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Albuquerque High School - La Reata Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Cover

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S! 73 LQ ii Z v., .4 E, 31 -r.imn::n:l1u:J- , 5:-x ' ' f. ,fir :un ma i'- n'm'z::u:s:.1':ff.v L Q-.,.z amen 's.p,m.czs' wr-"Q us rw' ara: 4114541 - sa .ww .w f, Ji :nam m,1vx.ausmulxnr:ni . - .rain " 5, rug., X K A 'Qi' ' I I J' x Ghdf3l':-AVR", P .I I I f mb- fb vm 'N ,ff 1 1 f Cfw-ck Q V, . ,ff " W,ffVf5"'1fff W fy W YV Jil-f M k Mgfflffy 40: X 2 . V . X- H., -9 X if Q 'aff 5 23 9+ V? 'Q 7.1 ,CNA Qi: . X1 q f CD' ff 7 No 5 ff' 5 1 4 A 4 ff!! - 'uQ-N1 6 1 4 J .J X J, T505 Mo-A Q fffy' x mf bv "Sky, vw I ' M U' QW f . XX JJW,Q'?V-Y V 6 J ,ff X7 Oy J JM if VJ My WDM "' J MW' ' N X f ' , 5 . f. H ,V N 'H'-.I H 1 ,H 1 . 1 V t , Q. ,N -,L , 1 ' sw V. , - A A . A an . E . . K. IV, , , 1 , cl, A , W 1 I r.. 5 .1 , .' 'MI ., . I fy., tw .YH . . . 5 ,f..-:pf :Q .. V ,J 'I vp ' -Q .rub ,. JV' ' 4 ' f ,, . ,KI 5 ,A ,, , . .--. j H . Vg , x ,. ' - W f , w I , ' X ,-v 4 ,H 'Iv X Q fy . .. ll A '. 71, r, ,. 7 - ,A A .,i V0.5 K y 1-, . 414.-1 .. Q .5 , f' f ' - A 3' Y ' ,. or., 'wr-,.:,1 , N L A -N 4 w-15 ,nu -- V' in 1 gz?X M5 'kv , ...p-, X A 'fw' ,, sl fx , 1 ,,, 1 vm , U- ,..-.5 . ,WA , . av ..-sy ' ."""- ' . wi ' 'f ' 1' . " X M AQ i K l J 4 li X I galil lei -ff my A P + me if l H .e-,.i,- e :,i4yH+.h.- .. i l My-f"X 'l w 0, . -V . u , . ' aiu-qM'f' ff a l I l L eata V , QQ' .J 0 1934 E if ff '7'A ' lyk My VOLUME XXVI ldjif' fab Circus Eciiiion F, . ,ZX Q Cvjllj X ggi MMM? ai in 1, Q, I 51,664-Z 1 . A' N., , K ' - ' .. L, ' , 1 Edlto n-Chief 1 .T Circulation Manager L ' ' Adviser and Business Manager k 1-A-Z '19 fy. .,,1z, i . O If gp' jffiicy ' A ' L 1 P 'Elie Pupils of Albuquerque High School, - ,- 'N Albuquerque, New Mexico W a 3 lb H yi KJ I JO, rfv 0-' wx X :A v e ,ii -m m . f J CQTJTLIP ' I Pile X sC'PgLAL f N t , "W" CC Qax m ij is em-www 75 it X 'TQ 'LMWW N I . TJ Q- l 5, Q, SH - " -f-lem, -4 .fi ' '54 ' . ' ,-"MY-,, " if Q,'f , A 'M iv f ll' X 3 wifi- 1 w lifif' , Ji .1 -" 1 , i 9 "R i 1 5 vp I vf -f ' 1 . W gf ' M .. , if AM' ,ff in i ,f ffjj . f 2 X f 1' WV, W f S , fn f A - uf dalyfywwf X- i if fi 2 Qi AIP Lg! ,A Mo Q-Af Foreword ,L Ak The circus combines Work with play for profitg 5:6 A 9 f the school combines work, Work, and more Worlsf cf'5W""""' with some play for present and future profitg therefore, the staff of the La Reata feels that the use of the circus as a theme is not inappropriate. V . Q U , 9 I J - I Q X 5: i f :W fi' A W ' f r f ,u i Mt r Yl xifflr W k. . , , ,. -.VLJIX X 1 , . , XJ-rf . XIX- 1!-Xhv'.k..- ,xy x 'yi' , Vi ...x .3 'A f ' NA A' X x K 5 WQ is Q? N .i 15 A , X3 X R X wgx fm 5: X A YE , W , fj S fNX ' ti"""' Zgxalfgy X f fifvw jay 7'-e'7,,?, gi! A V f Xjnfp 32 PID!! 421W 3 KJ , ww mfr I F if fl! U V .LJ ,Q lf' gf!!! I " fa! J M , J fn wg inf f ,f ff J' fl - - x ,JZ 3 ixgicyley by f M ly if ' 12' My D L f0 VJ ' , ,fyfyb - ,X fb, , vi J f' 4 Zf fs: ' '74 , A X . ,X My J AAL V5 iffy ff ff , 4 - - Rf 35 5.1511 xx J MMQ F4g5l'?f ffm" Riiaigliww X QM Q5 gigs 5 Ni 'ft' P- , 1 95 F3 .A 6 W ' ' MLW Www i ' ' l - X Qtfff A T ' , fd, A, M ju,-fm-rl C t qi L1 Y- , ' 4f4.0-fffwfvf GLM- fr Q . nf. .l'. Jon' Scvvyfb-H k ff ff . ,J 1 Y Aj J' x Ain N . 'llc UNM K' Q li ,J , M 1 XM 'L454 if ' is if fm jwawd E 'ff' ' if -N i Q Dedication X . pf This year the staff of the La Reata felt that the ' x teachers deserved praise not only as individuals, All but as a group. Untiring efforts in behalf of the 0 students, sympathy and encouragement are never yb Q5 lcking from this faculty of ours. La Reaa . X l t s this way to say "Thank you!" X-M1 WM 1? QQX, ll? 5 f7qQ JE! A Moby i , offs just 25 MQW? , I S, ll ,A1 3 I llk Ji' 'film' " ' V ,ff--e,1.wgr:g , . G ' Q - - K, . . :Q , - . I ,- t Wt ff ii r ' Vfliiflf .1 f it K 1 'lit 441 -, ., r T- 'I P I 4341 -n-uTu Hlpef215e, 'f" 4. ' Q, S' X "t an-' tag' i -r - N' if ,a vs 1 r ws fe- ' , - Q 'fi 'Cf it k0i7?' ' HQWY-1 I BO 25 'F 'f 4 ,. r 1' 2 .X xf' 'gj ip? Ala' A I X gk his K, QFJCI' Oltl I Animal Trainer' . t' . . .Faculty Pertormers . . . . . . .... Stuctents Tis-e Cage ....... .... S ports Sicte Stmoxivs ................ Ctutvs The Big Top . . Buitcitings anci Grouncis 1 Be hinct The Scenes ........ Literary N X ,UV ' sr My ff ' 4 Q: gras, 553101 15225 'Els I X K e f . , .g i .T ' atv? it 451 ' X ' " ' ' ft 'ltr 4' fif . NYY G riii r X -4- W dx xjxqbx X11-uygfa Q ,ax-' wh Q Wy QWAJQWQ AW? QW' -5 QZQQLQW waawa-J "livG'9!'Y . i i N50 1 13315 T AGM 2- 99,13 f 75 70 ks f'- av v X ,iff TJ Q If U jjfxfkiff flux' J -Neff' L xi! W Ji MQ f ' X ,, f w 21v m 1 , W Q 'W f V Sf 56- W V Q' X J, GJ Q X X, f. ,f Qf ,f X w NP 1 Jr J x7 ,lg WX! A ' ' 5 rw ,, L V 11""4 Q w:N.,' 2. 'MQ H V Q .." g- 4122643 A71 ',f.,. , ul-"A ,. 3 lxrf Yrs 4 V 4 A 'Lie ,J .2 :W -1 . ,.1,.+ g 1 ,r-. r ,J r , s X V '4' 1.1 .wb .w , H ' 1. . N . 1 I .-.Av ".. xl. " B EJ I PSX fn 'NW M 142 'fs -- A-4 1 . fi 9 L V ' f. " fi 2 9 , ig ,f N J ll' " I R. ff 4 el A' - ke -. I I , 1:14 , . . W ' X mf' X L u V S " V - ' '. - A Ixxmw 'xi I I ' ' I 4 ' ,d x S ,fe 1 4 y X I , V ' ' f I ,i S A i I FACULTY MEMBERS MILNE, JOHN, A. B., Superintendent of Schools REAM, GLEN O., A. B., M. A., Principal of Albuquerque Hiigvh School DIXON, MARY COLE, A. B., M. A., Assistant Principal-U. S. History PHILLIPS, BARBARA E., A. B., M. Af-English IV. X T FAIRCHILD, ELEANOR E., A. B., M. A.-English ll and III HICKMAN, FLORENCE, A. B,, M. A.-English IV I KENNEDY, Lois, A. B.-Eng-lash 1 and II fl McGowan, GERTRUDE M., A. B.-English III OLSON, FLORENCE, A. B,-English II and III SIMPSON, JACK, A. B., M. A.-English II WILLIAMS, ALLEN, A. B.-English II CRISTY, EDWARD, A. B., M, A.-Economics, History FOSTER, H. MANNIE, A. B., History , , 'QI I s lug Nil : 0 mlff- Lai . fmisffv fgxfk -I? i pjgl 'f' 4 . , Q l - Ufff Xl I I -5- -' .1 . 'Q . 7 f S A , .... g e " ,...5. 'M f m . , few-I Q 'S-' L:!--""'l'liiliigili. . : A Iwi. . 1 5. ' 1-.- ,Li im if ,D FACULTY MEMBERS KELEHER, KATHRYN, A. B.H-Ancient, Modern and U. S. History SACKS, BENJAMIN, A, B., M. A.-Modern History SHEPARD, KATHERINE, A. B.-Modem and U. S. History SPECKMAN, CLARA M., A, B., M. A.-MU. S. History TRUESDELL, CHARLOTTE, A. B., M. A,-Algebra and Gewometry :D QMCW W6 JOHNSON, MONETA, A. B.1Alge-bra and Geometry HARRINGTON, ELDRED, A. B., M. A.-Chemistry and Physics COFFEY, L. C., A. B,-Chemistry RENFRO, CHARLES, A. B.-Sociology, Physical Geography E 7 ' SPENCER, J SSIE, A. B., . A,-Biology SPENCER, MAUD, A. B.-Biol! gy GOETZ, HELEN, B. S., M. .- Maniagemenf DOUGLAS, MARIAN, B. S., M. S Interior Decora'timg' HENDRICKS, MADELINE, A. B.- I, IV GODDARD, SARA, A. B., M. A,-Frenc d Southwestern History ,. .f M .- sf' H f . H1 6 1' f -L' OJ ' wr A I . ' ,H V 1 :Wg K 'X . .I 'L I PIC.. -W5 if S-SZWIEWK I ' G wrim. X-1 an ..5... R . -- ., R4 A: ' fx I ' s A 4. 5 Q' ff' - Agp X - - . jj I . , - S. fu, M V- L I R f U X J-ll' ---HJ A L -' mm W ff fi- . s ' 1 S . - ,... E1 f B if A FACULTB MEMBERS .dfkfvro X BRUNO, MARY, B. S., M. A.-Spanish BACON, FRANCES, A. B., M. A.-Sopanish A R J COSTALES, D1oN1co, A. B,-Spanish cRESTo, LOUISE, A. B., M. A.-Spanish MONTOYA, KATHERINE, A. B,-Spanish KIEKE, LILLIAN M., A. B.- FRY, MARGUERITE LEE, A. B.-Typing, MARSH, JEAN, A. B.-Typing, CRAMER, CARL L.-Band and 01-chem-A iid, FINNEY, SARA, A. B.-Gymnasium HJ GOODWILL, A, P., B. S-Auto Mecharnilcs CARLETON, E. V., B. S,-Printing HITCHENS, LESTER-Metal Work REYNOLDS, FRANKLIN, A. B.-Architectural Drawinfg, Woodwork WILSON, F. M.-A. B.-Physical Education, Boys X . i jgwi an 71 W W . 1 .xx L-31,1-H - ,Ag 1. J, ,-,. Q :Tut -, f. Q' . fy X X '3-1' Q., ,--7- A- ' 7 1 -as A A U I lf' l 'El in' ..,.. 'l Q 'i?3f""'22' 5 iiii r . 'lf' ,DVR ,J TY MEMBERS s ., Q J Y S . .. :J ff if D L fa i W qqf"lIlIIll'f1"'f A f 'W - - ev I ., .- V Ll ' - - V - A ls- X S E. nit.. f!l!'7ml'rSv u -em noise? lg? -x gg i .nh .5 . A , in ,X - . A N X K , 4 sf' 'N 4 Nmd- ,, 1.'U"' V N. I J' X 1 X I ' Q I' 1 WX xx I x . . ii- Y v LA BAR, ELLA M.-Librarian NORTON, EDITH, A. B.-Study Hall BASS, GLADYS-Attendance Secretary MORRIN, THOMAS-Book Rentals, Trulaincy SHIRLEY, HELEN-Secretary f I eachers Whose Pictures Do Not Appear S fx X Mc Ai , oy, A. B.-Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry X, t s K, HELEN, A. B,-chorus, Art I I WELLS, LOUISE, A.B,, M. A. -English II and III Teachers' Extra Curricular Activities ' Advisers to the Girls League Club are Misses Johnson, McGowen, Wells, Finney and Keleherg to the Pepper Club are Misses Shepherd, Keleher, McGoweng to the Span- ish Club are Mr. Costales, MisseslMontoya, Bruno, and Crewstog to school publications are Miss Olson, La Refata, and Mr. Williams, Record, 'to the -,Radio Club are Mr. Coffey and Mr. Harrington, to the "A" Cluub, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Harrington and Mr. Foster. Mr. McKay is the adviser of the Chess and Mathematics Club, Mr. Renfro of the Hi-Yg Mr. Williams of the Quill land Scnollg Mr. Harrington .of the S. O, P. V.g Miss Goddard of the Archaeology Club and Assembly Oommitteeg Miss Dixon of the Honor Society, and Maiss Bruno of the Girl Reserves. Class advisers are Misses Dixon and Henldricks for the Seniors, Miss Montoya and Mr. Harrington for the Juniors, Misses Wells land Truesdell for the Sophomores. Miss Shepard is in charge of the Junior lanld Senior plays. She also helps with the Operetta. Miss Kennedy is in charge of the High Jinks. Miss Sisk is in chlrge of the Cantata and the Operetta. l E Ll 7,.'i-I3 5 it . p ESE :elm B gba V A 1 pg. ,, T , -l'f,w f ?f'ifasf bis I if I 1 f ' 'risen .ref gg ...g- f' Xp , jlJ'9lJ'f' Jgfxg ,fy 1? 0 jv yr!! S 's niwuyxarf. .,.f .sv . , X 'una-fu '-.J -... . fm fx ' H: f - , J :url ,X Q .14 ysm- 1.x , ,. ,. -. "'f'.'.L4'x:.'m'z44.r:s:..rwzxz"'.. - .. '1r'Jx,u-H -i. ,Li Y, Y, un-W i T T" TP", 'FFF ' J , -. i,1Ll: T174-J "' is liijiv' ss ' 1 A fv-A fi' p lg f l Q, g H I in if eniors MARVIN LUCAS, President STANLEY KOCH, Vice-President BETTY WAGNER, Secretary-Treasure Presicientts Message The closing days of our high school life are drawing near. Having prepared ourselves Well, we are facing the fuzture with confidence and with eagerness to see what it has in store for us. A restrospect of the happy days of four school life leads us to beieve that we have cnoducted ourselves in such a way as to deserve the honors which we shall soon receive at Commencement. The class of '34 'bids those of you who remain a sincere farewell. MARVIN LUCAS, President of Class of '34 Senior Class Song 1Sung to the tune of Anchors Awayl Hark, while the Bulldog's bark Bids us adieu, Farewell to A. H. S. To teachers, classmates, true, true, true, true, East, west, or north or south Asea or ashore, Keep burning in your heart The fires of the class of 'Thirty-four! Cast a last look, seniors, At your alma mater whi-le you may. Many well-loved ffaces Will be but a mem'ry from today, Dear old halls, Friendly walls, We will miss them when away-Oh! Out on the field of life Where fate keeps score, Recall the Bulldog spirit, Hift the line once more, more, more, more! Fight, classmates! Carry on! Fourth downs ignore! Keep flying o'er your heart The colors of the class of Thirty- our'-Hawena Richter, '34, i fl ix 4' i' 1' Kg 'Jin -4 ' C 1- if ---.da ' Wm- 54,21 ,ff-1 -'3 A 'iff ig, ,mf ,Q , .f A -' .ai ,,-' ,NJ .." - -' v 'V t 1 A ' is xii? X A li W xrififf . -9- ra a. 3 l 3 +5443 'wr A 34 . C i . , Q l ,xy l , .- .' 3 sn- ' 5' 1 1 5 .... F 2 f ,l fx fi? V J L X5 ll U any fx 74 . X .di sive : H . 'I 1 - Q ir X -L" Nil' Oli: 1.17 '- V 1 . .W ly 1 ' I f ,l,,, ----W Y-Y- mf, ,.4,....i...-W, ,,,, , Y , Y, ,.?- Candidates for Graduation ABEYTA, EULA ADAMS, VIRGINIA AGUILAR, ABIE ARCHIBECK, HERMAN Bullpupqs Football '32 Buillpups Basketball '33 BACA, ELIAS BACA, JACK State Biookkee-ping Contest '32-'3 BACA, ROSALIE Puiblic Speaking Club '33,- '34 Tumbling Club '33 O. G. A. '33 Spansish Climb ' 33 BALMANNO, ARTHUR BARGAS, VICKIE Cantata '32, '33 Girl Reserves '32 Vice-Pres. Splaniwsh Club '33 BASSETT, CHARLES Junior Play '33 High Jinks '34 Wrestling '34 S, O. P. V. '33- '34 BEAUCHAMP, RUTH Orchestra '30- '31- '32 Cantata '32- '31- '32 Operertta '33 BEDFORD, PAULINE "Alice in W1onderland" Miss A. H. S., '33-'34. Pepper Club, '33-'34, Hall Guard, BENAVIDES, ANTONIO BENSON, REO BEYER, WILLYS Senior Play, '34, Treias. Pepper club, '33-'34. Cantata, '31-'32-'33. al BEZEMEK, MARY LOUISE BILLINGS, DONALD "A" club, '32,-'33-'34. Football '31-32-'33. Track '32- '33-'34. Arcihaeoiliogy Siocliefty. BISHOP, HARLEY 3 V F -1 . T , . 'g ig -'UWN5 . ' jf' ' ' 5-,K M G, fe H , ill: - p f f K ff . - A -10.- . A pr S R G R 1 or -ly e:.zs:'a f y jk- I M Candidates for Graduation BISHOP, MARIE BITTNER, DOROTHY BLAKE, GRACE High Jinks '34. G. A. A. Brand and Orchestra '33-'34 BLAZOVIC, PHILIP Radio Club '32-'33-'34 BLOOM, CAROL Junior Play '33, Sec.-Treas Archaeology Society, '33-'34 Canfata '32-'33. BOLTON, RUTH BOSSA, KATE BRADSHAW, EDNA BRADSHAW, RUBY ALICE BRAY, FRANCES Junior Play '32 Operetta '33, ' Property Mgr. High Jinks '34, "Alice in Wonderland" - BREWER, MARY ' Honor Society '33. CALDWELL, ERNEST Record '33-'34. Senior Play '34, Entered from Roswell H. S. CALDWELL, IDA CALKINS. GRACE HI'iIVZ1IIjJ,'0llIl0', '3l. Oporetl-21 '32-'33. Cantata '31-32-'33, K' CAMPBELL, EDWIN Entered from Topeka H. S. CHAHIN, EDNA Record G. A. A. Public Speaking Club CHASTAIN, EMMA LOU Operetta '33g Cantata '32 Honor Society "33 Pres, Speaking Club '33, CHAVEZ, AMALIA -L--- Girls' Reserve '33 C. C. Club '34 Q. 4 . 5 H 3 -' . ..! 455" . 6 v ' A 'lille -, A .1 .H ."5K?i?'liEfl QS" , X. A ' ' e W 3 2 ifii ' ,-' -A f 3 A. ' Q fa ' , I aaiirgiie w xrrl 111.- 1 h 5 'li Y-X, x 1 I ve: In at 0 ' H D g I f , v , .L ,Aw I l sa Wfam iz? in-2 'fu '1 X y X LJ H 1, N IJ ' e a, if 75 Candidates for Graduation CHAVEZ, PHILBERT CHAVEZ, LEMAN CHAVEZ, VIRGINIA Honor Society '31-'32. CHEUVRONT, MARGUERITE CHILDERS, CLARK CHIORDI, TITO Bland '31-325 Orchestra '33 O. A. T. Certificate '33 Wrestling '33 CHRIST, ETHEL CHRISTY, NELL CLAYTON, EUGENE COLE, EDITH O. G. A. '32-'33 O. G. A. G-old Medal '33. COLEMAN, VELMA CONNER, ELAINE Cantartas '32-'33-'34 Pepper Club '33-'34. Operetta '33 CONOVER, CLYDE COOK, GORDON Football '31-'33 Track '33-'34 Basketball '32 COONEY, MAXINE Cantata '32-'33-'34 Pepper Club '32-'33-'34 Operetta '32-'33 COULLOUDON, MARIETTA High Jinks '34 COX, DOROTHY Operetta '32-'33 Junior Play '32 V. Prefs. Pepper Club '33-'34 High Jinks '33-'34 CRANE, MARGARET Operet-ta '32-'33 Cantata '32-'33 Evangeline '32 Q -5 " ' l in I' , I Q , tl R ..12... ,-ffl-:4,vayfe , - C J f T ff S QQJQ. 8 4, E X 5 911 K' U f .I ' wk ' S: -.l an at ri - 4 5 YQ l , - 'XNX ' 1 - V V V M 3 . Q X ati 4 KN 5 " V f r , X A Candidates for Graduation CRUMP, MARY LOUISE CUMMINGS, VERNON CURRIER, CHARLES Junior Class Pres. '32-'33 CURTIS, CATHLEEN DAFFERN, LOIS DALLMAN, BERNICE Pepper Club '33-'34 Cantata '31 DANKS, MARIAN DANNEL, A. BAUGH Football, '33-'34 La Reata Staff '33 S. O. P, V. '34 High Jinks '34 Gold A, Junior Play '32g Record Staff '33-'34g Freshman Pres. '31. Gold A Junior Play '32 Record Staff '33-'34 Freshman Pres. '31 DAVIS, JOSEPHINE DAVIS, POLA DELLINGER, ENA Evanqgeline '31 Cantata '31-'32 Tennis '32-'33 Cantata '31-'32 DE VALK, JAMES Football '31-'32-'33 Track '32 Senior Play '34 DILLON. LUCILLE DOMENICALI. PETE Band and Orchestra '32-'33-'34 Vice-Pres. Math Club '32-'33 Mgr. Football Squad '33 DOTY, BERNETA DOUGLAS, VAUGHN DUNLAP, W. CRAWFORD Pres, Math Club '33-'34 Chess Club '33-'34, Track Squad '33-'34 Honor Society '32-'33-'34. , , S 5 v, ' -T 5 511, JNH 3 , L hi , , 15 15 , Q 'X ll ' ' '. X -1a- "hi ' 1-a .1 1 - .', -v' X, g ' 'off - I' A X ' "5J' An I f S 6.4! qegzzflg 'XJ X-XX, fvgf 7 Q b fu l, fkx I or qu it' -, ,-Er l.. B' ,weefw X , U W f'3"1Q 1 ,f yy? fb 5'-3156! Candidates for Graduation GANNON, RAYMOND GARCIA, RAMONA Public Speaking Club '33 O, G. A. '33 Spanish Club '34 GARCIA, TILLIE G. A, A. '31-'32-'33 Tumbling' '32-'33 Pepper Club '32-'33 Cantata '31-'32-'33 "' GENTRY, BERT GERE, DONALD Football '33 High Jinks '34 Track '34 S. O. P. V. fhall guardj GIRAUDO, ANNIE GIRAUDO, ISABEL as 9. O. G. A. '33 ,Q 9 GIVENS, MARGARET GLEASON, DOROTHY Entered from Grants School Tumblers Club '32-'33 Honor Society '30-'31 President Class '30-'31 GOMEZ, EVA GONZALES, CELIA JEAN Q Evangeline '31 Cantata '31-'32 Pepper Club '33-'34 GOODNER, GEORGE GORDON, LUCILE Pepper Club '32-'33-'34 Sec. Girls' League '33-'34 Cheer Leader '33-'34 Senior Play '34 GORMAN, ISABEL Record '33-'34 O. G. A. '33 GORMAN, MILES Junior Play '33 High Jinks '34 Assembly Committee '34 GRAY, EVELYN ANN Honor Society '32-'33 Junior and Senior O. A. T. Honorable Mention O. G. A, GRAY, RUTH GROSSETETE, NUGGET Glee Club Spanish Club W Q I .3 , 1w1.2Qsq145',gf' uv I N "1" -' 12" fi" . sf 1 -'f0'P'U"2" fi ' N 1' 1, . 1 ill!" lg -I , .'.. ' I Wi'l"? A '- -. . if l liigibniliu EW.. 414.- . 1 I W I ,R I 'A "1 x H W V 'i , 5 5 iv-YV V VQEVFI-YY, x' A I -5'm' W ,' kJ L i on i A ? -J I X W , X Xx I' ,Q . if N LQ-NT: vi X V J I CQ I ' - Q i? 'I .ew ,. ...,. wr. i , D ' - me q Candidates for Graduation DUANLAP, JEAN Honor Society '32-'33-'3-1 La Reata ,33-'34 Pres, Spanish Club '33-'34 DUNWORTH, TONY DURAN, LOUISE EILAND, ROBERT Entered from Pine Bluff, Ark. Student Council '31-'32 President's Club '31-'32 Outdoor America Club '31 EILAND, DENT Entered from Pine Bluff, Ark. Student Mgr. '31-'32 Pres. Soph Class '31-'32 Student Coucil '30-'31-'32 ERDAL, CLIFFORD Record '33 Operetta '33 Radio '32-'33-'34 Usher '32-'33-'34 ETTER, MARY EVANS, PANSY High Jinkg '34 Pepper Club G. A. A, '33 C. E, C. '33 FIALA, GABRIELLE FIFIELD, FRANCES Cantata '32 O. G. A. Certificate O. A. T. Certificate FINLEY, EVELYN Band, '31-'32-'33-'34 La Reata '32-'33 Cantata '31-'32-'33-'34 High Jinks '33-'34 FISH, RHOANA Short Story Contest '32 FORWARID, AGNES In Reata '32-'33-'34 High Jinks '34 Cantata '31-'32-'33 Operetta '32-'33 FRANCHINI, ORESTE Basketball '33 S. O. P. V. FRAZER, ROBERT S. O. P. V. fhall guardj GA LLE GOS, JOSIE 'Wife Q- GALLEGOS, MOISES GANNON, HAROLD . fi! R i o J 1.5 C ,... Q' feii. eff. 3 f e . I what ll -15- T"'i 7. ., . W., .,, .. .g,. , 1-Y Y ,A, Y, Yvn- if X ,Qmfm , em S V I ,A , ' JW N Candidates for Graduation KING, MARY HANKINS HARDIN, STAN HARRISON, MARY Precs. Girlzs' League '33-'34 Pepper Club '32-'33-'34 Cantalta '32 HART, ROBERT HATCH, GWENDOLYN HAUSER, MARTHA Honlor Society '33 HEFLIN, LOUISE Cantata '31-'32-'33 Honor Socwiety '31-'32-'33-'34 Pepper Club '32-'33-'34 Gold A I-IENS ON, LILY BELLE HERON, RUTH Record 33-'34 Pepper Club '32-'33-'34 Tumblers '31-'32-'33-'34 HIGGINS, GEORGE High Jinks 34 Hand and Orchestra HIGGINS, VIOLA HILL, HOWARD Radio Club '33 '33-'34 HINTON, JOHN Football '32-'33 A Club '33-'34 S, 0. P. V. fhall guardl '34 HOPLER, EDDIE HORN, H. B. HOWELL, BERT HUGHES, GUY HUNING, BETTY Pres. Pepper Club '33-'34 Senior Play '34 Cantata '31-'32-'33 Chief Pepper Huaill Guard '34 'TFL , ' ' 5' 1, lbfziffsiii fx ws' f A Umyk, ,-""' ,gl ,l' if ' .Q lfzkcvl MA N GL I Jvw f - ,I I A . . , Q A L 'I Q W M Q, ," f fp' 4 ,,,J ,. WWI.: K 1 ...16.. U Emma? 'eewnwi e e-'-"'f"-A'egf- , ei I' it it E I R14-I Baillie' BSS? "l g X - ' Y? ww' A le ff-1- A I O Candidates for Graduation HUNTER, DELORES HURT, WESLEY Reoord '33-'34 Senior Play '34 Archaeology Club '32-'33-'34 IDEN, JANE Pepper Club '31-'32-'33-'34 Operetta '32-'33 Cantata '31-'32-'33 High .links '34 JENKINS, ELEANOR Operetta '33 Cantata '33 Pepper Club '33-'34 JAMES, ALFRED JAMES, MAMIE Cantata '32 0. A. T. JENSEN, MAURICE Chess Club '34 . Track '34 O. G. A. 0. A. T, KARICOFE, MARY LOUISE KEYOHARA, JUNE Bookkeeping Award '33 Honor Society '33 KEYES, LUCILLE KING, SUSIE KIRKPATRICK, SIDNEY Editor La Reata '33-'34 S. O. P. V. Hi-Y '33-'34 Archaeology Club '33-'34 KISSAM, DOROTHY KOCH, STANLEY Vice-Pres. Senior Class '33-'34 S. O. P, V. Senior Play '34 KOLB, HILLMAN KRAFT, RAYMOND KRAFT, VIRGINIA Cianrtata '31-'32-'33 Evangeline '31 KRAUS, WILLIAM , I pf 5 3 K -fe Q Eh , QQ-1554! . Cbmfvi 'AQQILI .'f"i 5-fi . 331 . ', -ig I Y of A f 1, I inil A ,X ' ,Ark L ,iw , -X 2 1 837, ..:. 1- H" I fl , - M im i ....17.. , ' , 6 Q , .-,,-- 9 ,. -5513: JOE 1' va-qv ,y xl! , 1 "W, 5 ' 1, 515-A K . ali A - - X ! V? X -"WX kk X .v 5 W ' ' ' - . ' .f ' 0 1 nv- 1. ,.,- 1 ax ,lx an 19 , I A wi . , X I . .. , - ..,, ,, , v , , . . ' . V' V, nf ,-' . - 4 T517-w7c'U' 3 'L , X ' r'- 5 ' ' ' . nf X X' , ...- -...-. . - ' 1, V 2 ' ,Q . . 1 ' or Candidates for Graduation LATTIN, ALFORD LEESE, JAMES Circulation Mgr. La Reata '33-'34 Business Mgr. S. O. P. V. '34 Wrestling '32-'33-'34 S. O. P. V. flhiall guardj '34 LEVERENZ, ELOISE Operetta '30-'31 G. A. A. '31-'32 LEYBA, ANDREA High Jinks '34 Ofpera Concerts LOE, IMOGENE G. A. A. Enltered from Raton School Pres. Nature Study Club 32 LOPEZ, SINFORA Spanish Club, '32 LUCAS, MARVIN Senior Preis. '34 "A" Club Football '31,- '32,- '33 LUTHER, MARY La Reata Drawing '32 LYNCH, WILMA Girl's League Assembly O, G. A. '33, O, A. T. '33 MANCHEGO, CLORINDA MARTIN. MARY OWEN C. E. C. Clusb '33,- '34, Junior O. G. A. '33, I Girlfs Leaxgue Pres. '34 MARTINEZ, NIOK Math. Club '33, Spanish Club '33,- '34 Hi-Jinks '34 MASON, ELLEN MARIE Hi-Jinks '33,- '34 Operetta '32 Secretary Gir1'S League '33 Cantatas '31,- '32 MATHER, ROBERT Hi-Jinks, '34 S. O. P. V, '34 MATTESON, CAROLINE La Reoata '33- '34 MATTHEW, CLARA MAY Gold "A" Public Speaking Club '32, '33, '34 Oraatorical Contest '33,- '34 MATTHEWS, VIRGINIA G. A. A, Vice Press. '32 1Sec. and Treas. '33-'34 i Tennis Tourn. '32-'33-'34 5 Cantata '32,- '33 l MEHRMAN, DOLORES Pepper Club '32-'33 Basketball '31-'32-'33-'34 W f' ' Second Place Bookkeeping '33 , fl? R 1 9 4: X 'J sni 'Lg-L' 1 ,J 4. .,i:7j T:: ' - ll. I I wifi. ..1g... 0. A. T. Honorable Mention '33, -fsfefirrfe.. . ,i I 'C I 0 T3 'iii W X X V7 .J ,Jil X lx, , Lf3,fI,g xx-XX 'XQgl.3,N .47 eff , ' it 4 'F i -if L f -+A' C Xsifufi ,L S Q, sWa'm I 1 if ,fi Candidates for Graduation MICKELI, MARY MIERA, CARLOS MILBURN, WILLIAM I MILES, CAROLYN N Gold A La Reaita '33-'34 High Jinks '34 Archaeology Club '33-'34 MILLAR, BETTY MITCHELL, JEROME Soph Program Com. '31332 Hi-Jinks '33-'34 S. O, P. V. Chall guard chiefj Chief Movie Operator MIZE, WALLACE State Declamatory Contest '32 Record '32-'33 Band '31-'32-'33-'34 . Orchestra '31-'32 MONTOYA, ALICE Gold A Cantata '31-'32 Sec.-Treas. Advanced Spanish Club '33-'34 MONTOYA, ROSE Bookkeeping Certificate C. E. C. Club '33-'34 Basketball '32 MOURER, HAZEL Pepper Club High Jinks '34 C. E. C. Club . Dist. Con", Contest '33 V NEW, JOHNNY W. Entered from Pawnee, Okla. High Jinks '34A K Spanish Club "32- 33 Archery Club -'32 NOLTING, MIRIAM OLIN, DOROTHY JANE Senior Play '34 Current Litearture Club '33-'34 Cantata '32 Gold A Y ORTIZ, MARGARET OSBORN, ROSEMARIE O. G. A. '33 O. C. T. '33 O. A. T. '33 Orchestra '33-'34 OWEN, CHARLOTTE Pepper Club '32-'33-'34 High Jinks '34 Cantata '32-'33-'34 Operetta '33 PACKNETT, GOLDIE PASSMORE, BETTIE Soph.'Prog'ram Com. '33 Cantata '32 W" Pepper Club fhall guard" '34 i " I A-A "ss I ,fl , 4' X v ' X., A '31 . fg - 1' - " - P' F' . ." , -' I I ' Q V 'fmffyj' 4 , " 3 " 'X '1,, i ' V ' ' I .-19.- -. I .S ! k - , f A . FX in ' j ,wi . f . : N. V 1 ,"- - . ' .... ' I - af N f. ,. ,. -' -- . - 1 A--W . 3. .. .W , , ,,..,.. Jo . - ' 'S w -If , . ..w:vfi:"Y't ' l gs ' in l l Q I 'M 'Xxx it -'I A av ' w, i X L j f xx ' .... ' . fi ll. Candidates for Graduation PAULANTIS, JAMES Track '33-'34 S. O. P. V. Hall Guard '33-'34 Record staff PETDROZA, HECTOR PORTER, GRACE Basketball '3 1-'32 PURDIE, LORRAINE Operetta '31-'32 High Jinks '32-'33-'34 Cantata '32-'33-'34 ""' PUTNAM, RUTH QUEBEDEAUX, TOM Bullpups '32-'33 RADER, WALTER Kansas Football Manager Freshman Play REAVIS, RUTH Operetta '32-'33 -M REID, HOWARD A Club '32-'33-'34 Track '32-'33-'34 Football '33-'34 Editor-in-chief of Record '33-'34 RENFRO, FRED S. O, P. V. Pres. '33-'34 Hi-Y Pres. '33-'34 Cheer Leader '33-'34 "1" High Jinkg '33-'34 RICHTER, HARVENA Senior Play Literiaary Letter Honor Society Gold A Cantata '31-'32-'33-'34 RIDER, WINIFRED Typing Contest '33 RITCHEY, R. J. ROEHL, ELIZABETH G. A. A. '33 RODGERS, JUNIOR S. O. P, V. Hall Guard '33-'34 Bullplups ROMERO, FLORA ROOT, MARTHA Record '32-'33-'34 Hlonor Society '33 Cwantata '33 Quill and Scroll '33-'34 ROSS, DAWN O. G. A. Certificate '32-'33 Gold O. G. A. Pin '32-'33 O. A. T, Certificate '32-'33 'fiigg ff. ,M i , r Q X sk-. gy 511 i 1 .15..f, h T' -20... , X Q,-?fgi. Ji, V C' lit, XXX- s fig 'M , x , S - 3 .. -1:55. i '. up x J L, . wi r fy ,ff ip 1 A J I - .X Candidates for Graduation ROSS, ROBERT ROYB-AL, FREDDIE Girl Reserves '32-'33 I Basketball Tournament '32-'33 Spanish Club '32-'33 Spanish Cantata RUTHERFORD, PHILIP Basketball '31-'32-'33-'34 A Club '32-'33-'34 RYAN, VELPEAU SANCHEZ, ERNEST Spanish Play Spanish Debate 33 Wrestling '33 Interclass Basketball '32 SANDOVAL, FLORENCIO SCARBOROUGH, OPAL SCHOEHN, JUNE SEDILLO, SAMUEL GEORGE Pres. Spanish Club '33 Bullpups Vice-Pres. Spanish Club '32 El Norto Americano SEIS, AUGUST SHANNON, BETTY Operetta '33 4 Honor Roll '31-'32-'33 Gold A Cantata '33 Athletic Letter '31-'32 SHELTON, ADAH District Typewriting Contest '33 O. G. A. '33 O. A. T. '33 C, T. Pin '33 SHIRLEY, PHILIP F0-otblall '33-'34 High .links '34 S. O. P. V. Hall Guard '33-'34 Honor Society '32-'33 SHOUP, FLORENCE Girls' League Secretary '32 Comndercial Certificates '33-'34 High Jinks '34 "Sauce for the Gosling's" '33 SKINNER, NADENE SMITH, GEORGE Football '33-'34 S. O. P. V, Asst. Supreme Judge S. O. P. V. Hall Guard '34 Golf '33 SNAPP, DOROTHY Gold A V. P. Soph. Div. Girls' League"31 -' STAHNKE, VERA . ll 6 lt 5 ? JJ' I f-:J--gif? W V-. -2.510 ,iw ', , P fha Y I f"'NQl wt at ef x1 X -21- 'ii 2 ' f 'Sf' o Qgislb Xl J NN rv I , QV? 4 . I X X f . ' .Ie FJ A ffl "9 . " L" we se f I df, e f-rm f 'm il .Zhi-4'r15x"'D,f - 9-mlm W iw ,s 635 ws are Candidates for Graduation STARRETT, MARY JO Honor Society '31-'32-'33 Gold A State Bookkeeping Champion '33 Second Prize S. W. Poetry '33 First Record Christmas Essay STEVENS, MANUEL Basketball '31-'32-'33 Track '33 Baseblall '32 Basketballl Manager SUGGS, MARION O, G. A. Certificate Record Staff '33-'34 Current Literature Club '33-'34 SWATZELL, IRENE Senior Play '34 TAGGART, WILLIAM Gold A Junior Play Assembly Committee '32 Honorable Menwtion National Essay TALLEY, FOY TARTER, ROBERT THOMAS, BERNARD Operetba '32-'33-'34 Junior Play Hi-Jinks '34 Senior Play THOMPSON, BETTY Honor Society '31-'32-'33 Record '33-'34 THOMPSON, MARILYN Junior Play Hwi-Jinks '34 Honor Society '32-'33 Senior Play TONEY, JANE TRIPP, LOIS TRUJILLO, ISABELLE TRUSWELL, WILLIAM TUCKER, RAY ' VISCAINO, HERLINDA VOHS, DOROTHY WAGNER, BETTY Sec.-Treas. Senior Class '33-'34 Senior Play '34 Cantatla '32-'33-'34 Gold A f M . H A fl o r OJ it A .lg di 44533517 . Qt gg ,Hg . .Sgr-:, . . i leak s t A ., AV in ' 7' "- .- ' ' 73, .5 D .1 A 122- E I be X 1' X' I M v M 3 ,!' x Candidates for Graduation WAKEFIELD, JACK Operator of Zia Theazter '32 Stagie Manager '32-'33 Stage Electrician '32-'33 WALKER, SHIRLEY O. G, A. Certificate WARREN, EVA WEEKS, KEITH WENTWORTH, HARRIETT Band and Orchestra '32-'33 Junior Play '33 Hi-Jinks '34 WESTLAKE, DORIS WICKENS, JEANNE Cantata '32-'33-'34 Pepper Club Honor Society '34 WIGGINS, MARJORIE La Relalta '32-'33 Operetta '33 Camzafta '33 - WILCOXSON, FANNIE WILDS, GEORGE WILDS, JOE Operebta '33 Hi-Jinks '34 Junior Basketball '32 WILHELM, MARY WILLIAMS, ESTHMA Tumbling Club '32-'33-'34 Athletic Letter '32 G. A. A. '32-'33-'34 WILLIAMSON, SUE WILLS, VIRGINIA WILSON, JAMES WILSON, JOHN WILSON, MAXINE Hi-Jinks '34 A- G. A. A. , 1f---:ifi1G5'- -.P ' " .- 1 eff 111 w . iw '11, . . : ibwxiyg f tv 4 J I . f - .-,xi in-Q L, ,N , Al E, VP, slow :rr --23- - 'W ka Q F " ' 3.221 Aug n if - fxx I I , J:-gli nl. ,VIEQIQ if 5 X A -g ' ' """"1" - J, ellis, 1.-'anim Q una: 4' mf lv V I f ry J f wx x I ' EWKKMVES Pi Candidates for Graduation WIRTH, CAROLYN ' Christmas Gamba-ta. '33 Current Literature WOLF, CHARLES WOOD, HELEN ZELLAR, ANCHARD ZIMMERMAN, HELEN EMILY ' Junior Play '32 Operetta '33 Gold A Pepper Club '31-'32-'33-'34 4M7'A""7g9 ZQff4fr'9'Z'505-I mg, ARQEL'f?'qf 7"-M , . i 4t?v.LLv , 61, ff.,w,'Vl??a5f iz. CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION WHOSE PICTURES DO NO APPEAR AKIN, DONALD FICHTNER, DOROTHY AULT, FRANK GARCIA, LEO Activities at N. M. M. I,: GATLIN, DAN Boxing Lightweight Cihampion- Footlbeall '32-'33 '29-'30-'31-'32 Tliack '34 Fooftball '31 GOTTLIEB, FRED BARTH, GERTRUDE GRANDJEAN, GEORGE BRODERICK, KENNETH Vwice Preis. Junior Class '32-'34 Junior Play '32 S, O. P. V. I-llaill Guard '33-'34 Bansketbiaxll '31-'32-'33 HALE, WILLIAM Track '31-'32 A Giold A '33-'34 BUIRNHAM, ELLEN Assembly Committee '32-'33 BURTON, RUTH MARIE Football Squvad '33-'34 CHAVEZ, DAVID HAYES, DUIRLIN COLCLANSURE, VERDIE Band and Orchestra '31-'32-'33-'34 Honor Society '31-'32-'33 High Jinlns '34 Bowokkeieping Contest '32 JONES, HAROLD Typing Conte-sat '32 JONES, WILLIAM La, Reiaba '32 Q KEMP, EDDIE CONNELL, MERLE Football, '32-'33 DOMINGUEZ, LUCY KIMMELL, DOROTHY DOWNER, MARVIN Cantata '33 DURAN, TONY LA GRONE, EDITH EAST, JACK LOPEZ, SINFORA EVANS, LESLIE LOVATO, ED Football '31-'33 MARES, ERNEST Baskevtbaill '32-'33-'34 MILLER, GRACE Track '32-'33-'34 ' MONKEWICZ, ANTHONY A C-lub Fofoftball '33 Pa, A - Y F i , , J, ,. - QA , I f lip' , 'ffl .. I , gffgmf A f.5,,g,. ,I . it i'-in, ' ',f ,Q ,Q ,Sf A ' ', f A y, ' " fi ' A It y gif? C - -'lf,iiw3f,if'f4lSrh C f X- ' 'iflmef ' -- fi., ...24.. f N nl 'Ax 'UQlOx 1,4 I R li -. ,' axis, :A wr,-TY? X. M' ., - ff xg! SJ K RV' 4 'Y 295 gi Q ,Xf- iiw 'if' CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR MILLER, EMMET Track '33-'34 MARQUEZ, JOE Football '30-'31-'32-'33 Basketball '31-'32-'33-'34 A Club '33-'34 NICHOLSON, CLAUDE OLGUIN, ADELINA Cantata '32 Basketball '32 Girl Reserve '32-'33-'34 OTERO, ELOISA PAIULSEN, RUSSELL POLLACK, LESLIE PUCCETTI, TONY RINEHART, MARION RUTLEDGE, JACK SACKETT, JOHN SALAIS, MANUELITA Tumblers' Club '32-'33. Athletic Letter '33 SARRACINO, MAREANO SCHAEFER, MYRA SEDILLO, WLLFRED SHIRLEY, JOHN SIEGLITZ, ROBERT Band 'amd Orchestra SIEVERT, WILLIAM SPENCER, JEAN STAPLETON, JAMES President Radio Club '32-'33 SUDRON, MARY Vice-Pres. Junior Class '32-'31, Vice Pres. G. A. A. '32 Basketball '31-'32-'33 WARREN, JACK WILSEY, MARY WILSON, KATHERYN WOOD, ROWENA Hi-Jinks '32 Operetta '32-'33 Cantata '33 YODER, CHARLES I I V LOUIS NORTON, '34 ROBERT WALTER '34 LLOYD HARDY '36 Three dear friends and excellent students whose companionship is greatly missed as it was enjoyed in our school life, A . s 3 f L- H., , I pl I ' -I' L5""' -5 QF, it Q m '?!!J lyk" il .. k d' '1y'5.i7fiI?"92i ,lieth , fEiff5'5"' " 1' ' 2 xl! N A W itt. ..25.. , . ,, ,imp P 5 , 9 X X + H- ami' 5.21 ,I .X if All if -gf' Nah. 1,44- Cancliclates for Graduation EDMUNDSON, BERNICE GIBBONS, NAOMI JAGELS, PHYLLIS LARRISON, IRENE MARES, FRANCES NIX, CARLYLE NIZZIE, BIANCA SANCHEZ, RAMON SMITH, GRETA SHACKLETTE, GEORGE SIMPSON, REX SCOTT, A. F. A Club '31-'32-'33-'34 Football '31-'32-'33 Track 32 PIERCE, MARY INE FERRO, L S My FERRO, STEVE KIRK, BOBBE 'YY :F 4 . J E : R I Q , Q, f gv "fl lb 121 is 1. H E' lx? X , I0 I F . Ju g 1 Ivl , 55 a 5 , I I IMF !! 2bQkLLrfQh fr-A one -mN-n-r'f-f----+----M+- -- --+ Oi' 4 - T L 4 A fi- 2 Q, ' R if , ,f agp. 4 , . , .t 44, w A i s 'NA i 'Karl ggi, . ,E "x,1,2-V. s , N lg ,I 0 'f 7 S SV, w..,.Nr .Z-,l' :Lu N ' R W X , i 'f ., ,N . fy , X., rm-wx, NK i ,ff 6 .Mill V N 1" xiii tw B - 1X "J X 'X' 1 4 x Ll f 5 X, , " fha 1 Q of L JIJDJIOIQS BOB DARROW, President TONY ARMIJO, Vice-PM-siflc,-nt LOUISE POOLER, Secretary-Treasurer The Junior Class this year is the largest in the history of the school. Its inc-mblers are so active in school life that it rivals the senior class. In fact, actual measures have been necessary to curb their ambition, This year they have chosen the best body of officers obbainableg the efficiency of this group was demonstrated by fthe success of the Junior-Senior Prom. They wish to state that they an-e one and all for A. H. S. and arc eager to help in making' it a. school of which to be more than proud. ALLEN,FRANCEs ALLEN,MARGARET ARMUo,ToNY ASHCRAET, MARY BELLE ASQUITH, RUBY BACA, DORA BACA, GEORGE C. de BACA, LUCY BACA, MAYME BACA, TILLIE BARRERAS, EMMANUEL BARR, GRACE BEAL, LOUISE BEBBER, HENRIETTA BELL, KATHERINE BENNET, BUNNY ,L Ui, .M lx 'A ' ,f,eQsxll -4 ' V .if-'f ' 4 A-f!-' 'fi ff i . 11. - 'A' '-em- 1 Tu.ini::::x,l'3y 5 . Y H S., X "Arif-' - "H ISII 1!l'K'g 5 .,... Rm ,P ,S if J U N I O R S 1 BILLINGS, RUTH BLAIN, VIRGINIA BRATTON, SAMMIE BROWN, DONALD BUECHE, BILLY BYRD, HERBERT CARSON, DONELL CHAVEZ, ERNEST My . OLANOY, PAT Q5 CONANT, GEORGE COOK, CAIRA MAE COWARDIN, GLENNA LEE COX, INEZ CROWE, LOIS DARROW, BOB if ,FT fx S R1 ER R DAVIDSON, MARGARET DE GRAETENREID, DIXIE DE WITT, JOHN DUNSWORTH, VIVIAN ELLEN, LUKE ELLIS, JEAN ELLIS, WANDA - ELMORE, ALICE ' L EVANS, MARGARET EAUILCONER, RUTH FRAKER, ROSEMARY ' ix I FRIEND, BARBARA I n I YT! Q 1 ' ,f 2 gs X I fl 7,1 - UN .WG 4 1,41 , -. B A ," -F65 5 g X' If ' ,' sw 1 4 , W' ll :5 5 15 ' "-" 'bi' M 'X 'IX ' V' ' xt I A 'v'l:- 'flsll X I I If -23... f Q -""'fUiy MG , I ffl, 1-I X:'I'll!gl'lllIll""" I X . is I , N 'R I: xx-"xp5X mf-fn 1 ,A - -' ' nw Jn, fir , vw 111 'I 4 Vik 1,5 S ' v 7 f' X I X Y I r x if JUNIORS GALLEGOS, HENRY GARCIA, CLARITA GARDUNO, LUCILLE GLIED, FELIX GOBER, CLARA GOTTLIEB, BOBETTE GORE, RAYMOND GREGG, FERN GREGG, MABEL GRIEGO, VICTORIA GUEST, FLOY GUFFEY, JOHN HACKMAN, LOIS HAINES, PAULA HANOSH, E. LEE HANSBRO, JACK HARDIN, MELVA HARDIN, MIRIAM HARRIS, MYRA HEDRICK, MARVIN HENDRICH, DOROTHY HESSELDEN, GEORGE HIX, ROBERT HOBSON, CHARLES HORN, CALVIN HUMPHRIES, CATHERINE HUNING, LUCILLE HUNN, LETTY LOU 4137 Kg e st J 1 Q , I 6 -J ia n i , X! .:. , - X Yhdkwtf J f f . -1 + .e ' if I lb -I ' WI 1 va, -29- I KM?-M s X x' 15"7'W""62j 'i ,P ,A A A ' WR A Q1P'.1wf' Af JUNIORS MARCHANT, BERNICE MARTINEZ, CECELIA MEANS, MARJORIE MENDELSON, JOSEPHINE MARTZ, MARTHA MILAM, HAROLD MILLER, EDGAR MILLIGAN, ARTHUR MITCHELL, EUGENE MORRELL, NORA MORRIS, GENE MORROW, BETTY MUDGETT, NELLIE MURRAY, JUANITA NAVIN, CECIL NEEL, ROSELEE NICHOLAS, LUELLA NORTON, LYDIA NORTON, RAY OESTERMEYER, MARION PALLADINI, ERIA PALMER, MARION PARNHAM, BETTY JANE PETROSS, MILDRED PLOMTEAUX, LUCY RAMSIHAW, BILL RANDALL, DAISY RANKLN, BARBARA, AH -w 4 A 1, 1 ,v af gg i, ,gf W VII B g7'?f2gjfQ"f :Y I QV, ,iw A " , ilk" J"f',.i ' A LQ L: wiv ww r ,A '- f' W , ,A x , W EA .-30-. ,5,4iuR 'IldlliIl""gVL'M 9 ' , E, Q ' R- , ,, P FW' A ,A if 1 If JUNIO RS HUNTER, EDITH HUTCHINSON, RUSSEL IRVI LDRED A4 , ,425 1 ART, ROTHY my! JENNINGS, HELEN JOHNSTON, MARTHA KAHN, WALTER KATZ, BOBBY KELLY, ROLAND KINSELL, DOROTHY KIRKPATRICK, MIKE KRONEMEYER, PAULINE LATTANER, LUCILLE LEFFLER, FRANK LEIERER, GLADYS LINDEN, ROBERT LIVERMORE, ROBERT LIVINGSTON, LUCILLE LOE, LUCILLE LUCAS, ANN MfADAMS, ZOLA MCCARTY, DOROTHY MCCLUGHAN, LUCILLE MCCLURE, ALICE MACINTYRE, PAULINE MACK, DUANE MACKEL, PAUL VMALLETTE, MAXINE T, ' ,Y K,-l .A P, :A sh xg 0 I f i cav a I' . A -1 2 9 .E ,,,L uit, gn' L ,A , r L 42 H ' V' E.. , .F 5 M 3 ., A M A . --3'1- m it' Wim .UN .-5?---v ,,- -- 5-fo, -.,,,-vfc'U'- V, x F" W Q 3 W KR 472' J U N 1 o R s 4 REYNOLDS, DORIS RIDINGER, ROBERT ROBERTS, ELIZABETH ROBERTSON, ANN RODRIGUEZ, ZENAIDA ROMERO, MARY LOUISE ROTHERAM, ALICE RUTLEDGE, HERBERT SANCHEZ, FRANCES SANCHEZ, PETRITA SCHMALMACH, WILHEMINA SCHMIDT, JOSEPH SEGER, ROSE SELIGMAN, JACK SHANNON, ELOISE SHINN, DOROTHY SMITH, EVELYN ANN SIMMONS, ELAINE SMITH, GERALD SMITH, LYLE SMITH, RUSSELL MARIE SPECTOR, MELBOURNE STEED, ROBERTA STEINER, LYNCH STERN, GENEVIEVE STRIBLING, NETTIE MAY ' SWAYNE, CLARA ALMA A SWEAZER, PEARL v:..,-55,7255 6 vx A 'fgacisgl f A 5 1 I' Q- " J - 32 -32.- I J U N I O R S TAGLIAEERRO, LOUISE TAPPERO, MARY TAYLOR, ELIZABETH THOMAS, JAMES TRAINOR, JOHNNIE VALLEVIK, ALVHILD VALLIANT, ELIZABETH VAN STONE, JANE VIERHELLER, CECELIA VIGIL, ORVILLA VISIC, ANN WAGNER, DOROTHIA WALLS, JUANITA WICKENS, ROBERT ' WILEY, EARL WILSON, BETTY WOLD, PEARL WOOD, BERNICE WOOLEVER, RUTH MacPHERSON, PATTY The space below is dedicated to the Juniors whzose pictures 'do not appear, 4 -A! Pi . A A f I. .J . -4.1 'iw - , b e-1 1 '79 xi e If W iw ffd 1331 , , N f In OJ 4 f -5251-WT' rsss X 7 Q Q , Sa 5 .ri "7 5,1! "'w MS ix 'fuffvl' ly A wx x A29 r i X' .DIVX if' SOPHOMORES the sophomore class heads the enrollment list in high school this year with about eight hundred members. due, no doubt, to the depression they were able only to have one hundred and forty-two pictures in this year, but k th t the ave behiwnd fthe school 100 per cent. they want ,you to now a y ' ,, although the members are diminutive in size, they generate the greatest part of the school's "pep" under the able supervision of their officers: james hinton, pres., rayburn burton, vice-pres., and jack mc mtanus, sec, and treas, moral: keep up the good work, sophs, land some -day you will be J UNIORS. aaron, elizabeth abbot, eleanor aleshire, cliff'om'd armij-o, margaret arnold, frances ashcraft, bill atwiood, bill bacfa, lillie bailey, marie baker, loveta beauchamp, roma. beck, roberta benevides, pete benjamin, stanton bentley, irene l b1tuck,nadine " i f fi" if M yi, ' .1 . - I1 A ,L ' ,T iz -34.- K , Q3 ln A ,W Ala it N X Q '- owes. ' .f f 1 v I SEQ? pw A l .? " S31' , f 5 y I X SOPHOMORES blair, betty jean blevins, relma botts, c. m. bowman, ethel braden, christine bradley, janice bomberg, betty bryant, charlotte burton, raymond byrd, mary evelyn byrne, gertrude cabeen, bill cecil, virginia chadd, margaret chapman, ralph christ, alvin christian, elizabeth cletsoway, jean coombs, edna cooper, joe coplen, lois rae corder, mildred cornelius, bill crawford, june crawford, richard de valk, sophie dickinson, elda lee enarson, harold f , A F . . Q " ,f f-ff! -4 ,fi . ff M5 7 fag!!-I "5 l. i' B If. lg - ?'f5i . 1 , -"' i 'gi ' "ff f ' if f- V' ' Z' -"N " 'Q-T - fr'-' rl ,f w wlfi ..35. . .Va ', .l-if l V Q fix fl 1 AISI wulmf'--I X ll s If Q :gf S4 -6 i f- mmf' i e Q , A -,,,, ' 'aiilglfx W ,fi ,S i' if X A SOPHOMORES li evans, june fritze, julius for-mhials, clyde fulwiler, hal gallagwher, thomas george, nlamcy jane gfibson, dorofbhy goodner, betty hardyman, zera harrington, ethel harrington, kenneth hatch, abbie hayes, Wilma haiwkins, dorothy higbeie, mariam hill, don hill, lois hogan, harold holmb-erg, kathlyn holman, bill james, norma j ensoin, zoe jones, jlayne kemper, patty i kinny, steve kirkp-atrick, miamgiaret kissam, robert lane, milton D ,f, f a g . " Ella - 1 J --.. 2- i Y ,X s ll 5, f l h- M iss -9' -, f-FT .Af-a?f"1 iv.. -V 5.19, N-:Q Q .A iw f if if A W SOPHOMORES lee, virginia le feber, phyllis leffler, jean lo t:1r1.e, helen louise lzpp, louise luther, william luby, charlotte lukens, charles lukens, josephine me dougall, james mc manus, jack mc quillan, irene majer, jeane mandell, caroline marshnalll, bill mattingly, max mobley, katherine mounday, ted mullison, elim. r rixon, mildl -51 nyborg, mary paradice, jane patterson, nell phillips, jimmie pine, Welton porter, rose purdue, rose reavis, j essie mae ' Y' A. D " 9 J A l ,, rx 1- A - .L J-a ll JJ XV? .A f l f V o 'silk " 'ilflfml ff Pg W -3 7-. J' V'i:::,, ,?J , sg l - . V QT, X 'Riff-x . W ei iiwifigl S ee" 5, Q s I if Wi SOPHOMORES f reid, kenneth rice, rayburn robles, hortensia rogers, evelyn rook, eileen ross, betsy rutz, Wesley sale, georgia schenck, betty sclhmid, aidelia schmid, aurelia schreiber, george schuetz, denton seis, bill seligmlam, Wanda servis, norman shaeffer, :dick shaefer, bob shephafrd, jack simpson, elizabeth simpson, syibil singer, ike skinner, elton kinner, mildred sponhr, betty stagner, florence 1 strome, richard sumner, nell ' ,, fi Q Ve . sp fe 5.-1,12-55 JT rx fain K 'ima all H ra f- pf. vffs AW , Y 2172- 4 ,.5f..J Z 1 4: -L ,. 'PfK,?'24 ex 1, ., -U' -'O 1 , f Wifi' 7 is l N w ins. ...3 81 e,aug."""""f' ' Q c v6J L Qi. X , . 9 , I W A 'Vg 'ii N N Tl I J 5. r Q xp W ,- ' 5 fi" , he Jw f SOPHOMORES Th is space is dedicated to the Sophomores wh schwartz, marjorie tagliaferro, lucie thornell, glenrose unruh, theoidore vivian, dorothy walker, annie catherine warden, donald Wellman, norman whitehill, harry whibesides, john wickens, corrine williams, viola wolking, martha wyant, robert ose pictures do not appear lib h af 5 ox ESX! or WW? '? c 'JW , . 555 f K ., " 5 5 9 .'fL:-- ,p tl r if t X .A d If I , A iv' 191K L ,P f F' 5 xjfifiii 'Q' , -Sw t W J , r,,, Mis , X, iw x ..:29- i "H" . on 'V-ij:::ivi.S5'J 4, .V N Y I' ii, 'lgxtf l 4, 40,53 ' iff? L we-ffgerffmkiix e .....A F" M5259 P .S Y M W ORATORICAL CONTEST we I ,wiv 'a ' l ' I Miss LYDIA NORTON 'Miss Lydia. Norton took firsft place in the oraltorical ,con-tevst this year with a fine paper entitled "Child Labor". Wallace Mize won 'second prize with Clara May Matthew following him closely with 'third place. The lother contestants were James Lynn Hill, Carolyn Miles, and .Hack Wlakeifield. Each speaker had4 ten minutes to ftalk. The speeches were memorized. The six compositions were judged by Wialrter Rogens, Carey Hloflberook and Dan Burroughs. Mr.f,G. S. Klbck, Mr. Don L. Dickenson and Mr. Robert Butts judged the abwilimty of 'lille' six contestants as orators. 1 The omwrieeal eonrtest wee ee well arbtended emi liked that Mies Wells and Mase Dimon are 'already aldylooating -another contest for next year similar -to this one. "Til, M I Q I ' 3 1 34 . is F K Moi? 'g ?,fff,,'.a X Q, 1 7. X g X ,, ge W . 'K 6' 'ililfeaff ' .40.. 'C LM QWQQAQ 1 ??'H1 gtxgiifgffffwm A f.1 mm ' .l I , N. ' ' I x V' " "Y xx Mix X Vi : ,L V . Q . XCKNQNX qbqgifm W' 1, 29 9 ' Q4 Q41 ,I 1 fu N X K 9 SK' " 4- wma ,W gf , N -' Af .....-......'Q. J 1 - X Y Y ' MISS A.H.S. PAULINE BEDFORD fBulldog' Queenj , 5 f f X V f"'!fJ - fav' '5 X. XX A . ' giw' - ,-: , i' -L 'Q 4 .i X ' ,rn snr. R Q56 " K 1 Il ' W AR A ,?i X 4' ' ri ,V r J. ,wk , 1 'M' Ai ' "'- 5 u hi.: , . awe! Nlsxwfibxj .... 1 ggi f or p X M ,iff THE CHEER LEADERS l Left to Right: Armijo, Gordon, Renfro. It is an undeniable fact that the morale of an athletic team vis influenced by the S'.ll'lf!lllS on the bleachers. Under the able leadership of Beans R emfro, Mississippi Gordon and Tony Armijo the whole student body kept up cheering for the Bulldogs. Not only when the team was having- an easy time in giaining' victory, but also when it needed encouragement to win, tlio student body could be depended upon to 'fstruh its stuff." Comfi-zmtulaxtions to fthe yell kings! And oonfgnatulaitions to the student body for the ebnstant support and encouragement given the larthletic teams. .K XM -D X A e t i i E W rf ..42.... - -L g,.. , ,H ,,,,, ,, ,A -.t .- T X xx YY .. A 3 A N J W Abi fi X? .J sas 'C ff " , ,V , 5 A w X H - R XL , J: , xk 5 , to Q wa . M A A up A, 0 1 - tx H4Qg' 'f 4 5' f f k 4 sx:f,'w,x.ygL9"'- -,tww sfm i 1 ,l l i W , z. - .... .... - HM ,M A J f X ffl COACHING STAFF F. M. WILSON Head Coach Assistant Coaches HARRINGTON RENFRO SACKS FOSTER Too S u- querque High School. Coach F. M. Wwilson 'also serves as physiclal instructor of gymnastics and calisthenics, Last fall ith th , ' , . w e aid of Ass t. Coach Mannie Foster, he developed a powerful, well-balanced football team th . . . at was considered by sports writers one of the best high school football teams in the state. Although his football team was powerful, Coar-h Wilson h d b . , a even etter luck with his bfaskeball quintet. Under Coach Wilson's guidance the Buldogs emerged champions in the district basketball tournament and thus earned the right to represent this district in the state tournament. Although they did not capture the state pen- nant, Wilson's men displayed a wonderful brand of basketball. By his very presence at the games Coach Wilson inspired his men with that feeling of calmness and presence of mind necessary in winning' games. Assistant Coach E. R. Harrington coached the Bullpups and Dukes through quite successul seasonsg consequently these teams are well-known to all Duke City sport fans. Needless to say, Asst, Coach Harrington is well liked by the boys and they are always ready to follow his instructions. - f A The Bulldog track team was fortunate this year to. have Coach Charles Renfro as their instructor in this ancient sportgtheirfcreditable showing in meets with Menaul, St. Michaels, and the Albuquerque Indians assure ug that the Bulldogs will be hard to stop at the state meet in Roswell. - The tennis team is coached this year by Coach Bennie Sacks who has developed some outstanding' "net aces" and has hopes of winning' both singles and doubles at the state meet. much cannot be said for the men who compose the coaching taff at Alb heads this staff as chief football and basketball mentor' he as G -3 A N ' 1 , Al . r 5 Hcliivp n og ax? ,, . A 1 -. 's beef' s '. In ' 5 . :ff-A L . . 5 ig, y v fi ,sl Da l W W WA, E -43- 11' " f K NX F ' xg," ,N "T'J:,x,Af,' gil," -. X MN, A v 2 K fixf-X i ,fi Q 'e 3 S ,z?ESeiQ " 'FL.5ifif",E?" "FX 171.1 B - NC .,:rq-very' -' , "Q S3578 it-A X4 X 1frvwg'7'!7L XB S l r J IX ' -a .. . ,, , ,A ,Mi HINTON SCOTT LUCAS SPRINGER FOOTBALL Coach F. M. Wilson issued a call for football candidates on September the sixth. About sixty men responded and after a week of light practice Coach Wilson selected his ssquad of twenty-two which consisted of the heavier and mlore experienced playens. With only a few weeks to whip the team into sliaipe Coach Wilson and Assistant Coach Mannie Foster proceeded to develop a fast-moving Bulldog eleven. All in all, the Bulldogs enjoyed a rather successful season, losing only to Roswell and Albuquerque Indians, both by exceedingly small margins. ln all the-ir games the Bulldogs displayed a thorough knowledge of football and above all 9. keen sense of sportsmanship peculiar to all Canine aiggfvegrations. The Left to Right: Top Row: Fritz QTnainerJ, Parker, Spencer, Shirley, Gore, Canfield, Reid, Burnett, Monkiewitz, Marquez, Conant, Hale, Smith, Zamora, Lovato, Domenicali qMvgr.J. Middle Row: Saavaedra, Stone, Lucas, Miera, Swallows, Mulvaney, Billings, Balduini, -and Springer. Bottom Row: Sandoval 4Mgr.J, Black, Spencer, Evans, Gatlin, Nicio-laci, Hinton, Darnow, Singer, Calkins, Scott. . 'N' Ox C' il' ... H A ffm nm i H E11 AKA Y' -li . in itat' p s fr ML W , JK f ff l " 'ffA"'Jv.Al J' 57' bi, -44- l ...ei M!" me .L sir e fi i M nw V U "l S , - - to fi 9 i .fa l K+ I llllf'-' sw' -. f -5 s lf' . .wsl m i l .f ' 'Q My sid a S K lf' MZ., I 5 . fm Nl NX 5X1NX -ar! :MFA u X X 4 ' X 4 4' 1 'ULN 1 U f Q 1 , v j if X' X N X I Pi FOOTBALL Bulldog kennels will be weakened a grealt deal next year by the graduation of such veterans as Hinton, Lucas, Scott, Billings, Evans, Gatlin, Monkiewitz and Stone. ST, MARYS-05 BULLDOGS-13 The Bulldogs vanquished their first opponents of the season to the tune of 10 to 0, The game was unexpectedly close, burt fthe Cougars were unable to stop the Canine onslaught. BELEN-09 BULLDOGS-13 The Bulldogs ouitclassed the Belen Eagles in ia local gridiron feature in which the team from the cut-oil' city tried desperately :to score on their larger and more experienced opponents. The game ended 13 to 0 in favor of the Albuquerqeans who again threaten the Eagles wilth a determined march 'to their goal line. MENAUL-05 BULLDOGS-7 The Bulldogs hurdled another barrier toward the city championship by defeating the Menaul Panthens by a l-one 'hally plus an extra rpoinrt. A. F. Scott, who returned to the Canine kennels after being out of school, was the outstanding performer of the game. SANTA FE--73 BULLDOGS-32 Winning the fourth game of the season, the Bulldogs trounced the Santa Fe Demons by a score of 32 to 7. 'Dhe -Demons were the first team to score against the Canines this season. GALLUP-03 BULLDOGS-6 After a hard tussle the Bulldogs managed to defeat the Carbon City Tigers by a single touchdown. 'lihe Bulldogs were unable to 'hit their usual stride due to the absence of an experienced quarterback. ' LAS VEGAS-05 BULLDOGS-0 Meeting unexpected resistance the Bulldogs were held to a nothing to nothing tie by a hard fighting Meadow City eleven wlho almost put ,a. stop to the Buldougs' winning str-eak. RQSWELL-13g BULLDO-GS-0 Although the Bulldogs outplayed the Roswell Coyotes, the Albuquerqueans came B S-TCNE MIERA EVANS BILLINGS f , 61 W. i. ? od s? eff! l fl if-?92?:?f?fS3+f5 V N A , eww' ' -'1 ' l .A Vee! " li "H fi" ll' - or li f xi X -45- C C AA :FNXX4 th' 'Mt cms dl S Qr-so N .J Q J .C . I ' P X , as -of 1 X Q t ' l ra Il IIW!,..'gg lg u A Wh V , T It -at -Q :Qi 5- its .E . ' g 1 ' A -bil. 'E l w , . f e A gf X k V Q V' . l ' W 1' x 4 , FOOTBALL out on the short end of la 13 to 0 score. The Bulldogs' fumble jinx did a great deal to help the Coyotes. DAWSON-05 BULLDOGS-19 Hitting their old stride, the Bulldogs came back on a new winning streak by defeating the highly tourtevd Dawson Midgets 19 to 0. Although the Bulldog team as a whole pllafyed good ball, Hinton displayed unusual ability with his punting, passing and sensation bayy carrying. LAS CRUCES-Og BULLDOGS-19 Coming through with another victory in which the Duke City citizens displayed exceptional offensive strength, the Albuquerque Bulldogs trampled the Las Cruces eleven 19 to 0, ALBUQUERQUE INDIANS-65 BULLDOGS-0 The Bulldsogs were nosed out of the city championship by the Albuquerque Braves in a thrilling matoh of wits on the gridiron, llt was anbodyfs game until fthe timer's gun ended the tilt with the Redskins holding a six pfoinwt lead. In the final minutes of play the Bulldogs burst forth with a long Waft from Scott to Saaveldra across the goal line, but the ball was called back because of backfield in motion. Another pass was tried but the game ended with the Bulldogs 10 yards from the coveted goal. -1-gn 3 4?g? BULLPUPS Under able and constant efforts of Assistant Coach E. R. Harrington thc Blulli eloped into a first-rate team. The purpose of the Pup ,gqlad is to 'grid meng therefore, much stress is lpnlaced upon the funda- lta s f by Coach I-llarrington. Bulldogs matched wits with teams from Bernalillo, Sacred K e Albuquerque Indians and Menaulg and wlon all but the Indian m Pups enjoyed the distinction of 'being the only team to cross during the whole season. at every Bullpup will report to Coach Wilson for practice next regular berthon the Bulldogsl BLACK GATLIN M0N-I2BIX7IC-i- 1 I ' 9 - A ff y . A X' I it J o it U "' y e .h at to r i ...4 6-. 1 in d ' , e A,, r f?"S.2fi ', Hx R BASKETBALL Coach F. M, Wilson was not as hard pressed for basketball material this season h hl as e as been in previous years. His entire squad returned to school, with the exception of Brooks, who was lost by graduation. With men like Rutherford, Montoya, Shortle, Singer, Childers, Saavedra, Evans, Esquivel, and Godding -to build his team around Coach Wilson had little difficulty in developing fa fast sharp-shooting quintet. In the Hrst game of the season the Bulldogs nosed out a green Los Lunlas team to the tune of 17 to 29. In their next three games with Santa Rosa, Belen, and St. Mary's, the Bulldogs looked like sure state champions and their victory over the smooth-functioning Carlsbad Basketeers only added stress to that fact. The Bull- dogs kept up their winning streak in the next two games with Menaul land Tucumcarig baffling their opponents with their swift and crafty floor work. The Bulldogs found their match, however, in the well balanced Phoenix H' h - School quintet, who had journeyed to the Duke City for a two game series. In the first gcame of th ' h .. , e SEFIQS t e Canines lost to the Phoenicians by a single free throw that climiaxed afast, passing basketball game. Nevertheless, "Lady Luck" smiled on 'the Bulldogs in the second game and the Canines finally emerged from the hard- wood court with a six point lead, The Bulldogs invaded the norther 't f h over Riaton and Las Vegas. n pai o t e state next, where they ran riot Their next game wms with their ancient rivals th Alb ,. ., e uquerque Indians, who always seem to fight harder and play better when they match wits with the Bulldogs, Standing fleft to rightj-Saavedra, Byrd, Shortle, Singer, E-squivel, Marquez, Rutherford, Evans. Kneeling-Schifani fmgr.J, Godding, Childers, Pacheco, Burnett, Marmon, Stevens fmgr.J . I fix .,e Li E X... 1 W i . -e., i. t is -. a an y . l ti i if fi f -47- A 4 ' ,- . ,u 1 - , ' X 1 , 'i?7l'lwIi!!ll!!'l',, if , "'A QWY , FSP ir"Q?.'.'?r ' . , f gf -- v Q J . Q , i IR X on ' Il ."" J 4 s ff it X X if .- wig., -,m,g " at - sg 11, 1555 , V' 'I Ip f wx .9 fig X? BASKETBALL In this game thelndians took their usual role of Hole' man jinx" and downed the fighting Bulldogs by a single point. Undaunted by their defeat, the Canines were out for blood in their next three games in which they outclassed teams from Gallup, Sacred Heart in Gallup and Roswell. The Bulldogs went out of their class slightly when they took on the University of New Mexico Freshmen in a two-game series, The Canines dropped 'both hard- fougiht tussels to the Peagreeners from the hill top. Journeying to the Ancient City of the Holy Faith, the Bulldogs defeated the Santa Fe Demons in a slow, top heavy game. In the -game with St. Michaels the Bulldogs were burdened with a stiff, determined "Horsemen" quintet, but the Clanines finally emerged victors by a sm-all margin, the score being 27-28. Finishing their season with a bang the Canines traveled through the Pecos Valley region where they locked horns with Clovis and Portales, winning both contests. March third again saw the championship of District Three in the hands of the Bulldogs when they defeated theAlbuquerque Indians in one of the biggest dope upsets of the season. Getting off to a slow start in the first round of the tournefy the Canines managed to hand the Menaul Panthers a defeat to the tune of 21-16. Snapping out of their slump the local quintet readily doumed a Belen five the next day by a 31-14score. Playing the best basketball seen all season, the Bulldogs defearted the local Redmen to clinch the tournament for District Three. Things didn't turn out just right for the Bulldogs in the state tournamentg after defeating a smlall GT2.Dft,iS teaim to a lopsided ,score of 30 to 5, the Canines were in for the surprise of their lives wvhen a determined team from Floyd kicked over the dope bucket land presented fthe Canines with a 28 to 22 defeat. Thus, our hopes for the ,state championship were again blasted. l.i.'34.1..-, SEASON'S RECORD Jan, 3-Los Lunas .... ......... 1 7 A. H. S. .... .... Jlan. 4-Santa Rosa--- ---- 12 A. H. S. -- --- Jan. 6-Belen ------- ---- 1 2 A. H. S. -------- --- Jan. 11-St. Mary's --- ---17 A, H. S. ---- ..---- --- Jan. 12--Carlsbad --- ---- 26 A. H, S. -- ---- ---- Jan. 13-Menaul ------ ---- 1 8 A. H. S. -- ---- Jan. 18-Tucumcari --- ---- 18 A. H. S. -- --- Jan. 19-Phoenix ---- ---- 2 3 A, H. S. -- --- Jan. 20-Phoenix ---- ---20 A, H. S. -- --- Jan. 25-Las Vegas --- ---- 14 A. H. S. -- --- Jan. 26-Raton -.--- ---- 1 7 A. H. S. -- --- Feb 1--Indians ------ ---11 A, H. S. ----- --- Feb. 2-Gallup -------- ---- 1 4 A, H. S. ------- --- Feb. 3-Slacred Heart ---- ---- 1 3 A. H. S. ----. ---- --- --- Feb 9-Roswell ---------- ---- 1 9 A. H. S. ----,--,-,---,-, ,-- Feb 11-U, N. M. Frosh ---- ---24 A. H, S. -------- , ---- ,- ---- --- Feb 14-U. N. M. Frosh ---- ---- 2 2 A. H. S. -- ----------- --- Feb l9-Santa Fe ------- ---- 1 2 A. H, S, U , --- --- Feb 22-St. Michaels ..-- ---27 A, H. S. -- --- Feb 23-Clovis ----- ------------- 2 2 A. H. S. ------- ,,,, Feb 24-Portales ---.---.---------- 18 A. H. S, -------- U, 21 games pl ayed-17 games won-4 games lost. ., lsr?-,Zigi a s lf ,f 5. , , , fix 4 X ,,. . I., ' 1 - F 1 ' ' 1 Q . 1 '-A . fgggffjf Hx X ' N A' ' hi I . lf? ?F+,1 N 'Q' F?"-'H' :xiii Qi' 1 f " - N V. f - -4 ,iw f ,AAQQQ P 5 V K 1 : yi! 1 Vx Wy . f V v I Vx I -X X., 'My i - - fi- A ff I H ' M. , :Lt 4 dw W. X:"'lY it I- "6 D T54 - f.,1 X ii falf,-X , it il H ifi! ' fifiifvi ff ' 4 Nf'f'..favii1"i'w7 I A :ns . A, If , 'U x A iles: g ,A K 1 .75 B A S K E T B A L L District Tournaament Menaul .... ........ 1 6 A, H. S. -- ---21 Belen-.,1---.-- ., ..... 14 A. H. s. -- ---31 Indians .... ........ - 16 A. H. S. -- ---20 State Tournament Grants ....... ....... 5 A. H. S, ........... ---30 Floyd-, ..... ., ........... 28 A. H. S. ....... ., ........ 22 Wirth a record of four games lost out of 21 played behind them, it is our privilege, as the sports staff of Albuquerque High School, in behalf of the student body, sincerely rto congratulate these boys who have played for the Bulldogs this year, and to thank them for their v-aluuable services rendered. We also congratulate and thank Coach F, M. Wilson for developing such a fine body of men tol wlhom he himself has served as an ideal. '34--1 B O Y ' S T E N N I S Tennis, always a 'popular sport at A. H. S., was taken up aotively by a number of men who played regularly all year and whose 'technique boded ill to any opponent who might be encountered. Among the veterans, Childers, Singer, Downer and Cald- well were outstanding on the courts while men of less experience, namely, Dunlap, McDanial, and Godding are fast gaining prominence and present excellent material for future teams. Under the guidance of Tennis Coach Benny Sacks, an early fall tournament was held to determine the boys tennis squadg Singer, Downer, Childers and Caldwell were selected to carry the torch for the Bulldogs, In the District Tennils Tourney held at the Uiversity courts, the Canine net stars came throwgh, winnin.g all their gamesg Childers defeated Roe of St. Mary'sg Singre defeated Cummings, also of St. Mary'sg Downer and Caldwell won the doubles championslhip. Thus the Bulldog raquet handlers annexed the district tennis championship. As this goes to press the tennis team is preparing to enter the State Tourna- ment at Roswell and are conceded an exceptional chance to capture the state net crown. The entire squal will be taken to Los Alamos Ranch school for the annual matches held there after the state tournament each year. Clark Childers overthrew 'all opposition and captured the State Tennis crown in the State Meet held at Roswell May 5. '34-- ' GOLF Golf is fast assuming an important position among the minor sports at A, H. S. Its popularity has shown a slow but steady growth, probably due, on the one hand, to the intricacies of the game land, on the other hand, to the time required to master itsessential techniques. Under the capable instruction of Coach Wilson a Bulldog team has been developed which consists of men who had been playing the game for some time. Winning both fall tourneys, Bob McDonald was selected as head man on the team. In a competitive match with the University of New Mexico golf team the Bull- dogs were represented by Shrieber who downed Pooler, U. N, M., 4 and 35 Cooper, who defeated Baxter 9 and 89 Garcila, who beat Cook 6 and 53 Blossom, who de- feated McConnell, U. N. M., 6 and 5, Aguilar, who took Smith, U. N. M., 9 and 8. McDonald was defeated by Biggs, U, N. M., 3 and 1. The entire Bulldog golf squad will be entered in the State Tourney at Roswell ' I 'sv 54 ' I' Xia' 4 ,,fv7Q.s Z h ti.. fi '1"i"2' .M if M. ' -... L 1 l x .gf w in. ' -4 9- I I xgli. V x1 i z Q Q fu - fixa . Ji: 'l i I A I '.fr uvlvilq w-. F T- 3 L' S - ....- -.....-is' - lil I ' 47 X ' g i I T R A C K Under the capable instruction of Colach Charles Renfro, 'the Bulldog track teaxm enjoyed an exceptionialy successful season on the field and cinder track. Emmett Miller, "Bulldog Iron Man," thas proved himself the outstanding athlete on the Canine squad. Miller has been the high point man in all the meets in which the Bulldogs have participated. Other men giving Miller constant support 'are Ried, Conant, Leffler, Gere, Evans, and Billings. In meets with the Albuquerque Indians, Menaul and St. Michael's the Bulldogs have shown their superiority, by winning all the meets by Cl0Il1Sl'd6l'3bl6 margins. The District meet, held April 27, at the University Field, saw the Duke Clity Braves upset the dope bucket ,by piling up more poinfts than the Canines. Ineligi- bility cut seriously into the Bulldog ranks when Evans, Gere and East, hurdlers, were declared ineligible because they were not enrolled for a sufficient number of subjects in school. In the State Meeit held at Roswell the Bulldogs cilmlbed to the top step of the state trlack ladder by defemating crack New Mexico teams 'by a ten point margin. Four fleet-footed Bulldogs rocketed fthrough the 880 yard rel-ay in 1:33 to clip two full seconds off the old record, the relay team consisted of Miller, Hernandez, Leffler, and Reid. Reid tied two state records in the 100 and 200 ylard dashes. Miller was -high point man of the meet with 19 points, while Reid was second with 10 points. Back row Qleft to rightj-Godding, Spencer, Evans, Miller, Chavez, Marmon Front row--Clayton, Billings, Gere, Reid, East, Lucas 11 ' iv ,sh -- K gL4PbI K 5 V .V in N A ,rg , "if 1 , vjg irivbf X -M' ' -9 I 4 . 5 1 X A NNN ,,, .L :fx N, ' A Jn' f fy RJ, i X ,+i. v, , , T Y as -Y V 7- WYVV - Y --W.Yi.i - BOXING The much heralded annual Mitt Fest was held at the High School this year under the supervision of Coach F. M. Wilson, and Asst. Coaches Foster and Harrington. In the heavyweight division "Cloudy" Sit. Germaiin proved his mettle by defeating Bud Jones and Tony Monkiewitz for the heavyweight crown. "Squaw" Evans won the 155-65 pound division by defeating Dick Montoya in a nip and tuck battle, Montoya had previously defeated Gooney and Lucas. Evans had defeated Sanchez for the pri- vilege of fighting in the finals. The middleweight division was kept moving by "Wop" Nicolaci who defeated Shook and Candelaria by decision margins and who was, with- out doubt, the outstanding boxer in the tourney. "Babe" Cimino came out on top in the 135-45 pound lot by defeating Shaw and Thurber. Gonzales beat his Way to the championship in the 1'18-25 pound division by defe4aftin.g Duran, Horn, and Chavez. The featherweight, paperweight, flyweight, and "What have you?" was won by B-ob Ridenger when he defeated, Nuanes. Ridenger defeated Luna and San- chez to fight in the finals, Luna battled to the quarter finals by whipping Steinerg Nuanes by defeating Crowley. Referees were 'fAbie" Paiz and Benny Cordova. Back row fleft to rightj-Cimino, Evans, St. Germain Front row-Gonzales, Ridenger, Nuanes, Nicolaci. I. 6 X Ae qi? I ag' Z V 1 - .e I , , - iii' . 4' . ix gm , -51- L .W sv" r in il , -if Y I ,QQJ MJ K- J t - if - 5157 X lm 1 - 'vw -N . - wrist Q.: N.- . A S ....,-.....-' ' i - gf i , ' W in, Xi WRESTLING Under the able supervision of Coach Mannie Foster, the annual "grunt and groan" contests were 'held in connection with the boxing tournament. Aspirants to the wrestling crowns were put through 'the paces for two weeks prior to the tourney in preparing for the contests. In the heavyweight division Bill Jones was thrown by Monkewicz who annexed the dreadnaugiht title. Bud Jones threw McCain for the light-heavyweight crown, Swallows downed Evans for the widdleweight championship. Goodner defeated Seligman rand Basset threw Lucas in the semi-finals of the middleweight division. Goodner defeated Basset in the finals. Candelario took Chavez in 135-145 pound division. Duran and East tied for Hrst in the 120-130 pound class, Mares took the airweightdivision by defeating Smith. Standing Qlefit to rightj-Duran, Goodner, Nuanes, Sanchez. Seated-Candelaria, Swallows V' f ' I 657, We J ' A is , sig 1 ,445 5 -- In-5-, E ..52... 4-1 L ,1. , w I 5.3 , Q , -,4 wlvwx. 'vw' ,. 'K X, 4 , 3 ,Z 1 , ,. m.Qmp. K gtk 1.- .,y.g 4 Mn X.3y wfa,gw,, L g,!1Q,,iqf T - ,,,,L.21.3.-,:4 ,z,,A,,x,,'?K 5,,.Q 4 , ,- Y Y .M . +.,.,,,f .W ,. ' , wh y N- -' , .X 'Y' -' 'W' J ' w ww M P1 .f'w!F-. f'1-:4 4 -Mwxwssffz F, - Aw j1,f.1:fn V 'f.!'+F'l'f V ' ,V N ,- A- L., .AW 1 x swf iff 7,1 QQ' 2 -' . :wif " ' R., . EK f Q, x. . X ,ii ik' 1 ., . , w Na , . 1 , if .1 ffl' 'Bef e 'fkiiig j 5 A , . . 5 L.- ,ul 1. . f . . 9 . E1 ,, .K ., f W Q - , - A ..r"' . u.. 1 f ' gms nk.. if? .11 w -. ,J ' f I 'Lf ww. -. :f a ,,:g. . ' J? A 1. -H ' A'-fr " ., ,Q Mvfwf. A .-.'i--192,25 ,qmj ' :ggi , . - EW If 3, fy '-:pm HW' 'hi lie, 7 'T-if ,N -y-,M ' ff' - W. 'ifff ff 4 :L 1 5:51 : - f, A, ,.':2-fu' . M H14 ff,,-'Yu V. 4 M V' 'Y jr ,Ll s AK .,-Ag . 515 Ji vigil: f- Q-F6 E- 'if :- Q iff' .. : it R 53331 A Y 3' ll Fi if . 52,1 If . L , m xv ,vw . . , wc, , .iq . , H? lx,-in A, JMC- - 1 L . 5VaZ,, ' ,Q w 'T W." 4 4. ',,'G.'1: X ., Y A-by ..x Msqwgf 'UQ 1512?- -L Q, L 19 .5 ., 4 ,KJ .' 'SM y gi' , . + 45, e 'Ig Q ,qs K 3 .. 'If -1' ' S 's 5? H si., -1 H -. Q H K nf vi my -U"f?b: ' "JW - 5 fn-,3,m4A -J,-iw' ' THUG f , F1551 'MZ 1: ' 1 rg, Q I,-,H . 1 ' . 3-15:94 . wwe gf. We . .,r51f .. 15 . k 1 1,14 K 4.4-N Q.,-,ggggt . ix 'Ksk 3753- f' . , - S flue -if at l K . 'S 'fail 'f"f'!,."" 5 - , 'f n was l W in S as Mui- X ' J " , X X , ' A , sr X ,. W 'l S , I it Ili! I ,,q:,..,vf7T C M 'f?24's s ,' , fs S a t r xx THE CO-OPERATIVE CLUB This year a new organization, the Cooperative Club, was started by which all members of the student body could participate 'in scholastic affairs at the lowest price possible. The purpose of the club is to encourage united effort in all 'high school af- fairs and to allow full participation by all at a minimum expense. All members of the A. H. S. Cooperative Club pay ten cents eac.h week for a per- iod of thirty-two weeks. All paid-up members receive certificates each week admitting the owner to any of the school affairs occurring that week. The regular charge for these functions hfad to be paid if the weekly dues were not up to date, Back dues could be paid at any time, thus enabling the student to re- gain membership in good standing. If the individual so desired, he could pay the full amount for a. semester ticket, a dollar and fifty cents. Students in good standing gained the following privileges: admission to all home football and basketball gamesg admission to Junior Play, Senior Play, Christmas Can- tata, Operetta, Junior-Senior prom, and Hi-Jinksg subscription to Albuquerque High School Recordg copy of La Reata. If one attendis all the activities of the school and does not belong to the Cooper- ative Club, the expense totals seven dollars -and fifty centsg while under the coopera- tive plan, the total cost is three dollars .and twenty cents. Mr, Realm believesthatthe plan will be in effect again next year although the weekly dues will have to be increased in order to meet the expenses covered by the Cooperative Club, i ':., fgjggw . 6 A, 'RQ J TA -b y l , -53- W X , ,-J X . , Xf- 1 V- w 9 X f - f- N Q X Q gm mm m O W " X 9 ' vovf ! P , N + 'x I N .,, A 5 Y HONOR SOCIETY 4 l ,fy QM G , f, A 2 I .-4,11-L51 3 fe ' - . X' '. ' A, K - ' EH. -54- -lii iw - . 1 'Alf' , as at ' W. I .T lqwvb pai, 4. f i Q A FJ i f' ,mfs sl.. 1. lfdiair' Q l . f X , A K 'T ..., a af i menf HoNo'R SOCIETY The Honor Society 'had a membership this year of 78 for it-he first sefsester and 62 for the second semester. Of these the Gold "A" students at the beginning of the year are Laura Davidson, Clyde Denton, Bill Hiale, Louise Hefiin, Stanley Koch, Alice Montoya, Dorothy Olin, Martha Root, Betty Shannon, Dorothy Snapp, Mary Jo Starrett, Bill Tagglart, Betty Thompson, Betty Wagner and Carolyn Miles. Quite a few of the Honor Society members had outside activities. On the La Reata staff were Carolyn Miles, Virginia Blain, Sammie Bratton, Jean Dunlap, Irene Hashimto and Louise Lipp. Mxartha Root, assistant editorg Laura Davidson, Nathan Krisberg, and Barbara Rankin all former intregal parts of the Record Staff. Betty Wagner was secretary-treasurer of the Senior classg Bill Hale participated in foot- Krisberg -and Barbara Rankin all formed integral parts of the Record staff. Harvena Richter won a prize in a poetry contest held by the Wo1man's Club, as well as in other contests. Lucile Garduno had the honor of being one of three ch-osen to represent girls' tennis at the state meet at Roswell, wlhile Crawfrod Dunlap was a member of the boyws' tennis team. Melbourne Spector and Helen Zimmerman held leads in "The Prince of Pilsenf' Irene Bentley, Mildred Corder, Margaret Davidson, Nell Patterson and Wesley Trask were Honor Society members of the orchestra, while C. M. Botts, Steve Kinney and Lois Weeks helped keep up the old school spirit -as member of the band. The qualification-s to be a 'member of this society are set at ten 'points which means rat least two "E"s and. two "G"s, An "E" counts three poinits and a 'G' counts two points, Eight points are required studies while the other two points may be outside activities. The accustomed silver "A" was not given this year due to fthe lack of funds, but the ,gold "A" were awarded to the students who at the end of their junior year were on the Honor Ro-ll five out of six semesters and at the end of their senior year seven out of eight possible semesters. IDENTIFICATION OF PICTURES ON OPPOSITE PAGE Seniors-First row fleft to rightj-Helen Emily Zimmerman, Louise Heflin, Laura Davidson, Anchard Zeller, Mary Jo Starrett. Second row-Dorothy Snapp, Alice Montoya, Martha Root, Viola Higgins, Clara May Matthew, Mary Wilhelm. , Third row-Carolyn Miles, Evelyn Gray, Mary Brewer, Jean Dunlap, Dorothy Olin, Crawford Dunlap. Juniors-First 'row-Margaret Davidson, Lucille Garduno, Virginia Blain, Barbara Rankin, Sammie Bratton, Dorothy Shinn, Second row-Gladys Leierer, Clara Alma Swayne, Zola McAdams, Melbourne Spector, Henrietta Bebber, Irene Hashimoto. Third row-Eleanor Brasher, Janice Brasher, Ray Norton, Oarl Stapleton, Kenneth Tinklepaugh. G sophomores--first row-bill ashcraft, glenrose tnorhell, lillie baca, hortensxa rebles, viola williams. second row-nell sumner, miriam higbee, louise lipp, irene bentley. third row-mildred cforder, janice bradley. SECOND SEMESTER-Members whose pictures do not appear-Priscilla Abeyta, Margaret Allen, Margaret Armijo, C. M. Bott-s, Cleto Duran, Frances Fifield, Mary Fineld, Zoe Jensen, Stanley Koch, Nathan Krisberg, Bob Moyer, Nell Patterson, Emily Pierce, Elsie Porter, Kenneth Reid, Harvena Richter, Adah Shelton, Bill Taggart, Betty Thompson, Wesley Trask, Betty Wagner, Lois Weeks. , .e ,. ,D Q' 0 "1 9-fe . I' N av 2" ' II T' Y 5 'kj at A ll ff' ' lil? lp: . - N I ' .-5 5- d -a'nw eg:ee!'f-y in , X .,,,f Q r JW. X ff' gi 5 5 .. a if Wi V, 1 , - s X X5 4 8, , Q , ,, r 5 l rl ' ' so 1? 5 . ' "l'll'1'l- MIILX, ' si., 1.-'ff Mihai! ' ' ' 4 'Rl X c""Ul1vL I x V M ly ff Wx L PEPPER CLUB Since the Pepper Club is now open to any girl desiring to enterg the list of imem- bers of the club has increased. This year the girls had a "swell" time selling candy at the football and basketball games. The novices of the club were initiated at a Pepper Club dance given at the Wyo- men's Club. The pledges were dressed like children and were made to do many amus- ing stunts. Imagine witnessinwg a wedding, an operation, .and a lovely toe dance all in one morning. The students had lthis privilege when the Pepper Club put on its assembly. This year the Pepper girls wore green and white knitted capsn made by the veter- ans of the Veterans' Hospital. At the end of the year the annual banquet of the Pepper Club was a graart SUCCESS. Alt the banquet the officens of this year, Betty Hunting, gpresidientg Doftty Cox, vice- president, land Louise Pooler, secretary, gave up their offices to the officers of next year. No one can truthfully say that the Pepper Club "isn't so hot" this year. Hotter and hotter Peppers for nexft year! lst. Row: QLeft to Righ-tj Henrietta Bebber, Ellen Marie Mason, Eileen Rook, Susan lVLcGeehan, Jane Paradise, Betty Lou Milar, Bernice Dallman, Lois Mae Copeland, Evelyn Blank. 2nd, Row: Left to Righty Mary Harrison, Pansy Evans, Dorothy Shinn, Florence Shoup, Eleanor Mullison, Louise Lipp, Melba Hlamdin, Lois Crowe, Cecelia, Vierheller Luciile Ijattanner, Lueile Gaarduno, Louiise Pooler, Virginia Cecil, Dorothy Gleason, Miriam Higbee, Wanda Seligmuan, Caroline Mandell, Betty Jean Blair. 3rd, Row: fLeft to Rightj Miriam Hardin, Dorothy Cox, Lucile Huning, Bobbette Gottlieb, Anne Robertson, Elizabeth Valliamt, .Tame Van Stone, Clarita Garcia. 4ftlh. Row: CLeft to Righntj Betty Wagner, Ruth Woolever, Betty Spohr, Wyllis Beyer Jane Iden, Maxine Cooney, Helen Emily Zimmerman, Lufcile Gordon, Charlotte Owen Harvena Richter, Louise Heflin, Betty Passmore, Eleanor Jenkins. v l ' Q' 4 Kg .HG '39 , if J ' Agi a? .. ' " 'ii V A I l4'. Tri.. - L' s-1 ,ae - f- . k A 4 Pi?-- -4. V.. ,,-x'IAy"3l2l+a5fGs!g!l6i -5 X' E 5 I gm? 4 , , if .51 if , ' A i G l i Eli, X .-56... , , J- 'N U 6 Xi-.X ' ' 02,7 fFx1!...x .si , -'J D A N I7 gf,--Ju-"X 4 , .W .1-it f --4 A , -...-.'5' ii- 4 R Y Y Y YK' - THE "A" CLUB The "A" Club is an organization of boys who have won a letter im some major athletic sport at the Albuquerque High School. To win a letter in football and basketball a certain number of quarters must be played. In track, a boy must place in the State Meet held every year. To win a letter in tennis the contestant must make the trip to Los Alamos Ranch School. This organization has as its goal better sportsmanship and clean play. Lt is an old organization in High School, continuing from year to year with new officers being chosen from among its members. T-he "A" Club originated the popular "A" dances which are given about once a month, The money gained from these dances is used to further athletics in High School. Every year initiations are held and performances are given in assembly before the entire school by initiates. This year, on March 7, the "A" Club presented in the assembly a western bur- lesque with the leading parts taken by the "A" Club pledges, The play started oh' with Lady Vere de Vere, played by Pete Domenicali, leaving her dear old England. Upon arriving in America she falls in love wih Handsome Harry, played by Anthony Monkewicz. "Wild Nell" played by another pledge, Dan Gatlin, was a girl of the plains, Indifans, played by Charles Balduini and Edward Black, captured Lady Vere de Vere and threatened to kill her, Wild Nell, who has told Handsome Harry of the capture, and Harry arrive just in time to save her. During the excitement of the reunion Wild Nell kills herself with a dagger. During the play none of the actors spoke. All the sound effects, bovth physical and mental, were done by Rosemarie Osborn on the piano. Letters for football men were presented by Mr. Ream. Back row fleft to rightj-Balduini, Evans, Springer, Miera, Lucas, Singer, Schifani Front row-Rutherford, Reid, Miller, Monkewicz, Billings GX H QL qis- . FZ-in 'U WWQMP3 will Q' ' ,a r ls A Y f C t 4 f c ef , ' . Q 57 -,iwMWq,,'1migi'we fans QQ V' 5 L by s n 1 , A ff I rlu Q nv -'i we- fi X i I nf "l Ji. mis 'fl XL Klxiipv' s is i 1. ,Q X , 13 Gp 2 X X A wx , e , ang ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE As in previous years, the Assembly Committee was organized again at the begin- ning of this year for fthe purpose of providing more and .better entertainment for the students and faculty of our school. The assemblies were organized so as to give the students a variety of programs that would be inlteresting land at the same time be humorous and educational. ' A committee of three senions was appointed with Miss Goddard as faculty adviser. The committee was composed of Evelyn Finley, Florence Shoup, and Miles Gorman. This representation has worked hard in providing programs that would be interesting to the student body as a whole. The different clubs have been very helpful by presenting different assemblies. 'Ilhe Pepper Club gave a clever pep 'assembly before the Thanksgiving football game. The "A" Club presented ia "wrild west" play to the student body in February. Other entertainment was supplied by 'Dhe Cowiboy Band of North Fourth Street School, Couch Wilson, Miss Goetz, and Mr. Cramer. School talent was amply demonstrated by Rosemarie Ofsborn, Ke-ith Weeks, Lesman Chavez, Henry Daaily, both the Girls and Boys chorus classes, Wendell Burgess, the High School Orchestra, and many others. ,.......'34,....... QUILL 6: SCROLL Quill -and Scroll, International Honor Society for High 'School Journalists, requires that candidates be juniors for seniors, that rthey 'be in the upper tlhird. of their class in genenal scholastic standing, that they fbe superior in writing, editing or business management, and that they be recommended 'by -the supervisor. The Code of Ethics of the society urges that the members attain the highest success of whidh they are capable, uphold and cherish the ideals of Journalism, learn to cooperate and to respect their co-workers' lamd their advisers' opinions, and tmin themselves to appreciate the beauty in the things of evreyday life and to apply them to their work. This year students who have won recognition in different 'phases in the two or three national' contests are James Gregory, advertising, .Dames Paulaintis, sports' writingg Martha R-cot, feature story writing, and vo-cabularyg Letty Lou H.unn, 'headlineg Wesley Hurt, editorial. Students winning Scholastic Awards are Harvena Raichnter, interview, Jean MciGibbon, coiuimnsg George Thorne, sports. Next year Mr. Williams plans to have an active organization. - ----'34----- , MATH CLUB The Mlath,C.lub for the year 1933-34 did not function as well as it mriglht have, but, nevertheless, several interesting meetings were fheld. Speeches were given by Dr. Newsome and by John Teare, both of the University of New Mexico. Mr. Manny, the sponser of the club, also lectured on various p Q Albel an-d the problem -off drawing icincles 'tangent to two given lmes. hases of mathematics, Euler's line, T-he officers of the year are Crawford Dunlap, president, Mlary Wilhelm, vice- president, Clifford Etrdal, secretary. ' K I..-lr: if OXQJ Q 511 A f l ii n --.. f , - '- .,. - 5 ,f W xx ili51r.,rfs N it-wg e - -58-- X , ,A sf s . at i t . . 1 ii as 'fist , ,, x X I B K Ke A T 'i f oh" X Q ' - N X v ' , 1 fa J .f nv X 1? b y ig, ,ggww-,gg g K - .Y -..v W -w.- S. O. P. V. The fighting spirit of fthe Bulldogs and the high standards of true gentlefmeh animate the "Sons of Pancho Villa," organized this 'year at Albuquerque High School. The officers are Fred Renfro, president, Tony Armijo, vice-president, James I-Linton, secretary-treasurer, E. R. Harrington, faculty adviser. The S. O. P. V.'s have done much -to enliven the daily routine in the brick corridonsg their informal "hops" and most note-worthy of wall, "The Spring Formal" have been high lights on the Green and Whit eisocial calendar. The club has cooperated with -the school by guarding the halls during the day. Mr. E. R. Harrington, assistant track and football coach, assumed the duties of faculty adviser for the club this year. The pledges are sele-cted from the student body by the active members. Top row fleft to rigwhtj-Smith, Leese, Koch, Mi-tcihell, Shirley, Quiebedeaux, Childers, Hale, Hinton, Conant, Gann, Leifler, Y Middle row-Jenkins, Gnandjean, Parker, Spector, Rice, Paulantis, Dannel, Mackel Taggart. Bottom row-Cook, Bassett, Frazier, Hinton, Renfro, Armijo, Brown, Seligman, Gere, Kinney, l. , , J 5 if I 3 W .- fwsvi "gif .'i'i'1 2-fl . :.:. . . . 4 X. vs K AA, ,"' , " ima' fag A' ' Ei Q, if ,VX " Nw ' t if -.-- 1 , , i . ' -59- 1-Wwt we Wv 15 - , o L .,,J. ,ed U , 6 fjk , I 14 KH: of Q 'Pr 5 f s ' X 'mv .f " Q A on 'K 7, w' - ' -H if mva,ef,, sv 16. v X wx is fe, - ..A. Q f" - Y ,D I ' Til-IE PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB The Public Speaking Club, known as the Thlakwva Club to the members, meet every two weeks under the supervision of Miss Wells. The purpose of this club is to help pupils to speak before audiences with ease, In order to gain practice each member, at special times, ins assigned a subject on which to 'balk before the grourp. From this practice the girls have gained much in speaking' before church and social organizations. The club also has 'its own constitution, motto, colors, and pin. The officers of the club are Helen Louise Le Tarte, president, Ruth Beauchamp, secrefdary, and Evelyn Ann Smith, treasurer. First row fleft to right!-Jean Cletsoway, Lois Tripp, Dorothea Wagner. Second row-Lydia Costaleis, Mary Evelyn Byrd, Helen LaTarte, Kathryn Holmberg. Third row-Annie Mancelli, Edna Chahin, Romlai Beauchamp, Ruth Beauchamp. Fourth row-Ann Clayton, Lucille Loe, Juanita Walls, Velma Coleman, Evelyn Smith Fifth row-Ruth Woolever, Betty Spohr, Mary Jo Klein. 1.1: 341,..4-.- NWAWA CHESS CLUB A chess club for A. H. S. was organized for the past year lat the Y. M. C. A., with Mr. McKay as sponser and Lee Erlandson as temporary chairmian, Meetings were held eaclh Wednesday and were attended by an average of fourteen or fifteen each meeting. Many persons who had little or no knowledge of chess when they started acquired con- siderable skill bythe end of the year. During the period between the organization of the club and March 25 a tournament was held to decide the officers. The presidency was won by Lee Erlandson and the secretaryship by Crawford Dunlap. An exhibition was held one week in which Wendel Mullison of the university played the Chess Club simultaneously. He won all his matches with the exception of one game lost to Mr. McKay and one to Walter Kahn, On the whole, for a newly organized club, the Chess Club enjoyed considerable success and it is hoped that the club will be continued in the year 1934--35. Q ' 9 1l,r -fglllfr '1 1 , . s ,,,i':lqf 1 4, j p , Q r l 1 qffnfli, I ..60.. 'I. !Qm17'ETghf.-- Q , S-10 K v 'Ut ,PN -- ' F 5 . V V 6 nf In K i A x fg Q sg iq 'llllIlIlIP" "', R L -t a e , L lf' 4 C 5 '1?L'I W , 5 I 8 N Xiwsw 'EXM 'UXTQ 5 .,,, - s V.,-fi if f g J f xi . 5 THE CURRENTIJTERATURE CLUB The Current Literature Club, sponsored by Miss McGowan and sub-club of the Girls' League, has met every other Monday after school this year, At every meeting a resume of some recent book was given by a member of the lclub. Twvo parties were held at school and three others at members' homes. Officers are Louise Heflin, pcresidentg Carolyn Miles, vice-president, Henrietta Bebber, secretary, Some of the books reviewed are "As the Earth Turns," "Mutiny on the Bounty," "The Farm," "Autobiography of Flush," lst. Row: fLeft to Rightj Henrietta Bebber, Dorothy Olin. 2nd. Row: QLeft to Rightj Dixie De Graftenreid, Dorothy Cox, Betty Wegner, Louise Heflin, Vilma Coleman, Carolyn Miles, Srd. Row: fLeft to Righty Margaret Allen, Betty Shannon, Mary Louise Crump, Miss McGowan, Carol Bloom. F --m-- ' THE GIRL RESERVES More than four hundred girls in Albuquerque form the twenty-two Girl Reserve Clubs made up of girls from the third grade through high school. The objective of these clubs is to pluay for the game's sake and to be sincere, loyal and kind at all times. On May 10, a gymnasium party was given at the high school by the Sebuwisha Club, Invitations were issued to -all Girl Reserves by representatives of the Sebuwishla, who attended the various club meetings for that purpose. The party was given as a benefit to help the progress of the camp cabin which is being con- structed in Tijeras Canyon. Under the direction of Miss Sarha Finney the Sebuwisha group is learning archery in preparation for cl-amp. She will also chaperone the Sin-Loy, a little Sister to the Sebuwisha, and the Sebuwishfa to the cabin, which will be ready for occupation the first week after graduation. Beside the Sebuwisha and the Sin-Loy Clubs in high school, there is the El Loyal Club made up of Spanish-American girls, To Miss Dudley Peace, the girls' work secretary, a great deal of credit is right- fully due for the success of these thriving clubs. ly XT- . L, A 7 I i- gi g 1 'l l ' 'amwfsv -i s v -fH.mWV -f,WQ.f Q-345-Q? l-,g '- mil ,ro 1 1 i l ,i Q: VJ I X Xl X i61- -uwb llll X er If g S Al f""' . ills. ., T 1 Lv' -4, J L : A X a f P ,X J-'Aww' M:-21, K X, f Q A 5, .f'l as-'1 l "M ' X- 5 . . ' -N9 2 - S.. xu. Hyman 3? I vm .xi Xi ,X 1 1 . El Xa., G, 1, 'rv H , M... , K 'eff f 1 X N . 5 l i .mx he HI-Y CLUB The Hi-Y is a club composed of High School boys whose purpose is to create, maintain, waznd extend throughout the school and community high standards of Chris- tian character. The club was sponsored by Mr. Roy McKay the first semester, and by Mr. Charles Renirwo tihe second semester. Mr, Simonds, the Boys' Secretary of the Y. M. C. A., is also sponsoring the club. The Hi-Y has gozne on several educational tours this year iaind has had many inter- esting speakers. 'Ilhe club went to Santa Fe on February twennty-sixth to have a joint meeting with the Santa. Fe Hi-Y. The Second Annual Older Boy's Conference, sponsor- ed by the Hi-Y, was a great success, This year the Officers of the Hi-Y are: Carl Stapleton ....... .... P resident Velpeain Ryon ...... .... V ice-President Herbert Routledge .... ....-Sec,-Trelas. Back row Cleft to rlghtj-Bofb Moyer, Kenneth Sorenson, Mr. Renfro, George Mac- Dougall. . Second row-4Wa1ter Ruoff, Oarl Stapleton, Edward Steiner, Jack Warren. Front row-A, J. 'Lea.therwood, Lynch Steiner, Velpeau Ryan, Richard Broderick, 'Herbert Rutledge. 1 . I , C if I Q A 3 9 5 -if ' sl fgg ' Q 35 ' H vb iff lg ? ASINQ' X .1 - ,,,, I ..62... Li, ,D , 1 gc ,E zrijgwii . rg: if HQX KR i - . ids -ss if l sr' SFJ . if ,wx W ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY The Archaeology Society has been very active this year, Its members are composed of 1 h - - - ' ' peop e w o are tiuly interested in archaeology, and that is why so much has been done. The first thing accomplished was the esrfablilshm t f th . .. T en o e museum on the second floor which now contains four cases of specimens. From the Thund -b' 'd ' ' 61 ll on the Tunque Indian pottery the design for our Cooperative Club was derived, it is copyrighted and has also been used for the Archaeology Society pins, Several field trips to the official club rulins at Tunque have been made Tmhe charred logs excavated there have been sent to Slanita Fe amd dated to hel d ' N p e rmme the age of the ruins. Two very interesting talks feaqtured two of the regular meet- ings: one was made by Professor Klukh-olm of the University of New Mexico and Y the other by Mr. Harrington on the geological specimens filling one of the cases at the museum. The crowning event of the year was the banquet given at Brooks Inn with Dr. Hewitt of the University as guest of honor. He mqade a very interesting talk, after dinner. A slide cam ' ' ' ' " era was used to illustrate the subject, Archaeology of Northern Africa." Ruth Stern, Katherine Milner, and Stanley Hicks, Hall chanter members, attended and gave short talks. Bernard Parker, presiding as toastmaster, did a great deal toward making the banquet a success. First row fleft to rightl-Harvena Richter, Virginia Wills, Earl Burquist, Edward Helper Second row-Carol Bloom, Barbara Rankin, Carolyn Miles, Melbourne Spector, Bernard Parker Third row-Linden Brown, Wesley Hurt, Sidney Kirkpatrick. l l W ' J JT I liz 'ifzfajfvi In . , r i wg ' r ..l ' 'A ,63- ' illgluullhffg . rfk ' was Alf- . V ' J, 5 f - fx x sf' 19, 1 4: h S -' .A I ' ' VW fl' J, NX lx , x - ,. ji l S THE SPANISH CLUB This year the Spanish Clwb divided into two groups. The first year classes formed one club and the second, third, and founth year classes formed :ani advanced club. Three plays were given this year. One, "Los Pantal-ones," was given after school in the auditorium. The other two, "Un Norteamericano em Mejico" and "El Dichoso Tenorio," were given the evening of Akpril 20, in the auditorium. Spanish songs and dances were given between acts. The Advanced Club' has had several picnics during the year. The officers of the clulb are:-George Sedillo, president, Eduardo Sand-oval, vice-presidentg Alice Montoya, secretary-treasurerg Nick Martinez, sergeant at arms. The first year division of the Spanish Club held several very interesting meet- ings this year. A visit to M1aise1's Trading Post was a high light of the program. Officers for fthe year were Jean Dunlap, president, Martha Root, vice-presidentg Pauline McIntyre, secretary. iFirst row Qleft to rightj--Doris Montoya, Mary De Baca, Flora Gilliam, Angela Padilla, Alice Montoyva. H Second row-Andrea Leyba, Lena Barth, Teodoro Armigo, Florence Garcia, Odelia. -Gallegos, George Sedlillo, Solomon Lovato, Nato Hernandez, Nick Martinez. ,-,i,..'34-.,i- R A D l O C L U B The Radio Club this year, composed of the following: Wesley Rutz, John Guffey, Philip Blazovic, James McDougall, Ben Spann, Charles Dornenicali, Wesley Steele, Gregorio Sandoval, George McDougall, and Robert Major, with Mr. L. C. Goffey as sponser, Clifford Erdal as president, Marion Palmer ,as vice-president, and Mike Kirk- patrick as secretary-treasurer, met regularly to hear speakers and see interesting de- montrations, Dr. Chester F. Bebber donated a llarge part of radio parts, some of which were given to the Physics Depla-rtment, while the remaining were sold at an auction to the members of the club. The boys made their own sets and installed an aerial on the roof of the Manual Arts Building. Y B h ell oxx ...exp Eg -- . - -. . -:64- M I- x-,X li, X, V .Ax . W c .Hr ,. 4 N X e q 1 W N ' i s':L' iii!! J -is Nw-mx? M x '51 1 ' me 4 we .K 53 ,mi ,em H nlfqfmpv . f f A "'vf I, , 15,1 X , X ' A GIRLS' LEAGUE CLUBS The Correspondence and the C. E. C, fcourtesy, etiquette, charmj Clubs, divisions of the Girls' League, are sponsored by Miss Johnson. Members testify that these clubs are interesting as well as beneficial. The Girls' League, composed of every girl in school, is under the guidance of the Girls' League Council. Upper picture-Girls' League Council. First row Cleft to rightj-Betty Wlagner, Mable Gregg, -Miss Johnson. Second row-Dotty Cox, Lucille Lattinner, Edna Chahin Third row-Nell Sumner, Miss Wells, Hemvieftta Bebber, Miss McGowan, Miriam Hardin, Miss Keleher, Mary Evelyn Byrd. Lovqer picture, left-C. E. C. Club. Firyst row fleft to rightj-Henrietta Bebber, Miss Johnson, Wanda Seligman. Sec-ond novw-Miriam Hardin, Melva. Hardin, Hlazel Mourer, Pansy Evans, Irene Bentley. Third row--Mable Gregg, Florence Shoup. Lower picture, right-Correspondence Club. ' First row-Janice Bradley, Mildred Corder, Miss Johnson, Second row-Beatrice Reynolds, Corinne Wickens, Jessie Mae Reavis, Emily Pierce, Zoe Jensen, Nell Sumner. R L.: f X 1 uf Q. -1 ,. 2.1 . - i ll, vlf' niixia!! i ,4 I . "psi-9-yi .iimxu .5-iw ' -1 q rj , , X ,. M QW. -65- V-- :1 T, JS .N - - A wa 1 4' W' Sli wha I , 6' K, x D A2 f m ' , W3 i . ' ,vu ,sg np li , ff I H X p J X . Ji -K ik ,nl F L. p K . . ' . X - - - - :bf N ' fn. , V338 V- M m- ha h a' , JM 5 f ' 4 O. G. A. Albuquerque High Sclhool Shorthand Classes have been declared the winners of first place in the annual Order of Gregg contest. Between three and four hundred schools in the United States and foreign countries participate each year. In previous years the Hrst place heas been won by such schools as Provisc Township High School, Maywood, Ill., Lowell High School, Lowell, Mass., J. Sterling Morton High School, Cicero, Ill., and South St, Paul High School, St. Paul, Minn. Every shorthand pupil in a school must participate by submitting a specimen of .shorthand penmanship, The article written consists of from one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five words. To win a certificate of membership in the Order of Gregg Artists a pupil must write a specimen thlalt displays a good basic style of shorthand. If 'the writing shows more than average style development, the specimen is given Honorable Mention, which carries with it a gold pin bearing the inlsignia. of the Order. Of the ninety-five specimens submitted by the Albuquerque first-year shorthand class of this year, all met the standard and received certificates of membership. Of these, twenty-seven were awarded Honorable Mention. already held all received , V, .The twenty-one members of the advanced shorthand class who member-ship certificates sulbmitted specimens in the contest and Honorable Mention, pin set with she received Virginia Blain was awtarded the club prize of a gold O. G. A. pearls. Edith I-Iunter's paper wlas judged the best of her class and a gold pin. we A V 'Bhe space below is reserved for the autographs of this distinguished group. " H327 q ""?f'ii'?f'fQ' J' in ff 7 ' XJLLZX r 3 D12 p g ,Mia fefcgg f 'f' 6 Q ' 'ft Y ,gf VCT 1 " ' J 0 ' f ' ff 42' if . fr,-4,0 K' . Q9 . 1 2 4 1 N7 7 f 7 kfag fi FW .. ' 5 5 ' ff' fr 1 ti! g Li- fi 1.-0 : g .lf g YZ" A ' " 1 .nf Q -R I 3? .Q if . P .im . . ' c 'f l A i 1 'v'V, f,' ., lk 'A Q, J , ' .if Y al, ..f. ' 7 A. . i li fi rst.. .-66... - X X ' ' , 2 Ll lf"i - ' iw fr 'Ls -,J . ...., l r f fi. ' ix- . or C i O. G. A. Seated lleft to rightj-Mable Gregg, Kate Bossa, Robert Dolde, Ernest Cialdwell, Reuben Orteigo, Arthur Milligan, Talmai Goddinig, Zola McAdams, Pearl Wold, Tillie Baca, Bernice Dallman, Grace Van Dongen, Myrl Vlanderford. First row standing-Alberta Miller, Isabelle Trujillo, Bettie Passamore, Loraine Purdie, Velma Coleman, June Schoen, Doropthy Bittner, Rosalie Baca, Hazel Mourer, Ellen Marie Mason, Ruby Bradshaw, Florence Shoup, Ada Shelton, Harriet Jo Wentworth, Marjorie Wiggins, June Burch, Iola Evans, Dorothy Isenhart, Luella Nicholas, Nell Christy, Roberta Steed, June Keyohara. Second row standing-Juanita Murray, Glenna Lee Cowardin, Bobbie Kirk, Fern Wood, Wilma Lynch, Martha Hauser, Phyllis Gielitz, Vera Stahnke, Ann'e Lucas, Lucille Livingston, Betty Wagner, Delia Chavez, Susie Chavez, Angelina Mar- tinez, Petriha Sanchez, Ella Candelaria, Betty Wilson, Louisa Duran, Caroline Matteson, Eloise Shannon, Alvhild Vallevik, Ruth Woolever, Third row standing-Dorothy Hendricks, Verdie Colclasure, Barbara Brown, Lucrile Latvtanner, Clara Benson, Evelyn Gray, Victoria Griego, Edna Chahin, Willys Beyer, Vivian Dunsworth, Juanita Walls, Ruth Billings, Paula Haines, Elizabeth Heckman, Mary Lujan, Eloisa Gutierrez, Margaret Allen, Lois Malone, Lorraine Pickett, Corinne Sandoval Orvilla Vigil, Dorothia Wagner. Fourth row standing-Betty Huning, Georgina Cogswell, Lydiia Norton, Genevieve Stern, Bernice Marchant, Nettie Mae Stribling, Edith Hunter, Virginia Blain, Marjorie Means, Marjorie Cummings, Pearl Sweazea, Elaine Simmons, Mary Jean Wilsey, Kathleen Wilds, Mable Riebe, Ruth Faulconer, Myrtle Lynch, Fern Gragg, Robbette Gottlieb, Tillie Arrighetti, Jane Van Stone, Dixie De Grafften- reid, Ann Robertson, Louise Pooler, Virginia Reynolds, Helen Harwood, Dorothy Kinsell, Mary Gutierrez, Elizabeth Roberts. J , ,J it a f e e A 43 A I -.:'- :r 4: ,,., N S, H W ill, -67- X I f- -...:ll!g!'eHlmP 'K wma sk 0 s -fu, 7,.,. J-22.549 .xx l R ',,A 1 lllms X, at x! Q Af. X ' X at , K'-ill.. L -'fi.,..ll.. n ' Xu ' A ., I -4. .1-o, i . as ,Nw UwA:.m,-,:...- gi I , , ,. YR ' A 1 i ---.-----' g l' I Gp! ' X' - W . .3 Il- ' GIRL'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls' Athletic Association, one of the leading organizations of the high school, is growing -every year. Every girl is elegiible for membership in this organi- zation which has charge of all girls' athletics. It has sponsored a number of parties in the gym to raise money for the letters the girls are to receive this year. About 'thirty girls are to receive letters this year whiich are aw2arded by the G. A, A. Through its activity fund G.A.A. is able to ibuy equipmenit for gym classes. G, A. A. sponsors the tennzis tournaments in spring and fall. G. A. A. iheld an election ianid the following girls were elected for the coming -year: Henrietta Bebber, president, Dorothila Wagner, vice-lpresidentg Marjorie Means, secretary-itresaurer. G. A. A, is holding a banquet this -spring where they will -aiwfard letters, present a cup to the class winning the basketball tournament, and elect sport heads. G. A. A. is sponsoring ia series of four hikes, 'Iihe girls receive fifty points for a. three, a five, a seven, land a ten mile hike. We hope for a still larger group next year: 11.-- ...-.. Back Row Elaine Simmons, Henrietta Bebber, Ruth Heron, Donelle Carson, Mable Gregg, Marjorie Means, Miss Finney, Gertrude Byrne, Charlotte Jackson, Letty Lou Hunn, Lois Copeland, Annetta Taylor. Second Row: Betty Goodner Ella Lou Dickenson, Clara Swayne, Ruby Steele, Kath- leen Wildis, Emma Miller, Vinginia Holt, Alice Elmore, Mary Martin, Edna Chahin Mary Nyborg, Betty Hodd, Glenrose Thornell, Betty Schenck, Zoe Jensen, Laura Ramirez, Betty Jean Blair, Louise Lipp. Front Row: Melva Reid, Gladys Leirer, Mildred Irwiin, Rose Porter Vesta Clayton, Sybil Rider, Flora Gilliam. -----'34--- TUMBLERS' CLUB The Tumblers Club, ufndier the 'able direction of Miss Sarah Fdnney,uhias been grelatly improved. More girls ihave joined land they all have great fun practicing, However, they are all very 'serious in their work and a great many difficult feats have been accomplished by their combined efforts. ii! v 57' We -I f Q i f. " " - 'a libi Al.-1 wir ' 'R L 'L- 1 6- . . ,ff 3- 1 x, -41, A . v e 1 ., ,Q i ,, . , S, K iq, H V , , g 1: J f I I h ff X -63- 4, f QW 555 ' 5l Q W a'2-MM , if J 1 is GIRL'S BASKETBALL Gir1's basketball was well represented this year by two winning teams. The noon 'team beat the Indians in two exciting games and the Sophomore team "gained fameandl "b df ' ' " ' g ory y e eating the Seniors and by winning the inter-class tournament The girls always participate eagerly in this particular sport and there is excellenlt cooperation among the players. The finals in the interclnasg tournam t 4 en were very interesting as the Seniors played the Sophomores, and class feeling made them play an extra hard game. This year is the first time ein four years that the interclass tournament has been won :by the Sophomore class. SOPHOMORE TEAM Back-Patty Kempe, Zoe Jenson, Dora Baca Front-Mary Ramirez, Tommie Lucero, Clara Garcia NOON TEAM Back Row: Reaser, Creswell, O. Gallegos, Lucero, C. Garcia, Second Row: Smith, Nyborg, Heron, Martin, Gregg. Front Row: L. Gallegos, Ramirez, Means, Thornell, Mathews, cr' 1 .15 J JT 4 at 4 i s F 'nsir T ag: 1691 fi lla 9 - ' - A i AX "W -R unease sa 3' ,J l g X IN rx ls, eg-2-gi , . , ,, i "J i . ' ' .f V ie. X K - . , 1,,?xg!llwI!l'!pl 'lg ' I, A a s 'E .Q 5' ' "li l f ' ' N - lu f N .ana-. D 4- W , if Nw' K V, 'u-.vx.'lU X ' 1 . 'aff ' I wk 1 f crr, 5 , R GIRL'S TENNIS There were two tennis tournaments held this year. The winner of both was Lucille Lattanner. In the autumn, Lucille became the winner aflter hard climbing' "up the tennis ladder" by finlally defeating Louise Pooler in the finals 6-4, 4-6, 6-3. In the spring :she became winner by defeating Lucile Garduno 6-4, 6-2. The three outstanding tennis players of the year who lare to go to Roswell for the state meet. are Louise Pooler, Lucile Lattanner and Lucile Gardsuno. RX Louise Pooler, Lucile Grarduno, Lucille Dattanner R X -o--'34-- is SOCCER Bam-ouch-my shin! This is the faint echo of what is generally heard when-, the girls undertook soccer this year. 'Dhe seventh iperi-od Tuesday and Thunsday telalm won the tournament which was held amonvg the -girls' gym classes, These' hard-wxorkihg girls were on the team: Gregg, Nasci, Reid, Bebber, Robles, Ramirez, Reynolds, Faulconer, Heron, Nell and Koch. .1..l'3 4.l.... VOLLEY BALL As usual the girls eagerly participated in volley ball. The iirst team in volley' ball cvonxsisted this year of' Reaser, Gwregg, Mirahan, Huning, Nixon, Robertson, Hood, Harding, Porter, Th0lVIl6ll, and Nyborg. TQ, F ,2 lf T56 A iii A :Evite ' I A I-Wil' if I R Qil 3 L' aj? -' I --'N Alft- F -'I ffei-gL'4f'fffsiifli1F1fM-ah., f is " ' l?lf1t4ff ' rt.. X-7 0- QD IR - ' .... ., .....A ggi ' ,ff if Wi it 'XP N CHRISTMAS CANTATA "O Holy Night," the Christmas Cantata of 1934, delayed by the scarlet fever epidemic, was presented in January on two nights, in order that all who wished to hear might have the opportunity. Presented by the girls' chorus cllaisses, the Cantata was a beautiful spectacle. The chorus in red .and white vestments had a backwground of white curtain and an illumined cathedral window of the Mother Mary an-d Othe Child Christ. On each side of the window 'were two sets of the orglan pipes sending 'out the smooth melodiouis strains of holy compositions, Miss Sisk, appearing in a black velvet evening gdress adorned with a corsage, directed the medley of voices in their various interpretations. Vocal solos were given by Maxine Maleftte, Adah Sackett, Betty Jean Blair, Neioia Burgess, and Helefn Emily Zimfmerman. The reader 'of the Bible selections was Henrietta Bebber. 5 f C I 1 I , YQ ox U Nd X- -s v 'iw + iii' f e .e -. , s 'C o ' M l- uf L, . 6 V ' .4 ii l. :Lge fl X H ' iq5i'f'?ff5ri1'iQl 4, , fi - -r i-i1 i ill filly' lvjwi fp M, 'X ' I I . s t iv fk wfs Q xv,l in 1 . uw,wNX K ,X ,s Q , ,Qi - Aj . vt . X ,Q JI X 1' ff 10, J X G 5 NK.. J are -A zlaalnrf-for in he eore carmirvifii n g :avi v - J ,D 1 3 W 5 ,sqft S K Q 9 . fx ' ii, fi i ...- V-an - as ' A ' -N. x X i . 1,3,1'hg,'g1qpv v lim as-w,,9Yb Q, all ' "'5 .. . g - s - ' sw 4' , 1 -' 1 4- 4 xgf K cv vw-'CTV v L l 1 V f, ff WX 1 T H E O P E R E T T A This year the music department gave "The Prince of Pilsen." Presented by the combined Glee Club and Girls' Chorus classes of Albuquerque High School, this delightful musical comedy by Pixley and Luders played to record-breaking crowds for two performances and was acclaimed one of the most outstanding musical events in Albuquerque High's history. Replete with a colorful setting, charming music, and snappy dances, it carried the audience through two sparkling act full of comedy and gaiety. The story was about the amusing predicaments of a Cincinnati beer-brewer who was mistaken for a German prince travelling incognito and who became involved with plots, duels, and ai widow, The comedy roles were the brewer, Hans Wagner, played by Bernard Thomlasg and Artie, an English earl, played by Melbourne Spectorp both of these vied for the affections of the widow, Anne Lucas. The setting, the coutyardterrace of the Hotel Internationale at Nice, was very attractive. Most colorful was the Tally-ho number, a. visa of the red, white, and black costumes of an Englishfox hunt. ' The gendvarmes chorus consisting of a number of high-and-mighty minions of the ltaw added a hilarious bit of comedy. The scene that drew most applause, how- ever, was the chorus of American girls in which there was a young lady accompanied by an appropriate chorus to represent each importanit American city. The climlax was the grand finale with the entire company singing "Fall In". The faculty advisers, as well as the students, were important in making "The Prince of Pilsen" a success. As in the past, Miss Helen Sisk was the guiding force that made the opera possible. She devoted innumerable hours to rehearsing the east -and to making sure that no important detail was lacking. Miss Shepard was, responsible for the dramatic supervision. Mr. Cramer rehearsed the musical score under the 'direction of Miss Sisk. 'Standing fleft to rightj--Betty Jean Blair, Eiduaardo Sandoval, Tony Armijo, George Wilds, Bernard Thomas, Melbourne Spector, Anne Lucas Seated-Gladys Floyd, Frank Donlin, Helen Zimmerman, James Jenkins We K f, Rf 4 I . 3. H I I - .-Q fliifia J 6 ill -1 'iii V fr. ' r"'TPi,-fflfl 1' ' A V: - " 333i'f 1 rf 'BTX 'mllfltai Y lg. 1.7 2... rf ff , 9 A a s A ' :A SV 1 A 'HA X l l x:.l'! -..y R X kg -I ,'1 1 D , Q .lsggifigl - :gf ii E , , NH E...-l - THE BAND The band was even a greater success this year than in previous years. We have recelived great pleasure from their performances at the .snake dances, football games, basketball games, and other occasions. At the parades Mr. Cramer played with the band and let the drum major have complete charge. The band captain was Marion Palmer. Recently the band gave a concert at Highland Park. Fifty members of the band helped to make it bigger and better than before and Mr. Cramer hopes to keep increasing the membership next year. ' '34..-i, THE ORCHESTRA The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Carl Cramer, this year has played for several appreciative assemblies of students, faculty, 'and guests. In the concerts rat the Lincoln and the Washington Junior High Schools and in the those given by the combined orchestras and bands of the city at the Carlisle Gymnasium, our orchestra players have shown great adaptability. On March 16, 1934, the orchestra gave its first annual concert and received great praise. We are sorry that some of the members must leave us through graduation. but we are glad that new players are coming from the Junior High Schools to fill the places vacated. K 1 V1 t gi IL, Jr- .11 ,J ,,, wt ln' 5, 4- I .1 it . -: ' s' Nl' 5 - lk' 7 ' 1 AT I :fe m Q13 in A L .V T . .'J,,.xsg,Z ragga Au J , A yn V i Tmllmmmli 73 ' Kill V X 63 ii ' - . ig. 'H ,f-'K -9 i ,T?5':l!!' t M -r ' f -N. X-. F, Q ., 3 li ----'uw-1 'Q - X ' jf' Y ll X JUNIOR PLAY The class of '34 decided :to be different this time in presenting the annual Junior playg hence they decided to give three one act plays instead of ua -one three-act play. Under the capable direction of Miss Shepard the Juniors turned out three separate plays that were excellently handled by the casts. The plays were presented two nights, November 8 and 9, The curtain rose on a princess whose golden tresses were being combed by her maid. The pluay got under way rapidly and the audience discovered the princess QBunny Bennettj would not be a mere "figurehead" for her people and would not marry the prince as she logically should. She decided to marry a fisherman who romantically climbed into her boud-oir via a window. There were some amusing incidents between the princess aaand the common fisherman fFrank Young-Jg however, fthe delightful play ended with the 'princess discovering 'that the fisherman was the prince she had sq long refused to marry, The play was appropriately called "Figureheads." The cast was 'as follows: Bunny Bennett, Frank Young, Henrietta Bebber, Cecil Navin, Marion Palmer, Betty Jane Parnham, and Rose Lee Nealson. Lydia Norton was the manager. First row Qstandingj-Inez Cox, Katherine Bell, Fern Little Second row Qstand,ing'J-Helen Harwood, Ed Steiner, Helen Kinnaird, Nettie Mae Stribling, Margaret Allen. Third row fstandingj-Marjorie Means, Cecilia Vierheller, Patsy Macpherson, 'll L P t Clancy Haarriet Connell Dixie De Graftenreid Lucie owe, a , ' , . Seated-Robert Sprecher, Louise Pooler, Richard Broderick, Robert Katz, Lydia Norton. ' x L Fl: 'Cl Ki-,Q-1511 2 A 1 . aff'-viii , S , f lip - 431 'if 'L Ii3ff,.'- -, 3 K ' W H lb f" i - it a s K2 C' ligiltullii 7 X ii" QW- X - i , guilt WY YY - 1 N x nf " " N xt N Q! 4 if dy 2915 5, 'I if Nf...x J I. SG? .vp 'Lf Ig' " I tfw j ur. vw c --.J 5129 ig " , Q X' f ff' ,-. - THE JUNIOR PLAY The secon , g comedy of six girls rehearsing one of the very gloomy and tragic Irish plays. But what should have been a tearful tragedy somehow turned into a superb comedy. The cast consisted of Lucille Lattanner, Anne Lucas, Virginia Bllain, Elizabeth Valliant. Clarita Garcia, and Betty Wilson. The last play, but nort the least, "The Knave of Hearts", was a delightful comedy laid in the royal kitchen of the King of Hearts. The cast included Louise Pooler, Richlard Broderick, Helen Kinnaird, Bobby Katz, James Thomas, Dixie De- Graftenreid, Marjorie Means, Bob Sprecher, Pat Clancy, A. J. Leatherwood, Cecilia Vierheller, Patsy MacPherson, Margaret Allen, Harriet Connell, Nettie May Stribling, Inez Cox, Fern Little, and Lucille Lowe, In this play the reason that the Knave of Hearts stole the tart f i s was un olded to the audience. It seemed that he and the Queen of Hearts were in collrabodation and he was onlytrying to be of assistance to Her Majesty Nevertheless the la, - 1 P Y ended happily for' all concerned, and the curtain fell on one of the most delightful d play by Christopher Morley was "Rehearsals" an amusin evenings ever given by a Junior Class. First row fstandingJElizabet hValliant, Virginia Blain, Lucile Lattanner. ucas, Clarita Garcia, Elizabeth Second row fstandingj-Marion Palmer, Anne L Wilson, Margaret Davidson, Betty Jane Parnhaim, Jane Thomas Third row fstandingb-A. J. Leatherwovod, Roselee Nell, Henrietta Bebber Seated-Mildred Bennett, Frank Young. f .war 1 67 EA - ,U E.. 'Ig fum C V ti f' ni S i an . J rf R f ALBUQUERQUE. HIGH JINKS The High Jinks of 1934 was a great success, It consisted mainly of musical scores and entertainments. The dancing and singing were chief features of the viaried pro- gram. Bernard Thomas opened the program with a short song, inducing all to look and listen. The first section. called "The Melting Pot", consisted of representatives of var- ious nations, with "The Sailor Chorus", made up of the S. O. P, V. boys, "The Bowery Dance," by Lydiva Norton and Wendell Burgess, and a representative of Italy by Ellen Marie Mason and Mariette Couloudon, A bull fight represented Spain, an acrobatic number, Russia, and ia dance by Florence Knight, the Orient. Dutch dance, a French number, and a Chinese representation closed this section. An historical comedy, "Julius Caesar," written and directed by Mannie Foster, followed, The principal characters were portrayed by Melbourne Spector, Bobby Katz, Frank Donlin, Beans Renfro, Nathan Krisberg, Marvin Lucas, and Rayburn Rice. "I Do, I Do, I Do," a mock wedding, was played by Bernard Thomas ias a minister, Dixie DeGraftenried as the bride, Charles Bassett as the groom, John Guffey as the best man, and Dorothy Cox as the maid of honor. "The Midnight Fantasy was presented next, accompanied by Marilyn Thompson on the harp. "Puddin' Head Jones," an interpretation of the afore-nramed song was presented by Baugh Dannel and Henrietta Bebber, assisted -by others. "Western Harmonies", a western skit, wias made up of cowboy songs and dancing. Eiddiie Sandova1's vocal solo was, of course, romantic. ' Keith Weeks and his orchestra were the accocmplanist. Much credit for the selec- tion of numbers is to be given to Mrs. Kennedy and Miss Bruno, x ,,l'x WAP twig ii I ., .. W I, 4: i ,,,,w lx ff Ne my 17 6.. ., 1 L 'A .7 . . e 'aw A i 9 . ff ' ii lit " f , Sexy N ' X ' H' "v-" 1.9 .li . Q-IS XXX JT E' Qi' 1 1 Q " 'W A sm v, u ' ' X , ,fi s, ,,. 5 , 1 1 Zig! 'I 4 J NX X3 PR , -Qs. i 1 . L i V' f ,151 If' or f fvyikf 1 f G J A . 4' T F , li V : UQ , w fx x e.. X , , , ini, gvrmy na xi-2:,w5x8 X if Q . 5I!""""" ' Qi I 5 'ill' I K X .xi X , V , . X . V N A M, X V ' Km ft 5 , q fr f SENIOR PLAY "THE BOOMERANGU The Seniors of the year 1933-1934 offered for their iannual class play a very popular comedy, "The Boomerang," which was presented on April 13-14, 1934. The plot deals with a young medico, Dr. Gerald Sumner, just returned from abroad to practice medicine. He and his nurse, Virginia Xelva, try to cure Bud Woodbridge, a nervous, run-down young man, who-se love and intense jealousy for Grace Taylor hals put him in the condition he is in. The prog'r1am prescribed for Bud is so stiff that his min-d is continually occupied, and in ia month he is well on his way to recovery. At the same time Virginia finds herself in need of the same treatment, for she has fallen in love wih Dr. Sumner, not knowing that he is in love with her secretly. Virginia turns out to be the niece of a very rich man, and she is. going to lea-ve Dr. Sumner to live with her uncle. Just as she is about to gio, Gerald confesses. his love for her. Meanwhile Grace Tyler finds that she loves Bud, comes back to him, and everything' ends happily. An unusual feature about the play was that there were two casts. Both were well trained by Miss Shepard, and the play was a big success both nights. lst. Row: QLeft to Righty Marilyn Thompson, Lucille Gordon 2nd. Row: QLeft to Rightb Harvena Richter, Ernest Caldwell, Helen Zimmerman, Willys Beyer, John Sackett, Marie Bishop, Bernard Thomas, Betty Wagner, 3rd, Row: fLeft to Rightj Howard Reid, Betty Huning, Robert Mather, Dorothy Olin Wesley Hurt, Mary Louise Crump, Jim De Valk, Louise Heflin, Philip Shirley, Stanley Kock, Irene Swatzell. Ci' K 'D 3 sf f f . m J - 1. K .1 it Ne 7 ' -tar' V W? in , W , N1 . " 1 li 4 r Nl X ..7 7.. ' - Y I , , f , Q AW- fix x . '7"fTllllr'g1'gll!!'l'S'g GQX ".-,ff 'yu-Mex Wil ' - Q-' ' ' X 1 - -uhm .4 4 at s"'-nr-F, in A -Us ,mx . V- 1 . s X' I II ,N ' . A Wi A i , :1 j..,,l' ,imlililgl 1-ls R di S A . ' 5 X ' 'Q v My I' wx Q, 55 . g A RECORD STAFF Tfhirteen issues of the Albuquerque Record were put out this year by the following staff: Howard Reid., editor-sin-chief, Martha Root, assistant editor, Jean McGi1bbon, news editor, George Thorne, sports editor, Lucile Lattrann-er an-d Ruth Heron, girls' sports editors, Nathan Krisberg, circulation manalgerg Clifford Erdal and James Paulantis, senii-or reporters, Letty Lou Hunn, junior re-porter and exchangesg Phyllis Le Feber and June Crawford, sophomore rerporhersg llsabel Gorman, jokes and exchangesg Wesley Hurt, earboonistg Fred Renfro, sports re porterg Llaiura Davidson, Betty Thompson, Barbara Rankin, copy readers, Rosalie Baca, Edfna Chahin, Marion Suggs, typists, Mr. Allen B. Williams was editorial sponsor and Mr. E, V. Carleton, printing sponsor. 'Dhe Record this year won first prize in the state having been chosen 'by Columbia University as the best high school paper in New Mexico. Members of the staff also won prizes in Quill and Scroll and Scholastic Awards contests. The staff enjoyed two picnics during the school year and the annual Press Banquet at the close of the season. 1 The Record is a member of News Mex-ico Interscholalstic Press Associationg Quill and Scroll, and National Scholastic Press Assowciatilon. Notice was received last fall that the Record was winner of Quill and Scroll First Place Internhttonml Alward. I First row fleft to rightl-Isabelle Gorman, Martha Root, Ruth Heron, Barbana. Rankin, Luzcge Lattaner, Jean McGibbon, Second row-+M7a oh Suggs, June Crawford, Phyllis Le Feber, Letty Lou Hunn, Beatty Thompson, Rosalie Baca, Laura Jean Davidson. Third row-George Thorne, Wesley Hurt, Fred Renfro, Mr. Williams. X' Those whose pictures do not lappear--Howard Reid, Edna Ghahin, - ,. .f dl. - 5 4 5, , ', P, ,,' - . . 'KR - A, fr A .. ,I jf CW 1: , Q" ' , I -Hiltfff S, e f 15452. 178.- MGE X fiifw ff df ig Pink, V I f 7 u ' '4QNiQ:Lk-V .. , v, ,f -V Y 'limi-ww WW,x,7,,..-i- -virjgggij 'T"T 'ii-" iw 'H 7 "" 5 if Y ix " ' ' 'Y A if ,I x N2 A N A Q Y Nkf' 35- X XJ. Nfl Xlxfsinii N X Q . x N I , V ,t nj ' I' K . 73- 0,15 I Y v , A. H. S. FROM THE AIR t 1 -eil 1 L fwhu N xcfbafm ' 'qkxf ff Q . x A v I.. Kg . 647 -S J A V . ' .P 1?--'fff A ' I - 9-" 7 1 A "-" . : 11 1 ,,, 'U' A xmf . f 14, ' VV' ' e x-Z36f'1vXxy:i . 4 V: y. rv A , -' f' U. , W ,.. . Xu -:M 3"2 A . as A ' 2 3 455' l ' V - I V- x 7- 1' .A - l 1 ,- . A ,-' ' 49 If 4 Y F 113.117, ,. , ff -. - ,, .,1 - --we up N f ---1 - N . wi ax f W Lf' A . . -. . f 0 "--P ' ' ' Kimi? i'W4mif:b 74, -WW . " ', Q X 5-124,46 ' ' Aw ff 3 9 T 'fx fx bl 1 ' K' J .,x, vi, X ' 'f 'Ng 1, ' x X ,qua - x u v, 1 W ,g 5 5 W MAIN BUILDING , OJ 4 wvF"k'1f,W A ' wm W Y -, '- 3 I , 5 , Tk, SQ' 4 my Q ...1 , , :J A 6 V , foo gf! v- ' A L4 ,,' 3 4, I , . +L , Q, S . 1 .E .r. X x -A f V 1 L' P"-' ll' , ' x i,-f?'fsSfQ1'? gg 4 5. Q. v . , f 'M ' "' 4. ' H , uxfy, V A , g 'nl W , I :V ' x f M , x - ' A I xv 'QQ ff X' G wdgsuflf ' 5 f M M Wi , jf. X 4 1 M . , x RQI . " if ff MANUAL AYQTS BUILDING I ,Q gif - Pk .4 f ' igze yin . l 1 -Y f - . K 4. v . I-:JL-:77 , 4--5, Lvlf .fx-T 13, 25,11 .fx fx Q i X, 1? .-', 1.5, ' ,r-A , 4 , 7 -fir. IW A ffl' J 'f fam,-.f.5 9 M 1 If 5' 'f' I- A 5??31' w 38 .5 1 Q M .,- . " G ' P L 1 X 4 7 5 ' K A t x., H !l:,:l, LJ X ,Q x , 1 X . Iwi ' " Y JXYBQ R I 5 Qi -In .L . 5 X . ' 1, In X no -aan -sf' x N N, Q I ' Ag ! ! I, A X x TH-E ANNEX A, R , WW57f?73f4mx , f-L L , 'f F 2 .' . . ox 1 ' , -4 fm. X gsv ,Q1.,g, 5,35 A , 2 41 ,. H QM R , ff g. yi: M' 7" L,, .f ,, and-fwt'al, Q t ' ws, lil , : ' t , , L' 1' T Q ,A i 5 194: . If-IK aim 5 . V I 'I f, , x px fr' e13rfC"5 a i , :M ffm LA REATA STAFF "Where's that write-up?" "Will you type 'this for me?" "Why I just sent you some copy." Wlho has those proofs?" "Did you see those pictures?" These interrogations land exclialmations are -only a few of the "pleas" enclosed in the La Reata "sweat shop" seventh period through the constant cooperation of the Art Departmenlt, Printing Department and La Reata Staff this annual is published, and we hope that it will meet the approval of the faulty and student body. Tfhe staff is not going fto apologize for, but simply explain, a few of the Seemingly unsurpassable difficulties confron-ting it at different times. The La Reata Staff has tried to cooperate in every way possible with the "New Deal," Not only has the staff attempted to curb the expenses of the annual, but even to lighten the burden of the students by having them hand in small, inexpensive pictures instead of Pthe large expensive ones used in previous years. The students responded splendidly to the request for pictures. In spite of the fact that the clubs had to pay for their pictures, there is a larger club section than previous years. The members of the staff and their positions are: Sidney Kirkpatrick, editor- in-chief, Florence Shoup, assiciate editor, James Leese, circulation manlager, George Hesseldon, senior circulation editor, Agnes Forward, senior editor, Tony Armijo, boys' sports editor, Bunny Bennett, girls' sports editor, Ruth Kelly, assistant girls' sports editor, Jean Dunlap, editor of awards and clubs, Carolyn Miles, literary editor, Sammie Bratton, junior editor, Henrietta Bebber, assistant junior editor, Nettie Mlae Sitribling, music editor, Louise Pooler, theme editor, Bernice Marchant, forensic editor, Irene Hashimoto, publicity manalger, Virginia Blain, junior circu- laition manager, Jane Maier, sophomore edior, Jean Cletsoway, assistant sophomore editor, Louise Lipp, sophomore circulation manager, typists, Mable Gregg, Mary Louise Bezemek, and Cfaroline Matteson. lst- Row: fLeft to Rightj Nettie Mae Stribling, Mable Gregg, Bunny Bennett, Sammie Bratton. 2nd, Row: fLeft to Rightl Carolyn Miles, Henrietta Bebber, Jeane Maier, Louise Lipp, Jean Cletsoway. 3rd, Rowz- fLeft to Rightl James Leise, Florence Shoup, Irene Hashimoto, Jean Dunlap. 4th row fleft to right-Sidney .Kirkpatrick, George Hesseldon, Tony Armijo, Louise Pooler, Ruth Kelly, Virginia Blaine. Those whose pictures do not appear: Agnes Forward, Mary Louise Bezemek, Caroline Matteson, Bernice Marchant. . ffl' i fl ef li .cfs as f . . K ' Xl ..7 9... Y Sui as fzrif P T ll il sg . Q f ,RN-f"'i 'H 4 1 45 swsk ,e w 2'Z'-MY ,i .s at ' IVYR we THE ART STAFF Under the excellent direction of Miss Helen Sisk, the Art Staff has a fine record of admirable accomplishments. It is customary for the more talented and enthusiastic members of the staff to contribute drawings developing' theme of our annualg the best of these are chosen. This year the theme is the happy-go-lucky circus life with all its gaiety and glee. All the pictures 'are exceptionally well drawn, and they shown signs of painstaking care and promising artcraft, We extend our thanks to the Art Staff for working in this wonderful spiritg we compliment them on their fine results which exceeded even our anticipation. 4Left to right standingjz T. K. Dinger, "Borders"g Pearl Sweazea, "Sports"g Lucille Huning, "The Big Top"g Louise Heflin, "The End". 1Leift to right, sittingj : Helen Zimmerman, "Borders"g Ruth Reaves, "Animal , Josephine Mendelson, "Performers", Those whose pictures do not appear: Pauline Kronoineyer, "Ex Libris"g Doris Westlake, "Frontice", "Side-Shows. :tail ji A h e .1 5 : 5, Ji 535-if "iff L' T U lvl . Q "'l . P 'WP' " V 1.- ' 3 fn u 4 lo! 'Q Q , - b. t A . . ! T P all .-801 Z 4 4 ,MA 5 f ip 'ffiwwf xp t Rf ff ,Q , fn ,', wtf P , fl 77 A' A 1fI"!l9" QFVL U X6 LQ, X4 IJ QXRQNKYX fu .kk DUUGQVX4 XJ QVNVNQ IQQ. ,V . ' A- V 6 v V ' X X!5j3O0SMQQ, KKCITI LL XXV V QXX5 WMKM iillxa W fwzsw WWVWQMV 7 RY si 1 XA-5 QR wx? 3 oXg?EgfVi1i'ufirZ1T1ELZZiifaf0L'J U H We ax' 5 l 44 x x 5. 5

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