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v , . H TORCH ALBION JEFFERSON SCHOOL Albion Indiana 1958 Volume 5 I D KN ID RIC HMAN ION 'IIIONIAS NIA H II Al S'III.I I zz 1 IRA C BRIII. lil! fn' , , ,,,, , , ,f ' , ' fifwfmw IIQVQQ 1 , , SANDRA IIIfRI1NDIfIfN I I ' , I I' . U 5 , 1 21: g s K ' Q lu--.QL ,i J It X ' AX x f y :uw - jN wi , 1 1 if Q - ,, , .- I Y? Q Y A' y ' .:::f.?i ,LL 4. Af.: ..-ff l I Edilar DAVID RICHMAN Auiflwzl Edimr JANE LYNN CLOUSE Adi: ilief GLENN GAERTE ANGELA BAIQMAN Spur!! Edilors STEVE SMITH JERRY FRYINIIER Deparlmenlx Ediforf LORRAINE STOUT JANICE XWORKIVIAN ROGER WOLFE FAY WILSON Bufineu M.1IIJ,2?fJ JOHNNY THOMAS SANDRA HERENDEEN THE TORCH STAFF-Fin! faux' Steve Smith, David Richman, Jane Lynn Clouse, Jerry Frymier. Serond rout Sandra Herendeen, Fay Wilson, Jonny Thomas, Glenn Gaerte, Lorraine Stout, Janice Workman, Roger Wolfe, Angela Bauman. THIS IS OUR SCHOOL . . . Jefferson School YES, OUR SCHOOL, OUR YEAR, IN ALL THESE WAYS bf L, U5 Activities. THEY SERVE US WELL QW? Rev. Richter, Pastor of the Lutheran Churchg Rev. Workman, Pastor of the Evangelical United Brethren Churchg Rev. Mitt-hener, Pastor of the Wfeslevan Methodist Church: Rev. Green, Pastor of the First Methodist Churth. These ministers contribute to our school life by their kind understanding and their wise counseling. .af ni SCHOOL BOARD Through the organization, planning, and foresight of these men, we have a good school plant and n good school. 'MA 4' 3 THIS IS OUR SCHOOL THIS IS OUR YEAR WE ARE A PART OF IT! i fill I -fa at Y .' AQ 'Nv- A-415 N X Rig STUDENT COUNCIL'-Ififuf rozr: Pat Powell. Donna Cooper, Rosemary Bair, Jane Lynn Clouse, .lutly Auld, Glenn Giterte. Nancy Plank, jerry Frymier, President. Second ffm: Marsha Rithnun, Bill MeCQlannh,1n, Suzanne Renkenberger, Annette Slessman. Hollis Metz, -Ierry Vite. Sgtntlm Horsewootl. Tfvmf ron: Mrs. Stuckman. Advisor: Linda Ifriskney, john Vlfinehrenner. Ddnny xY7UI'liI'DL1I1, Bill Neal, lid Wfright. The Student Council represents the student hotly in the organization and administration of the school. This is a very efficient and most co-operative group, and they represent us very well. 'N-? x 1 Us V: A 'Y ' 53+ i c E The voices of the Boys' Chorus resound through the corridors with joyful sound. It makes us know that this is our school and this is our year and we are a part of it. ' 4 Here at Albion jefferson High true friendships attract us and school events engross us. School activities fill our lives throughout the year. Sports showing the Albion jefferson school spirit at its best thrill us, and the many daily lessons challenge us in THIS OUR SCHOOL, IN THIS OUR YEAR! HZ ,,..,....,,...M..-. THE BOYS' CHCRUS lr 1:7 -E' ' v Y 2 . . . AND WE ARE A PART OF IT Enjoying the Record Hop. Albion jefferson Showing its Colorsi OURS IS A GRAND SCHOOL OF CHERISHED MEMORIES . . . Mr. Thompson presents medal to David Richman for the Comprehensive math contest. Knowledge in great abundance awaits us at Albion jefferson. The future challenges us to learn, to achieve, and to serve. The teachers inspire us and traditions guide us. XVe find ourselves busy in all the various phases of a happy school life full of activity and achievement here at Albion Jefferson High. Q '7 Mr. Thompson presents the medal to jonny Thomas for Rotary District Oratorical Contest. T- X. Q 'N , 1 i f IN n-us, 'OUR SCHOOL! A fi W . I e ' v f -,ww ,' v2 0 f AT' M317 'A' 'N Yes, we remember . . . We remember the happy moments of the junior-Senior Prom. with all the girls in their formals resembling a beautiful flower garden and the boys arrayed in their new outfits . . . Yes, it was really a lovely sight? Then. too, we remember our Freshman parties, our Sophomore get-togethers. our junior Canteen. our plays, and all the fun we had. Now all at once we are facing graduation and all it means to us. This is truly our year, our school, and we are a part of it! O STAR DUST THE couples who attended the JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM of 1957 danced to the strains of the melodic music of THE LANCERSH under a canopy of blue and silver streamers extending from large triple stars of silver above down to colonades set off by columns of matching decor. At one far corner of the dance floor refreshments were served while at the other a photographer awaited to take pictures of the bright-eyed couples to help carry on the memory of this gala occasion. OUR SCHOOL . . . The junior Play Cast just Before Rehearsal. GET SET! FOOTLIGHTS! CURTAIN! To your places!,' is a familiar command to all those who have participated in dramatics. First came TEEN TIME when jerry Vice and jerry Frymier portrayed the part of Tim who tried and finally brought about the crowning of Wendy, portrayed by Bette Bowman and jane Lynn Clouse, as the Teen Queen. Next came NO MORE HOME WORK, given September 26 and 27, in which David Richman and Glenn Gaerte in the role of the school principal really had a struggle to get to the State Principals' meeting, but he returned in time to save the day for Pamela, portrayed by Karen Dekko and Hollis Metz, who as president of the Student Council filled in for the principal while he was gone. Long hours of study, days of planning, and three weeks of rehearsal brought about a splendid performance of which we are very proud. Q r' S' F l L,,.,.,.f' I y , f ygfwvfa f 5 5 , if W ., ffm 'pq' ' ww ' :ffl F f 'fix' bn neg V1 Senior Pl,1yC.1st phnning the dcmils for the Play NO MORE HOMIE XVORKV Kwan Dckku .md ,Ywnny 'I'hrrm.u .fx they .lPPC.ll'L'ul ax P.1nicI.1 .md S In XO MORII HOME XYORK. ggafagsswawzvzf V ,,,,,u.,,K,, ., ,,.,,,,.,..W-, , ., . ,, . . , , ,ag ,syn , J A. A . pi- ,V ' ,. MH, . ,QQ .. rms is GUR scHooL . .. li 'ff' P in 4 l, YES M It may be cramming for 5533? 4V,, . . . .But wi-'Sindy . . ' EOURSE WE DO! of simply learning ton1orrow's -lessons W a f :- do! X n'l,l ll 1 is oun YEAR vf- ,La I s 3- V1 r N Q-nun? .-'fi V 1 '-- .,,,,. N 3 , , 4 g ,Y .f , 'I ' ,, . xl w wa-sv ,, ,W F A ' 5 J ' 'i :A i A A , . I T A ' , I Q' ,A'g Q f 6, . 'QL L M s ' Y' ' Aux j' 3-144 . B3 ai' ei: sn.--he :ii ff!- gs- Our principal, Mr. Thompson, is a friendly man who is very much interested in boosting and building a good school system for Albion jefferson School. He watches with pride our many achievements and he wishes for every graduate success in his chosen field of en- deavor. He has a keen interest in all of us students and his sympathetic understanding smooths the paths for many a boy and girl. many other duties. MR. Sl-IOUSE, Arrimzzzt Adfzlizziytnzfoz' Mr. joseph Adair, County Superintendent of Schools, is a most helpful and obliging friend. He is always ready to lend a helping hand when we need him. E: Mr. Shouse, the assistant administrator, is a true Albion-jcffersonite. He is always busy with his many office tasks. his teaching, and his He's a real booster for the school and he en- joys our many activities. MR. ADAIR, Coznzly Superinlendefzt 0 Scboolr. '-QI! Mrs. Phyllis Pepple, our school clerk, is indeed a busy person. She helps us out in our financial tangles and she's a friend to every teacher and pupil. WE fb: Q' FACULTY RALPH HORINE KATHRYN LANTZ ROBERT' MACY Music, Band, English Business Administration Social Studies DONALD MARSH Health, PEW P.E., Coach Social Studies JOHN PLATT MARILU STUCKMAN Social Studies, Assistant Coach Math, SGCHCC, Library OUR FRIENDLY FACULTY - V A -Q. , K xv 1'-,A :ir ' T , ' - 'rms vmuous W cmssnzs , T 'gb S GIFTED DOODLERSL ART CLASS II- Fim muy- jerry Vice, Steve Smith, Byron Black. Second row: joe Norris, Duane King, Nyla Truelove. Sketching, lettering, sculpturing, oil painting, figure fashioning, and interior decorating are the fields in which the art department engages. Our artists have done a lot to give Albion jefferson a good name in art. E 'ou .fa ,,Q z.,, , 5-. :sl ,5- ART CLASS I-Fifrl faux' McGuire, john Halsey. Larry Forker, Roger Wolfe, Dave Cory. Second faux' Eugene Souders, Ruth Hollopeter, Dixie Savoie. Rosemary Treesh, Ronny Conrad, jim Elser, Mary Kline, Nancy Langford, Mrs, Fraze, Teacher. Y eve ml . V75 vgy F.H.A. Firft mum' Bonnie McClanahan, Mary Lou Smith, Carolyn Conrad, Edith Stringfellow, Diana Seymoure. Lorraine Stout, President. Kathy Black, Connie Boggs, Janice Engle, Mrs. Weimar, Sponsor. Second row: Shirley Morr, Judith Stull, Diana Rathke, Sherry DeGroff, Ilene Bordner, Rosemary Treesh, Donna Cooper, Karen Dekko, Chloe Ann Beauchamp, Nyla Truelove, Patty Kiester, Pat Powell, Judy Parker, Judy Auld, Sue Thomas, Nancy Marsh. Third row: Judy Vice, Fay Wilson, Linda Allen, Bonnie Winebrenner, Linda Tompkins. Martha Cole. Deana Smolek, Angela Bauman, Dixie nSavoie, Nancy Beck, Jeri Parker. Julia Fraze. Lorene Bohenberger, Linda Addis, Mary Helen Ohlwine. The Future Homemakers of America is one of the outstanding clubs of national scope in our school. It has all the advantages of any social club plus the value of learning the fundamentals of becoming good home- makers and ideal citizens. Jw HOME ECONOMICS CLASS-In the Home Economics Class the girls learn both by doing and hy watching demonstrations. Style Show. L 5? TT I III-X Representatives of the Cowan Chapter. The Albion Chapter of Future Home- makers of America entertained the fall meet- ing of the District F.H.A. Miss Jayne Kirkpatrick, District President, presided. Mr. Thompson, principal of Albion jefferson School, gave the address of welcome. The guest speaker was Rev. Ken Harvey of Fairmount, Indiana. The devotions were given by the Cowan Chapterg the Rose Garden, by the Fairmount Chapterg and the Colors were presented by the Royerton Chapter. This was a very worthwhile meet- ing and our congratulations to the Albion Chapter for bringing this splendid meeting to our school. Represmtatives of Fairmount F.H.A. Chapter. 1 I T Q-1 F.H.A. DISTRICT OFFICERS Jayne Kirkpatrick. District F.H,A. President, and Rev. Ken Harvey, Guest speaker. f I I N X x Representatives of Royerton F.H.A. Chapter. f 5 n C7 . ff sure, 0' gf' E. F.F.A. Fir!! row: jim Smithh, Glen Altimus, Steve Weber, Lyle Ball, Lowell Black, john Halsey, Larry Forker, james Treesh, Richard Pippenger, Terry Clouse, Bob Treesh, Mr. Worman, Instructor. Second row: Danny Pippenger, jerry Campbell, Daryl Owen, Frank Young, Paul Coats, Roger Forker, Ronnie Smith, Carl Donley, Max Pfafman, Richard Campbell, John Winebrenner, David Cory, Robert Parson, Larry Donley, jerry Taylor, Paul Trowbridge. Third faux' Bob Girton, Larry McCoy, Robert Stump, Richard Coats, David Koenig, james Elser, Burt Mawhorter, Art Grawcock, Allen Peterson, Sam Harlan, Ed Wright, Billy Scheurich, Jim Renkenberger, Freeman Dressler, Roger Clouse. Junior Agriculture Class f N K.. Senior Agriculture Class. 9 13 I . -f . 1 . llii ll Z 1 if-GOV I T Ein.. f CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT At work: The I4UI'IUL11.1 fu phur plus Liioxida. Prove it, . 9 ? I I fb-,J use E ua 5 v wc New .. TYPING II AND Sl-IORTHAND CLASS-james Engle, Hollis Metrm. Angela Bauman. Marilyn Johnson. Sue Winebrenner, Mr. Brill. Instructor. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT In the commercial room, the aspiring secretaries of tomorrow's business world learn to take dictation, to transcribe and to type material into correct letter form. In the bookkeeping class, the pupils learn the correct way to keep books. They also learn whether they like this kind of work. THE BOOKKEEPING CLASS asf w XY -fv pf? gh, SPEECH CLASSfIfml mu: Byron Black, joe Norris. Steve Smith. jane Lynn Clouse, Sfrw1d wuz' Glenn Gaerte. Jonny Thomas. Dave Richman, jerry Frymier, Max Pfafman, Ruth Hollopeter. Nyla Truelove. Third max' Betty Weible. Edith Stringfellow. ,lean Priest, Fay Wilstrn. Carolyn Keirn, Larry McCoy. Third wzax' Roger Wolfe, Sandra Heremdeen, janet Smith, Doris Halfcrty. Mrs. Austill. Instructor. The three paths to cultural service - Pleasure derived from writing, speaking, and read- ing is a privilege of all Americans. The library af- fords an ample and well rounded background for every field of education. Writing enables one to put his thoughts on paper, and speaking empowers one to relay his thoughts to others. These three fields- writing, speaking, and reading-are definitely depen- dent on the library. Lu 1, f , .1 5 'I' The juniors learning the essentials of English. ENGLISH FUNDAMENTAL TO OUR PHILOSOPHY AND CULTURE In the English classes we see the intellectual side of our civilization in perspective. Here we learn to read, to analyze, and to understand what we read. We learn to write, to spell, and to increase our vocabulary. Here we become acquainted with the great masterpieces of poetry and prose and through them we learn the great philosophy of living. Good English and courtesy are put into practi- cal application by the office Receptionist. OFFICE RECEPTIONISTS-Doris Halferty. Catherine Seymoure. Hollis Metz. Patricia Prucinsky, Norma Engle. Diana Seymoure, Sandra Herendeen. jean Priest. 'W f uv'X g-O W- 'Ii Freshman English Class. Mr. George illustrates English in practice. Seventh Grade English Class gk Mrs. Carper explains the hack- grouncl of literature to the Fresh- men. S- Y...r-pff Aff. Mr. Horine teaches the .art of discussion Eighth Grade English Class 'sf' J' SOLID GEOMETRY CI.ASSAHovvi1rd Gravlc-ss, Phillip Carter. Glenn G.1erte. Gerald Klop- fenstcin. Mrs. Stuqkman. and David Rirhnmn. Mathematics provides the data that makes the wheels go round. Every high school student during his high school course takes either algebra or general math. It he wants more mathematical knowledge, he may elect to take plane id and solid geoinctry. business urithmetir, .xdmiired Algebra. trigonoinctrv. and tolf lege .ilkgehri The Business Arithmetic Class in HIKING, Pirture of math contestants, DISTRICT AND STATE MATI-I CONTESTANTS -Fifi! faux' Phil Cole. Plane Gcometryz David Rith- rnan. Comprehensiveg Glenn Gaerte. Comprehensive. -vx Sscmxd mu. Monte Bowman. Plane Geometryg .Iohn Wlincbrenner. Algchm: Ronnie Strehv. Algebra. 'A' 1-A A: Q' .mm pu I I ...THISI OUR YEAR... 1. Q ., N' 'V X ,--Hx 105 ,WWWX rx ,Afaf I W-, X H , f .?b if Wag.,-,h , IT IS XVITH GREAT PRIDE WE PRESENT THE SENIORS IN THIS, OUR YEAR, IN THIS, OIIR SCHOOL! BFTTE BOXVMAN Cff7I17llcl'A'l,l1 Band 1, 2, 3, ,ig Mixed Chorus 2, 3. -iz Girls' Chorus 23 Girls' State Delegate 5: Class Play 3. 43 Operetta 1. 21 Grape- vine 41 Student Council 2: FHA li Office Receptionist sig Cheerleader 13 Basketball Queen Cantliclate Z3 Girls' Trio 21 Pep Cluh Secretary 3. JERRY BLYTLER Gt rzswzll Basketball 13 Baseball lg Class Play 5. -ig Grapevine A31 Hunters' Safety Cluh bl. ur' ANGELA BAL'MAN Cu rt: rm vr'.'.1! liancl l. 2. 5. -lg Mixetl f.hurus l. 1. -lg Operetta lg Class Play 4. ll FHA 3. 'EQ GAA 21 'l'ur.h Staff ll Pep Cluh Z, x -sg Latin Cluh 3, BYRON BLACK Generali Bantl 1. 2. 5, -41 Buys' Chorus 53 Mlblwl Chorus 1. 3. 41 Operetta 1: Gray-eune L RICHARD CAMPBELL I or.z!1mz.1l FFA 5. 4. ig AV 51 Lancl judging 3x Poultry Judging 1, 2, 5. JANE LYNN CLOLTSE Band 1, 2. 5. -tg Class Treasurer 5. sig State Music Contest 43 Ensemble sig Opcretta 3: Class Play 5. 4g Student Council 3, 'lg GAA 11 Latin Cluh 1. 2g Mixed Chorus 2. 5. ,ig Girls' State Alternate H Torch Staff 4g Cheerleader 2, 3, -ig Basketball Queen Candidate 3g Torch Assistant Editor rig Citizenship Queen -l. lNlARll.YN CONRAD Cfffrlfllwfill Pep Club ,ig Cafeteria 41 Class Play 5. RONALD CONRAD Srierzre Class Plas' 3. ,Ig Opcretta 11 Stud n C' I 1 Council lg Class Treasurer lg Chorus Q lg Pep Club Z. Grapevine Staff -5. ,inns 4 K an fig. fe. ,, w 'Q-' JABIES ENGLE Co r11mn'ff,1f Cirapexine Staff '13 Class Play 4. DONNA FORKER Co m 71.76?'4'f.1l FHA 1: Class Play 43 Cafeteria -tg Operetta 21 Mixed Chorus 2. 3. -1 Library 4 x. - KAREN DEKKO Gwleml FHA 1. Z. 3. -lg GAA 1, 2, 3, -5 I l, 23 Class Treasurer Ig Cheerleader 1 Flute Trio 1, 23 State Contestant 1, 2 Queen Candidate -ig Ensemble -ig Grape vine fi. Class Play 5, 4: Rotary Oratnri tal Cuntest 1. JAMES IZLSIZR l'ffr.1fim141I FFA l. 2. 3. -lg Land judging 2. ,--xx . ' Q 4-. ' 'Lf 5o':Ag 119' Q0 '09 334' 4 . ' . r5.1 f Band 1, 2. 3. -I1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 5, Al: Girls' Chorus l. 21 Girls' Sextet GLENN ELDON GAERTE Amde mic-Science Class President 43 Student Council 4g Cheerleader 43 Mixed Chorus 3. 43 Class Play 3. 'iQ Pep Club 2. 33 Queen Escort 31 Latin Club 2. 33 Latin Club Presi- dent 2. Reporter 33 Chemistry Contest 33 Regional and State Mathematics Con- test 2. 33 Oratorical Contest 43 English Club Vice President 23 Co-Valedictorian. DORIS JEAN HALFERTY C 0 m werriul Girls' Chorus Z3 Mixed Chorus 3. 43 Class Secretary 11 FHA 2: Student Coun- cil 13 Office Receptionist 3. 'il Class Play 3. fil Grapexine -i3 Basketball Queen Contestant Z3 Pep Club Z, 43 Librarian 1. 2. LARRY EORKER V0f.lIfO1Idf Volleyball 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 33 Baseball lg Track 1. 2. 5, 43 Class Play 3. 43 FFA 1. 2. 5. 43 FFA Sentinel 3. President 43 Crop judging 2. 53 Land Judging 1. 2. JERRY REED IIRYMIER Amdemif Class Officers. Treasurer 1. Vice Presi- dent 23 Student Council 1. 2, 3, 43 Student Council Vice President 5, Pres- ident 43 Latin Club 3. -lg Boys' Chorus 13 Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3. 43 Band 1. 2. 3. 43 Ensemble 3, 43 Quartette 3. 4: Class Play 33 Torch Staff 43 Operetta 1, 23 Track 2, 33 Golf 23 Baseball 1. 2. 3. 43 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: State Music Contest 3. 4. 'Q JOHN HALSEY Vomfiorml FEA 5. 43 FFA Treasurer 43 Projection Club 2. 3. 43 Proiection Club President 43 Class Play 31 Stage Manager 43 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 43 Crop judging 23 Land Judging 33 Cafeteria 4. SANDRA KAY HERENDEEN V!lf:lffl2PI.Il and Commercial Band 1, 2. 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2. 3. 4. Vice President lg Pep Club President 4: FHA 1. 23 GAA 1. 23 Class Play 3. 43 Cheerleader 1. 2. 32 Office Recep- tionist 43 Operetta 23 Student Council 1. RALPH HFNSLFY If70!'il!f07I.I! FFA 2. 3, -lg judging Team 53 FFA Basketlvall 'l' .intl Parliamentary Team 33 Class Play 3. -i. RUTH HOLLOPETER I'of.11ifm.1l'mrari.1n 2. 3, sig Grapevine Staff 4. DEXVAINE KING Gene mf Chorus 2. 3. -X: Class Play 5. -ig Operetta 21 Grapevine Staff ,tg Master of Cere- monies of Basketball Queen Contest in 57-583 Audio-Visual Club. LARRY BICCOY Vomfiorml FFA 1. 2. 5. 4, Crop judging Team 2. 'C-Zi if MARILYN JOHNSON C 0 111 nzeffial Student Council Zg Class Secretary 23 Basketball Queen Candidate Ig Mixetl Clmrus I, 2, 3, sig Operetta l, 21 FHA lg Librarian 21 Pep Club 23 Cafeteria sg Class Play 3, -ig Grapevine Staff ll, CAROLYN KEIRN II0L'.1fffIlIill FHA 15 Grapevine Staff -1. 'lm'-1' PATRICIA MURPHY lf7l1L'.Ilf02I:Jl Band 3. LiQ FHA lg Play 35 Cafeteria 3. 4. LARRY JOE NORRIS General Proiection Club: Play ,lg Grapevine Staff Alg Bowling President 4g Queen Es- cort l LEE Mc'GUlRE l'fff.z1fw1.11 Projection Club 2. 3, 41 Stage Manager Class Play 3. -lg Land judging 2g Crop Judging 2g Queen Escort 1, 33 Cafeteria 413 Vice President Projection Club -l. HOLLIS POLLY METZ Cfm1mer'ri.1l Queen Contest 11 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4g Class Secretary 3, -lg Student Council 3. 4g Class Play 3, -ig Grapevine Staff 4: Office Reception- ist -ig Operetta 1. 23 Pep Club 3, 4. MAX PFAFMAN Vomliomzl l'FA 1, 2. 3. :il Basketball 1. 2, 3, -lg Class Play 3. 4g judging Team lg Grape- vine 41 Track 4. JEAN PRIEST Academic English Club 2g Girls' Chorus 33 Jun- ior Play 3g Girls' State Rep. 3g Latin Club 3, -lg UCL Member 3, 4g Veritas et Scientia Reporter -ig Pep Club -ig Grapevine Staff 43 Senior Play Cast 41 Librarian -ig Office Receptionist 43 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award Qi. 3'- DAVID XVILLLATNT RLCHBIAN Atxldt mic-Scir my National Merit Semi-finalist 463 Regional and State Math Contest 1. 2. 39 Chemistry Contest 33 Boys' State Alter- nate 33 Torch Al: Mixed Ensemble 2. 3. -13 Quartet 1. 2. 3. 43 State Music Con- test Z, 3. Al. Operetta 1, 23 Mixed Cl'l0l'L1S 1. 3. 3. el: Boys' Chorus 13 Band 1. 2. 3, -13 Queen Escort 3. -i3 Latin Club 1, Z: Latin Club President 33 Play 3. 42 PCP Club 2. 3. All Golf 23 Track 1, Z. 3. 'ill Cross-Country 3. 41 C0- Valedietorian. ELLEN JOYCE ROSENOGLE Cnmlzlefrial Latin Club 23 Play 33 Cafeteria A13 Pep Club -1. 4 Us any STEVEN ALBERT SMITH General Basketball 1, Z. 3. Track 1. 2. 3, -53 Cross-Country 33 Golf 2, 3. -13 Base- ball l. 2. 3g Bowling Team 43 Volley- ball 3: Sports Editor Torch 43 Operetta 1, 23 Band 1. 2. 3. '13 Boys' Chorus 13 Mixed Chorus 1. 2. 3. 43 State Music Contest 2. 3, '13 Boys' Quartet 2. 3. -13 Mixed Ensemble 2. 3. 41 Class Presi' dent 23 Student Couneil 1. 23 Student Council Secretary 13 Boys' State 33 Mr. Sophomore 2: National Poetry Contest 31 District American Legion Essay Contest 31 Class Play 3. sig High School Play -l. LORRAINE JOYCE STOUT Cfmzfmrfial .md I'or.1,fior1.1l FHA 1. 2. 3. F83 FHA President 53. Editor 33 English Club Secretary 23 Class Play 3, -13 Pep Club 2, 3. -11 Torch Staff -i, Q9 'X 'H -' Al G . A x ' s .1 :MX DIANA IVIARIE SEYMOURE V 0r.1tion.1l FHA 1, 2. 3. 43 Secretary FHA 31 Vice President FHA 43 Girls' Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 3. rig Class Play 3, 43 Grapevine Association Editor -23 Librari- an 2. 33 Office Receptionist -lg GAA 43 Pep Club 2. 3. 4: Operetta ZL Latin Club 2. JANET KAY SMITH C 0 m 111 6 rriezl Band 1. 2. 3. -13 Operetta 2, 33 FHA 1. 23 Class Play 3. -lg Cafeteria 33 Librarian 33 Pep Club 2, 3, A13 Chorus 1, 2. 3. rl: GAA 1. 23 Grapevine Staff -5. xrtnv X 1' U-: ...Mr sl' 4. EDITH ANN STRINGFELLOXV I'f,r.1tif,fr,zl FHA 1. 3. 45 Editor of FHA -41 Class Play 55 Cafeteria 3g Grapevine 4g English Club 2. BIORTON STANLEY THOBTAS III Atpzdwrzir-Srisrzfe Class President 33 Latin Club Z. 5, Vice President 2. President 53 English Club President 2g Regional Algebra Contest lg Regional Latin Contest 2. 31 State Latin Contest 23 Class Play 5, -lg Stu- dent Council 3g Audio-Visual Club 4: Torch Staff 4g Local and District Oratorical Contest -ig Mixed Chorus 1. 5, 4g Operetta 15 Basketball 1, 2. 5. 4g Baseball 1. 2. 31 Track 1. 2. 3. -il Volleyball 3. -ig Ping-Pong Champion 25 Golf 2. 3, 45 C0-Valedictorian. NYLA JEAN TRUELOVE V0t'.1Iiw1,1f Band 1. 2. 3. 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4g Girls' Chorus 33 Operetta 1, 23 FHA 1. 2. -ig GAA 1, 2. 3, 41 GAA Presi- dent 5, Secretary 2. Vice President 3g Student Council 5g Class Play 5, -ig Latin Club 2g Grapevine Staff -ig Basket- ball Queen Contest 3. JAMi5s TREESH Voazlirmal Basketball 1, 25 Track 1, 2. 5. -lg Class Play 3. 43 Land Judging 53 Forest Judging 51 FFA 1, 2. 3. 4. Vice Presi- dent -1. GERELD LEE VICE A verde m if Cross Country 2g Track 2. Vice Presi- dent -ig Student Council -ig Latin Club 2. 51 Class Play 3. -ig Grapevine Staff 43 Queen Escort 23 Yell Leader 43 Pep Club 3. BETTY MAXINE XVEIBLE I'rfcazzior1.1l FHA 1. 23 Pep Club 2. 33 Cafeteria 1. 23 English Club 2. FAY XWILSON Cffmrmit'1,1l FHA 1. 2. 71. I1 Pep Club l. 2. 5: C.ifeter1.1 l, 21 Seniwr Pl.iy ll 'Ilirtli Staff 4. CAROL SUP W7lNEBRlfNNlfR l'ffi'.if1ffr1.1l. Cwr,1rf,'u-fi Class President lg Student Civuntil li hfiss Soplwinrire 21 Class Play 9. 41 Girls' State Altern.1te 31 Queen Candi- date -ig Cheerleader 2. 5. -ig Grapevine Staff ,lg Secretary of Audio-Visual Aid Club bl. XVAYNIE ZUINIBRCN I'or,z1iofi,1! Proiettiun Club 2. 9. -lg Class Play 5. Ai: FFA 1. 2. 5. ll Setretary FFA lg Land judging Z. 33 Bug judging 4: Basketball Manager 3. 41 B.1sketb.1ll 1. 2: Crop judging 23 Gmpexine 4 3 ..s-.1 ROGER WOLIYI3 l7f1f.!IffM1.lZ Cafeteria 'll Crop .Iutlging 1, 53 Dairy judging 3: Torch Stiff lg Cl.iss Pl.iy 53 Protection Club 4. lANICE XVQRKMAN lf'ut'.1Iiw1.1l Band 2. 31 Chorus 1. 2, 3. 'ig Girls' Trio 2. 53 Girls' Quartette 3: SSS 1. 2. 33 SSS Vice President 33 Class Presi- dent 23 Class Play 31 Alternate Girls' State 31 Torch Staff Al. X f , iq, 'haf .V X3 .. XA lx 4 .,X -I av'- path to the cut l of class tasks seem to darkest suddenly way Wt gained on the way . . . thcfirecord hiefas tnuch alggit of our lives as and vocational examinations. 56cm more satisfactory as we fam. . . then sudqeniya SENIORS! riuzssw G naswmsnciassmgms iv gl Y' 0 li , I 1-5 I, 1 fd 'Q 654. fl ll lv . P xv I 'A ,, x F . '+V '1 lm. SENIOR CLASS OITFILIQRS Clltnn lmutc, lJfL'NlLlCDtQ blanc Lynn Cluusc, 'l4I'L'.15LlI'L'l'Q -lcrry Vitc. Vita Prcsitlcntg Hollis Metz. Sctretaryg jcrry lfrymier, Student Cnuntil Member. FRIZSHMAN QVIZEN CoNTEs'1'AN1'5 SENIOR QVEFN fLON'I'ES'I'AN'l'S Bonnie Winclwrenner and Sandra Horscwootl. Kiiffifl Dvklw and Sue Winebrenncr. ?!! '1 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Sandra Hurscwtmotl. Treasurer: Put Puwcll. Vicc Prcsitlcntg Ngmty Plank, Stutlunt Coumil Mumlwcrg D.1nny Wcmrknnan, Pfcsidcntg -lutly Auld. Secretary. - L, . 4 :I ,- L.. mu i f,' x '- Ili ,I in 1 ,fx I , A 's 1 s -IVNIOR CLASS OI'I7IfQIfR5 Sumnnc RL-nkcnMrgu1'. Furctaryi Annuttc S14-xmun, Student Cwumil Mcruhcr. Ili Vfright. Vng P11-xidpfznri I.ink1.1 Ifrisk- ,. ' ' A , , .. ' ' A ' I my. wmwm 4,Jl'l'I x crmx1'12s'1',xN1s ,IVMUR Ql'lilfN f.UN'I'VS'VAN1N ,Irma H.1:l.m .ml Huuld XXvL'bL'I'. I-ini-' I: iNl'mU 'm'? NWW I-'m-uf C7 lf' NfJPHUfNIURI' fl.,-'wx rmlkl If PRN 'E Fir-If wuz' Linda Addis, Glen Altimus, Leslie Alwine, Chloe Ann Beauchamp, Nancy Beck. jane Black, Kathryn Black. Second 7'011'.' Lorene Bohenberger, Monte Bowman. Nancy Bowman. Beverly Burton, Philip Carter. Roger Clouse, Terry Clouse. Third ww: Kay Cole. Martha Cole, Philip Cole, Carolyn Conrad. Sherry DeGroff, Carl Donley, Janice Engle. Fourfb rout Norma Engle. Linda Friskney, Carl Fry, joe Frymier, Arthur Grawcock, Howard Grayless, Karol Ann Harlan. Fiflb ww: Nancy johnson, Becky Keister. JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1959 'I T7 of- V 17 Q- if I'-3 E W9 ?A -ig 3 Furl Hu Charleen Klrkpatrrtk Marv Klmc Gerald Klopfenstcrn Nancy Langford Mclfortl Leatherman Dvutght Lertch Kenneth Lcmxsh Semrzd vu Karen Long Richard Luther Ruth McGuire Daud Mltchener Wrllram Neal Marx Osborne Stuc Ott Tlvnd r rr Charlce Owens Rrchard Plppcnger Patrrcrl Pruclmkw Suzanne Rcnlccnbcrg,-:r DIXIL Sums Annette Qlcieman llm Qrnxth Fonvfb V1 u Mars Inu Qrmth Dmnnt Qmolck Harold Sparrow Crrolxn Qtrvhlmrn Iudxth Qtull Rosemary Yrcuh Bzrlnra Trmcr Flth 1 zr Rug,-sr Tucker I1nn Walker Dcnnrs W'l11IC lillfxxflfliflidfl Edward Wrlght Frmst Xounr CLASS OF 1959 . . . JUNIORS wc-J' fan.,-f' Fizrl muy' Linda Allen, Xwalter Altimus, Rosemary Bair, Doris Bender. Conni, Boggs Glen Bogner llene Bordner. Semnd mux' jon Brown, Ormin Brown, jerry Campbell, Shirley Clouse, Paul Coats, Richard Coats, Donna Cooper. Third wuz' David Cory, Freeman Dresslcr, Roger Forker, Brook Frymier, Bob Girton, Lois Halsey, Joyce Harlan. Fourlfa mum' Steve Hollopeter Sharon Horine, Larry jones, Patty Keister. CHARLES BECKLEY ln memory of Charles Beckley whose friendly ways will not soon be forgotten. SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1960 is 2 Y' Q..-, 'au' C 6 qo- 1' Y' -4 Fzrrt rou Daud Koemg Burt Maxxhorter Brll McClanahan Linda McCoy jon McCreery Charlotte McDonald Lrnda McGuire Serond mu Maury McIntyre Peggy Mnddleton Mary Helen Ohlmne Allen Peterson Danny Plppenger Kerry Radcllffe Dranna Rathke Third mu Catherme Seymoure Brlly Scheurxch Douglas Slessman Ronnre Streby Robert Stump Paul Trowbrrdge judrth Vrce Fowlb mu Bexerly Weber Judy Wferble john Wxnebrenner jerry Wolfe George Younrs Sarah YOUHIS CLASS OF 1960 . . . SOPHOMORES fi: 3' df' vs 'Q I Iudx Auld Qtcxe B xlx Ixle B111 Lowell Bluk John Bortner Tcrrx Burton Ieanette Clmlhc-ll S ua' mu Llton Crmxe NXlN1l DIXIS Ixrxx Donlex H1Y0lx1 Elxer Iuln Ymze 9.10 rl Lmton limes br.1xleQs Tbnd 1 Z4 Sim Hxrlm link Hirtmm Duk Helm Bmrd Herrman Nhmwn Hnkman Tohn Hoour Nmdm Hvr uwod I 1 I Robe-lt Keulum 'Xmu Mlrsh Bunme BILCIJDIIIHD Ilnuc MQCM lox MLCm Iclrx XfC'ULiC'flhllI Tudy Moore Ffffb 1014 ohn IXIOUIITOLITL Shlrlu Marr ilu lom hfllfl hx FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1961 41' ,qs ur' 'A fl 'v -.Z ' 41 79, tr' fin' a-V nrt P1rx1ns S 4 N 1 Plan P r1111 mall lNf1rx Fllcn Prunlni 1 l1l l1 Run LH Lcr D1 HTL R11l1.1r1lx N11rn11 R11s1.n11,LlL 1rl 1 1us Lr ll 11nn11 Nllllfll R11nn1L 1tl1 Pllll ul 1 1r1l1n :mln crm 11 I1n11 1 n 1 nrt u1 11n1 NL L cr Lrrx Lunar r1n XXIL lS11n L XX1nclHrLnnLr I1 Ifll ll lux XX1 lu D1n1Ll XY11rk1111n lrmk X oung CLASS OF 1961 . . . FRESHMEN 'N if .pu-v Z-'bi X 3 rs- 'P ' B- + -'I 1 f 9' 4 ' Y 1 A i 1 1 l ,F - ' jill: X al 5' 4' 5 x L. '.Q--r S rs g X 1 I A 5 i is 1 6-1 ky ,,, . 1 N W, ' 3' x J... , -A I ' .5231 ' g.A'+4 1 , I , 5-91 A qs 4. Q K .29 55 1 'J '54 11 -i ,ff 1, 4 1 V M . F5112 1-1,11 x Lrzrry Ober. Lin1l.1 Ohlwinc. Bonnie Osborne. Darryl Owen. Teri Parker, -lu1ly l,.il'lCLI', Rob' . 1 1 1 'Ufluj wuz fan y lc. .lt ' '. P1 '- , 1 1' . ' .l-cf. .' - lc- - lvcrj-. . 1 ' .' . ' fy Ii. S l tu T11 J mu' CQ 7 f '.. 7 Sm' . St . NI. St ' -l' 'l'11yl11r. Sharon 'l'11yl11r. Sue 'l'l1 lll.lN. lfff111,'f1 11111: .V l. 'l41111pl'cl x. R 1l'1- Trr' l, DX 1 l'l1l. Str W' 'hy rl- I' XV 7 511111 I kcr, nl- Q9 Qu-s '00 Ill! 9 -tg! mavo nm 0' A Aug nu A-ual if Jxfr-at Fnrl mu Barbara Beckley Kenneth Beckley Becky Bcrkes Ross Black Tony Black Kay Bloom Donald Broun Semrzd mu judy Burnxxorth Becky Campbell Brlly Campbell Walter Camp bell Dennis Carter Sharon Coe Fannie Dans Tland mu Carol Edsall Karen Forker Patsy Foster james I'roh Ed Grant Donald Hlckman Glorra Hoover Fuuflh mu Lrnda Huntsman Mary Krester Davrd KlDf., Donrld Landers Dawrd Leatherman Lowell May Barbara McCreery EIGHTH GRADE . . . CLASS OF 1962 ns. T T C7 FIII1 mu Charles McDonald Blll McIntyre Judy Moor: Barbara Osborne jack Owen Joyce Owen Helen Petrre Serfnzd mu Robert Pctrle Ronme Pyle Kathy Raclglxffe Barry Regan Roger Rawles Gale Rrckey John Seely Tlmd mu Erlene Shouse Betty Smgleton jerry Smrth Carol Sparrow Lynn Speaker Paul Strong, janet Treesh Family mu Loxs Wagner bane Weber Lmda Wermer Ralph Wllson Charlotte Young Hal Young CLASS OF 1962 . . . EIGHTH GRADE mmumrw if Q dv Q f , , U X y f ,- ,I tif y ' v ', 'S 1 V 4 ,V ' Q. , v 5 s 5 f , I f A 'gpg' K i ,ifn . L- ' ,I sv.. r y . . - 1. ' l '. l 1T?i'l'2 31' . xv ifa, viii I af. flaw 92, IEW? I! :. , vi , , f-bf . 'Ui Q 5 ' no moto 6' Vg fy Tr .' I fi im tzf q Usa 'CV' 4411, aff 1' ,df . ROA, I-'ml mul: George Owen. Rithartl Pctric. David Pippcngcr. Billie Rriwlcs, Marslm Rithman. Serwzd wus Alta Rickey. Faunda Ross. Diana Savoic. Gloria Smith. Sandra Smith, Tblrd mu: Lyle: Speaker. Paula Steel. David Thomas, Lynn Thompson. Doris XX'eber. Fourfb ron: Nancy Wk-ber, Patty Weber. Racine Weber. Patty Young. CLASS OF 1963 . . . SEVENTH GRADE fw- Q-5'-J T ' qua :AR 'Q-1 pn. Oo G-4 mn be 2 ,,, ,, fl' tb .H M93 , fa' ff' Q Fifi! wuz' Nancy Bauman. Linda Berkes. Mike Bonar. James Bortner. janet Bowman, Brenda Bushong, Darlene Budd. Second wuz' Carlus Butler, Philip Butler. jack Clouse, Robert Conrad, Steven Conrad. NX'ayne Cooper, Ralph Crowe. Third rouz' jack Davis, Mona Davis. Carole Detwiler, Carol Flynn. Douglas Forker, Ivan Foster. Nancy Foster, Fourfb roux' Rebecca Freeman, Thomas Froh, Pamela Frymier, Jack Gappenger, john Green. Steven Harlan, Patricia Hartman, SIXTH GRADE . . .CLASS OF 1964 ,,x : r' .seg Rv LZ M 3' rzx T4 ' -s T-.v Q54 A - ,, A , V .Q V iv dr 11.7 1 tr, ,V -fi if ft L ' ' ll I 133411 'f7'? ' -1 Firrf wuz' Pritriria Hastings. Shirley Hathaway. Robert Helm. Candace Hiatt. Steven jatob. Velda Landers. Donald Lydy. Second rout john MtClanahan. Richard Matteson. Diana Mc- Williams. -loe Moorhouse. Anna Mae Munk. Kathleen Ober. James Prickett. Third ron: Carol Rice. David Scymoure. jerry Smolek. Joy Strong, Marahcth Tompkins. Miriam Treesh, Victor Trowbridge, Ifffurllf mu: joan Vice. Bertha XY'allen. .loyte Vfallen. jerry Wfeher. Terry W'eber. Mary Lee Miller. Louise Young. CLASS OF 1964 . . . SIXTH GRADE waz i f' V ':, ,A , -.,.., N M, I ' I , h I f ff -t , . t ,. :1,.lA..x .4 Q A 7 Aux ,m ba ' Jx T fr w -'Q 6 'jv Q irgr, my v 4 M , K 1 ' 'f , - f:':,,!i X ' 2' '51, .. . .tk my m Y 'E , '- F . . . -, ffay , K I nb . I it 0 L , Y xv V. ,di H. 6 ne: f All ,,,, , J, i t V 7 I 6 H W X K , K nu. f ,V vfk Q l r J Q-,1 .gr airi L T Ai Fit, . 1 hu ,fl ,K Q ' . -' W . 1- ffl' 'X ,, 5 liefiz. . .oz at 3.2- l'a.:z y A Qs. ' S. if A A iv 1. l L 'maya 41. In m f , 5,1 V ., H I, , A , , x , . 1' di A , A , , , -- Y - . ,,, A, 54 3 1 0 , 5 wa 0- , 5, I wt i Q, . - , '5-- . ' 1 F 'W hr 9, me J X' - - I4 , t p X ,W tulip ' ' if Ii., ' 1 f vi F f it it A 1 lf if ..Z, ', B Q,,g ,7 ' .fra 1 W g ll-qu K y S, A 5... y .AE 3 if 5 ,,,, , 4 la , Q .X ,,.,T ,, - ,rx Q' 'fi 5 I mi f, 'ff ar' - . l ,-3 f k dm 4. 4, ,gf 11g.L 5 all 'Mx ' M... -F In , :BY 1. .. llll is f fi-is, ve Q 'Eff , , Vi' a il' W M' 7'-v ,x,f.,v .1 - '14 4 QM.. 5931. N - ' ,J ',, 'Q' V, arbuf 1152 Fifi! fflllf Cecilia Amerosa. Sandra Bauman. Greg Beauchamp. Judy Black. Cheryl Bloom, Gale Bloom. Patty Sue Bowman. Nelya Davis. Strmzd wzzy' Bobbie DcGroff. Jeannette Derrow. Jerry Easterday. Stexen Hanlon. Alan Hass. Violet Hathaway. Diana Hawk. Craig Hiatt. Third muy' Linda Hitkx Susan Hutsman. Carole klatoh. Elaine Kester. Linda Kline. james Kline. john Knafel. Rithard Landers, Ffanrrlv wrt: Earl McDonald. Terry Mendenhall. Bonnie Miller. Larry Montgomery. Martha ,lo Neal. Sharon Oahorne. -lamew Owens. Ann Pearson. Fitfb ron: Milo Perry. Elaine Petrie. Donna Poagu. Ned R.lj.ZilI'1. Ted Ragan. Sandy Shouse. Patricia Singleton, Vlamex Strehx: Sixfft wrt: Beth Stringfcllow, Dale Stroble. james Stull. Barry NX'eher. Cathy XX'el'vei'. Earl Vfilson. Given XYinehrenner. james Wolfe. Suzeufb min Jerry Young. John Zink. FIFTH GRADE . . . CLASS OF 1965 Shit . v ch 'O uv' .173 .Arai Q'-,. 1 es D Wai H W in - s re.. E , 5 n QI 5?,J Af' A v ' . . r ' 2 1. ' Vzvl 2A, R , ,, rv fr . , 9 f divx v K s - ei' .s-:fy 4' Z' . I Y :E Ii' . an immnlim Y Ffrrl wus Duane Addis, Sharon Be-rkes. Beth Blank. Mithelc Black. Jerry Bortner, Nancy Britt. Terrill Brown. Terry Camphell. Srwud mu: Bohhie Clouse. jill Clouse. XX'ayne Clouse. Leslie Coe. Brenda Cogan. Christine Edsall. Martha Foster. Mike Fuhrman, Third wu: Roger Hart. Gary Hart. Raven Hicks. Sally Ann Huntsman, Greg Johnson. Garold Kline. Beckie Krauter, Richard Kuhn. Fourfb fuzz: Kenneth Leatherman. Loren May, john Marsh. Carol Ann McDonald, -ludy Middleton. Gary Morgan. Vonna Morgan. Carla Munk. Fiffb mn: Cynthia Parrish. Don Parker. Edward Peffer. Rita Petrie. Evelyn Shepherd. Michael Sieber. Patricia Sieber. Diana Smith. Slxfb mu: jerry Sorgenfrei. Kathie Speaker. -ludy Steel. Billy Strong, Sally Thonipson. Clifford Trittipo. Penny Tucker. Sharon Trumhull. Seitulb mu: Danny W'eher. Darlene XY'ehcr. jeanie Xlfinehrenner. Donna Zink. FOURTH GRADE . . . CLASS OF 1966 hu. - Q E Vi on V , ew px if ar X E, . my zz-4 re 1 fwfr 'Us iq.. 11 Nr V ,A TQ . ,.,, . . , 4 5 1- v C 411 ,f Q0- Firrz wuz' Tommy Black. Vicki Boggs, Judy Bowman. Rebecca Britt, Robert Burton. Wanda Carlton. Catherine Clouse. Kathy Curtis. Second faux' Burchel Davis, jo Anna Davis, james DeCamp. Deborah Freeman. jeff Frye, Steve Furman. Robert Grawcock. Phillip Green. Third 1'ou'.' Larry Halsey. Lee Hastings, Stanley Hiatt, Phillip jacob, Kathleen King, james Knafel, Laura Landers. Cynthia Lemmon. Family rouu' Jack Lydy. Donita McWilliams, Kent Moore, Lee Pearson. Charles Petrie. Steven Powell, Ramona Prouty, Ernie Pyle. Fiflla row: Fred Rawles, Debbie Rimmel. Margo Sieber. Duane Stohlman, Charles Thompson. Shirley Trittipo, Paul Truelove. Raymond Weber. Sixth faux' Rebecca Weber, David Weber, Tom Workman. THIRD GRADE . . . CLASS OF 1967 Qmv vi gr- 19..- 05' Pldure o Available Sian- 946 Lb: tvw-v ws 'UIQ di- lb' 'ik 'Why if if in f Fvl Debra Applegate hmmm Applcgatc Rulmatd Bauman Marx Lxnn Brrtt Annttta Broun Robert Bryant Lxnn Budd Serfrzd wfn Colntte Bushong Lana Io Bushong Ruth Butler Btenda Clousc Drtlc Conrad Vltkr Curtls lerua Daxrx Ilnd zz VlfL1l Dans Marx Elltn DCIIOVK Patty Forlcer james Frncman Larrx Frye Lxntla Cyrlmcs Connxn Haltertj, Faurfla nu Frcderulc Halsex Tom Harlan Dcbrr Ham lxmncth Haw Rule Hlss Stew l'llSI1l'1L9 Ruger Hlthauax Fifi! 1 u Smdra Hawk Xxlllliilil Hnlm Dultl Hentlmkson Illvnn Hartman Rxthutl Homer Hal Iohnson Gregg, Kuster SIIIXJ 1 ll Dcnmw D lxmg Bobby Bryant FIRST GRADE . . . CLASS OF 1969 B IS af' 'wma-gps-'B S Q'-rv AL ' f H Pic+ure of Avmhbb 'Kb Q if 'ir' if fl fQwV Mr Q- ?v Q. X Q- 3 1 Nei is 1 Q- 5 'l L... im., 0' 6' ' 2 Fnrf ' za: Dennis l.. King. Ylenice Knafel. Diane Landis. Duane Leatherinan. Sheri Leatherman Miehael Lemmon, Larry Lyely. Sefwid if is Terrine Macy. Anna MLClellnnd. Billy McClelland. Donna McCoy. Dixie McWilliams. Bonnie Melvin. Donnie Melvin. Third in u: Valerie Morr. Sandra Parrish. ed Pearson. Rick Rawles. David Reeve. Cary Reeve. Gregg Rollins. Ffufll: four'.1 Sihatt. Alan Shellman. D.1rrell Shepherd. Gregory Smith. Brook Smolek. VC'aunita Sparrow. Rick Stiffney. Fifth mu: Frank Thomas. lxaren 'l'ruelove. -limmie XX'eher. Pamela Wilson. Michael Vfinebrenner. Nancy Vfinehrenner. Carolyn Young. CLASS OF 1969 . . . FIRST GRADE '41 F1111 mu Denny Applegate Judy Applegate Bobby Beckley Brlan Black Butch Boggs Mrke Boggs Herb Boatz Seward mu Rhonda Bordncr Ruta Bowman Ronme Buchmexer Debra Carter Cmdy Edsall Donna Edsall Guy Forker Thnd mu Gary Grlmes Gary Grimes Chrlstme Haas Carolyn Hart Darl l-lcmk Dtane Jacob Stan jacob Fomth mu Stevxe jeffrne jerry Kmg Brenda Kltt Larry Klxne Butrh Knafel KINDERGARTEN . . . CLASS OF 1970 5 Pi L Fur! mu Max Knafel Gary Leatherman Kay Leatherman Lxsa Lmthlcum Steue Marshall Pamela Martln Steve McCreery Serond mu jmna Mendenhall Wesley Mlelke Darla Morgan Denny Owen Max Prouty Jackxe Pugh Doug Rollms Tlazrd mu Johnny Robmson Larry Sherer jxmmy Shuherlc Davld Smlth juhe Smolek Mark Stlffney Sue Strmgfellow Foznlla mu Kent Weber Bruce Wexmer Karen Wxlson Tnm Wforman Comme Young Denms 'loung CLASS OF 1970 . . . KINDERGARTEN fi? s,- xl THE TXVIRLERS-Diana McXY'illiams, Shirley LIMIT. Martha jo Neal. Beverly Burton, Donita hllnwilliglms, ,Iunly XX'ciblc, Elaine Kcstcr. Full ww: Sginllm Hcrcnilccn. Trumpctg Jana-t Smith. Clurinctg Angela Bauman. Tromhoncg Nylzi PI-l'LlClUVC, Alto Snxuplwncg Hollis Llctz, Bam Clarinet. Sffwzd ron: Karen Dekko, Flute Duc Richman, Alto Snxophoneg Steve Smith. Snare Drumg Jerry Frymier, Tromboncg Hymn lilnilc. Cornet: blanc Lynn Clause. Cwrnct. rf 0-'4 , X451 VOCAL AND HORN MUSIC CONTEST- ANTS-Fwrzz muy Barham Beckley. Clarinetg Cnnnic Boggs. Swprnnnx Daxill Mitlhc-nc-r. Harirnncg Fha-fry DcGmff. Sopranog Sharon Hurim-. Clarim-I Simud nu: Bonnie Mc- Cl.1n.1h. liiritwncz Rrwpc-r Tuiker. Frcmh Hrvrng Dmzglae SlCNil'1l.ll'l. CIYFHCU lircmk liryniicr. Ccirnnt: l.inll.i HL1UIiHl.lH.,'l4CH1Jf Sixophnncg Betty Qinglct-fn. Clarinctg Mums li-iwmin Trumpet. Clmrlfvtte Young. Clxrinct. BOYS C.llORl'S I-fr.: Mn. Mr, Hmini lrixrzmrm. Sum li.1ilx'. Rivgur liiiluw. Pliil Ciilg. lkiiil - Knits. wliw ll'l'llllk'l'. lltlin Llirxiq, Swffmf wily ljypiixl HQ-rrm.1n. Diik Helm. Dmiil Miulicnrix Art Grmumli. Cirl Frye. Bfiintc Him nlin, Eirl Siliuxtcr. N . 1 Ii, ,, x,- i. 'W ,A -lLvXlOR BANDffFli 11 Yffll .' Mnntv liiwwnmn, Student Clin- Lluitorg Ylnlin Auld. Sandra Smirli. Louise: Young. Carnal Flynn. Piitsy Huntsman. Diana MiW'illi.1mS. wlolin McCli1n.1l'ii1n. Swoud rozzf Donna Pcmgc. lircnilx Buslwng. Jcmn Vile. Mary Beth Tompkins. Miriam Trccxli. Bulw Helm. ,liik Cluuw. 'I'fiii,f fffzi' Kcnnctli l.L.lll'ILll .lH. l'.1ttx Siriglutnri. Sxnilx' Slmiiw. liim lirymiar. M.ir5li.i Riiliinnn. M.i:'tli.i Mi- Iffffnif- 1 :a 5 Riilmixl Pc-trim. Allan H.iw ,limit lliiw- Cfuiliii Arne-min. Trumin Br-mn. Clinilx' Hint. -luilitli Bliik. D.ixi.l Switiiiizri. -lim Priilcctf. 25 BOYS' Ql'AR'l'lf'l'--Diiviil Riiliiimn -lc-fry Fi'ymici'. Slurry Dcfinilf. Ai ..-- 1 Ullllllklfllxfl Daviil Miti llCllCl', Stun I I Smith. ,A- II 'XIOR Is 'I IF9'I'AX'I'F ANU HORN INX- -IV ' 1' :I Dun' Q3 B 55 XI XYYIllI.lIIIN, Ilgrw H.I:t'N .ft 5 1l1.1 :Mm fu l X I I I ..., lim, I L I1 x Is X Mfxix Nrw 1 S Bl.ifIIl.I Xml, lwrm xlcCl.IfI.llX.ITI, IMI. xl Ilhrt, lrllzlw-'Xw1.r1:. Dmli Nu., WL. Ium-. lluXK'lN.IfIk If-Nw V . I'::.KLTt IXIIXITD flIURI'N - In I f JI' Q.lIlmll'.I llwlxmx-rml, fk.1r'ulxn Ftwlxlmmrw. llulxx lielml. ,l.1:11.n l'rl.:ln'. IM-'wrlx' Hurtrm, NJIILY link. Ixzligz I-l'.llL'. I.inll.1 l71'iQlmu1 lim' lynn flfwuw. Ilniu XY'UI'liITI.IfT. I.irml.1 'I'lwwplcinx ,Imlv Aul-I. ffunnlm' Smith. Iiunniv NI'Cl.1n.Ilm.1n. Slum-:1 Hurinc SLI' mx' ww' 1 DII'LxKlNI'. Nr Ilwr'1m'1K.1rl1x Iilllq, 9.1n.,:.1' Iullnwn. Dwrxx Illltutx. Num Ihxlup l4I'LLIIW.lH Druxlar. I.xln' Ihll Iilrwn fsmwvxw, .-Mull.: I3.1um.m. Imp! imitlw Dum Sl'VlIIULIlL', Fxnm llc' Slcwmun. Sllcrrv DcGrnfI. All--rmxxnixt. 'l'f'v.'v,1' mu: Nm'm.x Iivtlu Fnglg. Mxrilyn Iwlmwn, lI.lI'l Fclmitcr, Iwnm' Vlllllitikli, Mwmu I?uwm.m. Ierrx Ifxvmiur. Glenn Curt:-. Pllil fswllg DAM- Ri.lwm.m. Iirmvlc I7rl'mIuI'. DMU.: qlL'NNIII,lIl Korn' R.1.lIYlifl'cI. Nlmx' Iimxmgm. H1-llix Matz. Fff,'w.'f rffzzx' flvrmlc' Illvzgux K.ll'L'!1 Dclxluv, limrll IILr:'m.m, Rwlwnrt l'.11wI-rw lmli xY'tIiliIII.lI1, Stem' Fwltlt. IIYIYIIH lin-wn, All Clr'.1'.u-ulx. DMI xllllllkflkl. Da.lx Helm, Im l:IXIfTlCf Ilwxm 'lL1llQQI'. Iiulwm Il-I'UX't!'. Nxl.1 'I'r'L1L'lIwL-, PM I'mu-Il F' M' P... 1 I . 2- qw 4 gf'f . . -yr: s 4-B., ' inns Q rw 0 SPORTS AT THEIR BEST! Go, TROJANS, H. 5 COACH MACY YEA. TROJANS. YEA!!! l- GRADE CHEERLEADERS Kurcn Forkcz' Gl01'i.1 Hoover 'lucly Moore li.1rb.1ra Osborne X v ,IVNIOR HIGH '1'EAM-I-'irlr wu'.' ,lzuk Guthrie, George Owen, 'lcrry Smith. Charles MnD0nalQl linger' R.1wlcS. Sgwfld mu: Runnic Pyle. Trumin l51'mx'n, Dennis Cfgxrtcr, I,cm'cll M151 Hill Mnlntyrc THE FUTURE TROJANS 1 1 BASKETBALL - OUR MOST POPULAR SPORT! Q3-4 Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion 4 gl i 1 ii i f ... ,1 ,L If 1 RESERVES-Fntil fuzz: Bob Trccsb. Jerry XX'cim.11'. ,Iobn liortncr. lon Brown. lcrrv Burton, Robcrt Paixons, SLLVJIILI vnu: D.lI1Dy' XYVUI'lClTl.lf1, -lolin lNfifii'u.iry. N.iui'y iMilntyic, Oirinin Brown. ,I.iinu liixlylcms. Dmiil Mitilicncix Stove Ott. RESERVE TEAMS RECORD 41 , ,. 39 57 30 45 44 55 44 H ,.. 38 42 ,ji 49 , 42 45 35 A 38 . 49 46 Cffnufg .42 Sw IVOX-H 13 Cromwell ,,,. Ligonier LaGrange ,.,, Kcndallvillc A XVolf Lake .A XY'awi1lc.1 .. Huntcrtown .,.Y,,.... Butler . ,,,....,, ,,.i, . Axilla ,,,,.,... fi Jlumbi.1 City Riverdale . Rome City Churubuspo Larwill Gurctt Xlilitcrloo ,, ,, Picucton , So, Xlfhitlcy , I fflinzr, Cfroinwcll , Lixgi inicr LOSTWS flonggmtuliitiom to our Rescue Tum for posting suih .1 finc rciordf 20 40 63 34 38 34 45 38 32 38 40 24 29 29 43 32 38 33 JD 39 RESERVE Cl-lELfRl.EADlfRS bell. if V V 45 A fi A Bonnie PJ! Powell. -Ieancttc Camp TRACK - THE HARRlERS S-I il 'I'RACK-I-'irfl wus Ernest Young, Leslie Alxxine. Steve Url, D.1viJ Kuenig, ,lwhn Winehrenner, jonny Thomas, David Richman. Sefwzd mu: Roger Fnrker, james Trecsh. Dmid Mitchener. Burt Mawhorter. Art Grawcnck. Max Pfafman. Jerry Frymier, Steve Smith. Larry Forku- SEXIOR LETTERMEN OF TRACK. 2'5 V'n. james Treesh, Steve Smith. L.1rrv Frwrker. Ton Thomas. COAC HI 5 Mr M10 Ind Mr Plltt N 2 LITTLE LEAGLI fl XXX-T'm1'. Ruhcrt Conrad. Tummy H.1rl.m. XY'cbL'r. Gary Allen. Scwfr.'.f 10141 CUJCII bikny. ,Link 'I--Vrfl fffzzf Rcugur Rnwlu. Billy Cglrnphcll, Russ Cole. Dun Brown, Danny Guthrie. Duc Lc.1thcrm41n. Bill Nylntyrc. 'Icrry Smith. Dcnnix Cllrtn-r, Ronnie Pylr, Lowell May. Jim Bfmurhmlsg. COUNTY CHAMPS o Ihll bit sta as crm hug wmcs thc tml 1 L1 .asc at the Bat -TERRY ERYMIER Our Snniur Mcrnlx-1' LITTLE LEAGUE TOURNEY EINALS AIbionf3 Kcndallvillc-2 BASEBALL AND OUR HALL OF FAME 'L A A 'x g tal X 'alyf V7 ji Q L ' 4 4 .3 A , 5 i ' ' ,M ,ill 1 I 4 , ,,,, IM if X Z U - 1 ni li Z 5 La W , Y x?x F -fi 5 L' ' A 'f ff f ' L' 1 N' L if i, I V., '-ard' iw., ,,,A, , vi' . , All 2 A- 4' 5 I . A liANlfl5Al.I. ll UK.. X'l N ll'.AM In .' inn' l.cxli4- Ixlvlll. iz' N 'il ll-. Albion Albion Allwinn Allwiinn Allwin Allniun .xllffki lfl. liA9lTliAlil. Sf I llilDl 'I.l. : Y oi, Ruger Clnnw, NI V ii- ii lS,.i..n, linit Nfiwli mi i l natH Ling liix lixnii Uri. flmill Ox n X f 1 D.1Ki.l Kwnixu. LXLJLIIAX Nllntyimy Orin! l n lli x n Isill NI flinzliin . 4 Rome City ,, ,,, , S Ligonier ,, .., , I Avilla ,, . ,. 2 XXvllXX'.lli.l , , ' Cjoinwcll . , ,,,, ., , S XVolf Lake , ,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,., , , H iii-P' f R095 C UINTRY Alhil-ii ylirr-il wwiirl in thu Nuhlc fwiiiity Nlrcr hrlrl .il Kc-mlallxillc. Stn-xc Ott plarcrl seroml, Cilfl Donlcy. third: Lcxlic Alwirie, 161 Duc Riuhf mm. l'1 llLII'fiNl.1NYl11lI'lt':Y, 19. lD.lXCRlallITl.1Il is thc only scn- ior on the team, Cirgulunting Lcttcrmiin DAVE RICHMAN if ,E an GOLF TEAM' ,loc lfrymicr. David Ikiitihcm-r. Stew Smith, Vlwnriy 'I'h4+maQ, CROSS COl'N'1'RY TEAM-Dave Richman, Leslie Alwim. Burt Mmxlwrtn-r, Arr Giniw' cmk. Carl Donluy. Stew Ott. Q-4 ..?'Xx4 '- , 'I -'sr NOBLE COUNTY ALLYSPORTS TROPHY Albion jefferson is very proud to hc thc winners of the All-Sports trophy, 5'--4 In I! 0 X jj I Z All work and no play make jack a dull boy SO. HERE4'S TO OUR ACTIVITIESV 7 . -,Mi i . . K I ' ey. 1 Is. l . - ' f F s Y 1 im . ' l.A'l'INl AMICI-Ifnil mu: Pat Powell. Bonnie MeClanahan. Shirley Morr. jean Priest. Sue 'I'lwmaQ. Alutle Parker. Charlotte McDwnuld. Mary Osborne. Sharon Horinc, Sfffffld mn: Kerry Rzultliffe. -Luk I-Iartnmn. Julie Fraze. Catherine Scymourc, Bob Kettham. jerry Frymier. Duug 9leSsm.1n. Duris Bentler. Dianna L'hl. Furl SthuSter Diunn Richnrtls. Tfrfm' wus lfltwn Crowe. llerry XY'c1lfe. Beverly XY'ehc'r. Bill Mtfilrtnahan. James Cmx'le5S. Ormin Brown. Brunk Frvmier. Genrge Younis. -lanite MtC0y. llyxirtl Ht-rrmiin. Ste-xc Bailey. 1 I Latin is truly intcrnntinnil and is .L bond lwctwcen ngxtionsf' lt helps us tu mrry on the great lic-ritugc ' . fr , v L D J i . .J THE QUEEN CONTESTANTS AND ESCORTS-Fir-,rf muy' The Attendants: Kathy Curtis. Charles Thompson, Donita hlcwillirims, Phillip Green. Judy Bowman, Steven Powell: Couples: Bonnie W'inebrenner, Robert Ketchamg Beverly Weber, Carl Donleyg Linda Friskney, Phil Cole: Karen Dekko. David Richmzmg Nancy Langford-the Queen, Bill Nealg Sue V'inebrenner, joe Norris. Joyce Harlan, Brolc Frymierg Sandra I-Iorsewood, John Moorhouse: and Dewaine King. Master of Ceremony. Yrer 5 ' ' THE QUEENfA tradition, the loveliest of the year. is the crown- N ing of the Basketball Queen. 5 2 . X J' E TS' ' X , 5 NANCY LANGFORD. Qzreni 5 ' BILL NEAL X n V4 Q 9 N' -ru we we :'5Wff1 ,ww A M M '- 'gfisq,:f'f' 1 . -f , ijdib' f f- ,- if Y ,r OW 'Q 3 -CYP -emit 'P '39 ' in ii .T EH 'fi Q 'Qs ':.,1., 'n ,. 4. E gf. I, H ,n.:' , VOL. X -- VUPY 1 WEEK! 45:10 '33-24 4, ffl-yi THE BOY my THEl 5 IE Grp ln -XLBIUX -.lI'1Fl l'IRSOTs -l F. F. A. WQRKING FOR TRIP UUHL - A1.Hhk,N. i.wL:!,3.N.'. 14 Qfjgggljyny my 1953 - NEW TEACHER - ,,. GIRL UF F 1.11:-1 1: run l' ll- I' lf' F- Nw? ullwr f':m1'zl'v-'Q' Hu y-- yv n H - HA' x 'ww fll- TH wanx n 41 f1.3.Q1gfI, .gmzugg rw, , Thr mf.: rw. big glpl 1 1 'fum 1 Q A HI 2 E ' l -.'fQ1.lme v. ,-11 ll Thr rl, ,. ff i l ' A 1 h kiln- llvy il.. nf' 1 -. - 3 Zlurxif-,'4 t'- . .' , mv: war. '- l J lm iv 214:21 L L' - 3, ,,, ,,' ,I 1 ...-ll 'nm gum' .- K 1.1-ll Till, ,I 11. 'rw rl l I x ,, g':m.w I ifl 'ff IW -fi' 4 far :Ls Lie psf fw .- 1,4 , ' mg V: K .H-f-..f' 2.41 l. - Mu ff ' , .. 1 :-- .lm f L. 1 ,l nl 1 l :fl pa. .- A , ,.-- . N. , X. , H 'lx .1 :gg , , ml- . ,W ,. ll! l-' 'f' l 1 1 r 1 ' 2. 1 A X I- 1 :U v l ff f, M-----'-- AH 'F 'f ag' v ff X'.:':, 3. L1-ff1:1.!ff 11: 'Y ,',g1 1 , pyyufygl Y '.:l'tl 5 1-,. '- Put 1 -wlllill 'E Ag l ll, W-,M 4 - .ml 1-X-.ll V -an ll: YI5f'.'n-'fx' ll ' u a--, mm- ll- 5 lrzwl lv- l . ' qi 'U ' , - A V-filtf' W- Q' 5,4 1 l , . V . . 1 J' + ' Q - 4 I . . , XV'NhhR W' lf ' 1 ' ' '4 ' ' Um-51.5 -.1-n1l:n- mill: lllzi-111'-ml., WM, ,hu ., ,,,,,. -,,,. V ln, ,..,,,, ' f' - H-fill 'WJ Nil?-1' PHX' lbw!-vf ill-y nm.: mm znlmuz 1 1 'I -:fu 1-.V-V r- 7 Vfnz 1-1':lv2frxL: in In: PNK , wthlllny gvunm in Wk' l -4 'UTY . Y, .. Q V ,,,, ,, , in -, 47 ..4 -ORATORICAI. Guide Suhovl. 1,413 me uantr to be a SE'CI8lhZ'j. .Uur rnajuretles have alslr bmah do- EEST Startmg furxlmust lv :N I,f.,lf:y , Nm-xi wr have a little boy -.vlmnn 1 mg: a fme july BL-verly Burn-n has January 22' Lhamls V K 2 '1v K' lffi lun Vrlwt RMT? H Qlmxtu Kuzux Llkkn. lnfxtwl-1:xCfx.1f D Greene. and Rev. H -' ' -' - ' - L , , , ., to me Schwg U, is-,f 51, mlm. fliirl Ninth DWIIN H,l1Iu'Iv. bil an ' 1. ,lm XUITIN. .lciry bulnr. Nm xnnzlrl for the local Rotary Rl ,.,ll,f Clzxrgi, DL-vylzzx Kmg. X311 Tiny lx: fNI.1x l'!,af11i.1:t. Zkzhi :X I-54-in M-133- 7 .X '31 contest. XX lxnr.7unfW1'u1 Hllls Metz, liyrun 15113. ,him XvlLC. Flltn Sfflitdffl-U'-'-. FulIcBvNXI11,1fl coniestants. Glenn L1 Dekku, and Jon Thum happy for several hours us about lnmbelf. Mr Horme for the iinc perfurm-Q their mation, hem,-e thg Jun. Thg 5eQ0nd grade .s xe.3 happy F'.nurxte Fwd. ho. dngb null an-es. I..ll.i ,... n. :nas were Jon Seth Black and Rrwalee Duftkworlh. Jun Selh was 1-om college on vycatior, sauce was vlslling ll e srvnts, VVQ wer? , Bd -ti UU' v them buck. WH' vas good to see Hosalef- itcx' a long time. Although been away for Iwo years. xt :wllll seemed natural to see he' and to consider hm' one uf Alninn'-: ,1- I I ,ll s lf. THE PROJECTION CLUB Frm' mu: XX'.iltcr Altimus, -Iiinny Thomas. Piitricia Priicinsky. Sue Vfinchrcnncr. -Inhn Halmy Ire MiGuirc. Sirwzcf wzix 'lcrry Ciniphcll. Ylcry XY'cirm'r. Sim Hiirlan. -lim Rcnkcrihriygcr. Duuiini King. Bill Sihcurich. Riiharil Cginiphcll, john Miirirliifuau. Qlmrlcs Young. Gerald Klopfcnstcin Mumc Bimnmin. Dirk Helm. Iiil VC'riglit. JO: Norris. Roger W'olfc. Mr. YX'oi'rn.1n. This iluh is an organiziitioii that opcmtcs thc visual uid cquipmcnt of the school. Thi-y rcnilcr .1 very ciiiirtcuus and efficient Scrvicc, ICH BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE RIZPRIZSENTA- ' Priut, Di-lcg.irL'1 ling l.ynn Cliiiiwc .mil Nic Vfinchrc-nni-:'. ,'XlfLI'H.1fE'i1 Fruc Smith. DL'lL42.iICj D.1xiil Riihzimn. Alti'i'n.1tL, Thc Amcricln Legion sponsors two -lun- iors .ir the Boys' .ind Girls' State Mccring Lit llltllillhl Viiivnrsity. This is ci worthy pro- jcit .ind ii rs truly .ipprciiatccl by those who arc xc-nt. The Iniilics Aiixiliiri' of thc i'XITlC!'lm.1Il Lctggiiiii. rhu Riimri' Cluh. .inil thc Liiins C,lul1 Linh wnil ii girl to thc Girls' Stats. Thu i'XHXL'Yli.1IT Iigiiiii ximriwrs iinc junior boy Irwin Alhion .inil one froni another sch-,ml in thc wiintv. L' Q' if-'N .f.. nit. e last page has been prepared. and we are emhug our record of 'I 'R SCQHQOL. IN THIS. OUR YI2ARfWi'flUW. With thanks to all who have helped us. we hm-. elwse the lwmk. BON VOYAGIIY 11,- ff? , K+, A ,Y 'Hi 3 3 w 3 X f., Fd' Q r-sul 3 Q W 2 1 5' -f -ix i ,M xg' L' slim Tu m. IL Plum x L nu 1 xIHIlI1l1sfUk 'IMf QW 11 1 'Hu' I1 H lam X 1 1 H1 lu XX TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO M X yd .1 4

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