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 DUE: 1968 ALBRIGHT COLLEGE READING, PENNSYLVANIA2table of contents Dedication 4 Student Life 6 Faculty Administration 36 Seniors 68 Sororities Fraternities 104 Organizations 122 Sports 142 3A dedication of a yearbook to all of the professors at Albright College would be a well deserved tribute by the class of 1968 to all of the men and women who have contributed to the sought after title of “graduate.” One of these instructors, because of his varied interests and genuine concern for the human beings who make up the college community, is known by more than those students who have shared classroom experiences with him. He does not remain inaccessible in his office or his home, but mingles with students and other professors in the Campus Center and in all areas of college activity. Perhaps his rapport with students stems from the fact that he has never ceased to be a student himself—a student of history, but also a student of people. Without this man there would be no 1968 Cue to dedicate. His belief in students and in their ability to fulfill their ideas has made it possible. The class of 1968 dedicates its edition of the Cue to Dr. William W. Hummel. KMdedication78910the world said no and closed its door the young man kept knocking and the door soon came ajar 11. heavy footsteps on worn asphalt, in quest, in haste, he runs into the arms of the master to conquer the isolated words hidden behind iron and brick. 1213thinking silly laughing silly acting silly isn’t silly at all it’s life 15161700€ •• iff •' •' « • •' . • S' •' ,'»« •' •' ?•• ■' S' • • •' »'« •' «' •' S' S' « •' •'«© •' '•• •' S' •' S’ t •• I '•© S' ••• •• •• •' •' t t- • $ • • •"‘rv •' • % • • • the letter home sending smiles, reflections and the miles you’ve gone each day202122down the lane of thought that one day you knew you’d make it 23Iknobs buttons drops of hope answered the questions you had yesterday2829as man grows he chooses to look life squarely face to face if he hits the right pocket he can laugh and play the game another day.3133advertised as food for thought you let your mind wander as the room gets a little smokey with the murmurs from your kind of people 34NOiivuisiNiiAiav Ainnovdpresident A college is a particular kind of community, not quite like any other kind, yet made up of human beings as are all the others. A college is not nearly as heterogeneous in its composition as a city, and by no means as heterogeneous as a labor union. It is dedicated to a singular purpose—the production of educated people—yet that process is not nearly as simple as, say, the production of automobiles. In this rapidly changing world our colleges serve as custodians of the intellectual capital of mankind; they also serve as centers of innovation and change, of investigation of the application of knowledge to current needs and of reexamination and criticism of society. The old cliches and the old ways of thinking won’t do in this new world. Our college must produce graduates who can do more than memorize facts—because even facts change. We have to educate students to think, to grasp concepts, to relate facts and events and think through logically what this chain of data means. Above all, college must produce people who are flexible, who can change from the set patterns when the facts warrant it, and who aren’t afraid to think boldly when the times call for it. Arthur L. Schultz A.B.. B.D., M.Ed.. Ph.D., LL.D. 38Robert E. McBride. A.B.. B.D., Ph.D. dean of the college I suppose that the question of integrity and personal honesty is at the heart of my own educational philosophy. We cannot be twentieth century men six days a week and live with moral understanding on the seventh. Most of us find it difficult to be honest with ourselves and each other. Integrity means being a whole person. It means living by a consistant set of values and rising above expediency on the moral plane, existentialism on the philosophical plane, and hypotheticalism on intellectual plane. Granted it is not an easy job, but then who said this was an easy world to begin with? In admissions we try to be honest with students and encourage them not to apply if they don’t have a chance of getting in. We usually end up spending more time with the unacceptable applicants than the acceptable. We try to find someplace where the former can be successful, but some people don’t take rejection graciously and we have to be tactful. It would not be fair for us to let a student be last in his class. When we accept a student we can't tell what he will do here, but we know he can do our work. director of admissions 39 Samuel B. Shirk, A.B.. M.A., Ph.D.40 Doris G. Manzolillo. A.B.. M.S. in Ed. Doan of Women and Associate Dean of StudentsAnna R. Benninger. A.B. Registrar and Director ot Placement Linda L. Bowers. A.B.. M.S. in L.S. Assistant Librarian In March of 1964, the Albright College Library opened for business in its modern, attractive building in the center of the campus. Since that time Albright has seen many changes and improvements—new courses of study, new instructors, an increased student body, expanded campus and facilities. The library too has made itself a part of this forward movement by being able to offer to the students and faculty of Albright College an expanded program of studies. In four short years over twenty thousand books have been added to the library, bringing the total number of volumes in the collection to 105.000. In addition more than one hundred periodicals and scholarly journals have been received. Also, through co-operation with other institutions of higher learning the knowledge and ideas contained in countless numbers of books are available. ‘’The true University these days is a collection of books." —Carlyle 41 Josephine E. Raeppel. A.8.. B.S. in L.S.. M.A.. M.S. in L.S.. Ed.D.Charles Gordon, Jr. Treasurer 42LeRoy Burkholder. A.B. Director of Development 43Gone A. Schott. A.B. Director of Alumni Relations Leonard Van Oriel Director of Food Service 44Jfs Dale J. Vandersall. B.A.. M. Ed. Director of Campus Center Joseph E. Gable. B.S.. M. D. Medical Director Student Health Center Erma E. Gable. R. N. Head Nurse Student Health Center 45history William R. Bishop. Jr.. A.B.. M.A. 46Charles E. Kistler, A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D.. Department Head 4748 David L. Schwartz. A.B.. M.A.Arthur L. Hilt. 8.S.. M.S.. Ph.D.. Department Head Raymond J. Mest. B.S.. M.A. Henry R. Riley. B.S.. M.A. Robert L. Dahl. B.S.. M.A. mathematics 49Thomas A. Wolfe. A.B., M.A. 50sociology 51 Thomas D. Meyers. B.A.. M.A.physics Thurman R. Kremser. B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D.. Department Head Eugene B. Mosca, B.S.. M.A.Ellery B. Haskell. A.B.. B.D.. M.A., Ph.D. Department Head Thomas M. Fitzpatrick. B.S.. M.S. philosophy 53religion William R. Marlow. A.B., B.D. Franklyn W. Hayes. B.A.. B.D.. M.A. 54Sophie Gerlicz, Baccalaureate (Poland), Sorbonne (Paris) Bernice G. Zissa. A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Edith B. Dowds. B.A.. M.A., Ph.D., Department Head FRANCE french Clinton O. Morton. A.B.. M.A. 55Luther F. Brossman. B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. Department Head F. Wilbur Gingrich, A.B., A.M.. Ph.D., Department Head classical languages Helen J. Loano. A.8.. M.A.. Ph.D. 56Amy Lee Weislogel. A.8. Spanish Dulce M. Coppola. Bac.. D.R.A. 57 Nina M. Belayeff Russian Ped. Inst,Edwin H. Sargent. A.B.. M.A. 58 Ronald G. Coleman. A.B., M.A. James 0. Reppert. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D., Department Head VPaul R. Applegate, Jr.. A.B.. M.A. 59 Mary Brill. A.B.. M.A..Ph.D. Gail J. Sinclair, A.B.. M.A.biology 60John S. Hall. B.S.. M.A.. Ph D. 61chemistry Marmel J. Brown, B.S. Helen Lightman. A.B. Anthony J. Izbicki. B.S.. M.S. 6263Ernestine Elder, B.S.. M.A. Eleanor D. Schlenker. B.S. home economics Mildred lacone. B.S.. M.S.. Department Head 64fine arts Harry G. Koursaros. B.S.. M.A.. Department Head music LeRoy 8. Hinkle. B.S.. M.Ed.. Department Head Francis H. Williamson. B.S. in Ed.. M.M., B.D., Th.D. Havard E. Fosnocht. B.S.. M.Ed. Robert F. Smith. B.S., M.Ed.. Ed.D., Department Head education 65 Iphysical educationJoseph R. Now. B.S.. M S. in Phys. Ed. Instructor Beatrice S. Ramsay. A.B., M.S. in Ed. Assistant Professor of Physical Education William F. Helm. Jr.. B.S. Instructor 67SENIORSPIERRE ANNABALLI A. B. Political Science RONALD J. AQUILINE B.S. Economics ROBERT S. AUERBACH B. S. Biology Pre-Med DAVID L. AUMAN B.S. Mathematics ROXANNE A. BACH B.S. Biology MILDRED BALL B.S. Biology 70PETER M. BANDONIS B.S. Physics CLAY BARCLAY B.S. Biology Pre-Med BARBARA BATTLE A. B. Sociology MICHAEL H. BEILAN B. S. Biology Pre-Med EDMUND W. BENDER B.S. Physics GERALDINE G. BILLYK A.B. Psychology 71LYNN D. BLAKESLEE B.S. Homo Economics EARL T. BOLIG III B.S. Biology Pre-Med STEPHEN A. BORTONE B.S. Biology Pre-Med FAY BOSLAND B.S. Homo Economics BARBARA B. BOYAJIAN A.B. History ROBERT BRINCKERHOFF B.S. Mathematics ELIZABETH A. BUCHANAN A.B. English 72BRUCE A. BUHROW B.S. Biology LYNNE C. BURAK A. B. English CYNTHIA BURDGE B. S. Biology REBECCA P. BUSCH A.B. English A. RUSSELL CAMPBELL III A. B. Economics JOYCE E. CAMPBELL B. S. Biology Pre-Med WHO'S WHO—SEATED: L. Estilow. R. Busch. R. Espenshade. K. Yinger. D. Nappe. P. Collins. J. Hemenway. STANDING: T. Jacobs. W. Guenther. C. Sargeant, D. Mink. W. McKenney, D. Yanich. G. Oldenwald. 73Barbara Olmes, Denise Nappe. Dora Marron. Kathy Yinger. Helen Nipe. Becky Espenshade. Judy Hemenway. Lynne Burak. Bonnie Schlagel. Leslie Mardenborough. Betsy Estilow. Roxanne Bach. GARY L. CHRISTENSEN B.S. Biology Pre-Med DIANE P. CLAYTON A. B. Sociology KENNETH E. CLEAVER B. S. Chemistry JOHN E. CLOUSE B.S. Economics PATRICIA W. COLLINS A. B. Spanish KENNETH A. CONRAD B. S. Biology Pre-Med 74ALAN S. CORNELL B.S. Economics BARRY J. CUTLER B.S. Biology Pre-Med FREDERICK M. CYRAN B.S. Economics GENE L. DANIELS A.B. Political Science SUSAN C. DARNES B.S. Biology BRUCE B. DeHAVEN A.B. English 75ELIZABETH S. DelBELLO A.B. Sociology RANDELL B. DIETRICH A. B. Psychology JAMES J. DOTTERRER. JR. B. S. Economics VIRGINIA L. DOYLE A.B. Psychology JAMES M. DUNDORE. JR. A.B. Psychology LEWIS J. DUNN B.S. Biology Pre-Med 76R. MICHAEL ECKENROTH A.B. History LYNNE M. ECKERT A.B. English SAMUEL M. EINHORN A.B. History PHILIP W. EPPLEY B.S. Biology Pre-Med JOHN C. ERICSON B.S. Economics REBECCA J. ESPENSHADE B.S. Home Economics 77LAURA E. ESTILOW B.S. Biology VIRGINIA E. ETTINGER B.S. Biology Pre-Med PAMELA K. EVANS A.B. Spanish DAVID A. EVERSDYKE A.B. History HELEN M. EYRICH B.S. Home Economics FRANCES E. FARMER B.S. Biology Pre-Med 78PETER H. FASIG B.S. Economics ANGELA M. FAZIO A. B. Economics NANCY L. FIORI B. S. Home Economics SHIRLEY A. FIRESTINE A.B. Sociology JOHN C- FIRESTONE A.B. History JOYCE L. FOWLER A.B. Sociology 79LEONARD A. FOX 8.S. Economics STEVEN FOX 8.S. Biology Pre-Med MARGARET H. FRITZ B.S. Biology BARBARA FROMM A. B. History THOMAS B. FRVSTOCK B. S. Biology PATRICIA A. GARDNER A.B. Psychology 80RICHARD G. GARDNER A.B. Sociology RICHARD L. GARWOOD A.B. History KAY E. GASS A. B. English FAY K. GEEGEE B. S. Home Economics RICHARD P. GELSINGER A.B. Sociology GWENDOLYN J. GENSLER A.B. English 81STEPHEN T. GEORGE A.B. History MARGARET W. GERHART A.B. History WILLIAM R. GRANDA A.B. Psychology BARRY P. GREEN B.S. Biology Pre-Med RICHARD A. GREENBERG B.S. Biology Pre-Med JOHN L. GRILL B.S. Mathematics 82WAYNE B. GUENTHER A.B. Sociology KAREN L. HACKMAN A.B. Spanish TERRY J. HARBONIC A.B. Psychology JUDITH A. HEMENWAY A.B. Psychology GARY F. HENDL A.B. Psychology DENNIS W. HESS B.S. Chemistry 83STEPHANIE C. HUEY A.B. French BARRY S. HUMBERT B.S. Mathematics JOANNE C. HYDOCK A. B. History THOMAS H. JACOBS A. B. Psychology ARTHUR R. JENKINS B. S. Economics JAMES D. KEARNS B. S. Biology 84SUSAN A. KLEIN A. B. Psychology BARRY L. KLINE B. S. Economics DENNIS L. KLINE A.B. History PAULINE M. KOSTURA A. B. Psychology LUCY A. KOTULA B. S. Biology MICHAEL W. KUSHIN A. B. Psychology STEPHEN LAIKEN B. S. Biology Pre-Med 85EILEEN D. LELEK A.B. Psychology JEAN L. LEWIS A.B. History JOAN M. LEWIS A.B. History NEAL R. LEWIS A. B. History JOHN T. LILLEY. JR. B. S. Biology MICHAEL J. LoFRUMENTO B.S. Biology JOHN R. LONGANECKER A.B. History 86STEPHEN J. LOSBEN B.S. Biology Pre-Mod MARILYN A. LOUIS B.S. Home Economics GARY N. LOWE A.B. English THOMAS W. LUGG A.B. Psychology MARY L. LUTZ A.B. Psychology DONALD N. LYKENS B.S. Chemistry 87JACK R. LYKENS B.S. Biology JAMES 0. MABRY B.S. Physics CHRISTINE A. McGEARY B.S. Home Economics W. ALLEN McKENNEY A. B. Political Science CLARISSA H. MALLORY B. S. Home Economics MARIE C. MALY B.S. Home Economics LESLIE A. MARDENBOROUGH A.B. Psychology 88DORA Y. MARRON A.B. French JOAN A. MARSON B.S. Mathematics WILLIAM R. MASLO B.S. Economics RAYMOND W. MEINER B.S. Economics CAROL A. MERLUZZO B.S. Home Economics CLAUDE MIGNON B.S. Mathematics 89DAVID A. MINK A.B. English STEVEN N. MINK B.S. Biology Pre-Med ANN L. MORFOGAN A.B. History CHARLES R. MOYER A.8. Political Science MARTHA N. MOYER A.B. English WAYNE A. MOYER B.S. Biology 90ANDREW F. MYTINGER A. B. History DENISE T. NAPPE B. S. Home Economics HERBERT H. NAUSS. JR. A. B. History THOMAS H. NEEL B. S. Biology SUSAN B. NICHOLS B.S. Home Economics HELEN C. NIPE A.B. English 91GARY A. ODENWALD A.B. History BARBARA J. OIMES B.S. Home Economics MARILYN F. ORFUSS A.B. Psychology PETER T. PALLIS A.B. Sociology STEPHEN H. PARIS B.S. Economics JAMES F. PATTON A.B. History 92VIRGINIA G. PEIL A.B. International Affairs FRANK L. PEPE B.S. Economics WOODROW H. RANCK. JR. A.B. History BEVERLY L. RATNER A.B. Psychology JOSEPH RAVETZ B.S. Biology Pre-Med RONALD W. REED B.S. Biology Pre-Med 93 RICHARD D. REESER A.B. Sociology THOMAS M. REICHART A.B. Sociology PHILLIP J. RENNINGER A.B. Sociology BETTY JANE RENTSCHLER A.B. Psychology DANIEL G. RIEMONDI 8.S. Economics P. MICHAEL RIFFERT A.B. Economics 94NANCY E. RIFFLE B.S. Biology CHARLOTTE M. ROBERTS A.B. Sociology GILBERT A. ROSENBLUM B.S. Biology Pre-Med MICHAEL S. ROTH B.S. Biology Pre-Med MARCY A. RUTH A. B. Psychology DIANE L. SAKALOVSKI B. S. Home EconomicsROBERT V. SAKALOVSKI A.B. Psychology RONALD SAUER A.B. Sociology BARRY J. SAUL B.S. Biology Pre-Med BONNIE L. SCHLEGEL A.B. English KATHLEEN H. SCHNEIDER A.B. Sociology JOAN K. SEIDEL A.B. International Affairs 96CAROLYN J. SELF B.S. Home Economics CRAIG C. SERGEANT 8.S. Economics DAVID A. SEXTON A. B. Psychology JAMES R. SHOEMAKER B. S. Biology Pre-Mod BARRY M. SILVERSTEIN A. B. Psychology WILLIAM R. SISCO B. S. Chemistry 97ROSE ANN SMITH B.S. Home Economics JOHN A. SNYDER A. B. Psychology KENNETH S. SPATZ B. S. Economics WILLIAM N. STOYKO A.B. Political Science DONALD C. STRICKER A.B. Psychology PAUL W. STRUBECK A.B. Psychology 98ANNA M. SWARR A.B. Sociology CAROL SZURGOT B.S. Biology THADDEUS R. SZYDLOWSKI B.S. Biology Pre-Med BARBARA L. TITUS A. B. History BEVERLY J. TOWLE B. S. Biology NANCY E. TRAINOR A.B. Sociology 99COURTNEY R. TRIEVEL B.S. Economics CHRISTINE E. ULRICH B.S. Home Economics LINDA F. UPDEGROVE A. B. English ALBERT R. VESPER B. S. Physics GRACE E. VITKUS B.S. Home Economics MARGARET J. WADSWORTH A.B. Psychology 100ROBERT S. WAGNER A. 8. English THOMAS E. WATSON. JR. B. S. Economics RALPH E. WEISE B.S. Biology TERRY W. WELCOMER B.S. Economics SHEILA A. WELSH A.B. English LINDA L. WETZEL A.8. English 101JANE L. WILEY A.B. Spanish RUTH M. WINKLE B.S. Home Economics GERALO L. WOLF B.S. Economics DONALD YANICH A.B. International Affairs KATHLEEN E. YINGER A.B. Sociology PAUL ZATZ B.S. Biology Pre-Med 102CLASS OF 1968 OFFICERS—Betsy Del Bello, secretary: Kathy Schneider, treasurer: Pete Pallis. president: Linda Updegrove. vice-president. SENIORS NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Joseph R. Andrews James R. Barra Joanne W. Beard Barbara Bill© James F. Bollman Harry J. Christ Michael Daugherty Auriela Donatelli Roger K. Dutfey Jeanette M. Eways Neal D. Fagen Mary Beth Fidler Lawrence D. Gaston. Jr. Peter M. Goda Robert Gulkin Walter Hendee John M. Jenkins E. Desmond Kelley Robert H. Kinder Dennis G. Kriebel Lois Leggett Jane L. Longacre Harvey Mathason William K. McQuiston Donald C. Michaels Reno C. Rastelli Rodney Rhoads Joseph S. Sembuya David Smethers 8arbara Stauffer Barbara Stewart Elizabeth Stine Richard Swalley Allan Summerfield Henry Tornell Richard E. Turner Victor I. Umyn Grace E. Vitkus Earl J. Walbourn 103SORORITIES FRATERNITIES■ n 11 f-TT'Tl 1. Marie Maly. Historian 2. Barbara Geisel 3. Beth McGrow 4. Jean Mattox 5. Sue Robinson 6. Kim Brown 7. Barbara Orr 8. Cindy Eisenman 9. Barbara Olmes. President 10. Marilyn Louis, Rec. Sec'y. 11. Nancy Riffle 12. Barbara Titus 13. Dora Marron. Vice President 14. Linda Klinedinst 15. Sandy Wagner 16. Carol Werner. Chaplain 17. Sue Prusack 18. Bonnie Wendling 19. Peggy Van Driel. Cor. Sec'y. 20. Marcy Ruth 21. Beverly Towle 106chi lambda rho 1071. Richard Baker 2. George Bernard 3. Paul Lohatto 4. Arnold Laikin—Cor. Sec. 5. Wayne Shusko 6. Gary Rightmire 7. Alex Meldrum 8. Rod Kriebel 9. Dennis Zimmerman 10. Barry Rapp 11. Terry Harbonic 12. Russ Kelchner 13. Richard Fresc 14. Len Ennis 15. Don Seibert 16. David Fielder 17. Arthur Jenkins—V.P. 18. Joseph Albright 19. Terry Rhodes 20. Thomas Tranquillo 21. Michael Weiser 22. Michael Albright 23. Leonard Feinberg 24. David Boyles 25. John Ericson 26. Thomas Bakum 27. Bruce Buhrow 28. James Fegley 29. Daniel Calabria 30. Donald Irvin 31. Henry Gedney 108109 1. Melanie Moberg 2. Karen Dicks 3. Carol Schmaltz 4. Noelle Russel 5. Patricia Laughlin 6. Jane McCallion 7. Ann Ulrich 8. Barbara Christiansen 9. Barrie Boyajian Corresponding Secretary 10. Carol Heckman 11. Sara Gillespy 12. Judy Duttinger 13. Patricia Stucy 14. Melisa Brown 15. Lynne Burak President 16. Beverly Hawkins 17. Midge Ball Vice President 18. Helen Eyrich Recording Secretary 19. Susan Treadwell 20. Joan Marson Chaplain-Historian 21. Ellen DeCamp 22. Rosemarie Blum 23. Josephine Bondonese 24. Marilyn Stauffer 25. Barbara Gyenes 26. Maureen Fegley 27. Doreen Daskiewicz 28. Susan Young 29. Betsy Estilow Treasurer 30. Diane Chuze 31. Janet Pick 32. Karen Kenney 33. Alice Rohrbacher 110phi beta mu -— v I 1 2. Stove BohV — 3. Nea Lewis- A. Dave Spang 5. Fred Weaver 6. Rick Stamm V. Wayne Morris 8. Gary Ctirislensen ■Octal Chairrr 'resident 17. Brad Kreidler 18. Stan Laucks 19. Bruce Smith 20. Rick Turner 21. Peter Fasig—Corresponding Sec. 22. Gary Lowe——Vice President 11. T»m Bachman 12. Art Bloch 13. Ralph Weise 14. Rick. Bomberger 15. Dave Much 16. Rich Merk 1 121. Donise Nappe. President 13. Marie Hoplamazian 25. Sue Potrusiak 2. Diane Sakalovski 14. Cathy Gaul 26. Judy Gregory 3. Nancy Trainor 15. Mary Schatz 27. Pat Gustafson 4. Pat Collins. Vice President 16. Betsy Del Bello. Treasurer 28. Linda Carvell 5. Becky Busch. Chaplain 17. Stephanie Huey 29. Carol Szilagyi 6. Donna Florenzie 18. Kathy Schneider 30. Meg Plister 7. Susan Veghte 19. Linda Updegrove. Rec. Sec y. 31. Ginger Strong 8. Marlene Murphy 20. Sue Darnes. Historian 32. Karen Masonheimer 9. Betsy Ross 21. Nancy Fiori. Cor. Sec'y. 33. Sally McCue 10. Barbara Wachter 22. Sue Byles 34. Pat Parker 11. Carol Giannotta 23. Barbara Bricker 35. April Tarjan 12. Carol Palac 24. Linda Hefferan 36. Alison Adkins 114pi alpha tau 1151. Ted Agurkis 2. John Clark 3. Tim Roberts 4. Orv Hoffman 5. Steve Goldberg 6. Terry Jones 7. Gary Finkelstein 8. Joe Kacanda 9. John Ryder 10. Rich Golber 11. Phil Sterner—secretary 12. Neil Leister 13. Skip Vrooman 14. Doug Shearer 15. Dave Sexton 16. Wayne Geunther 17. Peter Pallis—Vice Pres. 18. Ray Meiner 19. Pierre Annaballi 20. GaryOdenwald—President 21. Craig Sergeant—Treasurer 22. Rick Reeser 23. Tom Watson 24. Jim Kearns 116alpha pi omega 117iiiiii 1. Leslie Small 2. Arlene Arends—Recording sec. 3. Barbara Carr—Corresponding sec. 4. Linda McCormick 5. Virginia Doyle 6. Marilyn Orfuss 7. Sue Klein 8. Fay Bosland 9. Edith Kerrick—Treasurer 10. Virginia Ettinger 11. Geri Hart 12. Janice Riehl 13. Nancy Pastorello 14. Virginia Peil 15. Mary Ann Clemens 16. Pam Williams 17. Helen Nipe 18. Rhoda Kautold 19. Judy Bleiler 20. Diana Cole 21. Linda Roberts 22. Ginny Huff 23. Suzanno Heilman 24. Sandy Klahr 25. Dawn Zimmerman 26. Anna Swarr—second vice-pres. 27. Charlotte Roberts—President gamma sigma sigma1. Rich Bardo 2. Jeff Zwerin 3. Charlie Miller 4. Mark Creager. Alumni Sec y. 5. Terry Welcomer. President 6. Mark 8ippes. 1st. Vice President 7. Bob Goldberg 8. Tom Ziegenhorn 9. Barry Saul 10. Randy Matz 11. Ralph Jacobson. Historian 12. Bob Auerbach. Parlamentarian 13. Gilbert Rosenblum 14. Dennis Hughes. Historian 15. Neil Weiss 16. Bruce Seamen 17. Rick Carll 18. Paul Balbresky. Rec. Sec y. 19. Steve Mink 20. Rich Schempp. Cor. Sec'y. 21. Kirk Hall 22. Roy Ochs. Treasurer 23. Al McKenney 24. Ron Reichman 25. Bill Huebner 26. Roy Fauth. Chaplain 27. Irv Goldstein 28. Russ Lander 29. Dan Devine 30. Neal Carlson 31. Barry Stein 32. Jack Messner 33. Ira Grossman 34. Steve Lichtenstein 35. Howard Kaufmann. 2nd Vice President 120alpha phi omega 121122ORGANIZATIONSstudent council Michael Mustokoff. Vice President; Ginger Strong. Recording Secretary; Allen McKenney. President: Denise Nappe. Corresponding Secretary; Craig Seargent. Treasurer. 124FIRST ROW: Don Seibert: Don Yanich, President: Gary Odenwald. SECOND ROW: John Reider, Linda Updegrove, Becky Busch, Barbara Bricker, Cindy Eisenman. 125albrightian FIRST ROW: David Andrews. Charles German. Ralph Horowitz. Alan Soble. Anthony Paradiso. Scott Lake. Carmen Paone. SECOND ROW: David Mink. Editor-in-Chief; Ginny Drew. Marion Bashore. Sandra Pike. Carolyn Stallings. Marguerite Coon. Bonnie Reheard. Carol Giannotta. Gail Decker. Susan Brown. Ellen DeCamp. Audrey Getz, Bonnie Porter. Mr. Philip Eyrich. Advisor. Jane McCallion. 126the cue FIRST ROW: Beverly Ratner; Peggy Van Oriel. Assistant Editor; Denise Nappe. Dora Y. Marron. Editor: Nancy Trainor; Joan Marson. SECOND ROW: Arnie Laikin: Marilyn Orfuss; Jean Mattox. 127ymca ywca SEATED: Roxanne Bach. Geri Billyk. SECOND ROW: Bruce Smith. Donna Florenzie. Suzanne Stanton, Jane McCallion. Bill Bower. Becky Espenshade. Martha Moyer. John Snyder. Janet Schuld. Rich Bardo. Christine McGeary. THIRD ROW: Dave Sexton. Kathy Furness. Kathy Yinger. 128FIRST ROW: Charles Miller, Bruce Seamen, Ted Cockley, Clay Barclay. Bill Shay. Ron Schwartz. Jan Schuld. SECOND ROW: Ralph Jacobson. Bill Ogan. 8rett Gamble. Dean Snyder. Lorelie Wilson. Al Soble. Eric Doroshow. Barry Stein. Ed Solow. Station Manager. Jack Mesner. Ed Moyer. Albright College wxac 129associated women students FIRST ROW: Laurie Hawkins. Betsy Estilow. Melissa Brown. Judy Hemenway. SECOND ROW: Roxanne Bach. Debbie Miller. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Carroll. Ginny Drew. Judy Duttinger. Sandy Noble. Sundae Mundy. Frances Farmer. FOURTH ROW: Stephanie Lovinger. Joan Seidel. Kathy Furness. 130daywomen Janet Moyer. Kathy Carroll. Elaine Opel. Joan Seidel. Ellis Kirk. Barry Kline. Ken Cloaver. Steve Bauer. daymen 131outing club TOP TO BOTTOM. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Nattress. Margaret Fritz. James Messner. Al Vesper. Paul Kauffman. Dan Devine. Fred Spengeman. Mary Moyer. Andy Plaskonos. german club FIRST ROW: Ronald Reed. Gary Braddock. Mark Bippes. Rich Bardo. Cheryl Bressler. Ann Frederick. SECOND ROW: Barry Humbert. Ken Conrad. Margaret Fritz. Frances Farmer, Robert Oeste, Leslie Small. Betsy Estilow. Joyce Campbell. Arlene Arends. Martha Moyer. 132 »nl 532323532353234853532348234823534853french club Dora Marron, president; Lorely Wilson. Judy Mundell. SEATED: Penny Nordheim. vice-president: Jane Wiley, president; Doris Brandt. Betsy Monk, secretary. STANDING: Gary Knisely. Marlene Murphy. Jane Hixenheiser. Barb Geisel, Nancy Smink. Sherry Mitchell. Amy Burger. April Gardner. Janet Krober. Spanish club 133inter-sorority council SEATED: Beth McGrow, Bev Hawkins, Linda Carved. Pat Stucy. STANDING: Lynne 8urak, Barb Olmes. Denise Nappe. inter-fraternity council Sam Einhorn, Bruce Buhrow. Art Jenkins. Peter Pasig, Steve Boh I. Richard Merk, Orville Hoffman, Phil Sterner. Craig Sergeant. 134Dr. Samuel Shirk. Roger Mallon. domino club 135student education association Barbara Orr. Barb Olmes. Denise Nappe, Marilyn Louis. Art Jenkins. Samuel Einhorn. Ed Domers. Bill Stoyko. epsilon nu 136SEATED: Becky Espenshade. Suzanne Heilman. Melissa Brown. Diane Edinger. SECOND ROW: Pat Stucy. Carol Giannotta. Kathy Gaul. Ann Ulrich. Lynn Blakeslee, Lois Hancock. Marilyn Louis. Judy Bleiler. Judy Ctiver. Linda Klinedinst. Linda Cooper. THIRD ROW: Marie Maly. Barbara Olmes. Christy McGeary. Janet Schuld. Barbara Reed. home economics Of 137phi alpha theta Sam Einhorn 138 kappa tau chi Roy Fauth. Richard Schempp. Walter Cero, Almon Baird. Virginia Huff, Thomas Jacob. Dr. Ronald Cocroft (Adviser), Ted Cockly, Jamie Potter. Virginia Ettinger. Lawrence Mack. Jeff Miller.Carmen Paone. Rick Turner. Roger Duffey—editor. Scott Lake. Margaret Gerhart. Chas German, Linda Wetzel. Michael Mustokoff. Alan Soble. Marilyn Orfuss. Angela Fazio. Doan Heine. agon Helen Eyrich. Karen Masonheimer. Carol Schmaltz. Betsy Estilow. women’s athletic association 139FIRST ROW: Billy Romhart. April Gardner. Dobbio Hardy. Linda Schoiror. Both Keene. Tom Jacobs. Jaime Potter. Richard Bardo. Mark Cutler. Robert Newpher. Gary Kmsoly, Reed Kellner. Rich Schempp. John Obudzinski. Vito Colapietro. Chris McGeary. Bonnie Schlagel. Geri Hart, Jane Reber. Jan Riehl. Connie Ischbach. Pat Sutherland. SECOND ROW: Prof. Hinkle. Janet Corson. Sue Heilman. Mark Soely, Robert Huber. Jerry Zweitzig, Jack Messner, Harry Bohn, John Snyder. Sarah Gillespy, Barbara Goisel. THIRD ROW: Andy Plaskonos. Cathy Stebbins. Linda Dodson. Cindy Burdge. Mary Ann Clemens. Bonnie Boyer. Linda Cooper. Joan Laessig. Eilene Miller. Beverly Collins. choir Treasurer Steven Goldberg, President Bruce Smith. Secretary Susan Petrusiak. Missing: Vice President Paul Lehatto. President Ed Domers. Treasurer Joseph Ricci. Secretary Linda Carvel. Vice President James Fegley. sophomore class officers junior class officers 140chess club Left To Right: David Balmer—Vice President. Jeffrey Rymuza—President. Howard Ploasants— Secretary. american chemical society FIRST ROW: Roxanne Bach. SECOND ROW: Dennis Hess. Michael Albright. Fred Silberman. Kenneth Cleaver. James Barra. Don lykens. Mr. Anthony Izbicki. Advisor. band FIRST ROW: Rich Bardo. Robert Oborholtzor. Joan Woisfold. SECOND ROW: Robert Nattress. Russ Cunningham. Ed Holms. Rich Ditlow. Jeff Miller. Alan Oylor. Janet Hardie. Martha Moyer. Audrey Getz. Ronnie Hironimus. Diane Edinger. Jeanne Killian. Carol Garthoff. Jay Smith. Ken Cleaver. Dennis Emrick. Linda Briese. Rick Ullrich. 141SPORTS The 1966 version of the Albright College football team bounced back after losing their first three games to win five out of their last six, including the last four in a row. With a squad numbering only twenty-eight players, the Lions ran wild against Gettysburg and clawed the Bullets 33-0 for their first 1966 victory. Herb Nauss was named on the weekly. All-East Team for his outstanding play. The fired up Lions, overcoming their lack of depth with great determination and aggressiveness, next recovered after a close defeat at the hands of Delaware Valley, to win their final four games in a row and thus finished above .500 for the first time since 1964. Weekly All-East selections named in these latter games for outstanding performances included Terry Jones (vs. Delaware Valley), Terry Rhodes (vs. Upsala), and Herb Nauss (vs. Drexel). Herb was also selected as ECAC Defensive Back of the Year, and along with sophomore halfback Dennis Zimmerman was named on the first team of the MAC All-Star Team. Jim Kearns. Mike Grant, Ted Agurkis and Frank Klassen all received honorable mention on the same All-Star squad. football FIRST ROW: Tom Bowersox. Herb Nauss. John Longanecker. Steve George. Pete Pallis. Jim Kearns. Tom Lugg. Don Seibert. SECOND ROW: Ted Agurkis. Mike Whelan. Nick Smith. Milt Benditt. Tom Davis. Barry Rapp. Wayne Rogers. Dennis Zimmerman. Tom Bakum. Terry Jones. THIRD ROW: Bill Cooper. John Ryder. Joe Kacanda. Mark Brown. Craig Swinn. Bob Petrucelli. Terry Rhodes. Frank Klassen. Mark Manara. FOURTH ROW: Mike Grant. Greg Sedun. Coach Popp (Line Coach). Coach Vandersall (Line Coach). Head Coach John Potsklan. Coach Now (Backfield Coach). Dave Regitz (Manager). John Stasi. Frank Potter. 144FOOTBALL SCORES Albright 7 Lycoming Opponent 20 14 Juniata 35 10 Springfield 20 33 Gettysburg 0 10 Delaware Valley 14 43 Moravian 18 14 Lebanon Valley 7 7 Upsala 6 20 Drexel 14 145146color guard Jane Hixenheiser. Miriam Schreiber. Janet Bruce. Sue Brown. Jaime Potter. FIRST ROW: Marie Maly. Geri Billyk, co-captains SECOND ROW: Carolyn Stallings. Judy Carpenter, Beth Fox, Jeanne Moen. majorettes FIRST ROW: Betsy Ross. SECOND ROW: Karen Masonheimer. co-captain, Jeff Rhein. Diana D'Alessio. Lee Muth. Steve Bauer, co-captain. Walt Cero. Pat Gustafson. Mike Clearfield. THIRD ROW: Arlene Smagula. Mark Bippes, Linda Hefferan. cheerleadersThe 1968 season opened and the Albright Cagers had a new look. Lacking a super scorer the Lions had to rely on a squad with balanced scoring and depth. Coach Wilbur Renken made it known from the beginning that his team had depth when he started, “Coming off the bench, Jim Stocker. George Ritter. Jim Kelly and Rich Peterson are pretty nearly equal to our starters.'' However, despite this abundance of talent, the Renkenmen did not begin to pay dividends until mid-season. The season opened with four lettermen back in starting roles. These were Captain Mike Eckenroth, John Scholl, Ron Lloyd and Andy Mytinger. John Zarubnicky rounded out the starting five. After the first twelve games the Lions posted a dismal record of two victories and ten defeats. LaSalle and St. Josephs walloped the Lions, 82-40 and 90-62 respectively; they fell victim to Elizabethtown. 72-63; were upset by Muhlenberg, 69-65; were soaked by Colgate, 73-63, and Otterbein, 81-59, in the Albright Invitational Tournament which was won by Mt. St. Marys; they were upended by Wilkes, 80-69; toppled by Lycoming. 89-83, despite thirty-four points by "Jumpin' " John Scholl; and were thumped by Susquehanna. 77-66, and Bucknell. 82-50. Two victories were gained to tip the scales slightly: a 72-51 win over Upsala and an 86-83 squeaker over Gettysburg. Nobody could tolerate this "recession" in Albright basketball. Things needed bolstering so Coach Renken called on some of his "blue-chip” reserves. Before a home town crowd against Lebanon Valley there were two new faces on the starting five. Freshman Bruce Mackintosh and junior Jim "Mad Dog” Stocker joined Ecky, Scholl and Lloyd. This combination plus clutch help from Ritter, Holland. Kelly and Zarubnicky clicked for three consecutive victories over Lebanon Valley, 70-66, Scranton, 80-66 and Delaware Valley, 68-65. Prosperity once again reigned at the Albright College Field House. One of the season's highlights was senior Mike Eckenroth's eighteen tallies against Lebanon Valley which enabled him to join Albright's select "1000 Point Club." The prosperity, mentioned above, was short-lived. Four straight defeats followed: Wagner, 62-96; Lehigh, 44-54; Moravian. 75-80; and Susquehanna. 62-64. basketball FIRST ROW: Richard Peterson. Jim Stocker. George Ritter. Glenn Gerber. Bob Grant. Andy Mytinger. Ron Lloyd. SECOND ROW: Coach Boltz, Barry Schwenk (Statistician). Roger Gallo. Mike Eckenroth. Jim Kelly. John Scholl. Jim Dugan. Mark Holland. John Zarubnicky. Coach Renken. 149They played in a vast field house with only a few spectators. Gradually, the stands would begin to fill as spectators arrived early for the varsity game which followed. The fans caught a glimpse of the junior varsity game and some enthusiasts even cheered. As the game drew to a close, the stands filled. Ten times the junior varsity game closed in a victory for Albright. Seven times in a defeat. The victories were over Gettysburg. Croll and Keck, Wilkes, Lycoming, Susquehanna, Lebanon Valley, Delaware Valley, Albright’s Intramural All-Stars, and Moravian. The Lion “Cubs" exhibited fine desire and hustle under mentor Carl "Dewey’’ Boltz. The squad had nine freshman filling its ranks along with four upperclassmen. The leading scorers after fifteen games for this "Fountain of Youth" were Jim Kelly, 13.0; Joe Bucci, 12.4; Terry Rhodes, 12.3; and Vern Kulp, 7.9. The spectacle of the season occurred when Coach Boltz unleashed his "Cagers" on the intramural standouts. They responded by scoring 100 points against only 51 for the "Monday-Thursday Night Boys.” j.v. basketball FIRST ROW: Bruce Mackintosh, Joe Bucci. Steve Tietze. Bill Kissner. Vern Kulp. SECOND ROW: Roy Triebel. Jim Dugan. Scott Sheidy. Garth Shelhammer. Mark Holland, Roger Moos. Roger Gallo, Coach Boltz. 150The girl’s varsity basketball squad initiated an eight game schedule in their second season as intercollegiate hoopsters with a victory over the Reading Hospital team. The fine shooting of Linda Trzaska and Kathy Loesch along with the tricky guarding of sophomore Pat Snyder, spurred the Lionesses to a half-time comeback which resulted in a 33-32 victory. The Albrightians were again victorious on their home court over the Lebanon Valley six stopping the scoreboard at 35-19. In their first away game, the girls displayed their recurrent second-half enthusiasm but lost 53-36. Frosh Linda Trzaska and Kathy Loesch co-captained the 13 man team. This being only the second year for women’s varsity basketball at Albright, the team showed marked progress in skills and confidence on the court. With Coach Whitely's devotion and the return of four juniors, four sophomores, and five freshmen to nucleate next year's team, future seasons promise even greater progress and success. girls’ basketball FIRST ROW: Adollo Heist. Karen Angstadt. Judy Duttinger. Barb Christiansen, manager, Mary Schatz. Ginny Brown. Pat Sutherland. SECOND ROW: Sandy Kramer, manager. Kathy Loesch. Linda Trzaska. Cheryl Peck. Mrs. Whitely. coach. Pat Snyder, Karin Bittner. Carol Schmaltz. Betsy Estilow. 151Run, baby, run,. . . makin' every minute count. . . Coach Popp likes to see his gang run and run they did in 1967 as the Lions raced to nine track and field victories against only five defeats. The season was dotted with individual heroics and graduate Carmen Communale. “The Jim Thorpe of Albright College," was the most heroic of all when he sprinted, vaulted, threw and leaped to six first place finishes in a meet against Lebanon Valley. That afternoon, Carmen won the 100 yard dash, the 220 yard dash, the discus, the pole vault, the long jump and was on the victorious mile relay team. Carmen also led the squad in total points by accummulating 145! 4. Freshman Dave “elastic lad" Boyles was second with 128 points followed by Mike Eckenroth with 75Vi and Ernie Mancini with 69Va. Two school records were broken in 1967. Dave Boyles raced to a new record in the 120 high hurdles with a 15.0 clocking and Mike Eckenroth was clocked in 56.2 seconds in the 440 intermediate hurdles to become the record holder in that event. “Ecky" and vaulter Claude Mignon are the seniors who vied for Coach Popp's 1968 cindermen. 1967 victories were over Lebanon Valley, Delaware Valley, Haverford, Franklin and Marshall, Bucknell, John Hopkins, Muhlenburg, Wagner and Juaniata. Defeats were at the hands of PMC, Lycoming, Gettysburg, Ursinus and Swarthmore. track and field FIRST ROW: Mark Heckman, Paul Lehatlo. Ray DeFrain, Jim Gariby, Claude Mignon. Gary Francis. Tom Davis. Dan Scofield. Tom Lugg. SECOND ROW: Mike Eckenroth. Bill Wolfe. Terry Jones. Nick Smith. Ernie Mancini. John Scholl. Dave Boyles. Carmen Comunale. 152The gruel of running five miles . . . finishing 106th at the MACs. . . the sweet taste of an orange—this is all cross country. An outsider’s assessment of the sport may be padded with such comments as "out of sight." "stark crazy." "daffy," "fanatics." After all, while everyone packs the stadium to watch the football wars and munch hot dogs, the cross country team is running five miles over macadam, wooded paths, rocky rises and muddy marshes. Albright had a group of dedicated men on its 1967 team who ran cross country for their personal satisfaction. Half of the squad were freshmen and there were no seniors. Freshmen Al Adelman, Bob Fallan, Dan Pfeiffer and Mark Tatarian were consistently the top finishers for Albright. Against Muhlenberg Adelman finished first and this meet turned out to be the highlight of the season as Albright ironically won the event. “I don’t believe it!” We had not done that in two years. The 1967 squad is the seed for a Cross Country Renaissance here at Albright. All the guys will be back in 1968 to give their coach, Mr. George Mack, some much deserved victories. cross country FIRST ROW: Mark Tatarian. Arnold Laikin, Alan Adelman. Coach Mack. Jim Bender. Bob Fallan. Bob Dingle. SECOND ROW: Dan Pfeiffer, Carl Kuhl. Ken Whitlock. Bob Grant. Rich Suffern, Dan Scofield. 153Kelchner Field, for the second consecutive year, was the home of the MAC Northern Division pennant winning Albright Lions in 1967. On April 22. 1967 the Lions swept a doubleheader from Moravian by scores of 1-0 and 3-2 to take over undisputed first place. They ruled the roost for the remainder of the season, winning six out of their final seven games. The season was concluded with a five game winning streak and a whooping won-lost percentage of .812. Among the thirteen victims of the rampaging Lions were such powerhouses as La Salle. Lafayette and Temple. The outstanding freshmen contributors on the squad were pitcher-infielder Dennis Zimmerman, outfielder Roger Gallo and pitcher Terry Rhodes. Sorely missed will be the graduates, those dependable veterans who always hold a team together: Dick Yoder and Ron Hallman who were MAC all-stars, Pete Nichols. Billy Kudrick and Bob Engler. 1968 seniors for Coach Potsklan's Slugging Lions are infielders Woody Ranck and Steve George. The Lion’s road to the pennant went like this (Albright’s score given first): Scranton 9-3; Gettysburg 0-3, 4-3; Juniata 10-6; Lafayette 6-1; St. Joseph’s 8-12; Susquehanna 14-3; Moravian 1-0, 3-2; LaSalle 5-2; P.M.C. 1-7, 5-1; Wilkes 8-2; Temple 5-4; F M 5-4; Ursinus 10-0. FIRST ROW: Billy Kudrick. Ron Hallman. Ed Domers. Alex Meldrum. Woody Ranck. Dennie Zimmerman. SECONO ROW: Pete Nichols. Dick Yoder. Bob Engler. Roger Gallo. Don Moyer. Terry Rhodes. Steve George. Neil Leister. Al Barth. Coach Potsklan. baseball 154155156Poised, adroit, head cocked to the side, eyes brilliant, veins bulging, wrestler John Ericson, 167 pounds, stalks his opponent across the mats. He strikes—there is a flurry of action . . .strain. . . sweat. . . entanglement. John is on top. where he usually is. He has been on top for four years as Albright’s premier wrestler. His three and one-half year record totals thirty-eight victories against only six defeats and two ties. He was undefeated in his sophomore year and lost only once while a junior. John was the only senior on Coach Now's squad that also had only three juniors. Thus, there will be a wealth of experienced grapplers for the future. Those that regularly spent their Saturdays rolling in euphorea on the mats for Albright were Len Ennis. 123 lb.; Larry Wildermuth, 130 lb.; Dave Fielder, 137 lb.; Fred Weaver. 145 lb.; Mike Quick and Jerry Zweitzig, 152 lb.; Bill Sharp. 160 lb.; John Ericson. 167 lb.; Dave Much and Hank Gedney. 177 lb.; and Paul Kauffman, hwt. With three meets still remaining, this year's squad had three victories and five defeats. The victories were over PMC. 21-18; Ursinus. 22-9; and Muhlenberg. wrestling FIRST ROW: Len Ennis. Larry Wildermuth. Fred Weaver. John Ericson. Hank Gedney. Brian Sowers. SECOND ROW: Bob Kessler. Bill Sharp. Dave Much. Dave Fielder. Carl Kuhl. Paul Kauffman. Gerry Zweitzig. Coach Now. 157tennis B. Levin, P. Mavreles. J. Woil. D. Grayson. B. Graeff, R. Ulrich. G. Wasserman, K. Wadhwa. K. Rappaport. D. Spehrley. Coach Renken. 158 Art Purcell. Bob Sakalovski. Richard Sebastian. Jim Fegloy. Coach Now. Linton Moyor. Mark Zanger. Dan Riemondi.FIRST ROW: Marcy Ruth. Kathy Kurtz. Ginny Brown, Mrs. Ramsey. Marty Pippin. Pat Sutherland. Marilyn Stauffer. SECOND ROW Margie Schofor. Nancy Odenath. Barb Brodbeck. Barb Bricker. Barb Christiansen. Cathy Gaul. THIRD ROW: Eloise Strunk. Linda Trzaska. Linda McCormick, Gerry Kmdlik. Karol Dutzer. Mamie Gerhart. FOURTH ROW: Lindy Daniels. Mary Ann Pierce, Linda Fisher. hockey FIRST ROW: Carol Werner. Laureen Hawkins. Carol Giannotta, Linda Coopor. Patricia Laughlm. SECOND ROW Roxanne Bach. Captain. Jane McCallion. flag twirlers 159160 This book printed by VELVATONE. a special process of lithographic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc.. Buffalo. N. Y. .Vo other printing firm is authorized to use the Vclvatone method.I

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