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Q.-.,,..,-. -- pry? ,, ,A-..Q:,,.,. , mm?-. X V9 B Y..- iihftg-S? Hn 5? 6 Xmflf vf - -' ef- 1 N?-:n1,:mf,:-A . v , V L U . ,, .-: . .,L3i,,3g.".,- 5- . , '- ' 'ig f i .f, ..,' ,- , ,:, , - i,,5,,,W..v A.A 4? '.,, ie I A D J V u- 1 gt., ' , I 1 5. ,mb I ,, .1 . ,,.,1:: 1 .-1 !fg.,w -1.1,--f , s q Q , ,A ,, X, Qgsvwf' ' L23n,r ivy . bw-,:4g, ' " 'Q , r,,,, W 5 xl I A, Y -,Wy ,t If ' ""Lf.l I '12 e fffiq ' ik, -:"1'J ,-ww 1-5:-'-4 Oy. ..'- 71, I r' 1. l". -'7ifaf,1ff 1' ,gf y 1 Xl, .,-- ,-.:,- Lx., 3-gf ,, Y ,fn rv iEL" ,av nw, . , .M-5 NL .. 1 vw' A . 4, . L, ':. . ..- ' . 1 ' 11 - .':-e,sf' - . f- - ,H-ggi fi .' . , ' .' -,ilu X s - ' f '5'Qgf'7.51"'?qZY'3fH'?":.: iff! 2 Lifhi ff' M- f"" H ' F ' X- figia-fl'-' -11, , - S Va, .iqy,3,i3,v ' , '1 ' ' ' 445424: , . ga f' ' ' -' -"iff" -riff, F'-L' 1- x -" 1, im 1444 ug J-4 ' ff-if in f , Q., ' I . : . 1 . ws , -V w . .. V V J - , . r .. "lx - " 9 T4 , t. .. rw-. , " H? The HEVRUN Published by the STUDENTS OF CARL I. BERGERSON HIGH SCHOOL Albion, New York MILESTON ES Volume l, Number 1 of the Clzerrou appeared in February 1912. It contained editorials on "The Vvisdom of VVashington", "Responsibility" and "The Value of Athletics." The activities of the school were well covered. There had been a speech on self-reliance - "important"g medals had been awarded for a track meet. The cast of the high school play had presented "His Uncle lohnf' A column of Senior advice to the juniors urged them to be more udifferentialfl The 1911 football team pleaded Hmisunderstanding of a rule coupled with hard luck." There was a joke section: "Are you ticklish?" "No, I'm Irish." There were pictures - the football team and the track team vied with George Waslmingtoii and Lincoln. There were ads. The feature of the issue was an explanation of the name Chevron. "Many years ago when linighthood and he1'aldry were preeminent in the old world, a device representing the rafters of a house was often worn on a shield to betolcen the successful accomplishment of some noteworthy deed. So the name Cl'rev1'01fL has been chosen because it represents an ideal." The Chevron has changed in content. VVe had a poem by Carl Carmel' in our first issue. VVe've grown in size but we still represent the rafters that hold up the roof of the house. NVe still uphold the honor of our school. FOREWORD 1960! Mark off the path of the history of our school! Ondlanuary 31, 1960, Donald R. Nesbitt, president of the Board of Education presente a plaque which changes the name of the high school building. The plaque is inscribed: THE CARL I. BERGERSON HIGH SCHOOL This building is named hy the people of the Albion Central School District in honor of Carl I. Bergerson. As a teacher and administrator his devoted service in educating us and our children has given our community and our country a greatly enriched heritage. 1960-though not a conventional anniversary, marks a milestone for w became Carl I. Bergerson I-Iigh School. 7-w Dedication Administra Classes - Curricula Activities Sports - Sponsors TABLE OF CONTENTS tion and Faculty - DEDICATION "ln lllu days ul' Knjglnlwod, thc CIICVIUII lxclcl up to thc cycs of otlwrs honor zmcl praise for the mam on whose shield .il was pluccdf' Curl I. Bcrgcnsfm. friend to all the clmildrcn ol' ull ilu' pcuplu. the Clmcvrfmn humbly places this clmcxron on Yfllll' shield. 5 FACULTY l BOARD OF EDUCATION Top Row: Gordon McMurray, James Parsons, Leonard Depczynski, Thomas McNall, Lewis Hollenbeck Sitting: Joseph Sadler, Donald Nesbitt, Jean Lorant OFFICE STAFF Z. Brown, E. Williams, E. Hatch JANITORS A. Morton, M. Fowler, J. Daniels, L. Mantredi Seated: A. Hazel Absent from picture: S. Daniels MR. WOLFE In the short time he has been with us, Mr. Wolfe, as superintendent, has shown that he can match the giant strides forward taken by Mr. Bergerson. Under his supervision, Albion Central will continue to grow in every wav. MR. ANDERSON To insure a school's progress is one of the chief duties of an administrator. Over the years Mr. Anderson, first as Vice Principal and now as Principal, has worked unstintingly to see that Albion Central moves forward. 7 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Evelyn A. Collins-Librarian, Library Club, Bernard Lynch-English, Public Speaking, Senior Play, Helena Hogan-J. H. S. English, Sydne Brownell-Freshman English, College Orientation, Clarion Echo, May Scl'1nitzerfEnglisl'1g Margaret Landfear-Senior English, Yearbook Advisor, Margaret Sherman-English Absent from picture-Winifred New SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Virginia Morrison-Health, General Science, Harold R. Conrad-Health, General Science, Bas- ketball, Arthur G. Campbell-General Science, David Benders-Biology, Science Club, Harry W, Salchak-Science, Football, Varsity Club 8 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Roland Sanford-8th Math, Social Studies, Director of Transportation, Irene Harrigan-French, American History, Sam Salchak-Social Studies, Drivers Education, Football, Varsity Club, Norman Hill-Social Studies, Student Council, Henry Putnam Math, Service Club, Marjorie MOHOHGY-Am9fiCOH and World History MATH DEPARTMENT Thomas Hopkins-Algebra, Robert Bacon-Math, Radio Listeners Club, Ethelwyn Martin- Mothg Sadie Britton-Intermediate and Advanced Moth 9 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Edward Smith-Latin, Service Club, Yearbook Advisorg Irene Harrigan-French, Amervccn History GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Norma DiLaura-Guidance, Future Teachers of America, Junior Red Cross National Honor Society IU MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mory A. Trumble-Vocal Music, Giec Club, Moses Sherman-Instrumental Music, Bond HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT Arlene Sanger-Homemoking, Future Homemokers, Edith Anderson-Home making, Future Homernokers of America COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Anne Holt-Commercial, Commercial Clubg Jean Fenton-Commercialg Roy Schroeder-Corrv mercial, Hi-Y HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Dorofhy Anderson-School Nurse, Future Nurses Clubg Irma Dobson-Girls' Physical Education, G. A. A., Cheeringg Michael Spierdowis-Boys' Physical Education Absent from picture-Dr. J. A. Elson I2 INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Oscor Rickey-Industrial Arts, Audio Visuolg Hugh Dudley-Vocational Agriculture, F. F. A David Sanford-Industrial Arts ART DEPARTMENT Hazen Wolfe-Art, Photography Club Absent from picture-Doreen Sundell-High School Art, Art Club I3 SEVENTH GRADE TEACHERS Standing: James Burnett, Joseph Ballanca Seated: Nellie Willey, Lorraine Sprague, Helen Severns, Mildred Hazel-National Honor Societyg Hazel Burton IN MEMORIAM To those of us who knew him so well, the passing of hlr. New was indeed a great loss both to the school and thc community of Albion. lVlr. New was more than a revular Af. Teacher. He ala ed a vital wart in thc fi is l. Y l lilc of every farm hoy. He believed and taught that one must look over a job intelligently and then tackle it with determination, ambition and hard work. Mr. New lived by these principles himself and respected anyone else who lived by them. I knowg I was one of his students. S I X .V 'X x X x4x . AQ X N at . X . X X ' x 5' CLASS ES . i .V "AL, Y .gn ,I -'hh' V 1 ' I , D .r'. T X N SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS S. NAVARRA, 1. CAPURSO. B. MIX, Scirssrrw SENIOR CLASS Bangl went the gavel, and sent I-I-I seniors scurrying to their seats. After twelve years the class of 1960 finally had a year of the prestige and responsibility of being the oldest group in school, before going out into the world to begin again as novices. To help in the endless tasks of our advisors, Mrs. Landfear, Mr. llill, and Mr. Salchak, we elected the following officers: lACK Crxvurxso - f A President BARRY Mix - Vice President SANDRA Nfxvannrx - Secretary Imxms Sor1sETTix Treasurer XVhat was our first big dressfup occasion? The Senior Tea. Tea? Not a drop, but everyone enjoyed the delicious punch. Will we ever fo1'get 'Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat" with the allemale cast or the clever skit enacted CPD by several of the girls? In December the spotlight of the theater world shown brightly on the ACS stage. "Big Hearted Herbert" starring our seniors under the direction of Mr. Lynch was one of the best plays presented on our stage. Who would have guessed that Pat Mackey could fill Santa Clausls suit? But he did and the annual Christmas party was a great success. On March 29 the seniors boarded buses to sec the famous Globetrotters and Althea Gibson in Rochester. The seniors sncnt their "leisure" time Jartici uatin v in Band, Glee Club, saorts, . N I , 1 l l 3 I club activities, and in proudly cheering our basketball team on to an undefeated season. May brought the Senior Ball. The theme -A Sayonara. How lovely we were against the Oriental backgroundl Finals, narties, uictures, callin' cards, announcements, tri as - the bio vear U 1 I 1 s E , U1 U N . passed quickly and before we knew it we were nearing the biggest trip of all - the one across the stage in cap and gown on Commencement night. MARTIN ADDUCI Football, Hi-Y Club, Varsity Football Club SHIRLEY if BAILEY Swimming Club, Volleyball mms BANNISTER lf Literary Editor of Chevron, Art Editor of Clarion-Echo, National Honor Society, Promotion Staff LINDA BAYNE If Service Club, Swimming Club, Treasurer Photographic Club, Junior Red Cross LILLIAN BABCOCK Typing Staff of Chevron ALBERT BAKER Future Farmers of America BONNIE 'X BAUGHN Promotion Staff, Girls' Athletic Association, Glee Club, Advertising Staff DONALD BENNETT DAVID BERTSCH CAROL BISTOFF Future Teachers of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Glee Club, County Chorus SANDRA BROER lf Clarion Echo, Service Club, National Honor Society, Girls' Bowling SHARRON BROOKS lf Service Club, Literary Staff, Future Nurses of Arnerico MARGARET BIERNACKI Head of Typing Staff of Chevron, Commercial Club If RICHARD BOWEN HEY, Baseball, Football, Varsity Football Club Vf LJNDA Baooxs National Honor Society Business Manager of Chevron, Glee Club, Future Teachers of America LINDA BRUST Student Council, Promotion Staff, Glee Club, Bowling I8 GRACE . BUCK 'X Promotion Staff, Girls' Athletic Association, Junior Red Cross FRED BUDYNSKI WILLIAM CHAMPENEY if Bowling, Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, Baseball ANNETTE COLELLA If Service Club, Dramatics Club, Advertising Staff of Chevron, Promotion Staff JUDY BUCKNER Commercial Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Advertising Staff, Promotion Staff of Chevron JACK 'ZCAPURSO Basketball, Football, Track, Student Council, Signor Prize, Photographic Editor of Chevron ,X CHARLES CHICK Bowling, I-li-Y, Dramatics Club, Future Farmers of America if JAMES COLLICHIO President of Student Council, Varsity Football, Bosketball, Baseball, Hi-Y, Service Club GEORGE COLONEY Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hi-Y Club EUGENE D'AMlCO Baseball, Bowling RONALD J DAUM Baseball, Basketball, Football, Advertising Staff at Chevron, Student Council, Hi-Y DARLA DAWSON Glee Club CHARLOTTE D'AMlCO Hockey, Service Club, Future Nurses of America, Girls' Athletic Association RAYMONT DANIELS Bowling, Future Farmers of America, Wrestling, Swimming MARILYN DAVIS Swimming Club, Lite Saving Typist School Paper CMadison Highl ROBERT DI PALMA Service Club, Baseball, Dramatics Club, Bowling ROBERT ' DOTY Service Club, Chess Club, Hi-Y, Baseball BETTY EMBT Commercial Club, Swimming Club DELOR lS ERGOTT Basketball, Promotion Staff, Twi rling Dow pf FENTON Yearbook C0-Editor, Varsity Cheerleading, Treasurer of Student Council, National Honor Society DAVID M ELLIS Audio Visual, Service Club, Chevron, Student Council CAROLYN if ENZIE Chairman of Awards Council, Varsity Cheerleader Student Council, Glee Club DAVID ERWAY Wrestling, Track SHARON FERRIS Dramatics Club, Senior Play, Art Editor of Yearbook Signor Prize ANITA If FISHER Student Council Secretary, Band, Twirling, Dramatics Club SALLY 1 FREW Future Teachers Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Swimming Club, Promotion Staff THOMAS GEARY Future Farmers ot America DAVID GREENLEE Football, P Basketball, Baseball, National Honor Society, Pres. District I2 Student Council, Layout Editor of Yearbook RICHARD FORDER Football, Basketball, Baseball, President Varsity Football Club, Audio-Visual, Hi-Y JAMES FRITZ Hi-Y, Baseball, Bowling, Intramural Basketball L! DARLA GILLETTE National Honor Society Future Teachers of America, Senior Play, Signor Prize J Cheerleader, Girls' Athletic Association, Co-Head ot Promotion Staff, Girls' Sports 22 PEARL GRIFFITH Future Homema kers af America .fifrli if Senior Play, Signor Prize, Art Club, Future Teachers at America BARBARA HILL Secretary and Treasurer of Future Nurses of America, Glee Club, Swimming Club, Bowling Club DIANA HULTS Publicity Chairman of Future Homemakers of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Service Club, Glee Club ROGER HARRADINE Band, Dance Band, Bowling 'X MARILYN HIGLEY National Honor Society Girls' Athletic Association, Future Teachers of America, Student Council If MARSHA HOLLIDAY Chairman of Circulation Staff, President of Future Nurses of America, Secretary of Service Club, Varsity Basketball Scorekeeper if ROBERT HUSTED Future Farmers at America, Wrestling, Intramurals 23 WSF f Girls' Athletic Association Photography Club, National Honor Society DIAN JAROSZEK Promotion Staff, Dramatics Club, Commercial Club, Future Nurses of America MARJORIE X Jozwmig i, Glee Club, Future Teachers ot America BARBARA KAMI NSKI Future Homemakers of America LIANE INGRAHAM Future Nurses of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Promotion Staff, Band MARCIA JOHNSON Dromatics Club, Commercial Club Service Club CHARLES JULIANA Football, Track, Service Club, Hi-Y RICHARD KAMINSKI Hi-Y, Service Club 24 ROGER KANIECKI LARRY if KIDNEY Service Club, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Bowling DELORES KNIGHT Commercial Club, Chevron Staff DOUGLAS LANDFEAR If Football, Track, Co-Head of Advertising Staff, Traffic Safety Council df CAROL KEITEL Girls' Athletic Association, Promotion Staff Dramatics Club RHODA KLOTZBACK Glee Club, Bowling ROGER LAMONT Future Farmers of America, Future Farmers of America Basketball Senior Play, Signor Prize DONALD LARSEN Bowling, Hi-Y, Dramatics Club, Baseball 1 DAVID LEFROIS Bowling JUDITH LUDWICK Art Club, Service Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Commercial Club THOMAS MCCABE Football, Bowling, Future Farmers of America President, Future Farmers of America Basketball, Football Varsity Club KATHY MCKENNA Future Teachers of America President, Bowling, Dramatics Club, Glee Club ARTHUR LUCAS Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball, Hi-Y WILLIAM MACKEY Student Council Bowling, Intramurals, Hi-Y Club if JOHN MCKENNA Audio-Visual, Hi-Y, Service Club, Baseball If JAMES MILES Hi-Y, Bowling, Senior Play, Signor Prize Z6 FAITH MILLER Commercial Club, Future Homemakers of America, Bowling BARRY MIX Football, Wrestling, Track, Service Club BEATRICE if MOORE Promotion Staff, Commercial Club, Dramatics Club, Swimming Class SANDRA MYERS Twirling, Glee Club, Service Club, Dramatics Club - HARON 'XS MILLER GERALD MONAGAN Football, Track, Basketball, Varsity Football Club, Hi-Y, President Service Club WERONICA MORRIS National Honor Society Future Teachers ot America, Band Bowling 4LBERT NARBURGH Band ... 2. JAMES NARBURGH Future Fa rrners ot America SANDRA NAVARRA Secretary of Senior Class, Advertising Co-Manager of Chevron, Future Nurses at America, Student Council MARY NEAL Future Homemakers of America R ITA NEWTON Twirling LARRY NARBURGH Track, Student Council, Service Club JOHN NAYMAN Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Hi-Y JOHN NEWTON EARL PARKER J. V. Football, J. V. Basketball Varsity Football, Varsity Club 28 LYLE PARKER Future Farmers of America JOYCE PARSONS lf Future Nurses of America, Supply Store, Promotion Staff of Chevron, Service Club PETER PELLEGRINO Football, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling STELLA If POTTI NG Future Homemakers ol America :ff WILLIAM PARKER National Honor Society President, Clarion Echo Editor, Service Club, Senior Play JOYCE PECORELLA Service Club, Future Teachers of America, Art Club MAXIMEIY PILON Football, Basketball, Baseball, Supply Store Manager, Senior Editor Yearbook President of Hi-Y CLARENCE PRESTON Student Helper in Shop 29 NORMA RALEIGH Girls' Intramurals, Intramural Sports CAROLYN J REED ' Promotion Staff, Future Nurses ot America, Intramurals DARLENE ROBINSON Future Homemakers of America, Y Teens SHARON if RUHLMAN Promotion Staff ot Chevron, Clarion Echo, Future Teachers of America, Girls' Athletic Association 50 BETTY A REAMER lf Promotion Staff, Commercial Club, Future Homemakers of America, Bowling JOAN RESTIVO Commercial Club, Promotion Staff, Future Nurses ot America, Bowling GREGORY ROOT Bowling, Co-Chairman Junior Red Cross, Hi-Y GERALD RUSH Service Club, Hi-Y Club, Dramatics Club JANET SALCHAK Future Nurses of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Commercial Club, Library Club NORMA SANFORD Swimming Club, Twirllng, Bowling, Basketball KATHLEEN if SAYERS J. V. Cheerleader, Glee Club, Service Club, Girls' Athletic Association GERALD SHAWVER DAVID SALVATORE Bowling, Baseball, Hi-Y, Clarion Echo BRUCE V SARTWELL Senior Co-Editor ot Chevron, Vice-President of Service Club, Vice President ot l National Honor Society, Student Council JAMES SCIBETTA Basketball, Hi-Y Club, Promotion Staff ot Chevron, Treasurer of Senior Class DlANE SHEPARD Promotion Staff, Senior Play, Future Nurses of America, Dramatics Club ISI DENNIS SLIZEWSKI Baseball, Basketball, Football, Student Council, National Honor Society, Supply Store ROLLAND SOULE ROBERT SPRIEGEL PAMELA STOC KTON Girls' Athletic Association, Swimming Club, Service Club, Volleyball ROGER SOULE Future Farmers of America VINCENT f SPADE Band, Service Club, Bowling, Glee Club 'X BARBARA STEIER Future Teachers of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Basketball, Volleyball DAVID STONE 52 JOANNE SULLIVAN Service Club, Future Teachers of America, Art Club BETTY TOWER Service Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Basketball, Hockey RICHARD If VACCA National Honor Society, Co-Head of Promotion Staff, President ot Science Club, Senior Class Representative to Student Council WILLIAM WELLS Future Farmers of America, Wrestling SAMUEL THOMPSON Service Club JON TSCHETTER DONNA VAGG Service Club, Bowling, Future Nurses of America, Promotion Staff ANTHONY WILDSCHULTZ Hi-Y, Service Club, Future Farmers of America JUDY WILSON All State Glee Club, Future Teachers of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Senior Play l SENlOR CATALOG lllost Popular Girl .llost Popular Boy llfittiest Girl ..... - - lflfittiest Boy .... Brightest Girl --- Brightest Boy --- ------- ------Dow FENTON - - - - -"FRED" FRITZ -SHARON BIIIILMAN ----"WILLY" XVELLS --JANIS BANNISTER - - -BRUCE SARTYVELI. Prettiest Girl ....... ..... C AROLYN REED Handsoinest Boy - Best Dressed Girl - - - - - -DAVID GREENLEE - - - - -SIIARRON BROOKS Best Dressed Boy ----- .----- DAVID ELLIS Most Friendly Girl Host Friendly Boy Most Musical Girl Most Musical Boy Most Athletic Girl Most Athletic Boy --- ---- SHARON FERRIS -- -- - --------BARRY MIX -VERONICA lVlORRIS -- -.-- ROGER HARRADINE - - - - - -GAIL GREGG -- ------- DICK FORDER Most Quiet Girl --.- ---JOYCE PECORELLA Most Quiet Boy ----- ..---.-. I: ARL PARKER Most Smiling Girl Most Smiling Boy Best Actress ----- Best Actor ------ Ideal llVife -.--- I Ideal Husband --- ------ Neatest Senior --- --- l-aziest Senior -- VVo1nan-Hater -- Best Executive -- Most Versatile --- MARSHA IJOLLIDAY -----DIM NANGJU -------JEAN IJART - - - DAVID CREENLEE - -------- BARBARA HILL -THOMAS MCCABE -CHARLOTTE D'AMICO - - - - - - -lVIICKEY PILON - - - -lVlICKEY PILON - ---- JIM COLLICHIO - - .--- DENNIS SLIZEWSKI Most Responsible .. -..-...---. JACK CAPURSO Best Speaker ---------------- RICHARD VAOOA Biggest Nuisance io Best Dancer ----- Teachers ---- HFREDH FRITZ - -- - - - - - -PETER PEI-LIGRINO ,llost Talkatiue -- -- . ----- JUDY I-,UDWICK Most Diligent - - - Most Artistic ----- - - - - - -WILLIAM PARKER - - -SHARON PERRIS Most Original ------------.- JANIS BANNISTER Most Likely to Succeed ---- DENNIS SLIZEVVSKI Best Disposition ------.-..---..- PAT NIACKEY Ten O'clock Scholar -----.-- LARRY NARBURGH Most Courteous Senior --- ---. - ---- JULIA IDE J DIMYATI NANGJU Student Council, National Honor Society Hi-Y Club Seniors studying QPJ in the library. Leave if fo Mickey to eat the last picce! Oh happy day! Senior pictures have arrived! Gcf your money our! Look what Santa brought Poof! "And what am I bid for this one?" Chef Scibctta and his helpers try to cat some of their own concoction Arc they buying pencils Paf's pu! on a IS Monogan working for a change? to do homework? few pounds. ISS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ELL. IX. LACEY, IX. nIA1.oN15, D. NIILLFR JUNIOR CLASS Money, money, cvGrywI1QrcF This your our class is thc richest ciziss cvcr. VVC sold nearly four thouszmd cIoIIzirs worth of magazines which toppcd thc oIcI record hy about six huncircci Cioiliirs. But wc cIicIn't stop thcrc. VVQ put on a junior Prom for the first time in ton years. Everyone who aittcncicci cnjoycci it immcnsciy. Later in tht- ycur the ,Iunior Class saw gi spcctaicuiiir PCI'IiU1'ITlLll1CC Lit thc Ice Follies. This was un cvcnt to which wc all had Iwcn Iooicing Iforwzird zinci cvcryonc rcmaincci opcn-cycci 'til tht' IzltG, IQIIC Cnci. Many -Iuniors participating in sports. chccr ing, gicc ciuh, :md Imnci helped acIcIccI glory to sucscssfui seasons. VVe :iii realize how much wc owe to tht- help of our patient and capahie aci- risors, Mrs. Mzihoncy, Mr. Smith, Nr. Sum Sziicimii, and Mrs. IX'Iartin. Top Row: G. Coville, L. Sebring, F. Gurzynski, C. Thoine, E. Drought, E. Whiting, R. Norman, J. Pefronio, S. Peglow 3rd Row: D. Lipperf, S. Soencer, I. Phillips, D. Monccelli, D. Jullcino, S. Brown, M. Liopert, F. Cox 2nd Row: R. Sadler, S. Milier, M. Boyer, A. Spcncer, P. Colcllci, D. Long, F. Tribunellc Ist Row: D. Pinson, M. A. Lettis, S. Woolston, R. Kendrick, K. Bower, C. Grimble, J. Hole Top Row. 3rd Row. Zrd Row lst Row: JUNIOR CLASS H. Jones C, l-lughsoi., J, Faust, D. Tower, R. Fowler, T. Mahoney, R. Frocchi, T. Millcr J. Morrison, J. Gould M. Blake, L. Ingroharn, C. Broley, P. Jones, R. West, E. Wilder, J. Perozzani, R. Dillion S. Ackerson C. Morrison, R. Tschetter, R Turner, C. Piozza, M. l.oMortino, T. Richards, E. Vick S. Losccll, C. Monno, M. Wolker, E. Lupo, H, Govigon, C. Miles, l-i. Pcnasack Too Row 3rd Row: 2nd Rowl lsr Row: W, Recd D. Sanford, K. Morshall, J Proctor, M. Hoag, D. Miller, R. l-lowes, G. Monogon D. Bloom, C Eurgoon A. Locoye AI. Allen, D. Gibson, P. Lake, P, Logalbo, J. l-larmer, A. Molonc, J. Kelly, R. Nelson D. arston D. Ricci, W. Birch, D. Kidney, G. Wilson, J. Thompson, G. Albright, D. Stirk, D. Shervin S. Lent, P. Nelson, C. Boci, M. Alport, A. Piazzo, B. Webster, K. Shock JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: J. Mathos, S. Covillc. G. Hooper, A. Tribunella, R. Makowski, C. Polmer, B. Wilson, E. Lose, J. Butts, J. McKenna 3rd Row: E. Sidari, P. Sullivan, C. Saeva, G. Palmer, K. Minervirio, A. Hadsiead, C. West, D. Thompson, F. Dilodovico I 2nd Row: B. Boyer, D. O'Bricn, D. Davis, P. Howlell, S. Rush, R. Saule, D. Smith lsf Row: S. Droughi, S. Pawloczyk, S. Ingram, B. DeHor1d, H, Reiferson, G. McCartney, M. Groczyk Decorators make sure the snowflakes wor1't fall at the Junior Prom 1- :Vu xlf, 7 I. Phillips, J. McKenna, S. Pawlaczyk, A. Lacey 58 SOPHOMCDRE CLASS XVC clon't havc barrels ot money. but wc do harc lots ol' fun! Our succcssful Christmas party was prool' of this. Anothcr party is plannccl to climax our year. Clcc Cluh, Scrricc Cluh, Stuclcnt Council, -I. V. ancl Varsity Sports - this is only the hcginning ol' a long list oF actiritics wc sophor niorcs participatccl in. lxlany thanlxs go to our aclvisors, lxflrs. Schnitvc r. Mrs. llarrigan. Mrs. llolt. Miss llritl ton, and Mr. Conrad for their help in making this such a succcssful year. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS .X. PARKE, C. PEconF1.l..x. D. Scum iz. ll. Cxvunso Top Row: G. Parker, W. Plummer, D. Preston, E. Restivo, S. Sedore, J. Capurso, P, Morton, W. Schoger, R. Klctt, R. Shultz 3rd Row: S. Belson, J. Norman, M. Acri, R. LoGaIbo, S. Smith, A. Kachuk, N. Beardsly, D. Grimes 2nd Row: J. Hayes, J. Durrant, R. Kirchner, G. Meyers, E. Raymond, D. Depczynski, C. Collello, C. Ackerson, W. Cox lst Row: K. Doherty, L. Hildreth, M. Croddock, V. Cropsey, S. Perfitt,4A. Mackey, B. Klaft 39 SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row' D. Smith, K. Keniecki, D, Borstow, D. Johnson, G. Ried, D. Kirby, C. Pecorcllo, D Polmer C. Sfondish, D. Fisk 3rd Row: C. Norburgh, W. Mincklcy, K. Johnson, S. Forder, P. Powloczyk, A. Andre, D, A. Rhodey, M. Long, R. Ferris, P. Johnson 2nd Row: J. Reed, C. Bergmon, T, Storkweofher, C. Monocelli, L. Robinson, J. Goze, W, Brogg, P. Andrews, R. Embt Isf Row: J. Ugoreck, B. Hollenbeck, C. Froy, G. Polmer, S. Wessels, H. Lcindfeor Top Row: F. 3rd Row: 2nd Row ist Row. Finney, D. Bannister, S. Allen, R. Weilhomer, D. Porsons, J. Hucknoll, M. Reed, C. Wogncr, R. Hoye Doelves, D. Skinner, C, Cusimono, I. Sfeicr, J. Norburgh, D. Grimes, D. Dragon, P. Miller, K. Shuck, R. Korls, L. Boyce Rhodey, P, Knickerbocker, D. Wcole, R. Kominski. S. London, H. Sfroffon, G. Bowen Porke, M. Porker, L. Sorfviell, P. Bruski, M. Lemon, C. Field SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row: R. Eddy, L. Banty, I. Canuteson, R. Gillette, M. VanWycke, C. Martillotto, W. Diedrick, A. Jones, 3rd Row: R. Nenni, E. Gibson, G, Baldwin, R. Redick, R. Knight, P. Pecoraro, G. Eddy, P. Christopher, B. Bannister 2nd Row: A. Sacva K. Webster, R. DiPaImci, C. Woods, D. Brown, J. Norman, J, Miles lst Row. J. Hill, E. Axtell, J. Hastings, G. Babbitt, K. Barry, C. Merritt, L. Burton X. i ' w ax i 'i '-ix ,X ' i X ff' i 1 -N , AA. .f' i , , .x --Q- --,---X 1 ii....', 4. ,-. . X .,..4 1 .i iK.3f 'JSM' X 6 Wf xi by-ff, My ,7 JL' QNX xx . i N AI Z, .Ji i I i Xi i i ff -' .1 in iffxx 4. fi. i iw' 1 ,'.'1.,.'K,'?w ,r,.l? ,., ., , ., ., K mmf - 9, f , i M ,. K ,. ,f 1 ef--, ,,. 'V H, ,, F--k . wg . f i i ll, . ,C 7 Af, O .551 'K X Dick takes a powder at the Sophomore Party K. Doherty, J. Capurso, C. Pecorella, R. Shultz, S. Smith 5 i fqtlllllzillgi ID. SHIFTON, Xl, XYICR FRESHMAN CLASS Xlere pretty proud of ourselves non' tliur were only four rungs from the top of our school ladder. From this lieigllt we llind that we earn see 21 little more and we know ll little more tliam we did before. On tliis, thc first step ol' our Senior--lliglr L'llIT1lD. we liind new oppmtunities unfolding lor luotli worlt and play. XVe're gl'LlIL'liLll to our aids xisnrs under whose guidance we lmd u sueeessf I'ul Cliristrnns party and u wider Club pzrrtiei- pzxtion. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS dent, lolin Miles, vice presidentg lVlLll'g2ll'Cl Cur- tis. Seeretzrryt llzrrlys Yieli. -lirezrsurer. SL'Lll6'ClI YI. AlII.ES. Xl. Cuirris Top Row: L. Stevenson, A. Boyd, D. Morrisey, R. Parsons, L. Fornum, D, Westulund, L, Pluskwo, J. Coulter, J. Woodcook, W. Lcziin, R. Smith, G. Adduci 3rd Row: F. Sidori, P, Jones, P. Hodstecd, R. Brown, B. Lyons, S. Silker, M. Forione, R. Klott, G. Buckland Znd Row: M. Chrnst, P. Coffey, G. Srmmcns, C. Wolls, L. Polmer, E. Fenton, S. Kock, C. Weits, N. Tower Ist Row: J. Buckner, J. Fisher, C. Ingrohcm, M. Gimberlrng, J. Newton, S. Forder, L. Anderson As olflieers we elected David Sliifton, Presi- Top Row. 3rd Row: Qnd Row. lsr Row: Too Row: 4th Row: 3rd Row: 2nd Row: lst Row: FRESHMAN CLASS J. Miles, D. Bloom, J. Huthsrcmer, H. Howklns, J. Boker, L Hollldoy, D. Schorctl, H. Lucos. G. Rusfoy, R. Leffls G. Pcelmo, C. Word, K. Chrnsty, C. Zombnro L. Lcddon, G Thompslcn, J. Korls, J. Howklns K. Zummo, M. Curlrs R. Clark, P. Preston, K. Smith, J. Nesbitt, L. Poclmo, D. Gbbs, C. Hucknoll, P, Sclrolcs, J. Pombifo, A. McArthur D. Jensen, C. Albcrson, C. McKc-nno, S. Burton, L. Froser, A. Slone D. Rhoring, W. Pilon, S. Ergott, D. Hutch, R. Palmer, C. Dumrese, D. Peflo, M. Millcr, R. Gursslin, J. Sayers J. Neal, C, Eorley, S. Cole, L. DeCurlo, D. Kominskl, D, Shiffon, S. Toylor, A. Bistoff, C. Korns, L. Sfritzcl D. Norburgh, R. Budynski, T. Trolley, M. Fletcher, D. Myers, R. Wagner, N. Zicori, S. Parsons M. Vick, M. Fronk, S. Hughes, M. Condolucl, J. Allan L. Snook, R. Hcrdsfeod, M. Christ, VV. Burch, M. Bloom B. Waldo FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: J. Sidari, R. Lettis, C. Doherty, L. Gursswln, R. Fowler, L. Sanford, Ci. Thomson, J. Curtis, S. Morrison 3rd Row: W. Coots, M. Wiggly, J. French, M. Scibetta, D. Ingram, N. Bowen, C. Smith, D. Chamberlin, C. Eible 2nd Row: G. Dykstra, S. Coville, L. Erway, S. Page, W. Skillion, J, Miller, C. Sanford, W. O'Hearr1, L. Harding lst Row: S. Gibson, L. Reynzlds, C. Kendrick, M. Richard, S. Cannon. K. Smith, L, Miller, M. Wetherbee The Sidari boys give Santa a hard time at the Freshman Christmas Party J Li' if ,F 'NX' iieii' ii Qi I Hifi. V i .Hx 1 Y 4 if A . J I i . ffl . I .. ...J . .,.. M.. fx, i J. Sidari, D. Petta, F. Sidari EIGHTH GRADE Boy. nlmt ai your n'c'x'c lmcll Changing clnsscs lor tlmc first tiinc, l'CIHC1l1l7Cl'Jl1g tllc right lvoolts on XVcdncscluy, Illillilllg out schcclulcs for our future yours. and just getting generally confusecl. This ycur n'c'rc Finally upper classnlcn to somcluozly. VVc'x'c lmcl loncls of lun joining clubs, work' ing on Student Council, Chevron, playing in- llllllllllllll lnglslxctlnnll uncl xollcylnull. swimming in inuvts. going to rt-cord hops, anal trying out for vliccring. Ncxt your is one welrc really looking forwarcl EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS more fun ffnncl xrorlxll E. S. l31STo1fIf. L. liliNNII'I'l, S. AlCKEYNi 'I. ,Xxnnnsox to. when wc'll lit- lmig frcslnnen nncl liars even Top Row: J. Page, D. Bloom. D. Davis, J, Erway, M. L. Batchelor, B. Buffs, M, Rush, L. Bennett, A. Fitzwoter, J. Burgoon, D. Eckert 4th Row: S. Horrrgiige, VV. Splerdowns, B. Carter, S. McKenna, R. Hamilton, L. McKenna, F. Anson, J. I erf 3rd Row: R. Thompson, L. Draper. J. Anderson, C. Ferris, M. E. Wagner, R. Brooks, N. Harris 12nd Row: S Ross, K. Williams, D. Stump, J. Banker, J. Harradrne, M. Sher lst Raw: M. J. Nesbitt, D. Trolley, J. Chrzan, C, Coloney, B. French IZIGHTH GRADE Top Row: G, Wallers, J. Rlvcrc, D. Kulzcr, D, Alporl, J. Hill, A, Lin, G. Truscllc, T, Jaroszck, D, I Plummer, G. Wcsfland, J. MCCarTl'1y 3rd Row: C. Colonna, L. Fowlcr, B. Walls, G. Kelley, A. Beach, T. Moore, K, Standish, R. Recd 2nd Row: S Navman, G. Bzrnard, A. Newton, D. Tower, S. Polcski, R. Carlston R. McMurray, S. Mincklcv, O. Mull, K. Burnham lst Row: G Saco, S. McKenna, V. Boyer, P. Cote, M. Scharping, S. Pcruzzini. L. Mngnanu, C Clavk . , .. L -Mn . L 2 Q Q Top Row: G. Calkins, D. Campbell A. l-lowes, BG Dunawoy, S. Raymond, W. Miesc-r, J. Boyer, A. Treble, S ' . G d E. Lake, R. -cdsro, R. Hmkley, ar ener 3rd Raw' G. Parsons, K. Snyaer, M. Mahoney, M. Jessup, M. Hlgley, S. Townsend, G. Ettlnger, S. Pratt, C. Monaflan I 2nd Row: C. Dullon, S. Shepard, L. Brackcnbury, G. Kaminski, T. Dalaba, J. Krull, L. Mlllls, L, Hughson lst Row: J. Mlx, E. S. Bxstoff, S. Irwin, L, Belson, M. Ball, V. Moullrne, S. Metcalf EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: D. Monahan, C, M. Hannah, S. Engle, N, Ebbs, R. Narburgh, R Klaft R. Clark, S. Slaub B. Snyder, L. Barnard, N. Manacelln, H, Hazel 3rd Row: D. Narburg, G. Wilson, P. Sanford, J. Draper, G. Franklin, G. Smith, R. Day, R. Siclari J. Evans, D. Pinson 2nd Row: E. Blake, G. Evans, M, Jones, L. Markle, D, Kasl, J. Kellie, S, Costello, S. Hobbs lsr Row: R Tower, D. Pratt, B. Tower, K. Spencer, F. Pccorella, E. Cole Marnie entertains awed friends wx T L V X! x XJ 'lf ff! . r l S V YE I ' ' V X Q55 1 -rx X lr L. Hughson, S. Engle, M. Mahoney SEVENTH GRADE OFFKIERS -xmiigu. 5. l3.xs1N.x1T. ll. Cfussiiw, l-. I'lu.i, S Buiztom, DI. UIEFI-ORDS, K. l'lOI.LENl3ECli SEVENTH GRADE Our first year at the high school has lrocn interesting, exciting, and wc confess, a little confusing. This year we started a limited program of cluh participation including junior Chorus, Girls' .Xstronomx Cluh and intramural sworts. . l is Pop" asscinhlies, tht- swimming pool, and noon hour programs including dancing, movies, and study hall were all new to us and wc wcrcn't long in learning to enjoy them. CVVCH, lnayhc not study hall.D Now that u'c'x'c become familiar with the high school routinc ware looking forward to bigger and hettcr times ncxt year. Top Row: 4th Raw: 3rd Row: 2nd Row: E lst Row: SEVENTH GRADE M. Parker, R. Gibson, R. Stinson, S. Cole, D, Albright, T, Forder, K. Coville, T, Anderson, D Irvine J Dale R McOmber J. Hurlburt, Ji Kast, Chick, B. Ferris, P. Mott, L. Lake, L. Stump, E. Hart, J. Gursslin, D. Wright B. Harvey, C. Fishbaugh, C. Carperts, C, Stetson, K. Poelrna, S. Andrews, M. Babcock, D. Millxman F. Coloney, V. Leigh, A Moore, D, Dawson, R. Rhodey, L. Candoluci, C. Nesbitt, D, Vick . Ulianelii, A. Peglow, L. Buck, A. Axtell SEVENTH GRADE Top Raw: P. McKenna, H. McMurray, R. Doalen, A. Burgoan. K. Milfu, B. Dawson, M. Eddy, L. Phillips, P. Brocks,E. LaGalbo, S Allport sith Row: J. Drcul, D. Stump, L. Hoag, J. Buck. E. Hrnmcn, W. S', K. Proctor H. Harding, J. Sci,-ft, S. Weatherspoon 3rd Row: K. Klhen, C. Edwards, Farewell, D. Melia, J. Huckhall, D. l-lulrs, C. Gibbs, S. Kesscll, K. Marfh Qnd Row: T, Jerrs, D. Reed, A. Kaminskl, J. Salvatore, B. Kuhns, A. Resllva, F. Mack, M. Taylor lst Row: J. McFrady, D. Wilson, G. Pack, L, Marshall, S. Burton, C. Wadhanes, D. Castleman Top Row 'ith Raw: Erd Raw: End Row: l-lorsch, J. Jeffords, D. Miller, B, Horsch, K. Gould, R. Janson, L. Shepard, G. Alpori, C. Dalala, E. Johnson Webster, K. Ryan, W. Miller, M. Hill, C. Edwards, G. Kaughlin, D. Smith, W. Bcllson, M. Warden Hulls, P. Donahue, E. Parsons, R Cox, D. Sweden, D. Palmer, R. Curtis, J. Sumners, K. Kirby, L. l-lull Banly D Freeman, J. Bahcock, P. Oicnna, H. Palmer, P. Yuskulskl, L. Taylor, J. Dragon G. , . lst Row: D. Schmidt, C. Frank, M. Zagala, L. Vick, C. Harling, J. Myers, E. Marshall, S. Scdore SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: R. Hinckley, P. McKenna, F. Cizirk, K. Snyder, L. Karns, P. Edwards, M. Bannister, R. Carlston G. McKenna, D. Miller, D. Brown 3rd Row: F. Nesbitt, J. Dragon, C. Robinson, M. Morrison, H. Taylor, F. Smith, S. Malone, E. VanDoren R, French, D. Long, E. Sik 2nd Row: R. Soulc, S. Basinait, K. Covery, B. Williams, E. Symereski, B. Wilehammer, G. Bromley D. Tutone, J. Neil, W. Bennett ist Row: B. Carr, K. Hollenbeck, J. Seava B. Wessels, S. Walter, L. Bailey, J. Forman, S. Anderson D. Ritterbrant The Seventh Graders show school spirit by making posters ul' 1 . K. Proctor, C. Loss, H. Palmer, J. Radzinski A .,f , V 1 4 4wX5i3f':i1f:gQx Xfvgax xr I 'K "5f"1f4T3 S 4' X 1, 4 u A ,afja Qx fix '-XIX ,iff A if K Dm U ww I M ' lr xixv, lx JJ M -,Q X m NX X 'Jf X .. . ,.,f lxvl .XJ I 1 J xx X 5-QM X- f X EN no 45' 1' ' " ' f 1 'ix K, 1, fff-.W-J 'fl- 'XX "xg ' - -f X R3 b44QQ :1 z,.f fi X -,,, AL. W ww, ,..,A w -rn. A, ,f', pw -X :,. ,rf-'gfAif1 A -, F 5. ,fm + fx ,TW wx Xxx fi, lf' lj uff, Q' X. f ,.-df,-x in .izfwi 'ix ff ,1 ,q mi ' X424 '-ff' "" WT Yf :A,-- XML:-j."Q-Jg,k 1 1' X' W XX' f'Y'-f-'- Ya, VY fw,,,J,f :, YN .D ., ,," w ,R 1 -1 U7 ,x MATHEMATICS Today, we do have modern Mathematics. At present, the only evidence of it is the starting of high school mathematics in the eighth grade and thereby completing the twelve years in eleven years. But mathematics is the fastest growing and most radically changing of all the sciences - it is the only branch of learning in which all the major theories of ten thousand years ago still hold valid. Yet never before has there been such a flood of fresh ideas, such as flow and communications using all the old branches. Space flight challenges mathematics to insert new navigational technique far more complex than those that now guide ships and airplanes. Sadie M. Britton MATHEMAT!CS CURRICULA Miss Britton, K. Bower LATIN Latin is the ancient language that unlocks the mysteries of our western culture. Our philosophy is rooted in Greek ideals, given to us by Rome. Our government is a replica of the Poman Republic. Our system of law has been "lifted" from the formulae of the basilical. The influence of Latin and the civilization it served cannot be discounted. To urderstand this civilization and its culture best, we must read its language, for that which is best read is best understood, and that which is best understood is most enioyed. Edward Smith LATIN CURRICULA Mr. Smith, D. O'Brien 52 WOODWORKING SHOP J. Tschetter, Mr. Rickey, E. Parker DRIVER EDUCATION "Driver Education consists of classroom instruction and practice driving to help students learn to operate a motor vehicle safely and efficiently . Classroom Instruction in driver education refers to learning ex- periences which are provided elsewhere than in an automobile. Practice Driving refers to learning ex- periences for the student as an observer and student driver in an automobile. The purposes and objectives of driver education are the some in the classroom and and in a motor vehicle but certain objectives are more readily achieved through practice driving than through classroom instruction." S. Salchak INDUSTRIAL ARTS The two Industrial Arts Laboratories are equipped to teach exploratory courses in several different in- dustries. One shop is set up to teach all of the re- lated metal trades. The other shop is set up for three unrelated but vital trades: wood, printing and cer- amics. The 7th, 8th and 9th grade classes are labeled as General Shop Courses, where students spend 20 weeks in one of the laboratories so that by the time they have completed the 8th grade, they have had one full year of Junior High General Shop. Ninth year General Shop is an elective and may be taken by any high school student. They spend 20 weeks in each laboratory with a change of teachers at mid-semester. O, Rickey DRIVER EDUCATION M. Pilon, Mr. Salchak, S. Ruhlman, J. Newton 53 HOMEMAKING The Homernaking course develops in girls the skills and attitudes which will enable them, as future homernakers, to make their contribution to society. ART CURRICULA F. Finney, K. Kaniecki 54 Edith Anderson HOMEMAKING CURRICULA A. Hadstead, S. Ackerson, C. Keller, C. Field ART Man must leave his own presence and his own intelligence on his work if it is ART. So, down with the six pointed snowflakes, the five pointed stars, and the pattern produced Santa Clauses. Nature is God created, ART is man created - it has no synonym. Hazen Wolfe FRENCH CURRICULA Mrs. Harrigan, S. Rush, D. Salvadore, L. Boyne SOCIAL STUDIES The Social Studies Department seeks to correlate the subiect material in the various fields of history, economics and geography with the progress of the students from one grade to another. Our aim for each pupil is the better understanding of American problems and those of the world at large. M. Mahoney FRENCH 'My purpose in teaching French is to give students a means of enjoymen t, both now and later so that France to them will not be a foreign land but truly 'la douce France'." 1,515 l. Harrigan SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICLJLA Mrs. Mahoney, B. Reamer, G. Monagan 55 ENGLISH Our aim is to live as fully as possible. English broadens the limits of our existence. By reading great books we grow by the ideas of great minds. We learn to express our own ideas effectively for others, We expand into the world of vision. Margaret Landfea r ENGLISH CURRICULA Mr Lvnch, Mrs, New SCIENCE A science is more than a body of knowledge or a collection of facts. The facts must be correlated and general principles deduced. The Science Department at Albion Central School believes in this concept that will enable students through the use of general prin- ciples, to predict what will happen under certain specified conditions, even though these conditions form a new situation. I-larry W. Salchak SCIENCE CURRICULA A. Parke, P. Andrews, A. Mackey, H. Landfear, I.. Burton, J. Norman 56 VOCATIONAL CURRICULA Mr. Dudley, D. Brown, P. Kidney, T. McCabe METAL WORKING The general field of Metal Working is well repre- sented in the manufacturing industries in the United States. More people are employed and more products are produced in metal working than in any other in- dustrial field. Metal and electricity are keys to our way of lite, and since most electrical products are made ot metal, the field becomes doubly important. David Sanford VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE One ot the more important phases of Vocational Agriculture is the study of Agriculture Mechanics. Here the boys learn welding, cold metal working and other skills which will be useful to them in main- taining and repairing their farm equipment. Hugh Dudley METAL WORKING CURRICULA E. Whiting, Mr. David Sanford D . COMMERCIAL CURRICULA C. Saeva, B. Boyer, Mrs. Holt, D. Pinson, H. Penasack COMMERCIAL Business Education not only builds knowledges and skills for vocational competency in business occupa- tions, but also builds attitudes and knowledges 'for economic competency in the home and the community. At Albion Central we have the vocational business pupils who pursue business education subjects for vocational competency and wage-earning -employment, and general business students who are enrolled in the academic course, the general course, the agricul- ture course, etc., who take business courses for gen- eral education or enrichment purposes. Anne O. Holt i "Uncle Sam Wants You." Any recruits? 58 K , ww pq- 5x y 'Tl Y, xi M lf r , K N x 1 N X ,- , ,X ,--x I N, 1, , xx x. W 4 , W Y ,N x xii K , 1 Ns' , x ., A, I Q 1 , 4 W. fi? ,fQff3T'1fg ' ix X 3 ff , ' In .xi -f , I .ya jx 3 1 xi: f x,f-NX R XX ' Q 1 X Af, xxx, ,, X HM y V wwe- 1 m 'N I x X x+ M! ,n, I X RQ A , ,R v 3 ffy -'WT -1 1 -, + .r ff Q ex .K-1-1 iv' .ly wb . ,1 . X ,, if 1' 1 I Q X ,Qu ,f L R ,I f V' 1' X , N . X A ff " .f xx f ,,..,A fat ' ,bf ,ff X- f'.,"' f f 1 iffiv fr "' 'N--'n , X X, Nx.,5ga,',, X x x'. " if rj? , f"'f1, VK U" VXN ff'-xyxxfx' X . " Y V , X -'--. X 'J - ww. nf ff " x XQX ' xx V v - X . , . ,f ,-1 - X '- S KN 1' I 3 'xyx 1 i W ix H 91 in 2 CJ V. , ff N , - -. 4 X .J 1 5 ,.1,fAMSy' T . ,I 4 7, ly. X. wb.- .NTY A,55.,k5Jf ,xg Kk .,TiA- pf' if xl 3 1' ' K A Q . '- r fix f' Xxx ,f Q W" 'V .f x ' X 3 M 6' 'I r X, gn. Q , f f ww' " N' ,.. , - f' 1' ...Qt K nxh GQ ' 6 STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVES A. Fisher, Mr. Hill, J. Collichio, I. Phillips, C. Enzie, J. Monogon, D. Fenton STUDENT COUNCIL "The meeting will come to order," called President 'lim Collichio, and another session of Student Council was underway. Since the Student Council was organized many years ago it has continued to accomplish a great deal for the good of the school. Plans were made in November to honor Mr. Bergerson. At a Student Council assembly in January it was announced that a one-hundred dollar Scholarship would he given to a worthy senior every year in hlr. Bergersons name. An oil painting was presented to the school to be hu ng in the lower hall. The most outstanding accomplishment ol' the year was the selecting of the school name Hllurple Eaglesv. Permission was obtained through the council to sell candy at basketball games. The Student Council Fair, sponsored hy thc students, helped to boost the treasury and keep the council out of the red. In the future the student government plans to build coat racks for the con- venience ol spectators at basketball games. The council has co-operated with the Chamber of Commerce in order to get a recreation center in Alhion. The student body has benefited through the faithful work ol' the members ol this years Student Council. STUDENT COUNCIL 'lop Row: J. Jeffords, S. Pratt, M. Jeffords, J. Anderson, L. Bennett, S Bosvnoit R. Gvbson 3rd Row: W. Spierdowis, L. Hill, H. Doherty, S. Page, W. Pilon, T. Trolley, W Skcllen, J. Ncsbltt, S. Navarro, D. Pinson, S. Woolston, C. Boci, G. Palmer, J. Recd, S. Burton, B. Hollcnbeck 'Znd Row: J. Coourso, J. Copurso, J. Scibetto, B. Sortwell, A. Loccy, D. Ellis, R. Vocco, F. Tribunello, D. Nongfu, C. Pecorollo, R. Nelson, R. Schultz, D. Smrth Scatecl: Mr. Hill, G, Monogon, D. Fenton D. Londfeor, D. Miller, A. Flsher, C. Enzie, l. Phsllifvi, J. Colllzlftlo AWARDS COUNCIL TRAFFIC AND SAFETY Top Row: J. Collichio, D. Sanford, D. Greenlee, Mrs. Mo- M, Pilon, J. Fritz, J. Monogcm, T. Mohoney honey, S. Loscell, J. Kelley, S. McKenna, C. Wagner 2nd Row: D. Shlfton, C. Enzie, A. Parke, M. Curtis, L. Burton, D. Fenton lst Row J. Mlx, K. Christy, M. Ncsbntt Top Row: C. Monocelli, S. Miller, J. Hayes, C. Burgoon, R. Nelson 4th Row: D. Monocelli, H. Londieur, D. Rhodey, A. Piozzo, L. Sortweil, M. Lettis, W. Bragg, B. Boyer 3rd Rowt D. Vcgg, J. Parsons, J, Miles, L. Boyne, S. Smith 2nd Row: Mr. Smith, C. Juliono, D. Ricci, J. Monogon, J. Collichio, M. Pilon, T. Mahoney, B. Mix lst Row: S, Woolston, C. Scevo, R. Kendrick, C. Grimble, S. Lent, H. Reiferson SERVICE CLUB "Slow downln "Get ricl of that gum!" Over the past five years sincc the Alpha Service Club was started, these words have become familiar to ti great number of A. C. S. students, often to their sorrow. But no onc can deny that the monitors have played an important part in keeping our school orderly. Mr. Putnam and Mr. Smith were aidccl this year by the following officers: .IERRY MONAGAN - 'f--- President BRUCE SARTXVELL Vice President MARSHA HOLLIDAY - Secretary lVlARClA JOHNSON - Treasurer Truly, service to the school has paid off in increased order and courtesy. 62 Top Row: Arn Row: . 3rd Row: B. 2nd Row: Ist Row: C, Norburgh J, McKenna, A, Wlldshultz, L. Kidney, S. Thompson, V. Spode, R. Doty, R. Husted S B roer, H. Govlgcn, C. Keifel, J. Pecorello, S, Brown, P. Jones, J. Sulllxcn Tower, D. Hults, G. Baldwin, G. McCartney, J, Reed B. Sorfwell, D. Londfeor, VV. Parker, C. Albrlghi, M. Hoag, G. Rush, J. Miles, R. DiPc1Imo, R. Kominski, Mr. Pufnom Holliday, P. Logolbo, C. Boci, H. Penosock, B. Del-iond, A. Malone SERVICE CLUB OFFICERS STUDENT COURT M. Holliday, J. Moncgon, B. Sorfwcll Smndvng. M. Pnlon, B. Mix, T. Mahoney, G. Monogon Sentcd' Mr. Smith, J. Collvchro, V. Spode, D. Vogg r-4o!Iud0v B. So-twell, D. Greenlee D. Fenton, M. Pilon, Mrs Londtcor Cl-I EVRON STAFF Ulrlowis tlte Lilllhlllf' eomingfl "VVl1ere are the pictures?" "Will we ever get lliis yezirlnoolc out on ti1ne?,' Questions anal yellow paper lllew around 310 as the Chevron staff organized. its lucky the Junior lfclitors were here to clean upl Dow and Bruce stnrtecl off by attending the Columbia Conference in New York. Wlliile Sandy and Doug got anis, Gail ancl liieli mantle J money on records and stickers. Linclzl lnianeecl luoolis wliile lneli walstecl i flush lvulbs, ancl Inclia lnla flowed freely from Sl1Zll'Ol1lS pen. ulzlnis lturrieclly turned her write,- ups in to Kliirgnret for typing. Murshu's job was time final one of circulating the Completed Chev rons to all eight hunclrecl ol' you who lielpecl molto tliis luooli Ll success. EDITORS OF CHEVRON LITERARY STAFF Top Row: D, Shifton, W. Porker, P. Logcilbo, L. Burton, M. Nesbitt, J. Anderson, C, Haines, J. McKenna Ist Row: J. Bannister, R. Dourn, S. Brooks, H. Londfeor, G. Gregg, D. Londtcor fl. JUNIOR EDITORS TYPING STAFF D. Miller, S. Lcuscell, T. Mahoney, L. Brooks, D, Knight, M. Biernocki, L. Babcock, B. Moore, S. Ferris, Mr. Smith J. Rcstivo, D. Joroszek, A. Fisher ADVERTISING STAFF Top Row: L. Holliday, D. Ellis, D. Shiffon, R. Ferris, W. Pilon, W. Mackey, T. Mahoney 2nd Row: R. Doum, J. Copurso, H. Londfeor, L. Scirtwell, A. Colello, C. Cusimcino, S. Forder ist Row: M. Hoag, D. Londfcor, S. Novorro, D. Miller 53 PROMOTION STAFF Top Row: K. Sngln, B. Pilon, L. Holliday, B. Parker, H. Doherry, M. Hoag, D. Miller, E. Pluskwa, D. Hatch . Buckland 41'l1 Row: B. Moore, K. Doherly, J. Reed, M. Parker, C. McKenna, J. Bannister, D. Joroszek, C. Recd B. Baughn, L. Leddon 3rd Row: G. Pcelma, J. lcle, L. Fraser, M. Frank, K. Smiln, P. Lagalbo, B. Boyer, M. Condolucci E. Fenton, S. Burton, B. Waldo 2nd Row: C. Karns, A. Colella, J. Parsons, D. Vcgg, R. Kaminsku, R. Vacca, G. Gregg, J. Mules D. Shlffon J. Nesbitt, M. Scibclfo Ist Rowi K. McKenno, L., Brooks, S. Ruhlman, C. Earley, S. Cole, M. Holliday, C. Enzie, S. Frcw CIRCULATION STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Standing: M. Holliday, D. Rnodcy, C. Merrill, K. Zurnmo, S. J. Capurso, S. Rush, D, Landfear Woolslon, M. Condolucci, D. Pinson, G. Simmons, J. Norman, P. Coffey 41h Row: 3rd Row: 2nd Row: Ist Row: 06 C. Monogon, M. Bloom D. Stump. J. Ludwick, P. Andrews, 3 Navarro A. Molone, L. Belson D. Wright, K. Snyder, N. Ebbs, S. Belson, C. Frank, S. McKenna Standing: H. Doherty, D. Miller, K. Smith, S. Perfitt, M. Parker, C. Merritt, S. Broer, K. Bower, C. Saeva, H. Penasack, K. Karns, S. Harradine, T. Trolley 2nd Row: H. Landfear L. Sartwell, W. Parker, J. Reed, S. Ingram, Miss Brownell lst Row: R. Kendrick, J. Gaze, J. Bannister, B. Boyer, C. Boci, V. Cropsey CLARION ECHO The first Clarion Echo made its appearance on Friday, September 16, 1938. lts members were the former editors and reporters who had been writing for the Orleans Republican and the Orleans American, the town's two papers at that time. Since then the Clarion-Echo has kept the student body informed and amused with editorials, news about ball games, class and club activities, assemblies, and honors. This year the Clarion Echo provided "hot" news, hot dogs, and cold pop and candy, to Albion's literate, hungry, and thirsty students. Not simultaniously, though. The papers come out monthly, the hot dogs at football games, and the candy at basketball games. Clncidentally, we think our candy helped a lot in giving the students the energy to cheer our basketball team on to an undefeated season.D Editors are: VVilliam Parker, Editor-in'Chief, Sandi Ingram, Junior Editor: Linda Sartwell and Virginia Cropsey, Associate Editorsg jane Reed, Features, Helen Landfcar, Humorg Janis Bannister, Art, jim Gaze and Margaret Parker, Sports, Carol Boci, Business. n er our new a visor iss rowne welve had a fine ear. U d d ,M B ll, y J Top Row: J, Gaze, C. Norburgh, D, Wccile, A, Jones, C. Haines, S. Perlitt, P, Nelson 3rd Row: G. Thompson, L, Fraser, R. West, J. Buck, D, Norburgh, P, Howlett, R. Horrcdine, G. Myers, C Hughssri, J. l-luckncll 2nd Row: C, Picizzo, W. Bragg, C. Merritt, G. Parker, C, West, D. Gibbs lst Row' V, Spode. F. Trfburiello, S. Parsons BAND 'I alent here, talent there, our hand has talent every wherel 'l'his year the senior hand began its program with a series of hallflime shows on the loothall liielcl. ancl turnecl the volume ol' the pep assemhlics up to a lull hlast. On NOYCIDl7Ul' 9th, several memhcrs ol' the band rcpresentecl our school at Perry. New Yorla, when they participated in the fXllfState Festival. ln .lanuary our hand sponsorecl the Sputnik .l lop which really went "way outi' arlicn a quartet consisting of Nlessers Smith. Duclley, llill and Sherman lirenetl up the program. Unclcr the excellent leadership of Mr. Sherman with assistance from Darryl Davis. Prcsiclcnt: Don Thompson, Vice-Presiclentg lVlartha lllalce, Secretary antl fiiir es i orrifon, reasurer. ie DLIIH is i aiminv o en cr ie .la e .Ace iona . usic Cl l Xl P tl ' I ll ,I ttl Sffsf IN! Competition playing gracle fire music. May the success they deserve he theirsl ll' itys true that practice makes perfect, after all those hours ol' practice, they must be pretty nearly perfect. If you'x'e hearcl them, youll ugrcel Top Row: Mr. Sherman, D. Schoreft, C. Morrison 3rd Row: J. Bulls, W. Minckley, J. Hamilton, G. Truselle, G. Hooper, R. Sidari, P. Anson, S. Peglow, S. Miller find Row: L. lngram, D. Davis, D. Dovls, V. Morrison, M. Blake, R. Turner lsf Row: C. lngrom, S. Woolsfon, S. Hamllton lk v- ,rigid xllf, 71 TWIRLERS Top Row: N. Sanford, E. Morsholl, J. Fisher, C. Monogan lst Row: M. Eddy, R. Newton, S, Raymond 69 JUNIOR BAND Standing: C. Hucknall, A. Restivo, J. Weits, L. Poelma, R. Clark, D. Tutone, W. Kuhns, N. Harris, R. McOmber, Mr. Sherman, G. Kaminski, C. Marth, W. Belson 3rd Row: M. Rush, L. Millis, S. Pratt, C. Saeva, J. A. Saeva, D. Ritterbandt, V. Leigh, J. Kast, J. Hucknall, C. Gibbs, L. Meale, W. Thompson, D, Milliman, D. Campbell, A. Peglow, G. Trusselle, L. Condolucci, B. Williams, D. Sweegy, C. Fishbaugh, D. Long 2nd Row: R. Johnson, S. Andrews, J. Forman, C. Ferris, B. Weilharner, L. Lake, M. Parker, M. L. Batchellor, D. Wilson, C. Clark, B. Carr, K. Hollenbeck, F. Nesbitt lst Row: S. Metcalf, S. Ross, G. Parsons, B. Ferris, E. Summeriski, L. Buck, F. Mack, S. Basinait DANCE BAND "You G0 To My l'lc4icl." was the thcmc song of thc A. C. S. claincc hand as it swung its way through ll very eventful your. Tlicy pluyccl their first dance at the V. F. VV. uncl were uslaccl to play thcro cvvry month from than on. A small group from thc hand also playccl at the Commemoration Banquet for Mr. D'.'hIUllf0. The "Rhythm Teuscrsl' also proriclccl thv music for thc Sputnik llop, :incl really kept everyone hopping - including lVlr. Szilcluilc. The Dance Bzincl has hccn ai valuable part ol' DANCE BAND 1 p Standing: A. Allen, D. Scharett, J. Hucknall, G. Myers, l1FC'. R. Harradine, P. Howlett, S. Peglow, G. Hooper, Mr. Sherman lst Row: C. Hamilton, R. Turner, V. Spade, F. Tribunella, C. Piazza, S. Parsons, D. Weale, C. Norburgh 'll Top Row: S. Canham, G. McCartney, D. Rhodey, S. Parker, K. Doherty, A. Parke, W. Parker, J. Capurso, J. Capurso, C. Burgoon, S, Harradine, W. Bragg, C. Merritt, M. Curtis, R. Kirchner, J. Norman 3rd Row: P. Coffey, M. Vick, S. Perfltt, R. Klotzback, M. Jozwiak, L. Burton, J. Gaze, C. Piazza, D. Ellis, J. Anson, S. London, I. Canuteson, M. Lettis, M. Graczyk, M. Blake, C. Marino 2nd Row: K. Smith, L. Fraser, P. Preston, S, Burton, P. Andrews, J, Butts, P. Johnson, R. Heye, H. Doherty, R. Ferris, R. Gardner, G. Poelma, P. Jones, B. Waldo, A. Stone, Mrs. Trumble lst Row: L. Brocks, S Ingram, M. Frank, S. Lascell, C. Enzie, D. Weale, W. Lattin, G. Westland, W. Minckley, M. Bloom, K. Karns, L, Anderson, C. Bistotf At Piano: C. Haines GLEE CLUB Nce, Nay, No, Nah. These sounfls have become familiar to Clee Club members as they warm up their voices three days Ll week for Mrs. Trumble. 1Xlbion's Clee Club was first organized in 1907, although prior to that time one periocl a week was reserved for vocal training and each student was requirecl to attencl classes. Voice training is now an optional extra-curricular activity. The Clee Club formerly presented annual operettas, but now they perform in assemblies and at concerts. .ludy Wfilson, Carolyn Enzie, and 'lack Capurso represented Albion in the All State program at Perry in November. The entire chorus presented their Christmas program to the stuclent botly and P. T. A. l'Sanctus" and "Silent Night" imparted the Christmas spirit to all. The chorus also sang at the larewell P. f. A. meeting for Mr. Bergerson. Late in March, the annual Spring Concert was helcl and selections such as "Seventy Six Trombonesn and the solos by Marjorie lozwiak, aloe Capurso, ancl Marcia Bannister helped make it a success. After the Spring Concert, the Cleo Club began to prepare for the Commencement exercises ancl the loss of this yearis senior members. Standing: J. Ludwick, P. McKenna, D. Norburgh, S, Ferris, G Dykstra, J. Forman, M. Nesbitt, L. Anderson, J. Buckner, D. Kulzer 2nd Row: R. Nelson, Miss DiLcurc, H. Londfeor, A. Lacey lst Row: K. Christy, M. Sclbetta G. Bover JUNIOR RED CROSS Wliat are those pins everyone is wearing? They show membership in the ,Iunior Red Cross. This symbol is world lamous lor the feeling of good will it promotes. This year zXlbion's ,lunior lied Cross Council is the largest group yet with ii member from each homeroom. Rehn Nelson is our chairman and Miss Dil.aura acts as our advisor. We contributed to the cause ol' the Red Cross this year hy sponsoring a suc- cessful fund drive. The money was used to pack a chest of health and school supplies llor the needs ol lvortyfeight school children in a foreign Country. VVC also prepared holiday tray favors. nut cups, candy, and napkins for the Veterans' Hospital in llatavia in addition to packing Forty gifts of stretch soclts lor thc hospital. Three of our inembers, Karen Christy, Linda Anderson, and Ellen Fenton, participated in a Iunior Red Cross xrorleshop program held in Buffalo. We'X'e had a successful year and have experienced much satisfaction in sharing with others less fortunate. Standing: V. Morris, M. Higley, R, Voccc, D. Greenlee, W. Parker, D. Londfeor, D. Slizewski, D. Fenton, S. Broer, L. Brooks 2nd Row: Miss Hazel, B, Sortwell, J. Bannister, D. Gillette lst Row: D, Nongju, J, lde NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Do you have a legal excuse for coming in the front door during the noon-hour? lf you don't you'd better wait until the side doors are open because a National l lonor Society member is sitting at the desk waiting for you. This hall-duty job and the raising and taking down of the flag are two of the services regularly performed by the members of the National llonor Society. CThere were a few days in the winter when the flag didn't get up because the ropes were frozen, but other than that, hardy members battled the elements dailyj This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Albion Chapter of the Society. By way of celebration, they've planned a Tea and are extending invitations to all the members during the 25-year period. Meetings have been held at Miss Hazefs and Miss DiLaura's homes and in llomemalcing Room. In November they went to Buffalo to see "Porgy and Bess". A paper drive was held one cold winter day and was a social, il not a financial success. Another is planned -- if Spring comes. This years slate of officers: President - VVILLIAIX4 PARKER Vice President BRUCE SARTWELL Secretary - jANrs BANNISTER Treasurer ----- DARLA GILLETTE New Junior and Senior members were inducted in a ceremony on April 8. The members are grateful to Miss Hazel for her guidance and patience. Top Row: M. Grciczyk, J. Solchok, A Piozzo, D. Joroszek, J. Restivo, D. Shepard, B. Moore Qnd Row: Mrs. Holt, C. Soevo, C. Boci, H. Penesock, R. Kendrick, D. Pinson, K. Mlnnervino, M. Biernocku, B. Envbt Ist Row: B, Boyer, M. Allport, J. Buckner, R. Newton, F. Miller, B. Recmer, D. Knight' COMMERCIAL CLUB It has been "working'l year for Commercial Club members, as they have assisted in the typing ol' stencils. duplicating. addressing and stamping correspondence, and collzlting workshop programs and summaries for Mrs. Holt in her worli as zone secretary. Officers this year were: lVlzn'cia -lohnson, President, lanet Salehzilc, Vice Presi- dent: Dian llarozseli, Treasurer: Deloris Knight, Secretary. CHESS CLUB Kings, Queens, pawns, Rocks, Castles, and Knights! Once 11 week the members of our Chess Club get together to pit their chess knowledge against one another. The club has five active members who pay weelsly dues to the secretary-treasurer, Bob llusted. The executive duties are handled by president Steve Miller. lVlr. Hill, our ad- visor. gave 21 party for members at his home to give us more time to think out plays. ln the Future the club hopes to play other schools. Cheelc Mate! CHESS CLUB S, Miller, R. Doty, Mr. Hill, S. Rush, R. Husted PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Mr, Wolfe, R. Nelson, I. Conufeson, C. Hamilton, D. Londteor, S. London, J. Parson, J. Copurso, J. ide, L. Boyne, J. Miles PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB President '---- JACK CAPLIRSCJ Vice Presirieirl - - -IANIES AAILES Secretary - - lJOUGLAS LANDFEAR Trensiirer - - - Y LINDA BAYNE Snap! The cameras ure clicking in the newest organization at Albion Central School -- the Photography Club. Under thc direction of hlr. VVolFe, members have learned to take pic' tures. develop their own film, and the tech- niques of enlarging. cropping and micropho- togrnphy. AUDIO VISUAL Prusiriwrt - DAv1D ELLIS Vice President Dick Fonnen Secretary - BETTY BOYER Trenszfrer A SANDY Fonmsn Reels turn, Film clicks, and sound track warms up. Under Mr. Rickevs direction. Audio Visual members have performed a Val- uable service to the school in giving their free time to show educational films to the classes. HI-Y Top Row: J. Faust, D. Greenlee, J. Collichio, D. Slizewski Ist Row: Mr. Schroeder, D. Forder, J. Scibefto, R. Doum, M Pilon J. Monogon, J. Gaze HI-Y CLUB With 21 full schedule of activities. including banquets, trips and splash pnrties, members of the lli-Y were laept busy in ull their spare time. ln November Max Pilon, 'lnmes Miles and Tom Mahoney attended ai "Youth in Govern' ment" weekend in Albany. Aiding Mr. Schroeder were officers: President f----- MAX l'lLoN Vice Presizlem - - RoNAi.u lJAU1xi Seeretary-Trensiirer f A Tom MAIIONEY SUVAQGUII1S'l7f-.AVIIIS - f l.ARnv NrXRBLIRGlI. R1CriARn Founeu, JAMES ScmET'rA if f " .s 'A . swf-A-NA AUDIO VISUAL CLUB Too Row: M. Acri, J. Kelley, B. Boyer, D. Ellis, R. Forder, D. Brown 2nd Raw: S. Forder, S. Forder, R. Kendrick, S. Cole, B. Hollenbeck Ist Row: Mr. Rickey, M. Pilon, J. McKenna, D. Shiffon, T. Trolley, J. Nesbitt T5 Top Row: D. GEmeEsBlD. Grimes, C. Boci, C. Weits, N. Bowen, D. Jensen, L. Reynolds, R. Fuller, P. Lake, . i 3rd Row: L, Harding, B. Del-loncl, C. Saeva, J. Karls, S. Woolslon, C. Walls, S. Bailey, R. Kendrick, R. Emlnt, S, Forder, N. Beardsley, Miss Sundell, E. Raymond, W. Lattin, R. Leltis, L. Robinson, A. Lacey 2nd Row: C. Shuck, J, Sullivan, J. Hart, K. McKenna, J. Allen, R. Leftis, R, Nenni, D. Carlsfon, E. Lose, F. Finney, K. Kaniecki lst Row: D. Davis, G. Hooper, E. Lupo, C. Grimble ART CLUB The projects for the year inclucle the decorating of windows in a nursing home, decorating the stage for the Spring Concert, entries for the National Scholastic Art Exhibit, a visit to the Memorial Art Gallery, and an art assembly. Officers HTC! Darryl Davis, Presidcntg Carole Grimble, Vice President, Evana Lupo, Secretaryg Gary Hooper, Treasurer. UBRARY llats off to the assistants who help Miss Collins shclve and catalogue our lihrary hooksl Elected to offices were Sally Frew, Prcsiclentg Barbara lllehstcr, Vice President: Kathleen VVehster, Secretaryg James Vlfoodcock, Treasurer. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Standing: S. Frew, J, Woodcook, B. Webster, K. Webster Seated: Miss Collins Standing: B. Kaminski, K. Schuck, S. Townsend, D Gibson, J. Hole, D. Grimes, E. Spreigei, P. Miller, P. Lake, D. Hults Seotedt M. Lone, S. Spencer, M. Lippert, K. Webster, M. A. Neal, A. Heclsteod, B. Reomer FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Led hy lVlrs. Sanger, to the tune of pots and pans and sewing machines, memhers ol the Future llomemalxers develop skills and attitudes which will help them, as homemalicrs. to make their contrihution to society. Club officers are Mary Ann Neal, Presidentg hay lVliller, Vice President' Dorothy Gibson, Secretaryg Marsha Lippert, Treasurer AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Are you wondering whats causing those strange heeping noises youre been hearing? No, it's not flying saucers or satellites, but just the hoys in the A. C. S. Amateur Radio Cluh practicing. Started for the first time this fall with Mr. Bacon as advisor, the cluh has its "radio shacltu on the fourth floor. VVe sponsored a candy sale to raise funds for the necessary broadcasting equipment. This yearls officers were: Presitleizt ff--- 'IABIES SAYERS Vice Presidewii - - RoBEuT Fowum S weretnr3f-Ti'ez1s141'e r STU ART l l ARR ADINE Standing: R. Fowler, C. Dillon, S. Wessels, A. Allen Mr. Bocon ist Row: P. Bloom, A, Lin, G. Trusselle, S. Persons, G Myers, J, Sayers, S. Horrodine Top Row: V. Cropsey, D. Gillette, M. Higley, J. Hart, V. Morris, M, Bloke, C. Bistoff, J. Wilson, S. Ingram, C. Enzie 3rd Row: J. Pecorello, K. Doherty, L. Sortwell, B. Boyer, R. Heye, C. Mortillotlo, D. Smith, M. Parker, H. Londfeor, A. Malone, J. Sullivan 2nd Row: S. Powloczyk, S. Brown, Miss DiLouro, K, McKenna, S. Frew lst Rowi S. Ruhlmori, G. McCartney, P. Jones, L. Brooks FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Say, have you seen how highly competent the girls of the Future Teachers Club are in instructing students in the Primary School? Once a weelc during a free period, each girl participates in a program of observa- tion and practice-teaching. Future teachers examine plan books and daily lessons and help correct papers to get a general idea of what is expected and what is being covered in the class. ln the fall F. T. A. elected their officers: President --'- KATHY MCKENNA Vice Presioleni - - SALLY FREW Secretary - A SUSAN BROWN Treasurer - - f SHARON PAWLACZYK Under the supervision of their advisor, Miss Diluaura, the Future Teachers held a Valentines party and went on campus visits to Brockport and Genesee State Teachers Colleges. lVlembers also attended a teacher-recruitment program at Royal- ton-l lartland School. Representatives from Fredonia, Genesee, and Brockport State Teachers Colleges, spoke to the group on entrance requirements to the colleges. The F. T. A. is a growing organization and its list of activities continues to increase. More students join every year. As the demand for teachers rise, the club becomes more Worthwhile. Top Row: M. Craddock, J. Kelley, L. lngraham, R. Fuller, C. Haines, D. Jaroszek, A. Piazza, R. Kendrick, C. Ackerson, C. Field, K. Keller, S. Lascell, S. Brooks, C. D'Amico, E. Spriegel, P. Jones 4th Row: J. McKenna, J. Hill, P. Logalbo, S. Smith, L. Hildreth, J. Miles, W. Bragg, J. Norman, I. Stier, R. Knight, C. Reed. 3rd Row: J. Restivo, D. Shepard, L. Burton, P. Andrews, A. Mackey, A. Parke, C. Merritt, S. Perfitt, K. Barrg, B. Hollenbeck, J. Salchak, B. Hill, Mrs. Anderson 2nd Raw: J. Parsons, . VGQQ, J. Harmer, P. Nelson, D. Fenton, M. Halliday lst Row: S. Navarro, D. Juliana, D. Manacelli, C. West, E. Wilder, R. West FUTURE NURSES CLUB ln the fall of '56, sixteen girls from the sophomore, junior and senior classes organized the first Future Nurses Club under the leadership of the school nurse, Mrs. Anderson. Since that time there has been a steady increase in the enrollment of the club, which now numbers 50 members. The purpose of this organization is to acquaint girls interested in a health career with nursing and hospital routines. This year the club elected Marsha flolliday asprcsident and Barbara Hill as Secretary Treasurer. The outstanding project of the club is the volunteer work done at the local hospital every afternoon. The girls, dressed in candy-striped uniforms are most welcome and appreciated by the staff and patients. Their duties include changing water. caring for infants, feeding the old, putting away laundry and running errands for all. Each fall our mothers are invited to a tea at which we acquaint them with our members and the purpose of the club. This year our activities have included visits to several Rochester Hospitals. seeing several film strips and hearing guest speakers. Of this year's senior members, several girls are entering nursing schools or are planning to study in other health fields. We all think that 1960 has been a good year for the Future Nurses Club and we are looking forward to many more. Top Row: R. Narburgh, J. Huthsteiner, J. Narburgh, C. Wagner, R. Palmer, J. Hucknail, G. Wolcott, R. Kiatt, E. Gursslin, S. Allen, W. Diedrick, R. Smith, D, Narburgh, l.. Farnum 3rd Row: D. Myers, J. Miller, N. Sacari, L. Parker, A. Baker, R, Norman, W, Coots, M. Fletcher, R. Bannister, R. Bannister, R, Wagner, R. Gurssiin End Row: N. Tower, D. Bloom, D, Bloom, R. Husted, Mr. Dudley, T. McCabe, R. Lamont, D. Palmer, C. Chick, P. Kidney, G. Rustay 25.1 Row: S. Peglew, L. Banty FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Big red apples, fresh from the coolerl Selling apples during noon hours was one ol many li. li. T-X. projects for one of the most ambitious years since the organizer tion began more than thirty years ago. Proceeds from the boys, projects bought them baslietballs and uniforms and financed a boys' banquet which the future farmers attended with their parents. The F. li. A. basketball team wasn't as successful as the varsity this year, but even though they didn't win all their area games, they had a good time playing. The boys took educational field trips to the llorticulturc Show in Rochester and and to the annual Farm and Home VVeel4 exhibition at Cornell University. Fl wo of the boys wut on a demonstration at the Horticulture Show which won them second 1 E In 1 I n 1 - . . prize and Albion s participant in the speaking contest placed third. Under the capable leadership of lVh'. Dudley, the officers elected were: President -ffe- TOM AICCABE Vice President A ROGER LAMONT Secretary - DONALD PALIMER Treasurer - ALBERT BOWMAN Reporter ROBERT H LISTED SENIOR PLAY "BIG HEARTED HERBERT" by Sophia Kerr and Steese Richardson Herbert Kalness Robert Kalness - Elizabeth Kalness Martha - - Herbert Kalness, J Alice Kalness - Andrew Goodrich Amy Lawrence - James Lawrence Mrs. Goodrich Mr. Goodrich Mrs. Havens Mr. Havens - Cast of Characters I'.' DAv1n GREENLEE STUART PAGE - JEAN HART JUDY WILSON JAMES MILES SHARON FEREIS JACK CAPURSO Dow FENTON RICHARD VAcoA DAELA GILLETTE WILLIAM PARKER DIANE SHEPARD ROGER LAMONT After long strenuous hours of rehearsal, the cast, fortified by an ample supply of pizza, was ready to present "Big Hearted Herbert" on December 5. We think it was the biggest success ever presented on the A. C. S. stage. The action took place in the home-like atmosphere of the Kalness home, where Mr. Kalness, a conservative man, indulges in "plain living" to an extent that drives his family to despair. He insisted upon keeping an ugly picture of his father over the mantle and a brass cuspidor in the room at all times, as a reminder of the days of "plain living". The family's rebellion against Mr. Kalness's stubborness produced many tense and hilarious results. In the end Mrs. Kalness won out and the family agreed that mother knew best. Mr. Lynch, our director, who guided our production to success, deserves great credit for his patience and perseverance. The cost of Mr. Lynch's "top peopIe." This is practicing? How's it look, Sharon? Was this in the script? ls Vocco moking up or making out? The stors QD offix their John Honcocks 51' it w Top Row: F. Dilodovico, D. Miller, K. Marshall, C. Pecorella, A. Spencer B. Wilson, J. Faust, J. Capurso, C. Houston, A. Tribunella, G. Wolcott, T. Richards, R. Bowen 2nd Row: Mr. S. Salchak, E. Pluskwa, F. Gurzynski, F. Tribunella, J. Collichio, R. Severns, C. Albright, D, Sanford, E. Restivo, D. Davis, A. Lacey, Mr. H. Solchck lst Row: E, Parker, D. Lcndfear, T. McCabe, M Pilon, M. Adduci, D. Greenlee, B. Mix, R. Forder, J. Copurso, D. Slizewski, J. Monagan, G. Coloney FOOTBALL "ln order to be better players. you must think football 2-l hours a day." said our coaches Harry and Sam Salchak and then proceeded to make us better players by a practice time that went like this: 9:00 A.lVl. - Un the field 2:30 P. M. - On the field 7:00 P. M. - Chalk talk-Room 238 This theory proved to be sound as the Albion Central Purple Eagles again had a winning season with a record of 5 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. Starting quickly with two victories, 7 to 6 over East Rochester and 19 to O over Aquinas "C", our team hit a slight tailspin as they dropped the next game to Medina by a score of 10 to 0 and then lost to Notre Dame of Batavia by a I8 to 6 score. The next game, aganist Canandaigua Academy, provided the spectators with one of the greatest comebacks in Albion's history as Albion scored 14 points Within 4 minutes to tie Canandaigua 21 to 21. From then on the team improved consistently as they defeated Sweet Home C30-OD, Middleport C21-71 and Caledonia C27-75. Playing their final game for Albion were co-captains Dave Greenlee and Barry Mix, and teammates Dick Forder. lim Collichio, Max Pilon, Dennis Slizewski, Martin Adduci, Earl Parker, Gerald Monagan, Douglas Landfear, Tom McCabe, George Coloney and Jack Capurso. In a game which we hope will become an institution at Albion, the Has Beens QSeniorsD defeated the YVill Bees QIuniorsD by a score of 14 to 0. Top Row: J. Collichio, R. Doum, J. Monogon, D, Greenlee, J, Copurso, Jock Copurso, D. Slnzewski, L.-i. Coloney, C. Hughson, D. Sanford lst Row: A Lacey, Mr. Conrad, H. Doherty, D. Forder, J, Mothes, B. Mix, S. Rush, S. Parsons, D. O'Brien BASKETBALL "Vl'e did it!" yelled the jubilant undefeated ACS Varsity basketball team, just seconds aliter they had soundly whipped Honeoye lialls for the Section A Title in the VVar Memorial in Rochester. Although each man on the Purple Eagle starting five gave away several inches in height to his opponent, Albion outffought, outa hustled, outepasscd, out-ran, and most of all. out-shot the larger Honeoye Falls team. Many fans who saxv the game said it was the best teamwork they had ever seen by a high school basketball team. Undefeated, Section A Champs, League Champs, Christmas Tournament Champs - these were the honors won by Coach Conrad and the most successful team in A. C. S. history. One by one, our 20 lioes fell, starting with Notre Dame, Lyndonville, Elba, LeRoy, llilton, Kendall, Byron-l3ergen, and llolley. ln the sectional game we downed llilton, VVayland, and finally lloneoye Falls for the championship. The starting line-up this year consisted of seniors David Greenlee. Richard liorder, .lack Capurso, Ronnie Daum, and Dennis Slizexvski. Dave Greenlee for the last three years has been the leading scorer of the team. Dave this year was selected as the best rebounder of the team at the sectional games at the VVar Memorial. Dave, you may remember, out rebounded the Honeoye Falls team in the final and on the all star games. Next year he plans to attend Kansas University on a football scholarship. Dick Forder, said by many to be the best dribbler around, was voted to have the best "crowd pleasing shot" in the sectional games. You probably remember Diclc's hitting constantly with his "Big Bomb" in the Final game against lloneoye Falls. tcontinuedi 5 of .lack Capurso, this year, was the second leading rehounder and proved to he the leed oil' man during the sectional games setting up many scoring plays. 'lack plans to attend Ceneseo State, where he hopes to play baslcethall. Ronnie "VVilt" Dauin, another guard, was third high scorer on the team. Ronnie's hall handling proved to he an important factor in the victories this year. Against VVayland Ron hit consistantly and lcept up in contention all the way. Ron plans to attend R. I. T. next year. "SlXiter", as everyone calls Dennis Slizewslai, was the team's second highest scorer Dennis, along with Dave Greenlee, hit constantly all year on jump shots, taking the hurdcn ol' scoring. Dennis plans to attend either llamilton College or the University of Rochester. Under Coach Conrad, other ahle reserve seniors james Collichio, George Cole oney, and sophomore joe Capurso, hacked up the starting five whenever it was needed. 'lim plans to attend Niagara next year. Next ycar's team will revolve around center -loc Capurso, with juniors David O'l3ricn, Chuck llughson, ,Iaines Gould, Darryl Sanford, and Allen Lacey ready lor action. .Xfter our successful year Coach Conrad has high hopes for next ycar's team. Busy is the onlx word to describe the Varsity Cluh this vear. They sionsorcd teddy hear walks, dances, cake wallxs, and raffles to earn money for a camera which will henefit all in the future. President e lDICK Fonmsn Vice President jim CoLL1Crr1o Sec1'e1m'y-Treas1irer - f - ToM MCCABE I Top Row: J. Faust, Jock Copurso Joe Copurso, D. Slizewski, J. Goze 3rd Row: M. Pilon, D. Dovis, A. Trlbunellci, K. Morsholl, B. Wilson, D. Sanford, C. Hughson, G. Adduci, A. Lccey 2nd Row: D. Lcmdfecir, S. Richards, R. Sevems, G. Albright. F. Tribunello, M. Adduci, G, Coloney, R. Bowen, E. Parker, D, Miller, E. Gibson, D. Greenlee Ist Row: B, Mix, G. Moncigcn, J. Collichio, D. Forder, I. McCabe, H. Solchok, C. Pecorello BASEBALL Strike one . . . Strike two . . . W1 lAlVlOl ln spring every young man's fancy lightly turns to . . you guessed it . . hasehall The following senior hoys make up the nucleus of the team and play their last game for :Xlbion this year - Ronnie Daum, Dick l7order, lohn Nayman, Dare Salratore, Dave Greenlee, Dennis Slifewski, Gene D'Arnico, and Dick Bowen. Vlfincling up as pitchers for the last time are Dick liorder ancl Dennis Slizewski. Left to hurl the hall next year are 'Frank Curvynski, Pete Christopher and Frankie ilirihunella. Llncler their new coach. Mr. llazen kVoll'c. the hoys are looking l-0l'XYLll'Cl to a successful season. Schetlulecl as this year's opponents are Kendall, Lynclonville, Batavia, lVleclina, lflha, Lelloy and llolley. BASEBALL Top Row: E. D'Amlco, J. Collichio, F. Trlbunello, M Pilon, R, Bowen, G. Coloney, Mr. Wolfe, A, Spencer, J, Monagon, P. Pellegrino, A. Tribunello, A. Lacey, J. Scibefto lst Row: D. Greenlee, D. Slizewskn, R. Forder, R. Doum, J. Noymon, D. Solvotore, M. Adducl, D. O'Brien, J. Gaze TRACK Each year arounci the first of April the fastest hoys in school ohey Mr. Spierclowis' summons and report to the gym for track practice. After running around the gym for ages until the snows Finally melt, the water drains oflf the track, the sun comes out. and it is possible to go outdoors. Practice goes on .incl on and on until the liirst meet. Then it's hack to practice, another ll1CCt, practice, meet, and more practice. Finally it's june and time for sectionals. l lard work, but much fun macle a satisfying season. J. V. BASKETBALL Top Row: G. Parker, J. Miles, W. Plummer, D. Parker, E. Pluhkwa, D. Hatch, W. Pllon, D. Wcalc R, Kaminski, J. Saeva Kneeling: D. Gibbs, A. Rcstivo, J, Gaze, Mr. Wolfe, D Shultz, K. Smith, W. Minckley J. V. FOOTBALL Top Row: D. Narburgh, P. Christopher, D. Buckland, D. Parker, J. Hucknoll, R, Weilhamer Qnd Row: T. Fintak, R. Kaminski, C. Huckrioll, L. Stevenson, E. Gibson, A, Jones, G. Adduci, J. Miller Mr. Balanca lst Row' D. Hatch, D. Gibbs, J. Saeva, E. Butler, D. Petia, R. Ferris, G. Parker, R. Shultz, D. Weale S. Parsons, H. Doherty WRESTLING BOYS' VOLLEYBALL Top Row: B. Mix, G. Adduci, C. Albright, E. Restivo, Coach Spicrdowis, J. Scibelfo, A. Lucas, D. Lorscn, G. B. Wilson, D. Erwoy Monogon, M. Pilon, P. Polligrino, D. Solvolorc, R. lsl Row: L. Kidney, R. Daniels, Mr. Spiordowis, J. Miller, Bowen, D. Nongiu, J. Fritz, J. Noymon F. Dilodovico, W Wells, R. l-loufson, L. lngrclifiom BOWLING 'NTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Standing: T. Mahoney, W. Clfiompency, J. Noymcin, M. D. Solvolorc, J. Fritz W. Cnompcncy, A. Lucas, J. Ncymcn Pllon, Coach Spierclowis Seofed. D. Ncngju, D. Solvolorc, R, Ferris, E. D'Amico, l R. Donicls MISCELLANEOUS SPORTS iliis year again llie Senior team emerged as vietor ol' the intramural lxlslwtlmll prograni. H60 clicl it againni Pin iiimi Time wrestling team went to time County Meet at .fXtliea and came liome with a trophy. ci0l'lQI'2lfLliilIiOllS to Daxicl lfi'xi'ay. lfranlx DiLocloxiL'o. Cary Xclcluei, liranix Triluum-lla. and Craig Mbrigiit. Strike! Sliouted Eugene iuvlxlllifll, Tom lXlalioney, Ray Daniels, Dick l7erris. anal Robert DiPalma. as their fixe-man team took First place at the semifinals al l3atax'ia. The senior volleyball team also had a very Sl.lCCCSSi,Lli season. as they ciownecl all their opponents. Il K G. A. A. Top Row: G McCartney, R. Kirchner L. Huldreth, S. Ingram, M, Richards, C, McKenna, B. Woido, S, Pawlaczyk, S Lascell, l. Phillips, P. Nelson, E Lupo, L. Reynolds -'ith Row: M, Lettis, S, Lent, L, lngrohorn, L. Brooks, S. Ruhlman, L. Sartwell, D. Pinson, A, Parke, W. Bragg, P. Andrew-Q, A. Mackey, V. Cropsey, S. Smith Zul Row: C Monno, M, Higley, N. Beardsley, C. Smith, C. Karns, N. Bowen, K, Bower, B. Del-iond, S. Cole, K. Christy, M, Bloom, M. Vick, P. Coffey, M. Curtis, L. Burton, S. Forder, Mrs. Dobson 2nd Row: G. Gregg, H. Londteor, D. Jensen, E. Fenton, C. Earlcy, R. Kendrich, P. Hadstead, G. Buck, J. Harmcr, L. Anderson, J. Ido, C, Bislolt, J, Hill, G. Dykstra lst Row: C. Socya, S. Belson, R. Brown, S. Spencer, D. Ingram, G. Poelrna, L. Lccldon, A. Halstead, M. Llppert, K. Smith SWIMMING CLUB Top Row: D. Jensen, S. lngrahom, K. Sayers 2nd Row: G. McCartney, N. Sanford, A. Mackey, J. Hill, B. Embt, I. Phillips, K. Doherty, A. Parke E. Fenton, C. Earley, B. DeHond, S. Frcw, N. Bowen, S. Loscell, L. Boyne, P. Nelson lst Row: M. Lettis, G. Dykstra, K, Christy, J. Harrner, L. Anderson, S. Covell, R. Kendrick ini' Q My , 1 In -. . ,tk . N fr tt tg Qi UQ HV 1 4 i 2 ! . ESL ' 72-frm: '50 J. V. CHEERLEADERS Top: P. Coffey, L. Anderson, C. Eorley Bottom: M Curtns, K. Doherty, E. Fenton, A. Parke Top: C. Enzie VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 3rd Row: S. Loscell, D. Fenton 2 d R : I. PHII' J. H F sf: S. Powlcczyk 7 L1 I funn 1 l SENIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Top Row: C, McKenna, B. Tower, S. Covell, B. Webster 2nd Raw: L, Sarlwell, l. Phillips, G. Gregg, J. Norman, J. Reed, A. Parke, J. Hale lst Row: J. Harmer, H. Landfear, J. lde, S. Lenf VOLLEYBALL Top Row: B, Embl, S. Lascell, N. Sanford 2nd Row: M. Neal, R. Clark, J. Hale Ist Row: S, Covell, R. Newton JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Top Row: C. Monagan, D. Rirterbandt, K. Hollenbeck, C Ferris, D. Dawson 2nd Row: M. Mahoney, S, Burton Ist Row: S. Malone, S. McKenna, S. Engle, J. Mix GIRLS' BOWLING Top Row: M. Hxgley, L. Sartwell, V, Morris, M, Lettis lst Row: S. Brooks, A, Colella, S, Ferris, B. Hill 92 Aw, let 'em drown, girls! Did you say you didn't want to go in, Gail? What form! What grace! Too bad he never came up Aren't they lovely? fEspeciaIIy the back row? Soaking seniors swim it up Are the girls afraid of getting their hair wet? The Has-Bens line up to defeat the Will Bees. Don"r they look like winners? For this he gets o scholarship? Dorff foll Forder Copurso's off sides ogoinl OSCAR SAMMET Clothing and Furnishing 76 Main St. Albion, N. Y. ROBERT P. DUNSHEE 6. co. INS U R A N C E MRS. C. H. GRISWOLD Fine Millinery 131 Main Street THOMAS PLATTERY G R 0 C E R Y Telephone Bell 24 92 Main St. Albion, N. Y. za sm Bank se. Albion, N. Y. DR' H' J' PENN E c SEIIQJIEVGEATHER N.. - D F3 N T ' S T first Class Millinery Store 14X Q- A ,, Successor to J. A. Hartman. , N ll, X Igoydwell lglock ll YVeSt Bank St. ALBION, N. '1 . .ini X i llff' , E no' da D I ous candies A lx ' . y S D l t Ffllif A H Specials ' U3 id d SUGAR U A E S R B L OW OW B L x I . l SPONSCRS x 17x is H x L X EPPIB- so , F CJ Xc1,yL u 1f'1fz 5 awe ,evfzs ALBION 509 HOLLEY NE 8-6503 BROCKPORT 275-J Thomas Lipton, Inc ALBION, NEW YORK Compliments of Imperial, Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer 225 East Bank Street Albion, N. Y. TO THE CLASS OF 1960 Heartiest Congratulations on your Graduation and Sincere Wishes for a Successful and Prosperous Future. We invite you to avail yourselves of our many services. ALBION OFFICE THE MARINE TRUST COMPANY of Westem New York Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation J. J. NEWBERRY sk C0 S nce 185 Bemis Bags BENTLEY BROS. Farm Equipment Sales - Service - Parts Oliver - New Holland - New Idea Boggs Graders - Ontario Drills Phone Barre 666 Albion, N. Y., R. F. D. 2 fat Barre Ce t T MERRILL - GRINNELL, INC. Funeral Home S i n c e I 9 I 4 ALBION HOLLEY P ROOT INSURANCE AGENCY Fire-Casualty -- Bonds-Life hone 195 Albion, N Y A Chick gets o bird Dor1't fumble ogciin, Greenlee! Adducci's in love! The other Berry Mix Who soys Dim doesn't like girls? The line-up Put onofhei' nickel in Con you use This Poof? Loyoul complele Another one, Dick? Up ond in, Ronnie GUIDO'S SUPER MARKET "We Specialize In The Best" 409-411 East State Street With Best Wishes I Best Wishes I VAX ' 'ly' from BALCOM BROS 'rloiliifir Croton - Hamilton - Elgin Watches Albion, New York Phone 423 Compliments of WOLCOTT'S DAIRY PRODUCTS East A Venue Albion, N. Y. HAINES INSURANCE SERVICE AGENCY Fire Life Auto Hospitalization Compensation Best Wishes to the Class of ' 60 SCHARETT 8: MITCHELL Telephone 179 Zl West Avenue Albion, New Y Our Heartiest Congratulations and Good Wishes To the Class of '60 PGRTER-BRUNELLE, INC. Complete INSURANCE Service Bank Building, Albion, N. Y. Phone 347 EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER Congratulations Class of '60 MAINE LUMBER COMPANY LEE MAINE, Owner 206 West Avenue Albion, New Yo HEYE - LANDAUER MOTORS, INC Ford-Falcon-Mercury I Phone 1260 Albion, N. Y. Best Wishes to Class of 1960 I Compliments of I MW QU I C INC. FUNERAL DIRECTORS L I VICTOR J. PENASACK MACHINE SHOP Compliments of Growers Cold Storage Co., Inc. WATERPORT, N. Y. Refrigerated Warehousing and Transportation FRANCIS H. BLAKE FRANCIS H BLAKE JR. EDWARD B ARCHBALD Ch I man of th B rd P d Vice-P CI BENJAMIN G. WILSON WARD B. WILSON Treasurer Secretary A really big bite, Sharon! Will it, or won't it? Compluments of Barry Mlx Dlm'5 brlght today Our handsome dance-hand The Oriental Touch Wcll, I havcn't Icornecl Wasting time again, "Whole do you want thtx my Ilnoa clthvru Bruce? Mrs. Landfear?" Compliments of DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 563 Riley Street Buffalo 8, N. Y. SU. 4400 Compliments of Compliments of MUNGER HARDWARE 58 North Main Albion, N. Y. KOVAL STUDIO Portrait, Wedding, School and Commercial Photography Color Compliment of 103 E. Bank St. Phone 1560 LAKELAND HOTEL CARL PETRONIO CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Contracting and Building Phone 1010-W-l Long Bridge Road Albion, New York 108 Compliments and Best Wishes PHYSICIANS of ALBION, NEW YORK Since 1942 5401112 gillfel' Compliments of I BAUGHN SHGE STORE Compliments of HENRY G. KEELER General Construction Service Albion ,N. Y. Compliments of I STARKWEATHER FREIGHT LINES Daily Service Between Rochester and Buffalo Compliments of THOMPSON'S HOME FURNISHINGS Wallpaper, Paints and Quality Home Furnishings R. N. PARSONS 8: SON, INC. LAMONT FRUIT FARM A T l.. A N T I C DBUSIUOPE Road Albifm, N- Y- Gasoline - Fuel Oil - Kerosene DELCO -- LENNOX Telephone 847-W-2 . u Heating and Air Conditioning 24 Hour Oil Burner Service Geo. B. LaMont Thomas LaMont I ALBION MEDINA l..YNDONVlLLE 22 417 6231 Geo. F. LaMont Serving All of Orleans County -.... L...-,,.1,i GREEN ACRES REST HOME Member of American Nursing Home Association New York State Nursing Home Association 24 HOUR NURSING CARE Homelike Atmosphere - Good Care Phone 1353 lll DALE 8x SON SUPERMARKET, INC Albion, N. Y. Albion's First Super Market Established 1940 SUBSCRIBE TO ALBION Anvsnnsen Orleans County's Finest Newspaper High Level Conference Too bad about the pictures!!? What ore you buying, Jan? Seniors work on essay, buf where's Pilon? Now some sleep for Adducci? Whose girl, Charlie? Mod Scientists He won't lost long Friends, Roman, Countryman Looks like the boys won Dim and Julie get togeihcr CRAFFEY INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 110 East Avenue Albion, New York I I CITIZENS DAIRY Compliments Grade A Pasteurized and of Homogenized Milk and Cream RAY SEVERNS Products 26 Main Street Phone 523 ORLEANS G. L. F. FARM PRODUCTS CO-OP., INC. COLD STORAGE G. L. F. SERVICE STORE CHERRY PROCESSING West Ave, Albion, N. Y. Compliments of COLBURN LUMBER COMPANY GEORGE B. CURTIS, owner Albion, New York Congratulations, Class of '60 Compliments of MICHAEL A. CHRISTOPHER , Funeral Home RENOVATION LODGE 354 West State Albion Complimentsof J. H. SAYERS, Inc. Men' s and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings "A Good Store in a Good Town" 1 I MARQUARTS APPLIANCE Bottled Gas - Television - Service Phone 1400 - 1401 Albion, New York C O F F E Y B R O S , Compliments of I N C . ALBION PLUMBING 8: HEATING International Trucks That Good Gulf Gasoline , Albion, New York Kerosene Range and Furnace Oil Plumbing, Heating and Accessories - Tires Water Systems Compliments of THE CORNER PHARMACY DANIEL K. WEALE ALFRED J. KUBICA, PH. G. 116 Odd Fellows Bldg. Phone 198 Best hes to the 144 South Clinton St. Class of 1960 GREISECESKK MONAGAN WHHIQEOD GULF SERVICE STORE Compliments of Co1nJlin1c111s ALBION - HOLLEY 1 PENNY SAVER of 123 North Main sf. ALBION BELL'S ADVERTISING and PRINTING SUNOC0 SERVICE SERVICE Compliments of ALBION BUS LINES ALLEN MOORE F ISCI-IER'S NEWSROOM We Sell School Supplies 105 N. Main St., Albion, N. Y. I I ' f 0 I ine Jgools anal Cfczlalogs I 63614151 llng 620. IqllLIo11,Clf7ew Qforl I I 117 Best WISIICS FLYING A SERVICE To the Class of '60 Veei'c:n?IIIp's- Irugfake WEYTJTITK-:ries B E 0 O I N Mechanic On Duty mancy and Laura, Albion Phone 1573 133 East Bank Albion, N. Y. I T A x 1 I IT'S A FACT .... 2 Way Radio Puts a Cab at Your Door in Minutes CALL ALBION 61 Dm T352 f3'2Zofva""'g CALL HUBBELL D'AGOSTINO Radio Cabs l' "77i"'1 11 1-1 I C0m1'li1m"'tS Compliments of I of JOSEPH DE CARI-0 SAYLES PHARMACY . 138 N. Main St. PLUMBING aff HEATING 103 North Main Phone 104 LAUNSRY MAT I I ' --'-' - - " 'I Compliments BARBER SHOP of oAvm vAcc, Prop. M A I N H 0 T E L I Main St. Albion, N. Y. I 55 Main Street Albion, N. Y. I 118 Compliments of O R L E A N S Congratulations Class of '60 TRAVEL BUREAU B. B. TRUMBLE, Prop. CHILDS Greyhound Terminal HARRADINE Phone 34 IMPLEMENT CO. ALBION D'F.ffSS M'ACili1'L?QS5Rs FURNITURE CO. REFRIGERATION I . h. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Comp etc Home F"""'s 'ngs Five Corners Albi0ll, N. Y. S. P. Phone 27 Complim ents of ALBION GLASS SHOP L. E. STARKWEATHER Complimi-m of PERF ECTO CLEANERS 3 Hour Service 33 E. Bank St. Phone 1651 MILITELLO PONTIAC Com plim ent Sales and Service of 170 No. Main Street Albion, N. Y. Washington St. Albion, N. Y. 120 A MeI5Z'Y'Zii'Tlmfi'Zis'mas LEIGH 8: TAYLOR CHRISTMAS PARK INSURANCE AGENCY Home of 19 Main Street World Famous Santa Claus School Albion, New York Albion, New York EDWARD J. ZAGATA Lighthouse Waterport, New York KARL WOLFE Blue Coal Albion, New York KAST ATLANTIC Compliments of V A N W Y C K 7 S Goodyear Tires ana Service Complete Lubrication G A R A G E Car Washing PHONE 149 C In A Compliments of omp nm nt. of OIL COMPANY BAKEMAN'S ' D Wholesale Distributors of Socony Products west Ave' Albion' N' Y' 419 w. state sf. Phone 327 121 Compliments of Compliments of GU'-F CARLTON GRILL STATION l- - APPLE GROVE INN West Center Street S M I T H B R 0 S - MEDINA, NEW YORK G. M. C. N h Fine Foodyp I 327 East Ave. Albion, N. Y ALBION DRUG STORE R.G.GARDNER The Rexall Store Albion Phone 25 New York SILVER CREEK FARMS TransitRoad ALBION, N. Y. C'o1npli1'nvnts G . S H E R W O O D of Albion' N- Y- I - LeVERE B. BROWN Atlaglflc :lfaler . Nationwide Insurance one Representative Phone 1275 ,3 , peczuaiisis GJQAOOZ QJW goofs Cgclijy gU1'ez'11fi1a1g QQ. migzlovz, fiif eu' Cgforg Congratulations Class of 1960 LANDAUER'S CELEBRATING OVER 90 YEARS OF FRIENDLY SERVICE TO ALBION AND VICINITY Stanley J. Landauer, Sr., '23 Donald G. Landauer, '44 Stanley J. Landauer, Jr., '46 .I O S T E N ' S Designers and Producers of the Albion Class Rings and Genuine Engraved Commencement Announcements ROBERT E. KELLY 105 Laney Road Rochester, N. Y. ORLEANS HOTEL ALBION SENIOR S.F.T.C.O.L. B TEAM Capt. Larry "The Saint" Narburgh Mick "The Gun" Pilon "Bismarck" Daum "Pork" Forder Jerry Monagan George Coloney "Little Coon" Greenlee "Vodka" Vacca "Fred" Fritz Jerry Rush Jim "Spider" Scibetta "Skeeter" Slizewski "Chucky-J" Juliana "Leroy" Capurso Jim "Sap" Miles Dave Ellis Pat "Slinky" Mackey Dave "Slab" Salvatore Pete Pellegrino "Jaggers" Bowen "Crouch" Collichio Doug Landfear Terry Champeney Barry Everett Mix John Nayman Compliments of ALBION OIL COMPANY Esso Distributors ALBION MOTOR CO. Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Cadillac -- C orvair Phone 102 Albion, New York - - "' " ' l Compliments of DOCK FLOORS INC. I Floor and Wall Coverings h Main Street Phone 1091 Albion, New York RENO A. DOCK, President 127 Senior portraits and group pictures made by MQ ER STUDIG, INC. 27 Clinton Avenue North Rochester, New York 128 PORTRAITURE Graduation Engagements Wedding Candids Bridal Formals Baby Candids Fine Copy Work Hx r 'N ' 'w.f,'.'-.i,1,, his ',,. -1' A ,,.. 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