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p,nY.-I ' " ' -4- J 1 x f ,V V., n ...Q Auf! ' in f'fL'fwi2,.-fg,' ' ,, t .... . lf' bf ,.,.-,. --wi ""w r ,wmv-1 1. V 1 ,Inn-1 1? s fe ,f Q ' , '-. U-' 2' v 39 , . Q. 1 A S IL 5 4 , 'Ev f . A, -. 1 59 1 :Y f 1 1 ,xi A 1 1, ,f .- I ,A .. ' . '4 " . 1- , . ' V ' V 1' " I .4 ' , ' , , 2 : J 'A A0 ..- , , ,e ,4 ., 1 ,- ,x .' f' ,f In J ' . , 3 U . lc' .P 4' I Q, E. ii Q 1: X. fi 1 K' W J I. ,, 5 5 Q, K 1 X 1 my A M154 A4-f144444X ,AJ 14 2571911575 THE SAGE Fortietlw Anniversary ISQ3 - l93LI- Firsl Normal Building, I893 PUBLISHED STUDENT BODY Albion State Normal School Amon, IDA:-no M, , FOREWORD Tl-lE I934 Sage celebrales Jrhe lorfielh anniversary of Jrhe Albion Slale Normal School. The original drawings +ha+ appear show Jrhe progress of +he building program and of 'rransporlalion from l893 +o I934. The Sage slalll has Jrried lo malce This book a symbol of +he spiri'r and growlh of Albion, bo+h pasl and presenl. ll you also find in lhesepages lasling memories of your own years here. our purpose is fulfilled. THE STAFF. OH have we wandered down fhis campus walk Off have we sfopped a+ yon easf door 'io +allr Sage Stoll Edifor ---- - Fred Anderson Calendar - - - - Leon Biggers Business Manager - - - Earl Carlson Calendar - - MargueriH'e Freeman Assis+an+ Edi+or ---- lvan Dunbar Organizalions - - - Naomi Hillman Assis'ran+ Bus. Mgr. - - Harold Ballard lvlen's Alhlelics - Howard Wellingfon Senior Edilor - - - Rulon Sfanfield Women's Alhleiics - - - Erma Hale Junior Edilor - - - George Holyoalc Adviser for Annual - - F. E. Woodie Training School ---- Annis Jones English Adviser - - - Hallie E. Rice Adminislrafion - - - John Spencer Afhlelics Adviser - Irene Buckley Snap Shois - - - Kennefh Olsen Ari Adviser ----- Eva Kirldon We grearlyi appreciaie Jrhe co--operalion of lhe following siudenls in preparing Jrhe original drawings which appear in This book: THELMA BOTT JOE CHATBURN BETTY STAFFORD MANFORD MASONER MRS. FRED HAGAR li, Crcler of the Boob GWN'-7 I Administration II Classes ul Calendar-Snapshots IV Organizations V Athletics VI Training School DEDICATION IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF I-IIS FORWARD MOVING SPIRIT. WI-IICI-I IS BEGINNING A NEW ERA IN OUR I-IISTORY, WE DEDI- CATE TI-IIS I934 SAGE TO OUR LEADER AND FRIEND. PRESIDENT RAYMOND H. SNYDER Presidenf Raymond H. Snyder The President's Message OF THE Thousand deTiniTions, There is none beTTer Than The one ThaT describes educaTion as The creaTion and reTinemenT oT values. PrimiTive man had liTTle beyond The bare means oT exisTence. He was hungry mosT oT The Time. He slepT where nighT overTook him. He Teared The dark. He worshipped The mysTerious. Then came The man who saved a liTTle Tood, made a beTTer garmenT, builT a place in which To live. ArT broughT beauTy and order: The symphony replaced The Tom-Tom. PersonaliTy superseded physical mighT. and love began To rule The liTe oT man. Today we live in a world oT greaT social values, and economic surplus has made possible The creaTion oT The school, The church, libraries, music, and arT. WiTh economic needs pro- vided Tor, we have Time To develop The Tiner Things oT liTe. To reTine These values and direcT Their usage in The upbuilding oT mankind is The ever- increasing Task oT educaTion. Trained inTelligence will always be The mark oT an educaTed people. WiTh educaTion comes an undersTanding and a desire To solve The problems ThaT conTronT us. The unknown is no longer a Thing To be Teared buT a challenge To The pioneer. The ideal oT service is TasT replacing selTishness. We are learning To appreciaTe books, music. and The Things oT beauTy. Religion we hope will be a maTTer oT everyday living and human personaliTy musT become whaT The creaTor oT all Things inTended iT To be, The image oT The divine. Such is The supreme Task oT educaTion. To This cause we musT dedicaTe our besT eTForTs. CivilizaTion is noT an accidenT or a work oT TaTe. IT is The resulT oT The earnesT endeavor oT human beings To beTTer condiTions Tor Themselves and Tor Those who Tollow. ln The ToreTronT oT progress have always been a Tew courageous souls, men and women wiTh hope, TaiTh, and vision. These individuals have someTimes been medicine men, workers oT magic. greaT chieTTains and spiriTual leaders, buT always Teachers. -R. H. SNYDER. ,f I- .4 iii L1 , 1' 1 if i X ,W i ii 1 Npvvu ui-gi"'f: 'I J blb- I 3 'L ' ff ,4 lil Ii ML' I1 ?""u. -f.--1. ' 1, P - i f 1.1-RREQEIJHL 1-1. .' ,K 1. .1 i 1 'QZWWLF-'?'n3g'Lr 5 ini: - sli I ae: I v 'I Y! win 1 .,. :,'4? Qs ii., z'f Qifisiii 54' 2.-- ., u'Es1"'m ,irwgE'Ei E. i '- ' ' - ' - . ' -V-J.. 'T .ff 1': ffil - vlLi15:1E?. . ,F-L " Y ng,-.1 Swanger Hall l895-6 Administration I ' lr ' 'a f 4 ',, 7 L' 'fill S' igf Jifzxffb.- State Board oi Education Asher B. Wilson John W. Condi, Pfesldenl Ol ills Board Stale Superinlendenf of Public lnsfruc+ion 5 Clency S+. Clair Mrs. J. G. H. Graveley Jerome J- DHY Mrs. Alvin A. Sfeele Vice President SQCFS1-ary IRENE BUCKLEY Physical Educalion for Women B-S.. Universil of Ore on Y Q 1 L929: MA., Columbia Univer- 5'iYi l932-l929. MAYE A. JOHNSON Public School Music gfiduale. lwo-year course, "'bOI'0. Pennsylvania, Slale Nofmal School, mo. Gradu die. Music Supervisor's Course, gf'gVSfSi+v of Vwfyominq, :fm - 'U educahon. Umversilyi of Wyoming. I929-I93O. CLARA G. ALEXANDER English and Dramafics Graduafe, four-year course, Kansas Slale Normal, Emporia, l9023 Ph.B., Universily of Chi- cago, I9IO: Kansas Slafe Aqri- cullural College, summers I904, l907, l9l I: M.A., Norfhwesiern Universily, l93I-I923. FRANK E. HOWARD Psychology. Education LAURA MAE BOURG Crilic, Firsl Grade Graduale, San Diego Slale Normal School, l9I2g Pd.M., I rado Slale Teachers' Col Coo - lege, l9I7g A.B., Colorado Sfafe Teachers' College, l924g Travel in Soulh America, I928- 29: MA., Columbia Universily l93l-32-l924. 7 ,888 NORMAN J. JAcossoN Drake Universify, l88. , . l889, I895q M. Di., lowa Stale Ma+hema+ics,Alhlellc Coach Teachers' College. l90lI A-M-. BA., Universily of Idaho, l922 Universiiy of Nebraska, I9lO: Univergify Universify of California, sum- gum mer i928-I9lI. 5 YQ? Q BELLE D. DONNOHUE Librarian Universily of Missouri, l894g Graduale. Burlinqion Collegi- afe lnsfilufe, I879: Library Training School, Riverside, California, l9l9g summer of I930 spenl in sfudy-l907. EVA B. KIRKTON Ar+ and Public School Drawing Colorado Slale Teachers' Col- lege, l907g Universify of Cali- fornia, I9I5g Graduale Prall Ari lnslilule, Brooklyn, I922: summer l93O, Universily of Oregon-l924. L ILL, 7 -fa. ,Wu 5K'LlL!wr-jilfj ' f NORMAN McCARTY Voice and Piano Graduale, School of Music, Universily of Michigan, l907: Kansas Ciiy Conservalory of Music, l9I2-I4g Redparh- Hcner lnsfifuie of Fine Aris, l9l6-l7g Leland Sianforcl Uni- versify, I9I9g Universiiy of Uiah. l92I-I924. CLARA M. KIRKPATRICK Primary Mefhods, Penmanship Graduaie, Oregon lMon- moufhl Siale Normal, l9I2g California iSan Josel Sfale Teachers' College, I928g A.B., University of Oregon, l93Og Colorado Sraie Teachers' Col- lege, summer l93l-I93O. EARL J. POWERS Social Science and Regisirar Indiana Sfale Normal School, l9l6-l9I8: A.B., Ball Teachers' College, I925: Universily of Wisconsin, I926, l927g Univer- siiy of Wisconsin, l933-I927. MABEL R. MILLER Criiic, Fifrh and Sixfh Grades 1 fdfmf NEAL N. NASH Geography, Dean of Men A.B., College of Idaho, i923 Universily oi California, l924, l925g Sourhern Branch, Uni- versiry of California, i925 A.M., Universily of Nebraska l932-l926. Graduale, Emerson College of Orarory, l902g Brown Univer- sily, l9l2: A.B., Colorado Siaie Teachers' College, I9l3g summer of i930 spenf in lravel and sfucly-l9l6. l I928, European Travel, summer of i928-l923. HALLIE E. RICE Junior High Cri+ic, Hisfory, English Junior High School Diploma, I923, Sfafe Normal School, Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Ph.B., Uni- versily of Chicago, l926: MA., Universiiy of California, Berke- ley, I932-l929. Q .41 CHARLOTTE E. TRUMAN Crific, Junior High, Maihe- mafics, Science Sfafe Normal School, Buffalo. N. Y., l882g Universify of Cali- fornia, I904, l9I2, l9l5: B.S., Universily of Chicago, l92I: European Travel, summer of l928-l9l3. ADRIA A. WOODS Crific, Third and Fourfh MRS ELIZABETH L. WARE English, Dean of Women Yale Universiiy, Graduale Grades School, I896-l899g Ph.B., Uni- A.B., Sfafe Teachers' Colleqe, versiiy of Chicago, I904: A.M., Kearney, Nebraska, l922: Universily of Chicago, l9l2: Graduale sfudy, Universify of Columbia Universify, l9l9g Chicago, I924g Colorado Sfaie Teachers' College, surn- lI9l4-l922lq Albion, l925. mer of I932--I925. H. E. WEISEL Hisiory Graduaie, Keysfone Sfafe Nor- rnal School, l906q BA., Frank- lin and Marshall College, l9IO: POST-graduafe Sfudy, New YQrlr'Cify, l9IIg Universily ol' Cincinnaii, I9l8g Universify of Wisconsin, l9l9g lI922-I927lq Albion, I928. rx. - A - - , mi" 'N 1 ' " X 'U"i'5 -- ' vJq6"-W " . , 1 ,QZfxL"4i: 5,-' L -. .,.,q,,..s-..' ' lf..--.b 4. bl.. s,,,-, Ir. . . . V r L . lw'L?'l:is1.'3f-'7' ' ' Wifi JOHN C. WERNER Direcfor of Teacher Training, Educafion Graduaie, Tri-Slale NOFr'f16l School, l899g Universiiy of ln- cliana, A.B., I905: Universify of Chicago, A.M., I9I3-I9I5. DOROTHY GROHOSKY Execufive Secreiary in TEMPERANCE M. WHITCOMB. R.N. lns+i+u+ion Nurse 'Sami Q-B-I l'ldrr1line Universily, I9251 S-N-. Universify of Minnesofa Chool of Nursinq, l928-1930. l F. E. WOODIE Science A.B., Peru, Nebraska, Slaie Teachers' College, I925: Chi- cago School of Engineering, I928-l929. RUTH WESLER Secreiary fo Bursar 'CQ ,C ali E as ii ace ascii iA I 5 5 Na.4i!Y . , 4, -Iv f .QF ...ffl Polly Joanne Mrs. Simonsen Joe E. Simonsen Joe's Page MR. C. E. SIMONSEN, familiarly known as "Joe," came +o 'rhe Albion S+a+e Normal on +he lourreenrh day of Augusl, I9I9, serving in 'rhe capacily of secrerary +o 'rhe Presidenr and our Bursar a+ +he same +ime. He was married +o Miss Pauline Lachs of Boise shorrly af+er coming io Albion. The Sfare Board of Educarion gave Mr. Simonsen +he responsibili+y of The financial affairs of +he ins+i+u+ion, carrying wi+h if 'rhe 'rirle of Bursar. This is a iob in iiself. So fhe posirion of secrefary was given 'ro Mrs. Simonsen. In +his posiiion she served unril Sepfember l5, I933. l-ler posifion carried Jrhe dufies of Regisfrar for a number of years. The connecrion of Mr. and Mrs. Simonsen wi+h 'rhe normal school forms a special epoch in i+s hisrory, an epoch of increase in ffhe number of buildings including Comish l-lall wings, Training School wings. McMurray l-lall, cenfral hearing plan+, well and warer sysrem, underground wiring, 'rhe Presiclen+'s Home. and +he Adminislralion Building. The splendid audiiorium of lhis building is very largely 'rhe producr of lhe Jrhinlcing and planning of Mr. Simonsen. There has also been a grear increase in sludenl' aiiendance. Mr. Simonsen has had charge of 1'he financial end of +he business and has by his business abilify conducfed lhe affairs 'ro +he general safisfacrion of every- body concerned. Mrs. Simonsen by her efficienlr and fairhful correspondence wi+h prospeclive s+uden+s has noficeably helped +o increase +he s+uden'r aH'endance. The splendid repufalion of +he Albion S+a're Normal School has been grearly enhanced by +he services of Mr. and Mrs. Simonsen. We hope 'rhal Joe will conrinue To be our bursar for many years 'ro come. Their happy home was gladdened by 'rhe birrh of Polly Joanne on November I9, I933. 'l14l- 1- 4 s- W f " -. ww V s.yf,gg4g4, - . , 9 Q x A Miller Hall-l895-I896. "..4:'-'L U I -. ., M '- -'1?9fc: HT: - . f 1, S "X 41 ul' I 1' v,"1 ff , X hw , 'f, 4' 404 Classes STUDENT BODY OFFICERS John Manning Helen Roghaar Irene Nipper Margueriile Freeman JOHN MANNING - - - Presidenl IRENE NIPPER ----- Treasurer HELEN ROGI-IAAR - - Secrelary MARGUERITTE FREEMAN - - Vice Presidenl Message of fhe SI'udenI' Body Presidenl' WING +o Ihe whole-hearled co-operalion ol lhe lacully. +he sfudenl body has been one ol lhe mosl aclive organizarions oi Jrhe school rhis year. Beller assemblies have been made possible for 'lhe enioymenl of all who were associa+ed wirh The school. In I'he classrooms and away from Ihem, many members oi rhe sludenl body have clislinquishecl 'rhemselves for scholarship, sporlsmanship. and good fellowship. We have formed friendships and made associalions here which will remain wifh us Ihroughoul our lives. The spirir and ideals broughl inlo our lives by lhe laculry and s+uden+s will be fell' wherever members oi our sludenl body may go. -JoHN MANNING. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Raymond Wrigley Alda Smilh Woodrow Ash Roberl Hughes RAYMOND WRIGLEY - - - Presidenl WOODROW ASI-I ------ Treasurer ALDA SMITH ------- Secrarary ROBERT I-IUGI-IES ---- Vice Presidenl lSenior Class Message on page 27l 'l16I' SELMA ADAMS Grace General "She's so elusive." Dancing, '34g W. A. A., '34: Efa Epsilon, '34. FRED ANDERSON Ruperf Junior High "Greafer men have lived, buf ihey were never ediiors of annuals." Foo+ball, '33-'34: Baslcel Ball, '33-'347 Track, '33-'34-7 Sage Edilor, '347 l Club, '33-'34. GEORGE BAILEY Kendrick Junior High "My bonnie lies over lhe ocean." Baslrel Ball. '34. BESSIE BARRETT Wendell General "A woman need noi always speak wha? she +hinlcs." W.A.A., '33-'34: Era Epsilon. '34: Junlo, '34: Ski Club. '34, lgilerali, '33g Unseen Hands, ' 4. J. WELDON BECK Burley Junior High "lf cuss words were keys. Wel- don would be presenled wiih a grand piano." Posl Gradualeg Track, '34, MARGARET ANDREWS Hazellon Primary "Always on fhe sunny side." W.A.A., '33-'34-: Baslcel Ball, '33-'34: Track, '33-'34: Sage Edifor. '34, l Club, '33-'34. WOODROW ASH Ruperl' Junior High "There are many lovely women. bu? no perfecf ones." Band, '33g Orchesira, '33g Car- dinals, '33-f34. fYuf AROL BALLA? ' Z A f R enera ' " e gm . pl h . . 5 - 9 n -so ' I r W M M ". I . r S f ffl a ,I r IM' ORA BATY Bancroif General "A woman's whole life is a his- lory ol afleclionsf' W.A.A., '33-'34: Liferali, '33: Era Epsilon. '33-'34, LEON BIGGERS Mur+augh lnfermediafe "I'll run away unlil l'm biqger and lhen l'll fiqhll" W.A.A., '33-'34g Y. W. C. A.. '33-'34: Dance Drama, '33-'34-: Sage Sialf, '34: Lilerali, '33I Order of lhe A. '34I Rol-NY '. Paqeam','34. ray, - T T J - , ,J . dwwlpffwjlffyg JW ff- , LEO BODEN Ruperf Junior High "God made him: rherefore lei him pass es a man." Foo+ball, '33-'34: Baslrei' Ball, '33-'34: Traclc, '33-'34: l Club, '33-'34g Tumbling, '34, THELMA BOTT Hazel+on Primary "She is a phaniom of deliqhff' Glee Club. '32-'33-'34g W.A.A. 43l-'32-'33-'34: P. S. C.. '33-'34: Ski Club, '33-'34-1 "Lady Windemere's Fan," '3I7 Order oi ihe A, '34: Dance Drama, '32-'33-'34: Liferaii. '32-'337 Philo, '32f'33. CLARK CALL Burley General "l was noi born for qreaf af- fairs: I eai and sleep and say my prayers." Liierafi, '33: Baslcei Ball, '33- '34: Track, '33-'34. DOROTHY CASE Filer Primary "She will be a good singer so-o-me day." GRANT COBBLEY Declo General "Blessed are The calm for lo ' 'rhey spring fhe unexpeciedf B.Y.U., Ufah. '30-'3I. LLOYD BOHANNAN Casfleford General "A man is measured by lhe heighi of his ideals." Liieraii, '33, fl '34 f f K C MPBEL lnfermediai and earnest she ,oe her way." Ela LE ORE COBBLEY Declo General "Wherever she is. There is sun- shine even on a cloudy day." Debbie. '33-'34: W.A.A.. '33- '34: Delia Psi Omega, '34-3 Y. W. C. A., '33-'34, DEAN CROFT Heyburn Junior High "Gimme a nickel, pop: I wan- na be fough." Beslcei Ball, '33-'34. !jf l n 1 4 ix' , ' if fb' lfwfl. FP' . 1 If 4 1 X i i . , f nf . I .. . , .VI V ' , GX, X. 'H ' , I " .1 3 1- " N' ' 'H . MV v I ' I 1- y 0 s W , , n . - 1 i 1 'Aj If ' ',,V,v1.f L V ,' if i lx " v. flzllgr i I v . - 'f M JJ' +7 mix .I x . ,, " ' -1 -gf ,i I 1. 1 .' 1- 1 1' f I ' I f . KLORENE nemoss U Nl' Butlyf' lnfermediefe ,VPAl'rhough she's small, she 'fills F V a big space in l?'sl heart" V f Kodak Club, '34g W.A.A., '33- X Vu '34: Elo Epsilon, '33-'34, JUNE DEWHIRST Jerome lnfermediaie "She conquers who endures." Pocafello. '33g W,A.A., '34, FORREST DUNBAR BUl1l Junior High "Like a powder puff, l'm for 'rhe women," '5N2fho's Boss," '33: Glee Club. VIOLA ENGELKING Albion Primary "l may be here, buf my fhough+s are in Ausfraliaf' Gllee Club, '33-'34: W.A.A.. 33-'34: Eia Epsilon, '34: Liferafi, '33g P.S.C., '33-'34. X IONE FIT HBH yn' 1 1 rimary "Her mind lure Th' moon fhere's l ays a an i '." Q 'J w.A.A.. Xigrvax ,Y. .Am Eu r ea Glee lub 3-'34:' e micr ura anging 'ip . . EIEra3f?',g', am "PSsf,d'2' '3 '3i4. I 1 4' N X37 fl' f V ia ,j W 3' 5 fy ,A xii ,Q XM KXKX! Wx J., DOROTHY DENO Ruperf ln+ermediafe "They are never alone fhaf are accompanied by noble fhoughlsf' Pocalello, '33: W.A.A., '34: Y.W.C.A., '34: Efa Epsilon, '34g Debaie. '34, LOIS DUDLEY Ruperf Primary "Dudley came lo Albion wilh an ambilionf' Orchesfra. '33-'34: W.A.A., '33-'34: Shamrock Club. '34, G-lee Club. '347 Mu Omega Omicron, '34: Marcelo Club, '337 Liferafi, '33: P.S.C., '33- '34. RULON DURFEE Almo Junior High "Oh, Albion is all righl, buf you oughf lo see Almo." U. of I., S. B.. '30-'3I. LLOYD FISHER Declo Junior High "One hour's sleep before mid- nighf is worfh Two affer- wards." Track, '33-'34g Liferaii, '33: Mc- Murray Hall Commiliee, '34: McMurray Hall Play. 34. MARGUERITTE FREEMAN Jerome Primary "Willy 'fo falk wiihg good lo walk wiihg prefly To ihink of. +oo." Sec. of Junior Class, '33: W. AA., Glee Club, '33, P.S.C., 33-'34g Lilerefi, '33: Vice Presi- denr, Sfudenf Body, '34I Chrisfmas Pageant '33: Masler Tap, '34: Rofary Pageant 34: Dance Drama, '33-'34: Order of +he A, '34, i 'lj " i' X ' "" ff' Q' w y" y J ' ' i ELLEN FRITSCHLE Boise General "Can'l blufl a girl wilh a cow- boy friend." W.A.A., '33-'34: Y.W.C.A., '33- '34: Shamrock Club, '34: Chrislmas Pageanl, '33, GLADYS GRAY Albion Junior High "Men mean nolhing lo me in my life-only one." Secrelary-Treasurer ol Lilerali, '33. CALVIN HAWK Ruperl General "I don'l know, loul l lhink so." Pocalello, '32-'33. ISABELLE HECKLI Rogerson lnlermediale "She is a quiel girl who has a smile lor everyone." Lilerali, '33: Ela Epsilon. '33- '34. BESSI E HEJTMON EK Buhl General "She has maslered lhe use of lhe molher longue." Della Psi Omega, '341 Euler- pean, '33-'34g Dance Drama, '33g Lilerali, '33: W. A. A., '33-'34g Y. W. C. A.. '33-'34g "Who's Boss," '33: "Easl Lynne," '34g Ela Epsilon, '34, GRACE GLEASON Jerome Junior High "She knows whal she wanls and goes eller il." Eulerpean Glee Club, '33-'34: W.A.A., '33: Y.VV.C.A., '33p Mu Omega Omicron, '34g Dance Drama, '33: "Mile- slones." '34. ERMA HALE Oakley Primary "Nolice lhal long-dislance smile." W.A.A., '33: Vice Presidenl, W.A.A., '34: Sage Slall, '34: P.S.C., '33-'34-1 Ela Epsilon, '34g Dance Drama, '33: Order ol lhe A, '34g Ski Club, '34. MARTHA JANE HAYS Blandinsville. lll. Junior High "They gazed and slill lhe wonder grew, lhal one small head should carry all she knew." Della Psi Omega, Vice Presi- denl, '33-'34-5 W.A.A., Secre- lary, '33-'34-1 Ela Epsilon, '33- '34: "Who's Boss," '33: "Easl Lynne," '34g Dance Drama, '33, FLOYD HEDRICK Ruperl General "Blessings on him who iusl in- venled sleep." Cardinals, '34: Vice Presidenl, McMurray Hall, '34g Trumpel Trio, '33-'34, MILDRED HERRON Hansen lnlermediale "Ouiel, honesl, and a good worker." Philornalhean, '27-'28: Ela Ep- silon. '33-'34. .Dfw RHEA HIGLEY Indian Valley General "Vir'rue is worlh more lhan gold." Eulerpean Glee Club, '33-'34-7 W.A.A.. '33: Y.W.C.A.. '33i Ela Epsilon, '34-1 Dance Drama. '33-'34-1 Lilerali, '33, WILLIAM HILL Roberis Junior High "Give me lhe wilcl Wesl where men are men." Foolball, '33-'34g Baslc 'f Ball, Traclc. '33-'34: I C , '33- , . I Q . I ' sf' N rm "Tea for Iwo--only Iwo." '33-'34g Primary Club. 33-347 Dance Drama, '33: Efa Epsilon. '34g Mu Omega Omi- if.. if cron, '34-3 Y.W.C.A., '33-'34. THALES HUTCHINS RUPBFI Junior High "Neal ain'+ in love-I iusl finished 'rhe mile." Track, '33-'34g I Club, '34i Tvmblinq, '34g Junlo, '34: Uleffllli '33: "Easl Lynne," '34-. ESTHER JANSEN Cheslerfiald Primary "ll's lhe woman +ha+ pays." W.A.A., '33-'34g Ela Epsilon, '33-'34: P.S.C.. '33-'34, VIRGINIA HILL Roberls General "Gel lhee behind me. Salan, and push." W.A.A., '33-'34-1 Slci Club, '34: Kodak Club, '34: Ela Epsilon, '34: Order of lhe A. '34g Lilerali, '33. ff? NAOMI HILLMAN Bo'se Primaryjf "Always smiling, always crying, pic, QI? always frying, always sigh- ing." 5:6 Q16 Lilerah Crilic, '331 W.A.A., -2 IXLQ .33-'34: Della Psi Omega, Sec- iii relary-Treasurer, '33-'34q Sagffxf, Slaff, '33-'34: "Who's Boss,f' '33: "Easf Lynne," '34: Dance Drama. '33: Secrelary-Treas- X urer, P.S.C., '33-'34-: Eulerpea 'X else club, '33-'34g Y.w.c.A?'Li:v, of '33. I 'gf NC? 'S N Ak. N 4. Q ROBERT HUGHESC 5-.J f Wendell Junior Hig Z ,LX "lf music be lhe food of love PlaY on YOur S+radivarius.'INQ -QQMQ Foolball, '32-'33g Slrinq En- semble. '32-'33-'34: Vice Presiiis JNX dont Senior Class. '34. a, , C fe: V2.2 MARTHA JENKINS Bancroll' Primary xg... "My hear? isn'l in Albion any more." Efe Epsilon, '33-'347 W.A.A., '33-'34g Order of The A. '34: P.S.C., '33-'347 Lilerali, '33. DONNA JOHNSON Ruperl lnlermediare "She knows The line arf of ask- ing ques'rions." Orcheslra. '33-'34g Slrinq En- semble, '33-'347 W.A.A., '33- '34: Mu Omega Omicron, '34: Senior Trio, '34: Marcelo Club, '34. JN K j WAYNE DICKSON JONES Ruperi Junior High "Proprie+or of Cuddle Inn. I'Il graduale if if fakes a hundred years." Orchesfra, '33-'34: Band, '34: Mu Omega Omicron, '34. CLEA JUDD Burley lnfermediaie "Clea musi have a lol of lem- perg she's never losl ii." Band, '34: Orchesfre, '34g Era Epsilon, '34: "Miles+ones," '34. VERDAN KELLER Meridian Junior High "Every inch a man-'ro say nolhinq of feel." Debafe, '33-'34, EDWARD W. LITTLE Eden Junior High "His 'faiher said, 'Every liflle helps.' " Tumbling, '34. JOHN MANNING Burley Junior High "Anoiher warbler who can do his sluflf' Cardinal Club, '33-'34: Presi- deni of Sfudeni' Body, 34. ff ?f,v'-- !f4..4,, ,Q Q, . f .NMAJV 4,,fLfff7 , ,XJ 'l7A,,,,f ANNIS JoNes ifWfWMf"fff hdaiad' Primary f7,g,.,f! Russ is such a lucky man. r F I Secreiary, Cornish Hall, '33f!'f 'EMI' W.A.A., '33-'34: Dance Drama, 'ibm '33-'34: Liferaii, '33g P.S.C., '?4: Sage Sfaff, '34, Era Ep- ff,441,4,ffd,q, sllon. H .- N . A f Aug! 4,1 l -4'2yf,4ft,uf, 4 lf Q .,'i "Lf ,9fC4f1fvvi' '7M,.,-!.I f1'Ll4-,ff -y Qmfo, ,Q,Cjb,,lX'MJ,o EDWARD LEE KANE . liocaieilo Junior High "4" DDM "l-le'd make. a good lawyer- he's had so many cases." I Club, '33-'34: Foofball, '33- '34g Track, '33-'34, GERTRUDE KINNEY . Burley lniermedia "When fhe bashful fail k fall hard Y.W.C.A.. i'33-'3 I '34q w.A. ,' as A rfajfjf' .uf Masler RUTH McCLUSKY Buhi General "I don'+ lcnow much aboul' war, buf I like fo be in arms." Kodak Club, '34. Cl C. E. McBRIDE Burley Junior Hig gifs He fears noihin M-Tiff?-'Q'?5 pfffvl wr W 'E' . I -' If I 9 lf c f ly' A uf' wig? sf 3-usi-if ' . . . IJ I V I'T15f1I'1If1 mi shi GH 34 Secrefary o Iudenf Body, 34, Liieraii, 33. Au he es er 3-'34g omish Hall Q Pr +I ' 'I I 'I f ' I VIRGINIA OLSON Paul In+ermediaIe "A conscienlious sIudenI." W,A.A., '33-'34: Ela Epsilon. HAROLD PETERSON BWIGY Junior High "Never do ioday whal you can PUT off IIII Iomorrowf' Track, '33-'34, Liierafi, '33: Unseen Hands," '34. HELEN ROGHAAR Grace General "GeniIemen prefer blondes." Liferaii, '33: W.A.A., '33, Treasurer. W.A.A., '34g Sfudem Body Treasurer, '34: Eia Epsi- il ggnzsi .Sj5lQgzE.+3,f. 'Bgffg 3 ' 3 1 C' W , W ' ' 2 .Xia -my TP, D- lpwifhi M. J il , 5 wg, ' is X Q XI Q E Q Q fx NRIJHJ 3 X .N I ,XY .,.' R no s JACK McGUIRE Meridian Junior High "Lei's all go West" U. of I.. '3l: Cardinals, '34, KENNETH OLSON Hazelfon Junior High "I wonder who will bo Presi- clenl uniil I grow up." "She Sfoops Io Conquer," '33: Baslcef Ball, '33-'34: Baseball, '33-'34: "The Florisi Shop," '34: "Unseen Hands," '33: "The Slave Wilh Two Faces," "MiIesfones," '34g Della Psi Omega, '34g I Club, '34: Debale, '34: Sage Siaff, '34, ELMER PARKE Doclo Junior High "Life is a game of iooiball, wiih lime ou? for da+ing." Fooiball, '34, WILLIAM POWERS Burley Junior High "He does noi believe in Ieilinq his siudies inferiere with his eclucalionf' Bsslcef Ball, '33--'34: Track, '33- '34: I Club. '33-'34. RALPH ROSE Emporia, Kansas Junior High "A genius who belongs Io The greai oui-of-doors." "The CiIy," "She Sioops io Conquer," Junio Club: Delia Psi Omega. '33-'34-: Mu Ome- ga Omicron, '34: Band. '34g Orchesira, '34g Declamaiory, '34s "EasI Lynne," '34. JUNE SHAW Albion Primary "The iypical American girl, freckles and all." P.S.C., '33-'34: W.A.A., '33-'34: Eia Epsilon, '34-: Y.W.C.A., '33- '34g Dance Drama, '33. FLOYD SCH RENK Declo Junior High "Silence is ihe one greal' arf of conversa'rion." Liieraii, '33. ALDA SMITH Grace General "She came, saw, and conquer- ed-whom?" W.A.A., '33: Dance Drama, '33-'34: Eia Epsilon, '33-'34, Af 1 ,,-,W 1. dl filf jj Aff! nf' ,XML IM - ,QM 'fs l5THEL B. smour ' iff f' Ririe lnierme iale -rf' Jiilnff W"Ofl'en seen, never heard.' u 1. 'l . w.A.A.. '34, we . . , fvff ljffl-0 Rvcks olleilfp 6' gg l IM if I 7 ' v' Qc ,Ili X . - 0, ,lil 5 ,ffl idw , exif? ai pi' I M' RULON STANFIELD Ganneif Junior High "A man cannoi leave a beiier legacy +o fhe world lhan a well-educaied family." Baskel Ball. '33: Foofball, '34g Track, '33: I Club President Spring Term, '34: Sage Slalii, '34: Debaie, '34-1 Junior Class Secreiary-Treasurer, '33: "Mile- s+ones," '34: "Who's Boss": Delia Psi Omega, '34-: Tumb- ling, '34. BETTY SHEILS Boise General "Her mind is like lhe sun which glows brighier as fho days proceed." HAZEL SILL PayeH'e Junior High "The iinesl edge is made wiih ihe blunfesl' whelsfonef' Marcaio Club, '33: Euierpean G-lee Club, '33: W.A.A.. '33- '34: Mu Omega Omicron, '34. ORPHA SMITH Carey General "Why can'i we all have 'ii'7" U. of Ufah. BETTY STAFFORD Twin Falls Junior High "li 'is good io be merry and wise. W.A.A.. '33-'34: Liferaiig Junio. '34g Ski Club, '34: Kodak Club, '34: Order of fhe A, '34, IRVIN SPENCER Carey General "His iaulis would make dim shadows." Tumbling, '34: "Unseen l-lands": Debafe. '34. HAROLD E. TAYLOR Almo Junior High "Labor is iisell a pleasure." YOLAND TINSLEY Burley lniermediaie "She's always fiddlin' around." Ela Epsilon, '33-'34: W.A.A.. '33"34I Orchesira, '33-'34I Junio: Mu Omega Omicron. HAZEL O. WARD Almo Primary "Give every man ihine Oar. buf few fhy voice." W.A.A., '33g P.S.C., '33-'34. GRACE WAUD Bl-Illl Primary "l faire my leave before l have begun." W.A.A., 33334: "Who's Boss": Liieraii, '33g Delia Psi Omeqa, 347 Order of 'rhe A, '34q Y. W.C.A., '33: Masier Tap, '34g ET Epsilon, '34: P.S.C., '33- DOROTHY WEBER Boise General "Of all ihe words ol ionque or pen. 'lhe one she liked is m-e-n." YV.A.A., '33-'34g Y.W,C.A.. '33- I34-I Liierali, '33g Eia Epsilon, 34: Comish Hall Council, '34. ORPHA ODEL TAYLOR Almo lnfermediaie "l haven"r lime lor anyihing. l am faking arf." Delia Psi Omega, '33-'34: "Who's Boss?" '33, CATHERINE TURNER Jerome Primary Special .-Shfyg a cure liffle girl, b he's in love" K ' we s s . V-f W.A.A., '34g Glee Club, '34g Declamaiion, '34-5 Mu Omega Omicron, '34: Irish Club: Jun- -i -f 7fw-s.c.4,j4f'd, .'0wJV 'log P.S.C. 'Cf !AAfvLu mi 4 ' ' . . W- L Qvsf-4 Lbly, A,,,...oaJ , YA! Ami A , - K . A Y G . MILDRED WARD Hazelfon General "l know an awful lol, buf l can'i ihink of if." W.A.A., '33-'34, HELEN MAURINE WEBB Hazelfon Primary "l may be webb, buf noi' my feel." Dance Drama: P.S.C. HOWARD WELLINGTON Almosa, Colo. Junior High "A firm believer in The old Spanish cusfom." "Who's Boss"g Track, '33-'34: Delia Psi Omega, '33, Presi- deni, '34: l Club, '33-'34g "Easi Lynne"p Sage Srafi, '34: Liferaii. r . +V' ylffl LJ' I ll in l lilly!! Fyfilly fl , L H l , 1 I i lElAW,1fl,f fill? y X vx?LEAN!OR WILLIA S RAYMOND WRIGLEY ' f gf aria y Burley Junior High , ' lcall my sweelie Maple nga "A merry heerl malcefh a J X because he's suc a refin cheerful counfenancef' L 1 . 1 ,E ' SGP-H Debale, '33g Senior Class Presi- ,L ' l .A.A., '34-1 la E no 34: ' denf, '34: "Unseen Hands": J P,S,C,, ' 4, f Band. '34: Della Psi Omega, ! X Xpjd, j '34: "Easl Lynne," '34. J if Q j i . . .X My ,QQ V ' A RUTH LASLEY' HowARD BECK l' ra e General Ruperl' General l' is f ilence were golden. she'd I "Small buf mighlyf' J 5 Klondike-i ,"Mileslones," '34, ' AA . . ' 'I i J 4 Q . . ., '34: Elo Epsilon, '34, M GLADYS REES Wendell General "My mind 'ro me a lcinqdom is, such presenl ioys llwerein l find.' - . . .A V ZA, . I ,Zn f ..,f",, aveoff'v"""-f fflffflf-VY .545-Ci hfiwfltc li 1 fif'f!'i , 1' l . l , , j,,g'z7-fd' 1.ffC,fl , -., ' sci--' V I MRS. JOHN BOOSINGER Albion Primary Pos? Graduafe. "Be a live wire and you don'l gel slepped I on." Lewislon Normal: Monlana Slafe College. -. .-,R A -,y ,'I.4,5.v-w- 55 -e . V g4,i-:. .Y 1 in o m l- 7 JOHN H. BOOSINGER init Albion Junior High i 7' ' "Modesly was ever a vir+ue." 1 , "A, Ai I -- ij , fil. -4+ ' l Aa '.'i+fm ki Seniors Wilhoul' Piclures Seniors Wilhoul' Piclures GALE BAKER - - Burley WENDELL HOWARD - - American Falls CORA BUNTIN - - - Twin Falls ERNEST MILLER - - - - Albion DARRELL DORMAN - - Wendell MANFORD MASONER - - Ruperl' RUBY GUTCHES - ---- Carey JACK WHITING - - - Burley JACK YEARSLEY - ---- Albion Senior Message Tl-IE senior class oT i934 welcomes The day oT iTs graduaTion. For Two years we have worked To accomplish our ideal, which we believe To be oT The highesT Type, To become Teachers. ln assuming The responsibiliTies of liTe we shall endeavor To Tind our opporTuniTies, ThaT we may more richly give To Those who Tollow. We have been largely on The receiving end oT liTeg now iT is our chance To give. The desTinies of human beings are in parT To be deTermined by whaT we do or Tail To do. CharacTers are in The making in our hands. We welcome This opporTuniTy To give all ThaT we have oT whaT a greaT civilizaTion oTFers To Those whom we Teach-The spiriT oT PlymouTh, The paTrioTism of I776, The devoTion. sacrifice, cour- age, and loyalTy ThaT are inherenT in The building of This greaT naTion. These have all gone To make us whaT we are. lT is our privilege To pass Them on. As we sTand Thus, in anTicipaTion of our TuTure. and picTure whaT we would make our ulTimaTe goal, we cannoT be unmindiul of The many TacTors ThaT have conTribuTed To make our lives worThwhile during our d cl years here. Among These we cherish mosT highly our Triends an un er- sTanding associaTes. Our separaTion Trom Them would be hard To bear were iT noT Tor The hope oT incorporaTing inTo The lives oT oThers Those principles ThaT They have so generously given us. Fellow sTudenTs wiTh whom we have labored, TaculTy advisers who have ever given us wise council, we bid you each Tarewell. We have a sublime ' T 'll alwa s live in TaiTh and confidence in you and Though we par , you wi y our memories. May you Tind much ioy as you conTinue To perpeTuaTe The principles and ideals ThaT have made our Alma MaTer. A -RAYMOND wRleLEY -T 27 Z' ii iris, 9-Lazy, 1 J4'f"'Za Ct., g 4 l 1 J C. JUNIOR CLASS orrl ERS - ,021 af' S' Ivan Dunbar Verona Perrins Joe Chafburn Jane+ Felf - ', IVAN DUNBAR - . - - Presidenf Jos CHATBURN - - . - Treasure.- E VERONA PERRINS - - - becrelary JANET FELT - - - - Vice Prosidcnl X . t J 33 xx, J X N N Q, x 'QL are Bi AS-N X N XS x FK-YTXK, :SGT-ii! " 'ass 'xr K J, K 0. 'v- Junior Message E, THE junior class of I935, find ourselves no longer individual srudenrs 'From widely spread high schools, bul' a parl' of Jrhe Albion Siare Normal. During our iirsl year's iraining we have made many new friends, noi only among ourselves. buf among Jrhe seniors. We wish rhem success as reachers and cirizens in rhe coming years. We shall 'l'Fy +o carry on in 'lheir loorsleps under Presidenl Snyder and The iaculry, whom we have come To re-specr and admire as our leaders. CLASS OF I935 IVAN DUNBAR, Presidenr slGarl Alberfson Maxine Arnende Eva Ashmead Larry Barnes Tom Bell Warren Bingham Farrel Black Harold Blue Harold Brown Frances Burdick rl 28? 0.1 ACL: ff'-ff l l l. Y' W if flffiw Bo 3,H,D,yrPx IO .41 Winona Calkins Rullw Campbell Earl Carlson Joe Clwafburn Jofeplwvne Clnrisfensen Frances Clark Wesley Claunch Maudie Cox l-0'5 CVSGQ Rodney Croff Harriel Cunningham Allen Cunninqham Reva Darrunqlon Jane Davcn Bob Day George DeLonq -l 29 ln Dorollny Chrislensen Earl Craiq Pares Curlis Ivan Dunbar EMM! '- oal..-J ' QQ, 147,12-r' lwnw-Jllblb. Seward Dunn Kennelh Durfee Alfon Fairchild Glen Fairchild Janel Fell Chloe Fosler Lorraine Gamble Novene Gee Rhoda Gisler Nellie Goodman Elenore Grohoslcy Gwen Hale Belva Hall Eslher Harding Elden J. Haskell Agalha Haul: Lavern Hawlcins Kafherine Heaney Florence Heclcli Carl Heidner -'l 30,l' if sifillf fill Gwen l-limes Alberf l-lolyoalc Edqar Horsley Mamie Hudson l-Yle Houslon Eleanor Jansen Roberla Jordan lna Kasscns Blanche Kral oberf Leqer Raymond Lewis Reed Lewis fonnie McGra+l1 Ellwel McMillan Priscilla Marrioll Laurena Mallwes 'll l limi Wai- ififif ' is Q-WM ll! 440 Leland l-luqenlobler Auqusfa Kinyon Elvin Mclfvers l-larry lvlollil 1 4 a . - - 'vi .QA 'iglx ,R ' Q- I :lli '. . X - -' 'X-' N ' x . .6'.lLn44Jr04' 54' ,,, il !Z', "'!1QJ a.u.AJ -D ,fi ,I . J -':g',frGx4. 1 y4 Rl il D LQEJJJ Willa, ffl! We ' ,5 f li N js 5111.1 A jximi xydy E I K , s L, Six, jx xx Q X , ' cgi' Y Tx I' 1, I ll' 45 Qi ' X I' . ' I , 4 r I I 6 gf I l ,J , f , 'lf-i ejrb I .J x ! JV!! jj jr, I. ,yin luv i, lr' 1', f n., ,f .I JV!" J ll ff " V fd!! " ' I lffli -.I :ff . rl, .'-.1 .lg lv- ! X ' . ,X 1 f . G 'I I l' f l 1 1 Velma Morse Rulh Moyer Robarl Murphy Marvis Nelson Mary Orchard Wanda Olfo Belly Peavey Eva Pelanl Rulh Perrine Verona Perrins David Pelerson Hazel Powers Florence Prall' Jack Prescoll' Mary Priebe Dorolhy Rayl Dorolhy ' o ord Virginia Renfrow John Reynolds Florence Rocker 1 K 54,4-ul! . I fu-wawfawwffaif 4vo4" avgpi !iZy21f?f, 122+ , I , Riff . '. .1 ,-. i ri X I 7 i.. 1 , I .B i L K 5 , 'm .1 A v' '1 .Il ,. l l . l , 1 5,1 1 xr -, 41" W I .fi If . V , - , L .L , I - I Louiae Rosecrans Adele Safer Berlha Schmelzer Gordon SCOTT Alice Sherer Marion Snyder Beulah Soufhworfh John Spencer Lois Sullivan Virginia Surraqe Roberl Thomas Mabel Walker Delbert Ward Delwin Walerman Barbara Wesfi Evelyn Johnson Leona Whilworfh Lloyd Wolfe Edi+hBusi1 jtunu, LOW, wmiwgqdwuoww UM, UJ-qw i M6 0.4,I.:9'-'J lL.u4,1..Plfly dfhvoll J , -D , . . . W' M 42,7 L oywddi WUVL N'f0-CJ"-1' ., 61, I 1 ff V fl- 'fha 1 mul, School Songs BOOSTER SONG l've 'r-r-a-v-e-double-I-e-d bolh wide and far, l've hilched my w-a-g-o-n onlo a burning s+ar, Thai h-a-u-l-e-d, hauled. 'lhai hauled me here and lhere. And every lime I I-i-ir, 'lwas This I did declare: lChorusl Oh. dear A-I-b-i-o-n, '+is lhe besl you'll s-double-e. No maller whal 'rhey a-s-lc, ius'r pay your l-double-e. And hold on 'I'-i-g-h-I, don'l T-I-u-n-lc, For Albion will nol hold 'lhal kind in her b-u-n-lc. I love 'rhe valley beauliful, 'lis g-r-a-n-d. ln +he shadow ol Mr. I-larrison, I would forever be, So, all ye lads and lassies lrue. come show your loyally, For ihe dear Old Cardinal and Blaclc. l'd lay me down and dee. CARDINAL AND BLACK Sing lo lhe colors 'rhal lloai on lhe lighl, Oh! sing +o +he Cardinal and Black. Sing 'ro lhe darkness and sing To The lighl, Oh! sing +o The Cardinal and Black. Black is +he nighl wi+h her clark lender wings, And Cardinal. 'rhe sun lhal The morning brings. Ohl sing lo lhe colors lhal' lloal on The lighl, Oh! sing lo 'rhe Cardinal and Black. THE EYES OF ALBION ARE IDAHO ON YOU The eyes ol Albion are on you All lhe live long day. The eyes of Albion are on you No mailer where you slray. From her halls or from her campus Near or lar beyond. The eyes of Albion are on you Till Gabriel blows his horn. -l34l- And here we have Idaho. Winning her way lo lame. Silver and gold in 'rhe sunlighl blaze And romance lies in her name. lChorusl Singing, singing oi you: Ah, proudly loo, All our lives Through, VVe'lI go singing, singing ol you, Singing of Idaho. iii ' Nu MMJ1 fu 'I ffuff- ff 1 M V XV , Vi. uw ff? - V ,, , , . , V f ff' , I' I ' ll, f IJ Lf! 4 nj 1,' K! , .ab x., lf L , Lf I f L J ' x. L V ' ' 1 . L 9' p ,' ' 3 1 . ' I I 1, -' FJ ' ,cb L f, 4 , L f I I . 1 L Y' .1 , Q, 'L r I L ,fb .- 'J F 4 f f . V , , Vtffjjwfpf' L plf'l.'L'Y If f, . f p , P , x ll L I 1 1' ' 'r 1 .' I -1, 'I' 1 ML L, f . I , ll ff ' I 1 ,. 1 . ful 1 . X . i K L . I , .7 ,I J ,1 J V,QEt5i.Hjf!'f c ff f' K Jf IJ, aj ZF fjf xr I ffrfp F J my I ff Lt 'L ff c f if ff 1 5 f J f N J , pf ' ! Wfjfv' 1 ul, Nr 1 L, A bf' . I 1 L 1,, H ll I905 l ,KZ-'X-' Y V 'Wal QW E x I JM ' " 'ff Snapshots and Calendar Monday, SepT. II-PresidenT Snyder. The big chieT, glad-hands The TirsT papoose on The reservaTion. Then They boTh dash madly To Their Tepees To don The war painT Tor Their squaws. The TirsT convo is held aT Ten o'clock Mon- day. PresidenT Snyder leads The aTTack, Then Mrs. Johnson breaks ouT in a rash and leads us in a Tew sharps and TlaTs. Mr. Powers Tells us how To enlisT, where To wriTe our monikers, and in which rooms we snooze aT whaT period. Wednesday, SepT. I3-Our school year is oTT like a Model T. Mr. Snyder gives us a knock-clown To our sTudenT body oTTicers: John Manning, prexyg MargueriTTe Freeman. vice- prog Irene Nipper, secreTary: Helen Roghaar, Treasurer. He inswiggles The Teachers on The Assembly CommiTTee To rise and shine. Wednesday evening-The iuniors geT wise To whaT real school spiriT is lnoT The kind in a boTTlel. The Cardinals Teel moved To give us some vocal syncopaTion. Then The resT oT us are moved by The same spiriTlsl so we break ouT yodeling. Too. Howard Manning, old grad, gives a solo-and is he given a big hand? Wednesday nighT-The TirsT Wednesday nighT hop. FluTTering hearTs-"May I borrow your Trame Tor This sTruggle?" Friday, SepT. I5-The TirsT chicken parTy of The season! The Y. W. C. A. girls make whoopee Tor The oTher girls Trom 8:30 squee. m. unTil Il:00. SixTy noses shine around. The evening is packed wiTh dancing and games. ATTer The animaTed skoiTs escape Trom "Noah's Ark" They lead us To The Teed-bag-and do we crunch? Safurday, SepT. I6-AnoTher hoT-cha Tor The Temrnes. The W. A. A. wampires give The oTher dames a bid To an ouTdoor guzzling. We deparT Tor The Top oT waTTa Tank Hill aT 7:00 a.m. There is Java, crisp sowbelly, do-gobs, and sinkers Tor all. "This sinker's screwey!" yelps Miss Buckley. "Kerosene!" cries The "DeTec- Tive." BuT only one box was bunked-we sTilI puT away enough To sTave OTT sTarvaTion. Then we rally round The embers and iiTTer diTTies. NexT we elevaTe The old corpus and give our- selves a knock-down To The gang. We vacaTe This Terra Tirma and hoT-TooT Tor The old prison. Safurday evening-The "glad-Ta-meeT-cha" is held TonighT. and do we dash! The glad- handers are lined up in The spooning alcove oi Comish Hall. "Do we doll up in our glad rags?" "Some- Thing like ThaT, huh?" "Who's your heel Tor The evening?" "Do we have To palm all ThaT bulwark?" "WhaT's This dern paper Ter?" Then we hie ourselves To The gym, where The bone-raTTlin' goes on. A program is sand- wiched beTween The dances. The sexTeTTe syn- copaTed and The Cardinals vocalized. Then some oT The old grads came and synchronized -graybeards oT The pasT. We are TreaTed- Miss June Nash dramaTizes. Mrs. Johnson "siiiings," and we see The delicaTe movemenTs oT Bob Hughes' arm To and Trom his Tiddle. Monday, SepT. I8-Whoopsl We geT a squinf aT Venus Today. Mr. Johnson, asTrono- mer. SaTurn displays his rings Tall eligible co- eds prick up Their ears.l I The science of The heavenly bodies is very inTeresTing lis iT?-"Come up and see me someTime."l-especially if sTudied by Twos in The pair-orchard aT nighT. Wednesday. Sept 20-John Manning man- handles ThaT assembly. The sqwak kinq and queen are coronaTed. Lois Sullivan, Lorene De Moss. John Spencer, and MargareT Andrews are hi-lined. QuoTh Sir John, "Miss Spencer and Mr. Andrews are our new yell leaders." Thursday, Sept 2I-The McMurray Hall sheiks Toddle over and give us a break. They also visiT Handsome Hall, Mr, Snyder's ioinT. and The Sugar Bowl. LaTer-much laTer-The swing shiTT--Mrs. Ware and lasT year's Trails enTerTain The new Tluzies aT an apron and paiama shindig. We play games and kick our heels. For one raT- race we maTch greaT neckers oT hisTory- classic ones like Bim Gump and Millie de STross, John and Irene. X Safurday. Sepf. 23-Foolball-'rhe lirsl' game of 'rhe season. The new leam played l'he alumni. Prescoll' was lhe lirsl To place a pigskin over lhe while line. Safurday, Sepf. 23-We had a blow-oul in Jrhe Rec. Hall meeling old grads. Rubbing noses wilh old alumns makes us realize more 'rhal rhis school is really an inslilulion. Sleep- ing 'rogelher in +he same classes makes us know we're brolhers under l'he skin. We can lell an Albionile snore from Comish lo Mc- Murray. Wednesday, Sepf. 27-Same old snore-leslz Communily screeching is coached by 'rhe Irishman while Hedrick lorlures lhe old grand. Andrews and Spencer wiggle To lhe rhyfhm of 'rhe school chanl. Timing's lousy. buf we rah- rah anyway. Friday, Sept 29-"Raw. raw, lhe Normal!" Wilh lols of wim, wigor, and wilalify we give 'rhe liHle boys a greal big hand. We had a big school pow-wow, a wiggle dance, a yell for 'rhe Swede, and a walermelon busl. Wilh a pineapple parly like +his, 'rhe boys won'l' need lheir grape-nuls in 'rhe morning. lHacl your iron 'roday7l Laler, while 'rhe foolball boys were al' a skull praclice, we lripped 'rhe lighl lanlaslic in 'rhe Wreck Hall. Safurday, Sep+. 30-Do 'rhe frails have gobs of blow-oulsl The Young Weak Crealures of Albion, wil'h lheir sponsor, scram lor Pine Knob al' 5:00 p. m. Our dogs sure wuz a barkin'--buf wha+ a gliml To lhe easl and soulh is lhe old slomping-grounds, clad for 'rhe ni+e in deep shades. To 'rhe norlh and wesl lhe Snake meanders-and was ol' Sol's lace red! Laler, 'rhe lunar disk makes The river and +he canals seem silver palhs lo lhe un- known. We ignile a few Tire-brands. and crispen our oink-oink. Add +o lhal bread, buller, and pickles, and oranges and rolls. lDo we calch il in lhe mid-seclionll Then home. wi+h moon shining brighlly 'ro guide our loolsfeps. Did you see 'rhe ghosls? l K Sunday, OcT. I--The Red TweeT-TweeTs wiTh a sweeT Twa-Twa croon aT lunch and we qeT a big ha-ha. A wonderful sTarT Tor a brand new year. IT sure sounds sweeT To an AlbioniTe's ear. Whoa-back up! We're geTTing poeTical. Wednesday, OcT. 4-We have a luscious bull-TesT. PresidenT Snyder puTs a bug in our ear abouT whaT he lamped aT The Fair. Woodie shows us some sTeer-o-sTear-a loh, IeT iT passl slides oT The exposing grounds. Those crumby seniors Tarry aTTer The resT Tor The TirsT general seniors' conTlab wiTh Mr. Werner. SaTurday, OcTober 7-The Waaaa lambies have a kid parTy TonighT, and They're anxiously Tiring up The old gray maTTer so iT'll spark inTo an idea Tor some duds. The parTy is sTricTly co-Temmes, so none oT you male loipeds need Try To crash The gaTes. We play kiddy games, "London Bridge"- noT conTracT-and slide down The chuTes. lOh, Those splinTers!l A prize is awarded To RuTh Campbell. Huck Finn. Tor The cleveresT cos- Tume. There are races on all Tours Tor year- lings. Two-year-olds, and Threes and up. Nursie had To make a round wiTh mercuro- chrome To all oT The "kids" aTTer The parTy- Those races raTher iimmied-up The prayer- bones. We also had a yowling conTesT To see which ones were The mosT blankeTy blank yowlers. lThe iudges should have packed The exTernal appendages oT Their audiTory sysTem.l Then-iiTTers oT bedlam! A bruiser! Yes, iT is John Manning. l'le Takes a Tlash OT our old phys-ogs. We have bloons Ter Tavors and colly-lops-polly-cops-polly-losps-oh- Tor reTreshmenTs. There is a hullabaloo in The hold room of Hannah Comish laTer. Wednesday, OcTober II - The public Thoughl'-conTerring class gives an assembly. WhaT wiTh The red Taces, sTuTTerings and sTam- rnerings They are crediTed wiTh having had, They rnusT have improved a loT. Tor They sure can voice Their brain-sTorrns now. The snap-shooTers puT The brakes on old Liz in our backyard, and immediaTely all The girls sTarT giving TranTic ThoughT To Their locks lThe curly kindl. The nexT day we're all brillianTined up. Friday, OCT. I3-The WesTrninsTer boys are here, ll-lorrayl Horrayl more Tun!" says The Sugarsl and we decide To Trolic. The visiTors may Tag. BuT. somehow or oTher, The Tlea- hop Tlops aTTer The coach sends his hulks in Tor a liTTle shuT-eye. SaTurclay, OcT. I4-The laurels come To Al- bion! AlThough WesTminsTer planTed The TirsT piggie, Albion soon goT hep To Themselves. perambulaTed over The goal, and kepT The lead. The Tinal score was 20-I3 in Tavor oT Albion. Wednesday, OcT. I8-This week The Red- Birds are in charge oT The program. They opened Their mugs and yodeled some scrump- Tious numbers-we prick up our ears when John Manning sings "The Holy CiTy" in Ger- man. As The exTra cheese Earl Carlson pulls a sob-sTory, and as a come-back gives his opin- ion oT The weaker sex-in general and parTicu- lar. lOh. noT Too parTicular!l The Mud-Hens lbeg-pardon-I mean The Cardinalsl knock us down To a new school song, "Ki Yi." SaTurday, OcT. ZI-Mrs. Ware made a Tly- ing dash To Burley This a. m.-and when she blew in! Comish Hall girls iigged, inhaled a liTTle pop-corn, and scorched marshmallows lalso shinsl over an open Tire. We all had a rip-snorTin' Time. Thanks. Mrs. Ware! Sunday, OcT. 23-You Won'T Come Again ldare you Tol girls meeT in The wrecked hall oT Comish. We vocalize. hear a yarn by Ellen FriTschle. and are given a spiel by Mrs. Ware. Monday, OcT. 23-We have a big pow- wow. Professor CliTTon, head oT College oT EducaTion, Columbia UniversiTy, oraTes To us. He says a mouThTul-all abouT educaTion and such iunk. Thursday, OcT. 26-Mrs. Ware again TreaTs her girls-This Time wiTh preTzels and--no, noT beer-cider. Friday and SaTurday, OcT. 27 and 28- Teachers' lnsTiTuTe is held aT Twin This week- end and we poor suTTering sTudenTs geT a much-enjoyed resT. Safurday aTTernoon, OcT. 28 -- FooTball game wiTh Ricks Today. The score is 7 To O in Rick's Tavor. SaTurday nighT--The annual Hallowe'en sTagger is held on The Top Tloor. Screwey mugs gawk aT us Trom all sides, while soTT In- dian blankeTs inviTe us To park The body. A shorT woman. all decked ouT in dago cloThes, lamps our palm and gives us a glim inTo The TuTure. Her voice is quiTe Tamiliar-especially so To The girls. l"GoodnighT, boys."l Tuesday, OcT. 3I-The spiriT oT Halloweven is in The ozone. A gang oT cookies decides To Throw a big one. So we go serenading-TirsT To The boys' dorm lThe hooTs and ieers showed 'us we didn'T go over so hoTl, Then. To The man- sion. and lasTly To The PresidenT's domicile. Then our gang broke up and we made a mad dash back To The dorm. Wednesday, Nov. I-The TlaT-TooTs Trom McMurray sTage a meller-drammer, "The FlorisT's Shop," wiTh an all heeeee-man casT. Hedrick pounds The ivory. Wasn'T Spence a honey! IO To I he's a TasT gal. SaTurday. Nov. 4-Homecoming. All The old-Timers ooze back To see how iT Teels To be campused again. lT seems They all make a special eTForT. Trom The mob ThaT Tinally ar- rove--and are we pickled Tinkl lT's larrupin' To see lasT year's Triends again, even if The new ones have caused an exTra-TluTTer in our liTTle bosoms. ml ln fhe a. m., fhere is no sfir from damsels or pesfs-nof even a flea wiggles-iusf a rush- ing fo and fro fo palm and curfsy fo fhe home- comers-"Come up again somefime-any- fime!" The pig-squabble in fhe affernoon is played wifh La Grande, Oregon. Buf-fhe score is nof so grande-if's in fheir favor. Delfa Psi Omega has a "fee for fwo" for ifs refurning slums. W.A.A. has a "pink fea"-buf nof for pink elephanfs. Those were merely nomads you saw walking in Hansen Hall Parlor. There is a big hand-ouf in fhe "Greasy Spoon" diner. Each is asked fo scribble his John Hancock in fhe fribal annals. Then we all puf on fhe feed-bag-and wuz if hof! The Cardinals did vocal gymnasficsq fhen we all 'rurned musical handsprings. Our red, rod angels And fhose of long ago Treaf us wifh songs Tha? we used To know. Fowles did a fap-dance quick and neaf Did he shake fhose legs, and wiggle fhose feefl Blonde John Manning and Seward Dunn Show how fhe musical scale is run. H. E. Vlleisel is called fo fhe sfage And made a member of fhe currenf rage. He is given a picfure of fhe musical group. Now he's a member of fha Cardinal froupe. Waxing poefic again--bah- Then fo fhe big hop. Climax--nof foofh- ache-of fhe daisy evenfs. We guzzled punch befween sfruggles. Monday, Nov. 6-Represenfafive Coffin gives us a look-in on fhe new shuffle-especi- ally concerning fhe do-re-mi. Mefhinks anyone capable of glimming fhrough fhaf would be- long among fhe seers of fhe ages. Wednesday, Nov. 8-The fraining school, under fhe direcfion of Miss Buckley and her sfudenf feachers, presenf a program showing fhe progression of sfunfs from infanfs fo ado- lescenfs. Friday, Nov. I0-Miss Gay MacClaren gives a play in which she is fhe whole cheese. She impersonafes Mrs Fiske in porfraying one of fhose characfers. A fruly remarkable Lyce- um number-one we'll nof soon forgef. Safurday, Nov. II-Blood-curdling shrieksl Fiendish laughferl The cause? W. A. A. ini- fiafion. Defails are foo gruesome fo be repro- duced here. Lef if suffice fo say fhaf as a grand finale fo Nfhe affair, fhe poor iuniors were immersed in cackle-berries. Wednesday, Nov. I5--Mr. Byron Defen- bach gives us fhe pro and con of where old Forf Hall orfer be and ain'f. The occasion celebrafes fhe cenfury-mark of fhe old log- barricade. If is fo our disgrunfled amazemenf fhaf we find we've puf a new wrinkle in fhe capsfone of our spinal column. Our fore-papas are broughf fo us under fhe auspices of fhe fourfh and fhird grade. SFX Ol' five of fhe kids gef up and spiel for awhile, while over in one secfion of fhe lof a couple of urchins furned a roll of paper wifh picfures on if. Thursday, Nov. I6-More shrieks. More laughlerl The villains s+ill pursued 'eml This second maulin' is even more Terrible 'rhan i'he firsi-'rhe poor pulleis are while around lhe gills wi+h frighl. They look like Fels-Napfha ads--"whi+e as snow wi+hou'r a bi+ of rubbing." Safurday, Nov. I8-The all-school display. "Unseen Hands." is poor-awn. Spooks hush-er us slowly down fhe aisles. Terror! Scares! Some of us more iimid souls are aieard 'ro close our peepers. Monday, November 20-lvlr. Barlow, oi fhe Anderson School of Music of Pocaiello. lighlens our weary hearis wiih some lilling noies on his vocal chords. Miss Anderson Jrickles 'rhe ivories. Saiurday, Nov. 25-Capis. Kidd lfemale kindl s+ar+ oil? on a big nosy-ing affair and end up affer several car+-wheels and handsprings af 'rhe hide-our of Jrhe U. S. minfed ireasure. Then we folk-danced lnoi 'rhe old iolksl for awhile. and bawley-volled. We look +ime lOld Faiher Timel for a ride and inhaled a few morsels of nuirimeni. We nexr had some daguerreofypes Jrooken. Af+er- ward, we +ook a +rip around-lno. noi' aroundl ihrough-llhere was no lunneling clonel-ii' musi have been among +he campus. ,, Then we had some real relays--shay shish wiih your longue in lhe roof of your mouih. The program in +he awed-if-orium-well, you wouldn'+ know on accounlr of you never do have any lun, anyway. We draped +he laurels aboulr 'rhe honesi brows of 'rhe Team oi lhe sky-blue-pink. -1 Monda Dec 4-WhaT a shirTy damel- school aglain. Back inTo The harness-wiTh a Tew sobs and sniTTles in memory oT pasT Three or Two days oT dissipaTion, which only aid in greasing up our old apple-polisher again. A new Term-and a new pan aT every chorner. Thursday, Dec. 7-Grade cards Today! Those liTTle miss-slips of misery--all The Teach- ers TorgoT The "A-B" parT oT The alphabeT. Friday, Dec. 8-The I Club smokehouse. They held a box-ing maTches and There were several sTrikes. For a change we see anoTher kind oT wresTling-done on The maT and noT on The sheik's workbench. The hoop squad comes ouT. plays Burley and ends up aT The liTTle end oT The horn. Friday, Dec. I5 - Tocapello, S.lmiThl B.lroThersl lCough Dropsl. Romeos are view- ing The campus-and incidenTally The people on iT. Beginning aT 8:00 p. m. There is an ex- ciTing baskeT ball game beTween Them and our hoopsTers-Tor awhile The boys show Their sTuTT -and look preTTy snazzy. This comes Trom The crowd-"ATTa-boy, ol' kid. ol' pal. ol' bean. ol' soak, ol' sporT. ol' kid"--. Then Poky's score runs up like a ThermomeTer in purgaTory while epiTheTs Tly leTT and righT. SaTurday, Dec. I6-B-Ball-diTTo lasT niTe. ATTer The ball game, we decoraTe The gym Tloor wiTh pears lpairsl Tor awhile, Then me- ander, perambulaTe on home. Sunday, Dec. I7-We all go To church in The audiTorium. Mr. Sessions Trom PocaTello preaches. The glee clubs sing a Tew hymns and The TrumpeT TripleTs, Floyd. Tuck, and Ash, give us The old ChrisTmas song, "SilenT NighT." Then we drag The Trames down To The old hang-ouT To Take on a Tew viTamins. Sullivan Trips The lighT TanTasTic and we all cry while Turner gives us a sob sTory. To raise our de- Eegfecl spiriTs. we give venT To a Tew noTes in - aT. Monday. Dec. I8-The skoiTs Trom l-lannah Comish Throw a whoopee parTy. Sprawled on The Tloor. TurniTure, and so on. in sTaTes oT greaTesT aTTainable ease. we all air our Tonsils. Then Turner gives "l waTh mad-I waTh Tho mad-" Snyder boop-a-doops-"Bless Your HearT." NexT Kris Kringle blows in wiTh pop- corn balls and big red apples-and do we all gobblel We run To The leTTer-caTcher and Tind ThaT The old man Trom The NorTh has leTT us a fT1eIT1O. Tuesday, Dec. I9-Did you hear The TripleTs play on Their wind-Tiddles? IT's a knock-oui' way To spoil a loT oT good shuT-eye. Tuesday eve The girls wenT a-carolling-"iT's a gosh- awTul gneiss way oT spreading The ChrisTmas spiriT." Wednesday, Dec. 20-Musa Mika Club livlu Omega Omicronl dinner and The annual TooT- ball Teed-bag shirT-sTuTFin' conTesT are held in The beanery. The Training schoolers Trip The lighT TanTasTic and ToTTer madly around To show us how The kiddies lnoT kiTTiesl in oTher lands conducT Themselves ldon'T geT me wrong-l'm no elecTricianl while The YuleTide spiriT TliTs around. Thursday, Dec. 2l-TonighT we have a big sTomach sTuTFin' conTesT in The iernT. Smack-us dinner wiTh all The Tixin's. This place is lousy wiTh special knap-sacks and did we have Tun. You said a rnouThTul. Screeching of YuleTide meller-dies. and The inhaling of Tood by The lighT of a Tallow, puTs a faraway gleam in our eye-and a blank expression on our pans. ATTer viTTles. we go down To peek-a-boo alley. where The song and dance acT sTarTs. The syn- chronizing six give us some snazzy bars of music. and RuTh Bronson Tloors us wiTh a wer- bal weading. Then The old man wiTh The big whiTe whiskers sTages his annual comeback- buT his waisT line ain'T whaT iT usTer be--seems like a wasTe-line insTead. BuT he surely pleases The inTanTs-and nerTs To The nerTs, you know. SanTa does a Tade ouT. and presenTly The old shuffle sTarTs. Friday. Dec. 22--In The wee small hours, The TuTure model housewives give us some carols. They do a Noah's Ark line-up ToTing Tapers. They sure are a smooTh looking bunch oT chick- ens. TonighT-"iv1iriam's STar" is given. To Think we've had a playwrighT-ivliss Miller- among us all This Time and no inkling had we of iT. The play was given behind a squeeze- cloTh skirT-in and was a whillikin oT a success. The engels TIiTTed engellically behind misT. Q Monday, Jan. 8-The old grind begins again. Behind our grins. we hide a Tear. Re- calling pleasures oT The pasT, we sTarT The com- ing year. Safurday, Jan. I3-Some oT The lunk heads look inTo The TuTure Through The courTesy OT Mrs. Ware. OThers dare noT risk The hand- holding episode so They glide away wiTh Their Tluzzies and Tlowsies, graceTul as cranes in a canary's nesT. Sunday, Jan. I4-Rev. Roseberry speaks aT vesper service. The Cardinals and EuTerpeans give us a Tew sweeT noTes and a dueT is given by Dunn and Ash. SaTurday, Jan. 20-Comish Hall Trails' re- cepTion. The deceiving line sTands in l.over's Lane oT Comish, and we go in and give The big shoTs The cordial grip. Then over To The Big House, where They have a snerTy program. Turner makes us loosen up on The old hearT- sTrings and we're pracTically blubbering when she whoas. NexT-did you ever see a dream walking? Well, This wasn'T a nighT mare. eiTher. Five oT The cookies do a hop, sTep and jump, a quadrupleT runs oTT aT The mouTh To give us some recenT da-di-da-do-de-do-s. "Annie cloesn'T live here any more." Was ThaT her landlady? Hal The mysTery's solved-Why Annies leave home. Jansen blows on an imi- TaTion wind-Tiddle. Then The Three LiTTle Pigs T81 I wolTl do a grunT and mud-roll Tor us. AT lasT The undulaTion oT The vurves-"May I sTruggle Through This wiTh your priceless?" SaTurday, Jan. 27-We have a baskeT ball game wiTh Ricks. BeTTer luck nexT Time. boys! Thursday, Feb. I-The Frazier-Jame Dance Group gave a whiz oT a program all o er The sTage. Verra verra inTeresTing. Us? W liked iT! Sa+urday, Feb. 3-The Junior Class brealcs ou+ in "Second Childhood" when +hey're noi over lheir lirsi one yei. All Jrhe paris are very well porlrayed. Sunday, Feb. 4-Mrs. Johnson is in charge of Jrhe Vesper Service. Darrell Call sings "ln fhe l-lills of Idaho." Wonder if he can sing "Over The Hills and Far Away?" Bui. really, il' was beauiiful. Wednesday, Feb. 7-Miss Rice's program. We're ialcen baclc +o ihe days of Cicero's daughler, a fair young maid of l4 annums. Paier ei' maier weep bilier lears as lhey give Jrheir child in sacred mairimony. Sa+urday, Feb. I0-Weber is here lo play baslcel ball and wuzi+ a knock-oui? We held our breaih for minufes al a Time: buf, alas and alack, Jrhey won by one measly poin'r when rhe sphere 'l'OOlC Hs awful, hearf-breaking course fhrough ihe hoop. Monday, Feb. I2-Mr. l-loward is +he com- mander-in-chiei of 'rhis expediiion on accounl of he gives a speech abou+ Abraham whai usier splil rails. The blaclc birds lCardsl deco- raie +he slage in somber hues and lhen bursi' our in sou+hern melody. They moan around awhile and lhen a couple of darlc clouds ap- pear on Jrhe horizon and give us a dooei. Then Jrhe picaninnies arove in squads of lhrees, +wos and ones and give us The 'fickle-Toes onesiep. They ho+ fool around awhile and +hen rhe curfains ooze slowly curve by curve +o 'rhe cen- +er. Wednesday, Sf. Valen+ine's, Feb. I4--Big momenr in +he lives of 'rhe younger generalion -and some of The older ones. Sa+urday, Feb. I7-Boys' Open House- The boys show us some real old hospiialiry and open wide +heir doors. Gee, ihey sure have a swell dorm. lsn'+ +ha+ a snerly way of lighiing +he mirrors? And some of 'rhem even gave us candy! Did we lhinlc +o couni 'ihe calories? Quiie so-we didn'+. Nexl There is a gee-or- geous program in Axline. June Nash gives a reading, Hedrick a 'rrumpei' solo, Carlson a reading-and lhen Three Nuis give "Puddin' l-lead Jones" and waz fhey nu++y? Finally afier some +umbling by +he boys, we s+ar'r Jrhe grand siumbling. Q Sunday, Feb. I8-One oT The mosT insTruc- Tive and inTeresTing vesper services is given, wiTh Dr. John A. WidTsoe as principal speaker. Wednesday, Feb. 2l--Mrs. Johnson is in charge oT The assembly. The program is very enjoyable. Mr. Benyon showed us how To geT plaTeaued and said why noT To. Some plaTeaus are: money, laziness, maTrimony lbuT ThaT didn'T discourage a single campus couplel. Thursday, Feb. 22-Dear old Papa oT His CounTryl We are glad he was born 'cuzz we goT a vacaTion. Friday and SaTurday, Feb. 23 and 24-The high school baslceT ball TournamenT is held Fri- day and SaTurday. lT's a howling success- The besT one promulgaTed in years. Wednesday, Feb. 28-The sevenTh graders under The direcTion oT lvliss Truman and her sTudenT Teachers, show us how To alphabeT our way ouT oT The depression. The soup's mighTy handsome-beTTer Try some. Friday and SaTurday, March 2 and 3+ThirTy girls Trom The College OT Idaho arrived on The Albion Campus, Friday, March 2. Friday evening The W. A. A. girls oT Albion gave a Tormal dance in The gym in honor oT The visiT- ing girls. The gym was decoraTed To represenT a ship, wiTh colored sails hanging Trom The ceiling, and balloons adding a Touch of color To The picTure. The dance was The biggesT hiT oT The season. SaTurday baslceT ball games were played oTT wiTh The Albion girls Taking The lead. LaTer in The aTTernoon The Caldwell girls gave an ex- cellenT Tumbling exhibiTion Tollowed by The Albion W. A. A. girls. SaTurday evening The visiTing girls were enTerTained in Hansen l-lall parlor. The Caldwell girls leTT Tor home early Sunday morning. Friday, March 9-No, ThaT isn'T a revoluTion, merely The playing of The TournamenT beTween Burley and Paul. Axline's sides heave To and Tro as The mighTy chorus of yells creaTed a 60- mile per hour gale. ATTer years oT sTruggle, Paul capTures The honor and glory by a small margin iabouT V4 inchl. Monday, March I2-The new lerm is slarl- ed in a big way-wilh an earlhquake. The 'firsl 'rremor was aboul' 8:20. Really-one oi lhe mos+ inleresling class periods oi +he year. School is dismissed for 'rhe day, and we lie around on 'rhe grass wailing expeclanlly lor 'rhe buildings +o fall-buf sad 'ro say. +hey don'+. There is anolher frernor al Il:OO, and olhers lhrough Jrhe day. If we do say so--an earrhquake is a splendid way of discovering polenlrial 'rrack leam malerial. Tuesday, March I3-This evening fhe play, "Slave Wi+h Two Faces." is presenled 'ro us. This is +he conlesl play which is +o be 'raken 'ro Gooding--we can'+ really call il enjoyable, because if is loo gruesome-bu+ il' was very well presenled. Wednesday, March I4--Shure, an' we're Irish, Too. A washerwoman who well deserves a brogue an inch 'rhick flirls wi+h an Irish laddie Ihal would please any coIIeen's hearl. The iigs are as sprighlly as you please. Ahh-An' The Irishman lhal sings wraps our hearl-sirings 'round his Ii+'rIe finger wilh his "lv1o+her Ma- cree." In 'rhe evenin'. as a li++in' end for a grand day, fhe Irishmen have a banquel- Shure, Ihey kepf 'rhe pig in Jrhe parlor-An' lhaf was Irish. loo. Sunday, March I8-Aboard a iruck and off we go 'ro visil +he 'quake zone. So Ihis is 'rhe place where all 'rhe upheaval we fell was cen- Jrered! There was an awful Io+ of shaking for iusi a Iillle break in The ear'rh like This! Wednesday, March 2I-The Cornish Hall girls lal any rale. a represenlalion of 'rheml give us a program varied by 'rheir respeclive gifls from nalure. There is a piano solo. read- ing, dancing. and singing. No wonder "l wanf a girl-Jusl like lhe girl-Thai married dear old dad." We girls of 'roday wouldn'+ mind peeping flirlaliously from 'rhe side oi a cule li++Ie parasol like Thai, eilher. Friday, March 23-The I Club Smoker is given +onigh+. There are several preliminary bouls. all very inleresling and exciling. Tarzan of Albion and Richardson of Declo have a bloody bou+, ending wilh Tarzan's vic'rory. I'Ioorayl Albion coming up. Q., . J Q Tuesday, March 27-The RoTarians Trom souThern Idaho are inviTed To see whaT Albion can give in The way of enTerTainmenT. The evening begins wiTh a Tour OT The campus aT 7:30. and Then Tollows a sumpTuous banqueT oT many delecTable courses. which is enjoyed To The uTmosT by everyone concerned. An original slciT called "SpiriT of RoTary." wriTTen by Miss Miller wiTh dancing direcTed by Miss Buckley. is presenTed by members oT The Train- ing sc ool and college. IT is boTh enTerTain- ing and appropriaTe. March 29-April 3-Whee-a vacaTionI ThaT is-Tor The juniors. For The poor old seniors iT is a Time spenT in TranTic job-hunTing. "IT l can only geT a school--" Wednesday, April 4-We are shown "A CenTury of Progress"-or raTher. picTures OT Chicago's "CenTury oT Progress." Wonder whaT The nexT cenTury will bring? Thursday, April 5-We bid adieu and god- speed To our debaTers going To Provo. Hope They Turn ouT To be as giTTed as Lincoln, Web- sTer. and Clay combined. Friday, April 6--The school is again de- populaTed-The Track Team goes To Burley. BuT we're noT long wiThouT The Flower of YouTh-They reTurn, bringing wiTh Them The olive crown oT vicTory Trom The Burley Track ivieeT. WaiTl Don'T everyone leave Town-Those aren'T genuine hoboes-only Their W. A. A. imiTaTors. And do we have a grand Time in The jungles! lA sTricTly co-ed jungle.j ' 'l -,i Ll, ' rv -- , '.-- .,.,-: ' , J . 1 .,, . ,i I 1 ' A, I fllj . A ' 1 I4 P- .1' V,f-', ' 1 "i"'v ' 1.1, f , ff , 'E 11o0f.ll-ll--7""'h54"'u-ro. Salurday, April 7-Della Psi Omega, p. m. lPasl lvlaslersl gave lhe play, "Eas+ Lynne," 'lo a large and apprecialive audience. Casi? Acring? Direcling? Plol?-All admirable- leaving li+'rle or nolhing ro be desired. The play is beaulifully hearl-rending. Wednesday, April II-We are royally en- lerlained by members ol lhe Albion High School. Helen DeA+ley gave a piano solo: Mildred Barreil, i'he conlesl' reading "The Valiant" ll surely was good. The play, "Sup- pressed Desires," anolher coniesl number, held our inleresl-"May l psycho-analyze you lo- day?" Aller lhe program, we seniors slay lor a General Teachers' Conference and are lold +o "Camp on lheir +rail"-llhe school-boardsl. Thursday, April I2-A quarrel from lvlos- cow's School ol Religion comes and gives us a Jrwo-parl' recilal, consisling of songs and a musical dialogue. "We have pop on ice. We don'+ know where ma is." And lhe Losl Sheep relurned lo 'rhe Told. Friday, April I3-Era Epsilon girls have a co-ed parly, hall of lhern going as 'rhe slerner sex. Did you enjoy lhe Howard Walrz? Miss Bourg's Tweelie? Safurday. April I4-The lrack boys llwenly of lheml pack up and go lo Pocalello. Through some mishap ol Tale 'rhey lose 7Olf2 'ro 6Olf2 -io U. l. S. B. Boller luck nexl lime! Sunday, April I5-Della Psi Omega lnilia- lion. Nine pledges are iniliaied inl'o Della Psi Omega 'rhis week-end. During lhe pre- inilialion Salurday nighl lhe pledges per- formed various dramalic as well as physical aclivilies. The following morning a+ nine The final and formal inilialion was compleled. This was a very dignified and impressive ceremony. Wednesday, April I8-The Primary Special Club gives lhe assembly program loday. If all leachers were like lhese-oh, lo be young again! Wonder whal would happen il Jrhe Elephanr's Child and Lillie Black Sambo bolh wanred Moulllou? And nor only +he young appreciale singing and dancing like lhis- even we ancienls gel quile a bang our of il. And +he Slory Lady-even an incredulous in- slruclor would surely believe her! Friday, April 20-Tonighi we have a highly enioyable Lyceum number, Mme. Slaviansky's Russian singers. To some lhe mosl inleresling parl' was 'rhe nalive cosluming, while orhers were led inlo lhe sublime heighls by lheir per- iecl harmony. Tuesday, April 24-The beginning of fhis six weeks is more auspicious fhan fhaf of fhe lasf. lnsfead of earfhquakes which we fear will de- molish us. we are greefed by a falk given in fhe inferesfs of longer living. Miss Thomas. Field Nurse for fhe T. B. Associafion, gives us a falk abouf T. B.-fhe deafh rafes, sfafisfics concerning if, and fhe "Greer Quarfeff' She also fells us how we may have fhe fesf 'lo see if we have fubercular infecfion. Wednesday, April 25-The fhird and fourfh grades. under fhe direcfion of Miss Woods and her sfudenf feachers. show us a bif of Chinese life. We see fhe games fhey play, fheir pasfimes and dances: and find fhaf. like us, fhey are fond of fall sforiesl Since fhe Sage is going fo press, fhe resf of fhe calendar will have fo be based on well- founded suspicions, insfead of realifies. Safurday, April 28-This is fhe nighl' fhe senior play, "Milesfones," is scheduled fo ap- pear. lf is 'rhe sfory of a family, showing fhe fempfafions and sins of each generafion. This is no lighl' comedy-rafher, one of fhe mosf fhoughf-provoking plays fo be given fhis year. l predicf if a success-wifh fhe reservafion fhai if may make us fhink more deeply fhan we care fo. Tuesday, May I-The Efa Epsiloners have promised us a fea for fhis dafe and said fhaf if mighf nof be fea! We could make all sorfs of wild surmises as fo whaf if mighf be-buf our guess is. fhaf whafever if is, if's good! Be- cause, you see, fhey are our "Fufure Home- nnakers"-and did you ever read fhose "Ginger-Bread" ads? This rnighf be somefhing on fhe same order. Wednesday, May 2-Miss Bourg's deparf- rnenf is fo puf on fodayis assembly. Whaf will if be? lf mighf be a lvlaypole dance, a sfory Of some ofher nafion, or ,,,,,,,,..,.,.,..,..,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,, lWe're leaving fhis blank so fhaf you can fill in whaf if really is.l Friday, May 4-Albion holds an Albion Day foday. lf if lives up fo our expecfafions, fhere will be over five hundred people here. because we have invifed fhe pupils from fhirfy-fhree high schools for fhe day. l.ef's show fhem whaf a grand school Albion is, since we'd like fo have some of fhem come up here nexl year. We're planning a big dance for fhe evening's enferfainmenf - special orchesfra and everyfhingl Jusf waif unfil you see fhe programs-all done in our grand old Cardinal and Black. Safurday, May I2-Liffle hearfs fluffering and all fhaf sorf of fhingl The Junior Prom! We can already feel fhe excifemenf abouf if in fhe air. Buf no wonder fhere's so much ex- cifemenf. Aren'f Junior Proms fradifionally lhrilling, and marvelous. and grand successes? .4 i Monday, May I4-Guess fhe seniors Tooled you fhis fime! We're going sneaking. We don'f know yer where or how-buf wherever and however we go, we'll have a grand and glorious fimel Wednesday, May I6-The sfudenf body presenfs fhe assembly program foday. Hope if's as inferesfing as 'rhe greaf maiorify of our assemblies have been fhis year. If we were real prophefs, we could fell you exacfly whaf would happen on 'rhis dafe-buf since we're nof-well fhe Sage mighf be ouf foday--if's up 'lo fhe prinfers nowl Friday, May I8-The Dance Drama. under fhe direcfion of Miss Buckley, is fo be given fhis evening. There will be dances of fhe sea- sons, characfer dancing, and inferprefafive dancing lof fhese I am surel and probably fhere will be several ofher numbers, making fhis drama, as fhe lasf one was, enferfaining, enjoyable. and worfhwhile. Wednesday, May 23-ln fhis assembly we shall see fhe cosfumes fhaf will be worn by fhe fashion-wise in fhe coming season. Miss Taff's sewing class is fo give fhis assembly, which will be fhe annual fashion show. Sunday, May 27-The Baccalaureafe ser- vices are scheduled for fhis evening, and prob- ably fhe seniors will be geffing fhaf sorf of fighfness in fhe fhroaf fhaf is so familiar fo all graduafing classes af fhe fhoughfs of leaving fheir school friends, bofh sfudenf and faculfy ones, and dear old Alma Mafer. Monday and Tuesday, May 28 and 29- Again fhe seniors have fhe laugh on fhe poor liffle juniors. We fake our fesfs foday-and no more hard work for us. We shall be ladies and genflemen of leisure from Tuesday unfil fhe close of school. Wednesday, May 30-There is a school holi- day on fhis as on all ofher Memorial Days. Perhaps if would be well if we would spend a liffle of fhe day in considering fhe general silliness and fufilify of wars. Eifher May 3l or June I-One of fhese dafes will be Senior Day-wifh all fhe affend- anf will-wrifing, bequeafhing. and so on. Safurday, June 2-Commencemenfl Thai' word has a queer sound, doesn'+ if? Af one fime we can see fhe real meaning of if-'rhaf if is a real commencemenf of our lives as adulls-buf af fimes we feel so sorf of lone- some af fhe idea of parfing wifh our paris fhaf we fhink if's wrong. lf should be "Endmen'r" or somefhing like fhaf, Mr. John Nichols of Pocafello is fo be fhe speaker. We are going fo have a procession around fhe grounds, and our program is fo be in fhe morning. Following 'rhe program. we'll affend fhe alumni banquel' in fhe dining hall. The resf of fhe day we'll spend chaffing and visifing wifh old alumni. We'll be alumni fhenl Thus ends fhe calendar for fhe school year of I933-34. Slong Dictionary blow-our-Shindiqg walk-on-my-roeq biq hullabaloo. bull-razz-Jamboree: Ananias Club: liars' conveniion. bull-fesl--Gab-fesfg running off ai The mouih lSee bull-razzl. break ou? in a rash--Gel all exciied and come fo life: Hof and boilwerocl. Beulah, peel me a grepe--In need of an expression. use fhis. You darn lazy-bones. do if yourself. ball and chain-Clinging vine: wife. bruiser-A qreal big buffer-and-egg man: a glorified beef-sfealc consumer. brain-sform-An explosion in fhe upper slory. belly-ache-or sfomach-hurl. Generally results from loo muclw food. To crab abou? someflwinq. blind slaggers--Followed or preceded by he-:lic hic- cups. lSee cock-eyed.l bunlred-Bedded down-aw, skip if. burped-Jusi an old Belguim cusfom. Pardon me-I meanl lo bring lhis up yeslorday. :af's eyebrow-Expression meaninq fha heighr of some- thing or oiher. :orclial grip--I-learly mi++-wringingz qlacl-hand. cow-Some relalion to a hippo, and a liHle lo Mae r Wesl. This is nor ihe grass-eaiinq varieiy. cheese-Paloolca: big ham. Wliai mosr siudenls llwinlc faculiy members are and wlwai mosl facully mem- bers ihink siudenls ore. coclr-eyed-Pracfically ihe same as srewed-af any reie, quile drunlc. Lil up: croclced. cur-lWha+ I wanr you +o quil kiclcinq around. Wheel' people call rhoir room-mares. clwass-in ofher words, yeah, or yefh. chicken-A sweer liHle egg lhar I'aasn'1 yer grown up lo be a lwen. Expression denolinq lack of infesrinal foriilude. coolrie-A delecrable morsel-somelimes half-baked and af limes railwer raw. come up and see me someiime-Okay, baby-I'll do ihai. convo-Gab-fesl. Hear Woodies physics class. co-'Femmes-See Angelic Dozen, or Sa+an's Six. crumby-Person wirh lo'rs of crusr. caclcle-berries-Hen-iruii. cryin' in The beer-SecroTing glands in Tull operaTion. lSee GaTe's psychology.l Cuddle lnn--The answer To a man's suppressed desire. chisler-Neck. darb-SweeT lilfle essence of womanhood. dummox-Half-baked: incapacifafed in The upper slory. didn'T dawn on me-I never qoT hep. RaTher dense. dropped her like a hoT pofafo-Taking a walk-ouT pow- der on a girl. daguerreoTypes-PicTu res. drunk-lnebriafed. eye-caTcher-See: fluzzie, frail, darb, honey. cookie, chicken. Nuf Sed. fluzzic--Like darb, only differenT. frails-Clinging vine varieTy of The feminine Type of humans. feed-bag-The manner in which viTamins are con- sumed. flea-hop-See breakdown. llf you can'T find break- down, you guess.i for cryin' ouT loud-Expression used in showinq qreaT amazernenT. fossil-Relic-a poor fish ThaT's been pressed by The waves of life. flaf-foof-Perfaining To The male sex-an expression of conTempT. frame-Feminine chassis. ge-dunk-lSee Buckley or Mac.l glad-hand-lSee cordial grip.l JusT anofher way of being a hypocriTe. gef hep-Come back To earTh and die riqhT. gas-bag-Like some people we know. gray maTTer-Used in brain-sTorm. Heard of ofTen, buf seldom seen. giggle-waTer-Beer--or sTronger. gams-The framework for hose. gills-TheT whaf consTiTuTes The lower parT of The fronTispiece. glim-Thaf furnished by The sfars. guzzle-Perisfalic conTracTion of Trachea. gawk-Acfion used by iuniors aT The firsT of The year. Greasy Spoon-Place where we puT The feed-baq on. honey-l5ee darb.l NoT The kind used on biscuiTs. home for The aged-Whe:'e childhood has been for- qoTTen. l ham-Noi The kind you eaT wiTh eggs. Yegg. huddle-WhaT you do in Cuddle Inn. Verb form- somefirnes seen on a foofball field. hulk-lSee bruiser.l Horsie-ElephanT's childq iusT plain horse play. he's off us like a dirTy shoe-Masculine form of "drop her like a hoT poTaTo." hi-pockeTs-All same as Carlson. i hand-ouT-ThaT which we receive when we puT on The feed-bag. hoT-cha-Hey nonnie-nonnie. lPlease don'T over-use This.l heel-Same as B. F. Spouse. hush-er--Usher-l-lusher yourself, you broughT her here. iernf-lSee ioinT.l ioinT-lSee iernT.l knock-ouf--Expression used when lamping an eye- cafcher. A delicaTe piece of feminine framework. kick--Go griping around. louse-"Quick, Henry, The FliT." See Jack Greqq or Wanda OTTo. lDepending on your sex.l lousy-DisrepuTable. Ex.: John Spencer is The heighT of louseiTude. lumped-Gawk wiTh admiraTion. For demonsTraTion see Duke WellingTon. lembies-Type of woman someThing like Biggers. lerrupin' good-Swill. DenoTes greaT saTisfacTion. lunar disk-ThaT asTronornical obiecT ThaT inciTes pas- sion end love. meaT-chopper-Ranging beTween TypewriTers and foof- ball Teams. mugs-Same order as pan only more so. Horse's neck? ThaT's noThing--so do you. museum--Home for fossils. mo'om piTchers-Like +haT whaT you see Mae WesT in. monicker-Handles: nick-names. musical handsprings-The arT of leaping from noTe To noTe. The abiliTy To ycdel a ScoTch lullaby wiTh a negro dialecT. neaT liTTlo fixin'--Does This need explaining? nosy-ing affair--HunT for Things in The fashion followed by bloodhounds. neaT chassis-Body by Fisher lnoT referring To Lloyd or aufomobilesl. old grand-lnsTrurnenT of TorTure. Thing ThaT conTains The ivories. lSee l-ledrick.l pull in yer neck--Yer face is hanging ouf. lRefer fo peninsula.l preHy snazzy-Big improvemenf on snazzy. propaganda--This mighf refer fo the Russians. pineapple-Big blow-up. prick up lheir ears-To lisfen infenfly. pansy-One of fhe male sex wifh a delicafe frame lin his armsl-well, maybe! lSee Rosie.l phooie-Expression of disgusf. Form fhe moufh fo say "F" and fhen blow. pan-The fronfispiece of The head. perarnbula+ed-Moseyed: meandered: fricklecl down fhe walk. Pesl'-Firsf grade-Whifey Dunbar. Second grade- -John Spencer. Nof fhe winged variefy of pesf. priceless-Big momenf in a boy's life. punk--lSee pesf, or Woodie.l pefrol buggy-Eifher a Ford or a car. polishin' apples-See peoning. peoning ieachers-"Gee, feacher, you look swell fhis morning!" peninsula-A neck sfrefching our fo see. pullefs-Girl: dame: skirf. lSee chicken.l pool-awn-Puf on. palm-lSee glad-hand.l pickled fink-lSee lickled pink.! pigskin-An excuse for chewing anofher guy's ear off. rafs--Expression of disgusf. runnin' off a+ 'rhe moufh-Emiffing everyfhing buf fhe saliva-draining The brains Through fhe oral cavify. runf-lSee punk or Cha+burn.l Human Ausfin. Sliqhf of sfafure and lacking in brain. Sporf model of human being. raHle yer bones-Shake a leg. Frame sfruggle. Toe- smashing confesf. ral'-race-Where you walk on everyone's feef buf your own To fhe fune of sweef music. royal 'Flush-Coloring of lhe gills. scram-Deparf pos?-rafe. Hoisf anchor and casf off. skoif-A. S. N. girl: dame: fluzzie. shekels--Money-somefhing none of us have. Do-re- mi. carf-wheels, iron men, spondulix. she had anis-Well, I iusf don'f know. shindig-Gay frolic. Manly arf of iumping on some- body's knees and sliding down. -l56l' squirrelies-All fhe same as wimmin. scream-Loud yodel. Modified screech. Somefhinq every woman possesses. snazzy-All The same as rifzy. An adieclive describing somefhing sweef lusually a pricelessl. sofiie-Diffo smoofhie. shuffle-Somefhing like frickle. Shakin' a wicked hip. sandwich-hooks-Miffs: paws. Those lhings you wear suspended on fhe end of your arms. song and dance-A line. A big sfrefching of fhe very elasfic frufh. An acl' sfaged for 'the' enioymenl of fhe audience of one or more. shui-eye-Log-sawing. Slumbering peacefully in The arms of Morpheus. spoufin' off af 'lhe moufh-Say your liffle piece. Give your sobfsfory. shameless hussy-A dame whaf is runnin' around wifh- oul' any hose. scrumpfious-Swell: eleganf. spiel-Commenf for us: you +aIk. skip if-Okay. do. fake him down a noich-Take fhe "e" ouf of eqofism. lGof-his'n.l licklecl pink-All ho? and bofhered. Delighfed fo fears. foddled-Danced: perambulafed: sfaggered fo and fro. fickle fhe ivories--Torfure fhe pianner. fha end-Finish. See "Wump" or "Mug-Wump." vocal gymnasfics-Same as musical handsprings. verbal mix-Tongue lashing: a debafe: lsee bull-razz.l wiggle-dance-Pep hop. yowlers-Wifh apologies fo Mac's G-lee Club. yodel a cup of lea-G-argle a beverage. inhale a you you you WGS liquid. 're an old smooihie-And l don'+ mean maybe! Person well polished. said a moufhful-Did if sfick in your feelh? fell 'em, pony, I'm a liHle hoss-Meaning--Speak for yourself, John. my face red-Showing a royal flush around fhe gills. wind-fiddle-Saxophone. lThey're a crime.l woim-Low-down viper. Lowesf form of humanify. walk-ouf powder-Absence wifhouf leave. A.W.O.l.. walkin' papers-lSee walk-oul' powder.l To leave by requesf. Training School Snapshots Sepfember I3-The Training school children were seen peeking around The corners aT Their sTudenT Teachers. SepTember I4-The 4-l-l Club was organized and officers elecTed. SepTember 23-The Third and TourTh grades collecTed books and made a real library. OcTober 5-The junior primary had a Tea parTy, The ouTgrowTh of The poem. "Animal Crackers." by ChrisTopher Morley. OcTober ll-The circus sand Table was an ouTcome of a Third grade healTh proiecT. OcTober 20-The Training school posed Tor Sage picTures. OcTober 25-The eighTh grade hisTory class gave Two shorT plays in assembly based on The period of The Civil War. They showed The widely diTieren+ poinTs oT view in The NorTh and The SouTh on The elecTion of Lincoln and The slavery quesTion. Ocfober 3I-All The grades celebraTed l-lallowe'en in Their home rooms. Games were ' d. played and lighT reTreshmenTs serve November 4-The iunior high grades meT To elecT oliiicers Tor The Orpheus Music Club. November 8-The assembly program given by The gymnasium classes consisTed oT pro- gressive sTunTs, sTarTing wiTh The kindergarTen and ending wiTh The ninTh grade. The sTunTs given showed The growTh in skill of The dif- erenT grades. November I5-The assembly program was given by The Third grade. IT was an Indian scene in The Torm of a picTure show based ' ' ' ' h Th upon The experiences oT The Pilgrims wiT e red men. November 28-The Orpheus Music Club gave a program which was based on The life and music of STephen FosTer. November 29-The TirsT Term ends wiTh Thanksgiving vacaTion. December 4-Back from vacaTion ready Tor new Teachers and more work. December 8-Making of candles was an ouTgrowTh of The sTory, "The ChrisTmas Can- dle." The candles were wrapped and Taken home To be given Tor ChrisTmas giTTs. December 20---The ChrisTmas spiriT was nT broughT To The Albion campus by The pagea . Miriam's STar," wriTTen and direcTed by Miss Miller. Ga llli' i'7' A . ' iiimgfii-snip Ri'iT"NAi'-. .fu Ji MT T' ii , li , 4 :hir ,ttf December 22-Sania arrived amid ihe +inlcling of sleigh bells wi+h 'rreais and giiis for all. January 8-The firsi day of school in ihe new year. February 5-The iunior primary made an ex- cursion 'ro a farm +o siudy sheep. Wool was broughi baclc +0 be combed. washed, and dyed. February 7-ln assembly Jrhe ninih grade dramaiized a Roman wedding in 63 B. C. The play was presenied in ihree scenes, "The Be- +roihal." "The Wedding," and "Bringing ihe Bride Home." February I4-Cupid arrives bearing valen- fine boxes for all o ihe rooms. February 28-The sevenih grade curreni' evenis assembl program, "Alphabe+ Soup," was given To familiarize ihe pupils wi'rh na- iional iopics of 'rhe day. March 3-The Burley Junior High girls en- 'rer+ained 'rhe Albion Junior High girls ai a play day. March I2-A+ lasl we are on +he downward climb-only +welve more weelcs of school. March 28-Spring vacaiion. We celebraie by noi having school for 'five days. April I2-The 'rraining school capiured 'rhe championship +i'rle from 'rhe Acequia and Riverside schools a+ a field and +raclc meei on 'rhe Albion aihleiic field. Albion's score was I IO. The combined score of 'rhe oiher schools was 9I. April I4-A Kid Par+y was held in +he do- mesiic science room in Swanger Hall. The evening enieriainmeni consisied of +aiiFy pull- ing, a shori program, and games. April 25-The 'fhird and fourih grades gave a Chinese program in assembly. The enier- 'rainmen+ was +he ouigrowih of 'rhe sfudy of childliie in China in 'rheir social science classes. In 'rhe ar+ depar+men+ +he children made Chinese signs ihai were used in Jrhe siage clecoraiions. Class worlc in 'rhe physical edu- ca+ion depar+men+ was correlaied wi+h This siudy 'rhrough leaching 1'he children Chinese games and dances. May 2--The assembly program given by +he primary deparimeni. consisied of a number of naiure poems woven inio a pleasing whole by means oi recilaiion, drama. paniomime. song. and dance. The scene was a lovely 'For- esi dell. The cosiumes represenfed birds. bees, frogs, grasshopprs, seeds. flowers. sun, rain, wind, Spring. and 'rhe rainbow. ff? 1 . " V ' D K 'Wig xlfckui ' , 4' Bfq' V . ...- ,f Q Af . N .. -H-"X . ,, : . .... ' - M. . Lf. I. W' A' -M L 1-1. 55" - " ' ' N A li 5 ' ' , "' V T .. ' ' V. ..,,, , ,.,.-- ' -V 1, w .1 W, f - Y- A -' , -, Q A 14 : ab! r,+f,1.i , ,-Q ' 'J gig 13 aff11ff2f-11421 ' " n. ,I !Jm'E1.A11. l,J,,1 refs.:-rf-f air,-f-1 - 'A f , , V.-2. I A, ,. ,, -,:3',W,,,-,ni I 1: nvgg-' J- A ' ,f.:?f,-Vfw". " .1"'1" ' ' -N 1- FT: - a!K'E!7m Training School l907 ,fx ,T -N 4 ,La W -- i 6 7' 6 N f 17' I - .1-J 'ffi ' - X . ur ' J Q9 S ' W ' :-'i,fZ - ,rf Organizations Bob Day, Farrel Black, Jack McGuire, Seward Dunn, Warren Bingham. Forresl Dunbar, Floyd Hedrick, John Manning, Alberl I-lolyoak, Woodrow Ash. Cordinol Glee Club ON SEPTEMBER I I, a+ The iirsl assembly of 'rhe year, Mr. lv1cCar'ry informed lhe sluclenl' body lhal all 'rhe crooners wishing lo be laughl lo sing reporl 'ro lvliller l-lall for lry-ours. Wilhin a week lhe men's glee club, known as rhe Cardinals, began pracrice. On Friday, Oclober 27, Jrhe boys made 'rheir firsl appearance al The Sou+h Cenlral Idaho Educa- 'tional Associalion and also broadcasi over lTEl al Twin Falls. Laler appearances were made al l-lazellon, Burley, and Ruperl. The Cardinals also look an aclive parl in making +he Sunday vesper services al Albion a success. The club on behalf of lhe sludenr body made lwo +ours Jrhrough soulhern Idaho, one cenlering around Idaho Falls, lhe olher around Poca- lello. lvlr. Weisel accompanied The club, giving inleresling lalks al each high school visiled. Fi'F+y-four concerls, con+ac'ring abour 'rwenly-Three 'rhousand people, were given and more were planned for lhe remainder of +he year. The club will be called upon +o give several numbers during Baccalaureale and Commencement 'l60l- g2iL5Q53Qgf?52Q'5r5 ,mbv Q Euterpeons - MARGUERITTE FREEMAN Presidenr - ERINE TURNER Vice Presidenr - - CATH Tl-lE Eulerpean Glee Club is lhe young women's musical organizalion of rhe Albion Slare Normal, 'rhe membership being limifed +o Jrwenly members, including an accompanist I+ has appeared several Times Jrhis year. One of 'rhe annual programs given by +he club is 'rhe Chris+mas vesper service. The Eurerpeans also played an oulslanding parl in The Sunday vesper services during Jrhe winler monfhs. This pleasing group of singers will presenl' several numbers during Commencemenl Week. ' 'fyfj,,Z5fZafuvL74o44-'fl' -wav?" - Qf,f44fAvZef6Ae ,.94..,e .W ls faces-A., Yoland Tinsley, Carl Alberison, Mrs. Johnson, Clarion Johnson, Roberl Hughes, Donna Johnson, Emma Johnson. String Ensemble l-lE Siring Ensemble is an organizalion consisiing oi ihree violins, one viola, one cello, and a siring bass wilh piano. The members are: Donna Johnson, Roberi l-lughes, Carl Alberison, Yoland Tinsley. Emma Johnson, and Clarion Johnson, wi+h Maye Anila Johnson al lhe piano. This group has pracliced logelher for 'rwo years and forms an organizalion of which ihe school is iuslly proud. During 'rhe year, lhe ensemble has had many calls lo provide music for banqueis, receplions. church services, radio broadcasiing, and programs. If has coniribuled a greai deal 'foward making lhe general public aware 'rhai' our insiilulion provides all 'rypes of acfivily of a worfhwhile nalure according 'ro 'rhe abiliiy and preference of +he s+uden+s. Orchestra During The year lhe orcheslra has provided excellenl music for each oi The plays produced. An excelleni ioini concerl wi+h ifhe Slring Ensemble was presenled lo a large audience. 462i- Top ROW: Clarion Johnson. Everell' Seaman, Mrs. Johnson. Roberl Hughes, Carl l-leidner. Joe Chafburn. ' Second Row: Emma Johnson, Josephine Chrislensen, Belly Peavey, Reed Lewis. Raymond Wrigley, Rulh Campbell, Maxine Amends, Eleanor Jansen. Band HE BAND provided plenly of music and "pep" for lhe ioolball games. Hs efforls were parlicularly worl'hy al rhe Homecoming game. for if lcepl' 'rhings warmed up so rhal folks did nor mind +he snow and cold. The band played for baskel ball games. loo. All members also belong 'ro 'rhe school orcheslra. Junto The Junlo, a lilerary sociely. was organized lhis year lor The purpose of developing G grealer apprecia+ion of lileralure. Since lhere is no ser membership, bolh lunnors and seniors have fell' free lo come and enjoy Themselves. Our meeiings have been very informal, wifh each person conlribuling somerhing of inl'eres'r To lhe program. A+ each meefing, held lhe second and fourlh Tuesdays ol every monih in 'rhe recrealion room ol Comish Hall, someone began 'rhe discussion by mlroducing rhe fopic. Among lhe lopics sludied were: Favorile Characlers in Lileralure, Poelry, The Bible, and Travel. The only officers are lhe members of lhe program commilleez Belly Slallord. Chairman: Ralph Rose, Yoland Tinsley, Leona Whifworlh. and Raymond Wrigley. Miss Alexander is lhe facully adviser. 4637- Eta Epsilon Club Faculiy Adviser - ' MISS HARRIET E. TAFT Secrefary-Treasurer - VIOLA ENGELKING Presidenl ---- JOSEPHINE CAMPBELL Reporier ------ DOROTHY WEBER Vice Presidenl ------ JANE DAVEN Song Leader ---- BESSIE HEJTMANEK Cheer Leader ---- MARTHA JENKINS HE E+a Epsilon Club was organized on Sepiember 25 under +he direclion oi Miss Tait Our purpose is io Irain aclive and eiilicieni leaders among young women for home and communily life. We have fiiiy loyal workers who siand for s+reng+h of charac+er. scholarship, heaI+h, and service. Social and business mee+ings, alfernaiing on 'rhe second and Iourih Mondays oi each monih, have been filled wi+h +he spiri+ oi indus+ry and happiness. A Io+ ol good fun for every one was creaied by +he "Mock Wedding Ceremony." Helpful Ialks and demonsiraiions have done much 'ro add life 'ro our meeiings. Special aciiviiies have 'raken The form oi co-ed dances. bridge pariies, hikes, and all kinds of play. This year will noi end our ac+iviI'ies, for we are all enlisied in ihe cause oi raising Ihe siandards of American homes. Shamrock Club "Birds of a ieaiher flock +oge'rher," so Mr. McCar+y and Miss Buckley. wiih The resi of lhe Irish, formed +he Shamrock Club. The club had a few ge?-+oge'rher dinner pariies. an assembly program, and a noon cider pariy Ihis year. To be a member of 'rhis club one musi be liliy per cen'r Irish. Lois Sullivan is presidenr. The ofher members are: Calherine Turner, Ellen Friischle, Lois Dudley, Caiherine Heaney, Bonnie Mc6ra'rh, Leona Whilworlh. Jack McGuire. Bob Murphy, and Lee Rose. Mr. McCar+y and Miss Buckley are fhe sponsors. -i645 Firsf Row: Clara G. Alexander. Joe Chaiburn, Earl Carlson, LeOre Ccbbley, Ivan Dunbar, Jane? Fell, Bessie Heilmanelc. Second Row: Naomi Hillman, Mar. a ane ay, y 'h J H s L le Huslon, Laurena Malhes, Kennelh Olsen. I Florence Roolcer, Ralph Rose. Third Row: Rulon Slanfield, Orpha Taylor, Grace Waud, Howard Wellingfon, Leona Whilworlh, Raymond Wrigley. Delta Psi Omega CLARA G. ALEXANDER - - Sponsor MARTHA JANE HAYS - - Vice Presidenf HOWARD WELLINGTON - - Presidenr NAOMI HILLMAN - - Sacrefary-Treasurer I-IE lilly-ninrh chapler of Della Psi Omega, honorary drama+ic frarernify. has compleied irs fillh year of successful dramalic sludy in +he Albion Srare Normal. under rhe wise direclion and guidance of Miss Alexander. To become a member of 'rhe organizalion. a sfudenl muslr have had a+ Ieasi sevenry lines in an imporlanl' play or plays and considerable work in s+agecraIr. The larrer poinrs are largely dererminecl by 'rhe chapfer direcfor. The chapfer requires a schoIas+ic slanding, counfed on grade poinfs. equivalenf 'ro a "B" average. Each member musr also have 'rhe unanimous vore of 'rhe acfive members. - The lrarernily has played an ac+ive parr in The life of 'rhe campus by i'rs numerous dinner parries and iniriarions. and by i+s successful producfrion of "Eas+ Lynne." The Chapler will close ils acliviries for lhe year wu+h a formal dance. I65I' Primary Special Club THE Primary Special Club, known as The P. S. C.. was organized in May. I933. lTs members include all primary special sTudenTs oT The Albion Normal and The primary special graduaTes. The purpose oT The club is To promoTe The professional and social inTeresTs oi iTs members. Their moTTo is "Cnward and Upward." The colors are lavender and whi+e. and The lilac has been chosen as The club Tlower. The liTTle marble sTaTue known as "The Young STudenT" which appears aT The TronT oT The picTure is emblemaTic of The work which The club aTTempTs To do in educaTing The young child. The oTTicers are: PresidenT. MargareT Andrews: Vice President Annis Jones: and SecreTary-Treasurer, Naomi Hillman. The charTer members are: MargareT Andrews, MargareT Bauman, RuTh Bronson, PaTTy CruTchTield, Lois Dudley. Viola Engelking, lone FiTch, MargueriTTe Freeman, Erma Hale. Naomi Hillman, Marjorie Holman. Annis Jones, MarTha Jenkins, EsTher Jensen, June Shaw. Grace Waud. DoroThy War- ner. and Helen Webb. AT a breakTasT given by The seniors This Tall in honor of The primary special iuniors. Miss Laura Mae Bourg. criTic Teacher of The TirsT and second rades. and Miss Adria Woods, criTic Teacher oT The Third and TourTh grades. were eTecTed members oT The club. These Two insTrucTors wiTh Miss Clara KirkpaTrick. insTrucTor in primary educaTion, are The TaculTy sponsors. -i66l' 1 7 , 5 r ' . I I' if 1, if - s . .I . I - S' , f 1 Neal N. Nash, Joe Chalburn, LeOre Cobbley, Dororhy Deno. Verdan Keller, Manford Masoner Eva Pelanf, Rulon Sfanlield. Irvin Spencer. Debate HIS year fhe Albion debafe feams parficipafed in fwo fournamenfs. fhe firsf held af Gooding, Idaho, and fhe second af Provo. Ufah. Schools parficipafing in fhe Idaho Tournamenfr were Albion. Gooding, Soufhern Branch, Nazarene College, College of Idaho, and Ricks College. Schools parficipafing in fhe Ufah Conference were Albion, Ricks, Soufhern Branch, Universify of Idaho. Brigham Young Universify, Snow College, and Weber College. This was fhe Iargesf fournamenf ever held for iunior college debafers. Af Gooding, Keller and Sfanfield debafed four fimes before fhey were eliminafed. They defeafed College of Idaho and Ricks. buf were defeafed lafer by fhe same feam from Ricks and a differenf feam from College of Idaho. The winners of 'rhe fournamenf defeafed fhem by fiffeen poinfs. The Albion 'reams were coached by Professors Nash and Powers. Y. W. C. A. Religious and social confacfs have been broughf fo fhe young people of fhe campus fhrough fhe efforfs of fhe Young Women's Chrisfian Associafion. Meefings were held fwice a monfh, one of which was social. Very inferesfing programs were arranged wifh several inspirafional 'ralks from faculfy members. Some of fhe oufsfanding funcfions of fhis organizafion were a moonlighf hike. a luncheon, and af Chrisfmas a dinner for fhe members. Some of fhe acfivifies for which 'rhe Y. W. C. A. was sponsor were a confesf af I-Iomecoming for fhe besf sign, fhe card and holly sale af Chrisfmas, and fhe yearly flower sale in fhe spring. The funds were used fo pay fhe pledges fo fhe nafional organizafion and fo provide enferfainmenfs. Acknowledgmenf is made fo Mrs. Elizabefh L. Ware for fhe many courfesies she has exfended fo us. OFFICERS ROBERTA JORDAN - - - Presidenf MARJORIE HOLMAN - - Treasurer BESSIE I-IEJTMANEK - - - Vice Presidenf AFTON CUNNINGHAM ---- Pianisf GERTRUDE KINNEY - - - Secrefary MISS TEMPERANCE M. WI-IITCOMB - Sponsor f67l- Firsl Row: Eleanor Williams, Selma Adams, Margarel Andrews, Eva Ashmead, Ora Baly, Leon Biqgers, Rulh Bronson, LeOre Cobbley, Rulh Campbell, Lois Creed, Leona Whilworlh. Second Row: Allon Cunningham, Jane Daven, Lorene DeMoss, Dorolhy Deno, Lois Dudley, Janel Fell, lone Filch, Ellen Frilschle, Grace Gleason, Belva l-lall, Eslher Harding. Third Row: Kalherine Heaney. Bessie l-leilmanek, Rhea l-ligley, Naomi Hillman, Eleanor Jansen. Marlha Jenkins, Donna Johnson, Annis Jones, Roberla Jordan, Clea Judd, Gerlrude Kinney. Fourlh Row: Blanche Kral, Clea Lindsay, Rulh McClusl:y, Bonnie McGralh, Velma Morse. Rulh Moyer, Marvis Nelson, Irene Nipper, Belly Peavey, Eva Pelanl, Rulh Perrine. Fiflh Row: Florence Prall, Mary Priebe, Dorolhy Redford, Virginia Renlrow, Helen Roghaar, Louise Rosecrans, Berlha Smellzer, Alice Sherer, Alda Smilh, Marion Snyder, Beulah Soulhworlh. Sixlh Row: Belly Slallord, Lois Sullivan, Yoland Tinsley. Calherine Turner, Mabel Walker, Dorolhy Weber. Comish l-loll Presidenl - - ----- - IRENE NIPPER Vice Presidenl - - LeORE COBBLEY Secrelary - ROBERTA JORDAN Treasurer - - VELMA MORSE HE campus residence lor lhe young women of lhe school is Comish Hall. This year lhe hall is filled wilh an aclive, alerl group ol girls. eager lo be doing. ready lo co-operale in every aclivily, and lo promole llie besl in work and in social lile. Loyally lo lhe school, lo our hall, and lo womanhood's besl ideals are our walchwords. Dinner parlies, birlhday, popcorn, slumber, and co-ed parlies, and our annual re- ceplion, have lcepl us busy socially. Besides, we allend our Wednesday evening dances. and are happy lo lake parl in all lhal goes on in lhe school. 'l68l Firsi Row: Neal N. Nash, Forresi Dunbar, Floyd l-ledriclc, Bill Powers, l-larold Ballard, Ivan Dunbar, Lloyd Fisher, Fred Anderson, Woodrow Ash. Second Row: George Bailey, Lawrence Barnes, Thomas Boll, Weldon Bock, Warren Bingham, Farrol Blaclc, Leo Boderl, l-larold Brown, Earl Carlson. Third Row: Wesley Claunch. Gran? Cobbley, Seward Dunn, LaVerno lrlawlcins, Alberl l-lolvoalr, Leland l-lugenfobler, Verdan Keller, Edward Kane, Reed Lewis. Fourfh Row: John Manning, Manford Masoner. Roberl Murphy, Gordon Scoil, John Spencer, Robori Thomas. McMurray l-loll Presideni - - FORREST DUNBAR Vice Presidenr - - - FLOYD HEDRICK Secreiary-Treasurer - - WlLLlAlvl POWERS Senior Council member - - HAROLD BALLARD Junior Council member - - IVAN DUNBAR l"llS YEAR Mclvlurray Hall has laken on new life. Slarring wiih a successful recep- 'rion of 'rhe alumni. lhe boys nexl broughl recognilion io 'lhe hall by siaging an assembly program. Then came 'rhe receplion-ihe lacully receiving special enier- 'rainmen'r. The boys 'roolc grear pride +his year in furnishing ihe recrearion room. They began by repairing ihe pool lable. and providing card fables. a ping pong sei. and a radio. Dean Nash has done much for ihe men of McMurray l-lall. l"le is ever ready lo advise 'rhem and has a word of cheer for everyone, even on The darlcesi days. -l69lr l Club THE purpose of The I Club is To encourage aThleTic acTiviTies among The men. Every man earning a leTTer in any maior sporT is eligible Tor membership. William Hill is The presidenT, and Leo Boden is secreTary-Treasurer. The Homecoming Dance was supervised by The club wiTh The indispensable help of The Comish Hall girls. A record crowd made merry aT The dance aTTer shivering Through a snowy TooTball game. A Two very successful boxing and wresTling programs were given by The club. One of These programs was given wiTh The hearTy co-operaTion oT The Albion Fish and Game AssociaTion. Many ouTsiders came To The Albion campus To enjoy These programs. . The members of The l Club are: Anderson. Beck. Bingham. Blue. Boden. Brown. Croft l. Dunbar. Dorman. Hill. Hogue. Hughes. Hufchins, Masoner, Miller. Neyman. Parke, PeTerson. Powers, PrescoTt STanTield. Thomas, and WellingTon. T The Kodak Club The Kodak Club, wiTh Miss Eva KirkTon as sponsor, was organized on February 27. I934. The club officers chosen were: President LaVerne Hawkins: Vice President RuTh McCluskyq Secrefary-Treasurer. Lyle HusTon. The purpose oT This club is To esTablish and mainTain a higher sTandard in The Taking of snapshoTs and To assisT The Sage sTaTT wiTh worThwhile picTures. The club meeTs once a week To discuss resulTs and criTicize The picTures Taken and To decide where To go The nexT SaTurday Tor a hike. One of The main excursions Taken This year was To The earThquake region near SalT Lake. The presenT members of The LaVern Hawkins RuTh McClusky Lyle HusTon Lorene DeMoss Belva Hall HarrieT Cunningham Barbara WesT Kodak Club are: Leona WhiTworTh Maudie Cox Leon Biggers EThel SmouT Wanda OTTo DoroThy Deno June Dewhirsf Grace Waud Joh n Spencer AlberT Holyoak Earl Carlson RuTh Moyer CaTherine Turner Mariorie Holman DoroThy Rayl Alion Fairchild Ski Club The Ski Club was organized To promoTe winTer sporTs in Albion. LaVern Hawkins was elecfed president Because of a scarciTy of snow iT was possible To make only Two Trips. BoTh of These were To Howell's Canyon. Misses Buckley. Bourg, and TaTT appeared in Tull ski cosTume. Many of The members of The club had never been on skis before. Wifh liTTle Training, however, They Tackled The Howell Creek climb wifh greaT success. Lunch was eaTen aT The Torks of The creek. Coming back was The mosT enioy- able parT of The Trip, because less work was required. Many spills were Taken. No one was seriously hurt alThough many bruises and sprains were discovered The nexT day. More snow To us nexT year and more sport 4701- Axline Gym I9 I 0 f- . JN N K fix l W7 ' 5. E 515 -- +5 ff IHHLLU if -2 .f,-imlffiil fra "Z "s.. Athletics " ' ' . A NA. ...vs e'l',,.,'....1, , Ax- 4. I uv Firsi' Row: N. Horsley, H. Newman, T. Bell, H. Blue, I. Dunbar, W. Hill, L. Hugenfobler, R. Hughes, G. Scoff. Second Row: E. Miller, H. Brown, R. Thomas, R. Sfaniield, D. Dorman, F. Anderson. K. Perrins, M. Masoner, . acc sen. N J b Third Row: J. Prescoil, Craig, McEvers, W. Claunch, W. Bingham. Football IN SPITE of iniuries 'rhroughour 'rhe season The Albion grid men placed second in Jrhe Soulhern 'Idaho Junior College Conference. Our men were defealed 7 io O on Ociober 28, by Ricks College, winner of +he conference. The opening game of 'rhe season was a lie wi+h +he alumni. Following This, The s'rrong College of Idaho 'ream defealed ihe Normal in a hard foughl game ai Caldwell. On Ociober 7, Albion held 'rhe slrong Poca- +ello eleven 'ro a 6 +o O score. ln our fourlh game, +he Albion grid men defeaied 'rhe Weslminsier ream 20 io I2. For ihe nexi' game Albion weni' 'ro Ogden and foughlr a sixiy minule ba+'rle wilh Weber, resulring in a scoreless lie. The Cardinal men furnished rhe alumni an excilring game, a+ Homecoming, wi+h 'rhe Easrern Oregon Normal. Our las+ game was played a+ Boise wiih The Boise Junior College, Albion winning by a 6 lo O score. -l72l- 5 if 'fs.g,e,fs,iZ sv, 'vi S? . O 0 T B A L L . .. ..':-.N '3+j.j- Fi X2 f Harold Blue ----- GI-l6I'Cl Here is fwo hundred and fiffeen pounds of speed, brawn, and sporfs- manship. We are counfing on fhis all conference man nexf year. lvan Dunbar ---- CSFITGF We hope fo see fhose powerful arms in line nexi' year. Dunbar is an all conference man. Jack PrescoH' ---- Halfback We'll be glad 'ro welcome anofher all conference man back nexf year. He is a fasf and clever player who never missed a fackle. Nick Horsley ---- Halfback We hope fo see Nick in fhe line-up nexf year placing 'rhose old passes as he did 'rhis year. He's an all around grid man. Edward Kane ---- Tackle We are losing one hundred and ninefy pounds of grif and deferminafion. Harold Brown - - - Halfback vVi+h no previous experience Brown proved 'ro be one of our besf men. You'll see him fighfing in fhere nexf year. Roberl Hughes ---- End Besides being a smarf defensive end, you could always counf on Bob fo nab a pass af fhe righl lime. William Hill ----- End He was our biggesf and mos? efficienf end. lf will 'rake a very good man fo fill his shoes nexf year. ' Elmer Parke ---- Fullback ln backing up fhe line "Toby" ex- celled. lf will be hard lo fill his posi- fion. Warren Bingham - - - Tackle Bing was a good man. He'll be back nexf year. Ernesl' Miller ------ Fullback Ern has complefed his 'rhird year of successful playing for fhe Normal. Leland Hugenlobler - - Guard Hogue, a consisfenf and oufsfanding guard, will be our forward wall nexf year. Roberl' Thomas ---- Tackle Playing his firsf year of college foof- ball, Bob showed he had fhe real foofball spirif. We expecf greaf fhings from him nexf year. Leo Boden ------ Encl Leo played his second and besf year and proved fo be a reliable man. Fred Anderson ---- Tackle You could always counf on "Andy," a very consisfenf man a+ fackle. We'll miss him in 'rhe line nexf year. Darrell Dorman ---- Cenfer He was a hard hiffing, conscienfious man. We'll miss him. Kermil' Perrins ---- Quarfer Sammy played his fhird year as a speedy and shiffy quarferback. Rulon Slanfield - - Quarferback We'll miss 'rhe signal calling of fhis smarf liffle quarferback nexl' year. He deserves a lof of credif. Manford Masoner - - - Guard Masoner liked foolball and showed if by his fighr and deferminafion. I 4 xgahf? Llfiffey Bdcn rescoh' Zvrkf Kam: 474? Mlllg r I Mai Sam esfafr Mfkf Ml 1 117s Hamas Darin!!! Hague f'lJsomsrA M!! Bef! 704 Hndzf gdfky - 1 6 C' rdf? fbi: Awe rs Brown Olaunci alm. - William Powers ---- Cenler Bill was lall, shilly. and very elleclive on lhe baskel ball lloor. We shall miss him nexl year. George Bailey ---- Cenler Bailey played his lirsl year lor lhe Normal. He was hard lo slop on lhose shorl shols. He'll be a hard man lo replace. Dean Croll ---- Forward Croll played his same lighlning-lasl and nalural game. We are sorry lo see him leave us. Clark Bell ----- Guard Bell was lhe lile ol lhe leam and always a lighler. He will be back nexl year. Harold Brown ---- Guard As a guard, Brown was a slar player. We expecl big lhings from him nexl N 'i Q ab ixlen , vmgjgo Q3 if H5 1' .J Tljwgi if - ir B Q Fred Anderson - - - Forward Andy was a consislenl man in shool- ing baskels. We'll miss his scoring nexl year. Kennelh Olsen - - - Forward Olie was a good man on long shols. Always ready lo do his parl. Also a member ol lhe P. A. A. Leland Hugenlobler - - Guard Hogue was an aggressive ball rusller. a good sporl, and will be back wilh us nexl year. Jack Prescoll ---- Forward Jack has real baskel ball abilily. We expecl him back again, pulling 'lorlh every ellorl lor a successful season. William Hill - - - - Cenler His co-ordinalion ol mind and muscle made him a very valuable man lo year. Albion. Track HISTORY may repeal ilsell. The Albion lrack leam won lirsl place in lhe conference lasl year and has begun whal looks like anolher successful year. Albion losl lhe lirsl dual meel lo Pocalello. Following -V,' ---'- Q gig lhis, lhe leam won lhe Oullaw lrack meel. The nexl week- end lhe leam wenl lo Caldwell lor a meel in which live 'il 4 'J schools compeled. The Cardinal and Black won lhis meel gif lg? also by a good margin ol lwelve poinls. The boys slill E' 3. ' ajl '..' A have a meel wilh Ulah and Soulhern Idaho schools al ' ., l fill Ogden and will compele in lhe Soulhern Idaho Conler- X Jn f ence al Burley. ' sy, f . Following is a lisl ol lhe men who have made poinls so y A-at iii lar lhis year and lhe number ol poinls each has made: T Bill Powers ..........,,...........,................,......,....,.....,,.....,.. 75lf2 A Q , X Thales Hulchins ,..,... ...,,,, ,,,,,. I 5 , 1 l' .iQ Chel Howard ........ ......I5lf2 A f .2 ., Ray Shangle ....,,.... I :lf . A Harold Pelerson ......,... 8 ffl LaVern Hawkins .............. ...... 8 M Leland Hugenlobler ...,.. 8 A Geogge liailey ..........,. ...... 4 B' N li-,T Lo Fis er .........,... ...... 4 6' Edward Kane ....... ...... 3 A Leo Boden ........ ...... 3 Floyd Bell ............. ...... I -l78l- I ,W ,,,, W H , I Women's Athletic Association W. A. A. Officers Aims of W. A. A. Pfesidenf TO DEVELOP HEALTH IDEALS AND FOSTER HEALTH V. 'QAESUERHTE FREEMAN PRACTICES TI-IROUGI-IOUT THE ATHLETIC PROGRAM. .ce Er!3keI:ALE TO PROMOTE AND DEVELOP LEADERSHIP IN ATHLETICS. Secremy TO FOSTER THE HIGHEST IDEALS OF SPORTSMANSHIP. MARTHA JANE HAYES TO HELP RELATE THE ATHLETIC PROGRAM TO THE Treasurer OTHER ACTIVITIES WITHIN TI-IE ORGANIZATION. I-IELEN ROGHAAR NDER The point sysTem everyone is encouraged To parTicipaTe in acTiviTies bes+ suiTed To her own needs, believing ThaT an equal amoun'r Tor healTh and ioyous recreaTion is not only essenTial Tor physical TiTness, but Tor menTal growth, poise, and social adiusTmenT as well. The sporTs Tor which poinTs are given To parTicipanTs are soccer, archery, volley ball, baskeT ball, Tennis, Tumbling, heavy apparatus. and dancing, such as Tolk, eclucaTional, and Tap dancing. The members of W. A. A. are divided inTo Three groups, The honorary members and members working Tor poinTs and Order OT The A, which includes seniors who have earned Tive hundred poinTs or more. 'T79l' Baslzei' Ball Squad Top Row: G. Waud, J. DewhirsT, E. Hale, M. Freeman. F. Jordan, A. Sherer. Second Row: H. Ward, G. Hale, J. Chrisfonsen. L. Cobbley, H. Cunningham, B. SchmelTzer. Third Row: T. BoTT, M. Amanda. M. Snyder, M. Jenkins, B. McGraTh. FourTh Row: E. Grohosluy, V. Hill, L. Mafhes. Play Days "PLAY DAYS" are The modern subsTiTuTe Tor The ololer inTercollegiaTe or inTerschool Type oT compeTiTion, and as such promoTe Trienclly rivalry and mass parTicipaTion raTher Than inTense compeTiTion and acTiviTy Tor The Tew. These serve To bring TogeTher large groups oT girls To play a varieTy oT games, which increases The skill and inTeresT oT The players. These popularize The new acTiviTies. ln This respecT The Play Days serve somewhaT as an aThleTic insTiTuTe Tor high school and college girls. Play Days oTTer an opporTuniTy Tor girls To gain some oT The social and moral Training ThaT is believed To come Trom conTacT in compeTiTive aThleTics, wiThouT The obiecTionable TeaTures oT public TournamenTs. This TeaTure is especially valuable To girls Trom schools ThaT are Too small To have inTramural programs. The Play Days aT Albion have become TradiTional, Three being given each year. The high school girls Trom near-by Towns look Torward To The Play Day inviTaTions wiTh eager anTicipaTion. This year Albion's W. A. A. women have been hosTesses Tall and spring Terms To high school girls, and have enTerTained The college girls Trom The College oT lclaho aT a BaskeT Ball Play Day in The winTer Term. TSO? X.. Gym Class "I+ isn'l fha? you win or lose, Bu? how you play lhe game." Sports Tl-IE physical beauly lo be found in abounding heallh, grace of molion. and digniry of bearing can be acquired Jrhrough a variely of sporls. Girls' sporrs a+ Albion are also conducled in such a way as ro develop a sense of fair play and sporlsmanship ralher lhan rivalry among Jrhe par- +icipan+s. Ourdoor sporls such as soccer, Jrennis. archery, and baseball comprise The fall and spring l'erms of alhlelics. Baslcel ball, apparalus, and volley ball furnish ample enlhusiasm in sporls during +he cold days of Jrhe winier rerm. Any college girl may +ry our for 'reams in any of rhe sporls named. Poinls for firsl, second, and lhird 'reams are given according lo lheir individual abilily. 4811, ll Dancing HThrough podak oTThe Spdng we come agam To oTfer you our wordless poeTry. All ThaT we sing oT splendor and oT ioy, All ThaT we sing ThaT sounds The noTe oT Tears. VVe give because our souls as yours are wroughT Of sighs and songs and dreams. deep laughTer. Too." Tl-IE NaTural Dance is TaughT ThroughouT The year. FundamenTal rhyThms Tollowed by simple combinaTions oT These are given TirsT. LaTer The sTudenT is given opporTuniTy Tor emoTional selT-expression and creaTive work. This culminaTes in dance demonsTraTion such as The RoTary PageanT oT Service given in March, and The Annual Dance Drama in May. The Dance Drama comprises an inTeresTing sTudied program. Original numbers provoked by naTure such as ice TormaTions and driTTs. TogeTher wiTl1 The working ouT oT original combinaTions in music. make This a Tas- cinaTing sTudy. BeauTiTul cosTumes oT TiTTed Tunics in pasTel shades, aided by The compleTe lighTing equipmenT and The perTecTly draped walls oT The audiTorium sTage make This evenT one oT The mosT beauTiTul and enjoyable oT The school year. T821- x 1-.,,. ,. 6 ,Z ,M Hannah Comlsh Hall l9l7 26 ff I fi -' M7 Y! ,H gf, Qlfyjw V Q! 'r 5 2:5 , , M2 .ffx-7 af' J' 0 " .,. X2 , Training School . J- C- Werner C. E. Truman M. R. Miller L- M. BOUFQ A. A. Woods H. E. Rice - Training School I i E EAGERLY avail ourselves oT This opporTuniTy To express our graTiTude and appreciaTion To Miss CharloTTe E. Truman, Miss Mabel R. Miller, and Mr. John C. Werner, ,T 1- gp who have so ably guided us and conscienTiously direcTed us in our eTTorTs in The Training school during Their long Term oT service. We appreciaTe no less The good will oT The oTher criTics in Their shorTer Term oT service. We shall always look upon our associaTion wiTh Them as an oasis in liTe's deserT. They have casT Their bread upon The waTers and we sincerely TrusT ThaT aTTer many days iT will reTurn To Them a Thousand-Told. Their inTluence has always been Tor good: Their example has sTimulaTed us To greaTer eTTorTs. IT we prove worThy Teachers, we owe iT largely To The personal inTeresT They have maniTesTed in us. They have Thrown To us The Torch. LeT us pick iT up and carry iT Torward, as we know They would wish us To do. v gy! H isfsjf N if ff .L-A QQ 1 'x x H1 T84T ir 135' Lf' , QWT rg -' . Top Row: Lee Engellcing, Harold Gray. Charles Whifney, Donald Kelly, Devon Powell, Jack Rowe. Carl Broadhead, Marvin Cobb, Clara Mae Sears, Miss Laura Mae Bourg, criTic, BeTTy Brannon, Roy BunTin, Delberf Macfarlane, Carma Asher. Leland Tremayne. Second Row: Lavon Kelly, Clara Russell, John I-lepworTh, Shirley PaTricia Ann Woodie, Donna Louise James, Donna BeTh Phippen. Donna Marie BenneTT, Doris Asher, LaVerne Moncur, Eugene Miller, Ramona Broadhead, DoroThy Fries. Third Row: Odell Bird, La Vere BenneTT. Ramona McBride, Glenn Tromayne, Kendel Broadhead. BeTTy Safchwell, Zelda Powell, Lefa Bunfin, VaneTa BunTin. Primary Grades l-lE primary deparTmenT consisTs oT The iunior primary, and The TirsT and second grades. The iunior primary is an inTegral parT oT The TirsT grade and noT a l4indergarTen. The enTire course is organized as an acTiviTy program cenTering around large and small uniTs, The obiecTive being To develop The child as a Thinking and reasoning person. STress is laid upon The Training of aTTiTudes. ideals, and child responsibiliTy. A home and sTore builT by The children and large enough Tor Them To enTer are cenTers oT much creaTive play. A Telephone exchange, library, broadcasTing sTudio, naTural museum, band, puppeT shows, and movies were also made by The children. To gain TirsT hand inTormaTion, visiTs were made To various places in and around Albion such as The sheep Tarm, The dairy, Telephone exchange, bank, sTores, and The waTer and heaTing sysTems oT The school. ln manual arTs The children have been carpenTers, weavers,,dyers, and dressmakers. A weekly newspaper chronicles iTems oT inTeresT To The children. T85T 1 ll LL Top Row: Glenn Engelking, George Shangle, Guy Neyman, Billy Fries, Roma Sorensen, Lyle Jolley, Merle l-lepworlh, George Russell, Raymond Newman, Glenn Barrell. Second Row: Deward Bell, Shirley Phippen, Rulh Tremayne, Mildred Wheeler, Ellen Kelly, Marqarel Parke, Billy Louise McCully, Marie Broadhead, Virginia Downs, Mable Snodgrass, Marion Udy, Elaine Card. Third Row: Joe Baumgarlner, Marvin Tremayne, Dean Chalburn, J. Byron Harris, Aida Lloyd, Bonnie Mahoney, Belly Asher, Glenn Clark, Dale Bell, Keilh Amende, Norma Harris, Roberla LaRue. Phyllis Shaw, Fern Sears. Fourlh Row: Roberl Macfarlane, Harry Newman, Fonlella Powell, Rulh Phippen, Zela Jolley, Bebe Shaw, John Thomas Weisel, Bernice Clark, Alla Shangle, Ellnor McWilliams, Luana McBride, Yvonne Woodie. lntermediate Grades - l-lE inlermediale grades ol lhe lraining school are under lhe supervision ol Miss Adria Woods, lhird and lourlh grade crilic, and Miss Mabel R. Miller, lillh and sixlh grade crilic. The allendance was cul down lhis year on accounl ol lhe measles epidemic. During lhe year lhe lhird and lourlh grades made some inleresling proiecls: lhe Enchanled island, Thanksgiving, and Chrislmas sandlables. The children were very much inleresled in lhe minialure model ol Forl Dearborn which Miss Woods broughl lrom lhe World's Fair. Each quar- ler a newspaper, "The Echo," is issued. The children learned how lo make Chinese characlers lor lhe poslers used in lhe assembly program. The l-leallh Ship, lly lraps, and lhe border illuslralions ol Aesop's Fables were some of lhe lillh and sixlh grade proiecls. Original poelry has been wrillen by lhe children. Margarel Parlce's poem, "The Clouds," was published in The Idaho Journal of Educalion and Virginia Downs' poem, "Fairies," was prinled in a recenl issue ol Golden Idaho. 'l36l' Top Row: Mr. John C. Werner, Rex Engelking, Raymond Cobb, Leo Bell. Sherman Smilh, Phil Cobb, Basil Peferson. Wayne Larsen, Merl Russell. Second Row: John Parke, Charles l-lepworfh, Harold Gibson, Douglas Mahoney, Frances Chalburn, Wilma Downs, Harold Lloyd, Roberi' Tucker, Ralph Hepworrh, Miss Truman, Miss Rice. Third Row: Lowell Udy, Earnesf Clark, Marie Newman, Bebe Falkenberg, Kalherine Sears, Jane Tremayne, Velma Fries, Louise Tomlinson, Fred Parke, Donald Shaw, Elnora Broadhead. Mae Macfarlane, Velma Tremayne. Fourfh Row: Melba Bell, Helen Barnard, Barbara Udy, Velda Baumgarlner, Grace Snodgrass, Arlo Jolley. Junior High School HE iunior high school grades are in charge of Miss CharloHe E. Truman and Miss Hallie E. Rice. This year several inlreresiing group proiecis have been carried our in The regular classes. The ninrh graders have made correcl speech cards, good EngHsh powers cuneHorm chy +abm+s and rnedievalrnanuscdpls ln +heh Enghsh classes, 'rhe eighrh graders have wriH'en original poems. During 'rhe winler 'rerm +he eighrh and ninlh grade boys organized a currenr evenls club in 'rheir curreni evenrs class. They held regular meeiings on Friday allrernoons. Officers were elecred each Jrerm, 'rhose for rhe spring 'rerm being: Presidenl, Fred Parke: Vice President Rex Engelkingg Secrelary, Basil Pelerson: and Crirics, John Parke and Leshe Thonwpson. Under 'rhe direclion oi Mrs. Maye Anila Johnson, fhe iunior high school organized 'rhe Orpheus Music Club. Several pupils are members of The normal school orchesira. The 4-H Club was organized by rhe eighrh and ninlrh grade girls in Jrheir domesiic science class, under Jrhe direclion of Miss Harrier E. Tafr. The club members 'rook par+ in 'rhe annual s+yle show. All lhree grades of 'ihe iunior high school have given assembly programs This year. -l87l' Training School Poetry Silver My whife horse's eyes are flashing. Impafienfly he pulls fhe reins, Around fhe herd I go dashing, On my wild horse of fhe plains. AVA LUE THOMPSON Sixfh Grade The Bird Liffle bird upon fhe free Sing a song way down fo me. Sing fhe song ihaf I love besf, Liffle robin red breasf. BILLIE LOUISE MCCULLY Sixfh Grade The Song of Wafer My sfreams so swiff Are surging fo Iiff The wafer wheel fo grind fhe grain. My currenfs sfrong Carry along Graceful boafs on my deep blue main. I make eleciricify Which lighfs fhe fown: I irrigafe fields For miles around. DONALD SHAW Eighfh Grade The Cloud Oh, soff whife cloud a-passing o'er, The birds below you lively soar, I wish fhaf fhere were many more As I wafch you from fhe kifchen door. How I would like fo ride on you, Away up in fhe sky so blue, And look on fhe cifies below And on fhe mounfains capped wifh SHOW. MARGARET PARKE Sixih Grade The Fairies Liffle fairies so brighf and gay In 'rhe day-'rime where do you sfay? On fhe hills or in meadows green? Anywhere, so fhaf you are nof seen? Bul' when fhe moon is riding high You will come ouf and be nof shy And ioin fogefher in a ring To dance around and laugh and sing. VIRGINIA DOWNS Sixfh Grade ISSI- Thanksgiving I-Iarkl l'Iarkl Whaf do I hear? Sleigh bells ringing, mellow and clear Everyone merry is in our sleigh, On 'rhis brighf Thanksgiving day. Over fo Grandmofher's house we go, Over fhe newly fallen snow. A nice big dinner awaifs us fhere, Happy are we, wifh nof a care. A greaf big gobbler wifh dressing, foo Sweef pofafoes-nof only a few: Apple, mince, and pumpkin pie Before us on fhe fable lie. Away we go, leaving fhe farm, Leaving Grandmofher wifh her charm Then we awaif anofher year, Till Thanksgiving does appear. KATHERIN E SEARS Eighih Grade Spring Flowers, grass, and birds fhaf sing, Are all included in fhe spring. Flowers fhaf grow merry and gay, Help fo cheer you fhrough fhe day. Grass is green and sfands up fall Like liffle soldiers againsf a wall. Birds sing and bring good cheer, . And make us merry half fhe year. VIRGINIA DOWNS Sixlh Grade Song of Wa+er I am wafer. See me flow? Down foward The sea I go. In me Iiifle fishes play. As I flow from day fo day. I move ships upon fhe sea, As I ripple consfanfly. I am useful as can be- All ear'rh's creafures drink of me. BEBE FALKEN BU RG Eighfh Grade Auiumn O, when 'l'he fields are singing Wifh fhe swish of fhe ripened grain, How beaufiful is fhe scene In our aufumn-painfed. Ianel VELMA FRIES Eighth Grade I . ,D yi 4 'M-7 .,-""1 ' it 7 5 . 1-QZL N vi 'K ,---"" .- q i ll 54 .- '7 V , L kk E , V., i f ' :- 55. 22152 'G 11 , i . , 15 L". 1 r ,g .ue my I, 1m- -1: -- - . ,lir-,Qi " 'levi' in .g!!N,3,H ,. ?,-. Y ,aw H .Q fez- . Y... 1 'Li' :-- 545,219-11 'gm S2 " 9 -1-pg.. 4' Y.-1 V-- g"'f' ..,.. -H' . :Al'f:"'g-- - 5 "'ig,f-435 iii" ' "--iilff 'W 2, 1 ,4' Q. -f :fm 1-:: 1:::.:1: - f f 221351753 E353-.siagaiii gE5iEf' 5. f-'-ff: l"if?ffff . 4, RM - A gi gg-ai 1 -:f ig-we - 995,71 - ..,, , , -' , Y- f -L .Q . .5 44.-31435, W.-7.5 ww- :Mt . , L' k.,c:... f N'1f.1-if ' 1.-Eff, 'E' 1 Q, 'ffZg.f.. ?f , " :. -rg: . A '-. -- ,g i -r.,--1,f..ffp-.f 5 ' ' , A ' ' Q 5 5 A 'A' , , f - -. P v . f 3- f' f-',:"'- , ,,.r ,.,1v' .- A W.. L ..:- 4 3-- ' ' . 11. 4 V in-w.v-'f' W Bocock Hall l927 Advertising Section :f,f77n lf! mf 5 f f fl -Axzfi? "-vf1" - 2 ff 'I Clothing, Shoes, and Furnishings Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear OUR MOTTO Your moneyis worth or your money back Golden Rule Store RUPERT, IDAHO Whitley's Cash Store R. A. WHITLEY, P1-op. Phone 70 THE BEST FOR LESS What you buy we stand by RUPERT, IDAHO Carlson Motor Co. Dodge, Plymouth Sales and Service Goodyear Tires Day or Night Towing Serv-ice Day Phone 14 Night Phone 156.1 Rupert, Idaho Mr. Woodie: "Mr, Reynolds, name the constituents of quartz." John: "Pints." Miss Taft: "Didn't I tell you to notice when the soup boiled over? Williams: "I did. It was half-past ten." sJ. I'I"' vvvvvvvvv vvvv i See the New 1934 ...J -- IL..-q : f f Drive it only five miles E And You'll Never be Satisfied with any Other Low-priced Car Hanzel Chevrolet Co. 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Leona: "I don't intend to be thirty until I'm married!" -i 921' vvvvvwvvv vvv When entertaining and you need something a little tasty, don't forget you can always find what you need at ' Doly's Grocery . RUPERT IDAHO Phone 103 Over 50 varieties of fancy cheese Imported sardines-anchovies-mushrooms A complete line of Del Monte canned goods All brands of beer carried in stock A-- AAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A-- A-g4.zAA I vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrv- gy vvvvrvwvvvv vvvrv- I+ ' Philco Radios Fred's Club Cafe 5 4 , r , r P Norge Refrigerators I Heatrola Circulator P b b b t Heaters 4 r Good Food Properly Prepared 4 i 4 v 4 r 1 If You can not make a mistake when you buy these lines The Best Place in Town to Eat 3 E 1 r 1 1 I I I Rupert Idaho 1, E Rupert, Idaho Judge. "Have you ever appeared as a witness before?" Black' "Yes, your honor." Judge: "In what suit?" Black "In my blue sergef' 4931- vw.: Gnduring for Centuries The craftsmanship of William Caxton, England's first printer, has endured since 147 6 v ' .i,'. f XX 'v15:i?fiE5f ,"' Qi 1.4 f .-.f 1- :E pm.. g 54 ' Afcifianu. 2:5 I 'i' ',,ri .'1' e r 1' if 2 w ks E- '11, ' 44 4 ev-var if s, 2 n 2- fiessiegegi :fe ls HX ll I 'lfffh -ownueu. .. - ,, .,.. -1-X xv K By their craftsmanship The Caxton Printers, Ltd. of Caldwell, Idaho have sought to honor the name of the first English printer since the firm was established in 1902. The same craftsmanship which has caused the Northwest Books, published by The Caxton Printers, Ltd., to be acclaimed as among the best examples of the printers' and binders' art of the day is used in the production of Caxton-made school annuals. Che Carton Printers, Ltd. Caldwell, Idaho Printers and Binders of Fine Yearbooks Since 1902 -l94l' vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv WHITEHEAD 3 Furniture Company 1 4 4 TWO BIG STORES I The Best Place to Buy Quality j Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, Washers, and Floor 1 Coverings at , Lowest 1 Prices 4 You Furnish the Girl We'll Furnish the Home 4 4 Burley, Idaho Rupert, Idaho: Phone 165 Phone 12 ' I-, -U ..r.. -,,--I-J 4 P 4 P Quality and Style at Moderate Prices Wesler's Shoe Store "Star Brand Shoes Are Better" Burley Idaho LAAAAAA AAAAx.A.A.4..J. vvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvv1vrwvvrvv1 M. H. King Co.Q 5c to Sl Stores' BURLEY and RUPERT 5 other stores at Montpelier Jerome 4 Gooding Rexburg Buhl - 1 I We Appreciate your Business 1 4 4 4 P 4 P 4 r P Sales and Service We Sell Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac We are also prepared to give you complete service Hanzel Chevrolet Co. BURLEY IDAHO Phone 60 4 ---,-----,,A-A-,------A,,,,,-, 5,A,,,,,,,A Miss Bourg to the primary class: "Be kind to insects." We never lose an opportunity of patting mosquitoes on the back. Ash: "Did you miss any classes today ?" Hedrick: No, but I wasn't there for three." -l95l' The Blue Eagle Has a Very Real Meaning Here One of the very first organizations to display this symbol of the industrial "New Deal" was the J. C. Penney Company. To qualify required no great preparation . . . no drastic "reorganization," For the Penney stores had been conducted on N. R. A. principles ever since the first of these stores was founded. . . back in 1902. J. C. Penneyis idea was simple. Employees were to have a chance to share in ownership. Wages would provide for real living, not bare existence. Each sale would show a small profit, but there would be many sales. Merchandise would be plainly marked, sold for just what it was. Experience would be pooled to develop uprating efiiciency at rock bottom cost. Waste would not be tolerated. Commonplace phrases today . . . but "revolutionary" in the mercantile world of 1902! Today there are nearly fifteen hundred Penney stores, living proof that the principles for which the "Blue Eagle" stands are sound, that the difficulties can be overcome, that co-operation will make such a plan win out. That's why the J. C. Penney organization believes in the "New Deal." It has seen it work for 31 years! J. . Burley, Idaho Rupert, Idaho Annis Jones: "I've added up these colums ten times, Joe." Simonsen: "Good for you." Annis: "And here are the ten answers." Prescott: "What would you say if I'd throw a kiss to you?" Sullivan: "I'd say that you were the laziest man in the world." 496 l' v-v-v1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,',-vvqvw rv-wvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 5 f urniture j b SEGAL p 4 4 I We pride ourselves in having the j Q O 4 :most Complete Sflock of new and: : Cleaners and Tailors 1 ,up-to-date furniture ln Cassla , , 4 I County. Come here for your 1 ' p 4 P ' Simmons Mattresses and Springs I Are you HFUSSYH ' I Kroehler Living Room Furniture . , about yOll1' Clothes? l Whittall Wilton Rugs 1 P i Grunogv Roggigeriators , G ld l . 4 , Osealgff Lingiizglum ' E The Cost IS the Same but the I I And Many other Lines of 1 Workmanship is Second to None I Reputable Merchandise 1 I 1 p 4 F 5 4 I SWEETS FURNITURE UU I I 1 p 4 ' "Our Furniture Will Make Your ' ' r 4 ' 7 , . I House A Home, I : BURLEY 5.10 N. Owerland IDAHO I I B RL Y 1nAHoI I A I , U E 1 L A 1 lrzvvf vvvv- vv v- yvvvv , 4 ' r Burley ' KLINK'S 4 5 n r , 4 P , ' E PHOTOS-FLOWERS-MUSIC 2 GO' 3 I BURLEY 1D.AHo 1 P 4 I H. L. HARPSTER, Proprietor j , 4 . I . v -AA ----,...,--- .,-.,, , 4 ' Wholesale and Retail Dealers 4 T'v1vvvvvvrv'vwvvvvv vvv Butter Nut Bread 1 g cakes, Pies, cookies 5 :AMERICAN MARKETf r . 1 A FAIR, SQUARE, JUST 1 Q Mason gf M"a' I 1 : Wholesalers and Retailers of Meat 4 p For sale at your Grocers , 1 , 1 PHONE as , 3 BURLEY IDAHO Burley Idaho A444444 AAAAAAAAAAALIAAAAZ l' Q r 4 Boden: "Can you keep a secret? Andy: "Sure," Boden: "I need to borrow some money." Andy: "Don't worry. It's just as if I'd never heard of it." 4971- rv vvvrvvwvvvv vvvvw 4 4 4 Before You Buy Any Car At Any Price Drive the New 1934 Ford V-8 fs. 4 WY 7,2 R. C. Davidson , otor Company Burley AA ---AA----,--tA,,A--------LA-,---- AAAAAA Idaho WILKES P P 5 Tasty Foods : I Meet your friends in Every-3 I body's Store-with a full table . ' supply at a saving I 1 P E Bu1'ley's Finest Food Store r r P 4 r 4 r 4 P 4 r 4 v 4 v 4 r 4 r 4 r 4 r 4 r 4 r 4 r 4 r DeSoto The Last Word in Motor Cars A New Sensation Cars Ranging from 3715.00 to 51279.00 4 4 C. C. Campbell 1 4 4 Hupmobile Graham f 4 I 128 M ' Ph 462 3 f am one DeSoto Plymouth . , Burley, Idaho 4 I Burley Idaho I ll r L .....AAAA..A A .... AA1.1. . - -41 - AAA.A. 1. .....A.A...... , - -11 Ralph Hepworth dreading! : "The mountaineers were afraid to go out at night on account of feudsf' Masoner finterruptingbz "What is a feud, Ralph?" Ralph Cdesperatelyb : "I-I don't know. It must be a wild animal, I guess." -I 982- -..J vvv-rv Irvw vvvv vvvvvw vvvv vvv vvvvvv - . Sprogue's Sport Shop E TOILET ARTICLES POCKET KNIVES GUNS TACKLE i BILL FOLDS HUNTING KNIVES WATCHES TENNIS SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE P 'V , BEN F. SPRAGUE, Proprietor b 4 P 4 4 BURLEY IDAHO Ask 5 D. E. JOHNSON 0 , i I S 1 Licensed Mortician ICE CREAM l Ambulance Service I Coroner of Cassie County Made from Sweet Cream . 4 - p , PHONE 27 I 4 , 130 West Main Street I Burley Twin Falls I f Burley Idaho Bingham: "There is one word in the English language that will make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me ?" Fitch: "No!" Bing: "That's the word." -i99l' vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwvrvvvwv lllflllbifilllvi ' BURLEY IDAHO The only exclusive Men's and Young Men's Store in Cassia County. If you have been told you are hard to lit, try us. A suit for every type. The recognized center for Young Men's togs. FRIENDLY FIVE SHOES COLBY HATS ---i-,Ai-,------- ll i vvv Neat Appearance Takes You Farther For complete satisfaction Send your clothes to the Burley Laundry BURLEY IDAHO GEORGE H. SCHOLER JEWELER Reliable Watches and Fine Diamonds Watch and Jewelry Repairing DR. GEORGE P. SCHOLER Optometrist Eyes tested and Glasses Fitted Burley Idaho ---A-------tA,-AAA----t,-A- CRATERS OF THE MooN A deep dark cavern in the earth Where boiling, molten lava rang A hot, remorseless sun Above a dreary, cinder-laden landg The pines that would grow tall and straight 1 , High in the canyons cool and dim, Are there warped, stunted, twisted things At a crater's yawning rim. Plants, young and struggling in the spring, Soon feel the summer's scorch- . ing sun, And shrivel, curl, and die of thirst, Beside a stretch of lava-run. Above, the swimming heat waves drift, Beneath your feet the hot paths ie- Around you, ages dead and drear- Beyond, you, ages yet to die. GLADYS GRAY. vv vvvrvvvvwvvvv vvvvvwvvvvvvv Bingham: "Yessah, Ah's a great singahf' Dunn: "Wheah did you-all learn to sing?" Bingham: "Ah graduated from a correspondence school." Dunn: "Boy, you sho' lost lots of yo' mail." , Grace Gleason: "Hey, get up! You're sitting on some jokes I cut out. Marion Snyder: "I thought I felt something funny." 11001- 4444444444 vvvvvwvrvvvvvvv vvvvvv vvvrwvvvvv vvvvrwvrvv' arlow Food Store QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES P I We pride ourselves in being Burley's only locally 'I owned and operated meat and grocery store. b P P BURLEY IDAHO vvvvv vvvvvvvrvvvvvvvrvy rvwvvv vvvvvvv- 2 BURLEY DRUG UU. P P 5 Nauonal Hotel P me aww mm E and COHLCC 5 E Where You Save With Safety 5 BURLEY IDAHO ' ' E Send your telegrams by Postal? 6 I ' 3? P open 7 a. m. to 12 p. m.- in the National Lobby BURLEY, IDAHO 4 ' 4 4 ' 4 LA+AnA-A-xA.: AAAAAAA ALA..-445.4 -AAA . A--Q AAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAA AAAA- Dick Jones: Just because my watch isn't going is no reason you should stay here all night." Miss Whitcomb: "What's a parasite ?" Jack Gregg: "Me?" Miss W.: "Yes, now name another." -'I 101 I- P V rvvvvv vvvrvvvvv We are pleased to dedicate this space to the students P of Albion State Normal ' We extend our Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1934 ROPER' BURLEY RUPERT I IDAHO P I, , A,,,,,,,,.,,,,--A----AAAA-A,----- P P P P P P P P P Burley Bottling Works P P b E Manufacturers and Bottlers of I High Grade Soft Drinks and b b Fountain Syrups PHONE 55 P P P E Burley Idaho P P VT 'rvwvvvv Pioneer Seed Sr 3 Grain Co. j I ESTABLISHED 1909 1' E Wholesale and Retail Dealer j 1 ' QUALITY SEEDS 3 I ' For the Field, Flower and II Vegetable Garden I Distributors of ALCOM FEED 4 Phone 28 ABERDEEN COAL , 4 P 1 1 I Burley Idaho 3 P ,.------.-------,-A---------- DAAAA------,---,,AAA,----A--f Harold Gray to his Dad Riley has one wife too many ?" : "Paw, does bigamy mean that a man Riley: "Not necessarily, my son. A man can have one wife too many and still not be a bigamistf' 4102!- rvvv vvv vvvvvvvvvrvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvv V P I Some folks go to college for a four-year loaf. All good housewives insist on SUNNY VALLEY FLOUR for their daily loaf y X ' If 1 Sold by 4 X E All Grocers Q Manufactured by Quality L0 2 'I'he Burley 5 TH! BURHY flflllll MILLS A : Uniformity s.,S:Sh7:f:::1i.u. Flour Mllls ...T A Burley, Idaho r P 1 r L4-AAA fv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvv PAULSON Use Jewelry Co. P P Home of Fine Diamonds and 3 ' Good Jewelry Benjamine Moore's 1 GRUEN WATCHES , Paints and ' I Muresco Kalsomine ' , 4 , Farmers' Equity 3 I Burley Idaho E E Phone 111 Burley 4 V 4 K 4 P ' LA-,---A----A---L,-,-A-,-------A1 g...,--------L,A,-- ,-,A-:- Hazel Sill: "Don't you love riding?" E. Bryson: "Yes, but we're in town now." r Ruth Moyer: "Louise, your hair is all mussed up. Did Forrest kiss you against your will?" Louise: "He thinks he did, Ruth." 4 103 I- fvvvwvvvvvvvvwvvvvvwvvvv v vvvwvvvv vvrvvvvv ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS of Cassia and Minidoka Counties Burley and rpbeum Cbeatres ileon Cbeatre Rupert, Idaho , 4 DIRECTION OF HARRIS-VOELLER THEATRES 4 ? 4 4 Up to Date with Latest Development in Talking 3 Picture Equipment 4 E Western Electric Wide Range Recently Installed in the Burley and the Wilson Theatres C SOUTHERN IDAHO'S BEST EQUIPPED THEATRES P 41 , .I y 4 ,, ......... ,,-,u ...... ,,,,,A,,,,,,,, ..... ...I..... U ...I. I -,, -M-Irene Nipper was giving her class of young pupils a test on a recent natural history lesson. "Now, Marvin Tremaynej' she said, "tell We where the elephant is found." The boy hesitated for a momentg then his face lit up. "The elephant, teacher," he said, "is such a large animal it is scarcely ever lost." -I 104 l- Ont umm i56XJ"Z Y THINGS OF LIFE.. AMONG Tl-IE FINER 'l'eeming with school spirit and tradition . . . engravings of course . . . and what is even more pictures so perfect they seem alive . . . set in important. . .the extremely helpful advice and unusual artistic arrangements of horders, type suggestions of college people . . . who have puh- aud theme. Old friends, good times . . . a library lished annuals themselves . . . who know in of memories in fine book form . . . that is what Western offers every yearhook staff . . . perfect WESTERVN ENGQAVING s- Cotomvps co. 2lu,.ssATTLs ENGRAVING CO. advance what the very newest ideas and designs will be. Why not have this wonderful service for your annual each year . . . many school leaders insist on Western engravings . . . avail- able for over twenty-five years. ft: -tr str 'Cr M f, f 'Rs X ah -' Q . ,' I, ,mga-L ff ' l if W a il L it if -it lt t ex ' ' 'lu 'tt "2 i ,., .- 3 1' 11 3 a trafalfft, , i Eh Ml IU ! 1 if' 4 2 1' jr l temfff Uftffvia I 'aa' L ' " Vit 1 '14 Xi," 'fl txl, lil! 'iii ffm. XW QW! lil p hm L if Q 'iiss"' :?b t. VV- 4 V' i 'lp :Y Mars.- ,f UMA- VA, Tr Wfxvw c ty f I--ia fs. , , 'H' 1' K ' 1 i 1 ,W--f-1, -' , , -I - N ' f F-W Q :I ff' f -f ' thx T .QQ T 47 X t A I 4 ll r. A f-Y:1.- ' ,N - " .tl --- f ' kr :N .'f Y M sg- I , v..,o , 1, j k x lf -4.1 ' -A L 4 , 2: A X- N " fa' Al If i , X 9 , -- s 4' J 1 1 A ,, , f. i I I i .. I fflwhf u ' O . I V A, 41051- , J , I I . - . f. Aff., 1 I ,I .41 FIAJM. P P P P b b P r P Flvw vvvvvv vv'vvvv4Tvv7 vvvrvvvvvvv ,. :X i 5 Wish to say we greatly appreciated the privilege of making photographs for students and faculty of Albion Normal. Whether used for cuts or gifts to friends we desire to , please each and every one. We hope our acquaintance , will continue and that we shall be allowed the pleasure K of making more pictures of you in the future. . MR. and MRS. C. E. JACOBY , Twin Falls, Idaho T-vvvv vvvrwvvv vvvrvw vvvv Z' fvvv vv,y-Q: I Insurance and Bonds I C105 Book Store ' I Books I . ' ' Stationery 3 I Office Equipment .Peavey-Taber Co.: Gm Goods I Incorporated I , ' Pictures ' Periodicals P I : : I 121 min West Telephone 254 I Twin Falls Idaho I I Twin Falls, Idaho 4-444.1 AAAAAAAAA es.: AAAAAAAAAAAA 1 : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ivan Dunbar CFuture admiralj : "Say, what's the idea of wearing my rain coat?" Carlson CDitto7 : "You wouldn't want your new suit to get wet, would you ?" 41061- ' I O O I ldoho Department Storei One of Idaho's Largest Department Stores Gladly Contributes this Space to Students of ALBION STATE NORMAL SCHOOL "If it isn't right bring it back." 1 E Twin Falls Idaho 5 r 4 n-,----.------A ---,,,-.-n----------4 irevvv-vvv- vvvv vvnvvv P 4 r 4 gNeW Fnni V-8 For 1934 j g M ark eteria Q IS 4 1 , 1 The Store of I Americas Fastest Selling Car 1 Quamv and Service 4 E Also a Home Owned Independent I Store I ' 4 ' 4 QAM E Twin Falls Idaho Twin Falls Idaho f r 4 P 4 4 r 4 ---5-,----,-------,,------A-n, n.------------------------A--i, Biggers Cln art classJ : "Do you think it's right to punish folks for things they haVen't done ?" Teacher: "Why of course not, Leon." Biggers: "Well, I didn't do my art work." -I 1071- vy 66 1 FOR SMART FOOTWEAR ' McE1Wain's ' I The Dependable Shoe House"3 I ' ZDuncan McD. Johnston Z JEWELER Twin Falls, Idaho "Where High Style and Comfort meet" 40 No. Main Twin Falls 3 4 P 4 P AAAAAAAAAAA --------,---A., ,.-,,,----- ----t,--- .- vvvvvvrvwvvrvwvvvvvvvvrvw 'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrwvvvvv SEE RILEY'S For Hats, Suits, Coats, and Dresses BUTTER KRUST A BREAD Always Something New I Twin Falls Idaho P A-,---------- II--- 4 Royal Bo lcery ,-vvvvrwvrwvvv vvvv P 5 The Brunswick P P 1 Q Cigars-Lunch-Bar-Cards I :Pabst Blue Ribbon on Draught TWIN FALLS, IDAHO ' I I Next to Orpheum Twin Falls 1 P r AA---,A------------------A4 A-,AAAAAAAAA--A--A----------- Miss Alexander called for a sentence using the word "beans" "My father grows beans," said Johnny Spencer. "My mother cooks beans," came from Sullivan. Then Carlson piped up, "We are all human beans." 41082- rv rv vvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvw 3 fffw G s.iFw00L""T1 ' "C" "Nora-..-r W No More Blind Shopping for Rugs! When you see that blue and gold label on the edge of one of our rugs, you'll know it's a product of the Bigelow Weavers . . . craftsmen who, for 108 years, have been making rugs distinguished for both beauty and service. We're always proud to feature Bigelow rugs-they offer you unusual value at today's prices! 538-50 Hoosier Furniture Co. Elks Building Twin Falls, Idaho and up for a 9x12 fFull range of styles and sizesj 5-AJAAAAAA-----------A--,AAAAAAA----A----A-A-------,---L4,- On his tour with the glee club, Mr. Weisel came before a class of girls He Wrote on the blackboard, "LXXX." Then, turning to a good-lookinf girl in the front row, he asked: "Young lady, I'd like to have you tell me what that means." "Love and Kisses," replied Turner's little sister. -l 109 I- A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE i S-V-E snsvlaus-vm Euolslsnco ' STORE5 TWIN FALLS, IDAHO A-- AAAs.:AAAA AAAAAAg4.44.4vAAAA vvvvvrvvvwvvvvvvv Mountain State Implement Co. Distributors of Oliver and Moline Implements, Globe Stoves and Ranges, Key- stone Fence and Wire Products, Haag Washing Machines, De Laval Separators and Milkers, and a General Line of Hardware and Implement Supplies Idaho Stores Located at Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Buhl, Preston Rupert, Shelley, Blackfoot rv vvvrvwvvvvvvvvv vvv Berman-Svnhen Munir Gln. Exclusive dealers CONN, Pan American and Cavalier Band Instruments Westinghouse Refrigerators, Ranges and Appliances Elks Building TWIN FALLS IDAHO r ,.--,,----,--,-------------f --,.,----------------------,A-, Ethel Smout: "She told me that you told her the secret I told you not to tell her." Wanda Otto: "The mean thing! I told her not to tell you I told her. Ethel Smout: "Well, don't tell her that I told you she told me." 41101- vvvrwvrvvwvrvwvvvvvvvvvvvv vvwvvv vvvvrvwvvvvrvvvvv P P 4 P 4 I Concentrating on nationally advertised lines of men's apparel 1 P 4 4 , OWLES- ACK o. E Good Clothes Hart Schaffner Ki Marx Clothes Stetson Hats Wilson Bros' Furnishings Interwoven Socks TWIN FALLS, IDAHO P P 4 P 4 P - 4 4444-3444-AAQAAAQAAAQAA-n4JAA- vvwvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvvrvvvvvrvvv vvv P P 4 5 Speer's Coffee 2 EKINGSBURYS 2 P 4 P g Shop g PHARMACY 2 IE J Howard Speer Prescriptions Filled 3 , ' 1 n I , 3 : A GOOD PLACE T0 EAT ' g We serve the most delight- . , PQPULAR PRICES Eful home cooked lunch inj ' T ' F 11 7 SODA FOUNTAIN Wm a S 3 4 4 4 4 4 P 4 ' i 4 . 4 , 120 Main Ave. NO. I I v14WIN FALLS IDAHO I ' TWIN FALLS IDAHO 4 ' 4 P P P 4 , 1 L,-----------,-,,t.-I----,,,,.,.,1 P,,,,---I-,,-I,,,-------,,,,,,,. Margaret Andrews was making a strenuous effort to get good attend ance' in her room. Looking over her class one morning, she saw that all except one were in their places. "This is fine!" she exclaimed. "All here except Leland Tremayne, and let us hope that it is something serious which keeps him away." - -111110 rvvv rvvrvvvvvrvwvvvv I SERVICE--QUALITY-DEPENDABILITY Where style right merchandise of High Quality t sells at the price you wish to pay C. C. Anderson Co. .TWIN FALLS IDAHO I -AAs.4.: AA--- nA-w-A-AAs4A-AA-2 'A""""" 14-'AAASA-444-'AAAAA-A-Lil i Where I Came From ' V P ' There's sagebrush and soapweed, I Cactus and sand, I And shimmering heat waves ' All over the land. P f There are sand hills and sand E toads, Coyotes and rats, f Rain storms and wind storms I And several bobcats. P ' There are bull snakes and r ' rattlers, And prairie-dog holes, Mosquitoes and bedbugs, And little ground moles, P E . There are black ants and red r , ones, ' And two-toned ones, too, r f Lizards so poisonous P n u I Their tails are blue. FAAAAAA.AA---,---,-A..AA---- n44.:A There are cedars and pinons, Greasewood and rocks, Gullies and mountains And magpies in docks. I There are Mexicans, Indians, And legends so old Of wars and reunions, Spirits and gold. In fact this whole valley With its lizards and snakes Is one step from heaven's Wide, gold, pearly gates. The wonders I've told you And the wonders I forgot Are things just like Ripley's 1 "Believe it or not!" HOWARD WELLINGTON. . -- .A.i....... ....... M ..... I "N ow, miss, what gear were you in at the time of the accident ?" asked Mr. Nash. "Oh, I had on a black beret, tan shoes, and a tweed sports dress," answered Marion Snyder. 41121- lgvvvwvvvvrvwvvrvvvv vv vrvvvvrwvvv vvvvrvvvvvvv P P P P P P g D. L. EVHDS 85 CO. E P r , For 32 years this bank has served this community and the Normal I School. Because of its solid and conservative policy it passed the I depression without a default. " Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1934 BANKERS SINCE 1902 4 4 g ALBION IDAHO P , 4 3 4 --n44.4.z--4..-AAA--Ax.4.4-AAA-n44.4.4AAAL4.4AA--1.+AAAAL4.4.fAAAA AAA-4.4. It vvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvv rw vvvvvrvvvwvvvrvv vvvvvvvv rvwvvvvvvvrq- b I The Oregon Trail Herd Owned and Operated by C. H. Shaw Pure Milk and Cream I This herd is tested twice a year for tuberculosis, bana- 1 bortion, all bag udder ailments. 1 Milk utensils are sterilized under a temperature of 200.2 1 degrees Fahrenheit. ' DELIVERED TWICE DAILY Albion Idaho E 4 4 Dudley: "That dentist wasn't painless." McClusky: "Why, did he hurt you?" Dudley: "No, but he yelled when I bit his finger." And then there was the fellow who thought he was a violin-he'd been strung by the girls so much. -I 113 :- "'v'wvvvv 4 Albion Drug 4 v PiH'n'h5HHHHHH'u'hHHHHHH5HH'J5H5H'u'iH'fq'u'u'n5H'i'i'nH"5'u5H Electrical Appliances Stationery Gifts Lunches Cold Drinks Films Cosmetics School Supplies Drugs Tobacco 4 Pins Q Candy Jewelry , Pennants Q Magazines First Aid w'.'wu.'.'.'.'.'.'u'.uuua'.'Qu'.'n-.'.u'.n'.H.'.v.'.a'.u-.-.uva'.w.'s'-H MRS. MARJORIE TUCKER PROPRIETOR P P , 4 , 4 Lxexz AAAAAAAAAAA nr AAAAA L44. AAAAAAA gf AAA-AAAAAAA -3 The boys in McMurray have reached the height of efficiency-they pull their sox from either end. Black: "May I have the pleasure of the next dance, Ruth ?" Ruth B.: "Why, certainly, if you can find someone to dance with." 11141- vvwvvvvvrvwvvvvvvvrvvvvvv 'vwvvv vvv ESTABLISHED MAY 24, 1889 The Hagar Store The Home of Quality Merchandise Sells Nationally Advertised Products ' Fair, Square, and Courteous Treatment to All ' Let Us Serve You FRED HAGAR Albion MISS ELLIS J. HAGAR Idaho .QA-LAJAAAA-M4.1AAL4.4.4-AAAAg4.4.4.44..4-Ax.:AAA1.4:A-AAAAAAA-AAs.1AAA ALBION GARAGE CO. We Handle Goodyear Tires and Ac- cessories, Conoco Oils and Gasoline. First Class Service Guaranteed. Call and Get Our Prices. ENGELKING 8: SATCHWELL Proprietors Albion Idaho --L4A-LA-,----------- ------- GRAY HILLS Gray hills-- Lying in the evening sun, You are ever a challenge to me When Work is done. You lie remote- Perhaps untrod by human feet, A mystery-unknown, unsolved. Watching, I hear the beat rv? Of ancient drums- Tom-toms resounding from your slopes. Is this the answer? Graves of a yester-year? Ghosts of long-dead hopes? N ay-be not sog Ghosts are drear things, at best. I would that you a message had Of youth, of zest For life-of happiness- Joy in living. And ever going on, Let me probe your depths, oh hills, Until the dawn Of greater understanding. And I no more am lost But have found happiness, Gray hills. -LEON D. B IGGERS vvvvrvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv "Am I good enough for you?" sighed Ivan Dunbar. "No," Alda replied candidly, "you're notg but youire too good for ally other girl." Mr. Powers: "This exam will be conducted on the honor system Please take seats three seats apart and in alternate rows." . 41151- vvvvvvvrvwvvvrvvvv vvvrwvrvvwvrv-wvvv 4 4 Commencement days are here again and we take this space to P P n n 1 P express our appreciation for the business we have enjoyed from the 1 P I members of the Normal. I P b P , We extend our heartiest congratulations to the members of the I I senior class for having finished their school work and wish them the ' 4 4 I greatest of success in their chosen profession. P I We are looking forward to the pleasure of seeing all of the juniors I ' and faculty back next year and of the continuation of their business , P 4 4 E support. 1 C 5 ISI. F'. ahone 110.5 v 4 P 4 P 4 T ,,,vv,,. vvvvvvvvvvv , vi- Evvvvvvrvivvvv-vw vvvvv v vvvfvj y 4 4 P 4 ' i POOL HALL 4 Albion Meat I 4 M 1 t 1 Billiards Ice Cold Beer 1 HI' Q l I 6 I Men's social center 4 P ' Jon coox, Proprietor 3 DEALERS IN , , , Albion Idaho 4 p r 4 ' Choice Beef ' ' 4 4--AAA --A...-A-Ai..--A-41. 'I Y. vv,v ,,,. ,,,, ,,,,,,,, . , Pork Veal 2 i I v 4 , U 4 : Smoked and Cured Meats 3 Albion Telephone Omce of Kinds E 'If ounservice pleases you, tell your 3 I fl'l6l'lllSQ if lt does not, tell the manage- 4 , 4 I ment. I Albion 111111110 E M. G. BRESLIN iAA:iAAAg44.: AAAAAAAAAA xg AAAA Al Axxx .... Axxxxxxx. .....,,., A l I lone Fitch: "Does Professor Woodie like you '?" Marjorie Holman: "Oh, he must. At least every paper he hands back to me is covered with kiss marks." Miss Alexander: "What do you like best about Shakespeare?" Betty S.: The fact that he is dead." -1 116 I- A.: vvvvvvvvvvvrvvvvvlw vrvvvwvvvvvvvvrvvwvvvrwvvvv Manufacturers of High Grade Flour Brands Jeromo lcloloelle Glory Sno Kist Sunny Sally Breakfast Food Sun Rise Pan Cake Flour R. G. FREEMAN, Mgr. Jerome Milling 6- Elevator Co. Jerome, Idaho A.-- AA--t44-,AAAAAAAA 444444444441 """'""""""""""j We take a great deal of pleasure in doing what we can, in our small way, to support the activi- ties of the Albion State Normal School P 4 r 4 V 4 b 4 r 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 b 4 r 4 P 4 5 4 4 4 4 b b r P F P P P r F P P P P b 4 CHALLENGE Butter, Cheese, and Ice Cream "Pride of Idaho" Butter MANUFACTURED BY IERUIVIE CU-UPERATIVE IIREAIVIIERY Owned and controlled by over 3000 Dairymen of Southern Idaho. SLOGAN: A Co-operative Dairyman on Every Farm. 4: . ' , , Manufacturmg Plants CO. 3 I BURLEY RUPERT JEROME P Ford Dealers Jerome, Idaho I : TWIN FALLS GOODING -----.-------------------,.l L-l,-,.,,i,,,,,,, One day I was taking tea with Mr. Woodie, when his little daughter Patty came back from Sunday School with an illustrated card in her hand "What's that you have there, little one ?,' Mr. Woodie asked. "Oh," said Patty, "just an ad about heaven." 41171- vvvvwvvvrwvvr-7 vv PROVE TO YOURSELF 4 -that you're a discerningl buyer and to your associates I that you know how to dress well I by coming to The Puritan Men's Store In Jerome 5 4 "Before buying a farm,l investigate the North Sidel Project, Twin Falls Northj ESide Investment Company,f Limited, Jerome, Idaho. 4A4444.,A I A single star. A circle 'round the moon. The hoot owl's call. The night hawk's cry as down The wind he comes. The smell of apples Blossoming. And everywhere The calm, sweet silence Of the night. My soul is stilled And listening. -MABEL R. MILLER 4 v'v1 rvvvrvvvwvvvvvrvvvvvvvvvvrv- AN UNNAMED LONGING There's a hidden sort of sweet- ness In the soft and friendly night, And some vague anticipation seems , To fill me with delight. There is some elusive magnet Surely lifts my heart on highg There is something I must strive for- Something I must have or die. But how can I well define it, When I cannot touch its might? It stays with me-I can't leave it, It is never out of sight, In the woodland, on the meadow, In calm weather and in storm, It is always there to haunt me, And it leaves me all forlorn. CATHERINE TURNER QUOTED "By the shores of Cuticura, By the sparkling Pluto water, Lived the Prophylactic Chiclet-- Danderine, fair Buick's daugh- terg She was loved by Instant Pos- tum, Son of Sunkist and Victrola, Heir apparent to the Mazda, Of the tribe of Coca Cola. Through the Tanlac strolled the lovers, Through the Shredded Wheat they wandered, 'Lovely little Wrigley Chiclet,' Were the fiery words of Postum, 'No Pyrene can quench the fire, Nor an Aspirin still the heart- ache, Oh, may Prestolite desire, Let us marry, little Djer Kiss !' " Ballard: "Honestly, now, you'd never have thought that this car vvvvrv-vwvvvvvvvrvwvvvvvvvvv mine was one I bought secondhand, would you ?" Anderson: "Never in the world. I thought you'd made it yourself! -i 1181- ! of LQ , fa? 'WJ 4, Q-ug' WC ffh "N iii! f2LjgQkf1.13mW,Jw HyM me5iQJiw 5fJZ,afff5fiQJz2?5 5 C11 CL - 140 'ffm L'Jm,'f f xc GE Log ,-, . - . .ff- r i N i gW55 f 7-XEQQWMMMM 1S5 IQLQMKMMM igiiftg flifxigg WEEK f MMFN 1 U5 UMW ' M .jpg XM W VM fJf7 W MMV ' www WA fy Q WW fM',gi 5 X55 K 4 ,W 2.3: E AWN MM ,ff Rgxi sa- axis Egikggklw xl 'XFX . EESHQQQ , 0,, V, WI 4 3 A 1 -,w'ww'1-1-'21-'1"1"1'f ' ' " " ' " ' '-"' ' 4 s s A A? 2 'J 1 y J gl 4 M . .. ... J. .A A .n n ., n L i r w 1 1 - . v. , V. Y. ' -... . A A V , -4. . W J! 1. QL -fqw::.2rfrmn1'f1f..mwymx - .- 'f v4

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