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rf-, .. :J X V V .W -:Q 5753 gr. if' "5 li , 5, 'ei g,j-:Vw wr 55 3, .. . , ' "2 'V P-5'1" '.?f'Q L . ' ' V ' V .QV-5-,.gQ:-ig' 11 , V -, ' "' VfEV"fVSZ'd 'Z ' n I. ...WV3 7 3.il3:5g,V,g ,fb 1 Rf 1-Vik " ' ir, , F , ,- , V . ' "'-' " "V" H., '.V jigs' W! -ii, If '. 5 " I -: g,V ,V Mk-' 34' ' 1 tV'..:':"f EMA? 1. -l,.if-',L!gb:HH" f-if? I S- f..':f1""', ' V KQV. F K V, . . V , V . . ,, . ,VA . 1. V -. .AV Vw 4 J' . A 1 V. 4, V ei,..V+ ,V1 ,N -. .i V , , V- 'Q T' ,i '-f-V f, 5:f.-1.1n1L?Vfa,:fni' . C -. V p: VV ' . " ' " ' -A , , ' gf-ff fPj,wS4:.' ,.q, ,-.V- , , V' ' ., - 1 -!,.5.:fj - -539' 13. , Vw 1 .gf , , :,fi,gV1.... ' V A .sggyi-, 55 .1 112V1':! !!rT"- , ' 'V f 5 ' ' f1f1,VVV ' ' 5-,ffl- 'V' TREE .Lin 59' , ' ' 1" 3 511 ' FV-15:1 V r 3 ' J, kwk 5 .---.14 u .,. . Fifi 2 - - A F 3:-gig' ' ,1-51-'ff5fV -' . ' 'Biff V-Vi -'J ' ' ' - ' "r :fa-4V1vVfJ5'5',fg'-. . ffl. ' V - A - .V 1 V' V - V -.4 f EQ' JSE? ' ,M 4, ,V ' Y- 5-VLQQJEV., "2 l, - , , V - 1 .I ,,-T1 , -1- 47, ,Q 4 f"f.'vF' ' V. A ' L I 5 ,f 'Inf sh, VV - .- , .S-. Y V N A Q Uriq xx :Z " - s2.""' ' -.eEV1i- V ' 'VL V .QP - QI V ,gf 2 'f A A -f i V -W, V ,VVQ5 WQVV' V, .5 V V ' 1 1 3. fri - , - V- ' V g,g9a5'1Va,Vm Ki: ,PV ., K , :4-2 . ' '. -, I- L V Lg 1 , V ' :. jab, FEQVJ-.IIS nz . A , rv W if 41.7 , 3.V pg , , . ' I "T fiiijfzgg.. V fi - ' 'f ' " " .. r'kf:5jf'J '. '- ' - 14 - ' :Tri .' V a'2fv.g'fQ. A- , ' . 5.. . ' '+ ,5.eq!.gVgq,3 'V , -Sa-V ,5 ,,- ,karl 1 ' 5' 2' .-hx: ,EQ '34 ' ff? . gl NV-.N A V ' .VJ I 1. . X I -pf ., I , x. gm' 4 V. U P '-' A .V . . ,i .A .7 4 ..Vv - I 'l -P A l .fs ' I 4 3 S-. 4 Q A Q -X de 3 gi! Eg i 3553 gg ii 'Q Vv, , 4 A 5 ,f-K g , u 1 1 A, Xjxdgq I7 f Lf ff . 4-Q 'Y .f 1,,, -1,:f 4 , x..' 4: nfg 'Q HOU1' Aff? 1-I J 116 OXLZ6 cc 1415 5c!e5ff!0S 54400345 X 7 'Tfc G ff!! Af M6710 g?,,0-,105 34 16.2 7121 E. W1 fsvffw-f ziizm,-uae ,sfz,f,:4 ff' ff 1 ' - f a f i aff! !39'Af'5J7c"l'c7 ,476 0756 '- di Alzffoy? fffU rape? - A If 1 Ji" -7145 1 h r' 1741 f'4ff llbm va IK IIl?Ef'llMf2' 3 EDHORS' John Johnson 'fab Marian Wiseman w Edna Duncan cg50 Chkxv covsrz DESIGN Ss QQ i Jeanne Juslus SBR qQQN SPONSORS Z1 R. w. Thomas 8 I VV.M.VVamng N PRINTING Vocaiional Prinfing Class f Albuquerque High School Q V ri Albuquerque High School x ZX Albuquerque, New Mexico , R1 Volume XLIII l952 r -- Buildings ' of pf W W LIBRAIIY MANUAL ARTS is C Y M ADMINISTRATION M UNI Editorial Note We, the editors, wish to pru- sent a remembrance of a year at Albuquerque High School to you, the studvnt bocly. Here is a rm-cord of your numerous ac'- tivitivsg here the mem0rieQ of school life live on. In the years to come may tho 1952 La Rcata servo as your remembrance of seconds, minutes and hours at AHS. -,, v --- - --7 siEiB Wwuqdwmm I Adminisfrofion 5 J? .I , CV 351913 C, 19 A JJ asses M- --- L Q'2v Q' Bw 3 Ai-A Org f .-...M-+7 97 Q5351 Z Sp f 107 wJQ? jg School Life s 12? Helen Rogers Wilson N. Willits Jewell Brown 4 feudal! Zum, Welen 2a9m. md 7066444 70666654 om patient aocazaelow, Me 79.52 .44 2mm 64 akwglzgaaff kazaa. 7464 we 44, ezpmwng amz 4,94-mmzem fn :dm fufmpezdq md dawlneu to ae. 544 waded WSU X 1 rf K ff-fly Mx ,M 5 M3 fi W ffPf41HurnmvrvluS1H1nRiarSfI1T'lU4D r wk J' op, 7- t -A , ft-.1-Q5 rf J gi t l Q 'fiv Principal Assistant Principal file-n U. lie-uni :uwsunic-fl the ot'f'it't- of principal of Mary Cole Dixmi has he-en vice-principal of AHS Xllniiqiim-i'qiiv lligh Srlwol in 119245, Otitsitle- of hit for twt-nty-six yt-airs. Sho is a giwultlzltv of the llni- lllllll'S, Mr. lh-ani is an artist, l'islit-rmziii, golfer, unfl versity ut' Kansas. Miss liixmi is rospvctt-tl :intl atl- utopyzxplis-i'. To thi- y.1'u'zuliiz1twl sturlt-nts uf AHS, niirr-cl hy tht- fzu-ulty and stumlviit hotly for hor co- Wlr. lic-:ml is thc pt-rsoii whn most roprvsm-rits Allmu- opvmtiw.-lit-ss, sympathy, and wisdom. vrqiit- lligh Srlmnl. 4 Board of Education l,m-h nm-w sm-lwnl yt-ur ln-ings zx lurgt-r number of students to the Allmuquvrque Public Schools. This is the niiin nmhltni 41' tht- Ilmmrfl nf litlucation, pictured below. Memlmeifs of tht- hoard are, lt-ft to rigrlit: R. M lltlfl MIN Nuo v ,. .. , lui, R. W. 'I'liorn4-, S. Y. .Izivksoir John Milnv, D, A. Macpherson, and J. T. Varney. Secretary Mrs. Spence is a graduate of the 1942 class of Albuquerque High School. She became a member of the AHS office staff in 1949. Mrs. Spence serves as Mr. Ream's secretary and also is in charge of stu- dents' transcripts. Another one of her numerous jobs is the scholastic ranking of seniors. Assistant Librarian This is Mrs. Keleher's second year at AHS. She came here from Chicago, Illinois where she attended the Chicago Teachci-'s College. In the library she maintains card catalogues and keeps the library rec- ords. Bookkeeper The secretary-bookkeeeper at AHS is Miss Helen Leahy. She came to Albuquerque High School in 1947. Her duties include handling the finances of campus activities. She issues orders for all materials bought by authorized clubs and organizations. Librarian Mr. Rovner is in charge of the circulation of some 18,000 books which leave the library, and he also tries to build up an interest in books within the student body. He has a BA degree from the University of New Mexico. Counselors 'l'he Counselor-Director of Student Affairs at AHS is Jewell Brown. He is in charge of Bulldog Day, Pioneer Day, und he helps on school dances, contests, and talent assemblies. He is also a sponsor of Student Council, Stu- dent Affairs Committee, and Inter-School Council. Mr. iil'UWll, a native of New Mexico, has been superintendent, principal, and teacher in many schools of the state. Before accepting his present position, hc taught ll. S. History for Iwo years. lle has BA and MA degrees. 1' lic-fore coming to AHS in 1945, Helen Rogers was As- sistant Principal at Washington Junior High. During her first two years at AHS she taught Sophomore English and l'4rsonal Problems classes. She now serves as Dean of Girls. ln this capacity she counsels girls, helping them I0 prepare for their future. She is a sponsor of Student Coun- cil, and also orders and distriliutes prizes for Pioneer Day. 8 Wilson N. Willits is coordinator of llistriliu- tive Education and Vocational Counselor. llc was principal and teacher in Michigan before coming to AHS in 1946. He is in charge of testing services, and he maintains files of vo- cational materials and counseling fields. He also handles employment for students, and issues work permits. He has BA and MA degrees from Adrian College and the University of Michigan, respectively. Sam Jack, a graduate of East Central State Teachers College of Oklahoma, became head of the attendance office in 1947. The present at- tendancc system at Albuquerque High was in- augurated by Mr. Jack. It is the most effective system that the school has ever used. By his judicious treatment of the attendance problems, Mr. Jack has won the respect of the student body. Attendance Office Fannie Sanchez, a graduate of Albuquerque High in 1945, works in the attendance office as Miss Dixon's sec- retary. She attended the University of New Mexico for a year in the college of Arts and Sciences. In 1947 she came to Albuquerque High School. Her duties include checking credits, posting grades, and caring for personnel cards. Charlotte Kiampitz camc to A. H. S. from Madrid, New Mexico, where she was a teacher. She has worked in the attendance office at Albuquerque High for seven years. Along with her regular duties, which includes calling parents of absent students and keeping attendance records, she is sponsor of Ski Club and is working on her B.A. de- gree at the University of New Mexico. 9 ,-...,....,,, Director ot KANW The full time director of Pulwlic Schools Radio Station KANVV is Rose Jeanne Farlisle. She selects, produces and schedules the in-school listening' pro- grams that reach the city schools. Mrs. Carlisle received her HA degree from Ohio State University and her MA degree from the Univer- sity of New Mexico. She took radio at Deliver Uni- versity. Director of Audio-Visuol Aids VVilliam P. Davies arranges film schedules, re- ceives films, and arranges for the showing' of the films at AHS. Ile is Director of Audio-Visual Aids for the Albuquerque Public Schools. Mr. Davies is in charge of the maintenance of the audio-visual equipment of Albuquerque schools. Mr. Davies is a graduate of the University of New Mexico and has BS and MA degrees. fri 1 ,-. N 1 .... L. 10 School Nurse Mus. Frances J. Haughinan, Albuquerque High School's nurse is an active person. Besides caring' for the many ailing students who flock to her office, Mrs. Baug'hman assists in the physical examination of the sophomore class. She conducts classes for the Red Cross in first aid and home nunsing when not busily engaged in caring for the ills of the many children she must see each day. Book Room Librciricin Ella C. Herrera has the endless job of keeping track of AHS textliooks. She collects the fines on lost and daniagred textbooks. Some of her time is devoted to the secretary work of the teachers. She types and mimeogrraphs tests. Mrs. Herrera attended the Albuquerque Business Follege and she also went to St. Joseph's College for two years. li! lil 99 Q Q sara Ill iii! Custodicms To the above custodians we owe the cleanliness of our school. VVe appreciate their kindness and friendli- ness. Keeping the grounds and buildings of AHS is the job of those pictured above. The custodians take pride in their Work and are always willing' to lend a helping hand. Standing, left to right are: R. Maestas, C. Garcia, J. Sagnchez, and V. Juarez. Sitting, left to right are: D. Olguin, E. Tudesque, L. Carrillo and C. Ramirez. Cafeteria Personel Falling on the shoulders of those pictured below is the job of preparing enough food for the student body. They also spend an hour and a half serving the meal in three half-hour shifts and serve 600 to 750 meals a day. They are, from left to right: Mrs. Cash, Mrs. Seth, Mrs. Hartline, Mrs. Gaines, Mrs. Bushnell, Miss Goetz. Miss Theede, Mrs. Wiger and Miss Wilson. Q if f f . N , 1 A " ff . . 35 .n K ., I qlzp Y 5 ..,, L. '.,V,,,. 1 5 .5. i z 11 36. 50 , W , Q L g. "Q'X 491 wr Allred, Katharine llarnhart, Clara Berry, Elizalwth Bishop, Harry L. A.Ii. ILS, M.A. l!.A. M.A. A.R. B.S. M.A. MS limikke-vping', Typing l'Ing'lisli Biology ' 3 Bourne, Ruby Brink, Rilla C. Huskirk, Alim- Buskirk, Winfredf M.A. ILS. RS. M.A. Ph D.f Aj-X English cmihiiig, immis lflriglisli lf.2fiy5,i4i414w4ig.-.mi Y I . I - X , IM i LW' A , , I fl' .NJ ,' Caton, Johnnie flhamlwick, Florence Chambers, Joel J I ' Lhildre, Madge M.S. PLA. M.A. B.S. A.B. M.A. Driving' English Chemistry Algebra, Geometry 'Qi VP i Cwffgdafmwc. Cobos, Rita S. Cook, Sarah Cramer, Carl L. B.A. M.A. B.S. M.A. Ed.D. B.A. Spanish Biology, Physiology Band, Orchestra Deen, Wilma Lee Dixon, Ralph Dohner, L. E. B.A. M.A. B.A. B.S. Shorthand, Typing History, Citizenship Agriculture Douglas, Marian B.S. M.S. Clothing, Decorating English Foehr, George T. B.S. M.S. Fox, Marjorie B.S. M.A. Typing, Bookkeeping Cristy, Edward J. B.A. M.A. Economics, Psychology Dorrington, Elaine B.A M.A. B.S. Ed. History U- Gamertsfelder, Iona B.S. Physical Education 13 Goddard, Sara A.B. M.A. French, S. W. History Hannah, Robert B.A. History Hickman, Florence B.A. M.A. English a, Q 'V 5 .yn X 1 ' ,Qin ' ,VX Gomes, Frances B.A. M.A. Spanish Harrington, Eldred B.A. M.S. Ph.D. Physics, Chemistry Ivey, Robert DeWitt B.A. M.A. Biology fs .4152 Graham, Frank E. Groman, Robert B.A. M.A. B.S. M.A. Art Remedial Work Hefferan, Vioalle Heinsohn, Robert B.A. M.A. B.S. M.S. History Basketball, ROTC Jaramillo, Elizabeth Johnson, Moneta G. B.S. B.A. M.A. English Mathematics 2 In-.-.- 'Nuff Keleher, Katherine Kerkf6slaQ4:vr, Ruth G. B.A. M.A. History Knight, Daniel B.F.A. English Lowery, Nelson VV. -4 B.S. YVoodworking fun. B.s.s. History Komadina, Ann B.A. M.S. Spanish McDavid, Paul E. B.S. M.S. Football Kieke, Lillian Klicker, May A.B. B.A. M.A. Shorthand, Typing History Lacour, James L. Larson, Esther B.A. M.A. B.S. English Family Living, Clothing McDevitt, Estelle A. McManus, Virginia B.S. B.S. M.S. Food, Nutrition 15 Kiki Marsh, Jean Maxson, W. B. B.A. M.A. B.A. M.Ed. Typing Chemistry, Radio Physics Montoya, Mauro Napoleon, Josephine B.A. B.A. English Spanish Phillips, Barbara ' VRarick, Richard A.B. M.A. B.S. M.A. English History, Sociology Miller, Jack C. B.A. M.A. Mathematics Nobbs, Eva ' B.S. Physical Ed. Reynolds, Franklin B.A. Drafting Montoya, Kitty A.B. A.M. Spanish Patterson, Juanita B.S. Typing, Shorthand Rushing, Jack B.A. M.A. Physical Ed. 1 .X .... F 16 35 "s'T.'f" I Sacks, Virginia Sanchez, Teles Seese, Carmon Shephard, Katherine B.S. BA. D.A.M.I. C.A.A. B.S. M.Ed. A.B. M.A. sf Physical Ed. Auto Shop Biology History W, Slocum, Goodsell Smart, Warren Smith, Edgar Steinback, Glcnrix B.A. B.M. B.A. M.A. B.A. M.A. B.S. Ma 77 Mathematics, Music Government, History English Biol Strand, Lydia Thomas, Robert 'l'1'ammell, Mary Edna Valdez, Tony B.A. M.A. B.A. M.A. B.A. B.S. English English English Physical Education fi Yin!! 'Qaaf - Z big' N., , A ,J 97' W, We 1 .- "W' ' 1 A 1 D Vernon, Dodd Walling, W. M. Welch, Lucille Werstlcr, Robert B.J. M.A. Vocational B.A. M.A. B.S. English Printing English History Wm-st, Harry Williams, Allcn Willits, Wilson Wilson, F. M. ' B.A. B.A. M.A. A.B. M.A. RA. Latin I-'N1-lick v,.,,..4:,,....1 f'A......,.'I!..,.. na ..,, 1 LW. . .. .-- l ci Students in Miss Phillips' Senior World Literature class arc caught by the photographer as they discuss thc l'hZlI'lil't1'l'lSlfll'S of thc Elizahx-than Pcriod. 18 in 51, 3 -PN G41 gm W W 602 "N J: I Ullllmwm SENIORS TYWYS it ti' l 13.63 .wwwa H Q , KM A, , ira qi ' ' . " , ,LM:v,iQ,ii:1.i.,,Z.13 vi , ff f " 'A f 'il 2542. - 1 u . -, rr , ,rw ' "if li , I ',, .. l ' BOB CAMPBELL Bob Campbell, the class president, came to Albu- querque High from Wash- ington Junior High. He has been a leader in school activities for three years, serving as president of his class in all three years. Bob also takes part in athletics, earning a letter in track. Jerry Davis, the class vice- president, also came to Albu- querque High from Washington Junior High. Serving for the first time as a class officer, JERRY The Senior Class of 1952 leaves A. H. S. with an enviable record of achievement. During the past three years, many outstanding individuals in the class have contributed to the success of the school. Of this we are proud. Of even greater pride to each senior is the fact that every member of the clam has helped make A. H. S. a top school. Each one leaves behind a record for all underclassmen to strive to attain. Many have made out- standing, scholastic records, others have made theil mark in Art, Music, Drama, R.O.T.C., Radio, Athletics, or Journalism. Senior class officers are Bobby Campbell, president, Jerry Davis, vice president, and Janet Barnes, secre- "'ry-t"easuv'er. Bobby and Janet have held their of- fices for three yeans. Paul Lambert is Student Council president, Freddie 20 JANET BARNES Janet Barnes, coming to AHS from Jefferson Junior High School, is the class secretary-treasurer. She has held the office for the past three years. She measures up to the standards of her position with her fine grades. She is a member of the Honor Society. it Jerry has proved himself a leader. A letterman in foot- ball, Jerry has been chosen to be an officer in the A Club. DAVIS Leyba, A Club president and Gretchen Stromberg is president of the Pepper Club. Leading our cheers this year were five senior girls: Jfne Fc-nley, Tresa Lanham, Nancy Vann, Clara Lee Miller and Shirley Archibeck. The editors of our publications were seniors. Al Beebe guided The Record staff, while John Johnson directed lr Reata. Guiding th' Yucca staffs for the tw- seinesteis were Rhoda lfitzgeralu and Cl"'is Mar tino. One of our loveliest Bulldog Queens, Nelia Owens, was crowned by Paul Lambert on behalf of the student body. She was attended by Celina Sanchez and Lucille Gutierrez. Graduation brought the Seniors' year to a close on a solemn note with each individual preparing himself for the challenges that will confront him in the future. Abbott, Robert Band 2.3.43 Ice Hockey 3,45 Archae- ology 3g Student Council 25 Ice Skating Club 4. Abernathy, Peggy Pepper C'ub 2,3.4g Ice Skating Club tiff: Ta Rc-ata 33 Record 45 Tri- Hi-Y 3. Adams, Mary Kay Pepper Club 2,3,4: Cantata 3a Drill 2,3,4g Office Assistant 3,4. Akin, Ronald Alarid, James Football 35 Basketball 3. Anaya, Betty Student Councilg Honor Society. Anderson, Imogene Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Student Council 4. Anderson, Charles Aragon, Beatrice Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 2. Aragon, Josephine Pepper Club 3,45 O.G.A. 3g Skating Club 45 Intramural 2. Arancla, Patricia Archibeck, Shirley Pepper Club 2,3,4g Modern Dance 3,43 Cheerleader 4: Student Council Archebique, Betsy Cantata 2. Archibeque, Elizabeth ' Correspondence Club 4. Argo, Betty Intramural 23 Home Nursing 35 Stu- dent Council 2. Drill 3g Honor Society 1Gold A 31g TEV ,ag E Q. 2 4 , , . 1 -V. 4 H 5 A ' v A . . K A is-T4 .4 Of 1 " 0 f l , l 'Z' 1' , , f 1 y . . U1 1 A 22 5, Armijo, Josie O. G. A. 3,4. Armstrong, Doris Jean Ice Skating Club 29 Student Council 23 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill Team 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. Ash, Nellie Bowling Club 3g Tennis Club 2,33 Girls Intramural 2,3. ' I Baca, Frank Dennis Baca, Martha Cantata 2,3,4g A Cappella 3,43 Oper- etta 3,45 Junior Trio 3g Sophomore Double Trio 2. Balcomb, Douglas Golf 2,3,4g Yucca 4. Ballard, Betty Louise Barboa, Charles 2 Football 2,3,4g "A" Clubg Los Her- manos Hi-Yg Boys' State 3 3 Student Council. Barncastle, Rudy Ernest Barnes, Mickey Blaine O. G. A. 3g Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4g Intramurals 2,3,4. Barros, Lalo Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g French Club 3. Baum, La Verne Latin Club 3g Fiddling Feet 33 Yucca 45 La Reata 4. Baxter, Peggy Cantata 35 La Reata 4g Tri-Hi-Y 4. Bayler, Carl F. F. A. 2,3,4g fVice-Pres. 35 Pres. 41 Student Council 2,3. Beacham, Betty Jane 1 - Fm. f ...L " ................ Beales, Carol Beall, James Football 3,43 Band 2,3,43 Square Dance Club 2,3,43 Hall Guard 4. Beebe, Al Record 2,3.4, fEditor-in-Chieflg "A" Club 3,42 Student Affairs Committee xg 43 District Student Council 43 Oper- .S etta 2,3,4. Benninghof, Keith Baseball 4. Benton, Robert Cantata 2,3,43 Operetta 2,3,43 Fid- dling Feet 4. Betts, Ervin "A" Club 2,3,43 Hockey 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,43 Band 2,3,43 Square Dance Club 2,3,4. Blakely, Garry Blea, Frank Football 2,3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Track 43 Baseball 43 Student Council 2,3. A Boardman, Bob Silver Saddles 33 Student Council 4. Boardman, Elizabeth Pepper Club Bone, Patricia Librarian 43 Color Guard 43 Student Council 4. Boyer, Phil F. F. A. 2,3,43 Pentathlon. Branson, Ellen A Capella 3,43 Military Ball Queen 23 Double Trio 2,41 Operetta 33 Pepper Club 2,3,4. Brateher, James Cantata 3,43 Class Play 33 Operetta 4. Brazell, Annabelle Pioneer Day Assembly 33 Talent As- sembly 3. W, Q, .. .r A l 'N 5? ls? 4 .ix . X , , : ,,l v. 24 - f , 1' t , , fx KQQ1 'luv' 4 , S v if , . Byrne, Charles Calkinn, John Football 2,3,4' "A" Club 45 Track 3,49 Hi-Y 2,3,4i Callahan, Mabel Student Council 2. Bryan, Richard Honor Society 2,3,45 Golf Team 3,45 Ski Club 3,45 Record 25 Latin Club 2. Buckner, Elizabeth Fiddling Feet 25 Dramatcens 4. Burke, Elsie Band 2,35 Honor Society 3,4. Burnside, Lee Butler, Earlene Pepper Club 2,3,45 Double Trio 3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Operetta 3,45 Colo Guard 3.4. Byrd, Betty l. A O : 'Va tlffliifl -x if! Q New Q Y' B . , 553 ' Sw .: KS ter' Campbell, Bob ' Y Class Pres. 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,45 "A" Club ' Q , 4, ,D 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4. ' ' h Candelaria, Ida 3- M , Rollicking Rollers 25 La Reata 45 ' ' N Nurse's Aid 4. V fi ,- ' L Cantrell, Robert V Intramural 25 Hi-Y 2,3. 5 ' y ' lil-f Q, Carey, George Carman, William Q .W up Football 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g "A" Club S f Q 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,4. 'U' f '5 5 1-5, Carnes, Betty ' 5 K ' Latin Club 2, Yuccettesg Tri-Hi-Y X Sl Q A 2,3,45 Nurse's Office 25 Pepper Club x S 2,45 Roller Skating Club 4. 4' t -a 6' Carpenter, John F Track 2,3,4g Wrestling 8,4g Football 2: A Club 3.4. C arter, Charles . Cauas, Vlrglnla I Castillo, Lucille ' Pepper Club 2,3,4, Tri H1 Y Council, Drill 3,4g Student. Council 43 Modern Dance 3. Castillo, Marianna Castillo, Rosemary Student Council 33 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 3,45 Anthropology 2. Castillo, Thereaa Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4: Drill 3,45 Roller Skating Club' 29 Archaeology Society CVice-Pres.J 3. Caudill, Josie Pepper Club 2,8,4g A Cappella 3,45 Double Trio 2,3,4g Skating Club 3,4. Cervantes, Ronald "A" Club 2,3,4g Wrestling 2,3,4g Football 2g Basketball 2,3,4g Student Council 3,4. Chavez, Carmela Correspondence Club 43 Student Council 4g Drill 2. Chavez., Cecilia Chavez, Fred Boxing 4, Basketball 3,43 Football 4, Baseball 3,4. Chavez, Manuel Chavez, Maria Chavez, Margarei Pepper Club 3. ia? TQ lb 7.935 L? ,S A W ,, C E K . ml, . x . rf' F' 1 l. - ...l.J V7 X t 'X 'A A5 Ciesielslci, Don Chavez, Mary O. G. A. 35 Student Council 4. Chavez, Molly Jr. Play 35 Cantata 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Student Council 25 Drill 4. Chavez, Tom Student Council 2,3. Chavez, Tony Chavira, Dolores Book Room 45 Tennis Club 3,45 Bowl- ing Club 45 Skating Club 4. Christensen, Mona Band 2,3,45 Square Dance Club 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Drama 4. j Operetta 3.45 Cantata 3,45 Swimming K 3,45 Football 35 Hi-Y 3-4. 6 Cisneros, Amelia v Clawson, Frank ' '51 59" 5 2...-f . 1- Q A A Q, 4 :airy ig 1 Q lv: Cleveland, Walter Footall 2,3,45 H Clevenger, Joanne Clum, Kathryn Cole, Bill f Pepper Club 2,3 i-Y ,4. x 4. 5 LJ 'G' sf' f Jr. Play 35 O. N. C. O. 3,45 Archaeol- ogy Society 3,45 Student Council 45 Cantata 3. Cole, Dorothy Music Theory Assembly, 0. G. A. Coleman, Yvonne Drill 25 Pepper Club 2,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2-45 Double Trio 25 Cantata 2. ' K. if A X 5 . , xx ,,,, 5 TX., Q :MA . , A-4 . a - we ., - IM: 2. 1 " X... - N. 5 f. 2255 X 'S 'Q Ng .. .jx C in 4 ff A if X if . ..X Q Q so N w vw K. A, 4 'l' Se... 4 Constan, Kerry Honor Society fGold A. J 35 "A" Club 45 Boys State 3. Contreras, Euphemia 0. G. A. 35 Home Nursing 3. Cook, Joan Outdoor Club 25 Silver Saddles 3 Yucca 4. Cook, Nancy F. T. A. 35 Silver Saddles 2,3,45 Out door Club 25 Yucca 4. Cooper, Carla Silver Saddles 2,3,45 Ice Skating 2,3. Cooper, Tom Yucca 45 Cantata 35 O. N. C. O. 3,4 -Ski Club 4. Corcorran, H. B. ll Ski Club 4. Cordova, Lawrence Football 2,3,45 Track 25 "A" Club 4- Corrigan, Julia Intramural Council 2,35 Pepper Club 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Office 3,45 Tennis Club 2,3,4. Costales, Ernest Cowan, Bobbie Cunningham, Robert Dailey, Jean F. T. A. 3,45 Library Asst. 35 O. G. A. 3. Darr, Dale 4-H Clubg F. F. A. Davies, Keith 0. N. C. O. Club 2,3,4p Hi Y 3' Yucca 4. in i 1 - X. V 2 in 1 P 28 X .5 Dohner, Alton Track 4g Cantat 2,3,4g Ski Club 3,45 Junior Play 2.3. Dominguez, Joe Dunbar, Ronnie Roller Skating Edginglon, Harrietie Edmiaton, Edna Mae Student Council 3. Edwards, Marjorie Emmons, Juanita Encinial, Adalita Elkins, Bella Attendance Office Student Council 2. Davis, Gerald "A" Club 3,45 Football 2,3g Hockey 33 Track 2,33 Student Affairs 4. Davies, Nelson O. N. C. O. Club 2,3,4. Deering, Betty Silver Saddles 25 Ice Skating 3. Des Jardin, Nancy Silver Saddles lPres. 33 2,3,4g Stu- dent Council Bg Ice Skating 2,35 Pep- per Club 3,43 La Reata 3. De Wilde, Car O. N. C. 0. 2,3,4g Junior Play 3, Ski Club 2,43 Student Council 3. Dimas, Ben a 2,3,4g Operetta 3,43Tri-Hi-Y 2,8,4g Q I W P hw lrlbf, C M,-. Ellsworth, Dana Lou Pepper Club 3,4g Roller Skating Club Elias, Gloria Eschmann, Emma Cantata 4. Espinosa, Richard Esquivel, Gloria Bowling Club 4: Tennis Club 4. Evans, Audrey Dramateens 2: Latin Club 2. 5, 'Wilf'y-. Evans, Frank Evans, Janet Evans, Pat ball 2,3g Hi-Y 3,45 Five Star 2,3,4. Evermon, Ann Ice Skating 2,33 Roller Skating 4 tramural Council 2. Evermon, Sue Ice Skating 2,35 Roller Skating 4 Pepper Club 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. Faw, David Football 2,3g Wrestling' 35 Hi-Y 2,3,4 La Reata 43 Operetta 2,3,4. Felts, Harold Fenley, .lane Head Cheerleader 4g Girls' State 3 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 Accompanist in Chorus 2,8,4. Fetrow, Arvilla Laiin Club 2, Roller Skating 3,4 Dramateens 4, Ice Skating 4. "A" Club 3.43 Track 2,3,4g Basket- Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g In- X lan w, , 1 29 fr : 47352 H f,,wwi . 1 Fidel, Lou Delle fig fy Girls' State 33 Student Council 43 ' A I Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,43 Honor Society 2,3,43 , , Pepper Club 2,3,4. Q5 'A , - ' Fitzgerald, Rhoda ' , ' Girls' State 33 Yucca fEditor 41 W 'Z' I ,A Honor Society 2,3,4g Office 2,3,4 A Junior Play 3. , X ,X Fogell, An... rj i E. if Q A, Student Council 33 Track 3,43 Base- . Y ball 29 Football 4. l "wX I -in , as tt Ji", wa? 1 ' .llkfil . W , - it 'yl. 3 1 2 x Z,- 5 W . 321 8 30 nf, . . n 4. 1 W4 Font, Ruth Gabaldon, Romona Galvan, Mary Cruz Gallegos, Ella Gallegos, Fillie Rollicking' Rollers 23 Ice Skating Club 2,45 Drill 43 Bowling' Club 43 Cantata Gallegos, Kenneth 0. N. C. 0. Club 2,3,4g Hall Guard 3. Gallegos, Louis Boxing' 2,3. Gallegos, Mary Ann O. G. A. 33 Rollicking Rollers 23 Of- fice 3. Gallegos, Tarsilla Student Council 23 Brown's Office 3,43 0. G. A. 3. Galoway, Bob ' Galloway, Mary Ruth A Capella 3,43 Yucca 43 Library Assn. 2,3,4g Operetta 33 Ice Skating Club 2. Gambrel, Janette ' Book Room 3,43 Silver Saddles 23 Skating Club 2. nf? 'VJ y .N 1-.,, llxfl ' 1 Garcia Armida Garcia, Eddie Garcia, Frances Council 4. Intramurals 2,3. Pepper Club 2,3,4g Office 3,49 O. G. A. 33 Bowling Club 45 Drill 45 Student m.wA Garcia, Gloria La Reata Staff 43 0. G. A. 3g 0. A. T. 3. Garcia, Rudy '25 F. F. A. 2,3,4g Student Council 4. A Garcia, Saturnino Operetta 2,3,4g Cantata 2,3,4g French A m Club 3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4g Ice Skat- 5 ff, ing 3,4. L . I Gee, Sam Gellenfeldt, Robert O. N. C. O. 3,4. Giese, Donald lb' s Y' f b H Lff O. N. C. O. 33 Student Councilg Albu- querque Youth Council. Gonzales, Bart Football 2. Gonzales, Bennie Gonzales, Bernice Student Council 23 Spanish Play 2g 0. G. A. 3. Gonzales, Betty Gonzales, Eli Gonzales, Flora Student Council 25 Band 2,3,4g Bowl- ing 4g Tennis Club 3,4g Intramural Council. Q lwl , 'fi fm QPF, x m ,4- Y . X V .,, . 2' A ,x 'N 32 .5 mv 2152 wr Gonlalol, Gioril Bowling Club 45 Rollicking Rolers 4g Bookroom. Gonzales, Manuel Jr. Class Vice-President, Boys' State 33 F. T. A. 3,4g CTreas. 41, La Reata 4, Junior Play 3. Gower, Jannett Nurse's Aid 35 Pepper Club 4. Green lvn Griego, Albin Griego, Sally Book Room 3,45 Bowling Club 3, Rol- ler Skating 2 4- Outdoor Club 2 Griego, Solomon X ' Griffith, John V o.N.c.o.4. Gross, Louis Gutierrez, Ginger Pepper Club 2,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4 Drill 3,45 Outdoor Club 4. Gutierrez, Lucille Spanish Play 2, Student Council 4 La Roata 45 Bulldog Queen Attend ant 4. Gutierrez, Manuel Boxing 25 Basketball 2,3,4g Track 3,4. Gutierrez, Ramona May Gutierrez, Roland E. 'X -- Band 2,3,4g Kcaptainj Orchestra 4. 'Ji Halbig, Hardd Hall Guard 3. . ' F' G 3 Hamrick, Clawilla Transfer from Lubbock, Texas-4. Hannan. Forrest 0. N. C. O. 3,42 Archaeology Society 43 R. 0. T. C. Drill 4. Hannaway, Pat O. N. C. O. 3,4Q Archaeology 4. Hanson, Marie Soph. Vice-Pres. 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,43 Latin Club 23 Pepper Club 43 F. T. A. Harms, Betty Harris, Jimmy Football 43 Basketball 2,33 Baseball 2,3,4. Harrison, Arthur Haste Glen Hawkinson, Bettie Rollicking Rollers 2,3,43 Bowling Club 23 Ice Skating 4. Heckler, John Heuter, Ted Henry, Bill Hi-Y 2,3,4 CPres. 413 Silver Sad- dles 23 O. N. C. O. 2,33 Track 3. Herrera, Ruth Hill, Gifford Ice Skating Club 2,33 Junior A142 League fPres. 49 3 Hi-Y 4g Football 33 Ski Club 4. Hill, Ralph Student Council 23 F. T. A- 2,3- 'X -N Hipoky, Richard Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 2,33 "A" Club 4. Hise, Donald Track 2. Holly Eugene Dramatic Club 2,3,4g Class Plays 2,3,4g Yearbooks 2,3,4g Honor Society 3,4 fGold A 3,433 Ice Skating Club 2,4. Honaker, Lucy Square Dance Club 23 Jr. Play 3. Hook, Barbara Pepper Club 2,3,4g Cachmas 3,45 La Reata 49 Drill 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. Hook, Robert O. N. C. O. 2,3,4g Dramateens 43 Archaeology Society 4g Cantata 45 'Q Hi-Y 3. 1 Hopkins, Phillis , . Humble, Burl P .Q l Wrestling 2,3,4g Track 3,43 Penta- ' - thalon 4. .sf-SA' . ,ss ' Hurd, Donna Pepper Club 2,3,4g Talent Assembly 3,4. Huchinson, Dorothy Cantata 2,3. Irwin, Paul lamond, Fred Jackson, Grace Jacobson, Ronyse Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. Jahraus, Pauline Record 2,3,43 Tr i-Hi-Y 4. We X ' Jenks, Alan Jennings, Betty Honor Society 2,3,45 Gold-A 35 Latin Club 25 Junior Art League 45 F. T. A. President 4. Johnson, John La Reata 2,3,4 QAssoc. Editor 3, Edi- tor 415 Hi-Y 3,45 Honor Society 2,35 fVice-President 31. Jojola, Laugardita Jones, Cecile Pepper Clubg Bowling Clubg Nurse's Aid. Jones, Charlotte Red Cross Home Nursing 25 Outdoor Club 2,3,45 Square Dance Club 3. L Jones, Gerald Kanzelmeyer, Nella Intramurels 35 Gym Office 35 Tennis Club 35 Ice Skating 3,45 Drill 4. Keel, Stephen Boxing 25 Track 25 F. F. A. 3,4 QVice- President 415 Pentathalon 3. Keith, Carol Pepper Club 2,3,45 Intramural Coun- cil fVice-Pres. 3, Pres. 415 Outdoor Club 3,45 Yucca 45 Student Council 2. Keith, Kittie Pepper Club 2,3,45 Bowling Club 4 lPres.J 5 Intramurals 2,4 fVice-Pres.J. Kern, Nancy Student Council5 Square Dance Club. Kern, Shirley Killough, Don Kimble, Kay Pepper Club 3,45 Nurse's Assistant. King, Patricia Klous, Mary Nurse's Asst. 4' Cantata 4. Kramm, Sally Krauel, Herman "A" Club 3,45 Golf 2,3,45 Hi-Y Lahr, Lavonne Record 2,35 Pepper Club 2,3,45 Yucca 45 Drillg O. G. A. 3. Laird, Allle Pepper Club 3,45 Ice Skating Club 45 Lamar, Barbara Pepper Club 2,3,45 Office Asst. 35 Drill 2,35 O. G. A. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3. Lamb, Charlie Hi-Y 2,4. Lamberson, Martha Drillg Ice Skating Club5 Student Councilg Pepper Club. Lambert, Paul Football 45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Student Council 3,45 "A" Club 4. Laney, Robert Lanham, Tresa Pepper Club 2,3,45 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Cheerleader 45 Student Council 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. Laredo, Natalie Home Nursing 35 O. G. A. 3. Lannigan, France: Pepper Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Office Girl 3,45 Band 25 Student Affairs Committee 4. Lauer, Evelyn .iw 4, Lawson, Troy F. F. A. 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4. Leach. Bill Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2,3,4g Track 43 Student Council 3g Archaeology Society 3. Leach, Charles Football 33 Cantata 3,45 Operetta 3,4 Honor Society 3. Le Master, Dale Track 2,35 Wrestling 3g Ice Hockey 4. Leonard, Gary Leurig, Marilyn Rollicking Rollers 35 Outdoor Club 3 Tennis Club 3,4g Bowling Club 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4. Lewinson, Do Ann Pepper Club 2,3,4g Office 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4g Latin Club 25 Drill 3,4. Ley, Harold Leyba, Fred Football 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g "A" Club 2,3,4 fPres.4j. Lienau, Stevie Pepper Club 23 Jr. Art League 2,3g Yucca 45 La Reata 2. Lindberg, Donn Student Councilg "A" Club fVice- Pres.Jg Los Hermanosg Football, Track. Lindsey, Burt Long, Mary Pepper Club 2,3,4g Square Dance 2,35 Ice Skating 2,43 Silver Saddles 2, La Reata 2. Lopez, Anna Student Council 4. Love, Nancy , Bookroomg Pepper Club 3 Fiddling Feet. I Lucero, Josie Lucero, Katherine Lucero Prescilla Pepper Club Z,3,4, T11 H1 Y 4 Stu dent Council 3g Honor Society 2 4 3,4 , n Lucero, Virginia Lucero, Ralph Boxing 2,3. - Lugenbeel, Lorna p Q If Y ,Nt Pepper Club 2, "- 4 S l , api, Ni is S ii' Y., Lujan, Beatrice o. G. A., Drillg Bowling Club 4. . . . ,lgfiyl Macxel, Tillie Pcppcr Club 2,3,4g Drill 4g Bookroom 45 Bowling Club 4, Student Council ' - 3,4. A Mackey, Dale Honor Society 2,3,4 fPres. 4, Gold A 313 Junior Play 35 Student Council 29 lce Skating 2,4g La Reata 4. MacCready, Enid Silver Saddles 2,3,4g Ski Club 3,45 Pepper Club 2,45 Modern Dance 4g Yucca 4. MacLaughlin, Bruce - ,-:Q 55' l- e..-- - Y 1 l S. Square Dance Club 2,43 Intramural Boxing 2,3,4g Pentathlon 3,4. Macs, Marcella Cantata 2,3,4g A Capella 45 Operetta 45 Archaeology 3,4. Macs, Rachel La Reata 4. Maez, Priscilla Modern Dance 25 Pepper Club 4. Maestes, Cecilia 3,4 5 Office 3,4 S X R x 5 . 4 l e---f-I L. Major, Camille Yucca 4g F. T. A. 2,35 Ice Skating 33 Dramateens 4g Library 3,4. Mallmon Bob Mann, Charlene Junior Play: Silver Saddles 2,3,4g Li- brary 2,3g Tri-Hi-Y. Mann, Dewey Marcelli Harry Mares, Anna Marie Drill 2,4g Pepper Club 2,45 Drama- teens 45 Skating 43 Modern Dance 4. X Markus, Elinor Jr. Play 3g Drarnateens 45 Ice Skat- ing 4. Martin Genevieve Martln, Tom Dramateens 35 Bowling 33 Latin Club 3g Archaeology Society 43 O. N. C. O. 4. Martinez Connie Martinez Franklin Record23 ONCO Martino Chru H1 Y 2 3 Basketball Z 3 4 Baseball I 4 Mayberry, Wnllena 1 Girls' Intramurals 3 4 McCanclleu, John Mcconahy, Carol Pepper Club 2,3,43 Drill 4g Tri-Hi-Y LM- 1 I - 'L ii, McConnell, Patsy McCracken, James McDonald, Richard liers Hi-Y 3. I McDougall, John lier Hi-Y. ' , - "-H MeGarvey, Gilbert Archaeology Society 43 Silver Saddles 23 R.0.T.C.3 O.N.C.O.3 2,3,43 Cheva- , 1 It , .Q K. Q. 1 3 . f O. N. C. 0.3 Projector Clubg Sparten Hi-Y3 Archaelogy Societyg Cheva- - 3 McKinnon, Dorothy L. ' V Cantata 2,3,4. McKinnon, Joan L. Pepper Club 2,3,43 Drill 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,43 Student Council 33 Girls' State 3. ' McKenzie, Dorothy Nurse's Office 2,3,43 Rollicking' Roll- ers 2g First Aid Club 2. McMullen, Neva Belle O. G. A.3 O. A. T. McNabb, Edith Joyce Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Drill 3. McNabb, Warren N. Meador Thelma Latin Club 23 Pepper Club 3,4. Medici Thelma Maria Mellor Phil R. O. T.C. Drill 43 O. N. C. O. 8,4. . Merewether Edward Ted Fiddling Feet 23 Archaeology Society ,MK 'F s ' - ' e , ' -Nivea -. Y 'S ,N l , I . .. . 4 I N' i i A etel' 3 il wt my . N NN . it ...f L..Tx.X. .Q ,, 'X efS'fifi Q J 'fix W if .i'w.i . W .f X 2 'Y X H if Sigiigfu 1 ' Nik E we JM' Q ii si ' 233' j , A RS? N R 2 138.3 K. Qs Q. dig . ' iw K Metcalf, Donna Pepper Clubg Bowling Club. Miller, Clmarlsie Ruth. Pepper Club 3,4. Miller, Clara Lee Pepper Club 2,3,4g Cheerleader 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Office 3,4. Mitchell, Betty Lou Roller Skating Club 23 Square Danc- ing 2. Moffett, Cornelia Montano, Sylvia Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 3,43 Office 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. I Levi' AL-'N v Montoya, Julian Basketball 2.3,43 Baseball 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g "A" Club 3,4. Montoya, Lillian Montoya, Lorraine Cantata 25 Intramurals 4. Moore, Mike Foootball 2g Basketball 25 Track 2,3. Mora, Isabel Spanish Playg Cantata. Moraga, Dolores Drill 45 Bowling Club 4. Morgan, Gail Operetta 3,43 Cantata 2,3,4g A Cap- pella 3,4g Double Trio 2,3,4g Orches- tra 2,3. Morgan, Jerry Ice Skating Club 2,45 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Dramateens 4. Morrow, David 1' x L .-4. ,N ff! 1 Vx S ,'1X- ' ' P. , . r - 1' ,, -vf' K N .", ,J f 1-""'2xi P. ,r .ln fr xl' w , ii fi Q' ' W' . . 'h,'. .- , Us , V lk . A 0 KW i N ex A I . , ' la' i a V .sv Vw , .I-'ff Qigfig , x giiff' . : -4 - nw., a, yaaa '.fl...,i. 5-1' :'.'L.l'ii'f fini va f is 2 "' 'er' 1,'::?f'.,lff'f K ,- wnai? ' L1 'N ' "X .f , . . lr f 1 43 if i ' Moskos, Charles. Student Council 2,3.4 fV'ico-Pres.J 45 " Youth Council 43 Studfnt Affairs 43 , Boys' State 35 District Student Coun- A i cil 3,4. Zigi: E Y Moya, Martha fir' Pepper Club 2,3,4g Drill 3,45 Roller Skating 2,33 Ice Skating 2,35 Tri- . Hi-Y 4. 'M Muller, Fred Murphy, Dick Murphy, Raymond. Murray, Michael Myers, Walter Swimming. . ,alla 14 . Narvaez, Stella ' Intramural 2. .. xr : N-f sf Neal, Louis Baseball 2,3,4g "A" Club 4g Basket- ball 2,3. Nelson, Dennis Skating Club -1 1 i Nicks, william I -If Football 33 Baseball 35 Operetta 2,33 ."""', M - 6. 4 . Cantata 2,3,4g Student Council 3. i -.i' 'i Nichols, Jean u XJ X13 7? A Cappella 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. , I . ' it .E nl! Nieri, Eugene 4 Tennis 3,45 Intramural 2. , Norman, Martha 3 Latin Club 25 Honor Society 23 Fic- dlin' Feet 3,43 Library Staff 4. V A Nunlist, Nong Jo s ' A svhfhk. Y Kyiv t ll x..,-..r. lwitflln-. ..,. Q Oakley, Shirley Pepper Club 2,3,45 F. T. A. 25 Library Staff 3,4. Oakley, Sue Operetta 35 Cantata 2,3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Silver Saddles 25 Archaeology Society 3. O'Bannon, Charles Golf 3,45 Dramateens 3,45 Yucca Staff 45 Student Council 45 K. A. N. W. 3,4. 0'Bryan, .lo Ann Pepper Clubg Roller Skating Clubg Modern Dancing. Oliver, James F. F. A. 3,4. Olund, Larry Ong, Stella Orona, Joe Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 HA" Club 3,45 Hi-Y 3,4. Owen, Nelia etta 3. Pacheco, Lillian O. G. A. 3. Pacias, Jesse Spanish Play 2,3,45 Rollicking Rollers 25 Record 3,4. Padilla, Dolores Pepper Club5 Tri-Hi-Y5 0ffice5 Stu- dent Councilg Drill. Padilla, Earl Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 3,4. Padilla, Felipe Basketball 25 Boxing 3. Parga, Sostenes Orchestra 3,4. Bulldog' Queen 45 A Cappella 3,45 Stu- dent Council 35 Cantata 2,3,45 Oper- Sf 'JCM ,if -ed, r, K - ' if 'ez x R- . X A-tt WB N' ,V 1, ,"5"' .3 My 5' :Wx , if . 7 klkl 1, 5 W X M , ' - ' J H , .. . - V ..1.L . I . :ga uw x 1- sf X ,Q we a wiv, is C550 it mx ff at Peres, Flora Cantata Perela, Marie Cantata 2,143 Pierson, Patsy 44 A ' Par-ra, Ray ,M Passmore, Henry Patino, Ernestine Ice Skating 2,35 F. T. A. 2,33 fVice- Pres. 35 Latin Club 3,43 fPl'6S. 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3. Patino, Sylvia Junior Play 3,43 K. A. N. YV. 35 Dram- ateens 3,45 QVice-Pres. 33 3 Student Council 4. Patten, John Track 2,3,4g Football Manager 33 "A" Club 3,4. Patterson, Mildred Opcrctta SV 5 ..s. .np-r Nur' ! Q l if ,X X X . tr li Porter, Bennie Student Council 43 Ice Skating 2,3g 1 Roller Skating 23 Anthropology 3. 1 , A , 5. it Porter, Roy If N K Pollock, Mabel .,,. A As l on A L, N. 4 Sw 543 in ateee in A ' A A' .fi4t.,,..'f et. f - Pyle, Mattie Lou D1-ill 33 Skating' Club 4. -. ,f - Rael, Genevieve K Q N '-N: Modern Dance 25 Pepper Club 4. ' 'K V. Ramirez, William 2 Junior Play 3. A .,.. Z . .1 it 'S A 'i Y- 542 f , ll! it X if Nv- F if 'T' We V . Y Reed, Naomi Reeder, Fritz O. N. C. 0. 45 Yucca Staff 45 French Club 4. Reiter, Gordon Record 2,3,4g Honor Society 2,3,4g Latin Club 2. Rehm, Ruth Reynolds, Ann Tri-Hi-Y fVice-Pres.J 45 Pepper Club 2,3,4. Reynolds, David Band 2,35 Fiddling Feet 2,3,4g Stu- dent Council 2,3. x E Reynolds, Harriette Double Trio 2,3,4g Color Guard 3,43 Junior Play 3, A Capella 3,45 Oper- etta 3,4. Reynolds, Jeanne Rinehart, Maureen Pepper Club 2,3,4g La Reata 3. Rodri qu ez, Gus Rogers, Helen Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Yg Student Councilg Drill 3,4 fLeader 41. Romero, Ernie Boxing 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Wres- tling 4. Romero, Genevieve Pepper Club, Correspondence Clubg Student Council. Rf:-mero, lrene Band 2,3,4g QSergeantJ. Romero, Mary Ice Skating 2g Drill 4. ,E . , W M . . Rai efw, we 'ii e nr .Qt . wif. ,W . ,te i3f'ff,fF 45 46 Romero, Patsy Tri-Hi-Y 25 Bowling Club 25 Skating Club 3, Tennis Club 33 Intramurals 3, fpresidentl. Romney, Haven Ski Club: 0. N. C. O. Rose, Paul Honor Society 3,4g French Club 23 Latin Club 25 Projector Club 3,4. Ruggles, Marilyn Saavedra, Edmund Boxing 35 Basketball 2. Saiz, Alex Boxing 25 Wrestling 2. Sammona, Mabel Office 4, Drill 3,4. Sanchez, Adelina Sanchez, Celina Bulldog' Queen Attendant 4g Honor Society 2,3,49 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Stu- dent Council 4g Operetta 3. Sanchez, Eleanor Pepper Club 2, Student Council 3,4. Sanchez, Frank Baseball 2,33 Boxing 35 Student Coun- cil 3. Sanchez, Fred Football 25 Basketball 2,3g Boxing 2,3,4. Sanchez, lrene Pepper Club 3,4: O. G. A. 33 Skating Club 43 Intramurals 2,4. Sanchez, Josephine Sanchez, Manuel Sanchez, Raymond Basketball 2,3g Baseball 2,3g Student Council 2. Sandoval, Angie Roller Skating 4. Sandoval, Gloria Tri-Hi-Y 43 Ice Skatingg 2 Drill 3,4. Sandoval, Tommy Satches, Frances Scarlett, Nancy Scheer, Betty Record iAssoc. Ed. 35 2,35 Pepper Club 2,3,4g Yucca 45 Drill 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 fSec. 41. Schnurr, Mavis Silver Saddles 2,3,4g Fiddling Feet 25 Archaeology 33 Yucca 4. Schuetze, Eirka Cantata 2: Latin Club 2g Silver Sad- dles 2g Intramurals 2. Scott, Stuart Sesma, Mary Shanely, Blanche Home Nursing 23 Cantata 25 Nurses' Aid 3. Shashaguay, Florence La Reata 3,43 Pepper Club 3,4. Shea, Tommy Sheppard, Dwayne Silva, Mella Sisneros, Lewis Band 2,3g Hi-Y 2,3,4g Student Coun cil 2. Slsneros Margaret sneros Theodore Skeen Sonya J1. Art League 23 Pl0jeCt01 Club 3,45 Operetta 3,45 Cantata 2,3,4g A Cappella 3,4. Smith, Beverly Fiddling Feet 25 Band 2,3,4g Honox Society 3: Dramatic Club 4. Smith Carolyn Smith, Don Senior Play 4g Junior Play 33 Pro- jector Club 4g Record 3. Smith, Jeanette Silver Saddles 2,33 Cantata 33 Bowl- ing Club 4. if K Smith, John Smith, Mary .lane Bowling Club 4. Snelling, Bob O. N. C. O. 2,3,4 Spearman, Pat Pepper Club, Sq Skating Club. Spelts, Roberta Spencer, Joyce Fiddlin' Feet 2. uare Dance Club, Ice , .Z V iv 'N jk" , :ir ,,,,,, fl' L Q my-ww-Y Stearns, Wllber Stevens, James R. O. T. C. 3,4g Swimming 3,4g Honor Society 3,43 Boys' State 3. Stines, Josie Strance, Jeanice Pepper Club 2,45 Latin Club 25 Tri- Hi-Y 4. Stromberg, Gretchen Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Girls' State 35 Honor Society 2,3,4g Drill 3,4. Sullivan, Edward Orchestra 3,49 Traffic Squad 2,3,4. Sullivan, Peggy . cil 33 Band 3,43 Drill 33 Yucca 4. Sullivan, Polly Swinney, Verle Lee Baseball 2,3,4. Trachias, Max Tafoya, Rita Tapia, Agnes Drill 3,43 0. G. A. 3. Tapla Dolores Taylor Bobby Taylor, James Pepper Club 2,3,4g Intramural Coun- Pepper Club 3.49 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Pepper Club 2 JI Play 3 Color Gu rd 3 4 Yucca 4 A Cappella 3,4. il .SQ 5 U if Taylor, Jeannette Terrazas, Burt O. N. C. O. 2,3,45 Safety 35 Projector 35 Hi-Y 35 Color Guard 4. Thomas, Bob Archaeology Society 35 Baseball 4. Thompson, Beverly Cantata 2,3,45 O.G.A. 35 Rollicking' Rollers 3. Thompson, James Orchestra 2,3,4. Thompson, Virginia Toler, Geraldine Top Nancy Trujillo, Frank Baakctball 3' Tennis 3 4 50 Trujillo Joe Trujillo, Justo Basketball Intramurals 2,35 Boxing Intramulal 2 Tucker, William Football 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Archaeol- ogy Club 3. Tuttle, Eleanor Pepper Club 2,3,45 Drill 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3 4' Modern Dance 4' Yucca 4 Tuttle, .llm Hi-Y 45 Track 3,45 Jr. Art League 45 Ice Skating Club 2,45 Student Coun- cil 2 Valdez Joe Valdez, Lucy Rollicking Rollers 2,3,4. Valencia, Mary Student Council Vanderford, Joy Archaeology Society 3,45 Bookroom Asst. 3,4. Vann, Nancy Pepper Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Student Council 2,43 Cheerleader 4: f- Honor Society 2,3,4. 'fi I. Vargas, lsabelle Bowling Club 43 Outdoor Club 4, - -1 ' Tennis Club 43 Intramural 4. Vaughn, Beverly Pepper Club 4, Rollicking Rollers 4. wie 'H 2214221 ff' Venn, Oliver Vialpando, Doris Vigil, Leo Vigil, Richard Tennis 2,3,4. 'Wallace, David Latin Club 2,35 Yucca 4. - Dramateens 3,45 Weaver, Mary Wedemeyer, Imogene Drill 3,4g Library Staff 2,3g Student Council 2,33 Skating Club 2,3,4. Wegner, George Wiles, Margie Nuff we X lf ini, K 5, . , rf., ,f ,Anil , N Q Q l X 'S x fc T ..f'5.KQXf na Q J 1 52 2 fe? ' Y, 1: lv 1 2 Af f L.- ,ff ft "' It ., it " 5 f v I y 1 xx fs i ' l .5 lvilliams, Arla Williams, Norma Williams, Sharon Wilson, Elmer Wilson, Gale Wilson, Loreen Wilson, Paul VVilson, Ray Wiseman, Marian Pepper Club 3,43 Ice Skating Club 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 La Reata 3,43 fAssoc. Witt, Leonard Traffic Squad Chief 3,4g Sgt. 2: O. N. C. 0. 3,4. Wold, Robert Student Council 45 Baseball 3,4. YVoody, Charlotte Intramurals 25 Rollicking- Rolla-me 2,3g Dramateens 3,41 Jr. Play fig Camtata E 'S Student Council 2,33 Drill 4. ti' I Zamora, Dorothy ' - Z Ed. h in Q ,Qs c Q -, C G amora, it .I , - , M 523 . .. , ' 5 Zamora Jose f .L , 1 M, , .f 1'-Q1 ' X Q it -'F' 3 'Q' -lp' 'K ' A ' is P ' -9- J-1 ., no-5-qs? . v 'Ki - -wav i - ' - 52 UNDERCLASSMEN 5 Fl JUNKJRS Of 766 Juniors the above three were chosen to lead The dramatically inclined members of the class pre- the class in all school ar-uvims. F1-Um left to 1-ight are Sggfeiflff 15511 i5ffrriZ1'Tliiir EH, MTX Wlfh Al'- .. . . U V N- 1 nc u' ' " e .' H Robert Vigil, vice piesidcnt, Sally Crook, stcietaiy By Sponsoring the annual Spring Jumm,-Semm, treasurer' and Phil Harris, president. Phil and Sally prom, the Junior Class proved that they rank wlth the are serving: theii-.second year as class officers. best of classes of Albuquerque High School. SGPHOMORES Nine hundred and sixty seven students brought the Sophomore class of '51-'52 into being last fall. The new arrivals appreciated the aid they received from the Pepper Club, stimulating a friendly relationship be- tween new and old students. It also helped them ad- Just themselves to school life at Amuquerque High. For their officers the Sophomores elected, left to right, below: Arlene Garcia, vice presidentg Mary Ann Hunt, secretary-treasurer5 and Jack Stromberg, presi- dent to represent them in school activities throughout the year. l 53 LF gi . r fi? .if gf f ' Abbott, Connie Allen, Gladys Aragon , Stella Auburg, Thalia Baca, Robert Beal, Donny Adams, Albert Anaya, Pat Aranda, Sarah Baca, Ben Bachicha, Ramon Beal, James Akers, Ed Anderson, Chester Archuleta, Johnny Baca, Epifanio Bambrook, Carol Bebber, Marilyn Alarid, Mable Ange, Lydia Armijo Bob Baca, Fred Barela, Delores Beck, Billy 1 ' R'- iN, x Kimi. Ml Albough, Alexander, Allen, Patsy Elton Fred Ango, Ankeny, Aragon, Lyman Frank Barbara Armijo, Armijo Atkinson Bobby Nancy Bill Baca, Baca, Baca, Hector Julian Mary Barker, Barnes, Barnhisel Don Jackie Judy Bell, Bell, Binder, Ella Helen Regina r, ...........11.1- Black, Clarence Boyle, Bob Brito, Jennie Burkhardt, Jimmy Casias, Priscilla Chavez, Carmen Bommelaere, Bonaguide, Black, Blackwell, Bobroff, Boe, Gilbert Helen Jack John Ray Larry Brady, Brady, Breeden, Brewer, Bridenstine, Bright, Andy Bobby Everett Dickie Beverly Ratha Brock, Brown, Bryant, Bryant, Brunk, Buchholz, Cleo Mary Jean Cecile Joyce Jan Paul Burney, Burns, Burrows, Carley, Carmany, Carpenter, Doris Teresa John Kenneth Nancy Jo Ann Castillo, Catledge, Chacon, Chambers, Chapman, Chavez, Maxine James Helen Claudette Guy Angelina Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Clemente Consuelo Ernie Frank George Joyce l. F ff I r 1 ' A,- , h Q ' ..."L " F i f a , , Qi' i , 25' Sr' V ' .iff ' A " 51 ' L1 is L , L V , .K wa lan , r 1- , F -' -V . --V. 1 ,Y , xxx V V 5 Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Chavez, Lu e Mary Ann Mary Lou Phillip P Church, Clark, Clifton, Clum, Ernest David June Robert Cornell, Cotton, Council, Crook, Jean Gloria Sarah Sally Purley, Daniels, Darner, lhxvis. Tom Ilelen Marty David f Di-'IQ llelfin, In-Sk-'11, Iles .Im-din, 1 ' ',,lh'uce Terr-ila Norris Robert, Dunlap, Duran, Hehavaina, Elizondo Sheldon Fred Lester Jim 56 gl - 5, 56 -br ,nw 'E 9' C9 - , X SL. ff, Cherino, Chewiwie, Prudence Frank Collins, Cordell, Ilelen Lin Cross, Cruze, ii2ll'il2l.1'Zl Fr:-nces DRINVSUII Daly, Robert June De TL-vis llriskill, Virginia Glen lily, l'lr.xlelien, Lowell Sally , as A ii i. Christie, William Cordova, Flora Culver, Frances Delaney, Bruce Duncan, Edna lipperson Lois --L 5. I I Eslinger, Nancy Flanagan, Nina Gale, Geraldine Garcia, Jennie Gillreath, Jimmy Gonzalez, Celia if Q' Evans, Gloria Flowers, T Jmmy Gallegos, Bertha Garcia, Molly Gloss, Patsy Gonzalez Dolores Farrer, Betty Jo Folkner, Louise Gallegos, Gloria Garcia, Oracio Goad, Cecil Gore, William -at tl Faulkner, Ann Follis, Norma Gallegos, J 0Ann Garcia, Pete Goen, Paul Gossett, Bobby Ferte, Nana Frahm, Laura Gallegos, Maggie Garcia, Robert Gonzales, Arthur Graff, Ann Findley, Thestal Freeman, Shirley G lrcia, Bessie Garcia, Virginia Gonzales, Carmpn Graves, Alexandria Finn, Martha Fulton, Mary Garcia, Bobbett Geer, Hunter Gonzales Mary Graves, Foy +L. "!' Ps x f' ' . ., - i, ,x ...,., in . x-:T""'-W ,N . 57 Greer, Griego, Griego, Thalia Lukie Raymond Hall, Hall, Hamilton, Bonnie James Dick Harris, Haynes, Hedman, Phil Mary Kay Hermlejurgen, Herrera, Hines, Annette Abdon James Holmes, Hooks, Hooks, Sharon Charlotte Douglas Hulsey, Hunt, Ichikawa, Marilyn Norma Ben Griego, Richard Hamilton Donna Hemphill, Gary Henshaw, Eileen Horton, Linda Jackson, Darlene ,WX -" ' I-EC?-'P-:Fr 'E J def .. messes A fs 5 Griego, Hackney, Robert Uda Hampton, Hargrove, Anne Gene Hemphill, Hempt, Gay Walter Hobbs, Holdridge, Rosalie Gene Housewright, Hovey, Wayne Nellie Jackson, James, Robert Bob Hale, Marian Harper, Ronald Henry, Joe Holstein Jack Hudson, Melba James, Jerry 58 Jenkins, Johnson, Robert Gladys Kelley, Kenote, Ruth Lee Lambert, Lambson, Madelyn Robert Le Doux, Lee, Isabel Janette Lewis, Looney, Arthur Patt Lovett, Lowance, Fred Martha J oj ola, Emma Kimbrell, Martha Landis, Calvin Leder, Bette Lou Lopez, Anita Lucero, Frank Jones, Patsy Keene, Kathleen Lani gan , Emily Le Master, Jack Lopez, Anthony Lujan, Belinda Justus, Jeanne Koehler, Frank Latham, Clifford Leonard, Faye Lopez, Mary Ann Lundy, Irma Keeler, Ru by Kohl, Larry Lau, Marianne Leslie, William Lorona, Gloria Lusk, Patricia Keithley, Marilyn Koslowski Dianna Lawson, Alfred Leverenz, Don Love, Mahlon Lynch, Billy Maez, Mainz, Flora-nio Michael Martinez, Martinez, Fred Gloria Mcflraeken, McConnell, Sulvrn Shirley Mead, Meissen, Shirley James Miller, Miller, Don Gladys Mitchell, Mittlcr, Vickie Carlton Manton, Myra Martinez lda McCrory lla rrv Melloti, John Mills, Betty Modrall, Gordy v Martin, Jerry Martinez, Margaret McGhee, l':lt, Melvin, Vernon Minces, Nancy, Molina, Gilbert Martin, Joan Martinez, Pauline McKinnon Molly Metzgar, Lucy McNeely, Joyce Mon tgome ry, Ruth Martinez Annie Martinez, Raymie Mm-Mullen, lVlarilyn M iddlm-ton Geraldine Miralnal, Sm-bastion Montoya, Alice v Martinez, Cleo Mattucei Bob lVleNalili, Vlziylnn Miller, Carlene Mishler, David Montoya, Louie , A if-we I , N. Montoya, Tony Mora, Jennie Mugleston, Norman Norgaard, Jo Ann Osborn, Ella Padilla, Marcelino Moore, Moore, Moore, Betty Hazel Norma Morales, Morfan, Morris, Israel Jerre Ada Mae Murillo, Musil, Mutter, Rolwrt llon Jim Noyes, Nunez, Olson, Barbara Bertha Victor Otero, Owens, Pacey, Frances Margaret Cynthia Parker, Parlcer, Patchell, Jim Nina Ruth Moore, Zepha Morris, , . .Jessie Faye Myers, Rolwrt Olund, Julie Pacheco, Celso Perkins, Lorene Moorer, Jo Anne Moya, Triny Narvaiz, Sarah Ortiz, Andy Pacheco, Ruth Peckumn, Joe Moos, Virginia Mueller, Bill Noble, Cleve- Ortiz, Gene Padilla, Irene Peebles, Bobby 6 Perca, Perry, Ruth Jerry Quintana, Rakages, Dolores Frances Rinehart, Rivera, Marleen Lita Rosenbaum, Rubio, Arthur Rueben Saavedra, Saiz, Erlinda Felipe Sanchez, Sanchez, Dennis Dolores Perry, Mary Ramsier, Ricky Rodarte, Gilbert Rowe, Robby Salas, Rose Sanchez, Elsie Pies, Pinckard, Patsy Jean Rearden, Reed, Jean Shirley Romero, Romero, Albert Johnny Ruiz, Ruoff, Julia George Salazar, Salazar, Florela Terry Sanchez, Sanchez, Filemeno H. Filemeno M. ' Poe, Felva Reeves, Jessie Romero, Richard Rutherford, Margie Ann Samuelson, Tex Sanchez, Henry Puckett, Cordell Restow, Charles Ronning, Charlene Ryerson, Jack Sanchez, Albert Sanchez, Robert 'arf' -'IZ ' 'x 62 , ., II, 3 3.- .I L 2557! W Sanchez, Sandoval, Saxon, Robert Joe David Jesse Sedillo, Sedillo, Sedillo, Frances Luceano Raymond Sena, Sena, Sena, Dora Johnny Rachel Shaw, Sheriff , Short, Ellanora Margaret Sam' Sloan, Small, Smiley, Barbara Kennith Don Smith, Smith, Smythe, L. J. Mable Florene Sl Schofield, Mary Lou Segura, Tony Shaffer, Judy Sierra, Lupe Smith, Betty Somers, Margaret Schuab, Marge Sekot, Joe Shanley, Wanda Silva, Antonia Smith, Curtis Soto, Roland . ,, , RSA' Q, R- I Xl- Scott, Donald Seligman, Barbara Shatto, Rosella Sitzman, Bernadine Smith, Freddie Spence, Betty Scott, Jack Seligman Lee Shaw, David Skinner, Louise Smith, Lavonne Standfier Joyce " ' . we R QM l 1 7' fi V Y V L4 is X , .7 ,Q Q ' Y 9 , Stanfic r, Kay Stucliman, Jack Thomason, Tom Trott, Richard Tyree, Ronald Vigil, Robert Q A , .,.., Q '31 on 4 a A 1 ,f , x ' - . rfi w, ' VV E -.:, Stevens, Stevens, Stock, Stokes, Stonelrreaker, Stubliin, .Iohn Leeman Mary Nell JoAnn Nadine Swallows Suazo, Tafoya, Tafoya, Tafoya, Tapia, Richards, Joan Pantaleon Richard Rosalie Betty Ticknor, Togami, Tyson, Torres, Torres, Torres, JoAnn Joe Gladys Ernest Manuel Paul Trudeau, Trujillo, Trujillo, Turpen, Turpcn, Turrietta Willard Benny Robert Armond Robert Romalo Upchurch, Upson, Valdez, Van Doren, Vigil, Vigil, Jane Raymond Rosie Le Roy Christine Lorie Villescas, Wader, Walker, Walker, Walker, Werner, Alfonso Beverly Dallene Larry Tewila Eddie f. .Y X kgs, , W V , Q ! ,,x ' X Yu! 2. V 5 ,Q A , F X ,, A H K ,, 64 ii , -fm ""' V xN gnf xx figs 5911? . A . i , B t ,. i n 1-35? v if it ., ' L y i , Watson, Weller, Wheeler, Willene Louis Sandra Williams, Wilson, Wilson, Wayne Billie Jo Woods, Wollette, Wolters, Wanda Martha Rita - ,4 f ., , :. ' ,xx 'Q Q? 1 was Ei . 1' . ,Q if A 5' . Q gf Y , ' 5. .4 lx 'E ' v . V 1- .-1 -,.,.,,,,,,3m.z,,, , Q , QB Y -1 'E' We X 6. A 'x ix lf' i 3 my k X1 Whittaker, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilkinson, Donna James Barbara Peggy Wilson, Wood, Woodburn, Woods, John Connie Anita Steve Wright, Yarbrough, Yrisarri, Zang, Roscille Shirley Paul Josephine A13 Ja. . ! . ,f ix' . ff ,', iv "'x1!'Li.,:?"'f'Z,'2y-' f'f,g'y' ' 4 4 K fi n 'rmllf' ,. ' . V. '.'4'gq2f ' Sa' These Juniors are taking time ou.: for a 1'ef1'eshe1'. They are left to right: Bonny Baca, Bobby J. Armijo, Roscille Wright and Clodino Allen. 65 ,A 'M i . .X .1 , 4 v , . 1 I V' f 'Z' 'S NX A 9 ' A as M f 1 ' 'Si A we ., vi V E S? q, 9, 'A .Ar , aw, K 31.2344 . f an HK .Ax Abeyta, Adams, Albers, Alderete, Allen, Allen, Altiger, Jerry Corky Menhard Leo Davie Walter Ruth Alvarez, Anaya, Anaya, Anderson, Anderson, Andrews, Apodaca, Mary Angelina Harry Dolores John William Robert Aragon, Aragon, Aragon, Aranda, Archuleta, Archuleta, Archuleta, Josie Mary D. Mary L. Pete Dolly Gloria Viola Armijo, Armijo, Armijo, Armstrong, Ashcraft, Baca, Baca, Alfred Frances Robert Callie Melvin Johnnie Mary Ann Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Baca, Mike Natalie N eda Philip Rosie Seferino Theresa Bachicha, Baldonado, Ball, Barboa, Ball, Barboa, Barela, Irene Virginia John Betty Tony Jake Bene 771 U W M A ' 'X ,lg ' Y ' M5 a fl? Y - ' A ix. r fx 1 if ' ' A . f E' Y I ' E A- ' W f' ' ' . al, f X f ' 'eo ,,. D A .,:. b IQYVV A A! D ,Q Un -z' -X i - 1 so i x vi R or N -f A ' l ,gay .,,r,,i ,im ,Q -, X A 66 Barela, Dennis Baxter, Jerry Black, Albert Boyer, Marcia Bryant, Jean Burton, Robert Barncastle, Baros, LeRoy Hazel Beacham, Beck, Ruth Fred Blackmore, Bohannon, Robert Bu rba ra Branda, Brannon, Richard Elma Buckholz, Bushner, Marie Robert Byers, Cabral, Robert Robert Basden, Donald Bennett, Kent Bond, Joe Branson, Emily Bullard, Barbara Cady, Roger Barger, Barbara Benson, Carmella Bond, Lawrence Breeze, Barbara Bullard, Shirley Campbell, Joyce Barnhisel, Baxter, John Eugene Berger, Billick, Walter Ruth Booher, Boyer, Sandra David Brown, Brundage, Eleanor Roberta Burkholder, Burkholder Abner Sarah Candelaria, Canfield, James Dorothy Cantrell, Tex Ann Casy, Norman Chance, Robert Chavez, Margaret Cockrane, Ralph Cordova, Vivian Carnes, Helen Caulfield, John Chandler, Sarah Chavez, Margaret Coca, Sally Corfield, Roy NN - 4 'WT1' ' " , eg, ff 'S ' miie. l 1f.?sj e W ea ee-211 'Mig'- ' 52? aff- V-P.-1 ' '11 -.. f ' Q - , fe., ':, A , 'ig J A 'Sf l " - :fax we ' ' fr m QT, 4' Y I A ws.. ,. Q , l , Q Jo -J 15? Carter, Voncla Cellesson, Eddie Chapman, Marian Chavez, Rosie Cole, Nancy Corley, Velma 1 . --f 5 Sgflfsg l.,,, . :on Cartman, Anna Cervantes, Fillie Chavez, Abe Cheney, Harry Collins, Shirley Couch, Marilyn Casados, Larquin Chaeon, Florence Chavez, Aggie Christie, Lois Contreras, Leonard Council, Mary Casias, Johnny Chamblee, Roger Chavez, Joe Clark, Lou Ann Coloff, Dianne Crosby, George Caster, Jackie Champlin, Harry Chavez, Josie Coats, Toby Cooper, Sally Cross, Madaline A if XF, ' Fil Mr.. Se- ' .fixoxy .S x 1 a- Q , . mfiq A ' 1' 7 ,L 5 ,lf C . , N. "is 1 X x., ,x Si AX sig -V 5 has I - as 'I 'Q' f .ff et fi 2 j 1-A ir gg .. A 'sr P ' T r A . - laik ,S -U, Q , ,Q if ., w . ,.fmv, 1 . gl Q - :Qu .. ' ' -"Q,--X-' kljg , ff' ' '4 , ' '1 . xl x'i'3,Q,L, 'fill C avg! gala? '- -, ' lg 4 , , -e ' '. - 'f 'A 'it . -fix: 'Q .1 ,g Q ' X Crowe, Culp, Gwen Roberta Darden, Davison, Kenneth Annie Degraw, Dirickson Joyce Doris Duran, Duran, Angela Ruth Edwards, Elam, Myrna Dianna Evans, Fagan, Janet Josephine Cunningham, Dailey, Dally, Dalton, Darden, Dorothy Lee Lanny Geraldine Kathryn Davis, Davis, Darrow, Dayley, Deatherage Jim Mary Noel Jerry Don Dominguez, Dougherty, Dawling, Doyle, Dunaway, Angie Pat Ralph Jack Ray Dyer, Easley, Eastman, Echols, Echols, Milton Bill Jim Marie Vera Ellis, Elrod, Ely, English, English, Tommy Betty Ronald Billie Dixie Faircliild, Farmer, Fink, Follis, Ford, T1-nam-e Jack Robert Helen Jean gl 3 'N Q X NX t ' 7 Ir - 1 ' ' 1 ' l r V , Marlene Jerry Jack Armida Donald Minnie Ada Mae Ford Forrester oiter F1 angoa F1 amch Gallegos, Galloway Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Gault, Gee, Arlene Connie Mabel Maria Onofre Mary King Gentry, Gere, Giannini, Gibson, Gideon, Godfrey, Gomez, Kindall Jane Irene Kay Bill Marilyn Gilbert Gonzales, Goodrich, Gorton, Gray, Greeson, Griego, Grisham, Porfilio Sallie Fred Ann Peggy Lupe Keith Gunckel, Gurule, Gutierrez, Gutierrez, Haines, Haldiman, Hamby, Fred Daisy Benny Junior Mary Sharon Joyce Hanawald, Hankins, Hankins, Harn, Harris, Harris, Harris, Gloria Mary Jo Ronnie Kenneth Jimmy Joe Sue 5 i Harris, William Hicks, Mary Heuritt, lacquelinc Hood, Gerry Humble, Bobby Johnson, Raymond P: llartline, Mary Heffron, Roberta Higgins, James Hopkins, Juanita Hunt, Mary Jojola, Joe Haruimls, Ray Henry, Bobby lliggrins, Jane Howard, Glen Hunton, Jimmy Jojola, Salo Harward James Hentz, Louise Hill, Hershel Howard, Sandra Jarrett, Alfred Jones, Anita J Havert, Hawkinson, Hay, Shirly Florence James I-lerdejurgen, Hernandez, Hernandez Art Mary Simon Hill, Hill, Hogland Mickey Patsy Don H qwden, Huerta, Hulsey, Alvin David Gerald Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Vharles Joyce Norman Jones, Jones, Jordan, Carol Marian Pat ,J 1 5 -L if ,f . . V , M I its -L, 4 S Q Jorgenson, Ted Kichman, Janice K utncwsky, Carol Large, Ronny Little, James Lucas, Chester and Twig, 5,35 X ' a M W., , X ta , 5 XE? Q , X U' gi, 4 l 'TI -xi -,:f : P 3 rf H' H v 5 .. 2' , X RX 'x-N. 4 r w X u x U-" I ae , 4 R f. i A , sf 5 .. ' 1 if " if ' K S K' I it . S X .- A If A 5. f nf. ...- L - - 2: L f f A' we Ls ,, we , W If ' ' I 2 f ' a -L P3 A ' i.,2S,f-- Q 7 -' l if E 3 l xml . 4 J mia? . fv- .4 f- M Tl 'ai ' 1 if I i f 3 LJ' 7 2 A ' li s . x i' Kees, Keesling, Kelly, Kclsch, Barbara Loretta Charles Barbara King, King, King, Kitsch, Betty Janet Teddy Wilhelmina Lamcr, Lamberson, Lampson, Landis, Martha Pauline Richard Kcrby Lauhach, Lcdbetter, Leedy Lcftow, Betty Homer Alton Aileen Locllart, Lockridge, Lopez, Lopez, Chuck Jo Ann Josephine Vickie Lucero, Ludd, Luey, Lunsford, Ehinia Robbie Leon Alex ,nw e .Q ,fy I ' kv , Ex Hifi-gl 13" 1 Ketcham, Doris Koenig, Gloria La Near, David Lewinson, Riette Lovato, Julian Maciel, Caroline Keylon, Jackie Krausa, Ida Langley Monroe Lewis, Leonard Lucas, Bill Madrid, Tony K A Maes Maisel, Shirley Norman Marchbanks Marchetti Mary Jo Martinez Mary McCarty, Don McIntosh, Glen Millican, Howard , Martinez, Maj or, Jimmy Marlowe Steve Martinez, Sylvia McClintock, Sherman Mersman, Martha Mofford, Sandra Maldonado, Manuel Marquez, Carl Martinez, Prudence McComas, Jack Metzger, David Montano, Eugene Maldonado, Max Marshall, Jimmy Mason, Dorothy McDonald Don Middleton, Roberta Montano, Virginia Malone, Robert Martin, Don Masters, Robert McGuire John Miller, Lois Montoya Arleen WA , , , t, , ,z 3 V " ' -v3"','?s:.-gS..- 'Q ' , if lk , , or, C E? f I , 'ni , wi 4- Montoya, Carmen Mora, Betty Navarette, Bob Noble, Ned Orlebeke, Joan Padilla, Anabelle I P' 'Will-af."-'ff . 5, V,-4 , x, , " ii if 'gh O1 'QD in Q Y , Z f. x J " MK Moore, Pat Naran j o, JoAnne Nieto, Nick Ong, Jane Paden, Johnny Pearce, Ann I'-:ist a V X'- 3' 'ffl "", Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Montoya, Moore, Edna Felix Gilbert Norma Carol Morales, Morgan, Moskos, Munn, Murphy, Kathleen James Harry Reba Pat Navarro, Neel, Neuber, Nicolls, Nielson, George Sylvia Marilyn Rose Stella Noel, Noland, Norman Olivas, Olivas, Wanda Dolores Harriet James Rosie Ortega, Ortiz, Osborne, Packert, Paddock, Elizabeth Magdalina Dwight Helen Cecil Padilla, Padilla, Padilla, Padilla, Paton, Chrestina Fedelina Jennie Mike Libby Q ww' Pearce, Bobby Procter, Carolyn Ranson, Norman Rodarte, Ray Ruiz, Edna Salas, Gloria A 3i'?l?'i as f . ., v , h f QQ Q . has Perry, Gail Putzier, Audrey Redfearn, Darrell Romero, Audie Rurner, Nancy Salas, Mable Perry, Margaret Quintana, Dan Rhoten, June Romero, Eloy Russell, Bob Sanchez, Albert Peterson, David Quist, Buster Richey, Clifford Romero, Mary Russell, Charles Sanchez, Albert Peterson, Harvey Ramos, Jimmy Rin ge, Marilyn Romero, Virginia Ryan, Bob Sanchez, Angie U05 Phillips, Pina, Houston Theresa Ramsey, Ramsey, James Phyllis Rivera, Robinson Annie Irene Rose, Royster, Betty Ronald Saavedra, Saiz, Nep Marcella Sanchez, Sanchez, Cesario Gloria . x ws-vK rx ish. .A 4, Ji Me 4 Exp ni 4, N fr A v it 39? M' 1 l i ' l 1 ,ws 1 9 ig. K -fx 'L '-'J A 75 B A Q- ' -f tit 'qv if t 3, 5 ' xx. lf k V , 3 , 'X ' N z X fl gr -3 5 4 - I 1 Q3 , -f .,' - ' 7 I V T ' lf?-,ff 3'5" K Q s A Q ' -H ff'-K, X t my wha it , le' t e. i r 5 '. AV -1, A 4- 5 W dr y Y' ' ll X MQW- QX is Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Joe Lydia Max Max Nellie Paula Rose Sanders, Sandlin, Sandoval, Santillanes, Santillanes, Santillanes, Santillanes, H. B. Bill Bette Joe Priscilla Simon Toby Saul, Schipper, Schuniackcr, Scott, Scott, Scoville, Seawright, Michael Thelma Barbara Eleanor Irene Nada Connie Sebrcc, Sedillo, Sedillo, Seeley, Segura, Sena, Serda, Carol Margie Mel Franklin Tillie Rose Jinnie Serna, Shanley, Shashaguay, Shaver, Shaw, Shearer, Sheppard, Margaret Franklin Bill Virginia Roy Florence O'Dell Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Betty Constance Frank Gloria Herbert Myrna Penny S ., I , ,:,, in Q 1 ' 4 aa Z .hy 'Q . -X A, , gy 5 4. ' Q A Q' I W 2: ' ', X ., " .. av' to at I 76 -'S , I fi. Y Smoot, Snare, Donnie Wilma Stephens, Stephens, Margie Rosalie Sullins, Sullins, Jack Joe Thomas, Thompson, Bill Iva Torres, Torres, Joyce Paul Valencia, Valencia, Don Louise Solether, Ralph Stewart, Bob Sweeney Virginia Thornton Vena Trammel, Thelma VanAtta, Mary Standfier, Starr, Donna Venetta Stromberg, Stuart, Jack Bob Tarter, Templeton, Patience Dave Thunborg, Tillery, Mary Marvin Trujillo, Turner, Calaya William VanDoren, Vaughn, Ann Norma Stephens, Stephens Charlotte George Stubben Stultz, Levi Robert Teupell Thatcher Emma Larry Toledo, Torres, Henry Ann Twilly, Valdez, Jay Esther Velasquez, Vermillion Bunny James .- Vidal, Vigil, Chuck Theresa Watlon, Wampler, Hal Donna Williams, Williams, Buck Esther Wilson, Wilson, Dick Phyllis Wooldridge, Woollette Donna Jean X17 l7'3'?SS' Villarreal, Wadley, Ambiro Veola Watrin, Watson Ted Sybol Williams, Williams, Frances Janet Wilson, Wilson, Robert Shirley W right, Yager, Sylvla Marsha Zolman, Loretta iN," Walker, Arlean Weatherbie, Donna Williams, Lester Windson, Ruby Young, J ack bs 'cv' ,J rl k.1.,K J Walker, Larry Werner, Philip Williams, Stanley Wolf, Norman Zickert, Donald D: ' , 5 x 'Q 0231, . A , 1 gl Ns' 1 .wo Q: I Wallace, Marian Wilde, Janice Wilson, Carole Wood, Douglass Zimmerman, Ruth 78 'Sri Tl f C, R3gf:p I 55 3 612- NW fD1Rgmm111z1H11r1u mm 111 Xp STUDENT 'I l1.- ll ora lll'1lIlllIllIl1 o1'gz1111zz1t11111 at A. H. S. is '.h1' ml:-11.1 f'1.11n1'il. This 11-111cs1-11t:1t1vo hmly of A. H. S. citizi-11-4 is 11111l111' tht- lIll't't'lItlll of I'1'i11cipal till-n U. ' -11111 :1n1l Sllltll 111 XI't':1i1s Illlllll vlor Jvxvoll Brown. K 'I'h1- 3111111111 I40llI1t'll sr11'v1's as il :1o11n1ling bozird Vl.lll'l'l'lly t.I11- st.111l1'nts 1-x1:1'1-ss their o11inio11.s through ll1'lI' 1-l1'1't1-al 1'1'p1'1's1'11t:1tivvs. Mlflfvllkl-IHS. Ifllllll row: F. Kovhlvig M. Chavez, IQ. S1111'h1-z, J. 'I'wily. S. f'1'1.1zl1, t'. Ahhott, J. Barnes, ID G1-is, Il. IxIl'I'l'Uly, S. flLllIl'l', Il. I.in1lh0rg', J. Stov- tIlS, N. M111gg'l11sto11, Ii. t'ross, VV. Allen, P. Lambvrt, I Iilllllillll, M. Fastillo, S. N1-iI14on, Il. Baca, N. Honey, S2lllt'lH'Z, I". tlnllm-ggos. S. Short. S1't'UIlll row: IC. Simon, Ii. Il0l'tl'l', IC. Huvs, J. Har- mfl. I.. F1111-l, I.. Vzxstillo, .I. Illtigjilllll, H. Lucas, II. AI.'I'I'lIINA'I'I'IS. I'lI'UllI row: I". Ilzircia, IC. Patino, S Y2ll'I1Ulll'0Ilj.l'll, M. I.op1-Z, Ii. Vhristopher, P. Ahc-1' ll ithy, Ii. Sz1n1'h1-Z. Ii. I1'I1ika1v:1, M. Lowance, J. Brito, I Allvn, I'. SlJt'2ll'IIl2lll, I'. Hum-, I.. Mvtzgar, B. Anaya, lVIac'i1-l, Ii. Ii2ll'OlZl. Second row: I". Iluran, IC. Iluncan, G. Ortiz, R.. oflava, M. Sziiwlivx, S. Santillanes, G. Smith, A. Gar- 11:1, G. Ilamxwzilcl. Il. lit'lt'l1l'lN, IJ. Sandoval, B. Garcia Il. Kitsvh. ll. S:1111l11vz1l. CGUNCIL It is divided into many Connnittecs, for exzunplu' Spvcizil Days, Ass1-1nl1li1-s, Ilant-1.1, Fina1.1-1- and Dum- latilm. Those Lommittecs plan such activities as thv tratlitional Groeii and Whitv ilall, Pionvvr Day. and Pop Rallies. The Stlhlllll I11 dy 'mx-s a lot of thanks to thu won- derful job tlone this past yvar lay thv SiLIlIl'I1t t'o1111r'1l. Moskos, J. Saxton. M. Lyons, S. t'11op01'. N. Korn. C. Barhoa, H. Leclhettor, M. Mainz. I. Scott, K. Keith, I.. Gutierrez, F. ClllVl'I', C. Moskos, Ii. I.opp. .I. Stl'0Il1lN3l'2'- T. Isaacson. Back row: B. Cole, VV. Spvar, l'. 0'Bannon, B. Wold, B. Hoaiclman, T. Macivl, R. Hook, N. McNabb. J. Ha1'1'i.4, S. Patino, A. Bcclw, C. Spafforcl, II. Rogers. IC. Henshaw, M. Christviison, J. llankins, M. Silva, A. Smith, A. Lopez, R. Black. Thirml row: B. Ryan, IS. Ialllllllllfx, J. Mt-Dougall, P. Mills-r, C. Ritchie. IC. G1-ntry, N. Baca. L. Hentz, S. Wright, D. Rohhins, V. fl2ll'fUl', R. Cervantes, T. Flow- ers. Fourth row: D. Reclfern, J. Patton, E. Burgin, C. Nohel, F. Zichert, E. Betts, B. Harris, W. Sterns, D. Ciesielski, A. Fogcll, M. I.ov1-, R. Sanchez, F. Martinez. D. Murphy, S. Williams, N. Casvy. 80 'x , -1 - MEMBERS: Front row, Dwight Onborne, Rudy Gar- cia, Charles Spafford, Don Ciesielski, Paul Lambert, Johnny Romero, Frank Roeliler, Winfield Spear, Dave Rice, Dan Hernandez. Second 1-ow: Tom Shea, Maxine Castillo, Sallie Good- rich, Stella Nielson, Tresa Lanham, Jo Jo Miekiewiez, Lucy Metzgrar, Tillie Maciel, Nellie Hovey, Mary Helen Baca, Ben Baca. Third row: Don Giese, Jo Hankins, Carol Coulter, Barbara Kees, Barbara Kelsch, Nancy Kern, Judy Shaf- fer, Edna Duncan, Lucille Gutierrez, Molly Chavez, ALTERNATES: First row: Josie Aragon, Bene Ba- rela, Elsie Sanchez, Leatha VVimley, Angelina Chavez, Elsie Burke, Ernestine Patino, Charlene Ronning, Fran- ces Garcia, Caroline Maciel, Carol Jones, Frances Cha- vez, Clara Lee Miller, Mary Kay Hicks, Donna Whit- taker, Tillie Segura, Frances Lanigan. Second row: Barbara Wilkinson, Martha Baca, Ce- cile Jones, Donna Stanfier, Pat Bone, Billy Kitch, Jan Reeves, Charlotte Stevens, Mary Turrieta, Mary Pena, Lucille Castillo, Ben Ichikawa, Cordell Puckett, Janet Barnes. At left are first semester .-3: 1. Q. , cfficena. Left to right are: A' M Charles Moskos, Sally Crook A," Q and Paul Lambert. . t T ,Q At right are second sem- ,-'4 ester officers. Left to right: , Helen Rogers, Paul Lambert and Al Beebe. W. .- at Mary Stella Chavez, Emily Abrew, Harry Moskos. Fourth row: Al Beebe, Bob Hook, Ronald Royster, Charlie Barboa, Harry McCro1'y, Audrey Putzier, Gloria Koenig, Marilyn McMullen, Dorothy Mason, Mark Mar- chboulas, Art Herdejurgen, Cliff Ritchey, Paul Yris- arri, Sid Cutter, Charles Moskos, Jr., Earl Simon. Fifth row: Charles O'Bannon, Phil Mellor, Ralfe Black, Bill Cole, John Mellott. Bennie Porte1', Phil Raby, Freddie Ziekert, Jack Stromberg, Bruce MacLauchlan, Hunter Geer, Ware Ullom, Sam Large, Don McDonald, Dick Wilson, Buster Quist. Third row: Marty Darner, Mahlon Love, John Mc- Dougall, Manuel Maldonado, Walter Allen, Nelson Da- vis, Kenneth Lopp, Robert Gonzales, Jim Elizondo, Rob- ert Apodaca, Alton Leedy, Herman Krawl, James Har- wood, David Sandoval. Fourth row: James Mutter, Darrell Redfern, Bart Gonzales, John Carley, Manuel Chavez, Carl Baylor, Albert Sanchez, Leo Alderete, Gene Martinez, Don Lu- cas, Ronald Harper, Allen Fogell, Dave Huerte, Homer Ledbetter, Eddie Werner, Jerry Baxter. an 81 BAND First row: liiuliaril 'Fa- lovn, Valayn Trujillo, Alex fiI'ZlX'l'H, l'lil4-en llinshuw, Vonnil' Ah- lmtt, Ann Gray, lletty Mills, lit-vi-rly Smith, Joy:-v lirynnt, Irene limm-ro. S1-voinl row: Dolores Windsor, Mona Vhrist- l'llSl'Il, Gloria liru-rwg' llrmw- llvlzlnr-y, All'i'v4l .liirrm-tt, .Mlm-4-I1 Ls-ftow, Ili-lty King, lleleni l":n'ris, Gloria- Smith, 1'I1:il'li-ne Running. X2 BAND First row, left to right: Sallie Varner. Jack Foster, Lyman Ange, D a vid Garcia, J im Burkhardt, Dave Mish- ler, Gilbert Molina, David Doyle, J. Metz- gar, Mike Baca. Roland Soto, Roland Gutier- rez, Dave Sandoval. Second row: Carolyn Smith, Syhol Watson, Arthur Touche, Roh- ert VVilSon, Bill Par- ker, Jerry Baxter, Bill Leslie, Bill Gideon, Charlie Carley, Ralpha Romero, Peggy Sulli- van, Boib Norton. BAND Left to right: Earl Pa- dilla, John Anderson, Ronald Harper, Tex Samuelson. ORCHESTRA is ' Elsie, E S i STRINGS Front row, left to right: Lawrence Walker, Lydia Ange, Larry Walker, Ma- rie Hanson, Ginger Gu- tierrez, Lois Delany, Ed Sullivan. Back row: Fred Martinez, Arthur Rosenbaum, Jerry Baxter, Peggy Wilkinson, LeRoy Barncastle, Sos- tenes Parga, Fred Duran. ,Q ORCHESTRA WOODWINDS Front row, left to right: .lim Mattingly, Alfred m r e t t , Nancy Car- many, James Thompson, Bill Parker. Back row: Roland Gu- tierrez, Roland Soto, Jack Bobroff, Bob Nor- ton, Ernie Chavez. T T an , 1 sf ORCHESTRA DRUMS t to right: Gayle Van n, llonnu llatvs. 5 4: 5, X .. Nfl 553.5 9 as-'- A,v ob f' fgovffelp, it Contofo Une ol' the main events looked forward to in the yeay of lil5l was thc presentation ofthe annual Christ- mas Vantata. It consisted of one hundred and fifty Albuquerque lligh School students lmoth lvoys and girls. The coming of the Christ Child was illustrated in thc talvleau in hack of the chorus. There were approxi- mately ten students to illustrate each scene. It was pre- sented under the direction of Miss Virginia McManus. A Copell The A Capella Uhoir is composed of a number of girls chosen hy tryoutis and selected from the advanced girl's chorus. The old members pick the newcomers at the lreginninpg ol' each school year. The membership is limited to about thirty girls, and it is the desire of ev- ery girl taking chorun to lu-come a member of A Ca- pt-lla. As the name implies, the girls sing entirely with- out the aid of a piano or other accompaniment. Front row, left to right: .lane llay, Gail Morgan, "W - fe " 1 84 'l'l1e chorus was accompanied at the piano liy Jane Fen- lcy and Saturnino Garcia. On the 17th of Dt-ceniber, the cantata was held for the students at Albuquerque High School. There were approximately four solos and four trios. The Cantata was enjoyed lmy everyone who attend- ed. The student hody showed great enjoyment of it. lt will long lic remeiuliered for its lieautiful scenes and its sincere Christmas spirit Q Choir Martha Baca, Celina Sanchez, Ruth Galloway, Betty Alice Smith, Florine Parker, Kay lledman. Venter row, left to right: Sharon Holmes, Josie Cau- dill, Jani- Upchurch, Rhoda Fitzgerald, Bolilmy Taylor, Sue Oakley, Marilyn Riig-gles. Back row, left to right: Virginia Moos, Harriette Reynolds, Myra Manton, Twila Walker, Lou Delle Fi- del. Ethel Bishop, Earlene Butler. x 'rv- ' . f il 'Q say' 4 L, 1 2.2 P45 Girls Chorus The Girls' Chorus, under the direction of Miss Vir- a great deal to give the many pleasing musical pro- ginia McManus, has done school and the community grams. Shown ahove, first row, left to right: Martha Baca, Mabel Smith, Kay Hedman, Ruth Kelley, Jerre Morgan, Gail Morgan, Jane Day, lillen Branson, Mary Kious. Second row: Dana l'lllsworth, Betty Alice Smith, Celina Sanchez, Myra Manton, Mary Ruth Galloway, Virginia Moos, Sharon Holmes, Lou Delle Fidel, Rita Walters, Jo Ann O'Bryan, Sonya Skeen. Third row: Twila Walker, Florinc Parker, Ethel Bishop, Phyllis Hopkins, Jane Upchurch, Beverly Thompson, Enid MacCready, Celina Montoya, llellen Bell. Fourth row: Marilyn Huggies, .loan McKinnon, Bev- erly Vaughn, Jackie Barnes, Earlene Butler, Bobby Taylor, Harriette Reynolds, Josie Caudill, Marie Vcrea, Dorothy McKinnon. Boys Glee Club .1 These are the boys who devote extra time each day to participate in the "Hour of Music" series, the Chiist- mas Cantata and thc annual operetta. First row, left to right: Franklin Shanley, Charles Leach, Ted Jorgensen. Alan Vermillion, Gail Morgan, David Sandoval, Saturnino Garcia, Alhert Adams, Fred- die Smith. Second row: Jack Foster, Boh Hook, Laurence VVal- ker, Jr., Fred Back, Donald Basden, Jim Bratcheif. .Don Ciesielski, Eugene Agnes, Lanning Nicks. Third row: Chris Martino, Al Beehe, Jack Holstein, Robert Benton, Melvin Ashcraft, Jack Doyle, Terry Fairchild, Wayne Housewright, John Heinbokel. Fourth row: Clarence Evans, David Rice, Cecil Goad, Glenn Haste, David Faw, Bruce Delaney, Boll Wilson, Bruce Patterson, Alton Dohner. ' f WW 85 ME? Student Affairs Committee 'l'he Student Affairs Committee is made up of rep- resentatives from different school organizations such as A Club, Pepper Club, and Student Council. The duties of this committee are to plan dates for important events and planning school functions. Seated: Gretchen Strombergr. First row: Jane Fenley, Lou Delle Fidel, Sally Crook, Frances Lannigan. Back row: Paul Lambert, Charles Moskos, Bob Campbell, Jerry Davis, Al Beebe, Jack Stroniberfx. Nurse's Aides Albuquerque lligh wishes to thank Mrs. Baughman and her nurse-'s aides for the many comforts they have provided for the students who have taken ill while at school. The following students, proudly known as nurse's aides, health examinations. Since there are many students to be examined, the nurse's aides help the doctor by weigh- are: Kay Kimble, Joan Martin, Nancy Kern, Aileen Lef- tow, Jo Anne Moorer, Dorothy McKenzie, Lavomie MC- Millan, Marian Joncie, Mary Kious, and Cecile Jones. Office Aides The following: girls are the helpers of our heavily worked office staff. These young ladies collect attend- ance slips and do other jobs for the administration of our school. First row, left to right: Jackie Barnes, Sharon Hol- mes, Cynthia Pacey, Ann Evermon, Dolores Padilla, Sil- vio Montano. Second row: Fran- ces Lannizan, Fran c es Culner, Emily Lannigan, Lydia Ange, Pat Looney, R 0 s i l l e Wright, Barbara S l o a n, Margaret Owen. Third row: Clara Lee Miller, Estelle N e i l s e n, Betty Smith, Jean Cor- nell, Nancy Minus, Connie Abbott, El- la Bell, Judy Barn- hisel, Patsy Pies, Marge Schwab. l BOOKROOM AIDES Albuquerque High School owes a great deal of thanks to Mrs. Ella Herrera who runs the bookroom. She and her bookroom aides issue the books to the students in the fall and change the books each semester. Book fines and losses are also taken care of by Mrs. Herrera. She helps the teachers by typing and mimeo- graphing tests for them. There are 19 girls helping Mrs. Herrera this year. Everyday of the year she is issuing books or taking fines for books. The bookroom is found in the Main building. Shown here, first row, left to right, are: Frances Chavez, Frances Garcia, Tillie Maciel, Dolores Chavira, and Mary Hains. Second row: Janette Gambrel, Diana Kozlowski, Consuelo Chavez, Helen Chacon, Joy Van- derford, Diane Case, Dolores Seawright, Marsha Yager, and Gloria Gonzales. COUNSELORS AIDES The Counselors, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Willits, and Mr. Brown, are aided by the girls shown below, These stu- dents run errands for our busy counselors. They also take students to classes and aid in keeping track of our 2400 students. New students are oriented by this group and messages for faculty and students are handled by these busy girls. Shown here, first row, left to rihtz Sally Goodrich, Pat Dougherty, Frances Garcia, Tillie Maciel, Pat Jor- dan. Second row: Riette Lewinson, Mary Anne Hunt, Gloria Hanawald, JoAnne Gallegos, Nellie Sanchez, Thalia Greer. Third row: Dolores Sanchez, Betty King, Nancy Cole, Gay Hemphill, Betty Jo Farrer, Lois Epper- son. 87 KANW Few people realize that AHS possesses its vary own radio station. KANXV is not only owned and operated Ivy AHS hut hroadcasta from atop the Administration building. Among some of the broadcasts are musical programs for grade school student.: and broad- casts put on hy students of' various schools. Shown here are VVilliam li. Maxson, engi- neer, and llrnee Patterson, student engineer. Jeanne Farlisle, Director of programs, hands a record to Mr. Maxson before a pro- grain. Q L-'Q 1 gal N J t E. t s Q 4 THE YUCCA The Yucca staff is composed of some of the literary Senions of Albuquerque High School. These seniors do- nate their time and talents to writing feature articles, poems, short stories, editorials, and reviews for the reading' enjoyment of the entire school. The members of the Yucca staff work under the direction of Miss FIRST SEMESTER Front row, left to rght: Sylvia Patino, LaVonne Lahr, Helen Rogers, Carol keith, Camille Major, Elinor Tuttle, Charles Moskos, Tom Cooper, Fritz Reider. Second row: Imogene Anderson, Stevie Lienau, Betty Scheer, Lou Del Fidel, Joan Cook, La Verne Baum, Mary Ruth Galloway, Peggy Sullivan, Kerry Phillips for the first semester and Linder Miss Hickman the second semester. The semi-annual publication is not limited to Sen- iors only. Articles by other students are gladly received and considered for publication. YUCCA STAFF Constan. Third row: Mary Ellen Long, Rhoda Fitzgerald Editorb, Gretchen Strombc-rg, Enid Macready, Nancy Cook, Mavis Schnurr, Al Beebe, Keith Davis, David Wallace. SECOND SEMESTER YUCCA STAFF Front row: Sally Griego, Florence Hickman, Ronyse Jacobsen, Polly Sullivan. Second row: John Simmons, Jean Dailey, Joy Van- derford, Lucy Valdez. Third row: Barry Pullen, Alex Saiz, Tom Chavez, Eddie Garcia, Chris Martino, Justo Trujillo, Bob Geil- enfeldt, Marie Hanson, James Stevens, Joanne Cleven- ger, Yvonne Coleman, Maureen Rinehart. Back row: Tom Issacson, Bob Rohla, Randy Carey, Forrest Hannan, Gale Wilson, Allan Fogcll, Marvin Harvey, Bill Cole, Kenneth Ludwick. 89 LA REATA The chief ambitions of a high school are to show spirit and ability. Publications of a high school are a part of this. Albuquerque High School has three pub- lications: The Record, Yucca, and La Reata. All of these are edited by student staffs. The final publication of the year is La Reata. Its appearance brings a partial holiday among' the students for securing the signatures, good wishes, and compli- ments of their friends. La Reata is the oldest student organization. The first volume appeared in 1909, three years before New Mexico became a state. Since 1918, it, as well as other publications, has been printed by the Albuquerque High School Press. In the picture above are shown the three editors of La Reata. From left to right they arc: Marian Wise- man, associate editorg John Johnson, editorg Edna Dun- can, associate editor. In the picture below are shown some of the mem- bers of the staff while examining' photographs. Left to right, seated, are: Gloria Garcia, Shirley Mead, Martha Finn, Peggy Baxter, LaVerne Baum, Carolina Maciel. Standing are: David Faw, Dale Mackey, R. W. Thomas fsponsorj, Ruth Patchell, Marlene Rinehart, and Betty Rose, .P ,fs 90 1. ,... - ...-. . .... ... , -....-. .....,. . LA REATA La Reata, Albuquerque High School's yearbook, was sponsored this year by R. W. Thomas and W. M. Wall- ing. Mr. Thomas was staff sponsor while Mr. Walling and his students in the school's print shop set the type, made up the pages, printed and bound the books. John Johnson, editor-in-chief, had a staff of twenty- one students who helped in the job of gathering the pictures and information necessary to make this year- book. These students had to cut, paste, and measure pages and pictures. They had to gather data on the clubs in order to write the copy included in this year's book. Also, they had to decide which pictures to in- clude and which ones to omit. Engravings for these pages had to be properly labeled. Before this could be done, however, layouts and page plans were needed. I This task was done by these students during sixth and and seventh periods and after school. All this and more was necessary to prepare this book for its critical but appreciative audience. Shown above are members of the sixth period staff. From left to right, they are: Chris Martino, Tillie Ma- ciel, Frances Garcia, Roscille Wright, Barbara Hook, Manuel Gonzales, and Martha Baca. Shown below are the staff membens cutting and sort- ing pictures. In the picture at the left are shown, in the foreground: Manuel Gonzales, Gloria Garcia, Betty Rose, and Barbara Kelsch. In the background are Mar- ian Wiseman, and R. W. Thomas. The picture at right shows, clockwise: Florence Shashaguay, Ida Candelaria, Martha Finn, Peggy Baxter and Shirley Mead. i 91 THE RECORD The Record, the Albuquerque High School paper, records the past, present and the future in the news of the school. It had its birth in 1919 in a journalism class. It was the first attempt along journalistic lines since 1902 when the senior class published The Accident. The staff, under the supervision of Dr. Buskirk, con- sists of the editor in chief, the assistant editors, business manager, reporters, typists and feature writers. Many contests, state and national, are open to articles writ- ten by The Record staff and many merits have been awarded to the staffs of the past and present. Another important event of the year is the Annual Press Con- vention held in Las Vegas, the officers of which have many times been elected from The Record staff. All material written is checked by the copywriters, editor in chief and faculty supervisor. Any alert sopho- more, junior or senior is welcome to be a member of the JK Ax: wart. sr' 92 staff. Promotions depend on the merit of the assign- ments turned in. All students owning co-ops are issued a Record. Otherwise, it costs five cents. As a result, the circula- tion is wide. It has long been a policy not to take ad- vertisements from downtown businesses, but students are allowed to advertise. Printing of The Record is done by Mr. Walling and his staff in the print shop. Above, left to right: Gordon Reiter, associate edi- torg Larry Bonaguidi, assistant editor, Al Beebe, edi- tor in chief, Pauline Jahraus, business manager. Below, seated, first row: Harry Moskos, Carol Kut- newsky, Connie Wood, Patsy Gloss, Martha Mersman. Second row: Bob Hook, Gloria Mae Evans, Carol Bam- brook, Jimmie Hunton, Ernestine Patino, Julie Olund, Peggy Abernathy, Tillie Maciel, Eddie Werner, Bob Ma- teucci. ii" 2 a i Q 5'-my f' L CARPENTER SHOP Mr. Lowery and the woodworking shop crews have produced the furniture used in the outer office of Mr. Ream's office. They have finished and re-built desks and have turned out many another piece of furniture for our school. This year girls are given an opportunity to learn the functions of a planer and lathe. First and second periods, woodworking' is for girls. ln the top, the boys under Mr. Lowery's guidence, are finishing some of the many pieces of fine furniture runnin: nu-An nun I turned out every year. Left to right are: Jose Zamora, M. Lowery, Paul Irwin and Bob Heckler. Below is an exhibit of the many types of work done in the woodworking' shop. Left to right are: Robert Cantrell, Jose Zamora, Filemon Lopez, Larry Marquez, Joe Baca, Mr. Lowery, Frank Trujillo, Oliver Venn, Henry Paiismore, Jack Holstein, Paul Irwin, Bob Heck- ler and Royce Ankeny. i QQQ Q X - Y h e-31 -if . f .QAF F 'K Ti' -Q 93 Print Shop 'l'he print shop is a very important department of Albuquerque lligh School They print student body publications such as the La Reata, Yucca and Record. They also print such things. as the now famous Bull- dog's Bark, football and basketball programs, and office forms for the entire school system. The boys who work Wood There are over fifty students in Wood Shop. In the lmw short years this class has been offered, the boys have developed an undenstanding of carpentry techniques, as used in assembly line methods. The ob- in the print shop are preparing' for a career in print- ing and allied trades. These boys are under the guid- ance of Mr. Walling. Left to right, above, are shown: Marcus Byrne, Tommy Weston, Fred Frazier, Mr. Walling, Andy Gonzales, lilll Crawford, Vic Gonzales, and Garry Blakely. Shop ject of these boys is to prepare themselves for a career in furniture making and woodcrafts. Shown here are: Phil Lopez, Frank Trujillo, Mr. Nelson Lowery, Robert Cantrell, James McCracken and Henry Passmore. Thur 9 4 H x Auto Mechanics Thre Auto Mechanics shop is one of the network of "classrooms,' where the students get vocational train- ing by doing various jobs of repairing and rebuilding automobiles. Mr. L. E. Cornish is auto mechanics in- structor, and he teaches the boys the methods of en- gine repair. Different boys in auto mechanics, various students and teachers, and several townspeople bring their cars into the shop for repair. Here the boys tear Machi The boys in the machine shop under the instruction of Mr. Hartlinc do work in machining and metal. They are preparing themselves for a career working with machinery and power tools. They turn out machine parts and make metal tools for the school system, such as metal tables, brackets and other such things. At this work, the boys prove themselves indeed capable. This down, repair, replace and then reassemble the engines or parts they are working on. The only charge for having your car repaired in auto mechhrnics comes in the parts used. Shown above, left to right: Mr. Cornish, Phillip Werner, Raymond Upson, Tony Chavez, Walter Hengst, Benny Gonzales and Ernest Gonzales. ne Shop excellent work is due to the fine job of instructing done by Mr. Hartline, and the individual ability of thc boys. The machine shop has been in existence at Albu- querque High School for practically as long as the school itself. Show below are: Mr. Hartline, Earl Simon, Vlyrcs Gutierrez and Dewey Mann. 95 MILITARY SCIENCE The R.Il.'l'.t'. Ilnit at AHS is organized into a reg- iment., consisting of two hattalions and five companies. 'I'hc finat year is devoted to lmasic military training wiile the second :ind third year emphasizes leadership, citizenship, and more advanced military training. This Ii.U.T.C. training' counts as a solid course. The li.0.T.C. llnit has a rifle team as well as a drill team. Une ol' the highlights of the school year is the annual Military Hall sponsored hy the R.0.T.C. lleparunent. Company A. Back row, left to right: Franich, Iver' son, Davis, Davis, Hernandez, Gallegos, McCandless. "apt, Warren Smart. Third row: Martinez, Love, Wil Iiains, Royrter, Puckett, Daulton, Echavarria. Secono row: Ashcraft, Russell, Martinez, Casey, Sanchez, Sekot. First row: Thomas, Stevens, Hranum, Simmons, Hol- land, Murphy, Villeseas. Company IZ. Back row, left to right: Hannoway, Hook, Stevens, Lieut. RoIiert,,,Heinsohn, Miller, Rom- ney, Cole, VVatson. Third row: Hamilton, Samuelson, Haxter, Iiedlmetter, Lance, Smith. Second row: Turpen, Hare, Baca, Houston, Arniijo, Sloan, Porter, Cowey. First row: Maitin, lluinlule, Henry, Seligman, Phelps. Company V. Hack row, left to right: Carter, Lynen, Robertson, Greer, Giese, De lViIde, Atkinson, Leslie. Ryerson. Third row: Cowan, Gonzales, Montoya, To- gami, Meissen, Lucero, Ranson. Stulwen. Second row: Hranda, Flowers, Harela, Huckholz, VI'ilson, Silva,Gill- reatli, Harper. First row: Martin, Flemintng, Johnson, Watrin, Seeley. Bushner, Byers, Ball. Company F. Back row, left to right: Bommelaere, Turpin, Scott, Terrazas, llnran, Chilton, Gardner. Third row: Smith, Duran, Almeyta, Ruiz, Candelaria, Thoma- son, Tyson. Second row: Chavez, lluran, Griego, San- chez, Bazon, Aranda. lCdging,rton. First row: Henry, Baca, Milliean, Jorgensen. Company IC. Hack row, left to right: Grulvli, James, Geilenfeldt, Mt-Donald, Hannon, Hooks, Ley. Third row: Mitchell, Calvery. Cook, Grisham, Burgin, XVII- liams. Second row: Hargrove, VVolfe, Driskill, Gorton, Johnson. Harwood. First row: Garcia, McCleary, Wil- son, Zickert, Carley, lie Flore. If -4ZJf'uZOO 'Ni cn -QZJPTJZOO ,f O 4251500 4zbvZDO ITI m +zbvZOO Class Play In the top picture part of the cast and a member of the make-up committee are seen busily making up for the open- ing night performance. At the top is Larry Bonaguidi, next down is Connie Wood, followed by Lee Seligman, just don- ning his wig, and last is Sylvia Patino, applying the old theatrical stand-by, grease paint. 1 14 X In the next picture the whole cast is seen during the curtain call of the final performance. From left to right, front row: Lee Seligman as La Flecheg Nancy Carmany as Mistress Claudeg Geraldine Gale as Brindavoineg and Louie Vigil as La Merluche. In the back row, Bob Jen- kins as aster Simong Larry Bonaguidi as Jacquesg Betty Mills as Frosineg Fred Reeves as Valereg Sylvia Patino as Eliseg Armond Turpen as Harpagong Norris Deskin as Cleante: Charlene Running as Marianeg Al Adams as An- selmeg and James Meissen as the magistrate. In the third picture we see the crew of servants. From top to bottom: Larry Bonaguidi, Nancy Carmany, Louie Vi- gil, Geraldine Gale and Lee Seligman. In the bottom picture are the main leads in the playg the lovers, and the fathers. At the bottom, the fathers, left to right: Armond Turpen als Harpagon and Al Adams as Anselme. The lovers, left to right: Fred Reeves and Sylvia Patino as Valere and Elsie: and Norris Deskin and Char- lene Ronning as Cleante and Mariane. Tennis Club One of the many sports for girls at AHS is the Tennis Club. It is un- der the sponsorship of Mrs. Eva Nobbs. They play in the fall and spring up until the winter season, then begin again in April. They meet every Tuesday evening after school at the Tingley Park Courts. There are approximately twenty girls who have joined of all the classees of sophomorees, juniors and seniors. It is for the pleasure of learning how to play tennis and a chance to meet new friends. The rackets and balls are furnished by AHS. The school also furnishes the balls and rackets for overnight and weekends. Follow- ing are members of the Tennis Club: Front row, left to right: Flora Gon- zales, Carol Keith, Mary Ann Lopez, Jo Ann Moore1'. Back row: Jennie Mora, Betty Tapia, Jean Reardon, Mary Romero, Deloris Chavira, Mari- lyn Leurig, and Mrs. Gamertsfelder. We V' Q "M Sen-Sims Tri-Hi-Y Sen-Sinfs Tri-Hi-Y has been an outstanding service club to AHS this year. They have made posters to provide the school's support for the. football, basketball, hockey and base- ball games and the track meets. At Easter, Sen-Sims sponsored the mo- vie, "King of Kings" for all high school students, and gave an Easter egg hunt for an orphanage. They also gave financial aid to many worth while charities. The students will long remember the two dances that Sen-Sims sponsored: "The AHS Get Acquainted Dance" and the "Cafe Rendezvous Dance." First semester officers, first row, left to right: Helen Rogers, Council epresentativeg Lou Del Fidel, Secre- tary: Gretchen Stromberg, President: Janet Barnes, Vice-president: Arlene Garcia, Treasurer. Second row: JoAnn Stonebreaker, Nancy Minces, Virginia Shaver, Con- nie Abbott, Gloria Hanawald, Nancy Top. 'lhird row: Jane Fenley, Barbara Lamar, Phyllis Ramsey, JoAnn Orle- beke, Martha Lowance, Riette Lewin- son, Sally Goodrich, Gladys Miller. 99 Archaeology The Archaeology Society has as its purpose the uniting of those students interested in archaeology for digs. side trips. and field trips. Most of the memliens come from current classes in Archaeolog.v and Anthro- pology. This group tales many trips, hut the most important and educa- tional field trip is an annual excur- sion to the legendary Zia, Jemez, and Santo Domingo puehlos on King's Day, January ti. The officers of the organization are Kenneth Lopp, pretsidentg Bella Elkins, vice presidentg and Jackie Barnes, secretary trmzisurer. The Archaeology S-vt-:ety is one of the oldest clubs at All-tiquerque High. The sponsor is Mrs. l'laine Dorring- ton. In the picture at right are: Ronnie floletti, Eddie Akers, Charlene Ronj ning, Jackie liarnes, Kenneth Lopp, and Hella Elkins. Colctti, Ronning and Akers are on the advisory board. 100 Bowling Club The Rowling Ululm is composed of twelve girls and a few boys who are cameia shy of our photographer. The cluh meets once a week after school at Chaplin Alley. This organi- zation has as its objective the pro- mot.ii.g of interest in howling. Mrs. Nohlus and Mrs. Gamertrsfeld- cr act as the cluh's sponsors. The officers of the cluli are Kittie Keith, president: Mella Silva, vice- president and Beatrice Lujan, secre- tary treasurer. The lll0lIlll0l'S, pictured l.cre are: Front row: Ramona Arniijo, Beat- rice Lujan, Kittie Keith, Haz'l Moore, Lou Ann Clark, Ruth Kelley. Hack row: Regina Binder. Gloria Esquival, Marilyn Leurig, Flora Gon- zales, Charlotte Stevens and Mary Jean Brown. F. T. A. Future Teachers of America is a club formed for students who are interested in teaching. It has been organized since 1949 and now has 17 members. This chapter was named in honor of our popular principal, Mr. Glen O. Ream. The club meets every two weeks in the art room to discufzs information and receive advice on their future profession. Their activities for this year have included an interesting field trip to the University of New Mexico. They al.o sponsored a movie on education which was given in the library base- ment. At one of their meetings they had a very interesting guest speaker, the president of the Town Club of the University. Ilere at school, the members see and learn many things about teaching by observing the methor'.1 used by our own faculty. The sponsors are Mr. Frank Gra- ham and Mrs. Elizabeth Jaramillo. Pictured are, left to right, standing: Betty Jo Farrer, Nancy Carmany, Harriette Norman, Martha Finn, Betty Jennings lpresidentb, Manuel Gonzales ttreasureri, Ruth Zimmer- man. Sitting, Pat Dougherty fsecre- taryl, and Marie Hanson. ,oa- F. F. A. F. F. A. is the familiar name for the Future Farmers of America. The Future Farmers of America consist of the coming farmers and ranchers of the Rio Grande Valley. The pur- pose of this club is "to interest boys in agriculture", and their code is "to practice brotherhood, honor rural op- portunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which a future farmer should possess. As vocational agriculture, F. F. A. is designed to help boys realize the better practices of farming, and to get pleasure from their work through using scientific practices. The sponsor of F. F. A. is Mr. L. E. Dohner. The officers are, left to right: Douglas Oliver, sentinel, Troy Lawson, secretary, Carl Baylor, pres- identg Rudy Garcia, vice president, Alfred Lawson, treasurer, and David Shaw, historian. The Albuquerque Chapter of F. F. A. was granted a charter by the national organization in October, 1937. Since then it has been one of the most active clubs in school, hav- ing a booth at the State Fair each year. 101 Ouldoor Club tliittlwn' Vlulv, iimlvl' tlii- spuiisur- Nliip nt' Mr. S11-inilvzicla, luis approxi- iiiatt-ly SCU nit-mlwrs iiiterestutl in liilws ziml lu-altliful uuttlom' activities. Shown lie-ru nrt-, lt-t't to rlprllt, first ruw: V4-in-ttu Stzxrr, ,-Xllwrt Saiiclivz, ziml lVl1-riizi l'Iilw:u'ils. Second row: t'lizu'luttp Vcmpt-i', l,oi'vttz1 liivsly, Lou Ann l'lzu'k, Rolaml Gutierrvz, Giiiggvii tliitivim-Z, lVl2l.l'jIZ11'k'l l"i'al1m, Om-tiv tlziwizi :xml .It-miy I'zulill.a, Dramaleens 'l'lic' llrziiiizitm-oils, umlci' tho clirvc- 'ion ut' Mr. li2ll'li'li. Mr. VVvst, Mr. Montoya and Mr. Smith, has had a very sucvesst'i1l yi-ur. Monilmk-rsliip ziiliiilwiwl arouiitl 50. They prvsviitud numy splciiditl plays. Shown in pic- turo :it lm-ft uw tlio older iiiviiilmers xml ol't'it'vi's ot' tlu' club. First row, lcft tu right: Anna Mu- rie llflums, Fziiiiillv Major, Rhoda Fitzg'vi':1lml, svn-rutziry ll'l'2l.SLll'l'l'Q Dav- irl VVz1llzwv, prosiilvntg Mona Fhrist- mist-ii, Vt-lima Sum-livz. liziuk row: Betsy liiicklior. IR-grgy Qullivaiii, Allin-rt .-Xiluiiis, Marilyii Mc- Millt-ii, lit-viwley Smith. , ill' x ,,, Latin Club The Albuquerque High School Lat- in Club is a member of the Junior Classical League, a nationwide organ- ization sponsored by Miami Univer- sity, Oxford, Ohio. Their purpose is to study ancient civilization and to learn their affect on our languages, laws and cultures. Holding their charter are Ada Mae Williams, Nancy Minces, Earnestine Patino, Larry Bonaguidi, Mary Van Atta and Helen Carnes. Modern Dance Modern Dance, under the direction of Mrs. Sacks, has as its purpose the development of interpretive dance routines. These give the members an opportunity to gain poise and skill in rhythm and expression. Shown below are, first row, left to rightt Enid MacCready, Nadeen Stubben, Mari- lyn McMullen. Second row: Elinor Tuttle, Tresa Lanham, Ruth Kelley. Linda Horton and Joanne Wilson. ' 103 -at 'Vg H8 l 4 , "' DQIW H A ,Jin -m.,, Traffic Squad The AHS Traffic Squad is com- posed of eight boys and two girls. They arrive at school before many Students are here, and they stay un- til almest all have left. They direct traffic and see that students obey the traffic regulations. AHS is truly proud of this group of students. Shown here are, left to right, finlt row: John Smyth, Ray Masters, Joe Roannc, Martha Meisman, Joe Bran- non. Second row: James Meissen, Everett llreeden, Tom Thomason, lfld Sullivan, Ray Carficld. O. N. C. O. Club The O.iN.C.O. Club has for its members the non-commissioned offi- eens of the Military Science Depart- ment of AHS. The Cluh plans and finances the Military Ball, the regi- mental picnie, and they are also in charge of all the other social activi- ties of the Military Science Depart- ment. Shown, left to right, front raw: Jimmie Stevens, president: For- e't lla . t"asirer' ' "' 1011 s nnftn, it L , B9ltTL.ll21- zas prtsidtnt r Dc VVilde, Proiector Club The Projector Club is a group of students who have an interest in showing movies. If you have ever attended a movie in the Library base- ment, you were enjoying the services of the Projector Club. Shown here first row, life to right: Tom Cox, Dirk Snyder, Sonja Skeen, Fred Baca, Ronald Harper. Second row: John Barnhisel, Don Smith, Fred Duran, Jack Ryerson, Sam Large, Tex Samuelson, Ben Porter, Pete Rose. Pepper Club The Pepper Club is composed en- tirely of girls. Mrs. Virginia Sacks is the club sponsor. The officers of Pepper Club are Gretchen Stromberg, presidentg Frances Lannigan, vice- presidentg and Jane Fenley, secretary treasurer. The Pepper Club has two formal dances a year, one at Christ- mas time and one in the spring. The girls in this club work very hard in activities around the school to im- prove AHS and to ,qain points for ad- vancement in the club. Shown here, left to right: Jane Fenley, Gretchen Stromberg, Frances Lannigan. . Rollicking Rollers The Rollicking Rollers were started this year by Miss Arretche. Early in the year they elected officers. Imo- gene Wedemeyer is president, vice- presidcnt is Ronald Roysterg secre- tary treasurer is Audrey Putzier. They decided to have the club once a week on Monday nights. The turn out for skating has been very good this year. The East End Roller Rink was the meeting place until the ice arena opened for roller skating. Shown here, front low, left to right: Rebecca Lopez, Ruth Mont- gomery, .Io Ann Gallegos, Christine Vigil, Betty Ann Rose Back row: Ronald li-iyster, Made- lyn Lambert, Robert Blackmore, Charlotte Solis, Shirley Yarbrough, Kathryn Darden, Burl Driskill. 106 -i 'ls' . 'D f x .Nl f QW ilve.-ilSoddles Shown here are a few of the active members of Silver Saddles, an organ- ization whieh gathers together those students interested in horses and rid- ing. The sponsors of this club are Captain Smart and Miss Gomes. This group puts on a horse show on Pio- neer Day. During this show a good display of skill is seen. It is an event students don't care to miss. Shown here, left to right: Loretta Zolman, Enid MacCready, Nellie San- chez, Joan Cook. Second row: Lois Delaney, Velma Corley, Clifford Ritchie. 9, ww xgyg f B CP. aw ' 'r' .ll Q 4 xxx K :SA . . ew ii F f is 'Q ,B . -4,7 ii ' :A Managing the 1951 season were lift to right: Kerry Constan, Andy Baca and Glenn Haste. The traveling trophy was returned to Bulldog tro- phy case for the third consecutive year when the Ca- nines defeated the Hornets in the annual Thanksgiv- ing Day game. FOOTBALL .... Not a perfect season, but a good one! Losing only A slump followed which lasted until the third annual a few and tying one, the Bulldogs played real football Turkey Day game with Highland High School. Promp- emerging the victors in the majority of their games. ted by a pre-game pep rally and bonfire, the fans and During the first part of the season the Bulldogs team lifted their school spirit to its height. The fierce- proved themselves more than once by coming from ly contested battle between the crosstown rivals cli- behind to eop the victory. Defensive and offensive play- maxed the season returning the Bill Denny trophy to ing improved steadily as the season progressed. AHS for the third consecutive year. Coach Pete McDavid, to whom much of In line at the football letterman banquet, are, left to right: this sc-uson's success goes. Frank Blea, Fred Allen, James Beal, Bill Tucker, Fred Leyba, Foy Graves, Buster Quist, Robert Cross and Sidney Cutter. 108 SCOREBOARD AHS Op. September 14 Gallup 19 7 September 21 Deming 36 24 September 28 Clovis 25 6 October 5 Artesia 12 12 October 12 Santa Fe 27 18 October 19 St. Mary's 26 20 October 26 Carlsbad 6 36 November 2 Las Cruces 19 0 November 8 El Paso 19 47 November 22 Highland 26 9 SEASON SUMMARY Gallup-The Bulldogs got their '51 season off to a good start with a win over the Tigers of Gallup. Deming-The Bulldogs came through strong against Deming, as expected. Clovis--Bulldogs scored heavily to avenge last year's upset. Artesia-Another Bulldog team showed strength before Albuquerque came from behind to gain a tie. Santa Fe--Tho Demons looked as though they want- ed to win before the great Bulldog line beat them into submission. St. Mary's-The closest game of the season. The Bulldogs in a last ditch effort, scored two touchdowns in five minutes. Carlsbad-The state champions for two years run- ning showed their great scoring ability against AHS. Las Cruces-Our boys were smarting from their Members of the 1951 Bulldog squad are: Top row, left to right: Paul Lambert, Lawrence Cordova, Alfred Apodaca, Bob Cummins, John Calkins, Donn Linberg, Phil Harris, Gary Leonard, Sam Short, Jack Stromberg, Robert Cross and Buster Quist. Middle row: James Beal, Charles Barboa, Phil Cas- CO-CAPTAINS Bob Cummins and Fred Leyba previous defeat when they met the powerful southern Bulldogs. El Paso-Outscored but not outplayed. The El Paso team showed power but the high point was when Cap- tain Freddie Leyba ran a kick-off eighty-five yards for a touchdown. Highland-The Turkey Day game was the upset of the year! For its third time in a row, the Bulldogs kept the city championship by beating the Hornets. ias, Bill Carmen, Bruce Briner, Mike Schlick, Henry Apodaca, Buddy Jackson and Bill Tucker. Bottom row: Fred Allen, Sidney Cutter, Joe Orona, Frank Blea, H. B. Sanders, Dave Otero, Fred Leyba, Jim Elizando and John Romero. 109 N X , 1 ,Q T A 'I' M' il i 4 Action: Phil Harris carries th in the game with Carlsbad. Henry Apodaca, Right Halfback '11-ww--f":xxf""3Qw x Fred Allen, Right Guard e ball over for six points Charles Barboa, Jann-s Beal, Frank Blea, Right Guard Left End Quarterback X x- Q xx? N f' .xi qi . .wnaifl S Bruce Briner, Left Guard Action: A Deming player loses his shoe as the result of a Bulldog shoestring tackle. John Calkins, Right Guard Robert Cross, Lawrence Cordova, Phil Casias, Right Tackle Right Tackle Right End is lg -fv- 112 Iwi!--. -. Alb' 18 x 4 .- w 1 N . H A Q'-.fy t X fs 5' ggv-' a-in 4 , . ,Q 5 f 8 .J 'if ' fi iw . 5, f Q , V Bob Cummins, Centor Action: A St. Marys' Cougar is hauled down as the Bulldogs closv in for the tavlilv. Sidnvy Cuttcr, Loft Guard Foy Graves, Phil Harris, Buddy Jackson, Left Tackle Left llalflmack Loft End 'ff' EE :ME Paul Lambert, Right End Fred Loyba tears down the gridiron for another six points against the Highland Hornets. Fred Leyba, Fullback Joe Orona, Harry Marcolli, Donn Linberg, Right Halfback Right Guard Right Halfback Q' fy e - 1. :W , , kg ,Ax A -JN: 5 .IZ 5' his 'Y Ifsfp Ishii? ' ,A fm - - fi ' Buster Quist, Dave Otero, Left End Quarterback Mike Schlick, Fullback Sam Short, Jack Stromberg, Bill Tucker, Left Tackle Right End Left Tackle BASKETBALL Albuquerque High put upon the basketball court this year, a group of players, small in stature, but big in heart, and full of spirit. To Coach Heinsohn, who stands approximately .six feet six inches, this squad looked small indeed. However, with Heinsohn's able direction and the team's spirit and will to win, Albuquerque High had a basketball squad of which it truly can be proud. The first game against Highland, in the AHS gym, was indeed a thriller for the Bulldog boosters and show- ed the followers of both schools that the AHS thinclads were going to be hard to beat. The Bulldogs, a great home team, always gave the local followers a good show regardless of the final outcome. Smiling out from the picture below are the boys who composed the 1952 Bulldog basketball team. Standing, left to right: Tom Isaacson, Richard Trott, Sitting: Ruben Rubio, Luciano Sedillo, Roger Ara- Tom Curley, Jack Stromberg and Mike Padilla. gon, Larry Walker and Ware Ullom. 115 17 Tom Curley, Tom Isaacson, Julian Montoya, Center Forward Guard After rigorous conditioning and long hours of prac- tice, the Bulldogs were primed for the 1951-52 basket- ball season. Coach by Bob Heinsohn and managed by Chris Martino and Leonard Foster, the Canines began the great battle. Playing the leading squads of the state, the Bulldogs emerged with a 13-13 record. The Bulldogs played good ball all the way, but they were lacking in height, five feet ten being the average. There will be six experienced lettermen returning for the 1952-53 season. They are: Tom Curley, Larry Walker, Luciano Sedillo, Ruben Rubio, Mike Padilla and Richard Trott. Coach Heinsohn is hoping for some new men with height to begin next year's season, making it a great year in basketbal for the Bulldogs. Co-captains Dick Bratcher, Dino Giannini of St. Mary's, Roger Dave Otero, Aragon and Tom Isaacson of AHS express the spirit which reigned in Guard the Cougar-Bulldog game January 8. 116 , ,, ,sl 5- ,,,,,,,ww'-Mm Mike Padilla, Ruben Rubio, Luciano Sedillo, Forward Guard Guard Date Opponents e Date Opponents e December 7, Los Lunas 48 January 18, Tucumcari 28 December 8, Estancia 60 January 25, Raton 45 December 14, Highland 43 January 26, Las Vegas 40 December 15, Belen 45 January 29, Socorro 49 December 21, Gallup 33 February 1, Santa Rosa 48 December 22, Durango 44 February 2, Alamogordo 43 December 28, Clovis 34 February 8, Forrest 33 December 29, Texico 53 February 12, Isilighlagd 32 January 4 Melrose 34 February 15, anta e 36 February 18, St. Michaels 44 January 8' St' Marys 48 February 21, Moriarty 64 January 11, Hobbs 45 February 22, o.L.o.s. 41 January 12, Los Alamos 35 February 22, Highland 52 Tom Isaacson goes for the ball in a mad scramble in the Tucumcari Richard Trott, game. Center Op. 26 44 42 42 47 54 36 48 39 55 27 64 62 fx , ff ffWff4"7?fV Warm- llllom, Pursuing the ball, Tom Curley Larry Uuniorb Walker, Center meets strong competition from a Guard Moriarty player. Tom Isaacson leaps into the air to capture the ball Going for a rebound in the game with Hobbs, Tom from llig:hland's Bob Tremaine. Curley strives to gain the ball for the Bulldogs. 118 it JW, if - rf M air R l Q L.,f' Q' 'TV' A A . X " s fm t A. f, .r """"' W ' 5 ff . ' ' " I i vs A' 5 "M ' H 5 ggi Q H? A . f ,x NJN' if J 4 i l s is r . x 2 is T 4. r T gg b 4 ll Y A X Q . , ,JE Ei 9 l Q , n N I Q V, . 45 'Z' If x 'M , N i' : E., , , , 4 sv, 4 "xx K Q, I g P lqxz J A ' rf " in , 5 A ll A X. -4 vi ax 'J g I lf . A"'A. fi x v --,, 3 Q , xv ' 5,2 .. 5 A ,www A ' J' . .," X A' - - fs,',QJ J - J - 5 r, A J ,T I' J Ti . 'iff' A' ff A . 1 -A.. V - ' . .A . An s I fp WRESTLING TEAM Our wrestling team, shown above, are: First row: Marcellino Padilla, Louis Hellwig, Arthur Lewis, Johnny Archuletta, Burl Humble, Johnny Romero, Walter Myers. Second row: Jimmy Harris, Bill Leach, Charles Bar- boa, Paul Lambert, Phil Harris, John Carpenter, Dick Wilson. Third row: Coach Jack Rushing, Pantaleon Tafoya, Paul Rose, Ray Parra, Paul Goen, Clarence Black, Jim Stevens, Alfred Black. Our Bulldog wrestling team, under the direction of Coach Jack Rushing, completed a fairly successful Kar-r-unch. Burl Humble holds a Texas boy to the mat in a match against Amarillo. season for this year. We wrestled the team from the School for the Blind at Alamogordo, the Amarillo San- dies, Boys' Ranch of Texas, and Highland High School. Our team this year had enough depth in the various weights, but the boys had no real experience. Thge greatest number of our matches were held here at home, but about the middle of the season the wrestling team took a field trip to Amarillo, Texas for matches there. The boys on the team got useful coaching from Lloyd Wayne, who dropped in several times to see the sport that he and Coach Rushing got started here at Albuquerque High. Bob Cross tries for the second fall against a Boys' Ranch wrestler. 119 . . lL.........m,...... ...fa .ix . . . 1163 K TRACK SQUAD The track team, shown above, did well for us this season. Front row: Bob Campbell, Jim Tuttle, Fred Leyba, Chato Montoya, Frank Blea, Bill Carman, Pat Evans, Joe Orona, Anthony Simon, H. B. Sanders, Sam Short. Second row: Gabriel Saavedra, Bob Jenkins fMgr.l, Jimmie Hines tMgr.J, Pilar Sanchez, Noel Baca, Buddy Jackson, Alfred Apodaca, John Patten, Manuel Gu- tierrez, Joseph Beal, Jerry Martin, Robert Baca, Dick Brewer, Gary Hemphill, Tom Martin, Albert Adams. Third row: Fred Beck, Kerby Landis, Ernest Costa- les, Bobby Brady, Junior Gutierrez, Gifford Hill, Donn Linberg, Mick Schliek, Norman Muggleston, John Caul- kins, John Carpenter, Jack Lostein, Dick Torres, Louis Gross, Burl Humble, Jan Brunk. Fourth row: Joe Santillanes, Toby Santillanes, George Salazar, Tony Segura, Clemente Chavez, Ben McKee, Bob Stewart, Alan Vermillion, Richard McDon- ald, Bill Henry, Walter Cleveland, Allan Fogell, Earl Simon, Ralfe Black, Alton Dohner. Fifth row: Buster Quist, Roland Carter, Henry To- ledo, Kent Bennett, Lupe Sierra, Richard Sanchez, Am- erico Chavez, Lanny Dally, Ervin Betts, Pat Hanaway, Don Lucas, Dale Smith, Richard Swallows, Stanley Wil- liams, Billy Sandlin. Sixth row: Kenneth Tyson, Donald Franiek QMgr.l, Dick Hamilton, Joe Harris, Max Roybal Jr., Joe YVilson, Ralph Solether, Bill Tucker, Ilenry Apodaea, Eddy Mur- phy, Calvin Landis, Richard Lampson, Bill Fox. Fred Leyba pulls ahead to win the 100 yard dash in the 1952 Sam Short expertly displays the form and track meet. strength required for discus throwing. 120 Jim Tuttle leads away from Allan Fogell and Jimmy Hamlin QHHSJ as he races over the hurdles. TRACK With a heavy spring schedule, the AHS thinclads got the season under way with regular and hard conditioning drills. After the Bulldog seniors won the intra-class meet, the tracksters lost to Highland, but shattered records, copped 3 relay crowns, and several individual cham- pionships in the Albuquerque Relays. Falling behind again in the an- nual intra-city track meet, the Bulldogs entered the Ft. Sumner carni- val as defending champions of the Fox Relays. Repeating the win, the squad piled up points for bop honors in the Clovis Invitational Melet. The Canine thinsters track and field hopes are high for the District and State Meets. SCHEDULE March 10-14, Class Track Meet March 22, HHS-AHS Dual Meet April 5, Albu. Relays-All City Meet April 26 District Track Meet May 2-3 State Track Meet Velma Corley does a long leap in the Pat Evans shows his ability in high jumping as he eases over broad Jump event. the five foot, nine inch mark. un-.- e 121 'R "ug . vw SUMMER BASEBALL 'l'l1r-sunimoi'lvzisvlvull of 1951 was v0i'y0xc'iting'an1l Rushing lay Dick llall, Stall- Legion Coinmamlvi' and XIilflll0lIS fm ll ll lll 'l'l lil l th 1 I ' N' U UVQIH- Wy 4' 'MXN 9 Wison Gil Arclililota, l70D21l'llll0lll Clli1lI'l1l2llI of Junior Busc- lnv winning tho Frank Mlmllin Aroa "C'han1p" Trophy. ball lI1-- tif-phy is sc-vu hvrv living: press-nlod to Coach Javk ' 2 FT' First row, left to right: James Wilkins, Rufus Phelps, Jim- my Hay, Mike Saul, Merrel Rogers, Robert Wold, Bill Easley, John Mellott, Gene Hargrove. Second row: Bob Fink, Dave Doyle, Verle Swinney, Phil Casias, Ernie Romero, Jack Brown, Dave Otero, Richard Hip- sky, Jim Elizando, Raymond Sedillo, Don Miller, Louis Neal. Third row: John McCandless, Thestal Findley, Steve Mar- lowe, Jack LeMaster, Fred Frazier, Bob Thomas, Tom Curley, Coach Rushing, Tom Isaacson, Richard Trott, Jimmy Harris, Fred Chavez, Don McCarty, Eddie Akers, Andy Gonzales, Joe Trujillo. I, A-, Upper right: Tom Cu1'1ey stretches for a high one. Coach Jack Rushing BASEBALL TEAM The "Canine Nine" of Albuquerque High School Went into the 1952 baseball season assured of a higher standing than was achieved last year. The team, under the expert guidance of Coach Jack Rushing, who piloted a squad through Legion Tourney play to a second place slot, iis picked for a top posi- tion in the state this year. Jack Brown cracks a toothpaste smile for the photographer as he crosses home plate against O.L.O.S. '35 Racing the ball, Bob Thomas makes for home plate to score against O.L.O.S. PENTATHELON SQUAD Taking' part in the pentathelon squad were, pictured left to right: Walter Myers, Pantaleon Tafoya, Ray Dunaway, Cordell Puckett, Arthur Lewis, Mahlon Love and Bruce MacLaughlin. Showing outstanding ability, endurance and physical strength, the boys competed in GOLF After a three week period of competition the Bulldog linksmen entered the Albuquerque "ladder" tourna- ment. With a total of 1716, compared to the University Frosh 14, and Highland l3'fQ in a triangular Nassau links match, the team got off to a good start for the season with position atop the prep links ladder. Play- ing against Artesia, New Mexico Military Institute, and five major events: push ups, chin ups, bar vault, jump reach and the 300 yard shuttle run. They deserve much praise for their grand ability in track competition. An Albuquerque High Student, Eddie Murphy, holds the state championship title in pentathelon activities. TEAM W Highland, the Canines led the way in two of the matches and are aiming for more victories in the meets yet scheduled. Shown in the bottom picture, left, is Bob Matteucci tceing' off. Members of the golf team, bot- tom, right, are: Le Roy Wheeler, Coach Valdez, Doug- las Balcomb, Bob Matteucci, Herman Kraul and Rich- ard Bryan. 124 SWIMMING TEAM Pictured above are four lettermen of last year's swimming team. Left to right, they are: Jimmie Ste- vens, Walter Myers, Mahlon Love and Gordon Modrall. These boys will form the nucleus around which the 1952 TENNIS The Bulldog Tennis team opened their season against the University of New Mexico's reserve team. Splitting victories, the AHS netters won three matches. The cross- town rivalry was revived as the Canines traded shots with the Highland Hornets and smashed to a 14 to 1 victory over the Hive. Winning over Las Vegas, Artesia, New Mexico Military Institute and Santa Fe, with more games scheduled, the Bulldogs racked up scores for a very successful season. C, Q- A 4 team will be built. Coach Valdez has received an excel- lent turnout for the team and he feels optimistic about the swimming team's future once things are underway. TEAM Shown below, left, are the members of the 1952 tennis squad. Front row, left to right: John Simmons, Chuck Vidal, Larry Kohl, Don Smiley, Bruce McClin- tock, Celso Pacheco. Back row: David Peterson, Dan Lewis, Richard Vigil, Norman Maisel, Lewis Sisneros, Tony Ball, Robert Sanchez, Jack Bobroff, Jimmy Major. At right, with a pleasant smile as he dreams of fu- ture victories, is Coach Tony Valdez, who directs the athletic activities of the boys shown on this page. .1 I 125 HOCKEY Shown above are: Back row, left to right: Dale Le Zichert, Eugene Holly, Erwin Betts. Front row: Nor- Master, Ronald Cervantes, Bobby Abbott, Robert Des man Muggleston, Dick Murphy, Ray Wheeler, Leon Jardin, Bob Myers, Bruce Briner, Mahlon Love, Freddie Wheeler, Ray Dunaway. We Opponent 3 Highland 2 Los Alamos 9 St. Mary's 0 Los Alamos 2 Highland '7 St. Mary's 3 Highland They 8 1 0 1 5 1 8 In completing its third year at AHS, ice hockey became more popular than ever before. About thirty boys turned out for the team. By a process of elimination the number was cut to seventeen. The team was coached by George Foehr who expects good results next year because the whole first line will be returning lettermen. Th Bulldogs had a fair season ending up second in the loop with four defeats and three wins. Ervin Betts carries the puck down the ice. 126 Some of the girls in a regular Wednesday swim- ming class are shown above. They are: Loretta Fuka- zawa, Janet King, Rose Nichols, J-ackie Hewitt and Eva Chavez. GIRLS' SPORTS The girls at Albuquerque High School are offered an extensive program of athletics. This program con- sists of everything from dancing to field hockey. Dur- ing the winter the girls participate in indoor sports such as tumbling, volley ball, folk and square dancing, mod- ern dancing, ping pong, basketball, badminton, shuffle- Basketball and volleyball are two very popular girls' sports at AHS. Trying for a basket is Bettie Tapia and number three is Carmen Chavez. Getting ready to bat board and tennis. Swimming is taught 'every Wednes- day at the Y.M.C.A. This course in swimming not only instructs beginners but the intermediate and advanced students in swimming and lifesaving practices as estab- lished by the American Red Cross. the volley ball is Mary Lou Chavez. The girl next to her is Rosalie Stevens. 127 Above is shown the seventh period physical educa- tion class. At bat is Natalie Laredo, catching is Gloria Esquival, pitching is Flora Gonzales, first baseman is Lillian Saavedra, second baseman is Diana Coloff, short stop is Euphemia Contreras, and third baseman is Vonda Carter. GIRLS' SPORTS Swimming' is not required of those who do not wish to attendg it is supplemented by a health class. This health class instructs the students not only in the prob- lems of everyday health and the development of good health practices and hlabits, but also in the more serious methods of rescue and lifesaving. These sports, not unlike boys' athletics, undergo No not eupids, just the sixth period class of arch- ery at AHS. Standing ready to fire are, left to right: seasonal changes and are replaced when warmer weath- er arrives by such sports as archery, soccer, field hock- ey and softball. In addition to the regular classes, the girls themselves have organized an intramural program under the instruction of Virginia Sacks, Eva Nobbs and Marion Hallock. Ann Ca1'tman, Betty Mora, Rosalie Pacheco, Mary Lou Moya, Tercila Delfin and Bertha Jaramillo. 128 S it -i 31 it 451, ...,.... .f IT' CQ 5 Q P1252 J Xtgfl 3 mlb m ML L11 Ihzzf Thoughts of school seem to dvprvss Troy liawsong but Phyllis Hopkins, Irons- San- vhoz, and Jam' Upchurch are apparvntly dm-liprhted. L, ,, 130 September Off to a good start, anyway, are those studious tcucci, lloyt Minatre, and Joe Padilla. Our new cheerleaders, Clara Loc Miller, Nancy Vann, Jane FL-nloy, Shirlvy Archibcck, and Trcsa Lanham in the first pep rally. "Have you got that spirit!" .Ivan Daily asks Donn Linlmcrg how ho likes his Senior sched- ulo, while Betty Ballard and Bobby Campbell seem quite happy with their own. pupils: Jerry Morgan, Gordon Modrall, Bobby Mat- October Before every football game, you will find an ndustrious group of Pepper Club girls giving the goalposts a new suit for one night. The girls -fi-l at work here are: Pat Dougherty, Helen Rogers, Libby Dean Patton, Marlene Ford, Jo Ann Wil- son, and Lucille Castillo. Oh! To be a baton! These attractive young ladies, Ca- rol Jones, Mary Kay Hicks, Ioyce Campbell, and fkneel- qili uui ll -9-n ?fJ'1J,l1ffL'T i 'A is B ' 'Km yy-Qin:-'t S' " ' ' :eu-..,' A time for chatter, food and relaxation for Russell Brown, Agnes Tapia, Joe Dominguez, Rachel Macs, Ida Candelaria, Lu- cille Gutierrez, and George QJoej Chavez, is the half hour lunch period. 1 -lay Beautiful Music . . . the sound of the victory bcll being rung by Donn Linberg while Buster Quist waits his tu1'n. Viewers of this happy sight are Betsy Archibeque, Iva Green, Ginger Gutier- rez, and Diane Case. ing? Joan Tivknor arc Albu- querque High's high step- ping twirlcrs. 131 November Anytinlo, nioining, noon, or aftc-r vchool, yon'll find a vrowd in the patio. With a new coat of paint thc Bulldog, so nm-W last yn-ar, is now a familiar .sight to all AHS stuflenis. 51 132 -Q . HN' Panclvmoniuni rvigncml after the annual AHS-HHS Thanksgiving Day gamv, as the Highland goal posts are stripped of their festive llrc-ss hy onthusiastic Bulldog root- VVS. Not late riser.: but Pcppc-r Club initiates arc those pajamocl girls. Gctting thc' full trcatmc-nt are Carole Wilson, Mary Kay Hicks, Arlean Montoya, Thervsa Pena, Carolyn Montoya, and lrcnc Bac-hicha. A Why" A Club menilmer dodges the camera at the Pepper Cluh Christ- inzws Formal. ls it worth it? These newly initiat- ed A Club meinln-rs seein to think so. They go from regular high srhool dress to bald hi-ads and sweat suits in older to win the-ir letter. December Roland Gutierrez presents Band and Or- chestra Sweetheart, Irene Sanchez, with her corsage as Mona Christensen and Beverly Smith watch happily. Minus the finery that was in evidence that night, these Pepper Club girls worked hard to fi, get the Christmas tree ready for the dance. 133 "Waiting for the Bulldogs" a capa- city crowd stands to greet the basket- ball squad with cheers before the Santa Fe game. "At ease"-the order of the night. The Military Ball with all the trim- mings. Just look at the suits on those boys. February The vivacious cheerleaders lead the school in a spirited pep rally before the Albuquerque High-Highland High bas- ketball game. Delores Sanchez and Mary Ann Hunt do their interpretation of "Bermuda" in the Sophomore Talent Assembly. 135 March The finale of Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, "Yeoman of th,e Guard," is pictured at the right. lt was a fine dis- play of AHS talent under the direction of Miss Virginia McManus. A tense moment in Student Council as the group discusses the problem of electing cheerleaders. The Senior Showboat of talent presented Fred Leyba singing "Tell Me Why." Not enough lireakfast? Too long until lunch? Need a late af- ternoon snack? These are just a few of the reasons why students like Bennie Porter visit Mrs. Bak- er at the Snack Bar. 136 en,- '1 April Jimmy Hunton and Carol Kutnewsky wait impatiently to be on the way to the press convention. e"David, you're taller than I thought," says Ernestine Patino as she measures Dav- id Faw for his cap and gown. Members of the Senior play cast stop their practice to pose for a cast picture. They are, first row: Eugene Holly, Bob Hook, Don Smith. Second row: Dick Bryan, Douglas Balcomb, Glen Haste, Don Ciesiel- ski. Third row: Pat Pierson, Fritz Reiter, Bobby Henry, Lou Delle Fidel, Tom Mar- tin, Betsy Buckner. Lou Delle Fidel, Peggy Abernathy and Bob Hook display various expressions as the bus for Las Vegas pulls out. 137 1 I T Moy Senior Week and nothing to do, so these seniors' Gloria G ' .. arcla, Eugene Holly, Ginger Gutierrez, David Faw, La Verne Baum, and Tillie Maciel meet in th t' X ' ' e pa io to cxchange calling cards and gossip. An exciting moment in the Intra- Class track meet for the spectators as an important event begins. Jeanne Justus presents Dale Macke w'th h' y 1 is La Reata as the staff members receive their annuals early. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was a favorite d1'amatic event of May. The cast, first row, seated left to right: Dolly Archuleta, Rosie Olivas, Lee Seligman, Libby Dean Paton, Marcus Montoya. Second row: E , vcs, Sylvia Pa- tino, Ruth Zimmerman. Third row: James Meissen, Jimmy Hunton, Terry Fair- child, Jackie Barnes Juniol Walk ' ' , ' e1, Celina Sanchez and Nor- ris Deskin enjoyed the presentation as much as the verett Breeden Fred Ree students. This Yecir's Customs So new just two years ago, the Bull- klaces worn here by Patsy Pies, dog nec Peggy Wilkinson and Carol Bambrook are becoming as common to the girls as are the boys' green ,and white letter sweaters. Seeing double? No, going steady. Barbara Hook and Bill Henry display matching shirts as signs of their affection. Jane Fenley, head cheerleader, brings the season to an ap- propriate end by returning the cheerleaders' megaphones to Mr. Brown. ter, these Confederate hats help- Very popular during the win ed the "A" Club initiates stay warm. BULLDOG DAY This year's queen, Nelia Owen, shown at left, is one t 1 of the loveliest the 'school h . - A em ants, who were flanked by membera .il the Drill ,.. as ever had. Lucille Gutler- Squad. nz, above left, and Celina Sanchez, above right, were B 1 I, h H R 1 h 1 h i . 1 ft the students' choices to be Her Majesty's Attendants. le OW Ug.t' oy? ty' t e.Queen am el Cfjult' e Below left: Part of the impressive ceremony of Bull- 10 Plghtf Chl'lS Ma1'f1Y10f Celina Sanchez, Nclla OWCFI, dog Day was the entrance of Queen Nelia and her at- Paul Lambert, Lucille Gutierrez, and Johnny Apodaca. 141 .... - . . "iQTg', V V ny fa" , Q fi flu Jgi iii? HJR -MV' an ' in .4 I ...ff 'tThem Pearly Gates", the first prize float of Moneta Prophecy of things to come, the Victory Johnson's homeroom, were opened wide after the game to Bell, ringing for the Bulldogs on Mr. receive the defeated Cougars. Miller-'s second prize float. BULLDOG DAY Bulldog Day at AHS this year was filled with the Some sixty floats entered the parade, and competed for usual spirit of something to do other than attend re the four top prizes. . . . g- ular classes. In the afternoon, the annual eoronation and presen- Between the parking lots at Bruns and on Broad tation of autographed foothalls to the gracious queen way, there seurried numerous hard working students and her attendants was made in a giant assembly held in an endeavor to complete their homeroom floats. in the gym. This year's queen, Nelia Owen, and her "The Deeline and Fall" of the Cougar Y , Empirev was p,.0dic.n.d bv Mr- Wvstvg "Here Comes the Paradel' Below are some of the sixty third prize float. entrants in the parade. I, Q4 ef - f 142 Early in the morning scenes such as this Fred Leyba serenaded the Queen after the Coronation with were common as the students prepared ooh you Beautiful Donn. their floats for the parade. l BULLDOG DAY two attendants, Lucille Gutierrez and Celina Sanchez, of the game as a toss-up between the age-old rivals. reigned with the usual grace and charm bestowed upon The thrilling game was climaxed when Donn Linberg them by the student body. intercepted a Saint Mary pass which would have scored The traditional Bulldog Day game was also this the tying touchdown. Another touchdown in the last year's bout with Saint Mary's of Albuquerque. Sports- forty-eight seconds of the game gave AHS the winning writers throughout the city had predicted the outcome touchdown with a final score of 26-20. Nelia and her escort, Harry Owen, leave the field after the half-time ceremony smiles of anticipated victory. at the game that night. Leading the Bulldog Day Parade the AHS cheerleaders wore 143 il' CHEERLEADERS Our chccrlearlerst poppy and full of school spirit, Shirley Archilmeck, Trcsa Lanham and our mascot, Paul- werc very familiar sights at all thc sports events this ine Archibeck go the thanks of the entim, Student body. year. To Cflara Lcc Miller, Nancy Vann, Jane Fenley, MAJORETTES The high-stepping majoruttes were also favorites football game. Joyce Campbell, Mary Kay Hicks, Carol with everyone in the school. Their excellent exhibitions Jones, and head majorette Joanne Ticknor are certainly of baton twirling was the pleasant interlude at many a to be remembered with pleasure. 144 DRILL SQUAD First row, left to right: M. Castillo, G. Sandoval, N. Minces, J. Cornell, J. Stonebreaker, C. Gonzales, D. Gon- zales, A. Tapia, M. Keithley, T. Castillo, J. Clevenger, T Maciel, R. Martinez, D. Sanchez, B. Lujan, S. Neilson, B. Smith, S. Crook. Second row: R. Perea, M. Sandoval, D. Sanchez, I Wedemeyer, E. Lanigan, J. Barnes, L. Castillo, M. Long, J. McKinnon, L. Epperson, M. McMullen, J. Brito, N Hovey, M. Silva, F. Garcia, M. Hunt, S. Martin, D. San- chez, B. Christopher, E. Walker. Third row: L. Fidel, G. Stromberg, D. Padilla, G Members of the Honor Guard, left to Perea, S. Montano, M. Adams, R. Wright, A. Garcia, V. Shaffer, G. Hanawald, B. Wader, H. Rogers, S. Baylor, G. Miller, N. Stuben, F. Gallegos, C. McConahy, M. God- frey, R. Lewinson, D. Armstrong, M. Weaver. Standing: Mrs. Sacks, M. Sammons, M. Romero, R. Castillo, M. Lowance, C. Pacey, D. Moraga, M. Moya, J. Chavez, N. Fock, A. Woodburn, M. Martinez, A. Cha- vez, C. Woody, E. Sanchez, B. Scheer, V. Lahr, G. Gutierrez, A. Mares, R. Kelley, G. Crowe, M. Ford, A. Frangos, M. Garcia, M. Chavez, B. Holly, N. Kanzel- meyer, N. Gray, R. Corey, B. Aragon, L. Horton, E. Tuttle. right, below, are: Louise Hentz, Stuart Members of the Color Guard are: Bob Hook, Earlene Butler, Scott and Harriette Reynolds. Patsy Bone, Bobby Taylor and Bert Terrazas. Q45 HiGH SGHGUL HW! 145 Pioneer Dciy On Friday, April 18, Albuquerque High's long- awaited Pioneer Day got off to a good start with every- one working hard to get their booths finished. The first event of the day was the costume judg- ing. Judges had a hard time trying to pick winners in the various divisions. During and after the judging, students patronized such booths as "Hefferan's Hornet Hive", "Next to the Last Chance", and "Sling a Slug." For students with tired feet, because of the unac- customed boots, there were three assemblies which pro- vided plenty of laughs and entertainment as the faculty went all out to provide a good time for all. In the library, "Desperate Deed", Dramateens' Pioneer Day thetic audience to boo the villain with great fervor. A band concert in the patio Hopewell Field, presented by the Silver Saddles Club, were the events of the afternoon. A dance that night in the cafeteria with music pro- vided by the Albuquerque Wranglers brought the day to an appropriate end. Desmon's Dastardly play, caused a sympa- and cheer the heroine and a Horse Show at PRIZE WINNERS Best whiskers: Charles O'Bannon. Best dressed cowboy: Charles Barboa. Best dressed cowgirl: Gladys Johnson. Best Colonial costume: Sostenes Parga. Best outfitted prospector: Richard Bryan. Most unusual costume Qboy and girlbz Dale Mackey, Harriette Reynolds. Most authentic Indian costume tboy and girljz Dick Wilson, Bernice Daley. Most authentic Spanish costume Cboy and girljz Stuart Scott, Connie Chavez. Best costumed couple: David Faw and Betty Mills. Booth Winners: Harrington, game 5 McDevitt, food. Best Talent in Assemblies: Albert Sanchez, accordian band, Libby Dean Patton. Joan Cook puts her pony through his paces in the obstacle races at the Horse Show. .Dy-f .mf-H -V., 146 ' Shep's Shady Shanty" provides a few minutes en- tertainment for Betty Smith and Stella Neilson as Lee Kolb looks on. f c1tA.H O I Dr. Harrington renders a few tears Last year's Silver Saddles' Queen, Phyllis Samis, and during a hilarious rendition of "Little Mr. Ream offer Nancy Des Jardin their congratulations as Nell" at the assembly. l Paul Lambert announces the prizes in the judging of the most unusual costume for boys contest. she receives the Queen's trophy for this year. Just an old-time couple are David Faw and Betty Mills, the best dressed couple. 147 1- ' 5 1 ji x , M,......,. , X M , .M , 2 5 A 1 ,sv Paul Lambert figs' 1 Pat Evans Charles Moskos Tom Isaacso .,f J lmmy Stevens l yr Fred Leyba F' ' ..,' ' LAK il gg 1 :-' Q 5 l Gretchen Stromberg l Roger Arlg Bob Cummins J oan McKinnon C9 Dale Mackey Louis Neal Helen Neha Owen Rogers Janet Barnes Bob Campbell A? K Ware Ullom '1 X156 S89 onn Linberg il ,Ag ' s TQ 5- 4 B111 Carman if as .s. 149 ,., 6: CHARLENE RONNING, Milifary Ball Queen THERESA CASTILLO FFA Swee+hear1' MEMORIES . . . of +l1e Bulldog Queen elec'I'ions . . . of 'H-ne wonderful music provided af 'Phe Chrisrmas Canl'a'I'a . . . of all +l1e dances, formal and informal . . . and of+l1e crown- ing of 'Phe various queens, like Charlene Ronning, Queen of +he Mili+ary Ball. W1 1 if lv y My 1 1 Vndez F ' 1 A Capella 1 84 La Reata 1-1 111 90, Administration 1, 6 Latin Club 11 Archaeology Club 100 Librarians 1.1 Attendance Office 1 1 9 Main Office .,,., 111 1 Audio-Visual Aids 1 10 Military Science 11 ..... --- 96, Band -1 1 ,,,,--. 111 82 Modern Dance 111 1 Baseball 1 1 .... 122, 123 Nurse 11 .... 11 Basketball ...... 1..1 ...1 115, 118 ONCO Club --- Board of Education 111 1 6 Operetta 11 Bookroom .....,, 1 10 Orchestra ...----- ...-. Boys' Glee Club 11 111 85 Outdoor Club 1-1.1-1 ---- - Bulldog Day ....c,.,..11 ,... 1 40 143 Pepper Club -- --- Cafeteria Administration 1 11 Pioneer Day s1., .... 1 46 Cantata 1.1 ........1,,- 84 Principals ,,A,s,, .,w. Cheerleaders 11 .111 1 1 ,ess 144 projector Club ld Clubs ....-- .-.-1 .... 9 9 106 Record -----,H-- 1 1 Color Guard -- 145 Rollicking Rollers 1. 111 Cuswdians -- 11 School Life 1 ..., -,.. 1 30 Counselors ----- --1 8 Senior Class 11 1 Dramateens Club 111 102 Shgps ,AlY1,,, 111 93 Drill Squad ---A V 145 Silver Saddles 11 1 Falflllfy --M 12 Sophomore Class 11 11111 FFA Club --- --- 101 Student Affairs Committee 111 Football 111 1 111108, 114 Student Aides 1 1, , 111 1 FTA Club ---- ----- --- 101 Student Council 11 111 80 Girls' Bowling Club 11 100 Swimming ,,,,,, 1 Girls' Chorus 1111 111 85 Tennis Club 11 Girls' Sports 1111 111127, 128 Tennis 1111 111 Golf 1- --11 1 124 Track 11111111 1 1111 120 Hockey 111 126 Traffic Squad 111 1 Junior Class 11 54 Tri-Hi-Y 1111 1 Junior Play 111 1 98 Wrestling 11 KANW 1111 11- 10, ss Yucca 111 " 152 91 103 1 7 97 103 10 104 138 as 102 105 147 6 105 92 106 151 20 95 106 ea se 86 81 125 99 125 121 104 99 119 as A 4 .42 '-?:'Fg?k E xi- aging Q3 wax Qi iw li CQ, 'E

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