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Eggs.. f 4 I T 1 5 5 93", .wa 5,4-, , reg, f . 1 .M 'xv' I X s , Q x -, , .,,. i Av , 1 I n .1 K . ' ,kj ,C . F V '1 1 " 2 -,.f,,-' F -.1 .Q - X 1' ,, ,Y - w . 5 rx ,, , -. -J, F , .I X , w , ., , , fx . ,,, , v, 5 1 . . , w' ' J r .r ', ' ' - 1 b- - , , J K.. -. 4 t-r 'KL mi .L 5 " vwf- - ff" Jia ' .gf . . 'U I. .' K ..vv .E ' ,f f f 154557:-' . ,I 5 . .. .X :Q . 'Gil' V . ,, hfvix - Q . ' Qrygmz,-Lf -, ' 'IZGQIB , P 1 , 4.1. Q? wi J in , 1, , 4 . ,Z ' Q, 1 '7, M , ' . .v ' K ,T wx. K - I . 1 - .,, , " 5 I ,. ,. ,yr , , ' ' -" ., ,.. f ' ul ,-.2155 ffl.. . U .'f "- -1- 'ern-V-3, -1.1. . , if 591' ,. A ' 55153-?.zV7W'f'I -55- - .Egjsr:3rgg..N1,.-r - if -J: 12- V , ,, -fi' L ' .. - ,s.f,ff'fA.2a i ??1:w e -Q-,: : . V, '. .. ' ,. . .gg--H ?...f'1'P!-- 1 LL, 1 ' f - ' -V ,mg-.,7.g. 55- ,v1E:1.f' lttffrj' w ,,Vfy14i,i.-mf., 5 +f,w"f"iz 312'-Al: 'ggi-.f':A" ,. . -z'Qf""f.,-a'H'f'A ,gi - . f . 1,-f15E'.-fx:-2"-M .. ,. -,, M... X V .3f5.'.:L.,L,-. .5., V ,L ,L .-. w N1 ' i.,.gP- ' fe' ,w .ji1'l4n,,,- 1,7 ,. ' 1 if -z iw. - . .c ,ft . - lr. f . .. ,c .1 . , :Fr Y . A ,x -, , . - --:vp 1 4,. , 2' 'N ,,L.:.4A:g ,, 11 ,HI . ' Q .i - 1 A in .X A ... 1 - ' 1 ,. -. .ku--.,,fi.: Nl, w . ' .,, 1-4, , ,..,. .., -H - 11' F. Env :wx ."H, gl , 1- ' V -i t' ,ill 4 , V , ' I ' ab 4 ,L .ji ,,, ,, -. 1. ,,., ,N w ., , 6 "H 49-22f?ggv'g?.1-, g Psi, 7 , 4 , ,Viz-. .,. X A--E .,.. ,,.,y+ K., V- ...HQ gg N513 Ms MI -A :F-w.,,?X '- , .A . 1. I., ,,. f '4 ...A ,1 4. .uf w' - Im 1' . 1, 4 .A.!, 9 J: fi 59' l"fff?luF2L rv .. 7- 3. X1 fy! :gun 'V ' ,, .. , ., ah' .1 -, .gig .A:,..'gg-f,.i,.E-.W ,,.,f,5 .M r'f 1-:EJ "r"-:. .1 -" f, . J., L, 15- .5-' ,w .,,r .x 1" ,,-'r,:: ,J V: ,. ' 'I' 'r 1- ' .g: '- :v::1-- -'1 5 .,-11' iw: 'I fl 'iff 'WW , ..!., .- " 4 -, . 1, .6'-i? ' ,. 5.-Q1 .. ..I,. ..- -f ,I ,L - ,wr .. ,gh .. 45:11, ,. ,... V, 'H:, -' ' A1 , , " .Z . fic. ':""'fi 1,,..5..1 , . V . ,, .. ,. . Ar- ?v.r.':"'? 'evzug--sl. 1. . Y. ,T 'f 'HW' X. rf' 1: w, 4. w,. 1,4,,.,.. .K ,- V. '.,,'1, ,. - , " hp., ' ,-M. X . "1-r. ,gms W' ' fc 'Q' P- . . ,. v-f CHEVRON 1956 e Students Albion Central School Albion New Yorlc ' I Published by fh of "As a Community Can We Afford To Do Less Than Our Level Best For Our Children?" On December 14, 1954, the voters of the Albion Central School District answered this question when they approved by an overwhelming majority a forward-looking building program for the needs of their children. This program was the result of months of careful study by the Board of Education and the citizens committee. The Chevron pays tribute to progress that builds a future of freedom for all the children of all the people. Dedicated to STANLEY T. WOODS whose loyalty as an alumnus and devoted service of twenty-five years as a member of the Board of Education of the Albion Union School and as the first president of the Albion Central School Board mark a lifetime of devotion to the best in education for the youth of Albion. Kindly, earnest, farseeing, always mindful of his responsibility to the children, teachers, and citizens of the community, he will long be remembered and esteemed by this school and village. Dorothy Signor Blake CARL I. BERGERSON -C Superintendent of Schools .il CHARLES C. D'A1NIICO Principal 4 BOARD OF EDUCATION LEONARD DERCZYNSKI JAMES PARSONS PASQUALE DILAURA JOSEPH SADLER CHARLES WOODS DOROTHY BLAKE Louis PIOLLENBECK Q:rORDON 1VICIX1URRAY DONALD NESBITT FACULTY EDITH THEODORE EDMUND ARLENE HAZEL ANDERSON ANDERSON BIORDI BOICE BURTON Homemaking Vice-Principal Science Homemaking 7th Grade EVELYN A. ELEANOR HAZEL NORMA IRENE COLLINS CUSACK D'AMlCO DI LAURA HARRIGAN School Librarian School Nurse Latin Director of Guidance Social Studies and French MILDRED NORMAN HELENA ANNE HAROLD HAZEL HILL HOGAN HOLT HOPKINS 7th Grade Social Studies Junior High Commercial Auto Driver Mathematics Education Physical Education FACU LTY JEANNETTE MARGARET JOAN BERNARD MARJORIE KLOTZBACH LANDFEAR LAUGHLIN LYNCH MAHONEY English Dean of Girls Physical Educafion English and Social Studies and Engligh - Girls Public Speaking ANTHCNY JULIA STEWART HADLEY OSCAR L, MANGEl'RlDA MCGUIRE NEW NOBLE RICKEY 7Th Grade School Accounfanf Agricullure English lnduslrial Arts ELIZABETH HARRY ROLAND HESPER ROY W. ROOT SALCHAK SANFORD SCHARETT SCHROEDER 8th Grade Science 81h Grade 6th Grade Commercial FAC U LTY HELEN MOSES MICHAEL MARY A. NELLIE SEVERNS SHERMAN SPIERDOWIS TRUMBLE WILLEY 6th Grade Supervisor of Physical Education Supervisor of 7th Grade Instrumental Music - Boys Vocal Music Other Members ot the Faculty MAY W. EMILY E. SCHNITZER BEEMAN English Science and Biology LORRAINE SADIE M. SPRAGUE BRITTON 9th Grade Mathematics DOREEN DR. J. A. SUNDELL ELSON High School Art School Physician OFFICE STAFF JANITORS Emerson Hatch, Melba Biordi, Zelmo Brown Adolph Morton, Stanley Daniels, Walter Oliver, Marvin Fowler Dear Mrs. D'Amico . You came to us in 'twenty-eight. Latin and history, date by date, The Gallic Wars and Cicero CWe really hate to see you golD You taught us well. You changed your nameg CThe principal's is just the samelD A future life of books and flowers We wish for you just pleasant hours. FACULTY ITEMS Congratulations on their additions to Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Sanford, Mr. Hill, and Mr. Salchak. We all enjoy having Miss Klotzbach, Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Sevems, Mrs. New, Mrs. Laughlin, Mr. Salchak, Mr. Noble, Mr. Mangefrida and Mr. Gorankoff with us this year. Everyone was sorry that Miss Root was taken ill and had to leave. Farewell Miss Storey! Welcome back, Miss Boice! We are glad to have Mrs. Alice Clark with us but sorry to see Mrs. Cusack leave. Mr. Hopkins is going to be busy this summer completing his Master's degree. This summer Mr. Salchak is going to summer school in the morning, playing golf in the afternoon and working at a carnival in the evening. When is he going to do his homework? The Chevron thanks all the faculty whose time, energy and good will made this edition possihle. 1 n SENIOR OFFICERS D. CoTTov1, N. BIELINSKI P. FRASER, M. GIBBS SENIOR CLASS Top of the building is here! 238 -- Seniors all together under one ceiling. Our custodians, Mrs. Landfear, and Mr. I-lill. We started off our last big year with the election of officers: Dan Cottovi, president, Pat Fraser, vice-president, Nancy Bielinski, secretary, Marcia Gibbs, treasurer. The honorable office of 'lpig keeper" went to Matteo Pecorella, who has faithfully hounded the gum-chewers of the Senior Class. Suits and ties - sweaters and pearls! The whole school knew that the Seniors were having their pictures taken. Back came the proofs - it's awful - looks just like me! june came in December, with the Senior Play, "June Mad"! Tryouts, re- hearsals, footlights! Up goes the curtain - we're on! Tommy in jeans - Sue in chiffon - the audience in stitches! "The Highwaymanu rode in A. C. S. on December 9th. Ciarico in braids, the rest of us in our best. The Senior Tea had arrived. The program was fun, the tea was punch, and we bowed our bow to society. Who will ever forget the moon that showed Craddock the way? "Silver Bells" by the chorus set the theme for the decorations by Carrie. Came the Christmas party! One time when the girls had it easy. The spaghetti dinner was cooked CPD and served by the boys Cdeep bows to Mrs. Arwell, Mrs. Pecorella and Mrs. Petroniol. And such a charming Santa Claus to reward all good little Seniors. Slave Day - packed with laughs! The windows in Senior Homeroom shone - thanks to two willing CPD slaves. Gridiron warriors turned dance-teachers - to the eighth grade girls. And the slave-masters grinned! VVho can blame them? March 8th, blizzard and all, saw us hop the bus for Rochester and "The Boy Friend". What a show! What a welcome home - no lights, no heat, no school! Now - cards and announcements are ordered - finals will soon be here - and in only too short a time weill take our trip and trip across the stage in cap and gown. Vale, Albion Central! LAWRENCE ATWELL EUGENE BANAS SUSAN BEACH ' s RACE BERGIWAN ALICE BAKER BARBARA BARSTOW RICHARD BEARDSLEV NANCY BIELlNSKI ROLAND BIELINSKI PEGGY BIGGER LEE BROOKS KARL BRUST BETTY BIGGER KENNETH BLOOIVI RICHARD BROWNELL DOROTHY BUCKLAND ANN BURGIS CARIJL CAR1IJBELL ELAINE CCJLCJNEY THOMAS CRADDOCK IOHN Burmoucus PHILIP CIARICO SHELVA COY IDA CRAWSHAW SIIEILA CUNNINCHAAI ARNOLD D,fX!XlICO PATRICIA FRASER ROSE M AR112 CLIBBS WALLACE IDALE JOAN IDECARLO M ARc1A GIBBS RoBER'r C1lLI.ET'l'E IDANIEL CLOTTOVI BIHIIADDEUS CZRZYWACZ VVAYNE H EYDEN LAURA HUDSON RICHARD C1R1lXIIX'I FRANCES I IAWKINS IVIARCIA IIILL A IARK INGRAI IAIXI ONALEE JACOBS 'TONY KAMINSKI RONALD KETTLE MARJOME LAMONT SHARON JULIANA LORRAINE KELLEY PIIYLIS LAKE PATRICIA LEICH SUE LESTER GEORGE LIPPERT ILAH LONG CHARLES MCGAFHCK DONALD LETTIS GERALD LONDON MAROIA LUDWICK RICHARD MCIXXIURRAY 19 SHIRLEY 1X1ONACELLI SALLY MOORE VV1LL1A1x1 NARBIIRCZII ADELE PAGE SUSAN IVIONAGAN JOHN M ORTON TERRY NEAL FREDRICK PARKER IKOBERT PARKER CARI. PETRONIO M1cuE1.1NE RANHERI KAREN RUSII M ATTEO PECORELLA IJANIEL RADZINSKI PEARL115 ROBINSON ROSEIXIARY SADLER 21 DONALD SHAWVER CLARY SIXIITH RAY S1x11TH JOANNE STARCH RANDALL SIIAWVER Loxs SIXIITH D1XN1EL SNELL SELDON STEWART M ARCIA STUCKO GEORGE SULLIVAN CQERALDINE LIGOREK GORDON WELLS DELONA SULLIVAN RUBY TOWER CARRIE VVAHL SIIEILAII WELLS IDAVID XNIETIIERISEE 'DAVID Youm: R101 IARD VVILLIAIXIS VIOSEPH Zu M M 0 SENIOR HOME ROOM DO YOU REMEMBER Gordon Wells' forgetting his ticket for dinner in Syracuse? Philip Ciarico as Bess, the Landlord's black-eyed daughter? Karl Brust's riding the bus instead of walking a mile for a camel? The look on Carl Petronids face when his mother saw him in the hall at the Gordon Wells' losing his wallet in Syracuse? Gottovi dancing with the seventh-graders on slave day? The day the Wl-IEC announcer, Mr. Severe, waved for applause and waved back? Mr. New's corner club 6th period, Karen and Sheila? Gordon Wells lost in Syracuse? Ronald Kettle, the 238 shoeshine boy? Charlie and Lawrence's wedding before we beat The snow-slowed crawl home from Rochester. Gordon Wells? The Sadie Hawkins chase. What, no chase? Sally Moore's blonde wig - daisies wOn't tell? Dotty's mistletoe at the Christmas party? The day Phil Ciarico used a shade string to tie his shoe? Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Wittiest Girl ...... Wittiest Boy .... Brightest Girl --- Brightest Boy .... Prettiest Girl ...... SENIOR CATALOGUE - - - - PAT FRASER - - - -DAN GOTTOVI ---------PAT LEIGH ------TOM CRADDOOK -----MARJORIE LAMONT -----RAGE BERGMAN --------ILAH LONG H andsomest Boy ..... ..... I OHN BURROUGHS Best Dressed Girl - Best Dressed Boy ..... -- Most Friendly Girl Most Friendly Boy - - - ..... NANCY BIELINSKI ----WAYNE HEYDEN --------------PAT FRASER RICHARD MOMURRAY Most Musical Girl .............. KAREN RUSH Most Musical Boy Most Athletic Girl Most Athletic Boy .... - Most Quiet Girl --- --- Most Quiet Boy --- - -----ELAINE COLONEY Best Actress ..... Best Actor .... Ideal Wife ...... Ideal Husband --- Neatest Senior - - - - -TOM CRADDOOK - - - - - SUE MONAGAN --------LEE BROOKS - MICHALINE RANIERI - - - -GEORGE LIPPERT ----JOHN MORTON ---------ILAH LONG -- ...-. JOHN BURROUGHS -----NANCY BIELINSKI Woman-Hater - Best Executive - Most Versatile -..-. Most Responsible ---. -- - - -RICHARD GRIMA1 --------SUE LESTER ----MARCIA GIBES ------SUE LESTER Best Speaker ........ ...... G ORDON WELLS M ost Ambitious - - - ------------SusAN BEACH Biggest Nuisance to Teachers ...- GENE BANAS Best Dancer ....-----..-- Gayest Chatterbox - - - - - - - Most Smiling .--- Most Diligent -.-. Most Artistic .--- Most Original --.------- Most Likely to Succeed -.-. -PEARLIE ROBINSON ----JOAN DECARLO RosE MARY SADLER ------SusAN BEACH - - - - CARRIE WAHL - - - - PHYLLIS LAKE - - - - - DAN GOTTOv1 Best Disposition .....--- --.-- , DAN RADZINSKI Best Figure ----------- - - - - - - - - --GERRY UGOREOK Best Physique ..--. .-... Ten-O'clock Scholar Most Efficient -.-- Most Poised --- Most Atomic .... Most Gourteous --- Most Relaxed .--. -- -- -SALLY MOORE LAWRENCE ATwELL - - - - - -ANN BURGIS - - - - BETTY BIGGER - - - - SALLY MOORE - - - -RACE BERGMAN -- --PHIL CIARICO 25 JUNIOR OFFICERS i IUNIOR CLASS Order in the court! Case of junior class versus Albion Central School. Plain. Att.: During the latter part of September, this group elected the fol- lowing ring leaders: President, Ann Navarrag Vice President, Paul Canham, Secretary- Treasurer, Sandra Waldo. The first crime committed was a campaign in which they sold magazines. lt was very successful and they made a large amount of money on this deal. With some of this money, the entire junior class skipped town and hid out for one evening in Rochester where they saw the Ice Follies of 1955. Many of them lost their way and were almost picked up, but as the evening ended, all returned safely to headquarters. Future plans consist of a skating party and a radio broadcast, "The junior Town Meeting of the Air." Speakers on this panel are Ann Navarra, Bob Skinner, john Ellis and Beverly Brownell. The date of broadcast is March 15, 1956. Members of the jury, I leave you to judge the damage done by these juniors. The Plaintiff rests. Def. Att.: Members of the jury, as you look at these fine juniors, how can you find them guilty of such crimes? Many members of this class have contributed a great deal to this school. Four girls, Eleanor Minckley, Dorothy Gregg, Dawn Minier, and Bea Sedita cheered faithfully for the varsity football and basketball teams. Cheering for the junior Varsity team were jane Bigger, Shirley Pecorella and Bev- erly Brownell. Derwick, Pilon, Brackenbury, and Craddock did a fine job playing on the Varsity football team. VVe had these junior boys, Derwick, Pilon, Ellis, Hannon, and Batt who played Varsity basketball. A large number of students represented the junior class in the Christmas Choir. john Ellis sang the solo, "The Holy City." Four members of this class, john Ellis, Sharon Hubbell, Charlie Derwick, and Priscilla Standish were chosen as exchange students to Canada. Does the jury find the junior class guilty or not guilty? Cuilty, Your Honor. The jury finds you guilty of irreparable damage to parents, teachers and the school. You are therefore sentenced to one year of hard toil in Homeroom 238 - sentence to begin in September, 1956. A. NAVARRA, P. CANHAM, S. WALDO JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: C. Derwick, V. Lupo, D. Lucas, R. Preston, E. Robinson, T. Graham, P. Frocchi, A. Proctor J. West, P. Canham 3rd Row: C. Gurnsey, M. Sayles, J. Ellis, A. Brockenbury, F. Long, R. Pilon, J. Craddock, G. Eornst R. Mathes, W. Weeks, J. Brace, D. DeCarlo, P. McKenna 2nd Row: J. Baxter, B. Ferris, G. Pilato, P. Standish, E. Shawver, M. Telga, J. Woodcock, N. Gibbs S. Waldo, L. Meale lst Row: E. Minckley, B. Sedifa, S. Pecorella, B. Adduci, M, Noon, B. Smith, B. Nenni, C. Twadarkus M. Zicari, M. Brust Top Row: M. Hart, J. Bigger, A. Snyder, R. Hales, D. Riynere, D. Hannon, J. Fisher, R. Braley, J. Jones, K. Rhodey, W. Allen, E, Reed 3rd Row: G. Batt, R. Hoag, N. Newton, R. Willimatt, L. D'Angelo, P. Kelley, A. Klingenberger, M. Bates A. Navarro, M. McKenna, T. Canale, D. Cushman, R. Skinner, C, Giarrizzo 2nd Row: J. Daniels, D. Minier, D, Gregg, F. Hatch, S, Hubbell, M. Budynski, E. Frank, M. Romanowski M. DeCarlo, D. Licursn lst Row: N. Brown, B. Brownell, M. Daum, M. Hughes, R. Markle, K. Marshall, D. Clark, C. Noreck, M. Osborn, R. Reed SOPHOMORE OFFICERS A. DANIELS, F. DANIELS C. lxlILLER, J. LENT SOPHOMORE CLASS Upper lower classmen, you say? Thats right! We've reached the second rung of the ladder! To help keep us balanced, Fred Daniels was elected president, Adrienne Daniels, vice-president, lean Lent, secretary, Carolyn Miller, treasurer. Standing by to lend a helping hand was our advisory trio, Mrs. Mahoney, Mrs. Holt, and Mr. Schroeder. Looking back over the past year, the Sophomore Class is justly proud of its contribution to Albion Central. "Cive the ball to 'Unis'!'l, was a familiar cry at the football games. Fred Daniels and "Beater" DeCarlo helped raise the Varsity basketball scores. And where would the V.s have been without the Sophomores? As for our girls - who could miss lean Lent, our V. Cheerleader - the two Claudias CBritt and McColloughD, Bonnie Grimm, Karen Horton -- and lean again f those talented Twirlersl Many of our girls Cand boys, tool sang in the Glee Club, 'itootedn in the Band, and slavcd OD on the Clarion-Echo and Chevron Staffs. ln fact, there was scarcely a phase of school life in which the Sophomores were ll0t represented. Along with the new year came the traditional skating party at Medina - thrills, spills - an event long to be remembered. And now we're reaching for the third rung of the ladder - and looking forward expectantly to magazine sales, Signor Prize - and all that goes with being a junior. SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row: G. Anderson, D. Eddv, E. Clement, G. Erway, R. Shack, M. Walter, D. Spierdowis, A. DeCarIo M. Piazza, R. Brodie, A. Cote, D. Stockton 3rd Row: N. Bertch, D. Burroughs, B. Blackman, E. D'Angelo, S. Dale, J. Roth, M. Hockbruckner J. Dawlev, A. Daniels, J. Reed, B. Canham, P. Allen, D. Keitel, J. McGaffick, D. Beach 2nd Row: P. Jones, E. Ulianelli, C. Miller, L. Harvey, J. Lent, C. McCullough, M. Standish, B. Grimm C. Britt, A. Allbright, F. Lippert lst Row: G. Collins, B. Chapman, P. Sargent, R. Quintern, M. Wolcott, M. Lamana, P. Gaze F. Mangefridi, S. Scoppa, J. Koch, A. Alloort Top Row: J. Plummer, F. Ciesielski, D. Parker, J. McGlen, C. Benson, F. Hildreth, F. Daniels, C. Keltel, J. Leigh, VV. Poland, G. Cliff, J. Hales, P. Gilletle 3rd Row: C. Parker, l. Maine, M. Davis, E. Hughes, H. Grzywccz, G. Ray, O. Elster, R. Reed, T. Greene, S. Sedore, M. Spreigel, E. Brown, K. Horton S Pennasack L Moore 2nd Row: L. Bell, D. Storkweather, M. Howlett, A. Stocktoln, VS. Spinks, Bloom, E. Proctor, B. Ludwick J. Bruski, E. Nelson f lst Row: L. Tessina, B. Allport, B. Daniels, S. Coville, M. Finney, M. Norburgh, B. Willimott, E. Baker, P. Stroton, D. Wells FRESHMAN OFFICERS I. DENNISTON, C. Bnoorcs K. BELL, J. CiRAHAlXfI FRESHIVIAN CLASS We're Freshmen - a part of Albion High School at last! Until now, we've been in the building, but not of it. Now we are! We started this momentous year by electing the following class officers: jimmy Graham, presidentg John Denniston, vice-president, Kay Bell, secretary, and Clark Brooks, treasurer. The Freshman year brings new opportunities! And we made our presence felt in a number of different fields. Our boys played on the V. basketball and football teams. Donna Minckley and Kay Hubbell made the V. Cheerleading Squad - Iudy Rice was our contribution to the Twirlers. Now for the first time, our girls could join the Glee Club. We're justly proud of our representative, Lenore Marth, who sang solos in both the Christmas Choir and the Spring Concert. Last, but not least, many thanks to our advisors, Mrs. D'Amico, Miss Klotz- back, Miss Beeman and Mr. Salchak, for all the time and effort they have given to our class. We hope they feel it has been well spent. And now its time to climb higher into high school! We've made plans for the future - plans to work hard and yet have fun too. We know weire going to love every minute of it! But our Freshman year is one we won't forget! SIXTH, SEVENTH and EIC-HTH GRADES Special projects have added zest to the daily routine of the Sixth Grades. lVlrs. Severns' class made a mural of the Solar System. Mrs. Scharett's class has done committee work on foreign countries. Each class held a most successful Christmas party. Life in the three Seventh Grades has been filled with activities - Christmas parties, basketball teams, knitting lessons, a field trip, mural making - to mention only a few. Opportunity knocked at the door of the Eighth Grade this year. For the boys - a new junior Bod and Gun Club, for the girls - a dancing class. The high- light of the year - a skating party at Medina. FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: A. Baker, D. Erway, F. Babcock, L. Harvey, P. Wilder, E. Lonnen, J. Miller, K. Cutting F. Budynski, K. Gay, R. Hill 3rd Row: A. Preston, J. Denniston, A. Townsend, D. Bader, B. Tokotch, R. Miller, S. Schuck, L. True S. McCartnev, W. Hawkins, D. Ergott 2nd Row: D. Rush, J. Beardsley, R. Forgoine, J. Fisk, F. Jeffery, J. Woods, P. Page, N. Topeco S. Pittman, E. Miller lst Row: C. Dawson, S. Starch, B. Klotzbach, C. Perfitt, A. Si-ell, D. Hill, D. Minckley, S. Potting G. Walburn Top Row: N. Bagnato, J. Dutcher, R. Eibl, C. LeFrois, D. Williams, D. Marshall, D. Weed, C. Kerridge, R. Daniels, P. Wilkins, W. Schmackpepper, G. Snell 3rd Row: E. Davis, J, McMurray, K. Hubbell, G. Gottovi, D. Derwick, K. Dykstra, V. Morrison, B. Daniels, D. Prest, P. Anderson, P, Huber, L. Rhodey 2nd Row: R. Juliana, P. Ackery, T. Anderson, G. Thompson, D. DiLodovico, J. Weatherbee, R. Johnson, J. O'Brian, D. Morton, R. Christopher lst Row: P. Monacelli, N. Weeks, S. Pilon, J. Rice, R. Orlando, K. Mahany, B. Lose, D. Nesbitt, J. Graham FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row: D. Loscell, W. Maul, R. Freeman, J. Cunningham, M, Turner, R. Greenlee, D. Holbrook, D. Saeva, C. Brooks, E. Christopher, D. Buckland 3rd Row: J. Sadler, F. Daniels, L. Spore, W. Hughes, M. Draper, B. Hales, S. Wilson, D. Stone, C. Renolds, E. Narburgh, R. Brooks 2nd Row: R. Durront, S. Bartlett, K. Bell, C. Young, R, Klingenberger, B. Brodie, J. Govenda, N. Chrzan, L. Marth, P. Lake lst Row: M. Treble, L. Allen, M. Batt, J. Williams, B. Eddy, E, Draper, F. Beach, C. Severns, C. Forgolne, M. lngraham EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: R. Preston, J, Capurso, R. Stewart, K. Smith, C. Juliana, D. Bertch, D, Landfeor, G. Root G. Rush, A. Norburgh 3rd Row: J. Collrchio, T. McCabe, E. Parker, F. Allport, C. Wolburn, W. Champeney, F. Seitzer, M. Pilon J. Newton, A. Eibl, R. Spreigle 2nd Row: L. Brust, D. G.bbs, M. Johnson, J. Restlvo, M. Cox, D. Ergott, J. Wilson, G. Gregg, B. Moore L. Ba ne lst Row: D. Knigh'f,yR. Klotzbach, P. Stockton, B. Reimer, A. Fisher, J. Sullivan, N. Sanford, F. Cox D. Hults, S. Ferris EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: J. McKenna, R. Soule, J. Bertch, L. Parker, J. Washington, C. Smith, O. Rosser, S. Pahuta R. Soule, L. Narburgh 3rd Row: D. Gillett, L. lngraham, S. Miller, G. Buck, D. Dawson, R. Daniels, A. Conley, D. Slizewski J. Langham, M. Holliday, B. Ernbl, G. Shawver 2nd Row: L. Standish, R. Husted, C. Enzie, C. Cook, J. Buckner, R. Norman, G. Colaney, D. Greenlee R. Forder, R. Doly lst Row: J. Narburgh, B. Tower, L. Babcock, M. Martello, J. Burnside, B. Steir, M. Higley, R. Newton D. LeFrois Top Row: T. Wghiy, D. nestel, W. Parker, L. Bowen, C. Reed, C. Keitel, L. Brooks, C. Kelley, D. Bennett . artwe 3rd Row: R. LaMont, R. Nelson, J. Scibetta, G. Monagan, D. Erway, R. Bowen, C. Preston, D. Showler C. Algiers, J. Miles, D, Ellis, D. Salvatore, C. Chick, A. Mandeval 2nd Row: S. Broer, S. Ruhlman, A. Harvey, B. Kaminski, L. Thorpe, B. Hill, D. Fenton, S, Brooks A. Colella, J. Hart lst Row: R. Daum, K. Sayers, L. Bradford, D. Vogg, S. Myers, R. Robinson, S. Frew, B. Jaroszek G. Parsons SEVENTH GRADE Tcp Row: B. Wilson, M, Hoag, A. Spencer, H. Hoorch, E. Whiting, B. I-larradine, R. Howes, C. Burgoon L. Miles, J, Morrison, G. Hooper 3rd Row: S. Lent, B. Kreutzer, D. Sedore, C. MI'e5, R. Kendrick, C. Fields, S. Butcher, M. A. Lettis S. Hamilton, l. Phillips, P. Jones, M. Daniels, J. Perruzzini, A. Malone, H. Specht 2nd Row: R. Severns, S. Coville, A. McAllister, P. Nelson, K. Shuck, G. Coloney, B. DeHond, T. Carter E. Vick, F. Zicari lst Row: L. Gallipeciu, D. Long, D. Dawson, C. Thaine, D. Ricci, W, Reed, D. Carlston, D. Davis, J. Butts F. Twadorkus Top Row: D. Tower, R. Turner, F. Snyder, G. Wolcott, C, Morrison, K. Elliott, J, Hochbruckner, B. Webster, D. Smith, T. Mahoney, J. Gould, A. Tr.bunella 3rd Row: K. Shucks, S. Spencer, C. Mcinnc, J. McKenna, E. Loss, R. Farnham, L. Vagg, M. Blake, B. Bradford, J. Kelley, M. Denniston, J. McKenna, P. Klott, J. Raymond, P. Lake 2nd Row: B. Boyer, M. Lippert, J. Mathes, H. Jones, M. Hoarch, R. West, E. Wilder, D. Thompson, C. Gayenda, I. Spriegel . A lst Row: D. Lawrence, L. Allport, P. Kidney, G. Petronio, L. lngroham, D. Hobbs, P. Sullivan, G. Albright E. Sedir, M. Miller SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: D. Bloom, D. Sanford, R. Houghstan, C. Palmer, R. Howes, K. Marshall, D. Miller, W. Clatf, A. Lacey, E. Drought, K. Schultz, R, Fowler 3rd Row: D. Lippert, C. Grimble, D. Walter, S. Drought, L. Lonnen, S. Lascell, C. Moore, S. Wilson, B. Mayner, N. Shack, D. Gibeson, P. Delaba, C. Haines, K, Braley 2nd Row: M. Allport, C. Saeva, W. Berch, R. Sanford, G, Coville, M. Berch, A. Allen, S. Peglow. J. Strickland lst Row: C. Smith, R. Soule, S. Rush, M. Boyer, B. Anderson, S. Miller, P. Howlette, A. Headstead, G. McCartney, A. Tribunella SIXTH GRADE Top Row: B. McGaffick, D. Johnson, J. Hucknall, D. Rhociey, J. Durrant, J. Hill, G. Batt, D. Parker, R. Gillette, C. Rhodey, J. Sanders 3rd Row: M. Parker, G. Kerridge, D. Dragon, H. Landfear, S. Allen, S. Draper, I, Canutesan, K. Wagner, D. Fisk, G, Shawver, A. Jones, D. Palmer, N. Rhoda, K. Webster, L. Sanders 2nd Rowi R. Hayes, G, Parker, D. Smith, A. Bowman, J. Edwards, D. Brown, E. Axfell, L. Waldo, S. Smith lst Row: R. Kaminski, B. Parsons, J. Norman, M. Hoarch, R. Headstead, S. Wassels, R. Ferris, A. Hoarch, l. Steier, J, Narburgh .-A. A 1' V , ,rr M - b Y X , ii :ucv ' ' V ' JV it --M -I 7 I -Q Q as H it f H -'W - -is-3 ' ADDI1 I0 ' M, q r 0 Q .In NA- 'I Alina. y W -...U I H 'M , F J , 11-Q M- 1 , . Q . ., , '- V.1L"' .1 Y 0 0 W w 9 1 , 1 v-..... 1 L ng + . . - 'QA , 1 L,, ,.., H 4,4 - .umm Vfmrt 1 uw- ue.m.- L nm ' 1. W.. nl. mr EVE Cy I --"- - -i l - ,- -- - ' '3 I I U - ""' , 5 , L-I ' ,,,,,, ....,... .-...n..- ........ E ...... 1- W.. I 1 F' EPM? -.Q 1 ,:f ' If "" A Q mm. ,A4kgsA-w 1 , ECU ' 1 --M -.. P' -'- , , T , ' .1-N. I M.. .-, i h 1 c.z1:n: Lili! E vc-nu I . w...4..I'L.ll.E1 '...1'.-T..4'H" I 1 .1 ' v-I ' ' 'QU' .1 U L '-n A. -1 ...u - l gm .su I B n h A Q - a H Q a- .vu G,-.. I I "' r - - - I . . W , . , . -N I, - ' 71... 3 .. 1 '1-QQ EH!!! Z. 5:7 ,E B WZ... -A Q w I L . .. 1 . QI H ' -'-1' f 1 ' + " ' z- ' M, I ' Y W A fm, 0 f 0 ' WW ' ' ' V nm A o 1 w A - ' A X V no nv Iw 1 1 ' .... I F' R' 0 " , , , 0 , .. 5 I- V Y V Q ,Q ,.- ,, 4:-1: 0 . ., L L IST. FI . PLAN ' - 0 0 . ,,gaL,,,il.Lg1'Lk,, .L 'U I' il' 1.4 -A ,Y Y pw- ,,,. Y .l.-1 -0.-. rr.. .' N, . qw ALB! of CE NTRAL HIGH 80110014 Bh2Ghm fa 2' g jf CHEVRON EDITORIAL STAFF ist Rowt P. Standish, Mrs. Londfeor, S. Leste CHEVRON September, '55! Again the door to 310 is open! Inside a veritable beehive of activity as Co-Editors Sue Lester and Cordon Wells and their staff begin to make plans for the 1956 Chevron. And where is Mrs. Landfear? Right in the middle, of course - a never-failing source of inspiration and advice! Ideas? Ideas? To track them down, off to the Empire State Scholastic Press Association conference in Syracuse go Mrs. Landfear, Sue Lester, Senior Editor Richard McMurray, and Assistant Editors Priscilla Standish and john Ellis. Cordon Wells was a block behind us all the way! "Cotta have money!" So the enterprising Promotion Staff under Ronnie Kettle and Marcia Cibbs wrack their collective brains for new and novel means of pro- curing the "green stulff' The result - that riot of fun, Slave Day! A Sadie Hawkins Chase Cleap year, you knowD, Christmas Capers, after-game dances, and Friday noon movies help swell the Treasury and keep Business Manager Nancy Bielinski out of the "red." Circulation Manager Pat Fraser's dog race proves a "doggone" good way to stimulate competition in the homerooms and "up" the Chevron circulation. Now all Pat has to do is pass out the finished product. "Deadline Eridayv, warns Literary Editor Sue Beach, but it doesn't mean a thing. "Better late than never", she sighs, checking off incoming write-ups on her little chart. And then the fun begins, as Karen Rush and her corps of typists attempt to decipher the hieroglyphics. "What's this word?" "Can't anybody write?" Fingers fly over the keyboards - and at long last - Eddy's, here we come! One picture's worth a thousand words Cso they sayl and Staff Photographer Dick Brownell sets out to prove it - with gratifying results. Art Editor Carrie Wahl bends over her drawing board and comes up with - just turn the pages and see for yourself! And now our task is over! lt's been a lot of work - and a lot of fun! Here's the 1956 Chevron! Hope you like it! 2nd Row: R. Pilon J. Ellis, G. Wells, R. McMur oy TYPING STAFF 2nd Row: K. Rush, B. Barstow, A. Baker lst Row: M. Stucko, D. Buckland CIRCULATION STAFF Row: D. Ergott, S. Brooks, P. Kidney, R. Soule, A Malone, E. Reed Row: D. Derwick, H. Grzywacz, J. Bruski, D. Minckley N. Bielinski, B. Boyer, M. Johnson 3rd 2nd lst Row: P, Fraser, M. McKenna, L. Harvey, R. Orlando, B. Brownell ADVERTISING STAFF 4th L, Seabring. J. Cunningham, D. Spierdowis, T. Craddock L. Atwell, W. Hughes, S. Stewart, S. Monagan, P. Leigh E. Coloney Row: L. D'Angelo, Navarra, T. Canale, P, Wilder, F. Babcock, E. Minckley B. Sedita, D. Gregg, S. Coville, M. Howlett M. Ranieri, D. Sullivan, D. Gottovi 3rd D. Starkweather, F, Hatch, A 2nd Row: A. D'Arnico, I. Crawshaw, R. Gibbs, S. Coy, M. l-lart lst Row: B. Allport, A. Allport, E. Baker, M. Davis, P, Lake C. Spinks, S. Dale Row: S. Moore, S. Cunningham, J, Bigger, F. Daniels, PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Standing: R. Brownell, R. Skinner, P. Canham, R. l-lales J. West Seated: R, Bergman 3rd 2nd l st 4th 3rd 2nd LITERARY STAFF Row: R. Bergman, R. Klotzback, C. Miller, P. Logalbo B. Brownell Row: P. Standish, F. Hatch, M. LaMont, R. Pilon K, Bell, P. Leigh, J. Ellis Row: J. McKenna, L. Brooks, A. Burgis, S. Beach E. Frank PROMOTION Row: C. Bloom, A. Navarra, M. Ranieri, A. Klingene berger, M. Bates, M. Hart, S. Coy, M. Hughes, R Markle, S. Pittman Row: P. Bigger, B. Bigger, O. Jacobs, P. Lake, J DeCarlo, P. Fraser, R. Howlett, S. Coville, M. K. Dykstra, N. Chrazn Row: A. D'Amico, G. Kettle, l. Crawshaw, N. Klingenberger, D. Sullivan, M Narburgh, D. Derwick, L. True Batt, N. Brown, M. Gibbs, R Gibbs, L. Atwell lst Row: B. Brownell, G. Gottovi, K. Hubbell, l. Long, B Brodie, B, Daniels, J, Fisk, D. Starkweather . STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVES STUDENT COUNCIL "There will be a meeting of the Student Council in the cafeteria at 8:35 todayfi That announcement has boomed out many times over the P. A. system, proving the Student Council works hard for the students all the time. Ably heading our student government is Sue Lester. Hand in hand with Sue are John Craddock, vice presidentg Daisy Baker, recording secretaryg Eleanor Frank, corresponding secretaryg Ann Burgis, treasurerg William Narburgh, head of the Traffic and Safety Councilg and Rosemary Sadler, head of the Awards Council. The first thing accomplished by the Student Council was the setting up of the various committees and their heads. Susan Beach was placed in charge of the Orientation Committee. lt was Susan who found each new student a big sister or brother to acquaint him with the ways of A. C. S. Patricia Fraser, named head of the Assembly Committee, was given the job of planning all the assemblies for next year. Patricia Leigh was head of the Publicity Committee. lt was her job to see that all Student Council activities were fully advertised. Charles Derwick was given the task of managing the Spring election. The Traffic and Safety Council fell under the supervision of the Student Council this year. Bill Narburgh and his committee granted permits to the student drivers. They also patrolled the drivers to make sure that their laws were followed to the letter T Cas for ticketlD The Awards Council with Rosemary Sadler and her members, had charge of the awards. They could be found delving into the files, compiling each individual's O11'ltS. P The Finance Committee handled the money. All the money earned in the school store passed through the hands of Ann Burgis, our treasurer. This com- mittee also handled the Athletic Association money this year. The meetings were run in true governmental fashion. At each meeting all the committee heads gave reports along with at least five homeroom presidents. Two new clubs were chartered for the eighth graders: the Junior Rod and Cun Club and the Cirls' Dancing Club. Another club chartered was the Service Club. Two free assemblies we all enjoyed must be credited to the Student Council. We made money, too! We sold candy at the basketball games and held two successful bake sales. We worked with others. ln October, we co-operated with the Rotary Club to help put on the annual Halloweien Party. At present we are trying to help the P. T. A. pick an exchange student for next year. J. Croddock, E. Fronk, S. Lester, A. Burg STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row: C. Pefronio, R. Pilon, M. McKenna 3rd Raw: M. Sayles, M. Gibbs, N, Bielinski, S. Beach 2nd Row: E. Reed, R. Sadler, P. Leigh, P. Fraser lst Row: W. Ncirburgh, D, Gotfovi, B. Brownell STUDENT COUNCIL Top Raw: J. Copurso, P. Kidney, R. Soule, D. Sanford, T. Mahoney, T. McCabe 12nd Row: G, Coloney, B. Boyer, J. McKenna, A. Malone, G. Miles, M, Johnson lst Row: R. Doum, J Gould TRAFFIC 8. SAFETY COUNCIL lsl Row: C. McCullough, S. Moore, M. Standish 2nd Row: C. Giorrizzo, J. Ellis, W. Norburgh, C, Derwick STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row: P. Wilder, R. Orlando, B. Lose, D. Ergott .Znd Row: L. Horvey, J. McMurray, D. Minckley, D. Spierdowis, K. Horton, D. Derwick lst Row: J. Goyendo, H. Grzywocz, J. Bruski, S. Dole FINANCE COMMITTEE Seated: M. Noon, A. Burgis lst Row: K. Hubbell, K. Mahany, E. Frank 2nd Row: D. Derwick, G. Collins, S. Coy, P. Fiocchi, J. Craddock, G, Wells, lvl, LaMont AWARDS COUNCIL Ist Row: G. Pilafo, C. Enzie, K. Bell, R. Sadler 2nd Row: Mr. Mongefrida, P. Kelley, H. Grzywacz, E. Hughes, P. Robinson, D. Fenton, M. Pecorello -11 SENIOR BAND Tap Row: A. Flsheg, R. Harradine, D. Lucas, K. Rhodey, J. Jones, J. West, Mr, Sherman, N. Bagnato, D. reenlee 3rd Row: W. Parker, M, Daum, F. Mano, M. Wolcott, T. Craddock, D. Cushman, C. Benson, C. Dcrwick, W. Allen, C. Keitel, C. Parker, S. Stewart, D. Hannon, R. Hales, J. Fisher, D. Swell, R. Bralcy T, Canale 2nd Raw: J. Capurso, M. Hart, J. Graham, N. Chrzen, J. Fisk, P. Kelley, D. Holbrook, D. Derwick, J Govenda, F. Cieslelski, P. Allen, M. Bates, R. Greenlee lst Row: K. Hubbell, K. Rush, A. Baker, S. Lester, J. Koch, B. Grimm, M. Budynski, S. Hubbell, T. Graham, J. Cracldack, F. Hatch JUNIOR BAND Top Row: Mr. Sherman, D. Vagg, P. Jones, A. Janes, E. Whiting, A. Tribunella, D, Thompson, C. Morrison, G. Parsons, L. Ingrohom, S. Meyers 2nd Row: C. West, R. West, G. Buck, R. LaMont, G. Rush, R. Daum, T, Carter, J. Weatherbec, D. Sanford, J. Butts, P. Howlett I lst Row: B. Kreutzer, J. Kelley, S. Woolston, M. Johnson, D. Fisk, H. Landfear, A. Fisher, F, Trnbunella DANCE BAND TWIRLERS Top Row: R. Broley, J. Fisher, R. Holes S. Ruhlmon, J. Lent, J. Rice, C. McCullough, F Ho h 2nd Row: Mr. Shermon, T. Conole, D. Snell, D. Cushman, K. Horton, B. Grimm, C. Britt, S. Pilon T Croddock, M. Wolcott lst Row F. Hatch, D. Holbrook, J. Hales, J. Grohom, K Hubbell SENIOR BAND The baton signaled "Cheer for Old Albionnl Out marched the Senior Band to spur our team to Victory. The band, Linder the direction of lVlr. Sherman, got off to a bang-up start this year by -electing Tom Craddoclc as president, jimmy Graham as vice-president, Sharon Hubbell as secretary, Daisy Baker as treasurer, and joan Cavenda, Pat Kelly, and Marjorie Bates, as librarians. The quick stepping of the marching band, and the high strutting of the majorettes made a colorful formation for our football victories. In November, two of our members, Faye liatch and Xfvlllikllll Allen, took part in the All-State Band in Brighton. The next thing on the repertoire was the annual Pops Concert which featured a trumpet trio. ln May we went to the Spring Festival. As the finale of our year, we presented our Spring Concert. The junior Band, composed of approximately forty members, practiced regu- larly during the school year. Their chief objective is to fill the chairs of the graduates in the Senior Band. This band may be junior in age, but not in spirit and ability, as they will have an opportunity to show in the Spring Concert. If you should pass the music room door on Monday night, you would hear the slow ballads and the smooth jazz of the Dance Band. The band, headed by Mr. Sherman, played for the dance at the Band Fun Night, and other activities. A shako to our drum majorettesl Skirts a-whirling, barons a-twirling, they'1'e the high-stepping girls who lecl our marching band and pepped up our games and assemblies. DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS T. Conole, D. Gottovi, S. Beach, T. Croddock DRAIVIATICS CLUB "Curtain going up!" The Dramatics Club's work, assembly performance of "Sugar and Spice", brought down the house - and "WOW Presentsn, the Dramatics Club entry walked off with first prize in the Variety Show. A trip to Buffalo to see "Cinerama" and one to the Dramatic Festival at Brock- port State Teachers' College were special features of the year. And who was behind all these projects? Mr. Lynch, advisor of the Dramatics Club - assisted by the officers: Tom Craddock, president, Dan Cottovi, vice- presidentg Susan Beach, secretary, Tom Canale, treasurer. THE C-LEE CLUB Spring came late for the Clee Club! lnstead of the concert, a blizzard and yet another! We finally heard a wonderful program ranging from "l Wish I Wuz" to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". The one hundred and twenty members had worked hard and the results showed it. To begin the year four members were chosen to attend All State at Brighton. They were llah Long, Susan Beach, Race Bergman, and Thomas Craddock. During latter October, the Christmas Choir, with 41 voices, was organized. They practiced long and faithfully and presented their program for the PTA and the student body. The choir sang "Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Lightf "Holy, Holy", "Sing O Heavens" and "There's a Song ln the Air". The girls sang "Bing Out Ye Bells". Three boy Sopranos, Dennis Slizewski, David Ellis, and David Greenlee, sang "Cantique de Noel". The soloists were John Ellis, singing "The Holy City", and Leonore Marth singing "Under the Stars." The choir's songs were an inspiration to all as the Christmas season approached. Following the Spring Concert the Clee Club began preparing for the Com' mencement exercises. The Clee Club, together with Mrs. Trumble, is to be congratulated for ex- cclleni work. GLEE CLUB 4th Raw: C. Chick, A. Narburgh, D, Ellis, D, Greenlee, J. Hales, R. Brodie, G. Batt, J. Ellis, R. Greenlee T C'f'd'1ock, J Denniston, E. Clement, J. Dutcher, T. Champenev, R. Durrant, D. DeCarlo G. Coloney, J. Scibetta 3rd Row: E. Frank, l. Maine, M. Ranieri, M. Romanowski, M. Telga, S. Cunningham, O. Jacobs, L. Kelley P. Lake, M. Trurnble, P. Anderson, S. Dale, L. Smith, M. Lamanna, K. Hubbell, D Sullivan, D. Minckley 2nd Row: D. Manier, D. Gregg, S. Hubbell, L. Harvey, M. De-Carlo, M. Grimm, R. Frushone, B. Smith S. Scoppa, M, Finney lst Row: A. Daniels, M. McKenna, M, Narburgh, L. Meale, C. Dawson, K. Bell, N. Chrzan, C. Millcr K. Horton 4th Raw: D. Scdowski, R. Bowen, N. Brown, U. Parker, R. Kettle, R. l-lales, J. Capurso, R. Bergman, M Sayles, D. Holbrock, D. Lascell, T. Greene, T. Canale, R. Mathes, J. Lanham, R. Stewart 3rd Row: C. McCullough, E. Ludwick, B. Brownell, S. Pilon, K. Mahany, P. Gaze, S. Waldo, J, McKenna J. Miles, R. Christopher, R. Forder, D. DlLodovlco, M. Wolcott, M. Doum, J. DeCarlo D. Rush, C. Perfitt, G. Pilafo, V. Morrison 2nd Row: P. Bigger, S. Coy, R. Gibbs, F. Hatch, I. Crawshaw, S. Monacelli, A. Navarro, B. Se:l.ta, I. Long J. Reed, J. Roth, E. Minckley, S. Pecorella lst Row: L. Marth, L. True, S. Beach, S. Moore, S. Wilson, B. Blackman, M. LaMont, C. Spinks, D Buckland, B. Bigger f i M, LoMont, D. Gortovi, P. Leigh, E. Coloney, Mr. D'Amico, R. Sodier NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ir isn't every cluh that is all officers, hut this year the National Honor Society had Five memhers. Danniel Cottovi, President: Rosemary Sadler, Vice-President, Patricia Leigh, Secretary: Elaine Coloney, Treasurerg and Marjorie LaMont, Program Chairman. Danny really didn't mind heing the only hoy. Besides, he had a monopoly on the refreshments. He also had a monopoly on the traffic fines. Striving to live up to the ideals of scholarship, leadership, character and service, the National llonor Society held monthly meetings at the homes of the members. Our thanks to Miss Boice for her tall: with pictures on England, Miss Dilsaura for her California slides, Mr. Alhert Mason for his original poetry, and Mr. D'Amico for his classical recordsg The highlight of the season was a trip to the Rochester Arena to see "Don juan in Hell". ln addition the National Honor Society has carried out its traditional duties of raising and lowering the flag and taking charge of the foyer during the noon hour. VVe expect to elect the new members later in the Spring. Top Row: R. McMurray, J. West, J. Craddock, T. Graham, D. Gottcvi, W. Narburgh, V. Lupo, D. Lucas, C. Derwick, R. Bergman, P. Frocchi, A. Prcctor, Mr. Anderson 4th Row: P. C.arico, R. Hoag, L. Atwell, M. Pecorella, D. Cushman, C. Petronio, F. Long, A. Brackeribury, A. D'AmLco, D. Snell, S. Stewart, P. Canham, R. Hales, W. Heyden 3rd Row: D. Gregg, R. Sadler, P. Kelley, M. Bates, M. Romanowski, E. Frank, A. Navarra, F. l-latch, S. Moore, S. Monagan, E. Coloney, P. Leigh, M. Hart, J. Bigger, P. Standish, M. Ranieri, S. Beach, J. Baxter, A. Snyder, B. Bigger, P. Bigger 2nd Row: l. Crawshaw, S. Coy, R. Gibbs, L. D'Angelo, C. Morton, D. Clark, B. Adduci, L. Meale, E. Shawver, B. Sedita, F. Hawkins, K. Marshall, R. Markle, M. Hughes, P. Fraser, A. Burgis, M. DeCarlo lst Row: M. Zacari, D. Sullivan, C. Twardokus, B. Nenni, C. Noreck, B. Smith, S. Waldo, M. Daum, E. Mrnckley, S. Hubbell, B. Brownell, G. Pilato, J. Draper, M. Osborn SERVICE CLUB Smiling Service! lVlerry lXlonitoringl Carl Petronio, with Mr. Anderson, heads this year's newly formed organization, the Alpha Service Club. The function of this club is to serve our school in manv wavs. lt's greatest accomplishment was the setting up of a good monitor system. Our members tlitl such a fine job of 'iinonitoringn that the school bought them jackets to xvear while on dutv. Our first social event was the i'Darlttown Strutters' Ball". Good turnoutl Good tiniel Wie hope that the students will support all our activities, so that in future years our members xvill be able to provide more entertziininent for the student body. At present, we are planning a tureen supper and another dance. The profits of these projects are to be put in the Student Council fund toward the purchase of a hiefi for the school. .Ns projects to raise money, we sold programs at the football games and, later, pencils which had the basketball schedule on them. hloney isn't everything but it helps the service that Service Club servesl Top Row: R, Newman, M. Narburgh, A. Baker 2nd Row: Mr. Noble, M. Hart, E. Coloney, P. Leigh, B. Barstow, S. Monagan, G, Gottovi, R. Sadler, l. Crawshaw, B. Boyer lst Row: D. Gottovl, J. Burroughs, G, Pilato, P. Fraser, C. Derwick, P. Ciarico CLARION-ECHO Let 'em rolll To press we go! We meet and plan and print! Co-Editors Dan Gottovi and ,lohn Burroughs roll up their sleeves and go to worla 4 with Mr. Noble, new Clarion-Echo advisor, right behind them. Newsl Newsl A eolumn of our own in the loeal newspaper - a weekly sum' mary of homeroom and sehool aetivities. Get your eopy ini Cotta meet the deadline! Laeli of funds was responsihle for the infrequeney of Clarion-Echo puhlieation this year - hut quality made up for quantity. To augment the treasury, hot dogs and pop were sold at the games. VVC eontinued the popular praetiee of interviewing teaehers and outstanding seniors A featured in speeial artieles. A salute to Phil Ciarieo, Charlie Derwiek and Sue hlonagan for their super sports summaries! Fl he Gossip eolume told all - well, almost alll Difficulties, yes - hut a good year notwithstandingl Standing: J. Restivo, M. Holliday Standing: A. Klingenberger, L. Brooks, M. Brust Sitting: M. Parker, D. Johnson, L. Boyne Sitting: S. Pecorella, Miss DiLaura, M. Pecorella Standing: D. Sedore, M. Lettis, J. McKenna Standing: A. Daniels, C. Bloom, M. lngraham Sitting: T. Carter, J. Kelley, S. Rush Sitting: N. Weeks, L. True, J. McGIen JUNIOR RED CROSS Who says Charity isn't fun? Not our junior Red Crossersl Speaking of fun, how about the Christmas party at the Veterans' Hospital in Batavia - gifts and tray favors from us - appreciation from the patients - a good time for alll The junior Red Cross is composed of one member from each homeroom. Chairmanned this year by Matteo Pecorella, with Shirley fthe same namel to keep records and handle money, almost S100 was painlessly extracted from Albion students during the Fund Drive - as well as an additional S50 for the Cverseas Childrens Fund. Now they're busy making fifty gift boxes to be distributed to the less fortunate in foreign countries. Much credit is due Miss Dilsaura - always the guiding hand behind any Red Cross project. ln collaboration with the Clee Club Spring Concert, our fun night, featuring a basketball game between the faculty men and the varsity Cwhat was the altercation between Mr. Salchak and Charlie Derwick?D and a demonstration of square dancing by the eighth grade girls, proved a big success with proceeds donated to the Red Cross. Top Row: G. Wells, Mr. New, F. Long, E. Smith, O. Elster, M. Walters, R. Hill, K. Gay, E. Clement, C. Keitel, A. Baker, E. Narburgh 2nd Row: A. Brackenbury, R. Willimott, R. Braley, K. Rhodey, T. Graham, H. Ford, M. lngraham, R. Parker, W. Mull lst Row: R. Kettle, D. Snell, N. Newton, R. Brooks, M. Turner, L. Atwell, G. Batt, E. Lonnon FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Farmers produce and howl The surplus of the Future Farmers of America this year was one of ability. VVe had a bumper crop of thirty-two active members in our local chapter. Our officers this year include President, Gordon Wells, Vice President, Ronald Kettle, Secretary, Neal Newton, Treasurer, Dan Snellg Reporter, Robert Brooksg and Wzitch Dog, Mark Turner. The first activity in our program for the year was initiation. The Senior boys passed the judgment on the incoming greenhands. Our money raising activities this year included our calendar advertising and potato selling. The Horticultural Show in Rochester brought many honors to the boys. Gordon Wells won first prize in the speaking contest and also the County and Regional contests which followed later. VVC also won four places in the fruit exhibit and Ronald Kettle placed seventh in the fruit judging contest. Gur next event was the annual banquet which was a howling success. At the same time, we sponsored a pageant, which was appreciated by everyone of all ages. The present Future Farmers of America Chapter has been an outstanding one. not only for its ability to produce, but also for its talents along agricultural lines. Top Row: E, Bcker, C. Noreck, S. Schuck, S. McCartney, D. Baker, M. Howlett, M. Gibbs, L. D'Angelo, J. Baxter, J. Dciwley, M. Hochbruckner, E. D'Angelo, P. Robinson, M. Davis, M. Batt 2nd Row: Miss Boice, F. Jeffery, R, Tower, A. Klingenberger, L. Kelley, R. Markle, M, Hughes, B. Blackman, Mrs. Anderson lst Row: S. Potting, F. Beach, B. Allport, M. Osborn, P, Stratton, D. Clark, J. Beardsley, B. Willimott, S. Smith FUTURE HOIVIEIVIAKERS OF AMERICA llere are the girls who can sew u straight seam and bake a perfect cake. Yes. you've guessed it. These girls are the Future Horne- makers of America. Last year the F. II. A. eleetecl these girls to hold offices for the coming year: Lorraine Kelley. President: Rita IN'IarIile, Viee Presiclentg Ruby Tower, Treasurer, and Ann Klingenherger. Secretary. It was alarming and amusing to see the girls with their elothes on Imekwzlrcls and their Imir in pigtails, but it was only the F. II. A. initizltions. VV ith a dance plzmnecl for ai future alrite, we come out of the Iiitehenl FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Top Row: D. Derwick, G. Gottovi, L. Brooks, D. Gottovi, P. Ciorico, L. Marth, E. Coloney Third Row: J. McMurray, R. Juliana, R. Sadler, I. Long, M. Narburgh, B. Daniels, M. Draper, B. Lose Second Row: P. Leigh, Miss DiLaura, S. Monagan, T. Croddock First Row: E. Davis, C. Seve-rns, R. Klingenberger, M. lngraham, M. Ranieri, M. LaMont 5 I lst Row: G. 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: Sth Row: 6th Rowi Standing' McCartney, J, Peruzzini, I. Phillips, M. Blake, S. Ferris, M. Lettis, S. Lascell, L, Vagg, C. Hamilton, P, Nelson, S. Spencer, D. Llppert, H, Specht, C. Braley, C. Mano Lent, C. Saeva, B. Kreufzer, B. DeHoncI, C. Miles, D. Sedore, C. Field, S. Butcher, J, Raymond, A. Malone, C. Grimble, M. Allport, P. Klatt, R, West, D. Witton Hill, M. Holliday, M. Daniels, D. Fenton, C. Enzie, G. Gregg, C. Haines, S. Brown, D. Gibson, C. Smith, E. Wilder, D. Walters, M, Denniston, B, Bradford Joroszek, D. Jaroszek, L. Brooks, J. Wilson, J. Restivo, M. Johnson, D, P. LoGalbo, J, McKenna, D. Gillette, L. Brust, D. Knight, E. Embt Reamer, J, Hart, D. Ergott, A. Fisher, R. Newton, S. Brooks, L. Boyne, A. Colella, C. Keitel, M. Higley, D. Hults, D. Gibbs, S. Frew, B. Tower Vagg, K. Schuck, . Stockton, G. Buck, N. Martilotto, D, Dawson, R. Klotzbach, M, Farnham, L. Thorpe, B. Moore, G. Burnside, N. Sanford, J. Buckner, F. Cox, R. Robinson, B, Maynord Lake, M. Lippert, C. Gavenda, S, Wilson, D. Smith, S. Drought, B. Steir, S. Broer, S. Ruhlman, L, Lonnon, E. Spreigel L. Ingroharn, C. Reed, K. McKenna, K. Sayers, B. Webster, J. Kelley, R, Kendrick, M. Cox, P. Jones, A, Hemsted, Mrs. Willey SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE GIRLS' DANCING CLASS May I have this dance? One ol' the most enjoyable activities of the Seventh and Eighth Grade girls this year has heen the new Dancing Class, which meets every thircl liriclay in the gym during the afternoon homeroom period. Thanks to hlrs. Willey, our faculty advisor, and a numher of the Senior girls - we have mastered the waltz and are now working on the loxtrot. On Slave Day, the Senior hoys came clown and tripped over our feet. The Dancing Class is just another of those things that add zest and sparlale to our school life. On with the clanee, we sayl Top 8th 7th 6th 5th 4?l'l 3rd 2nd l st Row: Row: Row: Row: Row: Row: Row: Row Rowi A. G. L. L. E. H. H. G L. Mangefrida, M. Miller, L. Parker, D. Tower, E. Drought, G. Smith, W, Heyden Wolcott, J. Gould, J. Strickland, D. Lawrence, W. Reed, D. Hobbs, W, Klatt, D. Slezewski, E, Whiting, E. Snyder, C. Alger, D. LaFroise, L. Standish, A. Eibl, R. Soule Albright, W. Birch, G. Conley, G. Rout, D. Landfear, D, Pestell, R. Harradine, D. Burch, D. Greenlee, C. Chick, J. Miles, R, Daum, D. Bowen, W. Champeney, B, Sartwell Ingraham, D. Davis, L. Gallipiau, D. Soule, S. Rush, M. Boyer, A, Mandeval, D. Salvatore, J. Scibetta, R. Spriegel, R. Nelson, O. Ressor, C, Smith, J, Narburgh, C, Juliana Pilon, R. Forder, G. Coloney, D, Bloom, R. Howes, D. Bennett, C. Walburn, T. Withey, D. Carlston, E. Lose, P, Kidney, S. Peglow, J. Bertch, S. Coville, A. Tribunella Johnson, S. Pahuta, C. Kelly, R. Soule, J. Monagan, R. Stewart, R. Daniels, T. McCabe, W. Parker, H. Hoarch, F. Seitzer, C, Preston, D, Erway, D. Showler, J. Mathes Jones, G. Hooper, K. Miller, J, McKenna, P. Howlett, A. Allen, J. Hehir, A. Narburgh, E. Parker, R. Doty, R. Lamont, G, Rush, J, Langham, J. Shawver, J. Newton Parsons, E. Sidari, D. Ricci, E. Vick, K. Elliott, S. Miller, A. Spencer, F. Zicari, T. Carter, K. Shutz, L. Allport, J. Petronio, B. Wilson, J. Morrison, E. Twardokus, Sanders, A. Lacey, K. Marshall, M. Hoag, C. Thaine, J. Coville, R. Fowler, D. Sanford, C. Hughson, D. Dawson, R. Farnham, R. Turner, B. Anderson, R. Severns, E. Lonnen IUNIOR ROD AND GUN CLUB A new eluln luis heen organized at A. C. S. this year. it is the -Iunior Roni and Gun Cluh uncler the gLllLl1ll1CC ol Mr. Anthony hlzingeiricla. As tl IC name signifies, this organization is for hoys in the seventh :incl eighth grucles. The purpose and most important ohieetives ure that these hoys will learn the proper use of guns and other sporting supplies, the importance of heing careful in the field, llllll regurcl For the lives of others. To explain these functions in uicling this group, the eluh has haul authorities ziclvise them on sueh matters. Some of these have been Mr. O'Brien of the New Yorlx State Conservation Commission, lxlr. Cordon lxleixlurrziy, and hir. Allen hloore. Good luck, hoysl VVe know youll show us some fine techniques in your sports-life. lmgs-I 1.."x 'Q els - - K Q J SENIOR PLAY Il JUNE MAD ll by Florence Ryerson, Colin Clements Penny VVood - Chuck Harris Mrs. Wood Elmer Tuttle Dr. Wood - Effie - - Milly Lou - - G. Mervyn Roberts Roger Van Vleck Mr. Harris - Shirley Wentworth Ralph Wentworth Julie Harris - Cost of Characters Elaine Coloney - Daniel Gottovi - Susan Beach Thomas Craddock Matteo Pecorella Sheila Cunningham Rosemary Sadler - Ronald Kettle Race Bergman - john Morton - Laura Hudson Richard W7illiHlHS - Patricia Leigh Guests Rose Marie Gibbs, William Narburgh, Seldon Stewart, Marcia Ludwick, Wayne I-leyden, Phyllis Lake, Lawrence Atwell, Ioan DeCarlo Broadway, here we come! From Rosemary's banged-up knee to Danny's glider accident, the whole play was a crashing hit! Even Elaine hit a pretty good one when she slapped Dan. And the sequins and the tulle - the dinner guests were "elegant" - but no one outshone Elaine in her "creation". The matronly Mrs. Wood, gray hair and all - kept everything under control except Sheila's petticoat. Hours of hard work - moments of fearful anticipation - than it was all over - a side-splitting success! And to Mr. Lynch, the distracted director of this talented troupe - our heart- felt thanks for his patient perseverance. 54 COMMERCIAL CLUB Seoted: S. Coy, E. Showver, I. Crowshow, L. Meole Standing: Mrs, Holt. B. Allport, D. Storkweother, L. Bell, L. Rhodey, M. Spriegel, G. Collins, B. Smith, R. Quintern, A. Ailport AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB Film strips! Movies! Projectors! These are the building materials of our busiest club - the Audio-Visual Club. Under the direction of hir. Rickey and officers Cordon Wells, Presi- dentg Marcia Hart, Secretary, and Rose Marie Gibbs, Treasurer, the members run movies for all classes as well as the noon movies. On re- quest they run movies for clubs outside of school also. A well-deserved trip to Buffalo to see Cine- rama lloliday will be their reward. They are a service to the school in building knowledge and fun. 30 COMMERCIAL CLUB Whether it's unumber, please" or "Miss jones, take a letter", the Commercial Club has the answers. The object of the club is to serve as a clear- inghouse for questions and problems which are important to the business trainee but which are not directly dealt with in the classroom situa- tion. The program for this year will include interesting field trips to the bank, the telephone company, the printing offices and other busi- nesses in Albion. We also plan to have a dinner meeting at which we will have a guest speaker. The officers are: President, Eva Shawver, Vice President, Shelva Coyg Secretary, Leila Mealeg and Treasurer, Ida Crawshaw. AUDIO-VISUAL 3rd Row: A, Klingenberger, H. Grczywocz, A. Stockton 2nd Row: Mr. Rickey, J. Fisher, G, Wells, R. Brownell, D. Rodzinski, M. Hart lst Row: F. Ciesielski, C. Pefronio, R. Gibbs, R. Tower, M. Bates SENIOR RGD AND C-UN CLUB The Senior Rod and Cun Club fthe Sports' man's ClubD is open to boys who are over six- teen years of age or who are members of the junior or senior class. Cavel wielder at meetings this year was Richard lVlclVlurray, assisted by Secretary Charles Derwick and Treasurer Robert Skinner. Mr. Anderson, Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Host acted as faculty advisors. Most important project of the year was the suggestion that an indoor rifle range be built in the school. So far no action has been taken on this suggestion. The club has also considered joining the National Riflemenis Association, and will make a definite decision at a future meeting. HI-Y OFFICERS Standing: M. Pecorella, D. Gottovi L. Brooks, T. Neal Seated: F. Parker, J. Burroughs, R. Skinner SENIOR ROD AND GUN CLUB Back Row: L. Afwell, W. Dale, R. Pilon, E. Reed, T. Grzywacz, J. Craddock, T. Graham, D. Hannon, P. Canham Third Row: F. Parker, G. London, R. Skinner Second Row: C. Derwick, L. Brooks, M. Pecorella, R. McMurray First Row: G. Batt HI-Y CLUB The purpose of the Hi-Y Club is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of character". Its specific objects are: 1. Clean speech, 2. Clean athleticsg 3. Clean scholarship, 4. Clean sports- manship. That the boys of Albion Central ap- prove these objectives is confirmed by the length of its roster. Club officers for the ,SS-'56 season are: john Burroughs, president, Robert Skinner, Vice- president, Fred Parker, secretary and treasurer, Lee Brooks, Matteo Pecorella, Dan Cottovi and Terry Neal, sergeants-at-arms. Mr. Schroeder again acts as its genial advisor. Plans for a trip to Rochester to see the "Royals" in action, swimming tournaments, and other sporting events have kept interest in the club at a high level. Fun Night proved a great success. 5 7 - ' ' ,W f '..z.'.:x F 1 f I" ' f , 77 f X X I X ' IN W 17 f 7 f ,fl if f iff!!! ff xxgnf f ff X X ff 'M' W " w' lx xx .fx 'X X f Airline: of vooor X ffcf fi fflfl' Xffrfwi- f X X X 1 f X ff , ,f- X ! , Z' Z . 1 A W! . , ,I L--.,fL:,..- ' 1 , --Q11 X 1 V I ! ,rj Q! j K rr 1 - f 'f rf fl I- 1 Jul, fl ' 4 ' K X , 1 1 ff ff , , , . I F v 1 1, ,A Ak 4 ' ' !L,,,,-F!! E W ,1,fpw I I . t ' ' -r"Q' . 51' K 2 ' ul f , X I X -Www, U f, KJ I gym' l. X A X541 1 ,T 1 .. Xxx -,f I Q, ff w 0 L11 'Q Xf--ff2i if3X-- E' -F7 '34 JTXLX ge Zilfgf 25-Ti? Ciffr""3jQf'T'T Cx 75:1 - 1-' - ' --F, '2?'+f 11T?'f?T9g7f1 " 7": ANT A , gf' 5 N '. 1 ' fi- X WN' I ' '.3M?ii2f:k-??.g-kcfwk - xii? 1',f ff .., ' '.f 5 ,fn ,SMX ll A L,f I 2 4f1TP-t-' -T?7:- - f' g in " Ml ' X XX','xX,'XX -1 v fl: --111, Lk .f--A 1 .WL nal wwe! ff if MQ wsuy ,F wf - X x Xxx ai - ,--ff 'X -fwi 'S -.?f'.4g',X Nr V172 I-" ' ' X I X - I ' , f -'-.,, f I N XF. -'Lvl in I XX xj 'X X, xjf I fn,-fx, .ul m.1,:'u lf' 1 1l1i1HiW:L'13f f,"'Qf'i f X lu. . -QQ Ll! 5-H-ff ' .-1 -u----r Q :V . I'1:.'.7"i X X X 'Q - ----,-.l- A - -X- 3 L v- -h .- I wuz Emma ' ' X X ...H - M H-' - X i ,ff A 4 N asn xu u nunl ' , , ,ff tm - M-M I X if - d,.i"2H'T1, ,.wXX-.....Qg W fm- f 1.,,,.,....f ,f x- - H3 . un-L-A-ll-W ' :Lv 1? j , 5 v ,f-anvvv V A - - Qgivi-J!-,X e m.u,u-Ln. .Y ,L . G 1 ,P W, ., - - V I - .. .gzsyfgf - -req-K' - 1 FOOTBALL lnjuries in early season to first string halfback, ,lohn Babcock and starting quarterback. Lee Brooks did not stop Albion's rampaging attack. Led by cofeaptains Phil Ciarico and Lawrence Atwell, the Albion Central lootball team began the athletic season with a superb showing. The teamis record ol live wins, two losses and one tie is an excellent one. The thundering haekliield of Eugene Lllianelli, the leading point-getter, Dave Saeva's, Charlie Derwiek's and Dick Pilon's running behind the hard hitting line of Bill Narhurgh, David Spierdowis, Matt Peeorella, VVally Dale, Lawrence Atwell, Phil Ciarico and .Iohn Burroughs was a lormidable combination to stop. Coach Spierdowis handled his bench expertly as he easily could with such able substitutes as Arnold DeCarlo, Dan Gottovi, l'red Daniels, Carl Petronio and many other outstanding players. To climax a great season the Albion squad scored a tremendous victory over our archlrival, Medina. 1 his was the liitli consecutive year that Albion has beaten Medina. With the help of new coaches, hlangefrida and Salchak, the team of '55 had a highly successtul season and everyone hopes that the team of '56, which will be led by coecaptains Dick Pilon and Charlie Derwick, will have a season equally as good. SCHEDULE Albion O LL .,,, Newfane O Albion 2l LL LLL Wilson O Albion l3 LL LL Middleport O Albion 7 LL LLL West 0 Albion 0 LLLL LL Brockport I9 Albion l3 LL LLL Franklin 7 Albion 7 LL LLL Batavia 25 Albion l3 LL LL Medina 7 :lp Raw: D. Holbro k, S. Pahuta, F. Daniels, C. Derwick, L. Brooks, O. Elster, D. Pilcn 2nd Row: G. Snell, R. Stewart, J. Cunningham, W, Narburgh, M. lngroham. A. DeCarlo, J. Burroughs, D. Parker, A, Brackenbury, Mr. Solchak, Mr. Spierdowis lst Row: C. Pefronio, L. Alwell, P. Ciarico, D. Spierdowis, W. Dale, M. Pecorello, D. Gottovi, D. Soevo 2nd Row: Mr. Biordi, F. Daniels, C. Derwick, D. Hannon, L. Brooks, J. Ellis lst Row: J. Burroughs, A. DeCarlo, G. Batt, R. Pilon BASKETBALL The Varsity Basketball Team, in spite of a poor season's record, rapidly ima proved over the last half of the season. After eight losses, including three league games, Albion finally won two games from Notre Dame, of Batavia. Then after two close defeats, Albion broke loose against Medina, scoring 82 points and beating them, thereby making the season a success. High points of the season have been Chuck Derwiek's 30fpoint output against LeBoy, and the rapid improvement of Arnold DeCarlo after being brought up to the Varsity from the V. squad. Other members of the team are Lee Brooks, john Burroughs, Dick Pilon, Fred Daniels, john Ellis, Race Bergman, Donald Hannon and George Batt. Prospects for next year look very good as Coach Biordi will have seven years team back plus several members of the V.s who will be juniors. Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion 52 ,- -- Kendall 32 -- --- LeRoy 53 ,- -- Brockport 38 D, -- Medina 58 -- aa- Holley 59 -- ..... LeRoy 49 --- --- Oakfield 30 D- -.. Brockport SCHEDULE Albion Albion 73 Albion 46 Albion Albion 60 Albion 67 Albion 60 Albion Notre Dame Notre Dame -- --- Batavia -- Kendall -- Medina -- Batavia --- Holley -- --- Ookfield of 4l 45 46 59 69 45 5l 6l this BASEBALL When the leaves come out, so will Coach Hopkins and his diamond demons, who will be trying for their third consecutive league championship. Last year, Coach Hopkins led his smooth functioning team to the sectionals where they were defeated by Painted Post in a hard fought game. Familiar names like Griffin, Plummer, Brackenbury, Steele, Hobbs, and Pahura, will be missing from the team's roster this year. Their positions will be hard to fill but Coach Hopkins isn't worrying, because he has a fine crop of rookies. Also a few old veterans will be returning to bolster the squad. Coach has several choices for the catching position which he won't disclose until practice sessions start. His finger will probably point to either Lee Brooks, Dick Pilon or Eugene Ulianelli to fill this gap. The mound duties will be carried mostly by John Burroughs with help from Charlie Derwick and Bob Skinner. Gordon Wells, Phil Ciarico and Arnold D'Amico are lettcrmen who will hold down infield and outfield posts. The forecast is an encouraging one and here's hoping the team of '56 will have a great season. lop Raw: E. Ulionelli, J. Ellis, J. Daniels, R. McMurray, R. Skinner, R. Pilon 2nd Row: Mr. Hopkins, C, Derwick, J. Burroughs, L. Brooks, G. Bott, A. D'Amico, G. Wells, A. DeCorIo, F. Daniels lst Row: R. Broley, A. Brcckenbury, S. Pienioszek, R. Eibl, D. Hannon, D. Parker, W. Weeks Top Row: W. Narburgh, G. Wells, L. Atwell, T. Croddock, L. Brooks, D. Spierrlowis, G. Erway, R. Broley, L. Seobrink, Mr. Spierdowis lst Row: G, Batt, T. Ccmole, D. Stockton, G. Snell, A. Cote, D. Erwoy TRACK The track team of '56 has a tough schedule with which they will undoubtedly do well. Although many seniors of last year won't be around this year, prospects are still looking good. Returning lettermen and their respective fields are as follows: Bill Narburgh, who will be a big man for the team this year, relays, dashes, and broad jump, Atwell and Spierdowis, shot put, Erway, Brayley and Fisher, dashes and relays, Wells and Canale, mile, Craddock, hurdles, Parker, high jump and 880, Ciarico and Dale, Cliscussg and Batt, 440. Coach Spierdowis expects to see many first year men out this year, who will give the squad its needed strength. He is still hunting For a good pole-vaulter to take Dick Griffins place. Good luck, boysll SCHEDULE Moy 2 - LeRoy at Albion Moy 9 -- Albion ot Botovio Moy l2- Relays ot LeRoy May l7 -County Meet ot LeRoy Moy 23 - Albion of Alden Moy 25 - Reloys ot Botovio Moy Moy 31 June 2 - 28- Brockport ot Albion Holley at Albion Sectionols BOYS' BOWLING F. F. A. BASKETBALL D Snell, F. Hildreth, G. Wells, D. Rodzinski, E. Banos R. Kettle, D. Snell, E. Clement, G. Wells, A. Brockenbury A. Proctor R. Braley, F. Long, T. Graham I J. V. BASKETBALL n BPYS WRESTLING Standing: C. Brooks, D. Parker, D. Lascell, W. Poland On Mat: D. DlLodovlco, A. Cote, D. Erway, D, Stockton, D. Holbrook, R. Greenlee, J. Leigh, D. Soevo, J. McGlen P Jones, G. Erwa Mr. Hopkins Standing: D. Wells, Snell, L. Atwell, O. Elster, J. Holes, Front Row: L. Tesseno, B. Conhom, R. Eibl, W. Thompson D Spierdowis, Mr. Splerdowis S. Brodie, J. Plummer, E. Christopher, E. Ulionelll MISCELLANEOUS SPORTS Right down the alley went the bowling team of twenty-eight boys. They bowled every Thursday afternoon for ten weeks after school. The following six boys with the highest averages were chosen to represent the school at the county bowling tournament in Batavia: Dan Radzinski, Eugene Banas, Gordon Wells, Alfred Proctor, jerry Earnst, and Dan Snell. Our farmers are short this year but they had a surplus of ambition and kept on. They lost their games but fought hard. The F. F. A. basketball team, captained by Gordon Wells, played a total of six games this year with area schools, losing all six. The lack of height against the taller and more experienced players of the other schools is probably the main reason for an unsuccessful season. Hard luck accompanied the junior Varsity basketball team this year. The squad had 2 wins and 14 losses. One highlight of this year's season was the breaking of the school V. scoring record by Iohn Leigh, who scored 31 points against Kendall. Good luck next ycarl This yearis wrestling squad, captained by G. Sullivan and G. Erway, has clone well in competition with area schools and in the sectional matches. The nucleus of the squad has been made up of last year's returning lettermen: George Sullivan, Phil jones, Allan Cote, Gerald Erway, Lawrence Atwell and David Spierdowis. GIRLS' ATHLETICS The whistle blows for girls as well as boys in the gym. Under the direction of a new gym instructor, Mrs. Laughlin, this year was filled with many interesting sports and activities. The newly formed Girls' Athletic Association had for its officers, President, Susan Monagang Vice President, Rosemary Sadler, Secretary, Kay Bell, Treasurer, Donna Derwick. Representatives were, seniors, Nancy Bielinski and Patricia Fraser, juniors, Gerry Pilato and Eleanor Minckleyg Sophomores, Mary ,lane Davis and Ann Stockton, Freshmen, Donna Minckley and -loan Gavenda. This organization is doing its best to introduce new sports to the school, bring about a closer relationship between our school and others, and make the girls' athletic life more enjoyable during the year. The year started out with the sport of field hockey. Teams were organized but it did not interest as many as later sports. It was a different story with volleyball, however. We played on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the noon hour. A volleyball playday was held in Holley with other schools. We won 2 out of the 3 games played. Along with volleyball, a new sport, deck tennis, was introduced to the school. The girls all agreed that it was a lot of fun! Next followed basketball, a sport which is enjoyed by almost every girl. A basketball playday was planned to be held in Brockport. Bowling is our after school sport. lt was a great success this year for a large number of girls participated. Eva Shawver and Dawn Minier did excellent jobs as managers. A bowling sportsday was scheduled to be held here with six other schools invited. Badminton, shuffleboard, and pingpong were open to any girls interested. This year a new period of time was devoted to a new idea called the Pep Club. It is an organization for the benefit of girls interested in cheerleading. It gives the girls in grades seven through eleven pointers on cheerleading and all that goes into the making of better cheerleaders for the school. Springtime brings with it softball, tennis, and archery, outdoor sports that are welcomed each year. Sportsdays are scheduled for softball and tennis. As the close of the year comes, we all realize what athletics mean to us. They add a lot of fun and excitement to the school year. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS E. Minckley, S. Monogcm, D. Minier, D. Gregg, N. Bielinski, B. Sedifo, I. Long J. V. CHEERLEADERS D. Minckley, K. Hubbell, J. Lent, J, Bigger, S. Cunningham, B. Brownell, S. Pecorello G. A. A. 2nd Row: P. Fraser, N. Belirmski, R, Sadler, G. Pzlato, A. Stockton, D. Derwick lst Row: J. Gaveuda, M. Davis, S. Monagan, E. Mmckley, D. Mlnckley, K. Bell GIRLS' BASKETBALL 2nd Row: l. Crav-Shaw, K. Bell, J. Bxgger, M. Sfandlsh K. Sawyers, G. Gottovi lst Row: B. Sedlta, S. Ruhlrnan, D. Gubbs GIRLS' TENNIS J. Kocle, J. Gavenda, K. Dykstra, R. Klingenberger, A Snyder, K. Bell GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL 2nd Row: J. Gavenda, I. Draper, M. Davis, M. LaMar1o B. Lose lst Row: K. Dykstra, G. Gottovi, J. Lent, C. McCullough GIRLS' BOWLING 2nd Row: E. Showver, A. Kllngenberger, M. Bates, P. Lengh E. Colormey lst Row: M. Daum, N. Bielinski, S. Monagan, S. Moore B. Smith GIRLS' SOFTBALL 2nd Row: B. Sedlto, E. Minckley, J. Bigger, G. Pllato lst Row: J. Dawley, B. Lose, P. Robmson, K. Dykstra K. Bell, P. Leigh 6 E1 H' .T11 fl- GE CL.. 4-iv "1 J. ER VIAT A LVI A bi U0 -- -.-. i . E , . E n- Lg 5 l...n.,n qs- ,,54'l1 4 'lf I gl 3 fl' , . . fx' n ,L I-41l-L1-I .U TT i-,S LL 5 4 4 I 5 F TI Qt... -E4 s 0-'rn' . '83 'Q M M .... ' 5 as WTP -nl- ' i .- ' ' V 'F' . 'i -T: 3 "4" .i L Q N N 5 -1-Q1-n cg ' u 00 1 '-11"- 2 G. .5 0' Q Ill F -Q ,L 'H 4" j 41m 'H ' i ' -1, . TT. a '-E FTP ' -gg ET1 as in I qt., 54'-wif 4"'l'lP EL'-B U an u - 4-' I -6 2:3 i' l ' ... " C ll . U :!c""'C H o "f'P""1' 4T'gC..1..J G'-'if "ml .-7 1.1 -r-1 ..c 'MB '5 21 u...n. +-' . n.. 'W-'V T' 0 '5 HT? : ,,.,. ------ L15 s. Q ,e.,""'-+1-H-1-'fn'-wv'1"L-'L . 'Q' .. 2 ju 41- jf 4 " " .- -iv 1... 3 'ul V Q- H -C .- 5 A .. U " 'nfi' 'usa' Sli 55,151 N,-VL, XJVQI X I --D . ' ---- 0 img' U31-" S ur : td 9 .- -1-h A-B lt, ln ,J..g 5 bm 'FP -mga. g 42. ui 53 +-1 - D M' Q5 .Aw an fm T' Hi - -W1 W--w I- I H W - ski, Ira -'--'F it Q5 '12 W 11.5 sr 111-1 YT ,if ,Q H ya. fr-b 2 53 -f V' 'f' -THE, 3113 .2 I gn EQ P5 L., TR "1 .ch 'fn Tj r- 'U "t-'15 +" E fa 5 N' Cn . - -- on M ff' "1 6 "1" T" 'Q .0 " in Z 5' fa 21 L, ' ' LQ. 41 3 , 5.--'fl 3 3 . E gm ,'.t. it -k FE 52 af. P 'f 'X 'W it 'TMI l..1- M1 -C77 - en . ' P5 ll. 'r 'UW' my 4' ta, 41-Q 'S Q . 3 4-J .. Sivif 1 gg,-51 Sf-X,-5, I C.g3C1yL1fL7f"IfL S H3109 GTS ALBION 509 HOLLEY 503 BROCKPORT 275-J Compliments of Your Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer COMPLETE FARM SERVICE SALES AND SERVICE GENUINE PARTS CATERPILLER Tractors NEW HOLLAND Farm Equipment BOLENS Garden Tractors DeLaval Cream Separators and Milking Machines New Holland Farm Equipment Ontario Grain Drills BUILDERS' SUPPLIES AND COAL Automatic Heating Equipment RALPH J. VICK 8a SONS, INC. :za WEST AVENUE PHONE 128 ALBION, N. Y. H. DART PORTER STATES HIS CASE 255 I am a full-time professional in my field - therefore, you should expect quality in what I do for you. I maintain an officeg pay salaries and other expenses for one reason - to better serve my customers. Before I even obtain an order, my experience and knowledge of insurance contracts, and companies is used to recommend adequate protection - not merely a policy. I secure detailed information to make certain the policy I write or renew provides the best protection for the correct premium charge. The sale and delivery of a contract is only the beginning of my agency service - not the end of it. I arrange a premium payment plan best suited for each individual customer. During the policy term, any changes in rates or policy conditions are acted upon for the benefit of my customers. When a claim arises, I become my customer's adviser at a time when he needs help the most. I assist him in completing his accident report, I present the facts to the company and follow the progress of his claim to expedite settlement, thus saving him time, trouble and money. I stand willing and able to render further service by analyzing all of your insurance needs and presenting you with a program of "tailor-made" protection for your home or business. I am a local, independent businessman whose only boss is MY CUSTOMER! Complete Insurance Service 3 Marine Trust Co. Bldg. Albion, New York BENTLEY BROS. Farm Equipment Oliver - New Idea - Ontario Drills Boggs Graders - Iron Age Phone Barre 666 Albion, N. Y., R. F. D. 2 fat Barre Center! TO THE CLASS OF 1956 Heartiest congratulations and sincere wishes for a successful and prosperous future. We invite you to visit with us at any time we might be of service to you, either financially or personally. ALBION orncn I THE MARINE TRUST COMPANY of Western New York nunnvu Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CERTO JELI.-o DIVISION GENERAL FOODS CORP AI.IsIoN,N.Y. Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 ESTABLISHED j IISIC D I 9 o 7 X , I I FURNITURE sronf A 1- B ' O N' N' Y 52 N.MAlN ST., PHONE H5 BASTIAN BRGS., CO. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Exclusive High School Jewelry - Engraved Commencement Announcements - Name Cards MR. ROBERT E. KILLIP, Box 170, Rochester, N. Y. Complimentsof BELL'S SUNOCO SERVICE dl. Inside and out, the work goes on! Compliments of CARL PETRONIO CONSTRUCTION CO., INC Contractors and Builders ALBION ADVERTISER PUBLISHING PRINTING 39 PLATT STREET ALBION N Y McMURRAY'S SPORTING GOODS STORE Phone 256-W 136 N. Main St. Albion, N. Y Rich Fine Aluminum Boats and Evinrude Motors J. H. ROBINSON OIL COMPANY Petroleum Products Delco Oil Furnaces PHONE 22 ALBION, NEW YORK Friends of The Chevron Dr. Thomas Orlando Franklin B. Cropsey Martillotta Gulf Station Al Burgio Raymond Fuller Eugene Lester Phil's Watch Shop Curtis Lyman Sanford Church Daniel W. Hanley, Jr. Hamilton Doherty Dr. R. H. Dollinger Dr. Dorothy O. Cooper Dr. Richard Stone Dr. James G. Parke Francis A. Sturges Dr. John Ellis Donald Nesbitt Arthur Poelma Thomas LaMont Earl Smith Ralph Poelma Gordon Wells William Monacelli Arthur West Mrs. Lillian Anderson KAST ATLANTIC SERVICE Goodyear Tires and Service Complete Lubrication Car Washing PHONE 149 Merrill Funeral Homes Best Wishes from BALCOM PRODUCE CO. Since 1914 Phones 366 ALBION HOLLEY Compliments Compliments of gf Leonard A. Depczynski SAYLES PHARMACY Compliments of , BUD'S MOBIL SERVICE 103 North Mann Phone 104 Tires - Batteries Light Repairs 24 HOUR SERVICE 19 East Ave. Phone 604 78 MOORE BUS LINES ROBERT H. 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RADZINSKI MARY M CRADDOCK Phone 191 Box 4 Albion, New York Albion, New York Compliments of DALE 8: SON SUPER MARKET, INC. Albion, New York ARNOLD W. PILON, Mgr. Established 1940 81 127 North Main Street Phone 1091 Albion, New Compliments of STARKWEATHER FREIGHT LINES Daily Service Between Rochester and Buffalo ROCHESTER ALBION BUFFALO Hamilton 7868 222 Summer 0645 Compliments of DOCK FLOORS INC. Floor and Wall Coverings RENO A. DOCK, President CRAF F EY INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 110 East Avenue Albion, New Y Yk 0 0 Compliments of RED AND WHITE FOOD STORE SAMMET'S CLOTHING STORE 144 South Clinton St. N. Main st, Albion, N, Y, Compliments Compliments of Joe Salvatore of and ALBION - HOLLEY Michael Christopher PENNYSAVER 117 Main Street Compliments of ' HALSTEAD ou. C0mpfJF""tS COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Socony Products 419 West State Street Phone 327 F ISCHER'S NEWSROOM 105 N. Main sf., Albion, N. Y. THE MUNGER HARDWARE 58 North Main Street SHEET METAL MATERIALS TOOLS - HOUSEWARES PLUMBING SUPPLIES and FIXTURES PAINTS, BRUSHES and GLASS Phone 266 Albion, New York Compliments of ALBION BEVERAGES -Q1 T. C. Saniilippo, Prop. 128 Washington St. Phone 250 84 Compliments R. 8z B. MARKET of 337 Caroline St. Dr. George S. Bakeman Dentist Groceries And Choice Meats Phone 92-W Compliments Charles V. Paganelli of Real Estate - Insurance KARNS Rialto Theatre Bldg. F Albion, N. Y. and KARNS MONUMENTS HARRADINE IMPLEMENT CO. DUSTERS - SPRAYERS FARM MACHINERY JOHN A. JACKSON, D. D. S. 223 South Main St. REFRIGERATION INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Albion, New York Five Corners Albion, N. Y. Phone 27 Orleans C m H t GLF Farm Products Co-op, O P men S Inc. of SEED - FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIAL ' W A L T E R ' 5 and COLD STORAGE D R E S S S H O P Albion, New York 53 Main Street Albion, New York 85 ALBION DRUG STORE R. G. 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Y. 89 Thomas I. Lipton, Inc ALBION, NEW YORK Compliments of THE ALBION LEIGH at TAYLOR FURNITURE STORE INSURANCE AGENCY H0ME:0l?iIJlRL1:lSEllNGS 19 Main street Albion, New York North Main St. Phone 34 Compliments of D O N ' S DRIVE-IN MARKET The Finest Meats in Town SHERWOOD CAR SERVICE N. Main St. CHOICE CUTS Albion, N. Y. Phone 383 146 Caroline St. Phone 1291 uRiChfi8ld P 1'0dUCfSn gezkdays -' a'm' ' gpm' Accessories - Tires - Batteries un ays - : a.m. - p.m. Compliments of Q HENRY G. KEELER Registered Holstein Cattle General Contractor Bang's Certified - Vaccinated Albi0l'l, New York T. B. Accredited TOWN AND COUNTRY Best Wishes to the Fashions F rocks and Class of 356 Accessories ' CARLTON J. 20 South Main St. ALBION, NEW YORK 92 Compliments of LeVERE B. BROWN Farm Bureau Insurance Co.' s Representative Phone 1275 COF F EY BROTHERS, INC. Buick Cars International Trucks THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE Kerosene, Range and Furnace Oil ACCESSORIES - TIRES EARLE C. 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Compliments of W O L C O T T ' S T A X I rr's A FACT .... 2 Way Radio Puts a Cab at Your Door in Minutes Dairy Products CALL ALBION 61 Don't Waste Time Waiting Soda Bar ln the Streets D'AGOSTINO Radio Cabs C It t f ALBION RECREATION omp1men s 0 ALLPORT'S BAKERY 132 N. Main St. Albion, New York "BOWL FOR HEALTH" Snack Bar Main Street Albion, N. Y. Phone 1448 MGSER STUDIO INC. TRAITURE R Graduation Engggements Wedding Candida Bridal Formals Baby Candids Fine Copy Work 5.5 l 1 J V I 5, A 3,4

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