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,si F -,7,:.:,,,,v, ,, A r S THE DU BOIS PRESS BUILDERS OF FINE BOOKS ROCHESTER, N. Y. AND CATALOGUES Proce:x.Colo1' Printing and Engraving 531:51 ' 2 3 5 1939923945 EL 53553 l 5595 e f Q Jill E3 lTHE PECULU of lbright College 1 s be V! Q en fm U13 HU VE 151 lil E lm ng QQ nm S fl WU l-Q E nr i l LD QE .D Nineteen Hundred l FE 2 LE Sixteen 1 EI l VE i, All Nmovovoror QA.- LU "WVU fllllblll' I E 3 E. l' ,gg l fe ,5f3!?i',,' lliklln. i -1 Q , Vol. V. . Compiled and Published Annually by the Junior Class l :fasts Qhuut Qlhtigbt Albright College is the result of the consolidation of Central Pennsylvania College with Albright Collegiate Institute, in 1902. Union Seminary was founded at New Berlin in 1855. Incorporated as Central Pennsylvania College in 1887. Schuylkill Seminary was founded at Reading in 1881. Incorporated as Albright Collegiate Institute at Myerstown, in 1895. Both Institutions had an Instrumental Music Department from their beginning. The Voice Department CSchuylkill Seminaryj was instituted in 1889 by W. J. Baltzell, A. B. ' The Art Department CSchuylkill Seminaryj was established in 1885 by B. Esenwein, B. S. The Faculty numbers eighteen. W The Campus and Athletic Field contain about twenty acres,- the choicest part of Myerstown,-situated in the heart of beautiful Lebanon Valley. f jfuretnurh E have sought to make the merits of this volume commensurate with the advancing standards of the College it represents. How well We have succeeded is for other minds to judge. Altho our work will not be found faultless, We send it out in the hope that it will be a source of genuine enjoyment to students, alumni, and friends of Albright College, restoring pleasant memories to her former students, and inspiring others with a truer zeal for her continued prosperity. THE STAFF. TO Jlaun. jmmiab garner JI-Hahn TRUSTEE AND MEMBER OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF ALBRIGHT COLLEGE WHOSE SINCERE DEVOTION TO HER EVERY INTEREST HAS BEEN UNIVERSALLY RECOGNIZED THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTEEN RESPECTFULLY DEDICATES THIS VOLUME. r , lv 1 uinuinir --7-1 -I :.'.' .-1- Wm .ia--'Ls-'I-LI:g-far1'-:1:"'-1'-"1' Mgwaiv 0' 'P'-1kf.'E1F'b'91Nzd!"'J 2. 1 1I4.S5.. sf: mu:-'I 'nh Qld-.eff "- r:z4fS'45'w 1 ':k:s ,QW J -- -. -- 1. Ter? 9-1 fx-.:.y-02:-..:... T242'5ZE?.Z'::f?flG'I?3R"?fi1-1' w,.lw1?:+2.ff,2L-ffibfiIf.:Ia:sEwszafIrina.Z-212.111-mwrle.-1 f.tef:.,5I'ivf?.-w:.fiQ.r: 1. Qi-w,, i .ici .' ' 'QI Y .ily ug .- 'I .:,f.-.1-. ., in L-"1ffw,-f-a-g'--- -,Im wr'-.::f'.-wfrzagegg. .1 - -1,-AI-I-.1 ,-A . A 'L 154, ,, ' if ': -" r , .1 .,.1'I-'fic .ff :-: 5'e.1.1Infa'.Ci:hEEX :iw 1,-:ef-:sf1-f1'4i'43.-Q'yfvI:i':f.p4lii-Ziaflixf,:':5,?lS4f 'ff L.':f.zL:-, gggfs A Q 2'lf1L ji The Quark uf Ulieustees BASTIAN, M. C. . BIRD, REV. A. . BURD, ISAAC . BERTOLET, IRA D. CRUMBLING, REV. E. . DETWILER, REV. W. E. . DOMER, REV. J. W., D.D. DUNLAP, REV. I. F., D.D. FLORY, D. . . . GILMORE, PROF. J. W. . HARRIS, REV. W. S. HEIL, REV. W. F. . HENDEL, WILLIAM H. . IAMISON, REV. M. I. KISTLER, D. S., M.D. . LEININGER, G. H. . MILLARD, J. B. . MOHN, JEREIVIIAH G. SAMPSEL, REV. A. M. . SCHNADER, ALBERT . SCHLEGEL, REV. H. F., Ph.D. SHAFFER, HON. CHARLES A. SHAFFER, H. W. . . SHIREY, REV. J. H. . SHORTESS, REV. J. D. . STAPLETON, REV. A. . STINEMAN, Q. M. . . SWENGEL, BISHOP U. F., D.D. WARE, REV. F. W. . WILBUR, HON. ALBERT . . Allentown, Pa . Somerset, Pa . Shamokin, Pa Philadelphia, Pa . Lewisburg, Pa . Marysville, Pa . Windber, Pa . Myerstown, Pa . Bangor, Pa Williamsport, Ba . Harrisburg, Pa . Allentown, Pa Reading, Pa . . York, Pa Wilkes-Barre, Pa . Mohnton, Pa . Lebanon, P21 Reading, Pa Reading, Pa . Lancaster, Pa . Lancaster, Pa . Berwick, Pa Lock Haven, Pa . Lebanon, Fa . . York, Pa Williamsport, Pa . South Fork, Pa . Harrisburg, Pa . Windber, Pa . Baltimore, Md H. F. SCHL EGEL, PHD. A. M. SAMPSEL J. G. MOHN F. DUNLAP, D.D. A. STAPLETON, D.D THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OLD MAIN QIHIHHIHll!H1VIHIHHWUIHHHIHH!NHUIHIHHIHIHIHNI!NHHIHNHHIHKHNI!NHHIHII!HIHIHNHH4HIHIHVHHIHHHIHHINHHIHUNHIHIHH!NHHIHIHNHHIHH!UIHIHIHH1HH!H1HIHIHNHHIHH1HINHIHIHIINH1HIllHINIHHNIIIHIHHNHIHHNHIHIHHNUIHHNUIHIINH4HIHIllUIHHNHHNHUIHHNHIHHNHIHIHHNHIHIHUIHIllH1HIHHNH1HIllHIHIHHNHIHWH1HHNUIHI!HIHIllUIHIIHIIHIHIIHIHNIJE EE' '35 1 FACULTY EE! Eli 5HHNHHINH1HIHHHIHIHHHFHH1NINNHNIHH1HIHllHIHIHN4HIHHHH!NHHHH!NHHHHIHHHIHIHHHIHH!Hi!NIJHINNHNHHHHIHHNIINNHNHNPHHIHHHIHIHNIHIHNIHNHNUHHHIHINHIVIHHHNHH1HHH!HIHHHHNHllHNHIHHHIHNIHHNNHHIIHNHIHNIHHNUHNI!HIHHHIHHHHNHIHHH1HHHHNWUHUNHIHN1HUNHHHNHIHHHIHHHHNUHHH!IHHHIHHNHHHIHHHIHH1HUH1HI1HIWIHi1HIHlIWIE Ln, ,. 'L' '2Eilf"'Tilir?f?g:fQ?7:"3':"l' -ii-?r?"ifLi'2Je'ffIw li'f?e5?3'i'3??2. f"'E3'315?2'??Cf7i11ij71 WTF' 5 Il llglllli 5ll1JlELmllUlllL M lllll FZ JV: f, . . Q f 3- . r nl wb. rg. 4,,. ,i'f--f-Ccfrnm - vig-mfr? 1.1:-:,u.,?. y..-,Q 1:-:L:+i'i'A-wx ff xlib..1.1u:.-11Lw4r5!-mc- ff .-,. 'fzf-cu:-f?-fin-i'r.J iii-ff li I: m l L-64 .' Y , .x jf 6'?,v::.1j1I'f'f"':E ."'5f- 35 55 Twelve JOHN FRANCIS DUNLAP, A.M., D.D., President ofthe College and Professor of Theism and Theology 1 --, -1 -Ht.. ,4,,g:. 'yen -r-gg-1, : fazv f- 11.1.-:',g,,.,1 uMJ:if:.p,,-1 ig.72,,':53'f1-5 sirwfv ffl 31':, e. 21'ir-,sf: :'.r.,f:12a'.12f L, f. ":mq1 '-Q- 'frwz-f:+yG"'1, "1.f. Qfif .' f ' 'l'--2121 1-F's'f:l1w11,,':fZ'fii.'wg, ,',?.'.r,j5fif.1-Q':212.g5:v3.lf:s':C:5-. L'-11' :,J'-Q:E'fK':i?5L?f22'311Si1 ?,'Lf14E3'. Z1i'1?ff-f':3'z1a,-QE vie gf. f.L-:??i'XVf?5y1:1-5',i"':: 5,43 'H 1 T El ar gr, .. . r - , , - ...f-.f. . N .4 L ,,,'.,f L U.-.LM-Q-. .. .. , .rw rv. F,....s,,,n...-.-- - .. .-,f.f. .,Lf,3i,, - ,,,Q.,.,,A ,,,,,l,,,-.rf 1:51, iii ,I - I " AARON EZRA GOBBLE, A.lVI., D.D., Secretary ofthe Faculty, arid Professor of Latin Language and Literature, and Hebrew CLELLAN ASBURY BOWMAN A.M.r, Ph.D., 7 Dean of the College, and Professor of Philosophy and Sociology Thirteen , ,.,,Y.-f ' , -. .. . . ,. 1 ' I P , . ,, ,. , ,. rg.-A. -.:,.-.Af qqmafagfe saf1,,14xf:m Sfwv-sf, '-1:..'sve. -v'.'f:, 1QfrQ1ie'af--.4 '-S 'DZ-1-,s1:'4g-' 'T Wfsfbufl S E. ,415 ,Nr -1,-,221-.z:.,:LfLiJ'1:FPr.afL6:E2L1Irs:.:5ivl52f51?f:.:.::'.1,-.-qjem?ag:5Eb:,:42fsFge?f'framesw- f SW K-'Y-ffff 21 me THE erellewemmgmmunw W x , 2.4 ,114 .,sL,.2.v .r,:,,.., ,. -. 3 LA .Y 7 LU v: V' f 2?f3Z'?:1Uf1'ff2-V 37 f- iff . JAMES PALM STOBER, Sc.M., Ph.D., Professor of Biology and Geology Fourteen WALTER JOSEPH' DECH, AB., Professor of Greek Language and Literature, and German ' - . -p.-1f:.'.- g fn ,,,--1,:g-g,:-:f,:xf-f-11--.a'.pgs1 ,f.4,,-g- Nga'-egmsf' 1'-es:-ra 1 f.4:fr, vf,1-Jazws z' 'af :v1w3.g:,,1, f"2gf,s25"1fQ.':2'. def s f, F vi 12- zwrdfszi-, 'rtifrrf rfarmg-.fig .:r5r1if:s:?r:.:.:.:1L. :f 1r::,Ezfg:1Qb:sQkRFs:fEnema.m:,:1-1-islam, Refer-Sitzzfrzmflf-.fn 25231. 1 :ff , ,, ,. 1, Z sp! '- M fi fr 'Ja fag. 4, ,- C, 5'5" ","3'f'1 :ga:,::,1"Y'f-'I 'f,'f'f'-IQ-Q5-::,ggx'g4-'.-1,- :A ff,-,fx-5-gunza1s,.1,,-:-eg.4f::,f..f, 1,,,r,f:fffr,,,,,,om:-w.-,,,'-,-,.--,.- -Lf-.:f1r,, rp 2 1 QL. C .- - r ,f I' - ' .ax--,.::.:",'f-R nb: ',.,..w1,1:,zv, 1 6iesu...3': .fs.:.::1E1 '1:1,g7,,1ye'.g3512,m,yM5g-9353 2yaggfgfggfgz -fy, - 1, :Ln-iam.35g.gjg:,3g,gq,g',.51 LE, 5. 'if all .3 EDGAR EUGENE STAUFFER, A. M., Professor of English Language and D Literature O HARRY AMMON KIESS, A.M., Professor of Marhemitics Fifteen 'Y ji ,IRI is-Mfr 'A ..,-4. mei THE 1' Je: 'F 5 PIE IE IU! HL. IU! M WE in - I . fi: 2' fi 5 117,531 szwqf 1'2f.L'ilfQ2-:xl-ff L2 . 1 li- J: V H Q H. GILBERT HAYES WHITEFORD, B.S., A.M., Professor of Chemistry and Physics S ixtes 71 CHARLES SCHAEFFER KELCHNER, MS Professor of French and History ' 13y,g,:: :vgf .3--gf:--g,5'pf1f.-3 if-YQMQQ-'-11, 11-131-wif 5i"!F'2'35'?5 jd Lf?E?4'EiGP52'1f 74535397551 " .F 7' H3 , -fffi'q','f9jif3'? '7lL:f17':.fQ:3 5: , EIFEEMILMM , '!"'fZ'9'?'Cf:G45Ef5i33Q1Q9X311'YfS335555225-i.aI?'.f-2572.1355f:3'i'3ff':-fflgifjfgf'fg5l.1j'l':lQ"'A1f5f'VE 'C E 'a 1 f A ' ' 1 2 M ' l F WC f -Fw' ff L A2 .J .L+ fur 1-M22 A ' if " 1. Q1 11" II, cw' s ffm. Zigi-Il'-'y..,Nf,,., ML, ,.I'?:f-:QA'.,g-"l11f:'Tf."'2jUf'4kl 1 v , :JK A .-4 f 1 mm 1 -ll ' f : -- ' , L' ' --'l:fA1,:f-'f,,-:-,f,.g. L-.1.:.1m4f.-,1:.LA-fbf 'M an f ' X 1 , 1 D, EE 1 r' li Professor of English Bible L WILLIAM HENRY HARTZLER, NLS., OTTIS ISRAEL ALBRIGHT, B.S., Headmaster of the Preparatory School l Sezventeeu '5 : ,P-t,:,:z:ufif1,ff,f-ani: :Q-3,-1--we 5:15.51Lswrr-::i,44.f '-Lf hai'-lf-'f2,1'J11mf111f rff -2:1-'mf 'f.-":-wrsff-4 '-f' f sf-ww - - 4 , ,, ,, L ,,. .L . ,,.. ,. ...,: ,... .., . ... ..., . ,.. . M ' M f e 11 e L '-1 rr 1- I, 6 iz 442 , ' L X ii ' x ir' J' ' '52 f ,fn ailfff x x ' J? .2 .5 V Any 'am' '-lL"'Vv"-. " N Lf if' ' 92' -, 1 7 Y .- ra, E -' Lf 31 ." ,fi Ji" 'E I 4 1 iq iii i -i I l W ij:-I-I i i is . ' ' ,-lh . 1 - A 1 i V - - - fn-'-H -.f-W, wp ,,..,-ww:L-,-,rfq:,-weV.: Kzr-11.5-.vf - ui y-:vu-.1-v..-.iw - Vg-V-i -f,--X1 ..,-.-mv . -,.,..,. , ..,. ,,,., . ,, 3 - ki f 5 f X i if f 4 'ii Ii, 'Vi -5215-.1 C" of "lf 'xzfml 2' sr J V' E Professor of Voice Culture and Singing Eighffen MRS. LUELLA D. MoHN, Professor of Piano, Theory and History of Music Mlss ELLA MAY PHILLIPS, - -f-'. 'L .4 J.- Q., ' ,ay ,Gi Efzyfzug firm - ":.:,.. .J if-:f,, Q.f-fa:'af'1f::2' 5. "Z-1-',-4: "wel An' -- 2 f we 0 -,s.1+1::?4-.1:., rm.-x X- 1. S-cf :a:1a6q15b5eff-,,fE1f:,- yrzr:we.fwf,:z-M21-vii,1- ' nz 1 13 3- if I ' I 41" I, ,.,, N, , , . , ,,. 5. ,r,,:1f,,L.,,,-,-.,,..Qzwf., ,,,,v,- ,:f,.,,,.,,.1L,-4,.,,.,,.3?-M,-14.1, -.,.,,q41.,.,,.,,,,.4,r,,,...U ...,. ,, ,Ll L ,lx Qi, .Iii I -, -1 5 .LJ?1.1.1-ff-Zffiish-is H'Sifzfif-ze':Mir:i311kEx11,wf,euv:1-f:.121'sfazfifiisffzyi'-fi'Lifigzanfqzi4.fE:6r..1f2fy5- I nf' ' ULAH M. LEININGER, Mrss BE Professor of Art M ISS LOUISE K. JACKMAN, Professor of Piano and Harmony N inelefvz ' 1 K f x 1 af - 'IM 1 mf' H X , Q '-MM',aa fwmrvfa, M-H, U. I4 I 'v J' I ,v L.. ' T HT 1 T is? 1' if , :f-112' 'E ', ,IEi'f,f4,-+fEf5,'f'F21'5 ' f:1LQ7i,5f'.'E3i52'5i2?ff!'Wz': ?5Ef!f?i?1YiEifxEZEG1S45134 TEZ:2?fS2fii 221533135355-Eli! 2'f'i'2e1:Ex35zf'SEE-W: H 2 Qssistants in Preparatory bnbuul 3 Twmty C. R. SMITH Mathematics Miss HARRIET WOODRING Latin L. W. PGRTZLINE History and Grammar Ci? SENIGRS ,. U -. ,,.:, -4,-i -. :-ff:,. .,,,,,- :,,, ,M,Q,,Qf,- im- 'M f Q 7 f --. 4. f 1 4 'I Y ti A ,, ,, -,-,T-,,:::,, -,.t,:,,-4, ,- 1- , .Ng-. ,. 3 q 4-,grin 1,23 -gH,,gig,g-?g1c.:ra2-,,1,yiivfttfli '.1R.zft',- .-IFJ? 'ev t, I . . ,gag , 1 , , tm. ., ,-...f,4C:,.,1':a:,,s'1iw,..l3.f5.q.a,,.,-- 5, ,x,:,4r.-fran.:mass:e,f.1favz.5-e1fn..1iif,i'L-mefa,-..ufr5i'R1'5f',.' 'ke ' Til nz: I il gp C ..' " 1' B gi- 17, gf Tig,-:,w lv L, .'f.f,w:.:"' v,,fg'f1J"?',, -:ikii'2"11"-'f'f-vf-,1f-Q1Jbrf.'f1ff'.'14- i2'.'.?"Ij1'Lr':s1+-'rvrlanfri:-gin?.".Hff!-Zf.'HYm-'fn-4cfm.. ,, ....f,x,-'f 1: -,I gg ,. ' in '1'f' T' it if LZ-,'iQ':wf1,'a:': E','..-Jim..mwuciiami-.v1'-ite 2.1:G'-f,:a:.-,"i,1'-'-:G:2.11:?:'Nx.e'rift24.121-2-fJ'ff lisfrzmcfpL'1i1lL'.f.3:f.ffiSf1f fi Twenty-two Qeniur Qilass mem Beside a massive gateway built up in time gone by, Around whose sides the winds of years do sigh And streams of knowledge pour forth, the class of 1915 Stands and calmly waits to be christened. Be patient, be patient, the gate shall yet unfold, And in the mystic shrine of learning you shall behold That these wide halls with knowledge full are stored, And Science, Art, and Labor will for you be poured. Behold the portals open and o'er the threshold now They pass, each one with pale and furrowed brow. Oft times, they say, the goal seems far away, Far, so far, 'tis impossible for tongue to say. Since then four times the modest violet drooped and fell, And yet 'twas short, so short no one can tell. Again the hinges turn, and the class, departing, throws A look of longing backward, and sorrowfully goes. Miss M. L. Tice, '15 V- 1'-I1 "1 ftfif -1 ':1ffi5ff,:fKfuj- fl-'ef'-1'fP .gwrjfa v 'qi'-gizfasiffi ffiw1"fgg::a. ?u.c- mfr. .-1. f . f:fz. +-- .ff -m-' . f u ia fb-1:-Q .' '-nw . . V .. .. . . . . .. . .. ,..- . .4 s . . . gig' ' ' ---'19-H S-2-.A'-'--'--L-f-+--3 -A.-X--Si! .gi Q- 1,.1b,:t, .,.,.s1-f,-'--,::,fp.-H14 ci'y':,':r3413,L-21111,-f.u-135'-53wf.tif S5Evfkw:.f,,:.:,'-ff, 1,.4:v-al' 1' ' F, 'l Qijl, -r 1 '- :" ' . , ,, . Q. . ., aw, . 1 ,I :yiwzii I l Z l l Al' 11 1 g ., . Q Y l L 93. , , :. f'-ig.. Q.,-. 237:11 fill! 5"'1'f'f"f,'qg,-.-w 51,:.'.'.r5'xf.r',' ere: -.4:+.f,f,':".-.f::., .H .,.,f,. ay, -, ,.,,,.....,-f...., .., gs -' s 1 t. . V f- : , -'f mi- via -. V 1 1 it mi :.fuzffslwiffiiefzgxgsi-.5-ggf?i-,211-.1f,:.1,'.-5:5351 91,113-,., ,fg,g1g:g-,.1..:L5,ify.1L sr -jr - ' al bzninr lass Eisturp S we, members of the class which is this year to disband and leave these pleasant scenes, go back in memory to what we were ere Father Time had turned the hand of his dial over the four-year cycle that marks our sojourn within these halls, we wonder at the gradual, yet almost imperceptible, transfor- mation that has taken place within us since that time. With how vague a con- ception ofthe full meaning of the term ueducationl' did we take our place among the rank and file of those who had come here to seek learning! Just as a child, running along the shore with an empty clipper in his hand, laboriously hlls it, one by one, with choice shiny pebbles and shells he has picked up, so we, but dimly realizing the full import of the road we were about to travel, came here with open minds to enlarge, little by little, that early concept of knowledge with the choice bits of learning we might gather after much hard labor, in running along the shore of college life that borders the great ocean of Truth. Much might be said ofthe achievements we, as a class, have made in these few years. But it is not in our province to dwell upon these, for our object in coming here was a selfish one, rather that of receiving than that of giving, that we might, in later years, impart to the world what we have here received. How- ever, we trust that in life on the campus we have fulhlled our part nobly and gloriously, entering with full abandonment into the Hsportsl' of college life, and giving up a part of our energy and vim to athletics and social functions, and we hope that to our Alma Mater, in return for all her goodness to us, we have given that spirit which will help to stimulate a loftier ideal in the atmosphere which surrounds her, and a greater reverence for what she upholds as most sacred and just. As we go forth to take up our several duties in the world at large, let this one thing be recorded of the class of 'Fifteen: We have drunk freely of the in- exhaustible cup of knowledge, and its taste has not been bitter. And with that draught which Albright has offered to us, there comes the desire to seek more, and to penetrate to greater and greater depths in the cup of life that is offered to us in the great world before us. Miss MIRIAM G. BOWMAN, ,I 5. Twmzty-tl1.ree 1 ..., . f. , ,,.. . ...JJ I ,. .. .. . . , ,. ,,... -. ,i ..,-. , ,Q ,ly s '41 711,-P .1 ,fry fan., , ,,- ga. - 2:,'a::.1 '- H5 in ,Q-,5-2,-'1. Ti' if ff-1 1229, :A:jay1EMaX2f5.:5.-:L-Lf.iffiis-2510 5239 ,3225f29ms1?iw,Ea-imfkifiikifzlf.-.1-z:zr21"iv?'f5 if iw' fu ,-" ' K . - if ff -rs,-: ' 1, 1- g-.f:'1:.- 'f1ff:f1:ea .u1"f1f"'f'f,1wav---''1i.rz'2'1'."fffw'f1'f -::::41+.1ff12a:g-life." 'efiwaf .fwlws--ff:"n-wf..".- '1f.'-2:2'A.:Lm G 4 .5 el. 1:5 E' . 45- ---1''.f1:': ite 1.115551-.i::LiT5'B-ff f.-:wfs5"9i:ti'2G.!i.s:Ju-.e'1f-":-1fA.-affeffrf -551' 2 ' :.':11:f.-:::f.fdN.,h.'35'2 Q- .3 U- - ' 'li 52 DENTON MORRIS ALBRIGHT, A.B., Brodbecks, Pa. Vice-Pres. Prohibition League, 1914-15. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1914-15. Treasurer E. L. S., 1914. Baseball reserve, 1913-14. Football reserve, 1913-14. "All zhif toil for !7,1H7'ZLZ7Z culzfz-mf." HARRY ARTHUR BENFER, AB., ' York, Pa. President of Class, 1912-13, 1913-14. Vice-Pres. E. L. S., Spring Term, 1914. Captain Baseball, 1914 and 1915. Secretary E. L. S., Fall Term, 1913. Captain Basketball, 1912-13, 1913-14, 1914-15. Sec.-Treas. of Cleric, 1913-14. Captain Football, 1912 and 1914. Vice-Pres. Y. M. C. A., 1914-15. Assistant Coach of Athletics. "Mo1L!dzd by Goal and tempefd with ihe zfmrf Of cmgelf to the pe1j'ecZJhapf.0f manf, C Trumify-four - 'ff--. .111-1.-:-..f'-1.-r':fw1.-'-1'-.:-'- M012-.1P'f f' tif. 112.6-m-wan: ,s-s.-'b.1.21:.-:ka -.waawvgzfaf mga!-514: i '3'l':z-ML-':. 5u "ke, ffeafff f"si:--wJ'-1.1itvs-.i1.'.-.-.z:..-:iw-E.-if-axaf11111--fi:n:5211lLQz?x.flzv.:Q:isLa:-5152224254sairirme.1-:1:,a.f.-1-i2'2Z11.Q1 '..-if-?St54?.f1:fa.a 1 11:15. . fp 1: 1:1 :.,- - 3 elf . 51? 1- ,41 'i 'S 21 1-.wfin-f-'11 -5 'Fi-E E'El':i4:l:"1.'f:'3' :PT.?U'i'g1PIz1he-Z'.1il1E..5'L 1992.FEET-1:5s3YQ'13b'2-1T11?lLk31745552'Hifi1-'iifil-:D!S 5?'5SI:5' 13: i1i.'Ji'.f5.EfZf'1iff1:" ,"2'f"f5 E' l ll 1 Mahanoy City, Pa. Sec.-Treas. Athletic Association, 19 Male oiee Club, 1911 to 1915. Asslt Baseball Manager, 1914. Cheer Leader, 1913-14. Nlanager Baseball, 1915. Zeta Omega Epsilon. courtly, C0'LL7'6Zg601l,Y.,, A.B., SPYKER RILEY BINGAMAN, Penns Creek, Pa. Treasurer N. L. S. Secretary N. L. S. Treasurer of Class, 1913-14. President Prohibition League, 1913-14. Ass't Business 1V1gr. "Bulletin," 1913-14. Business Nlanager "Bulletin,', 1914-15. Critic N. L. S. Fall Term, 1914. Vice-Pres. N. L. S. Winter term, 1915. President Y. M. C. A., 1914-15. "I .fit df God holding no form of creed, But c011te111pZaZi1'Lg allf' JAMES PAUL BENSINGER, BS., Quartette Male Glee Club, 1913-14. Nlanaging Editor H1915 Speculumf' 11-12. "For he wax great of hearf, 7716lg'l7,CZ71'L7'I1.01L.S', Twenty-jfw , .... ...-. ...., ,M. ., .. .... , ' . . ..1 .1 .,- ., -. f.,-V my 1 - -,Q -,...','.'-',.,f 2'Q?Zf'1' 1 FFLLHF3 -:E 9151542 ' its il. 1? 'If' Cyl' Q'Z'1i5'E?": ,, ..-1.91 f: 'C' 'T X'1?'!15TP2'7' .L Tvo. Aka : -1' 21- fi- 1-w2T'wf.. ri-Sifwzif.-.ff-.ab 2f?1+3.5:sf.c4f,.f:..z2-it' 7211 ,:, 1 Z fif H. Lt' '11, . ..:'jt' 42 '- V' ., -....Cv ... . .. ,, -V. , , f- .I -' ,. 55 I - I " ' ' ' ' ' -251 'Z 5 'F MIRIAM GENSEMER BOWMAN, A.B., Myerstown, Pa. Treasurer T. L. S. Fall Term, 1911. Secretary Class, 1912-13. Vice-Pres. Y. W. C. A., 1913-14. Literary Editor H1915 Speeulumf' President T. L. S., Winter Term, 1914. Critic T. L. S., Spring Term, 1914. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1914-15. Accompanist, Girls' Glee Club, 1913 to 1915 "Sha, wa: more fair than word: can myf, EDGAR LoY BRANDT, A.B., Newport, Pa. Secretary N. L. S., Winter Term, 1912. Ass't 1V1gr. Football, 1913. Manager Football, 1914. Varsity Baseball. E Critic N. L. S. Winter Term, 1915. "Not to bf laughed al and rcorned becawf he war Ziirle of fzfamref' Twenty-fix W if +115 llbliilfllnllli EIEJEEMLMM ,f.,,-1. 3:5 1, -:fj':,.: if-21.4-."..3.n1' ,ml :..-:gf Q1 ,':s5-f-'p-sfrmf-sy ' :,.bx1. 1,11-.ff-, '.2','-1216521 "f.'rb'-5-hi: ' 'T'x'i1f+"C'1,'z+, ."':Z -, ,415 X- H-'J--2,wk-.zc,,-ri-emg,:-,:-..:f,gQfa:.i- ,eu 1.5Q,Q?,?,1.,.:1. gy:-g1:,3gf.,g'Q:4' fgfiozmarry.ima?-5-5223J,L1:1.. -..'Lf2?S2iv2H-wz5:.a.'1!.71115. U-5157, J 551'- -gg-H., I2 1: ,..a,. Z 7.11. 12 Hg 34 " ' 1:3 . Y Y JT- 1, 'if J' ff-5-: 1.13 fy .4 ,zijn uf-155.1 515 g-g,w'p:ff--fr-,-.,-gh..Q -5195 , Wx.. ivy ,-fy.-5:4-7,.,:1 . H, uf, -.. .. 5. .V - A -,.,....,,, -.,.. -, ,-,.:-,- N , Q .5 " SL 1. ..g T! Ti' 1' 3 ' L 4' ..'.r '., -1--.'.1:': 1 .'..i'fL':. :::cz2f:ffi24L1?S':" 2-1 4,-:GY-25, 21:1-f5'.g3,af1:121431-Q55 gi sgfjf gf, Q15-5jjf.Q1,j 1-155-9 413 - 2' .- H' H, 3, WILLIAM RANO DUBBLE, B.S., Myerstovvn, Pa. Nlember N. L. S. "The jberplexity of many p1'ofeJJo1'f." ,fr-., BOYD EPHRAIM COLEMAN, BS., Lanes Mills, Pa. Member Glee Club, 1910-11. Vice-Pres. Cleric, 1914-15. Vice-Pres. N. L. S., Spring Term, President N. L. S., Winter Term, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1914-15. 1914. 1915. ",Ti5 not good for man to bf alone." Twenty-.raven . . 2 L51 .J E Nei gsvf f -' 1:1 5: -1?-T "'1l7 li' : - .:. ff .1-ly 1, .H 11 fr, : -u 2.":1m-fqzz'3-Wvfff-"f,-mvf-Q--51::.:.,fc1.1f.:'-'.- -:rv-.aff-.-sf.-:':.f--ru' 2: rr - :iff r -- -af-,.f:r.. E 'L i f: L, ,.3 S! '- - 1- i- - 9 1.5:--.' - . ':- .4'n..z.:i-ri a'.6i:fh1S:'.f-- ..-:Q-1335'-S1'giciltqig-sire:Q-f?Z,,Z.fgf5.i2.4 -QQ -g 1 L3-g..gga.:qg.g4.:7g5+..1'f:ff Q41 4 5. j, .1 . 1 T- 5 A: JOSIAH LEO GEIST, A.B., Shamokin, Pa. Meistersinger of Glee Club, 1911-12. President, Glee Club, 1912-14. Pianist, E. L. S. Associate Editor "Bulletin," 1913-14. Secretary E. L. S., Winter Term, 1913. Kappa Upsilon Phi. HA foclal lion among the lacl1'f.f." 1 Twmty-fight ALFRED JACOB ENSMINGER, B.S., Lemoyne, Pa. Vice-Pres. E. L. S., Fall Term, 1914. Vice-Pres. Science Seminar, 1913-14. Pianist, E. L. S., Winter' Term, 1914-15. Manager Glee Club, 1912-13. Kappa Upsilon Phi. "Then muff thou :peak of one who lozwl not wifely, lv-ul too well." - 4: -f-z., -1. g,:g:g,--f..t- '-':'..w.:..M,-:ual-uf,4 15:15 mgvvvsf- 15,1 ta 1.,551.,v.,f-leave:-41wwf''-v,.qf'.1- , fr-52-M15-1-fn' "t.'. ,433 1 W -1, -2'--2 13. wk. 1. n-:v.E1-iz..,:'ifL.i.w-,?,:zfm0 mme:-5!kv3.l2fQ1sF.:.f.z:1. Qi-.51f5a::5Ea1a2f?:trim:fiuniz-:Erbs-J.i1.a f.-.f4f"2aMf'f7fi.1a'-ii . L 'L lli f af- -. 11 ' 1 'J, , --, -Y' .2 'f- 'lf--: -.1- an - H'w+,,. 'ia fv1.,.1...u,,,ff44- uvw,'-vw-:-.,-V.-f.1.flvw 1-:N ---1 -.,.-w- 2 -.,.i-1 -- . -L M.. V. ,. .. .f .. AN J: f gf ua" , ,fapfz-.-,-1. if-s 5, 4-.55-,Ln .L -3-.:',.,i, .gfFgfajwfqwe-:.a:s4:L.-fywgaa-Y-f:f4gqv!faz,1?f1AQ-.ff53,454--:T.1gl'1j:-,':-,.Gm" .-':af:L.',.'-.',f.w.f1wf. I' -2 If ,-. .,, . . . .. .A . , . . . ..Y 1. .. 4- IQ. .. .,.n...ifw,?a5-.fy .....,.,.. ,... .. . .,,.f.Y.,,,-,.i..,. . m m -QQ, 7. PAUL MELVIN HARTZLER, B.S Myerstown, Pa. Varsity Football, 1913, 1914. Associate Editor "Bulletin," 191 Literary Editor "Bulletin,,' 1914-15. Associate Editor H1915 Speculumf' President N. L. S. Fall Term, 1914. President of Class, 1914-15. Zeta Omega Epsilon. "It must be .vtrictly umderftood that I am a gc'11ilema11,.,' 3-14. WAYNE TROSTLE LIARNER, A.B., Adamstown, Pa. Pastor Friedensburg U. E. Church. lVlember E. L. S. "Honor and Jhamf from no covfzciiiion ring Aff well your puff, film? all the honor Ziff." Twenty-nine X, .., , 1. gt? J I - -- - - '- - -V 1: - 1,- 1,-. :J,:,n , .f1.-uw Q - f?1F:v:':faz-mg qr,-4-eff- '1 :Na-xl: Q -'-:f- xv- Ei'ci'zf":e7r"'.5-. Q 21- ' Q Ke-14-f1'f'-'.w I "Q-. ,,, .' 1- 1 . 1.2-1+1:wz?-.-.z:.. rim-:ft -. 5. 1--.511-'fi ' .11 4 Y '51-1 .. ..,. ,Z G .. 1, . V, ., , , ,. if .,,,f,, 1 755 1.. '. ,. 3.5 i ,. '54 1 '1 ,.,1, ,- -4 5,-.'gt:.-1.17'ftfyrf f4a:.v,1''fairy'if.'q,v,gIrggarnm-x-1,2-'.-:qp5::u,g1f-35251::as.mg1841-i9r,f1-,gmmwfv4.5.-4.11:-VO.-f.."2-vf.1-.-',',-:.f-.:-zr,,,:p',Q J' I 1. fi, '.. ' .fy . 1 A'fa-1-.'--1 pf ax-.1 ,z -'w'-.f:::--- ix 1- fu:-2--:'ey.'n-1" T: .sx.mi:e'15-eff..v-fi.ff..2'f-- -:ella 'wen nw. ::95::1?w if V.-E.- . F- E I, . . . .1 1 -41 in i 1' uf" nr ' . J' ' .Q -3 : 1 WALTER BLAIR HENNINGER, A.B., Berrysburg, Pa. Secretary Athletic Association, 1911-12. Secretary Prohibition League, 1912-13. Secretary N. L. S., Fall Term, 1912. Vice-Pres. N. L. S., Fall Term, 1914. Vice-President of Class, 1914-15. Trainer, Football squad, 1914. Pi Tau Beta. "Whe11 God did Hif bert, He 1-nada cz man MAUIKICE IRVING 1-IILTERBRICK, A.B., Gettysburg, Pa. Treasurer Prohibition League, 1913-14. Vice-President of Class, 1913-14. Cheer Leader, 1912-13. Member E. L. S. "I hold that lZ7'g'ZfL77Z67'L1f if lhz chief emi in lifff' Tlzirty -I. Fil TIHIIR SIFEIETHLHI NLM M, . eTI1',5"' Qf..,1L 3-1 iiZ.'.H',"'1fF"T I 'LM-I1 '5,:1I.f4:..a.g-2'.M pri:-'-s-.-..w1:1:e.:f-faq ,ffrx -1 'eng -1.1:-1-, .- If' I2 lg ':L.",.4,'.1v.4 4: C' - : mr- -1: f.: . -1..:.:t-:H--:ern'b1:'wG:' .mf-v.a S'z 1-?1.:'.-:ifif-:,.J.,f :mug 1.5 1 5, 135:55,ggg,:,,.q..n.:'g ii-',1.L -- ' '11 3 --' ' 11: ffff ,..-5145.1-:i'Kf-: i,-11,-445.-,:,,gmfwzf Qggme-1...:g,af-fir:f-452.5323-fQgzf::f ng. -:iffy f '.j1 '::n'fH"1'1x"" 1 Agff " 'lf 11----IX-.1'P'af.1-ve... ,.L-1.4: -,,-...f:4l'1MR'r,:i.rfivigbszizfsm.:f.:fi.35.1.-.f1if::1i'Pl'2'.5sfy.z5.'lrE41.c.fx'4-1?.-7:5'ai3'k,v5,L-.fz,,.::,2'Zi'15f'," ' 'v' , Q. Jr N 1 1 C: 1 'If L r ' E A Y A ' If ' 1 9 Ja Y, 44, fp ,ig X V rg, ug If-AQ I K in I ff' mv.: J P 1 WILLIAM ALVIN KUTZ, AB., Myerstown, Pa. Pastor U. E. Church, Tower City, P Member N. L. S. "After many wiciffitudef, Ihr goal har bam at1fainfd.', EDWIN JACOB KOHL, B.S., Myerstown, Pa. Vice-President Science Seminar, 1912-13. President Science Seminar, 1914-15. Member E. L. S. "A youth, light-hfarted, and cofztmzff' Tlzirzy-one .jill ,J I ' ' ' lliliilfllnlllfi 5llQJEIEillJlllLIMIlMl'l'llE Q1-a - , -"1.,',-'- ,.. 1. "eff jg -Lx-ggi. 11.3-' 1 '-f:,.- K-.",.':.1 .v1..- fruvw'-1 - fifyu-,':5va fx-gwgqgrgr' -ggvpti. an 4.-f!dT'5'lff'f9i'5f'zf:g: A-.,.3',g.1 Q, 23 gi i-7, ,5'if,1,.A 5553 J - - A.-'MA-awzn1s.::.. :Z-51.--E . 7...-iffrssir-ml.:.?'xaf3.-1-5151: mesasn:-me.r-mae,-3-A23-M15 C ,V z- f - ' fi 1, 'Lg-,.gi.,.L -VV Q .,-l, if-fp, gig- grid:f-,'.'f,-.11-,rw g,:-an-5.,1,:1if, 15.--fa-4:5+-,.-,A-gg:,,:::g14..g .nn-gc:-Ifrxr, V' 1 gn:---... A aaa, .-1: -:V--1 H L, -f'l'!.': fl f 7- 4 4' .ip wif'-.C'::-.f ...."i','Cinhigi:fr f.-me'S-is5-51-if'-bi!.Ll'ki.74s:efsflvff-fZ.f:Cfsf9::-ff l:i5rfi"i4 - Lk: u1L'.4..2:i.i:I!6'i is w if ,f .5 in -u-r ln l ni E' yi . RALPH NEWTON LUTZ, Dauphin, Pa. Varsity Football, 1912-1-1. Varsity Baseball, 1912-15. Varsity Basketball, 1914-15. Treasurer N. L. S., Winter' a Terms, 1912-13. "A7fZcf1' mf, the deluge." Thirty-two PAUL BENJAMIN LINE, B.S Myerstown, Pa. Secretary N. L. S., Fall Term, 1913 Treasurer of Class, 191-1-15. Kappa Upsilon Phi. ' "Be .vileur and pan for az philofophef AB., nd Spring 'fin 'fd' 1-'N - V 1- ,- f'1.'." i': -.i . 11,-',sg-gy:'f':v g:r:.p-'--:f,'45.f,r- f -:Q :aw :a1m,,y:f:s:c-gzgy-1, '-g,., - .fn ,. gi-fm,-1. 7- ,"v..,1- 1 V.,-L., '---1 -f . Q E, I 11 ,V .V 'Q' , i V f jk T. ,a 'ff 1- 'q,,,1, 'iijffhzqii'3,1"'if"J"fvvj5h--" 'sfrfff-,aw :P-1' 'tiftzmbsz u:ff':': .ag ,.f ,-,, - ,.,f,,.. ., ..., 1 ' m ei, ..:.-5 -r 1- x--?--.,.-1-'wg-,f..'fy,Ht.mmf,4zf.:1,.n1f4"S1'-f1:.:.::f 1f1:Q5f.f:+L'v.5mmi:iw.-4 rs?7Sf t1ul:a-.'f:if,:f:f- .1-,::fu4i'?-1 E, 1 li -. LATIMER WILSON PORTZLINE, B.S., Thompsontown, Pa. Critic E. L. S., Fall Term, 1914. Treasurer of Class, 1912-13. Assistant in Preparatory School. "Speak little ami well, if you would be efteeavzsci af a man of meritf, CHESTER BEAM SHANK, AB., Big Pool, Md. Sec.-Treas., Prohibition League, 1911-12. President, Prohibition League, 1912-13. Vice-Pres. of Class, -1912-13. President of Cleric, 19141-15. Secretary of Y. M. C. A., 191-1-15. "I .fhall either jimi a way, or make one." Tlzirly-Zlzree S-3 - - ".,. X' wh 1' A, ,:.1fj,' F - 51.5-A ,-N, ,rv J: f -1 ' -1 ix, 7, -y,1,,:4',11-:5.r .5-r.1-up ."1- ' r xg., 'fqrp 1 5' 4 -LJ. , -3-1 -,gg-gwiggfi Q-,fggnig-n,f-,girl eg: 15-1.-557 ',7q3Es,,?,i3jQf7 aggngffif-,--A e,f..gQ'Qf.' .L-'E'-P--'72.15-,X-f:,,....1-1 --. H .-...AAU-. A .Jr .-'V' . 4574 f- f . , A ., .. ..., ..,,. . ,-,5 -.f -A ,.,,, -',:-f...1-:, .f,..-159,122-?'Z2'.54w:::' tryin. !f1:.'i2'1'ifI5'36riuf.,: g'.i's:.3wu"XVP51!IExs:"5 fri SELL' ..- '. 1- .1 .:-f ' .Y 1 in .97 V91 , Y 'T -A 'L " is -1 L, -... f HARRY WALTER SLOTHOWER, B.S. Lemoyne, Pa. Class Secretary, 1911-12. Treasurer Y. M. C. A., 1912-13. Secretary E. L. S., Spring Term, 1912. Business Manager "Bulletin,', 1913-14. Vice-Pres. E. L. S., Winter Term, 1914. Vice-Pres. Science Seminar, 1914-15. Critic, E. L. S., Winter Term, 1915. Kappa Upsilon Phi. "BeZievz that you have it, and you have itf' Thirty-four .xv WILLIAM CASTELL SIPE, AB., York, Pa. Sec.-Treas., Athletic Association, 1913-141 Business Manager, H1915 Speculumf' Vice-Pres. Prohibition League, 1912-13. Secretary E. L. S., Fall Term, 1914. Supervising Editor, H1916 Speculumf, President E. L. S., Winter Term,1914-15 Pi Tau Beta. Hllfluch in lizftlef, .I ,. . :I . T.-1 - ---- J-M -:.-- ..f--:'.,1- -. .". ----,. 1 .-.-1.,-.- ,..- . I-L -. -- ,. -r.-1--,P -.V--.V . 1-. f.,-N.. f - ' '- ii-n6H' i f .- 1 -1 I iQEi:fi'ivlTf31?ff275?: - " " 5 942795 ' W 1 .5 ' yu 'f 2 f sl '.':-'.11zm1.'. -izxtifera',:a1m.s?1Q-weffm?-3-'ffm--ML-ZL4,31v1355.f,.,1:f'..,v2':f151315-'-5'-'igu, Ligifg 1if,551--fg',j'.-5-yy'-1L """"" . "-Q .. MIRIAM LAVINIA TICE, B.S., lV1yerstoWn, Pa. Treasurer Y. W. C. A., 1911-H. President T. L. S., 1913. Critic T. L. S., 1913. Asst. Business lV1z1nager "Bulletin,' Associate Editor, H1915 Specululnf' President Y. W. C. A., 1911-15. Secretary of Class, 1915. "Whore wordr all .fam took eaptiwf' PAUL BOGAR SMITH, B.S., Shamokin, Pa. Editor-in-Chief, "Bulletin,', 191-1-15. President lV1en's Glee Club, 191-1-15. Chief Artist, H1915 Speculumf' Manager Glee Club, 1912-13. College Quartette, 1912-15. President E. L. S., Fall Term, 191-1. "Af 5o11zbi1'za1'zfo1z of S?56'Zfl7J' Jczlire, and Burnr' good fellowfhipf' 19 141. Thirty-five JH 1 'H W 4' 'gl ' v 1 1 "1"--as 4 -.nk uf 'uw v Q 'ash ' -fl'-xx, Q5 1 ly Cn- , ':' I: ff Ji? ,i 95 Q22-1-ff' ,,,s:...:. .114 1-ffi 135+ 'f.'f'1::ffgs'C5'1:f.- 4.-H-:.i'f'.'w::a'wwfe'::.-ze.-iii:-g-M:f.-,,f,-,1:a.-v.w-f.1.-gf.:-A f. ,-P I n , '-1 ,. ' . . 1 3' - ' 5-w r : f. -. . .gr 2.11 H .'-.1-aw-ik f 1.-1 :-ze, '-fi-3.-25: 4g.:,me',.- AQ-,1f,0'7'if5.':1','vg -Vgifii,-,.,f ,gg,5.g:5, i. 255 1 1 EP "H H 1 Thirty-.fix HARRIET WOODRING, B.S., Myerstown, Pa. Treasurer of Class, 1912-13. Treasurer T. L. S., 1912-13. Secretary of Class, 1913-14. Treasurer of Y. W. C. A., 1914-15. President T. L. S., Winter Term, 1915. Critic T. L. S., Fall Term, 1914. Associate Editor "Bulletin," 1913-14. Asst. Business lV1anage1' "Bulletin,,' 1914-15 "Ay, look, and fhfll fmile thy gloom awayf, X 2? G00-QW? W if X X, Ns 5 dlir i nfl' ',' W ff ff! 'S My ,n 5, f x ,Wfzf X fgg, 115,61 , Q7 f 11 Ffffoyfaf fo!! 'p f fly: 9 V ,Z'94'7Q 4 141 J? l 1 17 ff!! Mi . fpggfgz. 7524 1704 5 4' pf lf,l 4424, fy' I I' i 1 K' ' if J .W if ff 191 M 4494A 'Q W 11,1 it ll ll 114 5 ,I , W I -6- .5 I wg qi g 1 fm 5 ,'- fa.,-'aug MZ .j:,1as- zyfg-x,.f.g, .1 Q -6 f 'Q ig .sibs 'N R e'-11g.1"' ?g -6 ips'-.f 'IZ 7 r , 9 3 1 ' 'Zan- ..v,2 - 1,27-, Z- fin: ' ' ff"-. ,' -'X 'we,Z,fs,'4a ' -1' " pf, uf? 1 ,f JJMUW ' J", f' ff' ,f'4l!'4-7 21-fy L06 M I, ff .190 in -. 61,9 ,., , fgfappq- mms "ff, ff ..'1'-'Q 91 'F' gg Liz!! W 'WLT' I 1. " 1.1 11.159, 'I' " ' -U ' ' ' 4 'I .71- ,. war, a ii'-2 4 dqfigx gzsiiahliix mv .ev 9' - F I. Sify Q- - 6,-gs f, ,S f- g -as 5' X1 1 if: .4?,'2E ,f, ': .:a3s,.:' ' F-" 71'31'iV-rlfirl? .5i2zii'2.f:iE??E6i?374+ whiff! -sie i miami Q, Y K 5 Y 1. 1, ,, . ... .. .,.--.,.,.,..4-1 L-.. NY, ,y,4.,.,u-ra.-fflavvl--rat fn:-i?,v3,fZ,.. 4. -.-3 ix? 'EJ -1 ga' 'U' IE EIEQIEQM LUN WE QL. ,.'1'L' ' J ft' -'1 : v.1iy:2-:iam.S'?:Q2--57r:c'-g,5tggy',:f-55:1-234.g,yf.g3i'3ig3'e ,azgfqgf,.:f::-S551gQkL'Z2'Qyi,.1igi, 14,7552-fir,fig-glkf .E 4 .hh Tl1,'Z1'ty-flight Zunimf Qllass ilbuem HE dull gray streaks of dawn broke o,er the way, When wending footsteps sought the goal of bold Fond aspirations. We knew not then The toils and trials of those beclouded hours, VVhen thru the shades of dread dull tasks we strode VVith measured tread and quiv'ring breast. Some hours, Too true, did hang as ponderous weight upon A weakened arm of flesh, and called to mind The days of freedom from learned care and strife. Since then, behold, welve left behind the gloom And treachery of those ill-fortuned hours. The clouds Dispersed, and morning's sun did not deprive Us of his splendor. Enthused with ardent zeal And spurred by newly kindled hopes, we forged Ahead. Fear to tread the narrow ways Of rigid discipline no longer did Beset us, what need had we to fear When grim experience mapped a clearer way! We think again, and shout today of deeds Achieved and vict'ries won, for weary strife And toilsome task are caught apaceg the sun Of midday beats his Autumn rays upon Our tempered head, as on the summit of The glorious mount we stand. Already we, As Juniors, begin the glad descent Thru comely woods of philosophic breath, Inspired to reach the hanging vale below And live to serve. J. A. HECK, ,16. '1 'l"':.-'iii .12534241-151I2a:'f'f3g'i15f3:Qf? r9.1'5:i"-195 :,2g'afQ:33gQi 1?jzvf4tsE,, -fiwzgf-jgee.w-im :img z-f.f,isa-:1fef-',-.-r-,--A ' ern I '11 EFIEIEMILMM W P HE THE 1 i 9 . W. sr P ' t "L - 7, 1 , ". ' A 1' - - -e . -- f ' - --'--' -,- ' , '-.L-.1 rite v,.iLs:f:4:-fl:...:.'-'Jmr-af.-:w:zL14fRfh?P.::! 'mia.!f1f1E.4:!i2.f'?3-rbi '..'1vff"Xi'f,e:1X:.::':: -fig, Sum: F- ' - .--' 47- f 'E 415 il? in i U . .. . ... ,,,.. . i a n : sf L 2 AMARY ISABEL ALLEN Thompsontown, Pa. This fair maiden of twenty-two summers comes to us from a picturesque nook along the " Blue lluniataf' known as Thompsontown. She, like all our Thompson- town friends, is good-natured, kind-hearted, gentle, and loving. She has not been so successful upon the matrimonial sea, but We recently discovered that she has hidden away in the recesses ofthe Blue Mts. her Achilles, known to us as "Gloomy Gus,', Whom she MARTIN LANDIS BEAMENDERFER Elizabethtown, Pa. IVFK but fluid." lhis sturdy specimen of cherry niien raised his intends to keep at any cost. She is of a decided nervous temperament. Now she cries, and then she laughsg and oh, the very earth has been known to shake as a result of her joy. Lack of space prohibits speaking of the further excellent qualities of "our brunette." Good luck be her portion. plaintive wails to the unotlending skies of quaint Elizabethtown. He is the possessoi' of a droll wit, and comic mannerg never timid except with one of the opposite sex, upon which question Beamy arises to remark, "The female of the species is far more deadly than the malef' He is an athlete ofrenoxvn and takes special pride in a sonorous bass voice such as would shame a klaxon horn. His diligence and perseverance assure him success whatever his chosen vocation. Tfiirify-1zim' . ,. ,. ,. .. -i.f.- . . .ff-M 1 J. - . ,., 4-, ,-. -,..,ff,.t..,.,.,,...:-.W F-.r-1--,., .- .....-qw. '--f vi 3, J. V1 e 5555. ,yi ' 'fa 1 ?'fi1 -. .dam .,f. ,. T Q2- ul v I.: Al - h 4 fig. LU ,ve si. 1' 'L--,-wi ti Q' -1:--' '-."1im-in'3-v"1fQf'f,- v-11:-fu-5'.1:a1:f4'.1: 1 13' were-.::+-.:ff:a,:ffa:f -:mf -afrawwr. 1',:-f,:v- ':.-,-.fax r 1 - G 1 lf' A -Jai wi if fi.: ?---A xswi-1-,.r-1-'. -1 4-mrs-'iff:asm-we wifi-:si13'17g2i?flE1.r'1::t'Lf-F50 Aga:fear.-fr'1s2lf'f-'e Ienixzmf. iziisifi-11311 4 'hi iii i ,, asc! n-1 ng:-is Italia" CLEON DUBS BRILLHART York, Pa. ,ef "Elm vizinirtew, they haf? been kmfd In holy rapture, ww' Al rourin' lie' at timer io wud Au' nail? wi, Scr'iplurf.,l ln spite of the burden of his middle name and the length of his belt, Brilly manages to do some fussin'. Cleon spent his early life in Port Treverton, Pa., and soon came to recognize his many blessings. To get even with an enemy, he decided to become a minister. We believe he has succeeded. His only weaknesses are pie, girls, football, stories CFD, and cutting classes. We predict for him a service of power in his chosen field. MARTIN W. BROSSMAN Womelsdorf, Pa. Our friend Brossman, known as "Kaiser" since his moustache has rnade him famous, was fostered amid the antiquities of Womelsdorf, Pa. He entered Albright College this year for the first timeg by reason of a previous two years' Work at Muhlenberg College he was found eligible to become a comrade of the Junior class. We are proud to claim so cultured and refined a gentleman. Extremely studious, uncommonly bright, highly intelligent, and marvelously quiet, he is the delight of his teachers and the awe of his fellowstudents. His pleasing characteristic is "the smile that lingers." Mr. Brossman will follow the medical profession. We prophesy a successful career. Foriy ik fl 4 e ll'E.lil THIE EFUIEIIEEMHLIUIM . : Af N is t . f . -5, -5, we,-1 k.x,..,5,-.f,y::.:,y- :-.:- 1-.-3-A 1- ,inn-gaxif' ' f, - ,svn-4' "fa'efn:.: f,-y--4,7-U. -,1 ,ffm 1 4 ,ri-, Y -3, ,.,g:1,g :::-- - ...7 f, ,.4 fq- w-.-.,4 m3m ' 'L-' , - ,, -45. .., ,.,.,:., 4 ,t, ,.,4f.a--if ,, .1 , ,Mn ., ,, ,,,,.- .,.,..c .1 , . ,A ., ,Q s.-fs-, ,flf F rl, 19--:-.M ,.y-.n.-.sim wif, -rw.---1-.lL'1w3' r5.E,:- v1if:s':C:fcf5.E:f :,:,,'-,pals-gZ?ig::44f2'3.:Yu wry,-151423.f1d1f:E-f.15'f2l3e-:muff '..'1::2, 'Xi'5fhfii:.f,.:. 'QXAI i 53 f:-sa: -js! . 5 4 gA I 5' - 'Q ' '-'f 'Cf' " 5121'.'-r'v'31""'T4'111'-ww ,-:f.yq-2.14-xr '11.',r"f?:w.x:-!-Azffl'3any 2 ,v-3.-.:g:q,fef, - ,.,:,:-:..,, .-,M-.,,.:-5 -7.-, Ja " f ' ' ' L ' 1.:w'w,f:aeraTii:x fs 2.1111-ffclpfgyifgwilimmifi-if:-ei?-12,1ai-5:14svtzflldf LL-rin 1.i+z::m...fg5ff'? gk. EARL AMBOR Dnvnvucn Bethlehem, Pa. LATIMER ANDREW DICE Mechanicsburg, Pa. Latimer spent his youth in various hamlets, led around by a capricious Providence, and evidently grew up on a diet of books and religion. Hard to understand, he treats a love letter like an invitation to a funeral, wears his hair in wild artistic confusion, contemplates holy orders, and longingly eyes the coal business. Yet, he possesses all those fundamental requisites for a successful career, so that Whatever be his final destiny, success lTILlSt ultimately attend his efforts. "Oh, migfzty-moui1z'cl imfmtoz' of lzar11mrzir,r!'l Gifted with a sunny disposition and marked by an uncommon vigor of mind, Earl is endowed with the poet's appearance and blessed with a genius' versa- tility. His three objects of present concern seem to be his voice, his hair, and his "Tibby5" but he himself boasts of ministerial aspirations and declares that in spite of Hotty's transient influence, he will forge his way thru the World to eternal fame. Forty-om' M 5-J 14 X Tlhlllli EIHIEIEMHLMM Na sua - - -":.,' -.v-z. "::f .1-ti-f-1'-g,:r'-fav' fem- --f'.:1f.1' M-arts!-Ze' "-F iF74vp"'eE1Fn'Sfa"!"2' 313'-?"'5' isuri. 1?wf.Jfi'fV32'- 'P'-"Z:f-1-VF' ' W".-'f'?W.jft C1s 501' ' - f-'rc-1-ef.: -A-1.sw1f.z:.,timex-:aim-fc0'f?2'Lffs:-.:5!+llLai?ii.vE:v...ffsi:EEa:da::4'3:fas--preface.!iu:,:zii-awbtfwa 'isa .-.2-1. A fg -. .W r-23315 if r: II! ag .25 1 2 .mi , T 1. 1- Q53 f aff- rg I i - ' ' f'-ig .L 1 HENRY S. ENSMINGER Mt. Aetna, Pa. The man whom you see here with smiling countenance is a product of Mt. Aetna. We are quite at a loss to describe him. "Ensie" is just crazy about twi things, his girl and his automobile. It is rather hard to tell which he is fondest of, but it is certain that when he has them both, he is as happy as a lark. Now that he has almost arrived at the state of perfection at school, he intends to turn his knowledge on the world. MABEL PAULINE ENSMINGER Mt. Aetna, Pa, The prettiest girl in the Junior class. Mabel spent most of her childhood days in Philadelphia, but at present resides in the famous town of Mt. Aetna, Pa. She'is a graduate of Albright Preparatory School, classical course. At present she is a student of music in Albright Conservatory and has few superiors either in vocal or instrumental ability. Mabel is also very fond of Greek, and spends many hours over this beautiful and ancient language. She is very popular in college life, and figures as a "May-Bellen in the winter as well as in the Springtime. The stars forecast a successful career in the musical world for "our Mabelf, Forty-two JA! 1-V--rt. ' 1,-5, ,fic ,V ...E-i:.pi.i,.,.: Q-1. ,irq ...:,.,.,v, 1:5g::.cq,'me,,a,.e7,..,i.,,2,i, F , f , , ., ,v ,,,.,,.,,, ,,,,,, V... w..,,,,',,, V., X lv 21 m l KX 5: aff .- '. at N12-orfzfz I. saaff.,1u.T 33,, 45357, E Q.-f.. 435 1 ,. 4, Aj: 251. - , 2 A -:Q :f 3 Q. 1, uf-:qfaf as '-a-w1ff,,-- ,.-fn ..,.-fi ., 1 , , .F-.. . - . , . ,. ,., W - S ' ft, ,Syn-L rf A ,- .f, --fi mf521sfe':aA3Qvstf15:fi.fe1'ilr:1'-2'Hzfxiffelisvsiiifi-.211262:21ze"Ef:fE5f'1:f'7"L?3gf.b'Tefiix-g'L'lg'?:a1zi?'f12- .1 . . , 1 ,. - , '. ' ARTHUR WooD1N HARMAN Berwick, Pa. "Cer'nly," this is one of' the stellar members of our class. In class room and on the campus you can hear the original sayings of this modern Socrates. A very popular man, especially among the ladies. Like all the Berwick "rough-necks," you can hear his scrammel voice two blocks away. He is a famous personage, of track and basketball fame, not overstudious, yet comfortably intelligent. His career will undoubtedly V JAMES ARTHUR HECK Reading, Pa. " Do I eat to live, or live to eat?'l is a question that seems to Vex this personage of pleasing elongated form. I. Arthur hails from Reading High and is therefore a scholar, and indeed to hear him talk you would think his mind to be one vast dope-sheet of classical news. His chief occupation upon leaving college will be to spread the Gospel, in which work we wish him success. By Heck! ye gods and fishes small From India's strand to farthest Gaul, Bow to his genius, praise his nameg Yet we must knock him all the same. be prosperous. I7 Orly-1 Iliff 5 THE WUHIEEMLMM xx WS tl .E , -I -. M - M, tel L: .--gifs, img g.ig,f5,,.-1,'1.':ff 'N2',,3'1 ' 4- F' -' 'il' ' ' 31' 'vi' ffffl ' ,PIU .IL-"L15'fgl, Wifi? 'i:"71.' "ff--'115' - 54g'475f1 ' "1 1 F12-EWTEQQVEI 11i,r?'v'fy. "fi -if ,, ,Tu,.!'.ff1f-1Q'E5:'4, 1 f' 'U'-. KWSN 'T Vi' ff'E'12-A1 ' 'ij -- - f gf '2 H-2 1 '5Q'Qs15m:qf,.::f.:1. , gee- 1 , fa- 'V - ' fi. I ,. ..- ,F L2- wi- , .f ' 'lf JY: E... 1.5, 3.5. .E ,,L.A,X34,.- 52.1.52giQfyggizx5EEl.,,LiEE,f,i, ipqgixazgh.,E5lip55:,i,i2,:9:,f,.,5,i, W ,f..,,,,,fE ,, .. J.1i.,,.,.q. .P 5. O E :D 75 ie rn CD Ui ei rn i-J +-i r rn FU I O +-i +-I rf: Z UD ei E Z .1 Winfield, Pa. We come now to one of the direct descendants of old Morpheus. In the class room he is always in a state of semi-somnolenceg but in Five minutes' time, when called upon to recite, he can pass over into concentrated recitation consciousness. lt is between these stages that our friend expounds his highly scientific theories, as of a coming war with the inhabitants of Mars due to the rapidly increasing elhciency of the Krupp guns. He has by overflowing tact, mastered the wiles ofthe feminine nature and now receives more scented pink envelopes than any other person in the dorms. XIVC leave him to his sad fate, hoping that he may realize his big mistake and center his affections on more KATHRYN E. KARCH Lebanon, Pa. This animated, attractive, and affectionate bit of femininity from the H city of iron nervef' always takes a lively interest in school affairs, especially the " heart al'lAairsl' ofthe boys. She ardently believes that every co-ed should distribute her photograph as extensively as possible. Sad to say, however, every picture means sorrowg for somehow, each of her many "catches" loses interest in Lebanon upon the receipt of such a gift. "Sue" is the latest. nfl hu1zdra'Lif1'if1zfZ.r are 200 few." .Forty-four deserving objects. Ulifvizi all the laziinr mf! him .fwff'!.', L- MSQTHIE FEEMLMM six k , limit- L1 f . .,. Ji. Q . ,.... .. ....,. . ...M . A, nog., ,. NE- , ,r i,..c. . 'H.i....,'...1, .....+ .., , 1,.,i. ..r-.J -,. 4 , X--K+'-1A-.:sv1.5.-mb-.u.,..t'2f5E.f113-.le-Jff21a'f:a2':' v,f3fs'ie:"::3:2 5339-anywayTwlfifi-insslicrfz-ff..-2:12152-11:4-5.:'I,i I I fl F.. L :J M lg :IT 1 --is 'a 'TP 1, 41 V3 1.11, .5-Vg, 35-291 :gary 1'Vhf!"'fg14'jjg!:-Q ,'5p:f.-'t::'.1-g.gv.i 3-:1gun::+ mg:-:ag :sggf gay -,f:5w5. .- .r.tq-:,:-,---5.5-.W1,--,..-15.1,-,:.g :QQ 5: 1 f '-,' - 5 .' -' 1' T' - Z sv: P '-2112 1Tmw.'-:li Vx-J'.1:s:-ti, -'N fnv:3w:2fg.5Sf:isi?.'?af1 :,':myf5 1 A111 5.95 .'-:QQ wear: 1Lg:.':,.1i.5f:!E-'ff :CDH lip : - J. ' ' ' ' ' fl .5 ELSIE MAY KEENY Myerstown, Pa. " The vclwt chin IPVIUJK ciimjzle ffzadar a low wiLlLi1z." This dame of dimpled chin, was born and reared in Myerstown. The reader will notice in her picture that she wears a serious expressiong this is more or less as- sumed. She pretends to be somewhat modest and bashful when in the presence ofthe opposite sex. One of the strong features about Elsie is the dimple in her chin, usually indicating a great desire to be loved. Elsie may be an exception to this for in all the years that she has attended Albright, Cupid has been unable to pierce her heart with his arrows. Elsie spends all her time in mysteries of music, and expects to follow the vocation of teaching music. ALLEN AMANDUS KOCH Annville, Pa. AlleniAmandus Koch is a native of Weisport, Pa. He entered Albright Preparatory School in Jan., 1909, and continued his course of study through the college grades to his present standing. Allen is a good student, but is not particularly fond of mathematics. At present he is pastor ofthe United Evangelical congre- gation at Annville. His Hne physique and pleasing manner promise to give him success in his ministerial career. Forly-jive ' ' 'ilebfl -'Q?if.-15 'ifif'5-x"'i-Fi 19.151-f v i Af.,-.:' Q.-af mf,-fmt .N.ef,,A -fear.-if Q. 2. ez .,:--.z'.1s.f, -.1--1.5. if V.-.A ,tu f "eq : -Z -254 4,1 . ia- 'vb ',,"5if .151-rg '-115235 . 5,-4: -wi 3:1J.1,,f- 1. ,AT .ff,f.-Ha -..-s lllEl 'Tllnllli EFIEIEMILMM --n- ' -ni-'Ski-. ,, .A 1-f, .I E f. .fo,.y-.f?+.ti,, ti-.iv --e45'wf+s'-as:.:9i1,.ws-:f:i-:f:.,1',"'r:4e.,-iuzrilii-mb?ms, fl-Eel.i0hf.fS:,.t1.t:'j1. ..52'3i'5T t C, -1 1' P- . ,, ... 1 H 1 V A -ll A - ,fy - -, .1 tif' ' .e-1 7 A ff rf' eg :" I" ff:-I '12, -i--. -A '74 1-'F ff:-1 :'41'.Ls.k"'1j':f 'vxffggvff-rsiftf..:meg:'rf-:5'-1u'-3:1-.5-sg:-:aa,-az:-.gf1--strung. P- i...m:y+. .. -X.-up E . ' -T lg L. ., ' .1 -' f .- - -- .ff--..:-.1-. 1 f.:+gw-.u11.L.S5,fs :smelt3932'-51222.-.-li..7-me'2.e-rg--1.211Effnrriegfl' 1-: - Lfmxaif. e:e,5:js. :'g5yg'l"1 2P. E 'fl li. ' EVA MAY LAUER Ashland, Pa. MO, my Z'l,47,'L',.Y like cz red, red 1'0ff"'-Bz'n.vy. Eva's most culpable failing is an overfondness for a certain "Adam" who is known to indulge in poetry. She is an everlasting beam of sunlight and a joy to all of us, for her smiling countenance brightens all her friends. As a student in music and art too much could not be said of her, in these departments she has won many laurels. Since she has come to college, the talent for art which was once undeveloped is gradually growing to maturity and we sincerely hope that her present success may blossom forth into the crowning SARA RUTH LIGHT lVlyerstown, Pa. Here we have the chief artist of the Speculum, born in the wilds northwest of Myerstown. Altho she always wears a serious expression, and is very modest, she can "crack a smile" once in awhile. As yet. Dan Cupid has not been able to pierce her heart with his arrows. She was graduated from the Nlyerstown High School and, wishing to develop her intellectual powers, she entered Albright. Sara is a sincere, honest student, and a hard worker. She believes in the motto, "Silence is golden' Forty-fix glory of future attainment. Tlldlli H lHElEflLlllL.ll!lIM - t gg R ,Q f fi-gli if ,-. -.-- -ff - -- - V- g Ui- f H---r - -- - - -- ..,., ... .. .i., .2i,r...4.,.. ,,,....,. . , , I 2 .' ' . .' .' " . ..': ' ix. ""L' T71 ."'QE,f:.f":x.'tf' js-:,':ex1f1'.!f,..-L. .Ti':i4'1TQ -pi. -'3-11 q W- M11-:3f11'.',f for. i V-1 f ll. A-.-.,:,s. fe-.'f11wk,:1.. -rifii. 'fn filfiaq-ea::5ivifb:e?e,efia1f, feizizes-H2sifiyff. .wil C, f.. See: gi ,f f :fi Y .f Jr- .2 ' -U .- .,"1f,. fe:-qs, 1.-,W-f -1 -1-..,,.,:,,:fi .nw-m ...,.--v - gg,-af 2 -.1,.f.:'. . , ..-..-,... .. --.' '-E " - ,'1"'f.t'-":f- -:'.fr1- f-- 4 4 i'.'.-tx'--,iw-1 f,,-4 " 'eff5.1.:-v -Cffrzlp-3'B.w': :-zur,-:fig-1:-A-91 v 1- qi:-Lf.3,5,if,4-i:14,1,q5,..5:,-,. 'l'.3:',':1,.,::, ,,.13:1,1.z,5y,'-'figs--lcvi 3, .1 E M A ELMER ELWOOD MESSERSMI'FH Barnesville, Pa. "Deep watfrrjiow gevzllyfl "Ulla, Popfl' Here is one of the most unassuming, peaceful, yet determined men of the class. He is known as 'KlVlesser" HERBERT ELLswo1zTH MOYER Robesonia, Pa. about the campus and as "papa" at home. Never has he been rebuked for boisterousness by any professor. However, as he pursues the even unobtrusive tenor of his way, it must not be concluded that he is not a man of achievement. Far be it from such. Not only is he a good student, but in addition to this has made a successful launch on the matrimonial sea. Next to attending to his own affairs, his highest ambition is to disseminate the Gospel among benighted humanity, for which calling he is ably htted. Heibert comes from the wilds of Robesonia, situated somewhere between here and there, but not on the map. This yellow haired chap appears very studious, and is the big man in the department of biology. He is now seeking to invent a life preserver to rescue people like himself from the females. He stands as an ardent believer in the assassination of femininity, with one exception. Lately, he has startled the intelligent world by taking several trips to Mount Nebo to call on a young lady, his cousin CFD. Enthusiasm is his main forte. As to his debating ability, ask Heck. But he's a jolly good fellow, and bound for success in his lifels calling. Forly-.raven J 2 ' frff .Jef-cafe:-1,1-'ffff .fmffy4 v' muff-ff' 5--:..:-stef.:-yr-xii, 'W-.ea-6'-aaa'-fp-:zz-req: ' f i'aws'ffz.:+ ."':.x 4,8 -..,-...e, -- . .a..,.,... ..,..,,,.m ,Qin N . 4, ig. . of., ANJ0, Mxqnz .7-4.5 - : -:Q iii Af gil 5, 1 Y' , V . .5-H M .-.--fl-r-K-L. tk-zif. - 1,--f-ffl!-fnnwrsi-1' v11bs:C3fs,::.,:-,:.:'ix.-1'1,e.1i5EL1i'fi2'i1sf:-'?f'iFL4:.a,.-f:1uZ?'5'ffl ff W. '.'-'Sm :4i?MIfl::a5ff-- -A 532515 sg yen:-. .1 -SP5 'Li .. fr V . e at 5 ff ff: 1.7 5' SF- 55- 5 ff Qfifflf 9lEfl'55ififfff?' , .. .1 .-. Q , ' 5. by .1- WILLIAM CHARLES RAP? Allentown, Pa. " ,Lf jig for thofe by law protected, Librrtyb' a glorious' lhingf' Behold, celestial Bill, a member of the "Personal Freedom League." Willie spends his time "violinet- ting," inheriting fortunes from Holland, defying con- ventionalitiesg making secret deals with Hre companies, violating proprietiesg getting engaged, trying to find a good foreign name to use in concert work, fussin', worrying high school nteacherettesf' and trying to push cases and get by with a business proposition now and then. However, we predict a glorious future for our friend "Rapnosky.H "Ur long! for lzeatfen, and Impex Z0 reach it afifr allf' EDGAR BOWEN ROHRBACH , , New Freedom, Pa. Edgar, alias "Rohry," "Rarebuck,,' 'fSorrel-topf' "Cyrus," "Lady-fusser," or anything else, hails from New Freedom, but received most of his training at Mohn Hall and Albright Studio. Two years of Prep work entitled him to college honors which he is now seeking to uphold. During his time here in college he has become a master-hand at working the "bluff" He is an ardent admirer of the fair sex, but " By Heck" is frequently turned down because ofthe "Light', of his luminous top. In his ministerial career, we wish him great success. Forty-fight gl! l'1f via .. ... 1 , . i -AJ :ny 1- 5-mv-'3' "nz 1.1 ff' "Sitka-1 a'J-11'-SMG,--s:'I -'i,,5'.-2-51-12:1-5.3151:L-'gf .55 45.31, inf:-.1'1.43:5""'-J::'f?g,i1Er'.j-UIQ-2me . ,. .9 -3 , . .... , . ., .,- .. -M .i .....,. .gp up . ' - 1. xc. nf' lm - zz,-f z.. 'qi .n'-sy:-5.552-gt i,' ,gfaff f v 'ff g i gsf f' 1:12.-q-L.. .3.'.5 ::ff,. f.,', iref vi A 12 :11-L '.'ff':1' ?'i-'Ii'-ff! '5'-s. 66-325' .' .- i -f 1. 1--ref-..:m :.k'n.Y-fi..-. wi.'11,-wfi:filfwLs":e2 r-i'liv,.11:s':?1.' ei. sv.:.1,".,e:pQ.5fQ1a'-,E',m1s,:2: wvxszai!i12i2'r?.-i2SfM.r2e,:' f..'1v:f55iihfirf-s.x".:: ' - 35, Vg-.fg,.,:ff I 6, ,. , ul R . : f 1 4 1. ,ii f' Z A, I , it 1 If i ,isp X if R rt 1, ,mi I 1, 5,-. ,gm L x REBECCA EDITH Tice Myerstown, Pa. Iv- . .. ,gin .1 Our Rebecca, better known as "Beckie," comes to us from our college hamlet. Before casting her lot with us, she taught the youngsters of her native village for a number of years. Then she realized she needed a college training to aid her in the stubborn tasks of life. We are fortunate and need to congratulate ourselves that we have such a co-ed in our number. Her pres- ence is a never-ending source of pleasure and inspira- tion to both classmates and teachers. Calm, quiet, and resourceful, she never makes a "fuss" over any- thing. "Beckie" bids fair to make good in any path she may choose. Already, she has succumbed to the vital darts of Cupid. As a class we extend heartiest congratulations upon her past attainments, and Wish , f 1' 4 1. -gf her great future success. I l KARL LEROY WARE F Wfindber, Pa. Here is a lad, born We know not where, reared every- where. Three years ago he drifted to Albright. Since entering college, Mr. Ware occasionally delivers lectures on the following subjects: "Love them all,', " Feed on the Country as you go," and " How to carry on Love Affairs in Relays." We can say of him that he first puts his theories into practice before expound- ing them tothe public. "Karl," or "Ware" as he is commonly known, has been Well favored by Dame Fortune and we predict for him great success in future life. S-11 Forzy-iiivie . . .. U .. V.. ,,.., .,. . ., .fn V- - .--Ni.--. -ef. g-4: ig, -f..,..-. -., . fi- -1 ,-f-1,--.Lx 7- ., -Y 4 A 1 ... .1w.1-'.'-A-'-1-A+ 1 .fum-...f , -,w,.f,-,-sf,.fNe,u1 -...-r-A 1.-..te .'fm. - 79 -'-.'ff'frf' ' 'ftvfmwf 7: ,... 44, , J a- 2 E e 2?,f::xa,:.w5:1e1.z :Mi,"w',?r,fa.LbAzrLpE3g .2!f32vll2?zfef,:fy.:1z, :1:.1:A1a:3:gib::e2E':.4 fif11,i'2isiwNiw.ifpnfiibizliil' Rvfgaziklv-1: ?F?i,, E, I - 1 I E Fi I - ' g Y alt: ak .IPF-i"'f""l.. it-:""' .'.','1!'iff5:1a1':,"vv115'r.ff-va--ay1-wr -cftzmf-'ie-1'P,'-' 'Var ws: 'A-4:11 aww 1' f-Hama: ' - w:h-R,-A.:-H1--ily.-f. -'K-w.y-- A-Z 4,i5a,:,4 5-511: -'I 2:2 5'-55-zgwttavlfc-.ffr-1-1if :aan 4r:ss.:mQs,Ci2ZhfE 'cfm 1'.'1G'e1:s3X41:gi-Gli'-42:,sEl.f2:12m5?Z.f21221512 '.'?Tf'5f-if sg' -AgLf,:g5igi57:57giy,'gL wfig I, ff. - - - - ' rn ' ul Ii fi DOROTHEA ELIZABETH WEBER Howard, Pa. This maiden so gay is named Dorothee And a voice as charming as her face has sheg In lessons and music our Dot is a shark And she's there with the goods when it comes to a lark. But her eyes oft get dreamy, her heart it gets sore, For Norman, her idol, is with us no more. CARRIE MAE WITTER R' Nevvmanstown, Pa. Behold! one of Albright's daughters of music, fair and youthful! One whose charms lie, not only in person and personality, but also in attainment! "She is small in stature, but big at heart," is quoted fre- quently of her. To say the least she is a rosebud of an individualityg and when she blossoms forth into futu- rity her rare talent will doubtless make her life one grand sweet song. Fifty 1 W5 tillrldllli 5lFJIElIEZlUllLlUlM WE 'fi iv liar! '-', ,mg ,,,.- 5 i'4::.-?5i'5:t.'.1' 2119: i4a.'J,5''if"1''f,f"g1E'fQvklgffniefd'-'I+L.L:.'iY,::L2jr1Eg55c'::,:-:esfi?a:'1-eZ9f',i-'zs:-:1ry5m-uh-aim ---f .ga---J. -g.5,q:.'-.-1:1 ,gee 61. .., . , -r 1' . T - .1 f-..w1"..-:wr f :..,'.:1x.w',-use:--Q-f :nzaf-:se,,w,tiw:-S-:uriA-'H--f 1-11-'-'f'Sf-' -:J IT '-3 ':,'x.:1:.'.f:',:f.1:..m r, 13,7 ,fx ' li ,f iv1duxlrz'ouJ.', GEORGE THOMAS YOST Myerstown, Pa. " frugal, djECfi07ZdZE and withal keenly A Wandering Wight is George. From Harriet he goes to Lovedy, then back to Harriet again. He is especially noted for proficiency in Astronomy. Harriet says he took her out one evening to see Orion. Rumor says he has now anchored at the Wallace Hotel in Lebanon. Withal, George is a Worker without being painfully industrious, a bass singer, a football player of note, and a good fellow. JOHN HENRY ZINN Myerstown, Pa. "Handsome is af lzamifome dow." Toward the close of the last century in a rural district, John first appeared. Since then he has acquired a pure unaffected Pennsylvania-Dutch accent, an Apollo-like form, and a slight veneer of culture. He has specialized in athletics, attained great proficiency, and won considerable fame. For him We predict a wonderful career. Fzfty-one N nz: 1 ..-. - .... If ' fauna- ' p Q 4 5""i"' 5""i"" 6' ' Q . . .. x-,x. A . if , 2 Q N " Wai Q 4 x N v -'57-' 'vm ---ff ' , 'f' I . .4 V ' AL, - 'UIQ-W ' 3 .X, " P - ffm' ' IIf5'f"'ffT"ff' -H "' " ' "MJ" - , arf . - N 4 4' , ' A xv, Vmmmgmr + 141 f f M, Q f "' N Q vim - fl ." ' +--233. , , ' .' ' . Q AB .' Nwcosrvwaw I-IP-LL " Y K' i ' f- 5552- s1:f'5'f:' E V b ..,. -X L? XX A ,,Y.. "" h 'e , ti ,-- f r j M , rrfijff .,,, -fax-5.-:ily -f--1 ---w' ry- - - ,I-I :V ' S 1' E' Qwfow - ' 1 E Wm N ' 1 we' " -rw , s.f's. A M., , QLD mi- 2 ! X - 'wx ' S QQQ, Quml 25.3 ' W We K 1 1 i ! 4 UI i W UH r Q 'vi .1-i3? ' W'?5e:.':f-1F4' .- . 7 ???? fx 1+ -V R ' , 43 ' ,X- :QA v W-.. ? xgXl -I 1 ....., ,, , Nix Y Q 2 - , F' 'ir Xxx L Fafa Co-ED:-.X -?41f?51 HMM SWQW UMM ' 2f'm"'f""f'v 1 :' r--wp-arf if :wr b " ' - ' V' ' 'J A .L if A 59-1-'P -A -V342 1 9.5. p '?,A:?ff". ' A H" 1 :Ui ,-.5 an .ju ,.::,,xg,' Q K , I ,l P F ii,-vi., ,V l 5, Ek: V5.2 Z iv: 11.-N JBL, . , F 3, K.. , V-VV: I , IV H ,Y -.V-I V ii- :V h 4 E-2' ' " -'311l.jg,. f ' :. Q3 , g: -xg." - E 1 . Q I "M Q' ding - A ggbrinbtw ig V --am -V1 -4 V 1- .: 1 5.1 'H ' 7 ,-.-. 1- -J-L4 f'f.' ,, ..'- j?4'X:uuf 1' - f w 'nxt-,2if"F' 'f' J THOSQ BOYS!! 0'-JR BAND 5694915693166 I 6 1 . ' -W M' :A AP" ' VT, ' vf X 9 '.u ep 6 N0 K I 008' xvil ,M x fiwlgf ig fag f' 1 nga f I.. 6 X 12 f Q' K 1? ' 3 I ff V f " 1 4 1 fb, ,nf ,7 M 'iff Q Q! I I xg , 2 A - Z 6 ' ,Q . V ! s A Q19 A Z , 'v 09 . It 4' Q' 6, I 0. -' U 'haw 4' W S-A -'gy I 4 'MRL V1 . V 'kv 6 : will 'mxlxyum "KW I uw LQ , A I WEP. wiv! ' ,.,. 1 gf V. . iv, fi W? . ' 'lu-nr P?" - l. "-- " ' . ju v " ,, , .ULF 'I ' V 'Ak' 6' 'J '27, ' - ' ' 2' ., - ' ' 9 1 ,,, uv, -:I -1-"f',i+""' ' r .,'9,4 lfd fgiz A-RTK ., g,L+,4, ,f ' '.g1..,,f5 -sf:'gze'f'sr:i.31552522222 1' Wiilfgiv' .ivff aff-1f2'1f112"' 'WY-1-L fj'frff'i1'-f' fi., if A?--J . . , A, 2 Ji...-f--. .le-Q.m.1.. . a4:....iLw.:.A6f?ma' wa:.:5z1..5L5'ir4sfi'.1f.2.:m2,::hr?a::322fa'43::xtreme.fsifaaiiitf-5Mt.:f..Lita..?'tE'l'5-ms.-1.5. ii, i'.r'?., gg .-'fd 3 f I . pa ffg, ,TL If i f'f1Z'?:' lf? 7235245 Lliiiiiii'saififiirfilff iflfffr i if . Zi 4.49 bnpbumnmz Iasz Zlaistnrp UST as the star of empire had its way, so the star of fortune took its course when, on the Hfteenth of September, nineteen hundred thirteen, it established itself above the walls of our Alma Mater to mark the path for the class of 1917. Coming from all sections of the state, there assembled here a heterogeneous mass of students, different in character, disposition, and ideals. This diversity of conditions, however, did not permanently exist, for soon the bonds of fellowship and mutual affection broke the cords of strangeness and formed out of this group of students an harmonious class whose achievements were indeed marvelous. Our first year at college was marked with many noteworthy and striking changes. What seemed at first appearance to be a dull, stupid, clumsy and awk- ward collection of students soon resolved itself, took the initiative, and forged its way to the front of the activities of the ensuing year. None of our body hesitated when confronted by difficulties, none of them faltered under the oppression of hardships. With remarkable boldness and with unrelenting determination, all assumed the responsibility entrusted to them and nobly discharged the duties which the class and institution imposed upon them. ln this, the first year of our college activities, we placed before ourselves the goal of our ambitions. What we accomplished in our Freshman year has served as the stepping stone to higher and greater achievements. What knocks and failures have hindered our progress have not served as real obstacles, but have given us all the more courage and ambi- tion to press forward. After spending one year here, during which we worked laboriously and stead- fastly, we hnally acquired the qualities necessary for higher standing. We entered upon the Sophomore era of our college career, fully confident that we possessed vigor and stamina sufficient to bear the burden of increased responsibility and to attain to even greater achievements than preceding classes. In the held meet held under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. we demonstrated our excellent hber and ability by easily and completely outclassing our opponents in every detail. Later in the term We successfully held a gathering at Newmanstown in honor of the co-eds of our class. This again showed the marvelous quality of the men who comprise the backbone of our class. Many similar instances of less prominence and importance might be mentioned, but it should suH'ice to say that our course of progress up to the present time has been strewn with many events, all of which have added greatly to our honor and glory. Fifty-four MEN., , N-. ,, 'R ,-- -- 4. -yt ' .--:. 14 -1 '..s. frat -.fazgff f,4.w.,z, .' T7 nj-'ff5.F: 'sw vu' M. ' ... .11-ff, ff. nz '42-J J f x:"f+f: 'f -' ' -1. ,.. 1,1-1-2 fail.1.4-2.112-.Q:..:Lai.H-.ggfF:.:.e44f?:.1 552- . s..5..25if,:?.:11.r.-.1-if-112.1224 :semmeme.:aiu:E'ayb:2'3L?i,:..' v,.11f.zar:iz.s:,4:.,etf f. sl?-fri, ,Z C, 'XA ' i- . 195 ' - 2 . 7, V' nf. .VJ ' X 1 1 li,: 1.1. ,.- , '. -may u:-fy.. -L: -.- wirffy,-w.-a-My -:ip:11-,-.X, , ,gp-5-fo-.1ggqv.-gg-,.v:: -,-.m-5-.wafqfv.-3.-.,4,.,,,,....., .-Lg AW..-,, 4,1 A 1' r 2' 5-1?".e'+4'.fw1.'.--'5 .fiziwfdca.w..mL'.:a2:a.s's-1uw 2.V:F-'-:Qm.1ff'2.:.eL'Q2.1"-fxe':f211f1Mui-211:5f':?.afL'.'i1L To attribute any special characteristic to this class is impossible, for numerous are the qualities which predominate and make our class distinctive. Courage, determination, and conviction have been important assets in the moulding of a firm and zealous class spirit. Not only is every member of the class proud of the record made in the past, but entertains brighter and loftier hopes for greater advancement and achievement in the future. With determined ardor and perse- verance We shall press onward and upward until We reach the goal of our efforts and move forward to life's sterner tasks. Preridmt . Vice-Prfxidfnz Secretary . Trmfwer Hiftorian A. E. Baumgardner R. B. Carmany Mary H. Crumbling A. Rachel Heisler L. R. Henry Christie A. Kohl H. A. Krall CI El Cl Supbumnres Color:-Blue and Gold OFFICERS ROLL C. P. Krum A. A. Leininger Elizabeth M. Light J. G. Mengel W. G. Mengel Martha R. Morris Elsie M. Moyer J. G. MENGEL, '17. C. R. SMITH . H. A. KRALL MARY CRUMBLING . F. E. WRAY . J. G. MENGEL Mary M. Moyer I. L, Moyer C. R. Smith H. D. Snyder H. P. Strack C. K. Wagner F. E. Wray Fiffy-jivr a 44 4 L, ,,,, , , 1 4 L i fb yy ,W X Jvfyw X vb x ix 1, , . 156 'P -,.-?,"gf..2fT',wafigff' 123113. ' ' X 9 57 X YQ P V-..:,z4-ww..?av ' f X . f ,j 1 ' 2 X Q, my X Z , S x , Q M V4 gb ff Q 7,4 N 4- ff f M! , K Q, X XA.. QQ x 5? f fx W JV K., f x, 1 f , X QV f X X f f 0 W fi E i " x 1 S. 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R. Mergentha Ruth Miller 1 , G. K. MORRIS . R. F. STAUFFER Miss MAE THOMPSON . . GRANT KNIGHT . R. A. KILPATRICK S. Miller M. A. Patschke C. P. Parker F. B. Queer J. H. SCl'11'CHlC1' H. B. Singer C. D. Smeltzer Blanche Srrickler J. R. Trimble Ruth Wunde1'licli H, Walmei' Egg ag.. --mg 1. ,er--4. -alfa Dr 1 1 up-, -n,,,,:.'-fn-gg..-V ' --w ,. -1 Wt.. '. .. Ls, ., it - -, ,.- c.-.-, ,As LM. - 4.-,-t',-tv ' -1--1.1 ,,:.t'M.- ".f4...-ff.-ff.-1-",-v. 71- . ,571 5 , Q .. 1 , -1, 9. 1. gm-.-.z... fiat. s,.l2fsQfx+:.a1:. rFrta:-E1:g.frass2a:.afs:enema.Iswrri-1-ifslerii IT 2'-lf? ' U rm: FI m I' K E 42i,Hl I f I ' 'frf-"'x,. sg..,a. Q-TiffH2'JE"1f7""'.1f'1:yH-'Q ffrmw-.1-14.53'-r'rfffM's5fuwavqaz5:21.-1' 1-:f .-.v,f:ff':- -.uc:'.:n-L '- gL."..j.i '- 1 , - A .sa-Mc'-. -- 1 : i.:.,.:mJ,-,1l1L.liS1s.:.-:sf Y-'s!Xi?::r'x.,.9 straying :mi-'.4.ftf.5,.9GA 2331" 'e-una Y Sixty-two freshman Qlilass Zlaisturp ,Twas l9l4, in the Fall, A band of students heard the call From Albright. By tWo's and three's they gathered there, The brave and strong, the sweet and fair, A noble sight, both grand and rare At Albright. 'Tvvas knowledge that they came to End, This longing they kept clear in mind, At Albright. Tho green they were this Freshman band, They stood united hand in hand, The largest class to make a stand At Albright. The Sophomores thought the Fresh were But the Fresh beat at the poster game At Albright. Experience lacking, that was all, They rallied at the Freshman call, At Newmanstown the Sophs did fall From their might. The Sophs did surely feel quite blue When they saw what the Fresh did do At Albright. 'Twas at Mount Gretna, where one day The Freshman class held banquet gay, The first class who did leave mid-day From Albright. Of athletes they have their share, Who help to bring the laurels fair To Albright. In basketball and football too, They try to show what they can do. IZIIHC When baseball comes, they'll play for you And Albright. The aim of this, our sturdy band, ls future usefulness, to stand For Albright. Then "Albright College, Hullabaloo, Nineteen Eighteen, Steel and Blue," Shall ever be our Watchword true, At Albright. R. A. KILPATRICK, 1 lil!!NWHINllWNHNNHNWHNNHNHNNHNNNINNHNNNINNHNNIINNHNNIHNHNNVNNNVNNNHNNINNNINNIlNNHNNNINNUHiNNN!NNNHNNVNNNINWHWNHNNVNNN1NWNHNWHIHHHHHUHUWNWNINNN1NNHNNNIWWHWWWINNHWWHNW4WWNIWiNINNNINNHNNilNNINNWINNNINNNINNNJNNH11INNNINNNINNNINNNQNNHNNINNN!NNNINNNHNHNNlIHi1llIHl2llil1lllHNNNNHNNi1NNINNNENNN5NNlillINHIllllHl!W!WNNNINNNHNHNNNINNHNNHNNINNHNT11NNHNNHNNHNNINNN1NNNNNNHNNINNNINNNINNllNNINNHNHIHNIWIHIIHIHVM EI El LITER RY SCDCIETIES El E! 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Our literary societies are enabling us to acquire the art of public speaking by constant effort and experience. A generation ago institutions of higher learning paid little attention to, and were not very eH:icient in the development of this art. Today, when the call comes from all sides for the man with resourcefulness, inventiveness and self-reliance, institutions are preparing to meet this demand by training the student along these lines. The special aim of our societies is to develop the power of self-expression and the ability for quick and accurate thinking. It is doubtful whether anyone can reach the highest standard of culture without studying the art of self-expression. Nowhere do we have a better opportunity to acquire a logical and forceful manner, and to bring to a focus all the powers we possess, than in our literary societies. We are glad to note the great stress which our societies are laying upon the practice of extemporaneous and impromptu speaking. Stirring debates are a large and interesting factor in each week's program. Music and prepared speeches also have their very appropriate place. It is with great pride that we I1OtC the fact that two of our societies were organized more than half a century ago. The Excelsior society was organized in 1856. As a result of her rigid discipline and free criticisms she has sent out young men well equipped to appear before any audience. The best efforts among her members have always been called out by their motto, "I-ligherf' The Neocosmian society was organized in 1858. Her young men have been put to a severe test. Their power to hold the attention, stir the emotions, and convince the reason, are all proofs of their faithfulness to their motto, "Onward" The Themisian society was organized more recentlyg the lady students of the college comprise its membership. Their motto, "Una in amore, more, ore, re,', indicates the unity which exists among them. All of her members by natural or acquired ability are faithfully raising the standards of the society. A number of joint meetings are held occasionally, in which the three societies combine in the rendition of a program. Singly and unitedly, the literary societies are accomplishing a vast amount of good for the individual student. The training which they afford supplementary to the regular work of the college course is in- valuable. Men are being made happier by an increasing degree of self-reliance and confidence in public speech. Miss REBECCA Tice, ,16. Sixty-four 1 ,. -.-' A ., ..,, f " ,,, wg., ,S Ma, ,am .2..,,f. H. .,,-,,., 1-vi-. . .- .. - -- innaiu- and-'L 1 . 11:5-'ff fi" W Y - .5 4-5 -3 gl r"lll5W3BTlHllE 5hQllEIEllUll HJUIM 1151 .T '1!,'1.' 1111132 intents Seminar HE Science Seminar is essentially a society for the advancement of science at Albright. Of the various societies and organizations at college, this organization is directly concerned with the scientific education of the student. To that extent, it is the most beneficial one. In the classroom the student receives only a limited knowledge concerning the one subject which he is studying at that time, but here he learns about the various happenings of the scientihc world in general. The purpose, incidentally, is to broaden the student intellectually. This society was organized in 1911. It meets weekly for approximately one hour. At its meetings are presented very carefully prepared reports on the work of the great present-day scientists, who are working out problems incidental to the general class work, and which are within the comprehension of the ordinary student. Then, there are reviews of the most recent scientific publications. These synopses are condensed and set forth the gist of the work. lllustrated lectures also add much to the value of this organization to the student., By means of such lectures, the speaker can clearly place before the student what he could otherwise only have described. Lastly, current science in general is discussed by the seminar. This greatly stimulates the interest in science, since the student can just keep pace with all the great scientific discoveries of acknowledged authenticity. The Science Seminar makes occasional trips to places of scientific interest. These trips are conducted entirely by the heads of This is the practical side of the Seminar. The student can make actual observations for himself. Such trips in his future class work. the scientific departments. gets into the field where he mean much to the student This organization solicits no membership, yet is open to any student regard- less of the course of study pursued. Although it is still young, its progress has been extremely rapid and its value to the student is felt only after he has become a member and has done some actual work. Preridmit . Vice-P rerident . S ecremry- Trear zz rf 1' P. S. Christman A. Ensminger 1. K. Kline E. Kohl S-5 OFFICERS M M B Ii RS C. P. lfrum F. B. Queer Dr. P. Stober H. P. Strack li. KOHL, '15. . . E. J. Korn., '15 fl. W. SLo'rHowER, '15 C. P. KRUM, '17 l-l. WY. Slothower Prof. G. l-l. Whitefo1'd F. E. VV1'ay S ixty-jiw llEl'l"T'lHlIE 5FlEllE'JlUlllL.llLllllMl'l'lllE hindi . I ,i ,Y ., . .1 4... ...mi ,.,1..,..J .,, ff li .., .Q,..c, fu., nf fiL.,.,f,,,,,..,,,m.5- ,nm 1,,.1,.,,g. . J ,,n'f,,'., N 4542550 ' ...Y -1--,2Q...-,m1.5-Qf.r.z... rim? milrazrz-re:xa!.iJ.lb4i'i,.:M:-.pfvt::1fa::ftz5::d?3nao.:25tram,Ef1r.1.i?.iifpi.i'5.Zm.: '..Q-23i1Ez''-,f f. WL- ,.- -' V- '-I5 JJ 1 . HE? 31 . . A Y ,.. ... I ,, 1 , , .1 .Ai i . .-vi, - 2 1: wf-wr----1-,,',ir-. w-g1,-p.g-.v.- - vi Nw -.4-. .-.,. H . f.,,., ,U -1 .,,-.1 .i. . . -,f ul... .. ,.. , , . f .1- , ,.-f .. . vb. , hog, .,,,,f if .,......-,,e,.,fW-,,q K. ,11:5f,,..g.'..,., -..f.i,1-..fnAi.5. .. ...A-.,. P . L -AA., L. '4 f ., 1. ,fs-.fu-1 . .' ,. for fr -....l1E.x-1 1. ff. .IES-V.-lar..--J..,,e A.-.f-.fn-,. -:pq 'g4L,qa.,,., ,g,,,,i-.L1.-,.-3-,AA if Q -' ' 'il 2 The Qixuzlsinr literary iunietp Prefidml . Vzce-Prefidenz Secrfmry . T1 my ww' Crztic . D. M. Albright M. L. Beamenderfer H. A. Benfer C. D. Brillhart M. W. Brossman E. Coldren H. H. Church Paul Dech M. C. Dubbs A. Ensminger H. L. Flick J. L. Geist C. E. Getz C. D. Geiger W. T. Hafner S x y-fix Color:-Red and White Motto-Higher OFFICERS Fall Tzrm P. B. Smith ,15 A. Ensminger '15 W. C. Sipe ,15 Guy Shambaugh '19 L. W. Portzline '15 MEMBERS J. A. Heck M. 1. Hilterbriek Leroy Henry R. Hoch C. Hoffman R. A. Kilpatrick E. Kohl A. A. Koch I. S. Kauffman J. F. Kast E. E. Messersmith W. G. Mengel J. G. Mengel D. Miller L. Peilfer Wi7ZfE7' Term W. C. Sipe '15 C. D. Brillhart ,16 E. B. Rohrbach '16 Guy Shambaugh ,19 H. W. Slothower ,15 L. W. Portzline M. A. Patsehke E. B. Rohrlnaeh W. C. Rapp Guy Shambaugh John Shambaugh VY. C. Sipe C. D. Smeltzer H. W. Slothower W. T. Staulfer P. B. Smith I. R. Trimble H. Walmer Hurst Woodring G. T. Yost ,ki af, -...Am ,..,..F1-2,-.-.,,-f..A.,- ff .. .-...W-.... --- HEQTHIE 5lFIEllC'3HUlllLll!lllxM1l'l'llE ' v- i' -' " ' " 1,--... --n.: ww ',."1':"' 9 . .-1 N E - .H ...f A -- 21. mm: ..f4. r- f av. . m... V, . ,.e -3. gg' 1-if ---1-53. mx L-.J ,-...q..,EH,5.-Q-p53.qf 1.532257 :. ",,:t2:Qg4i'2l-1fo?E'.:irQ'-?.'in4,:.5-21ffLf:!-p'R2.v5.t.: 1.5.1. viifff.-m'1.a:'1: .pf f: -1 92 Q' " "5 fi A .r gg- - 1, ' .' 551, - , -nifi- fs? Z-1 1. i " HAIL . 11:::'. ea. .f,1"'1f!:- 'f:+'g::v- fiererf. .rar-pa"-'f::r'U'-freswf :ar-f11:f:1-if .-.y--.fzmrmvi ....::,.:Lfi 2- g. Z ' " If L-,i..1,g,Qg' 7 'l' ii" 1 '-,nil -' 'ri ii'-Yf'L'Efig5,Qlf 'fx 12:1J1.:.fV'n:vii,-hai.:-u-.s'u.--r -'4.iz.' :5'-if lfjli 'C'.L.'.bL11,1J, ,:5.iigQ-X it :f fl - lf H The elliencnsmian literary bounty , Colour-Blue and Wliite Zl'lOlfU1Ol1W'211'Cl OFFICERS Fall TL'7'71'Z Iffivziel' Term P1'.efz'df'nt . . P. M. Hartzler '15 B. E. Coleman '15 Vice-P1'fridm.Z . VV. B. Henninger '15 S. R. Bingaman '15 Secretary . . . Karl Ware ,I6 A. A. Leininger ,l7 T7'E6ZI'Zt7'E7 . A. W. Harman '16 C. R. Smith, '17 Critic . S. R. Bingaman ,IS lf. L. Brandt '15 MEMBERS A. A. Auclcer A. Fl. Baumgardner J. P. Bensinger E. L. Brandt C. H. Burg H. M. Buck Fred Brown C. E. Baumeister S. R. Bingarnan R. B. Carmany P. S. Christman E. F. Crumbling B. E. Coleman L. A. Dice W. R. Dubble F.. A. Dimmich R. H. Dick Alan Dech H. S. Ensminger W. S. Garrett F' Sixly-figfzl P. lVl. Hartzler C. S. Hottenstein A. VV. Harman VV. B. Henninger L. H. Heishley A. A. Hilleary B. G. Hoffman C. V. Hassler I. K. Kline F. E. Kebaugh H. A. Krall C. P. Krum W. A. Kutz G. C. Knight A. A. Leiningei' P. B. Line R. N. Lutz H. L. Lehman E. G. Leinbach G. K. Morris H. F.. lVloyer J. L. Moyer G. H. Nlergenthaler P. L. Millei' S. E. Peterson F. B. Queer S. E. Queer C. B. Shank C. R. Smith H. D. Snyder J. T. Snyder J. H. Schrelller R. S. Stauflfer H. P. Strack K. L. W'are F. F.. VVray C. K. Wagner I. H. Zinn 4 1 . H x . .. A,--- 1.3 ,af-,3,. :-.:,.,,-g.,1 ma.,-,L-.zfvsg W a- ,,.,,,.1,, ..,.,f, -.,, .,... 1 , -,.,, ,v.,,.: mimi-if a t Q. 5 W fvfi 1 LIL ' if 'ffl I Y A 1 -'A 1 :f fi - H H. 2. The Ulbnzmisian literary Society Prefidmt . Vice-Prf'5idf1if . Secretary . . T1'6'LZJ'Ll7'L'7' Cvrzfzfic Irene Albert Isabel Allen Anna Bailey Elsie Berger Miriam Bowman Mary Crumbling Mabel Ensminger Alice Ferris Bessie Frey Mildred Fisher Anna Geist Minerva Hartzler Sarah Hartzler Rachel 1-leisler Seventy Colon-Lavender and White Jlflollo-Una in amore, more, ore, OFFICERS Fall Term Rebecca Tice '16 lsabel Allen ,16 Martha Morris 117 Sarah Hartzler '13 TC 1-larriet VVootlring '15 MEMBERS Wiizlrv' Term Harriet Wood1'ing '15 Sara Light '16 Eva Lauer '16 Sarah Hartzler '13 Alice Ferris '19 Miss Louise Jackman Kathryn Karch Christie Kohl Eva Lauer Miss Beulah Leininger Elizabeth Light Sara Light Jennie Kline Ruth Miller Mrs. Luella Mohn Martha Morris Elsie Moyer Mary Moyer Florence Moucly Jennie Munson Kathryn Noll Pauline Riegel Blanche Strickler Miriam Tice Rebecca Tice Dorothea Webei' Harriet Woodi'ing Ruth Wunde1'lich Mae Thompson Carrie Witte1's Margaret Woodriiig 4 N N 4 a . ..r. 111441 X qw., r .:.A-1. .- . . .,- 5,1 :Eff- ..1f::rp?1E... "'l 'iii tie.. 1-.4 4 11 - .-.-152' gif- -r2'.fii'f'-'5 if' ZF' . dyJ,E,.U.!Q1 ,yr- .. f1'f- " ,,.rl:T1f3,1 :fi " . ..f..:.-.-'11, ' ' x V ff '44 5 exe' , . ,W 5 9 I ff. 1-:, ' 4.-5.1 .,.,.., 'ful' 010 ,,,,.:gIj' .'14'4fr YXB ....11'4-s.7.'fgA, '- .ae :ge-ff: 1, 31' Y: A-ri. rf- .g',5C3?-Z . M , : ' -. "-Qefilv u .1 , , ,,:,:-:-I..-..:....--.1-.'. P' 101' 24, 'MOP' A 35' .. x 23? - i f ' '33 1 ,'- N 'jg f Q , J ff ,Q ,W f ' Q' A .X 4? I X 2 ,ff , A W., f 5 1 ff 'SM 1. , -.1 'V-Fir' 1.41, .1..:'w, 7 AELQE.-537 5 ""' 35" ' "fs:-41":' " fifiif. 'ip ','...-.12125.i5?2i1E1E.,.fi' if' V' .. . .Q 5.1 AV V l . ff ' . ' -93.1. W ,..:y1!:y'-P 0 "' , 1, .. J. W... J ,, ' " dx . .',,g f f . 6 I 0 ',1 1 , 5 ,lf . , V at 5 158 5 4 4 .5133 I 5- 1 ,- X 31 , -.. .Q .,k - .X , Q Wh e n a Crowd ch - fffii' 2133? 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Eighty Phi Reita Sigma C'Alumnae Snrorityj Organized 1909 Colors-Black and White RGLL Emily Brenner, '09 Mabel Crowell, '09 Grace Gobble, '10 Pearl Bowman, '11 Ruth Shaffer, '11 Marion Bertolet, '12 Elizabeth Riddle, '12 Erma Sbortess, '12 Mrs, Frances Sampsel Shuler, '12 Mabel Woodring, '12 " HIWIWIHHN4NNiWF1WNHHINNNIWWHHNWWNHHIUHNNIHHNNHH!NNNHNNIHHHHHEHHHIHHNNNHWNNNIHIWIWHNINHWWNHIWHHSHHNHH1WMHWNHHUHHWWMHHIHINHPHMWNWHHHHHWHIHNJWNWIHHHHHWHHVHHNNN1HHNNNdllINNINNNiHUNNHHNINNNINNIHN!NNNHHiNNHNNHHHNNIWINNHNNNIHHNNHHINNNINNNIW!NNHHHiNINNHW!NNNIHN1HHNNIWINNNIHIIWIHHHIHNIHNI W' E1 El RELIGICDUS El E NINHH!HNHWUNNIWNNNIWHNINNIHNINWHNIIHIHNINHIHHNHIMNIlNNIHHNPI4HHNNIlHIHNINNIHHNNIH!llNVIHHNNIHH!NI4VIHNHNIHIINH1HHNHNHHNNHHHNHNHHNIlNMHI1NHHH!NHNIHllNNIHHNNIHH4NIIWINNllHHNNHNNIHNINNHHIINNNIHIHNINNIHHNNIHHNNIWINNHHillNNHHNNI1WHHNNHHHNNHHIlNllNNIHNllNNIHH!NilNIHllNNIUllNVIHil4NWI!NllHI!!NllHill1INHIHUNH4HHHIIHIHIIHUHIHF . . ,... . ,. ,.,...,?x-jVf,. -..,,..-.-..,Lr.s uf. A .FR if Y 4 . ,r ., ,. 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We are sorry to admit indulgences in unchristian practices to some extent and a marked indifference towards religious affairs on the part of many, but the general tone and spirit of the student body in the "dorms," study halls, campus, and athletic field, as well as the character of the instruction in the class room, merit the Christian appellation. We shall now discuss briefly the religious organizations of the college that produce largely this general spiritual atmosphere. The Young Men's Christian Association is an organization for the male students. Weekly meetings are held. The programs consist of prayer, song, and addresses. Many helpful messages are brought to its members and others who will attend, by students and by strangers. The value of these meetings can be readily estimated when we say that as a rule the men who show any interest in the work when entering their college course and during the course, are not led astray by the many temptations incident to college life. The silent suggestive force of the organization means a development of Christian character. Former students testify eloquently to its force as a moulder of Christian character. Under its auspices weekly prayermeetings are held in the students, rooms. Bible and Mission study classes are conducted and have proven to be very beneficial and instructive. The Y. M. C. A. is probably the greatest source of spiritual imparta- tion to the male students. Correspondingly, for the lady students is the Y. VV. C. A. They hold weekly meetings addressed mostly by their own number. They also conduct study classes. For the ladies, this organization accomplishes the same purpose as the Y. M. C. A. does for the men. The Prohibition League, as the name signifies, is conducted for the purpose of studying that greatest of all problems, the liquor problem. Meetings are held and addressed by prominent men. A class is conducted to make a more thorough study of the question. An annual oratorical contest is held and prizes awarded. Thought and eloquence mark this annual event. This organization might accom- plish more if it were the only important thing in our college, but it is one among many. One thing it does, and that justifies its existence, it keeps the fellows in touch with this great problem which they as college men are bound to face. The Cleric is an organization for the ministerial students. For years a mere figurehead, the Cleric has this year 'been given its deserved attention, and bids fair to accomplish its mission. Its purpose is to secure speakers to inform both formally and informally' the embryonic divines concerning general phases of the ministerls mission and thus make them more eH71cient, For the student for the ministry its services are inestimable. These are the chief religious factors at Albright. The interest shown in them, while not over-zealous, is good. Those who consider them worth while profit by them, those who neglect them can not appreciate their loss. S. R. BINGAMAN, ,15. Eighty-two L. 1'- 'fligigfg -"'-if ',1"gw5I-'EQiff--:L-if' Hai-fp' 524.1 i1'4g5Z1i "-51'f1fGff'm'ai wefgf' ,q1,:..?a.:vga:amz-,,f,,aa-efafc' 1-."u3.g.,ff f X-71-Af:-:'fAt ' 1'.R Q15 ' I V - . .Y . xi .,ta.-S :arf v...lLfi?g.:.i.:1..,V--.,a:,t.f.i.f:.: fans.:inrim.!w:,:a-i-i:' ','.Qf-'Sivf2,-i:2Q-,. ,g.,, D, ,., . .1 J, ., .E -'- 7' ', ' --' QQ, L, f:a.'a,vffwf..-1''.'.1sr-1 -fwy, g.,-i ..-s-.-.15 .1--1--f-:1 .1 1... F. .tv . ,., --...,',,.., . . ' .2 4" fn, .milf , 5 :H ..-aeszali-'.'f:'. .f anf.f2f:afba.k?i-FQJS.e,':G'-ffaikgf'-'ik-,Sa2,234-agaiff-12:fiftgigivggfgf 9,in-jgiggzggg,-'ery 23-9313 gg, 5 q I-' -.1 si 1 . .- . 11 1 but the y Ierit nes HIS association was organized in the year 1905 by Rev. E. E. StauH9er,A.1V1., Ph.D., who at that time was college pastor. The organization is composed exclusively of all the students for the ministry. 1ts purpose is to bring to the attention of the ministerial students of Albright, some of the problems that will face them in the active ministry, and prepare them for more eH:1cient service in their chosen work. For several ears ast the or anization has not been as active as it should Y P g have been but this year has found it takin I on a new life under the ca Jable leader- , , E l ship of President C. B. Shank. Semi-monthly meetings are held, at which times problems of importance are discussed by capable and efhcient speakers. During this collegiate year, we have been favored with messages from the following speakers, upon the subjects named: Oct. 19, 1914, "The General Principles of the Ministry," by Dr. F. Dunlap. Nov. 3, 191-1, "The Practical Side of the lV1inistry," Rev. A. A. Hilleary. Nov. 16, 191-1, "The Value of Education to the lV1inistry,H Rev. E. E. Stauflier, A.lV1. Dec. 9, 191-1, "The Preacher's Spiritual Qualihcationsf, Dr. F. Dunlap. Feb. 8, 1915, S'The Value of Character to the Minister," Dr. A. E. Gobble. Other meetings were held in which there were open discussions by the cleric in general on religious problems of the day. This organization is one of the most inliuential in the college. It tends to promote the general welfare of the institution along both religious and moral lines. It not only seeks the discussion of practical problems in the minister's active life, but also the development of a superior moral attitude in the lives of the ministerial students. C. S. HOTTENSTEIN, '16. Eiglify-tlzrff A gig' -- 1 -":0. cn-p'.1.B.:1..:.E 'ff---.11-64f n-xr: :- "'g:rf'.-gi2'1-2a?sfy:s,':,r.4.3.:,:1..z.f.-A-LE'-E3-ww' -.2-L:.'S55f'f.w:f-55:-in .232-310-'f f. . f- U- "5 -'L ' 1 ei." - 1 ' . al- if -f i1.3. ...w.f 1af.::x:.irf? 1':Hi'l"11 - EQ. - nu-ui -:gr u . i Prexidevzt . . Vzce-Przfidmzt . S ecfetary- T1'ea5u1f1 H. A. Benfer S. R. Bingaman Dr. C. A. Bowman C. D. Brillhart B. E. Coleman Prof. W. Dech R. H. Dick E. A. Dimmich Dr. F. Dunlap M. C. Dubbs H. L. Flick C. D. Geiger C. E. Getz Ezghty-four llllilU1lUlllIlllIllIlllIllHlllllllllHllllllllllllll1llIlllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllIll.lHIllllHIllHllIllllllHllillllllllllllllllllllllllHlllllllllllllllllllIlll1llVlllIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllilllIllflllIlll1lllillIllllllillllllllllllllllllllIll1lllIllllllIllllllllllIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll. 1 I I TIllllllllllIllHllIlllIllllllHllIllHllIllllllHll1llHllIlllIllllllIlllllllllllllHllilllIllllllllll'll5lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllIllllllNlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIlWllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllIllllllIllHllIlllllllllllllllllllllIlllIllllllIlllIllllllIllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll OFFICERS MEMBERS VV. flu. HZl1'1lC1' Rev. VV. H. Hartzler C. V. Hasslcr J. A. Heck L. H. Heishley A. A. Hilleary Prof. C. S. Kelchner Prof. H. A. Kiess R. A. Kilpatrick A. A. Koch W. A. Kutz H. L. Lehman 'E . . C. B. SHANK 515 C. S. HOTTENSTEIN 316 . A. A. LEININGER '17 G. R. Mergenthaler E. E. Messersmith H. E. Moyer P. L. Miller S. E. Queer . B. Rohrbach H. B. Singer W. C. Sipe H. D. Snyder I. T. Snyder Prof. B. E. Stauflfer Dr. P. Stober - 4. wr :ww f-w- .w- 'f:- M -:- -:wig sf51,,'515.f1u-mfr':f,gx::..?!-fra: zv.,f5.23"1g'12z' f:!.4ut-v',.c.fq- j -1 v1,+1:'f.1.ff f 5' Q57 Y f. . .H Q.. ..s.,p.fh ......iL'. 35.1.-,,..f2.5z?p4-:..f:1.-.,- -,4:.i.f.:ia1: cz.-yfe,"zy14.a.!f:pri4-5-M-BM-411. zif:.?f3Ehw:mh:'?.. 5 5-511 . 22: 4.1 ' -if . 'fflj sk -ft f 'i' o. ., YU. .La ,e "':1".",-'gg-I 5 :F.f.9.'f:f3.1f'.i 'mf-4:11-:'g.1-:gg 5 pe.-fr. .-nr - ' :img-1.--. -Lf-.fn-, .-1 . :E 'L QL, I 'f 1 5 -2 - '-.wif-. 1 -'.'f - . .' .. fi,-. :.:'gy.i.35:f.L:5?S..f- .fr:-G-:SS'..15i3'.-3.-li3.:'-21-.x':up?i' 2.125-.191 2-:5,?lfQ5i4 fc,, 1:f.f.:5m, :': -ylil if V .5 '5 "' lllll'lll'llllll'll'l l"lllllllll'llHll lllllllllllllllllllllllllll' 'llllllllllllll ll" """ lllll Ill lllll"l Ullllllll 'll"" ll'lll'lllll'll l' ll'lll'llll'HH'l'lll'Hl'l'll'l'll"ll VH 'l llllllll'lllll'll'll'll'l llllll llllll ll 0 0 9 0 IllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllIllllllllllllllllllll1Illllllllllllllllll1lllllIllilllllllllllllllllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll O F F I C E R S Preficimt . Vice-Prefialmzt . .Secretary . Tre af mer . Bible Study .Miffiomzry . Membfrfhip Foreign W02'fe Social . Prof. O. l. Albrig A. A. Aucker D. M. Albright J. P. Bensinger hr S. R. Bingamzin H. A. Benfer Dr. C. A. Bowman E. L. Brandt H. M. Buck C. D. Brillhart M. L. Beamenderfer A. E. Baumgzirclner B. E. Coleman Dr. P. Dunlap Prof. W. Dech R. H. Dick L. A. Dice Alan Dech H. L. Flick fig zty-.fix HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS MEMBERS Robert Feger Dr. A. E. Gobble C. E. Getz C. D. Geiger Rev. W. H. Hartzler J. A. Heck Charles Hassler L. H. Heishley A. W. Harman W. B. Henninger R. Hoch C. S. Hottenetein F. Kebaugh Prof. H. A. Kiess Prof. C. S. Kelchner H. L. Lehman A. A. Leininger y Guy Mergenthaler P. L. Miller . S. R. BINGAMAN H. A. BENFEP. . C. B. SHANK C. K. WAGNER . W. B. HENNINGER . B. E. COLEMAN . D. M. ALBRIGHT , E. B. ROHRBACH . H. A. BENFER' G. K. Morris W. G. Mengel E. E. Nlessersmith N. S. Miller 5 1 J L. W. Portzline E. B. Rohrbach Dr. P. Stoll-er Prof. E. E. Staufifer W. C. Sipe H. W. Slothower I. Shambaugh G. Shambaugh H. D. Snyder J. T. Snyder C. B. Shank H. B. Singer F. E. Wray Prof. G. H. Whiteford C. K. Wagner 15 15 15 17 15 15 15 16 15 W 23 , r . ' 9 f f 7 4 My 2 .-21551 4111" ' ' f :L..'ff Lrf gii? I . V ,.,. . BINGAMAM 431 .. . ,. ,..4 ,... -,,-.,,,..,.,. . ,-.w,,i , ,:,..f, ' ,.- 1 ,Fagan gm.-,E .ep-4, -, .-1 mn- -M.. gf mm..-, . nl.: Af. A W. n1m"'-- , Q 3' K 7 5' 4 1 'M' r- ' A TE! Tlhllli SPIE ElUll:.llLl.lllMl filing .0 ,,J ... ,V .. . ,,r ..,-,i.,. fi. ,L.,,,.i, ,MJ . Haw, TC. 5 WL, J .1 ,..,z- .. J 4. ,,,1 ,,'1- .., . . . 1, me , 55 , ,A c-J ,. ,-1 f lx.--F2 11,-, wx.,1.A'4v.lz2Q1,..f-2155.1:4z'f.'45A5fi2La'fm:':' v..v2stf:':ff.bff.rp'':y4t,E:gfE21a24?:i'-Qrilsf1z.!w4E.Zi i.c.f:,.,-..f::T. 20i?fff-fE.1f'.f- Q-J' 31, 2 T2-Q ,501 - f L' I 3:5 " " "5 Y if 3112 515 .- ,:,:.'41-- u, 21-22,5113L"?1',"r'f,'fw,-.,1 '5':r,zff'.if 12'.v':f"wz:z1-.w:-za: may .:f:-.- +-5:51.-if --,-E.-,.-----And, -L, ,AA . 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M embfrship Pofifn Isabel Allen Irene Albert Miriam Bowman Anna Bailey Mary Crumbling Bessie Frey Alice Ferris Mildred Fisher Anna Geist Sarah Hartzler Minerva Hartzler Eighly-eight OFFICERS HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS MEMBERS Rachel Heisler Miss Louise Jackman Jennie Kline Kathryn Karch Miss Beulah Leininger Sara Light Eva Lauer Florence Moudy Mrs. Luella Mohn Ruth Miller' Martha Morris MIRIAM T1cE MARTHA MORRIS 15 '17 A. RACHEL HEISLER '17 HARRIET WOODRING MIRIAM BOWMAN MARY CRUMBLING MARTHA MORRIS HARRIET WooDR1NG ISABEL ALLEN DOROTH EA WEBER' Elsie Moyer Mary Moyer Jennie Munson Pauline Riegel Miriam Tice Mae Thompson Rebecca Tice Harriet Wood1'ing Dorothea Weber' Margaret Wood1'ing '15 '15 '17 '17 '15 '16 16 ff 16 QRUMELING 'Nw BOWWRN YYooDR'WG ,U WEBER f ffx Z -2 fgxvxf vf SI" 0" s-'aw 1 J ,4 'J T106 F-rv 2 MORPU5 ""5""""'S LFQJKR K LLY: f Wizgfii . A g.ffffT5' ' f f . : , " - "Q i-lj . " ' b ' '.-.P-33:1 -V . , .- ,.'5:G:2:5?f3?ffg2f 5: , 1 A Qmia?-L 'Fifi 'f??l 4Q'5.WE I v . 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BOWMAN Altar Mabel Carver Lillian Klopp Kathryn Karch Beulah Leininger FP xl W THE STUDIO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII l xX WI ,. - X I Q , ifiil 'h' L5 'Q-Z' - ' ' . J. ff II I 1,8 x - ' - j'ffNX 'i A .tg yifq-?. 'i:-ig? El, f ff! , ' i I: lrig-fffy ' ff I f? aff IHIIIIIIIIIIIIIP Ll: ,N X? I x . Jeri, Q XX . 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BRENNER, B.S., '09 BUSINESS MANAGERS S. R. BINGAMAN, '15, Chief M. L. BEAMENDERFER, '16 HARRIET WOODRINO, '15 Communications and money for subscriptions should be addressed to The Albright Bulletin, Myerstown, Pa. The manager requests each subscriber to remit his arrearage in order to avoid inconveniences to him in meeting his obligations. The Bulletin will be continued until otherwise notified. TERMS.-Fifty cents per yearg Single copy ten cents. On: lzundmf two liz fa mx 4 ,. Mf,.:.. . .V r . "' an NN -'fag Q:-:,, V ---X -" 1 ' ' L v-A f 0011 M sf' A Z' LHR E en-:foyer 4822, , v gy.-1--:,1'7 - X I 4 X ak .-.v 14-yfvff 6 f w fp 0, ff 4,6521 f , r 'VMHN ! if 'X NECK ww Zig! ' we- gfwia www 79 M ' ,W , N 4. -ww "W vw? 'iv W., :GPN ' -1 65 ' 14 4,5 1 Q MW, ,Q H1 is s . ali w Member C RTK an w X an-rf. 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Waltz, '08 El EI 1wIllNINNPINNVINWIHNNHNillPilWHlNHINllNNHNNI1N1INNINNHNNHNNIlNH1NHNNIWNINNHINI1NNHHIHIlNI!NNHNN1NNIlNllNNilNNE1NHNHNVIlNWHNPINNI4NNIWWINNIlWWHNWINW4H1NNINNINNHWPilWWIWN5INUHH1NIJNPINNHWWHNNINNNHHWNHNNIHNINNNHNHNPHVHNH1NVINNVHNHNIHNHNHNNillNIiNNllNNHNPINH1NHNNHNNHNNINNHINHNNINNVHNHNNINNNINNUNNINNHNNHNNINNNHNIHNHNNINNIHNIlNNHNNHNNINH1NNIINI1NNHNNHNNJNHNNI1NilINNINNbINNNINNHNHNNINHHHIWEHNIHIIUIM 111 1 1 1 gin ,. .. P 1- 1:1-.. R- .-,--.IL A-......1A..'. -.,54l'-mLa'r.:3.: v..ELs:fzf.:.,.E1- :."'y:!.e1-:fail-2 :Li w:?.'wrJf:.5241124.11-n?.'-21.121.E ',-.-:.?SI'4X2?-f'fMf4",1L I.:-A. .. FE. , ., , . .. . , 'Q-Am 5 Z Af., 3 gf -.IIE V' 1' Y A .5 I fg,7f.1- FI Lf .1.1"-:"L'f1g:g 3 wE2"w.v-42.I.I'--QM-',:Qs-Q,-1.1.1 ern- I-:M-:z-:v-,4-yy:g.- .Izzy .2 11.-.g.-Ay, A ,.C,,:...,..,--....i, -g--,:-1- f-1 f 5 1:1 5 -... FS5'!""' Q' -5,12 .HI-'..i11 5 -G 1.11 +I-2f:i2L.S3': .fx f.411'-1-:S5'Sf:1fi5fZ'Qz,f-121-105 f'Z::ai-5:51-if-155:55 44 f Liu-nw.-Zis.fEfx L::f. 'Q:'1f1L . 4" 1' P1'e.Iid.e11Z . . Firm V7:CE-.P7'E.fid677,ZY Second Vim-Pfwicievzr Third fffzfce-Pnffidfvzt R.eco1'ding Secretary C01'rf5p01m'i11g SKC7'FZ'lZ7'j' Qlumni Zlssuciatiun OFFICERS FOR 1914-15 'F ' . ' REV. J. W. WALTZ . PROF. C. S. CRUMBLING REV. H. W. BUCK, JR. MR. M. J. BAUMGARDNER MISS EMILY M. BRENNER ' , MISS GRACE GOBBLE Treasurer . . . PROF. C. S. KELCHNER COMMITTEES FOR 1914-15 PROGRAM BANQUET Prof. 0. 1. Albright, ,1O Prof. H. A. Kiess, '99 Rev. E. E. StauPfe1', ,91 1VIrs. H. A. Kiess, ,OO Rev. W. A. Eisenberger, '10 Mrs. Luella D. Mohn, 389 LITERARY AN'D SCIENTIFIC Dr. A. E. Gobble Rev. W. Mzlrquardt, '94 Rev. Charles Arner 13 Om' lzundreci six . .- H 3,8-. M, W, .. ,-ag.. g-.:,, ,,- ,a.1, 1, 1,s.-.1 ..m:gf,f Q-wif i.. -,.e,f:s.A.'a '--ff-:s:,ff.5:1ifzf:::- Wi-gf -'Mp-f+'g-1.I.'u 11.s 4. - . . A .. ... . -ji: ...N-. .. ,, .. .. .. ,M 7, -ii f ,455 - ,af V- fa.. if -' ml.-...Q-rig :-- ,ksiag-'.,,-,,1.,-:--,arf-.f:5Qv::a?f.x-:Nrfavufa.ff.:.1?,iiiP2k4+f,r.'.. .Win .fs:4Z..a:'.. m i' M it Q- 8 IU UJ iz f- 1,4 4, L' .- Stiff ua' :V "'11'u 'fy .i::f.g:, ,izf.1- a'.vfg5ff-2:-:+.wfvza.-va:-5 .mf -1.-,cp-wx' ,- ,,pg-.qw-, v--mn. -af g 1 , 5 'Z lj ez. lr! '- f z 1- 1..w.w5rff.mhg'f--2.-avg.-lif-nf-Q.-aiw.fQ.sf-it-1 -1418.1-...if- xl-:fisf -1: an aan' .ff.:.:f'-+f+1s:'?Ai f Q7 L ". Ziaiizturital bixetcb nf the Qlumni Zlssnciatiun R. A. E. GGBBLE, who has always manifested a deep interest in the work of the Alumni Association, and who was President of Union Seminary when the first association was organized, has furnished the material relating to the beginnings of our history at Union Seminary. We are indebted to Dr. Berg Esenwein for the data relating to the organization,s beginnings at Schuylkill Seminary. The Alumni Association of Union Seminary was organized on Wednesday forenoon, June 1-1, 1882 in the seminary chapel at New Berlin, Pa. Officers were elected, a constitution was adopted, and plans for the future were laid. M. L. Schoch, Esq., was the hrst president. Among those who were the most active promoters of the organization at this time was the Rev. Qnow Bishopl U. F. Swengel. Tn the afternoon a regular program was rendered, consisting of vocal and instrumental music, addresses, readings, a poem, and the history ofthe alumni from the foundation of the Seminary till that day. Between the sessions a sumptuous dinner was served on the campus. The day was one of profit and pleasure. The attendance was large. When Union Seminary was chartered as Central Pennsylvania College in 1887, the association became the Alumni Association of Central Pennsylvania College. The Alumni Association of Schuylkill Seminary was organized in the year 1887 at Fredericksburg, Pa. Among those most interested in the organizing of the association, were Dr. Berg Esenwein and Dr. E. W. Chubb. The organizers comprised all the members of the classes of '82, '83, 184, '85, ,86, and 187. The Hrst oliicers of the association were President, E. W. Chubb, Vice-President, J. Berg Esenweing Secretary, Harry Baer, Treasurer, Wm. Hendel. At a public meeting of the association held in the Seminary chapel, Fredericks- burg, during the winter of 1887-88, lVIrs. Esenwein Knee Caroline D. Miller '84j read the history of the association. An Alumni-Seminary baseball game was uniformly held on Tuesday afternoon preceding commencement. Alumni meetings and banquets were then regularly held on the Wednesday afternoon of Commencement Week. When Albright Collegiate Institute was chartered at lV1yerstown in 1895, the alumni of Schuylkill Seminary changed the name of their organization to the Alumni Association of Albright Collegiate Institute. Later, when the institution was chartered as a college, the alumni association again changed its name ac- cordingly. One lzuvzdwrl raven 1 -,- .. .... . .. .-1,5 w:-,..-.1..- pa- M,r:4:'f5iyzi may .vqeixm-:.g,-r,-4.1-:f ag., -' an -L, :Trai -V -,i -v,4,,ggfg- -1 si.-.,gzwfa' fa f V, ., ... .-I ...Y M ,.. .1 ,I f ,.. . ., H. . i Av, . .., ,.. , ., ,i ., X 1, . ., . 1 .4.,., . . . . . . gif, .. -'J Q'.'---fi11if-.fA-1.A-clam.:-fini.'f:.1f:-Jtrflfl'f7sA'mi:g 1.-dlrikrx'-w:.T.1-:.'Hxlilfaiimt riawzfflsitifiiaalr -Jvfuar.:5iv:3q'l0l'f-x3If!vsl".1-'5"Ifi.. iff if- 1 Z, 'E' 1: SQ. f': 7" if sl 1. 1 I., .Fa . -1 , 13, gp- .. 1. e,.f,,.. .I ,ri-. -. .1-,i -rw... -.W F, .-.,.n,, - .1 as ..a. ..'i1-ff--.- Q- 1-ri Lia.--.5-4-mfr-'f-2 .1l:.4f.:1s.11n'1f5ffiL35'K,We.jawsif9i1Hhs.55aQ.:-1?i'1+:1f3312.fafhifffze :s37'5jfifftjfnixrii,5g5-5f1..f:u"s- '-fffff-5 - ,n fi ' ' ' ' ' ' f'-: 53 C T ,lf li .S The consolidation of Albright Collegiate Institute and Central Pennsylvania College in 1902 into the present institution known as Albright College, meant that the alumni associations of the, two institutions should be united. The record of the consummation of this union is taken from the secretary's book. On June 17, 1903, a meeting of the alumni was called to order by Rev. S. H. Chubb, president of the association of Albright College. The committee on a new constitution presented its report. On June 18th another meeting was held, at which officers were elected, and a new set of by-laws was adopted. The officers elected were: President, Rev. D. Shortess, '82, Vice-Presidents, Rev. F. E. Hetrick, '94, Prof. H. A. Kiess, '99, Rev. S. H. Chubb, '81, Recording Secretary, Rev. H. F. Schlegel, '97, Corresponding Secretary, Rev. E. E. Stauffer, '91, Treas- urer, Miss Sadie V. Bruce, '99. ' - During all the years of its history this worthy organization has done much to cement the alumni to their Alma Mater in loyalty and helpfulness. It has created a spirit among the alumni which is ever growing, a spirit of deep devotion to the institution that has done so much for its sons and daughters. CI Cl lj Some interesting fasts HE oldest living graduate, according to years of graduation, is Mrs. Francis C. Hoffman, nee Lizzie C. German, of the class of 'S9. This was the first graduating class of Union Seminary. The smallest graduating classes were those of '82, '86, '87, each class having one member. The largest classes were those of '08 and '14, each class having 21 members. Alumni are found in Africa, Canada, China, and Korea. We find them in the following states and dependencies of the United States: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio, Okla- homa, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Porto Rico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, VVest Virginia, Wisconsili. The leading occupations followed by the alumni since the first class graduated from Union Seminary are: Ministers 95 Cincluding 7 missionariesj, Public school teachers S6 fincluding one county superintendentj, Business 54, Music teachers 21, College professors 19 Cincluding two college presidentsj, Physicians 14, Students at present taking courses in universities 14, Attorneys 13, Banking 5, Literary Work 5, Engineering 4, Pharmacists 4, U. S. Government service 4, Farmers 3, Dentists 2, Chemists 2, Art teachers 2, Geologist 1. Ona hundred eight llil DH I 7 T- 'HLBBIG T7 W' A Him ' Q W1 II, , f . N ,of WNW? I' 1 WN mf we 57 ' i ' fijffff M W Au .' - f aw - L2 SFAQQEF 43- .l ,.,-j 1 . ,-4,4 pi. .1-.x..,f - ,y-,Lv - ,-,---5, , , . " I '.. -.fI,.q- .. -1,1-.-q.u's'. : :rl 5 ff -' f- I ,- .Sm9:ex.i- r- .1.A'W.f+.z:,' 'I ' Af?-'49-'L'.-.:?"l -I-Q-cgbtmg--' X .1j..12':l' , , fu '. .I-4. -p.xn.-...g,..4 f 1, 1, -W, ' .',, ,p -.f..:L ,rv Y U., .51 1,1 1 - Z .Mfr '1'n"4f'f.'Bi' Q'-,f-1 ' r if M! 'tn is X gi I N X X x v 1 nit f 1 .-A V ' i Mflfx 1 iw ,!Zf ,fZf,oW'WWMiS,4u, X f M1 ',' ' lil 1 M ' ' ff fyfya 7,f?!W,f'W'1'!f1 WMq'WHVivQ3wWW. f N hi' PM 'n ff 3' ' ' 4 'l 112 f-V 'ff IN W ,rpm Af x Sp' 11,111 1 fx, I X Y a Nil nl ff l sip :V H m y v ' VWV ,,f 'u 1' f 'w ' , , V :N I Y, , ' n w , ,WI 1 M' 'R ll! II f 1 I -u 1 - '. 'iw f ', 1' " 'AW Hi:-15,57 . '1 "5 ' 1 7413151 N 'E',V ' f -1y,?."Z-'1' E' .1 'gag X f 'f 4' L. " I , .. iff! M ff ,Q W M ' y ' vjjwwwmwwv 'I UW Ns XAA, m w wif NN 4 I 'umm WW M X7 1 ' KMC V fw, j A ww ,, 35-fwfr JOHN K. DUNLAP C. D. BRILLHART Manager Baseball, 1914 Manager Basketball, 1914-15 Q EDGAR L,- BRANDT Manager Football, 1914 - 'islrfg -"W - I-"aff ir"::'-.Qe2'4if-'- -M1-12111525 Hi-:wife .'fi-S"24!"E'?jQF.C.-iK':'-'H wviawaf-1-V 1. -1'-af,.f1 fl-wswezw fi.-1 in ,,,f:.ff. .,-E .w.x:1i- -Z-Ji.'2:f'w:.LGfs:rLy-rg:,:- 1Al1fse?i:QEz1Q:qv-g::3gf.:425:4 "..'!6S'??2'if3331ffliiilbifzlwimfit -.1-bw,E"iz?,-fzmqwgf, -.' 1,14 1 ., '-pg' L-2-1 ,:- T pi' 1:1 I f 15' 2i:Q55111f'fYr'35f'73-"fm'1E1Q'i.2f,5f?bJ?w2?'2Ifiiii-545551?f3'fr10'fdz:R3i?iZ??t?3'2f2ffSf3Z3e 231'lf?f'123Iliii51E'Eigf555!Q2Q'fE? 291751 . 1: -' hgh -, If than Q9fflEBI'5 . E. L. BRANDT, '15 Arfifmmf Maviagev' . K. L. WARE, '16 Captain H. A. BENFER, '15 Coach . C. S. KELCHNER FOOTBALL RECORD Season 19111 Albright . O Indians Albright . 7 Gettysburg . Albright . 7 Dickinson . . Albright . . 55 Indian Reserves . Albright . . 32 Susquehanna . Albright . O Bucknell . Albright . 6 Lafayette . Albright . . 20 Muhlenberg . 127 One hundred twelve MW, -. ,.-f ,. ,, Mgxjxf. ,.,.. HJ. f,,, , ., ,,-. i in-if -LL .f ,, , ... , :i , gc- ',-1.,.t, ,,,4.,:,,4,v - IU., 2,55 'J-was .1-c.-wma. ru,-,f.'5:, ., 44253,-3 +-3 ,-i1g.5gq..'1g Q 1-31-1,- ,5ng'.,v,fi, "ll 5 fix.---'19-r. :.'-.1-L-.wi-L.L.., rising 13- R5 ,:-- w,.1bs:fz'7f:-1.,--1,f.--c::e.3.-gmail: ::sxf.':,':,f1wz.24urfa.1ii1i."b14i1.t11, wav- -WL4'Z,1fg.f.3,:,'-,a"g"' ini '- Wi' ii 111.1 .. .-3 1' 1:14 wh sg.,,.-- 5.j:' Ufttw :QL'gr,v"1"':"q'v-gi1,--."g1.gvf4.5-xg,iwaggre-cf'-1:4111-ze.-..13:4 -.jf,-.fmfzf-2' ' 1.-:,'.:1f f. ' 1 - ' 5 L, -Q. f, ' -' : f' -3 4.15.-Ju-1' sf f 1, ' r,1:.:xyt 4 514.1:iSf2:y 1-b f.-:-:-ies. 'F-ffsibb.-ZQ1ai,v.a,,:suc-5.- a i' ,f-Lgglff'-'-: ' an ,gg,:,:gf ,,.',,jgi-Qggk .5 F,-' 1, gB'uuthaII ehietn-bea5un1914 HE football season which closed on Thanksgiving Day, 191-1, was the most successful ever known at Albright College. The list of victories that we have to our credit would be an honor to any institution of similar size. To the call of Captain Benfer and Coach Kelchner in the early part of September, quite a number responded, both new and old, and in a few days one could hear our big captain calling signals, and see the team charging and plunging through the faithful scrubs in preparation for the coming season. The season was marked by very few serious injuries. A few sprained ankles, a sprained wrist, and a black eye or two were about the extent of the accidents. However, Captain Benfer received a blow on the head during the Susquehanna game that put him out of commission for a week. It can truthfully be said that this team was representative of ALBRIGHT. We as a college have been accused in former years of placing upon field and Hoor, teams padded with "ringers.', But not so with the 191-1 football eleven. Every man that played on the team was taking a regular academic course with the re- quired number of hours. Albright has had many strong teams and will continue to have them, but will never have a more representative one than was the 191-1 football team. The management deserves credit for the nicely arranged and well-balanced schedule, also for their ready assistance along all other lines. The coach deserves due praise and credit for his untiring efforts. The "scrub" contingent should be remembered for their faithful scrimmaging with the varsity. The men on the varsity deserve special credit for their stellar work. The center position was held by Yost, a man of sterling worth to the Red and White squad. The fact that he was captain of the 1913 squad and is captain-elect for 1915, proves that he is an invaluable asset to the eleven. Mr. Yost is considered by many to be the best all-around athlete at Albright. At guard position were two men who knew what the word 'fguard" meant. Their work was a most valuable feature thruout the season. To the left was G. Shambaugh, a powerful man who could be depended upon in any moment of the game to do his part. "Shammy', or "Doc,H is a coming star here at Albright. At the right was Patschke, a most difficult man to play against. He would invari- ably cross the enemy's lines and smash up things. We note the tackles, two men who played a most consistent game, who were always on the alert. ln the left position was "grandad" Dunkelberger, always ready to make a hole in the line of the enemy. In short "Dunky" was always ready with the goods. Upon the right was Brillhart, who played a most magnificent game. He made holes, carried the ball, and smashed up the interference of the enemy so bad at times that they were cautious when they ran the next play off his tackle. Brillhart is one of the cleanest athletes ever developed at Albright. It is a rare thing to find "Brilly,' engaged in any "dirty workf, He is one of the two men who played every quarter of the season. One fzuvzzimd Zf1li1'fL'fIL S-S - . -, -' '., 3,2 3, -g,".f:,.'.:,:-- r-'11, -a-.'.'..3,f.1" 1. A554-25 Af'-'cyl H--' fg'L1"E1',j1i6,.'yjk?'.1H wr.-n, 1-,e1:211f::rf'-.'si:'-t- 4 'F':9i5H""'5"" 'ft fu' X if ,. 1-1---gf.. x.:,,fgg :.- Jfbgapf,.:1.,E'-,:s:iaf..1a:.2 :.a'-eazrsaee.ima?-A-iff-E3-m"f'..itf'Hm..i':fQ:Z:."fi 5.1271 ,F ' 2 9519 ..,..,, as 4 1 asf, Y -j' e fi fiff'1:..fs....:,, -:"-gff'- fififq,wh:La:'1'1fiy,'-z':2g1w1'iiS.'f?fg.ff"?qa,2Fi-TfriziflsizuS-fggilfizrEifbuinif:r:fi'5ff1i1r1-:".ii111L':1:,':a".1:.-gogl 2-:2.'.f,rm..: ' 5 Q1 5 3, - ,A - fa , .4 .., ..., L-,fwfr miw... f,- .,.,f..-.sin--. ,..a..,.: ..1..f..4-1:- .. E! 5 ,- H J For the end positions were two men who knew the responsibility of such a prominent position. On the left was "Jim" Ritter, one of the fastest men on the eleven. He also played every quarter of the season. He knew how to handle the pass and often caught the opponent before he had chance to move with the ball. At the right end of the line was a little fellow of whom not much has been said or written, but who deserves as much credit as any man on the team for the form he showed all season. When "Such Hartzler tackled a man it was not around the neck, but more likely to be around the ankles. "SueH is small, but mighty. We are sorry that we must lose him through graduation in June. The first man behind the line was the plucky little quarterback, Trimble, small but quick and active. He drove the team at times, and at others carried the ball, in short, he was on the job constantly. His greatest success is yet before him. For the halfback positions were three men who could be depended upon at any moment. Lutz and Zinn share equal honors at right half. VVe lose Lutz through graduation, but Zinn stays with us for another year. At left half the Boston High boy, "Beans" Parker, appeared in good form all season. He was no small factor on the eleven. Parker is noted for his ability at punting and drop- kicking, as well as for carrying the ball. There are no yellow feathers on "Beans.', The regular varsity substitutes were John Shambaugh, who played a clever game at guard, and Hoffman, who substituted at quarter and at half-back, but- who was handicapped during the latter half of the season on account of a bad ankle. Beamenderfer likewise played a steady game. He has the tenacity of an English bull dog when he gets his paws on the pill. Few people are aware of the fact that we have one of the greatest football players at Albright that has ever been produced. Benfer has been given a position on the All-American team at different times. The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin this year gave "Benn the fullback position on the All-American Team. We also note with pleasure that the "0uting" magazine in the January number, placed Benfer on their football roll of honor on a par with men like Calac of Carlisle, Whitney of Dartmouth, and Brickley of Harvard. In the same magazine, in an article entitled "Gridiron Stars of 1914,,' we read, "Benfer is declared by all men who saw him play to be a real star shining in a dim galaxy." It was this man, as captain, who led the Red and White team through such a successful season. This is Benfer,s best and last year among us, we lose him by graduation. The climax of the season was reached on Thanksgiving Day when our boys beat Nluhlenberg College at Allentown. It was the game we wanted above all others, it was the one the fellows trained for, it was the one we took. Had we lost this game, the season would have been considered a failure, but as it stands, the season was a decided success. All hail! Three cheers for the Red and White! E. B. ROHRBACH, ,16. Om' 1zunrlz'fdfourlef1z Y . ,gmgqm E. .. .. Wi .- :'::.-.- ff.:-. i,Q.y.J,1 m..:.f:,'+ 2 Laine- --'rv ' ., ... ....1.-1. .- Q ,, rp I..-fff.,'5:fff':5:,.-:-I.-,mr3,q1::,.ge-L 55,52 1, rf.mgsf, Q-f:E1.1wE:.j.iv?nZ5'f-x+2225-.--":f"?:.':e,-ev? f--rl-rifiwx me -- gf, , V, , , 4 ., .w.. . , W., .....f...s.. ,, .. ,..,,...,...a.Airy..fwfr....,..,..f,-if...Ls.h..t... K 5 3' 73' ' ., ., , f 1 5215 7 iff' 1' fir: tr 1? R F' Yi ' i .Jw fffi'i"."f1i'f'2 iii. 2?l7ffi?3Y3f5 f"i i'l'f C. D. Brillhart H. A. Benfer M. L. Beameuderfer jfunthall " Q " jllilen R. N. Lutz M. A. Patschke C. A. Parker E. B. Dunkleberger Ritter P. M. Hartgler E. L. Brandt CMgr.,s AD VV. B One hmzcfreal .vixteen COACH KEI.CHNER G. Shambaugh J. Shambaugh J. R. Trimble G. T. Yost J. H. Zinn . Henninger C,f1'21iUCI',S AD - Y., ..3ggW..,i 1:-gg-.ffskgjEffgri,2?1,1 i'fLL15g'.55-fvfgf':33f-i-fjj1wQ:'f- gg cgxa :,1v..gf3:gzn-5.4-la,-gigzff-.' 7i,":a1-' fu :- ' -'lx--,--,s"g-,mg , ggi, ,v 3' . , vu- , . 4,-.. - 14 :5 : v.,--bm-,-',..: .w-sr.:.-5521-:.m?:iw"r.'zf14:e.1-:i:.:.f,-AF:-E1.r5.t':'.1-Lf"Si0TF--v5..a.',f: 1212 ."5+1' ., uf, - f- VT. ,X 'fu "N-,,,g. , , 'i'jP'nf1L' J,V'Qf" 'f,'1'w-v,'1.3g:f,g:,-ff,-gf 1'-'api-:-mfid-,vii-'ga-ova: 14.1, 711,, ii,-Y . - 2- 1 I-: J F Q-. .- s H ' ' 'Hi - - W-"fcQ'7ie.iL:.,?g.,f- Ef'iffJ1'e','K11':!.!:lLsi1:Qi 1-L1-r 1'4:f'.f .iff 5r1:5s':f' 'f'f'LL':.iQ:f fi4.fI:5":ff'L6P2'l' 1 A-J A il- 2, Jlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llflllllllllll lllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllllllllll llIllllllllll!lllIlllIlll1llllll!WWHllilllilllilllllll H ll! lll.llullilll.,l. ll .ll WllilllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllHlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllillllll illllllllllllllIlllIllllllilllIllHlllNll1llllllllllllllllllllllllllll l H? ii ll Hill 'iw'-" ii 51 1 y i lllllllll IllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll illllll lll lll lllllll H H lll lll llllllllll ll ll llllll'lll1llllllUllilH,lllIll!lllllllIlll!llllllllllllllIllllllLlll5lllllllllll1lll1llIlllIlllilllIlllIllHllIlll1lllllllIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllll OFFICERS Md7ZdgE7' . C. D. BRILLHART, '16 Capzain H. A. BENFER, ,15 Coach . C. S. KELCHNER BASKET BALL RECORD Season 1913-1-l Albright I. . -L5 Reading Olivets . 30 Albright . . Sl Alumni ,... 19 Albright . . 23 York Profession ils . 30 :kAlbright . . 40 Gettysburg . . 35 kAlbright . . 59 Gettysburg . 38 5kAlbright . . 58 Bucknell , 23 :l:Albright . . 27 Bucknell ...,, 24 Albright . . 32 Harrisburg Professionals . 44 Albright . . i 20 Mt. St. Maryls . . 36 iAlbright . . 49 Susquehanna . ' 32 XAlbright . . 40 Susquehanna . 26 Albright . . '38 Lafayette . 23 482 360 icLeague games. 0716 ll7t'l7!1l'6'II7 .rcw1zz'M1z qv , ,. .. . , .-.K V... . ,., ., .,,.L,.-.. Ma., ',, xt -,-,..:, .-.-,, .,g fa- ,v-,ii. . wf-if. -'Q , ,-- 1-.lffgagmh if wfxggfix-',.g,-fif-Hippy,,5Q2l95-1'53jz'T4l'.,p-:ff gs1,',T-..--.3aq,1,fY i?it3?.-,'?I,Gk-,W 4:1 fm.-.6-5:4 Q' ---ff-1. . 4 . --13.3 ,A 15 1-1 ini!! if , , , H , . .. ..,,i , V ,i ,N .Lf v,.1.s:f,, .1,. vs, ., t..,e...-.fawatiq-st ,v-, mifauxlaa-4:5aa-larvit.r,,.',f-tnikf?-15,1-sri '-,fig ill HE 5FElilUlllll:.lllllllllNtil WE - 1 . - -1, 1' :E 3 -5 5 1 I i 1 ' E ' ' ' .W -'J :f 'X Basket 335111 nzhietn-Season 1913414 S a result of the excellent work on the part of our coach and athletic board, Albright faced an unusually well-balanced but diH:icult schedule in the winter of 1914. She entered upon a new task which her coach had fought so long to establish, namely, the Central Pennsylvania League. This league was composed of the following colleges: Bucknell, Susquehanna, Gettysburg, and Albright. As things stand in basket ball today, Albright secures year in and year out, far better schedules than any institution of its size or class. This no doubt is due to her success and her reputation as a school that always puts forth clean, winning teams. The dates secured with other teams are remarkable, especially when compared with our neighboring colleges, Nluhlenberg and Lebanon Valley. To play out such a schedule and to meet with success such as our team has exper- ienced, requires a team of unusual standing and steadiness. ' We indeed were proud and elated, when the season was over, to know and realize that Albright held a clear title to the championship of the Central Pennsyl- vania League. She went through the league season without the loss ofa game, and had it not been for the late date on which the season closed, we undoubtedly would have defeated W. 81 for a clear title to State Championship. We were indeed fortunate to have such a solid rock basis to work upon as our veteran players Baker, Benfer, and Zinn. Benfer especially towered head and shoulders above the other men, and it was mainly due to the excellent Work of our captain that Albright presented such a team on the Hoot. After four years of preparatory training at York and two years of earnest endeavor at Albright, Benfer rounded out into the man who was the chief factor in winning for us the league pennant. Too much cannot be attributed to him for his faithful and never tiring service. It may be suHficient to say that at the end of the season, many of the best critics pronounced him the greatest forward in the college world. Many professional teams sought his service. But to our mind, the best compliment that can be paid to "l-laps' and the one that far out- weighs that relative to athletic prowess is to say that he is the best, cleanest, and most "gamey', athlete we have ever known. Because of these qualities he holds the respect and admiration of all those who come in contact with him. A l However, a great deal of glory that was showered upon Benfer was in part due to Glassmire's work. These two men worked together like a machine. Glass- mire showed remarkable ability, especially during the latter half of the season. His all-around Hoor work and his systematic passing made him a man to be feared while in the basket ball cage. Om' fmazdrzfzl eiglzlfmz , - ' A - w - 1 . 1 F . ,w....v,..,m..,......WV, ,.. . .V .,,. ., W. -. I . 1.-n ":-11 ear .," f 5. . 11'- ll 5 THE 5 FE EM LM M WE 'f 5' ' ii, - In Zinn and Baker we possessed two of the best guards in the league. Game after game, they would hold their men scoreless. Considering their size, their defensive work was remarkable, and many times they received the applause of their opponents. Zinn, altho small of StZ1tU1'C, possesses the alertness of a tiger. He is here and there and everywhere seemingly in the same second. Much of the defensive work must be credited to him. In Baker we possessed a man who had three years' experience. This experience, together with his accurate shooting, made him a great asset to the team. Two other men on the team deserve much credit, Hummel and Lutz. Altho these men were very seldom called upon to play, when a substitution was neces- sary they responded nobly and their service cannot be overestimated. The writer played the pivot position, and always tried to render the best service possible in order to make the season a success. CThe writer's modesty prevents any self-commendation. For him we say that he rendered invaluable service to the team and showed remarkable ability in all points of the game, a stronghold in the pivot position.-Editorzj While the team of 1914 had many victories to its credit, all praise must not fall upon them. As usual, our Coach turned out a team that knew basket ball. Many of our games were won because of strategy in substituting at the crucial moment. A lion's share of the season,s success should fall to Coach Kelchner who always insisted that the team play hard and clean. To the team as a whole, much praise should be given. The boys practiced faithfully and hard. They trained conscientiously, and worked together like one piece of machinery. The natural result followed, a league pennant won, and a successful season completed. With the loss of only two of last year's men, we look forward to a most successful season in 1915. C. D. BRILLHART, '16 CI Cl U Basket Ball wen H. A. Benfer C. D. Brillhart H. E. Baker A. T. Glassmire H. Zinn 0116 fzuvidmd Iwenty . .. .I .,, 1-.,. ., ...T , ,, 2,5Z,i.,.1,. .-.img .-.V ,j.,,,i.-1, ,,-,.,,Az-..f,,.. . .- v.,.f,..-.H '1-A any --4' I -2-1-Qs. 1.-:fs1:'i:E2Q.t:J. 1..i:.51.?5?1.Tfi2,. iii? V rl l CD 7335 Q. L, zf ig. Y '7 11 5 ,g -. .. . .. V . . . . -. . .... . ., 3- H. 1 35 sehall QBffirers Illanagw' . . JOHN K. DUNLAP, '1-1 flffiJZa1ztMa1zage1' . P. BENSINGER, '15 Captain . H. A. BENFER, '15 Coach . C. S. KELCHNER BASEBALL RECORD Season 1914 Allentown Tri-State . Albright . O 5 Albright . O Albright . S Albright 3 Albright 1 Albright 2 Albright . 6 Albright 8 Albright . 2 Albright . 3 Albright . 6 Albright . -1 Albright . 7 Albright 10 Albright 8 Albright S 76 0715 lluwdrfd lwfnly-Iwo York Tri-State . Reading Tri-State Juniata . . Susquehanna Gettysburg . Mt. St. Mz1ry's Lebanon . Gettysburg . Mt. St. Maryls . Mt. St. Maryls . Susquehanna . Bucknell . Muhlenberg . Alumni .... Chinese University f '-ln'-wil' iff? a A '1:5ff..i:':-2 if-il..-4:"fPf1 xfif'a:v5Q'?i AFFQYHFE 1-mx'-f'3Jsfef?az.m mr: Ana-f1f1f::.' '-wbwf fr ' 'T-"5m"?'-'Al'-1:-A 1,- ii-n 45271 f - " "'f11HJ 5'1-P'-'1-"-s-w'- if-'f'rf---f'fflflr3m1'f55 f z...1Ls'i7f-"-1-E:sf,-."-Q:t2f:5.:22i1i :.i'if5z?-L'291432.Z2'1?f'5.?:5mT."-lb-,t':' .1'1f"gf1ff'.f'ifRI23'.f1 FE, mth: 5. '." .-.asf , , - .' ' at . - 'ir , J- -:..,.. fi'o.J'.fj" - 317:41 zgzggqy "'1j7'f"-',"g3si+f' .'.,'.', p:'-- Rag. ,:g::e.-..g.:gg,,,-1 ,wg-,f:,.f2,g. -1 zmff- -..w..,g-LN, '1 ' .. ' .1 -- 1' J Hams-'flfcw - ' 1 the -.alttai-.zlbfias-fa :.-:sq.3e.Ll1-f1'lik.l',3.1s:gayQ.-if 1,15:'.:?l:ili'f:+pf:gLx.. ,qg,,,:ff,1. -buf .5 .' , L 1. Baseball Behiem-Seasun 1914 HE baseball season of 1914 was one of the most successful in the history of the school. The men who composed the team were concerned about their academic standing just as much as about their athletic propensities. Previous to the opening of the season, Coach Kelchner began to formulate plans for filling the places of such men as Pownall, Moll, Light, Greenhalgh, and Scheifley, who were star performers of the previous season. During the year lV1arlcley and Kell, pitchers, and Ritter, a shortstop, matriculated. With the addition of these men the pitching staff was materially strengthened, and a vacancy in the infield well Hlled. The squad was further augmented by the addition of Lutz, Zinn, Smith and Brillhart who made good from the start. The hitting as a club was not equal to that of the 1913 champion team, but the fielding was of a high order. All in all the team was a well balanced aggregation. The pitching staff was made up of Yost, Markley, Brandt, and Kell, who were proficient in the order named. Yost pitched several remarkable games, the Hrst was against Gettysburg on the home held, when he allowed the hard hitting men from the Battlefield College but two hits. The score was 2-1 in Albright's favor. The other game was against the Chinese University team of Hawaii, one of the strongest traveling professional teams, which won many games in their tour of the United States, defeating many of the leading colleges and universities. This game was won handily by the score of 8-1. 5 The remainder of the staff performed most creditably. The loss of a number of the games was due to hard luck Cespecially true of Nlarkleyj and not to poor pitching. The catching was attended to by Beamenderfer, who participated in every game. Lutz, who was regularly played in the outfield, could at any time be called upon to catch a good game. Benfer, Zinn, Ritter, and Hartzler in the infield composed a strong quartet of fielders. Ritter was the individual fielding and batting star of this speedy combination. His long hits either broke up the game or started the team to victory. Benfer played a great fielding game at first base, although his hitting was IIOt quite up to his usual form. Hartzler, the third baseman, who with Benfer was the only veteran remaining of the previous year, played the best game of his college career. ln both hitting and fielding he was a vast improvement over any of his previous seasons. It was by many odds his best year in baseball. At second base Zinn, who was promoted from the second team for meritorious work, put up a good all-round game. His hits were timely and frequent. Om' fm11cZ1'z'11' tuffzzfy-ibrrf mf J at - -., 5. wr .s,:.1g,,- -,- 'gm f his-wa s -e1r:,y.p5 fri-ffw' .w a .'1,m4.ff:g., ,zzf-.Q ':1'e1f4:i :',fi:1-c-je w ' f fw z k f, 'L ,WK 5 ' P -'. 'i 1- 4- -'f aw 1-F'i"ilV15vI -:in-S. if-,?f.1:f4WF7Q1 ra: .5-t 'i .fbfqfx Lv- :. -5:E,?qg..glt'14 'Emir meme. !au:fx?fs'a:,f-kim-rf '..'Lf2SiE2?.f1?,f.zf ff.. , ' E C, E? m f 'fx WL' lil Y35-fYfili1'5'l55.f'l3f7?P if'5ii543?7'ft 5 4 The regular outfielders Were Hummel, Yost, and Lutz, with Smith and Brill- hart as substitutes. Hummel in left proved to be the same reliable man he has alvvays been. In pulling down many hard Hies, hitting near the .300 mark and being a good base runner, it will at once be seen that his services were invaluable. Yost played center when not pitching. Besides being a good pitcher, he is also a polished outhelder, making many diflicult chances seem apparently easy of exe- cution. Lutz, the man in right, proved to be the slugging outfielder with many long hits to his credit. He is compactly built and fast on his feet. He and Ritter were the sluggers and best hitters of the team. Lutz improved greatly in his fielding and base running as the season progressed. Smith and Brillhart, the remaining outfielders, were called upon occasionally and gave valuable service. M. L. BEAMENDERFER, '16. EI El E lgasehall " Zi " an H. A. Benfer N. L. Hummel Ritter M. L. Beamenderfer C. Kell C. R. Smith John Dunlap ClVlgr.'s AD R. N. Lutz G. T. Yost C. H. Hartzler C. A. Nlarkley H. Zinn Om' fm71n'1'zd Zwrnty-fo141' s - TF' .V Q 1916 " " illllen ef, 2 x fav- .-u ,... f :- fy' 1 F 25 ' 1571 1257-E?9'?Qy'i::tW V"'o """' 1 ':5f"5.5535-fi?E13:55ff7272125231425355-z1:A::TQ M-.' Ly":.'7L4'tf:i-IQ' 'V Q- '11l?7fj ii'I-f1'21232EQjEp,E5,::giEE3i'ifgEQEffE1',g"j,,: '51",gf:':11jv51f :. 25-liiii ' A ' f if -fffmc-j.,s' -1 15-1-.-.1 - . -.,,ff':- - -2 ' fi, 4 g rf as f l U 5 L 455, L 3 4 fi 2 up o ' si 1 fx "' fi " 1 ' 3 Q fi 5. ' 5 , X z Y w ' E 5. 5 ff , rf: 1,.-,:,:g:g':,gg35- . A I J , X v . ' 454 f 4 6..- f- U, I? if ' f H' 'Q' A 4 f V? 'Q A X ' ? 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N-1::.:-:-- Engng, - -x H mf.3,'1'g4, -. . 2" '- 'Hx , ' ,x gk-gf L lim-1 an - ff .- ,.-' f ' ,1 , ' M2 ix a..4.,.m-,,. " .. 1?f5i2I2f1E . 1 . IA ' ' E., . " . 2 ' f .,-'-52 - A7 'f ' 'fx' E'?1fZ'fEf',:'f-jlf!.Z'Lff71fE gifffl , . ' f :Qi "':"""" , ' . " - ' "5 .'-.I 1' '13f5'5.55.'.f'-523 II'-.i' -lil' ' wxufw-5-L 4' .-. ' o ' ',. ,,,fji,bf ' 1 . 'Q'-f we L23 N! ff'-C-t-'X'..1' , fu 1 . ' . . -"' . Sf! .4 A Us.. I BEAMENDERFER BRILLHART Fogf and Base Basket and Foot YosT ZINN Foot Ball and Base Ball Foot Ball, Basket Ball and Base Ball LITERAR 5 al .Q Y JE 1 I XQXEX '-Wxxm fi 'Q X X X Rx X x in 'H' X .- ,M S 2 J X xx '-1 Xxgi .Qfifk L, ' 1 5 Q'-y'53'fW g me N534 f 1 A A X inf.: 8599: ff ' fn! H., ffl 1' wmv? WWW 1, I X K mer!-il 1 f pl" I My sqft I X ,az I MW X W , I ,fi-751' X ' ,fi 257 ff I ,W F ' Mm Qfgig f f W I 1 ff yzjff! x ,ff yfAQ X Q Dj X 4 4 fXffV J 5 f, ll ' fig. ..- "':" 'F, T-A ?":,'R ' if' , L, f 1 :wh NK N. 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A , ' Hi , X K 1 ' X k I4 ' ' . , f f f y 5 J l, A , I ,,- J ff W, ' K, X rl I , " ' , J K ' If ,V ' ' '1 iff X: I i t -Q5 ,gh-1. .4 -:-,.'1',,--:fr-3 i.--fz..-ak-',:fi1: ,5,4,gp 1Ek:a sfq vfisf',,g1fc..51,':2.,21 -a-rg..,zQ,c-Jaffeefzi -f.':uuv',- 1'C-'ffm-4-.f'1':'.ff. ": 1n :-hi li-ni' r r- fgffu . - Y- ' : 9, ...x.1.y-.fl+.J.,.Z1.i.-r- pg.: 1.,fLe:qpj.:-g.Iv :.''',,gj:,Z2.i.:fb1ip:z1s'T:If197453.Zmfflisi-H23-w5.tI': ',i'2v'T5'iZ?.h:iieIa.",i f-3 'ff-5-r -i-, ,s . if-L" 5:2'p,i"?"f,f'f,-1-w,-npr'-:',' ac'-W-1 z:'.wgp'ugi1:+ w--:aah-1121-.if .1wf:a+.-w',m-i.:.-:ya--Q--.----Uy -.1 'ZA L. JL: " f' 1- 1' - .-Jifh:-c'-.' ': J mn i'CiE.L---114 f'I.-1715-21:351'Q-.Q.'?.ii,r'v3,E':L-'f .16.3.6-zftf-z'l::'fi'-"1 -pkiizg-.1 1i5.I.g::,1, :fg5f,'fi1. 3: r A Y! 'A nutks ani: Quusts Hottenstein, '16, favorite theory: "Granting forgiveness is all right so long as it does no harm to onels personal interests." U lil "1,m single in name, but married in realityl'-1-1. E. Moyer, 116. U lil Prof. Stober: How long do bees live? Miss Allen: Bees live until they get a chance to die. EE At the corner of 7th and Lehman Sts., Lebanon, where a new bank building was being erected, the following conversation was overheard: Kathryn Karch, '16: Why are We stopping here so long? Pete Moyer, '17: Why! They are putting the bank on. II lil Rebecca Tice, '16, says she saw the comet of 1882. We doubt it not. E lj Beamenderfer, 116, informs us that he is a musical fellow, he has aband around his hat. El El 11m in a 1Oder mood Zdayg 1 feel poetic 25 4 fun 1'll just - off a line And send it off ZU. 1'm sorry U,ve been 6 so long, Don't B disconsolate, But bear your ills with 12d And they won,t seem 2 grS. -The Owl. EE George and Harriet entertained each other at Mt. Gretna by seeking to find the constellation Orion Qinvisible at that timej. III III Wheii first she came she couldn't eat, The precious little pet, But now that she has larger grown, You bet that Harri-et. One lzuzzdred lwmLZy-fight L 'Ig A:-.311 faq .a'g:'Jq.M-'1'.:--,ff 21,- LQ'.kf.1 3515fgii.Q5q',qgzA7-553,-K': ffgffgfsxfgqffggycgf-E.arf ff-rg., waitin12::,"':wi':'-ir fn 'S' L 'A x':"f57'-1,'fAf.' "'+. r:: ,Q--,' I . -. 5. s.1-m.1.1: rt fn 4. -' v,.1bs.c,f.....: ., :-r:f1:.f.fii-1. ::r'sff:,'4f1r:e.Qaawfiziui-mbsf-tt".2.1-1f"wivl'2-1:.ft:1a."fa- 2753 ' E' Wil r - if v ff -1- fi :L f" . 152157 -' '5 if ' A2 .b5"9E'i-""L'f'i:fv4 1195.-rf.:11.4-:.2t'Yq:j'fw.g3r+f25:'1?.'h-ff.f4r29ifx-if1:.'2t.m-1,1-Q-M:-' 1,---if -fl..-.s':w.,.:1mQM i 2 ig, . - 1- ' - nf: z .4 . f ff sLi,f.1i,' :viva-:ess 'n1:i+t.-2.5115-"fm':':'f V-..a.14,.-.-45.11 ::3':g''af-,,'i,r1f.igp:1.Zi::-,U :guy 75- GP' lf- " ' B 9 .,.,. - Mt. Gretna: The alarm clock rang at 5:30 A. M. Bensinger, '15: Cdrowsilyj What's that ringing for? UCI Mt. Gretna: Bensinger saw the initials C. L. S. C. QChautauqua Literary Scientific Circlej. Said he, "What might that meanw? Mrs. Karch: "Come Love sit closer." Bensinger, Cinnocentlyj: ls that so? DD Dr. Stober: Wh61'6 are the nostrils? Heishley, '18: Under the nose. Dr. Stober: To what part of a man's body are the fins of a fish analogous? Heishley: The wings. EE Rev. Thompson is well pleased with the progress his daughter is making in Latin. He recently found in her composition book: "Boyibus kissibus sweet girliorumg Girlibus likeibus wanti someorumf' lj lj Mr. W1'ay and Miss Morris both agree that heaven is on earth. lj lj Miss Heisler is now using Albright seal paper fa Christmas gift from Burgess Davisj to correspond with Rev. Harry Geist. IIE A. Ensminger, '15, scientific tonsorialist, who recently separated one classicist, L. A. Dice, from his three months' growth of socratic bristles, sent a lock of it to the biological laboratories at Washingtoii D. C. for analysis. The government experts report that they have found traces of gray matter in the fungus growth and sincerely believe that said gray matter is due to deep broodings over love letters. , ' E E Bill Dubble, '15, while he was operator at the local telephone exchange, attended a church service and fell asleep. At the close of the sermon, the preacher said, "We will now sing hymn numbered 341." Bill Cjust waking in time to hear the numberj yawned and said, "The line,s busyg call againf, One hzmcirzd twenty-nine S-9 , .3 ...HI ,M V .k... ,,,,:.:.i,.K-X, ,...luy.,L-wi,-r ,JMV,-,Ha,5xa:gf,.'-mx., ww.,-:f,j.,,,?-,I ,.qf:f :tf..:g-sims., ,.5.,..: sw.-i -0,-4,,' --Q. X -shea. . . ... , f -f. .. A, . ,. .., .. .... M1 . .. .,,... 3 .1....S'v,.,, . ,Je ,s-,A -.- ' if nga:-7 ' 51 95 5' 12:29 -'P 1' ::,,r.',-1' 41, 14 217:11:'4z'.g:w"1"f."','wi-hz S':r.z.4:',1a.1'2'.'.'-fffvsfzf .i:f41?:. va? --i .-iff!-P-'21, whiz-'--ff.----A.a.'-,- 4.-.'.f':f:.:1 1 1- 'Z gl,-,f:'5,"-' i 5 9- ,fi--.5-.1 -.1 t-a.v,1iu7a7:as,L.l:'Efs f,-:if-:ezEW.i:'ik.n.-222:11-arfuf:-151'-Z.if..fs51::A--v:3'f'l 'afar ztf.f:.:e.fiis.:f.f-' 1 'ri 'ji K. ""-"" J , Women's Capes. Cape of Good Hope-Sweet sixteen Cape of Flattery -Twenty Cape Lookout -Twenty-live Cape Fear -Thirty Cape Farewell -Forty III III "Beans" Parker says Brother Watts is his best pal. The reason is to be found in the fact that Brother Watts has served beans of all sizes, ages, and complexions, 93 times during the first semester. lj U While commenting upon the height of several fellows, John Zinn exclaimed to those around him, "lf only my legs were straight, I would be five feet eight." III Cl Wagner's bass voice: "Bullerum, bullerum, bullerumf, Slothower, '15: "Crap's sake." lj Cl "Ty" Cobb says if Henninger would lose all his notebooks, he'd forfeit the sum and substance of his education. lj III E. Kohl and Herbert Strack, brothers in science, are bound together by indissoluble bonds. Kohl, after much scientific research, has discovered a process by which Straclis celluloid collar may be laundered. C. K. Wagner, seminar expert on the chemistry of laundering, is said to be trying to steal the secret and have it patented. A house divided against itself cannot stand.-The Gem. E EI A new element has been usurping too much time in the chemistry laboratory lately. It comes from Philadelphia, was discovered in Mohn Hall by the head of that department, and has the following formula: lVliS2 FeR2IS lj El Miss Miller will sever her affiliations with the lawyer from Dickinson in order that Ralph Stauffer might have a stand-in with her majesty. lj EI "Pliny Quintilliusn CAlbright, ,ISD says, "We weren't lost, but we didn't know where we were." U C1 After spending a most pleasant evening with Miss Weber at one of the Star Course entertainments, Rohrbach was confined to bed, suffering with tonsilitis. One hundred zhirzfy iE5:35,:n,. 19,37 ..1.,f.-..,.,,. f.,,,.-, ., wr, A ,...:g-,zf.1:..- N. U.. wc- - r- ...V-,fnfvvfw ' -- -. . 1 . - f...V. ,..L., .,. .. ......... .V V- .fy , .. .K , -. ii' -ri'-1 L-114 4-F vsszffe.?i1.r:..'ri3.E.'-1:fr.-,fefgbwcfk ,'-....vL5vfif:f.,3,2:.,4-f--g::.i:.EEg-12.23522rrz?541z'.za'1:.1Q-51-Tb:-riiizw.'.i'2f"ii'T25f-fvfime:qi.. 41, 5621.1 e E C, Set rf ig, . 5: if 3'-. 1- '-gr: ' - or , ..-:,' wr- - i,"'w' 51, "1 "ii", 'fi -.-.,'- fl: ::', 1 .3 Y-:ff hz: -.-znygfgg ,:::. g 1 4 ..,,,:....,, --,... I, -gf-.-rv f 1 1 gs fir, ..'f:f5ff2'- is 5- :' nz.-.1-',.L 1. - ,'-f:.':4?a w.1m21:za'm.Z'fQwe.fue--gs2rf::'?'k-.chic1:-a.:.4-yu 3',Z:fafE? 159534,-.'.,y, imffiisff-5-Q xi:-ff ' 0211 . ii, 5, J' li 15 11111312 Qrhut Qiluh This is a branch of the Ancient Order of Arborescents, dating back to the Garden of Eden. The local chapter was instituted in the days of forgotten lore, and has steadily increased its membership in spite of the many resignations and Withdrawals from year to year. The fact that it furnishes a good contingent for the matrimonial market is sufficient evidence of its incontestable utility. The organization designates its male members as "seekers," and its female contingent as "the soughtf, considering these very appropriate appellations. N Chief Cozmrelof . .4fJ'i,ftaht Coumelor Recording Angel . Prohatefudge . Dah Cupid . Seeherr I. P. Bensinger R. F. Stauffer G. K. Morris F. E. Wray H. D. Snyder C. E. Getz K. L. R. Ware P. M. Hartzler E. A. Dimmich C. V. Hassler R. Hoch M. L Hilterbrick G. T. Yost H. H. Church E. G. Leinbach C. D. Brillhart I. K. Kline OFFICERS MRS. LUELLA D. MOHN DR. J. F. DUNLAP . Miss ALICE FERRIS HON. L. W. PORTZLINE MEMBERS The Sought Eva Lauer Ruth Miller Mae Thompson Martha Morris Mary Crumbling Jennie Kline Anna Bailey Kathryn Karch Isabel Allen Florence Moudy Bessie Frey A. Rachel Heisler Harriet Woodring Jennie Munson Pauline Riegel Elizabeth Light Rebecca Tice WILLARD MOHN One lzumireil zihirty-one 2'--'1Z1-- '-12.12415 1' is 'gsfbaqiQi'2f::Lif"Y2.f4:17-ff eiftfegagkig L2ii..?e-smffe. Y--ffwfeafur'-af-wifi-'. 'G' 1 wzifffl-'-.'w.ys HE Tlhllli EIFJIEIETHLUIILILUIIMI E AP ni-naar Q f I Q3 V - ' Y . fy X-,.+.w. . ui. ,-.,-..5,,E-wg. ra, I 1..iLe1fg.f.:.y.,:1 :. -1-Janis-4 city:zfiimfz.ifi:.E.?1x-pikvew-.e1. usb TS'iZ'Ev:f?.x' lfjif, jj. ' 15. Sf: if 11- 15 it f . f fl,-.Q Q-.' J' A1uU,s, W., A- '5 -ff?-1 .22 ':W'hj"f",' '4Ji'fQ'21g',:'.1tV."r'L.aF'-'r?:?5.J"ffC52,1Yge':i:'lite'ffz:5z3g,.1gi-:frif1.?m'mi--:fame-f- Q. l.' .:p I ' ' r 'f 4 ..-tw.. z rf,n.'.zw -auatic... 1 L- 2.-z-J-41213,'01-L.,.-..i:,1fvi:e'u.g-.-.1,fra,-..1:.,r1-,:y:y44--M,-15511, 9157,-,p,i. :gbe,'. 51 . 1, v ri 3 ' L! 'f The alenhat SEPTEMBER Registration, accompanied with a marvelous display of Pennsylvania Greens. First Cha Jel Service. Sin in , "Revive us l againf' "l'lotty" blows into town, declaring that he spent a prosperous summer vacation in Altoona. Freshmen put up posters while Sophomores sleep. Norman dear spends the day with "Dot." First football game of the season. In a hard fought battle, Coach Kelchner almost loses scalp. First church serviceg large attendance. Faculty reception. Parker shines for the First time. D. M. Albright is appointed Latin professor. The last tree along the duck path becomes occupied. Senior reception. A general good time. Christman tries to cheat Pass Price out of a Zc shine. Mr. Watts says, "I'll treat the boys right this year." Y. M. C. A. Song service in chapel. First " bean and doggyu supper. Big fire over towng Queer almost burned out of house and home. Reggie Hoeh is ofhcially appointed orhce boy for the "Bulletin" OCTOBER "Jim" Snyder forms a bad habit. It is rumored that Mr. Albright received several invitations for dinner parties over town. Albright clashes with Gettysburg, scoro 7-7. Christman, Krum, and Win. Rapp attend church in a body. 0116 lzumfred t1Li1'ty-two ,- J 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1-1 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 21 25 26 Sophs have a chicken and waH1e supper. They are somewhat disturbed by the pugilistic Freshmen. Pass Price tries to commit suicide, but finds that 'Khe cannot do it." Harman gets a " Hgh" note. Strack and " the rest of the class" take a scientific walk. The steward begins to feed the training table some rather stale eggs. He says they will develop the football team's power of endurance, Football team bumps Dickinson. Doc Queer and family attend church. Jonas Schreffler lays up a winter supply of Piper Heidsick. Mengel Brothers sweep out their room for a change. 'flackl' Heishley opens the window and then throws his chest out. Slotty: "Crap's sake." Eddie Brandt: "Well now, what do you think of thatfa' Indian Reserves go down to defeat at the hands of Albright. Miss Morris and Frank Wray attend church. Garrett makes a wonderful discovery in the chemistry laboratory, that he is unhandy. "Rohry" tries to cast a hypnotic speil about Heck. Another Pumpkin-pie Sale. "Chet,' Shank is beginning to lose hair again. Hotty discloses a most marvelous theory to the Astronomy class. Rabbit season opensg several stray hair appeared on Rohry's Lipper lip. Usual Rest Day. Blue Monday. 43 21-21 1s"2wff'ifi'rfffr:' f14f"5'L Q1sfffref4es.vAs fiPsfD5i",i!i-f--2515 fff.f2'e'-aw' vw-1:11-a i 'W' I as I Z .ua N 5 i fin' .. . I, 4 JS.. ,s..+.1l.-..-....2-..'. . ,.1L,1g,1..:..,:f1,-vter.g,g.:..b:44?ifs.fs,"4ruie.11u..aZ-5-H21vit.: '..-: 'Si'E7Z'f'M:f1:s::,1: ,,.s .- - . . .. -4 C, J.. . Q gi : " 'f' . . . f. .. .. , 1 'lf fi f5':'!'5f'-"i- 5'fia:':Q-il5fbl?5",C5723'lffligfiflilfi?555.31iff?9'z'522'-3.21325lif,5i3i3ii95.2f5224?71fZ:?Lff3?,5f5fl???!5fif'ill,iiiiw1iQ5ffiI"'3jyg??igQ THE CALENDAR-Confiviuetl HP. B." tells his singers that they are dissipating too much by eating so many cough drops. The "Shammies" decide to go "fussing." Freshman Banquet at Mt. Gretna, Ralph S. and Ruth M. walk around the Lake. General "pep" meeting. We beat Susquehanna. Big l-Iallowe'en Sociable. Many visitors at school. NOVEMBER Miss Weber sings a beau-oo-tiful solo in church. Walter Stauffer and Miss Knerr play a game of hide-and-go-seek. Everybody home to vote. Glee Club gives concert at Richland. Woman suffrage meeting in Chapel. Mr. Watts believes in making things secureg he puts another of those 4"x2f' bars across his office door. Football team bows the knee to Bucknell. Dr. Gobble begins Cantata practice. Wayne Harner and Portzline run two miles into the country. ln Astronomy class, "Beamy,' says that the moon affects the tide, but Miss Karch disagrees, declaring that it has the great- est effect upon the untied. Dice like Samson of old makes a vowg and therels a woman in the case, too. John Zinn attends chapel. Excelsior Literary Society Anniversary. Lafayette-Albright football game. Rally Day in Sunday School and Church. Meat takes a sudden dropg "Hamish" gets a calf. Mr. Watts accuses one of the cooks of standing around with her hands in her pockets. Hassler accidently runs his foot thru the window at Mohn Hall while sliding down the porch post. A most wonderful aquarium is discovered in the "SchrefBer-Garret Room." Ware, in society, "l.einbach, are you standing up or down?" "Cutey', Whiteford and Miss Ferris take their usual walk. Big scandal: Willard Mohn, it is rumored, was seen in front of the Coover House with two women. Brillhart has an accidentg he falls into the stone-quarry. VVatts catches K'Shammy', trying to abduct about half of the Commissary. Preparations made to meet Muhlenberg. 30 'lih anksgiving recess. DECEMBER Miss Bailey to "Carrie": ATO think that l'm a girl now." .A rainy day. "Eva" thinks Mr. Bensinger is pretty good looking with his raincoat on. "Jack" l-leishley develops a new case up town. Wray and "Tiny" have their usual periodic scrap. Mr. Joe Painter wins a goose at a IOC lottery. Dr. Gobble is highly elated with the work the first tenors are doing at Cantata practice. Miss Crumbling is thinking of taking "Charlie" back again. Somebody swipes "joe', Paintet's goose. Dr. Bowman has a goose dinner. At last discovered: the kitchen parasite, Dick Stauger. One liuizcircd thirty-lhrec' I . -. -115 5743-:I42'a,cf"?s"1Qi7E' "-e.-:Vixen . 1.-iw zifmeawifif-'af 1':3Laf ' fi wp-at-14f4' sus X f 4455, ,. 31, Q..-. -in.,1.,p,wi'.w.Qrf.472155.s-,f',ap.Q44fza13f.,5gg25zy,.lL5iif.4.g:,f.. ee.-flair3915.11211.22-iEi't'E1:tf'f'-.i'bet5i2iZ.41:KQ3i"in 'L' ' A I ' AL lli 'A 1- . Us ' 'R e' ,. . ff-. L -1 -- -1 f. , r ' tv Y - ls 'S 4: I ' -'.'v ' gl ' - 'V " N3".'.' ff' '7'?7'1f5lZ'? "f1lf'l'-T y' 'fur' if if-3'ff'-'IC-Eilvl. 521' '47-f"1 'TTV1 ' .1 WEL E: 3R3'5if:'r mf' V 'Z'75T:' 'f'f""'-1-' 'I' "--' 'ifru .7 1 5 if ffl. Y ..'3':'! 5 11' 1 HH wi-4 '24-1.' v 5.1. -15m..1-+I! ..-.QQ-V:eilff-srizcf-lima'-siwi':-4-53 5.14 fgffiltef swam.. :aids 11 ff xflfft . 3. 5. If ig 1 I 3 1- ,- .. -- TH E CALENDAR-Continued Hilterbrick expounds some astonding theo- ries, exasperating everybody. Men's Glee concert at Annville. Big hit. Dr. Gobble frowns upon the basses at Cantata practice. Men's Glee concert at Palmyra: Dice catches two girls at once. "Sue" Hartzler almost swears at the Editor of the Albright Notes. Getz catches himself falling in love, he goes about selecting a suitable tree. "Pauline" declares herself "queen of Mohn Hall." Bower Hall burns down. . The stomach of A. Heck reaches the point of satiety. Rendition of Xmas Cantata in Church. "Dot" in her sleep: "Will 1915 and Norman soon be here?" Miss Miller decides to close ALL communi- cations with "The Lawyerf' to Ian. 5, 1915. Xmas vacation. JANUARY Spyker Riley Bingaman returns to school with a heavy heart. There's a reason. Pass Price hibernates. Prof. Whiteford and Miss Ferris spend a most delightful evening at the movies. First basket ball game: Olivets vs. Albright. The monitors resume the duties of their responsible positions. Mary and Mrs. Mohn have quite a confab about the "lamp," In spite of the cold weathe1', the activities along the duck path are continued with their usual frenzy. Dr. Stober gives quite a lengthy discourse on the "Earthworm.', Church runs about the third floor hall for two hours, with a club in his hand, trying to catch the fellow who ducked him. One hundred thirty-four Albright wins first league game from Sus- quehanna. Albright f'four" lose to F. and M. "live" in a hotly contested game. Josh Geist attends Sunday School for a change. 'fEt Brandt is wonderful tiredf'-A quota- tion. Inauguration of Governor Brumbaugh at Harrisburg. " Beamy" finds himself con- fronted by a certain young lady who says she is from Elizabethtown. Organization of Mohn Hall Suffragist Cowbell Society. Albright loses to Gettysburg. Albright plays Mt. St. Mary,s. "Shorty" Trimble walks about town dis- guised as an Irishman. A. Ensminger goes visiting up town. -29 Mid-year exams, Freshmen soliloquy beforehand: "Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget, lest We forget." Afterward: "Lord God of Hosts, was with us not, For we forgot, for We forgot." Albright beats Lafayette by a close score. Albright beats Rutgers by one point. A kitchen taffy-pull. George Yost attends church. Why? FEBRUARY P. B. Smith takes a bath and is not rec- ognized for two days. K'Reggie" gets a picture from "Kass', and then quits. Flick makes a desperate attempt to stop two bad habits, but Hnds it beyond his power. Kilpatrick and Puss Burg beat Rip Van Winkle by a mile, they sleep 48 hours without intermission. . .... ,. . . ,.,.. .. . .,.. K . ., . .., . . , .N--, an ,Y-,N ,...4.,...,, , .VL ,Q 'U .. 1. '..,,,.,.,. Q--...wh , V ,T ,,,.,6,i,,,,,,! -A--A H1 A .- - '1' 31.-11-ia if :efQ3E':i.c'efYI: 3f3'fiEf?i'1T:if1. -fmt-LQ'-i'1 :fast-',a --:.. THE EF-'IEEllJlllL.llllI M X 7 5 H, ' l K R ' W' 2. '0 vi' ff w. du. ta has 211 exit?-lit fm 1 -M-M L , i . if . , 1 511 s , , -ll, , . 1. f-,. -15 ,N 3, ,.-':.f.g,:.:t-,,- ygg.-31511,'g.u"1:ff,'ff,-w,1,--' ,gvggn 5.-31.11-gyv-:1-o'.:gf,s-155:35 -sg-gfqff,-, -yy.-xr, v wqJ,:7--.od-1-.V i-L:':12,,,51,. ': 4 ..3:-51 ' -- .''-fs1,-:Q-'ae3:1-.f'-ze.-asmszili-1-f .'.4.21f5-wif? 2f375i" f-meifi- ' . Lg 2 THE CALENDAR-Conlinuezi Grant Knight catches the English pro- fessor making a mistake. Some Guy! Bucknell-Albright game. Miss Light goes into ecstacy over Cleonls spectacular shots. New cut system becomes quite a matter of concern to the usual church absentees. A very large attendance. The "Bill Sipe and Benferu Evangelistic Campaign starts in the halls. Gettysburg vs. Albright basket ball game. Jonas Schreffler, Crumbling, and Kebaugh go fussing for the first time. Isabel Allen tells Prof. Stauffer she likes the love poems of Burns. The "Speculum', is now bound to be a success, Hottenstein gives the manager a few pointers. The non-fussers are all invited to a Valentine party at Mohn Hall. It is the cause of several quite serious misunderstandings. "Sue" Hartzler tells "Glen" for at least the twentieth time, "Gee, Glen, but you have a dandy girl." Dr. Gobble gives a heart to heart talk to the membership committee. "Jennie" and Miss Moudy are quite worried about a certain affair that oc- curred last Fall. Prof. Kelchner: Class in "The State," " Brandt, what was the Magna Charta?', Brandt Cconhdentlyj: "The 95 theses Luther nailed on the door at Wittenburgf' "Bill', Kutz and his dog take a walk. Mixed Glee concert at Lebanon, followed by a reception. Neocosmian Literary Society Anniversary. Susquehanna game. Albright band makes a valuable addition: Garrett. A beautiful Spring day. Everybody goes strolling. Washington's Birthday observed. Indian- Albright game. Heishley gives Dr. Stober some new infor- mation about Dog-Fish. All ministerial students leave for con- ference. Patschke and Walmer declare that they don't like to be kidded. Bucknell-Albright game. Albright wins series. Karl Ware begs the editor not to be slighted, The Final rest day for the Speculum Stall' has come. E. A. D. YN fs EL .v5r+'2gffe' " dw X. -ZX X I 0 o t I .f We 'es .cf--ea' gi Syd? 1 R 1 A vi lop?-ll' K X . . ' y 1 '.J rf 'N One hu1zd1'-NZ lhirly-file ww! M. THE ATHLETIC FIELD IN 1907 QD' ' 'S I ff, ff P . f Tl SEMENT J A' ' I I f-N ..- , Huw. Q FW 12 'S-:H H1 ' -JALE. A' '-I I "' ' "7" f-'liflgf' ' . J'--S'-' 1-I , .1 ' , .X I-' l "'J li: : ! 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