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+- -1- lr- rn 36' 4 as" A . E55 511' . ,fx Y -. A V23 3, 531- 1 2-511 , W... a ug -,X E: - . W :AH-7 xX .wlk .- 1 'ff ' ' 1-If .-" fff . "' ' . ,Vg 5,5 t ,Urs l ,Y ,, ,A+ rf- 24' 1"' 1 '7' 1 1 1 A 4 - w w ? f Q1 1 I il V 4 X 1- - i 1 K A x 1 n W x ls! Wx "'i"f:"'5 ATV' -.S Sh' E.,-, Na' ibggfvib Menffvagp X NX E ROPE 'Tun .-mu SPOW If bi W' 'A' rr i 1 'J -4 "AL, yd' """'N, QQ SN -'J' ACI 1 'fm OC E aw. ' 1 ft f OCEAN 6399 xi, J, f if gp! 'lv' I Saw fe' U1 I0 521 Wm Y S15 kv 4 ,521 1 Raj Q ,. 4:5 4 U Sa 'I 'W H infwvtv 524 1522? 'PY fi Z ixilvxggf M9 , , '53 L. 969 , 1 Nm f ' ' it il- gs L- e4mj,4-lug' 2 2 f1fi4iU U Q ' -' A - ,ZZf,Wiiii7J lwfwwijffwdywh JW fiadas- , by 1 gy' lr fyffwj Q1 XSX of Dy ,469 O! sag! Q01 QV D yy ,lf :yd sayin ,IW Jby 0 Q gpm ' "l"" f 305' 'iff ' ' 6 by 0 . N -1 . My Gljf fp N0 1 ' 'JV 5' new X if .ly Xxx 5 03' GX JJ 1 as ' fav' "X 01 XS? ' U 'V A0 ,F . ' ' ' ' ... ' ,J dx.. f. xv - s I X SX NX A, .. -' " , Q W a X, ,Q 3 1, 4 y f ' 7 'B KQV, xiii if' 0 A f lv I .nv WY XJ gQU Cf FOREWORD International peace and understanding - this should be the goal of every individual. In these times of great conflict, the world's people must join hands in an immense effort to promote peace. Before the differences which separate nations can be solved, the problems between individuals must be eliminated. Undoubtedly, many crises will arise in the future as they have in the past. It is highly improbable that these conflicts will abate. However discouraging this prospect of the future, the highest yearning in life is for peace. The 1969 CHEVRON has tried to make a small contribution to the goal of human understanding. We hope you will enjoy this record of a school year where the search for brotherhood has been a part of our daily life. TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword ................... . 2 Dedication ........ . 3 Administration and Faculty . . Seniors .......... . Classes ......... 1 . 4 6 18 Curricula . '. . 46 Activities . . . 70 Sports .... . . 80 Sponsors ..... . .106 Senior Directory . . . .136 Epilogue .... . . 142 2 Nj .QL rg in 13 Miss Norma DiLaura DEDICATION Dedication of CHEVRON 1969 is the least we can do for you. You have led the students for many years through the gateways to success and through the joys and sorrows of adolescence. Through your guidance we have gained understanding. You have dedicated yourself to the betterment ofthe students and to the prospect that todayas educated youth will make tomorrow's future better. What can we do to show you how all the students, parents, and teachers in Albion appreciate you? It is with the deepest respect, admiration, and love that we dedicate CHEVRON 1969 to you - Miss Norma DiLaura. 3 L to Fl: Leonard Depczynski, Ralph Brown, Janice Burdett, Laurence Hamilton Presidentp Aloha Vick, Thomas Heard, Jr., Gordon Gardner, John Paganelli BOARD OF EDUCATION When the lights burn late in the main offices, then you maybe certain that the Board of Education, under President Laurence Hamilton, are conscientiously considering the continually changing perplexities of our school system. Working long hours without pay, their only reward being the knowledge that their efforts bear fruit in our lives, these men and Women consistently strive to better our curriculum, to secure qualified instructors, and to provide the equipment and the facilities essential to the goal of understanding which is the theme of our lives as well as of this book. ! 1 xg V 2 HY ig ..-s.-W-W-frniil -'f"x'tt2,..,i"W1-.AWA. ...X 1"'l7x,,.,,.Fn1M, ,, M--"WL ' ffl Q, 1 tri? 3 - t i i L E r L Q -- A f 1 r Q14-Q A A A gow, ci., -- gr M 4' ye ,L ,A K In .-LN i A A lifpffl W sf. 5 Milf Q' 51 Q ffm-if'l"7 K - - egg? J .,..l r -.yi GUM. ,gk i , s .i f:?se or -i L. sz' if is-we M' if writ are :Q he if ef-ea W' if rtsfp ...,,. 1 if 4 Zin Memoriam xr- gmeywww XJQMV 7Jw4fuH ?fP'VCtVZfbt"7'f, ZQQA1 fa, wwf? ff' Zffkf ,fi-fbi., 5 xdbbavaym, AQD 627141061 Awe Wm 71' LVL! are 4,7 ' I V90 CZLQWJJ , Z01, 771,604 Cmwffwf 60fuwQ01,vz,afc2fLe,054, !,cfAg,,f,, M-Lua-afclfcl, 1244.1 Riff, W fW wg, . A xx 'W WUWD W W Wiwf OW LUN? f My Q 3 YY W f 2253 Wfwf NNW Moi CK W M W L 5 fUvOA,i,fX5 CJR - ff I Mi fi JH , . A 75, kk. i -vwgAwwg1y.,xifX- X: :KE 5-S 4'-. . if ..4m,. W ixlw .- 11 Lx g,,,,A 1A , - 4 . . . il " VIW i X fo WW imffvfglfww .AV I xl g3gZ5z2iz'z5z,zzd2hg U' ffilmoiffm as WM XAJCCQ N MQW ww WV f ff 4 f fo? -CTM J, 'C ,MM HQ Now 40590 WQX0 W 103 W if 9 W' KM' JV ' 0 W 4556 QWKJAMN V1 ,gf W M TQ AMD yOKQN4Wicf' -ACQQQQQQ W Scholarship - students - schedules f projects - problems - preparation! These are but part of the daily routine of faculty and administration of our school. Upon these devoted people falls the responsibility for widening the horizons of students, and the challenge of opening their eyes to the demands and expectations of a complex It 2 1 Alfa 55 age. To teach "all the children of all the people 5 to walk gifs . 1, A! with more confidence and dignity, to use their talents 4' X creatively, critically, and compassionately that we may better ourselves and serve our fellowmen - these are the g , 4. tasks ofthe administrators and teachers. f gf X K ' . KE .fa . 4 - A2 , A 'J 'N XNXQA rx NCLV X , lf, 5' X X I I I XXQW,s'ilx1Zbek Kiki YXIWXQ., 4 5, ,I 3 , Y ? 3- f sf .. X K , 'W gi , v 3 ' 5 If K-ff bv dlifki.. N-lfxfx 1 V V 3 J ' . X r x , . Fx' .7 ' .5 -I N 5 iii' 4il,C,t,sj ,Lk KQRLK Kgkisjf' lava a 511' T3 f oy kxye, Xfvbwo YN'sm.Q,L Q UQ, A fel- if . 7 Jew, Ck .Suzi lov? wk! kofimsl . ggtgmiaayiwmeaggisrag . ,X f . ' 'f ., is ...XV ' R I l ' is 5 , lf? AfLfk1'Y'x GLW it l f i? A,cvwfuvN'sCA7x jx ' New new wok S omg f if 5 X ,f- , . - V ,- 73 555 I xaaayassf soft sa tease 'MOE at v i -fait. - r X?QYCWN'oxf-,Jig Y 'Y' 6 :Q-tx 4 ' fl V h' ,L .os f two if Www' jg a A .-,. X A ' r .fx Qkk, .I y cl SX f:XJ'YX.C5L 1? 1 C ,' ' " i. 1 if . VK-Slmwwxbf k- LQ' ' . xfvx Cklxfkkb A . v x I AY 1 VXJAVA' A, clministrotion cmd Fcacultq Mr. Prosperi A principal has the job of a hundred men. During his brief time with us, Mr. Prosperi earned the respect of staff and students alike by his patient listening to problems, his new ideas, and his amiable solutions to complaints. His generous use of his time in many ways influenced the lives of all of us. Regret at his leaving us mingles with sincerest wishes for success in his new position. Nlr. George Wolfe There behind the glass door in the third office is a man who bears many burdens on our behalf. At the sight of him we stand not in fear, but with respect. Resting in his hands are the responsibilities of the expanding Albion Central School District. As our School Superintendent, Mr. Wolfe has to confer with the Board of Education, with our faculty, and with the student body. Even though he has many pressing problems of his own, he is never too busy to help us in solving ours. Thank you, Mr. Wolfe! E , IVlr. Herbert Dawson Mr. Herbert Dawson, the man with the ready smile, is the Superintendent of Buildings, Grounds, and Maintenance. In the past year he has successfully worked with the architects in planning and in constructing a new addition to the Primary School. A new baseball diamond was also built with his help. We thank him for making our school more efficient. 9 IVlr.WiIIiam Host Mr. William Host is a very important figure in our school system. Just how important is his position was proven to us when, in addition to his regular duties as Administrative Assistant, he assumed in mid-year, the added job of interim Principal! He has many essential tasks to carry out: supervision of teachers, handling federal programs, suggesting textbooks, and assisting in transportation arrangements. Although he walks quietly among us, the student body is grateful to him and takes this opportunity to express our thanks. Mg' I I Wf ,Tr Y .J Q HMM SOCIAL STUDIES Seated: L. Poelma, M. Sherman, W. Devlin, M. Mahoney, B. Lawrence Standing: J. Klink, P. Baker, R. Slocum FOREIGN LANGUAGES SHOP, MUSIC, DRIVER ED. Seated: Z. Koval, J. Marcus Seated: D. Sanford, M. Sherman Standing: J. Ward, N. Gray, J. Bradley Standingl S- SBI'-ihak. A- SDGYTCBI' 10 ENGLISH Seated: S. Trujillo, M. Cook, B. Doherty, M. Martillotta, B. Bretlinger, V. Bropst Standing: M. Freson, N. Willey, P. Balonik, D. Miller, C. Wolfe, E. Collins MATH AND SCIENCE Left to right: W. Monacelli, K. Sodoma, M. Chamberlain, V. Morrison, D. Anderson, A. Campbell H. Salchak, J. Beaumont iCadetl, H. Conrad, P. Rich H. Severns, L. Keith, iCadetl, C. Morrison l., Hill I1 ART, COMMERCIAL, MUSIC, HOME ECONOMICS Standing: D. Sundell, Art, K. Nelson, Music, M. Sansone, Art, FI. Schroeder, Business Seated: J. Fenton, Business, A. Sanger, Home Ec, E. Anderson, Home Ec, A. Holt, Business, R. Nichol, Business PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH Seated: D. Anderson, D. Fiagusa, M. Sage Standing: E. Stackwick, A. Mann, L. Graham GUIDANCE B. Lynch, N. DiLaura, J. Burnett 1st Flow: M. Welker, M. Narburgh, M. Bezon, I. McDonald 2nd Flow: F. Marshall, T. Schmackpfeffer, K. Jurs, A. Fadale Albion Central School District Cafeteriais Big Business - approximately Sl25,000 worth of business per year. To prepare over 2,000 lunches daily or approximately 350,000 lunches per school year the cafeterias employ thirty Women. .4 CAFETEHIA 1st Row: M. Daniels, R. Spencer, B. Vagg, E. Barringer 2nd Row: F. Culmo, C. Roth, H. Hollenbeck, G. Keene 13 CUSTODIANS Grggyykzdl. a iels, A. Hazel oFFlcE STAFF l, 555 A, a Standing: Z. Brown, E. Williams Y Seated: H. Johnson, E. Hatch X Without the cheerful and constant labors of our office and custodial staff, A.C.S. would come to a complete standstill. Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Morrison discuss the diversity of diet. 14 "An army iof studentsl marches on its stomach." Mr. Bond In a lonely and secluded room high on the third floor of AHS is located the office of one ofthe busiest men in the school, Mr. Nelson Bond. With his gentle, quiet determination, he works for the benefit of the students' interests . As School Social Worker, he strives to give a greater chance for success to our transient students. In addition, he still finds time to manage the operations of the Audio Visual Department, a most valuable service to instruction in a rapidly changing world. Of our school system s populatuon over 2 250 pupils arrive at and depart from our buildings by buses which cover a daily average of more than 1500 miles on forty routes. CHEVRON applauds our drivers our transportation officials and our maintenance people whose concern for our students is shown in their safety records and devotion to duty. ,, v f , KW' , fs. -- QSXW 4 , ,, , , ,. N, fc 1. , .f' T lftfw-4a . r,.. A Z i ? ' s ,lb 0 .V ' J r ""' ff 1? zz ' Inf 5 V s. ' I . """ff' ' K H, M v'A A ws - 1 y 'i , 1 'fs' - , 9' ,-f J ".-:-W'-f J . r .s , ,' iff r , 1 4 52.2. ' .Q get ,- 1, , a 1 A - iw 1 'fa' J-wr . eta: H RTE Il n - - H A ,.X Jr.. 1. . t Mft,- , 1 f- ,WK fq- 'BL sg M, . ,. ffl sn- ima 34 ,f W' . Q " 2' Q2 1, r GQ ,a gi,,,w-.,,- 5 yr pi , 5 5 f Q 5 aff t r 3 5 w'!""'P"--1-' ' 1 ., V f. 1 A z ' ,K ZW " 4,5 xg ,tx g 25 Q 5 i ,YT f 2 if' ji "gl 2 -av'-f -mgpffff W- 4 -f I E i mfdi e M 1 3 54 nt, '..,,-,,.,,. f 1, , 5, n .M-,,. 1 - My 7 it E 2 fm., , Vk VV N Q ' g k fi VW A Y , ,4', M ' ag n,,,,,3,.,,,, . , .J ' a SENIOR CLASS SENIORS: At last, we have attained the heights! What have we achieved? What is a senior? What makes him ntickn? What does he stand for? S is for sorrow-shared. The Class of 1969 was saddened by the loss of one of our members at Christmas . . . one ofour friends,,. . so young . . . so full oflife . . . William Connor. E is for enthusiastic. Our whole class is full of exuberance. This is why the tea, the play, the prom, and class night were all so delightful. N is for nerve-wracking. Who? Us? Never! Then again, maybe that's the reason so many teachers have turned gray this year - even the new ones. CAfter all, never before has Mr. Salchak had to put up with physics class quite like the present one. Never before has Miss Nelson had to put on a concert with only 12 boys to balance 50 girls. Never before has Mr. Freson had to put up with human Walkie-talkiesj I is for imaginative - which pretty much describes the whole class. flf only everyone were privileged to hear Twinkles, jokes, or to see Alan fall asleep in class.j O is for optimistic - which the seniors definitely are, as they look for a bright tomorrow. R is for resourceful. We had to be! We raised the record low amount on our junior magazine sales! SENIORS: At last we HAVE attained the heights! 16 If O I In XY 2,142 X M, ,I '-.-., N, I "' ., ,.,,4--M., ,,w'J,,-N. ,xg 3 - -.4 fy .M -.K . r x , fff L 4,1 Q 4. ' -1 N .1 ' --L , V, 55 51 'Fr .xlslxg iq! , 5 . h N,..-.-A Y v"'v-1--..m,,,?, 1-Qf -" if Af X L Q , ?g X ' iz, , ,, ,.-,.., ., -Mtn fu 1 1, A M 5 . . ,, 1 V . Y. , - 4 ' 4 , ,Lp f I N K - ...M-....mff,.f....., U . 'W ,. ,Q S . , A - I X .ff f ' 1 s , i3 . ' Z . 4- 5 i ,,.M.,,.., JH R 1 if . . li h , i"""13"5'?fA"""""" A 1' , 3 .5 I 1 nl ' S 3 1. ,Z bv-,.f,4--------.......,.,, I 1 E " 5' 1 Q V 2 1 F 1 I i av qu . if ve! Qi L11 s 9 S ,,. ,Q 5 filth, ,Q mb fw - W gy af, Q f 1 lk i gi 3,f!,f:!,.R 1 i f i 'ilk s ff 1' ' 1 K fr N 1 K 2 if Kisi2: ,E il? if Q x I gi X Q5 1 f X' . if i Q ,i f ' 5 ' si 5: Q 3? s 1 Y ' 4 X K i S' i 1. 5 F3 43, v If 4 FRANK ALBERTSON RICHARD ALLIS NEWELL ALLPORT LINDA ANDREWS REBECCA ARCHER 18 KATHLEEN AUSIVIAN RAY BABBITT JESSE BABCOCK CAFIOL BAILEY HOWARD BECKEFZ FIONNIE JEAN BABBEFI 1 im-A-""' LINDA BAILEY DAFILENE BENTON KATHY BATT NANCY BAILEY ANITA BICKNELL PATRICIA BIELICKI ANN BROOKS VICKI BONGIOVANNI LINDA BLAKE MARY ELLEN BORELLO BRENDA BROWN NANCY BOCCACCIO IVIARCIA BUCKNER -vi"""'i" GARY BUDYNSKI Sym, CLAIRE COOK SHARON CHATTIN THOMAS BUTTON DIANE COOK 584' KEVIN CHRISTY ..- X -A DONALD CARR RICHARD COOK MARY CURTIS ALBERT DAVIS L f A Lgffgiflsiiff If -. 15552 -' 155757 his W XE' ' RONNIE DAVIS SUE DAVIS DUANE DELAMARTER 22 EDWARD DePETERS EILEEN DONAHUE JOHN DOOLAN JAMES DRAGON .X V, 2' WENDY DRAPER 3' , ,K 5'QwM.W-gf ROBERT EASTE FILING ALLAN EIBL 'f"'-fu? P Q1 ---wang. DAVID FERFIIS SUSAN EDDY X 1 "9 JOHN DRISDON 23 GARY FIOCCA . 1 IVIONA FITZWATER DANA GAVENDA DAVID FLJRIVIANSKI BRENDA FRASER STEPHEN GILBERT KAREN FURIVIANSKI CAROL FRENCH SCOTT GOLISANO ff I My ,m f Q , ' 'FQSM -il f' f af 1 P-Q 40-1151 THOMAS GOLISANO :naw MARC HINMAN DEAN HART -1Y"""3 FRANK GREEN Qyff PATRICIA HORCH BRUCE HEARD LINDA GROOMS 25 BONNIE HUDSON MARK HUDSON LeANNA HYLAND RICHARD HUGHES . . LQ: ' E515 4 N V Q -Sis-0 .ww -:fr mai Ks Q, if S gf 5, xg, QQ ,s Jig - HERBERT JURS PAMELA KAST ff- Q. qffwfe 1 i g - Q W? . -w kwfi-zxxw kkyk SN -55 s, -lei? Q f f- - iii :- .ssff iff X- 3 A - .mi - nga Nz' 7225- A PETER HUTHSTEINER r w- 'abs we . 1,3 N f ' Q: 'fa g ffqfgag L if ,' Av ,gh 1 '. ,f-'i:fYj1 '- 59,-'fffg-25: ' QUT E ai" wx JOHN KELLOIVI 'ff ewfwr PATRICIA KIRBY 124.75 RANDALL KLATT BRADFORD LAKE pg, , z . JOHN KNIGHT ANDREI KOVAL W in A 'MW' JOHN LEDDON DONDELL KNIGHT 27 'MTA LONG JOANN E LUCAS KAREN LUSK s 5 WILLA IVIAREK SAM MARTI LLOTTA PATRICIA IVIATHES JOE IVIARTI LLOTTA DIANE IVIANNELLA 28 SANDRA IVICOIVIBER JOYCE MCDONALD FREDERICK MILLER LAURIE MORTON i DONALD MELFI THOMAS MULLINS ' 'Ng-WWW, ,, M. JOSE MORENO JOANNE MICELI 29 PETER MURPHY Youth of Todcxq C. Quarantello, S. Eddy, Senior Tec: 30 Leaders of Tomorrow! NEAL IVIUSCAFIELLA LEROY MYERS FAE NEI LANS PATRICIA NEFII JACOUELINE NESBITT SUSAN NENNI VINCENT NAVARRA 32 JOHN NESBITT STEPHEN NUDD MARY LOUISE ORLANDO DAVETTE PAWLACZYK VICKY PECK SHERRY PETERS 33 RAYMOND PETTINE ,,,k,.Qul MARY PETTIT MARCIA PIATEK LAURIE PIAZZA CAROL RICE ROSEMARY PIAZZA BRUCE PLUMLEY MARY QUARANTELLO MARY JO RIES JAMES PINSON JEANETTE RILEY CYNTHIA ROBERTS RUSSELL ROBE RTSON STEVEN RUSTAY DEBORAH SABO MARY SAGE KATHLEEN SANTILLO HARHIETT RUSSELL: 35 JEANNE SCHARPWG TERRY SCHIVIACKPFEFFER RONALD SPANTON PETER SNELL T w MICHAEL SCHOONOVER SHARON SMITH DEBORAH SNOWDON 36 DIANNE STACKWICK ROBERT STEARNS ROGER STINSON FLORA STUMP RANDOLPH SYCK SUZANNE SWIERCZNSKI SUSAN TAYLOR 37 ...fax E JAMES TE LGA EUGENE THAINE JAMES THEODORAKOS ROSS THOMPSON RONALD VAGG SUSAN THOMPSON PAUL VAN WYC KE JUDY WARD PHILIP WARNE SHIRLEY TURNER NORENE WEBSTER Q BARBARA WELLS LINDA WILLIAMS LYNETTE WELLS SUZANNE WINKLEY ROBERT WIELGOSZ WILLIAM WITTIVIAN CAROLYN WRIGHT BARBARA YOUNGS LINDA ZARPENTINE SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS Standing: D. Melfi, J. Leddon, D. Gavenda, J. Theodorakos, L. Zarpentine, B. Easterling, W. Draper, A. Koval, NI. Schoonover, K. Kent, Mr. Host Sitting: N, Bocaccio, A. Bicknell, D. Pawlaczyk, L. Grooms, H. Russelli, P. Kast 40 r l r EXCHANGE STUDENT Jose Nloreno What would this year have been like without our friendly, sweet-talking Spanish conquistador? Jose Luis Cerezo Moreno came to us and to his host family, the Gardners, from Malaga, Spain. From the moment of his arrival, Jose was Hone of usw. Even though Jose had been told of America's immensity, the size of our country surprised him. He has been delighted by the abundance of goods here. Jose has felt privileged to share the use of our school lab equipment. He has been impressed with the friendliness and with the sense of responsibility of American teen-agers. Upon returning to Spain, Jose plans to enter the University of Granada. Because of his friendliness, his sense of humor, and his endearing manner, Jose will always have a special place in our hearts. To forget him would be impossible. He is another link in our chain of understanding. 41 Senior Play For a handful of seniors, such immortal phrases as, "Stop that walking aroundf and, t'Prompter, give him his lineln will bring back memories of the HRAMSHACKLE INN", this year's senior play. The confusion begins when Belinda Pryde, a librarian straight from East Ipswich, and her companion, Commodore Lucius Towser, enter their newly acquired hotel. In the cellar of this rundown hotel the manager has a storeroom full of bootleg liquor hidden until it can be shipped out that evening. Two murders result and are quickly blamed on the previous owner's son who has just arrived home after a year's imprisonment. fBill had been framed to cover up illegal activities once before, and was not willing to return to jail for the racketeersj With the help of a famous F.B.I. agent, Miss Pryde searches for clues that will clear Billis name. Her amateur investigations lead her to discover a kidnapped girl, two bodies that disappear the minute her back is turned, and finally, the real murderer. Miss Pryde's persistent efforts to make her hotel respectable finally lead to the arrest of all the bootleggers. This mystery farce was thoroughly enjoyed as much by the cast and crew throughout the weeks of practice as by the audience. The success of the play was greatly due to the help of Milo Freson, the director. The members of the cast included: Patton ............ . . . DANA GAVENDA Arbuthnot . . . . JOE MARTILLOTTA Joyce Rogers . ....... PAT BIELICKI Mame Phillips . . . . . .MARY LOUISE ORLANDO Constable Small .... . 4' ...... JOHN KNIGHT Belinda Pryde ....,. .... R EBECCA ARCHER Commodore Lucious Towser . . . VINCENT NAVARRA Gail Russel ....... .... P AMELA KAST Alice Fisher . ..... J OANNE MICELI Dr. Russel . . ...... AN DRE KOVAL Bill Phillips . . . SAMUEL MARTILLOTTA Mr. Temple . . . MICHAEL SCHOONOVER Mary Temple . . . . HARRIET RUSSELLI Gilhooley . . . . JAMES THEODORAKOS Fred Porter ...................... BRUCE HEARD Stage Crew - Newell Allport, Jim Dragon, Frank Sidari, Bob Wielgosz Lighting 8: Sound - Bill Dexter, Alan Farnsworth, David Parker, Tod Raymond Prompters - Wendy Draper, Debbie Snowdon, Dianne Stackwick 42 Cast Takes A Bow! A. Koval, S. Nlartillotta, J. Theodorakos, J. Martillotta, B. Heard, M. Schoonover, M. Louise Orlando, D. Gavenda, Mr. Freson, P. Bielicki, J. Knight, V. Navarra, J. Miceli, H. Russelli, Fi, Archer, P. Kast ' fr mf 43 xkxv Y . ,N Y W1 1 A25 , an ,ww 'yy , ff L - ,L i X ,Q ',l 2 , ff Q 155 W, ,, 5. lm ' if f A - 1 fiffx ' '. V T: 7,745 f 1 34 -- V' 47 s, 3 Q , V jj? L fi L' L1 75. wie 5 fx? V W a 2 ' X ' aw,-+'fQMff"""'4n,, , V "Na: M M -www., . M,M,M,,N xiv Q ' L 'f , , IX 3 A x G-ffijgy-7'V 1' .n 4 f fr I A " ,Jjf?f'M"ff,AQ j if bf EX X Qf Q' Q' I g x C' ,' K ,5 5 .if-4""j, xt, si A ' '+fMfi2Pi" f if T X .""""' 255 gf , f , 1 Rx is I ix M , w I W1 N gs, if .AIAA ,Miz A,, 7 , in .fda .fljv ' , K 3- , K3 X ix ,, 'mn 1 I 5 NX ' x Q xg Q if? f 3 fif g Las Close FLAG DEDICATION Pam Kast, Jose Moreno, and Ron Davis accept from Mr. Engle one of the flags-of-nations given by the Engles in honor of Private Richard Engle killed in Viet Nam, 1968. Photo: Republican American 45 Youth For Understanding Our first Y.F.U. representative in Albion is Frauke, who comes to us from Gross-Ostiem, Germany, and lives with the Archer family. Her favorite delights are peanut butter and marshmallows. She likes "beat" music, and says German popular music is sung in English. She has delighted us with her warm radiance and will take with her the best wishes of the entire student body. Our Junior Class is proud to help sponsor this new exchange and experience in world friendship. 46 Junior Class As our Junior year began we could see it was going to be a very good year. And indeed it was. The courses were tougherg but we met the challenge. We received our class rings in early September and proudly showed them to anyone who would look. Our magazine sale was abig success and enabled us to have a beautiful prom entitled nMoon1ight and Roses". We are grateful to our advisors for their help and guidance and our class officers: Jim Gardner, John Quarantello, Jo Nesbitt, and Joan Vick. Now we look to the future, and to our "grand finalen as Seniors. FRAUKE NIEMEYEFK JUNIOR CLASS Seated: E. Ward, B. Good, M. Murphy, J. Vick, M. Ryan, B. Johnston Standing Left: L. Shepard, R. McMurray, M. Troy, R. Whiting, M. Condoluci, J. Fraser, R. Witzel, E. Graybill, D. Brett Standing Right G. Manella, H. Penasack, T. Huthsteiner, C. Stymus, P. Bettini, P. Murphy, D. Millis JUNIOR CLASS Seated: F. Sidari, G. Bailey, J. Gardner, L. Nesbitt, V. Smith 2nd Flow: Woodcook, J. Bell, W. Drisclon, J. Ouarantello, M. Reynolds, M. PisaRelIi, C. Roth 3rd Row: Nenni, D. Bloom, J. Pask 4th Flow: McCormack, E. Spivey, J. Nenni, J. Klotzback 47 JUNIOR CLASS Seated: D. Spanton, J. Barron, R. Pinson, J. Fortunato 1st Row Standing: D. Szklany, D. Pike, J. Marek, N. Neal, S. Callard, R. Kirby, L. Host, M. Host C. Budynski, N. Callas 2nd Row Standing: L. Axtell, B. Eddy, B. Taylor, V. Willis, M. Cox, A. Hatch, J. Miller JUNIOR CLASS Seated: R. Burroughs, R. Eason, P. Miller, L. Green 2nd Left: K. McGowan, M. McKenna, C. Peters, S. Wadham, M. Metcalf Right: L. Martin, R. Lunn, E. Monagon, D. Archer, B. Morrow, R. Niemeyer, M. Babcock A. Capurso, C. Hurlburt, J. Vandetti 48 1st Flow: Standing: 2nd Row: 3rd Flow: 4th Row: JUNIOR CLASS . Kurzawski, B. Beiber, C. Neilans, NI. Landauer, P. Fadale, D. Laubacher, P. Green D. Chappius, K. Morris Wilson, C. Reed, V. Smith, C. Mann, IVI. Zambito Dingle, S. Gould Putnam, R. Miller, B. Bull Buckner, FG. Seidel JUNIOR CLASS Seated: C. Jackson, D. Krull, IVI. Salisbury, D. Bennett, J. Kriss, Fi. Galisano, B. Luczak, C. Salchak, C. Vine, K. Kavanaugh, L. LaMartina 2nd Row: C. Kast, M. Downey, D. Drew, D. Miller, P. Monacelli, D. Gates, B. Walch 3rd Flow: E. Presley, L. Ruhlen, S. Yungfleish, S. Dussett, W. Dexter, W. Jackson, S. Hamilton, K. Schwartz, Nl. Lamont 49 Top Right: Top Left: Bottom Right: Bottom Left: Front Row: Standing Left: Front: Back: Standing Right: JUNIOR CLASS R. Winkley D. Vanhooter S. Mingano P. Ryan C. Ludington, R. Tutone, M. Banker, C. Lyman, R. Roth, P. NeiIans,S. Romanoski J. Schmackpfeffer, T. Robb, B. Draper K. Ryan, C. Davis, A. Patton A. McGaffick, E. Coulter, F. Froy, A. Kraus, J. Harris, B. Squires 1st Row Seated: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: JUNIOR CLASS H. Papponetti, R. Mathes, A. Farnsworth, R. Gilchrist, W. Rhim, D. Matthews D. Hyde, L. Phillips, M. Pimpo, D. Kaminski, S. Gavenda, K. Snyder, G. Stirk, S. Wolfe, D. Parker S. DePeters, M. Ries, C. Anderson, S. Standish, T. McNaIl, T. Raymond S. Bakeman, M. Heard, D. Glassner, J. Taylor, R. Lester 50 SOPHOMOR E CLASS The class of '71, this year's so-called "wise foolsn, found themselves laden with responsibilities greater than in previous years. The struggle with advanced subjects became a major part of our lives. Though wrapped up in our studies, we managed to participate in varied school activities ranging from athletics, through debate, music, and service groups. The year holds many memories pleasant to recall, but we are looking towards a future with new horizons of understanding and of achievement. SOPHOMOFGE CLASS OFFICERS R. Bailey, D. Mix, C. Jurs, M. Woolston 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Flow: 4th Row: . Cook, Fl. Klart, D. Sabo, S. Webreck, C. Greene, B. Thiel, K. Schoelles Stevenson, E. Kopitski, H. Ricci, C. Drew, M. Repko, J. New, M. Easterling, S. Sadowski Ward, A. Fioth, C. Kurzawski, B. Hunt, M. Taber, A. Heard, A. Smith Tower, D. Conrad, D. Dibble, D. Telga, D. Kelley 51 SOPHOMOHE CLASS 1st Flow: S. Perfitt, C. St. John, B. Bower, S. Cameron, C. Flores, S. D'Orazio, E. Markle 2nd Row: W. VanDorn, N. Nesbitt, D. Mix, M. Srnith, T, Miller, D. Babcock, J. Anderson, J. Vick 3rd Flow: D. Ging, R. Neilans, K.Corbin, D. Vanderlaan, R. Mosley, H. Germeo, O. Barber, B. Klatt 'lst Bow: 2nd Flow: 3rd Flow: 4th Flow: SOPHOMORE CLASS . Thompson, C. Wolfe, N. Knapp, W. Becker, D. D'Amico, D. Allard, C. Coville Gavenda, B. McGuire, J. Kast, N. Salisbury, S. Warne, T. Fiorelli, E. Hunt, C. Lafferty .Nudd, M. Keitel, E. Barrett, Fl. Flhim, K. Monacelli, C. Scott, C. Harvin Winckley, E. Spivey, D. Eason, T. Miller, B. Vancott, K. Bradley, L. Eastwood 52 SOPHOMORE CLASS lst Row: K. Dingle, P. Gormley, M. Baker, Fl. Davis, Fl. Carr, Fl. Bailey, M. Papponnitte 2nd Flow: C. Tucker, G. Youngs, J. Vine, K. Furmanski, O. Smith, S. Townsend, D. Davis S Mack 3rd Flow: L. Gaylord, R. Marsh, J. Marek, M. Robinson, J. Martillota, W. Applegate, C. Jurs D Scharping, J. Parsons 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Bow: SOPHOMORE CLASS P. Staines, N. McMurray, C. Sabo, D. Kast, L. Downs, S. Buck, S. Forman L. Cook, Fl. Walters, M. Bailey, G. Kirby, B. Karls, S. Warne, N. Nenni F. Dibley, FZ. Price, J. Grillo, B. Vanderlaan, G. Bakeman, N. Sedita B. Campbell, D. Stackwick, P. Taylor, B. Lusk, B. Caldwell 53 SOPHOMORE CLASS 1st Row: J. Buck M. Strickland, D. Thomas, A. Plumley, C. Glassner, C. Norton, E. Hockenberry 2nd Row: K. Jeffreys, S. Draper, M. Woolston, V. Poelma, B. Vick, Fl. Daniels, D. Budynski, Fl. Gaylord 3rd Flow: D. Banker, B. Fiuhlman, Fl. Hughson, J. Halstead, L. Bannister, L. Kurzawski, C. Jurs, J. Peglow, L. Salviski SOPHOMOBE CLASS 1st Flow: C. Basinait, B. Barber, K. VanDorn, J. Delamarter,B. Babbitt, L. Martin, B. Huthsteiner 2nd Row: J. Sherman, W. Munger, B. Rush, D. Piatek, R. Wehling, P. Ryan, P. Crowley, J. Whipple 3rd Flow: Fl. French, Fl. Campbell, J. Whipple, C. Hinkley, K. Gavenda, S. Brundage, M. Bell 4th Rovv: B. DePeters, W. Allen, F. Webster, S. Marquart, M. Adema, B. Baldwin, W. Hyland 54 A .. -A rj A X FRESHMAN OFFICERS President - Dean Burdettg Vice President - Anne Eddyg Secretary - Joani Neri: Treasurer - Judy Bielicki FRESHMAN CLASS Our freshman year is an important one for all of us. It teaches us respect for ourselves, as well as for others. It helps us in making new friends, and trains our minds in good study habits which welll need even more in the following years. It sets us straight on one thing: we're here for a reason, and to make the best use of our time. We learn to appreciate our classmates and to cherish their friendships. Yes, our freshman year is an important one -one which may become difficult at times, but which can also be a lot of fun .This all depends on the individual. 1st ROW: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: 5th Row: H. Mosely, H. Moses, L. Fletcher, T. Vick, L. Lusk, W. Fihirn, M. Coffey Fi. Morrison, W. Brown, S. Prosperi, M. Swartz, P. Wadhams, C. Downey, K. D'Alberto D. Daniels, B. Ballard, E. Green, C. Quagiiana P. Mann, M. Schultz, R. Hults, J. Gollus, M. Colonna, J. Hughs C. Pinson, M. Hinman, B. Buckner, G. Ebbs 55 'lst Flow: 2nd Row: 3rd Flow: 4th Row: FRESHIVIAN CLASS D. Nlorrison, R. Canham, D. Miller, R. Davis, V. Jones, S. Brown, P. Smith W. Nichols, W. Cox, S. Smith, V. Conduluci, Fi. Allard, G. Smith, M. Beam, S. Beales L. Stafford, D. Pike, Nl. Mack, J. Bielicki, G. Vanderlaan, S. Licht, Fl. Golisano A. Culhane, B. Peters, Fl. Halstead, K. Pettine 1st Row: 2nd Flow: 3rd Row: 4th Row: FRESHNIAN CLASS . Ward, L. Celmer, E. Luzak, P. Kaminski, J. Eddy, C. Daniels, S. Jones Githens, J. Squires, J. Hughson, N. Walters, S. Pilon, P. Harvey, S. Budynski Nliller, C. Mathes, V. Smith, V. Pratt, W. Muscarella, P. Salisbury, S. Larson .WaIsh, C. Drennen, W. Allis, K. Standish, H. Herdendorf 56 FRESHMAN CLASS 1st Row: J. Wolfe, R. Whiting, L. Noreck, A. Germeo, D. Thaine, J. Colucci, C. Hill 2nd Row: D. VanDorn, N. Canale, C. Brooks, C. Luddington, M. Cook, F. Zicari, B. Moore, C. Murphy 3rd Row: P. Apples, J. Carpenter, P. Keen, D. Delemarter, D. Morrow, S. Seidel, G. Ferris 4th Row: J. Drisdon, R. Riley, R. Neilens 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: FRESHMAN CLASS . Whitfield, M. Champeny, B. Chappius, M. Whiting, K. Smith, E. Gibson, M. Nichols Drought, C. Spanton, R. Sweircznski, L. Borden, J. Ugorek, D. Hollenbeck, P. Matson, J. Austin .Starkweathen R. Lusk, P. Sweircznski, L. Hudson, J. Champeny, A. Eddy, D. Hinkley .Bowman, D. Rice, D. Rice, L. Williams 57 1st Flow: 2nd Flow: 3rd Flow: 4th How: FHESHMAN CLASS . Parsons, S. Glassner, T. Kaiser, M. Raymond, G. Brooks, P. Weaver, T. Manchester Brooks, R. Barber, Fi. Hamilton, D. Bieber, F. Hollenbeck, H. Ward, E. Oberther, D. Early Brien, G. Smith, D. Monacelli, D. Kelley, G. Hudson, L. Hunt, P. Scharping .Capurso, G. Smith, S. Landauer, F. Miller, R. Dickenson FRESHMAN CLASS 1st Flow: J. Neri, J. Fiorelli, J. Sedita, M. Gavenda, B. Staines, M. Bennett, B. Brown 2nd Flow: G. Flustay, W. Rhim, C. Hockenberry, M. Deluca, M. Waterstreet, C. Webster, B. Frinson, J. Early 3rd Flow: R. Babbit, R. Fletcher, M. Kelley, D. Preston, D. Drago, P. Taylor, B. Biaselli, C. Anderson 58 EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Front: S. Barone, J. Simboli, J. Dilvlatteo Back: T. Francis, L. Babcock, P. Martillotta, M. Murray Eighth Grade The last step on the ladder that reaches into high school has been taken by the members of our class. This has been the year that has marked the end of many familiar experiences and the beginning of new and exciting possibilities. Our friendships have become stroner. Our studies have been more advanced. Our activities have increased. We have become better acquainted with many upperclassmen as we have joined with them in planning school affairs, or have taken part in groups open to junior and senior highers. This school year has helped us prepare, through projects, reading, experiments, and practical courses, for the four years ofhigh school that lead to graduation and to our place in the Hbig, Wide, wonderful worldf' 1st Flowr I. Robb, A. Burroughs, Fi. Gibson, B. Johnston, L. Nlunger, D. Kelley, R. Budynski 2nd Flow: P. Gross, F. Connors, G. Nliies, G. Vanderlaan, R. Smith, P. Nlartillotta, J. Francis 3rd Row: J. Hyde, T. Francis, V. Hickens, K. Barber, L, Scurry, W. Nlinol 4th Row: P. Dawson, D. Eddy, W. Seager, J. Stewart, N. Hicks, B. Gollus, E. Benfer 59 1st Row: 2nd Flow: 3rd Bow: 4th How: EIGHTH GRADE . Allard, A. Edwards, N. Swanson, D. Alport, C. Taylor, D. Blake, B. Daniels . Beam, J. Walch, C. Wolffe, Fl. Callard, D. Houseman, T. Poelma, J. French, A. Jackson . Ashberry, K. Meredith, K. Narburgh, K. Beardsly, T. Hunt, L. Babcock, J. Ashburry . Gardner, J. McNaIl, D. Snyder 1st Flow: 2nd Flow: 3rd Row: 4th How: EIGHTH GRADE . Harrison, M. Hinckly, S. Lanning, M. Tower, T. Skurnick, W. Hershy, D. Suhr . Morton, D. Zwifka, B. Batchellor, K. Harridine, C. Fancher, N. Condulici P. Wright, S. Olhbeck, S. Sherman, B. Brown, P. May, M. Ryan, J. Walch D. Whittman, D. DePeters, Fi. Plurnely, M. Vick, M. Joy, D. Roberts, W. Miller 60 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: EIGHTH GRADE . Whitfield, D. Karns, S. Nowicki, R. Barnum, K. Kast, Fi. Norton, P. Farnsworth . Neal, J. Mosckie, P. Woods, S. Martin, S. Klatt, M. Pilkinton, P. Hall, K. Goodlow Yungfleisch, S. Kast, V. Pettine, B. Buchner, G. Suhr, L. Passino, A. Belmont Hughs, B. Cassidy, A. McKinney, C. Bond, J. Pinson, B. Bicknell, E. Townsend, E. Kurzowski 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Bow: 4th Flow: EIGHTH GRADE . Becker, K. Culmo, C. Ausman, V. Theil, L. Neri, S. Towman, P. Bouter .Corke, F. Webster, B. Grider, N. Lyman, J. Spielman . Tower, S. Christopher, D. Daniesl, T. Frykenburg, C. Heard, C. Fsudes, J. DiMatteo .Howard, L. Hawkins, K. Unterborn, N. Johengen, M. Murray, Fl. Standish, T. Godbolt 61 1st Bow: 2nd Bow: 3rd Bow: 4th Flow: EIGHTH GHADE . Becker, C. Toss, R. Wigton, J. Ries, D. Albanese, J. Peglow, J. Knowles . Robinson, G. Vallerio, S. Williams, S. Norton, K. Krause, D. Conrad, C. Norman J. Simboli .Zambito, B. Miller, D. Green, R. Weston, D. Kirby . Restivo, C. Flustay, J. Navarra, T. Baron, C. Tibbits, T. King 1st Flow: 2nd Row: 3rd Bow: 4th Row: EIGHTH GRADE . Wells, M. Beiber, S. Barone, J. Bailey, E. Porter, C. Pahura, L. Ging . Allport, J. Carr, K. Bowley, P. Weis, B. Ebbs, C. Tokotch, J. Stetson, F. Burgio .Traub, E. Robinson, G. Davey, M. Mann, A. Woolston, K. Pugh . Georgitso, T. Halstead, D. Ricky, C. Marsh, D. Porter, K. Moore 62 Seventh Grade It was in September of 1968 that a group of 'gkids" entered the door of Albion High School,less noisy than usual in anticipation of their first day at their new school. Polished and shined, they looked almost innocent as they passed through-the-halls looking for their homerooms. They liked their new school, with its long halls, lined with lockers, with its cafeteria and three floors of rooms. They found a new sense of freedom they had never before experienced. Yes, it was the M, many classes at set times that they enjoyed. There were many extra-curricular activities open to the youngsters. They actively took part in chorus, bands, clubs, sports, and student government. Along with new responsibilities came a great feeling of independence with only their consciences to guide them. Now, at the end of the year, they have tested their newly grown wings. The fledglings hope to fly to places of honor in the hearts of their teachers, and ofthe student body. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS 2nd Row: C. Breuilly, J. Landauer, D. Marek 1st Row: P. Navarra, R. Fleming, C. Hollenbeck 1st Row: S. Pritt, L. Lusk, D. Perfitt, R. Klatt, K. Campbell, W. Whiting, D. Rowly 2nd Row: P. Heard, R. Flugel, D. Fredericks, W. Nlakowski, C. Evans, R. Proctor, S. Alcorn, D. Graybill, J. Neiderhoffer, H. Bradley 3rd Row: R. Ebbs, E. Cassidy, P. Rogers, J. Gandee, J. Neihaus, H. Morgan, L. Wilson, D. Neal 4th Flow: P. Harvey, L. Tulley, N. Wheats 63 1st Flow: 2nd How: 3rd Flow: 4th Row: SEVENTH GRADE . Pope, M. Stanlet, P. Joy, K. Waterstreet, J, Palocious, K. Georgitso, D. Casselman .Fitzwater, T. Skurnic, C. Newbould, S. Mullins, J. Marquart, J. Fortunato, L. Fletcher B. Hollenbeck . Kirby, E. Monroe, F. Hill, T. Maxon, C. Blum, S. Forder, M. Covell, . Kirby, D. Wright, B. Davis, C. Mathes, N. Sprangenburg, C. Hollenbeck, L. Pinson 1st Flow: 2nd Row: 3rd Flow: 4th Row: SEVENTH GRADE Mclure, C. Staines, D. Lafferty, M. McCoy, T, Thaine, C. Lanning, J. Fitzwater Schuler, A. Eddy, W. Brown, L. Pratt, G. Wells, A. Vandetti, S. Herdendorf, D. Benfer, R. Flush Beech, G. Demos, T. Grooms, A. Miller, D. Maxin, D. Kaminiski, L. Budunski, N. Kopitski Knight, D. Schultz, M. Whiting, D. Longrod, M. Jeffrey, B. Oliver, H. Talbot 64 SEVENTH GRADE 1st Row Seated: M. Hays, B. Thomas, J. Swabb, L. Moore, S. Salchak, D. French, L. Hickein 2nd Row: 1 T. Hatch, R. Bennett, D. Szklany, L. Hollenbeck, V. Starkweather, S. Sanders, K. Wright, G. Fiickert, G. McCoy, R. Woolston 3rd Rovv: J. Kirby, L. Monacelli, D. Delamarter, W. Riley, B. Thomas, B. Breuilly, C. Breuilly 4th Row: B. Sanford, G. Johnson, E. Manning, C. Hamilton SEVENTH GRADE 1st Row: S. Drake, D. Oberther, R. Bannister, N. Mattice, J. Smith, K. Weaver, B. Flemming 2nd Row: A. Nlarkle, T. Whaling, T. Peruzini, L. Stafford, J. Snyder, D. King, M. Green, IVI. Fulcomer 3rd Flow: J. Gavenda, D. Bailey, D. Colonna, K. Kent, R. Elwell, S. Culhane, B. Ettinger, C. Flodden 4th Fiow: D, gllarek, J. Flugel, Fi. Mortan, S. Hamilton, S. Fiomonowski, S. Tower, D. Green, . Becht 65 SEVENTH GRADE 1st Row: J. Robinson, P. Daniels, G. Narburgh, M. Ostrowski, M. Restivo, J. Allen, K. Suhr 2nd Row: W. Jackson, V. Smith, R. Schoonover, B. Downs, M. Johnson, L. Krants, D. Engle, J. Landauer 3rd Row: P. Theodorakos, T. Oehlbeck, M. Manella, T. Beam, D. Freeman, L. Peruzini, C. Nlathes, D. Artis 4th Row: K. Sturzbecker, R. Vercrussyse, S. Smith, J. Wadhams, D. Walter, P. Navarra 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: SEVENTH GRADE .Pilkenton, P. Rotoli, P. Draper, B. Bieber, W. Riley, L. Gross, S. Meclure Borello, R. Allen, N. Moyer, M. VerHagen, P. Nesbitt, M. Matson, T. Johnson, M. Wright, D. Perfitt, H. Furmanski Spanton, M. Strlctland, J. Pickert, S. McCall, M. Spedcling, T. Passino, K. Rich . Pinson, G. Ruhlen, G. Williams, D. Brandon, D. Lonnen 66 From the Lectern Signor Prize Contestants MR. PROSPEFZI It's Academic Linda, Wendy, Mike, Pam, Sam and Melody practice for Channel 4 Chris, Marcia, Mike, Dale, Nancy, Marcia, and John line up for Signor Prize Contest Current Events .wa ' I 1 ff A 1 Q-ww wen - 3 ,,, ,, .qxx 9' V, :sm - ,fig ,-- Q Af if 1541 4 . ,W f f E , . ,Li 'H gk- ,fm V, W, , mu-fwwm ' I Vwwbwywrbi ,. ,,,.,,,.N ' if , V1 ff ' I Y 2 L f ' 11 4.1 L ' 1:-5, ' Rl Q 4?,i 3 'Y f 'Z ' fy V?,,,, ' , S l ,,,,,,j .,,v, . : f ,..p: ,' -Q M, ., 5-E, N ,A , I , ' i ' . A A Q' if sz 33312542 . A W W , is w xg' , W , 17"-, " f I A H "if ,ff-,,w 7 4.,,f,4, . ' I ff "AH W Qu ' 'fa 1 ' , ' A' .X 1 ' lg" ff ., aw .jx - 'a I ,ff Mm , jx Q , , 1 M f x, 4222! "., v ,?w 1 , sg ,Q , vm- Q I , ' . ,V - " "MMM, ,A I L n Y L z J, 'g 'Aff f-hw ' 4 my ., .N , 62 ,wg w M, 2 V ,. gy 5 ' f' ,,,. ' mw.w,"' :KJV .1 -1. 'M-. . N, hw ,f Curricula 3,4 11 : ,f . ehrplcm es Cours i 4? I f if n 1 3 . v, . P 4 , . i t . A . L X 4 , u.uf"'Q,Q '.gg.L- - 1 I --Q...................,-.----,,. M---if '5 , u ff Eg 5- f V - , ' . 3 nw! 0. ff N r ff A A ' f f f fu Q r f "A'1543?iTl3f -W H ' 5 ,yy .. , z 3 Q Z 3, -, , -3"',g,f r 3 K - T f.5:L, 1 Z gg , .,,,, W4 . ', 5 , 5 ' - 1 he -f-- Q , L13 bi? r T Q iiihffqig-,f Jul. z " 1. 5 s V ig Q 2 '. 2 E ' fi ' Wilt .I WQKA I r f- rf 1 if? i fx s 2:2 r L 3 fl ' Ffa 3 , ? f 1 5 X' f Igzg 1 132 iz fi U 4 3 ff l 5 I 3 Y Q ,.,fnnna-o.-,y5,,,,Q,,,.,.,,.,.f A 1 E 2 yll xii Y 'K .gh 2' ' ,, :I st A E , .i A f if L R V gy 55' uh f ig, E: 3 s u 2? f 12: Z X M '-M-r H .M Q r is fwfr Q A I fi f's'1 E ?1'3if 3 ' i 3 :Lf Y 5 9 iff 3. 1 'ff ff'--rw, N--.Tl ra L ', M -1- X M1 gjg f' , s L . Si 5? 'Rf , . :isis "Q, 5 Q 1 4 Yi 'fi-4 --.. 5" zwiffi?-L"ahll11-+-r """"':- YZN Lau"-atm-Ann . 'F fe' ' A 'B K5 ig ' 2 Q A A 5 jf-v-3. Z r if f ,V eff '." V, ,, ' A ' ,A ,' 4 'T ' Aff 2 'QMD5 1-Q, rf' W 1 V, , X x 1 ' ffl' - al. A V Q, 4 , .ily L girl 2 ,gsm-fe-,Ulf V " 144 'J:'Q,,,a v .. i R ,., K Z I Curricula Curso cle Estuclios LATIN CLASS That "Lingua Latina non mortua est!" the 135 Latin students prove. They show, by their interest, that the written wealth of this language, its English derivations, and the cultural values of the Roman era are still relevant. The challenge of Latin lies in concentration on translations, and in broadening our background and in insuring our understanding of the present through comparisons with the past. GERMAN CLASS Our school was again privileged to have German in its curricula this year. Frau Koval has been busy with four classes of German, including German Ill class of eight. German I students struggled through the daily sentence repetitions and the tests after each unit. The German Il class waded through the astonishing amounts of grammar and translations. Students taking German Ill plowed through the literature of! Brecht, Bahr, and others while trying to review for the regents. The German students wish to Say "Danke Schon" to Frau Koval for all she has done for us. ,-" FRENCH CLASS '6C,est ci bon," was heard whenever a student would be asked how he or she likes the new French teacher. And it was not only heard with Madame Marcus but also with Mr. Hooper. French classes this year are centering their study on conversation and understanding of the French people and their customs. This year a French Club was started and many innovations were made. From the studies this year we gained insight regarding the Frenchman and his country. XY. ENGLISH The English teachers this year are giving the students a deeper look into classical literature. Spelling, correct grammar, and good writing technique are always taught, but in addition to these basic skills the students are being exposed to the beauty of literature in both content and sentence structure. Simile, metaphor, and alliteration have become common words in English classes. Reading good literature builds our vocabulary and deepens our understanding of life itself. Students see the meaning of real virtue and the evils in our society. In this way we choose our values and mature through the experiences of the characters about whom we read. MATHEMATICS Man,s use of mathematics begins before he enters school. Pre-school children use numbers in their everyday games. Teenagers use math everytime they fill up their carls gas tank or buy clothes. Adults would be helpless to keep track of their incomes and expenditures without a broad knowledge of mathematics. For those who delight in the challenge of thought provoking problems and even for those who do not, Albion High School offers the basic foundation of mathematics that is a must for each human being in today's mechanized world. SCIENCE The realm of science is around us everyday. Besides learning about the mysteries of the earth and its atmosphere, the science students learn how to think clearly, work tediously and take "a ganderl' at all of the facts. The well-organized science curriculum aids in helping us to understand some of the universal mysteries which have always been around us. Some day this high school science course will seem simple compared to perplexities that will face us in the future. GOVERNMENT This year, a new one semester course was added to the school curricula - advanced government. Class discussion ranged from the political picture to the civil rights issue to the amount of authority in the family. Films helped to clarify questions concerning our Constitution. Much research was requiredg the course was concluded successfully. Considerable credit must be given to Mrs. Mahoney who taught this course for the first time. We hope that she will accept our thanks for her time, superb attitude, and human concern which brand her with a mark of excellence. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical Education is an essential phase in the education of every student. Under the guidance of Mr. Stackwick, Mr. Graham, Mr. Mann, and Mrs. Kozloski the students receive the opportunity to maintain physical wholesomeness by vigorous participation in the many activities offered to the student. Sports make up some of the most popular extracurricular activities. The Physical Education instructors deserve sincere commendation for their excellent program, which aids in the preparation of many young people for a useful and prosperous life. Photo - John Quarantello READING ln reading classes, taught this year by Miss Brentlinger, students learn to increase their comprehen- sion. To stimulate their interest in the printed word is another aim. Reading is a basic technique and a skill without which no one is com- petent to live in our society. 72 ECONOMICS Today's students, the citizens of tomorrow, need to understand the American economy in order to participate in it as businessmen, workers, consumers, and investors. Political issues are largely economic in nature, and the effectiveness of government policy depends on whether the electorate makes its decisions on the basis of knowledge or on the basis of ignorance. Elective courses in Economics and in Consumer Economics are taught in order to fulfill these premises for our students in Albion. SPANISH Today communications are very efficient, so no place exists in isolation. People travel extensively, and language communication is most important. Phrases such as "Como esta usted?', and "Hoy es Martesn are common phrases in Spain, Mexico, and South America. Because it is so important to understand language to communicate with mankind, modern languages such as Espanol are Hmuy importanten. -,ring- ,,, SPEECH This year Albion High School has introduced into its curriculum a new and very important subject, speech. This subject is offered as a half year course, meeting two days a week, for which one fourth of one credit is received. Mr. David Ragusa, a recent graduate of the University of Rochester, was invited to teach the course and has done an exceptional job. He has taught many students how to prepare speeches and helped them to overcome the fear of speaking in front of a group. DRIVER EDUCATION VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE Today's farms are a far cry from the time of the one-team, ten-acre lots our grandparents knew. Todayls farms are large electrified marvels needing the skill of a highly trained and dedicated person. The farmer is no longer the dungareed tiller of the soil, but is an active member of the complex financial world - a world demanding universal skills e a world dependent for its life upon the harvests of our nation. In the next few years as more people reach the driving age, there is certain to be an increase in the number of automobiles on the public highways. To compensate for this increase, New York State has enacted a law requiring everyone who desires a license to take Driver Education or attend a driving school. Mr. HSam,' Salchak is Albion's driving instructor. His patience and perserverance, both in class and in the training car, have helped countless numbers of students to develop the proper attitude and respect for the tremendous power of the machines they control. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial Arts is a comprehensive course which includes the skills, tools, professions, and problems of Americais industry. Under the capable guidance of Mr. Sanford and Mr. Spencer, Albion High School students have the opportunity of taking General Shop, General Wood, General Metal, and General Electricity. These subjects, which comprise the Industrial Arts curriculum, are invaluable in preparing the student for a fascinating and profitable career in tomorroW's industrial world. ART Webster defines art as "the production or expression of what is beautiful, appealing or of more than ordinary significance." Here at Albion High School, this definition is being fulfilled because students are very active in this culture. All seventh and eighth graders take are for ten weeks. Senior High students may take studio art, advanced art, or mechanical drawing. In art classes, students learn to appreciate great works of artists. Art is important in our world today because it gives a student an opportunity to express his own ideas and emotions. lts function is to inspire and move its audience to achieve and to contribute to our modern world. HOME ECONOMICS There are two small rooms on the third floor in which hundreds of girls are becoming future homemakers. There they learn about cooking, sewing, home life, and child care. Learning the proper decorum how to balance a budget and the secrets of good grooming are stressed. As they gradually become better acquainted with themselves they begin to ask the question: "How can I become a better citizen?" As the students progress toward opening doors to the ever-changing world outside, their knowledge grows and their questions are answered. HISTORY You are there in history A at the signing of the Magna Carta - at the Constitutional Convention - in the middle of a civil rights demonstration. With the aid of many excellent audio-visual techniques, the past comes alive, personalities appear more realistic and the present problems become understandable. The current trend in history and social studies is to help students comprehend the flow of events. No longer is history a dull subject, now it teems with life as empires rise and fall, governfnents are overthrown, countries are taken over. Not even the most modern text-book is complete and up-to-date because one day's events can change the world. No responsible citizen can consider himself an informed American without some history background. The Future Farmers put on the dog! Enroute to the filling station! 1 OM inspiration 90'X, perspiration Staring down the up Looking backward and forward, with wonder staircase. Jim and John and a line of sunbeams! 0.1. sl, 'Ii , . 1 -' Q , . Z is img ' L , 4 yy ' ,I 1 X 5 CA , A . X r .. we , x Q 2 w I 1-ff 'C"' .. f W X ., k vt' . I in R' :Y , .wr X .. .4 -x xv. j.. X Q A ' is 1: ' f x . 1 , . Mr. Van raises more than crops. A touching scene in the gyrn Frank has the bends as Sue, Julie, Cheryl and Jim look on. Reflections on training Quo Vadis? Coach Mann's the girls' class! ,fi yff .yi Q3 f3fA ff i 4553, 2 'fN"M-J Y f . 5 ,f A K' i gifs! i 1 XXX fag? I iv , 3 X :' . ., fi . L 3 1 F . , xx, XX as z f if . f - V 6 sy l- W - ? Mi' W -W A - mi Y I ff - " 9 ' F I . 3 V, ! L' sf f Q f E 55 3 s K 5 if ,f Q5 8 ? g . , 2 2 3 , Y Ei X V .. f,,Nk-mA!,, In-V,,wA-iH2X?V,,.' 'f,oP"""""2X,, - . MR, . , W 'Auf f' Nr' wa, , fm-y E W-M, LW M V Nimw35Wwm'M','!D'R4. Les Actividcldeo . Q qfffxx , A ,H Q, r mx K' K 2 H J , K ,Qw I 5 T' pp f fi' gf Z A' if .fo A, .f:,4.a gf EQ' 1' 5 Jia I f -J, ing? 'GNL if f.,Q.W7j ' f'5. I 1 Q.. A s ffm, I S , yx , 1' .1 1 . T . L 'a,w" ff 71521 ' '25 5 Y .E A .hx xl E 5 'f .Q XR . ,V t bw, 2 .. I "" f ff Les Actiites Standing: B. Wells, J. Theodorakos, D. Stackwick, P. Bielicki, J. Gardner, A. Farnsworth Seated: P. Kast, S. Swiercynski, L. Ruhlen, Fl. Davis, P. Neri, Fl. Archer, W. Draper STUDENT COUNCIL With Ron Davis as lfresident, the purpose of the Student Council has been to promote the welfare of the student body, to control student organizations, to direct the activities and to insure the student body of a representation in school government. The Student Council provides us with realistic election campaigns, the training in which is essential for a democracy This gives the student a chance to say what he thinks and to express these ideas freely. Also, our leaders provide assemblies, entertainments, and attempt to instill proper attitudes toward orderly conduct and toward responsible citizenship Indeed we all benefit from Student Council. A well run efficient school was partly brought about by the council whose members and individuals contributed to this cause. Never underestimate the power of teaching by experience. Our Student Council is only another teacher to help us fit into society. 80 STUDENT COUNCIL Back Flow: J. Gardner, S. Seidel, N. Parker, B. Easterling, J. Quarantello, J. Davis, M. Downey 3rd How: J. Earley, A. Eddy, M. Fiepko, P. Warne, L. Salviski, J. Moreno, D. Gavenda, B. Wells, R. Babbit 2nd Row: S. Glassner, M. Thompson, S. Parsons, C. Basinett, K. Salchak, F, Hollenbeck, J. Miceli, FI. Davis, P. Neri Seated: P. Bielicki, C. Quarantello, J. Theodorakos, S. Swiercynski, L. Ruhlen, R. Davis, B. Archer, D. Stackwick, W. Draper, P. Kast. JR. STUDENT COUNCIL Front: A. Woolston, J. Simboli, L, Fiuhlen, C. Bond, J. Ries Second: D. Perfitt, W. Makowski, D. Delamarter, J. Landauer, S. Christopher, T. Oehlbeck D, Marek, S. Barone, M. Fallcomer, T. Fleming Third: QC. Becker, R. Sanford, C. Hollenbeck, G. Gardner, J. Navarra, C. Breuilly, J. D'Mattio FI. Wigton, P. Farnsworth Last: T. Francis, K, Meredith, M. Murray, L. Babcock, P. Martillotta, Y. Zambito 81 AWARDS COUNCIL Back Row: S. Webreck, K. Kristy, M. Robinson, S. Martillotta, D. Parker, W. Draper, J. Neri Front: J. Eddy, H. Eddy, M. Woolston, A. Farnsworth, J. Vick, L. Nesbitt, J. Quarantello, J. New TRAFFIC 81 SAFETY COMMITTEE D. Gavenda, N. Allport, J. Bell, P. Warne ELECTIONS Standing: W. Draper, G. Manella, P. Davis, J. Davis P. Kast Seated: D. Mix, C. Rice, P. Neri, M.L. Orlando Front Seated:F. Sidari, R. Pettine 82 1st Row: M. Sage, S. Turner, J. Miceli, C. Fiice, R. Cook, J. Theodorakos, J. Martillotta, C. Quarantello, N. Bailey, M. Ries, L. Andrews 2nd Bow: J. Leddon, B. Wielgosz, D. Stackwick, P. Kast, C. Woodcook, P. Warne, Fi. Babbitt, K. Snyder, J. Nesbitt, C. Anderson, M. Condoluci, T. Golisano, S. Golisano 3rd Flow: S. Gavenda, S. Swiercznski, J. Bell, Fi. Pettine, M. Hudson, M. Hinman, D. Glassner, D. Ferris 4th Flow: J. Quarantello, R. Lester, S. Buckner, J. Kriss, M. Murphy, B. Wells, Jose Moreno Sth Row: A. Koval, P. Bielicki, F. Sidari SERVICE CLUB 'Walk up those stairs!", nStay in line pleasell' and "Where do you belong?" have become familiar phrases to those students who break school rules. To the younger student it seems as if an upperclassman in a blue coat lurks around every corner just waiting to leap out at him. The members of our Service Club are dedicated members of the student body who give up their study halls to keep the corridors of A.C.S. a little safer for you. They remind the students who break rules of the penalties and see to it that the rights of each student are protected. Monitors are your friends. Next time you see one, give him a little smile and - walk! 83 CHESS L. Salviski, S. Mignano, B. Bieber, S. Dusett, T. Fiorella 1ST Howl N- Standing: Mr. Ward, J. Schmackpfeffer 2nd Row: K. 3rd Row: YORKERS Weits, D. Perfirt, D. Engle, K. Rich, C. Staines J. Gavenda Rich, D. Caldwell, H. Markle, P. King, L. Fletcher, H. Furmanski, P. Daniels, P. Joy Miss Lawrence D. Longrod, R. Elwell, T. Grooms, C. Hollenbeck L. Tully, C. Mathes, D. Green, L. Hollenbeck S. Alcorn, Miss Smith, J. Pickett VICA 2nd Row: K. Dibley, S. Gould, A. Margmo, B. Eddy, D. Luczak 1st Row: L. LaMartina, P. Monacalli, W. Ingram, K. Morris, P. Wilson 84 Julie Marek, Our Art Editor 1 1st Row: D. Gavenda, A. Koval, J. Theodorakos, P. Kast, L. Williams, W. Draper 2nd How: R. Archer,-P. Wigton, B. Plumley, J. Leddon, S. Thompson, Fi. Spanton, Mike Schoonover, D. Melfi, S. Nlartillotta, N. Boccacio, H. Fiusselli, F. Niemeyer, R. Easterling NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society exemplifies four major characteristics: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. All members of the club must have high ideals in each of the categories. To become eligible for membership in the junior year, one must have a QM year average of9O or above. Seniors must have a 3 year average of 85 or above. The NHS is a service organization for the student body. A very efficient tutoring service has been established for those students requiring extra help in their courses. A bookstore brings excellent reading material to all students. All types ofbooks are available, ranging from required English novels to Peanuts cartoon books. Last year'sjunior members unanimously elected these efficient officers: President - Michael Schoonover Vice-President A Donald Melfi Secretary A Pamela Kast Treasurer - James Theodorakos 85 EDITORS Left to right: J, Taylor, S. Martillotta, M. Sherman, S. Davis, J. Bell CHEVRON STAFF This year, Chevron 1969 has a new face. Under the supervision of Mrs. Sherman, the staff tried for various innovations. The art work was the accomplishment of Julie Marek, to whom we owe a special thanks. We have attempted to include as many of the newer groups in school as was possible. The Senior editors, Sue Davis and Sam Martillota, and the Junior Editors, Jan Taylor and Jim Bell, are grateful to all who, with their criticisms and help have made the yearbook's publication possible. JUNIOR AND SENIOR HEADS OF STAFF Standing Top Flow: D. Gavenda, F. Sidari, A. Koval, J. Quarantello, D. Bloom, J. Martillotta, J. Gardner 2nd Flow Standing: M. Reynolds, C. Woodcook, T. Raymond, M. Salisbury, M. Flies, C. Anderson, M. Borello Seated: D. Snowdon, D. Archer, J. Marek, L. Zarpentine, S. Eddy, C. Bailey, P. Neri 86 PROMOTION Seated lBottoml C. Woodcook, D. Bloom, D. Snowdon, A. Koval Seated lSecondl C. Glassner, P. Crowley, L. Phillips, C. Murphy, Fl. Bentley, R.Canhar1. 1st Row: M. Delucca, S. Glassner, S. Webreck, J. Colucci, N. Nenni, S. Parsons, S. Chattin H. Russelli, K. Eddy, L. Blake, C. Greene, B. Babbitt, E. Ward, M. Woolston B. Bower 2nd Row: R. Neilans, S. Standish, C. Koval, L. Solvitski, P. Scharping, J. Vick, G. Stirk, B. Carls, S. D'Orazio, T. Fiorelli, M. Sage, W. Draper, D. Babcock, P. Wigton, S. Sadowski, S. Mack 3rd Row: S.Thornpson, Fi. Bailey, S. Wolffe, D. Burdett, A. Eddy, J. Bielicki, D. Stackwick, G. Hudson, M. Schoonover, P. Kast, S. Warne, J. Kast, C. Nudd, M. Repko, P. Lunn 4th Row: N. Salisbury, D. Szklany, R. Hughston, R. Vick, G. Youngs, V. Pratt, M. Kelley B. Johnston, S. Swiercznski, S. Martillotta, J. Kriss, T. McNall, B. Mathes, U. Ferris, C. Roth, C. Anderson ADVERTISING 1st Row: N. Nenni, B. Hughson, S. Chattin, D. Snowdon, D. Stackwick, S. Glassner, T. Fiorelli, C. Greene, J. Kast, G. Stirk, E. Ward, P. Neri, L. Blake 2nd Row: C. Covell, J. Colucci, M. Deluca, R. Bailey, N. Salisbury, J. Bielicki, A. Eddy, H. Russelli, S.Swiercznski,S. Warne, B. Babbitt, S. Buck, M. Colonna, S. Hamilton, M.L. Orlando 3rd Row: K. Salchak, D. Babcock, Fl. Vick, L. Solvitski, D. Szklany, P. Scharping, G. Hudson, S. Martillotta, J. Vick, B. Johnston, C, Quarantello, J. Martillotta, D. Ferris, J. Theodorakos, D. Benton, N. Boccacio, B. Archer 87 4 CIRCULATION Back Flow: J. Vick, P. Bielicki, D. Szklany, P. Neri, M. Borello, B. Babbitt, IVI. Collona, E. Hunt, I.. Cook, M. Sadler Front Row: Fl. Neilans, S. D'Orazio, V. Bailey, Fl. Neilans, D. Archer, L. Norek, P. Smith, K. Smith, Nl. Woolston, D. Millis TYPING AND IDENTIFICATION Seated: S. lVlcOmber, P. Neri Topg J. Nlartillotta, C. Bailey, S. Hamilton, C. Anderson, lVl. Salisbury Absentees: B. Brown, J. Sherman, S. Sherman, L. Monacelli, D. Miller, S. Salchak, F. Burgio 88 1st Flow: J. Martillotta, M. Reynolds, T. Raymo ids, L. Zarpentine 2nd Row: M. Schoonover, M. Sage, S. Thompson, L. Williams, J. Scharping, L. Bannister 3rd Bow: M. Babcock, L. Fiuhlen, B. Babbitt, E. Ward, A. Farnsworth, D. Scharping 4th Row: M. Lamont, W. Draper, P. Kast, K. Batt, S. Swiercznski, H. Russelli, D. Stackwick LITERARY STAFF The literary staff of the Chevron is responsible for all ofthe writings in the yearbook Students from all grades in high school comprise the staff. Each member is assigned a topic. Many times the students are able to write about topics which interest them personally, such as the clubs of which they are members. Satisfying the readers of the Chevron is a main goal ofthe literary staff . Front: D.C1avenda, F. Sidari, A. Koval, J. Martillotta Back: D. Snowdon, K. Eddy, L. Zarpentine, S. McOmber, C. Bailey, M. Borello, P. Neri 89 CLARION ECHO The school newspaper, the Clarion Echo, expanded this year by increasing from four pages to six. At last the junior high students had a separate part of the newspaper reserved for their news, creative writing, and gossip. More junior high students were active members of the Clarion Echo staff. Many pictures were included to help to make the newspaper more interesting. A picture on the sports page always seems to make a game come to life once again! The money to cover the expenses of the paper was acquired by selling refreshments at the football games, and by selling the issues of the paper. One important change took place regarding the actual processing and printing of the Clarion Echo. Previously the materials for the paper were collected by the editor and taken to a downtown office to be put into the finished product. This year the editors, Wendy Draper and Linda Zarpentine, collected the material and had members of the staff go to the newspaper office to type it, fix the headings for the articles, and make the udummyl' copy of the Clarion Echo. The editors and all other assistants greatly benefitted from this experience. Editors e Wendy Draper, Linda Zarpentine Business Manager e Pamela Kast Photographer f Andrei Koval Sports Editor e James Theodorakos Humor f Michael Schoonover Top: 3rd Row: 2nd Row: Seated: . Quarantello, J. Bell, J. Martillotta, A. Koval, M. Robinson, V Navarra D Drew M. Downey . Martillotta, T. Fiorelli, R. Hughson, L. Salviski, M. Schoonover, B Wells K Salchak L. Martin, C. Nudd . Ging, P. Harvey, H. Russelli, M. Reynolds, S. McOmber, M. Sage P Neru D Benton P. Farnsworth . Archer, L. Zarpentine, J. Theodorakos, W. Draper, P. Kast 90 HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR Photo-NIL HOIT 1st Row: N. McMurray, L. Ruhlen, S. Parsons, B. Bower, D. Kast, .l. Kast N. Knapp, S. Forman, c. Hin, lvl. sage 2nd Row: J. Scharping, K. Salchak, F. Hollenbeck, B. Babbitt, J. Sherman, D. Mix, K. Monacelli, R. Davis, M. Reynolds, S. Webreck, S. Brundage, W. Draper, A. Germeo, J. Bielicki 3rd Row: D. Banker, A. Hatch, M. Colonrla, S. Hamilton, L. Bannister, N. Nesbitt, H. Fluselli, D. Parker, D. Conrad, D. Ging, N. Muscarella, M. Flies, L. Munger, M. Sadler, S. Prosperi 4th Row: L. Hunt, S. Sadowski, P. Mathes, L. Morton, P. Kast, D. Stackwick, S. Martillotta, H. Germeo, V. Navarra, A. Koval, B. Squires, M. Lamont, C. Roberts, M. Ries, C. Bailey, M. Downey Front: Miss Nelson, L. Zarpentine . . . . C' 1 1 7 f i P . 1' , ' i ' ..1,...x Q A Q.f,""L4,,L.L , -X, J' ,uri f Q i S' f f f A 1 ff f' -,.gJ,! K li I f-I-L ,M J A-gl ,'f,l,13.,-4'xfL 'Q Lf' 5.1! ,Wi Vfefgkomf 'f'L'l,7 fw f .,. . J . J. . , , . + . l .J + T1 Q czcmtffr ,rf Jig l k'j4,,.,k DL CV fd ,l QLCKL ivy Y avr, L , i 4 ' m Y X. .. iv V K 5 I' r V A. X h, ,Q X H! 2 Lys w7'l 52.54, X X ' ' ffF1"f 14. 'P it 2 'J'-.,.1.f.. ' ' ,fi if Ei.. wi - I ' sf L - " ' ' ' Q, f' Q11 fl Ht HIGH SCHOOLCHOIR Q 1, v".-'.f'-Ji.. With our new director, Miss Nelson, the Choir engaged in a variety of events starting with our annual Christmas Concert. Highlights of the year were two appearances on TV where we "met the Mi1lers,'! Concerts for Rotary, "sings" for shut-ins, the spring recital, a pops festival, gave an air of excitement to our efforts at sharing our talents and time with others. Neal and Andy do their thing. 91 I 1 CONCERT BAND 1st Row: M. Downey, P. Kast, K. D'AIberto, C. St. John, J. Delamarter 2nd Row: M. Schoonover, S. Yungfleisch, D. Kaminski, C. Woodcook, C. Downey, J. Walsh, B. Walsh 3rd Row: P. Wigton, S. Sherman, C. Rudes, M. Joy 4th Row: B. Staines, B. Batchelior, W. Makowski, D. Engle, R. Kirby, A. Koval, S. Brundage, Fi. Babbitt, D. Zwifka, W. Munger Standing: J. Eddy, S. Nudd, G. Bakeman, M. Metcalf, F. Zicari N K COLOR GUARD 15: Row: C. Roth, B. Luczak, B. Brown 2nd Row: D. Pike, D. Miller, J. Ward, B. Chappius, J. Wolfe, G. Brooks 3rd Row: A. Germeo, C. Stevenson, C. Greene, D. Szklany, K. Vine 92 TWIRLERS D. Kast, L. Bannister, P. Greene C. Drew, D. Budynski, T. Robb, C. Hurlburt, J. Delamarter yu . -shi X. , M Q XXX MQ 4' yr 1st Row: J. Sherman, K. Snyder, C. Anderson, C. Kast, M. Lamont, L, Zarpentine 2nd Flow: E. Barrett, J. Knight, P, Bielicki, C. Ludington, M. Gavenda, S. Dussett, Fi. Miller, D. Parker 3rd Row: T. Poelma, J. Carpenter, T. Vick, S. Jones, L. Munger, K. Gavenda, J. Riley, S. Kast, D. Kast 4th Row: K. Standish, P. Huthsteiner, B. Johnston, P. Yungfleisch, W. Applegate, T. Huthsteiner, Fi. Unterborn, C. Anderson, J. Kriss, Mr. Sherman fstandingl OFFICERS Jim Kriss, Presidentp Marcia Downey, Vice Presidentg Marcia Larnont, Secretaryg Carol Woodcook, Treasurer CONCERT BAND Sleepy-eyed and barely awake, the members of the Concert Band practice each morning under the able direction of Mr. Sherman. Results are always rewarding! In December, the Band participated in the annual PTA Christmas Concert and later played at the County Infirmary. Again this year, we presented our traditional off-Broadway musical VIVA MEXICANA! We were invited back to the Concert-in-the-Round at the Rochester War Memorial, and to the Alfred Tech Festival of Bands. Several members took part in All State and in County Bands. Another highlight of the season was our Spring Concert at which the famous cornetist. Dr. Leonard Smith of Detroit was guest soloist and guest conductor. Enthusiasm. hard work, and dedication comprise the hallmarks of our group which strives, through music, to make our playing worthy of its name as an international language. 93 MARCHING BAND ROSTER C. Anderson, R. Babbitt, G. Bakeman, L. Bannister, B. Batchellor, E. Barret, J. Bielicki, D. Beech C. Brooks, B. Brown, D. Budynski, D. Bieber, S. Brundage, J. Canale, R. Canham, J. Carpenter, R Cassidy, B. Chappius, D. Chappius, G. Davy, S. Davis, K. D'Alberto, D. Delamarter J. Delarnarter S. D'Orazio, C. Downey, S. Draper, P. Drought, C. Drew, S. Dusett, J. Eddy C. Fancher, D. Fuller G. Cooper, L. Fletcher, J. Gardner, K. Gavenda, L. Gavenda, M. Gavenda, A. Germeo, K Georgitso, C. Green, P. Green, C. Hockenberry, E. Hockenberry, C. Hurlbert, T. Huthsteiner, B Johnston, S. Jones, D. Kaminski, D. Karns, P. Kast, D. Kast, C. Kast, J. Kast, S. Kast, R. Kirby, P Kirby, N. Knapp, J. Knight, J. Kriss, C. Lafferty, M. LaMont, C. Ludington, M. Mack, B. McQuire M. Metcalf, C. Miller, D. Miller, R. Miller, D. Miller, R. Miller, L. Monacelli, L. Munger, W. Munger K. Morris, C. Nudd, S. Nudd, S. Oahlbeck, D. Pike, V. Poelma, T. Poelma, D. Parker, J. Riley, T Robb, C. Roth, A. Roth, C. Rudes, S. Rustay, J. Sherman, S. Sherman G. Smith, V. Snell, K Snyder, B. Staines, C. Stevenson, D. Stackwick, C. St. John, K. Standish, D. Szklany C. Tokotch K. Unterborn, R. Unterborn, D. Vanderlaan, R. Vanderlaan, T. Vick, C. Vine, B. Walch, J.WaIch, J Ward, P. Wigton, C. Woodcook, J. Wolfe, P. Yungfleisch, S. Yungfleisch, L. Zarpentine, F. Zicari D. Zwifka Photos by Holt 94 MARCHING BAND The ACS Marching Band experienced another exciting summer with: new uniforms to brighten the parade-route, the Barre Centennialg numerous Firemen's Paradesg the American Legion Championshipg the annual State Fair competition. The climax was a memorable performance at the half time show of the Toronto Argonauts pro football game. One of this year's thrills will be a trip to the Indianapolis Five Hundred. Besides interested alumni, our Band Boosters, plus Mr. Harding, Mr. Kleinhans, and Mrs. Miller are regular assistants to our busy director, Mr. Sherman. STAGE BAND M. Lamont, M. Metcalf, R. Unterborn, W. Applegate, A Koval G Bakeman R Babbitt W Munger D. Zwifka M. Downey, D. Parker, S. Dusett, Fi. Miller, M. Gavenda Mr Sherman 95 FUTURE TEACHERS Seafedg B. Archer, D. Snowdon, D. Stackwick, P. Bielicki 1st Row Standing: P. Lunn, L. Philipps, S. Perfitt, N. Callus, N. Boccaccio, L. Groom, D. Pawlaczyk, 2nd Row 3rd ROW: Top Row: S. Fiomanowski, B. Hughson, B. Brown, M. Thompson, K. Eddy, V. Smith L. Blake, C. St. John, E. Ward, M. Pimpo Scharping, D. Bu iynski, S. Buck, C. Allard, R. Karls, S. DePeters, S. Wolffe, G. Stirk, T. Fiorelli, H. Flusselli, C. Stevenson, D. Szklany, S. Callard, C. Kast, D. Kaminski, C. Woodcook, S. Dusett, C. Hurlburt, J. Delamarter Carr, P. Kast, W. Draper, L. Salvynski, M. Babcock, P. Kirby, S. Yungfliesh, D. Babcock, J. Vick, S. Sadowski, D. Piatek, D. Scharping, B. Johnston, C. Peters, F. Niemeyer, P. Mathes, S. Swierczynski, C. Budynski, J. Sherman Lamont, L. Axtell, C. Anderson, J. Taylor, B. Wells, M. Easterling, J. Vick, M. Downey I FTA The Future Teachers Club of America is an organization set up for students interested in a teaching career. The members of this club are teachers' aides in the classrooms. Sophomore members help in the guidance offices. Juniors and seniors may help at the Primary school or in any subject of their choice in the High school. Several times during the year members of the teaching profession addressed the group, telling them about their part of the profession. This year's officers are: President e Rebecca Archer Vice-President M Deborah Snowdon Secretary - Dianne Stackwick Treasurer - Patricia Bielicki D. Snowdon, P. Bielicki, D. Stackwick, Fi. Archer 96 FUTURE NURSES The Candy Stripers, as they are affectionately called have had a busy and gratifying year at the local hospitals where their duties were later doubled by the additional wings on the Arnold Gregory Hospital. Many aids worked in the school health office assisting our dedicated advisor, Mrs. Anderson, R.N . The officers who planned the activities were Jeanne Scharping, Deborah Snowden, Susan Webreck, and Diane Szldany. "With a little bit of lucki' and with a great deal of help from the members, a spring trip and the annual banquet brought the year to a happy conclusion. Seated: J. Taylor, C. Roth, D. Snowdon, J. Sherman, D. Szklany, S. Webreck, L. Philipps, J. Delamarter 1st How: N. Knapp, D. Archer, C. Hurlburt, S. Dusett, N. Nesbitt, D. Pike, F. Niemeyer, L. Fiuhlen, S. Perfitt, L. Host 2nd Row: N. Nenni, C. Glassner, B. Huthsteiner, C. Allard, B. Rhulman, C. Drew, L. Bannister, S. Mack, D. Budynski, L. Bailey, L. Grooms, M. Sage, Nl. Curtis 3rd Row: M. Piatek, M. Host, S. Peters, D. Pawlaczyk, W. Marek, H. Rickey, C. Peters, B. Morrow, C. Roberts, D. Fuller, P. Kirby, J. Marek, L. Axtell, K. Gavenda, M. Bailey, C. Qreene, S. Bomanowski 97 1st Row Seated: E. O'Ferthen, M. Schultz, A. Davis, W. Taylor, D. Herdendorf, K. Speelman 2nd Row Seated: J. Barron, M. Metcalf, D. Laubacher, M. Nichol 3rd Row: Mr. VanApeldorn, W. Beckan, W. Brown, T. O'Brien, J. Nichol, J. Whipple, L. Gaylord Back Row: H. Germeo, D. Axteel, D. Kelley, H. Bowman, D. Dibble FUTURE FARMERS This year the Future Farmers have been very busy. We attended a Horticulture Show that consisted of potato judging, a speaking contest and an apple contest. Other contests we have participated in are: soil judging, cattle judging, field and forage crops, vegetable crops, welding and a farm forum. We have also planned several trips including the National FFA Convention in Kansas City, the Hamburg fair, the Science Youth Program at Cornell and the Pageant of Steam at Canandaigua. These activities and many more have helped to make '68-'69 a successful year for the Future Farmers. 98 'Ist Row: M. Host, C. Ludington, H. Mosley, B. Eason, V. Smith, B. Youngs P Beam 2nd Row: D. Miller, S. Callard, M. Babcock, L. 'AxtelI, S. Ftomanowski, L. Swartz J Fill y 3rd Row: P. Kirby, P. Russo, P. Ryan LIBRARY ASSISTANTS "Check out this book, please!" "Can you find these magazines?', "Let's straighten the shelves!" These are but a few of the diversifiedjobs and the requests which keep busy the Library Assistants. Membership is determined by attitude, ability, average, and by interest. Under the guidance ofour veteran librarian, Miss Collins, the assistants help keep the reading center of ACS in working order. The big event of the year was being asked to join, and being invited to the Convention of Library Clubs. MISS COLLINS Back Row: A. Koval, C. Rice, J. Vick, C. Quarantello, M.J. Reese, NI. Babcock, J. Taylor, 3rd Row. 2nd Row: 1st Row: Seated: Front: C. Roth, B. Wells, S. Martillotta, P. Bielicki, J. Nesbitt, D. Benton, D. Stackwick, B. Johnson, J. Ctuarantello, J. Kriss . Salisbury, L. Ruhlen, S. Forman, S. Webreck, E. Donahue, R. Kirbv. B Rhulman, S. Swiercynski, L. Andrews, L. Zarpentine, W. Draper, J. Sherman, L. Nesbitt, D. Snowdon, L. Salviski C. Glassner, L. Martin, L. Grooms, S. Draper, D. Budynski, B. Bower, B. Carls, T. Fiorelli, C. Koval, B. Hughson, B. Hunt, M.C.BeIl, C. Nudd, M. Pappenetti, R. Vick Babcock, N. Nenni, G. Stirk', M. Ries, L. Philipps, E. Ward, S. Standish, S. Wolffe, M. Pirnpo, C. Woodcook, D. Kaminski, J. Miceli, N. Boccaccio, P. Neri, L. Piazza C. Anderson, S. DePeters, M. Orlando, P. Kast, B. ARcher, M. Lalvlont, T. Russelli K. Eddy, lVl. Sage . Archer, F. Niemeyer AFS The American Field Service program serves as a link to the understanding of other countries ofthe World. It is this program that sponsors foreign exchange students every year. These high school students bring to America the customs and beliefs of their own countries. Later they return home with a lasting and, we hope, good impression of America. American students spend either a summer or a Whole year in another country gaining a better understanding of the lives of others. The American Field Service motto is simple, yet it says a lot: 'iWalk together, talk together, O ye people of the earthg Then and only then shall ye have peace." In the troubled times of today, this motto should not only apply to the American Field Service, but to the Whole world. It will take more than the work of the AFS to gain World wide understanding and peace. 100 1st Row Seated: 2nd Row Seated: 1st Row Standing: 2nd Row Standing: 3rd Row Standing: A.F.S. Moreno, J. Gardner Kirby, B. Brown, D. Szklany, D. Pike, L. Paul, M. Reynolds, K. Salchak S. Yungfliesh, J. Schmackpfeffer Piateck, D. Pawlaczyk, S. Peters, S. Migano, S. D'Orazio, P. Lunn, S. Glassner S. Callard, J. Coluchi, M. Kelly, M. Woolston, K. Bradley Salisbury, S. Warne, S. Mack, D. Kast, J. Kast, L. Gavenda, B. McGuire C. Allard, C. St. John, P. Crowley, A. Roth, C. Jurs .DeLuca, J. Bielicki, B. Mathes, M. Taber, H. Penasack, M. Robinson, G. Hudson f- Z KD . ? X D UJ FO GJ D F E 5. 3' P ITI Q. Q. '4 . at fi - 'K KK: JN? . mf lie iff XQXX 1 -f' " Xxx , , X, . I I XXX! i 3 ff 5 .! f ,ff ? Q ,Ng f Y 4 , ii. 4 . f X1 'kj I ii. ii luis I f Z WM., 4 .Q,Qa-:f-4-f I 101 1st Flow: T. Raymond, W. Draper, N. Muscarella, Sage, M. Downey, D. Ging 2nd Flow: D. Kast, L. Phillips, S. Forman, J. Collucci, M. Bepko, J. New, M. Woolston, M. DeLuca, H. Flusselli, T. Fiorelli, D. Babcock 3rd Flow: D. Archer, L.SIavinski, I. Floth, B. Brinson, S. Nudd, R. Hamiiton, W. Hughson, P. Kirby, J. Martillotta 4th Flow: B. Dexter, L. Martin, M. Babcock, S. Draper, V. Navarra, M. Robinson, Fl. Mathes, J. Davis, C. Salchak, M. Reynolds, P. Kast DEBATE CLUB Much to Mrs. Baker's chagrin, the four sections of the Debate Club once again remained Mone big familyw. Unfortunately, for both Mrs. Baker and the club, there aren't five weeks in each month! The first trial that this club had was trying to find a meeting date for each of the four sections and the general club. But the worst and saddest of their problems was yet to come. Each year the Drama and Speech Festival at Geneseo is the highlight of the Debate Club year. The usual competition date was drawing near and still there was no word from Geneseo. Two weeks before the usual date they received a letter from Geneseo saying that this year there would be no competition. Disappointed, but not beaten, the Debate Club gathered its forces and held its own Drama and Speech Festival. A dozen neighboring schools were invited and everything went off well. Their work was well rewarded. The Albion Debate Club once again made a fine showing even though they did not compete. The Debate Club owes alot to Mrs. Baker, to the club's officers, and to section heads. This year's officers are: President e Neal Muscarella Vice President e Wendy Draper Secretary e Mary Sage Treasurer e Marcia Downey Debate Head - Wendy Draper Drama Head f Mary Sage Speech Head -- Pamela Kast Creative Writing Head A Neal Muscarella Ivins. BAKER 102 AUDIO VISUAL CLUB Room 334 is where the 'cbig wheelsn turn the machines that add interest and color to our classes. Under our officers, Frank Sidari, Nancy Knapp, and Mary Pettit, the Audio Visual Club is organized to help distribute and to check on they many pieces of equipment used in a modern school. Students give up their free periods and sometimes their evenings to supply, and to repair the machines used for classes and curricular activities. This, plus scheduling the equipment and the projectionists, keep all the members busy. J. Neri, Fl. Carr, C. Basinait, B. Baldwin, Fl, Neilans, S. Marquart, IVI. Keitel, D. Budynski, C. Coville R. Davis, C. Stymus, N. Knapp, F. Sidari, C. Nlathes 103 .Mr ,,--N, . , x - . Le , Y f . if if if , wr if S. is ?X N 5 AL M ,I A it he l ' if " "Wt 5 ,. ' 55 ff k f- V?" .5 . . On the playzng fields of lzfe, all men A N ' f fififf - l 'Q are brothers when they carry the torch ' ff ,, I ' .2 Q to - of friendly competition. l l 1 ' 5' '.v' ff ' if ,Sf ff ' , is M. .f.. gf i ,Q 1 Hg ' r ' - fr K ' iw, .li N . K RX KY A . M...,. I .W . ,H 'ng Z ,, . 1' 1 -f -1 : .ff . 4- , M, with J M2 .3 . .. - H Qigla 355-:xg-'Si 'fu-1 v . 1- ' '- ' ' tif o. ' iiiav 4 K M . , X ' B EM Q I ,-f I' A .f KF A 5 A I ! fr-if-.ef "X" -' .. 1' ' 'f isr if X4 MF ? -0 . H l, i ' 3,5 it 2 n rf-'fr :Lv ng e., - K I 1 , r, 5 -f ax A 55 j. -' . jk Wk . 55 -.A-lg: Z!! Q kg, 7 ig K A -3 ,. I K gigaeiq. A ' fg ,fl f 2 of" , J 3 c S5 l -F :f',4f 1 5 Mfg.. 15 Lf" L' I e X15 .Q i s is Rin 7: V 53 x vi' ie 1 fl fa ww f 1 fi 'PS km f, 2 Ek I, -ms 3? , fn 1 Q, E . , fit ., 5 , hfiivz z a gg .Li Q -S: sg., ,. L. .. -Fig 'J C ' V 2 Q ' Q, Y 2 1 V f , Q. ggi? rg ., :vi '53 7 PQ . ,., Lf V , 5 -,f -1 TI X 5 - K, ,. '2- 'nf 5 1 . 'xg -.Lf A t ,U , j f wt - Los Deportes I 5 t x '.,, .wwf 15 'K , . A. 1-X, . . . x , , ,, Sports 54, 233 SE l --4' Q- fx J v,,',. H 42' 40 A , K, V, - ,. ,ff- ,V V .-qu., x .. f W - , V .V , If., 7 W . ., ,, , 12: ...M 'f' ' 5 . SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Bottom Left: Coach VanAppIedorn, B. Salisbury, J. Leddon, P. Murphy, R. Cook, P. Snell Top Left: M. Hudson, J. Martillotta, J. Theodorakos, Fl. Pettine, S. Nudd JUNIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Bottom seated Left: Coach Flagusa, R. Lester, J. Gardner, B. Allen, M. Condolqcci, R.Seidel, J. Kriss, A, Johnson, S. Buckner Top Left: R. gilcmrist, Fl. Winkley, J. Vandetti, J. Quarantello, S. Gavenda, B. Good, M. Salisbury, . anella 106 . Wish. F I ,uf J.V. FOOTBALL 3rd Row: Harold Germeo, Ron Wheling, Grant Howard, Jim Carpenter, Fred Miller, Jim Halstead, Bob Dickinson, Dean Axtell, Ned Parker 2nd Flow: Coach L. Graham, Coach A. Mann, Richard Tower, Flay Colonna, John Eddy, Clarence Whitfield, Brian Buckner, Steve Landauer, Clark Pinson, Dave Stackwick, George Bakeman, Jim Austin, Steve Seidel, Coach G. Derwick 1st Row: Paul Theodorakos, Howard Ward, Rick Babbitt, Dean Burdett, Bruce Campbell, Rex Hults, Bob Mosley, Gary Smith, Wade Nluscarella, Tom Ward, Clarence Drennen FOOTBALL Under the excellent coaching of UR graduate David Ragusa, Albion had one of the most hard-driving, efficient football teams in many years. Although the team had some 'Shad breaksw in its 3-5 season, this year,s team showed excellent ability and execution. In a hard-fought Medina game, well backed by Albion rooters, the team played hard and well, with smooth opening plays and some spectacular pass receptions, but the game broke open in Medinais favor in the latter minutes of play. Outstanding seniors guiding the team this year were: Mark Hudson, John Leddon, Joe Martillotta, Jim Theodorakos, Ray Pettine and Rich Cook. Bart Salisbury proved to be one of the most capable, professional-looking quarterbacks Albion has ever had, guiding Albionls offense with timely, Well-Called plays. Led by John Leddon and Rich Cook, the defense was aggressive and staunch. The most outstanding Junior was Bruce Good, named to the Niagara-Orleans All League Team. On the All League second team was Jim Theodorakus, while Joe Martillotta, John Leddon, John Quarantello, and Bart Salisbury were given honorable mentions. With the school behind Coach Ragusa and his assistant, Frank Van Appledorn, and the fine nucleus of talent for next year in John Quarantello, Jim Gardner, Bruce Good, Mike Salisbury and Steve Gavenda, Albion can fook forward to a winning season next year. 107 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Photos by Mac Jury Kneeling L. to R.: M. Ryan, H. Moreno, D. Mathews, N. Allport, D. Hyde Standing: Coach Stackvvick, B. Good, J. Ouarantello, J. Theodorakos, E. Presley H. Pieniaszek, B. Easteriing, Ft. Sanders VARSITY BASKETBALL Well, once again the statistics proved that nice guys don't finish first! There just wasn't a nicer team in the league than Albion! The Albion five may have lacked a little in the way of wins but they certainly lacked nothing in the way of effort. Their personal pride and determination produced unrivaled enthusiasm with every bounce of the ball. And, in response, the student body never let the team down. The scoring for this year's team was handled chiefly by co-captains Ralph Sanders and Jim Theodorakos. Bob Easterling and Bruce Good controlled the rebounding department while Newell Allport handled the fouling. As the Season progressed and injuries began to take their toll, the starting team was adequately backed by John Quarantello, Henry Pieniaszek, Dave Hyde, Jose Moreno, Mike Ryan, Dan Mathews, and Eddie Presley. Coach Stackwick and the players who worked hard to provide the exciting games, thank the students for their support and the cheerleaders for their pep and enthusiasm. With the desire and perseverance displayed by our athletes, it is evident that soon they will be enjoying new fruits of victory and personal achievement which are far more important than winning a basketball game. 108 Excelsior! The Varisty MacJury The Varsity are all on the ball J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: T. Vick, J. Eddy, D. Stackwick, B. Rush, E. Spivey Back Row: Coach Graham, M. Taber, B. Mosley, N. Parker, C. Anderson, K. Standish, S Landauer, C. Bond, J. Landauer 109 1st Row: M. Murphy, G. Ruhlen, D. Walters, J. Pickett, T. Johnson, T. Oehlbeck, D. Bailey D. Colonna, S. Romanowski Top Row: C. Bond, D. Allport, L. Morris, W. Seager, L. Hawkins SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL Not only does the gym reverberate to the thunder of running feet of the energetic high school athletes, but also to those of the junior high scrimmagers as well. The dream of being the star of the game, or high scorer, or best-at-rebounds, plus good teamwork is the passion of the seventh and eighth graders. In tournaments with other schools, and in the experience gained from playing each other, from practice, and from the efforts of the coaching staff, these boys hope to improve their playing techniques and to learn good sportsmanship. The cheers of their loyal classmates still echoing in their ears, the end of a busy season is only the beginnii of hopes of making the "big-time" as JV or as Varsity players in the Big Sports World of Tomorrow. For these boys, the basketball court is their little stage on which they practice for the drama to come. Arms flailing, legs straining, sweat pouring, they STRIVE TO WIN! llO Faculty Triumphant NlaCJury GIRLS' Bowumc 1st Row: D. Szklany, B. Brown, B, Luczak 2nd Row: J. Bielicki, D. Miller, R. Canham, R. Bentley, Mrs. K 3rd Row: C. Vine Eric Takes A Dive! 111 TRACK TEAM 1st Flow: L, Morris, H. Germeo, S. Buckner, N. Parker, E. Alcorn, T. Vick, D. Hollenbeck M. Waterstreet,L. Greene, G. Bakeman 2nd Flow: C. Anderson, J. Kellorn, J. Leddon, Fl. Siedel, S. Siedel, E. Spivey, G. Price, O. Barber Fl. Gilchrist, D. Johnson, Fl. Cook, C. Bond, Mr. Stackwick 3rd Row: J. Drisdon, J. Austin, B. Buckner, G. Srnith, M. Ryan, B. Good, M. Metcalf, B. Neilans D. Knight, K. Speelmen, E. Presley, A. Johnson BOYS' SECTION BOWLING CHAMPS P. Fadale, P. Murphy, N. Sedita, R. Wielgosz 112 BASEBALL TEAM, 1969 1st Flow: D. Millis, W. Drisdon, J. Thompson, M. Condoluci, D. Hyde, G. Manella 2nd Row: H. Pienasack, J. Martillotta, J. Theodorakos, P. Snell, Coach Graham Chevron presents our 1969 baseball team, newly formed as we go to press, and preparing to don the uniforms that bring honor and prestige to our school. Varsity Club, comprised of boys interested in supporting our athletic department, poses in an official-appearing capacity! VARSITY CLUB Seated: 1st Flow Standing: 2nd Flow Standing: J. Gardner, M. Hudson, B. Goode, J. Theodorakos, J. Martillotta Quarantello, P. Snell, M. Metcalf, J. Vandet-ti, J. Leddon, N. Allport D. Glassner Farnsworth, R. Seidel, J. Drisdon, Coach Stackwick, M. Hinman, R. Cook Kriss, J. Knight 113 gf 3 KE 2 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS From left to right: IVI. Sage, V. Bailey P. Bielicki, D. Archer, S. Davis, S. Chattin, E. Ward, M. Downey, L. Ruhlen, J. Taylor yr K 5 'L jf ' .. N, f f . .. X., R if W Q , X f Y I 1 . f . J L 1 ,. X - W f W Y E ' 'R 9 -if xiii., fkV','Lv In if I 1 Q : ' 1 I f it g X ,L "" 5, .f ix 5 ' 1 I 2 f A . . 5 . 1 1. 'XR Mkfi. .w-L.VE cf-1.8. 'AL' Q- ,ins T P..'.l3 as " jim. Qi 'X 2- W f 'r A " D X K v 3 ' A ' A . V . 1. r I, ff., - 1 - 5 Q 4.4. 1 1 .L 2 lx, 'kg E R ' "W f " wi, fxgixj fsgg, ,gf M . ' ,x wi v ' ,. ii, f X LAX W A 1 , 7, r fi" 'T . X- .. ',' H4 E .4 A ' ' . "2 A' Y x . . " . N 5 W, 1. c,,,x?Y5i.. E141 L ' ' 1 ,MH f Y ,Cla f lyxi E . 1 .L f ETH . 1 Y A X , 1 I ' ,.', v nt' .u, Ei. ,,,!x4,- X, ,. 5 J -nf S. 1. Xa fav 1' K 'v ,.Y,., 4-X X wb C151 ici Y' Y I ww im N w.,Aw., I ' I w , s ' L,-1 ., E 6 . Q, QS., , x ' K f. J.V. CHEERLEADERS A?" lv i K QQ, Q "'ifkJN-,.!1,i f',,,3f', ' I Qu 1st Row: J. Sherman, L. Gavenda, D. Kast, J. Bielicki ' N- , " A' M L-'X X ' 2nd Row: M. Repko, M. Woolston L , fr , 'T It 3rd Row: C. Stevenson, S, Draper, F. Hollenbeck, S. Buck ' E 'D f' ' 7 "" 'A J A -' : fr W 114 ' 47 : .ff -.. Q,-W, 4, . 1 .. . I, .gm V -4.1, '- J 1 .ff f Q51 . . CROSS COUNTRY Candid - MacJury lOUTDOORSl 1st Row: R. Taylor, D. Hollenbeck, M. Waterstreet, M. Metcalf, C. Lafferty 2nd Row: J. Knight, W. Munger, D. Mix, C. Anderson, M. Hinman, R. Neilans CROSS COUNTRY 1st Row: C. Lafferty, M. Waterstreet, M. Metcalf, D. Hollenbeck, R. Neilans 2nd Row: J. Knight, M. Hinman, D. Glassner, C. Anderson, P. Pettine, J. Moreno, R. Taylor 115 PJ: tif BOY'S SWIM TEAM How 1: Nl. Heard, A. Heard, D. Mix, S. Bakeman, M. Lemieux, M. Mann Row 2: A. Capurso, C. Lyman, J. New, P. Bettini, S. Seidel, J. Martillotta Flow 3: E. Lemieux, Fl. Seidel, D. Glassner, A. Farnsworth, R. Colonna, M. Hinman, P. Mann, P. Theodorakos, Mr. Mann Photos by MacJu ry Row Flow Row Girl's First Water Ballet, IVIay, 1969 L. Bannister, D. Scharping, P. Smith, B. Johnston, K. Dibley, V. Pratt I R. Walters, A. Githens, C. Roth, L. Nlonacelli, B. E Chappius, S. Smith N. Nesbitt, J. Nesbitt, C. Flustay, T. Hunt, K. Smith, P. Kirby, Mrs. Koslowski 116 J Mr. Mann and Mark Heard 1 GOLF Fi. Burroughs, M. Murphy, M.Smith TENNIS 1st Row: M. Hinman, D. Glassner 2nd Row: B. Mathes, D. Conrad, Coach Conrad, M Hinman, A. Farnsworth 117 WRESTLING 1st Row: D. HoIIenbeck,J.Grillo,T. Ward,C. Lafferty, J. Baron, W. Drisdon, B. Allen 2nd Flow: Coach Anderson, M. Condolucci, L. Green J. Gardner, NI. Metcalf, T. Button, R. Lester, J. Drisdon-Capt., S. Buckner, J. Martillotta-Capt., Fl. Davis, T. Cook P. Snell THE WRESTLERS' RECORDS This year was a good one for the Albion wrestlers under our capable new coach Mr. David Anderson, who trained the Albion Grapplers to a 5-61 Win Loss record Albion placed fourth in the final league standings and had three individual champions within the league. John Grillo, who ended the season with a 12-2 record was the Niagara-Orleans champ in the 95 pound class. He placed fourth in the Class-A Sectionals at Gowanda. Joe Martillotta, league champ in the 218 pound class ended the season with a 17-1 win record. Joe lost in the Class-A finals to take second place at Gowanda. Our "big" champion was John Drisdon, who won the leaguels Outstanding Wrestler Award. John, after winning the sectionals, went on to become the best in the 175 pound class, participating in the State Semi-Finals at R.I.T. Till the semi-finals, John had an undefeated season and in four years brought Albion the thrill of66 wins to only 6 losses. We must not forget that, in order for the team to win, the entire squad contributed to the outcome. First-stringers, Willie Drisdon Chuck Lafferty, Lonnie Green, Steve Rustay, John Knight, Jim Gardner, and Jerry Vandetti fought winning matches While the second-stringers, efforts provided the boost and morale for a successful year. 118 Grillo, Martillotta, Drisdon A.C.S. IS PROUD OF ALL HER GOOD SPORTS, BUT PAYS SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO OUR SECTIONAL CHAMPS. John Drisdon gave us the final thrill by making it all the way to the state semi-finals at R.I.T. Nlac Jury Allen, Drisdon, Coach Anderson Mac Jury ll9 OUTSIDE CLASS Koval Grrrreatl Mary, Mary, who's contrary? Pablo counts as Dwight "execute Gary, girl, and Young Turk The "weigh" to a man's stomach Sports candids on Pages 120 and 121 - IVIacJury 120 s" a dive! OUTSIDE CLASS One more hurdle won! Mule - training? Tigers of our tank and the Mann of the hour! Coaches Ragusa, Stackwick and our Goode boy! Our custodians' team 5 !"" 'Nw 121 Cx Bob .Ke 30 NU on duw ewan if ov U7,',7k Gr S Marcia, Dennis, Carol, Laurie Smile' Candids bv . Frank eygnight sidari og Y a Ala To imngnzzfdgrs a ,es 122 fd? a ev' ' rx if-6 9 Coxv are r e .55 SS .Wan fo VN ear fd o 06,1 Miss D - Scramble! af, 12,9 Canduds F. Sidari 123 X 9 omg br I '- ff-I A -- - Q , H ' '. 'Y -1 .xiii if ' pffzv Xing? QW, X, -2' Wi, A , :,W.i::!. W .x Y 1 ' ,.-.Mg ,X .W .Nw lswgsigk ffsif'-ff. ' 1. ix, - " fm - vf' Q ',,'-' , op Nxnx 3 'r Y A, N, . V 5 ' 435,-.MEA .A QA 1 yf.. :X gin in .5 s Q' 1 -Y i?Lis.T A 2 ,ii 111, ' V w' Nl m KW: in L J , .3 nw In .gty I 1 i t Wi Q, 2 1 N A ll My 1- '7 j -F ff" , if 1 Rig ,m,,,g: 50 115 - k may Jvgi.. , ' 3' Q.,-f ' ,, K K , X 'W F 'f i E 5 -i ,Q ff 'I . ,K gk N gi , 2 3521 X 2 A 5 15- s 2 Y K QA ,L y 3, 5' - jf .L Q ip x 5 ' H, A , N , P X I if A 2 K St Q 2 'mf K, 3 . 54 f .N ., 5 'F lay 1 "'. .. 5 . ' X i 3 gf' Q . K . H E if - .. fini' ax, lv 3 J - Q, L55 ,L X. . 5 ., gf 5 2, : wx mg A h 2 , 3 gi ff x ' I f Yrwivlffh Z I ..f, 5 if 5 , f E F 5 ,S m ' A 1 gf' ' L W x il - ' .2 i Kim 3 f? if x 5, Sv T' Q fx, Ae. --X M X iegismmlvvvfx 'N Sponsors .ff W W x fs H L9 . ' gf 4 . Jvf' . ff" ,ff eg if XX ' .. 51 h iw - 1 4 ,ff Q V552 - it O Q - . t fa A 5, i K4 f 5 - Q 1,5 , d ' 4 ' Ei fkfv 5 , :A AFI A K f ,T . 2" I gm WLVL 2 if jyiln 4 EEN 2' 'X - gr V 4 f ? if It .5 3 If .. .f 13' 5 Q l ',v , ' 9 ' . X 1 if , fi , 4, I ,.. ,P , i K Rf Wg :Md -'rf ffffffi ff J N I ' 1 , IQ, 1 x 9 x 4 JS 1 5 J , X . ...I 4 -"ww , 4 " 11 li R X P X 'zu K N .R A , X :E -,Hi in 'kc K' . ,J 4ff5,'f4g1 1 'iw .r,:,rT'W E ,A , x ,-'- '- J x , Sponsors 3888888883888XXYXXXXXXYXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX83883883 sou: ,mm BELL'S FOOD CENTER MOBIL MANOR ALBION FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ZAIVIBITO PRODUCE COIVIPANY, INC. HAINES INSURANCE FAIR HAVEN FARIVIS BELL'S SUPERNIARKET NAYIVIAN OUTBOARD BENIIS BAG ALBION-HOLLEY PENN YSAVER 838838XXXX3XX3XXX3X38XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX88XX?XXXX8XXX IM I XkkkkikikiikikkikkkkkkXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX88838883 GOLD Pandora OLDE COACH INN DALE AND SON SUPERIVIARKET. INC. COFFEY BROS. IVIARTI'S RESTAURANT AND IVIOTEL BENTLEY BROTHERS I , x IVIARINE IVIIDLAND ALBION AGWAY COOP., INC. SCHARETT AND IVIITCHELL FUNERAL HOIVIE I EDDY PRINTING CORPORATION APPLE GROVE INN I ' XWXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 127 XXXXXXXXXX3833833883XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX83333383388 Go ,QOYL5 0I"5 GRANT'S IVI8LIVI BARBER SHOP DONALD NESBITT SILVER CREEK FARNIS PETERSON DRUG CO. LANDAUER'S NEWBERRY'S PAUL BAILEY WELL DRILLING VILLAGE INN PHYSICIANS OF ALBION SXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX3XXXX3X33X3XXkXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 128 38833328838XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXikkikkikkkkkkkkkikkkkkk SILVER ,,,,,,,,,,., ALBION MOTOR COMPANY ORLEANS MEAT MARKET THE CORNER PHARMACY MAROUART'S APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE DORIS' BEAUTY SALON McNALL'S FINE FURNITURE ROTARY GAS STATION THOMPSON'S FURNITURE PAGANELLI-SNELL REAL ESTATE NEILANS BROS. BEST WISHES NESBITT MOTORS GUIDO'S SUPERMARKET INC. THE FAMILY HARDWARE, INC. CITIZEN'S DAIRY ALBION FURNITURE VAN WYCKE'S GARAGE AND HARDWARE BEST WISHES CURTIS LYMAN BLOOM'S FLOWER SHOP KAST ATLANTIC GAS STATION ALBION PRODUCE CO., INC. ORLEANS REPUBLICAN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX8333888838833XXXXWXXXXXXXXX 129 XXYXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX83323 SILVER ,mm SUZY'S PIZZERIA ORLEANS TRAVEL BUREAU KEELER CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. SCIBETTA'S FLYING "A" SERVICE NIARTILLOTTA'S GULF SNOWDON'S FIRESTONE GUS'S SODA SPA IVIERRILL GRINNEL FUNERAL HOME CLUB 469 PASSINO BODY SHOP MAINE LUIVIBER PERFECTO CLEANERS ORLEANS DAIRY SAIVI'S RESTAURANT PHIL'S JEWELERS COMPLIIVIENTS OF PAUL NI. ACRI, PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN HAIVIILTON'S GROCERY BALDWIN'S SHELL N.J. PHILIPPS CONSTRUCTION DUGAN'S SHOE STORE FISCHER'S NEWS ROOIVI DICK APPLETON TOOLS XXXXXXXWXXXXXXXXX88383388XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 130 88888888883888888888888888YXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX88388888 IREK3l,LJMJR lnondond THE SPINNING WHEEL KATSAMPES' SUGAR BOWL HOLLIDAY JEWELERS ANN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE HANK BAKEMAN'S SERVICE ORLEANS REALTY ALBION PLUMBING 81 HEATING ALBION BAKERY MONTGOMERY WARDS FAMILY SHOE STORE WALTER'S DRESS SHOP 8388Xkkikkkkiikkkkkkikkix888838388XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 131 SENIOR DIRECTORY AUSTIN ALLEN AINSWOBTH, Ill State School Rd. Albion, N.Y. Football 9 Baseball 9, 10 Bowling 9,10,11 Latin Club 9,10 Spanish Club 10 Audio Visual Club 9,.10 Student Council 9 Orchestra9 Chorus9 FRANK ALBERTSON R.F.D. 4 Albion, N.Y. RICHARD ALLIS 3512 Densmore Rd. Albion, N.Y. Basketball 10, 11 Cross Country 9 Baseball 9 NEWELL E. ALLPORT, JR. 14747 East State Street Albion, N.Y. Promotion Staff10,11, 12 J.V. Basketball 9, 10 J.V. Baseball 9 Varsity Basketball 11, 12 Varsity Baseball 12 Cross Country 9, 10, 11 Varsity Club 11, 12 Traffic 8.1 Safety Council 10,11,12gPres.12 Senior Play Stage Crew 12 LINDA IVI. ANDREWS 308 S. Clinton St. Albion, N.Y. A.F.S.9, 10,11, 12 Service Club 12 Advertising 11 Homeroom Sec'y. 11 Girls' Chorus 9 REBECCA ARCHER 25 Hazard Pkwy. Albion, N.Y. A.F.S. 10, 11,12 A.F.S. Sec. 11 F.T.A.10,11,12 F.T.A. Pres. 12 F.N.A. 10,11 Student Council 12 Student Council Treas. 12 Debate Club 10, 11, 12 Signor Prize 11 N.H.S. 12 Advertising 12 Clarion Echo 12 Senior Play 12 KATHLEEN AUSNIAN 235 Ingersoll Street Albion, N.Y. Library Club 9, 10, 11 Chorus9 HAY BABBIT 15534 Ridge Road Albion, N.Y. JESSE BABCOCK 260 East Park Albion, N.Y. Audio Visual 9, 10, 11, 12 CAROL BAILEY 13721 County House Road Albion, N.Y. 14411 Advertising Staff 9, 10 Promotion 9,10, 11 A.F.S.9,10, 11, 12 Clarion Echo 9,10 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 Service Club 11, 12 Homeroom Pres, 10 Jr. 81 Sr. Head of I.D. Staff 11, 12 Spanish Club 12 County Chorus 11, 12 All State 12 LINDA BAILEY 123 E. Park Street Albion, N.Y. 14411 Chorus9 Glee Club 10 Swimming Leader 9, 10, 11,12 Gym Leader 9, 'l0,11, 12 Bowling 10, 11, 12 Future Nurses 9, 10, 11, 12 Library Club 9 NANCY BAILEY 13721 County House Rd. Albion, N.Y. Service Club 12 A.F.S. 9, 10 RONNIE JEAN BARBER Rt. 4 Gaines Basin Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Chorus9 Band 9,10 KATHY BATT Fit. 279 ' Waterport, N.Y. Hmrm. Vice Pres., 9 Audio Visual Schedular 10 Audio Visual 9, 10, 11, 12 Girls Intramurals 9,10,11, 12 Swimming Leader 9,10, 11,12 HOWARD BECKER Boss Road Waterport, N.Y. DARLENE BENTON 514 East State St. Albion, N.Y. 14411 A.F.S.9,10,11,12 Advertising 9,10,11,12 Chorus9 Clarion Echo Lit. staff, 12 Swimming Leader 11,12 Homeroom Treasurer 11 ANITA BICKNELL 113 So. lVlain St. Albion, N.Y. Jr. Band 9 Sr. Band, 10, 11 French Club 11, 12 Debate Club, 12 German Club 10,11 Intramurals Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Volleyball 9, 10, 12 Soccer 9, 10 Field Hockey 9, 10 Field Hockey Honor Team 10 Class Committees 9, 10, 11 Chorus 9, 10, 11 PATRICIA BIELICKI Gaines Basin Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Sr. Class Treasurer 12 A.F.S.9, 10,11, 12 F.T.A. 10,11, 12 F.T.A. Treasurer 12 Student Council 12 Debate 11, 12 Band 12 County Band 9, 10, 11 Cheerleader 10, 11,12 Bowling 9, 10 Service Club 11, 12 Clarion Echo 11 Circulation Staff 12 Senior Play 12 LYNDA BLAKE 246 So. IVlain St. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Jr. Red Cross Treas. 10 F.N.A.9,10,11,12 F.T.A. 11, 12 Chevron Promotion Staff 11, 12 Chevron Advt. Staff 12 A.F.S. 10, 12 Girls' Chorus9 Swimming Leader 9,10 NANCY BOCCACCIO 119 Brown Street Albion, N.Y. 14411 F.N.A. 10, 11 Debate Club 10, 11 A.F.S. 10, 11,12 F.T.A.10,11,12 N.H.S. 12 Advt. Staff 12 VICKI BONGIOVANNI 2140 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Homeroom Sec'y. 10 F.N.A.9,10,11,12 F.H.A. 9 Library Club 9,10 MARY ELLEN BORELLO 329 West Avenue Albion, N.Y. 14411 Library Staff 9 Girls' Chorus9 Promotion Staff 11 Circulation Staff 9, 10, 11, 12 Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12 Jr He d 11 Homeroom Pres. 9, 10, 11 ' a Service Club 11, 12 J.V. Football 10 Track 11 132 Sr. Head 12 ANN BROOKS 221 West State St. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Chorus9 Girls' Bowling 10, 11, 12 Future Nurses 10, 11, 12 BRENDA BROWN 208 East Avenue Albion, N.Y. 14411 Girls' Chorus 9,10 Girls' Bowling 10, 11, 12 Color Guard 9, 10,11, 12 Co-Capt. 11,12 A.F.S. 10,11, 12 F.T.A.10,11,12 MARCIA BUCKNER Transit Road Albion, N.Y. 14411 GARY BUDYNSKI Gaines-Waterport Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 THOMAS R. BUTTON 317 West State St. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Football 10 Wrestling 10, 12 Intramurals 10, 11 DONALD CARR RFD 2 Albion, N.Y.14411 SHARON CHATTIN 184 Clarendon St. Albion, N.Y.14411 J.V, Cheering 9,10 Varsity Cheering11, 12 Capt. 10, 12 Girls' Baseball 9 Swimming Leader 10 Gym Leader 12 Service Club 11, 12 Promotion Staff 10, 12 Advertising Staff 12 G.A.A.9,1O,11,12 Bowling 9 KEVIN CHRISTY 7 Meadowbrook Drive Albion, N.Y. 14411 Football 9, 10 Wrestling 9, 10 Golf 9, 10 Award Council 9, 10, 11, 12 WILLIAM CONNOR 310Caroline St. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Agr. I, ll, Ill Agr. Mec. I 81 ll CLAIRE COOK 14107 W. County House Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Band-twirler 9,1O, 11 BOCES program 11,12 Nurse's aid 11, 12 Homeroom Treas. 9 Future Nurse's 10 Swimming Leader 12 DIANE COOK 14091 W. County House Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Twirling9, 10, 11 VICA 12 RICHARD COOK R.D. 1 Brown Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Football 9, 10, 11, 12 Basketball 9, 10, 11 Baseball 9 Track 10,11, 12 Varsity Club 10, 11,12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 Advertising Staff 12 Promotion Staff 12 Service Club 11, 12 MARY L. CURTIS' 4748 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Girls' Chorus 9,10 Girls' Bowling 10, 11, 12 F,N.A.1O,11,12 F.H.A.9, 10 ALBERT DAVIS R.F.D.2 Albion, N.Y.14411 RONNIE DAVIS 114 W. Bank St. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Baseball 9 Soccer 9 Band 9 Audio Visual 9, 10, 11,1 Football 12 Wrestling 10 Student Council 12 SUE E. DAVIS 14015 Gillette Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Band 9, 10, 11 County Band 9, 10, 11 Cheering10,11,12 Girls' Baseball 9 Girls' Basketball 9 Treas. of Band 11 Treas. of Cheering 11 Co-Capt. of Cheering 12 Swimming Leader 10 Gym Leader 12 2 Lit. Staff of Chevron 9,10 Jr. Ed. of Chevron 11 St. Ed. of Chevron 12 F.T.A. 10,11 G.A.A.1O,11,12 DUANE DELAMARTER Clarendon Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Homeroom Treas. 9 Swimming 11 Band 9, 10, 11 EDWARD DePETERS 3171 Gaines Basin Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Baseball 9 Intramurals 11 EILEEN M. DONAHUE 365 W. Park St. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Jr. Red Cross 9, 10 Promotion Staff 10 F.N.A. 9, 10, 11 A.F.S.9,10,11,12 JOHN DOOLAN Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, N.Y.14411 133 JAMES A. DRAGON 3784 So. Main St. Albion, N.Y.14411 WE Band 9, 10 Library Club9 Bowling 11 Senior Play Stg. Crew 12 NDY A. DRAPER 340 W. State St, Albion, N.Y,14411 Debate Club 10, 11, 12 Vice Pres. 12 Debate Head 11, 12 A.F.S.9,10,11, 12 Awards Council 1O,11, 12 Clarion Echo 10, 11, 12 Clarion Echo Ed. 12 Lit. Staff 9,10, 11, 12 Promotion Staff 12 Elections Committee 12 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 County Chorus 11, 12 All-State Chorus 12 F.T.A.10,11,12 Teachers Aide 11, 12 Chem. Lab. Ass't. 11, 12 Pub. Committee 11, 12 Chairman 12 Student Council 12 Signor Prize 11 National Honor Society 12 Homeroom Vice Pres. 11 Jr. Red Cross 9,10 Chairman 10 Senior Play Prompter 12 It's Academic 12 JOHN R. DRISDON Stillwater Rd. Wa terport, N.Y. Baseball 9 Wrestling 9,10,11,12 Track 11, 12 Wrestling County 84 Sec. Chmp.1 ROBERT EASTERLING 27 Platt St. Albion, N,Y.14411 SU 18 Student Council 9, 12 Class Sec'y. 10 Varsity Club 12 O-Club 10 Debate Club 10 Nat'l Honor Society 12 Mixed Chorus 9,10 Football 9, 10 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Track 9 SAN K. EDDY Meadowbrook Drive Albion, N.Y. Prom Chairman 11 Homeroom Pres. 10,11 Student Council 10,11 Swimming Leader 10, 11, 12 Vice Pres. of Class 9, 10, 11 12 F,T.A. 10, 11,12 Debate Club 9 Cheerleader 10, 11 A.F.S.10,11,12 Spanish Club 12 lPres.J Promotion Staff 10, 11, 12 Advertising 11, 12 lPres.l Co-Capt. Cheering ALLAN EIBL 302 Clinton Street Albion, N.Y. Basketball 9, 10, 11 Baseball 9, 10, 11 DAVID FERRIS Johnny Cake Lane R.D. 2 Albion, N.Y. J.V. Football 10 Service Club 11, 12 German Club 12 Promotion Staff 12 Advertising 12 Signor Prize 11 GARY FIOCCA 117 West State St. Albion, N.Y. MONA FITZWATER 136 East Bank St. Albion, N.Y. BRENDA FRASER 306 East Park St. Albion, N.Y. Swimming Leader 12 A.F.S.9, 10 Service Club 11, 12 Awards Council 9, 10, 11, 12 CAROL FRENCH 4722 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, N.Y. Library Club 9,10,11,12 Nurse's Club 10 Chorus9 DAVID FURMANSKI 111 Day Street Albion, N.Y. Art Club 9, 10, 11, 12 KAREN FURIVIANSKI 51 Sanford St. Albion, N.Y. DANA C. GAVENDA 18 Erie Street Albion, N.Y. Chorus 9,1O, 11 Literary Staff 9, 10 Debate Club 11, 12 N.H.S. 12 Head of Sr. Section 11, 12 Signor Prize 11 Class President 12 Student Council 12 County Chorus 10 Senior Play 12 STEPHEN GILBERT Brown Road R.F.D. Albion, N.Y. SCOTT GOLISANO R.D. 1 Angevine Rd. Holley, N.Y. Service Club 11, 12 Library Club 10, 11 Wrestling 11 Intramurals 9 THOMAS GOLISANO R.D.1Angevine Road Albion, N.Y. Baseball 9 Library Club 9, 10, 11 Swimming Team 10 Bowling Team 10, 11 Service Club 12 FRANK GREENE JR. P.O. Box 22 Kent, N.Y. Library Club 9, 10, 11 Audio Visual Club 9, 10, 11 LINDA GROOMS Transit Road R.D.1 Albion N.Y. A,F.S.10,11,12 F.T.A. 10, 11,12 F.N.A.1O,11,12 Debate 10 Intramurals 9 Red Cross9 DEAN HART Ridge Road R.F.D. Albion, N.Y. BRUCE HEARD 345 Clinton Street Albion N.Y. Senior Play 12 DONALD HILL R.D. 3 West Lee Road 14210 Albion, N.Y. F.F.A.9,10,11,12 Jr. Pres. 11 MARC HINMAN 26 Liberty Street Albion, N.Y. Tennis 9, 10, 11,12 Cross Country 10, 11 Service Club 11, 12 Bowling 12 Latin Club 12 PAT HORCH R.D. 3 West Barre Road Albion, N.Y. Girls Chorus 9, 10 Swimming Leader 9, 10, 11 Library Club 12 BONNIE JEAN HUDSON 334 West Bank Street Albion, N.Y. Future Nurses 9, 11 Girls Chorus 9, 10 MARK HUDSON 248 Ingersoll Street Albion N.Y. Football 9, 10, 11, 12 Basketball 9, 10, 11 Baseball 9 Golf 10, 11,12 Intramurals 9,10, 11, 12 Secretary of Varsity Club 1 RICHARD HUGHES Main Street Knowlesville, N.Y. Bowling 9, 10 lntramuraIs9, 10 V.l.C.P. 10,11 PETER HUTHSTEINER n.F. D. 4 Albion, N.Y. LeANNA HYLAND 222 West State St. Albion, N.Y. Art Club 9, 10, 12 Swimming Leader 12 Girls' Basketball team 10 134 2 JASON JEFFORDS 1641 Bass Road Waterport, N.Y. DANNY JOHNSON 3266 3266 Gaines Basin Road Albion, N.Y. DOUGLAS JURS 13827 Allen Road Albion, N.Y. HERBERT JURS 1544 Carlton Rd. Waterport, N.Y. PAMELA KAST 341 West Bank St. Albion, N.Y. Debate Club 9,10,11,12 Sec. 10 Head of Speech 11,12 Clarion Echo 9,10,11,12 Bus. Mgr. 12 Promotion Staff 9,10, 12 Literary Staff 9,10,11,12 A.F.S.9,1O,11,12 Chairman 12 Election Committee 11, 12 Head of Chartering Comm. 12 Student Council 12 F.T.A. 10, 11,12 Teacher Aid 10, 11, 12 F.N.A. 10 County Chorus 11, 12 County Band 9,10 All-State Chorus 12 Spanish Club 12 Nat'l. Honor Society 11,12 Sec. 12 Chem. Lab. Ass't. 12 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 Concert Band 9,10, 11, 12 Marching Band 9, 10, 11 Homeroom Vice Pres. 10 Jr. Red Cross 10 Service Club 11, 12 Senior Play 12 lt's Academic 12 JOHN KELLOM Waterport, N.Y. KEVIN KENT 222 West Park St. Albion, N.Y. PATRICIA ANN KIRBY 3046 Lattin Rd. Albion, N.Y. Chorus 9, 10 Library 9, 10, 11,12 Color Guard 9 Band 10, 11, 12 Debate Club-Drama Sec., 1O,11, 12 A.F.S. 11, 12 Bowling 12 Swimming Leader 12 Gym Leader 12 F.T.A. 10,11, 12 F.N.A.10,11,12 Basketball Intramurals 10 RANDALL A. KLATT 14595 Ridge Road Albion, N.Y. Radio Club 9 Band 9,10 V.l.C.P. 10, 11,12 Homeroom Vice Pres. 9 IntramuraIs9, 10, 11,12 DONDEL KNIGHT 252 Park Ave. Waterport, N.Y. J.V. Football 9 Track 9, 11, 12 JOHN KNIGHT 618 Moore St. Albion, N.Y. Band 9,10,11,12 Wrestling 1O,11, 12 Track 11, 12 Cross Country 12 Spanish Club 12 Senior Play 12 ANDREI KOVAL P. Breeze Rd. R.D.1 Kent, N.Y. Homeroom Pres. 9, 11 German Club 12 Service Club 11, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, 12 Promotion Staff 11, 12 Jr, Head 11 Sr. Head 12 All-State Chorus 12 County Chorus 9,10 County Band 11 Track 10 Nat'l. Honor Society 12 A.F.S. Semi-Finalist 11 A.F.S. 11, 12 Literary Staff 9 Clarion Echo 12 Concert Band 9, 10, 11 Marching Band 9 Debate Club 11 Senior Play 12 BRADFORD LAKE Fl.F.D.4 Albion, N.Y. JOHN LEDDON 214 N. Main Street Albion, N.Y. J.V. Football 9, 10 Varsity Football 11, 12 J.V. Basketball 9, 10 Varsity Track 9,1O, 11, 12 Varsity Club 10, 11, 12 Service Club 12 Nat'l. Honor Society 12 lntramurals10, 11 RITA LONG 21 Goodrich Street Albion, N.Y. Gym Helper 12 Chorus 9 VICA Club 11 JOANNE LUCAS 237 Caroline Street Albion, N.Y. Girls Bowling 9,10 Advertising Club 9, 10 VICA Club 11, 12 Girls Baseball 9 KAREN D. LUSK 3715 Eagle Harbor Road Albion, N.Y. Circulation Staff 9, 10 Band 9,10 Swimming Leader 12 VICA Club 11, 12 DlANE MANELLA 617 E.State Street Albion, N.Y. F.N.A.10,11,12 WILLA MAREK DONALD MELFI Box 32 108 Herrick St. Waterport, N.Y. Albion, N,Y. F.N.A.9,10,11,12 JOE MARTILLOTTA 246 N. Main Street Albion, N.Y. SA 32 Football 9, 10, 11, 12 Wrestling 9,10, 11,12 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 Homeroom Treas. 9 Class Treas. 10, 11 Varsity Club Treas. 12 Promotion Staff 11, 12 Advertising Staff 11, 12 Identification 11, 12 Jr. Head Sr. Head Intramurals 9,10,11, 12 Chess Club 11, 12 Senior Play 12 MUEL R. MARTILLOTTA Meadowbrook Drive Albion, N.Y. Editor of Yearbook 11,12 Awards Council 9, 10, 11, 12 Nat'l Honor Society 12 Promotion Staff 10, 11, 12 Literary Staff 10, 11, 12 Advertsiing Staff 10, 11, 12 Clarion Echo 9,10 Glee Club 9,10, 11, 12 County Chorus 9,10,11, 12 All State Chorus 12 Library Club 10 A.F.S.9, 10,11, 12 Debate 9, 10 Varsity Swimming 11 Varsity Tennis 9, 10 Senior Play 12 It's Academic 12 PATRICIA MATHES R.F.D.1 Holley, N.Y. A.F.S. 10 Library Club 11 F.T.A. 12 F.N.A.10 JO Chorus 10, 11, 12 County Chorus 11, 12 All State Chorus 12 YCE MCDONALD 213 S. Clinton Street Albion, N.Y. SA Chorus 9 Advertising Staff 11, 12 Nat'l Honor Society 12 NDFKA MCOMBER 14385 Marsh Creek Rd. Ke nt, N.Y. 14477 Clarion Echo 10, 12 Girls' Chorus 10 J.V. Cheerleader 10 Girls' Bowling 10, 11 F.T.A. 10, 11 G.A.A. 10 Homeroom Sec.9,10, 11 Jr. Class Secretary 11 Chevron Staff-Sr. Typ. Hd., 12 135 Nat'l. Honor Society 11, 12 Vice Pres. 12 Chess Club 10, 11 Concert Band 9, 10 Lab Ass't. 12 County Band 9 JOANNE MICELI 26 E. Park St. Albion, N.Y. A.F.S.9,10, 11, 12 Homeroom Vice-Pres. 9 Homeroom Treas. 10 Service Club 12 Student Council 12 Senior Play 12 FREDERICK MILLER Waterport, N.Y. JOSE LUIS CEREZO MORENO 226 So. Clinton St. Albion, N.Y. Basketball 12 Cross-Country 12 Tennis 12 Service Club 12 Spanish Club 12 Nat'l. Honor Society 12 A.F.S. 12 LAURIE ANNE MORTON 15077 East Barre Road Albion, N.Y. Concert Band 9, 10 Marching Band 9,10 Jr. County Chorus9 Sr. County Chorus 11, 12 Glee Club 9, 1O,11, 12 Library Club9 F.N.A. 10, 11,12 Drama 10, 12 Swimming Leader 11, 12 A.F.S. 12 THOMAS iviui.i.iNs 13396 Fudge Rd. Albion, N.Y. PETER MURPHY 349 East Avenue Albion, N.Y. Football 11,12 Golf 9, 10, 11, 12 Homeroom Pres. 9 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 NEAL MUSCARELLA 10 Beaver St. Albion, N.Y. Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 County Chorus 10, 11, 12 All-State 12 Debate Club 10, 11, 12 Pres. 12 LEROY MYERS 43 N. Main Street Albion, N.Y. Band 9,10 Library Club 11 Debate Club 12 Latin Club 12 VINCENT NAVARRA Allen Road R.D. 2 Albion, N.Y. Homeroom Treas. 11 Bowling lntramurals9 A.F.S.9,10,11 Jr. Red Cross 9,10 Chorus 9,10,11 Concert Band 9, 10, 11 Marching Band 9, 10, 11 County Chorus 10, 12 Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Signor Prize Speaking Contest Clarion Echo 12 Senior Play 12 FAE A. NEILANS 262 N. Main Street Albion, N.Y, Student Council 9, 10, 11 A.F.S. 10 Library Club 9, 10, 11 Advertising Staff 9, 10 SUE NENNI 318 East Park Street Albion, N.Y. PATRICIA NERI 540 East Avenue Albion, N.Y. Homeroom Pres. 9, 10, 11 Class President 9, 11 Advertising Staff 10, 12 Elections 9,10, 11,12 Head 12 Clarion Echo 12 Circulation Staff 12 A.F.S. 11, 12 Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12 Typing Staff 12 Sr. Head 12 Swimming Leader 9, 10, 11 12 JACOUELINE NESBITT Waterport Carlton Road Waterport, N.Y. A.F.S.9, 10,11, 12 J.V. Cheerleader 9,10 Advertising Staff 12 Marching Band 9 Chorus 9 JOHN NESBITT R.D. 4 Albion, N.Y. J.V. Football 9 STEPHEN NUDD 223 West Park Street Albion, N.Y. MARY LOUISE ORLANDO 1 Clover Lane Albion, N.Y. Chorus lGirlsI 9, 10 Homeroom President 10 Homeroom Sec. 11 Student Council 10 A.F.S.9,10,11,12 Sec. 12 Elections Committee 12 Advertising Staff 12 French Club 12 Signor Prize 11 Senior Play 12 11 DAVETTE PAWLACZYK 520 Moore Street Albion, N.Y. F.T.A. 11,12 F.N.A.10,11,12 A.F.S.11, 12 F.H.A. 9 VICKY PECK Kams Rd. Albion, N.Y. VICA 12 AYF Sec. 12 F.H.A. 9 Intramurals 9 Vocational Newspaper 11 SHERRY PETERS West Barre Road Albion, N.Y. F.N.A. 10, 11,12 A.F.S. 11, 12 Girls' Chorus 9, 10 RAY PETTINE 651 State Street Albion, N.Y. Football 9, 10, 11, 12 Baseball 9, 10 Elections Committee 12 Intramurals 9, 10 Basketball Manager 9, 10 Service Club 11,12 MARY PETTIT Eagle Harbor Rd. Albion, N.Y. Audio Visual 9,10, 11, 12 F.T.A. 11 F.N.A. 11 Jr. Red Cross 9 MARCIA PIATEK 605 Moore St. Albion, N.Y. A.F.S.11, 12 Chorus9 F.N.A.10,11,12 F.T.A. 10 LAURIE SUE PIAZZA 410 West Ave. Albion, N.Y. Library Club 9 Swimming Leader 9 A.F.S. 9, 10, 12 Bowling Team 9 ROSEMARY PIAZZA 111 Chamberlain St. Albion, N.Y. JAMES PINSON R.D. 4 Ridge Rd. Albion, N.Y. BRUCE L. PLUMLEY 106 West Park St. Albion, N. Y. Chorus 9, 10, 11 Nat'l Honor Society 12 136 CONNIE QUARANTELLO 204 Clarendon Road Albion, N.Y. A.F.S.9,10, 11,12 Service Club 11,12 Advertising Staff 9,1O,11,12 Chorus9 Clarion Echo 12 Student Council 12 Swimming Leader 11 Sec. of Senior Class 12 Signor Prize 11 CAROL RICE 326 Linwood Avenue Albion, N.Y. Promotion Staff 9 Spanish Club 10, 11 Service Club 11, 12 A.F.S. 12 Elections Committee 12 MARY JOANN RIES 322 East Park St. Albion, N.Y. A.F.S.9,10, 11, 12 Advertising Staff 9, 10, 11, 12 Service Club 12 Chorus 9,10,11,12 County Chorus 11, 12 JEANETTE RILEY 40 Braley St. Albion, N.Y. Marching Band 9,10,11,12 Concert Band 10, 11, 12 Library Assistant 9,10,11, 12 F.N.A. 10, 11 CYNTHIA ROBERTS 1683 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, N.Y. F.N.A. 12 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 Bowling 9, 10 Homeroom Vice Pres, 9 Homeroom Treas. 10 County Chorus 11, 12 Circulation Staff of Chevron 1 RUSSELL ROBERTSON R.D.1 Albion, N.Y, SHERWIN RUSSELL 14411 Ridge Rd. Albion, N.Y. HARRIET ANNE RUSSELLI 229 S. Main Street Albion, N.Y. Chorus 10, 12 F.T.A. 10, 12 F.N.A. 10 A.F.S. 9, 10, 12 Treas. 12 Lit. Staff 10, 12 Advt. Staff 12 Promotion Staff 10, 12 French Club 11, 12 Girls' Basketball 11 Thespian Society 11 Tri-Hy-Y 11 Clarion Echo 9, 10, 12 Girls' Bowling 9 Basketball Intramurals 10 Debate Club 9, 10, 12 Nat'l Honor Society 12 Senior Play 12 0 STEVE RUSTAY Ridge Road Albion, N.Y. Wrestling 10, 11, 12 Concert Band 9,10 County Band 9, 10 Marching Band 9, 10,11, 12 Intramurals 9 DEBBIE SABO 4646 Culver Rd. AIbion,'N,Y. Library Club 10 F.N.A.10,11,12 Art Club lPresl. 12 MARY SAGE 14431 Lake Shore Rd. Kent, N.Y. 14477 Service Club 11, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, 12 Debate Club 9,10, 11, 12 Sec. 12 Drama Sec. Co-Dir. 10, 11 Director 12 Speech Section 10, 11 Creative Writing 9, 12 Cheering10,11, 12 Swimming Leader 9,10,11, Girls' Bowling 10 County Chorus 9,12 Homeroom Officer 9 Literary Staff 9, 10, 11, 12 Circulation Staff 9,1O, 11 Promotion Staff 12 A.F.S.9,1O,11,12 F.T.A.A9, 10 F.N.A.9,10,11,12 Spanish Club 12 Clarion Echo Staff 9, 10, 12 KATHY SANTILLO 627 East State St. Albion, N.Y. F.N.A. 10, 11 V.l.C.A. 11 JEANNE SCHARPING 2970 Crandall Rd. Albion, N.Y. Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 County Chorus10, 11, 12 F.N.A.10,11,12 Pres. 10, 12 F.T.A. 10, 12 Literary Staff 12 TERRY SCHMACKPFEFFER 507 Moore St. Albion, N.Y. MICHAEL SCHOONOVER Ridge Rd. R.F.D. 2 Albion, N.Y. Senior Play 12 lt's Academic 12 CLARK SMITH Main Rd. R.F.D. 2 Albion, N.Y. SHARON SMITH W. Park St. Albion, N.Y. PETER J.SNELL 101 Linwood Avenue Albion, N.Y. Advertising Staff 11, 12 Jr. Head 11 Sr. Head 12 Supply Store Mgr. 11, 12 Varisty Club 10,11, 12 Student Council 11 Clarion Echo 12 Service Club 12 Vice Pres. Homeroom 11 lntramurals9,10,11,12 J.V. Baseball 9 Varsity Baseball 10, 11, 12 J.V. Football 9 Varsity Football 10, 11, 12 Varsity Wrestling 9,10, 11, 12 Bowling 10, 11 DEBORAH SNOWDON 312 South Main Street Albion, N.Y. Sec. of Class 9,10 F.N.A. 1O,11, 12 Sec. 11 Vice Pres. 12 FTA 11,12 Vice Pres. 12 French Club 12 Treas. 12 Promotion Staff 9,10,11,12 Jr. Head 11 Sr. Head 12 Advertising Staff 11, 12 Senior Play 12 RONALD W. SPANTON Waterport, N.Y. Nat'l Honor Society 12 DIANNE STACKWICK 116 East Avenue Albion, N.Y. Band 9, 10, 11 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 Service Club 11, 12 F.T.A.10,11,12 A.F.S.9,10,11,12 Swimming Leader 9, 10, 12 Literary Staff 10, 11, 12 Advertising Staff 10, 11, 12 Promotion Staff 10, 11, 12 Spanish Club 12 Sec. of F.T.A. 12 Student Council 12 Sec. 12 County Band 9 County Chorus 10, 11 Basketball Intramurals 10, 11 Senior Play 12 BRENDA STANLEY 14720 Holley Road Albion, N.Y. Library Club 11 ROBERT STEARNS Brown Road Albion, N.Y. ROGER STINSON R.F.D. 4 Albion, N.Y. FLORA STUMP 108 lVlcKinstry Street Albion, N.Y. Art Club 9 Homeroom Pres. 9 137 SUZANNE SWIERCZNSKI 14386 Ridge Road Albion, N.Y. 14411 A.F.S. Club 9, 10,11, 12 F.T.A. 10,11, 12 F.N.A. 10 Literary Staff 11, 12 Promotion Staff 9,10,11, 12 Advertising Staff 11, 12 Service Club 12 Band 9, 10 Girls' Bowling 9,11, 12 Corresponding Sec. of Student Council 12 RANDOLPH SYCK Ridge Road R.D.1 Albion, N.Y. Vocational SUSAN TAYLOR 258 East State Street Albion, N.Y. Advertising Staff 11 F.N.A. 11 JAMES TELGA 32 Brown Street Albion, N.Y. EUGENE THAINE 14026 Ridge Road Albion, N.Y. 14411 Track Manager 10 JAMES THOMAS THEODORAKOS 350 West Park Street Albion, N.Y. 14411 Football 9, 10, 11, 12 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 Intramurals 9,10,11,12 Advertising Staff 10, 11, 12 Nat'I Honor Society 11, 12 Treas. 12 Service Club 11, 12 Pres. 12 Clarion Echo 12 Varsity Club 10, 12 Pres. 12 German Club 12 Chem. Lab Assistant 12 Senior Play 12 ROSS THOMPSON Ridge Road R.D.1 Albion, N.Y. 14411 SUSAN THOMPSON 13966 Ridge Road West Albion, N.Y. Promotion Staff 12 Literary Staff 12 F.N.A. 12 Nat'l. Honor Society 12 Chem. Lab. Ass't. 12 Clarion Echo 12 SHIRLEY TURNER 248 Washington Street Albion, N.Y. Service Club'11, 12 Debate 9 Girls' Chorus9 Circulation Staff11, 12 Color Guard 10, 11 RONALD VAGG 123 Linwood Avenue Albion, N.Y. LISA VAN COTT Tower Line Road Albion, N.Y. 14411 PAUL VAN WYCKE 1984 Main St. Waterport, N.Y. 14411 Intramurals 9 Vocational 11, 12 JUDY WARD Sawyer Road 1 Kent, N.Y. 14411 Color Guard 9, 10,11, 12 PHILIP WARNE 13598 County House Road Albion, N.Y . 14411 Senior Play Stage Crew 12 Student Council 12 Service Club 12 Football 9 Class Treas. 9 Baseball 9, 12 NORENE WEBSTER R.D. 3 Phipps Road Albion, N.Y. 14411 Chorus 9 Color Guard 9 Future Nurses 10, 11 Library Club 9, 10, 11 A.F.S. 10 BARBARA J. WELLS 14359 Ridge Road Albion, N.Y. 14411 Glee Club 9, 10, 11 Service Club 11, 12 F.N.A. 10 F.T.A. 10, 11,12 F.T.A. Secretary 10 Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12 Vice Pres. Student Council 11 Class Pres. 10 Clarion Echo 10, 11,12 Debate Club 9,10 A.F.S.9, 10,11, 12 Bowling 9, 11, 12 Swimming Leader 9, 10 Marching Band 9,10 Concert Band 9, 10 County Chorus 10 French Club 12 Literary 10, 11, 12 Promotion Staff 11, 12 Circulation 9, 10, 11 Advertising 12 Parliamentarian of Student Council 12 Homeroom Pres. 9, 10, 11, 12 LYNETTE WELLS R.D. 3 Gray Road Albion, N.Y 14411 Girls Chorus 9, 10 Nurses Club 10 Swimming Leader 12 ROBERT WIELGOSZ 538 Densmore St. Albion, N.Y. 14411 Service Club 11, 12 Marching Band 9, 10, 11 Concert Band 9, 10, 11 Bowling 10, 11, 12 Sr. Play Stage Crew 12 PRISCILLA WIGTON South Clinton Street Albion, N.Y. 14411 Homeroom Sec. 9 Marching Band 9, 10, 11 Chorus 9 Concert Band 9,1O,11,12 F.T.A. 10 Promotion Staff 11, 12 Nat'l. Honor Society 12 F.N.A. 10, 11 LARRY ALAN WILLIAMS 14031 Ridge Road West Albion, N.Y. 14411 V.I.C.P.10,11,12 LINDA WILLIAMS R.D. 3 Albion, N.Y.14411 Chorus 9, 10 F.H.A. 10 Nat'l Honor Society 12 Folk Guitar Club 11 German Club 12 Lit. Staff 12 SUZANNE WINKLEY 3055 Transit Rd. Albion, N.Y. 14411 WILLIAM WITTMAN 228 Linwood Ave. Albion, N.Y. 14411 CAROLYN WRIGHT Holley Road Albion, N.Y. Audio Visual 9, 10, 11,1 BARBARA YOUNGS 115 Clarendon Street Albion, N.Y. 14411 F.H.A. 9 F.N.A. 10,11, 12 Library Club 12 LINDA IVI. ZARPENTINE R.D. 4 Albion, N.Y. 14411 Concert Band 9,10,11, Marching Band 9, 10, 11 County Band 9, 10, 11 Debate Club 9,10 Signor Prize 11 Chevron Staff 10, 11,12 Literary Editor of Chevron 12 Clarion Echo 11, 12 Co-ed. of Clarion Echo 12 A.F.S. 12 Glee Club 9, 10, 11,12 Spanish Club 12 lt's Academic 12 firuifikftfrtirtkafrirafrskvfrtlrtfrifrvfrvfrvfr CHEVRON, in tribute to a leader who embodied the best of the American spirit: DWIGHT DAVID EISENHOVVER f'F0r I am how ready to be 0jj'erea',' and the time ofmy departure is at hand. I have fought the good j7ght. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith. " April, 1969 138 FRENCH CLUB 1st Row: Mrs. Marcus, M. Robinson, D. Snowdon, S. Martillotta, C. Woodcook, S. Callard 2nd Row: B. Chappius, L. Norek, T. Hunt, T. Fiorelli, P. Lunn, D. Banker, H. Russelli, L. Phillips 3rd Row: D. Babcock, D. Beech, H. Ricci, T. Moore, B. Johnston, J. Taylor, M. Orlando, G. Stirk, J. New Standing: R. Tutone, A. Capurso GERMAN CLUB Top Row: B.Squires, M. Babcock,J.Theodorakos, S. Bakeman, J. Halstead, D. Parker, D. Ferris, R. Siedel, A. Heard Middle Row: C. Kaiser, S. Smith, K. Smith, C. Hill, E. Williams, B. Mathes, H. Penasack, E. Barrett, A. Perfitt, M. Cook, D. Morrison, S. Perfitt, J. Peglow, B. Walsh, D. Pike, R. French Bottom Row: M. Schoonover, J. Gardner, S. Davis, M. Reynolds, C. Salchek, L. Williams, F. Niemeyer, A. Koval, Mrs. Koval 139 1st Row: J. Smith, K. Rowley, J. Earley, R. Sinckly, E. LeMeiux, J. Cox 2nd Row: Mr. Ward, L. Southard, J. Grillo, C. Woodcook, K. Eddy, K. Swartz, M. McKenna J. Miller 3rd Row: R. Gollisano, J. Coluchi, J. Parsons, M. Paponetti, S. Webreck, B. Johnston, M. Sage D. Stackwick, L. Morton, P. Kast, D. Pike 4th Row: J. Knight, F. Troy, H. Papponetti, B. Baldwin, M. Troy SPANISH AND GUITAR CLUB English, Spanish, French, and German are some of the main modern languages in the world today. In our school, students participate in these foreign language clubs which help us understand the people of these countries. We learn their customs and cultures through such activities and we realize that people are much the same in all parts of the world. CHEVRON salutes all activities which enhance international good-Will. 140 ALBION "May thy sons ne'er forget thee As to thy name we ever will be loyal. And through all our days We will sing thy praise In times of victory or in times of toil. We'll cheer for Albion And our songs will re-echo As high above the sea our banners All our memories Speak of love for thee Dear Old Albionli' fly. 141 Photos by Frank -fr 2,0-anon, 1, 5' Q 1 ' ' ' ' 'in A Q F. ,. 4 if i . t g xi -' Q 5 ' 31' ' , s Q HIV t gy 255 Q' S5 V 1 . A nf' Q, 9 ' Vg? 1. x 437512 . fi f l Q ,awk 1 , ' ff' ff K ,v .74 'A I -A 3, ' t ' I f igggq ,KE , A 1, J-:ZW ,ff 5.451 Q f V f - f. '? -1 if r J , W , f if r r t 5 Fi 'i t 2 ' f-" f ,f i . G 3 M A ,, " 1 x 2 , 4' ' L jj A , A KW I faux V is Xin, Wi , ,l W A XXX dlllnuql ,E ,Y V,,,i.f ig -3 """ ig 1 L A Q f r 3? if -4 if ,MM f fg 4 f' ' if 5 't:f,f,f A 'L 'qc A ' -ge 5 2 , , P 2 f 'ig 'k' 'Ms-',,' ' f 3 4 Q 1 ip ' A V if ' g Q 4 3 V? 7 Q? 52 Q L If VZ R Y i I X 3 ,g ,f 5 6 A QQ V' LX' fat g 2 ' 5 U f- ,: ,f 2 fi? gl t Q 'Q ,,,,. s.-.m,,,4e,,:- w"""" V gli I S ty A If fe ' --vfs""' ,A I A , ,M VA K J if p ' i EJ.: J ta- :WM gr, 5 ig e ,ri ' We ,ff A '. i ,?fYg,x'f4 S ' .ic .: 4 Vf",f, N . 5 1, 'lf 'iQif1,f'lT'Q, Sig ' 5 i ig V ,A 4 A i . 1 H 4 9' 2 , Q 'V'i'rf...,,,,,f....w,w1-rw, if 5 ,-" V 3 ' - X 4. ' ' 1 ' -. Y 1 ,MN jg, ,R 0, ..,. ,M-f , , .mh- ii 1 H- 5 1 V j' 'gg' N! lf, ' dr' ,Z 4 3 1 1 2- f 3 35' fg j '1' . f EPILOGUE '6Something there is that doesnlt love a wall, That sends the frozen ground-swell under it." fRobert Frostj Chevron of 1969 hopes our book has contributed to the breaking down of the walls of misunderstanding, and has helped to build reconciliation among the worldls people. 142 Compliments of KOVAL-LAWING STUDIO 50 North Nlain Street Albion N.Y. We Specialize: Portrait Wedding Commercial Chauffeur Custom Moulding Framing 84 frames 143 Activities YYM-445 ., .... . .... k ....... 78-103 Administration . . . ...... VXQVL9-L,1iqrt3 . . 69 Board of Education L QM-24. xfw. . .. LXG4Lf.,,. . . . 4 Cafeteria Staff .Cbfgl .VY1-5-Xi. . . . 13 Cheerleaders 1slQx i' 1fVuQ44j . . 114 Curricula . .v XKCX 1 . --.,-i1,r:L.A'1i 'fflllf' ik 68-75 Custodians . f,2Xk7f1-45 . .-px. .FTE-Afwksbwxx ,. .F. . . ,. . . . 14 Dedication . . f. . ............. Cfiocfi, . . .3 Eighth Grade . . . ............. J .sviww ,... 59-62 Epilogue .... ......... . . 139 Exchange Student . . . 41 Faculty . . . . . 10-12 Foreword . . . . .2 Freshman Class . . 55-58 Guidance . . . . 12 Junior Class . . 46-50 Office Staff . Senior Class . Senior Directory Senior Play . Seventh Grade Sophomore Class Sponsors . . . Sports . . Candids . ...14 . . . . 18-40 . . . 132-138 . . 4243 . . 63-66 . . 51-54 . . . 126-131 . . .104-121 interspersed 'Q SQ K, ,,.,I, -". ., . , , K "FT""'X' ' KK - H K . . , II I I 3 IM . .,,,,A.q,,w?,.,.,,,,,.,,,-M, .. ,ffI.jg,,,' K ,Q-5, M .j3,,I,,q H w EIIIIIII II I I I , II I I, I , , I , III I ,I H 2:,L 'II L- ' .D , V ,-:Qw-ffv ,, I IM I QQ. Q4 ,,f--' TI " i ff KKKK KK Kanw asm ,,K"5f7K1W2?" " K K' , ' ,,' A 2-2 Ji . 4.V W ' K c A Q - 'f K 'Vh': 5 K 4 ww' ' 'V K ,JK ' " W , 3' K -' A " ' -K 3 I 'j':,KKf,KK22sq, 1 K K K k,,,f'-, Q .I I P id QL, - -- -M KKK 1--tg ,,- ..,, . , I I I I I K K Vg II I II I .M -K KK I K I I I KK K ,,. I I .QC - gf ag I5 gg ,1vE"?KKi,K2,,,KK'5f 'K::MQ,K. ' 1:5 ' ' . ,- K ' , , . . ,, K "Z V ,KM ' , , K' - I I I, K P' 'K -Q' . 2 if 0 ' ' 1 K 4 Q K , . ff W fwff, ,K K I K. K ' ' KK K , , II ,.,' KK., I- xl '2 i ,.,,.,,,f I K ,, I , . ff K, 4--. , KK, I 'K -,', K ,ff K I w,,,!,f II gy' I f .Avis , 'K . f K 'Y KKK ' K I ...A . -ft ff K. K' '1 iw , K , 3 M0 K' BW , 'K If A if K . AQ: , ' iru-:hw , im , ,ff . ki :,L K I,,K' ,WI f 3' ,,f 'Q II 6143531 ' , K K , ,, ' K K iff' .- " A K K K 'f Chaika M V I , 9' ' 7 L A I .lr X K fg,,"i"' K 'KK K K K ,Kg K,-KK KKK . , , , K , K K K K K . ri K ."- , L'.- . , ff? ' K 5 K K 1 I ,, ,I I I VV,V I," I fo ' I I I ' 11 K' K Ig, . I 1 4 ' " IKI.Q,v I. ,K1.f0L1.!M5Q3 1492 , KK K MM' I II IIIIIIIII I ,,I, IK, ,WI , .,:, Iy, I, , , , I ,, L I X. I A I ,f , 4 if 'K' A',' ' K' If K. 1 ,1 X 4 ' lg fp ' . ,K ,,K.,.'K....Q.K.,.g KK 'K '1' fff' KK K+, K K 1 ,K KK .W K, "J f K X 'K ' K KK Y PK KK K K ' ' 1 K W, I. , - E K , , K' , . K, ,f f ' , LAK K - ff K 5: - K' KM I ,,.f :K K K K I, . I II II I .8 I I II -f.Mut,kmasKK , -,- ,. . II f Ig, IIIIGII ,I I I i I 3 -4 4, S, ., ,. , I, ,K II M I , , -1,1 .r K K KK , f ' K ' 1 A ? , fa ' K K K " - ' - , fy YF Sv Q Q3 K. II, I. I. K ' ' I I ' X I -. fg KK ' K,K" , K , ' f'Km4,, Q "K 2, , hfviiffj. ,f I . , "":"'N"' ' ., ,Q -fm A ,AM f 2 I I X I , , .I ,,.. ,, .,A.,wI,.,,,T,...,. I.,H..W ,.,Q,,I , , MI , I-II IMI I ,I K K, F , K KKKK K KK .mx ,, . K. K if KK , 2 K . ,K-K I ,D L :III , Ig , IIII I Q I, I WWI ,. A In .I it ,-KL , " ' ' 'Q K K ww K- Y 'K . 'x 'K 'Q " .K . Q- ,, ,,I . III II I-IIII .I I 1 K - -M M, , 1 . , ,I W W, II - E III, f NI 1 K -5 ' A KK - KK KKKKK K gy., A K KK K -MK f ., , I If , , , 'K 'X ' f' ' "' 1 1 ' iw 'gif Q Wa g i an X gum 5 Kg, 4 6 K. W Q .V ' f , K ' "KKm7M"A't"""""'f'F""'5!-Hff- K-Q 4K,,,.,,, , In of "K A I? I, , I, I,I.I,I I I , IX , I . II U, 1, ., , KMKKK'-WSQ,-MQ. "" ,K Kg. K 'K , 1, " , ' . 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Suggestions in the Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) collection:

Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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