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C4 fb '---.,,,,.,, O A. Y ix- : 'el' 'XP--X-fwqx X 1 1 T"'M-xv.. xx U ...X ...V- x N 3 1 Q 3 g Q 'x X E X X X ,S ami V XX XX XX 1 , x - E V X N X gy i I 1 j Z f W-...W '-. 'natal X' ,H ' . J, 'A XM, xx s I . I ' 'Ii' O 1 , Q 5 1 1' 2 1 r 1, X Q 1 Y s ,d,.,,,-..,.- if ,J 5 'E if ,.4,,f-...N.,, M... 2 ,. ,rf ,. 1 Q 1 ! f f 3 F ff' f i 4 P f k 4 1 1 1 I i i V i 1 5 1 l i 1 I b 1 , v . - L 4 1 ' a I 4 . I , 9 ,V ' 5, L 1,- lb" 1. I Q I Colleg If gh 'hi 3- -D v-I Annual 6 A CIGSSO --.- ... -...f.,.--MA-. .,-,...,,, ,M.,k:- ,vi SS O A '47 Pfesents T116 C143 Foreword Cue Statf .............. President Niasterys Message Laciies, Auxiliary, Trustees Deans .............. Administration . . Faculty ............. Aiurnni Association . . . Seniors ........... Veterans ....... Unoierciassmen .... Organizations . . . Phi Delta Sigma ..... Fraternities G Sororities . Sports .............. Student Directory . . Acts and Patrons . . . Graduates oi 1947 uniteoi together a few months ago, in un- animous agreement, to puiniish this hook, the inaugural issue oi the henceforth, CUE Annual. This ciecision was particularly note- worthy, in view oi the iact that, we were a variahie group com- poseci of stucients who were completing iour Consecutive years oi coiiege iiie and many whose careers were interrupted, ciue to mili- tary service. A iceen ieeiing oi empathy and unity accompanied the primary preparations and, subsequent months of work con- firmed the solidarity oi the Class oi 1947. Common ctesires, similar goals and sincere Willingness to co- operate, coupieci with the realization that within the factor oi co- operation iies the germ oi success tor each oi us, was the hasis up- on Which this inaugural issue was horn. is it too optimistic to heiieve that this simpie example may contain the elements from which a ciisunited World may hecome a uniteci Woricii e-1 J .. . 8 .. 10 . 11 14 . 16 21 23 68 .. 72 .. 77 .. 106 .. 107 .. 121 142 H150 Contents Seated Standing il'0m th, "'h"""5-B' I ' - I .. azzaai--ff----f--S-- q:g.if...6-:. A A-----5--'L - V Aww.----. Iv . .W-,MAG , v Y ,HMM uh, -YW, WF Y Ani W f Y i i i r . - - . , . - . , --no-Q--fr -, --.-..-. ,L H. ,, XX-X XX x Hltlm H90 in L I . lssuttttt lafhutlarly alale S Qllral lt mote. group Com. HIS Qt Jtecl ' flue ta mili. lilly accompanied ills ol wort mn. Iillimgmess to 50. the lactor ml CO. mas the luasis Up. ale example may Irlcl may lnecome ,f zz J iffv ff-72 K T A l ' ' 1 7 tg-f, lsr! ,LLKQ 5.2! Seated fleft to right,-Ferne Allen, Joy Cutler, George Morfogen, lvlary Jane Thompson, Aaron Taulo, Virginia Vvoerie Standing fleft to rigntlf-1 H. Eugene Pierce, Jean Borgstrom, Martha Herrick, Elaine Schwartz, E. William Elolaert. Mxsslng I h - - I ' - rom t e pIcture. Kenneth Good, Niens Sports ECIIt0f. Editor-in-Chief .. Business Manager .. Photography Editor .. Art Eclitor ....... Feature Editors . . . Men,s Sports Eclitors .. VVOmen,s Sports Eclitors .. Advertising Managel' .. Iunior Representative .. Five MARY JANE THOMPSON AARON TAUB . . . GEORGE MORFOGEN .. VIRGINIA WOERLE ...... JOY CUTLER MARTHA HERRICK . E. WILLIAM EBBERT KENNETH GOOD ,. ELAINE SCHWARTZ FERNE ALLEN .. H. EUGENE PIERCE . . . JEAN BORGSTROM " " , -g ---- - - 1 Dfw" 'fX,f'N,V fNW"' "W"-Tw'fN'T fxuf-1'-7 7 In-V Tp' X 4 VI' .....-.lvp.VV.. ' 'H J,LJA41. gffu.. Q vi- U MJ 1 SE L7.7 fYI T W-if .QQ Y, X--A. - yy, , wi 4 X X 59 Six 1 5 4 Y U I I I 5 i 1. X1 ix "4. 1. N 4 wf' 'L f-T 'rr-7-VY: X N 'A f'Q'Ev"11, A fU"VJfNK DW' 1' '1"NT?N I fx L -MA AQ lVl1,H.D, Ah .A lvl T LJ JMQA, ,1 mx ,: Ei E .,,4" lryrd,-H 1" F xl!!! I.,fUZ"Uf ICU -"3E'T2"W'C'FW?U 'LT A" " AIT Q,y'N"Ti'IxTf'V' ...4 ......-w. U.-.-x ,. ,, .-.ALL A ..4g- ,L ,..:........ KJ, L.Jx.f.,A.4 :xx Seven -as H . W-: Y , .- +,,i,,-...- -- - - ..i .f...IfI I....II I ,, ,.-.-, , Y W fgreaiclenf HARRY V. MASTERS Eight TO THE CLASS OF ,47: Yours has heen a most unusual history. Beginning in September, 1945, with 70 memhers, dropping to 56 in September, 1944, heginning your junior year with 45, you now numher 81. Along the way you have welcomed into your class a numher whose four-year course spanned five, six or seven years. These, com- prising haif your memhership, have had inserted hetween their freshman and senior years an experience quite unlike that of campus life. It was a period of high service shared hy hundreds of other Alhrightians and millions of other young men and women. To all seniors and especially to the veterans, the completion of your college course marks the achievement of a worthy goal. Your college experience has extended over the most unusual years of Alhri ht 9 College history. You have witnessed the smallest enrollment in many years and the largest in Aihrightss history, the only years in which women students outnum- hered the men, and a year when enrollment of military personnel equalled that of the civilian students. These and many other extremes and sudden changes have marked your college days. Throughout these years, the Aihright spirit has heen manifested in your activ- ities. You have cooperated willingly in the tasks which have been ours to do, in war and in peace. You have striven to hold high the ideals of Alma Mater. Surely the privilege of puhiishing the inaugural issue of the "CUE" as an Aihright Col- lege annual is well deserved hy the Class of ,47. As you leave Aihright College and join the alumni, your Alma Mater is con- cerned that you achieve two goals, first, that you set for yourself high standards of personal conduct and relationships: and second, that you render real service through your vocation or profession. It has heen the aim of Aihright College to help you to achieve these ohjectives. May success and happiness attend each of you. HARRY V. MASTERS, President Nine Jacked .xduxigarg Tire Ladies' AuxiIiary is an organization composed of tive hundred and forty-one mem- Ioers WI1ose primary Oiojective is to foster tI'1e interests of AII3rigI1t CoIIege. This Worthy group contributes, on tIIe aver- age, S1200 annuaIIy, for worthy projects on campus. A Iiiyrary fund. in the amount of 350000, is used for the purchase of new I9ooIcs to tI1e AIumni MemoriaI Library. Albright CoIIege acI4noWIedges with deepest appreciation tI1e tireiess efforts of tIIis fine or- ganization, tile Ladies, AuxiIiary. President MRS. HARRY V. MASTERS First Vice-President MRS. LESTER L. STABLER Second Vice-President MRS. JOHN BLACK Third Vice-President MRS. GLENN DEIBERT Recording Secretary, MRS. CHARLES E. KACHEI. Financial Secretary MRS. VAN BENNETT Treasurer MRS. LEVI S. HARTING 5001061 of jud feezi The Board of Trustees consists of fifty-four members eIected Ivy tire six annuaI E.vangeIicaI Conferences, together with eigI1t Trustees-ab Large, and a representative of time Board of Bishops of the EvangeIicaI Church. It Iias Iaeen Iargeiy tI1rougI1 tire efforts of these men and their predecessors that tI'Ie ideaIs and objectives of AIIorigIIt CoIIege Iiave Ioeen formed and maintained since its Iiistoric Ioeginning in 1856, as Union Seminary. President HON. FREDERICK A. MARX First Vice-President BISHOP JOHN S. STAMM Second Vice-President REV. DR. A. F. WIEAVER Secretary REV. DR. C. KACHEL President Emeritus of Albright College REV. DR. J. XVARREN KLEIN THE ALUMNI MEMORIAL LIBRARY -.-fJ'r'-Q-,rr 1ru5fee5 msists gf EMU mfmal EVanEelirnR elght I, 6 0 1 QB d Chmch.l1L2ILei of HIESQ men d deals and ohiedl 2 B W1 f0rmedang1 C Winning in 1830 Fnsnnmcn A Mm Hop JOHN S. Smm . DR. A F. Winn v. Du. C. F. Km mlfiglll College Jn. J. W.u1mK1m x i w 4 NEVVTON S. DANFORD R C1521 of Albmsfff College egistrar HELEN L. CUNLIFFE LEVAN P. SMITH Dean of Men Eleven Dean Of Vvomen ,yfff rf? sf'-P' f, , WA I X ,y'WN,h K ' U fy, f " Mg:-.gfqf ' W92,hfm'f-f" f V' we-ff "Mais-lg " I ,, 'f f ,ygxq-fl -5,5z'k,5j,?.f,41ZW4'?j'f:.- fjlgjfpglws 'W N4S:w?f2,ZW, 1., W ' ' x. " f 'n L? ff . ,H - gylx ' f X , - 1 - V ' , 1: if, 5' 2 3 'N I I vw I -f 5 'fav fm' ff wx- , N, 1 'N S 1 rf 'f 1 'x 5"-x lit Q 5-fu p 1? 2 1 if if 4431? ' F- ghyzm 1 X' yi, UH Nw" -tv ,I ,' ' " Q V, Ig. X . 5 I 1 U 'x 'z s I 4 is , A .... ,,--.- --.-. --1.--. Q x 4 f W , ww , f. gy MQfIQ4 f, QyMfZ7Q QW 4 JEAN R. HARER, Albright Alumnus assisting in the Deans officeg ANNA R. BENNINGER, Chief Assistant to Dean Vvalton. ELAINE GRAYBILL, third memher of the trio responsihie for keep- ing the office functioning smooth- y. MAE KAUFFMAN fMrs.j, Assis- tant Sercetary to the President: RITA COMPO fMrs.J, newly wel- comed switchhoard operatorg MARIE M. KLEPPINGER, Secretary to the President. MARY H. MOYER fMrs.J, aide to the treasurerg CHARLES L. GORDON, JR., efficient man hold- ing the responsihle position of Treasurerg SHIRLEY Fox fMrs.D, whose name has changed recent- ly, hut, whose familiar smile re- mains the same, as she goes ahout her duties as Treasureras aide. ARLENE to DiIeCi0T whose VOIU ample wide PALMA D- tant in the tions, Who position ffl LENGEL- I-4 holds the Director Ol Executive Associaiiol ELIZM COHQQQ ' kim heah er it he a ALMA I Assistant Autfiehr. JFFSLW X I " tttg. - l . P0 PItilttHtg J an ' ' I: xxltchhomd Mkt ' '15 . MEPPINGERI Smit resident. 'fr X .H.W ARLENE HECKMAN, Secretary to Director of Public Relations, Whose voluminous tiles provide ample evidence of tier proficiencyg PALMA D. EVANS fMrs.f, Assis- tant in time Office of Public Rela- tions, who is rapidly learning the position formerly tieicl by DORIS LENGEL. LESTER L. STABLER, who holds the responsible position of Director of Public Relations and Executive Secretary of Alumni Association. ELIZABETH S. HAIN tiVIrs.J, College NLIFS6, Wl'lO t8.k6S CHIC of kilt ,V UQASWCI9 G time health of the stuctents, wheth- to H' lRneHidiBtt" er it be a cold or a Htummy-actreng ' QLIWA tVICLaUGIaLIN, Infirmary ing Smmgx sslstant, w o is a student at l T' V, . TICEMUC' hazfwe' Albright. f ,C name 1 :iisr A wil!!! hielalit' qv ' bulxw 0' vig' 'Z . lv- hrimff' ,,,, .. maiU5t,e-'B.ireas,., her ltlltlef Fifteen JANE VAN DRIEL UVIrs.J', friendly Assistant Litnrariang JOSEPHINE E. RAEPPEL, Librarian, helpful and dependable on all occasionsg 'GERTRUDE HARTING fMrs.D, Clerical Desk Assistant, who listens sympatheticaiiy to "Term Paper Bluesh. -A Q 1 N---N., 'c-'1f1---fr'w..f----- Y I , Sixteen ANNADORA S. VESPER ffVIrs.D, IHSi'fUCt0f in English, who is proving her vafue to the Depart- ment and the Domino Cfuhg JOHN D. Douos, Professor of English Language and Literature whose sense of humor is a con stant source of delight to his stu- dents: WILLARD H. HAAS, ln- structor in Engfish, recentfy wef- comed memfoer of the Afhright family, CLYDE A. HARDING, As- sistant Professor of English, is a favorite with the students who enjoy a dash of philosophy with their fiterature. ' v VIRGIL C. ZENER, Professor of Education, Whose fong service to Afforight has earned him the hon- ored titfe of Hprofessor Emeritusu. RUSSELL B. SMITH, Professor of Education, is noted for his friend- finess and creative thinking: LE- VAN P. SMITH, Dean of Wien and Assistant Footfoaff Coach, who wifi assume the position of Head Foothaff Coach, next season. MILTON VV. HANIILTON, Profes- sor of History, enjoys reviving anecdotes about historic personaf- ities to the delight of his studelitsi John VV. Khouri, Assistant Pro- fessor of History, is enj0YiUQ his first year at Albright and bring' ing enjoyment to his students, Bt the same time, through his origi- naf presentation of historicaf char- acters. J INE JACOBI' 01 'Y I Soriof02Y'fhff fir rrnolr W1 C Grn. Effie, Psrcirof0EY' W 0 af rn' ii Phenomen lfflsrrrrr, rtssisfaallt rrrrmo ,anoilj who helps his S f nah rhe nfoblems 0 NE H, Banrr I f Refigio Proessriljfor the I programs on campuf Euor respons Marr Jann Wan in Spanish and Latir us of Affrrigfn wfros languages is cfearfy tfnougil tire Hne man sire conducts frer c sorrn Ronnroorz, f Spanish, wfrose pier, ami' and rnetfrorf of marie frer very popu MBIS: ELSIE A Professor of French in tire art of teach, guage of diplomats. GEIEMT-Mmtllno rraarnimd hi Tiller in X 'S Classes' but sense gf humori rf H I r, .I rn. fnslnrfrori lHffIQgt in te h Qgded L ac 1 Y Q dass Prolloomi F WI fsacfrer if Gro on Q a orbs? and I1 ' Inv' Htiuarrra IM S Dees NVE rm Ertf ft 1 :rattle rg Ml heb - Ueuus,fIftf:,fe3f' f tanguarsanmtt e sense nf hmm if A , source KM-uk " Wirfmf :tor m Eugtistr rererfs A ft Httlrtner ef he nity: Curr Aim tant Professor ef EMM rorite with its stuter dey a etasfr of ptxitesr xeir titerature. Vmexr Q. Zara ttf Education xrtrosetmwzr Xtbfintrt fras eamettir: med titte of fmfeszort Russru. B. Smut fr' Ecfucahon isnoterttmh tiness aunt treatise mf Ssmrl D99-uf XSStStHHt mf H ft 'tt assumt The Puff su M was foottwu Coat et It . N0 e'r1 I R ttf .wx tebt JOHN E JACOBI Professor of Sociology who fits very Wen into Albright family circle MILTON C GEIL genial Professor of Psychology Whose ahuncfant en ergy is phenomenal ELLILRY B HASKELL Assistant Professor of Philosophy another newcomer who helps hrs stucfents grapple with the problems of the unrverse EUGENE H BARTH Assistant Professor of Religion rs largely responslhfe for the frne relrgrous programs on campus this vear MARY JANE WARD instructor in Spanish and Latin rs an alum us of Albright Whose interest in languages rs clearly rn evrdence through the fine manner rn which she conducts her classes LCN SUELA RODRIGUEZ Instructor in Spanish whose pleasant person ahty and method of teaching has macfe her very popular with her students ELSIE A GARLACH Professor of French rs a master IH the art of teaching the fan guage of diplomats GERRIT IVIILMMINO Professor of German IS noted not only for the frne manner ln which he conducts his classes ut also for hrs fceen sense of humor LLOYD L STUTZ MAN, instructor rn German, whose Interest In teaching is only ex -ww ,lmlreflceeded hy his efficiency in t e h N - Ns-classroom: F. WILBUR GINGRICH on H-US S of y 'rvprofessor of Greek and Religion 1 ,eataff gteaches the ancient fangua e tt url I my -rjwith ease and students fincf h's It metiuf' it-manner invigorating, as we as, Y Iesentah instructive Seventeen M f 'yt bu ' U fl . , R Hn r t 4 . ' . . . Ht , ' m L 1 ' N . ' z 1 ' 5, X ' , 1 I Y l I l ' W . . Z 5 3 . . y . . L UIQ U V I u N t W . . . l 5 A Q I n I L U ns 1 ' H ' N N A , 1, , " f l If a n . ru ' ' V , 1 a it , ,. . , rertt ' ,b , r ' L ' J.. - ' - f of H610 A 'fur' ,. l 0 lr S CAOR5 abou 0.1: . . . . - alle h W I V NW It f 1:0 'Lt 5 fe Soi tftk g 1 tus We ibn I It ll he ga out . aims f ..- .. .,... , ...,Y,.-e - , ,ff- Q -.1 ..........:u-rv-e a-'ffl-Q-.vvrvp--------f-.-A.. ..:-5,1-rf-." R ,gf X f s s Nissen es f,,,sg,-f2Q'.f,,2gyWyzff, L lisa . ztktskliigem Eighteen MARCUS H. GREEN, Assistant Professor of Biology, favorite with the students, even though, he seems to enjoy keeping them alert with frequent tests. CLARENCE A. HORN, Professor of Biology, who puts the pre-medical students to Work, with a Vengeance: CHARLES B. HOLLENBACH, Instructor in Biology and Botany, is an alum- nus of Aihright and a fitting ad- dition to a department noted for its efficiency. DWIGHT L. SCOLES, Professor of Chemistry, is responsihie for explaining the intracacies of the atom to his numerous science students, NEWTON S. DANFORD, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and recently appointed Registrar, is hoth friendly and understand- ing: RALPH H. BEHM, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, is a form- er Aihrightian now administering examinations, instead of taking them. PAUL I. SPEICHER, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics, is noted for his efficient manner of teaching, as Weil as, his fine sense of humor: ROY T. MERKEL, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics, re- cently welcomed memher of the faculty who teaches his classes with a great degree of vigor and enthusiasm. ANNA H, Snr istani ProfeSS0 s . ' oiC0 nel' and erous campus? A INNIS, man ENCE V' wh' Economics, evicienwd BY th' of coeriS in her C ELDER, Assistan anti HOIIIC Econ gatiiity and wifi' edge in her Hel: stant source 0' students. DONALD S. C Business Amin newcomer with experience atir swer tire num time future fini Wrnnowson, ness Aciminis weaitir of Iac keen entiiusiar his Sllllients. EVA M M Stfllctori ' 0 noted f0rIlhPl1yS sllorts and Str Winch st ss - ' ty Mes, EUGENE equal -H Mai , vlgor . ' IH 4 ciengy wget a Efilm Wflic W Year. as 00nd with els Shllttor i 'hh hmm he . . rr-Mtterrr.Tt ' 5- even it 'te HM teeth. Y ttpingkhemt ilentteeei Cm mei t N 3 ,reteeser ehhiehrit lite-mettifal gmlggks I 'tit aventteneeztee... LLEXBAQH mms ' the ienriheteueig uh' WJ. -' ttej. 2 ngtttntahteyi . a deWTn1ertnrteh7'r rerency, throne L Starsh- Chernttiy, is respurtt-t phaining the inhaeariea at um to his HHI11tI0iEEf' nientsg Nmoi S. he essistant Pmhessor it thi mi recenthy appehtethfil' shoth hienehi tilt Wt' ug: MPH H- Bm' tt. irotessor ot Chemiiti ' er Athfithtian not atm eraminatiom. what tt them. ei Pwr L ftiihhir . A a .VZ ProtesS0', 0 feet hrht Phygtfie 15 n ., er ot teaching' meet htm' 1 his time Senseo Mathew lc with lv WC 0 his Cent ' ho heat he W euree ettft tacu ' ith: with 3 grea .' alll' enthtbla' Aggihtan e ritz tt? ,tg aw Etumemw ANNA H. SMITH tiVIrs.h, As- sistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics, is noted for tier friendly manner and participation in num- erous campus activitiesg FLOR- ENCE V. INNIS, Professor of Home Economics, Whose popularity is evidenced toy the large enrollment of Coeds in tier courseg ERNESTINE ELDER, Assistant Professor of Art and Home Economics, wtrose ver- satility and Wide range of knowi- edge in her tieid provides a con- stant source of interest for tier students. DONALD S. GATES, Professor ot Business Administration, is a newcomer with a vast store of experience at his command to an- swer ttre numerous questions of the future tinanciersg J. HOWARD WIDDOWSON, Instructor in Busi- ness Administration, strares tris Wealth of facts, as well as, his keen enthusiasm for sports, with iris students. EVA M. MOSSER CiVIrs.J, In- structor in Physical Education, is noted for her atmiiity in numerous sports and tire abundant energy with wtrictr stre conducts tier ctassesg EUGENE L. SHIRK, Facul- ty Manager of Athletics and In- structor in Mathematics, shows equal vigor, in tooth tietds, con- tributing not a Iittie to ttre etti- ciency with which our sports pro- gram was conducted the past year. Nineteen as ' , mai! 'af N371 if li .f , ,R i 1-X LEWIS E. SMITH, Professor of Political Science, is a favorite with ali time students ioe- CHUSC standing nature. HANS NIX, Director of Orchestra anci in- structor in Stringed Instruments fpart-time, is responsible for tile Wicie acclaim received by our college orchestra and ioandg JOHN H. DUDDY, Professor of Voice, Piano, anci Qrgan efpart-timej, imparts to his students a love of music that is tooth instructive and inspirational. of iris congenial personality and under- J. WARREN KLEIN RUTH C. SHAFFER President Emeritus and Officer of Endowment Associate Professor of Latin . and Special Gifts. On Leave of Absence GLENN R. DEIBERT HERBERT S. STRICKLER College Physician Assistant Professor of Chemistry RosE C. HARTMAN NEAL Q, HARRIS Instructor in English fpart-timef Director of Physical Eciucation DAVID A. .STRONG Head Coach of Football and Instructor in Physical Education Twenty J TOT 1 bers Q lion, mixed w0Iti1 i 11101110 there! anti i 'F year I in cu slrate and I leave strip: lf! Visit Chai., In- :J is I hy H. rgan C oi IDBI. .fdfumni Mociafion of .xgfgriglzf gofdge T0 THE CLASS OF 317: The memhers of the Alumni Association of Albright College salute the mem- hers of the Class of '47 and share with each one the keen anticipation of gradua- tion. The more than two thousand who have preceded you have not forgotten the mixed feelings and emotions of graduation day. Many cherished memories and worthy ideals will go with you as you leave Alma Mater. One of the purposes of the Alumni Association is to aid in keeping these memories and ideals alive and continuously meaningful. Alumni, everywhere, therefore, are eager to welcome you into their ranks for they share these memories and ideals with you. , The program of the Alumni Association includes "Alumni Day", held each year on the Saturday preceding Commencementg the annual 'Fall Homecoming" in connection with a major foothaii game: organized Area Ciuios distrihuted in strategic centersg puhiication of "The Albright Aiumnusu, a quarterly magazineg and special activities and events. The Alumni Association is your organization making it possible for you to leave the classroom and campus and, at the same time, keep alive memories, friend- ships and interests in Alma Niater. 'THE EXECUTIVE COlVlMl'FTEE , .-ff 2 ga Arg, 7 s . f 4 jf . P 1 - 5 if 1 'YI' . .Ji fr 2 fr i Q. 5619 '- ' 3 Q s' e I risk 1 L ' h ,-NV'li'1 S. H ' , J., T 1, : L t L. Stahicr, Executive Secretary: Emily C. Yocum Vtig-3-iglrergiiictntg K. igrcsicigiiiilrlimuisgszifuchenhach, Secretary: Leonard M. Miller, Trustee Charles S. Crumhling, Trustee. Twenty-one ,H --,. .....-......-. .. -n., ,-:ir-A Y. 511' ifgxi-'12-''5'-'-2-if-:fa73gf?:gg3fff-fqgfgg-iffy-,1-Tggf-Y-gf -Q53-if -21-537:-3-11?-1-21-511,-5,1-,,,..,,if ,L:,,L1f5f. v , nggttjz--. . fx- r A I - JE .. 4,14-4-ob.TIQVb rg:- .Z 1 if ---2 i refienfing fAe CALM of 347: We experience a cleep feeling of pride and unity as we page slowly through this, OUR section of the Annual. Now, the personal expressions of our cherished hopes and dreams recorded, therein, and the faces of our classmates are still vivid in our memories. But, as time, the eversailing vessel, takes us down the river oi life, new experiences may shadow, to some extent, the former viviclness of these days. However, as each. goes his way, a part of us will always remain, as one, with Albright. Memories have a way of wenciing their way against the How- ing current, and in those quiet periods of reminiscing, we may take this hook from the shelf and, once again, page slowly through it, recalling fond rememhrances oi yesteryear, in all their glory. V T l s i il Twenty-four Pf0Sidenf Viffe-Pyes S9Cr9fm.y Tmqsurer my Hlwttpage tt. tstted ttupes ant tassmates me stttt ating wet. mtg y stmttow, to some mer as will 9,025 nwfttttt my against tttetow a w .patfsttwmk ut? enior Cfazid Qhcem t Q www Preszclent GEORGE MORFOGEN Vzce Preszclent HERBERT VOCT Secretary ALICE ALBRIGHT Treasurer Ru PH MILI FR Twenty FIVE ttt n' emi W . t I Q ar.m2M5 910' ..,-.3 N- :sfg .-be rs. 'S VN Co 11 L 'T 5 to b Q ef I' A-1 49:6 4-S ET-5 t 2 M 2 ALICE JEAN ALBRIGHT ' 507 N. WYOMISSING AVE., SHILUNGTON, PA. . . . Freshman initiation. Tell us more, Aiice, it wasn't that bad, was it? . . . The girl with the natural charm-ti1at,s our Aiice. Home Economics: Heo Club, Vice-President: Senior Class SCCYHBFYG VVOmen's Dormitory Council: VVornen,s Sen- ate: Phi Beta Mu Sorority: Pi Tau Alpha, Treasurer: W.A.A.: Varsity Basketball Manager. MILDRED EVELYN ABRAMS 115 CHERRY STREET HICKSVILLE, N. Y. . . . Those happy hours in Sherman Cot- tage, returning servicemen and the exciting basketball games in my senior year. . . . iVIicige's vivacity and contagious laugh- ter will long resounct throughout the Dorm. Home Economics: Heo Club: VVomen's Dormitory Coun- cil: Vvomenys Senate: Phi Beta Mu Sorority: Varsity Hockey: Varsity Basketball. Twenty-six Z F R. D- N0 ' I , Aliml class and , , , Fen manner i ine frienr Socloioorz Secretary: Y Orchestra: i Co-Editor. ..........--. ...- , ,.-. W E- .----14-,E . .,.. .-,..... ...., ,..- .-. ,. -. A .., ... . -. .--... - , WE- ---.f -, .mi...9.,..f.. .,., -. ,.., ,. --, ' , 7 , . :'f""""" 'M' 'M":" ""' "' 2:11,-" X MRS 1LLr,N'YI Hman QM. lht Hitting SHT. Htimlstaugh. Jut tilt Dgymp IS Com, '1 Vanity FERNE ELAINE ALLEN R. D. No. 5 CARLISLE, PA. . . . Aliorigimtys friendly spirit, its Bible class and vespers. . . . Ferns Winning smite and congenial manner has made her our choice for genu- ine friendliness. SOCIOLOGY: Y.VV.C.A. Cabinet, Treasurer: Junior Class Secretary: VVomen's Glee Club: Band: Chapel Choir: Orchestra: Basketball: Hockey: Softball: Cue, Sports Co-Editor. E CLIFFORD E BALMER 1600 BERN STREET READING PA Friendly reception received in my Freshman year and those happy days spent in the Zeta house Clif s ability with the lnltlatlon paddle a d his outstanding proficiency in the chemistry ab INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY Alchemists Student Affiliate of American Chemlcal Society Zeta Omega Epsilon Fra termty Veterans Club Twenty seven at C . AC ol l QQ' ' Qs : Q E- . ' 'R 4. XJ' 7' A Fab" Y JPQ fr""'9 S ET 9' I 9 4 7 F H- 1. ,Fi . . ..-....,,..Y.. ...,. . - .,..- .,.--.., .A.....-.L.,,.. .nxwwu-.Wig Ye-,,:a,,,.,.,.,,.. .... - . ..,, --,. W .. .. -" " -.- If xf' ol qs er .s Q- H C l Q a Av 0 Z' Jiri' fa offs , . 2 6' In uwdgkx Nl A U, 2 WILLIAM BEAL, JR. R. D. No. 2 MT. PLEASANT, PA. . . . Living in tIr1e Zeta Ilouse during sum- mer SCI'100I wI1ere I was introduced to the previousIy unknown HItaIian sanciwichn. . . . BiII,s fine work as News Editor of time AIiJrigI1tian and time-Iieeper at our IoasIcet- IoaII games. Ministry: Auorigiitian, News Editor: Student Council: Kappa Tau CI1ig IVIen's GIee CIuI9: IVIixed Chorus: Zeta Omega EpsiIon Fraternity: Varsity BasIcetIoaII Man- ager: College BiIJIe Class. JANE M. BAUSHER 1510 DELAWARE AVE. WYOMISSING, PA. . . . FriencIIy spirit prevaiIing among AI- I3rigI'1tians ancI tI1e many friends I found on campus. . . . tIane's quiet, unassuming manner con- ceaIs an efficiency, second to none. We ven- ture to say, I1er husband wouId quite agree. Home Economics: I'Ieo CIuI3: PI1i Beta Mu Sorority, Treasurer: Daywomen's Organization: Phi Tau Alpha. Twenty-eight I 1 3 DOR' 1405 N- TW ' ' I Those .luring my f elucidate! , , , Adepff with a Hood guaranteed I Home Economi womens Orgam 1 X591 Co I 0 l Q- l Q 11 5 nv 0 -2' , W 1 ' 2 1 Wig i 60525, .N ,,r."Q1Q t llmgmlpk l llllbng li l lmmd on Q malllitl mn. none.XX'mn- dl quite aglee. l Bill llu ml 'lan DOROTHY NAN BENNETT 1405 N. TWELFTH STREET READING, PA, . . . Those air caclets stationed on campus cluring my freshman year. Eluciclate, Dotty, elucidatel . . . Adeptness in the cuisine stirrecl gently with a good measure of lnuhlnling humor is guaranteed to satisfy. Home Economics: Heo Clulog Domino Club: Day- women's Organization. RICHARD BERTOLETTE 612 PENN AVENUE WEST READING, PA. . . . How can anyone ever forget Professor Green and his enlightening lecturesl We know what you mean, Diclc ll . . . Diclcls eagerness to complete his col- lege career after his uhitchn in the para- troopers. Medicinez Skull and Bones Society: Fraternal Order of silon Fraternity: German Cluhg Fraternal Order of Daymcn. Twenty-nine I 9 4 7 " - a--- A---..,c.-,. .E .. . . A --M e , . AFM 1'C0 df' 4 QQ ll Q' E' A "' KISS Qafh' an u':':L'b SETS 0 U 2 EDWIN T. BIEHL R. D. No. 2 ROBESONIA, PA. . . . The fun I had traveling with time basket- imaii team the year they Won nineteen out of twenty games. . . . Moosegs Willingness to voice his opin- ions on practically any suiyject uncier ciis- cussion anct emerge the Winner. Medicine: Skull anct Bones Society: Fraternal Order of Daymen: Student Council: Pi Tau Beta Fraternity. EDWARD E. BIGLER 217 W. MAIN STREET RINGTOWN, PA. . . . The night certain A.P.O. Hgenttemanu toureci Berks County in tile back of VVerner's truck. . . . Ecfs carefree manner conceals a store of fine icieas which he reaciiiy reveals at the appropriate time. Ministry: Kappa Tau Cimi: Aipira Pi Omega Fraternity: Pi Gamma Mu: Veterans Ciuia. Thirty V Q4 I-Ltnnrr ' I , Picasa arounci the the bustling of tile even 1 I , , Bobs A chology, as Aciministrat Psyfnfogy. Le agen Veterans .c. X FHL ng mekmx WA lima W A S to voinekg ml W Uriah hi Winer. 5 Primal Qui 2 YI Tim ROBERT BILINSKI 24 HAMILTON AVE. MOUNT XIERNON, N. Y. . . . Pleasant sensation I receive looking around time campus, whether it ioe during the bustling school hours or in tile stillness of the evening. . . . Bobss proficiency in Experimental Psy- chology, as Well as his ability in Business Administration. Psychology: Le Cercle Francais: Varsity Basketball Man- ager: Veterans Club. K WILLARD G BOLLINGER AQUASHICOLA My ambition s being realized after nine long years You mean graduating don t you VV H7 The clay We learned how the Major skipped a couple grades in school Social Sole ce Veterans Club Thirty one 'HT C G 0 Q Q , ffm 4: MVC' Rx ENE' I I 4 Y. s S -,. - 3- A ...V .... . ...-.t-..,.... :aaa-ffbf,,-. - ' A --Q-N - -A tart' Co 4-9 Era Y l Q? . fe Q' -a 3 Ft 13 , 'ff N 9 05' 4- u9'LoKb Q9 A 2 ll 0 BETTY BURNETT 847 FULTON ST. FARMINGDALE, L. I., N. Y. . . . Those days spent in time dormitory with friends who will remember with me the "gala festsn, parties and humorous occurrences. A . . . Betty's constant ctiatter does much to- ward maintaining the morale of the Women's sanctuary. A I Laboratory Technician: Skull and Bones, Vice-President: Alchemists: Student Council: VV.A.A., Vice-President: Pi Alpha Tau Sorority, President: VVomen's Sports Transportation Manager. LYNN H. BROWN, JR. SCHENEVMS PA- . . . Returning to Albright and seeing my old friends again. . . . Brownies sense of humor coming to the foreground at time most opportune times. Chemist: Alchemists Club, Zeta Omega Epsilon Fra- ternity: Domino Club: Veterans Club. I Thirty-two 2 ROI mos MARKET ' . ' The cont the students H I , , Bucks hi mg our numer Ministry: Zeta O1 Chi, Treasurer: .till Arhleries. um RUBERT I. BUXTQN lf, 1608 MARKET STREET HARRISBURG, PA. lngllll'HliitlH2r'. . . . The congenial spirit prevailing among tile stuclents and tile faculty. olllmmltmggl . . . Buclcss lialnit of quoting tlie Bible flur- lmoilttwttuetg ing our numerous "bull sessions". Ministry: Zeta Omega Epsilon Fraternity: Kappa Tau Clii, Treasurer: Junior Class Treasurer: Basketball: l. F. Athletics. 1 . 1 FRANCES JOY CUTLER 511 UNION STREET HOLLIDAYSBURG, PA. . . . Frienclliness among the students and faculty ancl time sincerity witli Wliicii it is extended to one and all. . . . Joy's a natural for that success role ancl We extend our best Wishes to one of Al- lorigl'1t's favorite ciaugliters. Home Economics: VVl1o's Vvlio among Students in American Colleges and Universities: Heo Clulo, Pres- iclentg VVomcn's Senate, President: YNV.C.A. Cabinet: Pi Alpina Tau Sorority, Treasurer: Pi Tau Alpliag Cue Staff, Feature Co-Eciitorg Plii Delta Sigma Honorary Alumnae Sorority: Varsity Basketball. Thirty-three XQYW Co ' 'Wo N If-Q -1 I l QQ. ll 14 . AQ - fra sf: 417' Au node? I 9 4 7 V .--.... . at I A- yr """' Q"" .EX 3 7" .rf 4 P 4 X931 Co Em sf -'A ,Q.a-,....,,.+:w.1L-t.,,,.v,a,,,....VY... -- ,.. . l QQ ll A' le sl P f :F ' 32" '-jig f A u uvq,-9 I 4s E1-A 2 LL Q FORREST W. DUNKELBERGER 801 N. FIFTH STREET READING, PA. . . . Enjoyalole evenings spent rehearsing with the Domino Clulo for our production of HDeatl1 Takes a Holiclayu. . . . Dunlcls informal manner in the class- room and luis constant deloates Witll the pro- lessors. Law: Fraternal Crcler of Daymcn: Domino Clulog Le Cercle Francais: Veterans Clulo. A HERBERT KESSLER DERR . 4458 KUTZTOWN ROAD TEMPLE, PA. . . . ln the years to come, graduation will occupy the primary position in my memory. . . . Herlzfs familiar gait ancl slow grin is once again seen on campus after a Ul'litCI'l,, with Uncle Sam. Social Science: Fraternal Order of Daymen: Stuclent Council: IF. Athletics: Football: Traclc. - Thirty-four X mm TEMPLE, pl m m mtmqn! and SIN gm il pm the' IM' Q Ui ml, -"-+1 BI: Iwi 5, C. WILLIAM EBBERT 20 TREBOR PLACE WYOMISSING, PA. . . . The time we Iaeat IVIui1IenI9erg 45-40 in 1944 was reaIIy the game. . . . BiII's atniiity to eat candy in cIass anct stiII get time correct answers in examinations. Ministry: Aiivrigiitian, Sports Editor: Fraternal Order of Daymen: Pi Gamma Mu: Piuiiosopimy Ciuiz: Kappa Up- siion Phi Fraternity: Cue. Sports Co-Editor: Der Deutsche Verein: Internationai Relations CIuIJ: Kappa Tau Ciwi. Tiurty five DENNIS I ERTEL N9 IVIoss STREET READING PA The fine people Ive met on campus Inoi a primary position in my numerous and varle memories Dennys organizational aIo1I1ty which was evicient in many functions on campus Law Student Council Vice President Zeta Omeffa Epsilon President International Relations Ciuim Vice President Veterans Ciuio Der Deutsche Verem Iqra ternai Order of Daymen Pr Gammw IVIu Fresimnn Orientation CIIBITHIWH XG ,tr c .a- ,ok ol l QQ- ll 0 V x 1 n 4 bf as ' egg," ll 6-9 1 -Y' 4SE I 7 4 I L a CI . . . . ' d ' . A : .y . - . : D : ' 1 : Q . . , . t ' F IN L' . ,. 4... -4 f -4- .f.. M. .... .-.-. .. ....., . .... W.-.,..s,-,,,,,,,,.-., I ,,A.,.. , ,v., ,,,,,,M,,mw ,Ryu-, YJ"-ismu-vdmivm aff 712 X I HT Co XG 6 4 'life' QQ. 11 1 X " AT s 62 .E fs 'P 5' AN vat? 'I' A 6 ll 2 KENNETH WESLEY FAYLOR GREEN LANE PA- . . . The nigtlt we Won the basketball game against Arkansas. A . . . Ken,s friendly grin and leisurely gait is known to everyone. Chemist: Pi Tau Beta Fraternityg Alchemists Clulog Footiaallg Basketball. GERARD RUSSELL FELTER 99 HUDSON AVE. RIDGEFIELD PARK, N. J. . . . The many friends live acquired white attending Albright. . . . Gerryys snappy clothing and cordial Htlc-:Hou are almost ia tradition on campus, especially to the APG's. ' Business Administration: Alpha Pi Omega, Vice-Pres- iclentg Veterans Club, Vice-President: Business Club: Cheerleader. Thirty-six I I 1 X IIIIQR I E IIIII and G:I NIMH ' MARION FIEDLER 1604 IVI1NERAL SPRING ROAD READING, PA. . . . The poem I Wrote about Professor Green. That's one we'II remember too, Marion. . . . IVIarion,s wiilingness to cooperate in any WorthWhiIe venture ancI her sincere charm which is evident upon aII occasions. Education: Pi Tau AIpha, Vice-President: Delta Phi Aipha, President: Sigma Tau DeIta, President: Student Council. Daywomen's Organizationg Philosophy Club, Sophomore Class Secretary: Der Deutsche Vereing In- ternationaI Relations CIuI9. FRANKLIN E GABLE 101 N IVIILLER STREET SH1LL1NG'roN PA Returning to AIIor1ght after two years rn t e service and seeing many of my oI friends Red s constant Iuhernatron t e science I:murIcI1ng Wonder If Professor Green has anything to cIo with thatI Biology Alpha Pr Omc a Fraternity SIcuII and Bones Society Veterans Ciuh IF Athielics FraternaI Order of Daxmen Thirty seven S c-W' C01 50" . via f 1 ,R . 2 fe- '99, 1. :no Au Hanoi X .-'i""' X HT C0 5 l 4- . l Q 'll E' 0 ? ini' kgs le sr -N A 0 U 2 VICTOR J. GIGLI STONY CREEK MILLS, PA. . . . Renewal of old acquaintances and list- ening to the thrilling war stories, especially those toici hy Denny Ertel. . . . Vic's outstanding athletic ability and his amioition to enter the teaching profession. Education: Kappa Upsilon Phi Fraternity, Treasurer: Varsity Football: Veterans Club: Pi Tau Alpha: Track: Varsity HA" Club, Vice-President. RICHARD E. GABLE 101 N. MILLER STREET SHILLINGTON, PA. . . . The uhanquetn in Steve Piaskonos' room after Heli Week. . . . Dicks prowess as a hunter when he isn,t working under the watchful eyes of Professor Green. Biology: Skull and Bones Society: Alchemists: Alpha Pi Omega Fraternity: Fraternal Order of Daymen. Thirty-eight ' - ' " ,..,. .. - , -v--...4..f A-., ,- R A. -,Y .- - - 'N ' KENNETH R. GOOD 315 SPRUCE STREET WEST READING, PA. . . . Meeting AI Capp on Saclie Hawkins Day and helping to plan the event. . . . Kenny's versatility and outstanding contributions to Albright throughout his four years with us. Education: VVho's Who among Students in American Colleges ancl Universities: Stuclent Council, Presiclent: Alpha Pi Omega Fraternity: Albrightian Staff, Associ- ate Editor: Cue Stall, Sports Co-editor: international Relations Club, Treasurer: Alchemists Club: Pi Tau Alpha: Senior Manager of Football Team: Track Team: Varsity HA" Club: Fraternal Order of Daymen: De- bating Team. xoHTCo '- 'F fast-M 14.9 4 E I Qiim- fo v 3' ' W 4 , JL W 1 3 S ,pi-rc' an ufdgs J WILLIAIVI PINCHOT GRAY 120 ST PETER ST SCHUYLKH L HAVEN The many happy hours I spent under the watchful eyes of Professor Green Bills Intense preoccupation with ac trvlties in the biology and chemistry labora torres Biologv Skull and Bones Society Alchemists Club Veterans Club Fraternal Order ol: Daymen Thirty nine :JW Co ETJ Q I 0 ,, ,Ffa Y , -I x F' 4 NTS 306' 4 E u9"d?6N 'fs 49 A ll, 0 RUSSEL STANLEY GUENSCH 554 OLEY STREET READING, PA. . . . Tile time 1 got my unknown in ctlem- istry rigilt, the first time. . . . Russ,s timriiiing performance on the 1947 ioasicetioaii team which ileipeci the team to many a Victory. industrial Chemistry: Kappa Upsiion Phi Fraternity, Arciiong Varsity Basketball Team, President: Alchemists Club: Veterans Ciuio. DONALD G. GRIM 1222 GREEN STREET READING, PA. . . . Time ttlriiiing performance given by time basketball team of 1941. . . . Donis beaming gooct humor and his Willingness to talk about his son at time slightest provocation. Industrial Chemistry: Alchemists Club: Pi Tau Beta Fraternity: Fraternal Orcier of Daymen. Forty f 1555 chem lmov ing 1 Meciir Pi T1 . X LAURENCE HUBERT HAAG 155 S. EIGHTH STREET READING, PA. . . . Those pleasant days spent in the chemistry laboratory searching for my un- known. . . . Larry's frank sincerity and understand- ing makes him, a friend, indeed. Medicine: Skull and Bones Society: Alchemists Club: Pi Tau Beta Fraternity: Fraternal Order of Daymen. XBHT Co I 'S ETS MARGIE C HANDY 1117 AMITY STREET READING PA The manv krndnesses and consrdera tions shown to me by students and faculty at Albright Margie s conscientious efforts In behalf of any constructive project on campus Education Philosophy Club Treasurer P Gamma u P1 Tau Alpina Daywomen s Organization Forty one X I 9 4 7 ':' , gi .Mg HT Co K0 Q- 44 Q 0 : 'IE .155 4 5 I: Bag... .-or? ET. yt tw A 2 Ll, 2 IVIERVIN CLIFFORD HELFRICH 152 S. FOURTH STREET READING, PA. . . . The first time I attencIecI Bioiogy ciass and was exposeci to Professor Green's man- nerisms. . . . IVIerv's intense interest in phiiosophy and his fine presentation of speeches in cIass. Ministry: Philosophy CIuIa, President: Kappa Tau Chi: Der Deutsche Vetein: Delta Phi Alpha: Fraternai Order of Daymen. ROLFE T. HASTINGS, JR. 119-05 236 STREET ST. ALBANS, N. Y. . . . Our numerous "bull sessions" in the sociaI room of the Kappa house. . . . RoIfe's crew-cut and friendiy grin are Icnown to aII, from freshman to senior. Business Administration: Kappa Upsiion Phi Fraternity: Sophomore Ciass Treasurer: Business Ciuing Domino Club. Forty-two 3 MAR 1427 CL' ...Tif from OVCI ,,.Pat iier iavol Ipumatismr Mu: A111145 Ccrfeature women's 0 MARTHA COLBURN HERRICK 1427 CLEVELAND AVE. WYOMISSING, PA. . . . Tile clay Heriny ilinaiiy sauntered iiome from overseas. . . . Pat's keen interest in journalism anci her favorite sport, iiocicey. Iournulism: Sigma Tau Delta, Vice-President: Pi Gamma Mug Aibrigimtian Staff: Le Cerie Francais: Cue Staff, Co-Feature Eciitor: Varsity Hockey, Captain: Day- women's Organization. srl' Co ET -N N l 3? ,, fo 1 X af " U wg 4 u lvikk MARY ELLEN HILL 157 E PENN AVE ROBESONIA PA e friendliness prevailing on campus between stucients anci professors HIHYS hasty arrivals and departures each ciay accompanied by irer favorite escort Home Economics Heo Club Pr Tau Aipiia Day womens Organization Forty three Y I 9 4 7 ...Th- - -- J" ..,-. , . f :HA -A.-5 .f HT C0 Q-" Z +250 446, v 11 . nv 0 1' , FW qb,'r ,ef-Gkb ZS Au sl 9 ET -N 0 ll Q 1 Y JOAN HOUSE 1056 59TH STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. . . . Midnight supper parties in the Chapel Dormitory in my Freshman year. . . . Our favorite blond who takes a great deal of Hlcidciingn about Brooklyn and likes it. Laboratory' Technician: VVomen's Dormitory Council, President: VVomen's Senate: Pi Alpha Tau Sorority, Recording Secretary: Skull and Bones Society, Secretary- Treasurer: Alchemists. ROBERT C. HOLTZAPPLE, JR. 2552 FAIRVIEW TERRACE, WILLIAMSPORT, PA. . . . My experience as a Waiter in time dining- tlail and "YU retreats. . . . Boiffs fine organ melodies in chapel will long remain in our memories. Ministry: Zeta Omega Epsilon Fraternity: Men's Glee Club: Nlixecl Chorus: Chapel Choir: Kappa Tau Chi: Tau Kappa Alpha, President: Pi Gamma Mu, Philoso- phy Club, Der Deutsche Verein: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Debate Squad. Forty-four 554 JL , , , C SE8.l'Cii ,,.i stant Maliien ERNEST S. KACHLINE 334 JUNIPER STREET QUAKERTOWN, PA. . . . Climbing Mount Penn at 5 A. M. to search for a note-they said. . . . Ernie's mischievous grin and the con- stant ntleclclingn between he and Ken. Mathernatics: Pi Tau Beta Fraternityg Varsity Basketball. tem C04 0 -1 l QWES 0 X i fmfsb Tr" 4- ""j,4t 1 48 E13 RAYMER WATTS KENT 520 E SECOND STREET BIRDSBORO PA How could I ever forget Hell Weeki Raymers proficiency in the chemistry laboratory and tus ambitious pursuit of that cherished degree Chemist Kappa UpSIIOn Phi Fraternity Alchemists Club Basketball Track Fraternal Order of Daymen Forty five X I 9 4 7 -- . ... ,HA A QW' Co 3 X QQ- flea A . iw, gf: agua n"'9K EI -N A 0 ll, 6 i i VLADIMIR J . KOLTON 115 S. EIGHTH STREET READING, PA. . . . Pleasant- experiences as a member of the Pi Taus. . . . Vai,s amioitions in the medical field will certainty be realized, of that We have no doubt. Medicine: Skull and Bones Society, President: Alchem- ists, Secretary-Treasurer: Pi Tau Beta Fraternity: Fra- ternal Orcier of Daymen. PAUL A. KHVHVIEL 545 BOSLER AVENUE LEMOYNE, PA. . . . APO piecigesiuip and time numerous friends I've acquired at Albright. . . . Paui's quick trips to Lemoyne to see the alittle womann. Business Administration: Alpha Pi Omega Fraternity: Mens Giee Club: Grciiestrag Cue Staff: Sophomore Class Treasurer: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Aibrigirtian Staff, Business Manager: Domino Club: Veterans Club. V Forty-six g GI 1251 N. TE . , 1 The J. Test in Chi , , . Georgt sound jlldg triinuialions. Chemist: Fralw I 4 in I 1. 'ff 4- 1 i N 1 N GEORGE S. KUTSHER 1231 N. TENTH STREET READING, PA. . . . The day We receivect the Tuberculosis Test in Chapel. . . . Georges pleasant Hheiion and his sound judgment on iife's daily trials and trihuiations. Chemist: Fraternal Orcier of Daymen: Veterans Club. ELAINE SEVIS KYLE 3409 GOUGH STREET BALTIMORE D Sherman Cottage dorm life and those college dances tame s constant iaughtel and her im mediate response to a umorous situation even if she has to create It herself Home Economic Hoo Cluh P1 Tau Alpha Ph Alpha Tau Sorority Corresponding Secretary Internat onai Re lat ons Ciuh Xvomens Gice Club Forty seven X46 C04 'qs E1 as ff Nl if If gu,,,.-,il X l 9 4 7 "- . ,1VI. A if 'il- QQB -sl, Y P 52625 'af .4 5 ro. 'noob 43 ET yi . A 2 ll, 2 EDWARD MARKOVVSKI 407 W2 NEW YORK ST. SHENANDOAH, PA. . . . First impression ofAHJrigl1t was one of friendliness on time part of students and faculty and that impression has lasted throughout myrcoiiege career. . . . Ecrs blond, curly hair and time good- natured manner in which tie takes the "Icicl- dingn about his home town. Chemist: Alchemists Club: Der Deutsche Verein: Vete- rans Club. RUSSELL MELVIN LUCK 69 W. 55RD STREET REIFFTON, PA. . . . Frosh customs and time grand times Lve always had at Pi Tau affairs. . . . Russ,s ability in the field of chemistry and an excellent pair of vocal corcis for gooci measure. Chemist: Alchemists, President: Pi Tau Beta Fraternity, Treasurer: Chapel Choir: Der Deutsche Verein: Fra- ternal Order of Daymen. Forty-eight i f 455 men of I OHC Mme Epsiii Cahn Fir D. STEWART MCCLEARY 455 CRESCENT STREET HARRISBURG, PA. . . . Living in the Zeta house during sum- mer school and studying until the wee hours of the morning. . . . Stewss consistent poiicy of giving every- one a hig smile at the breakfast tahle. Ministry: Kappa Tau Chi, Vice-President: Zeta Omega Epsilon: Alhrightian Staff: Philosophy Club: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet. RALPH O. MILLER . WYoM1ss1No HILLS, WEST LAWN, PA. . . . The grand feeling I had upon my re- turn to Albright and the reunion with my old classmates. . . . Raiph's keen sense of humor and his deep chuckle which makes him a Hmustu at any social event. Business Administration: Zeta Qmega Epsilon, Vice- Presiclentg Treasurer of Senior Class: Student Council: Veterans Club, President. , Forty-nine mc 0 Q6 qlffo l QW Q6 2,4 -FM . " fg- 'ls 53:1-frm ,p:igQ I 48 ETS I 9 4 7 X991 Co I 75-1 44 QQ '11 gf 625 1 4? ot if ?gg,,,,v::ZF ET-3 A ll, 2 1 HARRY E. MITCHELL, JR. 812 N. THIRD STREET READING, PA. . . . Frienctiiness and congeniaiity of all stucients with a complete ahsence of snoh- hish ciiques and racial discriminations. . . . Harry,s heated discussions on the proh- lems of the world, especially, the Iahor proh- lem. GEORGE PAUL MORFOGEN ROCKAWAY VALLEY ROAD BooNToN, N. J. . . . Heli Vveeic in the spring of 1941 Was my most unforgettable memory. . . . Georges versatility, suhtie humor ancl fine personality has macle him one of our favorite sons of Albright. Law: VVho's Who among Stucients in American Colleges and Universities: Pi Gamma Nlu, President: Alpha Pi Omega, President: Senior Class President: Student Council: Sigma Tau Delta: Philosophy Ciuh: Veterans Club: Varsity Football. Liberal Arts: Fraternal Order of Daymeng Veterans Club. Fifty j 217 S in til CCHS! n inA Socioia Coliegt Chief: icienl: Alpha Phi Di sfmr 'S' '5 b'1,. ,ous 48 E1 J S EILEEN SARA O'NElL 217 JEFFERSON STREET READING, PA. . . . All those crazy Thursday nights spent in the "AIhrightian" office editing the paper. . . . Eileen's numerous activities and her ceaseiess efforts, as Editor-in-Chief of the "Alhrightian" to present the hest newspaper in Albright history. Sociology: VVho's Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities: The Alhrightian, Editor-im Chief: Cue Staff: Women Student Senate, Vice-Pres- icient: Daywomen's Organization, Vice-Presicientg Pi Alpha Tau Sorority: Philosophy Club: Pi Gamma Mu: Phi Delta Sigma Honorary Alumnae Sorority. LYNNE PARR 16 CRESCENT AVENUE NEWARK, N. J. . . . Serenacies underneath my window at three A. M. and the fine personality of Dr. Greth. . . . Lynne feverishly underlining her text- hook in class and her constant escort, Gene. Psychology: Pi Alpha Tau Sororityg Pi Gamma Mu: Philosophy Club: Domino Club: Band Majorette. Fifty-one I I 9 4 7 I I - if GA 48 ETS 'PGS fe 5' .ab X If hm ' . 3 I: gan' .N ,vig 8 ll, Q H. EUGENE PIERCE ROUTE No. 3 WARREN, OHIO . . . When the E. R. C. departed in Feb- ruary of 1943. ' . . . Gene,s efficiency in the coIIege IJooIc- store ancI Iris constant efforts to Iceep it WeII suppIiecI with cancIy for Ilungry AIIJrigI1tians. pass, Business Manager: Manager of College Bookstore. CAROLYN K. POWERS 429 N. TWELFTH STREET READING, PA. . . . The first soIo I sang on campus ancI the pIeasure I,ve gotten from participating in the musical programs. . . . CaroIyn,s effective rencIition of HTI1e Man I Loveu. Education: Pi Tau AIpI1a: Sigma Tau Delta: Vvomenys Glee CIUIJ: Domino CIuI3: Der Deutsche Verein. Fifty-two Social Science: Cue Staff, Advertising Manager: Com- THOMAS REYNOLDS PRICE 503 W. THIRD STREET MT. CARMEL, PA. . . . Those ttnrilling nights keeping score for the basketball team of 1947. . . . Tom's intense interest in chemistry and his appropriate comments in the class- room. Chemist: Alchemists Club: Zeta Omega Epsilon Fra- ternity: Varsity Basketball Manager. X091 col Q' f l sl 7 13 1 4 1 A fa.:-r1,A.,,i'.3 Q48 ETS y N V LESTER PUSI-IMAN 521 NORTH AVENUE GARWOOD My Business law course on contracts which didnt seem to hold true during my college career Les s easygorng manner an tus unique way of sa51ng hello Business Administration Zetw Omegw Epsilon ra ternlty Vlrsity Footb ll Fi tty three X 7 9 4 7 ,N.J. 'aff QBQYW Coll fl K W 2 Q tm' W , AT i , . gg" Au a9"'26N S ET -N A 0 ll, 2 ' RUTH S. REHR 1504 GARDEN LANE READING, PA. . . . Upsetting a stool in the tomb-like quiet- ness of time liiorary. . . . Butcifs ability in the field of psychology and her constant chatter with Pat and Anne. Psychology: Allznrightian, Business Manager: Phi Beta Mu Sorority. Vice-President: Pi Gamma Mu: Day- women's Organization. 1 BEATRICE MAY RIBNER 5159 GODWIN TERRACE NEW YORK, N. Y. . . . Those heart-to-heart talks in the Dorm and the many friends Isve made on campus. . . . Bea,s keen sense of humor and her haioit of smiling, just because! Psychology: Student Council: Skull and Bones Society: International Relations Club: Pi Gamma Mu. Fifty-four JCI-IN F. RUDZINSKI 215 LIVINGSTON STREET ELIZABETH, N. J. . . . My life in the Kappa house and the many friends fve acquired in the Fraternity. . . . John's active participation in the fre- quent chemistry "sessions" with Guensch and Soja. Industrial Chemistry: Alchemists: Kappa Upsilon Phi: Domino Club: Basketball: Veterans Club. XQHT C0 qfanii I 'Ss .s Q- v Q 37 ll Q 'I -L V. 5, 1 N? I N Qlb' A u uvigkb 1 Y., MARY LOUISE 'SCHAPPELL 1640 MINERAL SPRING ROAD READNIG, PA. . . . Those five-thirty hirci hikes with Pro- fessor Green. . . . Squealcys interest in science is only excelled hy her admiration of Professor Green. Laboratory Technician: Skull and Bones Society: AI- chemists: Phi Beta Mu Sorority. Fifty-five ., . , . .--+4,,..---.--- I 9 4 7 ,..,, XGHT Co I F' Q- 44 3 ll 1 4 , -4 A i vagal' A n u"'LQ6x 8 LL h e ELAINE ESTHER SCHWARTZ 540 FRANKLIN STREET W. READING, PA. . . . Revival of football in 1946. would you care to make a further statement, Elaine! . . . Eiainffs keen interest in sports to which siie devotes a great deai of tier time and abundant energy. Chemist: Phi Beta Mu Sorority: Varsity Basketball Team, Co-Captain: Varsity Tennis: Cheerleader, Captain: Day- womenys Organization: Cue Staff, Sports C0-Editor. ' t W JEANNE E. SCHLEGEL 1512 LINDEN STREET READING, PA. . . . The night I camped in tire APG dorm during a blackout, in my freshman year. . . . Jeanne's participation in many varied activities on campus, especially musical and dramatic organizations. Psychology: Pi Alpina Tau Sorority, President: Domino Club, President: Pi Gamma Mu: Sigma Tau Delta: VVomen's Giee Club: Le Cercie Francais: Aliorigimtian, Feature Editor: Cue Staff: Niixed Chorus: Daywomen,s Organization: Phi Delta Sigma Honorary Alumnae Society. 'Fifty-six XQHT C0 I 4-9 en l I 3? -ff l ns-60 1: , F' 4 1 pf ?g','4u N932 JOHN RICHARD SHAFER 1518 BALDWIN STREET VVILEIAMSPORT, PA. . . . Syivan Chapei and the numerous re- iigious services from which 1 derived much inspiration. . . . Jactcis cheery Hgood morningn as we enter the dining-hail and his ceaseiess cam- paigning in ioehaif of the VVSSF drive. Ministry: Y.M.C.A. Cahinet, Vice-President: Kappa Tau Chi, Secretary: Alpha Pi Omega Fraternity: Basketball: Track. MINNIE SILBERNIANN 691 GERARD AVENUE BRONX, N. Y. . . . HGne Actorsn of 1946 when the iights Were supposed to go out, at a strategic mo- ment, and didnyti . . . 1V1innie's willingness to iisten to every- one,s trouhies with a sympathetic heart and a sincere desire to help. Psychology: Domino Ciuh, Vice-President: Aihrightian Staff: Student Counciig Pi Gamma Mu. Fifty-seven V. J - - +4-1 get-...-,-A -if H--, A -.4 .1-, .'.1. . J. ,. U,- I 9 4 7 XQYW Co 'I W l QQ. 11 Q' '75 W 1 sais 9 "'... i-v""4 Q9 48 ETS A 6 bl. 8 HERBERT SILVESTRI 402 MAIN STREET PECKVILLE, PA. . . . Kappa initiations and the loanquet held by the fraternity. . . . Herhys Vivict tales of happenings White a memher of Uncle Samys navy. Chemist: Kappa Upsilon Phi: Alchemists: Veterans Club. . JACOB SKLOVER 525 THRooP AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. . . . Voices in the dark calling nAre you awake, Jatceff, . . . Jat4e's firm belief in the power of tot- I erance and truth makes him a natural leader in any group discussion. Social Science: Alpha Pi Omega Fraternity, Correspond- ing Secretary: International Relations Club: Domino Club: Men's Glee Club, Business Manager: Band: Or- chestra: Veterans Club. Fifty-eight AGNES LOUISE SNYDER 852 MCKNIGHT STREET READING, PA. . . . Meaningful experience of Worlcing with the NYM and attending the inspirational NY" Retreats at Blue Mt. . . . Aggie's numerous contributions to re- ligious activities and the sincerity with which she assumes responsibilities. Sociology: VVho's Who among Stuclents in American Colleges and Universities: Y.VV.C.A. Cahinet, Presiclent: Daywomen's Organization, President: Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-President: Philosophy Club, Secretary: VVomen's Senate: Student Council: Alhrightian Staff: lntema- tional Relations Club: Compass, Business Manager: VV.S.S.F., Chairman: HY" Retreat, Chairman: Phi Delta Sigma Honorary Alumnae Sorority. JOHN THEODORE SOJA 291 L1v1NosToN STREET ELIZABETH Friendships Ive acquired while living in the Kappa House John s fraternity lorothers call m Dreamhoat We Woulcl like to know the origin of that name tool Chemist Alchemists Kappa UPSIIOD Phi Secretary Veterans Club Football Fifty nine :MT Co stirs ETS-5 it' Q X 4 ifamv Q- E' ,. o W , 4 . 'gy 9 gl S An uvigfb X I 9 4 7 " ,N.J. ' ' hi NF' C0 - 'F 0 T 3 ,, lf ., m NN . an ,s It Q ' Al uV"94x I Sera' 2 ll, 2 JOHN A. SPINDLER, JR. 207 ARMSTRONG AVE. JERSEY CITY, N. J. . . . "YH Retreats, Sylvan Chapel and Sel- wyn Hall parlor! . . . Joi1n,s inspiration at breakfast which made him happy time remainder of time day. Ministry: Kappa Tau Chi: Zeta Omega Epsilon Fra- ternity: Bible Class, Co-chairman. AARON TAUB 1614 N. FIFTEENTH STREET READING, PA. . . . Inspirational persecutions under Dr. Horn and the Hsoothingu voice of Professor Green. . . . Aarongs ability to balance the Jouciget is only exceeded by iris inability to decrease his avoirciupois. Medicine: Cue, Business Manager: Skull and Bones Society: Philosophy Club: Alchemists Club: Veterans Club: Fraternal Order of Dayrnen. Sixty MARY JANE THOMPSGN 1850 PERKIOMEN AVENUE READING, PA. . . . The thrill I had Walking around Ai- hright campus after dreaming about it for three years. . . . M. Jfs executive ahiiity and her con- stant rushing around with a hrief-case full of "Cue, material. Psychology: Cue Staff, Editor-in-Chief: Pi Gamma Mu: Philosophy Club: Le Cercie Francais: International Re- lations Club: Daywomenls Organization: Veterans Club, Secretaryg Aihrightian Staff. unc - ,fro 4SET3 0 ,be-G ,, Qc 2' P "T L , 6g"'r oacfss 1, ll W ,xg WILLIAM H. TRAGLE 905 N. NINTH STREET READING, PA. . . . The interesting people I've met on campus and some of those appropriate comments heard in the classroom. . . . Biirs quiet manner is deceiving until you iooic at his expressive eyes. Medicine: Skull and Bones Society: Fraternal Grder of Daymcn. A Sixty-one I 9 4 7 X' . . . -.. .,.... .-..-,.-.,, .,.,,., - H 1- Mn-nag.:-.-.g4.41:,-. H+, -f..v.+'-,:,:Y-.fa:..:..:.g.1- :-- .1-..-.1 A ,,,3,,H, L, Hag.. .VAN-.5 M i . ,,. A .. ,p V ,FI -L.:-V. uv,--..m'l..!i A GW' Co X 1 x l QQ' , , to F' 5 'ff Q J ' A gg au H9620 ETA-N 2 ll, 0 HERBERT VOGT 675 ALTER STREET HAZLETON, PA. . . . Stimulating experience of walking into the dining-trail after an absence of tilree years. . . . Herifs fine personality anci his spirit of fellowship will long remain in our memoryi Industrial Psychology: Zeta Omega Epsilon Fraternity, Vice-President: Student Council: Senior Class Vice- Presicientg Varsity Footinaiig Der Deutscime Verein: Vete- rans Club. LOUISE A. TROSTLE 1302 DELAWARE AVE. WYOMISSING, PA. . . . My "preying-mantis actn in tile middle of Thirteenth and Union. . . . Louiseis slow, amioiing' gait on campus is quite deceiving once you'Ve witnessed her rapid, determined steps in the cuisine. Home Economics: Pi Tau Alpha Secretary: Piii Beta Mu Sorority: VVomen's Senateg Heo Club: Daywomen's Organization, Senior Representative. Sixty-tvvo SARA A. WALB 419 FERN AVENUE READING, PA. . . . Countless stimulating experiences with students and faculty and a dream come true. . . . 'SaHy,s love of chemistry and her keen sense of humor which expresses itself in a frequent deep chuckle. Science: Veterans Club: Daywomen's Organization: Pi Gamma Mu: Phi Beta Mu Sorority. X691 C ,ff ol Q- , Q- 3 'A' .0 T 1 xt 4 ' A 4- 0:9 48 ETS MARGARET JANE WALTON 1518 HAMPDEN BOULEVARD READING PA Acquiring my BS degree in Home Economics and looking' fowvard to putting It to practical use Peggys adeptness in the cuisine will certainly be appreciated from Arts point of view Home FCOHOTHICS PI Tau SOI'Ol'lfy CIIBPIBIII DOIHIDO Heo Daywomens 0I'gaI'lIZ8tl0I1 Sixty three . , I ' . . . . , , 5 s 1 1 9 . 4 - , : - ' . . 1 f . -- - ' --- - - ----- ---'-A---h---44-' sr-N A-A---w -. 4.4-x.,L.:4..,:a-mv -:iv -f-aa,-.i4.:.-ae-a:.v::f:.L -1-1--new 4.,.,H,.,',' ,,,:,1,,,,,,,.,,4-...,.5,:., ' 1'-. " f" "',,' '--'----.E+ Q5 Gm c ET J 04 4 -0- Em A3-2 2 u e MARVIN P. WEAVER 5426 GRAY STREET LAURELDALE, PA. . . . My initiation into the APO fraternity was, to say the ieast, impressionable! . . . Marvinys one of the hoys who live in the chemistry laboratory, emerging occasion- aHy to join a frat uiouli-sessionn. Chemist: Alpha Pi Omega Fraternity: Fraternal Order of Daymen. NEWELL J. WERT 429 N. EIGHTH STREET LEBANON, PA., . . . Tray Htotingn and its associated art of houncing them off the heads of unsuspect- ing students. . . . Nup,s sincerity and dependability in everything he does marks him as one of Ai- ioright's favorite sons. Wlinistry: VVh0's Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities: Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior Class President: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, President: Kappa Tau Chi: Pi Gamma Nlu: Philosophy Club, Vice-President: Zeta Gmega Epsilon: Student Council: Chapel Choir: Men's Glee Club: Aihrightian Staff: "YU Retreat, Co-chairman. Sixty four ANNE VVICKHAM 800 CLD WYOMISSING ROAD READING, PA. . . . How could I ever forget the "Blue Roomu and all its various activities! . . . Anne's sincere friendliness and wilt- ingness to voice her opinions has made tler an asset in our many brilliant conversa- tions. Psychology: Daywomcn's Organization. I lV1ARY JANE VVITMAN 191 VV. MAIN STREET ADAMSTOWN, PA. . . . Renewal of an olcl high school ac- quaintance Wtiicti developed into quite a friendship. . . . Mary Jane,s quiet friendliness and the Way her eyes sparlcted after her marriage to another Albrigtrtian. Home Economics: Pi Tau Alpha: Hoo Club: Day- womcn's Organization. Sixtyfive XUHT co IF '5:?1 ' 4 3? N If . I ff -. 4. Q, 1 X? S I 5 A Qfb' 4 1 u9":lQx 1 48 ET ,N I 9 4 7 VIRGINIA ELSBETH WOERLE 229 N. TWENTY-FIFTH STREET MT. PENN, READING, PA. . . . The fine people fve met on campus and time icy Water of Selwyn Lake. . . . Jinny,s sincere hospitality, artistic tai- ent and prowess in most any sport gives her a special place in our memory. Home Economics: Phi Beta Mu Sorority, President: Cue Staff, Art Editor: Heo Club: Student Council: VV.A.A., President: Varsity Basketball, Captain: Varsity Hockey: Varsity Softball. Sixty-six 7 L A06 A0 We are proud to number among our graduatmg class srx students whose names Wrll appear m Who s Who Among Students In Amerrcan UD1VCFSItICS and Colleges The publication wtnclw rs released annually contains the Iarograplnes of prominent Amerrcan college students chosen for thls honor on the IDHSIS of servlce to the college These persons justly deserve this high honor bestowed upon them and with each of them go our best Wishes for the future INEVVELL J WERT EILEEN S O NEIL KENNETH R GOOD FRANCES J CUTLER GEORGE P MORFOGEN AGNES L SNYDER Sixty seven . , . . . 5' Y 7 . . . . . 'V . . . . . . . . , , , . s T y . .J . 3 - . .. . -,. .-..,.,.,.,,,,,, .-.M .,,,, X -ff v I , -fy' ...-.y-f """'I ' I I-A . ... .- -,,,,,,, . ..- ..,...-.-'+.c-1'- A """ , . ' Y rl? A I vm .I,.,..W ',23','f 3 , ,, . , , " WW' ' I ' f gh -"' , ,,,,,w,,,,f1 : I .. fwfff 0. . f' z, ff,, ,ww I ,7 4 ' f , " f f ff , ,W , V Q, ,W W 'W If , , mXx.W4Wf"l , , I 'i 'bpm " QQ Q , , ' I I I I I Sixty-eight HN, FR RIC V WILLI DONA RUSSEI ROLFE I ERNEST K la. III Eg ll X ffllfgx A -- V W' 5' ' Fl Ms O. ,- " "1 -M - ..,...,-r. ' ICI CLIFFORD BALMER RAYMER KENT ' RICHARD BERTOLETTE PAUL KIMMEL EDWIN BIEHL GEORGE KUTSHER KENNETH PAYLOR EDWARD MARKOWSRI ROBERT BILINSRI LESTER PIISHMAN WILLARD BOLLINGER HARRY MITCHELL FORREST DUNKELBERGER GEORGE MORPOGEN EDWARD BIGLER m EUGENE PIERCE s :l i ng-a, 4 HERBERT DERR ur: 54 THOMAS PRICE -" E-kit ll LYNN BROWN x"31lU" A' RALPH MILLER XS if 1 DENNIS ERTEL 3 :Sw .IOHN RUDZINSKI GERARD PELTER in 1 I IO I- ' JOHN SOJA x I ' , , " f HTTTIXTTT I FRANKLIN GABLE of I J' Q JACOB SKLOVER RICHARD GABLE Q ' 3 HERBERT SILVESTRI VICTOR GIGLI VVILLIAM GRAY DONALD GRIM RUSSEL GUENSCH ROLFE HASTINGS ERNEST KACHLINE .' ' ,CSX Q ,gg .Ill ,kg Nix-X EE "' YW , V N I fn I K ' NKXXN. I ' r fc A ' X gl' K X f? l 1' ' ig, gil 'an fig Hgh iklfsf-!!.i7 O04 Sixty-nine AARON TAUB SARA WALB WILLIAM TRAGLE HERBERT VOOT MARY JANE THOMPSON , ff " - 1 FFT o 1 S 1 J .5 I ,L "x 4 XXXIX lm! E Xbx Q is .Il.Il'.g ':1 .2 ,I wp ax I a L INT I' '41 hQ1f'Tb '7Wec j?jbp,SLxf Dedicated To Underclassmen MLA:-jlvpldiiclrflch ,music Cdfblyyy fglbgef-S In-se. . ,l,,PJUJ- ,UAS JUG N Hd,f fo H7661 Hf- bflgbf we dg Hof bro! 'Fdre-Uucff in tlms hour 'UC fart ule gllff OUV f7c'3fI and mfncf P afimief- 4 Liss? l'I' f' : r' l" r P J' I J A 'S' P J J JUJJ -5 J IJAJJLJ. KW Qrc Hverebe-6166 - 05, UJhcreNe'ev I,'Fe'5v1cCdm37 dwglf, Jann-Ing with your 55,1 Q mfg Rf f-,glqzj Fof 311 man- lfmd Flu' ,is sfgiiajel fffrfg PT 193, r r V r V f f Chovusz D l J 4 A 4 I ' , il A JJ V 4 J. ' We sung 0? our love For- HI- bf'g'1f We XXEMX her 5,0-F1005 name Hcp we gang of our love For- FH- brzghf H love fhajg dee? gm! img we p I Pt 43:-Uinfi 12, 1'-BJ-V34 is VE f Seventy S? E E r mu :flu l1,f NW' 'A I I I1 . ,lu 'la I m HL- fi -1 V' UM LM -u + 5 El 6 Her MEEXXXEHH gg 3 W fb JDJIJUJ VVVJ-F"f'5'q - light is the ,wht Un- mg Of fruflligrcaf 8901-AQUA 'Name farm our- gaze to hor- 1 - ,Kong UPI ch'3"'t'J, 'Unlef au" wmv' Y:vJJJJJfJlP 4? 449.1413 JJI"gff'-.1-JH' But COVYICS fhfj Zrmt OF faff Inca 9 F-ec' Os Tmsf-Ing we 80 to- gcth -cr' LJ N riff- edxqggfl f763rZf5 .Sm -care, 72 QM gi f S vi iii? ii ' lI3f,13pJJ'.PJ !1'ff,1 FJ "J,f:J.Q1 -1 A -'14-VfJHf' H 5114 if :FJ 513339321 iZi'z:f.'g1: ill 1 S 4.94-wi? igiiiffg :., JJIJF V,-flwsjj MJD S ..-.. NLS. r' M of 1948 Prepared to assume the iong anticipated rote of seniors in the not-to-distant future, the junior ciass functioned admirahty this year under the capahie direction of James Brusch, a war veteran with a fine personality and a great deal of executive ahiiity, Marjorie Christ, Vice-President, Miriam Kramer and Heher Yeagiey, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively were elected at the annual voting period and activities throughout the year have proved the wise choice of officers. Marjorie Christ, chairman of the social com- mittee, Was assisted hy Jean Borgstrom, John Patrician, and Gerald Laucics. The Utiunior Juice-Box Jamhoreen held in the fait of the year was a great success, entertainment heing pro- vided hy the faculty in the form of "Class- room Anticsn. HJur1ior Class Nite" was an evening of enjoyment for everyone, featuring ice skating, sledding, pingpong and numerous other indoor sports. Plans for the spring include a swimming party, hike and doggie roast, and the event of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom. The puh- licity director for these various social functions were capahiy handled hy Margery Hagmayer. Giancing over the activities of the past year, the junior class with its large memhership com- posed of veterans and others who Worked with tireless effort to make the year a success, those on the outside are convinced your efforts were not in vain. As the seniors of next year, the class of '48 Witt endeavor to maintain the highschoiastic and cultural standards typicai of Aihright. President JAMES BRUSCH Vice-President MARJORIE CHRIST Secretary MIRIAM KRAMER Treasurer HEBER YEAGLEY Seventy-two Q .. 'n i ., 'I R 1 -. t F 1 . , nu r, 1 E . M ,S . X YQ F . I , Tilt sophom Ot ttleir highes that versatile gutted the das wotthi ma tame, - Heh filled ii, in! tile respectively' T! direction of lea mittee under ttirbly to Dfese roughout the H1161 il Ross al 0ttiCes igtfgr the I O tat Mui ttoher Ctirisimlisav It and lssi, Luisa fUCCQSsful F' n Ing CQUMTIOS il I I it - IIS Il LC Xt 0 gfcm of 794 The sophomore class chose as the recrprent of the r hrghest honor thrs year Perry Matz that versatlte man about campus who has guided the ctass ln a most eftrcrent and prarse worthy manner Howard Gutdrn ot basketball tame frtted the charr of Vice President with Helen Ross and Richard Cattermote assum ng the othces of Secretary and Treasurer respectrvety The socrat commrttee under the direction ot Jean Long and the pubhcrty com mittee under Dorothy Hott cooperated su per ty to present the various socrat functrons throughout the year Among the actrvrtres of the past year were the Beat Muhlenberg Dance held early rn Chrrstmas vacation a hockey trrp to Hershex and last ut not least an Interest rn the verv successful Frosh Soph Balt held at the Read Ing Country Ctu The class owes much to the persons responsible for ptannlng these varrous socrat events throughout the year It has been the arm of the class of 49 to mold rts members 1nto a srngte unrt and to carry out its functions to the best of Its a rlrty The class has given rts members an oppor tunrty to join IH makrng Its socrat events an outstandlng collection of memories and has sought to foster Interest rn the college an school actrvrtles by helping the members know each other and cooperate wrth one another In the next two years rt rs the desire of the ctass of 110 to continue along these hnes matt ing for themselves a welt deserxed place In Atbrrghts hrstorrcat annals Presrclent PERRY NIATZ Vice Presrclent HOWARD GULDIN Secretary HELEN Ross YWeawuer ICCHARD CMTTERMOLE Seventy three l 'I F Y . I0 R . , . . ning ' - ' ' mf - . . . . tio S ' . ' ' ' - aw. 1 . - g. . . . . . . yea" I . . . ' ' ' 'E ww' . . Y . . ' ' d with U r '. .hos lj ' . U D U . . , . 'ere 7 . ' u ' V48 ' " - ' . , . . ' ' aStiC ' A ' tl Qctober, a hayride and barn party before ' USCH ,ia , , f R' , ' E i ' R HRIST H - A IER - bl A I .GLEY o 5 gfaaa of 1950 The freshman class holds the honor of he- ing the largest in Albright history. President, Frank Bird, deserves a great deal of credit for the efficient manner in which he organized this huge group. Vice-President, John Snook, along with Larry Deiewsici and George Baumgaertei who held the positions of Secretary and Treas- urer, respectiveiy, got the neophytes at Alhright off to a fine start. These three men, in addition to their executive duties, were also memhers of the foothali team'this past season and showed great promise. The frosh sponsored a dance in the autumn appropriately titled Hlroothaliu in honor of the football game hetween Albright and Scranton which took place the following day. In Feth- ruary, the puhiicity committee composed of Lillian Boyer, Fred Neuroth, Co-chairmen, aided hy Samuel Santaspirt, Jeanne Stainecicer and Winifred Johnson received a vote of thanks for the fine joh they did toward making the Frosh-Soph Bali a complete success. Plans are now heing laid for a skating party and other social events, in the very near fu- ture. The social committee under the capahle direction of Stanley Tauh and Beverly Reim- snider with Joyce Thompson, Doris Chanin, Patricia Stricider, Jeanne Stainecicer, George Hummer and Dick Landis assisting has heen active, throughout the year. Despite the size of the '50 class, the officers and memhers of the various committees are to he congratulated for organizing its memhers into a unit which func- tioned admirahly from frosh orientation week until they hecame memhers of the sophomore class. Having created a new record in enrollment at Alhright, the class of 1950 has as one of its main goals, to gain recognition on the hasis of individual and group achievement. President FRANK BIRD Vice-President JOHN SNOOK Secretary LARRY DELEWSKI Treasurer GEORGE BAUMGAERTEL Seventy- four A 1' ,a 5" . if , V. x 'Q f, Aumghf Col. this year to H101 enroll in the rel noon I thi C ass was evening, The Cla frilly-sixlof Whol L eBus"'fSs A. follfs ei ti Close S' Most of these Min' in Iglii, even Eparbgme or I Caflngt hd mum p 1 Hoursi to devote o obtain H iw 1 I X U ariv ear 3 C ml anm core as een s1ze0 0 e aff 0 C c Jn wet P 011'l0IC no ment alle 0 I aSlS 0 M ' ,J x00 ELEVSK HGAERE ww M - . . H vening Cfadd a , A ff! c Aihright College extended a helping hand this year to those persons who were unahle to enroll in the regular ai y sessions An after noon class was organized beginning at three thirty and continuing untr nine thirty In the evening The class was composed of forty men thirty six of Whom are veterans and five Women The Business Administration course seemed to he the most favored held with the Science course a close second Most of these students expect to continue at Albright even though many of them are Work Ing part time or full time during the day One cannot help hut admire those persons who are hours to ohtam the desired education Regard less of obstacles this class has marntaine a positron of scholarship throughout the year The Biology Department in particular has noted the hne work of Richard Schell John Kearney and William Karpen Albright College is to he heartily congratu late for opening its doors to those Worthy persons who desire to enter the higher lnstrtu tions of learning Due to the postwar iniiuv of college students many have been denied the privilege of continuing their education hut Aliorrght attempted to accommodate those Worthy of entrance The inauguration of this special session was a most prarseworthy step to remedy the existing emergency and the mem you Albright Seventy hve 1. X I i up 1 . . ' . . . Eu- . A .. ' . d . G e . I ' ' - - - - 11 . 5 . ' ' 11 - ' S - I I ' . - I . n rdf' , ' , . . . . . . . , k ,. , . K H . . . , - H5 Willing to devote their limited amount of leisure hers of the evening class join in saying, "Thank b ' i ' ' ' ,, - , ' H. BRD .Sf 5 J ' ' i TL , v AV -.L-AJ JZ " 5 In 3 J: Y'-gl? f v " l'7.' iii' if " L . ,. 'Em f gm f' "3 ' X Kg ff? RJ iw ni au' 25: Fnst row llell lo ngl mth Goorl, Dennis E Walla, John WOW George llorlflgfn- F eahice Rilln low. Agnes Snwlef- ngllll-B Tlue supreme meets weelely an manner to cover ness. So will llea me ol ilu r anywlm tlme rl lwrsnlay alle all' atefl 3 coorelin ln laehveen sp lance ol the year, llllon Df0gram tc Wgll Alluriglqt, P5 l ll elal:ldlfS, C0111 'll' tliscussing, df W' Campus i norlegd hard to lljnls would lm el all and bask' Malin? arran Seine Olflflelflg xS?lfL6!QI'lf .S2l'lCLfQ United Women for the good of Albright. This is one of the goals of the VVornen,s Stu- dent Senate. This legislative body is celebrat- ing its second anniversary as the guide and controller of activities, of Women students at Albright. Meeting monthly, the Senate plans conferences and forums which will aid that group in serving Albright Women more effec- tively, and will contribute to better student liv- ing. The representatives from the dorm and day- women,s councils also thrash out student prob- Iems common to both groups, and thoughtfully try to reach decisions which are fair to all con- cerned. The hilarious fun that everyone had at the Mardi Gras was not in vain, for the Senate reached its goal in aiding in the redecoration of the lower social room. This year, the Senate had a Christmas Party for the veterans, Wives and initiated the organization with a club of their own. VX7ith spring came a Student Gov- ernment Conference With representatives pres- ent from the leading colleges and universities throughout Pennsylvania at which Judge Fay Bently of the Juvenile Delinquency Court of Vvashington, D. C., was the main speaker. More fun was had at the Mardi Gras under the capable direction of Lynne Parr, dorm student. Womens Student Senate is rapidly becom- ing one of the most constructive organizations on campus and, from indication, will continue its fine worlc. President JOY CUTLER Vice-President EILEEN O,NEl.L Secretary-Treasurer GERALDINE VVENTZEI. Faculty Adviser DEAN HELEN L. CUNLIFFE 4 ' y 9 -, fi .gf , W .fi- , ., ' ,x 'Y X? ii. , , 3 Z Wx- A X Q i If ,, i ' l N I Q 'S 1 CI ,.., -ws , W., ' fr Q Seated deft to right,-Helen Capozeilo. Eileen O,Neii, Dean Cieta Rein, Grace Miller, hfiarion Gerberich, Wiarjorie Christ. Helen L. Cunliffe, Joy Cutler, Geraldine VVentzei, Helen Beverly Morgan, Alice Albright, Mildred Abrams, Joan Sieber. Standing flefl to righti--Agnes Snyder, Betty Berger, House, Louise Trosiie, Lois Lackey. Eighty Y- ,,' . ig. W, 3 5 I, Ei.. Seafed Ueft to ri it Gfflfe Miner. Sigur The Women most important women, through The Ofganizatiol Sfiintiar lion, S in accord with CIS of SCI 0Cial Council i Ieregulations E iprescrilges a pa Hrtant decisions Q gmup meet! Solve the m - Women' E resent its ac da EYOU time written COE xi The Sti ifwif i Dommofy 0 Judicial . . H.. . - - v 4.- -- -,-.-- - - - f-- ' ""' """A ' Tr: '4""A F. g Wes :lub of 3 0 e i U e 'UE omen 2 ormiforg ounci Seated le t to rzght Dean Helen L CUDIIHC Joan House Grace Miller Standing I tto right Helen Sleher Cleta The Womens Dormrtory Councrl plays a most Important part In the IIVCS of Alhrrght Women throughout therr four years on campus The organrzatlon was founded to mamtarn the stan ards of scholarshrp communrty coopera tIon an social hte among ItS resldent Women In accord Wlth the high deals of the school The Councd IS responsrlole for carryrng out the regulatrons and POIILICS of the dormltory It prescuhes a pattern of Ilvlng and makes Im portant decrslons concernlng social standards The group meets each Week to crscuss an solve the many problems pertalnmg to resI ent vsomen Each class elects tyvo people to rep resent ItS group when they meet to admrnrster the wrrtten const1tutIon The Dormrtory COUHCII does not conhne Itself to yudlcral duties hy any means In con Rem Marjorie Christ Alice Alhrl hr Mildred Abrams tors Lackey Missing from picture Beverly Nlorgan junction With Stu ent Council It stage t e Annual Sadle Hawluns Dance one of the most successful events on campus The tradltlonal ormrtory Chrlstmas palty IS also a COUHCII activity At the party grfts are exchanged arnrd real yuletlde spIr1t The Frrday afternoon In formal teas are a recent InnovatIon and have proved most successful as may well he ex pected The Women s Dormrtory Councrl IS an en ergetrc group Wlth a great deal of responsr Illfy and they have assumed thelr dutres Wrth a spIrIt of understandmg that has heen appre crated hy the resldent Women Presrclent JOAN HOUSE Secretary GRACE MILLER Treasurer Lois LACKEY Faculty Admser DEAN I'1ELEN L CUNLIFFE Erghty one tcm SDIES. Ersilies I t 39 Fay Ufl I Pinter. derth Tllftenl. 3 Becom. f lation. linu 1 I UTLER VNHL 5 I N L um E I I tl ' ., ,V ., .. ., . .g,. ,A. W . ' . fef . D'-i . , I . . . H C U 3 I i ix CI . , . V - . . . Y . . V . , d . . . . , . ,V . . I I . . - . . - i . V 1 . ' lu . . . , , - L . . .d ' ' 5 ' I - I II. 1 ' ' ' ' ' , - - ' - LW I ros 8 YS 'o 0 oi OPWOB ul h Jive. Friday Arsenic.anCl Clcl Lace" Pl 'ova C ca Says - un 1 - o Music of New Albri I1 3 t In Tw - 0 Stand , 0 Conseriltidnw amann' l Albright Jazz Band . The selection of a "Kindi'Y lirlillml-'Tilub Wm Swmg into its 0 th Lgroadwqv h'c.xy evenings -with th Pre-wnr status on can 'r,1,..... ,uf 1- ' ' " "Ame ' C product- 'pus V el e nic 'und nv I ION, of Joseph i may 61111117 . I fh . wh, Qc ,Y ic . . Queen of Jive" will be ,- . , 5 ' ' ' nmtiff' coach, p f ' ' mee" I - r , unricr th! direction I nukhflufrl S If e . .7 oi . 0 . , 5. D 67 J- feature of the evening .xt the fres any 0 w ' ' ' ,- Vesller l D 'hc Cuffmn will Lllwav.. me VII 'rl --.uh .ll -. I. 1' man dance set for Friday evenmy, ' . S' ce thi- n Nl- ez-if .. ---'51 "fdi.-. Lfgf gl MA" il i 'g' " ' "'A'11lQ'fs""i'11.""1s V 'SX 106 . J e ll. from 8:00 to 11.30 p. rn ln dance will be the last c" lb h ll . 0 .1 1 ,,- 3 ' 51 A Q , lg 521 wk, "Ut I ,hive 0 lflfl 'nk O , ' F. f . . wl .0 :lt ,U p I A01-V 4llbgtl7t!'lIg- In W P . b r ' l Ol' ' 1 football C of X8 on I mc. c,. OW ,do bull sewson I SS Z U hgh Ie I1 L ole a h -n . . . , . been selected. Various I x I hm- dances have been Planned llxhc oxcqjg y ? .2 IA- . l t 'Z om 62 ? " r A 1 ' .' ' f "1 'I .. H' 1 . b It , I 1, Lg F: S enjqllhglee :lf be?-if Jleyq Y? I -Liza bra f ,H , f., .,, M 40,1 .GSH d 6 lzf I1 If ' A- 1 ng. cial committee. A number H as M I . will be awarded. Abe Marko Za Q -' ur . . lim W the newly formed College ,lil '5XO'4n ,wkl , W5 , fr, 'es' eflf Take P A I . 1 h. A and xwqnhyssgshn ' ,gamq i -23.4 X I . -UJG3 etb 14, Z V . 0 I - . Q nf 1-3-Jaw 1 w V 0 . 3. . . Q 9' Mvsurafions n.f"ff...,"" fQ'l.,.lf'p..,g.. .1 ally 11 U' 'hh , President Hlrryi V ' - Masters L I 5 - om- music for th Agn Qne bundle don of vin by 'l , 1 lxrec KAcSS3nl1 ru - :Gently attended f the L he 8 m thfce college ' CALEND Pvth HAGY-EAN geeexullfnvvw, ' '50 . D f 1 . J- mu L X 5uu ' Q ' Eur-ll pm Y 0 de I o grams for Pcnnsvlv I college Presidents, on Su d, anm . n ay: Oc- lll S elcomes Bal 0. was. l ,,, Mt X50 . laker Saou ber 29 tobfr 20 . ' Marin' Dew . Tudaay' OCT Rev fClmi1C ' ' mdulfurated PTCS d 1 ent of lehi h ,gud Cl ' l e 1 . l ml he :wave fhpo Q2 W VY lx . llpfe u X .an S. ,I RTX oi the 510 3 , ,nnnil Uhlversily. A g M n S G C .Eu worsliip mm of 'old , the Ap' " Q ug Citcir fall Yeung, fy-ate: M u owe 8 Y arm of-ntrl' Club De: at tln .u gm-nuxlh' has un, fl lurk ember 7 g50 'Nl . Wye ce ilvoy-5 for ey djnn .55 of l ek in ll cl' a ' 'X C CU 's we he Sl CCS With V le dance will nbd L lgllxl Cllllegclxglinornifllx on ldnn e n MN 'Ylllllst nf . Ball dime' TlIllllfll.l'llll0Yl N Crllenf fr if 'fold lo k. seal, Said wus Lts bearing 1-erenmny' A me by an En. in uf the r -' Rowland, ch' . President Masters at Clvlpcl n t , lend E1 on .md :Jefferson CP.. ef wel'-le . ' ' October 4 nllton, pn. Unlock nel -f' R ghlla '1 1 Q, 'lass C eo- 1 g9 KA Ssilurdzxy e f- IX. Ning, 'NU 1 ' elcoynefllllwa frutemit Vfml . . fraternfmnd fo the y extent I l i5 cr if ily with a holjrlumni 5 Q 0 ' " - ff: ' - 4' T! . nr we dinner W nplc Resta L. Plug su as followed N 'J 4.130 p.m.'- many. NOW' ..cxkakion- Qlutlcnl 'IT' if ' .1 the penn Tel cami 75,2 I T' ,- A lil . 1 A M' Q 9 'lmreflinefl ffcfflvf the am mmitlcc of ,gm Rim. os F I , ter ' ' .f P1 . we CW' .0 ww' .c, Y AUA as 6:0119 I had H f?gle-V, a Sen M-mcrn, 3' Is D llgldy sum, Robert - ay' making it l and Vlclm 1 Asscmlm' ,uc C 1 f 1. in Fffsf'5f.l.R0"'uI.. S . XQIXQA .fe Ch-I" -"In of H u .fr of m-1 ,O 'Q fu' fa' ru ll . p ., 710 S mf, 'Q , ru.. us , A r c 1-. rr... 1nnu,,l St nl the P llulipm C "l A Drill Q Irs! Ol' f' no Kc o 'lfrr-,I I l. ' -1 cflglcv ' les cal . ' ' 'U luis -- -lrncter r tu- F nus,Said fjprr' Q04 x M " I L . 'N' 'Us A AD"'lsf ur - I 'pl ' Spa I I 'rpd h Cult X ltfldll I DH Mu,ffl. is en, bl A11,,,f"'l' 1., 2 me gehool Yes' by ln W. H, 'Ned "pl .Aht C4 weexw Cuflng Sim ""'il: "lim,- ubnshed www. on ,., , 'fu N l' p omg PQDDSY d Q 'furu,.u E not 'uf ' x- 3' . 'rm - , Fr- , 1-HE P-LBRIGSKM coueve- fm ' - 9 -g. 1, .L i de,-,gg ol Al ........,.,. ...... . .....-4 . ,h S.. . j .A me Sw .'.' -M ,,,, ,,.. . ...- . V pl df- Q- -4 My 21 . . -, . , ........,.. -. , s , '-'Q 1: r' . ,... .... . t EMM H N. 7 Q 5 ...LL , ,Assocxdle f X. ,,Q 1, . -, 1 V Q i 1 -gb? xl- .ig .Z :six , . 2 4 1 lnt the -ld und, EN ONEXL Q ..v.,Nvj xi 'E G me o GOOD ....... 5-lor S-- . ENNETH ,..,., N WSH l - 'Gil QQ- r Nzws 'Editor un ' " ' :Ji E x K WKLUAM BEM, ...,..,.... ,,,,.,... . ,,,, .......... A ssxslcm X Rmmz .99 MARY rm ,,,,.,,,.,.,.,,,......... ..... G Ama Gneseme, 123.23 Hee d .. lvl' . P109 Man! Hemel var mm Hfillccher 'olelle Seiberi XAAY - A hier 9 ' an V1 - n 6 l'lzo Hog in9 t Rosemarie Be Miriam :fum Minnie Sxlbelmg ol ye to -9119 'ng 1 ' . - Boyer LG' Swgve Hr by l xl Lmxcm Blesler lE112lavinxLie'DGl'mcn lrZ?i22eTh0mP5On V, 'ss Wgm a CW ' 2 Wemze ldifor fovemla ens O 1 E aunts grin, X ' B er Y 0 ev lello wan Mode Gemxdm ' ler ' er 4 Helen Capo Sie :der X Moe I Rohan Zxeg flllor S Glee Chl Z ex -4 I- S X wma? Vr 9' ombs h el Co ,L H526 Morrxson if Dr I H, under Co' gn l h ggvenpof l-lenrieikc X when E Ilof- uf ,I ' 'Olin Dlldd W a 'gl' av' 5 G SOHC E eT5 Nxaygex-YP O Edllol 1 'Heerin y . H , ' ' 'ht Soil 9 Robefl .V .fealure lson mfewmnnl I- of the 1 With old mnn , , B09 at - X 0 xgaa qgeic Amen Yxsher .. .... .. ....... . Reln In ilrer 4 i Yl f,mcn's 1 :sly appe.xr.mce,FX u 1 ege 92,01 R 969 0 A Cm can o ........ .. .......... ,..-- Cxeia Holl Xcne R8YY1Oliir Zel llfilloy, :E gzlilfncfs lx! L 'I ' l "hi C l - url? 0 - dlC,00 aria me gs. Iv -Mc we E S X l HP-NN Dorolhll . Kcsl olhl! Sels - - ker ' Wm N1 H-ning io un in t 1 ' 1 Xlan' - ri N :A 5' l Xu' 9 Q Vi nee Beyer Bm-wuts D X Q - . se 9 e Slclnec will I Il thleucs. Basketbdcbn ne . Wm pf U XNS wx' cwxnu I CWA W bawre wi mm ,BW V505 Rcxph Cogkxng Monxsrgnou Seann lwsox-go? Belllf Thompson 5. F mlufle- V of ' 'cd u'n,3 f"f"'e or l nd bowling ' ng ty for the feminine FW ,955 Cllon -mg We Kea . - c tu 1 . ,U 'X . e, Mrs. E v :L M o S s C Lllelt , bt' lleicle, ax wif' gm 655 XGIU CKY! womens physical educulnrdm xmgnw ox :L W- lolifl DeDombrO MCYY lcuieci thht swimming will not ivqiil 5 use Q3-3 la- Fred Pel e 0 ll the p r e s e n r program mm: qui i 41' XX U To B . . . A schedule diiliculties. M ks ,Q Y reported, however, that koala v second semesler the gills . ay 3A :E -,..- Q0 hit the waves. S wig ' ' gohn Ylxc x PG S ds GC .,,,,,, ,.,. ........ PO md y R ' TI1 The All-, 2 ry Capo .. .. zen . ., A , -, Gmes Bros as V O B ' ' nh X d Cmnb H C lnvacles Allung Con!OY es Rober e Palmer 'nf' ilr. b i Ro er D Knger Rigid Pierc k Goimdef M Educ' ll ,, C The, V lgl efreaf. I 1 Wxeum EBBERT --'- h - LYNCH x f legnne X-'licklflger lgglloglilwullz LOB Tay O ,., omas to L b YQ Will lJ e RO lawn Hutchinson Business Mgncgef 'hx :ul fatllllliflgglcfznl - cn sixt efrea, RUTH HEHR ,,,,, ..... .--- -'--' M GI S one Cldfk ' LUCY 5335 ,fzmlt .Y students Borgskrom A Dershewuz Q Miner . f"" Yew ch lwmg "'-PM "nd 1: CKUYVLI Hfigcn. Re K I t V- Rxchcr v ' ision of the u I R . .La or 5 B if i?.3? li 1 h iw cd 'B-A "rfb --u I Q C L f NLF' ' ' D 1 N .Xxvj,iKfg, ' lan pul Wl n v , x . A ......,.......,..... ..- --'---4 X. iii.-mi. """"'-""-v- 1 Helen ' h . A Flin Camp I I . .X ox , Nnx X-sail V . - I i s X X ln io-. As 3 result oft H, f X Eighty-liwo ' ...T ."'f Stall' on-n""0uts hem 1 ' D ----. V-mn. ,-.. W nel . , .. K - nesday, iiiekF f Albright Col- F . k D - WS' f-rsaglle Haw ms ay ace Wh! Qi ii I A .ff 1 Q2 l An minis llie n Voices lllere, dent , hined l0rs, , ager. Cuslon Slllrlef Siu. Allvrif Sollrcl to ear fl u in ar rmcn, 'UH F 1 0 r, 'vmenk ' ner'x Q , - err' 'r- 2 tl i I 0 2 1: mt? 'Y' Rdml Lysiudenlf Cimgn Hin, :Har and Hi Htl. J Rafi SA lgAilCLI'l gk...-Us-' An air of anticipation hovers over the A mlnistratron urldlng every Tuesday aroun the noon hour an a continuous repetition of voices can be heard inquiring is the paper there yet? The Albrrqhtran IS the official stu dent weekly newspaper and represents the com med energies of a large staff of reporters edr tors, exchange wor ers and a usiness man- ager. It records wee ly the activities, events, customs ideas and sundry notes of interest to students and faculty members. Students who become members of The Alhrightian learn ow to interview news sources, how to write up the current news, how to gather and write timely and interesting fea- tures of campus life how to watch record and write the sports events of Albright and how to handle the numerous details of business in voived in publishing a news sheet The editor of Aibrlghts student wee ly IS appointed by the retiring editor approved by the faculty committee on student publications a d finally approved by Student Council. This year The Alhrightian introduced the social angle into the life of its staff. With a huge staff of able workers, Miss ONeiI, our very capable editor led the newspaper through a very successful year. We were proud of our newspaper this year,-'take a bow, Aibrightian sta . Eighty-three ' ..... ., ,. . . . . ., . .-.... . . -.. . - ........,.,.-.., .1-ln.. - .-W- L.r-ia:-asfzem-.:.f r--, - ----1 1-1-rf:-'.a:.:sz.1 .g,-..x-.:.- e.1,11.1.,-Q. :,1.f.....-.,,.-.e--.,.p- U.-- .. .,,,. ., . . Caginef ixiemhers oi the Y.VV.C.A. seeic to foster Christian principles in their ciaiiy iives and in the iiie oi the campus. A memiaer of the worici Student Christian Fecieration, Aiioright has joineci forces with other coiieges and univer- sity groups in furthering the aims and policies of the Student Christian Association Movement. The ieaciers anct memhers of the organiza- tion are icept husy planning the weeiciy meet- ings heici in conjunction with the Y.iVi.C.A. They also aici in the hiueprint woric of the Bihie Ciass and Vesper Services, Dawn Com- munion Services, Religious Emphasis Vxfeeic, anct the annuai Fail anci Spring NYU Retreats. Christmas iViatin Services which are ioroacicast each year have ioecome a traciitionai function of the Y.VV.C.A. Qne oi their hig ciuties is to heip Freshmen women ieei at home hy giving them a uhig sister", with whom they may ciiscuss their many questions, prohiems anci experiences. Niemhers of the Y.VX7. heip pian the Vvorici Student Service Fund Drive anoi share in the support of the traditional uAiiJright Fam- ily". Underpriviiegeci children and the un- iortunatepin neighhoring institutions often en- joy parties and programs given hy this group. Through the eiiiorts oi the Y.VV. memhers, reiigious ieeiing has heen emphasized at Ai- ioright and wiii remain an integrai part oi the Aihright family. .5 First row fieft to right,--.icy Cutter, Lucy Smith, Agnes Snyder, Marjorie Christ, Fcrnc Aiicn. Second row fieft to President AGNES SNYDER Vice-President NIARJORIE CHRIST Secretary LUEY SMITH Treasurer FERNE ALLEN Faculty Adviser REV. EUGENE H. BARTH i nv' A g i" , i24,M'fgf , fs. ,I 7 sv it A .,. right,-Doris Hicics,iEiizai:meth Silroyer, Doris Downes, Shir- iey ixiiiier. ixiissing irom picture-Reverend Eugene H. Barth. Eighty-four First I Newei 'Th HS str Opera activi Tire ' the 0: proilin Efililez each Fecrea Thr tion t, men I dent. time " Nifeei two ,. Dfovit H1053 C ,4 Citlmef Ftrs! row let to rzght John Shafer Stewart Mccleary Newell Vvert Reverend Eugene H Barth Second row le t The YMCA Includes all men reglstered as students at Alhrrght Worklng In close co operatIon wrth the YW weekly TCIIQIOUS actIv1tIes are carrIed on throughout the year The Y program IS so ultt that one IS QIVCH the opportunIty to thmlc serrously about many problems of hfe and SOCICty to worshIp to gether under VBTIOUS sItuatIons and to enjoy each others fettowshrp In a wrde range of recreatlon The Incommg frosh men get therr Intro uc tIon to campus through BuddIes upperctass men provIded hy the YM for each male stu dent In cooperatlon with Stu ent Councrt th Ys hetp to conduct the 0rIentatIon Week program In the fall The Ys sponsor two Weelcen retreats eac year whIch always provIde a healthy and happy experrence for those who attend RCIIQIOUS EmphasIs Week to nght Robert Zlegter XAIIHIHITI twartow Owen Henry Robert Holtzapple IS another project of great Importance to w Ich the whole campus responds In Wholesome unIty Chnstmas carohng a d partIes for un er prwrleged chrtdren are enjoyahte events on the Y calendar Sunday Blhte Class and Vesper SCTVICCS under the sponsorshIp of the Ys constltute the Sunday College program The Faculty Student Get Fogether QIVCS the Fac utty a chance to let down theIr halr I-fan oh those refreshmentst The YMCA hrmty heheves that reIIgIon should he an Integral part of hte and the ac tIvItIes of IlS memhers are srncerety dedlcate to that purpose Presldent Vzce Preslclent Secretary Treasurer Faculty ACIUISQI Erghty hve REV NEWELL WERT JOHN SHAFER WILLIAM MARLOW OWEN HENRY EUGENE H BARTH . 6 f . ,Fi , , . 5'-4 . , . . . , , . . 4 f . . . . . ' ' ' ' 1 , II' 2 . . , . ff '.. .qu CI, - - I - - C1 , ..,. " ' ' ' ' . . d ., . e " i ' ' A .I ' IJ , - rf Q, N v g b- 5 -,-5 -,.,. ,. ...- , faqe.. . -,.-e-v...K.-....,.n-o-sxfxaia-fvr-fpve.,-------v-:--"-f-.'1'1'."" "A ' ' -.... gfdfefnd OPLJQI' of ldgnien UNO Femmeu iand is a ioeehive of activity these days, 'speciaiiy over the noon hour. At that time, the room taices on the appearance of the National Pinochie Association head- quarters and one may hear groans and cheers resounding over the noise of the Htuheiessn radio whiie a few inteiiectuais attempt to study, in vain. ' The Daymenis Ciuio iaoasts of having the iargest membership of any organization on campus. At the present time, under the direc- tion of its new iacuity adviser, Dean Levan Smith, the Daymen are drafting a new con- stitution and are endeavoring to put this pian into effect hy the fait of ,-47. This year, the daywomen and daymen com- bined their efforts and promoted a daystudent iiormai dance. Another dance for the spring is heing pianned hy the Daymen with Heioer Yeagiey, President, heading the committee. Daymen are weii-represented in various campus activities, sports and its staiwart iaiock of rep- resentatives in Student Council is quite notice- ahie. The Daymen have great hopes for the future with one of their major goais heing to maice the Fraternal Qrder of Daymen one of the most outstanding groups on campus. President HEBER YEAGLEY Vice-President WILLIANI WALB Secretary-Treasurer JOHN DEANI Faculty Adviser LEXIAN P. SNIITH Eighty-six 1 . ,- ll. I 1 I I :lil l11 ld :- -- II1 nu 2? lui B1 II1 pn ' UU V11 in S1 " Tag, --, i Dayv HH non Headqu Social r iillli the titled to Ti. tion, sh iree hcl Corner h demic t, most int This 5 Party fm tile dam the HSI11 withstan W , W , V- Y Y , , , . . - . .,,,a.,,,5..,,.- ,,Q.,....e.e.- .1-1.-.-4...-f-0-. .- v.. .gf -Q-ul . V . -1- f H f-----Q ----L-:-Q--ri-an--L ..f W, ,- --..--.. .... Q-- ,-..-.-. . 1 -.1.... ..---,..... A-s -. - -J -- - V aywomen if rganizafion l Daywomens organlzatlon rs composed of all non reslclent women attencllng Allnrrglmt Hea quarters are to be founcl rn tlre lower socral room of Selwyn Hall wlnere one may Find the newly clecoratecl prne panellecl liaven flllecl to capacity Wltll members of tlre falrer sex These rooms contam faCIlItICS for recrea tion stucly or just general relaxation clurrng free liours lVlany a lunclm ln a comfortalole corner has comlnlnecl the rntrrcate wela of aca clemrc trrals wrtlr profouncl lscusslons of t e most mterestlng and most recent happenings Tlus year tlre daywomen lrelcl a Clrrrstmas party for rts memloers and rn conjunction wrtlr the claymen sponsored a semr formal dance tlne Snow Ball To lmelp tlte Allnrlglmt lassles wrtlrstancl tlwe wrnter weatlier lrot soup was served at noon ancl needless to say enjoye by all They claywomen s governrng loo y rs or ganrzecl very well too A claywomen s councrl composed of the four officers plus a representa trve from CHCl'l class carrres on uslness not requrrmg a mass meeting Tlus council joins W tlr tlre Women s Dormltory Councrl In form mg tlre Women s Senate tlme over all women s governlng luocly President AGNES SNYDER Vzce Preszclent En EEN O NEIL Secretary BETTY BERGFR Treasurer MARION GERBERICH Faculty Aclvzser DEAN HELEN L CUNLIFFE Elgllty seven d - . v. , . d D - s - . , . -t , . - 4' i I , - . . . . . , . b ' . , . . A. i , . - . - . . , , . f , ,- . . . d. . h . , . ' . . Q . , . . . . . 9 .' 9 4 H 99 . . If ,...-7, -L-Nt " ... -..,,.. ...-.,. .-----10 --- - -.-...-,..u,...,.-...,. ---, ...A -4-. - -P-...... X...-...fa-s Q-Q aauxvn lILfQl"CLl'L6 The Veterans Club was formed during the 19116 school year at Albright. The constitution was drawn up and accepted by the college ad- ministration for a two year period. The pur- poses as set forth in the constitution: Hto per- petuate the memory of the alumni of Albright College who made the supreme sacrifice that this nation might live in peace . . . to preserve the memories and incidents of their associations in Vvorid Vvar II . . . to inculcate a sense of individual responsibility to the college, state, community, and nation . . . to promote peace and good will on the'Aibright campus . . . to consecrate and sanctify their comradeship by their devotion to mutual helpfulness . . . to supplement, through counseling and fellow- ship the rehabilitation of their comrades at Ai- bright Coiiegef' A membership drive was held the past semester to enroll a greater majority of the three hundred and Fifty-seven veterans into activity membership. One of the most outstanding speakers who appeared before the members was Congressman Muhlenberg. A delegate was also sent to the University of Pennsylvania on December 7 to represent Albright veterans on the Student Veterans Coordinating Committee. This convention was composed of colleges from Pennsylvania, New'Yoric, New Jersey, Dela- ware and Nlaryiand and through the coopera- tion of these various schools, a bill is pending in Congress to raise the subsistence of the coi- iege veteran. Vvfith 557 veterans attending Albright and with proper leadership, this organization can do much for the spirit of Albright College. President RALPH MILLER Vice-President GERARD FELTER Secretary NIARY JANE THOMPSON Treasurer GERALD LAUCKS Faculty Adviser DR. CLARENCE HORN Eighty-eight , K' Yn- Fzrsi Row Marion Fig .lane Bausi Professor R Handy, T11 OHS 01 its Chart H0115 has DV- Russ prospectis Varied pn Scimillam QOQUQS, C is to rem Dmtegsion During ES to fe X OCEIHQ1 National I dinner in av IH: Bonner, a he, Q her fifth, tl Xperi. pf flu, Agora Fzrst Row let to rlghf LOUISE Trostle Alrce Alhrrght Nlarlon Fledler Rohert Mattern Second row le t to rlght lane Bausher Dr Vlrgll Zener Dean LeVan P Smlth Professor Russell B Smlth Professor Florence IHHIS Margre Handy Fhlrd row let to rzght Kenneth Good Marlon Une of the hrst hve FTA chapters to renew ItS charter AI rig ts e ucatlonal organlza tIons has shown hne progress thls year Under Dr Russell B Smrths creative sponsorshrp prospectrve teachers eagerly participate vaned programs of Interest an many are the scmtrllatrng d1scussIons of these potentlal peda gogues One of the mam ohjectlves of the cluh IS to recrult Worthy students Into the teachmg professIon Durmg the year FTA presented open meet Ings to tempt those who had not yet chosen a vocatron Invrte guest spealcers from the National Educatlonal Assoclatron a d held a dlnner meetlng at Wluch tIme MISS Marte Bonner a former Alhrlght stu ent spolce ol: her experlences as an Instructor Un Decem her Hfth the Oflzrcers attended a conference held Swartz Elxzaheth Shroyer Nllrlam Parker Joy Cutler John KISSIHQCF Jay Carver Mtssrng rom ptcture Victor Glgll Mary Ellen Hlll Elaine Kyle Mary Jane Vvltman Carolyn Powers Vlrglnla Vvoerle Dorothy Bennett Margaret Wal on at Kutztown State Teachers College In the course of therr ohservatmnal wor durlng the year these future teachers have had a lcalerdoscope of humorous and strmulatrng Incrdences encountered Wrth the younger gen eratIOn In thelr efforts to gulde them along the channels toward hIgher learnrng Thrs or ganrzatlon has proven Itself Invalualole to ItS mem ers and It IS our desrre to Welcome PI Tau Alpha Into our crrcle of Worthy organIza tlons at Allorlght Prestclent ROBERT MATTERN X Ice Presrdent MARION FIEDLER Secretary LOUISE TROSTLE Treasurer ALICE ALBRIGHT Faculty Aclvzsers-Dr Vlfgll Yener Professor Russell B Smlth Professor Florence Innrs Dean Levan P Smlth Elghty nIne . V. . , . . I , . I .. , , . . , I., . ' . .. , ' h' .,. if . .., 'ff 'J- ' ff ' ' ' . , CI . . - A . .. U I4 , - , J .-,. . . . ' . . . LJ , ga. . . .,. . CI 7- - ,- . . .. y H , - J , f ' A 1' I , ff Q N -.-.-urn ..,...,,k 'A' ,,., ..-......,...- --N4-.Lf,.Q,.-.-,....,-........,:-af -1-...-....,.....M --.. .-...-.- ...- . Y C- . A .- - .,- A -.... igma au legen Rho Beta Chapter Ol SIGNIA TAU DELTA, national professional English fra- ternity aspires to promote mastery ot Written expression, to encourage worthwhile reading, and to foster a spirit Ot good fellowship among students of the English language and literature department. Programs this year included a series Ot professional English career conlerences with outstanding spealcers including Dr. William Finlc, who had made notaihte contrihutions in the field Ot English, and Miss Josephine Raep- pet, who discussed the field ot lihrary worlc. ik costume party with memhers dressed as literary characters was planned, and a loanquet, honoring the pledges Ot the year, featured cre- ative stories and poems contributed lay the pledges. Dorothy Seisterts short story, "Dear Beatricef' a tale Ot mental derangement and psychoanalysis, caused quite a sensation. Gr- iginal worlcs Ol this calibre are contributed to the Rectangle, the quarterly magazine ol the national fraternity. Candidates tor this fraternity must present worthy qualifications: superior character and scholarship with no less than a B average. President MARION FIEDLER Vice-President MARTHA HERRICK Secretary-Treasurer LUCY SMITH Faculty Advisers-DR. JOHN B. DOUDS AND PROFESSOR CLYDE HARDING. f K R0 , QB ff 6 1 ' ' "Wx" 'W First row flat-t to right,--Prolessor Elsie Garlach, lvlflftllil Herrick, lwarion Fiedler, Lucy Smith, Professor Clyde Hard- ing. Second row fleft to rigtrtl-Carolyn Powers, Hazel Calden, Henrietta Morrison, Mary Stokes. Third row tteft to rightl-Jeanne Sclllegel, Dorothy Seisler, Dorothy Holt, Nlary Bechtel, Rm-In-I Ravitz. Fourth rom ttett to rightl- Virginia l"lE'lllZlCllCf, Geraldine Xvvnlzel, Rosemarie Behler. Missing lrom the picture-Dr. .lohn B. Douds, Rohert Binder, .lean Fehr. Ninety QL 2 1 t Seated ttefp Agnes Snyd lessor John apple. Ectwa Fortuna B HVCTHQQ Ol social Cltafmed C ol the Nm fefnffy. it lnculcatior 50Cial Sefy and the er Studi' ol fl, hte lor loutnalx SG lor cha tllemh live Cha E1 dissent Dtef ad t I ptel lie Ideals 0 ,W ,W I P Q W l , lg W, . . . , .. I ' HY ..-,..,.-.....,......-......---w-.,- .,..a.-"vim H gamma ll ' qeated I tto rzght Dr Russell B Smith Eileen 0Ne1l Agnes Snyder George Morlogen Dr Milton G Gerl Pro lessor John Khourl Standmg fleft to rzght Rohert Holt7 apple Edward Brgler John Krsslnger Wlllram Ehloert Mary Fortunate juniors and senrors who have a B average ln at least twenty semester hours of social scrences may he lnrtrated lnto ths charmed crrcle the Pennsvlvanra Zeta Chapter of the Natlonal Honorary Social Science Fra ternlty The purpose of P1 Gamma Mu IS the rnculcatlon of the Ideals of scholarshrp an soclal servrce IH the study of soclal pro lems an the encouragement through the sclentrhc stu y of the social sciences of a better Way of lfe fo all people lwhrough the quarterly journal Socral Sclence a meclrum IS pl0VIdCd lo disseminating news of the national and chapter actrvrtres throughout the country and mem ers may lceep rn touch wrth the 100 ac tive chapters Its prlmary purpose IS to promote the Ideals of the soclety In articles 'incl reviews Jane Thompson Nlmme Srlhermann Lynne Parr Beatrice Rlhner Margie Hancly Ruth Rehr Martha Herrrck Dennis Ertel Newell Wert lnnumera le current pro lems of socrety are brought up for olrscusslon at the monthly meet mgs strmulated lay the reacllng of memhers papers The mterest of memhers IS exhr rtecl through the suhjects of their papers which range In theme from the Housing Shortage to Psvchosomatlc MGJICIHC Each year P1 Gamma Mu holds an annual loanquet at whrch time many alumnl of the fraternrty as well as active memhers gather to hear a promment speaker P1 Gamma Mu plans to continue the hanquet Idea this spring Presrdent GEORGE MORFOGEN Vzce Preszdent AGNES SNYDER Sl-2CI'GtClFy Treasurer Gnd fldUlSOF DR MILTON G Gen Ninety one .1 :K "' -an 1 .Q L f ef . ,H . ' . , . . . , y . , . . , . - , 9 , . . I - . . . . . . W i , , , , , - , Y - ' ' . . fb. . . . . H . Y U . ' . . I . , ff , , , ln Q . . . . B , , d , . . . I , . . . d . . , . , . t ' i r . ' ' . ' IO . ,. - ' - ' . ' . . - . r-1 t f . . . , . .,., ,... , ,. ,r,r,, . W..- .r.. q..,.....r ,r.-.,.r .rwr. r ,rr.V -, : rl., - ,... ,,...--.,r.r-,.--.. .-r.,, ,fwzv 8112 Q Under the alole direction oi its student lead- ers, the lvlenls Glee Club of Alhright College has performed extensively throughout eastern Pennsylvania. The organization opened its sea- son at the Reading Parlc Evangelical United Brethren Church on Decemlaer 15th and were featured in a Sunciay evening worship service. Their next concert was held in Norristown under the sponsorship oi the lVler1's Bilole Class oi Dr. John H. Duddyis home church. An ex- ceptionally lline audience greeted them at their next engagement in Reading at St. Lulcegs Lu- theran Church where they sang on a program with the Sunday School orchestra. included among the concerts scheduled in the spring are the cities of Yorlc, Philadelphia, New Yorlc, and Harrishurg. An even more extensive sched- ule is pending for next year and the well wishes of the entire student hody is extended to this line organization. Though coached and directed hy Dr. John H. Duddy, the glee clula was primarily con- ducted at engagements lay its student directors, Paul A. Kimmel and Allen Fisher. Accom- panying the organization on the piano during this season was John Fausnaught. All who have had the pleasure of listening to this liine group of male personalities will join us in our praiseworthy comments. Student Leaders'-ALLEN FISHER, PAUL KIM- MEL, DONALD LIDDICOAT. it-rlanager JACOB SKLOVER Accompanist JOHN FAUSNAUGHT Director ' PRoFEssoR .lol-iN H. DUDDY "imc, ,arl Brclz, Xvilliam lxlarlow, Gerald Herlzog. First row llef! to righll-Donald l-iddir'oal, Xvilliarn Beal, lxlll l C Vvilliani VX7allier, James Nam. Second row llell io riqhll- D Newell Xwerl, Jacola Slilovcr, Xvilhur Boyer. Third roui flvll to rightl-Thomas Young, Gerald l..auc'lis, Roherl Holtz- lroni picture-Richard Baldaul, Xvarren Engle, David Bailey, apple, Richard Callermole. Fourth row flu-lt lo rightl-Paul Xvarrf-n Kaehnicli, Prolvessor .lohn ll. Duddy. Nine ty- two avid Dc-Xvili, Allen Fisher, .lohn Fausnaughl. hlissing First row 1 Liclitenlnerg Sclilegel, Shirley Mil Allen, M33 Those every Th louf-fllirt music roi lwarsal. Pmlessor Dfffting 3 TWO cifv UUE W BY Dartj een Scan seaS0n. lllg the making tl and givin! figs to lgllse-S So I wg- - -V , . , . . . . . . H . l,f-V-1----f---v M, -- ff-'Tb r .- , , L..-:r..1s..s:i-- " 3-.inf wf" NSW., 4l 2nao 0I'l'lQI'l 3 Le First row fleft to right,-Grace Miller, Joyce Ruth, Barhara Lichlenherger, lwary Fry. Second row fleft to right,-Jeanne Schlegel, Shirley Douty, Violette Seihert. Nancy Matten, Shirley Miller. Third row fleft to rightl-Elaine Kyle, Ferne Allen, Marjorie Christ, Carolyn Powers. Fourth row fleft Those delightful feminine voices one hears every Thursclay afternoon loetween the hour of four-thirty and tive-thirty can he traced to the music room and the VVomen,s Glee Clulo re- hearsal. Further investigation would reveal Professor John H. Ducldy masterfully inter- preting a selection from the girls' repertoire. Two city churches, The VVomen's Business Club, Vvest Reading High School, and the NYU party for underprivileged chilclren have heen scenes of performances hy the Clulo this season. lt's the little things that contriloute toward making this organization such a fine spiritecl one, such as, carrying gowns on trolley-cars and giving the passengers a snealc preview of songs to come . . . Waiting for snail-paced huses . . . eliminating the meal hefore a con- to rightl-Betty Thompson, Janet Tonlcin, Ethel Harris, Elaine Huher, June Laird, Nliriam Kramer, Beverly Morgan Missing from picture'-Dorace Hornherger, Joy Davis, Jose- phine Stahler. cert hut making up for it later . . . emharras- sing moments . . . and the feeling of a joh well clone . . . In planning their programs, the VVomen,s Glee Cluh takes such choices as light ancl gay follcsongs, Negro spirituals, ancl popular classics ancl lolends them into a concert that clelights any auclience. The VX7omen's Glee Cluh loolcs to the future with high hopes of a successful season ancl a loright future as Marjorie Christ gives the clownheat ancl they raise their voices in happy song. Stuctent Director lVlARJORIE CII-IRIST Business Manager MIRIAM KRAMER Accompanist JANET TONIKIN Director PROFESSOR JOHN H. DUDDY Ninety-three '-1"-tZ" "" """"':t"' A M. .,,, an-3-Q-5:,, . Y..- '- - , V- . 4-3 OPEL Q6 fI"CL The Aihright Coiiege Symphony Grchestra is in its height of giory each Monday afternoon. As it tunes up for its reguiar weeiciy practice, one shouici not he too surprised to hear any- thing from hoogie-woogie to Bach. The group is composed of a strong foundation of artists who have been with the orchestra for severai years anct a large numioer of musicians from the freshman ciass. Whether oici or new, they aii have the primary interests necessary for the successful functioning of an organization. Professor Hans Nix takes great pains to ciraw out the finest ahiiity in each of the artists. As he stands hefore the group, each one is aware of the importance of his particular part in the composition, at hand. They realize the ioeauty of the music comes as a resuit of the hienciing 9 of each intricate note into one glorious master- piece. . Much pleasure is gaineci hy the auciience and the artists themselves when concert time arrives for the programs are composed of a iarge variety of selections. Such numioers as Fuciies miqhuncier and Biazesn, Lange's HRussian Fan- tasien, and Strauss, HEmperor VX7aitzH present a cieiightfui contrast that is most enjoyahie. Aihrightians anci citizens of Reaciing and surrounding vicinity are given the opportunity of hearing this fine group of musicians at the annuai mici-winter and spring concerts. President IVIARJORIE CHRIST Manager JOHN XVITMAN Director PRoFEssoR HANS Nix First row tieft to right?-John Vvoynarowsici, Vviiiiam Emcs, ter, Jean Snyder, Lois Lackey, Professor Hans Nix, iviorjorie Betty Jane Bratton, Dorothy Seisier, Gwen Henry, John Christ, Philip Riegner, Bruce Reiner, Richard Cattermoic, Fausnaught, Jack Gouncicr, Vviiiiam Ciouser, Jacic Vvitman, Ahraham Niariiowitz, Vviiiiam Simon, Donaici Vvhite, Joan June Christman. Second row tieft to rightl-Raymond Fict- CIHIICC, ECINVHFJ Piymyef, Til0IllEiS En0Ci1. Ninety-four First row 1 Chanin, L5 Huber. Se. Alien, Eih, -Edward I Fourth row xxfilliam E, The A its appea Years. TL Simi enth ported 01 hesitate t iite for O! ihfee tim' at Their , 5il0LE the as f e t the train miliarl C how th out Can Cr Warcking diana! Fzrst row le t to rzght Helen Ross Patricia Strlclder Doris Chanm Lynne Parr Jane Roney Dorothy McFarland Etame Huber Second row I t to right Donald Vvhrte Ferne Allen Ethel H111 Vvxlham Srmon Thzrd row le t to rzght Edward Plymer Joan Clarke Frank Brown Thomas Enoch Fourth row le t to right VIVIHH MacLatchre Janet Coombs Xvllham Emes Ahraham Markowitz Fran!-ihn Rrtter Richard The Alhrrght College Marchrng Band made rts appearance thrs year after a lapse of three years Therr presence added much to the spirit and enthusiasm wrth which the students sup ported our foothau team The group drd not hesitate to put plenty of time rn drilling prac tree for one could hear and see them at least three times a week ln the stadlum grounds or a out campus Therr lea er Professor Hans Nix woul shout the commands through the cold fall a r as the mem ers marched rn the formation of the tradition A wth which we are all fa ITIIIIHI' Conslderlng the weather we wonder how the new hne up of animated drum major Heherhno' Donald Snyder Phxhp Rredner Bruce Reber Margaret Flsher Jeanne Stalnecker Fr th row le t to rrght Betty Berger June Chrlstman Marlon Gerherlch Jack Vvrtman wth row let to right Rrchad Cattermole Caleb Krlhan Gwen Henrv John Fausnaudht Mrssrng from prcture Vvxtham Clouser John Gounder Rrchard Rothermel ettes were able to keep therr hngers nrm Ie enough to twirl therr atons mto the rntrrcate patterns they had mastered so well The tricky manrpulatlons of the hatons hy the grrls added a hit of glamour to thls colorful group Although the hand was organized only this gear they are to e complemented on therr superh performance durrng the foothfxtt sea son We are glad to see thls hne organlzatron functronrng again and wish them the hest of luck for a most successful season next year Drum Nlayorette LYNNE PARR Marlager and Drill Master DONALD WITMAN Qrrector PROFESSOR HANS Nix Nmety hve . cf . J,-1 , .. . , . .W , .. .5 , ' .I , , A , . L b Q. , ' cf . , ' cef . J,-I . , -4 , . , . . , , , . , . . . - . cf' . D . :'S.' ff . J,-4 . r I ' . H MZDHQH H I .FJ 'v' I . A . . . , IJ , CI , . Y CI I . . . . I Y r i . " " " i i - ' ' , - , , . - f' ..,.... - . ....-- N.. - - 'W' .-.-N...-,.... - .-q.u,.uNv..,,1-feNm1kg.41d+ QipuvavbF1-- i':'1 A ' ' ' ' ...A ---.,....v..........--..,g........,,--. . . ..........- - . . e are e :Qrancaid HLe Cercle Francais" lnrings together each month in the music studio those French stu- clents interested in the culture Ol France. A valualale addition this year were a numloer Ol servicemen who were alole to give us some factual information concerning the country ancl other French spealcing sections Ol the World. The meetings varied in theme, consisting primarily ol listening to French records ancl musical numlaers lay the students, themselves. Some of the meetings were devoted to the lile ancl worlcs of a famous author or composer. with samples at his work presented hy the memhers. The Christmas party was particularly successful with gilts, carols, solo selections and games. A special project Ol the cluh this year was the sencling ol 'paclcages to students in war- torn France. The letters receivecl lrom the appreciative recipients of these hoxes were reacl during the meeting ancl succeeclecl in stimulat- ing a lceen feeling of rapport with the stuclents Ol? France. Le Cercle Francais provicles the per- lect example Ol the American college French stuclent's aclvance in the clirection Ol uncler- stancling ancl cooperation loetween his country ancl France. President BETTY THOMPSON Vice-Presiclent CLAIRE PORTEP Secretary RICl'IARID CATTERD1OLE Faculty Adviser PROFESSOR ELSIE CEARLACI-I First row Cliff: to right,-Rosmnarie Buhler, Sarah Daven- Chanin, hlary ,lane ilqhompson, Jeanne Schlegel. Thirtl rou' port, Dorothy h"lcl:arlancl, Claire Porter, Belly rl-hompson, llvlt to right,-Dominic Bruno, Ronaltl Sweelapple. .lane Richarcl Callvrmole, Prolessor Elsie Garlach, Helen Capo- Ron:-y, Rachel Ravitx, Barhara Sfflit-ily. Fourth row llelt to zello, Helen Siehcr, Dorothy leloll, Nancy lxflatlen. Svcoml , rightl--Xvilliarn Clonser, Xvilliam Clawges, Ralph Coch- row llelt to righll-Beverly Reimsnicler, Ariane Smiley, Doris ing, Almraham ixlarlmwilz. Ninety-six It .,.f. 'fgii 5 s R First i Fay f Morri: Nemr lerom Coslei -leiitlnn Koclie son, B De direct the rr The m0ntl to th. ol C, V0Cal the , club Cllltu Dt Ol lit hrigh EUFQN H WY' inrrr ' YY! ,Jw -V Y, , , -' - Y f -v- - ,H , ' f-I 7-- -""'--' ' di: ".. --..-,..-.Qs.a....-.-. -- . Q... .--...,. -.-N -... -- ,. .. .PA-- - ' - -- -- -'if' R- . V . I 'i'-X er len fche urein First row fleft to rightjf-Niiriam Hellman, Dorothy Seisier, Fay Sheetz, Jean Deihert, Grace Cunningham, Henrietta Morrison, Rachel Ravitz, Geraiciine Vventzei, Dr. Gerrit Niemming, Waiter Koniecki. Second row fleft to right,-1 Jerome Dersh, Esther Messersmitii, Vviiiiam Marlow, Joyce Costenhacier, Norman Teisey, Kenneth Spatz, Bernard Eaton, .ieanne Snyder, Marion Fieciier, Barhara Knauer, Frances Kochei, Miriam Kramer, Vvinifreci Johnson, Shirley John- son, Betty Hiii, Josephine Stahier. Third row deft to righti- Der Deutche Verein, under the capahie direction of Dry Gerrit Memming, is one of the most popuiar ciuhs to he found on campus. The memhers iooic fowvarci to attending the monthly meetings with iceen anticipation due to the refreshing variety programs, composed of German songs, ciances, and Occasionaiiy, vocal soios or original poems are presented hy the respective memhers. The purpose of the ciuh is to foster a greater appreciation of the cuiture of Germany. During the year, the group had the pleasure of listening to Mr. John Hertz, a former Ai- hright stucient, speaic Of his experiences in Europe. Christmas programs pianneci hy the Werner Kaese, Herhert Vogt, Joyce Yocum, Rohert Binder, Haroicl Leho, Joyce Thompson, Janet Leinhach, Dolores Reinhart. Fourth row cleft to right,-Edward Markowitz, George Beshore, Rohert Harp, Claire Alien, William Heckler, Rohert Bachman, Phyllis ihach, Joyce Hottenstein, Thelma Degier, Shirley Douty. Fifth row fleft to right,-f Dennis Ertei, John Dohner, Fred Vvoif, Lois Lackey, Vvii- liam Hutchinson, Barhara Sheih, Betty Sarge, Charles Green, Alien Fisher, Donald Gitteiman. memhers are always huge successes and, this year was no exception. Original poems and stories written hy the memhers were presentecl, along with the piay UFroice Vveihnachtenu. Der Deutche Verein has proven that a ianguage is not a harrier, hut, a hond of friend- ship heici together hy the mutual appreciation of their respective cultures, as voices are raiseci in song and gooci fellowships reigns supreme. President GERALDINE WENTZEL Vice-President JEROME DERSH Secretary DOROTHY SEISLER Treasurer FAY SHEETZ Faculty Adviser DR. GERRlT MEMMING Ninety-seven , A U-7 . YAY A g N Y A -.,.-.wa , -if ' ..-..........-4.-' v+rmg-1-4d+ agyuq5ar4---vw-w,cf1'H "3" ' "M """"""' " ' -...... an omino The Domino Cluh is once again function- ing as one oi our most active organizations on campus. Here, you may don or dauh in the traditional grease paint and costumes or, il you lean toward the production angle, you may find yourseil? shillting scenery or manipu- lating a light-switch with one hand and a spotlight with the other. Under its new director and adviser, Mrs. Annadora Vesper, the cluh opened its season with the hit production uArsenic and Old Lacen. Margaret Fisher and Beverly Bresler in the roles of the quaint old ladies and Norman Teisey and Vvilliam Lewis, as Jonathan Brewster and Dr. Einstein were excellently cast and caused numerous spine-tingled mo- ments throughout the performance. The spring production n0ur Townu was an outstanding success. The cast, headed hy Perry Matz, with other leading roles hy Patricia Stricider, Larry Bott, and Jeanne Schlegei and many others performed ioeiore an enthusiastic audience, many oi whom were forced to stand during the entire play. Vvith great anticipa- tion, we are loolcing forward to seeing the production. mi-he Terrible Nleelcu to he given on Easter along with the annual HOne-Actorsu. The memioers oi the Domino Cluh have de- voted a great deal of their time and effort in order to maize these productions a success and their record this year has heen composed oi one outstanding success alter the other. An appreciative audience is the laest retrihution and iVlrs. Vesper and the memhers certainly have the strong support of those who saw their superh performances this year. President JEANNE SCHLEC-EL Vice President lXfiINNlE SILBERMAN Secretary NIARJORIE CHRIST Treasurer LUCY SMITH Faculty Adviser PROP. ANNADORA VESPER Standing theft to right,-ixiargaret Xvalton. Gloria htlcliitt- ricli, Elizaheth Sanger, Esther Savidge, Dorothy Bennett, Forrest Dunlfelherger, Carolyn Powers, Xvilliam ixiarlow, Xvarren Engle, Hazel Cnlden. Seated final! to righti- .lcanne Schlegel, Lucy Smith, Biinnie Silhi-rmann, ,lacoh Slilover, Niarjorie Christ, Lynne Parr, Ralph Cocliing. Niem- hers missing lrom picture-Norman Telsey, Xvilliam Lewis, Perry lviatz, Patricia Stricliler, hiargaret Fisher, Beverly Bresler, Larry Bott, David Bailey, Rohert Donihro. I ivinety-eight it ge Q., . First Rolnei tlelt News her Ki Conn Colle the q ing 1 tion i oi gp. A C. Zi C0m1 Thin the Q We X. Selle We Ctlsgi the I I --, -. ,, ,---E .-. --..-imngzcz. .-...-f-- - 1-in-.....:--il..-Y -.--' -- - ---V -- "H -' "Pm" ""'4-""""' ' . V . . '-X aloyaa au First row fleft to rightlf-Jack Shafer, Stewart Mccleary, Rohert Buxton, Roloert Ziegler, John Spindler. Second row fleft to right,--Evans Keim, Reverend Eugene H. Barth. Newell Wert, Gerald Hertzog, Eldon Snyder, Harry Gru- her. Third row fieft to right,-Edward Bigler, Richard Kappa Tau Chi is the honorary fraternity composed of pre-ministerial students on the college campus. its main purpose is to promote the challenge of the Christian ministry hy giv- ing mutual aid, encouragement, and inspira- tion through the development of the four ideals of spirituality, sacrifice, scholarship and service. A most successful year hegan with Dr. Virgil C. Zener leading our thoughts in the traditional Communion Service in Sylvan Chapel, the Thomas Jefferson Tearoom was the scene of the elaborate Fellowship dinner, at which time we welcomed our new adviser, Reverend Eu- gene H. Barth, and bid farwell to Dr. Zener. Vve were guided loy Reverend Barth in a dis- cussion, Hvvhat Does the College Expect of the Pre-Ministerial 'Student?n Cattermole, Kenneth Spatz, William Beal, Ronald Cocroft, Robert Holtzapple. Dale Vveloer, William Ehloert, Charles Kachel. Missing from picture--Raymond Fidler. Mervin Hel- frich, William Marlow, Ray Potteiger, Fred Wolf, Thomas Young. The Reverend Joseph Daniell conducted the ritual of the Eastern Qrthodox Church, and explained its significance in an impressive meet- ing in the School of Theology Chapel. Other speakers during the year were Dr. J. Arthur Heck, President of the School of Theology, Reverend H. R. Blouch, and Reverend Joseph Daniell. impressive installation and Initiation services for new memhers were conducted in the spring with the hope that they might carry on and maintain the high ideals of this worthy organization. President ROBERT ZIEGLER Vice-President STEWART MCCLEARY Secretary JACK SHAFER Treasurer ROBERT BUXTON Faculty Adviser REV. EUGENE H. BARTH Ninety-nine l'lfQl"I'lCLtLOI'lCl, 8 6Lil0l'l6 its permanence and pro ing the underlying con itions ot the world in these critical times are the problems that absorb the attention of this internationatty-conscious group. The Ctu aims to foster better understanding of interna- tional conditions an to present att s'des o international pro tems. Vvith a limited mem- ership of twenty-tive students, who have com- pleted one year of college with a general aver- age ot this organization is representative of American youth and its growing healthy interest in world attairs. First-hand observations of the mechanics ot world peace organization were obtaine y ctu members who attended the Convention College November 50-December 1 and at the General Assembly of the Model United Na- tions at Swarthmore College Aprit 5-5, At- bright represented the Philippines. A better understanding of the con itions a road was fostered y guest speakers who ha just re- turned trom Europe among whom were D. Milton Geit, who discussed the social co1d'- tions of Europe: and Mr. J. Bennett Nolan, who observed the Nurnberg Trials. President GERALDINE WENTZEL Vice-Presiclent DENNIS ERTEI, Secretary HENRIETTA MORRISON Treasurer KENNETH Gooo Faculty Adviser DR. MILTON VV. HAMILTON i l I i Wrestling with the problems of peace and of International Relations Clubs at Vassar A I , b ' I T I I f CI , I I In d b ' d I f b , d I3 , r lj I I l d In 1 b l 2 First row ttefl to right,-Kennelti Good, Geraldine Xvcnlzet. IO riglzfi-Virginia Hattartier, Bcalric- Ri r EI 'ne Kvte , V 1 IJINF, ai , , Henrietta tVtorrison, Dennis Erlet. beconrt row tteft to right, Ntirinin Parker. Lucy Smith, Br-ltv Jane Frederick twtissing f V. . ' r. . - ' - ' V ' ' , Doris Downes, xxlltliilll Heckler, XX lttlfilll Xvatb. Jerome trom pirtiirc--.larob Stiiovor, Robert Ziegler, ixazuye txiyono Dersh, Rosemarie Bc-hier, txiarion tcidter. Third row theft XX'ilIiZ,,,, EI,I,f.,.l. Y OHS I-ILIHCIYCCI .as-rf Seutec Handy Mario Stand. PI facut tesso provi Hlajoi tlenei ttI0se to ga thong tile U Th at th in A F6850 The Ma i . - Q- 15' .f.p-..., U... . ,-...-.. :-..f-. . -.-I--.I ..... -,. ...- W- Y.. -1+--'-----Lhuie'-"fP'T"""" h I - - . 'x 4" tX'33"4'9'f,4'c" " ' 5, .. 1Qi.z,.,.,,,i, cu I ...,. ,,, , , X f , .v ss., ff' , 5 Z , Seated Ueft to rightf-'Newell Vvert, Eileen O'Neii, Margie Handy, Agnes Snyder, William Ehhert, Vioiette' Seihert, Marion Fiedler, Robert Holtzapple, Stewart Mccleary. Standing Ueft to right,-'George Morfogen, Mary Jane Philosophy Club welcomed this year a new faculty adviser in the person of genial Pro- fessor Haskell. The Ciuh, whose purpose is to provide a greater stimulus in philosophy for majors and minors in the field, has already henetited from his guidance. it is designed for those who wish to do creative thinking and to gain a deeper appreciation of philosophical thought and thevreiationship hetween man and the universe. i The December meeting of the Cluh was held at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Morris S. Greth in Allentown. Dr. Greth is the former pro- fessor of philosophy and sociology at Aihright. The open meeting held in Fehruary had Pro- fessor Harding as guest speaker, who discussed "Man's Place in the Universe as Seen in Litera- Thompson, Aaron Tauh, Professor Ellery B. Haskell, Charles Kachel, Raymond Fidier. Missing from picture-Niervin Helfrich, Lynne Parr. ture," exploring a phase of the first semester's more general topic, Wfhe History of Philos- ophyf, The purpose of the open meeting was to acquaint interested students with the prog- ress of the Ciuh. At each regular meeting one of the memhers of the Ciuio presented the theme for the evening after which the topic was discussed hy those memhers present. Plans for the annual hanquet have heen completed with a guarantee of a pleasant evening for those present. K President MERVIN HELFRICH Vice-President NEWELL WERT Secretary AGNES SNYDER Treasurer MARGIE HANDY Faculty Adviser PROP. ELLERY B. HASKELL One Hundred GDC . W. - ---an. . . ... ,,....,..,-...,,.-.yL...,.pe.1-...- M - .sa ' ,,,,,.,3H,:g 4:,:,:,g, - ,r.-gg ' ,V+ an-21,-,ELA-nigga -23,41 Hn., nv- , , .-H-,Rin-V ,f ,- ..-K ......, N. I W, , - --Ac-,s.c.,...,. .. . ., - ...,-..........-,r...,+f.,.-he-.-.+',n, ,.- ... . . ...-N-- - - .14 cAemi:if6 The Alchemists Clulo was not organized until the second semester, lout, are rapidly malcing up for lost time. The memloers are com- posed mostly of former servicemen who are talcing an active part in the various functions of the clulo. Their program schedule included several very interesting and informative trips to various industrial plants in Reading and vicinity. The purpose of these trips is to aid the student to gain greater insight into the processes certain products must pass through and the numerous Ways that chemistry plays a part in industry. The Alchemists Cluh is under the very cap- ahle direction of Dr. Dwight L. Scoles and Welcome this semester an alumnus of Albright, Dr. Ralph Behm, whose practical worlc in the field of chemistry for the past several years has contrilouted much to the renewed interest in the activities of the cluh. An invaluable contriloution to those students interested in the field of chemistry, the Alchem- ists Clulo loolcs to the future with the convic- tion that it is furnishing an adequate haclr- ground lor our chemists ol tomorrow. President RUSSELL LUCK Vice-President HEBER YEAGLEY Secretary-Treasurer ' VLADIMIR KOLTON Faculty Advisers-DR. DWIGHT L. SCOLES AND DR. RALPH C. BEHM. First row fleft to right,-Dr. Dwight L. Scoles, William Heclcler, Russell Luck, Vladimir Kolton, Dr. Ralph C. Behm. Second row fleft to right,-Haller LaRue, .lay Carver, Miriam Kramer, Catherine Frantz, Harold Cooper, Vvilhur Boyer, Gerald Albright, Philip Angstadt. Donald Fornwalt. Third row fleft to right,-'Eugene Shollenlaerger, Norman Telsey, Vvilliam Stravrides, Fredericlc Perfect, Francis Leisey, George i Kutsher, Laurence Haag, Aaron Tauh, lvlarvin Getz. Fourth row lleft to rightl'-Joseph Kuluisen, Ralph Toherman, Irvin Mull, William Voigt, Jack Allen, Kenneth Good, Thomas Price, lra Custman. Fifth row fleft to right,-Marie Della- palme, Claire Porter, Betty Burnett, Nlary Louise Schappell. .loan House, Robert Recd, Umberto Tucci. One I-Illfldfed Two 4 sv 5. First row Professor Cliarles I T010 ugh Frantz, .Ig Aaron- T5 llelf to Tlte f Zation 4 Hmbium edge in Qfoup L the larg PTE-med! Courses- Colon 0116 eve, llis Expt and ext: lielda du Widen! Apllleio SLM! CU16! 507186 oczefy Fzrst row let to rzght Wllllam Clouser Willard Grubb Professor Marcus Green D Clarence Horn Professor Charles Hollenbaclm Umberto Tucci Allen Frslmer Second rou let to Flgllf Vvllllam Gray John Deam Catlierme Frantz John W0yDaYOWSkl Heber Yeagley William Tragle Aaron Taub Richard Gable Robert Lawrence Tlurd w let to nglrt William Heckler Ira Custman Franklin The Slcull and Bones Society IS an organi zatron composed of biology students whose am rtlons are to gam the most recent lcnow edge in tlus continually broadening field Th s group bas Increased considerably because of the large number of veterans enrolled rn tlre pre med la teclr pre ental and pre vet courses Colonel Arthur Errclcson of Reading spent one evening glvmg an Interestlng account of tus experiences Wltll me rcme rn tlre service an extensive worlc tbat bas been done in tlus treld during tlre war Vvltli the welfare of tbe pre dentals m mind the Club secured Dean Gable Frederick Perfect Robert Kemp Betty Jane Jones Donald Glttelman Franklin Ritter Elizabeth Sanger Fourth row let to rzglzt Vladimir Kolton Beatrice Rlbner Mary Louise Scllappell .loan House Betty Burnett .lean Schwartz Marie Dellapalme Dorotliy Moyer Jeanne Flrcltmger Har old Cooper Missing from prcture Edwin Blelml Rrclnard Bertolette Ruth Homan Walter Konleclu Esther Savldge Pennsylvania to spealc on dental cares rn re lation to Hourme Another very rnlormatrve meeting was one at Wlucb Albrlglats Dlclc Dexter a former Navy man tol of tus experiences with tbe Atom bomb tests at Bllcml The entbusiastrc participation of its mem bers an genuine mterest of the facultv ad vlsors makes the Skull and Bones Socretv one of the most active organizations on campus Preszclent VLADIMIR KOLTON Vice Preszclent BETTY BURNETT Secy Treasurer JOAN HOUSE Faculty Advisers DR CLARENCE HORN PRO ORC Hundred TIITCC . 4 f . 5,11 - . , . ' . I . '. ' ' ' , I ' ' ., . ' 1 if If . 5-I . . ' , . . ' , ' 4 f ' Pr ' '. ' . : ' '. ' ' ' ' . . ' Q f A . ' ,Fi . . , I ' ' ro. ' ' , C -4 . .' ' . . l b. . . Y I- . . . . I c c 0 l . i 1 1 7 Q , . - , d . . . - y bn 7 nd - . . . . . L '- I , d . E. V - . . - CI- . . . , . d . . . . - . Appleton, Dean of Dentistry of University of Flssson MARCUS GRLEEN. s ff f ...-uN- -....., ,,.,,.,,,,,.-., ..,-.-....-.-..-.--Q 1........u....-..- .... .. .Y ...Q .-:1Y.,w,v.....+:uxeea7-:.:.1.,--.n:-r-.-.. V . ...-s---.. ibegafe CM The debate squad, under its new sponsor, Professor Willard Haas, announced at the opening of the semester that the subjects for the year would be "Labor should be given direct share in the Management of Industryn, and the alternate question would be "The United Nations Organization should be re- solved forthwith into a Federal World Govern- mentn. Simultaneously, he announced that de- bates with Lehigh University and Allegheny College were being planned for the members. Later in the year, a heated debate was con- ducted between Albright, represented by two excellent debaters, Miss Beverly Bressler and Mr. Waiter Keller and Drew University. Tau Kappa Alpha, the National Honorary Forsenic Fraternity, held its first meeting of the season with Dr. Charles E. Kachel, charter member of the organization, conducting the impressive initiation ceremony for qualified students. At that time, Robert Holtzappte, Geraldine Vventzel and Henrietta Morrison were recognized as active members. Dr. John Douds, former adviser to the club, attended the meeting, at which- time: he was elected to the office of secretary and Robert Hoitzappte and Henrietta Nlorrison were recognized as Pres- ident and Vice-President, respectively. The debate club is a select group, composed of those persons who possess a wide range of knowledge, keen interest in current problems which seem to baffle the experts, and a de- veloped facility in the art of public speaking. Seated fleft to rightj-Vvaiter Keller, Ralph Stoudt, Henrietta Morrison, Professor Vvillard H. Haas, Faculty Ad- ' viser: Geraldine Vventzel, Bernard Eaton, Robert Holtzapple. One Hundfed Four .--r '-.Ha I X .,,,, '. Frist row I Katherine SCF- Marion Second row I-Ois Taylor, I-0UiSC Trosll. Vilma Cries. The He sem girls Pmduces 1 Hleale the the S9Ili0r3 perience eager s in agement 0 fofeotl Il0t duh W 0nsh'iltt0n SCH QTQ melt' B1 E' but: at a m0Ine presutllatml t , Ori, Butt Sew eo CM Fzrst row let to right Louise Erny Fredaberyt Moyer Katherrne Hermbach Alice Albrlght Joy Cutter Betty Ber der Marlon Gerbcrrch Vrvlan Mrller Margaret Walton Second row let to rzqht Virginia Vvoerle Elame Kyle Lors Taylor Vrrgmla Fox blarlon Swartz Jane Bausher Iouxse Trostte Tturd row l t to rzght Dorothy Bennett Vilma Grresemer Lucxtle DISSIDUCI Elva Kurtz Nancy The Heo Club IS composed of those ener gCtIC girls whose mastery of the cuhnary art produces those tantahzmg odors whrch per meate the admmrstratron burtdlng and cause the eager student to lay aside hrs lecture notes Senrors In the group recerved practlcal ex perrence In homematcmg through therr hne man agement of Sherman Cottage and of course not forgotten httte Sand a The Junrors IH the club were so enthralled wrth the modern dem Onstratron Icrtchen Installed that one could Qcarcetv tm them elsewhere Sophomores WIH sew a button On your coat Or patch a garment at a moment s notrce The Freshman guts were presumably experrmentrng In the foods Iabora tory but upon tastrng some of therr hne dlshes Endtehart Fourth row let to rlght Mary Ellen HIH Barbara Lrchtenberger Nlary Jane Vvltman Professor Ernes tune Elder Mildred Abrams Adele Boothroyd Erma Seidel Professor Florence Inms Janet Coombs Beverly Morgan Ehzabeth Chehus Ethel HIII MlSSlDg from prcture Mar 1orIe Boyer Hazel Catden Doris Hrcks Grace Mllter Betty Cusano Helen Carol Vvrlght Gtorra MCKIttTlCk one would won er If there was much chance for Improvement Wrthout a doubt the Heo Club has been one of the most actrve organIzatIons On campus thls year wrth the InStaHatIOn of new equIp ment creatmg renewed Interest and expandmg the Opportunrtres for the young women enrolled In the Home Economics course Preszdent JOY CUTLER Vrce Preszctent ALICE ALBRIGHT Secretary ELIZABETH SHROYER Treasurer BETTY BERGER Faculty Aotvzsers PROFESSOR F1 ORENICE INNIS PROFESSOR ERNESTINE ELDER PROFESSOR ANNA H SMITH 0116 I-ILIIIJYCCI FIVC qff W- 1 -, I D. ff xv- '- MQ-ifewf' - 1 f .. I 1 'I .'-'.'fef.'t-' i H I ' .W . -I d . ' r. ' ' .,--.. ...A !QAi Cibeha .Sigma on-morale? lfUfi'LI'l6l,8 .fd Arigk Phi Delta Sigma is a sorority founded in 1915 through the inspirational efforts of a group of Alhright women. Through the years, they have ga11ant1y maintained their original oh- jectives in promoting the scho1astic, social and financial programs, of the Coltege. W The Sorority extends hids to a select num- her of Women each year. They are chosen in May of their junior year hy the faculty of the college, as the Women who, hecause of their records of scholarship and service to Alhright, seem to exemplify hest, the attrihutes of the organization. The honored seniors are piedged in Fehruary and initiated at a Iuncheon meet- ing, the Saturday preceding Commencement. Une of the most Worthy contributions ex- tended hy Phi Delta Sigma Sorority is the Loan Fund which is made availahie to a deserving ororifgf 0 t KDKA? Woman on campus. In addition, the Alumni Memoriai Lihrary has heen the recipient of a suhstantial numher of hooks each year. Com- mencement provides an opportunity for the Sorority to announce an award to the most outstanding Woman in the junior ciass. The c1ass of 1947 is honored to have four of its finest young women receive bids to join Phi Delta Sigma. In the years to come, they will prove the Wisdom of your choice in main- taining and strengthening the ideals and serv- ices characteristic of Phi Delta Sigma Honor- ary Aiumnae Sorority of Alhright Coliege. President EMILY C. YOCUM Vice-President BETTY STRAUB ULRICH Recording Secretary MARY JANE WARD Corresponding Sec. LOUISE AUCHENBACH Treasurer LENA BERTOLET BRUMBACH 1947 Pledges,-'Frances Joy Cutler, Eileen 0,Nei1, Jeanne Schlegel, Agnes Snyder. One Hundred Six E 0 iz'-3 V W N ,-in' ' ce f, c sn ,N- ,Ma ii" . G, 1 I W ,Q 0, ' e 0 ' n ,-,jfzigr '0' H11 Li ' N43 ?.k7l':.a,4 7 I i'-",f 4 X xxv ., 'G , K " DW. if Xl, S1 ul ky 'V :A 1' un xl 1 5 Lug A 'Ka P' f' 'Q - . 1 Q ' I 1 an i ibm ' ,QP X 'buh xxx ' ' 0 4 16 , 1. "U I ,K n?-X .fi f g Ea' .nlllll m C' 4 P o 5 an o Q ii 2 X f vw WN A 'f 45' ls, 1 N gf W '- M mmmjlqli ulfllmi 1 ' 1 N N Mk in N' we Ewa E - f f 'KX M E 1 ZZ- 1 , xo viii, 2- B qs? 1 13 x x!!! K+' oxwq Q2 xi , F -Yr . 'Yi ? ? E 2 6 Q ff S 'W "W: 'xii' ,W X - 7 o o fl 2-7 l fJn4Ffi,yIx, oi X .5 L ' E QQSQ- 4 N' eta Res Ya 3 Res? clung, Pdfefnltled CLFLCJ 0l"0I"LflQ5 fx fx I ll i ' + I A xx 1 Q if X P ' 952 ' ' ' ' Q - ' .Rigs gf? " ' x. ' - - ,I I ' -f-- , f r . . A , ' , Ill' .1 , 'Iv 4 f Q' - X Y- ' ' nt vwfauv . I'! . . . s '- - .. ' H -4 V- ' 91' f - + wr W N , X qw - "H M' 9 -if Q ' 9 9 0 0 - Y v v B "N-. 'v ,, 1 .N 0 ' f Q A..- - ,. '-' I I . ' - lj, D., 5-' . Mr,-A.. 60 1 , - J, 3 I, 1 :V ,A :U X XI - r wx Mu: . L " ' - .," .-'T"!- X" I I U '. H " ' I Q'2:Q7f'2?-Exif 11 F21 0 9 - ' p im uni .. H .2 4 watlh.-1fL.- fQ if rv' QW 7' 2:1 1 ' Nw J 1 , ' " 'Q.f',.-"PQ: :V I ,..s5TL.L,. 1--' - ' . 5.1..? Q' sf? ..:x:2'1-f:f.v :: M ff 3 .1 . - f - I . -.rfgkki -ALJ ' l. 1,-f-,L '42 ii, 1, I F r V-1 hi..- a af E1 P w W: ' ' -: L.. , 3-gf Ji- :ffm J' ' 1-iq, ' XX., - D ffffiufll i', ,Qf7, if ,jf-5 . X lull.. xx. -.qfig-:uAgL?5:njf.!f,i :Iv 4 A A V' 5: a S! .3 J :I-5:5- to .LI ""?-1. I - asf? 1 A + -' Q - -A E? 1' f 73- 'f3ia5:' l N xy! -- " " , J -141 '- - 1 ' - ' -9 1' 'I3:-,-- ii 'Xf i"r' f- ...Q-2 C ' . 7' V: 1 f . I' Q . cr. f FV - -:L Wk ?f. MM? -.5 h --Q X L I l 6? n--,gan Q0 ff.... 1 ' '- fy, - f X ..-hh - 3:1 4, g..:i: -wiki, Q N Q-gpm ' vig if '23, A 4 - X- 'li' 4 .vfxf G' ,, . ' La wr f? 5- 7? 1 Y Q-n fr , N -f' 4 fp- R I iff' L.. I F- . , -1 4 b A I - 1 9 E I O S . 0 f N w 1 I . P 4 -1 11 3 S '1 n 3 1 Z s S i R X ,I R NT ,4,.i.. fa o....,.. First row tteft to right,-Reverend Eugene H. Barth, Jacob Stitover, George Mortogen, Gerard Fetter, Vvittiam Heck- ter, Jack Vverner. Second row tteft to right,-Vvittiam VVattm, Paut Kimmel, Herhert Loyer, Frecterictc Perfect, Jerome Dersh. Third row fteft to right,-Frantctin Gatnte, The APO Fraternity has atways hetci a position ot major importance in campus activi- ties, Whether it he athtetics, sociat functions or speciat programs, such as, Stunt Night. The sociat event ot the season was the Dinner-Dance hetct at the Reacting Country Ctuto in earty December. Honors were carriect Ott tor performance during Stunt Night with Aloe anct Benny Ntartcowitz contrihuting greatty to its success. The ranks ot the APO,s were swettect this year clue to the return ot their many service- men, among which were George Ntortogen and Gerard Fetter, President and Vice-President, trwin Solomon, Ahraham Ntartcowitz, Kenneth Lieh, Kenneth Good. Fourth row fteft to rightt-James Spatz, Vvaict Row- tanct, Jack Shafer, Ectwarct Bigter. Fifth row tteft to rightl-I hiarvin Vveaver, John VVhite, Frantctin Ritter, Evans Keim, Richard Gable. Missing trom picture--Donatct Lictdicoat. respectively. Ntany atote seniors Witt he ete- parting, taut, no tess capahte men Witt he ready to assume the active responsihitities ot the Atpha Pi Qmega Fraternity. President GEORGE MORFOGEN Vice-Presirlent GERARD FELTER Recording Secretary VVILLIAM HECKLER Corresponding Secretary JACOB SKLOVER Treasurer Joi-IN WERNER Chaplain JACK SI-IAFER Faculty Aclvisers-DR. DWIGHT L. SCOLES, REV. EUGENE H. BARTH, PROF. CLYDE HARDING, DR. NIILTON G. GEIL, PROF. LEWIS E. SNIITH. Ofle Hulldfed P1-'CII v 1 1 1 i s i P I F r I L r,. ,- 2 iaylord Hand, mtrician, 1, Lynn U. Pot- n the of its n Fra- of con- Emu r V001 , WERT Zmomz ns, PROF' M flu, Zia First row fleft to right,-'Professor John Khouri, Charles Stump, Allen Fisher, Gilbert Feeg, Heber Yeagley, Dr. Gerrit Memming, Dean George D. Vvalton. Second row fieft to rightj-Ernest Kachline, Russell Luck, Eclwin Biehl, Vladimir Kotton, David Voigt, Robert Thomas. Third row This year Was an eventful one for the Pi Taus for it not only marked their fortieth anni- versary, but, 1947 witnessect the return of num- erous members from the service. Social activities for the season included a Formal Dance held in the VVatnut Room of the Berkshire Hotel, and, later in the year, a stag party at the farm of one of its members, Edwin Biehl. The Pi Taus assumed Second position in the interfraternat basketball league with Ernest Kachline, capturing honors for third highest scorer. This year will see the departure of many fteft to right,--'Richard Heberting, John Kissinger, Kenneth Faylor, Donald Lykcns, Donald Grim, Laurence Haag, John Vvitman, Ira Custman. Missing from picture--Reverend Les- ter L. Stabler, Neal O. Harris, James Detp, Donald Sny- der, Lester Biehl, John Allen. worthy Seniors, among which are, Kenneth Faytor, Ernest Kachtine, Russell Luck, Law- rence Haag, Edwin Biehl, and Vladimir Koi- ton, but, those that remain are well versect in the traditions and contributions extended to college life by the Pi Tau Beta Fraternity. President GlI,BERT FEEG Vice-President CHARLES STUMP Treasurer HEBER YEAGLEY Chaplain ALLEN FISHER Faculty Advisers-DEAN GEORGE W. WALTON, REV. LESTER L. STABLER, DR. GERRIT MEM- IVIING, NEAL Q. HARRIS, PROF. JOHN lil-IOURI. One Hundred Fourteen L 7 I I I i I E l 1 :gsm v E 4' 3 , ,, , -4 -A, , ,VVR J E 4 Q 1 1 I E S' 'E +5 T4 X x is .Siafufe fo .Siam The Aiinrigiit College Athletic Programs have always iieid a position of keen interest in tile minds of Aiiorigiitians and athletic entiiusiasts in Reading and vicinity. Tile participants have carried the Red and White tiirougiiout Pennsyi-E vania and surrounding states, and witii it, tne fine competitive spirit, siiowman- siiip, and sportsmanship characteristic of Albright. In preceding years, our magnificent footixaiiteam made history for Alma Mater. Basketball iias assumed time major roie in recent years, particularly, tire team of ,46-,47 wiiicii brought new giory to Aiinrigiit ioy breaking no iess than tweny-tive individual and team scoring records. Now, that tiie masculine eiement of time coiiege has returned, time next few years are destined to iaring renewed interest, not only in iootimaii and basketball, lout, otiier sports, sucii as, ioaseinaii, track, cross-country, tennis, and golf. The athletic program seeks to gain iurtiier iionors for Alma Mater in the field of sports, along with time traditional sciioiastic and spiritual goals maintained by Albright. Une Hundred Twenty-two I1 id fl- .H- ma the tman lent wed nail, Held :db Y Oil fo Mcforg to right-Jean Long, Elaine Schwartz, Football Coach, David Strong: .lean Bergstrom, Betty Leinbacti. ALMA MATER Come, cheer Alma Niater With song and with laughter, And Hing abroad tier colors, rect and White, 0,er hill, dale and valley, Now the ectloes rally, And sing aloud the praise of Albright. Hail, hail the Reel and the VVt1ite, Hail Alma Mater with a ctieer. with eyes bright and glancing, The Red and Vvtlite advancing, VVe,H sing ttie praise of Alma Mater One Hundred Twenty ttiree clear. ,f -.. ,......, ......v...,..Y,. .. A . - .... A.--.. ..,..,..,-.,..... ,,,,,,,,-,A.,,..s,-et.,-a-H.a+,..:.,,.,. .,.. ,, -.,.. . . .,,,.,, ,. David A. Strong, Foothaii Coach Vvilfred Fromuth, Captain 7 9 6 Jgdriglll 1946 witnessed the return of foot1oa11 to Aiioright. The period of reiaxation didnft seem to fare too well with 'sold Leon since he was unable to give the Aihright team more than one victory. With the greater part of the squad wearing the red and white for the first time. it was quite evident that the record for theseason would not he too impressive. The best perform- ances of the season were given in the Juniata and Scranton games. In these encounters, the Lions played good foothaii and looked 1i1ce a winning halt team. However, subsequent to these contests, injuries hampered the Red and Vvhite tre- mendousiy. Coach Dave Strong used a wide open offense throughout most of the season with some pass plays that proved highly effective. Frequent suhstitutions in each game will provide many experienced players, next year. Vvith Strong,s resig- nation, the position of Head Coach is, as yet, unfilled. Nevertheless, the squad of 1947 will he ahie to profit through this yearys experience. SENIQRS GN THE SQUAD VIC'-1-'CR GIGLL-Previous to spending 49 months in the Army Air Forces, Vic was a mainstay during the seasons '40 and '41, receiving letters tooth years. Mr. Gigli plans to use his foothaii and athletic experience to good advantage when he ohtains that much desired coaching position. HERBERT VOGT--'Also a veteran of the Army Air Forces, Herb saw action on AUoright,s gridiron during the ,40 and '41 seasons. A Iineman who always turned in a good performance, Herb earned letters both years. His pleasing personality will take him far, whether it he academic or athletic endeavors. LESTER PUSHMAN-Les saw enough action on the '41 and '42 gridiron to hecome a letter winner hefore see- ing a different type of action with the Marines in the South Pacific. Befitting a senior, Les gave us some thrilling moments on the gridiron in '46. Q.. 1 i Victor Gisli Lester Pushman Herhert Vogt Cnc Hundred Twenty-four I 7 s IJ ., L Q tl! 1 I , 1' K ,lu Fw can 1. James Yealqgll La, Landis' Eugene I Uefz to fzgLfy-L, George Umsewich, it Sui' Wilder' et - Marty, K,,ffle5'19'fQ ALBRIGHT, Lfons ioume Hllclent rivals easement, Thl go Victory, Hvis and K el sorely Medea ALTIERIGW DIOVQEI Elmer Davi SI the First l if Divslwar E BRIGHT First hom N 30115 for the I f at and it! or the Lion! 7946 . . sfht. T with "Gifs iam more 3 felt and he record lllerlorm. Scranton dbi00thall Cl SC Hen Ntlil trei hrouglqout red highly ill ,provide og s resig- , untitled, tit through mths in the he seasons li plans to advantage isition. Army Air during the 2. in a good is pleasing tademic or ion on the loelore see- r the South rg moments i l 1 Al"LgAf 012006 A An Jill ' Q First row fieft to right,-Gerald Schaelier, Stewart Bauer, James Yealcel, Lawrence Delewslci. Joseph Kuhisen, Richard Landis, Eugene Stoudt, George Baumgaertel. Second row fieft to right,-Lester Pushman, Herhert Vogt, Elmer Davis, George Urosevich, Wilfred Fromuth-Captain, Ralph Wag- ner, Guy Vvildermuth, Victor Gigli, Rinaldo Ridolti. Third row cleft to right,-'Head Coach, David Strong: Anthony lvlorfy, Kenneth Kohl, Stanley Smolnilc, Franlc Bird, Russell ALBRIGHTFO MUHLENBERG-59 Lions journeyed to Muhlenherg to meet their ancient rivals, in the first postwar foothall en- gagement. The powerful Mules stampeded to a 59-0 victory. Brilliant in defeat were Elmer Davis and Ken Kohl. who gave Lion fans some sorely needed thrills. ALBRIGHT-I 9 J UNIATA.-2 The second game played in Huntington proved more successful for the Red and White. Elmer Davis spot passed to Tony lVlorfy for the first Lions, score. Kohl and Markowitz came through in the second halt giving Albright its first postwar victory. ALBRIGHTH19 SCRANTON-54 First home game of the season proved disas- trous ior the Lions against the Royals. Elmer Davis and Kenny Kohl provided touchdowns for the Lions, lout, the Royals maintained their Lahutslcy, Jerry Pedota, Alhert Harnly, Bernard Koslculitz, Assistant Coach. l..eVan Smith: Assistant Coach, Neal Har- ris. Fourth row fleft to rightl'-James Maracani, Richard Koch, William Xfvesner. Eugene Shollenhcrger, Elwood Oxenreider, James Fromuth, Arthur Halprin, William Wil- lcinson, Vvalter Cizewslci, Benny Markowitz. Marwgers- Kenneth Good, Donald Liddicoat, Arthur Diaz, John Fliclc- mger. lead, all the way. ALBRIGHT-20 MORAVIAN.-27 Ridollli and Pedota crossed the Greyhound line in the first ten minutes, providing the Red and White with a I5-0 lead. But, Snyder, Greyhound haltvhaclc, set the pace and the vis- itors returned home with another victory. ALBRIGHT-o WEST CHESTER-26 The Rams pounded the Alhright line from the start of the game. Strong's men won acclaim for heroic goal-line stands, hut, offensive was wealc with Elmer Davis side-lining the entire game loecause of injuries. ALBRIGHT-o F. Er M.-.12 Lions journeyed to Lancaster in the hope they might he ahle to hrealc the jinx, against the Diplomats. But, the hosts led the way, except for a few unsuccessful attempts lay Davis and Nlaracani. Une Hundred Twenty-tive ff , nf -......,........n.... ,,,,-.....--.....--,-r......,..,....,.u.,,...-...-,,,. -...L,..c.+,.,.,.....,.,a.,-f..,...g,.,...,-..-.....-----,,,-,.+..,.. .. . ...-.., ,., .. fr-rf--H-e-1 1 , Coach Neal O. Harris Russel Guensch lljamifg ga Alhright completed a very successful hasicethaii season, under Coach Harris, hreaicing twenty-five individual and team scoring records. X Russel Guensch, the only senior on the squad, was awarded the coveted Ron Regar Basketioaii Trophy, chosen on the second All-Pennsylvania team and on the first AH-Confen ence team. Prior to his injury in the Duquesne game, Russ started every game and was the Teamss leading scorer. Edward Aniian, freshman on the team, ioroice Johnny Dur- ico,s record of 324 points when he threw in 167 Fieid goals and 58 fouls for a grand totai of 592 points. Eddie also scored an additional 40 points in the two piay-off games, which gave him a grand total of 432 points for 24 games. HHopsH Guidin, third highest scorer on the team, proved most vaiuaioie, with his steady performance, throughout the year. Next season should ioring some great playing on the court hy Mr. Guidin. Qzzie Kriehei and Elmer Davis rounded out the starting line-up witd iwiaric Guss and Elwood Qxenreider, acting as capahie reserves at the forward slots. Mort Vvitman and Gene Shoiienherger took over the center position, while Johnny Yocum, although handicapped with a ioroicen finger, was one of our most effective defensive men. Edward Anlian Howard Guidin Qne Hundred Twenty-six giefgd Fuss 1 Atlileig Edward Anlian E Coach Second 'ml ALBRIGHT, a IH Seam Gairilrpnsingly Eddis mmed ' A I' K HIGH HEHH s .ion SL . Riaredjggi too Bir3alffime,a2 , 0 4 the LEODSSIL J, Ogt Wrfifg Zgcwgefdaf ll . dultaiing S awarded en On the .H-Center- Hme, Russ Qorer. aunt' Dur- Eleld Qflats 'I-ddie also OH games, 4 games. lm, proved lghout the mt? On the he starting , acting as ihnan and ion, white ,ken ftllget, tl First row fleft to right,-Gene Shirtc, Faculty Manager of Athletics: Elmer Davis, Gene Shottenherger, Russel Guensch, Edward Antian, Howard Gutdin, John Yocum, Neat Harris, Coach. Second row fteft to right,-Thomas Price. Nlanagerg ALBRIGHTH64 ELIZABETHTOVVN-59 In the seasonis opener, the Lions edged out a surprisingly strong Ehzahethtown squad. Game turned out to he a scoring duet between Eddie Antian and Etizahethtownss Frankie Keath. Antian made eteven Field goats for the victorious Lions. ALBRIGHT-40 ST. JOSEPITS,-41 St. Joe,s took an early 1ead, tout, the Lions roared hack and took a 12-10 first quarter tead. At halftime, score was 25-16, favor Albright. Butz, of St. Joe's sank the winning goat and the Lions 10st the first game of the seson. .X William Beal, btiriagerg Elwood Oxenreider, Oscar Kriehet, Mark Guss, Donald Vvitman. William Beyerie, Trainer: Joseph Russ, Manager. ALBRIGI-IT.-61 DETROIT-69 The Titans, ted hy six foot nine, Lee Knorelc, raced to a 20-7 first quarter tead. Lions roared hack with a 53-27 halftime Iead. Knoretc was too much for the Lions, however, and the Ti- tans carried off the game in the last quarter. ALBRIGHT-66 LOYOI..A-64 Russ Guensch and uHops" Gutdin tead the Lions to a 17-12 hrstiquarter tead. Irish gained a 26-25 tead at the hatfmartc, through the shoot- ing of Bill Roche and Jim Lacey. Later, Guensch made a goat that sent the game into an extra period. Qne Hundred Twenty-seven ALBRIGHT-65 KUTZTOVVN.-52 Aihright outciassed Kutztown hy a halftime lead of 57-11. The Lions coasted to an easy victory to chaiic up their third of the season. ALBRIGHT-69 JUNIiAxTAf44 Aihright opened the Western division of the Middle Atlantic Basicethaii Conference hy taking the indians, 69-44. Juniata lead at half- time, hut, Lions scored 29 points in the third quarter. Guensch, with 28 points, was high scorer for Aihright. ALBR1oHT..5Q LEBANoN VALLEL46 For the 1..ion,s second win, Qxenreider came through in fine style, scoring 17 points. Visitors held a 27-19 lead at halftime, hut, Aniian, Guensch, and Oxenreider added enough points to give the Lions another victory. ALBRIGHT-62 LaSALLE-.65 Red and White lost another hearthreaicer to to the Explorers after gaining a 54-26 lead at halftime, and a 48-45 lead at the third quarter. Lasaiie had just enough height and reserve to eke out a win. . ALBRIGHT-47 SCRANT0NM41 Our third league Win came at the expense of the Royals, as Rus Guensch made 15 points in the first quarter. It was an easy Win for the Lions as Guensch marked up a total of 24 points. ALBRIGHTH7l IVIORAVIAN.-45 Neither team scored for the first tive min- utes and at the end of the first quarter, the score was an unheiievahie 4-4 tie. in the second haif, Aniian, Guensch, and Oxenreider scored from ali angles. ALBRIGHT-91 KUTZTOWN-58 Scoring reached an ali-time high as the Red and White scored fast and furious. Kriehei, Guidin, Oxenreider, Guensch, and Aniian each scored 15 or more points. ALBRIGHT.-67 GETTYSBURGH75 The Bullets led at the haifmaric with a score of 52-50, hut, Aniian made 29 points, the highest individual score for the year. Lions were unahie to maintain their 64-65 lead and the visitors emerged the victor. ALBRIGHT-67 SCRANTON-42 Lions chaiiced up league win numher five as they held a 55-25 lead against Scranton. Game was rough as the visitors tried to keep pace with the fast-stepping of Cvuensch, Aniian, and Gxenreider. ALBRIGHTMYQ F. 8- M.-.43 Lions returned from Lancaster with an easy victory, as Guensch, with 25 points, and An- iian, with 20, led the Red and White. They limited their hosts to only 12 field goals. ALBRIGHT-81 LEBANON VALLEYH52 Lions led at the haifmaric with a score of 26-17. Red and White scored 55 points in the iast half, as Aniian scored 28 points and Guensch came through with 20. ALBRIGI-IT-58 MORAVIAN-45 Aihright clinched the Western Division hy this easy victory. Davis, Guidin, Aniian, and Guensch each had ten points or more, as they held Moravian,s ace, Paul Marcincin, to 11. ALBRIGHT--47 LaSALLE-55 Red and White suffered a defeat for the sec- ond time against the Explorers. Last quarter provided plenty of thriiis as the hosts, holding on to a shaky two-point lead sank a couple goals tobemerge the victor. ALBRIGHT-69 JUNIATA.-45 Aniian, Guensch, and Kriehei led the Way, sharing 48 points. Gene Shoiienherger sank the duece that hroice Aihrightys all-time scoring record of 1,125 points. This was the Lions final league win. ALBRIGHLS1 DUQUESNE-55 The only undefeated team in the country, the Giant Dukes, were given plenty of com- petition hy the Lions. Guensch suffered a knee injury, hut, Aniian, Guidin, and the Whole team turned in a fine performance. ALBRIGHT-55 MANHATTAN-70 The Red and White journeyed to New Yoric to suffer their worst defeat of the season. Miss- ing Guensch, the team, with Aniian fought Weil, hut, the Jaspers overpowered them in the iast quarter. Une Hundred Twenty-eight -ww- 0N,,42 r five as 1. Game page 11311, and SM. 43 I an easy and An ite They Ja. S tLEY 52 a score gf mts in the vomts and VIAN 4 Division y mhan and are as they m to ll 5ALLE 55 for the sec ast quarter :sts hold ng hh a couple NIATA-42 ed the WHY rger sanh the time scormg e Lions fmal ,UESNEF-35 the counhv entY of Com 1 ered H tn? d the Who e 1A'ITAN"0 Y tc I to New or 6352? fougff Bd them int ALBRIGHTM74 ELIZABETHTOWN-55 .Anharfs fine shooting was mainly respon- slhle for the Lions 43-29, halfmark lead. Wit- man Kriehei and Davis took over in the sec- ond half and prevented the Lizzies from scoring. ALBRIGHT 56 LINCQLN 4Q Home season closed as Anhan came through with 25 points Visitors ted in the third quar ter hut Yocum gave the Lions the lead with Guidm and Kriehei completing the v1ctor5 ALBRIGHT 55 MUHI ENBERG 58 Newark was the scene of the playoffs for the Middle Atlantic Bashethali Conference Muhlenherg Northern Division Champions nosed out Aihrighl Vvestern Division Champs Anhan s 60 foot heave cut the Mule s lead to a J2 51 at the half mark Kriehei and Guid n played good hall hut Saemmers last minute free throw chnched the contest for the Mules ALBRIGHT 42 SWARTHMORE 49 gwarthmore led at the half mark hy a score of 24 17 Krlehei was injured a d had to re tire from the dame in the third quarter Lions raly failed a Swarthmore added two last minute held goats Eddie Anhan took scoring honors in the play off games scoring 22 points against Muhlenberg and 18 points against Swarthmore P aver G An mn Guensch J Guldm OXCUFCICIOI Davls Guss H ocur 1 Vvltma 1 S to cnhcrgor G ass Kuhlsc n 4 Une Hundred TwenfY Ume 67 3 42 4 57 62 5 JB 6 57 5 65 6 416 57 428 562 3 '7 'J 1500 JI 9' N ' ' L' . Q 1 7 - ' ' 6 . 7. "" t .4 . 1-1 T 1 L N 4 . H 4 a s . , 1-1 3 . - y ' , . ' '7 - . , ' . I 'W H ' . I-4 V - r-4 114 Q 1 1 . , i . - . ' . ' ' n - y B , , 2 I . I ' , s . A , .L I - I , . . 1 ' lu S P. Fc. F. RA. F4 TP. Pr. I'. ......... 22 167 5s 85 70 79- 5s 19 12' 70 104 .' 516 25 4 . ' ......... 22 69' 25 59 . 16? 70 , ' Kriebel ......,.. I9 56 28 49 .1 140 52 ,f ' 4 ...... 22 56 20 52 . 02 18 - ' ...,.... .. 21 29 22 57 7 . so 45 H f ........... 22 27 19 55 .. 75 45 ' 1 ......... 18 21 7 ll . 49 25 ' ' 1 ........ 19 22 5 15 20 47 21 Ce' I II V. .... 15 I2 5 12 . 20 12 L .......... 4 1 4 7 -1 6 6 V 1 ' 2 ........ 4 0 5 7 - 5 5 1 t 565 26 469 . 5 '76 'Miss l A 1 6 lfU'I,l0l" ,l!CLl"6lfg Allarighfs Junior Varsity started the season with a hang by winning the first four games. Elizabethtown was defeated with a 42--28 score. Elmer Davis was high scorer with ten points to his credit. Reading Night School Vets were Lelaanon Valley managed to elce out the extra point against the Red and White in a heart- hrealcing loss of 46-45 for the Lions. Moravian was sulodued for the second time as Johnny lV1cKenna and Bruce Reloer combined their tal- succe of a ten nine place PO' sulodued hy a 52-28 win. Third victim was Mercury Rug, 26-22. The first road trip of the year proved successful, as the Baloy Lions, under Jimmy Brusch Won a 52-52 victory, against Lebanon Valley. First defeat was experienced hy the Red and White under the consistent scoring ofLaSa11e's Baby Explorers. Rehounding from their defeat, the Lions scored against Moravian, with a 45- 26 victory. The Monarch A. C. gave the J.V.'s their second down by a score of 57-55. Jimmy Brusch led the Lions to their next victory over Scranton, by a 55-42 score. Franlclin and Mar- shall J.V.'s suffered with a loss of 47-42. ents to guide the Lions to a 47-51 win. LaSalle gave the Allorightians their second loss hy a score of 48-56. lV1cCann,s Business School was defeated hy a score of 101-56 with 1V1cKenna scoring 22 points and Kohl scoring 19 points. Reiner and Glass guided the Lions to' another victory against Hunter Liggett Post, with a score of 47-29. Two losses were alasorloed loy the Balay Lions when Modern Dairy won with a score of 41-51 and Lincoln University won hy a score of 55-54. Brusch led the team with a total of 154 points, with Bruce Relaer and Johnny 1V1cKenna mal:- ing 152 and 154 points, respectively. First row Ueft to right,-Alvi Voigt, Manager' Fmmeit GI , VV'H . " ass 'B l.T':Jh MK ,J BB. gerilld ichaegefi Coalsgl Neal Igaffls- James Delp. Robert Keilrijghl Kihei? eJac1crag11?afer.o151ruceClfgnrezi, tlinrhiris VJQSZY. ux on, osep uss, anager. tecond row Ueft to righil'-' Kenneth Wager. Gene Shirlc, Faculty Athletic Manager. One Hundred Thirty testecl l0 fhe seas0- The KH in tl1e lea Harris! CN KAPPAS PI TAU .. Psi BETA CHI PHI . ZEFAS .. PHI MU .. A DELTA Ri LAMBDA 1 SIGMA ML APO ,,,,, , TRACK4 tv tar had, seam meets on the SQ tram I, Ullllg the ein! llel Midf Sal" Avril 19. l 'leet ltledn, F . Sn. and Sat gf, May if S es., May 6 at Ma N April 25 s it Y10- lillay 'Y-A Tue ulgetg 5" Mtv 202 mt the extra in H heart. S- Moravian 2 as Johnny led their tal- Win. I.aSaIIe rd Ioss by a defeated by E1 scoring 22 S. Reher and :ther victory il a score of hy the Batmy with a score' 'On hy a score of 154 points, .cKenna matr- iveIy. 1. We Jo nanager' Bru5Cil, James r1CYf 5 a9I'lfl"Cl,l'l'Llftl"Cl,! R Interfraternity hasIcethaII season proved most successful this year with Coach Harris' creation of a ten team Ieague. Kappas waIIced Way with nine consecutive victories to insure their first pIace position, hut, the other herths were con- tested for with Iceen competition, throughout the season. The Kappa UpsiIon Phi entry was the finest in the Ieague, hut. the Chi Phis, one of Coach Harris' creations, matched the Kappas Win for FINAL STANDINGS L. Pct. KAPPAS . . . . . 9 0 1.000 PI TAU ...... . . 6 5 .667 PSI BETA .... . . 5 5 .625 CHI PHI .... . . 5 5 .625 ZETAS ...... . . 5 4 .555 PHI IVIU .......... . . 5 4 .555 DELTA RHO .... . . 4 5 .444 LAMBDA. CHI . . . . . 5 6 .555 SIGIVIA IVIU .... . . 0 5 .000 APO ......... . . 0 8 .000 Win hefore dropping their Iast three contests of the campaign. Zetas finished in fourth posi- tion, aIthough, they had two men who scored over 150 points. The APO's, Iast year,s win- ners, Were unahIe to gain even one victory. PIenty of enthusiasm accompanied the inter- fraternity tournament and Coach Harris ex- pressed great satisfaction over the success of the teams and the interest shown hy the stu- dents. 1 HIGH SCORERS Rank Player Team Pts. 1. Patrician, Zeta . . . . . 158 2. Lamherson, Zeta .... .. 155 5. Kachiine, Pi Tau .. 121 4. CvigIi, Kappa .......... .. 92 5. Vvesner, Lambda Chi .. .. 80 6. Pedota, Chi Phi .... . . 77 7. SayIor, Zeta' ..... .. 75 8. IVIiIIer, Pi Tau ...... 71 9. KrecIcer, Deita Rho .. .. 71 10. Beyerie, Kappa ...... .. 69 11. Voigt, Pi Tau ........... .. 68 12. Seigfried, Lamhda Chi .. 67 15. Frantz, Chi Phi ..... .. 64 14. Fromuth, Chi Phi . . . . . 65 15. SnooIc, DeIta Rho .. . . 64 1277 SPRING SPORTS TRACK-Coach Gene Shirks, second post- war track season IooIcs very promising with eight meets on the scheduIe, the top meet of the pro- gram heing heId at Rutgers University to deter- mine the IVIiddIe AtIantic champs. Sat., ApriI 19'-129th AnnuaI Berks SchoIastic Meet Wed., ApriI 25'-'Lafayette Fri. and Sat., Aprii 25-26'-'Penn ReIays Sat., May 5-I7'ranIcIin and IVIarshaII Tues., May 6-St. J0seph's CoIIege Sat., May 10'-Juniata Sat., May 17'-1VIiddIe Atiantic Championships at Rutgers Tues., May 20-Ursinus CRGSS CQUNTRY'-'Gene ShirIc,s post- War harriers compIeted Iast year,s scheduie with a .500 percentage. IVI.ainstay for the AIhright running comhination was Eddie AnIian, who garnered three first pIaces giving the Lions the necessary punch to Win three contests. Mem- hers of the squad are Eddie AnIian, James DeIp, Fred Roiand, Rohert Binder, CharIes Stump, Stewart Beyerie, Joe VanI'Iouten and VVaIter Koniechi with Bill Hutchinson in the manager's seat. We may expect some fine performances, this season, with Aniian and other memhers of the team, who are mostIy freshman. One Hundred Thirty-one ,pf f 1 N -..-.X -Q ...........-..- ..,...4-...ff-.4 e+ ua+pw-i-..,p...,,,T1q.- -,.. . . C. .. - .. - . , ennid-gadega -gowgng TENNIS-Program this year includes a fif- teen game schedule, with AI Fisher guiding the enthusiasts, John Dohner and Paul Sieg- fried forming the nucleus of the team. SCHEDULE Tues., April 15'-Lehanon Valley Sat., April 19'-'Susquehanna Tues., April 22-Ursinus Wed., April 25'-Nluhlenherg Thurs.. April 24-LaSalle Sat., April 26-fVVest Chester Tues., April 29'-Juniata Thurs., May li-'Elizabethtown Fri., May 2-Moravian Sat., May 5'-Franklin 5' Marshall Wed., May 7'-Lafayette Sat., May 10-Elizabethtown Tues., May 15'-Lehanon Valley Thurs., May 15'-fIVIoravian Sat., May 17'-Kutztown fLeft to right,-Niemming, Haas, Shirk. BASEBALL'-'Coach Lev an Smith has quite a vigorous schedule this year with six- teen games to he played in the remaining tyvo months of school. With Elwood Oxenreider in hurling position, and Delp, Umhenhower, Beyerle, Guss, Adams, Ervin, Fromuth, and Glass occupying the other key positions, the Red and White got off to a fine, start hy down- ing Moravian ll-5. SCHEDULE Tues., April 15-Lehanon Valley Sat., April 19'-'Susquehanna Tues., April 22-Ursinus Thurs., April 24'-LaSalle Sat., April 26-West Chester Tues., April 29'-Juniata Thurs., May 1-Elizahethtown Sat., May 5-'Franklin S' Marshall Wed., May 7-Drexel Sat., May 10'-Elizabethtown Tues., May 15-Lehanon Valley Thurs., May 15-Moravian Sat., May 17-Kutztown Vved., May 21'-Seton Hall Sat., May 24,-'Bucknell FACULTY BOWLING TEAM-The prof's came into the sports parade this year with the formation of a howling team whose members competed each Tuesday afternoon at the Man- sion Bowling Center. As the season progressed, competition became so keen, that a contest was held in the form of a final examination. Dr. Scoies came through with Hying colors with a 186. Prof Shirlc and Levan Smith, hoth top howiers, averaged hetter than 167. In the finals, Prof. Memming and Dean Walton led the pa- rade, each gaining the coveted A's. Faculty memhers participating during the year were Gordon, Memming, Walton. Shirlc, Haas, Vviddowson, Hamilton, Douds. Barth, Khouri, Jacohi, and Gates. Une Hundred Thirty-tvvo meh to 'Inj-E teiniuacly, Bivid D4 mth has with six- mine tW0 ,Xenreider benhower, mltil, and iti0I1g, the by fl0Wn. .-The proi's :ar with the se members at the Man- i progressed, Contest Was inatioll- Dr' .olors with 21 5, both IOP n the finaiS, led the pa' 'S. Facllltf' year were hirk Haas, rth,, Khouri' CAQQPLCL clem iLeft to right,-'Elaine Schwartz, Captain: Jean Long, Jane Meliingcr, Joyce Thompson, Betty Jane Leinhach, David Devvitt, Jean Bergstrom. FIGHT SUNG Fight to win for Aihright, Knock them in for Albright, And luring us the Victory. Make another score, hoys Wipe them in their gore, boys, For Aihright and victory. Onward, onward, battle with the foe, Forward, Forward, the Rectr-Red must go Fight to win for Alhright, Knock them in for Albright, You must win the victory. One Hundred Thirty-three ff -.H H.-7-,. ...--W am if? .iwloclfeg The Aihright iassies started the season, titer- aiiy, in full swing, as cries of HOuchH or worcis to that effect, could he hearci echoing from the hockey field. Every evening from 5:50 untii ciaric, the team practiceci under the capahie guid- ance of Coach Eva Mosser and Captain, Pat Herrick. The squad was composed of quite a few hoiciovers from iast season, among which were Pat Herrick, Lois Taylor, Fay Sheetz, Jean Bergstrom, Marion Swartz, Jean Schwartz, Beth Sanger, Josephine Stahier, Grace Miller, Ruth Homan, Virginia Vvoerie, Syiva Hop- paugh, Doris Downes, Joan House, and Ferne Alien. The Frosh ciass contributed quite a few talented hockeyettes, among which were Shir- ley Johnson, Vioiette Seihert, Marjorie Lyman, Joyce Yocum, Marie Courtney, and Joyce Thompson. The team played a four game schedule ciur- ing the ,46 season, winning, hut, one. Ursinus took the Iassies for their first fail, with a 8-0 score and Beaver College foiioweci with the same jinx score. The only game of the season was won, at the expense of Moravian with a score of 2-1. Albright was unahie to close their season with a .500 average and lost the last game to Drexel hy a score of 5-0. . I . . lx- , First row Ueft to right,-Jean Borgstrom, Joyce Yocum, Fay Sheetz. Lois Taylor, Manager: Pat Herrick, Captain, Marie Courtney, Jane Roney, Shirley Johnson, Vioiette Seiioert. Second row Ueft to right,-Adele Bgothroyci, Ferne Alien, Doris Downes, Elizabeth Sanger, Coach, Eva Mosscr: Mar- iorie Lyman, Grace Miller, Jean Schwartz. Missing from picture-Josephine Stahier, Ruth Homan, Virginia Vvoerie. Syiva Hoppaugh, Joan House, Ann Courtney, Joyce Thomp- son. One Hundred Thirty-four Fit' 'UW Ufll lo ri Ln.. mu: Coach, gf, M, YQ oltemifin. The gfhed HSS to pr UIQ the past Sea: I ess,tI1e fair se xwigihhutonewi X . U to fi tflr lik witilst game Was at our Iassie .core gf 36 I5 s Egliegait won I IQ 3 My wit E firing 03212 proved to UH! oppflnent ' in tt te S' Vu i am. later- acquired Anlfiehr I illite a few were Shir- rie I-Yman and Joyce redule dur. re. Ursinug with a 3,0 :I with the the season 'ian with a D close their ost the last Moggeli Mag issing ln? V' mia WOCW' Hg Tlqomp' ey, Joyce Uam if? Z?a:5LefLaf First row fleft io rightl-Jean Borgstrom, Co-captain, Elaine Gloria lVlcKittriclc, Fay Sheetz, Ferne Allen, Elizabeth Sanger, Schwartz: Coach, Eva Mosserg Co-captain, Virginia Vvoerleg Joyce Hottenslein. Second row Ueft to right,-.lean Schwartz, The Alhright lassies played a ten game scheclule the past season and as the copy goes to press, the fair sex has playecl eight games, with hut one win to their credit. The first game was played at Ursinus Col- lege with our lassies ahsorhing the defeat by a score of 56-15. A superior Beaver College aggregate Won with a 51-18 score. Leloanon Valley game proveci to he one of the most ex- citing of the season, encling in a 22-21 victory for our opponents. Virginia Vvoerle, Captain of the team, acquired ten points for Alma Mater. Jeanne Fliclcinger, Anna Lauver. lvlanagers'-'Alice Albright, Barbara P6aISBll. The team journeyed to New York for their first victory of the season against Wagner, with a score of 57-22. Vvoerle again came through with 20 points. East Stroudsburg shattered the hopeful Reel and White, Winning with a 50- 20 score. 24-24 was the final score when Drexel College visitecl Reacling with our Fay Sheetz collecting 12 points. St. John's took the lassies on another riole with an 18-15 Win. The team was unahle to pull out of their losing streak ancl Millersville won the next game, hy a score of 41-25- One Hundred Thirty-five unior Uardifg Z?a:5LefLa The Junior Varsity, composed mostly of in- experienced piayers this past season suffered three losses and won one game, at this Writing. The first game was played at Ursinus College, with our iassies losing hy a score of 56-15. The next trip took them to Beaver College and, again, they were greeted with a 51-12 sethaclc. The team proved to he good hosts for they al- lowed the Drexel lassies to carry home a 21-I5 victory. The first game of the season was Won at the expense of Millersville with a score of 24-25. Jean Schwartz connected for 18 points to give the iassies the sorely needed victory. Even though the season was far from spectacular as far as Wins and losses are concerned, the girls turned out for practice with great enthusiasm and, next year, with plenty of experience hehind them, the Junior Varsity will provide fine ma- terial for the Varsity team. ' First row fleft to right,-Shirley Johnson, NI ' C tl . J Nl ll' , S nd 7 . F' Marjorie Lyman. 'Jane Roney. Third row deft tgrriiqhtf-Egrilyede Csoginhaildsggroaciiclgva icfgssdiegeaznrlgiger. One Hundred Thirty-six rig, FW 'vw Uelf lo ffgh0.G ffm! 'vw Neff 10 feghfy. 1 GSH. H 1 lofi 1 0 I ,.,.fTfrr7m:,......, '4"""-'- x ,- -. .x s won at the 'TC of 24,23 Oinls tg give lCt0fY- Even Jedacular as red, the girls T enthusiasm ience Behind 'ide fine ma- ,ini- i i ,,,,.Ji-'if we-0:"'j ,..,-wa' Q, N.,.L.g. ,,,,,.,.,.1gI K, , if-"' " 4' if Qf.':..,Q L Q IL. s...i 5 Sill First row fleft to right,-Gloria McKittrick. Joyce Hottenstein, Jean Bergstrom, Fay Shcetz, Jean Schwartz. Second row fleft to righijf-Virginia vvoerle. Ferne Allen, Elizabeth Sanger, Jeanne Flickinger, Coach Mosser. gareraf .APCA G In I1 H I Ross Miriam Kramer, Betty 'Berger' LUCY Smith' Betty Cusano' Left to right-Marion cr criC . een Une Hundred TI'1irtY'SeVen ennid Left to right'-'Jean Bergstrom, Elaine Schwartz, Mary Stokes, Jean Long, Jeanne Flickingcr. Bcwlminfon First row Ueft to rigid,-Betty Jane Jones, Doris Hicks, Helen Sieber. Second row deft to l'igllfD"'L-Ouisc Erny, Joyce Hottenstein, Anna Lauver, Helen Carol Wright. Qne Hundred Thirty-eight ? 15 .Q aeft lo ri Schwartz, The erfs The resen to di Contests Keen and L 'mares The v fhroug states for, ponents. L S ro fight, . KN ----fifwf:v.f,.....- .- .-4. .. -----A-M . Y W--.10 ..- ..,...-,,. .. ..,....,r....-,......-.-,.,..... ,A - ,.,,- . , .- .. A. .. ,N 5 . ennia wLf-misc amen 4 fh efzc Monahan fLeft to right,-'Junior Representative. Jean Bergstrom, Jean Senior Representative, Alice Athright: Sophomore Repre- Schwartz. Jeanne FtiCkiI1S6l'. Virginia Woerte, Betty Burnett, sentative, Josephine Stahler. The VV.A.A. is the governing hody for wom- enys sports and physical training at Athright. The group consists of four officers and one rep- resentative from each class who meet monthly to discuss and plan intramural anct intermurat contests to he hetct cturing suhsequent seasons. Keen competition accompanies the hockey and haskethatl games, whether it he the Sopho- mores against the Frosh or a Pat-Mu contest. The varsity teams have competed with colleges throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding States, and white not atways returning the vic- for, Provided moments of concern for their op- D0nents. The VV.A.A., in actctition, direct the conces- sion stand at Northwest Junior High School cturing hastcethatt season. The protits are usect for purchasing new athletic equipment, ohtain- ing awarcts, anct covering traveling expenses for the teams. Att of the women students are memhers of the Association hy virtue of their participation in physical training programs dur- ing their years at Athright. I President A VIRGINIA VVOERLE Vice-President BETTY BURNETT Secfefary JEANNE FLICKINGER Treasurer JEAN SCHWARTZ iff One Hundred ThirtY'nine wi I s W f am, X A. Q 3.16. -av:-:-cz mf' f W' 'Q 'rm :Ag'm.- vw -Y-1 A ff, x I L Y X eyrf. 5- I A .1 'I :V f - fir JH 1' Q fir? W,-'M 2 fa I 'G ' TV. - ,egg if fi' 1 .4 J 1 ,f'- t Q iQ:T?1gg Q. Z. 1 TEE .lfs-. lx 32, ,L N '-:L -I 1?g ,as ' 11 ' .ll 'Q x lv nr., , u 31154 ,M ,f , Ng wN'i,....,:z-gil U , H X5 v V , X E-Mm-. I E Y X V t X, . , ,, , Q. , A N. 2 v. X -, - 'w-.SK X I , I .X T, V N. . .Lv 2 fb QNQY9' , 4 1 , 4, Z if Z f 5 9 A 2 A J :N W, . 4 f 1 .f -.....4., ,.,,.. .:,..p.rA N - -Y -- j f.-...j.7-.A:.g,,.-,f A 'w--W" 1-...."'ax5:.z.:as:-.n -ec-c'g'.k ,,. 1 .. .ff wb iam. A ,V -.. 53' .if S' . f 3 Y ,f a , ' .n,f- 'T ' p--- 1 . JJ.. K , - 7 5 ll 3 . V 5 ' A , 4 -. M . , . Y k i V . I , ' f f f? I 1 X , , f L 1 X V , A R fx, 754 nv , f 2 -, . V, k f, ,. , , . , A F " ',',,:, 'ff t f 1 f , 'K , ' r ,fr ,,,, , 4 z jf .V M, f,,. f , , zff.f ff 1 2.4 AARONS, IRWIN I. 1712 Minerai Spring Road ANGSTADT, PHILIP K. 1148 N. 9th Street ..... BACHIVIAN, ROBERT C. 556 Spring Street ...... BERGER, BETTY MAE Lgzcclenf lirecforg JUNIORS . . . . . . . Reading, Pa. .. . Reading, Pa. . . . Reading, Pa. 105 Pericasie Ave. . ....... West Lawn, Pa. BEYERLE, RICHARD H. 1528 Linden Street ..... BINDER, ROBERT G. 189 Stapies Street .... BLACK, VIRGINIA L. 700 Wayne Ave. ..... . BOLAND, ROBERT K. 2628 Periciomen Ave. . . . . BOOTHROYD, F. ADELE R. D. Ne. 1 ........... BORGSTROM, JEAN W. 2216 Spring Street ...... BRUSCH, JAMES F. 527 Summit Ave. . . . CALDEN, HAZEL D. 5505 Circie Ave. ....... . CHRIST, IVIARJORIE H. Highiand Ave. ........ . CLOUSER, WILLIAM F. 1400 N. 14th Street .... COLEMAN, JOSEPH E. 26 East Morrow Street CONROY, PHYLLIS S. 56 South 5th Street .... CRAIVIP, CONNARD C. .. CUSANO, BETTY J. 554 Main Street ..... CUSTMAN, IRA L. 121 North 9th Street DUNCAVAGE. WALTER J. 207 South Street ....... ENGLE. WARREN E. 1014 BuIIOcIc Ave. FALKEN, STEPHEN R. 575 ScI1uyIIciII Ave. .. FEEG, GILBERT R. 425 Oak Terrace . . . . . FLICKINGER, JEANNE M. 215 Spruce Street ....... FRANTZ, CATHERINE M. 1227 N. 5tI1 Street ..... FREDERICK. BEI I Y J. 210 Vvaveriy Street .... GERBERICH, MARION G. Neversink Rd. R. D. No. 1 GIPPRICH, VVALTER P. 154 N. 8th Street ...... GREEN. STANFORD 250 Ft. Wasilington Ave. . . GRUBER, HARRY L. South Park .......... . . . . . Reading, Pa Farmingdale, N. Y West Reading, Pa Reading, Pa . . . . . Reading, Pa .. Vvest Lawn. Pa West Reading, Pa Reifften. Pa. Oneida, N. Y. . . . .. Reading, Pa. West Point, Miss. Reading, Pa. . Scariets IVIiII, Pa . . . . Denver, Pa. .. . Reading. Pa . . . . Tamaqua, Pa . . . Yeadon, Pa . . . . . Reading, Pa HALLACHER, VIRGINIA L. 102 Penn Ave. ............. . HARP, ROBERT H. 554 South 15th Street . . . HARTMAN, LUTHER G. Penn Street ............. HICKS, DORIS F. .... . I-IOMAN, RUTH A. . . . . JACABCIN, JOHN A. 1546 Birch Street .... JONES, BEI It JANE ..... KACHEL, CHARLES V. 1608 N. 15th Street .... KELLER, WALTER A. 1119 Fern Ave. .. . . KEMP. ROBERT L. 508 S. 4th Street ...... KNOUSE, MORRIS E. .. KOEHLER. GEORGE E. 209 Sunbury Street ...... KONIECKI. WALTER B. 410 South 10th Street .... KRAMER, MIRIAM M. 22 Spring Crest Bivd. . . . . LANDIS. GLORIA M. 2605 HoIIywood Ct. LA RUE, HALLAR G. 129 E. Lancaster Ave. .. LAUCKS. GERALD K. .. MARQUET, JOHN D. 208 Spruce Street ..... MATTHEWS, DAVID L. 510 South 5th Street .... MCKITTRICK. GLORIA J. 528 Kurtz Street ......... MERTZ, PHILLIP, JR. 586 Avenue HB" . . . . Sinking Springs, Pa . . . . . . Reading, Pa . . Port Ciinton, Pa . . .. XrViIson. N. Y . . . . Terre I'IiII, . . . . . . Reading, . . . . New Tripoii . . . . Reading . . . . Reading . . . Hamburg . . . Bernharts . . . . IVIinersviIIe . . . . . . Reading . . . . Sinking Springs I ..... Mt. Penn . . . . Shiiiington . . . Red Lion Birdsbere Reading . . . . . Catasauqua Glenside. Reading r p MILLER, GRACE E. 2705 Locust Lane ..... MILLER, VIVIAN N. 1401 N. 14th Street .... MILLER, WILLIAM H. 5424 Raymond Street ........ . . . . . . West Reading, Pa. West Reading, Pa. . . . Reading, Pa. . . . . . . . . . . Shiiiington, Pa. . . . Stony Creek IVIiIIs, Pa. . . . . . Reading, Pa. . . . New York, N. Y. . . .. Richiand. Pa. ORC Hundred MORRISON, HENRIETTA E. 1522 Green Street ........... MOYER, DOROTHY Ll 846 Center Ave. ..... . MOYER, JEAN ........ PALMER. IDA I. 500 N. 11th Street PARKER. MIRIAM L. 459 Franidin Street ...... PERFECT. FREDERICK I-I. 1258 Penn Ave. .......... . POTTEIGER, RAY J. C. 109 Dana Street ..... REED, ROBERT R. 814 VVaInut Street Forty-two Harrisburg, Pa . . . . Reading, Pa Lanreldale, Pa Reading, Pa . . . . Reading, Pa . . . . Sheridan, Pa . . . . . . Reading, Pa Vvest Reading, Pa . . . . Wyomissing, Pa . . . . Wiikes-Barre, Pa . . . . Reading, Pa REESEI 261 RIDOU 1 101 RIITER 17 1 RUIH. I 20 1 SANGEF 55 C SAVIDG 125 1 SHEETZ. POSEY, I 1814 SHROYEI R. D. SMITH, I. Route STUMP, I 461 B1 SWARTZ. 1111 0 TAYLOR. I 516 E. ADAMS. G 20 Ric ADAMS, ALBRIGHT, 106 S, 1 Atsmctrr, 260 Cars ALLEN. 520 ALLEN. Jon 1225 P11 220 N. BALL. COR 1521 N, 425 01, BAR0. A100 500 sou, BECHTEL A 239 Ci BEHLER, fn 57 N. BEN 2n NIS. 209 NW 122 W BUYER, MQ, 00 3422 Rid IFR- w1L 016 R05 CAP0 15115220- nh . W 401 6th mg Spntlgg Pa N A ing- Pa. ,W 4-,req-y..,.A K mv, . . H- . V- -H-f---N --.-.-.H REESER ROBERT A 2614 Plulmay Terrace RIDOLFI RINALDO 1 1108 Mott Street RITTER FRANKLIN O 17 YV lVIam Street 20 Tyrone Ave SANGER ELIZABETH B 55 Coeyman Axe SAVIDGE, ESTHER A. 125 Pine Street ..... Mt Penn Peekville Fleetwood Kenliorst Rea ing Nutley N J Tamaqua, UMBERGER MARY E 5515 Lena Street UROSEVICH GEORGE T 119 Old Cranberry Street VIDINSKI FRANCES X 803 DeKalb Street VVALB VVILI IAM W 419 Fern Ave WFNTZEL GERALDINE 2104 Penn Ave. ...... . NVHITE, GERALD E. 226 Spruce Street .... Pluiladclplua Han eton Rea mg ..........VVestLawn . ' 4 """""'- - ,Pe ' ,............ . '. ',Pa ',Pa. ' 'I 'Pa Rln-.H,PAUL F' JR. -...""' ' ' Pa' V 1 .............. Bridgeport,Pa .......Snt- - A' Ol' 'Pe ' A .1 .Pa " " ' V. .... ' .,............ . ' ' A- Red , . . ., ,Pa Pa Pa Pa ..,,,.p0nCl Newh in p g tV1ls0n,mT1, Q . . . . . Terre Pai Poli- Pa. --..... Readmgpm Readinghpl. Hamlnnglpal Bemlqmgipa' . . . .. Jlinerssille, Pa, Reading, Pa, .....Si11liingSprings,Pa. lt. ..... . L ll. l. 5 ,.... TTA E L I ji H. C. t ...Wt Mt. Penn. Pa. S11illington,Pa. .....Re4ll.ion.Pa. . . . .. Binlslmoro. Pa- Reaclh1s-Pl Catasauqvat PH' Glengide. Readme- PH- Harrisltwe' Pa- Reaflhttpa' . . lilmelflalf- Pa' .. .. Reafling' Pa' Reflti- Pa' Sheridan' PB. Radius- Pa' west Reading' Pa' Iy0I1ll55ing' Pa xviliaflkffe' Pt Reading' Pa' SHEETZ, FAY L. ..... . POSEY, RICHARD B. 1814 Grand Blvd. . . . SHROYER, ELIZABETH R. D. No. 1 ........... SMITH, LUCY J. Route No. 5 ....... ST UMP, CHARLES D. 461 Birell Street .... SXVARTZ, MARION E. 1111 Maple Ave. TAYLOR. LOIS E. A 516 E. IVIain Street .. ADAMS. GLENN 20 Richmond Street . . ADAMS, LEE F. ......... . ALBRIGHT, EDMOND S. 106 S. 4tt1 Street .... ALBRIGHT, GERALD G. 260 Carsonia Ave. .. . ALLEN. FRANCIS A. 520 Heine Street ALLEN, JOHN C. 1225 Pilce Street .... BAILEY, GLENN V. 920 N, Front Street . . BALL, CORRINE S. 1521 N. 15tI1 Street . BARE, HAROLD L. 425 Cliestnut Street .. BARO, ANGELO J. 506 South 5rd Street . . . BECHTEL, MARY D. 259 Clymer Street . . . BEHLER, ROSEYIARIE 57 N. 2nd Street .... BENNIS, VVALTER J. 209 N. VVindsor Street BESHORE, GEORGE E. 122 VV. Pike Street . . BOYER, YIARJORIE O. 5422 Ridgeway Street BOYER, VVILBUR L. 1016 Rolueson Street ...... CAPOZELLO, HELEN IVI. 1506 Penn Ave. .... . CARSON, XVALTER VV. 401 N. 6tl1 Street ...... . . . . Xvest Lawn, . . . . Xfvyomissing, Pa. . . . . Hyndman, Pa. . . . Hagerstown, .. . Reading, Pa. . . . . Lancaster, Pa. Nloorestown, N. J. VVHITE, RICHARD S. 51 Oalc Lane ......... VVOYNAROVVSKI, JOHN 155 Soutlr 12tlt Street .. . . . VVest Reading, . ....Trenton,N.J. A. Reading, Pa. XVRIGHT, HELEN CAROL A. 248 IVIain Street ....... YEAGER, DOROTHY M. 818 Nortli 6t11 Street YEAGLEY, HEBER E. 626 N. 2nd Street .... ZIEGLER, ROBERT E. 548 Soutll 15tI1 Street .. SOPHOMORES . . . Fleetwood, Pa. . . . . Cveigertown, Pa, . . . . . . . Reading, Pa. . . . . . . NIL Penn, Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. . . . . . Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa. . West Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. Hamburg, Pa. Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. Laureldale, Pa. Reading, Pa. Wyeniiseing, Pa. Reading, Pa. CARVER, JAY D. R. D. No. I ....... CASPER, FRANK S. 1040 Franlclin Street .... CATTERMOLE, RICHARD 1226 Linden Street ..... 851 Mt Laurel Ave COCKING, KENNETH R. CLARKE, JOAN E. Johnstown, Pa. .. . Reading, Pa. .. . Reading, Pa. . . . . . Reading, Pa. . . . . Stony Creelc Mills, Pa. Reading, Pa. A. .....Reading,Pa. . . . . . Temple, Pa. 102 Tower St. Kingston ..... . . . Jamaica, B,VV.I. COCROFT, RONALD E. 425 NN. Cvreenwicli Street COOPER, HAROLD B. 1451 Linden Street ..... COOPER. JOHN E. 1509 Bircli Street .... DAVIS, B. JOY 604 E. 4V2 Street .... DAVIS, ELMER 1122 Exeter Street .... DEAM, JOHN 507 E. 1st Street . . . DEGLER, THELMA 1654 Mullaerry Street .... DELLE PALME, MARIE 500 N. 11tl1 Street DELP, JAMES D. 15tI1 S' Exeter Streets .. . DEPUGH, CHAUNCEY C. 555' Wyomissing Blvd. .. DERSH, JEROME 1408 N. l5t11 Street .... DEVVITT, DAVID 515 S. 5rd Street .... One Hundred Forty-tlwree .. . . . . . . Reading, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. Berwiek, Pa. Reading, Pa. Birdelaeie, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa. .. ...... Reading, Pa. Berkshire Heights . .... Reading, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa. DEXTER, RICHARD HOPPAUGH, SYLVA E. .. CaIi1'on, N. J. Mm. 1525 Paim Street DIEHM. DONALD 856 CI1urcI1 Street . .. DOMBRO. ROBERT .. . Reading, Pa. .. . Reading, Pa. 15 VVest 55t1'1 Street .... .... R eiffton, Pa. DOWNES, DORIS R. D. No. 6 .............. .... E ort Plain, N. Y EATON, BERNARD 85-55 115tI1 Street Richmond ITIi1I, Queens, N. Y. ERMY, LOUISE E. R. D. No. 1 .............. ESSLINGER, VIVIAN 2125 Nobie Street . .. EVANS, PHILIP 1507 Bern Street .... EVERS, ROBERT G. 22 Stuyvesant Ave. .. FEHR, JEAN 5 Endiich Ave. ........... . FIDLER, RAYMOND D. 859 Pear Street ....... FISHER, ALLEN M. 524 N. 12tI1 Street ......... FORNWALT, DONALD E. 2556 Perkiomen Ave. ..... . FOX, VIRGINIA 425 N. 10tI1 Street ....... FROMUTH, WILFRED D. 1005 N. 12t11 Street ...... FRY, MARY E. 126 N. 11t11 Street .... GETZ, MARVIN G. Main Street ................ GITTLEMAN, DONALD H . 606 N. 5rd Street ......... GLASS. EMMETT 278 E. Main Street .... GREBE, MARY M. 1506 Eckert Ave. ...,... . GREENBERG, HARRIET 219 Roydon Road ....... . GUISTVVITE, RAE 122 Reed Street ......... HAGMAYER, RICHARD F. 1220 N. 6tI1 Street ....... HECHLER, WILLIAM R. 107 Olive Street ....... HELLIVLAN, MIRIAM C. 55 South 6t11 Street .... HENRY, OWEN I. Box 20 .............. HERTZOG, GERALD 1241 AI1en Street HEYDT, JOHN R. 655 N. 15tI1 Street ..., HEYDT, LAMAR R. 655 N. 15tI1 Street ..... HILL, BETTY JANE Teinple, Pa. .... VV-es: Lawn, Pa. .. . Reading, Pa. Newark, N. J. Mi. Penn, Reading, Pa. ........ Reading, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. Newmanstown, Pa. . . . . . Reading, Pa. . . . .. Adamstown, Pa. . . . . . . Reading, Pa. .. New Haven, Conn. Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. W. Reading, Pa. . . . . . . Reading, Pa. .. New Berlinville, Pa. Alleniewn, Pa. Reading, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa. 544 Carsonia Ave. .......... .... R eading Pa HIMMELBERGER, ARTHUR 1115 Marion Street . ...... . HOLL. DOROTHY J. . . . . Reading, Pa. 1521 Dauphin Ave, .............. VVyomissing, Pa, HOLSCLAVV, THOMAS H. 602 N. 5rd Street ......... .... R eading, Pa. One Hundred HOSTER, PAUL R. D. No. 1 ............ HOTTENSTEIN, JOYCE R. 500 Sycamore Rd. ....... . HUBER. ELAINE F. 404 Oak Terrace .... HYMAN, ALLEN A. 1026 Walnut Street .... HYMAN, LE ROY 1026 VVaInut Street .... IBACH, PHYLLIS ........... ENGLEHART, NANCY C. NV. Reading, . Reading, Pa. W. Reading, Pa. . Reading, Pa. . Reading, Pa. .. EsterIy, Pa. Pa. 450 Sunset Rd. .......... .. . YV. Reading. Pa. JENSEN, PAUL 415 Frank1in Street ..... JOHNSON, DAVID E. 545 N. VVyomissing Ave. . . . . KALBACH, EDWARD B. 814 N. 5111 Sheet ........ KAUFETVIAN, J. MILTON Main Street ........... KEIM, EVANS R. 62 Norman Street ....... KERN, CARL 57 Wyomissing I-Ii1Is BIvd. ....... . KIEFFER, SCOTT H. 215 Jefferson Street ....... KIYONO, KAZUYE Seabrooke FHTHIS ......... .... KNAUER, BARBARA L. .. KOCHEL, FRANCES V. 809 BeImont Ave. . . . . LACKEY, LOIS A. 202 S. West Street .. . LAIRD, JUNE E. 511 S. 5rd Street LAKOW, GEORGE 629 Cortelyou Rd. ..... . LAMBERSON, GEORGE G. 584 Birch Street ....... LARKIN, THOMAS A. E. Center Street ..... LAUVER, ANNA L. LEVO, HAROLD F. 1715 EIizaIJet11 Ave. . . . . LEINBACH, BETTY JANE Brooke Manor ......... LEINBACH, JANET M. . 5555 Oley Turnpike Road LIDDICOAT, DONALD S. 201 N. 2nd Street ....... LIEB, KENNETH R. 415 Ann Street .... LONG, JEAN C. 1445 Cotton Street LYKENS, DONALD G. West Lawn. West Lawn, . Reading, Pa. S11iIIington, Pa. , . Reading, Pa. . Leesport, Pa Hyde Park, Reading, Pa. Seabrook, N. J. . Yardley, Pa. L8UT61d810, PEI Carlisle, Pa. Hamburg, Pa. Brooklyn, N. J. Te anec Ic , N. J. CentraIia, Pa .. Mi1:1Iin, Pa. LaureIdaIe, Pa Birdsboro, Pa. .....EsterIy,Pa . . . . . Reading, Pa VV. Reading, Pa . Reading, Pa R. NO. 1 .......... Birdgbgro, Pa MARKOWITZ, ABRAHAM 282 S. 9111 Street ........... .. . Reading, Pa MARKOWITZ, HERBERT B. 282 S. 9tI1' Street ........... Reading, Pa MARLOVV, VV ILLIAM R. 1627 Jackson Street ..... .... B aIti1nore, 01d MATTEN, NANCY L. 206 Jefferson BIvd. .... , , , Lincoln Park, Pa Forty-four ' Pa. Pa. 103 S- SSEI ME R, D. . M1LLER. JU 429 Sun ILLER. M 906-ARI JLER. St MIL2614 N. MORGAN. 29 Faire MOYER. FF' 121 W. MULI., IRV1 106 VV. NAHM, GE4 1511 NINIVAGGI 528 Vim O'CONNEL1 1013 Mo ORLANDO. 1545 Pei PATRICIAN 1407 N. PEARSALLJ 528 Che PLASKONO 44 E. N PORTER, H 208 E. 1 POWERS, I 119 W, PULLIS, H1 2453 Hi, RABUCK, 1 l 219 W, RATH. D011 R. D. N RAVITZ, RA 1606 Peg REBER, JAM 1157 Penn REED- CLA11 510 E, U, REICHLEIN, 1 1714 Perki 7'5 N. 111 REINHART' I: 527 Second ROSS, HELEN RUT1-127 Cleve! 95, JOYCE SARGE Hd - EIT "IS N. SAYLOR, F53 M2 Main Q SCHEIB, BARIQ 530 N SCHELL ' 'QI' SCH! 387 Pine Sl: v. CHIIIQH Y J Readlng Pa W Rea 'He Pa N Re, , Re. H CH 1 ster P Rea U, P ea r r rn on P Readm p I-festwrl P XVestLa p West Lawn P Hyde Park Readmg Pa Seabrook N J Yat ey 3 Laureldale Pa Carltsle Pa Hamburg Pa rooIrIyn N I eaneclc N I n a P ae P rrdsttoro P er md P W Readme P ea me P tr Show P ea me P e U' P ttm0ff Pa Lmco P11111 VIATZ PERRY M 105 S Wyomrssrn Ave MESSERSMITH ESIHER R D No 5 VIILLER JOHN W 129 Sunset Road MILLER RAYMOND 906 A Hampden BIVCI VIILLER SHIRLEY J 2614 N CaIvert Street MORGAN ROBERT L 29 ITHITCIIIICI Ave 'VIOYER FREDABERYL 121 VV Jackson Street MULL IRVIN W 106 VV 56tI1 Street NAHM GEORGE D 1511 N 12th Street NINIVAGGI JAMES R 528 Vrne Street O CONNELL JAMES M 1015 IVIoss Street ORLANDO SAMUEL P 1545 Perkromen Ave PATRICIAN JOHN H 1407 N I2tI1 Street PEARSALL BARBARA 528 CI1erry Street PLASKONOS MICHAEL 44 E Monroe Street PORTER HELEN CLAIRE 208 E IVIarIcet Street POVVERS MARK J 119 W Greenwich Street PULLIS HAMPTON A JR 2455 HrgI1Ia d Street RABUCK CHARLES D 219 W Main Street RATH DOROTHY R D No 1 RAVITZ RACHEL M 1606 Perkromen Ave REBER JAMES B JR 1157 Penn Ave REED CLAIR W 510 E Unron Street REICHLEIN ELAINE I 1714 PerIcromen Ave REIDER EDWARD K 715 N llttt Street REINHART DOLORES 527 Second Street ROSS HELEN G 1227 CIeveIancI Ave RUTH JOYCE IVI 956 N 11t.I1 Street SARGE BETTY 1115 N 12tIrt Street SAYLOR FORREST R 412 IVIa1n Street SCHEIB BARBARA L 550 N 12tI1 Street SCHELL S ARLENE SCHI EAR ERWINE J 587 Prne Street Slnllrngton Fleetwood NV Readrng Rea me Baltrrnore Md Morrrs Parns N J York Pa Rerffton P Readrng P Elrzabeth N J Readmg Readrng Readrng Readrng MeAdoo Vlalranoy Crty Readmg West Lawn Adamstown Sussex N J Readrng VVyomrss1ng Selnrylkrll Haven Readrng Readrng Stullrngton Wyomrssrng Readrng Readrng Kutztown ReacIrng IVI1I1'I1ntown W Readmg SCHVK ART7 JEAN 1400 Perkromen Ave SEIBERT VIOLETIIE 49 I'IewIett Ave SEISLER DOROTHY 1451 BrrcI1 Street SEIDEL ERMA M 5629 Ridgeway Street Sl-IOLLENBERGER EUGLNE K 521 N Front Street SIEBER HELEN 'VI SIEGFRIED PAUL 254 N 12tI1 Street SMII EY ARIANE AIJraI1am LmcoIn Hote SMITH BRYANT R 518 W IVIarIcet Street SMITH IRVIN C 955 N 10tI1 Street SNYDER DONALD G JR 5516 Ridgeway Ave Readrng P IVIerr1cIc L I N Y Reading I aureIdaIe Readmg 1I:II1ntown Readrng Rea mg WlIIlHmSt0WVH Readmg Readmg SNYDER ELDON D West Sand Lake N Y SNYDER JEANNE A 1609 IVI1neraI Spring Road ReacImg P SNYDER THOMAS R 121 S 4th Ave VV RCHITIDQ Pa SOI OMON IRWIN I'IoteI St George 51 CIarIc Street BrooIcIyn N Y SPATZ KENNETH 846 Vverser Street SPEICHER CHARLES W 524 Avenue B STAHLER JOSEPHINE 155 Locust Street STAVRIDES WILLIAM C 557 FTHHICIIH Street STEGMAN ERNEST R D No 5 STOKES MARY SWAVELY LESTER E JR 109 WaInut Street SWOPE PAULINE R D No 1 TELSEY NORMAN 2249 E 21st Street THOMAS RICHARD D 1147 N 9tI1 Street THOMAS ROBERT R 718 Locust Street THOMPSON BETTY HarcI1ng Road Box 106 TOBERMAN RALPH 117 Wrndsor Street TUCCI UMBERTO 122 Jefferson Street VOIG'I H WILLIAM 1519 IN 14tI1 Street WALTER KARL F R D No 5 VVEBER DALE S 1565 Locust Street WENGER JOAN R 5 Oxford Ave WERNER JOHN 14 Chestnut Street VVILDERMUTH GUY I 824 N 11tI1 Street One Hundred Forty Irve Read n Readrng Fleetwood W Reading Fleetwood BIIJSTJOTO Lock Haven Brooklyn N Y Readrng P Readrng Pa Vrneland N J Readrng Readrng Readrng Krrtztown Readmg Lrneoln Park Mohnton Rearlrng rl.. 1 D ' I7 A' . . "Q . ......... " .Pa. ' . .......... ', I ' "I , . . ..................... - ,PEL , I . .......... ' . ., ' I - - - , Xl- dhg, Pa- - ................. ' . D , PB. I ................... I , hdingpl L - . ............... cI' ,Pa. ' ' ' ..: ..,.... - , dlngipal .. ,. I ............ , . , . A l ' ' , H---Et. 1. I -- . ............ - 1-, .. , 5 W- tr... . A ' , ............ 1 ...., , , A j ' , . , ' I..' ........... d' , R l1'llg,Pa. . .................. ' , a. , v 'Swat . 3, ' . ' ................. -, a. , ' , ' 'e 3, 1 -' ............. - , . . f A ' ,ah 1 ' ............... ' ,Pe , ,' wn, al I I ' ............... ' ,Pa. I ' 'I .......... . ' , .a. ., I ......... A ........ ' ,Pa. I. ............. . ' , . -, I 1 ' ............... w. '- ,Pa A f . - - . .. . I ................ ,Pa-1. I I ""' . """"""' ig' .tt,P. 1 , - .. - , Q . ...i-..--".l . 'Pa' ....-.-...........--- P I , I I 'l I' .--'g'-'.... , 'Pa' .................. r " -' - . ' .,.. ' ........., ,rs ' '-----'------' - '- " ' ' 4 -I ' 'PEL . . . .............. . ' B ' ' ' . 1807 Penn Ave. ............ Wyomissing I'IiIIs. .T I -I . r. . ..... t .................. , . . , I U ' ' ' . ................ ' .Pa. I ..CetrIia,Pa. X , , , . .1 . .............. . H '... 3, . ................. ' ' ,PEL , ,,w1d,, .. 1 ' . - ' ..,... - ,rs j , Q , , J. . .................. , a. I at I . ................ D ,PEi. , , ' H...Est ly,Pa, . .................. I ,PEL I -4 1 ' I . ....KearI',,, tt. , n In 'Pa' 'I ' .Pa 1 ' ' . -..--.--.---- 3 .........,......,, -,Ps R 1 3. 4 . ................ V- r Pa- I. . .................. I , P8 I' Hd ' ah ' I . ................. ' , Pa. . '. . .. ................... .. . Pa. ' . ' .................. ' ,P R J, . at .................. ,Pa. , Q a r - A P . ......... ......... ' ,Pa . .................. . H- ...R8l1S- 8' ,M .............. " ,Pa. 'I ................ .. ,Pa ,.BaI' ,PIII J lr ..'. I .'.... i "'-., ' ' ,Pa, . . I ............. .. ' .Pa - In " ' WITMAN, DONALD 559 Chestnut Street ........ VVITMAN, JACK HENRY 191 VV. IVIain Street ...., WOLF, FRED C. JR. 144 Sixih Ave. S. ANLIAN, EDWARD 527 18tI1 Street ...... ANSBACH, MARK L. 1159 N. 15111 Street BAILEY, DAVID P. 569 Norway Street .. . BAIR, ROBERT A. Park Crest ............ BALDAUF, RICHARD J. 224 VV:-1verIy Street ...... BALDWIN, WILLIAM C. 754 Madison Ave. .. .. BATDORF, ROBERT L. 858 N. 11tI1 Street ........... BAUMGAERTEL, G. GEORGE, 4701 Rising Sun Ave. ...... . BAUSHER, RICHARD A. 1415 Gar1:ieId Ave. .... . BAYLEY, JOHN T. 852 Pear Street ........ BEYERLE, STEWART M. 1548 IVIuIIJerry Street .... BICKEL, DAVID K. 941 N. 5rd Street .... BIRD, FRANK E. JR. 105 AIIen Street ..... BITLER, PAUL R. 204 Rose Street ........ BLOOM, SEYMOUR M. 1214 Eckert Ave. ..... . BOTT. LAWRENCE M. 1212 Linden Street BOVVER, GLENN L. 627 Ames Piace .... BUYER. LILLIAN Cv. 958 Bircim Street .... BRATFON, BEI IY J. 5025 Centre Ave. .. BRAUN, JAMES R. '544 N. 10111 Street ..... BRENNAN, DONALD J. 404 E. 1st Street ......... BRESLER, BEVERLY D. 512 Linden Street ...... BRETZ. CARL V. R. D. No. 1 ........ BRUNO, DOMINIC R. 425 Eim Street ............ BURKHART, DOROTHY M. I 518 Main Street ............. CHAMBERS, RICHARD K. .IR. 1022 Penn Ave. ................ . CHANIN, DORIS J. 25 Centrai Park VV. . . W. Reading, Pa. . Adamstown, Pa. St. Petersburg, Fia. VVOODRING, LEONARD R. 818 N. Front Street ..... YOUNG, THOMAS G. 1208 N. Front Street .... ZERBE, ROBERT W. 921 Pear Street ..... FRESHMEN CHELIUS, ELIZABETH M. Union City, N. J. 1122 Union Street ..... . Reading ...... York . . BarnesviIIe, .. Si1iIIington . . . Reading . . . . Reading . . . . PI1iIadeIpI1ia Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa CHELIUS, RAYMOND C. 210 I'IancocIt Bivd. ..... . CHRISTMAN, JUNE M. E. Main Street ........... CIZEVVSKI, WALTER F. 244 Baiand Ave. ...... . CLARK, MARJORIE A. 154 W. Oley Street ........ CLARKE, THOMAS L. 851 IVIt. Laurei Ave. CLAWGES, WILLIAM S. 724 Locust Street ...... COLLEN. WILLIAM L. R. F. D. No. l ....... COOMBS, JANET M. Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. Reading, Pe. Reading, Pe. .. Centerperi, Pe. Wiikes-Barre, Pa. Reading, Pa. . Tempie, Pa. Reading, Pa. AveriII Park, N. Y. . . . . VVyomissing, Pa 1009 Park Ave. . . . . . . . . S. Tempie, Pa. COOMBS, WILLARD B. . . . Reading, Pa. 1009 Park Ave. .......... S. Tempie, Pa. COSTENBADER, JOYCE M. Reading, Pa. 819 Deiaware Ave. ..... Paimerton, Pa. COURTNEY. M. ANN .. . Reading, Pa. 408 Silerwood Street ..... . . SI1iIIington, Pa. CUNNINGHAM, GRACE M Netcong, N. J. 77 Hackensack Street ......... E. Rutilerford, N.. J. DAVENPORT, SARAH A. Reading, Pa. 507 Fran1cIin Street ...... Hamburg, Pa. DEIBERT, JEAN A. Reading, Pa. 25 BIargaretta Stl . .. .... ScI1uyIIciII I'Iaven, Pa. DEIST, ROBERT P. . . . . . . . Reading, Pa. 1802 EIizaIoetI'1 Ave. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LaureIdaIe, Pa. DELEWSKI, LAWRENCE R. Nfviniamspofti PH- 509 S. 15tI1 Street ..... A ..... .... R eading, Pa. h DERSHEWITZ, IRVING ' ' ' ' ' Readmg' Pa' 2429 EndIicI1 Ave. . . . . Reading, Pa. Som 4 P1 DETURCK, FERN E. ..... ..... O Iey, Pa. me" " DEVINE, FRANCIS E. Reading Pa 925 Butlonwood Street Reading, Pa. ' ' l ' ' DIAZ, ARTHUR Birdsboro Pa' 11 E. Leiligil Street .... Coaidaie, Pa. DOHNER, JOHN F. -I ' Reading, Pa- 827 Washington Street .... .... R eading, Pa. DOUTY, SHIRLEY L. H 1 Nlarysvine, pa- 515 Park Ave. ......... ..... A Itoona, Pa. DROPKIN, MORTON Reading, Pa' 280 Piermont Ave. Nyack, N. Y. DUFFY, EUGENE E. , Birdsboi-0, Pa, 12 N. Broad Street I'IazIeton, Pa. DUNLOP, ARTHUR H. Wyomissing, Pa. Greenfieids ........... Reading, Pa. EITZEL, ROBERT J. New Yoric, N..Y. 1014 Eim Street .... .... R eading, Pa. One Hundred Forty-six 5,1 twice ENQCH, 5551 RTEL' E 1101 RVIN, E 1446 FAUSNP 104' FEEI-EYq 207 FISHER., 647 FLICKIN 215' FRANTZ 158 1 FRIEDNI 2534 FROMUI 1224 FUNK. E 1455 GANSIE 30 A GEIGERQ Pine GOOD. 1 246 I GOUNDI 205 GREEN, 77 Pi GREEN. 217 I GULDIN 1606 GUSS, IV 951 I HACKEIN 104 1 IIAGGLI 4045 HALLER 1655 HALPRI1 8 W HARNLY 1519 HARRIS, 106-1 HEBERL 18 N 1413 HENRY, HESS, G 2038 HILL, El - 137 1 IIOFFMA V 1409 227 HUMME 1003 EMES, WILLIAM R. 6 Cambridge Ave. . . . ENOCH, THOMAS J. 555 S. SterIey Street .. . ERTIEL. DONALD A. 1101 N. 9tI1 Street .... ERVIN, JAMES A. 1446 Moss Street ......... FAUSNAUGHT, JOHN T. 104 Grand Street ....... FEELEY, JAMES D. 207 VV. Coal Street ....... FISHER, MARGARET C. 647 TuIpeI1ocIcen Street .... FLICKINGER, JOHN VV. JR. 215 Spruce Street ......... FRANTZ, VVILLIAM T. 158 Broad Street .......... FRIEDMAN, EUGENE H. 2554 CumI:terIand Ave. . . . FROMUTH, JAMES C. 1224 Green Street ..... FUNK, ERVVIN D., JR. 1455 GarfieId Ave. . . . . GANSTER. WILLIAM-J. 50 Arlington Street ...... GEIGER, CHARLES W. Pine Street ........... GOOD, ELMER L. 246 Front Street ..... GOUNDER, JACK B. 205 Brotmst Street .... GREEN. CALVIN E. 77 Park Road ...... . . . GREEN, CHARLES R. 217 Center Street ...... GULDIN, HOVVARD J. 1606 N. 12tI1 Street . . . GUSS, MARK T. 951 OIey Street ........... HACKENBERRY, J. RICHARD 104 Logan Street ......... I-IAGGLUND, LAURA I. 4045 GIencIaIe Street HALLER, DONALD F. 1655 CI1isIett Street .... HALPRIN, ARTHUR E. 8 WBSBIJIIFH PI. ..... . HARNLY, ALBERT E. 1519 GarI:ieId Ave. .. HARRIS, ETHEL D. 106-18 Liberty Ave. HEBERLING, RICHARD L. 18 N. 25tI't Street ......... HENDRICKSON, EARL B. 1415 Hampden BIvd. HENRY, THOMAS E. HESS. GEORGE E. 2058 Reading Ave. . HILL, ETHEL M. 157 E. Penn Ave. ..... . HOFFMAN, ROBERT B. 1409 Linden Street ...... HUGHES, ROBERT J. 227 Brotxst Street ....... HUMMER, GEORGE B. 1005 S. Queen Street . . . . . . . LincoIn Park, Pa. . . . . SI1iIIington, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa . . . . DanviIIe, Pa Shenandoah, Pa Reading, Pa . . . . . . VV. Reading. Pa. .. . VViIIiamstown, Pa . . . . . Reading, Pa. . . . . Reading, Pa .. . Vvyomissing, Pa Reading, Pa. Amsterdam, N. Y. Lititz. Pa. SI1iIIington, Pe. Vvyomissing Hills, Pn. Tamaqua, Pn. Reading, Pe. Reading, Pa. Lewistown, Pa .. Philadelphia, Pe. . . . PittsIJurgI1, Pa Cnldwell. N. J . . . Vvyomissing, Pa OZOIIC PEITIC, . . . . . Reading, Pa . . . . . . Reading, Pa . . . . StonersviIIc, Pa W. Lawn, Pa Rebesnnin, Pa . . . . . Reading, Pa Shillingtnn, Pa York,Pa HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM K. 1024 N. 5tt1 Street ...,...,.. ...... R eading, JOHNSON, SHIRLEY L. 49 Barney Street ....... VViIIces-Barre, JOHNSON, WINIFRED L. 1211 Gregg Ave. ....,.. .... R eading. KAEBNICK. WARREN W. 447 VV. Main Street .... .... S omerset, KAESE, VVERNER E. 9tI1 8 Windsor Streets BerIcsI1ire I'Its., KANE. THOMAS G. 1017 N. 4tI1 Street .... .... R eading, KAST, BARBARA D. 118 S. I'IopIcins Street ..... Sayre, KEENER, GEORGE W. 827 McKnigI1t Street ..... .... R eading, KEPHART, HARRY M. 595 N. Evans Street .... Pottstown, KIDD, THOMAS I. 555 VV. VVaInut Street .... .... S ItiIIington. KILLIAN, CALEB L., III 525 IVIcKnigt1t Street .... .... R eading, KOCH, RICHARD H. 107 Revere BIvd. LincoIn Park, KOHL. KENNETH K. - 508 S. Sterley Street .... .. SI1iIIington, KOPP, LAMAR W. 550 VV. Cottage PIace ..... ....... Y orIc, KOSKULITZ, BERNARD S. 116 Putnam Street ........ .... VV . I'IazIeton, KOSTRAB, JOHN F. 65 Sheridan Street .... VViIIces-Barre, KRECKER, BRUCE D. 54 First Ave. ........... . . . Red Lion, KRIEBEL, OSCAR S., JR. 420 Derstine Ave. ........ ...... L ansdaIe, KROENIC, FRANK J., JR. 504 FranItIin Street ..... VV. Reading, KUBISEN, JOSEPH S. 2601 E. CIearI:ieId St. . PI1iIadeIpI1ia, KURTZ, ELVA M. 610 Byram Street ............ Pennside, Reading, LANDIS, RICHARD A. R. D. No. 1 .......... ..... N VernersviIIe, LEVAN C. VVILLIAM 7 E. EIm Street ...... .. SI1iIIington, LEWIS, VVILLIAM F. 1404 Fern Ave. .................... Reading, LICHTENBERGER, BARBARA 1517 Vvayne Ave. ....... ..... Y orIc LIEBERMAN, CALVIN 959 N. 10tIm Street ....... .,.. R eading, LOCKNER, ARTHUR VV., JR, 5814 Vvinner Ave. .......... .... B aItimore, LOYER, C. HERBERT 544 Second Ave. ........ .... H anover, LYMAN, MARJORIE A. 806 VVestmoreIancI Ave, , NorIoIIc, MACLATCHIE, VIVIAN M. 4822 Kutztown Road ..... ..... T empIe MALINOWSKI, WALTER L. 226 N. Vvest Street .. .......... . SIISHHHCIOHII MALLOW, RICHARD D. ..... Stony Creek Mills MARACANI, JAMES P. 525 E. CranI'Jerry,Ave. ............. I'IazIeton MARQUETTE, JOHN B., JR. 429 Oak Terrace ................ VV. Reading, One Hundred Forty-seven Pa. Pa Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa Pa. Md. Pa Va Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa MATTER, HAROLD E. Box 97 ................ MCFARLAND, DOROTHY M. 757 N. FranIcIin Street MCKENNA, JOHN J. 115 CoaI Street ....... MCKINNEY. ROBERT E. 216 Muitmerry Street ........ . . MCLAUGHLIN, ALMA R. 95 Freedom Ave. ....... . MECH, FREDERICK G. 5401 Gough Street ...... MELLINGER, MARY JANE 520 Gregg Street ........ MENGEL. JAMES L. 1158 Perry Street ..... MERCIER, ALFRED R. 87 E1ICins Street ........ MESSER, RICHARD J. . . Loyaiton, Lancaster, Fort Cartoon . . . Reading .. Burnham, . . . .... BaItimore, SI1iIIington, Fa Fa Fa Pa Pa Md. Pa. . . . . Reading, Fa FranIcIin, N. H 847 Muhientnerg Street ..... .... R eading, Fa. MEST, AROBERT R. 821 Wainut Street .... Reading, Fa. MILLER, JANICE M. 817 CaIcIweII Ave. ..... .. Portage, Fa. MILLER, ROBERT VV. 112 Endiich Ave. ..... . Mt. Penn, Pa. MOERDER, HAZEL K. ..... ..... N ew RinggoIcI, Pa. MORFY, ANTHONY E. 605 Raitroad Street ...... ..... T amaqua, Pa. MORGAN, G. BEVERLY 407 PaImer Street ........ . . . Fiymouth, Pa. MOSER, ROBERT E. 49 Main Street ........ .... L eesport, Pa. NACE, JAIVIES R. 524 VV. FhiIadeIphia St. ........ ....... Y orIc, Fa. NEUROTH, A. FREDERICK, JR. 580 Sunset Road ............... VV. Reading, Pa. OXENREIDER, ELVVOOD J. Box 5 .............................. TempIe, Fa. PATT, JOHN F. .............. Stony Creek MiIIs, Pa. PEDOTA, CIRIACO F. 221 Liherty Street ....... .... L ong Branch, N. J. PIERCE, PATRICIA A. 125 Spring VaIIey Road . .. ....... Tempie, Pa. PLYIVIYER, EDWARD J. Penn Ave. ....... West Lawn, Pa. POTTS, HEISTER 200 N. 10th Street ...... .... R eading, Fa. RAEZER, STANLEY F. 651 Weiser Street .... .... R eading, Pa. REBER, BRUCE A. 1112 N. 15th Street . . . ...... Reading, Pa, REEVES, JOSEPH 22 I'IiIIcrest Ave. .......... .... F hiIacIeIpI1ia, Pa. REIMSNIDER, BEVERLY A. R. NO. 1 .............. . . , Hanover. REIN. CLETA J. 502 Cieveiand Ave. . ............. MiIton, Fa. REISS, EARL F. 401 Fairview Street ...... Hyde Vitia., Reading, Fa. RESIDE, JOHN P., JR. 1525 Liherty Street .......... Harrisburg, Pa. REYNOLDS, E. JANE 710 Enderiy Drive .... Aiexandria, Va, RHOADS, CHARLES D. 2525 Fairview Ave. ....... Mt. Penn. Reading, Pa. RICKENBACH, STERLING S. R. D. No. 1 ............ . . ....... Reading, Fa RIEMONDI, VVILLIAM H. .... .... O Iey VaIIey, Fa ROLAND, DAVID H. 1508 N. 12th Street ...... ROLAND, FREDERICK H. P. 1508 N. 12th Street ......... ROLAND. RICHARD B. 617 N. Front Street .... RONEY. JANE P. Fairfield G Chester Roads ROSEN. FRED 96 E. 59th Street ............ ROTHERMEL, RICHARD L. 125 N. Richmond Street .. ROWE. JOHN W. 57 Chestnut Street ....... SANTASPIRT, SAMUEL 506 Elm Street ........ SAVAGE, BETTY M. R. D. No. 1 ............ SCHAEFFER, GERALD D. 158 South 8th Street ..... SCHARTEL, ALBERT P., JR. 1116 Greenwich Street . . . SCHIEFER, HARRY P. 925 Birch Street ....... SEISLER, EDVVARD P. 1451 Birch Street ...... SHELLEY, DONALD E. 57 S. Vvyomissing Ave. .. SIMON. VVILLIAM H. 1414 Gartieid Ave. ..... . SMOLINIK, STANLEY J. 1701 Cotton Street ..... SNOOK, JOHN E. 401142 VaIIey Street .... SONEN, RALPH P. 509 Spring BIvd. ....... . STAPLETON, ROBERT H. 1557 N. 11th Street ....... STECH. BRUCE R. Reading. Fa Reading. Pa . . . Reading, Pa Devon, Pa Paterson. N. J Fleetwood. Fa Mohnton, Pa. .. . Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. . . . Reading. Pa. . . . Reading, Pa. . . . Reading, Fa. . . . Reading, Pa. . . . Shiiiington, Pa. .. . Wyomissing, Pa. .. . Reading. Pa. . . . . . Lewistown, Pa. Tarpon Springs, Fla. Reading, Pa. 511 Madison Ave. ....... Hyde Crest, Reading, Pa. STEELY, STEWART L. 49 KeppeI Ave. ................... VV. Lawn, Pa. STEVENSON, DONALD R. 1555 N. 10th Street ...... STEWART, RICHARD C. 418 N. 6tI1 Street ..... STOUDT, EUGENE J. - R. D. No. 1. Box 1552 ..... STOUDT, RALPH J.. JR. STREMBA, WILLIAM R. 505 S. 5rd Street ......... STRICKLER, PATRICIA A. SVVAVELY, J EANNE L. 979 New HoIIand Road .... SWEETAPPLE. RONALD A. 120 N. Front Street ....... TAUB, STANLEY 1614 N. 15th Street ...... TAYLOR, ROBERT B., JR. . . . Reading. Pa. . . . Reading, Fa. . . . Reading. Pa. MiIford, N. J. . . . Reading. Pa. . . . Sheridan, Pa. . . . Reading, Pa. . . . FranIcIin, Pa . . . Reading, Fa 5 Fritztown RCI. ................. Lincoin Park, Pa TEMPLETON, THEODORE C. 450 South 5th Street .......... ..... R eacting, Fa THOMPSON, JOYCE A. 1624 Deiaware Ave. .... Wyomissing, Pa One Hundred Forty-eight NKIN. TO 76146 CH. 1 ULRQ 313 UME515 S VALEND 507 G VANHOUI 005 1 VOIGT. 5 1519 A VOIGTI I' 1519 1 WAGNEF 1 0x1 WAGNEF 212 B1 WALKER, 840 V1 AUGE, KE 58 Stal BEAVER, J 1545 D BENEVFF. 1110 C BHLER. V1 407 E. BOWERS. 551 N. BOYER. T1 450 S. BURKEY. F 3428 A BUSH. LEG 505 H11 CHUBB. JC R. D. 1 CORRIGAIN COTE, LEC 2254 N DAVIS, W1 107 Pe, DRESHER, 1042 N DUNITZ, 14 1500 Alsa EVANS, JA EV 656 C01 ANS, jg 1507 B, 8261115 FREDERIC1 G '04 w. ATTER1 HPNGEN 217 HAMSNESS 536 C.. TONKIN JANET G 76 Heck Ave ULRICH EUGENE R 229 VV IVIa1n Street UMBENHAUER ELMER 515 Second Street VAI ENZA BARBARA R 507 Garden Street VANHOUTEN ROBERT J 605 Vrne Street VOIGT ALVI O 1519 N 14t11 Street VOIGT DAVID Q 1519 N 14t11 Street WAGNER KENNETH A 1 Oxford Ave WAGNER VVILLIAM A 212 Brotmst Street VVALKER WILLIAM P 840 VV CoIIege Ave AUGE KENNETH G 58 State Street BEAVER JAMES W 1545 Dauphin Ave BENE-VIT EARL W 1110 Chestnut Street BITLER WILLIAM E 407 E 1st Street BOXNERS RICHARD D 531 N 2nd Street BOYER 'THOMAS K 430 S 15tI1 Street BURKEY RICHARD C 5428 ArImgton Street BUSH LEGRAND E JR 505 H111 Ave R D No 1 CORRIGAN ROBERT M COTE LEONARD G 2254 Northmont BIvd DAVIS WILLIAM J 107 Perkasle Ave DRESHER NORMAN 1042 N 10111 Street DUNITZ HOWARD I 1500 A1sace Road EVANS JAMES K 656 Center Ave EVANS JOHN R 1507 Bern Street FIELD ROBERT R 826 Madison Ave FREDERICK RAY E 104 VVasI1rngton Ave GATTER LEONARD E 530 If IVIt Airy Ave HANGEN IAMES A 217 CI1apeI Terrace HARKNESS THOMAS 556 Center Ave R Ocean Grove N J Adamstown Pa Stnlhngfon Pa Vtount Holly N J Borwlok P Roadlng P Reading Llnooln Park Slnlhngfon Yor VVERLEY IOI-IN D 1550 N 15111 Shoot WESNER WILLIAM L 928 SoutI'1 5rd Ave VVHITE I-I Donald 120 Redwood Street YEAKEL JAMES W 143 Monroe Ave YOCUM JOYCE A 200 Perkasre Ave BOCUM JOHN W 911 N sth Street YOST GEORGE A R D No 1 ZERVANOS AI EXIS J 519 Sunset Road 7I'VIMERMAN HAROLD L Reading W Roadlng Warren VV Hazleton W Lawn Roadlng Shoomakorswllo W Roadrng 5 50 Duke Street EpI1rata ZITZMAN MANFRED S 1755 PortIand A e VV Wyomrssrng EVENING CLASSES Stullmgton P Wyomrssmg Reading Brrdsboro Reading Readmg Laure1daIe Readmg I:Ieetwood JacIcsonwaId Readmg Woof Lawn Readmg Read m g Readmg Reactmg Readmg Ephrara Ph1Iac1eIpI1 a Readmg Read m g One Hundred HARRISON REX Green HIHS House R D N HART HARRY L R D No I HOOPES DARI INGTON JR 1521 Greenvlew Ave KAKOS FRANK S 1417 N 15tI1 Street KARPFN VVII LIAM 141 Pear Street KEARNEY JOHN M 1911 EI1zaI9etI1 Ave KING MARTIN L 1180 E. 04th Street KOENIG EARL C I ERC1-I CONSTANCE N LEVVIS PHILEMAN L 1515 H111 Road PRINGLE MARGARET L RIEGNER P1-111113 A 036 I'Iam1Iton PI RITFENHOUSE JAMES R R D No 1 SCHELL RICHARD R 107 South 6t11 Street SEIP WARREN R SHEETZ NICHOLAS J 440 XKXIIIIJSOI' Street SHELLABEAR WILLIAM H 524 N 5111 Sweet SHERMAN RICHARD B 1510 IVT1neraI Spring Road SHINE WILLIAM E R D No 1 VAN I IEVV LEOIN T 116 SoutI1 4tt1 Street VVOMMERT SHIRI EY L 0 IVIoI1nton Bnrdsboro Readmg Readmg Readrng I aureIdaIe ii BrooIcIyn N Y Bernvllle Ream-Img Stony Creek IVIIIIS Wyomlssrng Readmg Readrng Leesport Readm g Readmg Readmg PerIc1omenv1I1e Readmg 501 Ersenbrown Street Hyde Vllla Readrng ZANDER CHRISTIAN 505 NV E1m Sheet St11II1ngton Forty nme -'-f---------- ' . .. A g ............... .. ' ,Pa . ' l ............... , . 7. , .. ............ . ' ,Pa " , . ' ' ,Pa , .. F' . ,Pa ' I ..... .............. ' , a. , ' '. ................ . ,Ra. , . I ................. ' , a. ,. D ................... ' ,Pa. 1 . . ................. ' ,Pa. , . .................. f ' ,Pa. ' A ..... f .......... - ,Pa. ' A ..f ............ . -,Pa , .... ............. " ,Pi-1. TL , - ....... l ............. ,Pa ,. .. .................. IC.Pa. , v. ....... . ' ' ,P. , 4 ................ " , a. ,' , . . .1 .... .. ,Pa. ' ' . I. .....,....... " ,Pa. ., . . ................... . ' ,Pa. , i ............... ' , Pa. , T . .......... ' , Pa. '. .' ................. ' ,Pa. L, . I ................ ' ,Pa. , . L, A L. " . .........,........ ' ,Pa. .................... ' ,Pa. 7, . I ................. ' ,Pa. i' C. .............. . ,Pa. ' ' I ............. ,Pa. ' ... I ........,...... . . . , ., . , . .................. . ' ,Pa. ' . ...................... ' ,Pa. 'A V, A . CHUBB, JOHN R. 1016 Green Street .................. Reading, Pa. . . . ..................,.. ,Pa , , , . ......... ,Pa. l A' ..................... ' ,Pa. , , , . ..... ' ,Pa. . .............. ' ,Pa. , -A l . , ,' ' . ............... ' ' ,Pa. ' . ............... ,Pa. 1 , , , . . . ....................... ' ,Pa. . . ................ ' ,Pa. , . I ................. ' ,Pa , .................... . ,PH. , - ------ A --------'---- 'Pa' ' f .................., - ,Pa ' - ' ................. - ,Pa , A I .................. ' ,Pa. . ' ..L .... J ............ ' ,Pa. . ' -. .................. ' ,Pa. 1' ' ' ............ ' .Pa. I ' g . .............. ,Pa. .l . I . .... 1 .............. ' ' ,Pa. - :AI . - In ...,.,,,, ' i,Pa. L -4, T I ............... .. ' ,Pa ,I I ................. ' ,Pa. 7 ' ' J .... ' , ' ,Pa , . ................... ' ,Pa. , - L -------------'- 'n -Pa- pCl,fl'0l'L age ln acknowledgement of tliose persons wbo bave so generously contributed to Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Rev. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. lVlr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. tlle first of a new line of annual publications. ancl Mrs. William F. Abrams . .l'liclcsville, l... l., N. Y. and Mrs. R. F. Albright ...... and Mrs. Clarence E. Angstaclt and Mrs. D. P. Bailey ....... . . . . .Sl1illington, Pa . . . . . . .Reading, Pa . ....... Yorlc, Pa . . . . .Sb.illington, Pa .......Reading, Pa . .Pl1iladelpbia, Pa .. .Mt. Pleasant, Pa .. . . . .Reacling, Pa VV. l'l. Bilinslci ........ Mt. Vernon, N. Y Edwin A. Binder ..... Farmingdale, N. Y . . . .Netcong, N. .l. . . . . . .Reacling, Pa Howard Bollinger ....... Aquasliicola, Pa Jolm Baldaui ........ ..... Albert E. Ball .............. and Mrs. George Baumgaerrel, Sr. and Mrs. William Beal, Sr. . . . and Mrs. Van D. Bennett .... . and Mrs. and Mrs. Franlc E. Bird ............ and Mrs. Artliur Bloom .... and Mrs. and Mrs. and lVlrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Clarence and lVlrs. and Mrs. Harold R. Bergstrom ..... West Lawn, Pa lrwin Bower .......... Williamsport, Pa Adam F. Bl'llSCl'1 ...... Vvest Reading, Pa R. Burnett ........... Farmingdale, N. Y .lobn W. Cattermole ..... Royersiorcl, Pa .lobn E. Cooper .....,...... Reading, Pa Gordon Cunningbam, HE. Rutlxerford, N. rl C. R. Douty ............... Altoona, Pa L. Ebbert ..... .... VN 7yomissing, Pa F. Stuart Felir .............. Reading, Pa Franlclin Felter ..... Ridgefield Parlc, N. rl Russell W. Frederick ...... Sliillington, Pa Samuel G. Fry .... rl. Gable ....... Robert W. Glass .. Raymond H. Good Morris Green ............. and Mrs. and Mrs. Edmund ancl Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. . . . . . .Reacling, Pa . . . .Sl1illington, Pa . . . . . . .Adamstown, Pa . . . .West Reading, Pa . .New Yorlc, N. Y Walter W. l'laller ......... Pittsburgb, Pa Robert Vvm. Harris Leon Heberling . . . l. S. Henry ..... . Bruce D. Hoffman Etliel Hoppaugll ........ and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. V. W. and lvII'S . Harry House .. Earl I-lllbel' ....... George A. Hummer Harry A. .lolmson Robert H. .lolmson . .lobnson ......... Harry KRUEIUHD . . .Ozone Parlc, N. Y Penn. Pa New Berlinville, Pa .........Reacling, Pa . . . . .Caliion, N. rl . . . . .Broolclyn, N. Y .Vvest Reading, Pa .........Yorlc, Pa . . . .Sl'uillinglon, Pa .... . . . .Reacling, Pa . . . . . .Willces-Barre, Pa ........ .l..eesport, Pa Mrs. Elizabetb'A. Krim ..... Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Rev Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Rea Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. malcing tbis CUE . .West Lawn. Pa. . . . .Sl1illington, Pa. . . . .l..emoyne, Pa. . . . . . .Reacling, Pa. ..Lincoln Parlc, Pa. . . . .l..aureldale, Pa. . . . .l..ansclale, Pa. . . . .Baltimore, . . . .Sl1illington, Pa. Farmingdale, N. Y. . .Farmingdale, Pa. . . . . . . . . .l.oyalton, Pa. Frank VV. Mccleary ..... Harrisburg, Pa. . . . . . . .Catasauqua, Pa. . . . . . . .l..aureldale, Pa. Vvest Reading, Pa. New Ringgold, Pa. . . . . . . . .Boonton, N. rl. . .... Plymoutb, Pa. . . . . . . . . . .Reading, Pa. . . . . . .Reading, Pa. ... . . . . .XfVarren, Obio Malxanoy City, Pa. Malcolm Price .......... Mt. Carmel, Pa. . . . . . .West Lawn, Pa. lvan W. Reed ...... Scbuyllcill Haven, Pa. Harold l'l. Reeser ............ Reading, Pa. Lambert H. Rebr .... ..... R eading, Pa. Harry Rosen ............ Paterson, N. J. Wilford M. Scliappell ...... Reading, Pa. New Yorlc City. N. Y. l'l. l... Snyder ............... Reading, Pa. lvlorris J. Solomon .. .... Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . .l..ancaster, Pa. . . . . .Franlclin, Pa. . . . . .Reading, Pa. . . . .Vineland. N. J. Walter B. Tbompson . ..... Reading, Pa. Lloyd H. Van Houten ....... Berwiclc. Pa and Mrs. C. lden Kidd .. . . Cora E. Kimmel ........ and Mrs. A. A. Kissinger . and Mrs. Howard E. Kocli ..... and lVlrs. Warren l'l. Kocbel and Mrs. Oscar S. Kriebel .... . and Mrs. Clrarles C. Kyle . and Mrs. Homer R. LeVan ..... . C. l..oel1rs ............. ..... William C. Loebrs ....... and Mrs. VVm. E. Matter and Mrs. and Mrs. Tbomas McKittriclc and Mrs. Wm. F. Miller, Jr. and Mrs. Wm. Z. Miller .... and Mrs. Claude E. Moerder and Mrs. Paul Morfogen and Mrs. Winfield S. Morgan, Jr and Mrs. Alfred rl. O'Neill . . . Rosalind B. Painter .... and Mrs. H. S. Pierce . and Mrs. Albert Porter .. . and Mrs. and Mrs. Hampton A. Pullis ding Street and Railway Company and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Herbert Silberman . . and lVlrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Oliver J. Scliwartz and Mrs. F. A. Sweetapple and Mrs. Benjamin Taub and Mrs. C. B. Tbompson . ancl Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Une Hundred Fifty Arnulf Woerle ............ lVlt. Penn, Pa THE CUE STAFF MARY JANE THOMPSON. Editor. AARON TAUB, Bus. Mgr. Litera Publi' Creah Pre-I Englii Germ Spani Secon Teact Philos Ethics Psych Religi Histoi Politii. Pre-L Busini Econo l Y ALBHIBHT EULLEEE READING, PENNA. Founded in 1856 HARRY V. MASTERS, A.M., PH.D., LL.D., President Literature Public Speaking Creative Writing Pre-Library English, French German Spanish, Greek Secondary Education Teacher Training Philosophy Ethics Psychology Religion, Bible History Political Science Pre-Legal Fully Accredited Curricula Representative Courses Offered . Accounting, Finance Business Law, Statistics ' Marketing Insurance Sociology Social Service Pre-Ministerial . Mathematics, Physics Zoology Botany Geology Biology Physiology, Hygiene Anatomy Bacteriology Embryology Business Administration Pre-Medical Economics For Information, address: NEWTON S. DANFORD, Pre-Dental Pre-Veterinary Pre-Nursing Degree Course in Nursing Laboratory Technology Inorganic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Physical Chemistry Industrial Chemistry Home Economics General 8: Vocational Industrial Home Eco. Nutrition, Clothing Fine Arts Music, Voice Piano, Organ, Violin Conducting Director of Admissions ME For 71 Years the I eezafziw Department Store in Berks County A PENNSYLVANIA INSTITUTION ESTABLISHED IN 1876 One Hundred Fifty one vo nov l M, I COMPLIMENTS OF READING CLOTHING MFG. CO. 500 NORTH SRD STREET READING, PA. Q35 O H clred Fifty-two A X M-4 ,,,.. Top, B01 LAI PAKKMAN ,iii Bellevl 153 NOR'l Soda The I Emerg 1 T S X 4. M. W. BAMFORD, INC. Reading Ice Cream CO. flpothecaries The Peer of Them All 8 S- STH ST- READING, PA. 551-555 N. 10TH STREET READING, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF I 3-wfff 4 1. LOSOH QM- Painter and Decorator 227 N. 10TH ST. READING, PA. I-I. S. PIERCE TOP, BODY AND PAINT SHOP , . ,, LACQUER AND ENAMEL FINISI-IES , PARKMAN ROAD-ROUTE 3 WARREN, OHIO A MEN'S BOOT SHOP . . . 448 PENN COMPLIMENTS OF Bellevue Surgical Supply CO. 153 NORTH STH ST. READING, PA. POP MOSER'S Sodas-Ice Cream-Sandwiches The Place to Meet .... to Eat COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. B. Taub Sc Sons ' COMPLIMENTS OF ' Wide Awake Shirt CO., Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF Enterprise Furniture Factory A FRIEND For 70 Years THE SMARTEST LOOKING GRADUATES HAVE SHOPPED AT 0 9 DEPT. STORE 428-444 PENN SQ., READING, PA. One Hunclred Fifty-three ATHLETIC SUPPLIES ' Prompt Servxice Best ffffishes PI-IOT0 FINISHING Specializing in Enlargements and the New W, B, VVal1et Size Pictures STORES N U E B L I N G ' S COR. 9TH AND PENN STREETS DRINK READING WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERY CO. fobbers of the Finest Confectionery 418 NORTH NINTH STREET 'Hits the Spot Phone 2-6563 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Reading COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of '7fze aamelle S fe W FEIN sl GLASS, INC. READING I-IARRISBURG Thomas Jefferson Tea Room Caterers to Weddings, Class, .Social or Or- Compliments of ganizatlon Banquets ln our Private Banquet Room A FRIEND Accommodations for 8 to 70 Guests 524- FRANKLIN STREET READING, PA. One Hundred Fifty-four T I - 3 Compliments of Berks Dyeing and Finishing Co. MOHNTON, PA. M. J. MUCHNICK ui' 'yzgffdzfqoufi EWU N Une Hunclreci Fifty-Five C011 pl ments of Stiehler Studio 525 Penn Street Reading, Penna. 'umm' l ytl F Am The S l l l l l l l America ls' Gzfzmfirzg On you! A A Cap . . . A Gown . . . A Diploma Do Not l Make A Graduation. A Girl . . . A Boy and Youthful Hopes and Enthusiasms Do ..... y Graduating into a new career . . . backed by a Cherished A Heritage of American Ideals. Your place in the world is to See . . . Plan . . . Strive beyond the Old Horizons veritably bringing a Mythical Utopia into Clearer Realism. l Fill well your Role in every Scene in Life's Drama . . 1 . . . l America IS counting on you. l We are proud to present this school annual l as a sample of the craftsmanship, design and E service of which we are capable. It was a l pleasure to Work with the staff in a cooper- l . . . . l ative eEort to accomplish such a meritorious I task as this excellent book. We extend con- gratulations. I I l 4 l l The Kutztown Publishing Co. I I 4 I I I Primm mea' Publishers I 243 W. MAIN STREET IN KUTZTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA I One Hundred Fifty-seven 1 EN' X355- One Hundred Fifty nme SINCERELY THE STAFF I umm .1 L 'H . Nl 1 Q Y ,-mu. I' ff' 5 1 z 1 1 1 'II ll X f T I ,fda fogfflfa 5 Printed and Serviced by Kutztown Publishin C g o. Kutztown, Penna. FP 4 ' I . J . X . 1 , . if - . 4 :WLS 59 9: 1 .0 22225 f 1 1 If 5 3 I , 1- V. 1 5 x .WXM I. 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Suggestions in the Albright College - Speculum Yearbook (Reading, PA) collection:

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Albright College - Speculum Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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Albright College - Speculum Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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