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H Q gi 3 3 34 1, 3 A E fl ,l ri 1 3 nu il it 3 1 E 5 5 2 . V V f'-' -- -- -I-W:-Y ffgf , -4-V: --Q-V' VLms?,V..v-iq, yffyf F- Q7-U f--. L,::-i?zif4- f ,-f,fq24,,g: Hipwgqgigf.-k :gb?fk,,if?,f.,,.,,.,,.H,,,X , ,, ,5,,:gg,12Q5ff,7gqg6,-14,4.--- - - - x -,twig--M 2,424 A1-1-V Auf- -me-M--cffffff-11 Lwmlfnmlsmlsmmlsu DEDICA T I ON ElET We, the seniors of nineteen hundred sixty-four, wish to dedicate this, our yearbook, to the school custodians, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bassa, for their endless efforts toward making our school life pleas- ant. Their special care of the school facilities, their help whenever help was needed, their presence at all school activities, and their friendly person- alities, all have added something special to our years at AlBrook. The many times that nTedH and Nlrenen have made it possible for us to stay after school to work on the annual and the paper, to participate in many other activities, are too many to mention. We pay tribute to them now, in the pages of this annual, and we hope that our appreciation can, in this way, be made known to them. fzv,afgf',f?fv!m,,-' f, . 5' 3M,QWfj,',,'f '- , .Q ,R -.+f,,,:.. , 1. ,.,.,LH- , . wg, ,V.-gfgwf g, f,,f.,g1,.y,3w.e '4 1 X J'jw3"f24W!51 4 :J ' Q . . Efiwwf, - ,I W- if 2 f' W5 gd, ,ffyw M ,.,. M. ,L ' , ' wwngafih. 1, ww W ,'fYZ'i'M3vf+: 2 ,mw??wj5:fggrr,: I 3 ffwf, , 1 ,,-gffff 3,, Mfivfffe, 36353443-1 K 5 'IEkf1Y'+'fU,.,'? . wgiliwfgv? fr-, , . ,Q gm ,43g,JA.,.n S., if 7? uWSf?LJ'f'5 ' f.f,,:1rfnsw' gfrBf3gH?w:g44:faL , ' -Kms.: 31f:f.Lw.Lf:,, -,ww i'+Efff1Gsw1,+ A, wifi Swiijj. ,A ,, 1355?-ET 4' 1 3 f w f wif f W, uv: sv. , 'mf ww Wa, g K mf A,'h - , I 1 7x.,,,,,,fbk,f-,vw ,. V M M sg :ff 5 My ,W,,,,,,1,,,,, rm :ax Wig in Jn , YQWIEIIEIQTGHQIQTEPRINCIPAL i.lQEU K lip 17" 'Lmmnmm Ulf umm M4 'Um Mr Ness has solved many problems slnce the format1on of the new school He has worked many long hours to make everyth1ng run smoothly Every day there 15 a new problem to find a solut1on for, and every day there has to be a dec1s1on made There is no way to say a Suff1C16nt nthank youu for all th1s work, but we want h1m to know through thls annual, that we appreclate all he has done. Thank you,Mr. Ness! 5ll!T'fHLi1l51'5lEuLll:"ullEnlEu1lfilW I 5 nf' Hg,, ,H -W, NH ' ,., nsgf fly, N' ' .Q , -M-umm-1 Q. 1 ---my .,p.,w--v-W f "' 'nj x rfnlmuw -flu A ,,,,, W L, r Y, W, UF' f' rxiw- .. . ' ?" -f - , ' -2 Y' H- am , newer -on mn,-...,.,. Ugg, -, g,n,,MmYm f l V - 'M , , ' , . R girl. Nl , M'Qm:-x A XR ' . w M 'f , , w,,,.x:1Hl!Ksf-"' A A ' 1 - ' se ...M-l, ,Muff 1 I . u -"'T'g' 12? Mrs. Jeane Olson Home Economics 7-12 Mr. Richard Tuominen Physical Ed. 7-l2 Health 7-10 Biology 10 Science ,B 7 Basketball Coach Mr. Rodney Rosandich College Algebra l2 Trigonometry 12 Cont. Geometry lO Physics l2 Mathematics 8 Elem. Algebra 9 HCM Team Basketball Coach Mrs. Jennie Nelson English ll English 12 Physical Ed. 7-12 Health 7-lO Homeroom 12 Cheerleaders Pep Club Declamation Advisor Annual Advisor Miss Bertha Wehka Remedial Reading Mr. Val Melgeorge American History l0 world History ll Social Problems 12 H5 I . mm ws . ,Q Mgr .C A-Sv, Au.. . ,,,--.,L Mrs. Ellen Borich English 10 English Snglish Art Mr. Eli Ogann ng.-Shop Shop Chemistry Shop F. F. A. Mr. David Beadle Shop Shop Social Studies General Mathematics ,Mechanical Drawing Football Coach HBH Basketball Coach Mrs. Ruth Barth Librarian English English Art Plays Mr. John Hull English English English Social Studies Mr. Steven Hunter Science Science Science Mathematics Mathematics Social Studies Baseball Coach 9 10 ll ll-12 8 7 8 9 12 7 7 9 8 7 9 7 8 9 7 8 7 Mr. Arthur Letourneau Secretarial Office Practice 12 Bookkeeping ll Typing I Consumer Education-Economics Ski Coach Assistant Football Coach G. O. Treasurer Mr. John Hussey Band Instrumental Music Music Class 7 ALBROOK HIGH SCHOOL Q Mf?"' if k ' 0. f 4 ADM! ISTRA T10 SECRETARY Mrs. Jane Greer 6 454 y - sf ' -'VKX mul " cooxs ww - - O ""' cusronmzs Mrs. J. Giblin Mr. and Mrs. T. Bassa Mrs . S . Swanson STUDENT TEACHER Mr. Gary Johnson BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Mr. R. Anderson, Mr. D. Willeck Mr. L. Greer, Mr. W. Woolsey, Mr. L. Lamb, Sr. STUDENT TEACHER Hr. Larry J ackaon 4:4 11,1 WM Q arg 2 sm H ul, mx, X4 E + 555.3 SE H0535 1 A24 Q 151 X 'rifilf ' - 'fIiJl'f457W,"I' 1 g.51y3Qf:2g'i'M ' s, ' ' 'fiiffi Y Z , , ' if : ff 'K " " I -f,- , , , , f' ,.',q55f14 I ,I A ' , I Y jr. ' , r , -1 , ,V-z, 1 rp , N ,, L.g-ww W 14 nfl?- fffzii- 1- "L, 2 ' in T ' . f ' 9?Z1ff2w,.f. 3 g .1 1 ,ff,m,,f-,ff, - I fi - , ' 'X Y . V 'v"ffiv?3!5Ef5'::,f V gi an ' f f, Wkgli if Q ' ' ' fN"1 c7 xxx I -angds LAWRENCE WILLIAM ABRAHAMSON NLarry' WJust call me Doc3 I can operate anywhere.n Basketball 2,31 Baseball 2,3,h3 Football 3,M3 Football Co-Captain M3 Track 2,3,uQ Football King Candidate 33 Lettermen's Club 3,43 Lettermen's Club Treas. by Class Play 3,b3 Band l,2,33 Annual Staff bg Paper Staff M3 F. F. A. 1,25 Mixed Choir 1,2,3,bQ Boys' Quartet 1,2,3: Boys' Trio Us Boys' Intramural l. KAREN JOY AMBORN 'Karenn WGod make her small in order that He might do a more choice bit of workmanship.W Girls' Choir 13 Pep Club l,2,33 Spirits Club 3,43 Square Dancing 13 Library Club 13 Paper Staff U3 Annual Staff U. DEWEY EUGENE ANNIS nljeweyn 'If I ever find love, I'll analyze it in a test tube.n Basketball lg Archery 13 Science Club 13 Rifle Club 13 Annual Staff 4. Vi. X fl 14Fb ans Nia N SSW A .lr A 'il' f 33 -4:7 THEODORE CLARENCE BASSA nTedn WMy motto is, 'Don't study until you are called on to recite.'W Basketball l,2,3: Baseball bg Track 2: F. F. A. l,2,3,bg Class Vice Pres. 33 Lettermen's Club l,2,3. RUSSELL LEONARD BEHGLUND NRussW nHe has that far away look in his eyesg he was looking at his feet.n Basketball 2,33 Grade 7-8 Basketball Coach 33 Baseball 2,3,bg Track 33 Boys' Intramural lg F. F. A. l,2,3,bg F. F. A. Pres. bg Class Treas. 4: Lettermen's Club 3,bg Mixed Choir 3,M. DOROTHY MAE BREWER l1Dotll WThe night's too short: the day's too long.' F. H. A. l,2,3,Ug F. H. A. Officer 2,33 Class Officer l,3g Girls' Choir lg Mixed Choir 2,3,bg Girls' Club 23 Social Dancing lg Library Club lg Spirits Club 3,44 Pep Club l,2,3g Spirits Club Officer M. 'xXXv,'? .4,X... S? X ,535 3 J 1410 JOHN LESTER BUMGARDNER 'Johnnyn 'I never let my studies interfere with my education.n Football Manager 33 F. F. A. F. F. A. Sec. 2,32 Football Intramural 1,23 Mixed Choir Band 1,2,3,uS Basketball 23 Helper 2,33 Baseball l,2,33 M3 Lettermen's Club l,2,3. MARTHA SADIE CALVERT nMaI.-hyn WLife is short and very sweet, so now is the time to live it.ll Class Play 43 Spirits Club 1,3,uQ Pep Club 1,2,3Q Library Club 13 Girls' Choir 1,2Q Square Dancing 1 3 Social Dancing 13 Archery 13 Girls' Club 2. JUDITH ANNE CIATTI NJo Annen 1a2s3su3 23 Boys' 112939u3 Kitchen Track l,2, WWWMMW7 SVR 35 I-J USilence is more eloquent than words.n Pep Club 1,2,3g Girls' Intramural 13 Archery Club 13 Library Club 13 SAC's Club 23 Spirits Club 3,33 Annual Staff U. l Q x C915 x.! Q za 1 LINDA LOUISE DALLMANN nLinn 'Men irritate me, but how I love being irritated.n Paper Staff 1,2,3,bg Feature Ed. 3,bg Sports Ed. 35 Pep Club 1,2,3g Class Play 45 Girls' Intramural 15 SAC's Club 15 SAC's Club Pres. 15 Square Dancing 15 Archery Club 13 Social Dancing 15 Spirits Club 1,3,4g Spirits Vice Pres. 33 Treas. 45 Football Queen 13 Football Queen Candidate 35 Kitchen Assistant 15 Girls' l Volleyball 33 Girls' Basketball 3,43 A n A Student Council 2,3,4g Sec. Mg Annual Staff 45 Girls' Club 25 Girls' Club Pres. 2. A 1 S I 1 Homecoming Queen Candidate 2. CLARENCE GODFREY DEGERMAN uClarencen Uwbrk! Where have I heard that word before?' f-lil Baseball by Track 3,45 Archery 25 Boys' 'X -5 , Intramural 15 Annual Staff Mg Bus Patrol ' 3: 1,2,33 Fe Fo Ao 29 XL, PAULA ANNETTE FISH 'Paulan nCommander-in-Chief of the army of mischief.n G- A- A- 15 Girls' Choir 13 Mixed Choir 2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3g Spirits Club 3,43 Paper Staff 2,33 Annual Staff 43 Declamation U3 Basketball f'77 f' ,f5::7Wb ,-, Z5 . silgj fli',V -6' ' f NX ,WW ' X: 1fx CAROL MARVINE FJELD 'Caroln WIf giggles were unlawful, I'd spend the rest of my life in jail.n Girls' Choir 13 Pep Club 1,2,3: Spirits Club 1,3,uj Library Club 13 Mixed Choir 2,3,bg Football Queen Candidate 23 Class Paper Staff 4. BEVERLY JEAN FREDRICKSON IIB ev Il 'A quiet girl, but quite a girl.W Pep Club 1,2,3Q Volleyball Team 33 Paper Staff U3 Class Play Us Girls' Intramural 13 Annual Staff Us Square Dancing 13 Spirits Club 3,b3 Library Club 13 Archery Club 13 Social Dancing 13 SAC's Club 13 Home Ec. Cadet U. GERALD JAMES GREER WJerry' 'Only three great men are 1iVingQ I'm one and I forgot the other two.' Football 3,h3 Basketball 2,3,ug Mixed Choir 1,2,3,bQ Class Play 3,43 Band 2,33 Track 2,3,uQ Baseball 1,2,3,uQ F. F. A. 1,2,3,uQ Lettermen's Club 3,b3 Annual Staff U3 Boys' Quartet 1,2,3I Boys' Trio bg Boys' Intramurals 1. Play U3 Girls' Quartet 43 Annual Staff U3 1 QWS 4 xii X 1 ' 1 I c 7 '45 xJ W f xxag. ff 57 1 MARVIN PAUL HILLSTROM nMarv' WYoung and athletic, fearless and gay.W Basketball 2,3,Mg Baseball 3,Ug Football 3,43 Track 2,3,lLg Skiing 1,2,3,'-sg F. F. A. 2,3,'-F: Boys' Intramural lg Lettermen's o Club 45 Mixed Choir 3,43 Basketball Home coming King 4. M xml LINDA ANN HOLLINGER III-.inn -srrx "If there's nothing else to laugh at, make "V, a circus of your own." f l Pep Club l,2,3g Spirits Club l,2,3,l+g Paper I L Staff l,2,3,U: Feature Ed. 3,bg Mixed f Choir 2,3,bg Girls' Choir lg Girls' A Quartet bg Cheerleading Alternate Mg ' Girls' Basketball Team 3,bg Annual Staff Mg Class Play bg Student Council Alt. 3: Girls' Club 23 Square Dancing lg Social Dancing lg Archery lg Bus Patrol l,2,3,hg Kitchen Assistant lg SAC's Club l. JOAN DOROTHY JANKE WJoanN uHer spirit is like a teakettle, always boiling over.n Girls' Intramural lg Spirits Club l,3,Lsg Pep Club l,2,3: Square Dancing lg Social Dancing 1. X' LOLA JEAN MAKI IILOII , "You can live without poetry and walking, X , X, but who in the world can live without ' f talking.n X F. H. A. 1,22 Officer 1,22 Band 1,2,3,uZ Mixed Choir 3,53 Girls' Quartet M3 Class Play U3 Pep Club 1,2Q Declamation M3 Art Editor 43 Class Sec. 1,3,uQ Paper Staff 1,2,uQ Girls' Choir 13 SAC's Club 13 Girls' Club 13 Archery 13 Social Dancing 13 Annual Staff 43 Spirits Club 3,43 Library Club 13 Football Homecoming Queen Candidate 2. ERNEST EVERETT MATTSON nErnien 'Most men would do anything for NOHGYQ I 3 end up working for it.' Basketball 1,23 Football 2,3,M3 Baseball 3,b3 Track 2,3,uQ F. F. A. 1,2,3,uQ Football Homecoming King Us Lettermen's Club 3,53 Class Play 3,U3 Mixed Choir 43 Annual Staff U3 G. O. Alternate 23 Class Vice-Pres. 33 Boys' Intramural l. HARRY ROGER MILBERGER NHarry' WHe says little, but that's no sign he's not thinking.N F. F. A. l,2,uQ Lettermen's Club l,2,3,uQ Lettermen's Club Pres. M3 Basketball 1,2,3,uQ Track 1,2,3Q Football 2,3,uQ Annual Staff M3 Class Ga 's.. Vice Pres. 23 Boys' Intramural 13 Kitchen Assistant 33 Christmas Play 3. Q33 Xp. JL t RICHARD LEE MILBERGER ll !l nI'll worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.N F. F. A. l,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,Ug Track 43 Annual Staff bg Boys' Intramurals l. JUDY ANN MILLER ugjudyn nNothing's impossible to a willing heart.n Spirits l,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3g Leather Craft lg Annual Staff bg Paper Staff 23 SAC's Club 23 Basketball Queen Candidate 23 Football Queen Candidate 23 Girls' Intramural lg Archery lg Square Dancing 1,20 MARCIA ESTHER NELSON NMa!-Cyn WAll day through I dream about the night.W Pep Club l,2,3g F. H. A. 1,23 Spirits Club l,3,4g Archery lg Leather Craft lg Mixed Choir Mg Cheerleader 2,3,hg SAC's Club 23 Girls' Club 23 Annual Staff bg Girls' Choir .6 F5 3:12 -5' DIANNA MAE NORDEEN nDiannan NHigh school days can't compare with her nights.n Mixed Choir U3 Pep Club 1,2,33 Social Dancing 13 Girls' Choir 1,22 F. H. A. 1,2,3,ug Spirits Club 2,3,ug Library Club 1. JAMES ALLAN OGANN "Jim" N it "I believe in conserving energy - - - ' F especially my own.n X ,,- f" Mixed Choir 2,3,uQ Band 1,2,3,Ug Class ,Xb Play 3,b3 Lettermen's Club 2,33 Track 2,U3 F. F. A. 1,2,3,uQ Basketball 1,2. MARY ELIZABETH PARENDO llmaryil WA1l fun and mischief too - - Always doing something she shouldn't do.' 2,33 Spirits Club 1,3,uQ Square Dancing 13 Social Dancing 13 Archery 13 Girls' Club 23 Girls' Choir 13 Annual Staff 43 SAC's Club 13 Bus Patrol 2. Mixed Choir 43 Paper Staff U3 Pep Club 1, gfilfu s iff 3 ff' X Q xx "N 4, I K 3 3 .,,ff -Q3 PHYLLIS DAWN PAULSON "Phil" uln school I'm quiet. Outside? That's different.n Pep Club l,2,33 Spirits Club 1,33 Class Play 33 Annual Staff M3 Girls' Volleyball Team 33 Girls' Choir 13 Archery 13 F. H. A. 1,2i Cheerleader 23 SAC's Club 23 Girls' Club 2. JUDITH ANN PEDERSEN nAn angel always looks wise, but what's , behind those mischievous eyes?n 23 Football Homecoming Queen Candidate igig ,TT 23 Football Homecoming Queen 43 Mixed I ' choir 2,3,1+, Girls' choir 13 Paper Staff ' 3,43 Paper Ed. 43 Annual Staff 43 F. H. A 13 Class Pres. 23 Class Treas. 33 Class Play 3,43 Declamation 43 Student Council Rep. 43 Library Club 1. WJudiU , ' D Pep Club l,2,33 Spirits 3,33 SAC's Club pQj", ' 6 f 4' ANTONIA LOUISE RANDALL lITonill HShe looks like an angel, acts like one too, but you never can tell what an angel might do.H Annual Staff U3 C0-9dit0T 43 Basketball Homecoming Queen 43 Cheerleader l,2,3,h3 Band l,2,3,43 Choir 2,3,4Q Girls' Choir l: Girls' Quartet 43 Octet M3 Girls' State Representative 33 Class Plays 3,b3 Pep Club 1,22 Spirits Club 3,43 Paper Staff 1,22 F. H. A. 1,21 Class Officer 2,35 Library Club 13 Girls' Basketball 3,43 Girls' Volleyball 3g Prom Committee 33 SAC's Club l3 Choir Officer U3 Archery Club l. 5 J EARL ANTHONY RIBAUDO "Earl" NI think I think more that you think I ' think. 1. Mixed choir 2,3,1+, F. F. A. 2,3,1-Lg Track 1 Manager lg Football Manager lg Baseball A Manager 1,35 Annual Staff 4g Boys' A Intramurals l. M NANCY JOAN RA NTA WNann NLive each day as if it were your last, for tomorrow may not come.U Class Play 3g Library Club lg Pep Club 1, 2,35 Girls' Basketball Team 3,Mg Spirits l,3,4g Basketball Homecoming Princess lg Mixed Choir 2,3,bg Annual Staff Mg Paper Staff 1,23 SAC's Club 25 Declamation bg F. H. A. 2. ANN ELIZABETH ROBINSON llAnnII nHer mind is her kingdom.u Girls' Choir lg Mixed Choir 2,3,4g Peg Club l,2,3g F. H. A. 23 Paper Staff l, 2,3,4g Annual Staff 45 Class Play 33 Spirits Club 3,4. ff"::a'x fsf' eil JAEI9 .c9' X w Q x K ai xl7,' 'env svx HARVEY DAVID RONTTI IlHar,vIl NI'd like to be shy, but the girls won't let me.u Basketball 33 Baseball 1,2,uj Mixed Choir 3,lL3 F. F. A. 1,2,3,'-1-Q Annual Staff U3 Boys' Intramural 13 Lettermen's 1,2,3. ff-s f" iils S- RANDY EDWARD SALLI nfzandyn 'Let others do the labor3 I'll do the rest.U Science Club 13 F. F. A. 1,23 Intramural Sports 13 Archery 13 Rifle Training 2. , -- 'W BARBARA FRANCES SCHELIN "Barb" NShe is little3 she is wiseg she's a terror for her size.n Pep Club 1,2,3Q Spirits 1,2,3,Ug Mixed Choir 2,3,b: Girls' Quartet Accompanist U3 Girls' Choir 13 Annual Staff U3 Class Play 3,U3 Boys' Quartet Accompanist 1,2, 33 Boys' Trio Accompanist U3 Archery 13 Student Council Sec. 33 Class Officer 2, 33 Bus Patrol 1,2,33 SAC's Club 13 Girls' Club 13 Band 1,2Z F. H. A. 1,2Q Choir Officer M3 Baccalaureate and Graduation Accompanist 1,2,3, 'N Nagy -4 PHYLLIS JANE SINISALO nphyln WGenerally speaking - - - and she usually 3 Q is." N' N Pep Club 1,22 Spirits Club 3,33 Band X 3 ,cj l,2,3,U3 Girls' Choir 1,22 Paper Staff rl I' 5,1 1,2,b: Business Manager U3 F. H. A. 13 ' 3 51 Historian 13 Class Play 3,43 SAC's 13 ff , Declamation 1,2,3,u: Library Club 13 Cheerleader 1,2,3,uS Head Cheerleader 2,b3 Class Pres. 13 G. O. 23 Girls' Volleyball 33 Annual Staff M3 Co-editor Annual M3 Lab. Assistant 23 Prom Committee 33 M. C. Basketball Homecoming M. SAMUEL MATHEW STONE 'Sam' 'He reminds me of quick-silver: he never stays put.' Band 1,2,3,uQ Mixed Choir 1,2,3,uS Track 3,b3 Basketball 1,23 Lettermen's Club bg Annual Staff M3 Class Officer 1,2,3,bS Student Council Us F. F. A. 1,2,3,uQ Paper Staff B3 Kitchen Assistant 33 Class Play H3 Boys' Intramural 13 Boys' Quartet l,2,33 Boys' Trio M3 Choir Officer M. LESLIE UNO TALVITIE POLES!! Wwhy worry about education? Having fun is my vocation.n F. F. A. 2,3,U3 Officer 33 Archery 13 Boys' Intramural 13 Basketball 13 Base- x ball 2,113 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3Q Track L33 fs . Basketball Manager 2. +1 Q Class Pres. 35 Class Vice Pres. Lug G. O. YVONNE MARIE WATKINS Wvonnien WI'm not a flirt - - - I'm just friendly.n Girls' Choir lg Class Play 3,LLg Pep Club l,2,3: Spirits Club l,3,bg Paper Staff 1, 2,bg SAC's Club lg Archery lg Social Dancing lg Leather Craft lg Girls' Club 23 Girls' Basketball 3,Ug Basketball Home- coming Queen Candidate 3: F. H. A. 1,23 Rep. lg Student Council bg Prom Committee 3g Bus Patrol 2,33 Home Ee. Cadet bg Annual Staff U. ROSEMARY DENISE WOJTYSIAK nRose' nWhat's the use of worrying when there are so many other things to do.W Girls' Basketball 3,LL: Bus Patr0l 2,33 Girls' Volleyball 3: Paper Staff 23 Girls' Intramural 1: Kitchen Assistant lg Annual Staff bg Library Club lg 3AC's Club 23 Spirits Club 1,333 Leather Craft lg Archery lg Social Dancing 1: PSP Club l,2,3: Declamation 4. f"N,- ill. .437 ,f"AT'X If 5 v 1lllIiiig ALBROOK HIGH SCHOOL 1964 CLASS RINGS f'l' CLASS FLOWER White Rose CLASS POEM Hwhat Countsu It's not what you get, but what you give. It's not what you make, but how you live. It's not the years that you spend on earth, But kindly deeds that prove your worth. So try your best from day to day. Faithfully serve along 1ife's way. Be sincereg let these not depart: Honesty, courage, beauty from your heart. Know the truth, and acquire the treasure Of wisdom and mercy in greater measure. Cheerfully give and strive to possess Universal love and happiness. -HHumanity's Friendu CLASS MOTTO UWe're not afraid of tomorrow, for we have seen yesterday, and we love today.H CLASS OFFICERS President ........ Sam Stone Vice-President . . .Yvonne Watkins Secretary ........ Lola Maki Treasurer ..... Russell Berglund Student Council. . Judith Pedersen Alternate ...... Linda Dallmann X f 8 .fy CLASS COLORS Aqua and Silver VALEDICTORIAN. . CO-SALUTATORIANS BAUSCH and LOMB. DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION . . BETTY CROCKER. . HOME ECONOMICS . MUSIC. . CHEERLEADING . . JOURNALISM . . SPEECH - . ATHLETIC AWARDS. BAND - CHORUS - - AWARD . . . .Sam Stone James Ogann Earl Ribaudo Gerald Greer Harvey Rontti Ernest Mattson John Bumgardner Russell Berglund Larry Abrahamson Marvin Hillstrom Barbara Schelin Yvonne watkins Phyllis Sinisalo James Ogann Phyllis Sinisalo Barbara Schelin Yvonne Watkins Phyllis Paulson Toni Randall Barbara Schelin Phyllis Sinisalo Toni Randall Marcia Nelson Phyllis Sinisalo Ann Robinson Toni Randall Judith Pedersen Phyllis Sinisalo Lola Maki Paula Fish Nancy Ranta Ann Robinson Linda Dallmann Phyllis Sinisalo Gerald Greer Ernest Mattson Harry Milberger Larry Abrahamson Marvin Hillstrom Lola Maki James Ogann Toni Randall John Bumgardner Phyllis Sinisalo Richard Milberger Lola Maki Paula Fish Carol Fjeld Nancy Ranta Mary Parendo Toni Randall Ann Robinson Marcia Nelson Linda Hollinger Barbara Schelin Judith Pedersen CLASS PROPHECT The year is 1974. Linda Hollinger, owner of a nation-wide fleet of garbage trucks, has recently taken a two-weeks' vacation and has run into her old friend Linda Dallmann, who is now operating a rural mail service by dog sled through several Eskimo villages in Alaska. She said her loads are very light because the Eskimos can neither read nor write, so naturally there's not much mail. This is what the Linda's wrote us!! Uwe decided to relive old times, so we hopped into my old 1964 Thunderbird Cwhich, incidentally, was found in the garbage in 19722 and headed for a place to eat. We decided to stop at Elmer and have a pizza. We walked in, and lo and behold, Barb and Vonnie were co-owners of this pizza palace. They invited us to go along with them, they wanted to see Russ, owner of the Bergie Drag Strip in Cloquet. He was running his hot '73 Impala in the championship race. We had our work to go to the next morning, so as much as we wanted to go, we were unable to attend. While we continued gossiping and eat- ing their famous ndeluxen pizza, in walked Lola Maki. We quickly learned that she was now a nurse working in a county school. She told us that Ann Robinson was currently teaching English in this same school, and Jim Ogann is a math teacher, who is quite busy, because he is attending night school to learn simple addition. Dewey is a physics teacher and is currently trying to develop a theory on why his slide rule is always inaccurate. Ted holds the position as principal, but is really a spy from Elmer, checking and reporting on his school team's progress. Bev Fredrickson is acting as the school secretary and is beginning to catch on to the knack of it. Lola had been out on a call at Larry Abrahamson's mansion. He had come down with a slight case of hydrophobia, and was therefore unable to participate in the water skiing Olympics held that day. We decided we had spent enough time there, so we were on our way again! Uwe were just going along at a nice pace, when suddenly we heard a sireng a bright red Corvett pulled alongside of us and there was Harvey Rontti, who was now a highway patrolman. He was going to give us a ticket for speeding, but when he recognized who we were, he gave us a warning and bribed us into buying a ticket to the Policeman's Ball, which was going to be held in Cloquet that night. We chatted with him for a while, thenresumedour journey. Uwe had driven a distance and then we ran into a construction crew in the process of building a bridge over Crooked Lake. lt was under the supervision of Harry MilbergergGerry Greer was there operating a rocket-driven truck. We chatted for about 5 minutes and found out that Ernie Mattson had designed the bridge. We then left, as we did not want to interrupt progress. "The gas tank was beginning to register empty, so we decided we'd stop at the next gas station. We pulled in, and Randy Salli came out and greeted us. We soon found out he owned this big promising establishment. He filled the tank free for us and we left. HNe had gone about 20 miles when the motor conked out, we got out and began to walk, to use the nearest telephone. We encountered a huge rambling sheep farm and we knocked on the door. A butler let us ing we soon found out that Sam Stone resided here. He greeted us gailyg and when we told him of our trouble, he sugge .-.- ted we call Bumgardner's Fix-All. We did. While we waited for John's wrecker, Sam took us on a tour of his farm. He currently had 100,000 sheep and was in the process of purchasing 50,000 more. He pointed out that Richard Milberger had a beef farm close by and was doing quite well, he had shipped 500,000,000 tons of prime beef to Russia last spring. Uwe heard a buzzing and looked up and there was Earl Ribaudo behind the wheel of one of his fleet of spaceships. He waved to us and went spinning away! Sam also pointed out that near Pedersen was her bookkeepe Sinisalo also happened to that our old classmate, Ju ning to move into the neig by Martha Calvert was head of a mental institution, Judi r, Carol Fjeld was her head secretary, and Phyllis be working there in the laboratory. Sam also told us dy Miller, had married Rockefeller's nephew and was plan- hborhood. We heard a horn honk and we looked, and in came our car driven by a mechanic. We went over to pay for the work that was done, and who was the mechanic,b Eumgardner's Fix-All. We "Along the highway we skiing, decided we should found Toni Randall behind out that Marvin Hillstrom ut Leslie Talvitie. He told us he was working at drove him back to the garage and resumed our journey. spied a classy ski shop, and Linda, being interested in stop and check out their equipment. we walked in and the desk Cshe was secretary in Marv's Ski Shop? and found was the proud owner. We asked her for directions to a local beauty shop, as we felt we needed a once over. She directed us to Marcia Nelson's Swirl and Curl. told us that Mary Parendo them to work on our hair, picked up a glamour magazi be in town soon, modeling front page we saw pictures to triplets on the same da Ranta was hired to be secr read that the launching of supervised bv Clarence Deg m the WAVES. Dianne Nordeen UOur spirits were lift again. We had aone a quar road but Rose dojtysiak. and she informed us that s when we arrived, Joan Janke was there to greet us. She and Karen Amborn also worked there, and would we like so of course we did. While our hair was drying, we ne, and who should appear but Phyllis Paulson who will Don's fashions. We picked up a newspaper and on the of Dorothy, Paula, and JoAnne who had all given birth V in the same hospital. We also learned that Nancy etary to the President of the United States. We also a new submarine in Sunset Lake by the Navy had been erman. They were currently conducting a cruise for happened to be the head of them. ed, and our hair was done, and we were on our way once ter of a mile, and who should we see running down the We stopped and asked her what all the running was for, he was getting in shape because she had just been hired for the Globe Trotters. Ne wished her well, and started for home. gl We got home, tired, b school mates . " ut happy, because we had seen almost all of our former ,ef 'xii ,425 I '.'L: C?wi?y W7 ' ' W, 'LL - '40 7,1 'W' D f Fi 4 Linda and Linda 413553, B E - " C F-4.-1-,--i ,- ' III-li ll 'X I Q rn 7 4: Jlx. n ' avi, M L ff l .. mile ye af' . rl 0 , , 0 I A Yi ' A ' ' f' . ' - ef 0 O. aegis' s za J "Same 5 ' - - .0 ow an B ef' 431:92 5 ' D gh QGQ-O I 'D O Zum Elf u c A 9 1 X 1 D 0 V .. 4-Qogvou. , - U. 0 U 0 gra f ts . fb UQ , X, , I, X 'iv I "Marv" and "Toni" kr O-ggi . IN 4- ff? f "Barb" and "Vonnie" Q V f ax f' Y .1 - AF' , : jf ,' ' ,f I 1 fb" L j J-LD X" I I E . c l . ','v".' sf juli .9 14' , inf! J,-e A 3-. -fflifnx V 1513 , "Larry" "Rose" NJOhnn "Dewey" U Harvu LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Seniors of the graduating class of nineteen hundred and sixty-four, of the AlBrook High School, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament. We leave as executor of our estate, Mrs. Nelson, who shall administer the legacy in form and manner as follows: To the junior class we leave our class plays and the ability to get out of class for practice To the sophomores we leave our athletic ability and our good grades. To the freshmen class we leave our experiences of the last four years. To Mr. Ness we leave our voices and choir robes. To the faculty we leave our happy disposition on test days. To the school we leave all our books and memories. Larry Abrahamson leaves this year's football season to next year's team, and his uniform to Jimmy Lundquist. Karen Amborn leaves her mohair sweaters to Rose Mary Miskulin, and her size 35 class ring to Roger Anvid. Dewey Annis leaves his running ability to Dick Smith, and his card playing ability to Richard Paulson. Ted Bassa leaves his basketball ability to this year's team, and his Chev to David Greer. Russell Berglund leaves his height to Jimmy Bong, and John Kuikka gets his empty gas tanks. Dorothy Brewer leaves her smile and happy ways to sister Georgia, and Barb Thompson gets her boy problems. John Bumgardner wills his ability to get out of class to next year's class. Martha Calvert gives her dieting supplements to Rose Mary Miskulin. Her portion of the seat on Mr. Woolsey's bus goes to Jean B. and Phyllis Reynolds. Jo Anne Ciatti wills her height to Dale Larson, and her size bi shoes go to Jean B. Linda Dallmann leaves her Phy. Ed. tennis shoes to anyone who wants them, and her enthusiasm for Phy. Ed. to her sister Sandy. Clarence Degerman wills his love for teachers to Dean Hansen. Paula Fish leaves her ability to get into trouble to Jerry Willeck, and her black hair to Mary Jo Smith. Carol Fjeld wills her long hair to those less fortunate than she. Beverly Fredrickson wills her Sec. Off. Prac. papers to Mr. Bassa for starting fires in the morning for the next three years. Her love for pizza goes to Dennis Olesiak. Gerry Greer leaves his Ford to anyone who has nerve enough to drive it, and his one point in football season to Roger Anvid. Marvin Hillstrom leaves his love for skiing to his brother Dan, and his curly hair to Joe Thompson. Linda Hollinger leaves her Ushortsu to Signs Armstrong, and her beat up sweatshirts to Bonnie Sue. Joan Janke wills her smile to Barb Thompson, and her ability to bowl to her brother Howard. Lola Maki wills her ways of always getting into trouble to Dick Williams, and her ideals of a fine student go to Gaylord Paulson. Ernie Mattson leaves his Ford to anyone who can afford to run it, and his Physics book goes to Douglas Hackman. Harry Milberger wills the letter he didn't get in track last year to his brother Bill, and his Social book cover to Dick Williams. Richard Milberger wills his ability to argue for what he thinks is right to anybody who is afraid to do so. His grades go to his sister Kathy. Judy Miller leaves her week-ends and skip days to Roseanne Stoddard. Marcia Nelson leaves her week-ends to anyone who can take them. Carol Amborn receives her cheering ability. Dianna Nordeen wills her forgetfulness to anyone who wants it, and her Sec. Off. Prac. to next year's class. Jim Ogann leaves his trumpet playing ability to Jean B., and Dale Larson gets his dramatic ability. Mary Parendo gives her AlBrook class ring and her Chevelle to Rose Mary Miskulin. Phyllis Paulson wills her two-day uvacationu to anyone who hasn't had one. Ernie Paulson is the recipient of her love for typing. Judi Pedersen wills her newspaper problems to any future editors, Toni Randall leaves her beautiful, beautiful brown eyes to Suzi Maciewski, and her love for singing goes to Timmy Matuszak. Nancy Ranta leaves all her money problems to Gary Anderson, and her sense of humor to Karen Sinisalo. Earl Ribaudo gives his brains to Mr. Rosandich, and N0 pounds to Jimmy Lundquist. Ann Robinson wills her ability to sit in a room full of boys and not flirt, to her sister Carol. Her Norwegian nose goes to Bror-Gustav Heikkinen. Harvey Rontti leaves his catching ability to Jimmy Lundquist, and his good grades to anyone who wants them. Randy Salli wills his ability to miss school to Theresa Smith, and his natural blonde hair to those who have bleached theirs. Barb Schelin leaves her two-day nvacationn to anyone who gets away with things. Her love for Anderson's Pizza goes to Sandy Greer. Phyllis Sinisalo wills her love for talking in Social class to her sister Karen. Her cheer- leading sweater goes to Diane Salo. Sam Stone leaves his taste for good foods to Marilyn Dallmann and Janie O. His love for Fords goes to anyone who doesn't have one. Leslie Talvitie wills his hurdling ability to John Gray, and his silly moods to his Nwifeu. C?????????????????????????D Yvonne Watkins wills her love for Meadowlands swamps to "little Willie" , and her voice to Virginia Johannessen. Rose Wojtysiak wills her natural blonde hair to Mary JO Smith. and her' Physical ability to Mary Marti. llBevll s i? I , fMgQ+m I , 0-- ,,.. 1 ,,,1 Q., V: f' , ,, ,gg V5 Z. 1" 'f f ' M , Q QW bf , sf Him f K 2 Q lil? IW Mag Eg K V wi, 1 wg 335255. v fm zgf Wg " '-fliyg if-1:5 5 s W.: . Ai 1 mg, 12 , fl., , ..,, ,,.,, W HW e 4 XX A fs nRosien Bab P1ctures ggi? .5Q3wpw5,w 'iw N M,, K ' mg va 'x I J MS W 4 'WW mf if . ii 1, S, XY, Y m,q f R as x . mvwv' nMarcyn ..m .,,...,. W HJOH M gs? my Qui . 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H Ann1e xlmawey n nya 1. by Il "Larry HMaryH ll Wwa-Hoon HALL OF FAME BEST LOOKING FRIENDLIEST Carol Fjeld and Ted Bassa QUIETEST Jo Anne Uiatti and Clarence Degerman BEST ALL AROUND Linda Hollinger and Ernie Mattson BEST DRESSED MOST TAIENTED Phyllis Paulson Barbara Schelin and and Larry Abrahamson Sam Stone MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEBD IW rm Q T 2 til' X L . iii A ig Judi Pedersen and Dewey Annis MOST ATHLETIC Rose Wojtysiak and Harry Milberger . L AS I qi Q 'A a' Il . " Y ,, ' H-f e' K I f if Q ' 9 Ee SU ,Q , 7.-2 Dorothy Brewer and Harvey Rontti MOST STUDIOUS , s fl -Y A A O 'Hi . it ,LI L .,,1.. X.. Ann Robinson and Jim Ogann WITTIEST Linda Dallmann and Russell Berglund f ffgzwg, f,'5-wi , ,V ,.,,Lv5w,w,4,W,,f?-Q , Nagy , s ' 'V . :M-I f , f' " if ' f, f 7 . f -' fri-i ., .1 ' LE? 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I jwfw oro Steve Watkins Gerald Willeck Michael Ehrman Walter Magnuson r irugiizf Q , , ' VX 1" 'e Y Q' h Y X Y 11-J-L f"1 W I X MIITN ' N - 'N """ Y Wll h K W 3 O Q 'X k I lx I V at . -., if nf Q" EEI K IIIIEIIII y 'H 4 I I , h MN, xv 1. if ' , Junior High fe 'CN Ei hth Grade Q 1 '. 'f 7 Q M00 c. 05 rw ' Lf ' 5 WxQ: President lv I Jw ,Q Q' 2? 3 HFC Alternate M4gt'1 Vice President Student Council M J ' Secretary-Treasurer .X 5. 4. fd' .- .mf i . 1 . lt .gl!. ,,A, digg? . ,,-' fy, H-M ALQV 'K Margaret Wojtysiak Xi?,l mf 31 - 2 C elf, -f-ff V ' N-if ,JR init Judy Granholm President James Gray Q C5 ff . w k' elxvtt X54 ' hi s '- i .- Jan Ob 'd 1 k' AQAMM Nancy Lav0y e el Z ns 1 Alternate xiiMQ Aj Vice President r 1 if - E Student Council YL if-' W or Secretary-Treasurer 1, 'tv ff X H ' .- C Bl -'Fi A n Q f V Q Merton Knute '??47 gg: , - 2 7 "ff Q. "ffl se Leonard Armstrong Maurice Ojibway . il .A i I-X ., L'L' 'X ., 1 , , Ii- fi fri 4? H 2 we N if 4324525 E535 F3 Colleen Gray n ' ' wo' Raymond Anvid Irene Ojala fe C ., L - , Afgtji ' x 1 Patricia Bankey Russell Bankey Dorothy Couture Q Ella Couture Marilyn uallmann Donald Dass Michael Fish : '1x 4. ff! I Andrew Godnai Andrea Hj-nk william Hi-nk , ,gy Ellwyn J anke Linda Lamb James Lundquist william Maciewski Wu-fx' 1 a a Mi. 1' Barb I' ue Jack Miller' James Ostman me M Rf?f2 , J 4 , J , 1' W ff fe z- Q , P1fL W 1 ' , Q waiiw 'F' me 'mmf . Q . no W ' -,'. , , 2. V ffQ'55i-'fZ'.:', L : on J of zi fi-,fiiiffi Q21 , Rosemary Pelle-rin Diane Salo J ames Shannon Robert Smith Gene Snicer N,g.',,k,, . -F--fn. H fa -mzrwff,-BA JG' wffswz' lf 'f 'nf K H752 V fx ,, ' mu P55 fm, f Lv as 44 , J' .peg , . 5, , - , f.,, . 5 s -Q me farm, wgfgfgfg Wim? ,z f, I f,gg,,, W, , 11 HQ, ,g,w?i- 'sc-w12'5.,,f,2fs 1 i ,. ,, , ,,., My . :, 1,w, :NSY , -, Vi 1' 'ii - FPf,L,? 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'f" Cheryl Anderson is x R ff Q .- -fd? gg. ,. fa" , A V I I . ff J M X9 if M J Y ., 31 'J' 3: Q ,f -A rig, we 5 ,.,A W 11? 5. ? f "W'q fi?-Q A A 1 7 , Lf r - P j 5 , T ,f f ew "5 .V 4 . ' Joanne Dass If 4. .lei , af" av, , . X v J W ' " if 4 4 Q if 1, b 'V ., EQ , 2- I M 1 .. 1 xg, --4 mlm Sharon Degeman James Demenge Kathryn Hansen Pamela Hansen Daniel Hillstrom sin , .gi . ' 1' 5. , Arthur Maki iso 'H-' ., ' 1 wwf Gm A Michael Radtke lf A ww, .QV ' EVWWK' ., I 2 kwsjf. Q,fEw5'5 V.wQQi" Diane Spikberg Keith Underland Robert Johannessen .53 4 K fy ,rg M, 'f, L 'fx .Q W Xl 3915: 3. X 2 D or 'Nb ,V 7vWyYWm,HQWj? . Mary Marti -FV 0,-fa' V: '21, -55? U45 ': E K QQJ: 1 -,,z,,.,A7,, L fi, Mae Salo Randy Struck an A1 fx ' vfwiio f,i1e+r .1 ' ,pe 'ev W. 3 , , ' A f E. K., ,Wi .A L wa 'N 1 aw, + ,A lf is A .1 -1- ff D Ql U iQQ'qW F '.m Mary Jo Unulock I1 . , Q A Q f .Q v we , - .W I Q .X in? lf f."'f"?f ki, f 'gig 1 . ff so - r uf ' r,rH 5 xx A Li Cynthia Lushenko Beverly Olesiak . 5i iw Q3 .J W wh. X- ,3391L. ,. V x ffwr H ,f Joan Smith Robert Thompson Q55 'mf ' M' fir, T5 - M M 5 Arlene Worgren SAA IW, .wym fliiiewig , nf w s, -H I. ,QI W N 1 Darrell Magnuson gmmw 67' V is K wr? ' 3 , wx yi s '1 n lj hx Y mi E' Q4 jg , ,sggi f, BL , ., ,Q 3555155 25: ' .,-: fi' - mimmydgwmmms "f92555323525.49t"'f3ff:'?7fif33?"?'3?:??-I Steven Pohjala 6.51 : ,QA - Mm fediaoa' fa .5 ? 5 4 ? s TL 5 '- 13 1 Q, E! X Mil J, , - : ve fs' " M V ' Liv: Mf2,",f 1, ii , 5k?rm2ww'h., Toni Spicer fmif' j il "Q , if MA W My on as Janet Thorsen Daryl Warner :w.,,,,-pk., W-f w -' 1-Li'3'.-,A wir! -fu-Q1 '25 Q My f m.,-fly, -.-f,,, , ACTUWUTUES LE TTERMEN ,S CL UB In the Lettermen's Club are boys who have earned their letters in at least one sport. The advisors are Mr. Tuominen and Mr. Beadle. Officers are: President, Harry Milbergerg Vice President, Dale Larsong Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Abrahamsong Sergeant-At-Arms, Ernie Mattson. PIRITS CL UB These junior and senior girls sponsor activities to promote school spirit throughout the school year. STUDENT COUNCIL 51.43" Front row left to right: Judith Pedersen, Sam Stone, Linda Dallmann, Yvonne Watkins, Cindy Lushenko. Second row: Gaylord Paulson, Dennis Wiita, Virginia Johannessen, Colleen Gray, Paula Godnai, Joelianne LaMourea, Mr. Ogann. Third row: Donald Ranta, Phyllis Reynolds, Mary Jo Smith, Leonard Armstrong, David Janke, Gerald Willeck. DE CLA MA TION These students will attend speech meets throughout the year. Eight of them will represent the school in the declamation contests. I X ED C H OR U S s The Mixed Chorus is made up of students in grades nine through twelve under the direction of Mr. Alvin Ness. Altos Sopranos Mr. Ness and accompanist Barbara Schelin Basses Tenors i d li BA ND ?QQfi5,33lfe ff' l I The band, under the direction of Mr. John Hussey, played at basketball games and other school activities A Director Trombones Q, I Trumpets 'i A v ,ai IM! x Flutes and Saxaphones Percussion Clarinets fx W FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA mv, President, Russell Berglundg Vice President, Dale Larson: Treasurer, Rodney Lamb, Secretary, James Oganng Reporter, Bruce Heikkineng Sentinel, Richard Lundquistg Advisor, Mr. Elias Ogann. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President, Barbara Thompsong Vice-President, Bette Dallmanng Secretary, Georgia Brewery Treasurer, Signe Armstrong, Historian, Karen Sinisalog Songleader, Jean Bumgardnerg Parlimentarian, Bonnie Obeidzinskig Advisor, Mrs. Jeanne Olson. kkgxx f 'srjv 3 jUNIOR CLASS PLAY 1963 6 The junior class play, nA Little Honeyu, was presented May 3, 1963 under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Barth ' v ,N. w 1 ' jUN10R iPLA if 1954 The junior class play will be presented in the spring, under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Barth. avxx 5- EMOR CLA SS Wh im PLA T 'i z 3 Q These students participated in the senior class play,nMen Are Like Streetcars H The play was presented on November 9, 1963 under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Barth. Student director was Judi Pedersen. NNUAL STAFF ? . 11 ww lj Q 53861 hui. 1 , jg mu sv-an 4 amwzxwxmqk M fwmrwsnW1t W maxim WMWW amanda wwdwwl , me- gui .am U Z ,un I Co-Editors were Toni Randall and Phyllis Sinisalo --I The entire senior class worked on the annual under the supervision of Mrs. Jennie Nelson. PA f 'IO-Vfij P R STAFF iors were Ann Robinson and Judith Pederson. I M gif I fm, N ,X-'IGN A X P x1i!?3E5x There was a limited number working on the paper under the supervision of Mrs. Fllen Mae Borich. Mr, Letgurneau served as the mimeograpn advisor. FOOTBALL HOMECOMING Junior Class Candidates - Mr. Beadle crowning Dale Larson and King Ernie. Suzie Maciewski Freshmen Class Candidates KING AND QUEEN Sophomore Class Candidates W W Carol Janke Prince and Princess -. Neil Fjeld and ERNIE MATTSON and JUD1 I Y Raymond Anvid and Sandy Greer PEDERSEN of the senior Class Jane Obeidzinski Crown Bearers Mistress of Ceremonies and Escort James Bong and Carol Amborn CORQNATION Beverly Fredrickson and Sam Stone w BASKETBALL HOMECUMING JU N10 R5 ,WT 1 'RV ff " 'N-A. ' ' Mi? '1 X ,, KING AND QUEEN SOPHOWURES k,k' so 531 N ' A -. I -A Thompgon I Bafbiaarry 5306631 TONI RANDALL AND MARVIN HILLSTOM Loui SS Bhd of the and Donjlofll FRESHMEN M SENIOR cuss ld Hanna Prince 3 ' mf 'yi ggzy Hd P i 4 A Ro 5' ' th . Swj th Ma? Dgoixalzsillgems W S nd Da vid Ci ement an Mr. Tuominen crowning aflke Queen Toni Mn Co and Escort Marilyn Dallmarm and Robert Smith C ROWNBEA RERS 315 JY? N , 4, bf K .- . -,a fs. . . W ,jg f Vai., ,, ' ul , .. 5371? :ll M2f'hr+Ef'f'3ff 1., ' I Irene 0131 Ph 1 . O C1ndy Lushenko . 3 3 -V lls Sini and J1m S and Gaylord Paulsonand Mlchael Fish and Sam Stonsalo ne Dass Joan - man .,.1 Ir CHO OL LIFE y?.f':.77 M5 5 ,775 1 "WX is -l ,, V C? s .4 ml' 1 51521. :v,zg'5mg , -53:1 4, A W 521,55 1 .W T242 ai I 1 1 gg. 5 Q1 4 5 9 Ya? ' isq, ,W ily, P pf' wi ' 4 "-l'Ee-e1.,:2:gss':' . ' A f?arfi59fi2z 5:-I , J is i I,,.1,'.,,y,L,e ,,.?a -M if 5,1 ,I 9 4 I .I Y , S M, X wi 5 3 5 5 - 1- 'iff' ,ff!,,,.:- ,515 af...'."f21',2z- ' f . if , 5 . Q I gg, -95,51 ,nf 1 V TP,-.,-1'-ap! ,Q -' .- MN -.f- Q J' ' 3V.HV' Ffwfm"WiQ'f QQ 3 , Q -J aa 8 W Q, Y QQ, 'B ,, " F 4 ,, 2 1 fi 2 S ' A K 55" 171+ ' x ' f fps. , .. ,,, 3, ,. I Vg: Practicing -"Q Warming Up Track Team Senior Boys' Quintet Girls' Quartet f 1 , , 's 31 I' g K iz' 2. ' i ' .' g 2 1. . 4 X , .. i 121:--gag:-i:,5,3 S , ,. Y ' ', ' v.."fl5iu'3 'i x I M 311554 I X l 2235522 Af:-7, W1 N fp, . ., ' if I' r2wZs.Qx,55e,x ,. Homecoming M Senior Tea Re-capti on Line Sept. 26 Senior Tea Senior Playv wifi f A A ,U it .Y -2, sm Ziggy ukg, 1 ff ' i 1 M5557-CARS 5 K figs if ff, K W 1 5, ,. in V 3 vw 5 La' School Spirit Chemistry Class O c t . 1 6 F o t b a 1 1 H o m e c o ru i n g i- -,,gg3:g:.,...f-:sgzgn --1A.-- 3 O i' N o v . S eni o r C l as s P 1 ay ,mg 219'3f!?f5E?5?fEi'fX 11-15 Education week 19 Choral clinic T W' 1 ffv f ' fa , I ., ' gy 1 3 1 -,,7 gf my-1 Dec. l'l Christmas Program - its ' Feb. 15 Basketball Homecoming - i w: iirv ' i ' 1: was May Honor Banquet 31" ' 24 Baccalaureate 'i 5.1 1 Graduation " Pep R3-My Education Week g435Q1'g Je::MgQ,ggw:g,, f , , k f Jw: , ,,.r ,S , VV ..., ,fww I W' H " ' A - : 'W 1 V ff, 'J - 'Y' ,,-WSW., ff , , " W1 -ffm -Q X. H'if+4fJ': kg' ',-up kfff, yay., A f V4 J, ,L ' . qw-,:v1-, '4-1 N ' KW! W"7'E':f 1 , "Jil 'wc' M :WP WU" Jai, 71 ' ff!-J , Lpffy' 1 :HKQIQK -yn ,5.gg9fE?lXfg,Egf6jffjwI7QwAQf1yvgfjf 3 ,wp-g7gqf4y5,y4g,,g zgg,,Pg5"?2'wcg55fW,gf,- ,q,gy,:L,:g,:f,:,MW','f'vfxhf4, fm' M 'fe-f'z,,Q. 'e,Jx!5x wf?5:14g'I I-'fUS'543"d' A ,, ,Ag. . V , ' J Wk EXE? . H' i pg, .Jizz 2 Jim 2, f.'2kW A V Jf,'r,+p,',ff1-pm 'evf,rM,+:?m WWIW'f7f?v'!f7i' .,,, V ,, , -1 QV? 3. 5-QL ' P'!fi'45' 1 my J I " WL VW mv'-f.1,"'7'f:'!I..f-Q , L ,I p if x f 'HP Q We f. , qgm,95,,f:j,gf -mfg, we .1-. ,. M35 W, wf :Qsfg ,QS jffgf . fgKey',g, W .,,,. S , . H Wwe 6:4 fi, " I , m, A Wy 7,1 15, fx M ,Jann 'L ' A L.K, 5, Wg: ,f f f ,, , 'Mixif Qzf 1' 5? ' k : 1121: e ff Qsfffj,-, i Kgs, Q ,K A wifi-aflfff ' ' Wi 'fwaf fgfifff, V ' 4 QW , , ff? ji msg. f , kfgjfiyggf, l45:,.21 k,X, ,k,,, J ,X 45, , gli'-W'Wf'!v3 N., .1 . Wm . ,ML I u W VW 1 v . ,AL, M L 'wg -rw, 'QMQ 5 . EWMIL ,uw wwgl v A ,MM 7,m:w4.7ggi ,: My 5: , 7lfi?p'g5g ,sig 1 1 Jgy,-,QV m www., v X, W w,sw1w:f,2w:U. 5 5-X 1 I flggkfllelqfyfi-i. -., ,L-Q H:,Agy-pwmsn-, glfwjf '-Q-fs.:,gq.Qigi - Tw 'ff-Lgrwfs? -' EHIUETU S FOOTBALL TEA M 53 E I I l WNQU C1490 QTOU Back row left to right: Coach Dave Beadle, Neil Fjeld, Billy Dallmann, Tom Stoddard, Rodney Lamb, Donald Eugenis, Douglas Hackmen, Billy Blom, Raymond Anvid, Peter Blom, Second row: Rolf Olson, Melvin Stoddard, Marvin Hillstrom, Larry Abrahamson, Harry Milberger, Gerry Greer, Roger Anvid, Ernie Mattson, and Dale Larson. Tim Matuszak Ge rryll Assistant Coach Arthur Letourneau and Manager - 5 25 , If-'.,,. ' 1 wi N.,-.- ,QZ S . - s :fi g 'Ernien NHarryu NMarvinN 44" Q -, 'K' nLarI.yn 8 A -ii--' ".A. -ff 4 ' - K w A 5U-.png . Q A ' 4 , 3 M 1 ' 1--V gr .- K,3'i . ,.,. .Ak - 11-A. x ,QE 3... x Q w 7 , X, - , gli.gggf-3-g'f'3jfV gf. fQ'f' f , Z , . F 4-nba, A , is' 51,9 Q, l-J'f Q 1" f h K vxi? M.x, tAi-fn nxql, M .QA5 M VV V 'r Q- ...N M All Conference: Harry Milberger 0. 'NN U. . Q ,. q .1,'f,1E.1vf, J lb 'fb' M. S ' ' f' k m :JJ -f-As. Assistant Coach Arthur Letourneau, Co- Captains Gerry Greer and Larry Abrahamson, and Coach Dave Beadle. '-' " TEAM BA SEE TBALL From left to right: Coach Richard Tuominen, Harry Milberger, John Gray, Larry Abrahamson, Gerry Greer, Dale Larson, Roger Anvid, Larry Godnai, Donald Ranta, Rodney Lamb, Marvin Hillstrom, Bob Anderson, and Manager Dan Greer. + i y oohyah , g J xy o do fif x A gs F Guard Marvin Hillstrom Guard Larry Abrahamson Forward Dale Larson Forward Harry Milberger F01'WaI'd Gerry GI' 991' BA SEBA LL Tnese boys will represent our school at baseball games this spring. Coach is Mr. Steven Hunter. BA S KE TBALL AP " " BASKETBALL TEAM 1 fnsuuu-K - -. 4: T' W iififi Standing left to right: Peter Blom, Dan Unulock, Jerry Willeck, Roger Thompson Steve Watkins, Bruce Heikkinen, Donald Eugenis, John Hanson, Billy Blom, Steve Wojtysiak, Ernie Paulson, Charles Lind, Billy Dallmann, and Neil Field- Kneeling: Manager, Tim Matuszak, and Coach, Dave Beadle. 'f " TEAM CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Georgia Brewer, Bonnie Obeidzinski, Mary Jo Smith, and Sandra Greer. Alternate is Theresa Smith. r Q H TE AM CHEERLEADERS nana a 'L EEl EE QE . R ' ' Alternate Linda Hollinger. From left to right: Toni Randall, Susan Maciewski, Bette Dallmann, Signe Armstrong, Marcia Nelson, and Phyllis Sinisalo. GIRLS! BASKET BALL s in "Bef-te" "Toni" x Captain Linda "Rose" "Rose" "Linn Front row left to right: Linda Demenge, Rosemary Wojtysiak, Captain Linda Dallmann, Sigue Armstrong, Jean Bumgardnerg Second row: Nancy Ranta, Toni Randall, Yvonne Watkins, Linda Hollinger, Bette Dallmann. L CROSS COUNTRY f if-g J W wx Q ,Q a y r f ,WL , ," Avi-fa: 3 ' ' 4' In, , , 'E fx. Y. 09 Q g ,af ' n l' ' 1 ll . Z X 1 5 .Q . ! ,Q j A I , -G f ' X -9 E9 . , f 4 Q!! ya K ,,1 , ff!!iLQff!!ghf X 2 5.2 From left to right: Coach Richard Tuominen. Dick Williams, Bruce Heikkinen, Bob Anderson, Ed Wojtysiak, Steve Wojtysiak and Eugene Kroll. Absent is Donald Eugenia. These boys will represent our school at track meets in the spring, ff? I7 -1.,, X X X X Ei ' kl K S i, , 3 xi. K 1 3 . , . W . , . ff S APSHOTS - f.-fu . xv 5 , .- . . 1 ' W ,mv aw Y 5' 3, r .Milf M, N 1 Q S: Q ,J Ali + 4 . ,Q eb b T E im 1. M E , N t S 2 ,Lv S E we " " aff M ,Q W , F, WM wa 5 Wifi sf L S W5 if f 1 , Y , . TYR if , gy. -H M . V ,iw 8 -ff ss :J -miffjm ,. :.-,' ag. A 22? ' , "A 4 1 ' . ,, 1 - -ii '22, ,- :rf SW 'W .,::fr' . A " ,.,, , . 4 , A , M V My 1 , F9145 wi, D H , t - Y , ,"-Wgfznn .2 Y ' - ag, 4 LVL "V '- "" 22 ' g , L' f -A i - -gs 'C 2 1 .3 V I 1 Q W w- if "5 4 ' ., 3 ' 5 E ' L 2 5' L' 7 - 2 , Q-' 1 ,,,, K 52. + W x' r ,if-W , " ff-'W . L, 'Y RI . , x - if f qfaz , ..,.f-we L , 1 :fs-if-.3f 'f:2"' L. " 923 . -V 3zr5E.jk-.5Aif,1:f nf . A Vk",A .,A, L ,, i,,, , g m ' .L ,L M., ..:, J. Q? + 5515335 QL, ww hi wwf x4 1 L Q SK 42 ,Y 5- 5 W K W vw W B E "QM, . w .yy .,,,. ,ggx L 'x z N , , E A Mg 2, K I gm' ww 'Zz Iliff 'eu ? 8 . . , 12522 .: 'Z . s g . 1 K K 3 ,.- '. Niffm, " .Hs K. f ' X sv waf R, ,,L- S h'm h' 1 I 5 4 RQ : Huy: , 2 x s x Xa A K 'v fy .k?. 4M X Q M2 1, 'I , , N j i S Kr ., xx . ..a1'l' f f L R Sf SS gif S, fx , K 3 . .Af H by y ,, X ,W A . M ga ' few 1 N gMW, :,, k5-:f , ,' L':','k . .it ' 7LfW?37I:'T,,1f,L1 5 ..,f if if 'away gkyffg NX X 1. ., K, -M H iv 91 1 W x 'gh , .5 ' -A i23Qf',,,,,gm V , ' V' S55 45, I ir, Wwv+ ' ""u....K,g,:?Ea , X x G P ' T ,EH qs I '35 ' , fm f v A wgaxgfiiw L J X . Mn? D2 f ff gf 4 hir F' ., .-. Q , .LL' fi ig '9 3 , , uw Y W . 3, , D 3 is 5 5, Q' if Wrv - I 1 fx yi . " fi lk '1 P. N 5 wi ie N x 3 8 H r., sg 1 X ,Q , S 3, 5 4 ff at if , -A as TB 'Q wfsqgg "Li uw itm, J' x S L 1 f f -' .' f . - .xv ' X g I 1 'H . ' W ' 'X 5 'Q x' Q Q, is Q K ,,., age! as v, A , ,-ze wr i:fr-ki , ' 'HK M Q if , X V X . as is 1. w wmemw Q if 2 1 - Hx ' Q -T ex Q A , Q A 'E M '12 Q is. ,... 2 Eg , N 2 , b ,..., i - fp ., :gl wg ' 1 - fa' ff V 'F ' 3 1223 n,W uw if AWJ iff? ' ' L1 V . A' As x 'Aj . If q ff, , J V .,. . .Unsf f 1 f . 1 1, ,. 1 F' Q , lu., ,X 4 B S mf '- o . nl.: SM WQ,WWw HW., Wu ,, lla w W :F Q ,.: ' 1' , ':4.,f,:.1, -'44 , . ,. ,,,.. - A Sl 'fig , H x , NX U E, ff 5 gi . X i Mfw k '-':5i:gf,: Qs, fig, ' Nga' Q ' ' ww +Qs A Af-w , A 3 R - 3 Q, I' W X ' fefm Jig -1 SENIOR SNAPS X hh aww Q an 7:- , mw- M 9. , X , ,p fm-M M , , , fd gg: Q 'Iss K K LTL A n N " Y, W 'UN' W? N N. Q4 X X ' L' is uf: Qmww --nr I f 1 W As the pages of this book have been turned, so have the days in our four years at AlBrook. This book is being closed and so 15 our last year of high school. Before we say good-bye, on this page our sincere thanks go to all those who have helped and guided us. P JQQGSSZKGJBQ, IQ. . WSF JW? if sb Wife Ffmbwdf N5- Qpfi Q 'A o Q WW wwf' ?yH?wl""es ? QDMU fqyyijw fwi-5 js We who 'Sf 9, aim fwfiegfj fffP?f55-E-f?5i??Q5'i 1P10"5f7J.Lg4,5.f.'fiQfrf2 v11lU'7"'5W.a fmzzwl 0 3, eofvgmmwvyofvfg Jmfoxa WOOD CONVERSION COMPANY Cloquet, Minnesota DIAMOND NATIONAL CORPORATION Cloquet, Minnesota FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CARLTON "A good bank to do business with" Carlton, Minnesota SAGINAW STORE Saginaw, Minnesota "Everything for the traveling public" RA 9-3975 RIVERSIDE INN Brooks ton , Minnesota n MINNESOTA POWER S LIGHT BROMME'S STORE AND FOUNTAIN 3893 Miller Trunk Highway Duluth, Minnesota JOHNSON'S MO RTUARY Slb East Third Street Duluth, Minnesota FIRST N ATIONAL BANK OF I PROCTOR MATHISENIS STORE SKYLINE BOWLING HBrunswick Service Dealersn Miller Trunk Highway Duluth, Minnesota 0JA'S MERCANTILE COMPA Y Dry Goods-Variety-Hardware Floodwood, Minnesota Phone: 476-2343 BELL BROTHER, Nc. HORN,S BURGER ILLE Hiway 61 - Scanlon Phone: 879-9986 FIRST ATIQ AL BA CLOQLIET Cloquet, Minnesota NORTHWEST PAPER COM PA Cloquet, Minnesota Mills at Cloquet A Brainerd Minnesota RUDY'S MILEAGE STATION SUNNYSIDE PLUMBING k HEATING JIM'S HAM URGER HG Q F 1 O.1n Gift Shop Cloquet, Minnesota Glas t us. 1' t Harry J. Pederson 8: Ramon K. Pederson 'Oque ' llnneso a U11 Sunnyside Drive STEWART FURNITURE COMPANY . , Cloquet, Minnesota Cloquet, Minnesota CLOQUET COTOP SHOPPING CENTER Cloquet, Minnesota CLOQUET TRANSFER COMPANY RELIABLE SAVINGS k LOAN CO. Cloquet, Minnesota Cloquet, Minnesota ANDERSON REST HOME Brookston, Minnesota GL 3-4123 DR. M. J. RIDSON Chiropractor Cloquet, Minnesota BEN FRANKLIN STORE Cloquet, Minnesota GAMBLES STORE Cloquet, Minnesota SEARS, ROEBUCN, AND co. 1007 Cloquet Avenue Cloquet, Minnesota COAST TO COAST STORES Cloquet, Minnesota TRICO CO-OP OIL ASS'N. Cloquet, Minnesota DRS. PUUMALA A BEPKO Cloquet, Minnesota CLOQUET IMPLEMENT COMPANY Cloquet, Minnesota FIRST STATE BANK Floodwood, Minnesota ED'S BAKERY 1013 Cloquet Avenue Cloquet, Minnesota TR 9-4252 TRI-STATE SPORTS 208 West Superior Street Duluth, Minnesota EAGLE'S CLUB Aerie Lake Prosit, Minnesota KRANSINKI'S Prosit, Minnesota BURNETT STORE Burnett, Minnesota Art A Sylvia, Prop. Phone: DI 5-3316 ECONOMY MOTORS Duluth, Minnesota MA 8-1044 THE CLINIC PHAWAACY 417 Skyline Boulevard Cloquet, Minnesota WILLECK BROTHERS Cafe-Filling Station-Garage Saginaw, Minnesota WEST END SEWING CENTER 1901 West Superior Street Duluth, Minnesota ARROWHEAD CONCRETE WORKS Duluth, Minnesota ESALA FLORIST UPetal Perfect Flowersu 879-4629 Big Lake Road Cloquet, Minnesota TOM BARDON Candies-Cigars-Cigarettes 225 East Chisholm Street Duluth, Minnesota RA 4-8759 WOODRUFF LUMBER COMPANY Duluth, Minnesota NELSON KNITTING MILLS 2105 West Superior Street Duluth, Minnesota OLLILA LUMBER AND MARINE Highway 33 Cloquet, Minnesota JON'S PHOTOGRAPHY 2107 West Superior Street Duluth, Minnesota RA 7-1179 PIKE LAKE GAMBLES STORE 3882 Miller Trunk Hiway Duluth, Minnesota ANDERSON DAIRY INC. Hiway 61 Phone: EV 4-4608 Carlton Quality Products Fresh to Your Door EAST END PLUMBING A HEATING 524 East 4th Street Duluth, Minnesota RA 2-1150 J AND A HAMBURGER SHOP 5601 Grand Avenue Duluth, Minnesota SECURITY JEWELERS 307 West Superior Street Duluth, Minnesota ARROWHEAD REFINING CO. Re-refining High Grade Motor and Industrial Oils 3519 Miller Trunk Hwy. Duluth, Minnesota NORTHLAND MORTUARY Rudolph Beltt Q Milton Chabot Cloquet, Minnesota RAITER PHARMACY NThe Store of Personal Servicen 1001 Cloquet Avenue Cloquet, Minnesota TR 9-4661 WETZEL'S PLACE nWet your whistle at Wetzel'sU Alborn, Minnesota UNITED TRUCK BODY CO. 3357 Miller Trunk Highway Duluth, Minnesota HOME OF MASTERCRAFT LIVINGROOM FURNITURE RA 2-5258 1917 West Superior Street Duluth, Minnesota DUBIA'S 3885 Miller Trunk Highway Duluth 11, Minnesota BROOKSTON CAFE Brookston, Minnesota GL 3-4135 George A Betty Anderson, Prop. BAXTER COMPANY 1610 West Michigan Street Duluth, Minnesota GA-N0-ME MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Saginaw, Minnesota PETERSON ANDERSON FLOWERS, INC. 331 West Superior Street Duluth, Minnesota GOLDFINE'S HBy the Bridgeu Duluth, Minnesota WESTERN NATIONAL BANK or DULUTH 37th and Grand Avenue West Duluth, Minnesota L-M SUPPLY Cloquet, Virginia, Grand Rapids Minnesota NORTHLAND CONSGLIDATED TEIEPHONES, INC. Meadowlands, Minnesota UAYNE'S SERVICE Cafe Gas-Oil-Wrecker Service QAAAJ Brookston, Minnesota GL 3-4168 WESTERN REALTY 2131 West Superior Street Homes-Home Loans Suburban and Farm Insurance H0ver 50 Years of Dependable Servicen LARSOM, SIMONSGN GENERAL STORE Culver, Minnesota FLOODWOOD CO-OPERATIVE ASS'N. Floodwood, Minnesota APCO TRUCK STOP Gas-Diesel Fuel-Propane Cafe-Best Foods Open 24 Hours Floodwood, Minnesota KRON AUTO PARTS Parts for all popular make cars Marquett Welders A Rods Wheel Alignment-Generator Repair Floodwood, Minn. 476-2351 FARMER'S C0-OPERATIVE TRADING CO. General Merchandisers Wilho S. Ranta, Manager Brookston, Minnesota GL 3-4245 Barny's Skyline HDirect Serviceu Norman Barny, Proprietor Cloquet, Minnesota Thompson Electric Company Cloquet, Minnesota Holmstrand Variety 5 Hobby Store 120 Avenue C Cloquet, Minnesota Moen Jewelry 1914 West Superior Street Duluth, Minnesota Dr. F. Litman, Dentist Providence Building Buska1a's Jewelry Cloquet, Minnesota Johnson Company Cloquet, Minnesota Chapman's Auto Body Motors-Towing-Painting Saginaw, Minn. RA 9-7001 Beckstrom Paint Company HHouse of Color' Cloquet, Minnesota Stephen Body Shop Floodwood, Minnesota Stardust Motel Floodwood, Minnesota 476-2340 Twin Ports Opticians, Inc. 430 Medical Arts Building Duluth 2, Minnesota Pioneer National Bank Drive-in-Service West Duluth, Minnesota Denny's Standard Service TiresJHashing-Greasing Floodwood, Minn. 476-2248 Floodwood Motor Company Floodwood, Minnesota Bystrom's Grocery Cloquet, Minnesota Schneiderman's Furniture Elmer,Minnesota Ray's Market Cowan, Minnesota Jaskari's Store General Merchandise Gas k Oil TR 9-7565 Sawyer, Minn. Millens Standard Service Main Street Carlton, Minnesota Quality Meats-Rudy's-Groceries Ada, Trina, and Rudolph Mattas GA 7-4285 Meadowlands John Duffy Motor Company But Your Ford From Duffy Carlton, Minnesota Oriva11'Frothers 317 Scanlon Road Phone: 879-9500 Dairy Queen King Burgers-Chickens-Steaks Cloquet, Minnesota Cloquet Greenhouse Pl-16th Street TR 9-9525 Flowors for all Occasions M. J. Widdes,1nc. Feed-Jeed-Livestock Esko, Minnesota Bridgeman's Ice Cream Fanny Farmer Candy Cloquet, Minnesota Brenny-Dahl Block Company 901 Hiway 33 South Cloquet, Minnesota Sunnyside A k W North Hiway 33 Cloquet, Minnesota Vern and Marie Vietanen Barber and Beauty Shop Meadowlands, Minnesota Steve Horvath Garage and Implement Elmer, Minnesota Korner Koffee Kup Hiway 33, Saginaw Hours: 4 A.M. to 8 P.M. The Tulip Shop Lunches-Sodas-Gifts Cloquet, Minnesota Kaner's Men's Wear Cloquet, Minnesota O-Tel-Ma Motel Saginaw, Minnesota RA 9-8945 Niemi's Service Brookston, Minnesota Duluth Minnesota Dohnansky Motor and Implement ' Meadowlands, Minnesota Hongisto Truck and Implement Co. ghogren Insurance Agency Highway 39 North For Complete Insurance Protection Cloquet. V1nne50t3 Carlton, Minnesota Wally's Hamburgers-Light Lunches-Rooms Floodwood Hardware Inc. Floodwood' Minnesota Quality Merchandise at Right Prices Floodwood, Minnesota E. KT T .f H RWW5 -L -' Q .-gm-.f 9 9 Ji. , N 2-.Q Q WFAW ,' L4-,, -h BML, QHQSW :X L W 4 :W N ' .Q',,2,.-5-S:-Q 1 , 1,1-.....,,. .5 mf 06129: J f' mu! 'Jl'Hg' ' -m:'., 1? i1f+43"Q"" ' . '33-4 ,2 X -. W N "W" 'I P --- X Q 'rw L- 'AFR' M- E" 'Tx ,'f,.g4. 4- is ' -..,,, N X ,q'P'3,q ---xm bu I f"'f 9 "IKM Q24 -11"-' 5 1 ,af Mfg: QL., N ,ex 9" :S "f:- ,. 'i!5.'m...r. -. R .,cGwusm.t1 -Sf,-5vA:g,q,4, . 1 :' up 72: fulf, We . L S ik N? ID MGMOBIHM PRESIDENT JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY 1917-1963 AUTOGRAPHS ' . v 5 k L, V, U was 172" f,- 'U , Igx ff 236 A+' .' '-?i"P ' i. Gm! V Y rhggl -f, l r1 -1 MQ. r Ixvfi X ' . .4 We W ' M lmif ?f.,' H, M'afJ!',-si -53" ,- , , . 'xg-.fa , V15 ':'Qf.' 'f Q Is. TQ- 'fill' ,j 622,452 l'fff'g'Qi ' L' 5-nf?.: -:L-k14.?f,vU fW"e? f 'ffwn-'fli W1 2 . '4 ' H ' 6 b 'M 3,55 . , f 1, I A , .. ' P " f 5 . 5 ' 4. -- "ff: rf?- m. fx, 5' 1V A 'W 'U y.. n-141, 1 " I Y if Q 1, ' 465 U 4 :- QV' .af . ll.. 'f-f,.,i., S 1 U. n-P A." -1 ' ' T, 'Q X . 'ff ' 'Eff tlg M 4 v X' A " - 'H J 1 - EL ,dit 4, Q ffx J ' I 4 .. -- .r ' - . -' Q V V.,-.-. ,.'3-4-147 ' -" , ." 5.535 " ,-1.-h 'ie.3x'g1Wff1Lf?1 gjfrh f ' Q Mm' X '-.,,s:i -- 4 J'Vl-- -.. Ki A x N f fa 1 1 I 1 1 A 1 gg ,4 3 1-

Suggestions in the Albrook High School - Falcon Yearbook (Saginaw, MN) collection:

Albrook High School - Falcon Yearbook (Saginaw, MN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 44

1964, pg 44

Albrook High School - Falcon Yearbook (Saginaw, MN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 10

1964, pg 10

Albrook High School - Falcon Yearbook (Saginaw, MN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 78

1964, pg 78

Albrook High School - Falcon Yearbook (Saginaw, MN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 45

1964, pg 45

Albrook High School - Falcon Yearbook (Saginaw, MN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 72

1964, pg 72

Albrook High School - Falcon Yearbook (Saginaw, MN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 72

1964, pg 72

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