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X',"T'r:N' X '-TW' -H - , .,: -r. ' -- X 5-Nxf5V.Q. -.Nwx-1. . .x ""-WWW x. X. " "KR ' Q-.-aw w X X Q X - 1 1 V f , 1 ' 1: '!852Ziv,r4?lRfdI1K' 4 W-A-.... f . fl lk 4 -Ai -v I vu- Q, 4. 6 54" H Qjll ? - I f I K llil .-.V 'mama E iz. '-itil as ' wr """"'mm--...M ,AW +5 4 I . ,. it 1 :Al . nw-www-Mxkx J V' - 1 !l.ggi MQ:.wQ - .ggW' .f,wMw 4 , .,,., 3 5 I I ll I I I I MW I in . , Q I , 4 'Www 'S .. may ' M'-nw I 44,1 . ' wmv, 'fs - l . ' as f . . m ff n ...Q Siam . . W k ' -'Lfk "'fl 2 up f ' Q ...N , Nan. vm? . -Jw. ., Q y. , L L . F -W 5 X af. . "1 k vw ' :Agfa fr," 2.12 X I '14Mm.fM X554 L Kg, 'v 'J 4 " ' - T". 5l5Vf,1v'.d 'WP' 2.4 ,, W. 1, A , ,.,., . V A Q. H . s ff, 'v 1.51.5 gli .mir gp! HN El 'll 5 N -fl.,-V . . 'J . i L'- 1 V ' '- 1 ,, ,, 1 f A ' . f si L' 'LLL ' 7 V P Q11-V , . A ff .. 3: 5 t ' '5' '5v"3'i5f?Lk K'-587 .ffifi Q - .f I 7 f 1 f. TH -VR N E968 Published by the Students of Mlbiiwm Central High SQMUQH Albion, New York FOREWORD "Lift we the twilight curtains of the past, Anal turning from familiar sight anal sound, Saally anal full of reverence, let as cast A glance upon traolitimffs shadowy groanolf' Villoge of Albion Chamber of Commerce-1905 ln these days of hippie youth, erratic philosophies, and despair of militarism, it seems we should pause and take a look at our country's past and tradition. The spirit of our past pioneers, like those who settled this area around Albion when itfwas just a wilderness, is something we all can be proud of as an ideal. Our undaunted forefathers had the determination to succeed and their patriotism helped build this country to a thriving community. lt is the resolve and fortitude of these men that has kept our country and town growing. We believe in the continuation of this pioneer spirit, in the integrity of American youth, the patriotism of our forefathers, and in the dedication of the youth of Albion to do their part to build a better world. And maybe by remembering our past we can be better prepared to help fulfill the future which is ours. TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword 2 Dedication - - - 3 Administration and Faculty - 5 Seniors ---- 16 Classes - 42 Curricula 66 Activities 73 Sports - 100 Sponsors - 120 Senior Directory - 128 Epilogue - 134 Index - 136 2 DEDICATION We can not measure how much we owe to those who in the past have perservered for the future, sticking to their time-tried ideals. VVC, of the Chevron 1968, dedicate this book to the men and women of Albion whose spirit of service has helped this town grow and prosper. May we also have the hope and optimism of the early settlers, and rely on their beliels which enabled them to withstand hard- ships and remain responsible to their families, town and country. May their hard work in the contemplation of an uncertain future in a wilderness land remain an inspiration to us. 3 L to R: Donald Nesbitt, Sr., Everett Embt, Leonard Depczynski, Laurence Hamilton, President, Aloha Vick, Gordon Gardner, Thomas Heard, Jr., Ralph Brown THE BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Education consists of nine civic minded members of the community who give a great deal of their time and energy to the school, because of their interest in Albion's youth. The members are busily involved in long hours of work, endless reports and the intricate problems of school operation. They work continuously to find answers to complex problems that we never lcnovv exist. Through their eagerness, they provide our school with the best educational facilities possible. Therefore, in this space We the students of Albion High School, would like to express our sincere gratitude to these fine citizens who are helping us enter the future well prepared. 4 Throughout the past and the present, scores of people have contributed to what Albion is. The advice and knowledge passed on from generation to generation has enabled Albion to grow and prosper. Gut teachers have been important in this growth, giving us guidance that has taught us respect, helped us to find ourselves and to become good citizens for the future. At times we gripe, but in our memories we hold many good recollections of past teachers as well as classmates. We remember that they helped us in our work, class activities ,dances, clubs, and in choosing the right path for the future. VVC are grateful to the faculty and administration for the encouragement they have given us to keep us striving. FACULTY ND lDlWllll NllSTlRAVlFllUN MR. GEORGE WOLFE There is a certain man in our school system who has a great effect on everyone. He works diligently, but is barely noticed. Each year he does his best to present the students with good teachers. The Board of Education goes to him when in need of advice based on education, experience and on a level head. This man possesses an upper hand in numerous school activities. Although his tasks are endless, he still manages to take part in civic activities. The result of his work is an eHiciently operated institution of leaming. The man described above is Mr. George Wolfe. Although his title, Superintendent of Schools, implies a few of his many jobs, Mr. Wolfe actually surveys many facets of school life. MR. TH EODORE AN DERSON The job of school principal is a job with a challenge. Mr. Anderson has a capacity for work which knows few, if any limitations. His interest in the welfare of the students and faculty members has helped make our school system eificient, disciplined and enjoyable. His personality is amiable but stern and his patience un- ending. This is a man with an often weary look, but a ready smile and a firm hand whose work often goes unrewarded. We take this opportunity now to thank him. 6 MR. WILLIAM HOST With the ever-increasing demands placed upon schools today, Mr. Host helps to relieve the countless burdens shouldered by Mr. Wolfe. Day after day he deftly performs his essential tasks concerning our school's federal program, private schools, and textbooks. Wfork- ing closely with Mr. William Monacelli, Mr. Host is also inxolved in the supervision of transportation. Despite his quiet demeanor, we are constantly aware of Mr. Hosts many accomplishments. MR. NELSON BOND This year Mr. Nelson Bond is a new addition to our administrative staff. As the Equal Educational Oportunity Coordinator, Mr. Bond works in the fall with migrant children, registers them and prepares their transfer rccord. He also is in charge of the audio visual equipment. He helps the members of the Audio Visual Club to distribute and show films and makes sure that all projectors are in working order. VVe would like to take this opportunity to thank hir. Bond for his capable service. .. ,ff H . MR. HERBERT DAWSON Although Mr. Dawson is not often seen by many of the students, his job as Superintendent of Buildings, Grounds, and Maintenance is a busy and important one. The major part of his job is seeing that the school system's grounds and buildings are properly and effi- ciently cared for. He has also done work in the planning of the new baseball field and additions to the primary school. Mr. Dawson is obviously doing a fine job for our school. 7 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Standing: Mildred Cook, English, Grace Scheidf, 7th grade English, Mildred Martiiloffa, English, Milo Freson, English, Senior Play, Nellie Willey, Jr, High English Seatedi Sandra Palermo, Jr. High English, Virginia Bropst, Jr. High English, Margaret Landfear, English, Frank Balonek, Jr. High English, Jane Root, English, Yearbook Advisor FOREIGN LANGUAGES Zina Koval, German, Irene Harrigan, French, Nancy Gray, Latin, Jerald Ward, Spanish, Guitar Club Standing: Lee Hill, Math lO, Charles Morrison, Algebra, 8th year Math, William Monacelli, Moth ll Advanced Math Seated: Priscilla Rich, Algebra, Hazel Burton, Junior High Math, Helen Severns, Junior High Math SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Standing: Mark Chamberlain, Chemistry, General Science, Arthur Campbell, General Science, Charles Villa, Biology, Wrestling, Varsity Football, Harry Salchak, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Harold Conrad, Jr. High Science, Tennis Seated: Virginia Morrison, Health, General Science SOCIAL STUDIES Standing: Larry Storch, American History, Margaret Sherman, World History, Jerry Bubniak, Social Studies, Ann McCulloch, Social Studies, Leslie Woodhead, Social Studies, Lois Poelma, Social Studies Seated: Patricia Baker, American History, Debate Club, Winifred Devlin, World History, Marjorie Mahoney, American History, Arlene Reese, Economics, Problems of Democracy COMMERCIAL Standing: Anne Holt, Commercial, Robert Nichol, Commercial Seated: Jean Fenton, Commercial, Arlene Sanger, Home Economics INDUSTRIAL ARTS David Sanford, Industrial Arts, Service Club, Frank VanApeldoorn, Vocational Agriculture, F. F. A. Oscar Rickey, industrial Arts, Audio Visual, Samuel Salchak, Driver Education HEALTH 8. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Standing: Greg Kenny, Physical Education, Swimming Team, Larry Graham, Physical Education, J. V. Football, J. V. Basketball, Varsity Baseball Seated: Marge Sage, Girls' Physical Education, Cheerleading, Girls' Bowling, Dorothy Anderson, School Nurse, Future Nurses Club MUSIC AND ART Standing: Moses Sherman, Instrumental Instructor, Band, Margaret Sansone, Art Seated: Doreen Sundell, Art, Mary Trumbie, Vocal Music, Glee Club GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Bernard Lynch, Guidance, Attendance Offic-ery Norma DiLaura, Guidance, Future Teachers of America James Burnett, Jr. High Guidance 12 vs Q - -- f 6, Qu, 7 if LT. 15 if? , Z? CAFETERIA Top Raw: T. Schmackpfefffer, H. Hollenbeck, C. Connors Bottom Row: R. Spencer, B. Vagg, E. Barringer, M. Daniels CANDID Ron Marek and Miss DiLaura discuss a schedule change CAFETERIA Top Row: L. Acri, Miss Bezon, M. Welker, F. Culmo Bottom Row: F. Marshall, M. Narburgh, A. Fadale, I. McDonald i 13 CANDID Custodian Gary Derwick empties our lunch pail OFFICE STAFF Standing: Eleanor Williams, Emerson Hatch Seated: Zelma Brown, Helen Johnson CUSTODIANS S. Daniels, W. Graczyk, J. Daniels I I Mr. Monacelli works on some more solid business CANDIDS Mr. Salchaic and Mr. Chamberlain chuckle over another masterpiece to foil studenfs Mrs. Landfear starts us out on Shakespeare lT's warm-uD time in l06 A with Mrs. Trumble THE SENIOR CLASS President - - - - - BARBARA RICE Vice President - ALEC SHERINIAN Secretary - - - DIANA BENNETT Treasurer ----- CHERYL DEPCZYNSKI On the doorstep to the future, we seniors have come to thc realization that our days at A. C. S. are memories now. The senior tea was held to show our appreciation to our parents and teachers. Special recognition was given to our advisors - Mr. Milo Freson, Mrs. Thomas Mahoney, Mrs. Jane Root, Mrs. Edward Reese, and Mr. Frank Van Apeldoorn - who helped us survive our last mad youthful year of high school. The senior play, under the direction of lX'lr. llreson, was The Cfzfriorzs Savage. This proved to he a test for the talent of the class, hut the cast came through with success. Through the efforts of all our class members, we presented our prom. On this night, the class of '68 became part of the adult world. ln late spring, our class night was held. At this time we left a part of us with the School by the presentation of our class gift. Finally, graduation camel This was a sad time, hut pangs of our restlessness had grown through the year. VVC knew that we had to go on - we knew that being an invincible senior class couldn't last forever. We realized that we had to proceed to a new life. Our last year here has given us many fond memories. When these are all part of our past, we'll he ahle toiappreciate the youth we once had, that will never be ours again. SENIIURS MARY ACKERSON DANIEL ALBANESE MICHAEL ALBANESE CHERYLALLARD GARY ALLEN DONNA ALI-'S VERNE ALI-PORT STEPHEN ANDERSON V IRVING AUSMAN RONALD BAILEY ROBERT BARNARD BONNIE BARON ' x NI. SCOTT BARRETT WILLIAM BASINAIT ANN BATCHELLOR SUE BATT CURTIS BEAM DOUGLAS BEECH DANIEL BEECHER JEFFREY BENNETT PAU LA BOWER PAULA BEECHER DIANA BENNETT 5 :N ' 'E W 5 KATHERYN BENNETT PAUL BLAKE KAREN BOWMAN DEBORAH BREUILLY A , 5 Aja. 1 ' - if 'x , 5 ,Ei L 45 RICHARD BRIEN DAVID BROOKS DONNA BROOKS .153 -wma I SARA BFIOWN ELISE BFIUNELLE LINDA BUCKNEFI x N- MICHAEL BUDYNSKI PATRICIA BURGIO SUSAN BUTTON BARBARA CAMERON BRIAN CAMPBELL ROBERT CANHAM WILLIAM CARELTON JOHN CHRZAN MICHAEL COLLICHIO JOSEPH CANALE LINDA CARPENTER MARY JO COLLINS CONRAD CROPSEY JOSEPH DeCAR LO DEAN DION r GARY D'ANllCO PETER ITANDREA CHERYL DEPCZYNSKI KENNETH DINGIVIAN , . 4, ,,',,-.A 1' w SUSIE DRENNEN DENNIS EBBS 1 DANIEL ELWELL DUANE ENGLE ROBERT ENGLE SUSAN FAFINSWORTH W- FOSTER FERRIS RALPH GAVENDA GARY GIBBS TERRY GING ENCIE GITHENS JOHN GOLLUS DOREEN GOOD LINDA GRILLO ,V PATF4'C'A HNNE5 DARCY HAMILTON FRANCES HARLING JUDITH HATCH LINDA HAZEL STEPHEN HEARD DOUGLAS HILL LOUIS HYDE CINDY JOHNSON I SHIRLEY HUGULIVIAIER DOROTHY HULTS W TT" 'T' T' ' ' I mai 'ATI wma, ,L WILLIAM IRWIN MARK JOHANGEN PETER JOHNSON PATRICIA JONES ' ,, T NIELANIE KENT BRUCE KIRBY ORIS KNAPP KENNETH KUHNS MICHAEL KUHNS THOMAS LANDAUER f ' 5 Q IVIEREDITH LEIGH ROBERTA LETTIS BARBARA ANN LITTLES MATTIE LONG JOHN MACK MARY MAGER SHIRLEY LOSS MICHAEL MACK NANCY MAGER CONSTANCE MACK i I F GEORGE MAGER DEBORAH MANCHESTER RONALD MAREK Al-ICE IVIARQUART RICHARD MARSHALL 'C BARBARA MATHES DEBORAH MATSON SHARON MEISER JAMES MICELI CHRISTINE MILLER DANIEL MILLER i .Ek A LYNN MILLER DALE MILLIKIN LEE MINIEFK AGNETA MOE MARCIA MOORE DANIEL MOSLEY GEORGE NEILANS JAMES NEILANS THOMAS NEILANS ANN NESBITT CYNTHIA NESBITT VVHCHELE NESBITT s GARY PAHURA WILLIAM PARKE CHERYL PARKER CINDA PECK INDA PECK DOREEN PETERS ANTHONY PIAZZA DAVID POSTLE LYNNE PFNTCHARD ' "ggg ",g ,,kVkV VIIVI , My f- - ,5 6 Y D -wi Aww A 1. WW .IH can Pl' 'Z Mui wif' V. gy' E X M- iw X A A Team - ,- A 4 f ' X gx Wg A A 21 , ax' X 5.1 M 533, J ER A AQ W pw A A 'A , Q39 A f if-Er -' A M .5 'A '1 H + ,QW X WXQAW "Vw XM in www wwf CL.. 1 ' ma, X uf , - vwfgrffizi T WM-A-W v-.W 'A A W Xwwggww A 3 , l, 'Aff' , ,f BARBARA PUTNAM CELESTE REPKO JUDITH RESCHKE v MARK RESTIVO DONNA RHODEY BARBARA FNCE JOHN ROOT EARL RUHLIVIAN PAUL SEDITA O DANIEL ROSE CHARLES ROTH 1151 SHARON SAEVA ALBERT SCALZO ALEC SHERMAN A O ARLENE suuqera 3 r DARLENE SNYDER DONALD SNYDER SUSAN SPADE JOANNE STARKWEATHER RICHARD STARKWEATHER ELLEN STEVENS WILLIAM STODDAFKD DARRYL SZKLANY THOMAS TABE R ON ,ik DEAN THEODORAKOS FRANCES THOM RICHARD TIBBITTS JOHN TOWER DAVID THOMAS JOANNE TSCHETTER swb KAREN VAN WYCKE THELIVIA VERCRUYSSE ANNE VICK IK' 5 23 JACOBUS VREEBURG PATRICIA WARD CAROL WATSON JQHN WATSON PATRICIA VVESTLUND -... .-- ...- ...,. , KAREN WILLIAMS LINDA WITHAIVI y 'Q "Camera Shy" PAUL CUFF "Camera Shy" JAMES HERDENDORF 5 ,M 1 L-rx A, ,amz ff' , .V H ,Ur RUTH WITKOP "Camera Shy" NANCY HENDERSON "Camera Shy" EDWARD KOPlTZKl KAE WOODRUFF 119, NANCY WOLFE "Camera Shy" CHARLES RICHARD "Camera Shy" DAVID ROBE RTS Camera Shy LINDA RUSSO KATH LEE N WOO LSTON JOHN YASKULSKI The Senlor Tea The Folk Gunter group of P czke D :ren D Muller R. Barley The Senior Class Officers D. Bennetf, A. Sherman, C. Depczynski, B. Rice It's a Big Haul For the Supply Store A. Sherman, J. Gardner, T. Ging, M. Restivo Our A. F. S. student, Agnefo Moe, ond her family, the Holmes . gl , ' 2 ,S Af PM Mrs, Felice Mrs. Monellcl l S. Spode S. Boll' L. Russo The Senior Glee Club sings of their Teo A. Sherman presents Nenne Moe with her class ring The Chem class enjoys Anne Vick's "hang-up at The Senior Tea on ci question i Yiil 2221155532 S? It's the Senior Class officers rising to the occasion Ron Marek doesn't seem Ta enjoy his haircut Mrs. Landfear's 7th period English has by J. Neilans and C. Graham ci party again. Cheers! 40 EXCHANGE STUDENT "Nenne", a sound which vibrates a tone of brightness, vivaciousness and pleasantness is familiar to all of us here at Albion High. Agneta Moe "Nenne", enchants everyone with her quiet yet amiable manner. Born in Borelange, Sweden, and an only child, she likes being in the Haines family with three other children including "sister", Pat. She is surprised at how friendly people are and is impressed by our dating system. Pumpkins were a new sight for Nenne and she favored the plentiful amount of fruits and vegetables. Pizza, of course, is one of her favorites and our thick steaks and drive-in movies surprised her too. Academically Nenne reflects her personality. She is eager to learn all about us and our ways. She especially likes her Problems of Democracy class Where the students discuss everyday American living and the problems which it encompasses. Future plans for Agneta include two more years of secondary school and then on to the University of Uppsala near Stockholm to major in journalism. All of us have a special place in our hearts for Nenne and we wish her the same happiness in her future at home as she has brought to us here. 41 CLASSES The underclassmen, ranging from seventh graders to juniors have always been h the followers of the mighty an important part in our school societyg t ese are gy seniors. Each class is distinctive, yet altogether the classesggare the student body. Th h their ears in Albion Central School they Willfiimake unique contribu- roug y tions to school history and long after they graduate they Witll remember their class at Albion Central School. r CLASSES JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS S. McOmber, J. Mortillotta, K. Eddy, P. Neri Jumoa ctfxss 1 President -------- PAT NERI Vice President - ' ---- KIM EDDY Secretary ------ SANDRA MCOMBER Treasurer ----- josrsprr MARTILLOTTA What is a junior? Many things, my friend. The person who came to your door last fall selling magazines was a junior. He worked hard to sell those magazines. If you multiply his effort by nearly two hundred, you can see why the campaign was such a success. Some of the members of the varsity teams are juniors. They participated in all of the sports, basketball, football, wrestling, swimming, baseball, track, cross- country, and cheerleading. The juniors worked hard to help make their teams good. , The people whom you saw amid piles of crepe paper and murals in the gym , in March were juniors. These students put in long, hard hours working to make their prom, "Apple Blossom Time", the success that it was. i r 4 You saw the juniors in action again in April. Ten of them participated in the 82nd Signor Prize Speaking Contest. Enthusiasm was shown when almost twice that number of people wanted to participate. l At class night, the juniors were there to answer the senior challenge and to y confidently tell one another that next year would be even more of a success than this year. What is a junior? A junior is a member of the class who worked hard at all of his endeavors this year. The juniors are proud of their accomplishments. 44 JUNl0R CLASS Standing: W. Draper D. Delamarter P. VanWycke R. Bond K. Ausman P. Mathes Chairs: M. Pawlaczyk J. Lucas K. Lusk M. Fitzwater J. McDonald Sitting: R. Stinson L. Blake K. Santillo J. Knight JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: B. Heard S. Golisono 2nd Row: B. Fraser L. Greene K. Christy D. Glassner W. Connors B. Wells Ist Row: J. Ward M. Piatek T. Button N. Boccacio D.Cook T. JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: P. Neri C. Rice G. Fiocca G. Budynski T. Hutnsteiner Scnmockpfeffer J. Nesbitt S. Nudd 2nd Row: S. Smith P. Kos? M. Buckner B. Wielgosz B. Youngs S. Peters E. Donohue Ist Row: J. Nesbifi' M. J. Ries JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: J. Drisden J. Morfillofto J. Theodorcukos B. Salisbury D. Johnson 2nd Row: L. Morton F. Stump B. Hudson L. Boiley S. Chottin C. French Ist Row: S. Gilbert D. Melfi R. Eosferling N. Muscorello J. Bobcock JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: A. Kovol J. Jurs F. Sidari Horse: B. Lake S. Davis A. Eibl 2nd Row: T. Mullins R. Allis L. Andrews N. Webster R.Span'fon W. Whitman lst Row: L. Piazza S. Winkley L. Hughes R. Boyer L. Highland F. Nielans JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: K. Ball J. Dragon D. Snowdon C. Davis V. Peck R. Robertson A. Brooks 'lst Row: R. Syck K. Eddy M. E. Borello C. Bailey L. Zarpentine L. Williams D. Gavenda K. Kent JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: R. Davis L. Wells D. Mcmella M. L. Orlando R. Cook P. Horch 2nd Row: V. Bongiovanni S. McOmber N. Allporl S. Taylor R. Archer 1st Row: S. Rusfay S. Marfillolfa R. PriTT l 1 l JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: C. Wright D. Hill E. DePeters P. Warne P. Murphy P. Snell F. Miller C. Roberts 2nd Row: L. Grooms J. Riley D. Stcickwick S. Turner M. Pettit D. Newbould 'Isl' Row: M. Schoonover JUNIOR CLASS Horse: J. Jeffords R. Barber C. Bieber Standing: A. Davis C. Smith W. Ingram J. Doolan Chairs: K. Furmanski B. Brown D. Powlaczyk Bottom: E. Thaine J. Telga R. Davis J. Pinson JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: J. Leddon D. Hari R. Thompson 2nd Row: H. Becker F. Greene D. Ferris P. Kirby M. Curtis P. Wigton C. Quarantello 'lst Row: V. Navarro J. Scharping M. Sage R. Babbitt S. Swierczynski SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS L. Nesbitt, L. Ruhlen, J. Gardner, J. Vick SOPHOMORE CLASS The sophomore class found this year to be an even greater challenge than last year. We had to memorize theorems in geometry, keep our biology notebooks up to date, and learn a foreign language. These new demands built up our sense of responsibility. The class offi- cers elected this year are Linda Ruhlen-presi- dent, James Gardner-vice-president, Linda Nesbitt+secretary, and Joanne Vick-treas urer. Under these officers we worked hard on a new project, selling stationery. Our work resulted in a successful dance in the spring. Our sophomore year was not all work how- ever. We were well represented in most of the extra-curricular activities available. Sophomores played an active part in everything from band to debate club. We found even more clubs open to us, such as Future Nurses and Future Teachers. The football, basketball, and wrestling teams featured many of our star athletes. ltls amazing that we got our home- work done. This past year has piled up its memories for all of us. Next year weill be juniors selling magazines and planning our first prom. An- other year has passed for the class of 1970 bring- ing us closer to our senior year. SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row: M. Downey, B. Johnston, J. Taylor, J. Beii, T. McNall, H. Pieniaszek, M. Heard, S. Bakeman, J. Pask, D. Laubacher, A. McGafflck 2nd Row: B. Morrow, C. Weatherspoon, S. DePeters, M. Lamont, K. Salchak, L. Axtell, B. Taylor, A. Patton, J. Baron, T. Raymond, D. Hyde Ist Row: M. Troy, D. Gates, P. Barnum, L. Phillips, L. Nesbitt, D. Kaminski, S. Callard, K. Dibley, P. Witzei 50 SOPHOMORE CLASS op Row: D. Millis, J. Vick, D. Drew, H. Stump, M. Ryan, J .Vandetti, C. Stymus 2nd Row: M. Cox, C. Florence, K. Dingle, L. Swartz, E. Coulter, R. Burroughs, M. Metcalf lst Row: N, Neal, K. Ludington, G. Stirk, S. Standish, N. Bailey, C. Anderson, M. Host, L. Ruhlen D. Archer T . . 1 X . SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row: D. Bloom, M. Salisbury, S. Buckner, A. Capurso, B. Good, P. Murphy, D. Parker, R. Ruth 2nd Row: C. Peters, D. Klotzbach, R. Gilchrist, R. Miller, B. Putman, D. Krull, A. Kraus, M. Pisarelli, . artin lst Row: C. Kast, S. Hamilton, P. Greene, R. Gould, B. Campbell, P. Lunn, C. Juliano, M. Reynolds, C. Bull 51 SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row: G. Manella, R. Seidel, R. Tutone, J. Kriss, S. Gavendo, R. Winkley 2nd Row: R. Mothes, T. Norburgh, D. Brett, R. Whiting, N. Nenni, M. McKenna, W. Dexter, R. Kirby ist Row: C. Woodcook, J. Fortunato, B. Walsh, S. Gould, B. Draper, D. Chappius, T. Woodward, T. Robb, C. Lyman SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row: M. Murphy, R. Lester, K. McGowan 2nd Row: M. Landouer, W. Drisden, A. Fornsworth, E. Moore, N. Neal, D. Bond ist Row: M. Condoluci, K. Ryan, D. Luczcik, L. Host, N. Colles, K. Snyder, M. Pimpo, G. Bailey, R. Roth 52 SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row: T. Hufhsteiner, B. Lake, J. Nenni, R. Reed, R. Pinson, J. Gardner, C. Roth, A. Smith, C. Neilans 2nd Row: J. Thompson, P. Neilans, E. Monagan, M. Ries, V. Willis, A. Hatch, S. Dusset, D. Szklony, K. Dine lst Row: F. Troy, D. Spanton, D. Lester, S. Wolffe, B. Eddy, J. Smackpfeffer, P. Monacelli, S. Golosano, J. Miller SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row: P. Fadale, E. Pressley, P. Apples, J. Quaranfello, M. Banker, R .UnTerborn, W. Jackson, A. Hamilton, J. Barber 2nd Row: L. Preston, W. Rhim, P. Russo, K. Ryan, L. LaMartina, P. Wilson, C. Mosley, C. Budynski, D. Pike lst Row: E. Eason, C. Jackson, T. Minor, S. Wadhams, D. Fuller, K. Kavancugh, S. Mignano, B. Bieber, J. Harris 53 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS A. Roth, R. Bailey, D. Mix, M. Repko FRESHMAN CLASS Every year we move a step further. This year, as freshmen, we have enjoyed many new and different experiences, including student council, band, chorus, and membership in the various clubs open to freshmen. ln the fall, many of our boys participated in junior varsity football. Also our class was quite well represented at the games. As winter rolled around, the basketball and swimming season found several boys again par- ticipating on the teams. Our first money-making project, a bake sale, was held. Spring bounded in bringing with it base- ball, where once more our class was well repre- sented. But the big event of the spring was the freshman class party. We all had a great time! We all want to thank our advisors and teachers who helped make it sucli a success. VVe are looking forward to our future years at A. C. S. with great anticipation and hope that they will be as much fun as this year has been. FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: E. Barrett, D. Conrad, D. Vanderlaan, N. Sedito, R. Hughson, D. Gates, O. Barber, G. Taylor, - E. Evans 2nd Row: C. Dingle, D. Picntek, C. Greene, C. Nudd, N .Salisbury, M. Paponetti, C. Lafferty, C. Basinait, B. Bailey, H. Costello lst Row: C. Coville, T. Fiorilli, L. Downs, C. Flores, A. Martel, P. Staines, B. Huthsteiner, J. Monroe, R. Pritt 54 l 5 ' 'D 11 FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: R. Mosley, W. Applegate, R. French B. Hunt, J. Whipple, R. Vanderlaon, M. Taber 2nd Row: M. Keitel, L. Kurzawski, D. Scharping, K. Gavenda, V, Poelma, S. Draper lst Row: K. Furmonski, D. Miller, D. Thomas, B. Karls, R. Vick, B. Beech, B. Allard, A. Plumley, J. Kast FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: B. Dibley, R. Marsh, C. Jurs, M. Bell, D. Klotzbach, C. Kurzawski, J. Anderson, B. Rhulman, L. Bannister 2nd Row: R. Caldwell, R. Evans, T. Ausman, J. Whipple, J. Peglow, R. Gollisano, B. Rush, J, Grillo, K. Pertine lst Row: B. Hunt, M. Mailey, C. Sills, L. Gavenda, T. Cook, L. Martin, J. Irvine, H. Hickey, R. Gaylord 55 FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: R. Lusk, K. Monacelli, L. Pieniaszek, D. Hess, M. Robinson, T. Miller, D. Eason, D. Albanese 2nd Row: C. Scott, S. Buck, P. Gormley, A. Young, B. Thiel, J. Delamater, C. Stevenson, P. Crowley, G. Ebbs, P. Ryan lst Row: R. Wehling, M. A. Baker, B. Babbitt, R. Klatt, R. McGuire, J. Aina, N. Knapp, L. Hamilton, P. Theodorakos FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: T. Miller, M. Illes, G. Davy, R. Klatt, D. Telga, S. Marquart, l-l. Germeo, B. Allen, L. Gaylord 2nd Raw: K. Van Dorn, S. Cameron, B. Barber, M. Easterling, D. Banker, L. Cook, M. Repko, L. l-larling, C. Scott, R. Markel lst Row: M. Smith, S. Warne, S. D'Orazio, 5. Webreck, C. St. John, C. Walker, W. Becker, G. Cooper, S. Perfitt 56 FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: C. Smith, R.lNeilans, F. Shultz, G. Bakeman, R. Webster, F. Webster, D. Axtell, R. DePeters, D. Dibbe 2nd Raw: B. Heard, C. Drew, E. Kopitski, D. Kopitski, L. Vick, J. Sherman, K. Bradley, C. Tucker, E. DeMeyer, M. Strickland lst Row: L. Markel, R. Davis, S. Warne, C. Wolffe, E. Thom, S. Glassner, S. Forman, G. Kirby, N. Nemni FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: R. Rhim, S. Sadowski, B. Baldwin, C. Hinckley, J. Halstead, R. Calonna, S. Vine, D. Ward 2nd Row: D. Ging, J. New, J. Martillotta, S. Mack, C. Budynski, K. Jeffrey, R. Walters, M. wvoisfon, S. Brundage lst Row: S. Townsend, N. Webster, D. D'Amico, E. Green, E. Hockenberry, D. Mix, J, Allpart, D. Saba, K. Sabo 57 EIGHTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES Top to Bottom: M. Raymond, D. Burdett, R. Bentley, M. Hinmon, S. Londouer, R. Dickinson EIGHTH GRADE This, our last year in junior high school, got off to an exciting and promising start for most of us eighth graders. We hurriedly settled down to our normal routine, filled with lots of homework and jammed lockers. Yet we were glad to get back to school, for we were no longer the youngest, and we had someone we could look upon as "little kids." Besides trying to cope with the ever-increas- ing homework, we also found many activities we could join such as band, intramurals, foot- ball and basketball and junior Student Council. During the school year we were also faced with our greatest decision - what to do in high school. We had to decide whether to go to college, business school, or vocational school. Though we may be a little regretful at the thought of leaving junior high school, the entire eighth grade class looks forward to what next year will bring. EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: S. Sidel, C. Drennen, W. Rhim, C. Murphy, J. Davis, L. Hudson, B. Owens, R, Neilans 2nd Row: L. Stafford, B. Owens, G. Rustoy, G. Brooks, D. Burdett, J. Cox, G. D'Amico lst Row: D. Howard, S. Beoles, D. Bieber, J. Husten, M. Solvotore, K. Smith, J. Wolfe, C. Whitfield, J. Nichols 58 EIGH TH GRADE Top Row: H. Bond, A. Evans, R. Hamilton, N. Parker, R. Riley, S. Larson, V. Snell, R. Hults 2nd Row: L. Hunt, M. Schwartz, D. Kelly, F. Hollenbeck, R. Hinkley, P. Kaminski, F. Zicari, M. DeLuca, A. Germeo, S. Bieber, D. Walch lst Row: D. Moyejr,ER.I Davis, P. Hall, S. Brown, C. Ausman, C. Hockenberry, D. Matson, J. Eddy, . arey EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: D. Morrow, J. Drisdon, L. Chcimpeny, K. Standish, D. Allis, G. Howard 2nd Row: B. Capurso, D. LaGalbo, P. Salisbury, S. Pilon, C. Ludingtan, A. Eddy, P. Boyce, M. Hinman lst Row: C. KaiserI,hS. Bieber, J. Phelps, S. Brown, J. Fiorelli, B. Staines, F. Condoluci, M. Whiting, D. aine 59 EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: L. Harrison, D. Taylor, B. Biaselli, C. Anderson, H. Moman, J. Hughes, H, Moses, S. VerCruysse 2nd Row: P. Wadhams, J. Colucci, M. Tokotch, V. Pratt, P. Lunn, P. Drought, C. Kress, D. Preston, S. Swierczynski lst Row: Y. Navarro, S. Smith, C. Webster, D. Becker, E. Gibson, C. Quaglionci, E. Alcorn, R. Moore, R. Morrison EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: J. Brian, B. Buckner, A. Lilley, S. Delamcirter, D. Eorley 2nd Row: B. Moore, L. Fletcher, C. Hill, D. Pike, J. Peters, D. Monacelli, J. Eorley, R. Canhom K. Wolters lst Row: B. Chappius, G. Brooks, P. Weaver, P. Harvey, M. Gavendo, M. Raymond, T. Vick, D. Miller, J. Neri 60 EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: D. Starkweather, R. Dickinson, F. Miller, R. Swierczynski, R. Bentley, J. Bielicki 2nd Row: D. Bloom, G. Smith, R. Babbitt, S. Licht, E. Oberther, S. Shaffer lst Row: S. Jones, M. Beam, S. Glassner, H. Ward, D. Van Dorn, B. Luzack, C. Mathes, D. Hollenbeck EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: M. Mack, R. Lusk, B. Brinson, E. Williams, S. Budynski, M. Colonna, G. Hudson 2nd Row: S. Russo, B. Brown, W. Muscorella, C. Spanton, C. Pinson, R. Zuczmynda, J. Cole, J. Carpenter S. Landauer lst Row: L. Lussk, B. Whiting, E. Luczak, G. Smith, J. Austin, D. Stackwick, R. Vanderlaan, J. Githens . Brooks 61 SEVENTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: S. Kost, P. Mortillottca, J. Simboli, J. Dimcitteo lst Row: S. Barone, J. Stetson, J. Ries SEVENTH GRADE "Can you tell me where to find . . . P' This phrase became a pet expression with most of us seventh graders. In the beginning, some of us were really confused and others were completely lost. We found ourselves caught in a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas about the coming year ranging from eager anticipation to uncertainty. Students and teachers have helped us accept the challenge of a new school and routine. Homeroom teachers have been patient with us when we were late because of jammed lockers. Now that we are accustomed to the "lay- out", we find the high school much more ine teresting and a lot more fun. In addition to homework, participating in many extra-curricular activities has taken up much of our time. Dances, sports, and the use of the swimming pool have all added to our enjoyment of our first year at Albion Central School. SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: A. McKinney, D. Costlemcm, B. Robinson, K. Barber, K. Unterborn, D. Troub, J. Boron, B. Buckner 2nd Row: B. Buckner,-J. Dimatteo, S. Kcst, D. Blake, K. Beordly, B. Miller, C. Eason, R. Plumley, B. Restlvo, D. Wright Ist Row: J. Carr, C..Pohourc, K. Becker, P. Booter, P. Weis, J. Stetson, A. Vondetti, D. Allport, R. Whitfield SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: C. Ricci, L. Hawkins, J. Simboli, H. Talbot, C. Bond, S. Bacannon, K. Meredith, L. Tibets, D. Preston, S. Robertson 2nd Row: D. Zwifka, V. Tiel, D. Dawson, S. Christopher, J. Callard, Y. Gilcrist, S. Webster, D. Halstead, M. J. Ryan lst Row: C. Heard, B. Harling, A. Harris, L. Ging, B. Batchellor, N. Matice, E. Allport, C. Loss, D. Bieber SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: D. Ashbury, C. Norman, M. Whiting, A. DePoty, J. Connors, B. Cassidy, K. Doherty, J. Ashbury, K. Boyer 2nd Row: R. Beam, P. Martillotta, C. Fancher, C. Rustay, K. Narburgh, A. Harris, A. Martin, E. Robb, R. Ducharme lst Row: M. Tower, A. Belmont, M. Bieber, K. Culmo, C. Gibson, S. Toman, R. Ebbs, P. Weese, S. Lanning 63 SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: Y. Zambito, D. Roberts, M. Joy, L. Hamilton, J. Stewart, N. Johegeri, R. Greene, D. DePeters 2nd Row: S. Nortw, C. Rustay, P. Yungfleisch, D. Albanese, E. Townsend, G. Gardner, J. Walch, R. igtan lst Row: M. Weber, R. Neal, J. Peglow, D. Karns, V. Hughes, R. Greene, J. Mosicki, B. Wells, L. Becker SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: E. Kurawski, - Whitman, G. Davey, V. Hicks, M. Howard, J. Stuart, P. Gross, R. Morton, J. Ries 2nd Row: T. Poelma, W. Welsh, S. Oehlbeck, P. Bush, M. Klatt, R. Tower, A. Edwards, G. Miles, J. French 'lst Row: R. Vercruysse, K. Kast, M. Whiting, J. Kirby, F. Burgio, R. Cooper, D. Conrad, G. Hart, R. Brown 64 SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: B. Verhagen, D. Porter, D. Green, G. Hawkins, C. Marsh, S. Smith, R. Pinson, M. Vick M. Hinkley, L. Scurr 2nd Row: D. Peterson, A. Krause, V. Petrine, M. Stanley, E. Robinson, T. Francis, S. Sherman, L. Munger G. Shur, E. Robinson lst Row: R. Allard, K. Rowley, R. Barnum, D. Sewer, D. Kelley, D. Westley, S. Nowicki, R. Budynski P. Farnsworth SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: N. Hicks, M. Murray, J. Navarro, D. Snyder, M. McNall, E. Benefer, C. Pugh, J. Hyde 2nd Row: W. Miller, A. Woolston, J. Bailey, S. Romanowski, D. Miller, D. Howard, C. Rudds, C. Taylor, C. Wolfe lst Row: R. Norton, G. Tokatch, G. Vanderlaan, D. Pask, L. Neri, A. Taber, J. Crowley, S. Barone, R. Swanson 65 CURRICULA In Albion, the inestimable value of a high school education is emphasized by parents, teachers and the students themselves. To give the students the best chance to obtain a general program of studies, Albion Central offers an extcnqve program. i CURRIICULA FRENCH The study of French opens many doors for the students of Albion High School. We learn about the culture, geography, and traditions of France. This helps us to understand the Frenchmen of the past through their art and literature. We also learn about the people of today through conversation and correspondence. We, the French students, are trying to help bring this European country closer to America. We often enjoy forty-five minutes listening to and speaking this romance language. Mrs. lrene Harrigan's conversation teaches us practical uses of French. We can tell anyone when and where we were born or about most of our regular activities. We even learn how to order a French meal so we can eat well if we ever get to France. We may not be able to fool a Frenchman yet, but with Mrs. Harrigan's experienced help, we're learning. The Latin Ill students learn the location of Cicero's birthplace. SPANISH In today's fast-moving world, many are traveling to foreign countries or encountering foreign people. To understand the people and customs one must study some of the language. Spanish, a modern romance language, is becoming increasingly im- portant. After learning the basic grammar, vocab- ulary, and phrases one may develop his thinking, speaking, and writing skills in this beautiful language. Learning the traditions and customs is quite helpful for our future. Three years of Spanish de- velops and teaches us these exact things. The main goal in learning Spanish is to be able to think in Spanish. After this task has been completed one may use his acquired skills and enjoy the fine quality of art, music, and literature of the Spanish speaking people. The students learn about Mont Saint Michel from Madame Harrigan. LATI N Who says Latin is a dead language? Certainly not the students of our Latin department! They have learned that a fundamental knowledge of Latin is useful in both England vocabulary and grammar. They have discovered much about the gods, myths, and traditions of ancient Rome. They have found that people in another time were human, too, and they have seen that it is wise to compare the past with the present, for history does often repeat itself. But most of all, they have learned that Latin is alive, not dead, and is making an important con- tribution to our society. Cheating again! Amigo! The Original German "Putsch". MATHEMATICS Mathematics plays a leading role in to- day's modern life. lt gives us a chance to discover new frontiers in science, indus- try and every day life. The use of math varies from keeping household budgets to putting a man on the moon. Math is the foundation of bridges, roads and skyscrapers. lt encour- ages new inventions, new materials, and quicker, more effective types of manufac- turing. People of all ages use math. Children use numbers in their games. Teenagers are faced with their high school marks. Adults keep track of money, bills, and taxes. ln an advancing world, mathematics will always be necessary. lt is important to gain as much knowledge in this field as is possible. Those who learn more in math will have a much better understanding of our future society. nc 1,4 H,-sf .Z-f' Mrs. Landfear deserts the map for a picture from Lord Jim. .. X GERMAN We German students must untangle our tongues after each recitation, and unscramble our limitless supply of endings. First year German is actually an introduction, with a little grammar, but is mostly concerned with those indispensable idioms, which give the class confidence. Second year brings grammar ,and plenty of it. There are varying verb forms, adjectives, and many other tools of the language. German is not simple, but is fun, and Frau John Koval always tries to pull us through. Mr. Monacelli's l2x class enthusiastically discusses spheres. ENGLISH The ability to use English well is the key to the whole learning process. One cannot pick up a science book or even read a mathematics problem without realizing that an understanding of our language is important. Interpretation of the words is impossible until the fundamentals, such as sentence structure and vocabulary, are mastered. However, in order to understand how our language has grown, we must look back to the days of Shakespeare, Poe, and Mark Twain. As we read we are able to see how each author interpreted the English language of his time. English is important not only for learning but also for effective communication. 69 SCIENCE Science is a precise study. Students must change from the arbitrary and often numerous answers of English and history to the either right or wrong answers of science. They put their newly acquired knowledge to use in the labs, by dissecting frogs in biology, searching for unknown elements in chem- istry, and proving physical laws basic to our environ- ment in physics. But aside from the difficult assign- ments and low marks characteristic of these courses, they prepare us for the stringent collegiate type of teaching. We are fortunate to have such a qualified staff to guide us in our struggle. Pete discovers the Mississippi. COMMERCIAL A knowledge of basic commercial skills and an ability to work with the tools of business are essential to both the businessman and the consumer. Our commercial teachers offer courses in book- keepingf salesmanship, business management, busi- ness arithmetic, personal and regents typing and shorthand I and ll. The aim of the commercial program is to increase efficiency, neatness, and accuracy in organization in these fields. This cur- ricula helps to train students who are interested in entering the world of business by enabling them to gain a clearer understanding of all aspects of em- ployment in business. Mr. Salchak teaches chemistry through "strongly suggestive" reasoning. HISTORY History is much more than dull uninteresting facts, and tales of ancient conquests. Instead history relates the problems and the glories of civilizations, and offers basic truths and characteristics that affect the world that we now know. An understanding of history makes students more interested in the con- sequences of daily events. Our knowledge of Asian culture can help us interpret the actions of Vietnam, a recognition of the characteristics that predominate in Russia and be- hind the Iron Curtain can help to explain the motives of these nations, an awareness of the situations and factors that once caused war can help us prepare for a safer future. History is not baring or unim- portant, it is the story of a complex and exciting world. The seventh period typing class develops speed Junior High girls prepare to become future homemakers. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE The wolrd depends on agriculture for survival. No one, from the millionaire to the pauper, can live without food. Nations cannot thrive if their people are starving. The greatest scientific advances are useless if a hungry universe is asked to appreciate them. The number of farms in the United States is steadily declining. This is loading a tremendous burden and responsibility upon the farmer of to- morrow. i-le must be someone trained well in his field so that he will not flounder in failure. Those taking the vocational agriculture course are taking their first giant step toward a better future for us all. l i Miss Sundell's 5th period class paints industriously. HOME ECONOMICS Everyone must realize that our world is chang- ing and that today's society is quickly becoming less home-centered and more industrialized. Home economics stresses the continuing importance of home life, child care, and family attitudes. Students prepare for the future by learning to cook, sew, keep house, make the most of a dollar, improve their appearance, co-ordinate their clothing, use proper etiquette, and to improve their surroundings. Girls in home economics will better the future by having the needed, but often lacking, outlook and understanding of the world in a modern era. This ability to function as an individual will also prepare well-informed community and world citizens. The FFA learns from Mr, Van APPLE dom Because we are facing a future filled with com- plicated industries and thinking machines, more and more people skilled in the art field are needed. Students who pursue art as a course of study while in high school can apply it in their jobs or as a hobby. The student who selects mechanical drawing can look to a career as an engineer or a draftsman, while the artist can become a designer or an in- terior decorator. The art department of the Albion Central School gives students the opportunity to ex- press themselves through sculpture and painting. Many outstanding pieces are entered in the Scholastic Art Show held annually in Rochester. Guided by Miss Margaret Sansone and Miss Doreen Sundell, students combine imagination and ability to brighten the halls of the school with paintings and other pieces of art work. The appreciation and talent that are cultivated in the art courses are priceless qualities. The knights ot the round table discuss the problems of our world. PHYSICAL EDUCATION A highly trained faculty and a well organized curricula with the proper facilities give Albion High axsolid program of physical education for both boys and girls. The different gymnastics and New York State physical fitness tests given by the gym teachers show us our ability in speed, agility, endurance and strength. While the weather permits, most classes as well as intramurals can be found outdoors. During the cold and rainy weather voices can be heard coming from the gym and the pool whether it be during classes or after school. This year the faculty has had the pleasure of welcoming a new member, Mr. Gregory Kenney, to the physical education staff. Mr. Larry Graham, Mr. Kenney, Mrs. John Sage and Mr. Edward Stack- wick are dedicated to their jobs and deserve our deepest appreciation for their endeavors. Mr. Rickey demonstrates- --- -What? DRIVER EDUCATION Every year the number of automobiles on Ameri- can roads greatly increases. Driver education courses protect the drivers of these cars by teaching them not only how to drive, but also how to care for their valuable investment. In theory classes there are discussions of the rules of the road, and how to buy a good car and ser.vice it for maximum use. On the road, students learn to drive correctly and carefully and practice maneuvers like the three point turn and parallel parking. Mr. Sam SaIchak's ser- vices as driver education instructor should be greatly appreciated for he helps to decrease accidents and increase the safety of all citizens. PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY With a title like problems of democracy, one knows immediately that this subject covers a wide range of topics. Unlike most other courses, "problems" is only a one semester study. Con- sisting mostly of discussions and research this subject is a pleasant change from ordinary classroom activity. The discussions are moderated but not dominated by Mrs. Edward Reese. This class has delved into many of the problems of varied design and origin which face our country. No facet of opinion is left unexplored. Discussions are not restricted to politics but also encompass social, economic and ethnic dilemmas which plague the structure of our demo- cratic processes. The basketball stars of Mr. Stackwick's gym class INDUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial Arts is a phase of general education dealing with the materials, processes, and problems of industry. Its goal is to train students to become proficient with the tools and equipment available for projects in electricity, metal, and wood. It helps to develop skilled workers by building a knowledge of advocational as well as hand skills. Industrial arts teachers, Mr. David Sanford and Mr. Oscar Rickey, try to orient students in the pertinent aspects of the products and recreation of industrial arts. Under their guidance and supervision, the ideals of tomorrow's industry are being unfolded today. Driver Education students learn about the parts of the engine. Traditions have become very much a part of our school life. The Signor Prize Speaking Contest, the senior play, and the senior tea are some of thc activities in which we can participate. Even the Chevron, in publication since 1912, is a school tradition. ACTlWllTllES STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVES Top Row: J. Miceli, C. Cropsey, B. Kirby, D. Snyder, D. Ebbs, J, DeCorIo lst Row: P. Bower, S. Fornsworth, C. Depczyriskl, P. Homes, D. Beech, B. Wells, A. Moe, L. Pritchard STUDENT COUNCIL The goal of the student council this year was to improve its standing in the school and community. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Douglas Beech we tried our best to accomplish this by strengthening our relations with our teachers, the community and the students. We built up school spirit with a class night at several basketball games. The class with the largest percentage of attendance received a cash prize for its treasury. We talked about participating in a quiz bowl or entering a team in the WBEN forum. The supply store was completely renovated and special sales were presented each week. We tried to make the year more enjoyable with such money making projects as a computer dance, a KB YoYo game, and the junior- senior basketball game. The proceeds from a community flag sale were given to the community for next year's Christmas decorations down town. We hope that by these actions we have built up the prestige of the student council. This year the council has also worked to improve itself. A committee was formed to bring our constitution up to date. Our treasury was enhanced by a pizza sale held with the Chevron staff and the income from our other money making projects. We used this money to sponsor a scholarship and to help pay for the assemblies and awards. Our student council has accomplished much this year, under the capable leadership of president Douglas Beech, vice-president Barbara Wells, secretary Susan Farnsworth, and treasurer Cheryl Decczynski. 74 STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row: J. Gardner, L. Pritchard, C. Mack, S. Draper, M. Reynolds, K. Salchak, B. Wells, S. DePeters S. Farnsworth, W. Parke, E. Barrett 3rd Row: R. Babbitt, J. Miceli, P. Bower, C. Depczynski, P. Haines, A. Moe, D. Beech, M. Downey A. Batchellor, K. VanWycke, L. Ruhlen, P. Neri 2nd Row' S, Forman, T. Cook, D, Mix, V. Bailey, F. Neilons, S. Eddy, S. Webreck, C. Wolffe, L Phillips, B. Rice lst Row: P. Snell, M.ISalsbury, C. Cropsey, T. Ging, D. Snyder, B. Kirby, J. DeCarlo, D. Ebbs, A. Kovol T. Nei ans JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Tap Row: R. Dickinson, M. Hinman, R. Bentley, V, Snell, B. Wells, F. Hollenbeck, J. Bielicki, A. Eddy, Y. Zambito, J. Simboli 2nd Row: D. Axtell, S. Landauer, D. Porter, D. Burdeft, L. Stanford, G, Brooks, P. Martillotta, D. Salchak, B, Choppius lst Row: S. Klatt, J. Ries, M. Raymond, J. Stetson, J. Eddy, J. DiMatteo, C. Whitfield, R, Carr, S. Barone 75 1 AWARDS COUNCIL Standing: W. Draper, D. Parker, M. Robinson, A. Farnsworth, B. Mathes, W. Parke, M. Collichio, J. New Seated: M. Woolston, S. Webreck, C. Juliano, P. Haines, B. Fraser, L. Nesbitt, S, Martiliotta TRAFFIC 8. SAFETY COUNCIL ELECTIONS COMMITTEE C. Richard, D. Snyder, N. Allport, D. Gnvenda, J. Bell, T. Neilans Standing: R. Gavenda, J. Root, J. DeCarIQ, D. M Seated: L. Ruhlen, P. Kast, P. Neri 76 Top Row: L. Solviski, B. Campbell, D. Melfi, S. Morquort, D. Lcubocher, A. Smith, C. Neilons Seated: P. Neilons, T. Fiorelli, J. Mczrfillotto, B. Kirby, S. Mignono, B, Bieber, J. Schmockpfeffer CHESS CLUB The Chess Club is relatively new to Albion. It started a few years ago and has grown ever since. Although our membership hasnt increased as rapidly as hoped, the club is having its first match this year, with Medina, and hopes for several more competitions in the future. The members meet every week and compete among themselves, learning a little more of the techniques of chess and each game. For those interested, the club offers an opportunity to learn the game of chess and match wits and skills with with other players. I-fig VICA CLUB D. Grosso, J. Watson Top Row: D. Ferris, C. Bailey, M. Mager, E. Stevenson, S. Turner, C. Quarantello, J. Martillotto, D. Snyder, R. Cook, A, Koval, J. Theodorakos 2nd Row: B. Wielgoz, N. Mager, B. Fraser, R. Babbitt, C. Rice, M. Sage, S. Gollisono, P. Kast, D. Stackwick, B. Wells, C. Watson, V. Allport ist Row: B. Rice, C. Depczynski, P. Burgio, D. Breuilly, L. Pritchard, S. Heard, D. Ebbs, P. Johnson, D. Szklany, J, Chrazn, J. Canale SERVICE CLUB The Service Club of Albion Central School is a student group dedicated to the beuennuu of mudentlde Tduzlnanbew cf the dub ammnqikh tht by setdng a good exanqie for oduns and by tqdng to ehnunate the poor behavkn which reflects on our school. Witli the new schedule continuing this year, the monitors have done an excellent job in keeping order in the school and eliminating rule infractions. The members have handled themselves well during the prolonged lunch period, keeping class- room areas quiet and keeping the lunch lines moving. The members of the Club are grateful for the work of the advisors, Mr. David Sanford and Mr. Edward Stackwick. Their leadership has kept the club a group of responsible members. The officers worked long and hard hours setting up the club roster and working out the monitor duty schedule. President ------- DENNIS EBBS Vice President - JOSEPH DECARLO fig 'N ' is XX i! .. .. it S "" X 1 ' ' a ssi: i f vs? ,i S f igs. me 1 5 i 1 W .- Q. , Top Row: D. Snyder, B. Kirby, T. Taber, C. Cropsey, T. Neilons 2nd Row: A. Moe, L. Pritchard, D. Rhodey, E. Brunelle, K. VonWycke, P. Haines Ist Row: B. Rice, L, Minier, B. Porke, S. Farnsworth, T. Ging, P. Bower, D. Beech, J. Reschke, J. Miceli NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY It is the aim of the National Honor Society to participate in activities which will pertain to our basic purposes - scholarship, leadership, service and character. Membership is determined by these qualities. This fall, under the guidance of Miss Norma DiLaura and Mrs. Richard Cook, our officers were chisen. Susan Farnsworth was elected President, Terry Ging - Vice President, Paula Bower - Secretary, and William Parke - Treasurer. Early in the year, many of the members attended a regional conference in Fairport. Our bookstore was opened with a large selection of books, and we set up schedules for our tutoring service. Each of the members tutors at least once a week. We are now making plans for money-raising projects for later in the year. Other projects include improving the induction ceremony, sponsoring a scholarship, and making an effort to improve our image in the minds of the student body. 79 CHEVRON EDITORS Standing: W. Parke, Mrs. Jane Root Seated: S. Davis, 5. Martillotta, K. VanWycke HEADS OF STAFF CH EVRON STAFF Due to the change in advisors, the Chevron Staff got off to a slow start. However, the members worked especially hard to produce Chevron 1968. To help pay the many expenses of produc- ing this book, the Promotion Staff, under the leadership of Lynne Pritchard and James Neilans, undertook many financial projects, in- cluding a pizza sale and pop sale at the bas- ketball games. Through the Chevron, the staff has tried to give an accurate description of true school life in Albion. This seemingly informal book con- tains countless hours of work and exhaustion, but most of all it contains the desire to present to Albion Central the best yearbook possible. May we express our thanks to Mrs. lane Root, our advisor, for her guidance and to the editors who made this publication a reality. Seated: C. Depczynski, B. Rice, P. Burgio, L. Pritchard, A. Batchellor, S. Farnsworth Standing: F. Ferris, C. Richard, T. Ging, J. Neilans, R. Marek, F. Sidari SO PROMOTION STAFF Top Raw: R. Marek, B. Wells, D. Sfackwick, L. Harling, A. Nesbitt, S. Sfandish, P. Jones, J. Vick B. Johnson, J. Neilans 3rd Raw: C. Bailey, D. Breuilly, P. Wigfon, M. E. Morello, J. Tscheffer, M. Orlando, G. Sfirk, S. Wolfe D. Szklany, S. Swierczynski 2nd Row: B. Bailey, S. D'Orazia, C. Depczynski, P. Bower, L. Pritchard, P. Burgio, B. Rice, D. Snowdon E. Ward lst Row: A. Koval, F. Ferris, D. Theadorakos, J. Martilloffa, N. Allporf, B. Kirby, D. Snyder S. Martillotta ADVERTISING STAFF Top Row: J. The-odorakos, C. Quarantella, J. Taylor, J. Martillotfa, B. Kirby, C. Richard 2nd Row: C. Rice, J. McDonald, S .Swierczynski, L. Pritchard, M. Ries, P. Snell, J. Mack, J. Vick lst Row: S. Taylor, G. Stirk, E. Ward, P. Burgio, B. Rice, C. Depczynski, M. J. Ries, L. Andrews, D. Breuilly 81 1 1 CIRCU LATION STAFF Top Row: C. Basinait, S. Turner, D. Drew, J. Vick, F. Ferris, M. Leigh, P. Bower Seated: M. Sage, R. Goliscno, L. Nesbill, S. Glassner, C. Depczynski, M. E. Borello, P. Burgi L. Pritchard, B. Reis TYPING AND IDENTIFICATION Standing: A. Sherman, C. Bailey, J. Martillotta Seated: P. Burgio, A. Batchellor 82 Top Row: K. VcmWycke, L. Zarpentine, L. Pritchard, D. Stackwick, S. Swierczynski, M. Reynolds, B. Wells, S. Farnsworth 2nd Row: C. N-esbittfli Miceli, P. Bower, M. Schoonover, P. Kast, W. Draper, J. Reschke, F. Hollenbeck, . Be lst Row: L. RuBhleg1,b!l4. Doherty, J. Eddy, A. Vick, M.Sage, D. Beech, P. Yungfleisch, M. Joy, . a itt Seated: A. Farnsworth, T. Ging, S. Martillotta, D. Snyder, L. Minier, T. Neilans, T. Raymond, D. Parker LITERARY STAFF After the dummy copy of the yearbook has been drawn up, the work of the Literary Staff begins. Members of each class are represented on the staffg their job is to write all the copy that appears in the Chevron. Once assignments are made the Writers talk to teachers about curricula articles, ask for the advisor's help on the club Writeups and look up records for the sports stories. The staff then turns 'in its work, which is corrected and handed back if rewrites are necessary. After several months of meetings and eHorts to produce the best articles, the Writeups are sent to the typists. The work of the Literary Staff plays an important rolt in the creation of the Chevron. 83 Top Row: L. Minler, D. Snyder, D. Beech, A. Sherman, T. Taber, J. Vreeburg, T. Neilans, E. Brunelle, D. Drew, J. Bell V 2nd Row: A. Koval, M. Downey, P. Kast, P. Bower, W. Draper, L. Zarpentine, A. Moe, K. VanWycke, M. Leigh, M. Reynolds, L. Martin, B. Wells lst Row: L. Ging, K. Doherty, T. Poelma, P. Farnsworth, S. Farnsworth, P, Haines, P. Harvey, D. Matson CLARION ECHO When a student buys one of the monthly issues of the Clarion Echo, he seldom realizes the amount of time and effort that is necessary to publish a good school newspaper. Early in the school year, staffs are organized and the business section sells pop, hotdogs, and candy at football games to pay for printing costs. Assignments for each paper are given several weeks before the paper appears and during that time features are written, editorials and polls are discussed, candid photo- graphs are taken and creative ideas for stories and poems are developed in the imaginations of the staff. The paper is usually printed at the end of the month, and is on sale during morning homerooms for two days. Our paper is sent to other schools in this area under an exchange system. ln May, the editors have the chance to attend a press day at St. Bonaventure University where suggestions for improvement of school newspapers are offered. The staff sincerely hopes that they have succeeded in presenting an informative and interesting newspaper to the students. This year's editors were: Editor - Susan Farnsworth Business Manager - Pat Haines Features - Elise Brunelle Creative Writing - Deborah Matson Clubs - Karen Van Wycke Social - Paula Bower Sports - Thomas Neilans, Lee Minier Photography- Tom Taber, Douglas Beech Corresponding Secretary - Meredith Leigh 84 tx-we-gm' in-ws-Mmm wswwwa 3969 'r5gev3!w65f.fH!n'?BTf4V995bP0i' Top Row: A. Hatch, J. Hatch, S. DePeters, J. Taylor, L. Morton, D. Stackwick, P. Westlund, B. Kirby, C. Cropsey, S. Martillotta, A. Sherman, T. McNall, D. Snyder, T. Ging, R. Lettis, B. Wells, D. Drew, C. Roberts, K. Woodruff, D. Hamilton, C. Bailey 3rd Row: C. Allard, S. Hamilton, L. Harling, P. Kast, B. Parke, D. Gavenda, B. Plumley, D. Conrad, D. Parker, C. Lyman, B. Squires, D. Beech, N. Muscarella, M. Ries, E. Stevenson, L. Zarpentine, W. Draper, M. Downey 2nd Row: P. Mathes, C. Budynski, D, Banker, L. Bannister, S. Yungfleisch, J. Sherman, B, Baldwin, K. Monacelli, H. Germeo, T. Raymond, D. Ging, D. Beech, D. Mix, M. Reynolds, S. Farnsworth, A. Batchellor, M. Ries, G. Bailey, S. Brundage lst Row: J. Scharping, A. Plumley, L. Ruhlen, D. Matson, C. Drew, B. Babbitt, D. Bennett, D. Kast, J. Kast, M. Leigh, S. Forman, M. LaMont, Mrs. Trumble CHOIR In this era of ultra-modern music it is gratifying to know that a large number of young people are sincerely interested in serious music, in both its classical and contemporary forms. The consistently professional performances of the Glee Club are an outstanding example of this student interest. The choir, accompanied by Marcia Lamont and Kae Woodruff, contributed four selections to our annual P.T.A. Christmas concert. Also, a solo, "Cantique de Noel," was sung by Diana Bennett. The mingled voices of the chorus were again heard when the spring concert and graduation exercises culminated the year's activities. Many Glee Club members participated in area festivals. We were proud to have Meredith Leigh and William Parke taking part in the All-State Choir at Spencerport. Albion was also well represented at the County Music Festival in Kendall with sixty-nine students singing in the junior and senior choirs. Mrs. Burr Trumble's ability as a director can be measured by the influence she exerts on her students. There can be no greater tribute than the rich and enduring appreciation of music her students carry with them. Many Albion graduates are singing in college choirs and madrigal groups, which seems to prove the worth of the time spent. 85 Top 4th 3rd 2nd Row: Row: Row: Row: CONCERT BAND CLeffJ . Bakeman, J. Canale, R. Wielgosz, A. Farnsworth, D. Karns, F. Zicari, C. Anderson, Hudson, P. Yungfleisch, S. Sherman, B. Hudson, B. Staines, A. Sherman, A. Koval, S. Brundage, C. Quarrantano, C. Lafferty Kaminski, C. Woodcook, D. Stackwick, P. Wigton, S. Forman Farnsworth, M. Schoonover, S. Davis, S. Yungfleisch, B. Walsh, II. Hunt, E. Barret lst Row: P. Kast, M. Downey, N. D'AIberto, C. St. John, J. Delmarter BAN D The Albion Purple Eagles have had an enjoyable and challenging year. Each day, approximately seventy students practiced enthusiastically for several concerts and activities. Throughout the summer the Eagles, under the direction of Mr. Moses Sherman, placed high in various parades including the State Fair. They also performed at Expo '67 in Montreal. Since school has begun, the concert band has had its share of glory. Several senior members went to All-State. Then the Christmas concert came with all the familiar tunes. On January 13, the members proudly represented Albion in "Concert-in-the-Round" at the Rochester War Memorial. In February many attended the county festival at Kendall. Late in March, they travelled to Alfred Ag. Tech. for a concert. After the excitement of competition, the band presented its annual spring concert. Mr. Sherman deserves a great deal of appreciation for the Wonderful per- formances of the Purple Eagles this year. Along with the officers - President Alec Sherman, Vice-President Marcia Downey, Secretary Marcia Lamont and Treasurer Sue Davis - the members will continue their hard Work to earn more honor - maybe a top honor - for Albion Central throughout the summer. 86 i S 2 ...A Top 4th 3rd 2nd CONCERT BAND Row: M. Metcalf, J. Kriss, Mr. Sherman Row: R. Unterborn, P. Huthsteiner, R. Tower, W. Applegate, T. Huthsteiner, W. Parke, D. Thomas Row: D. Vanderlaan, J. Gardner, D. Zwifka, R. Babbitt, J. Bieiicki, K. Woodruff, K. Gavenda, J. Riley, N. Knapp, D. Kast Row: W. Munger, W. Dexter, J. Knight, P. Bielicki, M. Gavenda, S. Dussett, R. Miller, D .Parker Ist Row: J. Sherman, K. Snyder, C. Anderson, C. Kast, M. LaMont, L. Zarpentine Top Row: 3rd Row: 2nd Row Ist Row: M-,T-f--Q-f-'-.Q--A-H--Q., COLOR GUARD TWIRLERS C- Vine, D- Pike, J- Vine, 5- Tllfnefi D- SZKIOHY Standing: T. Robb, P. Greene, D. Budynski, C. Hurlburf, L. Lagalbo, C. Stevenson, G. Brooks, B. Brown, J- DSIOFUGFTSF, D- KOS1' J- W'-'Jfd Kneeling: A. Vick, C. Nesbitt c. Mme.-, A. Germeo, L. Pescara, B. Chappius, D. Chappius, C. Roth S. Spade, S. Brown, N. Wolfe 87 Top Row: R. Whiting, R. Tower, M. Schultz, G. Davy, Mr. Sherman, V. Poelma, R. Canham 3rd Row: S. Kast, S. D'Orozio, K. Narburgh, M. Brien, K. Standish, P. Drought, H. Tokatch 2nd Row: R. Kirby, D. Fuller, D. Zwifka, T. Poelma, J. Carpenter, T. Vick, D .Kast, G. Miles, R. Wigton, L. Munger, D. Budynski, S. Jones lst Row: B. Harling, K. Beardsley, B .Botchellor, B. Wolch, D. Neal, C. Rustoy, K. Moore INTERMEDIATE BAND The members of the intermediate band Work hard to prepare themselves for the exciting marching season ahead. This band, under the direction of Mr. Moses Sherman, works along with the concert band to finance the band's activities. They sell candy, participate in paper drives, sell records, and assist at concerts to help raise funds. By playing in the intermediate band they get practice and experience in the field of music. One night a week, Mr. Sherman meets with the new members for marching practice. Most of the members of the intermediate band are seventh and eighth graders. A few are enjoying their first year of experience in playing a musical instrument. It prepares the members musically to advance to the concert band and greater challenges. 88 4 'un Anderson, Craig Anderson, Cheryl Babbitt, Rickey Bakeman, George Barber, Oliver Bielicki, Judy Brien, Thomas Brown, Becky Brown, Brenda Brown, Sara Brundage, Sally Canale, Joseph D'Alberto, Kathy Davis, Sue Delamarter, Duane Delamarter, Judy Dexter, William Downey, Marcia Drought, Paul Dusett, Sandra Eddy, John Farnsworth, Alan Fuller, Darla Gardner, James Garrantano, Charles Gavenda, Kathy Gavenda, Laurie Gavenda, Mary Green, Pat Hatch, Robert Hoag, Kenneth Hockenberry, Eric Hurlburt, Cindy Johnson, Betty Sue Jones, Sandra Kaminski, Deborah Kast, Carolyn MARCHING BAND Kast, Donna Kast, Pamela Kirby, Patricia Kirby, Robin Knapp, Nancy Knight, John Kriss, James Lafferty, Charles Lamont, Marcia Ludington, Carol Mack, Michael Marquart, Scott Mathes, Robert Mathes, Christine McGuire, Becky Metcalf, Michael Metcalf, Stanley Miller, Christine Miller, Denise Morton, Cheryl Munger, William Navarra, Vincent Nesbitt, Cindy Nudd, Cheryl Nudd, Steven Parker, David Pieniaszek, Larry Pluskwa, Marlene Poelma, Vicki Rath, Kathy Robb, Terry Roth, Christine Riley, Jeannette Rustay, Steven Seifel, Stephen Sherman, Alec Sherman, Jeannie 89 Sherman, Susannah Smith, Alex Smith, Gary Snyder, Darlene Snyder, Nancy Spade, Susan Spivey, Edward Stackwick, Diane Staines, Brenda Standish, Kim St. John, Cheryl Szklany, Dlnae Thomas, David Tower, Richard Tower, John Turner, Shirley Unterborn, Rodney Vanderlaan, David Vick, Ann Wadhams, Sandra Walch, Barbara Ward, Judy Wielgosz, Robert Whipple, Calvin Wigton, Priscilla Wilson, Patricia Witzel, James Wolfe, Nancy Woodcook, Carol Youngs, Diane Youngs, Gail Yungfleisch, Peggy Yungfleisch, Shirley Zarpentine, Linda Zicari, Frank Top Row: P. Westlund, M. Collins, E. Stevenson, M. Downey, D. Drew, J. Taylor, J. Vick, F. Ferris, E. gohlnslion, D. Hamilton, C. Mock, D. Peters, L. Pritchard, S. Swierczynski, D. Stackwick, . ISIC I 3rd Row: E. Brunelle, P, Jones, M. Mager, M. Pettit, N. Mager, B. Brown, M. LaMont, C. Kast, C. Anderson, P. Kirby, B. Archer, L. Grooms, D. Pawlaczyk, S. Yungfleisch 2nd Row: C. Neilans, M. PisaRelli, B. Wells, K. VanWycke, S. McOmber, R. Witkop, C. Johnson, J. Reschke, P. Kast, W. Draper, C. Allard, S. Wolffe, G. Stirk lst Row: K. Snyder, E. Ward, P. Lunn, N. Boccacio, C. Depczynski, A. Marquart, L. Phillips, D. Luzack, K. Eddy, D. Snowdon, P. Burgio, N. Wolffe, K. Dibley, L. Blake, S. Davis Sitting: D. Breuilly, A. Vick, C. Nesbitt, K. Woodruff FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Is experience the best teacher? The members of the Future Teachers of America think so. With the help of Mr. Bernard Lynch, the juniors and seniors found teachers in the primary and high schools who Wanted their help, while the sophomores assisted the guidance counselors. As they Worked, the members were able to look more closely at the teaching profession and give some thought to making teaching their future. Under Miss Norma DiLaura's watchful eye the members enjoyed many interesting programs and successfully completed some wortfivvhile projects. Repre- sentatives of various colleges from around the state spoke to members about con- tinuing their education and choosing a career in teaching. All those servicemen overseas who had attended Albion schools received Christmas cards from the Future Teachers, and the members rewarded themselves with an enjoyable Christmas party. In june the club held its annual picnic at Miss DiLaura's, at the end of a thought provoking and profitable year. This year's officers Were: President - - KAE WOODRUFF Vice-President - - - ANNE VICK Secretary - - DEBORAH BREUILLY Treasurer - - CYNTHIA NESBITT 90 l Top Row: N. Boccacio, N. Wolffe, D. Luzack, C. Parker, S. Spade, L. Blake, M. Pimpo, E. Ward, J. Schmackffer, C. Becker, D. Fuller, K. Morris, G. Stirk, M. Cox 3rd Row: B. Putnam, K. Bennett, S. Standish, B. Eddy, J. Ward, S. DePeters, B. Bieber, W. Dingle, D. Pike, B. Cameron, L. Grooms, S. Mignano, R. Witkop 2nd Row: M. Host, D. Pawlaczyk, S. Peters, N. Webster, M. Ackerson, K. Bowman, D. Rhodey, L. Morton, J. Taylor, C. Roth, S. Batt, P. Kirby, D. Archer, D. Szklany 4th Row: S. Taylor, R. Piazza, B. Loungs, W. Norek, J. Scharping, L. Host, S. Saeva, D, Manella, E. Stevenson, M. Sage, C. Allard, J. Johnson, K. Dibley, D. Archer, L. Phillips Front: D. Snowdon, D. Peters F. N. A. Willing to help others, happy to volunteer and interested in a health career - these are the requirements future nurses must meet. Sophomore, junior ond senior members of this club work as volunteer aides in the school health office and in the Arnold Gregory Memorial Hospital. Attired in their familiar candy-striped uniforms, they report after school, on weekends and holidays and help to brighten the day for many patients and the nursing staff by performing their numerous tasks. Programs they' have enjoyed this year have included speakers from nursing schools, and several health films. This year, soap was sent to Vietnam and financial aid was given to the medical ship, Hope. There are eight senior girls who plan to enter nursing school this fall. 1967-68 officers: President - - NANCY WOLFE Vice-President - - DOREEN PETERS Secretary - - DEBORAH SNowDoN Treasurer - - RUTH WITKOP 91 Top Row: D. Kelly, J. Pask, L. Hyde, J. Winkley, L. Gaylord, G. Davy 2nd Row: H. Germeo, J. Whipple, R. Whiting, C. Davis, D. Hill, A. Davis, R. Roth lst Row: D. Krull, B, Basinait, R. Stinson, B. Putnam, E. Patten, Mr. VanAppledorn F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America is an organization which shapes today's boys into useful and vital members of tomorrow's society. It is these fellows who will help feed the hungry populations of the future. This year Albion chapter elected Roger Stinson as president, with William Basinait supporting him as vice-president. The office of secretary was filled by David Krull, and that of treasurer by William Putnam. Gary Davy was voted sentinel, and the club's reporter for ,67-'68 was Albert Patten. Under Mr. Frank VanApeldoorn's guiding supervision the F. F. A. participated in many activities this past year, including the Horticultural Show in Rochester in which the boys competed in ten contests besides fruit and potatoes. At a food and health demonstration in our own auditorium Albion, represented by lack Baron and Donald Hill, placed third, being beaten by Medina in first place, and Barker in second. Truly, the Future Farmers of America is a group in which Albion can take unlimited pride. 92 Top Row: V. Allport, S. Golisano, L. Hyde, D. Mosley, J. Watson ,P. Westlund, M. Collins, K. Bowman Seated: B. Baron, K. Ausman, N. Webster, D. Manchester, E. Githens, J. Reschke, A. Marquart, P. Kirby, F. Neilans LIBRARY ASSISTANTS A great amount of work goes into running a library successfully. In fact, Miss Evelyn Collins, the librarian, has no trouble finding ,Work for her eighty or more assistants. Every period of every day finds several aides checking books, filing cards, and returning books to their proper places. Then there is the never ending task of tracing lost books and collecting fines for overdue books. The assistants partially relieve lWiss Collins of the task of finding a certain magazine for a- school report. They offer helpful advice when a desperate student doesn't know where to look for information and doesn't dare face Miss Collins with his ignorance. The assistants take a large piece of the Work from Miss Collins, and she could never do without thern. lt is through the efforts of the librarian and her assistants that the library is rnade a useful tool for the students. 93 Top Row: B. Wells, P. Janes, S. Swierczynski, C. Johnson, E. Donahue, D. Pike, K. Salchak, P. Kirby D. Szklon I 3rd Row: C. Kost, W. Draper, S, Wolffe, L. Andrews, M. Ries, J. Nesbitt, N. Boccocio, B. Brown S. Peters, M. Host 2nd Row: E. Ward, L. Blake, K. Eddy, P. Lunn, S. Farnsworth, A. Moe, R. Archer, L. Ruhlen, D. Archer G. Bailey, P. Neri lst Row: K. Woodruff, M. Collins, C. Quoronfello, B. Johnston, D. Drew, S. Standish, J. Vick, E. Brunelle C. Roth, J. Taylor, D. Stackwick, L. Pritchard, C. Mack AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE "Walk together, talk together, Q ye peoples of the earth: then and only then shall ye have peace." This is why the American Field Service Program was formed in 1947. Our own A. F. S. Club strongly feels the need for "peace through understanding", and is vcry active in promoting this idea. Members are eager and willing to do their small share in the world which needs peace. With successful money-raising projects, such as a Christmas card sale and a pizza sale, our A. F. S. club will help send a student abroad during the summer. This year our exchange student, Agneta Moe, has really made us feel that our aim to open a door to peace and friendship is being fulfilled. 94 f 1 A. F. S. Top Row: K. VanWycke, A. Nesbitt, C. Bailey, C. Nesbitt, A. Vick, C. Juliana, M. Sage, P. Kast S, DePeters, M. Ries 3rd Row: C. Woodcook, R. Kirby, L. Grooms, J. Reschke, M. Reynolds, D. Breuilly, C. Depczynski M. Leigh, A. Marquort, D. Kaminski, C. Anderson 2nd Row: P. Burgio, M. LaMont, L. Phillips, J. Nesbitt, G. Stirk, M. Pimpo, N. Wolffe, S. Mignano J. Schmackpfeffer, K. Dibley, P. Haines Ist Row: W. Parke, T. Taber, J. Vreeburg, A. Koval, T. Neilans, J. Neilans, D. Snyder, I-I. Pieniaszek D. Beech, B. Kirby, C. Cropsey, S. Martillotta AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE CLUB The American Field Service pizza sale brought good results and Albion's 1967 candi- date, Susan Farnsworth, was chosen to spend eleven weeks in Songkhla, Thailand. Susan learned that Songkhla is a large town on the Gulf of Siam where the daily tempera- I ture is eighty degrees. Her family is Buddhist and consists of Captain and Mrs. Narksompong, Nara, Narit, Naree, Rapee, and Nares. Her father is a police captain and her mother sells pork in the village market. Some of Susan's experiences included classes in Thai schools, Thai dancing festivals, Thai boxing, and a Buddhist ordination. She also spent several weeks in Bangkok, the Thair capital. "My summer was a great chance to live in a completely different societyf Sue marveled. "I came home with a better understanding of Asia and a love of the Thai culture." 95 1 1 Top Row: J. Vkeeburg, IA Koval, J. Bell, B. Mathes, D. Beech, V. Navarro, D. Snyder, J. Anderson, . Brune e 2nd Row: M. J. Collins, M. Downey, D. Drew, P. Bielicki, K. Gavenda, S. Draper, K. Salchak, M. Reynolds, W. Draper, D. Ging, D. Szklany, P. Kirby, P. Kast lst Row: B. Dexter, J. Martillatta, M. Woalston, M. Sage, C. Stevenson, D. Budynski, J .New, C. Lyman, B. Archer, C. Juliana, L. Phillips, S. Forman, S. Webreck, L. Ruhlen, D. Archer Seated: D. Matson, C. Cropsey, T. Ging, A. Batchelor DEBATE CLUB Every person has emotions, observations, and ideas which he would like to communicate to other people. The Albion Debate Club helps students to com- municate with others through the media of public speaking, debating, creative writing, and drama. This year, under the guidance of Mrs. Roy Baker, and with the assistance of Mrs. Moses Sherman, Miss Ann McCulloch, and Miss Sandra Palermo, the club had an enjoyable and instructive year. The debate section explored "Crime in America" and 'fHippy-ismn, While the drama section produced part of the humorous play Miggles. The speech section worked in the fields of persuasive speaking, and interpretation, externporaneous speaking, and radio and television announcing, while the members of the creative writing section devoted their efforts to Depth, a creative writing rnagaine. Highlights of the year included a fundfraising dance with disc-jockey Dan Neavereth, trips to speech and drama workshops, a visit to a TV station and the annual speech competitions at Genesee and Brockport. This year's officers were: President - - - TERRY GING Vice President CONRAD CROPSEY Secretary f - ANN BATCHELLOR Treasurer - DEBORAH MATSON 96 AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB Top Row: R. Davis, P. Johnson, O. Knapp, B. Sidari, M. Robinson 2nd Row: J. Marek, C. Stymus, S. Batt, M. Pettit, M. Kietal, A. McGaffick, J. Anderson ist Row: C. Basinait, C. Coville, K. Manacelli, N. Knapp, C. Miller, D. Beech AUDIO VISUAL "This afternoon, class, we are going to have a film . . . " Since many of today's teaching aids are in the form of filmstrips and slides, learning is made easier for the student. If it weren't for the Audio Visual Club, most of these aids would not be available to the student. The members of this organization are trained to run the tape recorders and different kinds of projectors that our school has. These people work hard, giving up study halls so that other students may benefit. Through the knowledge and experience of these club members, others may be taken back in history to the time of the Crusades, or the Civil War. Students may learn of life in Cambodia or Bolivia. To the members of the Audio Visual Club, we are truly grateful. President - - - - SUE BATT Vice President - - - FRANK SIDARI Secretary - - CHARLENE JULIANO 97 SENIOR PLAY Cries of "Louder ,yOu've got to be louderln, and "EarnswOrthl Where's Farns- worth?" could be heard ringing through the auditorium as the director, cast and crew of this year's senior play put their talents and time into producing The Curious Savage. This three-act comedy by john Patrick is the story of millionaire Ethel Savage and her desire to help other people have the foolish things they have always wanted. Her hypocritical and avaricious step-children, however, would like to have all that money for themselves, so they have her committed to a mental institution. While she is at "The ClOisters," Mrs. Savage gains new insight from the dis- arming patients, who eventually help her out-fox her despicable children. The Curious Savage, which had a serious as well as a humorous aspect, was enjoyed as much by the cast as it was by the audience. Special thanks go to the director, Mr. Milo Freson, whose invaluable aid made this senior play the best ever. The members of the cast were: Mrs. Ethel Savage - BARBARA RICE Florence - - - PAULA BOwER Hannibal - - TERRY GING Fairy May - ELISE BRUNNELLE jeffrey - - - DONALD SNYDER Mrs. Paddy - - MARY MAGER Titus - - - DOUGLAS BEECH Samuel - - JAMES MICELI Lily Belle - - - CHERYL DEPCZYNSKI Miss Wilhemina - SUSAN FARNSWORTH Dr. Emmett --------- WILLIAM PARKE Stage Crew - DAVID PARKER, TOD RAYMOND, ALAN FARNSWORTH Set - - - MR. ARTHUR CAMPBELL, BRIAN CAMPBELL, GEORGE NEILANS, JAMES NEILANS Prompters - - 'IUDITH RESOHKE, NANCY MAGER 98 , T sf Q T iBarb Rice and Elise Brunelle lead a Hdiscuesion period". -3 i X i el H ' Liii i, I if Rise W 8 The cast of The Curious Savage with director Mr. Freson. Barb just won't give up that Teddy Bear! 'I The Savage family fight it out for the money again. 5 99 LL L.. SPORTS The question of the value of athletics to school life is often asked. That they are of value is not doubtful in the minds of the students. We believe that physical and mental excellence is achieved through rigorous training and stiff competition. "The real athlete is a manly man, With may color, mid cheeks of tan. His aim in the world, or the field of play, Is to win his game in a legitimate way." Hall - Chevron 1916 SPURTS 42124 ' E33 VARSITY FOOTBALL Top Row: J. Humphrey, R. Pettine, D. Johnson, J. Thompson, B. Allen, D, Rose, R. Hannah 2nd Row: Mr. Villa, A. Hamilton, F. Sidari, L. Hyde, J. Theodorakos, J. Leddon, M. Hudson, R. Cook J. Martillotta, J. Kriss, Mr. Stackwick lst Row: T. Piazza, J. Bennett, M. Albanese, S. Heard, T. Neilans, D. Albarese, M. Collichio, P. Snell J. Vandetti FOOTBALL Winning isn't everything, but making the effort to win is. Although not attain- ing a winning season, the Albion Eagles Varsity Football team certainly produced a Winning effort. Unable to combine ability, smooth execution, and effort until the last game the Eagles had to be satisfied with a 2-4-1 record. Even without victories team spirit was high and the mistakes were kept at a minimum. Although the Purple Eagles suffered a heartbreaking 13-6 defeat to Medina they played exceedingly well. Finally in their last game, a 24-O victory over Barker, the Albion Eleven showed their capability in an impressive performance. Guiding the team throughout the season were Seniors Dan Albanese, hflichael Albanese, Jeffery Bennett, Ray Hannah, Steven Heard, Louis Hyde, Tom Neilans, Tony Piazza and Daniel Prose. Under the fine coaching of Charles Villa and Edward Stackwick five boys received special recognition in an honorable mention all-star team drawn up by Niagara-Qrleans League Officials. These ballplayers were Ray Hannah, lohn Leddon, Tom Neilans, Peter Snell and lames Theodorakos. Albion 7 ......... Newfane 7 Albion 6 .......... Medina l3 Albion 21 -- -- Starpoint 28 Albion 33 --- -- Wilson 13 Albion 6 -- -- Roy-Hart 20 Albion 6 --- --- Akran 26 Albion 24 .... ..... B arker 0 102 1 1 The team works out and digs in hard. The Senior team. It's J. V. scrimmage time VARSITY BASKETBALL Standing: P. D'Andrea, J. Theodorakos, B. Salisbury, A. Eibl, B. Easterling, M. Hudson, R. Cook N. Allport, Mr. Stackwick, D. Matson Seated: M. Restivo, D. Dion, A. Sherman BASKETBALL The Albion Varsity tried to live up to the expectations of everyone during the 1967-68 season. Although their record does not show how well they played, the team was always striving to do their best. What the team lacked in talent, they made up for in spirit and determination. The highlight of the season was the exciting victory over arch-rival Medina. This boosted the morale of the team and inspired them to play better hall during the second round. The three co-captains, Dean Dion, Mark Restivo and Alec Sherman, urged the team on even when the going was rough. Next's year's team should be more impressive with a returning nucleus of juniors and junior varsity stepping in to fill the shoes of the three veterans. The Junior Varsity should also be given much credit for the excellent ball they played this year. The box scores are as follows: Albion 57 .............. Akron 95 Albion 64 -- --- Akran 77 Albion 60 ............. Medina 6l Albion 65 -- --, Medina 64 Albion 46 -- -- Starpoint 57 Albion 62 -- --- Starpoint 65 Albion 46 -- -- Newfane 83 Albion 59 -- -- Newfane 86 Albion 40 -- -- Barker 59 Albion - -- -- Barker - Albion 44 -- --- Wilson 47 Albion - -- --- Wilson -- Albion 52 -- -- Roy-Hart 84 Albion - - Roy-Hart -- 104 Go get him, Dean. The Varsity team watches - but who shot it? "OO" Sherman jumps and sinks it in a Varsity game 3rd Row: W. Jackson, J. Canale, S. Buckner, A. Koval, K. Boyer, B. Campbell 2nd Row: D. Theodorakos, D. Bloom, M. Ryan, R. Sidel, B. Good, A. Sherman, J. Gardner, R, Cook, D. Glassner, M. Metcalf, Mr. Stackwick lst Row: D. Johnson, A. Hamilton TRAC K A record-setting 880 relay team and brand new track - these are the credentials the Purple Eagle track team are carrying for 1968. Last year, a relay team com- posed of Altor Hamilton, Raymond Hannah, Dan Iohnson and ,lohn Leddon turned in amazing performances with a win at sectionals and a fast time of 1:32.23 at the Western New York Championships. As for this year, the team has promised to turn in a winning time, and the whole school is behind them in their efforts. A completely renovated track will be ready, it is hoped, for the new season. A fresh bed of cinders and removal of irregularities in the corners will guarantee better performance and faster times. lust as last year all meets will be dual competition and the high hurdles has been officially incorporated as part of the meets. Albion hopes to have another winning season, as the team had a won 4, lost 3 record. Record for 1967 Cpartia1D: Albion 36 -- Roy-Hart 100 Albion 79 -- Medina 63 Albion 79M -- --- Akron 56M Albion 92 ..... --- Newfane 44 106 VARSITY BASEBALL Standing: Mr. Graham, R. Marek, B. Salisbury, J. Theodorakos, J. Martillotta, R. Pettine, D. Matson Seated: R. Canhom, J. Neilans, T. Neilans, M. Restivo, A. Eibl, P. Snell BASEBALL The 1967 ACS baseball team paved the road to success with tears and sweat. With an outstanding record of twelve wins and two losses, Coach Larry Crahamls 'Alron Menn once again captured the Niagara-Orleans League Championship. This year,s team, pushed by the momentum of the ,67 champs, and led by pride, desire, and perserverance will again set out on that long Winding road. A new baseball diamond, adjacent to the high school bus garage, should be ready by this spring. With honest effort, the new field will hopefully be initiated with a winning season and maybe even another trophy. Coach Craham will be depending heavily on his returning veterans this year. The seniors, Ron Marek, 'lim Neilans, Tom Neilans, and Mark Restivo will supply the hitting powerg while the defensive support will be handled by juniors Allen Eibl, Kevin Kent, Bart Salisbury, and lim Theoclorakos. 107 CROSS - COUNTRY Sfanding: J. Bell, D. Glossner, A. Sherman, M. Hinman, Mr. Parry Kneeling: C. Lofferty, N. Allport, M. Metcalf, J. Conole The end of the line for G Mr, Neilqng. The cross-country boys enjoy on easy workout 108 TENNIS TEAM Standing: S. Martillotta, D. Szkiany, C. Cropsey, M. Hinman, J. Kriss, Mr. Conrad Kneeling: B. Mathes, P. Blake, G. Mager, M. Coilichio SWIMMING TEAM 3rd Row: R, Sidel, A. Capurso, E. Barrett, M. Heard, S. Martillotta, D. Glassner, S. Bakeman 2nd Row: J. New, R. Colonna, T, McNaIi, C. Lyman, B. Heard, S. Marquart ist Row: D. Delamaretr, E. Limaux, P. Theodorakos, D. Mix, L. Minier, J. Martiiiotta, M. Robinson 109 J. V. FOOTBALL Standing: Mr. Graham, W. Rhim, T. Narburgh, M. Ryan, J. Gardner, R. Sidel, J. Quarantello S. Buckner, R. Lester, B. Good, J. Humphrey, H. Germeo, J. Halstead, R. Sanders Mr. Van Appledorn Seated: E. Limieux, S. Bakeman, D. Millis, J. Aina, M. Condoluci, G. Bakeman, R. Neilans, J. Whipple G. Mannella, R, Godbold, R, Colonna, S. Marquart, P. Theodorakos, M. Adema J. V. BASKETBALL Standing: B. Mathes, D. Hyde, P, Fadale, M. Ryan, J. Quarantello, B. Good, H. Penasack, E. Pressley, R. Mosely, M. Murphy, R. Sanders, Mr. Graham Kneeling: A. Austin, R. Hults, M. Condolucci, Managers 110 BOYS' BOWLING Top Row: D. Snyder, D. Szklony, J. Candle, J. Bell, R. Wielgosz lst Row: C. Bosinoit, R. Burroughs, R. Witzel, J. Cox, K. Mondcelli, K. Ryan GIRLS' BOWLING Standing: B, Eddy, C. Green, S. Swierczynski, B. Wells, W. Dingle, K. Morris Seated: C. Porker, K. Bennett, S. McComber, D. Fuller, B. Brown, D. Szklony 111 GOLF W. Parke, R. Burroughs, J. Mack, J. Root, M. Zambito, M. Hudson, M. Murphy SWIMMING LEADERS Standing: S. Batt, L. Grillo, D. Chcimpeney, A. Nesbitt, M. Buckner, L. Blake, C. Vine Seated: M. Sage, L. Morton, C. Quarantello, C. Repko, Z. Benton, K. Dibley, M. Collins, M. Host C. Rath, D. Archer 112 A u... SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL G. Gardner, P. Farnsworth, J. Evans, C. Norman, D. Karns, C. Bond, J. Reis, L. Thompson, L. Hershey L. Hawkins, D. Allport EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL Top Row: C. Anderson, N. Parker, D .Stackwick, D. Burdetf, S. Landauer 2nd Row: J. Eddy, R. Nellans, R. Babbntt, R. Hults, P. Salesbury, K. Standish Ist Row: D. Taylor, R. Capurso, T. Vick, D. Allns 113 Standing: Mr. Villa, D. Greene S. Buckner, J. Gardner, P. Snell, T. Neilons, C. Hinkley, J. Mclrtlllotlo, F. bldori, D. Golllsano 2nd Row: J. Grlllo, C. Lcfferty, T. Norburgh, J. Voncletti, S. Goliscno, W. Drisdon, B. Allen lst Row: D. Sponton, B. Gould, M. Metcalf, J. Knlgnl, J. Barron, R. Winkley, B. Campbell, R. Neilons, J. Halstead J .ell fi . , ' G J ,f , Lb 2 fy Ji., IQ. ,, W L' an G' 3 A' f -, fu. lf ' 1. ,, l ,ff ZADJ K , 1, P A ,ff lv ,r f' ,J fi? J 5? ci 'Q W he P 5 VJ .fl Qfyf li 4,!., wily vel QA? K4 .1 X. if 'V It , , W Q' f G- E f 2' rr ,G , f ,L 4 . gf' f ,ff ,ff gf,5.fw4,lg f'2'f2f 4 Q fl' 1' ff . .J XEQ leg' L .F lv1fL"M 2 P M' 1' Ly , ,J f ,J G,Q,gv,Q fr Qileilk U A ff, if ' 1 lg' M Jf,.,LfjZYA:Q 'lla ' " F .fi f ff ,fn , F ' ie f f af ,fx . '- Vg 4 ff , Q. 'girly L. 2- V A ,SYLF .51 A f, rlr' ll f ,Y V Z. f AG, , QIQVJQX ly 7 f Y X.. V7 7 .V ,H Er, A sl4fLf:,L,.' 1 0NiA.lf..L:L,,4itf,,fx lg-Q M K L!! 4,31 V5 ip A af Q, ig- QL I ,H if j Q! Mfg.-Qllliinn-''fin'n1,954Q'r6CruiEed itsi dist wresti teemil q'Eaj5h,!f ilfit. 1 'fsf jeccfanxdifrli-G 1-fL. X , 7 ' 7 . , , " , "vi, ,J K' .N--7 lv- f w' . ...ef JG- re opzllgyl., Nowym 1?a,9lJJzvebQme fa majgor sport ATb1on wffh 9.V,ftst2L13d1y1g V , J L MJ f ,j ,g,,'Iw1i:s-zlnkinost We1gliE'ff:t1Ta?Seia,f Next yleglffthfifgeeggy . L,lyaye1j,1C1S fini li KWLLM R' M X? My kt !2stagtWTh0mas N MA' anizfwhpfisl efmemberelg j?e2i4r's'52 Taduitijljglclesinf "W JC !'f 'sh th rn ' JJ' G' G d' . 'ln lk t 'r b d I ,MLW ,j 1 e Y expenengze .men ,eblglngf pex yeer, 1 gan e assume u ln Y that rlleff?ll11QnlCgaif1rra1 Highflgrflgmgilf CviT'1fQbei,Qp ,,.BiQ1gning fwieflflbg ,H X 6. gi joHrfJB1LfSdonTWkHQ was Msmecyiopalf champifmy lass lasb Q ,vw 5' gf I1 5. W J- f 4: , ,ASI 4,3 Aff ' .lv ee, .f VI- . ,N V year, ohn alscyjpllgged t rddat fhg,,1 ying touynament 315, QQ Hs. , D 1 .J f ' ,L-' . f ,X f- .f rw 4 f fe -P' ,fl . .Lrf-" 5 JU . J hergx ol,ytsgz1ylgg1g,,1r1atmeT1r ffvx9fHeJ'S X frgyurn to cornpetl bmi Tn the Nxagaraj fx. ,f if wrleans "lh6QaTi'5,,Wl1iam Allen, Willi ,,Dfisdon,, hu Grillo, ose h Martilotta f ffkfiflf Th bfi d P s ll F fl P ' wffv.V' " s fy eter ne- if ' ' f U lDQ'll'ffWJ?I ..l'.fll"w l7l4.ff-fefffr f lf M 5 fll 9 l l L L 'K Y .jf W we M N J I iff by l 114 l , --.1 Ml l VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Righs Bock-Front: D. Breuiily, P. Bielicki, B. Rice, C. Depczynski, P. Burgio Left Bock-Rronfz K. Woodruff, M. Sage, S. Chczttin, S. K. Eddy, S. Davis J. V. CHEERLEADERS Standing: C. Woodcook, M. Downey, J. Toyior, C, Roth, G, gmley Kneeling: L. Ruhlen, L. Nesbitt, E. Word, D. Archer, K. Snyder SCHUU Candids by Frank Sidari B. Kirby explains the fun of Chem lab. C. Nesbitt and A. Vick sell some tickets for the next game. Mrs. Willey works with Yvonne Zambito. L . The Swimming Team gets ready for a fast start. f s l l I Coach Chamberlain peps up the Senior girls' team. 1 Conrad Cropsey .qui 'Add ., Minier and D. Snyder enjoy a physics movie. The Sophomore Vocational Students: R. Gould, D. Stirk, D. Mathews, D. Gollus, L. Johnson ik' I Let's have some spirit for the Junior-Senior Game L R. Davis gets ready for a movie. Hi! Mr. Chamberlain! The girls think about what to do next. Some girls enjoy building a pyramid. 7th period gym class practices gymnastics. County and Sectional Champ, J. Drisden, on top, takes on J. Martillotta. 118 Mr. Kenny and his Swimming team ot 0 meet. ,, B. Kirby cmd C. Cropsey take off for a race. mi my ,f Q i K is leg f : . f' ' K ,jig And the whole team jumps X ,X into action. Q I A X i " , my me fM6gD W?i5?SQPKWiFvXj I , N KW QM W M E N Lyf' mess s, and other sponsors for financial ' . All of ur 0 sors a - iatly a ciated If it weren't for them, there 16 I be no evrow h e 0 ' flike t take th' oppor tunity to thank the sp s of Ch n z M yy VJ W MZWJWW J Jeff Wzifwfwie ff WM Wjwf I Qffffifff JW W f M Qpjw W 1 SPUNSCUDRS . IIN V1 pyjm J dy . A JJ , IW .JI 'I W A gl M I- I' LV, wx PM My QIIXW f VU .gpaonfiorfi My dp A M My EI M I MW M M of f W W, 4 I, V, My Jjmf AbIEBILNi,4FfEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ,II fy AL If!! Q My away, APPLE GROVE lj. I VJ I ff M-C' if WDMWJRLEANS MEAT PROCESSING co. . I' jp jg yify I NEILANS Enos. 4 M, ZAMBITO PRODUCE ALBION-HOLLEY PENNYSAVER PETERSON'S DRUG STORE BENTLEY BROTHERS DONALD NESBITT SILVER CREEK FARMS ALBION AGWAY COOP. INC. NESBITT MOTORS, INC. KEELER CONSTRUCTION 122 - Gow DRAGON FARMS, INC. COFFEY BROS. DALE AND SON SUPERMARKET, INC. SCHARETT AND MITCHELL FUNERAL HOME PHYSICIANS OF ALBION FAIR HAVEN FARMS H AND A SUPERETTE BLOOM'S FLOWER SHOP NEWBERRY'S ANTHONY BAGNATO INSURANCE CONSULTANT 123 GOLD jjaomm PAUL BAILEY - WELL DRILLING M81M BARBER SHOP BEMIS BAG NAYMAN OUTBOARD LUCAS BROS. I. G. A. MOBIL MANOR MARQUART'S APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE MARINE TRUST COMPANY EDDY PRINTING CORP. KOVAL STUDIO JOHN CELMER - CLASS OF '38 124 SILVER ,aondofd McNALL'S FURNITURE MAINE LUMBER OLD COACH INN KATSAMPES' SUGAR BOWL FAMILY HARDWARE INC. CORNER PHARMACY THE ORLEANS TRAVEL BUREAU PASSINO'S BODY SHOP WALTERS DRESS SHOP GUS' SODA SPA PHIL'S JEWELERS VILLAGE INN ALBION PRODUCE THOMPSON'S FURNITURE MULLINS ROTARY CITIZEN'S DAIRY HANK BAKEMAN'S SERVICE BALDWIN'S SHELL ALBION MOTOR COMPANY 125 --.-Q-Q-4 SILVER ,mm ALBION FURNITURE CURTIS LYMAN VAGG'S BARBER SHOP ORLEANS DAIRY HAINES INSURANCE GRANT'S FISCHER'S NEWS ROOM DUGAN'S SHOE STORE SCIBETTA'S FLYING "A" PAUL ACRI GUIDO'S SUPER MARKET INC. MERRILL-GRINNELL FUNERAL HOME PAGANELLI-SNELL REAL ESTATE BROKERS 81 APPRAISERS ORLEANS REALTY SUZY'S PIZZERIA CLUB 469 DICK APPLETON TOOLS SAM'S RESTAURANT 126 REGULAR ,0,,,,,,,,., N. J. PHILLIPS CONSTRUCTION PERFECTO CLEANERS MACK'S PRODUCE HOLLIDAY JEWELERS COMPLIMENTS OF SALVATORE 81 BURGIO IMIMI'SJ GULF SERVICE FAMILY SHOE STORE HANK'S TEXACO ALBION PLUMBING 81 HEATING ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP SNOWDON'S FIRESTONE STORE GOULD'S FLOWER SHOP ALBION BAKERY SHOP 127 SEN Ilfllllft DIRECTORY MARY R. ACKERSON R.D. 2 Culver Rd. Albion, New York Library Club: 9,10,11,12 F.N.A.:10,11,12 DANIEL J. ALBANESE 317 W. Academy St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10,11,12 Student Council: 10,11 Student Council Exec. Com: 1 Varsity Club: 11 Bowling 9, 10 Homeroom Treasurer: 10 Class President: 10 Clarion Echo: 10 Library Club: 10,11 Supply Store: 11 Intramurals: 9,10 Lab Ass't: 12 MICHAEL R. ALBANESE 311 W. Academy St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10,11,12 Library Club: 10,11 Homeroom President: 10 Service Club: 10 Bowling: 9,10 Clarion Echo: 10 Varsity Club: 10,11 Spanish Club: 10,11 Intramurals: 9,10 Lab Ass't: 12 CHERYLA. ALLARD 221 E. State St. Albion, New York Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 F.N.A.:10,11,12 F.T.A.:10,11,12 Library Club: 11 GARY L. ALLEN 12 West Avenue Waterport, New York Student Council: 9 Advertising Staff: 9 Glee Club: 8,9,1O Intramurals: 9 DONNA M. ALLIS 3512 Densmore Rd. Albion, New York Girls' Basketball: 9,10 Basic Art Club: 10 V.I.C.A. Club: 12 VERNE L. ALLPORT 3386 Midway Rd. Eagle Harbor, New York Library Club: 9,10 Baseball: 9 Water Polo: 9 Wrestling: 10 STEVEN J. ANDERSON 4466 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Basketball: 9,10 Cross Country: 9,10 IRVING L. AUSMAN Johnny Cake Lane R.D.2 Albion, New York RONALD F. BAILEY 245 Clinton St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10 Basketball: 9,10 Baseball: 9,10 ROBERT G. BARNARD 313 E. State St. Albion, New York Bowling: 9,10 BONNIE J. BARON 4500 Eagle Harbor Rd. Eagle Harbor, New York Library Club: 9,10 Girls' Chorus: 9,10,11 Glee Club: 12 Homeroom Secretary: 9,10 Service Club: 12 SCOTT M. BARRETT 28 Meadowbrook Dr. Albion, New York Debate: 11,12 Jr. Red Cross: 11,12 A.F.S.: 12 Spanish Club: 11 WILLIAM L. BASINAIT 15178 Holley Road Albion, New York Band: 8,9 Intramurals: 9 Bowling: 9,10 F.F.A.: 9,10,11,12 ANN NI. BATCHELLOR 5306 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Library Club: 9,10,11,12 Secretary of": 9 Debate Club: 10,11,12 Secretary of": 11,12 Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 Service Club: 10 Promotion Staff: 9 DOUGLAS F. BEECH 15237 Ridge Rd. R.D.1 Albion, New York Class Pres: 9 Chorus: 9,10,11,12 Band: 11,12 Debate Club: 9,10,11,12 National Honor Society: Baseball: 9,10 F.T.A.: 10,11 Trea: 11 Senior Play: 12 Student Council: 11,12 V.P. : 11 Pres.: 12 A.F.S.:10,11,12 Pres.:12 Clarion Echo: 11,12 SUE A. BATT 13498 Gaines-Waterport Rd. Waterport, New York G.A.A.: 9,10,11,12 F.T.A.: 9,10,11,12 F.N.A.: 9,10,11,12 Audio Visual: 9,10,11,12 Vice President": 11 President": 12 I-lmr. Pres.: -10 Intramurals: 9,10,11,12 Photog: 11,12 Varsity Club: 11 County Chorus: 9,10,11, All-State Chorus: 12 DANIEL P. BEECHER Eagle Harbor-W. Barre Albion, New York Football: 9 Library Club: 9,10,11,1 PAULA BEECHER W. Barre Rd. Fi.D.3 Albion, New York Jr. Red Cross: 11 CURTIS J. BEAM R.D.4 Albion, New York Football: 9,10,11 Basketball, 11 Hmrm. Sec.: 10 Future Nurses' Club: 10 Girls'Bowling League: 9 Library Club: 9 Medical Career Student Program: 11,12 Library: 9,10,11 Varsity Club: 11 Wrestling: 10 Clarion Echo: 10 128 DIANA L. BENNETT Gaines Basin Rd. Albion, New York Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 County Chorus: 9,10,11 Band: 9 Colorguard: 9 F.N.A. 10,11 Debate Club: 9 Jr. Red Cross: 11 Class Secretary: 12 1 12 2 JEFFRY P. BENNETT Main St. Waterport, New York Football: 9,10,11,12 Wrestling: 9 F.F.A.: 9,10,11 KATHRYN J. BENNETT Main St. Waterport, New York Library Club: 9 F.H.A.: 10 F.N.A.: 10 Basketball lntermurals: 11 PAUL M. BLAKE 246 S. Main St. Albion, New York Advertising Staff: 9 Chess Club: 9 Tennis: 9,10,11 Sewice Club: 10 Football: 10 PAU LA R. BOWER 80 Caroline St. Albion, New York lntramurals: 9 Advertising Staff: 9,11,12 A.F.S.:1O,11,12 Sec of: 11 Debate Club: 10,11 Chorus: 9,10 Student Council: 11,12 Corresponding Sec.: 12 Senior Play: 12 Homeroom Pres.: 11 National Honor Society: 1 Spanish Club: 11 Clarion Echo: 11,12 Club 81 Social Ed: 11,12 Literary Staff: 12 Promotion Staff: 12 Circulation: 12 KAREN BOWMAN Eagle Harbor Rd. Albion, New York Library Club: 9,10,11,12 F.N.A.: 9,10,11,12 Nat'l Honor Society: 12 DEBORAH A. BREUILLY 116 W. Academy St. Albion, New York Advertising staff: 10,11,12 Promotion staff: 11,12 Cheerleading: 9,10,11,12 Spanish Club: 11 F.T.A.: 9,10,11,12 F.N.A.: 12 Publicity staff: 9,10,11 Service Club: 10,11,12 Hr. Officer: 9 G.A.A.: 9,10,11,12 Girls' Chorus lntramurals: 9 RICHARD W. BRIEN Route 98, R.D. 2 Albion, New York Bowling: 9,10,11 Football manager: 11 1,12 'DAVID BROOKS Sheeler Rd. Elba, New York Library Club: 9,10 Radio Club: 9,10 Promotion staff: 9 DONNA BROOKS Sheeler Rd. Elba, New York F.H.A.: 9,10 Nurses' Aid: 11,12 SARA E. BROWN 13249 County House Rd. Albion, New York Bowling: 10,11,12 Basketball: 11 Volleyball: 11 Color Guard: 9,10,11,1 Typing staff: 12 ELISE R. BRUNELLE 343 W. Park Street Albion, New York Debate Club: 9 Girls Chorus: 10,11 A.F.S.:10,11,12 F.T.A.:11,12 Spanish Club: 11,12 Drama: 10,11,12 Student Council: 11 Nat'l Honor Society: 11 Clarion Echo: 11,12 LINDA L. BUCKNER 3090 Transit Rd. Albion, New York MICHAEL E. BUDYNSKI Gainesfwaterport Rd. Waterport, New York PATRICIA A, BURGIO 118 Temperance St. Albion, New York Cheerleader: 10,11,12 Advertising staff: 10,11,12 Promotion staff: 10,11,12 Circulation staff: 12 Identification staff: 11,12 A.F.S.: 12 F.T.A.: 12 Publicity staff: 10,11 Service club: 12 G.A.A.:10,11,12 lntramurals:9 SUSAN M. BUTTON 341 Caroline St. Albion, New York Debate Club: 9,10,11 Girls' Chorus: 10,11 BARBARA CAMERON Route 98 Waterport, New York F.H.A.: 9,10 F.N.A.: 9,10 BRIAN C. CAMPBELL 2624 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Radio Club: 9,10,11,12 ChessCIub:10,11,12 Spanish Club: 11 Glee Club: 9,10,11 Track: 9,10,11,12 Wrestling: 9,10,12 Cross Country: 11 County Chorus: 9,11 JOSEPH K. CANALE 316 E. State St. Albion, New York Wrestling: 9,10 Track: 9,11,12 Cross Country: 9,10,11, ROBERT CANHAM Route 98, R.D. 4 Albion, New York Basketball: 9 Football Manager: 9 Baseball Manager: 11 Baseball: 12 WILLIAM CARLETON Riches Corners Rd. Albion, New York F.F.A.: 9,10,11,12 Jr. Sentenial: 9,10,11,1 LINDA CARPENTER 5167 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York F.N.A.: 9,10 Library Club: 9,10 2 12 Homeroom Officer: 9,10 JOHN S. CHRZAN R.D.1 Holley, New York lntramu ral Basketball: 9 Bowling: 9 Library Club: 11 MICHAEL COLLICHIO 11 Erie St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10,11,12 Basketball: 9,10 Tennis: 9,10,11 Service Club: 10,11 PAU LA R. CONDOLUCI 122 S. Main St. Albion, New York DANIEL A. CRAWFORD Stillwater Fld.,Fi.D.1 Waterport, New York Golf: 10 CONRAD F. CROPSEY 232 W. Park St. Albion, New York Nat'l Honor Society: 12 Debate Club: 9,10,11,12 Tennis: 9,10,11,12 A.F.S.:10,11,12 Student Council: 11,12 Homeroom Officer: 11 Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 Intramurals: 11 Swimming: 12 PAUL CUFF Gaines Rd., FLD. 4 Albion, New York GARY D'AMlCO 219 E. Bank St. Albion, New York Drama Club: 10 Bowling: 9,10 Chess Club: 9 Water Polo: 11 PETER M. D'ANDREA 404 East Ave. Albion, New York Band: 9,10 Football: 11 Basketball: 11,12 Baseball: 11,12 JOSEPH DECARLO 138 N. Main St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10,11,12 Wrestling: 10 Track: 9,10 Elections Committee: 9,10, Class Officer: 11 Band: 9 Varsity Club: 9,10,11 Service Club: 10,11,12 Student Council: 10,11,12 Advertising Staff: 11,12 Awards council: 9,10,11,12 Homeroom Officer: 9,10 CHE RYL R. DEPCZYNSKI MARY J. COLLINS 25 W. Academy St. Albion, New York Debate Club: 9,10,11,1 Chorus: 10,11,12 A.F.S.:11,12 G.A.A.:11,12 F.T.A.:11,12 Homeroom Officer: 9 2 Library Club: 9,10,11,12 129 16 Goodrich St. Albion, New York 1 Circulation Staff: 9,10,11,12 Advertising Staff: 10 Promotion Staff: 11,12 Spanish Club: 11 Cheerleader: 10,11,12 G.A.A.:1O,11,12. Girls Chorus: 9 Senior Play: 12 Student Council: 12 Class Officer: 9,10,11,12 Homeroom Officer: 9,10,1 A.F.S.: 12 F.T.A.: 12 Service Club: 11,12 lntramurals: 9,10 1, KENNETH A. DINGMAN R.D.4 Albion, New York Bowling: 9 DEAN L. DION 234 W. Park St. Albion, New York Football: 10 Basketball: 9,10,11,12 Clarion Echo: 10 SUSIE B. DRENNEN 2507 Waterport Rd. Albion, New York F.N.A.:10,11,12 DENNIS C. EBBS R.D.1 Albion, New York Football: 9,10 Baseball: 10 Track: 9 Intramurals: 9, 10,11,12 Service Club: 10,11,12 Elections Committee: 10 Circulation staff: 10 DANIEL J. ELWELL 43 N. Platt St. Albion, New York Art Club: 9 F.F.A.: 9 V.l.C.A.:10,11,12 DUANE A. ENGLE 48 Liberty St. Albion, New York Wrestling: 9,10 Library Club: 9,10 Golf: 10 V.l.C.A.: 12 ROBERT ENG LE 48 Liberty St. Albion, New York Football: 9 Track: 9 SUSAN H. FARNSWORTH 3241 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Clarion Echo: 8,9,10,11,12 Literary Staff: 7,8,9,10,11,12 F.T.A.: 10,11 F.N.A.:10,11,12 A.F.S.:10,11,12 Band: 8,9,10,11,12 Nat'l'HonorSociety: 11,12 Student Council: 11,12 Senior Play: 12 County Chorus: 10,12 Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 County Band: 9,11 W. FOSTER FERRIS 4714 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Library Club: 9,10,11 Advertising Staff: 9,10 Chevron: 12 Glee Club: 9,10 F.T.A.: 9,10,12 RALPH GAVENDA 14423 E. Lee Rd. Albion, New York Elections Committee: 10,1 Homeroom Officer: 10 GARY E. GIBBS Maple Rd. Albion, New York Service Club: 10 Homeroom Officer: 11 TERRY J. GING 14784 Ridge Rd. Albion, New York Debate Club: 9,10,11,12 Chevron Staff: 11,12 Senior Play: 12 Student Council: 12 Nat'I Honor Societv: 11.12 ENCIE E. GITHENS Power Line Rd. Holley, New York G.A.A.: 9,10,11,12 Radio Club: 9,10 F.N.A.:11,12 A.F.S.: 10 F.T.A.: 10 Library Club: 9,10,11,12 Intramurals: 10 JOHN GOLLUS 111 E. Park St. Albion, New York Marching Band: 9 DOREEN A. GOOD 413 E. State St. Albion, New York Girls Chorus: 9 F.N.A.:10,11 LINDA R. GRILLO 320 E. Park St. Albion, New York F.T.A.: 9,10,11 F.N.A.: 9,10 Advertising Staff: 9,10 PATRICIA B. HAINES 11 Ingersoll St. Albion, New York Awards Council: 8,9,10,11, Elections Committee: 9,10 A.F.S.: 9,10,11,12 Service Club: 10 Glee Club: 'IO Girls Chorus: 9 Marching Band: 8,9,10 Concert Band: 9,10,11,12 Dance Band: 9,10,11,12 All-State Band: 11,12 Countv Band: 10,11,12 1,1 130 12 DARCY J. HAMILTON R.D.2 Albion, New York Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 F.T.A.: 9,10 Circulation Staff: 9,10,11 Homeroom Officer: 9,10,11 County Chorus: 9,10,11,12 FRANCES HARLING W. Lee Rd. Albion, New York Color Guard: 9,10,11 Bowling: 9,10 Art Club: 10 F.N.A.: 10,11 JUDITH E. HATCH 13982 Ridge Rd. Albion, New York Library Club: 9 Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 Debate Club: 11,12 County Chorus: 9,11,12 STEPHEN T. HEARD 3118 Brown Rd. Albion, New York Library Club: 9,10,11,12 Football: 9,10,11,12 Baseball: 9,12 Student Council: 11 Service Club: 11,12 A.F.S.:11,12 Homeroom Officer: 11 NANCY J. HENDERSON 4484 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York F.H.A.: 9,10 JAMES L. HERDENDORF 3990 Gaines Basin Rd. Albion, New York DOUGLAS W. HILL W. Lee Rd. Albion, New York SHIRLEY HUGELMAIER Cushing Rd. Albion, New York DOROTHY M. HULTS Box 3 Eagle Harbor, New York Library Club: 10,11,12 F.H.A.: 9,10 G.A.A.: 10,11 Bowling: 10 Red Cross: 9,10,12 F.N.A.:10,11,12 LEWIS E. HYDE JR. Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Football: 10,11,12 Wrestling: 10,11 F.F.A.: 9,10,11,12 Library Club: 11,12 WILLIAM T. IRWIN 13937 Allen Rd. Albion, New York Wrestling: 9 MARK A. JOHENGEN Gaines-Waterport Rd. Albion, New York Football: 10 Track: 10,11,12 CYNTHIA JOHNSON Long Bridge Rd. Albion, New York F.N.A.:10,11,12 Girls Chorus: 11 Library Club: 12 Typing Staff: 12 PETER G. JOHNSON 266 E. Park St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10 Basketball: 9 Track: 9,10 Student Council: 10 Library Club: 10,11 . Audio-Visual Club: 9,10,11,12 Intramurals: 8,9 Clarion Echo: 10 Varsity Club: 11,12 Service Club: 12 Band: 8,9 PATRICIA A. JONES 3675 Gaines Bain Rd. Albion, New York A.F.S.: 9,10,11,12 F.T.A.:9,10,11,12 F.N.A.:11,12 , Debate Club: 10 Red Cross: 10 G.A.A.: 10,11 Circulation Staff: 9,10,11 Homeroom Officer: 9,10,11 ME LAN IE KENT 302 West State St. Albion, New York Junior Band: 7,8,9 Junior Chorus: 7,8,9 Red Cross: 10 Student Council: 7 BRUCE P. KIRBY Densmore Rd. Albion, New York Promotion Staff: 10,11,12 Advertising Staff: 10,11,12 Tennis: 10 Track: 11,12 Swimming: 12 Chess Club: 9,10,11,12 Glee Club: 8,9,10,11,12 Intramurals: 11 Student Council: 12 Nat'l Honor Society: 12 ORIS W. KNAPP Box 88 Albion, New York Audio Visual Club: 9,10,1 Intramurals: 9,10 Student Council: 11 EDWARD P. KOPITZKI 3164 Eagle Harbor Rd. Albion, New York F.F.A.: 9,10,11 MICHAEL L. KUHN 1581 Clarks Mills Rd. Waterport, New York FootbaII,: 9,10,11 Wrestling: 10 Baseball: 9 Track: 10 Intramurals: 9,10,11,12 Radio Club: 9,10,11 Service Club: 12 KENNETH G. KUHNS 3201 Eagle Harbor Rd. Albion, New York Library Club: 10,11 THOMAS S. LAN DAUE R 304 Ingersoll St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10 Basketball: 9 Track: 9 Spanish Club: 11 MERIDETH A. LEIGH Ridge Rd.,R.D.4 Albion, New York F.T.A.:10,12 F.N.A.:10,11 A.F.S.: 11,12 Clarion Echo: 12 Sec. of Hmrm: 9 Chorus: 9,10,11,12 ROBERTA LETTIS 277 N. Main St. Albion, New York Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 Bowling: 9,10 F.N.A.: 9,10,11 Jr. County Chorus: 9 Sr. County Chorus: 11,12 BARBARA ANN LITTLES 117 Washington Street Albion, New York F.N.A.: 11 MATTIE LEE LONG 236 E. Bank St. Albion, New York Library: 9,10 Girls' Chorus: 9,10,11 SHIRLEY L. LOSS 246 E. Bank St. Albion, New York Bowling: 9 1,12 CONSTANCE C. MACK 2812 Gaines Rd. Albion, New York Hmrm. Sec.: 9 F.N.A.:10,11,12 Adv. Staff: 11,12 A.F.S.: 12 Girls: Intramurals: 9,10 JOHN D. MACK 1497 Roosevelt Hgwy. Waterport, New York Baseball: 9 Basketball: 9 Service Club: 9,10 Golf: 10,11 Adv. Staff: 11 MICHAEL J. MACK 241 E. Bank St. Albion, New York Band: 9,10,11,12 Drum Major:11,12 GEORGE E. MAGER 225 W. Park St. Albion, New York Tennis: 9,10,11,12 varsity Club: 11 Basketball Manager: 10,11 MARY F. MAGER 112 W. Academy St. Albion, New York Service Club: 10,11,12 F.T.A.:10,11,12 F.N.A.: 11 Senior Play: 12 NANCY A. MAGER 112 W. Academy St. Albion, New York Service Club: 10,11,12 F.N.A.:10,11,12 F.T.A.:10,11,12 A.F.S.: 12 DEBORAH MANCHESTER E. County House Rd. Albion, New York Library Club: 11,12 Jr. Red Cross: 11,12 Art Club: 11,12 Girls' Intramurals: 10,11 RONALD L. MAREK Box 32 Waterport, New York Baseball: 9,10,11,12 Football: 9,10,11 Varsity Club: 11 Layout Staff: 1 1 ALICE M. MAROUART 572 E.Avenue Albion, New York A.F.S.:1O,11,12 F.T.A.:10,11,12 Library Club: 10,11,12 131 RICHARD E. MARSHALL R.D.2, Miller Rd. Albion, New York F.F.A.: 9,10,11,12 BARBARA L. MATHES R.D. 1 Holley, New York Debate Club: 11,12 Awards Council: 11,12 F.N.A.:11,12 Girls' Intramurals: 11,12 DEBORAH S. MATSON R.D. 3, Eagle Harbor Fld. Albion, New York Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 Jr. County Chorus: 9 Marching Band: 9,10 F.N.A.:10,11 Debate Club: 10,11,12 SHARON L. MEISER Allis Rd. Albion, New York F.H,A.: 9,10 JAMES S. MICELI 26 E. Park St. Albion, New York Literary Staff: 10,11,12 Nat'l Honor Society: 12 Senior Play: 12 Signor Prize: 11 Student Council: 12 Head of Publicity: 12 CHRISITINE A. MILLER 253 Chamberlain St. Albion, New York Color Guard: 9,10,11,12 Audio Visual Club: 9,10, F.N.A.: 11 DANIEL G. MILLER 307 W. Park St. Albion, New York Football: 10 Track: 9 LYNN G. MILLER 2046 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York DALE C. MlLLlK,EN 315 W. Bank St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10 Library Club: 10 11,12 LEE N. MINIER 124 E. State St. Albion, New York Wrestling: 9,10 Track: 9,10,11 Cross Country: 10,11,12 Swimming: 12 Golf: 12 Water Polor: 10,12 Circulation Staff: 10,11 Literary Staff: 11,12 Clarion Echo: 11,12 Nat'I Honor Society: 12 Varsity Club: 9,10,11 Chemistry Lab. Assistant: 12 Hmrm. Pres.: 10 AGNETA B. MOE 11 lngersoIlSt. Albion, New York A.F.S.: 12 Student Council: 12 Nat'l Honor Society: 12 MARSHA L. MOORE W. County House Rd. Albion, New York DANIEL L. MOSLEY Ridge Road Albion, New York D.E.C.A.: 10 Library Club: 11 GEORGE R. NEILANS 262 N. Main St. Albion, New York Library Club: 9 Clarion Echo: 11 Track: 9 Wrestling: 9,10,11 Cross Country: 10 Senior Play Crew: 12 JAMES R. NEILANS 349 W. Academy St. Albion, New York Service Club: 10 Football: 9,10,11 Baseball: 9,10,11,12 Promotion Staff: 9,10,11,12 THOMAS H. NEILANS 2077 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Football: 9,10,11,12 Wrestling: 9,10,11,12 Baseball: 9,10,11,12 Concert Band: 9,10,11 Marching Band:'9,10,11 Clarion Echo: 11,12 Intramurals: 9,10,11,12 Nat'I Honor Society: 11,12 Varsity Club: 11 Literary Staff: 12 Service Club: 10 Homeroom Officer: 9 ANN E. NESBITT Pine Hill Rd. Albion, New York Homeroom Officer: 9,10 Promotion Staff: 9,10,11,12 Circulation Staff: 9,10 A.F.S.: 10,12 F.N.A.: 12 CYNTHIA S. NESBITT Wilson Rd. Waterport, New York F.T.A.:10,11,12 G.A.A.:11,12 A.F.S.: 12 Nat'I Honor Society: 12 Twirling: 9,10,11,12 MICHELE NESBITT Waterport-Carlton Rd. Albion, New York Promotion Staff: 9 Color Guard: 10 GARY E. PAHURA 130 Liberty St. Albion, New York Baseball: 9 Library Club: 9,10 WILLIAM J. PARKE 236 S. Main St. Albion, New York Editor of Yearbook: 11,12 Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 County Chorus: 11,12 County Band: 9,10 Band: 9,10,11,12 Homeroom Officer: 9,10,11 Student Council: 11,12 Golf: 9,10,11,12 Intramurals: 9,10 All-State Chorus: 12 A.F.S.:10,11,12 Senior Play: 12 Awards Council: 9,10,11,12 Football Trainer: 10,11 Varsity Club: 10,11 Bowling: 10 Nat'l Honor Society: 11,12 CHERYL A. PARKER Maple Road Albion, New York Homeroom Officer: 10 F.N.A.: 9,10,11 CINDA A. PECK Kams Rd., R.D. 3 Albion, New York INDA L. PECK Kams Rd., R.D.3 Albion, New York DOREEN A. PETE RS Root Rd. Albion, New York Homeroom Officer: 9 F.H.A.: 9 F.N.A.: 9,10,11,12 F.T.A.: 12 A.F.S.: 12 Library Club: 10 ANTHONY J. PIAZZA 115 S. Main St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10,11,12 Wrestling: 9 Service Club: 10 Intramurals: 9 DAVID A. POSTLE 225 E. Park St. Albion, New York LYNNE M. PRITCHARD 519 E. State St. Albion, New York A.F.S.:10,12 Homeroom Officer: 9,10 Class President: 11 Service Club: 10,11 Student Council: 9,10,11 Advertising Staff: 9,10,11,12 Promotion Staff: 10,11,12 Jr. Head: 11 Sr. Head: 12 F.T.A.: 12 Nat'l Honor Society: 12 BARBARA J. PUTNAM Sawyer Rd. Kent, New York F.N.A.:10,11,12 F.H.A.: 9,10 M. CELESTE REPKO R.D. 4 Albion, New York A.F.S.:10,11 F.T.A.:1O,11 F.N.A.:10,11 Library Club: 10 Girls' Intramurals: 11 Advertising Staff: 10,11 Jr. Red Cross: 10 G.A.A.: 10,11 JUDITH A. RESCHKE 1988 Kent Rd. Kent, New York F.T.A.:10,11,12 Library Club: 11,12 A.F.S.: 12 Nat'l Honor Society: 12 MARK RESTIVO 2636 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Art Club: 9,10,11,12 Varsity Club: 9,10,11 Football: 10 Basketball: 9,10,11,12 Baseball: 9,10,11,12 Water Polo: 9,10,11,12 DONNA K. RHODEY Eagle Harbor Rd. Albion, New York F.T.A.: 10 F.N.A.:10,11,12 Nat'I HonorSociety: 12 BARBARA A. RICE 341 Linwood Ave. Albion, New York Cheerleading: 10,11,12 Class V. President: 10,11 Class President: 12 Service Club: 10,11 Nat'I Honor Society: 11,12 Advertising Staff: 11,12 Jr. Head: 11 Sr. Head: 12 Jr. Red Cross: 11 Senior Flay: 12 CHARLES E. RICHARD 10 North St. Albion, New York Advertising Staff: 9,10 Football: 9,10 Golf: 11,12 Jr. 81 Sr. Head of Advertising DAVID W. ROBERTS R.D. 1 Kent, New York JOHN K. ROOT 23 Caroline St. Albion, New York Track: 9,10 Golf: 10,11,12 Service Club: 10,11,12 Advertising Staff: 9,10,11 Promotion Staff: 11,12 Wrestling Manager: 9,10 Bowling: 10 DANIEL L. ROSE Box 45 Kent, New York Baseball: 9,10 Football: 9,10,11,12 CHARLES A. ROTH R.D. 1 Albion, New York Water Polo: 9,10 EARL R. RUHLMAN Box 105 Waterport, New York LINDA S. RUSSO Million Dollar Highway AI-bion, New York G.A.A.: 9,10 F.T.A.: 9,10 V.I.C.A.: 9,10,11,12 132 CHARLES J. RUTENBERG 13967 Allen Rd. Albion, New York Varsity Football: 11 Library Club: 10,11 Advertising Staff: 9,10,11 Baseball: 9 SHARON R. SEAVA 232 S. Clinton St. Albion, New York F.N.A.:10,11,12 Cheerleader: 10,11 Service Club: 10 ALBERT T. SCALZO 307 E. State St. Albion, New York BOBBIE JEAN SCOTT General Delivery Kent, New York PAUL C. SEDITA 212 Ingersoll St. Albion, New York Bowling: 10,11,12 Baseball: 10 ALEC SHE RMAN 327 West Park St. Albion, New York County Band: 12 All-State Band: 11 Varsity Club: 11 Class Officer: 12 Track: 9,10,11,12 Basketball: 9,10,11,12 Marching Band: 9,10,11,12 Concert Band: 9,10,11,12 Homeroom Officer: 9 Baseball: 10,11 Service Club: 10 Glee Club: 11,12 County Chorus: 11 Identification Staff: 11,12 Cross Country: 11,12 ARLENE F. SILKER Gillette Road Albion, New York F.H.A.: DARLENE F. SNYDER R.D. 1 Albion, New York Homeroom Officer: 9,10,11 F.T.A.: 9,10,11,12 Color Guard: 11 Intramurals: 9,10,11,12 DONALD F. SNYDER 5164 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Glee Club: 8,9,10,11,12 County Chorus: 8, 9,10,11,12 Promotion Staff: 9,10,11,12 Radio Club: 9,10,11 Chex Club: 10,11,12 Debate Club: 10,11,12 Student Council: 12 Traffic 81 Safety Council: 12 Senior Play: 12 A.F.S.: 12 Clarion Echo: 12 Baseball: 10,11 Varsity Club: 11 Chemistry Lab. Assistant: 12 SUSAN J. SPADE 14310 Allen Rd. Albion, New York F.N.A.: 9,10,11,12 Color Guard: 9,10,11,12 Intramurals: 9 JOANNE STAR KWEATHE R 156 Clarendon St. Albion, New York Homeroom Officer: 7,8 Bowling: 9 F.N.A.: 10 V.l.C.P.: 11,12 RICHARD STARKWEATHER 156 Clarendon St. Albion, New York Chess Club: 10,1 1,12 Radio Club: 10,11,12 ELLEN STEVENSON 227 So. Clinton St. Albion, New York F.N.A.: 9,10,11,12 F.T.A.: 10,12 Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 County Chorus: 9,11,12 Service Club: 12 WILLIAM A. STODDARD 121 Chamberlain St. Albion, New York Band: 9,10 Traffic 84 Safety Council: 10,1 Football Manager: 9,10 DARFIYLSZKLANY 302 E. Park St. Albion, New York Football: 9,10 Tennis: 10,11 Service Club: 10,11 Spanish Club: 11 Varsity Club: 10,11 Band: 11 1, THOMAS R. TABER 33 Caroline St. Albion, New York Clarion Echo: 11,12 A.F.S.: 12 DEAN A. THEODORAKOS 134 W. Bank St. Albion, New York Track: 9,10,11,12 Bowling: 9,10,11,12 Promotion Staff: 12 FRANCES A. THOM R.D.'1 Albion, New York DAVID F. THOMAS Waterport, New York Concert Band: 9,10,11,12 Marching Band: 9,10,11,12 Nat'I Honor Society: 12 RICHARD H. TIBBITS 20 S. Liberty St. Albion, New York Bowling: 9,10,11,12 Track Manager: 9 Golf: 9 Marching Band: 9,10 JOHN A. TOWER R.D. 1 Albion, New York Marching Band: 9,10 Concert Band: 9,10,11,12 County Band: 11 F.F.A.:10,11 JOANNE L. TSCHETTE R 3274 Oak Orchard Rd. Albion, New York Girls Chorus: 9,10 KAREN L. VANWYCKE 1984 Main St. Waterport, New York Literary Staff: 10 Girls Chorus: 9 Glee Club: 10 12 F.T.A.:10,11,12 F.N.A.:10,11,12 Clarion Echo: 12 A.F.S.: 9,10,11,12 Nat'l Honor Society: 11,12 Homeroom Officer: 9 Band: 9,10,11,12 Editor of Yearbook: 11,12 THELMA J. VERCRUYSSE R.D. 1 Holley,New York F.N.A.:10,11,12 Typing Staff: 12 ANNE E. VICK 320 W. Park St. Albion, New York A.F.S.:11,12 F.T.A.: 9,10,11,12 G.A.A.:11,12 Nat'l Honor Society: 12 Twirling: 9,10,11,12 Girls Chorus: 10 RALPH G. VICK R.D. 2 Albion, New York JAKE VREEBURG 3580 South Main St. Albion, New York Debate Club: 10,11,12 Track: 10 Clarion Echo: 10,11,12 A.F.S.: 12 PATRICIA M. WARD Sawyer Rd. Kent, New York F.N.A.: 9,10,11,12 CAROL A. WATSON 24 Ingersoll St. Albion, New York F.T.A.: 9,10 F.N.A.: 9,10 Promotion Staff: 10 Typing Staff: 12 JOHN W. WATSON 24 Ingersol St. Albion, New York Library Club: 9,10,11,12 PATRICIA L. WESTLUND 5120 Culver Rd. Albion, New York Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 F.N.A.:10,11,12 F.T.A.:11,12 A.F.S.: 12 Library Club: 12 N.H.S.: 12 DONALD L. WILKINS Riches Corners Rd. Albion, New York Intramurals: 9 KAREN J. WILLIAMS 56 Caroline St. Albion, New York F.N.A.:1O,11 F.T.A.: 10 133 LINDA C. WITHAM Sawyer Rd. Albion, New York Marching Band: 9,10 Concert Band: 9,10 Intermediate Band: 9,10 F.T.A.: 10 F.N.A.: 10 RUTH L. WITKOP Johnny Cake Lane Albion, New York F.N.A.:10,11,12 Red Cross: 11 NANCY E. WOLFFE 330 W. State St. Albion, New York Homeroom Officer: 9 F.N.A.:10,11,12 F.T.A.: 12 Color Guard: 9,10,11,12 Intramurals: 11,12 A.F.S.: 12 KAE K. WOODRUFF 342 S. Main St. Albion, New York Band: 9,10,11,12 Glee Club: 9,10,11,12 Cheerleading: 10,12 F.T.A.:10,11,12 A.F.S.: 12 County Band: 9,10 County Chorus: 11 All-State Band: 11 KATHLEEN C. WOOLSTON Ridge Road Albion, New York Girls Chorus: 9,10 Swimming Leader: 10 Basketball: 11,12 Emocsue Chevron 1968 hopes Albion and its people continue to grow and prosper. We surely have grown from our high school experiences and will long remember the trials and adventures of these past years. AIUTKUXGRAPHS Activities ......... GENERAL INDEX - 73-99 Administration .... --.. 5-7 Autographs ........ --- 135 Board of Education ................................... 4 Cafeteria Staff --- .................................... -- 13 Gandids ........ --.. 13, 14, 15, 38, 39, 40, 116, 117, 118, 119 Cheerleaders --- .................................. - 115 Curricula .... ..........................-.... 6 7 - 72 Custodians --- ---- 14 Dedication .... ..... 3 Eighth Grade ..... Epilogue ............ Exchange Student Faculty .......... Foreword ...... Freshman Class --- Guidance ..... junior Class .... Office Staff .... Senior Class ...... Senior Directory - Senior Play ...... Seventh Grade ,... Sophomore Class .... Sponsors ......... Sports ............. Table of Contents 136 - 58-61 --- 134 ---- 41 -- 8- 12 --------- 2 - 54-57 ------ 12 ---- 44-49 ------ 14 - 16 - 37 128- 133 -------- 98 ---- 62-65 ---- 50- 53 122- 127 101-114 --..---- 2 P35-ack,-K Mug BYXOVQQ, -XV :Wm XJ xJKQA,A SQLKL-kfxx 'BQ-'6J X , Ln XfXQ-,IXUS VN Qxww ewxb Qfwvrvfw CNEQOX- ww bw ,M Qgggmow, mg J, ,kmgx wg EMMA LQLQX 'xqfdwxuk YLQJXD QB ' KJLQQW uncwvNQCL QQJT M OSX mg MQW XML Q Aww ww ,M xi, Kb fk'lCVQ9fNq2D pw uw kcpxww A MAN WUJAV' MA.-M Dx Qkcxipxqk Yguwmikkh may vi JUSQK wiki XD Ab Xvkgk 1 wx uxs mor xbwdJQJX,LJ Cwmdx LVL QCQUXRCPQ kxk KLXQLX MAUX LXGX 5 lwxxnckck, LJ My gpg KLA. vm Www:-QA. A .1 ,. .mgf T 1 i 1 1 1 r i 1 . 5 3 .- .5 :ff I . 71 W 5 5 5 X 1 . .W --LELJ A ,L 1 i, -- A ' A SH 4 L L ,.,,L , L . " y W 1 . i LWQE-,iLL"'W: 5 it 1 S ' , 44. . . :J-1 ,, ,. , M . ll., 'I 'L -, . - .' 1: .54-:I-r gg ff Wmfiif 1 'gfmfi 'N1'5ZJf.?i , s Y L1 W J - Uh i 'f M - :"'. 51 1- 1 ---. A 321.6 .- " .5 f ' ' "I ., ld -B. H' i. 4 C Aa, qlv-H 1 L.. C---. Yi 001' Q., i- Q n 1 f In .. '. lg ., -Q S ' -. ,-.. ,I I ' "" .L . 1 u C a 5 ml, K ,J ,, ,o ,. P1 pq if if - y an an . vhM"'1'f."- A I 1:1 -A 1 ' Ll A 'vs A A Y . .-A K ms Q Q K ' " ' -. H-"I - 'Qi 4 A A B' ' - r A.. ! 'Kb-, 1: 'g FQ' tg:-:ui- . ,mg -.'T.T'Nf7wq:5'-iso! r.-.-...-W. Wu

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