angeline Griego, Ernestine AS.. Griego, Mary Griego, Rosella Griffin, Patsy Griffith, Terry Grimes, Maudeen Hall, Mary Halloway, Robert C307 55,2 :P Hamby, Joyce Hankins, Georgianne Hanna, Robert Harrell, Doris Harris, Charles Harris, Donna Harris, George Hatchell, Frances Hayes, Frank Heard, Charley JUNIORS Hellwig, David Henry, Donny Henry, Ronny Hentz, Robert Hernandez, Barbara Herdon, Beverly Hernandez, John Herrera, Ernest Herrera, Irene Herring, Yvonne Howe, Clara Hudson, Lee Humpries, Norman Hunn, Mona Jean Hurtado, Marie Isaacs, Angela Jacobsen, Bill James, Bruce James, Frank J aramillo, Robert JUNIORS ,L .,,, . N' oh as can Herron, Richard Hillden, Lorraine Hise, Jan Hoeth, Richard Hoff man, Mary Hollyfield, Shirley Hooker, Phyllis Hooten, Betty Lou Hernandez, Hortensia Houchin, Joe C312 Jarrett, Carita Johnson, Evelyn Johnson, Jackie Jones, Barton Jones, Fred Jordan, Jeanne J ungbluth, Sam J uul, Elaine Kees, Helen Keith, Marilyn Kynor, James Lacy, Nora Alice Lampert, Keith Lane, Freda Lanear, Amos Large, Robert Larrazola, Jerry Latham, Nelda Lattin, Patsy Laws, Kay t32J Keller, Frank Kelley, Shirley Kelly, Lois Kilgore, Von Kiner, James King, Esther Knight, William Koellmann, Carla Jeanne Koenig, Darlyne Koester, Louise JUNIORS Lovett, Mildred Lowell, Barbara Loyd, Robert Lucas, Bob Lucero, Betty Lucero, Loretta Lucero, Rosalinda Lucero, Violet Luj an, Vicky Luthy, Fred JUNIORS Leasure, Charles Leda, J uul Leedy, Lavon Lemmel, Lois Letteau, Francellc Leverenz, Irene Leverenz, Mary Lewis, Huey Labato, Frances Love, Bernice Luxford, Tink McAdams, Sharon McCain, Bonny McCamey, Shirley McCanahy, Larry McCreary, Melton McCulley, Carol McElveny, Bill McFar1in, Nancy McHodgkins, Floyd C335 Mann, Katherine Markwell, Barbara Marlow, Shirley Marquez, Gabriel Martin, Betty Martin, Julia Martinez, Annabelle Martinez, Gloria Martinez, Michael Martinez, Reuben C349 McKe1vey, Betty McKinnon, Jo Ann McNeil, Barbara Madrid, Florinda Madrid, Phillip Maes, John Majors, Willie Maldonado, Nina Mann, Bill Mann, Eddie Martinez, Vera Masters, Lee Matteucci, Paul Matthew, Judy Manis, Barbara Mann, Katherine Medley, Charlene Meister, Nancy Metzgar, Edna Mewhorten Dale JUNIORS Miera, Alex Miller, Bruce Miller, Marilyn Minces, Judy Minnick, Juanita Mirabal, Thomas Miranda, Lupe Mitchell, Carol Montano, Ernestine Montano, Gertrude ....-..,. N .... ,......., Moseley, Gwen Mullen, Betty Gale Munoz, Isidro Munoz, Frank Murphy, Donald Murray, Bob Napoleone Vincent Nelson, Jack Nelson, Ted N ethery, Tom JUNIORS 2 Montano, Mary was, Montoya, Dolores Montoya, Donnell Montoya, Dubie Montoya, Roger Montoya, Sarah Montoya, Tony Moraga, Robert Moreno, Jeanette Morgan, Bill Joseph C35 N ieto, Nick Noble, Harold Nolasco, Viola Norman, Joyce Norris, Sue Novakovich, Ivo Novaria, Margaret Oakley, Leroy OlDell, Shepard Oberle, Gretchen Palladlno Jerry Parga Marcelh Pearce David Pedroncelli Elvira Perea Rosemary 5 s ., .. ., ,2.q P W WR 1 A Olund, Johnny Orona, Lupe Ortega, Manuel Oswald, Bob Oviedo, Mary Louise Padilla, Edward Padilla, Manuel Padilla, Nemecio Page, Jimmie Paiz, , Gloria Petersen, Gail Peterson, Wayne Petterson, Jeanne Pettit, James Pimentel, Mary Lou CW? JUNIORS Reece, Merle Reeder, Freyda Reese, Sallano Renfro, Jimmy Rex, Dalphna Richardson, Dick Roberts, Shirley Rodriquez, Charlie Rodriquez, Mary Rodri uez C1 , Mary Louise JUNIORS Pipkin, Chuck Polaco, Joe POPP5 Le R01 Porter, Raymond Pounds, George Powers, Gerry Raby, Evelyn Rael, Marcella Ramirez, Rebecca Ramirez, Tony Rogers, Dixie Rogers, Marilyn Romero, Cecilia Romero, Steve Roop, Ann Rose, Morris Roybal, Joan Roybal, Stella Saavedra, Annie Sadler, Bill C377 Sanchez, Ruth Sanchez, Terrie Sandoval, Orlando Sandoval Ralph Schnurr, Bob Schuab, Billy Scott, Don Scott, Barbara Scott, Munson Scoville, Carol 5 Saiz, Ed Salazazar, Jake Sammons, Frances Sanchez, Annie Sanchez, Ben Sanchez, Antoinette Sanchez, Frances Barbara Sanchez, Frances Sanchez, Jim Sanchez, Lydia Sedillo, Angie Sedillo, Connie Sedillo, Marie Sedillo, Mel Segura, Mary Louise Sena, Ida Sena, Mike Shaw, Leslie Shillingburg, Herbert Shoemaker, Eddie 1335 JUNIORS - Shrader, Marian Silva, Mayda Silva, Susan Simpson, Judy Sisneros, David Skinner Nancy Sloan, Neal Smith, Barbara Smith, Benny Smith, Dixie Spalding, Virginia Spelts, Janet Tapia, Carman Taylor, Edna Temer, George Thorp, Lorraine Thorn, Kenneth Thomas, Bill Thomason, J acquita Thompson, Don JUNIORS mf if ., -,, Smith, Don Smith, Margie Smith, Patricia Somers, Catherine Stelter, Sandra Steward, Sue Stewart, Jack St. John, Virginia Stone, Mildred Strong, Dennis MQ C399 Thompson Joe Thompson Marvin Thompson Onita Thorn, Sue Tipton, J annie Tomlinson, Eve Tonkin, Linley Torres, Frank Torres, Henry Treffert, Joe Valdez, Juanita Valdez, Marie Valdez, Tino Valencia Leroy Valentine, Joann VanAtta Myrle Vance, Lucretia Vaughn, Juanita Vela, Mike Velasco, Betty C409 Triplett, Dorothy Trudeau, Richard Trujillo, Faviola Trujillo, Gilbert Turrietta, Richard Tuttle, Joyce Twilley, Dick Upson, Raymond Vahle, Jerry Valdez, Frank JUNIORS - is ,... .s:s.::::fv-' Q. as-: xt X X X xx X Q X rigs X 5 Q. X: - , ,,,,, . 5, ., I ,.:, gy.. 3 Q' A f 99 x , Q ,, A s sa .,,..,, z V t If X. - ,. e txzgi ::sS.5:5:13:r:::::-f I: '.-"'g:":5:5:: , -s:a.f:,.b, ei-: :"Tii.'Ei5' ,," 25- .,., iifig-ws Whitten, Earl Williams, Dolores was Q A B631 Williams, Linnctte Williams, Wanda First row: Velasquez, Lillian, Vigil, Mollyg Wadley, Second row: Weardon, Johng Wcesc, Neva Jo Virgilg Waldie, Patg Walker, Sueg Watson, Jackie Welch, Joyceg Wcrsonick, Charlesg Wcrsonick, Ross Five smiling juniors enjoy registration. Shown below are left to right Terry Sanchez, Sarah Montoya, Duble Montoya, Jean Chacon, Ida Baca. White, Annette REGISTRATION JUNIORS C415 V Q.: 4 Zachery, Ziflgg, Jack W, J0hl'l Ziegler, Zolman Charlotte ' Ted First row: Willits, Wilson: Wilson, Anng Wilson, Second row: Wyatt, Lannyg Wynn, Carolyng Yager, Ramonag Wold, Carol, Wood, Delbert, Wright, Lela Alleng Yamamoto, Georgeg Young, Deyoeg Yurclc, Doreen REGISTRATION Assisting during the registration is Mr. Dohner. Here he is helping the new and old students find their subjects and teachers. Mr. Dohner is directing the way to two bewildered students. q42p JUNIOE 07 W X N9 SENICDRS ff' S BILL MQILHANEY f SENICDR CLASS OFFICERS The Bulldog-Hornet game, Junior-Senior prom, Senior week - how the year of the graduating class of 1954 flew. We no sooner had our class officers elected, when it was time to elect our Bulldog Day court. Donna Standfier, Jay Twilley and Jo Hankins were the lucky three. They had a full and exciting day. The 1954 journalis- tic work was directed by other members of our Senior class. Edit- ing the Record were Harry P. Moskos, Mar- tha Mersman and Carol Kutnewsky. La Reata was edited by Carolyn Maciel and Betty Anne Rose. The Yucca editor was Allan Vermillion. As the graduating Seniors of 1 9 5 4 re- ceived their diplomas they k1'lQW year STEVENS would never fade from Vice-President memory' lw 1' R In tl X Nr if 1 lf ,mm . ' President MARLENE FORD Secretary-Treasurer C447 ABEYTA, TIM ABREU, EMILY ADAMS, EDWARD AGNES, EUGENE ALBERS, MENHARD Bandg Chorusg Intra- Baseball "B" Teamg muralsg Baseball. Roller Skating 1. ALDERETE, LOUIS ALVAREZ, APODACA, GLORIA APODACA, LAURA APODACA, ROBERT MARY HELEN Football. Student Council 2,3, 43 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill. APODACA, ROSELA ANAYA, EDWINA ANAYA, ANDERSON, JOHN ANDREWS, BILL Silver Saddlesg Bowl- ERNESTINE Fiddling Feet CPresi- Fiddling Feetg Intra- ing Clubg Intramur- Pepper Club 3,4. dent 2,3,Jg Honor Soc- murals. iety fGold "A" 335 Boy's State 3g Stu- dent Council 4. als. i x l l I 3 I SENIORS 1451 ARAGON, BETTY JEAN ARMSTRONG, LYNN Pepper Club 2,3, KSec- retary Treasurer 45g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Drill 4g Office Aids 3,4. BACA, NOEL "A" Club 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,45 Football 3,45 Track 2,3,4. ARAGON, ARCHUNDA, ARMIJO, DOROTHY ARMIJO, LUCILLE MARY LOU LORENZO Chorus. Pepper Clubg Student Council. BACA, JOE BACA, MARY BACA, MIKE BACA, NEDA Band 2,3,4g Orchestra Pepper Club 2,3,4g 4g Boy's State 35 Band Bowling Club 2,3,4g Captain 4g Sergeant Skating Club 2,3,4. 3. BACA, SALLY BACA, SEFERINO BACA, TERRY BACA, VANGIE Drama Clubg Student Intramuralsg Skating Intramuralsg Skating Council. Clubg Pepper Club. Club. C467 SENIORS BACHICHA, IRENE Outdoor C lu b 3,43 BAKER, ELIZABETH Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Pepper Student Councilg Dra- Club 2,3,4g Record 3, mateens. 4. BARBOA, JAKE FFA 2,3,4g FFA sec- BARELA, BILLY BAKER, PEGGY Archaeology 3, Pep- per Club 3,43 Drill 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. BARELA, Football 2,33 Basket- MARCELLA retary: Student Af- ball 3,4. fairs, Student Coun- cil. BASDEN, DONALD BATES, DONNA FFA. Orchestra, P e p p e r Club, Color Guard. Drill, Intramurals. BAXTER, EUGENE BALDONADO, VIRGINIA Pepper Club. BARGER, BARBARA Drill, Student Coun- cil BAXTER, JERRY ONCO 2,3,4g Rifle and Drill T e a m 2,3,4g Football 3g Band and Orchestra 2,3,4. BALL, JOHN BARNCASTLE, LEROY Orchestra 2,3,4. BAYLER, DORIS Rollicking Rollers 3, President 4g Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, CVice Presi- dent 49, Drill 2,3,4. avi' SENIORS Q47 BECKWITI-I, BENNETT, KENT BERGER, GRAFTON BILLICK, ANN BLACK, ROLFE CHARLES Footballg Hi-Yg Latin Baseball 2,3,4g Golf Rollicking Rollers 2, Student C ou ncilg Club. 2,3,4g "A" Club 4. 3,4g Silver Saddles 25 Boy's Stateg Fiddling Pepper C 1 u b 2,3,4g Feetg Football. Modern Dance 3. BLEA, BOHANNON, BOND, JOE RAY BOOHER, SANDRA BOYD, PEGGY MARY ISABELLA BARBARA Drill. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Pep- per Club 2,3,4g Stu- dent Council 3. BOYER, DAVID BOYER, MARCIA Fiddling Feet 4g JCLg Cantata. Drill 3. Outdoor Club. BRANDA, RICHARD BRANNON, ALMA BRISTER, DARLA Silver Saddlesg Arch- Chorus 2,3. Archaeology Club aelogy Societyg Latin CPresidentD 3,4g Stu- Club, ONCO. dent Council. i48J. SENIORS BROWN, NANCY BROX, MARIANNA BRUNDAGE, BRYANT, JEAN BULLARD, Bowling 2,4g Skating Tri-Hi-Y 3, Orches- ROBERTA Cantata 3, 4, Oper- SHIRLEY 2,45 Pepper Club 2,4. tra 3. Pepper Club 3,45 Tri- etta 4. BURKHOLDER, ABNER CANFIELD, DOROTHY Silver Saddles 43 Stu- dent Council 4g Pep- per Club 2,3,4g Skat- ing Club 2,3. Hi-Y 3, President 45 Rollicking Rollers 2g Drill 3,4. BYERS, ROBERT CADY, ROGERS CAMPBELL, JOYCE CANDELARIA, Archaeology Society, Cheerleader 4g Maj- JAMES Dramateen 3,45 Op- orette 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y eretta 3,45 Junior Chaplain 2,3,4g Mod- Play 3. ern Dance 2 fPresi- dent 45g Pepper Club CANHAM, CANTRELL, CARILLO, ELSIE CARTER, VONDA BARBARA BEATRICE Pepper Club 2,3,4 Pepper Club 3,4g Stu- Pepper Club 33 Tri- Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Drill dent Council 45 Stage Hi-Y 3,4. 4: Offifre Aid 3,4- Craft 3,45 Library 3,4. SENIORS C497 in... ' 1 l CARTMAN, ANN CASADOS, CASADOS, CASE, DIANA CASIAS, JOHNNY Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Pep- LARQUIN VIRGINIA Pepper Club 2,3,4g per Club 2,3,4g Can- Football. Drill 3,43 Cordelias tata 3,4g Operetta 4. Tri-Hi-Y 2. CASTER, CASTRO, ROMELIA CAWLFIELD, JOHN CHACON, CHAMBLEE, ROGER JACKIE MAE Glee Club. FLORENCE Fiddling Feetg Intra- Junior Triog Senior Pepper Club. murals. Triog Cantatag Oper- etta. CHAVEZ, ABE CHAVEZ, AMERICO CHAVEZ, CORINNE CHAVEZ, HELEN CHAVEZ, Intramural Council 39 Track 2,3. Intramuralsg Skatingg MARGARET Tennis 3,4. Student Council 3. Intramurals 3,4g Lib- rary Club 3,4. C501 SENIORS CHAVEZ, MARGIE Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Drill 4g Student Council 3g Pepper Club 2,3,4. CHRISTENSEN, BEVERLY, Skating Club 4. A CONTRERAS, LEONARD H 0 n o r Society 3,4g Intramurals 3,4. CHAVEZ, CHAVEZ, ROSIE CHAVEZ, TONY CIIENEY, EDWIN NAPOLEON Pepper C 1 u b 2,3,4g CLARK, LOU ANN Dramateensg Tri-His Yg Pepper Club, Out- door C l u bg Drama- teens. CONTRERAS, PHIL Class Officers 3g Stu- dent Council 4g Drill 4. COATS, TOBIE COCHRANE, RALPH Archaeology Society. COOPER, SALLY CORDOVA, LOUIE Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Drill S t u d e nt Council, 3,45 Pepper Club 2, Wrestling. 3,45 Office 3. COLE, NANCY Honor Society CGold "A"Jg Pepper Club 2, 3,4g Archaeology Soc- iety CSecrctaryDg Of- fice Aid. CORDOVA, VIVIAN Football 2,3g Swim- ming 2,3,4. SENIORS C515 CORLEY, VEL CROSBY, GEORGE COSTALES, ESTHER COUNCIL, COUCH, MARILYN Football: Track. MARGARET Pepper Club 2,3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Skating Club 25 Bowling 4. CROSS, MADELINE CROWE, GWEN CULP, ROBERTA CURRY, SAM DE BACA, LUCY Pepper Club 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Fiddling Feet 2. DAILY, LEE Basketball 2,3,45 Hon- Tri-Hi-Y 3 CPresident 435 Drill 2,3, CLeader 435 Pepper Club 2,3,45 Councilors Aid 3,4. DALLY, LANNY "A" Clubg Footballg or Society 2 QGo1d Boys' Stateg La tin "A" 354,55 Boys, State Club. 35 Student Council 45 Junior Art League Cantata. Fiddling Feet. DARDEN, DARDEN, KATHRYN KENNETH La Reata 3,45 Skating Club 25 Pepper Club 3,45 Office Aid 45 Stu- dent Council 2. Track 3,45 "A" Club 45 ONCO Club 45 Stu- dent Council 4. DAVENPORT MARY Chorus 2,4. f52l SENIORS DAVIS, BOBBY DAVIS, JIM DIRICKSON, DORIS DOMINQUEZ, "A" Clubg FFA. Pepper Club 2,3,4g ANGIE Debs Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Drill 3,45 Tennis 4. DOUGHERTY, PATT DUNAWAY, RAY DURAN, ANGELA DUSHO, KATHI Pepper Club, Student Football 3,43 Hockey Pepper Club, Chorus. Council, FTA, Office 23 Hi-Y 2,3,4g Silver Aid, Tri-Hi-Y. Saddles 4. EARL, NORVA LUE EASLEY, BILL Football 3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 35 HA" Club 3,4. EDWARDS, MYRNA ESPINOSA, MARY Outdoor Club 2,3,4g Drill, Intramurals. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Pep- per Club 2,3,4g Dra- mateens 2. DORN, GARY DYER, MILTON EVANS, JANET Pepper Club 3,45 Ten- nis 4g Drill 4g Drama- teens 3g Roller Skat- ing 2. SENIORS ' 1537 EVANS, GYPSY Pepper Clubg Tri-Hi- Yg Drill. FINK, BOB Baseball 2,3,4g Bas- ketball 3,4g "A" Club 3,4. FRANICH, DON "A" Club 2,35 ONCO 2,3. FAIRCHILD, FAIRE, HAROLD FARMER, HELEN FARMER, JACK TERENCE "AH Club 3,43 Intra- Glee Club, Drama- murals Council 4g Los teensg Junior Playg Hermanos Hi-Y 43 Senior Play. Track 2,3,4. FORD, MARLENE Student Council 2,39 Student A ff a ir s 4, Drill 2,45 P e p p e r Club 2,3, CVice Presi- dent 47. FRAZIER, VIRGINIA FORMAN, ANN FOSTER, JACK Band 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Cantata 2,3,4g Operetta 2,3,4. FUKUZAWA, GALLEGOS, JOSIE LORETTA FRANGOS, ARMIDA Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Pep- per Club 2,3,4g Drill 2,3,4g Modern Dance 2,3,4. GALLEGOS, KARLOS Bandg Chorus SCC Club. C543 SENIORS -1 GARCIA, ARLENE Cheerleader, Head 4, Pepper Club 2,3,4, Office 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,4, Class Officer 2,3. GARCIA, LEONOR Yucca, Record 3,43 Pepper Club 2,3,4, Junior Escort 3. GIDEON, BILL GARRINGER, GARCIA, CONNIE CHARLENE Pepper Club, Book Roller Skating 4. Room Aid, Drill. GARCIA, LOUISE GARCIA, MARCELLA GIBSON, KAY GODFREY, operetta 3,45 Tri-Hi- MARILYN Y, Double Trio 2,45 Pepper Club 2,3,4, Nurse's Aid 3,4, A Tri-Hi-Y 2,45 Drill 2, Capella 3,4. 3,4, Student Council. GARCIA, DAVID, GARCIA, LARRY ONCO Club 3,4, Out- Basketball 3,45 Intra- door Club 2,43 Band murals. fSergeantD 2,3,4, Fancy Drill Team 3,4. GAULT, MARY JO Cordellas Tri-Hi-Y. GONZALES, BOB Traffic Squad, Chor- us 3. GERE, JANIE Student Council 2,3,4, Pepper Club 2,3,4, Silver Saddles 4, Skating Club 2,3. GRAHAM, GEORGIA Pepper Club 3,4. SENIORS C559 GONZALES, LUPE GUTIERREZ, BENNY Football 3,45 Wrestl- ing 2g Swimming 3g "A" Club 2. HANKIN S, JO Pepper Club CPresi- dent 433 Chat Club 4PresidentDg Tri-Hi- Yg FTA CPresidentJ. GOODRICH, SALLIE GRAY, ANN GRISHAM, KEITH Pepper Clu bg 2,3,4g Fiddling Feetg Girls' Fiddling Feetg Call- Oifice 2,3g Drill 3,43 State 33 Office Aidg Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. GUTIERREZ, CAROLYN Student Council. HARRIS, JIMMY Football 2,3,4g Stu- dent Council 2,3g Hi- Student Council. GUTIERREZ, ULYSSES HARRIS, JOE "A" Club 3,43 Foot- ball 2,3,4g Track 2,3, Y 2,3,4g "A" Club 3,4 43 Los Hermanos 3,4. QPresident 47. ers' C lu bg ONCO Clubg Drill Team. HAMILTON, J UANITA Tri-Hi-Y. HARRIS, SUE Cheerleader 45 Pep- per Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 45 Student Coun- cil 4g Oifice 3,4. GURULE, DAISY HANAWALD, GLORIA Tri-Hi-Y 2,3 CSecre- tary 43g Honor Soc- iety fVice President 395 Student Council. HARRIS, VADIE .lu- 56D SENIORS ,- --- . i HARTLINE, MARY HORTON, JEANINE HARWOOD, JAMES HAUERT, SHIRLEY HAY, JIM Library 25 D o u ble Student Council 2. Pepper C 1 u b 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Intra- Trio 2,3,4g Latin Club Cantata 3. murals 3,4g Basket- ball 3. 2g Cantata 2,3,4. HEN GST, WALTER HENRY, BOBBY FFA 2g Auto. Mech. Baseball 2,3,4g Senior 3,4. p HERRERA, SALLY Drill. Play 43 "A" Club 3,4g Dramateens 4. HECKMAN, FRED Bandg FFA. HENTZ, LOUISE HERADA, ANGELA HERNANDEZ, Color G u a r d 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-YQ Office Girl. MARY HELEN Operetta 3,4g A Ca- ' ' ' pella 3,4g Double Trio 2,3,4. TPI-H1-YQ Office Girl. HIDALGO, ALFRED HIGGINS, JAMES Dramateens 25 Junior Classical League 23 Student Council 3. HICKS, MARY KAY Majorette 2,3,4g Pep- per Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,43 Office 4. SENIORS L.. 1575 HILL, HERSHEL HILL, MICKEY HOOD, GERRIE HOURIGAN, EDDIE HOWARD, GLEN Debs Tri-Hi-Y, Office 2,3, Drill 2,3,4g Pep- per Club 2,3,4, Latin Club 2,3,4g Pepper Club 2,3,4g Boy's State 35 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, C Treas- Play 35 Student Coun- urer 4g Fiddling Feet cil. 2,3. HUNT, MARY ANN Pepper Club 35 Class Officer 25 Corvettes HOWARD, SANDRA HUMBLE, BOBBY Operetta, Tri-Hi-Yg ONCO Club 2,3,4g Junior Art League, R.O.T.C. Drill Team Dramateens. 3,43 Intramurals 4. Tri-Hi-Yg Drill. JARRETT, AL JENKINS, JENSEN, ROBERT Band 2,3,4g Orchestra VIRGINIA Golf 2. 2,3,4g Boys' Chorus 4. Pepper C lu b 2,3,4g Operetta 39 Cantata 3, 4g Double Trio 3. HUNTON, JIMMY Record 2,3, QBusiness Manager 45, L a t i n Club 25 Drama Club 2, Cantata 3. JOHNSON, GLENDA Modern Danceg Skat- ing Club. FFA 2,3,4. JACKSON, THELMA JOHNSON, LORIS Cantata. C583 SENIORS JOHNSON, RAY JOHNSON, THELMA JONES, CAROL JORGENSEN, TED KAMPLAIN, DON Hi-Y 2,3,4g Wrestling Majorette 2,3, Head Fiddling Feet 2,43 3,43 Fiddling Feet 2, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g "A" Club 3,4g Hi-Y 33 Track 3. Gir1's State 33 Stu- Secretaryj 3,4g Bas- dent Council 2,33 Pep- ketball 3. per Club 2,3,4. KEESLING, KEEFE, DENNIS KELSCH, BARBARA KELLER, KELLEY, SHIRLEY LORETTA "A" Club 2,3g Base- Pepper Club 2,3,4g ELIZABETH Pepper Club 2. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Pep- ball 3,45 Los Herma- Drill4g Fiddling Feet per Club 2,3,4g Out- nos. 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. door Club 2,3,4g Drae mateens 2. KELLNER, BOB KENNETT, JERRY KETCHAM, DORIS KING, BETTY KING, JANET Basketball 2,3,4. Glee Club 45 Ski Club Drillg Pepper Clubg Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Band Dramateens 2. 43 Swimming 45 Fid- Fiddling Feet. 2,3g Office 2,3,4g Fid- dling Feet 4. dling Feet 3. ww' SENIORS 1593 KING, LEMELL KITSCH, Senior Triog Cantata. WILHELMINA LABATO, MERCY LANGLEY, MONROE A Capella 4g Pepper Club 2,3,4g Cantata 2, 3,45 Operetta 3,4. LUCAS, DON LANDIS, KERBY KOENIG, GLORIA KRAUSS, LUA Tri-Hi-Y 2g Cheer- leader 4g Rollicking Rollers 3,43 Student Council 2,3,4g Pepper Club 2,3,4. LAMBERSON, LAMER, MARTHA PAULINE Dramateens 2,3,4g Or- Pepper Club 2,3,4g chestra 3,49 Music Student Council 35 Theory Play 35 Pep- OGA 35 OBE. per Club. LA NEAR, DAVID Hi-Y ChaplingWrestl- ONCO Club, Fiddl- ing 3,49 Fiddling Feet 2,3,4g Football 2,35 Track 2,3,4. ing Feet, Drill Team. LARGE, RONNY Projector Clubg "A" Club. KUTNEWSKY, CAROL Junior Playg Record 2,3, CCo-Editor 47g Operetta 3,45 Tri-Hi- Y 2,3,4g Honor Soc. LAMPSON, RICHARD Drill Team 3,4g Track 23 ONCO 3,4g Silver Saddles 2. LEDBETTER, HOMER Student Council 2,3, CPresident 433 Boy's State 33 "A" Clubg Hi-Y 2,3, CPres. 43. C609 SENIORS LE DOUX, LEEDY, ALTON LEFTOW, AILEEN LEONARD, LEWIS LEWINSON, FLORENCE Student Councilg In- Band 2,3,4g Pepper Football 3,45 Pentath- RIETTE tramurals. Club 2,3,4g Fiddling lon 3,4. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, CPresi- Feet. dent 43g Counse1or's Aid 2,3,4g Student Council 4. LEYBA, MARY LOCKHART, LOCKRIDGE, LOPEZ, VICKIE LOREE, ESTHER Library Aid 45 Intra- CHUCK murals. Archaeology Society 3g Record 3g Hockey 2. LOVATO, JOE LOVATO, JULIAN LUCAS, DON LUCERO, LUEY, LEON Band 2g Basketball 3, MARCELINA H 0 n o r Society 3,4g 4g Glee Club 2. P c p p e r Club 3,45 La Reata 3,4. SENIORS 161 LUDD, R. Q. MAESTAS, MARCIA MARCHETTI, MARY JO Drill 35 Pepper Club 2,3,4. LYONS, MILDRED Drill 2: Pepper Club 2,3,45 Drill 25 Student Council 2. MAHON, CLYDE Projector Club. MARCHBANKS, MARK Fiddling Feet 2,3,45 Exhibition 2,35 Stu- dent Council 2. MACIEL, CAROLINE Pepper Club 2,3,45 Junior Escort 35 La Reata 2 1Associated Editor 3, Editor 49. MAISEL, NORMAN Fiddling Feetg Stu- dent Council. MARKS, MARION A Capella 45 Pepper Club 2,3,45 Junior Es- cort 35 Fiddling Feet 2,3. MADRID, TONY Student Council 25 Football 2. MAJOR, JIMMY Fiddling Feet 2,3,45 Dramateens 3,45 Hon- or Society 3,45 Boy's State 35 Tennis 2,4. MARTIN, DANA Tri-Hi-Y 45 P e p p e r Club 2,3,45 A Capella 45 Cantata 2,3,4. MAES, JACKYE Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Drill 3,45 Pepper Club 2,3, 45 Fiddling Feet 2,3, 4. MALDONADO, MANUEL Student Council Dramateens 2. 3: MARTINEZ, FLAVIO C629 SENIORS MARTINEZ, LORA MARTINEZ, MARTINEZ, MARTINEZ, MAX MARTINEZ, Pepper Club5 Cor- MARGIE MARY ALICE POLITO vetts Tri-Hi-Y5 Intra- ONCO 2, murals CSecretaryJ. MARTINEZ, J MARTINEZ, MASCARENAS, MASTERS, RAY MERRELL, ROGERS PRUDENCE SHIRLEY PAT "A" Club 2,3,4. Football 3,45 Wrestl- Pepper Club 2,3,45 ing 3,45 Track 3,45 Cantata 25 Intramur- Baseball 2. als 2,3,45 Student Council. MERSMAN, METZGAR, J. D. MEYERSON, JIM MIDDLTON, MIERA, ALYCE MARTHA Band 2,3,45 Orchestra Golf 3,45 Latin Club BOBBIE Record 2,3, CCo-Edi- 3,45 Operetta 35 Can- 2,3. Archaeology Society tor 495 Pepper Club tata 2,3,4. 3,45 Color Guard 3,45 3,45 Projector Club 2. Senior Trio. Fiddling F e e t 2,3,45 SENIORS C633 MOORE, CAROL MOORE, PATRICIA Tri-Hi-Y 45 Drill 3,4g Pepper Club 2,3,4g Pepper Club 2,3,4g JCL 2,3g oGA 3,4, Modern Dance 2,3,4. MON TOYA, MARCELLA Intramurals 3,4. MONTOYA, NORMA Pepper Clubg Student Council. MILLER, ORLEEN MIRANDA, MITCHEL, LAURA MOBBS, MULDER, DON Cantata 3,4, DOLORES Silver Saddles 2,3,4g MARGARET Skating Club 33 Sil- Cantata 2,3,43 Oper- Pepper Club 33 Cor- ver ,Saddles 4. etta 3,4, MONTONO, VIRGINIA MORA, BETTY vettes, MONTOYA, EDNA MONTOYA, FELIX Pepper Clubg Silver Saddlesg OGA3 Intra- murals. MOYA, MARY LOU MORGAN, JAMES Football 3,4g Basket- ball 3g Projector Club. - C645 SENIORS MCCOMAS, JACK MOSKOS, HARRY MCCALL, TINCY MCCARTY, DON MCCLINTOCK, Record 2,3, iEditor Y-Socca Tri-Hi-Y, Ad- Basketball 3g Intra- BRUCE Hi-Y 2,3,4. 433 Student Council 2,3,4g Youth Council 3,49 Intramurals 4. MCCONNELL, PATSY MCNABB, GERALDINE Pepper Club 3,45 Fid- dling Feet 3. vanced Chorusg Oper- ettag Cantata. MCGHEE, PATRICIA Pepper Club 3,43 Tri- Hi-Y 3g Office 3.. McNAMEE, ALLEN Basketball 4 5 Base- ball 4. murals 3, Baseball 2. MCGUIRE, JOE Tennis 3,4g Intramur- al 3g Boy's Chorus 4 Junior Art League 3 NAVARETT, BOB Tennis 2,35 Archae- ology 3,4. MCGUIRE, PAT Fiddling Feet 2,33 Sil- ver Saddles 2. NARANJ O, J OANNE SENIORS McILHANEY, BILL FFA 2,3,4g Student Council 3,4g Class Of- ficer 4. NAVARRO, GEORGE C65 4, NEEL, DOREEN Bowling Club 35 Fid- dling Feet 2, Pepper Club 2. NIX, RONALD LEE T r a c k 25 Fiddling Feet 2,3,4. 0LDHAM,MAX NICALLS, ROSE NICKS, JAMES Bowling 25 Fiddling Dramateens 2 CVice NEUBER, MARILYN Junior Play 35 A Ca- Feet 2. pella Choir 3,45 Mus- I ic Theory 35 Operetta 3,4. NOBLE, NED NORMAN, Skating Club. HARRIETT Fiddling F e e t5 Pep- per Club5 FTA, OLIVAS, JAMES OLIVAS, ROSIE Archaeology Society. Pepper Club5 Drama- teens5 JCL5 Tri-Hi-Y. President 435 Canta- ta 2,45 Operetta 2,4. NORTON, ROBERT Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,3,4. ORLEBEKE, JOAN Pepper C lu b 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,35 Oper- etta 45 Cantata 4. . NIELSON, STELLA Drill 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 O ff i c e 2,35 Pepper Club 2,3,4. OBOIKOVITZ, MARLENE Junior Assembly 3. ORTIZ, VIRGINIA D r i 1 1 45 Rollicking Rollers 45 T e n n i sz Club 45 Student Coun-- cil 4. 1667 A SENIORS ORTIZ, PADDOCK, CECIL MAGDALENA Pepper Clubg Tri-Hi- Yg Intramurals. PATON, LIBBY DEAN Student Councilg Pep- per C lu bg Fiddling F e e tg Dramateensg Tri-Hi-Y. PAIZ, LOUISE PENA, MARY ELLEN PENA, ISIDORE O WWW. PADILLA, PADILLA, MIKE ANNABELLE Basketball 2,3,4g In- Pepper Club 2,3,4g tramurals 3 4Presi- Debs Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 dent 45. Nurse's Aid 3,4. PADILLA, PATSY PAYNE, LESTON PEARCE, ANN PEDRO, DOROTHY P e p p e r Club 2,33 Latin Clubg Operetta Book Room 3. A Capellag D r a m a- teens. PEREA, FLORA PEREA, GLORIA PEREA, STELLA fn 1 4,42 yxayv-of C'cH...flf 71,0 J Orme ,Usb 9 EQ: 5' K 9' 3 Qififl SENIORS C67D PERRY, GAIL Pepper C lu b 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Fiddling Feet 2,3,4g Drill 3,4. PROCTOR, CAROLYN RANSOM, NORMAN PETERSON, DAVID Tennis 2,3,4g Basket- ball 3. QUIST, BUSTER Football 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Honor Society 2,3,4g HA" Club 2,3,4g Boy's State 3. REED, MARY JO Pepper Club 4. PETERSON, PHELPS, RUFUS PORTER, ANN HARVEY JEAN Fiddling F e e t 3,49 Skating Club, Tri-Hi- Drill 3,4g Dramateens Football 3,45 Baseball Y, Student Council. 2,45 Yucca 43 Honor 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3, Society fGold "A" 3, 4. 43 2,3,4. RAMIREZ, OFELIA RAMSEY, JIM RAMSEY, PHYLLIS Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, fVice President 493 Student Council 3, P e p p er Club 2,3,4g Office 2, 3,4. REINHARDT, RHOTEN, JUNE CLYDE Pepper Club 2,3,4g A Capella-3, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Operetta 3. RICHEY, CLIFF Basketball, Student Council, Track, Sil- ver Saddles. may ' SENIORS RICHMOND, JAN RINGEISEN, JACK RINGLE, MARILYN RIVERA, ANNIE ROMERO, ALICE Pepper Club 2,3,4g Pepper Club. Ski Club 3, fPresi dent 455 Bowling Club 2,3,4g Deb's Tri- Hi-Y 4. ROMERO, BILLY ROMERO, ELROY ROMERO, FRED ROMERO, RALPHA ROMERO, Roller Skatingg Band VIRGINIA Sergeant. Rollicking Rollers 4. ROONEY, EILEEN ROSE, ROYSTER, RONNIE RUIZ, FRANK RUSSELL, BOB BETTY ANNE Student Council 2,33 R.O.T.C.g Drill Team ONCO 2,3,4g Rollick- La Reata fAssociated Rollicking Rollers 2, 23 ONCO Club 2. ing Rollers 4. Editor 4D 2,3,4g Bowl- 3, ONCO 3. ing Club 2,35 Pepper Club 3,4g Skating 2,3. Wu... - M, .. SENIORS Q69 Drillg Pepper Clubg OGA. Los Hermanos 3,4 RUSSELL, FELIA RYAN, BOB SAAVEDRA, CRUZ SAAVEDRA, NEP SAIZ, MARCELLA Fiddling Feet 2g Stu- dent Council 3g Foot- ball 3. SALAS, GLORIA SAMMONS, ELSIE SANCHEZ, ALBERT SANCHEZ, ANGIE SANCHEZ, Pepper Clubg Tri-Hi- Archaeology Club. Pepper Club 4g Dra- GERALD Yg Intramurals. mateens 35 Fiddling Band 2,3,4. Feet 2. SANCHEZ, GLORIA SANCHEZ, JENNIS SANCHEZ, LYDIA SANCHEZ, MAX SANCHEZ, MAX R Intramurals. Deb's Tri-Hi-Yg Book Track 3,4. Room. C703 SENIORS SANCHEZ, NELLIE SANCHEZ, PAULA SANCHEZ, SANCHEZ, SID Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Office P e p p e r Club 3,4g RICHARD Basketball 2. Aid 2,3,4g Drill 4g Sil- OGA 3. Tennis 3,4g Ski Club ver S a d d 1 e s 2,3,4g 4g Intramural 3,4. Student Council 4. SANDERS, H. B. SANDERS, SANDERS, SUE SANDLIN, BILL Football 2,3,4g Bas- RAYMOND Fiddling Feet, Dra- Los Hermanos Hi-Y ketball 2,3,4g Track mateensg Tri-Hi-Yg 3, Wrestling 2g "A" 2,3,4g "A" Club 2,3, Pepper Club. Club 2. lSecretary 43. SANDOVAL, MARY SANTILLANES, SANTILLANES, SANTILLANES, Drill 2,4g JCL 3,43 JOE PRISCILLA, SIMON Pepper Club 3,45 Rol- Track 2,3,4. Student Council 35 Tennis 3,45 Student licking Rollers 4. La Reata 33 Tennis Council 3g Latin Club Club 2,3,4g Junior 2,3,4g La Reata 3. Escort 3. SANCHEZ, WALDO SANDOVAL, BETTE Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 3,45 Rollicking Rollers 23 Library Aid 3. SAUL, MIKE Football 3,45 Baseball 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,49 "A" Club 3,4. SENIORS C711 SCHNEIDER, DIRK SCHUMACHER, SCOTT, ELEANOR SAXTON, JESSE SCHIPPER, Football 2,35 Student THELMA Record. Council 2,3. Roger's O ff i c e 3,45 Archaeology Club 35 Student Council 4. SCOTT, IRENE SCOVILLE, NADA SEAWRIGHT, Student Council 2, Pepper Club 45 Can- DELORES fSecretary-Treasurer tata 3. 4 Book Room Aid 2,3,4. 455 Gir1's State 35 Cantata 2,35 Operet- ta 3. SEELEY, SENA, ROSE SERDA, JENNIE FRANKLIN Pepper Clubg Tri-Hi- Pepper Club 2,3,4. ONCO Clubg Rifle Teamg Fancy Drill Team. Y5 Intramurals. BARBARA Pepper Clubg Tri-Hi- Yg Drill. SEBREE, CAROL Silver Saddles 2,3,45 Yuccettes Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Operetta 3,45 Pepper Club 2,3,4. SHANE, BARBARA Pepper Clubg Student Counci15 Tri-Hi-Y. Cantata 2. SEDILLO, MARGIE Pepper Club 2,3,45 OGA 3,4. SHANLEY, FRANKLIN Track 35 Cantata 2,3 Operetta 2,35 Projec, tor Club 3,4. 1721 SENIORS SHASHAGUAY, BILL SILVA, JOE SMITH, BETTY Drill 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Office 2,35 P e p p er Club 2,3,4. SHAVER, VIRGINIA Cheerleader 4, Gir1's State 3g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, 4, Student Council Secretary - Treasurer 3. SIMMONS, BOIS Wrestling 3,4g Track 3,4g Hi-Y 4, ONCO 3,4. SIMMONS, BONNIE Drill 3,43 Bowling Club 2,33 Modern Dance 2,3, Yuccettes Tri-Hi-Y. SMITH, BETTY LOU SMITH, Gir1's Chorus. CLAUDETTE Honor Society 2,3,4. SHEPPARD, SALLY SHIMON, SHUPLA, JOSEPH FLORETTE Football 2,3,4g Bas- Band 2,3,4g Orchestra ketball 2,3, Wrestling 2,3,4g Latin Club 2,3. 4. SIMONS, EDDIE FFA, Skating Club. SMITH, CURTIS ONCO 3,4g Football, SKINNER, KENNETH Student Council. SMITH, FRANK Basketball 25 Track Riile Team 3,43 Drill 2. Team 4. SENIORS C739 SMITH, GLORIA SMITH, SMITH, PENNY Pepper C lu b 2,3,43 MYRNA JANE Chorus 3,43 Cantata. B a n d 2,33 Bowling Club 2,4. SOLIS, CHARLOTTE SPEAR, WINFIELD SPENCE, DELLA Pepper Clubg Tri-Hi- Football 3,43 Student Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Silver Y3 Drillg S t u d e n t Council 2,33 Track 3. Saddles 3,4. Council. STARR, VENETTA Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 43 Outdoor STEVENS, CHARLOTTE Pepper C lu b 2,3,43 Club 2g Fiddling Feet Tri-Hi-Y CSec.-Treas.J 2,3. 23 CPres.D 43 Girl's State 33 Class Of. 4. STEVENS, LEEMAN ONCO Club 2,3 CPre- sident 433 Football 43 Baseball4g Swim- ming 4. SNARE, WILMA Pepper Club 2g Hon- or Society 4. STAEHLN, MARLENE min 43 ski Club 3,45 Fiddling Feet 4. STEVENS, MARGIE Pepper Club, Chorus3 Skating Clubg Tri-Hi- Y. Pepper Club 3,43 SOLETHER, RALPH T r a c k 2,3,43 Presi- dent Hi-Y 33 Basket- ball 3,43 "A" Club 3, 4. STANDFIER, DONNA Bulldog Queen 43 Drill 3,41 Gir1's State 33 Honor Society 2,3, 43 Pepper Club 2,3,4. STEVENS, MARTHA Drill 43 Dramateens 23 Pepper Club 2,3,4. C741 SENIORS STEVENS, ROSALIE STEWART, BOB STOVER, BOB Pepper Club. Football 2,3,4g Track Baseball 3,45 Intra- 2,3g Wrestling 3. murals 3,4. SWINNEY, TARTER, PADDY THOMAS, BILL VIRGINIA ONCO 3,4. Junior Escort 35 Pep- per Club 2,3,4g Fiddl- ing Feet Clubg Tri-Hi- Y4. TOMPKINS, BENNIE TORRES, ANN TORRES, JAKE STROMBERG, JACK UA" Club 2,3, tViCe President 45, Class Officer 2,35 Gold "A" 2,3,4g Boy's State 3. THORNTON, VERA LEE A Capella 3,43 Band 4, Pepper Club. TRUJILLO, CALAYA B a n d 2,3,4g Tennis Club 2,35 Intramurals 2,3,4g QVice President 43. SULLINS, JOE THUNBORG, MARY Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Latin Club 2, Pepper Club 3,4. TWILLEY, JAY Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Pepper Club 3,4g Drill 3,4g Archaeology 43 Queen Attendant 4. SENIORS 175, VALDEZ, ESTHER VALDEZ, HELEN VALENCIA, DON VALASQUEZ, VALLES, JOE Pepper Clubg Skating Basketballg Swim- BUNNY ROTC 3,45 ONCO 3, Club. mingg Wrestling. Basketball 2,3,4g Stu- 4g Rifle and Drill 4. dent Council 25 Track 2,3. VAN ATTA, MARY VERMILLION, VIDAL, CHUCK VIGIL, GLORIA VIGIL, MANUEL A Capella 3,43 Double Trio 2,3,4g Operetta 3,45 Cantata 2,3,4. VIGIL, THERESA Yuccag Roller Skat- ing Clubg Pepper Club. C765 ALAN Tennis 2,3,4. Boy's State 3, Track 33 Yucca 3, CEditor 455 Cantata 2,3,4g Op- eretta 2,3,4. VILLARREAL, AMBIRO Basketball 2,3,4g Stu- dent Council. 3. WALLACE, MARIAN Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 3 Pepper WALTER, ALLEN Student Council 2,3 Cantata 3, Operetta sf Club 2,3,4g Office 45 Cantata 2,3,4. WALTER, LEE SENIORS WALTON, JANET WATRIN, TED WEATHERBIE, Band. ROTC 2,35 Drill Team DONNA 3. Junior Escort 3, Dra- WILLIAMS, ESTHER Skating Club 2, WILSON, DICK Football 2,3,4, Boy's State 3g Student Council 2,3,4g JCL 3. mateens 3,4. WHITE, WANDA WILLIAMS, AL Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Pep- ROTC, Drill and Rifle per Club 2,3,4g Fiddl- ing Feet 2,3,4g Square Dance 2,3. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, JANET WILLIAMS, FRANCES Pepper Club 2,3,4g LESTER Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Bowl- ing Club 4, Drill 45 Outdoor Club 3,4. WILSON, PHYLLIS Tri-Hi-Y 2 CPresident 33, 43 Silver Saddles 2,3, QVice President 45, Pepper Club 3,45 Tennis Club 2,3. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Drill 4. WILSON, ROBERT Band 2,35 Glee Club 2,s,4. WILSON, SHIRLEY Pepper C l u b 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 45 Rollicking Rollers 2, Fiddling Feet 4. Team, Student Coun- cil. WILLIAMS, STANLEY Football 2,3,4g Boy's State 3, Student Council 2g Track 2, Basketball 2. WIMPY, LINDEL SENIORS 1775 WINDSOR, WOLFE, TOMMIE WOLF, NORMAN WOOLET, JEAN WOOTTON, DICK DELORES Glee Club. ONCOg Fiddling Feet. Pepper Clubg Tri-Hi- Basketball 3,43 Track Y. 3,4. WRIGHT, SYLVIA YAGER, MARSHA YAPLE, ROBERT YAZZIE, JOAN YOUNG, JACK Pepper Club 2,3,4g Pepper Club 3,43 Tri- Nurse's Aid 2, OGA Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Drill 4. Hi-Y 3, QPresident 3. 433 Dramateens 4. ZAMORA, NICK ZICKERT, DON ZOLMAN, ONCOg ROTC, Rifle LORETTA Team. Silver Saddles 2,3, CSecretary 435 Stage Craft 4g Dramateens 4. I C785 SENIORS hwy WV Q A My .I ws. ffdxjyxqpfkxibv , f Nw OF ' bf M J : X U AIU QF jf! XX xy f ' ' 'I ix Q 1 X I ' I j ' , I ' W! x. Kd lfaffjf .6!,6f,. X ' afu. 1-A V, - -4- I l ggmulaffv fi 331 1 Pictured above are the people in charge of public schools of Bernalillo County. Left to right they are Mr. Robert Elder, Mrs. Nicolai, Mr. Richard Thorne, Mr. S. Y. Jackson, Mr. John Milne, and Mr. D. A. Macpherson, Jr. Mr. Robert Elder Mr. Elder was appointed to the school board in August, 1944. His present term expires on February 28, 1957. Mr. Elder is a capable speaker and well known for his ability to find a story for every talk. He is Vice-President of the Albu- querque National Bank and gradu- ated from AHS. Mr. S. Y. Jackson Mr. Jackson is President of the Board of Education. He was elected to the board in September of 1936. His present term expires February 28, 1959. He has served as President of the board since October, 1942. As President, he gives an annual address to the teachers of the sys- tem which is always rich in interest and inspiration. He is manager of the Excelsior Laundry. 6303 BOARD OF EDUCATION Mrs. Nicolai Mrs. Nicolai was appointed to the school board in October, 1942. Her present term expires February 28, 1955. She is presently a member of the State Board of Parent-Teachers' Association and is past President of the State Parent-Teachers' Associa- tion of New Mexico. Mr. John Milne Heading the Albuquerque public schools is Mr. John Milne. Coming to Albuquerque in 1907, he rose through the ranks of the profes- sion. He did classroom teaching for two years, became Principal of Al- buquerque High School, and two years later was appointed Superin- tendent. He has served Albuquer- que in this capacity since 1911. Few superintendents have his experi- ence and background. Mr. Richard W. Thorne Mr. Thorne is the Vice-President: of the school board. He was elected to the board March 1, 1939. His present term expires February 28, 1957. He is co-owner of Strong- Thorne Mortuary. Mr. Thorne is a graduate of the Carlsbad School System but Mrs. Thorne is an alumnus of AHS. Mr. D. A. Macpherson, Jr. Mr. Macpherson, Jr., the junior member of the school board has served seven years. He was elected to the school board in March of 1947. His present term expires February 28, 1959 and is serving as Clerk of the Board. He is a prac- ticing Attorney-at-law and is a graduate of AHS. Mr. Macpherson, Jr., is keeping up a family tradi- tion. His father served for many years on our Board of Education. F . . . GLEN O. REAM, Principal Mr. Glen O. Ream holds the most important position at Albuquerque High School. He is looked upon not only as a principal and advisor, but also as a friend to both the students and faculty. Serving Albuquerque High for twenty-eight years, he has accomplished much. We feel that he is the one person who best represents AHS. MARY COLE DIXON, Assistant Principal Assistant principal of Albuquerque High is Miss Mary Cole Dixon. She is admired and respected for her efficient work here at Albuquerque High. She has served us for twenty-eight years with her wisdom and sympathy. Throughout these many years of service she, too, has been an outstanding representative of Albuquerque High. ADMINISTRATORS OF ALBUOUEROUE HIGH SCHOOL In Mr. Ream's outer office are Helen Leahy, and Mrs. Cherrill Wugalter. Helen Leahy is secretary to Mr. Ream. She handles all the extra-curricular funds and is well informed on all phases of our school. Cherrill Wugalter is in charge of transcripts and eligibility of athletes. Many are grateful to her for the help she has given throughout the year. The attendance office is staffed by Robert Briscoe, Fannie Sanchez, and Mazelle Spence Knot picturedb. HELEN LEAHY CHERRILL WUGALTER Secretary-Bookkeeper Secretary Robert Briscoe is in charge of the attendance office. He is a friend to all, and noted for his firm action if rules are broken. Robert Briscoe has a B.S. degree in Education. A familiar face in the attendance office is Fannie Sanchez. She is secretary to Miss Dixon. She is always busy checking credits, posting grades, and caring for personnel cards. Mazelle Spence, who is secretary to the Director of Attendance, is without a doubt one of the busiest persons at Albuquerque High. . v ROBERT R. BRISCOE FANNIE SANCHEZ P Attendance Officer Secretary t , qsip HELEN ALDRIDGE B.A., M.A. French CLARA T. BARNHART B.S., M.A. Algebra I, Plane Geometry FRANCES BAUGHMAN B.A., R.N. School Nurse HARRY L. BISHOP M.S. Biology RUBY BOURNE M.A. English MILDRED S. BREILAND B.A., A.B.L.S. Librarian RILLA C. BRINK B.S. of Ed. Home Economics J EWELL BROWN A.B., M.A. Counselor, Director Student Affairs ALICE C. BUSKIRK, , B.S.E., M.A. English DR. WINFRED BUSKIRK M.A., Ph. D. History KATHERINE CARMICHAEL A.B. Bookkeeping, Typing JOHNNIE L. CATON B.S., M.S. Physical Education C 82 J FLORENCE CHADWICK M.A., B.A. English J. RUDOLPH CHAMBERS B.S. in Ed. Chemistry MADGE CHILDE B.A. Algebra, Plane Geometry Solid Geometry SARAH LOUISE COOK B.S., M.A., D. of Ed. Biology EDWARD J. CRISTY A.B., M.A. Economics, Sociology, Psychology WILLIAM P. DAVIES B.S., M.A. Director of Audio-Visual Aids JERRY DAVIS B.A. Mathematics WILMA LEE DEEN B.A., M.A. Typing, Shorthand RALPH E. DIXON B.A. World History, Citizenship, Dramateens L. E. DOHNER B.S. Vocational Agriculture MARIAN L. DOUGLAS B.A., M.S. Clothing GEORGE T. FOEHR B.S., M.S. Safety and Driving 4831 MARJORIE FOX B.S., M.A. Bookkeeping, Typing NETTIE GALLOWAY Snack Bar ED GARVANIAN B.S. Physical Education FRANK E. GRAHAM B.A., M.A. Painting, Design, Commercial Art ROBERT INGLIS HANNAH B.A. World History DR. E. R. HARRINGTON B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Chemistry, Physics, Navagation, Meteorology VIOALLE HEFFERAN B.A., M.A. World History, Physical Geography ROBERT E. HEINSOHN B.S. in Ed., M. of Ed. Basketball, R.O.T.C. FLORENCE HICKMAN A.B., M.A. English MARGARET HOLDERNESS B.A., A.B. English KATHERINE HUNT Librarian Clerk ROBERT DEWITT IVEY B.A., M.S. Biology 6 84 J A xc ELIZABETH R. J ARAMILLO B.S. English rx MONETA G. JOHNSON W, 'V' B.A., M.A. +-gr Mathematics KATHERINE KELEHER B.A., M.A. History .W A f F A f I 7 . , .1 ff RUTH KERKESLAGER World History LILLIAN M. KIEKE ' Business MAY STIRRAT KLICKER B.A., M.A. World History ANN KOMADINA N B.A., M.A. Spanish JAMES L. LACOUR B.A., M.A. English """' ESTHER L. LARSON B.S., M.A. 3 Economics NELSON W. LOWERY B.S. Vocational Woodworking ALFRED MCCLINTIC A.B., M.S. Biology PAUL E. MCDAVID B.S., M.S. Head Football Coach C 35 J ESTELLE A. MCDEVITT B.S. Food, Nutrition KITTY MCFALL B.A., M.A. Spanish JEAN MARSH B.A., M.A. Typing I, Business Information VIRGILIO MARTINEZ B.A., M.A. Spanish I, II W. B. MAXSON B.A., M. of Ed. Science RHEA M. MILLER B.A. English ELLA MONTOYA Book Room FREDERICK M. MYERS B.A., M.A. x 'Q English ...Q JOSEPHINE NAPOLEONE B.A. Spanish S. ,,,i . ,. EVA NoBBs T 4 B.S. ' I f'f' Physical Education li 'I' R ,lk p A JUANITA PATTERSON I llul , N B.S. 1 I Typing, Shorthand ,.,,.. A MANDEL PETERSON T R Vocational Printing I I C867 '- Miva- ? ,.,i g p .TAE X . P5 iil I l i? x 2 I iigisigg'5f, ' qi my W 'Jsgi'f'ff1. . ixiii A N f If f y r xl .Fil . I .1 ,, I r X, - 1 -. .fl I 1' f , ' QT! Ill! N' . J I to ,if 1 4 .M ,,.. .,.., y 92g,11,sL?'wxMLfl,g,'f STAN RARICK B.A., M.A. Drama, Stagecraft EDITH D. RAYBOULD B.A., M.A. World History FRED M. RENFRO B.A., M.A. Physical Education J. FRANKLIN REYNOLDS B.A. Drafting HELEN ROGERS B.A., M.A. Girls' Counselor MILDRED M. ROHWER A.B., B.S. Biology JACK RUSHING B.A., M.A. Physical Education VIRGINIA SACKS B.S. Physical Education TELLI-:s SANCHEZ B.A., A.E.c.A. Vocational Shop HENRY SCHRIEBER B.F.A., M.F.A. Arts and Crafts CARMEN SEESE B.S., M. Ed. Biology KATHERINE SHEPARD A.B., M.A. History .,..,-,- ....Y, -.. ...... . ....,,...,.-r.,- ...,,., , 0v'l"" CHARLES SINGLETON B.A. Auto Mechanics HAROLD SLOCUM B.A., M. Ed. Mathematics WARREN A. SMART B.A., M.A. R.O.T.C. EDGAR WARREN SMITH, Jr. B.A., M.A. English, Speech LYDIA E. STRAND B.A., M.A. English MARY EDNA TRAMMELI. English TONY J. VALDEZ B.S. Physical Education CHRISTINE H. WAGNER B.A. English W. M. WALLING Vocational Printing LUCILLE E. WELCH B.A., M.A. English R. S. WERSTLER B.S. History HARRY M. WEST B,A. Latin 1889 ' 4 as '9 -. . - -q:::.1:,s::::,,.,,- Nxtxm .- . . ' ' N Q - A , ...,. - .I ::t5:'.'5:155,5::"::5:3:,.,'?5I2. . " ,- I ,V U -,.. -za.. . SEQ - -1 .,.. -ia A . ,, T if "sw, ,::,::,,, , gf ' f , Q i .,i5':'f':x ,H Ax M 'L get X 2.3215 . Ani - i X 5' 1 . .Q I ,'f , y . .W 5 ww , 1 aj 1' x ' , iifg af: . s-. .M ,I fi'yj5fz g if , , 553, K .L , ALLEN B. WILLIAMS JANE WILLIAMS WILSON N. WILLITS F. M. WILSON B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. A.B., M.A. B.A., M.A. English English Distributive Education Coorindinator of Athletics CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Mrs. Kathryn Gaines, Mrs. Lydia Lewis, Mrs. Althea Margaret Wilson, Mrs. Hattie L. Noble, Mrs. Eva Hig- Allcorn, Mrs. Rosamond Seth, Mrs. Salona Hartline, Miss gins, Mrs. O. E. Cash, Mrs. Harriett Bushncr. y I . W me ' Q. 0 "'- av'-"Y--W' ' L i x. Q z,34,1l""','M. CUSTODIANS OF ALBUOUERQUE HIGH SCHOOL Front row, Libcrato Carrillo, Ernest Montoya, Jose Back row, Canuto Ramirez, Victor S. Juarez, Isabel Smvhvz. Cresencio J. Garcia. Padilla Chavez, Ramon Montoya, Jose Olquin. -WW 7 C 89 J C905 Zin Memoriam jlliliss bars Guhharh 189521954 This page is dedicated to the memory of Miss Sara Goddard, a teacher who served many years at Albuquerque High School. Miss Goddard passed away on January 8, 1954 after serious illnesses. Miss Goddard began her teaching at Albuquerque High in 1924. She taught various subjects beginning with commercial courses. In her many years of service she taught French, Economics, Southwest History, Archaeology, Naval History Cduring the period of World War ID and had overflowing World History classes. She sponsored many ac- tivities: the Debating Society, Commercial Club, French Club, Archaeology Society, Flower Fund, and was at one time Faculty Secretary. Miss Goddard was very interested in local history which included Indian ruins. She and some of her students found an old ruin called Tunque between Alameda and Santa Fe. The cost of the ruin is not known, but to Albuquerque High and Miss Goddard it was priceless. It is through the quiet, efficient work of people like Miss Goddard that future gen- erations are well trained. A great teacher has left the classroom. 44+ 65,5 0 QW gb Y if XA xllnlllnvf f 5 W QW TJ ORGANIZATIONS c..,.l Lihmfgdw tina, SQ-Mbur. wk: vfif 4 Pictured above are first and second semester of- ficers, Homer Ledbetter, Presidentg Irene Scott, Secre- tary, and Bill Mcllhaney, Vice-President. The most outstanding organization at AHS is the Student Council, directed by Mr. Glen O. Ream, and Student Affairs Counselor, Jewell Brown. STUDENT First row, J. Chavez, R. Anaya, K. Skinner, W. Mar- mon, F. Frazier, B. Abeyta, B. Giron, W. Davis, R. Gon- za ez. Second row, D. Wilson, R. Lewison, S. Cooper, N. Maldonado, F. Hatchell, M. Garcia, G. Erwin, L. Paton, .l. McKinnon, N. Lacy, M. Alvarez, B. Barer, G. Urioste, R. Chavez, D. Opperman, S. Bommelaere, E. Large, A. Gray, I. Scott, B. Frown, V. Hamilton. Third row, H. Ledbetter, V. Ortiz, B. Shane, S. Har- risg C. Solis, S. Colemcng J. McClendan, F. Miller, B. Bell, F. Sammons, L. Sanchez, N. Montoya, D. Rex, B. Canliam, P. Stallman, M. Van Atta, N. Maisel. 1"iN-ff gazib W4 The council is divided into different committees which plan activities such as Pioneer Day, Pep Rallies, and the Green and White Ball. This year's Student Council has done a very good job and the student body owes it a vote of gratitude and thanks. , COUNCW Fourth row, E. Espana, C. Bowman, C. Stevens, M. Cross, M. Pettis, G. Hanawald, J. Burke, J. Marks, C. Garcia, M. Griffin, D. Canfield, J. Watson, J. Anderson, L. Daily. Fifth row, T. Zolman, H. Hill, C. Cordova, J. Barboa, R. Moraga, C. Nixon, M. Maldonado, R. Hanna, A. Leedy, M. Cast, M. Teas, S. Chase, F. Garcia, D. Morelock, T. Schipper, J. Gere, C. Pipkin. Sixth row, A. Jarrett, J. Sanchez, W. Overson, B. Mcllhaney, S. Baca, H. Saavedra, C. Richey, S. Baker, V. Jenkins. 692D STUDENT COUNCIL First row, M. Alvarez, N. Maldonado, R. Chavez, T. De Baca, G. Garcia, B. Shane, Gloria Smith, J. Ginsburg, R. Hanna, M. Maldonado, R. Lewinson, A. Leedy, . Gray, H. Moskos, P. Copeland. Second row, J. Barboa, F. Luthy, S. Coleman, . Sammons, R. Wilson, L. Valdez, J. Burke, S. Burch, . Bohannon, D. Morelock, J. McClendon, D. Oppermen, . Sanchez, E. Santillanes, S. Bommelare, J. Minees, . Hatchell, M. Garcia, D. Cantfield, G. Ortiz, L. Clark, Dougherty, S. Chase, G. Crowe, D. Gallagher. IP jzmrmhi uw -I C U rn Z -I 5 Fm. E3 35, .DMU-2-A r-'fig 5- 'QOSOQ :SS F" s"'51 D v-1..L"f'5 55524 5-Owgi 2032: "'E5s:E gi-:W-'cn ... ,., cms: ...fn Wien Umm'-'UI Q-:Oc-4-E' :Woe mg lg '1'-' UQ:-e 59- 'J' az. fe o Q5 31:1 22' Zig 'Dm 'av 559 E 95 . EM? O 550 o ES 'P f-1. Third row, H. Hill, R. Lucas, S. Williams, R. Mor- aga, F. Turner, D. Montoya, M. Ortega, J. Baca, C. Nixon, G. Nilsen, K. Skinner, J. Santillanes, J. Restow, D. Mc- Cabe, F. Short, N. Montoya, L. Patton, I. Scott, S. Baker, F. Atencio, G. Hanawald. Fourth row, B. Quist, W. Davis, H. Faire, B. Justice, F. De Baca, J. D. Metzgar, N. Maisel, D. Franish, D. Wil- son, B. Mcllhancy, H. Ledbetter, C. Richey, R. Moya, B. Schumacher, F. Miller, J. Marks, B. Bell, J. Anderson, S. Mock, M. Van Atta, J. Gere. AFFAIRS Second Semester, back row, left to right, Stanley Williams, John Anderson, Dick Wilson and Homer Led- better. Front row, Jo Hankins, Sue Coleman, Marlene Ford, and Lynn Armstrong. C939 Seated at top, left to right, Marci Keller, and Carla Jeanne Koellmann, copy readers. Directly above are the co-editors, left to right, Carol Kutnewsky, Harry P. Moskos, and Martha Mersman. At the right seated are Jeanne Ver- million, Karen Crobaugh, Corina Baca all reporters, and Irene Bachicha, typist. Standing, Billy House, photograph- er, George Doolittle, Carla Jeanne Koellmann, Evelyn Chavez, Paul Carl- son, reporters. Not pictured are Jerry Ginsburg, editorial assistant, Jimmy Hunton, business manager, Jim Kynor, sports writer, Leonore Garcia, Marian Marks, typistsg and Dan Thompson, reporter and photographer. 1943 RECORD The Record, the Albuquerque High School paper, records the past, present and future in the news of the school. It had its birth in 1919, and was the first attempt in journalism since 1902 when "The Accidentn was published. The staff under the supervision of Dr. Winfred Buskirk, consists of three co-editors, a business man- ager, sports writer, a photogra- pher, reporters, and the typists. Among their social activities they enjoy an annual press banquet, and a two-day press convention in Las Vegas, New Mexico. YUCCA Shown at the right is Eve Tom- linson reading a selection to the Yucca staff. These stories, poems, and articles for the magazine are contributed by the literary mem- bers of our student body and vary from the dramatic to light fiction. The art staff, led by Buster Quist and Lee Daily, have added the ex- pressive touch necessary to turning out a good book. Sponsors, Mr. James Lacour and Mr. F. E. Gra- ham, can be proud of the Yucca staff and its publication, as they have contributed much towards the literary output of our school. In the picture at the left are the staff members. They are, seated, Alan Vermillion, Mr. Lacour, Harvey Jean Peterson, Sofia Chmura. Standing, Jerry Ginsburg, Eve Tom- linson, Martha Lamer, Judy Burke, Theresa Vigil, and Jim Nicks. During the year staff members work hard to produce a fine magazine. The Yucca magazine is given out twice a year to those students who have Co-ops. The staff meets after school and sixth period, during which they get the book in order. Shown above are Alan Vermillion and Harvey Jean Peterson, editors of the Yucca. They are primarily respon- sible for the final out come Of the magazine. C957 LA REATA Shown at the left are the three girls who are the most responsible for the existence of the yearbook. They were chosen because of their ability to hold such important posi- tions. Here are Betty Ann Rose, Associate Editor, Caroline Maciel, Editor, and Elnora Bowers, Assistant Editor. "Look at Bell's big red nose." Each year the man be- hind the camera uses this pass word before the picture is taken. Bill Bell, shown at left, has been seen around Albuquerque High taking pictures of clubs, sports, and other school activities. Bell has been taking pictures for the school for three years and is looking forward to taking them in the future. Left to right, Shirley Gil- bert, Pat Arnold, Kathyrn Darden, Doris Cady, and Bill Bell. LOOK AT THE PICTURE Shown below is the six period Lu Reata Staff. The rows, Cloe Ahlgrim, Helen Burson, Joan Bryant, Patsy girls are checking the students' pictures for the year Finn, Anne Roop, and Mona Jean Hunn. book. They are left to right, Shirley Martinez, Sue Bur- X.,- .623 .1-P" ,nfs 4963 LA REATA Since 1909 the yearbook stall has been turn- ing out the annual La Reata. True, the publishing of our annual is almost as old as the school, but as we thumb through the issues of by-gone years, we can see the way school life was compared to that of today. The La Reata is a treasure chest of memories, held dear by all who have at one time or another attended AHS. The work involved in turning out the La Reata starts right after the beginning of school. The staff consists of all sophomores, juniors, and sen- iors interested in the publishing of a yearbook. The editors and co-editors are picked in the spring, and serve in the positions the following school year. The stall' is divided into three sec- tions, 6th period, 7th period, and the group which works after school. Let us look at the book and see just what is done 'in the production of it. First of all the photographer and engraver are chosen. After this a suitable cover is picked. Then the real work begins. Page plans are drawn, pictures scheduled and taken, copy is written, pages are assembled, and sent to be printed. The book is at last com- pleted and covers are pasted on. The La Reata is Mr. Thomas then ready for distribution to the student body. Mr. Thomas, shown above, has the great responsibility of being sponsor of the La Reata. He has been doing his best for three years in seeing that the student body has an annual to suit its needs. Caroline Maciel, Leon Luey, Kathyrn Darden, Betty Wynn, Pat Arnold, Betty Lou Fogell, and Lou Ellen Anne Rasc, Shirley Gilbert, Eleanore Stukas, Charlotte Morelack. These are pictured in the first group. The low- Zieeler. Jo Ann McKinnon, Elnora Bowers, Carolyn er photo is of the after school staff of the La Reata. Elnora Bowers, Shirley Gilbert, Patsy Finn, Evelyn Raby, Anne Roop, Gretchen Oberle, and Doris Cady. C973 Mr. Slocum, director of choral music wxgiif X SENIOR TRIPLE TRIO Pictured above are the members of the Senior Triple Trio. Left to right are Mary Ann Hartline, Lemell King, Ann Cartman, Kay Gibson, Mary Van Atta, Louise Hentz, Bobbie Middleton and Vena Lee Thorton. Eleanor Danner is the pianist. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Front row, left to right, Walter Allan, David Rieder, Jimmy Nicks, Norman Humphries, David Willard, Robert Hentz, Jim Ky- nor, Joan Orlebeck, pianist, Jack Foster, Charles Adlon, Robert Jones, Bob Gonzales, Robert Hannah, Eugene Agnes. Second row, Tink Luxford, Alan Vermillion, Don Basden, Paul Carlson, Gary Galloway, Tom Wold, Robert Halloway, Erich Sch- uetze, Fred Games, Sam Blair, Bob Geisler, John Cawlfield, J. D. Metzgar. Third row, Tommy Wolfe, Robert Byers, Al Jarrct, Larry Tip- man, Ronnie Royster, Terry Fairchild, Jerry Vohle, Joe Houchin, Liebert Wilson Jack LeGrand, Grafton Berger, Goodsell Slocum, irector. C983 AHS ORCHESTRA Front row, Kenneth Gutierrez, Leroy Barncastle, Joe Houchin, Andy Cligan, Martha Lamer, Marilyn Rogers, Sofia Chmura. Second row, Rick Koehnke, Robert Norton, Al Jarrett, Bernard Higgins, Jim Mattingly, Rose Marie Leeper, Nemecio Padillo, Nancy Terwilliger. Back row, Eugene Agnes, Tom Wold, Tink Luxford, Donna Bates, and Mr. Cramer. AHS BAND First row, A. Jarrett, L. Koester, M. Miller, C. Trujillo, C. Geb- ert, D. Meister, S. Garrett, N. Humphries, C. Romero. Second row, J. K. Mattingly, J. B. Higgins, M. Aguilar, J. D Metzgar, A. Tauche, W. Brooks, J. Church, J. Fahrion, A. Jennings, D. Chiarcllo. Third row, R. Gilmer, W. Ballou, J. Bloomfield, I. Padilla, R Leepcr, B. Corfield, M. Vella, D. Tenbroeck, R. Beauchamp, J Vahle, M. Baca. Fourth row, T. Luxford, E. Agnes, T. Ramirez, T. Wold, F Heckman, J. Baxter, C. Anderson, L. Titman, C. Courson, D. Mc ,jf Collum, D. Brown, R. Moya, B. Foster, L. Padilla, G. Sanchez, B fd Dunivan, T. Gray, J. Foster, R. Romero, R. Norton, E. Armijo, V. ' Brooks, J- Galloway, Mr. Cramer, director of band and orchestra in Q 99 J ADVANCED GIRLS' CHORUS Under thc direction of Goodsell Slocum, the advan- ced chorus has given an enjoyable remembrance to many. First row, left to right, Bemes, Neuber, Van Atta, Hentz, Foster, Roop, Finn, Culp, Gordanier, Erwin, Powers. Second row, Baca, Betts, Kelly, Arnold, Hoffman, Sheppard, McCain, Leedy, Cartman, Johnson, Pearce, Caster, Reeder, Koellmann, Jordon, Tomlinson, Shrader. Third row, Bowers, Hartline, Gibson, Wallace, Evans, Jaramillo, Jackson, Sebree, McCamey, Jarrett, Martin, Rogers, Vance, Kitsch, Howard, Thornton, Mid- dleton, Marks. Fourth row, Danncr, Cobos, Walker, Smith, Somers, Williams, Smith, McCall, Miller, Ringle, Ausbun, Kut- newsky, Sander, Wynn, Mitchel, Even, and Goodsell Slocum, director. A CAPELLA Many enjoyable presentations have been given by the A Capella choir. First row, left to right, Anne Roop, Norma Betts, Ida Baca, Louis .Iohnson, Ann Pearce, Carla Koellmann, Bunny McCain, Jackie Caster. Second row, Joan Bryant, Patsy Finn, Lavon Leedy, Elnora Bowers, Billie Kitsch, Shirley McCamey, Carita Jarrett, Dana Martin. Third row, Florence Bemis, Sue Walker, Vena Thornton, Pauline Ausbun, Bobbie Middleton, Marion Marks, Marilyn Neuber, Eleanor Danner. Fourth row, Catherine Somers, Evelia Cobos, Myrle Van Atta, Goodsell Slocum, Mary Van Atta, Louise llentz, Carol Kutnewsky, Mary Even. f100J The Junior Talent Show was presented over KOAT- TV on Saint Valentine's Day. President Bill Mann, Vice- Prcsident Neva Jo Weese, and Secretary Sue Coleman, officers of the Junior Class, introduced the talent by reading a valentine to the performers. The program in- cluded several dances: Poodle Hop, Dying Swan, and The Continental. Our Junior musicians formed a dance band and played, "In The Mood." Lorraine Wilden sang, "Sweetheart, Sweetheart," and Bunny McCain sang, "Dia- mond Are A Girl's Best Friend." The program was spon- sored by three Albuquerque High School teachers, Ann Komadina, Josephine Napolene, and Ed Garvanian. Pictured at the right is Coach Garvanian with Lil- lian Velasquez, who is about to be introduced by the three officers pictured at the left. KANW KANW, directed by Mrs. Rose J. Jones, and Mr. W. B. Maxson, broadcasts an average of four hours a day throughout the school year. The programs presented this year included Indian programs, Social Science, Safety, Science, Phonics, Health, Music, and Penmanship. These programs are produced with the assistance of supervis- ors, teachers from various school, students from the high school, and other educational stations throughout the nation. They are both educational and entertaining. KANW trains student engineers for radio station work in the future. Shown here are, front row, left to right, W. B. Max- son, Rose Jeanne Jones, and Elmo Darrah. Gary Peterson Back row, Vernon Compton, Herbert Peterson, and -if ,: 3? J:-g i ,, MY' ' 4 Q 101 J R.O.T.C. COMPANY A: B. Humble, B. Simmons, B. Thomas, J. Babcock, E. Barnett, H. Cotton, K. Darden, B. Goodloe G. Gulley, B. James, v. Kilgore, J. Murphy, P. Nanie, Jf Nelson, R. Richardson, R. Vernon, R. Baca, A. Baxter, T, Biddle, J. Branum, L. Brown, J. Chavez, R. Duran, J Ellis, C. Garcia, G. Garcia, J. House, C. Lopez, E. Madi- son, J. McCabe, B. Norris, R. Romero, J. Th,mas, J. Tip ton, D. Williams, A. Woolfork, R. Russell, B. Lovato, H. Bushey, L. King, N. Dawson, J. Beadles, .I. Stuehler, J. Baxter. COMPANY B: J. Baxter, J. Farris, T. Jorgensen, H Ledbetter, B. Beal, J. Billings, B. Capshaw, R. Del Frate D. Gallaher, R. Garcia, C. Harris, R. Lampson, W. Majors: B. Morgan, E. Padilla, M. Rose, L. Shaw, T. Ward, G Yamamoto, A. Lewis, D. Baca, J. Bowlin, M. Cast, B. Den ton, W. Dusho, R. Geilenfeldt, B. Jones, J. Le Grande R. Lopez, J. McKenzie, J. Marchetti, D. Meister, T. Neth ery, L. Nicdosik, 0. Perrin, R. Peters, F. Williams. BATTALION STAFF: David LaNear, Robert Silva Colonel Humble, Bob Russell. ,. . x as COMPANY C: E. Agnes, R. Branda, R. Gonzales, R. Silva, A. Williams, G. Baxton, J. Beckwith, S. Daulton, T. Ellis, G. Howard, D. Matsumoto, L. Masters, Li Mitch- ell, D. Schiff, K. Small, E. Urioste, L. Wyatt, A. Barros, B. Bengel, J. Chavez, T. Cordova, J. Davis, rl. Gallegos, D. Gallegos, T. Holland, G. Hutchinson, T. Jaime, M. McDonald, W. Marmon, G. Martinez, J. Reardon, H. Sa- avedra, O. Sena, L. Seymor, J. Valdez, A. Villescas, N. Zamora, N. Nieto, B. J. Justice, G. Long, S. Romero, J. Lujan, S. Baca, B. Noel. COMPANY E: K. Grisham, N. Wolfe, D. Zickert, J. Bazan, I. Broocke, T. Craig, B. Grossman, J, Maes, M. Martinez, R. Martinez, D. Wewhorten, T. Ramirez, B. Salazar, J. Valles, B. Wright, T. Zolman, R. Abernathy, T. Alires, J. Bloomfield, W. Brooks, K. Childers, E. Craig, D. Chavez, T. Davis, D. King, K. Neeb, J. Rael, E. Sal- ome, B. Shalit, B. Simmons, D. Stong, L. Teeter, F. Tur- ner, F. Williams, J. Williams, D. Woods, R. Benavidez, J. Ruggles, B. Foster, R. Martinez, F. Cortez, P. Griffin, R. Garcia, W. Tucker. C1029 R.O.T.C. ,WE C1039 DRILL SQUAD The R.O.T.C. Drill Team performs at parades, football games and assemblies. They are highly trained in rifle drill and marching. The team receives awards for their alert- ness and co-ordination. They wear regular uniforms with white spats, white belts, and white helmets carry- ing a green "A" above the visor. The boys are trained and led by Captain Reitmann. First row, left to right, Homer Ledbetter, Leslie Shaw, Jack Nelson, Ruben Mar- tinez, Al Williams, Bo Simmons. Second row, Keith Grisham, Alfonso Viesqes, Richard Richardson, Maurice Rose, David Garcia, Jerry Baxter. Third row, Richard Branda, Willie Majors, Lee Masters, Toby Craig, Von Kilgore. Fourth row, Don Zigard, Joe Valles, Jack Babcock, Curtis Smith, Bruce Wright, David La Near. R.0.T.C. The R.O.T.C. was sponsored by Captain Smart until January of 1954, when it was taken over by Captain Reitmann. The R.O.T,C. is designed to give the boys mili- tary training and teach them self-government. Each period is given a letter and called a company. These companies are directed by their own officers. The ONCO Club, officers and non-commissioned of- ficers, sponsor the Military Ball and arranges other ac- tivities put on by R.O.T.C. The Drill Squad performs at football games during halftime and in parades. The Rifle Squag competes in shooting contests and also drills and marc es. RIFLE SQUAD First row, left to right, Richard Branda, Billy Capshaw, Eddie Barnett, Al Williams, Eugene Baxter, Glen Howard, David La Near. Back row, Danny Matsumoto, Alvin Baxter, Keith Grisham, Alvaro Villescas, Nor- man Wolf, Bo Simmons, Irvin Broocke, Homer Ledbetter, Dale Gallaher, Tom Nethery. f104l GIRLS' INTRAMURALS Girls' intramurals is an organization open to any girl at AHS who is interested in sports. The club is sponsored by the girls' gym teach- ers, Mrs. Sacks, Mrs. Nobbs, and Mrs. Wil- son. Members may be- come skilled in almost any sport they desire, including tennis, bowl- ing and modern dance. The year's activities are tournaments and the annual Sports Day, on which schools from all over the state meet. Shown left to right are the officers of the Intramural Council, Hortensia Hernan- dez, Gloria Martinez, Calaya Trujillo, and Loretta Fukuzawa. DAWN PATROL The Dawn Patrol had its beginning in 1933. Since that time, 24 years ago, the Patrol has been increasing its numbers every year. Each morning at 6:00 a.m. one can see the early birds treking to school. They begin their patrol at this unearthly hour by making laboratory experiments. Incidently, these experiments are at a col- lege level. Dr. Eldred R. Harrington spon- sors these students. This is a 6:00 a.m. view of the Dawn Patrol. Seated, J. Anderson, F. Shanley, J. Nicks, S. McCreary L. Tonkin, R. Chavez. Back row, M. McNamee, C. Frederico, J. Beckett, L. Davis, B. Schnurr, W. Darr, T. Wold, T. Gray, J. Church, E. Romero, C. Chavez, D. Bodwell, D. Smith, E. Delaney, C. Pipkin. Pictured below, left to right, are First row, Joe Weller, Rudy Baca, Coach Garvan- ian, Marylin Maxwell. Second row, Eugene Agnes, Mike Padilla. :guns ...... .. mea... 'avail .ff i . . V Y A xvtis, - :xii iii? BOYS' INTRAMURALS Boys' intramurals is open to all home room groups of boys who de- sire to join. Each morning f o u r home rooms compete in vari- ous sports. The boys do their o w n officiating. Coach Garvanian spon- sors the club along with the help of Coach Renfro, Heinsohn, Mc- David, Wilson, Caton, Rushing, and Valdez. There are different schedules for e a c h league. A league con- sists of about thirty- five teams. C1055 AN' GIRLS' TENNIS CLUB The Girls' Tennis Club meets every Tuesday after school, The girls donit have to know haw to play nor do they need to own their playing equip- ment. Mrs. Wilson, shown at the left, is their sponsor. She provides transportation to Tingley Park where they play. There are about twelve girls in the club. Shown above are the members, left to right, Pauline Archunde, Janet Walton, Priscilla San- tillanes, Vicki Brooks, and Ann Velasco. Shown at left, Mrs. Gloria Wilson, tennis sponsor, and Mrs. Eva Nobbs, sponsor of girl's bowling. GIRLS BOWLING CLUB I ' Left to right, front row, Loretta Fukuzawa, Rose Nicholls, Marlene Staeh- lin, Mary Leverenz, Jackie Hewitt, and Jo Ann Rostow. . U Back row, Angelina Griego, Juanita Garcia, Mnudeen Grimes, Margle Crist, Christene Overton, and Jeannie Klkkawa. SCM THE SILVER SADDLES CLUB First row, Richey, Stong, Zolman, Kitts, Gal- loway, Gleason. Second row, Kitts, Zolman, Sanchez, Apodo- ca. Beal, Berg, Thompson, Gault, Shields, Hentz. Third row, McClendon, Hubink, Abaskin, Reese, Keller, Valentine, Mitchel, Scott, Elkins, Rose, Denney, Adams, Seligman, Easley, Pheister. OUTDOOR CLUB Outdoor Club officers, Top: Myrna Edwards Donna Dodge. Bottom: Don Basden, Dolores Baca. Front row, Crist, Smith, Baca, Dodge, Ed wards, Horton. Center, Basden, Thompson, Hillebrand, Keel- er, Wilson, Stearns, Roeder, Metzgar. Back, Le Grand, Mr. R. D. Ivey. ,...- P C1071 Pictured right, front row, Anne Billick, Shirley Hauert, Doris Cady, Darla Brister. Back row, Jimmy Hay, Bob Stover, Winfred Buskirk, Bar- ton Jones. Below are Officers, D. Cady, B. Jones, D. Brister. l Qui The officers are C. Baca Praetorg R. Nelson, Aedileg M. Derbyshire, Quaestorg S. San- tillanes, Pontifex Maximusg F. Short, Censorg and D. Ten- broek, Consul. Absent from the picture is F. Letteau, Trib- une. Sofia Chmura took the place of Quaestor, M. Derby- shire for the second semester. 11081 KA ARCHAEOLOGY During the fall and spring, on Tuesday afternoons, an active looking group can be found near Alameda. They are AHS's Arch- aeology students, under the direction of Dr. Winfred Buskirk. Their chief interest is in early man and the way he lived. They ex- cavate to uncover articles of interest from this deserted pueblo. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club has been a successful club here at AHS for a number of years. Their annual activities include the Valen- tine Dance and the Ides of March Banquet. Traditional Roman costume was worn at the banquet held this April in the cafeteria. This year the first state Junior Classical League convention was held here at our school. Our chapter played host to seven other chapters over the state. MODERN DANCE The Modern Dance group is one of the most interesting dance groups at AHS. The girls in the club meet after school on Tuesday and work out many new dance movements to the beat of Mrs. t Sacks' drum. The group has put on numerous programs, which y " everyone seems to enjoy. Joyce Campbell is President. Left to right, Shirley Bommeleare, Armida Frangos, Judy Mathew, Barbara Markwell, Joyce Campbell, and Bernice Love. Joyce Campbell, President DRAMATEENS The Dramateens is sponsored by Mr. Stan Rarick Mr. Ralph Dixon, and Mr. Fred Myers. They have pre sented fourteen plays this year. Below are members Front row, B. Faris, M. Donley, B. Scott, R. Grass- ham, H. Peterson, G. Horton, S. Dunnam, L, Kirchez, K. Koehler. Second row, R. Byers, J. Gable, S. Sanders, D Henry, J. G. Cordova, J. Thompson, J. Kynor, M. Mal- donado, B. Henry, R. Biggerstaff, R. Hanna, B. Bell, D. Thompson, not shown. Back row, C. Padilla, J. Burke, S. Montoya, D. Weatherbie' R' Olivas' C' Campbell, M' Hogman' B' Officers for first semester Jimmy Nicks President' MCCHH1' S' Lhmura' M' Deskms' D' Dmwlddle' Rosie Olivas, Vice-President, and Rita Grassham, Secrei tary. C1095 hirst row, Allen lferrel, Mary Rodriquezy Delores Baca, Frank Keller. Second row, Jo Hankins, Virgil Wadley, Jo Ann Lockridge. Jo Hankins, Virgil Wadley, Jo Ann Lockridge Officers, Second row, L. E. Dohner, Wayne Peterson, assistant reporter, Don Basden, reporter, Darrell Denton, sentinel and Charles Richards. historian. nun-.Elf N .Q - li W F. T. A. The purpose of F.T.A. is to prepare AHS students for a future teaching profession. The club consists of fifteen members, the officers are Jo Hankins, presidentg Virgil Wadley, vice-presidentg Jo Ann Lockridge, secre- tary. During the year a joint meeting was held with Highland. Guest speakers were Zelma Wipple, consult- ing teacher fof the Superintendent's office and Dr. N, G. Tate, principal of Highland High School. Albuquer- cue High SchJol's F.T.A. formed the state organization and made up the proposed constitution of the twelve member clubs. F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America sponsor- ed by Mr, Dohner, consists of boys interest- ed in learning the art of ranching. Pictured below, First row, Melchor Zam- ora, Charles Richards, Mackie Kitts, Jake Barboa, Don Hogland, Bill Mcllhaney, Loren Darr, Darrell Denton, Don Basden, Wayne Peterson. Center row, Roger Westerhold, Charles Dean, Norman Eades, Gary Warren, James Kitts, David MacLauchlan, Fred Heckman, Otto Geer, Joe Edwards, Elton Hogland, Ed- die Simons, Harvey Meldrum, L. E. Dohner. Third row, Johnny Sekot, Edward Shoe- maker, Robert Hentz, Robert Mueller, Char- les Wimpy, Earl Gleason, Donald Lawson, Robert Tinkle, Bill Jernigan, Pete Golden. IIUJ FIDDLIN' FEET v Swing your partner, and a grand right and left. This is one of , V - the many calls that can be heard at Fiddlin' Feet, bringing back the ' old traditional southwest spirit. Shown at the annual Valentine party in honor of the parents are clockwise in picture, Sue Burrows, Loren Teeter, Barbara Ann Smith, Merle Reece, Arlene Ortega, Pat McGuire, Bobbie Middle- ton, and Sonny Bratton. Shown on the right, are two of the Fiddlin' Feet officers, Merlc Reece and Barton Jones. ROLLICKING ROLLERS Front row, Charlotte Pohl, Sue Baylor, Sally Ann White, Char lotte Solis, Pat Lawler, Linda Lybarger, Wanda Noel, Connie Camp bell, Gloria Koening, Betty Redling, Carole Hedges, Sharon Mc Aneny, Back row, Danny Guiterrez, Anita Shields, Beverly Christen sen, Dale Smith, Ronald Tyree, Leon Burfholder, Ned Noble, Mary Edna Trammell, sponsor, Bill Simmons, Earl Whitten, Sam Padilla, Ralph Naranjo, and Wanda Shouse. Q ,ff , is E sg L ' ff' ini wx i'Qjf,fs'f is it er- C1113 Myrle Van Atta Jerry Ginsburg Secretary-Treasurer President HONOR Honor Society consists of students who have main- tained an average of ten honor points in their grades and activities. An "A" counts as three points, a "B" counts as two points. Activity points can be used. Those who have maintained this high average are presented a gold "A" on Awards Day at the end of their Junior year. To keep the gold "A" they must maintain their high stand- ing seven of the eight semesters. The officers for both semesters were President, Jerry Ginsburg, Vice-Presi- dent, Carol Kutnewsky, and Secretary-Treasurer, Myrle Shown in the picture below are: Doris Cady, Mary Ellen Derbyshire, Sofia Chmura, Ferdy De Baca, Herbert Shillingburg, Charles Wersonick, Fred Chapman, Robert Hanna, Jim Major, Cynthia Mabery. Second row, Judy Burke, Nancy Cole, Linley Tonkin, Harvey Jean Peterson, Nancy Meister, Jody McC1endon, Rexanna Brown, Christine Overton, Catherine Koenig, Lydia Sanchez, Barbara Scott, Annie Sanchez, Evelia Cobos, Theresa Vigil, Sally Chase, Shirley Bemis, Jane Chilton, Katherine Somers. Carol Kutnewsky Vice-President SOCIETY Van Atta. These have been chosen because of their abil- ity to lead in extra curricular activities as well as because of their high scholastic rating. Mrs. Klicker is the sponsor and guides the students in filling out their applications. Due to the fact that the students have many other act.vities and different in- terests, the Honor Society meets once a semester. At this meeting the officers are elected and application blanks turned in. The meeting is held in room 331. Third row, Pat Arnold, Jewell Easley, Bonnie Adams, Frances Short, Retta Cutler, Avanell Pace, Karen Crobaugh, Tane Ong, Rose Marie Atencio, Jeanne Jor- dan, Lela Mae Wright, Elnora Bowers, Judy Marks, Christine Overton, Marsha Guthrie, Nancy Borough, Cor- inne Campell, Rosalinda Lucero, Joyce Welsh, Gloria Hanawald, Dolores Baca, Ramona Silva, Marlene Oboi- kovitz, Wilma Snare, Edna Montoya, Charlotte Robbins, Julia Jones, Joyce Wiltbank, Nancy Terwilliger, Joan Gable. C1123 SKI CLUB Pictured at the right, are some of the members of the Ski Club. Front row, Mavis McDonald, Buster Quist, Marlene Staehlin, Jan Richmond, and Jack Wil- ger. In the back row, Jerry Kennett, Lynette Caudill, Coach Wilson, club sponsor, Betty King, Coach Garvanian, Bernice Love, and Sharon McAdams. The club meets every Wednesday at 8:15 in Coach Wilson's office. Whenever the snow is deep enough, the club goes by bus to La Madera every Friday fifth, sixth, and seventh period. The La Ma- dera ski officials made arrangements for special rates on ski also made arrangements with the club lessons. They for renting of equipment and for using the tow. This club is open to all AHS students. DRILL SQUAD The drill squad, led by Gwenn Crowe and sponsored by Mrs. Virginia Sacks, has done a wonderful job this year. Their various half-time activities, during the foot- ball season have not only added interest to the games but also given that needed school spirit. They have prac- ticed daily to improve their precision in formations. People going by the corner of Grand and Edith have had the opportunity to see our lassies rehearsing their routines for the week. The yard by our Annex has been the best place for their rehearsals. Their talents have not been connned to Albuquerque High School activities alone. The girls traveled to Farmington to give a stellar performance for the fans there. In their two piece cord- uroy uniforms of green and white, the 116 girls enliven- ed the annual state fair and Christmas parades. Elected to be the leader for next year was Linnette Williams, who then will be a senior. It will be her responsibility to give the school another successful drill squad. First row, left to right, Gwenn Crowe, Phyliss Hook- er, Margie Chavez, Pat Lattin, Elisa Gutierrez, Ofelia Ramirez, Nellie Sanchez, Charlotte Solis, Barbara Barger, Isabella Blea, Betty Driskill, Martha Stevens, Juanita Minnick, Mildred Lovlett, Joyce Norman, Sue Norris. Second row, Bernice Love, Judy Matthews, Dolores Windsor, Virginia Cair, Armida Franchos, Lynn Arm- strong, Rita Grassham, Vonda Caster, Marcelinda Lucero, Mildred Lovato, Vanetta Starr, Sally Goodrich, Frances Williams, Janet Williams, Charlotte Stevens, Gloria Han- awald, Betty McKelvey. Third row, Rose Chavez, Frances Hatchell, Sally Cooper, Janet Spelts, Shirley Kelly, Mary Alvarez, Dolly Chavez, Bessie Casados, Fedelina Montoya, Anne Roop, Carol Wold, Lois Lemmel, Pat Waldie, Bonnie Simmons, Jenny Gabaldon, Mary Lou Sandoval, Angie Cosat. Last row, Jo Hankins, Bennie Barela, Gail Perry, Carolyn Evans, Barbara Kelsch, Marilyn Donley, Louise Shambough, Sue Baylor, Harvey Jean Peterson, Shirley Wilson, Roberta Brundage, Gwen Moseley, Mary Nan Pettis, Charlene Medley, Sarah Burch, Nisa Elkins. 4113? NURSE'S AIDES The nurse's aides are the girls who help Mrs. Baughman, our school nurse care for the health of all the students at Albuquerque High School. Most of the girls hope to be nurses in the near fu- -5 ture. Many former students are now established in a nursing ca- reer. AHS wishes to thank Mrs. Baugh- man and the nurse's aides for the many comforts they have provided for the students who have taken ill while at school. To be a nurse's aide is very good experience. The services which the nurse's aides perform are innumerable. There are always at least two girls on duty in the nurse's office in case any emergency should arise. First row, Sarah Montoya, Margie Stevens, Loretta Fukuzana, Gail Peterson, Bobbie Middleton, Esther King. Back row, Kay Gibson, June Rhoten, Annabelle Padilla, Sue Walker, Lois Kelly, Mrs. Baughman, Pat Smith. COUNSELORS' AIDES Very gratified to have these girls in their services are Mr. Brown, Mrs. Rogers, and Mr. Willits. Mrs. Rogers is both a friend and counselor to the many girls of AHS. She keeps the records for girls' absences and always offers guidance to those who come to her. Mr. Brown, besides being counselor to the boys, is Director of Stu- dent Aflairs and advisor for many extra-curricular activi- ties. Mr. Willits is in charge of helping students get jobs. He guides them in applying for positions and gives gen- eral vocational work for all. ROGER'S OFFICE AIDES: Vennetta Starr, Vonda Carter, Ann Richmond, Thelma Rowlands, Jean Bryant, Lynn Armstrong. 1114? The counselor's aides pictured here are very valu- able and necessary to keep things running smoothly in the counseling offices. One of their most important jobs is to direct new students to different classes and to help them with their programs. They also run many errands and deliver messages to the faculty and students. Their biggest job is to aid in keeping track of all the students in Albuquerque High School. We are very grateful to the girls who relieve Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Brown from a lot of their extra work. BROWN'S ATTENDANTS: Marsha Guthrie, Janet Spelts, Sally Chase, Roberta Cole. Back row, Jackie Johnson, Shirley Bommelaere, Nancy Borough, Mary Nan Pettis, Thelma Rowlands, Jean Bryant. 2 5 X-i ' f f:-:..i: 1.7 . , ' ' if Sm ATTENDANCE AIDES The Albuquerque High School attendance aides are composed of about thirteen girls who are mostly sopho- mores and juniors. The requirements for attendance aides are: a "C" average or above, and dependability. If the girls don't keep their grades up to the require- ments, they have to take a study hall. The duties of the aides are: to help with the posting of absences, to collect attendance slips, and to distribute slips to the home room teachers. They also run errands and answer the phone. The sponsors Mrs. Mazelle Spence, and Mr. Robert Bris- coe, keep the attendance office and the aides running smoothly. Pictured above, First row, Marilyn Whiehill, Bernice Love, Janet King, Pat Griffin, Sally Cooper, Yvonne Her- ring, Barbara Kelsch, Rita Targhetta, Shirley Larsen. Back row, Virginia Carr, Sally Rose, Carita Jarret, Joyce Graves, H. J. Peterson, Marian Wallace, Marsh Ya- ger, Donna Opperman, Sharon McAdams, Judy Matthew. PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE AIDES: First row, Tincy McCall, Joyce Nor- man Billie Kitch. Second row, Sue Coleman, Linley Tonkin, Judy Minces, Barbara Mark- well, Katherine Darden, Carol Seebree, Jody McClendon. PRl.NClPAL'S OFFICE AIDES One of the most serviceable or- ganization in our school is the AHS office aides. They perform all need- ed duties such as taking incoming calls, distributing mail, and run- ning errands. A very vital service which they perform is the direc- tion of people to places which are difficult to find around the campus, They are all around aids. They help Mr. Ream and Miss Dixon. When any thing needs to be done there is usually one of the of- fice aides near to help. Not only do they aid the heads of the business office but they also are ready and ...N willing at any time to be of service to any and all students of Albu- querque High School. C1151 BOOKROOM AIDES AHS owes many thanks to Mrs. Ella Montoya and Dorothy Salas, Anna Healy, Romona Wilson, Delores the Bookroom girls, who check out and keep track of Williams. about ten thousand books. They also mend and repair Second row, Gloria Gabaldon, Wanda Shouse, Con- damaged books and take care of text book fines. nie Seawright, Delores Gonzales, Gloria Sanchez, Bette First, row, Christene Overton, Marilyn North, Rebec- Garcia, Leston Payne, Connie Garcia, Terrie Sanchez, ca Ramirez, Joan Naranjo, Gloria Urioste, Arlene Ortega, Clara Bowman, Marie Aguilar. LIBRARY AIDES The most helpful building on Albuquerque High Klassen, Dixie Rogers, Barbara Lowell, Bonnie Simmons, Schoolls campus is the library. The librarians, Mrs. Hunt Shirley Gilbert, Margaret Chavez, Mary Lou Sandoval. and Mrs. Breiland, with the help of these girls manage Second row, Jean McKelvey, Jackie Watson, Dolores to keep our library in order and assist all students. Baca, Mary Leyba, Frankie Miller, Kay Laws, Frances First row, Margaret Darnell, Betty McKelvey, Amy Sanchez, Priscilla Ferdandez, Eleanor Santillanes. Ollicersz Bonnie Simmons, President, Shirley Gilbert, Vice-President, Jean McKelvey, Secretary. C1161 ,Hryv- PRINT SHOP To the Print Shop goes the credit for the publica- Pictured here are: left to right, First row, Jim Clay- tions turned out every month. They publish the Record, ton, Darrel Nichols, David Lowe, Thomas Holland. Sec- La Reata, Yucca and the Highlander, the annual of High- ond row, W. M. Walling, Roy Howard, Rusty Russell, Bill land High School, and volumes of forms and booklets for Hancock, Gene Howard, Don Sanders, M. O. Peterson. the entire public school system. Not shown Eddie Gonzales, Jimmy Ramos, Bill Schiel. PRGJECTOR CLUB About twelve boys make up t.he AHS Projector Club. Shown are: First row, Curtis Bailey, Lloyd Dudding, They help in getting equipment where it is needed and Ross Wersonick, Lyle Davis, Jack Anderson. setting it up either in the classroom or the library base- Second row, Frank Shanley, Chief Nixon, Billy ment, which is their headquarters. They also provide and Lynch, Jake Chavez, Roland Biggerstafl, Howard May- operate equipment for community projects. berry, August Chavez, Ronny Large, Bill Cooper. C1171 PEPPER CLUB The Albuquerque High School Pepper Club consists of 300 girls. About 140 were initiated this year. A11 of these girls have worked hard to make all the Pepper Club projects and activities a success. Two of the finest activities they sponsored were the annual Christmas for- tamale sale. Probably the most interesting project of all was the initiation last October. The three officers pictured below were elected last Spring to serve for this school year. They are Lynn Arm- strong, Vice-Presidentg Jo Hankins, President, and Mar- len Ford, Secretary-Treasurer. mal and the Spring prom. The girls have had a taco and For twenty-eight years, boys like these have enlivened our campus with their green and white sweaters. Following them, then and now, are many admiring female glances. They sell refreshments at games and have acted as marshals on Pioneer Day. However, they don't confine their activitiies to the school alone. At Easter, they usher at the annual sunrise service. One of their important contributions to AHS is the pro- motion of good sportsmanship among our students. Left side, front to back, Dick Drake, Bill Easley, Tom Nethery, Joe Harris, Vel Cor- ley, Ralph Solether, Gene Fox, Bob Stover, Bob Fink, Don Franich. Right side, front to back, Jim Kynor, Don Young, Mike Saul, H. B. Sanders, Jimmy Harris, Harold Faire, Dennis Keefe, Jack Stromberg, Bob Schnurr, Homer Ledbetter, Ernie Espana, Buster Quist. Center, Lanny Dally, Noel Baca, Dale Gal- laher, Bob Henry, Ronnie Large, Bill Sand- lin, Frank Shanley. C1181 I f X ' ., Q C1 SCHOGL LIFE SEPTEMBER FIRST DANCE OF THE YEAR Our first dance of the year is the one best remembered. The above dance, held at the Student Union Building came after the game between the Bulldogs and Clovis High. REGISTRATION Registration day for the Sophomores will be an event that they won't forget. In the above picture you see many Sophomores talking with friends and having their program cards signed by teachers for their classes. PATIO An old familiar sight and an enjoyment to AHS students is our patio which serves us for social and school chats or just for relaxing between periods. HB" TEAM TRY OUTS Full of hope and expectations, are the twelve Sophomore girls who ran for "BU Team Cheerleaders. Six were chosen out of the twelve. These six received hearty congratulations from the others who ran with them. "A" TEAM CHEERLEADERS Gloria Koenig, Sue Harris, Arlene Garcia, Virginia Shav- er, Joyce Campbell are leaving with smiling faces to cheer the Bulldogs on victory over the Gallup Tigers at our first out of town game. 11203 SEPTEMBER STANDING FOR LA REATA PICTURES we Standing in line waiting patiently to have their La Reata pictures taken are just a few of the 1800 AHS students who pass- ed this way. Pictures for La Reata were taken in the first two weeks of October. BOYS' MOVIE Caught moving into their seats in the library basement are some boys seeing a Physical Education movie. This spot serves all classes and groups as a movie house. Never a day goes by that some class doesn't arrive for the projector boys. "COMING OUT OF THE DUGOUT" Coming out of their dugout is our every ready Bulldog team, playing against the Artesia Bulldogs at the Public Schools Stad- ium on Coal Ave. This fine stadium and Held are used by all high schools and junior high schools in the city. NEW BUILDING FOR AHS The new building, which went under construction on July 21, 1953, was completed in time for the second semester. DRILL SQUAD The girls' drill team has added color to the football games by entertaining during the half. With their green and white uni- forms they make colorful display. They also participate in com- munity parades. C1215 N ,mx 1 'W-M-fee-skill In an "" ska, s iii-:-.a:IT'..s . jiilf. ,Z nu 2353 nr ll m Sw.. A STROLL THROUGH THE PATIO What would the students of AHS do without their patio? The patio is a common short cut to our classes. These three girls are enjoying an after school stroll to their lockers before leaving another day of school. During the school hours you can always see the students rushing to their classes but when the time comes to leave school they slow down to catch their breath. AFTER HOURS Old faithfuls, are our lockers. Docsn't his picture bring back old memories? Shown in this silhouette is Jean Mc- Kelvey burdening down her locker. The usual sight is a clatter and noisy rush- ing through the hall. We find here in this picture the scenic view of late hours, when the halls have their time for rest. Sf .X C1221 DETENTION HALL These early birds aren't catching wormsg they're catching up on hours. If you look hard each morning you will find the cafeteria jammed to capacity, with students to make up time. We couldn't get them to smile for who wants to smile this early in the morning with homework stacked in front of you? For the students who like to sleep late, it is wise not to be absent, or to cut if you don't want to join the early session. PEP RALLY Look at these pom-poms. The girls in the picture are waving their pom-poms at the High- land-Albuquerque pep rally, held November 21. Among those above are Nancy Borough, Yvonne Herring, Nancy Twillinger, and Jeanne Vermill- ion. This was one of the most eagerly awaited games. A huge crowd saw the 6-6 tie. With the green and white waving in the air, and the theme "Beat Those Hornets", AHS was awarded victory on penetrations after a hard fought game, which ended our regular football season. S Rx sis X S 3 IZ X .gi .t BULLDOG DAY PARADE One of the biggest highlights of the year was the Bulldog Day Parade which began after the crowning of the Bulldog Queen. Although it was a cold and windy day, the students gathered along Central Avenue to see the floats. The homerooms did an excellent job in decorating for the parade. Prizes were given to the homerooms with the best floats. The winning homerooms were: First- Arretche, Barnhart, Davisg Second-Slocum, Cra- mer: Third- Childreg Fourth- Loweryg Fifth- Cook. if J' s ai T is - r's : at X 1 Q at ' X mv as 6, f X Q ,X X S355 . -1 gig 4 A OCTOBER PEPPER CLUB MEETING This session of the Pepper Club is just one of the many which have been held at AHS. This club helps to build school spirit and interest by doing many necessary and interesting activi- ties. The sponsor of the Pepper Club is Mrs. Virginia Sacksg President, Jo Han- kinsg Vice-President, Marlene Ford and Secretary, Lynn Armstrong. The Pep- per Club holds two dances annually, the Winter and Spring Prom. "3 . 5: 1 1"-v AW 4 v NX g, 8 I. . H,4Q.'g,,. w 1-:N---wr . Q, X . ,K 35 - W-Km gf? - 'Wi ff was .... Lui ,-.fHigNa,, - M Q, x .-.. .. ..., P :vA,,iYZ,xc Q -Q: -.. 1- ,... J ,W wf .P 4 tg - 2 jg, 1'f',ffQ,-5355552 ,pix in ' Vin ' ,X yf-: .ig-s s,, I, nv ,I -:a .. .. 2 ' -s 1 .A , .4 , Q ,. . M , .qqbbq Q .bV,.:. , .....,,.,.. , ,W . I ,F I in , Q iii. - i.,,.?.,:,3-,...,, :1:-., ..... , gg...-w 941 J 1-. M v r 1 5:i,1ijj,5. A , ga .,si':'-I-- if v-.. .. .6 Q' f t' K ." '.Q-fi-2.7 , it ' -' H Qi gf . fi .. ., ,f ' is K fir 93 if N ' A x Y "N qi' " . .X 1 be M . S C1231 DONNA STANDFIER, Bulldog Queen This comely brunette reigned for Bulldog Day. She and the drill squad gave salute, the applause to our was chosen from a field of twelve by the vote of the queen was heard. After this glorious afternoon, she again student. body. She was crowned by Homer Ledbetter, was praised at the Homecoming game which ended her president of the Student Council. While the band played day long activities. f124J JAY TWILLEY, Attendant AL COURT The royal court is seen here watching the drill team Hankins are shown here with their escorts. Left to right, perform during the halftime of our Homecoming game Jay Twilley and Jack Farmer, Donna Standfier and Bill with the Carlsbad Cavemen. Our lovely Bulldog Queen Mcllhaney, Jo Hankins and John Anderson. This picture Donna Standiier and her attendants Jay Twilley and Jo was taken on the football field during the ceremonies. 11253 5 333 BULLDOG ROYALTY The main attraction of the Bulldog Day parade was by the R.O.T.C. The float was led by the Albuquerque the float carrying the Queen and her attendants escorted High School band and drill squad. BULLDOG FLOATS These are two of the fifty floats entered in Bulldog retche, Mrs. Barnhart, and Mr. Davis of the cafeteria Day parade. The winning float was entered by Miss Ar- studyhall. C1273 SENIOR CLASS ASSEMBLY There was one Senior class assembly, from which every class would have benefited and enjoyed. This was the ap- pearance of Jim Lucas, Scripts-How- ard's outstanding war correspondent. He did us the honor of including our institution in his short visit in Albu- querque. After being introduced by Dan Bur- rows, Editor of the Albuquerque Trib- une, on the right, Mr. Lucas gave his talk, based on his answers to the ques- tions most frequently asked him. On Mr. Lucas's right is the Senior class President Bill Mcllhaney. OUR MAJORETTES These high struting misses pictured at the right are the quartette which make up the Majorettes of AHS. Leading the girls through the year in well practiced exhibitions of skill was Miss Carol Jones, Senior. Carol is com- pleting her third and last year as twirl- er at AHS. Her sparkling personality and talent have brightened all the foot- ball games. Assisting Carol were Shirley McLain, Mary Kay Hicks, and Jeanette Bond. Jeanette was presented with the New Mexico State Senior Class Twirling Championship. C1281 NOVEMBER SOPHOMORE TALENT ASSEMBLY The Sophomore class put on a talent assembly spon- sored by Mr. Lacour, Mr. Thomas, Miss Trammell, and Mr. Hannah. There was a surprising amount of talent brought forward from the Sophomore class. The assembly was pre- sented to the student body, but was made up entirely of Sophomore talent. Pictured at the left, is Betsy Bell doing her personation of the Charleston. r-.. . NOVEMBER BONFIRE PEP RALLY One of the traditions of AHS is to hold a bonfire before the main attraction of the football season, the game between the Bulldogs and the Highland Hornets. Some of the Hfirebugs' pic- tured are Dale Gallaher, Beatrice Hay, Bob Stew- art, Joe Schupla, Jim Major, Bill Schwabb, and Don Zickert. That night of November 20th, be- hind the Public School Stadium, gave the Bull- dogs one joyous hour burning the Hornets. UIMAGINARY INVALID" Here are three main members of the "Imaginary Invalid". Left to right, Jac- quita Thomason, as the maid, Betty Faris, as Angelineg and Robert Hanna, the invalid. The play was a delightful French comedy with each cast member playing a perfect part, holding the attention of the audience at all times. It is a tradi- tion for the Junior Play to be on the lighter side of life. This one filled the part and makes a gay memory for the Junior class. .. PEPPER CLUB INITIATION The Pepper Club initiates are Margaret Carnell, JoAnn Harris, Amy Klassen, JoAnn Jewell, Mari- lyn Bush, and Jean McKe1vey. They all met in the patio where they participated in such adult games as the Farmer Takes a Wife and Ring Around the Rosie. Teachers, boy-friends, and the girls were all relieved when their lunch hour came and they could change to their regular school clothes. All had to admit they had a swell time. Already looking like a mess, the girls were given an extra touch of makeup for the occasion. 11291 DECEMBER ORDINARY DAY IN THE OFFICE An ordinary day in Mr. Brown's office. Even with the hurry of the day, AHS students find time to discuss happenings with Mr. Brown. CHRISTMAS PARTY Getting into the Christmas spirit is Miss Koma- dina's class. Here they are playing records and deco- ratiing a tree. BUYING A TICKET Here Betty Anne Rose is shown buying a ticket from Jack Stromberg for the Highland-Albuquerque High movie. This was a showing to the students of the much discussed 6-6 tie between AHS and HHS this year. BOY AND GIRL STATE ASSEMBLY 'Polling of his most unforgettable experience at Boys' and Girls' State is Dick Wilson, master of cere- monies. The students who attended were very eager to discuss this worth while project. This yearls Christmas Chorale was directed by Mr. Goodsell Slocum. Accompanists for the Chorale were Jack Foster and Joan Orlebeke. The Chorale had two scenes. The first had a church window in the back ground with the chorus dressed in robes. The second displayed a candy cane in the background with girls in either red or green skirts and sweaters and the boys with white shirts and ties. The program had many tableaux dis- played in Gothic windows in the forezround. Two hun- dred students took part in this program, which proved quite successful, for a large audience attended, DECEMBER One of the many dances sponsored by AHS is the one given by Corinna Baca displays copy to the "Brass". Harry Moskos looks over some, Record copy with Karen Crobaugh and Corinna, as Irene Bachicha looks on. the Pepper Club. Below we see Lynn Armstrong, Marlene Ford, Mr. Jewell Brown, Mrs. Virginia Sacks, Mr. Glen Ream, .Io Hankins, and Mrs. Rogers. The girls were Pepper Club officers. The dance was held at the Student Union Building. I C1313 . p' ,aaa F at . : in , . , ..., . 559: - - - ,- ,:. . an ,pa g - , a.-t,..::sg. ri. 5 , , .:-67-,"' 35:4 V. rs 553' si I x 3 . 1 -2 , f.,,g.'f:Y- -- . it '51 mf W ? . - '-N i 345 ZII: , . l t 'M ::, ,.:, MECHANICAL DRAWING Pictured right is a scene taken during one the Mechanical Drawing classes taught by Mr. Reynolds, who is better known around AHS as "Pop" Reynolds. This class is taught to anyone who is interested in this type of draw- ing. Girls, along with boys, find such a class to be very interesting and also in many cases very valuable to them when planning a career. C1323 wk . JANUARY MR. BROWN'S BULLETIN BOARD In the counselor's office posted along his walls are pictured many memories. In Mr. Brown's spare time, which he has very little of, he often reminisces over the pictures of pupils to whom the faculty and students of AHS have given high honors. Many of these people will be remembered throughout the years. Among these pictures are the past and present cheerleaders, Bulldog Queens, and scenes from the past Pioneer Days. LONG LOST FRIEND RETURNED Back in our patio again is a memorial left by the senior class of 1950. Our Bulldog which so suddenly dis- appeared last spring has returned, to the joy of the faculty and student body. The Bulldog, which stands high on its pedestal near the Administration building, has proved to be very near and dear to our hearts. t . . vi' A ,1v:A Q JANUARY HA" CLUB INITIATION Time: 7:30 a.m. Placc: AHS patio. Occasion: "A" Club Initiation. Cast: Sixteen boys running around in long un- derwear, getting their heads shaved and molasses poured down their necks. The initiates First row, left to right, Grafton Burger, Merrill Rogers, Kenneth Darden, Alex Miera, Dick Wilson, and Sam Gardipe. Second row, Charles Salazar, Joe Shupla, Bob Stewart, Frank Hayes, Kent Bennett, and Henry Saavedra. Third row, Ken Thorn, Sam Blair, Bill Mann, and Benny Gutierrez. WHA' HOPPEN? The Junior Talent Assembly featured many various acts including music, dancing and singing. This scene pictures Judy Minces in a filler act. She looks somewhat shocked. Must have been something she read in the paper. SO LONG TO A SWELL GUY Captain Smart, the head of the R.O.T.C. at AHS, has been here about five years. He left in December of '54 to go to New York to continue his training for school administra- tion. He will be the principal of North Valley High when the new school opens this fall. Here Captain Smart is receiving a going away gift from the R.O.T.C. presented to him by Bobby Humble, Cadet Captain. Captain Smart is succeeded by Captain Reitmann from San Angelo, Texas. C1335 GREEN AND WHITE BALL The annual Green and White Ball was held Janu- ary 22. 1954 in the Student Union Building at the Uni- versity of New Mexico. Many Albuquerque High School students and their dates danced to the music of Orlie Waggener and his orchestra. The girls were presented with a beautiful baby orchid as they arrived at the door. The orchids were shipped direct from Hawaii for the occasion. DRAMATEEN'S COSTUME BALL The annual Dramateen's costume ball was held in the cafeteria this year. In the midst of crepe paper and balloons, the members played games, danced, and had refreshments. Lynn Kircher and Robert Hanna won the prizes for having the best costumes. 11345 FEBRUARY BOOKROOM AND MRS. MONTOYA The majority of Albuquerque High School students are as yet not aware of the importance of the bookroom. They are responsible for the care of all our free, state supplied text books. Their rush seasons are in September, January, and May, but they are very busy all year. SMITTY One of the favorite locations during the lunch hour is the north end of the Manual Arts Building where Smitty brings his ice cream wagon. He has been coming to our school for many years and makes new friends every time. He sells ice cream, assorted candies, and various Spanish foods. The Military Ball is a formal dance and one of the most outstanding of the year. This year the dance was held at the Student Union Building at the University of New Mexico. The girls were presented with baby orchids as they entered the door. Decorations for the occasion blended with music and the many dancing couples to leave a lasting and pleasant im- pression on all who attended. ANNUAL PRESS BANQUET Mr. Ream, Martha Mersman, Dr. Fenley, and Caroline Maciel are pictured at the annual Albuquerque High School Press Banquet held at La Hacienda. Dr. Fenley, director of Public Relations at the University, spoke about the advantages of taking journalism and going into newspaper or magazine work. Awards were given to some La Reata members. FEBRUARY SPANISH ASSEMBLY This year's presentation proved to be most amusing as it involved a young man who, having died, went to heaven and made a bet with St. Peter which went some- thing like this. He bet that if he could have another chance to go to earth, he could win any women that he wished. He was allowed to return and won the bet by winning the atten- tion of all the women with whom he came in contact. CROWNING OF MILITARY BALL QUEEN Miss Gwen Crowe, a senior, was the Military Ball Queen for 1954. She is shown here as her crown is pre- sented by Keith Grisham, President of the O.N.C.0. Club. Her attendants were Jean Bennett, a junior, and Sally Cooper, a senior. The members of the AHS R.O.T.C. elect- ed the three girls in a primary election about a week before the dance and then cast their votes for top honors as they entered the dance. After receiving her crown of white carnations, Miss Crowe and her escort led the next dance. C7 X S.. C Gm. . , W V fi- I . 11351 MARCH LIBRARY SCENE The library is the place you come before or after school to study or check out books. There is a study hall in the library every period. Here is a typical gr up of study hall stu- dents. Some of the students sit and study while others are regular clock watchers. NEW STUDENT TO AHS One of the many foreign students to attend AHS is Helga Gisela Moldenhauer. She left Germany with her mother in October of 1953. She first entered an American high school in Morristown, New Jersey. She is a junior and likes New Mexico very much. SPEAKER. OF CIVIL DEFENSE Telling of the importance of Civil Defense is Charles A. Cole. He was guest speaker at the assembly spanssred by Sen Sims Tri-Hi-Y. A movie was also shown. PEP ASSEMBLY In the picture below you see Sue Harris cheering at one of the many pep assemblies held this year. This pep rally was before the basketball tournament. The Bulldogs played Los Alamos and lost. The Carlsbad Cavemen won the State championship. WHAT WILL STUDENTS THINK OF NEXT? In case you want to see if any flying saucers are landing in or around AHS, just go into Room 132 and join the astron- omy club. The telescope was made by Bobby Bartelle. 41367 MARCH "THE GONDOLIERS' For three days, March 16, 17, 18, the auditorium of AHS played host to our Music Department as it presented the Gil- bert and Sullivan operetta, "The Gondoliersf' Above left, are shown four of the major roles: Jack Foster as Luiz, Kay Gibson as Casilda, Dick Wilson as Duke of Plaza-Toro, and Marilyn Neuber as Duchess of Plaza-Toro. At the right, are several of the flower girls: Bobbie Mid- dleton, Jeannie Jordan, Shirley McCamey, Ida Baca, Carla Koellmann, and Mary Van Atta. The three girls in back are Doris Leedy, Carita Jarrett, and Marian Marks. In the circle, Loris Johnson and Jimmy Nicks are doing one of their many songs during the operetta. They played the parts of lovers, who weren't sure that they could stay mar- ried. "A" CLUB-PEPPER CLUB DANCE This is a scene of the dance, March 20. Pictured left, Bar- bara Armstrong and Mickey Hill, Sam Blair, Roger Hathoot, Joanne Bass, and Bruce McClint.lck. The top two are Barbara Markwell and Ernie Espana. AHS BASKETBALL BANQUET Below, a group of fathers and sons at the banquet. Clockwise: Mr. Stromberg, Mr. Sanders, H. B. Sanders, Jack Stromberg, Eddie Geis and Mr. Geis. SQ. if 11375 11387 APRIL Of all the activities that the senior class sponsored, the climax was the Senior Talent Assembly. In this assembly the seniors really showed the talent. The theme of the assembly was "Lullaby of Broad- way." There were thirteen acts. A piano solo by Michael Silva, three dances danced by Paddy Tarter, Libby Patan, and Donna Weatherbieg seven songs sang by Charlene Love, Kay Gibson, Albert Sanchez, Ginger Ortiz, Thelma Jackson, and Barbara Schumacherg a pantomine by Norman Maisel, a dramatic interpretation by Marilyn Neuber, and a "boogie" number by the band. With her interpretation of the Makio, Marilyn had the audience in complete suspense. The Makio was a different person in each as- sembly. To keep the audience in stitches, Norman gave his very fine performance of, "The Man On the Flying Trapeze." Kay's singing of "Temptation" kept everyone in a dreamy mood. Charlene's song, "Walking to Missouri," gave everyone a chance to sway to the music, while the boogie played by the band made everyone want to get up, push the chairs back, and let out with some crazy steps. To give Broad- way a Spanish air, Albert Sanchez and foe imlaco sang and played "Cuba Rumbaf' With night falling over Broadway, Barbara Schuma- cher sang, "Secret Love", to close Llie Senior Talent Assembly of 1954. Wm i QQ 0 9' ZWOQQ7 JZMM ax nffilwf JM, Ag, MM - 'V'ff,- 476 4 mwin joqfwlf 'ml ,VV ff ' AW-L Lyfm lil "4 J. 1 'QM' fmm - mwfgf VX ZZQWMM W M f M me f . y , , ld ff A 7M A' ,wi MMM M, " ' M V X f 45211 M .. ,Q 4 f , ' f , f fl! ani! fan, md ii Wfmw 3' i f , tA Q ". ' 1 ' fad Y f " M T 'ff 1 434' 'Ga . f ' If I 44 AQZKVWM f ' f ff , A ' 1" ff mf +f' QM' "'7! "7 4.. 5 M ,Ji Url ' Qmyfk ""' Wy ' fm 14 A mighty swing and a miss by Bill Easley in the St. Mary's game. AHS BASEBALL Front row, Bob Henry, Don Tenbroeck, Harvey Back row, Eddie Geis, Brice Day, Bob Stover, Jack Cotton, Tony Santillanes, George Harris, Henry Saave- Rushing Don Young, Mike Saul, and Bob Fink. dra, Bill Easley, P010 Padilla, Wash Williams. These are players who make baseball history. C1401 Here's Bob Fink tensely eye-ing St. Mary's pitcher Lionell Romero. Fink wants that needed run. AHS BASEBALL Here we see the bench squad together with Coaches Jack Rushing and Ed Garvanian watching a tense moment in this exciting baseball game. v S 'x C1411 it ? ag .N Front row, F. McGuire, C. Johnson, G. Hutchison, D. Fioretti, T. Garcia, R. Sandoval, R. Burkhardt, B Goodloe, C. Porter, B. Reicks, B. Simmons, L. Martinez M. Romero, B. Mann, L. Contreras, H. Faire, J. Harris R. Cimino. Second row, Coach Pete McDavid, G. Gill, K. Jones, C. Richey, C. Adams E. Espana, J. McCallon, B. Strunk R. Geilenfeldt, P. Cruz, D. Hedges, E. Apodaca, A. Woolf folk, B. Jernigan, P. Ayala, C. Harris, R. Golether, R. ! r Johnson, B. Franklin, L. Candelaria, D. Wooten, R. Cos- lett, Coach Ed Garvanian. Third row, S. Williams, R. Lampson, J. Santillanes O. Duncan, S. Absher, F. Jones, R. Baca, B. Lockridge, B. Lucas, R. Yeck, J. Stewart, A. Garcia, F. Hayes, M. Sanchez, B. Schnurr, L. Walker, L. Chavez, B. Murray, J. Houchin, V. Corley, G. Romero, G. Garcia, L. Chavez, D. Drake, B. Day, K. Darden, B. Beall, H. B. Sanders, B. Quist, K. Thom, Manager, B. Shashaguay, and S. Blair, Manager. TRACK SQUAD Buster Quist practices throwing Quist is here completing the the javelin during the after-school Joe Harris tries to break the motions of heaving the javelin 183 session. discus record of 145 feet. feet. 41423 GOLF CLUB First row, left to right, Alex Miera, Jack Wilger, Second row, Coach Valdez, Vic Giron, Bennie Mon- Jim Meyers, Maurice Garcia, Candido Montoya. toya, Freddy Luthey, Gilbert Lovato, Grafton Berger. TENNIS CLUB Below are pictured the AHS Tennis Club members. Second row, Jack Beckett, Ted Meyers, Raymond First row, Simon Santillanes, Terry Griffith, Jim Gutierrez, Erich Scliuetze, Bruce McClintock, King Redd, Major, Abe Chavez, Walter Darr, Don Daily, Chuck Vidal. Coach Valdez. f143J SVVIMMIN6 TEAM First row, Dennis Baca, Elroy Hymie, Pasquale ard Koehnke. Ayala, Gabriel Romero, Bob Beal, Larry Finuf, Billie Third row, Frank Hayes, David Medina, Manuel Simmons. Ortega, Robert McDonald, Ben Aragon, Coach Renfro, Second row, Frank Oliver, Dave Biddle, Curtis Fred Olivas, Von Kilgore, Harry Ray, Jim Abbott, Bailey, David Dunivel, Jan Cimino, Don Kontrola, Rich- Lafayette Walker. "B" TEAM BASKETBALL SQUAD First row, Alonzo Costales, Paul Matteucci, Bruce Second row, Joe Weller, Mitch Ortega, Floyd Sahd, Miller, Marvin Richardson, Louis Otero. Walter Ebia, Jerry Gurule. ws t144J FOOTBALL I953 TONY VALDEZ ED GARVANIAN ,.,. . . I lf PETE MCDAVID Head Coach and his assistants. JACK RUSHING FRED RENFRO ALBUQUERQUE BULLDOGS First row, left to right, seated. Leonard Lewis, Sam rez, Merrill Rogers, Jerry Billings, Joe Shupla, Bob Gardipe, Lanny Dally, Bob Stewart, Noel Baca, Mel Apodaca, Jack Sullins, Mike Saul. Sedillo, Charles Salazar, Ralph Baan, Ray Dunaway, Third row, Benny Gutierrez, Gene Fox, George Hut- Tony Chavez, H. B. Sanders. E chison, Kent Bennett, Joe Harris, Brice Day, Billy Second row. Stanley Williams, Dick Wilson, Bill Mann, Velma Corley, Jimmie Harris, Henry Saavedra, Easley, James Morgan, Larquin Casados, Junior Gutier- Bob Schnurr, Jack Stromberg, Buster Quist, Dale Gal- laher, Tom Nethery, Ralph Black. C1455 OUR AHS BULLDOG'S PIGSKIN SUMMARY The Albuquerque Bulldogs won the I-AA conference over Highland by penetrations. The season was a rugged one from beginning to end. ln the first game of the season, the Bulldogs rolled over Gallup with a 40-6 victory. Another hard fought victory was won when the Bulldogs beat Clovis with a score of 19-0. The AHS winning streak was stopped when they came up against hard fighting Artesia. Boan made our only touchdown and the game ended Bulldogs 6, Artesia 20. The Bulldogs "never say die" spirit showed as they lowered the boom on the Santa Fe Demons to take their first AA Conference victory with a score of 52-12. The next game the Albuquer- que Bulldogs took to the air to crush the St. Mary's Cougars 32-12. Bulldog Day arrived bringing bad luck to the team when Carlsbad took the game 32-7. But again the Bulldogs came through with a 6-0 score against Las Cruces when Boan received a hand-off from Buster Quist to make the only touchdown of the game. The Bulldogs then received another defeat when the Roswell Coyotes chalked up a 52-26 lead. The next game Buster Quist took to the air to make three touchdown passes and make the final score SCOREBOARD AHS ............ 40 Gallup ..... AHS ............ 19 Clovis ....... AHS ............ 6 Artesia '...... AHS ......,..... 52 Santa Fe .. AHS ............ 32 St. Mary's AHS ............ 7 Carlsbad .... AHS ............ 6 Las Cruces AHS ............ 26 Roswell .... AHS ,........... 40 Farmington AHS ............ 6 Highland .. STATE AA CONFERENCE GAME AHS ............ 19 Roswell .... AHS 40 Farmington 0. The Bulldogs were awarded the chance for the AA Conference football championship when they downed Highland on the new penetration rule. In the first quarter of the Conference title match against Roswell, Quist and Boan maneuvered the ball to the Roswell one-foot line where Quist sneaked over the middle for our first touchdown. In the second quarter AHS went 56 yards in 12 plays to Roswell's one-foot stripe Quist again bulled through center for our second touchdown. In the third quarter Stewart crashed over for our third touchdown. Corley's kick was true and AHS led 19-14. With minutes to play Jack Doran threw a nine-yard pass to Kenneth Wright to win the State AA Conference Football Championship for Roswell. This was a thrilling game and the Bulldogs did a good job. The football season was ended by a banquet held in the Albuquerque High School cafeteria. The Bulldog team, coaches, dads of the players, school officials, and other guests were present. Coach Woody Clements, head basketball coach of the University of New Mexico, gave the address of the evening. . THE BULLDOG'S FOOTBALL MANAGERS SAM BLAIR KENNETH DARDEN KENNETH THOM Manager Manager Manager WN 11461 X it sg mr: .L .MSX .mitig- 'Xg 3 13: 53,2 t ,.,, X - -Av' t X f -- :F X eirl' X , .1 Furl -V 2.2-ms at-1 ,,. t ...A g.,..,q- ,Xa fl .wiv at ,k,X od m GO BULLDOGS! Ralph Boan is driving, driving, driving for another touchdown. Our opponents in this shot are Clovis whom we pulverized with a stinging score of 19-0. The second game of the season and already we had won a major victory in our attempt at the Double A State Crown. FOOTBALL LETTERMEN JERRY BILLINGS RALPII BOAN Guard Halfback 1 Letter 1 Letter NOEL BACA Halfback 1 Letter KENT BENNETT Guard 1 Letter it -Z fliii. " 5 .,., C1475 11489 VEL CORLEY End 2 Letters FOOTBALL LETTERMEN WE'VE GOT IT BACK! Co-Captains, Jack Stromberg, and H. B. Sanders hold the Bronze Shoe, which signifies the winning of the Highland-Albuquergue High game. BILL EASLEY GENE FOX DALE GALLAI-IER Halfback Center Quarterback 2 Letters 1 Letter 2 Letters DOWN THAT FIELD THEY GO! SAM GARDIPE It looks as if the Cougars are closing in for the slaughter, but H. B. End Sanders stays on his feet to continue his dash toward the goal line. 1 Leiter FOOTBALL LETTERME-N BENNIE GUTIERREZ JIMMY HARRIS JOE HARRIS Tackle Fullback Tackle 1 Letter 2 Letters 2 LGUGFS if 11491 Q ,Warm We? 3 V 1 11505 QP' GEORGE HUTCHISON DOWN THAT FIELD THEY GO! Fullback "You can't get a good man downw, so the old saying goes. And that's 1 Letter just what it looks like in this action filled game withlSt. Mary's. Here we see H. B. Sanders carrying the ball with Bob' Schnurr and Buster Quist doing some very effective blocking. ' I l FOOTBALL LETTERMEN A g M 1 , . , 4 . . v BILL MANN TOM NETHERY BUSTER QUIST End Guard Quarterback 1 Letter 2 Letters 3 Letters 63 ROSVVELL AND ALBUQUERQUE MERRILL ROGERS 0 m0'.:"" 0 aim--F533 o,.,x7'-Ngo..-43 EWQZEOE-gma '44-gf? 3 WF C Slxizo 95-ggi N202 Q -:'4o:,-::LIU ,,:1.-..f:.F-J:,ooo Q,OD"U7afD WV' .f-v-fp Dwwf: --m,,,A:0 O CD'-'Bev-OD-4""-' I3?"e-O" 27" SQTOQFZQQ fm'omO'C '4HO Toglqpjs-SMS q:3.tCfu2,1zn!:,--f-v- ,AO -1 v-g"5f'D mg-'cf-+:Z'.g""Q'f" 0:5962 in dw HTGMHOQ' mm""mQ..'-'Tm ,.., -:CIO-'xg' Bggggmmc 3 32:g"',E.3' wigspggga '-emo. amos' 9.2. 41'-sm as Li, WUPQ-,,oQ'u:'5 fi2'EE'S'D?3x "'nD-mQ,:s'5'g: x-B'OQ,-,mmzo :LW --ow-Q4 'Do Sf'Df""'D Q.- ?,S'ic9'4gm3 gr :TOO 'GQ 06353 Q15 QE5'm0E"-4-"1'-s o"'f-,,,3-:ogg 'C CD UQ 055?932wH P9 U-I 4 mragw mzc,-D vi: C,..051'-2: 2.2gC5:rD..n-r g'4.-...-an--QCD' -QO'T'1-v-5-UGC FOOTBALL LETTERMEN HENRY SAAVEDRA Tackle Halfback 1 Letter 1 Letter A WW - we :ti Xt .N .: - Xiuw g 'Nb 49 X f 1 'WMM 3 3'-I-r:-:...... .. ,::f:'. ' jf e ,.: ' , , .. 3 XX x : CHARLIE SALAZAR , Q e -1 1:21 f N g Q 'X vykxtqgsv 5 , gg .gf 1 b no x w ff, Q x - 4: we x , X ' P- ge' ,. 1 Is.-wrt R' YN wxk - P NS 2 args? 'rem ext :I g N Q QZSQFSSQ px :awww Nwkigwwx we :wwe X .X emu tx Q- -1 : e. wet -S+, . ...S I .,:.: 1 ag X 1 1 S Fullback 1 Letter II. B. SANDERS Halfback 2 Letters C1511 up.. C1521 BOB SCHNURR Tackle 1 Letter JOE SCHUPLA Center 1 Letter STOP, ST. MARY'S The Albuquerque Bulldogs turned loose a pair of swift halfbacks and used a strong aerial display October 6, to crush the St. Mary's Cougars, 32-12, for the 20th time in 22 meetings. Ralph Boan scooted for two touchdowns. Buster Quist, besides running for one score, passed to Velma Corley for another. Joe Harris snatched a loose ball for the final touchdown. It was a great day for the Bulldogs. FOOTBALL LETTERMEN JACK STROMBERG BOB STEWART Halfback End 1 Letter 3 Letters DICK WILSON Tackle 1 Letter THE SHOE This much sought trophy was retained by AHS after being awarded the game against :gf LANNY DALLY Guard 2 Letters Highland on penetrations. The score was a 6-6 tie, but the head linesman gave AHS a 2-1 edge on penetrations. FOOTBALL LETTERMEIN BULLDOG HORNET GAME The biggest game of the year was hard fought on a muddy field at the Public School Stadium but the Bull- dogs were awarded the IAA League crown on penetra- tions. Highland High made the first touchdown early in the first quarter but their conversion was no good when Jack Stromberg blocked the kick. It was not until the third quarter that the Bulldogs came through. Buster Quist jumped high in the air and passed 59 yards to Boan. Despite Highland's strong defense, Boan erossedthe goal line to give AHS its six points. Velma Corley's conver- sion went wide and the score remained tied for the rest of the game. The penetration rule is new and is defined as coming within 20 yards of the opponent's goal. The head lines- man, Richard Van Fleet of Alamos, said the Bulldogs had a 2-1 edge in penetrations. 1 , , . 1 galil if we WHS f 3' H1537 is i - i PENTHALON Mr. Valdez's Penthalon group, left to right, Bud Shoemaker, Charlie Salazar, Clarence Bass, Ray Dunaway, Raymond Porter, Tony Tafoya, John Castillo. WRESTLING First, row, left to right, Jimmy Abbott, Billy Sandlin, Johnson, Dave McPherson, Bob Lucas, Frank Torres, Bo Simmons, Jan Cimino, Frank Alamanza, Elroy Can- Cecil Paddock, Paul Garcia, Brian Harris, Donnell Mon- delaria, Earnest Garcia, Kirby Landis. toya, Frank McGuire. Second row, Henry Whatley, Amos La Near, Tony Fourth row, Alex Matteucci, David Dwinell, Gene Chavez, Tony Tafoya, Jimmie Williams, Harry Ray, Ron- Fox, Merrell Rogers, Kenneth Darden, Jimmy Ketcham, ald McCurdy, Larry Finuf, Charlie Salazar, Rudy Baca. Gordon McCandless, Jack Candelaria, Manuel Ortega, Third row, Jack Anderson, Stephen Wright, Ray Freddie Montel. awfff' 5 'fa-' 1 we ii se Q96 f i , S., f154J K N-?.SlTlf, :lx COACH BOB HEINSOHN COACH FRED RENFRO COACH JOHNNY CATON TED WATRIN, Manager VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Below are pictured the Varsity Basketball squad, First row left to right, Eugene Agnes, Roger Montoya, Billy Barela, Allan McNamee, Sam Gardipe. Second row, George Harris, Mike Padilla, Eddie Geis, Jack Stromberg, Lee Daily, Ambrio Villareal, Bob Fink. 2 A C1559 f . 33' X N av AQ N Y vi :,- 2 ,," t em EUGENE AGNES Senior On January 29, the Bulldogs turned on the heat in last half to register a blistering 55-49 victory over the Belen Eagles. Billy Barela led the Bulldogs with a 21 point output. The two pictures at the right were taken on this action packed occasion. On November 25, the first game of the season, the Alumni edged the Bulldogs 43-41. The teams were tied 7-7 at the end of the first period, but the Al- umni edged ahead 19-18 at the half. The Alumni built up an edge of 27-20 in the third period before the Bulldogs rallied to tie the score BILLY BARELA Junior 11565 BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD AHS ........ Alumni .............. 43 AHS ........ Estancia .... AHS ..,..... Gallup ........ AHS Durango .... AHS ........ Ft. Sumner AHS ........ 38 Clovis ........ AHS 30 Hobbs ........ AHS Portales ..... AHS ........ Tucumcari AHS ........ St. Mary's .. AHS ,.,..... 39 Highland AHS 42 Las Vegas .. AHS ......,. Raton ...,.... AHS ........ Belen .......... AHS .,...... OLOS ......,. AHS Santa Rosa AHS .....,.. Alamogordo AHS Silver City AHS l......, Santa Fe .,.,. AHS ..,..... Highland .. AHS Socorro ...... AHS St. Michaels AHS Los Alamos x I3 .2 ARK ,l igma - in . . . ff? 5. .rw . s ai 5 s le... , ,Q ,,, W M. ,, .. ,game ..., Ei. - .--- --.,- wvww-savvy ' .Q 2 Vvl- . LEE DAILY Senior At left, a high leap during the Hobbs-AHS game. In the second game of the sea- son the Bulldogs gained a 53-44 victory over Estancia. Billy Bar- ela was high point man with 19 points. On December 11, before a capacity crowd the Gallup Ti- gers defeated AHS 49-41. It was a close game, but Gallup pulled ahead late in second half never to be topped by AHS. Billy Bar- ela led the scoring for AHS with 13 points. BOB FINK Senior Here is Gene Agnes coming down with the ball during the Bulldog-Hornet game on Janu- ary 19, Highland won 59-41. On December 12, the Bull- dogs journeyed to Durango. The Colorado Club took our boys 60-50 in a high scoring contest. December 18, the Bulldogs still on the road, tackled the Ft. Sumner five. Mike Padilla bucketed 17 points for AHS but the rest of the team could not get up steam. Lee Daily made eight points. The game ended Ft. Sumner 57, AHS 46. W. X 5 lf' Q' 5? X I, . ,...,,, . as X X it rf" 1 S? .. ,siiiiii-,A ED GEIS Junior Here's a long stretch for a shot during the Hornet fray. The Bulldogs fell short of the victory mark for the sixth time when they lost to the Portales Rams, January 9, with a score of 32-30. AHS ended a six-game losing streak with a win of 38-35 against Tucumcari January 15. The Bulldogs had an uphill bat- tle in final quarter with Barela producing the 35-35 deadlock. Mike Padilla aided with 12 and Don Brown paced Tucumcari's offense with 13. SAM GARDIPE Senior At left, we see another tense moment in the Highland game. The Clovis Wildcats raced to a 57-38 victory over the Bull- dogs December 19. Mike Padilla and Bob Fink tied for high scor- ing honors for AHS. Hobbs in a fast break led AHS a merry chase. The Eagles showed good passing and top- ped us 50-30. at 2 Q., 235 x MWWNWM ka C 157 5 ALLEN McNAMEE Senior lIere's that grab for the ball again. This shot is of the St. Mary's game. AHS continued its losing ways when they played Las Vegas, January 22. Las Vegas defeated the Bulldogs with a score of 50-42. The Raton cagers ran away with the Bulldogs January 23 with a 54-34 win. Roger Mon- toya made 14 points. Bob Kell- ner and Mike Padilla were run- ners up. C1581 GEORGE HARRIS Junior Who's got it? Many hands are on the ball here during the Bulldog-Hornet contest. The Bulldogs fell 10 points short as St. Mary downed AHS 48-39, January 15. The Cougars fought hard to gain a 6-5 lead that was maintained throughout the game. Hornets defeated the Bull- dogs twice this season, the first score 47-39, second 59-41. Bar- ela, who had been leading the Bulldogs for the last month, fell behind his usual net pace while Lee Daily flipped in six jump shots. LII' " ' .. : -if 2 at 4 L' 1-.Z ,,., 1 f 5 . .hz 2, ,-I Q. X J :P-.,:.,5:. . - - . .. .. ...,..- A x . , 1 . Q ' 'HP-'Q1.L,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,.,.-3-' ' ' .. ROGER MONTOYA Junior He's up for a shot during the St. Mary's game. On January 30 at Bernalillo, O.L.0.S. won a hard fought con- test from the Bulldogs with a 44-41 win. The top point man was Jack Stromberg. Runners up were Mike Padilla and Geo- rge Harris. 3 V..-AML. 1 A h XR QW E:-gf.--.jg X , QRS X NM do mv X Suk . f R x . sts me W . s . W , Y f X. ,:,:: 2 ,. - xr xx Af' X X . X X X sg H X S X 5 s 3 is X QM A 'i wx ik .:- .3 1 :J ' -:.: -.0 ,f-I., .V R . ,f,,.: ,S MIKE PADILLA Senior Silver City defeated the Bull- dogs with a score of 42-44. Here's a scramble for the ball. Billy Barela was high point man for AHS, with 17 points, when Santa Rosa forged ahead to a 20 point lead at the end of the game. Final score was 82-62. AHS came back with a vic- tory over Alamogordo February 5. This win, a score of 54-48, gave the Bulldogs their fifth victory. ,2 "Il -,QW .. ,, ..,, .X 4, X QW? 33 M W2 5 A ge x 4 if fr Eg? f Y yx-DQ g A fl 6, ' 'Y I Y' 3 4 v,,., v:,:. ,.,,., . . i ,. tn.. AMBRIO VILLAREAL Senior A Santa Fc man tips the ball. February 19, the Bulldogs lost their hardest fought game of the season to the Socorro Warriors. In the fast third quar- ter the Bulldogs tied the War- riors twice but failed to forge into the lead. Final score was Socorro 54, Bulldogs 48. The team, hurt by the ab- sence of two of its regular play- ers, lost their game to St. Mike's of Santa Fe. In the last quarter the Bulldogs chalked up 18 points but the final score was St. Mikes 71, Bulldogs 47. M JACK STROMBERG Senior At left, a block is made as Agnes goes up for a shot. Santa Fc Demons downed AHS with a victory score of 63-50. The Bulldogs opened hot and had five markers before the Demons woke up and start- cd their scoring, The Highland Hornets beat the Bulldogs 59-41. , Q 13.:, , . 4.-A - ' ,f 52 gg 1 Y A 1 f ..,,., ..,,. . Q .... y zxx V' Qgmffyi- 4' C1591 A Capella ....... "A" Club ............ Aides: Attendance .,.,... Bookroom .,.,. Counselors ..... Library ...... Nurse ....... Office ....... Archaeology ....... Assemblies: Boys' State .... Girls' State ...... Spanish ...... Senior Band .......... Baseball ...... Basketball ......... Battalion Staff ...........- -- Board of Education ..,. Bonfire ....................... Bookroom .... Bowling ........ Boys' Glee ....... Bulldog .............. Bulldog Queen ............. Bulldog Queen Escorts Cantata ...................,---- Cheerleaders ......... Christmas Party Dawn Patrol .,.... Dramateens ..... Drill Squad ..... Drill Team ,.i.... Faculty ..... FFA .... FTA ................. Fiddlin' Feet ...... Football .......... Girls' Chorus .,.... Golf ................. LA REATA INDEX FOR I953-'54 ........100 ........118 115 116 .........114 116 114 ........115 ........108 130 ......,.130 135 i.......138 99 .,......140-141 ........155-159 ,,,,,,,.,,,.103 80 ........129 .,..,...134 ........106 98 .,..........132 ......,.l24-125 ............l25 ,.,,........131 .,......120,126 ........130 ........105 ........109 ,.......113 .........104 .........81-89 .........110 ........110 ........145-153 ........100 .,,,.....143 Green and White Ba Honor Society ............... . Initiation "A" Club ........ Pepper Club Intramurals ...... Juniors ......... Junior Play ..... KANW .. La Reata Latin Club ,,,,,,. Majorettes .... Memoriam ....... Military Ball ....... Modern Dance ........ Operetta .,........... Orchestra . .... .... . Outdoor Club ..... Penthalon ........ Pepper Club ....... Print Shop ........ Record ............. Registration Day Rollicking Rollers ROTC ..... . ............ Seniors ....,.... Senior Trio ...... Silver Saddles ..... Ski Club ............ Sophomores ......,. Student Affairs ...,.. Student Council Swimming ........... Television ..... Tennis Boys' .... Girls' .... Track ......... Wrestling ...... Yucca .......,. .......134 .......112 .......133 129 .......105 ....22-42 .......129 .......101 ....96-97 .......108 ......,128 90 .......135 ....i..109 .....,.137 99 .......107 .......154 .......118 .....,,117 94 .......120 .......111 102-103 ....44-78 98 .......10'7 .......113 ......6-20 93 ....92-93 .......144 ........101 .......143 .......106 ...,...142 .......154 95 'Ci-il-ii-C! , yu A MAY24 ,954 fm? f fff' , K I, , WH . - 'D A! Lak QB!! yte' ., , of kia . N 6 0 ilvjfxk tkiwvg-1x!io+S'+J'jxT 3:5 MN? J O 09 1f"'ld9'ZSi0 WM 'wo f Q MMQS' pf A ee-' QJf9 KP . U xxx? ,, xg iw K0 up 5-ao o5,Q ' xg L.,, M cwkft yxfp ans 6i1V,fxxNJ 4-jxji urban. 14 VP S 9 J ff- QM Q QL' .Nag ypoceov 6 a - so ' X' KNZVSFFP3 i?fJ5Jr'Q"9 Jafffafd W aw N X50 G-,JQQX Q, xt ,4?'16:J-togzixvr 615,64 Cl 6423-J x . Q, K DM 'I ' X , fqZ?i-0r:j,Q!L - VDwj,v4uV: ,k:J6gbZov A X 235 Ek x 'MHWQJ A A xx, SL ' .J im XL, xx ' sxxkfx SN-EQ 5 W Q fiiix Q REX X ff' x0 mf - ff' of Mlgfi R Y fy we W 5515 583515 gE Albuquerque High Fight, Fight, Green, White, Fight for Al- bu-querque gig gfggf 5 'E Z ' 3 YE 1'-f Bull . dogs, Wyre 1354. hind you now let's show them-how sys gi Qigt 3' :gf 2 524135 haf pf R School Fight Song 5 5555' 55 5? 51551.52 559 55 5'5 5' ii' 5 5 55 5 73 -an, so ,now less scor e a-gain onee img a-gain 555555 5 I E4w555f'5 5 55 if 155455 Wig Wig 'ig it fi ' H 5 lif'Z?m.1r-,ijF?'fj5 'H 5555 3!g.'fPJQ+'j 'H ,M A ' A' M1215 " V ' fi, li Wg M M Mm W " My W fi f A -1 - J' I X Wwfmg , W gf A W N Dyk rf U fi' M EVP x, - W4 W5 SQ!! W3 'fbfiiQRW5S 555 gi W ft A ' u 5 Q Q K 3 , if WW o VM X Q wgi A MS www M 4 Q .7 WX A h xffxh Qyifjf 5 Q N. S Q ,.. V xx . U .5 fate. is QNX? Qgbxxl E D W NS NL f "?Ewy1f ' , , 5 z . is hi ' 4'A , 'f W f fwJ mf? 1 4 HQ A 6144011 K 4 0 lk' PE. 1 -A . C f do milf f., L ! 3 A, 9 I. J I Q il if W Fw . A W .gg , fa 'm 'X wwwwr f.jg!2ffiijfZf59 Q 1 V gm! Q xx A "EQ1,,,5'i:.. k 355 i K ae! 4 , - '- - 1.. . , . 3 1 . . 1 3 1 A N, li 5 -N u .XX gf-42 Agg, if Q I yang XE? it ffN A ' V is ' A fx S A sap,-WLJ wi ' - ti: Q. V .gl l J- . -Q I - AA' A 'U S-

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